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File: 36e2de0745acfbf⋯.png (98.45 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1485238115720.png)


Old thread: >>154748

Christmas is getting closer and closer NEETs. What will you be doing on Christmas day? What did you do last year?


dont know

cant remember

life is just one long fucking day



That sounds like depression talking.


>tfw day two no fap


I want to fuck my onahole on Christmas day.

I forgot what I did last year on Christmas.


Dubs and we get gfs



i dont think that makes up for cunt face in the last thread


i was going to correct the op but maybe i'm wrong


i'm still going to use dreamt

the site doesnt even think it's a word


File: 285a2703b29d0cf⋯.jpg (681.08 KB, 4160x2340, 16:9, WX8zZC7.jpg)

>tfw virgin bedroom


I still get money off my parents and family for Christmas, gonna buy a sick new monitor to go with my brand new PC that I built about two weeks ago


That is a mad NEET cave



just depends on what vernacular you use

we use the queen's english here so i'd stick with dreamt



hey i know that toad



He keeps bruce's in his bum



My NEET uncle gives me a Dan Murphy's gift card every Christmas.



My neet uncle raped me



Would you forgive him if he gave you a Dan Murphy's gift card?



At least he knows you well.


hoy cunts hows it been


File: 395851196357bac⋯.jpg (18.93 KB, 430x294, 215:147, bigkev_wideweb__430x294.jpg)





Yeah all right, how's life on your end m8?


a week or so ago i was at my nans and on telly the fat chick from kath and kim was on it saying she got weinsteined

he must be a pretty deviated cunt



Hello. It has been okay.


Opening the doors and windows hasn't been as effective as I would have liked. My thermometer is showing it is still 27 degrees in here.



Get an air conditioner you stingey cunt



I have one but it is in the living room which I don't use. No cool air gets to my bedroom or computer room so I don't bother turning it on.

I would really need to buy two air conditioners. one for the bedroom and one for the computer room. That seems excessive.



Sorry that was rude.


I finally won something playing lotto. Got Division 7 on tonight's Oz Lotto. Won $14.95 from a ticket that cost $10.15

Two lucky cunts won 20 million each.



I just thought of dressing my mannequin in one of those slutty Mrs Santa costumes



Too brown, should put up a red nazi flag or two to liven the place up



>27 degrees


Are you a recently immigrated euro?



He might be one the "heavier" NEETs among us…


I'm depressed.



No fap is how I got started on the rape


Spent 4 hours doing paper work for my real estate job, fucking hate this shit I wanna go back to driving forklifts but there's fuck all work






How much did you make a week doing the food delivery only? Was it worth it after fuel and etc



Embrace it and be the sad cunt Allah always intended you to be



I do it at night if I don't have much paperwork to do, I get $10 petrol per shift so that covers me for 120ks roughly but I'm fucking bored of it. I make about $400 we week from the real estate job but it's quite atm.



That's 4 hours you could've spent raping



Buy 4 $1 scratch-its to celebrate


It's like everyone has gone to sleep early so they can wake up early to see the results of the SSM debacle



I'm gonna be hungover when that comes out


File: 9e8b51a84d28c4f⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 286x400, 143:200, asian-pepe(RARE).gif)

I'm sick.


Aboriginal penis


I tried to sleep but it is too hot in here. It is still showing 26.5 degrees on my thermometer. Which is very hot for inside, which is something that ignorant NEET from earlier obviously doesn't understand.



Below 16 degrees is what we require.



stupid roastie


I can't stand being in my parents house anymore. Can you afford to move out on the bux?



You are either very fat, very soft mentally or a combination of the both



The issue is whether or not a real estate company will let a NEET rent a property



There's room In my dumpster if your looking for a place, just stay away from my food



thank you


ssm results only hours away, are you excited neets?


fucking heat, making it impossible for a full figured neet to get a comfortable night's sleep


File: 463790919aa0219⋯.jpg (16.17 KB, 371x396, 371:396, images.jpg)


>Tfw yes is going to win



is it too late to bet on the outcome?


File: b516cc6daa000ea⋯.png (78.85 KB, 581x320, 581:320, ssm.png)


goddamit, just when I finally wanted to put down some money on the outcome


File: 8c197152b0e2cf6⋯.png (24.35 KB, 634x224, 317:112, on.png)


>21:1 odds of One Nation forming government after the next federal election

well, that's better than the odds trump was getting back in 2015



The fags harassed the betting agencies into stopping taking bets on the poll because they said it was disrespectful since so many fags would be killing themselves over it or whatever.


Good morning NEETs

I will be going for my daily bike ride soon.






Good morning. I hope you enjoy your ride.


I am going to go and do an early shop. Coles opens at 6AM and then Woolies at 7.



careful, they often don't open the self-serve checkouts first thing in the morning


>house inspection today

>got a load of things to do before they arrive at 11am

>wake up at 6:30 bright and early

>start mowing the lawns

>housemate walks out, tells me it's illegal to mow the lawns before 7am

>the fuck, ok

>originally got up early to do this shit before the heat

>check the weather in my phone, it's supposed to be overcast today



House sharing is feasible, you gotta live with other people though, I've done it for a few years



we need a neet sharehouse system, one that keeps out normies and is exclusive to neets who have spent sufficient time shitposting on neetgen, thus proving their bonafides



This could either be a pretty good idea or a terrible one.



I overslept and didn't make it to the job to put up that shed.

Guess I'll get sacked now, which is ok but the actual talking to the people, FUCK

Guess I'll wake and bake instead



Wont they cut off your NEETbux?



Yeah I had one of the slovens who works there check me out at Coles. The machines were roped off.



I am disappointed in you.



>not making sure to set an alarm

It's like you didn't really want to do it or something


File: f47cb32815c74da⋯.png (71.84 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1510690771001.png)


Nah. I'm not on neetbux, I am on youth allowance for being a student but I dropped out a while ago. Probably owe them like 1.5k now


I set an alarm but then went to sleep after it.



>not setting several alarms to make sure you wake up






>illegal to mow the lawns before 7am

it's only a law because cunts like you dont have any common sense, would you like to be woken up at 7 by a lawnmower next door?



you're better than that anon.



>sleeping instead of taking stimulants and staying up all night


File: eef6c1c84c0824b⋯.png (53.1 KB, 300x225, 4:3, vote-no_2-300x225.png)

File: 4830012b7b08db4⋯.png (193.44 KB, 1238x1219, 1238:1219, homo sickness.png)

File: 3917dda85b72979⋯.jpg (112.24 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 1502807901059.jpg)

File: dded2c9fab4ae15⋯.png (149.67 KB, 1050x536, 525:268, faggots-header-3.png)

Fuck, i'm already raged up over this faggot shit





Anon this situation you have got yourself in is not good at all. You need to fess up and get it all sorted. You will feel better without it hanging over your head.

You are not making good decisions right now.


Does anyone really care that much about the big announcement? I have resigned myself to the continued decline of our nation and no longer feel strong emotions at each new outrage.


File: 04d3c9182b22893⋯.jpg (53.73 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

>check out the news for the last few months

>nothing but fag marriage, politician's citizenship and football/celebrity sit (even on the more "serious" news outlets)

We are so completely fucked and deserve it 100%, how can a country with as many problems as ours be so focused on two complete non-issues?

We have got lucky from commodities > mining > housing boom and produce nothing of any real value, unlike countries that have concrete plans for what they'll be doing after their resource booms like Saudi Arabia we have a fucking poverty small amount to help transition away from the inevitable downturn. Owning a house is considered the pinnacle of "making it" in this backwards shithole and we have mortgage brokers and tradies earning more than scientists with PhDs, the government keeps hyping up STEM meme but cuts funding to CSIRO. We don't have real wealth, we have fake wealth. You having fucking idiots out there with interest only mortgages of $500k+. We have hugely unsustainable immigration which is completely out of historical averages and is used to mask weak fiscal policy, even ABC did a story on this shit (But anything that isn't fag marriage doesn't get much traction in this shithole). Why so high when according to the Greens out environment is barely coping as it is, our lack-luster infrastructure is struggling with our existing populations and our energy situation is beyond fucked. Does no one think it's a little fucked how our population is so congregated in 3 cities and yet other western countries have a much more spread population? Just take a look at the U.S. and cities like Phoenix, Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Charlotte etc.

There are a whole lot of other issues but leave it at how we have more natural resources than many countries combined and yet electricity several multiples higher. We have massive areas of empty land no one wants yet won't dump Uranium waste there or use it for anything that creates any benefit. There has been no effort to re-vitalize the desert or create some sort of man-made effort to expand our agricultural production, the main industry that could add value to our country given how much we can leverage our status as a "safe and clean' nation to Asia's growing middle class. But instead everything is geared towards our hugely over weighed financial sector (Check out how overweight our financial sector is compared to the U.S./U.K./Any asian country), there is no comparison and that financial sector is completely dependent on the housing bubble. We also have compulsory super annuation in this country, people are going to be thunder fucked if their house and super fund portfolio is halved like in the U.S. during the GFC. The complete economic dependence in such for the most part a "fake" sector is so bullshit and IS going to come back to bite us.

We fuck around hiring braindead early 20s shitcunt women who couldn't hack it in a commerce/engineering/science degree, let alone the private sector to teach kids worthless Aboriginal history, visual arts and PDHPE and yet wonder why Australian kids perform worse than 3rd world shitholes with a TENTH of the public education funding as us where people have retard double digit IQs. We have a bad bad anti-intellectual culture where people are try-hards and act dumb to be "true Australians" despite them not having a clue how people carried themselves in this country in the 50s and 60s.

Gone are the days of fit, tanned Australians BTFOing everyone at the Olympics. We're full of fat fuck mums who drop their kids off at day care and sit around on their ass all day while their cuck husbands put up with it and put their kids on the iPad so "mum can have a break" despite the cow being 50kgs overweight and boomers fucking themselves up having 2 bottles of wine a night getting so drunk most NEETs would blush. Then there's the ice epidemic with people rather throwing money down the blackhole trying to fix Abos than a very real clear issue that actually can be solved and affects them overwhelmingly anyway.

Such potential, so much wasted. And I have no sympathy for every dumb boomer fuck with a massive property portfolio who thinks News Corp is real news and that the grand final is the most important day of the year and dumb fuck 30 something cat ladies who take out loans for trips to Bali and iPhones who are obsessed with The Project and Women's AFL and their combined "haha everything is fine" attitudes. We've had it too good for too easy and haven't learned any lessons from the rest of the world.

But of course not, gay marriage and politician's citizenship.

Fuck it all I'm having a major spergout here, NEET party in Canberra when? I'm convinced we can't do a worse job than the braindead boomers there already.


>NSW is the least pozzed state

Surprising tbh



It was expected, rural/regional NSW coming in. Lot of Muslims and Asians in Sydney too.


File: e9656b4851815a0⋯.jpg (138.9 KB, 748x748, 1:1, 1510699420638.jpg)

>Western Sydney highest no vote


So what will be the new front in the culture wars? Trannies in public toilets?



It is full of backwards shitskins.



Trannies fighting for the right to use whichever public toilet gloryhole they prefer.



hiv+ men being allowed to give blood. The whole country is gonna be literally pozzed



They will keep paying you.

You're not rorting the system, in 12 - 24 months time they will work it out and send you a notice of debt for the entire amount.

I've seen 20yo's owing 30k to centrelink, just because they didnt update their study status (or lack thereof).

Take it from a former Cenno employee… (over a decade ago).

This is the sort of thing that can throw you into a deep depression.



I've had that before. It'll be fine, I'll stop it when I get more work.



>former Cenno employee

Do you know what was behind the recent tightening of DSP eligibility rules?


Why can't I get a job despite years of experience and a degree from a good uni? I got rejected from a call center job and am seriously considering just offing myself.


hoy cunts how's it going

Yesterday I had to explain to someone what toast was



The problem will be your social skill deficits and associated mental health issues.

Do not off yourself please. Know that you are loved and appreciated by all your friends here in the NEET general.



But I got shut down before I even got an interview.

And I do great in interviews. When I get them.

You're not my mom, I can off myself if I want to >:(



yesterday you asked us how we were and then didnt reply




sorry about that cunts, the site seemed to start shitting on people who use adblock and I just realised that



I use ublock and the site seems to work fine for me


Just checked the news.

Fags can get married now huh? One more reason to kill myself.



Why the fuck did Pauline approve the vote in the first place



Unfortunately its because she's a dumb cunt.



The bitch is retarded and says whatever so she can get votes and win that fat pension, you should have realized this by now.



yeah so do i, dunno what he's on about


File: e6bffd8422498a6⋯.png (607.86 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, hanson dedicated her book ….png)


she's a silly cunt



maybe she thought it would be forced through parliament eventually anyway, and a plebiscite was the only chance of stopping it



>maybe she thought




She doesn't have thoughts at that level of sophistication.





Thats a good joke m8.



This, she's a fucking idiot and her entire party is just a stain on the brand of politics she represents all so poorly.

Can anyone else not stand Christopher Pyne and Sam Dastyari or whatever his name is? They both seem like the biggest rats I've seen in my entire life. Sorry for the political rant on the comfy general but fucking hell they're both weasels.



>Sam Dastyari

That chimp, chimped out recently when someone called him a Monkey





>tfw your country's only hope is a woman who ran a fish and chips shop for a living

Alright anons, we're pretty fucked. But what would you have done?



Obviously tell them to fuck off for one, all they managed to do was pissfart around and waste money.



Thats a majority of politicians m8. I can count on one hand the amount of pollies that aren't lying cunts.



I would of done what has been done for the last how any fucking years, kept it at a stalemate because it's non fucking issue



Politics is an integral part of NEET life, our NEETbucks depends on it



NEET party when?

They could have serious swing in Gippsland and Perth



css chimp broke js loading for pale meme


>what would you have done?

tell them to fix their tax loopholes then we talk the fag marriage



Our NEETbux depend on political decisions and trends, but also our lives were ruined by those same decisions and trends going back decades.

We would not be this way had things been different.



we already have our ideas >>155656


File: bda92471a1e9284⋯.jpg (69.28 KB, 576x384, 3:2, sizzle.jpg)

Well it looks like Australia just dogged the boys



The Australia we all know has been long dead.



I still delcare we need to nuke Melbourne



i hope howard is happy



Does this mean I have to get gay married now ?



I've made breakfast for that cunt




You will soon get a government form in which you declare whether you are an otter, bear, twink etc



did he let you touch his eyebrows at least?



But I like the vaginas ….



Then you can have your dick turned into one.



Sorry but Australia has voted.

I guess you could become a transgender woman and enjoy pussy that way.



**Nah I was another room the whole time



Ban All Assault Vaginas



I did but then I realised I don't have any hope for this country anymore so I couldn't give a fuck.



missed opportunity m8



How likely is it for people to get kicked off the dsp?



That's what they want you to do, distance yourself from politics and lose interest.



I believe its called twice cooked bread faggot.



>why did a woman do something stupid

Do you really need to ask?



i thought people called it bicky bread since it's crunchy like bickies




Your local bum buddy john will be moving in shortly to help reduce the cost of housing.


>2 days till USUM comes out

Cant wait neets



You better pirate it



United States Ultra Marines?



Nah I'm waking up at like 5am to go and buy it first thing in the mourning because i'm a good goy.



Ultra sun ultra moon pokeman game



I found this news story



Apparently in [CURRENT YEAR], everyones some form of rapist.



Why the fuck, the game is like $70, that's like 9 bags of goon

Just pirate it



I still like the story though




The fuck is this shit. White ebonics?



Its $59 and that small amount of money means fuck all to me.

Also I don't believe in pirating so if something is worth my time then its worth my money.


I'd like to see a breakdown of the white vote by age.



No it's basically nigerian ebonics



>and that small amount of money means fuck all to me.

Mate we don't allow wagies here, or at least wagies who have financial control


File: a609ca11319624c⋯.jpg (16.64 KB, 240x214, 120:107, 4c53721b4985d1c92c602a853a….jpg)

recruitment agent is spamming my phone



tell em to fuck off we're full



I'm on the dsp


>owning a phone



I completely agree with everything you say. The only topic you didn't touch on was the immigration problem. It's impossible to resolve our own infrastructure, housing and employment issues when we're shipping in boatloads of third worlders.

The sad truth is that our generation is stuck in the beginning of the transition period. There is nothing we can do to alter the outcome. The economy is slowing, the economic bubble is reaching critical mass and sooner or later we're going to have a collapse that wipes everything out. The only problem is the wait. I want it to happen now, let their house of cards fall. It could take another 10-20 years, and that's a worry, as we'll all be getting to middle age at that point.

The only thing we can do to help it along is exactly what we're doing right now: A culture of welfare dependency. Suck the system dry. But the cash will run out one day, and we have to be prepared for that eventuality.



still though I don't understand why you wouldn't rather buy 7 bags of goon



Drinking is haram



so is pokemon porn



Good thing I dont view that then




Sorry, you did actually mention immigration. I have bad reading comprehension.



>Not viewing the only good thing about pokemon

what a gay, I bet you find fullderp to be shit too



I havent played pokemon in 5ish years and I didn't play fullderp back then but I did making shitty meme/rage educing lineups when I played


I did enjoy making*



>Parroting Varg

Think for yourself


Does anyone else actually not give a shit whether fag marriage is legal or not? I just wanted a 'no' vote so I could watch the SJW meltdown.


Welp, I did my part. The vote was probably rigged anyway. Of course, now we have to deal with all the smug normalfags who think they've changed things for the better.



it doesn't really change anything, it's just a signal either way

fuck even the citzenship shit is more important


Fags were already getting all the benefits of marriage status as it was.



So what do you propose the solution is? Vote and depend on "democracy" to solve our issues?


So what games do you neets play?



Yesterday I applied to a bunch of bogan jobs on seek and tomorrow I've got two interviews

I never knew it was so easy



What's a bogan job?



I start being a wagie as of tomorrow, pray for me NEETs.






what job?



i've been playing dishonoured 2 and i started the evil within but it's kinda meh


File: 196e6aeece7b7dd⋯.jpg (40.97 KB, 600x400, 3:2, hang loose brother.jpg)

Now that I've done my daily jobs its time to get on the buds



Labelling shit inna warehouse I think.



Giving up and resigning to despair of course. Better start befriending abos and pick up some bush tucker skills mate.



Please stop smoking weed.



Don't stop smoking weed.



How much does it pay?




Probably 23 bucks ish. I had a job putting cleaning liquids into boxes, $25/h working 4pm-12

Just did a few weeks work in a warehouse putting signs and stickers into boxes, $23.50 with some overtime

Whats the point of even living on less than a grand a week tbh, id just save up before moving to Cambodia to eventually die of self destruction behaviour



shit that's almost twice as much as me



Mate it kinda sounds like your working under minimum wage, the fuck are you getting paid anyway?



I'm a 1st year apprentice so it's legal

I get paid $13.5 an hour



what field



What the fuck is this country coming to? Where the humble NEET is forced to wage for less then what is considered minimum, compared to chinese with zero understanding of english or road rules running rampant.



because the game is all about dodging taxes now, not something people can do if they're unwilling to run to another country if things go tits up


I just hope we get to see the housing bubble burst next year.

We just need Xi to seriously crack down on the chinks funneling their money out of China. Boom, Australian housing prices and bitcoin both down the gutter.

I'll have plenty of people to suicide with.



or you could do it right now with all the wagies that can't afford a house


Grim state of affairs boys. Hard not to be blackpilled.


File: 5b1562047f171f9⋯.png (141.27 KB, 399x536, 399:536, 1439544974233.png)

This year started off great and now JUST

>fag marriage

>ck gets in trouble for asking people about sexual things he wants to do


>more and more celebs/ musos are getting hit by "it was consensual but also was sexual harassment"

We've reached peak restrictions on male sexuality and the lowest restrictions on female sexuality.

Fuck weinstein, the jews did this somehow


good post

BTW the "housing boom" will never end all the banks are propped up on property. Its longevity is a ruse however because it will be driven on immigration. When the government wants to ease pressure on housing prices then they will stop/slow immigration.

>effort to expand our agricultural production


We should legitimately form a party. Im the neet that went to SE asia, and the thing i missed the most was aussie produce. NO where in asia has the good beef, lamb, chicken and fresh produce that we have. We should be the healthiest country on the planet


Pauline is not smart


have u seen Pauline being interview? I want to believe that shes planted she's that fucked dumb. Asked about muzzies and "muh burka" is all she says, if she just memorized the facts about islamic terrorism in the west, talk about how the middle east is now islamic due to violence and population growth and then made a statement about australian suitability due to housing, waste and land management JUSSSST


This was inevitable tbh, labor is going to get in next election and they would have just pushed poof marriage through the parliament anyway.


Got 14 bucks left. Whats the most efficient booze?



Hence my anger for the odd hundred something million of tax-payer dollars that was wasted on it.

Fuck Turnbull and the Liberals

Fuck this entire country for caring about a non-issue so much when we're getting thunder fucked in so many other more important ways

Pretty black-pilled today.



$122M is fucking nothing



ck is a kike so who cares



The Liberal party is a complete disaster at the moment, they've always been cunts but now they really stand for nothing, I don't even see the point of them running for government anymore.



>Fuck weinstein, the jews did this somehow

Actually a lot of jewish guys were caught up in that. It's like a sexual harassment shoah



metho and a loaf of bread



Neither, they're really JUSTed themselves beyond belief. The entire Liberal party is a complete trainwreck.

Labor and the Greens seem pretty shit too though, it's just stale. Stale people with stale ideas that seem to just want to do fuck all and just push meaningless social wedge issues (fag marriage and citizenship) to keep the goyim distracted while they do nothing that will actually have a meaningful directional push for this country's future.

There are a few independents, Katter, Sustainable Australia and the odd Nationals/Liberal/Labor candidate that actually seems to stand for something but a good 90% of them seem to contribute nothing and stand for nothing, especially on the Liberals.


File: fbc17be1f899eef⋯.jpg (98.41 KB, 480x640, 3:4, powered by AMD.jpg)

rate my cigar case



i think they'll claim their "whiteness" in this instance



clean your keyboard you grotty pig



Not bad, I usually get the Cafe Creams.



>prc doing anything about their rogue business owners, ever

yeah good fucking luck


>NO where in asia has the good beef, lamb, chicken and fresh produce that we have.

australia should be manufacturing/processing goods like food/cars/booze/guns/boats/jets to sell to southeast asia since we can make some quality shit over here

not going to happen anytime soon because our limp wristed gov only wants to strike up free trade deals that involve chinks fucking us raw and their lobbies getting the fat chink loads in their mouths



Southeast Asians wouldn't be able to afford top tier Australian goods.



not the povo cunts that live in the boonies over there but the corrupt public secor can and will which is where the money is



Money leaving China is a serious problem over there.

And why would they bother with Australian goods when there are European car manufacturers building cars in China, or Korea/Japan just a little further?

Malaysia has already bought Korean jets.



> Malaysia has already bought Korean jets.

these will also fall out of the skies/disappear off the face of the earth



Why would they? They were already used against IS.



They will, however, enjoy a brief surge of insane popularity on youtube before everyone forgets about them


going to maccas



stay safe



sea has serious trust issues with the chinks and anything chinks touch, there's a large market for non-chink shit over in those countries which japan can't fill on their own



What's the cheapest cig/tobacco brand you guys recommend?

Only going to smoke once a week for when I drink.



They already have no problem importing European cars or high tech stuff from Korea, you're seriously delusional if you think Australia has a snowflake's chance in hell in manufacturing against those countries.



I honestly don't know, I quit smoking cigs about 2 years ago, I only buy the odd pack of cigarillo cafe creme once a week for when I have a few glasses of scotch, they cost $18 to $21 for a pack of 10.



what are you getting?


real bloody muggy heat





I used to smoke either Rothmans menthol or Marlboro Gold. Now I went to "Colts" cherry flavoured, they're advertised as cigars I think but they're just regular smokes with brown paper. They taste delicious but are quite strong/hard

I'd start with JPS maybe


fuck me dead its 3 already



even if it's "nothing" there's still no reason to piss it away when it could be spent on literally anything else


Honestly how did it even get this bad? why is australia so fucked?



cuckedcoast fag detected


>Honestly how did it even get this bad? why is australia so fucked?

idk, but pol assures me it's jews


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I am in the process of making Chef John's clotted cream. I had it in the oven overnight and it is in the fridge chilling right now.



>east coast


m8 we had the highest number of no votes in the country.



It was the immigrants voting no hahaha top kek m8.



Regional/rural NSW voted against it much harder than other regional/rural areas to be fair.

Either way here's to hoping we don't have to hear about it anymore and politically we can move onto more important things

>inb4 more citizenship drama



My electorate in Sydney is 90% white and 45% voted no.



Ya fat bastard



A true NEET explores all avenues of gourmand indulgence.



take a photo when it's done


just got my telstra modem in the post so any minute the internet will be cut i guess



>Australia will move on to more important issues now

toppest of keks




i'd never heard of it before, if it wasnt chef john i would've thought it was a troll to make cunts throw up



JPS Reds?

How much are they and how many?

Is $25 for 25 a good estimate or is it even more expensive?



You can find some packs of 23-25 for like 20 bucks. I'd just assume a dollar each, roughly


Fuckin floggin down in east melbs


>they don't get 10 dollar packs of chink smokes from their local chink grocer



You are probably smoking asbestos and mercury.



My mum used to get them, tasted like ass


people who smoke are like the plebiest of plebs



File: 75decb1621e87d8⋯.jpg (40.13 KB, 565x284, 565:284, housosvsauthority04.jpg)


bad for your health, has a stupid tax attached to it and not just in the economical sense, smoker demographic are usually housos or very low on the socioeconomic ladder and always will be, uncouth and crass, the list goes on and on really.



Oh yes I'm going to put myself at risk of legal trouble and embarrass myself by asking for chop chop.



Fun fact, early cigarette filters used to be made of asbestos


I just got the call from the delivery man. My mattress is coming in about half an hour.



Every try one of those cigarettes from Bali? gudang or dudang was the name, they tasted like monkey turds. Cunts used to bring back cartons of them.



You'll be fapping in comfort in no time.



In the past they were an item for the rich and cool. Like drinking is now, smoking was an activity necessary for forming good business relationships with people that mattered, i.e: Americans. I agree that now smoking is a waste of money and for scabby plebs. You'd be better off on most other vices.


How much was it? I've been using my single bed for over 50 years. Could always stick another single together and call it a jewish double.



>I've been using my single bed for over 50 years.

out of curiousity, how old are you?



My Mattress cost $700. It was on sale reduced from $1400.





Far out, no way I could afford that. I'll just find one on the side of the road. Maybe. Let me know if it was worth it, please.


I could probably do with a new mattress, this one is all deformed from laying on it all day.



Get a few litres of petrol


File: 23edc4116f8f134⋯.jpg (117.45 KB, 480x469, 480:469, 8d023cb5205a97e1b6f7305d6f….jpg)

off to dans I go


File: 379df4bf6e00da5⋯.jpg (3.67 MB, 4608x3456, 4:3, 20171115_175643.jpg)

File: 64621273feac62c⋯.jpg (3.57 MB, 4608x3456, 4:3, 20171115_175650.jpg)

File: 7b31d2c82ad707f⋯.jpg (3.82 MB, 4608x3456, 4:3, 20171115_175709.jpg)

File: ee865b80d3643e3⋯.jpg (3.3 MB, 4608x3456, 4:3, 20171115_175930.jpg)

I tried the new kfc tacos. They were shit m8s



KFC always looks so disgusting

Even their pies were pretty gross



>They were shit

thanks for going and posting, i'm sad to hear that. The bloke who did the review made them sound so good.



yeah those were dogshit

gravy tasted like instant noodle seasoning


File: 4c6674fbbcbb635⋯.jpg (117.5 KB, 800x1081, 800:1081, Cream 1.jpg)

File: 9b2e5b75fe20509⋯.jpg (121.71 KB, 800x1069, 800:1069, Cream 2.jpg)

File: 35218d1e87368d3⋯.jpg (77.21 KB, 800x909, 800:909, Cream 3.jpg)

The Clotted Cream is done mates. I am going to eat it tomorrow spread on a sponge cake with some apricot jam.



Did you clean your stovetop so we wouldn't laugh at you?



That is my brand new stove m8. I clean it after every use because I don't want it to turn into the mess that was the old one.



Disgusting. How could anyone ever expect anything different? Cunts, please consider your local Thai restaurants or start growing sweet potatoes or something because this is sickening. I'm more surprised that kfc would do such an obviously stupid thing. Maybe, like that time pizza hut made meat pie pizza crust, they're doing this as a media stunt for attention.




That's a damn fine looking stove top, mate. Congratulations.



looks just like the video

good work, is it nice?

are you going to make scones as well?



No scones I don't have the energy. I just bought a sponge cake to have it on.

The taste was a little disappointing. Pretty similar to normal cream.



fast food places having short lived meme products is standard products. It gets smoothbrains like our friend up above to "just try it" and give their hard earned shekels away.



got two coopers longnecks and a stubbie of bintang lads

feels like im in bali aye haha


Hey cumguzzlers



>Pretty similar to normal cream.

ah gay, still looks like you did a good job and got some use out of your new oven

btw how much was your oven? my stove top only has one burner working and the grill doesnt work and the oven igniter doesnt work so i have to get in it with a lighter to light it



you cant say that anymore.



Guzzling cum is an aussie tradition now



You are in disgrace. go away.



you knew you'd get trips and still posted, no you's for you

~40% said NO



Should have made vanilla cream. No idea how it's done but it's really good.


aha mate you're having a laugh aren't you lol


Like many of our other traditions; it was imported from America.


File: 6c094cc3bebde88⋯.jpg (242.06 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, 1510054487001.jpg)

You guys reckon I'd have to pay much to cool my shed, thinking of growing high grade hydroponic "tomatoes" but it might be a bit too hot/humid



cheers for the link, did you shop around online first?

that looks like a decent one



Yes that was the best price I could find. It was over $800 at appliances online.




I had to buy one very specific to my needs. I needed it to run on LPG gas bottles and to not have any electrical components because there is no electrical outlet near where it is in the kitchen.



You'll probably be surprised at how long they last. I've got LPG running my hot water unit for a shower and kitchen sink, it lasts about 2 months



doesnt your place have mains?

does anyone know what NG gas is? there was the same oven for $20 more that says it runs on that



LPG = propoane

NG = natural gas = methane



>Natural Gas Gas




It's free if you borrow from your neighbors



No my place does not have mains. We have connections for two 45kg LPG cylinders which sit outside next to the kitchen wall and are connected to the stove by a pipe that comes in through the wall. When one of the gas bottles is empty you phone up and they come and swap it for a full one.


Been doing some really hot farts today lads, need to lay off the cheese.



cheers. i should've been able to work that out





are you rural?

my dads place is the same as that


My mattress got delivered a little while ago. It was really easy they barely said a word. In and out and I didn't even have to sign anything.



country town.


File: 2663cd0a3350e6e⋯.jpg (19.29 KB, 217x320, 217:320, JUST.jpg)

>tfw caving in and going to get a bottle of jamesons



im drinking too


File: ca19ab957d8670f⋯.jpg (398.88 KB, 600x500, 6:5, lamb.jpg)





File: 746c47631f117c9⋯.jpg (18.09 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 23212.jpg)


File: 4d7742b7bb9bf8b⋯.jpg (454.09 KB, 1124x660, 281:165, 1500655654001.jpg)




poofters drink mate



>Hey cumguzzlers

I'm not a cumguzzler, the majority in my electorate voted no. How many of you guys can say that?



what you drinking cobber?

I'm going to get some diet ginger ale as mixer.



Too many carbs all though they are nice drinks.


Go to your local shopping centre and start asking people if they can spare a smoke.


File: 20b5c10451b239a⋯.png (87.92 KB, 384x376, 48:47, fancy_pants.png)


>diet ginger ale

>Too many carbs


File: 3299b1d8e84908b⋯.png (135.38 KB, 507x568, 507:568, 1510475354001.png)


I'm drinking long necks and smoking bongs

I can't go to the shops because I've got an interlocker fitted to my car so it wont start if im over 0.02% BAC



You've gotta guzzle cum though now m8, It's the law


File: ee7bae6c0dda92c⋯.jpg (86.09 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, Mr._Greedy.jpg)

File: b5ee7eb5d00bae6⋯.png (34.99 KB, 765x758, 765:758, fat wojak 2.png)




Jeez, how many times did you get caught and what did you blow?


File: 7ffba2796755ee3⋯.jpg (58.58 KB, 571x800, 571:800, unjusted.jpg)

>tfw day 3 nofap



How horny are you?



Just once. 0.13% on Christmas eve a couple years ago

$1k+ fine and lost license for a year



>tfw accidentally done that because of wagecucking


File: 36877cf3fe2ee4b⋯.jpg (117.33 KB, 818x960, 409:480, 1507901205001.jpg)

File: 6b35ace40a5045d⋯.png (17.23 KB, 443x400, 443:400, 1510482178003.png)

Fuck I hate deadshits. Everytime I'm down at the shops there will be some feral couple wearing trackies and crocs or something and drinking tinnies in the carpark arguing about how they'll afford more ciggies or something. How does someone end up like that? Wouldn't they realise they're a walking stereotype and change?

We need to gas all the shitkickers when we build camps for the lebos and gooks when we start the race war



They're born into that lifestyle, it's the only thing they know.



The worst part is they're probably happier than we are


File: c64a17cf928f8b2⋯.png (10.91 KB, 321x339, 107:113, 0FnuQL3.png)


didnt need to hear that



>because I've got an interlocker fitted to my car so it wont start if im over 0.02% BAC

God i hope its a commodore or newer falcon

Fuck i aspire to be like you


File: 4fa70cf465619de⋯.jpg (139.53 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 1.jpg)

File: ea6cea92b37efee⋯.jpg (74.48 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 3.JPG)

File: 4245bff9a6b6b80⋯.jpg (78.82 KB, 480x640, 3:4, 4.JPG)

File: e92d806c6b81226⋯.jpg (65.84 KB, 480x640, 3:4, IMG_4786.JPG)

File: 2faaf067909ed1d⋯.jpg (83.74 KB, 480x640, 3:4, IMG_4787.JPG)

Hey NEETS does any of you know how to use a bbq and proper bbq maintence?

I put some salmon i bought on today and it turned out okay but a some of it got stuck on the grill. Should i have used the hotplate? How do i clean this, a few sites suggest to use hot water and soap but im sure i've seen my dad just scrape it down and then other people talk about using beer?

I want to master this device, and be a proper aussie man.

Cooking and drinking and smoking outside on the barbie



i clean them by using a little oil, salt and newspaper

the salt makes it like sandpaper to clean with

it's best on the flat surface but i clean the grill bit the same way

or you could get a steel brush thing for that, they sell them at bunnings



hot water and soap should be enough for some fish



Cumguzzlers can get married and adopt kids now



You should have put them on crossways, not lengthways.


File: 4c387b984bb80e8⋯.png (48.77 KB, 1321x1621, 1321:1621, 1510633566003.png)


id just leave it


Just had a beautiful dinner cooked by my Nan, lobster and salmon, better than most restaurants. And the funny thing was she got everything at Aldi which surprised me.



she's a good old bird, did you do the dishes?



I did actually, felt good about it.



What's wrong with Aldi?



Google how to season a grill.



Usually stuff from Aldi is shit quality because cheapo brands and such. This seafood was good as though.


File: 00c64808d4ea66c⋯.gif (1.89 MB, 450x308, 225:154, tumblr_ojn6b8RZ521v5qjl1o1….gif)

yesssssss my pay just went in, off i go to seven 11 for some ciggies and that ice cream which is half ice cream and half weird material that you hold and eat

what else should i pick up



Get a donut for us m8.



hotplate or grill shouldn't matter too much with steaks but you gotta mind your temps and >>155934 what he said



good lad, i bet she appreciated it


tendies are fucking expensive, i got the $4 pack and got substituted the better brand one and that costs almost $9, theres only 7 tendies in a pack

i'm going to make them into wraps with burritos and put coleslaw in them



i still only had to pay $4 though


Sick to fucking death of hearing about the yes vote



They've been able to adopt for years. Not allowed to shoot em either for a while now. Not sure what that plebiscite from the state is supposed to achieve except for political theatrics.


chocolate. Get the butter snap biscuits from my favorite parrot.


Better off getting your own cuts of chicken and crumming them yourself. Goes great with sweet potato chips.



yeah good point


see i dont want to have to get all that shit outside


do i have to do it everytime?


I read about this, are all BBQs cast iron tho?

also this bbq is not new, can i still season it?


Fark its raining should I go to sevs




Nvm 711


Why are Dan's staff so agressive about carding?



>do i have to do it everytime?

i do, while the barbie is heating up



>are all BBQs cast iron tho?

if it's stainless you'd know, if it was teflon then whoever bought it probably voted yes



You'd be supporting an exploitative business that sells expensive, shitty goods. But sure, pack an umbrella.



laws of the land bruddah




Please keep this degenerate Melbourne hipster babble off our thread



I want to usurp Dan's goonstitutional monarchy and establish a NEET junta.



Christen it with a fap and some farts


File: 463790919aa0219⋯.jpg (16.17 KB, 371x396, 371:396, images.jpg)

>tfw you realise because of the SSM vote tonight thousands of men are going to make love to their boyfriends assholes?



yeah cool so just at the start seems reasonable

Do you do a lot of cooking on barbie? Share some tips and recipes


can u tell from the pics? I dont think it was teflon because i was using metal tongs on it



today has been fucking exhausting and gut wrenching

i'm over it, it's shit but yeah, i dont want to hear anything else about it


The Socceroos better qualify. No world cup and losing the vote will fuck my shit up.



Gonna be a spike in the hive rate


Gonna do a poo then have a fap to fat Asian women



lol fucking gook lover

go back to box hill



tip no one

buy it marinaded or spiced up, fucking around with spices just leads to ruining your meat

tip two

when turning sausages take the one on the end and put it at the other end and just roll them all back to position that way they all turn at the same rate

tip three

sear steak, turn, wait for blood to seep off the top, turn, then turn once more.

some people only turn twice but i do it three times, the more you mess with it the worse it gets

tip four

when cooking onions put a steel tray/baking dish type thing to cook them in, saves you having to clean onions out of the burner

other than that i dunno, i dont use a bbq that often though



looks stainless m8, cast iron usually has a rough surface


File: efa3d9e18d68093⋯.gif (3.01 MB, 294x238, 21:17, KyIU51m.gif)


>tfw you realise hundreds of men will be proposing to their boyfriends tonight and hiding the engagement ring in strange places such as their anus, urethra or around the head of their penis so it can be a surprise

It'll be busy in the emergency room tonight.



you think about gay sex too much



I used to fuck abos but I started showering and washing my clothes and now I fuck fat Asian women. If I brush my teeth I can maybe get homeless white women



You are gay sex



File: 5fe083c9681cce0⋯.jpg (70.86 KB, 634x427, 634:427, mugabe.jpg)


millions have died so that we might have the freedom to post images with our text, yet their sacrifice was in vain because you mentioned mugabe without posting an image of his epic jacket


File: f08418753a47250⋯.jpg (55.88 KB, 940x529, 940:529, hitler-bei-einer-rede-1937.jpg)



should take fashion tips from a better dictator



>when turning sausages take the one on the end and put it at the other end and just roll them all back to position that way they all turn at the same rate

fucking smart


wait so dont season it?


File: 05bf18ea217b43c⋯.jpg (2.04 MB, 2592x1936, 162:121, Fast Food.jpg)

Went to IGA and got everything I wanted except a bottle of kimchi. Couldn't be fucked going to a bigger supermarket though so just went home (after Dan's ;) )



I assume you can't cook




better off with maccas



learn how to cook some basic, few ingredient meals. the shit you got is cheap but you can have better more filling feeds for the same price



Stagg is top tier with some rice.



I just tuned in and they're leading 2 - 0, if they somehow lose this match they need to be executed.



gross man, honestly just buy 3 pizzas if you cant cook better than all the preservatives and shit flavors in that

also miso tastes like semen

my ex used to say so, and other girls i've asked agreeyou cum guzzler



It's the breakfast of cumguzzlers


File: 2d6e72f7ca4ab8f⋯.jpg (28.47 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1508068255001.jpg)

The guy at 7/11 who knows what smokes I like knew I was high as shit and just gave me a smiling nod



Apprentice Chef


Well I'm being paid Minimum wage

It's just that minimum wage for an apprentice is a lot lower than that of any other profession



>cuckedcoast fag detected

>When NSW voted no more than anyone



It's funny to think that we got btfo in our group last time but only us and Spain made it back

Hopefully we can win a match this time



Thanks entirely to Muhammad



Honestly I'm happy with the citizenshit saga, might force the government into a reconcilable stalemate which will make me very very happy



how do you know what semen tastes like?




If we don't make the cup then something is fucked seeing as Italy and to a lesser degree the Gay American team Who no joke lost because they swapped out a perfectly good defender, because he's pro trump, for one who did the Own Goal that made America fail to make the cup

Either way of we make it or not I'm still going for Iceland, I mean how can you not like them


How can you stand their voices, I fucking swear there is no sound on this planet more irritating than a gook woman's voice



Nice, now checkem



like you



Did he give you a bum?



We've been fucked over hard in our last two group stages, I mean fucking last cup for example, Netherlands, Chile and Spain, I mean what the actual fuck even was FIFA thinking



FIFA definitely doesn't rig anything though, no funny business at all



>irritating than a gook woman's voice

I suspect it's got something to do with the tone systems they use in gookspeak - sounds terrible to native english speakers. I have no idea what we sound like to them, and writing this sentence, realise I really don't give a shit



We probably sound like autists to them too



George Bush Sr gave him a bum bum


Yes Goyim the 2022 World Cup wasn't rigged, Qatar totally had reason to host the cup


File: 6571de4034286cb⋯.png (629.8 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-11-15-19-1….png)

Wtf does this ad even mean?



I think it's refering to a table you put prostitute's phones on



fucking weeb



hey, the japanese are honorary aryans - even hitler said so



IIRC we sound like Latin speakers to them, so yes we sound like Autists


But what about the Vietnamese, they don't have a tonal system, and a female zip's voice is just as bad as a female chink's


>listening to triple j before

>some bitch calls in about the yes vote

>says her mum is queer, and she's shacked up with her queer best friend

>says how they were best friends for years and one day asked why not and started fucking

That's pretty weird, middle aged women that are best friends growing feelings towards each other and end up munching each other. Two mean doing that is crazy


File: 4c5e23369ec62b7⋯.jpg (9.82 KB, 250x250, 1:1, tard.jpg)


>Vietnamese don't have a tonal system



Honestly the whole yes vote is making me feel a bit down

Not because of the actual vote though it's not great but it's yet another sign that me as someone who's been raped by another male has even less of a voice



Oh they do, then Indonesians then, I fucking know they don't



greentext that shit my man



Sounds like a Murakami novel



Can I not



Lesbianism is a fetish. Why do you think lesbain porn is the most common for women?



I don't really care, I think it gets me down mainly because of >>155656

it's just so black-pilling when you think about it in terms of how important things get completely brushed under the rug by normies






>tfw all the neets gang-up on you

I can cook basic shit, what I bought is for the times when I either don't feel like cooking or when I forget to buy fresh food.. I've never tried miso soup, and I did get maccas too btw.


Yep, I'll be serving that with Uncle Ben's instant rice.







Eh fair enough, granted the citizenshit saga actually could end up being important but only in the way that nobody will be Prime Minister soon, which is good

At the moment the only win is nobody winning

>inb4 the citizenshit saga culls off so many people fag marriage can't pass


I might some other time, when I'm drunl



because lots of lesbians watch it?



We've got a detectiveneet on our hands



I have a question for detective neet

how do we make them fuck off, we're full and they need to fuck off but they're not so how do we make them fuck off



Detectives solve mysteries, not hand out solutions. You need FixitNEET



Nigger just get regular rice and cook it

It's not hard



Ok then, why aren't they fucking off, that's a mystery



because "someone" wants them to stay



now we need fix it neet to figure out how to make someone fuck off



Fixitneet is an impossible ideal. Anyone capable and motivated enough to fix things is no neet



But what if the solution to fixing a problem is a NEET?



If the problem hasn't fucked everything yet it'll be right without fixing, if it has then it's too late anyway



oi neet how much do ya pay for green



80 a q, 150 for halfa and somewhere around 300 a bag.

I'm gonna start growing soon, I wonder how much I can sell ounces for to dealers



the fuck is a q, a halfa and a bag



I can't wait for Breaking NEET



I buy my weed in thumb measurements, gonna smoke 3 thumbs of weed tonight



quarter ounce, half ounce, ounce



I know someone who probably could end up as a Walter and who his Jessie Pinkman would be


Oh, why are they doing in yank messurments



>why are they doing in yank messurments

because it's nigger tier behavior



fair enough



>even less of a voice

This is not the way a proper man talks.


File: ca19ab957d8670f⋯.jpg (398.88 KB, 600x500, 6:5, lamb.jpg)


What did you buy at Dan's?


>3 pizzas

Too expensive



You took one for the team m8. But they really don't look appealing, I can't see anything else in the taco besides the chicken, ffs where's the lettuce, tomato and salsa? Think I'm a stick with Old El Paso


A genuine cook post, it's been a while. Appreciate your contribution even if what you made looks inedible :)



Well I think I've been robbed of my chance to be a proper man



The lettuce and salsa and shit were beneath the chicken, supercharged sauce between the taco and the tortilla. It was shit.



>wait so dont season it?

you can season it since it helps things to stick less but it's not as crucial



prove it.



>>3 pizzas

>Too expensive

not if you get them from aldi's



Good to hear, is it comfy?


I think it's a necessary purchase given today's events


He did mention "couple"



Get a bowl of cold/room temp water and a stainless-steel brush then while the grill is still piping-hot (ie just after you've removed the food) brush it down dipping the brush into the water when necessary. It's better to do it this way as by the time you've stuffed yourself the last thing you feel like doing is cleaning the damn BBQ.



I haven't tried the mattress yet. I will probably get it set up on Saturday. It is currently leaning against the wall still in its plastic wrapper.



Uncle Ben is the nigger that cooks for me


Beer and whisky, my go-to sleep/entertainment aids



The lettuce should always be on the side of the meat, not beneath. How much were they?



Are you joking? Is your angus still that sore you can't remove the plastic and simply lay the mattress onto the frame? What are you sleeping on now?



>He knows if he sleeps in it he will get raped


File: a4a76a219309784⋯.mp4 (1.5 MB, 720x486, 40:27, fatlamb.mp4)


>beer and whisky

NEET you better appease me by going to Dan's and buying Little Fat Lamb by next week.



Ciders for poofs, jam your lamb up your arse.



I am sleeping on my current mattress on the floor.

I am waiting until Saturday to set up the new bed because I need to wash all of my new linen, wash my sleeping clothes and wash the doggo before we start using the new bed. Weather is not good for washing at the moment.


File: d4a4a5b4a8bfa9e⋯.jpg (24.12 KB, 310x220, 31:22, storyip.jpg_310x220.jpg)



No, pre-mixed drinks are for the smoothbrains. I do feel like lamb now though, lamp chops!


OK, I wouldn't put dirty linen on a new mattress either. You sleep with your dog?


>tfw big poo



My doggo sleeps in bed with me, yes. He also spends most of the day in my bed snoozing, especially in the colder months.



>wash the doggo before we start using the new bed.

Just because gays can get married now doesn't mean you can fuck your dog


File: 78b24f75c5b7200⋯.png (7.54 KB, 437x413, 437:413, gay.PNG)



File: 511b7105fb25dd7⋯.jpg (221.55 KB, 600x510, 20:17, 1497607861986.jpg)

I am going to bed now. Good night NEETs.



I'd do the same if I could have a dog. Wouldn't be as lonely…



G'night. I'll be watching morally questionable content on Jewtube whilst your asleep



kinda gross tbh




the plot thickens



>Ciders for poofs, jam your lamb up your arse

I don't even think its a cider, anyway this drink is the new meme. I am going to Dan's tomorrow to pick some up



I'll call dans in the morning and tell them not to sell it to you



Am about to watch a comfy post-apocalypse movie before going to sleep. I hope you guys aren't too depressed atm



I fapped to that bro



Heresy, the Dan accepts all payments, for any good


File: 6226e73549b1693⋯.jpg (2.59 MB, 4864x2736, 16:9, IMG_20171115_144533.jpg)

File: 35a5f2f99a2a754⋯.jpg (2.05 MB, 4864x2736, 16:9, IMG_20171115_144838.jpg)

Got some Hungry Jews earlier, got some things off the Penny Pinchers menu. Got 3 BBQ Cheeseburgers and a Oreo Deluxe Shake. Was $10 all up and was pretty good.

The shake unlike the shitty one from maccas I had last week, was less sugary like it should be and didn't make me feel sick. The oreo bits were good, but some were too large, whipped cream on top is largely pointless, as it doesn't taste like anything and you can't suck it through the straw, leading me to resort to using the spoon thing on the bottom of the straw to get the taste of air.

The Cheeseburgers were pretty good, the beef tastes nice and the bbq sauce and the mayo go well. At $2 each they are a humble NEET treat.


Wake up niggers it isn't bed time yet


Aboriginal rape


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Apparently someone made a Dan Murphy's meme



Not bad, I just smashed 2 Maccas hamburgers and large fries. If it's a fast-food battle you want, then it's on. Let's see who can out disgust each other.



The maccas fries are awful. What do you think of them? I think the only good chips are the Hungry jacks ones, or the KFC ones (when they can be bothered seasoning them like they used to)



It is when you've drunk a toilet full of piss and eaten a microwave full of preservatives. We'll talk midday



What the fuck



The last few times I've had hungry jacks cheeseburgers they've slathered the shit out of them with sauce



Get fuck eyed for fuck all, at Dan Murphy's



They went conservative on these ones, bretty gud


Who /latenight/ here?


File: 746c47631f117c9⋯.jpg (18.09 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 23212.jpg)


A superior being that drinks the Little Fat Lamb.


>tfw first drink in a while



It's rape night for me



please don't rape


Cheesecake NEET here. Yesterday my government support worker who takes me out places took me to a coffee shop we sometimes go to. It was dome cafe, in a quite suburb that wasn't a shithole. Anyway, I got jewed $6 for a smoothie with a mango which was good considering the temp outside, and also because everything else on the menu was too expensive, or something I didn't want to have for breakfast. I wanted to get the bacon and eggs with toast, but that was $17 - Yeah nah, get fucked.

What was interesting about this hour and a half and why I am even posting it is, that I basically sat in a corner talking to my support worker, and this really attractive girl came in, the strange thing is I haven't seen a girl this attractive for years, or maybe it is because I am off the anti-depressants. Anyway, she was wearing a shirt or something and some shorts which perfectly contoured her thick legs and perfect ass. The last time I saw something like this was when I was in school doing mathmatics and the class whore frequently wore stuff like that. I felt pretty attracted, and I actually stared at her for quite a while (obviously when she isn't looking) as I haven't felt this way in a while. She wore those pseudo nerd glasses, and sat at a table perpendicular to me, effectively about 4-5 meters to my right since I was in a corner booth thing.

Anyway what made me sad is that I knew even if I didn't have someone with me, I couldn't approach her, and I would never be considered attractive enough. My face isn't even bad, I'd say it is solid 6.5/10, but I am pretty thin and also girls don't like the NEET, especially one who cannot even converse with women well, since it has been years since I did that.

To add insult to injury, there were other attractive girls there as well. One was a server or whatever, and was probably around my age or younger like the other one I mentioned. Anyway, back to the girl who I was initially talking about, she was probably a NEET too, I mean, who would be there at 11am on a Tuesday? There were only pensioners and the collection of old boomers in the shop. I think in December I am going to join my local gym, I think I need the body to attract women. I have been doing the jaw exercises as well, the only flaw in my face (that is fixable) my jaw is good but there is a slight overbite which the exercises can fix.

I knew since I quit anti-depressants (but not my anxiety meds) I would start feeling the no gf again, so now I must try and get gf. Girls liked me in high school, and I need to find out what exactly they liked about me, through deduction and analyzation of the memories.


I will buy some tomorrow since I threw out my stanley red since I threw it up



Don't beat yourself up about it mate. Let's do GF2018 together. Just about everyone finds cold approaches except absolute slayer chads very daunting. We need to get over our fear of rejection. I want to get involved in some kind of social or sporting activity so there is at least some pretext to sparking conversation.

You are on the right track with aiming to lookmax to increase your chances. Just don't go too far down the hole and end up taking the lookism blackpill.


File: 3358d79d3f58d03⋯.png (17.04 KB, 900x900, 1:1, pepe perturbed.png)


How tall are you btw?


I feel good. I think I am going to limit my drinking to 2-4 drinks a night in the hours before bed. When I having heavy drinking sessions daily my life falls into shambles.



I have to rape, without rape society collapses


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Don't want to sound too harsh here but there's more pressing issues than tfw no gf with you.

I was considering drinking tomorrow actually, the situation at work isn't going well and I may end up losing my job.

I'm on the ICQ server if you want to talk. I don't really trust Discord anymore.

Does anyone have any video game music stuck in their head atm? I keep getting this song in my head in the mornings.



just rape the bad guys only ok



>Don't want to sound too harsh here but there's more pressing issues than tfw no gf with you.

what an offhand passive aggressive comment

fuck you



I'll only be raping abos tonight



180cm / 6'0 Is that considered manlet now?


Thanks m8. I have done a cold approach once before when I was in year 9, it only failed because she wasn't attracted to me. I think I probably have the confidence moreso than I had then because my teeth are much straighter. I don't have much a fear of rejection since it only happened once, I have mainly a anxiety of taking action since in high school I had 5 girls like me over the high school period of 5 years but I was too anxious to make a move. I think this anxiety will be lessened when I start working out.

> I want to get involved in some kind of social or sporting activity so there is at least some pretext to sparking conversation.

I have though about going to TAFE to do this, but I think I may be able to meet the women in public if I do it properly, and had the looks. The girl I talked about did hold eye contact for about 2 seconds, so I think that isn't bad. It is very hard for me to hold eye contact, even when I talk to people I usually just look at the floor. I think I had progressed this year, since the start of it, the positive momentum has kept me going which started a few months ago.


File: 134ab40d479a070⋯.png (862.98 KB, 1366x745, 1366:745, dreamboy.png)


Don't speak on CheesecakeNEET's behalf.

There was no ill intent in that comment.



Good work m8. I am too lazy to buy alcohol, that works for me




>Don't want to sound too harsh here but there's more pressing issues than tfw no gf with you.

Such as?

>I was considering drinking tomorrow actually, the situation at work isn't going well and I may end up losing my job.

The NEET god has spoken and will drag you back into the bucket.

>I'm on the ICQ server if you want to talk. I don't really trust Discord anymore.

I noticed your account fucked up, just use it with a VPN if you want. I don't use the irc much anymore.


Woke up 30 minutes ago fucking hell



I wasn't speaking on his behalf. You are pretty easy to identify from your posting style. You have a habit of posting very terse and passive aggressive one liners to posters. It's in the way you word it. Its basically having a dig at someone without the decency to be straight up about it. Your behavior is a blight on the general. Sure you might get a little kick out of it and feel like you are getting one over someone but it genuinely reflects poorly on you.

Self awareness is painful for a lot of us to achieve. Before you sperg out at me just give your past actions some thought.


File: 8f852c7f510df8c⋯.png (67.31 KB, 246x200, 123:100, 64ca71.png)


No you're just over analysing.



Hello batNEET



Hello cuckNEET


Aboriginal ejaculation



you what? How am I a cuck for pointing out our resident nocturnal NEETs, and making a shitty joke?

No fun allowed?



pajeet poos



Hello asshurtNEET



>says the one who was triggered initally




Stop projecting




Go back to bed rapeneet


Spicy aboriginal anus


File: 6ce5b37150ee2f4⋯.png (72.55 KB, 500x355, 100:71, australia-was-a-mistake-ca….png)

Just woke up, I had this terrible nightmare that the voters of this country legalised fag marriage. Thank god it was only a dream.


<tafe is over

<no more anger

<no more discourse

<get to do whatever i want for 2 months

it's all over



I dont wake up at 2am on the regular and should be back to waking up at 9am within a week or so well thats what I hope for anyway.


Good morning NEETS


Good morning


>12 hours till i can sleep again



I'd say it's a bad morning. But things can only get better.


Wakey wakey NEETs


Good morning cumguzzlers



It's not a dream m80



pretty comfy



you made it didnt you?



a rape a day keeps the nogf feels away


Just got back from my daily bike ride.



fuck a fatty, it'll help with your confidence and then you go after the primo sluts



what the fuck's wrong with you?

other neet was right about you being a passive aggressive cunt


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


morning, i'm gunno go with that approach too



how far do you ride?

have you increased the distance you go each day over time?







File: 102c17a24db12a3⋯.webm (1.54 MB, 320x240, 4:3, every day in the NEET thr….webm)


I've been up since 2am you lazy fucks



what's new?



not much.



About 14km. I bike the same route but with slight changes each time.



fuck me, that's a good effort, are you doing it to lose weight?

i was expecting a lot less than that, how long does it take? you dont wear lycra do you?


didnt take codeine for the first time yesterday n over a month, pretty good really, just a bit snappy but that's ok as long as nothing pisses me off

about to take my car to the mechanics, i'm already half an hour late (he said bring it in any time but i wanted to be in when he opened so i'm first), he doesnt do trans and i think that's the issue, i got a noise that sounds like a coin in a drainpipe coming from near the trans/ muffler area.

he refers cunts to a different shop that does trans though, havent been there before



For exercise. It takes about 45mins, I don't wear Lycra.



Do you have a legit bike or a shitty kmart one?

I ask because I rode my shitty kmart bike from years ago for 12km and riding it felt like shit and im not sure if thats just a im not fit enough thing or if riding shitty kmart bikes are suppose to feel shitty.


Riding on a stationary bike doesn't feel shitty in the same way btw.



It's a legit bike, but not a road bike. The seat on this bike is also uncomfortable. Sometimes I just stand up while I'm riding to give myself a break from it.



Pro-tip for bike comfort, lean forward a bit and use your core to hold yourself up, takes a bit of weight off your ass, also grip the handle bars extremely lightly, as if you are holding onto baby chickens.



Thanks, I'll give it a try next time



Cheesecake I think your best bet for getting a gf is through your internet activity. You should be able to find some girl who watches your YouTube videos and then falls in love with you from afar. She will probably be mentally ill herself, possibly a NEET, and she will have some fantasy of rescuing you and she will probably feel pity for you to some degree. It probably won't work out over the long term but you should be able to meet up with her and have sex for a while.

You just need to put your videos more widely out there and then a grill will come to you.



>You just need to put your videos more widely out there and then a grill will come to you.

that's an idea



yeah thats kinda average, are you in NSW?

keep the NEETS posted on how growing goes



Do NEET girls even exist?



did you make those halo videos?

I think you overanalyse things too much

also gimmi jaw secrets

im on gf2017



They do but because they are women they do not have any interests so you will only find them in the more social places on the internet where they can tell everyone they are a girl for attention.

I used to spend a bit of time on r9k a few years ago and there was a community of cancerous tripfags there which included females. The thing that surprised me was even the ugly autistic robots there managed to attract these women. Even that autistic train mong Samson got some NEET girl to fly out to his house and fuck him.

If Cheesecake hangs out on r9k or soc he will be able to attract a girl.


Good Morning NEETS

Whats the go for today?

I've just finished some exercise and imma go to jb and cop these https://www.jbhifi.com.au/computers-tablets/accessories/logitech/logitech-z213-multimedia-pc-speakers-black/588733/

gonna be the next flume bruhhhs



You could probably get fagneet in a dress pretty easily



No surround sound? How will you tell if someone's sneaking up on you while playing vidya?

I kind of want to get a VR headset, but I'm worried that they might suck, and they're expensive.



>sneaking up on you while playing vidya?

>implying I camp

But na i have a $300 pair of headphones.

I wanted the speakers for music, and bass. I cant wear headphones for long.

I have tired a few different VRs the samsung phone one and the PS4 one, PS4 one is amazing. VR headsets are defiantly a try before you buy, I think they're great but I can only wear them for maybe 30 minutes max. The first time on the PS4 i wore it for maybe 90 minutes i felt like i had too much booze, also i had straps and shit on my head like headphones



>buying computer audio stuff from jbhifi

I really hope you're not this retarded


Had a dream about fucking a black chick



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


only reason to get a vr setup would be sim flight/drivan but even then i think you can do an ir tracking setup for cheaper

not to mention if it's too expensive it automatically sucks



Sounds like a nightmare.


File: 060f27aed687c5a⋯.jpg (110.06 KB, 405x270, 3:2, testicle rick.jpg)

I've got an interview at a new recruitment agency the day after I got myself sacked

pretty sweet aye



Gonna go to the gym then probably just neet it up the rest of the day. Almost 200 pages into Crime and punishment, think I will fit in at least an hour or two of reading.

Bought some bratwurts from woolies. Going to have them in buns with saurkraut and onion for dinner.


File: 66216dd6ab31960⋯.jpg (73.08 KB, 754x943, 754:943, Madeline-Stuart-Model-Down….jpg)


this is gonna be harsh but what kind of woman wants a guy who has a carer? any half decent woman is gonna bail, he may as well find a disabled gf



This is harsh but he is right. Hopefully he can unfuck his shit and not need a support worker.



I've got TrackIR, it's pretty good, but I'll probably be upgrading to VR when I get a new computer next year.



How do you get a support worker anyway? I've stumbled through life feeling completely unable to cope with adult tasks, nobody's ever come to help me.



I guess a job agency might assign you one? I was never offered anything like that even when I was going to a disability employment agency.


i think you only get assigned one if you have real issues and by that i dont mean depression and being lazy but legit autist


Cheesecake may have some support worker that takes him places but that doesn't mean he needs one.






If you have a legitmate mental capacity issue, ongoing for many years Cenno may assign you one, but they are more like a helpful friend, they make sure people are washing, doing household chores, etc.

For everyone else, you go here:


Our social workers can help you when things are tough and you feel you’ve got no one to turn to.

You can talk to us about:

family and domestic violence

thoughts of suicide or self harm

being a young person without support

a personal or family crisis

the death of a family member or someone close to you

mental health concerns

if you’re affected by a natural disaster

was literally the first result when google'ing "centrelink support worker"

Sometimes the first step in helping yourself, is actually helping yourself.


File: a3143f51b83180e⋯.jpg (184.54 KB, 1080x1276, 270:319, bike butt.jpg)


They need to go one better. I want centrelink assigned girlfriends to be a thing.


File: bd4868567286fa5⋯.png (283.15 KB, 499x513, 499:513, wojak in trouble.png)


>tfw day 4 nofap

>see this



>Sometimes the first step in helping yourself, is actually helping yourself.

I think you may be right..





Are you developing superpowers yet?


Speaking of disabilities, I see a lot of jobs advertised, especially government jobs asking if you are disabled in the application process, does this mean they are trying to weed out brainlets or want to hire them because of "diversity"?



You can use your money to buy an escort



I would never drive a ford.



Thanks, I'll check out this google thing sometime. I asked because I was interested in getting first hand information from people who had received help from a support worker. It doesn't sound like we have any except for cheesey.



If they're a large company, diversity hires. Whenever you group interview for a large company, they love to give a little PowerPoint presentation and tell you about how diverse they are, and cite statistics about how many females they've employed, how many Indigenous Australians, etc.


Went for another bike ride.



Well done m8. Are your leg muscles getting massive?



Nah. I feel pretty destroyed from the seat though, I really need to buy a more comfortable seat.



I meant escort in the whore sense


File: f3f6f0840b52606⋯.png (42.5 KB, 723x752, 723:752, fatty at gym.png)

>tfw had a good gym session



That's good m8. Which exercises did you do?



Full body weights workout. Two heavy sets each body part/movement. The half an hour on the stationary bike.



Are you making gains? Getting huge?


File: 206c950774cad42⋯.png (69.6 KB, 600x600, 1:1, fat thoughts.png)


I'm shrinking. Not eating much so I am just doing some resistance training to try hang on to some of the muscle I have.


File: 7c737cf687e897e⋯.jpg (869.31 KB, 923x1200, 923:1200, 1510796140930.jpg)


onya mate, how good does a good gym sesh feel?

Almost as good as a good weed sesh



Good job getting off the Jew pills, plenty of other NEET lifters around here. You have me at least.



Apparently even on those full on virgin incel woman hate vids there's still like a 90% 10% male to female split, even if you account for half those viewers that are female being bot accounts that randomly generated a gender or just guys pretending to be girls you still at least have some girls

get the vids going and do normie shit and maybe you'll get one or something idk with less esoteric NEET titles like you and NEETwalker and basedNEET have



couldn't you just pump some air into it instead of blowing?



>implying that 10% female stat isnt john



What was "dis course" that you were doing?


Good afternoon



It's $49 at JewBHoloFi, if you can wait for them to open after EB.



Cheers when I looked 2 days ago it was $59

I'll still go to eb and just get them to price match because fuck waiting and I also want other crap from eb.



Yeah I made the halo videos. The jaw exercises are just looking up for a few seconds until you feel your jaw burning, do these a a few times and you will get more definition. Another one is pushing the lower jaw out until the muscles burn, and you keep doing that to work them out.



I think that is a good idea, I will have to get more famous though for that to happen. Even eggman(look him up if you don't know him) got laid after some girl took interest in him over his youtube videos, and he drove to another state to have sex with her. This is pretty good advice m8, thanks for it


>this is gonna be harsh but what kind of woman wants a guy who has a carer?

She isn't a carer. She is bascially a support worker that is assigned to me via the mental health place I go to, it isn't a centrelink one, the mental health place I go to is a state government one. They basically take me out places, and I have noticed my social skills getting better when I talk to them. So it is a positive.


I only see her for an hour every week, so if I ever had a relationship they would likely never find out, it isn't anything that is offputting anyway. I treat her more like a friend, and basically is my only friend.




>How do you get a support worker anyway? I've stumbled through life feeling completely unable to cope with adult tasks, nobody's ever come to help me.

If your state has a public mental health service you can get one through there, and a free psychiatrist as well. That is how it works in WA so it might be different in other states, so research it.


>Cheesecake may have some support worker that takes him places but that doesn't mean he needs one.

I really do. I think just having that person who talks to me and cares about my life and feelings is very helpful, and has certainly had a positive impact on my mental health.


>Apparently even on those full on virgin incel woman hate vids there's still like a 90% 10% male to female split, even if you account for half those viewers that are female being bot accounts that randomly generated a gender or just guys pretending to be girls you still at least have some girls

On some of my videos there is a greater percentage of the video viewed with the female viewers, and the split varies from 40%-15% female.


File: 94330925e443ba3⋯.jpg (67.29 KB, 692x452, 173:113, 170928Homepage-Hero-CokePl….jpg)

finally found a bottle of that coffee coke some neet was mentioning a few months back

tastes pretty good



>tastes pretty good

>anything sugar free tasting good

>carbonated coffee

I refuse to believe this meme



It's raining at the moment



it's got the coffee smell downpat

weak aftertaste



It's revolting, I scolded the NEET that told me me to get it.


Why are Perth neets the best neets?



who would win in a fight between the perth NEET crew and the Gippsland NEET crew?

could the rest of australia's neets including NZ neet even take either group on?



Perth neet crew has a seasoned rapist. No contest.


>tfw lonely NSW NEET

It's like everyone here is a wagie.


Brought some little fat lamb berry flavour. Has a tiny bit of alcoholic aftertaste, but the price/performance and taste is good. I'm drinking a a can now after doing heaps of pushups



maybe it's too expensive to neet in sydney



It's not too bad, I'm on DSP though.



bet you creamed your shorts


File: 00c45e9774c96b6⋯.jpg (17.17 KB, 280x180, 14:9, little slut.JPG)


so did he



just saw on the news that nsw mas the lowest unemployment rate



poofter drink, now quintessentially Australian


Just got back from the mechanics no (You)s btw, what the fucks up with that i was later than i had to be because i felt like i should tell you guys all the going ons in my life

ended up being a broken bracket that holds the exhaust on and a crack in the exhaust pipe. I drove through a drain a month or so ago and scraped the bottom when i was out on a neet cruise in the middle of nowhere and i think that caused it.



lol as christoper pyne trying to say he was hacked




he is fucking faggot and outed himself to the world by a slip of the finger.



You're a poof, lets drink shitty gay tasting beer instead

yeah nah


File: b1f40f5471de2b7⋯.jpg (44.6 KB, 634x438, 317:219, 4661A59900000578-5085701-i….jpg)


what's bernadi's angle trying to say that the afp is compromised? he doesnt believe pyne does he?




Post what he said



Which is the cheapest state to live in? I would've thought NT or Tasmania, and Tasmania would be better because it's cooler.




it's ted cruz all over again


File: 2525bca59223433⋯.jpg (23.21 KB, 276x186, 46:31, you ya gay cunt.jpg)


>because my lips are too frail and cultured for something so vulgar as beer



he's still in the american senate



yeah.. what?


james boag's is a really good beer. They aren't stingey, 375ml and 1.5 standard drinks.

Would encourage neets to get a block when it is on special at dans.



So drinking gay tasting shit is masculine? Why don't you go drinking liqified shit then faggotnigger



Literally no beer taste any good

neck yourself



Emu bitter is the only beer I don't like


File: 30e6137a3d7b810⋯.jpg (310.48 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Fortress-mortalkombat.jpg)


So, hypothetically, if a bunch of neets banded together, where would be the best place to establish a neet base? Some considerations:

- cheap property prices (almost certainly somewhere rural)

- low crime

- sane weather (no heat waves that will kill off the more full-figured neets)

- internet access

- if you had space, are there any hobbies you'd pursue that you can't do now?



>gay tasting shit

it'll put hairs on your chest little fella



It's filled with estrogen and hops, it will do the opposite, so drinking beer will turn you into the pic you posted



unlike the little lamb craft ginger bier

served best in a butcher glass on a leather chair with nice polished oak dresser and a wood filtered cigar, some sandalwood incense and the smiths playing on an authentic original gramophone

oh yes




Drink whisky you faggots, It is the taste of bleakness and hardship that is man's existence.



it isn;t ginger beer, it its some cunt who mxied spirits with some shit, it doesn't taste like cider at all


I didn';t get the ginger beer flavor


8% master race, beercucks on 3.5%



yeah, and listen to zz top and smoke white ox


cider is fucking gayer


there is nothing gayer than beer, maybe you beer drinkers can watch gayfl and have a few craft beers while discussing how you good you feel since going vegan too

beer is jew poison, if you're gonna drink, stick to spirits



it isn;t cider though, I even checked the website the cunts ndon't tell you waht the fuck it is



Tassie is pretty cheap, lots of places for $150 a week rent.


Tassie, it's the NEET Island.



it's above such uncouth generalisations such as "labels"



>beer is jew poison, if you're gonna drink, stick to spirits

This is redpill, take the vlad pill, become a slav today, I'll buy some gin next because I had some vodka that was brety gud



tas is pretty good for neet because no one there has a job ahah


File: d922ffbdcd1e03e⋯.jpg (24.99 KB, 576x720, 4:5, Jeremy-Herrig-craft-beer-d….jpg)




almost there

the real redpill is premium ULP so you can reconnect with your ancestors and talk to the great snake


File: 8271e7d60233b83⋯.jpg (110.48 KB, 525x581, 75:83, 06_01_mariusz_pudzianowski….jpg)



File: f8afabd568a4445⋯.jpg (765.35 KB, 1632x1224, 4:3, IMG_0741.JPG)


It's pretty quite too, I took a road trip down there during the winter, Hobart was basically a ghost town even on a Saturday night.

Also lovely scenery.


File: 4734e639cc6f833⋯.jpg (100.97 KB, 680x1102, 340:551, wojak breaking down.jpg)

>tfw lil peep just died



you know jews used to control the alcohol market in eastern europe, right?


become a shaman of the ancient people's of australia


>that pot belly

he's clearly a beer drinker



>ghost town

maybe that's what we need, some small town that's been abandoned



the pepe?


File: c988876c1a77333⋯.jpg (159.15 KB, 736x1131, 736:1131, 83af830ecb27cd2381e0f16db1….jpg)




There's quite a few smaller towns on the west coast of Tas that are basically ghost towns, they look pretty rough though.



the west is all contaminated from mining



Yeah it's pretty nasty, but could be a cheap option for a NEET.


File: 000cf6528550ef6⋯.png (137.32 KB, 1166x683, 1166:683, nsw-memes.png)

<ea is burning for the right reasons hopefully

<libreoffice mascot shit is falling apart but did nothing wrong

<theres no fucking racing games; racing wheels are too fucking expensive; used to cost 300 bucks to get a good wheel now 400

<everyone is fucking gay


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



The best drama I've been following recently are the twitch whores getting called out once again.

It should be more than that, twitch whores and a lot of streamers deserve to be hacked.

I'm surprised a blackhat hasn't started targeting them on a large level, taking their donations and playing gore videos on stream to get them banned.



assetto corsa is top tier



I got a wheel last Christmas, shifter got fucked within that summer, feels like a toy rather than a simulation. And the old racing sims are just about as good as the new ones, and they're mostly modable too.



tfw g27 master race




It's tempting to drink 2 cans for that binge.



I couldn't find a cheap one that wasn't destroyed.

Feels bad.



I've had two now, might havea thrid


Drinking coffee so I can do a shit and start the day



I got mine new, I'm glad about it since the g29 is jew extreme leaving the shitfter out




I have a G29 G920 but there's no difference and it's actually a really good wheel, definitely a good step up from the G27, but how the fuck can you not upgrade from the piece of shit shifter that's 5 years out of date.



Because the g27 goes alright in the old shit games I play, plus it doesn't have some xbox/ps4 remote embedded in the wheel looking retarded. If I updgrade I'll probably buy some thrustmaster shit, g920 is jew with leaving shifter out



>third can

2 cans is 4.8 units. You're gonna throw up.



>libreoffice mascot shit

What is this?



You wanna put money on that?


File: 0da721e4cb579c6⋯.png (17.31 KB, 402x366, 67:61, images (2).png)


I play game with my keyboard and wheel mouse


File: f7fc25ad5273a39⋯.jpg (31.07 KB, 384x400, 24:25, 1507091512640.jpg)

I have et too much clotted cream…



Fucking RIP



did you just start eating it by itself?



I started with it on a sponge cake with some apricot jam but by the end I was just eating it by itself.



daily reminder that if you don't measure your alcohol consumption in goon boxes or vodka bottles, you're not a real neet


File: 1af63a5f600335b⋯.png (184.77 KB, 259x338, 259:338, smug maid.PNG)


>not even a 10 dollar controller


tfw drunj as fuck



Thrustmaster leaves the shifter out too, but their shifter is absolute top notch.



yeah their shifter is tip top tommy



Let me know when you pass out so I can come rape you


signed up for dan murphys memebers tdoday when i boruhgt my lamb drink

all hail the dan


What's the most you guys have drunk in a session?



When I was younger i drunk an entire bottle of Jim Beam in one night, had a hangover for 3 days.


File: 53b37cfb31dd08a⋯.jpg (727.25 KB, 1250x1212, 625:606, manson-03-04-71.jpg)



from one bottle?



Yeah, I was 16 at the time.



when i was a teen i woke up in hospital with tabs all over my chest after being taken there in a paddywagon




When I was 10 I drank a whole bottle of milk and got fucked up


File: 4d97db42a4e3296⋯.png (30.4 KB, 1531x237, 1531:237, intfQxD.png)


i liked that totally not chad guy going ape shit, that was funny other than that small time stuff that's been going on for a long while


libreoffice is a office suite, it does documents and gay shit, they had a mascot thing going on where people can vote on mascots. couple of the submissions were copyrighted/stolen



That would have been weird.




yeah, i apparently pissed on the coppers leg



>tfw no 10 or 15 girls


File: ffc4be72ff5c2fa⋯.png (42.01 KB, 747x686, 747:686, adfbd764e140f08fa3f9dc6a0b….png)

Wild and windy weather here. Pray for me please NEETs.


File: e356a7107d32b86⋯.gif (740.71 KB, 500x297, 500:297, 1407922994769.gif)








i pray frend



What flavours have you tried?


File: ed0ba772a3de691⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 297x226, 297:226, comfy birdo.gif)


>tfw nothing but rain today



Undisclosed location. No way I am risking Rapeneet finding me and rocking up in his Astra ready for violation.



It's been humid and generally yuck here today



>ashamed to admit where he lives

I'm guessing…Melbourne?




Your local strong wind warning will allow for a rapestorm to form


after 3 fat lambs feeling shit freidns

might just go to bed



Thats what you get for drinking poofter piss



That's how it is in my pants.



I'll rape you first


T.beer cuck



>7.2 units total


File: f9e9734bc878111⋯.jpg (110.02 KB, 195x255, 13:17, 1434681827085-0.jpg)


jesus that is an absolutely disgusting picture. it's so painfully overexposed you can barely see the person. what kind of a shit photographer did this? also, what's the point of downs models? do normal clothes not fit them?


i oftentimes go 1-2 months without because i rather just spend my time playing video games or watching stuff. no super powers, sadly.


File: 50f6a51b844aeae⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 15108258046761346328631.jpg)

Made curry and fried rice, might go street shitting later


File: 7e8ef20b4e359a6⋯.png (23.89 KB, 492x475, 492:475, 7e8ef20b4e359a60bddb3b6ea6….png)


Looks good m8. boiled rice is more common with curry than fried rice, but whatever you like.



Why aren't you waging mate?


Anyone else get triggered when 'schoolies' is mentioned?


Ordered pizza from dominos, 3 pizzas + 2 garlic breads + 2 pepsis for $35 delivered, thought it's a good deal



I could go for a bowl of that, how spicy did you make the curry?




What toppings on the pizzas did you get fatty?


My shitty laptop is starting to make some pretty weird sounds. Might be time to send it to the neet lair in the sky and buy a new one (or another old one)



Don't tempt me, what pizzas?


If I ever get desperate enough to order Domino's I only get sides now, no pizzas. They are too shit.




Got the 8 meats + barbecue sauce for 2 of them then a supreme for the last one



>some pretty weird sounds.

Tried hitting the 'mute' button?



wtf now the audio is broken


File: 1802e77b36949ac⋯.jpg (48.19 KB, 1024x962, 512:481, 1510758761157.jpg)

Didn't go full on reckless binge but I still ate too much. I need to pull my finger out .I wanna know what it's like to be skinny.



Their sides are pretty good tbqh, with more variety than Pizza Hut has to offer


You should've got 3 different types though



Don't worry, it should come back when you press the mute button again

t. NEET IT Support Dept



>NEET IT Support Dept

Pajeet get out



Spicy as pajeets dick



>I wanna know what it's like to be skinny.

feels smug man

>hear women talking about (((dieting))) all the time

>muh juice detoxes

>muh water fasting

>muh soup diets

>muh (((lite 'n' easy)))

>know how bullshit that all is



They do it because the celebrities are doing it



Sounds like you're still in control. Keep at it and pretty soon you'll be a Skellington Chad



I became such a smug piece of shit when I lost a lot of weight. It was the first time in my life I had something that made me a better person than others

Didn't work out because I'm an idiot, but it was a nice feeling



File: f8ec26108095149⋯.jpeg (17.39 KB, 446x330, 223:165, images (4).jpeg)


File: 1ce36a5c706ca10⋯.jpg (68.25 KB, 640x431, 640:431, 1fb088ae8ac7158a4a06122776….jpg)

Fatty uprising when



i reckon lite and easy would be cool, not to lose weight but so i can have food prepared for me and have a balanced diet



basically half your neetbux to get fed hospital food



When McDonald's stop doing breakfast



right after I finish my next big binge



You have to uprise from your couch first



If you put in a slight amount of effort and thought then you can do the same without the ridiculously high fees



I'm in a fatty wheelchair so I don't have to get up



God-damn I love their sausage mcmuffins. Most of the rest of what they sell is shit, but those mcmuffins….



That "sausage" stuff tastes so weird. I can never identify what gives it that flavour. It is edible but not very nice.



there in lies the problem


I can't eat mcmuffins because I don't like crumbs




what the hell do you guys eat from maccas if not the mighty mcmuffins?



Dating a rich obese fatty is a pretty good career move

It's basically being a nurse except you get a big payout before they hit 50


Broke my nofap streak to an hour of edging to just solo girls. Did a huge cum and my balls ached afterwards.


Big abo cock



downside is she has to try and find his penor burried under that vast gut


Pajeets pussy

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