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File: 267b74b94e6defb⋯.jpg (126.5 KB, 565x637, 565:637, 267b74b94e6defb949f9a479e5….jpg)

File: 3c62ff08342b10d⋯.jpg (58.52 KB, 539x441, 11:9, 3c62ff08342b10dae626cefd30….jpg)

File: cae340d31cb047b⋯.jpg (43.19 KB, 960x720, 4:3, cae340d31cb047bb367385aa76….jpg)

File: 4f1af67c539f36a⋯.jpg (29.58 KB, 471x348, 157:116, 03ac9b8f716ab8dd613cb85cd3….jpg)

67695f  No.10784

Are we watching a movie?

What makes a movie good?

The Script:

Americas Golden Son of arguably the most loved President found the dirt on who killed his father. He himself had a target on his head because of this and because he was a (good) Kennedy. He got word that the cabal was going to blow up his plane on that fateful flight to Marthas Vineyard, somehow faked his death (many theories, mostly conjecture, though spoopy and conflicting facts surround the crash), lived out a relatively normal life with his wife, they had kids and hopped around the world undetected in a sailboat, or in the many Kennedy owed villas across the Globe.

He and fellow white hats, Trump and MILInTEL, waited for the perfect time in this timeline (BEST) to help seed the GREAT AWAKENING and FINALLY put an end to the Cult of Death that has held a grip on our Beautiful planet for way too long.

Once the coast is clear, and the Overton window of our collective consciousness has shifted enough for us (the audience) to collectively understand the "Plan", Jr comes out from hiding officially and helps to unite our divided country. Trump haters minds blown when Jr says what a good man and literal savior of our country (and the world!) he is. Democrats love a Kennedy.

This thread is an attempt to show the many coincidences

and connections that lead me to KNOW this has to be a part of the plan. Many other diggers and anons are doing amazing work collecting all the little details and I will do my best to link to these researchers, but my plan is to drop the REALLY obvious crumbs to try and keep it simple.

Light On anons!


67695f  No.10785

File: f3d8bd281754202⋯.png (196.07 KB, 1412x716, 353:179, aab3f12f2a1ee1ef0257da9134….png)

I was on the breads that night.

It was fuQen MAGIC, the energy,

anons were freaking out.

Shills were attacking from all directions

Rfags were told to make a side board,

we did, 8 breads of connections

over the next month.

I was too much of a newb to know

to screen cap

and archive most of it…

but this thread is my attempt to recreate.

The bread was poppin that night in particular

because anons had been told by Q there

would be a Q + A….there wasn't, Q was mysteriously silent- there was however this magical post.

Q+A = 17+1 = 18= R

also noteworthy is the date this dropped


-23 now comes the p@in???

Post last edited at

67695f  No.10787

File: c37c6a3e2270f68⋯.png (354.34 KB, 640x400, 8:5, whoisFusca.png)

File: 1e0c829f36b48ac⋯.jpg (39.35 KB, 326x326, 1:1, 1e0c829f36b48acf4ed5e2799d….jpg)

File: bb06572a8d284be⋯.jpg (15.14 KB, 268x284, 67:71, 6e6f9544eea029bc4f4a3dd759….jpg)

At a Trump rally in march a spoopy looking character had the anons all abuzz, many thinking he may be Snowden in disguise. He held up a picture of a White Van…we revisited this character on the R sideboards and were gifted by what some of us thought to be a "helper anon" a high res photo …. (next post)

The White Van led us to a character called Vincent Fusca- interestingly enough the name meaning Conquer (Vincent) Darkness (Fusca).

He drives around in that van as a Trump Rally Groupie. We came to the conclusion that was a double, stand in character for Jr. (pics related)

There was a video that popped up (you'll have to dig) that has the double VF speaking (obviously not JR) but he says he was on his way to the Trump Rally and got all turned around at 18th St.

The Rally in MoonTownship Penn had a look alike Carolyn Bessete Kennedy - In my mind THE greatest proof, because you cannot deny the similarity in facial structure- her beautiful smile and nose is way too unique. Where as shills be shilly about Fusca because his face is more ubiquitous.

67695f  No.10788

File: 753e669f7f7a9f8⋯.jpg (365.59 KB, 896x582, 448:291, b74289ad6e807c222a0ebf45e7….jpg)

File: d3cfb227c1fe48b⋯.jpg (14.12 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 14aa35961acecdb21029a00d5b….jpg)


High Res photo that was dropped by a helper anon and shopped by an anon with old photos of Jr and Bessete.

Carolyn also had a body double at that rally, pic related. Though I believe it to be conjecture that this is the "normie Vincent's wife", this just the proof I had in my files….that there are obviously two different "Carolyns" wearing the same outfit.

67695f  No.10789

File: 14b7288bc72bf50⋯.jpg (1.97 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 1fda3978c960cada272129422b….jpg)

File: 0cc0737812c9cab⋯.png (250.34 KB, 424x588, 106:147, d8cc81ef1752e137fd34ddd519….png)

File: d8421969d5af7b3⋯.png (1.72 MB, 1084x1106, 542:553, d8421969d5af7b357182beb355….png)

File: c87529a81aa4f02⋯.png (334.58 KB, 512x520, 64:65, 90c788286565156939d786f3aa….png)

File: f3462c768e48098⋯.jpg (136.88 KB, 1080x724, 270:181, 4ab5d9c167818e5e587fb254d2….jpg)

One in Erie, Penn

How erie! kek :)

(cant recall the other photo)

also notice him standing with the RED LINE-

interdasting seeing as though thats been a

big Q post as of lately.

67695f  No.10790

File: 799b8de222bd789⋯.png (423.78 KB, 599x446, 599:446, 799b8de222bd78937658a51369….png)

File: 44037961f1a1104⋯.jpg (60.41 KB, 752x497, 752:497, 44037961f1a11041d2380a0164….jpg)

File: b4ece378d1b7c1e⋯.png (661.48 KB, 742x536, 371:268, 1ce1a96e54f50dded17d5fa3bd….png)


Who is this masked man??

67695f  No.10791

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Comparing a Young JFK Jr profile to Fusca's

67695f  No.10792

File: c6539726562e730⋯.jpg (12.92 KB, 255x207, 85:69, 287771050d10a8ed9e377041a0….jpg)

Were their children also at that rally in MoonTownship?


67695f  No.10793

File: 9b16cd73575e493⋯.png (6.65 KB, 456x185, 456:185, 9b16cd73575e493c7e62247524….png)

Would Q have said instead

Trump and JFK JR relationship

if indicating something from the past?

He was not POTUS in 1999.

67695f  No.10794

File: 232bd01a8ddddef⋯.png (41.3 KB, 445x220, 89:44, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at ….png)

File: ed23254a4f9176f⋯.png (148.73 KB, 445x537, 445:537, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at ….png)

File: 3b950315ff1d848⋯.png (39.19 KB, 442x220, 221:110, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at ….png)

File: 87205b9d5565a50⋯.png (48.14 KB, 444x222, 2:1, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at ….png)

When Q answered the Question

Whether R was real or Fake

it took the wind out of many anons sails

(not ALL though, many kept on diggin and

finding connections)

I argue that Q has said Fake when asked directly before and under the umbrella of Q (We R Q!!), Jr can obviously still be a part of the team and the "Plan".

67695f  No.10796

File: 122fa788a84a7be⋯.png (63.83 KB, 575x551, 575:551, 122fa788a84a7be157a7d95849….png)

File: f24b4f1af90a447⋯.jpg (9.78 KB, 255x133, 255:133, ab3b0514073de49ffd25e9782f….jpg)

From Q 128

Look there, or [here], or there, truth is behind you.

Exact words of Katie Curic in this Last Interview with JFK jr.


Where he says about running for office:

"Doing it at their own speed, their own way"

Curic jumps in and says

"and on your own TIMETABLE…sounds like you haven't given up the notion of going into politics…"

his smirk here is priceless….

(Best Timeline!!)

67695f  No.10797

File: 24c3b78d7d0fc77⋯.png (148.02 KB, 241x298, 241:298, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at ….png)

File: 1286d79ad273aed⋯.png (115.47 KB, 318x401, 318:401, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at ….png)

File: 1e40be7de1f3b49⋯.png (27.72 KB, 448x168, 8:3, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at ….png)

When does a bird sing,

a connection to Rose Kennedy's

famous Quote,

is in a total of 8 Qdrops,

I choose this one to screenshot for this post


Everything has meaning.


Think United.

United, as in America when JFK Jr sets the record straight?

If everything has meaning, interesting that the above video I linked has a little Rose in the bottom corner.

Post last edited at

67695f  No.10798


obviously the Storm,

has been referenced by POTUS

and Q.

Here is a link to the White Squall You tube video Q posted in #1621


@ :23-:25

“I don't want to be what I was when I left, anonymous”

Post last edited at

67695f  No.10799

File: 257f8b934a9a8e5⋯.png (60.9 KB, 442x279, 442:279, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at ….png)


screenshot of post

67695f  No.10800

File: 887b04cae339b1e⋯.png (277.03 KB, 592x463, 592:463, Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at ….png)

File: d1ce5bda5aab933⋯.jpg (11.96 KB, 197x255, 197:255, 2b34f7e7747313b8f84e76e7e5….jpg)

File: 742c2feefdcf018⋯.png (18.04 KB, 307x409, 307:409, 742c2feefdcf018f78225dd774….png)

All of a sudden now JFK JR is all over the grocery line mag rack….

This one (I just ordered it, Ill keep y'all posted) interestingly enough is Volume 18, though it is the one and only one of this particular publication,

has a spread that says….

"Gone to Soon"

WELL, GUESS WHAT is a synonym for soon!!!??! (pic related)

White Squall quote related?

>Everything has meaning.

Post last edited at

67695f  No.10801

File: 2372cd4ba3ad152⋯.png (52.09 KB, 441x382, 441:382, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at ….png)

File: 1054d5acfcf3472⋯.png (43.93 KB, 443x235, 443:235, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at ….png)

Why is WRWY

not spelled WAWY?

As the world turns was a dig about the lady producer or somebody connected somehow to NXVM and that Maggie little girlfriend of Obummer…

but as Double Meanings exist…

As The World Turns is also the Soap Opera that

was interrupted with the News Bulletin that JFK

was shot.


side note, after the news brief, there is a spoopy ass Nescafe advertisement with 60s hypnosis tactics and demon faces in the coffee…..hiding in plain sight back then as well.

Also, Castle has some anons postulating that it could be a double meaning for the WH now and to Camelot (the White House when JFK was Prez)

67695f  No.10802

File: 6a27f3f6e9378ad⋯.jpg (7.99 KB, 238x160, 119:80, th-1.jpg)

File: 97bdf1371a57e83⋯.png (59.8 KB, 817x312, 817:312, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at ….png)


oooooh ooooooh!

I forgot to mention that JFK JRs Secret Service Code name was "lark" - a type of SPARROW. (qposts related)


As is tradition, the security monikers all began with the same letter. "The code names given to the Kennedys all began with the letter 'L,'" Hill wrote. In reference to Camelot, President Kennedy was "Lancer," Jackie was "Lace," Caroline was "Lyric," and JFK Jr. was "Lark."

67695f  No.10803

File: c8a32aa561f1634⋯.jpg (68.02 KB, 976x1005, 976:1005, 9245dafa5c51ceaa2473d0a44f….jpg)

File: a85e24743951f4c⋯.png (253.82 KB, 1124x934, 562:467, a85e24743951f4c6d4c0aa9aee….png)

67695f  No.10804

File: 3a4bcd83cc66959⋯.png (180.7 KB, 1614x1164, 269:194, 3cae4d88ed4be1cf2175d8bf94….png)

File: 67aae20649fe121⋯.jpg (42.45 KB, 306x390, 51:65, article-2081123-0F510F7800….jpg)

"George was a veiled threat"

"The Next American Revolution"

(by George, I thinks we are here!!!)

67695f  No.10805

File: ae317cba4d7c74f⋯.jpg (197.72 KB, 1533x588, 73:28, ae317cba4d7c74ff4124c6ffb8….jpg)

good proof by anon as to why Jr was a marked man.

Post last edited at

67695f  No.10806

File: a18bf0ed4d74994⋯.jpg (6.05 KB, 188x154, 94:77, th.jpg)

File: 57b417cc2b86d13⋯.png (43.32 KB, 665x179, 665:179, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at ….png)

File: 757965041bd8f5c⋯.jpg (15.51 KB, 300x300, 1:1, th-4.jpg)

Dad's Fedora that Fusca rocks similarly is called

a Cavanaugh…..

(different spelling than the new SCOTUS,

but interedasting nonetheless)

67695f  No.10807

File: 8e385a98c028c3d⋯.png (263.35 KB, 623x346, 623:346, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at ….png)

Is it REALLY possible to fake ones own death?

Well, this Russian Reporter did it in June….


and what a coincidence, his shirt has a winding road that leads to the letter R…. Quite a Journey indeed ;)

>How many coincidences before it is mathematically impossible?

Doooont stop belieeeevin!!

Oh, the movie never ends

It goes on and on, and on, and on……

67695f  No.10808

File: 0ef6beb17ee727e⋯.png (495.58 KB, 984x736, 123:92, 0ef6beb17ee727e0b912f1a429….png)

File: 96edccfdb95c940⋯.png (373.56 KB, 1122x449, 1122:449, Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at ….png)

File: 04ed340bfaaf006⋯.jpg (146.33 KB, 1200x806, 600:403, 04ed340bfaaf0064894a21e79a….jpg)

File: dc4e9bf0639c5f4⋯.jpg (188.74 KB, 712x2048, 89:256, dc4e9bf0639c5f4342d423e375….jpg)

aaaaand then there is the matter of JFK Jrs first plane flying around in and out of Quantico Marine Base, where no civilian plane should….

Also the mysterious man in the fuzzy pic of the Marine Helicopter that no one has officially ID'd yet….it showed up on the breads right around the Erie, Penn Rally where Fusca was spotted again.

67695f  No.10809

File: b0bc54136e48fac⋯.png (54.95 KB, 453x291, 151:97, Screen Shot 2018-11-09 at ….png)

File: 55c27c9243092e3⋯.jpg (198.29 KB, 833x600, 833:600, carolyn_bessette_kennedy_1….jpg)

"Every dog has his Day"

Jr and Carolyn never left home without their Dog,


(Friday the Day, is named after Venus, the Goddess of LOVE :)

Jr never ever flew without him….(Skydog, LLC)

but HE DID LEAVE THE DOG on that fateful flight that crashed…we were digging about this very thing on the R side board right when Q dropped this post.

Post last edited at

67695f  No.10810

File: 969374eba80bcba⋯.png (185.33 KB, 871x361, 871:361, Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at ….png)


Skydogs LLC

67695f  No.10811

File: f5ad36b6d8353c9⋯.png (88.78 KB, 780x288, 65:24, Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at ….png)

File: 78dde02b37468d4⋯.png (84.53 KB, 1225x192, 1225:192, Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at ….png)

Some anons make connections

The numbers guys math is wrong on 18 years

being the amount of time that has passed since Jr plane went down, its been 20, but all the other numbers add up.

67695f  No.10812

File: 03656d11a862ecc⋯.jpg (118.41 KB, 878x1200, 439:600, fcb12ad1236cd69cba40a1894d….jpg)

Well TL frens, thats all Ive got for now…

Here is a link to a woman who was on

the R side boards with me since the OG post…


She has over 22 videos of the most detailed autistic coninkidinks linking Jr to the Q movement…. (some connections I am not totally on board with at this juncture) but definitely worth a watch if you've got the time! (I have only seen the first 6).

She is a super autist no doubt!

Please feel free to post any relevant digs or discussions in this thread, there are still a lot of connections to be made!

FWIW, I believe Fusca is JFKJr with a bit of a disguise, possible facial prosthetics or make up and most definitely a wig.

I have seen posts linking to a beanie wearing man at Trumps inauguration but I don't see it..

Obviously this is a subject that has been hit hard by shills and disinfo, even those that believe have been spamming the Qresearch boards hard. Its alot to take in and, imo, very closely related to your own intuition and knowing what is true or not so…. Trust Yourself and Happy Digging!


67695f  No.10813

File: 909d452cb14a972⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1692x1692, 1:1, 909d452cb14a972b901862bba5….png)

Ooh one more connect I remembered:

the end of the Q clock is 11/22

55 years to the date that JFK was killed

numbers anon in the above post nailed it, >>10811

but wanted to connect to the Qclock

2bb2ef  No.10822

File: 3c62ff08342b10d⋯.jpg (58.52 KB, 539x441, 11:9, 3c62ff08342b10dae626cefd30….jpg)


Did a little digging on this quote,

because a friend of mine sent me the

Kurt Cobain "Donald Trump would make a great Pres" quote which is fake and wanted to send him this one instead, but vetted it first and looks like its false (as far as I can dig)

If a better autist than me can find out how to find an archive of these mags, lmk!

Here is what JFK (allegedly) did say:

Berman said Kennedy flew a select group of advertisers to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. The 1996 gathering followed an industry conference in Florida.

Donald Trump attended the Mar-a-Lago gathering.

Talk soon turned to whether JFK Jr. could envision himself running for president. Trying to deflect the presidential speculation, Kennedy noted the Trump estate was far more glamorous than a Kennedy family compound a few miles away, the New York Post reported.

“I think you should be asking those questions of Donald,” Kennedy said, Berman recalled.



Post last edited at

2bb2ef  No.10823

article with the official details of the plane crash:


an "ear witness" heard an explosion that wasn't part of the official story


an opinion of another R hopeful


no autopsy photos, cremated, sea burial:


2bb2ef  No.10826

File: faf278d1d85d30e⋯.png (243.18 KB, 645x405, 43:27, Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at ….png)


maybe notable

or may be routine routing

but AF1 just flew over JFK jr planes crash site.

sometimes the coincidences spoop me out, but

what does it all mean,


sometimes so impatient to know how this movie ends!

fa2622  No.10827

File: 6d0a0d0e295a71c⋯.jpg (92.72 KB, 1242x916, 621:458, 5abdb033bf771bc932b05adfcf….jpg)


Exact Coordinates.

>How many coincidences????

fa2622  No.10828

File: 90ee7d2b131ecf5⋯.png (254.19 KB, 635x552, 635:552, Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at ….png)



NOT exact but the difference is


Lat 41.17

-Lat. 41.07





10+8= 18


Post last edited at

fa2622  No.10829


JFK JRs first plane=

Dedicated to his DAD


5/29 John Kennedys Birthday

also called (sauce related)

A6AB2F = 18




you can track flights here ^^^

fa2622  No.10830


The Cessna up for grabs is painted red, white and blue and registered N529JK – in honor of President Kennedy’s May 29 birthday.


2bb2ef  No.10840

File: 83461ca9df3d9c4⋯.png (288.19 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, 578fc9153b6422af534362f535….png)




trolling the deep state.

Gifting The former first lady and Pres with a FRAME inside a Tiffani Blue box


Is this an EPIC TROLL???

"In the end, the burial fight proved moot.

The bodies were cremated, the remains placed

in “Tiffany blue” cardboard boxes,

and a burial at sea was planned."


2bb2ef  No.10841

File: b135181aac6484f⋯.jpg (74.22 KB, 768x1152, 2:3, gettyimages-612582070-1533….jpg)

Just dropped this link on the Qbread

Shills be warned!

Imma gonna delete shitposts, nonsense and diversion.

Research, discussion and connects on the

R Q welcome.

Intersting Tattoo….

wonder what the symbolism means?

90f49b  No.10844


Did they intentionally misspell “too” in this magazine?

“Gone too soon” means he departed unexpectedly early.

“Gone to soon” means he went somewhere called “soon.” If anon is a synonym, then one could reasonably interpret this to mean “he joined the anons.”

Could be a clue…

2bb2ef  No.10847


Great catch anon!

I concur!


What comes after Q?


Red Sparrow.

eac3d8  No.10906


Dagger -> Z

(Death to Zionists)

18313d  No.10925


Thanks Anon,

I thought this may be the case as well.

It seems

the Protocols of the Elders of Zion

the Priory of Sion

and the Mengrovian (sp?) bloodLine are connected

throughout time…

If true,

This is an AMAZING plan!!!


18313d  No.10938


Robert Kennedy Tweeted this on July 16.

Jr plane went down on July 16, 1999.

I mean, come on!!! Who is this "random" guy in a funny guy fawkes mask Rainbow Waldo hat?? Why would Robert tweet a random masked man on the 20 year anniversary of Jrs "death".

>Think Twitter

18313d  No.10939


in regards to

>think Twitter

Who IS this guy?


I am on the fence if JR, the past twats

from years ago would indicate otherwise,

however this plan is full of

>moves and countermoves

soooooo I dunno

BUT a very good source of MAGA

and Q info posted and spread here.

9695c5  No.10951

File: d7469ea0ec2f50c⋯.jpg (512.42 KB, 857x1265, 857:1265, 67dc9ca3ce8eb00271b5c29385….jpg)

e7a963  No.10952

File: 13c43f8d8d2f755⋯.png (23.24 KB, 696x564, 58:47, 1984.png)

Think mirror:

"Intended, not error."

9695c5  No.10954

File: 7de4f235dfce123⋯.png (87.04 KB, 637x429, 49:33, Screen Shot 2018-11-18 at ….png)


thanks aand possibly:

not intended to leave out R, because R is a part.


this twat made a post last night and then

deleted it.

the only screen shot I could get this morn

was a repost of someones copy pasta,

but it is AWESOME,

possible hopium, but dayum

my hopes are UP.

Are we looking at a complete restructuring of our

Political system?

Was that Psychic right with DJT being the

last President?

What would we be looking at?

End of the FED, gold Standard,

abundance for all

all our taxes that have been stolen, returned.

Politically, it is hard to even imagine

how to make a system better….

YES we need votes and choice

but the 2 party fake choice needs to go.

People just run based on their merits and


e7a963  No.10957


I read it as in "drawing attention to" (lack of R).

Should have explained, my bad.

9695c5  No.10958


I can see that,

double meanings exist.

also maybe errors just exist?

I know Q team has made spelling errors before because of using mobile devices.

Its funny with these R decodes, it gets

Real detailed and ridiculous coming from

a skeptical perspective, but from mine,

Knowing, ALL the coincidences

are just too much for it not to be real

R decoders get super into the numbers and

little things that can look like "too much"

autism to non-believers.

Which is why I tried to keep this thread

simple with REAL obvious connections to Q

and coincidences that seem to lead to this as being THE crux of the "plan".

When the "there is only Q" post happened

there was a convo b/w some anons that I wish

I would have saved that said something like

"so there is only Q but R still may be a part of

the team?"

and a reply that said, "it was a test of some sort

to see or find the psychic anons"

I can completely attest to that and have had

personal experiences and coincidences that

I KNOW it has to be true.

People on the side boards were

saying similar things, like I have got the

gut feeling, the 6th sense, etc…..

c0f82f  No.10969

File: 6882bedbbc85e87⋯.png (41.27 KB, 632x123, 632:123, Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at ….png)

File: ca9fdfb33454625⋯.png (28.6 KB, 629x90, 629:90, Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at ….png)


looks like this VF 2024 twat is getting

attacked by the deep state twitter agents….

Interesting that this one I linked to above got deleted…

and its hash tagged Alliance

could be tied into the Majestic twitter cuz

if I 'member correctly that twat talks alliance.

Much info/disinfo!

MAN! what a WAR!

I cant wait to get the cliffs notes later,

hard to keep up.

Next post I'll link an interesting Q found while

re-reading crumbs.


kekeking at myself for "trying to keep this thread simple" …and now…. geez….

c0f82f  No.10970

File: 19dbdcc885d8287⋯.png (68.81 KB, 371x417, 371:417, Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at ….png)

This crumb seems to be about the heli crash

that happened at the Rothschilds estate last

year….however double meanings exist..

Could this also be a crumb that refers to how

Kennedy faked/avoided the plane crash in 1999?

Could be a stretch,

but this in particular caught my eye

>(re: highly classified mission) who was given the 'go' order by 'x' to execute (delivery – (3) for care_).

3 could be JR, Besette and her Sister

crumb from 11/21/17


They were apparently waiting on a

flight instructor that was late,

no one saw them get in the plane

(couldn't find sauce on above statement,

that was what I 'member from

some side board commentary.)

Here is some well sauced thoughts on

the spoopy nature of the crash that

I did find however.


Scroll down to section 5

to get to the Jr stuff.

3469f9  No.10982



Removal of the Flight Log from the duffel bag would require being on the scene before the plane was officially found, and there is evidence strongly suggesting that is precisely what happened. Lt. Colonel Richard Stanley of the Civil Air Patrol had initiated a search for the missing plane on dry land off Martha’s Vineyard by 7:30 a.m., and advised the news media that at that time – hours before the official focused search and discovery – he had seen Coast Guard helicopters circling the area; but the Coast Guard later advised that those were not their helicopters. Hankey concludes reasonably that these were the killers’ helicopters.

>Good Guy (pilot of helicopter)

3469f9  No.10984


>Hankey concludes reasonably that these were the killers’ helicopters.

A possible wrong conclusion as

my posting of this article is meant to

elucidate the spoopy crash details

and while it could have been a murder

conducted by the derp state, it could have just as easily been a plan intercepted by WH

to fake the 3 deaths

(all the while the derp state may have

believed they actually pulled it off)

05eb6f  No.11000

File: ec3992fe4ff04b8⋯.png (106.09 KB, 640x466, 320:233, Screen Shot 2018-11-27 at ….png)

>think Twitter

05eb6f  No.11008

File: c96a4825242d846⋯.png (59.26 KB, 638x318, 319:159, Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at ….png)

File: 4c01176073e529b⋯.jpg (95.56 KB, 1200x584, 150:73, Ds9zDvSU4AAn_x5.jpg)







05eb6f  No.11009

File: 2a4748761e130a4⋯.png (49.82 KB, 637x268, 637:268, Screen Shot 2018-11-26 at ….png)

File: a2eb083fea5671e⋯.jpg (24.46 KB, 310x418, 155:209, Ds-RG1JU8AIvSwP.jpg)

Merry Christmas!!!

3764ec  No.11035

File: 90ae28702a8aab2⋯.png (43.09 KB, 714x449, 714:449, Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at ….png)


making some Qonnections:

Kennedy Jr is the prince of Camelot, and

the magic sword?

Qpost #2064 and #2069

Excalibur is Arthur's magical sword - and it's from Excalibur that Arthur finds the power to finally defeat evil and assume his rightful position.

The story is not solid, as any legend of yore, but it is about the first King of Camelot and his Wizard fren Merlin, who placed a sword in a stone before he died,

where? near

Solsbury Hill

(sols) (sun)

Peter Gabriel lyrics of song of same name are pretty dang 'dasting:

Climbing up on Solsbury Hill

I could see the city light

Wind was blowing, time stood still

Eagle flew out of the night

He was something to observe

Came in close, I heard a voice

Standing, stretching every nerve

I had to listen had no choice

I did not believe the information

I just had to trust imagination

My heart going boom, boom, boom

Son, he said, grab your things I've come to take you home

To keep in silence I resigned

My friends would think I was a slut

Turning water into wine

Open doors would soon be shut

So I went from day to day

Though my life was in a rut

Till I thought of what I'd say

And which connection I should cut

I was feeling part of the scenery

I walked right out of the machinery

My heart going boom, boom, boom

Hey, he said, grab your things I've come to take you home

Take back home, grab your things

When illusion spin her net

I'm never where I want to be

And liberty she pirouette?

When I think that I am free

Watched by empty silhouettes

Close their eyes but still can see

No one taught them etiquette

I will show another me

Today I don't need a replacement

I'll tell them what the smile on my face meant

My heart was going boom, boom, boom

Hey, I said, keep my things I've come to take me home

Hey, I said, keep my things I've come to take you home

I've come to take you home

Hey, I said, I've come to take you home

Come to take you home

My heart was going boom, boom, boom

My heart was going boom, boom, boom

Hey, I said, you can keep my things and come to take me home

They've come to take me home

My heart is going boom, boom, boom

>The last BOOM will be magical

>the morning sun brings heat

(mourning) (son)

>What is a legend?

>When is a legend useful?





c577e6  No.11041

File: cdad061deabfde0⋯.jpg (62.85 KB, 508x466, 254:233, WCV8-M_Lg.jpg)

File: e608951931018cb⋯.png (777.37 KB, 592x595, 592:595, 0H7AJta.png)


I owe anon an apology!

I deleted a reply to this post mistakingly taking your language as shilly (BV status overstep!! Lame!!)

If by chance you monitor this thread, I hope you accept You are RIGHT!!!!


Z special Unit!!!



[ZSU] is a gaming community, focused on playing to have fun, working as a team and playing tactically towards what ever our goal may be.


K I am gonna dig on and see what I can find,

if by chance you do read…. what am I missing??….some red logo of a company out of Texas (?)…I cant remember the name.

c577e6  No.11048

File: 88f2a5d620b9dff⋯.png (5.44 KB, 1138x100, 569:50, 9224bebafc2520fa9b26ec5038….png)

File: 7844777f32a0b23⋯.jpg (65.49 KB, 938x294, 67:21, DtVobM-W0AIFQsc.jpg)


JRs 3rd bday fell on his dads funeral, so Jackie O postponed his birthday party till dec 5.

This December 5 is the funeral of Herbert Walker, JFKs killer, a day of Mourning.

Mo(u)rning S(o)n brings heat.

OOOOOh shit you guys. this is happening. I have no doubts. so many dang Qlues point to Jr.

c577e6  No.11049

File: 12793d98b290cea⋯.png (24.99 KB, 902x379, 902:379, 7a58edac2c4a9ef413b3cfaad2….png)

If he were to have kids JFK jr liked the name Flynn.

As in Gen. Flynn?

This plan has been in the works for how long????


c577e6  No.11059

File: bfe2f3bfd03261a⋯.png (24.33 KB, 395x234, 395:234, Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at ….png)

a1cb7a  No.11060

File: eaa95826066b763⋯.jpg (190.52 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, DtXoR36WoAAQ9TQ-1.jpg)


>Set the Stage -POTUS

>Do You believe????

72bb3f  No.11103

File: 262bebc7dea93f4⋯.png (34.21 KB, 592x129, 592:129, Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at ….png)

File: 611784d234a4a15⋯.png (57.7 KB, 440x208, 55:26, Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at ….png)

File: 9eee53de3e8064b⋯.png (26.03 KB, 444x85, 444:85, Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at ….png)

File: 80ef337e0191bfc⋯.png (92.14 KB, 445x528, 445:528, Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at ….png)

File: a2c1b65cea6bb9b⋯.png (30.94 KB, 440x172, 110:43, Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at ….png)

hmm….. Friday.


72bb3f  No.11104

File: 69209778af7b24c⋯.jpg (14.91 KB, 238x300, 119:150, th.jpg)

a1cb7a  No.11152

File: 0633e98cb0b4814⋯.jpg (177.46 KB, 1199x900, 1199:900, DtoCQBDVYAAdu7w.jpg)


time stamp


Jrs age plus "portal open"

with 17 sec unexplained WW wave on 11-11

(really don't know what it all means, just documenting for future proves past.)

a1cb7a  No.11153

File: baa2d30d7737b36⋯.jpg (103.56 KB, 750x769, 750:769, DtoTV18W0AAK-R2.jpg)

File: 6a883495b1cfe48⋯.jpg (135.17 KB, 750x755, 150:151, DtoTV16W0AAbarK.jpg)

Jr has a Q in his closet?

aaaaand its gonna expose all the skeletons in the dirty clowns closets.


4c7579  No.11156

File: f704a85f030aae7⋯.jpeg (151.67 KB, 811x898, 811:898, 9E41C2E9-CCCB-4997-88A0-E….jpeg)

I’m sure you’ve seen this already, but I hadn’t yet. Sr’s grave site is a Q.

c5d8f7  No.11215

File: 687c08c822413dc⋯.png (58.4 KB, 633x325, 633:325, Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at ….png)


pic related????


The "plan"!!!!

amazing, right?!?

c5d8f7  No.11228

File: 7d48263b9f2c06f⋯.jpg (16.02 KB, 470x163, 470:163, Dt1lGp8VsAAebyr.jpg)

File: 33c14dc3986cfa1⋯.jpg (117.38 KB, 596x570, 298:285, 33c14dc3986cfa110c3bd9480b….jpg)


Praise KEK!

Thank You God!





Post last edited at

208dcf  No.11300


I dunno frens

Q says no.

Q also says: disinfo is necessary.

IF this is the checkmate at the end of this chess game, why the heck would Q confirm this now. Right at the end when confusion needs to be most chaotic, when disinfo needs to be the most rampant, when no anon really knows what the heck is actually going on. (The “plan” in its totality)

Perfect time to corner the deep state queen.

And CF on the chopping block tomorow.

I’m still

A believeR

We shall see!

What a movie!!!!

6c1647  No.11304

File: 1b15da90418e87d⋯.png (109.04 KB, 648x533, 648:533, Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at ….png)


found this interesting, Twat from Flynn Jr yesterday morning

before the Q+A

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