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File: f551a7f3ab413eb⋯.jpg (192.37 KB, 500x501, 500:501, DF012-copy.jpg)

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9bb038  No.3065

What is the best way to take care of ourselves?

How does one meditate?

How important is the role of consciousness in understanding our bodies?

What to eat?

Are brain disorders like ADD and anxiety actually a quality for genius anons to use and to muse with?

>>2787 an anon opens the discussion

>>2973 brain "disorders" (Kek!)

>>2917 ADHD

>>2959 facing the fears that manifest in the body

>>3032 to (ve)gan or not to (ve)gan

0f2921  No.3136

My friends, my fellow truth seekers.

Have you heard about the Defense Mechanisms (of mind)?

>In psychoanalytic theory, defence mechanisms are psychological strategies brought into play by the unconscious mind to manipulate, deny, or distort reality in order to defend against feelings of anxiety and unacceptable impulses…

Take a look at a few examples of defense mechanisms https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Defence_mechanisms

Do you see that deep problems in our soul/subconscious sometimes provoked by adverse incidents in real life cause distortions in our mind and behavior

Do you see that fighting in your mind and conflicts in real life are not as important as addressing those 'demons' in your soul

Perceive this:

- Certain forces in your subconscious invoke pain/suffering.

- Defense mechanisms decrease the pain at the cost of distorting your perception of reality

- If you remove defense mechanism from your mind it will bring back the pain/suffering

- Feel the suffering in your body. Endure, endure, endure. Consume the suffering.

- It will weaken the 'demon' in your subconscious, its influence will diminish.

How to consume the suffering? Meditation.

I don't know how other people do it, for me there is no right way of meditation.

But the point is that subconsciousness influences your thoughts and actions though your body.

And when you direct your attention at your body it intercepts the influence of subconsciousness.

Try to direct your attention at various areas of your body and note sensations of your body

It makes me feel a lot of suffering but I have to go through it.

214117  No.3140

File: f3a93d8c335e9a7⋯.jpg (240.04 KB, 1597x1600, 1597:1600, 92fea03be2c2749fc0a3644c8b….jpg)

File: ebc6ed7a8e30b07⋯.jpg (56.49 KB, 352x400, 22:25, FourWorlds.jpg)

File: ff62e237e798510⋯.jpg (9.74 MB, 5504x3096, 16:9, DSC_0041.JPG)

So EYE have been experimenting with food and colors and the relationship between the color emotion wheel and the colors represented on the qabalah.

What I have found is that it correlates to all of the above. When I prepare a meal now I ask my Self what do I feel is lacking or what do I feel I want in the forefront of my mind so that I may connect it to my heart through the color of the vegetable.

For example I have been doing massive work with my 3rd EYE which is represented by the color purple in the Chakras and represents wisdom and intuition on the emotional color wheel. I look for a purple colored vegetable (beets). I then think I will need to draw from the source (white) while using my 3rd EYE represented by white on the qabalah so I pick garlic and onions. I then think I will need to be grounded in my using of my 3rd EYE so I pick ginger (brown) which represents the earth and the manifestation of the purpose behind the food I'm eating. I then create a soup and eat it and voila I have put my Self in the best chance of creating what I'm seeking and it works!

I hope this wasn't too confusing and I wish you all love when decide to try it.

I love you ALL!

Side note, diversity is key in diet and life I have found in my experience so I try to eat all the colors represented by vegetables every day.

5da017  No.3163

File: 85326c53712c31a⋯.jpg (29.4 KB, 269x269, 1:1, third_eye_chakra_elemental.jpg)

This is from my little treasure trove of things copied from the web - I don't know whose words they are but I find this a useful prayer/meditation.

"If I am emotionally vulnerable, Lord, if I am easy prey for those who would beguile or deceive me for their own selfish reasons, I earnestly pray for Your protection. Teach me how to prevent others from manipulating me by their smooth talk and apparent friendship. Help me perceive lies and falseness before a harmful situation develops. In all my involvements guide me, Lord, that I may learn to distinguish between what is fact and what is simply my own wishful thinking."

9bb038  No.3227

File: 61efe6b81739337⋯.jpg (9.18 KB, 182x160, 91:80, th-18.jpg)


the rainbow diet always works for me!

I wanna bring more crumbs to this here bread, I think I could have a lot to add as I have spent ALOT of time contemplating being inside this body and how to be more comfortable…

for now..bed time (rest is very important!)

I love you anons. thanks for this discussion, I think its very important to stay grounded and practical in our vessels as best as we can!

This is some HEADY knowledge we are bouncing off and around!

we can learn from each other and our experiences with healing and understanding.

ee8028  No.3251

I have found meditation to have a profound impact for me. I would love to hear more about other practices yall may have.

I started small as part of PTSD and GAD therapy. Mostly breathing exercises. Those led to mindfulness meditation on the app HeadSpace.

Mindfulness is rooted in the Vipassana tradition of meditation. Slowing your thoughts, breathing, follow your breath and center yourself. Its not about having a blank mind, but observing your mind. This is the basis of my practice.

I also use Metta (Love and Kindness) Meditation. This one I find a huge help….it feels sappy at first, but it has helped me grow immensely. Happy to share more if any would like on this.

The last I mention is and offshoot of Vipassana taght at the DharmaOcean.org by Reggie Ray. He takes concepts of mindfulness deeper into the body. There is massive poser in the body and subconsciousness. His work helps you start to listen and connect. He has free guided meditations…. the first I would point to is the 10 Points Practice. I use this one a lot to calm and slow down and center myself.

Dream on!

Thanks WW for putting this space out here for us!

ee8028  No.3252

File: 5fdfaec5ce7c51e⋯.jpg (73.97 KB, 500x518, 250:259, 111772.jpg)


Bleh….name stuff….cheers!

77cf5b  No.3267

What is Ego?

Ego is desire to get pleasure and satisfaction, Ego is desire to protect and boost your self esteem by behaving irrationally, selfishly, dishonestly, etc.

What happens when you cancel your Ego?

You do not get pleasures that you used to get, that come from arrogance, dominance, hurting others, 'destroying' others (even your enemies), self aggrandizement, showing off, getting praise, boasting, etc.

You do not protect your vulnerable self esteem by irrational and dishonest behavior.

What happens to you then?

You feel bad.

You open up your self esteem, your soul to attacks, to being hurt.

This is the noble path of life.

77cf5b  No.3270


I noticed that my motivation for posting was showing off and getting praise - service to self.

Recently I started changing it to service to others. But old habits don't go away immediately

Now I try to post thinking what would be helpful to others.

It gives me confidence, now I write important truths unapologetically, now I have no shame and fear of taking too much onto myself, because now my motivation is sharing my valuable experience and knowledge with others. My only concern is - I don't want to cause harm.

Share with us what you think will be valuable and important to us.

a9c15e  No.3273


Alan Watts states something along the lines of "You are All that you are. If you chase the ego around and around, you're missing the point. It is a part of You."

In a similar vein, initially, I just sought knowledge to seek it, and was in the process of just Awakening. I was determined to get to the bottom of things. Only there is no bottom. Pulling from fractal theory, every time we learn something, more will exist. It will "Matter" both literally and figuratively.

Realizing I may have been ruining things for others, I pulled away for a bit, and grounded my mind. I struggle with that as I want to believe in the fantastic and not the mundane. Mundane is where we have been for so long and it isn't getting results.

Grounding is important, however. I want to let the ego out, because ego is a part of me. I want to contribute, to get wisdom you must give wisdom, and I find I'm meeting many people in my community who are making a difference in my life, and I'm trying to do so in theirs.

I have been seeking balance. I see signs everywhere. I don't know that I actually *can* permanently let go and let God. If you are given free will, don't you use it?

If You believe in knowledge and it's desire to be free so others can make informed, rational decisions, why wouldn't you share it? It's up to them to see what they want. Yet ego will drag you down if you feed it too much.

I'm not sure where I'm going with this, as I'm not too focused like I was had been. It's annoying in a vague way. I only get little glimpses of things here and there and We dislike feeling useless.

We are watching a movie, but we prefer less passive activities. I don't know my limits unless I test them. And what teacher worth their salt won't let you test them to you fail in order to gain knowledge?

Free will allows for either.

One thing that helps me, and maybe it will help you, when things are rough, is to repeat in your head "This truly does not matter." or "Let Go And Let God." while breathing deeply.

5da017  No.3275


>I was determined to get to the bottom of things. Only there is no bottom. Pulling from fractal theory, every time we learn something, more will exist. It will "Matter" both literally and figuratively.

I am just learning this lesson now anon. I still think that the search is worthwhile though :)

Knowledge should always be free, to those who seek it. But those who do not desire it, should not have it forced on them.

Therein lies the discernment, I think. This is where Ego must serve YOU rather than YOU serving Ego.

Nothing wrong with getting praise and allowing it to make you feel good. Its just that if that is your primary motivation for sharing knowledge, you will not find the same level of satisfaction from it. I also think that when we share knowledge for self serving reasons, it makes us miss the wisdom part. Back to what Strange says about 'wisdom being stripped bare' if it is misused.

Free will allows you to test your limits. Failure is a learning opportunity if you remain open to the lesson.

You are incredibly useful.

77cf5b  No.3276


Deep thoughts. It will take time to properly digest all of it

I would like to share some thoughts.

>If you chase the ego around and around, you're missing the point. It is a part of You

Canceling (or rather taming) ego is important for me for one reason. Ego pushes me in the wrong direction, I want to be a true master of my life.

>I just sought knowledge to seek it, and was in the process of just Awakening. I was determined to get to the bottom of things. Only there is no bottom. Pulling from fractal theory, every time we learn something, more will exist.

You may not believe or accept, but I believe pain and suffering melts logical knowledge into intuitive knowledge, wisdom. By 'logical knowledge' I mean theories in the form of worlds. Intuitive knowledge is deep understanding of things.

Intuitive understanding is case-by-case, it knows nuance, exceptions, it has sense of scale, importance, necessity, applicability, it deals with actual understanding instead of words.

Your input is valuable, and it may be valuable in the ways you do not foresee. Think Butterfly effect

a9c15e  No.3281



Thank you both. Truly. I spend most of my days in a paralyzed tailspin online. Offline, I'm actively trying to make things better.

>>Canceling (or rather taming) ego is important for me for one reason.

>>Ego pushes me in the wrong direction, I want to be a true master of my life.

This sounds familiar. :) It is precisely where I am.

The bible quotes I grew up with are throwing me quite a bit at times.

"You can't serve two masters"

I believe it means you can't serve your ego and serve God. So if you master yourself, you serve God.

>>I believe pain and suffering melts logical knowledge into intuitive knowledge, wisdom

>>You may not believe or accept, but I believe pain and suffering melts logical knowledge into intuitive knowledge, >>wisdom. By 'logical knowledge' I mean theories in the form of worlds. Intuitive knowledge is deep understanding of >>things.

>>Intuitive understanding is case-by-case, it knows nuance, exceptions, it has sense of scale, importance, necessity, >>applicability, it deals with actual understanding instead of words.

Absolutely agreed.

>>Your input is valuable, and it may be valuable in the ways you do not foresee. Think Butterfly effect.

It amazes me how I've come almost in full circle from my initial stance. Only now an analytical framework with how to view things exists so improvement has occurred. I threw myself into it with no balance, but my heart and mind wanted to learn and to share as much as possible because I know it's the right thing to do. How others choose is on them. It's on me if I don't share. Even then, caution is necessary.

This is what I seek knowledge for. A firm foundation on which to rest belief. If it can help me, it can absolutely help others.

Again, thank you both. I don't function well without a sounding board.

a9c15e  No.3283

I'd like to offer my thoughts for others, here.

What it sseems to come down to for me, and YMMV, is "Only take what you need and give the rest back."

>>What is the best way to take care of ourselves?

Awareness. Seek a balance that works for you.

>>How does one meditate?

Specifically, music, silence, being out in nature.going for a walk, even. Currently listen to chillstep mixes with Alan Watts layered in while reading online.

>>How important is the role of consciousness in understanding our bodies?

Synergistic IMO. Consciousness can influence direction which in turn can help make the most informed decisions for our bodies health.

>>What to eat?

OOF. Hard one, really hard. Balance is necessary, but I really don't like that I'm harming animals by doing so. I don't know if it was the power of suggestion, but by clean eating I'm doing far better. Switching to vegan has been just wrecking me. I'm lethargic, muddled, etc. If you've tried Keto, you may know what I'm getting at. I went from one extreme to another.

Any time I ate processed meat, I felt grouchy and.. heavy… almost.

>>Are brain disorders like ADD and anxiety actually a quality for genius anons to use and to muse with?

ADD can be. Honestly, I think it was just something They came up with to drug boys. (Bruce Roseman out of Nyack, NY began it if I remember the Time magazine cover correctly)

Anxiety can be useful in identifying what it is that ails you. Dark implies Light, Light implies Dark.

"If you're going through hell, keep going." "The only way out is through."

77cf5b  No.3297

Trauma is a moment of extraordinary unbearable pressure, which pushes a person into 1) submission or 2) using defense mechanisms or 3) resisting or 4) maybe other things.

This pain and pressure remain in your psyche your whole life and your whole life you will use one of the above mentioned responses.

In order to get rid of it you need to reenter the moment of pressure in your imagination.

There is no need to remember what exactly happened in the past.

Simply imagine a traumatic experience. For example everybody is laughing at you.

Then endure all the pressure and pain.

Crucially important: do not submit, do not use defense mechanisms, do not fight, resists, look for excuses.

There shouldn't be any reaction in your mind. Clear your mind.

Simply feel the pain and suffering in your body.

Do not react, Endure.

It may make you want to make deep sighs, yawn or cry. Crying is OK. With tears pain leaves your body.

77cf5b  No.3298

Be merciful to yourself. Do bring in too much suffering in short period of time. Do it with measure.

I do not feel the difference compared to yesterday or the last week. But compared to half a year ago or a year ago I make noticeable progress.

I don't care what other people think, I don't notice many things that I used to be insecure about, I have a lot of patience and calamity, my health improved, my thoughts become more orderly, I feel more freedom in life, people are not as intimidating to me as they used to be.

(I probably will be too busy in the coming days)

77cf5b  No.3299


*Do NOT bring in too much suffering in short period of time.

954e6d  No.3324

File: 1617b3e0e15ad25⋯.jpg (281.08 KB, 780x480, 13:8, 111111.jpg)

So I'm trying a thing.

For the next few days I am going to meditate and fast, drinking only water and eating a couple cloves of raw garlic, raw honey, kimchi with mugwort, and sip of apple cider vinegar since I had it laying around.

The goal is to see if I can't get my pineal gland firing properly again, and give my flesh suit a little tune up in the meantime.

It's nobody's prescribed diet for.. anything, as far as I know. This, as in this set of ingredients is just what was impressed upon me as a thing I should try if I wanted to up my spiritual amps.

At first I was thinking crazy shit like 40, even a 100 days. Right now, after having eaten my first raw clove of garlic, ever, I'm thinking lets see if we can do 7 days. I feel that sulphur just working its way through my cells though. Ate on a empty stomach. Feels nice, actually.

For those of you concerned, my body is pretty well adjusted for a fast like this. I started preparing to do this a week ago.

Also, people eat sun with their eyes and nothing else for 100s of days without kicking the bucket. I'll be fine.

Thanks for your concern though, you guys are sweet.

Anyways, if anyone is interested, I'll give a daily update here for however long it lasts.

^this is what I would have probably wrote if I had actually sat down to explain myself on /truthlegion/ instead of sitting down to meditate.. and having my mind blown.

Wow that was crisp. I had never been able to "switch" the third eye on so easily and when I did just fall DEEEEEEEEP into where I was trying to go, just effortless.

Disclaimer: Today's meditation is brought to you in part by MMJ

Anyways, very satisfied with the results so far.. I wonder what 7 days would bring??

Stay tuned.

Post last edited at

2c344a  No.3331


Look forward to the updates!

But raw garlic….eeeeeekkkkkk

905055  No.3464

File: ddc9fdf86b56b50⋯.jpg (13.02 KB, 255x146, 255:146, 000000000000000.jpg)



My best friend…

I am curious to hear your results.

Here is my formulae for clearing pineal gland calcification;

Colloidal Gold,

Colloidal Silver,

Fulvic Ionic Minerals,

Oil of Oregano,

Turmeric Curcumin,

Omega 3-6-9 Tablets,

Omega 3-6-9 Oil,

Organic Hemp Oil,

Liquid Iodine 5%,

Potassium + Iodine Tablets,

Vitamin B12,

Vitamin D

Kelp Tablets

All in limited doses, once or twice a week at most.


b4b029  No.3467

File: 3cc5773dbb8de40⋯.jpg (11.36 KB, 288x161, 288:161, th-22.jpg)


Nice! GREAT list! Thanks Strange!!

cdf818  No.3494

File: 073dff3c486a3e7⋯.jpg (87.52 KB, 1918x402, 959:201, goujiansword.jpg)




Duly noted! This IS a great list, thank you, Strange.

A big part of the "scientific" reason that I chose to go with Garlic as the primary food was because of its high sulfur content. I believe that sulphur and sulphuric compounds, of which there are over 100 varieties naturally found in the various species of garlic, plays an important in our mental, spiritual, and physical transformation.

What does sulphur do, in a word?

Have you heard of the Sword of Goujian?

Crafted 2500 years ago (using technology nobody can explain or replicate hmmm..), and it is still fresh as the day it was made.

Sulfur (not to mention garlic) is everywhere in mythological and religious texts as well.

The smell of sulphur is believed to signal the presence of a demonic entity.. probably an old school psyops that stuck. I highly doubt it is demonic in any way. Bitter though. Definitely bitter..

Sulphur is also one of the key elements of Alchemy, relating to the ..spirit? was it mind? Not really fresh on my alchemy knowledge, forgive me, but remember, alchemy is the art of TRANSFORMATION.

In any case, sulphur is important stuff.

With regards to most other supplements:

They say that Americans have the most expensive, vitamin and mineral rich piss in the history of man, and it's probably more true than you realize.

With all the pills and powders and potions they shill us at the Walgreens these days, you would think that it was a miracle that humanity made it this far without their daily Vitamin C enema.

Vitamin C is magic by the way. Eat more. But get it from a fruit, not a pill. What you get from a pill is ascorbic acid, which is nice, but isn't vitamin C. Ascorbic acid didn't cure sailors of scurvy. Getting off topic.

Sulphur, by nature of its properties, helps the vitamins and minerals we already have plenty of (usually) get put to use by our cells. Something about passing through membranes..? Not really a science guy, we have (((bing))) for that.

So yes, the pineal gland is a big part of this, but I am trying to approach that specific goal using as holistic and simple of an approach as I can.

That being said, I have since added some coconut oil into my diet (good call) and I am looking into topical hemp oil products as well, particularly shampoo. Any suggestions?

Thank you again for your input.

This is my basic game plan: I am eating one large clove in a spoonful of raw organic honey twice a day. With the first clove (in the morning) I drink a sip of that nasty apple cider vinegar.. actually that is kind of a theme here, isnt it? Except perhaps the kimchi and the coconut oil, everything here is Bitter as FUCK.

I eat the kimchi with mugworth for light snacks (usually a single serving for the day) and drink hot green tea with coconut oil through out the day.

So, Day 2.

Garlic still taste like burning ass. However, I have to chew the clove thoroughly or there is kind of no point to this. (cooked garlic is even more useless, just fyi).

Recently I had been getting alot of signs.. or at least what I interpreted as signs. Lights are bright as hell. Weirdly bright. Lots of weird light things, actually. This sensitivity to light have exponentially intensified since yesterday.

With regards to meditation first I promise I am not exaggerating; you remember rare candy, from pokemon? Thats pretty much how it feels. It feels like cheating.. haha

I can drop into my deeper unconsciousness, within minutes. Even further, is effortless as well.

I don't attribute this new spiritual agility purely to the diet. The fasting has much to do with it as well, as my best previous experiences with meditation have all been during a period of fasting.

Fasting: Jesus did it, you can too.

Then again, this is a new level. The voices in my head are much easier to separate, and I am rarely, if ever, confused as to "is it just me talking to myself?" or rather, "is it just my conscious self talking to my conscious self?"

The difference is clear. Clarity is nice.

How do I feel physically?

I feel.. clean. Not tired, not super cloudy.. again I was fairly adjusted to fasting before I started so keep that in mind. I feel alert.

Not super hungry, especially for a few hours after some garlic. My mouth and stomach just kind of give me the finger and says NO MORE, IM DONE.

I drink lots of water, but not like Niagra falls, just enough to keep my comfortably hydrated.

I intend to spend most of my day meditating or studying for the duration of this fast, to give you an idea of my energy use.

ok, thats all for today.

Post last edited at

984e93  No.3689

File: 1617b3e0e15ad25⋯.jpg (281.08 KB, 780x480, 13:8, 111111.jpg)



Day 3

Stuck to the garlic until sundown.

Friday nights and Saturdays I rest, so

I broke my fast temporarily Friday evening with French onion soup, fresh hummus and pita. Also zucchini fries, later.


My progress with meditation has not been affected much, if at all.

I had the rare opportunity to mediate for an extended period outdoors yesterday,

before I broke my fast, so my mind was still loosey goosey.

Apart from that though..

Feeling “full” after not having felt “fullness” (aka eating to excess) in a few weeks hit me like a wall of bricks.

The zucchini might have been overkill.

Eh, well, not so full anymore,


my joints.. old injuries to my knee and lower back, pain that I had somewhat “gotten used to” I realized now that, I had hardly felt over the last few days.

That lively bounce to my step was no longer a thing.


I was planning on eating actual food today as well, but we will see.

I kinda want to see, how soon this dull pain goes away again, and if I can’t actually make it all disappear.

It’s not like I am falling apart suddenly because I ate some hummus, but like I said, I had forgotten that this dull blah pain was “normal” for a while.


It’s almost like a physical unresolved “shadow”, making a mess of things, but never making itself know.

Like an illusion.. whoa

Yeap. back on the garlic.

Keep you guys posted.


d31926  No.3846




Day 4

Mugwort is a trip.

I feel springy again.

I'll report slower now, but I plan to keep this up for a while. Hunger is highly overrated.

My day to day life feels like an extended meditation.

I can also basically "drop" into a deeper state, mid conversation, to focus on what the other is saying, and then respond while still in a meditative state (eyes still closed) and it's like, my mouth has never worked so smoove.

wanna keep going.

life is good.

fc92ae  No.3979

File: a05b9654490e7d6⋯.png (155.91 KB, 597x341, 597:341, scarecrow-6.png)





DAY 5.

Wow what a day, and I barely left the house.

As you may or may not know, I'm a fan of Jung. Apparently I suck at Jung though.

So I saw my shadow again today. Must have been .. it's been a while.

I had COMPLETELY forgotten about it.. and yet I was walking around talking like I knew what I was doing or something,

and meanwhile there are posts on this board where I literally berate and abuse my "shadow", making a public display of her, with a hint of pride to boot.

yes her.

Ok, so when I first came across my shadow, back when I first started delving into Junging philosophy, it appears to me looking like a scarecrow made of darkness, being hung as if on a cross but actually held up by a few ravens.

Only its bright yellow eyes were distinguishable from the shadow figure.

It was kind of scary.

I read my Jung. I knew what to do, approach carefully, don't let it trick you, be nice, be on guard.. which I translated to violently subdue and toss in a cage so that it could never hurt me.

Huzzah! I have defeated my Shadow. Now I get to talk shit to it while making it fuel my creative energy, or whatever.

I think in hte back of my mind I had always planned to go back to that cage and start a real conversation..but along that way, that all kind of fell to the wayside.. and I just got used to thinking "no yea, I keep my shadow locked in a cage in my closet, and its working pretty good so.."

So then today.

I forget at exactly which point.. it as quite a hectic day inside my head.

But at some point, and it was a pretty intense moment because I did not expect to see my shadow there, and furthermore how did you get out of your cage???

Which of course reminded me of how it got in the cage in the first place, only to be forgotten.. and at this moment my fear was traded in for extreme guilt and sorrow.

Instinctively, Instead of throwing up protection or attacking, I went and gave it the biggest hug ever drenched in love, and said I am sorry.. can you please forgive me..

IMMEDIATELY the "shadow" shattered and blew away in the breeze, and my "soul", my actual SOUL, shot out like a cannon ball, not mad or upset just so happy to finally be free and zoomed over to pelt me with kisses while making zigzags in the air just, happy.

The image is a person I know, and so that personal connection made me hurt for what I had done to my pour soul for so long…

We talked.

I feel horrible for what I have done to her, but she forgives me and loves me and is sweet and kind and lies and deceives and loves and hates with equal passion loves demanding and giving, generous and also petty, jealous but also supportive and is my famine side and I embrace her. She has already grown alot, and is now living in my heart chakra as the Sun in my desert with a emerald diamond necklace I gave her.

Also today, I accidentally suicided myself thinking I was a monster attacking my city floating in the sky.

Turns out the monster was me. Very "Empire strikes back", when Luke goes into the dark wet hole that Yoda is not cool with.

It's ok. I'm ok. Thanks for asking. everything worked out in the end.

Mugworth man.

I want to remind people that.. two weeks ago, I was limited to some flashes of light which sometimes formed shapes, and auditory hallucinations,

although I was aware and had experienced deeper levels earlier in life, specifically with Active Imagination,

but this, this is something else.

I said that I might slow down because I thought the meditation/imagination boost I was getting from this was starting to flatten out…


Did I mention in just the past few days I have subdivided my main earthly personality into 4 sub personalities, each a part of me but each also somehow their own, and anyways we built a castle in the sky and defended it from the invaders, and planted a huge sakura tree, its great you guys should see it.

Oh and these "sub" personalities have been growing too, leveling up and evolving like Pokemon.

Oh then, there is, so I built this big bell on the tallest mountain in my sky castle, and when I ring this bell 3 times, I am instantly switched over to my "celestial form", which is a ancient white dragon with a beautiful crane flying along side, just floating around through the universe doing whatever.

yea, lots has been happening in my head.. just didn't know where to start. I've been keeping a loose log so I don't forget, but when my shadow appeared like it did today, and what happened after, I felt the need to share.

You might say I'm just imagining it.

I would say, yes, you right. whats your point? does that make it any less real?

Is there such a thing as "too much" meditation? I swear I am stuck in the subconsious permanently now, or maybe my soul and spirit and mind are just more united now and this s how it feels.

feels.. calm, but intense. Creative but ordered. lots of X but Y kind of sentiments.

Yesterday it felt like there was a palm sized pressure, not uncomforable but definitely there, pushing down or maybe out? of my eyes ad nose and 3rd eye area all day, but today it seems to be lighter and more spread out. That pressure I mean.

Every time I close my eyes I start sinking so I have to catch myself. Not really complaining, because it doesn't negatively affect me e.g. painful, but just interesting to note. I kind of like it, to be honest.

My thoughts and words are definitely more organized than before as well.

A couple times, both times at early morning right before dawn, I was still up doing whatever on the computer when my eyes and brain started drooping on their own and it was all I could do to find a couch to lay on before I was back in my quiet place, which was more like a war zone at the moment but ah, anyways, i'll spare you the gory details.

Anyone have experiences that can relate??

Still on the garlic and mugworth.

Other than Friday night it has been 5 days now. I think I can push 20 but I will be eating meals on Friday night possibly Saturday, just because people usually insist on eating like its necessary or something. anyways, thats good for now.

OH last thing, if you are having trouble activating the pineal gland, try humming or singing even. Think gregorian chants.

try saying all the vowles AEIOU.. you kind of end up with that "ommmm" sound right?

get it at exactly the right pitch (by experimenting) and you will know it is the right pitch by how your third eye reacts to the vibrations. who needs bianural beats when you got your own vibrating subwoofer?

Again, try to "aim" the vibration to the third eye area between the eyebrows and keep it there during meditation, and it could help.

OK now im done.

Post last edited at

b18ff1  No.4008

File: 612d5ea67ca0a79⋯.jpg (44.25 KB, 500x591, 500:591, c01342_a3118c6355da4658a36….jpg)

You are so beautiful! Your words are so intimate to me. I feel like you are talking to my inner self, you know the self only EYE know and hear. I hear you on the eating thing I have had those thoughts too but dismissed them because you know people would think I'm crazy thinking I could live without eating, so I eat.

OH last thing, if you are having trouble activating the pineal gland, try humming or singing even. Think gregorian chants.

try saying all the vowles AEIOU.. you kind of end up with that "ommmm" sound right?

get it at exactly the right pitch (by experimenting) and you will know it is the right pitch by how your third eye reacts to the vibrations. who needs bianural beats when you got your own vibrating subwoofer?

Again, try to "aim" the vibration to the third eye area between the eyebrows and keep it there during meditation, and it could help.

OK now im done.

I have done this exact thing in the caves in the hot springs with my girlfriend. We hugged each other and tucked our necks into each others and we started making the ommmm sound and others till we were harmonic and it was and is the most powerful thing I have ever done with another person. I felt the vibration completely overwhelm all our senses and we were transported to another realm. You should try it some day it will change you forever, it was magical.

I love you brother and I care about you.

PS the picture is what I imagine my soul looks like when it opens up out of me. >>3979

da87b1  No.4011

File: f28953c972910d0⋯.jpg (57.93 KB, 731x960, 731:960, 10846027_10152901181043745….jpg)

File: 9917f5480860aa6⋯.jpg (91.24 KB, 700x495, 140:99, images.duckduckgo-6.jpg)




Wong! i love your voice, man.

I giggle errytime. :)

I remember at age 5 or 6 very clearly playing a game with myself (and my calico cat) where we had to go into these underground caverns and tunnels to find this mean witch and subdue her…. i did!

imagination is strong in the young ones when closer to our birth and source.

We could learn a lot from our child self!

I am loving your clarity and words on this garlic and mugwort diet dude!

When I have fasted before, or just done straight juice for days, I have had that same thought…. eating and digesting takes up soooooo much of our energy.

VIBRATIONAL healing!!!

thank you for bringing this up!!!!!


VOWELS!!!! TONES!! Consistant resonance (holding the note or tone for a long period) moves stuck energy. (especially when focused on the "stuck" place and seeing/feeling it move on/transmute)

Also just the very act of OWNING your OWN VOICE. IS SOOOO POWERFUL. We have been conditioned to believe that a voice needs to be "in tune" or "trained" in order to be beautiful:

its a psyop! YOUR OWN VOICE IS YOUR BEST HEALER. Think of all the songs from around the world and how many different expressions of notes there are and how they can be considered beautiful to one culture but weird to another.

Also consider how all music is made on a 432 HZ.

Is 440 HZ tuning a better expression of tone??

Why would "they" mix shit up like that?

(i am actually not really sure, my diggin' this morning is confusing me…pics related, any other anons want in on helping to solve this puzzle, have at it!) (antman i know you love digging in these tunnels, your choice, of course)

I do know , tho, that TONES create SHAPES!!

you can create the geometry of Self, through your own vocals!!

as you say, "our built in subwoofer" :)

whomp that shiiiit bro!


2691c6  No.4056

File: d3dd6848560be56⋯.jpg (172.28 KB, 359x481, 359:481, 1111111.jpg)


Naww thanks for saying that.

this may surprise you but I was something of a class clown in my youth. I have no use for such ridiculousness now but that lingering sentiment of conflating getting people to laugh with that feeling of acceptance we all foolishly desire so, all in all blah blah moving on.

Joking by the way: I live for ridiculousness. All I do is crack jokes and LARP. Too bad I realize it's not real.. wait.

first of all, Yes our child selves definitely knew what the hell was going on way.

Too bad we didn't realize it was all real..

(but now we do)

I wonder if kids today with Iphones handed to them in Utero will have the foresight to jot down some quick notes their walkie talkie of choice thinking, hey maybe one day I'll want to remember some of this?

Probably not, kids are pretty dum.

no lie though, watching some of those "kids react" videos on the tube is more illuminating that you would have ever expected.

Lil munchkins say the damnedest things lol. Nothing earth shattering, so don't go digging for no reason, but good to know if one is ever in the mood for something.. Light.

re: voices and vibrations, my mother was the choir pianist when I was a wee lad so I was hanging around the choir practices alot.. and later joined the choir myself, a well as acapella quartets, things like that.

my first times connecting those "buzzy, electric".. I called them "brain squirts", so, take that as you will, for what it's worth. But yea, my first time realizing that, my brain squirts happened ALOT during music, especially choir and church music, is how I came to realize that those brain squirts come from God or his angels, or one is vibrating on the celestial level, I don't know, I didn't have the right vocabulary to put these thoughts in order, but if nothing else, through music and the vibrations created by HARMONY, especially through human voices, we can "feel" the presence of God. It was something I was struggling at the time, trying to "hear" or "feel" God, yekno.

Only to find out, I had been "feeling" him trying to call the whole time, just didn't realize it was his number.

I keep a acapella CD in my car and like to sing loud and proud with windows firmly rolled up, and whats nice about singing along to a song with, you know, bass tenor alto soprano, all the individal parts to the harmony. I know as a woman you will probably never know the joy and, just raw primordial rush one gets when holding down the bass line in harmony with choir of voices.. and thats a shame lol.

Tenor range singers like Bruno Mars are all the rage these days, and for good reason. That boy is DAMN talented.. but I feel that people discount how nice a low baritone or bass can FEEL, whether singing or listening.

Plus, its basically like having 4 different ways to sing along, and of course (if youre singing in the car racing down the freeway), nobody is going to stop you from "switching lanes" jumping from voice to voice willy nilly.

tl;dr Wong like choral music because harmonizing.

2691c6  No.4062

File: 1617b3e0e15ad25⋯.jpg (281.08 KB, 780x480, 13:8, 111111.jpg)


that does sound intense..

I would be willing to bet it was probably similar to the experience of being a single voice, standing among fellows as part of a much greater ONE (choir, that is), all singing in perfect harmony…

no doubt your experience was on a much deeper level. I bet what happened after was more fun than a church potluck too ;)

I can totally relate to the picture, in a couple distinct ways; first, that feeling of detaching, cell by cell when you first start to disengage, really does feel like "wings" spreading out, doesnt it? its not like "pop! pop", more like, unfurling a leg thats been asleep. or a butterfly breaking out of its cocoon, slowly but surely, everything in due time.

Then of course, are the actual wings…

I'm going to admit this one time and one time only, and on this obscure side of the board because I'm here already, because I need to put it out once in the world before I put it to rest:

I am super uncomfortable with the word love, for cultural reasons.

It's not a big deal, so lets not make it one.

I tried, at first, to I guess imitate what I assumed to be the culture here, that is of spreading love and joy in words, like you were getting paid.

It was quite beautiful actually, to be quite honest, and I hope this board never changes.

I do hope one day I will change as well..

but since my first week or so here, I decided I'm just going to do me, without being rude about it.

To me, the fact that we are here together, when we could be doing anything else with infinite choice of possibility around you, and yet we all choose to be here, to me, that is love.

But again, that is also me seeing the world through my mothers culture, so please don't ever feel like I would ask anyone to change.

every culture has its good and bad, the one my mother put in me is very ..stoic, especially when it comes to saying the words "I Love You".

Watching a Kpop Idol group might have you thinking differently,.. but I assure you that, that is not necessarily an honest image of that particular society (more like, some kind of grotesque psyops, as far as I am concerned.. Kpop that is).

Korean and Japanese culture (and I assume China and other traditionally Confucian/sino-centric societies as well, but I dont speak their languages so couldn't say for sure) have some really really complicated systems for addressing "the other", depending on age and role in society (teachers, for example), and it's all basically in order to avoid calling the other by their first name, if at all possible. this typically doesn't apply as much to youth peer groups (unless of course, they are not in the same grade, in which the older "sempai" is God, and you are just waiting for next year when you get to play big dick in the zoo for a minute) or within a family, but outside of that, it is borderline rude to just blurt out someones name.

The only worse thing you could do is call that person "You".

So saying "YOU and the donkey YOU rode in on.." is actually quite tricky to translate, without sounding like a turd.

There are not enough anally case-specific pronouns in the English Language to really explain this well, so I will just stop trying here, because I have officially forgot why I started talking about all this.


So yea, Love.

I wish I wasn't this way, but it is what it is.

But believe me when I say, it is nothing short of INSPIRING, coming from my point of view, to see such openly lovely people, without a hint of sarcasm or, I don't know, status quo? implied in that giving of Love, you guys just SAY it, and it is!


Truly inspiring and I try. I've tried and it felt awkward, and I felt bad for feeling awkward, so I keep trying, in my own time.

So, Antman, this has basically been a really really ass backwards and up the colon round about way to say:


Post last edited at

e88455  No.4067

File: 3585938c5fc70e5⋯.jpg (8.97 KB, 300x161, 300:161, th-21.jpg)



This One's got it:

all the Best Friends should watch this! this little girl is breaking it DOWN!!

@2:06 !!!!

>brain squirts!

love it


the oil of anointment?

>I know as a woman you will probably never know the joy and, just raw primordial rush one gets when holding down the bass line in harmony with choir of voices.

lol! you'd be surprised… I can go pretty deep more comfortable mid range tho…

harmony is indeed a BEAUTIFUL feeling!!!

i love singing in groups, and in the car, and whenever…but to bounce one voice off another off another off antother….is

yup one of the best feeling and ways to connect with the source that I know.


e88455  No.4068

File: 26f527832b0ebf2⋯.jpg (113.94 KB, 907x1395, 907:1395, wonderwoman28b.jpg)


>It was quite beautiful actually, to be quite honest, and I hope this board never changes.

>I do hope one day I will change as well..

>but since my first week or so here, I decided I'm just going to do me, without being rude about it.

>To me, the fact that we are here together, when we could be doing anything else with infinite choice of possibility around you, and yet we all choose to be here, to me, that is love.


intention is a vibration, a feeling felt, words are just semantics when your hEARt is turned on

and yours good sir, is in deed.

and same with antman!

I love you voice here wong, it balances out equations like whoa.

love and light and blah blah have no doubt been corrupted and coopted by empty ass hippies that seek to bypass shadow work and just live in the ignorance of bliss, go to festivals and spin around and kiss the abyss with too many hits of dmt and acid trips…

with out the grounded application of some real world reality (even if we know how unreal the real is) WE still need to explain it in words that can reach all kinds of minds… if we was just blissing out on here like Antman does (also piles of research and encouragement- thank you!!!) we'd loose folks… Antman that being said I LOVE what you are doing!!! We established a zone of free will and acceptance here on this board and in that way all our voices are welcomed and fold in to our truth fabric (cozy!)

I too have had a journey with saying and understanding love, and in the same way, I have gone on a journey with the word god.

You doing you is the BEST thing you can do!!! thank you!!

9b2d78  No.4076

Ya it's time I tune down the bliss and love. Voice is to big now must stop, turning people off I could feel it.


5a51c5  No.4082

File: 6f682c0bb21d728⋯.jpg (221.26 KB, 570x794, 285:397, Valkyrie.jpg)


Don't tune it down too much Antman :)

You bring wonderful things to this board!

Much love to you.

5a51c5  No.4085


This is cool - free service, and hey, why not keep it in your phone to try in case of a burn?

87811e  No.4099



i was planning to go quiet until tomorrow but when I saw this I got some type of ..premonition..

Thank you for this. Saved, above and below. I suggest anyone that sees this message to do so as well.

just incase.

what could it hurt.

what could it cost to ignore.

this isnt some elborate metaphor btw.

btw ANTMAN bro youre good!

don't ever change really, and by the same coin don't ever, you know, act like something that you're not,

and I don't really know what I mean by typing that out but suppose it has some meaning to you SO i leave it at that

and I'll be seeing u bud.

take it easy

and WW.. christ almighty I think you just described me better than I have ever described myself. Truly a blessing, you are.

87811e  No.4100

File: 1617b3e0e15ad25⋯.jpg (281.08 KB, 780x480, 13:8, 111111.jpg)

oh and WW, I suppose I should have mentioned that there is no doubt some sacred feminine something about pretty much EVERYTHING that a MAN will never for the life of him be able to be able to even BEGIN to comprehend, Kaitlyn Jenner I love and respect as a human that fool was born with a dick there are some things you cannot just surgery away. Natural law is vicious and all around pretty shitty but it is the law that we must all abide by, within the scope of FREE WILL, at least while we are hostages in (((the matrix)))

Caitlin Jenner will never know the joy of singing in a sky shattering soprano. And don't get me started on giving birth. Wouldn't know, to start as I have unfortunately never been in possession of a uterus OR a vagina which is kind of like an authentic fleshlight, Caitlyn Jenner is a fleshlight.

There is so much beauty, so much evidence of the creators divine, unknowable, and hauntingly beautiful thumbprint in ….hell EVERYTHING, i mean,

and male/female polarity has to be at least be top 10 no? Hell I'd be confident betting on top 3 but gambling is an addiction and I have learned my lesson.

I have no doubt that you can do a pretty good lower register ;)

but there is probably no chance I will ever be able to come close to singing with the feminine energy and ..vice versa.

let us CELEBRATE our polarities, not constantly attempt to outdo eachother a their own game!

what kind of fuckery would make a man/woman go and think becoming a man/woman is a good idea.

Even mathematically, just looks ..off, no?

I love and respect all Trannies and whatever you call yourself. I love one I love ALL. Some of you though should see a therapist or read some Jung or something, is all I'm saying.

(not you guys HERE on the board!! I mean, just talking out into the world in general I guess.. if you took this as some kind of hate speech please let me know, and I will edit myself, with respect.)

e88455  No.4116

File: 6d44cdc05b63cff⋯.jpg (182.16 KB, 764x1153, 764:1153, images.duckduckgo-9.jpg)




Antman!! do YOU bro….whatever that best feels like for you in every single moment… I love your LOVE and LIGHT!!!! It FEELS very real and very far from the empty words of so called hotub hippies (i say it cuz I am one! ha!- cuz duh, hot springs!!) It reminds me of when I first discovered this knowledge and its awesome and nostalgic to see you express this. Merkabahs, and astral travel and ALL of this!!!! ITs AMAZING!!! AND I WANT EVERYBODY TO KNOW. I tried, trust me, I tried to "convert" everyone I knew, my poor parents…I told them never to get on a train conducted by lizards cuz they were going to underground bunkers to enslave them… HAHAH!!! (hopefully that possibility has been rolled up into fractal time and is not on this line……) luckily they still love me and didn't throw me in a straightjacket padded cell….

It is indeed an art to KNOW all of this and to still function in the matrix. I believe that is, at least in part, why we have found this here echo chamber….

I have few things to say about this discussion:

One, Wong, weird! just talking about this with some friends last night over dinner and k jenner came up, coincidence?

so yeah, coincidence, dreams, visions, signs just for YOU…

so two, I see the way Wong is sharing and Antman is sharing and to me, they are two side of the same enlightened coin…

Its like me trying to read my dream journal to peeps… most people arent into it, or cant see how something so OBVIOUS to me, (like the shark with a corkskrew fin circling our almost complete circle of humans in the ocean could represent (((them))) and that we were waiting for a couple more to be fully empowered– whatever that means) (or like the alligators deploying canoes and the war ships in the oceans means we are at WAR, Im trying to explain it to people but most people dont know it)

they are just ramblings to most, but to me…. its a whole big story that ties into everything I have ever known, the present moment, and everything I dont know yet…..

that being said, wong, wha? loving your latenight intuitive stroll through the streets of your mental but wha? LOL!!!! spastic bro, but I feel ya!!!!! syncronisity is the marker of our paths.

It is SOO beautiful isnt it??? that WE are all ONE, but each ONE has our own individual experience that really only makes sense to US individually… fractals y'all!!

also could be why the mountain is lonely at the top….

chop wood carry water!

That being said:

THIS is a SAFE space for us to work out our "language of enlightenment"

Say on ANONs!!!

Along with all the digging, researching, understanding, bouncing, reverberating, oscilating….I like to think of this board as this judgment free journal entry that you get feedback on! I mean its a dream come true for me personally, seriously I love you youall.

On that note, and saying words freely as a means of werkin it out… shout out to our newset super hero VAlkyrie and her articulation, research and overall badassery! Seeing your voice blossom is awesome!!

All of yous! Keep going!

Bout to get shitty I think,

Lights on, water ready.

there shall be plenty of fertelizer..

Spring is coming.

"Podrán cortar todas las flores, pero no podrán detener la primavera"

— Pablo Neruda

"You can cut all the flowers, but you cant stop the spring."

b19b6a  No.4197

File: 612d5ea67ca0a79⋯.jpg (44.25 KB, 500x591, 500:591, c01342_a3118c6355da4658a36….jpg)






Thank you for reaching out and I am very lucky to have you all care. I let fear, negativity and depression get the better of me. I am back and ready to give and receive love again.

Almost done the move to the farm and can't wait to grow spiritually, mentally and physically with you all!

a9177b  No.4232

File: 3cc5773dbb8de40⋯.jpg (11.36 KB, 288x161, 288:161, th-22.jpg)




I was feeling that! I hope my words didn't hurt you!!

I LOVE what you bring here!! WE need this LOVE AND LIGHT!!! It is so fucked up how twisted things have become that words now have different meanings than the original intention… and that the word and meaning of LOVE is confused so much that we can be scared of it.

This is exactly why the purity of your light is a welcome energy on this board. (as well as Wongs sarcasm and wit!) BOTH are needed to balance the equation. So many minds can garner what they need for our friendships and conversations here. It is truly an organic happening and that is beautiful. It is a direct acknowledgment to the human ability to get along, to harmonize, to find a communion with all kinds of angles presented.

Because I have had many evolutions or enlightenments of thought in my own life already, i find that Now, in my own mind I have the ability to "tune in" with many different frequencies and angles of thought and then "think" them out to a logical conclusion…. I was "tuning" in with a old self to converse with Wong about the coopted nature of the concepts or words 'Love and light'….. to realate. I can (or attempt to) relate to ALL angles of thought, but semantics and timing can create division – If that makes any sense…

The empty hippies comment was from an old angle of my life…. Judgments are funny like that … It is really only just a momentary blip in time…. the spinning hippie has infinite moments to make choices, the judgment I make in that moment can be replaced by infinite other ways of looking at it, as I have the ability in every moment to make a choice, to make a new thought about that, about whatever.

Also, I have been known to spin around at a festie or two in my day… so really that is a hypocrytical judgment on my part. ALL really are ALL. WE are in this together!!

I love you Antman!!

5cd0c9  No.4235

Imagine you changed your beliefs and the way of life dramatically.

In such a way that you let down people whom you respect, they are disappointed in you, people despise you, nobody wants to talk with you, they will not support you anymore, they think you are trash, you lose all your friends

What would you feel?

Would the pain be too much for you?

Imagine changing beliefs to the opposite

If the pain from repercussions would be too much, can you be sure that you hold your beliefs because you truly independently believe them to be true

Or do you hold those beliefs because you cannot afford to change them?

Our mind is a place where our thoughts, feelings, temperament and sensations are all connected.

If you like a person you will tend to agree with him, if you don't like him you will tend to disagree with him.

Shame puts pressure on your thoughts and opinions

Hatred or praise are like magnets that influence your thoughts and change their direction.

People have potential to be very smart

Engineering doesn't involve feelings, numbers and math don't have feelings, that's why we are very smart around those things

But when feelings and social pressure are involved we can't get our thoughts straight

Because everything is connected in our mind


Change in your opinions leads to negative social response

It makes you feel pain and suffering, which is too much for you, you can't handle it

Because it would be too much for you, you keep your opinions unchanged

Basically, feelings control your thoughts

5cd0c9  No.4240

Let's talk about temperament

Movies and music influence your temperament, they make you overly positive, enthusiastic

Temperament influences your thoughts and personality

Thoughts, your personality traits, feelings, temperament and other things are connected

Some people think "be positive", they try to be happy all the time, they listen to such music and watch movies, get likes at internet social networks

It changes their temperament, they become overly positive

You know what's the problem with that?

Fun and too much enforced positivity are enemies of sincerity, being genuine, real. They are enemies of simply being yourself, simply opening your heart and releasing love which is there.

Often you need to be serious to show your true love and other feelings/attitudes

Being overly positive is a form of running away from dark scary things in your soul, running away from uncertainty, important emotional problems

When this excessive positivity becomes your personal trait and it is embedded in your temperament it will skew your thinking, behavior and personality, it will make it hard to be sincere, fun will overshadow love

a9177b  No.4244

File: a2a4429db636b53⋯.jpg (21.14 KB, 351x156, 9:4, th-25.jpg)


Nebula thank you for your words on this:

This is what I was trying to relay about the "love and light" hippies that wont look at their shadow and inevitably can be consumed by it…showing up in passive aggressive ways, or claiming they KNOW LOVE AND LIGHT better than someone else may (the same us vs them trick of the cabal).

LOVE is ALL and is expressed in infinite ways.

Positivity is an Addition. Addition can manifest in all kinds of attitudes or angles on the spectrum. It is indeed intent. Realness is important.

I have met many that are overly fun (i do love fun myself :) but then lack the capacity to deal with the inevitable "come down" or depression that follows an exponential leap in awareness. Its like they are surprised by it…. That up and down reality is very TAXING!

Thats why I find the mahayana or middle path in buddhism is a good guide (semantics of Religions get sticky, so carve your own understanding….)

Don Juan of the Carlos Casteneda series talks about "sobriety" (all while injesting some psycoactive plants, mind you)

What does that mean, to be sober (even if one is on substances.) ?

To be in the NOW? All WAYS? No MATTER what? or who? or when? or why?

HOW does one do that?

(hint: thats up to you :)

5cd0c9  No.4245

We feel good when new connections are being made in our mind

We feel bad when they are being destroyed

When you are in relationships you feel good, associations/connections are created in your mind.

When you break up the old connections and associations are being erased and you feel bad, sometimes for a long time

Don't you think that sometimes our mind needs cleaning up?

If we keep building more and more there will be a mess, which is there.

If you have wrong thoughts, negative feelings, bad temperament, overcoming all of this will require going through pain.

Life is not only fun and happiness. Suffering and pain are unavoidable parts of our life.

Sometimes for new trees to grow old ones need to burn

Sometimes for new understanding to emerge old ones need to be destroyed

a9177b  No.4246

File: 346404d5fc83477⋯.png (129.18 KB, 363x258, 121:86, Screen-Shot-2013-06-04-at-….png)

File: 85bdfa158d0683e⋯.png (18.26 KB, 466x568, 233:284, Yin_Yang_Middle_Path.png)

File: 1c2cd4da990fc21⋯.jpg (13.52 KB, 240x253, 240:253, th-14.jpg)



oops forgot to add these

a9177b  No.4247


I just noticed that the middle path of the yin yang sigil is a

SINE WAVE!!! Interesting!!

5cd0c9  No.4248


I imagine that people put shields around their hearts so as to avoid being hurt.

But it also takes away the potential of experiencing the best things in life. Trust, understanding, love, intimate emotional connection.

The shields are Defense mechanisms that I mentioned earlier and other things

Delusions, excessive positivity, not taking things seriously, intellectualisation, repressions and many other things

If you remove the shields you make your heart vulnerable to being stung and experiencing pain

And then you have no choice but to endure the pain. Get used to it. Then you will not care about it anymore.

When you open up your heart you open up the flow of information, feelings and experiences.

You are more 'in the moment', 'in the real time'. You have better connections to people.

You are spontaneous, sincere, your own real self.

You experience things differently.


Some things that I read here look silly, some look unbelievable (still an interesting place).

I don't know the specific teachings and the author that you mentioned.

But Buddhism sometimes rings true to me.

a9177b  No.4249

File: ebd616b46f8b494⋯.jpg (42.58 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 803e86052f46b83569a8942c97….jpg)


>Some things that I read here look silly, some look unbelievable (still an interesting place).

sounds like an description of LIFE! heh!


>When you open up your heart you open up the flow of information, feelings and experiences.

>You are more 'in the moment', 'in the real time'. >You have better connections to people.

>You are spontaneous, sincere, your own real self.

>You experience things differently.

is Beautiful.

Oh, these books written by Carlos Casteneda are mind blowing (more unbelievable stuff) helped me a lot in my personal path of understanding.

if you so choose, you should seek them out.

Belief is a choice.

“[Luke:] I can’t believe it. [Yoda:] That is why you fail.”

895f94  No.4339

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

16 hours until the Weekly Ascension Meditation if you guys wanna participate.

More info at 2012portal.blogspot.com and prepareforchange.net/participate/weekly-ascension-meditation/

fc92ae  No.4350

File: 19e074b56a08a20⋯.jpeg (11.97 KB, 294x172, 147:86, wormwood.jpeg)


it happens.. don't sweat it.

>she spread her loving all over and when she come home theres non left for me (sublime -summertime)

why bother throwing love around if you can't spare some for yourself?

Day .. ? (week 2)

I was entertaining a house guest for the past 3 days so I was unable to be very active, out of respect for my guest.

Make sure you all make time to keep up with friends and loves ones.

There is much to be said of the value of solitude, but no man (or woman) is an island, and having a giggle or two with your stupid friends can more therapeutic than weeks of frenzied digging.

with everything in its proper proportion, when God is in it's proper place, ALL is good in the world

>so Be it.

"house guest" meant my diet became more flexible (I never said I intended to stop participating in the human race), and so it was.

Body seemed to handle changing lanes to regular food better this time.

On the other hand, during a hike, I picked some wild Mugworth with my companion and brewed it into a tea, which I had never done before.

Also picked some wild sage to burn.

What is mugworth?

>Mugwort was considered the 'universal herb for protection and prophecy' throughout the ancient world. Dedicated to Artemis and Diana, Mugwort was used for pain and healing, psychic powers and lucid dreaming. In ancient China and Japan, Mugwort was hung in open doorways to exorcise the spirits of disease. The ancient Europeans did the same to ward off evil spirits. These two separated cultures also believed that the supernatural powers of Mugwort were revealed by mermaids who came from the sea to present the herb for the good of humankind.


Whatever man, all I know is that days that I take mugworth I see crazy shit and then dream like a baby when I sleep.

oh yea it's also called wormwood sometimes.

e88fcf  No.4365

File: b2088708b357a22⋯.jpg (13.05 KB, 309x174, 103:58, th-12.jpg)

File: 464f7283550536d⋯.jpg (13.27 KB, 227x300, 227:300, th-13.jpg)


I love this. thanks for the reminder, the more the merrier!

Science has proven it to be true. Group meditation helps heal ALL.



Cool! I have mugwort hanging right by my bedroom door and didn't know that this has been a world wide tradition.

also, mermaids!!!


Also wormwood, hmmm. thats been discussed here before….

“The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water—the name of the star is Wormwood. A third of the waters turned bitter, and many people died from the waters that had become bitter.” This is the third of the “trumpet judgments” described in Revelation


Also a show on netflix:

In 1953, Army scientist Frank Olson takes a fatal plunge from a hotel window. In 1975, a bombshell report ties his death to a top-secret experiment.

anybody seen it?

how does this all tie in?

does it?

Happy Christ was a zombie of LOVE day!

If i wrote the book:

and it was known that he had risen, and the disciples said unto him, "say what?" and Jesus was like:

"come on guys, Death aint no thang" and all who had ears to hear, knew this and knew each and every soul is eternal, and that the body that houses the soul is made of atoms vibrating the pure potentiality of energy

and they knew that this, with hEARt,

MIND over MATTER is sol! And so it is.

ps. why ARE we eating the body and drinking the blood of Jesus every Sunday? (in gross juice and waifer form, but a metaphor non the less)

Canabalism disguised?

fe3f09  No.4450

File: fdfa920414a301a⋯.jpg (12.03 KB, 255x110, 51:22, 6af302e9a69de3be9a5522b217….jpg)

fe3f09  No.4458

File: 28cc3f8dadba095⋯.png (227.29 KB, 717x636, 239:212, 6568c228a91aab77fa5fa9ede0….png)

File: bd575c68fe2caa4⋯.jpg (33.28 KB, 550x335, 110:67, bd575c68fe2caa4ad1443acf30….jpg)


pulled from Qresearch.

Thanks Anons!

a9c15e  No.4482


Great find. I use the YT videos by redgreen productions, meditative mind, etc. while scanning and they help me for sure.

7e7c8f  No.4686

File: 73f0a44e66ce7df⋯.jpg (10.75 KB, 262x153, 262:153, th-25.jpg)

The Next Phase of Existence; Energy Healing, The Mind, Body and Universe


We can activate our latent capacity for our ancient and natural biological higher functions of consciousness and awareness which allows us to operate differently in terms of information and experience, communication and the inhibitions of a life where the current perceptual boundaries of illusion and limitations are much easier traversed and mitigated thru our knowledge and our proper use of tools like tech, our food, or the environment, our respect and harmonization with our environment and animals because we are not treating these elements of of existence properly in respect and in balance and as a result they are pretty much destroying us or we are destroying them…."

so TIME to WAKE up.

"If we treat the mind as a scalar system that exists with the body that one activates thru focus and intention and thru this one can guide the energies of their body thru their mind and promote healing and balance of energies in respect in correspondence with the bigger picture or the higher functioning of the mental emotions and physical contrast of existence….

the organ system, immune system, the fluids, the blood, the conductivity, the electro magnetism…"

Know thyself.

a9c15e  No.4726

File: e83abaeb3bb50c4⋯.jpg (338.71 KB, 900x1367, 900:1367, aquathor.jpg)

File: 4f113eff1a4dc46⋯.png (64.62 KB, 707x749, 101:107, bluedreamtestinfo.PNG)

File: 81aeac0e03e870f⋯.png (98.21 KB, 252x159, 84:53, MMJ.PNG)



I've been pondering the ability of MMJ to help. I constantly seek an optimal balance of CBD and THC and it's difficult to find based on shifting needs during the day.

Jordan Sather did a video on it last week, and it tripped a circuit. So I've been thinking.

The main breads had some discussion earlier this week about Beta blockers and their relation to the types of Brainwaves.

CBD is not just for humans, and THC helps as well in humans, though I don't know about animals. I'd imagine it gets confusing. It stops seizures.

http:// www.theeventchronicle.com/media/informational/not-just-humans-watch-cbd-oil-stop-dogs-seizure-minute/

There are distinct brainwave patterns:

https:// mentalhealthdaily.com/2014/04/15/5-types-of-brain-waves-frequencies-gamma-beta-alpha-theta-delta/

>5 Brain Waves: Frequencies To Understand

Before I get into specifics, it is important to realize that when I refer to a certain brain wave, I am implying that a particular brain wave is “dominant.” Throughout the day in your waking state, your EEG will display all 5 types of brain waves at the same time. However, one particular brain wave will be dominant depending on the state of consciousness that you are in.

>For example, if you are awake, but have really bad ADHD, you may have more slow wave (alpha and/or theta) activity than beta waves. During sleep usually there are combinations of the slower frequencies, but even gamma has been found to be involved in rapid-eye movement (REM). Below is a brief description of each brainwave state, but a more in-depth understanding can be derived from the book “Getting Started with Neurofeedback.”

>Gamma Waves

These are involved in higher processing tasks as well as cognitive functioning. Gamma waves are important for learning, memory and information processing. It is thought that the 40 Hz gamma wave is important for the binding of our senses in regards to perception and are involved in learning new material. It has been found that individuals who are mentally challenged and have learning disabilities tend to have lower gamma activity than average.

Frequency range: 40 Hz to 100 Hz (Highest)

Too much: Anxiety, high arousal, stress

Too little: ADHD, depression, learning disabilities

Optimal: Binding senses, cognition, information processing, learning, perception, REM sleep

Increase gamma waves: Meditation

>Beta Waves

These are known as high frequency low amplitude brain waves that are commonly observed while we are awake. They are involved in conscious thought, logical thinking, and tend to have a stimulating affect. Having the right amount of beta waves allows us to focus and complete school or work-based tasks easily. Having too much beta may lead to us experiencing excessive stress and/or anxiety. The higher beta frequencies are associated with high levels of arousal. When you drink caffeine or have another stimulant, your beta activity will naturally increase. Think of these as being very fast brain waves that most people exhibit throughout the day in order to complete conscious tasks such as: critical thinking, writing, reading, and socialization.

Frequency range: 12 Hz to 40 Hz (High)

Too much: Adrenaline, anxiety, high arousal, inability to relax, stress

Too little: ADHD, daydreaming, depression, poor cognition

Optimal: Conscious focus, memory, problem solving

Increase beta waves: Coffee, energy drinks, various stimulants

a9c15e  No.4727

File: e83abaeb3bb50c4⋯.jpg (338.71 KB, 900x1367, 900:1367, aquathor.jpg)

File: 4f113eff1a4dc46⋯.png (64.62 KB, 707x749, 101:107, bluedreamtestinfo.PNG)

File: 81aeac0e03e870f⋯.png (98.21 KB, 252x159, 84:53, MMJ.PNG)


>Alpha Waves

This frequency range bridges the gap between our conscious thinking and subconscious mind. In other words, alpha is the frequency range between beta and theta. It helps us calm down when necessary and promotes feelings of deep relaxation. If we become stressed, a phenomenon called “alpha blocking” may occur which involves excessive beta activity and very little alpha. Essentially the beta waves “block” out the production of alpha because we become too aroused.

Frequency range: 8 Hz to 12 Hz (Moderate)

Too much: Daydreaming, inability to focus, too relaxed

Too little: Anxiety, high stress, insomnia, OCD

Optimal: Relaxation

Increase alpha waves: Alcohol, marijuana, relaxants, some antidepressants

>Theta Waves

This particular frequency range is involved in daydreaming and sleep. Theta waves are connected to us experiencing and feeling deep and raw emotions. Too much theta activity may make people prone to bouts of depression and may make them “highly suggestible” based on the fact that they are in a deeply relaxed, semi-hypnotic state. Theta has its benefits of helping improve our intuition, creativity, and makes us feel more natural. It is also involved in restorative sleep. As long as theta isn’t produced in excess during our waking hours, it is a very helpful brain wave range.

Frequency range: 4 Hz to 8 Hz (Slow)

Too much: ADHD, depression, hyperactivity, impulsivity, inattentiveness

Too little: Anxiety, poor emotional awareness, stress

Optimal: Creativity, emotional connection, intuition, relaxation

Increase theta waves: Depressants

>Delta Waves

These are the slowest recorded brain waves in human beings. They are found most often in infants as well as young children. As we age, we tend to produce less delta even during deep sleep. They are associated with the deepest levels of relaxation and restorative, healing sleep. They have also been found to be involved in unconscious bodily functions such as regulating heart beat and digestion. Adequate production of delta waves helps us feel completely rejuvenated after we wake up from a good night’s sleep. If there is abnormal delta activity, an individual may experience learning disabilities or have difficulties maintaining conscious awareness (such as in cases of brain injuries).

Frequency range: 0 Hz to 4 Hz (Slowest)

Too much: Brain injuries, learning problems, inability to think, severe ADHD

Too little: Inability to rejuvenate body, inability to revitalize the brain, poor sleep

Optimal: Immune system, natural healing, restorative / deep sleep

Increase delta waves: Depressants, sleep"

Now, check out what CBD does and match the letters to the brainwaves with the same letter.


CBD is "Calm Body Down" (By effecting those associated waves)

THC is Theta waves. So "Theta Higher Consciousness" (By affecting those waves)

Even better, are the whole plants effect -. There are other compounds like CBG, and CBN. Which is why there are different effects per strain!



There's even something called CBDA and THCA now.

I hope this adds to some 1's.

a9c15e  No.5371

File: c0fc70c5c2c90c0⋯.jpg (213.48 KB, 894x894, 1:1, 88888888888.jpg)


Dr. strange jogged a thot with this statement:


>I think you may be answering all of your own questions on a global / cosmic stage in real time via fractal time. Based on a >consciousness shift in your perception.

Something I wanted to mention that might help others.

At one point I used to think/pray/hope/dream before going to bed,

that "That was cool. I'd really like to understand this (Insert variable here) next." Or "I wonder what this was like?"

(Because anything I have thought "I wonder what this was like" often enough has come true in it's own fashion.)

"Wouldn't it be something" doesn't seem to have the same impact. Like it's possible, but not probable.

And it more or less came true on the /truthlegion/ board, or my unconscious just started pushing me towards things. And those things had connections. Your internet/bookstore/library is awesome for this sort of stuff.

(For instance. "What IS this Antarctica stuff shaped like a brain stuff anyway?" Pass by a book my eyes flick to, and it's about climate change and Antarctica, with the picture on the cover of the overhead that looks like the brain map. Publisher?

ONYX-ORYX–BLACK. So disinformation.

I Pray this helps others.

a9c15e  No.5520

File: c0fc70c5c2c90c0⋯.jpg (213.48 KB, 894x894, 1:1, 88888888888.jpg)



And just a word of warning: There was a warning in the main bread about the "Obama" labeled marijuana on the street. I believe this is the type I ran in to a week or so ago. My intuition told me something was off about it and I ignored it due to financial concerns.

I had a very public breakdown on the board. I could see timelines/cause and effect. It was very disconcerting.

I was given options. If this happens to you, CHOOSE LOVE and TRUTH.

87bed0  No.5599

Found this water today. So simple it's brilliant.

https:// m.youtube.com/watch?v=wuNP67t4Ywc

a9c15e  No.5600

File: d53f082652bc719⋯.jpg (300.82 KB, 1024x1448, 128:181, thormore.jpg)



It is. That was wonderful.

Check it out friends and neighbors.

e47994  No.5738



this man is adorable! thanks logan! I love how he muscle tests that woman to decide what to say or not…. that looks like me with my dowser! lol!!

We are witness to our own divinity.

1748d1  No.5837

File: 5eb1ebabe3c2619⋯.jpg (10.77 KB, 200x300, 2:3, th-46.jpg)

File: 01f305e42012f32⋯.jpg (11.7 KB, 199x300, 199:300, th-45.jpg)


Logan! thank you for this drop so many weeks ago! I am rereading all of our genius crumbs….. we are awesome.

Joe D is the best! I love how tuned in a autistic he looks when he is droppin knowledge!!


this conversation between him and Lynn M is so beautiful (you gotta just deal with the communication fukups, they are obviously DIRECTLY over the target!!)


1748d1  No.5838

File: 0cf169389c3b87b⋯.jpg (9.24 KB, 325x183, 325:183, th-47.jpg)

1748d1  No.5891

66c85e  No.6849

File: 9358d80d3e881a3⋯.jpg (3.65 KB, 255x255, 1:1, a596c14aefdb99c20efbce9a1c….jpg)

File: 8fd80a3d354a996⋯.jpg (22.08 KB, 255x191, 255:191, 14b27714d8a1ba76b108d8b3a4….jpg)

File: 1b57af3da75e90c⋯.jpg (15.31 KB, 255x168, 85:56, d7eaed7f72a0e3cae0622cddf9….jpg)


Food for thought.

The Light.

Purest form of natural light available, the sun.

How do you get the light in you?

Sit on a beach and tan no sunscreen and no sunglasses or glasses. Biggest organ in your body is your skin treat it right. The sun is your friend. Too much sun you will burn. Cover up when you first see red. Your eyes need sunlight to help them heal and see better.

We grazed and roamed the earth for eons without anything covering our skin or eyes.

Light is collected by green plants and transmutes it to food for humans. Yes plants are following the hermetic principles. Look to a garden for PERFECT examples of every principle. Touching the earth is necessary for growing. You can eat the light. It is healthy. You will feel better. You will feel healthy. You will feel clarity. You will take on ALL the attributes of LIGHT. You will be full. You will not over eat. You will feel vibrant/vibrations. You will hear frequencies with ease. You will sleep better. These are just a few of the neat things happening to me now since I have started eating plants only.

I was a big meat eater. This took over a year to do. I started small. First I said no more processed meat. When I felt like I mastered that I said no more ground meat and so on so forth. You will feel on sacrificial holidays/times ex Beltane the want to eat meat. Do your research to make sure you eat the proper plants (organic) to maintain diet and balance in your transformation and body. This is not easy but it is a way to measure SELF MASTERY.

Refined Sugar is next for my SELF to master.

Once you have learned SELF MASTERY you can apply it to mental mastery and so on and so forth.

The free will choice is always yours to make you will feel when the time is right to start. Trust your SELF.

Every ONE'S path is different this was a part of mine.

The benefits far outweigh any reasons not to do this.

You will be able to LISTEN after Self mastery.

Look to mother earth for guidance that is why she exists. She is perfect.

BE A green ONE.

Keep being and doing.

66c85e  No.6850


Antmans methods on how/why he became vegan

66c85e  No.6859

File: 8859496c37190e9⋯.jpg (9.68 KB, 239x168, 239:168, th-52.jpg)

File: c5b37dee4e8debc⋯.jpg (78.92 KB, 1517x1213, 1517:1213, akin-to-tantric-best-the-s….jpg)

File: d01270a53d7aa7e⋯.jpg (10.31 KB, 239x168, 239:168, th-51.jpg)


one of my most favorite ways to "get weird"

When I am on point in my routine I wake up every morning with the kundalini chants (a great way to center yourself in your voice and heart)

and the "Ego Eradicator"


This woman is one of my favorite teachers:


66c85e  No.6861

File: 7451b40337efc9a⋯.jpg (152.67 KB, 600x900, 2:3, oil-pulling1.jpg)

File: 0c571dd343f1961⋯.jpg (104.28 KB, 520x491, 520:491, 8838252_f520.jpg)

File: 059fe5385868446⋯.jpg (9.72 KB, 274x154, 137:77, th-53.jpg)

Its just the best.

66c85e  No.6863

long enough=

longer than 10 minutes shorter than 20

the salt wash after is important to get the rest of the toxins out

when i do it regularly my teeth are super white and feel smoother

66c85e  No.6890


I will repost my updated pineal gland calcification removal formula.

This is essential to the remote viewing relationship, along with unlocking our innate "mutant" abilities comprised by our genetic tampering.

In about 4-5 ounces of water (not so much you can't relatively shoot it) mix;

1 Dropper Oil of Oregeno

1-2 Droppers 5% Iodine

1-2 Droppers Fulvic Ionic Minerals

1-2 Droppers Colloidal Gold

2-3 Droppers Colloidal Silver

1 Tsp Apple Cider Vinegar

1-2 Tsp Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Oil

1 Potassium Iodine Tablet

1 Kelp Tablet

1 Turmeric Curcumin Tablet

1 Vitamin B12 Tablet

1 Vitamin D Tablet

2 Omega 3-6-9 Tablets (otherwise 1/2 Tsp of natural oil)

This regimen 1-2 times a week, after supper and before bed.

Best to take your time with decalcifying your pineal gland. By only doing this 1-2 times a week it will allow your body to naturally cleanse the toxins more efficiently over time vs trying to take this formula every day or two, which would also be a waste of money. It's a process, and cannot happen overnight. Not to mention, many things hidden in our food / water / products are constantly trying to undo the work this mixture is correcting. The initial cleanse is important, than to keep yourself clean as ongoing "brain maintenance".

Best to take on an empty stomach a couple hours prior to sleep to fully absorb it all. In a few months this formula will begin to make you… notice more things around you.

The power of our minds is constantly under assault by toxins and poisons, in order to connect to source it's best to go through a cleansing process to open the third eye.

You'd be surprised how effective this mixture can be. Garlic and Ginger (fresh and / or tablet form) would also be an excellent addition.

Alchemy is a long lost art.

Finding the right balance of chemistry in your mind can connect you to the Ascended Masters far quicker than lasers ever could.

Light on Anons!

825ea3  No.6899


. . . ^^^^^

69 post with 69.

Balance indeed WW.

c2ef81  No.6917

File: 353f5649cd0e311⋯.png (931.65 KB, 848x1529, 848:1529, Wong_(Earth-616).png)


I am skeptical of MOST MMJ to be honest. Some people I know are disillusioned growers.. and I say disillusioned because they say "if you knew the kind of shit they pump into the stuff most people are buying and smoking from these "legal" clinics these days.."

If you wanna smoke weed grow it on your own or buy it from your neighborhood friendly pusher .. lol probably safer is my point.

weed in an itself is of course, a wonderful tool to KNOW yourself, among other well documented uses :)

c2ef81  No.6920


Oh I suppose I should also mention: when I do have the occasion to pick me up a lil sumn sumn, I have been told to stay away from the "budget" strains, and even if it costs more, stick with the "top shelf", for reasons which should be obvious.. budget food, budget weed, did you think that it was cheap because THEY wanted to give the poor folk a helping hand?

bc8b91  No.9344

File: e1c4238c7f6332e⋯.png (579.48 KB, 1269x784, 1269:784, emotion-spiral.png)

File: e3e0ff9b8d9ba99⋯.gif (62.74 KB, 903x460, 903:460, mapofconsciousness.gif)

File: 7249484cd8b6651⋯.png (291.56 KB, 941x943, 941:943, chakrasfinal.png)

File: 3adfc28adc4c221⋯.jpg (113.16 KB, 703x692, 703:692, IMG_20180701_105142.jpg)

4aeabe  No.11172


Landing spot for the Meat/Vegan discussion that kicked up.

3b8bb3  No.11174


Much appreciated, another great thread to discover!

3b8bb3  No.11179


When I typed my previous reply, there was a 5.5 earthquake. Today is December 5th. All I saw last night in my dreams were the numbers 1 + 4. Every time I broach this subject the resistance I encounter is literally seismic. This cannot be ignored.

>your mind that determines whether or not what you eat is "bad" or "good" spirituality and is a decision that is personal to each to make.

The body and brain are biological, physical systems. Personal beliefs are not relevant factors in determining the health of the organism.

>What you eat does not make you "good" or "bad" as they are just varying in different degrees on the same pole, like hot and cold it varies from perception to perception. One person's cold will be different than another's by various degrees.

Bad analogy. Temperatures are fixed regardless of personal perception. Diet can be 'good' if it allows for the attainment of health and spirituality or 'bad' if it is an inhibiting factor.

>What I do know is this topic of what to eat spiritually will create division on this board. Think of it this way, it is one's own sovereign right to what one puts in their body whether you determine if it's good or bad is of no consequence to the person you are judging.

If the topic is creating division, it needs to be explored and not glossed over. By your logic, the enslavement of earth is fully justified because everyone is using their sovereign right and free will to agree to the terms and conditions of their bondage.

Also I am not judging, I am making observations based on evidence, experience, and common sense.

Let's keep exploring this.

5546ea  No.11203


>Let's keep exploring this.

Some snippets of some side comms about this


Im callin out this new character already (kek, jaded channer now)

-vegan psyop just sayin the meat question is an interesting one, I wonder about it, but then, bacon. I think intention and appreciation is key.

I see the vegan thing and it seems shilly- 'member antman? and Majestic 12 twitter promotes it. Also once back in the day I saw John Stewart have a guest on that was promoting veganism and they were both saying Veganism is the future….soooooo if those NWO guys are saying , I am skeptical.

aaaaand if 3d printers are gonna be replicators soon enough, we can make food and not have to kill. so steaks for erryone! til then we can be ethical by giving thanks. anywho, just thought Id send a heads up about this new poster,

smells fishy (fish: also delicious), even though they seem sweet.


Yeah, I know the feels. His replies sent off a few alarm bells.

Follow your gut on these things. If it feelz off or bad weird, it probably is.

I have an observation on the vegan fag psyop, having been raised among such people.

It weakens.

Body, mind, spirit.

That ‘closer to God’ thing? That’s the psyop.

The real reason they want people to be vegans? So they can’t fight back as hard. So they keep their heads in the clouds and miss the enslavement. So they spend all their time focused on ethereal things and fail to see that their real life is overtaken. So they are tired and feel ill and die young after struggling with diseases. So they’re distracted by judging non vegans instead of seeking real knowledge and wisdom. So. They. Can’t. Fight.

I have experienced this and seen it in others. That is the trap of veganism. True, there may be place for it in the short term, to heal certain things. But long term - weakening.

I think you nailed it!

I know some vegans as well….i think short term you are right, it can be healing…but long term… I mean my ass is already too skinny….being able to sit on the cushion of a good well fed butt is very grounding!!

also thought about it further and hasn't there been an effort to "grow" chicken wings with maybe stem cells? (as opposed to 'replicators')…my knowledge is short about it though I do know there is/are always a/many solution(s)…and that is the ONE thing about the veganfaggers that I can relate to which is the killing aspect. Cuz if >power over another is not ok (Q), would that not extend to sentient animals?….and being that cannibalism is a topic of discussion of the great awakening (ew), we will have to discern the difference and why that is. Ultimately WE know that everything is the Light and that spirit particles are within all so what makes a cow 'more' conscious that a carrot. aaaaand then, We also know to murder another human being is obviously not ok…and based on Hillarys heath, not good for you in the long run. With animal meats, I can personally conclude we have been getting energy for eons this way and maybe part of our evolution forward is to figure out we are Gods and to use that to create life that can give us energy but that we dont displace a soul in the process? (and do animals have a "soul" in the same way we do? I would argue that it is slightly different.) I dunno, heavy discussion and I can see why a perfect subject for a psyop.

i agree it is a worthy discussion. I’m in the same camp as you about showing respect for that animal, thanking it for giving it’s life so I may live, and avoiding wanton wastefulness.

There is lab grown meat out there - but frankly, it creeps me out.

Oh and - been at both ends of that spectrum and I can confirm that benches are way comfier with some well fed butt padding ;)

4aeabe  No.11218

File: 71b7b4e2acb37f3⋯.jpg (67.5 KB, 900x506, 450:253, Seeded.jpg)

File: 24b66edde53de35⋯.png (195.4 KB, 400x400, 1:1, space-cow.png)

File: ed5ef572772cad2⋯.jpg (14.28 KB, 199x193, 199:193, llama.jpg)


>I have an observation on the vegan fag psyop, having been raised among such people.

>It weakens.

>Body, mind, spirit.

>That ‘closer to God’ thing? That’s the psyop.

>i agree it is a worthy discussion. I’m in the same camp as you about showing respect for that animal, thanking it for giving it’s life so I may live, and avoiding wanton wastefulness.

It seems to me that there are two major components to this vegan vs. meat thingy. There is the physical health component and the Ethical/Moral/Spiritual component. Often these two points get so intertwined and convoluted so deeply that it becomes difficult to discuss rationally with some people.

On the Health part, I think I lean towards your and Lucky's view. There are so many "scientific" studies on this, but they all seem to do the same thing MSM does, they take the bits that support their bias and not mention the rest. Moderation and Balance feels best for me.

Even if the health component has an impact on one's spirituality, I liken it to a Runner getting new Running Shoes. If you're a great runner, they will help a little. If you want to become a runner, getting the shoe won't make it so. If you are spiritual, diet can help and enhance. If you want to become spiritual, diet ain't gonna do much for you without a lot of other stuff.


>What I do know is this topic of what to eat spiritually will create division on this board. Think of it this way, it is one's own sovereign right to what one puts in their body whether you determine if it's good or bad is of no consequence to the person you are judging. Your judgment will be based on your perception of what is good or bad.

This was well said and worth putting back up. This applies to both Health, and Spiritual aspects. Someone elses choice or beliefs here are not my concern. They should be free to choose and decide based on what is best for them.

>aaaaand if 3d printers are gonna be replicators soon enough, we can make food and not have to kill. so steaks for erryone! til then we can be ethical by giving thanks. anywho, just thought Id send a heads up about this new poster,

>also thought about it further and hasn't there been an effort to "grow" chicken wings with maybe stem cells? (as opposed to 'replicators')…

Isn't the stuff that comes out of the 3d printer, or 'grown' meat still living organisms? Life gives Life. So, then are we just talking about feeling better because it wasn't walking around?

Is one life/energy that I consume more or less important than another? The cells of that faux meat are just as alive as the ones from a walking cow. Is the cow more alive because we can identify with it more (moves, moo's, and can look at you)? Or is there something else there? Since plants/cells don't have brains or nervous systems, does that automatically put them in a lower category where it is more OK to eat them?

I don't have the answers but wanted to put it out to spark discussion. 99/1% and all, willing to learn.

5546ea  No.11220


>then are we just talking about feeling better because it wasn't walking around?

I think feeling better because we dont have to Take a life to get it. if we "grew" life in a lab just as a steak or a wing, so no heart beat or eyes (somehow that must be related to the spirit and how the spirit takes in this physical reality) then, we could possibly "feel better" about the source.

I dunno I am also on board with Lucky that this is a little creepy, but to be fair to the vegans, so are the factory farms and our current mainstream slaughter house practices….sooo theres that.

I think we can adapt. That seems to be the way of the human….

f629ee  No.11231


Something else I thought of in regards to this

discussion is a friend of mine lives with MS.

She has decided not to take any pharma pills and maintain her health with her diet. She does the paleo thing which is basically straight meat and veggies, no grains, no wheat, no nuts…. its pretty full on, but her doctors are amazed at her health. At first they didn't support her decision and now, with evidence, are fully on board.

Also have some friends who swear by bone broth for health and wellness, especially around this cold time in the No. hemisphere.

This is where what you eat has everything to do with how your have your personal relationship with your body (its up to you)

da5795  No.11235

File: f4d2c55ae447eb0⋯.jpg (24.34 KB, 715x402, 715:402, what-is-a-photon-definitio….jpg)


Your body is a vibration of light, all things physical are a vibration of light moving and not still. Anything on this third density is moving as light is heavy. Your being comes from a density like that of vapor. Your consciousness is a finger of the light, the greater consciousness, the fluid body of light. Your body is a crystal(awareness) , a receiver of light. You have the light and you have darkness… The light moves and darkness is. The reason for the body(Chrystal) is to interpret the light as it moves forward to the dark. The dark is all colors refracted by the source light overlaying, creating black. White light has no color until it is refracted by a crystal.

The physical is the reason for being. We all strive to be the light by ascending this 3rd density to become enlightened. The true meaning of life (3rd density) is to bring in the source light. This life we live is the greatest gift we have ever been given. We come from the aether (vapor) and being our spirituality in this 3rd density is the point of being here.

The light and dark embodied by love.

Love is known in the dark and the light.

Love cannot be known without the light and the dark.

Love is all, it transcends all living and spiritual beings.

Love is the gate to source(the consciousness of ALL)

da5795  No.11236

Love is humaness.

A human (light) is to be.

When a human becomes love in light and darkness loving all, we become evolution.

The DNA spectrum is the light code within us all.

When you receive the full spectrum of light by being love, your DNA will become whole. You will become the cosmic being you always have been.

This whole existence on this plane of duality is to be revealed that you are not separated by anything.

Any separation is the illusion.

You are whole, linear time and his story tries to separate you from what you truly are.

You are the light. Your quantum super positioned photon is you with free will choice lighting your way.

Quantum entanglement is an illusion. Your mind is used against you.

The forces the be cannot change your heart as love conquers all.

When you are of heart mind you are whole, the DNA light becomes your physical reality realized.

f629ee  No.11238


cool story,

so now how to live with all this

knowledge in RL.

THAT is the super power.

DNA light become physical reality

regardless if your heart and mind are "whole".

Keep practicing.

Thats the meaning.

Never attain wholeness unless God

we can think ourselves into that state

>not separated by anything.

but then,


we are

are not


are not


are not

ya see????

its an oscillation.

also what the heck does this beautiful yet

floofy word salad

have to do with diet and my friends story of

health and wellness?

whyd you tag that if you wanted to continue

the discussion?

>Can Love slide?

f629ee  No.11239




Unless you are giving us a sweet demonstration of what

happens when you vegan…

head in the clouds and feet off the ground

the duality is actually important..

can you be both?

THAT is the unity.

Unity is plural,

and at the minimum 2

-Buckminster Fuller

da5795  No.11240


Thank you for your response. I love it when two points of light come together and create contrast!

My bad for tagging your post, you are right it really doesn't have anything to do with that discussion. I wrote that quite late last night and unconsciously tagged you in it. I believe I got the right board for what was written just tagged you by accident.

>Can Love slide?

Simply yes.

Whatever found you, however it found you in what I wrote is my love. Your perception through words warms me in whatever contrast of light that you choose to share with me.

I know you are love.

7a91e8  No.11244



yup ripples in a pond.


>I know you are love.


That is all.

I love you too.

awwwwww mush.

like a mushroom

the network is awakening!

you feel it??

4aeabe  No.11279

File: 71b7b4e2acb37f3⋯.jpg (67.5 KB, 900x506, 450:253, Seeded.jpg)


>so no heart beat or eyes (somehow that must be related to the spirit and how the spirit takes in this physical reality)

Does a living thing have a spirit?

I can not wrap my monkey brain around a tree spirit yet, but I feel like a tree has a spirit. It's different, but its there. If you spend time in the forest, there is a 'feeling'. Because it does not resemble animal physiology, does that negate the possibility of a spirit? No eyes, no movement, no brain (as we know it)…. is it less than an animal?

> so are the factory farms and our current mainstream slaughter house practices

It is such a Horrific life for those animals. There has to be a better way. This argument gets wrapped up in the whole thing as well, but I see it as seperate with a separate solution potential. The answer to is eating meat ok is not answered by having or not having slaughterhouses, but that does not minimize this issue.


I wonder how much is the food itself and how much is the belief in the food. Probably a bit of both, but the power of the belief is pretty big.

The Placebo effect is fascinating.

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