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File: 3d3072d69a2db4f⋯.png (27.66 KB, 300x250, 6:5, download (41).png)


Sometimes we wish for the good old days to come back to us like a boomerang comes back to a boong. Yet time is a one way street and there's no going back, but you can always reminisce on them.

OLD: >>272056


tfw the past was shit too


File: c941bc135d40205⋯.jpg (63.63 KB, 400x543, 400:543, Bee yourself_ea8c1c_618722….jpg)

>applied for train signaler

>got interview


didnt wanna work there anyway you cunts i was the only white guy applying


File: 873596b9a494ea9⋯.png (25.92 KB, 510x85, 6:1, asio.png)

File: 6943fe422c919a5⋯.png (159.15 KB, 289x517, 289:517, ASIOlesbianchick.png)

This is just a polite message to let you NEETs know you are not allowed to discuss my lesbianity.

It is illegal.




this post is a violation of neet law


File: 38549ed3dc806cf⋯.png (78.43 KB, 420x420, 1:1, 1538448078607.png)

I dont need you're pissy tracker anyway i know trains like the back of my hand. You peasant.


what happened to gayneet dicks leaking from precum and i need to communal gayneet butt



he's worrying about trains tonight


Worked today for 12 hours





Need a wank



We need to ban trans people from posting and voting



I hope you're not a cane toad trying to sneak a ride





File: 2041420358e44ef⋯.jpg (24.7 KB, 577x531, 577:531, pepe_sweating.jpg)


Hush your blowing cover




trams > trains




NEET law is a flexible and slippery boong


shire sometimes touches the trannie



then he goes to engadine maccas



It flexes around celebrity nameneet transgressions



That sounds disgusting


File: 22ca8f229e827f4⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 2448x3264, 3:4, IMG_20190209_201006.jpg)




It is morally repugnant



you time traveling boong



There should be one law for all neets

One law to rule them all

One law to find them

One law to bring them all and in the darkness rape them



Whats they're attitude on "toads"? Asking for a mate.



>Whats they're

This angers me somewhat.






See how you feel come brekkie


was going to do something but forgot what it was



was it having a wank ?



no but I may pretend it was



Have one while you think about it


File: 0bf61122acb63e7⋯.png (260.6 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, daaf6057043d47139057db8bea….png)



Answer me cunt.


File: baa30b7097b8702⋯.jpg (67.6 KB, 1300x866, 650:433, 87606648-shock-face-expres….jpg)



I don't know because I'm not a trans man or a deformed frog


File: 9d7600211bc42b3⋯.png (186.91 KB, 350x368, 175:184, oicunt.png)


Fuck you gubba


File: bc5a986e40c2a49⋯.jpg (7.95 KB, 259x194, 259:194, lpl006b.jpg)



i dont like suit frog



If you google shocked woman img most of them have blowjob mouths



That's a funny Craig mask, especially on




all mouths are blowjob mouths


File: 9d8a6cf678a6f43⋯.jpg (16.14 KB, 294x332, 147:166, ab002.jpg)

File: 8a4402b85088a2e⋯.jpeg (9.77 KB, 255x144, 85:48, ab003.jpeg)

File: 54b10692b9ba33b⋯.jpg (38.42 KB, 315x350, 9:10, ab004.jpg)

File: b9f8d4df490d496⋯.jpg (33.03 KB, 235x385, 47:77, ab005.jpg)

File: 864405caeef9976⋯.png (174.56 KB, 700x466, 350:233, ab007.png)




Was waiting in the last thread like a silly boong.


File: 2d0851a8359339e⋯.png (143.58 KB, 288x245, 288:245, bj1.png)

File: bb92eb225c8015a⋯.png (622.61 KB, 533x568, 533:568, bj2.png)


Yeah, but these are like sex doll/porn film blowjob mouths



the new thread was even linked this time you senile boong


We would unironically make a good liquor chain marketing team




Let us bow our heads in silence a moment and remember those lost in the old threads.



That sounds like a shit job


Fucking post more you lazy NEETs

I'm gonna start wanking soon if that girl with the red lipstick is still on my screen



Don't fight the wank accept it


File: 8f9161bd766dd0e⋯.jpg (32.73 KB, 704x396, 16:9, kirstie_parker_bio_pic_nit….jpg)



I would accept this advice





NITV = hot unnas



racist white dog



I said girl

Which implies human



my dog is a girl



You shouldn't talk about the missus that way m8


File: f93b8caefda4625⋯.png (176.43 KB, 225x350, 9:14, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 01f2ba40402d377⋯.jpg (122.07 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 1557589712479.jpg)

Sometimes I just wish I could come home and she'd be there sat up the couch on her phone with a cheesy grin as I come in the door

Instead its always dark and lonely


File: 4392ae07ad8cbe3⋯.jpg (45.85 KB, 778x512, 389:256, 1301790359005.jpg)


File: dd2a89263884414⋯.png (490.22 KB, 631x419, 631:419, TonesBook.png)

A wonderfully patriotic book every true Aussie needs to read






it cannot be him


File: e68261521de8261⋯.png (75.03 KB, 250x250, 1:1, PEPE.png)

>tfw жаба



жаба on my wrist



Rule 24 - No feeling жаба


круиз собака сделала какашку


File: d3d026a68ba5c41⋯.jpg (69.51 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 3cd46541bc003a3911e4b6e23c….jpg)

Starting to think it would better to have an ice habit than to be an alcoholic

At least I might get shit done that way


Oh god, the Russians are here

My dad used to tell me this would happen



"shit" being sucking dick for drug money


куриный период


do they have vodka goon bags in russia?



Would it be better or worse if he sucked dicks before taking ice ?



Many years ago they sold vodka and orange goons here

4l for .. $18 I think

Tasted like meth and it made you puke real fast



sounds great



It was disgusting

But I was a teenager


And I think it was about 20%



cruisedog did a poo


chicken period


Haven't seen cruisey or anyone else post their lunch lately


File: 3384a9552125056⋯.png (134.91 KB, 398x397, 398:397, 39922ce8.png)

50mg of seroquel down the hatch



NK posts his occasionally



>tfw been months without a microwaved lasagne pic.


Cruisey is too busy doing things to his hot negresses bottom to show us his lunch


Finished my wank




How do you wank so long?



I read old threads while I wank


mv Weber.c /dev/null



why wouldn;'t you just rm it and save 10 characters?



I bet you're reading last night's thread



No, it's far too old for me.

I like my threads under 100



I want to watch him torn apart as he falls into the abyss



overall or just ausneets?



what has he done to you?



Just here, our posts were sexier back then



Hes on leave being a neet while I'm forced to wage


See how quickly the ragie wagie turns against it's own kind


File: 73510bd9a5795b5⋯.jpg (1.87 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, IMG_20190521_191930.jpg)


I've embarked on a quest to lose my astral virginity



have a spiritual wank



Shouldn't you be packing?



When you movin out carnt?

Gonna have a big boong celebration? I sure did


File: 18b8c2e3b29a0a5⋯.jpg (73.52 KB, 601x959, 601:959, 1556340929727.jpg)




They're a bit small for that



>pure blonde



NK will have to wash his own undies

And toilet



despair not, zoomer meme neet



is that a dog poo bag


File: d9c8cc32e38e553⋯.jpg (340.84 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, IMG_20190521_212351.jpg)


Captain Morgans > Your pleb shit



My medication siphons my wanks



I'm trying, but getting past sleep paralysis and not just going to sleep is the hardest bit. I should probably go to bed earlier or something so I'm not as sleepy.




Getting the keys Friday, have some stuff packed trying to organise renting a ute for the rest of my shit



I won't wear underwear or use a toilet



Are you still living northern suburbs way ?



That's a boongs drink



Moving is tiring and stressful.

The more you get done in the next couple of days, the less you have to do on the weekend.

You might want to ask for Monday off to recover if you haven't already.



I live on aboriginal land, we have no concept of north or south




I'll just have a wank



Oh u still post here



So you've moved to Armadale then ?



also >venge i thought i taught you better than that 18yo neet.



Just tie it all to the roof of the astra


File: ef1ccff2666d640⋯.png (5.33 KB, 201x250, 201:250, soyjb.png)



Going to have a volunteer tomorrow and then work for 8 hours


My mates mum

Used to drink rum

She had a big bum

And was very very dumb


File: 758a4955f90d234⋯.png (5.58 KB, 210x240, 7:8, Soy.png)




>How does he do it?


File: 19be10513e14e3a⋯.png (602.61 KB, 707x565, 707:565, 19be10513e14e3a911b126d719….png)


yum mum bum


That sweet old rum is oh so fun

Runnin round town holding in my cum

Drinking so much rum

A rum and coke

A slag I choke

I drank much of ye old rum

Now theres problems in me bum




An old sea shanty perhaps?



After I'm finished moving I'm gonna buy another car, the astra only has 2000km on the front brakes left and theres no point spending money on it. Not to mention the cv boot is still fucked, I fixed the radiator hose because it was cheap and easy to do but it's time to move on and find a new boong mobile


File: baafb6fc2b29f0d⋯.jpg (71.06 KB, 400x614, 200:307, 9780750990806[1].jpg)


Morgans will be a staple on the NEET boat



you're a big boong now so you need a commodore to hoon around in



It's time to pass the old girl on to a new generation of rapist



Must have been a lot of rape on that ship



Before we know it NK will be driving a beemer drinking bottled goon with his missus



SO MUCH rape

Rum,Sodomy and the Lash was based on that tale



I was thinking of giving it away on gumtree then spray painting "aboriginal ejaculation" on the sides of the car before people came to pick it up



That would be some high quality OC



The best part is there's no where to run, nowhere to hide. Just efficient rape


File: fcce32016448e8c⋯.png (212.01 KB, 246x377, 246:377, prettygaytbh.png)


Spray it on the back and park it so they can't see while they drive off



You should just leave the keys in and park it in downtown armadale


I've done none of the thing on my todo list and still havent looked up how to get to the bum doctor on public transport

Did watch some good fishing videos tho






I don't have lunch breaks very often.



The law requires you take at least 20 minutes off every 4.5 hours or you're a danger to everyone around you like some wild boong rapist



This is success.



this is true



pretty insulting to assume boong rapists have no standards



boong rapists get to sleep 4.5 hours for every 20 minutes raping though


good night all

i have a long day of doing nothing tomorrow



are you a boong rapist scientist?



see you in 4.5 hours



sounds like he's a boong rapist lawyer


File: 779197c6416c3b9⋯.png (30.36 KB, 490x104, 245:52, Myjob.png)


I may work for these people, I may not






They get me off the rape charges everytime cuz



>tfw get the night shift so I get to wake up at 10am when its sunny as shit

feels good man


File: 207ccde9656ffd4⋯.png (1.09 MB, 850x551, 850:551, HairyNoseBoong.png)


I raped the judge after bro and they got me off again !!!


File: 0ee91134ea43543⋯.jpg (425.44 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, IMG_20190521_220853.jpg)


She's pretty based anon



>The law requires you take at least 20 minutes off every 4.5 hours

"Requires" is a strong word when an entire industry does not give a fuck about that


File: 13bd6f0ad8b2f8a⋯.png (309.5 KB, 406x482, 203:241, boongm8.png)

>tfw you realise you saved an edit and have lost a boong pic

Anyone have the original ?


File: e1937cd9a05ea41⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 89.82 KB, 215x255, 43:51, e1937cd9a05ea413ae91b91560….png)


fucking lol dog

but sorry I don't have the original but I do have this


File: a9b6e50f1795947⋯.jpg (16.44 KB, 244x231, 244:231, Thingy.jpg)


That'll do nicely, cheers m8


Wish I was stress free enough to play dota



Mobas are for fucking niggers

also I take it you're Furry Jesus



hes clearly poo=yum


File: ba34038acacf2e8⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 8.94 KB, 231x244, 231:244, ba34038acacf2e8aa11268209c….jpg)


all good citizen



good night



no, poo=yum is NK



The consent insanity plea works well



Pah, poo=yum is clearly a code for poss=um

Therefore possum loves poo


I wouldn't mind playin vidya with you cunts one day


Should we start a private steam group


File: 5518f51d7bef915⋯.png (59.76 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1558437298782.png)


of course i have no friends :^)

also hows it for niggers


File: 43aa83e2a918d7b⋯.png (123.29 KB, 250x200, 5:4, ClipboardImage.png)

Good night friends.



G'night m8 , sleep well



because it's low IQ shit

You need to play real games like playing Pokemon Simulators just to shit on the mods



We'll call it the Wanked Abo Poo Commune


File: 7ae729564ae7335⋯.jpg (28.68 KB, 690x720, 23:24, 1547868098714.jpg)


very true sir, my IQ is not high enough for RNG pokemon simulators


gen should be 23+


I have literally played no vidya other than Rimworld this year



no possum is lpv888 which means Lovely Possum Violator 888, where the 888 is a nazi code number for Hitler is a based jew UNNA



As I wrote that I got a call, a guy pulled out of a shift for tomorrow morning 8-4pm.



File: eb0fed9abed9ec0⋯.jpg (33.24 KB, 294x332, 147:166, 9d8a6cf678a6f438638b866c7f….jpg)



The Highest IQ like Nui knows that getting frozen for 6 turns means you have no skill, because luck is an excuse made by poor bigots



I don't see why he can't be a nazi jew possum violator and also love poo



888 also means Hitlers Poo posts on /ausneets/



Fucking hell, you don't have the best luck m8.


File: 5c43e5e760702f4⋯.png (100.63 KB, 312x232, 39:29, WankOrNoWank.png)

>Before the break we asked the audience whether Mr NEET should take the wank or not. Here are the results!



What was he wearing?



what was his excuse


File: 5a0ec06e870bc4d⋯.png (22.33 KB, 600x147, 200:49, niggs.PNG)


is this you



>he had a wank on the break anyway



This happens so often. It's just how it is.

Why the fuck did he leave it til 10pm before telling me? It's an 8 hour shift too, even if he is working at a different company, that shift wont be more than 8 hours.

Anyway, I've already got it filled.

Lucky. There's a guy who takes them with not too many questions asked. He'll probably go over 38 hours this week though and we'll have to pay him overtime. Boss better not have a go about that.

I interviewed a guy today who I want to get into that participant's house so we have more rotation of staff in there and avoid overtime so it should be ok when shit settles down. The next issue is that the house's team leader and the guy who does the most hours there are both going on leave. Shit's going to be fucked.



No condom.



Didn't give one, it's because he works for multiple companies. I'm over even asking for excuses, especially when they know they can say something like family/I have a doc appt/kid is sick and then I can't say anything. There's no point asking when they just lie.



When I did management the paperwork was the worst part but dealing with people was shit too.

I became a yell at people boss just so they'd leave me alone.

People suck


File: b2efc6b18ba63f4⋯.jpg (21.93 KB, 312x232, 39:29, WankOrNoWank1.jpg)


I watched



why are you so stingey with the overtime bro



Anyway, good night friends, again.

I have to go to a participants house by 8 tomorrow morning.

For free mind you. I did not pick the janny life, the janny life picks you.



All Bosses are, I bet I'm like 300 hours deep in unpaid overtime


>cruisey is a fucking manager cuck who avoids overtime

Well well fucking well cunt



I'm nice, that's why they call and abuse my good nature. They will break me, but not yet.



you motherfucker

do you get a bonus for keeping wages down?



Yeah, I was nice at first.

Then I discovered the power of yelling at people


File: 53d6d1ed60813e8⋯.jpg (57.84 KB, 761x839, 761:839, annies.jpg)


Good night



It could be weber



no, though Ironically at the moment I work 7 hours a day and get paid for the 7.5



webers on holidays bro


File: 94ba1dc2996dfc7⋯.png (273.28 KB, 550x501, 550:501, ClipboardImage.png)



I'm running a business, not a fucking charity.


I should admit, I also missed out on my best chance job due to my yelling at people so there is that



So this is why Possum told me he was reluctant to make you BO



Is your best chance job being the manager of dans



I work 10 and get 7.5



Wrong NEET I think

Pretty sure Possum would rather die than make me BO

I'm pretty goshdarned vile



wrong neet



when are you picking a vol



> I think

Don't you know who you are?



When one of you prove yourselves in the same way I did to posso.



Wait you're Monaro?

I thought I was Monaro, and when did I get a job that involves yelling at people



Nah, I was Goods Inwards manager for a massive autoparts place and they were training me for the state distribution manager job

Old boy was retiring in a few years and it was mine.

I lost my temper a bit once 4 months in and that was it



>Worked in a warehouse

No fucking way NK, you were a boss of people?

Fuck me, you for PM when




Wrong NEET

>tfw NK/Possum hybrid


NK the poo master



ok are you a named NEET



no my name has caps in it



I have many names

ten thousand in fact



all the other ones are from America except a guy called Horus who has FurryJesus as an alt name



oh fuck I'm retarded, I honestly assumed you never had a job and were a full time weed grower



Oh fuck no, I used to when young and started again recently.

Did real life and shit in between.



fair enough cuz, how are you handling the weed growing, do you ever get caught by the cops



Nah, it's all good.I keep it very quiet



So I guess your buyer is very good then


There are two unauthorised threads present. One has been there for days.


Trap niggas



Lazy BO





= me

What is the other? I saw the block chain one.

I'll do it tomorrow








They both look like vn gsylord shit



isn't that Shire's girlfriend



They are both my yous, I can't have them though because I'm on my phone now

Forsaken you


Time for a wank… in the shower.



She sings girls just wanna have cum



I don't like the texture of jizz in the shower

Tism jism


If you're gooned, and your drunk, you will find me

Dan after dan

If you're broke, I will goon you, I will be waiting

Dan after dan


smooth african booty



Sounds pretty gay


>The history of mankind

>Fact or fiction


reckon i should go for wank 4 cuntts?



you need to be put in a chastity cage bros



the only real history is the 80,000 years of dreamtime UNNA



Dan doesn't goon the broke



can i hold the key




a wank support worker will keep it



She went to bed because the dog was farting because I fed him hjs.



Mastabatory practice should be done in a clean, dry and sterile environment


any other neets play dota




White dogs will never understand



cheers bro



Vidya doesn't do anything for me anymore


File: 7b5363802573d98⋯.jpg (48.23 KB, 253x229, 253:229, 1533579103082.jpg)


I have wanked everwhere man, even a public libary toilets.


File: 3abe1a8bc842c2e⋯.jpg (23.7 KB, 308x385, 4:5, images(120).jpg)



I wanked in a subway and sort of got caught by a middle aged woman. She didn't say anything so maybe she didn't know .



Absolute mad lad, what look did she give you?



the look of understanding, especially since she then joined me, man here cock was bigger than mine


*her cock




She was in a rush and I got that evil panicked feeling and can't remember it well. I just looked the other way and pretended nothing was going on. I found some old porn book there and was like 13


Time to wank it out before the inspection tomorrow




I wasn't going to tell them the full story me.



yes I was


i dont like these flag things this is what ruined 4/pol/ for me when i used to go on it


File: 4eec6d495e2e81f⋯.png (150.83 KB, 300x233, 300:233, lol.png)


Yeah, they are a bit namefaggy tbh



did anyone make a steam group



I logged in steam a couple weeks ago for the first time in like 5 years.

Logged out and uninstalled 5 minuets later.



>0.9 standard drinks



Went to the gym, going to have a wank and sleep and then a wage. Night Night NEETs.



Haven't played vidya in almost a year.



Good night friend.


Good night niggers 🍆💦😏


File: 2299395c49065c9⋯.jpg (772.92 KB, 3456x4608, 3:4, 2019-05-21 21.46.38.jpg)

Gotta keep Craig night goin unna



Good night Promiscuous Hobo NEET



Im a pure virgin. 🐸🐸🐸



A shining boong in these dark times.


I hate niggers



Happens to the best of us NEET, happens to the very best of us.


Night night neetists

I'll let you know how my bulk billed rimjob goes


goodnight everyone gonna stay up for as long as i can even tho i got a cenno appointment tomoz




you wanker



No use the vaseline for wank rashes


what music you listening to atm neets



bustin by neil cereciega


File: 6ceef1eaa8de8c3⋯.jpg (310.68 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, IMG_20190522_000647.jpg)

Thought there werent anymore in the fridge but I found one


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


File: 06c4a9cda87078d⋯.jpg (54.75 KB, 512x512, 1:1, r9FWZ_NF.jpg)


just some a.b. Original


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


very pleasing to listen to



Noong on, Noongar



just ran out have nothing else to drink and i dont have mixers for my spirits


File: 17a1fab6b1f25ed⋯.png (314.26 KB, 489x665, 489:665, tfwNoCakePepe.png)

Craig told me he loved me but he lied and now Dan won't take me back



maybe tones will give you some of his yearly income


File: a9821d96ac0a6b6⋯.jpg (1.48 MB, 3008x2000, 188:125, 8927d0ae3f33f42cc0c7e9b3c0….jpg)


Tony left too, the only option he has is NK and his dumpster



Lovely song


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Aboriginal gurrrls wher da culcha stronk. Fucking white cunts.


Did 25 pushups tonight. Used to struggle with one. Going good neets.


Had a wank.



good job neet! I recommend one of those pull up bars that go on your door!!!!


thinking about having a wank




you should add me back and we can play dotes before i have to wage tomorrow. havent slept in like 3 days so i'm in the zone right now. winning all my games 18yo neet. melbourne neetup 2.0 when



maybe it's time for you to sleep geelongNEET




I'm not geelongNEET, that's dogfuckerNEET to you boyo. sleep is for the weak.



i thought you would get offended by that m'lady. But you have work tomoz neet



I've had work all week, still haven't been able to sleep, nightmares are a bitch. been taking stuff to stay awake, working well so far but i've run out of stuff to do around the house.




Did you actually fuck a dog?



It was the communal gf at the time. its part of the NEET compound initiation.



what are you taking?


yes, hence the name



Uhh I'm kinda interested in how that shit actually transpired, and also are you proud of yourself



i dont know i am not dogfucker neet



you are now, WHITE DAWG FUKKA AY



>melbourne neetup 2.0 when

Wait there was a first?

Why wasn't I invited



lots of caffeine ran out of the other stuff and the chink doctor didn't want me give me another script.


Its just roastie slander, 18yo neet wasnt very happy with me a few months ago.


Was just me and 18yo neet you missed out on a lot of rape and trips to dans



>It was just me

So not only I wasn't invited by either Sperg or Monk, possibly both weren't invited either

This shit is gay ay



It was quite a rushed last moment thing, no need to be jealous, you are invited to the neetup 2.0


File: 3eccbef3eb444d7⋯.jpg (26.9 KB, 480x360, 4:3, kawaii doggo.jpg)

getting tired neets might wank then sleep


NSW meetup when?



I'm up in SydNEET on the Queens Birthday Weekend, maybe it can be then, we could all go to Shire house and watch the Rugby or someshit



A year on and you still steal my pics. i never said you could post pictures of my waifu online. But dog damn she can wear the shit out of that schoolgirl outfit


18yo neet came from NSW to the melbourne neetup, just get on a train tickets are cheap with a NEET card




sounds pretty shit not going to lie

also just accepted my Big W job offer



how many NSW neets are there, is this 18yo neet or someone else?



Yeah this is 18yo neet. I do not watch sports sadly. I like disney movies though


No VIC nerds allowed to NSW Neetup though. This is a strict rule and your ID will be chcked upon entry



Eh probably, I'm not used to knowing what normies do, I guess go to clubs



That sounds even gayer than Rugby


>tfw don't live in Vic but have a Vic Licence




There's Shire, Bowral, Newcastle NEET, Richmond, Shire 2, Tony Abbott, Monaro NEET might be as well


File: 3890d39ca19d52e⋯.png (492.96 KB, 1195x979, 1195:979, 93af33f236f032bbc9dc57c4f2….png)


i know you hate sports, wall-e > Disney movies

But gratz on the job boyo pay and hours are probably better than mine. no break/lunch on shift anymore. not even smoko


have fun with your sandstorm neetup



there is also an exeter neet. He does not live very far from me (18yo Bowral neet)



i reccomend converting your license to NSW. Why is it vic in the first place?

I also reccomend all neets go to a club and cum on all the roasties so we can secure the club for our gooning


Meetup behind the Joondalup Dan Murphys, come at 2am and wait for the astra


I feel excluded in this conversation being a lowly nonamedNEET from SA.



Not sure I'll make it over the Nullarbor in time to make it.



Come alkimos NK


Make a name for yourself peasant!



Sometimes i forget SA is even a state. You can join NSW if you find ways to travel to NSW with your backwards transport system



Is that who you were hanging out with last weekend.


only if you paint dans face on the side of the astra.


just piss off one of the other neets or fuck something weird worked for me.



because Family is from Victoria and can't be bothered changing it, especially since my car is dead and I can't afford a new one



yes it was who i hung out with he sucked my phat cock. Sad exter is so anti gay, he will be executed next week



Don't worry mate, there's more NEETs on the gen per Capita in South Australia then any other state

SA has Cruisey, Weber, Possum, 10k, Nofun, you, and Wadjina

Actually now that I think about it, I think SA has the most NEETs period



Perhaps one day, rather stay unnamed until one comes organically.


SA's alright, some prime boong country up north.


>piss off one of the other neets

eh, not much point.



we're all anti gay after seeing Raped NEET rant about how he got raped as a kid UNNA



where do you wank



I think that's true.

fyi I'm pretty sure Wadjina = Crusiey

My NEETlore might be off but.



wadjina ain't cruisey



bowral news agent



You are now TablelandWankNEET


how do you all neets remeber all this shit about all the nsw neets and sa neets. Do you have some list saved or something?


File: 3cc21ad6346cb4b⋯.png (892.3 KB, 1292x860, 323:215, 3860b0d5b9eeccf6eab60de6f4….png)


Well you're right about the last part. Have fun with him and ausneets anyway. gonna look for a new place, you cunts will be missed


I might go to sleep and then wank

goon night all


why are you leaving nigger


File: bf77ba8ef74b499⋯.jpg (80.04 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, awoooo.jpg)


nini cunt see ya tomoz

Gonna go to sleep as well peace out 18yo neet xx





I once had a glorious wank out near Melrose (Mt Remarkable (National Park)) It's close to snowtown.

That was a good wank.



I've been on the Gen for almost 2 years now matey, it's my life so don't act surprised If I remember details about the cunts who are closest to me You guys



Good thing you mentioned the park, or I'd think you had a wank in Wodonga on the land that Ned Kelly's family used to own


File: 6b1be41fea770c0⋯.jpg (36.32 KB, 655x527, 655:527, 02f.jpg)

How many name neets have come and gone?



>nini cunt see ya tomoz

kek how does that work if im going.

>going to sleep as well

na im going for a drive to the beach, so much nicer at night, no foreigners ruining the view



>Wodonga on the land that Ned Kelly's family used to own

Fuck that sounds like a place to put of the wank-list.

I'll have to remember that.



Be safe NEETo



It's called Kelly Park, was called Melrose when the Kelly's owned it



Cause you'll come back anyway I know you will even if you deny it silly neet



No shit, interesting.

The Melrose in SA is a small town with a very good camping ground.



Remember them festival shorts mmmmm


Is this NSW neetup gonna actually happen though



You too NEET, If 18yo neet's right and i come back ill bring some comfy pics of the beach


Guess im not the only one denying things the other knows is true boyo.


If it does have fun NEETs and down a VB for me

See ya Goys



>ill bring some comfy pics of the beach

Sounds lovely, please do. Cya later m8.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Good morning friends.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This was good but please don't make non NEET gen threads



You choose to be a no name NEET unnamedNEET.







That is really beautiful country, I haven't been out there in ages. I used to go to the Boolooroo centre fair often when I was a kid.



ur cute


morning all

did we lose a neet last night?



Morning. He said so but I dunno. I hope not.


File: b45da4e3c31bd13⋯.png (1.26 MB, 966x1366, 483:683, ClipboardImage.png)


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Have a good day NEETies, it's wage time.



Pre inspection poo




nigger/10 for neetlore.

At least 2 of those NEETs are from WA and 2 of them are the same person.


File: 2f6f88920b7f071⋯.png (90.55 KB, 842x421, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)



Wanked poo


Poo wank


File: 0cea52c8fb618fa⋯.png (16.94 KB, 184x400, 23:50, 4ad95de59eadde5ff5ede65822….png)





You'd have more money if you smoked less pot


File: 21f98a69c25de9a⋯.jpg (160.6 KB, 1200x678, 200:113, craig and dan.jpg)


Mister Sandman

Bring me a meme

Make it the dumbest shit

I've ever seen


File: cd8e772c0a3c5f4⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 756.09 KB, 960x960, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



If Dan and Craig shagged Dan would be the top



Going to have a volunteer soon




You dirty bastard


File: 5a6005dfac01bf7⋯.jpg (93.09 KB, 1138x893, 1138:893, fluffymarsupial.jpg)


Good morning my friend.


File: b0e1b2c5161db67⋯.jpg (5.72 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, IMG20190522101326.jpg)

Having a walk



Are… are you giantNEET ?


just had a appointment the receptionist lady has the most caked face i have ever seen and her nails are dirty as shit. sadly her facebook is on private so i cannot stalk her


Waiting for bum treatment


File: 52493982f5b5a9e⋯.jpg (4.28 MB, 4608x2592, 16:9, DSC_0021.JPG)

Another day off, blood tests and stuff, went out to Kurnell, visited cooks landing place, lot of unna stuff, I'll upload more when I get home



my dad use to work at the refinery at Kurnell till they shut it down



what about her IG?


Bumhole freezing complete.


>infected bumhole scabs



Hullo Possum.

How is the lack of Internet?



wait till she finishes for the day and then follow her home


touch her boobies


I'm back from the wagerium bros



What are you having blood tests for bro?



he has yellow fever



I don't know but her name is Eden and she lives in Bowral.


Planning to do this. Hopefully she takes the train so I can sniff the seat after she leaves



how was work


Where's train tracker neet when you need him


File: e1c011b758ba38f⋯.png (1.18 MB, 894x894, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Cheesey is still alive




Iron levels are high, also have oddly shaped platelets, my dr said it's nothing serious but she wants to monitor me and get to the bottom of it, I do have the gene for haemochromatosis but the variant I have on what ever chromosome shouldn't cause iron overload, but sometimes it can.

Either way I have no clue.


File: 0361f212359e051⋯.jpg (3.11 MB, 4608x2592, 16:9, DSC_0016.JPG)

Here's were cook supposedly first stepped foot on Australia.


File: b92e57c5294acdf⋯.jpg (6.8 MB, 4608x2592, 16:9, DSC_0020.JPG)


The Unna's weren't happy.


File: c1b65989599a4c2⋯.jpg (2.85 MB, 4608x2592, 16:9, DSC_0017.JPG)


File: f22af9387cb5434⋯.jpg (6.87 MB, 4608x2592, 16:9, DSC_0014.JPG)


feeling a bit vile post wank


Since the Liberals won the election, We will be heading for a recession in 6 months?




felt a bit shit but thats pretty standard



They'll stop wftd hopefully



It's possible, what's likely to happen though is more of the same, stagnation and nothing getting done.



It's a NEET government



>stagnation and nothing getting done

the 5 or 6 senate cross benchers (including Pauline) have already threatened to do their usual block everything bullshit



Yeah it's going to be another shitshow. One things for sure though, the coalition really can't keep blaming Labor for all the problems now.


I am going to continue to ignore the whole shitshow and live in drug induced ignorance



You act as if Labor is any different



A wise choice.



They'll blame the Micros instead


i'm going to date SHY and turn her into a nazi


File: f3e6a33391e203c⋯.jpg (3.49 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, IMG20190522112322.jpg)

Going to drop by maccas to get a free Big Mac and then I'll be off to work for 8 hours


Volunteered today for 2 hours




how goes the hapa slappa?



Sarah Hanson-Young



Is she still the only vaguely attractive politician ?

She was the only one about 20 years back iirc



Depends what you're into I guess.

There are a few other lower profile ones that are probably doable.



kate ellis was alright when she was younger

kristina keneally had that milf thing going on at one point



She's not there on Wednesdays, need a break from her she's really getting on my nerves. Was talking with an Indian girl volunteer today


When the yellow fever dies down the poojeeta diaherea begins


Voluntary wank



you need to make each jealous of the other



Nah I did hear about or go to this. Are there other NEETs in Shitbourne apart from MonashNEET, Monk and me??

21 degrees today in Shitbourne, really feeling the wage induced depression last couple of days.


>tfw really enjoying time off work


Off to work



yeah i'm in trashbourne


File: aba8efd6b6002dc⋯.gif (1.82 MB, 480x266, 240:133, 1558138137604.gif)





im calling it Melanoma after the election


Which neet was talking about magnesium supplements a few gens ago?


the hair around my nipples is going grey



The anal queen of Adelaide.



I don't think it was me, but I take a 300mg effervescent magnesium tablet each morning.



Id smash




Have you noticed it making a difference?



She'd make for good moo cow eyes while giving you a gobbie, but that's about it.



I don't get morning leg cramps like I used to.

I take it with zinc and d3. The three combined are supposed to help with testosterone, but I can't really comment on their effectiveness for that.



yeah im big into magnesium it seems to make the goon abuse more tolerable …. some people say its even a nootropic



My mum takes magnesium among other supplements and it changed her life completly, she went from a sperg to a normal person again and gained her health back.


Goddamn magnesium shills


File: 854dd3d71a2e80d⋯.png (30.66 KB, 399x322, 57:46, 1555574041701.png)


It works sperg.





Righto, I picked up some cheap ZMA and am eager to try it.



>anal queen



she wouldn't clean herself properly


File: c89e35a27f196f0⋯.jpg (40.5 KB, 491x491, 1:1, 6ee[1].jpg)


File: d638121d3722fab⋯.jpg (45.55 KB, 600x900, 2:3, x2thumb.jpg)

i have a proper reverse osmosis water filter and drink a few lites of that a day and take infowars x-2 nacent iodine …. also take supermale vitality and brainforce occaionally



Just have to starve her in my rape dungeon for 3 days to get all the poo poo out before tearing that ass.



I drank a bottle of liquid magnesium once and it felt like it thinned my blood.



New fag



oh boy



This is why wordfilters and code words should be used.



Lol, quite the opposite actually.

I remember when people could recognise shitposting here

Ah, those where the days



>Ah, those where the days

You really aren't from here, are you?



Its boring and unfunny



We're not so sure PanadolNEET is shitposting.



Well, he is posting shit most of the time



picture please


File: 6ec816d697f8965⋯.png (502.4 KB, 640x628, 160:157, e085c6df4e6993d9b4f9bd03c3….png)


Are there any neets still around from ye olden days of the neet general beginnings? I want to know the origin story from one of the old neet cunts


File: 6b718107b50b495⋯.jpg (263.41 KB, 1000x1333, 1000:1333, 1558295921888.jpg)


>I remember when people could recognise shitposting here

No, there is no posting but shitposting. /aus/ used to get the occasional effort post about voting and the thing from the cop about a judge raping boong children but even then it was mostly shit. I've been here since 2014 and /meatpie/ and am proud to say I've never made a quality post on this site.



I joined around 50 or so on the old board.

It was much the same with more dole bludging



The original aus was its own chan.



my brother takes magnesium tablets for his cramps



>two pairs of undies



Period cramps can be rough.



That's extra work for rapists !!!

Fuckin' bitch




Helps to hide the bulge.



This, its discrimination against boongs.


File: 55ee48c33457a0f⋯.png (739.38 KB, 785x538, 785:538, UnimpressedBoongs.png)


Woit dog cunt wants to takeourland AND wear 2 pairs of undies ?


Swastikas on the dot paintings at the Adelaide train station. Good to see it is under the control of the NasBoong gang and not the white dogs unna. No wonder the trains run on time now they are the control of the black man.


Might go for a river walk and a smoke



Fucking white dog stole me photo.


File: f2e3b02cff162f7⋯.jpg (282.78 KB, 480x640, 3:4, IMG_20190220_114316.jpg)



>now they are the control of

Neetdom has taken its toll on my brain.


The japs bombed the boongs a bit during WW2


It sounder blacker the way you said it



>It sounder blacker the way you said it

Neets are just the boongs of white people so it makes sense.


File: 9b55fe336b7063d⋯.jpg (11.75 KB, 474x238, 237:119, downloadfile.jpg)

I wanna live in the bush with abos


File: 5a2a2edc2b70e8a⋯.jpeg (32.06 KB, 554x554, 1:1, 3E3C12AB-7B48-4E9E-BFE7-D….jpeg)

Thinking about the neet jacuzzi



you're more steamed than a plate of dim sims shano. take it easy mate



They'll probably let you if you wear a wig



No thanks, you neets would pee in it



What are you doing?



NK would shit in it.



It was pee from the making


Hell, I'd wank the dog in it.


How thirsty are ya monk? On a scale of 1 to Monk.


Note to self

DO NOT use the NEET Jacuzzi



Workin hard


Warm sunny day here in cuntbourne



phenomenological areas monk



I award this strange post of the day

I'm off for a walk, cheers NEETs



I was browsing twitter.com/warniecomments and it struck me that most of them you could replace warnie with monk and it would still make sense, given his love of booze, ham and pineapple, pingas, sheilas, etc.



Did you have your arse thing today? Did she explore your rural and remote community?



fuck its bleak in brissy … been a wet and cloudy april and may … shit is just fucking fucked… massively depressed


off to buy some goon before it rains …


Been based by anymore boongs recently?



it works even with the typo


pineapple lollies are a national icon. Just like you Monk you beautiful metaphorical pineapple.


File: d60d2c89bf504e9⋯.png (235.7 KB, 728x899, 728:899, 1537952432139.png)

>tfw no radical aborigional activist gf from melbourne.



Do the wagies ever give you dirty dagger looks or visible disgust? The ones at the servo look at me like im a wandering homeless rapist when i just want some menthol durries


>tfw depressed


>tfw depeche mode


Gonna poo soon


>tfw obsessed


File: 7edf1116a56c6ac⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.44 MB, 3456x4608, 3:4, IMG_20190522_125758.jpg)

Poo done



Big Poo


Weber's drunk



I am not. I’m having a nap.


Day 3 of nofap.


Threadly reminder that if you sleep with a pillow you will end up looking NK on the right there.



I’m about to embark on a 13 day streak



I sleep with 2 stacked



nah im normally pretty clean cut and have clean polo shirt on and usually buy around 3pm … there is a lady at BWS who looks disgusted when i ask her to take the sack out of the box so can fit it in my bag…. its great.

i was riding past the doctors and saw a true executive who could only get his massive ass around with a maxi taxi… he looked so depressed. Made feel a bit better i still have health and mobility.


I love running up the stairs past an executive.



Great job neet!



if you can get past him on the stairs, then he is not a true Executive



At the Adelaide Train Station they have the escalators next to the stairs.


Group work assignment for uni is due tomorrow and one our of members hasn't done his work. Not sure if I should just let it go or do it for him. He is white, not a chink.


A true executive is immobilized on his bed.


I feel a narky attitude in a neet at the moment



its not me


>tfw possibly narky

It might be me, I've been a bit narky lately


File: ab9fe7c40b72408⋯.jpg (3.5 MB, 5312x2988, 16:9, 20190522_155534.jpg)

>tfw just had a wank and it shot like a meter away


High pressure wank



Why have you only got three toes ?



More dick power genetics than toe genetics



please spoiler cumshots you fag



Post your legs you goon sack gronk.


These people who post their own name in the item name field on gumtree. No I don't want to buy a Marlene.



Is that a public toilet? What if some fag will comes and licks up your cum or some meth head chick puts it in her cunny to get kid for a new cenno payment. You dirty cunt



Probably just do what my dad did, go to the shop for durries and take 15 years to get to the payphone






Wank-on-wank brutality


Currently creatine loading.


Feel like pizza



Got my hoodie and trackies mixed up and tried putting the trackies on my head



Hot, start a new trend neet. Cum in your hoodie.


Got some shit I need to do but I don't want to do it.



I have a wank scheduled for later tonight. Not sure if I'll be able to commit to it


File: 8a07730524c621b⋯.png (10.81 KB, 350x762, 175:381, unna_walking.png)



Fam is bringing indian home. Looks like meats back on the menu boyos


Noice, is she hot?













polite quiet multicultural masturbation






Shire is a naughty boy who's gonna get his toys taken away soon.



I am not being Narky, I am just being mindful of the autistic NEETs who may not like loud shouty text.



I got confused there, sorry m8, you can keep your toys, it's the other NEET can't have any.



u wot cunt


Y'all can get fucked. I am going to spend the night playing with the train tracker.





Shire broke all your toys, sorry



Is this the one on the secret website for cool neets?



thats not very nice m8, we all want a go, share ur username and password, we wont tell anyone else…promise


Expedited wank



Hail hortler!



You having it now?


Got a rock hard erection right now but I don't want to lower my test levels.


File: 8feb7d9e502f2b4⋯.png (392 KB, 465x599, 465:599, boong aids.png)



Better quality and quantity. You better keep this pace up for the move m8



NK, Dan and Tone. The three therapists!



You want him pooing during the move ?


You still working monk?



It's a new high score.


File: 226613074404bfe⋯.jpg (817.32 KB, 1600x1067, 1600:1067, A_Monks_Life-7[1].jpg)

>monks working




It would make funny I guess.


Cruisey have you seen that the AFP has started arresting NDIS people for fraud? When is your old boss paying his stolen funds back?



i see… dog fucker neet is back


When was the last time cheesy was known?



what's the charge? enjoying a meal? a succulent chinese meal?



Cheesy was known last time then



a succulent chinese dog



a succulent chinese white dog ?


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



I mean when was he last here? Do you think he secretly lurks?


File: 5aa3dc6b4606363⋯.jpg (60.54 KB, 650x366, 325:183, wkom.jpg)


>white dog ?

took our land aye



Cheesy lives deep in the heart of every true NEET

He will return to save us one day from something mildly unpleasant


File: ea91d12b7481f69⋯.jpg (21.5 KB, 475x645, 95:129, images.jpeg.jpg)

My ears hurt from all the loud shouty text


File: 4ae61b0fe1aa128⋯.png (58.69 KB, 143x170, 143:170, HOTBOONGCHICK.png)


That is the hottest boong chick I have ever seen !

Now I must quest to find her and win her heart !


File: 6b25752768662e7⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 745.23 KB, 1488x2060, 372:515, unna.jpg)

Today we will acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land…





Unfortunate mood on the gen to come home to tonight



He's going to rape Young Adult NEET ?

I thought he already did that.



Everyone gets raped by NK, thrice a day at least.



Mate, you know you can't post HER picture here

You just made me have an unlicensed wank you bastard


File: 73bddf3feea1311⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 96.64 KB, 615x870, 41:58, hjuom.jpg)


I would rather this


gonna wear my cock out at this rate


File: 7b1fb165aa2fa1d⋯.jpeg (24.26 KB, 653x469, 653:469, images.jpeg.jpg.jpeg)




File: a8ff4d0b366886c⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 363.31 KB, 1200x850, 24:17, kim.jpg)



How is that whole family so damned sexy !?!?

They must have some boong blood in them



Cheesy transformed into a rainbow serpent and spiritually protects neets from wfd



>boong blood

Worse, they're kikes.


File: a413681ea492d91⋯.jpg (46 KB, 469x314, 469:314, jewboong.jpg)


So they've got boong blood then



>wagyl for the dole


File: 36bc8b93fb42161⋯.jpg (33.76 KB, 474x355, 474:355, rm.jpg)


sometimes you can catch a glimpse of where he's been



kek, twins


I'm closing this tab for a while.

You can hear about my bumhole inspection when this shitposting dies down if you're interested.



That 13th tribe wandered really fucking far


File: eb9691c11cff167⋯.png (59.37 KB, 658x662, 329:331, 1fe[1].png)

>tfw you really want to tell about your bumhole exam but the NEETs are all excited with the shitposting


Harsh wank



oh la di da


stoned wank



Show, don't tell.



Lotta posts today. Did Posso return?



no but i returned



My question is answered.

How have you been?

How did you fill your spare time?


File: a0b1aa6a23d286b⋯.jpg (132.64 KB, 1140x641, 1140:641, pissed possum (2)[1].jpg)


I have been imprisoned



The smell was incredible, it was a shame to flush the toilet



Oh.. yeah. You were missed.



That is what he turns in to when he has no internets.


Antiseptic wank



I am eager to see this unna you speak of.



he's like the Hulk, no internet he turns into an angry monster



One of them looks like they're about to take a sickie



Stop being an attention seeking whore monk, just because you had an old jewish man stuff his hand into your rural and remote region doesn't give you right to be a cunt.



That's a new angle


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



Lol, no , that post was mine


Worlds biggest wank






lol at the second one.

Nice pics mate, thanks.



that's tomorrow m8



Ah, I'm out btw, someone posted the Queen twice and I'm all wanked out now


Who's dogfuckerNeet




Well just rob some cunts wanks tonight






Larissa Waters is the hot one.



Those two are alright too.



He doesn't actually fuck dogs right?



He sneaks into your house, but rather than raping you he wanks off your dog. Many dogs have had to file for wankruptcy because of him.


File: cbf55ca157f60d0⋯.jpg (39.03 KB, 624x390, 8:5, BBTtFTe[1].jpg)



I am well thank you. The experiment has gone pretty well. Better than last time. I am going to run down my phone credit and then have another two weeks off.

I have been able to fill my time watching movies and reading, but they are less distracting than the internet and so I have been suffering more frequently from intrusive, misery-inducing thoughts.


Marginalised wank



Been reading anything good ?




I have been reading the first law trilogy. I am almost finished. It is pretty good. Nothing special. I also read a star wars novel about obi wan and qui gon jin which was terrible.

I have been reading a lot of offline Wikipedia also.



Have a wank



> the internet

I cant give it up, it is the only link I have to the outside world apart from doctors and support people



Abercrombie ? He's brilliant, that's actually my favourite series.

He's got another trilogy in that world coming out, first one in september



She's a heavy front loader.




Those poor souls



That's what a real strong independent abo woman looks like

Seriusly though, has anyone ever seen a boong woman over 20 that wasn't really fat ?

Do they even exist ?



It is pretty good, it is not as good as wheel of time, song of ice and fire, stormlight archive or kingkiller chronicle though.



The internet is not the real world. Whatever it links you to is not anything good.


real wagie hours



Are you the neet who read worm webserial?



I disagree entirely with what you say but I have only read 2 of those series.



Go down to Cenno or the train station and find out.



Nope, sorry



You should read them all. Which are the two you have read?



Give it a read. Good stuff.



Wheel and ice&fire

I may have read kingkiller actually, sounds familiar



Hide post



You hurt my feelings, friend


I had two pizzas and four garlic breads last night. When I went out to do the shopping this morning my shirt was uncomfortably tight.



How many will it be tonight?


Underrepresented wank


allegorical wank


Culturally-sensitive wank


metaphorical wank



just buy a bigger shirt



Fantastic. Resize it to 400 pixels as the biggest side, otherwise it's too big as a css.



None. I binged on steak, vilis sausage rolls and ice cream today. I will have the sweats tonight.



I will still be able to feel the blubber suffocating me.



if they were a quarter that size I wouldnt block em



You should closely monitor your cardiovascular health unna



Wank the sweats away



He's on some sort of payment thing. I dunno what's happening now tbh. I don't really want to.

I hope he gets fucked in prison.




Cruisey getting nasty.

You're getting worn out m8, you need a break.




A ridiculous un-Australian exclamation.


>tfw dispossesed



He would enjoy being fucked in prison.


Real wank hours



Your mum is ridiculous and unaustralian


New thread needed soon.


bum rash

possum pen0r



there all asleep



That doesn't sound too great mate. I'm not entirely sure why you even want to rid yourself of the net if you don't feel any better without it.



I hope thread making doesn't fall to one of "those" neets



I put it to you sir, that some of the original settlers would have been of German origins.

They would no doubt have shouted GOTDANG as they pounded hot boong chicks from behind.

Therefore it is in fact VERY Australian.


I wonder If Monk moaned when the


Was removed?



You just want me back to restore your (you) supply.



> German




If he did there is nothing wrong with that



500 pixels.



moaned and came


Have a (ты)



your selective (you) supply is awful



Could you repeat that?

Also did you do catch up. I'm sure there are a few (You)'s out there.






There are problems from not having the net but benefits too. There was a lot of stuff on the net that caused me a lot of upset.



Wǒ yǒngyǒu nǐ de xiànchéng

gěi wǒ suǒyǒu de gǒu







good to hear


This train tracker is fantastic.



For now…



unless you're bum rash fetish NEET

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