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Fuck off we're full
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File: d9580a3973b26fa⋯.jpg (64.01 KB, 600x581, 600:581, NEETgeneral.jpg)


Old Thread: >>145781

It is springtime for NEETs. I hope you are all in fine flower.


You beating me to making a thread motherfucker.

Were you just compulsively reposting it till it worked ?


I'm going to end it if I don't lose my virginity next year


File: fff0140a13f48a2⋯.png (92.63 KB, 700x454, 350:227, 1b3195ca449b6a86ef02b3e893….png)


I only tried twice.


File: 3836a61b5b091ab⋯.jpg (261.16 KB, 957x447, 319:149, NeetCat.jpg)


Lol, you still beat me, I tried about 6 times.



>see OP's image.

>start checking my ceiling for hidden cameras



Why do you keep linking this shit ?

You don't even bother trying to sell the place either, it's just "come and play at MY house kids"



psst, anon, it's in the smoke detector

You'll have to remove the battery to deactivate the camera.



Great, thanks for explaining that m8.

So what the fuck are you still doing here in this horrible place ?



>I hope you are all in fine flower.

what's that mean?



bugger off bum sniffer


fondling the gonads



It's true you know, he does sniff bums.

Bloody degenerate.


Pretty irritable today neetos



You can probably get a cream to rub on it from your GP m8.



Im staying in a hostel in Argentina with my uncle and i blocked a toilet with my huge jet lag and parrilla shits. It's one toilet shared with like 7 people. I hope they blame the low iq autistic guy staying here.


File: b14e57bd92b5998⋯.png (18.99 KB, 960x114, 160:19, sadfasdfasdf.png)



he pooed on it



Call them back and say you want extra bacon on it


File: bda0329eff257b0⋯.png (47.47 KB, 1368x222, 228:37, hmmm.png)


Did pizzaNEET get raped,murdered and poo'd on by muhammad ?

Find out in the next exciting instalment.

Only available in your friendly neighbourhood NEET thread.



was he that veganposter from a while ago?



Uncle is pissed, im gon get it now boiz. Weve already been chased out of 3 other places because i kept farting constantly. Even this German girl complained the place stunk like shit. Welp its been an interesting 4 weeks. In 23 days im gonna befowl Italian toilets too and cream some deigo pussy.


File: 45c6cb501a60ce1⋯.jpg (48.39 KB, 425x532, 425:532, 45c6cb501a60ce1f5dc1bcdb76….jpg)



Bix nood muddafugga



no chicken salt on my fucking chips, i feel a bit sad.



your body will thank you anon, it's healthier that way at least



i don't eat terrible food every day, a bit of tasty food once in a while isn't going to kill me


Had to Inspect a Pajeet house today, surprisingly it was cleaner than my house



malt vinegar is the better choice anyway



that isn't surprising considering the squalor you live in.

wash your sheets



What does your room smell like?



Pajeet probably doesnt piss in bottles



Nah, he saves his piss for it's rightful place on the street



The toilets were never used?



Dunno, the street outside the house was pretty clean



Maybe pajeet has an old wog woman next door ?

I've seen them wash the road outside their house before.



that just proves we don't have enough pajeets. We need to import more, so he can feel at home on the streets



We could pave the streets with pajeet … just saying.



>so he can feel at home on the streets

you do that by importing more pakis m8


NK's Pajeet obsession is hilarious when you take into account his mums current boyfriend is Sri Lankan.


Another day of hard yakka in the garden boys. That is two days in a row. I said I was knackered yesterday but now I am REALLY fucking knackered. My feet ache and I can barely walk.



Nah he's a half abbo half nigger with aids



A negbo ?



A pozbo.




Maybe a negrapozboong ?


>spending all day watching youtube videos on statistical analysis, learn the techniques they use to detect when survey responses have been filled in with false data

>realise they'd completely miss the way I semi-randomly fill in surveys

I've been fucking up research data all my life. Feels good to have made a difference to the world



I always fuck with data gathering on principle, my cats have been on the last 2 censuses.

Non English speaking background, works in pest control.



good onya m80, your cat's probably more australian than most of the people working in those data centres anyway


File: f61753cb4bf6ef1⋯.jpg (18.97 KB, 220x220, 1:1, merchant.jpg)


>collects neetbux

>forces his cats to wagecuck as pest controllers

How could anyone be so heartless and greedy?


File: 4b9bbb521a45175⋯.jpg (66.15 KB, 583x463, 583:463, NotImpressed.jpg)



Fuck off. I am a NEET and I was only interested in getting a part time job because I have fuck all money and there are things I want to buy. Until I get it I will post here, there is only one wagie here and that is neet king. Fuck off your everyone is a wagie.



If he's the same sperg from last time it's also that he thinks NEETs can't have friends or lives and should just sit in their rooms crying and watching anime.

No offence meant to NEETs who DO just cry and watch anime, each to their own as long as they aren't a cunt about it.



>his mums current boyfriend is Sri Lankan.


where did you come across this hot intel?



Good on ya mate

I did some waging as a gardener before and it was pretty enjoyable, being outside is underrated by a lot of neet types



I see his point but however, but there are people who cannot make the NEET life sustainable, and there are some NEETs who might want a job. I have been posting here since the 30th thread, Yes this is a thread for NEETs - but anons can discuss about getting a job if they so please.

I don't mind neet(wagie) king posting however, even if he is a wagie, because he is one of the personalities of the thread and is another oldfag of these threads.


Why the fuck do trains still exist? Why? And especially ones that intersect with main roads. I was coming home from an appointment just then, and I was stuck at the train crossing for at least 10 minutes while *three* trains made their way by. Why didn't the *oh so smart* urban planners make the train line go over the road? Or under?



Harder to off yourself by jumping in front of a bus



Either way after being stuck at 6 million red lights today, I must feel for the wagies having to put up with this spectacle every day. I think there should be less urban density, but wanting that when looking at the current immigration levels is just moot.



That shit used to drive me mad when I was waging.

Bad enough doing 10 hours for sheckelstein but to have to sit in traffic for an hour afterwards is just the cock up the arse



It's a shit post



So i can sit on the train and take creep shots of women



>implying that women on the train are going to be of a quality where it is worth taking photos of them


Yeah - I think if someone had a big rethink of the roads system, everything would be faster - deliveries, people getting to work, public transport etc. It might cost a lot of money to make all the trains go under/over the roads but I think it would cut travel time. Additionally, it would be good if the speed limit was raised on some roads- 50 for some roads feels way too slow.


File: d7815484232c8a3⋯.jpg (3.93 MB, 4084x3267, 4084:3267, Konachan.com - 251329 2gir….jpg)

I am thinking of seeing a psychiatrist or something and seeing if they diagnose me with anything and I can get out of wfd.

I know a few of you are on DSP, what for?

What is the process? Do I have to book a psychiatrist trough my emp agency or a doctor and does it cost anything?



Get your GP to refer you to the psychiatrist. You can see one for free if your symptoms are bad but there might be a long wait.

I have never understood some peoples reluctance to pay money to see health professionals. I saw my psychiatrist for free (after a 6 month wait) but looking back I would have been willing to pay $200 or so to see one faster.



If you go and see a GP they can usually refer you to a government psychiatrist, it will be free, private ones cost money. Your GP can write you med certs that exempt you from WFD but you should get them from a psychiatrist, and through the psychiatrist you can also get dsp (if you give them the paperwork).

Providing you see a government one (which a GP should refer you to) it will all be free. In the meantime between asking for the referral and actually seeing the psych, your GP can write you a med cert if you need it right now



>I have never understood some peoples reluctance to pay money to see health professionals. I saw my psychiatrist for free (after a 6 month wait) but looking back I would have been willing to pay $200 or so to see one faster.

Different states have better mental health departments. The one in WA is quite good and there was only a few weeks wait.



Just keep in mind after getting on DSP there is no going back. The severity of a diagnosis you would need will be to your detriment if you ever have a change of heart and want to get your shit together.


It's 4pm and now I cannot be fucked going to the shops after the frustration of being cucked at red lights earlier in the day. Might just stay inside and make some Twinings Australian Afternoon tea.




Thank you.


I thought you could still work on dsp but that you had a limit to how many hours or something.



>I thought you could still work on dsp but that you had a limit to how many hours or something.

Yes there is a limit, you can work up to 30 hours per week on DSP before you payment is affected . You can eventually get off it if you ever want to,(if you get it in the first place) but if you ever get off it and want a job that is more than 30 hours per week, you cannot get back on the DSP after working.



You can earn 75% of a fulltime wage then get an extra 800+ bux a fortnight. What a fucking wrought. This needs to be reformed badly.



>You can earn 75% of a fulltime wage then get an extra 800+ bux a fortnight. What a fucking wrought. This needs to be reformed badly.

I think if they work those hours the payment gets reduced, by how much I don't know, but I doubt they would still get $800 a fortnight if they worked like, 25 hours a week.



It is spelled "rort".

They make it generous so as to encourage DSP bludgers to work and eventually stop bludging which saves money in the long run.


There is a mosquito in here terrorising me.



Wave some bacon at it, mossies hate bacon



Most people on dsp are too retarded or broken to work, there aren't randos out there getting dsp for nothing and abusing the system




OldNEET here, that's fuckin' funny, when I was young it was all the Italians on workers compo for bad backs.

"The wog retirement" we used to call it.



Think of all the dspbux spent on buying kebabs

Fully hectic



I did mention retarded


I'm not on dsp (but have a Pensioner concession card) but the main benefit to being a dspneet is getting rego completely free. Since I am a half-dsp I only get it 50% off.

dspneets, are you aware of the rego savings?



In my state you get a discount but it is pretty small. Not even close to making it free.



reeee why wasn't I born retarded enough to qualify



mummybot buys my goon so I've never learned to drive



The Dan wagie probably thinks your mummybot is a drunk



It probably varies state to state. In WA dsp gets rego free, and people who don't have dsp but hold a pensioner concession card get it 50% off.



Dan does not judge



>letting mummy find out about the secret goon or alcohol stash



If I worked at Dan I'd judge everyone. I even do it a bit when I'm on a goon buying trip.


Might go buy a pizza tomorrow. Also found this $50 coles group gift card I must have got for christmas last year, might go to liquorland and get some gin to cash it in. What gin should I get NEETs? I already have some goon at home and want to get some gin



You should save your money. Use the gift card to buy necessary grocery items, not degenerate luxuries.



Fuck off mummybot



You should get a job. Stop being a degenerate leech.



You should get a nice wife and kids. Stop being a waste of life.


Am watching Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom. Really shit movie. The opening is pretty good but then it gets awful.



Your mum should get a job, maybe one where she learns how to teach her son to not be a whiny little cunt.



I intend do. Having a good family is very non degenerate.


My mum has a job.



>working for the jews


Crab bucket is getting rowdy tonight.



I already have plenty of money saved and I have already brought my groceries for the week. 'Degenerate luxuries' - is a term used by communists. The great part about living in Australia is that we have luxuries here - for an affordable price. If you want to live life without any luxuries, cancel your internet connection, destroy all your electronics, and buy all home brand foods. If you want to limit your life, be my guest. Oh, I don't do drugs either, before you accuse me of doing them.



Let us toast a glass of goon to this gentleman and taxes he pays to support us.


File: 649a066a992a142⋯.jpg (49.29 KB, 581x476, 83:68, 649a066a992a142ac56f4f55e5….jpg)


>telling people not to be degenerate

>in the neet general



>being a dspneet is getting rego completely free

i'm full dsp (dont have to go to cenno or have a quota of jobs) and i pay standard rego

$226 for 3 months



It's turning into a crap pot



And we are the wagies shitting in it from above



you should buy a house and a speedboat and go wakeboarding



Shitting hard earned taxes, that is



>So what the fuck are you still doing here in this horrible place ?

this is my last post in this thread


>If he's the same sperg from last time it's also that he thinks NEETs can't have friends or lives and should just sit in their rooms crying and watching anime.

if you actually read the thread i posted on dot pl you'd know that isn't me

have fun having depression for eternity you godless faggots



I can't even wake half the time, let alone wakeboard


File: c031f413fe53e79⋯.jpg (13.56 KB, 236x171, 236:171, 1442028253094.jpg)


>have fun having depression for eternity you godless faggots

it's all about perspective

lose your desires and learn to appreciate apt-ness

just enough is plenty



You have to eat my excrement to survive and the rest of society can see shit on your lips.


I think I changed my mind about the gin, liquorland has 700ml of Bombay sapphire for $45, or for $50 I can get 1l of vodka. I might go the vodka, it will probably last for a few months anyway.


Why are you leaving when only one wagie (neet king) is posting?


Oh fuck off, faggot. Do you really think we care? Enjoy pissing 80% of your life away to afford shit you don't need in a world fast going downhill. Butthurt faggot.



My current bottle of vodka has lasted since christmas



Damn I struck a nerve. You are paying a very heavy price for more free time. I would rather give up 38 hours of my week than completely opt of even having a chance at all the good things that come with not being at the absolute bottom of society.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

What do you think your life would be like without internet?

>inb4 OldNEETs taunt us



>You are paying a very heavy price for more free time

At least I have free time, cuck. What price? The price of not having a horde of money to piss away on frivolities?

> I would rather give up 38 hours of my week than completely opt of even having a chance at all the good things that come with not being at the absolute bottom of society.

Why is being at the bottom of society bad? Because you can't go to your dinner parties on the weekend and blow $200 at some shitty club? Being rich (or more importantly working) doesn't mean you are successful. 38 hours a week, and what do you have to show for it? More shiny things?

Also, you call me butthurt but you come into a NEET thread and then whine when everyone doesn't have it as miserable as you.



I tried to quit the internet - got my service disconnected - but I was back on after about 6 weeks.

It was really hard. Maybe it wouldn't have been such a problem if I wasn't NEET and didn't have so much time I needed to fill.

Time moves much more slowly with no internet. Which is good in some ways - you can do more thinking - but it is also really boring and some of the things you think about are things you would rather be distracted from.



At this point it's completely impossible to even guess at. The internet has been a core part of my adolescence and its impacts spread throughout my entire being



Mine might last longer, is yours a 700ml or 1l?



>this is my last post in this thread

you'll be back

>you godless faggots

Wow, neets BTFO. Did he really have to call us atheists? That really stings man.


Well, for one thing, I wouldn't have to obsess over The Jewish Conspiracy. Ignorance is bliss


I had to throw my bottle of olive oil out. I was taking too many sips. All those calories ruining my diet. The temptation was too much.



700 I think

Too lazy to go to the kitchen and check though



The internet occupies too large a part of society, too large to shut off from. In fact doing so would largely be a determent. I think for a lot of us it provides social interaction and a learning resource, also entertainment.

The times before the internet, it was possible to live without it. The world was better then, so much so you didn't have to compensate with a escapism tool such as the internet. In a way we know deep down that we have access to more information and social avenues, but these are necessary because society at large is currently shit. The internet makes it tolerable (or depending on where you go, worse)



Do you like the taste? I have never tasted it on it's own, but I switched to using it as my go-to oil of choice since I was red-pilled on vegetable oil.



Yeah it is pretty nice. Can catch you at the back of the throat and make you cough though.



Ok, we're in the twilight of western civilisation, but at least we can torrent tranny porn compilations, so it's not so bad



I was thinking more like, we have access to all the information, more than we ever could possibly learn. Of course there is a lot of garbage, and fake news.

Also, I have no friends, so I can talk to like people here. Without the internet we would all be equally as lonely.



>I think for a lot of us it provides social interaction

This is definitely true for me. I tried taking a break from places like this but it just left me completely alone. Even the half assed links you have with others here is enough to keep a person grounded and sane.


I've been on chatrooms, irc, various instant messaging services, forums, to neetdom, mental health etc. It's like having a vending machine selling junk food at the end of your drive way - it helps satisfy impulsive need for company, but doesn't do much for you long term.



Some people can't find company any other way.



>it helps satisfy impulsive need for company, but doesn't do much for you long term.

I have a brother who I am close with. It might be a better situation to others, but I have had friends before, I had too many bad experiences and years of isolation have dulled my social skills (what "skills" I had in the first place).

Lets be honest, say you put on a mask and go out and meet people. 98% of people out there are cunts, normies, narcissists, manipulative, or just plain assholes. Why are we recluses? Because we have been burned by experiences with society at large? There are good people out there, but I really don't have the fortitude to sift through and be destroyed in the process.


File: 26cc97b5aac59e3⋯.mp4 (4.99 MB, 640x480, 4:3, suppz.mp4)

File: c47a4a2258dfb2c⋯.jpg (265.22 KB, 800x480, 5:3, 7203 mnsc.jpg)

Vapor-not-NEET here, feeling a lot better.

Hope you guys are doing well, what's been happening?



Do you have a job? Did you make it?



still waiting on my postal vote



Italians are still dodgey as fuck



Is the Vita worth the money? I've thought about getting one so I can play degenerate weeaboo vidya games in bed, but it's barely sold anywhere now and seems a bit dead

Good to see you're doing well though mate, you had some good points in that rant you posted ages ago



I was at my joondalup dans when I finished inspecting and they had a mean looking security guard at the door, neets must be causing trouble down there



Why were you upset with the charlottesville events?



Fapping is a degenerate luxury these days


>Bombay sapphire

My mum drinks that


That ad down the bottom is making me horny


File: a62691640bb54dc⋯.jpg (1.43 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 1507205641526149583672.jpg)

Bought a carton of coopers clear for the goon cave



Do you have a power outlet in there? Should install a mini fridge.


File: 1007519aedbc291⋯.jpg (44.48 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1506687909560.jpg)

tfw still no rain


File: bbb042b615810fc⋯.png (123.22 KB, 360x310, 36:31, jewfap.png)


Same here, nothing like a good holocaust for a boner






Do you like their pale ale?



Sparkling is good I reckon, pale is just beer to me


Nah don't have either, I got a car fridge thou



Not even the goon cave is sacred anymore

Neet King truly is dead



last day of the normie migration tomorrow lads

just a gym session and nice book read for me, what's everyone else up to?

saw a bunch of teenage dropkicks at the shops today, just sitting around all wearing disgusting street wear shit - I wonder if they get NEETbux or just have rich parents.


File: 7bfdab758ed3b95⋯.gif (384.11 KB, 284x264, 71:66, Neh12tk.gif)


Yes, don't know about "making it" yet but I'm on the road to recovery.


It's worth it, choice is yours whether you get 1st gen OLED model, or 2nd gen LCD(mine) that has inbuilt storage and slightly more battery. 3.60 firmware is for homebrew/piracy.

The memory cards are expensive.

Do you have a PSP/DS/3DS system?


Not interested in talking politics.


I've been doing morning jogs, not sure if a gym membership is worth it, considering I'm just doing cardio to lose my stomach.



Buy a Vita TV if you want one, I got one a few months ago and it sub 3.60. Plus you can just plug in a portable hard drive and use that storage instead of paying for an expensive as fuck proprietary memory card. You will need a PS3/PS4 controller though.



If you're just doing cardio then I'd say it isn't, running is definitely nicer outside when you are getting vitamin D, have a nice breeze and can feel the energy of the world around you as you push yourself. Lifting is too but home gyms are expensive.

I'm trying to make it too anon, what things do you still have in your way you're trying to overcome?



No matter how much a neet tries, they always come back to the bucket


File: ab3796495828561⋯.jpg (36.69 KB, 350x240, 35:24, fatwhale.jpg)


I haven't drank goon in ages, as a crypto wagie the goon hangovers are just too much


>tfw no gf prospects

Any of you talking to girls ?



Im talking to this indonesian chick right now, she' muslim and wears ahead rag. Sound weird but she's shown me her tits a few times



That's cool. How did you meet?

Are you looking for a relationship or just some Muslim pussy?



Not atm, used to have a tinder profile and would talk to one. I stopped talking to her for a week and she deleted it, I'm too fat atm imo to talk/eventually meet up to fuck with any bitches anyway. My self esteem is fucked



Do you use angled pics to not look fat on tinder?



Who knows



Thats what a lot of chicks do






>myspace angles



Passive aggressive faggot



>Not interested in talking politics.

You mentioned it quite emotionally in the post you made a month ago before leaving, you worded it quite ambigious and it left me curious, did the events at Charlottesville put you off the movement?


File: 1e8d5172bb61890⋯.jpg (3.32 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, IMG20171006012748.jpg)

>tfw sitting in a restaurant at 1:25am

>order this for $12

>dude tells me they made extra and I'm welcome to take it

>offers me a free garlic bread too

>a few people sitting down eating and socializing too

This is max comfy m8s



>Why is being at the bottom of society bad?

- almost zero sexual market value to attain intimate relationships

- very slim chances of attracting a desirable mate

-lack of independence

-lack of financial security

-loneliness and isolation

-lack of belonging

-low self esteem

-less social capital and means to establish meaningful friendships

-more likely to indulge in self destructive vices because you don't have access to conventional sources(friends, sex, gf, responsibilities…) for positive emotional reward at the satiation level




Fuck that parmi looks good. Been out on the piss?



Nah just ordered a few late night pizzas here before and decided to try eating here, I'm looking at them add pizza toppings onto pizzas next to me and none of them are using gloves though..gross


File: 84bbc255ac0ec79⋯.jpg (72.17 KB, 531x471, 177:157, haram.jpg)


Wagie king here

Posting in the neet thread as a wagie is a privilege, so stop pissing off the neets.



Do you suffer more as wagie than you did as a neet?



Nope. Every dollar you earn, before tax, drops the pension by 50 cents. Once you factor in the tax rate and other deductions, you're not ahead by much. Earn 2 grand a fortnight and you're off the pension, even if you're under 30 hours. At best you can get a couple of hundred extra a week, assuming you get a part time casual job that is an actual part time casual position and not jewry to jew you out of full time casual.

I guess if you were doing cash in hand type work, the sky would be the limit. That's what wogs were known for. I hear people can make $700 a week doing personal shopping for chinks, assuming you can beat the rest of the locusts to the baby formula. Of course, you don't need to be a neet to cheat the tax man.



It's just a different kind of suffering



Different anon here, previous neet and a wagie now. When I was a neet shit was incredibly bleak, day in, day out having absolutely fuckall reason to get out of bed, same old shit. Sure, it was nice getting to sleep in spend all day in bed which I still do on my days off but now that I'm working, I feel like I have purpose now, I have made friends with my coworkers and getting to meet and serve new people every day allows me to improve my confidence, I still have a long way to go but at least I'm not isolating myself in my room day in day out now.



>almost zero sexual market value to attain intimate relationships

Sex and intimacy aren't the same thing. Sexual market value is not solely determined by income or social status. Get /fit/ or develop a talent.

>very slim chances of attracting a desirable mate

Lower expectations.

>lack of independence

We're social animals. Unless you're prospecting gold in the Alaskan wilderness, you're dependent on others. You can't claim independence as a wagie or a salaryman. Contractor maybe, but you're still dependent on clients. Your boss might be independent, assuming they own the business that funds your lifestyle.

>lack of financial security

Pension for life

>loneliness and isolation

>lack of belonging

Where do you think you are?

>low self esteem


>less social capital and means to establish meaningful friendships

How so? Hobbies are cheap. Don't conflate a lack of desire to interact with people with a lack of ability.

>more likely to indulge in self destructive vices because you don't have access to conventional sources(friends, sex, gf, responsibilities…) for positive emotional reward at the satiation level


I can only speak for myself though. I used to be a materialist, but I'm trying to reform. Went to the range the other day. Spent 2 hours plinking at paper bunnies and I didn't even know where the time went. Met a few interesting people. Apparently I get discount membership on account of the pension. Also going to check out the local mens club and learn some carpentry skills some time in the next month. I'm developing skills and learning new things. You poor wagies don't have time for this sort of thing.


Good for you. Self improvement is the best kind of masturbation.



There's a few mens sheds around that are good, get there now before they turn into gay clubs



>Men Doing Their Own Sheds

Also but unrelated, fuck insomnia, fuck it with a big stick with nails in


Trouble sleeping again. Up early and couldn't get back to sleep. I should have been tired as fuck because of all my gardening work yesterday.

Why must existence constantly be torture?



you can't be comfy if you don't have discomfort. have a nice nap this afternoon



I think I will end up having a nap at some point. I usually try to avoid them because they make it harder for me to sleep that night.

I wonder if I should ask my doctor for sleeping pills.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Some qt on the bus smiled at me as she walked on and we had a bit of a back and forth chat but she wasn't really what I go for and tbh I have a lot of things I want to work on myself before I pursue anything like that.

I think what's mentioned here sums it up well in that for us gfs might not be what we expect



>the movement?

are we a team?



This is some heavy duty virtue signaling neetking

You wish to appease us?



I knew there was more of your kind here.



thank me later


Since I was up early I went for a drive this morning. I go early because traffic causes me so much anxiety. Seeing a car behind me causes feelings of panic.

I don't drive much any more. I only really go to the local shops for my fortnightly NEETshop. It is just down the road and if I go early there are hardly any cars around and the car park is empty.

I go for a random drive in the week between fortnightly shops because I am afraid if I leave the car without using it for two weeks the battery will die or something similar.

I wish I didn't feel all this useless anxiety.



>Seeing a car behind me causes feelings of panic.

slam on the breaks and say there was a cat and get cash out of them


File: e4e52afc01956be⋯.png (343.06 KB, 748x710, 374:355, 1464297996643.png)


What add ons to your browsers do you use?

I use tampermonkey, uBlock origins and 4chanX but i dont know what they do

I tried to use brave browser and that seems really cool but i couldnt get the quick reply box to come up on the chans so i stopped using it, i know there is a way to get it to work but i dont really get how to add extensions or whatever



do not ignore the coincidences


Well 2nd week on the job and i just got called in for disciplinary meeting. Why?

For being late 20 minutes 2 times. I wish i told them to get fucked and walked out. Employers dont really want someone to work they just want someone to jump when they say and bend over when they say.

Its a fucking temp gov job processing transactions. Real boring very easy. Also i mDOING ALL MY WORK FOR THE DAY AND THEN SOME. They give us a 100 to do a day and i hit 150 easy (with me bludging). There are two other ladies doing they same job and they just do a 100.

One day i did 200 because i tried. Literally double the work but the mgmt want to pull me on BEING FUCKING LATE.

man fuck work. I cant wait for this fucking shit to be over and get back on the dole. Its just bullshit. They also called me out for "longer lunch". Nevermind the faggot manager and his smoker buddies take ciggie breaks 6 times a day.

Fuck this fucking gay shit.

sorry for shitting up the neet thread guysive been neet for the year until now



Turning up on time is a pretty basic thing m8. I can't take your side here. You need to stop and reflect on your attitude towards things.



Firefox with adblock and noscript

Noscript is very good bascailly anything on any webpage will not open run unless, u allow it via no script. Good for that popups on porno sites because they just popup but the noscript stops everything else. Also good for websites with annoying autoplay videos



maybe you should be more punctual, they're not paying you for lollygagging



sorry, i should've mentioned i use chrome

do you know what should be used to allow the quick reply box on brave?




Yeah their paying to the process transactions which im exceeding at.

Can you tell me why i need to be on time when all the work gets done?



>Can you tell me why i need to be on time when all the work gets done?

This logic always drove me mad when I was a wagie.

From your bosses perspective it'd be "if you turn up late then EVERYONE will" type of shit which is true but as you said look at your workload.

Probably not much help to you but if you stick round a place for long enough for them to realise how much you do THEN you can start telling them to fuck off, if you're lucky enough to not have an arsehole boss (lol)



>Can you tell me why i need to be on time when all the work gets done?

Because it's a government job? You're earning a wage, not a salary. Process 99 forms, then shitpost here until the end of your shift, then do the last one. Every extra 100 forms you do, is an extra day you wont be hired for the temp job, so your work ethic is fucking you over in the long run.

It's a marathon, not a sprint.




This it's fucking bullshti but all you can do, especially in Australia and in the public sector there are so mainly braindead Stacies who don't have a clue how to do anything. So many people turn up at 9AM and yet do fuck all until 5PM with the most intensive thinking and moving they do being what carb processed shit to eat at lunch and how fast to gobble it down



If that's true then just do the same



it's a salary not a wage but can confirm, this is how all bureaucratic offices work which is why blue collared folk look down on them

if you wanted to do something constructive with your time and efforts in a white collar sector you'd be working commission or running your own business m8



Were a bowel movement



Nah just get sick of seeing those retarded arguments


Just had a morning fap, slightly hungover and time to wage


I just got back from my morning NEET walk.

Saw a bunch of gooks that I honestly could not tell if they were poofs,trannys or just dressed in strange fashion.

It's like they were a gay gook gang or some shit.



>brain dead stacies

Some gems from today

>when was ww2

>what does reference mean?

>is a peee n gee file a virus?

>what is 200x11?

>goes to find a physical calculator while sitting at a computer

Dumb cunts too stupid to fucking google.

The young stacies here are really fucking annoying. Always chriping about some dumb shit too, they never shut the fuck up like they have an aversion to silence


Impossible. For the reasons above and also because these people are idiots who do everything slowly. They do jack shit all day because they type with one finger and use right click to copy paste. I would need to half my mental capacity to operate like them.

I also cant just fucking do my work and then shitpost because the manager sits right next to me.


>Every extra 100 forms you do, is an extra day you wont be hired for the temp job

Very good point anon



Yeah they dress weird as fuck, especially Chinese international students look like everything they buy is the $9.99 "FASHION" shit for sale on eBay shipped from Hong Kong


That sounds awful anon, really makes you wonder how such dumb people can get through life doing just basic tasks. I mean surely new people join and are just in shock by how incompetent these people actually are, the worst are the lifers who have somehow stayed on for like 30-40 yrs, just thinking of the sheer wasted $$ that has been spent on them over the yeasr is even more depressing than the chirpiness of the OMG TRAVEEEEEEEEL young Stacies imo.



>brain dead stacies

I was actually shocked many years back to discover that even being a young autist stacking boxes in a warehouse that I could use a computer better than any of the office staff.

Public service staff are even worse from what I've seen too, they consider the half-arsed shit non-government offices do to be "hard work".



That's why government jobs exist, to give useless women jobs



Private companies do it too. I don't understand why. You'd think they would want to save their money.



The only theory I could ever come up with is that people like looking at young women (shock horror !!) and will put up with incompetence for a perve and a chance at a root.



>they never shut the fuck up like they have an aversion to silence

women hate silence and peaceful times



A lot of them are fat middle-aged women.



Tbh I found they were the more competent ones, not hard working or anything but they usually knew what they were doing.

This is 10-15 years ago though, I guess the ones who were young and stupid then are old fat and stupid now.


Any neets here still doing wfd?


File: 7f203def151cf9c⋯.jpg (788.66 KB, 800x931, 800:931, b2f916997703a84b7f2e679c83….jpg)

I just took some meth.

I'm a bad NEET



i'm not


File: 9705d2d75566164⋯.jpg (80.09 KB, 500x599, 500:599, pepe_heisenberg.jpg)


Winners don't do drugs anon, they just star in award winning HBO dramas where they manufacture them.

(but seriously, what does it feel like?)



Using drugs ruined Heisenberg's wigger partner's life. Drugs are for losers (unless you are manufacturing them and wearing a boss fedora).



Usually I'm the opposite - I always get stuck behind someone and it enrages me and I start yelling 'MOVE NIGGERFAG! I have important neet business to attend to'

The only time I actually swear at people.


>Posting about problems at work on a neet thread

Be 8 hours late every day, then you can have sympathy.




I have a hypothesis the government employs women to slow down the birth rate. Overpopulation used to be a really big issue, then suddenly it got replaced by 'feminism'



Fancy-fashion neets plz go. I have a pair of tracksuit pants I've washed at least twice this year, and with small holes that seductively tempt the world with by large, hairy buttocks. Along with a tshirt this should in all conceivable settings - ie, sitting in front of your computer, and morning visits to dan's.


They probably died from despair anon, this being the real way wfd reduces the number of unemployed.



If you could die from despair I would have done it ages ago.



I was asking because I used to take prescription amphetamines (for ADD) which are closely related chemically to meth.

They made me energetic, focused and determined, and removed my lethargy- but they also made me grim, anxious and removed my sense of fun and creativity.

Worst of all, they gave me paranoid thoughts - I kept thinking the world was really dominated by a sinister network of jews, who ruled the world through control of finance and the media.

Naturally, I did the responsible thing and stopped taking them.



Sounds like you were taking red pills.


brush your teeth



Amphetamines = Red Pills

SSRI's = Blue Pills

prove me wrong



So everyone on pol is on meth?



i'm on oxy.

fuck drugs



Dopamine = The Neurochemical Aryan

Serotonin = The Neurochemical Jew

…or something


Amphetamine is different from Methamphetamine. That's why I wanted meth-anon to report his research.


File: ac863a975205aff⋯.jpg (17.05 KB, 285x214, 285:214, oxos.jpg)


I'm on oxos.


File: 9145a1a28f085b8⋯.jpg (2.29 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, IMG_20171006_163454.jpg)


$13 at woollies



if you shoot it, it lasts longer

you gotta mix it though, the concentrated shit will fuck you up



I cut it with carrots, celery and onion.


File: f3f70ac53b37394⋯.webm (1.95 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, when you ask pol about th….webm)


all this drug talk has given me the itch

i misspelled shit like 10 times in this post


File: b883724796e6f3b⋯.jpg (14.69 KB, 254x255, 254:255, 1442789119591.jpg)

do ==NOT== do drugs anons!!!

you are all lovely and we are all going to make it!!

find something else to do like pick up a craft

drugs are bad!




==NOT== fuck up redtexting



lol i



must've been the drugs






File: 2e14015391a7645⋯.png (139.36 KB, 500x277, 500:277, UmqCd9q.png)

how the fuck do you fuck up redtexting?



<i know right



>13 fucking dollars for a dvd in the current year

Normies are getting jewd hard


I got a job to get out of it. They sent me a survey the other day with a bolded line saying "IF YOU DO THIS SURVEY YOU WILL AVOID A PHONE CALL". Sneaky cunts. I opened the survey out of cursiosity and the only real questions were "did wfd increase of decrease your desire to get a job?". Hopefully my no answer will help spare future neets from the horror that is my current reality.



To clarify the question was phrased "Did WFD make you increase your job search options?", hence the no answer.



This is proof you can take the neet out of the unemployment but you can never take away the neet mindset



The cashier at Target reluctantly talked to me briefly while she served me



did you ask for nudes?



I don't want to see nasty wagie pussy


3rd fap of the day.

My balls hurt.



Really poor form neet, you need to practice more or you'll be kicked from the neet fap team



>Worst of all, they gave me paranoid thoughts - I kept thinking the world was really dominated by a sinister network of jews, who ruled the world through control of finance and the media.

That is what is actually happening though.




Correct diet, strict training regime, intense psychological motivation - and stay away from the temptation of performance enhancing drugs


are you meth-neet?



I overdose on shame and poor self control. Gets my average right up to national level.


Has halfchan /pol/ recently become a painfully ironic parody of a white nationalist board or has it always been like that?


File: 3e04acb1f04ecde⋯.jpg (28.27 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


it's constantly as bad as it will ever get and then the next day even more so




/pol/ has always been a white nationalist board.



/pol/ has always supported Israel




The problem with pol is that it's full of 14 year old memelords



I have adjusted aptly



It's true.



Fuck off kike. /pol/ has never supported israel. Just because a few redditors are there that un-ironically do, doesn't mean the consensus it.



It's cunts like you who cant into irony that shitted up the board.

If you lurked for the two years like everyone said you should've and spent your initial time in /b/ootcamp by the time it came to posting you would've seen all the "redpills" and be able to discern info from shitposts.

also, if you came after 2013 the site was already a shitfest so tough titties



Ironic humor is the favorite humor for redditors, hence why I despise it's use.

>If you lurked for the two years like everyone said you should've and spent your initial time in /b/ootcamp by the time it came to posting you would've seen all the "redpills" and be able to discern info from shitposts.

Fuck off. I have been on 8chan since 2013, I am sick of muh ironic memeing because it's just utter shit. Say what you want to say, not coat it in irony so you can perpetually claim "its just a joke" whilst being devoid of any actual genuine discussion.

/b/ is shit and always be shit.


File: 0bb0252547716b6⋯.jpg (179.02 KB, 619x406, 619:406, ZXWdeeS.jpg)



>/pol/ supports Our Greatest Ally

We're talking about the pol that has daily merchant threads, and sees a jew behind every post, right? Not some other /pol/?

That reminds me, I keep searching for a meme of exceptional dankness I saw on a merchant thread - it's in a car, the rear view mirror has a view of the WTC collapsing, and a nose is just edging around a seat.



>it's just utter shit

Then why do you go there? If you want the deep, dark, undiluted truth read the financial and business sections of the news.





/pol/ is a bunch of kids, anyone who has any sort of knowledge about the shit they talk about cringes at the shit that gets posted. So much of it is just flat out wrong and inaccurate.

I'm not even against the things that they necessarily support half the time but so many are so obviously either /r/the_donald transplants or <18 yrs old but I guess that goes for most of halfchan

I'm pretty much just /YouTube/ these days, less bullshit and more quality content



Any sufficiently ironic posting is indistinguishable from retardedness



is this satire?



Any sufficiently retarded satire is indistinguishable from retardedness



I disagree, a lot actually have quite long and detailed posts arguing with other posters. A lot of the people that post there are just dumb as fuck and don't have any understanding of basic knowledge, they're not memers or anything "pretending to be retarded xD"



is this sarcasm?


Quite night of waging, hopefully I can get home by ten and go for a jog then a fap



>jogging at night time

It's time for the raper to become the rapee



fap while jogging


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


drive around joondalup with no lights on playing this


File: 9460aa781d5b42c⋯.jpg (56.98 KB, 600x584, 75:73, Fleshlight.jpg)

Should I get one…?



I pre lube my ass for the rapists convenience



Get two, so you can know the joy of having a threesome


>hear my house mates having sex again

>some pretty loud moaning coming out of her room

>get up

>try and fap

>shit does nothing for me

I recorded her a while ago if anyone wants to hear it.


File: 84b3e58414de5e6⋯.jpg (85.9 KB, 962x566, 481:283, shooter.jpg)

Official shirt of the NEET thread, order on Redbubble, secret NEET meetup code is this shirt.

Walk around with this in public.



Yeah, nah Sam Hyde is a gay cunt.



Good to know your not in prison



where did you find your recorder?

did she move it?


File: f2f7bb8abe8a85e⋯.png (4.17 MB, 1600x4120, 40:103, Sam hydes tranny.png)

File: d90433de4d00bca⋯.png (548.03 KB, 1209x708, 403:236, sammyboy at it again.png)

File: 839967d79cde2a0⋯.jpg (609.31 KB, 1600x2965, 320:593, sexual sammy.jpg)

File: a67fd0af5a0ae3d⋯.jpg (345.48 KB, 748x1772, 187:443, sams lgbt threads.jpg)


he sure is



I just recorded it on my phone, pitch black video but audio is fine



but wasnt it not there when you checked last time?



No, you're confusing me with someone else




>there are multiple NEETs recording their housemates having sex ITT


>tfw hangover



When you've been on the internet for so long and lurk chans most people are like this


File: cfe1146bc23e009⋯.jpg (436.8 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1315045564611.jpg)


im fine being a virgin myself but lately i've been really horny in a much more hostile way than normal. i'm not just horny, i'm angry like i want to fucking destroy something with my dick. like i want to dominate and conquer. my breathing gets heavy and i just start to feel this blind rage coming on and it gets hard to control it and it just starts getting white in front of my eyes and i subconsciously start to grind my teeth and i get more and more pissed while also getting horny, you know what i'm saying? the thing is though, i can't let myself masturbate either because then i just get depressed. so i either just do physical stuff to get it out my system as much as possible and get tired and then sleep afterwards or just sleep if i can manage. it sucks cause i can't enjoy anime and other fun stuff because i can't focus through that blind rage enough to finish a single episode. just makes me wanna smash the screen and rape something if you know what i mean. i dunno, maybe it comes with age since i'm turning 25 soon and it used to not be like this.


School holidays ending soon NEETs, prepare for the comfy times.

Any update on that NEET asking that girl to meet up?



honestly maybe just really consider getting an escort of some 4/10 on Tinder to get it over with



Your dick is finally starting to express its latent mutant superpowers. Soon you will become Penisman, able to cut down tall building with your schlong.

But you must resist the temptation to use your powers for evil, or personal gain anon, and use them only to fight crime and make the world a better place for all.



I do not like to hear about this sort of thing. Please keep your perversions and urges to yourselves neets.

I am trying to like you guys but some of you insist on making it difficult.



dont fall for>>146985's trickery, he wants you to lose, only 5 more years and that rage will manifest in absolute power

become the high priest, embrace the fury of wizardry



Kids and teenagers should be banned from public tbh


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>everything goes white

lol. Watch from around 5:35 or so. Entire interview is funny. Anon should join a boxing club and do some sparring. It'll stop the 'white-outs' guaranteed. I'm still laughing.



I secretly records neets masturbating



But their the most fun to rape



We're aware, we just like the excitement


Absent a harem or two, do you think the kings of times gone by grew bored, depressed and perhaps suicidal? We have it better than the richest of kings with nicer food, porn, and drugs available for nothing yet everyone is depressed, perhaps depression is a maladie reserved only for the rich.



It has been known for a very very long time that hedonism and materialism do not produce happiness.



speak for yourself, i'm very content consuming both, the problem is only that one is required to consume larger amounts to acquire the same effect as previous time one indulged.



You would not be in this thread if you were happy and content. You would not be anywhere near this place.


File: fbf5126b73806c0⋯.jpg (382.42 KB, 1536x1024, 3:2, cocaine.jpg)


and you think the man worked to death unable to even contemplate his life due to how busy and how tired he is is in a better position? my point of my post was that even as kings that grow tired and bored, ultimately they are rich because they can do what they want as they please even if that just happens to be wallowing in depression, the slave or wagie has no option and is far too tired and overworked to even contemplate his position in order to feel depressed.

so how about you snort a few more lines and just relax already



>and is far too tired and overworked to even contemplate his position in order to feel depressed.

Depression and suicide caused by overworking is a very real thing.




sitting in an air conditioned office answering make work calls isn't work chapo


>last post 4pm

C'mon cunts get in here. I've just poured a glass of whisky and am seeking entertainment. Surely one of you is lurking with a glass of something or other in their hand?



Posting was down. Don't worry, I thought the same thing initially.


are we back up?


there was maintenance or some shit going on

we all got put on sudo




Wew lads, I was that desperate for contact I fired up the ol' Rizon//aus/ chat. So glad this place is back. You guys doing anything interesting?



m8 got into a fender bender with a chink driver who backed into him


File: 39807adac1d6a10⋯.png (6.97 KB, 230x219, 230:219, classic_pepe.png)


>having m8's

nofunneet was right, we are getting softcore around here


I was forced to look at halfchan pol. There's a thread of centrelink workers there. It's depressing to read about the DSP.



Any physical confrontation or was it a polite exchange of licence details and/or the ol' "She'll be right m8…"?



>the ol' Rizon//aus/ chat

what's that?



he's a neet now too so it's sort of like having a brother in arms


it was china being chinese and m80 almost got fleeced over because he's a car crash virgin


does anyone here have a premium 8chan account?

what goes on there?




Probably a dead board anyway.


with the chan down I was inspired to go to the gym. Goddamn place had a normie infestation. 9pm on a saturday night - don't these people have fucking clubs and pubs to go to?

Had to wait around for 15 minutes pretending to do exercises because chad was hitting on stacy next to the power rack (he actually put her number into his phone at one point). I needed the power rack, but didn't feel comfortable with other people next to me


is the site still fucking up for you's?



i watched Howards End after i got tired of the sudo thread and all the spam shit


File: 0a6e56f674458da⋯.jpg (38.23 KB, 540x670, 54:67, tmp_5722-15073770599887572….jpg)


which one of you nominated us for the hunger games?

is fuck off, we're full sfw?


>tfw wish I could drink responsibly



Gym 9AM-2PM during Monday-Friday is maximum comfy, I always enjoy morning work outs because you can enjoy the endorphin chill throughout the rest of the day.

The only way I got through real wagie hours was by having massive morning workouts so I was asleep with my eye open all throughout the work day



>tfw joined a gym but hesitant to start lifting so I just do pussy cardio

What lifts do you do? I've got it in my head that I'd need to get my proper eating under control if I want to put on much muscle if I started lifting



>I was forced to look at halfchan pol. There's a thread of centrelink workers there. It's depressing to read about the DSP.

Elaborate m8, what did you see?



Everyone becomes stronger initially, no matter their diet, because the nervous system has to become more efficient in the way it signals muscles to flex. Perhaps it's a good idea for you just to be in a gym regularly - do some light cardio, perfect your lifting technique with just the bare bar or a long piece of dowelling, and become comfortable in the environment.

Actually now that I think about it, that's exactly what you should do. You can read up on nutrition and start lifting for strength and size gains when you're ready.



thread started by a cenno worker, idk if I can post urls here: boards.4chan.org /pol/thread/144384585


and make sure never to bench press without a spotter, or you will die horribly like the young chad mentioned in a previous neet thread as the bar crushes your chest



Just compounds then at the end I fuck around with isolation movements for fun

Makes you feel more relaxed throughout the day and more productive, it's nice



i read two or three posts

i'm not going to enjoy that



I wish i could anything in moderation


Went outside and did a bit more yard work this morning. I am slowly but surely getting there.

Once the outside is done it will be time to work on the inside of my filthy house.



I thought the whole point was to work from the inside out.


whats with these people sending messages to my phone about voting about literal gay shit, i hate it



He probably wants to save the cum cupboards for last



Do gay shits look different from straight ones, because of all the streching gay colons undergo? This seems like a question that science must investigate.



I don't see what difference it makes. I started with the outside because it is an eye sore and probably annoys the neighbours.


File: 1875db7e91552db⋯.jpg (1.74 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 15074307094461744471161.jpg)

Another day of waging to commence, and I'm wearing different jeans



Did you get too fat for the old jeans?



Food causes clothing to shrink - Scientific FACT


File: 781a179c27c9f65⋯.jpg (81.23 KB, 793x645, 793:645, mirrorpepe.jpg)

>tfw when you wash your clothes and then try to wear them again but realise you are now too fat.




Nah all the sweat and cum made them too tight



>(but seriously, what does it feel like?)

Sorry m8, very late answer.

Pretty good tbh, made me feel all energetic and talkative, kept me up for 2 nights and drank and smoke the whole time

I'm a bit of a mess now though



Head down to Ronalds and dans and they'll make you feel better and fuller



Did it make you really horny? I have heard that meth junkies rub their dicks raw and basically compulsively masturbate.



Nah, it didn't.

The m8 I took it with says it will if you've a woman around, no such luck for me though.



my mate blew thousands on it last year (he took a loan out for shit and fucked himself up)

he was saying that you get horny when you are coming down, especially for women



Might be an age thing then, I'm an old cunt.



he was saying the dealers/cooks get the young sluts on it then they can give them a point or two to fuck them

it's not like prostitution the girls will fuck them just so the old blokes keep them around

i used to smoke shit loads of pot and one of my dealers sold that as well and always had three or four teen junkie sluts there living with him - i thougt it was really weird at the time but yeah, i guess that was the go



You should be old enough to know that going on drug binges is not a good idea.


File: f1c770e9be3d0e5⋯.jpg (57.38 KB, 1024x577, 1024:577, Classic-Vag-Slider-1-1464x….jpg)

fleshlightNEET, did you order it yet?



It's all good m8, first time in 12 years and I won't be doing it again.

Just ran into a mate from the old days and thought fuck it, it was fun but I'll stick to my whisky and occasional smoke.



if any of you are interested in seeing the second half of bathurst



It's on TV too, although I guess some of you neets don't have a tv

The animeland f1 gp is on too


art thou alive?


File: f368df0a8b977b5⋯.jpg (55.54 KB, 600x450, 4:3, forced_to_eat_my_own_poo_b….jpg)


Yeah, I art.

Return of the NEETs


File: 2a4ce508fd312da⋯.jpg (1.91 MB, 4608x3456, 4:3, IMG_20171008_140556.jpg)

Time for a Dan break, taking tomorrow off work so I can get smashed tonight.

Get out of the wagie cage



How do you do the knit jesus though


ohh, i was having fun on sudo



What about those poor normies who need their food delivered? You need to take your duty to society more seriously wagie


Anyone else have brothers/sisters who are even bigger fuck ups than they are yet get favoritism for no reason at all?



Nobody is a bigger fuck up than me



Wanna fight about it ?



No because I'd lose



Lol, fair enough.

Hang on, that means you win …



My neetga, what you drankin?


Just gettin' crunk, might beat the neetstick later on. What's everyone else up to?


File: 7b19a6386cf203e⋯.jpg (29.31 KB, 800x522, 400:261, 7b19a6386cf203ebfdc291941c….jpg)



No, but I've owned one a few years back and it was great although cleaning it was a pain in the arse. You'll get a better orgasm from these than from masturbating with your hand/s



Trying to gather the energy to cook something decent for dinner instead of eating cup noodles again



I'm in the mood for a delivery of food


File: c1a02be95b9b265⋯.jpg (9.3 KB, 242x242, 1:1, tired-pepe[1].jpg)


Wishing I could fall asleep


File: af5bc0e24ca0d7b⋯.jpg (71.48 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 290788xlg.jpg_Mitre10-Work….jpg)


testing out my new fan



What if some guy who doesn't wash his sheets or change his pants touches it though?


File: 1ec72e114011222⋯.jpg (40.67 KB, 600x400, 3:2, Jon-in-action-1.jpg)


ex navy chef here

i did not spent years of training and preparation to visit auschan for some whiny cunt complaining that he or she will try to dodge cup noodles or attempt cooking for the first time, get off ur fat ass u lazy fuck and get creative, cooking is not that hard and if i catch u eating out of a cup of goodness i will tracert ur ass and lay a turd on ur doorstep…


File: bc124a054b41a1f⋯.jpg (7.32 KB, 311x200, 311:200, Under Seige.jpg)


>ex navy chef


File: 52470ee49e44d9e⋯.jpg (20.02 KB, 338x338, 1:1, coloured-chefdesign_1152-7….jpg)



Such as myself?


I just buy the el'cheapo pedestal fans from places like Kmart


Should've gone to Dan's earlier


File: 8a589e381fb379a⋯.jpg (42.57 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault[1].jpg)


>ex navy chef



Primarily squats. Every gym day is leg day for me. After my squats I tend to do whatever compound exercise I haven't done recently and sometimes an isolation.



You inspired me to chuck some snags in a pan and have bread and snags for dinner

thanks mate



>I just buy the el'cheapo pedestal fans from places like Kmart

that used to be me until i got sick of them burning out over summer



This inspired a little introspection, and I realised something - I am by far the biggest fuck up in my family. I now have something that gives me identity and makes me special.



you know what else gives you an identity?

your social security number






File: ab8c6b039d1c89a⋯.jpg (184.65 KB, 1228x619, 1228:619, ali.jpg)

File: 9a47c6faad49fc0⋯.jpg (15.32 KB, 470x78, 235:39, confirm.jpg)


It's ordered


File: 7f453c598084ad7⋯.jpg (11.59 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)


>social security number



>tfw there is 2 people worse than me in my family



We're all proud of you anon, and hope you have better luck than most people who order chink shit from aliexpress.

I keep looking at the bulk price option for some reason. Maybe you could order dozens of them cheaply and be onahole chad, fucking each one once before discarding it.


Waging is making me suicidal.



just cooked spag bol, now i'm not hungry


File: 95f9d620f26053b⋯.png (783.86 KB, 1280x696, 160:87, fish fingers.png)



CRN then


File: 329ca6ca8d39b36⋯.png (185.02 KB, 788x469, 788:469, No more nogf feelz.png)



Why no mannequin gf…?



you made your bed


File: 69619d05dd52408⋯.jpg (110.78 KB, 800x764, 200:191, pepe-anger.jpg)


>tfw almost 2018, yet aliexpress still won't sell you a teenage robot qt sex slave

How can life be so cruel? What happened to the future?



I know those feels mane. Seriously. Dan's your friend fwiw. What time do you have to be up tomorrow? It's 5 fucking AM for me.



Not really. My parents asked me to leave and I can't get DSP. It's out of pure necessity.




Being a neet was making me suicidal too though. There seems to be no escape from this particular ride.



there is though.



There's no neet general in the afterlife though friendo


File: cbcabdf4660cd59⋯.jpg (54.04 KB, 1344x756, 16:9, 1507445767569.jpg)


>animeland f1 gp

Absolutely fucking disappointing race.



Yeah I'm pretty upset about it, Hamilton is a shit



Fuck em, they've eaten enough



The cheapest bottle of vodka money could buy






I actually deliver to this guy who looks and acts a lot like Chris chan, he has autism and sometimes has his other autist friends with him and they always tell me about their day and what they're watching on tv



that sounds pretty cool tbh

you should get them to stream their parties. I'd watch



It's fun to watch from a distance but never go in the house



>tfw even literal autists have friends



>just squats

for what purpose? who was aesthetics?


File: cd8490f313eb119⋯.jpg (766.72 KB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 15074692363691368093984.jpg)

Stuck in Victoria park waiting for this shift to end so I can go home and get drunk



I always noticed this phenomenon, turbo autists always have quite large social circles. Perhaps it largely stems from their autismal forces being so strong that they aren't even aware of their social inhibitions to an extent where social anxiety etc. is foreign to them so they just make heaps of contacts with people.

A lot of turbo autists also have really niche hobbies/interests they're so autistically obsessed about they can talk 24/7 about so I guess you get a bunch of autists all into the same shit together and they just go on forever like best mates

I've always noticed it's more smart guys who are more capable of introspection and analytical thought that are friendlets



Autists don't feel that crushing sense of self awareness, basically


File: c7b166aca61204a⋯.jpg (74.48 KB, 500x562, 250:281, DLHqZVjUQAAtOH8.jpg)

Does anyone else find it fascinating how the female NEET equivalent is largely single mothers in the 18-25 yr age bracket?

I mean I get they would have a large family support and government gimmedat support network but their life experiences and what they've been through would for the most part be so much more colourful compared to the average NEET. Imagine waking up after a heavy gym session or a night partying with Dan and having a small child to look after.

I think with NEETking, other wagies or the UniNEETs over the months as a high IQ (Most of you guys legit would be smarter than most normies - just lacking motivation) despite NEET spells we can do almost anything, yet our NEET anti-thesis is largely constrained by what enables them to begin with to such an extent

just weird to think about idk



>too autistic for normies

>too normal for autismos

And by "too normal", I literally just mean I possess the ability to feel shame and embarrassment.



Pretty much, a blessing and a curse.

Sometimes I wonder if down syndrome people are the happiest of all or people with disabilities like that. Their life might be shit from our perspective in terms of their capabilities but maybe their ability to comprehend external stimulus is so limited that they just filter out all the negativity and omg food omg sunshieeen




>too autistic for normies

>too normal for autismos

sums most of us up pretty nicely



i was thinking about this the other day in regard to the spergs who want just neets ITT

the biggest NEETs in the country would be stay at home mums


File: 874f062d0863bf5⋯.jpeg (27.96 KB, 240x193, 240:193, no i am not crying.jpeg)


>Most of you guys legit would be smarter than most normies

can confirm i am actually retarded and not smart at all. if i was so smart, my life wouldnt be in such a mess.

im not "smart but lazy", im just lazy. lazy and weak


File: 75441831c7b1b78⋯.png (43.55 KB, 485x816, 485:816, kek.png)

I was looking up some jobs to report to Cenno, found this beauty.



why did you highlight that bit?


>order ubereats now and again

>think of ordering today

>decide to try out ordering from the restaurant myself, see the price difference

>drive down, order

>shit cost just $22

>the same thing ordered of ubereats is $29




Working "full time" is 38 hours per week. Pretty sure it's illegal for an employer to ask you to work 48-60 hours.



i've ordered over menulog a few times, they're $5 extra i think it was a service charge or something


File: 1a5a8b7a59aaab8⋯.png (108.02 KB, 246x299, 246:299, 1a5a8b7a59aaab8143176d9604….png)


when you're a neet you can put your efforts into not being depressed. i'm living a nice life of simple contentness right now but when i was a wagie i'd just be tired and depressed 24/7 cause i didn't have time to help myself and all that ceaseless work just kept pulling me back down.



And single mothers breed more neets, hence it is the neet circle



I did an order in northbridge tonight and I saw a bunch of pajeets on their bicycles delivering for deliveroo, the idea of a sweaty smelly pajeet handing you your food should put that shit out of business



>vettel got cucked again

>Hamilton got handed the title


2018 will be Ferrari's year


I got up just then, at 2:30 am, went to the kitchen to get my French onion dip from aldi I purchased two days prior, I went to the pantry to get some Ritz to have with them

>no Ritz biscuits in the pantry

>just a empty box

After Brendan frasering my way to put the dip back I just got some Greek yougurt with mango, why must my 3am NEETsnack end in disappointment.


I'm now browisng scumtree for Peugeot 206's


Anyone thought about why 8ch keeps having 'scheduled downtime'? Have the jews decided that things have gone far enough and are now preparing to shut us down?



I'm not sure it's illegal, I mean a lot of big player jobs you're hands down expected to be in the office from 7AM-7PM or even more ridiculous hours if you have international clients or what not.

48-60 hours sure as hell isn't very appealing no matter what $$ you're paying, I especially don't get young people that work such crazy hours. I mean in your 40s and 50s when you have a family sure, but who works so long when you're in your 20s when it'll be on a shitty hourly rate when it comes down to it anyway?



always do your neetshopping regularly to avoid disappointment




because scriptsimian has the downs



>I especially don't get young people that work such crazy hours.

i guess a few of them still want to live the dream of having a big house and happy family, good on them if they can put the work into it but these days it'd be a lot more effort for what it's worth

i'm hoping that larper on 4/pol/ isn't larping and trump blows the lid on jfk otherwise the next few generations won't stand a chance


Saw a lost dog the other day so I picked her up. Friend managed to get a fella off of gumtree to come do a microchip reading (Sunday, most vets were closed) and we were able to track down her owners. Felt pretty gud.

Was having a chat to the guy and he essentially lurks gumtree most of the day, looking for lost dogs that need identification or rescue. Earlier that morning he was called out to pick up a giant Staffy some asshole must have purposely run down because of the sheer size of the dog, that was a bit heartbreaking.

Makes me think though if I can't maybe do that with my free time, that dude had to be 60+ and if he can manage doing this work pro bono…

All for the animals. Poor little cunts.



>that pay

I was the guy complaing about my shitty gov job with the bogan stacies but i get $30 an hour and i still fucking hate it

a good mate just became a cop a started on $75K which is like $35 an hour. Maybe ill do that



should be looking to make a business out of it so you can muscle him out of work m8



i wish i had options



pls gib job



Wish i had the option to not work


Do any of you NEETs invest your savings in the share market?



i'm not that smart


Going to go outside and do some more yard work. Slow and steady wins the race.



they're on to us



File: 5f0596f328ec6b6⋯.gif (8.58 MB, 650x276, 325:138, giphy.gif)

Oh boy I am laughing at this /tv/ thread


New Pacific Rim, looks like a piece of shit


Damn this gen is slow

Do we have some FAKE NEETS in this community?

Its a Monday, are some of you at WORK?



Nah, we're all recovering from the big NEET festival on the weekend.

…. You did get an invite didn't you ?



Bathurst Bogan Fest?



that it does, and here i was hoping for a decent sequel to an otherwise alright weeb movie


File: 960bcff72f61ce3⋯.jpg (44.17 KB, 389x366, 389:366, 1507139246001.jpg)


>Still no dominos email vouchers


I'm thinking of getting something like the Godfather, Firebreather and Pepperoni



i only watched about 30 laps



I'm too depressed to post.



File: 72f94939ae696ea⋯.jpg (261.05 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 1489518848932.jpg)

>12pm no dominos coupon email

I'm starving here



Well its 12 and ive already hit my target for today. Just another 7 hours and ill be home

I think im going to have a fap in the toilets.



leave it on the toilet paper



should've planted your own dominos tree

planted one last spring and now mine's starting to flower



You'll have to hire pajeet to come round and fondle the tree-pizzas when they're ripe or they won't have that authentic taste



Bullshit, being a neet and doing nothing with your life is depressing as fuck, you might think it's the best way to be now but that's because you're early 20's and dumb.


Got a couple more hours of yard work done. Moved some furniture out of my house and put it in the shed.

I think I am going to clear everything out and then get my carpets steam cleaned.



Used to. Focused on shares that offered a dividend and dividend reinvestment. So you get paid something per share. Bit of a hassle to do tax for. Day trading is a hassle and you're never keeping up with algos, but it might be worth it if you're managing your own super. Speculation can be a thing; buy shares in a mining or tech company, hope they get bought out by another company, which increases share value.

If I can save 5 grand I might get back into it with a Commonwealth Securities account. I have a lot of toys I want to buy first though. I'll probably just go for dividend type shares.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

High IQ Rick and Morty fans


File: da3458361fab6fc⋯.png (121.06 KB, 298x467, 298:467, work-death.png)


maybe so but it still feels better than working. whenever i get a job i fall back into depression within a month and i can't find a way out of it. either i don't sleep enough and do stuff i wanna do when i'm off work and get depressed due to being too tired or i sleep enough and spend the rest of my time for work, cooking and chores and end up not having enough time to do anything i want to do and get depressed from that. and of course, in both cases there's also the constant monotony and repetitiveness of work that just slowly but surely digs into your soul and drags you down.



I have been thinking about maybe investing in shares but I would really just be gambling while not knowing enough to make a success of it.

I think I will stick to my savings account.



r&m is the new mlp



I got cucked on my day off, was gonna get smashed last night and today but mummy didn't wanna work today



Have you considered moving out?



There isn't a lot of housing options for NEETs.



There's room for a big cardboard box by the bins in my alley



And I have an old tarp I could donate



Go for dividend paying shares or big companies. The shares tend to appreciate in value at a rate comparable to interest on a savings account. NAB, Telstra, and other 'too big to fail' companies. This is stuff that you'll be holding on to for years, not buying and selling in a flurry. Simply looking at the market occasionally does not cost you anything but time. If you're going to speculate on something long term, I would avoid anything to do with fashion, vague IT tech using buzzwords like 'the cloud' or 'data migration' or other fad stocks. Look at shit you're interested in, that might be around for a while. Gaming and gambling, health care, anything with significant infrastructure requirements. Like anything you do, success requires research and experience. Don't expect it to make you rich, think of it as earning a fraction more interest on funds that would otherwise sit idle in an account.



I think at the end of the day the extra time I would have to put in, and the extra risk I would have to take on would not be worth it for maybe a small improvement over just keeping my money in a high interest savings account.

Maybe if I had more of an interest in financial stuff it would be worth it as a hobby type thing, but I am not that into it and don't think I ever could be in that way. I am not anti-capitialist, but I am anti-materialist and don't really want to dive deep into paying too much attention to the corporate world.



Become a neet entrepreneur. If working for others makes you depressed, aim to figure out a way to become your own boss, doing something you can tolerate. I can guarantee that the pay with be shit, but at least you'll get to pick your own hours.

Maybe monetize masturbation by donating sperm? Sell "you die if you work" t-shirts. Set up a patreon account for artisanal tendies. Sit in front of a shopping centre and strum an instrument poorly, call it a modern art protest against buskers. Start a youtube channel called "the bludge" and record your efforts. I'd watch it. It could be like a low energy Chaser or Jackass. You could sell it to the ABC if you get popular, then you're set for life.



You do you. If/when I get back into it, it will be to manage my own super (have to consolidate it first), plus work on a small long-term portfolio, equivalent to savings. I tend to pay attention to tech companies more than finance, but I have a small interest in mining, thanks to family members. It's less about making money, than protecting my money; if it sits in an account, it gathers a little bit of interest, then get raped by bank fees. Plus it isn't immediately on hand, so I'm less likely to make an impulse purchase, due to having to sell an asset first.




Because who doesn't have a desire for a Peugeot 206 at 3am?


I seriously want to try that szechuan sauce. people are going crazy over it



I'll dip my tendies in anything to be honest.


File: c2eac0ef7d172bd⋯.jpg (24.03 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 9422962.jpg)


get some of this, coles has it



That is basically just a sugar syrup.





>NEETs hoarding money while lonely casks of goon sit on Dan's shelves, staring at passerbys with big puppy dog eyes. How could you?

Seriously though - don't waste your $$$ on the share market - it's just a giant scam run by (((insiders))) to separate people from their savings. Every few years one of these insiders writes a book purporting to reveal the secret of how to make mad stax by investing, luring more fools in.


got three games from EB's today, there was a deal for buy two get one free

i got two at $28 and got the $24 one free

(homefront revolution, WWE2015 and driveclub)

the guy only charged me $18 each for the two games though, i dunno why maybe it was a mistake

i got home and wwe doesnt work properly it starts then after about a minute it says that the disk is dirty or scratched

i'm going to take it back tomorrow to get a better disc but i hop they dont realise they made an error while charging me and make me pay an extra $20



so? it's yum



My tastes have become more refined. I hunger for more complex flavours than sugar.



it also has chili and plum

but what is a refined sauce/condiment?


File: 7ecad57432ce0b4⋯.png (86.03 KB, 150x420, 5:14, HabaneroChilliSauce.png)


if he wants sczechuan he probably wants something spicy like pic related


if they ask you can deny that you got it or get them to show evidence of you doing the transaction which would clear you of any wrongdoing anyway unless you did something stupid like hide it under your clothes without putting it on the counter for the cashier to process



I generally use worcester sauce most often now.



nah i cant handle hot spicy stuff

i like mustard /horseradish/wasabi hot though

nah i just went to the counter, i didnt realise he charged me less till i saw the docket when i was looking for it because the game fucked up


Worcestershire is only good on bacon and eggs


File: 00891d27915efe8⋯.webm (7.15 MB, 640x360, 16:9, peugeot.webm)


weirdly enough i can relate to that



I love a splash of worcester on lamb chops. Great with steak too.




boring trivia - the herb that gives worcester sauce its flavour, Asafoetida, is comes from Afghanistan and is known locally as the 'devil's dung'



Probably smells like Neetking's car seat.



that is interesting, it's a pretty iconic British sauce


File: 1e7454d4a3ac077⋯.jpg (40.61 KB, 501x585, 167:195, chinese_merchant.jpg)

Grew up in a small/medium town full of white people, so there's something I'm ignorant of - the chink peril. Why are they pouring into this country and why is our government letting them? What should I know when dealing with them?



I legit find that subject too depressing to engage with.



i think the biggest issue is that they are buying our rural land



The biggest issue is the physical presence of chinks themselves. Getting citizenship.



All I know is more meat for me to rape


File: f9b7c8b40c5f3f4⋯.png (379.97 KB, 1012x418, 46:19, szc1.png)

File: 60777319325da88⋯.png (553.85 KB, 983x501, 983:501, szc2.png)

File: 559622ae2f8ea48⋯.png (476.19 KB, 955x433, 955:433, szc3.png)

File: 51dfde0d314bea0⋯.png (557.28 KB, 1002x503, 1002:503, szc4.png)


Hand over those NEETbux.



>asian men always whining that white guys are stealing 'their' chicks

>rapeneet insists on perpetuating the stereotype


File: ae7816c23135705⋯.png (496.78 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-10-09-16-4….png)

Ancient neet thread


File: 2875e995ee99665⋯.jpg (15.34 KB, 222x216, 37:36, sunniespepe.jpg)


I made that thread. How sad that I am still here.



gonna make it brah


File: 75553e0daf3166d⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-10-09-16-5….png)


I remember making this post, sad to think that I'm a crypto wagie now


File: 64df572fef60cc5⋯.jpg (67.87 KB, 932x720, 233:180, DLbaa_xUIAANOPC.jpg)

File: d079499115c1371⋯.jpg (306.82 KB, 944x1000, 118:125, Oc8qBcP.jpg)


Have you stooped to this level yet?



I passed that level years ago.



Not only was I at that level, I didn't even realise I was stooping.

It's been all downhill since then


Would you suck a guys dick to get on DSP?



Would you?



I'd suck ten



would you suck them even if you werent getting DSP?



There's something really sinister about these birthday cakes that I could never quite put my finger on.



Probably not



the decoration looks like the most expensive part of the cake?


Dads running around the house naked shouting and banging on walls, it's really difficult to fap right now



Is he going beastmode?



He got bit by an abo last week and tonight's a full moon, I better hide my goon



Is this a hypothetical or a business proposition?



I doubt a wagie earning fuck all bux to deal with autists and children all day will care



You pretty much have to suck dr pajeets dick to get it anyway



This is john/fagneet gathering fapping material


Time to poo



i just had the perfect poo, yours will not even come close to how good mine was



a great time for me and for you



My poo is unique and has a glowing aura to it, it's shakes the walls as it explodes majestically out of my anus smashing into the toilet bowel as I let out a roar to warn other of what I've just done



That was the most poetic thing I've ever read in this thread



There once was a neet

Who ate too much neat

He had to take a big big poo

And clogged up his big big loo


I see we are making quality posts tonight


Now it's time to rape


File: a8964381140957f⋯.jpg (1.51 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 15075497538191935504723.jpg)

Having a nice day off, feeling fat though


Sup my former neet friends - >tfw wagie - I see /b has fucked itself once more. I still don't have a GF nor have I gotten muh hands on one of those new 10 dollar notes. Anyway I'm about to dress-up and fuck this mannequin I bought…



A day off from what? and what sort of take-away did you have, and finally what sort/brand of ice-cream?



Are you dressing up the mannequin or are you dressing up yourself before you fuck it? Is the mannequin the top or bottom in this couple?



I'll be dressing up the female mannequin.



You still don't have a gf? All neets here have gf's and get some pussy on the side too



Delivering food, got a meatbox and chips from Abdul and bought Cadbury caramello ice cream



You better have got chicken salt on those chippies neet



Nah I used pepper




>Cadbury caramello

Any good? I wanted to try it but Woolies was sold out so I bought the Cadbury hazelnut instead.



It's pretty good, iga always has them


File: 6cf79ef6f5eb26d⋯.png (360.6 KB, 858x725, 858:725, 1429064014534.png)



>got a meatbox and chips from Abdul

What sauces on the meatbox?


Might go out for a rape later on, school holidays theres always teenagers hanging out past there bed time.



Camel cum and donkey diarrhoea



Get garlic and chilli


File: d0a8dedff95cfbb⋯.jpg (59.64 KB, 800x680, 20:17, 1495110746033.jpg)

>tfw you fall for any girl that shows the slightest interest in you


File: b1da08709262f8f⋯.jpg (8.97 KB, 300x300, 1:1, AR162210_arnott_s_kingston….jpg)

i cant stop


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


The human condition


File: ed0b2d7cfa55259⋯.jpg (1.43 MB, 2592x1456, 162:91, Adult Lego.jpg)

She's like a Lego figurine for perverts.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


the girls sync playing the instruments badly triggers my autisms but palmer songs are good, in fact they are simply irresistible i cant help it i've got a bad case of loving them

aside from the cheesy shit you guys dont get, i do like them. this track has a weird zydeco vibe



>tfw a grill hasn't shown the slightest interest in you for at least 3 years

Sick of masturbating tbqh



I bought a few used games from eb, make sure to always ask to look at the disc beforehand, I got a few used games that weren't scratched at all which saved me money



Iktf, but in saying that it's not like we're going out socially to meet girls though



i was playing the homefront game just before, that was pretty good. better than i expected

i think it's marketed to both the alt-right and antifa, something about retarded ideas of what a revolution will be like seems like a great angle to sell


File: 9874bb51d0f2a40⋯.jpg (5.81 KB, 306x165, 102:55, aheheheye.jpg)


lost it anon lel


tried really hard not to take pain killers today

i just finished my biscuits and something was still missing


File: 329ca6ca8d39b36⋯.png (185.02 KB, 788x469, 788:469, No more nogf feelz.png)




I just "bathed" her with a dozen or so Dettol anti-bacterial wipes - she was 2nd-hand - there's still a few dirty marks that hopefully will come out later on with a more potent cleaner and scourer. I'm considering inserting the Fleshlight I just bought into her nether regions. I bought some makeup but still need to get her a wig.


File: feb3219a75586c4⋯.jpg (1.37 MB, 2592x1456, 162:91, No more no-gf feelz lol.jpg)

Wrong pic




Get the child one



they sell children, it's like an ancaps wet dream



What you dint know is that I fuck her while your at wfd



Anon, I am lost for words. You are an inspiration to us all, a gentleman, a scholar and a mannequin fucker.


The first time this week I actually laughed


Pajeet at optus called me up at 6am,i hung up as soon as I heard the filthy Indian accent.

Then he called again and I saw the true caller note that it was optus and I answered, couldn't understand what the fuck he was saying and I hung up again and blocked the number



My family used to do that sort of thing for me and just like Dale I totally failed to appreciate it. Christ I wish I could go back for just one day and let them know how much I appreciate it now.



Do you know what material she's made out of? Been thinking about what it would take to create a realistic robot girl


Aboriginal enema



>having to feel those hard plastic tits

Fuck that



>it's a neet comes to regret his burned bridges episode



so if i do this i can show it to you? i'm not sure about the modern art protest since i'd need some equipment i don't own to actually capture audio outside and the shirts seem like a one way ticket to a day job right now since i'd probably just lose income on them. however, i could probably do the tendies for starters.



anon, it's not the part about working for others which is the problem. It's the part about working.



We don't take kindly to them words round these parts



How was losing your virginity to the doll, mannequin-neet? Was it all you hoped it would be? Did you cuddle afterwards?


>literally do double the work of my other collegues yesterday

>leave at 4.55 because i got there at 8.20

>come in today

>boss tells me that i shouldnt have left early yesterday

>tell him i got in 10 minutes early

>"no anon you work 8.30 to 5, you cant start at 8.15 or 8.20 because we pay big money to bring u in and we cant track this with the computer you log into or the ID card that you swipe, so 8.30 anon dont be late"

>say sure sarcastically and go to my desk

>other office faggot comes around

>"hey darling lets go for a coffee"

>faggots go have a 10 minute coffee and the first of many cig breaks




You need to learn how to follow rules and how to humble yourself before authority. These are necessary skills for getting successfully through life.

You currently have a chip on your shoulder that does you no credit.



Lel sorry im not a supplicating beta boy.

Bad mgmt is the fault of mgmt. Im just gonna do fuck all work for the next few weeks, come in the hours and do jack shit



that's exactly what you should do and you'll be amazed when no one will say anything about it. most people work 5-6 of those 8 hours. the other 3 they just spend dicking around on social media and coffee breaks. work is a waste of time meant to drain you of any ambitions you might have or the will to follow up on them. if society wasn't built around the "working club" and everyone only had to take care of themselves you'd spend 2-4 hours working on surviving and have the rest of the day off. of course, we probably also wouldn't have all of the benefits that we have now due to the lack of organization (health care, internet, other fancy late 20-21st century stuff) but that doesn't excuse the shit state your average wagie is in now. what's the point of having health care if all you spend your life on is work anyway. you're just a machine at that point. /angst



>citing having internet as a benefit

The internet and television are both awful inventions which have caused enormous harm to human beings.



internet should've been reserved for universities sharing info



>internet should've been reserved for perverts sharing porn




>Thinking these two things are different



This is why neets become wagies like oil becomes water



Girls are either disgusted by or completely indifferent to my existence

At least I won't become a neckbeard orbiter, I guess




It's absolute bullshit but what can you do. Normie wages and their constant coffee and smoke breaks annoyed me to no end, they do absolutely fuck all.

The bogan stacies are the worst too, I'd prefer working with a bunch of senile middle aged Pajeet and Mohammed women than them even.


I'm in a wageslave nightmare. My life has really gone to shit since my parents asked me to leave. I have to work 12-16 hours a day between two jobs just to afford a tiny flat in Perth. My body aches and I have to go sleep as soon as I force feed myself when I get home.

I feel trapped. If I go back on the dole I will have to find a really cheap room in a sharehouse. Really cheap sharehouses are usually full of pajeets. If only I hadn't spaghettied during my last DSP application.




You realise that normies often use cigarette and coffee breaks to bond and form alliances, and maybe that's why you're not being treated as well by your boss?


Actually agree with this anon. If you agree to a contract, to deliver a product - ie, your labour, with certain specifications - turning up to work on time, you should deliver on those and not try and jew the other party by altering things to suit you. God I sound like a libertarian fag.


It's ok anon - we're gonna get mannequins for gfs - in fact, harems of mannequins. Normies will rage with jealousy over our perfectly formed slender unaging harems.


File: 6821bfba26a479b⋯.jpg (2.69 MB, 750x7590, 25:253, poey.jpg)


you should've got one from dollhouse168 although they're actually illegal now because some prudes want to claim they're child sex toys simply because some men prefer a petite model instead of a fat fucking cow



Stop buying goon and maccas then mate



thought you were NEETwalker until you mentioned you were in Perth

Why do we have so many fucking NEETs in Perth and so few east coast? there's even more Adelaide bots it seems



>Why do we have so many fucking NEETs in Perth and so few east coast? there's even more Adelaide bots it seems

that's the way unemployment swings m8



Neets are too autistic for mine jobs and there is nothing else in wa


I just ordered another $400 worth of kitchen stuff.



Does this mean you've become pansexual ?



Only the finest of fine china can hold your tendies



I wonder who will be the first neet to go King Cobra on their sex doll



2 hypotheses:

1 - WA was mainly settled by low iq degenerates who couldn't make it in Britain

2 - NEETs from sydney and melbourne are so ashamed of their home cities they lie and say they're from perth. Can you blame them?



I totally agree with your second point and angrily disagree with your first point.



I feel a great affinity with gothic king cobra


Before the cryptowagies get home from work and start shitting up our thread, there's something we need to discuss - what is the final solution to the wagie question? Can they be tolerated, or do we need to rid the thread of them for the purity of our NEET discussions?



i don't mind wagies lurking here, unless they work for channel 7/9



Our creator and king are both wagies now. Neets are second class citizens in their own lands.


Tracy Grimshaw can post all she wants though



The job market in WA is beyond fucked, moreso than the other cities.



>Our creator

Who is this?



Tbh I don't really care about the semi-wagies posting here as long as they're entertaining.

I actually find the whining about them much more annoying.



tbh a lot of NEETs have no choice and get forced into wagiedom by centrelink, the only way to go 100% NEET is the DSP.




I thought you meant the person who started the first NEET thread on /aus/



This, and getting DSP from Centrelink is like squeezing blood from a stone.



It can take many years of suffering, and a lot of hardship to obtain the DSP but it is worth it in the end.

Eternally comfy.



Only death brings true comfiness. DSP solves some problems but not all of them.


I want to lose my virginity next year.


My irl neet friend got a tinder date last weekend and it made me depressed.



You might be right.



Was it with an actual girl?



Just go see an escort.



Yeah it was legit. He even sent me a snapchat from the date.



Was the chick fat?



Maybe. How am I supposed to go straight to having sex with no experience?

What if I can't get hard?

Will she ease me into it?



Nah she looked plain but kinda cute.



You can tell her it's your first time, she will most likely go easy on you, for the most part nature will take over and you should have no problem.



You should know that the kind of neet who has friends is the kind of neet that becomes a normie



>Tracy Grimshaw can post all she wants though

I do.


Been a stressful day for me - I had to actually talk to a normie I want to get drunk, but not goon. What's the next level up? What's the appropriate drink for a gentleman of infinite dignity and taste but of limited means?


Delivering pajeet food to pajeet, gonna get covered in shit today




Or cheap whisky due to limited means I guess


File: c19ce1f5cf488f1⋯.png (180.71 KB, 409x409, 1:1, 49c.png)

Fuckin my job search agency got me an interview as a container unloader lads…

what am I in for if I get the job?Any Melb bots want to give me some free weed? are my days of being a comfy neet over bois?



I was going to tell you exactly how to get out of the container job but




>container unloadeder

Welp I used to do that a few years ago for a short stint, prepare to work your ring out every day if you get the job m8



It could be OK, you could be unloading refugees out of those containers



My understanding was that dock workers were the ones responsible for smuggling contraband into the country - you should be giving us free weed



Yeah, but what brand? Is there a neet approved brand of vodka and rum?



el cheapo brand.



Wouldn't we at least have one Tassie NEET then though?



I want the job because I want to be able to buy an oz of weed instead of 50's m8. I don't care if I have to work my ring out because I'm a fat cunt and need to work hard so I'm not fat anymore, I hope I get it lads.



Lol at the concept of a sensitive NEET being bullied by bikie embeds high up in the docks management, forced to accept bribes and avoid inspecting the shipping containers he knows are full of cocaine. I bet it happens all the time, some poor bastard whose only crime is not being able to stand up for himself, getting coerced into being responsible for the border smuggling division of an international drug supply ring.

Do you cunts have any recommendations for /truecrime/ books or movies? I reckon aussie crime is probably as dull as aussie politics but the US will have some interesting stuff going down, ditto south america and probably asia too.



How'd you meet your IRL NEET friend and how'd he queue it all up? Might make an interesting story



Good luck m8.



I dragged out the gibs as much as I could. At least a year during the WFD period. Used the usual tricks.

Got a call center roll at the start of the year and have continued to lose faith in humanity ever since. I think ideally we should all work 2 days a week. After the first day it's the last fucking day.



I used to read lots of books about the US Mafia. there are some pretty good ones.


File: 3e824f9d4b47f2e⋯.jpg (41.5 KB, 773x645, 773:645, wojakmeal.jpg)

>decide to randomly make an account to check out online dating

>looking for my partner in crime

>pubs over clubs

>I enjoy hanging out with friends and travelling

>my son/daughter will always come first

>I am tired of being fucked around and want something serious

>_ of tattoos and planning more

>social media engagement or communications degree as occupation



do they even have the internet there?



pretty much what I'd imagine the bogan stacies at the wagie NEET's job to be like

aussie girls are so trash I'd say, american would probably be worst in california/new york but other than that hands down worst in the world smh



Keep in mind working hard won't help you lose weight if you use your newfound wealth to binge eat and drink every day

Definitely not speaking from experience


the rain has made my shitty internet really slow. Has anyone else had to deal with this problem?



no, just blackouts



Too improve your confidence in interviews, be sure to have a few drinks beforehand - 10 should be a good start. Also bring a hip flask of vodka and take shots from it every time the interviewer asks you a question. If they ask about it, insist your vodka is for medicinal purposes and that you have a prescription, and will be required to use it while unloading containers.

I'm certain this will get anon the job.



I used to before I got NBN. Copper is very sensitive to moisture apparently.




>dock workers were the ones responsible for smuggling contraband into the country

Shit, I wish they'd take their responsibilities more seriously - I can barely afford anything fun


File: 407b4372e44218e⋯.jpeg (15.53 KB, 480x419, 480:419, tmp_5184-407b4372e44218e4….jpeg)

Just got a spoopy text saying:

[Short form of my given name], you were mentioned in this photo: [Link to some woolies survey]

How the fuck did they get my number? It can't just be pajeet using a script to text random numbers because they know my name. I don't use social media. No one knows my phone number save for my immediate family and some friends. I've used my phone number on job applications and other forms and shit for the gym etc. I've blocked the cunt but in still confused.

My mum got some generic text aweek or two ago telling her to vote Yes on the fag marriage ballot. She hates faggots kek.

What do? Link was sms4you.xyz (with a few random numbers and letters afterwards)



Yeah, I still don't have NBN in my area. My netflix subscription is basically going to waste right now.



Lol, nah.

Just mention back problems in the interview, they won't let you near a container.



Blame the jews at your job search agency anon. I've noticed the same pattern.



It always if the fucking Jews isn't it? I just want to know who the fuck sold my number, why they know my name and whether they're going to keep sending me shit.



I got that fag marriage one a few weeks back.

Pisses me off because my numbers unlisted, only could have got it through Centrelink or government.




Just torrent.


File: 839683986f87b19⋯.jpg (101.29 KB, 343x606, 343:606, abc-poor-white-trash.jpg)

Alright gentlemen - the time has come to tap into the vast pool of genius we have here and channel it into an artistic endeavour that will have the normies shaking with admiration and envy - we're gonna think up some edition names for future threads.

My suggestion - 'White Trash of Asia', originally coined by Singaporean PM Lee Kew Yew to describe Aussies.

Leave your suggestions after the tone.



Yeah there was some uproar about how they could have gotten peoples mobile numbers for the gay marriage vote thing, turns out they just hired a company who spoofs australian phone numbers. You were just one of the unlucky ones, no actual information breach there



Ah, fair enough, that's a bit of a relief, cheers m8.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


…so I ended up with Johnny walker, red label. I blame the neet thread, for not providing better role models.

Anyway, I don't always link youtube music videos, but when I do, they glorify self-destructive behaviour. This song is dedicated to the aeons old coping strategy of white men everywhere



Johnny red is foul, only tolerable when mixed with coke, black label is the minimum for comfy NEET sipping.


File: f240118a46412b2⋯.jpg (30.51 KB, 590x578, 295:289, 1483804740966.jpg)


>>faggots go have a 10 minute coffee and the first of many cig breaks


>You realise that normies often use cigarette and coffee breaks to bond and form alliances, and maybe that's why you're not being treated as well by your boss?

This is one of the pieces of supporting evidence I gathered when I figured out - it took me to my early 20s - that normaltypicals actually enjoy work. They want to drive to work or take the train, they want the small talk, the breaks. Only a small minority of people <5% dislike work. Otherwise work would be a very different thing, it would be more streamlined and efficient. This understanding comes before the influence of our poking nosed friends.



The trick my boy - the secret technique known only to a few white bearded masters in the most eldritch monasteries in the upper reaches of Tibet - is to down a few shots of red label mixed with soft drink - then you will be able to to imbibe more of it, straight from the bottle.



People generally like most things they do. It took me a while to realize that despising every thing I have to do is not normal.

I think one of the key parts of it is enjoying the company of others and, more importantly, having them enjoy your company. Without that life is lonely and difficult.



I prefer neet edition names to come from the mind of an angry neet rushing to get the thread made before the count hits 750 and everyone rees at him for not linking the new thread. It inspires creativity and feels less fake.



My internet keeps randomly going down for a few minutes at a time. It only happens a couple of times a day so I'm right on the line of "is it really worth having to ring up and talk to someone and then possibly have some normie in my house trying to fix it?"

Kinda hoping it randomly fixes itself



It is very rare when a technician has to visit to fix an internet problem. Usually they sort it out somewhere else.


File: 32b49565f2125af⋯.jpg (132.75 KB, 1200x788, 300:197, fae39ae92c14ffc170b82c3133….jpg)


It's gremlins anon - which are, of course, an allegory for hebrews


Bunch of bum gremlins around here.


Got a complaint from a neckbeard I delivered to, he complained that I took too long when I was doing two orders at once and the restaurant didn't put bacon in his burger

He was fat and had a thors hammer necklace, pretty sure he was a wizard and would explain his anger

I have this other neckbeard that always complains about shit, his house is a fucking mess and he's always watching Anime. Prostitutes really need to lower their prices it's making my life hell.



You should become a pimp and deliver hookers as well as greasy meals.



call it jim's blowing



Mate I just want to eat a nice burger with some fucking bacon in it while I binge Yuru Yuri, you don't need to be a dick about it


File: 21318123be4789f⋯.jpg (55.81 KB, 630x630, 1:1, jims.jpg)


>tfw we're going to get knocked out of the world cup by boat people



>fat with a Thor necklace

absolutely degenerate, probably a /r/The_Donald redditor



should be John's Blowing


File: 12f50fb19c4e912⋯.jpg (1.01 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 15076264448221091251998.jpg)

They can run but they can't hide



If we made it to the world cup we would only embarrass ourselves. Better to miss it this time. The real shame is when we missed when we actually had some good players back in the 90s and early 2000s.



timmy will get us over the line


File: 4d7219e3efbb29b⋯.png (126.6 KB, 345x337, 345:337, Neckbeards.png)


It would be particularly crushing to find out that all these neckbeards are getting more pussy than us because of, rather than in spite of, their eccentric personalities. But that's how women work.

BTW, have you gained any insight into the best kind of fast food from all this?






I actually wonder how viable this would be, prostitutes would probably prefer some antisocial NEET than awkward, creepy sex pest Pajeet or some Muhammad who will behead her if he finds out what he's actually up to.

Drop the bitch off, pick her up later and do some ubereats or something in the mean time maybe?



Delivering g foods put me off it all



2006 was a great time. Life and wogball have both been all downhill since then.



Should I take the pajeetpill and start delivering food?



Can you rape that many at once?



He is old enough to be my dad.


File: 4734e639cc6f833⋯.jpg (100.97 KB, 680x1102, 340:551, wojak breaking down.jpg)


>tfw remembering watching timmy score against japan with my dad



I still remember those 2006 world cup games so vividly. And the qualifier against U-r-gay. Feels like it was only yesterday.



When I feel sober enough I'm going to drive to mcdonalds and buy something to eat. What do your neckbeard clients order?






Are you only just 18 or something?



I wish. I was exaggerating for effect.



Damn, we need some fresh young neets around here



They should stay away. don't fall under the spell of all the bad influences here.



The drivers are also expected to be security if a customer gets violent or doesn't pay.

Maybe not the best job for the average NEET



You could just REEEE really loud



You just need to tap into your suppressed inner NEET rage.


I am going to try this recipe tomorrow. Looks pretty simple. Have to buy a few things in the morning first.





>you better pay her or I'm telling my mummybot



>Chef John



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Been meaning to try this. Drink half the can or stubby, put in some lemon and garlic in the can. Stuff it up the chicken's arse and roast it. 180 for an hour and a half. Just need to rub down the chicken with salt and seasoning before you stuff it. This guy uses oil, butter works better in my experience. Veggies are there to hold the chicken upright.

If it turns out ok, I might experiment with pork and cider.



That looks pretty good. I am so hungry.

Butter can burn if you are cooking it at a high temperature.



I don't use much butter, just enough so that the salt and seasoning sticks to the chicken. You're probably better off using oil if you're putting veggies in as well.


What the fuck did the mods do to /b/



Isn't it basically dead anyway? Just pedos. What were you doing over there?



He's probably that pedoNEET that posts sometimes



Looks like it was a good call m8.


curb your enthusiasm - new season is out

fuck i've been waiting a long time



There's no limit


File: 5feebb3bcc255b6⋯.jpg (47.58 KB, 900x635, 180:127, YW74VUc.jpg)

>According to the 2011 Australian census 2,398 Albanians were born in Australia while 13,142 claimed Albanian ancestry

What can we do to solve the growing Albanian problem, neets?



Never had a neckbeard order maccas, only half fancy burger joints



If you wanna be depressed all the time



Are you in that thread on 4 pol?



yeah that dick spoiled part of it



Spoilers don't matter so much for a comedy.



just finished downloading the first two eps

it has been so fucking long. i remember reading a thing about it like three years ago and them saying that it'll be released in 2015

larry's so rich theres no schedule and he does it for fun



Yeah I have the first two eps downloaded too. Got them yesterday.

I have to say the last season of Curb disappointed me a bit.


File: bfb40a7623ec7cf⋯.png (38.97 KB, 516x329, 516:329, toomany.PNG)

What does it mean by this?



It was playing that game last time as well. I don't know what is going on.



reee I put upwards of 30 seconds effort into typing up that OP



Have you ever had some cunt refuse to pay on a delivery? Do you accept cash like a Dominos driver with a gay money bumbag or something? I used to drive uber briefly and there was no physical cash involved, every customer had there card connected to their account, so even if I had to drive for ages and drop people off (after clubbing, drove in the city on weekends) whoever requested the ride would get charged. Luckily in my time doing it I didn't have drunk cunts throw up in my car at all, drove a few qt3.14's around to different clubs, picked up this one group of chicks around my age and flirted with one of them a little, she complimented my voice saying it was a deep bariton..I probably would've asked for her number if I wasn't beta



I don't handle cash and most of the drunks are OK, I'd rather do uber than this shit but the astra is too old


>she complimented my voice saying it was a deep bariton

Sounds like you could have got an easy rape out of that



There's only shit money driving for uber now, probably roughly the same you get delivering. When it first started here you could make a grand just driving weekend nights, now I only used to hit $380



Too many pajeets taking up the business? I noticed a lot of pajeets are driving uber now and are also shitting it up.

The main reason people went for uber was to get away from Abdul and pajeets smelly taxi now people are back to square one



Probably, when I signed I had to drive to their 'greenlight hub' to get my car assessed and shit. I walked into the building and was literally surrounded by ethnic cunts, a few white guys but the majority were poos and abdul


Still can't get the site to let me make a thread so someone else will have to do it

Night neetoes



just finished them.

not bad, in fact pretty, pretty, pretty good.



Import cheap stolen 90s merc s classes


Well NEETs your boy Timmy just did it



Jim's fucking over the site as usual.


Let me tell you folks, this bait is a hot mess

Were going to make baitposting great again


File: f0e7627b12d305d⋯.jpg (277.33 KB, 640x2023, 640:2023, the-life.jpg)



i've been thinking about that too but i just can't wrap my mind around it. the mere concept of "enjoying work" seems so alien to me i just can't fathom anyone actually feeling that way. to me it seems the same as it would be to enjoy eating shit.


but the average NEET is pic related. if anything, that job would be too easy


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Morning neets. I noticed there's half a bottle of johnny walker in my cupboard. I'm worried that my future self will consume that alcohol in an abusive manner, so I'm gonna preempt him by drinking it all this morning.



fuck, that hurt my head


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




I think in-between, semi-NEETS should be able to use the NEET general - ala part time students with only 1 or 2 units, or wagies who just got into a new job.

Perma wagies should be relegated to the wagie general (if there even is one) ( it'd be pretty dead because wagies are always so busy )

NEET wannabes who can see that the grass is greener should be allowed


File: 0b0ecb2efbf6412⋯.png (290.02 KB, 680x663, 40:39, 7ca.png)

lads i have that interview today for container unloadeer

my neet life might be over soon




Good luck m8. A job like that will make a proper man out of you.



dunno about that, look at truckies, seems a masculine job driving a big ass rig but most of em have beetus and are massively obese come their 40s.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


be safe man


File: e335422f84a1140⋯.jpg (20.63 KB, 270x256, 135:128, 1265900706866.jpg)


There is nothing more manly than a big gut and a touch of the old beetus.


File: eea7604a14f3774⋯.jpg (8.11 KB, 207x244, 207:244, overweight-truckers-causin….jpg)





He almost made it.



so close and yet so far and he died because they send neets to the most dangerous areas of the container lot


New thread required.



You wasted the last post to say that

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