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File: 8b8e69e2d0180c9⋯.jpg (39.48 KB, 722x608, 19:16, mirrorpepe.jpg)


What did you achieve this year NEETs? Next year is the last of the teens, are you ready?

OLD >>199723


No bum rash



It is sad that I remember that post.



bum rash poster wasn't rash enough




Is there a more passive-aggressive lower case acronym in existence than that?




imo no tbh smh


Fuck you NEETs

My thread is better, it's got fat chicks



fat women are not okay



No OLD >> (You)



As an old person I find this very offensive


File: e82d121520d0502⋯.jpg (53.91 KB, 500x500, 1:1, e82d121520d0502e5dbbdc1f47….jpg)


I won't be as long as the NEETs keep buying goon at Dan's or Craig's, in an emergency.


Fucking afterhours phone, got a boss calling a coworker to call me to let me know that I got an email about a late shift change and then that guy wont answer.


Gonna crack open a beer, neets


It won't be long and I will be NEET again.


2019 Year of reformation to my roots.



Why do you keep doing this to yourself?



>my roots

Can you grow back hair?


It used to look like a step backwards but maybe NEETlife is what was always intended.



Why do I want to be content and happy?



What do you mean by this?



No but they can transplant it from your arse to your head



Aren't you the NEET who goes on spending sprees, complains about money, gets a shift and then cancels the shift. Nothing wrong with the NEET lyfe, but these choices would take a lot out of me.



You know what I mean.



No, I am frugal and never miss any work.



No you were miserable.



My apologies then.



Depression isn't misery, especially when in good company.



Now you must fight him with swords



A bit concerning tbh


Do you guys think 1 NEET with a sword could beat 4 boongs in a fight ?


Back to wagiedom next week.



Boongs are pretty rough, it will have to be a perfectly sharpened sword.



Just imagine how angry Mr Shekelstein is that you aren't earning him money right now



Are you just expressing frustration but will go back to the slave pens, or are you making plans to stop working?



Yeah, Make it 4 drunks boongs


File: 668e6a054fa27ba⋯.jpg (19.93 KB, 360x360, 1:1, raf,360x360,075,t,fafafa_c….jpg)


And that he had to pay me for it.


I saw that something had dug a hole at the base of one of my sweet corn plants this morning. I filled it back in and there seems to be no permanent damage. But perhaps an ominous sign of things to come.



I know that feel. Only six months until the next week off!



Honestly though I've been bored shitless, probably should have saved my Holidays and planned a trip somewhere.



I cannot under-estimate how sharp the sword needs to be to cut through them. God knows what it is inside them.


File: b9ec42398865105⋯.jpg (67.72 KB, 600x737, 600:737, Jew[1].jpg)





I released predator mites on my plants yesterday so if any mites do show up they'll get gangraped to death


That down time sure did suck, had to post in auspol. How the fuck do people still use 4chan with the captchas and low image size



Yeah i know that feel too. It feels like the time is constantly getting sucked away. Got any destinations in mind for next time?


File: aed7099ad1a40a9⋯.png (29.42 KB, 741x568, 741:568, 1478925042474[1].png)

Do you accrue holiday pay during the week you're on holiday ?



People are attracted to the fact that there are lots of people on 4chan, unlike here where boards are very slow.



Sometimes it's just fun to piss into an ocean



>an ocean of piss



Still planning on doing that moto trip through kosciusko, albury and then down to the lakes entrance in vic.



every boong's wet dream


File: 3de6bf5511121f1⋯.gif (179.02 KB, 253x270, 253:270, 3de6bf5511121f12320fae5b26….gif)

Are (You) getting on the goon tonight?



No, I might buy a bottle tomorrow though



No, I will be tomorrow night though.


File: 56dfacc7a96dec0⋯.png (623.01 KB, 1008x596, 252:149, Dan and Associates.png)



See you then.


Pulverised aboriginal anus


had a chicken sandwich my brothers


File: 0380e55e9165b1a⋯.jpg (62.29 KB, 900x900, 1:1, unnamed[1].jpg)


2.5c has been paid to your account agent DAN246


File: 0bae4a4a02b6002⋯.png (85.34 KB, 607x405, 607:405, 0bae4a4a02b6002be92ec648f3….png)


Thank you for the pay rise.


File: 8f80ff11368160c⋯.jpg (22.26 KB, 500x500, 1:1, images(54).jpg)


Was it home brand chicken?


Prolapsed aboriginal anal


File: 2e1ae8d9379ab3f⋯.jpg (4.72 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, IMG_20181230_125422i.jpg)


I prefer something a bit more high class


File: af5daf55fb3863a⋯.png (245.82 KB, 369x249, 123:83, TheRealPub.png)


Keep this up and we'll invite you to HQ one day


File: 9b2fffe26962575⋯.jpg (267.4 KB, 913x1276, 83:116, 1545542586936.jpg)



>export is high class

Only if you're a boong



In mind and body I just may be



I boong therefore I am


File: d939aa41c5f7f90⋯.jpg (11.97 KB, 620x349, 620:349, AZQBXKCBYFDLTMLHLTJIKKUAC4.jpg)


File: 636c1326f216747⋯.jpg (77.22 KB, 600x480, 5:4, triglyceride enhanced indi….jpg)

Bitches cannot handle a triglyceride enhanced individual!



They can't keep their hands off him



I'm fairly impressed with that chair


I left half a carton of emu had my mates place

wonder if its still there bros


>>200333 (checked)

What a waste of trips. :(



File: 073d740bcca4444⋯.png (190.11 KB, 348x480, 29:40, 28ae433498116c09a1e6025827….png)


The position comes with many benefits for the right candidate.


But would it be able to handle the same load again is the real question.



Triglyceride enhancement is a mark of wealth, thus the ladies know they can be looked after.




File: 960c8dd00aca097⋯.png (3.62 KB, 211x239, 211:239, brainlet.png)


File: 6970e57c46e0717⋯.jpg (53.86 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 6970e57c46e071743303e73610….jpg)


I doubt he posts here.



Low effort because I was in a rush. I meant to say if trips we're all gonna make it.


Afterhours crisis finished, movie ruined, time to get ready for dinner do with in laws at 5

It's all too hard.



> too hard

Have a wank


File: 8330543a7109acd⋯.jpg (80.49 KB, 684x1024, 171:256, sxtui59cthv01.jpg)

There should be a celebratory Brendan post at 11:59:59 pm tomorrow to send off this year.



tfw married?



Too hard, have one for me.



IDK considering that flag.



There abouts.


File: 623c39ff76a2a7f⋯.jpg (119.06 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdef1231231ault.jpg)


>It's all too hard.



He just seems to edgy, maybe he does but that edginess isn't evidence in his posts.




*most of the time, it does exist but it seems to go away after a few hours.




>first they suck your penis

>then they suck the life out of you


File: ca1ee436c6bd4c6⋯.jpg (98.18 KB, 500x640, 25:32, ca1ee436c6bd4c67834d66ac12….jpg)

Meanwhile at NK's


Not sure if I should have used a spoiler…



Nobody hear sees enough sun to get a farmers tan like that



I genuinely lol'd



>Boong airlines



File: b1d113fce44da18⋯.png (62.36 KB, 144x166, 72:83, MadBoongFuck.png)

The face of sanity


File: 518e9d70e611783⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 176.51 KB, 500x803, 500:803, e7fc3a918524e22d4a430c4ce6….png)



Revisiting my picture collection brings me great joy… I just remembered the last time I tried engaging in small talk with someone I found attractive online and remember that they were a fake


File: ccddfcc27e33f30⋯.jpg (1.26 MB, 2836x2000, 709:500, c6bbd2f84daf04684f45019136….jpg)


He's a good looking fella



>nice big soft nose


File: a94853813dacbe1⋯.jpg (151.96 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 4296e6b39d4ff294af011c7b3d….jpg)


Every hole is a goal!


File: 6aa5ebcc200d2f7⋯.png (433.61 KB, 892x670, 446:335, 7792ae78781fd865dcec73e8cb….png)

Meanwhile in 2019.



aboriginal nasal penetration


Actually that's a line of porn I've never seen.

Guys with tiny cocks fucking women up the nose


File: df126f340a7cc91⋯.png (80.53 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 06dce5c2bcd16fcfe712ea7c60….png)

I seem to have lost a Dan. Has anyone got the Dan that shows how humans are controlled by the aliens, then whatever was next in the sequence followed by Dan as last in the sequence?



Stay strong. You will get through it.


File: ce2939fdc69ff07⋯.png (109.95 KB, 728x672, 13:12, ce2939fdc69ff07c8011417809….png)


Post it.



I found it >>183095



You made me google nose sex

I hate you now


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




Post results or it never happened.



No-one made you do anything. You need to take responsibility for your own choices.



Google img it yourself m8, it's a strange bloody world


That's true but I'm gonna blame you anyway



That is pretty good. If I had more skill and energy you could make something pretty good by splicing that music video with some NEET videos and posts.



When did Pepe come out of the goon closet?



There is nothing wrong with traditional Jewish mating rituals



Wojak looks slightly happy too

The future is frightening


To Dan, or not to Dan, that is the question



'Tis nobler to Dan


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This is how you get the party started



zoom zoom



We are all crabs though…




I am even more erect


File: b99eb14957c63ae⋯.png (232.05 KB, 409x409, 1:1, YE is a slavedriver.png)

You neets won't believe what just graced my vision. Oh happy days!

I had just pulled into a park at woolies and who do I spy waddling across the carpark but the fat bespectacled manchild working at the local BWS who mocked my passion pop purchase. I kept an eye on him as I pulled together my wallet and phone, then I noticed he was getting into the passenger seat of a car across from me.

I slowly slid down in my seat, slipped my sunglasses back on and pretended to dick around on my phone while he got in. The driver was female, that much I could tell, but I wanted to see more. I HAD to see more.

As they pulled out of their park and drove away into the sunset, I saw her face-on: his elderly mother. Doubtless still a virgin into his thirties, this sorry excuse for a man was being picked up by mummy, driven around by mummy, coddled like a small child.

I feel very smug.



Maybe if we add enough goon we can swim out of the bucket



Follow him.



I will sue you for defamation, neet






Then rape both of them


File: ca9ecf179d08b5a⋯.png (23.97 KB, 657x527, 657:527, ca9ecf179d08b5ad9c16559fb3….png)


File: f24c32b3fa09a67⋯.jpg (24.27 KB, 494x482, 247:241, f24c32b3fa09a67b220ecc8ad4….jpg)


But where would we go?


I wonder if a janny can ban a BO.



The bigger bucket awaits.



Where do crabs usually go after the bucket, neet?



Keep us updated my EscalationPrivilegeNEET



and thus began the NEET Revolution



File: f51a60decd74fa7⋯.jpg (53.17 KB, 398x427, 398:427, f51a60decd74fa74d61fc288c5….jpg)



My Brendan didn't post sorry.


File: d5da64bf526753e⋯.png (23.97 KB, 300x250, 6:5, 1517384942422.png)


File: b10ab3b9501bdab⋯.jpeg (31.11 KB, 450x450, 1:1, 8b568a0d-ea74-4174-81fd-e….jpeg)



>wiping off eyeball sweat


File: 1b40380e8e29917⋯.png (29.92 KB, 668x348, 167:87, (3)_ausneets_-_NEET_Genera….png)

File: bb4c40b12ca9ccd⋯.png (18.45 KB, 576x188, 144:47, (3)_ausneets_-_NEET_Genera….png)

File: ad966b9081b7d16⋯.png (52.83 KB, 626x570, 313:285, (3)_ausneets_-_NEET_Genera….png)

Here is some beautiful poetry to help us all calm down.



Frogs have a waterproof film over their eyes.


Little BO wiping sweat off his eyes

He tells the truth but I know they are lies

Claims I am paranoid and I was in misery

Wants NEETs to emerge from the bucket and be free

From my side I see what in store

For NEETs who strive and work for more

A bigger fall from the same faltered step

Back to the bucket's goon filled murky depths

I forgot what I was trying to say mid way.



Someone needs to escape the bucket. I need to know it can be done.

You have been selected for the role.


File: 29df14130be6b55⋯.gif (1.22 MB, 366x333, 122:111, f6377b3721bcaaed246657c30d….gif)


>I forgot what I was trying to say mid way.

P r o u d l y s p o n s o r e d b y



Do not listen to this schemer! It is naught but a trap, my misguided neet!



I will be the shamed NEET



You still have so much more to give




File: c7fd98c19e9dd73⋯.png (48.43 KB, 627x697, 627:697, (1)_ausneets_-_NEET_Genera….png)


Time to face the day.



You will be the loved and supported NEET no matter what happens. If things go south they go south. We all know what that is like. But before it happens we need to make sure you truly give it everything you have. I know it is hard.



Don't do it it's not worth it



Good luck. See you when you get back.


New Years Eve tomorrow night, lads.


File: 00793b88bd53abe⋯.jpg (1016.48 KB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 1546087961903.jpg)


>to make sure you truly give it everything you have. I know it is hard.

Words to inspire NK's wisdom.



I'm home alone so I might get a sneaky goon bag



Thanks, calendar NEET.



>… hard

Should have also been in bold.


File: fd8d3dfc4900f86⋯.jpg (107.53 KB, 500x375, 4:3, fd8d3dfc4900f862b46bd90bee….jpg)

This site is starting to slow down for me like it did before the crash so I leave you with this advice.



n-not yet


File: b57b13d1fcad0d9⋯.jpg (69.02 KB, 620x750, 62:75, b57b13d1fcad0d9d0389805ad8….jpg)


Slow posting and having the Posted message stuck is what happened yesterday. I don' think it will, but if it does at least you have that important message.


Could go a dexie



Don't dream, do



You boong.



Low quantity poos are in your future.


What do you NEETs have planned for NYE?


wonderful holiday gooning






dunno since I'm not sure how other than an overpriced uber I'd be able to get back from the city if I went there



Hadn't been to pol in a while and decide to make a post. I thought it would help with server stability and all that stuff to.



You homo boong



Now you could see every single post in the thread by scrolling through my post, I thought it was pretty neat to be honest.




Plus /pol/ gives back so much to the Gen and I thought it was time to give back.


File: b96382825a53c61⋯.jpg (52.87 KB, 216x255, 72:85, sad penguin.jpg)

1 day left until I officially fail gf2018



Same but I don't really care.

I hate NYE because the fireworks send my doggo crazy and I can't go to bed until they are finished.


File: 6636186ab2b94ab⋯.jpg (460.4 KB, 1209x756, 403:252, 6636186ab2b94abe8f8ca7a1b8….jpg)


LifeLine is always there for you m8



Your failure was participating at all. Don't make the same mistake next year. Work on steadily improving your life and the gf will come when ready.


GF2020 vision, my friends






I thought it was more insightful post in the thread than anything else.



Was it disgusting because I missed a post?



Doing an interesting poo.

Big log I had to struggle to push out, then came the spicy diahrrea built up behind it in an awesome wave. How satisfying



You boong


File: 361e8b1d6f4446c⋯.jpg (66.15 KB, 428x371, 428:371, 1335179464099.jpg)


>caring about the plague infested vermin that is modern Australian women

When I have to talk to foreign women at work, dont kill I cant get the doll and I talk about random shit, they laugh at aussie skanks and I verbatim " Australian women are fucking retarded, they could have almost any man and a shittone of kids but they fucking waste their lives and end up alone and depressed."




You better post a picture.



I do not wish to see such a thing. The description was bad enough.







How will we ever know it happened without a picture?


File: f1b1b6ca776868b⋯.jpg (22.6 KB, 300x300, 1:1, FEXlF.jpg)



/pol/ isn't /pol/, /pol/ is /neocon/ the true /pol/ is /tv/



Did I at least make a good effort with the post, it took me a while to click every post?



You didn't call Trump a Jew so 2/10


File: efd972756b35d63⋯.jpg (46.77 KB, 403x392, 403:392, efd.jpg)


>so 2/10



Cry "Goon!" and let slip the dogs of dan


File: db877d394811e4d⋯.jpg (11.91 KB, 258x245, 258:245, 354deaa3770912621bb816da07….jpg)


>drinking cask wine



I will always love u though




>Not drinking goon



>tfw depressed


File: 7633b6b71981d5d⋯.png (70.47 KB, 755x801, 755:801, 1532304508921.png)



shut up boong, I drink fancy



>he drinks goon

>he calls me a boong

Sure thing Pemulwuy.


File: e139ecaccdde616⋯.jpg (23.41 KB, 540x540, 1:1, IDShot_540x540[1].jpg)


I think our 4chink friends prefer to drink this stuff



We've all mounted a few gays here and there



And there is nothing wrong with that.


>tfw we really need Rule 1 No Poofters again



Those were the bad old days. We were ignorant.



But if we lower the standards any more there'll be NEETs "accidently" sucking cock again



I predict in the future we will tolerate unspoilored poo and aboriginal porn posts


>tfw impressed






Cut the homophobia, very unaustralian of you. If NEETs want to suck cock they should be allowed to suck cock.



>Cut the homophobia, very unaustralian of you

Lol, fuck off poofta



Yeah fair enough, if they want to pound each other up the arse, whom are we to judge?

Doesn't matter if the rest of us think it's fuckin queer


File: 9dc1fd8592fd30a⋯.jpg (76.82 KB, 467x374, 467:374, CwvLtU6DGAqBIGnpW7xu_Dl72e….jpg)


Homosexual ass pounding would be some of the less queer behaviour documented here.


big neet bum


Goon filled aboriginal gang bang



You're not wrong m8

Some of the love ballads that some of the NEETs write each other would make an orgy of gay arse pounding stop and blush


hardcore goonbag sex action


hairy stinky neet bum



A NEET bromance is a beautiful thing.



In the eye of the beholder an unspoilered poo pic can be a beautiful thing


beautifully fragrant executive NEET


aromatically fragrant executive


respectable employed well groomed aboriginal


Don't think I'll drink tommorow night



Why not ?



Smart choice.


File: 211b6d46b7792da⋯.png (271.96 KB, 1639x1670, 1639:1670, img_first-choice-og[1].png)


>Smart choice

>First Choice


File: 31351b35cd48fe4⋯.jpg (42.17 KB, 634x422, 317:211, bwsm.jpg)


>The Only Choice


File: 14261914ab83090⋯.jpg (556.95 KB, 4500x1670, 450:167, Danlution.jpg)



Absolutely beautiful.




Very well memed.



Fuggin' kek m8



Trying to steal the first post of the year with your magical sobriety induced reflexes, huh?


thick abo penis



Gold coast would get new years first wouldn't they ?


big abo poo



I don't know, all the eastern states blend together in my mind


File: c3ae0e7cec7ba79⋯.jpg (21.11 KB, 480x426, 80:71, WAMOTHERFUCKER!!!.jpg)


Escentric blue Astra



up there for /ausneets/ meme of the year award for 2018

this one's beauty is in its simplicity



Many neets are now attempting creepshot 2018 instead. You'd be amazed how many romantic relationships started with the guy trying to take an upskirt of her using his phone.



very bigly word neet



Poorly spelled and dubiously used.


Erotic blue Astra



It's apparently some kind of perfume world. That neet may be a homo, but at least he's a teaching homo.



I believe the official name is Cry Blue




Word for the day



That's how I met my ex-wife.

Except the phone was my penis



How many megapixels is that?



14" of megapixels bby

Warning, may be smaller than advertised



The spelling is correct?













my dear Watson





Prolapsed blue Astra.













Close the gape.


File: e4f3a0d344095d3⋯.jpeg (7.55 KB, 225x225, 1:1, danmmm.jpeg)


Very good though I don't aprove of BWS being the lowest and Craig being second, but thats because you have to love your family even if they're shit *cough* Masters *cough* I was the only thing stopping wollies from going bankrupt after that *cough*



Close the Gash



Apply soothing lotion.



Or else get the hose again


NK how is your policy going to close the gape?



Looks like Craig stole your iron bar too Dan



Rape the gape till it closes up out of shock



Perhaps Dan has upgraded to the shotgun to show the boongs he's serious now.



I wish I had the skill to photoshop Dan onto a Clint Eastwood movie poster now



That would be a good idea.


>I can't remember if I've had 5 drinks or 6

>So, do you feel lucky NEETs, Do you ?


Now the goon cave is clean, can we get a video now?


I think I napped too long earlier today. It is my usual bed time now and I am not feeling tired at all.

I have been thrown out of balance.


Woolworths does a 5 pack of 2 minute noodles for just $1. I tried the beef flavour they were actually pretty good.



Thanks for the tip. Just be careful with the amount of sodium (i.e. Salt) means they aren't always the best to have all the time for extended periods of time.



Have some goon.


File: 64efe8b8f7f6a05⋯.jpg (15.59 KB, 300x246, 50:41, 566e2e081ee3158acefcc87ac0….jpg)


That's expensive



How much are those?



I put the flavouring sachet in the water as they boil and then drain them before eating.



New Zealand is the first part of Australia to get New Years


File: ce47564cef89981⋯.jpg (116.04 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, Nakamoto Himeka.jpg)

Goodnight NEETs



gimme the eastwood poster and if I don't die of goon once I finished this 8chan cup shit I'll make one for you






They go well with cheese. Dump a huge handful of shredded cheese in when you're finished cooking them.



Are you sure? that doesn't sound right.



trust me, beef noodles + cheese = a god tier neet eat



I will try it.


File: 7a567a9a44dd7eb⋯.jpg (166.38 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 7a567a9a44dd7ebc2689b07d88….jpg)


Goodnight japanese qt. Are you any relation to the asian girl in a box we sometimes see around here?




More NEETs need to know their culture.



>Rule 13: Feel free to bugger each other to death



I usually find them in the bin outside coles, they're expired and drenched in garbage water but they still taste good


Got to the tea thingo an hour late then realised it was a buffet. Missed out on an extra hour of engorging.

Was good. Had heaps of muscles as well as a whole bunch of other stuff including a whole plate of deserts. There was a very nice pav and a pineapple mouse.


I think these are very good words to live by

>1. No poofters.

>2. No member of the faculty is to maltreat the "Abos" in any way whatsoever—if there's anyone watching.

>3. No poofters.

>4. I don't want to catch anyone not drinking in their room after lights out.

>5.No poofters.

>6. There is no rule six.

>7. No poofters.



> No member of the faculty is to maltreat the "Abos" in any way whatsoever

The Council is entirely made up of gay abos.





I am glad you had some good grub.





File: b6f7aa1e52566a2⋯.jpg (434.16 KB, 971x670, 971:670, capirote.jpg)


The council is a diverse group, representing many colours and viewpoints.


File: 4558c4d32370086⋯.png (426.28 KB, 375x500, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

Council is in session ladies.


File: 6ba03907534d10d⋯.png (594.38 KB, 704x396, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


All of which are absolutely fabulous.


File: be9ae693e1b43ba⋯.png (82.39 KB, 260x194, 130:97, ClipboardImage.png)

Quiet NEETs.


File: 82042bce01b7824⋯.png (447.43 KB, 480x853, 480:853, ClipboardImage.png)

What are you all up to?



What about rape and poo pics?




Back in my day boongs would suck you off for 50 cents!


File: 9c2ccc95831c80a⋯.jpg (118.63 KB, 1152x864, 4:3, neet_meet.jpg)


…but somehow the purple incel faction always seems to dominate. Must be their cunning and malice.



That falls under rule 2


Picked these up on my binge


Thoughts neets?





File: e99b519b05bd88b⋯.jpg (93.75 KB, 1181x1179, 1181:1179, e99b519b05bd88bd9dad12585a….jpg)


Why have a shopping binge when you can have a refreshing drinking binge instead?


File: 778cc9779d2f20f⋯.jpeg (41.07 KB, 350x416, 175:208, ork.jpeg)



For the emperor what is this and why does is disgrace the name of the Imperium's symbol



I can't live in a world where I can't exploit aboriginal anuses


exploited aboriginal anus revolution


revolting exploited aboriginal anuses


New year new neet


Good night friends. I better crash, another thrilling day at the wagerium awaits.


Can't wait to turn 25 next month



That is when the developmental process is over.

What date?



I'm turning 25 months old next month


File: a7d34a055473dfd⋯.jpg (114.96 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1544850396754.jpg)


The 22nd bro


17 degrees today in Shitbourne, was out in the CBD today, to buy some things I wanted, it wasn't fun, at least 8chan is back up now.




Except she is 48


File: 2ba01c26da702c3⋯.png (83.24 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-12-30-21-3….png)




want me to email them for you?


Hi NEETS I have returned for New Years. I'm about to go to sleep so goodnight



>4 million gbp

Your mummybot will be ecstatic



Yeah I won't be needing that bitch anymore



it's raining tendies



You sound very defensive about poofters mate


Have to be awake in 3 hours for a shift in the slave pit. Depressing, just gave up on sleeping and looks like it'll be another all nighter at the wage. Gonna be a fucking hell of a day and all my Nye plans with the Misao are out the window. A shit end to the year.

Could fuckin go a dexie that's for sure.


Big rape


Ripped gape



Woolies nightfill stacker here, what's the worst that can happen if I accidentally came into work and worked a shift I was not on the roster for? I normally work every Sat, got the mssg from my line manager saying if I could come in, forgot to reply, assumed I did (just woke up). Only realised today.


fuck this



fellow woolies cuck here


don't worry about it

just apologise if you need to and explain it

woolies is almost impossible to get sacked from



Thanks anon, made me feel better. First real job in 3 years of trying in my small arse rural 15k pop town


File: 4734e639cc6f833⋯.jpg (100.97 KB, 680x1102, 340:551, wiha.jpg)


what isles do you do?

>tfw perishables and freezer cuck


File: c66d72f86399421⋯.jpg (198.25 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 1543087230643.jpg)


Every longlife aisle and chill/freezer except health and beauty because I ain't touching no pads.


This is going to be a shitty fucking day


Macca's isn't even fucking open yet

Sitting on a main road that is quieter than I've ever seen


Might go get some food soon, or I might pop a sleep. Night Night NEETs.


Fatigue is setting in quickly. Euphoria slightly coming on.



Are you sniffing petrol?



My body is a vessel

I am it's pilot


Morning neets! Less than 18 hours left to complete GF2018. What desperate measures are neets taking to try and win this one?



Have a wank while waiting.


Jet fuel isn't cheap m8, you must be on the DSP.



Goon / Good Morning NEET. Searches for prostitutes offering GF experience today on the Gen will sky-rocket.


File: 821896a3c59a4a6⋯.png (997.83 KB, 768x829, 768:829, ClipboardImage.png)



Good morning friends.


File: d23eedb94c4dcaf⋯.png (95.22 KB, 327x154, 327:154, ClipboardImage.png)

One year ago, Pumpkin NEET arose.



Did it taste good?



Me and a few NEETs spit roasted him.

Also today, a year ago, Vietnam Holiday NEET was on holiday.



I remember VietNEET but not pumpkin NEET for some reason. Not many NEETs have gone on NEET holidays later this year, I enjoy beating their holiday updates.



*reading their holiday updates

we could only beat to Monk's updates tbh


A year ago, I told you all about my mother and pushed the quinoa diet I never started, Monk had given up cigarettes for the last time, We talked about irrigating the inland with the Bradshaw Irrigation scheme, lottoNEET didn't win the lotto, NK first laid eyes on Craig, possum called my nicabates stupid, A NEET stalked a highschool girl and talked to her in kmart..



>A NEET stalked a highschool girl and talked to her in kmart

That's still beating most of what we achieved for gf2018



I jacked off to his 7/11 trips. He was so vulnerable walking around the suburbs at 4am.



You were asking us if we had achieved gf2017.



That sweet virgin asshole could have been yours, as once famously said by NK.



A lot of those stories are caliente!


I hope everyone has or is going to stock up at Dan's/Craig's for tonight.



W-what about the p-poo stool?


Extended pretend wage poo

Praying for an early knock off


File: 2d3c6549a723af5⋯.png (234.82 KB, 512x512, 1:1, johnnie-walker-green_1.png)


What should I get this year to celebrate my complete lack of accomplishments in 2018? Last year I got a Johnny Walker Green, which was disappointing.



That wasn't on this day a year ago.



Get some cheap goon, so when you feel depressed it won't be about the price you paid.



It felt like it happened a year ago.


File: d6064d6049aa06d⋯.png (290.17 KB, 1156x409, 1156:409, ClipboardImage.png)

>tfw day starts with another hour long imaginary sperg at my bosses while getting ready



Have a pre-work wank


File: 25debc9bdf9ca23⋯.png (94.57 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 25debc9bdf9ca231073eccb3e7….png)


Or drop in for a some pre-work refreshment to help you cope with the depression and anxiety. And for those with an official medical diagnosis, PBS subsidised prescription goon is available.


Today should be a day of sharing. What are you tips and tricks for drinking goon?




Great minds do think alike.


Gonna be a long fucking day



Freeze the goon into a gooncicle and shove it up your bum for slow release alcohol !



Bairnsdale NEET?


File: e7c22998be89461⋯.png (278.37 KB, 663x363, 221:121, Vhs2.png)


>tfw no government subsidised goon


File: 66d22d253822982⋯.png (91.03 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Dan Chan.png)

Please drink my goon, Senpai!



…that is really fucking creepy





File: 124a4467ad69548⋯.png (2.86 MB, 1648x804, 412:201, 8Weeks.png)

File: 32a969da0fd2b7d⋯.png (536.04 KB, 492x503, 492:503, Yummy.png)

4 weeks to go


File: 9c92c99c77b4836⋯.png (15.02 KB, 420x420, 1:1, 10ef1bb7e4c66812a62a1ce2eb….png)


Good morning my friend.

I had a disrupted night. Doggo kept me from sleeping again.


Are you able to post to 8 Chan from prison?


I am going to go shopping. Have to do Bunnings, Woolies and Coles. Might pick up a loaf from Bakers Delight.


File: 16bd798db4e14bf⋯.png (143.33 KB, 1233x375, 411:125, 6aaa1c89cf7f60a984bdd8950b….png)

So how did it turn out, neet?



Drink from a hole in the bag so you're not tempted to stop half way


File: ac529218a231018⋯.gif (941.24 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 1412288539533.gif)


god damn, I forgot about that. Well I'm alone again this NYE, but at least I have a job now. Maybe next year things will be different.



I had a very vivid dream about getting a girlfriend last night. I'm not usually a spiritual man but this feels very much like a consolation prize from NEET God himself.



Good to see things are moving upwards for you neeto, we're all gonna make it.


My family is doing their crazy before party clean and are in general very hostile. Its pretty funny.



it aint easy being cheesey


Who will be the drunkest boong tonight





BLESS HIM, a good sign for gf19



I hope NK releases another trip to dans vid, i loved the last one



I reached maximum goon-ocity before midnight last year so I'd like to actually make it this time


Should have done some shopping yesterday, stores were fucking packed.



Dans is not a pretty sight this time of the year



I didn't even attempt to go to my local Dan's, had to settle for 1st Choice.



>screencapping this so we can have the same conversation next year



I think I remember


File: 50409622a7452f9⋯.png (60.14 KB, 513x175, 513:175, 50409622a7452f90bb29eccf73….png)


>When 1st Choice is your 2nd Choice



first the worst



The more things change the more they stay the same.


File: 649aa7291222cb8⋯.png (127.24 KB, 334x346, 167:173, 1542865128028.png)

>tfw managed to get through another year of life despite wageing and near constant non-stop nagging throughout the entire year

proud tbh



Very nice job wagie, only another half century to go and you can enjoy your retirement



I've actually completed 6/50 years thank you very much, only 44 more years to go



You're forgetting inflation, my friend



>only another half century

I'm afraid Mr Shekelstein requires you to work much longer than that. He cannot afford any more of this 'retire while you're still breathing' luxury that the boomers got to enjoy.


File: 30ca5916e800731⋯.jpg (102.85 KB, 1024x731, 1024:731, 1544709358311.jpg)


what a world all you can do it sit back and laugh



Sometimes I begin to dislike my job but then I remember that fast food wagies are a thing. They are truly God's gift to us all.



If there's one thing I'm going to give up next year, it's fast food



Definitely a good idea. For all its downsides booze can occasionally give you moments of pleasure, fast food just feeds an addiction and leaves you feeling worse every time.



I wonder what the colonel will have to say about that NEET.


File: 25aecb4778f0a88⋯.png (893.6 KB, 854x605, 854:605, BirdBoongs.png)

Just saw these cunts on my NEETwalk

Bet they suck tar



Those things are the boongs of the bird world



They bloody well are.

When I was a kid my brother had a pet galah with it's wing s clipped.

Fucking thing used to bite all my toys to pieces, none of my star wars figures has heads.



The sound they make is terrible too. It's like they're scientifically designed to be the biggest cunts possible.



>boongs of the bird world

what are the boongs of the fast food and car world?



>fast food boong

Those leftover chips you found by the macca's dumpster that looks like a dog pissed on them but you ate anyway because you were pissed

>car boong

Any hybrid



>Fast Food

Hungry Jacks


busted up 90s commodore



Maccas/HJ and a clapped out VT Commodore with the fuel flap missing.



I rate HJ's better than Macca's

Could just be my suburb though



Maccas are Jews, HJs are Abos, KFC is negros, Red Rooster is Craig


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>tfw found my to-do list from January 2017 for general errands and things I needed to chase up

>tfw actually only did 3/11 of the them



What was on the list?



>To do 2019

>Have a wank

>Have a goon


It sure is nice that nothing fun rhymes with nineteen



Who are the irish?


iktf bro. I started a todo list a year ago. It's grown to executive size, while the number of things I've done on it have hardly changed


Just wait until 2020, when people get to start talking about a named decade again


File: ab5d7bccbfe963e⋯.png (29.05 KB, 970x620, 97:62, drunk-pepe.png)

ok, who here /gooned/?



feels better than i remember it being before tbh


File: 9fa5055a85e10b1⋯.jpg (8.91 KB, 249x249, 1:1, PotPepe.jpg)


Not yet, just /stoned/ for now



They dont go to fast food places they just go to Dans



fix pavement, get new gym equipment, clean some parts of the kitchen, get rid of all this shit I've been meaning to sell on Gumtree ages ago etc.

Nothing important, just stuff that takes an hour or two that I always put off



5 minutes.





gargantuan quivering aboriginal buttocks



It is underway.


File: 1dad319bccb8ef0⋯.png (36.85 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 1dad319bccb8ef02c7231dffcd….png)


>Plans are in motion

>Nothing can stop us now


File: 6dfa766a53052bd⋯.jpg (239.4 KB, 961x816, 961:816, SciencePepe.jpg)


>We have top NEETs working on it


File: 780a95a83486f00⋯.png (21.62 KB, 304x288, 19:18, jSHD2TJ[1].png)


>posted at 11:11:11



The goon is in motion



>posted at 1:11:11



>tfw WA



you mean 14:11:11




>tfw NSW and time is backwards an hour on the board?



wait we have a Queensland NEET

is that you clean stove



>tfw confused


Time traveler NEET.



That could be handy to avoid wftd



The east coast is our future, alas



Welcome to my worth, it is ~14:24 but the server says 13:24?





When WA secedes from the rest of Australia we shall enslave the eastern infidels


File: 933e6d42c2c2454⋯.jpg (132.79 KB, 757x502, 757:502, einstein_pepe.jpg)


Einstein is somehow jewing you out of time



You will never secede you troublesome bandits.



We actually did once but everyone ignored it



>Tfw too irrelevant no one cared.




We have to kick the boongs out first



My posts know that feel. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.



We'll use them as shock troops when we invade SA



>But goyim, can't you see that 24 hours is just too much time !


File: 76d0687c8bd5352⋯.jpg (17.8 KB, 306x306, 1:1, 1ulv8m.jpg)

>454 tabs open on my browser

Wondering if I can get through all of them before the end of the year.


I feel like we have more SA NEETs and WA NEETs than VIC and NSW NEETs.



your mind should be on getting through gf18


File: 6f8d1d540d04af7⋯.jpg (137.54 KB, 865x781, 865:781, einstein.jpg)


Turns out Einstein was actually pretty redpilled, for a jewish socialist.


File: f0cb2bc2c195154⋯.jpg (68.51 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1462368963360.jpg)


He inspired them.



He just came up with his jew gibberish to stop us from getting faster than light travel

The fucker



Another Jew and New Zealander bamboozled him with quantum physics though, he could never wrap his mind around it.



Wasn't this article posted last year or earlier this year?



Probably. You have to remember we mostly have neet-level work ethics and neet-level organisational skills



It's too hard to go anywhere decent in WA so shitposting online is all we have


It's a little known fact that Einstein invented crack cocaine and was heavily addicted to it.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

now this is a NEETparty



I would've sworn he was a meth-head



Those are garbage bogan NEETs.



It's not a REAL NEET party until someone penis into aboriginals



He has got meth head hair



Rowdy DayNEETs



I am part-time NEET archiver, it is part of my unassigned role to remember and question these things.


File: 232c8a32276aee8⋯.png (81.04 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 232c8a32276aee8629150611c1….png)


>until someone penis into aboriginals

Another proud customer.



Day neets are real neets. Remaining loyal to the game. No matter what.



fuck you dan. I was going to go somewhere this afternoon, now I can't because I'm gooned



You're thinking of gayneets


File: 193cba67f07caf4⋯.png (97.26 KB, 200x320, 5:8, CRAAAAAIIIIIIIGGGG.png)


Just get more gooned and go anyway m8

Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke ay


File: ed9f5c1d7aaf6e2⋯.png (360.88 KB, 723x645, 241:215, Goon of fortune.png)


You have already been to Dan's, there is no need to go anywhere else NEET.




Craig gives bad advice



a very craig suggestion


Need to slow down on my gooning before the gf gets here.



I thought goon was supposed to be a gf substitute?


File: d1f2e215a3f625d⋯.jpg (13.28 KB, 253x255, 253:255, 865d27824516df2fc392dd19d0….jpg)




<Craig when gives advice on drinking and driving.



I was gonna post something really obscene but then I realised I don't know which gf she is and it got all awkward.

So I didn't.


File: 7f930885cc5fdb6⋯.jpg (83.24 KB, 525x326, 525:326, 7f930885cc5fdb683c507b2e9b….jpg)


A lot of NEET say that to their goon pillow just past midnight as the goon coma slowly takes hold.



Craig will write you a note to give to the police when they pull you over for drink driving


So I bought two passion pop bottles from BWS after noticing a 25% special on wine… they were put through the register at their usual price of seven dollars. I was vexed but decided to keep my mouth shut lest I reveal my ignorance - perhaps passion pop technically isn't wine? I thought it too much of a risk to ask about the $2.50 saving I was expecting.

This particular wagie kept a professional face throughout the transaction. I would bet he does not get a lift from his mother at the end of every shift. I will be visiting him again.


File: f10d0222422f555⋯.jpg (135.94 KB, 801x672, 267:224, a102c8444f6d68adc0fe7f7f54….jpg)


>tfw no haram of boong gfs



Nah we both get gooned, she is bringing more goon around so I will end up being double gooned.


I take no offence tbh.


File: b27764e6d9eccf6⋯.png (26.96 KB, 380x404, 95:101, Cnote.png)


File: 948cfc90dcf2720⋯.png (216.13 KB, 550x430, 55:43, dan-murphys-gift-card.png)


Dan on the other hand will give you a card that when given to the police will cause them to let you out of jail.



Is your gf a boong?





Oriental, we don't get gooned all the time, but when we do get gooned it's pretty hectic.



I look forward to your publication of Memoirs of the Dan Queue



Considering we're a 2/10 board, that basically makes it banner material



Aha, now I have pinned down which gf she is I can formulate my obscene comment



I await your vicious articulation.



Good work.




It would look pretty bad as a banner without decent resizing tbqh


Sat my boss down in my office.. Again.

I told him most of the stuff that I've been upset about. He said that he is setting up a performance review. I said that was a good idea because I don't get any feedback about my performance.

Mid conversation he asked me if I had ever been assessed for asbergers.

>tfw I am the real spergNEET



Oh my.



Sue him for sexual harrasment


File: b4dbf365a5e503c⋯.jpg (36.36 KB, 470x500, 47:50, girlneet.jpg)

Less than 9 hours left to complete GF2018 guys. She's out there, waiting for you.



Does it count if one of the other NEETs lends you their gf for a while ?



>if I had ever been assessed for asbergers

That's a pretty inappropriate question from an employer as he does not have the qualifications to make this assessment. He could guide you towards the EAP but that's all he can do, unless he framed the conversation around social and communication difficulties but again he cannot link it to a diagnosis.

I don't think you have asked for any out of the ordinary. I would take the review as you have put it as a place to reflect on how things are going. If the job isn't working, I would begin looking into other employers now that you have some experience under your belt if nothing changes.



I feel for you mate. I am sorry these problems keep popping up for you at work. Stay strong and you will come through it all.


File: baf6d1fa87a3c10⋯.mp4 (96.01 KB, 480x480, 1:1, baf6d1fa87a3c100217253924c….mp4)


You're really going to cause the >tfw depressed with increased rate of posting and increase the goon comas. Good work



I ate heaps of Chinese food and a whole sponge cake, weighed myself this mornings and I gained 3 kg, gonna have to smash it out on the exercise bike later



Keep the weight on till after the Nurgle2108 weigh in m8


File: 8c5737c89f44b88⋯.jpg (80.26 KB, 620x514, 310:257, gyno.jpg)

Can any NEET recommend me another piece of writing?

Someone here told me to read NEETs from Underground and it was fantastic, then a few days ago I saw a mention of One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich which was likewise brilliant. I'd like to thank that (those?) NEET(s?) for his (their?) service to my brain.


File: 233c0be3037b791⋯.jpeg (199.85 KB, 1024x1364, 256:341, f24f2a7d15a1fccf3afb5eaf4….jpeg)


Welcome to the big leagues


File: 5cfd1e92036fb3b⋯.jpg (935.12 KB, 2000x650, 40:13, group_giantfeast_web_hero.jpg)


Theres still time time for the Giant Feast



That's enough KFC to bribe a horde of boongs !


26 degrees in Shitbourne, another shit year over.



Good work, keep at it.




Who was the author?


File: 0f09226b8938aaa⋯.jpg (556.07 KB, 923x609, 923:609, burger-challenge.jpg)


And after that, you can squeeze in a super saiyan burger. That way you'll have achieved at least one thing this year.



>you'll have achieved at least one thing this year

High blood pressure ?



That burger has always been a low quality meme. I am surprised it keeps getting posted.



I have been achieving that goal for years m8.


File: 2c817f919f8239c⋯.jpg (15.21 KB, 220x277, 220:277, dostoevsky.jpg)


The most common English-language title is Notes from Underground, I was just being silly. The author's romanized name is Fyodor Dostoevsky or some slight variation.



Lol, same.

I keep pretty fit but I smoke



Thank you, I am just adding to my collection of books to read and was interested in more specific details to locate the book. "Underground" picked up a breadth of titles.



>Lol, same.

Doctors advice was to go on medication to reduce it but it is that medication that makes you feel groggy. Not needed when you have enough goon.



High blood pressure is clearly superior to low blood pressure anyway, just look at the names.


File: 95355ab24329457⋯.gif (38.25 KB, 238x251, 238:251, Dan-ed.gif)


>High blood pressure is clearly superior



The Sorrows of Young Werther by Goethe is pretty good and of a similar size perhaps not a good idea if failing gf18 is weighing heavily upon you, though.

You could also try embarking on a longer work by Dosto. Crime & Punishment is the easiest starting point. Is there anything specific you are looking for in a book?


File: 8806da86acb2ae4⋯.png (337.49 KB, 712x979, 8:11, Nechayev.png)


No problem. You might start by reading the short piece The Dream of a Ridiculous Man, also written by Dostoevsky.


aboriginal communist literature orgy


File: f3690fbb74085c0⋯.png (80.89 KB, 2880x1800, 8:5, k8hpawehptu11.png)





Did these 19th century Russian writers have any inkling that their country was about to be taken over by jews?


File: 5ad0e40acf38980⋯.png (327.02 KB, 501x568, 501:568, TheNOse.png)


>by jews



Thank you, I will add that to my reading list.


I appreciated all quality literature especially boong posts.



There's quite a bit of "maybe we should be a bit nicer to the serfs so they don't murder us all" in russian literature, especially from Tolstoy. Solzhenitsyn also wrote 200 Years Together, although that was well after the 19th century.


Two angry emails today:

-Cinemas for the overall poor experience when I went to watch Aquaman the other day (ticket machines broken, cold popcorn, people sitting in our seats well before the movie started and filthy bathrooms)

-Logitech for replacement earpads for headset because they don't offer them anymore, but under ACCC they are obligated to offer spare parts for a reasonable time and given the product has only been out for two years parts should be available.


File: d8d038b47270de0⋯.jpg (348.85 KB, 530x706, 265:353, Zasulich-vera.jpg)


Who told you I was 'failing' GF2018? To fail you must have defined success in a way which excludes your current condition and that isn't the case here. I'm doing quite well on my own - I have no desires for female companionship at all. It's a small and dirty thing to require another person before feeling fulfilled. I'm whole on my own, thank you. How presumptuous. tfw no gf

I'm interested in insights into the human mind and interesting ideas, mostly. I last read The Sorrows of War by Bao Ninh, which was superb. I'm probably feeling tfw no gf too strongly to want to read anything on that topic. Thank you.


That is the least Jewish nose I've ever seen anyone try to use as proof of Jewishness, lol



> I have no desires for female companionship at all

You've had a wank then ?



Do you send letters to the editor of your local newspaper too?


File: 8bedefb70f955d8⋯.jpg (17.19 KB, 403x365, 403:365, mr_shekelstein.jpg)


Ahh, but what is the most jewish nose you've ever seen?



Dear Sir,

There are far to many boongs,niggers,gooks,chinks and wogs around these days.

Please eliminate at least 18% of them.





It depends if I can get free shit from them? Per per person with the friend I went with I paid $44.00 per person at the Cinema for an overall disappointing experience. If you want to go through life without using your legally entitled rights that is up to you.



Is this you? >>201036



It does work, my folks would always complain if shit was out of order and they got given heaps of free stuff.




Didn't the movie itself suck?



reminds me of when I would go to poverty suburban restaurants with my family and they would bitch about the food until we got free shit

literally felt like a boong when they did that



>tfw boonglike



If we replaced every gook, arab, nigger, coconut nigger, jew and wog with an Abo, Australia wold be the greatest place on earth



don't forget the white dogs



Yeah, I'd swap them all for boongs

Boongs are shit but you know what you're getting and they are kinda funny


File: ffd08ba29ebc9cb⋯.jpg (78.27 KB, 1080x716, 270:179, 12052461_10153085836296440….jpg)


File: 4321a6f4a2931f1⋯.png (481.84 KB, 634x880, 317:440, abbott and goddes.png)


Nah because that means Tony "spiritual boong" abbott has to leave



I'm sure the local elder would gladly take his goon bribe and grant him official abo status



>Tony "spiritual boong" abbott

>Big Boong Tones

>Tony Abo


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Been watching some shit show about shitty bong tenants and shitty bong landlords, it's rather entertaining.



Making shows like that is where the brits really shine


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Can't pay we'll take it away is my personal fav



Yeah, it also kinda makes me glad my ancestors came here, bongland seems like a nightmare.


Has anyone seen an old brit comedy called Bottom ?

Was rewatching it recently and it's still fucking funny, the characters are the full pre internet NEETs



Was watching this one too.



>bongland seems like a nightmare

wales and scotland seems comfy if you're a blue collar football chav and found a qt

the actual england part seems like dystopian nightmare ville on steroids, even the most "blue-pilled" NPC type I can't imagine would have a good time there. everything is ugly, it's just gay and lame with shit weather and everything is a grey concrete mess apart from the little cities with no work. makes our australian cities look like paradise by comparison.



Nah, but I recently watch an old brit comedy from the 70s called Mind Your Language, it's about an English teacher trying to teach foreingers english, theres a paki and pajeet constantly at each others throats, a jap and a chinese women at odds, a greek and italian trying to win over a qt french girl and a few others, it's pretty funny, lots of racial slurs getting thrown around.


Almost time to commence the Great Goon Countdown



I think most of our major cities will end up being like bongland, quite depressing.


get a goon into ya.


>tfw no goon



You had 364 days to fix that feel mate



Tip that nasty goon down the sink. Go sober for 2019.



Think of those poor slave children picking grapes in the hot sun, only for an ungrateful neet to send their sacred nectar down to live among piss and shit. A truly heartless act.



I'm gonna cut down on the grog next year.



>picking grapes in the hot sun

>they fought the goon

>but the goon won



Dan is the root cause, he is the middle man, he must be stopped.



You innocent NEET

Dan owns the slaves,grapes and a part share in the sun.


File: 29beae35085192b⋯.jpg (449.4 KB, 3000x2041, 3000:2041, roboto.jpg)

Domi Origato,



Got sacked again today.

Got 3 weeks to pull together the rent

Fuck cunts this is rough


A minimum of 7 hours till people leave my house.




Again ?



what did you do to get the sack? which NEET are you?



Shouldn't have taken those days off.



We told you not to call in sick and act like a general boong.



>act like a general boong

This should be rule 1 tbh




How long until we see monk on one of those scum landord and tennant shows?


File: 726ec88beeebbe2⋯.jpg (17.7 KB, 390x389, 390:389, abo017[1].jpg)

>general boong



I doubt he got the stove clean.



File: 7aa0766ca71352e⋯.gif (373.57 KB, 418x570, 11:15, 1451192336544.gif)

going out to shitbourne with nye as an excuse go out and be disappointed i don't meet and hot girls again

sneakily bringing my patchy fumo in a bag and wearing my sneaky blue steel anime shirt. (coz it looks like it might just be a regular company shirt but true weebs will know)



I don't know, they called me back in today so it probably wasn't the days off. The bloke had a bit of a go at me about my performance today but it wasn't that bad.

Sent me a text as I was walking to my car, fuck that place mang


I bought the cleaning stuff for it tho



Filthy stove, filthy penis, a NEET in shambles.



>Sent me a text

That's a shit way for them to do it



I'm this close to joining a union… or making one



A filthy NEET and his stovepenis are soon parted



>The bloke had a bit of a go at me about my performance

What did he say you did wrong?


File: 53a096b36233dcd⋯.jpg (83 KB, 634x671, 634:671, murder_rate.jpg)


Nah, scotland and ireland are literally nigger-tier for levels of violence. Probably wales would be too if they didn't have more sheep than humans.



I'm gonna sprint it out in the last few hours. see if there's any gullible Staceys in the cbd



Are you suggesting sheep fucking reduces violence ?



Ok a different take on a superhero movie through its character development, but ultimate it is a good guy versus a bad guy movie with similar themes of families to other movies.


File: 223390235e1bf7c⋯.jpg (531.99 KB, 926x843, 926:843, 2017979_large.jpg)


Welcome back to the brotherhood of neets. Nobody ever truly leaves.



Printed out my pick rate for the first job of the day, on NYE, asking why I had taken twice as long as it's meant to take. Made some semi-reasonable excuses but I just have looked like an ice addict. No one gets 100% anyway, my daily average today was 79.

Oh well, at least it's a days wage. I'll be working again next week.



Happy New Year



I'm suggesting anything. It's a scientific fact.



Pick&pack can be a right cunt at times.

Hang in there m8, new year, new chances

You'll be right



Less than 7 hours left to win at GF2018. Time to get on tinder neets.



To confirm this we need to drop a pack of niggers on an island full of sheep and see if they become less violent.

Bit cruel to the sheep though.



please keep us updated


File: 663265c184033e2⋯.jpg (18.47 KB, 220x391, 220:391, coraline.jpg)


Swipe left or right? Things are getting desperate.



There are probably cuter neets with loose standards in this very thread



I am cuter but I would never date a NEET



Snob qt NEET.



What have you created?



Your consent is not necessary



I am watching this one to start with and Serge is a disgusting person.



PumpkinNEET returns.



An abomination.



>Woolies and Coles

Why would you go to both?



He's always been there.



Coles had doggo food on special.



>next year things will be different.






A lot of them are feral.



I watched Halloween last night and your quads excite me. Must be from all the squats.



Gains m8, gains from all those squats.


old aboriginal squatter


File: 4f93d07ae3b71bf⋯.jpg (109.5 KB, 1148x746, 574:373, 1500541161279.jpg)

Heading off to wrestle with my grey power rack and then I might play some video games and try to fall asleep before all the normie celebrations begin, or perhaps go for a NEETwalk and get some food about town

It's been a great year posting with you guys, the board is very special and you guys are my only friends.

godspeed NEETs, gf18 is running out. I'll see you on the other side.


young aboriginal renter


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Same as it ever was.


File: 83700a18dd2559f⋯.jpg (16.45 KB, 231x244, 231:244, Ozpepe2.jpg)


Cheers m8, all the best

Catch you next year



>It's been a great year posting with you guys, the board is very special and you guys are my only friends.

No, thank you m8.



Have a good one NEET-o, happy new year.


>tfw sentimental


File: d7bdf22a1d88d61⋯.jpg (298.58 KB, 1400x933, 1400:933, 866221c635838bca06bdca4fa0….jpg)


Well the gf is almost here so happy new years NEETs, have a good one.



Happy new year NEET.



Cheers m8

Give the filthy gook whore one up the bum from the lot of us

sorry, I did say I'd be obscene


File: c18f154d0535a41⋯.png (159.4 KB, 800x600, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)



eastern states are weird.


File: 20d3a4c9ee35afb⋯.png (110.5 KB, 733x464, 733:464, d7dff94b035779bec0f6894ce7….png)


File: 325e93b2a1e0905⋯.png (27.97 KB, 222x366, 37:61, decisions.png)

I need advice NEETs

Should I walk to Craigs and buy this or be thrifty and bored ?


File: d5580922cc6fcef⋯.jpg (50.96 KB, 200x320, 5:8, Craig Chan.jpg)


You wouldnt like my new one either.



Be thrifty and based. You don't need that poison.


File: f973c95d62560ab⋯.png (500.88 KB, 1240x1240, 1:1, f973c95d62560ab27ebade4bd3….png)


Buy this instead.



I like it senpai



That one is funny

The Dan one was disturbing



I was going on about all the cunts and office politic shit and how everyone has a clique and I dont. Then I said fuck them and I have no friends but fuck friends, I don't need them.

Plus I talk like I post so he probably ddidn't understand what I was going on about.

I went on about how I didn't realise how dependent I was on appraisal and it probably stems from mummy not telling me my fingerpaintings were pretty. He said he's going to book me in to a fancy shrink.



It's craig. He probably drained out all the scotch and refilled it with horse piss or something. A rather sick horse, by the looks of it.



Yeah, tbh I'm not sure I trust Craig anymore since his anime pictures showed up



Craig is acceptable.

Dan can never be kawaii



That giant feast looks little in that pic, half the table is empty.


I would like some whisky though.

Someone vote yes please



Good, you are changing society in the most appropriate way available.



>He said he's going to book me in to a fancy shrink.

NK charges $100s per per hour.



File: 0035d6c234daed0⋯.jpg (8.77 KB, 266x234, 133:117, DisgustedPepe.jpg)



It sounds like they are trying to help you out mate. Just hang in there and maybe the shrink will give you some ideas about how you can sort some of these problems out.


I am going to go throw some balls.


File: 87b4f919a635f50⋯.png (176.04 KB, 400x306, 200:153, ClipboardImage.png)


We thought we could improve on perfection.



Alright, heres the deal NEETs

Id someone tells me to go and buy more whisky it's entirely possible I'll get drunk enough to post a picture of my ex wifes arse



I am looking forward to it, I haven't had a formal diagnosis in years.


File: c1a8c56503d3ee2⋯.jpg (257.53 KB, 998x605, 998:605, kfc-wolrd-record.jpg)


Is this angle better?


File: a16b914a2f61e41⋯.png (493.51 KB, 500x673, 500:673, a16b914a2f61e413b044123127….png)


>to post a picture of my ex wifes arse

Post it!



Por Favor?


File: 2f4ec1aa7c85893⋯.jpg (15.26 KB, 231x244, 231:244, 1468841811170-1[1].jpg)


Thank you kindly good NEET

You've done my liver a great disservice



Sometimes I have moments of clarity where I realize how retarded and strange these threads are


It's 1 o'clock on the bush chook clock



On new years eve?

Dogs mate.



Remind me when I've drunk more whisky

Off to see craig NEETs

Seeya in a half hour



Your a boong.


File: 0790131feac1035⋯.png (81.38 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 0790131feac10355e7c27ade17….png)


>You've done my liver a great disservice

I will appreciate it though.




Post pictures.



It looks the same as the bush chook I posted yesterday



The North is not Ireland.

Not yet anyway.


File: 821fb689e40fcd5⋯.jpg (175.91 KB, 1162x775, 1162:775, classic_dan.jpg)


Does anyone else find that when they drive past a Dan sign, you find yourself smiling involuntarily like you were seeing an old friend again? Ausneets leaves its mark on you.



looser arseholes after tonight.



Grab me a pack of twisties pls


File: 34ca351296270c2⋯.jpg (121.23 KB, 1014x1439, 1014:1439, 34ca351296270c2904dc1aa8cd….jpg)


Your selfies are always appreciated.



I do, it is the mark of the Gen.



Why didn't you get it all from Coles then?



When I see the Dan sign I think he's thinking

"There ya go ya cunt" but in a nice way


Who's here that is going to bed before the new year?


File: 04366cb0def83c0⋯.jpg (15.63 KB, 480x360, 4:3, the war room.jpg)

Well, this is it. This is the last chance to succeed in gf2018. The new years eve parties will be rife with young, drunk and impressionable women. As long as you're able to to get your shit together not a second after the new year has begun, you have made it.

This is the final push. Make it count.



Happy New Year mate, the only resolution I know that I will achieve next year is that I will meet you



Really thinking about it m8…



I haven't been awake for the new year for half a decade now so i might give it a go this time



>This is the final push. Make it count.





I wouldn't be able to get to the parties



I still don't understand this meme.


>tfw alcohol induced euphoria



It means hot, what he was describing to me sounded like hot gf sex.


File: 59b093c1fbd14a8⋯.jpg (112.61 KB, 1008x600, 42:25, a7a965cb096c949898c66b542d….jpg)



sounded more like childbirth mate



That means that there had to be sex before that and that's caliente!



this is some big brain neeting


File: e474b13dbeb46a8⋯.png (5.49 KB, 294x171, 98:57, e474b13dbeb46a843035e930f8….png)


You'd be surprised by how big it is m8



>You'd be surprised by how big it is m8



File: 50cc81435f6ddad⋯.jpg (58.99 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 50cc81435f6ddad4d49cd84f35….jpg)


You two NEETs seem to be having fun.



Because Woolies had other stuff I needed on Special. I chase the Specials wherever they are.



Jewish NEET



Sounds like a lot of work.



Seductive duck NEET returns.


I threw seven buckets of balls. Both power and accuracy were poor. I missed the mattress entirely twice. The muscle in my side is really sore.

I am a bit disappointed but I will persist. Hopefully the relevant muscles will get more used to throwing and I will improve as time goes on.


File: 1c9048fe74ea74a⋯.png (764.24 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, mzl.taxcnsmu.png)


All NEETs can enjoyed this sponsored fun.



By the end of tonight we will all just be one big ball of fun.



I have no doubt you will, you are a star.





Whip it out so we can see.



This time next you're be pegging boongs from a mile away. Don't give up neeto.



Maybe a rest for a day or so is in order?



I'll peg you mate/



Keep your mind open and don't feel the need to defend yourself. Humble yourself before the professional and lay yourself bare.



> lay yourself bare.

what sort of professional is he going to see?



an uncouth remark



I will, I know that the best way to get shit sorted, tbh there is a lot of stuff that is really just doing my head in and I even said to my boss that it may just be a defense mechanism to blame work because it is an easy thing to attack. I said it to him before that I make him out to be the cunt because his position almost allows me to, I have also said that he should keep in mind that underneath it all I am very grateful for his faith in me and giving me an opportunity that no other place would.



I have to stay up even though I don't want to. If I go to bed Doggo will wake me up when he hears the fireworks at midnight and then he will start trying to dig through the floor and I would have to get up to stop him and I would be all sleepy and grumpy so I have to stay up until after the crisis has passed.



A verbose observation



That was not me that was an impersonator NEET. You know I would never call the NEETs here my friends except for one.



I am locking my doggo inside because I am going to church. I feel very upset about it. He will be scared either way but I would prefer that he was with me. I can't take him to church because there will be kids there.



I thought it was an end of year nicety. The resolution stands though.




If being thrifty was easy then everyone would do it.


A developmental disorder affecting ability to effectively socialise and communicate. Asperger's syndrome is a condition on the autism spectrum, with generally higher functioning. People with Asperger syndrome see, hear and feel the world differently to other people. If you have Asperger syndrome, you have it for life. People with this condition may be socially awkward and have an all-absorbing interest in specific topics. People with Asperger syndrome are of average or above average intelligence. They don't have the learning disabilities that many autistic people have, but they may have specific learning difficulties. They have fewer problems with speech but may still have difficulties with understanding and processing language.




Maybe you could try putting some music on, that might distract him. I was talking to my neighbour a couple of years ago about how our dogs both hated fireworks and she said she bought some little device you plug in and it releases soothing hormones that calm the dog. She said it worked for hers.


Fucking hell that was a warm walk

Some drunk bogan was waving his dick at cars on the highway too




I am hoping February or March. I have been putting it off too long.



May be later.



>Some drunk bogan was waving his dick at cars on the highway too

Modern day hitchhiking.



A true aussie hero



I do not like drawing attention, especially on nights when people are walking about.




When you're ready mate.



Are you that drunk bogan?


hard to believe this will be the last bum rash of the year




It's for you.



The diagnosis no longer exists for new diagnosis. It will a diagnosis for Autism.

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