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File: 9f36e2e02ddcd2f⋯.jpg (501.79 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, eyethespytweet.jpg)

b732cd  No.2853509

Anyone here who may know Bill Smith (@real_bill_smith - twitter)or know of him. Many of us in the q community believe he may be missing after posting a video concerning Haiti/Clintons and all involved with that plus pedogate. No one has heard from him since 8/16/2018. Many have tried to contact him with no response since 8/15/2018. If ANYONE has any info on him, his whereabouts or has a way to dig and find out, we need your help something fierce, we are all getting very concerned. pic attached is screen grab from a reddit post. Eye The Spy does not like Bill Smith. Bill Smith and he got into it a while back when Bill Smith outed him for being a shill and spreading disinfo concerning Q and The Great Awakening. So this tweet concerns us even more. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

5a469f  No.2853757

This eye spy character probably got a hold of his dox and threatened to dox him if he didn't go offline.

b732cd  No.2853856


I suppose that is possible, but he's made it clear publicly he doesn't care, he is committed to outing the sick and evil no matter who threatens him. A few weeks ago, he went quiet and when he came back he said his computer was having issues. Instead of getting the blue screen of death when it went bonkers, he got a white screen. Said he works with computers and he's never seen anything like that. I know nothing about computers so I don't know what it could possible mean.

46009b  No.2854051


If he were ok, he could go to a friends device and at least post, that he was ok. Seems like there is more to this. Geez, we don't even know what he looks like. YTubber claims Bill Smith, does not use his real name.

5058ba  No.2854081

Kabamur Taygata is also gone from Twitter. Not too long ago he outed Eye the Spy for being a friend of Jack’s. Eye the Spy is NOT a Patriot.

b732cd  No.2854083


Yea, no one knows if its his real name or not, or even where he might possibly live. Needle in a haystack BIG TIME

281703  No.2854190

I bet Q could easily find out who he is and whether he is safe or not. They do “have it all,” after all.

b732cd  No.2854208


I've seen a few people say they have gone onto anywhere and everywhere to appeal to Q about it, if it's serious, someone higher up may look into it, ya never know, right?

a5a6d8  No.2854227


> Not too long ago he outed Eye the Spy for being a friend of Jack’s.

Can you dig up a link?

4eba94  No.2854374



No Link, but I can vouch for seeing it first hand go down. That whole period was really weird. it left a strange feeling. Whoever "Spy" was trying to be, a hill or not, a lot of things didnt make sense. He even had a moment where he posted a picture of himself in the hospital after being "shot" supposedly, all in the name of defending the plan. Idk, nothing sat right with about it with me.

5058ba  No.2854500

File: 58567bc51f48e64⋯.png (2.28 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 19812C47-4ABB-4FB0-943A-8F….png)

9cb242  No.2854687

File: 4a2f8c717ab0b8d⋯.jpg (321.24 KB, 1536x768, 2:1, thegreata.jpg)

I will do the best I can to at least try find something.

All qanons should help a fellow qanon,

never give up.

Imagine if it was you.. Not fun.

Let us stand for what we often say,

Where we go one, we go all!

5th time trying to post. Perhaps I got guardians saying I should not. Last try now.

4b24e8  No.2854784


>No Link, but I can vouch for seeing it first hand go down. That whole period was really weird. it left a strange feeling. Whoever "Spy" was trying to be, a hill or not, a lot of things didnt make sense. He even had a moment where he posted a picture of himself in the hospital after being "shot" supposedly, all in the name of defending the plan. Idk, nothing sat right with about it with me.

I agree and vouch for all of this. Don't forget the other two weird accounts he was working with too, Mad Hatter and [Something] Alice.

I've been looking in his timeline and can't find the twat in the screenshot above. Oddly enough, Cymothoe01 is archiving recent twats about the search for Bill Smith, even though the twat sent to that account by "RealEye" seems to have been deleted.

Something odd going on for sure, but I have no idea what it could be.

b732cd  No.2854848


thank you so much. every word you post is so true. Where We Go One We Go All

51afbc  No.2855218


Kabamur is gone for personal reasons. His mother is a satanic abuse survivor and some twitter activists started attacking her, which she took very personally and suffered a heart attack. Disillusioned or needing a break, they both left twitter.

9cb242  No.2855654

File: 47ff3fb1fe0bb8a⋯.jpg (87.92 KB, 1152x897, 384:299, trumpjuniour.jpg)


I have left a message via Twitter.

I have not done any digging yet but will do

Was the anon missing a friend of yours?

I'm sorry he has not been in touch yet but I am sure he will soon. Keep being here and spreading the fact that he is gone.

We will get our anon back!

b732cd  No.2855993


He has been doing research and posting for the last 8 months. I began following him 7 months ago, he has grown alot in the respect of opening his own eyes and at the same time allowing others to open theirs. he works hard to expose evil and help others see the truth of said evil. so he has alot of us concerned for his safety, hoping he may just be taking a break or going through some personal issues and not something nefarious going on, thanks for any help you offer, it is much appreciated. we all consider him a friend and fellow patriot.

ad1cf4  No.2856036


Yeah won't be taking Eye's word for it. Proof of Life required. And lurkersare just gonna have to man up and take the place of any fallen.

ad1cf4  No.2856070


Thought his connection made between Marina Abramović and Azaria Chamberlain was straight up inspired.

b78f18  No.2856099

File: 83246a7017b509f⋯.png (384.68 KB, 1440x2952, 20:41, Capture _2018-09-03-01-52-….png)


Cute Cats;)

b78f18  No.2856118

File: 82f3ab70f208ef2⋯.png (742.24 KB, 1440x2952, 20:41, Capture _2018-09-03-01-57-….png)


Kinda creepy

c68a2f  No.2857598

Go to @TheReformedDem on Twitter. He looks like a fake account run by Eye the Spy. Notice that in a tweet posted Sept. 2 at 7:09 he tweets support of Eye the Spy to Bill Smith, among others. What do you make of this?

4b24e8  No.2857678


>He looks like a fake account run by Eye the Spy. Notice that in a tweet posted Sept. 2 at 7:09 he tweets support of Eye the Spy to Bill Smith, among others. What do you make of this?

That twat is already deleted! That's like some of the odd stuff he used to do across the 3 accounts.

c68a2f  No.2857795

Search Twitter for Eye the Spy. Scroll down to View All. Second post. @TheReformedDem

05e4af  No.2857986

Both accounts are fake and controlled. The ultimate goal of this concernfagging is to get researches to dox themselves for "saftey" so everyone "knows if they're ok."

These people get the rope.

e6cd0c  No.2858027


Good kabamur is telling people Q is working with aliens

18ab91  No.2858326

File: eaa869e68971824⋯.png (650.08 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_2018-09-02-12-1….png)


Ready to go.

5710f0  No.2858358


And he is likely correct in that regard

889bb4  No.2859011

I've been watching Bill's videos for months now. There's something very wrong afoot here. The guy normally releases 2 videos minimum a day and there so far has been zero discussion of going on hiatus from doing his thing. I can't recall him saying that he felt as if his safety was at risk however I don't discount it from being a real possibility. Last vid posted 2 weeks ago.

889bb4  No.2859095


I second that. Been a long time lurker as I'm a firm believer in the time honored philosophy of "if you ain't got anything of substance to say, shut the fuck up" and felt that it's not my place to post. I'm intelligent enough but the chans are home to a whole other caliber of intelligence. There just wasn't anything for me to say that's not being said already here but someone else and most likely being said a whole lot more concisely than I'd do it. But the time is now to step the fuck up and get make myself useful to the cause.

b732cd  No.2860351

New info on BILL SMITH: digging shows he has stated he lives in SoCal, he stated 7 months ago that for the first time since he’s lived there he could see the islands off the coastline due to absence of smog/chemtrails. Also in his videos you can hear VERY clearly aircraft flying over his house, so loud sometimes he has to pause until it’s gone by. I do not know if it’s a military base or just an airport, need to listen more closely to the videos again and get back with you. Also, SpaceShot76 on YouTube said he and Bill had a pact that they would speak every weekend for a check in due to the content he was digging on. He also hasn’t Skyped with Bill a few times. He has had no response from Bill since the 15th of August, and he hasn’t even read the messages being sent to him on twitter. He told SS76 Bill Smith is not his real name. So far this is all we’ve got. Gonna did some more. Will post any new info when I get it

b3a4af  No.2860749


whitescreen rather than blue screen sounds like a kernal error that doesn't belong to windows. Can a rootkit cause this?

530256  No.2861083


Get that cabal nigger language out of here. Do you know who you're up against?

be25a3  No.2864672

Q, I think you need to help us out on this one. Please give us something, just let us know Bill is safe. The only shred of information we have at the moment are the weird tweets put out by @RealEyeTheSpy. Is this twitter handle larping or could he actually be involved in the disappearance of Bill Smith?

e840ab  No.2864806


Indirectly, yes. /CE5/

6d2cde  No.2864882

File: 32e8e4e3806fea2⋯.jpeg (189.94 KB, 750x965, 150:193, 4AAF2262-BCDD-426A-912D-7….jpeg)


Sixth seal


:12 And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;


:13 And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind.


:14 And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.


:15 And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains;


:16 And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb:


:17 For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?

e481d2  No.2865044

If you poke around for a while, you can find a bunch of accounts that are linked to RETS. I don't know if Real Bill Smith is one of them, he could be for all we know.

The sauce on "outing" RETS is suspect, IMO. Almost as if it was designed to intentionally create some mystery to increase followers. What I do know, however, is that RETS is not what it seems. Changing account handles repeatedly while maintaining followers takes inside help. "He" also makes strange mistakes regarding simple stuff. Furthermore, he claims his original "jump the shark" back in June was because the CIA comped his account. Fine, but his initial personality was very "I'm not very patriotic, just glad Trump is doing his thing" to "TRUMP RULES! I LOVE Q! PRAISE THE LORD!"

Just sayin…

fb67c5  No.2885210


I was thinking the other day that perhaps he is incarcerated

387596  No.2889245

Many of us have been RT #WhereisBillSmith 2+ weeks. EyetheSpy response to us is disturbing. We would like help increasing the call to action for help finding Bill. thanks

02c04b  No.2890228

Someone needs to explain to me how it's possible that anons fam find #hewillnotdevideus flags and streams located throughout the country yet after 3 weeks we still have 0 info on Bill. This is not good and I am pleading for this community to help us!

02c04b  No.2890231


91e3a0  No.2916035


bumping…. anyone? we can't let Bill fade into the ether

a8dada  No.2917981

File: 093211f6d2b3c37⋯.png (242.68 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-09-07-02-5….png)

File: 75ce9fd3570fc1b⋯.png (205.81 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-09-07-03-2….png)

File: 0742a75b9f95091⋯.png (195.72 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-09-07-03-2….png)

Found this on twatter

91e3a0  No.2925339

File: ed0371b6402aafb⋯.png (63.18 KB, 1052x513, 1052:513, ClipboardImage.png)


Interesting observation - re Bill's video on Rain Wilson being removed.

91e3a0  No.2925452


…this was a comment on his last video re Laura Silsby, Haiti: https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=X9wTuLP8B7M

a71898  No.2925526


They won't be able to save Rain. He should've left the children alone. He and his sick family will be prosecuted. No deals. Praying for Mr. Smith.

91e3a0  No.2925615


Amen on your prayer for Bill. I see a few other Youtubers have gone silent too - but Bill's silence bothers me the most.

3fae30  No.2926532

There is a slight chance his computer broke and he can't remember or find his passwords. That could be what would prevent him from using another device to post. Perhaps he had to create a new account with the name as close to the @real_bill_smith as possible. Maybe everything similar should be looked for. Such as smithbill etc etc etc. Also, another course of action could be to find the eyespy guy instead, and see if he leads to bill.

eee7b1  No.2927144


It's upside-down stewnodfag

7da845  No.2933650

Awww man.

Bill was supposed to come on our channel. I talked to him on the phone a few months ago when unicuck was attacking us all.

Bill is a cool dude.

He brought up the JQ too much maybe, idk why else they'd go after him, everyone knows about HRC and Haiti. Maybe he found something wr haven't though.

Ill try to call him and let yall know what happens.

0856c2  No.2933699


That name is as generic as it get guys.

b732cd  No.2936060


I was just now able to see this post. You said you would be able to call him and get in touch. Did you have any luck, or do you just have any information on him that may help us in the search. Anything you can offer, please, is much appreciated.

4c8640  No.2936261

We have a chat Forum in Discord. This guy shows up who you think is Eye the Spy

4c8640  No.2936270

File: 6e0f18673fedc5a⋯.jpg (370.02 KB, 554x1030, 277:515, 20180908_135529.jpg)

4c8640  No.2936419

Another shill posted this on twat

4c8640  No.2936436

File: 82271e2ad831975⋯.jpg (234.07 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, c104a3d.jpg)

4c8640  No.2936655

Please help us find Bill. Bill Smith was over the Target big time and is now MIA, and either the white hats have him or the black hats. We're trying to find out which.

Sure wish Q would lend us a hand here. Since Bill was such an Avid Q researcher and had a 50k+ following you would think Q would help us.

Bill also went missing 13 days after the Wapo article posted here bt Q.and Bill was mentioned in Media Matters with regard to Qanon, Bill is hardly a small fry.

4c8640  No.2936798

If any of you anons know how to trace an email addy to try to locate Bill Smith, try this one:


Come to the discord chat room an let the admins know


1c8f18  No.2955889

Apparently Bills area code is 971 but i read he uses burner phones

5c239d  No.2955959





b732cd  No.2957973


Where We Go One, We Go All

88c10e  No.2958903

he's either fucking dead or Q team have him safe.

those are the options - and it's long past due that Q team starts keeping like him SAFE and not dead if we face the sad reality he is no longer with us.

899b0e  No.2959388

File: 24bf4c8c413e347⋯.png (117.9 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


899b0e  No.2959408


re: >2955959

dont fall for the trigger posts, nobody in their right mind would post something like that

9a50b8  No.2959572


so you're a cunt then.

42bc14  No.2959647

Bill is also known as SerialBrain2

09cbf1  No.2959920


Bill is NOT serialbrain2

09cbf1  No.2959988


Whoaaa did we strike a nerve or what? You know this guy doesn't want Bill found. So he's obviously got a big agenda here. what a loser! You know we're over the target when people respond like this! *grins*

becb76  No.2960059

File: ca9c27dac148cf2⋯.jpg (24.79 KB, 612x612, 1:1, BillSmithLogo1.jpg)

#WhereIsBillSmith - Qtuber covering #Qanon MISSING full 3 weeks now. Last tweet @Real_Bill_Smith 15 Aug, last vid 16 Aug. Thinking we ought to spread the word if Patriots covering Q go missing. Don't know Bill personally. Discord search group https://discord.gg/f3FXype God Bless & Godspeed #WWG1WGA

7e6714  No.2971797


I always tell youngsters not to drink coffee young man. It leads to CAP addiction. By the way are there any adults about? You do know this thread is about Mr Smith right?

fb24a3  No.2972178



5f2a7c  No.2987053

Is Morty from Daily Trite also missing? anyone else?

55e179  No.3001017

67cb07  No.3001559


Fuck off, wanker

bf6643  No.3007014

Please sign and promote the hell out of this petition


99947d  No.3007427

Please donate to help us do a wellness check on Bill SmithQHglym


e8b2e3  No.3007585

please ignore


3b9a74  No.3019956

File: 92497d864fc6e89⋯.jpg (75.42 KB, 600x400, 3:2, bill smith meme.jpg)

67d743  No.3027248


last 2 Bill Smith Videos.


4e2733  No.3031438

File: b9398ccb3cac7c3⋯.jpg (358.8 KB, 900x630, 10:7, insect_musicians_allon-fas….jpg)



88c10e  No.3031611



i've fucking said it once and i'll say it again - PEOPLE ARE PUTTING THEIR FUCKING LIVES ON THE LINE





809ff2  No.3032133

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Last 2 videos uploaded by Bill Smith before Vanishing

3b9a74  No.3032297


What anon said

becb76  No.3033014

File: afb95de659326bd⋯.jpeg (100.57 KB, 749x500, 749:500, QanonTrustThePlan.jpeg)

File: 571b3aa88b76d9e⋯.jpg (11.39 KB, 273x301, 39:43, BillSmithFortuneCookie.jpg)


Well said, anon. For the most part agreed. Assume We the People voted for "The Plan" in '16, not knowing for sure it existed, but daring to hope! Now understand the nature & timing of its' execution are under executive and military control with access to information not made public. The breadth and depth of the corruption is staggering. There will be casualties, and despite that, a commander's job is never to lose sight of the objective.

d4fe26  No.3033418


So much this. Electing Trump bought us some time, but we're still teetering on the edge. If they're going to do something, they need to do it soon. They'll never have another chance.

595b20  No.3033443

At the very least someone could have the local police or sheriff do a wellness check.

They could then say… not to worry or whatever. Being online is always a problem in letting others know you are ok or when there is a problem.

We use to have one person for our families or r/t friends to contact our online friends/community. Sort of hard here when we are all anon and who cares eh?

b732cd  No.3033461


we don't have enough information to even urge the police to look, nor do we have confirmed location to contact those local police unfortunately. We are trying to appeal to some Anons who know how to do major deep diving, but none of them seem to care so we are back at square one

595b20  No.3033462


They will ALWAYS have another chance. That is why texas edu is removing hillary and helen kellar from their history books. Always planning ahead. It will be so much easier now as the history books won't be books but the cloud. They will be able to erase the truth without anyone noticing until it is too late.

595b20  No.3033468


Well, I am thinking Q or a friend of theirs could look into this. it has been a month for goodness sake.

b732cd  No.3033480


we have tried to appeal to Q as well. No response, and usually the Anons yell at us for even daring to ask

595b20  No.3033490


Nicely stated.

3b9a74  No.3033569


I suppose it's possible Q is looking into it but hasn't found out anything yet and will let us know as soon as Q does learn something. Let's pray that's the case

595b20  No.3033671


yes indeed.

People are still being killed by reporting anything about Bill and Hil.

385e9d  No.3033711


kabamur needs to stay gone hes fucking cancer

88c10e  No.3035938

File: 394d9dd9044debc⋯.jpeg (53.39 KB, 1244x214, 622:107, wombofartemis.jpeg)




Make no mistake… I am glad every single day we have Q. Every. Single. Day. I am SO THANKFUL for Q but we are at the end of the run here. I have been fighting this battle THOROUGHLY since before Trump was elected and I have worked on making sure the knowledge has been spread far and wide since before the elections. I still fight every single day. Every day. I have never lost track of the objective and I will not. I will die for this cause if necessary for the future of Earth itself depends on spreading the truth and doing anything we can in our power to make sure these people are exposed.

That being said - I am one of the targeted individuals and I have had my life threatened multiple times. I am quite sure I have been stalked on a few occasions. I have had things far beyond coincidence occur. My devices are compromised(and I am an I.T. fag - know what compromised devices look/act like.)

Pic related. It's when I started fighting this battle. I was at the forefront of the pizzagate exposure. I know we would all be dead or in WW3 right now if Hillary had became president.

With all that being said - I am very very thankful we have Q - but the time to deliver is NOW.

239b4a  No.3036697


Some great words there, but "Timing is everything." Q and Trump can see the real games, all the players, we can't. They know WHEN to drop the hammers, we don't. Trust the plan. Big mother BOOM coming. Don't wanna miss it. Stay alive.

239b4a  No.3037514



Enough. First.. if Q knew anything about Bill he would have told us, most likely whatever happened to Smith was not well advertised. Of course he's worried about Bill, reads these boards, but obviously has nothing to report. But think.. Would it help to say this? He can only investigate, and like us hope that Bill turns up ok.

Second.. We can't see behind the big movie set.. black, white, and chessboard hats, deep 4D strategies, gambits declined, Q sees it all. He's told you they call the moves [when.where.who] to minimize casualties. "Timing is everything."

7959dd  No.3037717

This Bill Smith


b732cd  No.3039052


Yes that Bill Smith

b732cd  No.3039095


We don’t think Q doesn’t care. Q isn’t the one we have issue with. We have issue with the Anons who scold us for putting anything on the boards about it. Literally telling us to FUCK OFF and nobody gives a shit about some anonymous shitbag who hasn’t posted in a bit. Last I checked WWG1WGA was about unity of American Patriots and having other patriots backs and not leaving a man behind. They can post loads of pictures of naked women all over the boards that has nothing to do with the cause but God forbid I post a cry for help in finding a fellow patriot who God forbid may have given his life for this cause. That is what we have issue with. Not Q.

af9f20  No.3039282


Omg there is a special place in hell

b732cd  No.3039361


What accounts are you referring to?

af9f20  No.3039400


I will donate October 1, when I get paid. WWG1WGA

af9f20  No.3039492


I like that people noticed he is missing and care. Does he have family? Are they find-able? Also I like the gofundme idea to hire a private investigator, why is the fund at $0.00?

b732cd  No.3040388


We have no way to find any info to use to contact family or PD for a well check. Makes a safety check very difficult at this time. And I imagine the fund is at $0.00 because no one trusts it. Most people don’t these days unfortunately because people have abused it.

b732cd  No.3040399


Thank you so much.

b732cd  No.3040583


I know that there are disgusting vile people who actually do this. But that doesn’t mean EVERYONE does it. And it is most certainly NOT what we are doing. We are all patriots in the Q movement and believe in family, we believe in what WWG1WGA and believe it stands for unity of ALL patriots and not leaving any patriots behind. Bill is a researcher who is dedicated to exposing evil in this world and contributing to making America great again. As all of the patriots in this movement. We are genuinely concerned about him because we all have gotten to know him over the course of 8 months and respect the work he is doing to expose disgusting pigs like Clinton and Hollywood Elite child eaters and pedophiles. If you don’t want to believe our search for him is true and genuine then ignore it but DO NOT DISPARAGE those of us who ACTUALLY CARE about this Patriot because you can overlook your paranoia long enough to believe there are actually still people out there who are capable of caring enough to spend 24 hours a damn day searching for clues to find someone who we are absolutely terrified may have given his life for this cause.

a7bbc2  No.3044566


I am very heartened to see this is still active.

88c10e  No.3044601

File: 8e35b0d2de90396⋯.gif (1.23 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 1536484495842.gif)









239b4a  No.3045409


> "Anons who scold us for putting anything on the boards about it."

True Anons wouldn't do this. Mercenaries are taking shots at you, don't bleed for them. All Patriots are concerned about Bill.

4e2733  No.3045560

Bill Smith's "Battle cry."

On Bill's NBC video re Hillary's slave Factory in Haiti, he says, "And Reagan had a point, man. there is no such thing as appeasement. Ok? [:46] I will not live in slavery. I will give up my life before that ever happens. You understand that? I will fight with everything I have. Everything I have. I am all in here. I'm all in. Ok? I'm not going away. And I'll be here until we win."

4e2733  No.3045572


Yahweh bless you.

658241  No.3046451

Bill Smith has been and will continue to be in my prayers for his good health and safety.

0f24cb  No.3047197

you worried a fellow pusher and promoter of garbage trash is ok fuck that quit being niggers yougonna be a clown then expect life to beco.e a ir us

0f24cb  No.3047215

you worried a fellow pusher and promoter of garbage trash is ok fuck that quit being niggers yougonna be a clown then expect life to become a circus

9e5126  No.3047437


Why do these ppl have to eff everything up? They just cant leave ppl be! Always turning everything into jewry.

b732cd  No.3047451


it's called human decency and having a heart, you should try it sometime you fucking asshole

88c10e  No.3047462



unironically kill yourself you fucking traitor fuck

piece of fucking shit. people like you are going to get their fucking faces smashed in the street soon enough. we've been the silent majority for far long enough. you better fucking hope they've got a comfy cell waiting for you motherfucker

1e9cc4  No.3047552


followed bill from eu

noticed his silenced as well

came across a patriot channel

he talked to him

bill not his real name

then, patriot asked as well, what's going on

where is bill?

saints, plz make sure he is ok

1e9cc4  No.3047564


now you should be worried

8954aa  No.3050159

I find it odd, very odd, that Bill Smith said he was threatened by @72seconds when Bill had asked @lisameicrowley a simple question that went unanswered. See


Even odder is Q recognizing @politicaleye17 endorsing Lisa Mei CROWLEY as the official Q interpreter. When Bill called this out, he goes MIA.

And now we have Q totally igggying #WHEREISBILLSMITH

Q we need answers. This is starting to look like a hit on Bill by your team. PLEASE!

Even odder is Q recognizing @politicaleye17 endorsing Lisa Mei CROWLEY as the official Q interpreter.

And now we have Q totally igggying #WHEREISBILLSMITH

Q we need answers. This is starting to look like a hit on Bill by your team. PLEASE!

88c10e  No.3050223


Q needs to fucking address the Bill Smith issue

What the fuck Q?

b732cd  No.3050336


guys, you have to remember Q is EXTREMELY busy, the fact that Q hasn't directly acknowledged Bill's disappearance doesn't mean he isn't looking into it, or has people doing so. That being said, I do however think that if Q would publicly mention his disappearance, it would inspire more people to look into it, whether they care or not.

88c10e  No.3050400


Look at what the person above me posted.

It appears that Bill Smith was red pilled on the JQ and was calling out Israel. Mossad is no stranger to infiltrating grass roots organic movements and anyone who calls out (((Mossad))) makes enemies with some of the worst most decrypt and vile miscreants on earth itself.

Q has named Mossad and eluded towards the JQ so it's not necessarily Q I'm worried about.

I'm worried about piece of shit Mossadfucks hijacking the Q movement for their own benefits. All Israel gives a fuck about is their Third Temple and trying to force the hand of god / bring about the end of the fucking world.

Why the fuck hasn't Lisa Mei mentioned @whereisbillsmith?

As far as I'm concerned her and PoliticalEye17 shouldn't be trusted at fucking all.

1e9cc4  No.3050459



do U




b732cd  No.3050560


I have mentioned time and time again my concern about all the digging he was doing in Mossad, but let’s get real, us little people without the Military and the White House in our back pockets like Q has, do not have the means nor the protection to look into any of that. There were many more angles Bill was looking into that albeit may not have been AS nefarious as Mossad, are still angles that could have gotten him killed or at least kidnapped or threatened to a point where he may be hiding and running for his life. My point is cussing Q out on 8 Chan is not going to make him look any faster. And we don’t know for a fact he isn’t looking. Q works on verifiable evidence, IF he is looking into it and finds something, THEN we will know. I stand by my previous statement though, I think if he would publicly acknowledge Bill’s disappearance it would make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in the effort to have people help us that have capabilities and means that we do not

88c10e  No.3050667


I haven't cussed Q out.

If Q has the time to find posts on twitter and reddit Q has the time to address this EXTREMELY important issue right here on the front page of qresearch.

b419ee  No.3050690

Why is this thread on the /qresearch/ forum? most lame boomer posting I've ever seen

88c10e  No.3050702



b419ee  No.3050711


everyone who doesn't agree with me is a SHILL, you are a fucking retard

88c10e  No.3050728






b419ee  No.3050745


this is worse than tripfagging name fagging some rando is if in the grand scheme they matter at all. he's probably a bum who couldn't pay his electric bill, this shit does not belong on qresearch mongoloid

6fd30d  No.3050748



found the kike shill

b419ee  No.3050792


yeah sure this is the most Reddit thread I've ever seen. Please though post one thing that this Bill character organically discovered on his own and didn't just lift on other anons work on the chans. oh that's right absolutely nothing, fuck off and become an hero the lot of you

88c10e  No.3050828


Your kind is going to face the most detrimental of consequences you insufferable traitor cunt. You deserve the fucking firing squad.

Let me remind you of Q's policy



You clearly don't understand that so you can fuck off right off this board you little fuckin punk. Go suck your employers cock for some more shekels you little faggot fuck.

Thanks for the bumps bitch.

ae530f  No.3050831

Just checking in!!!

Where is Bill Smith???


1e9cc4  No.3050834

File: bac82f200f1e204⋯.jpg (233.74 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, stormbreaker.jpg)

b419ee  No.3050837


yeah and donate the gofundme right goy?

88c10e  No.3050853


I didn't say anything about the gofundme in this entire thread you fucking kike.



b732cd  No.3050862


I wasn’t referring to you cussing Q out, nor anyone in particular. My apologies if it seemed that way.

b419ee  No.3050881


oh yea that's right you're a targeted individual and the exact type of mentally ill whack job this movement needs

88c10e  No.3050918


Piss off cunt.

Plenty of us are on watch lists of sorts. I'm targeted for reasons that have less to do with Q and more to do with my own projects which are in line with Q's prerogatives and the research we do here.

Also nice buzzwords bitch boy - it's clear you're a fucking shill faggot. You're not fooling anybody.

b419ee  No.3050931


you are a mentally ill whack job that's it

b419ee  No.3050953


also lovely reddit spacing there new friendo, stop trying to coopt the importance of this movement claiming that you are important in any regards. we're all sure 'my own projects' are totally important and you should be respected as a result

88c10e  No.3050960


You do realize whatever astroturfing you're attempting to do here is only having the opposite effect.

Telling us not to look into Bill Smith only furthers our resolve to look for Bill Smith. Your bitch ass shill tactics don't work anymore. You try it with everything. No one fucking believes you faggots anymore. No one. And we're going to continue this search whether you like it or not. All you are doing is keeping this thread top catalog.


>reddit spacing

Nice fucking shill buzzword you fucking cunt. Piss off you faggot fucking shill.

b419ee  No.3051000


you seriously need mental help. everyone here is anon. you probably are bill smith you're shilling so hard for him. but again you can't refute me on a single valid point, just accuse me of shilling or point out your importance. again please post what bill smith or your programs or importance is beyond stealing other anons ideas and monetizing them on youtube, etc. I won't hold my breath loser

6fd30d  No.3051005



go back to 4chan and post some more blacked threads rabbi lol its clear what youre trying to do here

b419ee  No.3051012


oy vey what a well reasoned response

88c10e  No.3051034


>but again you can't refute me on a single valid point

I don't need to. You're a shill and it's as clear as day. You make no points. Telling people not to look out for our own researchers is obviously shilling. The very motto of this movement is WHERE WE GO 1 WE GO ALL. It's pretty self explanatory and you telling us not to look out for our own is *shilling*. Doesn't take a rocket science to figure it out.

b419ee  No.3051045


a researcher is now someone who steals other anons work and posts it on youtube as their own. sure thing their bucko, again please become an hero

6fd30d  No.3051048


>t. be a good goy and dont look for someone who may have been taken out by HRC/Mossad

>hehehehe just be quiet goy dont ask questions!

b419ee  No.3051059


again not a single refutation or argument of merit, just the very low IQ 'muh shill' response

88c10e  No.3051080


Hey guess what faggot if you don't like it yu can simply locate the tab of this window a close it the fuck out and go do your own "research" elsewhere on the fucking board - but we all know you don't give a fuck about Q and you want to quell the movement. TOO LATE bitch. This movement is train with no breaks and we're going to ram it into the fucking entire establishment and watch faggots like you get locked the fuck up.

You're not doing anything besides proving that people have vested interests in making sure people dont ask questions about where Bill Smith is.

Protip: stop fucking posting and you'll stop drawing more attention to the thread.

Didn't they teach you that in Shill 101? I can do this shit all day until we hit 751 posts at which point it will have garnered even more and more and more attention and we'll make thread 2. Do you understand how this works? We run these boards - not you you little shill bitch

6fd30d  No.3051100


whats there to argue? youre just stating no one should look into a missing q researcher. explain how that isnt the literal definition of shilling

1e9cc4  No.3051126

File: 4efec2a58e503a4⋯.jpg (11.53 KB, 248x204, 62:51, images.jpg)

817312  No.3051432

ANONS, if this is the way Q reacts when one of his most devoted researchers Bill Smith, goes MIA, is this not the way Q will respond when one of you possibly goes MIA?

Demand an answer!!!!

88c10e  No.3051482



This is on the front page of qresearch. There is no way Q is not aware of this thread.

c8f05e  No.3054573

I am putting out here my 3 guesses…..

1. Someone very powerful was able to get an injunction to stop him from posting anywhere. Sounds like he was sharing custody of his child with the child's mother and probably does not want to take any chances. Anyone sharing custody can put a person in a vulnerable situation and I gather from a few comments he made his situation was not optimal.

2. Bill Smith was so good that the "Q team" hired him and he started 3 weeks ago. It seemed fairly obvious another Q person from the Q team took over about 3 weeks ago when he/she started to post many more daily posts than normal. Most of the current posts are not "teaching" posts but more about happenings in the daily news and not really "eye opening". It feels like Q team is just trying to keep people interested and sticking around until they can start giving out new "teaching" "learning" posts.

3. Mossad or CIA got him and what that would mean I have no idea.

I do wish there was someone available to review daily the 8chan qresearch board on youtube, podcasts or something. I have tried to listen to a few youtubers but all of them except for prayingmedic came to the movement too late and missed the most crucial info. They really have no idea and just read the posts out loud. I have a lot of free time and I still can't stay up on 8chan. I was doing pretty good but real life caught up and I had to step away for a day or 2. Once you walk away it is hard to catch up. The notables are ok and help a little, but I know I am still missing some good stuff on the board. Bill Smith was good.

b732cd  No.3054851


Please tell me where there are posts about him having a child and possibly being afraid of custody issues? I have been watching him for 8 months since he started on YT, and have combed through EVERY VIDEO AND COMMENTS ON THOSE VIDEOS and I have never heard or seen him even come close to mentioning a child or mother of his child or custody or anything in that realm

817312  No.3055273


While these are good guesses, you overlook the possibilities that (1) he might be in the military and was deployed or sent on a special assignment, (2) that he was locked up based on accusations that he's a hacker and is stealing money, which is ludicrous but if someone was looking for a reason to arrest him, this would give them probable cause, (3) it's possible he's been injured either in a car accident or, notably, he went dark around the same time Liz crokin suffered her purported surfing accident and lost two of her fingertips, and finally, (4) it's possible he's dead, which might relate to your no. 3.

Now if the Q team recruited him, wouldn't Bill put out some kind of message to his followers that he was going to be taking a break for a while and would be back hopefully in the near future? But because he told us he was going to be posting daily even several times a day, this leads many to believe that he wasn't recruited by the Q team but something else happened.

If he was deployed or locked up suddenly, he wouldn't have time to let his followers know. Or if he was severly injured, he might not be able to let his followers know. But even if he had a restraining order issued to prevent him from being active on the internet, he would still be able to view the direct messages sent to him but everyone we've found that has sent him a DM has not received any indication that he has read those DMs. We have no proof of Life whatsoever.

c5be69  No.3055330

maybe he was just too good and too fast on certain topics.

still doesn't explain, why he isn't at least letting us know he is ok.

i doubt, that he did not catch this bread by now.



88c10e  No.3055337


Quit simple that all he would of had to do was post on Twitter that he'd be making a leave.

It's literally not rocket science.

546fdf  No.3055353


Nice trip code LMAO

88c10e  No.3055358


Are you fucking retarded? No one has any fucking trip codes on this board besides Q

546fdf  No.3055366


My point exactly - no trip code - not Q

c5be69  No.3055377


you have come to the wrong place…

88c10e  No.3055385


breddy sure he wasn't larping as Q

c5be69  No.3055399

File: 9b75245dfa826aa⋯.jpeg (70.11 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, dp.jpeg)


no, i am not Q: WWG1WGA

003225  No.3055479


OK but looked like a sig and there are a lot of new people following This Thread that may not have known it wasn't Q signing that post

c5be69  No.3055618


mea culpa

that was not my intention.

Once more to make it clear:

this was not a Q signature…it was more like Q!!!! remember…WWG1WGA

i hope bill is save

90c37a  No.3056087


I recall in one of Bill's vids (not so very long ago) he had been bitching because whomever had pissed him off that particular day was using an obvious pseudonym. He proclaimed his real name was, in fact, Bill Smith. Take it for what you will. The name is almost too vanilla to be fake. I miss that bastard and fellow curmudgeon. I hope all is well.

7d2c96  No.3056361


NSA has voice fingerprint tech, and from his videos his voice doesnt appear to be filtred/distorted.

if they cared to find his ID, it would be easy.

90c37a  No.3056431

File: 9e9c647a60d1965⋯.jpg (94.78 KB, 900x900, 1:1, unnamed.jpg)



This bill smith account is subed to the other bill smith…with this photo. Maybe nothing…maybe something

6d9c4f  No.3056555


This is why we need Q's help since he's high level in the Trump Administration. should be able to use these resources.

There's also a petition to request the federal government investigate The Disappearance of Bill Smith. please be sure to sign it.


f1a38b  No.3058822


got nothing on reverse image searching.

f1a38b  No.3058853


agreed. Q you are going to have to do this to remain trustworthy.

f1a38b  No.3058907

Bill is/was a great researcher. not perfect, not 100% right - but (in my mind at least) a necessary benevolent anarchist. I am troubled by the dodgy group-think going on in the Q movement. sometimes it feels like this is just another flocking/herding thing going on.

f1a38b  No.3059000

shit, maybe Q will get high and mighty righteous AND START YELLING AND CRAP WHEN HE'S QUESTIONED. Man, we need to keep questioning. I can't fully Trust the plan - but I can Hope in the plan. we can't afford to stop thinking for ourselves.

f1a38b  No.3059168

to be clear, I am dead keen that all know about Q, and I am hopeful that the indictments happen, and corruption stamped out. I am hopeful that Q is truly (mostly) altruistic. but we have got to keep questioning. almost every movement I can think of in history has eventually been corrupted and subverted at some point… it might seem like I am digressing too far - but Bill was independent - and that independent thinking is essential to our future. I miss him and his decoding, and his 'extra-curricular' research beyond what Q would or could touch on. I feel that his grateful viewers owe something.

88c10e  No.3063090


Yup. Not very keen on one of our own going missing and Q not even mentioning it once.

Q could at least promote people to help in the search of Bill or make some kind of generalized statement. This is flat out fuckin bullshit.

e07102  No.3063190

Trump orders feds to declassify key FISA documents, text messages in FBI Russia probe

President Trump on Monday ordered the declassification of several key documents related to the FBI's probe of Russian actions during the 2016 presidential election, including 21 pages of an application for a renewed surveillance warrant against former campaign aide Carter Page, and text messages from disgraced FBI figures Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Trump had ordered the documents released by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the Justice Department "[a]t the request of a number of committees of Congress, and for reasons of transparency."

The documents to be declassified also include all FBI reports on interviews with Justice Department official Bruce Ohr and all FBI reports of interviews prepared in connection with all other applications to surveil Carter Page.

Trump also ordered the Justice Department to release text messages from a number of the key players in the Russia investigation "without redaction" – including Ohr, Strzok, Lisa Page, former FBI Director James Comey and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

House Republicans have repeatedly sought more information about Ohr's contacts with former British spy Christopher Steele, a longtime FBI informant who compiled the now-infamous dossier alleging various ties between Trump and Russia that was published in January 2017.

It was not immediately clear when or how the documents would be released. A source familiar with the timing of the declassification told Fox News that they expected the Carter Page warrant application to be declassified first, followed by the FBI reports on agent interviews with Ohr.


88c10e  No.3063271

File: 8a57383f60cec2b⋯.png (819.26 KB, 1556x1812, 389:453, 1520419767280.png)

File: f11ee86faf96e4c⋯.png (810.94 KB, 1504x1700, 376:425, 1520377511326.png)



Just a forewarning this is an Obama era website and may still be under deep state control and I have reason to believe it is.

Awhile back a Lithuanian immigrant's mom was targeted by Illuminati connected pieces of shit and the kid made a white house petition site and the signatures EASILY reached the needed 100k but they kept removing votes from the poll.

Q need to start delivering damage to the deep state and needs to do it now. These people need to go and personally I think anyone with half a head on their shoulders could give a fuck less if idiot brainwashed morons chimp out about their political idols get locked up. We've been waiting WAY TOO FUCKING LONG for justice and relying on the very same system(mid terms) to deliver the damage through the OBVIOUSLY corrupted judicial system is bullshit in my opinion.

Starting to look like another ruse to maintain Republican majority in the house.

I don't give a fuck about the judicial system or the political system. It's broke. If people cant see that too fucking bad. Something needs to be done and it needs to be done now people are putting their lives on the line and they're going fucking missing.


627bf9  No.3063355


The Good Shepherd rejoiced the finding of the one lost sheep. that was speaking of Salvation. but it is also a good model of how we are to recognise a good or bad shepherd.

88c10e  No.3063409


>but it is also a good model of how we are to recognise a good or bad shepherd.

Could not have said it better myself

Where you at Q?

88c10e  No.3063456


this was meant for: >>3063355

ca47f9  No.3063986

File: 019ada836f8600c⋯.png (2.06 MB, 1500x1125, 4:3, sessionsactivated.png)

8954aa  No.3064977

No man left behind, unless you're an unpaid volunteer that you have no legal liability toward.

88c10e  No.3065127


Speaks mountains.

Especially because Q isn't fucking addressing the issue. Keep posting about it in the Q generals. They're getting lots of views right now with today's happenings.

88c10e  No.3068256


2d44fc  No.3068614



Very serious.

88c10e  No.3068749


Good to see that Lift the Veil picked up on it.

It'd be appropriate if Isaac Kappy gave Bill Smith a shoutout on his stream but so far any time anyone mentions Bill Smith in Kappy's streams he just simply shrugs it off.

It is very concerning that those with big influence are not rising more awareness of this issue. WHERE are you AT Q?

Q directly posts about Lisa Mei. Lisa Mei is completely disregarding the Bill Smith issue. Isaac Kappy could easily do a live stream to his audience and raise awareness for Bill Smith.

Glad to see Nathan made a video about it.

817312  No.3070438

File: 04ff666937f8589⋯.jpg (148.92 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, image.jpg)

Anons, here is some disturbing feed. if you have the wherewithall to investigate please do. Four images forthcoming

817312  No.3070441

File: 475c7fe6932d25e⋯.jpg (205.52 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, image-2.jpg)

817312  No.3070444

File: 53fda707d71b2e5⋯.jpg (144.81 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, image-3.jpg)

817312  No.3070452

File: 40361367f6bdc86⋯.jpg (195.9 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, image-1.jpg)

And finally this one for serialbrain2

88c10e  No.3070569





the red lines dont line up, just so you know.

i'm failing to see exactly whats going on here mind giving us a bit of an explanation?

817312  No.3070749


Someone came across these tweets. What you see is all we know on this particular matter. Hopefully serialbrain2 will be helpful in deciphering the context.

817312  No.3070783


I agree the red lines don't line up & are confusing.but the key thing is the dates, Bill Smith went dark after 8/16.

Also noteworthy, SNCTM might be a group similar to NXIVM.

88c10e  No.3070802


SNCTM is NXVM bro…

88c10e  No.3070803


to clarify they're basically one in the same

825504  No.3070850

is there a discord link that works?

88c10e  No.3070957

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This is a MAJOR video from Bill

EVERYONE needs to watch this.

As this anon said:


>The Good Shepherd rejoiced the finding of the one lost sheep. that was speaking of Salvation. but it is also a good model of how we are to recognise a good or bad shepherd.

And our fucking shepherd is giving us FUCK ALL for answers and CONTINUES linking to the SAME people who ATTACKED Bill Smith for *ASKING QUESTIONS*

Last I fucking checked this is a free country and people are allowed to ask questions.

88c10e  No.3070977


Not to mention Q keeps fucking linking to these fucking ZIONIST WORSHIPPING FUCKS!

Perhaps Q is trying to teach us a lesson? (Think: "the people you are told to trust the most")????????????????????






>17 Sep 2018 - 3:00:31 PM


>At what point does it become mathematically impossible?



88c10e  No.3070986

Fuckin sorry about it but the government is FOR THE PEOPLE - BY THE PEOPLE I don't give a FUCK if Lisa Mei Crowley has a military background - she is not doing ANY service for her FELLOW PATRIOT AND FELLOW CITIZEN Bill Smith. The same Bill Smith that encouraged all of us TO QUESTION EVERYTHING.

We need some fucking answers.

447f18  No.3071803

Mods Shoah this thread. No name fagging here. No one anon is above another. The risk has been apparent since well before day 1. SAGE

546fdf  No.3073173


This should work

Bill Smith discord chat

https://discord. gg/GQgzPgG

546fdf  No.3073256



b732cd  No.3073648


Report the anon name fagging instead of shaming the entire thread

b732cd  No.3073656


Please stop using names, we CANNOT afford for this thread to get nixed. We need this to appeal for help in finding our fellow patriot

817312  No.3073824


Since this thread is about BS it's okay to use his name, no?

b732cd  No.3074809

File: 8e7ccc6012bde46⋯.jpeg (107.7 KB, 517x575, 517:575, BDD31B36-8869-47F8-A8D2-3….jpeg)

I was speaking of the other individual who was named… but I think you know that

88c10e  No.3075129


The NAMES are from the same user Bill Smith calls out in his videos.

They are Twitter users that have been called out by Bill Smith. They are zionists. Lisa Mei is the same fucking piece of shit bitch that Q keeps quoting see my quote:

>Perhaps Q is trying to teach us a lesson? (Think: "the people you are told to trust the most")????????????????????

I don't give a FUCK I have been fighting this battle since Operation Payback when the (((elite))) tried to silence Julian Assange and destroyed all of his methods of receiving funds and tried silencing him.

I am in this battle for the LONG RUN and DONT YOU WORRY! Real fuckin anons have been contacted now. If zionist worshipping fucks want war they will receive it.

WWG1WGA doesn't fucking leave one man out and Bill Smith was one of the BEST anons doing research - he told everyone to question EVERYTHING not just take what some random bitch on twitter says as gold.

88c10e  No.3075336

These are the accounts in question to his disappearance and their complete lack of care about his whereabouts. These are "accredited" accounts according to Q




7c5014  No.3076010


I get what you are saying and I don’t disagree with one word you’ve said trust me. I just don’t want a mod to scrap this thread because we CANNOT afford to lose it, that is the only reason I asked politely what I did.

88c10e  No.3076336


If they scrap it it gives us more reason to dig - repost and repost and respost on every platform. twitter, 4chan, 8chan. Force it down their throats.

This is war and we are hitting the front lines as we speak. This shit about to get really fucking real. Just had my tires slashed 2 nights ago. Shit is going down.

4e2733  No.3076387



I'm so happy to see this righteous indignation about The Disappearance of one of our best. I've been trying to get Anon's to act and react now for a month.

Practically begging for help in solving this.

Another name to add to the list of suspicious characters is @72seconds who threatened Bill with process servers and lawsuits

In some picture posts above, we also have some Nxvim people .

There is also an NBC reporter that I won't name but if you want to come into the Discord chat room we've got a lot of information about him

88c10e  No.3076419


Also now my phone is stuck in roaming even though it never has been ever since i've lived where I am. I've reprovisioned the phone 3 times on the line with my provider, tried completely resetting the phone via RTN. Swapped to my backup SIM card - same problem.

Either someone fried my phones baseband or I am getting targeted at the network level of my cell provider.

They do NOT want us looking into Bill Smith

All of this information has been spread across multiple platforms and my identity is known and people will go public with what I have done as far as the past 2 years go. I have done NOTHING illegal and have simply spread information and investigated issues like this. My resolve WILL BE MADE KNOWN and I have ENDLESS contingencies in place.

4e2733  No.3076516


Can't the post about @lisam3i62 be deleted by an admin instead of shutting down the entire thread that is so vitally important?

4e2733  No.3076725

What do you say we all stop posting in QResearch except for in the Missing Q Researcher thread and we ignore Q until he stops ignoring the disappearance of Bill Smith?

Naturally the shills and trolls will keep posting.

And sign all of your posts:


88c10e  No.3077621


Post a 24 hour discord link and I'll be in there later.

You'll definitely be able to tell who I am. I don't fuck around. I'm a long term anon and I will fight this battle til my dieing breath. On that note I'm trying to resolve this bullshit with my phone so it might be a bit

b732cd  No.3077862


I suggested that hope someone listens

b732cd  No.3077920


DONE See you there https://discord.gg/ktykyA>>3077621

88c10e  No.3077927


It's all public knowledge. I don't understand why that's an issue. It's a literal twitter account.

b732cd  No.3078025


I thought I saw someone complaining about using names. Maybe I was mistaken, my apologies

88c10e  No.3078065


Just want to clarify - this was a *false* alert apparently the tech I was working with was unaware of the cell outage in my area. They just called me back and let me know that the towers are in fact down.

I'm an honest investigator and I will not lead anyone astray. That being said - Bill Smith needs to be dug into. We can't let this slide.

Where we go 1 ==WE GO ALL==

b732cd  No.3078255


Thank you! Thank you so much! For finally seeing it and paying attention and not ignoring it like so many others are.

8b976c  No.3078685


make sure someone has your back and think about whether it's possible to set up a Dead Man's switch. Think laterally about other protective measures you could take.

88c10e  No.3081589


I have contingencies in place. The battle is heating up now with the recent Q drops etc.

Very interested to see how it all plays out. I pray for ALL of our safety every night - not a soul discluded. We are in this TOGETHER!

b732cd  No.3081792



14508b  No.3083158


For real?

88c10e  No.3084119


Go away clown

426342  No.3084748



I think #WhereisBillSmith is a great idea for social media… not so sure about the chans

88c10e  No.3084827


its already trending on twitter. we need to compile any research we can find here.

8954aa  No.3085315

For heavens sake, all Q needs to do is say"we're working on it" or "he's safe " or "he gave his life for the cause"… anything


426342  No.3085444


I'm afraid he would just answer 'this is not a game' or something else terribly non committal

8954aa  No.3085464


Well then he needs to say "we dont know but if we find out anything will let you know" or " will let you know as soon as we know anything". But please acknowledge that one of our top warriord is MIA.


88c10e  No.3085489


Instead he quotes LisaMei62 who is a fucking Zionist shill for breitbart which Bill Smith fucking exposed

88c10e  No.3085501

(not related to Bill Smith but relevant to our causes)

Pieces of shit like:


walk free and can do whatever the fuck they please

While people like us who just speak the truth wind up fucking dead.


88c10e  No.3085504

screwed that up meant to be:

(not related to Bill Smith but relevant to our causes)

Pieces of shit like:


walk free and can do whatever the fuck they please

While people like us who just speak the truth wind up fucking dead.


8954aa  No.3085539


Soz, on Sept 17 2018, Q posts a direct link to LisaMei62, which is an obvious endorsement, but won't recognize the disappearance of Q warrior Bill Smith, an obvious slap in the face. I am appalled

88c10e  No.3085553


It's fucking pissing me off to no fucking end right now.

The only thing I can even think of is the statement about "those you're told to trust the most"

I'm fucking pissed dude. My allegiance above all is to Julian Assange who is THE ONLY REAL AND TRUE KING of the chans.

There's something REALLY fucking disturbing about this.

8954aa  No.3085598


Agreed. This whole thing has motivated me to listen to this. Listening now.


8954aa  No.3085791


This video raises at least 2 questions relevant here to Bill:

1) is the Q "experiment" flushing out the most brilliant alt-right Patriot minds and potential leaders (like future presidents) for the purpose of eliminating them; or

2) is Bill part of the Q experiment to see how people will react when one of the top alt right patriot minds/leaders is removed?

3d4bfc  No.3086047



I have many more than two questions from all this. but if I go there I will certainly be labelled a concernfag. so I will let these competing thoughts fight in my own mind until I think I am on the money.

3d4bfc  No.3086084


I want to believe that JA will go free. But I don't see it.

8954aa  No.3086119


Good idea. And it's possible it's not Q's purpose but that the Deep State could be using the Q phenomenon for this purpose riding on its coattails so to speak

3d4bfc  No.3086228


Prob 13v3


ff008b  No.3087884


"Someone needs to explain to me how it's possible that anons fam find #hewillnotdevideus flags and streams located throughout the country yet after 3 weeks we still have 0 info on Bill. This is not good and I am pleading for this community to help us!"


You know I was thinking about this very same scenario no more than 3 days ago myself. How in the actual fuck is this still an unexplained mystery and yet we can fuck Shia Ledouche all day long?

88c10e  No.3088545


We had a lot more info to work with on the Shia thing than we do the Bill Smith thing…

So far we know that Bill Smith:

claims it's his real name,

and that he lives in California



Considering I was born and raised in California - I can virtually guarantee you he lived in Santa Barbara. I grew up not too far north from him. Vandenberg AFB is right next to him which would explain him hearing the planes fly by.

Santa Barbara's coastline the islands are visible. Catalina Island in L.A. is not very visible from the coast line if I recall correctly - correct me if I'm wrong.

c8e6cf  No.3089875


88c10e  No.3097547


6722f5  No.3101338

Everyone - it is very concerning Q is still yet to address this. This could be any one of us who went missing and we can clearly see that it's not an important enough issue to be addressed.

b732cd  No.3105037


I am kind of starting to feel the same way. But, we don't know if maybe it is being looked into behind the scenes, so, I am reserving judgement.. FOR NOW anyways.

426342  No.3107067



is BS a Q-defined patriot? is JA?

88c10e  No.3108627


Bill Smith isn't Julian Assange is.

5a4350  No.3109521


'Patriots protect patriots.'

is this why no action re B'S?

are u sure about JA? don't think he's considered American?

5a4350  No.3109629

are u more anon on 8chan than 4chan? or less? is your UP tracked? answer in recent drops?

5a4350  No.3109646

where is Bill Smith? World Patriot

5a4350  No.3109705

Must some things remain hidden? Does Q think so? Do World Patriots think so?

Is Q apolitical?

5a4350  No.3109764


*should read 'are u more anon on 8chan than 4chan? or less? is your IP tracked? answer in recent drops?'

5a4350  No.3109801

is 'Dems no more' a noble goal? Is BS a Republican?

5a4350  No.3109879

'Leave no man behind'. Is this how grunts make decisions or Generals? Self sacrifice vs sacrifice? what do we call ppl who say 1 thing but do another? Am I a shill if I don't agree with war and distrust military?

5a4350  No.3109919

is chan culture Q culture? what sort or person is Bill? Who do u trust? why?

5a4350  No.3109932


5a4350  No.3110046

if u want to really wake up, trust Christ. He is the Way, The Truth, and The Life. No one can come to the Father but By and through Him. EVERYONE else will disappoint and let u down. even me. even Bill. even if only by dying, we will disappoint

5e3c72  No.3111432


88c10e  No.3113555


I can't say that Julian Assange is protected by Q by any means but it seems Q eludes to it.

Bill Smith is just like anyone of us an the fact Q doesn't mention fucking shit about him gives you a good idea about how much Q and "the military" cares about the safety of those of us doing the heavy pushing.

Probably be wise for Q to address this issue already.

88c10e  No.3113573


There's only varying levels of security. If you're not behind a proxy/VPN then your IP is completely visible by 8chan administrators / board owner/volunteers of this forum.

Same goes for 4chan.

b732cd  No.3114189


If you are just gonna sit here and ask cryptic questions and preach, move on. We are trying to find a Patriot. None of the other crap you mentioned matters in the end, all that matters is HE IS A PATRIOT. He is missing, possibly in danger. That is important whether peoples opinions suggest it is or not. Bill spoke of Christ often, prayed every night, so don’t come in here acting like just because he is not of the same standing as someone like JA he is not worthy or our concern or shouldn’t be worthy of Q’s concern for that matter. Help or go away and stop muddying up the thread.

6e17cf  No.3119698

File: bb753154cbfcbf9⋯.jpg (236.74 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1279621722556.jpg)

It'd BE A REAL smart idea for Q to address #whereisbillsmith right about now.

5c11a5  No.3124672


fa3495  No.3127797


fa3495  No.3127813


a48642  No.3133885


a huebo Eye..good to know..I always hope to know that anons existed that lurked there for gay ass reasons but…but…are bad ass mofos in their realm and keep the darkness fair.

88c10e  No.3141571

Still no response from Q? Wow.

88c10e  No.3146470


71c95d  No.3147404



I truly admire your quest to find Bill Smith. It is very noble & compassionate. It shows you are wired for good and not evil.

Please don't get mad at Q. Q is trying to take down a global cabal network that has its' tentacles everywhere. The entire global banking system, corrupt dictators, weapons for drugs world wide, slave & sex (mostly children) trafficking, huge technocrats with much to lose, most of our Congress, plus many of our top leadership going back to those that eliminated JFK. No corner of the earth can be overlooked to completely eradicate the evil or it will come back.

Q cares alright, but Q is very busy and risking his & many others' lives daily to save all of ours. The stakes are very high.

I know you all are exceedingly intelligent, but maybe fresh eyes from someone that views things from a different angle could be helpful? I follow George Webb @TruthLeaks & watch George Webb YouTube & he is an excellent investigative journalist with hundreds of researchers, analysts, etc helping everyday. Contact him on twitter and ask him for his advice or comment live on his YouTube channel. The people helping him are world wide can find anything. They are truly amazing and they do it for free for him. If they see your comments maybe you'll find some people to help? I know some of them follow Q. George is really brilliant and could very well have some excellent insights for you to try.

I hope I haven't offended anyone. I want to see Bill Smith found too. I don't have the skill sets you all do and hope this can help in some way.

88c10e  No.3148254


Not mad at you but it's as simple as this.

If Q has the fucking time to quote Lisa Mei who is one of the people that Bill Smith asked questions about then Q has the fucking time to address the issue that Bill Smith is missing. Q doesn't address that fact and it's complete and utter bullshit. Not a good track record. If Lisa Mei(former Breitbart employee, DOD Contractor) has Q's supreme approval and regular citizens like Bill Smith get pushed off to the fucking side it sends a real clear message to everyone.

If you're one of our own we will give you a shoutout! If you're a regular U.S. citizen and you go missing - oh, haha - yeah you're fucked we don't give a shit about you.

7887e2  No.3148632


George Webb is a good idea. Will pursue this.


7008b7  No.3150674


Not sure if that is a really good idea after what happened to Jen Moore

2d4fc5  No.3150809

Eye the spy is a fake Q copy cat that blocks people for no reason.

As Q said – no comms outside of 8 ch. Use logic. Many impostors.

7e8c86  No.3152454

File: 3c283a41181f0d9⋯.png (425 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180923-140445.png)


What happened to Jen Moore?

7e8c86  No.3152613


Found it


ac9d84  No.3153243

Where is Bill Smith?

Watched him, SpaceShot and JustInformed for months before "stumbling" onto the Chan!


911a02  No.3153296


found dead in hotel room after attempting to expose Bill Clinton on a child rape case


1a1f90  No.3153351

File: af069071d5d24a7⋯.jpg (33.27 KB, 500x483, 500:483, FuqUPepe.jpg)

1a1f90  No.3153390

File: 13a2d34e45327e1⋯.jpg (15.59 KB, 255x211, 255:211, pepe glasses.jpg)



7e8c86  No.3156419

File: 7c74e20da897e1b⋯.jpg (84.76 KB, 1480x832, 185:104, blizzard-is-forcing-overwa….jpg)

88c10e  No.3156476

Just a update for everyone here on the board.

There is some speculation eluding to Bill Smith may be in protective custody with Q.

Obviously no confirmation…but just thought I'd share that.

7e8c86  No.3157093


Keeping Juluan Assange company?

592de7  No.3157181


Because of this board and others in his personal life I’m betting, there’s enough ink about his disappearance to trigger an inquiry. I trust that’s happening In the meantime literally MILLIONS follow Q so I’m going to stand back understanding the magnitude of that. The other side is, for his protection his status may not be posted here. I’m keeping faith. I trust Q because… Q is all of us. I believe in prayer and pray for the safety of ALL of us. I pray for Q as well. God bless you all, and God be with our patriot and if it is Your, Lord we will learn Bills status of very soon. Keep him in your care. Amen.


ba93a2  No.3159281

File: 5a60e592a8a25cf⋯.jpg (164.24 KB, 1440x903, 480:301, IMG_20180923_221715.jpg)

Q are Autists Safe?

Not a Paranoid-Fag, not a shill either.

Few months ago had what State Police called a very unusual robbery on our farm, they were concerned that it happened while we were home sleeping, our farm is tucked way back into woods off main road so it took some balls to come up this far not knowing if we were armed. Again, State Police were puzzled as to why all tools/ big ticket items left behind but they only stole wallet with little cash and credit cards that they did not use. Living in Rural Farm area we are laid back about locking car doors etc. Out here ALL Farmers carry or have guns for coyotes etc. So we Locked the Farm down learned our lesson and moved on. Writing this just made me think of the movie Signs. Weird!

Well, today Man shows up and says he found my license in a field while doing volunteer roadside clean up on behalf of the Democratic Party. Not many Democrats out here. Is this a simple case of Anon hears the word Democrat and all Alarms go off? Will say since becoming a member of this Q research team my life has been bombarded with signs and Coincidences, some I laugh off and yes I know I am just a Pion in this game so why would CabalCrats come for me.

Guess I Saw this board and felt the need to inquire, I have small kids so this robbery shoke me a bit even if it was just some Country Crack Head. Stay Locked and Loaded muh friends!

b66844  No.3167700


clinton body count

b66844  No.3167722

File: 683ed930b69e7bb⋯.jpg (17.9 KB, 412x600, 103:150, 683ed930b69e7bba9ebd4cfd4a….jpg)

f8698e  No.3168193

File: 1fc4da4b07ff6bb⋯.png (478.47 KB, 600x400, 3:2, agentcar.png)


Not a concern-fag here either. But had a similar WTF scenario in our suburban neighborhood about a month ago. Had been doing some armature "baking" over on r/greatawakening re: CEMEX and some Hussien history. Next day an unfamiliar black suburban SUV was parked outside neighbors house with two agents in suits sitting inside watching our house. Husband noticed them when he pulled in and asked me to come take a look. I walked out and we began walking toward the vehicle. He said "hello" and asked if they needed anything. They just stared back. We got mail and walked back inside. Another vehicle then stopped next to them heading in opposite direction. They chatted and then both vehicles left. Have not seen them since. Should we be concerned?

998be2  No.3168684

File: 630b6686ab0fe3a⋯.png (313.02 KB, 1001x976, 1001:976, readthameme.png)

998be2  No.3168701


>two agents in suits


88c10e  No.3169399


oh man. I'm definitely on (((their))) list but haven't had anything that spooky happen. I'd be concerned. I'd get armed if I were you. These pieces of shit are corrupt. Our FBI is corrupt. Our DOJ is corrupt. They're all corrupt. It's fucking bullshit. They protect FUCKING PEDOPHILES and I am sorry "just doing their jobs" doesn't fucking cut it anymore.

These people are traitors.

b732cd  No.3173707


Gee that’s a new one… move along

20420f  No.3173888

Mods lock this slide thread

b419ee  No.3174014


seriously why is this thread still up. no one cares about some lame fame fag that used other anons work as his own and the 'cabal' certainly doesn't care about some loser either. and neither does Q by the way, why on Earth would he care about some random and how stupid are some of you to think he would?

20420f  No.3174034


Because some faggot keeps pushing this shit to the fucking top. One of 2 culprits, JIDF or SB

88c10e  No.3174406





ARE YOU FUCKING KIKES THAT STUPID? BILL SMITH has ROUTINELY named THE JEW in his videos. and you're going to call the people asking the questions here SB/JIDF? Lisa Mei worked for Breitbart. She's a DOD contractor. Bill Smith called out Lisa Mei on her JEWISH CONNECTIONS. Then he randomly goes and disappears?


Fuck you shills. Fucking faggots. You don't understand the meaning of WWG1WGA QUITE FUCKING OBVIOUSLY you little bitch faggots.

thanks for the bumps though you fucking kike cock suckers

get rekt you fucking shill fucks. TRAITORS! FUCKING TRAITOR SCUM! you deserve to be fucking EXECUTED for TREASON. Bill Smith was ONE OF OUR OWN








Fucking shill fucks

7f367a  No.3174527


You've made 20% of posts this bread.


7f367a  No.3174587

Full Harvest Moon eating the chans.

7f367a  No.3174599

So what? Am I the only anon left?


b0a0e5  No.3174644


Everybody went out to look at the moon.

88c10e  No.3174653




I've made some if not the largest contribution to finding Bill Smith. I'm anything but a glow nigger and post count means absolutely nothing in regards to someone being a glownigger I just so happened to be one of the most dedicated individuals to find bill smith on this board.

2f7ce0  No.3176207

Do we have any reason to doubt that George Webb is a white hat?

Insignia files?

88c10e  No.3176220


not sure. Webb mentioned Eliahi's insignia files?

4b3840  No.3176321

Q 1245 Those who are the loudest….

Maybe he got arrested, maybe sued cause he went HARD on some people. I cant believe they let him go on as long as he did. I liked the guy except for the Zionist Jew targeting I wasn't into. Gotta move on..

88c10e  No.3176338


>I liked the guy except for the Zionist Jew targeting I wasn't into. Gotta move on..

The Zionist fucking jews are the number 1 fucking problem.

2f7ce0  No.3176484


No mention of files. Was wondering if Webb was mentioned in the files..

Just heard him say, "whatever Q says I will say the opposite."

Start listening at 15:15

https://youtu .be/-PXfp9KO4sA

7008b7  No.3177005

Can we fucking not get sidetracked by all of this George Webb bullshit


This anon has the best clues so far.

How about some anon's start canvassing the Santa Barbara near Vandenberg Air Force base.

If he is reasonably well known in the neigbourhood we might get more leads on if he is alive or not.

330623  No.3178825


they're fallen angels, not aliens. Why do you think the elite worship Lucifer? do you really think they're making sacrifices to aliens? Devil worship goes back to the time of the flood. read the book of enoch. It will make much more sense to you. CE5 crap is psyop!! you invite demons into your heart chakra. Devil comes as an angel of light.

817312  No.3179602


Luke 17:26 KJV — And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.

27 They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all.

Ok so WHO were they marrying?

Gen 6:1And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,

2That the sons of God [Elohiym - angels[ saw the daughters of men [adam] that they were fair; and they took them WIVES of all which they chose.

4There were giants [gibbor - nephilim] in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

You can read the rest of it but this is why God brought the great flood to destroy the gibbor

817312  No.3179632


And as we read in Luke they're coming back and probably are already here.

Did you note in the Q Q&A someone asked if we were alone and Q said no we are not alone look at the vastness of the universe?

7008b7  No.3180297

Is this the bble board or the missing q researcher board?

817312  No.3182318


The nephilims got Bill

88c10e  No.3186312


fcac60  No.3189832


I wouldn't freak out, it's probably some homeless dude stumbled down your road, and he grabbed what was easiest. Didn't want to get caught with incriminating evidence, so chucked the license. Or some drunken teens out for a joy ride. Be vigilant, but not paranoid.

6d9c4f  No.3190578


If you know that Bill Smith is safe and healthy, will you please use the phrase "do pigs fly" or "do pigs squeal" in one of your drops?

Alternatively, will you please have POTUS say this phrase?

Thank you .

f7a14b  No.3191062


No dates on that eye the spy tweet. I suspect he knows of Bill Smith's whereabouts and let us hope he is still alive or eye the fucking spy better hope he is still alive like he fucking claims and doesn't have something to do with Bill Smith's going missing.

6d9c4f  No.3191108


I'm thinking and hoping ETS is just talking out of his arse

937ce4  No.3191214


yah dude my mom & her husbund are the laid back too, not locking their doors. Well guess what? one day a drunken homeless walked right in lol. They live in 1/2 suburb 1/2 boonies. I live in the big city so I lock my shit for sure lol

6d9c4f  No.3191224


Yep. Locked and loaded!

e40333  No.3191371



6d9c4f  No.3191429


They came here to destroy Yahweh's creation

e40333  No.3191439


Interesting you should say this. This comment from yesterday caught my attention, but it was BEFORE you said this:

▶Anonymous 09/25/18 (Tue) 19:57:01 baec70 No.3184967


Dear Q,

This is for Mr. Magoo (The Silent Executioner) POTUS & of course, you.


PS: “The time has come," the Walrus said, “To talk of many things: Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax– Of cabbages–and kings– And why the sea is boiling hot– And whether pigs have wings.”

Ya hear what I am saying?

For those who can accept it, the Walrus is Paul."

Can this be connected?

6d9c4f  No.3191655


Good question. Do the walrus' err walls have ears? I was conferring with someone about this message earlier in the morning. I'll need to look up time frames.

6d9c4f  No.3192153

File: aa88471823349c0⋯.png (181.76 KB, 2560x1440, 16:9, Screenshot_20180926-104802.png)


Strange. i cannot find this post on the qresearch board

And i am getting 404 msgs when attempting to open older board msgs from 9/25

e40333  No.3193775


curiouser and curiouser….

e1c9a8  No.3194431

i developed such stress from KNOWING this shit is going on and all the fucking rabbit holes that im grinding/clenching my teeth. MY JAW IS KILLING ME!!!

idgaf i need medication to deal.detach detach….

f66158  No.3194608




Can't any of you read?

2ab72d  No.3199235

Things That Go Bump in the night

b732cd  No.3199254


Yes we can read, we just don’t answer ridiculous questions.

2ab72d  No.3217633

If anyone lives in Portland OR or nearby. that can check on a lead, please come to discord chat and contact moderators. Thanks.

7008b7  No.3228621

One of Bill Smith's youtube buddies, Urban Moving, has this interesting video


6a8021  No.3230556


88c10e  No.3242858


546fdf  No.3265740


Something just doesn't sit right with me and urban moving.

546fdf  No.3265766

We need more signatories of the petition

Please get the word out!


7008b7  No.3265971


All I know is that he is one of the many fellow youtubers that Biill has recommended his viewers watch

cc0fa0  No.3266168


This is how hight the tides of fakery rise. The lie machine. Stupid, and soon to be destroyed.

546fdf  No.3266455


Did you notice how Urban moving tries to compare himself to Bill and even make it sound like he's smarter than Bill? That just didn't sit right with me. he will never be as good as Bill

546fdf  No.3267273


I only wish it was fake. A lot of us could rest a lot easier. But I think situations much more serious

546fdf  No.3267311

Calling ArchangelPepe

ac9d84  No.3277212

Where is Bill Smith?

43bd1e  No.3286760

Hang in there Bill, we're going to find you and help you

63b796  No.3292887


I agree coffee is a hard one to kick. And it smells way too good. What does CAP stand for?

82d9cc  No.3311692

Receiving reports that the Discord #where-is-bill-smith or whatever could very well be compromised.

Cult-like leadership. Demanding that people adhere to their investigation procedures which have no general consensus and are arbitrated by a select few and unverified sources.

So far this is the best lead found:


If anyone knows this Bill Smith come here with some kind of information verifying his safety.

Lots of people are worried about Bill.

b732cd  No.3315278


It is not compromised. Cult like leadership? Seriously? Asking that information not be made public until it can be vetted and for info that could dox Bill or anyone else to not be put on the board is not cult like it’s a responsible way to handle things. So wherever you are hearing that which I’m guessing is from the person who was kicked out for question those requests, is bullshitting you because they are butt hurt. It’s all about finding Bill safe and getting to the bottom of his disappearance. Period. Stop spreading lies, that’s precisely why the board doesn’t need info made public until it is vetted. To prevent rumors and lies and possible doxxing. Why don’t you do your own research into such claims before you spread disinfo, works out much better in the long run for Bill.

b732cd  No.3315383


And that lead you tagged, is heresay, offered by someone who can offer absolutely no proof to their claims other than cryptic remarks like “I know what I know because I’m an anon so I can’t tell you how I know but I’m 90% positive this is our Bill” everyone researching this is looking into that lead and so far no sauce, hopeful it pans out but as of yet, it hasn’t. Facts matter.

01f18d  No.3316356


The STUPID thing about your comment is, no one was making or going to make any private or confidential information public. The only information that has so far been obtained is public information. So your reasoning doesn't hold water. in fact is just plain dumb so it seems more like a cultic group than anything because Cults try to control everything and don't want people going out on their own. Duh

88c10e  No.3316398



"as an anon" i've seen exactly what cult like leadership looks like over the last 15 years of my participation in multiple "factions" of anon and booting me out of your investigation without even talking to me was nonsense. i doxxed no one and i presented a very decent lead.

you can have your investigation and others will continue on their own ways. all the matters to me is finding bill and making sure he's safe. i'd be participating more but i'm in the middle of a bunch of stuff.

01f18d  No.3316518


I agree. Your lead is the most viable lead that has come up yet. And to share with you information concerning that lead that you were instrumental in finding, is reasonable. And for those in control of the #whereisBillSmith Discord chat room to start nitpicking and criticizing and strong-arming someone who would share information with you about that particular lead is ridiculous.

d43573  No.3316658

The Discord channel is not compromised. Obviously there are 2 butt hurt ppl out there who were banned yesterday. Person #1 repeatedly leaked private info on the ppl she was working with. She also owns the GoFundMe page and her and person person#2 were soliciting Funds from the group in a irresponsible and misdirecting way…. No cult like leadership, just being responsible with ppl's private information. These Two I would not recommend giving them the time a day…. SJW BUTT HURT SCAM ARTIST

Post last edited at

b732cd  No.3316768



Public information is searched for strenuously yes. The fact of the matter is, the information posted publicly by this “anon” made it instantly connect to Bill. IF it is actually bill or IF it is not, that is now out for the whole world to see as a connection to Bill. If someone with I’ll will towards he or his family was to see that it puts not only Bill in danger, but also whoever is connected to that info even if it isn’t Bill. That is what makes putting in a public forum in connection with Bill irresponsible. So I am not the stupid one here. Any ANON would have known better than to do that. So again I will state, that is not cult like, that is handling things responsibly. Whether you or anyone else wants to believe it or not.

88c10e  No.3316778


You're speaking to "person #1" and person "#1" didn't release shit and "person #1" posted this: >>3088545 here before "person #1" even joined your chat.

==That is THE ONLY== information I have posted on a possible Bill Smith connection. and you made yourselves look like a fucking cult by kicking us out without even having your damn facts straight. Let me add - I've been running investigations on the internet for years son. This isn't my first rodeo and I'm not here to "doxx" people. I'm here to find Bill Smith.

Now shut up and go back to your fucking Discord and find Bill Smith. This isn't a cock waving contest and to tell you the truth I really give a fuck what you think.

01f18d  No.3316801


What she means by leaking private information of the person she was working with is that instead of using the Discord handle name, the alleged leaker used her Twitter handle name as found under "Twitter names" in the whereisbillsmith Discord board. And even though this person, this alleged leaker, had been using that same handle for a month and was never asked not to use it, it suddenly became a major issue. So much so that she blew a gasket and started criticizing and complaining over Petty things. stupid

88c10e  No.3316807


don't really give a fuck what you think - but you get the point.

b732cd  No.3316811


What makes their lead the most viable? Has he provided proof that makes his claim of it being 90% possible it’s Bill? No, a number of people have tried to contact that lead with no response. That is not a 90% possibility as he claims it to be. That is not viable, nor even close. Being cryptic with info to the people who only want to find Bill safe and sound is not helping, that’s reminiscent of eye the spy and unirock bullshit.

88c10e  No.3316856


Also, don't post your fucking email on 8chan unless you want to get d0xxed yourself.

There's plenty of trolls waiting to fuck with someone on this very board, believe me. I did the liberty of reporting it to moderation for you so they hopefully correct your newfaggot mistake so you don't get doxxed - because i'm such a bad person #1 and all

d43573  No.3316867


This person got kicked off the Discord Channel because he was soliciting $$$$ from group member, made of with $115 + The other person that was banned was Repeatedly warned and repeatedly leaked private info on the board also was she runs the GoFundMe Page and I wanted nothing to do with it after I saw how she was using the $ I have had to issue apologies b/c of hyped up misinformation and offer refunds out of pocket

Post last edited at

b732cd  No.3316870


Wtf are you talking about? No one posted their email

88c10e  No.3316949


What makes the lead so viable? Bill Smith posted he was a I.T. person, phone numbers connected to 2 different locations that are both confirmed to be locations Bill Smith frequented(both states AND cities are completely accurate to his youtube videos and other information expressed within other communities not on your Discord) and the fact he had a divorce and the same lead we have located has a fucking child. That's what makes it credible. This is all backed up by his own persona testimonies to having custody problems, etc.


I solicited money? I did not receive any money nor would I ask for any money to do any of this work. The money that was received went to a PUBLICLY AVAILABLE BACKGROUND CHECK service that ANYONE can use - and I'm sure the person who received said donations would be MORE THAN HAPPY to refund them.

Not speaking for myself as I didn't receive any of those funds you literal fucking brainlet. The person who did receive the funds I am more than sure would be happy to refund them, however.

You guys are fucking stupid. Go back to finding Bill Smith because clearly not everyone in that chat was as dumb as you fucking are.

88c10e  No.3316990


Holy fuck. Go back to your fucking Discord and get off the chans. You clearly don't belong here.

See: >>3316867

Then click on "Keer81" and tell me what you fucking see.

b732cd  No.3317004


Where did he ever say he had a child or was married?

88c10e  No.3317030


In one of his youtube videos. I do believe one of your own chat members pointed this out. Ask your chat for confirmation.

b732cd  No.3317079


No they didn’t. I watched every single one of his videos back through one by one and read every last comment to each video. He NEVER said he was married or divorced nor said he had a child or even insinuated he had a child

b732cd  No.3317105


I took exhaustive notes of every video. Never mentioned either. So unless you know something no one else who’s ever seen his videos since you’re an ANON, then no one has ever heard that info from him

b732cd  No.3317136


No one ever said that in discord. It was never brought up until YOU put it out here in this thread

88c10e  No.3317183



I know for a fact someone out of your discord eluded to custody issues. That was spoken about the first day I joined, the first day I joined was 9/25/18

Scroll down from there and look for it. I would if I could but clearly I cannot because of your fine moderation abilities. Fortunately - around these parts, we don't fucking censor people.

b732cd  No.3317238


I remember that and as I said it was never brought up until YOU posted it here in this thread. The same day you posted it, someone took a screen shot of your Chan post and shared it to the discord. Then a subsequent conversation ensued about how no one had ever heard bill say anything of the sort. That night YOU stayed here that you wanted the link to the discord and would be there and we would KNOW WHO YOU ARE. That is the first time anyone ever said anything about it. I’m response to YOUR POST HERE.

88c10e  No.3317267



I retract - you got me there.

This is where I got the custody idea from: >>3054573

Whatever validity there is or is not to that I cannot say. I mistakenly thought I had read it in the discord. I do know for a fact Bill has eluded to being a techy - he points it out in his video where he says he has to rebuild his machine.

Regardless - The two different cities, the two different states, the information I SENT YOU regarding his contact information ALL ADDS UP to the Bill Smith that I made the Santa Barbara connection to and it's the best fucking lead any of us have yet.

So get back to work and we will continue on our own ways. This is accomplishing nothing.

d43573  No.3317302

>>3316398 he was kicked off for soliciting fund on the discord channel and today he is but hurt. him and another women were irresponsible with information and money. misguided ppl in the group to donate for an irresponsible lead.

01f18d  No.3317312


It was explained to you on numerous occasions all the evidence pointing to the viability of this particular lead, and mind you, it is the only lead that is remotely close to finding Bill.

Now you two said you're Detective friend thinks Bill's in Huntington Beach but the closest Air Base to Huntington Beach is a friggin 16 miles away. the bottom line is the two of you in control had a hissy fit and booted the two of us out that were actually doing something productive in finding Bill, and you did so because I wouldn't agree with you that my partner here could not be trusted. that's the main reason you kicked us out because I shared some public information with him, which was reasonable, against your demands, after the fact. and your reaction is very very cult like. You don't agree with the master boom you're gone. Talk about ETS and uniroc! HAH!!!

Projecting much?

88c10e  No.3317399


Are you fucking blind? The funds we're for a BACKGROUND CHECK which YOUR TEAM HAS

None of you consulted with me - I have barely even been on the fucking computer the past 48 hours. I did not receive any of that money you fucking idiot and I am sure >>3317312

would be happy to reimburse to you and you can hire your "private detective"

By the way, what fucking detective so much as picks up a pen for $100?

I don't need any fucking money to do this work and I've already got new leads that I'd be happy to share if you ass clowns hadn't kicked me out of your chat. But I will leave you to your own volition. I am sure we can accomplish far greater without bullshit drama.

I'm out. Find Bill Smith. That's all that fucking matters.

01f18d  No.3317410



Would you like me to post a screenshot of where I asked you if your detective friend could run a background report and your response was that you would donate to the GoFundMe in order to have that report run?. Would you like for me to post that so you can see it because your altar apparently doesn't remember it?

88c10e  No.3317420


dont even bother just let them spin in circles they're far more interested in publishing this stupid fucking drama then they are doing actual research.

01f18d  No.3317463


You're right. I should just let it go but I have a compulsion to try to get people to think.

01f18d  No.3317484


You're right. I should just let it go but I have this compulsion to try to get people to think.

db3a6d  No.3317554


Who’s throwing the hissy fit here? You are the one throwing insults at us like a damn child because we enforced rules that were put in place to protect people. That’s not censorship, that is being responsible. Period. Get over it.

c88d37  No.3317658


>You are the one throwing insults at us like a damn child because we enforced rules

>we enforced rules


kek this is why the chans are so effective and your discord isnt. we dont have any rules. sounds like you all suck at investigating tbqh senpai

9ff58f  No.3317781


Rules about doxxing Bill? As I recall you posted doxxing information that I asked you to remove but you're responsr was "the bell has already rung" and "I can't unring it." So foes that justify posting more doxxing information again? Think

b732cd  No.3317815


Whatever makes you feel better about acting like a child. And the Chan’s don’t tolerate doxxing either, at least the Q Research doesn’t, it states that very clearly in the RULES page when you join the board. I wish you all the luck in finding him because that’s all any of us want. As for this, I’m done dealing with children. You two can have this thread that I started, I won’t be part of something that spreads lies because you for your fee fees hurt.

b732cd  No.3317838


That was my response, after I deleted it. But my point still stands, that information previously posted by your little friend was already all over twitter at that point and had been mentioned numerous times in discord. So no, you can’t unring that bell.

c88d37  No.3317920


kek im just here for seing if anyone found bill smith and watching idiots dox themselves by posting emails

probably fucked up by getting rid of

>>3316398 tbqh

d43573  No.3318086

The Discord Channel is fine. You may come across 2 Butt Hurt ppl who were banned yesterday. 1person who was working with the main team and repeatedly leaked private information on team mates and had her own ideas about her GoFundMe Page which I did not want to promote. person 2 was soliciting money from group for misleading promises. I have issued apologies and offered refunds from my own pocket because of these 2 very naïve and irresponsible ppl. There Lead Is a no go, Ive read the file myself and could of done it for free if she properly communicated with me instead of asking pp 4 $$$….n yes im a newfag but have to start somewhere :)

88c10e  No.3318148


I'm confused. You keep referring to me as though I spread a bunch of information. The only thing I ever posted ever about Bill Smith was the Santa Barbara connection and then the other information I found which I sent PRIVATELY to the admins of the team.

What am I accused of here? I don't fucking understand. People are posting shit on Twitter? What are they posting on Twitter? I didn't post any fucking social media anywhere. I did not link any of the suspected social media accounts to your discord. Yet I continuously am being blamed for something I literally do not fucking understand.

Do you see why this comes off like a fucking cult? People were making possible connections in your Discord after I proposed the Santa Barbara lead to your Discord(WHICH I POSTED HERE FIRST.) Other people - not me, had posted the potential social media accounts. That's the point of having a fucking chat dedicated to researching a specific subject. Posting potential leads, drawing connections and consensus. Yet you are all blaming me for…. what exactly? I literally don't fucking understand.

I didn't post shit to Twitter. I didn't post social media anywhere. I didn't do shit. I don't understand what the fuck any of you literal cultists are babbling the fuck about right now. What do you expect - for everyone in your chat to privately message eachother on potential leads? What the fuck is the point of that?

Absolutely fucking retarded.

88c10e  No.3318160


I asked if anyone could donate to the gofundme which was literally posted in this thread 2 weeks ago or some shit.

Also - it's not my fucking gofundme you fucking idiot

9ff58f  No.3318218


I will say the same thing to you. Would you like for me to put a screenshot of where I did not want to start a GoFundMe page but the two of you insisted and thought it was a good idea?

88c10e  No.3318226


Also the money that was donated paid for a background check on the suspected Bill Smith you literal fucking idiot. I really enjoy how you perpetually forget to mention that.

And - your team has that background check.

9ff58f  No.3318241

d43573  No.3318280

The Discord Channel is fine. You may come across 2 Butt Hurt ppl who were banned yesterday. 1person who was working with the main team and repeatedly leaked private information on team mates and had her own ideas about her GoFundMe Page which I did not want to promote. person 2 was soliciting money from group for misleading promises. I have issued apologies and offered refunds from my own pocket because of these 2 very naïve and irresponsible ppl. There Lead Is a no go, Ive read the file myself and could of done it for free if she properly communicated with me instead of asking pp 4 $$$….n yes im a newfag but have to start somewhere :)

9ff58f  No.3318312



Also would you like for me to also post a screenshot where I asked you two about whether it was a good idea to seek Monies for the GoFundMe campaign for the purpose of running a background report and where you, dear, said "good idea"? How I cleared it with you two that we would use the money for the purpose of running a background report? Would you please stop lying and talking out of both sides of your mouth? you're just making yourself look more and more like an idiot

88c10e  No.3318317

File: ec0d2746ef4cd14⋯.png (77.22 KB, 645x729, 215:243, 1512280070962.png)

d43573  No.3318453

The Discord Channel is fine. You may come across 2 Butt Hurt ppl who were banned yesterday. 1person who was working with the main team and repeatedly leaked private information on team mates and had her own ideas about her GoFundMe Page which I did not want to promote. person 2 was soliciting money from group for misleading promises. I have issued apologies and offered refunds from my own pocket because of these 2 very naïve and irresponsible ppl. There Lead Is a no go, Ive read the file myself and could of done it for free if she properly communicated with me instead of asking pp 4 $$$….n yes im a newfag but have to start somewhere :)

9ff58f  No.3318493


Miss you bud

c88d37  No.3318539

File: c5ce21b1ae5ef3f⋯.jpg (66.13 KB, 410x292, 205:146, 73954556.jpg)








88c10e  No.3318655


>There Lead Is a no go


Our lead is a no go? To quite the contrary it is definitively the best lead anyone has yet. None of the family members connected to this Bill Smith's social media are responding to our inquiries about this particular Bill Smith's well-being, the employers are elusive and the best we have is that we don't have an obituary. That being said - this specific Bill Smith has been DIRECTLY contacted and has visibly shown social media activity yet responds to NONE of our requests for confirmation of well-being.

Do you know what this is indicative of?

This is indicative of a GAG ORDER and/or people controlling his social media to maintain an online presence of some sort or another.

You can speculate on what the worst case scenario is yourself.

That being said - it's clearly very fucking obvious that this person doesn't even known how to say "you have the wrong person" or "yes i am okay" - etc. Which raises a plethora of more questions.

To simply state that "their lead is a no go" is a shill fucking move on your part dumbfuck. This probably IS the Bill Smith we are looking for. That being said - we have no way to verify it. But for you to be so ignorant or subversive to suggest that it's simply not the Bill Smith we're looking for is quite obviously FALSE.

This lead is FAR from being confirmed false and has all the signs pointing towards it being the actual Bill Smith. You and your cult group are looking more suspicious by the fucking minute. Go talk with your magical private investigator. We'll be doing the real digging right here on the fucking chans.

9ff58f  No.3318794


Indeed as you pointed out we are catching all this flack from these shills because we are over the target, eh?

8954aa  No.3326060

Update on Bill Smith

A background report was obtained on a viable lead, the only viable leave obtained so far, that contains additional public information on possible ways to make contact with this particular Bill Smith.

We now have potential emails and additional addresses and phone numbers for the purpose of pursuing our Quest to do a wellness check on Bill Smith. We will keep you posted of any progress that we make.

Thank you all for your prayers, your support and your concern.

6d9c4f  No.3372544

File: 95ee21b1449a8e1⋯.png (2.92 MB, 2821x8146, 2821:8146, GFM chat.png)

#WhereisBillSmith Discord Chat

This chat room was set up for those interested in doing a wellness check and finding out what happened to Bill Smith. Unfortunately, we had very little to go on. We didn't know where he lived. We didn't know anyone that knew him personally. We weren't even sure if we knew his real name.

Upon finding a viable lead, there was suddenly division in the chat room leading to the banning of one of the moderators and an 8chan anon. This division is being documented here for those who want to know the circumstances behind what happened.

After numerous members in the chat room reviewed the videos on Bill Smith's youtube channel,  the following statement gave us a good clue about where to find Bill.

 ‘I live in SoCal’ and ‘You can now see the islands off the coast for the first time since I’ve lived here’ said in the same comment.

In addition, you can hear jets flying by in many of the videos. Bill also mentioned going to a park.

I had posted messages on 8chan qresearch board concerning Bill. After posting these clues, hoping to find help, bingo! One of the anons figured out where Bill was mostly from based on the clues. He came to the #WhereisBillSmith Discord chat room and working with his info along with a phone number we had obtained, ee also had an area code for Bill's possible location. As a result. I found a linkedin profile that matched most if no all of the clues: name, both locations, jet path, address near a park, same line of work.

Me and another one in the chat searched some public records for this particular William Smith.. We obtained some phone numbers, family members, emails, addresses, and work places mostly for family members, but no phone nos. or email directly for this particular Bill.

After calling all these places and attempting to contact family members and the workplace, we hit a brick wall. No one would call back, no one would respond to emails, etc. So, we needed to dig deeper. That's when it was determined that we needed to run a more comprehensive (public) background report to see if we could find more phone nos. and emails. it was cleared by all the moderators that we woul seek and use Gofundme funds to pay for the report

Here is the gist of the phone chats with the Discord chat room moderators (names and phone nos. redacted). I am indicated on the right with the blue or grey bar. The other 2 moderators are indicated on the left with the red and green bars.

This first chat is one concerning the setting up of the GoFundMe campaign, which was a team effort.

6d9c4f  No.3372590

File: 94a6b038a6d2f91⋯.png (2.09 MB, 2922x8183, 2922:8183, GFM approval.png)

The second chat is one concerning the approval of the team for the purpose of using GoFundMe funds for the purpose of running the report: As indicated in this chat, all of the team members agreed either directly or impliedly to using GoFundMe funds for running the report.

They denied approving the use of Gofunfme funds but the evidence is clear

6d9c4f  No.3372618

After running the report, I shared it with the anon who was instrumental in finding this one viable lead we had. The report only contains public information that anyone could have obtained and the anoncould have run the report himself if he wanted to . So basically no harm was done.

Yet, the other 2 moderators turned on me and banned me and the anon from the Discord chat room. They were furious I had shared the report with the anon before they had a chance to review it. When I refused to agree with them that the anon could not be trusted, they banned me and him from the chat. the chats to support this follow

6d9c4f  No.3373596

File: 8aec6d692a25545⋯.png (3.98 MB, 3014x8097, 3014:8097, Screenshot pts 1.png)

6d9c4f  No.3373621

File: bdaeba77d1566ca⋯.png (2.99 MB, 3183x8127, 1061:2709, Screenshot pts 2.png)

6d9c4f  No.3373647

File: d0e452ee23d9ced⋯.png (2.94 MB, 2992x8179, 2992:8179, Screenshot pts 3.png)

6d9c4f  No.3373667

File: 2bfbc28c8339df3⋯.png (2.99 MB, 2992x7930, 1496:3965, Screenshot pts 4.png)

6d9c4f  No.3373699

File: c7f41a99ac7c7b3⋯.png (3.18 MB, 2992x8213, 2992:8213, Screenshot pts 5.png)

6d9c4f  No.3373729

File: cab92fb9fe8d974⋯.png (1.77 MB, 2320x6987, 2320:6987, Screenshot pts 6.png)

6d9c4f  No.3373758

File: 1f197fe38ec2ddf⋯.png (1.98 MB, 2320x8047, 2320:8047, Screenshot pts 7.png)

9c959d  No.3406623


957124  No.3449361

What does CE5 have to do with Bill Smith missing?

Have you undertaken the Ambassador Protocols? I'd suggest you haven't if you are raising it on these boards.

They wouldn't come near him nor anyone else under the current circumstances but if you were trained you'd know that.

This isn't the time or platform to even be mentioning CE5.

01f18d  No.3465214

What are the chances?

Found a William Smith that mighy be our Bill. Attempted to connect with him on LinkedIn. It shows he viewed the profile but did not accept the connection request.

I called his workplace, receptionist said he wasn't available, was out to lunch or something, Asked if he had an assistant. the answer was no. I asked to speak with someone listed on the company directory. The receptionist said no one was there. I asked for his voicemail but was told he didn't have one and that there was only one phone line for the whole company. She asked if she could take a message & have him call me. I left my number but he never called back.

I sent an email to the company's info addy. I asked if Bill Smith would contact me or if he no longer worked there will someone else please contact me. I received an email reply from someone else. Asked him to give me a call. He called me and I asked them if Bill was no longer working there and he replied that Bilp WAS still working there. When I asked why Bill didn't call me since my email specifically said for someone else to contact me if he no longer work there, They would not tell me why. Instead. they wanted to know why I wanted to speak with him. I said we had been talking with him about doing some work together and I hadn't heard from him for a long time and I wanted to find out what happened. But this guy would not tell me anything. I asked if he could at least tell me if Bill was okay. He said he couldn't tell me anything more.

I also found someone related to this particular Bill, his father, and an email for his father. I sent an email inquiring about Bill. But the father did not reply.

I also found an email for this particular Bill and sent him two emails but he has not replied to either one.

I also have some phone numbers for a couple of family members and for his residence but no one answers.

Because everyone is being so evasive and elusive, I tend to think that I am over the Target and that this is our Bill Smith who has gone dark. The question is why? Why won't he respond? why won't anyone tell me anything?Any ideas?

Anyone know a private investigator on the West Coast that might be willing to follow up on this lead?

498689  No.3468746


Maybe bill wants you to waste your time looking for him?

c7e94a  No.3468898

Fuck bill the shill smith.

Get a life unicorn followers and do some real research.

f556da  No.3469898


neck yourself faggot

d43573  No.3477995


U leaked personal info on myself and others repeatedly (6-7 times) she disclosed my sources here n on the discord board. Ppl get banned for a lot less. We gave u reported warnings and then u n ur friend used the board to collect $$$ For something I could of got for free. She actually sucked $115 outta the group and hasn’t answered for it. Because of this I had to offer a full refund out of my own pocket because I didn’t want to loose good members. She causes me a lot of time on damage control n the group is running much better. We banned two members and the called us a cult lol she is a disaster!

d43573  No.3478127


Is a psycho women… never internet date cause ur the kind of person who falls for anything lol get over it… you messed up repeatedly, disclosed persoanal info repeatedly u disclosed sources repeatedly and u were a headache and I had it with u and ur friend when I saw u guys pressing members for money when your lead was garbage and I could of done if for free. $115 she ripped off group members n I had to offer to pay out of pocket just so we didn’t loose good members. Ban two members and they come here and call us a cult lol she is incompetent n that’s why she n her friend are not part of the discord group. I am sorry to her friend but she didn’t do u any favours… I do apologize to him tho.

d43573  No.3479634


This is why she got kicked out lol incompetent,crazy fucking moron

A lesson is to be learned here… just cause someone is Christian, doesn’t mean they are not insane lmao your a desperate traitor.

d43573  No.3479687


Did u just put together a jack Pasobic Conversation together our to make ur self look good…. shall I post the real convo? This is really sad L.

bac79f  No.3499658





The chats above speak for themselves. No personal info leaked.

It is clear you both aproved of raising funds for the investigative report.

But this is what Shills do. You present them with evidence and they attack you with ad hominems because they don't have any good Arguments, only knee-jerk reactions

bac79f  No.3499748





Notice I didn't attack them personally but just presented what they wrote in their chats with me and my responses. in response they throw a lot of dirt but have no evidence to back up their claims. They throw me under the bus and then turn around and call me a traitor. LOL

918238  No.3499857

File: 7d38d2ca341877c⋯.png (203.26 KB, 316x446, 158:223, f.png)

bac79f  No.3509772

File: 405ab8b8cbd74d1⋯.png (2.97 MB, 1408x1825, 1408:1825, 20181017_042819.png)

6dbb12  No.3528447

I firmly believe that if Bill Smith had abandoned his YouTube channel and Twitter account he would have deleted them. Instead everyone that has sent him private messages on Twitter have reported that he has not even read those messages, mine included. this suggests something has happened to him. If he had decided to take a break he would have told us. But since he didn't tell us anything I suspect his taking a break was unexpected.

9c959d  No.3561532


c40fbb  No.3563429


Oh right!! I leaked personal info about you. You mean your first name that you have on public display on twitter and in the #whereisbillsmith discord chat room?

Now THAT accusation IS totally psycho!

6b99d6  No.3566268

Thank god for this containment board of loose cannon faggots. As for Bill Smith i bought a new kitchen appliance package from him


57c4ac  No.3602808


If he doesnt sirface after the mass arrests following midterms, i will lose all hope.

85e3d4  No.3603017


Kabamur's mother passed away dude :(

64ab50  No.3632130

https:// youtu.be/FX7zgO6FQaI Check out Trumps Illinois Rally around the 1:01:00 mark. He said something about a Bill Smith.

5d1912  No.3634338


neck yourself shill faggot

5d1912  No.3634397


"His Name was Seth Rich" ? thats all i heard

32b28e  No.3651592


A Bill Smith, not The Bill Smith.

188080  No.3710236


476718  No.3715928

Once again, Q endorses Crowley while apparently not giving one iota about Bill Smith

0af60f  No.3716242

File: f54155812606719⋯.jpg (476.73 KB, 832x1024, 13:16, MarlFAke.jpg)

a48642  No.3717768

File: b6784a38d1a4160⋯.jpg (17.36 KB, 295x199, 295:199, 1111.jpg)

07866a  No.3733715


Heard where Trump mentions Bill Smith after the 3.00.0 TS on the link. Very cool

188080  No.3736726


Lets hope that means that Bill Smith is actually alive.

It is pretty disgusting that Bill Smith uncovers Lisa Mei Crowley as a possible shill and Q keeps quoting her. Then Bill disappears

07866a  No.3740550


I'm leaning toward his being badly hurt not dead. Have not found any obits or mussing persons reports on him. In the Trump rallt video, Trump mentioned a couple of times about how there are bad people out there who are hurting people. I wonder if he was referring to Bill as one of the ones who was hurt. I sure hope not.

ff8f19  No.3747698


Do you think it is a coincidence that Trump refers to Bill in the 45 min time frame twice and even refers to him as President Bill?

47891a  No.3777526


Could "President Bill" be a suggestion to Bill Clinton?

14d155  No.3807607

Could Bill have been Masonanon?

Masonanon went quiet after a flurry of posts stating he got to 32 degree freemasonary level in 2 years, via the media industry. Hollywood.


47891a  No.3825026


Bill disappeared 3 weeks after masonanon's last post so probably not but… Mason's get their throats slit if they reveal Masonic secrets

8fb21a  No.3826322

This whole Q thing gets really fishy. I am sick of the lies we are being spread to. And Q is apparently just another one. Especially since he does not even care about missing researchers.

da31ff  No.3826556

File: 1a9a677cdef3848⋯.png (365.3 KB, 1404x514, 702:257, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at ….png)


8fb21a  No.3840908


188080  No.3864869


50786d  No.3932606

File: f8f3db75777fd80⋯.jpg (70.59 KB, 504x360, 7:5, Steele Quote.jpg)

188080  No.3983320

still not news on his whereabouts but q is still posting links to that dodgy Lisa Mei Crowlery twitter user Bill was suspicious of.'

ded8f6  No.3983354

File: 2d110c7270aba04⋯.png (1.02 MB, 996x666, 166:111, jimmyy.png)

we see you you little coward

7abed0  No.3989435


Q has disappointed me greatly in this regard. Sad. Very sad.

ecab16  No.4015926

"The average life expectancy of a child sold into pedophilia is 2 years old."

Robert David Steele, Chief Counsel

Commission on Pedophilia

https://youtu .be/-8wEywjwPO8

a33a91  No.4033366

"The greatest threat to the United States of America is not China or Russia, it's Zionist Israel." Robert David Steele, Chief Counsel, Commission on Pedophilia


32521e  No.4034989


Simple. Q is a lie and is fake. Not hard to see. Reconcile! (Q's words)

32521e  No.4035005


They 'have it all" and use none of it? No. Q is fake and has zero.

ba9fed  No.4046443



Q is not fake…too many proofs….However was Q sending a message to those of us asking #whereisBillSmith when he posting:

https://mobile.twitter.com/maggieNYT/status/1065100343846031362 ?

If so, slap in the face

42d358  No.4137917


2b8591  No.4161976

File: 74b0b7b8188edc3⋯.jpg (64.92 KB, 1122x544, 33:16, 74b0b7b8188edc3c4ffb912e0a….jpg)


5ae9b8  No.4322126

Still no response ffrom Q or sign of life on Bills youtube channel

f89368  No.4374648



Thinking Q may be done.

We may all be finished once the indictments are unsealed (starting January), prosecutions begin, and DS starts WWIII.

You know they will not take this sitting down and will bring out their nuclear arsenal. Trump set up the emergency warning system in anticipation.

Hope you have reserves of food & water.

YHVH help us all.

5ae9b8  No.4422863

Over 4 months now, still no sign that Bill Smith is alive

11e5b5  No.4488988

File: bdee6f4777f7ed9⋯.jpg (946.36 KB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20181227_101619.jpg)

File: 1e5548523e01382⋯.jpg (940.27 KB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20181227_101622.jpg)

Look what was over my house this morning?

Q please if you know let us know #WhereisBillSmith

88c10e  No.4519635



f809ef  No.4525254


The ONLY question I have for Q is:

where is Bill Smith?

I was getting ready to go out of town on the 27th when I discovered the circuit breaker to my well pump head tripped. I tried to reset it but it kept tripping, meaning it was either my pump or the breaker that was bad. So I discussed it with an engineer friend, got some tools, turned off the power, took the panel apart and attempted to pull out the breaker but I was unable to.

So I put the panel back together, turned the power back on and tried one more time to reset the breaker. This time it worked. Weird. It hasnt tripped since.

Now the very strange thing is, this set me back by about an hour from leaving to go out of town. When I finally left, I saw the Q cloud over my house. If I had left earlier, I would have missed it.

I am inclined to think that some ET(s), which i refer to as Elohim, intervened so that I would not miss seeing the Q in the sky. No such thing as coincidences right?

If some benevolent ETs wanted me to see the Q cloud, and the only question I have for Q is #whereisBillSmith, this should tell Q that the ETs want Q to let us know the status of Bill Smith.

If the ETs direct Q to read this post, Q will be hard-pressed not to respond.

We are waiting Q. Either you know something or you don't. Either you're listening to nordics and will shed some light one way or another or God forbid you're listening to drakos and will keep us in the dark to feed their need for negative energy.

f809ef  No.4549574

File: 6a7c6029e454a0a⋯.jpg (589.5 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, IMG_20190101_012944.jpg)

Happy New Year Bill, Wherever You Are.

5dc6bc  No.4574334

‘’’I hope Bill is ok’’’

“‘I hope Bill is ok’”

35ed67  No.4574420







Who's Bill Smith? Fake non existent and "plant" now isn't he? If you only knew…

759f7b  No.4586549

File: 6c9e388000c906e⋯.jpeg (548.98 KB, 1401x1536, 467:512, 816D4CBD-84CF-42BF-847B-A….jpeg)

no words

759f7b  No.4586663


I received the reply to my dm on Mon night, but I didn't have the heart to post it until tonight.

9aafa2  No.4655445


"could be" doesn't cut it. Not definitive

704758  No.4667267


This person "The Real Dark Judge" is in London England. how in the hell would he know what the status of Bill Smith is?

8dd6e7  No.4678690

File: 19fbe9e43e2e4bc⋯.png (297.24 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, 20190109_070225.png)

I thought so…and actually he went dark on Aug 17, 2018, so Dark Horse's reply isn't exactly true.

c6ce1c  No.4727143


Breitbart was founded in Israel. Bill Smith called out Lisa Mei Crowley for working with Breitbart. Bill Smith goes missing.

Sup Q? Are you a zionists masquerading as one of us?

c6ce1c  No.4727145

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

f77ab2  No.4756195


Is the public ready for hard core truth about the Herodian Edomites? Or even the khazars? Sure Adam Green is right, people need to know but baby steps.

Most christians believe the contemporary Joos are the chosen ones spoken of in the word. This is the great deception. People are waking up, to many things. But too much info too soon could backfire. Trump needs to play this aspect in 4D chess as well.

759f7b  No.4757691


I agree, and have been cautious about their posts. But I feel a need to agree it's their conclusion. Even as it breaks my heart. @Real_Bill_Smith was one of my first follows. So suck it.

759f7b  No.4757832


Because Bill Smith called out Lisa Mei, I have never trusted her since then. Even went so far as to have a twatter war with her. Didn't end well for me. 🙄 Still Do Not Trust Her.

759f7b  No.4757852

Can you post some sauce please? Newfag here.

759f7b  No.4758291

>>4678690 So hope this is true!

c6ce1c  No.4761983


>I have never trusted her since then.

no one should trust her. she's pro israel pro zionist just like the boys at infowars. thats why it pisses all off that Q quotes her while Q is obviously fucking aware that bill smith is missing and Q makes no fucking statement about it at all.

just goes to show you "where we go one we go all" doesn't fucking include bill smith.

759f7b  No.4785336


IMHO this is where we have to Trust The Plan. Which I do. I don't trust loomer or mei crowley and don't endorse anything they do on twatter. Especially her stunt on NP lawn.

c0c036  No.4785806


your humble opinion don't mean shit

c6ce1c  No.4785845


News flash! Your opinion doesn't mean shit either you faggot fucking kike. Gas yourself in a oven bitch.

f77ab2  No.4825450



Wow ladies we are digressing here. Let's klbear in mind what Bill Smith wood want us to say and how to act. Maybe with a little class?

dd8994  No.4825689

File: 7e0db364ee1c140⋯.jpg (9.75 KB, 184x273, 184:273, images.jpg)



He's as real as Santa and the Toothfairty! Chasing the Dragon now aren't you?

Why not go after REAL criminals you claim to be against? Notice none have been arrested yet?

dd8994  No.4825777

File: 41d5aacecd8ede0⋯.jpg (71.75 KB, 600x500, 6:5, mach 27 russia missle.jpg)

Think Never Existed



Play the Game


dd8994  No.4825791


William Clinton

aka Bill

aka Smith


6e2976  No.4830844



Fuck off you retard

The real q uses this id !!mG7VJxZNCI

d7b559  No.4845861

File: 8ead39ff76f36cd⋯.png (221.54 KB, 704x470, 352:235, blood moon.PNG)

4f029d  No.4846983


When (you) wake up, (((you))) will realize that Q is a fictional member of the fraternal order of faggots. A true shitposting coward.

bbf592  No.4867962


Why do you care whether we follow Q or not? If you didn't think Q was legit, you wouldn't waste your time talking about Q.

Soz, you must be very threatened by Q to spend so much time trying to convince others that Q is not legit.

01e2cf  No.4892317

Has anyone tried to find a guy named Blaze. Bill Smith said he had a friend named Blaze, while referencing odd names. I tried people searching but nothing was gained. I don't have social media accounts, so I couldn't go deep into Facebook and such… I believe he was living in Seattle, personally, so I reached out to multiple email addresses belonging to Bills and Williams in Seattle that had also lived in places that he said he had lived. No one responded.

I just hope he is okay.

714889  No.4931370

Bill Smith is back!!!!! Yaaaaaaay!!!!!

c6ce1c  No.4932166

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


What the fuck.

He doesn't even address that he's been missing? He obviously knows we were all looking for him

29a053  No.4933177


Don't really care what the fuck you do or believe…all your hangups.

c87e8d  No.4935851


Then act like it!

Welcome back Bill! Lazarus has arisen!

def21d  No.4935885


Shill bs, pushed by a namefag…




Q #528




c87e8d  No.4935895


I saw a comment on his YouTube channel where he said he is going to explain what happened to him. Waiting with baited breath!

Bill we were greatly disappointed that Q didn't inform us what happened to you or if you were ok. It would have saved us a lot of concern for your well-being.

c6ce1c  No.4936456

File: f2d4e28f923b946⋯.png (259.4 KB, 500x250, 2:1, op lazarus.png)

98d30b  No.4936882

proof of life finally given

98d30b  No.4936918

will be interesting to see if he still trusts Q. Bill's disappearance helped me depart from Q following. 1

c6ce1c  No.4937756


he still says WWG1WGA

i guarantee he got gag ordered and i can be you anything he'll never tell us he was.

a44c8b  No.4947268


there are some things off with the latest videos on the bill smith channel

a44c8b  No.4947381

the first video seemed to have bill laboring the points too much - repeating himself too much - and perhaps a little too much quirkiness… some OTT moments. I will have to listen again to break it down some more. Also I thought the video notes were a bit odd. The bible references to bullying seemed out of character - notwithstanding the possibility that he has had some God moments in his long absence.

The more recent video where there was no actual speaking by bill was some pretty intense and sustained anti-zionist video. The title was clickbait and unrelated to content - which again smacks of this not being the work of a free bill.

Alas, I fear bill smith and his channel have been compromised. I would love to be proven wrong.

It also feels much the same as when Morty from Daily Trite disappeared for a long while, and then temporarily reappeared, albeit with changed mannerisms and different backdrops in the vids… I want to be wrong about this.

c6ce1c  No.4947835

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



let Bill Smith handle it.

the best Bill Smith can do at the moment is exactly what he is doing - letting his presence be known. i believe it is Bill Smith. I think that Bill Smith may do well perhaps going on a interview with another channel.

I'd say Central Happenings Network would be a good place to go. if you read this Bill - go down to the level of the people who fought harder than any others to ascertain proof of life. Bill should talk to the REAL anons who fought harder than anyone else in this battle.

vid related

c87e8d  No.4961274


Yes he may have gone through some life-changing experience where Yahweh intervened in his life solidifying his faith and opening his eyes wide to the real enemy among us. Thats what i see from his recent vids.

c87e8d  No.4963373

Good news. Now that Bill Smith has resurfaced, all donations to the GoFundMe account have been refunded.

7655f2  No.4968134


At least to the WhereisBillSmith GFM acct. Can't speak for any orher accts that may have been created.

7655f2  No.4968233


Maybe Bill knows. I'm thinking Q has been Quiet lately because he's at GITMO presiding over the treason trials

c8bb6d  No.4968456

YARRR an anchor be cast

61c8b6  No.4979453


Bill is acting pretty different like hes "whatever" on the research topics. Hes acting like that one time serial brain was posting like he didnt care, as if he was under a form of duress or something and was called out on it. He seems self destructive and a bit shaken up. His last 2 videos are wierd.

c87e8d  No.4981705


Dont quite understand your serial brain regerence. Elaborate?

I can see that something dramatic may have happened to him. If you recall in one of his videos right before he went dark, he said he learned something that was that he was having a difficult time handling it. Would be interesting to know what that was all about.

I suspect that whatever happened it's going to be something totally different than what we all are imagining.

One good thing, and there are many others, he still has a sense of humor.

Bill come if you're reading this I'm getting your indirect messages. ,-)

c87e8d  No.4981736


Comma, not come

c6ce1c  No.4981968


Something definitely happened to him. We are all waiting to hear.

72c33f  No.5059214

I suppose now that Bill has resurfaced this forum will be dead. Bill should be humbled so many people were concerned about him.

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