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File: f2b82819dc79a0a⋯.jpg (29.55 KB, 407x631, 407:631, Dyi0KpkVAAEzmVD.jpg)

File: 48788d060a22810⋯.png (466.69 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 1549226947038.png)

File: d3160446bcc1d92⋯.png (492.73 KB, 651x669, 217:223, 1549227237598.png)

File: ef8baeeabe1f0c9⋯.png (145.99 KB, 196x300, 49:75, 1549230413650.png)


So some guy named AbacusMike (aka Mike Miller) inked over a Mike Wieringo original from Spectacular Spider-Man




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Proof? I'm only seeing that stuff go for a few hundred dollars online.



he said throughout entire stream last night that mike was an idiot and seems to always do the opposite of whatever advice hes offered, even when he asks for it. evs was against him the entire time.



When Mike had a stream, EVS said that he was "apologizing to sjws" and has seemed to flip his position if his stream with Mike yesterday is anything to go by.

I'm getting the feeling from EVS that he thinks he lost clout in the "movement" for getting outraged over Mike's antics.



I only tangentialy was aware of EVS but now I'm starting to lose what respect I ever had of him.


File: 08696b4e2e75bf7⋯.jpg (114.24 KB, 494x596, 247:298, mike.jpg)

File: 52ec8f82c0cf47b⋯.jpg (32.94 KB, 375x500, 3:4, s-l5001.jpg)

File: 4edc1314ffd7dc0⋯.jpg (13.97 KB, 375x500, 3:4, s-l500.jpg)

It looks like Mike is now on the receiving end of the troll train. After threatening to buy and burn a Dave Johnson convention sketch, Johnson responded by drawing Mike's character Loadstar and inviting Mike to bid on it. The sketch will include one match for easy burning.


The current bid is over $500. Dave Johnson has floated the idea of donating the money to Planned Parenthood in Mike's name.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Where did the idea of the super Mario bros super show being bad came from?

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Honestly I can't think of Robotnik in any other way but this.

He's fun, he's stereotypically evil in all the right ways, very well animated, and the voice acting from Long John Baldry is just god tier.

RIP Long John. It ain't easy.



>Compare it to the games which have no real sense of direction or world building.

You clearly never read the Japanese manuals for the Genesis games, most of them do have a backstory, although being just text in a game manual doesn't really help. Sonic 3 & Knucles has some excellent cutscenes and world-building for a Genesis game about going fast. The Adventure titles were definitely awkward though and it just got worse from there.



Except the show writers never had access to the Japanese manuals or the then-unreleased Sonic the Hedgehog 3. I don’t even think they had much knowledge of Sonic the Hedgehog CD aside from maybe the Time Stones. For a time when international Sonic material focused very little on plot and the Japanese story wasn’t accessible, SatAM stood out in a positive way.



>SatAM stood out in a positive way.

It's just Star Wars (furry rebels, stormtrooper like robots) meets Captain Planet (transparent 90s environmentalist/leftie bits with Robotnik polluting for the sake of it).



File: ead2a29fcf375bf⋯.jpg (516.39 KB, 1044x1538, 522:769, supermans pal jimmy olsen ….jpg)


Come and hear the good news of Superman and his one true pal Jimmy Olsen!

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File: 163b2d59a207bee⋯.jpg (332.42 KB, 925x1329, 925:1329, supermans pal jimmy olsen ….jpg)

File: e9dd384e2808712⋯.jpg (346.76 KB, 931x1350, 931:1350, supermans pal jimmy olsen ….jpg)

File: 7e3116936bda260⋯.jpg (325.97 KB, 910x1317, 910:1317, supermans pal jimmy olsen ….jpg)

File: 723e7f6ef5ff20d⋯.jpg (319.42 KB, 919x1323, 919:1323, supermans pal jimmy olsen ….jpg)

File: 50655c8ef5f2f5d⋯.jpg (326.2 KB, 910x1332, 455:666, supermans pal jimmy olsen ….jpg)


Seriously, what the fuck?

In our next story reminded that Jimmy Olsen is irresistible to all women, be they from earth or other planets.


File: f9beb431c74e8d6⋯.jpg (326.45 KB, 915x1323, 305:441, supermans pal jimmy olsen ….jpg)

File: 4a795d245450ec4⋯.jpg (342.47 KB, 916x1332, 229:333, supermans pal jimmy olsen ….jpg)

File: 7bfae5a8c9b9c99⋯.jpg (331.37 KB, 919x1332, 919:1332, supermans pal jimmy olsen ….jpg)

File: 0196175a802cf25⋯.jpg (335.88 KB, 922x1335, 922:1335, supermans pal jimmy olsen ….jpg)

File: 47968a1e6bf3c2d⋯.jpg (335.02 KB, 919x1326, 919:1326, supermans pal jimmy olsen ….jpg)


File: 654200c3f876023⋯.jpg (328.53 KB, 934x1353, 934:1353, supermans pal jimmy olsen ….jpg)

File: cd8461d5b63704e⋯.jpg (227.52 KB, 930x1233, 310:411, supermans pal jimmy olsen ….jpg)

File: 775237ce208073e⋯.jpg (273.8 KB, 919x1359, 919:1359, supermans pal jimmy olsen ….jpg)

File: 21b07024383a241⋯.jpg (244.6 KB, 910x1344, 65:96, supermans pal jimmy olsen ….jpg)

File: 6d043a9b60d5b19⋯.jpg (319.63 KB, 915x1323, 305:441, supermans pal jimmy olsen ….jpg)


File: 743efec6e5198ff⋯.jpg (314.7 KB, 919x1329, 919:1329, supermans pal jimmy olsen ….jpg)

File: f94bb8abe75e616⋯.jpg (337.16 KB, 916x1341, 916:1341, supermans pal jimmy olsen ….jpg)

File: d9827c1491e4a18⋯.jpg (345.55 KB, 928x1332, 232:333, supermans pal jimmy olsen ….jpg)

File: 3015e86140997e3⋯.jpg (341.43 KB, 916x1335, 916:1335, supermans pal jimmy olsen ….jpg)

File: 91165221d4d8307⋯.jpg (327.88 KB, 913x1335, 913:1335, supermans pal jimmy olsen ….jpg)


Just look how fucking mad Professor Potter is that his chemical didn't burn Jimmy to death.


File: 0f68f31c2e8d816⋯.jpg (344.28 KB, 919x1338, 919:1338, supermans pal jimmy olsen ….jpg)

File: caf3b7d044cf4fb⋯.jpg (341.83 KB, 919x1356, 919:1356, supermans pal jimmy olsen ….jpg)

File: aa790dd86cabd53⋯.jpg (280.29 KB, 913x1320, 83:120, supermans pal jimmy olsen ….jpg)

File: 12ca345982ed1bf⋯.jpg (361.99 KB, 970x1437, 970:1437, supermans pal jimmy olsen ….jpg)

File: 29af3ca7e3126b3⋯.jpg (320.35 KB, 955x1374, 955:1374, supermans pal jimmy olsen ….jpg)


BUY BB GUNS, /co/!

File: dc5b2c84960f0e8⋯.jpg (26.28 KB, 500x429, 500:429, f6c.jpg)


>that episode where bart sell his soul for 5$

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File: 4a7fc7949b38e65⋯.png (215.37 KB, 544x416, 17:13, soyhouse.png)


>that episode where Bart goes to /tv/


File: 03de60e7045ee95⋯.jpeg (55.29 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 6063E0CA-4B1E-4CDF-889D-C….jpeg)

>that episode where Bart snitch to the IRS about his hero finance


File: 41527533b7a2bb9⋯.png (164.38 KB, 636x397, 636:397, Marge high.png)

>That /co/ thread where everyone realizes they have nothing better to do and start Simpposting.


File: d2b536ab639f030⋯.jpg (24.02 KB, 500x375, 4:3, DAEDBORT.jpg)

>that episode where bart is dead


sneed hahahaha

File: 54512edae29962a⋯.png (47.15 KB, 813x513, 271:171, a0297c20fc9d92f660d5b24157….png)

File: 94503fa497dcc08⋯.png (333.24 KB, 1917x941, 1917:941, 4cuck.png)

File: 252efd7e0805bd9⋯.png (236.1 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, b487f2ecb04a985f47863df5e0….png)

File: c14ebbdd4e05a2f⋯.png (791.43 KB, 1344x2492, 48:89, c14ebbdd4e05a2f52fceebeafa….png)

File: 650f28c3d55fb41⋯.png (20.14 KB, 854x398, 427:199, 88046cf2a4de093536d3d76947….png)


In a nutshell 4chan or 4um (doesnt really deserve the chan/ channel prefix anymore) is adding accounts and Hiro is finally doubling down destroying the place. All this is being rolled out shortly.

How will the board cope with the sudden influx rapefugees?

Eventually over on 4um only people with paid account would be able to make threads

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Mr. Anon, Mr. Anon! What's it like sucking so much cock in one hour? The world's dying to know!



Yeah, Mark would say that.


File: feb1c2ae81e6b02⋯.jpg (370.28 KB, 790x1200, 79:120, 1464229399663.jpg)


>No. Even mark said it that 99% of the times a huge happening got down in halfcuck the post dint change a bit

Are you saying I should trust a jew?Have you learned nothing?

I used to be a regular on /v/ back in 2014 but with every exodus that board has gotten progressively worse to the point that it's unrecognizable compared to when GG first kicked off. The two biggest hits to this whole site were the second cuckchan exodus and the formation of /leftypol/ after which the quality of discourse plummeted and divide and conquer shilling went through the roof.



/v/ is fine Aaron, you need to stop bot spamming the board because they made fun of your shitty skyrim waifu.



t. Mark

File: e58c2457abf340d⋯.jpg (18.19 KB, 254x393, 254:393, The-Boys_Volume_One.jpg)


What are your thoughts on this one, /co/? Does it have the potential go deep with deconstructions as Watchmen or will it be just another pretentious fart?

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Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker was actually a pretty decent mini series.



y so butthurt jewpig



the drawings look like pure shit



Compared to what ?


File: eae15aacb406193⋯.jpg (34.48 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Kim_Jong-un_contempt.jpg)


Can't really add to this, though this is also what I felt while reading it.



Imagine being so fucking inbred, you spend every waking moment of your short life making the worst fucking posts imaginable, spreading your retarded inbred faggotry wherever you go. You know, I'd be surprised if you mouth-breathing mongoloids DIDN'T suck cock for a living. Gotta pay the internet bill somehow, after all. Might as well get a job doing something you love, am I right, you cock-gargling, inbred nigger faggots?

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Now I know people are split on CG but lets talk about it for a thread. It has its uses and it doesn't but when it comes down to it is great for animation as a whole.

Take for example Hotwheels Highway 35 a typical toy movie but I think you can appreciate it for the little things the human animation is very dated but I the car/racing animation is really top notch even for todays standards.really shows you why Mainframe were the kings of this shit back in the day.

32 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



From what I've seen it wasn't really comic accurate at all, outside the 1950's stiff-upper-lip characterisation of Dan and Digby themselves (which would be a miracle in itself if it was made today. They'd almost certainly make Digby a bird or a nigger). The most comic accurate screen renditions of Dan Dare are 2-3 adverts for Mobil 1 motor oil from the 80's. They've even stuck to the canon timeline of the first Venus mission happening in 1995, Dan talks about then-current F1 drivers as if they're a recent memory.



At this point I'd even take a Nick Frost/ Simon Pegg Dan Dare, at least you know those two would be respectful of the material.

Pegg made such a good Johnny Alpha in the radio plays…


Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


These Mobil 1 ads?


Could definitely see Frost working as a live action Digby.




File: a281dc1557d7dfc⋯.jpg (191.43 KB, 850x601, 850:601, 20190210.jpg)

Using 3DCG to replace 2d is cheap. At least use the advantages of 3D like camera angle changes/

File: 29e56042fc75d87⋯.jpg (535.71 KB, 1280x1989, 1280:1989, Avengers Academy.jpg)


Every single one of them deserved better.

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Remember when Mettle was a meme on cuckchan?



>Perhaps we should storytime them to remeber the good times.

Then do it faggot.





Marvel comics just can't make new good characters. Why is that?



They don't care to. New writers coming in just want to introduce some new characters that will hopefully get picked up for an MCU movie at some point in the future so they can get royalty money out of it. That's why you'll often see new characters introduced that fill a role that could've easily gone to an already established character. The writer might be able to write the exact same story with them, but that doesn't offer the possibility of some movie moolah.

Same reason why you have such a large turnover in expanded cast. Writer finishes their run, new writer comes in, and immediately cleans ship to bring in their own OCs for a chance at a slice of royalty pie.

File: 8c210f0f8725bbc⋯.jpg (64.91 KB, 500x379, 500:379, THE BOX.jpg)


It's movie time it's movie time come along and watch cause it's movie time.

Choose from one of these below.

Last Unicorn

Mad Monster Party????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Or pick whats in the box. What's in the box? Could be anything.

The Yaki box is a confused mess of a motion picture

The Ted box is Yaki's choice because he loves her very much.

The choice is yours.

Link for stream is here https://vaughnlive.tv/tedfufu

18 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 7dab0b13ed11949⋯.png (1.63 MB, 754x1181, 754:1181, cooool.png)

Flipping the case for a case says I'm voting for Yaki


voting unicorn


Ted, because it has to make more sense than this


File: e056fda1fe56785⋯.jpg (122.14 KB, 453x402, 151:134, 1546285509157.jpg)

Yaki Box


File: 9b54f2af7969c0a⋯.jpg (111.38 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, what the hell even is this.jpg)

Next movie of the night is from the Yaki Box, and it's Felix The Cat The Movie!

This poorly lip-synced, almost CGI vomitous mess was on Disney channel once or twice. I still remember it. It's still weird.

File: 65ac815f132e9ca⋯.jpg (331.67 KB, 960x1440, 2:3, p14939602_v_v8_aa.jpg)

File: 12aaffb40e16e9d⋯.jpg (1.55 MB, 1200x1703, 1200:1703, Venom-poster-6.jpg)

File: f8b28ce5c3d451b⋯.jpg (158.7 KB, 691x1024, 691:1024, Aquaman-Movie-Poster-Memes….jpg)

File: b3873e9eca99564⋯.jpg (82.7 KB, 1500x750, 2:1, Bumblebee-Transformers-Mov….jpg)


Anyone else starting to notice non MCU movies are getting lots of love despite their low quality or quality barely better than the typical MCU movie? All of these movies have story, acting, world, and effects problems. But it feels like they've been getting all around praise. Are everyone's standards that low?

37 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 3b377499ded8214⋯.png (91.99 KB, 298x282, 149:141, tired hooni.png)


The only hope is Captain Marvel bombs and Brie Larson goes full Ghostbusters backlash against everyone. Turning away even more people from the MCU. Then afterwards Endgame absolutely kills the hype train as it's essentially the (logical) ending of the movie line. Even if they will keep milking it for more movies.

Or just go watch anime and tokusatsu. Least the japs try to do more impactful important things with their superhero media.


File: 6c89330efb781d5⋯.png (21.97 KB, 127x153, 127:153, Screenshot_20181205_120926.png)

So far she's being an unlikeable bitch on social media and the movie is not even out yet but I'm pretty sure it still won't flop because soyfaced faux geeks and muh interconnected movies lmao. However I can confirm my normie frens are turned off by Larson's mere appearance and general lack of facial expression, so who knows.


File: 3c53702d8f9dd20⋯.jpg (89.03 KB, 436x365, 436:365, pLqee379I.jpg)


The problem in the movie gets solved in 3 minutes if one of the characters has a 50ft tall Kaiju-puncher. No, you can't say totem vampires are terrible but they should be put in anyway. That's a terrible argument. Not to mention Kingpin had a whole team of supervillains, but that's irrelevant to you because none of them had a garlic allergy. It's also an odd argument that you want the villain aspect to be more dangerous, but you at the same time want one of the characters to have a giant robot that can elbow drop everything. Also Peni and the Spider-robot have a symbiotic relationship, and she does pilot the robot at times.

I'm starting to think you didn't watch the movie at all, but want to be the smart contrarian who's above the movie all the icky normies are raving about.


File: 2e8e41c615ed5c1⋯.jpg (161.31 KB, 630x408, 105:68, SPDR04.jpg)

File: cbcc1968292d6cb⋯.jpeg (268.87 KB, 931x718, 931:718, from-the-amazing-spider-m….jpeg)


Sp//dr is barely the size of two grown men. I didn't say they should be put it. I'm saying they provide an actual threat to the heroes. Again. SP//DR is not Leopardon. It's pretty small.



I somehow remembered it was a lot bigger. I haven't read this comic in a while, so I thought since it was Evangelion inspired, it'd be a big robot. My mistake.

File: d225c85971a1f69⋯.webm (3.62 MB, 640x360, 16:9, Batman V Superman - Sad A….webm)



>The 46-year-old actor will not be returning for the Matt Reeves-directed standalone Batman film, titled The Batman, ET confirms. The movie, which is scheduled for release June 25, 2021 will focus on a younger Bruce Wayne storyline.

>The news comes after years of speculation that Affleck, who played the caped crusader in 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and 2017's Justice League, would not be reprising the role. The actor previously told fans in July 2017 that him stepping down as director of the standalone Batman film didn't mean he wouldn't be playing the character.

6 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.



Dunno, heard they want a younger actor.


File: bbb8f2251e106bf⋯.jpg (116.25 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, Mattel-Shazam-Basic-6-Inch….jpg)

File: 294c4886cf7c627⋯.jpg (170.54 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, Mattel-Shazam-Basic-6-Inch….jpg)

Cavill is gonna be gone completely too. Watch as they shift focus completely on Shazam now. Then I guess the younger Batman who may or may not even be part of this movie universe. Don't know who they could replace Batman with in the main cinematic universe if Shazam succeeds as the new Superman type. Maybe Red Hood?



Cavill is a pretty good fit for Superman, so that would be a shame. Maybe it will mean that DC is cleaning the house, and Flash will no longer be played by a bisexual jewish Johnny Depp wannabe.



The damage is already done though but at least faggots like that guy will be out of work. Cavill can do better.



Not for long. DC reportedly wants to bring back younger Batman for the standalone films and it's pretty much guaranteed at this point that the Flashpoint movie will wipe Batfleck from existence.

File: 02f7f5cdb6ce7c4⋯.jpg (13.12 KB, 363x274, 363:274, ClutchCargoTitleCard.jpg)


ITT: We post QUALITY cartoons

74 posts and 39 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.


File: 0f82f064b72d6d3⋯.jpg (6.11 MB, 3600x2400, 3:2, jmforgottenman-copy.jpg)

File: 81f3d9639bc1aa4⋯.jpg (315.74 KB, 1280x864, 40:27, obamanation-imgmap-zoom-38….jpg)

File: b60beaf1c865c9e⋯.jpg (1.77 MB, 1182x1492, 591:746, expose-the-truth-21.jpg)

File: b334db86d27a75f⋯.jpg (1.45 MB, 1500x1007, 1500:1007, you-are-not-forgotten.jpg)

File: b12104375f2242c⋯.jpg (2.09 MB, 1300x1631, 1300:1631, respect-america-final-crop….jpg)


>Jon McNaughton

He puts the "Q" in "QUALITY".



Those pictures get progressively funnier.



These are so melodramatic and intensely sappy that they are unironically fun and hilarious.


File: 6c3551a0cf5ba52⋯.png (102.96 KB, 444x301, 444:301, latest.png)


That's some pretty ironic animated inbreeding…



A shame he only ships them in North America…

File: c5d7d56371d4795⋯.jpg (271.49 KB, 1399x2048, 1399:2048, AH101.jpg)


>When Captain Europa offers Janelle Jeanneret a recruitment deal she can't refuse, the French model doesn't hesitate to sign up with the Global Justice Initiative. After all, they're providing her with a killer apartment in Brussels, a new outfit, and even a flashy new name, in addition to paying her an awful lot of money… and it's even tax-free! But is there a catch? And how is a group of superhumans based in Europe going to go about establishing global justice anyway?

>Alt★Hero is the first in an exciting new line of superhero comics from Arkhaven Comics.

30 posts and 33 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



This actually looks like it'd be pretty entertaining, but knowing the people behind it actually beleive this shit would taint it.

Sage to negate the bump.



I feel bad now since I had an idea for a Punisher story where he goes to Hollywood to kill some producer involved in a sex ring but the producer has a personal spy master that's former Mossad to protect him and uses the media to frame Frank for some shit. So Frank has to clear his name and expose the producer and probably kill him.



>So Frank has to clear his name

Eh, go ahead and let the hero actually suffer overarching consequences for once. Even if he proved his innocence definitively, plenty of people would still consider him scum (for his role in this storyline).


I've never been avid of politics anyway…

Besides, practically everybody in Europe hates the EU today.

Too many Cons to counter the Pros these days.



You know you have a point. Maybe I might just have it where Frank doesn't care what people think of him and just go after the guy even with his ruined reputation. Honestly, the whole media frame thing was meant to be some sort of commentary on how the media twists reality to create narratives but I didn't develop it that well. Might get rid of it.

File: bb6a0ac9195e210⋯.jpg (370.36 KB, 700x990, 70:99, CHAPTER 1 COVER.jpg)

File: 863a22bd1980bd3⋯.jpg (486.87 KB, 700x998, 350:499, introducing some furfaggot.jpg)

File: 1fcc9784680a643⋯.jpg (474.93 KB, 700x998, 350:499, introducing our heroes.jpg)

File: 2ba69f262af7d2e⋯.jpg (452.56 KB, 700x998, 350:499, talk shit....jpg)

File: 806c66642b4d175⋯.jpg (552.28 KB, 700x998, 350:499, ...get furbashed.jpg)


>Dreaming of Utopia? The fuck? What's this about?

It's a webcomic set in a world where furries are a significant and politically active demographic. Saying anything else would spoil it.

>Why the fuck would you storytime some furfag shit?

Because in addition to being hilarious it's delightflly batshit insane. You'll see soon enough.

>Why are you doing this?

Because you asked for it. Shut up, you did. Stop crying. Now, without further delay…


297 posts and 469 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.



My father never got so angry that he managed to shatter a brass instrument like glass by throwing it at a wall.



again, plastic, but plastic doesn't shatter like that ether.



There's been two times my dad has been angry where I was scared shitless when I was a kid. He was very sorry afterwards and was crying saying he won't do it again. I mean my dad wasn't abusive and he loves me but he did have a temper problem.



*Who didn't anon?*



Yeah, my dad was the kind of person to blame other people for his problems and get violent when (easily) angered. Not sure why people love him.

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