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WHITE NATIONALIST RECRUITING CENTRE - Come at me ASIO! :^) IRC channel: irc.rizon.net #/aus/

File: f1ea74f941df170⋯.png (49.68 KB, 546x562, 273:281, images(2).png)


Old thread >>136940

Neets being investigated and put to the test by cenno, neets ratting out and spying on other neets to keep their neetbux and neets so desperate they'll guzzle wagie cum.

Trust no one…


File: 35cc5fd4bedcc21⋯.jpg (219.6 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 126.jpg)




Reported to cenno


>webcam just turned on randomly

Nice try DHS. Lucky I have it taped up. They must be using some kind of exploit on 8ch to infect my pc. Going to reinstall windows and start using no script.


If anything my post history here will prove I'm too retarded to work



>I am trying to help you. I cannot prove anything without revealing my identity to the DHS cyber investigations team. Getting back on newstart after being suspended over some posts was a massive fucking headache, Cenno really fucking track their heels with appeals.I am pleading you to heed my warnings. I don't want you to go through what I have.Start thinking about every post you have made on here. If there are any that might indicate you are capable of any kind of work start preparing a defense or some elaborate story to prove you personally didn't post them.

What posts did you make?



I'm just going through your post history now.T here are a range of job options where you could put your basic computer knowledge and typing skills to use.



please stop



stop this bullshit please.



How much are cenno paying you to be an informant?



How can I delete this post?

I am looking through 8ch.net/faq and I can't find any information.


File: d9580a3973b26fa⋯.jpg (64.01 KB, 600x581, 600:581, NEETgeneral.jpg)


I had a much better image for the OP. Found this meme on Aus/pol/ last night.



What's a computer?



I wish there were IDs on this board. I am not sure if you are genuinely the same anon or DHS trying to identify me. I'm sorry but I can't say. I don't want to get suspended again.



About $2000 depending on components.



DHS is not monitoring chans m8. You don't need to worry about it. It is just a bad joke from some irresponsible posters on here.



Mine was like 200 bucks


File: 02f2ce2106c9bb0⋯.jpg (40.43 KB, 550x512, 275:256, jfk.jpg)



>tfw the "don't worry" posts are more concerning than the "dhsneet here" posts



You won't pick up any girls flashing a janky old computer like that m8.


File: ebeaa52f9b23739⋯.jpg (49.89 KB, 384x348, 32:29, 1502021071260.jpg)

File: edb978a6b79693f⋯.gif (20.91 KB, 442x300, 221:150, 1502021102837.gif)

File: 61798ba26a44f63⋯.png (9.78 KB, 397x396, 397:396, 1502021284983.png)

File: ea3fc16901e0654⋯.png (29.05 KB, 816x810, 136:135, 1502021260366.png)

File: 61fdf7300ae45bf⋯.png (119.69 KB, 490x484, 245:242, 1502020954480.png)


that was the best one he had ay, the rest were sam hyde and shit

>the girl ones were good though



By the time they're in the computer chamber it's too late anyway



I am the person who started this conversation. Why would they suspend you over posts?



They value the quality discussion this general can provide



As long as you post with a vpn they can't tell who you are



But it's the rapist cumguzzling edition



rapeneet and the cumguzzlers poster both look like that too mate



>VPN with australian (five eyes country) ip addresses available

>they can't tell who you are bro


Does centrelink actually arrest and suspend people from posts here?



Why did they suspend you?



I can't reveal the exact nature of my posts because of who monitors these threads. Some of my posts revealed I had been fraudulent in regards to my mutual obligation requirements. I can't reveal the complete details of how I was identified because I would be breaking the law if I did. Even though I am posting from a burner sim I am still scared. Sorry for being vague but I have no choice.





Ignore this troll's lies.



Stop making me fucking paranoid. Spill the beans or stop fucking about.

> who monitors these threads.

Who monitors the threads? What are they going to do, find you in your sleep?

> fraudulent in regards to my mutual obligation requirements

What did you do that was fraudulent?



They get put straight in the neet gulag



Either post the mygov letter with personal details blacked out or stop LARPing around. No one is going to believe you without any evidence.



I got carried away.

Sorry DSP neet.

Silly memes.


All the neets are gonna have nightmares tonight about cenno arresting them and hauling them away to wfd


This shit is why .au needs looser gun laws.


this was posted in the qanda thread on 4

the comments are great, it's a vote on gay marriage



Centrelink sometimes monitors people's facebooks, on a current affair they busted these too people for living together when they didn't declare it



Facebook is a massive website where people use real names. Like five people post in these threads, and they're anonymous and vague about things.



I'd say there's at least 15 of us



one of us owns an astra



Based on the neet youtube vids and general posts I'd say it's more, I was just exaggerating


NEET King is probably half of us though



To be fair. 8ch did roll over for australian police with the whole revenge porn thing. Makes me wonder if they would do it for DHS aswell…




On that subject, NEET King is pretty loose with his identity. We've seen how he looks, what he drives, where his max is. Dude is braver than me at least, but I'm sure even he will be safe



i feel a sense of comfort with you guys and sometimes want to reveal more about myself. i'm glad i dont though

>just because i'd get paranoid not because i'd genuinely think you guys were after me or something



I feel much the same. Being a vague anonymous neet is good enough for me most of the time though. It's the magic of chans, after all.



NEETking is undercover for cenno. It was part of psyop to convinvce other neets to be more careless with anonymity.



it's worked on me, he revealed himself on 4 in the auspol



Aussie NEET was even less careful though, maybe he was a cenno agent tall along



They told me to inform on neets in exchange for new floor mats and getting me out of wfd



Are the floor mats nice?



They were until I pissed on them, they were making the car smell nice


Neet king is ASIO spook


Ate an aldi pizza for dinner, gonna become a big boy


File: b5ee7eb5d00bae6⋯.png (34.99 KB, 765x758, 765:758, fat wojak 2.png)


Got into a box of celebrations that weren't mine. Going to get yelled at for this.


File: 53df26bf7f2612f⋯.png (178.14 KB, 250x316, 125:158, possum_cunt.png)

My porn habits were sliding down the slippery slope into trap filth so I've blocked the sites I frequent plus any others I could think of. Reading Norse and Celtic mythology and general history and got back into lifting to fill some of the time. Currently 60kg at about 176cm.

Having some trouble with the fact that greenery, snow and mountains are in my hobbit blood but skin-cancer land is my home.

pic unrelated



If you look at trap porn you become John,try looking at cardboard porn instead


File: 1b050462af4d1c4⋯.jpg (97.13 KB, 1173x1536, 391:512, 1b050462af4d1c406772ae5ad7….jpg)


>become John

should I lurk more?

>cardboard porn

what like mags or something?



John was a faggot

And cardboard porn is just cardboard boxes doing lewd stuff




I'm eating a box of those too



I have no webcam or microphone plugged into my computer

Get on my level



>Using Faceberg in 2017

There's your first mistake



those aldi pizzas destroy, they're so cheap and good that you can end up having one for every meal

they have one that's goats cheese and beetroot, sounds retarded but it's worth trying at least once



I'm 70kg at 176cm, join me anon - my goal is around 75kg lean though

>tfw just stalled on another workout


Lol, NEETs got paranoided out by some shitposting yesterday.

C'mon guys, cenno only spies on us on alternate Thursdays down to budget cuts.


File: a2588688961bdfa⋯.jpg (21.73 KB, 612x408, 3:2, 1502139530860.jpg)

Good morning chief! These Max people are useless so I'm taking matters into my own hands. We're going around town to find you a job, and we're not stopping until someone hires you on the spot. Whatdy'a mean you'd rather in your "goon cave" on "eight-chan." Instead, why don't you make your way into the first of eight places you're applying this morning and ask to speak with the manager? Stand up straight, look him in the eye, give him a firm handshake, and tell him you wanna work there. It's that simple, Champ. We'll hit up the hjs drive thru later mate!.



When I would do something like that I would go out and buy a replacement before anyone noticed.


File: a7f2a2639fba605⋯.jpg (35.7 KB, 640x960, 2:3, 11880422_804281243021587_3….jpg)


My mum says I'm not allowed to look for jobs with strange men off internet sites.


File: 1a817dea5beaffa⋯.jpg (44.53 KB, 396x385, 36:35, nunchuckspepe.jpg)


It wasn't funny. People should not bully our more mentally abnormal brethren and feed their paranoia like that. I found it very distressing to witness.



I'm not even sure I want to post anything online anymore, this is basically my last area of any social contact and now there may be fucking DHS monitoring everything, my anxiety is through the fucking roof, I could barely even sleep last night.

Fucking DHS niggers.



No-one is monitoring anything.


God Damn cat died this morning, might leave him for a few hours before I bury him just in case he wants to turn into a zombie



Sell him to the Chinese restaurant.




that's why you bury him in daylight and salt the grave before you cover it



wouldn't it be better if your cat came back?



Nah he's too old, I don't even know how old he is


Does anyone else suffer from severe envy and get sent into a depressive spiral very easily by it?

For example yesterday I was reading that story about the teenager whose feet got eaten by sea parasites and he was so handsome and blonde and athletic it just made me really sad and think about everything that went wrong in my teenage years and I spent the rest of the day miserable.



Yes. I had to delete my facebook last year because I couldn't help myself. Seeing how well all my peers from hs are doing made me want to die. So much I could have had which now I can't have,



How can you be sure?



Because the idea they would be or could be is ludicrous.


File: a865ee0bc6d9d23⋯.png (38.65 KB, 914x1091, 914:1091, 1403363288221.png)


I was the one posting all that last night. The first post was be being sarcastic about overly paranoid but then you took it seriously so I trolled you for a bit.

Don't worry.




O-okay, sorry I overreacted, I have schizotypal personality disorder, it's not quite schizophrenia but it has some of the symptoms such as paranoia.



>trolling your mentally ill brothers

You are a disgrace to NEETs everywhere.



I didn't know he was schizo. I would not have done it otherwise.


I'm Sorry.




don't be fooled by his lies! this cent agent wasn't supposed to give away his monitoring of us neets but he did! its too late to cover it up! all neets be careful and don't give this normie govcumbucket shit!



Kill yourself you are an absolutely disgusting neet.



Just remember your still white so your doing better than billions of Africans and pajeets



you cant shame me nigger, you expect us to believe that the government scum arnt spying on the only place in ausnet where unemployed intellectual young men with a hatred of jews, liberals and bureaucracy hang out? if you were an actually neet you'd know we don't feel shame easily, after all, we are unemployed and living with parents.



Looks like it is one schizo trolling another.



it aint schizophrenia if they really are out to get you.


There's only one way to be sure about dhs spying on us, I'm gonna walk into cenno and pour gasoline all over the floor and burn it with everyone inside then go over to max with a big knife and take hostages




Your petrol will get stolen and sniffed by all the abos waiting outside the cenno. By the time you get inside you'll have an empty jerry can.


File: 253aa584c25cd69⋯.png (198.46 KB, 600x293, 600:293, the_struggle_1.png)

File: b621d3b85dcb419⋯.png (281 KB, 640x480, 4:3, the_struggle_2.png)

File: bef5048084ec7a2⋯.png (281.8 KB, 1024x637, 1024:637, the_struggle_3.png)


>tfw people I know eat too much but refuse to lift

>tfw know how to lift and love it but years of hunched over fapping gave me stubborn knots and trapped nerves

>tfw either going to be a god among manlets or surf through the gates of Valhalla on a wave of chink blood



inshallah brother


File: 47b18c40f358df3⋯.png (3.25 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, centerlink.png)


File: 63690c982641906⋯.png (274.81 KB, 1024x637, 1024:637, the_struggle_3.png)


fixed something



They never showed how the abos in mad max movies got their petrol, maybe that was the reason petrol was so scarce



>Genetically engineered abos seize control of the world's oil supplies and refineries, plunging us into apocalypse



i bet you're the same guy from yesterday who did it to his neighbour



if australia was once home to megafauna, would that mean australia was home to mega abos as well?


File: 0dbe51e511f01a1⋯.png (321.12 KB, 897x891, 299:297, mega-abos.png)



>Ancient abos were once well adapted to running away from police until white settlers introduced sniff to the population. This slowed them down so that they could be caught.



i was looking up abo shit ages ago and i cant find the pic now but theres a cave painting of a giant orange guy with a smaller human next him, pretty weird. the story that goes with it is that it might have been a native orangutan and through story telling they thought it was a giant or something.



It was probably just some abo dance where they take long strides and put all their weight onto the lead leg.



that's pretty cool, what i find interesting is that its in mud so on a harder terrain they would've been even faster


File: 3e04acb1f04ecde⋯.jpg (28.27 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


i came across this though while looking for that pic

>documentation of aboriginals crossbreeding with mungo man


File: 55a7e14f0d4239d⋯.jpg (68.13 KB, 530x585, 106:117, 1427612274369.jpg)

Do we need a right-wing anthropology squad to debunk all the abo myths and destroy their reputation for all time?

Could NEETs do this?



if they did that they wouldnt be neets


File: f332070aa8ded40⋯.jpg (13.2 KB, 236x369, 236:369, 2501e860143ebed965875195ce….jpg)


one thing that i think needs to be studied is the interactions of the different migration waves of people who came here, they didnt all come at the same time and would have had completely different cultures and language considering even if they were from the same ethnic groups in eurasia they were separate for thousands of years and the group that stayed in asia longer would've mixed more

picis from the kimberlies and is pretty weird, even for abo stuff


File: bacdee44608a52a⋯.jpg (41.05 KB, 440x391, 440:391, 11db39810ccabf05c2dec7baaa….jpg)

File: 6082355a0f1c8a5⋯.jpg (9.96 KB, 179x281, 179:281, images.jpg)

File: 7ce0dcf3ecbebbc⋯.jpg (28.79 KB, 315x211, 315:211, pechmerle2.jpg)


for me, it seems obvious that there were at least a few very distinct, different cultures



>thinking anyone on this board has an education

top kek



Would any indigenous realists ever be allowed a platform in this country?


File: 446fb39d786f5c2⋯.jpg (78.13 KB, 487x650, 487:650, 6c583c870eb00c113c7a5ff024….jpg)


after looking at the third pic for a bit, i don't think it is Australian, the animals don't make sense


Abo cave paintings tell of a prophecy of a great sacrifice to white devil's in exchange for centrelink, alcohol and sniff


Is anyone else becoming less concerned by the bad behaviour of others as they descend further into misery and depression?

I used to be quite an upright and righteous person, but as I begin to dislike society more and more I find I don't get worked up about people being criminals any more.

I guess I just figure why should anyone bother to follow the rules when there is no point. Our entire civilisation is on a path towards oblivion anyway. There is no longer any sense of unity or obligation towards each other here. All these fucking immigrants everywhere.



> Our entire civilisation is on a path towards oblivion anyway

This is the reason you no longer care about how people behave, I also agree.

Blackpill best pill.



I try not to be blackpilled but I just can't believe there is any hope for the future. Not when I look at the situation honestly.



Partly I feel this way. I feel that the world has been on a path to hell since 1945, I feel that degeneracy has all but consumed our world and it will only get worse, I feel that there is no point in contributing and I feel that if the world is like this why bother caring about how I act? Why not just do whatever I want regardless on the impact it has or anything else?

But if I do that I am no better than the people who are ruing this world, so I decided that I will live by my own code regardless of the rest of the world, how could I ever complain about the behaviour of others if I could not behaviour properly myself?



I still behave properly myself. I have very strong feelings of guilt and shame so could probably never become a serious rule-breaker myself in any real way.

But when I see young men in gangs and being criminals and shit I find myself thinking it is probably a less miserable way to live than to just be another cog in the machine working 9-5.



fukkin great


You're a gaycunt


>had pectus excavatum

>also hunch with lordorsis

>hit 72kg at 179cm last month

Doing nothing is just going to make it worse. Start stretching and see a physio.


Heavy rainfall here in Perth.



Too wet for raping?


That guy is just trolling about centrelink investigations

The assessment a doc gives is the authority



Rape is no fun if they're already wet






Why is trash like this creeping into our board?



There are other threads?


File: 7eca6e022e675d0⋯.png (97.05 KB, 700x454, 350:227, 1502184116450.png)

Boys I got an absolute champion over on 4 pol to make a possum image for me to illustrate my possum problem. He did a really good job.



That was very nice of him.


File: 917a2cd95d54805⋯.png (198.64 KB, 600x702, 100:117, 1502177346757.png)


What a legend.



the ears really make it, very nice




I gotta go do food delivery tonight, have to be careful not to crash because the ambos will rape you if you fall unconscious



N'aww diddums…



Get the fuck out of the NEET thread fag



> because the ambos will rape you if you fall unconscious

What if you rape them using telekinesis?



Last time i tried that they were wearing tin foil hats and i couldnt penetrate it



must've been double glazed or something



wait you drive an escort?



No I just go to the brothel.



Yeh they're a lot more well equipped than your average taxi driver


You need to wear tinfoil underwear if you want full protection.



i hear bat leather is pretty good at damping psychokinetic wavelengths



Autism is natures tinfoil underwear



I wear a fake anus so if they try and rape me they go for the decoy bum


File: dd36456e544a8a5⋯.jpg (7.55 KB, 300x224, 75:56, anti_rape_device.jpg)


Shove one of these up there


God what a shit day NEETS.

I almost wish i was still lying to my parents about still having a job

>tell them last night

>have to sit down and "figure out what i wanna do"

>really they just tell me what to do/ i get told i have to work some cuckjob for the rest of my life.

<what if i get the dole and focus on music/ my mate has a business/ i wanna try something else

>dont be silly anon the dole is for losers and you need money to have nice things

>spend all of today applying for jobs

>mummybot called me 5 times

>talk to a friend of hers who said he could get me a job in finance but "i would have to be sure of that career"

>gf annoying me about not seeing her enough

Shit day mates, i just wanna have fun and be good at something



>they go for the decoy bum




could've gone a lot worse


File: d30e75640d5be1f⋯.png (31.82 KB, 633x758, 633:758, 1496231028948.png)


>gf annoying me about not seeing her enough



Share your gf with us



>dont be silly anon the dole is for losers and you need money to have nice things

Did you question why you needed a lot of money to buy "nice things"? Is that the normie mindset, they have to keep buying material goods they don't need? I mean the only things I don't have but would buy with money are a nice PC, car and house and land. I never understood the "buy the newest smartphone, hat, (insert x new thing)".



You're going to have to renounce having nice things and a gf if you want to be a NEET, otherwise you're just a normie.




take that and do music on the side

pretty much a bludgeon career



NEET doesn't mean bitter depressed hikiomori


Had a very morbid conversation with my mother tonight. She asked me to promise I wouldn't kill myself while she was still alive.


File: 3f32d863a305eee⋯.jpg (7.99 KB, 250x243, 250:243, 1425181342564s.jpg)


You got a lot of nerve for someone who has only been a neet for a few days.


File: 1b3195ca449b6a8⋯.png (131.08 KB, 700x454, 350:227, fake bum.png)



Interesting. How did that conversation initiate?



NEET who had JCA yesterday, and promptly caused a thread de-rail. Anyway, what I meant to ask was how long do I have to wait to find out the results?



I'm not the other guy, I'm just saying that the neetlyf doesn't need to be a pit of despair.


Don't kill yourself as long as the neet generals remain active too, buddy



Generally a few weeks. It varies though depending on how busy they are.



For some NEETs, solitude and isolation is not a pit of despair, it's what we actually want. Peace and quite from the world.



Hmm, let me just check for you, won't be long.


File: dc995dfbe64cead⋯.png (42.12 KB, 446x373, 446:373, 1427098708365.png)


Cut that shit out.




He is trying to pretend he works for DHS and monitors this thread. It is a troll designed to upset the schizo neets.


File: f4b622606997e07⋯.jpg (24.44 KB, 500x374, 250:187, f4b622606997e0741d32d49edd….jpg)


Ok,thanks I was getting worried again



t. cennoneet



you should be


File: 6cf79ef6f5eb26d⋯.png (360.6 KB, 858x725, 858:725, 1429064014534.png)





We were talking about my Grandma who had horrible dementia before she died. Mum said she never wants to end up in a home or demented and that she prays daily that she dies before it comes to that. Then we talked about voluntary euthanasia which we pretty much in agreement on. She then asked me not to kill myself while she was still alive. I said yes. She already knew. I had been pretty open about being suicidal in the past which I regret but my mental health was far poorer than it is now.



That seems like a very binding, but reasonable agreement. I don't have much of an opinion though, as I have never really talked to my mother about if she ever dies, and have not really thought about it much myself. Are you an only child, is that why she asked you?


File: cd2cbf36e123b9e⋯.png (17.22 KB, 480x853, 480:853, 1448536394481-0.png)

The weather is pretty fine so I've been cleaning up my backyard and taking laps around the paved section. I figure I should take advantage of the tolerable temperatures before pic related sets in. Not doing marathons anytime soon but it's much nicer than being cooped up inside constantly plus no need to see the public or have them see me.

Any of you anxious/non-gym NEETies have enough space to do something like this? Much recommend



I have two older siblings who are very career orientated and pretty distant. It was a fucked up question and equally fucked up I didn't try to convince her my suicide wasn't inevitable. We are both world weary sad sacks I guess.



i mowed the lawn yesterday. that was enough for this week



Don't murder your mum with a power drill man. Not worth it.



haha epic dude





In your case it probably is worth it.



absolutely epic brother


File: ae99ccfce7ddff4⋯.jpg (14.2 KB, 441x411, 147:137, ae99ccfce7ddff4ee39fae5fe2….jpg)


I was gonna take my cat to the vet this morning to get him put down because he was pretty miserable but i decided it would be better for him to die at home than do it some creepy vet hospital.

Luckily he died a few hours later he even meowed pretty loudly to get my attention so i could see it happen, was pretty quick.


I only gained 5kg this winter, feelsgoodman

I can lose that in 2 months, 3 if I take it slow



>Did you question why you needed a lot of money to buy "nice things"?

Was my main argument, that i dont really care for eating out or a new car if it meant sacrificing my time and freedom.



say please


I am family history of dementia too, hopefully i'll be dead before then.


>even meowed pretty loudly to get my attention

Attention seeking cunt, fuck cats

Congrats on your loss

dont feel too bad anon


'Morning cunts.


Sorry to hear about your cat m8, probably made the right choice letting him pass on at home.



Isn't this the second neet cat death this week? Pretty depressing tbh, losing a pet is even worse for someone with limited close friends like a neet.



This is why I will never have pets.



I don't think I'll get any more after the ones I got as a kid/teenager die. Mainly because they're bothersome and expensive though



>Mainly because they're bothersome and expensive though

Yeah that too.


7-11 has coffee for 1 dollarydoo, tastes good


File: 09725ae28732c7c⋯.png (24.79 KB, 300x250, 6:5, 1497224008983.png)


Only a wagey would be out of the house this early. Fuck off.


File: fb2006a5ea76103⋯.png (30.14 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1425132403971.png)

Mum's working from home today

Let the screaming about unemployment commence



just tell her you're thinking of converting to islam

it's like dividing by zero for boomers



Oh and I also had a question for you cunts.

As NZNEET, my mum's main concern with my unemployment is that I'm not pulling my weight financially - that I'm an economic drag on the family resources. She wants me to be a regular guy with friends and a girlfriend but that's a secondary concern.

So, to you cunts on cennybux, what do your parents even complain about? Do they really hassle you just because you don't have a 'real job' even though you pay for rent and food and stuff?



yeah but they're just probably concerned about how everyone else sees us as deadbeats and fear us being on aca one day for the world to see



how did you get a proxy for shqiptar land ?



I get along pretty well with my mummybot, but a lot of neet parents probably feel like failures and that turns into frustration towards the neet. Theres also an element of spending all day working a shit job then coming home to see your adult son laughing at frogs on his computer.


Having a NEET child is very embarrassing for a normie parent. All their friends and relatives ask them "What is NEET son up to these days?" and they have to umm and aww and bullshit their way through.

Parents feel the same envy as the NEET does when they look at the children of their friends and relatives who are doing so much better.



They know my situation is pretty bad and getting a job at 23 with only a few years at woolies and massive gaps in my resume is going to be tough. They keep any disappointment and resentment to themselves. They don't harass me about job stuff other than 'have you tried x place' or have you thought about x license/course'.

Now if I start acting like a dole bludger my dad loses his fucking shit. He will drag me out of bed if he drops home from work and I'm asleep. Almost come to blows when he was woken up in the middle night hearing me rustling round in the kitchen. I have a stain on my carpet from when I was fighting to get my goonbag back of him.

Sad state of affairs.


File: 2985e0c0758232d⋯.jpg (33.22 KB, 350x464, 175:232, 1411021164565.jpg)

Being a NEET and still living with your parents is the worst form of NEETdom, especially as you get into your 20s and older.

Even if you just move into some filthy sharehouse with other bludgers it is better than living with your parents.



>I have a stain on my carpet from when I was fighting to get my goonbag back of him.

I know i shouldn't laugh and i do feel bad for you but the thought of two people ripping apart a goonbag in anger is pretty funny. A talented neet could make it into a great pepe image



yeah, i agree but there are high functioning neets here who couldnt handle the complexities of interpersonal relationships with people they hardly know.

some of the people on here are so deprived of honest relationships that i could spend a few hours softening them up that they'd start to trust me and let me in their room whenever i wanted, then in a months time i'd move out without saying goodbye and take their ps4



Jokes on you I don't have a ps4



whatever you've got is good. dont worry i wont take it far, just to your local cashies



>Now if I start acting like a dole bludger my dad loses his fucking shit. He will drag me out of bed if he drops home from work and I'm asleep. Almost come to blows when he was woken up in the middle night hearing me rustling round in the kitchen. I have a stain on my carpet from when I was fighting to get my goonbag back of him.

I hope you'll excuse me for laughing, you're like the family aboriginal.

I used to be a /nocturnal NEET/ and it made mum really angry when she'd come home to find me sleeping.


>some of the people on here are so deprived of honest relationships that i could spend a few hours softening them up that they'd start to trust me and let me in their room whenever i wanted, then in a months time i'd move out without saying goodbye and take their ps4



It saves money and I don't want to live with people that have jobs and will look down on me for being unemployed, also I don't want to live with loud obnoxious people drinking and throwing parties.



Regular NEETs who don't browse imageboards are frightening characters and I'd rather be bullied by my mother than subject myself to the stress of living with dangerous drunken bogans and their domestic disputes.



They'd probably give you five bucks for my ps3



Also a lot of people flat out won't accept neets, whether they can afford rent or not.



you have to lie about going to uni, then say that you are doing it online



They'd probably get pissy about "using more of the utilities". At least that was the case in a few stories I've read online



Yeah, and even though they are neets too they would still bully you about not going out to socialise or not having a girlfriend.



i'm basing it off of my friends experience, he got asked to pay an excessive amount and went into neetrage mode (which is pretty scary - he is /fit/ gymnast) and it turns out the landlords sister had been using more elec and they had renovations (he lives out the back of a restaurant) and the tradespeople had been using the power


I lived in a room in a rundown hostel for a year. There were things about it that frustrated me regarding the conduct of my fellow residents, but I still preferred it to living with my mother.



How much did that cost you a week?



$165 for a furnished room. Communal bathroom and kitchen facilities



Seems like a rip off considering you can get one bed room units in some semi-rural areas for $150 a week.



Yeah the hostel was right bang in the middle of the CBD though.


Skipped tea last night and I had trouble sleeping and have felt terrible all day even though I had breakfast. I'm never doing that again.



>he doesn't fast

fat sub human neet trash



Converting to Islam and turning gay would get her off his back for good.


Just had a nice 12 hour sleep, gonna mop and vacuum the floors so mummy gives me some gbps



Actually I am quite fit that is the problem, I have a fast metabolism because of it so I can't get away with skipping tea.



No offence m8 but that is bro science bullshit.



It really isn't. It's basic nutrition, the more muscle one has or is building the faster his body will burn through fuel to sustain it. Muscle takes energy to maintain.



The bullshit is the idea missing one meal will do something terrible to your body or mind.



I agree there, even though I feel terrible it probably won't have any long lasting effects.


I just called MAX and they said they couldn't register me and help me find work because I haven't been referred through Centrelink.

Surely an actual recruitment agency that makes commission from job placements would be thrilled to have a non-derro applicant who's likely to have what employers are looking for?



Regular bogan NEETs feel insecure about their unemployment status and I think it's fairly likely that the insecurity drives them to become turbo-normies in their personal lives so that they can feel superior in at least one aspect of their existence. I also think they would probably take out their insecurities on the sensitive internet NEET who reminds them too much of their own shortcomings.


Sweet gentle internet NEETs get eaten alive by hardcore aggro bogan NEETs.


Hey cumguzzlers



Hey mate making unemployed people sit in a room for a long time takes a lot of funding. We can't just be handing it out to every nzneet who waltzes in



I would just like to point out this once that I have never actually guzzled any cum.


File: f3664d011406d5f⋯.png (56.49 KB, 245x243, 245:243, clouseupsmugpepe.png)


Not even your own?




Guzzling your own cum kills 99.9% of germs and keeps your breath fresh


BO needs to do something about that pajeet fucker with the gyppo VPN



Stay triggered, buttravaged autist.



Get the fuck out of the NEET thread you fucking nigger. Post your fucking address.


File: 652dc135dd4f978⋯.jpg (69.01 KB, 720x693, 80:77, 1491484209032.jpg)

The NEET thread is sacred ground. We don't want any drama here please.



He is ruining all of the other threads, the BO is probably busy.



don't reply to him, he's just fagneet trying to be a le ebin troll most likely


File: 6a1dae75ac18e55⋯.png (30.64 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 1471864895087.png)


It takes two to ruin a thread. You shouldn't have replied to him.



Actually it only takes one if it's a fro*gposter.



The NEET thread has been built on drama mate. That guy a is a fucko though




Max won't try get you a job until they have milked all the government funding out of having you on their books. They don't get any bux for non dole moles. Try some other places.



What are wrong with his posts?



Could have stopped after the first 7 words mate. They don't help anyone get a job, they just exist to put pressure on neets and make their lives difficult



>post your fucking address

What's in it for me if I do?


>challenging someones views is ruining a thread

go back to your safe space, little snowflake.


fagneet hasn't been among us in a while.


I dared to have a non-white gf and call him a dumb ass.


File: 254643f6584f950⋯.jpg (1.66 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 1502271442269774724302.jpg)

Cloudy day in neet town



Go away. you have caused enough trouble arguing with the posters in the other thread. No one cares about you, your filthy leftist views, your pajeet gf and your incessant, ignorant whining. Get out you fucking normalfag.



Looks comfy



Fucking kek, that's hilarious. Sounds like your dad is quick to rage.


File: 073d83608f04ea2⋯.jpg (64.2 KB, 640x400, 8:5, Australian_Senate_-_Parlia….jpg)

<watch people debate

<it's always the left hand side of the speaker being rude and noisy whenever the right hand side has the chance to talk

what a fucking meme



>Almost come to blows when he was woken up in the middle night hearing me rustling round in the kitchen.

kek sounds like my dad. luckily i left home a few years ago, now i can rustle around in the kitchen as much as i like.


>G-g-go away!

Harden up, softcunt.

> caused enough trouble arguing with the posters in the other thread

I didn't start any of that shit, they're the ones sooking over my opinions and the fact I have a hot gf and they dont.

>No one cares about you,

Wrong and you know it! Here it doesn't matter anyway because we're all known as 'cunt'.

>your filthy leftist views

Rational centrist views* FTFY

>your pajeet gf

She's cute af, pale skin, Caucasian features, petite, sucks and swallows, sex when ever I want and is perfect wife material and dedicated/loyal. You're just jealous.

>and your incessant, ignorant whining

kek, look who's talking.

>Get out you fucking normalfag

I thought you said I was anything BUT a normalfag? Remember, I was a NEET for 11 years and am an Autistic Schizo.



>fagneet hasn't been among us in a while.

don't worry, I believe you john



The libshits are the worst for it and Malcolm prepbull just talks complete and utter horse shit.

>bill shorten this bill shorten that

>hurrdurr its the other sides fault

>dodges every question


Lot of cumguzzling going on in this thread today



Ya, cumguzzling has hit new highs just recently.




>be me 21 or 22 years old

>get curious

>have nice orgasm into glass cup

>big thick white slightly yellow load

>gulp it down

>instant regret

it was so fucking warm and thick.



>slightly yellow

is that normal, mines a bit like that too. why is that?



what have you been eating? that will be the answer



yeah because god forbid people start thinking seriously and start asking why australia's economy is tanking with a banker at the helm


File: 628953d59c80172⋯.png (221.34 KB, 460x331, 460:331, 1407672138643.png)

File: 628953d59c80172⋯.png (221.34 KB, 460x331, 460:331, 1407672138643.png)

File: 628953d59c80172⋯.png (221.34 KB, 460x331, 460:331, 1407672138643.png)

Literally all women at uni are whores its impossible to find a nice gf



>I didn't start any of that shit, they're the ones sooking over my opinions and the fact I have a hot gf and they dont.

You aren't even a fucking NEET GTFO faggot.

>Wrong and you know it! Here it doesn't matter anyway because we're all known as 'cunt'.

You are causing drama, like fagneet.

>Rational centrist views* FTFY

You are still a fucking cuck.

>She's cute af, pale skin, Caucasian features, petite, sucks and swallows, sex when ever I want and is perfect wife material and dedicated/loyal. You're just jealous.

I don't care.

>kek, look who's talking.

Says the person who has shitted up the entire board for months on end. I read the other thread, the other guy raged out even trying to reason with you.

>I thought you said I was anything BUT a normalfag? Remember, I was a NEET for 11 years and am an Autistic Schizo.

You must have me confused with someone else. Either way you are causing drama and I want you to leave.



mines not like that anymore but yes its normal.


despite what the MSM will tell you, the liberal party has always been shit at managing the economy.


>uni girls

m8…look else where.



>You aren't even a fucking NEET GTFO faggot.

Not everyone here is a NEET and I've been a NEET longer than all of you most likely.

>You are causing drama, like fagneet.

Not intentionally, a few of you just need to harden up.

>You are still a fucking cuck.

Quite the opposite actually friendo.

>Says the person who has shitted up the entire board for months on end. I read the other thread, the other guy raged out even trying to reason with you.

No he sperged out because someone disagreed with him.

>and I want you to leave.

Good luck with that.



>the liberal party has always been shit at managing the economy

don't doubt that for a second because their economic policy for the past few decades have been

>there's debt?

<everything's on sale!



> I've been a NEET longer than all of you

if it is a competition, i hope someone other than me is winning



>Not everyone here is a NEET

This is NEET thread. If you aren't a NEET gtfo

>Not intentionally, a few of you just need to harden up.

You are causing drama and persona-ing just like him.

>No he sperged out because someone disagreed with him.

I read that entire thread (what a fucking waste of time that was) and it appeared to be that you didn't want to listen to any other posters, either way I don't care what goes on outside the NEET thread. This is a safe space, and you gf-having, wagecucking ass can vacate it.

>Good luck with that.

You are lucky the BO is absent. He will be back shortly, as I can recall you have been banned here numerous times, there is only one person around here who keeps shilling is indian gf.



>This is NEET thread. If you aren't a NEET gtfo

Yet non-NEETs post here..it's more like the general thread for the whole board.

>You are causing drama and persona-ing just like him.


>his is a safe space, and you gf-having, wagecucking ass can vacate it.

Muh safe space. What a snowflake, sad!

>You are lucky the BO is absent. He will be back shortly,

Cool, that's great. He unbanned me anyway.

> there is only one person around here who keeps shilling is indian gf.

Obviously and it only got brought up because some ass ravage autist dug up my old post from another board. Lmao.


I'm waiting for food at this place called porkies for a delivery and it's filled to the brim with noisy kids and Asian people.

And they're playing "were all in this together"

What a night



audible kekles




That was the sort of movie we had to jerk off to back in the pre internet porn days.



>Yet non-NEETs post here..it's more like the general thread for the whole board.

It isn't. It is the NEET thread. There is a wagie thread but I cbf digging up the link, so non neets gtfo


>Muh safe space. What a snowflake, sad!

^ Is causing drama.

>He unbanned me anyway.

No he didn't. You just changed your IP, its a old fagneet technique he used to great lengths many times.

>Obviously and it only got brought up because some ass ravage autist dug up my old post from another board.

You must be incredibly retarded with your personal information if people can dig up your posts from a completely different board.



Get out American!



>No he didn't. You just changed your IP,

How? I don't have a dynamic IP…

>You must be incredibly retarded with your personal information if people can dig up your posts from a completely different board.

Not really, he just figured it out because he post on r9k too and pin pointed me because I mentioned I started posting on chans since 2007 and 'muh indian gf' which seems to have severely triggered a couple snowflakes here.


Pls ban this fuck

Just ban and get it over with



Pathetic little child.


>reading through diary entries from years gone by

>problems I was trying to solve then are still not solved now

just fuck my shit up neetos, does the ride ever end?



It will be over when you die.


Neets we are being invaded, BO doesnnt want to ban, so come here


Just continue like old, no fagneet, or indiangf faggot



I bet even then I'll wake up five minutes late for a max appointment





File: 6fd6849119f709f⋯.png (78.36 KB, 840x544, 105:68, 1476813953981.png)


You can still solve them. It's not too late.



I have a static IP as well and the same thing happened, Australian internet is quite irregular. I will post on another board that tells you the country and location and it never gives the correct location and often changes the location completely, of course a ban won't stick in such circumstances.

Also of course such a statement would course agitation, bestiality is disgusting.



I know friendo, but it just feels frustrating to see previous attempts and be back to trying again.



what problems do you need to solve?



Fuck off.

A schism is the last thing a >100 poster board needs.


Unless of course, OP is past about 3-4 years out of highschool, at which point things rapidly become pretty much set in stone.


File: 0c9fef588ffbe93⋯.gif (3.03 MB, 359x202, 359:202, what.gif)


There is no need to be this upset.



>we are being invaded

I've been posting here since the exodus dumb fuck and good the BO wont ban people just because a few snowflakes get triggered.


My IP hasn't changed, I suspect I was unbanned when the website got hacked.

>Also of course such a statement would course agitation, bestiality is disgusting.

wew what an edgy little snowflake! North Indians are Caucasian btw.



>Fuck off.

>A schism is the last thing a >100 poster board needs.



Isn't people that I want to post around. Indiangf faggot ruined the NEET thread.



omfg reee delete this gif theres a SHITSKIN in it!!! reeeeeeeeeeeeeeee




Theres max in hell you know



All NEETs go to heaven.



Get the fuck out you fucking redditor



Fuck off moron, this cunt ruined the thread


I said nothing then this cuckbag brought it up.



I don't use reddit.




Fuck off indiangf faggot FFS no one likes you



You might be right. Year 12 ended almost be six years ago but I try to believe things can still be changed for the better.



You seem to like me in the other threads where you dont know who I am ;)


File: 380379006a0172d⋯.png (89.22 KB, 500x484, 125:121, 1484725714490.png)


>Unless of course, OP is past about 3-4 years out of highschool, at which point things rapidly become pretty much set in stone.



So are Italians, I don't care what you call them, they aren't human.



How do you know that? What evidence do you have to suggest they aren't human? Explain it in scientific terms, I'm waiting.


File: 1962522064611c3⋯.jpg (24.13 KB, 492x299, 492:299, images (21).jpg)


Don't resign to despair.



>think you finished high school last your

>you finished high school in 2013

holy shit



Good lord you are stupid, I'm not even going to toy with you, it would be too easy.



>Ad hominem

Not an argument.


File: 553db78390bf616⋯.png (16.75 KB, 316x143, 316:143, Dominos Free Pizzas.png)

Evening plebs, any of you score a free pizza from Dominos this arvo?


Indiangf neet isn't on the other board m8s


File: 6213d620f6e4f4d⋯.png (12.81 KB, 698x521, 698:521, reeeeeeeeeeee.png)




You have no power there you fucking faggot. HAHA


File: 5096994c40cccb7⋯.jpg (70.07 KB, 581x569, 581:569, 1472623439816.jpg)

I do not like all this drama.




BO isn't banning this





faggot, what can I do?



Me either, had a gut-full of drama as it is - last thing I need is it on the general



Blame the faggots that get triggered by people with different opinions then go on 2-3 day spergfest and lose their shit because someone has a reeeeee gf



You should have just ignored it.



I tried, but he isn't going away. He knows the mods here are absent and is terrorizing the entirety of /aus/



"You are going to run out of VPN nodes. I have all day to ban every single one of them."

Lol what a loser.



Keep cycling them bud, I'll just keep banning them.



>and is terrorizing the entirety of /aus/


What a snowflake!

Reddit spacing!




Nah I think I'd rather sit here and watch you get more paranoid and waste your """precious""" time waiting for me to appear.




You are so irritating it made me create and entire new board just to be free of you. For fucks sake.



What a fucking snowflake. This is why Trump won.



> This is why Trump won.

Is your anus still flustered that Trump won?



No I'm enjoying seeing Conservacucks and libshits tear each other apart and at the same time seeing Putin get his wish of America becoming more unstable.


File: 06bef2d6ca7b057⋯.png (4.48 KB, 268x188, 67:47, images.png)

Lot of angry neets tonight.



A lot of them are GFless and get jealous easily.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>getting angry

that's what normies do

get yourselves together neatos



that's pretty groovy neato




Yeah it is pretty good. Has a bit of a shadilay type vibe.


I need to poo



Well don't just tell us about it get rid of that prostate tickler


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>shadilay type vibe

pretty much describes all of euro/italo disco



Wanna do it in my mouth? Scatneet here btw.



Neck yourself you filthy abo






You bet I am shitcunt


File: 3bec8312079e7d8⋯.jpg (126.55 KB, 720x671, 720:671, 6630afc27ee2e2c3f2040377c7….jpg)

Hello neets, rough week it's been.

>power supply is shit and pissed on by rats because open cover

>use bro's wagie bucks to buy new one

>atx pins shaped weird so it doesn't work

>wasted $40

>friend gives me new PSU that shits out randomly while playing vidya

>meanwhile he drops by just to say he got an electrician job and makes in a week than bro in 2

>mom talking shit to everyone we know that me and bro about us being lazy poorfags even though she only recently moved out

>can't get a job because mummy never got me birth certificate, social security, driver's license, etc.

I want off this ride.



only if you handle a real neets poo



>can't get a job because mummy never got me birth certificate, social security, driver's license, etc.

geez thats actually fucked.

Does she have a good reason?



Sounds like your mumsa real lazy bitch, without a birth cert you might as well be an illegal immigrant.

Even the average street shitting pajeet has more rights than you



No reason at all, she's just been a cunt ever since she left


Pretty much is. She manipulates people into doing shit that she doesn't want to do or work for, but every time I get angry at her in front of other people it's always

>why are you so mean to your mom?

>she's so nice anon you should respect her more





i want a big fat junk food fuelled NEET shit in my mouth



and it's only wednesday, still plenty of time for things to get worse


File: 73cb62144a531bb⋯.jpg (27.1 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 603795_945754562115115_469….jpg)

>tfw finally got a job but it's casual and you only work 1-2 days a week at best so still need to be on neetbux to makeup the difference.

How the fuck do people function in the real world. I get a shitty job and earn less than if I didn't have one at all.


Fuck I'm in the same boat.


File: 6cf03e34b34323e⋯.jpg (67.34 KB, 633x758, 633:758, 1493656238029.jpg)


worst part is you aren't wrong


Just finished my 7km run, now time to gorge myself on food and fap



>can't get a job because mummy never got me birth certificate, social security, driver's license, etc

You can apply to have a copy of your birth certificate sent to you m8. And getting your license is within your control.

>social security

Are you legit in the US?



>actually completing a 7k run then ruining it with a food binge

Why? 7k's is impressive



So I don't turn skele like some neets here


I wonder how dietneets going, did he give into his carnal desires



>because mummy never got me birth certificate, social security, driver's license, etc.

feels known



Haven't seen him in a while, I like to be optimistic but I think he probably cracked and started gorging on shit tier food again.



dietneet got his life together upon coming to an epiphany about how negative this place is. he immediately stop his diet, regained all weight and left /aus/ to go find john, whereupon john let dietneet lose his virginity to his trap wife. dietneet is now spending the rest of his days in the pataya district in thailand, sniffing ladyboy assholes and acting as the wealthy and fat sugardaddy pimp for hundreds of thai girls



i believe he'll make it


File: c910b6bb68fa76c⋯.png (70.3 KB, 847x536, 847:536, 1469188975412.png)





DietNEET here. I stopped updating because I only had the same stuff to report and I figured people would be sick of hearing about it.

The diet is still going well, but I am struggling psychologically. I am so hungry all the time. I am starting to question just how long I can live like this.


Still feeling sick from when I missed tea the other day, I think it weekend my immune system temporarily so now I have a cold as well.



Good stuff, don't give into your urges.



A growing neet needs to eat his tendie tea every night, or else he will surely whither away and die


Just keep strong and don't let those "it can't hurt" thoughts break through. You'll be chadneet in no time



I won't give into the urges. But at some point the urges are going to need to go away, because it will not be sustainable to live like this permanently.


File: 608e0a7be6a06e6⋯.jpg (21.92 KB, 372x395, 372:395, images (21).jpg)


You just have to be poor and black to lose weight



Im black on the inside



Yeah you don't want to be dieting forever, once you get down to a weight where you can effectively exercise you will be able to eat normally instead of starving yourself.



That's good to hear m8y.

Hang in there.



All Neets are.



Sounds like you got blacked



Eating normally will feel like dieting to a fat person



Yes this was my problem the last time I lost weight. 2500 calories a day feels like starvation to the fat person's fucked-up brain. Their body wants 5000 a day and demands it.



I wonder if boogie is liquefied his kfc to get his fix



He will stretch his stomach out again. In 2 years he will be 200kg again.



He shoots up kfc gravy now.



His wife will fix him up an overdose


Man i need a haircut but i hate sitting in the chair trying to make small talk



I go to one of those no-appointment chain stores in a shopping centre and find the hairdressers there never ask me any unnecessary questions.



Yeh questions like "so what do you do?"



KFC potato and gravy enema.



Just lie to them and tell them you're a Doctor or something high up, might even get some pussy.



>so what do you do ?

Your mum.

No more conversation

With a possibility of bashed NEET.


File: bee4bda53d22986⋯.jpg (308.64 KB, 1092x1023, 364:341, 1470813528779.jpg)


top lel as if some unkempt stinky shambling autistic NEET could convince someone they were a doctor.


File: 517e8659764b386⋯.jpg (14.88 KB, 255x211, 255:211, 2be0da81c0ad6a5e5238497fed….jpg)


We can dream though m8.


File: 5c434b65561a754⋯.png (188.15 KB, 385x385, 1:1, tumblr_o0419881C41uyno79o1….png)


Even my dreams are dead now.


Mummys birthday today, gonna go get her a new tapset for her shitting room and some krispy kreme.



You'd be surprised, just ask mummy to Iron and clean the cum stains off your best NEET outfit and hit the town, telling bitches you're a ceo or chairman of some company, fresh pussy for days, just make sure you give them a fake number, we're only doing a pump and dumb operation, nothing long term.



good on you buddy, have you seen the new mozzarella burger from kfc?



i bought some clippers, might not look as groovy but it feels good and saves either the awkward small talk or the boner for the chink hairdresser



can you even into NEETdom?



My grandma cuts my hair, don't even need to pay her.



you better install it or she'll give all the gbps to the handyman.



does she make sticky date pudding?

grandmamas sticky date pudding is heaven



File: c633a1c11f801f5⋯.png (537.36 KB, 1022x499, 1022:499, TZniHE1.png)

Hello NEETs, I bring you good news! I am MRI NEET, was in any of your thoughts?

I saw my neurologist today to get the results of my 3T brain and full spine MRI, and there were no abnormalities found! I am over the moon, as you can imagine, although we still have no explanation for my symptoms, at least it's not likely to be MS now.

I was prepared for an MS diagnosis. It's not the end of the world. But I'd rather not have it.



i dont believe you.



If you were the real MRI NEET something would've been found.



Tricking normie women into thinking you're a successful richfag just for a root is a valuable skill any NEET should have.



Nope. Although I'm second guessing the radiologist and thinking maybe he missed something, but that's just my stupid anxiety kicking in.



oh, where do you acquire said skill?



it's not stupid. everything else will wither and die or decide to leave you. that "stupid anxiety" is all that will remain, it is constant, it is eternal, it is your only true friend


File: 5512e467424c817⋯.gif (30.43 KB, 914x1091, 914:1091, BYgmMHb.gif)


File: b9f43fbc48287dd⋯.png (176.68 KB, 436x361, 436:361, 1492953013537.png)


You are an evil NEET. You will not manipulate me.



i dont think it comes with age, i have been myself for long enough and havent got it yet, i even tried being other people and never had that



Eventually you will get to the stage where you have nothing left, not even the feels causing you to be a sperg.

Then you'll be truly free.



will i not?



but then i wont be myself



so what are you going to do now with the rest of your life left to live?



I'm going to try and get a lumbar puncture and visual evoked potentials tests done because I am concerned I have deep grey matter cortical lesions that MRIs can't detect.



Yeah I use clippers a lot of the time and do my own haircut but the problem is you can't clean up the back of your neck and you become all messy back there.



I am glad you got the all clear there m8. But as I have told you before, I think you are going to end up finding that all your health fears are part of mental illness and there has never actually been anything wrong with you.



Have you considered that sitting for long periods, the excessive inactivity, the eating junk, drinking to excess are responsibile for your health problems and not some disease? You fill a car with shitty fuel and leave it sitting for years unused, well, it's not gonna run well.



My mum always told me all my symptoms were because of that. It is actually possible, although I think there is something going on.


That would be good but my symptoms are too real to be psychosomatic. I feel like a 95 year old woman. Every part of my body feels like it is breaking down. My joints, brain, skin, hair, nose, mouth, bones, nerves, etc. It just never ends. I feel so sick and it's horrible.



I don't doubt that it feels real to you m8. But all the tests keep coming back clear. At some point they are going to mark you down as a hypochondriac. And you need to contemplate the possibility that they might be right.




But even that would be the wrong diagnosis. It's modern life that ails him, normal reaction to what he is doing (or isn't doing) with his body, not a mental issue like being hypochondriac.



Have you ever been prescribed any medication for mental health issues? I'm wondering if you're inadvertently going through some kind of discontinuation syndrome.




No, he just has 'been sitting in the chair for way too long' disorder.


File: 895b9ea53bf76db⋯.jpg (14.23 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 1471938211547.jpg)


Are you questioning my diagnosis? I am one of the most highly regarded amateur internet doctors going.



No, but my neurologist actually prescribed me 100mg Zoloft daily, just today. I don't know if I will take it, anti depressants seem like poison.



Both of you are right I think.


The NEET life is suffering. There are no magic fixes available. Poor mental health causes poor physical health.

I suffer from aches and pains all over my body. There is no obvious physical cause.



You're aware tha many doctors are pajeets aren't you?



Yes you would believe a stinky autistic pajeet or Chink could be a doctor. Not a white man though.



He's done that because you've come to him, paid him money and now he feels compelled to do something, anything, there is no reason to take Zoloft, it is poison and their efficacy isn't any better than a placebo.

Start taking walks, lifting weights, following along with some stretching videos on youtube and it'll do wonders.



I didn't want the anti depressant but he gave it to me anyway. He also prescribed me a really high starting dose.

I should be elated at the moment but I am consumed with the idea that the person who looked at my MRI scans made an error. I can't find him anywhere online and he signed off late at night meaning he could have been tired or something.



Yeah this is mental illness at work m8. The doctor has obviously decided that as well, since he is now treating your with drugs for mental illness.

I don't know what more to say. You can give the zoloft a try and see if it makes you feel any better.



I think I won't take it man, the one thing I still retain is my humanity and Zoloft will take that from me.



I have been on Zoloft and didn't find it worked for me so I stopped taking it. At high doses I felt a little bit like a zombie.

But some people find it helps them. You may want to consider that giving it a try might not hurt. You can always stop taking it.



If you decide to take it and you're prone to anxiety, start with a quarter or half a tablet. Something about the increase in serotonin levels can cause increased anxiety and agitation. I started 100mg Zoloft and had one of the worst panic attacks I've ever had. I actually presented to an ER because I didn't realise it was a panic attack, I thought it was an adverse reaction to the medicine.

Suffice to say, I think they're all fucked, and just blunt you emotionally. It does not make any sense at all to continuously take any medication that fucks with your neurochemistry.



I think you are right m8. I don't think this medicine can help me at all.


Can't it permanently fuck up your neurotransmitters? You have to use it for 3 weeks to get any effect.



>You can always stop taking it.

You can't revert the changes it makes to your brain chemistry, this shit destroys people for life.



>permanently fuck up your neurotransmitters?

I don't know. I was fucked up to start with anyway.




As controversial as anti-depressants are, they can work and be a saviour for some people.



Cheesecake, they clearly have done NOTHING for you gauging by your videos. Anti-depressants are barely studied, their efficacy is not proven, so how can they be a saviour for some people? Doesn't make sense. They're basically using young people to test the long term effects of this shit. Quit trying to lull other people into thinking that stuff is OK, taking an SSRI is one of the biggest regrets I have, they changed my brain in some strange manner permanently, affected relationships and everything, makes you borderline autistic or something.

Do not take that shit. Go for a walk, go and take a shower, masturbate, lift weights, go down to the op shop and buy a bunch of cheap plates and take them out the back of your house and smash them to release the anger or pent up emotion or whatever it is that troubles you, just don't take that crap.



They work for some people, also you're not a Dr.



That isn't me.



Says who? Dumb ass GP who doesn't give 2 fucks about you and just wants to give you anti-depressants so as to get his bulk billing scam processing as fast as possible.

You don't need to be a doctor to understand the studies coming out showing little to no efficacy.

A cold shower even shows more response to depression than that poison.



got some more pizzas on the way

t. same neet from the other week



Are we going to get some pics this time?



probably not


File: b66ec924933a055⋯.jpg (119.32 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1432901999178.jpg)



Link those studies too neeto. I'm not that guy but I am curious (not curious enough to search for it myself, I am a neet)



>citation required

Just do some googling on keywords like anti-depressants efficacy placebo etc, I can't remember the shit off the top off my head but there was one a year or so ago that was a big study that basically showed they were useless.


Personally I recommend cold showers but it is fucking brutal to do it on the regular but if you can stomach it for 30 seconds it will change your physiology and make your depressed feels dissipate immediately.


File: 8fcae00fe7d7efe⋯.jpg (9.83 KB, 184x184, 1:1, happy apu.jpg)

really enjoying life with this pizza neets. cooked perfectly, cheese is melted and stretchy, dough is crunchy but with just the right amount of bite



Are you a fat neet?



im a skeleton neet actually



>no pics of food

>no obesity

Not good m8.



Cheers mate, I'll have a bit of a look around myself too

I might try the cold shower thing eventually, not when it's the middle of winter though. I'd rather be depressed than freezing.


Just tried to escape NEETdom by going to an interview for a call centre job. I drove 45mins there and over an hour back (peak hour traffic) to an interview for an interview tomorrow.

These people have no souls.

They sell bullshit, they have no moral compass in the real sense of the word. They have been working so hard to get where they are that that is all they are. They have to justify in their selves why what they do is ok and it alters their very being. They are self righteous amoebas and their centre is a job they despise but it's all they have. Every action is to promote the well being of this "career", which they hate. Day in, day out. Driving home i had nothing but bitter contempt for the entirety of humanity, we have developed societies around the glorification of scum.

You guys might have it rough but know that you are leagues ahead of all other beings on this disgusting planet.



Yeah, things are bad. I wonder how long it can really last.



i took four painkillers and i've calmed down now.

i feel sorry for them



I find squeezing out a smelly fresh neet poo makes me happy



They still hire white people at call centers?



Just try the Zoloft no harm will come from it

Sexual dysfunction is very common though



i dunno, he said he's give me a ring in the morning if he wants me to go to the real interview


File: c4c747b5e4c2e73⋯.jpg (227.45 KB, 900x1301, 900:1301, 1502291873007.jpg)

File: ad6e90194ef59bd⋯.png (139.56 KB, 666x666, 1:1, 1502282169894.png)

What are you guys up to ?



cooking aldi chicken kievs



How ,any you having?

Any accompaniments?




A fair chunk of normies are complete and utter scum.

I'd rather than be stuck on an island with you fuckers than so many braindead and narcissistic "career" driven normies. Career driven normies are the worst.


File: d451ce893320557⋯.png (247.88 KB, 500x447, 500:447, 1462669636902.png)


You are a true NEET m8.



Any Islander women there? The ones I've been to have had heaps

they are probably easy lays if you're desperate


File: 11dc1129f1a8bc3⋯.jpg (77.65 KB, 777x437, 777:437, 2014-06-26-173-777x437.jpg)

I'm thinking of taking an antidepressant along with a benzodiazepine for short term relief



they are, they have no personalities apart from what is beneficial for their careers

you guys get me pissed off occasionally but that's because i spend a lot of time with you and you have strong, real personalities.

i see you guys like family, i dont like you sometimes but i'll always love you.

those people are barely people.


it's a hard life


there was someone in the other room i didnt see them but it was a grill

i'll meet them tomorrow if i do it. i'm still going to try, i dont want to be an embarrassment to my dad anymore and i have put a lot of effort into trying to improve myself in the normal way (job and social etc.) a lot of the questions in the email they sent me were really straight forward so i'm thinking that there will be a lot of ethnics



i got prescribed seroquil and pristiq for a few years, they made me numb out heaps and i was a zombie but it's the only way i could adjust myself to being outside



Are you schizo or psychotic ?



scared of the real world


File: e4963377a81f2b3⋯.jpg (554.24 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2017-08-10-213440.jpg)


MRI NEET here. This is what I have in front of me at the moment.



That's one thing that I like about the general, although we do have people we dislike who come to post here sometimes apart from that everyone here is 100% real and uncensored



>that there will be a lot of ethnics

if you do go there make sure you always shit before work or after so you don't have to use the toilet and that you don't store any food in the fridge you want to eat

t. ex-wagie who worked with ethnics



>Benzodiazepines are used for their sedative, anxiety-relieving and muscle-relaxing effects.

sounds dreamy



Doesn't do a damn thing to me, even if I take 15 tablets at a time.



i'm hoping i can use it to my advantage and people on the phone will relate with me more because im Aussie but i cant lie to people

i worked as a person who signs people up to do courses for a bit and sucked at it because i dont like making/coercing people to make decisions.

if they really wanted to do a course they would already be doing it rather than waiting for some fake smiled faggit out the front of centerlink ruining their cigarette


Are they any good aus drug forums/onions?

there was a NEET here asking for weed and then someone from aus was posting in 420chanu find anything?



how long have you been on them? do you need to up the dosage?



I've never been on them. 15 tablets with zero tolerance doesn't affect me, except for making it a bit easier to sleep. No lessening of anxiety.



building fantasy race cars



i looked them up properly, they're just valleys, me and my mate used to take loads of them. i cant remember the dosage though and i used to buy them off of a guy, not prescried



I'm out of the loop but check reddit.com/r/darknetmarketsoz



Yeah they are. Valium nor xanax does anything to me. I am immune to benzos for some reason.



when i took hem i remember feeling pretty "light" and had less physical pain

what about the other one, does it anti-depress you?


Who else going to be voting /NO/ in the gay marriage plebiscite?



Follow the thread m8 I am MRI NEET I just got scripted the zoloft, and i'm not going to take it.



You haven't taken a big enough dose.



Men marrying other men means there is less competition. Lesbians are a meme by the way



Me, might think of a way to rig the postal votes too.



Pretty much, I guess if they're not paying you a commission just don't be super convincing so you don't fuck too many people's lives up kek



oh, i didnt see the post/s where you said you arent going to take it



better make it quick, not much time before it's happening



Thats odd.

I thought you'd be a newb to drugs if you were cautious about taking the sertraline?

I haven't tried benzos before and I have big expectations


I think you're referring to depersonalization, which seems to wear off after a few weeks. It can be a good feeling though which you might be referring to



TBH neets i dont give a fuck if two faggots can get married, and share a disease.

but the money wasted on a plebiscite SHOULD BE GOING TO NEETS

but yeahno



Actually neets love being mad about things, and fag marriage is a good topic to get needlessly mad about.


File: 0e9068c79a5498a⋯.jpg (51.59 KB, 499x499, 1:1, 1389053049556.jpg)

I worked for 2 weeks at a call centre a few years ago, got so bored on the phones I legitimately considered smearing shit on the bathroom mirrors just to stir up some drama



nah, it wasnt a good feeling. i was on it for years



did it pay ok? they havent said how much the pay is yet



I found out about 420chan a few weeks ago it seems really cool, especially with the divided boards for each drug type




I'm not going to go on and on about it, but I strongly wouldn't recommend benzos. I took clonazepam for 4 years. If you take them on a regular or semi-regular basis, you cannot function without them. When you stop taking them or hit tolerance, anxiety has a new definition. I'm 9 months into my recovery, and I'd say I'm only half way there.

I actually thought MRI NEET might have already been on benzos and hit tolerance, because the symptoms he's describing are what people going through benzodiazepine withdrawal experience.



If they are that way inclined they will not be in a relationship with an anyway, ruining marriage will not change that.

Lesbians are not a meme either, I have met some. Although having met them one wonder weather they are only lesbians because no man will ever have them.



I feel like my anxiety can't get any higher


Voting yes for gay marriage so I can sell Australian citizenship to some guy overseas for a tidysum.



just sell your boipussy instead, at least that way you won't be hurting anyone else



>Although having met them one wonder weather they are only lesbians because no man will ever have them.

can confirm, this is surprisingly true



It's like a neet reality show



Wouldn't get anything for that, but sine chinky chink might be willing to pay 100k to get gay married and get citizenship and then divorce and go do his own thing.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

do you guys like paul kelly?



I wonder if the watching asio agents have favorite neets



I heard he has aids



I just hope they have debates about it (which is what the faggots are resisting) so people might actually realize how bad faggots really are



Obviously, famous people just don't have time to do everything themselves


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


nah, i havent heard that but i dont know much about him. i just like his songs

also, what's this song about?



what is the official NEET power ranking?



I consider myself a 240v neet

My faps and shits are electrifying


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

last one, i promise

i just think his song writing is really honest and wanted to share


Going to sleep with my waifu Chelsea now.



Might be going to a job interview with a real estate company my dad reffered me to, hopefully get out of this food delivery shit tired of hanging around car parks at night waiting for jobs and dealing with retarded customers.


File: 4372035e3108322⋯.jpg (133.08 KB, 684x758, 342:379, 1497770380481.jpg)


Reeeee Fucking nepotism cheat



Ha d to pick up nandos for a delivery and went to this westfield south of perth near beckenham and it was full of asians and arabs

There was even white women with asian men (and no women like asian men).

I used to work around there 10 years ago and it was mostly white bogans and a few abos but the whole area looks like its been nuked with a rice bomb.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Just enjoy every day you have in this great country lads, boomers sold our country out from under us financially and culturally.



lel the neet way to think.

How did it end?


v slow chan

the BWH is a good time


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Nice, I have something new to distract myself with.


G'morning NEETs, woke up too early again.



Morning, I'm usually up early too, mostly around 7:00 every morning regardless of what time i go to bed.



Good morning. I was up early too. Took the opportunity to get my dressing gown in the washing machine. I wear it all the time and haven't washed it in months. It has developed a sour smell that I can actually notice all the time now.



Morning neets is nearly 9

I woke up too late!

I have to clean my room

Apply for a mew wage cuck jobs

Lift some weights

And then take some shrooms all before 5

What u lot doing today?



>take some shrooms

Do you recommend this for other neets?

What does it do?



morning fellas


File: 09725ae28732c7c⋯.png (24.79 KB, 300x250, 6:5, 1497224008983.png)


Morning neets. Just reported.

Just a reminder, don't forget to report.

Another day another dollar.



good work, it's what they are paying you for. it's valuable intel



But pushing those 3 buttons is so hard


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What would you guys do to this girl?

Would you choke her while fucking her?



I'm thinking about claiming DSP for the PTSD the button pushing has caused me.


I have a job agency appointment in half an hour but I'm gonna call in sick because I've been smoking pot for the last 2 hours.

I'm one of those ACA NEETs now.



I always forget and do it a few days late.



would absolutely destroy tbqh



grow a mullet, dont shave and get a neck tattoo



Lol, That's a lot to do in half an hour.



She gets destroyed daily by her black boyfriend.



just draw it all on, they'll get the message



>strange looking guy walks into MAX

>fake hair,tattoo and beard drawn on in black pen

>MAX staff freak out and just tell me to leave



File: 30a75b0a23723d5⋯.png (16.57 KB, 640x560, 8:7, 1168 - g4T8kYJ.png)

So I got up early and decided to do the right things for once. I washed my dressing gown and hung it out on the line and then I decided to take the doggo for a walk.

I checked the weather before I left and it said there was an 8% chance of rain. Well me and the doggo got soaked at the furthest point from home and my dressing gown got soaked too so now it won't dry by the end of the day unless there is a miracle.

This is a lesson neets. Don't try and improve yourself.



I love rain. If it starts pouring while I'm on a walk my mood automatically gets upgraded a few notches.



>other MAXfriendos catch on

>becomes a trend to get out of appointments

>vast numbers of NEETs covered with texta road the streets now confident in numbers

>ACA does report of bizarre gangs that hang out at KFC and anime shops - no reports of violence, theft or destruction, just graffiti made from cheeto fingers

>other gangs leave due to our presence and huge numbers

>kfc give out dipping boxes to keep us around to ward off other gangs

>Beta uprising and NEET acceptance

one can dream



Kek, that's a good dream NEETbro







I disgust therefore I am NEET.


And now it is raining again. I am not even going to go out and bring my dressing gown in. There is no point. I have no other way of drying it.



the calling card of NEETman


File: 656434a2ac62304⋯.jpg (11.96 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 13626413_704207009720722_9….jpg)


I get this a lot


Which of you sad cunts submitted 69 (sixty fucking nine) post reports? And why?

You do realise I can just press one button and dismiss them all without even reading them?

For what purpose?



There was someone here being really annoying the other day.

Were all the reports by one person ?



While VN watches?



Yes. All 69 were one autist reporting 69 different posts.



what post were the reports for?



It would have been the anon who sperged out and started his own board the other day: >>138182



Should have just left it dirty and smelling like jizz



lol, everyone needs a release




What a spastic



I have no idea. They may well have been posts that needed looking at, but if you're going to go full retard and flood the report system then I'm not even going to bother looking and will just delete all the reports under the assumption that it's someone attempting to spam the system.



this anon>>138505 is probably right

he was getting cranky over indiangfNEET making the thread discussion heated



It had got to such a state of putrescence that even I, hardened NEET that I am, was bothered by it.



+4 Coat of Wizardry



I see that the handful of people who posted there are concerned I've not been around lately. That would be correct. I work full-time and have a gee eff and a social life, so I'm not really on imageboards much anymore.

I'll try and make more of an effort to drop by here once a day, even for just a few minutes, so that I can keep an eye on things. Sorry m8s.



>I work full-time and have a gee eff and a social life




You mean streetshitting gf neet

I'm fairly sure that's John since the posts were narcissist and all about him, homosexuals love attention



we are led by someone who is not one of us

sad feels


he reminds me of nisem on 4 - just says shit that he knows will inflate out haemorrhoids




I escaped and am glad of it.

If I can go from being a jobless heroin-using NEET with zero friends and crippling depression to a functioning normal member of society who is rather happy with his life, then anything is possible.

Don't lose hope, NEETs. We're all going to make it.



i didnt get a call back this morning from the call centre job i tried to get yesterday

the more some of us try the more we fall



Sorry to hear that m8. It didn't sound like the sort of job that would have suited you anyway.



Trying not lose hope. How did you do it?



yeah, i wasnt real keen on lying to people but i still would've liked that they thought i was an acceptable candidate for a job that requires no basic experience


File: b6df30d03d2e7bc⋯.jpg (91.03 KB, 863x995, 863:995, xInPg7E.jpg)


Wait BO you have a GF now? WTF? Is she a qt?




Perhaps you should try getting some experience then?



i volunteer two days a week and have a diploma in business



Next time check the local rain radar before you go out, it's much more accurate for shorter periods of time.



>tfw neetking evicts you for mindie abuse


I bet BO got his gf by boasting about being an 8chan mod.



chicks dig guys who are in charge of NEETs on anime boards



>Hey bby, wanna see me ban some nerds ?



>you like that huh?

>watch me delete all the reports and make them fend for themselves


I've been trying the cold shower meme. It's actually pretty good once you get used to it. I've been progressively having colder showers each time and blast myself with all cold water at the end for 30 seconds.

My back acne isn't as bad either.


Just bought some NEET drinks:

- Coca Cola No Sugar

- Pepsi Max Vanilla

- Fanta Zero Sugar

Feels good lads. All the taste, none of the sugar. The NEET life is a good one.



Are you the cunt who got all that garlic bread a while ago? How did you get it so cheap?


It is pretty windy outside. I think my dressing gown might get dry after all.

I will keep you posted.



No I was the one who got all the garlic bread. $2 a pop via a dominos coupon code found at ozbargain. It is not always out that cheap. The coupons vary.



>going out in public in a dressing gown

Kek, you faggot



How else are you supposed to accidentally flash qts?



NEETs can wear what we like, it is one of the many advantages of the NEET lifestyle, heathen.



we're all going to make it lads


Well I just brought the dressing gown in off the line and it is completely dry. I was a bit surprised. I gave it a few dozen good shakes because even after washing it twice in a row and it being out in the wind all day it was still full of dog hair and who knows what else.

It feels good to have it back on. I was cold and felt like I was naked without it.


Post a pick of your dick and you will enter a draw to win 5000 good boy points!


My plan to cut myself off for 8 weeks to get out of WFD has failed…



If the neets can't pay their rent I'll have to take sexual favours instead



What are you going to do now?




I see guys doing that down at the club and they're swimming in pussy



yeah the anime club


Lord of poo poo here

I am very disappointed with the size and quality of your poo poos neets, I demand each poo weigh at least 200g and have rich texture and flavour each time you go to the potty.

If you do not heed my warning your mummy's will be informed and your gbps could be suspended for up to 8 weeks



I always do big pooeys, at a minimum of 1.5kg, usually hurts my pooey hole on the way out.


File: 38cf10f6c389c67⋯.jpg (14.22 KB, 444x332, 111:83, 1501906327977.jpg)

>Brother is over again visiting parents



Is he a high achiever?



You gonna have a big family gangbang?



Very much anon, how'd you know?



I am an experienced NEET anthropologist.



i have small nuggets at irregular pooping times.

i am disgrace



you should go and tell him that you and other people on the internet are talking about him



He'd probably want to come and chat to you all



That's a bad neet, santa will be giving you wfd this Christmas



strange social animals, those non-NEETs


how do i improve sensei?



You must eat tendies mi goreng and chocolate with lots of coffee


Hey cumguzzlers



i had kievs for tea, mi goreng for lunch and drink coffee every day

you lie



>mi goreng for lunch

How many packs? Any less than five won't produce the desired results.



only three, i need to work on my intake


File: 83d3b3ad5646bcd⋯.png (2.78 KB, 168x168, 1:1, download.png)



Are you a real estate agent now?




Spend 5 minutes reading the front page and look at the lefty shitting up every thread and effectively adding nothing of worth to any topic. The fact that one anon made another board should tell you that the users want indiangf pajeet scat lefty banned.

>Yes. All 69 were one autist reporting 69 different posts.

You are lying. I myself run a board and I know that it is impossible to tell the identity of the IP that reported a post, only the post that was reported. Have you considered that everyone found that faggot so annoying he got reported a million times? I myself reported about 5 times the various posts he made.


>I see that the handful of people who posted there are concerned I've not been around lately. That would be correct. I work full-time and have a gee eff and a social life, so I'm not really on imageboards much anymore.

If you are too busy to run /aus/ give the board to a no-life NEET, there are plenty of us here.



>Your rental application for 72 neet way has been rejected



sorry to hear that mate



Nah I think I have the job, they just want me to go get a police clearance. I get $50 for evaluating a property and it's 2-3 days a week so I can still have my spare time and it will help me save up for a van.



how many houses can you evaluate a day?

i got my police clearance a few months ago, it was $43 i think


File: e684a140312fad3⋯.jpg (17.7 KB, 300x299, 300:299, questionmarkspepe.jpg)


>evaluating a property

What does this mean?



Tax depriciation


Not to sure but its gotta be better than what im doing now



If you have your own board then shouldn't you know about the Dismiss+ functionality inside every report window, allowing you to dismiss all reports made by that IP?


File: 34b6bcb7ed7c447⋯.png (3.64 KB, 370x116, 185:58, see what i mean.png)


Watching today tonight. Don't think they care about dole bludgers anymore.



What boomer-bait topic have they moved onto now?



That ugly Asian cunt has one of the world's most punchable faces.



I'd rather watch today tonight than the project



They look like cumguzzlers




No, just him.



We can never match the dodgy tradies ripping off your grandma



>tfw brother asked me to go to the pub with him and his mates

>tfw either look like an autist if I go or look like a dick if I refuse

family was a mistake



>brother is taller than you, more muscular, light brown hair and green eyes instead of dark brown and brown eyes, went to Uni, had amazing jobs and has a thick gf

>look in family relatives faces as you both walk in contrasted

family was a mistake anon



Just get drunk and threaten to rape the barmaid



It takes a ridiculous amount of money to get drunk at a bar, and I can't exactly sneak a goonbag in


Having someone grow up the same way as you makes it harder to blame your problems on your upbringing too. It's like failing a video game while the guy next to you aces it.



Is he concerned about your situation?



Doesn't your pub accept gbps?


File: 2d71623951871d0⋯.jpg (40.1 KB, 345x426, 115:142, images (33).jpg)

>tfw day 3 nofap



People always mention an increased sex drive and impetus to court women as a benefit of no fap, but I already have far too much of both.



Im gonna fap as soon as i finish work



I got to day 3 myself, didn't feel any different. Still just as apathetic towards porn



>tfw accidentally doing nofap because it's too cold to get aroused



>wake up at midnight

>can see my breath in the air in my room it's so cold

If it wasn't for my electric blanket I'd be fucked.


File: 28de45a51493931⋯.jpg (79.66 KB, 832x690, 416:345, tfwcouldntfinditinmyfolder….jpg)


I feel like this image when I head off in the morning lately


File: e037e1a8d8d7a0d⋯.jpg (75.58 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1397957631858.jpg)

The place where I buy burgers from has been giving me cold/refried chips again. It's really pissing me off.

They are giving me cold chips mixed with the fresh hot chips. So I'm noticing that some of the chips I'm eating are colder than the others. FUCK!

I even noticed a middle aged lady staring somewhat contemptuously at the worker as she put the ladys chips in a box - the fresh with the cold. Lol

I already don't eat the salads at this place because I have a suspicious feeling that they are keeping the salads out all day, putting them back in the fridge and then putting them back out for sale, and some of the salads have probably been sitting out there for weeks. Once I ate one of the coleslaws and 2 hours later I vomited it all up.

I need to snitch on this place or something. Seriously what the fuck is wrong with them. There is no way the customers don't notice this practice after a while.

Food is still pretty tasty tho…



they're doing it to spite you. If you never noticed they wouldn't do it, that's what the look is about



Did you show them your neet card? I get priority service when I show mine



You have complained about this before yet you still keep going back. The place is probably run by shitskins who wipe their arse with their bare hand but you keep going back. You are a disgrace.


File: a55700a1ba37982⋯.png (171.67 KB, 688x553, 688:553, 1490756398744.png)

DietNEET here. Things are going well. I can officially fit into my 4XL shirt again now.

Going to change up my diet when I go shopping on Wednesday. Have become concerned at the amount of sugar I am taking in currently. I am going to cut out the milk coffees. Will replace probably with brown rice.



I remember only fitting in 6xl shirts a few years ago, now I'm just as fat again but I haven't bought any new clothes for ages



How much do you weigh?



Yeah my body likes me to be around 6XL. That is what it is always trying to get me to achieve with the gorging.

We must resist though.


File: 96074c7cdf44bbe⋯.jpg (14.91 KB, 349x356, 349:356, images (32).jpg)

Morning neet cobbers. Payday tommorow. Going to get some neet treats.



What sort of NEET gets paid on a Sunday?



Not him but I do too. My payment date is listed as Monday but it always comes through Sunday.



Which bank? What time on Sunday?


File: 8311b8998e81621⋯.jpg (10.75 KB, 300x213, 100:71, images (34).jpg)


A holy neet.



Commonwealth. Not sure, I live in WA and it's usually in when I wake up.






How tall?


File: 74fc137b097c31e⋯.jpg (41.74 KB, 736x655, 736:655, qa3txr2y331y.jpg)


>neet treats

What do you consider a treat m80?


>decide to be productive and mow the lawn this weekend

>immediately find out there are three storms forecast

the neetgod has given me a sign indeed



More of you to love.


File: a8aad789ce21d87⋯.jpg (888.23 KB, 2791x3554, 2791:3554, maxyah2gh4fz.jpg)


Phat Ass White Girls



it's good to mow the lawn just before it rains because the rain will keep the clippings down and will stop it from blowing around for ages. I get hayfever from the clippings if i dont do it that way..



5'8" last time I checked.



In some ways you are better off being short when fat. When you are tall and fat you become a monster who people stop and stare at. The girl at the woolworths deli counter gasped once when she turned around and suddenly saw me standing there.



I've never really had a problem with hayfever so I just try to aim for when it's a bit dry. What do you do in summer?



get hayfever if i cant wait, but generally i wait til the forcast says there will be rain tomorrow



You disgusting faggot.


File: 448051efa5edf92⋯.png (380.36 KB, 2566x1790, 1283:895, 1479526834008.png)


What a strange remark.



I know them feels, I'm constantly giving people a fright when they turn around and notice me




Good on ya, I recently got a FT-Job but am yet to obtain a Gee-Eff. I don't have much time to browse here anymore, except weekends. I miss hanging out with you NEETs tbqh - I just hope you're not wasting muh tax-bux on degenerate shit… like I used to do


File: 7424df0bcfbfc91⋯.png (116.6 KB, 250x298, 125:149, hmmmmm[1].png)



That was indeed a strange remark



I don't have much of a choice

I already switched from a different burger place which hygiene standards scared me

e.g. making my burger with no gloves then immediately picking up the deep frier chip basket, then handling cash and coins, then going back to the burger or who knows what



Are you a regional neet?

I miss all the takeout options I used to have living in the city.




I must live in the most embarassing suburb in the whole neet general

I must be the only white guy/house here






I was at the local fish and chips and the guy took my order, accepted my cash, gave me my change, and then went straight to picking up the pieces of fish with his dirty fingers, dipping them in the batter, running his dirty fingers all along the pieces of fish to get the excess batter off, then he dropped the fish in the oil.

And only after all that did he wash his hands. To get the batter off them! He should have washed his hands and then put on gloves before he started.

I did not say anything, and I ate the fish afterwards but I never went back.


>mummybot is getting take away for dinner

time to join you, fat NEETs

oh wait I did gym today and I'll just get stronger



I'll swap you a half oz of pot for your mummybot.


File: 6da1c2bc5ffcdf9⋯.jpg (10.56 KB, 409x359, 409:359, images (35).jpg)

I'm so lonely.



I'll lend you his mummybot for a while if he agrees to my deal.

Hang in there m8.


File: 2403bc72168601e⋯.png (36.12 KB, 820x820, 1:1, 1483243825888.png)


We are here for you m8. Keep your pecker up.


File: 38b9fd7d5e41538⋯.jpg (56.24 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 1470684637104.jpg)


What sort of take away are you going to get?


Day 4 no fap. My balls are starting to ache.


Hey cumguzzlers



File: d762108544033dd⋯.jpg (1.52 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 15025221609531829863274.jpg)

The Lord of poo shall be pleased with me

Most of it came out thin and stringy



You should email that to everyone in india


File: 78ee3f706162586⋯.jpg (38.22 KB, 601x601, 1:1, 1400593232575.jpg)

I want to drink but I can't with the antidepressant/antianxiety thing I'm taking



I can't compete with pajeet, besides they'd ridicule me for using a toilet


Drink anyway


File: eecef9fb7c71a66⋯.png (1 MB, 891x695, 891:695, 1501310966035.png)


Alcohol is pure evil. Better off without TBH.


File: 72368900aa4b277⋯.png (57.51 KB, 504x578, 252:289, gianterectionpepe.png)


How often were you fapping before you started no fap?



Take this opportunity to get the booze out of your life for good m8.


>tfw turning 24 in a few weeks

I'm getting old NEETs, I feel the exact same as when I was 17-18. I just can't fathom time as a concept these days, it seems to go so fast.


File: 25debc9bdf9ca23⋯.png (94.57 KB, 300x300, 1:1, unnamed.png)



Don't listen to these fools, me and goon are the only friends you need



24 is pounding at my door as well. I don't feel like an adult and it hurts.


File: 18b3893ce69142a⋯.jpg (169.5 KB, 700x466, 350:233, 1423569702681.jpg)



I used to think I was old when I hit 24. But now that seems young. the ride never ends boys. It just starts going faster and faster.



Your meme is socially irresponsible. I would rather no neets fell into the drink to cope trap. Eventually the booze won't work and just makes things worse.



That pepe represents exactly how I feel, time is becoming increasingly blurred and the dark background represents the uncertainty that lays ahead.

I have so many regrets, my life could have been so much better if I could have just gone back and redone the last 2-3 years, fuck



I was the gambling NEET, kicked that habit a few weeks ago and have been better for it

Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, gambling, camwhores - you're not living until you're free of all vices


File: f3a8e6f6e1e7a15⋯.png (29.4 KB, 657x527, 657:527, 1481087179780.png)


What is there for a NEET if he has no vices?


File: ffd08ba29ebc9cb⋯.jpg (78.27 KB, 1080x716, 270:179, 12052461_10153085836296440….jpg)


Purity,respect,dignity and complete fucking boredom



I had to look those first three things up in the dictionary.


What are you guys up to?



Just fapped, about to go to bed. Read for a few hours before sleep.



What are you reading?



Noting down things I want to buy to help complete personal backyard projects, I need a rake with decent spread mostly. Lot of stray little to medium sized twigs in the grassy areas of my backyard, bit unsightly How about you?


If this is cumguzzling rapist edition I have a question.

Do we rape cumguzzlers or do we guzzle cum whilst raping ?

There's quite a bit of diference.


File: 3b75bc3e1f28442⋯.jpg (20.42 KB, 418x352, 19:16, images (22).jpg)


Some neets rape, lesser neets guzzle cum.

Which one are you?


Auspol thread on /pol/ up right now

Sorry guys but this general just isn't active enough for my tastes


File: 7e6b3b75a7b2966⋯.png (409 KB, 1144x888, 143:111, 7e6b3b75a7b29666bfab4b7f09….png)


>Which one are you?

I am a superior NEET of the rapist genus.



i made it ages ago, i just wanted to tell dietNEET how good the mozzarella burger is

tbh NEET general is leagues ahead of aus/pol/ though



You can't have a neet thread working too hard buddy



I did something once.


File: ecf0d2122267150⋯.jpg (38.6 KB, 720x539, 720:539, 1485780456573.jpg)


somehow im coming down with a fucking cold again, i had an awful long one only a month ago.

fucking cunt fuck. my mum brought me to india when i was aged 12 and i caught all sorts of sicknesses there and have never been normal again. i fucking hate that she brought me to that utter shithole. i know it is the cause of everything wrong with me



Why the fuck did she bring you there?

Was she trying to train you in the arts of street shitting?




I did a poo poo today



because she thought i'd enjoy going to that utterly worthless shithole

women think other people like the idea of "travel". i never have and i never fucking will.



>tfw haven't caught a cold for over a year



And people say we don't work for our NEETbux…




Like half of my chips were given to me cold today.

I feel like throwing a brick through the window through the shop front of this place



>you won't

>You'll just go back next time



Nah I got sufficiently pissed today to make a change about things



I've never received cold chips from take away shops ever. Must be a Sydney thing



Iktf m8s, I'm fucking 27 now. 3 years from fucking 30. Never had a gf, I was a neet for a few years and it's all a blur. I've spent the majority of my life sheltered inside my room



Wheel of Time Series. currently on The Great hunt.

I have read them all a few times before. I can't read new books any more so I just re-read old ones I used to like.


Anybody here been to a Perth uni?



Yep, they're full of gooks and pajeet.


File: 674db74e606474e⋯.jpg (31.82 KB, 499x499, 1:1, 1426228168702.jpg)


DietNEET here. You picked the wrong thing to try and trigger me with. Even at my worst, fast food disgusted me.

I went for another walk today. Everything is going well.



Have you ever fucked a girl?



it's just banter, i genuinely want you to succeed

good to hear you are doing well


File: 4c229cb575fefb0⋯.jpg (87.27 KB, 900x948, 75:79, 1500704370462.jpg)

>white supremacist rally

Fuck Fairfax and News Corp, I'm not alt-right but am so sick of their ridiculous sensationalism and clickbait. ABC's coverage was just as bad too

Either way glad we don't have that sort of shit here (yet at least)


I just rewatched Return of the Jedi and I have a question.

Did you always assume Jabba raped Leiah when she was his slave girl ?



Jabba would not stint himself in indulging his appetites with a fresh new slave. But the question I guess is just how does Jabba's species do sex? He may not even have a penis.



He did have a HUGE tail though …


File: 7f001b60e6126b1⋯.jpg (44.87 KB, 570x487, 570:487, 1458252499439.jpg)


I know it is just banter m8. God bless.



I never thought of jabba having a cock before tbh



My cat has a pretty big tail too but he doesn't stick it in any orifices



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