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File: 4b3fbad7dbb3ddd⋯.jpg (18.18 KB, 326x303, 326:303, 4b3fbad7dbb3dddd083aaca0a3….jpg)

File: a327531a579b183⋯.pdf (97.32 KB, Art_13_unofficial.pdf)



I was wondering what are the average /tech/no's opinion on this whole mess of a legislation. From what I've come to understand, platforms such as this very one seems to be mostly exempt (not only because they're based in America with no European counterpart, but because they fail to reach the user and revenue quotas of the bigger players), as well as most attempts at parody and pastiche seem to be somewhat protected.

That being said, we all know how much of a shitter every filtering service really is, Youtube's Content ID check being at the forefront of fucking with even uttered words.



Also, what are burgers' take on this?

>please don't just say "lmao doesn't affect me hoss"


You lads are fucked. Hoard those memes while you can.


>Providers of services such

as not-for profit online encyclopedias

>shall not be considered online content sharing

service providers within the meaning of this Directive.

There's your loophole. Make a phony wiki that catalogues the images uploaded by boards or threads and you don't have to change anything about the de facto operation of your imageboard.



My honest opinion about article 13 is it's badd idea is going to destroy the Internet well for the uk any ways That is unless America also has to apply to this rule


I have been trying to work on my own memes just in case I mean they're all garbage but it's better than having no memes at all I'm trying to use pain and trying to make it all original That way there's absolutely no way they could Sue me for copyright I'm even arming myself with steganography to So I can hide the copy righted memes within my own memes



>they fail to reach the user and revenue quotas of the bigger players

Reda's writing on the subject implies that platforms older than three years have no user or revenue quotas.

What amazes me about all this is how fucking long we managed to get away with just DMCA. This is basically a policy where you can upload whatever copyrighted shit you want, anyone can download, and when you get found out there are zero consequences. It's glorious. Now the policy is going to be: Somebody has to liable for every copyrighted thing that gets uploaded. Either the website owner, or the user, or the filter operator. The latter won't necessarily get in trouble, but they are expected to correct the problem.

I fully expect, in 20 years or so, either copyright bas been abolished or policies like this one are the norm. DMCA is completely against the spirit of copyright, the powers that be can't possibly let it stand as it is.



>cuck internet

It never ends. Stay boomer and watch the world burn or take the black pill.


Not a fan.



We should tell Danbooru/Gelbooru to roll with this... FAST.



Do not go silently into that dark night.


File: 6f70007dac4bff5⋯.png (857.91 KB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 2000px-Global_European_Uni….png)


>Also, what are burgers' take on this?

I'm honestly a little confused on what this would actually do, and I don't really trust a lot of what activists are saying about it (at least not since I heard "link tax" being thrown around). From what I understand though, It would essentially make websites that host user content create a system similar to YouTube's copyright claim system.

I don't think that it will be very effective though. As long as you're not in the EU, your company's not in the EU, and your servers aren't in the EU, I would assume that you don't have to comply. Take a look at a this map for a second (EU in green, non-EU in grey). If I was running a website that would be affected by Article 13, I would just move all of the European servers to Switzerland, that little tiny non-contiguous part of Russia, Norway, and/or Morocco to avoid having to deal with compliance. Websites would still be able to do a pretty good job serving EU users after moving to those countries. I don't think that major players like Facebook and Google are going to do that. They're all ready all in on the censorship. The only ones who will be affected would be individuals/small businesses operating in the EU.



>that little tiny non-contiguous part of Russia

No, you don't want to have your server in Kaliningrad Oblast. Russians leaved this thing especially to have controll over Ponald, the Baltic sea and Europe. Storing copyrighted works on Russian servers isn't a new idea, it already happens, but Russia isn't free-speech-friendly place. (Trust me I'm Polish, that's exactly what Russians want, probably all this including brexit and this copyright reform, is just to weaken the EU)


If it actually comes in effect, we can still use VPN. EU elections are coming and I don't think people will elect those marxist faggots again, it will be different EU (or at least I hope so).




>big corporations owning the Internet


more like bourgeois



>EU "elections"

EU is a totalitarian establishment. The politicians elect themselves without a public vote.


File: 3b44b9a00910605⋯.jpg (390.53 KB, 1200x2260, 60:113, poland.jpg)

Likely smaller organizations will effectively be forced to license contentid (free data!) and maybe some insurance to protect themselves in case it fails.


>muh russia


File: 452c51db28ea6fd⋯.jpg (13.97 KB, 480x300, 8:5, TearsInRain-8_trans_NvBQzQ….jpg)


Burger here. The right time to start lynching treasonous politicians all over the West was yesterday. My ancestors bled and died fighting for this land. They braved the wilderness and savages to bring civilization to a vast nothingness. I refuse to let a handful of weak, degenerate weasels dictate to me what I can and cannot say online. I want their fucking heads on a stick. I want to dismember them and watch them crawl. I want to feed their wives and children to starving dogs. I want to stamp their unworthy and corrupted bloodlines out of existence. They do not deserve to live, and there will come a day when their lying tongues are cut from their blasphemous throats.




>a nation that doesn't want its population replaced is greedy

fuck off kike



This image is almost right, but a typical Janusz doesn't wear like that, Russians do.

I'll tell you a secret - the reason why the EU gives Poland money is because they (as everyone) want to be as far as possible form Russia. A strong country between you and Russia is a good country.

Consider the Marshall Plan - the USA gave money to a lot of European countries, even Germany ironically, but not for Poland, because Moscow refused the donation. 123 years of not having your country then 20 years of peace and then 50 years of ocupation and communism. I think after all this Poland deserves help. The bad thing is that the current ruling party lives off telling the voters the EU is bad, whereas everywhere you can see overwhelming ammount of EU investments.

Also don't forget about the big money, foreign corporations make of Poland - after 1989, the market became free and everything was so fucking expensive, because people didn't know what's the fair price for a product, they bought EVERYTHING. If you had a shop in Poland back then, you could easily build up to three houses. We don't even have our own car industry, because the capital is foreign. They wouldn't keep us in the EU, if it wasn't profitable for them.


>EU is a totalitarian establishment. The politicians elect themselves without a public vote.

This. Parties pick MEPs themselves.



Ok, there is one more thing. There are a lot of immigrants from Ukraine here. People forget about that too often.



Poland isn't Pacific Northwest, bro, they are sly



> Hoard those memes while you can.

I will actually live to see rare pepes become a valuable resource. What a time to be alive.


> I have been trying to work on my own memes just in case

And homebrewed memes or course.



>Article 11 and Article 13 17 receives final approval

>348 in favor of the law and 274 against





So, are memes illegal now or what? Please quote for me, because I don't feel like reading all the irrelevant stuff. It's not like I'm in EU either.



>Uploading protected works for quotation, criticism, review, caricature, parody or pastiche has been protected even more than it was before, ensuring that memes and Gifs will continue to be available and shareable on online platforms.

From http://archive.vn/JFU1c




List of Europarl members who voted for that should be publicly available soon.



So, what are the bad news then?



Freedom of expression limited: Upload monitoring software cannot tell infringement apart from legal uses like parody, specifically enabled by exceptions and limitations to copyright. Filters also frequently malfunction. As a result, legal content will be taken down.

Independent creators harmed: Platforms will receive instructions as to what content to automatically remove from large commercial rightholders. When independent creators have works removed by filters that are covered by exceptions or otherwise misidentified as infringing, they will effectively be deemed “guilty until proven innocent”, having to fight to have their legal creations reinstated.

Surveillance risk: The proposal requires the installation of what amounts to surveillance technology. Due to high development costs, content monitoring technology will likely end up being outsourced to a few large US-based providers, strengthening their market position even further and giving them direct access to the behavior of all EU users of internet platforms.

Startup killer: This requirement places a huge burden on internet companies and discourages investment in user-generated content startups, preventing EU competition to the targeted dominant US platforms from arising, effectively locking in YouTube’s dominance. (See Allied for Startups)

Unintended targets harmed: Community projects like Wikipedia would likely need to implement such filters, even though they only accept freely-licensed uploads. Code hosting platforms would also be affected, “undermining the foundations upon which Free and Open Source Software is built”. As would scientific repositories, “undermining the foundations of Open Access”.


File: 7a34d9dbe87dc22⋯.jpg (39.02 KB, 750x704, 375:352, DbonXpOUQAcrAoD.jpg)


Now we wait...



>Upload monitoring software

I don't get it, is everyone in EU obliged to install that broken shit on their servers now or what? C'mon EU, that shit doesn't work, it's false positive all fucking around.



>everyone in EU

No, everyone who exposes user-generated content to EU audiences.

>that shit doesn't work





Also false positives are desired by the copyright owners, they hate those fair use exceptions. Unrelated stuff getting blocked is of no interest to them



>No, everyone who exposes user-generated content to EU audiences.

The fuck? Are foreign bodies the subject of EU law?



If they operate in the EU, yes? Do you think walmart can sell guns to eu citizens because they are american?


YouTube is fucked is all i can seem to get from it



And if they don't? Servers can be wherever the fuck they want, shops - not so much.





The EFF's buttdevastation: http://archive.vn/Pu1Le

>the (((European Parliament))) has 'abandoned common-sense and the advice of academics, technologists, and UN human rights experts'



Online shops not operating within boarders of a state mush ship their shit in somehow.

File hosting or whatever doesn't have to ship SHIT, it's just sitting there and serving requests unless blocked.


File: 33b1ec3bfa00e3c⋯.png (70.32 KB, 380x349, 380:349, 33b1ec3bfa00e3cf362616031f….png)

Just wanna add something to this: what's stopping me or anyone else from encrypting the data I wanna share on some platform, sending it and then revealing the way it was hashed to the users themselves? Content ID wouldn't be able to tell what's wrong with it, while users could freely download it either way.

By the way, got any good encryption tool for winbloats?


Wow, I'm sure this will have a huge impact just like GDPR and Net Neutrality. A whole new filter list for uBlock! If any sites get legitimately blocked by the dysfunctional bureaucracy that is the EU, all the better. People too stupid to do a simple web search for tor or a vpn honestly are too retarded to be on the internet. They should have their own retard pool with faceberg and twatter so we can communicate with each other in peace.

I actually love that government are uniting in these multinational efforts to censor. It means there's only one high value censoring method to defeat, which stimulates a lot of great software. If every no name yuro country with population 2 and a half made its own blocking platform, tge anti block software would be more hacky and less polished.



This and similar solutions would be the continuation of that "cat and mouse" game, or "arms race" game or whatever.

But with shit like pictures it's going to be crippling. Like, unless you make browsers actually decrypt your shit on-the-fly, it's going to be awful for a random fuck online to consume your content - they would have to find a way to decrypt it and decrypt it separately. While a random Internet retard just wants their funnyjunk pictures to be seen instantly on the webpage.

Piracy itself isn't as popular now because you have to go some extra distance to find and "steal" the content, while Netflix already has that shit readily available at a decent speed.






How do you have to go extra distance when all you do is type in MOVIE NAME in pirate bay? Torrenting has not changed at all in 15 years.



To be honest from the directive it looks like this is mostly limited to for profit websites that rack up millions, something that I don't think any imageboard barring maybe cuckchan premium even reaches. Memes will flourish in a Meme Prohibition.



Not all content is available through Pirate Bay, though through torrents in general - most likely.

Torrenting itself is "going extra distance" per se though. You have to have some extra software for it and you have to know where to look. Some people also have to rent seedboxes in other countries to avoid copyright niggers coming after them, etc.



Yea, those are my thoughts too.

After all, they come after the money, and I would say actually MAKING MILLIONS from content you haven't created does seem kinda unfair. I mean not memes, but actual copyrighted content. I suppose legit content distributors are even bigger joos, but hey, either do not treat a creator right, I feel.



I've been hearing this since private trackers became a meme on /g/ but almost never had trouble finding anything at all. What movies/shows (since we were talking about netflix) are there even that are not tpb or other major public trackers? I'm really curious.

I've occasionally looked for some VERY niche music or vidya that wasn't on pubs, but when I checked the major privates like what.cd or bitgamer they wouldn't have it either. Seems like whenever something drops on a private niche tracker, people immediately list it on major pubs as well.



>you have to know where to look

"search term" +magnet +hash

drop hash string from search engine into client

dht finds .torrent


also, installing software is hard.



Sometimes there really isn't a torrent though, not even low quality, even if you know about the more obscure features like DHT search.

It's probably still more convenient than Netflix though.



yea, this is true. its rare though and usually (for me at least) some niche bandcamp shit

in fact the last time i happened i went to bandcamp and saw they were doing a pay what you want on the album in question. that was probably the reason it wasn't even torrented. flacs were sitting there waiting on the official page. i just needed to break out of my TORRENT EVERYTHING paradigm

polite sage for blogpost ramlings


File: b421c669215c947⋯.jpg (317.66 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, star.vs.the.Fces.of.evil.s….jpg)


Last 2 eps of SvtFoE are not on TPB (they could be on private trackers though, since they are already on the Net)

Also no 1080p releases on TPB.

That's for example.

With public weeb torrents shit just dies with no seeders after a while.


File: 2409df9a0ca775f⋯.jpg (36.98 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, U0HVcw.jpg)


YFW they ban connection to the motherland


RIP safety, they will only send you into prison with that excuse if you're talk shit about (((them)))



or anything that is not created by the big american companies or is not anime


"EU Tells Internet Archive That Much Of Its Site Is 'Terrorist Content'""

Internet Archive not impressed.


Reminder to download anything of value and archive any relevant website.

Circumvent sites that block archive.is:


Google Translate:


Google Drive:



change ?dl=0 to 1

A website to execute JavaScript, sadly doesn't return html but png:


Browse Youtube without JavaScript:

change browser agent to 'Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:10.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/40.0' (at some point TBB stopped letting users change the agent, not sure if this is resolved)

And set bookmarks to everything you find.


I honestly just want to see how they implement this.

Consider it a social experiment



>I honestly just want to see how they implement this.

>Consider it a social experiment

While it will be full of fail and lulz, I'm starting to get sick of those social experiments.

The Finders also called their doings a social experiment, and so did The Family.





Fuck all of you.



>"Fuck all of you."




Because it's all about "SAVE TEH MAYMAYS D:" and "MUH SAVE TEH INTERBUTTZ", but this shit has been dead for years. Most normalfags complain about "muh memes", of which is utter cancer and has been since roughly ~late-2015, when imageboard culture really began to spreaad.



>I have been trying to work on my own memes just in case


>And homebrewed memes or course.

and of course homebrewing must be illegal. obviously. thats bootleg memes. imagine what harmful memes may do to innocent internetters who just want to have a good time and then gets to see that negativity. only memes by authorizeded producers like google would be allowed. for a small fee of course.





The EU is filled with inmigrants anyway, just nuke them.


>Browse Youtube without JavaScript:

>change browser agent to 'Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:10.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/40.0' (at some point TBB stopped letting users change the agent, not sure if this is resolved)

Just use https://invidio.us/ , JewTube's official site is garbage.

By the way, NEVER do something as retarded as changing your user agent on TBB, you're just asking to get fingerprinted.


Shut up chaim.


Whatcha sliding MOSHE?


>tfw no qt black gf

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