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File: 3b31f03c3b243ab⋯.jpg (33.72 KB, 330x421, 330:421, 330px-Homo_sapiens_neander….jpg)


Oh wait, you can't.


Even though you are correct this is not really fully asatru-related

Try to at least put *some* kind of asatru/heathen perspective spin on your thread next time



Coexistence, Conflict, Combat.



The point is to bait Christians.



Why not come to understand the unnecessity in giving the day to that jew inspired cult to nothing? As Evola says our way need not be Anti-Christian in the sense that everything we do be what a Christian wouldn't, because that is part of the trap by jews once they wipe away our true heritage to put out as well their own antithesis, like a Communist running their own opposition, in the hope to nab those who for whatever reason aren't following the thesis. We must rebuild our world as our own independent group and not by colors from those who are antithetical to it.

This is not to say do not always war with them since the Aesir grant favor to those who fight for who they are.


The Aesir lived back then, we even made idols as points for them to visit us. Where are these idols now, those not destroyed yet are uncared for in museums or lost in the ground, treated as artifacts from a defunct people now gone, but we are still here and so are the Aesir.


>posting this on asatru

No one here disagrees faggot



This is true, our enemy is the Jew first and foremost. However, we must still be extremely wary of Christians because as history has shown us, they would still rather divert time and resources on persecuting us even when there's much bigger enemies threatening them. When a Christian says "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", the "friend" they're talking about isn't you, they are talking about Muslims, Jews or whoever else is out to destroy European Paganism and our cultural heritage.


File: 5b3d0a5790eda36⋯.png (64.42 KB, 615x450, 41:30, 1498017474370.png)

Germanics are the oldest race



Still isn't.

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