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Fuck off we're full
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File: d1e9114b776430f⋯.jpg (177.84 KB, 512x288, 16:9, 1635_neets.jpg)


You missed your moment to stand in the light with us big boys

we were all rooting for you, now you need to wait for the next one.

We're all very, very disappointed in you, you are capable of so much yet you squander your potential with unparalleled apathy. That's saying something considering this is the NEET thread




I think this one was first.



yeah, by half a minute



it was but i am sorry


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

i feel like the biggest cunt now

other op is a good guy, i never meant to hurt anyone

reeeing in sadness



>reeeing in sadness

That is going to be the title of my autobiography.


Two neet threads battling for supremacy like two great races locked in conflict. One must fall. Will the aryan thread win, or will the jewish one triumph?


File: dfb7e8545e24690⋯.png (515.49 KB, 695x629, 695:629, rbrah2.png)


tfw you steal someone's life purpose


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


sad songs time?


>tfw only get 150 neetbux this fortnight thanks to wageslaving

It's like watching an old friend wither away and slowly die


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


the lyrics of this are kind of cheerful but all the minor chords break me down

this is what i think melancholy is


Any neets excited for the normieball this weekend?



yeah a little bit, although i dont know any of the players anymore since i havent watched it much for the last few years


have we had an influx of new posters?

these threads are going by really fast these days


>he deleted his thread

i'm a bad person



I didn't (mainly because you can't delete things here, as far as I can see), BO or a mod must have

Don't feel too bad, I make plenty of threads


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



cheers bud


Free counselling will be available for any neets traumatised by thread creation issues.



Does the thread of my existence qualify?




Life's sad enough without having sad songs to make it worse. Plz only cheerful pop songs by hyperactive japanese girls



the wheel weaves as the wheel wills.



i will be requiring some


my life thread is frayed and tangled


All my prizes, plus I got a free cheeseburger and another small coffee that's not listed there


File: 6b5070d3999ffa8⋯.png (733.98 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-09-29-18-3….png)



slow night?


You ever sample some of the food you deliver? Just skim a chip or two?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

came across this


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


sure thing boss



Yeh fuck all orders, but meh Im getting paid by the hour


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>that twist

sad moment but holy shit burgers are next level retarded



yeah, i thought it was sentimental, yet exploitative

it was all over the place

some bits seemed like acting and some didnt, it was just weird


Its only my second week and I really want to quit my job.



I quit my job after a week. You should do the same.



Yeh fuck all orders, but meh Im getting paid by the hour



I "taste tested" a few chips but I don't really touch their food




Do you have much job satisfaction?



Do you wash your hands after pissing?



Just stick it out for a little longer until you can reapply for cenno and get that 3 month no max period. Then after 11 months get another job so you don't have to do wfd



Time starts to fly eventually. The first month at my job felt like forever but now the weeks pass even faster than they when was a depressed hikineet sleeping 12 hours a day



>the sands of time are slipping through your fingers even faster

>this is a good thing



There's no joy to be found in that sandpit, it should pass as fast as possible


At least theres more room in the bucket now that so many neets are waging



We used to go through 1 thread a day roughly the first half of last year, things slowed down when fagneet sperged out. Before that though, in 2015 we went through 1 thread every 25 or so days.



thought wfd was after 6 months?



Have a read through NEET thread 4 lads, amazing all the normies sperging out and telling all the NEETs to neck themselves.



If I piss in a park I dont



A whole thread filled with narcissistic posting from a homosexual isn't much of a thread


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Can /NEET/ into sex?

with this vid embedded

<Doing what that bird did is probably my only chance of sex. And I'd probably get arrested afterwards.

The rapeNEET origin story



There was a time before that I recall where fagneet wasn't causing drama, right around when he made his first video.

Things eventually went down the toilet promptly however, the main reason why I fucking hate him is because besides shitting up the thread he made based gookneet run away.



what if they're oldguard just trying to protect their neetbux?



there seems to be a whole bunch of them in there at once, how did they find the NEET enclosure?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: f887b5def43e73d⋯.png (832.15 KB, 1009x6647, 1009:6647, 1423790769774.png)



This was a long time ago, I may be wrong, but I think there was more users on the board back in 2014/early 2015 (But much, much less in the NEET thread)


File: 3a9caf779e9dec6⋯.png (90.16 KB, 324x563, 324:563, 4ae339e62de96063a88cc6feae….png)

Well looks like old Chris chan is single again, apparently he broke her heart

These be strange times



Truly is a fucking crazy world we live in this 2017.


File: 23f6fd886336942⋯.jpg (1.88 MB, 2000x1500, 4:3, 20170918_112256.jpg)

File: dee0effc0ea10c6⋯.jpg (1.31 MB, 2000x1500, 4:3, 20170918_112820.jpg)

random pics from a bushNEETwalk



scenic as fuark




It's a dried up river bed btw, crazy to think it would have been full of water at times



Looks like a good place to bring your victims too




To rape



t. ivan milat


See everyone is being a good neet and going to bed when mummy told them



I'm awake



Bad neet



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This game looks pretty good

It's called dirty chinese restaurant and you can serve dogs and cats to people


anyone still up?

what are you up to?



family members tell me I sometimes use the computer while I'm asleep, like a sleepwalker



do they tell you which sites you visit when you are sleepbrowsing?



worse than 8ch



they do look kind of similar, maybe neetking is the product of one of milats victims that got away


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Good morning neetos

it's that time of the year again, the nation stands as one for normieball

ten thousand cold pies, $20 nachos and $7 half a can of west end in a plastic cup


I'm boycotting the grand normieball and sports in general because I couldn't get laid in high school it mindlessly glorifies athletic achievement





yeah where are the fat role models in sports?


File: ffacd6738ecca5e⋯.jpg (28.03 KB, 400x425, 16:17, 6f122be6895b1cd673567b18a4….jpg)


Sumo wrestling - the ideal sport for the morbidly obese weeaboo



Dunno m8, sumo wrestlers are on strict schedules and hard work-outs during the day. But I guess we're all just fantasizing here



I made many of the posts in that thread. I still have most of those frogs I posted in my folder and still use them. My life hasn't moved on at all.



Looks nice.



lol looks great.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


"My team" are playing today but I gave up watching normieball about ten years ago.




Imagine being able to squat like that when you are that obese. That is serious athleticism. I am not that big and have trouble standing up out of bed.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here's one for you dietneet


I need to poo


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



this guy's pretty alright


File: 5734010580973f7⋯.jpg (35.45 KB, 583x583, 1:1, CKrRaDoWoAAeTJL.jpg)



We can only hope we'll look that good one day. Train hard guys




I should get a fat transplant




oh wait, he's dead



That is the price of greatness (of mass).


What is the best way to watch the AFL Grand Final online for free?



yeah he lived a grand life



U mirin' brah?



All you need is a telescope and a neighbor with their curtains open



>watching gayfl

Fuck off to reddit



Turn on your tv


File: 03cff3abb3c4061⋯.jpg (8.57 KB, 212x212, 1:1, 1484445237859.jpg)


I threw the TV out years ago m8.

I don't really want to watch anyway. I don't even know who any of the players are any more.

I am just keeping an eye on the score instead.


File: 91b5faabd2b1d20⋯.jpg (280.27 KB, 1280x768, 5:3, 1910079 - Feels_Guy Pepe S….jpg)


It's the red team vs the blue team right?



You could put on the radio (or the internet radio if you threw out your radio too)

Radio commentators are usually more comfy anyway


File: b8f959f811beaa7⋯.png (822.17 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-09-30-14-0….png)

Chads moving in for the kill



As a weeb I must admit he has a point



It would be too stressful. I forgot that that is why I stopped watching. It used to make me so upset when my team lost.

I am better off without all that shit in my life. I gave up all sports watching and it was the right decision.


File: e00679f0e41cda3⋯.jpg (131.96 KB, 634x737, 634:737, 1505793086520.jpg)

Feeling really down and depressed. I'm not naturally a sad person. I'm actually a very happy go lucky person who finds a way to look on the bright side, but that part of me seems to be dying.

I think I've been depressed for so long now that it has rewired my brain chemistry. It's hard to imagine being truly happy right now; it's hard to even comprehend there are people that are happy. Apparently a large majority of Australians are 'satisfied with where they are in life'. How? That is something that I cannot fathom.



I know those feels. I do not think I am even capable of happiness any more. It wouldn't matter what happened in my life .


>in a few short days there will be no more normieball or Dustin Martin posting for almost 6 months

one of the benefits of summer NEETs



You need to see Dan, hell make you feel better



Time for normiebat to take over again



Speaking of Dan, I have a confession to make, I've been going to first choice liquor.



Your first choice should be to leave here and never return



>shopping at some place other than Aldi

Sure you're not a wagie?



Is it normal for aldi to sell alcohol? None of them near me do



Drinking doesn't elevate my mood at all. It just makes me feel sloppy and even more depressed.



This guy makes a living getting kicked in the head while we mooch off his taxes, and we're the losers?

On the other hand, he probably won't die a virgin, so I guess it evens out.



You sound a tad bitter neeto


File: 35e7206d0816991⋯.jpg (32.16 KB, 300x300, 1:1, IMG_20170930_152726.jpg)


How could you?



Perth Aldi don't sell piss



>Sure you're not a wagie?

I wish.


Please forgive me Dan.


Dan looks like the kind of guy who would take the rage at the lost sales out on his wife when he got home.


File: e08108936f86f69⋯.jpg (39.99 KB, 500x361, 500:361, beer.jpg)

Why do normies drink this? Do they know some secret we don't? Consider:

* more expensive than goon

* a 6 pack takes far longer to affect you than chugging half a bottle of vodka

I just don't get it



That explains it. WA truly is a shithole


It tastes good mate. Goon is good if you just want to get smashed at povo prices, but that's not why normies drink


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


it's refreshing and goes very well with savory food or sweets if you're drinking porters/stouts

the only things that go well with goon are pain killers, depression and self-loathing



More goon is the best snack to have with goon



Cold beer is pretty good after a hard days waging, or bludgin.


Beer is too weak. You spend all night pissing.



can't argue with that m80



I enjoy some tendies with goon, the only thing I don't like is after your about 3/4 in you tend to vomit



Some perth aldi stores do sell alcohol, most of them haven't got liquor licences yet. My local one did



Thanks, I'll let Dan know so he can report them


File: f8de78d0b07f3fc⋯.png (485.45 KB, 884x899, 884:899, japan.png)

If we pooled out neetbux, could we afford one?



ALDI booze is cheaper than dans



I wonder if they can do basic tasks like phone calls and massacring weird looking tree rats

Could be a useful thing to have



I am not having my turn after neet king.



Wagies aren't allowed to ride the neet train



can they make box lunches?

do they run around with toast in their mouths?


File: eab030395ca2fa3⋯.png (420.39 KB, 694x493, 694:493, 1484409593830.png)

Clocks go forward an hour tonight in the civilised states.



so do we remind bin reminder neet to take his bin out at the usual time or one hour later?



Daylight savings is shit. Glad the trial we had didn't last any longer



Used to be comfy as a kid to have those long warm summer nights outside. Daylight Savings is good in that respect.

Now I am a shut-in so don't care.



Daylight savings was invented for normalfag wagecucks so they can have some sunlight after cucking all day at work, glad it has fucked off, during summer the sun set at 8pm or some shit, retarded



thanks neetbro - I'd hate to wake up tomorrow and start my important shitposting an hour early


Agreed. Real neets only go outside after dark anyway, so it only affects suncucks.


File: 570d3401a2baeef⋯.jpeg (73.92 KB, 768x432, 16:9, dcvhvxmkw7wx6iryrjch.jpeg)


>67.5% ABV



>>67.5% ABV

Shouldn't be classified as whiskey, by law?



>In certain countries, Brewmeister's Snake Venom beer isn't actually a beer because of its insanely high ABV.



Where did everybody go?



i'm still here



I'm here, just feeling a bit down at the moment really

Anyone got anything exciting going on?



All the cool NEETs are posting on the super secret >>>/premium/ NEET thread. :^)

Nah, I'm just kidding. I don't know where everyone is. Maybe they're all normies in disguise and they've gone out to get shitfaced with their mates because it's the big sports-ball game weekend.



I was cooking toast


>Anyone got anything exciting going on?

The toast was nice



I had cinnamon french toast the other day, super good and would recommend as a good NEET snack



I had some toast today but it was a bit shit because the slices were too big for my toaster. Had to either cook all but the top bit or flip it upside down halfway through and end up with undercooked top and bottom.

It was an absolute nightmare, let me tell you


Had the shittest night at work, took me 2 hours to do this one chicks order because I tried doing three orders at once.

I got to her house apologising and spilling my spaghetti and she laughed and told me to relax



>three orders at once

were they all around opposite sides of town or something?



Who do you even work for? Are you just delivering food?


File: 9b503c7c4e49b5e⋯.jpg (72.98 KB, 500x666, 250:333, roastthickie.jpg)

I went to a mates house tonight, just a few boys. was a good drink and chat.

One of the boys called over this girl he's seeing

i fucking hate how much i wanna fuck random pussy, and how a drop of alcohol in my blood gives me pussy lust.

i really wanted to fucked this roastie, she not really hot but she was thcik and she did her makeup real good. I love that shit, really good makeup is just like preening to get a dicking. Anyway we had this kinda thing in the bathroom and i touched her butt



First stage is lust, then anger then rape.

You on a slippery slope neet, I speak from experience



are you having a post work neet party?



>One of the boys called over this girl he's seeing




>uses nigger talk

>muh dick posting

Fuck off nigger



Maybe you need to bring back whoreposting

It seems like the only vice neetking avoids


I do not like hearing about the sexual desires of grubby neets.



I want to fuck a vagina


Going to be weird tomorrow with the public holiday given I normally have long NEETwalks and shopping refills given all the normies and wagies are out and about so it's nice and quiet.

Been thinking lately of doing some experiments with various (legal) supplements and varying my time spent at work/internet/masturbating etc. to try and come up with some sort of "ideal life" like I spoke about in my video to avoid depression/be happy - essentially what is the best way to maximize happiness through controlling pleasure and displeasure so you have the healthiest degree of both.

Might come in with a video in a few months about my findings, either way going to be on much less and try to break down this internet addiction indirectly.

Stay comfy and enjoy the warm weather NEETs.



Good luck m8.



>varying my time spent at work/internet/masturbating

5 hours of each then 9 hours sleep.

All solved, that'll be 248 neetbux and a 2 hour loan of your mummybot.



>wagies invading neettime with their 'public holidays'

Have they no sense of decency? Is there nothing they will not take from us?


Talk about an unbalanced lifestyle. Where's the vidya? The anime? The movies and tv? The junk food binges? The time spent walking around the streets talking to yourself or lost in your own autistic imagination?


jesus, beer (NOT getting drunk) and no fap cured my depression


Weekend plus Public holiday plus school holidays it is a toxic environment out there right now for neets.

Stay safe brothers.



Every day is a public holiday in the fapchamber



The chamber of faps


File: 938ea12cb9a1998⋯.jpg (80.37 KB, 700x933, 700:933, 9005434-3x4-700x933.jpg)

A young Chad has accidentally killed himself.

>A 15-year-old has died in hospital, days after he was crushed at a Brisbane gym while trying to bench press about 100 kilograms.

>Ben Shaw was found by a staff member at the Pine Rivers PCYC gym on Tuesday evening pinned to a bench after the weightlifting accident occurred.

>It was not clear how long he was trapped.




just think of it as evolution in action



Looks like he was a wannabe Chad but fell short.

The bench press can be very dangerous to do on your own if you are lifting a heavy weight. You need to have a spotter there to help. Not having a gym friend literally killed this young man. If he was Chad he would have had a crew at the gym with him.


File: e1a2830fe9ea81a⋯.jpg (61.98 KB, 736x736, 1:1, jVvlres.jpg)

NEETs is this a good hair style that would work for anyone, or does it just look good in the photo because the guy has a handsome face?

I am not anywhere near that handsome. Will the hairdresser be laughing at me inside if I show her this pic on my phone and ask her to give me one of these cuts?

I have not had a haircut in ages and am travelling into town to get one soon.



>If he was Chad he would have had a crew at the gym with him.

That's true.

Here's a video of another person demonstrating the perils of lifting alone, all in the same week. Looks like he was using clips, the fucking idiot.

>Man's neck pinned under 120kg in second Queensland gym accident this week




Haircuts are the biggest minefield, I swear. I would say go to a men's barbers rather than a shopping centre hairdressers. Decent chance that a man will be willing to give you a haircut that suits you and he won't be laughing at you under his breath.



You ever seen a hair style photo that didn't have a good looking model modeling it?



I feel the shame of being a NEET much more deeply around men than women, so I prefer to deal with a fat shopping centre hairdressing roastie than a proper man barber.



>I am not anywhere near that handsome. Will the hairdresser be laughing at me inside if I show her this pic on my phone and ask her to give me one of these cuts?

pretty sure they deal with a lot worse than that m8



You don't have to tell them you're a neet. You can pretend you have a job or are pursuing your phd or whatever



I hate lying. Makes me feel so shitty.


>>145999 (checked)

Don't get a shitty hair style like this if you're not a chad. Just get a normal hair cut




>be retarded normie

>first day of gym

>try and bench 100kg




>Be retarded neet

>First day on the bux

>try and eat 100 tendies

>Shit your pants


I am keeping all my clocks on normal time rather than the normies daylight saving time, screw them, I don't work, why do i need to know if it's 7am or 8am?



I think Kramer did that on a Seinfeld once.



Alas, I'm sure he'd already impregnated multiple stacies and his spawn will carry on his chad genes


I have no fucking idea what a normal cut is


But anon, what if you're late for a max appointment?


NEET king how much bux have you made delivery waging so far? Has cenno cucked your neet payment?


File: ede610a5c56e4af⋯.jpg (125.4 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 61NyDbJ8K9L._SL1000_.jpg)

First time having this.

Really nice, never had dark chocolate besides Old Gold, going well with tea.

Will see how 85% is.



I find I need more sugar in my chocolate than the really dark ones have.



Is the aldi version the same? Might get some dark chocolate when I go shopping in a few days



Extremely likely it would be 70% dark chocolate.

Lindt is on sale at Big W atm, $2 a bar.


>90% cocoa

I don't understand how people can eat this. I like my chocolate with copious amounts of milk and sugar


Hey lads,

Who here from Melbourne? We should get high together and drink some cheap Aldi goon. I promise I won't try to rape your tight boipus I just want to make MALE friends who aren't hipster faggots.



I don't keep track of what I earn but my last cenno payment was only $320



Melbourne is nothing but hipster faggots



i got 90 dollars in the last forntight.

hope it doesnt effect my netbux

i'm drunk lads

who in melb wants to be m8s



I'll suck ya dick for that $90 and a sip of goon



I'm from Melbourne, but I wouldn't trust anyone in the NEET thread. Besides, I don't drink or get high.

Be careful if you meet anyone, John/FagNEET is from Melbourne.


File: 21c33e427407746⋯.png (220.65 KB, 680x605, 136:121, 078.png)


>doesn't drink or get high

>in the neet thread

are you retarded, cunt?



Recovering benzo addict. Alcohol fucks me up, it acts on the same receptors. Maybe I can start drinking again in a few years.


File: 354f21a2dbd1378⋯.jpg (27 KB, 680x848, 85:106, 009.jpg)


What about we just smoke a few cones of some strong weed? Come up to Dandenong, cunt.




Cheers, but I'll pass.



Why? Why do you hate me? I'm not threatening.



Good goy



Did you misuse them, or was it just an effect of normal usage?



m8, this thread is for white people only



Try dandenong that's were all the other degenerate niggers like yourself go.



Just because you're a neet doesn't mean you have to be a degenerate



What a shock the nigger is actually from dandenong



Normal usage. I was prescribed clonazepam by a psychiatrist, I was kept on it for about 2 years with my dose being bumped up every time my anxiety started to break through. No one mentioned tolerance and withdrawal to me. I broke off from seeing the psychiatrist and bounced around a few different GPs to get enough prescriptions to taper down.



Actually, it was 3 and a half years I was on them. Started in February, 2013. My memory is fucked.



Good lesson for other neets to heed. Always do your own research when other a quack or GP wants to push some pills on you.



How often were you taking it? I take it to help me sleep - it makes me too drowsy to still be functional as a daytime anti-anxiety treatment






How does the ABN work? Do you have to pay tax or super, or you haven't earned enough yet? I'm asking because I live over east and was thinking about doing delivery freelancing for deliveroo or foodora



Register your ABN for get first, then set aside some money for whatever tax you need to pay at the end of the year



You can earn up to 104 dollary doos a fortnight without it cutting your bux. You have working credits too though



>I have no fucking idea what a normal cut is

not shaved sides like a faggot. just go to a barber and ask for 2 inch length



I already have a 2 inch length though


Has anyone played Black Desert Online? It's on sale at the moment, and my life is meaningless and requires a Skinner box.



consensus seems to be it has a great character customization thing but bad everything else


Went to a supermarket just before closing tonight. They were stocking shelves and locking up. Had the whole place to myself. A van load of chinks showed up and bought all the baby formula. Then one of the chinks tried to return some shopping. Apparently there was a special at Woolies, so they though they could 'return' it at Coles and make a couple of bucks. The shrill chink got really insistent and started calling the check out chick racist. Asked to speak to the manager. Security guard came over, then it was "So sorry, don't speak English." Then they all scurried out of the place like rats.

This wasn't Blacktown or Frankston, this was rural Victoria. The same shopping centre has attracted junkies too. Always begging for change or smokes. Shit is going downhill around here.



Is that one of those games where you needs friends to play?



It's an MMO. They're easier/"more fun" with friends, but I don't have any friends and find most people intolerable so I choose to struggle alone instead. Kind of like in real life.



>kind of like real life

I hate that game so I don't think I'll try any other MMOs



>tfw neet benis



The yellow menace follows us all


I remember a NEET who bought a chinese phone. What was it? Looking to replace my phone by the end of the month.

I'll spend $300 maximum. Not including shipping.



The model two version of mine is out and will set you back about 300, xaomi mi max

They sell it at eGlobaL. Com



I see chink phones pop up a bit on ozbargain, maybe keep an eye out there



I know you said your budget is $300, but you can get an LG G6 for about $450 on sale. Reviews say they're pretty much as good as the Galaxy S8 which retails for ~$800-900.


File: 39af1075a704bea⋯.gif (574.33 KB, 500x281, 500:281, yuiconfuse.gif)

File: bd80e5b445029f6⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1600x2000, 4:5, 772682_0_9999_v1_m56577569….png)


That links to an atm website. You drunk?


I hate wading through that site, 90% of stuff is expired.


I really can't go beyond $300 past the little bit extra for express shipping.

Drinking some $9 goon tonight.



>Drinking some $9 goon tonight.

Someone's feeling fucking fancy. What's the occasion for breaking out the good stuff?


>soft fruity white

Yep, it's a NEET drink for sure


Disgraced myself again today. Even as a NEET it feels so shameful to have someone pay for you because you are broke. I will pay them back on bux day but this really has to stop.



Yeh he's a fucking show off, I usually scour abo camps when they pass out and take the leftover goon



Embrace it and don't pay them back




I would rather be a pitiful squanderer than a thief.



Interesting. You know, 2 of my main doctors (GP and psychiatrist) are extremely hesitant in putting me on benzos despite my huge anxiety. Things have changed it seems. And apparently they were even bigger in the 90s or before.


File: e040658a94855f3⋯.png (308.28 KB, 602x526, 301:263, lactose.png)


Daily reminder that milk consumption is an integral part of being northern european, and that dark chocolate is a jewish plot to destroy the white race



The good goy comment was for eating lots of sugar like a fat retard the jews want you to be.


File: a38d33d5e47a5e1⋯.jpg (53.67 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1415172421119.jpg)

woke up this morning and one of the fast threads on the home page of 8ch was a meetup threads for australian zoophiles on /zoo/


>down at IGA for a quick NEETrun

>this IGA has a liquor shop connected to the main shop

>some Chad gets a ton of boxes in his trolley

>his roastie keeps unloading them and putting them back

>Chad pushes roastie back and screams "LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE BITCH"

>nope it out of there and powerwalk out after I've paid

How can normies be so rude? It was like 10AM on a public holiday, I just don't understand these people and lack of consideration for those around them



progesterone in the water m80

turns anybody into a pms demon


File: fb48fffbd5eecf7⋯.png (137.57 KB, 645x616, 645:616, 1506831415091.png)



A glass of warm pee in the morning also makes a difference



A glass of warm pee in the morning also makes a difference



A glass of warm pee in the morning also makes a difference


File: 7aa05e71c061443⋯.jpg (2.04 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 15069128961457685232.jpg)

Got some new shoes, way better than the old Dunlops



Now i know which shoes to look for around perth



I bet you wear jeans with joggers


File: bc6f06eeb642b5f⋯.jpg (76.6 KB, 600x536, 75:67, Girls.jpg)


>he drives an auto



Auto for the auti


File: e4429812522d26a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.02 MB, 3120x4160, 3:4, tmp_13018-IMG2017100214341….jpg)

Check out my new creation



You are a vile disgusting neet.


Got one of those new ten buck notes today neetos. Most exciting thing that will happen to me all week



That's a nice shit



I haven't seen one yet. It will be exciting when I finally do.



You need more fiber mate

that is straight slop!



The only good shit is slop, solids are for normies



You could buy goon with that



Got a hamburger from Mcdonalds and microwaved it at home

Fried up a slice of bacon with an egg, put it in burger

Dash of cheese and tomato sauce on bun

Lettuce leaves on the side


File: a35b46216ca6616⋯.jpg (1.6 MB, 2592x1456, 162:91, Wagemans Bounty.jpg)

Howdy fellas, long time no NEET! I've been away for so long I'd almost forgotten this place's URL, anyway I thought I'd share a pic of just some of the shit I've been spending muh moderately-earned wagie-bux on, aside from the usual fast-food and whores of which there has been numerous purchases to date. I still don't have a GF though…

You cunts all on that cashless welfare card yet?



You didn't actually spend 60 bucks on a nintendo game did you?


Looks like there might be a real happening in the USA right now. Shooting in Las Vegas. Rumours of 20+ dead.



If you're referring to Monster Hunter then no, as it was free with the 3DS, I paid for the others though.


Looking for a Youtube live-stream now


It's on alright, full auto firearm no less. God bless Americunt




It sounds a lot better planned than your average muslim happening too




was it a gun free zone?



All those news outlets desperately asking to use the video is a bit disgusting tbh



If it was me I'd say no unless they send $10,000 to my paypal.



>spending $120 on a SNES mini

>not getting a PSP for emulation

>EB Games



add on a few more zeros neeto

the kosher media is going to need to spin this hard and fast if they want to redeem the religion of peace



Maybe they forgot to put up gun free signs in arabic. Racists!



shit footage, i wanted to see the yanks get it gud


was it an ackbar?



cant find anything yet, my guess is it is some snackbar or nigger repping blm


File: 79ad2107f7025d3⋯.png (456.74 KB, 795x605, 159:121, Untitled.png)

second thing from top with las vegas hashtag…

memes rot your brain



>was it an ackbar?

i'm betting it was

>automatic funs

>mag dump at long distance



sorry if that's wrong i dont know how to use twitter



nah, i did it right


File: c6b51bc19d82d0f⋯.gif (905.73 KB, 499x499, 1:1, 1398828096614.gif)

I want to watch the Las Vegas webms on /pol/ but 8chan is shitting itself, so they won't load.



File: 0bda82de97cf1e2⋯.mp4 (6.67 MB, 406x720, 203:360, Active_Shooter_at_Route_91….mp4)

File: ccb06c4c9086b19⋯.mp4 (3.34 MB, 318x180, 53:30, automatic.mp4)

File: e882460f0175c48⋯.mp4 (516.74 KB, 360x640, 9:16, ErzQyDls4QbkveeJ.mp4)



fuck off kike


But nobody plays PSPs anymore. Plus I go to EB to perv on underage QT GaymerGrilz and flaunt my minimum-wage wealth by buying such silly things when in their presence.




Thr wagie venom runs deep in your veins



I built a secret trap door in one of the eb's so I could catch them and drag them back to my house, occasionally a few neets get trapped by mistake so I bring them down to max and set them free



You should hand them into cenno for wasting taxwagie dollars



Yes. I'm trying to rid it with Dan's Own Medicine now…

Who else /desperately lonely? I mean how the fuck do I get a friend and/or GF as an Independent Adult?



Yeah i get that loneliness too. It's not easy bring a broke ugly autist



Get a van and rest does it self



I find life is easier not having anyone to interact with. all my previous attempts ended in disaster and damaged my mental health further.


Into the Wild Turkey Rare Breed, gettin' MAX'ed!



I'm on the dsp and I could buy all that shit ten times over if I cared for it.



Well it's no less worse being an ugly autist who earns with a job. But then again I rarely leave the house outside of work nor do I ever initiate conversations.


That's actually not a bad idea as you could use it for a fairly NEET-friendly job such as courier driver plus it would make a decent-enough place to sleep/live out of.


I know those feels but still I long to hold the hand of a minimum 5/5-looking female. I've never gotten a blowie at a cinema either. How many Chads take such a thing for granted like it's just as normal as buying a choc-top…?



I'm approximately earning per week what you'd get per fortnight. I just have to get out of bed more often…



>tfw you have a heap of money but you no longer have any desire for anything at all in life and so have nothing to spend it on.


File: 224968914efc6a2⋯.jpg (25.22 KB, 325x452, 325:452, images (17).jpg)


Give the money to these poor hungry niggers



but they're not even neets



they're probably child models who have never been hungry in their lives




I usually see these things at kfc when I working and notice all the ones with niggers they are dresses in school uniforms so they don't look like useless black cunts


File: b6dec4a47c6b5e1⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 15069337763852131241484.jpg)

Look at this mighty neet gut






photoshop it into a boob, then try again



You're basically me with less hair

I need to get rid of the neet bellybelly tbh



what note does it make when you slap it?



A gong noise




Stay mad skele



You should get pictures of those starving black kids tattooed across your belly. As you get broader, so will they


File: 6407c53659e507f⋯.png (551.73 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Muh Arse.png)


C'mon m8 you're barely even chubby. Check out muh fat arse in this screenshot of a secretly recorded vid of the whore I recently boned a whore that I'm pretty certain was a post-op tranny, but hey beggars can't be choosers right?



Now that's how you end hunger, I'll hang outside fast food joints and ask people to donate food for the cause



Are you factoring in my cheaper rent, utility bills and other crap I get for cheap/free?

I literally get a $200 discount on my rent (the (((market value))) for my place is 300+ a week for rent but because its a guvbux house I only play 105 a week.



Yeah pretty much.

I did buy gemcraft on steam recently tho and I'll prob buy the new pokemon or fire emblem game for xmas because I wont have internet for a few days/week over christmas.



rather burn it tbh



Never thought about that, bringing whores to your house then filming them.

Could make a porn channel called the Hung NEET chronicles.

But I could never fap to something that I was in



>Check out muh fat arse in this screenshot of a secretly recorded vid of the whore I recently boned

One of the stranger lines I've seen in these generals



John here, I'll be fapping to your arse later



fat fuck


File: 3d18446bc670d7d⋯.png (149.66 KB, 1500x1293, 500:431, Boob.png)


Close enough?



>fucking non whites



>Not fucking stray cats


File: 2f9278b9458a190⋯.png (580.22 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, The Whoreinator.png)


I pay zero rent and zero on utility bills because /mumma's boy


Whoever said anything about bringing them to your house? Just get one of thoe "backround video recording apps" just in case the whore physically checks your phone just as the whore in the pic I posted the second time I saw her. And here's a screenshot of her sucking my Bad Apple the first time I saw her/him…whatever



>Upholding moral standards as a NEET

Top kek



How do you feel coming home to your mother's house after doing something as disgusting and degenerate as that?



>be wagecuck

>still live at home

>be dspmasterrace

>live alone

Also your whore looks like a fat nigger in that picture.



Neets are the new priest caste



The only time I ever got a whore she farted during the root, almost killed my hard on.


File: 3e2af7f873df557⋯.jpg (2.12 MB, 4608x3456, 4:3, IMG_20171002_174339.jpg)

Watching the new Bill & Riley I downloaded from napster



What is the skin cream for?



nice dick mate



LITERALLY reddit: the television series


>mummybot blew a fuse

this is not comfy


File: 9c497cf893f559b⋯.jpg (70.3 KB, 500x351, 500:351, bing bong.jpg)



front bum so happy back bum laughing



What set her off?



> the first time I saw her/him…whatever




His whore is an obese black man pretending to be a woman



I get sores on the corner of my lips when I get drunk and pass out and drool for 12 hours



>watching literal kike cartoon



it's good for you



Yeh but I assume he still got a discount, I tried showing my cenno card at a brothel and they wouldn't give me a discount



she went to the doctor and was told she might have tb and i told her it's because she smokes. truth hurts



I'd really like to hang out with a neet like you. I bet we'd have a few laughs just talking shit at a Maccas car park…


File: 623d8b8893b24db⋯.jpg (765.68 KB, 1536x1500, 128:125, 1423905085683.jpg)


all cartoons are kike cartoons




she should get a new doctor



We could commit a gangrape in that maccas parking lot too



Two people isn't a gang, it's just a couple of fags


>tfw depressed



If you rape extra hard the victim will report it as a gang



Grow up


File: a4c14151c3a0013⋯.jpg (102.72 KB, 640x560, 8:7, 1500579692154.jpg)


me too



The only person he's truly raping by doing this is himself




My penis is growing up



I don't understand why he does it.



If I raped myself when I was underage does that make me a pedo ?


File: 6c720a65261f414⋯.jpg (18.37 KB, 250x314, 125:157, Sassoferrato_-_Jungfrun_i_….jpg)




depression is for normie wagie atheists

snap out of it neatos



It makes you a gay pedo



Well , do I get jail or compo then ?


Anyone ever used Airtasker? Seems like normies will pay a quick $50 to have their lawn mowed and things like that. Some bitch is even willing to pay someone $15 to go down to 7/11 for her and get her a magnum ice cream. It might be a decent way to make some booze money.



I wonder if I can pay normies ten bucks to buy tendies for me



I'll pay you $20 to empty my piss bottles



ok kike



I'll let pajeet handle that one.



I already looked into it, pajeets have flooded it and will undercut your offer



>he thinks I'd let pajeet anywhere near my precious bodily fluids



I know but some are more kiked than others



Damn. I wanted some extra cash but I refuse to sell myself into full-blown wageslavery. Back to the drawing board.



i've also watched all of family guy and think the recent simpsons is as good as their earlier ones





Anyone else notice that nandos is run and staffed by pajeets these days, the qualities really hit the wall and you can never understand the cunt on the phone when you order.



My domino's got taken over by pajeet and ruined last year.

It was fairly decent before but now theres no good specials,shit delivery and bad pizza even by domino's standards.



I've never been to nandos



Pajeet is ruining this country



First trolley pushing and call centers, then the entire nation



like any of you cunts can do half as good of a job as the curry munchers



Not long now until we have a pajeet prime minister and designated shitting streets.



I'm pretty good at trolley pushing mate, I can do drifts and all sorts


File: 0ae8900239cc0a7⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1742x1012, 871:506, QUENTIN_SCHOOL_ISSHYGDDT.png)

File: 6668a2b51dd42ae⋯.png (100.96 KB, 889x284, 889:284, confirmed for pedo.png)


>Unironically posting quentin images

You might as well be trying to support your opinion with excerpts from comics drawn by Chris-chan.

Still, pretty typical of an anti-anime poster.



i'm sure deep down you know there is a problem



If you can poo in loo you can do a better job





>Pajeet has spent 4000 years ruining his own country, turning it into the shitting street hellhole it is today

>Australia's leaders think 'Let's invite pajeet over here!'

Nobody can be that stupid. right /aus/?



So whats it like being mentally retarded?



The problem isn't anime anon, it's reality. We just need to gas reality and replace it with anime.



Deep down I know that something worth watching is something worth watching, regardless of whether it's live action, animated or done with puppets.

There's a reason why the most prolific anti-anime posters are all mega-autists, goons and /leftypol/.



ignorance is bliss

enjoy your depression



But pajeet will make our streets so vibrant



>There's a reason why the most prolific anti-anime posters are all mega-autists, goons and /leftypol/.


That reason is that you are insane and believe the world works the way it does in your head.



Pajeets lost control for a little bit not too long ago


>usually fap twice a week or so

>decide to try no fap October

>really want to fap after just one night

what is this meme shit



I fap 4 times a fay



jizz has jammed up your 'd' and 'f' keys



>Our leaders can't be that stupid

It has to be jews right? right?



He's broken his d


File: 8bac4582cb85834⋯.jpg (31.69 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1493064098037.jpg)


Nerve status: struck.


A doctor could probably fix that.



When I was in high school I didn't know about the toilet paper no mess fapping technique so I used to have some reflex paper next to the computer.

When I was about to jizz I'd stand up from my seat and jizz onto the paper as best I could and usually some would get on the keyboard.

Then I moved onto fapping into socks which quickly created an ant infestation in my room because I never threw the cum socks out.


I wonder if anything will happen given the huge shooting in the U.S., I hate times like these when there's a big happening, makes me feel on edge.

Stay comfy NEETs.



it'll be news for a week then noone will care



My mum was saying that Americans are crazy with guns, I told her gun crime is committed by niggers and spics and if you got rid of them they would have gun crime levels similar to Denmark.

She said all people commit gun crime (blah blah boomer logic) and i told her the black crime statistics and she shut down.

I get the urge to murder my parents sometimes, literally you know.


File: 0516665da1e67ed⋯.jpg (154.36 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, samhyde.jpg)


He's on Russian TV


Any other NEETs bought nice things recently? Ever tried ali express?



I bought socks today



nothing worse than an autist bringing up race/crime statistics at every chance he gets



I also brought up the rising cost of toothpaste then I did a shit into a frying pan and cooked it



>black crime statistics

>I get the urge to murder




yeah i've used ali express, they have pretty good cheap stuff but i feel like a dog buying international gook shit


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

morning folks


File: 46fecb5026ff67d⋯.jpg (9.81 KB, 250x241, 250:241, 1433124135947.jpg)


Who here hates mornings?


I had to set my alarm for 9:00 this morning so I would be up in case the delivery man comes.

Fortunately tracking says at least three of my four online orders will be coming today. The fourth seller didn't supply tracking info even though I will have to sign for the package..

When I hear the delivery van in the driveway I will have to rush to get into my normie clothes to answer the door. I cannot be seen in my neet lounging outfit. The smell alone would be too much for the driver.



You forgot the people who simply aren't hedonistic faggots and have decent morals.




Every time you watch porn a jew laughs at you.



What are you ordering anon? Drugs? Parts to build a robot girl?



I ordered some new curtains, some Swisse memory + focus, some steak knives, and a large order of assorted kitchen items, including a saucepan, some mugs and several bowls.






i'm liking them now. getting up at around 8:30 these days and going for a neetwalk and then maybe buy some food. helps with depression a lot



I'm the same, I love mornings this time of year when the weathers fresh.

Another month or so i'll hate them though.


Three of my four deliveries have arrived. I am just missing the steak knives with no tracking number.

The driver caught me by surprise by not parking his van in my driveway so the first I knew of him was when he knocked on the door.

This caused serious panic and I didn't have time to change into my normie clothes so I answered the door wearing my disgusting stained track pants with no underwear.

What a life. What a struggle.



>ordering kitchenware online

what a life indeed. i feel for neets who can't even leave the house to go shopping



I bought decent kitchenware. Not the crap you buy at Woolworths. Online shopping is way easier for that sort of thing.


>found a doctors with non pajeets

>just rang them up to make an appointment

>"sorry we don't take new clients"




Yeah I have had this problem. I would phone a big surgery with lots of doctors and ask if I could see anglo-name doctor and it would be "sorry he doesn't take new patients" and then I would keep asking after other anglo-name doctors and get the same answer. Until eventually I asked which doctors do accept new patients and of course it was doctor pajeet, doctor mohommad al Rapist and doctor Mbongo.


File: 7fb077084f3e905⋯.jpg (223.68 KB, 555x700, 111:140, 1467631398641.jpg)

I just took my first Swisse brain pill. I will let you know if I feel and benefits.



>wearing my disgusting stained track pants with no underwear

T-those are my normie clothes! Should I stop wearing them to job interviews?



did you do an iq test beforehand for a more accurate comparison?



I am just going by how I feel. I think I feel sort of buzzed now after taking the pill but it might be a placebo effect.

I probably should have done an IQ test.


File: 59815b8663f5445⋯.png (152.16 KB, 320x294, 160:147, just its over.png)

File: 4f771a8a19a3c5b⋯.jpg (9.21 KB, 244x206, 122:103, brainlet wojak.jpg)


>I probably should have done an IQ test.

Ignorance is bliss. Finding out my IQ was sub 110 sent me into a deep depression.



I would legit choose to have an extra 3cm on my dick than an extra 20 IQ points.



There's a secret to improving your iq and doing better on the tests look up the answers using google or something similar



It's mainly a matter of doing a lot of those tests.

There's almost always a trick to the questions, when you start spotting them you'll score much higher



I can never get the ones where you have to rotate shit in your head.



I kind of sussed those tests out when I was young.

Not claiming to be smart, just at knowing how they work them.

I guess I got lucky with my autism, I find all puzzles pretty easy.


-Use tinder last night for first time

>Get a match


>click on matches profile

>it's a trap

Fucking meme life man



Isn't there some sort of button you can push to exclude that sort of abomination from your results?



Dunno, stopped using it after 5 mins and went outside to rape someone walking past my house


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


did you catch the messages i was sending you?


Just got home from an interview




No my tinfoil hat stays on 24/7.



How are you supposed to feel all the wondrous effects from the Swisse™ franchise?



That is why I gave up and completely isolated myself.


File: 66b2c134232f774⋯.jpg (14.98 KB, 673x625, 673:625, 88c.jpg)


i feel like a fucking idiot, god damn

i'm not good enough and i'm trying hard, i've volunteered around 500 hours an havent asked for petrol vouchers etc. this year and i'm still shit



Have you considered starting your own business?



I will remove the tinfoil hat for approximately 10 minutes starting at exactly 7:00pm eastern daylight savings time.

Send me a message and I will tell you if I have received it.



I've got a diploma in business management, it doesnt mean anything

i'd need a market and a product




fake references with physical presence for job applications, no questions asked


neets, other long time unemployed



i got two hours to power up my mojo

get ready for the biggest braingasm you've ever had



Don't send me anything lewd please. I do not want to be defiled.



i'd do that for any of you anyhow, you guys are my best friends


Idea for a video game

>city country simulator like those pandemic games

>get an island that is p isolated

>main goal is to make the girls of ya country hot af

>ie you get to control the genetics

>pick starting race

>choose levels of immigrant from other countries

>mix the girls up fuck off pol autists

>have 80% white with 10% Persian for them eyes and 10% black for dat ass

>or pure white but you import big tittie eastern yuro

>or pure white and you fuck with eugenics and hormones to get big titties

>get artists to draw mixed girls

>or somehow crawl selfies and use them in game

>have to manage health/business otherwise your girls grow up to be skinny and gross

>manage social issues like feminism (makes girls ugly) and religion

>make your own whore mode, where ypu can have a custom fapp

Man i wish



Are you the guy who posted the pics of you banging the tranny nigger prostitute?



We're all that guy


File: c3f2705a7cfe2ae⋯.jpg (33.18 KB, 480x454, 240:227, 1487143334400.jpg)



legit iq test eg done by somebody whos qualified or some meme online one?


Iq test dont really have questions and answers a lot of its "how fast can you solve x puzzle" type of stuff



T. kike


Alright the tinfoil hat is back on.

When it was off I heard a loud Reeeeeeeeeee coming through very clearly. I don't know if it was my own internal voice or if I was picking up vibrations from elsewhere. Somewhere a young man is in great pain.



If this means cheaper vodka/gin, I am okay with this

>Health groups have welcomed the recommendation by the Senate’s red tape committee to introduce a single volumetric tax rate across all alcohol products, in a move that would push up the price of cheap wine while making premium wine and spirits cheaper.



They will probably end up increasing the total tax take so that things that should drop in price actually stay the same.



We need to March on canberra



>10% black for dat ass

Fuck off VN



Poorfags btfo



Fuck off faggot


Hey cumguzzlers




Fucking jews. Sick of the retarded taxes on alcohol caused by dumb normalfags with muh alcohol fueled violence at our shitty club.



I've seen a lot of alcohol fuelled spergouts at the neet club



The club of one in his room whilst shitposting? I love that club, it's open all hours.



I have all my spergouts while sober.


File: 84789c612389260⋯.jpg (68.63 KB, 511x445, 511:445, virginpocketpussymasturbat….jpg)

I'm about to bite the bullet on ordering one of these but I'm getting anxiety if mummybot were to get the mail.


$1 increase on a goon cmon you can't be that poor, otherwise you wouldn't drink at all.



ah shit, all my stored mojo must've escaped while i was sleeping through the last episode of rick and morty on repeat



it sounded pretty hot tbh



i am a spergout



Looks like you have GF 2018 sorted



what does the electric bit do?

does it move when it;s on your willy?



Is it hard to make sure that your mum doesn't get the mail? Why would she open a package for you anyway?

If you do order it, you have to make a formal review for us. I've always wanted a fleshlight, but I am too poor for one.



Glad to see we got some lovely young ladies in da club



You put it in beforehand to warm it up.



How much do fleshlights cost?



I don't know, but even if they were $1 they would still be too expensive.


This sounds like a pretty good development:


>Real-time funds transfers between bank accounts, even from different institutions, will be made possible from January next year thanks to a billion-dollar infrastructure upgrade.

>Following a 2012 review of Australia's payment systems, customers of the big four banks and about 50 smaller institutions will be automatically able to use instant payments from around Australia Day.

>"The core benefit at launch is the faster receipt of money in real time, and that will happen 24/7, 365 days a year," Mr Lovney said.

>"Through the weekend, public holidays, at 3 o'clock in the morning — funds will arrive in the recipient's bank account in about 30 to 45 seconds."


File: 63fc05dfa718d42⋯.jpg (113.62 KB, 785x747, 785:747, Capture.JPG)


how else are they going to afford their normieball tix?




God gave us hands and spit for a reason



that anime girl looks very disappointed in you


File: ab8c6b039d1c89a⋯.jpg (184.65 KB, 1228x619, 1228:619, ali.jpg)


Even if she doesn't open it, more like try and see what's in it.


$10 if you want just a fleshlight cup, but I like getting anime girl packaging and a warmer.


Better than enabling prostitutes.



Btw, I heard those things require a lot of cleaning since you jizz in it. There is another security risk to consider.



Nobody who buys an anime pussy is worried about cleaning mate



I think they should be if they want to use it more than a few times.


File: 3ca59f9ea4cec53⋯.jpg (4.57 KB, 212x300, 53:75, 31XWC2lvfYL._SY300_.jpg)


interedasting but i have something better

i recently bought a doxy love wand, worth every penny, is popular amongst the cam girls but it works just as good on your penor, you dont have to fuck it or stroke or anything, just press it on the head of your penor and relax into a nice orgasm



Stop masturbating you degenerate



That sounds so girly



i guess it is but whatever, this thing is bliss



>that flag

>that post




>sees degenerate post

>notice flag

>what a shock



dat flag…


I can't approve of all these degenerate sex devices.


File: a3bf88cd33789bb⋯.jpg (121.12 KB, 675x500, 27:20, doxy.jpg)


What's wrong with your hand?



His hand is jewish, it disgusts even him



What brings you to our humble thread, O noble son of Abraham?




what's wrong with being israeli? is this not the israeli neet gen?


Truly "devout" Jews refuse to work. It's against their religion. They pretend to study and claim student benefits indefinitely.

I guess they're honorary NEETs, they game the system so they don't have to work. And best of all, they're jewing other Jews.




Can you just start wearing those funny hats or are there some other steps to becoming a jew? Can't wait to tell Max that trying to make me work is the Holocaust II


Doing some stinky farts and savouring them by keeping them under the blankets, got a good poo cooking in my anus too.

Should be a delightful night



You'd need to get a little bit trimmed off the tip. I'm not sure if I'd personally trade my foreskin for Israeli NEETbucks.



I wish you wouldn't make posts like this.

The usual garbage posts plus the sexual degeneracy is really making me wonder if continuing to visit here is a good idea.



use Parcel Collect mate. they text/email you when you package is at the post office and you go and pick it up. you send it to your local post office and not your home address



Truly admirable - an ancient order of NEETs. And somehow they manage to get girls.



i like the poopoo (it's natural after all) but could do without the hookers and sex toys


File: f16c693a8b96e98⋯.jpg (46.88 KB, 508x524, 127:131, 1462669760883.jpg)


>i like the poopoo



shoo shoo mr.jew



They use the age old trick of fucking close family



Or do what I do and have to go to the post officer anyway because the deliverywagie is a piece of shit who doesn't even fucking bother knocking before leaving the "we missed you" card



Don't leave m8 - there has always been a few oddballs.


Just did an explosive diarrhea



M8, your rear must be dire.



make sure you wipe down the walls - that's always the worst when it dries



It was way worse a while ago when poo posts and whore posting were regular.

I really don't see what's so bad about buying a fleshlight.


There are p.o.s delivery people who leave the package on the front door.



>I really don't see what's so bad about buying a fleshlight.

I don't either. None of us are getting a girlfriend, so who cares how we fap?


>scatfag says hookers and sex toys are immoral

>is a scatfag



>There are p.o.s delivery people who leave the package on the front door.

I always get mine when they drop it off.


File: 815a5c5b1b728cd⋯.png (117.1 KB, 800x900, 8:9, 1495110490408.png)

I just told this girl I've been talking to on an online game that I didn't finish high school because of anxiety and shit and now I'm regretting it. She knows I'm a neet and she is too but actually went to uni.

How badly did I fuck up any future prospects lads? She's one of the very few people I've talked to in years.



Talk yourself up about other stuff I guess? As long as you come across as intelligent I don't think she'd mind - I honestly doubt she'll care if she's a NEET too, do you want to try things with her?


File: 5d045bb05078f3f⋯.webm (1.33 MB, 552x512, 69:64, laughing argentinian.webm)


>confiding in women ever



Mummybot was changing my nappy at the time.



>doubt she'll care if she's a NEET too

neet girls want wagie boys more than wagie girls do



Tell her you're a big guy in the neet generals




>online game

>future prospects

Don't worry, there were none. You're just one of the dozens of thirsty betas she's talking to, and she'll drop all those orbiters when Chad walks by.

Most girls that have to resort to meeting guys online have serious mental health issues anyway.

Chin up, mate. Remember that 2D girls will never betray you.


File: 5d02e117ef86447⋯.jpg (156.78 KB, 1200x1156, 300:289, 5780e2256792a34c3e207a2d0b….jpg)

What happened to our israeli? Did you guys commit another shoah while I was having dinner?



My mummy never changes my nappy these days, I walk around in a filthy poo soaked nappy



He won the jew lottery probably



Who's the biggest guy here?



That's the thing, I don't think I come across as intelligent. Probably the opposite, I'm literally ingame everyday from the moment I get up to the moment I go to bed. I don't read books or anything either.

I'd like to meet up with her eventually though.


My usual cynical view of women makes me want to just forget about ever getting in a relationship with anyone but it's hard after years of being alone.

You're actually right about the mental issues, she told me she has depression and avoidant personality disorder. But I'm not totally mentally sound either.


File: 3e48c9d6bd20008⋯.gif (510.56 KB, 383x498, 383:498, r390zc.gif)


I just ordered it with a few other things aswell, I'm so excited for it.

I'm gonna get a Quarter Pounder that I won from Mcdonalds monopoly. Has anyone won anything from it? I don't go to Mcdonalds that much so I only have 4 tickets, 2 of them being instant wins for food.



borderline personality disorder is the one you want to watch out for



Perhaps have breaks or whenever you say be right back delay it 20-30 minutes and saying you're going down to the shops or whatever even if you're not

Also recommend proposing to meet up ASAP as the longer you leave it the less likely it will be of actually happening, perhaps just if you'd like to game together so you don't have to talk on mic or whatever

Go for it anon, it's borderline personality disorders like bi-polar you have to watch out for, she sounds fine.

Good luck



Anything from cluster B or A really.


How did you meet her initially? I can't meet women in real life or talk to them, I don't know if it would be easier online.

>My usual cynical view of women makes me want to just forget about ever getting in a relationship with anyone but it's hard after years of being alone.

I have already taken that view. I have just resigned to the fact that I will likely never have a gf. It is easier for me to live that way, people have told me to get a hooker, but honestly, it is more that sex - it is a relationship.



Thanks anon, I'll try and make it seem like I have something to do other than sit on my ass all day. We've actually been joking about meeting up but I'm not sure if she's serious about it or not.


We're in the same guild. I was really surprised when I found another neet, even more so when I found out she was a grill. And it would be a lot easier finding someone online since the kind of people you would find in real life would be total bitch normies.

>I have already taken that view. I have just resigned to the fact that I will likely never have a gf. It is easier for me to live that way, people have told me to get a hooker, but honestly, it is more that sex - it is a relationship.

I was like that for years, accepted that I would die alone with nothing to my name. Well I still am but finding someone who I can actually talk to makes me a bit more optimistic.

I'm not interested in sex either, that's what my hand is for. I just want someone that I can love and be loved back.



Good luck anon, you can do it

Nothing worse then slowly losing touch with her and that >what if burning a hole at the back of your mind



I'll switch between condom/no condom.


It probably takes at least a few days in before you notice anything, but don't pay too much attention last thing you want is placebo.


Is she white or asian?



Probably that fatneet that ran a marathon (can't remember his name, I just remember the pic). Bloke was tall as fuck and fat as fuck



He was a big guy



>Nothing worse then slowly losing touch with her and that >what if burning a hole at the back of your mind

That's what I'm afraid of. I probably won't get another chance in a long time.


>Is she white or asian?




I still get that feeling about girls I talked to online when I was 15

Maybe I'd be posting in the normie general by now



at least from my experiences if you meet IRL and aren't a complete sperg you generate a degree of goodwill so to speak as she'd have 100% trust in you more so so moving forward if you did fuck something up you'd have some leniency and ground to work with having already met

Might sound weird, but girls hang around guys they've met before and never seem to be in contact with guys they just only purely speak too online, definitely go for it anon


File: 55f5b26e6ed9274⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1366x768, 683:384, 1495110461032.png)


Thanks for the advice anon. I'll definitely ask her if she wants to actually meet up.

We're all gonna make it brahs, don't lose hope.


File: 922136722bb0cda⋯.png (549.07 KB, 680x510, 4:3, cheering speedwagons.png)


I believe in you anon! Gambatte!



you better not tell her you're a degenerate animefag



Unless she's a degenerate animefaggess




She is actually.



That was comfy chair neet



I'll give you some roofies if you wanna do the easy thing and date rape her



I have some news for you m8.

There's this thing called "consensual sex" that some people have been into for a while.

It might sound a bit kinky but each to their own.

On a totally unrelated note I just hallucinated a small black cat in my house, this is unusual.


Fucking bullshit, went through maccas drive through to claim some food on their monopoly thing and it was only 1 ticket per car.

I had like 5 tickets so I had to settle for a quarter pounder and I'm still hungry



Do you have a good indication of how many people she's had sex with ?

Just because she's Asian doesn't mean she hasn't been corrupted by Western culture, even more true if she's born here.



My parents raised me right and told me that no means yes and the more a girl screams the more she likes you.



Is your surname Fritzl by any chance ?



Nah we don't get caught for our crimes in my family



Ahhh .. They're in politics then ?



Yeh, I'm a starting my own party, the Australia rape party.

Well have rape patrols in every city and everyone gets a turn.



>The Honesty Party

>"We're Gonna Rape Ya, Fair and Square"



It can be a coalition government


File: 52ddb8d853406f9⋯.jpg (87.24 KB, 960x470, 96:47, enstyle1500786564694.jpg)

File: bcf4cf74111c67f⋯.jpg (205.59 KB, 1742x888, 871:444, allahgiftskorea.jpg)

Imagefaps getting weird these days


Had a bad night at work. Genuinely feels like everyone hates me.



That's the wagie life



What happens outside late at night? Do the degenerates come out?


File: f69f9c7332346de⋯.gif (275.21 KB, 540x810, 2:3, 1505808749752.gif)


I want to retreat back into neetlife. I don't know what to do. Just have to choose between two kinds of suffering.


Just empty streets and the occasional person walking around. See drunk people roaming around on weekends.



This time of night is our time NEETs! Reclaim the streets while the normies are asleep! I'm going to bed



I walk around naked at night, any normie who is unfortunate to cross my path will be scarred for life



I actually saw a guy walking around my street naked about 4 in the morning, not long ago. Because of the darkness I had to squint to figure out he was naked.

I assume it was you.



I usually finish all my raping and start walking home at about 4am so it probably was me



How many crypto-wagies do we have aboard the neet thread anyway? Is it just neetking or are there others?



I have a feeling a lot of NEETs have spoken to girls online a lot in the past

I remember talking to this genuine 9/10 for a few months before she stopped replying (Was just over email), remember once she called me despite being in the U.S., perhaps her parents raged for the expensive phone bill and that was why she went no contact


Also spoke to this other foreign chick for a while who used to be incredibly hot but somehow became a 2/10 in all of about 4 years, I know women age heaps but still

She's a typical Twitter SJW that has "anxiety" and shitposts in the absolute sense of the world just the most cancerous "woe is me" rubbish

I wonder what my life would have been like if I met either



There's heaps of them, i'm sure that a whole bunch are students too.



this post is a thinly disguised woe is me

you would've been perfect together


Woke up early so decided it would be safe to take the doggo for a walk (trying to avoid normies during the day) and when I got home it was still early so I decided to get stuck into doing some garden maintenance that I've needed to do for ages (like to do it early to avoid the neighbours) and now I'm fucking knackered.

I forgot how much I hate doing physical work.



This entire general is a thinly disguised woe is me



what if the work was only in your head?



>thinly disguised

Not even that



8chan in general is a thinly disguised woe is me

Except leftypol, they come here for the gay porn.



Thanks m8


What a fucking stitch up. These fucking people get away with this and want to fucking drug test people on the dole.

To the neets buying a flesh light. Fucking do it. As someone who has experinced a few flesh lights, ona holes, a fake pussy, a few real pussys, few assholes and heaps of mouths.

A good fleshlight or onahole is very good, MUCH better than your hand, better that a loose pussy, almost as tight as good asshole. I went to japan and got a few not a lot of differnece between them, fake pussy is a waste of money and so are the ones with all the extras. Fleshlights are good because you can use them easily standing up lying down or sitting, fake pussy is annoying and you need to pound it.




I'm wondering now if you can attach a fleshlight to a small linear electric motor, and get it to move back and forth. Maybe even control it via computer, and have an oculus rift with the right porn game at the same time.


Boys please don't fall for the self-stimulation Jew. It is degrading to yourself and abuses your dopamine system and fucks your brain.




Dont want to be a cunt but virgins should not go about designing sex tools.

Girls dont move back and forward gently when you fuck them. When u fuck a girl, YOU FUCK THEM, u pound them up and down. And the pounding feels good.

Anyway sextoys shouldnt be about replicating sex but enhancing masturbation.

get dual screen going with a long video and some sex game on the other one.cum buckets mang



>sextoys shouldnt be about replicating sex but enhancing masturbation

Why not? Making it more realistic sounds like it should enhance masturbation



settle down pajeet




>When u fuck a girl, YOU FUCK THEM, u pound them up and down. And the pounding feels good

That is literally the most pajeet thing I have ever read


File: 69fae17e0aacc0a⋯.png (449.22 KB, 549x333, 61:37, pajeetwank.png)






Tell us about a time you fucked a girl then


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



lol i'm laughing like a minda, even my dog is looking at me like im a retard


File: 58181552422fd22⋯.jpg (53.96 KB, 296x286, 148:143, 033351.jpg)


Nice meme m8.



you'll end up in hell

>but hurr durr hell isn't real


File: 58181552422fd22⋯.jpg (53.96 KB, 296x286, 148:143, 033351.jpg)


More likely your life will be a living hell. Going for the quick dopamine rush at the expense of the more long term slow release life satisfactions is a big mistake.

Masturbation devices will make your life worse.



You know the problem with the christian concept of hell? It only has 9 levels in it - once you've run out of those, what's to discourage you from doing worse?

Using openscad to design a fleshlight mount right now



>christian concept of hell

There's your problem. You need to look towards native polytheistic religions. They share a concept of honour. When you die, your honour remains. Your family will suffer for many generations to come to make up for your degeneracy. But I suppose it's okay if your bloodline dies with you.



>You need to look towards native polytheistic religions

What, like the boongs ?

Lets all worship wobbla the giant fucking toad that drank all the goon and fucked his sister or some shit



My ancestors drank goon, raped and bludged the ancient dole



would they have let the gays get married?



I meant what the Christians call "paganism". The true religion of Europeans.



I saw a truck with its OK to vote no printed on driving down the Mitchell freeway today



> concept of honour

stop watching gooktoons



some mobs apparently even had trannies



"paganism" isn't a thing, it's everything that isn't christianity(or what ever the predominant religion of the era/place is). To say that you follow paganism is like following everything, every different group in Europe followed a variant of that "paganism".


Hey, neetbros.

Is there any way to get out of volunteering without an heroing or making a public scene?



Get a Doctors note.



if you dont do at least one of those two options you will only be able to get out of it for a week or so.



get a job



Easy for you, Pajeet.



simply not true, masturbation is very normal and there is nothing wrong with it, abstaining for some moral reason, which doesn't even make sense, is what will lead you to suffering.



Suck your max managers cock and hell give you a month off



I have literally never seen a male member of staff at my local employment place.



we know you're a palestinian looking for you's

a jew would make better bait



That is why I used quotation marks around the word. I follow Hellenismos. There is a lot of synchronism between various branches of Proto-Indo-European religion, so it's easy to conclude that they were worshipping the same deities or natural forces under different names.

Whatever branch you follow, as long as it is the religion of your people, you will be following THE true European religion.



yes, very good goy, all goyim must follow one of our religions we have made available to you



>the religion of your people




I saw one once but he was such a poof he may have been a tranny



We had jews at mine. Literal jews, not just metaphorical ones



The manager at max joondalup is a fat guy, he said he used to work in Japan so he's probably a weeb


File: 529e11926ac9271⋯.jpg (49.56 KB, 850x400, 17:8, voltaire.jpg)


Y-you wouldn't lie to us, would you Mr Merchant?




I propose that we form a NEET druid cult and say that it's against our beliefs to work. If they cut off our Cenno, they're persecuting us for our religion.



make sure it has enough hours though, otherwise you have to wagecuck and wfdcuck



also we can fuck the dumb normie women who join our meme cult



I've seen the sorts of women who join magic/wiccan/new age religions. You're gonna wanna be a chubby chaser. Extra chubby



I'm too unfit to chase anything else neeto



It's like they staff their offices like a fucking "multiculturalism" poster



I'll bring a forklift to bring them neets houses so you don't have to chase them.



The fatties need luvin as well



There's a guy at my Max who looks like the black dude that cucked VN

There are other white men that work there though, but they tend to look down on you more than the women so I don't like them


File: d4ba1c125d80b09⋯.png (696 KB, 633x758, 633:758, wojak in rug.png)

>tfw have to go to work in a few hours



I just got home from work

Fucking tired because I stayed up all night masturbating


The pajeet children next door have been loud and annoying for days, shouldn't they be helping the adult Pajeets prepare the night's curry?



take heart. maybe you'll get fired



Throw them some blank med certs so they can get a bit of practice in before they begin their careers



>Fucking tired because I stayed up all night masturbating

Don't be ashamed anon - we all need hobbies



I like to have a morning wank before I go to work so I don't get tempted to rape the customers


File: 842875978d181d6⋯.jpg (2.35 MB, 4096x2304, 16:9, 150710469243238404994.jpg)

Working in the shit part of Perth today, see a lot of abo family's walking around in packs occasionally picking up ciggie butts off the ground



you should get on the goony with them

reclaim country and culture, tell them about your 1/16 nunga blood then get extra cenno bux



be sure to put 'Passionate about customer interaction' on your CV



As they say the blacker the better



w-what? I thought aborigines were fenced off behind rabbit proof fences, forbidden to enter cities. Is nothing sacred anymore?

Rank australia's ethnic groups. Are abo's the worst? What about somalians, or the lebanese?



Abos have always been at the bottom but they're not In your face everyday like Pajeet is



abo's are fine, the group i hate the most are white crackheads


File: 85dee41c1955eff⋯.gif (671.51 KB, 498x342, 83:57, tenor.gif)

Starting to think more seriously about the DSP. I want to move out with it.



You got a long road ahead of you boy






DSP is the way to go for the NEET with no real prospects of becoming functional.



>tfw too lazy to fap


I don't see any abos in the pic. Is that cannington?



If you can't see any abos it's not cannington



Thornlie actually, deep in noonga territory



Damn, you're nearly out my way.

Don't rape me.



The bakery there is pretty nice, they do good sausage rolls


>outback neets

So can you afford a place to live while on neetbux out in the country? I wondering if I should move



If your fat disguise yourself as a cow and live rent free on a farm



they'll cut your cenno bux if you move to a town with fuck all employment opportunities

i think it's for 6 weeks



Better lock your door neet, ima cummin



That is only if you don't give them an accepted reason. You just tell them you had to live closer to family.


File: 195d4e09aff725e⋯.jpg (57.25 KB, 385x456, 385:456, science_pepe.jpg)

I need a larger property so I can carry out biological research deemed 'unethical and inhumane' by the do-gooders at my university's ethics board. I'm sure centrelink will understand.






>Fuck all job opportunities

So they'll cut your cenno if you moved next door then


File: 39931faad93faed⋯.gif (2.82 MB, 400x296, 50:37, 399.gif)


>listen up goyim if you want neetbux you gotta fill out these forms so we can inflate our economic forecasts

>oy vey what do you mean our job sector reports are wrong? the economy's doing fine you anti-semite remember the 6 gorillion



Isn't that what they did in the 90s? Put all the jobseekers on the pension and claim the massive drop in unemployment?



yeah pretty much



Was it that inbreeding research of yours they deemed "unethical and inhumane" ?


Are we out of line talking to each other on Aus/pol/ on 4?




yeah i think so too, i feel kind of dirty

dietNEET started it, he knew we'd respond



They only do anything if you do something retarded like move from a city to a small town for no real reason

Moving with mummybot or for financial reasons is okay


VN here, been away from this gen for about a month.

What has happened in my absence NEETs?



We all got gfs and decided to vote yes






I just dropped my yes vote in the mail a couple of hours ago. No luck on the GF side of things (yet) though.



What about the BF side?



>yes vote

Trying to speed up the fall of society, huh?



Nah just have no issue with gays marrying lad.


If you are asking if I have any male friends the answer is no.



>have no issue with gays marrying lad.




but they're gay..

i dont understand



sometimes neets like a bit of meat



There'll be no consensual homosexual loving of neet meat in this thread thank you very much



neet meet



neet meet for meat


File: a0c6ac9f2be499b⋯.jpg (5.99 KB, 250x191, 250:191, 1493560039237.jpg)


>There'll be no consensual homosexual loving of neet meat in this thread



Neat NEETs that meat neat NEETs meet to meat neat NEETs.


Sitting at pajeets place waiting for an order, can hear the farting and shitting from the kitchen


File: 9502a07ef007bc5⋯.jpg (1.54 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 15071171725051893899045.jpg)



Are you ordering poo vindaloo?



you only have one pair of pants dont you?

use some of your wagiebux and go to the salvos



Triangulating your position now



asioNEET haxors unite!



that was easier than i thought, there's only one



That's what he wants you to think


File: f859cf5b45a7800⋯.jpg (85.65 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)



Extra spicy poo vindaloo



Nah I'd rather wear the same stinky pants for ever


File: 4ed037c49b60450⋯.jpg (1.33 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 150712266634019928491.jpg)

Guess where I am now



micky d's



A gay bar ?




What did you get?



Do you actually have to get a persons order of whatever sent to your phone, order for them, then deliver? Fuck that, what a waste of fuel



Sitting on a toilet suffering from explosive diarreah afj


Judging by the lack of cashiers in that pic, I'd say he got nothing



BBC sandwich



I pay for a fuel using the company credit card and it beats Work for the Dole



Do you pay for the customers order? How much profit do you make on each delivery?


I had a moment today, my nan was saying how bad it is for parents with autism and how its a terrible illness, i laughed in her face then told her it's not real

then i realised who i was talking to, she had a look of disgust



It must have been really hard for your parents. :^)


Might go and be a fat cunt tomorrow and get some krispy kreme's



Why would she be disgust?




gots me gud


i dunno, compassion for the disadvantaged or some shit

i just blame bad parenting and bad diet and parents want an excuse as to why their kid isnt as good as everyone else.

they're shit kids, get used to it or improve it



i thought you said you were going to bed


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



beep boop, locating anons.

8chan partyvan coming courtesy of ASIO.



Not yet



I use the company card for the food



I get paid by the hour on shifts but sometimes my other job gets in the way, I can work any other time on contractor rates if I want to



Just let me delete my cp first



Does the contractor thing mean the tax free threshold doesn't exist? Is it the same tax regardless of the amount you earn?


File: 9be93b57beb1f86⋯.jpg (35.78 KB, 511x428, 511:428, wojak browsing.jpg)

>tfw just knocked off



It's a grey area, just set aside some money just in case.

Also keep fuel receipts and get a log book for your car, you can pay tax every three months on an ABN



Thanks neet, i'll keep the thread updated when I attempt my part time delivery waging later this year, should have my p plates by then, it will be good supplement to the neetbux


I'm going to bed


What's the strangest thing you guys have ever jerked off too?


File: 11f77630a960bdc⋯.jpg (2.16 MB, 3648x2736, 4:3, no_dogs_negroes_mexicans.jpg)

Morning neets. Is anyone else disturbed by the bigotry of americans? I have known many doggos of excellent character who don't deserve this treatment.



>Thanks neet

while talking about tax and fuel receipts

ffs the absolute state of this place



the NEET thread



morning friend

there are some restaurants that are dog friendly but the people that use them look like new age hippies and those people who think retro is a thing


File: 7195de53dfd6117⋯.jpg (60.17 KB, 600x480, 5:4, a8d.jpg)


You want a neet-hardcore edition thread?






>Aus NEET General 147 - Some guy talking about anime by himself edition




i think they meant chinks



Or maybe they mean no negro Mexican dogs ?

Lol, just noticed the board capitalises Mexican bit not negro, this amuses me.



which board?

would make sense since negro means black in other languages and mexican is a proper noun everywhere




That may be your browser's spellchecker, not the board. Do we have any javascriptneets who can tell if it's done by the browser or the 8ch?



pretty certain it's a browser function

most js can do is tell itself whether what it's reading is following a basic syntax or not


File: 26df4d07616bcd0⋯.png (128.06 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, u6z7lvhmyoyy[1].png)

I'm having one of those rare days where I feel quite good for no reason.

Hope it lasts.



good to hear lad



It's almost new thread time, i'm not going to do anything this time.

it's all up to you



>it's all up to you

Oh god, we're fucked then …


Goddamit guys, stop wasting our last few posts on talk and do something!



what should we talk about?



Sounds like my life outside the internet



lets talk about what we should talk about some more first then decide



Lets talk about what we should talk about for a while before we make any rash decisions





I'm warning you cunts…any more of these shit tier posts and I'm telling my mummybot on you



you wont be able to track us down when we get to the new thread



16 posts on the entire board in a year and a half

this place might piss me off occasionally but at least it does that


File: 90f031bb0746f04⋯.jpg (57.71 KB, 1226x904, 613:452, F9YAMb3.jpg)


>hey m8o's i also made this:


>we'll see what happens. it took me like 1/2hr to post that bloody thread on 8chan.net. sites fucked. what thread should we use?

lol it's nofunNEET


Just a friendly note to NEETs that technical problems are preventing new threads from being created on the board right now, so this thread may fill up with its 751 posts before a new NEET General is posted and advertised.

Be sure to check for the new NEET thread in the catalogue if you find yourself sitting in this one and no new posts are appearing for a long period of time.


File: 3836a61b5b091ab⋯.jpg (261.16 KB, 957x447, 319:149, NeetCat.jpg)


Yeah, I tried to make a new one an hour ago and it said "too many threads" or some shit.

I was gonna make it a NEET cat thread


New thread: >>146640

New thread: >>146640

New thread: >>146640

New thread: >>146640


File: b64dc253b3170a6⋯.png (82.77 KB, 339x329, 339:329, 1423454888480.png)


You could go on the DSP for 2-3 years while you wait for a good job. Your perfect 100k or 120k+ job.

Nothing's set in stone


fug me. new thread


i hate these what do you call them, people sending messages to me about voting for gay marriage, i hate this

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