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File: 4c43aa855dd5707⋯.jpg (116.1 KB, 800x472, 100:59, #calm-1.jpg)

2b1b94 No.104641

Our goal is simple:

To explain the chaos of our times to your loved ones and friends. We're lost without a normie to redpill, because we can take these ideas into all sorts of directions.

What resistance do you meet when you talk about Q-topics? Share that here. We will map the barriers of ignorance that stand in Our way, and surgically remove the cabals curse.

Suit up lads, we will have Peace through the Strength of our Understanding and give Clarity through our Memetic Spread.

>Perhaps he could not in good conscious see the world burn.

Can you?

Latest Q posts
















==Q TRIP UPDATED BY Q== (Same ID: 462c9a)


==CONFIRMED BY Q== ID: 462c9a



==CONFIRMED BY Q== ID: 462c9a




--These are the only real Q posts--

Grab yourself a Qmap in the format you prefer and fight alongside fellow Patriots for God and Country

>News unlocks message.

>Future proves past.


Interactive Qmap

https://qcodefag.github. io/

Keep this open, search keywords when news hits and share relevant Q posts for autistic diggers.

We're all apart of the greatest timeline we've ever known.

PDF Qmap

https://anonfile. com/W7x2m3d4b1/Q_Map_12_14_2017v2.pdf

Image Qmap

Grand Qmap: >>>/cbts/74532, >>>/cbts/95263

4chan Q Drops pt.1 >>>/cbts/66953

4chan Q Drops pt.2 >>>/cbts/66963

8ch Q Drops pt.1 >>>/cbts/63794

8ch Q Drops pt.2 >>574

Spreadsheet Qmap

https://app.smartsheet. com/b/publish?EQBCT=7e06675d22854a069d313fb6e08b2444

Spreadsheet guidelines >>>/cbts/23625

Also, research resources post >>>/cbts/80489

Wikispaces Qmap https://cbts.wikispaces. com

Qmap legend (List of abbreviations and meanings): >>>/cbts/75523

CheatSheetAnon Compilation: >>>/cbts/62967, >>>/cbts/62971 Extremely useful 40K-ish view

Remember, we have this entire board to report our research and creations. Find-or-create the thread that digs into an area you're curious about and share great findings back here.

Daily News Thread and Ameribro's Daily Morning Summery >>>/cbts/4485, >>>/cbts/99163

Our Memetic Ammo





Memes #1 >>2

Memes #2 >>61078 <Yeah, I gave you the wrong one before. My bad!

Infographs >>10 <Harvester is not keeping these up at all. Are you folks with the spider diagrams putting them into infographs >>10 ?

Bulk Image Download from Meme Threads

→#1 ~1400 images from Memes #1 thru 9Dec2017. Unzips to 424 Mb. Download may take an hour. https://anonfile. com/J436k8d0b7/CBTS_1399_Memes__1.zip

→2a ~550 images from Memes #2, 9-12Dec2017. Unzips to 200 Mb. https://anonfile. com/Mbq3l7dfbf/CBTS_Memes_2.zip

→2b The next 206 images from Memes #2, 12Dec2017. Unzips to 69 Mb. https://anonfile. com/TbCal8d1ba/CBTS_Memes_2B.zip

→2c 206 more images from #2, 12Dec2017. Unzips to 69 Mb. https://anonfile. com/h9jdm7ddb3/Memes_2C.zip

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They fear our confidence. Give them no quarter.

2b1b94 No.104647

==Latest Findings== (Newest at top)

See digging on names Q mentioned




GANNETT PAPERS >>456 (bad link - anyone have the good one?)

----Before Shill Shower----

FED connections and following the husbands >>>/cbts/100016

Growing list of politicians removing themselves from running >>638

Tenga - Swiss oddities >>644

Q said "boy, boy/girl" >>648

A Cooper + his left hand path >>650

Rosenstein social connections >>657

High-level officials submit 'unusual' russia brief >>670

Omarosa calls out USSS >>675

The Qmap contains circle flow diagrams >>689

Epstine sickness and dental creepyness >>694

Russia Dossia BS and how was crapped unto the public >>695

The [Creepy] Dream Boxes Of Gloria Vanderbilt [That are absolutely in no way associated with childhood trauma] >>698, >>705, >>708

GANNETT Trending Story Geo-Maps >>710

OWL on The National Press Club seal >>711

GANNETT Brands, "Media that drives action, not passive consumption" >>715

GANNETT and Tegna are behind major media stories >>719

Vanderbilt's Biltmore >>722


GANNETT Foundation Tax info >>730, >>732, >>733, >>734, >>735, >>737, >>738, 756

GANNETT related posts: >>753, >>760, >>762, >>764, >>>/cbts/97689


Timeline of the Great Soroes Honeypot - the elections of alabama >>>/cbts/88502

Distilled Timeline that fits in a tweet for anons that want to Twat on Twatter: >>>/cbts/88471

Gannet related links >>>/cbts/94283

Kentucky Rep. Dan Johnson commits suicide(?) over accusations he molested 17yr. old girl >>>/cbts/91858

ONE SEALED INDICTMENT UNSEALED Mass. State Sen. >>>/cbts/87416

Trump reauthorized Office of Special Council >>>/cbts/86640

Updated Wiki >>>/cbts/79357

Manhattan Surgeon of the Elites commits "SUICIDE" (knife in chest) >>>/cbts/81363

Q credit >>>/cbts/79372

Rockachild triggered >>>/cbts/78100

Nellie Ohr >>>/cbts/78459

Ex Spy chief admits deep state vs trump >>>/cbts/78197

Schiff comp'd by Awan >>>/cbts/78101

Schiff protected by CNN >>>/cbts/78173

7.8mm lawsuit over fetal tissue >>>/cbts/77532

Space Bill >>>/cbts/78450 HUGE MILITARY FUNDING >>>/cbts/78463



QMAP GODFATHERIII: >>>/cbts/90791

FOLLOW THE WIVES! Anon's list of 100 well-connected women/wives for us to look into.

>>>/cbts/80441, >>>/cbts/80448

The Darker Side of Adam (& Wife Eve) Schiff: >>>/cbts/74252, >>>/cbts/74070

Melissa Schiff related to Adam Schiff???: >>>/cbts/73904

Bombing in NYC. Beginning of the FalseFlag(s)/Fireworks mentioned by Q in >>>/cbts/70088, >>>/cbts/72178

Q & NYC BOMBER CONNECTIONS: >>>/cbts/76134

"#MichaelHastings Day of Reckoning"?!: >>>/cbts/71971

POTUS Pensacola Speech Transcript/Breakdown: https://pastebin .com/EQUr4puP

https://anonfile .com/JeBbl3d0bd/0df21dc58f8049177563aa6cd15eb746bef383b4796e9ace4e10b259285774d0.pdf

2b1b94 No.104648

Various Dumps and Backups

CBTS 8ch.net Threads' Archive list -> https://pastebin. com/pQR1CN49 [ includes direct links to Q posts ]

CBTS 4chan Threads' Archive list -> http://pastebin. com/Qk2B3K5s [ includes direct links to Q posts ]

4chan Trip-Q Archive -> http://archive.4plebs. org/pol/search/tripcode/!ITPb.qbhqo

Q-Text [4chan] -> https://pastebin. com/vTs4pdpC | https://anonfile. com/b4N8X2ccb5/Q5.pdf | https://www.pdf-archive. com/2017/11/16/q5/

Q-Text [8ch] -> https://pastebin. com/dfWVpBbY

How to read the Q map [very helpful explanation from MI] >>>/cbts/33814 | >>>/cbts/36225

How to read Q's posts: >>>/cbts/75391

SPREADSHEET Open to contributions, with answers being a collective effort. (Amazing work, SpreadsheetAnon)


https://app.smartsheet. com/b/publish?EQBCT=7e06675d22854a069d313fb6e08b2444

Q WIKI ( Thanks WikiAnon!!bWaeQ92+NhD ) -> https://cbts.wikispaces. com/Home

Q MAP PDF-> https://anonfile. com/m0ralfdfb0/Q_Map_12_11_2017v3.pdf


part I -> https://anonfile. com/lbOaVec2b4/q_posts_till20171109_as_confirmedbyq.pdf

part II -> https://anonfile. com/s1W7bfddb1/q_posts_since_tripcode_till20171121.pdf

part III -> https://anonfile. com/87k1d9dbb0/q_posts_since_20171121_v201711231546.pdf

part IV -> https://anonfile. com/Q9X0kedcb4/q_posts_8ch_nov26_v201712110947.pdf


QturnedA -> https://anonfile. com/ncw5Xdc7b5/QturnedA.pdf

Pastebin of Pastebins of LINKS posted on 4pol -> https://pastebin. com/A97LLKZL

How to spot a 'BadGuy': >>>/cbts/89275

How to spot a 'GoodGuy': >>>/cbts/89305

Q Posts, Screenshots, etc: >>>/cbts/423

Questions & Requests: >>>/cbts/1401

AXE Proof -> >>>/cbts/15666

Anon that digs -> >>>/cbts/11800

Google Acquires Keyhole -> >>>/cbts/11979

Reality of Booksigning Yesterday -> >>>/cbts/12408

Red Cross: >>>/cbts/40157

Alien / Disclosure related: >>>/cbts/26613

Asia Foundation Findings -> >>>/cbts/15876

The Asia Foundation Dig Thread: >>>/cbts/15984

Barry Important -> >>>/cbts/14627, >>>/cbts/16251, >>>/cbts/16253

Loud Noises -> >>>/cbts/15157

Bitcoin Theory -> >>>/cbts/15201 -> >>16092

'The Sum Of All Fears' Theory -> >>>/cbts/16199

Tesla Lithium Source -> >>>/cbts/16146

Sidley Austin Digathon >>>/cbts/15139

Wikileaks Digathon >>>/cbts/10270

A peek into (((they))): >>>/cbts/2422

bloodlines and Y: >>>/cbts/7705

CERN /LHC / AI: >>>/cbts/1335

Clinton Cabal & Swamp Drain: >>>/cbts/1411

Decode Hexcode: >>>/cbts/174

Erik Prince - Expand your thinking: >>>/cbts/1816

Europe, EU, UK, Royal Families: >>>/cbts/1357

Godfather III: >>>/cbts/2078

Heffner, CIA, RAZVI Traverse: >>>/cbts/3952

Hunt For Red October: >>>/cbts/3102

Isreal & Zionism: >>>/cbts/1398

Jesuits: >>>/cbts/4287

Letter Agencies: >>>/cbts/1372

Maps and spatial data: >>>/cbts/8329

Metaphysical & Esoteric Q: >>>/cbts/

North Korea: >>>/cbts/1342

Occult, Symbolism & Leadership: >>>/cbts/4249

Owl and Y Symbolism: >>>/cbts/12362

Pakistan Unrest: >>>/cbts/1368

PRAYER THREAD!: >>>/cbts/55606

Q Confirmed by WH Anon!!: >>>/cbts/10556

Q Signatures: >>>/cbts/2198

Q Stringer Central: >>>/cbts/2300

Rothschild Family: >>>/cbts/1362

Saudi Arabia & M.E.: >>>/cbts/1327

Sealed Indictments: >>>/cbts/4409

Indictments & Arrests: >>>/cbts/3163

Snow White, Fairy tale of the Church Age: >>>/cbts/3259 [new -> https://8ch. net/cbts/res/29994.html#35814]

Soros & NGOs: >>>/cbts/1367

Titanic: >>>/cbts/106

Trump & Company: >>>/cbts/1380

Underground massive data center?: >>>/cbts/20714

Uranium-1: >>>/cbts/848

Vatican, Knights Templar/Malta, Jesuits, FM: >>>/cbts/1346

The News List: https://pastebin.com/h8aUyMhA (Oct 31 - Nov 21)



Image: Save the title image, change one pixel, save changes and upload new version.

Title: CBTS General #XX: ??????? Edition

First post: See pastebin and go to first set of ==== signs, may need to cut out some stuff and post two

separate things.

Second/third post: All after ++++++ signs.

o7 Captain Mike Green o7

2b1b94 No.104652

NightBaker here. I've used the batter from BO in last thread #118. It's a mess, he knows, and said links will be fixed asap. Give it time anons, and we'll have a smooth batter again. Let's get comfy and be the autists Q knows we are.

32485a No.104661

File: 1b953a92116e0e4⋯.png (279.08 KB, 540x298, 270:149, trump vs deep state.png)

2b1b94 No.104676

File: 2b18be715061627⋯.jpg (9.96 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 1510746918127.jpg)

b20f7b No.104679


>aomeone trusted should go bake cbts 119. I noticed now that they have their shill anon baker, no one is shilling them anymore, no nazi posts,, no attacking bakers.. etc. Soi obviously a

shill controlled thread,,, need to retaker the bakes there, and have links to storm board for indepth investigation( like you have set up already) I say Antifungal leaf should start the thread, no one can deny he's a good baker.


bbcc77 No.104680

File: e41282e33bc5bc0⋯.jpg (1.33 MB, 900x1344, 75:112, the_system_makes_us_biorob….jpg)


thanks Nightbaker

d3ee2f No.104681

File: 1d941bc9f0fd5e6⋯.png (213.28 KB, 490x307, 490:307, TerrorismAWorldBankExclusi….png)

000000 No.104682


Latest Q Posts Archived on Bitmessage!


Link to channel:


Bitmessage Address:


More information on Bitmessage and how it works:


fa2b93 No.104683

What is going on….where is the "real" board located now?

Is Q posting again on 4chan?

Someone help direct me in the right direction, please?

351be8 No.104687


check this out

> https://www.reuters. com/article/us-mexico-sacrifice/ancient-maya-sacrificed-boys-not-virgin-girls-study-idUSWRI32680820080123

2b1b94 No.104688


Here as usual bro, God willing.

351be8 No.104689


thank you NB, hope all is well

75d4c0 No.104690


If you're that worried have multiple tabs open.

b8d300 No.104691

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Trump ANGRILY says he will DISMANTLE the FBI. & maybe Pardoning Michael Flynn 12/15/2017


846272 No.104692


Aww thanks baker ;)

I know you know we all know.

bef2d2 No.104693


Haha thanks bro. I studied this at University.

Yes, they sacrificed young men mostly taken as prisoners of war.

77d7a4 No.104694


The last couple of threads were like eating a soup sandwich. I hope this one is vastly improved..

265ddc No.104696


>lend to blacks, lose your stacks

10b9e5 No.104697

File: d9cd9f7917146cd⋯.jpg (102.18 KB, 1356x1050, 226:175, Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at ….jpg)

cd437d No.104698

File: 552c4c77dbfca5e⋯.png (282.52 KB, 538x349, 538:349, mic drop.png)

c7a00f No.104699

File: a667e9918b272c5⋯.png (251.25 KB, 693x339, 231:113, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 6dbf501e4761fe0⋯.png (1.11 MB, 664x652, 166:163, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3a500b45957b3e4⋯.png (508.83 KB, 349x622, 349:622, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 492996cd53ca229⋯.png (420.61 KB, 579x308, 579:308, ClipboardImage.png)

75d4c0 No.104700

File: 60a826e345209b2⋯.png (506.83 KB, 1010x660, 101:66, schiff_gets_the_rope9.png)

000000 No.104701

New Name



1bd1ef No.104702


It was on 4 chan November 9. He dropped several messages in brackets around that time.

5cbc3f No.104703


The apple was supposed to reprsent Adam's seed inside of her….

846272 No.104705


Ooh good meme- wish it had her name though. Normies will be like who cares- trump did it (if they weren't with him ya know?) Gotta use your golden spoon with this stuff so the normies can shuv it down their throat.

50fc66 No.104706


did you see one of them asked for 2 million? so brave

0d30b6 No.104707


The bake is pretty terrible.

Lots of links to the solutions to Q's crumbs no longer working…

895ed1 No.104708

Trump commented on one of the Boom mic operators today…

"That's a good Boomer"

000000 No.104709

8ch comped

Search cbts???

bbcc77 No.104710


Get comfy.


Ever hear of the old belief "Sacrafice Your Firstborn Son to God"

f2faf0 No.104711


I was reading bread #118 104523 crumb reposted Q post…. It reads in italics CIA IS HERE PRAY. Did anyone catch that?

2b1b94 No.104712


Kek. Let's make it. MAGA. MEGA.

'We are close to the end'

>Let's make it as great as we can, fam.

5cbc3f No.104713

File: e7de2ae15833ab9⋯.jpg (157.81 KB, 736x1017, 736:1017, 85552e8ea87deb5d9c4ef1ce68….jpg)

File: 9db6c71f0547d5a⋯.jpg (73.34 KB, 480x480, 1:1, y.jpg)

File: ddd74f1a4e4953d⋯.jpg (49.35 KB, 438x436, 219:218, ytho.jpg)

File: 42f6be8049123b2⋯.jpg (120.74 KB, 736x659, 736:659, ywomb.jpg)


tree of life is DNA…it's all metaphor.

535407 No.104714

-→ A Map becomes a guide, when You Follow the Legend ←-

895ed1 No.104715


Everybody. Now catch up or gtfo

d3ee2f No.104716

File: 1ca6434f64915eb⋯.jpg (128.42 KB, 800x606, 400:303, gdfsltwcbkkgf4gxezbo.jpg)

Found this. Dunno if it's real but.. yeah.

8756f7 No.104718

bbcc77 No.104719


This was figured out November 4th - WTF?

b39ba1 No.104721


>we are discovering what the investigators already know

Agreed, but many (most?) anons here want to do the digging and post the proof anyway.

No harm in that.

However, it's a challenge to keep in mind that what's known & familiar to old hands here will be new & strange to normies.

The early Q posts specifically asked for help putting the information into a form they could understand, precisely because

we know the Clown-controlled MSM and the Big Social platforms are compromised.


>Anonymous ID:pGukiFmX Thu 02 Nov 2017 01:48:52 No.147586045

>Prepare messages of reassurance based on what was dropped here to spread on different platforms.

It's probably best to avoid over-thinking the messages, or make them too esoteric.

For example, just laying out this one breadcrumb would take a few memes:


>Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID:pD23hqrn Wed 22 Nov 2017 16:28:01 No.15051290

>U1 – CA – EU – ASIA – IRAN/NK

Since the NSA works for Trump now, we can be confident the proof data are available, and could be made public.

But how many grandmas on FB would bother to read?

Memes, and meme magic, are needed in today's short-attention-span environment.

And this board is the source of the memes. Shadilay.

000000 No.104722



0f8713 No.104723


That was waaaay long ago, back when we were still on halfchan. Yes, it kind of freaked us out at that point too, but now we ridicule them.

97dd23 No.104724

File: b9d3b0332a80226⋯.png (344.39 KB, 385x477, 385:477, PaineHeart.png)


>TP doesn't fuck about holy shit

f2caa6 No.104725


"Think mirror. "

" Look there, or [here], or there, truth is behind you."


What does this mean?

It sounds like something from Goonies

Why the focus on mirrors?


Do we look at his post in a mirror?

Reverse the words?







still digging.

821c04 No.104726

Ugh, ignore my stupidity! The long Q post is from before my arrival here. I didnt recognize it. Will go back to lurking til I catch up. Carry on

bbcc77 No.104727


Ding ding ding! We have a winner ;)

728be1 No.104729



UN Security Council dispatches peacekeeping forces. US has a vote/veto on the Sec. Council.

"Peacekeeping forces are contributed by member states on a voluntary basis. As of 31 December 2013, the total size of the peacekeeping force is 98,200 police, troops, and military experts. European nations contribute nearly 6,000 units to this total. Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh are among the largest individual contributors with around 8,000 units each. African nations contributed nearly half the total, almost 44,000 units.[8]

Every peacekeeping mission is authorized by the Security Council."


351be8 No.104730


im doing a little digging to see if there were any groups that sacrificed out of puberty young men, i am not liking what is coming up on the search results so far

> there is some fucked up porn out there

< this is a work comp, so no, its not trying to hit at what has already been searched, kek

bdc793 No.104731

Anderson Coopers Older brother before "committing suicide"… his mother recalls:

He had just recently broken up with a girlfriend he loved.

He had not slept for several nights.

He was cold even in the blazing heat of the summer day.

He requested a quilt for his nap.

His questions, asked several times, "Mom, am I blinking?"

He was very thirsty.

His eyes were glazed over when he entered his mother's room after his nap.

His question, asked several times, "What is going on?" when nothing in particular was going on.

His question on the terrace, uttered several times, "Will I ever feel again?"

His rigid tenseness and mesmerization with the scene below.


f2faf0 No.104732


Why the hell was it reposted in #118?

d3ee2f No.104734


Holy shit. You need to go to 4plebs

939ff9 No.104735


It's probably my fault. Someone asked for it so I grabbed it and reposted for them

bbcc77 No.104736


And drugging him maybe…

351be8 No.104737


A. Coopers brother

> Am i blinking

A. Cooper with his snake

> Is this a dream

< that family has some serious mental problems

f2caa6 No.104738

Cross reference NAMBLA with PAC's, politicians, celebrities, +, ++ and +++

351be8 No.104740


when it was dropped as a crumb, about a min after, lurk more please.

f2faf0 No.104741



88ed9a No.104742


Nobody knows the trouble Bakers have seen.

d3ee2f No.104743

File: 425c6cd5ef80b72⋯.jpg (51.13 KB, 488x338, 244:169, ElmerFuddHuntinSwampCreatu….jpg)

bbcc77 No.104744


New anons or people not following from the beginning bringing up older questions. Unfortunately most don't actually read through the top few posts before asking questions.

Questions definitely keep cycling back.

For example… Vanderbilt stuff being posted last couple days was also news from over a month ago.

5cc81e No.104745


Yeah people definitely need to lurk moar

b20f7b No.104747


I suspect it is a shilling tactic. They should be ignored regardless.

65166d No.104748

File: 0047fbdb47e2202⋯.png (11.34 KB, 255x167, 255:167, 087d46d251e1870580ec74c359….png)

I want to thank whomever was making the Adam Schiff Memes

I had to leave the thread & was TICKLED PINK looking at all the subsequent posts

Adam DOESN'T Approve

f2caa6 No.104749


"Think mirror. "

" Look there, or [here], or there, truth is behind you."


What does this mean?

It sounds like something from Goonies

Why the focus on mirrors?


Do we look at his post in a mirror?

Reverse the words?










Trip added.

[C]oordinated effort to misdirect.

Guide to reading the crumbs necessary to cont[I]nue.

Attached gr[A]phic is correct.

Linked graphics are incorrect and false.

Graphic is necessary and vital.

Time stamp(s) and order [is] critical.

Re-review graphic (in full) each day post news release.

Learn to distinguish between relevant/non-relevant news.

Disinformation is real.

Disinformation is necessary.

Ex: US ML NG (1) False SA True

Why was this necessary?

What questions were asked re: SA prior to SA events?

Why is this relevant?

Think mirror.

Look there, or [here], or there, truth is behind you.

What is a map?

Why is a map useful?

What is a legend?

Why is a legend useful?

What is a sequence?

Why is this relevant?

When does a map become a guide?

What is a keystone?

Everything stated is relevant.


Future provides past.

Map provides picture.

Picture provides 40,000ft. v.

40,000ft. v. is classified.

Why is a map useful?

Think direction.

Think full picture.

Who controls the narrative?

Why is this relevant?

What is a spell?

Who is asleep?


Attention on deck.

There is an active war on your mind.

Be [p]repared.

Ope[r]ations underway.

Operators [a]ctive.

Graphic is essential.

Find the ke[y]stone.

Moves and countermoves.

They never thought she would lose.

Snow white.

Godfather III.

Iron Eagle.


What is the significance of the mirror?

b168a7 No.104750


Q always says to go back and re-read crumbs. That said, it's easy to spot a new anon. Help them through it. You never know who's going to crack something major.

351be8 No.104751


have def heard that, now, was A. Coopers brother actually blood?

846272 No.104752


Try to help - give them a crumb to encourage re-reading. Or give them the github app to search. Don't shun people who have been asleep. We all were asleep at one point. Prince Charming just found us first.

bbcc77 No.104753

File: 321a7926e8d4ba2⋯.jpg (34.84 KB, 720x480, 3:2, sleezy-stak.jpg)


maybe if I stay vewy vewy still, they won't find me.

75d4c0 No.104754

File: ea625fcc02c6263⋯.png (523.35 KB, 1010x660, 101:66, schiff_gets_the_rope10.png)

895ed1 No.104755


But Q didn't post a photo of one of them over a month ago, that led to the recent digging and onto Gannett and the rest.

Definitely a shilling tactic, next they'll be saying,

"Hey guys 4,10,20 = DJT, ermagerd! again

9a30e4 No.104756


Kids from generational program are chosen often, because trauma has been said to be transferred through dna making them easier to program.

d3ee2f No.104758



yeah.. no. We see y'all..

821c04 No.104759

Franken resigned/is resigning (whichever) Gov Dayton thought that meant he got to pick a new replacement. He picked a D, obviously. Now the Senate President (R) Fishbach is saying not so fast, I take over that job until a new election.

9a30e4 No.104760


And when exactly did we talk about the Vanderbilt’s a month ago?

895ed1 No.104761


Stop that attention seeking shit. Come up with actual info.

d3ee2f No.104762

File: 5ed11dbe6c05376⋯.jpg (49.73 KB, 488x328, 61:41, lurkMoarBruh345l3k4j534.jpg)


sorry is a board game

821c04 No.104763


Passover and what not

000000 No.104764


bbcc77 No.104766


True. True.

I haven't seen much new info come out of that. I do feel the most anons are all caught up on that rabbit hole now.

Vanderbilts Yanderbilts…they are like vampires.

d35afa No.104767




You’re beating a dead horse. What is the point?

cbfcd2 No.104768

There can be some really great memes made from these kinds of videos

1. find a good point to take a screen shot

2, paste to Paint or graphics page

3. "select" around the part of the image you like, hit "copy"

4. open "new" document

5. paste the cut image and "save"

6. keep that one as the basic image, do "save as" for a new document

7. write a piece of text or a trump quote

8. "save" then "post" or send to friends

New Documentary, must buy at the website

here is the trailer "Art of the Insult"

https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=6zfzgef_LN4

compilation of trump campaign insults, great one-liners

https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=yELV238wr-k

821c04 No.104769


Elaborate on "generational programs" pls

40278d No.104770


Sleestak scared the hell out of me as a kid.

97dd23 No.104771

File: a80984fed36cc7d⋯.png (17.41 KB, 553x73, 553:73, 72.png)

File: 5a75aa4a9cb8e31⋯.gif (580.69 KB, 319x223, 319:223, Flair.gif)

e0cb07 No.104772

File: 4711ec043a4d210⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, fischy.png)

She had to put her reading glasses on for this question:

"Do you think that it's a coincidence then that the CIA director Mike Pampeo hails from the house and that we now know from the Washington Post that the President is not… briefed on the lastest intel on Russia? I mean, does this feel fishy to you?"


31d6c9 No.104773


Short circuit…Carter 5 is alive

000000 No.104774

China Dealing with South Korea

000000 No.104775

UK rushing Brexit

a49f0c No.104776


more like bored game amirite?


821c04 No.104777


RE: Thomas Paines text "SHOW" enjoy the "show" from Q

bbcc77 No.104778


Noted. I've been filtering more.

Unfortunately there's no way to remove a single filter. That function doesn't work. (at least not for me)

b39ba1 No.104779


>Why does Betsy Devos have SS protection?

Better question: why on earth would she need it, when they can afford PMC?






>Q !ITPb.qbhqo ID:/cDHrhas Thu 23 Nov 2017 23:12:46 No.150686780

>Who is Betsy D?

>Why is she relevant?

>Expand your thinking.

426fea No.104780


Didn't memorize her script well enough.

d3ee2f No.104781

File: 3a50c7299c25ba7⋯.png (144.37 KB, 516x508, 129:127, UseOurBanksOrItsWarNigga.png)

b168a7 No.104782


kek, nice digits. Combine Q's SHOW with Thomas Paine's DOWN. SHOWDOWN!

000000 No.104783


351be8 No.104784


what about European pagan sects?

2b1b94 No.104785

File: a8fdf0214680d43⋯.jpg (104.95 KB, 682x784, 341:392, DPAXSecUEAAIdMX.jpg large.jpg)

293d8d No.104787



d3ee2f No.104788


Right. :D

821c04 No.104789



d3ee2f No.104790

97dd23 No.104791


You know what that means….its tendie cookin time!

34928f No.104792


I like!

351be8 No.104793


maybe put a cable-tow around his neck :)

52411d No.104794


maybe because pmc would only draw more attention where people would think there is an unusual concern for her safety whereas with SS at least they can claim that it's nothing more than std. gov procedure.

ps tripfag free bread tastes so good, the best!

895ed1 No.104795

Talking about the tax bill as chess now on Fox, "anybody can be a King or Queen"

88ed9a No.104796


And a legend has a distinct symbol for each type of important items on the map.

So what are the key terms that should be in our legend?

Cabal leaders.

Cabal minions.


Money sources

Political members

MSM members

Deep state

Armed troops

Controlled protestors

Operators controlled by bribery

Operators controlled by blackmail

Operators controlled by extortion

Other suggestions for organizing the maps for info we dig up?

a49f0c No.104797


when is the twat from?

b8d300 No.104798

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

The Sad History Of Anderson Cooper

821c04 No.104799

Srsly why did I even go to school? 2 months in 8ch<13 years of 'education'

895ed1 No.104800


Ys, owls… rabbits, spiders?

426fea No.104801


They did "Do You Want To Play A Game?" earlier too. What the fuck…

63807f No.104802


Signs signs

Everywhere there's signs

821c04 No.104803

God bless Wiki:

"Child sacrifice is thought to be an extreme extension of the idea that, the more important the object of sacrifice, the more devout the person giving it up is."

6ea7bb No.104804

I was listening to David Webb this morning and he said that Monday is suppose to be a big news drop day. Something about over 12 members of Congress being outed as sexual deviants.

McCain should be dead by Christmas too i'm guessing. They are already seeding that one.

65166d No.104806

File: 9b1e32b4febcf0a⋯.jpg (749.34 KB, 1214x1300, 607:650, 2017-12-15_19.24.11.jpg)

Well now it ALL makes sense

History Repeats Itself

>>>Hey…it was Just "TOO TEMPTING"

fcf1f0 No.104807

>>104797 tweet is 6 hrs ago

d3ee2f No.104808

File: fee4cd6c3c89919⋯.png (331.58 KB, 419x509, 419:509, Screenshot from 2017-12-15….png)

895ed1 No.104809


A bit blatant, reckon it's to give us a nod and some reassurance? We should be noticing all this stuff by now.

75d4c0 No.104810

File: d54a9b1caae0e78⋯.png (518.35 KB, 1010x660, 101:66, schiff_gets_the_rope11.png)


>Beating off a horse.

Where's the memes then faggot? Oh right, you didn't make any because you're a lazy newfag.

Shitlords make the dankest memes.

88ed9a No.104812


Great idea.

and many of the signatures we have been given.

52411d No.104813



I have a feeling that POTUS & friends were just waiting until bill is signed into law until they start wrecking faces

bb6b21 No.104814


Schifflords :)

91cf04 No.104815


d3ee2f No.104816

File: 6b65544517e70b6⋯.png (2.21 KB, 219x230, 219:230, appleLogo.png)


Do they happen to use Iphones too? lol

32ff16 No.104817

My visions can help. I just need to get through the gate. For those who think I'm posting nonsense… I can't explain this in any simple terms without sounding like a lunatic, so open your minds. I'm a prophet, don't know why me, don't know who sent me, but I want to free this world.

What is the code to this reality ?

The gate is our mind and the key is in our soul/spirit.

Help me find the code and I'll break us free. I will need alot of help, but combined together we will prevail.

0f8713 No.104818


Crazy thought occurred to me. Knowing what we know about Gannett and how it's the proprietor of media outlets, maybe Q is quoting their latest story spins verbatim because his team is analyzing their organization. Maybe he has the leg up on them?

a49f0c No.104819



75d4c0 No.104820


This is not a self help forum you stupid faggot.

821c04 No.104821



Spider connection?

426fea No.104822

846272 No.104823



Alice in Wonderland?

Dorothy might come up now with all this yellow brick wall stuff.

There are plenty others.

0d5986 No.104824


Alefantis = Red Shield

821c04 No.104825


This is what Paine was tweeting about too. Its other places as well.

bbcc77 No.104826

File: 31da70f58987312⋯.jpg (45.49 KB, 696x480, 29:20, who-is-awesome.jpg)

65166d No.104827


I love um Anon!

Can you believe Adam's wife is Eve?!!

The LULZ!!

91cf04 No.104828

File: adefa17bd5abe34⋯.png (2.58 MB, 3048x5744, 381:718, 8chQDrops2ndHalf.png)


8ch Q Drops 2nd Half

Please Update Link

Thank you please

o7 Merry Q mas and Godspeed patriots o7

<current link is to /thestorm/ please use this one

97dd23 No.104829


(7 hours ago) https ://twitter.com/Thomas1774Paine/status/941722521484890112

d3ee2f No.104830

File: 4f7446b3b8e1f48⋯.jpg (237.17 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, RothschildNWOsatanistSyste….jpg)

a0f185 No.104831





News unlocks map


see thread


55b231 No.104832



52411d No.104833


Goddamn that's ball tingling.

293d8d No.104834


strong. Is that a keyhole?

26f2b2 No.104835


No worries, anonbro.

7c71c3 No.104837


What does that 6 multiple devices' pic mean?

Have seen there for a while bht i don't get its meaning

821c04 No.104838

Tripcodes fix yet or no?

a0f185 No.104839

2b1b94 No.104840


If a super-anon would be into splitting Q's posts into docs by signature, that could give us a turbo-map-reading-boost. Q said the signatures provided a legend iirc.

91cf04 No.104841


It was Q showing that the Name field was missing, and therefore tripcode were not functioning

d153eb No.104842


Don't think he's a newfag. He's a glow in the dark CIA nigger

a41aab No.104844

File: acc987a35dd53be⋯.jpg (9.24 KB, 300x198, 50:33, trump-marine-helicopter.jpg)


88ed9a No.104846


or the more brainwashed/insane.

Never understood our wonderful God telling Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. My brain just always goes: Does not compute.

63807f No.104847


As much as I'd like to assist, I just don't get it. Not that deep. I do believe you though, know that. Not sure why I'm still on this plane, apparently none of those times were an exit point that my subconscious was comfortable with. lol idk

75d4c0 No.104848

File: db6f4a413c429ac⋯.png (515 KB, 1010x660, 101:66, schiff_gets_the_rope13.png)


That's fine too, I eat CIA niggers careers for breakfast.


God damn that's a fine hat.

9fdfb4 No.104849


>Rio Tinto is (((Rothschilds)))

>Hathor Exploration Ltd.

7c71c3 No.104851


Oh I see. Thanks.

52411d No.104853


Ugh, you eat CIA niggers careers?

a0f185 No.104854




i dunno why links keep messing up but trying again bc this shits spoopy

426fea No.104855


It suggests either someone at FOXNews lurks here or has been directed to lurk here.

>You are reaching more than you know.

821c04 No.104856


Someone asked for a pic to verify and thats what popped up. not really sure it verified anything.

2b1b94 No.104857


Consider it done. Thanks anon.

d3ee2f No.104858

File: c6de93582966d92⋯.jpg (76.34 KB, 488x524, 122:131, WasThisAllPlannedOutYearsA….jpg)

40278d No.104859


OK that was really funny.

Damn things are still creepy but nice work.

bbcc77 No.104860


Print out the map.


Journal down everything you see.


No matter how insignificant it may seem.

Then type it out and see what you SEE.

3204d7 No.104861

File: c736007e1bf96a9⋯.jpg (65.64 KB, 750x420, 25:14, 1491117755802.jpg)

75d4c0 No.104862


For breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, and before bed anime snack. Every day for the last 10 years.

Shitlords are the kind of people you want on your team, but not the kind of people you want to invite to your house.

323d97 No.104863

Shall we play a game?

http://www.insidesources. com/net-neutrality-could-stall-defense-against-dyn-like-cyberattacks/

a7499e No.104864

A map is a guide thru time.

A legend uses objects, and symbols to describe things in a map,( i.e. Forrest ranger station, Visitor center, ect.)

And of course, a sequence is an order of events, which relate to a particular order.

That being said, I believe the "mirror" reference would be, a mirror image of the past. I could be wrong

e87997 No.104865


It actually goes back to white people being Albinos who were in exile and escaped. The albino gene causes several diseases including schizophrenia and pyschopathy and autism.

821c04 No.104866


Im glad we are living in the new testiment, not old.

a49f0c No.104867


i just keked

bbcc77 No.104868


My personal favorite was every time they went into the cave and got to touch those crystals.

(Okay, I better shut up before name calling starts)

e0cb07 No.104869

File: 042fa550779f04d⋯.png (320.1 KB, 500x333, 500:333, schlowns.png)

91cf04 No.104870


btw, this batter for baking is /thestorm/ batter.

Notice that the links are to the wrong thread?

52411d No.104871


Did you just assume my house?

b39ba1 No.104872


>Looked to me immediately like any anchor/reporter reviewing printed out web pages (Alex Jones does this on the reg) and highlighting them for background info for show.

Looked that way to me, as well. The text along the very top of the page is what a browser Print... command would add

(typically, the page's URL and date/time).

AC was born in 1967. His reading habits were formed back in the 20th Century. Not implausible he's rely on dead tree version.

Co-ordinating The Narrative strongly suggests interpreting the text as "GANNETT," not some Gay web site.

75d4c0 No.104873


No I assumed you were a fucking faggot and I didn't want to ruin what's turning out to be a very fine Christmas season.

2b1b94 No.104874

File: 0881826af9f40cf⋯.jpg (159.93 KB, 514x458, 257:229, 0881826af9f40cf7fb047e3c2f….jpg)

d3ee2f No.104875


Keyhole? in the picture?

e87997 No.104876



You guys keep missing the fact that your Qmap is called 'the GRAPHIC' by Q

He never refers to it as the map.

52b8a5 No.104877

File: 6723ea79959516d⋯.png (100.88 KB, 1335x906, 445:302, ClipboardImage.png)


Tried to archive it and didn't fair well.

already opened it straight up PDF, not that pdf's can hurt Linux.

91cf04 No.104878


—-Before Massive puddles of shill puke–

FED connections and following the husbands >>>/cbts/100016

Growing list of politicians removing themselves from running >>>/cbts/99530

Tenga - Swiss oddities >>>/cbts/99424

Q said "boy, boy/girl" >>>/cbts/99414

A Cooper + his left hand path >>>/cbts/99367

Rosenstein social connections >>>/cbts/99353

High-level officials submit 'unusual' russia brief >>>/cbts/99214

Omarosa calls out USSS >>>/cbts/99221

The Qmap contains circle flow diagrams >>>/cbts/99246

Epstine sickness and dental creepyness >>>/cbts/99250, >>>/cbts/99253

Russia Dossia BS and how was crapped unto the public >>>/cbts/99060

The [Creepy] Dream Boxes Of Gloria Vanderbilt [That are absolutely in no way associated with childhood trauma] >>>/cbts/98907, >>>/cbts/98910, >>>/cbts/98914

GANNETT Trending Story Geo-Maps >>>/cbts/98997

OWL on The National Press Club seal >>>/cbts/99135

GANNETT Brands, "Media that drives action, not passive consumption" >>>/cbts/99155

GANNETT and Tegna are behind major media stories >>>/cbts/98828, >>>/cbts/99234, >>>/cbts/98842, >>>/cbts/99363

Vanderbilt's Biltmore >>>/cbts/98822

TANGENT = GANNETT >>>/cbts/98643

GANNETT Foundation Tax info >>>/cbts/98311, >>>/cbts/98333, >>>/cbts/98353, >>>/cbts/98371, >>>/cbts/98379, >>>/cbts/98395, >>>/cbts/98441

GANNETT related posts: >>>/cbts/96139, >>>/cbts/97689


Timeline of the Great Soroes Honeypot - the elections of alabama >>>/cbts/88502

Distilled Timeline that fits in a tweet for anons that want to Twat on Twatter: >>>/cbts/88471

Gannet related links >>>/cbts/94283

Kentucky Rep. Dan Johnson commits suicide(?) over accusations he molested 17yr. old girl >>>/cbts/91858

ONE SEALED INDICTMENT UNSEALED Mass. State Sen. >>>/cbts/87416

Trump reauthorized Office of Special Council >>>/cbts/86640

Updated Wiki >>>/cbts/79357

Manhattan Surgeon of the Elites commits "SUICIDE" (knife in chest) >>>/cbts/81363

Q credit >>>/cbts/79372

Rockachild triggered >>>/cbts/78100

Nellie Ohr >>>/cbts/78459

Ex Spy chief admits deep state vs trump >>>/cbts/78197

Schiff comp'd by Awan >>>/cbts/78101

Schiff protected by CNN >>>/cbts/78173

7.8mm lawsuit over fetal tissue >>>/cbts/77532

Space Bill >>>/cbts/78450 HUGE MILITARY FUNDING >>>/cbts/78463



QMAP GODFATHERIII: >>>/cbts/90791

FOLLOW THE WIVES! Anon's list of 100 well-connected women/wives for us to look into

>>>/cbts/80441, >>>/cbts/80448

The Darker Side of Adam (& Wife Eve) Schiff: >>>/cbts/74252, >>>/cbts/74070

Melissa Schiff related to Adam Schiff???: >>>/cbts/73904

Bombing in NYC. Beginning of the FalseFlag(s)/Fireworks mentioned by Q in >>>/cbts/70088, >>>/cbts/72178

Q & NYC BOMBER CONNECTIONS: >>>/cbts/76134

"#MichaelHastings Day of Reckoning"?!: >>>/cbts/71971

POTUS Pensacola Speech Transcript/Breakdown: https://pastebin .com/EQUr4puP

https://anonfile .com/JeBbl3d0bd/0df21dc58f8049177563aa6cd15eb746bef383b4796e9ace4e10b259285774d0.pdf

b8d300 No.104879

File: 285e3dbbccd9d61⋯.png (705.72 KB, 1209x910, 93:70, screenshot_291.png)

Newsweek reporting on Trumps time machine interesting, very interesting indeed.


91cf04 No.104880


This is a repaired version for /cbts/

a49f0c No.104881



bbcc77 No.104882


kek! Perfect.

e87997 No.104883



already been solved….


52411d No.104884


What I want to know is why he is going down guns blazing?

He knows he's fucked and it shows, but if he's a weasle shit you'd think he'd just lay low or take some sort of deal?

Could he be hillary tier?

821c04 No.104885


Q is our legend then. And I agree with your mirror theory.

8bd623 No.104887

I take it as SEC Conf = Alabama

0d30b6 No.104888


good bread

b168a7 No.104889

>>104876 <- Correct


Q refers to it as a GRAPHIC, not a map.

75d4c0 No.104890

File: 9b803bb8f628e0a⋯.png (511.12 KB, 1010x660, 101:66, schiff_gets_the_rope14.png)

97dd23 No.104891


>What I want to know is why he is going down guns blazing?

He still thinks Trump will fuck up somehow and give them justification to remove him. Which is what the russia probe was really all about.

91cf04 No.104892

>>104888 (heil'd)

yeah, it's the original bread that I saved when moving links over to /thestorm/

and thank you BO for unbanning my vpns ;]

cbfcd2 No.104893

File: 30ed5a7a32ee099⋯.png (262.41 KB, 487x353, 487:353, swamp night-2.png)

Please tell me if this is in any way incorrect

52411d No.104894


The map is the specific graphic that someone has maintained where the posts are grouped by signatures though.

He confirmed it early on, then he continued to ask to learn to read the map.

40278d No.104895


Only a matter of time before they suggest we put on our Depends and sit in the corner with our Atari 800.

895ed1 No.104896


I do not forget this. I remember Q stressing to anons to focus on the graphic, just as a graphic was shown at the hearing with Sessions last month. Hannity brought it up too. The graphic is vital, memes are vital, it's why Q came to the chans. For this i think /pol/ at 4ch and most likely /b/ would have to be recruited, once we have all the presentable information they can work with

2b1b94 No.104897


I didn't anon, but thanks for pointing out. I was just going to make a start going through this mouldy stuff. It was the batter BO gathered together this am.

I'll go and find the last big batter, the one bf the rain came on yesterday. Thanks for any help, it's appreciated.

75d4c0 No.104898

File: b05563943fa12e0⋯.png (501.09 KB, 1010x660, 101:66, schiff_gets_the_rope15.png)

d3ee2f No.104899

File: ceffa1e4f08f9e9⋯.jpg (20.26 KB, 620x618, 310:309, QuestionMark.jpg)


'''We have been here for MONTHS (right about the time of the 'Vegas Shooting') and have been working on shit.


Or you're going to sound really stupid, lazy, and worthless.

88ed9a No.104900


In a deep meditation I saw waves emitted from many different points interacting with each other and forming so many patterns.

Question I had was why children raised in same environment turn out differently. Answer I understood was that each child has a different aura and thus incoming waves are incorporated in a different pattern.

Since then I have been intrigued by discoveries on light waves, plasma, and matter being a form of energy.

Don't know if that is helpful, but that is all I have to offer you.

5a11ea No.104901


Jesus Christ please shut up.

What you found is called "samadhi" and many people can reach it.

You are not special.

895ed1 No.104902


By that I mean, trying to combine the powers of autism for an epic battle against evil. Epic, but comfy.

a49f0c No.104903


"news unlocks map"

go fuck yourself lying faggot

d3ee2f No.104904

b168a7 No.104905




Go here and type in 'graphic'


Now, type in 'map'

See for yourself. It's obvious. We have called it a QMAP since the 4ch days, but Q never referenced it as such.

a49f0c No.104906

2b1b94 No.104907


Thanks anon!

bdc793 No.104908


Anderson Coopers stalker has a very odd tale to tell using very odd words.

Andersons new boyfriend is his handler and the girl to the left of Alex is a handler…

bbcc77 No.104909


Not forgotten. Always remembered.

IMO: When speaking of "Graphic" Q was often confirming if it was correct or not. Same post goes into the series of ?'s about what is a map, legend etc. Graphic/Map are synonymous.

Graphic > Map > Memes

b20f7b No.104911

895ed1 No.104912


Map or MAP? Or map of known MAPs, to be added to the GRAPHIC, which will include much more. It will be pyramidal, with each node having it's own pyramidal system and connecting with the others. Map becomes legend

f2caa6 No.104913

52411d No.104914


Guys can we remember why we're here?

We're not here to be a regular chan board.

We're here to spread information as per specific requests by Q.

If newfags/normies have a question, we're the ones that need to be there for them.

If we just act like pompous assholes directing them to hours of work when we could've saved them the time, we're not going to spread as fast.

We are servants, not masters.

4c8469 No.104915



What if map means "minor attracted persons"?

293d8d No.104916


Upper left looks like a keyhole in smoke. Phrasing is good, for sure.

19aca2 No.104917


is this real?

dca1f2 No.104919



read this thread if you are confused

>>80370 <--------------------------THE MAP is found here

Q never calls your graphic of his posts the MAP he calls it the GRAPHIC and says LEARN TO READ THE MAP bc you guys haven't figured it out yet.

It's all explained here


EXPAND YOUR THINKING Q said we now have everything here >>102924




They want to control your OWL and Y









bbcc77 No.104920


reaching. Look at the bigger picture.

9a30e4 No.104921


I meant generational programming. So, someone who has shown to adapt well to programming, it is advantageous to continue to program offspring as it is more likely the offspring will too adapt well through dna transfer. This can then lead to entire bloodlines being mind controlled and used in different roles to implement tactics. For instance, people who will then find/groom new children for programmers, like as seen through adoption. Also, as the family grows, they then can have access and or infiltrate Medical, psychological, judicial, scientific and governmental sectors.

65166d No.104922

File: 5086fa42305ac11⋯.jpg (396.92 KB, 1012x763, 1012:763, Screenshot_20171215-194559.jpg)





I get the feeling Adam Schiff is gonna hear about these

"What's THAT web address again?"


91cf04 No.104923



Redpill everyone

939ff9 No.104924


Don't jump on me for posting this again but here is the link. Follow ALL [ ] separately, then follow ALL ( ) separately. The 4chan version had a missing i in the word continue but others say they saw the i in italic. http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/tripcode/!ITPb.qbhqo/page/5/

d3ee2f No.104927

File: 0a48bfce71f5727⋯.jpg (57.73 KB, 492x372, 41:31, ProfessionalShitposterExtr….jpg)

9fdfb4 No.104928


> Then you can rape and murder them over and over.



Oh, I remember. Alladin.

52411d No.104929


Exactly, we ESPECIALLY need patriots that you would consider retarded passionate fools IRL.

The boomers, the zombie millenials, we can't afford to lose them.

We need AS MUCH people as possible in this fight.

d3ee2f No.104930


oh yes. Yes we do..

e0cb07 No.104931

File: f29c24344606712⋯.png (2.5 MB, 2392x830, 1196:415, schammo.png)

f5939a No.104932






I'll keep reaching. 'news unlocks map' may mean that the news is unlocking another MAP in a release. That sounds like a shitty theory though.

Possibly less shitty, have we actually put all of these events on a physical map?

c7a00f No.104933


US Bases in Europe? End of Occupation? End of WW2?

Still War, hard to swallow.

Combines with the latest stinger




Private OP_END

Private Operation End. Act of 1871. Corporate USA vs America. Germany vs BRD

Sovereignty. Gov 4 the people.

4c8469 No.104934


But they need to stay on track, satanic cabal has many tools against us. Redpill slowly and efficiently, don't just spam info.

d3ee2f No.104935


Mmmmmmmmmm… okkkkkkkkkkkk. fine. lol

bbcc77 No.104936


You can tell the mistake by looking at the source code.

Trip added.<br>[C]oordinated effort to misdirect.<br>Guide to reading the crumbs necessary to cont<em>nue.<br>Attached gr[A]phic is correct.<br>Linked graphics are incorrect and false.<br>Graphic is necessary and vital. <br>Time stamp(s) and order [is] critical. <br>Re-review graphic (in full) each day post news release.<br>Learn to distinguish between relevant/non-relevant news.<br>Disinformation is real.<br>Disinformation is necessary. 

ec1fa6 No.104937


The story of Abraham and Isaac always bothered me, too. It seems a story more representative of ((their)) cult's ideologies.

75d4c0 No.104938

File: f491c19569abc08⋯.png (504.52 KB, 1010x660, 101:66, schiff_gets_the_rope16.png)


Sessions: Adam, it turns out your a colossal faggot.

Schiff: It happens.

Sessions: Adam, the shitlords of the internet want your head.

Schiff: Who cares? They're not Rothschilds.

Sessions: Adam, you don't understand, they're shitlord autists and you've pissed them off.

cbfcd2 No.104939

File: b467076628b9f4d⋯.png (260.28 KB, 487x353, 487:353, swamp night-3.png)

Draining the Swamp

9fdfb4 No.104940

File: 14fb670e758851f⋯.jpg (33.19 KB, 184x184, 1:1, b3892bc8df8d08a06901da48f6….jpg)


>eceleb faggotry

>not Jim

Get out.

619c28 No.104941

Goys. Reload the MAGA meme wear videos

Those have most impact in the weekend, and maybe the last thing we can do online for 10 days.

52411d No.104942


News unlocks map is simply Q telling us to always refer to his crumbs when a relevant news story breaks.

Remember MSM can still report facts but in a false manner/narrative.

He wants us to correct the false narrative ourselves using his crumbs.

f61b1e No.104943

File: 8932fabbde8a890⋯.jpg (202.65 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Katy-Perry-Wide-Awake-katy….jpg)

10b9e5 No.104944

dca1f2 No.104945


Here he says we now have everything >>102924

That was AFTER the NEWS of SPACE exploration.

NOW we have the NEWS of the MAP


not trying to shout but it's kinda obvious and important and I know it goes over many people's heads (pun intended) but it is THE MAP

d58165 No.104946

42bb1f No.104947

b39ba1 No.104948


Didn't realize Zuck's cyborg prototype was that old!

b168a7 No.104949


You're onto something, anon. Q definitely has been taking about a map. Spitballing:

1) Map of NWO's game plan.

2) MAP - Minor Attracted Persons

3) Map of Trump's plan to dismantle bad actors.

4) Physical map of bad actors' locations/exploits.

895ed1 No.104950

Lisa Bloom offering money for kiss and tell story, on Fox NAOW

279334 No.104951


There is no such court as The United States District Court for the Supreme Courts of Pennsylvania. staaaph!

75d4c0 No.104952


Map of EVENTS you stupid fucking idiotic motherfucker.

0bcc1a No.104953


Complete death of the ego (reptilian predator mind) that is the key to opening the gate.

dca1f2 No.104954


99% of people would not give a fuck about pedos or we wouldn't be in this predicament…

d3ee2f No.104955

File: c6579c8ae8f6cab⋯.png (448.4 KB, 1073x573, 1073:573, Screenshot from 2017-12-15….png)

The fastest way I've found to make memes is to use https://imgflip.com/memegenerator and it takes a while to DL the pic, so I just make it, add my picture/text/other picture/scumbag hat and then screenshot it.

Takes about 20-30 seconds.

689574 No.104956

Why are the Wealthy Families of the World, Generationally Evil?


"Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.

Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves: Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:

Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them." Romans 1:22-32

ae820c No.104957


And for only $400 you could have one too!

9fdfb4 No.104958

File: 788b9977dd60243⋯.jpg (6.77 KB, 180x268, 45:67, 180.jpg)


The future is here, just not evenly distributed.

75d4c0 No.104959


You could not be a lazy fucking faggot and use GIMP you newfucking lazy faggot.

821c04 No.104960


Pituitary controls the hormones ie: reproductive hormones.

Your Owl controls your Y.

Y is the source of more children.

How are they able to control your Owl?

They are screwing with our food and water. We already know that.

What specifically is in our food and water (or meds etc.) that is controlling our Owl?

I guess its probably more than food. Programming, symbols, etc as well.

293d8d No.104961


Map of Events sounds good. But what would that look like visually? Serious question.

fc605f No.104962

Bakers, I'm assuming yall know that some of the links listed for Qmap are dead? Such as this one:


65166d No.104963

File: e694a6d17cce629⋯.jpg (855.61 KB, 1323x1299, 441:433, Screenshot_20171215-195335.jpg)


OH! Adam didn't get the memo!!!

dca1f2 No.104964




think about it anons i know you can do it

have you looked at the thread?

>>80370 or are you denying yourself some insight?

Maybe it's wrong…but then again what if it isn't and ur just ignoring it b/c of cognitive dissonance?

32ff16 No.104967

I shall go into meditation and I'll update you when I get back in a few hours. God-speed everyone. Together we'll prevail.

75d4c0 No.104969

File: 33e02b51313b46a⋯.png (450.78 KB, 1010x660, 101:66, fucking_get_gimp_you_lazy_….png)


It's day to day reality.

>What does it look like.

Open your fucking eyes.

e0cb07 No.104970

File: 323f7581ad86674⋯.png (387.68 KB, 657x825, 219:275, schwittermeltdown.png)

88ed9a No.104971


We are doing great.

Remember when the first Q message dropped on half chan.

We were all WTF is this?

Now look at the OP. We have learned so much and come far in organizing it, understanding it and memeing it. Hurrah for all of you, I have contributed little, but learned so much.

34928f No.104972


Can you elaborate on this, please? I thought these stingers would be confirmation on the American Forces Radio Frequencies, if needed?

3bc81d No.104973


You'll be rejected.

52411d No.104974


Refer to the graphic the anon made where he grouped the posts by signature.

It looks like a venn diagram of posts.

Then start mapping news events to those posts and see how it ties to gether.

Find an area you're interested in and start spreading the news/memeing about it.

f61b1e No.104975

File: 2bd8c347a4e93e9⋯.jpg (1.21 MB, 2349x3500, 2349:3500, su47.jpg)

b39ba1 No.104976


Might want to add these peeps to your graph.


b19fbc No.104977


Yes this anon gets it. And not just food and water your being brainwashed by media movies music tv social media etc etc. We have been lied to for THOUSANDS of years.

Our minds (owl) and bodies (y) have been poisoned. But it goes deeper than that…they are hiding where we truly came from…

619c28 No.104978


Good plan, music and animations, full blast on all platforms.

f61b1e No.104979

File: 54a693004a431bc⋯.jpg (151.68 KB, 2400x1600, 3:2, 01-Ways-Youre-Using-the-To….jpg)

821c04 No.104980


Makes sense. Those that do well in school have parents that do well in school. Many geniuses or highly talented artist failed school.

OMG these people *are sick!

Well, now im just fucking pissed!


Is autism when they have gone too far? They tried to program kids who couldnt handle it.

bb6b21 No.104982


that's because Abraham was an Edomite that was aware of the Talmud but the written portion of his history wasn't done till 700 BCE, basically he was a Saturn worshiper and sacrificed to Moloch

d3ee2f No.104983


Oh, I bet he is worried..

75d4c0 No.104984


Space, I know.

I bet they found DNA on the asteroid we heard nothing about after it finally landed and got a sample.

52411d No.104985


If we want to keep this community closed off to autists only and defeat the purpose Q came to us (redpill everyone as much as possible) then we're useless.

895ed1 No.104986

GODFATHER III mentioned on Fox.

"Did you go and see Under Seige?"

"No, we went to see The Godfather III"

At /ourgirl/

34928f No.104987



2b1b94 No.104988


Baker here, just took over from BO with his admitted bad batter. We're sorting it. Thanks for the heads up on this link. Any more, please shout.

2f54ac No.104989

File: daaa27400ae5b6c⋯.jpg (25.18 KB, 359x428, 359:428, 1509933529080.jpg)



b19fbc No.104990


Whats that's supposed to mean? Taking ur phone in the bathroom is gross anyways…

d58165 No.104991


Ohh..well said -ish

75d4c0 No.104992


You're useless because you can't spend 15 minutes learning free fucking software to make dank memes.

That's why youre useless.

55b231 No.104993

f61b1e No.104994

File: 145e39d8a7c816e⋯.jpg (682.46 KB, 1950x2328, 325:388, 20664_3.jpg)

9fdfb4 No.104995

File: dedb899762587a5⋯.jpg (74.76 KB, 630x355, 126:71, 630x355.jpg)


>10 gaylords larping

895ed1 No.104996


Seek and ye shall find, Godspeed

75d4c0 No.104997


Like I said.

Shitlords are people you want on your team, but wouldn't invite into your home for supper.

d3ee2f No.104998


I drink only the finest distilled water. Even in my coffee. ;)

52411d No.104999


I wasn't the one who originally posted to you btw check my ID.

I've been here since thread 1.

Don't embarrass yourself further thanks.

293d8d No.105000


ok then, what does day to day reality look like as a map?

40278d No.105001


Art Fags we need "Show us the yearbook" memes for this grass eating cunt and her cloven hoofed mother.

f2e9bc No.105002

Question along the lines of Gannett: Long bf Q, i wondered how the 3 networks synched their nightly news (630 est) stories to run almost exactly ~90 percent the same content varing only their order (they even synch commercials). I was a journalism grad, though i never used it, and local papers used to pulll national and world news off ‘ ap wire.’ So i tried to research this sych, and the best i could do was : the shows producers determine most of content. So, if we assume clown mockingbird is delivering the goods to the networks— explaining synched content— how SPECIFICALLY do anons hypothicize this occurs?? I think this line of thought is critical for understanding propaganda tenacle of monster, and what Q was getting at honing in on AC’s paper. Thoughts, anon’s??

b168a7 No.105003


Methinks you've already been filtered by everyone. No one responds to you. I haven't filtered you yet. Will you be my friend, Bashful?

88ed9a No.105004


Do we have any graphic with our-guys.

Nevermind, BAD idea to dox them.

b19fbc No.105005



Chosen One is CIA hahahaha just got a message from a colleague. …ya'll are mocking me hahaha nice !

Knew i was still being monitored closely. So comfy.

Everyone I just got proof 'Chosen One' is a CIA ninja hahahahaha u guys are retarded.

>>104967 ←–ignore this lying shitposter

d3ee2f No.105006


>but wouldn't invite into your home for supper.

top kek

619c28 No.105007

279334 No.105008


That link is not broken. There are INTENTIONAL spaces in links so they won't be scraped. a .io goes on the end of that link.

895ed1 No.105009


Erm, Fox Live. Alas, I did not capture it, it just happened there

b20f7b No.105010

61fec7 No.105011


Maybe that's why his hair is white.

52411d No.105012


If we can find anymore photos of news desks or producers holding/reading Gannett publications that will be a huge step forward.

3204d7 No.105013


Hes probably a blackmailed pedophile.

f61b1e No.105014

File: f9d81a0b81f1703⋯.gif (26.88 KB, 300x250, 6:5, caeaa27e0aeb30c5f5fe9bc2b2….gif)

b19fbc No.105015


That's ok…only every astronaut that has ever been in space has either admitted seeing UFO's or being 100% certain other life exists out there without coming out fully…..




821c04 No.105016

So they control our Owl (pituitary gland, eyes ie: visuals) with symbols, programming, food, meds, healthcare, etc. It makes us less likely to rebel and makes our children (who are produced through our Y's) easier to program so they soon have a whole herd who is easy to control.

That's the whole point of the CIA mockingbird operation isnt it?! I mean i knew this stuff but i didnt know it factually.

In addition, our children are easily programmed and easy targets for sexual abuse, rituals, etc.

821c04 No.105017

Dear God its one big scam!

7f57f5 No.105018


https://www.justice. gov/usao-ma/pr/former-state-senator-brian-joyce-arrested-and-charged-federal-indictment


846272 No.105019


So we just went back months. Where is Ezreal? This was the larp months ago. There is no denial of ayyys by Q either(someone said that yesterday). Yesh- I believe we have no idea where we all came from or where we are going.

9a30e4 No.105021


Would make sense why he is the creator of a CIA funded social media site considering Illuminati creates the CIA

351be8 No.105022


Do it yourself you lazy faggot

9fdfb4 No.105023


>My name is Jessica and I'm a Trumpsexual

>We admitted we were powerless over Trump–that our lives had become unbigly

b19fbc No.105024


aww cute…see fellas it's been 3 or 4 years now of you harassing me so i'm used to it. nice of you to let everyone else know. i mean we all knew u were here since day one anyways…

fdabcf No.105025


That vid was funny ,lol

b5fdec No.105027

File: 6af64c11ff3f17f⋯.jpeg (17.63 KB, 236x196, 59:49, 8DBD7821-2F7E-45AB-8110-0….jpeg)


75d4c0 No.105028


Pleasure a shotgun with your mouth.


You are too stupid to help but I'll try.

Q told you what was going to happen before it did.

He also dropped more crumbs before they were relevant so you could have some context as to why events were happening.

You paid attention to the news because they you were waiting to be spoonfed.


It's fine to kill yourself whenever, we can be friends if you agree that Shitlords are the supreme chan entities.

895ed1 No.105029

Bloom is Alreds daughter? I had no idea, just me?

f61b1e No.105030

File: c45df8c894c8824⋯.jpg (46.66 KB, 600x310, 60:31, cicadian-rhythm-diagram.jpg)

b168a7 No.105031


I'll give you a push, anon. Go here and type in any signature you like. You'll be rewarded with only those posts you wish to see.


b19fbc No.105032


For those of you who heard me mention Vault 7 last thread this is what I was talking about…CIA is here in full hahaha sinful ones you tried to kill me already and failed…give up already.

2f54ac No.105033

File: 93ecb9d569d0d4f⋯.gif (489.07 KB, 420x315, 4:3, 1511924079064.gif)


No mocking, looking forward to hearing back from you, anon.

9fdfb4 No.105034

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



b39ba1 No.105035


>Please post bigger pics in future. This one is very hard to read.

Skip the pics, just post each person's Bacon Number.


f61b1e No.105036

File: 1481099e632c4c1⋯.jpg (24.81 KB, 609x474, 203:158, 1510685519308.jpg)

846272 No.105037


We need a backup of this depository as well. Im surprised it is still up.

426fea No.105039


>Shitlords are the supreme chan entities

>being a mongoloid attention whore

Real convincing, dumbfuck.

42bb1f No.105040

more 72 hours promises

Luke Rosiak‏Verified account


Follow Follow @lukerosiak

 More

Luke Rosiak Retweeted Luke Rosiak

Mark my words, the House is going to be rocked in the coming 72 hours. Tick Tock.

Luke Rosiak added,

Luke RosiakVerified account @lukerosiak

Congress' human resources scandal is just getting started. I anticipate we will see the resignation of more than a dozen House members over harassment and secret settlements, and soon.

8:00 AM - 15 Dec 2017



Amy Kremer Itsa_Newday🇺🇸 Jason linabutler ✨☘️O'Irish✨👠⚜️🚂💫 Ash Chokem +++KekKing7777+++ •cαt• mikedemello

151 replies 1,446 retweets 1,926 likes

 Reply


 Retweet


Like 1.9K

895ed1 No.105041


Twin Peaks, Leyland Palmer's hair turns white. Leyland Palmer is also two second names. Laura Palmer has a cousin who looks like a twin, they could be sisters. Oh, owls n shit too.

9fdfb4 No.105042

8f14ec No.105043

619c28 No.105044


All know some funny ones, feel free to share. video meme blast before the storm

4c8469 No.105047


We are going to a brighter future using positive actions. For this all negativity has to be removed and replaced with positivity, because everything is connected. That is all that is needed to be known

The post you are quoting and the post that was quoted there are important posts. Please be aware of general disinfo but there is a LOT of truth here! Go by feeling. This is important.

I've researched ayys for 11 years, I know why Q is silent.

b168a7 No.105048



I was wrong. This isn't Bashful. It's Dopey.

f61b1e No.105049

File: e34b779806ec5be⋯.jpg (1.4 MB, 2560x1920, 4:3, attractor.jpg)

31d6c9 No.105050



Reminds me of X-Men Apocalypse and how the main bad guy stays alive by soul transfer

3204d7 No.105051

7f57f5 No.105052


Bump myself ive dug more.

Brian Joyce

Massachuesettes senator 1998-2017

9 terms announced not running again. In february 2016

b168a7 No.105053


I wasn't referring to you in my last post, BTW.

75d4c0 No.105054


>It suggests either someone at FOXNews lurks here or has been directed to lurk here.


You have a lot to talk about pinnacle of modern thought and problem solving.


Having fun on discord famefag?

Gonna give another interview?

Gonna pretend to know something?

75d4c0 No.105055

Famefags the only way you hang with is is with a rope.

9fdfb4 No.105056




The cute model friend never took shit… she had a lineup of guys waiting. Ugly women have fewer options.

e0cb07 No.105057

File: 7b21213fd790dd2⋯.png (2.59 MB, 2026x1664, 1013:832, schammo2.png)

bb6b21 No.105058

Has anyone read this book?

>Ritual Abuse and Mind Control : the Manipulation of Attachment Needs

>Author: Orit Badouk Epstein; Joseph Schwartz; Rachel Wingfield

The names Schwartz (Soros) and Epstein (Satan) ring a bell, plus the topic of the book stands out

d3fabf No.105059

File: 3d71767d5de487c⋯.png (327.01 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ap-schiff-640x480.png)

File: 81cdfba0ab84771⋯.jpeg (233.32 KB, 1600x1065, 320:213, 1_YsQUYxSvxL7vy7TIlWZyhw.jpeg)

Brothers? Related?

b8d300 No.105060

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

15 Things You Didn't Know About The Rothschild Family

235f76 No.105061

File: e06fd9920370650⋯.png (394.52 KB, 1024x388, 256:97, NCq8CmhExLLHbognc8uo2yPgc0….png)


fc605f No.105062


Ok, thanks. Sorry for the misinfo.

b168a7 No.105063


Dopey seems to think this is 4ch and is using the wrong set of instructions.

fc605f No.105064

File: f378721bf0f11f4⋯.png (379.4 KB, 800x1174, 400:587, Jarrett.png)

Good for normies. Short and concise.

9a30e4 No.105065



619c28 No.105066


Nice 1, new one 2 for me, gonna share it

75d4c0 No.105067


idgaf, when this is over I'll still be the greatest shitlord to bless cbts and they'll still be fame-less famefags.

2b1b94 No.105068


Hey… that's my dream y'know? Thank you, for making it come true anon.

>how great is that?

4c8469 No.105069


Easy with the satanic inferiority/scarcity/competition programming.

b168a7 No.105070


No prob. Now get cracking! Awesomeness awaits!

75d4c0 No.105071

File: 4c43a9ce569c515⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1500x1077, 500:359, schiff_gets_the_rope17.png)

821c04 No.105072

Well we know from Genesis that dark angels were thrown to earth and mated with the humans that were here. They produced giants. I have no other biblical knowledge of that far back. I know that genetically Native Americans have distinct DNA that shows that they are not a mix of any other peoples in the whole world.

895ed1 No.105073

Fox hoping the light shone on Lisa Bloom will stop her practices.

The more Fox I watch the more I'm convinced they're here too, all their news are belong to us. Tell us to lurk moar Fox, dare ya….

821c04 No.105074

2b1b94 No.105075

File: 13d05856c189bc7⋯.jpg (81.8 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 13d05856c189bc7650f29f24c9….jpg)


It's like Christmas!

b19fbc No.105076






that was them mocking me and knowing i just smoked a cigarette

here was my reply letting them know i know they are glowing fuckers


here is some truth


here is me saying things i should be scared to say but i;m not bc they can suck my dick i have suffered enough




not hiding in plain sight so well are ya fellas?

62111a No.105077


Still got a lot of broken links here

351be8 No.105078


would be so fucking funny if greg did it on the 5

f2e9bc No.105079


I don't want to limit myself to just Gannett. I want to know how the producers synch nightly news to cover the same propagandized stories. Surely, an anon out there has some experience in this field– too many ppl have worked in a news room (and i am sure some are red'ed; or have an axe to grind) for this info to be impossible to find. Personally, i think it is critical to understand exactly how the process works: how is the mockingbird media machine is fed it's Clown daily narrative.

b3d87e No.105081

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>closet pedo? Before you kill yourself

Hit a nerve!



We're not the ones pushing a 16 year old age to get high (and visit your basement).

c4b2f5 No.105082

File: e224e819d1226a0⋯.gif (144.78 KB, 703x373, 703:373, trumpit.gif)

75d4c0 No.105084

File: bbf0a0f2bd66ca6⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1500x1077, 500:359, schiff_gets_the_rope18.png)


Because it's still famefags trying to figure it out still. A month later.

821c04 No.105085

Fox lurkers, lurk now before Disney wont let you.

e0cb07 No.105086

File: 5ee5bd292353a6f⋯.png (296.36 KB, 614x919, 614:919, credassschiff.png)


"I've been basically tarred and feathered by the mainstream media with this connection as the back channel between WikiLeaks and Roger Stone. Particularly MSNBC's Chris Hayes and then-Mother Jones' David Corn. I was named by Adam Schiff, [California Ranking Democrat on the] House Intelligence Committee, that I was the in-between person, and Roger Stone dropped a dime on me. I don't even know what it's all about, to be honest with you. I was supposed to testify today, but my lawyer said we're taking the Fifth because I have a big mouth — I am a comedian."

e72fe9 No.105088


Thank you anon. Q also says Truth is hard to swallow. big picture is rare. expand your thinking

f61b1e No.105089

File: 871d9b4f29f9c6a⋯.jpg (27.01 KB, 288x443, 288:443, astridvoodoo.jpg)

619c28 No.105091

d3ee2f No.105092

File: b9729fa457b5a06⋯.jpg (36.88 KB, 489x260, 489:260, WhenGannetPublishingDoesnt….jpg)

36e983 No.105094

File: f0d3b35b079d884⋯.jpg (655.55 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, WashingtonMonumentToTheMal….jpg)

File: 49412d3e6c71d7f⋯.jpg (37.1 KB, 486x799, 486:799, 1234f.jpg)


Its the same in DC

Washington Monument is the same.

cbfcd2 No.105095


DJT did not say "dismantle" the FBI

he said "rebuild and make it better than ever"

slight difference in terminology?

895ed1 No.105096


Sean Hannity

"Lurk moar, faggot"

821c04 No.105098


We want people to come to chan or not?

75d4c0 No.105099

File: c25ef699d282aa6⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1500x1077, 500:359, schiff_gets_the_rope19.png)

91cf04 No.105101

>>105077 (checked)

Don't worry, i've posted the proper bread in this thread, baker will fix it


no you stupid faggot, i've posted the fixed bread. there was no response from board owner so we freaked and posted the bread over at /thestorm/, so either nut up or fuck off because you are either a d&c shill or a stupid faggot.

71bcd7 No.105102

f61b1e No.105104

File: 8c87d01f1b8ec79⋯.jpg (245.59 KB, 800x600, 4:3, car0886.jpg)

ce2e11 No.105105

Really want to see confirmation Rothschild Goat Fucking Scum are done!

Ship em off the live on the Sun! We dont want them here!

d3ee2f No.105106


If they can learn how to read before asking questions.. yes. ;)

6094d8 No.105107

File: 045bd61ba6319e8⋯.png (673.57 KB, 643x1194, 643:1194, Cooper.png)

b39ba1 No.105108

File: dcadcf32ca8a4dd⋯.jpg (28.99 KB, 393x343, 393:343, PostBox.JPG)


> the comment box is so small

You can expand the text box.

<see highlight in pic

f2faf0 No.105109



Today is the 25th anniversary of CERN LHC program. The God Particle. The portal to Hell!

62111a No.105110


Haha nice meme.

71bcd7 No.105111


yep I see nobody is looking at the thread lol


f61b1e No.105112

File: 095e0aae7ca5a16⋯.jpg (40.03 KB, 620x465, 4:3, glowing-keyboard-hacker-se….jpg)

445091 No.105113


hmmm…. roger stone has that skull as well. lol

71bcd7 No.105114


might as well just tell them all my name now…i know who you are, want me to start telling your names, bc u know i can :)

62111a No.105115


No worries, I'll catch up anyway. Thanks.

75d4c0 No.105116

File: d2d5769d0046a6d⋯.png (193.67 KB, 460x259, 460:259, schiff_gets_the_rope20.png)

f61b1e No.105117

File: 62bedac967591f5⋯.jpg (57.25 KB, 600x477, 200:159, com04346.jpg)

821c04 No.105119


Aliens aka dark angels

96ad81 No.105120

"Find the spider(s) and build the web (the ‘map’).

Remember, they consider you to be the fly (specifically, the ‘feeder’)."


351be8 No.105121


that would be even better tbh, but that will never happen, he too cereal. Greg could pull off a "lurk more maggot", kek

105f0b No.105122


>Q is quoting [Gannett] latest story spins verbatim

Good theory - he's seeing the keywords they are planning to push, and undercutting them by getting them to us first

b48814 No.105123


>The last couple of threads were like eating a soup sandwich. I hope this one is vastly improved..

Trying to catch up, but in scrolling down it looks

like we need Q to show up and get us all on the

same page again. After what happened last night,

it seems we've taken a step back, but looking

further back, we've all come a long way.

The board is monitored & we've been helped

along the way.

Hopefully Q group will throw us a few crumbs

later tonight.

As an aside, Our Beloved President looked and

sounded great this morning before Chopper boarding.

I think some of those reporters enjoy being out

there and being with Isaiah's 45. Too bad it is

their bosses who hate him so much.

75d4c0 No.105124


I'd forgive Hannity for every fucking time I've ever been let down if he says

'Work more Dangit'

71bcd7 No.105125


go on…keep showing everyone how ur all L337 HaXoRs wooooo woooo so KeWL

f61b1e No.105126

File: 1407fdc4b7f57b7⋯.jpg (15.9 KB, 170x135, 34:27, il_170x135.367780418_293b.jpg)

2b1b94 No.105127


Yes we have anon. Thanks. Sorting it all now for the next loaf.

619c28 No.105128

351be8 No.105129


put a noose around his neck and put on there:

"Is this a cable-tow or Justice" top

"Schiffs about to happen either way" bottom

please and thank you :)

e72fe9 No.105130


Where's the blood?

d3ee2f No.105131

If you're new here, please raise your hand..

If you're a CIAnigger, please stop trafficking humans and creating drug cartels. Oh, and GTFO


f61b1e No.105132

File: 587262c5939ed0e⋯.jpg (66.6 KB, 636x636, 1:1, ltdhrijebliy39ao8syr.jpg)

105f0b No.105133


In roulette, people always forget about the two green spots (0, 00) that change the odds.

5057d9 No.105134

File: 621d4a00d208970⋯.jpg (87.43 KB, 1000x613, 1000:613, Bane-from-The-Dark-Knight-….jpg)


>Who are you?

Not important, Gary. What's important is our plan.

31d6c9 No.105135


Top Notch!!!

bbcc77 No.105136

File: 258b19a60eaf58c⋯.png (210.98 KB, 297x636, 99:212, Divya Narendra.png)

File: 4d49112865b8693⋯.jpg (59.32 KB, 768x453, 256:151, Divya Narendra.jpg)

File: 01b133c774e000d⋯.png (45.46 KB, 573x444, 191:148, Phoebe White Divya Narend….png)

Q has mentioned (((follow the wives)))

Follow me on this for a sec:

> Mark Zuckerburg = face of Facebook

> Tom Anderson = face of MySpace

Who REALLY owned Facebook?

Divya Kumar Narendra + His wife's name is Phoebe Aase Grethe White

Feel free to debunk or not. But feel strongly that Mark and wife are not the true founders. That's just the narrative that they tell us.

My old thread: archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/150651354/#150654657

e72fe9 No.105137


Yes yes one of my favorite movies go on go on tell me more about myself desu

65166d No.105138

File: 1c8df93f0ee3b60⋯.jpg (778.31 KB, 1434x928, 717:464, 2017-12-15_20.22.39.jpg)



40278d No.105139


I'm quite confident that Q has been listening in to the comms between the Clowns, Gannett, and Rape Stream Media.

Q knows the talking points before the talking heads do.

e0cb07 No.105140


From July! Welcome back time traveler!

f61b1e No.105141

File: e6bd794566d3935⋯.jpg (425.35 KB, 1024x1447, 1024:1447, Melethallia_by_ernst_haeck….jpg)

5057d9 No.105142

File: 4d9c12ce0d7ac91⋯.jpg (32.9 KB, 470x264, 235:132, x.jpg)


No, we know you're not.

b39ba1 No.105143


Nice posts. Sharyl does good work - one of the last old-school journalists left.

And Sid Vicious earned his nickname.

But, the other anons are likely correct in thinking Q is referencing Songbird's middle name.

6aa7c3 No.105144


SAUCE faggot?

d3ee2f No.105145

File: c6e7b800123cd85⋯.png (218.59 KB, 483x270, 161:90, Screenshot from 2017-12-15….png)

821c04 No.105146

35e003 No.105147


I think David Corn was exposed as some kind of asset like 10yrs ago.

5db935 No.105148


>Court of Queen's Bench? Does she even lift?

5a11ea No.105149

File: 7c332d7d307450d⋯.jpeg (913.56 KB, 1242x1694, 621:847, 17B69821-7B3F-4632-9989-1….jpeg)

3c0ffe No.105150

File: a62b97d5c24d0ff⋯.png (47.38 KB, 588x466, 294:233, ClipboardImage.png)

Marine helicopter unit in VA. Hmm….

e72fe9 No.105151



and this is how u get trolled by ur long time CIA stalkers on 8 chan everyone…hahahaha unreal.

619c28 No.105152

f61b1e No.105153

File: 08bd46abb6d55c0⋯.jpg (230.8 KB, 1000x624, 125:78, FALCOR DUDE-742559.jpg)

5a11ea No.105154


Quantico is also the headquarters of the USMC

9a30e4 No.105155


Lol how do you think they brainwash the masses starting from day 1?

448a6d No.105156


This. "I've been busy, give me a sitrep." and several other similar "I'm too fucking lazy, tell me what happened." posts

3c0ffe No.105157


Ohh shit. It may be happening

fa2b93 No.105158

Thanks to baker. I got it now. Q changed trip and is posting on 8 chan /pol/ now. Check.

Is BO going to reinstate trips for /cbts/?

737e7e No.105159


Oohhh, that's perfect!

551c23 No.105160


If I were to guess, a rear view mirror in your car would suggest you should back up because you already passed it … it is behind you!

b20f7b No.105161

e72fe9 No.105162


Yes neverending story…i remember well when you all told me "either assimilate or back down gracefully" ooohhh and also "if you leave we will kill you"

i saved those text messages :) but u know that.

hows this for graceful? lololol

6aa7c3 No.105163


No It IS NOT you dis info queen

821c04 No.105164


How far into history are we needing to look backwards?

d3ee2f No.105165



This is a good one, I think. Links to a good video about alien disclosure…. ties in the banking system, cabal, hidden technology, etc etc

939ff9 No.105166


Q told to look back at the families from the Titanic who didn't make the sail.

535407 No.105167

Not Gannett, it's a Pedo/Gay/Occult magazine, ends with 77 .

d3ee2f No.105168

a4524f No.105169


the Marine Corps Uni is like 100m from quantico

fc605f No.105170

Q said "The complete picture would put 99% of Americans (the World) in a hospital."

I've thought about this alot and tried to imagine what in the world would cause that many people to seek medical care. Yesterday, I saw a thread (I thought in CBTS catalog) that was regarding the tiny tracking devices the alphabets have. The accompanying picture showed something about the size of a grain of sand with the caption asking "could this fit in your body" or something to that effect. For the life of me, I can no longer find that thread.

Could that be what would send so many to the hospital? So they could get a scanned to determine if theyve ingested/inhaled/absorbed a tiny tracking device if it's possible for them to mass introduce it? Crazy?

5db935 No.105171

File: 6b14594cd556ebf⋯.png (313.1 KB, 588x981, 196:327, cia.png)


>CIA is here, pray

>Catholics in Action

Have you been to Mass, anon? It's Advent.

f2e9bc No.105172

737e7e No.105173


The"man" behind the little girl looks like a woman.

Is it madcow?

138587 No.105174




[C] [I] [A] [is] (s) (in full)

CIA is sinful

087e1f No.105175


What does that say about children bred for sacrifices? What does that say about children removed from homes by DCF for illicit purposes? What does that say about the children of Haiti taken ? Oh, wait,…. they are looking at this from the sacrificer's point of view, not the parent/guardian of the child.

Well, that's self-serving, isn't it?!!!

5db935 No.105176


Falun dafa for nanites. Fry them with your chi.

293d8d No.105177

File: 511a5031ca12e6f⋯.png (14.5 KB, 613x133, 613:133, thisisthekey.png)


Q says that Qmap is the key.

What is a map?

07da2b No.105178


99% of the world can not have tracking devices, not humanly possible. Not even worth it.

It's aliens

426fea No.105179


Namefags suggested a "morning update" in the bread or some shit before yesterday. Newfags are better off lurking and learning instead, get themselves updated slowly so they don't run off telling everyone the latest information right away.

821c04 No.105180


So why are we talking aliens?

619c28 No.105181

Donald Trump: The Dark Knight Rises


a3539b No.105182

File: 882d1b65ab3dd94⋯.png (204.55 KB, 683x329, 683:329, bo.png)

File: 43fe3586f3017f6⋯.png (111.27 KB, 683x329, 683:329, bou.png)

File: 523cd4af386311d⋯.png (98.07 KB, 683x329, 683:329, bouv.png)

File: 0d179c05bfb2ff7⋯.png (63.77 KB, 683x329, 683:329, bouvet.png)

there was discussion about Bouvet island before. i found this on google maps just now. what is it? a sub?

pics related

939ff9 No.105183


there was a 1 so sinful 1

bb6b21 No.105184


Wouldn't call it crazy considering how many people are vaccinated since birth

07da2b No.105185


DNA and the STARS

We had the DNA part figured out with the Bloodlines stuff. >>80370 ties it all together.

And now he says we have it all.

957c97 No.105186

File: 08f2860e4bd7812⋯.jpg (55.83 KB, 502x619, 502:619, Question Schiff.JPG)

821c04 No.105188


No. I think he just meant mental hospital.

6aa7c3 No.105189


Nice photo chop faggot

d3ee2f No.105190


I think we're going to find out something about pyramids, aliens, non-human humans and/or pharaohs etc.

Really weird shit compared to what GannettChildTraffickingDaily is throwing out there.. and that's for a reason.

Not a good reason.. but a reason.

fc605f No.105191


Oh wow, didnt think about that as an introducing agent

b8d300 No.105193

File: 6c6966e5f84d0c1⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1450x909, 1450:909, screenshot_292.png)

Shill'est sight ever….


2b1b94 No.105194


BO's reinstated trips for Q. Check.

8Chan admin stepped in to help above and beyond the call of duty, and set up a trip whitelist feature across 8Chan.

BO has enabled it on /cbts/ afaik.

It means that only trips which are on the whitelist can trip. All others who try are set back to anon.

821c04 No.105195

5db935 No.105197

File: 3cda72cacf12f56⋯.jpg (178.76 KB, 620x400, 31:20, 7001663.jpg)


His Bacon Number is soy.

75d4c0 No.105198

File: cca41642b44405f⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1500x1074, 250:179, schiff_gets_the_rope21.png)


Share it with your shop buddies my dude.

b168a7 No.105199


Go here:


Search for 'disinformation'

It's post #119

b5fdec No.105200

>>105095Because some are the good guys

419899 No.105202

Anons, we are likely misreading 85% of Q's breadcrumbs. Just like the 1.2 mm… our understanding was completely off until the news dropped on the BO PL… same thing with the BO extraction, 4th Quarter Patriots, & Keystone. We can speculate nonstop for the next 10 days, (which I highly doubt now is a literal 10 days) but frankly, I'm going to wait this out until big news drops, then study Q's posts AFTER,,,

Expand Your Thinking…

News Unlocks Map…

I'm going to start by rethinking 10 days of darkness…. there's gotta be some more hidden meaning behind that

138587 No.105203


Aahh okay. So the way I read the code is to put all the [ ] brackets first and the ( ) last.

Then read the overall Q drop together with current news to get the complete message.

cbfcd2 No.105204


why download anything

open the picture in the browser

adjust magnification to size it

take screen shot

put in graphics program

play with it

easy peasy!

7ef285 No.105206


Testing the whitelist

7ef285 No.105208


Seems to be working.

07da2b No.105210



guys…cmon now…its too obvious aaaghhh

2b1b94 No.105211


All good?

75d4c0 No.105212

The most amazing things about the namefags is they got CodeMonkey off his ass to do something.

That was the miracle of CBTS. Freedom is just icing on the cake.

7ef285 No.105213


Yes. My tripcode s disabled on CBTS.

07da2b No.105214


either mental hospital or heart attack hospital yes.

also buy some depends.

619c28 No.105215

b8d300 No.105216


Nice work lads!!!

52411d No.105217


Get fucked tripfag

821c04 No.105218

The anticipation of finding out the final answers/news outweighs the fact that I made need a mental hospital.

a3539b No.105219


are you kidding me? photoshop? go see for your self man. its on north shore on bouvet island. i have not photoshopped anything!!!

dc4b75 No.105220


A Christmas miracle.

939ff9 No.105221


I can't tell you what to do. You make up your own mind. I read it to say CA is here pray. Sinfull one. At the time it was posted Q was asking about who travels ahead of POTUS and where is BO ( BO was scheduled for 'jury duty') CA PM Trudaeu was 1 step ahead of POTUS and there to sign TPP11 but after POTUS announced a deal with China, Trudaeu was a no show at the signing. I can only tell you what I thought at the time I saw it. I don't know if I am right or not. But I don't want to talk about this subject anymore because others are getting pissed about it coming back up

821c04 No.105222


Who needs depends when your all shitting your pants together.

8dd673 No.105223

File: 9316dd96b534ea2⋯.png (43.05 KB, 1060x346, 530:173, 8chan.png)


I believe 8chan Admin over people who just want their glory board to prove a point.

I watched all 14 hours of the nonsense yesterday. I watched several of the videos on Youtube,

Looks like a bunch of people trying to make money and have glory.

But then I saw the ACTUAL 8chan Anon log on and prove the new tripcode.

Like a good autistic I did bother to grab the proof.

b168a7 No.105224


You're getting close and really making them nervous, anon. Keep plugging.

75d4c0 No.105225


>His Bacon Number is Soy.

Magnificent Poetry.

f176fd No.105226

File: 1b0735168c54dc3⋯.jpg (189.58 KB, 960x1440, 2:3, p13289068_b_v8_aa.jpg)


>Meanwhile the IG has 450 Agents and a Budget of $100M (Rod's Testimony Wednesday) and they have been at the REAL corruption since January and are realizing their Report soon.


b5fdec No.105227


You can order a book or read online

98e045 No.105228

Genome77 is related to the mucosal delivery of therapeutic and prophylactic molecules using lactic acid bacteria in the study of HIV/AIDS. These people are sick.

f5939a No.105229


Hey why does that remind me of rothscoin? And isn't that going to 'launch' in the next 72 hours?

Anyway. Happenings:


dc4b75 No.105230


Trips of incontinence…

35e003 No.105231


From 'Vatican Assassians', by Eric Jon Phelps:

"Another high-level Freemason who also “cancelled” his reservation on the Titanic was Milton Hershey, Pennsylvania’s chocolate king!…Other White Masonic Gentiles who “cancelled” their reservations at the last minute were Robert Bacon (Morgan’s former business associate), Henry C. Frick (America’s steel baron), and George W. Vanderbilt (America’s railroad and shipping tycoon whose family’s 1895 “Breakers” mansion facing the Atlantic Ocean in Newport, Rhode Island is now controlled by the Order via the Knights of Malta)."

535407 No.105232

-→ A Map becomes a guide, when You Follow the Legend ←- A Legend is A Key, to the Map

d3ee2f No.105233

We got different threads for different shit..



Bible/Christian stuff:


Occult Symbolism:


Rothschild banking family:


Gannett/Tenga publishing/Mockingbird/Fake News kangs:


Tesla, energy, and the numbers 3 6 and 9:


Antarctica? The big question..


Remember.. it's not about what the 'news' is telling you, it's about what they're NOT telling you. Think opposites. They like to invert things.

cbfcd2 No.105234


Go read through the cbts christian board

people have posted interesting thought there

the lesson to abraham was that sacrificing animals

which was killing for the sake of killing

was as repugnant as killing his own son

go fetch, darlin

59594e No.105235

a3539b No.105236

File: 4bb65d151274d53⋯.png (287.24 KB, 683x410, 683:410, bouvetisl.png)



look right there!

b168a7 No.105237


Best coincidence of this bread! -> >>105222

6aa7c3 No.105238


Stupid enabling fuck

6aa7c3 No.105239


NADA, photo chop

b168a7 No.105240


Is this Dopey again? Will you be my friend?

8dd673 No.105241

>>104641 Maybe bake this screenshot

into bread.


https:// media.8ch.net/file_store/9316dd96b534ea28b467bfb5005b79aa18af27afe7c37e8ba66dfc0e2b12e908.png

3c0ffe No.105242


JP Morgan canceled his trip on the Titanic at the last minute, like how certain people didn't show up to work at the WTC on 9/11

f176fd No.105243

File: ae909d4e7c21496⋯.jpg (28.19 KB, 280x400, 7:10, images.jpg)


> The greater the "secret" the more loyal they are.

Hmm, so the one with all the blackmail tapes in their DMS without actually playing the game wins.

a3539b No.105244


well you have to go there and zoom in. i only showed where to zoom since you did not believe me.

b20f7b No.105245


They are a different breed over there. mostly namefags. don't need them screwing our stufff up. wanted baker and others to know what might go down. no further discussion since I posted that. they must have dropped it. hopefully

619c28 No.105246


Trump was chosen by pede, most call it heaven


bde731 No.105247

File: a54bad964a07987⋯.png (3.89 MB, 1125x2001, 375:667, 38AB84F0-70F4-4B0B-9BD9-2C….png)

File: 0c52b71696fb4c4⋯.jpeg (154.31 KB, 1022x582, 511:291, 1820DC24-E87F-468A-ACA8-E….jpeg)

Follow the wives.

Sorry if I missed this already being pointed out.

Rod Rosenstein’s wife = Lisa Barsoomian

“Lisa Barsoomian works for R. Craig Lawrence, an attorney who has represented Robert Mueller three times, James Comey five times, Barack Obama forty-five times, Kathleen Sebellius fifty-six times, Bill Clinton forty times, and Hillary Clinton seventeen times between 1991 and 2017.”


6aa7c3 No.105248


ah yes…a fake….gotcha

7ef285 No.105249


No tripfags here. You may have missed the point of this discussion.

b5fdec No.105250


Damn he looks like a mental patient

b48814 No.105251


Human sacrifice is far more widespread than reported.

For some 'alien' species, humans are a delicacy.

Think back to the Twilight Zone, "it's a cook book."

b168a7 No.105252


Send them the link and let them zoom for themselves. It's called sauce.

6aa7c3 No.105253


Itz called FAKE

b20f7b No.105254


>You may have missed the point of this discussion.

that ass can't read, just post

a7499e No.105255

a3539b No.105256


what do you mean fake? go to bouvet island on google and zoom in where i showed you. its right there!

can someone else also go there and see that its for real? anyone?

138587 No.105257


The letter i in 'continue' was messed up and I'm taking as [I] which IMO means CIA instead of CA.

At this point I'm not overly interested in the complete message but the code behind the [ ]'s and ( )'s in his drops. It's a message within a message.

b168a7 No.105258


I'll let others determine that. Have you looked for yourself or are you just trying to throw this investigation off, Doc?

bb6b21 No.105259

File: 0c6c50aa2028f12⋯.png (142.64 KB, 1003x384, 1003:384, bouvet island blob.png)


This is as close as I can get with guggles earth

d3ee2f No.105260


I use that too, but it takes a 1/2 hour to make something. Just sharing my own little thing for newfags that want to meme but obviously can't and/or don't have the tools.

Chillll the fug out

b20f7b No.105261


measure it

6aa7c3 No.105262


FAKE google earth is at least 6 months old

5eb094 No.105263


>Never understood our wonderful God telling Abraham to sacrifice Isaac. My brain just always goes: Does not compute.

Notice in that story God provided an animal to be sacrificed instead. What do (((they))) think about the rest of humanity?

Do you really think the an Angel of Death murdered all those Egyptians on the first Passover? From what we know about (((them))) it seems more likely that they went on a murderous spree in their host nation and got evicted like they always do. The Bible may tell us more than we can even accept to bear about these people if we look at it with the right set of eyes.

a3539b No.105264


well i am zooming in here:


its an earthquake map but they use google

bdc793 No.105265

File: 77f3905510c0a2d⋯.png (1.2 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, A0B31A8C-7F39-4C8A-A6E5-C8….png)

939ff9 No.105266


you could be right and me wrong so I put my opinion on hold. Sinfull 1 is creepy to me so I'm on alert

ec1fa6 No.105267


How far into history are we needing to look backwards?

Q has recommended that we investigate the Bloodlines. I took that as meaning we need to look back to the beginning of recorded history, including mythology.

b8d300 No.105268

File: 8409f961304e208⋯.png (1.32 MB, 1442x907, 1442:907, screenshot_294.png)


Indeed no doubt all deceitfully related….here's a screenshot from Rothscoin website.

6aa7c3 No.105269


1.5 cm….same as ur cawk

426fea No.105270


Be real, the tripfags are still here, just posting anon per the mandate. Doesn't matter now, everyone's under the same banner.

2b1b94 No.105271


Updated. Thanks anon, and for your service.

b8d300 No.105272

File: 3e2f3a8ea95f14f⋯.png (605.56 KB, 1043x601, 1043:601, screenshot_295.png)


b5fdec No.105273

File: e7f1665a4f0bcef⋯.png (3.07 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 26D6FBB0-A463-4041-8BE6-25….png)


Wonder why they have it blurred now

b168a7 No.105274


I'm not seeing it. Without a good and proper link, I'm afraid I'll have to leave you to the wolves.

75d4c0 No.105275

File: da77d40219beac7⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1500x1074, 250:179, schiff_gets_the_rope22.png)


I'm pumping out memes at a rate of ~20 an hour. No excuses in the meme war faggot.


They stickout like the assmad faggots they are though, at least the normies aren't following them anymore.

7ef285 No.105276

Anyone else see Trump's movements today at the FBI, Marine base Quantico (HMX1) and then on to Camp David as looking like someone settling down for a long weekend of wrecking the deep state? Was any of this forecast by Q?

91b89e No.105277


>Follow the crumbs.

>You have it all.

>SEC Conf will be analyzed.

>Dark [10].

>Enjoy the show!


Q from yesterday

10 days till Christmas

darkest days of year

b20f7b No.105278

File: 6dbfbdc1dce35de⋯.jpg (58.82 KB, 301x274, 301:274, 1508042100453a2.jpg)

e0cb07 No.105279


They aren't sent.

"Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin went even further on Thursday, suggesting the United Nations perhaps send in peacekeepers in the face of what he called a “quiet genocide.”

Trump mentioned Chicago today, news mentioned Chicago today. I wouldn't be surprised if they are sent to Chicago, but for now, no.

235f76 No.105280

what should I tweet?

6aa7c3 No.105281


God u are retarded

31d6c9 No.105282


Work is overrated

d3ee2f No.105283


You don't download it.. it's a web app. You just upload a picture, write text (you can add another picture or whatever too) and screenshot. Literally takes about 30 seconds with DL time.

But.. you're stuck with just adding text to stupid pictures and impact font. Great for simple KISS memes tho..

821c04 No.105284


These bloodlines must go all the way back to the beginning then. Are they the original dark angels that got thrown to earth? hmmmm

6aa7c3 No.105285


OMG Clowns did it…..lmfao

75d4c0 No.105286


It's called professionalism you fucking faggot.

Generated memes are like, why the fuck bother.

f2e9bc No.105289


It's hyperbole. POTUS uses effectively. So does Q, I'm guessing. Just that reality is not close to what normies can conceive

75d4c0 No.105290

Literally be less of a faggot, post your picture and the text you want and I will produce your meme.

821c04 No.105291


"enjoy the show"

and then Thomas Paine tweet about watching the shit show begin.

b5fdec No.105292


Thought the POTUS was the one who can call in the UN not anmayor

70e968 No.105293

anyone have a printable version of whole q map that can be printed and taped together into a poster so i can put it on my wall and do yarn autism?

i am making one now but the second graphic from the bread is coming out blurry

172d67 No.105294

just to get you anons straight,

The map = Q Posts

369 Tesla = wishfull thinking

Ayliens = real but not relevant at this time

latest fuckup = tripcode issues + Anons ego´s = confusion

Q´s last task to us;



connect Future (news) to Past (q-crumbs)

Redpill Grandma,

Spread it wide and far

Don´t mind the internal stuggles (Tripfag´s Namefag´s etc)

Re.focus on task ahead.

Redpill everyone (also the normies on this Board)

d3ee2f No.105296


You are a God among men

54f200 No.105297

>>105017you just can't say something like that without sharing what you "figured out"…or FO!

b20f7b No.105298


Like a chess player

138587 No.105299


I'm doing the same, and yes, very creepy.

At this stage we're still in speculation mode and tbh I think we're both onto something. :^)

55b231 No.105300


Prob one of the DOZEN expected to resign the House Monday.


Congress' human resources scandal is just getting started. I anticipate we will see the resignation of more than a dozen House members over harassment and secret settlements, and soon.

10:46 AM - Dec 15, 2017

2b1b94 No.105301


Will add to batter, Aubro. Nice.

b8d300 No.105302


6D style

b20f7b No.105303


Context was us elections for the millionth time. WE START OVER EVERY THREAD

75d4c0 No.105304


Excellent, I won't even need my final form for this fight.

6aa7c3 No.105305


It's dough……sigh

b39ba1 No.105306


>the evils you might try out for your own pleasure.

Human nature hasn't changed much, over the ages:




… and that's just the European version.

77d7a4 No.105307


The post by Q about what AC was reading. He stated Boy, Boy/Girl. I am thinking more on the lines of a Slinky.. Could this be a reference to bi lifestyle pedo's..

b5fdec No.105308

File: 23224c3e520d66f⋯.gif (354.59 KB, 940x627, 940:627, 431505C3-533C-4B38-AC57-95….gif)

File: 9814e2cf8805b9d⋯.jpeg (92.89 KB, 960x720, 4:3, B2376EED-3FB3-464C-927E-6….jpeg)

Not always covered with ice , but looking round the edges of the first pic there’s been some def blurring

2b1b94 No.105309


Got it anon. Thanks.

087e1f No.105310


NICE find! That is a hell of a list of charges against him, even though he is no longer an active state senator. Just goes to show, if they turn up more criminals in this investigation, they are more than willing to name them all.

This is going to be BIGLY!

619c28 No.105311


Donald Trump - He Went to Hell and Back


88d850 No.105312


Q? Who's that?

55b231 No.105313


Wow someone still watches MSNBC or CNN?

b8d300 No.105314


Hey guys there's a fresh Bouvet loaf baking in the catalog :)

b20f7b No.105315

File: 0f9206703bd7cb1⋯.jpg (18.49 KB, 255x239, 255:239, bd5c59a5646f4499bf14f2637c….jpg)

138587 No.105316


Well said and 100% on point. This post should be screen capped and pinned to the top of each bread.

75d4c0 No.105317


Shut the fuck up with that disinfo shit, nobody watches MSNBC or CNN.

3c0ffe No.105318

40278d No.105319


Want a rifle behind every blade of grass?

Because that's how you get a rifle behind every blade of grass.

24c8a4 No.105320


Q initially spelled it Darnkess. Typo or message?

Maybe intention is dar[NK[ess.

10 day war with NK?

a3539b No.105322

File: 53c008eee228970⋯.png (236.24 KB, 683x329, 683:329, b1.png)

File: 8741953bf4d5202⋯.png (207.86 KB, 683x329, 683:329, b2.png)

File: 17771cb55735799⋯.png (281.68 KB, 683x329, 683:329, b3.png)

File: 6d6b67d191597e2⋯.png (282.01 KB, 683x329, 683:329, b4.png)


see pics. i dont know how to make it easier for you.

seems can onlt post four pics so will make additional post with next four.

6aa7c3 No.105323


Te he…NOT

d3ee2f No.105324

File: 12eff1ce3104f84⋯.jpg (78.83 KB, 700x394, 350:197, rs-19266-20130212-banks-to….jpg)

a3539b No.105325

File: d13b78f3ccf018a⋯.png (157.55 KB, 683x329, 683:329, b5.png)

File: 863cdbdeac57702⋯.png (205.15 KB, 683x329, 683:329, b6.png)

File: 6172e5ee57f4eff⋯.png (104.61 KB, 683x329, 683:329, b7.png)

File: 59ac44c7067a0e0⋯.png (62.08 KB, 683x329, 683:329, b8.png)

6aa7c3 No.105326



bb6b21 No.105327

File: 693abd3a9ab9e21⋯.png (867.75 KB, 1071x662, 1071:662, le moulin rouge - Bouvet I….png)


Having trouble with this image.

Found a picture icon near the island and this is what I got

54f200 No.105328


But WHY lie to us?!! What is the REASON we are being kept here? What is the damn truth?!!

6aa7c3 No.105329




7ef285 No.105330


Looks like a nice weekend to get comfy then

91b89e No.105332


So when 72 hours pass and nothing happens—again—then what?

d3ee2f No.105333


Just to see what kind of lies they're telling the sheep. kek

75d4c0 No.105334

File: 7fb0022ecff3d6d⋯.jpg (25.12 KB, 255x239, 255:239, covfefe.jpg)

42bb1f No.105335


JAMES ALEFANTIS is smart ass

for j'aime l'enfants in french

which is "i love children" in english

293d8d No.105336


Good Stuff.

Also, Within >>>/pol/11043832 Q said:

"Find the spider(s) and build the web (the ‘map’).

Remember, they consider you to be the fly (specifically, the ‘feeder’)."

The spiders and their connections seem to BE the map, if I read correctly. Trying to figure out what that might look like as a map.

75d4c0 No.105337

File: 09247f9454c7996⋯.jpg (24.66 KB, 255x239, 255:239, covfefe.jpg)

pls forgib bad word placement

821c04 No.105338


The haters live amongst us

a3539b No.105339


oh i didnt know. will post there instead then. thanks!

d3ee2f No.105340

I think we've been invaded (again) by gay faggot cult disinfo cunts of the banking cabal.

I'll just HOPE that good things will happen, because I don't fucking trust any humans at this point. People are so fucking retarded.

e0cb07 No.105341

65166d No.105342

File: ef37dc4199e269c⋯.jpg (309.1 KB, 1440x788, 360:197, Screenshot_20171215-204739.jpg)

The Franklin Cover Up:


A Discovery Channel Documentary that was Banned from Airing:



>>>This clip is MUCH SHORTER but the Full Footage is EYE OPENING


We have a HUGE PEDO-tician problem. Killing kids isn't off limits either. Sometimes that's THE PLAN

426fea No.105343


It would look like a flight map, with multiple waypoints and destinations connected.

>40,000 ft.

40d48f No.105344

Here is Schiff-ty's "tweetstorm".

"Adam Schiff in Tweetstorm: I’m ‘Worried’ House Intel Committee is About to Pull the Plug on Russia Probe"


b20f7b No.105345

File: d922c27652e3c73⋯.jpg (5.82 KB, 250x166, 125:83, 1496439593029s.jpg)



Illogical, but I will play chess

fa2b93 No.105346

Billionaire pharmaceutical giant Apotex founder Barry Sherman and his wife both found death in their home

https:/ /www.theglobeandmail.com/amp/news/toronto/two-found-dead-at-home-of-billionaire-apotex-founder-barry-sherman/article37348222/

75d4c0 No.105347


Literally every day on 8/pol/ is being invaded. I've never in my entire life seen so many accusations of shilling and so few shills. The worst you all got was famefags.

Namefags who were such cucks we spawned a new -fag moniker just for them.

6aa7c3 No.105348


Sauce or just bad jpg???

70e968 No.105350


i only trust q


5db935 No.105352


You misspelled wipeepo, leftypol.

75d4c0 No.105353


He didn't tell you to trust Q, he said to Trust POTUS, now recombomulate your trust priorities and get out there patriot.

939ff9 No.105355

>>105350 I only trust Q and myself

7ee455 No.105356


Suggest reading the spreadsheet. It's not perfect, not complete (in answers) but it has every Q post pre-and post-trip 4/pol/ 8/pol/ and here. It will show you the posts in chronological order and what anons have gathered as answers. Very helpful.


Also if you didn't know DO NOT CLICK OUTBOUND LINKS. Copy & paste into a new tab or window. This is for your safety please trust anons on that.

e72fe9 No.105357


Greek mythology, Norse mythology, Egyptian mythology, Egyptian mythology, Mayan mythology, the Bible..all legends yeah? >>81968

And the stars are the maps of legends >>82000

dc4b75 No.105358


The primary issue with h8/pol/ is that the mods are goons.

5db935 No.105360

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Witch covens make you abort your kid.

b20f7b No.105361

File: ae31e1bae34535a⋯.jpg (258.58 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1496282005167a2.jpg)


Most humans suck. Trust me.

6aa7c3 No.105362


Here lil doggie wanna bone…. wuf wuf

75d4c0 No.105363


This is an example of a namefag that needs no name.

Spreadsheet anon has been rocking it since day 1 hard.

Spreadsheet anon, you have gotten to the point without your namefag faggotry that your work is recognized and appreciated even though you are anon. Be proud.


kampfy is part of the fun.

b20f7b No.105364


mods make or break

we have done well here

not perfect but thanks and grats

d3ee2f No.105365


Well.. I don't know how many are looking at the BIG picture here.. but.. yeah. I just can't. I don't care about Adam Schiff or all the little peons that they use to sell out America to the banking cabal.

There's seriously.. something MUCH more to this than that little cocksucking prick. This is a huge worldwide conspiracy by a small group of peeps.

Everything else is low-energy RESULTS of the problem, not THE problem. Yeah, our gov't is full of greedy pieces of shit. They're bought off to fuck the world. Good for them. I hope they get that karma back 10 fold, and I'm sure they will.

If there's a God, and I think there is, I'll trust in that. That's my only hope. It sure the fuck isn't humans.

55b231 No.105367


Hmmm… special ceremony to demons?

087e1f No.105368


1. Finding out everything you thought to be true WASNT.

2. Finding out that the cabal runs your government, food, power, water, education, blood donations

3. Finding out the cabal are a blood thirsty cult of elites who kidnap, rape, physically and physiologically torture, burn, dismember children.

4. Finding out that 90% of the charities and foundations (RED CROSS), world wide are involved in the human trafficking of children for the cabal.

5. Finding out that behind the scenes medical testing of your DNA is taking place for nefarious reason, without your consent or knowledge.

6. Finding out that the CDC and other governmental agencies and companies CONSPIRED to create illnesses and incurable diseases to purposely make you sick

7. And then use that illness to force you to medicine that marginally works from BIG PHARMA.

8. Knowing there is a cure for cancer and loved ones were allowed to die to further the cause of the cabal.

9. Knowing that they are purposely breeding children to be used for their sick rituals

10. Knowing that they want to reduce the population of the world by 95% of it's current population.

Yeah, I can think of a few things that would many people in the hospital…

Hence our reason for being here. And, I'm not even sure we have the 40,000' view yet.

6aa7c3 No.105369


433887 No.105370

May be completely off-base here, and this is really nothing but speculation, but here it goes:

I think we are currently in the throws of a "Cold War" between two AIs. I'm not sure if I can "prove this", but I get the feeling that the singularity already happened, and it was just never reported, because, well… What we know about 7 Dwarfs in Langley should lead you to realize that there are big, complex supercomputers with the power to simulate, well… everything. All that data being collected on everyone, everything, all interactions - do we imagine it's just sitting around advertiser's workplaces? No. It's in the hands of whoever can take it/steal it/ posses it.

I'm not saying CERN definitely is what we're dealing with, but I'd put a lot of money on the evil black box supercomputing AI we are fighting being locked away in Switzerland under the cover of CERN. There are already a few good videos/ digs about "society being programmed by a black box". Slowly and steadily, literally everything that (((they))) need to get done, gets done, year after year, month after month, at all levels of their opreation. Operators do X, to accomplish Y, as mockinbird and monarch agents tasked to complete their little piece of the puzzle that adds up to "the machine" "the beast" "the plan", whatever we call it.

These people genuinely believe themselves to be gods for millennia, and they gather in their halls and castles and board rooms and move chess pieces to and fro just to entertain themselves and get done what they need to get done. So of course all their tech acquisition would lead to them developing AI first, all as part of their plan to keep their ball rolling

NOW is where it gets interesting. What if the're another AI? What if the military has one? What if year after year, month after month, the simulations all ran showing that situation after situation would only lead to failure, destruction, complete end game for the white hats.

I have no idea when exactly this occurred - but what if one day the light went green, and /ourAI/ spit out the one set of circumstances that would lead to 95% success rate, the one course of action that would lead to victory, the one set of circumstances that could stop (((them)))?

It had to have went green with Trump. They finally saw the chance. They ran the simulation, and after nothing, just quiet contemplation, /ourAI/ woke up, saw the exact perfect set of actions to defeat them, every single step of the way.

What we are seeing before our very eyes here in /cbts/, is World War III. The Information War. The AI War. Instead of frontlines, and mass army movements, or blitzkriegs, or air strikes, we get headlines. The AI spits out "Yes, release X, it is the perfect time", and then we have it, right in the news WWIII's version of a battalion charging a choke point. Boom. Another blow. Boom. Another blow. They fight back, they release their news, they move mountains how they always have - but now for the VERY FIRST TIME… we have our own "black box" programming OUR reality.



737e7e No.105371


Well I missed it!

Thanks for posting

5db935 No.105372

File: 7d25b1d28c4f05c⋯.jpg (51.64 KB, 650x720, 65:72, free.jpg)

cbfcd2 No.105373


What would be interesting in the ACooper newsletter

is if you could read something like INSTRUCTIONS to all personnel

about what could/couldn't be discussed

293d8d No.105374


Sounds right to me. Asking because it seems Q is still looking for us to build "The Map". Wondering there's some visual way to connect these spiders and markers that illustrates show the whole landscape with more detail than a single line.

jus brainstormin'

54f200 No.105375


Ok…so wtf was it 6 months ago?

821c04 No.105376


This is beautifully laid out

ec1fa6 No.105377


One could say that if looked at from the Judeo-Christian cultural perspective. There are also some other interesting texts out there from other cultures which I have reviewed.

6aa7c3 No.105378

WE WON!!! nothing has been achieved in past 48 hours…bunch of tards screeching. REEEEEEEEE

087e1f No.105379


But we don't post the website. EVER.

If you want to invite someone, that's ok.

b20f7b No.105380

File: 9f3bbfa798f8f4b⋯.jpg (196.33 KB, 589x549, 589:549, 1508082395909a.jpg)


I have found alcohol is a good cure over an overdose of cbts

821c04 No.105381


Beautifully put, I mean.

a3539b No.105383


from the article:

"The bodies of Barry Sherman, the billionaire founder of global generic drug giant Apotex Inc., and his wife, Honey, were found in the basement of the Shermans' Toronto mansion on Friday, but mystery surrounds the cause of their deaths."

"Mr. Sherman's net worth was recently estimated to be $4.77-billion by Canadian Business, an online magazine, making him the 15th-richest person in Canada. He had donated widely to political and community causes after making his fortune in the pharmaceutical world."

dc4b75 No.105384


That's so exceptionally fucking stupid I don't have words for it. If you suck off the /pol/ mods you're just as cancerous as they are. Your race is fucked if you can't figure that out. Have fun being kept ignorant. Have fun being culturally genocided.

95890e No.105385


Every story, EVERY STORY, is a cover story. Someties they have cover stories for the cover stories. All the lying is to cover up the bigger stuff, the put your ass in the hospital kind of stuff (psychotic break). And what is it? The illusion of free will. Your thoughts are not always YOUR thoughts. Those emotions are not always YOURS. I can tell it all, or alot of it, if you really want to know. But in short your a robot that doesnt know your a robot. Imagine your trevor from gtav. Trevor doesnt know you have your fingers on his buttons. He thinks it was his decision to walk this way or that way, but only you know it was your decision. Get it? Hell, there are even patents on this scary tech.

087e1f No.105386

1ee179 No.105387

File: fba5a1d34fca017⋯.jpg (170.94 KB, 792x576, 11:8, key-of-solomon-Hebrew-ciph….jpg)

File: 683790207498d86⋯.jpg (196.16 KB, 1008x288, 7:2, scotland-cochno-dandelieth….jpg)

File: 32deda4fe51c4f3⋯.jpg (53.79 KB, 640x171, 640:171, Vatican Secret Map.jpg)

File: 8944aa8f5443796⋯.jpg (179.08 KB, 700x494, 350:247, vatican_01.jpg)

75d4c0 No.105388


>Bigger than Adam Schiff.

No shit, did you miss the reports of High Velocity projectiles ruining underground bunkers in the ME?

Did you miss the reports of dozens of explosions all under influential california neighborhoods?

Did you miss the plane crashes?

The DEWs?

The Twitter threats?

The IMF threats?

The dining in the Forbidden City?

The unity of the Asia Peninsula behind POTUS?

Did you miss the bantz between the UK PM and POTUS?

How about the Rothchilds and 'Godfather III' a strong hint at the Vatican/ Holy See?

I was like you, but I searched for information, I searched for clues and indications of how far POTUS was going to take this.

I saw who he surrounded himself with, people who have been personally devastated by the (((DeepState))).

I saw the deals he was making.

I asked myself what he could have that makes the world pliable to his will.

Then I realized everybody wants the (((DeepState))) gone.

And that's when I knew he was taking it all the way.

426fea No.105389


People and places would be destinations, and money, marriage, blood, and children would be the paths between them.

Anon mentioned using GIS to literally make a map, but that must've fallen out because I haven't seen a single .mxd related to this.

d3ee2f No.105390


Oh yeah. I trust dogs more than most people. lol

939ff9 No.105392

Q entrusted all of you! You should all trust in yourselves for that reason! Q said over and over to expand your thinking and to re-read crumbs. You got this! Take a spin at re-reading the crumbs

b8d300 No.105393


well stated….

75d4c0 No.105394


It's fine to kill yourself whenever. I'm sorry you think imkampfy is standing in the way of your pursuit of the 14 words.

Your resolve is weak and you are pathetic if a /pol/ mod is effecting you in such a way.

He's a plaything, abuse him.

bb6b21 No.105395


My guess is seymour "satan" epstein is cleaning house in t.o.

I wonder if Peter Munk is next

31d6c9 No.105397


Have we considered that this might be Schiffs way of sending a message to somebody?

689574 No.105398


Well THIS is bullshit…lolol. If this was the case asshole, then WHY aren't the "controllers in charge already for a LONG time. NO ALL they truly have is BLUFF!

172d67 No.105400























Get a life you Faggots!

It´s not about (you)(´s) !!!!

62111a No.105401

File: d1cf3066889395c⋯.jpg (32.59 KB, 503x175, 503:175, pie_logo.jpg)



Although I said >>99414

I'm now thinking pic related is more accurate.

619c28 No.105402

d3ee2f No.105403


Word. Yes.. I've seen all that. I'll be happier when I see more bodybags and less talking, but that's just me. There's ONE thing that will easily release the grip of evil on this planet, and it's not bargaining chips.

55b231 No.105405



f2faf0 No.105406

We are part of history in the making. Shills, Be Gone!

1ee179 No.105407

File: 6a2cfc571283f7a⋯.jpg (202.86 KB, 792x650, 396:325, Abraham-pleiades-star-map7.jpg)



99% people will find out that ALL 4 major religions are a LIE

a7499e No.105408

I cant find the post for when Q mentioned the 10 days of darkness.

Also tried opening links to Q post and maps, but they wont load for me.

108b00 No.105409


I read that as CIA is sinful

a3539b No.105410


yeah, its not about (you)s, its about memes :)

f2faf0 No.105411

Hannity and The Hill reporter John Sullivan……ripping Lisa Bloom. I see Gloria Alreds daughter getting disbarred.

54f200 No.105412


So how do we take our free will back? Where do you think we came from & why we are here. Ive always felt I'm "stuck" & im supposed to have some type of power but then I feel like I'm crazy! How do you know what you know? Share please!!

cfb189 No.105413

The president of the US Corporation enlisted a bunch of literal retards to overthrow the cabal that has controlled the world for hundreds if not thousands of years. LMFAO, god damn retards…

d3ee2f No.105414


I'd rather just be working on my own projects, doing what I was doing before this stupid ass MSM bullshit faggotry and cabal nonsense, but I took a break from my learning to come out and make a stink.


That's all I'm saying. I'll feel better when I know that the money I'm spending isn't going towards vampires who traffic children because they hate humanity.

b20f7b No.105415


have you seen this?


you will like it better

b8d300 No.105416

1ee179 No.105417



This is actually kinda true…even if ur mocking

e0cb07 No.105418

File: 4fc7a580be8f103⋯.png (158.07 KB, 515x938, 515:938, 10days.png)

189283 No.105419

McKinsey & Company CEO Dominic Burton is stepping down in early 2018. Worked as a currency analyst for Rotschilds in London before being recruited by McKinsey, and in 2009 began running the McKinsey firm after working for them for 23 years. His Ex-wife is Sheila Labatt from the Labatt dynasty.

Meanwhile these people in South Africa want answers. Here is their open letter to McKinsey & Company.


b8d300 No.105420



94b985 No.105421


In direct reference to the complete and utter GRID carrier that interviewed the shameless traitors tripfaggots here, Q directly calls him FAKE AND GAY.





Q called you fake and gay BO. Eat shit. You gonna stand before a tribunal nigger

1ee179 No.105422


All religions are made up farces just to control you…thousands of years of lies guys…hard pill to swallow.

69e4d3 No.105423


I am not so sure about this website. Grammar and spelling errors. Also LdR isn't tweeting about it. She tweets a lot about their chocolate shop.

ec1fa6 No.105424


Yes, anon, all legends. What is important about history is that it is most often written by the victor, not the loser. Until now, humanity has more often than not been the loser.

b20f7b No.105425


learn to post before you threat

if you can't post you sure can't defend

75d4c0 No.105426

File: 37292229f8bf390⋯.png (183.41 KB, 460x259, 460:259, schiff_gets_the_rope23.png)


Make a meme or throw your computer out.


POTUS asked for some Trust on this and I'll give it to him, he's exceeded my 'jaded fuck off' expectations to a degree I can't describe.


Produce a meme then stupid. It's not hard.

172d67 No.105427


you contributed nothing


your wishfull thinking


lurk mor


you dont know nothing jon snow



895ed1 No.105428


I'm convinced Twitter is just a means of sending coded messeges hidden in plain sight. Every single one of LdR's, may chocolate means they're in the shit. Flyeaglesfly means go or run

7ee455 No.105429


You cannot imagine how disgusted I have been to even feel the need to use one. The shit-show on halfchan seemed to require it. Glad that we're beyond that now after all the fuckery here. Just here to help and though I don't think it's really all that great of a job of it, have worked a lot of hours like many, many others. Anons we are and anons we remain. Just glad to help out how I can. Thanks bro.

cbfcd2 No.105430


Whenever I start to think I got sucked in to something

I remember how much work this has required you to do

It's such a great resource in many ways

muchos gracias

54f200 No.105431


You want to know what is really scary…I can't stop coming to this thread…I've put off family, work, chores, etc…because I HAVE TO KNOW what the "Truth" is and have to know what Q will say next!! Has this happened to anyone else? This has become my life…I'm a damn "truth digger" and can't stop because when I get another "Q clue"- I have to dig more! Lol!

2b1b94 No.105432


'Chocolate Shop'

>sounds like walnut saucesque desu

62111a No.105433


Hey Baker,

No-one seems to have noticed THIS >>105401

Can we put it on the list, please? I really think I'm onto something here. Can't believe how much time it's taken to get to it.

a7499e No.105434



Now look at darNKess…

could this mean 10 days of daRKness in NK?

d7e411 No.105435



Now find a fire to die in, no one cares what you think.

0bcc1a No.105436


100% yes

d3ee2f No.105437


>he's exceeded my 'jaded fuck off' expectations to a degree I can't describe.

I hear ya. He's done an amazing job in a VERY short amount of time, but he should have been president after Reagan, kek. Then we wouldn't be in this fucked up mess. Shoulda, coulda, woulda.. I know..


75d4c0 No.105438


Make a thread nigger, I'm down to destroy pizza faggots.

895ed1 No.105439


Tied to many major politicians in the UK

5db935 No.105441

File: 410ced8fbcea8e9⋯.jpg (43.65 KB, 640x379, 640:379, myspace.jpg)


Hi Tori.

b8d300 No.105442

File: 4e2c92b6c01f20c⋯.png (692.26 KB, 720x537, 240:179, ec0eee4504fd48c617a7c9f975….png)

2b1b94 No.105443

e0cb07 No.105444


Possible. I haven't noticed NK news lately….

88d850 No.105445


We live in the best timeline.

b20f7b No.105446


yeah, but I had no life before this

62111a No.105447


Yip, and I think it's the logo on that Anderson Cooper paper.

75d4c0 No.105448



6aa7c3 No.105449


Nothingburger indeed. POTUS needs nothing form the screeching tards here….solving riddles which were known long ago. Fairwell friend,,,

95890e No.105450


Do you see, do you get it yet? You call bluff right off the bat! Too out there to believe huh? Everything you see, hear, and even think is recorded and used against you to push you down a particular road. And yet, here you are. Cant stop thinking about this Q can you? I bet you get real excited reading all this dont you. We all have a role to play in this game. Your spreading this around, helping others see something youved been led to believe is true. And how could you not, hell your watcging it unfold before your very eyes. Your senses, electrical impulses, are telling you its real… Must be.

087e1f No.105451


Hellery and Schiftyeyes have both twattered out the same thing, in the past 24 hours, too.

990872 No.105452


For the past week, I have sat in my computer chair. I cannot get enough of the truth. It's consumed my mind. I am ready. So ready. As I'm sure we all are.

895ed1 No.105453


Might be on to something there anon, good stuff.

Any artfags able to enhance and compare?

1ee179 No.105454


Tell me what you know…or you just gonna ignore thousands of years of obvious af in your face evidence?

Just go on and ignore logic why don't cha?

And btw I have contributed much here besides this star stuff. Q knows that tho…

Plz do tell what you know I'm all ears, I got aalllll night on account of my PTSD from the CIA trying to kill me for the last 3 years or so I rarely leave the house. >>105162 ain't that right fellas?

b20f7b No.105455


My favorite since the day I saw it. Kudos to the memer. and my desktop background

62111a No.105456


Thanks :) I wouldn't know where to begin with starting a new thread.

d1dae8 No.105457

75d4c0 No.105458


I've got Columbus from Q's first post.

a3539b No.105459


>Produce a meme then stupid. It's not hard.

yes your right. i didnt mean to speak ill of anyone, i just saw the opportunity of a joke and threw it out there. i should have just shut up.

306a7f No.105460

5db935 No.105461

File: 4f773c7d9d58195⋯.jpg (21.89 KB, 427x447, 427:447, astrid_wings.jpg)



>If you arrived at this page, you probably clicked on the photo of a woman named Astrid at RealityCarnival.Com. Very few people have thought to click on the photo. Congratulations.

>Astrid is interested in voodoo, shamanism, plant-human symbiosis, psychedelics from Central and South America, and the structure of ultimate reality. I first learned about Astrid here, although the link is now defunct.

> Astrid and her fellow "psychonauts" also believe that certain kinds of chemicals,

such as DMT

>are gateways to valid realities filled with strange life forms. Here is one of my favorite photos of Astrid, with wings. Please click on her photo to enlarge.

Astrid, do you like Phish?

939ff9 No.105462


I meant to build encouragement to the other poster for self trust not call attention to myself. My appologies

b20f7b No.105463


I was there since day one. don't recall columbus

75d4c0 No.105466

File: beb4de8afd0d994⋯.jpg (9.79 KB, 339x149, 339:149, 1509505215390.jpg)


>I should have just shut up.

No. You should make a meme and join me as reigning shitlord of cbts.


Look at the first one. Nevermind pic related.

351be8 No.105467



5db935 No.105469

File: d5f82ca2a3e21e5⋯.jpg (42.5 KB, 684x385, 684:385, CNoIhaMWIAA84tc.jpg)

bbcc77 No.105470


>everybody wants the (((DeepState))) gone.


bb6b21 No.105472


>Republican Rep. Trent Franks (AZ) — Resigned after he reportedly made women uncomfortable by asking them to be a surrogate mother.

That is hilarious

b20f7b No.105473

b39ba1 No.105475



Not by us :D

Nice to have a front-row seat to the show.

54f200 No.105476


So what is the end game here? Where do WE stand? I'm disgusted by the evil we have found but do I truly believe that I'm "a computer" being manipulated- not really BUT….hmm, maybe our "free will" which is a gift from God is being manipulated…fk, now I feel crazy! KEK!

b20f7b No.105477


I recall the image. My recollection was just text on those first posts. Thank you, anon. historic in more ways than one.

d6ffdf No.105478

Kamala Harris weird duck…

"Bizarre fake police force included Kamala Harris aide, prosecutors say"


351be8 No.105479


Thank you desu, much appreciated

75d4c0 No.105482

File: 553faa81f637579⋯.jpg (2.68 KB, 85x125, 17:25, 1511583188032s.jpg)

File: 373db88028f0963⋯.jpg (471.94 KB, 2048x1369, 2048:1369, every_time_april_ryan_talk….jpg)

Here's some old ones to fill up the thread.

172d67 No.105483


you care, obvoiusly


you care too, obvoiusly


if you cant trust yourself, who youre gonna trust ?

b20f7b No.105485


awesome meme. oc?

88d850 No.105486


Well, 6 weeks is 21 lifetimes for an amoeba.

2b1b94 No.105487

Fresh bread




>bake and he will crumb edition #120

087e1f No.105489


That's what I was going to ask. Funny how R. Emanual hasn't asked for NatGuard first…but went straight to UN… very telling.

54f200 No.105490


I did but this has eclipsed my marriage, my job, my "life"….I have been made to feel like I actually have a PURPOSE of finding the TRUTH…I believe we were all "called" here (to cbts) for some reason but I just can't find that last crumb to put the whole picture (map, graphic) together!

75d4c0 No.105492


What's this? Do I need to meme a globalist faggot into the ground?

6aa7c3 No.105495

POTUS IS married to an illegal….WTF

bb6b21 No.105498

oh great it's pampersanon on the bake again…

d3ee2f No.105499

75d4c0 No.105500


I definitely think I was called here.

I definitely think I was programmed to be here.

I definitely think I was dog whistled over a month ago.

cbfcd2 No.105501


Sec Tillerson has said in a few speeches

how his priority is to save lives

It has occurred to me that China is no real lover of the English

what with the opium war they had to fight

now indonesia seems to be fighting a similar war, very similar, very harsh

The SARS virus was discovered by the Asians

to be a genetically-aimed virus

affecting only Asians

go figure

b8d300 No.105502

File: 5173c86eee3bea6⋯.jpg (261.48 KB, 1578x824, 789:412, ispatwitter 2.jpg)

Keep up the great work Anons….

6aa7c3 No.105505

Sidley Austin






712b40 No.105506

Godspeed Anons.

0f8214 No.123471

File: 7c5c132c6475074⋯.png (488.63 KB, 617x434, 617:434, dcwitches.PNG)

The Mothers Ive been redpilling are finding this pill the hardest to swallow….

The coven…..

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