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File: 8043960d69244d7⋯.png (850.77 KB, 4500x4500, 1:1, 1511058595110.png)

ef3e04  No.33715

The new board is https://8ch.net/qresearch/catalog.html

Q also has a read-only board at https://8ch.net/greatawakening/catalog.html where he will be dropping his crumbs from now on.

Thank you for your cooperation.

e9077d  No.33718


d40af5  No.33719

e9077d  No.33721

I am but a humble seeker of divine truth in a world of lies. Give us this dAy our daily Bread. Thank you lord. <3

e9077d  No.33723


I should say… Please! For effect, no disrespect.

b63cf7  No.33730

The mods running the new board are either dicks or they are just stupid. They delete posts on a regular basis which i know from seeing my posts disappear, and they changed the controls so users cannot "delete post" or "delete image" on their own posts.

The first is going to really piss people off because it sucks to see your own handiwork deleted, and the second is simply retarded and serves no purpose.

Mods delete content for no reason, and anons cannot delete their own content when they want to change or remove.

Dumbasses. I am definitely not going to put any work into posts for qresearch because it might be deleted anyway.

I predict maybe a week for the new board and people will go elsewhere or just drop out of this project.

072987  No.33731

I could hear a pin drop right now. Did the world stop? :)

072987  No.33732


Perhaps someone should code up a dedicated image board whom we can trust…

072987  No.33733


sans porno ads.. lol

eb49b2  No.33741

I need to sleep eventually…

045819  No.33743


Good idea. I'd have to figure out a way to get paid if I ran it off my server cause I'd have to quit work to get it started.

But somebody with a less restrictive life could probably pull it off.

Or maybe we just wander from board to board like nomads following the next mirage.

eb49b2  No.33744


Lol! Hmmmmmmmmmm.. I'd attempt at making one, but I'm not really that advanced. Is there any open source code one could steal/manipulate to put one up fairly quickly? NBD.. doesn't have to be today, just.. a thought.

dfa3d1  No.33745


Is the term "shove it up your ass" disrespectful? Because I hate watching you millennials cry. I really don't want to say it if it is going to upset you in any way.

6533f7  No.33747


I really don't care. Small stuff in the grand scheme of things. I just *TRY* not to be too 'disrespectful'. I'm not a millennial either, lol.

No, you're good. Say what you gotta say how you gotta say it. "We don't care about your 'feelings'"

Not going to offend or upset me. Just here to get a job done.


23167c  No.33750

Wanna hear something weird? I took a picture with a phone and it showed up on my roommates xbox screen.

Didn't know they had that kind of technology. First for me.

23167c  No.33751


Now I think she's all freaked out. haha

dfa3d1  No.33753


So, here is a respectful question. Every thread I have been to in the past three months has been trashed. Q has supposedly jumped to four different boards in the past few week. He has supposedly started four or five different threads in the past 48 hours. What makes you think this thread will last for the next four hours. I just jumped off of another thread just a few minutes ago because some clown controlled AI started posting long boring articles sequentially. I don't think this thread will make through the next few minutes. I am not AI but someone sure hell set a bunch of bots loose on this board recently. Good luck for tonight.

a920af  No.33760


Wouldn't doubt it. Probably evil bots from CERN. ;)

Uhmmm.. yeah I dunno. Most threads are lots of questions and info, but not much in the way of refined data. Again.. in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't really matter except that some connections are made and people find out. I *think* they know who is who. This is mostly just to prepare everyone for the great awakening that God exists. :)

e49768  No.33785

Anyone know what is going on? Where did everyone go?

e49768  No.33789


Thanks for reply, we got sent to /qresearch/ but no way that is Q, so are all boards comped or has everyone moved…so confused.

045819  No.33838


Q has own board so he no longer relies on anons maintaining a non-comped board. That is one very good development.

When he posts, we can work on or discuss his crumbs anywhere.

This board and the new working board "qresearch" are both screwed because the mods turned out to be terrible. Some are saying they are the same people. Q purposely left this board and new one has identical problems.

But there is one final board in existence we have not really tried yet and maybe we end up there. It does seem to be run by completely different people.

045819  No.33840


I will check. I thought this was open source but I'm probably wrong. I wonder of standard issue phpbb would work.

I will look around today when I get some free time.

There is also the possibility of setting up a new one here of course, though. Supposedly the bar is very low to make that happen.

And there is qpol as yet unsullied.

36bcf3  No.33842


Look at fullchan front page and see all the boards being created (and some immediately abandoned) all the time. Unless there is some other reason/problem with the site itself, creating yet another new board may be the easiest solution.

Ive been checking the qresearch and there is nothing but shills and naval gazing. The reason for it being seemingly abandoned could be because the BO sucks or just that nothing is happening.

Maybe wait until something happens, or Q begins posting again, before deciding if a new board is needed.

15591c  No.33845

I belong to a shared email address that is used by many people: antifasux@yahoo.com

If there is ANY pertinent information, it can be sent there semi-privately.

Also, if you can prove that you are a true anon, I can write back with a private social media account to be used for comms.

Not really quite sure what else to do at this point.

2d132d  No.33853

@P, if you are watching this, please verify by following public shared Tw. Acct. Antifa_sux so perhaps I can send messages direct. Thank you good sir.

a920af  No.33857

I've had to doxx myself 3 times now to prove things. Going into public is a little risky, some potentially bad actors know where I am, and I'm running out of coffee. So time is of the essence. Lest I could be assured of safety at my location.

a920af  No.33858


Though, I still need to eventually get food/coffee and nicotine. :)

26bce1  No.33863

We all remote in through a centralized computer because plausible deniability, but some have pointed out one person in particular whom they apparently think is someone of significance. We need to move comms and he may need to be watched.

e49768  No.33866

I started following Q since halfchan, migrated to cbts and then migrated again to the storm. Next thing we are told to move to q research and there is no good research going on over there. I thought maybe I had missed something, another migration maybe, spent ages reading back through breads to see what i have missed. Anyone recommend anywhere?

23167c  No.33867


I believe things are in the works right now. HOPING that someone can find another image board OR make sure BO is honest.

Until then, we're in limbo as far as I know. Autistfags may be in one spot, code breakerfags in another, planefags in another.. but we do need a centralized location to 'chat' and compare notes.

23167c  No.33868

Looks like Robert De Niro must be hiding something. @CNN [rant]

Very telling by use of profanity. He's got some really weird stuff going on.

23167c  No.33869

We need to not worry about immigration at this time. It will put many at risk. At the very least, a heavy filter should be applied, at the very most, a wall.

Really hoping walls will no longer be necessary in the very near future, but one can never tell.

e49768  No.33870


Alright thank you, I guess I just needed to know I didn't miss something with posts being deleted and all.

187035  No.33871

Oprah calls it out how it is. "If you want to get ahead in the industry, you have to pay the piper.." She's a feeder. What a disgusting trade. Amazing what people will do to get short kicks on this planet for eternity in darkness. Sad.


Trust me, while this information is good and all, it's nothing in the grand scheme of things. There's some weird crap going on. Need to exorcise the entire planet I guess.

187035  No.33872

I can't even LISTEN to Obama. His words hurt my ears a little. Not that I watch television anyways, but some people are particularly menacing.

187035  No.33873

I don't know the exact details of what Dianne Feinstein has done. But you can see it in her eyes. Not good.

I like David Clark. True patriot, that man. Good soul.

187035  No.33874

I think Mr. Mueller WANTS to be good, but is a little torn. Understandable. That's the choice each person must make in life.. do you want riches on earth for a short time for eternity in darkness later, or do you want to be poor for a short time on earth for eternity in heaven.

Some have trouble making that decision with people from both sides pulling at them.

15591c  No.33876

My God, Mr. Trump is such a great person. It's horrific that we've gotten to such a disastrous point and that we've let it get so far. He is up against pure evil and surrounded by it. Demons who've sold their soul and want to reap the benefits for as long as they can to get a good deal on it.

Horrible. Bad decisions, people.

15591c  No.33878

File: 5ad4a0134302648⋯.jpeg (101.27 KB, 960x908, 240:227, DTHZAwHW4AE4msb.jpg:large.jpeg)

Truth! Lol!

8e72cc  No.33879

https: //twitter.com/twitter/statuses/951181225607262208


e33c0f  No.33880

I'd really like to meet some of these.. 'people'.

Would be interesting.

e33c0f  No.33881

https: //twitter.com/twitter/statuses/951019582357233667

Funny people are so small minded, they think it's all about 'race' or 'religion' or some other dividing concept.

Nope. It's about everyone working together for a common goal to keep the planet good and live in a potential giant garden. They don't understand that if they could just do THAT, nobody would even have to work anymore. No more slavery. No more painstaking just to survive. No more destroying the landscape for convenience. Sure, mankind likes to explore and is curious. Is a good thing. But unfortunately evil takes hold at some point to control the narrative and the people like we're seeing today.

I guess some just don't play well with others.

e33c0f  No.33882

https: //twitter.com/twitter/statuses/951163187407208448

Mr. T makes me laugh. Funny guy. He's rich, but the difference is, he could give a hoot.. take it or leave it. He'd gladly give away everything for his gift in heaven, and I think he will.

Demons HATE angels.. but we don't care.

a920af  No.33883

So many Jewish in the media. Some good, some.. not so much.

a920af  No.33884

BTW.. I saw an article on Mr. Trump and their 'weird' family characteristics and dynamic.

I'll just say from experience, particular people on this planet of the Godly variety, who are aware of various forces, can behave very strangely.

Is very normal, for those that 'know'.

a920af  No.33885

Fun fact: It's okay to tell God to fuck off and to suck your dick. The key thing is that you acknowledge his existence. I was mad at God for quite a while since my father killed himself. Not walking on eggshells builds a particular bond. Kindof like on here. Just so long as you acknowledge that he is your father, regardless of how you feel about him. He's got a bit of a twisted sense of humor. He also knows how hard it is to live the good life on this planet, so the occasional anger is expected.

3ce4e2  No.33886


I.e. you don't need to kiss his ass, just do what he says and things will be ok. ;)

3ce4e2  No.33888

https: //twitter.com/twitter/statuses/951184189952413696

Mr. T flashes the '666' sign alot. He's telling them that.. he knows. :)

a920af  No.33889


Obama is a cock smoking faggot cunt. I'd kinda like to meet him and look into his eyes. Probably scare the shit out of his little punk ass.

7c7f65  No.33890

Can you migrate our threads or should we make new ones?

a920af  No.33891


Which threads?

7c7f65  No.33892


Break down in coms since Space X and Defcon debacle. cbts and storm have great threads. Someone wanted that stopped. Spidey sense says stay put for now. This breakdown is result of deliberate effort

187035  No.33893

Yeah, we just having fun now. Just getting warmed up. This should be fun.

9c579e  No.33895


Is this true? Proofs?

187035  No.33897

File: 79abe5ea5da3d1b⋯.jpg (40.99 KB, 712x713, 712:713, DTLIJnDW4AA19e2.jpg)

Mr. T is much more than just a stable genius. He's spiritually gifted from God himself. He's just tinkering around and laughing. So funny to watch, but I don't know how he does it. I could never be that close to the swamp with that many rats and turds floating around in there.

9c579e  No.33898


I did hear that there were certain people wanting to limit the number of people going to the qresearch. SO it's probably being run by ANOTHER "special knowledge" motherfucker playing controller of the destruction of control system without a hint of irony….

e33c0f  No.33900

File: ae8de67aa1241b6⋯.png (385.3 KB, 576x434, 288:217, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-01….png)

Stealing is bad, mmmmmmmk? Better to be poor than a thief.

187035  No.33902

File: 7bd144184721313⋯.png (371.87 KB, 477x475, 477:475, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-01….png)

These fuckin fags. Work tirelessly just so they can be 'better' than everyone else. Hate it when it doesn't work out.

187035  No.33903

File: 375cc02f1c3f13f⋯.png (339.52 KB, 580x397, 580:397, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-01….png)

How has it EVER been another countries problem that people in poorer areas like to have lots of children and then WE are supposed to take care of them, feed them, cloth them, give them first aid, pay for their jail time…

Not our problem. If you want to have kids, take care of them yourself. That's YOUR responsibility, not everyone else.

2d132d  No.33904

File: cb46b68c2eb5654⋯.png (530.04 KB, 582x536, 291:268, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-01….png)

God has a special love for humans that selflessly serve. Especially those that are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect good principles (and even bad ones, by extension unfortunately).

They have a particularly special spot in heaven, supposing they are God's warriors.

2d132d  No.33905

File: f16d8409e74ecf8⋯.png (453.37 KB, 587x440, 587:440, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-01….png)

Obama makes a doghouse library. How sweet.

2d132d  No.33906

File: d230b53b6d0faf8⋯.png (384.89 KB, 584x583, 584:583, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-01….png)

The man. The myth. The legend.

2d132d  No.33907

File: f95344a29ee57d2⋯.png (603.23 KB, 583x664, 583:664, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-01….png)

Why, Mr. Faggot? Because he's not friends with the same people you are?

2d132d  No.33910

File: 044cbe3053516ba⋯.png (423.64 KB, 582x442, 291:221, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-01….png)

Walls are good. They keep people safe. Vatican has a wall. China has a wall. Most of these rich fags have a wall. Why can't WE have a wall?

Oh wait.. I think I know.

187035  No.33915

File: 675c5eba5f92d65⋯.png (342.55 KB, 581x421, 581:421, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-01….png)

Good. Lean manufacturing is good. Kinda wish they were making solar panels as well, but… in time. We really need to get away from coal energy. Dirty.

187035  No.33918

File: 73efa5b69ec762c⋯.png (506.05 KB, 581x554, 581:554, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-01….png)

Alright! It's the 'muh feelz' group seeking to spread their ever changing and variable narrative to 'whatever the media says'.

Love it.

187035  No.33919

File: 4297a7449eddc22⋯.png (344.18 KB, 582x479, 582:479, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-01….png)

Go fuck yourself, McFag.

a920af  No.33921

File: 0d58347f34b1a14⋯.png (298.91 KB, 587x403, 587:403, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-01….png)

CNN is right. Mr. T's heart is the problem. It's too frigging massive and awesome. Not that they'd know anything about that. They're just peddling the bullshit of their masters.

a920af  No.33922

File: 7f574237ead2741⋯.png (20.9 KB, 587x127, 587:127, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-01….png)


4d3020  No.33923


More than likely it would scare the shit out of you! Pure evil has a way of doing that. That wasn't meant to be shitty - he's an evil MF'er

a920af  No.33924

File: 85d5e8022e927a5⋯.png (617.83 KB, 581x602, 83:86, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-01….png)

You got it, puppy dog. <3

a920af  No.33925


Oh.. he's not scary when he's not around his little faggot buddies.

2d132d  No.33927

File: 2269900a0a14c82⋯.png (348.8 KB, 586x483, 586:483, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-01….png)

I just love listening to that Polosi lady. It's like watching a lifetime scat farmer who's been practicing their craft their whole lives. Then there's the people who eat it.

2d132d  No.33929

File: 598888a769ec544⋯.png (345.48 KB, 586x503, 586:503, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-01….png)

You go Sarah! <3 :)

26bce1  No.33931

File: a06ed877c4f8e4d⋯.png (72.92 KB, 578x311, 578:311, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-01….png)

Don't do it Rex! Truth needs strong warriors. Especially in the overly swampy areas. Team effort. :)

3ce4e2  No.33932

File: 676c33841a1ac3a⋯.png (521.79 KB, 503x503, 1:1, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-01….png)

3ce4e2  No.33933

File: fe2f00930d09838⋯.png (389.51 KB, 503x269, 503:269, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-01….png)

Your traitorness is glowing, faggots.

3ce4e2  No.33934

File: 9e8972d1a77ca9f⋯.png (134.81 KB, 389x248, 389:248, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-01….png)

This "man" WILL be turned away at the gates, lest he does a 180 pronto and comes clean. And I doubt even then. Scales. He's outweighed the wrong side.

3ce4e2  No.33935

File: ac99dc648fc307b⋯.png (200.44 KB, 582x440, 291:220, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-01….png)

Oh. Yeah. Get your hip waders on. She's a gusher.

8477ef  No.33936


/pol/ is already the designated r/the_donald board, no need to create another one


6533f7  No.33938


Go away.

8477ef  No.33939


go back to sucking trump's jewish dick on reddit

6533f7  No.33945


He doesn't support it with out a wall cuck turd. It's called negotiation.

8477ef  No.33946


there's no point in a wall then you dumb faggot

6533f7  No.33947


I'm not going to argue with your dumb ass. Go away.

8477ef  No.33948


there is nothing to argue, trump failed you retard

15591c  No.33949

File: 7d3dfa6d392c802⋯.png (7.44 KB, 368x81, 368:81, Firefox_Screenshot_2018-01….png)

8477ef  No.33951


spread it around and let the good goyim know, trump is a kike

15591c  No.33952


I think I trust him more than some anonymous fag on an image board that doesn't know how to punctuate or capitalize.

We'll see.

8477ef  No.33954


You shouldn't trust someone who compromises on his promises and does more for Israel than America. He's a neocon and just another Bush.

a920af  No.33957


You don't appear to know the point of all this.


Not so much. But thank you for your opinion. Duly noted.

8477ef  No.33959

File: 6479cb1ecadcbc8⋯.jpg (596.84 KB, 1966x2048, 983:1024, 6479cb1ecadcbc8d46c742f70e….jpg)


>Not so much.

Yes, so much. DACA is proof that the Wall means nothing, just as his stance on the Iranian protests was as neocon as fucking McCain. He's another Bush.

26bce1  No.33971

Is there a way to lock threads to keep CIA faggots from shitting up the thread? Anyone know?

8477ef  No.33975


>CIA faggots

you mean people who don't kiss a neocon's ass? get your BO to ban me so you can remove all critical thought

2d132d  No.33977

I am moving to the Key Of David thread I created. All further posts will be in there. I don't mind critical thinking, but really don't need sliding shill CIA faggots. We know what they're agenda is. Thnx

8477ef  No.33978


>anybody who doesn't suck Trump's jewish dick is CIA

a920af  No.33991


My entire point of being on this planet is because of Mr. Trump you gigantic fuckstick faggot. Go fuck off back to wherever.

8477ef  No.33992


if that's the case then you should feel awful he betrayed you

5a99bb  No.34091

b6849a  No.34370


Well done, nice job exposing the glowing clown fags!!

cdf6ef  No.34372

Follow him, he will lead you to the correct way. Stay awake and stay alert.

b6849a  No.34375


Follow Jesus do not follow Q.

7af31d  No.34383

…half-way convinced that's the real Q

Who's afraid of Death? Certainly not Patriots!!


7af31d  No.34386

woops, wrong one.


8e72cc  No.34390


Talk to God. He owns the devil.

327c8a  No.34399




00fae6  No.34418

listen you autistic fucks, it does not matter that the boards are compromised,they allways were.

we just need to continue,Q can still post as a anon on a burner system from various locations and verify his posts with potus tweets.

Fuck the clowns ,they are powerless here.

stop letting them fuck with your autistic wet soggy brains ,Fuck you clowns you cannot control my brain ……

4a82ac  No.34454


original q seemed highly legit and even if he wasnt the discussion that came from it was highly valuable. But as of ~december 12th iirc all the various "no im the real q" shit completely derailed any further credibility. A real ;benevolent' intelligence operative would have seen that and walked away to start a new approach.

128abf  No.34456


The real Q is being targeted that’s the point.

17beae  No.34476

17beae  No.34483

nevermind its that guy

d40af5  No.35266

codemonkey needs to be tracked and taken care off

someone publish his Doxxx

there's people who hate clowns in every city on earth

d40af5  No.35267

when i die all clowns i know around here get their mins of fame too

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