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Pro Aris et Focis

File: ebd28a5cf495112⋯.png (6.46 MB, 2700x2000, 27:20, redpill_anon.png)

f29ede No.4794

This thread dedicated to collection of [redpill_anon] posts. Each series is a list of questions that can be quite effective when redpilling others.

Redpill others the same way you got redpilled: slowly, and not over-rushed. Try to connect with them first. If they think that society is getting worse, then they are still save-able with the redpill.


GOD BLESS Patriots.

f29ede No.4803


Redpill Anon - >>>/thestorm/16438


Why was NORAD running an exercise involving crashing planes into buildings on September 11 2001?



Why were so many planes originally said to be hijacked?


How many planes were involved in 9/11?

How were calls made?

Did all planes hit?

Where are the bodies buried?

What hit the Pentagon?

Why did POTUS Tweet about no commercial crashes in the US during his first year?

What does POTUS know about 9/11?

Did he lose friends and business colleagues?

Did he lose friends?

What happened before 9/11?

Unusual trades?

An audit announced?

Missing trillions?

Why doesn't the narrative for 9/11 make sense?

Who has access to all classified information?

What did POTUS promise would happen when he became President?

Does POTUS keep his promises?

What will be hard to swallow about 9/11?

Will the country stand with those who caused 9/11?

With the people who profited?

Was there a training exercise in London the morning of 7/7?

Where did the idea come from for a terror attack to win government support?

Who was Prime Minister?

Who ordered the death of Dr David Kelly?

Why did Blair help?

What will happen to those involved in 9/11 and 7/7?

Where will they bury the bodies?

f29ede No.4820


Red Pill Anon - >>>/thestorm/25361


Oprah Winfrey

Why is Oprah being positioned by the Democrats?

Is it because she is African American?

Is it because she has so much dirt on her that she can be controlled?

Why would she do it?

Is it because she has so much dirt on her that she is being controlled?

Did she know Harvey Weinstein really well?

How well did she know Harvey Weinstein?

Are there many pictures of her with Harvey Weinstein?

Why are so much of the claims of her involvement in grooming Weinstein victims being suppressed?

Why are we only hearing about some of Oprah's grooming victims?

Are other victims of Oprah's grooming under NDA?

Should those NDAs stand up in court?

Should there be law change?

Should we find out about other grooming victims of Oprah?

How many other claims have been settled by Oprah?

How did Oprah keep human trafficking claims so secret?

Money Money Money

f29ede No.4831


Red Pill Anon


What is our mission?

Is it to be a crack team of code-breakers for which we are not trained?

Is it rather for our expertise?

What is our expertise?

Is it weaponised autism?

Is it memetic warfare?

Is meme magic real?

Have we seen it change the world?

Why can't the left meme?

Do memes only work best for the truth?

Why can't the left meme?

Do memes only work best if derived from critical thinking?

Why can't the left meme?

Why didn't Trump arrest everyone at the start?

Would he have looked like Hitler?

Would he have looked racist?

When it is shown that Q was directly beholden to POTUS, will it destroy every narrative from the left for the last two years?

The last two decades?

The last fifty years?

What WAS Operation Mockingbird?

What was the last part of the triangle?

The media?

Who is next in POTUS' sights?

Who is the only target left?

Is it the MSM?

What is FusionGPS?

Will the available bank transactions lead to the arrest of everyone in the media from front of office to back office and up?

When will people notice that Barry and Hillary are MIA?

Who is MIA?

Why are they MIA?

What happens when they finally notice they are MIA?

For Whom the Bell Tolls

f29ede No.4853


Red Pill Anon


What is systemic continuity?

Why has EVERYTHING re: Q been done this way?

Is it to stop the good guys losing everything they have worked for?

Is it to stop a system crash?

How does one massively corrupt system full of financial cancer get cured?

How can this be done without it dying completely?

Is this what we are all trying to achieve?

Keep the system, the patient alive?

Are we transplanting the financial organ?

Are we transposing a new system on top of a broken one without killing it?

What did they think would happen if we tried?

That it would crumble and they could make yet more profit out of the collapse?

Have they tried this before?

What are financial crashes?

Were they engineered to steal more from you?

What is short selling?

Do they make and take every opportunity to steal from you?

Not this time.

This time we take back the system.

This time we take everything they stole.

We take our working capital back.

We fight them on every front.

Were they expecting us?


Were they prepared for us to use their deceptions against them?

Did they underestimate us?

Did they get complacent?

Did they make the mistake that we could not be patient and wait for our time to strike?

Did they know who they were fucking with?

Are they about to have the light blind them?

It is time for us to take our place in the Sun.

Though the Heavens may fall, let Justice be done.

Let justice be done though the heavens fall.

And may God show them only the mercy they would us.

It is Time.


f29ede No.4881


Red Pill Anon - >>4547


What do Loop Capital Markets and Sidley Austin have in common?

How much money did the Chicago 2016 Olympic Committee raise?

How much taxpayer money did the city spend on land?

How much taxpayer money did the city spend on interest?

Who gave them the loan?

Where did all the money go?

f29ede No.5044


Red Pill Anon - >>>/thestorm/15997


For Politician Red Pilling.

Do politicians accept bribes as gifts and donations?

Do Democrats do very well out of bribes?

How can we tell?

Why is the wealth of vocal anti Trump politicians so much than when they enter office?

Why is the wealth many many times their salaries before tax?

Why can no Democrats account for their massive increase in wealth?

Do Democrats engage on bribes on an industrial scale?

Why do they hate Trump?

Drain the swamp?

Term limits?

Why would Democrats hate trump for stopping their bribes?

Would they make up stories and fake news to keep their bribes?

Do they want to keep receiving bribes?

Why do Democrats care more about their bribes than about the people who elected them?

Why don't they want term limits?

Do they serve the people?

Are they doing the job they were elected for or taking bribes to get rich?

Why are so many Democrats worth so many times more than what they receive as salaries?

Why is no one stopping the bribes?

Do they investigate themselves?

Is Trump trying to stop them taking bribes?

Why do Democrats hate Trump?

f29ede No.5057


Red Pill Anon - >>>/thestorm/15931


For Foundation Red Pilling.

Was the Clinton Foundation used for money laundering?

Who can you tell?

Very little went to any good causes?

Where the vast majority go?

Was it used to accept and give bribes?

How can we tell?

Did donations change after Trump was elected?

Why would donors stop after Trump elected?

Were donations bribes?

Why does McCain have a foundation?

Where does that money go?

Where does it really go?

Why was McCain photographed meeting with the head of ISIS and their PR?

Why did McCain Foundation pay towards making ISIS videos?

Why was a studio in the UK used?

Why was Kim Kardashian attached by ISIS in Paris when the UK PR firm was exposed?

Why was the attack covered up?

Why did the UK get involved with the creation of ISIS?

Why did the UK and McCain Foundation want Syria destabilized?

Was it for a pipeline route?

Was it for drug and human trafficking?

Was it for money?

How many people died?

Why did McCain help fake ISIS for money?

Why does McCain hate Trump?

What does Trump know about McCain?

f29ede No.5073


Red Pill Anon - >>>/thestorm/16064


For Anti-Trump Red Pilling

Why was Trump called racist when he employed more people of colour that most have met?

Why would help African Americans get senior positions if he is racist?

Why does that make no sense?

Was it a narrative?

Were they afraid Obama would go to jail for crimes?

What would the African American population do in Jan 2017 if Obama was arrested?

Was it a narrative?

Why was Trump compared to Hitler?

Why isn't he called Hitler now?

Because it doesn't make sense?

Jerusalem embassy?

Why was the narrative first pushed?

In case he locked up lots of corrupt politicians?

Why would they be worried?

Why would they want to label the President as racist and Hitler?

In case he locked them all up straight away?

Noe he is seen as not racist or Hitler, do those labels work?

Why did he wait a year gathering evidence through an independent non partisan body?

Why did he wait for the labels he first got to die away as nonsense?

What happens when a years worth of independently gathered evidence surfaces?

Can they use the fake news labels twice?

Will that work?

Why is Trump a genius?

f29ede No.5096


Red Pill Anon - >>>/thestorm/16204


Planned Parenthood Red Pilling.

Why do Democrats support late term abortions?

Why kill a baby when it is viable?

Why specifically support this?

Do viable babies need their organs?

Is there a massive shortage of organs for transplant?

What is special about newborn organs?

Do they grow into full size healthy organs?

Are late term aborted babies using their organs?

Are they special because of lower rejection?

Are partial birth abortions used for spare parts?

How much do they cost?

Where can fresh baby organs be bought from?

Why is Planned Parenthood selling organs?

Who is paying?

Customers around the world?

Rich customers?

Why do Democrats want to keep late term abortions?

Who funds Planned Parenthood?

What is special about African American partial birth abortions?

Keep the population down?

Less rejection chance?

When was Planned Parenthood caught selling viable baby parts?

4f650b No.11417


UK Red Pills

What is a FISA warrant?

Who wanted a FISA warrant on Trump?

Did they get one?

How many times did they try?

Was the judge the same each time?

Why did they get GCHQ to spy for them?

Why would they need to do that?

Why did they think they could get away with it?

They thought she would win.

Who resigned from GCHQ after POTUS was elected?

Could PM May claim she didn't know?

Would that make her a liar or incompetent?

Had she been betrayed?

Would that make the UK complicit with the treasonous attempt to stop POTUS getting elected?

Would that make the UK complicit with trying to remove a democratically elected POTUS?

How soon did PM May meet with POTUS?

Why did May meet with POTUS so soon?

Did she get a deal?

What is the connection to FusionGPS?

What is the connection to ISIS?

What has been requested of Speaker Ryan?

Does Nunes have FusionGPS financial records?

What else does Nunes have?

Does he have information on the FISA warrants and involvement of GCHQ?

What happens if these get declassified?

What happens when they start to leak?

Why was the transcript released?

Was it a heads up to parties to run?

Was it anticipated?

What date is it today?

What is in ten days?

When was the inauguration?

Synchroni(z)e Watches

6a914e No.11525

Redpill Anon, my apologies that I posted the above posts on red pill methods. Wrong thread. I went to delete them here however it appears that deleting posts isn't allowed at the moment. When they are I'll come back. Love your pills.

78d2ee No.11601

Could you do a MS13 one, they are the hitsquads of the NWO


b08c67 No.11833


I got you fam.

6f19e6 No.12001


Anything for adrenochrome?

f29ede No.38297


Communications Red Pill - >>37975


Did Trump record the meeting?

Did he use the language?

Can White Hats spoof comms?

Can White Hats lay false stories?

Can White Hats make it look like sources give info that seems real sauce but is faked?

What tactic works well?

Make the enemy think they are turning on each other?


56b18b No.47983

Communications Red Pill :


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