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File: 67c97caa1eef905⋯.png (47.46 KB, 457x350, 457:350, 67c97caa1eef905244b0aa4197….png)

File: c85b92106ba0b85⋯.jpg (110.79 KB, 675x668, 675:668, con (23.jpg)

7fe049  No.717697


Aero's been sort of silent after someone on the foxdickfarms posted evidence of him molesting an underage on discord. He's moved out of his mom's house and now lives with some tranny named hoverduck(https://steamcommunity.com/id/hoverduck).

445d2b  No.717718


You think hoverduck is a tranny? You guys can't seem to get anything right these days.

9e5943  No.717723


>posted evidence of him molesting an underage on discord

post proof

7fe049  No.717730


in the op

e800a5  No.717732

Why did you create a new thread? Do you think it'll magically conjure cocks into existence? Fucking nu/cow/

9e5943  No.717734


a screenshot of two random people on discord without even a mention of his name is proof? is this the standard we've fallen to?

do you atleast have more backstory to go with it

7fe049  No.717736

d43ec2  No.717764

File: ebe1fa06af2588a⋯.jpg (51.69 KB, 449x500, 449:500, 707c6df24709091cda9c100828….jpg)

9e5943  No.717778


it's interesting, but I don't think it will go anywhere. they didn't bother to archive the youtube comments and didn't post any private convos


>(you) (you)

not a tranny, just think he should've linked the full story or put it in the op if he thought it was worthy of a new thread

eb9bf1  No.717803


nu/cow/ is only concerned with ax-grinding and a-logging.

d43ec2  No.717831

File: 0d64b9b478b82c5⋯.jpg (355.5 KB, 729x1439, 729:1439, 14a7532c29e75f07dbf6b85467….jpg)


Full story is right in front of you. Archived and all. Your trannny brain is just too stupid to know how to verify facts. It's ok though. We all know that HRT you're taking is just rotting your brain.

9e5943  No.717926


it wasn't though until he linked to foxdickfarms

bb33e7  No.718117



We didn't really need a new thread yet, and nobody is actively scouting for cocks anymore.

I'm surprised it took so long for that KF post to reach /cow/ since it was posted quite a while ago.


That's not a random screenshot, there was a lot of context given which OP didn't include


The youtube comments are still there for the most part and were explained


No need to be that hostile about it, the OP wasn't very comprehensive or well made at all leaving people in the dark.

5e6486  No.718771


>The youtube comments are still there for the most part and were explained

the direct comment links didn't resolve anything and I couldn't find anything myself

the posts are months old at this point so I only assume

572715  No.719725


09cde5  No.728391

Whats his discord, I want to share pics with other qts

eb9bf1  No.728559


>not posting them ITT for us to fap to

Come on, anon

e3d500  No.728953

File: d38c26645d9428c⋯.png (908.57 KB, 1030x861, 1030:861, 9873879872.png)


>I want to share pics with other qts

704ffb  No.729510

File: 80011d6afe62409⋯.jpg (8.07 KB, 108x126, 6:7, dda.jpg)


I never posted that two year old picture there

d43ec2  No.729520

File: 500affe5e6cdcd3⋯.png (23.81 KB, 562x208, 281:104, Screenshot_2019-01-11_at_1….png)

File: 628d1b518a0016b⋯.jpg (393.65 KB, 1199x1248, 1199:1248, Screenshot_20190111-205828.jpg)

File: a719adfe657ad6c⋯.png (210.96 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190111-151304.png)

File: 0877dc11d82a75e⋯.png (212.34 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20190111-155635.png)

Kind of interesting how this kid claims aero is a pedo, yet swears up & down both aero & reiko are innocent because all the proof against them is somehow not proof.

521682  No.730056


Funny thing about this, Aero is only doing damage control for the trap harem itself.

He doesn't even mention or address the KF accusations of him trying to coerce a 13 year old to send nudes at all.

eb658e  No.730197


care to elaborate?

4998fa  No.730412


somebody put in the picture of him (chijo) in the compilation (bottom left)

cf2669  No.730426

>literal discord trannies running constant damage control on /cow/ 24/7

Welfare was a mistake.

2cb5f7  No.730566

Reminder that cuckime is not a joke, it quite literally is.

572715  No.735062


193a75  No.735636

he was such a cool dude while he was obsessed with nichijou and old computers

what happened?

f7acc8  No.736282


>this 'trying-to-be-cute' mask

I've never had any wish to punch someone in the face bigger than this.

e869d1  No.736372

I miss the old computer autist foxworth. Now he's some pedo tranny monster.

445d2b  No.737500


If you actually know them, they don't talk about this pedo pinkpill nonsense at all (except to complain about it) and 90% of the time just post pictures of old computers and consoles they buy.

645976  No.738031


I'm sure you have proof.

61e9ac  No.743929

lmfao halfchan jannies get ass blasted if you post proof or out the existence of the tranny discord.

836152  No.744715


Are you the fucking retard that keeps spamming this shit on /pol/?

6eddb8  No.744729


hey chijo bro whats ur discord @

836152  No.745149



samething its always been

5c9696  No.746258


Does aero always blame everything on others?

c04e27  No.747020

why did aero remove his discord tag from twitter?

195f39  No.747102

Found Aero's new trap harem server

https://discord. gg/6vqF25E

1ea1b9  No.748127

>>730426 (1)

>>730566 (1)

>>736372 (1)

>>738031 (1)

>>743929 (1)

>>744729 (1)

>>747020 (1)

>>747102 (1)

C'mon mate, it's obvious.

9fa1ba  No.748396


ID: 1ea1b9 (1)

5c1799  No.748467

bebb81  No.748910


No wonder fried_kooch and the others cut off ties to these freaks.

Just watch from a distance as they inevitably destroy each other.

Does anybody have any info on the servers in the sidebar?

660654  No.749730


I want to make a video on this person for views, but the more I see the less I want to see.

Molesting underage kids, convincing them to take medication that blocks puberty, inducing self harm, what else? Jesus Christ.

0226f5  No.749799

File: d8d1ec39f5d8bbd⋯.jpg (96.72 KB, 1080x306, 60:17, Screenshot_20190212-110037.jpg)

Who is Hoverduck?

ab6cf3  No.749830


Do it anyway.

7fe049  No.749920


Those youtube video essays are always god-awful, and you've probably never even talked to aero before

1ea1b9  No.750119


>molesting underage kids

Already, you've failed at the most basic research

>"inducing" self harm

buy a dictionary

5c1799  No.750211



showed his dick to bandit knowing he was underaged

77f02e  No.750425

File: 1196c8282388e60⋯.png (45.13 KB, 643x374, 643:374, 45744.PNG)

29d0cf  No.750735

FODCOM posted a video talking about the state of these happenings. Not only is he being framed for making cocks, but they are associating him with aeromatic, fucking retarded


f29dbb  No.750788


You'd have to dodge some of the misinformation out there which I doubt you're willing to sort through.

If you get one part about it incorrect people will dogpile onto you as if it's all fake and try to discredit all information on it completely.


It would only be worthwhile if he just covered a single well-documented portion instead of trying to untangle the whole thing.

The underageb& stuff on foxdickfarms is the one thing Aero hasn't said a single word about or even acknowledged- which tells me something's going on with that.

5c1799  No.750808


okay FODCOM thanks for the update, disgusting tranny lover.

f29dbb  No.750904


I watched the video and don't see how this has anything to do with aero or anyone else

Nobody on /cow/ even associates FODCOM with aeromatic outside of the failed wakefoot project

But the fact that he's taken no action on the situation as a whole is cowardly, if he cared about people's self improvement he should be trying to pull people out of Aero's sphere of influence instead of letting them participate and stew in the moral pigsty

But fodcom's failings are nothing compared to comdex and others who STILL associate with and enable Aero. Anyone who is continually complicit has damned themselves

29d0cf  No.751505



FODCOM is doing that, if you talked to the guy, you would know that he and fried_kooch want NO part of this fucking charade. Why is it worth his time to save someone that just wants to cut their cock off?

4998fa  No.751579


A lot of the people associating with aero aren't troons themselves

195f39  No.751816


I want you to keep in mind that these folks were willing to suck Aero's trannycock right up until Fedorov came out as a tranny for the second time.

All these retards are cut from the same cloth, no matter how much they like to quote bible verses or LARP about self-improvement.

t. knower

29d0cf  No.752693


t. knower? What do you cyber stalk them? Why is it that everytime some retard like AERO comes back online, and new people want to collaborate with him then he does this new leaf bullshit and cuts his own cock off that automatically "oh man.. they wanted to associate with him soooo bad" no they didn't, they are just experimenting by jumping and learning how to survive in a postmodern nigger world that has people like you dude, can't believe your mind actually thinks that people look up to AEROMATIC. Aeromatic before he was a tranny was even worse to be honest

d342cf  No.752729

Am I late to post this here? It was on the KF thread and I don't see it here so here you guys go:


754339  No.752777

Aeromatic's new trap shilling discord account Stringanime#3386

29d0cf  No.752821


no it's not you fucking mong

d342cf  No.752826

File: 816030896541845⋯.png (144.36 KB, 788x405, 788:405, stringanime.PNG)


No, that's one of Aeromatic's old friends who he slandered and made fake LinkedIn accounts for that make him look bad

71a1e4  No.752845

File: e052b2ce3657673⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1322x911, 1322:911, 22.png)

File: be5bae4bd500f59⋯.png (783 B, 153x16, 153:16, 23.png)

6b061e  No.754346

knower is full of shit

t. real knower

195f39  No.754806


I was there back in Wakefoot when Aero and his pals liked to circle-jerk about how much better they were than everyone else, right up until the point when Fedorov comes out as a tranny (for the second time), then FOD and pals disavow him.

One year later, American Odyssey dissolves because the same people bring their problems everywhere they go, blaming the people around them for their own failings. It's a self-perpetuating cycle of retarded internet drama that never ends.


Jesus fucking Christ, I remember Kevin DMing me about that shit. Fucking disgusting.

29d0cf  No.755272


FODCOM and Fried_kooch did not like AERO at all. Like I said, stop bringing good people int oyour goop of a fucking thread you fucking nigger FOD does not blame anyone for his failing, he never "failed". Stop trying to be a fucking faggot retard spreading your sissy internet drama

d3b483  No.755620


>Aeromatic before he was a tranny was even worse to be honest



Nobody's saying that they're friends but him being a fencesitter and refusing to lift a finger isn't helping anything. Doesn't fodcom still associate with comdex, kevintime, and others who are still neck-deep in the troon circlejerk?

At least fried_kooch has talked about the matter. What's the point of deliberately keeping your mouth shut to aero's benefit? Aero is literally the human opposite of all the self-improvement that FODCOM wants people to follow, and he is negatively influencing fod's apparent friends rather directly. So why shit his pants and do nothing?

333985  No.755627


>Doesn't fodcom still associate with comdex, kevintime, and others who are still neck-deep in the troon circlejerk?


d3b483  No.755654


Well good for him then tbh

hopefully more will do the same

195f39  No.755773

>FODCOM and Fried_kooch did not like AERO at all

They sure liked to slurp on his trannydick when he was still LARPing as a christian

>FOD does not blame anyone for his failing

Like when he blames Ben for AO failing, yeah right.

>sissy internet drama

If I wanted that, I'd go to the Official Discord.

f55c86  No.756142


Out of all the sperm, you were the fastest? No one is larping, FOD goes to church, and he never kisses anyone’s ass. It’s people like you that probably start threads about him you tranny cocksucker

f55c86  No.756147


Lets get one things straight, out of all the people claiming to be Christains it’s FOD and Fried_Kooch that started the self improvement thing, literally in wakefoot Aeromatic asked FODCOM for fitness tips because he was too much of a pussy to do it himself, you can ask FOD yourself, or are you too afraid to do that because FOD will quite literally kick your ass if he saw this thread

Oh and /thread

f55c86  No.756211


Unlike a lot of people in this dumbass niche internet circle, fod and kooch work for a living, so they dont have time to deal with this baby burp retardation fuck nonsense. All these people accusing them of being trannies is because they’re just pissed they didnt get to talk to the hermaphodite known as Stimp Software


Doubt it, all these people live with their parents and have their parents change their fucking diapers because they’re straight pussies

195f39  No.756345


>he never kisses anyone’s ass

Yeah yeah, keep licking queso cheese out of your fat lover's many crevices man.


>I'm tired of wasting my time on Discord

>So I'm going to switch to wasting my time on Twitter and Steam instead

>And then when a few weeks have passed, I'm going to come back and talk about how much better I am, despite not having changed at all


I have it on authority from Temm that both FODCOM and kooch like to go to Thailand and fuck underage ladyboys.

29d0cf  No.756351


I'm telling FOD all of this, careful what you say bro!

195f39  No.756363


Uh oh, what are you going to do, dox me? I'm so scared of a couple of MDE-wannabes who are so unstable, they can't even keep any of their little jack-off circles without having a meltdown every six months.

29d0cf  No.756368


They're not going to like that! FODCOM and or kooch would murder you dude

29d0cf  No.756376


u should really say that to fod or kooch's face dude, really, take off that skirt you're wearing and go talk to them on discord

195f39  No.756377


Oh no, a dime-a-dozen Sam Hyde imitator is going to drive over to my house and suck my dick!!!! Get fucking real, Damien.

29d0cf  No.756386


why do you think fod or kooch are sam hyde imitators???, and why do you think he's gay again??? because he was aspirational and wanted to collaborate with people before?? jesus christ, god forbid you want t o get ahead in this world, instead of masturbating to your dad's playboys….

c7ae51  No.756412

File: 7cea12827b5064c⋯.png (536.92 KB, 600x732, 50:61, 1ab.png)

b130b4  No.756415


Yeah, all of those times you sucked up to Sammy boy and made remixes of him, right until you learned he got aids from fucking random dudes on Craigslist.

eff968  No.756464

29d0cf  No.756480


whoa re you even talking to??

c7ae51  No.756498


they are talking to themselves. its definitely fod and kooch posting these they are really obviously defending themselves. for people who want no part with trannies sure do spend a lot of time talking about them

195f39  No.756505


Man, but I thought they wanted nothing to do with these Trannies at all. It’s almost as if these guys are complete hypocrites.

c7ae51  No.756507


yeah if i didn't want my name associated with trannies i wouldn't be referencing myself multiple times with all variations in a cow thread….

c7ae51  No.756521




im sure glad taking vitamins and only using twitter is the cure to mental illness maybe someone should tell aero that…

195f39  No.756530

File: 4fb83d32f3b162b⋯.mp4 (3.15 MB, 320x480, 2:3, STOP_HARRASSINH_ME.mp4)




c7ae51  No.756534


maybe someone should get this guy some help. sending furryporn to underage kids as an mde ironic joke isnt funny.

e5ef52  No.756572












Quit derailing the thread retards

Nobody gives a shit, this thread is about aero



195f39  No.756574


Kooch is the new Chijo

e5ef52  No.756635


I don't see it

e11b65  No.757083

File: 4c785ebec299273⋯.jpg (21.5 KB, 261x225, 29:25, hank-homer.jpg)

File: a98214fd528ea98⋯.jpg (161.14 KB, 412x327, 412:327, times up.jpg)

File: 93048e64710e79b⋯.png (207.13 KB, 380x318, 190:159, v13131.png)






FACE ME IN MY FINAL FORM HAHAHA https://ghettogaggers.com/aQ5z78r

3a8336  No.757085

Now let me give you the rundown on this kooch/friko/KoK however you want to label him or refer to him as. He was a lolcow but now I will give you the rundown after he has calmed down and the introspective of the official discord.

This is the unbridled truth pastaman is looking to fuck trannies and ladyboys he has always been a gay baby lost in his own gravy.

Temm is the unchallenged owner of the discord where we have bullycided the trannies now it’s a war zone for spergs to fight and cause general degeneracy like the kevintime incident where he was in a voice call while the tranny was sucking dick love on mic. There is a recording of this on YouTube

e11b65  No.757087

File: fd4e60245ffae74⋯.jpg (64.78 KB, 1354x908, 677:454, TJETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT.jpg)


6debda  No.757103


fried_kooch and kevintime are having an e-fight on foxdickfarms


He may still be a fatass but at least he has the balls to call out the tranny shit so respect for that.

And the dicksucking recording was relatively recent too so any excuses made won't really work

Aero probably has a collection of dirt/dox on kevintime too which also might be a factor

f53764  No.757160


No, Penn State just grabs your ten year old ass and rips it wide open.

c7ae51  No.757176

836152  No.757242

File: f8755d7234f8b68⋯.jpg (485.28 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 20190214_005734.jpg)


no its not im off to bust being a faggot somewhere

672c9c  No.757558

File: d545693477f4278⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 3120x3120, 1:1, PHOTO_20190215_211420.jpg)

what if i told you the guy who keeps dragging fried_kooch and fodcom into this is a sperg who got bullied off a discord and was so upset he tried talking shit on people who think this is super hilarious and want him to keep going?

hi pastaman! the official discord rules you

572715  No.757759

man i miss gorf

c7ae51  No.758069


lole epic

cfb00a  No.758315

File: 6fdcc7a3dccadbf⋯.png (79.77 KB, 800x700, 8:7, aero spanish imageboard.png)

Allegedly Aero has been spamming scat porn in an Spanish imageboard called Mediavida, he has been banned several times but he keeps comming back and making new alts.


>pic related

This is the video in question that Nicholas keeps spamming and spamming all over and over again:


9bcae4  No.758411

File: 6d1564c09561c4f⋯.png (210.28 KB, 506x639, 506:639, DzeURllW0AAKAJM.png)

File: 7f6b6780869343f⋯.png (33.14 KB, 402x529, 402:529, DzKkdDsXQAAOSOe.png)

File: 1e16ec7bca9e0ac⋯.png (11.66 KB, 351x373, 351:373, Dy-6LYhX4AMBIgx.png)

File: 2271f0577e3bf9e⋯.png (13.11 KB, 354x305, 354:305, DyCNylGW0AUTXtf.png)

Why does he only draw anime girls with watermelon tits now

dc284e  No.758447


because they're even easier to trace and get twitter attention from

cfb00a  No.758530


Because he will never have tits that big

9bcae4  No.758610

1ea1b9  No.758747


>likes girls with big tits

hahaha what a cow amirite guys

c7ae51  No.758772


why do they keep getting fatter and fatter is the real question

dc284e  No.758865


He's just going back to his roots


9322d4  No.764966

File: f833d1d85c37243⋯.png (13.75 KB, 446x158, 223:79, 9789.PNG)

393c1a  No.766771

File: 994f8e4f2c42297⋯.jpg (201.09 KB, 1080x872, 135:109, 20190217_082831.jpg)

Cass is actually Aero.

f6904d  No.767360

cc59d4  No.767370

File: 7bb7464a20ee8e7⋯.png (236.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2019-01-07_19-33-40.png)

aero is a fucking retard

sincerely ylilauta toragposter

e56ba7  No.767424

File: bd4971571b2fa74⋯.png (28.48 KB, 892x504, 223:126, 355.PNG)

41a77f  No.770861

File: e0e1d560520ba8f⋯.png (70.22 KB, 552x598, 12:13, influenzaisaeroalt.png)

Influenza is Aero/Cass alt.

083935  No.770910




Either you're one of them trying to derail the thread or you're gullible enough to fall for the most retarded shit imaginable.

1abf6f  No.771837

So, how is this faggot going to be impacted by the whole FBI investigation of discord? It'll be fun to watch forcsure.

9e5943  No.771867


the FBI doesn't do shit retard

1abf6f  No.773502


Uh huh.

Have fun with the feds buddy.

9e5943  No.773506


i am a fed

445d2b  No.773635


They you know they care about cybercrime but obviously not social stuff like "pinkpilling,"and will pass names and evidence on to local law enforcement if they find actionable stuff that they don't care about prosecuting themselves.

Honestly you guys have a lot more to worry about than a bunch of trannies. Hopefully the FBI isn't stupid enough to seriously believe y'all are a threat to anyone though.

cd1e00  No.773908

I persecuted this dumbfuck in the past and let me tell you, the FBI won't do shit. The FBI doesn't care in the slightest about this kind of stuff. Aero's protected cause the authorities can't give a single fuck about e-drama even if it goes beyond that.

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