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File: 928482b0c97b649⋯.jpg (110.12 KB, 800x472, 100:59, #calm-1.jpg)

57972c No.106285

Our goal is simple:

To explain the chaos of our times to your loved ones and friends. We're lost without a normie to redpill, because we can take these ideas into all sorts of directions.

What resistance do you meet when you talk about Q-topics? Share that here. We will map the barriers of ignorance that stand in Our way, and surgically remove the cabals curse.

Suit up lads, we will have Peace through the Strength of our Understanding and give Clarity through our Memetic Spread.

>Perhaps he could not in good conscious see the world burn.

Can you?

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==CONFIRMED BY Q== ID: 462c9a




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We're all apart of the greatest timeline we've ever known.

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Kentucky Rep. Dan Johnson commits suicide(?) over accusations he molested 17yr. old girl >>>/cbts/91858

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Trump reauthorized Office of Special Council >>>/cbts/86640

Updated Wiki >>>/cbts/79357

Manhattan Surgeon of the Elites commits "SUICIDE" (knife in chest) >>>/cbts/81363

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Ex Spy chief admits deep state vs trump >>>/cbts/78197

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Q & NYC BOMBER CONNECTIONS: >>>/cbts/76134

"MichaelHastings Day of Reckoning"?!: >>>/cbts/71971

POTUS Pensacola Speech Transcript/Breakdown: https://pastebin .com/EQUr4puP

& https://anonfile .com/JeBbl3d0bd/0df21dc58f8049177563aa6cd15eb746bef383b4796e9ace4e10b259285774d0.pdf

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Title: CBTS General #XX: ??????? Edition

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separate things.

Second/third post: All after ++++++ signs.

o7 Captain Mike Green o7

57972c No.106295

Any batter updates, just let me know. Let's be the autists Q knows we are. Stay Comfy.

8f0b3d No.106296


just a note on that dropbox (printable) file - end of each column has a blank notes page at the end, because of my autism. i didnt take it out of the shared version, sorry

there are a couple columns in which the beginning of the next column appears on the right, so it looks like something is cut off. nothing is cut off, those columns appear on the next file in full.

4fbfdf No.106301


8cecbf No.106302


It's downloading now, all good so far

1dc922 No.106306

File: f3d93da56dfaac8⋯.gif (187.31 KB, 670x473, 670:473, bunkier.gif)

A bunch of military ballots came in suggesting Roy Moore loss could be challenged

8bdb0c No.106308


Hehehehehe, this is gonna be lit.

9fb1fd No.106310


I heard that for one source. Just one. Hanging on to hope. It is so obvious that was election fraud. So obvious.

57972c No.106311

File: b331f6bd498f388⋯.jpg (410.06 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1510731556304.jpg)

1dc922 No.106312



If illegal immigrant votes are removed (even ignoring the RAMPANT AND RANCID voter fraud) Roy Moore could be shown to have won. He's a hero, he hasn't conceded.

8cd401 No.106313

Ty 👨‍🍳 for the 🍞

8bdb0c No.106314


Love it. Fuck. I love it. Damn son. DAMN SON.

9fb1fd No.106315


>He's a hero, he hasn't conceded.

God bless anon

8cd401 No.106316



7dd530 No.106317

Hold onto your hats, folks. The big stringers have been decoded!



8bdb0c No.106318


Pls gib PNG anon.

ebfb8e No.106319


Everyone should troll Comey. Meme the fuck out of his Twatter the arrogant puke

57972c No.106320


Ah, I've put it in the wrong section. I'll put it in the top map section next time. Apols.

4aa913 No.106321

File: 78fa15c2c198fff⋯.webm (10.68 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, T10.webm)

Its go time faggots!

834ee3 No.106322

Notice Trump's hand movement at 1:17 when he mentions children.



8bdb0c No.106324


He's in it to win it. I'm so burnt out of bad things. I'll keep making positive memes about winners and winning.

f42c05 No.106325

File: 1ce073b12d8b8ef⋯.jpg (13.94 KB, 261x239, 261:239, DHhUhG2UQAA0YgD.jpg)

File: eadb50230cd572c⋯.jpg (97.38 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, eadb50230cd572cbe07e3f0e61….jpg)


27a688 No.106326

57972c No.106327


Proud to post PNG Anons epic work!

9fb1fd No.106328


ty anon

5d89e6 No.106329



Melania … LOL

1dc922 No.106330

File: 3e84213c56158d3⋯.jpg (137.16 KB, 941x962, 941:962, Black-Box-Voting.jpg)


Made a thread for Alabama election fraud, please bump this is probably one of the most important events of 2017 for the swamp to be drained.

57972c No.106331



7dd530 No.106332


Mostly… there are a few left.



Seriously, check it out from the Stringer board!

c61327 No.106333


Wow, juxtaposing Margaret Sanger and Hillary Clinton quotes. Just wow, wow. (I knew that, but your meme certainly makes the point vividly).

d48514 No.106334


I think a larger case for recount can be made due to an impossible 600,000 GOP voters stayed home, while democrats had 93% turnout.

A difference in GOTV and enthusiasm is understandable.

But 600,000 repub voters, in ALABAMA, stayed home?

No F-ing way.

5d89e6 No.106335


Love it!!! Do you mind if I share that on FB?

8f0b3d No.106336

b52ee3 No.106337

Someone researched Maxine Waters’ spouse


8f0b3d No.106338


no worries

9fb1fd No.106339

File: 6e34383c014ebe3⋯.jpg (48.31 KB, 253x212, 253:212, 1509314142128sa1b1a2a.jpg)


Melania … LOL

anyone who tries to dox Q will meet my vengeance

8cd401 No.106340


Looks like he was giving an ok signal

f42c05 No.106341

File: 2ee31e7a2322221⋯.png (3.17 KB, 120x108, 10:9, 7b12b2afdc9f7bb407f4c23365….png)

File: 045bd61ba6319e8⋯.png (673.57 KB, 643x1194, 643:1194, 045bd61ba6319e8043fe92d186….png)

File: ca706cb42e686ab⋯.png (747.33 KB, 854x882, 61:63, ca706cb42e686abcaeed8ebf7c….png)

Still guys, the papers AC had. WTF? Where's our CSI level analysis. So far:


>Or some Pedo shit

>I saw a dude in a pool with kiddies in that lower pic

>One anon agreed

>no other comments




>Friday nite

>get back in there, anon

d48514 No.106342

b2227e No.106344


Im adding this to the QMap PDF, thanks anon.

3e8b97 No.106345


THere was a lot more than that done. Gannett sell the news, Soros, Roth, Saud money through Blackrock and Vanguard. Also John Jeffry Lewis III, who owns a Saudi company too.

Gannett might actually produce and stage then script news for the media. Could Gannett be the eye? It's where all three sides meet.

9fb1fd No.106346


That is awesome. If your name is anon you should get a good time form this.

8cd401 No.106347


I posted a closer pic a few threads back, don’t have it anymore, deleted it off my system.

14d895 No.106348


>Okay. DID ANYONE EVER make the map for that multinational Lawfirm?

Sidley Austin? No, not that I'm aware of. It should be done though. An infograph on that would be a huge redpill as far as how these fuckers are connected.

>He was talking about MS13 earlier

only 1 so far, pic related

>The 10 days, darkness, thing, I think is part of the 2nd map we should be making.

Really think that is either non-comm or 10 days shut down of govt.

>the wives.

This, IMO is a truly missed opportunity. There are so many connections and ways to show those connections to activities and others (money laundering, message carrying, ass-covering) that no one has yet taken up that mantle.

We need to get on the fucking stick here and produce some quality content. Meme quality has not been astounding thus far, I know anons can do better. So does Q, that's why they came to /pol/

c61327 No.106350

File: 4cf8565622e4b4c⋯.png (857.5 KB, 900x622, 450:311, Allred.png)

57972c No.106351


Feel free anon. PNG Anon will be proud.

You can share any images from here. Check out the meme threads for tonnes of great OC.

Link at the top of the page.

8cecbf No.106352


scanned the zip and the pdf's with virustotal .com: all clear

8cd401 No.106353


Not long ago it was stated by some govt. person or maybe even the potus on the news that almost all the ms13 gamg were the undoc kids BHO hid throughout the country

8bdb0c No.106355

File: 5c1baba8d54d624⋯.jpg (100.25 KB, 780x438, 130:73, roy_moore_understands_stat….jpg)

Gotta get warmed up.

f42c05 No.106356

File: 4746fefdbf6cb56⋯.jpg (46.68 KB, 394x495, 394:495, 1502813740022.jpg)

Ok, we dug Gannett, still though, no Q conf, plus it's dark now apparently, and I'm not satisfied.

3bf8b9 No.106357


There is no quick fix. People wanting to see the storm only know the 20%. It is the 80% behind the scenes that needs time to play out. The longer it does, the more smoothly it will all go.

c61327 No.106358


Memes #1 >>2

Memes #2 >>61078

There are literally thousands of images. Many are memes; some infographs or just people's faces that would be suitable for new memes. Bulk download our zip files if you like. Links at top of this page. They are made for sharing and you are most welcome to distribute them as you see fit.

5d89e6 No.106359



1dc922 No.106360

File: 7d6c9936197b4ee⋯.jpg (78.37 KB, 850x400, 17:8, GOD.jpg)


Yes, half a million votes disappeared.

57972c No.106361

4fbfdf No.106362


Not sure on the second one. Thought I remembered that as something anonymous production assistant overheard her saying backstage at some media appearance.

The Sanger one is brutal.

7741c2 No.106363

namefag goes off the deep end on the storm

>I posted your post into our discord. we feel that we should not try to subvert cbts but provide a more attractive alternative. I am the loudest voice in the group for distrusting CBTS due to actions of the BO

d89b64 No.106364

Moore hasn’t conceded. FBI political corruption public information. Trump going to camp David. Q dark. Stazk revealed. Schiff scared. Pending congressional sex scandals. Thousands of indictments.

I feel the storm getting closer.

8bdb0c No.106365

File: 6ae1ce2c8b3991c⋯.jpeg (138.32 KB, 1480x833, 1480:833, slaves_to_their_tyranny.jpeg)

ea20d4 No.106366

File: 560d9b513e5bd44⋯.png (293.21 KB, 960x540, 16:9, bmbsawy.png)

File: e93fdecbd2f2767⋯.png (156.67 KB, 454x735, 454:735, qbmbsawy.png)

Might be a stretch but I've been watching Wormwood.

Who is Alice? Could it be Alice Olson?

At 14:36 this guy in the show Wormwood says "Bombs Away"

When i heard that, obviously I thought of the Q quote "Bombs away.".


"Olson returned from this trip changed. Alice, his wife, “sensed something was wrong the moment he walked in the door. There was a stiffness in the way he kissed her hello and held her. Like he was doing something mechanical, devoid of any meaning or affection,” H.P. Albarelli wrote in his book about Olson, A Terrible Mistake."

"The day after Thanksgiving, Olson called home. He told Alice he was feeling better. He folded his laundry in Room 1018A. And later that night, his body was found on Seventh Avenue."


"Future provides past."

"Future shows past."

"Future answers past."

"Future proves past."

/"Future posts will be relayed here."/


Wormwood might be a good show to meme normal people.

d0f7e8 No.106367


At Camp David he's only six miles from Site R

7741c2 No.106368


As do I anon.

c61327 No.106371


We were informed a few breads ago that it was snowing in Maryland and it was decided to return to D.C. due to inclement weather, instead of coming to Camp David. Of course we have no way of knowing what actually occurred.

6a32f7 No.106372


Fake money, fake debt, fake payment of debt.

We could literally "pay" our FED debts with a US Treasury minted coin series.

Fiat coins from UST are not fiat FED notes.

Issue $2T UST coins, "pay" FED note debt.

Biggest FUCK YOU to the roths and their entire system of fake money EVER.

Start over with gold/silver backed UST currency

000000 No.106373


Didn't POTUS tweet that the "write in ballots played an important part in the election" ?

The write-ins were the majority of the totals that were stolen from Roy.

Trump is telling libtards that he knows they stole the election- them damn tards are so stupid they don't see it.

(they still think POTUS is stupid, even when he is standing behind them with a ball bat smiling!)

9dbb7f No.106374



Fo real!

There was a video of people SAYING "We came from all over the country to vote in this Alabama election.."

Uhmmmmmm.. isn't that illegal?


7741c2 No.106375

And this from a trip fag. They are delusional

>Cbts is also dead

f42c05 No.106376

File: 3e5f80ddca74fed⋯.jpg (37.97 KB, 540x283, 540:283, KxYX41rYN2kp5vXhv_h_a2pu71….jpg)

File: cec055e6b84e88b⋯.png (88.42 KB, 300x140, 15:7, goldpeeps.png)

File: 1d1cd9baad3ab8b⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1572x1048, 3:2, homealone.png)

Q, can you pease tell the Donald to legalize it?? SRSLY, would BTFO Cali and let us rednecks do our thing while MAGAing. (off topic)

Next- NOBODY in here gives a fuck that the website Susan Rice and Ian whateverhisnameis used for their Christmas party invites (per the wikileaks7 dump) a couple years ago has that Rothschild gold dude as the blog icon. WTF. See pic related from the button, plus see the pic it leads to..

903b7e No.106377






TOP NOTCH info Anon!!

If it has been brought up…

I haven't read or seen this.

1dc922 No.106378


Yes 100% illegal. We should all pray and force Jeff Sessions to kick some ass over there.


the write-ins were hacked and changed to Doug Jones

000000 No.106381


WE Are Necessary to keep the 80% from killing themselves or each other.

Snowflakes melt fast. (meme idea!)

8f0b3d No.106382


We only need to worry about making progress. A few breakthroughs and q will not be able to start away, and all of them will still be fools. They will just realize it as well.

eb6454 No.106383


Call me on the day of the noose.

eb51d7 No.106384


I like the look she gets when GEOTUS says calm before the storm. She aint Q, but she knows WTF is going on.

000000 No.106388


MEME idea:

"All I want for Christmas is to watch snowflakes melting!"

7a9836 No.106389

File: 3229f9be9aa5519⋯.jpg (67.23 KB, 506x337, 506:337, groupofbabies.jpg)

i tried to get so high

10 miles high

im getting closer

all the time

7741c2 No.106391


I lost your phone number anon

27a688 No.106392


Remember when Obama told illegals to go ahead and vote…nothing will happen to you! That was infuriating.

5e0966 No.106393

Afsaneh M. Beschloss serves on the Board Governors at the Red Cross.

1. She was the prior Managing Director at The Carlyle Group.

2. Prior to this position, she was the Chief Investment Officer and Treasurer at the World Bank.

3. Her prior work experience also includes the Ford Foundation and PBS.

4. Currently, she is the president of The Rock Creek Group (formerly known as Carlyle Asset Management Group).


b2227e No.106394

274894 No.106395


I can echo that statement, at least the second party, as I used to be one of them. Truth be known, I still am.


>Don't count your chickens before their hatched and keep that damn AR oiled.

Wise words right there. Or keep it kind of dry, but exercised. Oil it at go time.

3bf8b9 No.106396


BO - Board Owner

7741c2 No.106397


Nigh all. See you in the am.

5e88ac No.106398


'BO' in this context refers to 'Board Owner', not Hussein

ea20d4 No.106399

File: 0ae5e743d07cad6⋯.png (34.36 KB, 637x172, 637:172, qequalsalice.png)



I should have typed that "Bombs away." was from Chapter 1 of Wormwood.

The closed captioning specifically says "Bombs away."* just like Q typed.

Then there is this Q post that says "Q = Alice"

9dbb7f No.106401


Yes. I remember that. I also remember when he said "You didn't build that"

Uhmm.. no there guy, YOU didn't build it. BHO didn't build shit except a poor reputation and a crap legacy. I'm ashamed to have voted for him once.

1dc922 No.106402


Roy Moore Camp Fundraising Election Integrity Fund

000000 No.106403

The military drills on MONDAY were NOT just in DC. They were in TX and CA, and several other places.

Did anyone else get the feeling that was cover for small operations?

Does anyone else think the main drills were prepping for Christmas Eve shitstorm?

9dbb7f No.106404


Night yo! Have sweet crazy dreams. ;)

903b7e No.106405


The only reason Cannibus is not legal is they haven't quite worked out there fucked up manipulation and way to make MORE off legalizing it vs…how they have it now.

Then they would need to find new revenue sources, because of the money loss. Just think. We can cure cancer. FUCK NO…then how will they replace the revenue off all the dieing people, big pharm, etc. Don't get me started. Another rabbit hole.

KILLin' us softly…Globally.

e38c35 No.106406

If he changes the currency imaqine how much he would FU the drug dealers and their stacks of cash

443097 No.106407

File: 10096f27b8f4e5e⋯.jpg (75.81 KB, 980x275, 196:55, irish-heritage.jpg)


I understand why you think that way, but I disagree. We must resurrect the "good" from that which has been "crucified."

Much genocide and evil has been committed in the name of religious and/or ethnic "groups" including Christianity (the Inquisition) throughout history, but that should not blind us to the good works of individuals who happen to be directly or indirectly associated with those groups.

For example, the "golden rule" was taught by the Judean sage, Hillel, prior to Christ.

The Greeks brought us democracy and the humanities.

The original meaning of the word "pagan" is simply "country folk." It only became a purgative after the Roman Church declared "War against the Pagans" in much the same way the deep state has used the "War on Terror" to demonize freedom loving Americans in "fly over country" who just want to be left alone.

There were many prominent examples of virtuous pagans, including Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Trajan, and Virgil.

It is such "group" think that keeps us divided and

fighting each other while the evil elite continue to exploit us with such tricks.

3bf8b9 No.106408

6a32f7 No.106409

728ff9 No.106410

File: 130a029c8175dff⋯.png (127.34 KB, 770x954, 385:477, PBK-2.png)

File: 553a38f921c0974⋯.png (229.33 KB, 1225x986, 1225:986, PBK.png)

File: 93ecc22ee25ca88⋯.png (155.29 KB, 769x932, 769:932, phiBetaKappa-list.png)

File: 792655e2469189b⋯.png (138.21 KB, 1146x954, 191:159, lipman-bloomberg.png)

JOANNE LIPMAN = CCO of Gannett and Editor in Chief, USA TODAY

She is a YALE graduate, member of the Yale University Phi Beta Kappa Society,

a lifetime invite-only club of the rich and famous.

*Phi Beta Kappa Society* (this is THE CLUB they are ALL in). It's not limited to Yale.

Members include George Sr & Jeb Bush, Bill Clinton, Lynne Cheney, Jimmy Carter, Kissinger, Francis Ford Coppola (Godfather)…just about everyone who's anyone.

She has deep connections through her membership in PBK.

The PBK Society began at College of William & Mary - Comey's alma mater.


(The list of members, it may be old but very long):




27a688 No.106411


I can hear it now: "That was just so mean of Trump to arrest all those horrible child torturing officials on Christmas Eve."

a35bae No.106412


Q Post ID's on 8ch and 4chan





























































































848891 No.106413


Love the Sanger meme. Add that to Clinton loving that KKK dude plus her 'super predator' comments. She was an advocate for mass incarceration that hurt the black communities the most.

There's also some quote of clinton (I think in one of her books) that as first lady of Arkansas, she had 'house servants' (slaves) from the local prison.

9dbb7f No.106415


kek. I used to meme those. That was before Saudi Arabia.. er.. I mean.. Steven Paddock pulled some BS in Vegas…

57972c No.106418


BO wasn't the Q poster! There was a poster namefagging as 'Muslim' who managed to get 2 chars away from cracking Q's trip. He'd been trying a while, every time posting a closer version.

There were also shills and bakers storms going on. Board owner wanted to stop Q's trip from being cracked, so turned on 'Forced Anonymous' on the board. Q got the message about the cracker and changed his trip, but couldn't post on /cbts/ until BO woke up and turned trips on again. All sorted now and Q can post. He has new trip. See top post.

c61327 No.106419

File: c630a750180ee22⋯.png (950.13 KB, 1006x1012, 503:506, ClipboardImage.png)


The California "drill" was massive and practically unprecedented from what I read.

More than 20,000 Marines participate in massive combat drills in Southern California

In what promises to be the largest such exercise in 10 years, Marines from multiple duty stations in Southern California are participating in a massive set of drills this week, intended to approximate combat scenarios Marines may face all around the globe, including at home.

Two different sets of exercises, elements from the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing’s “Winter Fury” and the 1st Marine Division’s “Steel Knight,” are both conducted on an annual basis, but this year marks the first time they’ve been combined into a single large-scale event in a decade. The 1st Marine Division will field more than 20,000 Marines in the series of drills, with 600 more Marine aviators, along with their crews, participating from the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing.


https://sofrep. com/96001/more-than-20000-marines-participate-in-massive-combat-drills-in-southern-california/

000000 No.106420


'Tis the season for snowflake MEMEs!

I'm not a PS fag- but would like to spread the butter when it's churned…

(churning libtard niggers is hella-fun!)

f42c05 No.106421

File: ea2bd5456e34ebe⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1147x646, 1147:646, 1511313470859.png)

I pray and hope that our system, while diseased, will be healed in a smooth and non-disruptive manner.

We have to root out the evil

I thank God every day for Donald Trump

It is truly a miracle that he made it to the White House, given how corrupted and vile it had become

please douse cali

do the right things Anons

Dig and meme. Or more

4c474d No.106422


It would be funnier if the US mint made a giant stone coin with $20T US dollars on it and then dropped it on their mansion from a cargo plane

9dbb7f No.106423


I'm waiting for the ultimate: "But.. but.. we HAD to do this stuff, and it's YOUR fault for not noticing the signs and putting an end to it!"

Uhmm.. I'm just a lowly anon with one voice worth about $0.02

All I can do is try to find other people with $0.02 and see if we can pool our money to buy a country back.

57972c No.106425


Sleep well anon, sleep well.

54606d No.106426


wheres the date for christmas eve

serious curious


432098 No.106427

File: 7ad27d3c2673daa⋯.jpg (56.83 KB, 699x249, 233:83, q11.

Going back over some of the early Q posts. They have a great, deeper meaning now. Our job is to make sense of everything, distribute and get the word out. POTUS needs our help. What a privilege!

8cd401 No.106428

Most all of the politicians are multi mill. They should have used their own money to pay the settlements, prob wouldn’t have been found out then

9dbb7f No.106429

a35bae No.106431


One post in particular has me intrigued, it mentions: "DTTT"

Then says, answer your phone…

I am studding more…

ae1ec4 No.106432


Did you wipe your system with a cloth? If not, (((they))) can still find it.

000000 No.106433


I LOVE Marines!

They take orders directly from POTUS and NEVER FAIL!

Oh Christmas is gonna be FUN! I'm actually buying ONLY alcohol for gifts this year, we are gonna celebrate watching the livefeeds!

1dc922 No.106434

Someone send the Q posts about Alabama voter fraud please!

>Someone send the Q posts about Alabama voter fraud please!

<Someone send the Q posts about Alabama voter fraud please!

9dbb7f No.106435


?? dunno.

b390c1 No.106437


its about aliens thats why

000000 No.106439


RE: CNN Screen Capture-


Are they covering up something…

17e22c No.106440



Anons need to read to read these two posts.

On one hand, China/Russia/others are helping in the ousting of the cabal. They've been waiting a long time for this. Look at our "new" alliances across Asia, 45 emphasizing America's commitment as the closest of allies to whomever he is speaking to, whether Japan, SK, Vietnam, etc etc.

But on the other hand, China and the rest don't want to support the petrodollar any longer. They are looking out for their own interests, AS SOVEREIGN NATIONS LIKE 45 EMPHASIZED, and for their help in a) backing off the US geopolitically until 45 maneuvers the way he needs to, and b) attacking their OWN branches of the cabal, what shall our glorious Asian allies, our newfound greatest of allies, want in return? No mo petrodollar.

Which, truly, plays even better into Trump's hands, if he is as bold a character as we're all buying he is. Remember when some believed Hitler to be "the 9th Avatar" to signal the storm and violence which will herald "the 10th Avatar"? If Trump, like St George, like St Michael, actually does open battle with the Dragon - he'd go for the currency. He'd pull some NESARA shizz. CBTS would truly be what we hope it to be. Why we're here.

Trump struck a deal with glorious Chinaman, et al, and the rocket launch is just around the corner, and GLOBAL REFORM is peeking at us from around the corner, winking at us.

8cd401 No.106441

Gotta say this, I record a lot of court shows to watch later. The pedos line must be drying up cause I’ve seen a huge increase in commercials for boys and girls clubs, the ymca the ywca…etc….

1fab43 No.106442




8cd401 No.106444

Going by to reading and eating my homemade 🌮

000000 No.106445


That's the beginning of the 10day break, correct?

Q said…

c18eba No.106446

I feel like this is such a once in a lifetime event coming up that we need some sort of predictions thread for the anons to make wagers.

ef9dc6 No.106447


>>106106 exactly this is why q is bringing info here to the people with the brain power to figure it out then other me include can attempt to put it out to those that are still in fairy tale land all will not get it but either way trump and q giving power to people to know and move the meme over the msm

9dbb7f No.106448


My questions so far.. (Already aware for a long time that the country was compromised before I was even born)

Antarctica.. ??

Pyramids.. ??

Easter Island.. ??

Giant engravings on hillsides you can only see from planes.. ??

Well.. pretty much ALL the questions that any rational thinking human might have about everything.. Tech.. time travel? Anti-gravity? bla bla bla.. Duuuuuuude..

7dd530 No.106449

File: ed2f8c5a95a1fff⋯.png (1.49 MB, 2084x1196, 521:299, Stringer decode1.png)

File: 14671c2dc9a081f⋯.png (776.02 KB, 1670x1202, 835:601, Stringer decode2.png)

File: 12dd9dda669e061⋯.png (1.94 MB, 1983x1274, 1983:1274, Stringer decode3.png)



The major stringer Q sent is mostly decoded. See above posts from the Stringer thread for confirmation. These pics come from there. They are not my work, but from a brilliant autist!

Baker, this might be good dough for the next bread.


8cd401 No.106452


Cleared! Completely

27a688 No.106453


I get that Shriners commercial all the time. Now that you mention it- never saw any for them before just recently.

728ff9 No.106455

5d89e6 No.106456



Been going through those images and try as much as I can to distribute. Also send friends to the Memes pages to pick some up for sharing. I have tried to get involved in research (which I love) but right now I am way too busy (self-employed) and only really have time very late at night. So I thought the most productive way to help is in sharing the info. However, I don't share everything. I stick to Memes because I think it is counterproductive to share uncooked bread.

1dc922 No.106457



9a462c No.106458


I can appreciate the work but I don’t believe those solve the stringers. imo

300f43 No.106460

File: 80abbc38d7cdaae⋯.png (206.43 KB, 251x371, 251:371, honeybooboo-1.png)


pic of stack of papers, two separate pages with similar headings?

to the left edges that appear to be file label edges?

pic of girl in pink

she isn't giving a peace sign

she is just slightly pointing to her eyes as if saying "i see you"

see it more clearly here, which looks to be the original

57972c No.106461


Start us off then anon. What do you predict?

8fb1cf No.106462

File: 32e7d07dcd6b8b9⋯.png (132.63 KB, 1453x685, 1453:685, screenshot_318.png)

File: a5c4bb3b0a67467⋯.png (557.87 KB, 972x938, 486:469, screenshot_319.png)

File: 4663a3141c5354c⋯.png (453.75 KB, 975x948, 325:316, screenshot_320.png)


Greg Cortes ceo of "The Cortes Foundation" gets a cigar. Found this gem in their 990 statement.

Looks like Mr. Cortes was busy in 2010 with his buddy Bill Clinton "helping" to relocate earthquake victims no doubt as many young girls as they could find to give diplomatic visas too….smh

Looking up info now on the Catholic Charity….

52430c No.106463


Weed is making European men complacent and unmotivated, it is not ideal for the future they are facing. Another distraction/reality escape.

8cd401 No.106464


Freaking awesome! 🎄🎄🎄🎄

5e0966 No.106465


Afsaneh Beschloss is married to presidential historian Michael Beschloss. The couple was invited to the White House by Bill Clinton and George Bush. They also serve as advisory board members for Resources for Inner City Children.

ebfb8e No.106466


Fucking brilliant brilliantly laid out.

Q needs to take notice of autist's work.

92eab8 No.106467


I see Q post TANGENT on the 9th.

ea20d4 No.106468


Try hard to remember your dreams.

Don't worry about what people think of you.

Trust your instincts.

9dbb7f No.106469


Pretty much all my REAL friends are ex-military. I dunno if I trust anyone else. Current military or ex, but I know that *some* have/had sold out… though not many I suspect/hope/pray.

5992a8 No.106470


Did you recall the first question.. shall we play a game? the game was thermonuclear war ??? we are in a very heated war and dealing with nukes too.

8cd401 No.106471

Catholic charities in central Missouri brought about 15000 from bolgaria , shuffled them through Missouri, don’t know where they went when they left here.

57972c No.106472


You're doing Gods work anon. We really, really need meme firers. Like *really*. Agree that when you've just short bursts of time available that this is the most effective use of your time. What you're doing is appreciated greatly. Godspeed.

ebfb8e No.106474


I dont trust your talk about former military friends.

c18eba No.106475


In your opinion what's the general opinion within the Marines about Trump?

9dbb7f No.106476

File: f8f5d015054239a⋯.png (75.34 KB, 285x206, 285:206, Screenshot from 2017-12-15….png)

8cd401 No.106477


I recorded 15 shows today, each 1 hour, 5 ads per hour.

000000 No.106478


DTTT (Death To The Triumvirate) was a namefag on 4.

Baker, maybe?

From my recollection, Q was in the process of a series of posts and DTTT picked up on something in between the first posts that seemed like an anomaly, because they hadn't been by explained/validated by subsequent posts.

After DTTT posted something questioning/pointing out the anaomaly, Q posted the, "pick up your phone." post.

7dd530 No.106480


As I said, *not* my work. Go visit the links and congratulate the autist.

6b0fba No.106481

Holy Moly. On Hannity reporting on The Hill story about 2 days before the election, Lisa Bloom offered one of 2 woman $750,000 to accuse DJT of sexual misconduct. Hannity is hot! Q said to "watch the news"

57972c No.106482


Top find anon. I'll add to the findings in the bake.

8cd401 No.106483

Catholic charities back in the 40s 50s and 60s had some trouble with the orphan they were trafficking,..

000000 No.106484


Good memory-

What did the other poster say to trigger Q?

27a688 No.106485


It's an incredibly encouraging thought that they may be having money issues due to lack of kidnapped children. Horribly validating; incredibly encouraging.

9dbb7f No.106486


That's fine. The hardcore truth is, I don't really feel I have ANY true friends, except myself. So, take it how you will.

8cd401 No.106487

Catholic Charities USA is a member of Caritas International, an international federation of Catholic social service organizations.[4] Catholic Charities USA is the national office of more than 160 local Catholic Charities agencies nationwide.

Founded in 1910 as the National Conference of Catholic Charities, the organization changed its name in 1986 to Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA).[5] CCUSA's president and CEO, Sister Donna Markham OP, Ph.D., is the first female president to lead CCUSA in the organization’s 105-year history. She has held this position since 2015.[6]

35d467 No.106489


autism to the second power! much love anon. kek!

57972c No.106490


It's in bro! KUdos anons!

8cd401 No.106491

Catholic Charities USA is governed by a Board of Trustees, many of whom are lead local Catholic Charities agencies across the country.[2] There are 160 member organizations nationwide, nearly one per diocese.[13]

Presidents Edit

Rev. Herman J. Lammers (1939 – 1976)[6]

Rev. Larry J. Snyder (2005 – 2015)[6]

Sister Donna Markham (2015–present)[6]

3bf8b9 No.106493


They are probably at least trying to pre-condition the public by playing up their "charitable image."

before shtf

a35bae No.106494

File: 479e0e1087e5a96⋯.png (13.23 KB, 1153x192, 1153:192, Q - Death of the Triumvira….png)



1. (in ancient Rome) a group of three men holding power, in particular ( the First Triumvirate ) the unofficial coalition of Julius Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus in 60 BC and ( the Second Triumvirate ) a coalition formed by Antony, Lepidus, and Octavian in 43 BC.

2.the office of triumvir in ancient Rome.


Q Responds: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/150555010/#150559818

f42c05 No.106495

File: 2e1809ca61ffbcb⋯.jpg (50.86 KB, 495x495, 1:1, 1508864850435.jpg)

I am shocked every bread at the number (low) of UID's. What are we, like a few hundred???

8cd401 No.106496

During the 2012 debate over the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Catholic Charities USA was among the Catholic groups that expressed support for the Obama administration's efforts to address religious objections to some features of its implementation, even as the National Conference of Catholic Bishops opposed the administration's proposals as part of a larger government attack on religious liberty.[31] Several diocesan branches of Catholic Charities participated in a lawsuit against provisions related to birth control insurance coverage, but not the national organization.[32]

Catholic Charities USA has endorsed the DREAM Act[33] and the Obama administration's deferral of action against some younger immigrants.[34] Catholic Charities sponsors efforts to reduce homelessness in the United States, with cooperation with state and local government. In Saint Paul, Minnesota, Catholic Charities manages the Dorothy Day Center as well as the Higher Ground St. Paul Center which provides shelter drop-in meals and career services.[35][36]

9dbb7f No.106497


Well.. I don't know. I've heard talk that not ALL agree with his policies.. but some of them are hispanic too, so.. it's a touchy subject for some.

8cd401 No.106499

a35bae No.106500

Three Family's hold toe worlds Power - they are about to fall!

Thus the Triangle, they are collapsing now!

92eab8 No.106501


Said Q was bullshit or something. That was one namefag that we got on top of early.

52430c No.106503


White Nationalism is rising hugely throughout the ranks, so guess ;p

35d467 No.106505


all Military personal I know love trump 100%

8cd401 No.106506

67914a No.106507


Want to bet NK is one giant CIA blacksite? "Wonderland"?

Where they can do whatever they please.

4fbfdf No.106508


They don’t get much credit for that…my little dog went crazy at the pizza delivery once while I had the back patio door open as well. Once everything had settled back down it sounded like I had foxes or coyotes out back. Went out back to find it coming from a great horned owl…Predator shit.

432098 No.106510

File: aed3ff3c9e344f6⋯.jpg (60.85 KB, 553x249, 553:249, q11.2.17.163124.jpg)

File: 41c58de90aca263⋯.jpg (64.76 KB, 464x487, 464:487, q11.

Just over six weeks ago Q said an attack was underway that could result in things going dark ("lights go out"). He reassured us they were prepared and have assets in place. At this point—I'm assuming if the lights had gone out—he was saying he must go (away) for good.

But the lights didn't go out. Q continued posting. The 11/4/2017 post really looks prophetic now. The MSM scare tactics, the D's falling, and the R's walking away/being removed have really picked up steam since early November. We're seeing it in the news. It's all happening. Maybe Q indicated the "Ten days. Darkness." has begun with his final post yesterday. Time will tell.

Meanwhile SA is done and US is next. Is it underway now? Waiting patiently and enjoying the show in the process! And praying!

c61327 No.106511

File: fb364d74f9b2361⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1800x1200, 3:2, Trump:Sanctuary for Americ….png)

“Our cities should not be sanctuaries for criminals — they should be sanctuaries for Americans….” @POTUS

8cd401 No.106512

Maybe the darkness is media blackout?

a35bae No.106513

File: 69e05e44fec9f9c⋯.jpg (100.23 KB, 350x349, 350:349, F032_Owl.jpg)


A horned owl on a medieval manuscript,

understood as something evil

The Owl:

The owl is a longtime symbol of the Illuminati and Freemasons

After Adam's original sin, certain animals kept more of the paradisiacal characteristics and innately reflected more of the truth, goodness and beauty of God. The nobleness of the lion, the high horizons of the eagle, the perseverance and industry of the ant, the dove's fidelity to one mate – these were good qualities that made the animal admirable.

67914a No.106514



Relative went to school where Comey did. iirc PBK membership is academic result based.

8cd401 No.106515

Shutting down the fake media?

000000 No.106516


Did the target namefag post anything later that night? (like omg I got a call!)

db8921 No.106517


And just what in the fuck does this have anything to do with current sitrep?


Take it to another thread!

c61327 No.106518


<I am shocked every bread at the number (low) of UID's. What are we, like a few hundred???

Yes - apparently that is true. Blows my mind sometimes. All the more reason to rededicate ourselves to persevering to accomplish the special task we were chosen for.

This is a time in history like no other, Anons! What an opportunity we have to right the wrongs of the past!

8cd401 No.106519

Missouri is closing their chaplters here cause of some crap they did last year


8bdb0c No.106520


Yeah, I think DTT is just a shitlord who was too much of a shitlord too early. Q + NSA / Phonecall = No Problem.

92eab8 No.106521


Yes, and minerva. I advise against gravedigging old topics unnecessarily.

b2227e No.106522


here it is on page 6, great work lad

a35bae No.106523



Bread Crumbs, following Q's advice - It IS the topic

f9a9cf No.106524

Did you anons know we had a prayer request thread?

<Prayer Request Thread




7dd530 No.106525

File: bf64236a6d64099⋯.png (607.21 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, Cooper.png)



Cooper is an owl. Q has told us about owls. Owls have quite a bit to do with what's going on.

b2227e No.106526

f37ddd No.106527

File: bd23e189c1d7a81⋯.png (322.39 KB, 1194x1586, 597:793, Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at ….png)

4c5f12 No.106529

File: e7f9f1e88120cf7⋯.jpg (25.13 KB, 742x161, 106:23, dttt.JPG)

File: 6cafbe95c569e53⋯.jpg (16.91 KB, 479x128, 479:128, phone.JPG)





Anons, you gotta do better. Keep the pdf open for quick ref. It was two separate posts, altogether

db8921 No.106531



Go read PAST threads!

This shit has already been covered!

Move on to next item.

753d9c No.106535

Perhaps the darkness is

Dec 9 to Dec 18

Would end on a Monday hmmmm ;)

000000 No.106536


I felt that Q was talking about the media, if he (they) are taking out the clovvn hq, then mockingbird could be shut down, giving away the move, making disinformation impossible.

As it seems now, POTUS is forcing mockingbird to continue as normal (cover, less panic, and diversion).


But since it went as planned, mockinturd must be shut down eventually, and when media is away from the camera is the best time.

During the break.

10 day congressional break.

Christmas break.

Starts on 24th as I understand it.

Buy plenty of booze for christmas gifts, and wrap a present to your libtard guests with a printout of the qmap. They are gonna need it!

Let em unwrap it as the shit hits the fan!

7dd530 No.106537


So, so sorry Grumpy!

9b0888 No.106538


"North Korea might be able to knock out electric power to millions of Americans – We need to be prepared"

Nov 28

North Korea’s launch Wednesday (Tuesday in the U.S.) of an intercontinental ballistic missile should focus our attention on the threat of the rogue nation launching an electromagnetic pulse attack that could wipe out the electric power grid serving millions of people in the U.S. and Canada.



57972c No.106539


Beautiful. Full gibs to PNG Anon, I believe it's his creation.

db8921 No.106540


Why keep hammering the same piece of metal?

Trying to put a hole in the armor?

f42c05 No.106542


Cooper seems more like an owl's bitch who is pushing this gay/trans shit so he can be as good as a real (female) witch

8cd401 No.106543

Prepared, up to 50 people.


e9bad8 No.106544


Schizophrenic jibberish.

9dbb7f No.106545


You already did! And the bread that came from is stale, so I'll just say my response is to them. :D

db8921 No.106549


>I think Wonderland is NK.

Naaaa, Wonderland is the illusion that your free.

ad6bad No.106550

File: 7272442999a7436⋯.jpg (85.31 KB, 493x337, 493:337, bohemian-grove-.jpg)



It is related. Jewgle Owls vs Spiders. Here anderson cooper is showing a picture of an owl and the message is for Obama. Does this make Obama a spider

https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=qeoOvxOXCBU

ea20d4 No.106551


I think Wonderland is NK. The & in Alice & Wonderland.



This is puzzling me in comparison to the Darnkess / Darkness: (DarNKness)

See other people thinking about it too. ~2 threads ago somebody first pointed out the DarNKness typo.


7dd530 No.106554


Somebody just went over and congratulated the autist recently. That bread is not stale, BTW. It is specifically for decoding Stringers.

db8921 No.106555


Fuck you and trying to make peeps think about something that has been going in circles for the past 2 months.


57972c No.106556


On the authors note too. Noice. Sure PNG Anon will be proud. And hey, what a beautiful doc and incredible resource you've made. You're doing Gods work anon. Top job.

a35bae No.106557


I have, we have been told many times: "Future provides past" and "Please refer back and collect my crumbs"

23dae8 No.106558

New Fox news youtube video "young computer experts exploited video game for mayhem"

Subtitle "do you want to play a game?"

"Executive order in place to reduce threat of botnet"

Is this the chess game that Q was referring?


000000 No.106559


If an EMP is associated with a nuke, then how is it there are VIDEO cameras that have recorded many nuclear detonations even at fairly close range, without ill effect?

Just an observation here…

We been lied to plenty- kinda why we are here…

db8921 No.106563


Just stop it.

The phrase of which you are referring to was meant to show the events now, can be shown in post that were made back when.

Get a clue.

bcf63b No.106564


I was there when it happened

DTTT said it was because his browser didnt refresh and thought Q was fake

then after pickup phone comment DTTT rattled off some code strange

9dbb7f No.106565


Ah, you're right. Ok. Congrats sent.

000000 No.106566


I agree, so far Q's past has ALWAYS haunted the future, and no crumb is good to overlook.

If it results in a dead end crouton, so be it.

But it's our duty to recheck and check again.

(I was online the night that happened, but so much so fast left gaps)

300f43 No.106567


we could just have a nationwide yard sale

"End the Fed Yard Sale Week"

7dd530 No.106568


I'd probably fall on your side in a debate about it.

eb51d7 No.106569

Something possibly. Mary Beth Bonaventura , the head of department of child services in Indiana, USA is resigning. Put there by Pence. She also had a reality series on MTV in 2007. Not sure yet if this is meaningful, but threre is that Hollywood connection.

http://fox59. com/2017/12/15/indiana-dcs-director-notifies-governor-she-is-resigning/

her IMdb bio http://www.imdb. com/name/nm2792824/

Confirming it is her on MTV :

http://www.indianaeconomicdigest. net/main.asp?SectionID=31&SubSectionID=135&ArticleID=68398

a35bae No.106570


Big Picture, 40000ft

Its all one big picture, we have missed much!

a35bae No.106573

Q Said: "We may have overestimated your ability"

Being Pig Headed is not winning any prizes!

f42c05 No.106574

File: e0994a1e576abd6⋯.jpg (16.4 KB, 571x300, 571:300, iu.jpg)


great idea

db8921 No.106575


Yes, we have, but stomping on a dead end for 2 months doesn't help get any closer to NOW.

Does it?


4c5f12 No.106576


Example? Weren't those captured on film?

834ee3 No.106577

File: bf64236a6d64099⋯.png (607.21 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, cooperowl.png)

File: ad5cac40314bf1c⋯.jpeg (49.23 KB, 400x276, 100:69, WHowl.jpeg)

57972c No.106578


Say something positive, do some WORK or FO. No one made you 'research police'.

274894 No.106579


I can just see one of those fools actually trying to use that defense.

ea20d4 No.106580


Here is the original post that got my mind whirring (from #119):


eb51d7 No.106581


He also said "you are learning"

834ee3 No.106582


Wings match the eyes, and the two circles

db8921 No.106583




a35bae No.106584


From the Nights Templar and possibly well before, this symbol is the symbol of Evil

I agree, its in need to be better understood!

1dc922 No.106585


Where is that owl?

8fb1cf No.106586


I'm sorry guys but I keep going back to GANNETT "it's all within reach" and that those are print outs from an internal network run by GANNETT puking out the daily fake news which AC is perusing and highlighting items of interest. After all he is a fake news reporter. I mean that's his job to wake up every day put some product in his hair slip on some stylish clothes and report the fake news.

a35bae No.106587


Perhaps youre happy with just that, I want to know the whole picture, not just drips…

ec5544 No.106588

e2d6ac No.106589


It will be OK, friend.

000000 No.106590


No many of them used "electronic video cameras" that have "Charged Couple Detectors" made with semiconductors, aimed right at the blast.

you can see many of them on youtubbbs

Film was used on the early blasts.

Some of the newer ones are elevated on tower platforms too. (the bomb)

(as coming from above- whereas an emp is said to be more effective)

4d7462 No.106592






DTTT said "fake Q = Fake Q" or something and posted a pic of Ivanka.. Q said congratulations pick up your phone.. then DTTT relayed a stringer back to Q..

db8921 No.106593


I've done more than enough digging here, and NONE of this bullshit demonology crap has lead ANY WHERE to open eyes!


b2227e No.106596


Thanks fam I appreciate!


I am because We are

432098 No.106597

File: 147e6388d45e2b1⋯.jpg (59.87 KB, 360x284, 90:71, lvnuctest50s.jpg)


There were a lot of tests near Las Vegas in the 1950. Here's an image I grabbed off a quick Google search

a35bae No.106599


I think Significant!

Has Q given any praise like that before, none I have seen!

I believe I have read all of the Q Posts, all I can find!

a35bae No.106600


Also Note, Ivanka appeared Drunk!

6abef0 No.106601

File: 9f507ce37d84d9d⋯.gif (399.67 KB, 488x519, 488:519, 9f5.gif)

>deep state's trying to fuck with terry crews now


db8921 No.106602


It won't be until peeps stop running shit into the ground, and then bringing it up again.

Move to the next item, because apparently they haven't figured out the part of the puzzle that needs to be figured out, but they keep shitting up the board with this bull shit.

000000 No.106603


I wonder if any future DTTT posts reveal if he got a real phone call, you know Q and nosuchagency has his damn phone number!

e9bad8 No.106605

Very shilly / noisy in here atm. Not much is making sense.

57972c No.106606


Q said Evil. Q said Cult. Q said Satan.

Q said Expand Your Thinking.

If you've done more than enough digging, you'll know that.

Feel free to dig into what subjects you enjoy and leave others to theirs. Your negativity is making you appear to glow.

a35bae No.106607

300f43 No.106608


Then there must be a corporate board who is

doing something

for changes happening like that


once you get inside and see the reality

no one wants it? or won't SIGN ON?

db8921 No.106611

This shit reminds me of the MOVIE, yes I said MOVIE, Cabin in the Woods!

57972c No.106612



728ff9 No.106613


it's a lifetime secret society, complete with key for a logo. This is where they network and plan.

There's also the Wall Street version, Kappa Beta Phi, also formed in 1776 which has the Alfred Smith dinner every year.


founded as an alternative to Phi Beta Kappa to offer pub conviviality rather than salon discussions, and that its reversed Greek letters were chosen to signify that contrast.


23dae8 No.106614

I really think this fox video is relevant to the chess game Q was talking about can someone please dig into its meaning :'(


ec5544 No.106615



Correct. Child sacrifice / Satan worship shows up again and again and again throughout human history. No coincidence

dccd10 No.106616





Thinking outside the box slightly. Think dolly the sheep. Genetically modified.

Could boy girl actually be both? I.E genetically modified to have both vagina and penis

I mean, they don't exactly look normal right?

ea20d4 No.106617

File: f936b4159a7c2ab⋯.png (139.87 KB, 1107x858, 369:286, darnkesspdf.png)

File: 57301c3532019e5⋯.png (107.79 KB, 1141x843, 1141:843, darknesspdf.png)

A comparison of Darnkess and Darkness from the supplied .pdf file.

23dae8 No.106619


Take note of the subtitles

9dbb7f No.106620


I don't even know how much more 'proof' is needed. I look on comments on social media, and.. there's MANY who are pretty wise to it. The fact that not a single second of video footage from Vegas Shooting, despite hundreds/thousands of cameras in Vegas, is kindof it's own red pill.

I dunno how far most are willing to go down the rest of the rabbit hole.




That's awesome


That's the reaction I expect from heavily red-pilled peeps.


I'd kinda like to go a more 'positive' direction. Start making campaign sings for 2020 and then 2024 for Sarah Sanders! ;)

I can't keep pounding this pedo/satan/cult/etc stuff. Need some… (funny?) (Ironic?) stuff? Just throwing ideas out.. that's about the only thing I seem to REALLY be good at, kek.

4d7462 No.106621

DTTT ID is AWk/5s1A go find out on halfchan

db8921 No.106623



7327cf No.106625


This will help you prepare: Summary of the crimes of the Rothschilds:


728ff9 No.106627


This is the connection:


300f43 No.106628


very interesting connections

db8921 No.106629

7327cf No.106630


This will help you prepare: Summary of the crimes of the Rothschilds:

https://www .youtube.com/watch?v=WXH0-lUcxXk

1ec047 No.106631

File: 1a8fed51dcafa6d⋯.jpg (149.88 KB, 1200x500, 12:5, 214hbj.jpg)

f42c05 No.106632

File: ca38168b84a58d5⋯.png (218.16 KB, 441x293, 441:293, ca38168b84a58d591195388a94….png)

File: 496446babc7333e⋯.jpg (85.29 KB, 793x485, 793:485, 1501116459454.jpg)

Moon phase is low, we should be good for a couple weeks while GEOTUS cleans house.

I'm gonna just Christmas it up, and keep thanking God every day and night that I'm an American and we are finally restoring this great NATION.

7dd530 No.106636


This was the setup for a later stringer detailed here from the Stringer thread.



f37ddd No.106639


I've asked a friend about him throwing signs. The person told me doesn't do them exactly right and that he is just trolling them with their signs

27a688 No.106640


I don't know if you saw my earlier post about the crime novel 'MADDOC' [2015], but it sure seems a huge coincidence that it has this line, given the context of everything:

"Headquarters believes there are records in Gannett bearing on illicit child trafficking. They want our team to handle things from this point forward. I told them to butt out. I leave the records to you."

8bdb0c No.106641

Hey boys it's going down in 'bama. Doug Jones is distancing himself from his campaign.

eb51d7 No.106643



db8921 No.106644

5e2a1a No.106645


A Slinky A Slinky Such a wonderful toy.

A Slinky A Slinky _____,

Now I really hate that toy !!!

903b7e No.106646


100% YES!!! Prepping and planning for sure.

24th keeps coming up for me too.

db8921 No.106647


He won. Why?

ea20d4 No.106648


That's a lot of work. I appreciate it.

f26528 No.106649


DTT suggested in a few threads he was some kind of flipped Rothschild. If that wasn't just LARPing, it would make some sense his number would be more at hand. Not sure Q would be able to call just any random anon at a moment's notice.

And, DTT did play it like a call had been made. Didn't outright say it (kind of suggested he was told not to give details), but certainly didn't deny it.

e2d6ac No.106651


VQC has claimed to be related to the Rothschilds.

7327cf No.106653


Mossad planted explosives on every floor of the WTC in the months preceeding 9/11. They were pretending to be architecture students from Israel. You can google and see them standing next to the boxes with explosive fuses.

23dae8 No.106654

How do i upload image via mobile?

01dfa0 No.106655

8bdb0c No.106656



Or witnesses silenced.

a35bae No.106657


DTTT Is: Death To The Triumvirate


1. (in ancient Rome) a group of three men holding power, in particular ( the First Triumvirate ) the unofficial coalition of Julius Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus in 60 BC and ( the Second Triumvirate ) a coalition formed by Antony, Lepidus, and Octavian in 43 BC.

2. the office of triumvir in ancient Rome.

ea20d4 No.106658


Thanks for clarifying. A little over my head at the moment but at least i realized that there is a difference today with Darnkess and Darkness. TY.

8bdb0c No.106659


He didn't win, they're still waiting on the State Dept to certify the results.

7327cf No.106660


The justice department might take people down in waves. Our citizens could not handle it if all presidents for decades were arrested at one time.

dba417 No.106661


It's a shame that all we can do is speculate until something obvious happens.

7dd530 No.106662


No prob. Keep digging, anon. Merry Christmas!

f37ddd No.106663

File: 12efb268741acd1⋯.jpg (322.11 KB, 2000x342, 1000:171, Cooper_Shrill.jpg)

2cdb98 No.106664


We got a big one here anons. Can't find thread but this needs digging and filing but it's pretty obvious.

Trump just laid a trap for Matthew Spencer Petersen.


‪Donald Trump federal judge nominee is asked basic legal questions and can’t answer a single one ‬



What did we learn from above and Wikipedia:

1) Dumb as fuck and knows nothing about the law - to the point of Twatter mockery by normies.

2) Graduated Virginia School of Law

3) Was member of Virginia Law Review

4) Immediately practices campaign finance law at Wiley Rein for 3 years (Wiley will be connected to someone shady guaranteed)

5) Moves right over to the House for 3 years: "From 2002 to 2005, Petersen served as counsel to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on House Administration. During his tenure, he was involved in the crafting of the Help America Vote Act of 2002"

6) Then, for 3 years: "From 2005 to 2008, he served as Republican ==chief counsel== to the United States Senate Committee on Rules and Administration."

7) Next: "Petersen was nominated to the Federal Election Commission by President George W. Bush on June 12, 2008, and unanimously confirmed by the United States Senate on June 24, 2008"

7) Best for last: He served as Chairman of Federal Election Commission in 2010 and 2016.

8) Referring to #1 above, HE LACKED A BASIC UNDERSTANDING OF THE LAW and was unable to be confirmed as a judge.

9) Sounds like we've got ourselves a confirmed clown here, faggots.

Now, I also seem to recall a conspiracy theory pertaining to the attempted fixing of a recent presidential election. It would probably be helpful to have your own guy in there certifying the results just to make things run smoother.

Instead he just got Soros'd

All his activities and Wiley Rein need a colonoscopy but I need sleep. Give no quarter.

ea20d4 No.106665

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Thanks you Anon in Daily News for the info, Wow!:


Fox posted this video 7 hours ago.

274894 No.106666


EMP screws with transistors, but not tubes. Old technology, for sure. DAMHIK

a35bae No.106667


This IS Q's /_\

The Triangle, representing the Three Family's

610f7e No.106668

Was Rod Rosenstein's wife added to wherever you would add her? Lawyer Lisa Barsoomian (kept maiden name to keep shit secret of course) represents the FBI against FOIA requests, and represented Bill Clinton.


6abef0 No.106670


>shit we figured out within the first ten threads on 4pol

300f43 No.106671


Charles Ortel who is invetigating HRC and CFoundation

said in an interview with Lionel Nation YT

that it is improper to be so vague when describing the charity mission

which is what the Cfoundation does, too

It has to be specific if you raise outside funds


funny how it is to the odd dollar for contributions, not a rounded number

which gives an appearance of accuracy

but the Cortes foundation is sitting on $1.5 million

and yet is operating at a loss?

← not an accountant, you see

4d7462 No.106672

/pol/ DEATH TO THE TRIUMVIRATE ID:RAixwGAU Thu 23 Nov 2017 07:59:46 No.150607283 ViewReport


It wasn't a text. It was a call. KYS

f37ddd No.106673

by lurking moar

db8921 No.106674

Fuck off!

Another demoncrap attempt to throw shit off.

f37ddd No.106675

>>106654 by lurking moar

f26528 No.106676


He did too? Never saw that, but I never really paid that much attention to VQC even when others did. Considering all the other crazy things he said, I'm gonna guess it's probably just LARPing in his case.

27a688 No.106678


I think Ortel also said that the Clinton Foundation was operating illegally in every state except Arkansas. Didn't register or something. His work has been tremendous.

a35bae No.106679


This where the Owl links in, its what I am saying, the three family's are satanists

Descendants for age old bloodline, attempts have been made to stop them before, they all failed, today we have more power to stop them

f26528 No.106680


Ah, maybe he did flat out say the call happened. Must have missed that post.

23dae8 No.106681


Yes thanks for posting this iam on mobile phone so i cant post a screenshot. I think its relative to the chess game Q is on about but cant figure it out yet. Notice the title at the end of the video at the bottom is the same as what Q said to me its too coincidental

Subtitle "do you want to play a game?"

"Executive order in place to reduce threat of botnet"

db8921 No.106682


Think about this folks.

Who did FusionGPS get info on Trump from?

A fucktard from the UK!

Where is this SHIT story coming from?

An http addy that is .co.uk.

Use your fucking head!

4d7462 No.106683

/pol/ DEATH TO THE TRIUMVIRATE ID:AWk/5slA Wed 22 Nov 2017 21:45:23 No.150560742 ViewReport


I did. Code follows:

>Darling Jackson Yellow Apple

>[1,…,x] j6xa2

b57bb4 No.106684


I was there that night. Q supposedly called DTTT and DTTT supposedly did not answer 'missed the call' then posted a pic of his phone??? showing the missed call. True/False who knows…

a66efe No.106685

>1.2 mm

Turned out to be papers related to HRC investigation.

>40,000 ft.

>40,000 feet.


This refers to 40,000 people.

The sealed indictments are the tip of the iceberg.

>to avoid 'conspiracy'

9fa061 No.106687


I've got screen caps from Flighttracker of some of the DC ops if anything comes up that needs review

db8921 No.106688


Not here.

Killary was on the board of directors for guess who?

Wal-Mart. Where is Wal-Mart from?

c18eba No.106689


Thank you for researching but you're seeming to draw conclusions from one source, and one that is biased.

57972c No.106691


Added to 'findings' for next loaf.

4d7462 No.106692

I just read them all.. he doesn't say he missed the call. then from sat on totally denies it all..

300f43 No.106693


Stress of modern life does damage to the body.

This counteracts that.

The body cannot function well or heal under stress.

6abef0 No.106694

File: 7118c5dac1b08d3⋯.png (267.06 KB, 302x308, 151:154, 1499538544521.png)


>sealed indictments containing sealed indictments containing sealed indictments

ea20d4 No.106695

File: 0f5f1c2606ce578⋯.png (841.72 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, doyouwanttoplayagame.png)



Here is a pic of the subtitle for those that can't see the video.


db8921 No.106696

With you lot, Q and team is fucked!

Good bye to the land of the free.

23dae8 No.106697

YES thats exactly the screenshot i took but cant upload it on mobile haha ty >>106695

f37ddd No.106698

File: 5237b5e1503ff22⋯.png (87.89 KB, 1836x318, 306:53, Screen Shot 2017-12-16 at ….png)

>>106403 Some very special days coming for for these sick people

4d7462 No.106699

right after "the call" he stops shilling and starts posting "STAND TALL" "REMEMBER" "A NEW HOPE" … saturday he goes back to shilling…like 10 pages of it

b57bb4 No.106700


Then he delete the post. I clearly recall that night. DTTT was using a trip. He called Q a fake and Q called him out.

ea20d4 No.106701


I wonder who those people are and if they are in jail? Could one of them be that Muslim character stirring shit up last night?

b57bb4 No.106702



4d7462 No.106703


he totally did.. before the call big time,… and a couple days after - big time..

273a03 No.106704


add it to the bread please. Database/search/timeline/quiz - and a bunch of other stuff, I've worked hard the last few days on this site. It's a useful resource for us.

23dae8 No.106707


Do you want to play a game" is EXACTLY what Q said. But it goes deeper than that. Although the hackers hacked minecraft it led to mch deeper things like the new executive order

274894 No.106708


Arkansas, Bentonville, I do believe.

b57bb4 No.106709


I never really knew what to think of DTTT after that. Especially the whole 'you made the list' thing… What did THAT mean??? You should be proud???? WTF????

4d7462 No.106710


who add what?

4d7462 No.106711


my guess was that ivanka = q

ec5544 No.106713


>Matthew Spencer Petersen.

If Trump choose him there is a reason.

54606d No.106714


this was so nice to see

b57bb4 No.106715


Nope. It is more than 1 person. I know this because THIS is not the only place Q drops info. There are several other places I have seen these drops. Unfortunately we are way behind other anons in figuring it all out :(

ca3bc8 No.106717

Sauce on OIG doing the legal take down of the Muellercrats if this analysis is accurate:

www.americanthinker.com/blog/2017/12/what_if_jeff_sessions_is_not_asleep_but_instead_playing_possum. html


54606d No.106718


can you show other communities?>

4d7462 No.106719



b57bb4 No.106720

As we speak there is a huge move in other countries to revalue currency.

Look here for one–inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com /2017/12/restored-republic-via-gcr-as-of-dec-15.html

7bce52 No.106721

Weaving spiders, come not here.

> Weaving spiders are people cutting deals

> Bohemian Grove Motto


http://www.unexplainable. net/info-theories/weaving_spiders_come_not_here_-_what_is_the_bohemian_grove.php

f42c05 No.106722

jeepers that was a slide

what's up there??

b57bb4 No.106723


I am not interested in doxing sorry.

614a43 No.106724


I was there as well. Anons asked DTTT if Q actually called and he said "If he did.. do you think I would be allowed talk about it" or something like that. There were 2 breads at the time, it happened in the Moldy one.

903b7e No.106727


I'm hoping that was the TRAP.

They need Moore to loose first.

Then expose the corrupt voting system.

+++Please add more detail anons. Still learning…

4d7462 No.106728


yup he did say that..

445ba9 No.106729


Enlighten us.

451b77 No.106730

Will Q post again?

7dd530 No.106731


I call shenanigans!

dba417 No.106732


>There are several other places I have seen these drops.


>THIS is not the only place Q drops info. There are several other places I have seen these drops.

Where? Why are so many on this board so secretive? It's frustrating.

4d7462 No.106733

why would a shill say this? right after "call"

pol/ DEATH TO THE TRIUMVIRATE ID:AWk/5slA Wed 22 Nov 2017 21:35:24 No.150559744 ViewReport


My bad. Took a while before the page updated. CONFIRMED Q.

and u refered rto this one:

/pol/ DEATH TO THE TRIUMVIRATE ID:oZuGwHes Wed 22 Nov 2017 22:01:07 No.150562304 ViewReport


Do you think if Q actually called me, I'd be able to discuss the content of our conversation?

4d7462 No.106734


10 days of silence.. come back at Xmas

432098 No.106735

File: dc2b45b5028a114⋯.jpg (28.52 KB, 605x143, 55:13, q11.12.17.125234.jpg)


Certainly thinking out of the box with that. However, according to this 11/12/17 post, the 40,000 ft. context appears to be altitude. It pertains to point of view/perspective as I read it.

7bce52 No.106736


Bullshit, its been here and cuckchan. Thats fucking it.

52430c No.106737


Not really a sufficient reason to sedate our men, young guys are struggling with all the instant gratification they have available as it is. Weed does not help, I am not entirely against it, but only weak men think it is of any benefit - I have smoked plenty in my time.

903b7e No.106740







Fucktard! No sauce. NO DICE! GTFO

9b6c0f No.106741


how is he distancing himself?

a35bae No.106742

There is two problems

1: we have only a small part of the storey

2: we dont know for sure what parts are true.

What was Ivanka Used in the Image? Posts from that user are all over the show, is this person Good or Bad, posting Bad Bread?

If I was DJT I would want to punish the poster of the image…

We are missing so much!

Go back to the Q Drops, dig:

http ://archive.4plebs.org/pol/search/tripcode/!ITPb.qbhqo/

57972c No.106743


That's incredible, what a resource for us all. Top, top job. The timeline is cash, the quiz a blast and the glossary / legend fantastic. Hot damn anon. HOT DAMN.


One thing, I couldn't get past the map in the quiz, the Q where Obama has been hiding. I clicked on NK and got stuck there. Just a heads up.

f37ddd No.106745


If they don't want us to have it, I'm pretty sure that means it's something that is good for us.

Their goal is to make us sicker, not healthier

92eab8 No.106746

Why do we have Q doxxing, "IS THIS AN OWL?" and gravedigging a cancerous namefags posts ALL IN THE SAME THREAD RIGHT NOW?

7bce52 No.106747


40000ft v. Is the big picture, thats classified and people would not be able to stomach the pill anyways. He said we would not fly that high again, thats why i find the heavy digging into tbe Vanderbilts ao funny the past two days off a picture that some anon put on chan and Q knew what really was in the picture so he threw us an extra bone.

274894 No.106749


Exactly how it's done, if you want to prosecute them. Need a few things, and primary is that a crime has been committed. If Moore won, hard to investigate.

4d7462 No.106750


BO delete this

6e9f18 No.106751

CBTS muthafuckaz, Owen Lurks https://youtu.be/cd61M5khYi0

1cae69 No.106752

Kérlek, ne felejtsd el a fags nevét és a szarházi táblát, megszüntettük őket, és visszahelyeztük ezt a fórumot a szabadságra. kérem küldjön itt.

ea20d4 No.106753

File: 353e1fad99d5bfd⋯.png (57.61 KB, 956x449, 956:449, eosect2.png)




"EO Section 2. Cybersecurity of Critical Infrastructure

On the risk reduction front, Commerce and DHS are identifying and will promote actions to reduce the risks from distributed, automated attacks (i.e., botnets).

Two lines of effort are underway to support this work. First, on June 13, Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) published a Request for Comment (RFC) in the Federal Register, soliciting broad input from all interested stakeholders on actions that can be taken to address the threat of botnets to the digital ecosystem. The RFC may be reviewed and responded to on NTIA’s website: https://www.ntia.doc.gov/federal-register-notice/2017/rfc-promoting-stakeholder-action-against-botnets-and-other-automated-threats. The deadline for comments is July 28, 2017.

Second, separate from the Executive Order, the President’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC) has been asked to provide recommendations on ways to reduce the threat of botnet attacks.

Commerce will host a workshop at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) July 11-12, 2017, on “Enhancing Resilience of the Internet and Communications Ecosystem.” This event will discuss a range of current and emerging solutions to improve the resiliency of the Internet against botnet attacks. More event information is available at: https://www.nist.gov/news-events/events/2017/07/enhancing-resilience-internet-and-communications-ecosystem"

I couldn't find any news TODAY or YESTERDAY specifically about botnet(s). I only came up with results if i typed:

executive order botnet december

Those results were Dec. 8, Dec. 12 and Dec. 13.

b57bb4 No.106754


Oh yes.. I forgot you guys need to feel special… lol it is more than one person. You should have been able to figure that out yourself if you are so damn good at this lmfao. Why do you think ppl are calling it the QGroup? Call it shit all you want IDGAF lol I KNOW. that is all that matters to me.

90fb99 No.106755

432098 No.106756


I suspect Q knows things that would put a lot of us in the hospital, as it were.

451b77 No.106757

SEC conf? What was that?

7bce52 No.106758


"Newfags" being a month behind sliding the thread, thats what it is.

Just filter them if they are more than a week behind, it just causes us tk do circles and get no where.

7dd530 No.106759


You must be new here. Use the Embed function, anon.

ebfb8e No.106760



903b7e No.106761




Excellent! The responses in the QUIZ and little drips and drops of intel. LOVE it!

Well done Anon!

7bce52 No.106762


And if they are trying to doxx Q, thats an auto filter

274894 No.106763


Trying to doxx Q should be enough for the BO to ban them. Must be clowns to try that.

Doxxers, ask yourself if you would want to be doxxed, especially if it meant loss of job or death.

903b7e No.106764



^what anon said.

I can't see what you're seeing.

Filters are bomb!

9a58ea No.106765


I assumed that is a Securities and Exchange Commission conference www.sec. gov/news/upcoming-events

7bce52 No.106766


Security Confidence. Now move on.

451b77 No.106768

Ten days of darkness. Hmm. Christmas Eve. Interesting.

92eab8 No.106769


Yeah I don't like filtering, it was abused by the discord crowd. I've never filtered anything here.

2cd1a2 No.106770



God bless you autist!

903b7e No.106771


Yesterday yes. Tonight no…it's been nice.

7bce52 No.106772


The filtering is totally up to you, i only do it to people that want to doxx Q and to people so off topic there is no hope for them. Makes it more /comfy/ and keeps yah sane is all anon

90fb99 No.106773


But they also want us to be afraid. So is this valid or just scare tactics?

e34811 No.106775

File: 58a51e853e72b05⋯.png (140.62 KB, 643x486, 643:486, PenPenGuin.png)


Top of the Pen:

It's a PNG so the pixels are important. Examined closely to find a penguin on the pen... adn blue eyes like Mumble from Happy Feet. Odds of that working out are crazy. No coincidences.

If Q is telling us it's cold, It began on the 12th.

2cd1a2 No.106776


>SEC conf

South Eastern Conference, NCAA

Alabama is an SEC member. We will investigate meaning voter fraud.

44dca3 No.106777


https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/preempti onbroadcast

If you want state of the art prayer and knowledge based in what Russ sees daily, you want to go here. He had been into Golden Dawn, got saved and had wiggy struggles. Has met and treated many super soldiers, sra victims, really has seen the kids in cages…has a team to get them out, deals with in your face truth from the Bible, not a turn-off, you will want to listen to him.

57972c No.106778

File: c83e086e2229adf⋯.jpg (46.06 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 1510286163357.jpg)

4942fb No.106779

10 days of darkness.

In August the Sea Princess had mandatory darkness as it traveled across the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and the Suez Canal.

Probably nothing, but something to note for potential reference.

57972c No.106781

File: 44ab1b2e935799b⋯.jpg (8.61 KB, 244x250, 122:125, 1511302704641.jpg)

432098 No.106782


Q told us on 12/12:

You are safe.

Have faith.

903b7e No.106783


Agreed. Great approach.

92eab8 No.106784


make that /pol/

7bce52 No.106785


Wrong, read the stringer and tell me how the SEC fits into what happened last night anon

57972c No.106786


Not my OC anon

dba417 No.106787


You got three different answers to your question and all seem reasonable.

4942fb No.106789


Not long after Q's owl post, Prince Harry and Meghan attended an AIDS walkabout. In attendence was an owl

A quote, Prince Harry has brought his bird and I have brought mine. In reference to the owl.

a4e3c9 No.106790


Is it weird that I read your "dug Gannett" and thought it was a strange, boomer-cuck version of Goddammit? Like my grandfather, who would never use the the Lord's name in vain in 1million years, throws his hat on the ground and shouts "dug Gannet!!!!".

1cae69 No.106791


Q is a quantum computer for fucks sake! It’s in a LEO w/ an OP between 84 & 127 minutes… Zuma will never suck Q dick in a vacuum…

de1302 No.106792


Are you fucking kidding me?

13712f No.106793

Obama posted pic with BC club of DC on twitter. Old pic? Could he really be in NK?

903b7e No.106795


I'm gonna go with…YES!

8fb1cf No.106796

File: aaad1278a5e9ca2⋯.png (1.89 MB, 1037x860, 1037:860, screenshot_325.png)

File: b2bfbe0b024778f⋯.png (1.9 MB, 1037x860, 1037:860, screenshot_326.png)


Capital Hill is an OWL for sure!!!

44dca3 No.106798


>Sea Princess had mandatory darkness

Sounds like a pirate passover.

dba417 No.106799


Just waiting impatiently until it does.

57972c No.106800

File: ee8f780ab61df45⋯.jpg (2.97 MB, 1512x1024, 189:128, Revolution-Telivised.jpg)

92eab8 No.106802


Look for the trees in that map, then identify one with a branch at the right height. Hang yourself from it.

903b7e No.106803

File: 0f27d3d9819c7de⋯.jpg (61.92 KB, 640x480, 4:3, cold in here.jpg)

57972c No.106804


It's like waiting for 50 Christmases, isn't it?

90fb99 No.106805


Saw that. Had seen other versions but just recently say one that actually pointed out the boxes of explosive charges.

174312 No.106806

Trip test

52430c No.106807


Sorry but this is a simplistic perspective, not every we are kept from is actually good for us - it is not about it being inherently bad - it is just that we live in a degenerate society and that is another thing on top that does not help.

8fb1cf No.106808

File: 0fc0c4c17e0cee8⋯.png (1.9 MB, 1037x860, 1037:860, screenshot_326.png)

13712f No.106809


174312 No.106811


Templar cross and owl

f42c05 No.106812

File: e3096c52a1f16cc⋯.jpg (32.05 KB, 374x409, 374:409, e3096c52a1f16cc6ba0ffcd96c….jpg)


Ok, so when do we get to hear the real history of the USA, and everything else for that matter?!?

8fb1cf No.106813


Haha we found your secret!!!

077e6a No.106814


The Cabal used to use these kinds of drills to perpetrate false flags like 9/11 and 7/7 and such. Its nice to see the white hats can use them as well.

ea9044 No.106815



1dc922 No.106816


Q's technical prowess is the level it took me years of fiddling with operating systems and programming to get to.. he is NSA/MI you fuck.

2cd1a2 No.106818


You assume darkness=trippcode hack. This was not anticipated. The election was. Hence the executive order. Special council to investigate voter fraud. Just for this election… They knew jMoore was going to lose. The election was rigged. Follow POTUS Twatter. Republicans will have a second shot shorty. You are wrong Anon. The investigation is voter fraud. They let Jones win…

1dc922 No.106819



And I don't mean to say I even have a clue about technology compared to Q. He is a genius, he's not someone you have seen on TV, faggot.

f37ddd No.106820


When we followed the planes on flighradar the night of the Drill, everyone around here was bitchin and moaning about it…..

Prolly means we were on to something

f42c05 No.106821

File: ce1f0272de9a221⋯.jpg (25.31 KB, 500x333, 500:333, 1512680377348.jpg)


we got nothing, no names, nothing, its like a black hole tbh

300f43 No.106822


This looks like what a code breaker will do when examining spy documents

It actually makes some sense if you are a numbers person

and can do it all in your head.

It made me wonder if Q had gotten such a document and needed to verify something


in the notes was a link to the Obama Aids message and I didn't use it

just went to YT and did a search, dang hard to find the whole thing


found the song Kimmel and guests sang

"If we don't give money to Aids we're going to hell"

Last year was the first time Kimmel sang it, November 22, 2016

Trump is mentioned in the song

It is full of talk about wealth, what people do with it

Last year they had some psuedo-sophisticates help sing it

This year a variation of masonic type symbolism, and Kimmel says last year

it was performed by "the killers"

funny, last year pizzagate was just barely getting started before the election

REALLY strange song

last year song


this years song


de1302 No.106823


No, it was because we were sick of all the damn pics you were posting on it and no one gave a shit.

a35bae No.106824

File: 381ad2a46126129⋯.jpg (91.13 KB, 838x612, 419:306, Answer.jpg)

Q: "Why do D’s want to control the black pop?"


1dc922 No.106825

Dear Lord.

Please put courage and love into Roy Moore's heart.

Please embolden him to fight for justice. Please make him know we are with him.

Please, expose this fraud.


f37ddd No.106826

>>106818 the night he lost access here, he went posted on the board called "prepare to lose access"…. coincidence?

a35bae No.106827


My Pleasure Sir.

174312 No.106828


They let them walk into that stolen election to prove a voter fraud. Beneath the deep state a deeper state is operating right now. Deep state is so arrogant they are getting sloppy.

274894 No.106829


>Deep state is so arrogant they are getting sloppy.

And that makes them do stupid things, because they think they won't get caught. Fools.

f42c05 No.106831

Does this remind anyone of when Moses was supposed to build an ark? Well, he did.

dba417 No.106832


I'm starting to doubt everything. Maybe I need to go back and read the original Q posts.

Wish I could just give up interest for a while; not like my fascination with this is helping anyone. :/

At least once a week Q, @Imperator_Rex, @Thomas1774Paine, Rosanne, or Hannity give us reason to think "it's coming soon!," but then it never does!

13712f No.106833


Acting AG Rod Rosenstein & wife, Lisa Barsoomian have two daughters named: Allison LIZA & Julia PAIGE

432098 No.106834


If my meme making skills were better, this might be a good one: deep state (blacks hats) controlling good people, deeper state (white hats) now controlling stupid deep state.

174312 No.106835


Does feeling sorry for people empower them?

Does is make them equal?

When certain white people say they feel for the black community does that help them or give them power over them?

Equality is giving everyone opportunity, not creating superiority and then asking for their vote.

d48514 No.106836



SEC = Securities and Exchange Commission

One way that these congress crooks got rich (and got their families/friends rich) was through insider trading off pending legislation that would affect companies/industries.

b57bb4 No.106837


This is the most logical thing I have seen posted here.

174312 No.106838


The fact we are hearing aboutitmeans it's over. 10 days is when the sealed indictments start to reveal truth.

4205d4 No.106839


Interesting note that the registrant is a fake name: Vatsyayana Kama

0ac090 No.106840



please help us dig

d1ed2a No.106841


It is academic based. I'm in it. Requires something like top 10% cumulative GPA (maybe it's top 7%, can't remember) in your senior year and some substantive course-based requirements as well. I joined just because it had a reputation and I was applying to law schools. Thought it would be a nice resume line. Never attended any functions. I think I got a newsletter or something the first couple years but that's it. Most likely this is the case for the vast majority of inductees.

8fb1cf No.106842

File: 906f8a269fea54a⋯.png (160.58 KB, 350x210, 5:3, F032_Dollar.png)

File: 042986547e20dd3⋯.png (238.73 KB, 551x550, 551:550, screenshot_326.png)

fb60b7 No.106843


Ok is any of this DTTT stuff for real? Because he was one of the people I immediately filtered here by the end until he stopped showing up. I just recall him being extremely irritating. A fucking Rothschild who talked on the phone with Q?

a35bae No.106844


We have one common enemy, no matter the color of our skin!

We must succeed!

92eab8 No.106845


No, fuck off.

e2d6ac No.106846


Stop listening to ecelebs.

0ac090 No.106847


this is why you shouldn't filter any posts

Q responded to him and told him to pick up the phone

0ac090 No.106848


we aren't trying to divide check out the post and see if its worth investigating

174312 No.106849


This whole operation has been planned since 2012. It's being done legally, with the consitution, to the letter of the law byPatriots to restore the Republic. It's going to take some time, but it will happen. It's not a movie. It's is real life.

a35bae No.106850


I have reason to believe, speculation atm, this person is a US Marine


92eab8 No.106851


It's not, and if you weren't you would post it here directly. Now go kill yourself famefaggot.

7a9836 No.106852



nice work m80

432098 No.106853


Correct. Look how long it took Watergate to play out. That pales in comparison to this.

13712f No.106854



0ac090 No.106855


why all the hate? are you grumpy?

0ac090 No.106856


thats not doxing

1dc922 No.106857


He's a CIANigger. They are stealing the division tactics that emerged last night. Filter & Notify BO.

72629f No.106858

Any Q posts today? Or has he gone dark?

d48514 No.106859


Too many celebrities over there.

I like to remain anonymous … and work with others who feel the same way.

0ac090 No.106860


you are missinformed.

we made a new bunker because we felt board owner was compromised. we are archiving all the current cbts threads for safekeeping and redundancy. we are also continuing research.

156592 No.106861


Q might be posting on this board right now as an anon. Look harder.

dccd10 No.106862


>>Answer the phone, I did and there was no knew there.

92eab8 No.106863


Yes, I'm one of the CIA's 7 magic dwarf-named chatbot supercomputers. I am used for the distinct purpose of telling you to fuck off and never return.

57972c No.106864


I'm with you anon. I'm with you.

2cd1a2 No.106865


Side forum meant to divide and conqueror. Unless Q directs we stay here. Glow in the dark!

b57bb4 No.106866


And then your 'bakers' went off to do a youtube interview…. no, keep your celebs. Thanks Bye.

0ac090 No.106868


antifungalLeafBread would never have been able to help save CBTS on halfchan without a trip

ec5544 No.106869

7bce52 No.106870


That happened in cuckchan, why the fuck do you care now?

0ac090 No.106871


we asked for help with research we care not for celebrity but normies have questions and we need to push info out

63b40f No.106872

Obama quoted to kill a mockingbird in his final speech in Chicago.

He quoted Attitcus Finch from Harper Lee’s classic To Kill a Mockingbird, who said “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view…until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.”

92eab8 No.106874


That's a nice single instance of a trip being useful. Good for you.

dccd10 No.106875


>>No one there (autocorrect) damn mobile

0ac090 No.106876


because its part of the Qmap and Q said to review it every day

fb60b7 No.106878


Hmm well I stand corrected then, desu. Time for a kinder gentler approach….

Thanks, anon.

d48514 No.106879


Way too much talk of DTTT.

He was a nothing on halfchan is less than a nothing now.



0ac090 No.106880


blocking trips is an infringement of freedom of speech. come at me bro

72629f No.106882


Would you care to elaborate?

0ac090 No.106884


why bother calling it disinfo when it is part of the Qmap?

2cd1a2 No.106885


Slide forum /storm/ Follow the bread crumbs.

This sliding did not start until anons started digging into Gannett. Dig MOAR!

0ac090 No.106886


wish others saw it that way anon

1c8b43 No.106887


Thanks - will check it out. anons if you want to help the other bunkers, feel free to do so. They're not the enemy.


7bce52 No.106888


Damn you are fucking stupid aint yah, nothing else more important to figure out? Go choke on your bulls cock

dccd10 No.106890


If you filter, you can miss the most important snippets of information. Filter with pleasure - my filter is to skip the post and don't read.

0ac090 No.106892


we are looking into gannet but hit a roadblock. >>106887

I still don't trust you but thanks

b57bb4 No.106893


Yes. Gannett was where the shit hit the fan. I recall it was traced to Weinstine somehow but it was such a FUCKING mess I could not follow

8fb1cf No.106894

File: 4430a40df495d2a⋯.png (397.37 KB, 549x888, 183:296, screenshot_327.png)






Pictures of the Bohemian Grove – Masonic Owl god Molech



0ac090 No.106895


are you here to help decipher Q or not?


this post gives me hope

156592 No.106897


Yes. Q's trip is in question, we don't truly know what's up. He might be here as anon to help "guide" the conversation.

See posts by ID: 174312


First post of 6.

432098 No.106898


You just never know who may be amongst you.

"Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels." – Hebrews 13:2

0ac090 No.106901


nice post anon

903b7e No.106902


Nope not today.

b57bb4 No.106903

Q question:

Who controls the media

Who really controls the media

We kept answering CIA BUT

How does the CIA control the media

Who controls the narrative


Who owns Gannett?

How is the information disbursed for publication?

92eab8 No.106904


If they're still shilling themselves when matters have been resolved here, I think they are.

1c8b43 No.106905


No worries. Thanks for the baking help here earlier - I needed the help.

13712f No.106906


I think you meant - "nice post, anon ;)"

7bce52 No.106907


Im going to bed for the night, its been a long couple days, didnt see you say ignore until i had already reaponded to the idiot. Ill pick up in the morning with fresh eyes and rest. Have a good night

0ac090 No.106908



b57bb4 No.106909

WHO is the man in the High Castle? Good night Anons

1ec047 No.106910


probably somebody stupid, like everybody else. Goodnight patriot

0ac090 No.106911


when you feel like the enemies are closing in around you remember a legion is right there beside you.

13712f No.106912


No, WHAT is the 'man' in the High Castle? Expand thinking people, not always individuals. Collectives, entities, etc

92eab8 No.106913


Infringement of freedom of speech? You mean like colluding to filter to people who disagree with you? Just fuck off.

d1ed2a No.106914


This is bizarre. He has virtually zero litigation experience (I took a deposition and argued motions, on my own, a year out of law school). This guy is not even a marginal candidate for the federal bench, the fact that he's even there is a complete waste of time. Either Trump nominated him for a reason or he slipped under the radar. I don't get it.

1ec047 No.106915


Stephen Hawkings could be a WHAT

2cd1a2 No.106916


>no trust

No prob Anon. I've been here since the 28th. I know trust is shortcoming with all the shills. But we need to stick together. If we split onto different forums, we lose autists. We need people who can dig. I am not one of those people. Autists see the fine detail. I see more of the big picture. The 40,000 ft view. We don't need to let (((them))) divide us into smaller groups. It's easier to lose information that way. We ran into a roadblock with the tripcodes. It got fixed. Q changed the trip to ensure safe coms. 10 days darkness is from now to Christmas. Until then we have plenty of crumbs and plenty to dig. We need to stop the namefagging, trippfagging and wondering and dig. God Bless Anons. I know we each feel we do a small part. But together we will change the world. Don't lose heart!

7bce52 No.106917


Ill check that for you desu and thank you :)

> samurai.jpg

d48514 No.106918


>Who owns Gannett?

Publically traded compnay, although there are likely large shareholders with the most control.

>How is the information disbursed for publication?

Faxes every morning to media outlets (TV local news, etc) containing the stories that Gannett owned papers will be printing that day.

AP, NYT, and WashPost do the same thing.

News readers like Anderson Cooper use the faxes/emails from Gannett to prep for their shows.

The daily narrative is distributed to the msm in this way.

Whoever controls Gannett(?), NYT(Carlos Slim), AP(?), and WashPost(Bezos cronies) is who controls the msm narrative.

dccd10 No.106919

File: 7896629839d744c⋯.jpeg (72.49 KB, 1018x773, 1018:773, image.jpeg)



have a (((you)))

fb60b7 No.106920



Gannett definitely brought the roof down on us.

So - some seedy business going on with one of the major US news organizations, and there is even a Web site for it, with semi-incriminating photos that certain parties REALLY do not want identified.

With all their newspapers and buildings and public reputation, they have some weird shit either hiding in plain sight, or presumably easy for artists to see through.

Something about that web site that seems really odd. Right up there for all to see in 2012.

719408 No.106922


903b7e No.106923


P stands for Patriots, not Patience.

We will endure…

8fb1cf No.106924

File: 22cb613c74c7b7e⋯.png (156.21 KB, 281x898, 281:898, screenshot_328.png)

b57bb4 No.106925


Now WHY do they need to control the narrative and what do they gain? Who benefits? This should lead to a group of less than 10 ppl…. Gannett is being instructed by WHOM?

b57bb4 No.106926

Who owns Tenga?

72629f No.106927

In Trump's pensacola speech he spoke about a rigged system pretty sure he was talking about the Moore election

0ac090 No.106928



432098 No.106929

File: ec4299bbda71f01⋯.jpg (28.63 KB, 713x151, 713:151, q12.14.17.232858.jpg)


In his last post, Q told us to follow the crumbs, that we have it all, and to enjoy the show! Enjoy it all!

Good night!

b57bb4 No.106930

TEGNA Logo.png

Stories that matter. Brands that deliver. (main)



Traded as


S&P 400 component

Predecessor Gannett Company

Founded June 29, 2015; 2 years ago

Headquarters McLean, Virginia

Key people

Marjorie Magner


Dave Lougee

(President and Chief Executive Officer)



Internet Media

Digital Marketing Services

Revenue IncreaseUS$3.3 billion (2016)[1]

Website tegna.com

So researchMarjorie Magner


Dave Lougee

d1ed2a No.106931


George Webb did a vid about her a couple days ago. Also published documents about/concerning her. Haven't examined the documents but watched the vid.

https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=VR8C0-NBhvU

d48514 No.106932


I'll bet Soros runs the msm narrative in the US.

Soros likely has a group that coordinates every story on ever TV station every day.

Plenty of evidence that even the local stations report the same national interest stories in exactly the same word (Conan has some clips of this). That's no coincidence.

c18eba No.106933

i'm addicted to laughing at people on reddit crying over trump.

Why do people feel the need to post about not only about how much they're losing but how it hurts their feelings?

54606d No.106934


i see youre good at digging.

how come nobody has started to dig into Dr John D. …….

you know.. the channel fellow who was talking to the Macros. The ones who made some deaaalss..

the one who taught shakespeare the fundamentals to mathematics.. 400 years prior … for some of the equations…

8fb1cf No.106935

File: 7a2d2723a93a793⋯.png (243.49 KB, 1259x560, 1259:560, screenshot_329.png)

8f0b3d No.106936

Presidential library?

57972c No.106937

File: e661002f688dc35⋯.jpg (23.03 KB, 255x252, 85:84, 69918657f2cbefdab1b15f8580….jpg)

57972c No.106938

File: 2127585e7c15a9a⋯.jpg (67.17 KB, 750x499, 750:499, 2127585e7c15a9a00be2c027de….jpg)

a35bae No.106939

LISTEN: Former Intel Officer Says Obama Could Be First Former President with a Felony Indictment

https ://conservativetribune.com/person-could-indicted-wiretapping/

9dbb7f No.106940

I'm racking my brain for 'what next' and got this weird feeling (thought maybe they turned on the electronic brainwashing machine or something)

Anyways.. I got this overwhelming urge to read the book of Revelations for some reason. So…. in the book, it talks about Israel and Jerusalem, 7 spirits, 7 stars, 7 of pretty much everything.

Then, in book 7, it talks about 4,160 'seals' + 12,000 for other tribes (Juda, Reuben, Levi..)

I suggest anyone that has a bible (or, of course, it's online) check it out. I'm fully convinced that THIS is the end times prophesied in the bible.. it HAS to be. Dead fish washing ashore.. wars and rumors of wars, TRUMPets blaring.. ( ;) )..

But beyond that… it also talks about the 'stars falling and the moon turning red'

That brought me to "Oh yeah! The Hadron collider!" (CERN, Anti-matter/God particle/black matter)

The next step is their little science experiment, which is either to destroy the planet or 'become God's?'

I dunno.. but I'm pretty certain that we should read the book of Revelations as our MAP (Q keeps talking about the map, but he might not be talking about HIS map… and he keeps saying "Go Back" and past proves the present)

So.. the bible might be the 'back' and revelations might be the proven past as well as the future.

I was convinced that perhaps kings from centuries ago had actually written their future family members INTO the bible as a devious plot to give THEM a map in which to take over the world. The way things are so.. "No coincidence" is creepy and makes me think that this is all some broadway production, but I don't think it is. Well.. might be. But.. yeah. I dunno.

Anyways.. CERN!! That's the next move.. 'as above, so below' and they've mapped out the earth so that certain star alignments and astrological signs match with the planet. Man.. if this is a larp, it's by far the most extravagant we'll ever see. Not talking about Q, I'm talking about.. (((them))).

I dunno.. I'm gonna keep reading and looking for clues that match up with our current situation. I just wanted to drop this because I know people feel 'in the dark' and lost without Q being here.

Dudes/dudettes.. the storm is here.

fb60b7 No.106941


Right. For an elite group within the corporation to be facilitating sketchy activities to any degree they'd need to feel bulletproof.

Maybe explains why when they became a player with USA Today, the built their big are skyscrapers right across the river from Washington DC, like they were a government contractor.

And when they moved, they moved to govt contractor central, Tysons Corner.

Other major corps that show up involved in weird stuff, like DynCorp and JPL are practically govt subsidiaries.

Maybe Gannett is like the corporate version of Mockingbird?

7a9836 No.106942

File: d08ebbbc361e8f7⋯.jpg (30.43 KB, 780x519, 260:173, coop-nasty-af.jpg)

File: 396016d43d28999⋯.jpg (38.96 KB, 500x342, 250:171, rye-house-litchfield-ct.jpg)

File: 23876b7dc41a320⋯.jpg (183.73 KB, 800x1411, 800:1411, prince-pavlos-greece.jpg)

File: 61c732a3f6f0d34⋯.jpg (11.74 KB, 220x220, 1:1, george-papadopoulos-cia-at….jpg)










Anderson Cooper and boyfriend Benjamin Antoine Maisani purchased the Rye House in Litchfield, CT - reported 2014.



The property records for 122 Old Mount Tom Rd, Litchfield, CT can be found here:





The township of Litchfield lists Ortelius, LLC as the owner.



What's up with Ortelius?

Bloomberg lists a snapshot.



Who are the people involved with Ortelius?



The Crown Prince of Greece, Prince Pavlos is an owner.



From that wikipedia entry, this:

>Pavlos was born into a turbulent era in Greek politics. His father, King Constantine II, ascended to the throne on 6 March 1964, aged 23, following the death of his father, King Paul.[1] His mother, the 20 year-old Queen Anne-Marie, gave birth to Pavlos barely a month after the coup d'état which ended democratic rule in Greece over the King's objections on 21 April 1967,[1] ushering in the "Regime of the Colonels", led by Georgios Papadopoulos. In December of that year, King Constantine attempted a counter-coup, but could not rally sufficient military support.[1] Pursued by supporters of the junta, the King fled with his wife, children, mother and sister to Rome. From Rome they went to Copenhagen, and lived with Queen Anne-Marie's mother, Queen Ingrid.[4]

Did you see that?

>led by Georgios Papadopoulos

Georgios Papadopoulos

Looks familiar. Like "George Papadopoulos" who was the non-person within the Trump campaign that the media fondled because he pled guilty to making false statements to the FBI about contacts with the Russians in 2016 while part of the campaign.

Fake fucking name. Fake fucking guy. Who knows what's real - was he really a person using that name to infiltrate the campaign and make contacts with Russians as insurance against a Trump victory? Yeah.

The guy that overthrew Pavlos's father - King Constantine II - was Georgios Papadopoulos, and he named himself President, held a referendum, and was subsequently overthrown a la Caesar by one of his own men.

That's not the good part.

Here is his Wikipedia:



Take note. From the Papadopoulos wikipedia page:

>He underwent military and intelligence training in the United States during the 1950s,[2] and had connections to the CIA.[note 1]

The 1967 overthrow of Pavlos's father was done by the CIA under the name of Georgios Papadopoulos. Years later, CIA agent Anderson Cooper lives in a house owned by the Crown Prince of Greece. But we're told he bought it. More fake news.

b57bb4 No.106943


Yes but we have to connect it. Follow Tenga's ceo to the banks and the location near the Main CIA building…… Who are the main stockholders?

ce4371 No.106944

Not sure if posted yet, but this is it…This is all Q…Here we go!

http: //truepundit.com/exclusive-six-u-s-agencies-conspired-to-illegally-wiretap-trump-british-intel-used-as-front-to-spy-on-campaign-for-nsa/

0ac090 No.106946

File: 60bdcd5090b189d⋯.gif (2.79 MB, 300x252, 25:21, 1445327232704.gif)


I don't believe in filtering, I dont belive in deleting posts, I dont belive in banning anons, I dont belive in restricting trips,

how can you know what breads were baked by whom without tripcodes in the event that we have someone poison the dough again?

d48514 No.106947


Great work, anon.

There are no coincidences.

These people are all connected.

0ac090 No.106948


posted it to the discord we are digging with what few anons are awake

a35bae No.106950

most powerful man jn the World:

https ://twitter.com/gariondescale/status/935365918418440192

b57bb4 No.106951


Nice!!!! Going to take a closer look… bbiab

ce4371 No.106952


Yes….ANONS READ READ READ…This is November Q stuff!

Its coming out!

4205d4 No.106955


Why is your reference in green? Bit puzzled by that as it is typed correctly so should be red.

92eab8 No.106956


You're talking about making threads on a forum dedicated to this topic. Do you have another angle to justify your famefagging? Because that one is getting old. The modus operandi of assuming secretarial duties and sliming your personality all over everything with multiple posts in every thread and spam filled "batter" is understood. Perhaps you personally are not a cancerous piece of shit, but your kind certainly is.

0ac090 No.106957


what got pruned?

7a9836 No.106958




excellent you guys rock

0ac090 No.106961


not at all anon and if we made mistake please point them out so that we can fix them. we need to be collaborative rather than competative

92eab8 No.106963


That's right, so quit your famefagging.

8fb1cf No.106964





William A. BehanSenior Vice President, Labor Relations (2010-present).Age 58.

Victoria D. HarkerExecutive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (June 2015-present).Formerly: Chief Financial Officer (2012-2015), Executive Vice President,Chief Financial Officer and President of Global Business Services, AESCorporation (2006-2012). Age 52.

David T. LougeePresident, TEGNA Media (July 2007-present). Age 58.

Gracia C. MartorePresident and Chief Executive Officer (October 2011-present). Age 65.

Todd A. MaymanExecutive Vice President, Chief Legal and Administrative Officer (June 2015- present). Formerly: Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary(2009-2015).Age 57.

John A. WilliamsPresident, TEGNA Digital (January 2008-present). Age 66.

TEGNA Investor Relations


dccd10 No.106965


Please help out - pic of deleted post (((pruned)))

b99544 No.106966

This is exactly why I asked Q to post a pubkey three night's ago when people were attempting collision attacks against his "trip code" aka weak hash function performed server-side.

0ac090 No.106967


someone had to do it and I was nominated to do the talking. I didn't want to

0ac090 No.106968

0e42e4 No.106969


>Darn the Georgios Papadopoulos part is mindblowing…

Those bastards a sending covert messages to Trump and Q what they going to do…..

Q say they will fight them within the constitution but how do you fight an enemy who dont play by the rules?

d1ed2a No.106970


BTW that graphic is good. Especially with the Lisa Bloom/Gloria All Red stuff now breaking in msm it would maybe be good to add this to the meme library/list. RR's in there being grilled about conflicts while he's got a major fucking conflict himself. All these people need to be disbarred. Makes me fucking sick.

e9bad8 No.106971


Everyone should read this. It's huge.

a35bae No.106972

pizzagate Kill Room Found:

https ://twitter.com/preciousliberty/status/935098482175762432

b57bb4 No.106974


Let's look at their wives now….

e9bad8 No.106975


George Papadopoulos is probably the single most common Greek name. We had more than one just in my school in Melbourne.

2cd1a2 No.106976



I came across this video a few months ago. These sounds are being heard all over the world. There is no explanation for them that I know of.

https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=FhuASeSfF6k

I think we are living in the most exciting times in all of humanity. This is the time where the AntiChrist will reveal himself. We need to do our part to rid this world of the Molech worshipers. Our race has suffered from them long enough. If we peel apart the layers of the pyramid, eventually the capstone will be revealed. However it is not our job to destroy the capstone. It is God's. This is the quickening. The time when we mature and learn a generation's worth of knowledge in a matter of days. We must do our part and dig. It's 4am where I am and I should be asleep but I feel we need to keep pushing back until we break free. Good Luck Autists. And as Q would say, Godspeed!

d1ed2a No.106977


I remember this from 4 back when the Manafort Papadopoulos news broke. Makes sense that guy's name is fake and he's an asset, but he basically failed, right (that is, he never obtained the authority to go do shady shit in Russia - as a rep of the Trump campaign - to cobble together more bs for the frame-up)?

7ea6f3 No.106978


Fooled me to. It was posted back in September 20, 2017.

I think hes re-posting it as a foreshadow of things to come over the next 48 hours.

92eab8 No.106979


Why haven't any of thestorm faggots made the suggestion that we establish some generic trips like baker1 baker2 baker3 and permit those? It has to be theirs though, doesn't it? Agenda is clear.

ce4371 No.106980




http: //truepundit.com/exclusive-six-u-s-agencies-conspired-to-illegally-wiretap-trump-british-intel-used-as-front-to-spy-on-campaign-for-nsa/

How the CIA, Treasury, FBI, DNI used british intelligence GCHQ to wiretap the Trump campaign and transition team…

This goes back to early November Q drops…Look at the MAP, read the news.

7a9836 No.106981


With the power of prayer. Faith. Good intention. With God Almighty Himself. That's our only hope. As lowly peasants, we're outgunned and impoverished by these folks.


Is that name the "Muhammed" of Greece?


Papadopoulos was merely a plant just as Manafort was. And the campaign rejected his plea to do whatever with Russia. They were too smart to fall for the bait. Probably someone already knew the story of the overthrow of King Constantine II of Greece.

1dc922 No.106982

Does nobody here care about Alabama voter fraud?

e2d6ac No.106983

File: 666d2301de529b4⋯.png (401.72 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 1513399109982.png)

File: 56b81a30376f4d9⋯.jpg (864.78 KB, 1573x1124, 1573:1124, 1513400325639.jpg)

7621e3 No.106984

File: 2d903366da760e8⋯.png (565.8 KB, 1086x926, 543:463, Sherman 1.png)

File: 0657668ea1aa4de⋯.png (931.63 KB, 822x927, 274:309, Sherman 2.png)

So a politically connected billionaire, founder of Apotext (big pharma) Barry Sherman & his wife are allegedly found dead 1 day after it's reported that they're selling their house. Odd, the selling their house article was taken down. I'm gonna on a limb and say the storm is coming to Canada.

https://www.thestar.com /news/gta/2017/12/15/police-investigating-deaths-at-apotex-founder-barry-shermans-mansion.html

(cached version)

https://webcache.googleusercontent.com /search?q=cache:T1j1M3cArCwJ:https://torontolife.com/city/society/pharma-titan-barry-sherman-selling-modern-north-york-mansion/+&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ca

e9bad8 No.106986


Haha… oops.

cdfcbd No.106987


Maybe Q left him a text msg

dfc838 No.106988


Wheres the post you linked to?

Whos that Muslim character?

a35bae No.106989



GoTWIT = go to Twitter.



small# = #small business

Q: "Learn how to read the map" - Reading the Map?

Credit: Red Raider‏

1dc922 No.106990

0e42e4 No.106991


Have peace, i believe the patriots have eyes on this….

see >>106828

cdfcbd No.106992


I don't pretend to understand these things, but is it possible that 500+ people fled their homes without leaving any forwarding info. I mean a person could flee and call everyone he can think of to say, I'm okay. But a person he forgets to phone could be calling the authorities putting in an inquiry.

It must take some time to work through a list like that.

2921c1 No.106993

File: a18ffeb2080ebd7⋯.jpg (134.18 KB, 620x410, 62:41, 50acec64e0375.image.jpg)

Retro Q drop

7a9836 No.106994


it was recorded and justice will be served

it's montgomery's junk

it will be the end for some bad guys

the evidence is all in the hands of the good guys

we can't do anything about it other than keep people calm from storming the AL state capitol

>pun intended

meanwhile there's info out there just like my post about AC being owned by GREECE

Gotta wonder where the EU bailout money for Greece REALLY went - how many Euros did Anderson Cooper pocket off that deal?

cdfcbd No.106995


Check out the "strings" board I saw it on a chart an anon had made.

7621e3 No.106996


I just saw Q tag USSS on him with 4 char matches. So he got even closer since then? I guess that makes sense why Q was advised to change trips & go dark.

ae1ec4 No.106997

File: 794aca9b3b5d19e⋯.jpg (90.35 KB, 561x494, 561:494, weavingspiders.jpg)

7ea6f3 No.106998

File: 3aac35cc3492dcf⋯.png (78.77 KB, 787x596, 787:596, cln44.png)


The Clinton Cartel is stacking those fuckers like cord wood.

e3851b No.106999


Probably went back to Soros.

d1ed2a No.107000



e3851b No.107001


Owls = zionists, spiders = Muslim Brotherhood?

0eeb27 No.107002

What did Q post on the 16 November?

dccd10 No.107003


Went to Twitter and ended up with this

>>Rabbis, priests and imams have pleaded with Twitter to remove Donald Trump's account.

A full 35 leaders have signed a letter, co-ordinated by the Interfaith Center of New York, to beg Twitter to remove Mr Trump's account and stop him from being able to post messages to the tens of millions of people who follow him.


3c0945 No.107004

File: 369d825d480cb45⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2017-12-15-23-2….png)

Faggots….this is huge. This is public confirmation of the CIA, FBI, Treasury, etc using the NSA via MI6 to spy on Trump team, prior to GPS dossier.


Pause digging for 2 minutes and Read

3rd time its been posted pay attention.

57972c No.107006


Yes, real close. Too close.

It was in threads #110 and #111 iirc.

7621e3 No.107007


If Jack was SA's pizza puppet, then strings are cut. I suspect Jack won't do shit. Not now, and not on Dec 18. He'll have no choice but to submit to No Such Agency.

e2d6ac No.107008


>Posted on September 20, 2017

57972c No.107009


Namefagged as 'Muslim', sometimes.

7a9836 No.107011


Probably so. If not, CIA definitely. Greek Royalty involved in CIA… CIA thinks it's sovereign. And it damn near is with North Korea — and now we find hard evidence the CIA has other loyalties like the Greek military junta Papadopoulos' association with it. Jesus.


we already knew that, other than the 6 agency count. and we already read it hours ago

it is huge

there's nothing we can do about it

it goes our way

we need to be looking at faggot husbands like Benjamin Antoine Masaini of New York, the husband of Anderson Cooper (possible his name is Antoine Benjamin)

He owns four gay bars in NYC

3c0945 No.107012


Oh … dayam…I'll kms

57972c No.107013


Glorious. Glorious. Bring it ON.

a35bae No.107014

File: 410b26df8e166c3⋯.png (133.71 KB, 544x342, 272:171, q.png)

e9bad8 No.107015


Don't do that - it may be a clue for what's about to drop. The article only mentions unnamed sources.

cdfcbd No.107016


Really, do you think you'd have any idea where to find that code?

753d9c No.107017


I don't think so

I think it was a code for someone, the first q trip had a code in it. So the second was also a code.

Muslim name was also a code.

0e42e4 No.107018


but isnt it troubling it mention that the NSA/Admiral Michael Rogers is part of the wiretapping…

and we pretty much assume Q is part of NSA and the good guys..

3b49e5 No.107020

Does anyone else have internet connection problemes?

a35bae No.107021

RED = Remember Everyone Deployed


05d82f No.107022

File: 7dd83c8d4eb65df⋯.png (402.17 KB, 608x738, 304:369, Capture.PNG)

anyone catch this?

b99544 No.107023

File: 1dc968b4d2acdcf⋯.png (49.16 KB, 832x153, 832:153, 150560742.png)

0ac090 No.107024


also the board owner said he white listed Q before that was even an option on the site. just food for thought, draw your own conclusions.

2cd1a2 No.107025


Obama is a spider. Skip to 9:03.

https://www.youtube. com/watch?v=5Ii7MVlgnBg

3b49e5 No.107027

The death of Barry Sherman and wife is a bit strange. Can it be related?

803b32 No.107028


>There were many prominent examples of virtuous pagans, including Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Trajan, and Virgil.

WTF. Socrates etc… pagans. Highly doubtful. Philosophy is not for the soft of mind.

7a9836 No.107029


Hell yes. Save the children. For real.

9dbb7f No.107030


Absolutely my brotha! I was JUST watching a video on mysterious sounds in the sky.. this one is better though. Yeah.. from March of this year, but nonetheless.. more proof.

Sleep good Anon! The good news is, we're on the right side of history and truth. The bad news is.. I wonder if we're the locust from the bottomless pit (the internet) kek I hope not. ;)

1ec047 No.107031

File: c034dbff74171f9⋯.jpg (119.56 KB, 800x500, 8:5, 216osu.jpg)

1f2f9f No.107032

c18eba No.107033


I'm gna need more unsealed indictments before I blow my load.

92eab8 No.107034


Unsealed indictments, bodies. Either will do.

73700e No.107035


There are no coincidences.

c18eba No.107036


No bodies please. Death is much too easy.

I need them public disgraced at a minimum.

57972c No.107037


Added to the dough.

92eab8 No.107038


Maybe we'll get both!

57972c No.107040


Indarasting. Muslim did say he was a good guy.

Share more?

0418d2 No.107041

File: 4a5fc5892062bba⋯.jpg (2.62 MB, 3000x2200, 15:11, Gannett-Sidley-Obama.jpg)



>Find the spider(s) and build the web (the ‘map’).

>Remember, they consider you to be the fly (specifically, the ‘feeder’).

Said the fly to the spider, I'll kek your a$$!

Q's right Anons. It truly is a spiderweb. It's all connected. They are as stupid as they are sick.






Gannett Brands



57972c No.107042


Are they covering Rogers real role for now, possibly?

7621e3 No.107043



Holly Shit, just checked, yes #111.

Fucker got it to !6TBbQqbhqo

Way too close.

I get that trips that look similar still have a completely different password, but it's definitely an indication of the "serious hardware", and that it's just a matter of time.

44dca3 No.107044

File: fda6a3b1c5b2f68⋯.png (1.96 MB, 1508x724, 377:181, octo.png)


Saphire ring for the Greek princess, handed down from mother. Same for Diana's stone to Kate. Isis cult?

Pic related, Octagon is a talent agency next to Gannett. Source of higher level "actors" for the state?

Goodnight and God bless you all! Choose His pinions, not the Semiramis owl's.

Psalm 91

1 Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High

will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.[a]


I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress,

my God, in whom I trust.”


Surely he will save you

from the fowler’s snare

and from the deadly pestilence.


He will cover you with his feathers,

and under his wings you will find refuge;

his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.


You will not fear the terror of night,

nor the arrow that flies by day,


nor the pestilence that stalks in the darkness,

nor the plague that destroys at midday.


A thousand may fall at your side,

ten thousand at your right hand,

but it will not come near you.


You will only observe with your eyes

and see the punishment of the wicked.

3c0945 No.107045

7 dwarves? Sophia? Use of AI in creating fake people, mapping your face and head, and replicating your voice. Not a fan of GB but this is germane..


57972c No.107046


For real bro.

92eab8 No.107047


He would have gone along with it, he didn't really have a choice if he wanted to keep his job - and we needed him to keep his job.

b99544 No.107048


He was performing a collision attack against the trip, it takes tame and money but the more money you spend the higher you can push the hash rate, the more hashes you can generate per second and find possible collisions. Once you figure out the boards salt first, the time needed is cut down dramatically.

It's much easier to just hack the board itself and steal the trip from Q that way, which means nobody serious has tried to steal his identity yet that we know of.

cdfcbd No.107049


He made the list of indictments?

a35bae No.107050

MOFO's found it:

https ://twitter.com/THEREALMRSAZON/status/934176545354153986


1. (in ancient Rome) a group of three men holding power, in particular ( the First Triumvirate ) the unofficial coalition of Julius Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus in 60 BC and ( the Second Triumvirate ) a coalition formed by Antony, Lepidus, and Octavian in 43 BC.

2. the office of triumvir in ancient Rome.

Posted to:

https ://twitter.com/hashtag/marin%C3%A9s

https ://twitter.com/THEREALMRSAZON/status/934176545354153986

92eab8 No.107051


Unknown. I doubt it is a list you want to be on.

eec33d No.107052

File: b8c4ae92f4b3fc1⋯.jpeg (1.96 MB, 1474x2176, 737:1088, 8892E1ED-FC32-4C35-B76B-B….jpeg)


Holy fuck — the pope just chimed in…

b57bb4 No.107053


Nice Anon!!!! Very nice!

dccd10 No.107054


Thanks, mysterious forces at work.

We are all connected, some realise, some don't. Literally all I did was went to trump Twitter, and that's what I came up with.

Peace out and respect.

57972c No.107055


That's true, and he was operating as a double agent as Q has said, so he'd have been going along while passing evidence / keeping POTUS notified.

That'll be why POTUS was so ballsy in calling out the tap of Trump Tower earlier in the year. He knew, and had all the evidence.

Nice chess play and sexy spy moves.

7a9836 No.107056

File: a22032f9f6944e1⋯.jpg (36.98 KB, 423x600, 141:200, pavlos-and-wife.jpg)


nice find.

7a9836 No.107058

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



8fb1cf No.107059

File: 8112f8a21ba9ee9⋯.png (3.19 MB, 1483x939, 1483:939, screenshot_331.png)


>>>106796 (You)

>>>106808 (You)


There seems to be a pattern above the owls head as well….looks similar to the tree of life but it's incomplete….

dfc838 No.107060






7621e3 No.107061


I thought the first trips were coded. I posted my theory at the time, but it didn't get traction. So I figured I was just seeing patterns where there weren't any. I just used the a,b,c = 1,2,3 conversion to get 2 dates.


!920 16 2 . 17 2 8 17 15

1920 Feb 16 & 2017 Aug 2 @ 5:15

I did some digging & found some stuff on these days but no real connections clicked.

If the new trips are coded, then it sure doesn't look like they'll decipher that simply.

a35bae No.107062

File: 4c4dd568f1d86ca⋯.jpg (771.73 KB, 2016x2048, 63:64, Red.jpg)

We have a huge amount of catch up to do!

The Marines have been at this for a long time!

cdfcbd No.107063


Didn't that photo from Q come out the day before the election?

57972c No.107064


First class digging, anon. KuDOS.

Added to dough.

c18eba No.107065


I don't know what to make of this pope.

On the one hand, he's the pope of a corrupt religious order, rumoured to be a puppet of the black (jesuit) pope.

On the other, he's asked Trump to get Obama/Clinton/Soros influence out of the Vatican.

52430c No.107066

File: f949b05df2f639e⋯.jpg (305.13 KB, 880x667, 880:667, 1511333183144.jpg)

05d82f No.107067



i'm sure i have seen anons digging on this site before, but final report came out. good facts about how sick people are.

https://www.childabuseroyalcommission. gov.au/

cdfcbd No.107068


So the 10 days of darkness are these days that we are waiting to see what will become of this election?

57972c No.107069


The power is strong there, anon.

7621e3 No.107071



Some clown who trying to break Q's trips

8fb1cf No.107072


Well we can check Reptilians off the list….

cdfcbd No.107073


No, that was an earlier relative of his, Noah, who built the ark. :)

b99544 No.107074

File: 6609195a8f46e9f⋯.png (1.04 MB, 732x766, 366:383, PTRSRC.png)


He is probably Petrus Romanus if there is any validity to the prophecy of Saint Malachy, although the text is not specific in the time period he emerges.

7621e3 No.107075

File: 44083057ce6de45⋯.jpg (142.71 KB, 898x628, 449:314, Muslim Clowns.jpg)

cfe73d No.107076


I think we are only talking about spiders now. BHO, HRC etc. They are the Minions of the Owl(s). Who are the Owls? +++/++/+ ? Or have we to dig deeper into the rabbit hole?

cdfcbd No.107077


slip back over and send us highlights. 'we can't all be on the same subject there's lots to cover.

7a9836 No.107078

File: 50e062c737f0356⋯.jpg (16.1 KB, 480x348, 40:29, 18033485_1456930480995460_….jpg)




Documents Discussing the Meeting Between Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Former President Bill Clinton (June 27, 2016) Part 01 of 01

https://vault. fbi.gov/documents-discussing-the-meeting-between-former-attorney-general-loretta-lynch-and-former-president-bill-clinton-june-27-2016/Documents%20Discussing%20the%20Meeting%20Between%20Former%20Attorney%20General%20Loretta%20Lynch%20and%20Former%20President%20Bill%20Clinton%20%28June%2027%2C%202016%29%20Part%2001%20of%2001/view

174312 No.107079


This is not about skin. It's about souls. If you have your soul right, skin doesn't matter.

7621e3 No.107080


Good job anon. That's 1 undeniable connection. I'm sure there's plenty more that can be dug up on his connections through Trudeau.

5cac2d No.107081


Not to mention Webster’s dad

a35bae No.107082


Sorta what I mean Bro!

dfc838 No.107083


Please post link

8fb1cf No.107084

File: aaad1278a5e9ca2⋯.png (1.89 MB, 1037x860, 1037:860, screenshot_325.png)

File: 0fc0c4c17e0cee8⋯.png (1.9 MB, 1037x860, 1037:860, screenshot_326.png)



The tail fans out all the way to the Washington Memorial….

5cac2d No.107085


I think you mean Tegna

Tenga is the plastic jerkoff sleeves you find advertised at the bottom of every 8chan thread.

174312 No.107086

8fb1cf No.107087

File: 80147f38eff81dd⋯.png (3.03 MB, 1485x944, 1485:944, screenshot_333.png)

File: 7686cc0b3a935a6⋯.png (3.03 MB, 1485x944, 1485:944, screenshot_3333.png)




my bad I'm tired uploaded duplicate pics. meant to upload these….

57972c No.107088


Aleister CrOWLey the infamous magi designed the pyramid with the all seeing eye which we see on the dollar bill. It signifies the 'new age'.

There's also an OWL on the dollar bill.

Is that also connected to CrOWLey?

cdfcbd No.107089


Nothing, I'm coming up with Q posting on the 14th and then not again until the 20th

ff4bd8 No.107090


Nice ^^

Take a look at the children in the Podesta paintings. Could they be from nk?

dde7b4 No.107091

anyone see the post on cuckbook from djt mentioning "#TeamTrumpBTS" ?????

dfc838 No.107092

I just went through and found them too




Muslim !BTbbiqbhqo

That was the last one he posted.

Fuck that scares me.

This guy also posted


switching IPs so he doesnt get caught/banned

There is some serious hardware / serious players behind this who really want to find out who Q really is.

57972c No.107093



May be worth a quick look here anons, it's a new timeline.

NEW - Interactive Q Database, Posts, Search, Glossary, Legend, Timeline & Quiz http://www.db-q. com/

b39341 No.107094


Gannett/Mockingbird hole interesting but is a minor act in the global currency reset storyline. FU++ should be a meme.

7a9836 No.107095


of course it is

owl worship = AL worship

AL worship is alef lamed (hebrew; a mockery of alef-tav; alpha-omega)

the L is significant to satanists due to Isaiah 14:12, the Alef-lamed-lamed in Hebrew that somehow turned into "Lucifer" in english. It's also a toss to Lility and Lulav and all the L jew things

fbff1e No.107096


Believe me, I'm very close to that.

This Pope is a swamp asset.

Gay marriages in churches, Holy Crosses deleted in many places, protesting priests persecuted and fired. Churches properties given to muslims to build mosques (yesterday news, in Florence). Always pushing for immigrants and immigrant rights, never mentions Jesus or Bible.

Catholics in EU are desperate, people calling for a schism: the sooner this true devil will be removed, the better.

Hope in MAGA, MEGA and… MCGA!

7621e3 No.107097


>It's much easier to just hack the board itself and steal the trip

But the trips work the same across boards.

Is the salt a 2-way thing?

Seems like it would be easier to take over the chan & just make it look like you stole the trips by mimicking the output.

In any event it's strange that the Muslim spent that $ on cracking the trips, and revealed it prematurely. Perhaps he figured he won't crack it in time, but at least could scare Q into going dark.

7a9836 No.107098


and what you saw was the best they could do in over 30 days worth of computing

they were no where close

just because it contains the same letters doesn't mean they're close

they were miles off

7621e3 No.107099

a35bae No.107100

Wishing Team Q Safety and Strength!

We are with you!

57972c No.107101


Eye opening.

1ec047 No.107102

File: 696491b0cb1352e⋯.jpg (61.01 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, man sheep.jpg)

File: 84aa2f35dc5de92⋯.jpg (70.96 KB, 321x428, 3:4, man rabbit.jpg)

Found this shit by accident. Worth a look

3443ea No.107104

ffc630 No.107105


WTF is that? Genetic hybrid experiments?

1ec047 No.107106


I was digging for a spider queen picture to meme and half human half ___ brought this shit up. One is a sheep, the other a rabbit supposedly, not sure if true

6dd788 No.107107


The ‘Number 3 in power & Financial Head (CFO) of the Roman Catholic Church in the Vatican, Cardinal George Pell. is entangled in this Royal Commission.

He is an Australian cardinal and currently faces several pedophile-related charges in Australian courts. These charges relate to incidents going back decades.

I’m sure the Pope, the Vatican & the RCC in Australia are in hyper-drive, trying to extricate Pell from this situation.





5f7616 No.107108


which of course ties in nicely to the name Allah - alef lam lam ha in Arabic

dfc838 No.107109



Thanks I just looked through his posts and found them.

His first post said that hes a good guy is that true?

7a9836 No.107110

File: 517d00409b4717a⋯.jpg (90.92 KB, 1290x860, 3:2, obama-dc-boys-girls-club.jpg)


>goreposting when you know POTUS is watching

don't be a loser.

fbff1e No.107111


Quite the opposite.

Pell is a true catholic and enemy of the current Pope. Guess what?

Pedophilia accuses came from 1963 events and other crazy things, the Pope calling for "justice"… justice over one of rightful enemies.

What a saint…

7a9836 No.107112


who knows

possibly a good guy

probably not a good guy

doesn't matter

what he was showcasing wasn't good

7a9836 No.107113


yes, it was the source of that name

395631 No.107114


I would say yes. Pigs and humans have remarkably similar DNA. Ironically human DNA is compatible with bears as well. Read a article about this 10 years ago. Scary stuff.

a35bae No.107115

4Chan users did spot a Fake Q - Was called out. Q Did say 4Chan was compromised - Only makes sense they want to do the same here!

http ://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/150555010/#q150559154

1ec047 No.107116


GEOTUS has had to stand next to HRC and she looks worse than both of these

8fb1cf No.107117

File: 5c491ba3f1a75e1⋯.png (3.25 MB, 1484x941, 1484:941, screenshot_332.png)


Please tell me that's not a pentagram over the white house? It's the circles at the end point on each street that truly indicate that this is to form a pentagram leading all the way to the White House. Q said this was going to put people in the hospital….

dfc838 No.107118


What if 'Muslim' was showcasing getting closer to cracking Qs tripcode so Q can change it before its comped by others?

57972c No.107119



1bc89b No.107120


Can you export that into a higher resolution image please?

395631 No.107121


Meh. Easy to paint a picture, if you already know what it is in your mind. I don't see a solid connection for this.

eea735 No.107122

395631 No.107123


Unfortunately, I am a glass half full type of person. Just can't bring myself to believe we are fucked no matter what we do and even if we are, I will go down swinging until i'm dead. Just the way I am.

8fb1cf No.107124


I suppose the owl surrounding the capital is just my imagination also?

dfc838 No.107125


>Isaiah 14:12

I'm trying to work this one out, how did 'star' become 'Luicifer'?

Then how does AL worship fit in with Allah?


8fb1cf No.107126


I'm trying to work this one out, how did Lucifer come into this conversation? For all we know that could be the star of David, who know?

086968 No.107127

Refresh ourselves with a pleasant memory.

video is embedded in tweet

10-05-17 - The Day President #Trump Said - 'The Calm Before The Storm'


4191c1 No.107129


Technically, 40,000 feet would refer to 20,000 people, give or take an orthopedic boot.

7a9836 No.107131

>how did star become lucifer

it was translated from alef-lamed-lamed to latin by jerome as phosphoro (morning star)

corrupt catholics

then translated from the latin vulgate to english as the king james version from phosphoro to lucifer by whoever - shakespeare prolly

>how does it relate to allah

it's all moon worship bullshit. lunar calendar. allah is fake bullshit using "lucifer" original alef-lamed-lamed name to put it right in your face

muslim leadership are pagans / inbred

catholic = pagan

you can't be a Bible believer and think "veneration" of "icons" is not deliberately breaking the 2nd commandment

3443ea No.107132

>>107123. Obvi u didn’t watch it… it ties together EVERYTHING we have been digging up here

cc012a No.107133


"Aliens" are interdimensional and have been here for many years. That term "Aliens' makes people thing Green men from outer space, which is complete BULLSHIT.

395631 No.107134


I did watch it and it explicitly said; The US is the Great Whore of Babylon and will be wiped out. What did I miss?

7621e3 No.107135


It could very well mean both. I think the 1.2mm was also a reasonable estimate of reach.

cc012a No.107136


>id watch it and it explicitly said; The US is the Gre


It';s a BROKEN PENTAGRAM. .. USED FOR SUMMONING. This is only the beginning of the placement of SIGILS in our architecture.

e9bad8 No.107137


Very shilly in here today

cc012a No.107140


Why? Sigils in washington are important no?

8fb1cf No.107142


Ahh okay I was wondering why the Pentagram was broken in one spot….

395631 No.107144


I believe that these people believe in this symbolism. What are you suggesting they are going to do with this invisible pentagram? Honest question, not trying to be confrontational. Don't want this exchange to derail the research on the board.

cc012a No.107146


Google Sigils. they use sigils ALL THE TIME. WHat the fuck do you think CROP CIRCLES are?? They are all summoning tools.

Demons are electromagentic in nature, and as such rituals raise energy levels and allow them to channel through 'their keys' aka their sigils.

7ba8db No.107148


What's your native language?

8fb1cf No.107150


I have absolutely no clue as to why it's even there. The same with the owl around the Capital Building. All I know is that it's just there and it's weird….

cc012a No.107151


English. I'm Canadian.

7ba8db No.107153


Oh ok nvm

e9bad8 No.107154


Q's questions; memes. That's our mission. Obvious CIANigger is obvious

cc012a No.107155




You can get a lot of answers by looking at sigils. Promise. They are EVERYWHERE in your life.

086968 No.107156

File: 471e6fba908fa8d⋯.jpg (156.77 KB, 757x591, 757:591, Woke Doom Lover #RedPilled….jpg)

Recently tweeted

#WhoIsQAnon? #CBTS?

Woke Doom Lover #RedPilled by #QAnon to Have #HOPE



cc012a No.107157


People who think like you never solve problems. You live in the box, I live outside the box. I see thinks that connect that you may think why is this person talking… NEVER discount the person who thinks outside the box.

e9bad8 No.107158


Not doubting it, but you are never going to redpill a normie with that stuff. Commander's intent is redpill normies. If you have some other stuff to work into this, then make another thread about sigils

7a9836 No.107159


i heard the breaks in the sigil allow the evil in

some shit like that

57972c No.107160

Fresh morning bread ready.

Let's finish this one first.




One Byte at a Time Edition #122

cc012a No.107161


I have ZERO interest in redpilling normies. I'm here to provide more context to this research, since none of this is new to me like it is to you folks. I've been researching all year.

8fb1cf No.107162


I know they are everywhere just wasn't expecting the entire downtown Washington D.C. area to be one GIANT symbol….

cc012a No.107163


Absolutely. Broken sigils allow the energy to come in, closed ones are supposed to enclose the summoning.

cc012a No.107165


The pentragram is only the beginning. I've had that highlighted ON MY WALL for years.

e9bad8 No.107166


>I have ZERO interest in redpilling normies.

JFC man, that's exactly what this thread is for.

617968 No.107167


They may prove to be very important. There is an symbolism bake specifically for this. Your thoughts will potentially be lost among the noise here in this bake.

cc012a No.107168


K, One part of this forum is to COLLECT info, that HELPS redpill normies. That's why I'm here. Others are better at memes etc… so tada. Someone needs to guide the conversation and research with knowledge.. That then can be used to redpill normies.. GET IT? LOL pretty strait forward.

e9bad8 No.107169

You literally have a whole board to work up your theories, and you'll get lots of readers but this is a purpose specific thread which you are derailing.

cc012a No.107170


I'll cross it over.

086968 No.107172

BTW there is a torrent called:

The #QAnon Phenomenon Confirms #TheStormHasArrived


please upload to your fav torrent site

8fb1cf No.107173

File: cab17c02eaaaf41⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1029x845, 1029:845, screenshot_334.png)


Interesting about the broken pentagram but this owl around the Capital Building is the one that takes the cake….

e31938 No.107174


I really don't understand the verbiage in this meme. (the abbreviations)

5f7616 No.107175

File: b1f8242d79dd756⋯.jpg (62.36 KB, 550x444, 275:222, 2.JPG)

395631 No.107176

To be honest, the questions that I find far more concerning are these;

Assuming POTUS/MI are able to defeat the global cabal, restore gold currency, end the fed etc. There are several major loose ends that still remain such as;

College Indoctrination centers + millions of brainwashed/violent kids.

Cell phone addiction, which keeps people asleep and emotionally messed up.

Millions of blacks who are convinced Trump is orange Hitler (peace be upon him).

Our society has been so compromised, how in the world are we going to put it back together without a civil war?

e9bad8 No.107177


>You literally have a whole board to work up your theories, and you'll get lots of readers but this is a purpose specific thread which you are derailing.

cc012a No.107178


Again, just the beginning :) You can overlay the 1 dollar bill over DC perfectly, with the illuminati organizations in the pyramid, government within the great seal…

205463 No.107179

Symbolism will be their downfall. Jones /ourguy/ +++++

Jay-z pyramid handsign Fire

Merkel down pyramid Water

Baphomet up and down Earth

What is wind?

You will love Tom Jones - Burning down the house

www.youtube. com/embed/iYuldgIOelY

8fb1cf No.107181


Truly fascinating!!!

395631 No.107182


I mean, is their a spiritual equation to this? Is their a link to the reason why everyones so Fed up due to magic and not technology? Or is it a little of both?

cc012a No.107184


See EnterTheStarz RELOADED on youtube for amazing overlay solves.

bcd18d No.107185


Or… Owls are Ashkenazis and Spiders are Sephardic…?

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