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File: 593808faa92db48⋯.jpg (80.9 KB, 839x875, 839:875, spoony mass shooter.jpg)

File: cf3603ea4ea6e00⋯.gif (833.5 KB, 500x256, 125:64, spoonercide.gif)

File: a58820d0adb0db9⋯.png (136.58 KB, 374x403, 374:403, shitty cosplay.png)

File: 07336fc20daec51⋯.png (61.38 KB, 588x494, 294:247, ClipboardImage.png)

09b8b0  No.309583

>patreon at record lows

>still no return to cocks creation

>sanity at record lows

>lashing out at christmas decorations

>now his twitter has been taken away


09b8b0  No.309584

730123  No.309585

File: 33921587e65032a⋯.png (101.21 KB, 627x979, 57:89, f3f062d984c65d08efc8c7bc4b….png)

Before his account was suspended, he published a fanfic on his Twitter in which he dresses up like a woman and tries to seduce Donald Trump. Apparently, there was another tweet where he's forced to suck Trump's dick after he takes a shit, but no one saved it in time.

09b8b0  No.309587


Fucking wew. The level of brokenness required to start making sexual fanfics of people you don't like and go into that much detail about your false depiction of the person, he needs a padded cell.

Also, newer plebbit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/thespoonyexperiment/comments/7q91mm/twitter_account_suspended/

058f71  No.309594

File: 416f57c16b61145⋯.png (388.12 KB, 447x406, 447:406, Complete & Utter Disdain.png)


>being so insane that you begin to lust after the POTUS, a man you hate

>being such a degenerate that you want to be a woman who gets fucked and humiliated by an elderly man

>being such a lolcow that you write fanfiction of that 70 year old man fucking your female alter-ego

>being so fucking stupid that you upload it to your social media account so that everyone sees it

For his sake, I hope he kills himself soon.

99218e  No.309600


how mentally ill do you have to be to write a fanfiction about dressing up as a woman and having buttsex with someone you hate - and then posting it on twitter.

I mean there are several steps to that; did he not at one point think "maybe this isn't a good idea, I should stop"?

1e5c75  No.309619


Spoony has prison rape fantasies?

880b80  No.309622

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This reminds me of a certain species of Apes.

880b80  No.309623


Interesting. The guy claims, that Bonobos are doing their sex thing only in Zoos, i.e very boring /r environments. The wild isn't any of the two.

a7f560  No.309629


You're talking about a guy who sent a rape joke tweet to one of his co workers. I think it's safe to say that Noah was never sane to begin with.

1f52be  No.309631


This is the nuttiest things I've seen someone who fell for the "Trump is the devil" meme write.

643b15  No.309639

File: 0e710bea3cc4bc1⋯.gif (210.2 KB, 280x199, 280:199, 0e7.gif)

1f9e03  No.309957


What the shit, I couldn't even read through this thing without throwing up, and this sick fuck actually wrote it? What is wrong with Noah? I would love to be a fly on the wall for one day in the Antwiler house.

12198f  No.310017


Holy shit, me and spoony share the same fetish.

12198f  No.310020



And now I regret making this post, just read the part where Trump shits.

f30ef3  No.310037

File: 75c38a18702e9b5⋯.jpg (70.53 KB, 750x503, 750:503, cancerthatkilledchans.jpg)

sp00ny isn't a lolcow you fucking underage cancerous newfags holy shit. A lolcow is someone like chrischan who's too fucking autistic to realize he's beeing trolled and has lulzy emotional, recorded outbursts. sp00ny's an SJW faggot for sure but being an sjw isn't synonymous with being a lolcow. By that logic bernie sanders is a lolcow.

Fucking so glad the 4chan-8chan split happened. It improved the quality of 4chan by 70% (that is before the reddit cancer came in late 2015 early 2016)

1f52be  No.310047


Go read the previous Spoony thread and tell me with a straight face he isn't a lolcow. There's more to it than just "lol he's an SJW". Fucking retard.

3efaa9  No.310048


>It improved the quality of 4chan by 70%



It's like saying "it improved the quality of this steaming turd by 70%" – there's no quantifiable nor tanglible way of measuring it.

dbf2d9  No.310066


Absolutely Judaic

09b8b0  No.310093


Real shame the thread on Michael something or other slid off the catalog. Very funny seeing Noah's IDF always attacking threads making fun of Noah.

97eef5  No.310097


Fun fact : That picture is over ten years old, those kids are old enough to vote, possibly drink.

And post.

f059fd  No.310162


Trumpfags, everyone.

d01574  No.310167

File: e26449189dab7fd⋯.jpg (115.58 KB, 480x1106, 240:553, trump sex dream.jpg)


So when spoony has sex does he fantasize about being raped by 3 men simultaneously?

d01574  No.310171

File: 32b35882ef70885⋯.png (18.77 KB, 589x206, 589:206, AfvI6CJ.png)



6b9a7a  No.310208

File: 2aaf483fa00ed76⋯.png (264.08 KB, 1160x1882, 580:941, He's just raving nonstop.png)



Put two and two together.

1e5c75  No.310210

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>sp00ny isn't a lolcow you fucking underage cancerous newfags holy shit. A lolcow is someone like chrischan who's too fucking autistic to realize he's beeing trolled and has lulzy emotional

870d2d  No.310220


t. räzorcuck

4cc44f  No.310315

File: bb5537ac6b936e3⋯.gif (698.63 KB, 1221x768, 407:256, 1515954770088.gif)


>It improved the quality of 4chan by 70%

>That's why nobody visits that shithole anymore

He shills for free

51a944  No.310324


While I agree that the definition of lulcow has been watered down to "famous people I don't like" especially on foxdick, Spoony has been a defacto lulcow for years.

f6f367  No.310368

File: 3f6f2093a343379⋯.jpg (60.94 KB, 394x473, 394:473, 1505039841030.jpg)



>not a lolcow

Are you fucking retarded?

27491b  No.310371

File: 7c0a145619d8060⋯.jpg (14.59 KB, 212x255, 212:255, 1467848514963.jpg)


>mfw watching spoony's declining mental state is just as comfy as watching his Phantasmagoria 2 LP for the first time

Knowing the person from back when they were normal somehow really enhances the the lolcow experience.

c89cae  No.310535


Makes you wonder if he was ever sane to begin with. He always kinda played a mentally unstable character on camera, but I'm beginning to wonder how much of that was just a joke. Or maybe this is some next level performance art shit. Maybe his Twitter feed is the real "spoony movie".

0561d5  No.310554


Ultima Retrospective and how passionate/crazy he got over the bad games in the series alone pushed this idea.

350105  No.310649


Its really bizarre to how his older jokes reflect his current self

>Make tons about raping women

>Was fired for making that type a joke to a co-worker

>Video has him eat tons of nasty food

>Gets a heart attack sometime later

>Video has him playing with toys. Seemed like a silly, but fun idea at the time

>Spoony roleplays as his dog a lot on twitter.

>Spoony jokes about overdosing on pills

>He is Bipolar, and probably talked about killing himself

>Spoony says he will stab the developers. Its obviously a joke out of anger, but some stupid people were worried

>Spoony gives off a muder-suicide tweet with questionable intent that got him banned on twitter.

I mean, watching old Spoony is like watching American Beauty in 2018. Very uneasy.

12198f  No.310660


>watching old Spoony is like watching American Beauty in 2018

Never seen American Beauty, how much of it reflects poorly on Kevin Spacey?

502822  No.310666


Spacey is a middle aged man who pervs out to his daughter's slutty ass underage teenage friend, though he chickens out at the last minute and doesn't fuck her.

Also, said daughter's boyfriend has a closet case homosexual father who thinks his son (who is hanging out with Spacey because his relationship with his dad is pretty much dead) is secretly fucking Spacey because he secretly wants to fuck Kevin Spacey's character and projecting his desires on his son.

He angrily confronts his son, who decides to fuck with his dad by saying he is fucking an older gay man and the dad confronts Spacey and after making a clumsy romantic pass (which Spacey reciprocates because he's super horny as fuck at this point), the dad murders Spacey

3efaa9  No.310743

File: 15d0e09ff303048⋯.mp4 (176.36 KB, 360x360, 1:1, medical_disorder.mp4)



1f9e03  No.311111


Do you think Spoony has April peg him with a strap-on while he has Trump speeches playing over the speaker?

1e5c75  No.311160



>Do you think Spoony has April peg him with a strap-on while he has Trump speeches playing over the speaker?

No, spoony probably has April cosplay as trump while pegging him.

bcca8c  No.311194


Sounds believable

27491b  No.311200


nice pents

1f9e03  No.311245


That's what I was thinking at first, but then what would be the point if he can't see it? Maybe he's facing a mirror and wearing his girl Spoony wig while he's getting pegged by April in a Trump costume. And now I need to drink bleach to get that image out of my head. Might as well throw a laundry pod in for good measure.

0561d5  No.311284

File: 3680ae9c75045e0⋯.jpg (164.8 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 368.jpg)


Digits confirm.

da7b41  No.311368

File: 4c22966637f683b⋯.jpg (57.23 KB, 600x829, 600:829, laughing_elf_man.jpg)

even peter coffin is beating spoony in patreon bucks

5899dd  No.311372


Oh god, have we really reached that level?

c5126a  No.311373

File: aa4e01ad17a33f2⋯.png (899.01 KB, 1349x591, 1349:591, Chris-Chan Patreon January….png)

File: bdea8e7fb756cad⋯.jpg (378.64 KB, 1348x589, 1348:589, Spoony Patreon January_18_….jpg)


It's even worse. CHRIS is beating Spoony in Patreon bucks. By over $100/month too.

c5126a  No.311379

Of course, the difference here is that Chris actually created new Sonichu and tends to deliver on sending books to people.

I can't believe I'm saying that someone has a worse work ethic than Chris-chan. 2018 has been a wild ride and I'm wondering where the exact moment the timeline broke off from real world to clown world.

f9cc31  No.311388


The fuck does Peter "plastic wife" Coffin need a patreon for? Does he really go through that many sex dolls?

8e929a  No.311401

How is anyone supposed to keep up with Spoony now that he's banned on Twitter? Do we simply wait for an article from his neck of the woods describing his death?

Calling it now: Miles is forced to gun Spoony down after he goes on a killing spree.

1f9e03  No.311441


> Calling it now: Miles is forced to gun Spoony down after he goes on a killing spree.

< Local police officer uses lethal force against killer armed with what he himself described as a "gunblade"

de8352  No.311445


If he is banned from Twitter then he has nothing left to live for. It was his only thing he had.

8e929a  No.311448


What about his dog?

500f4c  No.311454


No i don't think April matters that much to him.

718242  No.311471



1c46be  No.311539

File: a55fcb425f6b599⋯.png (90.65 KB, 314x314, 1:1, Startingtogetsad.png)


>26 patrons

>655 per month

Who is giving him the big bucks?

4fa76a  No.311542


$20 will get you a TRUE and HONEST Sonichu comic book signed by Chris himself. And from what I’ve heard, he’s actually delivering on that.

Let that sink in.

3e91d0  No.311600




Who has offered more entertainment value recently - Chris or Spoony?

a21709  No.311693

File: 601e590978d4421⋯.png (297.04 KB, 624x676, 12:13, hawaii.PNG)


>Chris chan has more integrity to deliver than the majority scam artists on patreon.

9c2931  No.311751

File: de71f5c7efa51e7⋯.png (23.29 KB, 92x129, 92:129, de71f5c7efa51e769cc6b710f5….png)


It really doesn't surprise me. Chrischan's problem was always that he was too genuine.

0561d5  No.311794


Miles is still in Arizona, so I don't think that's happening.

1f9e03  No.311796


The most entertainment value we have gotten out of Spoony over the last year was that one Jim video. That says a lot.

967612  No.311838


There are no paths back out of the hinterland into which he's wandered.

f09de1  No.311863

File: 867d921459f0445⋯.gif (18.53 KB, 152x170, 76:85, f.gif)


So this is how the Spoony saga finally ends, huh?

eb7600  No.312010

File: 19c415412c22a62⋯.png (679.13 KB, 1009x544, 1009:544, Spoony and Miles.PNG)

I really do feel sorry for Miles, he seems like a decent guy who doesn't care for all this internet shit but kept getting dragged into Noah's vlogs against his free will and he just looked either bored or outright disinterested nine times out of ten. I hope he's doing better than his wackjob brother.

8e929a  No.312019

File: 2321706f407f4e0⋯.jpg (23.83 KB, 549x471, 183:157, 1325219481660.jpg)


dam sun

967612  No.312038


As long as there are Spics to take out, Miles will be pleased.

de8352  No.312276


It's not like he has anything better to do with his time.


He's a cop so he could just be really tired. I'm sure you're still right he rather not deal with it. If he did he'd ride whatever coattails his brother has like Brads friends do.

967612  No.312529


>ride antwiler's coattails

Brad's friends are broke hipsters, they have no other recourse. Miles has a career, can't see him ever doing that.

de8352  No.312621


Read what I said again. I said IF he did. Of the too it's very clear who made better calls. And yes they are. I don't think Brad even owns his own car since I remember seeing him in about 5 different cars or pick up trucks.

d244e5  No.314238


From what I've read JonTron was inspired by Spoony to start making videos himself.

Talk about the student surpassing the master.

1ee885  No.314726

>last see anything of Spoony a couple years ago

>was a good guy with helpful videos

>this thread is on the front page

What in the actual fuck happened to this guy?

521ec6  No.314865


Some people think the abortion broke him.

1ee885  No.314866


Is this a Loss joke or am I that out of the loop?

521ec6  No.314869


It's all speculation that NChick's abortion was Spoony's kid. Nobody knows.

1ee885  No.314876


Well that's sad.

350105  No.314907





Oh stop this meme. That was just a joke made by Metokur for shits and giggles. Lindsey had the abortion a long time before Spoony's meltdown.

Spoony went crazy after his girlfriend dumped him by the time his bipolar stepped in iirc

1f9e03  No.314959


Ten years ago I thought that being an internet reviewer was a dream come true, but over time I realized that it's a living nightmare. It's a dead-end job and there is only so many years you can play Autismo The Clown before you get old it it becomes creepy to watch a manchild pushing 40 to still be perging about old video games and cartoons. All this while in the meantime the people you went to school with are getting married, having children and moving up, you are stuck grinding shit in Final Fantasy XIII instead of throwing it in the garbage like a normal person. Anyone would snap if that was their live.

f44ed8  No.314993

Relax. Spoony is just having a midlife crisis. The storm will pass eventually.

c845ae  No.315139

I never heard of this guy until I found a 5 year old Ultima 9 review, why is he a faggot/lolcow exactly?

230e27  No.315174


I agree, specifically that sentimental moment he had in the last(?) video of the ultima serie. He talked about how he has fond memories of playing Ultima the first time with his big bro and how he wishes those days would come back. I can understand nostalgia and even wanting to be back in simpler times but the way he put it just sounded like a complete manchild who doesn't want to grow up and rejects any kind of responsibility.

b66209  No.315239


then explain pewdiepie

362279  No.315260


Basically he was a pretty funny internet nostalgia reviewer, joined a clusterfuck of a "network", the NEETs turned reviewers couldn't hold the drama in for long and the network blew up with finger pointing on all sides. Spoony gets short end of shitstick, gets kicked out, goes crazy, health declining because of shitty diet and lifestyle of vidya/internet troll. Trump is anti-gov health care and thus becomes Spoony's new crush/arch-enemy. The internet is really a abyss mane.

230e27  No.315274


He was talking about internet reviewers and not prostitudes.

4c575b  No.315293


pewdiepie is younger, mentally healthier, in a longterm stable relationship and a genuinely likeable guy. he also stopped playing vidya all the time and instead relies on his fans making his cocks for him.

honestly though Spoony seemed to really go downhill when he joined TGWTG and/or when his "potential tv show" went nowhere.

1e5c75  No.315345


>Spoony is just having a midlife crisis.

He one of the younger founders of the original channel awesomer.

1f52be  No.315347


Pewdiepie is a whole different beast.

Knowingly or unknowingly he gamed the system to get extremely popular and now reached a point where he doesn't need to make hours of videos of him playing video games every day to make a lot of money.

de8352  No.315348


Isn't he like 36?

a8f852  No.315405


That's not always true, SFDebris is dad-aged and it doesn't make his reviews creepy at all. Nor has he been involved in any controversy that I know of.

Sure it helps that he's an actual dad and was never a manchild, but you make it sound like age alone ruins the job.

de8352  No.315410


I always thought it would be a fun side thing to do along with a real job. I'm way to paranoid about not having money to ever do that shit long term. I always worry about it. Sure I have money, but will I have money in 10 years? What if something goes bad and I need to dish out 6-10k? It was fun to think about when I was a little younger and I get lazy thoughts like that still when work is hard, but I know my habits and I know if I didn't work a real job and leave my house I'd never leave and turn into a mess.

0561d5  No.315433


>implying there wasn't a time difference between the abortion and him finding out it was his


Feelix pretended to be mentally retarded for 7 years and is now redpilling gen Z for the race war.

047ac9  No.315491

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


No, it's always true.

572a61  No.315550


>it can't be a midlife crisis if he's younger

the way spoony treats his mind and body i think 20 was middle age for him

521ec6  No.315586


Has AVGN been the only internet reviewer that has relatively successfully transitioned from one style of show to another?

He went from Mr. Doo-doo Diarrhea to Comfy Couch James and 10 Inch Man.

350105  No.315595


Egoraptor, and he actually did some outside of internet shit too

521ec6  No.315601


But then he collapsed inward on himself because of ayylmao.

350105  No.315602


I'm talking about recently though

a8f852  No.315611


Yet you can't give an example of SFDebris being a lolcow.

1e5c75  No.315767


That just being a fucking loser

047ac9  No.315795

File: 835332b9241b05f⋯.jpg (1.83 MB, 3000x2660, 150:133, 1514923110036.jpg)


lol a middle-aged man making youtube videos about games is by definition a fucking loser, and so are the fanboys who watch him. Nobody cares about your hobbies here or your feels about them.

0561d5  No.315806


b-but he's a lolcow because his movie wasn't that good

>t. faggot that tried desperately to push that in the last thread

1f52be  No.315813


I don't even know who the dude >>315611 is talking about is and I think you're a fucking idiot.

It is absolutely possible to make videos on any subject and not be an embarrassing spaz about it. Saying stuff like "every person who does X on youtube is a fucking loser" just makes you look like a salty retard, especially if there are people making money with the videos you think instantly makes them a loser.

047ac9  No.315853


One may call them manbabies, nu males, soyboys, and it all runs off them like water off a raincoat. But criticize their gaming and you will be astonished at how they recoil, how injured they are, how they suddenly shrink back: "I've been found out!"

1f52be  No.315878


Yes those faggots exist and are really easy to spot and make fun of, but no, not every single person who makes videos about games is like that, just a huge chunk of them, and the numales you described are only a subset of shitty youtubers, who manage to be faggots in ways you wouldn't even imagine. This is also applicable to any video type on youtube, 99% trash cocks by trash people.

84f057  No.316096


His obsessive shitting on Voyager, the desperate nitpicking to find every little scrap of something to hate on.

967612  No.316113


Voyager is pretty shit, but it's not without redeeming qualities.

I haven't watched his stuff in years, but I remember him liking some Voyager episodes, like that god awful fucking Tuvix episode everyone thinks is quintessential Star Trek.

0561d5  No.316148



511e42  No.316217


There's nothing wrong with that bottle right one, he's just trying to imitate a childhood photo.

He also doesn't look like your average bugman.

f7f5eb  No.316232


>he doesn't like a shitty Star Trek show so he's a lolcow!



>he has a show dedicated to his hobby of video games so he's a lolcow!

>I memorized a /pol/ may may do i fit i yet?

You newfags need learn what a lolcow is and lurk for 2 years.

047ac9  No.316289

File: 0d5d8da7ead459f⋯.jpg (74.85 KB, 512x512, 1:1, 1478398349213.jpg)


> call someone a loser

> u dont no what a lolcow is noob

Go fuck yourself, gramps, and get your eyes checked.

f7f5eb  No.316299



>being this defensive

>cuckchan filename

mad newfag?

ed3cc6  No.316305

Every morning I check this thread on the ride to work. Just to see if Spoony killed himself yet.

047ac9  No.316307

File: 21d5d62ba30f150⋯.jpg (10.11 KB, 312x240, 13:10, youtu.be-sFbsU7I8314.jpg)


> newfag

> cuckchan filename

Oh, you mean in like




Just how new are you, hun?

de8352  No.316744


That one did look out of place. And his mouth is closed.

Spoony is still making under 600 bucks a month. When will he lose the house? When will he start flipping burgers

d244e5  No.316776

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

So he played Final Fantasy IX on stream yesterday. Which is odd, because he HATES that game because of the art style. He even says so in the first two minutes or so. So he must've gotten very desperate.

Something I did notice is the top left of the screen: the JewWario hat. Spoony must've been hit hard by the guy's death, or this is some kind of foreshadowing.

455b22  No.316808


isn't it just a regular wario hat?

89dd12  No.316836

File: f50234fb118097b⋯.png (74.68 KB, 645x729, 215:243, you.png)

350105  No.316852


>Hates the artstyle

I barely played Chrono Trigger because of the artstyle and I find that to be odd.

0561d5  No.316909



>go anime autism in FF7 with terrible polygon shit

>go realism (as much as you can with a playstation) in FF8

<decide to go ultra deformed retard cartoon with faggot with a monkey tail and eyeliner on the big knight guy for no logical reason in FF9

9 is where the series started going downhill.

967612  No.316925


8 was shit too. But the faggotry definitely ramped up with 9. I remember being physically revolted by it as a kid.

3e91d0  No.317012


>in a tribute video to KikeWario

e0500b  No.318074


>jewwario hat

Holy shit the guy's been dead for over 4 years spoony, get over it. He says he can't play monster hunter anymore because he used to play it with the guy. Also, he confuses millipedes with centipedes for some reason

966465  No.318080

File: 2bbfe2c0ca8afc6⋯.png (141.57 KB, 212x300, 53:75, ClipboardImage.png)


Ha… and every FF never explains anything. Final Fantasy XIII storyline was so retarded and the last gay edition has not even playable waifus in it… da fuck?

4dae26  No.318131

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This will end soon with Spoony taking the bullet.

I hope not to hear this someday but I see it coming like the fucking moon like Majora's mask. It's there and it's coming.

>Spoony is kill.

<You can't turn back time to prevent all this.

c89cae  No.320473

From the description of a recent stream:

>Still searching for my true self… unless it's just some dork in green headphones.

What are the odds we end up in the tranny spoony timeline?

1e5c75  No.320475


>What are the odds we end up in the tranny spoony timeline?

That sounds very possible. Spoony already a faggot

22bb08  No.320495


Tranny into suicide seems like the obvious progression at this point.

047ac9  No.320508

File: d07723b4fb3e021⋯.jpg (68.08 KB, 619x579, 619:579, femmenoah.jpg)

File: 59fa1b951592a6e⋯.jpg (143.06 KB, 605x863, 605:863, noah-1.jpg)

File: 78c4e0459865e23⋯.jpg (162.34 KB, 618x879, 206:293, noah-2.jpg)


Already there, dude.

9615f5  No.320519


You think he ever had the same fantasies about Tidus or Squall?

67e51c  No.320555


Knowing what Tidus actually was and the sport he played, you could say Spoony had a few wet dreams about him.

c89cae  No.320569


You've gotta be fucking kidding me

ad083d  No.320574

File: 2bf492794e7cba5⋯.jpg (52.83 KB, 957x535, 957:535, aqua_alkoholistina.jpg)


Can't say I expected it but at the same time I can't say that I'm surprised.

c89cae  No.320575


Wait a minute. Is this even the real Spoony? Didn't he get banned from twitter?

22bb08  No.320578




Ya'll niggas need to pay more attention so you don't get fooled by joke tweets.

c89cae  No.320581


It's not my fault spoony is insane enough that an intentionally absurd parody account can pass for him.

22bb08  No.320588


Of course. I had to go make sure it wasn't real too.

047ac9  No.320611

File: c54b6ab6a6047f7⋯.jpg (92.2 KB, 618x580, 309:290, s1.jpg)

File: 0f74e338220ee3a⋯.jpg (73.08 KB, 617x525, 617:525, s2.jpg)

File: 4cb0521dc10cbc9⋯.jpg (109.44 KB, 619x716, 619:716, s3.jpg)



At least we know who Noah's remaining patrons are. This account keeps getting all kinds of mentally ill and disabled Spoony fans trying to give him money (and unlike Noah whoever's doing it is actually turning them away).

350105  No.320634


I honestly thought these were old posts, and I wouldn't be surprised if they were somewhat true prior.

22bb08  No.320638


Jesus Christ.

I think it was pretty fucking obvious the reason why he told the guy to keep the money was because he was unemployed and trying to get into disability. But I suppose someone dumb enough to want to donate to Spoony even while on disability isn't too bright to begin with.

ad083d  No.320688


Should've checked the date.

3c1d74  No.320913


This is likely fake but it seems prophetic. I still kinda believe Spoony will just hang himself one day or actually become a homeless bum, but Tranny Spoony would be hilarious.

1f9e03  No.320984

Where did this impersonator Spoony come from? When I saw >>320508 I had to check myself to see whether that's actually real, given the mental state of other Channel Awesome contributors.


Man, this is fucking sad. Anyone who has had back pain even for a day knows how awful this is, and this guy's is so bad that he cannot even work any longer. Yet here he is, waiting to get whatever pittance he can from the state, just to become Spoony's paypig once again.

475c0a  No.321009


>that second picture

Good god, I don't care about masculinity/femininity, but that second pic's horrifyingly disordered.

502822  No.321321


Voyager has some decent episodes but the good ones are outnumbered by the bad ones and the fact that the entire premise was wasted by the writers and producers; to the point that the 2002 Battlestar Galactica revival (produced by a 90s era ST writer who got fired from Voyager over wanting to retool the show to fully exploit the premise) was EXPLICITLY based upon the rejected pitch he had to retool the series, that got him fired

502822  No.321322



FF9 was basically Filler Fantasy.

Square was contractually obligated to produce one last FF game for the PS1 but at the same time, Square itself was too busy working on a bunch of other projects (the Spirit Within and FFX, the later of which was the shark jump moment of the franchise). The later of which, was tagged by Sony to receive a huge promotional push as far as FF X being a showcase for the PS2's advance graphics.

So TPTB decided to do one last fantasy/swords and sorcery-style game, for FF9 before going full tilt futurist with X.

03eb58  No.321378


Something similar happened with Babylon 5 and Deep Space Nine. Some guy pitched the idea of a Start Trek series, mainly based on a space station, instead of a ship and it would focus more on diplomacy, they rejected it, he went and created Babylon 5, which was a success, the Star Trek guys, responded by making Star Trek Babylon 5 Deep Space Nine.

0561d5  No.321386


>too busy making a complete flop of a movie and HA HA HA HA HA HA HA: the game


05a5ad  No.321581

File: f68c6948ed11f9f⋯.jpg (15.46 KB, 210x118, 105:59, Spoony & April Review Star….jpg)

>Checks back on Spoony out of random curiosity after God knows how long.

>Sees a recent video on The Last Jedi. With April, but better than nothing, or so I think. Clicks.

>Spoony states that he dislikes the movie the more he thinks about it; April's the opposite and is practically holding an invisible leash on camera.

>Spoony has to preface his grievance by stating that Rey/Feminism was absolutely not a problem. April rolls her eyes and goes "lol misogynerds."

>Spoony is clearly walking on eggshells the whole time and is barely containing his rightfully livid feelings, but April preemptively looks him dead in the eye and says "I know where you sleep."

>Any viewer can tell that April is painfully holding Spoony back - he can't pick 'em to save his life.

>Now noticed that comments and ratings are disabled.

>It's like watching an old friend succumb to a toxic relationship.

>Can't take any more than fifteen minutes of this sordid tripe.

>Conclusion: women ruined Spoony.

d84c26  No.321590


>women ruined Spoony

No, the faggot ruined himself for going after them trying to get his sad noodle wet with a gingerwhale and a sjw whore like the sad sack of shit he is.

Also Biggest Cuck in the Universe competition, Maddox, Arin or Spoony?

64b2f0  No.321598


>Conclusion: women ruined Spoony.

That's usually how the story goes. Yet another reason why you should be a bachelor and enjoy freedom while you can.

350105  No.321729

File: a346ba651458ba3⋯.jpg (8.28 KB, 236x231, 236:231, 0778d997d8b105a6716263749b….jpg)



>Dated literally one girl his entire life

>Uncucked himself when she dated some psychopath

>End up on TV where his loyal fanbases outright destroyed the show

>Married the girl

>Makes money playing video games all day

>Now voice acts for some CN shows, including one of the biggest and overrated TV shows of all time

>Meanwhile most of his peers are NEETs suffering to make it in the industry

Arin Hansen is literally ALPHA

0561d5  No.321742

File: 6b689ca87decf43⋯.jpg (90.94 KB, 533x572, 41:44, jhondissapoint.jpg)



047ac9  No.321754

File: 6ae357df8d5f4ca⋯.png (285.17 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 1514963604452.png)


You're right but you're not. The guy has literally never made one positive move in his life. He started doing videos when there were only really sketchy ways to monetize it and nerds lifted him up to minor e-fame and absolutely nothing else in his life has ever worked.

The funny thing is that despite them STILL sending him several thousand dollars a year for no particular reason at all, he always hated his fans and still does.

So April was one of many terrible decisions he made, but what was there to ruin? If Spoony came about in 2018 nobody would watch him. He'd just be another guy trying to become king of nerd culture.

350105  No.321771


Well thats the basic outline of the relationship really, I don't know whats there to add. Theres the age gap, but nothing wrong has been done.

But the relationship existed for years. Its not something recent. You can see a few archived stuff where Arin was all lovey dovey with her.

The reason people called him a cuck was because he used "Trigger Warning" and followed FemFreq(not anymore). He brags about porn and shit all the time.

So for the most part, they actually have a very healthy relationship and are happily married. Arin has done better than most of his E-celeb peers too.

0561d5  No.321878


I was asking about the actually important shit, like somehow getting on TV when his claim to fame was making parodies of videogames in flash with piss jokes then making bad LPs and being a riceburner faggot.

71ad46  No.321880


meep meep he came about at an opportune time, yeah, but was/is just generally a shitty decision maker, and a shitty person in general tbh no homo

350105  No.321882


Its on his wikipedia/imdb page.


Hes done shit for Rick and Morty, and even has the creators on Game Grumps at some point. He is on a few other things too.

Before Game Grumps he was also the only reason people watched The Tester, and one interview he said he did shit for MTV at one point. Also he did that weird Daddy Dating simulation too.

Is it much, not really. But its still a lot more than most other e-celebs. Rina-chan did better though.

0561d5  No.321902

File: c460cfd76590dab⋯.png (886.72 KB, 914x511, 914:511, 1456685121072.png)


>Reddit & Nihilism

That's not as surprising as I expected it to be. modern TV is shit but that's the sort of show I most expect to have such low standards.

>he worked on the homosexual degeneracy dating sim

Yet you claimed he uncucked himself.

350105  No.321909


Well he actually made a game is the point I'm making. You may not like it, but hes still doing something.

010e0e  No.321943


No matter how good or bad the media he's had a part in is, he has a somewhat stable, middle-class career in animation and entertainment. This is all shit he can put on a resume, if Game Grumps just crashed tomorrow, I have no doubt that he could get solid work voice acting side-characters for cartoon network or doing animation work for some minor companies.

If YouTube and Twitch died, JonTron is fucked. Spoony is homeless. Ethan and Hila Klien are basically gonna be stuck working at Taco Bell. OneyNG and PsychicPebbles will be lucky to get jobs in their field. Arin won't feel it. He has experience and industry connections. Arin turned internet fuckery into an actual career because he isn't a quasi-Autistic manchild.

f43324  No.321980

File: 138fc226d5578b3⋯.webm (5.34 MB, 852x480, 71:40, arin knows, smart and fun….webm)

File: 014686fd61ca5b4⋯.jpg (8.89 KB, 204x200, 51:50, chinlord.jpg)


> because he isn't a quasi-Autistic manchild.

Well I have bad news for you anon

7c1484  No.322258



>why would you make me do this

seems more like a scenario he was forced to writedue to losing a bet

010e0e  No.322653



He's less of a quasi-autistic manchild than most people who try to make a living off of internet cocks.

3e91d0  No.322696

Spoony bullshat on a stream about how he almost went to Japan to teach English.

Would anyone here like to guess how that might have went?

ed3cc6  No.322709

He hasn't killed himself yet. I will return tomorrow.

7da9a8  No.323769


>>t. faggot that tried desperately to push that in the last thread

Was he Asalieri?

de8352  No.323772


He would have ended up in a Logan Paul video

6c680d  No.323864

File: 431c3bab1070e97⋯.png (662.19 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [Doremi-LPHH].Happiness.Ch….png)

967612  No.323889

File: abb07962a796310⋯.jpg (1.02 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Cruise State.jpg)


>Comfy Couch James and 10 Inch Man

Yeah he's always seemed like a normal human being for the most part.

0561d5  No.323931


James is someone who was actually 100% playing a character in AVGN. Unlike spoony and the channel autism crew, who ended up effectively becoming their shit characters, James kept James and The Nerd and Board James as separate entities because the latter are characters he plays through acting.

Though the toilet "humor" is genuine.

1f9e03  No.323992


There is always a bit of the real person in the character, the big difference is how much it is. With Spoony it always seemed that the only difference between Spoony and Noah was that Spoony turned off his verbal filter.

124dae  No.324598

File: 2651e034066a81d⋯.jpg (19.24 KB, 424x568, 53:71, 1434936333638.jpg)

1827f2  No.326541


>women ruined Spoony

Twice in a row now.

1c5d65  No.326890


I don't know, I'd probably say it was more compound stress from watching lots of game series die, especially at the hands of EA. I mean I'm not as old as Spoony but I grew up with the Theme games and Dungeon Keeper 1+2 from Bullfrog, Command and Conquer was a big favourite of mine and a bunch of other sort of nineties-early two thousands game series that EA has systematically killed off only to later release in some terrifying corpse-puppet form like Dungeon Keeper mobile game edition. I felt legitimately sad, if not a tiny bit embarrassed, watching him break down over how Ultima fell apart due to EA's shit management.

1c5d65  No.326893


I watched this. It's lots of male feminist tier bitching about how the female knights are dressed in Alexandria compared to the male knights despite the fact the female knights are follow a dress code set down by Beatrix, their captain, and are a thousand times more organised, intelligent, focused and generally competent than the knights of Pluto. Then bitching about how Zidane hits on Garnet/Dagger because he's female fetishising or whatever they call it these days. The only bit of Spoony left is the way he comically exaggerates how bad the Queen's face is, including those portraits of her. He's such an unbelievable fucking faggot now, all he does is cry about social justice shit in video games like he's actually going to get his audience back or score points with a new audience by doing that.

9615f5  No.326973


I love it when subhuman marxist filth tries to paint the Final Fantasy series as some woman hating series considering how fucking androgynous it's gotten over the years.

1c5d65  No.326988


And the multitude of strong female characters that have appeared in the series as it went on. It's just weird to see Spoony go from making titty jokes about Lulu and the sorceress from 8 to "oh obviously the women soldiers are wearing such sexualised armour, fucking patriarchy rarararar". In a fucking kingdom ruled by a lone queen and a unit headed by a bad ass knightess. I think April poisoned him, she looks like the source of the marxism.

9615f5  No.326990


I'm sure if you rewatch his old stuff you could find nuggets of poz even before any of the obvious influences started showing up.

1c5d65  No.327007


No, not really. He was just angry, nitpicky and didn't really seem to have any political ideology behind anything he said. If he thought it was a good idea, it was a good idea. If he thought it was a bad idea, it was a bad idea. I've watched all his old stuff multiple times at this point, I was a fan back when the first FF8 video came out. I never ever noticed any kind of political bullshit in anything. Now it's just non-stop SJW tier bullshit.

b66209  No.327036

File: 0905b751cc617fa⋯.jpg (44.37 KB, 1000x516, 250:129, 1511251942016.jpg)



f20337  No.327311


Was he really a kike?

1f9e03  No.327356


> I think April poisoned him, she looks like the source of the marxism.

Look at her Twitter: half of it is her showcasing her Barbie-looking Skyrim character in underwear. The other half is her shilling her Etsy LARPing crap. I don't think April is what drove Spoony insane, I think she's just a woman with shit taste (she is dating Noah Antwiler after all). My bet would be the anti-depression treatment, that stuff fucks with your brain chemistry and doctors just throw pills at you blindly hoping that one of the pills gets it right.


Why else would you put "Jew" in your name. Unless you wanted to make Jew-jokes, but that's not what he did.

f20337  No.327385


Did he even main fucking Wario in some games?

615ee7  No.327529


No anon. Wario himself is a jew. JewWario was stating the obvious.

502822  No.327633

File: 1ff255d7b1a3e01⋯.png (315.54 KB, 605x863, 605:863, Spoony Goes Tranny A.png)

File: 692b471301c7993⋯.png (361.34 KB, 618x879, 206:293, Spoony Goes Tranny B.png)


And Spoony goes Tranny for attention/relevancy…..

2c70f0  No.327824

Spoony can redeem himself easily. Webcam the murder of Nostalgia Critic and his brother, then go on rape rampage at Lindsey's house, make sure to impregnate her again so she can at least abort it again and make a part 2 to her abortion gimmick. Then bonus points, double tap Mike at avgn, then strip naked, pour karosene on self, light up, and run at cops

de8352  No.327834


read the thread, bro.


1c5d65  No.327902


Apparently this was a parody account, and not actually him.

1c5d65  No.327904

File: 0232d4f5c150fc9⋯.png (538.66 KB, 992x625, 992:625, gonna take you for a ride.png)



Sorry guys, you've been rused. Look at the URL of that twitter page more closely.

de8352  No.327907


Why did you reply me? I was just point out that it was posted already.

ed3cc6  No.327969

File: 14c8dcbeafcfdb9⋯.jpg (1.6 MB, 2189x3227, 2189:3227, serveimage.jpg)

File: ba57884ea2935ff⋯.jpg (315.41 KB, 1129x1543, 1129:1543, serveimage 2 androgyny boo….jpg)



>over the years

Anon, would you care to learn about the art of Yoshitaka Amano?

06fdd6  No.329294

File: aa31634d758238c⋯.png (101.69 KB, 600x674, 300:337, 1518495109.png)

b86630  No.329299


Since when is hell dark what with all the fire?

ed3cc6  No.329306


A man who spent his life playing video games and drinking knows what true suffering is.

27491b  No.329392


Wow, what a whiny bitch.

0561d5  No.329447




It's like poetry.



Has this niggerfaggot spent a night with a 12 gauge under his chin? No? Shut the fuck up Noah. Kill yourself.

de8352  No.329726

File: 963cf7b2cb77b32⋯.gif (1.91 MB, 373x204, 373:204, xvYQskt - Imgur.gif)


I'd be suffering too if this guy helped make me.

b07055  No.329946

File: f0d5c22a5f8d74e⋯.png (31.4 KB, 1312x519, 1312:519, spoopy.png)

what the fuck happened to his twitter

047ac9  No.330026

File: f79a7e1fec285f5⋯.jpg (19.56 KB, 400x400, 1:1, TKTyCNV3_400x400.jpg)



I really can't believe you people are this stupid.

I looked at the subreddit for spoony the other day and saw someone had linked /cow/. I think that explains quite a lot of the double digit IQ posts here.

If by chance you people are not actual retards, read the fucking thread before posting.

9615f5  No.330068


Firion is manlier than any protagonist since him barring Bartz and Zidane. Yes, the bar is that low.

ed3cc6  No.330230

Noah whatever you do don't try to take out as many other people as you can when you go.

de8352  No.330702


Maybe he can jump of the Sears Tower?

ed3cc6  No.330754


What if he lands on someone. No, noah needs to walk deep into the woods, surround himself by trees, and just hang himself. Maybe some Japanese tourist can make a video and upload it to Nico Nico.

de8352  No.330972


Toaster in the tub.

c89cae  No.331041


Couldn't that cause a power disruption for other people? It'd be a shame for his suicide to inconvenience others.

967612  No.331320

I wish the tranny thing were true.

It's real to me, god damn it.

b96eea  No.331610

File: e1c88d93abe0efc⋯.gif (637.43 KB, 500x500, 1:1, e1c88d93abe0efca3828b98341….gif)


To be fair it's an inconvenience for whoever has to clean the area in which he died in regardless of how he offs himself. Aside from jumping into a volcano, then again that'll inconvenience the lava's surface tension.

5880a7  No.332083


1c5d65  No.333686

File: b0210292e128cb0⋯.jpg (14.17 KB, 219x265, 219:265, 1508092736332.jpg)


>this is the same parody account I already pointed out is a parody account

>/cow/ still takes it as gospel

ed3cc6  No.333848

Will today be the day, Noah?

047ac9  No.334330

File: a287755ad976c73⋯.png (240.23 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, 1517536180085.png)

Some Recent Developments:

1. Noah seems to blame his twitter ban on a "bot" flagging "an old post," not threatening death upon strangers and himself.

2. He's been active on youtube more than usual, albeit just streaming games. Someone has been keeping track of his superchat donations (which is definitely the reason why he's doing it), and after initially pulling about $150/hour or so, he fell to as low as $25/hour. This suggests his fanboys may have limitless hearts but are very limited in number and when he taps them too often, they're out.

3. His site's forums (which he has not himself visited in years) have crashed after a PHP update. Noah seems unaware they were even up so they're probably not going to be fixed.


9615f5  No.334424


The fuck's a superchat?

b25260  No.334488


$25/hour is pretty good money for playing video games. I would be pretty happy if I got paid 25 dollars per hour after work while I played video games.

6ffc77  No.334490


Basically donations. Think of it like twitch donations for those true cam whores. The more you donate, the longer your message is pinned to the top of the chat.

967612  No.334496


It's funny faggot, who cares

9615f5  No.334497


What a stupid name for it. I know there's no thought into it other than picking a "good" word and tacking onto something else like "epic" and the like but still.

0561d5  No.334612

File: dadd7da422565db⋯.jpg (232.66 KB, 1920x1078, 960:539, reddit streams.jpg)


This is alphabet google, remember.

0dd55d  No.334661


we should really stop bumping this thread until he either kills himself or goes on a shooting spree.

i always get my hopes up when i click.

9259ef  No.334816


you know this is a fake account because real Spoony would have no qualms taking that donation.

de8352  No.337065


25/h is great if you're making it fulltime, but I doubt he steams 40-60 hours a week.


He has a big nose for a reason

95a050  No.337208

File: 1450b8da04dc2ca⋯.png (579.67 KB, 821x908, 821:908, Chris Chan vs Spoony.png)


45fc9c  No.337437

File: 406306bf9a55dd6⋯.jpg (164.09 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1518949716178.jpg)

File: d88e3805def3b44⋯.jpg (62.33 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 51CqAfGr8BL.jpg)

0561d5  No.339140



>40 hours a week

>getting it every hour

>$52000 a year

That's a decent living.

97eef5  No.339199


Bruh, if he got off his ass and made a comeback, he'd be pulling six figures. Easily.

047ac9  No.339225

File: 5787c981c2b8cf3⋯.jpg (196.51 KB, 1160x754, 20:13, coleshot.jpg)


Nah, he taps out his fanbase pretty quickly. If he streamed another 36 hours/week he would quickly see his $/hour fall to a couple of bucks. And it's not like Spoony can replace the members of his disabled and retarded fanbase that are dying with new ones – he's like someone described the people who buy Chris Chan's stuff, it's nostalgia for aging millennials that grew up on the internet.


See the last part. There are thousands of Spoonys now. Most of them don't hate their fans (given the fans are pretty hateable) and they're even good at games.


He's a bloated alcoholic, they either die from untreated terminal organ failure or smashing their car into something/someone. Since Noah's a reclusive shut-in, we can guess he'll just die at home in the basement one day. The only interesting part will be how long it takes April to notice.


Funnier to compare Chris to Cole.

de8352  No.339226


It's very nice living. If he was smart and knew how to save money he could be set for life.

eab7ee  No.340705

File: 331155266e3c83b⋯.png (2.54 MB, 2092x2092, 1:1, stages of acceptance.png)


This is a sign that he is nearly in the final stage of acceptance.

1e5c75  No.340762


>Chris-Chan makes more hipster welfare bucks than spoony

>Chris-Chan gets groupies at con/get more pussy than both spoony and pan pizza rebel taxi

Where did thing go so right?

eab7ee  No.340771


I'm convinced that April is a succubus.

967612  No.342739


He used to be a 90s libshit, but he would still call people faggots and make racist and rape jokes. Is that his issue? He picks shitty women and cucks to them?

b66209  No.342837


now do one for stages of acceptance of /pol/cucks who got scammed by him

60c03c  No.342939

File: b5edacefcd6ac21⋯.jpg (377.75 KB, 816x1356, 68:113, 1519303676650.jpg)


Scammed by who? Trump shit his pants and did nothing wrong


>nostalgia for aging millennials that grew up on the internet

Damn, you're right, they do make a large chuck of their remaining fanbase. I'm getting old


Chris spilled paint on his doodles he calls "a comic". Put the pages on ebay, sold out in 2 minutes for 100$. There are definetely morons out there who want to go throw money at these cows, how pathetic is spoony when even chris is getting in on the action, but spoony is just sitting on his ass?

60c03c  No.342943

File: 26b2f01c30288ab⋯.jpg (390.89 KB, 887x638, 887:638, 1518995459828.jpg)


>Trump shit his pants and shit his pants and did nothing wrong

I forgot about this filter, but I ain't even mad now, this is perfect


1e5c75  No.342960

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Remove glasses and ad more hair. Replace switch with the ultimate 9 box and amazing spider-man 2. It would be perfect spoony. Spoony still mad over people making fun of his amazing spider-man 2 reviewt that was longer than the actual movie. Amazing spider-man 2 was already pushing 3 hours.


Still blows my mind that spoony piss away his career. He could’ve been as big as markiplier and game grumps. He did let’s plays before it was mainstream. He was a PC fanboy that ignored streaming games from stream.

de8352  No.342965


His fall is part of what makes it fun to watch it burn down around him.

1e5c75  No.342966


When did he get fired from channel awesome? Seem like amazing spider-man 2 was he true downfall. He at least didn’t turn on his fans before the channel awesome rape joke shitstorm

12198f  No.343019


> Biggest Cuck in the Universe competition, Maddox, Arin or Spoony?

Maddox wins for sure. Spoony has an excuse with his psychological problems (One that doesn't justify much, but it's better than suing everyone and the kitchen sink because you're asshurt that your ex from 3 years ago is sleeping with Dick Masterson).

ed3cc6  No.343050

Will today be the day?

683f21  No.343699


the day for what dude? his return or demise?

90a866  No.343922

Spoony always sucked. You faggots were just bluepilled so you didn’t realize it.

c89cae  No.343960


Don't kid yourself. There's no returning from this.

944ebf  No.343973


God forbid some people had some fun laughing at someone shit talking Final Fantasy VIII 11 fucking years ago. Must be all blue pilled dumbasses.

But honestly, even back then, after I watched the FFVIII review and tried to watch some of his other stuff, I thought everything else sucked. So yes, you're right, Spoony always sucked, but him sucking has diddly to do with people being blue pilled.

967612  No.346168


Eh, I'm rewatching some of his old shit now, it's okay. Probably wouldn't like it much if I was seeing it for the first time, to be fair.

And in some of his reviews he's really forcing the 'rage' as was the fashion at the time. Honestly his main charm is that he just seems like a guy you'd like to bond with over nerdy shit. Which we all know now is garbage, and that he's a narcissistic psychopath.

de8352  No.346217


I think Jim summed it up pretty good with why people liked him. It's been at least 4 years since I've watched him at all, but if I remember right the fake rage thing would happen less and less as time went on as the fade died out and only pooped up sometimes. I could be wrong, like I said it's been a few years and I don't think I can go back and rewatch him at this point.

ed3cc6  No.346713

You can do it noah! I believe in you. I believe today is the day you will end it all. Be free Noah be free.

3e91d0  No.352347



The sad part is that he's not forcing the rage anymore. That shit he pulls in Alien: Isolation? That frustration at the lack of control in P5? That's not fake.

f7aed7  No.387246

File: 0ae2fef97f97942⋯.jpg (91.27 KB, 400x363, 400:363, it feel like it is.jpg)

>think about TGWTG a lot recently

>remember I used to find a lot of the reviews funny

>decide watch one of Spoony's old videos

>first thing I hear is I MET YOU ON A THURSDAY

This sounds autistic as fuck but that nearly sent me into tears, I remember watching Spoony 10+ years ago in high school. That intro song was burned into my ears from how many of his videos I watched. This guy was one of my favorite internet personalities right up there with Accursed Farms and AVGN as a kid.

Why did he have to go crazy, /cow/? He didn't deserve any of what happened to him.

fe3339  No.387389


I'm in the same boat, loved his videos as a teen.

Honestly, that's just how mental illness and it's treatment with all kinds of psycho-active medication work.

He probably would have had a better life if he had moved to a state where you can actually spend time outside unlike the brooding desert of Arizona and never started taking any pre-scribed drugs.

f77dfb  No.392136

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Mini documentary on his downfall. It's not bad.

4ac7cc  No.392177


Oh. That's who this guy is. Some people just can't handle e-fame.

047ac9  No.392184

File: 26b5ff00a6252e3⋯.png (99.89 KB, 622x461, 622:461, noah.png)

What a nightmare existence.

8e929a  No.392185


Most of the people that mock Spoony now were former fans. Welcome to the club, anon.


Good video. Very anticlimactic end to the Spoony saga.

2c77e8  No.392223


>He didn't deserve any of what happened to him.

err, yes he did, all of it it's his own doing, nobody else is at fault

967612  No.392241


Increasingly hoping for a murder/suicide rather than just a suicide.

967612  No.392249


He's an autistic retard who could have made a decent living off of bullshitting about nerdy things in an edited format. That was literally all he had to do.

But he seems to have had some delusional dream of actually becoming some kind of celebrity and was just using the people who enjoyed watching him talk about nerdy things to further that. He's a self-important narcissist.

He deserves everything.

047ac9  No.392284



He was always a lazy, entitled asshole, he just held it at bay via scripted videos.

The people who claim Spoony's videos about 8bit video games from the '90s somehow saved them in some Dark Night of the Soul are fucking hilarious. He was just a jagoff that hoped to make a few bucks off of you being an autistic nerd and raged when he couldn't or when you didn't praise him enough.

52e3bf  No.392340


Anon, I'm a mental health worker, I see more crazy people in a day than you see in a decade, and when those people get worse it's not because of the meds, it's despite the fact they're taking meds, or because they aren't taking the right meds. The meds just get a bad rep because guess what, when people get better from their crazynes they don't post about it online, they only do it when it gets worse.

Most mentally ill people get way, way better with proper treatment, I believe Spoony would be no exception, since quite frankly he's not that severe a case.

83c67e  No.392358


>He's an autistic retard who could have made a decent living off of bullshitting about nerdy things in an edited format.

And he did. That's the funniest part. He was making a shit-ton of money in his heyday of circa 2012. That's one of the reasons why he's hated so much now - all his fans grew up and became adults, people who have to work and pay rent, taxes, etc. So they look at this pathetic manchild that was making all that cash shitting his pants and doing nothing, and managed to still fuck it all up.



He doesn't have any fucking mental illness, stop spreading this retarded meme. He's a lazy, narcissistic retard who's gotten into his head that he's something more than a stinking eceleb, and decided to live off that, eventually blaming everyone and everything in his failure, finding excuses for the better half of the decade. Mental illness, heart issues, you name it, poor Spoopy has it all.

52e3bf  No.392685


I don't know about heart issues but are you really saying you think Spoony is right in the head?

0aae31  No.392688


Er.. memes aside? Yes, he has zero actual medical conditions, which should be obvious to anyone. Being a sperg =/= legitimate mental illness.

1f9e03  No.392725


Honest question here: how do you figure out what the right meds are? All I hear is talk about "chemical imbalance in the brain", but how does the doctor know what's out of balance without taking a brain fluid sample (or whatever the technical term would be)? Do doctors just prescribe you something and hope for the best?

0aae31  No.392734

File: 02a2666ffd220c8⋯.jpg (20.23 KB, 496x330, 248:165, y5g.jpg)


>how does the doctor know what's out of balance without taking a brain fluid sample

4ac7cc  No.392742



anon is right. a blood test won't show any imbalance. and cerebral-spinal fluid won't show anything either. the use MRI's and CAT scans to guess that there is an imbalance - and that's only if the patient has those expensive procedures done.

047ac9  No.392776


The cheapest way is trial and error, and that's the way it goes.

> Patient exhibits symptoms of depression

Take this standard dosage of Drug X

> I feel a little skittish a few weeks later

Cut back to half a dose, etc.


Most if not all of the manifestions of Spoony's (now 4 year long) mental health "crisis" are indistinguishable from alcoholism. Alcoholism actually explains quite a lot more, not least of all his physical bloating.

473c96  No.392806


Fredrik has some good stuff, but I'm not a fan of this one. Not because it was bad, but because I already knew a big chunk of this stuff. It was just the Jim video for normalfags.

0f31f1  No.393063


I'm really starting to get tired of retards accusing videos of being boring because they already know everything about the subject. Here's a newsflash: those are made for people who don't, that's the point.

1efe92  No.393473

I actually only knew Spoony because last year I liked Phantasmagoria and heard his let's play of the sequel was funny. Strangely, I didn't find his LP funny at all. To contribute to the thread a little bit, a guy named Down the Rabbit Hole made a great video explaining Spoony's antics.


He also did some nice videos explaining Chris-Chan and DSP.

4ac7cc  No.393475

Is Spoony GenX? Are there many GenX anons on /cow/?

047ac9  No.393511

File: 0820a3a86f665cf⋯.jpg (87.27 KB, 626x605, 626:605, cuck.jpg)

File: 5ce59d5b27963cc⋯.jpg (73.68 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DZtQyN0WkAAuybR.jpg)

So this cuckolding thing is going pretty well.

4ac7cc  No.393548


he might as well cut his balls off.

5aee6c  No.393551


I cant even laugh at this, this just makes me sad at the state of western society. For fucks sake we used to build nukes and we massacred chinks, niggers, krauts, and durka durkas. We need to start over from scratch.

1dc966  No.393583



James Rolfe is a functioning adult while the rest of them are just helpless autistic faggots and age is not being good to them at all.

4ac7cc  No.393591



does he say bee-log too?

dcaa02  No.393593


The only entertaining vlogs are by people who are actively playing a character. Actually watching another person's life is absolutely retarded.

4ac7cc  No.393608


You mean like lonelygirl15 vlogs? Those?

dcaa02  No.393609


I don't know them, I don't even watch all that many vlogs

4ac7cc  No.393616

File: 75fbf853a4ae936⋯.jpg (111.9 KB, 818x656, 409:328, hello-fellow-kids-sargon-1….jpg)

0561d5  No.393661


Is it any better than Jimbo's shitty surface-scratch?


>t. big pharma shill

5068b7  No.393671

File: 1cab05e917032d6⋯.png (39.56 KB, 640x546, 320:273, 1cab05e917032d6ce350fabd34….png)


> melting people's brains so they don't behave in ways that make people uncomfortable is a great solution

Nice try, shill. Most medications should be illegal. They're over-prescribed to people who could fix most of their issues with therapy alone. It ruins people's brains and they usually don't even get say in it.

abb145  No.393687


That is a common trait with all the first wave "reviewers". They made their first - 10 or so - reviews out of genuine strong emotion towards some particular property, usually from their childhood, and those reviews defined them. Some pretend like they were "doing a character" but in reality they were just letting out exactly what they thought about it for a long time.

Then they inevitably run out of properties they felt any attachment to and now try to force the same reaction, effectively imitating themselves .

106186  No.393932


Trial and error, mostly. If the person gets better it's working, if not, it's not. There are specific techniques for introducing and swapping meds but I won't get into that here.

There are also genetic tests being developed nowadays to pinpoint which meds will produce the best possible results but it's not widespread and are still very expensive.



I spend more time trying to lower dosages and take drugs away from people than prescribing them, don't be retarded.

Obviously meds are over prescribed, a lot of lazy doctors just sedate trouble patients so they stop bothering them and their families, and yes, most problems could be solved with therapy alone. This doesn't change the fact that there are people who benefit from medication and need them.

>Most medications should be illegal.

Can you name a single one? This looks like talking out of your ass to me. My experience is the opposite, big pharma frequently tries to block meds produced by competing companies and different countries to maintain their monopoly, so a ton of useful, safe drugs end up being illegal. The most famous example is metamizole, a drug so safe you can treat babies and small animals using it, but which is illegal in the US for extremely bullshit reasons.

>It ruins people's brains

Factually wrong. For instance, people who don't treat depression or schizophrenia properly, when compared to people who do, years after the disease starts, score lower on cognitive tests and have more brain atrophy both in imaging studies and autopsies. Talking out of your ass again.

>and they usually don't even get say in it.

Also wrong, unless a person is completely psychotic and doing shit like threatening to hurt themselves or someone else, or the person is fucked to the point they don't even understand what's going on anymore, all medication prescribed is discussed with the patient. Or at least that's how it should be, I can't speak for the lazy and the incompetent who just prescribe whatever and expect people to take stuff without discussing or explaining any of it.

Don't mix things up, big pharma is shit, lazy doctors are shit, but that doesn't mean medical treatment isn't effective when done properly.

Sage for offtopic.

f42678  No.394480

What more needs to happen before his inevitable suicide?

>Dog dying

>April leaves him

>Loss of paypig/stream funds

a1b3f4  No.394486


didn't all of that happen already?

20dfea  No.394665


Prozac should be illegal. Prozac has huge suicide risk above and beyond even normal anti depressants. As someone who experienced that side effect first hand and can never undo the damage it did, I sure as fuck don't think it should just be handed out like candy.

The problem with all of these medications is the same thing. We don't understand the brain enough to properly target what needs to be targeted. Instead we have shotgun approaches which target extremely vague conditions. Usually we don't even understand why the medication works and we often it incorrectly even if we did.

The AVERAGE use of these medications is trying to dull yourself away from your life conditions. They're not being used to treat serious mental health conditions but make it so a wage slave doesn't kill himself today, but also doesn't resolve the problems making his life want to kill himself.

d0242e  No.394692


The people most at risk of suicide from antidepressants are those who are so depressed they wanted to die but weren't motivated to kill themselves. You know, the people who can't leave their bed, have to be bathed and are hospitalized.

When the SSRI's first start working, they get motivated just enough to go through with killing themselves.

f42678  No.394866


No, just the third one and even then he hasn't lost it all, if he was living in a cheaper place that type of income would still be managable but I think he'll continue to scare away the few donating to him out of pity or hope he'll make a comeback.

4ac7cc  No.394918


Sounds like a country song.

51ca3f  No.394990

I imagine it will only take something menially small to cause him to snap.

Fingers crossed the next wrestlemania is cancelled.

1f9e03  No.394996


> I will bring myself sexual pleasure later, while thinking about this with great respect.

Wait, what? How? Why? What the fuck is even going on here? I Spoony getting cucked for real now? Does the doll have anything to do with it?

20dfea  No.395002


And Prozac has an 8 times higher suicide rate than any other anti depressant on the market. Before I took it I never once had a suicidal thought. Afterwards I would get intrusive thoughts of suicide, even after being off it for over a decade. I don't want to turn this into a blog post so I'll leave it at that.

6bb078  No.395013


> gives his gf a dildo for a gift

> promises to fap later with great respect

> doesn't just give her the d

It's what happens when you indulge with feminist gfs. If you have a gf and plan on getting married, try to live in Saudi or Qatar for a year or two (or some other, similar place) before you live with her in the west. You need a legal environment where you can beat the feminisms out of her before you actually seriously live in the west.

20dfea  No.395035


Won't matter. As soon as the power dynamic shifts in her favour she will fuck you. That's where all the mail order bride people fuck up. They think women can't adapt to an environment.

What's Lordkat's deal? I saw him in the Down the Rabbit hole video. I only ever knew Spoony fromt he FF8 and Phantamagoria shit.

047ac9  No.395067

File: 1cdb3ae880c8964⋯.png (535.67 KB, 882x541, 882:541, 1515104691923.png)




These motherfuckers were in CHAINS in Afghanistan for five years. She came out of it a mumbling subservient baby-making machine who spoke when spoken to.

FOUR MONTHS back in Canada and her husband is in jail and she's clearly the one who put him there.

d2e84b  No.397567

File: 4fd64a582751a66⋯.jpg (237.51 KB, 1224x1631, 1224:1631, 4fd64a582751a66e35ccd0e193….jpg)


Fake account

I see plenty of (1) and dones with this account attached.

It's fucking fake, faker than your mothers tits, he's left Twitter ages ago.

047ac9  No.397570


There's an archive for it you dumb fuck


d2e84b  No.397575

File: 4e866f2e087e12a⋯.png (1.93 MB, 674x744, 337:372, 4e866f2e087e12a82dcdd4d4d7….png)


What's your point?

That is indeed his real account

But the screencapped account at the top of a thread is a fake one created around the same time the real Noah got suspended from Twatter and likely banned.

It's one nigger taking the piss by impersonating him.

Doing a damned good job at it as well

4c7774  No.397637

Our of curiosity, what happened to Spoony's brother? I heard he died.

0b92e2  No.397751


Shot a Mexican

77352d  No.397753


>4/8 split

>implying it wasn't the dawn of the eternal summer at that point anyways

>I am the voice of reason

Fuck off reddit, sp00ny might not be chrischan, but he certainly is something. Having a 9/10 doesn't mean a 6/10 doesn't exist

8ee6a1  No.397764


Nope, that was Noah. Check the date of the archive and scroll down.

047ac9  No.398069

File: db3d9569ac96d3f⋯.jpg (126.91 KB, 647x711, 647:711, spoony.jpg)


>That is indeed his real account

Yes it is.

>But the screencapped account at the top of a thread is a fake one created around the same time the real Noah got suspended from Twatter and likely banned.

Because if you would have scrolled down you would have seen those exact tweets you're calling fake on his timeline:


That would be my point.

047ac9  No.398070


He has a blog where he posts movie reviews, believe it or not.


f96916  No.398159

File: 8e170c572134a1b⋯.jpg (26.85 KB, 508x524, 127:131, 8e170c572134a1bdb9354c5ac5….jpg)


<A waste of space who leeches off of his fans unironically names his site after king kike himself.

Tell me again why people thought this sperg was clever. Ah, early 00's friend simulator for shut-ins, that's right.

047ac9  No.398381

File: b9ec40b0186c8e2⋯.jpg (45.13 KB, 580x387, 580:387, 1485814138416.jpg)


I'm not sure if I'm high or everyone in this thread is. That's his brother Miles' blog, not Spoony's. Miles shot a Mexican in the head just to watch him die.

9615f5  No.398391


I doubt any more thought than "both of these words start with M :DD" was put into it.

701002  No.398864


Still has a more constant output than Spoony. Between shooting beaners to boot.

2a5fd8  No.411251

File: 45ea1439d3d5bba⋯.jpg (441.26 KB, 755x755, 1:1, 103_clay1.jpg)


It's real https://twitter.com/TheSpoonyOne/status/952134960873459712

Also, Spoony got his Twitter account back.

ae2e22  No.415294

hes got the crazy eyes

f968bd  No.419310


There are ways to make it work, but most of those ways require straight up becoming an archivist which requires a lot of good writing (and in the case of videogames) programming skills. Spoony has neither.

3cdd59  No.438434

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Undisabled comments

391e61  No.438437


he looks like absolute dogshit, wow.

c9b0fb  No.439792

How can we force him to kill himself already, lads?

50c514  No.440057


His cartoon avatars are so fucking depressing. They were never a great likeness (he always looked more exhausted and fried) but now they're like looking at a picture of an 85 year old woman when she was a teen. There's no resemblance.


Fifth of gin a day, I'd guess. He has the bloated face most chronic alkies get.

1406af  No.467079



>I do not know Noah personally but we share a close friend. They (leaving them anonymous for privacy) just posted on Facebook that they are with Noah at the ER after he was found unresponsive (I assume by April). THAT IS ALL THE INFORMATION I HAVE RIGHT NOW. I do not want to speculate about what happened, I just hope Noah is okay. I will try to update as I can.


314ece  No.467091


72d48d  No.467227

File: ae43929a31bd641⋯.jpg (141.54 KB, 570x622, 285:311, fag.jpg)


He's on twitter posting gay comic shit.


0c7231  No.467261


the New Day is worse than Doink the Clown

e8ef47  No.481613

So did he finally off himself??

Can't believe I ever liked this dickhead.

6827cd  No.482897


Would you mind elaborating on what initially made of a fan of Spoony? I ask because no one during the 15-minute angry reviewer of pop media fad geled with me, so I cannot fathom what made a grown man complaining about anime interesting.

72d48d  No.482922

File: 886a828297f9513⋯.png (53.63 KB, 584x224, 73:28, rIO4X1j.png)


I don't get it either, but his twitter is loaded with people who claim he had some kind of power to cure depression through yelling about NES games.


He just spends all day claiming he has exotic illnesses and screaming that Trump is going to kill him. He'll do this until his parents decide that paying for two households is too expensive, then he'll go home and become one of those embarrassing 40 year old losers that sit in the comic book shop all day cracking jokes about Iron Man or Zelda.

79602a  No.483013


He got big because he started back when people were still under the delusion that youtube was used primarily by the community and not professional astroturfers. It probably helps that the guy can actually talk at a moderate pace without stuttering like a retard which is pretty much the equivalent of a 20 base charisma score back in 2007 internet videos.

1ca675  No.483171

File: a41edb66332d356⋯.jpg (60.37 KB, 900x588, 75:49, q3_orig.jpg)


I liked him because he was funny

4a9d2d  No.483195


I was fifteen and his Terror T.R.A.X. video made me laugh. It's the same reason I used to like Old Man Murray & Maddox.

a95c56  No.483278


I was a teenager, I hated FF8, and he made a video shitting on the game.

Honestly even back then I only liked his FF8 video, never watched anything else. I tried watching more of his stuff because I figured if I liked one of his videos I'd like at least a few more of them but nope.

542940  No.483307


I was a dumb fucking teen and you gotta understand, back in 2008 people didn't give a flying fuck what they put online, plus this was before everyone and their mother became famous for streaming. And yeah, looking back at his stuff, he kinda went down the shitter when he started copying Doug Walker's "comedy" style in 2009, his FMV Hell series in which he didn't scream at the top of his lungs were actually pretty entertaining, then he joined CA and well, you know the rest.

e8ef47  No.483332


i liked his game reviews like "phantasmagoria". once he stopped doing those, i lost interest.Plus i was 14 years old.

6867c5  No.483351

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


i thought he was genuinely funny early on, well mostly because at the time there were very few poeople doing what he was doing, it had novelty and the market wasn't oversaturated. then he got into TGWTG and it just became cringe. I honestly think that's what happened with Spoony, he got mixed up with bad people.

I still think vid related is pretty funny. It's more natural and low effort. Sad that he destroyed himself really.

06d610  No.483361


He was entertaining when shitting on a point and click adventure. PRetty much sums it up.

cc8f28  No.483898

File: 06106d51d83fb66⋯.png (62.16 KB, 505x534, 505:534, 4edceb0e2d77eb4eb845034d71….png)


Holy shit he views himself as that twat from gravity falls.

afb4f5  No.484008

File: e06a044083942e8⋯.jpg (85.05 KB, 656x794, 328:397, DfLqctbWsAEToDN.jpg)


>He doesn't have any fucking mental illness

>He's a narcissistic retard

>He doesn't have any fucking mental illness

>He's a narcissistic retard

Anon do you know what a contradiction is? When someone consistently behaves like a narcissistic retard, what choice do you have but to conclude that he is a narcissistic retard?

06d610  No.484110


Panel 2 should have been punching the bitch in the face. But then if the mother had done her job properly like that it never would have got that bad.

72d48d  No.484111

No tweets in almost two days is confirmation that he was blocked from Twitter again.

b16fa9  No.514969

File: 7edb33fb7db198b⋯.png (57.09 KB, 208x402, 104:201, BUP_0212.PNG)


>that neck-scratching at the beginning of the stream

6827cd  No.515183










>Loser teens and tweens who desperately wanted a friend-simulator, and only later realized the fucker was unfunny once youtube began growing

That's about what I figured, and the friend-simulation explains why there is so much corss-contamination with the spergs in the mst3k fandom. I can't remember who said it, but the quote about "Television is the illusion of company" is twenty times more apt today than it ever was in the 50's.

fddb08  No.564158

File: 0e547b394cfb024⋯.png (80.43 KB, 587x800, 587:800, spoony breathing.png)

Spoony is having trouble breathing.

6827cd  No.564508


Did he ever get called out for being a part of richard garriot's ultima kikestarter?

314ece  No.564700


Whatever ever happened with that game?

79602a  No.564710


It came out earlier this year and literally nobody cared. It has a 50 on metacritic.

06d610  No.564718


There is probably mold in his house and it's fucking up his lungs. That sounds like it any way.

fb51f4  No.572019



Nurgle is gonna free Spoony from the clutches of Slaanesh.

37d94a  No.572122

File: bf8fb5bda8b2bb2⋯.jpg (6.72 KB, 232x250, 116:125, 1508984875381.jpg)


>he dresses up like a woman and tries to seduce Donald Trump


I bet a lot of other soyboys have this fantasy as well


Arin pulled a pennyarcade, just like those two he cucked out and toned down his shit so it would be more marketable. Old pa would be "toxic shitlords" today, but they cucked out with the dickwolf shit and now pax is sjw central, but the money is good so they are okay with being rich cucks over their former edgy but broke ass status

Also arin was way more popular than all those guys ever were, he was already the king of newgrounds back before yt was a thing. Their underage fans from those days are now the soyboys who bankroll him.

0a441f  No.572467

File: 175675e055e729f⋯.png (172.63 KB, 430x422, 215:211, 175675e055e729fa033ecfacad….png)



466106  No.593975


That he does.

06d610  No.594618


Not trying to defend these people in any way just explain the situation.

If you don't cuck in the game industry you get replaced. There is always another webcomic, another convention, another wannabe journalist on the way. Any attempt you make to not be 100% part of the cucking clique will get you destroyed and everyone you're associated with.

If we believe Lord Kat Spoony screaming betrayal at E3 was enough to get him black listed for being associated with spoony at all. He lost access to the devs and popular game exclusives because of Spoony hating new X com and standing in the expo screaming about it.

ae2f31  No.594631


Is that code name for spoony afraid his brother will cut him off? Soon as his brother has kid. Spoony has to get a real job.

9e570d  No.597737



So the game came out just fine and there were no issues with it other than being a niche title few people cared about and/or being shit. What's there to call him out over? That's reaching for something to "call him out" over.

3f8bf1  No.602883


Can I get free money by pretending to be retarded too?¡?

cacefb  No.603031


that's the problem, anon. ya can't just pretend. people can tell the difference. but don't worry, you shouldn't have any trouble.

8a6995  No.603045


Lord Kat always was a salty faggot who only grew bitter with each passing year. He's just angry about not having even half the fame Spoony did in his glory days. He ended up chewed up and spat out same as Noah but at least Spoony wuz kangz for a while and that's what makes Lord Kat so bitter.

6827cd  No.603261



<Damage controlling this hard

<L-lol, l-l-lordkat is the REAL cow h-here, amirite guis? XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

32c76d  No.605496


I remember Spoony getting mentioned in the same breath as SFDebris. SFDebris has kept it going, even managing to drag out Star Trek all these years.

Spoony could have been like that. Productive and steady. Even if his stuff was once a month kind of deals, he'd still be making dough with it.

32c76d  No.605506


Lord Kat did a walkthrough last year of one of the earliest Elder Scrolls. It was neat.

9aa3d6  No.684194

Is spoopy still alive?

163b0a  No.724051

File: da70f3b828b40b0⋯.png (99.1 KB, 615x837, 205:279, Spoony crash.PNG)

Noah tried to pull a Miles and ice a spic with his car. Of course, being Spoony, he hurts himself in the process.

165adb  No.726443

File: f81d21e3f02c65a⋯.gif (309.28 KB, 1001x666, 1001:666, 1468455839886.gif)


I can only wonder how he got that nickname.

79602a  No.726466


It's a Final Fantasy 4 reference.

5c1bdc  No.727345

File: 79ddc88f5662cba⋯.mp4 (7.65 MB, 640x360, 16:9, The new Spoony (re-upload).mp4)

4cc4e5  No.727424


Not really.

ae2f31  No.727448



Spoony being a drug addict does make sense

a8b9d1  No.727555


>right up there with Accursed Farms

What did Ross do?

72d48d  No.756618

File: 75d6a1f1bef6648⋯.png (40.76 KB, 562x245, 562:245, noah-noooooo.png)

File: c486f416f92e188⋯.png (147.44 KB, 302x465, 302:465, aurora.png)


dd3082  No.756729

File: e0fb4f76a59dfaf⋯.png (295.86 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20190215-165143.png)

79602a  No.756780



He's still active on twitter unfortunately. I thought he lived in Arizone.

caf9b1  No.756801

File: 678ce1cc3e532fd⋯.jpg (158.91 KB, 1080x1381, 1080:1381, toobad.jpg)



Yeah, false alarm

029fe2  No.756873


Can someone report this mentally ill man for posting threats of vigilante justice?

2bffcd  No.756985


Getting shot would be the most entertaining thing he's done in a decade.

aaddac  No.757144


>April, Oreo & I

Its weird how he included the dog. A little too cutsey and millennial for the sentence that comes after it.

b6ca3d  No.757552


He treats the dog like it's their child. I guess that's better than these two actually reproducing though.

72d48d  No.757865

File: 199d0f6bbc85907⋯.jpg (112.05 KB, 471x616, 471:616, sad.jpg)



never forget

029fe2  No.757891


Including your pet if there's a mass shooting isn't a bad thing to do. Making a twitter account for it is.

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