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File: d0cde362fe3d6af⋯.png (55.96 KB, 635x354, 635:354, 1438632004060.png)

ff383a  No.519305

This is foxdick farms 2: electric boogallo and yes I am severely autistic pls don't internet bully.

79fa3d  No.519308

Fuck off, retard

51d136  No.519334

According to summerfags everyone here is either a foxdick or Hirtes

910990  No.519336

hirtes would be happy to learn that chris has changed his password on twitter and null does not have control of his twitter at least for the time being.

ff8ceb  No.519337


We got flooded by foxdicks that insisted everyone else was hirtes.

51d136  No.519340


More like flooded by foxdicks accusers who still think it's 2008-11 and Chris should die and A-Log doesn't exist yet

ff8ceb  No.519344


Says the foxdick. Fuck off, autist.

51d136  No.519347


With all that talk of fox dicks just suck off your 50+ year old furry overlord already.

578f41  No.519368


Hi Hirtes! WE ALL KNOW IT'S YOU! How does it feel to know that Null gets to watch over Chris everyday! You must be jealous! Awww, you are jealous! Yiff yiff!

20186a  No.519390


Null is changing Chris' diapers AS WE SPEAK, Hirtes!!!!!

How buttmad are you????

578f41  No.519391



20186a  No.519394

File: e62dd2563fd0bf5⋯.jpg (73.58 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1200x630bb.jpg)


79807f  No.519396

Can I be hirtes too?

32a76c  No.519444


We are all hirtes.

4e2c6a  No.519461

File: 3d6fa08ce5caf0a⋯.png (121.03 KB, 421x365, 421:365, 20180811_180349.png)

File: afe07c87ea17943⋯.png (299.32 KB, 624x390, 8:5, 20180811_180300.png)


4e2c6a  No.519464

File: 34bd4da12e73e80⋯.png (228.04 KB, 562x314, 281:157, 20180811_180751.png)

File: 065bfd6da938efe⋯.png (244.27 KB, 539x312, 539:312, 20180811_180813.png)


af09f3  No.519514

if you don't think torturing chris is funny then you are a foxdick

20186a  No.519521



No one cares what Hirtes looked like 40 years ago, Josh.

>An autistic foxdick actually took the time to rummage through and scan old yearbook photos

550748  No.519568


You are the most pathetic lolcow to ever exist.

d3d8ba  No.519570


This is just the treatment that Chris-Chan tier autisms receive. yiff yiff.

9e2748  No.519573


Are you not aware that there's websites that do that for you so you don't have to waste time looking for old yearbooks and scanning them?

d4aa78  No.519582


Or that's what Nool WANTS us to think.

Nice try, Josh!

d4aa78  No.519590



You got your Autism into my Bullshit!

You got your Bullshit into my Autism!

20186a  No.519758

File: 3cc9bc1541be6b2⋯.gif (2.08 MB, 360x270, 4:3, 1447017406055.gif)




>Look at that shirt Hirtes wore 40 years ago, what a loser, yiff yiff!!!

f4db48  No.519784

File: 53cc5bf5fc2700d⋯.jpg (94.67 KB, 800x600, 4:3, fec8f933e9751831ce7d2ae032….jpg)

2e2ae5  No.520311

File: 80535c1b25cadca⋯.jpg (44.01 KB, 320x418, 160:209, stupid3.jpg)



Photos with no date, no name of high school or year. No info of source whatsoever.


0499b7  No.873637


Old, but not a lot of people with that name. Plus, the whole response with ancient memes gives you away, Grandpa Incel.

6cb7b5  No.873705

Word on the street is that Woody Chan has negotiations right now with null to have his threads removed if he gets footage of hitters in his natural habitat of section 8 housing. Woody is strongly considering this due to being within driving distance of him and since hirtes was doxxxxxxxed last year when his email got hacked.

962f9f  No.877554


I know this is a troll thread, but comparing /cow/ and foxdicks is like comparing reddit and cuckchan: neither is better than the other, altho both claim superiority over the other. you kinda don't have a choice, if you wanna post about lolcows, it's either /cow/ or foxdicks, reddit or cuckchan

e5f867  No.879992

i went on his stream, and i fucked with him constantly

also nulls a pedophile and loves diddling and coercing teenagers and is an ABDL and wants to die.

also Halloween because null is a pedophile and he loves halloween because hes is a sex offender and gets wriled up when the little kiddies go around his block / town like a typical sex offender whos trying to hide his location really badly but is not and we know hes not overseas like what a joke, also he used python yesterday so hes a basic of the most basic scripter, or hes using a little child that he diddles because 10yos can learn python and has a harem of children he molests on the daily while teaching them "hacking things" and code.


e5f867  No.879996

fa299d  No.881565


I’ll say that /cow/ has way better quality control on who’s considered to be a lolcow. There aren’t millions of active threads on YouTubers or the like.

3f1cf6  No.881922


We have standards

278a71  No.885216

File: 1616a98ea08b74e⋯.jpg (141.3 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, duke nukem.jpg)

Does this look like SJW propaganda to you /cow/? KF thinks it is, the shit they say, being DN a satire of Amerimutt patriotism is astonishing

fa9ffd  No.885425


b852b2  No.885815


Where are the foxdicks talking about freedom fries?

6f3b19  No.885887


How old is this supposed to be? If Gearbox added it in, it's probably less "SJW" and more a really lame attempt at emulating the wit and social commentary of the original Duke games. I mean, don't get me wrong, Gearbox are DEFINITELY sjws, but this joke in particular is really toothless and unoffensive.

d4032e  No.885915


I'd say so just because of the whiny hand-wringing over "xenophobia."

cd82d2  No.888406

File: 5c6be4e62745faf⋯.png (80.01 KB, 891x778, 891:778, 5c6be4e62745faf52f5ea9f4d2….png)

File: d5e1410dc079cbc⋯.png (213.65 KB, 575x1367, 575:1367, 5981aadfc29e73849d774d8033….png)

Talking about hirtes, I couldn't help but notice the similarities.

fa299d  No.888589


what’s the connection to KF?

369f91  No.888699


tbh I would actually believe that, hirtes is sperging on the internet for years, yet we don't have any photo of him, just some ancient news article

34523d  No.889022


Hard to tell the writers intention but xeno = alien so Duke burger serving food with additional hatred of aliens is pretty on the nose for Duke.

6cb7b5  No.889180

File: bcacdea98446101⋯.png (82.29 KB, 716x944, 179:236, C30047B8-DBF9-4535-94E0-77….png)


FYI , I’m the fag who social engineered my way into his email addresses last year and got his current address from an email that notified him his internet bill was ready for payment. (Seen in this thread https://8ch.net/cow/res/304360.html)

Hirtes is real. I can tell you for sure that hirtes is a real person with a cox email address (mhirtes@cox.com) that has plenty of accounts linked to that email address that show he is a real living person and that email was linked to plenty of other email addresses that were linked to furry shit, Twitter, and even a foxdick account that had no activity but was probably used for lurking after his ban.

Hirtes is real, and I found it really odd that in the 3 total email accounts I was able to temporarily get control of there was not one picture of him. Maybe he’s pissed off so many people in his decades spent online that he knows better or maybe there’s a more sinister explanation behind it but I’ll lsave that up to you to discuss. Hirtes eventually regained control of all the emails and the accounts I accessed and the only things I have left of this adventure was one of his twitter accounts (@gamestopjerkop) and I think I still have that foxdick account as I switched the email account associated with it but like I said, it’s empty.

TLDR I’m pretty sure Hirtes is real. I was able to gain access to his cox email account by answering the secret question (mother’s maiden name) using ancestry.com since then he’s regained access to the account and changed the secret question to something more obscure.

6cb7b5  No.889187

Also: Josh does have a bounty for anyone who can provide photo or video of Hirtes and it’s allegedly in he 4 figures ballpark. I don’t know if this fuels or disproves the idea that Hirtes isn’t real but take it as you will. Supposedly Woody Chan was going to film Hirtes outside his building last year to get his thread taken down but it never went anywhere. Again, take it as you will.

de7cbd  No.889487


If by big man, you mean big laughingstock, then yes, Hirtes was big in the furry community. But, he gave up a career because he would rather be a welfare bum and live in Section Ape housing. Sad!

de7cbd  No.889492

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Hirtes, only you talk about yourself in the third person like that. You were doing so well too but you had to go with the whole "they must be afraid/jealous of Hirtes" schtick. Vid related.

de7cbd  No.889496


Did Latravius steal your fridge again?

60be41  No.889499


>that unironically makes him (hirtes) a successful troll by proxy


>all posts about him (hirtes) on /cow/ are inorganic

<Actually, Hirtes is an incredible troll and no one who criticises or laughs at him is genuine.


c13d2b  No.889504


And Mike was doing so well at avoiding this place

6cb7b5  No.889592


Dammit what did I miss?

6f3b19  No.889608


A nobody put on a clown show for everyone and then got his shit nuked.

c13d2b  No.889750


Basically, Hirtes's new tactic is to act as if Mike Hirtes is a false flag to draw attention from Josh. I suppose this beats going to /pol/ and posting about how everyone is obsessed over himself over on /cow/, but jesus. He's just so fucking obvious!

6cb7b5  No.889774


I assumed the deleted posts were mere impotent screeching but as I was the guy who posted his dox yesterday and talked about getting into his email I was curious if anyone capped his replies to me.

60be41  No.889786


I think this was his only response directly to you.

60be41  No.889787

File: 8d853f396660948⋯.png (8.4 KB, 1166x122, 583:61, ClipboardImage.png)

c13d2b  No.889792


Thanks, there were some others too



dunno, way you and josh talk about him, this seems personal. didn't know josh was big in the furry community. anyways, just saying this little feud of yours looks really silly to pretty much anyone else

like, I hate furries(and bronies) as well, my dude, but I don't obsess over them like this



I'm just telling you how it is, my guy. I tell you something you don't want to hear, and it's back to conspiracy theories with you. It's very clear that only josh and his small "inner circle" cares about hirtes, all posts about him on /cow/ are inorganic, and sound like they have been made by 3-4 different people

facts are that nobody cares about this, you and josh only make yourself look like fools. if this is the hill foxdicks wants to die on, then I can't really stop you, facts are that nobody outside foxdicks cares about hirtes, and that won't change, no matter how many times you scream his name

t.random guy, but you will call me hirtes, anyways


There were a few others, but these are the highlights and I'm too lazy to screencap

60be41  No.889794

File: 6f31cd4c345bd4e⋯.png (21.29 KB, 1804x299, 1804:299, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 3d1bccb4fb50747⋯.png (208.16 KB, 1811x740, 1811:740, ClipboardImage.png)


All of Hirtes' deleted posts.

c13d2b  No.889977


Given the guys history of scamming, there's probably a lot of things he white-washed over the years which would likely include pictures of himself. That's my best guess, anyways.

That famous picture of the guy in the Cool Cat suit apparently isn't him, although that could also be Hirtes trying to convince people it isn't him when it actually is. I don't know either.

6cb7b5  No.890023

File: 341506d9705a5ad⋯.png (40.4 KB, 848x457, 848:457, ED39616B-37AA-44C8-BD8A-1D….png)

File: 2eea8ab3e676d59⋯.png (40.89 KB, 848x472, 106:59, E3F5C4FC-6B90-40FF-B1A7-C2….png)


The best way to describe his internet tactics for self preservation is he’s a fucking pest. The way he got his emails, accounts, chargebacks, etc over the years is by ALL CAPS RANTS AT CUSTOMER SERVICE EMAIL ADDRESSES over and over until he gets his way. Pic related.

c13d2b  No.890047


Hacking mike's email was pretty badass. You woulden't have anything you forgot to share, would you?

077747  No.890707

The fact that somebody just got (((Banned))) for seemingly no other reason other than questioning the "Dox" of hirtes, and insinuating that hirtes isn't the worst man in the world, and the tl;dr sperging about how hirtes is indeed the biggest meanie in the world and how badass foxdick farms is for le epic trolling him stays up kinda says it all, doesn't it?

Smells like foxdicks in here

077747  No.890720




As recent posts proved beyond a shadow of the doubt, those posters are correct, there is a large influx of foxdickers. Worse yet, it seems some of the moderation staff is also from there as well, and they only out themselves when foxdick related drama pops up. Very sloppy

6f3b19  No.890770


Maybe the reason he got banned is because nobody wants to hear about this attention-whoring faggot anymore and you constantly talking about him unprompted is really fucking annoying?

0c5309  No.890777


He made a few simple points, and rather than anybody proving him wrong, some retard called him the old man, by the simple logic that he wasn't impressed with his epic leet skills, and then mysteriously, his sperging stayed while the somewhat civil posts of that other poster were deleted. Those are simple facts, if you agree with his statements or not, that's one thing, I can make an argument that as OP of this thread stated, the clown show surround few obvious foxdickers jerking each other off about how they are super trolls for finding a newspaper clipping of a guy in a fursuit are more of a clown show than anything

0c5309  No.890778



also, trips of truth

454c63  No.890898


You add nothing, Mike. You don't make any points except for an incredibly implausible conspiracy theory that Null used the ability to fucking time travel to forge a bunch of posts in your name since Reagan was President and not using said ability to tell him to never get involved with the CWCki Forums.

c13d2b  No.890921


It's funny - he was actually doing a good job avoiding this place for a while

454c63  No.890939


Instead of getting better, he got worse.

c13d2b  No.890942


Hey I'm glad he dropped most of the pretense out of trying to convince us that he's not hirtes

3454dd  No.891030

Imagine getting owned by a babyfur autist that admins a site run by josh. Hirtes is beyond a shadow of a doubt the most pathetic man I have ever come across.

c13d2b  No.891034


tf you talking about? Mike's one of the guys the foxdicks rightfully laugh at

2f3bb4  No.891082


I think he means Hirtes got owned by yawning sneasel?

c13d2b  No.891090


Sneasel's not a babyfur though, the avatar is apparently to trigger Geth

2f3bb4  No.891119



When is that faggot going to get exposed?

c13d2b  No.891128


Hopefully soon!

3454dd  No.891155

Yawning Asperchu is a baby fur, and this has been well documented on /cow/, in multiple discord servers and on foxdick farms. He is also a failed troon and troon chaser. The only reason he doesn’t have a thread on that website is because he gives josh money to keep it running. He gave josh $10,000 18 months ago so that josh would keep the site going because he is afraid that the next site like foxdick will include a thread about him where people will finally post all of the screenshots of him and the disgusting stories he subjects people to, knowing that he will not face public humiliation as long as josh is in control of the autism syndicate. He is josh’s primary ball licker. A 50 year old man in a fursuit and a diaper.

But no, Michael is the bad guy here isn’t he?

c13d2b  No.891192


man who could have guessed. It really does sound like Mike has his life together compared to this dude. Just wish he'd stop sperging here.

0c4516  No.891375


what's stopping one of ya'll from making the thread there? has jewsh actively removed people trying to?

7288ef  No.891399


>It really does sound like Mike has his life together compared to this dude.

Lol mike lives in section 8 housing surrounded by niggers and is so lazy he stopped making his successful furry zine in the nineties because his income from it was going to make him lose his welfare check. As a wise man once said, the only person who defends Hirtes is Hirtes.

e09e17  No.891650


Not for the mods anyway. Otherwise there would have been threads on Meowthkip and Valiant years ago.

afacc1  No.891672

File: ce4f1aabf5ba607⋯.jpg (11.52 KB, 113x138, 113:138, 20190508_173759.jpg)


>As a wise man once said, the only person who defends Hirtes is Hirtes.

0c4516  No.892122


what i've asked is, have people attempted to make threads about the people and had them removed?

8a38be  No.892159


Details on Valiant?

c13d2b  No.892226


Loveshy IIRC, got doxed when KF first "Shut down 5ever"

d82392  No.893243

lol what projared did is potatoes to what null has been doing to emily, age 12

b852b2  No.895817


Do you have proof of wrongdoing on anybody’s part?

8adcfd  No.902072

File: 086e1f747afec37⋯.png (216.68 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1554769573249.png)

8 days without a post?

I refuse to believe that Josh / the other faggots at KF can go this long without doing something retarded to laugh at.

Is there another thread that I can't locate?

bb27a4  No.902436


this place IS KF, same way as 4chan is just reddit these days, yet reddit still exists. You should got there and stay there btw

I would just like to say that I like hirtes because he triggers certain (((Mod Volunteers))), as well as null and his brigade of faggots, and nothing will change that

88fb17  No.902754

File: 7cf6901e9cde85e⋯.jpg (21.97 KB, 595x216, 595:216, milky.JPG)


c13d2b  No.902778


I can at least say that Mike seems to at least have a relatively stable living situation compared to Sneasel. Mike's a POS but at least he doesn't spend his time shitting in used diapers.

I do not envy either person in the slightest.

9f14df  No.902783


why would you shit in an used diaper?

c13d2b  No.902786


Unless you're a baby or have some medical problem then I don't know why you'd even use clean diapers, nevertheless dirty ones. I think he's just a bit of a degenerate, although at least he's not hiding it anymore

10a93c  No.902813


yes, in fact Josh used to work for 8chan and probably was/is /cow/s bo

c13d2b  No.902815


If he was /cow/'s BO then you'd see /cow/ be more integrated into KF. Jews actually cant stand Josh

24136d  No.902816


I don't think I'd like someone who joked about mutilating me either.

c13d2b  No.902817


well I mean jews the board owner but you get the idea, he finds Josh to be a lolcow

August should be exciting btw

10a93c  No.902818


I'm pretty sure most people can't stand Josh after how fucked Infinity Next was

I mean how the fuck do you make a site so shit that it doesn't have a buffer on new reply meaning you could ddos the site by spamming the new reply button

Which is exactly what some faggots accidentally did

c13d2b  No.902838


I heard a rumor that most of the code wasn't even his, but done as a favor by some of his other admins at the time who knew how to code. Basically if you're wondering why ratings are fucked right now or why it took him about two years to start up Free Speech Hosting (which went nowhere because its shit) then it's because of how awful Josh is at coding

37d2b0  No.903088


Sargon is too hardcore for foxdick Farms.

24136d  No.903109


Josh is a white nigger, so you are correct.

6cb7b5  No.903190


Josh has global admin during his infinity never project but it was taken away because he got into it with some semi famous e-girl who frequented r9k and abused his privileges. I can’t remember the girls namefag handle but she was a notorious attention whore.

b2101a  No.903264


He was also using his admin privileges to cross-reference IPs from posts here to IPs of accounts on KF. It honestly wouldn't surprise me if that's the main reason Josh even wormed his way into here.

Anyone who actually believes Josh gives a shit about free speech or any sort of privacy needs to walk up.

9f14df  No.904075

I was browsing foxdickfarms because fuck mods censoring threads. And I 'm trying to figure out the audience there. No memeng shit the actual audience.

What I'm noticing is there's a lot of "I'm an ex SJW and now I'm a radical centrist" with minor slap fights over trannies. I'm also noticing a lot of feminine writing styles and women taking shots at each other.

So the audience is basically sluts whining about each other and the odd enlightened centrist who thinks politics are going to swing back hard left and that's why only Trannies VS non trannies matters?

I'm guessing it also has a lot of trannies as well from the looks of it.

9f14df  No.904077


How the fuck do you have a namefag girl on /r9k/? I know Wizardchan had a female mod at one point.

e49728  No.904084


>go to KF because the mods here censor things

>thinking Josh actually gives a fuck about free speech

You're naive as shit, you know that? If shit were to ever fall apart on that site, I get the feeling that whatever they're doing would make Kraut's Discord Academic server look like a kid's treehouse with a sign that says "Alt-Right Not Allowed"

a0e69d  No.904102


Considering how much they like to put on airs about being anti-establishment bad-boy shitposters, there seem to be a lot of them who get bent out of shape when someone comes right out and says that race actually matters. I imagine saying that the gay subculture is cancer would get a similar reaction consider how much so many of them seem to white knight for those self-absorbed freaks.

I don't really agree with him, but I liked reading weev's forum posts and seeing how certain pusillanimous Foxdicks would react at him for realtalking too hard.

9f14df  No.904125


>Implying I was going to post there

Nigger I just wanted to see what was going down.


My impression is they're mostly feminist types like the skeptic community on youtube

a0e69d  No.904136


>My impression is they're mostly feminist types like the skeptic community on youtube

I think they're mostly "anti-feminists" who don't actually have a problem with feminism itself. They're just mad at what it's become.

9f14df  No.904140


So they're feminists as I said. Feminism hasn't changed in the slightest, it's always been this same shit but that's another discussion entirely

c13d2b  No.904143

I smell shitposting

9f14df  No.904305


For wanting to understand foxdickfarms so I can understand what bias they have when they have lolcows there we don't here? People like Millenial woes or Sargon have much more stuff there.

0bc45f  No.904522


/cow/ now is all about the same 3 cows, IBS, and the IRC circlejerk mods banning and deleting random shit that doesn't belong banned and deleted.

f2a1dc  No.905046

File: a4823b171a46976⋯.png (47.19 KB, 1502x648, 751:324, bhafoxdickfarmersco.png)


0c4516  No.911058


what is this supposed to be?

6cb7b5  No.911143



66f3e7  No.911267


Someone trying to start a personal army against someone who pissed them off. Probably over something ranging from ratings drama to Discord drama. Its gay and unrealistic if you ask me.

46b840  No.912546

File: b692a8fcfe3da10⋯.png (68.77 KB, 1500x250, 6:1, Gee Vrakks, How Come Your ….png)

My dad loved drinking more than he loved me T-T UwU

04fdfa  No.912566


I remember when lolcows used to be fun

0499b7  No.912568


Its funny. We all know that the moment Josh can't pay the bills for the servers anymore and the site goes dark, the doctrine of mutually autistic destruction goes out the window. And goddamn is it going to be far more entertaining than any lolcow has been in recent memory.

8adcfd  No.912690

File: 43b18f1ef871823⋯.jpg (23.61 KB, 665x574, 95:82, 47b.jpg)


I don't follow. What are you saying?

9af46c  No.912721

File: 0a13a698f4ebd18⋯.jpg (23.34 KB, 569x428, 569:428, b4f.jpg)


Let me break it down. Null probably has dirt on all of his mods and probably most of his users. Hell, wouldn't surprise me if a lot of members had dirt on each other. But, because of that mutual dirt-having, any move to expose that dirt on another person is going to lead to the skeletons Or should I say skleeatins in their closets getting exposed as these people seem way too degenerate to not have embarrassing/criminal shit in their past. Hence the idea of mutually autistic destruction.

If/When Josh can't pay the bills anymore/credit agencies seize their servers, the site will go dark for good as I can't imagine anyone else actually wanting to run the site. And even if someone were to, I think KF goes the way of ED in that its a shambling zombie that should've been put down years ago. Without any reputation on a site that no longer exists to worry about, these autists are going to go nuclear on each other on here and we're going to see some shit that'll be worth at least a couple of videos by Jim.

c13d2b  No.912738


IIRC we saw it a bit the first time KF went DOWN 5EVER with one of the mods getting doxed and being revealed to be a loveshy incel type. You also had Dynastia false-flagging himself as David Craig which even I bought for a while

b8c3cc  No.913946

File: 828b76025855dd6⋯.png (222 KB, 1516x904, 379:226, kiwifarms hugbox.png)

KF is my personal hugbox

8d3a7c  No.914176


Wants a girlfriend

Yet posts on foxdickFarms

ae7120  No.914290


>outdated memes

>long rambling post about josh and the foxdick farms going down


0499b7  No.914292


Not enough rambling about how evil Trump is or how the Ki wis hoard Chris to themselves.

4e2de9  No.914329


Whether or not the anon is the bogeyman of the foxdicks, he actually is correct.

It's not even a secret, everyone knows everyone's shit unless you go out of your way to make sure nothing links back to you in any format, and even then if someone doesn't like ya enough, you can get hi ho fucked right in the ass real quick.

I've heard stuff their mods tell me and I can assure you that most of them have been doxed by the users, doxed by each other, doxed by Null, it's more or less a mexican standoff, but with shit no one cares about instead of guns.

565124  No.914342


Half the users probably dox themselves when they jump into threads and rant about people they know.

04fdfa  No.914403


It's probably woody in fact of course

4e2de9  No.914411


Ironic how it's the name attached that fucks people over, cause I'm sure you could say the same shit they do while anon and not have the same effect.

299d78  No.914851


I've never followed the foxdick Farms guys that closely, but aren't most of those tards already unofficial lolcows in their own right? Just with Josh himself I can list a few off the top of my head. He prides himself as an expert web designer when he barely has basic knowledge, he harassed an underage girl on a proto-Minecraft forum or something. He's terrified of women.

That's just what I can recall without actually thinking about it. If what I hear 3rd-hand about most of the mods is true, there is no mutually autistic destruction because they're already retarded enough to have let their degenerate shit lit. Everybody already laughs at them.

c13d2b  No.914894


Oh no. There's dirt all around, and some of it kept close to the heart by people and mods

6cb7b5  No.914915

File: 8a2dd3000bbeedb⋯.png (691.29 KB, 597x667, 597:667, ClipboardImage.png)

Here's a doxxxxxxxed foxdick admin for you that breaks the norm of what you'd consider a foxdick admin but then again the AmberLynn board is probably their most normie board:




Real Name: Emily Spexarth

Twitter: https://twitter.com/emspex

IG: https://www.instagram.com/emspex

Address: https://www.whitepages.com/name/Emily-Ann-Spexarth/Colwich-KS/nrgvg7s

It appears that she signed up for foxdick farms using a screename that she had used for years. Her twitter dates back to 2011 in fact.

c13d2b  No.914934


cool so you have anything to confirm this is emspex because I doubt she's dumb enough to pick such a username close to the heart.

565124  No.915087


It's not the usernames you tard. Half the posts on there are "I used to know X, I was a paypig and a mod for 10 years in their twitch channel".

The gormless twats watching it all are different

4e2de9  No.915115


Yea it is actually, because anyone can say exactly that and later, go into another thread as just anon.

2dd2b3  No.915194


And that's why people thinks that AA is a cult. Thanks Christcucks, yet another splendid (((inside job)))

b22256  No.915650

File: 47e83e30de3ed1b⋯.png (851.57 KB, 1500x1650, 10:11, pic two.png)

File: 75f85fb72f4a4e7⋯.png (233.04 KB, 1500x335, 300:67, pic one.png)

While we all know that most users of KF by this point are pretty much datamined to the point of doxing themselves let's have a smug chuckle instead of getting angry at them.

Here's some seriousposting about the psyche of your average foxdickfarmer, enjoy it.

<first pic


I don't know what does strike me so much about those posts but they seem extremely tryhardy to me. That is simple cringe inducing.

I have no intention of defending Tyler Bowie (the lolcow) as he is a trainwreck and a motherfucker, but KF's comedy is cheap comedy, the only thing the do is "lol he has teh autism lololol, we are so superior to him, amirite, now give upvotes!", they not witty, nor useful.

Like any writter will say to you: Show, don't tell.

More examples, more sustance, less hating the cow and less using him as punching bag.

I am here to laugh, not to make the OP feel better and agree with their opinions on the cow.

They are in a circlejerk, they are not driven by happiness but by rage, you just want to beat the cow up. And thing is, if you read the thread you will appreaciate that instead of laughing at him they are virtue signaling, and that's not only boring but also ironic, as most of the posters are furries or lolicons themselves,

The userbase of KF is simply terrible, Jesus Fucking Christ.

Why do they have such a urgent need to please their Egos? These faggot seem pretty socially awkward and insecure, trying to hide it by being tryhards.

They just virtue-signal their way into obtaining more upvotes so their fellow users can provide the affection and love their parents abstain themselves from giving to them.

I am 100% sure that most of the userbase of KF is composed by minors, and knowing that a good bunch of online furries and lolicons are minors themselves (they start very young apparently) it kind of makes it more sad.

But don't worry, I don't feel bad for them, they are utterly pathetic, they deserve 0 empathy, as a matter of fact, we will be better off if they decide to kill themselves, as they are neither entertaining nor funny.

That thread was made this year, and Jewsh efame is increasing, so it is only getting worse.

TL;DR: KF is a hugbox filled with pathetic tryhards, their posts are unfunny venting rants.

<second pic


Vegans tend to be spoiled brats that love whinning about bullshit that nobody really cares about, and we don't care about for a reason.

Knowing that KFers are contrarian edgelords that only use their minds to trigger normies, most of those hipsters seem pretty sympathetic towards veganism and "animal rights" while hating , which is no mistery, because they love being contrarian elitist tryhards that take pride on meaningless shit instead of taking pride in real shit.

You have in my pic some real vegans and animal rights activists, such as queue-anon and dunbrine47, while others, like Judge Holden "corpsefucker" (oh the edge) provides some insightful LARPing, because real necrophiliacs and serial murders totally go around telling they are one.

One of the defining traits of psychopathy is the lack of the skill to discern between humans and animals, ever wondered why vegans tend to be so nuts and so hostile despite claiming to respect all animals (we humans are technically animals as well)?

This is offtopic, but we have a pretty good case study that occured recently, a vegan fedora-wearing edgelord that has a channel named "Rationality Rules" used to be very sympathetic towards trashgenders, then he realised that transgender rights are relatively accepted by our PC establishment, and as the hypocrite contrarian he is created a video about transgender hormones on sport, but backpedaled as soon as he had some serious repercusions for making it.

TL;DR: The average KFers is relatively sympathetic towards veganism and PETA

bcbe08  No.915732


Doesn't surprise that KF is full closeted incels

74c035  No.915791

File: 15b957d3ee78a17⋯.jpeg (655.95 KB, 1125x1083, 375:361, 487F890D-2149-4730-BF7C-3….jpeg)


in fact of course I wouldn’t put it past a foxdick to use some girl’s screen name to deflect from the fact they’re either an incel faggot or a hambeast.

At the same time however the way this faggot here >>914934 responds to the dox posted makes you wonder if it really is her.

*pic unrelated*

6b59d8  No.915866


She's actually kind of cute in fact of course. Might have to hit her up

0fa30d  No.915873


The offtopic section is a goldmine for stupid laughing stock.

611de2  No.916581


That's true for this board as well given that everyone here claims to be Chad

8d3a7c  No.918933

File: 71810f97a0bde3d⋯.jpg (219.28 KB, 1061x789, 1061:789, NULL3.JPG)

Don't care about Josh drama much, but humorous to see him forever listed on Wikipedia as a failure.

1d4428  No.918947


Whatever you say, CuckParty. Anyone who knows about Chris is no alpha by anyone's standards.


I wonder how long before New Zealand finds another way to fuck him? Because I'm sure telling a Five Eyes country to go fuck itself is going to end great for you.

a511db  No.919275


NZ will probably forget about Josh, which is the story of Null's life no matter how much he hates it

4a9d38  No.919301


Pretty unlikely considering how big the mass shooting got and how hard Nz cucked. They will claim it's their 9/11 soon

6ed088  No.919324


Yes but still I find ironic, considering they have a thread for incels

ae4b43  No.920482


An actual rumor I heard (and would mildly explain Josh's depression aside from that Emily age 12 copypasta) was that while NZ can't extradite him, they can however petition the banks to freeze his funds or the like.

And when I type it out, it still sounds bullshit but I do think NZ has (or had) the ability to do something and it just didn't come to pass which scared Josh off the internet for like a month.

5561ad  No.922724


>while NZ can't extradite him, they can however petition the banks to freeze his funds

This is absolute nonsense. Null is a worthless, fat spastic who deserves to be beaten senseless with a basketball sock full of snooker balls, but all he did re New Zealand police was refuse to comply with a request for voluntary assistance.

He committed no offence under New Zealand law, and he was never under the legal jurisdiction of New Zealand anyway.

As far as New Zealand is concerned, he is an irrelevance and a non-entity.

Everybody hates Null, but if you want to jerk off fantasising about him being arrested you need to find a semi-realistic scenario.

74bc8b  No.922737


Do you really think there's no consequences to insulting a government thats investigating a mass shooting?

All he had to do was go "Sorry, I can't do that due to privacy concerns with personal data. If you suspect a poster is this man you can read all his public posts" and be done with it. He chose to act retarded and it will come back to fuck him over.

b5c085  No.922783


Like being an illegal alien with an overstayed visa?

53644a  No.922795


Ukraine cannot even enforced its own borders against Russian settlers, I doubt they give a fuck about yet another "western pig" living in their nation, why do you think Coach Redpill aka Gonzalo Lira moved there?

The war and poverty made it so there is tons of cheap whores and cheap land there, thing is, as stupid as Gonzalo may be, he is charismatic enough to not be gunned down if he steps outside, unlike Null, who lives in the middle of nowhere like a hikikomori.

6cb7b5  No.922889

File: b50d0498b7249f1⋯.jpeg (250.17 KB, 1125x907, 1125:907, DE64ADCB-1134-4FA1-A05E-6….jpeg)

b5c085  No.922902


Is it that time of the month again?

ae4b43  No.922937


nope, because it's still up

98d080  No.923361

ae4b43  No.923380


No josh, we arn't drawing you art

6cb7b5  No.923413


Ayyy websites down again.

inb4 you tell me to change the word filter in the link

51738e  No.923428

why is the website down? is it a common occurrence?

6d456b  No.923448


It was a DDoS attack

b5c085  No.923473


What >>923448 said and Vordrak is behind it. Does this once a month because what else would he do with his life except obsess over someone as pathetic as he is.

ae4b43  No.923505


yeah and it's kindof pathetic. Like I get doing it when Josh's big focus of the moment was hosting but now he's moved on to streaming (with great success) and it's never occurred to him to try ddosing KF when he's streaming.

Vordrak is an inbred retard and he's only dangerous because he's willing to break the law to attempt to fuck over Josh, and even then he does a piss poor job about it.

5561ad  No.923595


>Do you really think there's no consequences to insulting a government thats investigating a mass shooting?

What possible consequences do you think there could be? Null has committed no offence under NZ law and is not under NZ jurisdiction anyway.

No government of any developed nation is going to waste time and money trying to retaliate against some sad, fat neckbeard on the internet when they have no legal grounds to do so.

Police knock on millions of doors every day. Half of those doors get shut straight in their faces. The cop involved probably would have liked to slap the piss out of Null at the moment, but he has more important things to be concerned about. Literally anything he has to do is more important than Null.

74bc8b  No.923610


Going door to do is quite different to actively insulting the investigations in that way. It doesn't matter he hasn't broken the law because some where he has broken the law. It's illegal to travel to some western countries with the intention of fucking a child, or fucking a child then returning to your home nation. They meet you off the plane and say "Hello sir, you fucked a kid in Thailand and we're arresting you for it". We spend a lot of time bitching about globalism and it applies very much to how laws are enforced. Null is more than likely on a lot of countries "Fuck over if he ever comes here" list now. So if he goes to the wrong place and people notice he could end up in handcuffs or a warrant put out for him.

I don't think you understand that the law is a rough guide to how to get arrested, and it's very rough. If you piss off the wrong people they will find an excuse to get you no matter how you've behaved. There is zero chance Null hasn't got something they can get him with, Even if that's just being a "Neo nazi" because he has ties with 8ch.

8adcfd  No.923644


Null's streaming is a great success? I thought he got banned from YouTube. Did he get unbanned? Am I out of the loop?

5561ad  No.923665


>It doesn't matter he hasn't broken the law

That's the only thing that matters

>Null is more than likely on a lot of countries "Fuck over if he ever comes here" list

No he isn't

>he could end up in handcuffs or a warrant put out for him

You are talking absolute horseshit. What would the warrant be for? You have conceded yourself that he hasn't broken any law.

You seem very invested in making Null some kind of Big Bad. He isn't. Nobody gives a shit about him. Not in New Zealand, and not anywhere else.

b5c085  No.923679


>Big Bad

Hey Josh, next time you want to try and act like an anon, don't reference TVTropes you fucking sperg.

ae4b43  No.923704


It costs 1.5k to host KF. I'd call getting 1.1k a month by his fans a success, on top of whatever people are kicking to him via Brave and his own bitcoin mining operations.

I'll be real with you - late last year, KF was actually very much in the shitter financially, but since then I really do believe it's pulled through.

4321ce  No.923737


You miss the entire point of the post faggot, that's a grand achievement.

If they want you, they will get you. Unless you're willing to spend 20 years sitting in an embassy you can and will be fucked over if they choose to.

Josh told a bunch of muslim loving assholes to fuck off when a bunch of muslims got what they deserve. It will come back to bite him in the ass. Even if it's just being denied visas when he tries to travel.

70362f  No.923925


You are an idiot. /pol/ really does rot the brain.

If New Zealand wanted to arrest everyone who insults them they would have to start by arresting half of Australia for calling them sheep fuckers.

4321ce  No.923949


I see you're too autistic to understand the difference between getting in the way of a mass shooting investigation and banter. Must be your black father.

ae4b43  No.923959


Now while I do agree with you about laws being nothing but a vauge suggestion if you piss off the wrong people, it's also not going to bite him in the ass unless something really fucking big comes up. Something like a Christchurch shooting where the gunner uploads the livestream on facebook but in america for instance. I'm sure they'd enjoy Josh's lack of cooperation


Yeah, NZ can't do squat against Josh. Did it take you two months to figure this out?

5561ad  No.924046


This from the idiot who can't see the difference between Assange publishing thousands of pages of stolen US government secrets and Josh saying "Hur dur, New Zealand is dumb."

Wake me up when Josh gets arrested. Until then you will remain a complete fuckwit.


>Did it take you two months to figure this out?

I don't know who you think you're talking to but I've said that from day one. Too bad these other dipshits are too stupid to understand.

ae4b43  No.924080


lol calm down. Brave just dropped Josh, at least for the time being. I still think he's figured out how to coast, but it should still hurt his income regardless.

4321ce  No.924098


Because we've never seen websites deplatformed and revenue streams cut off for pissing off people in power. Nope never :^)

It takes time for things to bite you in the ass.

bd4eef  No.924198


Sam, you really need to learn how the law works in other countries. United States law isn't the same as your shitty little island law. Also, why do you want to go to Thailand and have sex with children? I thought you were against such things. You really need to stop this whole hate boner for Null before you're arrested for the various laws you've broken. Or not, it's fun to laugh at you either way.

0499b7  No.924200


Because moralfags like Sam always project. Screech about how someone is a pedo all the time? Maybe they have thoughts that they're properly ashamed of? Just look any example of moralfag reeing on KF or anywhere and you'll see someone who's destined to have his dirty secrets leaked in the future.

297fb2  No.924259


>DrPizza-tier pedo physiognomy

>obsession with calling others pedophiles

>played autistic power games on a Evansescence fan forum full of teen and tween girls

Gee, you think he has something to hide?

ae4b43  No.924297

File: 1b7cf4ce2ca60e7⋯.png (8.44 KB, 588x98, 6:1, pedoroleplay.png)


I doubt he's alone…

4321ce  No.924314


>Heuh heuh NZ can't touch him he isn't even in NZ

<Here's an example of governments arresting people for crimes committed in other countries


5561ad  No.924316



So you're moving the goalposts from Null being arrested by the New Zealand cops to some website kicking him off?

Null has been progressively kicked off every website he has touched for years. paypig, Twitter, hosting and money-processing services galore. None of that had anything to do with New Zealand.

New Zealand has no interest in him and no grounds to go after him.

4321ce  No.924318


I know you're only here because of IBS but please stop being retarded. You're so autistic you can't even figure out basic posts. Just stop, go find a hobby, get a shower while you're at it.

8adcfd  No.924358


That's good. How much of his income was Brave accounting for? 50%? Is he in a pretty desperate situation now?

Is there any way to make it more expensive to operate KF?

ae4b43  No.924387


He was getting a lot of money from Brave which he spent on server upgrades, although yes, I do think in spite of this that KF is in good hands at this point. It's certainly going to be funny seeing him backpeddle his support of Brave being the future of free speech browsing or whatever


buhh Iunno sam! i think you may have to get him kicked off of dicks platform to ruin his ability to get money at this point!

If you send Dick a few hundred emails kindly calling Josh a pedophile who once said he cuts off jew fingers then I'm sure he'll understand, I mean I'm pretty sure this is something that hasn't been tried with the dude yet!


It's probably Catparty or someone else who gets incredibly suicidal when they don't have the ability to laugh at retards and in fact of course

432b85  No.924432


<imagine coming to /cow/ to call other incels, tell them to get a shower and yet think cowboys are the ones who are time-wasting losers

Your lack of self-awareness is both sad and hilarious.

0499b7  No.924469


The amount of time Josh can maintain a relationship with anyone makes someone with borderline personality disorder look stable. He'll find a way to piss off Dick.

e849ff  No.924547


>This is foxdick farms 2: electric boogallo

basically yes it is

ae4b43  No.924624


Eventually, but the problem is that Dick actually agrees with Josh's bizarre vision of Free Speech. Glaive was dishonored and let go due to being more likable then Josh (not a hard feat) and Katsu AFAIK was fired due to tranny sympathies. Dick doesn't talk to Josh daily (AFAIK) so he just knows the surface level shit about how he's an edgelord running a site laughing at retards who has crazier people trying to pull him to their level. But I mean that doesn't mean he's an awful dude right?

8453ba  No.924690


Or Josh fucks off to some shithole Asian country thus justifying the idea that the only men who go to Asia unless its for business are either weebs or perverts.

ae4b43  No.924717


You know he's in the Ukraine, right?

77b548  No.925735

File: 0bb06e0b0dfae87⋯.jpeg (279.61 KB, 1125x837, 125:93, C1B186E1-2528-4C82-BB89-1….jpeg)


6cb7b5  No.925823


His entire twitter is pretty hilarious. On the farms he's pretty soft spoken and reserved and acts all knowing but then you look at his twitter and it looks like it was written by a 14 year old who just found out what the honkler meme was. Best part of all is he's not even confident enough to own his "controversial" political beliefs on the forum for whatever reason.

a8d7cd  No.926644


respect georgeson he is a god among men.

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