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File: df9a370f041d66b⋯.jpg (151.63 KB, 1600x786, 800:393, 2a6e242120b2f65a9de9a2b8b5….jpg)

File: 6e124eb8fa877ef⋯.jpg (7.84 KB, 298x169, 298:169, 6e124eb8fa877efd837e10462c….jpg)

File: c911334c457b3d2⋯.png (263.02 KB, 1888x820, 472:205, cb4dace9b8c963414da55160d3….png)

File: 52d8a54a1582f55⋯.png (820.43 KB, 1701x1177, 1701:1177, f40adb46dc30dc88edbb0ab695….png)

e6ca3e  No.2627065

ITT we look for cabal signals whether it be buildings, jewelry, handshakes, art, anything.

265423  No.2627150

File: ed6a0f655f8958c⋯.jpg (59.39 KB, 386x400, 193:200, kings2bchamber2boctagon2bm….jpg)

File: 9a44a196a3d4bfb⋯.jpg (35.26 KB, 504x624, 21:26, KOM MIL.jpg)

Knights of Malta - big dig - symbols - access - "humanitarian mission" worldwide,vatican connections - why did the pope take away their power last year? military! ancient… 2 images of interest. almost looks like the milagros necklace

5ccafa  No.2627208

File: fa6740eef839f8a⋯.jpg (59.15 KB, 682x229, 682:229, 20180816_103740.jpg)

File: 6eef7eedeadaccc⋯.jpg (87.38 KB, 720x230, 72:23, 20180816_103636.jpg)

File: 7dfef6047a3d972⋯.jpg (80.15 KB, 668x243, 668:243, 20180816_103623.jpg)

File: 10fbddac82e46b5⋯.jpg (173.27 KB, 720x519, 240:173, 20180816_103129.jpg)

File: e848991557d108f⋯.jpg (308.91 KB, 720x1207, 720:1207, 20180814_165029.jpg)


They link by marriage

POPES have to change the last name.

Hard to link families that way.

Some movies and videos give away to much. Some truth in all lies

They are proud evil people. The ones in true power are well hidden.

Media is the puppet used

Governments used as puppets

They are usually the first to get thrown to the masses. If it will link to much It looks like someone dies. How could so much still be untold some people are still running the puppets.

e6ca3e  No.2627261

File: 49842b4fd008115⋯.png (327.41 KB, 1325x502, 1325:502, Knights_Of_Malta_Gate.png)


This particular symbolism goes back to the 1700's so the more stuff we find that idolizes themselves going back however long is how long these assholes have been in charge.

265423  No.2627365

KOM is ancient… I think the "takeover" of KOM by PF had more to do with their diplomatic status and military conx. https://www.thestar.com/news/world/2017/01/25/after-defying-pope-francis-over-condom-scandal-knights-of-malta-leader-steps-down.html

fab578  No.2627528

File: 9b2caa59916bd53⋯.png (22.25 KB, 58x130, 29:65, Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at ….png)

File: b6ca8a2432c8bfc⋯.png (109.08 KB, 185x254, 185:254, Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at ….png)

File: b2732cf7071817a⋯.png (79.9 KB, 114x248, 57:124, Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at ….png)

File: b2732cf7071817a⋯.png (79.9 KB, 114x248, 57:124, Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at ….png)

Gloria Vanderbilt necklace/symbolism.

Article, 2nd pic, this is on the 'fireplace' mantel. Strongly resembles Gloria's neclace pendant in Q sent pic.

https: //www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2016/04/03/fashion/the-story-of-their-life/s/03GLORIASS-slide-OTDA.html

2nd image is located to the left behind the peasant statuary piece and I can't figure out what it says/is.

Creepy, 9th pic in article, "In Ms. Vanderbilt’s studio, the “dream box” at left is called, “Remember,” and involves a father figure and a pair of twins."

11th pic in article, on right wall, this piece appears to also (similar to shadow box w/shutters above bed Q sent pic) have a framing triangle shaped 'dentil' detail with red/yellow colors

fab578  No.2627540

File: 7979116a6266c02⋯.png (25.87 KB, 74x108, 37:54, Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at ….png)


Gloria Vanderbilt necklace/symbolism.

Article, 2nd pic, this is on the 'fireplace' mantel. Strongly resembles Gloria's neclace pendant in Q sent pic.

18f582  No.2627835

Farise family and Mona Lisa link

History get changed but most art is linked to family lines. Just enough information to let them know but to keep and excited about the art…. Farise family

Papal bloodlines

Aldobrandini Family Knights of Malta

White rose red rose info on the rose wars

265423  No.2627843


6d9a9b  No.2628964

File: 6a232637afbce31⋯.jpg (526.27 KB, 1482x1206, 247:201, astarte.jpg)

File: 2e6b7f2a8c30f5a⋯.jpg (223.12 KB, 1008x578, 504:289, anat.jpg)

I wonder if this is what Vanderbilt et al worship, has owl, snake, ram, star in circle symbols, associated with Baal, and involves child sacrifice.

265423  No.2628968

I started reading about the Knights of Malta (prior posts)

It lead me to find that they all have diplomatic passports and use those for diplomatic freight service… this article is great, and fills in so many blanks.


fab578  No.2629876

File: 12d90ed00213e94⋯.png (2.02 MB, 1023x995, 1023:995, Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at ….png)

File: 21da3f0167b7d11⋯.png (83.46 KB, 116x278, 58:139, Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at ….png)

https://www. gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/portrait-of-american-socialite-and-heiress-gloria-news-photo/485297841#portrait-of-american-socialite-and-heiress-gloria-vanderbilt-and-her-picture-id485297841

fab578  No.2630006

File: 262a28a7b733f18⋯.png (476.2 KB, 558x404, 279:202, Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at ….png)

https:// media.gettyimages.com/photos/american-heiress-and-socialite-gloria-vanderbilt-reads-to-her-two-picture-id50992510

dbed2c  No.2630135

Might be nothing. Might by way to identify actor's actresses to get them started. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Shoe_Diaries

e76c7f  No.2630256

File: bc1062606b525ba⋯.jpg (390.54 KB, 960x522, 160:87, redshoes.jpg)

File: 46065c7c5c4947a⋯.jpg (76.76 KB, 770x557, 770:557, lab.jpg)

File: 3a6d7f4a0c5e631⋯.jpg (27.33 KB, 200x310, 20:31, Most_Dangerous_Game.jpg)

File: de1082be83e1da9⋯.jpg (109.13 KB, 477x524, 477:524, maze.jpg)

the red shoes allegedly stand for cannibalism… their red lips imply that they had to feast on one of their fellow victims as a way of traumatizing them. their wide eyes convey their horror. in the same artist's paintings (a serbian like marina abramovic the spirit cooking witch) the darkened red feet imply that they have already survived the 'hunt' (most dangerous game) (or they have been beaten on the feet) what else comes from serbia? the word vampire.

look at the biltmore castle/mansion. typical aristocracy / royalty castle. gardens. secret rooms and passageways. underground tunnels.cyptic pools…… remote labyrinth mazes; if you really stop to think about it. are perfect for the mega elite and royalty to have played the 'most dangerous game' with their victims in. hedge mazes. in fact castles and mazes are known to be imagery seen by mk victims. this is how the aristocracy gets their kicks. watch 120 days of sod. the "fictional" story (plausible deniability?) is hundreds of years old.adapted to a cult film in the 70s. this is what they really do and have done for centuries. steal children. toy with them. split their personality at a young age via SRA to make programmable alters/mk slaves.

for fun extra credit: compare the lyrics of the song 'maze' by phish

for even more extra credit compare the phish lyrics to "bathtub gin" and "gumbo" against pizzagate and spirit cooking . look closely.

ca038a  No.2631021

File: 286c5fbef22e5a4⋯.jpg (663.63 KB, 1482x2048, 741:1024, anderson cooper.jpg)


Speaking of Anderson Cooper...

dbed2c  No.2631065


The one you linked. Starting to wonder if the hand in the front vest or shirt has been changed to look more casual in the pocket or behind the back. Or maybe it is just "I don't know what to do with my hands."

e6ca3e  No.2631398

File: d5abf487be30a87⋯.png (477.58 KB, 1036x553, 148:79, irs.png)

Picture in front of IRS HQ very symbolic of secret societies.

378f5a  No.2632759

File: 29d6e556fc2a4f7⋯.png (394.12 KB, 634x508, 317:254, Screenshot_2018-08-09 This….png)

File: 6d4924a963ff3f1⋯.png (117.05 KB, 238x353, 238:353, Screenshot_2018-08-16 Marg….png)

Margaret (Sinclair) Trudeau on her wedding day to Pierre Trudeau, father of Justin.

Can anyone tell what it is?

Trudeau family tree:


066d1f  No.2635165

The queens brooches. The day she greeted Trump, she wore the same brooch she wore to her Fathers funeral. She also wore an outfit reminiscent of the EU flag, blue and yellow. The same outfit during a parliamentary debate regarding Brexit. The meeting before, she wore Obama's personally gifted brooch. The meeting after, she wore her diamond Jubilee brooch signaling her power. She's signaling her alliances with the cabal.


b445b6  No.2635827

File: 6b4cc5eaae7552c⋯.png (203.8 KB, 355x366, 355:366, 6b4cc5eaae7552cd26990966ac….png)

File: 26ff8005e89157e⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 2000x1400, 10:7, 26ff8005e89157e8b1a64ced02….jpg)

File: a8f8196aa55cf15⋯.png (284.38 KB, 537x449, 537:449, a8f8196aa55cf15196c56f6e9b….png)

File: a192cdab4b81afb⋯.png (284.79 KB, 382x633, 382:633, a192cdab4b81afb373e7d7845a….png)

File: 2f4eb959dbf80c5⋯.jpg (70.63 KB, 644x645, 644:645, Symbolism 1.jpg)

b445b6  No.2635876

File: c8cff4f4353129b⋯.jpg (869.98 KB, 1649x1071, 97:63, c8cff4f4353129b6a7c87017a6….jpg)

File: 16e0c8824d3ac54⋯.jpg (26.71 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Pope and Dracos.jpg)

File: c17f3c25cc38265⋯.jpg (398.59 KB, 1483x1599, 1483:1599, Draco Reptilians.jpg)

File: 6001615f57ff91d⋯.jpg (23.13 KB, 255x211, 255:211, Coincidence.jpg)

File: 7a6293b98b3b223⋯.jpg (12.79 KB, 290x174, 5:3, Dracos.jpg)

e6ca3e  No.2646264

File: dbb735cd3064532⋯.jpg (9.36 KB, 164x255, 164:255, 0d1e330425a9b7b50344aeb0bf….jpg)

File: 05120c229c23968⋯.jpg (9.61 KB, 164x255, 164:255, 302d16cdf56b93466fb4f66c5a….jpg)

File: 8ea7c73402347b1⋯.jpg (9.16 KB, 164x255, 164:255, 03473b3d8d93d7f809c487e1f1….jpg)

File: b808e6e51346055⋯.jpg (9.05 KB, 164x255, 164:255, 29890082a56379d7ba7aa6e347….jpg)

We The People are beginning to understand more about the symbolism of the 'Red Shoes' Club. In hindsight, we can see the message to the public. Consider that on 9 SEP 2014 (9.9.2014) Director David "The Baron of Blood" Cronenberg wore 'Red Shoes' to the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and "…seemed absurdly proud of his new red sneakers at the premiere," published Celebrity. Cronenberg was quoted saying, " ‘Wait, how are you guys not getting this? I’m wearing red shoes, people. RED SHOES!" He went on to say, "Hey, the guy at Footlocker told me they’ve only ever sold one pair of these. Cool, right?"

Article: https://cached.newslookup.com/cached.php?ref_id=123&siteid=2115&id=8201915&t=1410368994

Movie Premiere (Maps to the Stars): https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2172584/

Bio: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000343/

da137b  No.2646463

File: 1db6cade92af849⋯.png (179.11 KB, 302x302, 1:1, Nellie Ohr KM4UDZ.PNG)

.– . .- .-. . ..-. ..- -.-. -.- . -..!

dbed2c  No.2651025

File: c4296af5486531d⋯.jpg (519.28 KB, 1698x801, 566:267, Blitmore Gym.jpg)

3e43c7  No.2651980


There is evidence of many churches and synagogues in the holy land that were octogonal before the time of the muslims. The dome at the rock is actually a greek church that the muslims stole and converted into there site, the same with Hagia Sofia in Constantinople. meaning it is actually a good symbol.

3e43c7  No.2652127


Your pope pics are fake. That is not the design on his robe. And the snake staff is of the Orthodox Patriarch. The dragon in particular, to the eastern christians, has much the same weight as the lion. It is like a protector of christianity. Dracula was not a name, but a title. Vlad Dracula means Vlad the Dragon. He was considered a great defender of christian lands against the turks. He and his father were members of the order of the dragon, a knights order with the mission to defend against muslim turks invading from the east. And there is the legends and myths associated with St.George the dragon slayer and martyr that is sourced over in turkey as well. Interesting how Visconti shield also is said to have come from dropped saracen shield.

There is evil in the church for sure, enough so that, there is no need to make up or misguide.

3e43c7  No.2652376

File: 38fdb98082a886c⋯.jpg (93.66 KB, 697x1024, 697:1024, basphomet.jpg)

I want to see if maybe i can share a certain view about this image. The Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon were accused of worshipping this in some way not to mention other things like pissing or spitting on crosses. This is a lie, and the manufactured justifications for the pope at the time, Pope Clement V, and the king of france Phillip IV. This image was drawn by an artist specifically for the trials!! Popular culture depicts Knights Templars as evil, mafiosos, thugs, assassins and devil worshipers, but thats just not the truth. They did not pray or worship this, but probably the Pope and Kings did in secret.

Todays news cycles are filled with unbelievable stories coming out of the vatican like the police being called to break up a giant satanic gay orgy bacanal probably a ritual to bacchus (dionysus), not to mention all the child abuse.

6e5dea  No.2654700

As far as what I managed to derive frm Google the Guatemalan chachal necklace GV is wearing in the old photo is rather common folk jewelry item, esp. nowadays. Also, the evidence that can be derived from recent images is weak simply because if some blogger or a celebrity is seen wearing a particular necklace it does not necessarily mean that the person owns the piece or even knows what it is but is just doing advertising for a designer or a retailer.

Therefore the connection probably not in the shape of chachal or who else wearing it, but in the origin of this chachal necklace type = Guatemala.

Now, Vanderbilt University Medical center runs several projects in Guatemala, from which the "Manna project" sounds fishy by its name, whereas the other projects seem to involve Guatemalan citizens from the most vulnerable layers of society. From their web page:


Vanderbilt Initiatives in Guatemala

The Vanderbilt Initiatives in Guatemala include a number of inter-related health projects including:

The Moore Center for Pediatric Surgery which provides much needed health care to disadvantaged children.

The Manna Project which provides service learning opportunities for students and recent graduates

Primeros Pasos which is a rural health clinic that serves as a base for service-learning trips, the Emphasis Program, and Project Pyramid. Primeros Pasos also works with the Vanderbilt School of Nursing, giving nursing students the opportunity to work with local midwives at the clinic.

the VISAGE course which is a collaboration between Medicine, Health and Society and CLAS and brings students to Guatemala for the summer to work on various projects

Mani + which is a collaborative project founded by Edward Fischer with support from the Vanderbilt Institute for Global Health and the Shalom Foundation to combat childhood malnutrition to combat childhood malnutrition.


Further down the page, it may of course be unintentional, but the association between business model and pyramid is bit weird:

"… for business school students to develop business models for projects in Guatemala through Project Pyramid."

SOURCE: https://www.vumc.org/global-health/vanderbilt-initiatives-guatemala

dbed2c  No.2676654

File: b45a0cf4f72d666⋯.jpg (81.73 KB, 1176x613, 1176:613, Copy.JPG)

File: d04b3816b8caca3⋯.jpg (156.68 KB, 1068x815, 1068:815, Capture33.JPG)

008d2b  No.2676969


Canaan + Baal = Cannibal

5eaafc  No.2677735


You guys realize there's already been about 1200 posts in the NWO threads tracing this back as far as possible?


e76c7f  No.2678355

File: d0703402ebd2c79⋯.jpg (14.72 KB, 525x272, 525:272, pyramid.jpg)

fb5f58  No.2692926

File: a02b61fc70e29d3⋯.jpg (33.63 KB, 550x367, 550:367, https_//hypebeast.com/imag….jpg)

Hi, anons, here is a new Communist style design of a poster for an event in Italy Barcolana (October 2018)

She designed something that yet lifted a lot of dust.

Link to an article about:


Official event PDF's + official event page:




dbed2c  No.2696417

File: 5780379cd74cd3a⋯.jpg (577.33 KB, 1527x869, 1527:869, St John University Rome Fr….jpg)

File: f6f045778d9ebe3⋯.jpg (36.13 KB, 288x335, 288:335, St John University Seal.JPG)

File: c24b760e99afd66⋯.jpg (85.66 KB, 740x564, 185:141, stjohn Rome.JPG)

File: fa13b954985d748⋯.jpg (56.13 KB, 999x559, 999:559, Rome.JPG)

File: f22745597da9172⋯.jpg (124.72 KB, 1166x854, 583:427, 5.JPG)

Posted in bread, received no response. Posibilities?

7ccc0e  No.2702079

File: 199b4b08495ea43⋯.jpg (111.69 KB, 453x1024, 453:1024, 1534455832480m.jpg)

File: 2ff838c253c05c8⋯.jpg (138.34 KB, 1024x741, 1024:741, 1534450510602m.jpg)

>This Goy spoke of this very subject!!!!

This Fucker is on point!!!

Why doesnt he have more exposure?

>mix sam hydes comedy with GloomTubes happenings, multiplied by Molymemes philosophy/mind and Mel Gibsons love for JewCrushing and God….

Now all that crossed with posidan style news and music.

>strategically names the jew

>targets Satanist elites

>hates zionists

>lots of deep redpills that jog your mind

>every episode of his live streams have DINDU news or other rapefugee anti white news to wake up the normies

>good music

>posidan shouts him out

>names the A.I. nigger tech

Live 1/2


Live 2/2



>CHN for the win

66559d  No.2703371

File: 753db7e666bef61⋯.png (1.62 MB, 2000x3950, 40:79, Klarna_dig_1.png)

Klarna is a swedish online payment company that appeared out of nowhere and makes payment "easy". No lightweighters in the board. Connections to both governmental institutions (mostly through Sarah McPhee) and big tech corporations such as Google, Nokia etc.

2f1679  No.2703727


About the caduceus, the twirling snakes around the stick. In ancient times the caduceus was a symbol of energy travelling up the spine of a human being. We basically have 7 centers of power of different frequencies where the lowest three are polarized and the 4 top are neutral. When living as a physical body only, the energy never goes past the third level, hence the caduceus only reaching the gut area in the baphomet which really symbolizes worshipping the human body, it's emotions and physical functions. The breasts are there to emphasize sexuality, the goat head to emphasize that the body in itself is a beast.

e76c7f  No.2725430


what do i need to know about the ruka residence in rome… and where would i go to find it?

bf423a  No.2725573

File: 0fa6767655998c2⋯.jpg (231.04 KB, 818x880, 409:440, Symbolism1.jpg)

File: bc6807d157c97a4⋯.jpg (381.59 KB, 1562x1089, 142:99, Symbolism2.jpg)

File: 6ea78d4b7898054⋯.jpg (396.84 KB, 1673x1528, 1673:1528, Symbolism3.jpg)

File: 1007fe1f0d42f8a⋯.jpg (279.43 KB, 1673x1684, 1673:1684, Symbolism4.jpg)

5797fd  No.2725878

WORDS and dual meanings can be symbols also.

Jesuits are above the Illuminati.

https:/ www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqA7lqqRDA8

ddb505  No.2725978

There's a house in a street near mine that caught my attention.

The owners never respond to greetings (rare in my small town), and their dogs are extremely aggressive and standoffish, despite belonging to generally friendly breeds.

Recently, I noticed that there are a grand total of five 'symbols' outside their house. All of which pertain to things we've discovered.

>A 'Y Head'.

>Two owls.

>A 'heart-wthin-a-heart'.

>A bird box that looks like the Illuminati pyramid (it's triangular with a 'cartoon mouse-hole' shaped hole for the birds).

Their garage door is also red.

I know it's probably nothing; coincidences do happen. I just needed to get it out of my head.

5797fd  No.2726088

Picture of Pope in Cuba with Russian church leader , and Skull & Bones Logo.

5797fd  No.2726092


https: /tabu4all.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/pope-and-russian.jpg

5bb866  No.2729289


wow. good find.


dbed2c  No.2731028

File: 97fee325e4c6f2a⋯.jpg (100.11 KB, 1105x696, 1105:696, Archer Biltmore Pool Camer….JPG)

File: 0087aea5c55d6de⋯.jpg (149.96 KB, 1101x676, 1101:676, Blitmore Woodhouse moving ….JPG)

File: 00e218a143f33f3⋯.jpg (2.22 MB, 2326x2862, 1163:1431, Biltmore.jpg)

File: 0e2f420489832d3⋯.jpg (151.97 KB, 1317x790, 1317:790, dead.JPG)

File: 90d44f2a19b72b8⋯.jpg (334.67 KB, 1910x737, 1910:737, Fordyce-Bathhouse-Museum-H….jpg)

Not sure is Symbolism is their downfall, or random coincidence. Is 2 of 2 the Fordyce?

dbed2c  No.2731039

File: 22ced639fa59120⋯.jpg (118.55 KB, 912x924, 76:77, FordyceMuseum Massage.JPG)

File: e20e1f9ac005575⋯.jpg (137.07 KB, 1286x974, 643:487, Fordyce Bathhouse Museum L….JPG)

File: 4fc91d0d288cf8f⋯.jpg (116.75 KB, 1271x990, 1271:990, Fordyce Bathhouse Museum2.JPG)

File: 558c7a1e8db8de1⋯.jpg (81.54 KB, 1309x937, 1309:937, Arthur Taussig Alice in Wo….JPG)

File: 584c0e669ed8d2d⋯.jpg (49.43 KB, 762x810, 127:135, Capture17.JPG)

dbed2c  No.2731052

File: c1d7058f0c5f7c9⋯.jpg (137.26 KB, 1051x818, 1051:818, Capture6.JPG)

File: 5c0892a0efdf5a7⋯.jpg (142.4 KB, 1175x798, 1175:798, Capture10.JPG)

File: 96dc6136f419a5d⋯.png (1.74 MB, 1230x2006, 615:1003, a1e18223d4538fa0972ab73628….png)

File: fdff55fec7be73d⋯.jpg (225.54 KB, 1403x960, 1403:960, Plans.JPG)


If there is something hidden or changed with the tile. The original documents can be obtained through Columbia University library.

Cross referencing with Guastavino Fireproof Construction Company throughout the US may prove to be worthwhile at finding other locations if something is off or tile work has changed since originally installed.

e4e4c1  No.2731084


Indeed Anon, glad to see some are actually awake and well read on the subject and not just 'muh Devil worship'.

dbed2c  No.2731115

File: 5387456cd17cdb0⋯.jpg (445.51 KB, 1305x968, 1305:968, Arthur Taussig Alice in Wo….jpg)

As far as necklace goes…still no idea. Is it the "charms" being stag's with antlers like the 1972 Rothschild costume photo? Is it the two feathers or are they ears?

dbed2c  No.2731135

File: ada6bee8da6ca70⋯.jpg (89.11 KB, 759x178, 759:178, Pope Red Shoes.JPG)

Still might end with the Moloch worship.>>2731084

Funny you should mention being well read. Books about the old Byzantine Empire and Constantinople talked about "Being born in the purple" as the highest ranking royalty. This was something never to be used as a negotiation tool. Cardinal rules of Byzantine "Greek Fire" secrets and "Royal born in purple blood" as in a daughter were not to be used as negotiating tools in treaties etc.

Until 5 minutes ago I didn't realize purple could mean red…from Phoenicia/Canaanites. (Attached)

15bef7  No.2731304


Hire a re-decorator - soon !

15bef7  No.2731327


I think you want the /junkjewelry/ board

15bef7  No.2731334


What make you think the tile changed?

dbed2c  No.2739055


Having the plans for the whole room would help rule anything out. Is the circular portion a skylight? Makes no sense to have that many plants. Plants are always being moved around too, sometimes there are 2, sometimes 6. Could be nothing, but when you have zero to go on, have to start somewhere. Looking for an underground access tunnel or door would be ideal. Already determined they exist in other places.

689f73  No.2740337

File: 97e831c7751370e⋯.png (4.41 MB, 5852x4388, 1463:1097, 97e831c7751370e1fce1ee2881….png)


We're on the same page. I literally just created this graphic and saw what you did. Check this out → you have "Lilith" on your graphic, too!

689f73  No.2740414

File: 5563c8ae929f25a⋯.png (959.18 KB, 560x748, 140:187, lilith-2-owls.png)


You mean this?

Two owls and a "Y"…

dbed2c  No.2740572


Maybe they are putting a "flag" out to see if anyone notices.

Lets see a google earth minus address so you dont dox yourself.

dbed2c  No.2740577


could be double meaning too. on the 43 stringer, each line had freedom and y.

b509f6  No.2740633

File: 458f49568a1425d⋯.jpg (53.99 KB, 627x339, 209:113, pope-and-russian.jpg)

c27f1d  No.2742815

File: 5de0f57bfdb27eb⋯.png (769.1 KB, 2318x1282, 1159:641, owls.png)


Yes. It could have a double meaning. However in this case, Q has eluded on several posts that the OWL represents something to the occult groups. Look.

c27f1d  No.2742899

File: 11f02d9584359dc⋯.png (885.05 KB, 1557x1095, 519:365, guardian-pope.png)


What does the Owl represent in context with "Guardian of the Pope"?

Q has always told us symbolism will be their downfall. It just so happens that there is only ONE photo labeled with the word "symbolism" in the Q drops… and that is the photo of the Rothschilds.

652fa3  No.2746672



OWLS are said to be the connection to another dimension. Some victims of alien abduction claim to see owls perched in trees around their house before being taken. I have read that some people, the occult, believe that the owl can be used for remote viewing. I know one thing for sure, some owls DO NOT CRAP, they vomit up their waste and its very disturbing. Not of this rhelm if you ask me.

599660  No.2747109

everything begins and ends with jews. talmud, kabbalah, freemasonry, banks, finances, sacrifices. just look into it it aint no conspiracy it is fact!!

Post last edited at

652fa3  No.2749495

File: 69e05e44fec9f9c⋯.jpg (100.23 KB, 350x349, 350:349, F032_Owl.jpg)

File: 0f2a6656f43b750⋯.jpg (114 KB, 630x443, 630:443, bohemianOwlAcropolis.jpg)

File: 41d8f17297c7c08⋯.jpg (32.58 KB, 400x503, 400:503, BurneyRelief.Med.jpg)

File: 6ac959ecd7ee16c⋯.jpg (86.31 KB, 630x311, 630:311, bennettMinerva2.jpg)


OWLFAG here, I was pretty close here's an excerpt from traditioninaction.org. Will provide links.

The medieval interpretation of the owl

How did the medieval men understand the owl? For them, the owl symbolized mourning and desolation because it is a bird that lives for the darkness. Thus it represents sinners who have given up living in the light and have chosen the darkness of sin.

Since it hides in darkness and avoids the light, the owl also came to symbolize Satan, the Prince of Darkness.

The Bestiaries tell us that the owl is a filthy bird, because it pollutes its own nest with its dung. It loves to live around tombs and decaying structures. When the owl ventures out into the daylight, the other birds attack it. The scene of the owl mobbed by other birds is common in manuscripts and is often carved on misericords. This was generally understood as the just hostility of the righteous toward the wicked.

For the medieval men, the owl also represented the Jews who have rejected Jesus Christ. The medieval bestiary Physiologus Latinus stresses this aspect of the nycticorax, translated as night crow or owl:

"This bird represents the Jewish people, who rejected our Lord and Savior. When He came to save them, they said, 'We have no king but Caesar' (Jn 19:15) 'but as to this man, we know not who He is' (Jn 9:29). On this account they love darkness more than light."

An image of St. Francis preaching to the birds from a 13th century psalter shows a prominent owl sitting on a branch, which was commonly understood as a representation of the Jews, a special target of conversion.

It can be confusing to the modern mind to find that in the medieval bestiaries, a bird whose primary representation was evil could nonetheless have a secondary meaning representing Christ or something good.

This remarkable flexibility came from an understanding that every creature made by God could represent some aspect of Him, albeit small, and have a quality that reflects Christ Who became man to save the world from sin.

Therefore, despite the primary negative connotations, the owl was also the sign of solitude and meditation in medieval monasteries, because it was known to stay in the same place for a long time. It flees from the light, in the sense that it does not look for the glory of human praise. In this sense the owl appears at times in scenes of hermits at prayer.



owl-canuk-fag out

dbed2c  No.2751512


I posted the Ruke Residence because the author of Lolita was molested by his uncle. That was his home. It doesn't look like an ordinary residence. Might be worth looking into considering the Author wrote several books with embedded code cypher combined throughout all of them. Seems like quite a life's work instead of just coming out and saying it. Why go to all the trouble unless the forces you were dealing with were too strong? He meant the book as a way to bring attention to the problem, instead it normalized it and backfired.

dbed2c  No.2751576

File: c1e8e967e05d2de⋯.jpg (2.02 MB, 2918x2186, 1459:1093, Vanderbilt_Amulet_Charm.jpg)

File: 43904da120b3b41⋯.jpg (50.59 KB, 821x507, 821:507, Tanit1.JPG)

File: 05ff4d5945b443e⋯.jpg (254.39 KB, 745x1117, 745:1117, Tanit_ibiza.jpg)

File: 0f221af9b4f5236⋯.jpg (31.04 KB, 617x457, 617:457, Milagro_Types1.JPG)


I did a bit of a deeper dig. Not sure what Q meant, but I found several items. One intriguing note, was the red beads were attached to donkey's in ancient Spain to ward off "THE EVIL EYE"

Another note is the Coin itself. Most likely from 1850. In 1899 Guatemala they went off the Silver standard. This made the coin worthless. Guatemala has one of the largest Silver reserves in the entire world. Cornelius Vanderbilt had his hands deep.

fd54ad  No.2751729

File: 92834835d94fe9c⋯.jpg (537.54 KB, 962x1210, 481:605, Rocheventanatucsonc2018dsw….jpg)

research civano community and civano coffee in tuscon pedo boy lovers and roche pharma and ventana medical in tuscon harvesting adrenechrome from illegal kids coming across border for sex slavery and rape camps they are dirty as fk

dbed2c  No.2751907


Someone changed the original to fool people. That is not real. https://file.wikileaks.org/file/FBI-pedophile-symbols.pdf

f76aec  No.2755271

File: 949857f9c6a7a27⋯.jpg (133 KB, 640x853, 640:853, shriners.jpg)

Shriners - Red Shoes on Child

68aedc  No.2756951

Hi Anons,

It's just dawned on me. An excellent place to view all these 'Orders' jewellery, pins, badges, symbols, Insignia, postcards, vintage photos, letters, costumes/Uniforms is on Ebay. Close up clear images mostly.

Papal as well.

Also check on Completed Items, items Already sold. USA UK and worldwide. Gumtree as well.

97916e  No.2757783

File: df2ffec54ec389f⋯.jpg (38.14 KB, 642x171, 214:57, de.JPG)

File: 7a0383cc40c8d8d⋯.jpg (89.47 KB, 924x507, 308:169, ewwww.JPG)


Not sure if this helps

These necklaces are called Chachal or Chachales and are from the Maya Guatemala people.

Can find a number of them here: https://www.worthpoint.com/inventory/search?query=chachal

Mayans were heavy into sacrifice

Anecdotally Mayans also had a god of death which was an owl called Ah Puch

dbed2c  No.2757907


Found another one online. Shoes were brown. Maybe just that one shirt? Shriners having hospitals strategically placed certainly wouldn't be ruled out of any strange acts however.>>2757783

We still haven't found an image that is defined enough to show the coin. I like the OWL anticdote though.

5277f0  No.2787853

File: a07b06a55e81b9e⋯.jpg (46.62 KB, 454x305, 454:305, Israel.jpg)

Is this why Q said save Israel for last.

The Supreme Court building in Jerusalem, notes Chomsky, was built in 1992, with funding that had been offered by the Yad Hanadiv foundation. Many members of the Rothschild family, which owns Yad Hanadiv, were proud members of the Freemasons


5e5f09  No.2788767


It looks like devil horns. Horns of the ram. Or Baphomet, common in satanism, Freemasonry, Knights Templar and Tarot.


bf5dbf  No.2793542

File: cb570b406015c9d⋯.jpg (26.68 KB, 250x250, 1:1, lf.jpg)


the list of names is mind blowing!!


COMMITTEE OF 300 carry out the goals

Lucius Trust: They all serve lucifer

The committee of 300 List of names

YT video: The Committee of 300.

The goals of the committee of 300

YT video: Goals of the committee of 300

channel: Jeffrey Bethea channel

c6654b  No.2798579

File: cc60b6a233ec521⋯.jpg (142.38 KB, 1068x815, 1068:815, labirynth.jpg)

File: de1082be83e1da9⋯.jpg (109.13 KB, 477x524, 477:524, maze.jpg)

File: c4844c65797df6a⋯.jpg (85.9 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, shining.jpg)

File: 3a6d7f4a0c5e631⋯.jpg (27.33 KB, 200x310, 20:31, Most_Dangerous_Game.jpg)

all sorts of references to pizzagate style spiritcooking, and child sacrifice in the music of jamband phish… if scrutinized you will find that they are an mkultra illuminati project 100%. focus on the song 'bathtub gin's lyrics. compare to the royal order of jesters, satanism and sacrifice. research the jesters in connection to human trafficking. you would be surprised who is involved. dont laugh it off. scrutinize them. it involves every facet of freemasonry

c6654b  No.2798677

File: 662a248a2bd7f49⋯.jpg (47.11 KB, 320x597, 320:597, royal-order-of-jesters.jpg)

File: 458f652350a56d3⋯.png (194.96 KB, 681x477, 227:159, jest.png)

File: 9b10c304777f288⋯.jpg (45.39 KB, 474x474, 1:1, mirthkg.jpg)

File: 7d0c8ef5c0f42ef⋯.jpg (4.88 KB, 182x182, 1:1, mirth.missives.logo.jpg)

File: 1c0f491229a6648⋯.jpg (96.04 KB, 353x200, 353:200, marina-abramovic-lady-gaga….jpg)


"Come stumble my MIRTH beaten worker"

Phish Lyrics

"Bathtub Gin"

Brett is in the bathtub

making soup for the ambassadors

and I am in the hallway

singing to the troubadours

The kings are all lined up

outside the gate

and the autumn bells are ringing

but they'll just have to wait

Where is the joker?

Have you seen him around

with his three coned cap

that he wears like a clown?

Have you seen his stripped stockings

and heard his sad tale

about the kids under the carpet

and the purple humpbacked whales

Here come the ambassadors

they show up one by one

Brett is tasting all the soup

to see if it is done

Wendy's on the windowsill

waiting to be let in

and we're all in the bathtub now

making bathtub gin

The kings storm the hallway

they've climbed up through the gate

they didn't mean to be impolite

but they just couldn't wait

Here comes the joker

with his silly grin

he carries a martini

made of bathtub gin

Here comes the joker

we all must laugh

cause we're all in this together

and we love to take a bath.

c6654b  No.2798827

File: 2e37c6d26d35932⋯.jpg (6.65 MB, 4000x2773, 4000:2773, phishexposed2b.jpg)


symbolism will be their downfall

c6654b  No.2798901

dbed2c  No.2813809

File: 9f969a9ad9c7e1b⋯.jpg (489.84 KB, 1940x816, 485:204, Q_Symbolism_Downfall_Virgi….jpg)

File: a0dbcdb37d193d1⋯.jpg (91.45 KB, 946x566, 473:283, Virgil C.Dechant4.JPG)

Have we found out what Q meant by "TRUST KANSAS" yet?" Is it a play on words? Found something that is worth digging deeper. The vice president of the Vatican bank lives in the USA! In Kansas! His family Trust might not be the one, but there might be others.

15bef7  No.2813815


Other than scouring pictures from the Internet, what else do you know from your extensive "research"

15bef7  No.2813836


You must have been absent that day.

Michael Richard Pompeo (born December 30, 1963) is an American politician and attorney serving as the 70th United States Secretary of State since April 2018. He is a former United States Army officer and was Director of the Central Intelligence Agency from January 2017 until April 2018.

Pompeo was a member of the United States House of Representatives from 2011 to 2017, representing Kansas's 4th congressional district.

dbed2c  No.2814004


I've been off a couple days…hasn't exactly been quiet.

Is there a Q confirmation of Pompeo? That sounds week. Granted my theory is the only non-human compared to the other string of "TRUST" people.

The simple fact the VP of the Vatican bank is somehow living in Rural Kansas in the US strikes me as extremely unusual. The fact there is barely any information on him online is strange too. Need to read the book.

e6477c  No.2861879

File: a37ec68581bd725⋯.jpg (340.29 KB, 1132x1394, 566:697, 180820_142413_COLLAGE-1.jpg)

File: 060c815f16f9991⋯.jpg (279.69 KB, 1132x1394, 566:697, IMG_20180903_111552.jpg)

File: fd52b23107f4b37⋯.jpg (325.16 KB, 1132x1394, 566:697, IMG_20180903_111506.jpg)

File: 9677c43ceb13420⋯.jpg (170.04 KB, 1132x1394, 566:697, IMG_20180903_111519.jpg)

File: 4e2bd397e1ce7c9⋯.jpg (224.65 KB, 1200x482, 600:241, IMG_20180903_111111.jpg)

I have not yet found a reference to Itzpapalotl who is Our Lady of Guadalupe, who is also the official Americas deity per the 1910

Many parallels between Itzpapalotl and literally all the PEDOVORE symbology.


Virgin Mother

Mother goddess

Childless goddess

Goddess of birth/infant mortality

Requires sacrifice of that which is precious.

Hunts children.

Red clawed feet

Obsidian Butterfly

Domain is heaven where man was made

Monarch butterfly is spirit of dead kids

Lepidopteran Saturniid Rothshidia Orizaba is the Obsidian Butterfly or the R.Orizaba moth



Red stripes

Skull and crossbones

Wings edged in Obsidian blades

White flint blades half red, almond shaped

Serpent skirts

Leopard skins are also many eyes like moths

One of two 2-headed deer deity

association with doves, vultures

Fell to earth with scorpion

Associated with Morning Star

Eyes/Stars for joints, look like Pokemon balls

The R.Orizaba has four arrow shaped windows "X"

Aztec folks were into flayed off faces like frazzledrip rumors

And other batshit crazy things like eating people and skin suit cocooning.

The arms and legs were literal arms and legs before the Spanish succeeded in morphing Itzpapalotl into Our Lady of Guadalupe, who is representative of a pregnant virgin Mary, less deity, more equal. Still rimmed in flint blades, now passed off as sun rays. The horns under her feet are the black new moon that she took off the sky and uses and a shield, and stands upon. She is solidly represented by red roses as it is the center of her legend.

She has the blue cloak covered in stars. Add that to the red white stripes of Itzpapalotl =

There's our flag.

Also, the spiral symbol we associated with pedophiles is likely borne out of the moths proboscis mouth swirl shape. A bee, elephant, or fern also have this shape. The Aztec art used the spiral circle and pyramid. Again, monarch butterflies were the spirits of children. Mothra basically ruled over dead kids. Ishtar Isis Astare whoever, all moon/morning star/Venus/Saturn representatives of night. Covering the eye= covering the sun= night time.

My theory is that the moth is the moon, moon is the menses, menses is the matriarch, and nighttime brings moths to the flames.

Secondly, the moth and butterfly are rapists who have no mothers.

Sorry so long. I hope someone sees this. I mention the name Itzpapalotl and insta-archive/shadowban.

e6477c  No.2862130

File: 94a9b5017b9a22c⋯.jpg (192.04 KB, 800x600, 4:3, PicsArt_08-22-05.46.50.jpg)

File: 51ab95db0f3b036⋯.jpg (197.05 KB, 777x481, 21:13, IMG_-1519yr.jpg)

File: e8a0ec44fe4c4bb⋯.jpg (57.77 KB, 469x640, 469:640, IMG_20180817_223309.jpg)

File: 9311d522e219d66⋯.jpg (132.31 KB, 1133x746, 1133:746, IMG_udon9w.jpg)

File: 9591c835fba637f⋯.jpg (73.06 KB, 750x1060, 75:106, IMG_20180902_093201.jpg)


Other moths have other symbols again repeated in our nemesis belief systems. The sphinx moth known for hanging out on grape vines looks like the baphomet.

The one used on Silence of the Lambs has a skull on its back. There is eyes of all shapes and sizes. There are tiny Y's on the Silver Y moth. They look like owls and spin webs like spiders.

f38ad5  No.2870612

File: 39fed252f000a8a⋯.png (816.46 KB, 2000x2515, 400:503, PNG image.png)

Do you believe in coincidences?

What was posted when Q was hacked.


Who uses these?

What is on their shield?

Symbolism will be there downfall.


Was this based on somewhere real?

Look at the statues.







Find the link.

Does the hellfire club still exist?

What is “The Phoenix”?

Who do they worship?

Where is it based?

Who visited in 2010?


More. Cash

Fired. Why?


ee6f66  No.2889464

File: 91cbb587540b267⋯.jpg (203.01 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 31f9f0860d93ab0⋯.jpg (253.08 KB, 856x960, 107:120, Pop-Star-One-Eye.jpg)

File: 3e15d410123e21b⋯.jpg (47.45 KB, 500x315, 100:63, Sa Tan.jpg)

File: 13e3b2c3a08bebb⋯.jpg (69.72 KB, 736x554, 368:277, 893524f6637816628f3e0e0278….jpg)

I can't go anywhere without seeing their symbolism now. This new age stuff is occult so it must be sinister. Love is all you need sounds like a song for the sheep going to slaughter.

If there is nothing to hide then just tell us, instead everything is cryptic in symbolism and analogy. The truth is the truth so it should just be said. The truth will stand the test of time.

So, why do they spend so much time with the symbolic architecture in their buildings?

Phallus worship?

Goddess worship?

Saturn / Cube worship?


For collection of souls?

They believe in their spirituality which is based in deception and lies. It keeps the rest of us from advancing and coming together, why?

Gnosticism and ths Kabbalah have a strong occult foundations and strong symbolism? As above, so below.

Why is Egypt in Washington freemasonry?

Why are the sheeple mocked?

Do they have to give us a chance to see our chains? Or Matrix?

Too many questions. I know nothing.

ee6f66  No.2889546


Transmutation analogy?

Cicada 3301 shit is programing.

Gods, Sheep, → Next?

ee6f66  No.2889672

File: 9517d34efa37c9e⋯.jpg (161.59 KB, 918x635, 918:635, 1493224979742.jpg)


Nice pyramid at the top of the building.

ee6f66  No.2890183

File: 8c28803c2e31a94⋯.jpg (5.34 MB, 4896x3672, 4:3, Royal Chapel.jpg)

File: 4f1743458db0cf9⋯.jpg (4.79 MB, 4896x3672, 4:3, Royal Chapel 2.jpg)


Sweden leads the charge with the occult and cashless society.

https:// www.bbc.com/news/business-41095004

Pictures from Royal Palace. The Royal Chapel.


352830  No.2891859

File: e03c2de09fcfbdc⋯.png (4.44 KB, 225x225, 1:1, tanit 2.png)

File: 0feaa5f41408c1c⋯.jpg (11.34 KB, 453x111, 151:37, tanit1.jpg)

File: 4124f9939421c03⋯.jpg (8.65 KB, 265x190, 53:38, tanit4.jpg)

File: dc85daa4ff92636⋯.png (9.89 KB, 225x224, 225:224, tanit5.png)

File: ba321bb5bd0811c⋯.jpg (54.11 KB, 638x452, 319:226, tanit6.jpg)

352830  No.2891872

File: 537eda1c97e21fc⋯.png (4.64 KB, 283x178, 283:178, tanit7.png)

File: 1f3e33439bdfcab⋯.png (7.91 KB, 239x211, 239:211, tanit8.png)

File: dc8f0d8b38ab715⋯.png (8.23 KB, 236x214, 118:107, tanit9.png)

File: c5b3f6e2fc631f0⋯.jpg (8.95 KB, 320x157, 320:157, tanit10.jpg)

File: 51b4f602ef5e715⋯.jpg (13.38 KB, 225x225, 1:1, tanit11.jpg)

352830  No.2891881

File: 89421fbb4faa7bb⋯.png (8.43 KB, 225x225, 1:1, tanit13.png)

File: f0ebc5dee26cc16⋯.png (14.45 KB, 932x235, 932:235, tanit14.png)

File: 09869979b37a314⋯.png (6.33 KB, 251x201, 251:201, tanit15.png)

File: 157f4c0f699eebc⋯.jpg (11.71 KB, 216x234, 12:13, tanit16.jpg)

File: acdf53d2f0cd07f⋯.png (10.07 KB, 310x163, 310:163, tanit16.png)

352830  No.2891892

File: d6539097629d355⋯.jpg (23.08 KB, 194x187, 194:187, tanit17.jpg)

File: bf3429b17e74be1⋯.jpg (8.87 KB, 245x206, 245:206, tanit18.jpg)

File: 8f972f46c189643⋯.jpg (8.47 KB, 259x194, 259:194, tanit19.jpg)

File: ea6a70996334f5b⋯.jpg (10.21 KB, 225x225, 1:1, tanit23.jpg)

File: 9b2ac8517f98189⋯.jpg (6.33 KB, 204x210, 34:35, tanit24.jpg)

352830  No.2891910

File: a6ba3fcb3fe9dd0⋯.jpg (8.66 KB, 267x189, 89:63, tanit21.jpg)

File: c4af4d4e96abbe7⋯.jpg (8.13 KB, 305x165, 61:33, tanit22.jpg)

File: e2581d412c27a91⋯.png (6.44 KB, 276x183, 92:61, tanit25.png)

File: e39e33497f455a8⋯.jpg (9.29 KB, 235x215, 47:43, tanit25 .jpg)

File: 722475b8131d407⋯.jpg (14.04 KB, 225x225, 1:1, tanit27.jpg)

352830  No.2891947

File: fc7ddbcfba91a73⋯.jpg (61.16 KB, 348x143, 348:143, Nazi pinwheel 2.jpg)

File: 7bdad7dcb2bfbc3⋯.jpg (106.51 KB, 960x737, 960:737, Nazi pinwheel.jpg)

File: 59e5a59e5783570⋯.jpg (8.64 KB, 225x225, 1:1, pedo.jpg)

File: 96e9a7f5fff97c7⋯.jpg (96.65 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, Pedophile Symbolism- Child….jpg)

File: 851dc0e5ddd5de1⋯.jpg (97.27 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, Pedophile Symbolism-Child ….jpg)

352830  No.2891974

File: b01dc73a02a1d46⋯.gif (18.01 KB, 600x307, 600:307, excaliber_2.gif)

File: 96f98b63a1713cc⋯.png (549.37 KB, 814x491, 814:491, illuminati kids 1.png)

File: d45c3be5a16c8a0⋯.jpg (9.94 KB, 265x190, 53:38, illuminati kids 3.jpg)

File: d246f2cedf3ee41⋯.jpg (17.03 KB, 191x264, 191:264, illuminati kids2.jpg)

File: 9abfe2aa8c19de8⋯.jpg (47.97 KB, 750x522, 125:87, Illuminati Symbolism in Ch….jpg)

9ff111  No.2921786

I'm not an autist, but found this while trying to redpill daughter. I think it might be important. Can someone with more knowledge look into this?? It's about modern art. MANY of the pictures from Q are referenced. Names a lot of names. Is this something that Q is looking for?


Thanks to all for your sacrifices. Thank you Q and Team. thank you POTUS for making our lives free! Prayers for all for your safety and success!

8b458d  No.2926614

Re: Guardian of the pope

“A guardian is a person lawfully invested with the power, and charged with the duty, of taking care of the person and managing the property and rights of another person who, for some peculiarity of status, or defect of age, understanding, or self-control, is considered incapable of administering his own affairs.”

Q does not mean "bodyguard" of the pope. He means "ward" of the pope!

a6c276  No.2926840

File: 7c8dbdbd9adfeab⋯.jpg (186.44 KB, 800x989, 800:989, a0919108881_10.jpg)


On June 28th, 2018 after the Maryland newspaper shooting, Q made a post asking why Freemasons are always on the scene of most shooting locations. After the San Bernardino shooting the local news interviewed a guy wearing a Freemason hat. After the Santa Fe Texas high school shooting the local news interviewed a guy wearing a necklace with a Masonic square and compass. After the Sandy Hook "shooting" several Freemasons were interviewed and appeared to be actors. Q correctly pointed out that Freemasons are involved in these pre-planned mass shootings carried out by the swamp / cabal.

Q said symbolism will be their downfall. In the posts Q heavily implied that Freemasons are evil and working hand in hand with the satanic cabal. Scottish Rite Freemasons involved with the Shriners (they wear Muslim fez hats) organize children's charities. On the surface they appear to to be doing good, but the ony reason they run the charities are to target and groom children to funnel into the cabal's pedophile network.

On September 2nd, 2018 Q posted a music video from Magic Sword. He said the song was played by "Operation Specialists" [pre-event] the prior night. He then posted a pic of Seal team choppers. The special op guys were listening to a band whose logo contains several Masonic elements. Why are the "good guys" listening to the "bad guys" music?

First Q tells us that the Freemasons are evil and part of the cabal. Then he posts a video where the Q team special ops are jamming to a band rife with Masonic and cabal symbology. So which is it Q, are Freemasons good or bad? Why was your team jamming to the enemy's music?

ad55e9  No.2959395


Q is letting you know that the fakenews narrative was false. the 'good guys' didnt really do what is claimed.. just more masonic jewery

b268ec  No.3002081

File: 76eb83cf7d41b7a⋯.png (130.86 KB, 543x460, 543:460, nissan.png)

File: c3c87c2e4355bff⋯.png (152.87 KB, 574x353, 574:353, subaru.png)

File: 38fd403c684075b⋯.png (100.92 KB, 490x403, 490:403, toyota.png)

File: e24362a5271667f⋯.png (187.93 KB, 606x459, 202:153, volvo.png)

Nissan looks like Saturn but Volvo has Mars for some reason

Toyota a Moloch ?

Suburu has the Pleiades

a326ef  No.3010501

File: e4e21215358b895⋯.jpg (89.78 KB, 768x1022, 384:511, pudsey-bear-702849.jpg)

e3348a  No.3011787

Oh, dear. In Q post 1494, June 13, 2018, Q said, “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.”

I just saw that. A few days ago, I saw what people interpret as the Trump Illuminati card from those weirdo Illuminati game cards (NWO edition). It is titled “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH,” and it says something along the lines of “remember we can have a sniper take you out at any time. Have a good day.” Sorry, idk how to post a pic of the card.

But no coincidences, right? Uh

581724  No.3011917


Freemasons historically are the secret societies which the illuminati work from inside. They are generally unaware of the illuminati plans. Only the top small circle are aware of any of the plans. Free masons are clueless.

2d536b  No.3074132

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I don't think that BB = 33.

Bull worship is right tho.

d448bc  No.3144251

File: 68c9c7d15624db6⋯.jpg (165.87 KB, 799x1024, 799:1024, 1.jpg)

File: c3fa53666c882b9⋯.png (92.72 KB, 424x351, 424:351, tled.png)

File: 508ce5d2902c964⋯.png (50.54 KB, 720x348, 60:29, 508ce5d2902c964d714874515b….png)

File: 9b6a8bd9443144b⋯.png (69.52 KB, 766x734, 383:367, 8d1e3f3b2fde542fa926f64b5b….png)

I think this is a type of map that tells the Human Trafficker where to take the prisoners

Use the webding or wingding font on the stringer codes and you get a type of picture map. read them like the Egyptian hieroglyphics I think if I you had a fresh stringer list for an event you would be able to track down the traffickers…

a twitter account that you can contact me is here @hiway4x4

Red Cross Stringer Explained




4 Dec 2017 - 10:45:56 PM

RED RED stringer 25th.

Hussein RED video 27th (response).

Hussein in Asia on 28th post stringer.



More than one meaning.

Hussein RED Indictments variables.

Think circle.

Expand your thinking.

Take multiple paths.

One connects to another.

Learn to read the map.

The map is the key.

Find the keystone.

What holds everything together?


Red Cross Stringer




25 Nov 2017 - 11:30:47 AM












































_FREEDOM-_vGER_US_yes_000BVx_LO_yes_[… + 1]_Conf_y



fcd252  No.3163024

File: 8c8a746807da24f⋯.jpeg (88.35 KB, 379x253, 379:253, annunaki-pine-cone-pollin….jpeg)

File: bd879e7831fc644⋯.jpg (316.21 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1445492142014.jpg)

File: 45338379c24e265⋯.jpg (436.87 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 1280x1280.jpg)

File: d26e8719d43d437⋯.jpg (74.09 KB, 570x399, 10:7, 676f52e662b2a734cd7104feb4….jpg)

File: d6661adf7f21e47⋯.png (2.74 MB, 2000x1120, 25:14, e55e7d1ae1854b33505e8e6ddb….png)

b97a48  No.3170813

File: 3d572e4e0714a37⋯.png (13.27 KB, 362x315, 362:315, follow-the-OWL.png)

File: a15ff64cc210071⋯.png (58.35 KB, 382x985, 382:985, follow-OWL-2.png)

File: 83a3896d8a435b8⋯.png (28.02 KB, 362x592, 181:296, what-does-OWL-represent.png)

File: 428ab64ab524d74⋯.png (41.64 KB, 246x306, 41:51, night-owl-brian-steely.png)

File: 35895d9ca946212⋯.png (58.93 KB, 246x289, 246:289, phish-tour-shirt-obey-siez….png)


In connection to the Phish lyrics, went hunting for images.

Found an artist who does logo design, a few for Phish.

This guys work contains a lot of satanic cult symbology.

Crescent moon and star, Owl, Wolf, Three eyed creatures, etc.

Most of his artwork contains satanic symbology in some form.


b97a48  No.3170830

File: 05daf94a5242909⋯.png (38.35 KB, 246x272, 123:136, all-seeing-eye-brian-steel….png)

File: 872e44b01710232⋯.png (112.38 KB, 246x301, 246:301, all-seeing-zeus-brian-stee….png)

File: 754e6ca613bd4d8⋯.png (55.97 KB, 246x365, 246:365, cult-brian-steely.png)

File: 6de348cc771787b⋯.png (43.08 KB, 246x365, 246:365, holy-mountain-brian-steely.png)

File: f927d5514d7a4d3⋯.png (68.07 KB, 246x365, 246:365, steely-logo.png)

634676  No.3205103

File: 75a7b83f67ba0d7⋯.png (369.61 KB, 648x425, 648:425, symbol.png)

Not a coincident right? ;)

43b475  No.3205298


Looks like the Biltmore pool, child sacrifice by a bunny man. The artists name is Cody Foster, he goes by Sadistik. I find his music intriguing and insightful to what we are currently facing. It's weird to say that considering he is full on into the occult. I do wonder if Cody Foster has been abused as a child. He speaks about growing up in a Catholic Church until around age 13 something happened and he went down this path he is on now. Im not sure how to embed, so please forgive me on that.

2867b3  No.3205303

File: 965e5cb21461209⋯.png (1.32 MB, 864x852, 72:71, sigil of saturn.png)

the center of town is a courthouse sitting on the center of a saturn sigil in the center of a roundabout made into an 8 pointed star. to get anywhere in the town everyone rotates around saturn like it's mecca.

local lodge is named after what they call saturn. might drive up on an outing and investigate the town.

63b9d4  No.3205950

File: a7f2e3bb07cf060⋯.jpg (21.06 KB, 300x288, 25:24, britannia-early-penny-300x….jpg)

Image df9a370f041d66b⋯.jpg - red beads with the central pendant - that image in the middle is the "Rule Britannia" or Britannia symbol that appeared on English Coins. The emblem is that of the "Hap'ney" - A George II Half Penny

63b9d4  No.3206409


If you research the band "Magic Sword" in some depth, you will find they are in fact the good guys.

Their mantra is to seek out darkness and shine light into it.

We know from research, that not only 'sublime' messages are encoded into musical notes, (review Serial Brain 2 in relation to his in depth report on the variances between piano and electronic keyboards) and how these (and other musical combinations and words) form communications (i.e. is used in actual communications between 'spies' for example).

Firstly, you are probably aware of the strong role of the music industry to invoke 'satan' and satanic worship - music and videos being part of the monarch/mockingbird agenda.

This type of music creates trance like environments - basically opening up the 15 - 45 year old generations to full blown demon possession, drug use, you name it.

When we look at music festivals these days they're full of sex/drugs (horrendous drugs) and the worst type of music.

Insert the band "Magic Sword".

These guys play at music festivals and around gig's where kids would normally be exposed to this 'dark music'.

What you should do first, is have a look at their FaceBook page. It gives a rundown of the upcoming gigs for the band.

Look at the language and descriptions they use - i.e. it's about going in to the gig's and 'removing darkness, casting out demons, shining light into the darkness etc).

Now remember Einsteins law of relativity. For every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction.

So, if music is used for maleficent purposes, then it can also be used for benevolant purposes. The band is electronic. It uses tones to 'break' the encoded 'messages' that have been hypnotising these kids for years.

They are unidentifiable. Firstly, what if they're really who they say they are? (Think Nicola Tesla and other exotic technologies).

Secondly, what if they are a part of the Q movement? Deliberately placed there in ORDER to de-progam the population. Certainly their stage appearance and story is appealing (think StarWars Jedi Warriors).

If you research what the band describes as the origins of "Magical Sword" - and the roles that each member of the band plays, it describes three "Immortals", who have been battling for millennia to contain the 'evil' (satan) that was unleashed unwittingly.

In even mentioning the band and the music, Q is telling us EXACTLY what is happening on the planet now, and what has been happening throughout millennia.

Q will not ask us to listen to music that is detrimental to us. It's the OPPOSITE of what he needs us to be.

If you have been researching Q from the beginning you'll know that everything has meaning. Everything.

This movement/phenomena is greater than you can possibly imagine.

Recall that Q said "Think Big" "Bigger" "Biggest"

He often speaks of the war between light vs darkness.

Of Satan vs God

One thing to end on, Q clearance is, in top secret clearance language "COSMIC CLEARANCE"

There is no higher clearance.

Have a think about that for a minute.

WWG1WGA "Trust the plan"

63b9d4  No.3207004


EPILEPSY WARNING - please don't watch if you have epilepsy or suffer migraines or vertigo.

I watched this for a few seconds and got instantly dizzy and a migraine.

What i did see were flashes of someone in a 'Bunny' face along with the child in the empty pool covered in blood.

This is 100% in reference to the Podesta Art peices and the children in the Vanderbilt pool -

The boy covered in blood was singing about Washington…

I'd recommend that if you intend watching it for research purposes, don't watch the whole clip at once. Break it down into 10 second segments to break up any monarch programming it may contain. Also run it through a darkening filter - the flashing light is intentional. Think Clockwork Orange - and 'rave' parties and nightclubs…it's all done for a specific purpose and that's because it alters our brain function (proof is in the fact this causes epilepsy, migranes, vertigo etc).

Make sure you put the video through slow mo and you'll notice that all the flashes contain different images - deliberately intended to get into your subconsciousness with each 'flash'.

Look up the 'coca-cola experiment' back in the 50's where a single frame of the logo was placed into a movie to see what impact it would have on the audience.

At intermission, people went to the kiosk and all purchased a coca cola. No surprise why it's a marketing technique as well.

Also, please ensure you listen to the music separately, and again, slowly. We know that music and tones are used in MKUltra and contain codes which also affect brain patterns.

Combine all of these factors with the lyrics, and you've got yourself a Monarch controlled satanist with pedocidal tendencies.

This is a very dangerous video to watch - sick. Possibly used for grooming.

Q tells us "These people are sick". "These people are evil"

No doubt, this is the kind of shit that comes out of their minds.

Be alert fellow Patriots. This is a war on all levels, and the enemy is everywhere.

63b9d4  No.3207098


Thank you for posting this.

43b475  No.3215223


Thanks for the write up. As a newfag I wasn't aware of all of those things you mentioned about the video. I've never had vertigo or anything like that but even in the comments his fans complain about the quick flashes. I haven't followed hip hop since the 90s and was surprised to see artists like Sadistik out there. You will also notice in the comments that the people simply view this video as some sort of homage to the horror movie genre, they don't realize this is a reality at all.

63b9d4  No.3218209


Awesome find Anon

It's obvious to me that this is the 'butcher shop'. Can you imagine the terror of anyone in that room? Beaten to death most likely, then set upon by dogs.

That 'wallpaper' is rather ominous as well for example and the colour obviously represents blood, but there's definite patterns in each of the emblem/flowers.

The black and white striped pants and boots (with the central figure wearing plain black pants) - there's some kind of 'society' they belong to aside from the fact they are in a butcher house.

Recall the painting of Michael Obama in that partly striped dress, and the use of the background as a wall of vegetation and flowers in Hussein the Horrible? They too looked almost 3D - all of his satanic paintings do.

The artist Biltmore is obviously a large player in the whole things. You don't draw this sort of crap out of your imagination - usually artists work with their subjects unless you are one evil and twisted individual.

One thing that strikes me about his artwork, apart from the fact he's one sick and twisted individual, is that the back grounds of his paintings, contrasted with the subjects, appear 3D.

God help any poor soul who's last image in their life was this.

True evil.

e22eed  No.3219106

Not intending to slide, but curious to know how the FUCK does MKUltra take people without getting caught? By the victims and by relatives? I sincerely doubt its with candy and puppies. Teleportation/phasing? Alien abductions without the aliens? Consciousness transfer? How do they do it? And I understand the connection between MKUltra and Monarch butterflies, but what about Hummingbirds?

63b9d4  No.3219482

File: 0400e3f0255aff2⋯.png (779.2 KB, 721x522, 721:522, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0400e3f0255aff2⋯.png (779.2 KB, 721x522, 721:522, ClipboardImage.png)

That piece (as worn by Vanderbilt) is Mayan.

I just researched the relationship of the pendant to the Mayans.

As we know, the Mayans were renowned for their human sacrifice and rituals.

What's fascinating though is that their whole ritual sacrifices are identical to those practised by the Satanists.

Their sacrifices are almost all painted by

These included:

The Heart Sacrifice:

Terrorising the victim, then laying them face up over a curved rock, then cutting out their heart while it was still beating. The victims blood was smeared over the deity and then the body thrown down stairs.

Once at the bottom, the body would then be skinned, cutting off the hands and feet (of which the bones would be used as jewellery (for want of another term) by the high Priests.

Another high Priest would flay the skin off the victim and wear it.

The warriors and audience would then eat what was left of the victim.

Other sacrifices including sacrificing the victim on a gaming pitch (i.e. the gym room) which would be done by beating and torturing the victim.

Another, tying the victims against a frame and performing ritual dances around them, firing one arrow after another into the chest.

Decapitation or disembowelment were others.

One was dressing the victim in the head wear of - wait for it - a baby deer and then hunting them.

Children were their most prized sacrifice earning them big brownie points with the Gods.

Almost all sacrificees were eaten, or their blood drank by officiates.

As I'm writing this I can see all of these sacrifices and rituals clearly in the Podesta artwork.

Butchers wearing the flayed faces of their victims.

Where did the Mayans get the idea to build high pyramids to the 'Gods" and make these sorts of sacrifices to them?

(Hate to be a far out conspiracy theorist here but this smacks of the Shape Shifting Reptilian Overlords who demand blood sacrifices and use them themselves to gain 'mana' and adrenochrome from their victims)…. at this point in my Q research, absolutely anything is possible.

I pray to God that these things are removed from the face of the planet.

63b9d4  No.3220048

File: 768740292f56ab9⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1000x665, 200:133, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 2bbcb92fe50b88a⋯.png (362.11 KB, 412x594, 206:297, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b068e99b1479246⋯.png (1.93 MB, 1280x923, 1280:923, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e4dc33f8822ba2f⋯.png (78.04 KB, 215x260, 43:52, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1b4403d59f4a74f⋯.png (1.11 MB, 634x820, 317:410, ClipboardImage.png)


Images represent Mayan sacrifices.

Mayan Sacrifice with Deborah Harry cutting out the heart and holding it up.

The rabbits with the 'clubs' and ropes to tie/hang the victims from the side of the pools or against a chair or frame (the "arrow" sacrifice)

The interesting "Bunny" one (the third Podesta Brothers own 'artwork'), is the red scarf wrapped around the small 'bunny' - child

With all the 'suicides' involving red scarfs lately, it makes me wonder if a person get's a red scarf after they have made a sacrifice?

All of this going on in front of our eyes, and they have people completely fooled.

63b9d4  No.3220390


Welcome new fag and great sauce.

You are correct that people seem to accept these types of things as 'art'. Exactly what they want us to do, gradually these things enter our psyche and give them more 'power' (perceived or real).

Perhaps posting on those types of clips something like "Why are you singing about Pizzagate and satanic ritual murder of children? If no-one knows what I'm talking about search "Podesta Art".

That may get people to start looking for the reasons why. Once they see it, it's not something that can be unseen.

Once you know what you are looking at, it breaks it's power. It's a wonderful thing that you can now view it for what it is, and understand all the symbolism involved.

You'll notice that all through the music industry now. Every clip - particularly the likes of Beyonce, Gaga, Perry, Madonna, and now sadly even Taylor Swift now.

MKUltra mind control used to once be limited to a darkened back room of a disused warehouse.

Now it pours through our earphones and monitors.

WWG1WGA new fag. Welcome to the war and the Q movement.

63b9d4  No.3229676

File: 36912ed7916600f⋯.jpg (158.19 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 3-jeff-koons-afp.jpg)

File: 8492cb8d087978a⋯.jpg (333.47 KB, 600x773, 600:773, Jeff Koons Flower Symbolog….jpg)

File: 893e96a0daf74ee⋯.jpg (284.16 KB, 600x778, 300:389, Jeff Koons With Children -….jpg)

File: 55486547cb6387e⋯.jpg (27.18 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Koons Gaga Abramovic.jpg)


I thought his wife looked familiar. She was the Porn Star that got elected to the Italian Parliament for four years.

You can't make this shit up.

His 'artwork' from 1982 is the classroom and children.

His use of flowers and symbology is the same 'language used by the Podesta and Obama 'artiests' (aka pedevoires).

The photo with Gaga and Abramovic tells it all.

How did these pond scum get away with what they have for so long?


63b9d4  No.3229783


The Magic Sword band is a part of Q's Great Awakening.

It's all over their website (check it out and take a look at their free books. Pretty much tells us the back story about the fight of good vs evil, light versus dark.

Their music pieces also tell stories, and the tunes are definately a de-programming of the Mockingbird media.

I'd highly recommend that anyone reading this explore the group and their message as there is something very timely about their message.

Note the placement of the all seeing "eye" on the handle.

It's placed inside the pyramid and encased in a circle. That is placed inside the swords handle, which locks all the deities from mythology within it.

*note here* I'm not religious but doesn't Revelation state that with the second coming of Christ, all religions will collapse and only

peace on earth and goodwill will prevail?

In biblical terms, the sword is the symbol of God, and welds the word of God.

I love my Q life. So many twists and turns.

The band has released a new piece titled….wait for it….The Awakening.



9463fd  No.3264116

File: 3b5176d866efa8b⋯.jpg (61.03 KB, 850x400, 17:8, r-w-emerson_nothing-is-dea….jpg)


I believe Emerson was an Illuminist or was exposed to Illuminati teaching. Will have to find the source for that connection another time.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

(May 25, 1803 – April 27, 1882)

was an American essayist, lecturer, philosopher, and poet who led the transcendentalist movement of the mid-19th century. He was seen as a champion of individualism and a prescient critic of the countervailing pressures of society, and he disseminated his thoughts through dozens of published essays and more than 1,500 public lectures across the United States.

Notable ideas

"Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door", transparent eyeball


Emanuel Swedenborg, Thomas Carlyle, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Thomas Jefferson, Victor Cousin


Harold Bloom, Jorge Luis Borges, William James, John Muir, Friedrich Nietzsche, Henry David Thoreau, Walt Whitman

moar infos:


29f8cb  No.3265673

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Freemason Royal Ritual

On Halloween 2017, the Freemasons celebrated 300 years of Royal influence in London.

The Masons sang "God save the Queen, let her reign over us." in unison.

The Duke of Kent, the grandson of King George V and Queen Mary, is their Grand Master, who said he spoke with 136 other Grand Masters.

They acted out a play, with George Washington and Benjamin Franklin explaining the Masonic influence over the founding of the USA.

They joked about putting the all seeing eye on their bank note.

Thousands of Masons from all over the world, gathered inside the Royal Albert Hall, where a giant triangular compass, displayed a holographic eye in the center.

747cdf  No.3285537

File: 3ea986be2f21076⋯.jpg (118.98 KB, 575x756, 575:756, FB_IMG_1538435748137.jpg)

File: ec0ae8a8de40b22⋯.jpg (46.21 KB, 500x586, 250:293, tumblr_ngi0ohi4xO1rzz2xxo1….jpg)

File: f36b14e4fa27188⋯.jpg (156.67 KB, 500x500, 1:1, SSMS014-2.jpg)

File: 71881932451e76f⋯.png (109.9 KB, 480x484, 120:121, 33-degree-mason-symbol.png)

Symbolism Will Be Their Downfall.

How evil communicates via media.

This was in Walmart checkout lanes for a couple months this summer.

56 owls on cover (variety of animals inside not an owl themed book)

47 pictures inside.



11 - The number of destruction and judgment and the death of man. Any event or thing assigned with 11 is to aid the rising of the Dajjal/anti-Christ. In Latin the Devil’s name is LVX which translates as (50+5+10 = 65 =6+5 =11)


Repeating the 11 rings the message louder.

Think 9/11 and the twin towers making the number 11.

Running the same numbers given.




33° Freemasons.

The message.

Them and their demon owl are ringing dominance over us.

“They believed that Moloch would give them financial blessings if they sacrificed their children, and this is believed to continue to this day, as is evident by the startling number of missing children around the world at any given time. A study from 1999 reported that approximately 800,000 children are missing every year in America. 800,000 is an astoundingly high number, that’s about 16,000 per state (if distributed evenly)”


747cdf  No.3285741

File: fb4e314fca098e6⋯.jpg (91.2 KB, 720x1029, 240:343, FB_IMG_1538437679877.jpg)

File: 071df58998b8463⋯.jpg (15.81 KB, 720x988, 180:247, FB_IMG_1538437686817.jpg)

File: 752a7bfad67292a⋯.jpg (82.15 KB, 720x575, 144:115, FB_IMG_1538437691378.jpg)

File: 9e9758d6bcf8712⋯.jpg (118.73 KB, 720x900, 4:5, FB_IMG_1538437696624.jpg)

File: 95800cce45ed189⋯.jpg (32.81 KB, 356x447, 356:447, FB_IMG_1538437702380.jpg)


Media manipulation and how they openly mock the ones who argue about it.


He stands up for something he doesn't care about or he does and he's been manipulated also.

In process he disrespects the nation by way he did it.

Those who stand behind his message automatically feel like the message is being attacked when someone says this isn't right… They aren't attacking the message. They are upset with the delivery of message.

Need more proof ???

Zoom in on eye

Owl. Pyramid.

Eyes also make 11 11

11 - The number of destruction and judgment and the death of man. Any event or thing assigned with 11 is to aid the rising of the Dajjal/anti-Christ. In Latin the Devil’s name is LVX which translates as (50+5+10 = 65 =6+5 =11)


In numerology a master power number rings the message louder with repeating 11s through the magnetic ley lines that wrap us all.

Nike Ad decoded.

Screaming the message the global power structure and Moloch will make sure we have racial division.

~Hegel's dialectic is the tool which manipulates us into a frenzied circular pattern of thought and action. Every time we fight for or defend against an ideology we are playing a necessary role in Marx and Engels' grand design to advance humanity into a dictatorship.

The synthetic Hegelian solution to all these conflicts can't be introduced unless we all take a side that will advance the agenda. The Marxist global agenda is moving along at breakneck speed. We must step outside the dialectic, this releases us from the limitations of controlled and guided thought."


747cdf  No.3286165

File: fb4cdccfe0965e3⋯.jpg (18.23 KB, 720x632, 90:79, FB_IMG_1538438621873.jpg)

File: 6593fddaf24f7da⋯.jpg (30.03 KB, 720x765, 16:17, FB_IMG_1538438626847.jpg)

File: 985b6ee7156c235⋯.jpg (48.64 KB, 720x977, 720:977, FB_IMG_1538438630425.jpg)

File: ef74970f0352d5f⋯.png (41.96 KB, 713x289, 713:289, Screenshot_2018-10-01-20-0….png)

File: 0a86d798c425859⋯.jpg (39.16 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, FB_IMG_1538438634713.jpg)


No name ritual suicide

Predicted By Q 30 days in advance.

(Q team knew they would ring the #s)

July 25th 7:28 PM EST


No name returning to Headlines

(headlines bigger than normal story right ?)

Aug 25 No name passes at his home in Arizona 4:28 pm which would be 7:28 PM EST…. 25th and Time match… coincidences…

No name passes 9 years to the day as Ted Kennedy from same brain cancer….

(they refer to us as sheep and cattle btw)



9 - The number of divine completion and the number of the fall of man.

8/25 Ritual Suicide

8x2 =16 - 5 = 11

11 - The number of destruction and judgment and the death of man. Any event or thing assigned with 11 is to aid the rising of the Dajjal/anti-Christ. In Latin the Devil’s name is LVX which translates as 11.

4:28 pm. 4x2 = 8-8= 0

0 - For the Illuminati the number zero is symbolic of sun worshipping. It symbolizes the man who is reborn through occult rituals


2018 2+0+1=3+8 =11 see above.

Repeating 11 master number rings message louder through magnetic ley lines of earth. https://www.spiritualunite.com/articles/ley-lines-the-key-to-unlocking-the-matrix/

Evil runs the world.

You Are Watching A Scripted Movie.

Can we even say news at this point ???

Wait a minute….

That is not an American Flag Lapel

747cdf  No.3286260

File: 353221fdbfb2006⋯.jpg (8.84 KB, 654x276, 109:46, FB_IMG_1538439212999.jpg)

Q Team using symbolic numerolog

Lots of messages for a post with no written context.

Q linked this video to start @

119 seconds.


1:07:41 AM

1+0+7=8+4=12+1= 13

13 bloodlines of Illuminati.

You see where the video starts and the general theme from that point on.

Message understood ??



2nd message to those who are evil. 119s

Proverbs 11:9

With their mouths the godless destroy their neighbors,

but through knowledge the righteous escape.

(Context has to make sense as there are several variations of the number)

Q ringing angel numbers to seal it.


Angel number 11

This number represents creativity and presents itself to innovative individuals. Angel Number 11 also represents a time of enlightenment. And with new opportunities, you might also gain a deeper understanding of self and purpose.

Guardian angels seek to communicate these concepts with you to steer you towards your destiny and help you find fulfillment.

Angel number 9

All about purpose. When you see angel number 9 appear in your daily experience, it is a message from your angels concerning the discovery and fulfillment of your life’s purpose.

Our guardian angels are messengers from Divine Source who speak to us in a variety of ways.

Their messages can come in a variety of forms.

One of the most common ways that angels communicate with us is through the use of meaningful coincidences, also known as synchronicities.


You can also add 1+1+9= 11

11 showing up a 2nd time Power number master number rings message twice as loud throughout the energy that wraps the earth.

Double 11s or 1111

Angel number 1111

Is a call to tune into their love and guidance. Diving even deeper, 1111 is a call to tune into the codes of awakening, the ascension light, and the DNA activations of the realms of spirit. Humanity and the earth are in the middle of an ascension process. More light and higher vibrations are available now than ever before. But we have to choose it.

Posted Sept 1st.. another possible message.

The Pontifical Equestrian Order of St. Gregory the Great was established on September 1, 1831 by Pope Gregory XVI, seven months after his election.

Pope Gregory XVI oversaw the loan deal between the Rothschild family and the Holy See in 1832.

Rothschild loans to the Holy See refers to a series of major financial loans arranged between the Rothschild family and the Holy See of the Catholic Church The first loan which occurred in 1832 took place in the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars during the Pontificate of Pope Gregory XVI involving James Mayer de Rothschild and Carl Mayer von Rothschild.

This loan agreed on was for a sum of £400,000 (equivalent to £34.1 million in 2016)

747cdf  No.3286379

File: d87eefb7f94a674⋯.jpg (120.23 KB, 384x347, 384:347, 399 for book sm.JPG)



Floaty eye pyramid at that.

Overlooking a cross that's built into stairs and a pathway so its TRAMPLED on all day.

9ad2a9  No.3286492

Where'd everyone go?

9ad2a9  No.3286528


747cdf  No.3286603

File: 7625523cab26489⋯.png (416.24 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-10-01-20-2….png)

File: 1108a14da3f4e88⋯.png (269.21 KB, 409x710, 409:710, Screenshot_2018-10-01-20-3….png)

File: f40f20789ed26d1⋯.png (171.31 KB, 540x397, 540:397, Screenshot_2018-10-01-20-3….png)



optics noun [ U ] (MEDIA)

public's opinion and understanding of a situation after seeing it as the media shows it.

Illuminati fear mongering…..

Here read this it will help your stress and

depression !!!! Lol

Asteroid the size of the [pyramid] of Giza hurtling towards earth!!!!

300 some years in power and you can't figure out anything new….

BTW Artwork Floating Eye Pyramid and Owl

supplied by NASA/JPL.

Pretty disturbing headline.

Did you know

many people don't read past the headlines?

Might as well be a Meme.

Now read the article.

Will come in around 3 million miles from Earth posing no danger.

Subconscious seeds of fear and anxiety.

Are you constantly depressed ?

Stressed out?

You don't need more of their pills.

You need less of their news.


6b4ecf  No.3291641

Can we get some anti-cabal imagery and symbols? Some real satirical shit that we can wear to mock them? Like a shirt with a dead stag, owl, and butterfly in a mowed down maze or something, some upside-down pyramid necklaces, etc.

68dd09  No.3292938

File: c32071ed2136388⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-10-01-21-4….png)

Captain America signaled his support for the Pedo Elite yesterday after bashing KanYE. Pic related has "The Midnight Kids" prominently displayed. The post before also says "I'm not ashamed to say that I want this" I'm just reading between the lines here but we know the Marvel franchise hires pedos and Chris Evans has been VERY outspoken about Trump.

5f472f  No.3293279


Yeah the Roj worship that little Bilken, which is a demon. How did all this stuff get so entrenched!? We really have been asleep sheep! Mom's should notice the pushing of "Trolls" into the children's toy industry. Just like millions of little idols being passed around lovingly. Its all connected.

>>Also, it should be noted that EVERY show on PBS has pedo swirl symbolism in it. A lot of he children's books being promoted also have pedo swirls, owl and one eye symbolism. Seems like (((they))) control the major publishing places too. Look for the ones headquartered in liberal strongholds. Just putting that out there so maybe others will start digging.

d0f3a5  No.3293347

Zeitz Moccaa Museum



Opened on Satanic Holidays

d0f3a5  No.3293375

File: d89ed04b8de5230⋯.jpg (109.71 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, zeitz1.jpg)

Zeitz Moccaa Gallery/Temple?

2758ca  No.3309318

File: 93bed15d86b6759⋯.png (119.22 KB, 720x889, 720:889, Screenshot_2018-10-02-08-3….png)

File: 2863bcab61ba5b5⋯.png (596.78 KB, 720x1007, 720:1007, Screenshot_2018-10-01-21-3….png)

File: e684a999fb64865⋯.jpg (38.13 KB, 720x540, 4:3, FB_IMG_1538435928143.jpg)

File: 24107096b86179c⋯.jpg (26.16 KB, 590x350, 59:35, FB_IMG_1538435921218.jpg)

File: 9c0626f3e190162⋯.jpg (45.77 KB, 720x515, 144:103, FB_IMG_1538435935360-1.jpg)

Symbolic Numerology.

How evil communicates via the Media.

Mati fires Greece.




“11 - The number of destruction and judgment and the death of man. Any event or thing assigned with 11 is to aid the rising of the Dajjal/anti-Christ. In Latin the Devil’s name is LVX which translates as (50+5+10 = 65 =6+5 =11)”

40 Km from Athens.

4+0 =4

26 bodies found huddle together

6-2 = 4



“4 - The number of foundation.”

In this instance they are laying

a foundation of fire and ritual sacrifice.


One could also suggest that the

4 crown princes of hell were rang

Sacrifice and collect.

“Written in the Satanic Bible, in the fourth chapter of the Book of Leviathan, LaVey gives associations for the Four Crown Princes of Hell, along with the corresponding directional associations


He does this so that in the Book of Belial, chapter 5, these directionals and elements are used during the Thirteen Steps of Satanic Ritual.”


Reports of people surrounded by fire leaving no option but to run into the Sea, others left nowhere to run only choice to accept their deaths.

Surrounded (N,S,W,E)

Large rectangular burn patterns from the sky?(N,S,W,E)

Local fire officials expect arson.

Multiple fires broke out at once. (N,S,W,E)

“By dawn on Tuesday, fires were still burning around the capital, while others broke out elsewhere during the night.

Authorities were trying to evacuate inhabitants, government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said.”

“Fifteen fires had started simultaneously on three different fronts in Athens", he said, prompting Greece to request drones from the United States, "to observe and detect any suspicious activity".

https://m.news24.com/World/News/greek-fires-death-toll-hits-50-with-discovery-of-26-bodies-in-villa-courtyard-20180724 .

https://www.bbc.com/news/world- europe-44971351

One graphic told of the 26 huddled bodies

twice within 2 sentences.




Freemason illuminati signed and sealed for mass consumption.

39835d  No.3309640


Wow did I ever notice that stuff when my children were small. That and the purposeful placement of soft porn magazines at eye level in all mass market stores. I knew it was deliberate.

b09267  No.3389855

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Mural in downtown Columbia, SC and almonds were activated. Milagros Collective seems to be getting quite a few commissions for murals with this type of imagery.

I know art shows sometimes have crazy names, but the pedo hint titles are just wrong.

b09267  No.3389873

File: 6a93b75e95331ed⋯.png (188.11 KB, 800x1280, 5:8, Screenshot_20181008-004335.png)

File: e3c0ac35df23296⋯.jpg (51.09 KB, 800x266, 400:133, IMG_20181008_003020_815.jpg)

File: 1ec75781623ae3f⋯.jpg (154.69 KB, 800x671, 800:671, IMG_20181008_003106_746.jpg)

b09267  No.3390239

In the Nic Cage movie JOE (2013) the bad guy has the little girl in the camper of a truck- he puts on a bunny mask.

Also, oddly, at one point a drunk Joe (Nic Cage) gives Gary (Tye Sheridan) a lighter for no reason and tells him, "light a fire" just seems so random. Also the old guy who dies in the movie, last seen dead in the creek bed, died irl not long after filming. He was found in shallow water. David Gordon Green directed. He worked with James Franco. DGG also just did a Boston bombing movie. Just weird coincidences I guess.

41b74f  No.3398803




Moselle France, Commune.

The Biltmore shield logo design is similar to the southern French St. Leger commune logo.

What is the French conection to Vanderbilt? Illuminati? Jacobanism? Communism?

98fdf1  No.3440317

File: 1c7247f58ff0c14⋯.pdf (14.08 MB, 264187942-The-Phoenician-O….pdf)

Book showing the Link between Phoenicians and Anglo Saxons. Pre dates Romans etc

98fdf1  No.3440324

File: fde428ce210dadc⋯.pdf (5.02 MB, 173600262-WADDELL-L-A-The-….pdf)

File: 904f078a1339413⋯.pdf (4.4 MB, 197288886-WADDELL-L-A-The-….pdf)

b83cd6  No.3449300


>both of the charms have two leaves sticking out of the top that look like rabbit ears

f1e5e7  No.3449419


You think the father of soyboi Justin is Pierre?!!!

More like Fidel Castro have a look at photo match-ups and photos that include FC & his mother (plenty on qresearch).

Canadians should demand he, sorry, the (politically correct) "person" take a blood/DNA test to prove otherwise.

f1e5e7  No.3449434


The HAMster

ba0fca  No.3657178

File: c25855bffcfe845⋯.jpg (259.78 KB, 1250x1322, 625:661, Sample_of_Edward_Jenners_h….jpg)

Edward Jenner, "the father of immunology"

a935ae  No.3661035


>the red shoes allegedly stand for cannibalism… their red lips imply that they had to feast on one of their fellow victims

Wizard of Oz

Over the Rainbow: Ultraviolet (red & blue; blood in and out of the vein; consuming "red" makes violet; also 'blue blood' royalty)

Under the Rainbow: Red

Dorothy having the Ruby Shoes/red lips takes on a new level of meaning (the crushed Witch's shoes also red, I think)

Maze – Minotaur, Astarte/Ishtar dress motif very common in Minoan/Cretan art.


>Cronenberg wore 'Red Shoes'

Videodrome is mandatory viewing, dark web and all this tier shit & mind control before the internet was even born.


>Bitmore Estate, jurdjevic

See the Canadian pharma billionaires Arkancided this week, 'by a large team', Anthony Bourdain style (hanging; wrist/ankle restrainte evidence) – found "by their basement pool"


There is a near-eastern Hurrian/Hittite God, whose face is intestines and whose name means "murmuring, babbling, [whispering]" – consider the Eden Maze there as a portrait



>pool, archer

See the film Cure For Wellness – castle/subterranean fountain of youth occult/elite spa retreat. Great movie, ripe for comparison with these images


>left illustrat pair, rose overlaid

The Hand pouring water into the hat is positions like blood libel depictions of ritual sacrifice show (usually women; men bleed from groin) – The baby chick also is significant in the etymology/symbology of these near eastern concatenations (particularly, "dunghill cock") –so the chick is also interposed as shitting on/into the shoe/hat fromt he top of the star is significant


>Until 5 minutes ago I didn't realize purple could mean red…

Like wine (grape juice), carmine, claret


>red shields guard papal treasury

Anglican church schismatics as restructuring financially with Rome still in the driving seat behind the scenes would fit (not to mention the cryptos within the Norman invasion)



Window – anus

a935ae  No.3661037


>itzpapalotl, obsidian butterfly underworld

Mot, in old Hebrew/Canaanite mythology (Aria Hotel in Vegas; sphinx moth in that family)


>Also, the spiral symbol we associated with pedophiles is likely borne out of the moths proboscis mouth swirl shape. A bee, elephant, or fern also have this shape

>Aztec folks were into flayed off faces like frazzledrip rumors

There's the Hurrian god that wears intestines (could be representing flayed as well) on his face, dwells in shit, Habab – The Aztecs (an probably Mayans) had flutes/'duck calls' that simulated the cries of the tortured and dying for ritual and psychological warfare – hence the etymologyquoted below:


Digits require appropriate response, the term relates to indistinct babbling such as made by a group of mixed ethnicity and tongue as were the Habiru, nomadic groups of outcasts and bandits, also the name of the Devil.

>The etymology of the Ugaritic term hby is unknown. However, given the well-known correlation between geminate and final weak verbs in Semitic, it is possible to relate the term hby to the onomatopoeic root hbb "murmur, babble." The root appears in Akkadian as hbb where it is used in reference to the indistinct sounds of water, people, and animals.

>Though the root hbb is not attested in Ugaritic (with one possible exception), it does occur in an Aramaic letter from Hermopolis in reference to a river (i. e., a"babbling brook"), and possibly in Arabic.

>Thus, the comparative linguistic evidence demonstrates that the semantic range of hbb/hby suggests indistinct vocal or natural sounds.

>If this etymology is accepted, we may treat the term hby in the Ugaritic passage as an epithet meaning "the Babbler"


Yes it's more related to a constant murmuring because Semitic habibi relates to a gently murmuring beloved, it was also related in Akkadian to the buzzing of flies, it's considered Humbaba of the cedar forest was derived from hbb, there are recently discovered texts of the Gilgamish epic that relate his cult to the background noises of the forest, the constant murmurings and cacophony.


The Habiru were a mixed ethnic group over extensive regions outside of normative culture, the term Hebrew derives from such when their tribal confederation contained such Habiru, but that term derives from Hbb and the host of YHWH is understood as containing Hbb/Hebab/Haby also understood as the Devil, the tutelary Deity of Habiru as outside of normative society.


It's certainly complicated, Humbaba's face was composed of the intestines, he was related to the Demon Pazuzu of the four winds, he manifests in the Marzeah of El as he wallows in his own dung, which suggests Humbaba related to the horrors of waste and re-cycling, there may be a clue in the name.

>And it is Humbaba appears to the priest, will not the dread Pazuzu also be there? Lord of all fevers and plagues, grinning Dark Angel of the Four Wings, horned, with rotting genitalia, and it is the able magician indeed who can remove Pazuzu once he has laid hold of a man, for Pazuzu lays hold unto death.

>Know that Humbaba and Pazuzu are brothers. Humbaba is the eldest, who rides upon a silent, whispering wind and claims the flocks for his own, by which sign you shall know that Pazuzu will come.

He also was the guardian of seven auras bound within nature and that suggests some relationship to the highly influential Anatolian Heptad and perhaps also Aryan tradition.

>Humbaba awoke from within his lair. The commotion from all of the chopping and hacking had wakened him. Humbaba took his auras

>Gilgamesh immediately began to grow sluggish as though he were falling asleep. His friend and adviser Enkidu grew confused as though he had just been struck hard upon the head.

Given the association with internal affairs it is likely that these seven auras were the equivalent of the seven Indian chakras, Gilgamish strips Humbaba of them but then Enlil re-distributes them, the consideration may have arisen of what becomes of internal Divine auras when the body de-composes, their essential independence and potential for re-allocation.

a935ae  No.3661227

File: 5758b8d7c902efb⋯.jpg (55.21 KB, 500x253, 500:253, PEPFEELS_RedRoom.jpg)

File: fb3347c2be267ed⋯.jpg (52.99 KB, 590x699, 590:699, RedDragon2.jpg)

File: 2cb2a70c38778ab⋯.jpg (4.51 MB, 2137x2761, 2137:2761, RedDragon1.jpg)

File: 72ea0ae7b52a619⋯.png (193.73 KB, 310x400, 31:40, DJED3.png)

File: e2dff7cd1171cff⋯.jpg (84.28 KB, 292x574, 146:287, DJED2.jpg)


>black white heraldry zig zag

The floor of the Waiting Room/Red Room/Black Lodge in Twin Peaks, "The owls are not what they seem."


>annunaki pine cone

The djed pillar in Egyptian myths is thought to be constructed of parts of the bull, apis – that Annunaki pine cone looks a lot like the SRA survivor depictions of a standing victim flayed from the front so they have 'flying squirrel wings' – so an abstracted verson of that there, red dragons (pic related)


>st George's Cross in lap

Adopted after English Civil War (proto-Rothshield instigation)

Used in Barcelona's flag (Templar stronghold together with Venice after the Papal coup against them)

Used in Sardinia's Flag – an early conquest of 'lost tribes'/Hebrews – Tribe of Dan, the seafaring tribe, and putative progenitors of Britons' according to Anglo-Zionist revisionism (hence Balfour Declaration)

–Blue apron appears to be a dress in the center; also has implied halo from the light behind

–back right holding necklace (appears to be white pearls, and black pearl pendant)

–Two with glove tops rolled down very santa clausy

e3b847  No.3662243

File: 0ac1763bb6220d6⋯.png (148.13 KB, 383x244, 383:244, Screenshot_2018-08-18 sata….png)

File: ce3fb4aa5077eee⋯.png (337.23 KB, 441x626, 441:626, Screenshot_2018-09-15 satu….png)

File: 309a0d7f088f8c7⋯.png (374.51 KB, 698x392, 349:196, Screenshot-2018-5-25 Satur….png)

File: ba35d3cce47a4e8⋯.png (535.55 KB, 622x486, 311:243, Screenshot-2018-5-13 A Tim….png)

File: 8a897e5b840753f⋯.png (424.1 KB, 459x387, 51:43, Screenshot-2018-5-13 The M….png)

So, not sure how many realize this but most of the symbols pertain to the cosmos… You can learn a lot from symbols… They tell stories of our past!! Understanding the symbols can actually help one gain enlightenment about quite a bit… If you have been following along with the characters, Then you probably know that Saturn and satan are one in the same…You will find many references to Saturn and the Black Cube all throughout corporate logos, pop culture, institutions, etc.. It's EVERYWHERE!! Even Santa Claus is a reference to Saturn…


What connection isn't always made is how and why that reference to the north pole is EXTREMELY relevant in the equation… Because we have been "indoctrinated" into the cult of Saturn :( Yeah, unfortunately anyone who grew up learning from our [current] educational systems, or as a member of any religious institution has been deceived..): we don't have an accurate understanding of the physical Universe that surrounds us… Anyway, the polar alignment with Saturn was a cosmic event that our ancestors witnessed in the past.. Imagine if you can, Saturn (: which at the time was our sun!!) being located at a fixed position in the sky (: at the north pole ;) with planets in alignment via the electromagnetic force (: which is WAAAAAAY stronger than gravity.. F'realz!! We'll talk about that twisting current in a sec ;)… In between Earth and Saturn sat Mars, as the story is told (:and we may have also witnessed the birth of Venus during this cosmic 'sky event' :) and in the sky from anywhere in the northern hemisphere, one would have seen a rather large "eye" watching over us.. This would later lead to other images which appeared in this formation like the Maltese Cross and the 8 pointed "wheel in the sky" (:keeps on turning!!).. You can learn about more about these symbols in David Talbott's 'Symbols of an Alien Sky' series, presented by the Thunderbolts Project (: they do a great job explaining the science behind the Electric Universe Theories, too!!), which is an expansion off Immanuel Velikovsky's earlier work :(which was attacked by the mainstream.., just like we are now.. ):


Anyway, this stuff is also important if you want to know what happened when you read the Bible!! It gives you an idea about what was going on wit hall those catastrophes and why people started sacrificing children and what not… This is where the symbol of the bull came from as well, which gives satan his horns and much more.. Think about it like this… One day you have this big eye looking over you and things are all good, then all of a sudden it starts changing, and acting up, then it grows horns and starts reeking havoc and chaos.. My guess is this is what ultimately led to the human sacrifices and, yes, cannibalism, too..

Another symbol (: or rather an archetype ;) is the serpent.. Often it is depicted as 2 snakes in a spiral pattern, reminiscent of the double helix shape of our DNA.. This is NOT A COINCIDENCE!! This is what is called a Birkeland Current.. It is a natural formation and signature of the Electromagnetic Force (:Space Force!!) that powers all life on Earth, as well as the celestial bodies in the heavens!! I could show you a number of places on the globe where I see evidence of the Electromagnetic Force LITERALLY shaping the Earth.. There is truth behind the creation 'myths'.., we are just coming into the discussion with too many preconceptions to properly understand the modern translations.., not to mention Certain Institutional Authorities having an influence in how we 'learn' things… Anyway, there are a number of experiments that people have conducted, independently, that attempt to give an idea of some of the things that we are trying to identify in our 'waking up' process… This one is more for understanding than for exposing ;)


Last, I do want to touch on one other celestial object, Sirius!! This star is not that far at about 8.6 light years away.. Legend has it that it once was located in the position where our sun currently resides.. I take it they meant that Sirius was our sun at the time!! It may sound outrageous, but it does make a bit of sense on more than one level… The way the symbols read is that the eye of Saturn is blocking the light from Sirius.. There are a number of anons who will reject my hypothesis about this, so I won't get into that, but let's just say it may or may not have something to do with the changing of the [OLD GUARD].. Anyway, hope this sheds some light even though there is much more to explain.. I'll be around..

da9cb0  No.3663334



Q = 17 = "The Star" Tarot Card = Aquarius = "The Water Bearer" = John the Baptist = worshiped by Templars

Great Awakening = Age of Aquarius = Apocolypse / Revelation = (Maybe good guys and bad guys alike know that there's nothing anyone can do to stop the turning of the Great Wheel, and the bad guys can't help but struggle to hold on to power, even though it is inevitable that all shall be known.)

At least I hope that's what it is. Because otherwise the symbolism of Q looks ALL tied up in the secret cabal.

I can't believe nobody else has brought this up that I've seen: Didn't you notice that QANON can be pronounced CANON?

CANNON - artillery weapon

CANON - *the Law and Authority of the CHURCH*

If the Canon is behind Q-anon, I would be worried that this is the biggest pedophile psyop coverup in history, to eventually cover the asses of the biggest pedophile ring: The Holy Roman Catholic Church/Empire.

1e6786  No.3671944

File: 5907d51f0b38cf0⋯.jpeg (1.34 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 5BA3A2E7-EA29-4E5B-898C-9….jpeg)

Penn Jillette of “Penn and Teller” wearing very red shoes on Travel Channel’s Expedition Unknown. Not surprised at all.

1dfad2  No.3672318


>>Penn Jillette of “Penn and Teller” wearing very red shoes on Travel Channel’s Expedition Unknown. Not surprised at all.

He also paints one on his finger nails red in honor of his mom. What a dick.

Maybe he just likes red shoes.

Needs more sauce…

da97b0  No.3672391


He's also a self-described atheist. No God. No nothing.

e3b847  No.3672741

File: 94b720215095eee⋯.png (61.22 KB, 525x371, 75:53, Screenshot-2018-5-13 A Tim….png)

File: bd8653796720091⋯.png (433.64 KB, 552x380, 138:95, Screenshot-2018-5-14 doubl….png)

File: adc4fb7a12aeef2⋯.png (24.8 KB, 200x281, 200:281, Screenshot-2018-5-13 A Tim….png)

File: 07565247a9c0f5a⋯.png (31.84 KB, 613x535, 613:535, Screenshot_2018-10-30 Astr….png)

File: aad55a1753f27df⋯.png (40.58 KB, 659x546, 659:546, Screenshot_2018-10-30 The ….png)


Alright… I can't help but add some more on to this thought… Originally, I was going to get into my theories about the 'Black Eye' thing, but it's not exactly an easy subject to talk about… Since I already got the polar configuration up, I figure I will go a little deeper explaining that… There's something known as the "purple dawn"… This part of the tale may actually shed some light behind the symbol of the Egg!!


I know for some this polar alignment concept will seem far fetched… However, when you start researching and adding up all the coincidences.., you will be quite surprised how much this stuff actually MAKES SENSE!! Granted many are still formulating and reshaping their theories as new information comes forward, but quite often new findings will further support these outrageous claims!! For instance, the story about the Flare star, which may have caused some of the images in the sky, which led to the symbols, myths, and archetypes appears to get a boost from some recent observations of a red dwarf star…


One of the things that caught my attention was the part where the scientist start to talk about what would happen to a planet in a situation like this.. Would life be able to survive "high-energy radiation" blasts?? Funny that they mentioned such a scenario, because there was a time in our past that continues to stump the evolutionists… It's called the Cambrian Explosion and happens to pair nicely in such a cosmic scenario like a flare star…

Anyway, this gets into a bit of a deeper philosophical discussion about "God"… Most of us have faulty preconceptions about what that word means… Honestly, I don't have the space to get into that topic on this post… If you are unsure of the relevance, just, "Read the Bible" and pretty much right away you bump into some stories that make you say, "What the KEK?!"… I'm trying to explain some of the processes of creation at the same time I'm trying to understand this stuff for myself… I've been down this rabbit hole for a few years now… The World is fascinating from this view!!, but it also has a scary side to it as well. . .

Once you see the "marks of creation" that were left upon the Earth, you will understand just how powerful a Force we are talking about. . . You don't un-see this, you only find more. . . This gets into my theory about the black eye, but I'll save that for later ;)

384eb7  No.3672900

File: ef8c2a6afee3491⋯.jpg (132.71 KB, 744x673, 744:673, waddesdon horus set.jpg)

File: b8df7afc3f0fce8⋯.jpg (687.07 KB, 2080x1544, 260:193, NK set.jpg)


Regarding Q No. 175 and the helicopter crash that killed Captain Mike Green, who was targetted by bad actors in a Cessna. They crashed at this Rothschild property. Captain Green was on a mission. Target: Rothschild

Rothschild estate Waddesdon Manor VS creepy Temple of Set building in NK - both OWLS

e3b847  No.3673637

File: fbbcbee13d7b60a⋯.jpg (67.19 KB, 469x469, 1:1, Scar_on_Mars.jpg)

File: 8f43060317a4e56⋯.png (418.59 KB, 475x380, 5:4, Screenshot_2018-07-17 war ….png)

File: bfe9a1edc8ea21a⋯.jpg (150.19 KB, 1090x435, 218:87, Birkeland_Eye.jpg)

File: 720ddff6d941189⋯.jpg (101.98 KB, 830x390, 83:39, Scar_on_Earth.jpg)

File: 5d68af4d3bbd4ab⋯.png (307.13 KB, 295x380, 59:76, Screenshot_2018-07-22 pose….png)


Since it is Halloween, I guess I should tell a scary story :) The Mark of Ra…

So, one of the mysteries I once tried to answer was the cause of the GIANT Canyon on Mars… Conventional "scientists" will tell you that water is the cause of such features here on Earth, and thus the likely cause of such canyons on Mars… Look into it further and you will see that someone is making shit up as they go… No way that canyon on Mars was formed by water alone… Think about the shape and consider how the water would have to flow to create said canyon… Doesn't seem to make sense… One of the theories I came across was that the canyon was created by an electricity, like a GIANT bolt of lightning… My first thought was those tales about Zeus and those thunderbolts, and I thought to myself, "Could the legends REALLY be true??" Now, at the time I was still flirting with the concept that aliens were mistaken for "gods" and I had to think about what kind of power it would take to create such a scar… I began to consider other options… Ultimately, this was one of the things that sold me on the Electric Universe Theory ;)


Once upon a time, a man named Immanuel Velikovsky wrote a book that caused an outrage within the scientific community… The reaction he got was very similar to how we have been treated by the mainstream sources, as "Conspiracy Theorists"… He made some rather outrageous claims, some of which would later be proven by others' scientific research, but more importantly he was asking the right questions… Before I ever stumbled upon the Electric Universe Theory :( also ignored, attacked & ridiculed by mainstream authorities… Notice the pattern?? Read between the lines!! ;) , I had been meditating on the term, 'Celestial Mechanics' wondering how it all works… Insert that Electromagnetic Force and the physics start to make much more sense once again!! (: Now.., Imagine a planetary-sized static discharge :)

At this point you're probably saying, "What does this have to do with symbols??" Well, I think this has to do with the "Eye of Ra"… The polar configuration is only one aspect of the "Eye"… The mark that was left on the Earth is a reminder.., that one day "God" will return… I believe this also has something to do with the black eye given to the elites.., "Play ball or else you won't get a seat in the bunker when…" sort of thing… Now, at first this "Eye" may seem like a small mark and you may think, "No big deal".., but then you zoom out a bit.., and you will see that the scar actually extends well on into China, and even carried the charge across the conductive salt water of the Atlantic and FORMED the Amazon River… Yeah… This one truly reshaped the Earth!! It's rather fascinating, however frightening it may be…You can actually see a mark reminiscent of the trident that may have birthed the legends about Poseidon, too!! I would have to do a separate post if I wanted to explain the shape of that one… but it's a natural formation caused within magnetic fields, and there are several instances that I could point out on the globe that would otherwise seem anomalous, UNLESS you have a tremendous amount of electricity pumping through the ground during the time of there formation, sooooo… Yeeeeeaaaaah…

Do you really think you can handle the truth??

da9cb0  No.3674311


Q = Qoph = image of a sun on the horizon (rising?) = dark to light

Q= 17

17 is a Canonical number (Qanonical) directly related to Jesus, because

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13+14+15+16+17 = 153

153 has been called "The Measure of The Fish" and is how many fish were caught in the net in the Bible story John 21:1-14 called a "miraculous catch"

We all have seen the Jesus-Fish logo, and in Greek Jesus is called Ichthyos which could be translated as "Fish God"

This is because he represents the seed which is the sperm which carries the spirit and swims in the water of the Virgin Mother Mary's womb.

All creative energy is sexual energy, so of course we worship Mary & Jesus - the Womb & The Seed.

If you just look up John Michell and 153, you'll see that 153 is directly related to the Vesica Pisces, The Womb of the World, which geometrically gives rise to all mathematical patterns we observe in nature. And it also looks like a fish. And a yoni - entrance to the womb.

So yeah, The Mother Goddess worship, whatever you make of that.

I think Qanon is part of the Canon

da9cb0  No.3675319

File: 4a3b2c40436b003⋯.jpg (39.77 KB, 292x565, 292:565, 153.jpg)

File: f3a9cb012bdb5ee⋯.gif (8.34 KB, 320x213, 320:213, fish.gif)

File: 952ceee4aa25242⋯.jpg (29.72 KB, 429x322, 429:322, fishnet.jpg)

File: 48d6cdfc7d3a6f9⋯.jpg (23 KB, 300x241, 300:241, vesica-piscis-153-300x241.jpg)

d2ffc5  No.3675498


Noticed the other day, Audi.

666 is formed by the interlinking rings

d2ffc5  No.3675504

File: f4afe1b1d753479⋯.png (225.75 KB, 944x560, 59:35, audi-666.png)


sry pic related

d2ffc5  No.3675675

File: 8163e7c51e28a57⋯.jpg (164.39 KB, 1034x799, 22:17, fortbendisd1.jpg)

File: fcc3dbd03bf3ec2⋯.jpg (99.72 KB, 1034x799, 22:17, fortbendisd2.jpg)


Fort Bend County, Texas

d2ffc5  No.3675761

File: c80b28882fd455c⋯.png (414.6 KB, 390x523, 390:523, 1.png)

File: 9a28cd12ae70cbb⋯.png (149.37 KB, 259x360, 259:360, 2.png)

File: 1f59384379c2b21⋯.png (57.78 KB, 399x362, 399:362, 3.png)


missing leg

See >>3666004 (warning gory) - even if it's fake, dude has a missing leg like the picture of Jesus(?) … why cut off the right leg like that?


Theta Xi Fraternity merged with Kappa Sigma Kappa. Theta Xi went from having fleur-de-lis on the shield to upright crescent moons…although, KSK's shield had crescent moons facing North East. Not sure if there is any relation.

da9cb0  No.3681240

File: 9b2df8907603743⋯.png (159.88 KB, 389x565, 389:565, cc50c5c308807b9afa1da82663….png)

File: 09172b8bf2d16b9⋯.pdf (2.11 MB, Illustrations_of_Fremasonr….pdf)

File: 63eb7e18baec593⋯.png (896.42 KB, 501x984, 167:328, Structure_of_york_rite_fre….png)

File: 304a44dcba73d02⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 2467x3277, 2467:3277, 7599fe8672bf68e8023f7a00b2….jpg)

d32426  No.3681375

File: 9a667d9f697a8ab⋯.png (67.7 KB, 638x651, 638:651, feinsteen-statement.png)

ce2731  No.3683867

File: 8a951ec5287a8a3⋯.png (368.45 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20181028-213138.png)

File: 2e08aa789256a1e⋯.jpg (1.81 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 20181028_014801.jpg)

File: 83c710e56284ce2⋯.jpg (1.81 MB, 3264x2448, 4:3, 20181028_012433.jpg)

Ever since I've been red pilled Hollywood and a lot of my favorite music artists have been ruined! I used to love Henry Rollins :-( anyway I just saw Heathers

the other day and low and behold pedo symbols everywhere! WTF!

e3b847  No.3684817

File: 32d301ad21e871c⋯.png (275.56 KB, 327x294, 109:98, Screenshot_2018-09-02 maso….png)

File: 6eff2e9110210c6⋯.png (36.17 KB, 696x541, 696:541, Screenshot_2018-11-01 What….png)

File: 2d8f2e89742ca5b⋯.png (216.95 KB, 713x356, 713:356, Screenshot_2018-10-28 Neil….png)

File: 047b6d8065910c3⋯.png (323.91 KB, 727x545, 727:545, Screenshot_2018-11-01 Grav….png)

File: 952f8041ce36d7c⋯.png (150.44 KB, 453x340, 453:340, Screenshot_2018-11-01 grav….png)


I have an interesting theory about the meaning of the G… I'm no expert on Masons, but I have studied the symbols and I wouldn't doubt if the knew some of the stuff I talked about… Technically, they don't hide things as much as the Saturnists do, but I think they were infiltrated at some point by said cult, and like Q said.., not all are bad apples ; ) One of the meanings behind the "Big G" is said to be the Grand Architect, or something like that, which could also be taken as "God, the Divine Creator"… I've showed a little bit about the "Creative Force" here.. Part of me could see why stuff like this gets hidden away.. Truth would probably put 90% in the hospital.., or something like that… buuuuut that same Q also said, "Truth belongs with the People"!!, So :) Pick a Hand (:

Now, my OTHER theory about what "the Big G" may possibly mean has to do more about physics!! The "Big G" happens to be a "constant" in the realm of physics… It's NOT a strong force, unfortunately… However, the scientists will assure you that THIS is the force behind how things are formed in the Universe… When you start to analyze the situation, you begin to feel like an idiot for ever thinking such an outrageous idea was ever possible… Then again, you also instantly become smarter than all these people like Einstein and Neil de grasse Tyson!!


Did you catch the part in the highlighted section where they admit that the Electromagnetic Force is MUCH stronger than Gravity?? Think about how many confusing ideas came out of whoever decided to make [G]ravity the force responsible for shaping the Universe… All the time, money and effort wasted chasing "Dark Matter" & "Dark Energy" and all these INSANE ideas that give THEORETICAL "physicists' jobs while they brainwash us into thinking that were are too dumb to understand WHY gravity does what it did, and blah blah blah… Anyway, my point is SOMETHING is up with gravity and it's NOT because the Earth is flat, or any other propaganda that is trying to stupify us into not being able to comprehend REALITY and allowing us to mindless wander through alternate dimensions where Neil somehow gets to have a paycheck for being a moron… Anyway, before I move on I would like to mention that gravity is not even a constant and it varies in so many different places HERE on EARTH, calling such is sacrilege… Anyway, this image of Australia will show you hints about that creative force in action… I see the patterns left on Earth, and Space isn't the only field that needs a make over ;) When you see just how much energy was surging through the Earth, you will be humbled… I'm pretty sure the blast that scarred Australia also happened to reshape the western coast of the Americas…


Now.., on to the FUN part :) More symbols!! Anyone wanna know what year "Gravity" was brought into the story books?? Oh, yeah… some just so happened to land on the worst set of trips possible :( my.., what are the odds of that??) I will say that I don't think Newton was evil… He made an observation, however he never explained what actually CAUSED gravity… Later people ran wild with the idea that an "Apple falling from a tree" somehow explains how the universe was created… I'll just leave it at that for now…

c3abb6  No.3685925

File: 254e0185e9042d0⋯.jpg (161.05 KB, 960x849, 320:283, 6b0db3aa18804870440be2107a….jpg)


I have been hearing more and more about this theory of Saturn as a brown dwarf star. It would make a lot of sense. It explains a lot of catastrophic events that we know happened on Earth. It would explain why ancient cultures know the planets so well and named them like gods.

When you have a front row seat to the cosmic realignment of your planetary neighborhood, it would be hard not to believe they're gods fighting in the sky. Though I think the article you provided starts to get a bit presumptuous towards the Bronze Age. It's still a solid theory.

da9cb0  No.3702408

File: 086b3436872e6df⋯.jpg (56.55 KB, 740x493, 740:493, jonathan-spence-peter-lown….jpg)

File: e25b079bc1832d2⋯.jpg (150.64 KB, 1800x1400, 9:7, google-plus-logo.jpg)

File: 02f02e0ae1ffc4c⋯.jpg (114.81 KB, 557x428, 557:428, Let there be Light - Illum….jpg)

File: 084dc841bcf9892⋯.png (3.03 MB, 1541x1074, 1541:1074, comparison.png)


The apple falling from the tree is an obvious metaphor, harkening back to the same old Mystery Myth Cycles: the apples caused Adam and Eve to "fall" from Eden, the Golden Apples of Idunn that gave the Norse gods immortality, the Golden Apples of Apollo (Apple \ Apollo), etc. etc.

The Mystery priests have been watering down their knowledge through scientists like Newton for as long as we can trace history.

I like the idea of G representing Gravity, but what is THAT?

Masons will tell you that when you enter higher degrees, they give you totally new sets of meanings to apply to the same symbols. I'm pretty sure that G represents many if not all of these things:




God / Goddess

Generation / Genitalia / Gonads / Growth



Gravity / Ground / Grave

Glands (incarnation in the body)

Ghost (holy spirit / divine spark)


Grove (think Druids)

G - 7th musical note = musical harmony + colors of the rainbow

Gold / Goal / Gift

G-Class Star = Our Sun!

da9cb0  No.3702703

File: 451d997a8921b87⋯.png (719.09 KB, 732x672, 61:56, whats a gala.PNG)




Golgotha = The Skull = where our divine consciousness sits

Google Plus = G + = God Crucified

Gala / GALAxy

What does the word Gala really mean?

(Galatians, Gallahad, Gaul, Gaelic)

da9cb0  No.3702947



Sorry didn't mean to skip over your point about G being a different physical constant - that makes complete sense, and so does Electrical Universe theory, which definitely has a place for all the weird Saturn symbolism.

7 is the ancient mystical constant of cyclical change, and G is the 7th letter.

And then I just realized that another HUGE perspective shift, "Evolution" was invented at GALApagos…. and I had to roll my eyes.

Seriously, what's with the Galas?


7e5a96  No.3703139


With those nice aprons and lumpenprole visage do the make hamburger helper or any scampi on the BBQ/barbi

e3b847  No.3724544

File: 8bf2a4df053acaf⋯.png (399.88 KB, 608x342, 16:9, Screenshot_2018-09-04 veli….png)

File: 418718c1e2cd015⋯.png (641.2 KB, 560x380, 28:19, Screenshot-2018-6-8 ural m….png)

File: 5d3a7a97ea50da3⋯.png (31.65 KB, 407x340, 407:340, Screenshot_2018-11-01 fara….png)

File: f6fa1528980dae1⋯.png (512.25 KB, 713x401, 713:401, Screenshot_2018-11-03 Home….png)

File: a25e0760c0c9ca2⋯.png (542.49 KB, 530x340, 53:34, Screenshot_2018-11-03 feat….png)


I'll try to get further into the theory here… I've been looking into this stuff pretty heavy for the last few years.., and not gonna lie, pretty sure the details are still being worked out by many.. I really don't like to get attached to anyone's personal theories in particular, but my curiosity started way back when I first came across Velikovsky's work… He liked to ask questions… He made a number of rather bold claims, and turns out we are still proving him right to this day!! Comet Venus?? In 1950 it was laughed at… but ;)


After seeing enough megalithic ruins, I'm pretty sure there is more than enough evidence to support 1) humans had been around for quite some time as an advanced civilization.. 2) We were likely larger due to a different environment (This would probably be due to a different current running in at the poles)… & 3) There were a number of cataclysmic events that happened in the past due to an ]ACTIVE[ Solar System… Something tells me that our current situation would be known as 'Sabbath', the 'Day of Rest'…


Excellent thoughts, anon!! Love the compilation of G's!! I like to think of it representing the Grand Architect, which does hold value alongside many of the other G's you listed ;) I have hundreds of satellite images that show just what I mean by Grand Architect!! HUGE amount of current flowing through the Earth, creating amazing patterns in the mountains, valleys, rivers, etc… It's beautiful!!, but it also has some rather scary implications… Things like this, I could see why someone would say, "We can't handle the truth…"… but at the same time, it's also one of the first times we can actually SEE these things for ourselves, and imagine what it would have been like to be around when. . .


Even Darwin didn't believe his own theory was true… We observe adaptation not evolution… Our DNA has the ability to change what we are, even within one's lifetime… Look up epigenetics ;) That "junk DNA" is there for a reason!! Some things we can observe and verify, however, there are certain things we cannot prove because we weren't there to witness the events that took place… Big Bang Theory can never be proven, scientifically, but it has been "the official story" much like religions use that "In the Beginning…"… It's in our nature to be curious, and when someone claims to have that kind of SUPREME Knowledge, we have the tendency to flock, then hide behind them…

The Electric Universe Theory really pairs nicely with this Saturn theory, although it is a bit more difficult to prove that Saturn was once our sun.., but there sure are an awful lot of 'coincidences'… After finding out about EU and/or Plasma Universe Theories.., A LOT makes MUCH more sense… This gets into Q's post about clowns operating in the sciences, universities, religions, etc… We need a major revolution of the way we think… I get the feeling that this may take awhile, and some may be lost forever… Either way, I don't know how anyone could deny if they seen the scars…

Here something I just happened to come across in regards to the "feathered serpent", since this board is about symbols ;) This is just an ordinary plasma tube experiment… but imagine how this would look if there was a larger version of something like this in the sky….


I know this seems like a stretch… Since this is a plasma tube, I was wondering how something like this would even be possible in our atmosphere?? So, I had to look into it… RIGHT AWAY there's that "No Sh*t!!" moment staring right back at me… :)


I'll have to do another post to show some of these types of plasma had shaped the Earth ;)

Space Force!!

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