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Pro Aris et Focis

File: eee83f74a0c67dd⋯.png (660.64 KB, 1025x641, 1025:641, war room.png)

44999a No.308427

==Kek Medevac Squadron – innoculating the World with Memes since 2016 - edition=='

Where we go one, We go ALL





* Something currently in the news (like SOTU)

* Hijack something trending

* Whatever hashtag you feel like

* A standard flavor


Choose at least 1 of the following standard flavors:







add any (short) hashtag you like to dress up your tw0t. Here are some VERY popular sprinklers: #News #MAGA #Qanon #Fail #Fake etc.


Add link to URL or Video. This makes tweet score better.


A MEME is the cherry on top of your tweet.


Always add @POTUS or @realDonaldTrump to your tweet. This way, twitter can not block your tweet.


It will b the firsts thing new Meme Warriors will see and Retweet.

Twt twt twt RT RT RT RT email email fb fb fb ETC.


>NOTE 1:

Q: we must spread GEOTUS tweets further, as MSM is not reporting

>NOTE 2:

This method leaves every anon total chaotic freedom to react to any event in EVERY way you like. NO MORE NEED FOR UPDATED HASHES. These standard flavors will be used for a longer time (at least a week or more). Narrative change leaves anons freedom to adapt.

>NOTE 3:

Where we go one, we go all. ALL ANONS adopt this method, so ALL will use at least [1] of the 5 standard flavors in their ice cream. This way, ALL STANDARD HASHES WILL TREND BIGLY.

Before: anons went their own way and didn't stick to a format. hashes went to waste.

>NOTE 4:

War Room will make graphs to show General how we the Hashes are doing. War Room will post the results on War Room Thread and on General.

<NOTE 5:

War Room is currently creating Special Opps teams. To Boldly go, where no Pepe has gone B4.

Enou[g]h=En[o]ugh. We need to operate as ONE. It doesn't matter which hashes are used. As long as we make em TREND. We did good, but we can do MUCH MUCH better.

[g]raph [p]roves [r]esult.

WE will do our best to inform ALL anons. TY WRL2HU.

Where we go one, we go all.



Stay On Target! >>74033 Like each other's tweets >>72810

Burner Email Adds & Phone Auth >>72619

10 Minute Mail 10minutemail.com

Twitterfall Web Based Ap Recommended >>72139

KEKMAKER 5000 Bulk Image Re-fingerprinter >>72783

Hashtag Trackers hashtags.org updates on the hour | trends24.in | tweeplers.com/hashtags/?cc=US

Facebook Groups >>71825

List of all Senators Twitter Handles >>92551 , >>92593

List of all Republican members of the House Intel Committee Twitter Handles >>91397

Always Add @realDonaldTrump or @POTUS To All Tweets


If Your Tweet Has @realDonaldTrump OR @POTUS It CANNOT BE BLOCKED

The Chink In The Armor Of The Beast is This >>77228



Main Meme Library

Over 11,800 images from Memes#1 thru Memes #10


Here you can preview images, download single images, entire categories, or all.

Images Scaled for Twitter 1024 x 512

The same images, transformed in shape for optimal display on Twitter:


If you're going to drop on Twitter, this format will be more effective.

Meme Threads for #ReleaseTheMemo

MEMES 11 >>116348 , WAR ROOM >>79768

Twitter Format Ready Memes from War Room

718 selected images from the War Room >>47341 (OP) harvested from General #49-#63

converted to Twitter format. Topics listed in >>64154


Links to All Meme Threads >>73906

Side-by-Side Graphics >>93735

Archive War Room 5: http:// archive.is/k1Pqf


44999a No.308588

am i the only one here?

did they find the bread?

44999a No.308602

i messed up the top post.. lol

my bad.



al excellent ideas. I m afraid this EURanon has to call it a day for now. wanted to tweet something for petition anon but cant find his petition

6cc8d1 No.308650

"The Supreme Court unanimously holds that the [WikiLeaks] cable should have been admitted into evidence"

Historic win in UK Supreme Court today for the admissibility of diplomatic cables published by @WikiLeaks.

https:// twitter.com/wikileaks/status/961707715499184128

This is huge in the UK. Wikileaks documents being admitted into evidence. A similar decision in the US would be devastating for the Cabal.

It also makes whatever is in those insurance files far more power. Prosecutors and investigators could use the documents as evidence rather than requiring parallel construction to bring charges.

Congrats JA and wikileaks.

8783aa No.308651


current baker here, is it ok if I link to this thread for the Q Research General bread?

was looking to update the hashtags too

any other suggestions?

ab3e2f No.308689

I'm here… JobAnon!

How are you? getting formalities out of the way before business lol

44999a No.308690

44999a No.308691


but of course!!! always welcome

44999a No.308703


no updates… just keep following ice cream method. we r reachting far into the crowd now.

soon we will let you in on some new stuff.

we're making Special Opps teams and cud use a few lurQfags to join us.

perhaps if baker asks nicely??


ab3e2f No.308707


Gawd.. those numbers are amazing

8783aa No.308719


you are always welcome to come and recruit

Thanks for the input

ab3e2f No.308721


we need the help!!

I am hoping they can find a medium in which to communicate in a kinder way to our lurqers and noobs.. .that is less offensive. You and I are used to the chan culture and give it back without pause. rofl…. fuqinA

44999a No.308727

File: e48fb80836d167d⋯.png (2.25 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, mission statement 8-2-18A.png)

File: 01c0b021b50bf8b⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, design flyer 30-1-18 DEF1.jpg)


Here is the "ice cream method" for tweet storming and a DRAFT for a special Opps teams. brainstorm all you like, just keep an eye open for shills, sliders and glowfaggots. Oh and since last week, we have DepressoShills and AgressoShills.

don't talk to them and just filter.

ab3e2f No.308737


I've been digging on the Atlanta Child Murders… which has led me down the path of the Franklin Credit union coverup which has GB#2 written all over it…. had to stop researching today as I was listening to the video testimonies of the boys and girls abused. was about to bust some windows… omg.

44999a No.308741

File: e22b1fd1e82f298⋯.png (326.34 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, treason 8-2a.png)

File: e155f18683a3d60⋯.png (264.92 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, treason 8-2b.png)

File: 7d1d363ba75c76b⋯.png (607.03 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, treason 8-2c.png)


you mean these?

44999a No.308750


yeah. i dont mind what ppl call me..

luv every minute of it.

any noob is welcome here. if they can tweet, have a sense of humor, we can do fun stuff together.

431534 No.308753


good repost, i was gonna go back for those.

ab3e2f No.308775


gotta have a thick skin in these parts…. been on the pols and chans forever… damn.. I was one of the original IRC chatters way back when. No rules, wide open. best way to have it. less structure.

431534 No.308788


TY learn IceCream for now and join twt war,

keep checking back to keep up with ideas here.

ab3e2f No.308790

I'll start recruiting…. as soon as I get the go ahead from you.

44999a No.308808


GO! lol

just pls. tell them this isnt strawpoll

its war. someone has to decide when ppl want to run in diff directions. I listen to all the arguements, and make a decission.

someone has to do it, and somehow i ended up with the job,

we all check egos at the door, and just work together. and we r doing GREAT!!!!!!!

431534 No.308812


yes those are the hardest to learn about.

It makes us all sick, only the brave venture

that research, do not let it bring violence

into your life, thats what evil wants, so we

become more like them over time. Pray

for faith, which will bring more truth, which

leads to freedom, thanks to ones like you,

that add up to make many sharing truth,

leading to freedom. TY.

431534 No.308822

44999a No.308825

File: 3bf9a280d5adc1e⋯.jpg (47.74 KB, 800x583, 800:583, 45.jpg)

anons, i have to run.

late here.

off to the tweet wars.

if u want to follow me, @We_R_an0nym0us

is me. urgent stuff: DM cause i have so many notifications.. LOL

will b back tomorrow early to check on things here. Enjoy. happy memewar

44999a No.308835

nite all.

39c1fc No.308847

Derp reporting for duty.

c3181c No.308850

File: a655b6cf705c09b⋯.png (1.31 MB, 937x962, 937:962, a655b6cf705c09be02fcd417a0….png)

Someone ordered this patch?

ab3e2f No.308866



431534 No.308941

61ab0b No.308957

New anon @ your service

ab3e2f No.308970



ab3e2f No.308973

I am known as JobAnon in the research board…. here I am TW

ab3e2f No.309043

If you're new in the qresearch it is highly frowned upon to use a Name.. .it is considered Namefagging. it is best to remain Anonymous.

I have to leave - I teach at night but will return in a couple of hours.

If you'd like to twat some… the hash is on the Ice cream banner. you will find available to you - numerous memes created by our Memefags in the Catalog - Meme boards everywhere.

if you have questions on technical's on twitter just let me know.

Be sure to include the current Hash we are working on. #Treason #Obamagate #GreatAwakening be sure to include @POTUS and @realDonaldTrump (using the potus hash will keep you from being banned). Shadow banning is completely different.

Tweet away.

d02f0a No.309246

File: f1fa78be6d69c7f⋯.jpg (472.85 KB, 1800x1200, 3:2, 168.jpg)

File: d3f07dc65d6ebfb⋯.jpg (827.53 KB, 3000x1964, 750:491, 167.jpg)

File: 7d329669610257d⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1849x1529, 1849:1529, 164.png)

File: dd25aed87e74b61⋯.png (1.05 MB, 1657x912, 1657:912, 104.png)

File: 9b1d7ac8621aa02⋯.jpg (713.38 KB, 2420x1147, 2420:1147, 166.jpg)

I had some good ideas for memes yesterday but all I have is MSPaint and I'm not very good with it.

Fonts and colors could be better I'm sure but the ideas are decent.

d02f0a No.309261

File: 38e0411ba74e298⋯.png (1.13 MB, 2397x1247, 2397:1247, 166.png)

File: d8dfa6e728f916e⋯.png (2.01 MB, 2131x1596, 2131:1596, 105.png)

File: 73c0676fcafaf1d⋯.png (75.18 KB, 300x273, 100:91, 3.png)

d02f0a No.309274

Also I think one of Snowdumb in a basket with wheels racing towards a big, flaming hole in the ground with the words "Where am I going and how did I get in this hand basket?" It will resonate with the older folk as that used to be a common saying.

d02f0a No.309369

I just went over to twater and I'm sure I'm shadow bant. Was getting decent feed back this morning. Had a bunch of posts and not one notification.


If I wasn't a nice guy I'd love to castrate him with a baseball bat!!

39c1fc No.309390


Newfag here… how do I get a burner number when I don't have a number to sign up with?

d02f0a No.309406


I'm pretty new myself. I don't know but would love to. I'm getting TIRED of this shadow ban crap. Zero integrity and even less honor. They'll get theirs in the end one way or anther and I hope I get to watch!

431534 No.309452


dang these are good, TY.

431534 No.309475



lol i can see your frustrations and its funny

when its not you. I have those same reactions

around here about different subjects, lol. jus

glad im not alone.

anyway, we hear Jack is not a problem any

more so we work like hes not even there, lol.

if you need help with retwts, build good ice

creams, let your friends know somehow which

post you want retwted. If we are notified,

surely we can help you retwt. TY

431534 No.309485


sorry no idea, good question, TY. i will ask

around, if anyone knows.

431534 No.309491


>anyway, we hear Jack is not a problem any

>more so we work like hes not even there, lol.

unless there is sauce, of course.

ff31ae No.309712

File: 03b00bfecc6562c⋯.png (2.68 MB, 1000x700, 10:7, Trump_Lion_Transparent.png)


Thank YOU Anon!! We're gonna kick the shit out of those fuckers who have you pinned down. You and yours and your nations are in our prayers.


Sophias Hope---https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/immediate-and-full-release-all-experimental-and-hidden-medical-dental-technologies-american-people

Internet Bill of Rights---- https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/american-internet-bill-rights

State of The Union Footage Full Release---- https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/full-release-all-footage-each-video-and-photo-camera-used-during-2018-state-union-address

The 2018 Active Ready Reserve Act (ARRA) ---https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/active-ready-reserve-act-2018

https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/release-any-and-all-classified-information-pertaining-life-works-and-death-american-scientist-nikola-tesla

9 /11 Full Disclosure--- https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/immediate-declassification-all-intelligence-and-data-relating-september-11th-2001-terrorist-attacks

Investigate & Audit all "credit" bureaus--https:// petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/immediate-investigation-and-auditing-all-credit-reporting-agencies

"We stand at the birth of a New Millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to FREE THE EARTH of the miseries of disease, and to harness the energies, industries, and technologies of tomorrow." -Donald J. Trump

ff31ae No.309727

File: fce166f283ff4ed⋯.png (1.01 MB, 981x733, 981:733, Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at ….png)

Glad to find you Anons!!

This board was BURIED. I'm here, going to get updated. Please excuse the lines being jumbled up there, I fixed it. Eyes bleary from not sleeping since December.

I know you all know.

DRIVE ON ANONS!! We have more than we know.

431534 No.309761


>Eyes bleary from not sleeping since December.

I can relate to that.

TY for your drive. We would be less

without it.

ff31ae No.309808

File: 98c52fdf032550c⋯.png (277.02 KB, 367x399, 367:399, Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at ….png)


Bread found!! Listen y'all, I've been red pilling since 1985, and I want to reassure all Anons who don't venture around the normies, there IS very much a stirring.

It's undeniable. These are people and tabs I have kept track of, and they are INTERESTED.

Everyone is sick, everyone is broken, and we ALL know better now.

Appeal to the chance for healing.

Any word on a Sophia picture for me yet ANONS??


ff31ae No.309820

File: f99914452859ba1⋯.png (112.72 KB, 200x250, 4:5, Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at ….png)


Where we go one, we go all. I need YOU as much as you could ever need me.

Where WE go one…WE go ALL!!


ff31ae No.309841

File: 94032c0847341df⋯.jpg (300.08 KB, 1794x1080, 299:180, pepcrossing.jpg)

Was my other VideoANON in the WarRoom, or did I lose him somewhere else??


Gotta keep PLAYING. No heaviness.

It truly is like GI Joe against Cobra or some shit. Life….


ff31ae No.309855


HELL YEAH!! Even the cucked out UK validated W.L.

HUGE y'all. BIGLY!!

We just keep winning and winning and winning…

ff31ae No.309862


This needs to happen.

ff31ae No.309875

File: e31b88e72f7edb6⋯.png (109.29 KB, 213x232, 213:232, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at ….png)



ff31ae No.309883

File: ca9094a4fb7d39a⋯.png (233.79 KB, 462x306, 77:51, Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at ….png)


Still learning the ropes with this…

ff31ae No.309892


Great work!! LOVE the Jr and POTUS one.

Drive on anons!!

ff31ae No.309905


I'm dead in the water over there. Some of my friends can't even find me. Fack!!

3rd account too. Although I'm more of a "boots on the ground" guy, I was making some good headway there each time. How do other accounts stay open??

431534 No.310450

File: a1e541edac7082f⋯.jpg (53.84 KB, 586x391, 586:391, request.jpg)


this one?

431534 No.310462


other videoAnon resting, look for eurtw about 10


431534 No.310495


nice graphic meme, IceCream does more with

twtr and the words we choose to use.

Once you post the hashes, say TY to POTUS,

then you can attach this meme, but first

create iceCream for twtr, if you have twtr.


431534 No.310528


I kind it keep it low key and send original

messages, no cut and paste. I try to make

friends and ask them to RT. It's much

slower, but haven't been banned yet. Also,

always include @POTUS, easily by saying


431534 No.310540


if you want RTs, drop us ur twtr and we can RT your words.

ff31ae No.311044



ff31ae No.311068

File: 4ffe08dca7e878d⋯.jpg (54.07 KB, 512x387, 512:387, pepe_sniper.jpg)


Perfect!! Although I've been neglecting Twitter as I am working with Petitions and Patriots on the ground.

My other accounts had FAR more people, but if you Weaponize TwatterBombers can make it happen, let's DO IT!!



https:// twitter.com/KremlinBot1

ff31ae No.311073


Excellent!! Thank You ANON!

867413 No.312485


Hi! Been reading boards since late December and helping with the memes on twitter when I can. Just figured out how to reply to posts this evening. lol

0e9a96 No.313471

Info and links on this post for memes related to DWS, Awans, Muslim Brotherhood.


0251f8 No.314697


i did some retwting on your twtr, hope you can see me. Some of your statements are

really good. Please use up to 5 hashes. Up to 4 of our hashes + 1 trending word.

#FridayFeeling ←- cone, aka trending word

#GreatAwakening -flavor

#Treason -flavor

#ObamaGate -flavor

#WeThePeople -flavor

can also change out 1 or 2 basic flavors, for

your own, but keep in mind, if we stick with

these words, we affect graph more.

Only 5 max or too much.

see IceCream diagram and ask if it still

doesn't make sense. TY. Like your twtr page


0251f8 No.314702


ha cool, good job, glad you made it, we are

lucky to have you WRL2HU.

Do you have twtr?

0251f8 No.314724


TY for info. Will review. Will take time.

This to all, if you need something pushed

quickly, do a small report with graphics you

would like to include. That way meme

maker does not need do research, only

create graphic and then we can send it out

via twtr.

Again if something feels important to you and

you want it pushed fast, create small report

and include graphics you would like to include.

Memers can do memes, but doing the

research also slows them down or that may

not be their forte.

867413 No.314800


Yes to twatter. I found TW last night. How do we find each other?

0251f8 No.314887


Push blue tweet button

Type : @fornow_nameless into box and say hi.

Then push tweet.

44999a No.314927


YES!!! thank you so much!

44999a No.315032

File: 92309088ede4ab0⋯.jpg (412.38 KB, 2480x3508, 620:877, design flyer Petition COMP….jpg)


Here is a BLANK copy of the Petition form.

Top part is your Petition Sales Pitch.

I used the font BERRY ROTUNDO for the top part. It ends with a RED SENTENCE in IMPACT font (the memefont) telling ppl SIGN THE MEMO

the bottom part is a copy/paste from the original petition website.

Petition team

needs to fill out these flyers for every petition they want to support, and give me a nice short link list to plaster on my webpage.

NOTE: there currently is a petition to grab Soros for treason. It got lots press attention, as its already over 350K signatures. Might b a thing to either add or work in your narrative.

I'll copy down your URL for my archive.

You Petition Team work out the paperwork and bring it back here to spread out.

44999a No.315045


hey welcome back. we've been busy while you slept (LOL)

we're all a bit warn out i guess. nevertheless welcome and happy 2 hv u.

0251f8 No.315059




44999a No.315065


LOL beeing tryinh to keep US hrs from EUrope and rise early but keep nodding of during tucker or sean. back now.. nice long sleep.

WB vid anon

44999a No.315098


I even did a year of discord… NOT doing that again… OMFG..

namefaggin is ok here.. i now take name of whenever i go to general.. LMAO… oh wel, right? namefaggin just to make things simple in here. we do our stuff and work as 1 to inform general fags

0251f8 No.315101


Rest is good, u doing great. Team is getting

on track, more joining, graphs are straightening

out. Still long road.

0251f8 No.315108


confirm me good coffee

0251f8 No.315116


ID: 0251f8

0251f8 No.315123


also ID: 431534 last night

0251f8 No.315129


" namef_ggin just to make things simple in here."

Generals must have names.

0251f8 No.315133


msp - Generals must have names.

Generals should have names.

44999a No.315157



>i hv a shadow ban checker somewhere.

just DM me (can take a bit b4 i get to you)


(FUCK NSA i dont fucking care if u know who I am.. come and get me)

44999a No.315171


Nice digging, but this is war room. your valuable stuff gets wasted posted in here.

we concentrate on meme/tweet etc war fare.

Not sure how we can do something with all those crumbs?

Want to make that into a graph or something?

44999a No.315175


LOL and welcome aboard

0251f8 No.315182


"(FUCK NSA i dont fucking care if u know who I am.. come and get me)"

Your writing both scares me and inspires me,


44999a No.315193

File: ac3cd9c0a8a3b51⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, design flyer DEF 2-8-18.jpg)

File: e48fb80836d167d⋯.png (2.25 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, mission statement 8-2-18A.png)


here's our "ice Cream Method" for twatting

and a draft for a Mission Statement.

44999a No.315206

>>315059 hi ya,. guess i slept a loooong time. LOL in between feeding my cat every 2 hrs. Oh well.. off to the tweet wars right??

Let me get some coffee and give everyone some stats/graphs to gloat over.

44999a No.315215


lol.. it's ok. we're not breaking any laws

0251f8 No.315252




I was thinking I may give it shot, doing graphic

but many chores, might not get to it. We will


0251f8 No.315259

RT my pinned, if you would. TY.

44999a No.315591

File: 11a1c0b9dff4dcc⋯.jpg (264.76 KB, 923x865, 923:865, SHADOWBAN TESTER.jpg)


didnt i just do that?? LOL DM me over twat or i cant find you. always 200+ notifications..


0251f8 No.315609


WHOA the Shadow Ban Tester Tool !!

a blessing for our efforts, good eyes.

0251f8 No.315713

Review this all. Any thoughts?

http:// www.disobeydisobey .com/Q.html

44999a No.315777


lol thats my site… whazzup?

was a bit of a rush job.

wanted to use that to throw all our links n stuff on . you know. normie friendly

>> great place to put links to the petitions (they have such horrible long URL's)

44999a No.315785

File: b88d5b54a190be4⋯.jpg (278.41 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, Treason-ObamaGate.jpg)


we control the narrative now

check out this graph….

specially the #ObamaGate word web.

Can you see it? Every hashtag we use is right in the middle of it. That took some effort.

but let's celebrate this!

0251f8 No.315804


Its a great site, I was jus asking others for

ideas, lol no dis, lol

0251f8 No.315836


← right again, lol [g][p][r] lol nice graph work. TY for getting us this far. The future should be

interesting if we continue to gain more help,

from 8 and our followers.

imo you asked for helpers yesterday, they

came, but no one here to tell them jobs.

(scroll up to after u say nite)

So in future ask for help early, not late so u are

here with them, guiding, helping, etc. Saw

much eager to help but no leader, so we

missed their help in a way. Still it was good to

see their participation. Next time be sure to

capture it. imo humbly

0251f8 No.315839


hmm gonna celebrate with a nice lil coffee

break. Very proud of this crew.

e833bb No.316033


As I mentioned earlier, I strongly suspect that the Q team, or related white hats, are in here from time to time to help us. I obviously don't know if the following are such, or whether they're simply particularly erudite Anons, but I'd like to draw your attention to two posts, in addition to the one I emphasized earlier. They are:

"▶Ignite the #GreatAwakening - Help create digestible Q-story Anonymous 01/15/18 (Mon) 01:43:20 72f3ff No.55333[Reply][Watch Thread][Show All Posts]>>244868 >>253453 >>256542 >>261209 >>261472 >>261575

Actionable thread RE: >>53668

Have you re-read Q’s crumbs Anon? It could make all the difference in telling the story to normies properly.

Q’s instructions from the beginning were to create graphics that tell the story of what’s happening, in order. That must be organized; disjointed memes and posts won’t cut it. The current book of Q is too long for normies. Let’s tell the story persuasively and concisely.

So what makes the cut? How to tell the story? All good stories start from the beginning. We know planning for this op started three years ago, and perhaps that’s when POTUS was approached by the Patriots. But Q did not appear until October, and likely that’s where the story should begin.

What does the template look like? Recommend leaving 40,000 ft view for people to discover towards the end. Suggested start:

Chapter one (SA)

1. Synopsis - Q appearance date, message from POTUS, takedown of Saudis connected to 9/11, prophecy of corruption takedowns in (1. SA, 2. US, 3. Asia, 4. EU)

2. Primary graphic - Martial law crumbs & important tweet from POTUS -> Saudi takedown

3. Secondary graphic - Hussein responds to Q crumb “go order”

4. Impact - Puppet taking over the hand, i.e. explain why Saudi crackdown was so huge

5. Conclusion - Q appears to be a legit insider, anons follow crumbs with outside research

Chapter 2 (Congress and CEO resignations)

1. Synopsis - Q leaves crumbs about prominent US figure corruption, and how some would be forced to resign for the betterment of the country.

2. Primary graphic - Q predicts Congress will vote Trump -> Tax Bill passes (contrast with John M previous behavior)

3. Secondary graphic - #FlyAlFly -> Al Frankenstein resignation

4. Impact - Implications of massive corruption cleanup on average person, tax savings they’ll now get

5. Conclusion - Further proves authenticity of Q, crumbs about Satanism/Haiti have more credibility

Chapter 3 Sealed Indictments

1. Synopsis - Q states HRC, John M, and many others targeted. Q asks if you can rely on boarding a plane to get away.

2. Primary graphic - Q post about HRC detainment, John M corruption -> HRC and John M ankle bracelets -> U1 unsealed indictment and how it will roll up to HRC

3. Secondary graphic - Can you rely on boarding a plane -> Unusual plane turnarounds with NDAs (use statistics)

4. Secondary graphic -> crumbs leading to Atlanta airport shutdown

5. Impact - Prepare yourself for the possibility of mass arrests and unsealing of indictments

6. Conclusion - Unsealed indictments coming. Trump “witch hunt” is actually going after the traitors and swamp is going down.

Chapter 4 - Patriots are in control

1. Synopsis - North Korea is run by an evil entity, but America and its allies are protected by US military

2. Primary graphic - SA shoot down of ballistic missile -> Q Hawaii crumbs -> Ballistic missile “warning”

3. Primary graphic -BDK fireworks false flag prevention and implications

4. Secondary graphic - Julian Assange crumbs -> POTUS confirming Q more obviously -> JA free and chess board

5. Conclusion - US military can shoot down ballistic missiles, and safe to dismantle global cabal.

Chapter 5 - We are at war with evil

1. Synopsis - Many global leaders, including US and MSM worship Satan

2. Primary graphics - Q crumbs -> Patriot anon corroborating research on AC, Podestas, etc i.e. Haiti, human trafficking, spirit cooking

3. Primary graphic - Who is Soros, why relevant, and what Q says will happen to him

4. Primary graphic - Who are the Rothschilds, why relevant, and the upcoming battle we can expect

5. Secondary graphic - who else Q has mentioned or alluded to, UK Queen, Vatican, why relevant from Anon research

6. Conclusion - Prepare for MSM scare tactics. Trust POTUS and US military, but anticipate corroborating evidence to drop. Prepare for military tribunals and executions.

Is this the right story to tell? Create side-by-side graphics and help tell the story in order if you agree."


https:// media.8ch.net/file_store/ff6312251cef777d5d199f2a1f116424f547095b8b3b77f1287955b91734775a.jpg

I'd like to hear your thoughts.

e833bb No.316065



0251f8 No.316116


what you have here is a book,

we are shooting twts. This is a whole

new project, important, but different. The

best we can do is get you a group of like-

minded a_ons and followers, maybe set you

up in a room, and start writing the outline

of your book. Break up chapters, amongst

a_ons. Your outline is super impressive, I

would like to read this story, but first it must

be written, then distributed on proper

mediums, perhaps free on Amazon, or even

$1. Save that money for a future project we

might need in future.

As you can see much work ahead, possible

with faith and hard work.

Hardest part is to

gain dedicated loyal volunteers. Thats where

your appeals, orders, suggestions require

respect, so always be respectful to gain it.


0251f8 No.316141

File: e615e235b91497d⋯.jpg (126.62 KB, 607x765, 607:765, Petitionwr4.jpg)


this for you, plez RT.

e833bb No.316148


Yeah, I posted in the wrong thread. Apologies.

44999a No.316268

File: e48fb80836d167d⋯.png (2.25 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, mission statement 8-2-18A.png)





(and everyone else)

thanks for your input and great remarks.

About the eager new help:

we have this:

draft mission statement

new anons in here:

pls look through the suggested missions, while keeping the Ice-Cream method in the back of your mind.

what wud you like to do in regard to different missions ?

you can b ur own team, or find a buddy (or more).

As you can see from the graphs: we have a strong foothold now in twat.

Share your ideas here based on suggested missions.

Think about picking 1 hashtag (from the [5] or come up with a related new one if u hv a fabulous idea) and choose a mission.

War room will help you with flyers, feedback, twat techniques etc. and then off you go to the meme wars. We share results in here, talk about how to improve our skills etc.

extra mission suggestion (hold your fire, still in draft phase)


I saw several ppl tweeting a screenshot that CNN blocked them. they got a tremendous response. everyone loves to see that.

We have our #FakeNews hashtag, to hang this one on..

so. suggesting a (?joint?) mission 2 carefully trolling cnn untill they block you, make a screenshot of the block, share em here and all over the web, adding hashtage #BlockedByCNN of course: trick is NOT TO GET BANNED…… so…. think about it.

I'll make a graphic and a mission statement that you can spread… IF we like to give this mission a try.

leave your thoughts, comments and witticisms!

44999a No.316323


overwhelmed by your post but totally in awe.

If i understand correctly: you want to make a meme picture book for normies??

Well: DO IT!

If you dont mind spending $ 20 or so. go to angelfire.com, pick a domain name, register it as ANONYMOUS and make a free website on angelfire that you tie to your domain.

www.Qanon.com is probalby still avaible.

Angelfire allows you to upload pages into the webshell, write html directly into the editor and has a feature for ppl who r not savvy with HTML and need to work with a basic editor.

If this is all overwhelming and totally new to you: welcome to the real world. You are now going to learn something new. LOL.

dont worry, even I learned to do it.

Just go go go to angelfire, set up a free website, and when you're comfy with it, spend a few bucks on the domain name.

Angelfire is the only free website builder I know where u can get a domain for a few bucks AND for a bit more, they keep you anonymous, so your website shows up on WHOIS.com as 'owned by angelfire".

go brave warrior! If you make it, we will SPREAD

ps: my website is disobeydisobey.com

go take a look around if u r bored. it's not rocket science to make fun stuff

0251f8 No.316365



"n 2 carefully trolling cnn u"

very advance mission, might get blocked,

then no productiveness until unblocked,

etc. Sounds fun though.

"u, make a screenshot of the block, s"

use current screen shot, with something like

"look what they did to my friend"

same effect, less chance of ban.

44999a No.316461


cud b.

i cud make a mission statement and throw it on twat. asking for fearless naughty twat experts to help out. Its the collection of "I GOT BLOCKED BY CNN" that we need to spread in a graph…LOOOOOL

btw…great thinking of yuou. National pizza day everyone TWAT JOHN PODESTA

44999a No.316483

File: 849c4418b78d526⋯.jpg (304.46 KB, 748x851, 748:851, kek patch.jpg)

File: 21e4f2e3df90f6c⋯.png (89.67 KB, 840x840, 1:1, lol2.png)

File: b9a764f9e39e01a⋯.jpg (51.9 KB, 512x387, 512:387, we can hear you pepe.jpg)

File: dafbfb218553384⋯.jpg (736.12 KB, 1712x1704, 214:213, battlekek.jpg)

File: 74ec629ad82ecdf⋯.png (61.12 KB, 776x776, 1:1, kek1.png)

44999a No.316490

File: a655b6cf705c09b⋯.png (1.31 MB, 937x962, 937:962, patch1.png)

File: 5875f99a9ed2836⋯.jpg (18.25 KB, 255x255, 1:1, RECON PATCH.jpg)

nice patches collection so far

0251f8 No.316502


"r fearless naughty twat experts t"

perfect mission for these a_ons.

". National pizza day"

yeah opportunity, but pizza still gross, they

went and ruined an entire food. thats ev_l.

0251f8 No.316509


dang those are cool!!

0251f8 No.316517

a0a509 No.316534


https:// nationaldaycalendar.com/national-pizza-day-february-9/

Today is also:

National No One Eats Alone Day

National Bagel Day (Formerly Bagel and Lox Day)

National Pizza Day

National Toothache Day

https:// nationaldaycalendar.com/february/

For the future, look up what National days are upcoming.

44999a No.316590



come on, we can NOT let national pizza day slip by without everyone tweeting Hillary and the podesta's, right???

44999a No.316594


i havent made any of them, just adore the artwork.

anons, have you thought about your personal mission(team) yet? Give it some thought, so we can organize the war

0251f8 No.316648


oh yeah i'm using #nati.. all day, but not

directly at those 2, still a lil nervous lol. Im in states.

That's when you know the 1st

Amendment is in trouble, people scared to

speak (twt), lol. Gh.

44999a No.316674

File: 1b7e5cd735a0f88⋯.jpg (617.74 KB, 2480x3508, 620:877, pizza day1.jpg)

how about this??

44999a No.316680


all the more reason to do so.

Twat HIlzz and pod… they're in jail anyway.

just say HAPPY PIZZA DAY!!

and throw in a hashtag… LOL sarcasm cant b punished,,, and ppl will RT

0251f8 No.316721


oh yeah i got my own style of jabbing them, lol

be ready to RT my next pinned twt.

44999a No.316728

File: 096334f6f262077⋯.jpg (406.49 KB, 886x953, 886:953, ocd.jpg)

k lol look we got a new team badge

OCD team

44999a No.316740

File: 3d0bbab58872605⋯.jpg (303.71 KB, 748x851, 748:851, kek patch.jpg)

this is a beauty as well… recon team

44999a No.316766

OMFG i just gota mention by jerome corsi and now getting hundreds of followers…

just added 100+ in ONE minut

0251f8 No.316774


totally awesome, enjoy your blessing, good


44999a No.316807

how the hell? oh well.. LOL time to drop some bombs. wish PetitionTeam wud hv their shit ready to launch.

All they have to do is typ some stuff on the standard graph and we can set it free

e2bd6b No.316811

File: 47eefd4b406e342⋯.png (294.65 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1489613716362.png)




Shadilay! Also love the new patches >>316728 >>316740

0251f8 No.316828

File: e615e235b91497d⋯.jpg (126.62 KB, 607x765, 607:765, Petitionwr4.jpg)


i did this for petition.

44999a No.316846


holy damn! thats awesome

44999a No.316858


I'll retwat it again. all those followers.

44999a No.316966


u r getting a LOT of traction now…

see your twats reaching far into the crowd.


b advised that your stuff is reaching ppl now!

pls make nice flyers ok? the dough is in the bread here. just scroll a bit

e2bd6b No.317025

File: 9bd2466e5b2512d⋯.png (488.63 KB, 673x739, 673:739, MEMETIC OPS.png)




Glad you like, not my oc tho. I hope you're still around for when the storm hits the eu

44999a No.317041


LOL thnaks those are AWESOME

I ll hang in there…. i m a tough broad. LOL

44999a No.317052


picking them up from general as well.. LVOV


e2bd6b No.317182

File: b7457007ad972ce⋯.png (868.33 KB, 1068x1068, 1:1, DOTM QA.png)

File: a36af2645cc6438⋯.png (868.04 KB, 1068x1068, 1:1, DOTM QT.png)

Last one for now…


Glad to hear that. Shadilay!


I'm pretty big on acronyms, but LVOV is not one I'm familiar with?

0251f8 No.317227


TY kind badge person, very nice share.

0251f8 No.317253


Nice work, I think that helps petitions a little

bit, hopefully we can continue to help, if

they help us RT.

0251f8 No.317276


I like the way the flyer can announce the

and any hash we want to push, nice job.

I think you should put all basic flavors and

hashes we want to push on these flyer

announcement imo. nice work.

e2bd6b No.317288

File: b06dea758026e1f⋯.png (383.35 KB, 1068x1068, 1:1, DOTM QA.png)

You can call me tiredanon, I uploaded the wrong Q anon, attached is the correct version o7

Pretty sure there is no way you can delete your own post/pics on this board amirite?



0251f8 No.317304


"Pretty sure there is no way you can delete your own post/pics on this board amirite?"

That is my understanding, cannot delete.

but np, we post wrong pics in here all the

time and repost msps also all the time lol.

0251f8 No.317312


whoa 25 notifications when I got back after

your retwt, nice.

"see your twats reaching far into the crowd."

44999a No.317413



thank you so much anon!

44999a No.317441



hahah aint that the truth,

get rest #TiredAnon

we will work this into a nice meme war.

e2bd6b No.317480

File: 9db9df634dd249d⋯.png (855.49 KB, 994x1024, 497:512, KEK ARMY HEROES.png)


Thx, figured as much since on halfchan and even /cbts/ here you could… oh well


Bless @ll you Tw@tterfags out there on the frontlines!!


Bless you too, please harvest the and use the orange Qanon posted in >>317288


I'm out for now but carry on anons, you're doing keks work! SHADILAY

Tiredanon out

44999a No.317520


thanks tired anon….

get some rest.!

praise kek

44999a No.318000

OMFG 150K views in 24 hrs.

we r going FAR now!!!!

0251f8 No.318199


miracles when some work together,

imagine ALL, nice work.

44999a No.318397


wow… those numbers! Kek magic!!!

our method really picking up enormous attention now. A-MA-ZING just the few of us in here happily brainstorming.

THANK YOU Q. It must have been your secret help and inspiration!!!

44999a No.318416

File: 5496a0190367d52⋯.jpg (127.18 KB, 579x666, 193:222, succes twat.jpg)

this twat was seen 150K times and is still running like a wild fire. top tweet EVER.

0251f8 No.318514


ha thats a good one for sure, talent

to put that together, real good natural words

people can relate to. very nice.

44999a No.318549

File: a2850c44e917abf⋯.jpg (39.32 KB, 548x540, 137:135, pizzaday.jpg)


pic not mine, amazingly done by the photofags.

just found this one on general.

Combine with #NationalPizzaDay

and this URL

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCDzRtZLUkc&t=3s

(its a vid of 2 mins where u hear hildebeast LAUGH about this little girls rape)

0251f8 No.318645


Yeesh thats a sick recording. Will try to make a

graphic out of it. Time.

a12df4 No.319127


ReTwated for ya anon

0251f8 No.319224


i saw that, your rt are powerful, most notifications

occur after your rt. am thankful and same time

we getting somewhere, double blessing,

only possible when doing good work.

a12df4 No.319350


Glad to help. Yeah I have a couple followers on that acct. LOL

0251f8 No.320789

File: cb655f1627a56e3⋯.jpg (121.91 KB, 518x512, 259:256, SuccessE1.jpg)

be69f8 No.323253

God bless POTUS

44999a No.326056




Good morning brave anons in the War Room

enjoy your coffee or tea and happy 2 c u in here.

1st thing i'll make is a flyer on how to b a succesful twater, build a large army of followers etc. some of the tips etc got lost on previous threads. you (specially the new recruits) need a simple graph/flyer to keep somewhere and get yourself a crowd of between 3 - 5K followers asap.

any input of expert twatters who happen 2 walk in: pls share your thoughts and we'll add them to the flyer.

a12df4 No.326498

File: 96d3bc5b545ea78⋯.png (4.15 KB, 154x123, 154:123, 2018-02-10 (8).png)


Good morning anons

Regarding Twatter? IMHO

The biggest thing to gain followers and hence Increase your "Voice" Rule #1 Is "Do not lie" even normies hate that shit. #2 Do not engage the 4-6% there is no point in it. They are lost "Trust me I have tried: lol

#3 Stick to the script, Keep true & the followers who seek knowledge will begin to pile on. ;p Pic related of my most popular acct. Not self doxxing

44999a No.326575

File: 0ca3a92819d6409⋯.jpg (422.3 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, q texts 10-2-18.jpg)


GREAT comments! humble thanks!

will put into batter. totally agree.

44999a No.326612

File: dd97723ae31fdea⋯.jpg (418.58 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, q texts 10-2-18.jpg)


sorry. error. here is the improved version (2nd Q drop was incorrect)

b5501d No.327312


Wow thanks for posting that, I knew he

would drop soon. Time flies.

44999a No.327409


thought i'd keep the War Room fags up 2 date of the latest. can't hurt..

b5501d No.327476


yeah i need it, barely poke my head up for

recent news.

b5501d No.327547


Only obvious thing I see, for what we can do,

is make some JFK memes exposing

secret societies,

also maybe Snowden

using ciaKidsPage for comm.

Meme on seals and American Military SEALS.

b5501d No.327569


I can't tell if globaleaks.or is good or bad.

Sometimes these sites only fool a person

to leak, thinking site is safe, so diggers

needed on that one. Can't do meme

on globaleaks…

until we know more.

44999a No.327611


i hvent touched the site either. let general take care of that sorta thing.

i m still working on the twat tactics flyer.

been a bit slow, my bad

b5501d No.327679


There's not much rush anyway,

weekend anyway.

Is there more twts on week day or weekend?

44999a No.327701


seems 2 me that weekends r busy.

weekdays, daytime 3 PM is a peek. guess ppl r bored at 3 pm ;-)

I'm inna rush 2 finish this flyer today.

want to b able 2 hand it out to new anons/friends etc.

b5501d No.327882


Beware the rush, leads to mistakes.


b5501d No.327941

ideas mixed in, dnf:

did a quick graph check, still our push 580

twts per hour more or less.

Best part, graphs starting to flatten out.

That means our hash words push are going

longer by people helping over 24 hours.

A flat graph indicates much success.

Now our effort should lean toward twts per

hour, but that requires more people

twting, which we either don't have, or ppl

are not retwting to their full potential (can't

blame them, thankful for their help).

Also, keep in mind, choices in IceCream will

always mathematically divide our results and

not show true overall potential effort.

I understand this is not avoidable now, but

keep in mind, so when we want greater

results, we know how, but will take great

effort to persuade ppl to use less hash words.


b5501d No.328277

File: feffac46aefa658⋯.jpg (217.14 KB, 1014x540, 169:90, HilYouTube.jpg)


check out my pinned twt, RT.

44999a No.328438

>>328277 => excellent


agree. plus: need to make something stunning with Q's JFK prayer.

b5501d No.328456


"s JFK prayer."

next graphic coming soon.

44999a No.328646

File: f0fac2e916de4a4⋯.jpg (430.05 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, jfk copy1.jpg)


here's something to get you going


b5501d No.328808


That's near-perfect already, thanks for the


44999a No.328918


let's make a few nice ones!

prayer theme is great to spread over the weekend, right? we need 2 weave JFK and DJT narrative together and feed the normies.

b5501d No.328952


yup was my thinking, also.

Thinking 2 graphics,


DJT twtr posts graphic, i can almost see it, lol

b5501d No.328968


noticing not much traction today twtr, you?

b5501d No.328979


If twtr dead, no traction, good time to get

stuff done, family time, chores, graphics, etc.

When twtr alive, 1 twt will get many

notifications, quickly, that's the time to

drop hash, truth, graphics, etc.


44999a No.329091

File: afec3ec63e46e27⋯.jpg (389.57 KB, 1240x1800, 31:45, jfk5 A.jpg)


ppl go get groceries, do laundry, sports, kids, pets etc. everything gets done on saturdays.

here, another nice canvas

b5501d No.329251


yup another nice one. TY

44999a No.329443

File: f614aaba0cb7da1⋯.jpg (849.02 KB, 1240x1800, 31:45, jfk7.jpg)

Ok done. tw_tting it now, and checking the trends. tw_t trends look FAKE to me btw.

curious bout your one!

b5501d No.329478


>tw_t trends look FAKE to me btw.

i still use them, they bring newbies in and

sometimes they become a follower. I imagine

its like walking into a shop, looking around,

and being like this place is cool, or not for me.

>curious bout your one!

which one?

b5501d No.329490



here are two ready, if anyone wants to shoot

the graphic, feel free too.

44999a No.329519


your JFK graph/pic/meme

44999a No.329526


I just fired mine. taken a few minuts between twats. remember being told long ago that rapid fire is pointless. LOL

b5501d No.329541


Oh that one still haven't started, lazy today,

must be Saturday. Ideas still stewing.

b5501d No.329546


dang that one is cool.

b93389 No.329563


>"Do not engage the 4-6% there is no point in it. They are lost "Trust me I have tried: lol"

Prov. 29:9 ;-)

b5501d No.329578


>Prov. 29:9

If a wise man contendeth with a foolish man, whether he rage or laugh, there is no rest.


44999a No.329581


if a wise person goes to court a fool… nice (LOL)

>>329578 beat me to it

b5501d No.329603


44999a No.329656

who ever u are new person, do NOT fill your email addee in the form. if you did, pls go back and reenter with out doing that.

872de9 No.329661

"TRUE DAT" as they say on the screet.

44999a No.329713

oh. duh. shills. time 4 coffee. let them argue each other.

b5501d No.329735

no jus me,

confirm me good coffee,

didn't use email.

44999a No.329891


ok… coffee is good here

b5501d No.330000


twtr is picking up.

44999a No.330410

File: 55d1b4e227e65b6⋯.jpg (1.42 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, Flyer Twat Tactics 10-2-18.jpg)



here's my design 4 twat tactics

44999a No.330448

good night friends. off to the twitter wars. leaving the war room to you for the night. sleep well. stay safe. praise Kek and GEOTUS

44999a No.335950

good morning war room!

enjoy your coffees

44999a No.336041

File: 4cbc3df02e25a29⋯.jpg (218.48 KB, 567x620, 567:620, airborne keks.jpg)

File: c933fe9af959b58⋯.jpg (95.92 KB, 500x685, 100:137, pepe at war.jpg)

File: 54607ee58bb744e⋯.jpg (200.89 KB, 498x639, 166:213, redpil kek.jpg)

File: fdda9353828900b⋯.jpg (347.27 KB, 739x848, 739:848, top kek patch.jpg)

showing off new badges.


44999a No.336147

floating idea, do not fire

what say ye war room to slide our hashes more to the Clown In America? too soon?

too far fetched for the normies?

current hashes have seeded themselves.

thinking about expanding our reach even further. will start analyzing the word webs around our hashes. pls leave thought crums in here. and about those TEAMS we need to set up… THinking each team takes one of the hashes and ties all sort of stuff to it.

based on our current [5]


a french anon has translated our flyer into Frog! will be creating the french flyer today,

ready to bomb french speaking part of the world with.

=> do we have a spanish speaking anon here?

44999a No.336235

Dropped a line on twat 4 german & spanish translation anons, that want to become meme warriors themselves. they cud b a portal into the new language fields. I see a lot of RTs

only a question on time b4 we have a further reach

ba0c4f No.336385


krautfag reporting, if you point me in the right direction i will translate.

44999a No.336414

welcome Krautfag.(and native AM fag) hv a look around . getting coffee, brb

44999a No.336415

its about our flyers

f86ce4 No.336421

I'm part Kraut, but I only speak English, unfortunately. I tried to learn German, but ADHD, perhaps.

b5501d No.336436

…brewing coffee, will be more awake soon.





44999a No.336442


of fuck it. DAMN… Kraut anon only part Kraut.

what a bummer.

Do you hv a large group of Krauts on twat, or wud you b able to get a flock of Krauts with the bit you do know?

44999a No.336449

File: ac3cd9c0a8a3b51⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, design flyer DEF 2-8-18.jpg)


this needs to be translated

44999a No.336455


morning anon

ba0c4f No.336457


thx, was close to find it myself;) working on it now

44999a No.336462


praise KEK!

44999a No.336468

moar coffee brb

1a2902 No.336472

File: a33facbf7058185⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 4400x2820, 220:141, DerSumpf.jpg)

long time ago I translated The Swamp graphic into german. Maybe you want to use it too.

cd3b36 No.336474


Will translate into removekebab when the time comes.

Trust we'll have no problem with /int/ernationalfags.

44999a No.336476



44999a No.336481

File: 9f17b2d704a096b⋯.jpg (192.8 KB, 565x629, 565:629, hit target badge.jpg)


"removekebab" LOOOOL

1a2902 No.336483


only translate the text? you'll make the graphic then? Don't have the template.

44999a No.336492


I'll do the graphic.. hv the PS dox.

currently doing the Frog translation.

also: The Deplorabels… Will probably give Krauts a headache.. put Les back in front of it for recognition? Any thoughts?

fd5f39 No.336556


The Deplorables of Krautistan are called Das Pack.

b5501d No.336561


If possible, leave Les off of USA graphic.

Not a biggie, so either way will work, but USA

will keep asking why the Les, what does,

Les mean, etc. Takes away from the

important point of the graphic. imo

b5501d No.336585

File: fc06a24abfceacd⋯.jpg (65.04 KB, 870x328, 435:164, YoutubeTYs0.jpg)





b5501d No.336602


i should have said "..except for Hannity, Tucker, Ingrahm, Judge, Watters, Bongino, etc"

44999a No.336673

File: 88d798d0d41ba6b⋯.jpg (821.89 KB, 1712x1704, 214:213, KrautPepe.jpg)


OH GREAT! didnt know that…

we wud need to hv a badge… this?

44999a No.336683


not putting "LES" on US/UK flyer. just on the Frog one.


1a2902 No.336689


thanks, i really didnt know the meaning. Would have said 'the lost ones'

I dont have probs with german, I have probs with english slang.

I started translate into swedish now, as there is ba0c4f working on german.

I could validate the german text in case it'd be too much book-style.

44999a No.336694

File: 9f17b2d704a096b⋯.jpg (192.8 KB, 565x629, 565:629, hit target badge.jpg)


nice task for the Recon team. I guess u are it.

Excellent idea!! plaster the boards…

also plaster enemie boards… LOL..

find team mates and hv some fun.

44999a No.336702


439 likes sez => NO APOLOGIES

ba0c4f No.336807

Q - Anon


Mach mit & retweete


Die Bedauernswerten (alternative: Das Pack)


Wohin einer von uns geht, gehen wir alle.

Welchen Pfad einer geht, gehen wir alle. (Second idea, sounds better in german. but didnt really find a fitting translation. Is this a saying in scriptures ?)


Wir versuchen die Welt zu retten & und brauchen deine kostbare Hilfe!

90% der Medien gehören lediglich 6 Unternehmen. Diese kontrollieren die offizelle Sichtweise und füttern uns mit falschen Nachrichten.

In Folge dessen sind viele Menschen immernoch unaufgeklärt über die Lügen, Korruption, Verrat, Mord und Perversionen, welche seit vielen Jahren weitergehen.

Bitte helf uns die wirklichen Nachrichten zu verbreiten.

Operation: "Focus-Fire" (gezieltes/konzentriertes Feuern[normally you would translate Operations into german])

Unser Ziel ist es gleichzeitig die selben Hashtags zu benutzen und diese auf allen möglichen Plattformen populär zu machen.

Unseren Informationen sind kraftvolle Meme zugefügt. Diese werden dazu benutzt um Menschen aufzuwecken, welche durch die Märchen der Massenmedien in den Schlaf gewogen wurden.

Wie kannst du helfen ?

- folge jedem #Qanon Krieger den du finden kannst.

- Retweete, retweete und bleib am retweeten der Tweets, die das aktuelle Hashtag benutzen

- Werde selber ein #Qanon-Meme-Krieger: Sende Nachrichten auf den Plattformen die du nutzt, welche das aktuelle Hashtag beinhalten und erstelle entweder selber ein Mem oder besorg dir eines aus der riesiegen Meme Bibliothek==> Mega.nz…..

- Hefte deinen Tweet mit dem aktullen Hashtag an dein Profil an. Es wird das Erste sein was deine neuen Freunde sehen (und retweeten).

— Wie du einen perfekten Tweet erstellst —-

(left to right)

Wähle eine Waffel

populäres Hastag

gekapertes Hashtag

oder Basisvariante

nimm 3 Kugeln






Benutze mindestens einen Basis-Geschmack in jedem Tweet

Füge 2 deiner eigenen Lieblingssorten dazu.

Streusel oben drauf?

Du möchtest Streusel ? Füge kurze Hashtags wie; #News, #Maga, #Qanon, #Fail usw. dazu.

Überreiche das Eis!

Gib auch immer @Potus oder @realDonaldTrump ein Eis!

Kirschen oben drauf = Meme

Extra Soße? Pack einen Link dazu

Close to source translation, for a german it´s a bit stompy to read,but its understandable. If we decide to rewrite it more in Slang i would net help form a more Twitter experienced ger-Anon since i don´t really know their slang, but probably that would happen anyway as soon as it get´s around

f29970 No.336816

Thought: if we have another mass effort like #ReleaseTheMemo, ask professional cartoonists to donate one drawing to the effort.

Some may not want to, some may not be able to because of contract restrictions or other reasons.

We should be willing to tell our team to not modify their donations in any way.

ba0c4f No.336822


Operation: "Focus-Fire" (gezieltes/konzentriertes Feuern[normally you would ==NOT== translate Operations into german])

-little error

1a2902 No.336832


>Wohin einer von uns geht, gehen wir alle.

common term:

Einer für alle, alle für einen.

ba0c4f No.336840


wouldnt that be one for all, all for one in english ?

that´s why i didnt use that

b5501d No.336853

accurate fire


b5501d No.336856

ice cream


b5501d No.336861

operation ice cream


ba0c4f No.336868


genaues feuern


simple Eis or Eiscreme (but that´s not used normally)


here it would fit to use

Operation Eiscreme

to be closer to the original

1a2902 No.336907


yes, you are correct.

depends on what you like. both are okay.

how can you be that fast? lol

Your translation is perfect!

The relative pronouns (welche) is correct but a bit dry book-style. Der/die/das sounds better.

Diese werden dazu benutzt, um Menschen aufzuwecken, die durch die Märchen der Massenmedien eingelullt wurden.

sprinkles - Streusel => Sträusel (with Umlaut)

ba0c4f No.336932


agreed on the pronouns, your sentence sounds better.

but the Sprinkles is really ==> Streusel, not Sträusel [can´t explain why.. but nobody in germany would write it with ä.probably mine is "Hochdeutsch" yours is some region specific]

1a2902 No.336953


you are right, my fault, sorry.

It's Streuselkuchen, i forgot that.

3 open windows on a 17" sreen in 3 languages, it's my overload…

b5501d No.336964



very nice work, TY

b5501d No.336974

twtr not much action right now

ba0c4f No.336986


i know the feeling working on 1 21:9 screen + 1 extra pc for watching vid´s simultaniously


your welcome

im keeping this tab open if you need me again. gotta get something to eat now

44999a No.336996


OH thank you that's looking very nice.

I wud hv screwed up Die FALLEN.

always hated them.

ein fuer allen. musqueteers motto. cud b a great idea.

44999a No.337005


Eis Diele? LOL probably not

1a2902 No.337011


Here is the first part in swedish, it maybe needs some corrections, i'm not native swede:

Gå med oss och retweet!


Där vi går en, går vi alla

Vi försöker rädda världen och vi behöver din värdefulla hjälp!

En procent av media ägs av endast 6 företag. De kontrollerar berättelsen och ger oss fake news.

På grund av detta är många fortfarande inte medvetna om lögnerna, korruption, förräderi, mord och perversioner som har pågått i åratal.

Var god och hjälp oss att sprida riktiga nyheter.

Operation focus-fire

Vårt mål är att samtidigt använda samma hashtags och göra dem trend på alla möjliga plattformar.

Kraftfulla memes är kopplade till våra meddelanden. Dessa används för att vakna upp de människor som har blivit invaggade av de viktigaste

mainstream media sagorna.

Hur kan du hjälpa?

- följa varje #Qanon som du kan hitta

- retweet, retweet och än retweet deras tweets som innehåller den aktuella hashtag

- bli en #Qanon Meme Krigare själv: sänd messages på din platform som innehåller de aktuella hashtags: antingen gör en kul meme eller låna en

från vårt stora bibliotek ==> (link)

Pinna din tweet med nuvarande hashtag till din profil. Detta blir det första som nya vänner kommer att se och retweeta.

Hur man gör en perfekt Tweet:

44999a No.337025


ich liebe Phalzer Streuselkuchen .

44999a No.337038


wow that's amazing. i m so slow today (flu)

pls be advised: we need a sentence to put in a tweet telling ppl: here are the tools, if you can read this, join us and become your own hub in sharing info. (or something)

b5501d No.337042

File: b8db76a8f0d938b⋯.jpg (107 KB, 580x540, 29:27, Success15.jpg)

Eurt, your graphic idea was very succesful, many

big hitters hit it far and wide, probably my

biggest twt, of course based off your idea.


Congrats, TY for idea, it was successful,

brought more followers also, very successful.

44999a No.337075


Truth is magic,,,

and adding an URL… makes u score HIGH HIGH HIGH.

Congrats…. this is what we need.

a few thruth twats. going FAR.

I suggest u dig up a few great red pill memes from the archives. we can make em into something great. Q has been hinting on big pharma/cancer/aids etc. give it some thought. jsut b careful, we can only state FACTS.. general is running in all directions with stuff about a cure for cancer. as we can not prove there is such a thing, we can only ask questions.

44999a No.337102

File: dd97723ae31fdea⋯.jpg (418.58 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, q texts 10-2-18.jpg)

btw: a q drop with a #Qanon #NEWS hashtag scores BIG

this one hit had 101 RTs. getting 300/400K views each day with less than 10 tweets.

hv the flu so bit slow last dayys (srry)

b5501d No.337174


Hope you feel bettr sooner rather than later.

In mean time, rest important to recover flu,

no coffee, no caffeine, lots water, healthy stuff

intake, no fried, starch, or much meats.

Faster you done w flu, faster you back full

force, lol (idea dnf OP name, OP FullForce,

lol, future)


I also posted this after you posted here.

Many liked it, more than average RTs.

1a2902 No.337341

File: e5fca16b3ce0565⋯.jpg (11.4 KB, 277x175, 277:175, swedistan.jpg)


Gå med oss och retweet!


Där vi går en, går vi alla

Vi försöker rädda världen och vi behöver din värdefulla hjälp!

En procent av media ägs av endast 6 företag. De kontrollerar berättelsen och ger oss fake news. På grund av detta är många fortfarande inte medvetna om lögnerna, korruption, förräderi, mord och perversioner som har pågått i åratal. Var god och hjälp oss att sprida riktiga nyheter.

Operation focus-fire

Vårt mål är att samtidigt använda samma hashtags och göra dem trend på alla möjliga plattformar. Kraftfulla memes är kopplade till våra meddelanden. Dessa används för att vakna upp de människor som har blivit invaggade av de viktigaste mainstream media sagorna.

Hur kan du hjälpa?

- följa varje #Qanon som du kan hitta

- retweet, retweet och än retweet deras tweets som innehåller den aktuella hashtag

- bli en #Qanon Meme Krigare själv: sänd messages på din platform som innehåller de aktuella hashtags: antingen gör en kul meme eller låna en från vårt stora bibliotek ==> (link)

Pinna din tweet med nuvarande hashtag till din profil. Detta blir det första som nya vänner kommer att se och retweeta.

Hur man gör en perfekt tweet:

Ta en glass-strut

(pic of cones)

trending hashtag

kapad hashtag eller

enkel smak i varje tweet.

välj tre smaker


# ….

Använd minst en enkel smak. Lägg till två av dina egna favorit smaker.

(more left) Strösslor på toppen?

(more right) Dela ut glasset.

Alltid ge @POTUS

och @realDonaldTrump

ett glass också!

(middle bottom)

Vill ha strösslor? Lägg till korta hashtags liksom #News #MAGA #Qanon #Fail omm.

Körsbär på toppen? = MEME

Ekstra sås? Lägg till en link!

added from other krautfag:

here are the tools, if you can read this, join us and become your own hub in sharing info.

Här är verktygen, om du kan läsa det här, gå med oss och bli ditt eget nav om du delar information.

1a2902 No.337385



extra sauce = extra sås

(ekstra is norwegian)

44999a No.337399


dat flag…. dont think its legal in sweden..LOL

44999a No.337426


many MANY thanks for all this.

I cant work it all out today.

will launch the French one today and do the others tomorrow. Best I concentrate and dont make spelling errors using your work,

REALLY amazing. ==bravo==

44999a No.337439


thanks… will soon leave the PC and go back to twatting from under the blankets…

memeforce be with us.

Will u check up on the war room frmo time 2 time? thx

1a2902 No.337483


if you like to, ask me via your Higher Self to send you healing, i'm shaman.

Gute Besserung!

44999a No.337961


that's a nice thought!

but save healing power 4 those in dire need. I will b fine, just minor inconvenience.

b5501d No.338140


>Will u check up on the war room frmo time 2 time? thx

Sure. What shall i be checking for, specifically?

44999a No.338147

File: a5b40b62860a440⋯.jpg (1.43 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, flyer french1.jpg)

here's the french flyer.

I kept the PSD probably still has errors.

1a2902 No.338804


it's not my power, it's the source. I'm just the copper cable conduit.

There is abundance of healing power, Shamans are God's ambassadors ;>


tres bien, merci.

b5501d No.338892

File: 14153c7b43609f2⋯.jpg (84.7 KB, 587x391, 587:391, twtwar48.jpg)


hard to explain first try, hash no hash add

onto original post. Will continue to refine method.


9e0776 No.342084

twtr is heating up. 421PM MST

9e0776 No.346789

twtr is slowing down. a good night, much

success, feel proud for being one who did

something when it was time. Rest well, enjoy

the show.

9e0776 No.348934

File: 20acd099f3de897⋯.jpg (266.59 KB, 885x359, 885:359, GinsBtwt.jpg)

44999a No.350472


great thoughts! (morning!)

Q in capta

48ff88 No.350522

Meme Anon here w/ a new # idea -

woke up this am w/ the phrase "Pig Pharma" in my head. do you think we could come up with a new hash using something w/ 'Pig Pharma' to accompany #Release the Cures? (it brings to mind the financial aspect . . . the hundres of BILLIONS this pig industry reaps each year . . .)

would this be worthwhile or not?

if so, what how should the hash read, just #PigPharma or something more w/ it?

48ff88 No.350572


this is excellent, anon. you should make one w/ just the Q drops re. big pharma/cures/they know we know, etc . . .

from the main board, it seems this topic is generating a lot of interest and meme anons are working on this theme.

44999a No.350681



excellent ideas. I am very hesitant, hence Q's words, to try to totally "OUST' big pharma. more like… push them..

red pill way "What if there was a #Cure" would the #ReleaseTheCure or making #MoneyOnSuffering or something…

we cud score BIG combining pieces of the Q drops etc. do a few trials.. lets think about this. its kept me up all night. needs to be dealt with.

44999a No.350710

hope you understand my point. sortof not using the right words i guess.

we can not Blunty throw out there "hey there's a cure and all your fam died because they wanna make money" right?

we wud hv 2 prove what that cure is, for starters. cud kill credibility (even if we r correct) and wud HURt ppl BAD BAD BAD

48ff88 No.351001



right . . . pushing bigpharma to release the cures, not to take them down –

the new # would simply be to draw attention to the mega $$$$$ they are making off drugs to treat illnesses for which they already have the cures.

i posted my hash quaere on the main board, and those who responded were very much in favor of the idea.

still working on the exact # - some ideas were




again this would be a # to use in addition to #ReleaseTheCures, bringing attention to the $$$$ side of bigpharma.

what do you think?

48ff88 No.351018


* for which they already have the cures, AND to push them to release those known cures rather than hoarding the $$$

48ff88 No.351155


yes, i hear you. we can use Q's words while also drawing attention to the fact that this is big business . . . just enough to put some pressure on and reaffirm what Q said - they know we know and that the public's going to know. well, many of us know and if we start the campaign to release whatever BP is keeping from us, it should give them a very good incentive to "release" sooner rather than later and avoid having to engage in a "cover up" which we all know will be blown to shreds, because the TRUTH of what they've been doing will come out. It truly is in BP's best interests to start releasing the cures, as has already begun w/ the "cure for the flu"

44999a No.351516


Totally agree with your points, happy general is wanting to join.

Let's do pow wow over hashtag changes.

I'm thinking (idea, DO NOT FIRE)

perhaps we shud narrow the [5] hashes

and and add some new flavors.

perhaps we cud use the basic 5 as a "roadmap" for the tweets narrative.

we now have



#ObamaGate (replace??)



thinking each # shud b an ice cream CONE (Think direction) in which we were to put a lot of different flavors (we cud make a new list)

One thing we must change: we overlooked that. every tweet needs #QAnon IMO

its what the normies type 2 find us.

so. if we wud use the current [5] as a roadmap, think outload to which direction(=new hash) every hashtag would lead?

#WeThePeople –→ #WeKnow, #Release, #doThis, #Do that #SignPetitions etc (general roads this hashtag takes us.

#GreatAwakening -→ all sorts of redpill hashes, cud even almost use everything that is under [WTP]

#FakeNews → redpills, trolling clowns, scoring points and proving lies. etc

#Treason → point at every /badguy in politics etc. Obamagate cud b put under this umbrella as well (the other way around wudnt work)

# –suggesting a new one

> #Corruption ? Greed?

(as to cover every story that can not be covered with the #Treason umbrella or any of the others ===> #ReleaseTheCure cud b under this umbrella??

# –suggesting a new one (SUGGESTIONS NEEDED) we need an umbrella to cover the human trafficking/pedo shit and other horrors.

pls drop your suggestions, think out loud.

perhaps we cud use 7 mortals sins or something. have no idea what to put that under. its so horrible. but we MUST start red pilling. #HorribleTruth(s) ?? #HardToSwallow? #RedPill #QCrumb >??? pls anons… ideas ideas… our cones must accommodate all of Q's narratives.

44999a No.351581

throwing a few loose hashes into the mix:

#GITMOBound or #GitmoBound or just #GITMO

cud perhaps replace #Treason and #Corruption ,,, though… only special group of crimes go to gitmo. duh. well mm fixing dinner. curious to your replies.!

0dd477 No.352186


>e shud narrow the [5] hashes

will be difficult, remem we tried with 4? Be

ready for kick back. Your idea of choice was

key for last success. Continue that idea,

IceCream, except make 3 words mandatory,

from list of basic flavors, two optional.

But before all that, we should discuss our

retwters? How many will retwt no matter

what you twt, those are your best helpers.

How many do you each have?

0dd477 No.352239


i feel the next step is same IceCream, 3 mandatory hash, find your real helpers,

they will be key, in the next part.

Also, i feel changing the words now might

be too soon. anons still have their choice

so list can stay same. I think next part is

identify dedicated loyal helpers, and train

with them to get a hash our in most

effective manner possible. If we can do this,

we will be able to see success in graphs.


0dd477 No.352285


""Pig Pharma" i"

This is good double thinking, double play,

great for some, not so for most i think. Too

much mix of Pig and Pharma. 2 seperate

issues, too far apart, hard for ppl to

understand quickly. I suggest keep them

separate in your effort to bring light to both

subjects as not to confuse your audience.

Keep it simple, so ALL can understand. Not

complicated where only a few get it. imo

0dd477 No.352321

Either way we will aid you efforts, trust, faith.

0dd477 No.352545


"thinking each # shud b an ice cream CONE (T"

Cones come to us, we cannot predict cones

(yet). 4 flavors with any cone, continues

to work nicely.

our current list works well in any twt.

"Big Pharma not sharing cures, that sounds

like #treason or something from #Obamagate"

"Big Pharma hide their #treason with #fakenews"

After the #greatawakening, Big Pharma will

have to share it's known cures"

If one had to change, it would be #Obam…

However, I have a feeling BO will soon be

in headlines, so it might still be a good


imo the hash can stay the same, works.

The methods of delivery can be improved

vastly. Focus your attention on getting hash

out far and wide, with many RTs. Will need

loyal followers. Loyal followers must be

trained and brought together. Once you

teach them, that's when graph will bounce

higher, again.

44999a No.353827


I agree with your thought. srry i was late. was reading Q drops and made me sick. still shivering about it. have you read them? do you know what Q is trying to tell us?

cc26ce No.353845


I have been making any pedo/trafficking stuff be #Monsters, or #SwampMonsters.

69d775 No.353981


Have some ideas, knowing ( _ ), they will be

more clear, as future unlocks past.

children abuse, trafficking, hardest to

face. much anger, resentment, hate can

come from study of this topic. Be

careful it does not make you lose focus

or faith.

Keep in mind, as we clean up other areas,

child abuse, trafficking is slowed, so in a way

there is less evil toward children because

of ALL our efforts. In a way, we have

already saved many working together. The

sad part is we are far away still from helping

most. The faster people awake, more can

be saved faster, but force awake and they

may mistake you as enemy, so always with

kindness, respect, so they know we are here

to try help as trustworthy friends.

69d775 No.354008


This is the part people won't believe

easily, so must be handled most delicately.

Inform but leave them with hope, faith,

that we are in the right direction, just need

to endure the tragedies until we find the

soruce, then ppl can have their justice, but

that is still ahead, mayb longer than would like.

69d775 No.354079


one more thought. Pedo is the most evil.

It will

be highly guarded. Anyone associated will

not be let go lightly in this Great Awakening.

So do not be surprised if info is hard to find

on this topic, don't be surprised if ( _ )

can't comment on this topic to vividly.

This is the real battle of good and evil, the

abuse of children. Sometimes better to

leave some topics to the "best", while we

go after the obvious obvious evidence

against fake evil leaders.

69d775 No.354113


Before we slap hash and memes charging

pedo crimes, must be absolutely sure when

allegations against one person.

4xcheck. Alleged can never admit to this,

will always deny, so must have extreme

hot sauce before using these memes/hash.

44999a No.354267


all true, that is why i want to b careful about the #ReleaseTheCure. all that horror.

on top of the last Q drops. I really need to get a grip of myself for a bit. I have the feeling this path leads down a winding road.

And i think i know what's lurking at the bottom.

44999a No.354287

it can b revealed as a "concept' tho.

the guilty will b revealed by others

just who is on top of this. or who they got this knowledge from… (…)

69d775 No.354590


no doubt, we should help expose, but we

should stay with the little easy fish, and leave

the big fish to the "best". The easy little

fish will give all ideas of how big fish operate.

Same evil, different scales. When the big

fish is exposed, if we do our job, many will

already know how it all works, based off

little fish research.

69d775 No.354618


Its good to stay on the obvious, easy

corruption, to show people how it works.

The confusing stuff will be unlocked in future,

so that time is coming. As ( _ ) says, we

have more than we know. We will use

what we have now, knowing we will have

more when the time comes. Faith.

44999a No.354624

did u see Q's last drops?

69d775 No.354791


Yes have been reviewing the latest ones I see,

perhaps there are more i did not see yet.

44999a No.354932

File: dde033040dbd0f9⋯.jpg (432.91 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, pill.jpg)


this was the last one

69d775 No.355029


yeah saw that one, already pretty much

knew that was coming, unfortunately.

There is no spoon.

Be careful, soon we will be named, conspiracy.

Deeper we go, harder to believe, crazy stories,

unbelievable, must need extreme hot sauce

for others to finally believe.

Sauce might be too hot, reactions


Only those that continue will know the end,

others less diligent will know what we

decide to let them know, no more.

Your choice to keep going to the know, or

back off and have faith knowing justice is

not just ice.

44999a No.355122


just ICE


flu still got me a bit.

gonna relax and do some twatting downstairs.

cant think str8 2 make decission.

hv a feeling someting is gonna drop later 2day and tomorrows actions 4 us will b diff.

expecting SHTF.

and about that end scenario. i m not running from it. i know its bad. have always know. my energy levels r low. will b back tomorrow.

careful the the Release The Cure..

What we CAN emphasize:

Geotis Ex.Or. last week "The right to try".

which is basically (without saying it)allowing sick ppl to take medications that arent officially registered. we had that with Ebola.. all of a sudden out of thin air… there was a magic pill.

#coincidence of course …

69d775 No.355139


rest, wise.

if SHTF, we will need you.

rest, be well, full strength.

44999a No.355186


thank you. likewise!

looking forward to your new memes.

ill check in from my ipad whenever i can.

nite and enjoy Hannity & Tucker!

69d775 No.355208


>and about that end scenario. i m not running from it. i know its bad. have always know.

of course this is you,

others not so brave,

others story to close to heart, victims,

others don't care,

others affects their investments, work against,

you, ppl like you, will be the key to open

the eyes of the world, but first ours must be

open. Sometimes good ppl forced to study

evil, sometimes good ppl become evil, when

they study evil.

Best to not study, but remove it.

Ironically, best way to know how to remove,

study it,

69d775 No.355223

File: 0b06f53604a3361⋯.jpg (494.83 KB, 800x600, 4:3, MikeWallace.jpg)

69d775 No.355229

File: 20acd099f3de897⋯.jpg (266.59 KB, 885x359, 885:359, GinsBtwt.jpg)

69d775 No.355233

File: f4bfe27270dda3f⋯.jpg (153.91 KB, 580x410, 58:41, twthis.jpg)

69d775 No.355236

File: 44732684c522715⋯.jpg (218.41 KB, 838x504, 419:252, Qpost02112018.jpg)

69d775 No.355238

File: 0c2c6f241b110e3⋯.jpg (131.97 KB, 643x472, 643:472, humaA.jpg)

69d775 No.355245

Use them, if you would.

69d775 No.355247

ALL here, use them, if you would.

dd2aea No.355914


#SaveOurChildren is already being used and catches attention. People see it and wonder "save our children from what" and then they get to see. #PizzaGate and #PedoGate have been tainted by MSM so people don't pay attention to those anymore.

fb2df5 No.356031

Q - Anon Volunteer…. FYI vid links > 2 guys that believe the post something about (if they don't believe they shouldn't join conversations on the board) I interesting as I had watched someone earlier that felt it was personally directed at them. Self centeredness … the block to bridging current social gaps

https:// youtu.be/bH9q2FQFa7E

Q Responds Directly 2Montagraph & Doubters

https:// youtu.be/RDB3vV37i-k

Murder On Russian Plane and Q

69d775 No.356061


"Q - Anon Volunteer"

do you have twtr?

dd2aea No.356083


Yes I do.

fb2df5 No.356085


yes I do …. is there a Q account or??? on twot

dd2aea No.356095

Sorry I didn't say hello to everyone before I just went ahead and posted.

69d775 No.356109


>Q Responds Directly 2Montagraph & Doubters

Was hearing potter and monty were shills,

trying to hurt Trump and Q. Can't know the

truth, must use gut, faith. Personally, I do not

trust them. In fact, i barely watch vids or

read news, instead wait for a question with

easy answer to prove, helps me know truth.

Quick news cycle, who knows whats true.

If tricked, much time to find path again, much

frustration, unlearning not so easy, two

stories in the mind can confuse. Time

better spent with a blank mind ready

for truth, while waiting do chores that help

both family and USALL.

dd2aea No.356110

Yes, I have a twitter account>>356085

69d775 No.356131

File: f4bfe27270dda3f⋯.jpg (153.91 KB, 580x410, 58:41, twthis.jpg)


TY please RT ones with 5 hash focus on our

words here. TY (see graphic for who to RT).

RT as many post as you can, without

offending your followers, TY.






dd2aea No.356144


Wow I just made an idiot of myself lol. I answered your post and it wasn't directed to me. Been a long messed up day. I'm not "Q - Anon Volunteer"

fb2df5 No.356186


I'm here lots but can't keep up with the clues. wish I could. my focus has been on the pedoes for last two years. was doing lots of cones kinda got overwhelmed

No problem on being an idiot…. just kidding. everyone's input is helpful to someone along their personal timeline of becoming 'woke' my excuse is age. Be Well

dd2aea No.356225


Thanks for understanding. I've been around since 4chan but hardly ever post. I try to follow along as best as I can. Somethings make sense and other things I wait for others to figure out before I know what's going on.

69d775 No.356233


no problem, I could use your help also.


69d775 No.356259



Here we use IceCream to shoot hash out to

our valuable followers. They help us spread

memes, truth, hope, stories, jokes, all the

good things ppl carry with them. you can

help simply by going to these profiles and

retweeted their hard work. >>355233

I can train you our methods, you will become

one of those that share our messages, if you


fb2df5 No.356273


potter used to be military police I think I heard him say undercover not sure but I do know he planted himself on the Bundy Ranch establishing a friendship with the man that was murdered by fbi was that Lavoy? anyway always having hissy fits cause the president doesn't call on him for his experience and

knowledge. the monty one I so wanted to respond to but why bother.. haters gonna hate.

dd2aea No.356278


I can help out. I've been using the icecream method for a little while now and I did notice more reactions and interactions with my posts then in the past.

fb2df5 No.356295


I love Ice cream Cones all the different choices of cones and icecream flavours. I'll be off twittering now

69d775 No.356311


Nice first go to @fornow_nameless, RT 5 posts.

dd2aea No.356328


Do I do a regular RT or do I add hashes in the comment section first?

69d775 No.356345


"respond to but why bother.. haters gonna hate."

understand, i care not if shills or not, only tell

you what i hear, so you are warned IF TRUE.

I hope they are both good men, but many

have already fooled me, I trust none, except

few that would not lie to me. Even tho, they

might not lie, they might be mistaken, so even

that cannot be trusted. We are always in

doubt, that's why faith. My opinion is

worthless but what i hear might be of value

so i say w no intention of hating, just sharing.

69d775 No.356354


just RT

69d775 No.356372


just regular RT.

that was not met with meanness, lol "just RT", said it quick, came out pushy, apologies.

dd2aea No.356549


No problem :)

I followed each account and I'll RT as much as I can.

69d775 No.356618


thats the spirit.

also, for practice, write a lil something with our hash. exampL.

"Big Pharma not sharing cures, that sounds

like #treason or something from #Obamagate"

"Big Pharma hide their #treason with #fakenews"

After the #greatawakening, Big Pharma will

have to share it's known cures"

our hash:






8947aa No.356841



Now watch the MSM bury it.>>308650

8947aa No.356859

Isnt interesting how the Kennedy photoshillfag is only hear from between 3 am and 11 am every morning?

Given Q's last post, he is going to have a hard time accepting his cabal Clown buddies killed big K. Thank God for Trump exposing this.

8947aa No.356888

Look for more resignations this week at Pig Pharma now that the letter has gone out from POTUS. The letter and actions the President is making must be clearly be made public so everyone knows. GLOBALLY!

8947aa No.356895

File: d440df77d1ffcd6⋯.jpg (10.46 KB, 267x189, 89:63, cf3df150312daf57e78936f983….jpg)

File: 4a76bed720d7c3a⋯.jpeg (624.89 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 4a76bed720d7c3a1032039bf7….jpeg)

File: 94ee8385e2fd388⋯.jpg (61.59 KB, 666x499, 666:499, 94ee8385e2fd388287cdbecbfd….jpg)

File: c6f6fba76b5ba00⋯.jpg (36.06 KB, 854x480, 427:240, 859f5f0f8db3_sf_4.jpg)


8947aa No.356967

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02-12/cnn-firing-dozens-ahead-att-takeover-report

Vanessa Trump Hospitalized!

http:// www.drudgereport.com

Anons, remember the shill always in the wee hours of the morning EST that keeps referencing "B" as the "other Trump" kid in an odd kind of way?…which many Anons thought was a foreign shill by writing style? B sounds like V, for Vanessa perhaps??? That shill is very creepy and hinted at plans for her. Always same time as other foreign shills in here when night/ morning mod is getting hammered by Anons for banning them for no reason and not banning obvious shills.

Coincidence? Q team should observe from 3 am to 11 am to see if anything there.

69d775 No.356989


Create a lil report, drop it off here, we can try

to meme it and get info out. like you say,


69d775 No.357075


haven't seen much of that, this is mostly a

quiet room, slow scroll. A few suspect

shills but another is quick to handle them.

Thanks for heads up, good eyes open, and

any help you might give us.

8947aa No.357102

https:// www.futureofcapitalism.com/2018/02/trump-proposes-demolishing-fbi-headquarters

Break up the FBI!


69d775 No.357160


zerohedge story, feels like justice.

c3181c No.357177

File: 548f0dee2b41e1a⋯.jpg (205.07 KB, 1200x1044, 100:87, MWC (Meme Warfare Centre).jpg)

File: 65302adbd950aba⋯.jpg (24.63 KB, 248x255, 248:255, MEMEPATCH.jpg)


I thought you're from Europe? :)

>www.thelocal. se/20161016/islamic-state-flag-is-legal-in-sweden-prosecutor-rules


Tiredanon here, goodmorning and hope you get well soon (just had the flu myself), and know that Q will bring more light and fight the darkness.

Just wanted to drop pic related as a moralebooster. Thank you all tw@trwarriors for your work and ever increasing reach! Shadilay

69d775 No.357190


drudgereport VT, spooky, like a death threat to

Jr and family. That's evil to do to another


8947aa No.357200


Not now. So many Anon complaint last night (maybe 2 am EST to 11 am). If Anons ask, they sre banned suddenly and cant even appeal/ locked. Dont know if mod infiltrated or someone from the outside can somehow ban Anons. Really odd cryptic messages and shilling (same meme style every night and nonsense posts with the Kennedy photofag shill always present). Some of the shills seem super triggered by anything Obummer posted but not other cabal ppl posts…saw so many Anons complaining last night about it and getting banned for nothing. I got banned twice for talking about research with another Anon (possibly i was on same VPN?). Makes me think either outside Clown somehow getting in here/ banning or a mod is on drugs. Doesnt seem to happen during the day. Patterns light up this autists mind.

8947aa No.357210


Justice for whom?

8947aa No.357220


Yeah, will try to look at last few nights posts by anons. Seem to remember the reference from the shill that maybe Q saw.

69d775 No.357226


yup looks like a breakup move, disguised as

demo of old building for new building, still in

plans, cost $2billion.

8947aa No.357263


The justice is coming for the evil Obamas, Clintons, and their cabal

I actually find it satisfying that the globalists pigs couldnt do anything again. Sending white powder smacks of grade school desperation. Poor lil guys are collapsing so they resort to white powder. It is only going to get worse for them. Poor pigs.

8947aa No.357288


Cost is a lot less than letting the cabal fucks control things. Moving away from Washington will fix a lot of problems. Splitting up operations genius. Poor little dem fucks wont wabt to livebin Idaho, Alabama and West Virginia. Too bad for them.

69d775 No.357302


Ty for report, we will keep eyes open and hope

they leaves us alone here.

69d775 No.357311


oh just a lil nice story about CNN being bought

up, some getting released, likely less

fake news coming from them, small amt of


69d775 No.357325


yeah even those "pigs" i have not much

sympathy for, they sure didn't have any for USALL.

8947aa No.357544


I could say more, but when I tried to report last night I was banned even though I (and another anon who had the same problem who reported on my twatter) was being honest. Funny part was as soon as Q got on and I said I was now video and screen capture recording my postings (as I am now) and the bans of anons, the bans stopped…the shilling stopped…the smartass comments from a certain mod stopped. I found it quite interesting. I even got a little testy with the mod because he would pose as an anon, which would have had me banned easily before, but suddenly he wouldnt ban me while Q was there.

The early morning mod is odd and I am not the only one who has noticed. You need to cross-check everyone very carefully, not just their word, because it doesnt seem like a coincidence.


8947aa No.357567


And with ATT takeover, who seems to be working with the WH. And I am sure POTUS has a nice plan for them soon.

Goodbye fake News CNN

8947aa No.357601


Just our resident cabal LARP. They are in here 24/ 7 in shifts. Foreign ones too. The pipe up every now and then when something trigfers them. Like cockroaches in a house. Funny, I though "Q is just a conspiracy theory"? Seem to be very interested in hanging out here these days. Scared?

8947aa No.357644

File: 5e160f75179299f⋯.jpg (31.95 KB, 488x591, 488:591, DV2QpP-V4AAzKwW.jpg)

File: 475b722dbc8083d⋯.jpg (155.62 KB, 540x535, 108:107, 20180211_210245.jpg)



Too funny. I have tears. Pics say it all.

69d775 No.357650

Yeah always eyes open, usually can tell

when something is not right. Enjoy the night.

I must be away for awhile. Twt the hashes,

RT our hashes.

8947aa No.357689



I might dm you. Something is not right at night.


c3181c No.357696

File: d9da989bdc764da⋯.jpeg (65.84 KB, 1020x1024, 255:256, BHO michael_dong.jpeg)


You forgot this one anon

8947aa No.358022



Anon, I just spit my food out!!!


8947aa No.358034


If you can make a vagina one for Obummer with a black panther beret on, I will spread the two all over twatter.


8947aa No.358072

Take note, mod. Notice how extremely quiet it is on here now? Night mod banning takes effect. Many anons wont come back until Q arrives because then they dont get repeatedly banned. Twatter has several key anons discussing this. Coincidence?

fb2df5 No.358089


that is the BEST. can't wait when can start twatting

fb2df5 No.358234

>>358072 few posts ago 356031 same page; posted coupl links of two main complainers, each did video> Q is larp & Patriots that follow sheep one clearly thinks Q is as he states

'Q-linton' Qulinton says hrc is playing us all.

fb2df5 No.358277

complainers> of mods banning them

8947aa No.358363


You dont make sense.

Current mod, some info…

Seems coordinated attacks on quite a few twatter personalities last few days

B mia

Roy hit


Several others I wont mention now

Times in well with our early morning shills, Kennedy picfag poster, and Mod from 3-11 am that seems to ban anyone talking ill of Barry Soetoro and asking Q poignant questions.

Also, someone last night posed as "Board Volunteer" and seem to act very shilly. Mod never banned him for acting and namefagging.

Coincidence? Think you need to verify EVERY mod carefully. What is the best way to destroy a well-guarded place? From within. Think Hussein and hus efforts to destroy a superpower from within.



831ff0 No.358485

Q, how long will you give Pig Pharma until they need to make a decision? I hope not long.

831ff0 No.358524


Did you just ban that Anon? Why? Is it after 12 p.m.? How convenient. You really are proving those anons right by showing your true colors

I think Q sees all so I am not so worried.

I do rememvber the screenshot of the anon last that was banned, seemingly for no reason, and then erased. Why afraid of someone seeing if it was a legit block? Is someone a little agitated they are being exposed by autists on here?

By the way, no "Golden Rule" broken in this post. So if you ban me too everyone will know. I am also live recording now as others suggested. Have no problem showing Q team so this board, and certain individuals, can be monitored closely.

831ff0 No.358539

Good read

https:// mobile.twitter.com/CatoInstitute/status/963147742473277442

831ff0 No.358581

https:// www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02-12/ex-fbi-official-and-obama-adviser-secretly-scrambling-verify-steele-dossier

Superfag Nobama is getting desperate. Really desperate.

To think you have some of the dumbest people on earth voting for this guy. Low IQ fags for sure.

a12df4 No.358608


They are all getting Very desperate. It's almost It's almost laughable.

fb2df5 No.358711

watched video of both, guessing if they were banned not saying they weren't, based on their points of view in their respective videos, they may have been running upstream of the Q concept as anything but a larp, they may have been seen as argumentative, distracting due to the urgency & passion many feel.

bdff04 No.360767

Never been here, but Anons suggested I post this here. Let’s run OFFENSE for POTUS, meaning, we are starting to

>learn to read the MAP

By watching the news and reading the tea leaves of what foundation is being laid for future narratives. Since

>NEWS unlocks MAP

Let’s look at #metoo as an example.

>#metoo movement is laid down to shift focus to and validate allegations against Trump

>Anons recognize the conditioning and start #youtoo campaign where anons bombard @MSM with their own resignations and accusations

>hypocrisy of MSM has been put in writing and minds of Normies

>Anons fun interference, best defense is good offense

>POTUS not on defense, can focus on MAGA

44999a No.361940

good morning!

enjoy your coffee anons. (catching up on ur posts)

44999a No.361991


thank YOU tired anon!

dat structure..

wow… militairy operation.

oh well we do everything with a few anons.

guess we r doing a great job and improving every time we re-asses.

44999a No.362015

oh wow.. @noname and @tiredanon

looks like we had a roach infestation here during the night. LOL. few shills here and there. glad noone talks to them.

a few nice # suggestions for us to ponder.

Let me run a few graphs and crunch some numbers so we hv something to discuss. BRB

44999a No.362203

File: 5aa6d6d61841dbd⋯.jpg (241.54 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, #ReleaseTheCure copy.jpg)

#ReleaseTheCures (plural)

has been coming out of nowhere and got attention (as confirmed by Q)

431534 No.362518


Gm, brewing coffee, great to see you, hope

flu is gone, but if it was anything like I had,

that one will stay with you. Not much time

before I got flu, guess what I saw, a plane

with a ch_m tr_il. Everyone got sick around

here, and it was tough on all of them.

I didn't do much twtr last night but woke up

to many RT's was nice, still not hugh

numbers, but the loyalty is growing, I can

tell because most are very selective

with their RT, others RT's all my Monday twts,

so was nice small success.

431534 No.362539


Good eyes, #ReleaseTheCures can easily

be loaded into iceCream, easy peasy.










These are ones I choose for, usually

sticking to top 5, unless good cone time,

or if twt would be better for #QAnon.

dd2aea No.362565

Just wanted to say good morning. Did some RTs last night and will work on it again off and on today. #ReleaseTheCures seems to be working on my end. Posts and RTs with that hash caught a lot of attention.

431534 No.362708


Thanks for your RTs, they move the words

and ideas out. Keep up the RTs.

44999a No.362832

Morning anons.

Really seriously thinking of shifting to (1) cone


With (1) constant flavor (GreatAWakening)

And sliding towards laserblasts with whatever flavor comes across our paths (like releasethecures)

Trying 2 picture in my mind what Q primairy task 4 us is = waking up the sleeping

How? With truth crumbs.

Now that we hv gained an audience,

A slow and constant rumble..

We need to tag ourselves so that the unwittingly curious can find us. So #QAnon tag on everything. Think earmark, orange colored life jacket in vast ocean of blues.

(2) #GreatAwakening has several meanings and benefits. At this moment in the war, It seems to me as a WMD 2 the ev1L ones: their greatest nightmare. I feel as if we must weaponize this ## and become aware of its power 💥💥💥

Q keeps saying that we r reaching much further than we know. The graphs that i post only show a slice of what is REALLY going on.

We r scaring them now.

Judging from the nervous kneejerks (according t Q) to our #releasethecures. It is Blunt and Direct Time now.

There is a force, it has been building and needs 2 b set free.

we need a new grapic.

Ice cream got us started,

Now time for bolder theme ? With bolder graphics?

Think..think… Planes dropping things? Bombs, bead, pamplets? With targets on the ground?

Plane anology wud b simple, as wud be a simple map with daily targets?

Q, i know u lurq in here. We need a sign. The time seems neigh.. DoitQ..

War Room needs u. Suggest a metaphore for our advanced tweetstorm

[2] + ==> [1] {target} → +{1} (bowtie or wrapper, like #news or #qdrop or #breaking or #maga or # hijack) ??

>what say ye Q??

Confirm A

[2] + [1] + {1}.

Whereas : {optional}

Confirm B

Airplane metaphore 4 graph.

Q: If negative, signal War Room

431534 No.363029


"Really seriously thinking of shifting to (1) cone


Keep in mind, cones are trending words of

the day.

#QAnon is like a mini cone, like minds use

it but #QAnon is not exactly a cone cone.

Today's cones exampL:

#FatTuesday 15.6k twts

#GalentinesDay 10.3k twts

Try those 2 as your cones for today.

431534 No.363041

"With (1) constant flavor (GreatAWakening)"

We have 5 flavors:






Try to get those all in as much as possible,

they affect the graph we review.

44999a No.363072

I keep thinking of the Q post..



There is no spoon.

We must expand our thinking.

Q: confirm affirm/negative

431534 No.363110

File: d93485b04d40427⋯.jpg (460.32 KB, 1595x1077, 1595:1077, twtwar46.jpg)

"So #QAnon tag on everything. "

This is allowed with IceCream.

Do you know IceCream?

"(2) #GreatAwakening has several meanings"

Yes, use hashes in all ways. Ppl like


" become aware of its power 💥💥💥 "

yes once the word gets a following, it gains

power, another reason to stick to hashes

we have already.

"We r scaring them now."

One day they will have to shutdown twtr,

because of you ALL.

"d needs 2 b set free."

we can only go as fast as the people will

wake up. That is our job. Do it well.

"Now time for bolder theme ?"

changing everything takes time, we learn

that the hard way around here, refer to

WarRoom 2-5. However, you can make a

new graphic, we would appreciate and would

like to see your ideas.

" Planes dropping things?" lol

431534 No.363289


I like that vid, thanks.

We are expanded here, we are doing some

thing never attempted, creating a group,

using same hash, changing the graphs,

seeding the minds with good and information,

working together from all parts. We are

doing well. The clues and revelations will

come, faith. We must be ready to deliver the

message. We have messages now still, that

need getting out. Soon we will have the next


a217fd No.363319

File: 536a6b8a358e0e1⋯.jpg (114.54 KB, 628x889, 628:889, BPrtcN.jpg)

greetz från ShamanAnon

431534 No.363323


" Bombs, bead, pamplets? "

I like pamphlets, not so war like. Ppl are scared,

they do not need reminders of bombs imo so

I like pamphlets.

431534 No.363341


nice graphic, I might shoot it after some mods.


does greetz mean hi? If so, greetz.

Do you have twtr?

a217fd No.363358



.se - hej!

.de - moin!

no Tw, no Fb, no WhApp, not even a smartphone

431534 No.363383


>no Tw, no Fb, no WhApp, not even a smartphone

understandable, hmm this is kind of twtr

based info sharing crew.

Do you do memes?

a217fd No.363401


sometimes memes, sometimes digging.

not so much coz i'm not native english speaking.

just try to help a bit, as much as i can.

question: how do I make a color transparent in pshoop? dont want to use the rubber to delete the white background

a217fd No.363440

File: 5de95c881edb9a0⋯.jpg (108.97 KB, 627x890, 627:890, BPrtcN2.jpg)

one more.

deleted white with the magic wand - that's how shamans do. LOL

431534 No.363543


i don't know photo shop, but Eurt might know.

Eurt will be checking in soon, surely.

431534 No.363561


"sometimes memes, sometimes digging."

which do you prefer?


nice one also.

6a490f No.364088

Suggestion for short twitter skirmishes ( can't think of correct military term) against anyone in Congress or media who still puts out the Russia Russia Russia narrative.


I keep saying "Russia, Russia, Russia because

[ ] I'm being bribed

[ ] I'm being threatened

[ ] I'm being blackmailed

[ ] I'm stupid

Please check all that apply and let us know.

431534 No.364247


i like it, meme it.

but leave out the "I'm stupid" one.

431534 No.364275

File: 6ae388b14d6ce6d⋯.jpg (546.49 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, VyacheslavPershukov.jpg)

431534 No.364489

File: d5c30715a5e67f7⋯.jpg (550.94 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, VyacheslavPershukov.jpg)


fixed mistakes.

44999a No.364600


use the eraser tool to erase background and use different layers. PS: you tube has nice instruction vids in several languages

44999a No.364605


VERY nice graph!


Me like…..!!! mucho!

44999a No.364622


we must hv read eachothers minds.

was thinking of sortof the same thing about MSM

screenshots of them blabbing somethng stupid and then twatting Questions like yours.

(add a poll LOL) and send it to the station(s)

44999a No.364762

File: e04fbbcf0c22286⋯.jpg (302.72 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, QAnon graph 13-2-18 A.jpg)

look at this…

its amazing.

44999a No.364873

File: 533a87b877c4186⋯.png (17.34 KB, 524x313, 524:313, Q reply 13-2-18.png)



Think image drop

Think OP

Think United

When does a bird sing? >at first light and at dusk

Everything has meaning




[ capital i, not a 1]

what say ye, warriors?

I feel this as a mission advice to us.

62d1b9 No.364960


which analytics site?

6bcee3 No.365163

ORACLE (software co.)founder, Larry Ellison, friends with Obama. Ties to EU, got government intelligence contract. Operates the Oracle Women's Leadership (OWL).


44999a No.365247

this is the war room.

research stuff goes to General thread.

44999a No.365255


several. Ritetag & hashtags.org

wud love better ones, but cant find any (free ones)

fb2df5 No.365411


PERFECT TIMING… WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE between general thread war room conversation also where is general. ie: if I uncover interesting and relative links do I post them here or on a general thread?

ALSO if the flower / deflower has not yet been resolved I was thinking Slave Garden where they raise people, that flower, come into bloom / blossom and deflower is to pick them whereby the flower when picked pleases, decorates, makes beautiful but soon wilts, dies. Can't help but think the gardens are fertilized with human remains whatever else the meanings

fb2df5 No.365450

So I found this link which I found interesting as a side read but could prove useable. I queried illumin hand signals and meanings found a page the defines the labels they give such as sheeple but there is at least 50 different ones

https:// softnvid.wordpress.com/666everywhere/

44999a No.365651

General is here.

If bread is full (751 posts) than new bread link is posted somewhere on the bottom. On top of bread is listing of subjects that are being researched. flower/deflower thing is already fully investigated

>>365266 general


https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/catalog.html takes u 2 the catalog of all diff research threads. There are many. BTW illuminatie handsignals is already done. Oracle <=> obummer link? cud b nice. go check out on the research boards if they already made that connection. If not, drop it on general.

44999a No.365667

oh and… War Room thread talks about meme war tactics and twitter stuff. how to trend, what to do etc.

twit wizzards and photoshopfags always welcome!

44999a No.365680


do NOT use a name on general…

they will scream and block you

45370b No.365737


44999a No.365876


3ee242 No.366398

Suggesting use of these hashtags in February to remind everyone who really controls the KKK



44999a No.366521


eur fag checking out for today. nite

06e0ef No.366698

We need to hammer this guy on twitter, can't accomplish goals if (((they))) shoe string the justice department. I know he's GOP, but no way he's /ourguy/

Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner


44999a No.367388


This game of chess plays on multiple boards.

We can not see the big picture.. We need to step back and look from 40k feet.

ba7ea5 No.367622


greetz, hej, moin Anons.

How's flu-anon? better?


would be a good idea to use more languages.

ba7ea5 No.367674


meme is easier, as my english is not that good. have problems with slang, abbrev and I don't know many ppl in politics of US.

but i try to contribute if i can - this is topic of ALL ppl on earth.

fb2df5 No.368030



https:// youtu.be/Ql05BE8dV6E

going to post here yes/no then I saw "speaking truth to power" in the article highlighting video.

Throughout history, liberty has come at a cost far more profound than dollars and cents.

Change only becomes possible when the working masses band together under the shelter of a common cause of fair and equal rights. 'Plutocracy: Political Repression in the USA' is a smart and engrossing tale of an issue which continues to drive economic instability and power dynamics today.

"The film honors the sacrifices of all those who have battled to win the freedoms we enjoy today, and reminds us of the importance of demanding equality for all and speaking truth" to power.

fb2df5 No.368319

also digging what is bigger than a cabal starts with P. couldn't see how soros answering to Plutocracy but he could answer to "Principality' or properly placed 'PRINCIPALITIES' those with the wherewithal to drive NWO movement those that control the movement

fb2df5 No.368493

oh no this will be my last assumption of P

I take back my last doubt upon further travel down rabbit hole it could be 'Plutocrats' soros would answer to that still need to go down, pretty much the same as my thinking 'principalities'

22a1a3 No.368513



"Eaters of Children: The Pedocracy Exposed"

22a1a3 No.368955

File: a935dba0d52e18e⋯.jpg (518.47 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Ginsb3.jpg)

22a1a3 No.368972


>Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner

Submit graphics and information, with sources.

If sound, i will put it together.

Not to much info, short, concise.

22a1a3 No.368988


"would be a good idea to use more languages."

this was discussed earlier today. I think it's in

process. Will be exciting to see same meme

different language, very cool.

22a1a3 No.369006


ok thanks for answers. If you have time, do info

meme on Ginsberg Bader Ruth. 1024x512

jpeg. Try to get info into the graphic, easy to

understand, easy to see connections, etc,

something that ppl will want to RT.

22a1a3 No.369026





a2301e No.370103

File: 455bc793820f344⋯.png (18.79 KB, 327x411, 109:137, ocdTeam.png)

File: 499b1920b8f78b4⋯.png (39.93 KB, 360x504, 5:7, petitionTeam.png)

File: 07d5dc66190ff67⋯.png (22.74 KB, 304x442, 152:221, pressTeam.png)

missions patches

a2301e No.370106

File: 73308d8fc6a3adb⋯.png (18.16 KB, 340x331, 340:331, recon.png)

File: 8f9c9b9acd635c0⋯.png (17.39 KB, 344x346, 172:173, redPill.png)

File: 57dc11c46be3dcb⋯.png (18.34 KB, 313x336, 313:336, specOps.png)

a995bf No.370418

The Declaration of MemeWar #ThePurchaseOfTheWall

Section 1: The Warped Core Issue

Article 4, Section 4 of the United States Constitution:

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened), against domestic Violence.

Make no mistake, the illegal influx of persons entering into our various states, most definitely meets the criterion of an invasion. The Constitution says that the United States must protect all states of our union, from such invasion. How can every state be protected against this invasion? What powers or tools does the United States have to accomplish this mission? How can we the people force our Government to uphold our Constitution and protect us from the invasion of illegal aliens?

Our Democrat legislators refuse to act in the interests of our citizens. They wish to remain in power by legalizing and immediately granting citizenship for any and all illegal aliens in order to get their votes. I believe they have severely miscalculated the strength of their negotiating position. The Democrats think they can force the President to capitulate portions of his immigration plan by holding wall funding hostage. They are mistaken on this point. Donald Trump will not negotiate on reducing the minimum requirements of his immigration plan. The terms he has laid out are to be met. From the perspective of our POTUS, a master negotiator and leader, everything else entrails the process of sausage making for the legislators. He will not sign a bill that does not meet his requirements. Let us help our POTUS and give him an even stronger negotiating position.

Section 2: The Prime Directive

We will eviscerate the Democrat’s delusion that they can withhold funding for the wall. They have already lost. The crux of their loss involves the budget they just helped write and pass. The increase of defense spending by $165 billion dollars, is about $49 billion dollars more than requested. This increase is spread over the 2 years that the budget covers which means an increase of about $24 billion dollars each year above and beyond the initial request.


What was the projected cost for building an awesome wall covering the entire southern border of the United States?

Shall we will show to them just how epic their fail is?

a995bf No.370422

Section 3: Make It So

The basis of this MemeWar is to have our military utilize the extra funding allotted to them to purchase the wall, a full and complete wall that covers the entire southern border of the US. It will take about 4-5 years to build, so the expenditure aggregated over time would be about $5 billion per year. This is well within the excess military allotment. My reasoning on how this could be possible begins from Article 4, Section 4, with the Government’s mandate to protect the States against Invasion. The primary tool most people would believe to be effective for this role would be utilization of our military to secure our border. That sounds great, except the Democrats and all the Normies would really freak out if the POTUS deployed active military troops on U.S. soil to directly engage in what is seen as a largely civilian law enforcement action. How can we overcome this freak out? It really is so simple. Think about it, the military builds base installations and facilities on U.S. soil all the time, as part of our national defense strategy. Just as the military contracts out this construction to qualified civilian companies, so should they too be able to do this for the entire wall. They are merely building an installation that the Secretary of Defense has determined to be in the interest of national security. This wall installation would have all the latest military grade tech, can be utilized and monitored by the DHS/CBP, and such monitoring would also be connected to our military in case of a national emergency or war. Upkeep of the wall could be contracted out or performed by the Army Core of Engineers or perhaps even the local state National Guard.

While the last Great MemeWar #ReleaseTheMemo was most excellent and successful, we must learn from our enemies and overcome the methods they use to deter us. In this regard I will discuss, key usage of specific language within the meme constructs and posit some tactics to help us achieve even greater power over the MSM narrative. I will also post some sample memes to give Anons an idea of what I mean.

Usage of language in our memes must keep the Normie freak out in mind. Language to avoid: anything similar to #MilitaryBuildTheWall. This may be implied by the MSM and Democrats as meaning the deployment of troops on our soil to make this happen. To eliminate this irrational talking point would be to utilize specific terms such as ”Buy” or “Purchase”. For example #MilitaryBuyThatWall, #PurchaseTheWallForSecurity, #ThePurchaseOfTheWall

Enemy defense tactics during our last worldwide operation, Twitter utilized hashtags against us. They were caught a bit off guard for a few hours but they eventually killed #ReleaseTheMemo from trending on individual account feeds. They may have identified and eliminated or suspended accounts that were sending out mass tweets with the same hashtags from the same IP. They may also have placed a large number of accounts into Twitter jail for using certain hashtags at a certain rate from any given account. Additionally, Twitter may have suspended account creation from certain networks or IP’s to counter the additional creation of burner accounts once our Anon’s burner accounts were getting shadow banned or taken out of commission.

One messaging countermeasures could be to not utilize any primary campaign hashtags in your tweet text. Instead utilize other trending tags, in your text on a rotating basis so they will have difficulty targeting the Anons who are mashing the memes out. As far as the usage of our primary hashtags that we are trying to promote, let the Normies do it. :) The memes we will utilize will have the various primary hashtags within the meme itself. This will help us to avoid account lockdowns especially if you moderate your tweet rates a little slower and utilize the excellent software another Anon gave us to randomly modify meme image characteristics. This is for three reasons, reduce you exposure to account hashtag targeting, reduce targeting based on image checksums, and for the mass number of Normies out there that we are teaching, they can use the hashtags in their tweets and retweets. These are just a few ideas for Twitter. Other Anons with experience on other social platforms will have to contribute their knowledge to help the cause.

Afterall, what is best in MemeWar? To mock our enemies, to see them driven mad before us, and to hear the lamentations of their pundits.

22a1a3 No.370871



All of this can be done with IceCream, it is

flexible enough to accommodate your mission.

First learn IceCream perfectly, only then can

you maximize it's effect.

2nd build a following of loyal,

dedicated helpers. This takes leadership,

respect, hard work, the hardest part is to

convince a group to move as one, especially

here at 8.

Your software bot twtrs, I have no experience

with. They would help for sure, but the way

to move people help is with a human touch,

human lead.

They will continue for you, for your cause,

while you rest, because they know you will be

back soon.

Out solution together is IceCream, learn it

and we can continue the goals we set here,

all the way back to WarRm2 (this is WR6),

and help you push your effort forward.

In return you can help us. Together, both

missions can be successful. I can see it.

44999a No.373523


OMFG!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

44999a No.373608


Enthousiams and energy always great.

…and.. Welcome to the war room most pressing tasks, which is 2 fit an enourmoous narrative in 1 graph that fits all and is reusable.

Hence ice cream.

Task 2: is 2 try and persuade general and non 8 chans and normies 2 join.

Again: hence the easy 2 swallow icecream model.

It has served us well so far. crique has reached me tho, thru twat etc. Ice cream worked to slide things into attention. As the storm is now picking up, things (nasty. Stuff like the obama painting) r exposed, we need a "tougher" metaphore.

We we discussed b4, thinking of airplan(s) with pepe as pilot, dropping eagle twitter birds onto target on the ground. (Eagle twit is on ice cream pgraph). Still sluggish frm flu, had already started onnit, will make a design for us to think about.

As i mentioned earlier, if we want to break thru, we need to push. Autists call the ice cream metaphore "cancer" (their lingo)

Bokbers they wud like, we cud make them bomb twitterbirds (eagles) in stead. Of real bombs.

A bit of humor, but more serious.

Lets keep our minds open. A LOT of thing r about 2 happen. Lets prepare while we hv time.

Thank everyone 4 their great ideas.

Ps: look at the mission logo's. What wud u fancy for urself?

(I m back l8r)

69d775 No.373837

Any diggers available, need info on 2 people,

if you would,

Adam Schiff and Mark Warner, espcially

what makes them guilty, sauce plez, but

not too much sauce, concise. TY.

69d775 No.373988

"How do you post a gif? Just tried with a link from here and it didn't work. Have to embed it? How?"

Quick steps in twtr to post gif help, if you

know the answer, appreciate.

69d775 No.374016

obviously ice cream cone of the day,

#ValentinesDay 925k twts

44999a No.374234


Indeed, obvious hijack

69d775 No.374747


Petition to get RuthG out by vote of no confidence by the American people.


44999a No.375145



ideas r always welcome.

Was distracted by general. damned shills there.

gonna see if i can make nice graphic.

thought: perhaps check on petition page with current petitions we cud slap on a list, twat around and ask ppk to sign m all?

there's lots of them.

1 fyer to list them all, link to .gov and hv same ppl sign m all?

44999a No.375443

File: 7861d2faefe0ed5⋯.jpg (527.21 KB, 3355x1780, 671:356, pepe bombers1 TEST.jpg)

just playing around with an idea like this

(very simplified)


69d775 No.375575


i like it, can't wait to see it. I could try a version,

what would you like on it, info wise?

69d775 No.375589

File: d579d864aa998a0⋯.jpg (352.51 KB, 882x431, 882:431, ginsasleepdone.jpg)

44999a No.375803


Let me get a new one… dumped some more twat birds ..

stick logo on plane,, or 2 hashtags (#QAnon #GreatAwakening

go all out… let it rain OTHER hashtags

the main ones go on the planes.. or special birds.. stick the whole pic above a chart with targets… go wild! LOL hang on its still loading. damn shud hv saved it *Facepalm* might hv fucked up a bit LOL

44999a No.375809

File: 736216ab4c24af6⋯.png (3.86 MB, 3355x1780, 671:356, pepe bombers2.png)

its PNG sorry. bit big

44999a No.375831


interesting this "lady"

44999a No.375890

File: 736216ab4c24af6⋯.png (3.86 MB, 3355x1780, 671:356, pepe bombers2.png)


we're messing around with this new concept to possibly replace the Ice Cream concept.

When you feel like it, go all out in messing with it.

Think PLANES have hashtag #Qanon or #GreatAwakening

all the twitter hawks r our bombs. Logo's on planes…. or on page,,, as declaration.. targets on the ground… do your worst! LOL

(if you hv the time)

We prepare… and discuss. no rushes and no sliding here

44999a No.376771

File: 017e1cac68359e7⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, bomber design1 14-2-18 TES….jpg)

hows this coming along?

69d775 No.377265


It's good work, of course, but war-like. This can

backfire, this can be used against us, timid

followers can't follow war machines, this is

the stuff we don't want to see, the stuff we

are attempting to prevent. We would not want

to bring more fear with images of war machines, we don not want to inspire war,

that's what (((t))) do. imo humbly.

Its an easy trap to fall into, if news picks it up,

uses it to say we are war mongering and

some of us are in this group with this military

badge, etc. That's why discourage war

themes even tho they are fun and encourage

joining, just an easy trap to fall into is all.

imo humbly.

9e759f No.378312

flu-anon healthy again?

¿what about DE/SE twat-icecream memes?

35fce3 No.385736

Ther used to be some awesome "How to red pill" posts that were all in question form, I checked the red pill thread but they are not there, can anon point me in a direction, thank you

be69f8 No.386091

the sad reality of it? The elite do NOT see us as worthy of life. They see themselves as gods. What they really want from us? Food, our flesh and blood.

If they had the way they want the world, humans would be gone, completely, In our place, cause they're cannibals, they want people with the mind of domesticated livestock. Real live sheeple. Body of human, mind and wool like sheep. They need em wooly, same reasons animals have fur.

Sounds far far out there huh?

44999a No.386230


Thanks 4 the comments.bsorry still hv flu & cant do much today. Remarks about militairy planes r valuable. Graphics do need an upgrade, so does the red pill work as the tactics.

Thinking about theme/graph is important. Choices hv 2 made. 1 thing is important: never make a choice out of fear. We need something more serious to deliver our message. Perhaps we cud add some humor. We'll see. Open minds.. Think better

f9def0 No.386881


"Sounds far far out there huh?"

No that's about right. That's what e_il would

want. Do not worry. Faith. If we work

together, we can overcome ev_l with good.

Lots of work though.

f9def0 No.386899


" 1 thing is important: never make a choice out of fear. "

Do not confuse strategy with fear.

We need something more serious to deliver our message.

Our current methods work, it now requires

patience to absorb into USALL conscience.

Be careful of whoever recommends you to

change, change, change. Especially when

graphs are rising, people are joining, and

success is easily seen. Why would someone

want to turn you away from that?

401dee No.389276

Florida sherriff on Fox now at a presser pushing for the power to put people under examination for what they post on social media. We need to keep pushing #internetbillofrights big time. I think we will be seeing more of this. It feels like a new workaround to take our guns and our rights.

f9def0 No.389305


is there a current internet bill of rights?

44999a No.390443

Hi anons,,, back,, OMG what did I miss. Had the flu for a bit and all hell broke loose on 8.


44999a No.390503

>>378312 thx for your thoughts and remarks. always value them

>>377265 yeah.. back again, tho not on full war strength till tomorrow.. keep the ice creams for now, tomorrow decission day.

>>385736 yes.. we will need those (saw Q's posts) dont worry, i m a meme hoarder. I have a secret stach somewhere. We need HEAVY redpills. and a LOT of them too.

>>386091 u r not "far out there", but cheer up, it isnt sad. Rejoice and rub your hands and practice a big ass smile. We're the generation that will see their downfall. So sit up straight, and pay attention. they re going DOWN DOWN DOWN . practice sending them tweets laughing in their faces.. the whole day. they cant STAND to be laughed about….

44999a No.390633

File: 03e8195a2139c8f⋯.png (13.96 KB, 344x346, 172:173, redpil strike team.png)


true, very true. I will always trust my gut instinct, as it saved my ass many times in life.

My gut tells me we are entering phase 2.

phase 2 is DEAD serious.

no more fun and games.

I cant wrap a thousand childrens corpses in an ice cream. you know it, I know it. So the graphs need to be adapted.

Let me give u a personal truth crumb.

I've read only the first few pages of the MK u know what-A dox. And now understand why, long ago, in a small village in the Netherlands, the sugar cubes for a school lunch contained

Long Snake Drips if you understand what I am hinting about.

those kids were poisoned. You wont find dox about that online anywhere. But I know what I know. And now I know who did that.

And I do not want to continue into this much more grim and serious phase of the operation with an ice cream. This is WWW3. We r fighting for our lives, for our children, for unknown children in far away countries, and for old people who r getting murdered and used as fertilizer or batteries or god knows what.

Einstein said he didn't know how WWW3 wud be fought, he guessed that WWW4 wud be fought with sticks and stones.

Well WWW3 will be fought with memes, with pix and with sourced statements, vids etc.

We in the war room need to brush up our game and work together,diligently, energetic and dead serious. This is not a game.

We are happy to be guided by invisible profs, who drop little crumbs of wisdom.

I feel honored to help out with what I can.

This is our badge for the memes. Redpilling we must. We r needed.

44999a No.390708

File: 937284962108cf9⋯.png (28.73 KB, 360x504, 5:7, petition team.png)



No, there is no internet Bill of Rights.

Yes, it is a good plan to ask Geotus to make such a thing.

Now you 2, if you want to seriously take action. scroll up, read what I posted about the petitions and make the Petition flyer. I have provided you with a blank flyer and instructions on what to do. Here is your Badge:

Petition Team (only if it just consists of 1 team member) take your task serious, scroll up, read the suggestions, and go write a draft flyer,. Stuff that leaves the war room must look uniform in desidgn, so download the blank page, load in photoshop or Gimp (FREE) and make a draft. Once you made a draft, post it in here, and we can look at it, brush it up a bit.

brave warrriors: be careful of the depressoShills and the sliders, ignore the clowns and you know from Q that we have a lot of Press lurQing in here. So trust yourself and the ones you know and careful with strangers.

eurofag back on duty tomorrow around 9am EST

GO Brave Warriors!!!!

u r doing FABULOUS.

PS: ignore the idiots that want to throttle free speech. We know what they are: NAZIS.

laugh at them. They're dead men walking.

44999a No.390805


The video clip you posted is the exact same one as I posted on my channel long ago.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=aImDyjUvPRk

I don't believe in coincidence. (LOL And dont give a fuck about self doxing either)

Go Q! you and Geotus, pls stay safe.

2842c2 No.392375

I don't trust statists or their lackey's to preserve my own rights, or the rights of any person, I see no good reason to do so, and hundreds of very powerful reasons not to. On the other hand it seems like what Q and the gang are doing is at least a step in the right direction, to rid this wretched world of demons.


How can you support a plan kept secret? How can you trust any organization veiled in secrecy that claims to have your best interests at heart? Why would you support anyone who claims to support your interests, but won't be forthcoming with virtually any information?

Freedom = understood Truth

Why didn't Plato teach with bread crumbs of Truth, instead of entire dialogues and allegories of Truth?

Of course, it is because a breadcrumb is only useful to people who are already extremely well studied about the topic at hand, (whereas allegories and dialogues are accessible to all) it has no value to even to an undergrad, or journeyman level of skill and understanding; but the bigger problem, how could anyone be extremely well studied about highly classified events?

We aren't living in the ancient past, there is no point in keeping documents secret to preserve them for the future, another incident like the razing of the Library of Alexandria is not possible anymore, unless humanity goes nearly or completely extinct.

The billions of people of the Internet will preserve EVERYTHING.

71efc2 No.392403

BAKER Please add the hashtag #RightToTry to the war room bread. We are beginning to see the cures filter out… now we need them expedited for use!

44999a No.392754


Will do. Pls for sauce: dig up the link to the EO that geotus signed on it.

We need it as proof in our truthbombs. Nite

44999a No.392981


The answer 2 the problem u state is simple: your gut is always right, and always tells u. (Some ppl wud prefer if i were 2 say "heart" in stead of "gut" but they r wrong).

Ur gut instinct tells danger from safe and right from wrong. Always. All the time. We ppl started rationalizing too much, and ignored our instincts for far too long. This is one of the things "the cabal", for lack of a better word has weaponized against us. Luring us with offers too good to be true, solutions that seem like a quick fix, and by pretending to act in our best interest.

Your gut knows. As objective proof for my thesis, I point to commonly used phrases that point this out. "Sick with fear" "stomach churning" "felt my gut sink" 2 name a few.

As long as noone tempts or pushes or lures u to do anything that "doesnt sit well in your stomach", it's ok to watch, read, think, discuss, dig, tweet or whatever. Everyone has values and morals (except /reallybadguys) and their gut will tell them when they shudnt participate in something.

judging from your post, your gut instincts r excellent. U r welcome w join this little corner if u feel like it. If it doesnt sit well with u, no problem, we understand.

This part of the board is called war room. We r doing nothing illegal or weird. We try to stylize and assist in making the tweets, hashtags and memes look good, translate them, inform the normies in a way they can understand, and check twitter stats for results. Other than that, we assist the petition fags in helping them get a nice flyer and help getting their attempts traction.

the only research we do here is how to get our hashtags trending and reach new audience. Tactics r discussed and debated and l am usually the one that makes a final decission. i'm not claiming 2 b perfect, but someone has to make a call and somehow I ended up with this job :-)

Welcome to the war room! U r welcome 2 stay.

9e0776 No.393066


"I don't trust"

Glad you somewhat trust him too. So do I.

It's still on our shoulders to figure it all out.

I guess they could just give truth to us, but that

might lead to anarchy WW. I guess in a

way that would be best and worth it.

On the other hand might save lots of suffering if

played just right. Any game based on skill

can be won by the most skillful, seemingly

easily, seemingly.

Behind the mind is us,

worried about everything, confused, scared,

hopeful, doubtful. Try being faithful, and

remove much ev_l. We are a part of possible

change. What we have found, change is

better. Together, we can change for the

better. What will that take? Who will try?

Gh, Gb, f, WRL2HU. I will believe for you

in your time of doubt.

9e0776 No.393154

" your gut is always right,"

mine is only usually right, lol

" "heart" in stead of "gut" "

same difference, lol

" "Sick with fear" "stomach churning"

"felt my gut sink""

whoa good sauce.

hope you feel better.

decaf green tea, chamomile spit mucus out from throat, gargle, detoxify, less meat, less

starch, less fried food, alot water, rest. see

you soon.

9e0776 No.393165

oh and i could use some RTs, dead in water

over here, mayb sh_dwo ban.

71efc2 No.393365


Here you go Fine Anon! Thank You for your service!

It wasn't an EO. POTUS spoke of this in the SOTU speech. Here's the quote for sauce.

“We also believe that patients with terminal conditions should have access to experimental treatments that could potentially save their lives. People who are terminally ill should not have to go from country to country to seek a cure—I want to give them a chance right here at home. It is time for the Congress to give these wonderful Americans the right to try.”

6cc8d1 No.393793

I'm not a memer usually, but i wanted to drop this here from /qresearch/ since i feel strongly. and its relevant to draw a distinction between the fine fund and the program. you guys get it I'm sure.


This article is extremely misleading.


60% of the fine fund has went to victims of Rothschild banksters.

40% to paying an expensive finance / legal team that can fight the khazarian bankers.

The program makes the Federal Reserve pay $1B/year to help fund the program. They had to agree to it when we bailed their crooked asses out.

I hate Pocahontas, but we need to be careful not to get pimped into shilling this one the wrong way. The CPFB is a good program. What we need is Civil Fine Fund Oversight. 100% to victim compensation and anything left over should be for our Vets or Border Security.

You can read the audit (This was the big year for fines).

https:// oig.federalreserve.gov/reports/CFPB-Civil-Penalty-Fund-Jan2014.pdf

2842c2 No.394149


I think it's neat what is happening here, as far as anons organizing to solve political problems. I am a systems analyst myself, digital, mechanical, natural, etc. I'd love to be of help in something like uncovering a large scale cover up, but breadcrumbs are not sufficient. Also, I struggle to watch even one video from a big BS media corp, because of how full of shit it is, even if it might contain the next breadcrumb, I'm probably not going to see it. I've had so much BS piled on me by life in recent years, I don't go out looking for even more BS to sort through, even if there is a chance at finding one silver ring, in the one ton pile.

I'd really appreciate it if Q would just drop the cryptic pretext. Look, everybody who knows the name Q anon is going to be able to search through all the research being done by everybody. The only things that groups of anons won't be able to quickly decipher is the actual strings of coded information Q sometimes includes. I see no reason to keep up the cloak and dagger act.

Q's codes are obviously safe from being cracked, at least for the period of time they are active, otherwise he wouldn't be posting them in plaintext on a message board. My opinion, is that Q should just BE OPEN AND HONEST WITH PEOPLE. He wants trust? Trust Sessions, Trust the plan, how about EARN some trust, by telling the Truth. The "Truth" so hard to deal with, 99% of people would be hospitalized if they heard it. If they can't handle the Truth, what help could they possibly be in any situation except to a satanic controller?

2842c2 No.394323


If most people can not handle the Truth, but a good portion, or most of them CAN be rehabilitated to accept and serve Truth, then it's better to start hitting people with verbal gut punches now, and in a way which would allow those first to be hit with an unexpected Truth enough time to quickly recover, so that they can help the recovery of the much more hard headed people once all of their egos break with much harder Truths.

9e0776 No.394611


"uncovering a large scale cover up"

only way to uncover is start with bread

crumbs. Lucky to have those.

" I struggle to watch even one video"

Do what you can, but much of this work is

work no one wants to do? Otherwise, it

would already have been done.

"one silver ring,"

might be the one to help the most.

" if Q would just drop the cryptic pretext. "

That's what hes doing, cryptic pre-text,

future unlocks past.

" coded information Q sometimes includes"

Consider those are not for us. Understand

what you can. Others will figure out more,

soon we will have most, and Q will confirm.

"no reason to keep up the cloak and dagger"

Agree to disagree, I see important reasons.

"Q should just BE OPEN"

He's been more open than any other

CIAFBINSA, politician, fakenews, that I

know about. Most others with truth die


"by telling the Truth. T"

Has he lied? Who has told more truth in


"99% of people would be hospitalized"

we can't even get them to turn off fake news.

"what help could they possibly be"

thats the work, to make it so we never have to

find out. Wake them up and see them

oust bad leaders. Wake them and see them

stop buying corruption with their money.

Wake them and see them vote correctly,

getting good leaders in. Thats the work.

Do you want to help? Are you ready?

Don't worry if you can't or don't have time or

if Q not to your satisfaction? Some will

continue either way. Of course all help is

appreciated and needed and begged for.

"hitting people with verbal gut punches now,"

that is what we are doing with twtr, memes,

post, sharing, researching, videos,

everything we can when we can't sleep.

" first to be hit with an unexpected Truth enough time to quickly recover,"

called the #GreatAwakening. The more we

awake, the more join. The more join, the

more join, until many know the same real

truth. Right now 40/60, info thanks to Q post.

We are turning this gigantic ship in the right

direction. It's easier if all help. The speed,

results, potential, power depends directly on

humble helpers, no pay, no medals, sparce

information, long odds, in attempt to save

the world. Only together will we be able.

fb2df5 No.395352


Q>You are missing the connections.

anon: Where do we go to get back on track?

Q>Continue to build the MAP.

Am I close with following narrative Q Thanx

>MAP provides the KEY.

Me: Map shows the ‘PAST’

>KEY spreads the TRUTH.

Me: Knowing PAST proves the TRUTH

>TRUTH shines LIGHT.

Me: LIGHT exposes dark, ‘ENLIGHTENS’




ff31ae No.396440



Please excuse my tardiness.

Thank You!!

ff31ae No.396454


WOW!! Magic!!

Thank YOU!!

ff31ae No.396516

File: 20bb1c6f7f5b095⋯.png (92.11 KB, 487x473, 487:473, Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at ….png)


PetitionPatriot here…

Excuse my tardiness as I had a LOT to do with other "on the ground" Patriot groups that are forming up.

First of all, I cannot express how amazing you all are (even you shills and clowns add a spice and a zest that bring life to the Game) and I am humbled and Thankful.

I will once again link the current "Petition Manifest" that was submitted last Friday at 1:00AM. Boy…things sure changed FAST in several areas that were written about. And I know why.

"I" did not write this. WE THE PEOPLE wrote this. THIS is our HEART. Even the "normiest of normies" KNOWS DAMN WELL that we're all getting pillaged and plundered, and we've had it. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. The crimes are legion. But SO ARE WE.

I have more petitions to craft, and after sleeping roughly 45 hours in a 2 week span (sound like some of you ANONS??) I need to continue to recalibrate.

Again, here's the link, DO NOT DOXX YOURSELVES EVER EVER EVER, but DO go to the White House each and every day to Petition your POTUS and build the SINGULAR voice of the American People that is crying out and DEMANDING Justice. #DemandMORE

GodSpeed ANONS. I'm humbled and honored to be amongst your company.

https:// docs.google.com/document/d/1dgCC4p-qBp3WJh8stpdtAWH-RcQemCY3QOIZJyjWGGk/edit

ff31ae No.396524

File: 03b00bfecc6562c⋯.png (2.68 MB, 1000x700, 10:7, Trump_Lion_Transparent.png)


BEAUTIFUL!! My fellow ANON, may We please get a copy with the Petition and Press Patch on this please.

Y'all rock!!

ff31ae No.396543

File: f1dfb9661862713⋯.png (213.64 KB, 740x851, 20:23, Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at ….png)


I hear what you are saying, and I respectfully disagree. This IS war, but this is a beautiful illustration of the balance needed right now.


Kill them with kindness, but kill (((them))).


ff31ae No.397051

File: 20bb1c6f7f5b095⋯.png (92.11 KB, 487x473, 487:473, Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at ….png)

File: 03b00bfecc6562c⋯.png (2.68 MB, 1000x700, 10:7, Trump_Lion_Transparent.png)


Simply Incredible!! Thank You!!

ANONS, I would like to have a patch made for several strategic reasons, and I have 2 questions.

#1. Would any of you be willing to assist in this? #2. How would I give you the patterns without Doxxing myself anymore than I have?

(I think this is why I was banned for a few days, and I want to make sure I don't have that happen again.)

Thoughts?? Drive on ANONS!!!

b5501d No.397161


me not Q.

Q>Continue to build the MAP.

>MAP provides the KEY.

graphic map of all bad actors, provides

KEY to their fall.

>KEY spreads the TRUTH.

KEY is thing that will be their downfall,

our success.

>TRUTH shines LIGHT.

"Me: LIGHT exposes dark, ‘ENLIGHTENS’ "

agreed, but enlightens, not my fav word.

Truth is the light, evil cannot bear, evil cannot

bear it if we have the LIGHT of a video

that shows them being evil, caught red

handed, no good argument, LIGHT up their

obvious corruption with truth and what can

they do, what can they say, KEY to their




This would be most MOST helpful. How

could you teach the most people?

b5501d No.397229


Impressive link, very nice, good job those

that assembled and have assembled

together. Have faith in each other, be loyal

to each other, and soon your goals will be


How exactly would you like to push this?

Push the link to USALL?

What exactly would you like to be twted? I

will try to help.

Keep in mind twtr letters are limited,

but much can be said on a graphic. Gh.

b5501d No.397258


All i see is a dead little bird, blood, scope, gun,

scrawny legs, creature of the world, dead

on its back.

There has to be better images to inspire

the people. Some won't follow such images,

no matter the cause.

"this is a beautiful illustration of the balance needed right now. " "I hear what you are saying, and I respectfully disagree."

ff31ae No.397269


Indeed. That is a #Mockingbird reference that I use in particular spots. And I agree, Unifying is the key!

Godspeed and THANK YOU for being here!

ff31ae No.397311

File: dd11e4e289a8489⋯.png (345.08 KB, 458x340, 229:170, Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at ….png)

File: d5c7d6f4751c840⋯.png (282.86 KB, 349x462, 349:462, Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at ….png)


I'm not sure of the best plan of attack is. When I use Twitter, I run the link through "bitly" to pare it down.

I was hoping we could link a meme to each Petition at some point, and not just these, but all worthy movements of Petition.

Just getting Americans aware that this is a MAJOR part of our citizenry is a challenge thus far, and we all know everyone is busy. The White House site is SO well done.

Thank You for the kind words and I hope we can continue to collaborate and strengthen our movement and bring some firepower from a different angle. Catching targets is "Crossfire" is ideal.

God Bless & Drive On!!

b5501d No.397342

File: 49e474804060064⋯.jpg (234.76 KB, 1054x512, 527:256, nwmemdone.jpg)


Mostly I am thinking reverse optics.

An effective way to weaken an enemy is to

use their own weapons against them. Some

of these graphics are like our weapons. It

would be easy for someone to point and

say "look at those dead bird, war machine

loving ppl trying to start a fight", when instead

we are trying to let people know about

evil leaders, evil deeds.

Evil will twist our words, twist our images,

twist our message. We should not make it

easy for them.

Example NewsWk took a shot. They could

have used our worst images to claim we

are no good. Lucky they used some cool

ones instead. Know knowledge, no violence

is the statement I will use in court in the

future that I was spreading knowledge and

advocating against violence. Hard to make

that claim with guns, tanks, dead animals,

etc. So the images are "beautiful", agreed,

but always think how can the enemy use

this against me.

44999a No.397351



fabulous link, Petition Team.

Will try to make it into a graph and add it to our ammo. Excellent work typing it out in an online doc. Perfect. Bravo Patriot!

ff31ae No.397352

File: 933341bef1d7530⋯.jpg (26.54 KB, 462x306, 77:51, 27655113_10215538044030640….jpg)

File: a085a641cdb37c5⋯.png (872.73 KB, 1001x496, 1001:496, Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at ….png)

That is a public photo of Sophia BTW. I know that "#ReleaseTheCures", & "WHPetition" are gold, and #DemandMORE could very well become the "battle cry" of the Petition "Movement". It should.

Some photos/mems with "Want More??" and then having "WHPetition" on the bottom would be a solid move as well.

Again, how can we amass and unify ALL of these "older" Patriots and the soccer moms and dads to have a SAY and to get involved right?? We can't invite them to 8chan :)

God Bless Us ALL!!

44999a No.397367


will do, still working on it.

Will make sure petition team gets its top Kek Fab petition flyers too

ff31ae No.397370

File: e6528c5bc34b40b⋯.jpg (429 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, american-flag-2260839_1280.jpg)


Thank You!! Trips confirm!! I stayed awake 68 hours to get it all done and submitted. Again, I just want to give VOICE to all of Us who have been caught up in these wicked machines.

You honor and humble me, I thank you.

Godspeed & Drive on ANONS!!

44999a No.397390


yes and yes, but we must not lower ourselves to the cabals level. the graph suggested is more serious that an ice cream, tho not as confrontational as a shot bird. Its a graphic that repulses. we cant do that. we need to be in between happy ice cream and dead corpses

ff31ae No.397406

File: 5c00ffd77f9917b⋯.png (651.64 KB, 499x683, 499:683, ClipboardImage (2).png)


You're right. I'm going to file that one away. Persuasive and correct. I can do better.

Thank You!!

We need a way to introduce Mockingbird into the public's lexicon, as I'm sure you know.

In anticipation of an upcoming Petition, I would REALLY like to see what We can do with THIS image.

b5501d No.397416

File: 5161cf334d0d41b⋯.jpg (137.75 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Petitionwr2.jpg)

File: f7b2f2dcca23003⋯.jpg (511.36 KB, 1836x1071, 12:7, PetitionFBItrea_on.jpg)


" could link a meme to each "

mayb these will help for now. I will continue to

think of good ways to help your goals. Make

your goals specific and we can find more

exact solutions. And remember each goal

will take time, so choose wisely the order of

goals. At first, confusion, finally after practice,


ff31ae No.397424

File: 3b07e978defbd95⋯.jpeg (24.51 KB, 255x255, 1:1, f0467fa8035fb699c78738320….jpeg)

File: ff847d41207c341⋯.png (471.08 KB, 642x625, 642:625, Screen_Shot_2018-02-04_at_….png)


You are RIGHT!!! Thank You for being so persuasive. And it's AWESOME to be surrounded with such Bright Minds & Souls. VERT refreshing and encouraging.

44999a No.397436


photoshop anon made these gorgeous designs.

u can post designs in here. in png or jpg? wudnt harm u? if it is text u want to give us to look at, put it in an anymous pastebin and post the link in here.

If it is a design you made, like 3d or something, try fake account on 3d warehouse upload it there.

pls scroll for more designs, there are a few round mission patches as well.

ff31ae No.397454


So if I sketched it out, and posted it in here, that wouldn't be doxxing?? If I can get ONE design like photoshopANON made….OH NELLY!!!!

Time to PLAY right??

44999a No.397483

we can upload the form somewhere anonymous.

I dont trust google upload. Have copied the text and saved on device.

Respectfully suggest the petition anon who put up the link to delete it. (I can not delete your post)

b5501d No.397496


"Americans aware that this is a MAJOR p"

yes I believe so also. Keep in mind, how much

time it will take to teach USALL something

they never took time to learn. How much

time is needed to teach USALL,


So when it doesn't seem to

happen right away, know its a long mission.

It can easily get discouraging and teams

become easily separated over less-than

immediate good results. Have faith in those

time, when you are working alone, thinking

you are alone. PRAY and help will come,

works for me every time.

ff31ae No.397524


I would delete it, but it's EVERYWHERE by now.

If you fellow Anons will give me key words and/or a site to go and upload it anon, I'd be all over it NOW. Thank You!

ff31ae No.397541


Yes, learning to be Citizens is going to take a while, no doubt. I'm up for the task. I believe we all are. What better cause to give your energy to than the Freedom and Prosperity of Humanity, starting in my locale.


b5501d No.397553


good ideas, mulling the over now, time.

graphics take time, I will post an example

in about 1 hour, with your ideas.

b5501d No.397574


"between happy ice cream and dead corpses"

classic, good to see you back.

b5501d No.397616


Again the graphic was well done, talent is

obvious, WRL2HU.

"to introduce Mockingbird i"

we will, we are just a small group now so that

limits what we can do, how much we can do,

but time will come when we will teach MB to


" I would REALLY like to"

how do you imagine we can use that image?

b5501d No.397681


"What better cause to give your energy to than t"

Indeed. Bless (U)rs.

ff31ae No.397753


No hurries and no worries. We are indeed a small squad thus far, but we have MORE than enough already. I am thrilled. Again, I started at this about 10 days ago and there wasn't much to see. I can tell that We are being brought together, and I'm very happy.

No pressure ANONS, let's have fun. Godspeed One and All.

44999a No.398227


get some well deserved rest Patriot.

(insert fav Divinity here) Bless you.

we'll get it done. WRWY

44999a No.398257


I suggest make 1 flyer, put all the descriptions on, one link to somewhere where all the links are

and send out as 1 Twat.

44999a No.398265


totally agree with you. love & appreciate u all.

44999a No.398280


we all post pxix in here…

and as far as doxxing goes.

duh! come and get me. LOL

44999a No.398300




ghostbin.com ?

b5501d No.398305


I can prepare it, suggest you twt. My twts go

no where, crowd still small, shooting and

NewsWk slowed momentum.

44999a No.398310

>>397574 like wise and energized!

b5501d No.398365



Well, go get them, you the large thorn in their

paw. How can beasts fight if many thrones

pierce their paws.

I know you will accomplish

much today. Start by RTing some of my

twtr posts w graphics, only with the hash, lol.

44999a No.398374

File: 55d1b4e227e65b6⋯.jpg (1.42 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, Flyer Twat Tactics 10-2-18.jpg)

File: 01c0b021b50bf8b⋯.jpg (1.28 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, design flyer 30-1-18 DEF1.jpg)

File: 11a1c0b9dff4dcc⋯.jpg (264.76 KB, 923x865, 923:865, SHADOWBAN TESTER.jpg)

>>398305~hv u dug up the flyer on how to get a large following? pls do that 1st. its really simple.

i hvent twatted a lot, will start again in 4/5 hrs from now.

check these out for tips. do the tips first, then go search #Qanon and start clicking follow a hundred times. LOL make sure your main story is tweeted and pinned 2 profile b4 u twat anything,

44999a No.398421


ok… i m gonna drop mu NUKE on general.

Need the anons to run wild with it.


a concept i thought up long ANTE Q

We'll let the generals make memes with it and will adopt while i finish the graphs we are planning.

guess u understand what #TryAndDie wud look like huh??

school + marine (pepe) + happy kids

Applies to all sorts of diff narratives.

Let's kill the stupid gun debate, so we can go after big pharma.

b5501d No.398488



So you want us to push this hash? Which style?

1) FocusFire [4]

2) IceCream [choices]

3) LaserBlast [1] #TryAndDie

Recommend IceCream name update, with

graphic update, for better traction with 8.

Same method, different wrapper.

We can use IceCream wrapper with ppl on

twtr, who are more timid.

b5501d No.398586

File: 0741d01d21332d7⋯.jpg (392.65 KB, 998x611, 998:611, TrumpGoodNewsTeamWork.jpg)

File: d579d864aa998a0⋯.jpg (352.51 KB, 882x431, 882:431, ginsasleepdone.jpg)

File: a935dba0d52e18e⋯.jpg (518.47 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Ginsb3.jpg)

File: d5c30715a5e67f7⋯.jpg (550.94 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, VyacheslavPershukov.jpg)

2xcheck if info is right on these, plez, especially plane deaths.

b5501d No.398609

File: 0b06f53604a3361⋯.jpg (494.83 KB, 800x600, 4:3, MikeWallace.jpg)

File: 20acd099f3de897⋯.jpg (266.59 KB, 885x359, 885:359, GinsBtwt.jpg)

File: 0c2c6f241b110e3⋯.jpg (131.97 KB, 643x472, 643:472, humaA.jpg)

File: 44732684c522715⋯.jpg (218.41 KB, 838x504, 419:252, Qpost02112018.jpg)

2xcheck info.

ff31ae No.398681


I am finishing up Our website that will hopefully be a resource to all, especially our currently uninvolved Citizens who are broken down and overworked. There are Armadas of our people just waiting and hoping for a way to get engaged.

Blessings to all and keep bringing your gifts.

b5501d No.398728

File: f4bfe27270dda3f⋯.jpg (153.91 KB, 580x410, 58:41, twthis.jpg)


"Armadas of our people just waiting and

hoping for a way to get engaged."

Tell them start by retwting post from certain

accounts with 5 hashes. This will open

ppl eyes and make them think, wonder, ask


44999a No.398755


loose fodder. laser blast. out of nothing.

44999a No.398770

#Qanon #GreatAwakening ====>> BOOOM #TryandDie

we need memes of lots of happy children with watchfull friendly marines standing guard.

84b6f4 No.398862

File: 219713ec0f68e08⋯.png (210.34 KB, 2255x3053, 2255:3053, USpolitics.png)


Saw the call in the main bread for memes.

Meme general reporting in for duty.

What is the "TryandDie"? Are you aiming it at the cabal? If so why would you do this, when awakening people to the cabal is a defense in and of itself?

44999a No.398945

File: 0a9653562a8100f⋯.png (104.44 KB, 400x400, 1:1, PEPE marine!.png)


oh thank you!

Want to blast the gun grab narrative out of the water. Support Geotus, tucker and sean with it.

protect school by ex vets, ex cops etc.

did u gave me this?

happy children, school, US marine on guard.

simple thing. everyone happy, hashtag


(thinking US marine looks even better than cop… honorable beyond anything.. "standing on the wall thing"

44999a No.398992

damn. all hell is breaking loose. need to concentrate, am doing 5 things.

1) going to finish the graphs now

2) while waiting for that imporant video clip to download.

3) hoping for a few #TryAndDie memes. pls anons, check general, grab them, post em in here if u can.

4) will b back, NEED 2 concentrate now. bigly

so hv 2 ignore the whole russia indictment stuff. win warr, not 1 battle

b5501d No.399003

File: 2a5a122ef7af354⋯.jpg (167.22 KB, 1052x526, 2:1, marinesch.jpg)


quick try.

b5501d No.399051


It's a little to heavy to put marines, children,

schools, #TRYandDIE.

Even posting pics of children doesn't sit

right with me with the predators in the world.

#TRYandDie, no joy imo, humbly.

b5501d No.399071

"loose fodder. laser blast. out of nothing."

"#Qanon #GreatAwakening ====>>

BOOOM #TryandDie "

That's the switch over.

That reminds me, only seeing 2 hash in your

post, hard to RT if only 2 hash. Pushes my

post with 5 down on my page. If you have all

5 hash, I don't mind at all, but trade 2 for 5,

hard to do.

44999a No.399084


where r the children?

hint: careful; ONE nice marine.

dont feed : 'muh police state' narrative

b5501d No.399092

44999a No.399093


add a cartoon or movie bad guy to it.

EMO porn ALWAYS works.

happy kids.. honest marine, bad dude told to stay away, trust meme magic

9d6788 No.399128

File: c201a9fe7d38e6d⋯.png (638.7 KB, 780x509, 780:509, IMG_8986.PNG)

File: 89729cf0367ca22⋯.png (365.21 KB, 634x404, 317:202, IMG_8987.PNG)

File: 73d046efb586c3d⋯.png (316.97 KB, 640x428, 160:107, IMG_8988.PNG)

Here you go lads. Fire away.

84b6f4 No.399140

File: cf9397339ceb9f8⋯.jpg (61.82 KB, 450x416, 225:208, 2ndamendmentJefferson.jpg)

File: 03e577067973379⋯.jpg (58.52 KB, 750x701, 750:701, 2ndamendmentWashington.jpg)

File: 61741a50d0d45cb⋯.jpg (84.56 KB, 736x554, 368:277, guncontrolmemedictators.jpg)

File: 0e619a0d6e34062⋯.png (503.63 KB, 510x510, 1:1, guncontrolreagan.png)

File: dd16f8171177be1⋯.jpg (79.07 KB, 642x306, 107:51, guncontrolobama.jpg)


These are old 2nd amendment gun memes…(not mine)

84b6f4 No.399173

File: 0decd777690adc5⋯.jpg (25.01 KB, 640x450, 64:45, guncontrolmemefoundingfath….jpg)

File: 187b1d5c8c5374d⋯.png (199.9 KB, 750x3200, 15:64, guncontrolhistory.png)

File: e5c743cec40e7ca⋯.jpg (43.61 KB, 720x575, 144:115, guncontrolinternmentcamps.jpg)

84b6f4 No.399215

File: 7dad54820daec27⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1926x1080, 107:60, 2ndamendmentsatan.png)


I agree with >>399051

#TryandDie works from your perspective, but not from the viewpoint of those who have not yet woken.

For those religiously minded to alert them to the fact these types of events, are indeed false flags, planned and orchestrated by the cabal I did this quick OC:

This will literally KICK them in the feels, and put a shiver down their spine. It's brutal and true, brutally true.

b5501d No.399266


Very nice work. TY.

b5501d No.399306


Very nice work. Still way heavy, lol. Nothing

heavier than s_tan, lol. I do like it tho, but heavy,

scary, people may run, not even try.

b5501d No.399314


also use jpeg format save, and canvas set

to 1024x512, from what I hear.

84b6f4 No.399335


Alarms are used to wake people up..and when they awake they are in a state of alarm.


I post as highest quality since I'm posting the original meme. Others can crop/shrink/convert as needed.

>canvas set to 1024x512

What specific platform is that aimed at?

44999a No.399365



44999a No.399372


TryAndDie mind the A for the optics

84b6f4 No.399398



Twitter Image Sizes

The Twitter image sizes below are up-to-date as of January 17, 2018.

Profile Photo: 400 x 400

Header Photo: 1500 x 500

Picture in Tweet: 1200 x 675

Displays in Timeline: 506 x 253

Twitter Cards: 800 x 320 (For in-depth information, sizes, and best practices, head here.)

https:// www.rakacreative.com/blog/social-media/social-media-image-sizes-always-up-to-date/

b5501d No.399411


These are good, a good sign #TryandDie

very tricky, but memes like these, I can

see it working. One soldier, good idea.

Tricky, i can see it working, careful not to fall

into own trap, otherwise good hunting.


In future, before fall in love with hash, try

stay away from words like die, death, kill,


b5501d No.399423


TY, i was given wrong information. TY.

44999a No.399435

File: 43f2c910bd4cea4⋯.jpg (120.25 KB, 564x744, 47:62, gunfreezone.jpg)

"who would win?

44999a No.399455


excellent! all are brilliant!!!


44999a No.399461


BDT saiz Q

b5501d No.399463


All good ones, i like the comic one, a little long,

but worth it. 3rd one also opens my mind. TY.

44999a No.399475


thanks, copied it down. will put in new graph

b5501d No.399487

"s highest quality since I'm posting the original meme"

makes sense.

"that aimed at?"

twtr, someone updated me correct sizes for



44999a No.399501

File: 43f2c910bd4cea4⋯.jpg (120.25 KB, 564x744, 47:62, gunfreezone.jpg)


after a MASS shooting. we hv no choice,

enough of the weird lib spin.

there is no logic in it.

THIS doesnt stop anyone.

Ask jewish schools. ZERO shootings. all hv armed guards. Try meme that.

How many school shootings in Israel since…(fact check) ?? ZERO??? WHY???

b5501d No.399518


"BDT saiz Q"

But who was he talking to?

84b6f4 No.399676


>"that aimed at?"

>twtr, someone updated me correct sizes for

Yes, I asked, then searched, and answered my own question. ;)

You can tell who is posting by the ID: part. If you click on the ID number it will highlight all the other posts they have made. You can also colorize the IDs in Options (top right). Sorry if you know this already, but from your post it hints you may not.

b5501d No.399690


"you may not."

you caught me, doing my best, learning as

fast as i can, TY.

44999a No.399955

damn… current hashes are gone from general dough.

Let's see, what have we. (almost done with new graph)

44999a No.400065

File: 39e976e4a0fc3f3⋯.jpg (1.27 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, bomber design AA 16-2-18 .jpg)

Besides the old ones:





here is a trial graph DO NOT FIRE

001093 No.400099

The better answer to school shootings is principles being acknowledged as keepers of the public trust on par with firemen and policemen; they are to be mandated to receive small arms training, a secure coded safe and one pistol. If they are uncomfortable with that, then they are to assign a teacher designate in ace of them out of the 30-90 teachers on campus. Cost<1000 usd. This is similar to flying on a plane near an emergency exit. We don't need militarized schools= common sense.

b5501d No.400263


"d militarized schools= common sense."

yes can see your point, agree, can send

the wrong message, but that is not our

message, just armed guards for the children,

so bad guys won't think about it.

agree with most, if not all, your words.

b5501d No.400279


wow that is awesooommmee. nice job.

success. I can see it.

44999a No.400284


there r many ideas. all valuable. Geotus has a plan. anything we push in stead of gun grab is something. "try&die" includes many diff ideas.

b5501d No.400365


I almost fired, lol, caught myself above the twt

button, lol. I like it tho, am ready on your go,

if no objections. Remebr, 2xcheck everything,

stick to plan, abort if necessary, if abort simply

fall back to IceCream choices.


44999a No.400394


will let it stew for a day.

no rush job screwing this up,

twil b a 2 page thing. 1 simple graph with little text and 1 page explaining in detail.

will of course rethink stuff/wording

b5501d No.400494

the graphic is almost perfect, i was wrong

about these War Machines, how you made

them tweeting, with targets on ground,

words there. very good. its pretty close to

perfect, don't change a thing imo. This

mission is very near-ready, simple

instructions, will work smooth, its like

icecream, smart.

Still don't like tryordie lol, but if thats your

request, how can i deny? after what you've

done thus far.

b5501d No.400519



instead of "Examples of additional…", try

"Use these hashtags:"

2xcheck desired hash tags.

44999a No.400595



44999a No.400607


LOL tryANDdie..

u cud just walk away and not try, than noone dies. I mean… why not? airports r protected, politicians, shopping malls…muh

will finish tomorrow

31c4c5 No.402884

Suggestion for new hashtag: #fessup - target msm

d4d173 No.404454

William Bill Cooper - is a Wikipedia

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milton_William_Cooper?wprov=sfla1

As Cooper moved away from the UFOlogy community and toward the militia and anti-government subculture in the late 1990s, he became convinced that he was being personally targeted by President Bill Clinton and the Internal Revenue Service. In July 1998 he was charged with tax evasion; an arrest warrant was issued, but Cooper eluded repeated attempts to serve it. In 2000, he was named a "major fugitive" by the United States Marshals Service.

On November 5, 2001, Apache County sheriff's deputies attempted to arrest Cooper at his Eagar, Arizona home on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and endangerment stemming from disputes with local residents. After an exchange of gunfire during which Cooper shot one of the deputies in the head, Cooper was fatally shot. Federal authorities reported that Cooper had spent years evading execution of the 1998 arrest warrant, and according to a spokesman for the Marshals Service, he vowed that "he would not be taken alive".

e2bd6b No.406178

File: 0dd0a34702a05d1⋯.jpg (33.62 KB, 500x497, 500:497, 2ND AMENDMENT CONSTITUTION….jpg)


>Ask jewish schools. ZERO shootings. all hv armed guards. Try meme that.

Hope pic related helps too.

e2bd6b No.406286

File: 755679e7a845cd7⋯.jpg (44.35 KB, 616x616, 1:1, UNITED WE STAND.jpg)


I like the way you think, I used to be worried. Now I have faith, even if they will try/stop me. I know all you faggots are growing in numbers every day. Bless all you PATRIOTS! Pic related.

Pls no doxx but I feel we're not that far apart geographically 44999a. I hope you can visit the seaside beach like me.

Tiredanon out.

44999a No.407930


nice one! adding 2 list

(good morning anons)

44999a No.407933


actually there was ONE shooting years n years ago in Israel as some "helping anon" let me know on twat.

7 ppl died (and terrorist shooter)

==> Armed STUDENT took shooter out b4 he cud kill more

44999a No.407941


no worries tiredanon.

we r not doing anything illegal. researching public sources and supporting a legally elected sitting prez of friendly nation??

nutting wrong with that

44999a No.407957


ps. love your graphic.

I made a song about this sorta thing last year

I used we're an army of flees sucking blood from the beast till its drained of its life and it dies on its knees.

431534 No.408934


I do like this one, nice job. It's very good.

Teachers should be trained by the Marines,

double their salary, children are safe.

431534 No.409045


yup nice1


sucks to be corrected eh? lol I know the


Escape words/questions help.


"we r not doing anything illegal. " - exactly,

1st amendment. I want no violence, only

want to work together and help USALL, my

country and the world. Why didn't our past

leaders help USALL? Questions are good.


"flees sucking blood from the beast"

your writing both …. and …. me, lol

Gm, nice to see you.

ff31ae No.409056

You guys are AMAZING!!

Drive on!!

ff31ae No.409078

File: a8cd4c04236b781⋯.png (446.06 KB, 495x470, 99:94, Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at ….png)




431534 No.409118


Nice words on graphic, if only 1000 struck the



That sounds like a good petition, after

drafted, edited. Get USALL to sign it 10,000,

I think, and who knows what happens next. Long mission.

431534 No.409461


I did not forget, just got busy for hours

and hours. I am looking this over with

rested eyes, to help with ideas to boost

petition signatures and help petition

awareness. apologies for delay.

431534 No.409795

File: 359f7470f570393⋯.jpg (480.83 KB, 1105x731, 65:43, PetitionsAttention.jpg)


I hope this works. I will continue a few more. Today might get busy for me personally, so

next one might be tomorw. Hope i can do more

today tho. Gh.

dd2aea No.410401

Just wanted to let anons know that #WeCallBS is trending bigly on Twit. We could definitely hijack this one with some great memes. It's from a speech that was given by students from the school shooting and dems are crawling all over that hash saying that the speech and the girl that gave it is part of them.

431534 No.410456


vid link? _

"dems are crawling all over that hash saying

that the speech and the girl that gave it is part

of them"

dems are saying that? part of who? sorry first

I'm hearing about it.

dd2aea No.410501


Here is the video twitter.com/JoshuaChavers/status/964935557318152192

431534 No.410504



dd2aea No.410533

If you go to this search twitter.com/hashtag/WeCallBS?f=tweets and read through the tweets you'll see a lot of dem support for this

44999a No.410621


If you meme it, we shall TREND

dd2aea No.410633


I'm not good at creating memes. Maybe someone else could?

431534 No.410639


i saw vid, sad. CNTV helpn more gun control.

I understand your counter now. Let me mull,

mayb i have idea. Good eyes.

431534 No.410683


#wecallbs not our friend. it is the hash of

their effort for more gun control.

Similar situation with SchumerShutdown VS


Both battle it and hijack it, best strategy.

Hijack easy, use their hash with our message,

graphics, rember they think not like us, will

be many mean words. ignore, educate, avoid

sense yelling, engage in good conversation

in public view.

Battle it, we need counter hash and push

the numbers higher than #wecallbs. Much

more difficult, perhaps not possible yet.

hijack makes more sense, but this is behind

their lines so different type of environment,

different strategy than among open minds,

must teach the willing, ignore the haters, leave

b4 they make you angry.

31c4c5 No.413722

when will hashtags be added to dough? There are none in current loaves.

e2bd6b No.414097

File: 45a6f10e82c3f0b⋯.jpg (17.41 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Df gunlogic.jpg)

File: 36bc8276afbb415⋯.jpg (23.17 KB, 546x332, 273:166, george-orwell-during-times….jpg)

File: d62b6a26911c71a⋯.jpg (59.93 KB, 650x520, 5:4, RidersOnTheStormREEEE.jpg)


>I used we're an army of flees sucking blood from the beast till its drained of its life and it dies on its knees.

Sounds like a song I would enjoy


Ikr, lord knows we tried the feinstein-doctrine (pic related)


Well I live in Yurop, and we're a member of the eu. So our cucked cabal cocksuckers will use any retarded logic they can. Just look at how pointing out refugee crimes is illegal in sweden, and germans get put away in JAIL for speaking the truth and asking honest questions.

Thank god I don't live in either of those, but it's still pretty bad here, one of the reasons I wanted 44999a around for when the storm hits us yuropoors.

I've hope be able to put some more time in here, and probably will lurk moar in the couple of days. But for now it's been a long day so Tiredanon out again.

Praise kek!

ff31ae No.418710


Yes…WE must be in it for the long haul. I used to flip run down houses, and you always tried to keep what you could to keep your profits up, and sometimes when you started tearing walls out…it was FAR worse than you had hoped and the whole deal had to be gutted.

That's where we're at. So many moving parts.

Great work GH. God Bless ALL of you. Even any bad guys who may be here :)

44999a No.418724


LoL havent u heard me sing it??



Sorry bout the voice.. Am jazz singer. Dont do this sorta thing normally. But enjoyed it. 😂😂😂

44999a No.418730

Btw anons, on ipad, watching PC saying 2% updated… Taking ages… Thx windows.

Dunno if i can do graphs today . Hope so

44999a No.418742


I applaud you anon!!

203fb2 No.419280


Nice story, nice analogy. It is far worse than

I could ever imagine, very difficult to convince

others, very frustrating, easy to lose temper,

want to give up.

I am more convinced the easiest fastest way

is to let more know the truth backed by easy

evidence to follow. If the claim is too large

with little evidence or confession, then

easier subjects should be used, than

complicated subjects with little evidence.

Basically go after the obvious corruption,

share it respectfully, kindly.

This will lead to

bigger revelations where more complicated

subjects with less evidence will, at least, be

considered. imo.

203fb2 No.419826

File: 00ecf1f226500c6⋯.jpg (271.74 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Hogan Gidley.jpg)

382a24 No.419891

File: ccaadec4585b5e6⋯.jpeg (125.48 KB, 640x640, 1:1, V2gjGqbUxK3kGzkRt4TLA1Sp.jpeg)


My friends, my allies, my children of light!

My pockets overflowith with red pills and keys...

Take them if you wish. The choice is yours!











If this helps to shed some insight, for even one of you, I've done my part.

- Your friend!

203fb2 No.423124


I like your little power up, very cool, very

nice words for the ppl who work hard in

this room. WRL2HU.

203fb2 No.424118

File: 0a39fff6af37b2f⋯.jpg (372.18 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, DeepDream.jpg)

44999a No.432125

Hi anons, sorry was gone so long.

flu n all,,, back now

44999a No.432155


>>397424 thankyou

>>424118 and hello my friend

>>419891 mysterious Ra anon.. we thank you but are a bit overwhelmed with all this.

normies going to riot of this… i m afraid they will hv to go down your path by their own stumblings, unless Q points us in your very direction.. ?

382a24 No.432496

File: ccaadec4585b5e6⋯.jpeg (125.48 KB, 640x640, 1:1, V2gjGqbUxK3kGzkRt4TLA1Sp.jpeg)


My friend, my ally, my child of light.

I am aware of this my friend, but unfortunately that is the cross have I have to bare.

The knowledge I put forward, comes with a disclaimer for a reason.

The red pill is not for all. However, you can take them in limited doses.

Hmm… a riddle? Indeed. I ask you a question. What did Q mean by "Watch the Water"?

You have more than you know my friends! :)

44999a No.432853


shhh don't tell the others. my first thought was

EA.. (EnKi) He who is Of Water. But of course… there will b a more mundaine explanation.

382a24 No.432931

File: ccaadec4585b5e6⋯.jpeg (125.48 KB, 640x640, 1:1, V2gjGqbUxK3kGzkRt4TLA1Sp.jpeg)


My friend, my ally, my child of light.

Wisdom, indeed is a path of self discovery.

This movement, requires the Mandela effect.

The path of your own choices to find Wisdom.

The riddle is FAR from mundane my friend!

It has to do… with this age…

"Future proves past"

You have more than you know my friends!! :)

f9def0 No.433023


wha? how did you know it was me, lol

hope you feel better, if not rest moar,

lol like lurk moar, but rest moar.

ppl always telling me that, lol one day I will

not be a rookie no more, hopefully we save

the world before I start saying that.

Bless (U)rs.

44999a No.433049

File: c6f1a7a04858844⋯.jpg (1.35 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, bomber design 19-2-18 a.jpg)


hi feeling better yes..

testing this in General…

pls give me your op

44999a No.433075

File: db9ae9d6ac126b2⋯.jpg (1.32 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, bomber design 19-2-18 b.jpg)


saw a few little things.

382a24 No.433144

File: ccaadec4585b5e6⋯.jpeg (125.48 KB, 640x640, 1:1, V2gjGqbUxK3kGzkRt4TLA1Sp.jpeg)


What does Q mean by this;

"Feb 15 2018 00:52:21



You are missing the connections.

Continue to build the MAP.

MAP provides the KEY.

KEY spreads the TRUTH.



Future proves past.

Trust the plan.


What does he really mean?

Perhaps going through all my posts with your Q Map beside you may help?

Be the Autists we know you were born to be!


f9def0 No.433191


if possible, lower transparency of birds behind the text, if you saved one with layers. Helps

the reader, looks more pro.

T#FakeNews?? mistake or purpose?

"tarted in the 1950", tarted msp

Suggest sentence addition:

"Use #QAnon…ing" and 3 other hash, your choice from targets below.

"sent daily" lots of work daily.

Try: Look out for updates to the hash and

graphic, we will do our best to get you the

latest hash targets, but also keep eyes open.

It should get to you through retwts, if we

RT together.

Or something like that so if we miss a day,

ppl won't panic or think we moved on, etc.

Somehow the first graphic with #QAnon and

#GA on planes was a touch, touch better

imo. But I like the 90% paragraph. Mayb

just add the 2# on the planes, lol. I thought

that was cool and helped readers understand

the 2 hash should be on all twts along with 3


44999a No.433288


LOL didnt see the ## on the planes went AWOL


good point. yeah they vanished. putting them back

44999a No.433305


i will hv 2 give that some thought.

currently trying to make new graphics,,,

light… darkness.. water..

key I know.. potus & patriots.

Map is not my thing. am not a encrypting fag

44999a No.433425

File: 7f7e7fdfa8f5e00⋯.jpg (1.34 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, bomber design 19-2-18 c.jpg)


how about this?

44999a No.433437

File: 14bc930297defff⋯.jpg (1.34 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, bomber design 19-2-18 c.jpg)


sorry.. messed up AGAIN

new one.

f9def0 No.433587


Looking good

I notice its 1.8 MB and larger than our usual


Other than that, I can't see any mistakes.

44999a No.433597





so its big… updates will b small

Just planes, birds, targets and a few words.

f9def0 No.433674



reloading ammo, getting use to new guns,

after a lil practice, will have it solid. Gh.

44999a No.433915

File: 56febdc85133976⋯.jpg (510.11 KB, 1240x1754, 620:877, bomber design 19-2-18 d sm….jpg)

here is the same one but a bit smaller

f9def0 No.434047


Got it, yes smaller, TY. enjoy coffee.

f9def0 No.434346


that must have been good coffee, over 65k

total in retwts numbers of your graphic. Nice


f9def0 No.434367


make that 95k rt ur graphic, good work.

44999a No.434377

File: 9873d4991ad573a⋯.jpg (968.5 KB, 2480x3508, 620:877, TargetHillary 19-2-18 .jpg)

how about this for lessons in target practice??

f9def0 No.434527


ha thats a funny one. I think what you have

is working bigly, stay with first one for now,

mayb 2 days, then we get back to this one.

imo better to stay impresonal, meaning mostly

ask for help, share the mission. Attacking

one or something, may draw some, may

push some away.

To keep it impersonal against anything, no one

has reason not to join.

Altho, if you want to experiment, go for it,

but make sure any future graphics say same

thing as initial graphic (or extremely similar in

direction and target hashes), keep mission

same for set time, so we can measure

results. imo

f9def0 No.434580


imo that many hash takes away from making

good results/graphs on our focused hash. Do you still want practice control the graph? Or just inform with any hash? Can't do both. If no longer interested in controlling graph, no

sense in making more graph with hash, cuz

whole reason we are selecting hash is to

control the graph imo

f9def0 No.434607

The less hash we have on graphics, the less hash we all stick to, the higher graph results

of chosen hash.

The number of hash is our divisor. The less

the divisor (hash), better graph results.

More hash, more divisor, lesser graph results.

f9def0 No.437647

File: ff8f95b06e831a7⋯.jpg (165.7 KB, 1200x539, 1200:539, graphresults3.jpg)

f9def0 No.437874


That one is starting to grow on me a lot.

It's such a good graphic and words are


However, it increases our words when we

are trying to practice using less hash, so when

we pick the next word, it will hit far and deep,

just like your latest graphic did. It did

awesome, biggest twt, gained followers.

If we wait, might not be relevant future, we

waste nice idea/graphic.

We just launched this latest mission with your

successful graphic. We should let that run for

another day or two depending on success.

f9def0 No.437901


basically imo the last graphic caught fire. I

have a good feeling about tomorrow and

maybe next day also.

7e37ea No.439744

Morning anons...donut anon saying hi...

Morning crew is suggesting a go at pharma with a hash campaign and a petition on the new WH petition system...if viable lets add to batter and go..if not, morning crew back at it no worries!


f9def0 No.440784


sorry 4wait. still there?

382a24 No.440801

My friends!!! My allies!

The KEY of Q's MAP has been UNLOCKED

You MIGHT want to read this!


b7ab36 No.440959

File: 873e1bf1c17459d⋯.jpg (177.7 KB, 887x887, 1:1, DWc3-v0XcAAF7B-.jpg)

I've seen this images in twatter replies today. Looking for a good side by side rebuttal image/text to use to reply to them.

f9def0 No.441222

File: d03619681805594⋯.jpg (348.65 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, PresidentTweet1jpg.jpg)

3de207 No.441308

Hello anons

I had an idea that might help solve some of the challenges we are facing.

Challenge: Lack of coordination

We need some sort of Central Command Center and the war room seems like the logical place.

The main boards can get crazy and sometimes it’s a real shitshow. All over the place, shills , clowns newfags, etc. These boards are critical for digging and sharing info to uncover the truth. Most people have a hard time just keeping up with the main boards never mind visiting the war room and some of the other boards.

In an army the commands and updates are sent from a command post to the front lines to keep troops informed, encouraged and focused. The battlefield is fluid. Things are constantly changing.

MSM is powerful because they all get their marching orders so people hear the same message from multiple sources so they naturally believe its true.

Q says we have the power to change the narrative.

The diggers uncover stuff, meme fags make the memes from what they have uncovered and war room gives direction based on whats happening now. Twatters are the FRONT Lines. They are the most influential in changing the narrative.

A simple Suggestion to bring all the pieces together to form a more cohesive focused unstoppable force.

Most people just go to the main board just to try keep current and see what has been uncovered.

We need a Tactical Update, Intel Update, something that would be posted on the main board periodically throughout the day. Have some sort of banner so its easily recognizable.

and contain the following info for starters:

Suggestions of what we are pushing Right Now.

Link to Current meme board

Link to Petition if there is one for specific offensive.

Plus a screen shot of trending twitter posts.

Anons can see whats trending (to hijack) and see how well our hashtags are doing.

Some of benefits I can see are, it would encourage more participation from people just lurking, simplify what they could be doing, let anons know when they are having success, where we need reinforcements etc.

Kick MSM ass daily.

Something that I think could be easily started to get the ball rolling and make adjustments as we go. Any Ideas?

f9def0 No.441518


Most of what you talk about is our goal,

but we learn the hard way, can't be done

in one day. Theoretically, yes. In practice, no.

However, we have not given up. Instead,

we are attempting new approaches. Again,

much of what you say is our goal. Many

drop by and tell us what we should do. Most

don't stick around to help us reach those

goals. The more help, the faster the process,

the greater the effect.

You do have some new good ideas i see,

but no time (personally) to go over them just


44999a No.441737

File: 57dc11c46be3dcb⋯.png (18.34 KB, 313x336, 313:336, delta squad special opps.png)

File: ac3cd9c0a8a3b51⋯.jpg (1.07 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, design flyer DEF 2-8-18.jpg)

File: 55d1b4e227e65b6⋯.jpg (1.42 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, Flyer Twat Tactics 10-2-18.jpg)

File: 14bc930297defff⋯.jpg (1.34 MB, 2480x3508, 620:877, bomber design 19-2-18 c.jpg)


the hildawg Graph is for internal use..

target practice HOW to redpill, what stories to use (millennials r immune 2 current narrative)

I guess its not good enough by itself.. LOL as it isnt perceived as such. Will work on the idea some more. Our current airplanes are flying so we stick with those for now.

(all opinions valuable!! thx)


pharma target flyer, noted.

still hv pending task for make flyer for petition anon. Made note to self, thanks.


aliens, always nice. pls forgive me, i hv a ton of graphs to make and check. I hv read a lot about annunaki, so I think I'm in the clear with the aliens for now. they have 2 wait a bit. I waited long enough for them 2 show up. Thanks for the heads up, will look at it.

>>440959 (imo) BULLSHIT paid for by george soros will not b dignified with a response. Planning a graph concentrated on fridays Q post about hildawg, hoessein and foreign parties doing election fraud (huge redpill).

I suggest, if the anons like the design, we will make a team efforts and visit @realDonaldTrump and send a reply with the graph to everyone trashing Geotus. hv been doing that for last 2 days.. works miracles.

there is no way on earth that u rebute their lies. Lets just feed them a scary truth that will very soon be REVEALED!


nice graph and nice numbers there!


Hello and thank you for your enthousiasm. It may not look like much, but us war room fags are pretty organized! i ve been down with the flu for a few days, so that explains the slight chaos lately.. LOL

valuable suggestions can go on top of the new war room thread

We have coordinated with general all the time.

making standard graphs, explanations etc.

some bakers just never put our stuff in the bread. duh. others, well, you know.

Let's see if we can give you a permanent job here, since u volunteered and we can use the help.

You are now Special opps team. Here is your badge. Long ago, when I somehow ended up in this room, someone made me general. No clue why but have been here ever since. LMAO. I behave like a general too, make the decisions after I heard all the new input.

Welcome aboard. Gimme a bit to finsih up all the tasks I hv piled up on my plate. Oh and here is our first graph (ice cream method) on meme war an explanation and finally our brand new graph for Phase 2: BOMBS AWAY.

lots of new great stuff that we can do and happy to have new recruits!

44999a No.441749


if he has ideas, we'll make him Special Opps and he can work with us.

we hv a lot of stuff up our sleeves but lack brave warriors.

44999a No.441772


oh and….

shills and sliders come in here too, but they r easy to spot.. LOL..

so new recruit..

tell us about your skills.

- Photoshop?

- got TOR?

- got guts?

- anything else worth mentioning?

btw: namefagging in here is fine. WIthout it, you cant run an army. Use your new rank or something,

f9def0 No.441782


well explained, thats why u are general.

f9def0 No.441808



Welcome aboard, Specail Ops, if u should

choose to help us. Its not easy, time is

always short.

f9def0 No.441836

File: a7145506268ae6f⋯.jpg (124.59 KB, 595x475, 119:95, MooreTrumpjpg.jpg)

44999a No.441846


LOL well it's true. I dont even remember how I got here… OMFG. Hows the coffee?

f9def0 No.441892


Lots of post to get there. 4or5 rooms I think.

Brewing moar, lol. Fresh is my fav.

44999a No.441957


I best start working on the graphs,

How did the new airplane graph do for you?

I had 21K views and 90 RT's on the 1st one.

f9def0 No.441989

6c2078 No.441994

File: cb8c229681455fd⋯.png (326.88 KB, 426x654, 71:109, IMG_3152.PNG)

File: 24d639fec0903d5⋯.jpg (135.74 KB, 509x755, 509:755, IMG_3185.JPG)

File: 05b4dfe0653c75e⋯.jpg (129.87 KB, 605x896, 605:896, IMG_3189.JPG)

File: c12264967e6af9a⋯.jpg (43.9 KB, 355x354, 355:354, IMG_3204.JPG)

File: f72edc355dd85cf⋯.jpg (103.58 KB, 507x749, 507:749, IMG_3225.JPG)



Are both mentioned by POTUS and other media types Hannity ect…

I have been making memes all weekend and posting th on twatter…


f9def0 No.442003


basically I like to add up the person followers

who RT. That gives me idea how many ppl

it potentially reached. #of follwers seen from

my twt with your graphic aprox 95k total, from

mine alone, but combined with all who twted

out that graphic and pinned, must be

much more. Overall most success I've seen

thru our rm efforts.

6c2078 No.442016

File: 750fca9ef73ff26⋯.jpg (106.25 KB, 750x541, 750:541, IMG_3273.JPG)

File: c63a75615dcfff2⋯.jpg (148.7 KB, 1000x563, 1000:563, IMG_3274.JPG)

File: 6f600128f31ecb6⋯.jpg (87.14 KB, 750x318, 125:53, IMG_3275.JPG)

File: 3cde9fc89e1e6ea⋯.jpg (76.78 KB, 615x352, 615:352, IMG_3276.JPG)

File: d3619c8b60d5080⋯.png (308.31 KB, 495x550, 9:10, IMG_3277.PNG)

f9def0 No.442019

File: ff8f95b06e831a7⋯.jpg (165.7 KB, 1200x539, 1200:539, graphresults3.jpg)


Good joj, be sure to add our hash. See air

plane graphic. I use these as my main.






but see graphic for all options. Use these

also and help us effect the twtr graph.

f9def0 No.442030


"but see graphic for all options"


44999a No.442132


wow.. amazing!

i m still limited 2 5K followers, so cant follow extra. decided to start dropping truth bombs on the negative potus posters in stead. works like a charm. getting lots of new followers when doing that…

44999a No.442198

File: 95540a38103b373⋯.jpg (214.4 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, QAnon.jpg)

14 million views per DAY

f9def0 No.442201


Sounds like a good method.

Focus ppl on ur last graphic (current mission


Same time develop new methods to

include in current mission or to sew into

future missions. Slowly tho&2xcheck, not too many

changes one day or followers will become

frustrated imo.

f9def0 No.442221


Jus wow. i dunno why that word web always

pleasing to look at.

Good job humble a_ons

who help make these graphs possible. They

would be lacking if not for you.

f9def0 No.442231


"Same time develop new methods t"

make sure mark these:


I sometimes forget, so mention it.

44999a No.442399


off course. not 2 worry

f9def0 No.442416

File: 8824a3b1662ace7⋯.jpg (177.15 KB, 1214x418, 607:209, graphresults4.jpg)

44999a No.442451


those "trending hashes" are fake AF if u ask me.

as fake as CNN. they just throw trash in there.

i dont even trust that graph source very much. but oh well.

f9def0 No.442497


I sometimes get new followers hijacking the

listed trending. I will take even 1

I understand you don't trust them. I am still

testing, I trust nothing until I can 4xcheck it


44999a No.442874

File: e6fc7d4277fb849⋯.jpg (412.57 KB, 1024x1280, 4:5, VoterFraud2.jpg)



how about this as a red pill to start feeding to every person commenting nasty on GEOTUS twatfeed?

44999a No.442880

pls check for errors in language etc… thx

f9def0 No.442948


That is very very good.

I tried to find an improvement, but there are

none to be found.

Maybe include all our target hash, indicating

"be sure to use #Q #GA always. Then choose

from the rest # # # # #"

Also, the sauce is good but ppl don't trust

Q stuff because of what is being said by MSM

and the nature of the situation.

If we could put normie sauce there, that might

be greater effect.

Right now normie sauce probably not

available and time is always short.

This graphic will serve well and

is near absolute perfect. Hard to

find improvement. Nice job.

didn't see language errors. well said.

f9def0 No.442956


RT Moore and Obama on mines 4me, if you


44999a No.442974

File: ef907e784e4ddc3⋯.jpg (423.55 KB, 1024x1280, 4:5, VoterFraud2A copy.jpg)


thank you. i m not trying to convince brainwashed ppl. just warning them of shock to come and leave a life jacket (#QAnon). thats all.

glad u didnt find any errors..

gonna throw it out on General and on Twat.

this version has a small Q Press logo.

think it wud b nice to use that version, as photoshop anon worked so hard on it.

f9def0 No.443029


"use that version, "


" i m not trying to convince brainwashed

ppl. just warning them of shock to come "

Thats what makes it good.

44999a No.443035



44999a No.443344

File: 56febdc85133976⋯.jpg (510.11 KB, 1240x1754, 620:877, bomber design 19-2-18 d sm….jpg)

File: ef907e784e4ddc3⋯.jpg (423.55 KB, 1024x1280, 4:5, VoterFraud2A copy.jpg)


1) standard mission: Use and spread the Airplane graph.

2) Special RedPill Opp: take the Voterfraud graph and reply it to every negative shitposter on GEOTUS twat feed. Be careful: dont copy and paste your twat or twt will temp freeze ur account. DONT FORGET THE HASHTAGS IN YOUR REPLUIES PLS.

331551 No.443652

File: 7035232ce059be2⋯.jpg (757.88 KB, 1396x1896, 349:474, NRA5.jpg)

Attn War Room

This is the cover of one of the NRA's latest issues of America's 1st Freedom. Would you like to red pill 5 million to 14 million activist patriotic Americans?

Here's the sauce:

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/442813.html#442960


44999a No.443827


thanks, twatted them. pls do the same!

f9def0 No.443915


"d reply it to every negative shitposter on

GEOTUS twat feed. "

imo with kindness and respect, no fights,

jus teach. If haters move at u, move on.

Kindness and respect sounds cheezy

but trust, faith imo

f9def0 No.444558

"Challenge: Lack of coordination

We need some sort of Central Command Center and the war room seems like the logical place.

The main boards can get crazy and sometimes it’s a real shitshow. All over the place, shills , clowns newfags, etc. These boards are critical for digging and sharing info to uncover the truth. Most people have a hard time just keeping up with the main boards never mind visiting the war room and some of the other boards.

In an army the commands and updates are sent from a command post to the front lines to keep troops informed, encouraged and focused. The battlefield is fluid. Things are constantly changing. "

This rm solves that, the methods solves that.

This is still the beginning. It looks off, but

4 war rooms ago, we started. We have a plan

that kills many birds with 5 twts. Things are

starting to come together. [g][p][r] graph

proves results. We appreciate all help.

"MSM is powerful because they all get their marching orders"

our plan, similar to marching orders but w/o >>443344

all the marching.

f8ac95 No.444817


I suggest we add #enough

Take advantage of it since it's the chosen hashtag of the antigun ers

Enough works with Abortion, corruption, fake news, Pharma Voter Fraud Immigration you name it!

f9def0 No.444939

File: 1851f8a7863839a⋯.jpg (638.77 KB, 1200x1630, 120:163, MagazineCoverJpg.jpg)

26a54b No.445002


>What does Q mean by this;

>"Feb 15 2018 00:52:21



>You are missing the connections.

>Continue to build the MAP.

>MAP provides the KEY.

>KEY spreads the TRUTH.

>TRUTH shines LIGHT.


>Future proves past.

>Trust the plan.


>What does he really mean?

>Perhaps going through all my posts with your Q Map beside you may help?

>Be the Autists we know you were born to be!


26a54b No.445016

File: 36c8bf428f9cd11⋯.jpg (31.19 KB, 467x259, 467:259, 24xqw8.jpg)

File: 6d3804e4af2d4a3⋯.jpg (91.04 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 24qzd0.jpg)

26a54b No.445034

File: e6b77561008bb01⋯.png (112.06 KB, 2134x420, 1067:210, Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at ….png)

f9def0 No.445035



"The diggers uncover stuff, meme fags make the memes from what they have uncovered and war room gives direction based on whats happening now. Twatters are the FRONT Lines. They are the most influential in changing the narrative.

A simple Suggestion to bring all the pieces together to form a more cohesive focused unstoppable force.

Most people just go to the main board just to try keep current and see what has been uncovered.

We need a Tactical Update, Intel Update, something that would be posted on the main board periodically throughout the day. Have some sort of banner so its easily recognizable.

and contain the following info for starters:

Suggestions of what we are pushing Right Now.

Link to Current meme board

Link to Petition if there is one for specific offensive.

Plus a screen shot of trending twitter posts.

Anons can see whats trending (to hijack) and see how well our hashtags are doing.

Some of benefits I can see are, it would encourage more participation from people just lurking, simplify what they could be doing, let anons know when they are having success, where we need reinforcements etc.

Kick MSM ass daily.

Something that I think could be easily started to get the ball rolling and make adjustments as we go. Any Ideas?"

This is nearly exactly what we are attempting.

Again, it looks rough and there are few.

Turns out, making a_ons agree is not so

easy, lol. It's ok tho, because the huge

ship is turning slowly. I can feel it.

"Plus a screen shot of trending twitter posts."

good idea.

"Link to Current meme board

Link to Petition if there is one for specific offensive."

Not sure how others feel about linking 8,

so i stay clear from doing so, just me tho. If

ALL like that idea, I would comply.