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File: cfe09d6e1d7f554⋯.jpeg (403.32 KB, 1125x1663, 1125:1663, 73F65014-F922-48ED-8330-6….jpeg)

File: 5ad9cffd0e3df0c⋯.jpeg (335.33 KB, 1125x1787, 1125:1787, 8E904D03-6516-425A-BE02-4….jpeg)

File: 86cfc1def3ca8f4⋯.jpeg (156.84 KB, 1125x569, 1125:569, F7F31AB4-EC58-4204-9E8C-2….jpeg)

File: 95a0c24f5476839⋯.jpeg (327.27 KB, 1125x728, 1125:728, AFDC032B-0441-4C60-9F29-D….jpeg)

4bd369  No.784763



Chris STILL holds out hope for the merge going down. Some fags on Twitter are trying to convince Chris to consider going on the Dr. Phil show but Chris seems to be listening to his tard handler on this one and is preferring the advice of a furry OC made by a CPA.

-How long before Barb dies?

-Will Chris ever suck a cock?

-When will Chris realize nobody can see his tweets?

-Will Chris be allowed to attend the final Bronycon?

-How will he handle the show ending despite claiming that the actual downies from MLP:FIM told him it would continue for 5 more seasons?

-Will Lukas the tranny ever re-emerge to regale us with more tales of Chris?

-How many posts before d5caf3 (75) shows up to screech relentlessly about how Chris is worse than Satan?

Post last edited at

a3dd58  No.784893

Shit thread to be honest. The last isn't at bump limit.

4bd369  No.785313

File: 9efc8b723577c42⋯.jpeg (556.3 KB, 1125x1529, 1125:1529, 36F55277-30A1-447D-A4AB-B….jpeg)

Less than fifteen posts away from the limit. I just got a head start. In other news…

1ee516  No.785385

File: ba4c345faa71db9⋯.png (313.04 KB, 1680x1520, 21:19, ClipboardImage.png)


With how things are going in general it won't be long before people start committing terrorist attacks in the name of their OCs.

eb7866  No.785430

>chris chan on dr phil

That'd be quite the finale.

4bd369  No.785690


The reason Chris won’t go on Dr. Phil is because even though he’s retarded he still recognizes that Dr. Phil is pretty no nonsense when it comes to coddling toxic behavior. Chris wouldn’t be able to get three words in before Dr. Phil shut him down. Chris by the end of the episode wouldn’t be able to do anything more than let off stress sighs and the only reason he wouldn’t walk off set is because he might not get paid.

However I believe that if Chris goes on the show they should talk to Barb also because that would be even better.

this is all hypothetical though since Dr. Phil probably isn’t trying to get Chris on his show to begin with unless the foxdicks are trying to do this since the lady who is on Dr. Phil today and tomorrow afternoon has a thread on the farms

eb7866  No.785712


Of course, that small amount of sanity is liable to promptly be shoved aside if Chris can be convinced it'll get him more pity money for his autistic past-times or if it can get him closer to making the merge real. Having the world's most autistic man talk about Sonichu on national television with Dr Phil would be the event of the century I tell you what.

d3d47d  No.785715

>Some fags on Twitter are trying to convince Chris to consider going on the Dr. Phil show

That would be kino

4bd369  No.785734

File: 6b4a6de3a8a9825⋯.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1125x2050, 45:82, C1F03533-C9F3-4676-A86D-6….jpeg)

File: fc3281a54336d9d⋯.jpeg (703 KB, 1125x1864, 1125:1864, F446CE31-F720-4785-929A-E….jpeg)

File: c971a50c5bbb5b3⋯.jpeg (584.89 KB, 1125x1757, 1125:1757, 7C4F0CC5-E596-445E-8853-0….jpeg)

File: dd2ca6ab7925c75⋯.jpeg (614.18 KB, 1125x1924, 1125:1924, 59FC0757-580E-44A6-9A60-C….jpeg)

File: a6bcaee56874ec4⋯.jpeg (686.34 KB, 1125x2030, 225:406, D40FED14-440B-4BEC-B9CE-B….jpeg)

Incoming dump. Chris is answering TMI questions on twitter.

4bd369  No.785754

File: d42db06bc31e007⋯.jpeg (716.9 KB, 1125x1853, 1125:1853, B1523E32-52F3-4FBE-958F-D….jpeg)

File: dc327ede5100d68⋯.jpeg (652.86 KB, 1125x1789, 1125:1789, 509E7DB5-815D-4BF2-898D-C….jpeg)

File: 0556e48ef4a8396⋯.jpeg (705.2 KB, 1125x1875, 3:5, 1256657E-A419-4FEE-A98E-7….jpeg)

File: 434f378162e348e⋯.jpeg (644.81 KB, 1125x1892, 1125:1892, 02072809-7FC1-49E1-ADE9-5….jpeg)

File: 9a71c7e54fbfea8⋯.jpeg (665.42 KB, 1125x1875, 3:5, 4C5FE0DF-F42A-440E-8B07-D….jpeg)

4bd369  No.785763

File: e5cd9bf345c9f79⋯.jpeg (707.38 KB, 1125x1722, 375:574, 29892D05-8758-49D2-BD65-4….jpeg)

d3d47d  No.785890


>Any scars

<Yes; physical, emotional and mental

>What do you like about yourself?

<my self awareness and mental lucidity


dd3acc  No.785930

Would I be wrong in assuming the merge could be Barbs exp date? Could be his coping mechanism. He's never dealt with real loss before. So what will he believes gonna happen when she dies?

>mommy's ded world must be over

This really bothers me. I assume when she dies he's prolly gonna an hero.

4bd369  No.786071


He’s dealt with loss. His dad died and afterwards he went dark for one of the longest periods since he was first discovered. Supposedly the inner circle broke up due to a recorded conversation of Chris talking to Kim Wilson and crying like a little bitch about his life and the loss of his father. The guilt felt by the PVCC was enough to make everyone quit fucking with Chris except for Marvin.

15c262  No.786274


The merge was just some horseshit the Idea Guys/Troon Squad put in his head for kicks and Chris never realized they were fucking with him and still believes it's all real.

d27616  No.786569


Did he just answer every question? His account is locked, he had to have gotten little-to-no response.

d27616  No.786831

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I'm watching a video made by this "Dr. Wolf" and I am curious as to if he knows Chris Chan believes he is an actual Psychologist. This is second-rate animation but not at all autistic. It seems like an honest effort.

I was under the impression that Dr. Wolf is a weird friend of Chris, along with these other weirdos he's made OC-shit out of. Am I wrong?

aab713  No.787066


Nah, people were still doing stuff, it just wasn't public

4bd369  No.788662

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Dr. Wolf was one of the bronies who’s blocked him so I doubt he’s seen the new Chris video posted here, let alone any of the batshit tweets.


Citation needed Hirtes.

aab713  No.788730


The old guard left but there was new guard on the cwcki forums doing shit. Josh put an end to it because he felt sorry for Chris.

090a85  No.788798

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Furries are still butt hurt about dr Phil calling being Otherkin a mental illness.

428568  No.788855


That's some good stuff. Good thing account lockup happened, we will probably get better shit later if he thinks trolls can't see his posts now.

67ee92  No.789096


Yes one thing I have repeatedly tried to make clear here on /cow/, especially to non-american users. The US mental healthcare system is a horrid. And in the southeast its even far fucking worse. Chris isnt "slipping thru the cracks", hes waltzing thru canyons.


Dammit that would have been golden. Maybe a different show (possibly radio? internet?) would be more appealing to chris


God that is sad. I miss old snorlax barb. spooky skeleton barb is just sad.

67ee92  No.789182


>least favorite subject: geography

A certain fictional eastern european nation may have spurned this


>Internet Bugbear Bullies

what did he mean by this??


I think this is very astute, and i think youre onto something here for sure. It could also be a rejection of his freedom being taken. The court date lining up with the merge is oddly telling.

sorry for doublepost

4bd369  No.789399

File: ca9af197d4b3d38⋯.png (427.69 KB, 748x833, 44:49, ClipboardImage.png)

15c262  No.789451


>The court date lining up with the merge is oddly telling.

Which court date? I don't recall them lining up with anything from the merge. Plus he's not losing any freedom - debt or criminal case, it's all just a mild inconvenience to him.

4bd369  No.789496


He still has periodic court appearances to prove he’s sticking with his outpatient treatment. I think his freedom is contingent upon it from the last court case.

15c262  No.790058


True. But it's just an hour out of his way per month instead of the jail sentence he should've gotten. Damn good deal, especially for how ineffective it is. Like the program forbids drug use but Chris didn't even give a shit and blazed up with the Troon Squad.

b17fe7  No.790125

File: 4fac1e80fc4722d⋯.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 6.95 MB, 448x336, 4:3, l6o0Tu_CR4QlFVFa.mp4)

This needs a repost. Saucy ass, limp dick and cake

4bd369  No.790684

File: d0b53c0359bed2e⋯.jpeg (710.58 KB, 1125x1607, 1125:1607, 0F43CD65-760C-47F8-A531-C….jpeg)

File: 6b640b0e5b87f03⋯.jpeg (331.58 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 18299AFF-E52A-4D74-90CC-9….jpeg)

What a degenerate.

428568  No.790936


kawaii part is pure gold

e00aa6  No.791066


>Not at all autistic

I can't make it past three minutes

127018  No.792507


Chris sucks.

594973  No.792825


>obviously sexual furfaggotry

>that reminds me of my dog


4bd369  No.793056

File: e80e9f276cb3179⋯.jpeg (816.04 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, A87C8C0A-9B3E-427E-978E-9….jpeg)

File: 5c482f9b08cd7b2⋯.jpeg (1.87 MB, 1125x2169, 125:241, 01826125-5AB0-4BD1-9340-2….jpeg)

File: a430cbada13ca98⋯.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1125x2044, 1125:2044, C4648AFE-746E-4E60-BD8A-5….jpeg)

File: 2e9834a15630aab⋯.jpeg (681.1 KB, 1125x2061, 125:229, 8B6131C1-0E13-4626-858F-9….jpeg)

428568  No.793968


does this mean sonichu comics comeback?

also aqua and nightblur are probably gonna be blocked by Josh

15c262  No.794420


>does this mean sonichu comics comeback?

Nah, Chris just churns out standalone drawings like that from time to time.

5b66ee  No.794537


You can blame Barb and Bob for that. Chris was supposed to get retard support and they denied him it repeatedly because they didn't want to have a retard kid. they denied him 'tard camp so he became a feral tard.

5b66ee  No.794540


couldn't someone show him smoking drugs to his parole officer and get him party vanned?

26ff7d  No.795003


Chris does still work on the comics unlike many years back but it's still slow and the new comics are fucking boring, which is saying something when it's Sonichu (no classic moments except maybe one unintentionally funny line or two)

429612  No.795219


If people failed at getting Guntman jailed after he bragged on air about getting drunk (which also a violation of probation) then I don't see anyone getting Chris jailed unless they have video proof of him hitting a bong.

4bd369  No.796136

File: aff7d445d817aab⋯.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1125x2025, 5:9, 5E4B50E7-7642-4A00-B848-3….jpeg)

File: 295edd5f8dbc380⋯.jpeg (997.34 KB, 1125x1979, 1125:1979, 785B4D7A-E4F3-4960-AB68-0….jpeg)

File: ea0fc5b2c7696ba⋯.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1125x2034, 125:226, 631FB92E-CA80-4512-B1E1-B….jpeg)

File: b77d407d8c41f44⋯.jpeg (557.71 KB, 1125x1224, 125:136, 751E3C04-D02B-41D9-9613-7….jpeg)

File: 4744cc512cb18fc⋯.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1125x1673, 1125:1673, 44123CC5-4F4E-4407-B481-7….jpeg)

127018  No.797402



His dad is a sonichu now?

428568  No.797422


somebody ask him who is father

15a35a  No.797502



15c262  No.798304

78a0e9  No.798568


imagine some troll convince him his dick is bent so he could fuck himself in his ass and give birth to his kids, while act being recorded for maximum impregnation chance

962026  No.798658


>Back in human form, she extracted some of her essence. Then in (female) Sonichu form, she shot her essence up herself

It's all good, he technically didn't fuck himself :^)

6f4194  No.799182


>The reason Chris won’t go on Dr. Phil is because

he's well aware how fucked up he is and he will never admit it out loud

6f4194  No.799204


fag forgets to mention uniclit under piercings

6f4194  No.799205


26ff7d  No.799245


Chris may be dissatisfied with his life but he's physically incapable of understanding why it's fucked up.

4bd369  No.800018

File: 42ea6c83af9490c⋯.jpeg (747.02 KB, 1125x2024, 1125:2024, A3AC482B-BDDE-4EBC-AEF6-4….jpeg)

File: f60bf621ab6df23⋯.png (3.23 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 37DF133A-675E-454C-B294-6F….png)

File: 3ae8dba55931c58⋯.jpeg (584.73 KB, 2048x1538, 1024:769, ED83F3B4-F0BE-4DF3-8350-2….jpeg)

File: c9f4f897f70d81c⋯.jpeg (339.18 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, A4C67B1D-59EC-443B-8599-3….jpeg)

67ee92  No.800019

File: 2437d83901c4bb9⋯.png (99.7 KB, 403x350, 403:350, redcoat think.PNG)


its possible he watched youtube videos to learn more about dr phil (he mentioned an initial ignorance about him) and those videos tend to be the ones that are "10 worst guests". He might have felt dr phil's aim would be to mock him regardless. However this is pure speculation and autism. I its very possible he knows deep down hes wrong and running from the truth. It might even be closer to the surface and he's following "fake it till you make it" celebrity chasing. He has mentioned celeb status.


Fundamentally chris has always been unhappy with his life. He just feels like he has "yet to bloom" or something. he in essence has been chasing hopes of becoming a famous author. This recent transformation of him someone hoping to "grow up to be famous for sonichu comics" has turned into a man acutely aware of his over-the-hill status. He is afraid of the future, one where he has fallen far behind. Since he is now the work, he wants to end this previous storybook (earth) because he has failed in it.

683050  No.800041


Chris knows he "peaked" in high school when his dad paid people to be his friend and he had a local place to play pokemon cards at. He's said this over and over, he wishes he could return to high school.


The plushie tweet is very interesting, it explains the tranny thing.

>Misunderstood outcast like I did

Literally admitting he's only playing woman because he gets to feel he's part of something bigger than him. When he got kicked from church he lost his group and trannnydom replaced it.

d27616  No.800089


Dr. Phil is a retard reguardless. He has ruined lives by publicizing their personal fights, he once institutionalized a 14 year old for being a slut, and the only reason he isn't considered trash tv is because Oprah promoted him and his guests don't throw chairs. Putting Chris there would be very interesting, but I can't stress enough how terrible Dr. Phil is as a human being.He even said it himself in Scary Movie 4, "I'm not a real Doctor. I just tell people to 'find themselves' and 'get real'."

683050  No.800129


He makes a reality TV chat show, why would you expect him to be anything else? His guests are paid to turn up, get a free vacation and do as they're told on screen. Same way Jerry Springer's guests are told to do the same or Judge Judy.

TV isn't real. If you think it is you're retarded.

57d013  No.800182


> imagine some troll convince him his dick is bent so he could fuck himself in his ass and give birth to his kids

It gives a whole new meaning to "go fuck yourself"

67ee92  No.800237

File: 5d50c7e9cb10947⋯.gif (20.85 KB, 105x116, 105:116, rip.gif)


building on this: a lot of time older people especially those with unsatisfying lives attach to doomsday cults. They see the world ending with their own no longer far off deaths. Chris is infamous for his massive immaturity. Is this new merge chris a byproduct of his childlike mind feeling the fervor of a midlife crisis? Perhaps he envisions the merge as an almost death of the current CWC. He might also see this new SJW persona and such as a way to orbit to younger crowds. I mean the troon squad were what late teens, early 20s?

15a35a  No.800251

File: ebf065ea6b9b579⋯.gif (232.03 KB, 510x662, 255:331, my sides.gif)

e180a9  No.800262


>he once institutionalized a 14 year old for being a slut

How is that bad? Girls shouldn't be sluts, especially that young.

I agree he's scum tho

26ff7d  No.800275


>Chris knows he "peaked" in high school when his dad paid people to be his friend and he had a local place to play pokemon cards at

Pokemon wasn't even out for half of his high school years, he started playing those long after high school, it was his only social outing where he met Megan and fucked up his sort-of-friendship then.

6355d5  No.800292


Oh please conserfag, girls can do whatever fuck they want.

683050  No.800310


Chris doesn't "orbit" children because of their age. Chris is mentally that age still. While his body physically changes his mind is still retarded to an early teenager at best. He's 10-14 years old permanently. He's going to find people in that age group share his mentality and interests.


>for half

Which is still enough.

aebae3  No.800401


> uniclit

How is that horror show going? It ligit game he nightmares when I first learned of it.

127018  No.800831


Spell his name right next time you shit scrape.

You can't search the catalog properly with your hilarous spelling.

8b3c05  No.801885

File: e73f8ef54d9cad3⋯.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1125x1707, 375:569, FB1886C5-D7C3-4ADB-B7EB-9….jpeg)

Is Chris really this retarded? Of course he is.

f8513d  No.802144

Does Mewtoo have a giant barbed cat dick, and does it rake the shit out of Chris's feminine anus every time they fuck?

66f2db  No.802150


they do threesome with Magichan

127018  No.802168


It's hard to look at.

dad1b8  No.802402

File: 4cc359481b32cba⋯.jpeg (8.37 KB, 344x147, 344:147, 7FB41B9B-CD1E-4E7B-BB9B-2….jpeg)


>my self awareness and mental lucidity

4bd369  No.802479


Chris has always been in denial of his retardation. This is why he gets so offended by being called naive.

d27616  No.803549


Otherkin != Furry, and in-fact a majority of these tween Otherkin aren't even Otherkin. Otherkin is a pegan rite and these people think it means "I am a TransDragon Polymorph Owl-type"

d27616  No.803559


Who is the person who replied to him in that first image?


Because they INSTITUTIONALIZED her, which means he sent her to a mental hospital for the feeble-minded and not-yet MKUltra'd

d3d47d  No.803736


>he once institutionalized a 14 year old for being a slut


35116e  No.803805

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Off topic: Each person he sends away is worth about half a million. I was sent away to the institutions he sends kids to. The satellite company is CRC health. Kids die from neglect and if they have major health problems staff aren't allowed to call 911; so if they need emergency surgery, they just die if a head house coach isn't available.

d27616  No.803817


Got more info on that?

428568  No.803863


Things like that are common business in many countries, but it's forbidden to talk about it in media, because people obviously wouldn't like it. For example, if you're old, don't have any relatives visiting you and you end up in hospital for some reason, they can put you in special room and keep you there against your will until you die, because hospital will take money for keeping you alive - you being in empty room and dying in pain, because why would they waste money on painkillers, right? Nobody can hear you anyway.

e02039  No.804079


Oprah promoted him so it stands to reason he's profiting off the mistreatment of children.

e3edf6  No.804328

File: ce04ae66595d60e⋯.gif (1.83 MB, 320x240, 4:3, I don't believe you.gif)

f6ec11  No.806722

File: c9898d0291c8f17⋯.png (289.39 KB, 639x594, 71:66, 1360680 - Friendship_is_Ma….png)


So, let's be clear, Chris clearly masturbates to MLP R34?

67ee92  No.807048

Well Dr. Phil is out for a show.

Where else would chris be likely to do an interview? Dankula's was pretty good. Is there a youtube personality chris would talk to?

With spring approaching and the weather improving the cons will come. Do cons have shared blacklists? Is it possible chris will naively attempt to enter these cons only to find out he was already banned? I could see this leading to a meltdown at the door as he assumes the trolls got him.

d27616  No.807204


I believe you as I was too abused by a variety of malpractice between three institutions, as well as a barge of "Student" psychiatrists and Government-Sponsored case workers. My question was as to the proof that Dr. Phil's connections are abusing them. Is it like The Franklin Cover-Up?

d27616  No.807213


Did you really ever doubt that?7

f6ec11  No.807951

File: a8394f68225e911⋯.jpg (18.26 KB, 290x313, 290:313, image0-2.jpg)


Is just that it really hasn't come out inked any and every other fetish, and in comparison that would be very tame.

127018  No.808429

File: bb0e8cbacae1c8a⋯.png (881.02 KB, 611x691, 611:691, chris chan will remember t….png)


So, let's be clear, Chris clearly lives with Barb?

790f76  No.809134

File: db9af5c75d4e80d⋯.jpg (59.19 KB, 306x567, 34:63, 33BCE17000000578-0-image-a….jpg)


I'll give him this, unlike most trannies he actually does look like a woman, an English woman.

127018  No.809201

7c808f  No.810208

File: 77866c07b0cb64e⋯.png (767.04 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Please,_Donate_(720p).mp40….png)

Does anyone have pictures of all the garbage Chris bought after complaining about being poor and begging for money?

a3dd58  No.810244


Fuck him. He can sell his toys if he needs to eat.

aab713  No.810261


Josh stopped caring. After pledging that he'd dedicate all resources needed to getting Chris into an environment free from weens and fucknuts like Ideas Guy where he can make Sonichu comics in peace after Barb dies, he's since given up because he refuses to play fantasyland pretend with Chris.

Never forget the time Chris got gropey with people at Too Many Games and when Josh in turn white-knighted Chris for his actions, first claiming that he was kicked out due to weens, then bitching about how the TMG staff are cucks and didn't give him a proper warning (they did) and then finally having to quietly resign and admit that Chris fucked up.

67ee92  No.810524

File: fad496a8a160498⋯.jpg (80.23 KB, 679x600, 679:600, 679px-Chrisblockreaction.jpg)




im sure we all agree on that, dubsman. but he never will. i think chris might be beyond a redemption arc.


Josh failing to follow through on something? Get outta town! Josh at this point might be destined to become the next CWC.

Something that randomly came to mind when I was cooking: Their house is basically a garbage heap with a roof they sleep in. What if there is another fire? I mean chris might randomly get possessed to cook something to show his feminine side and cause a kitchen fire. The place is a tinderbox.

67ee92  No.810565

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Check out the recent exile cwcki entrance.

Also this video is amazingly depressing. His insistence hes growing his super powers and his fans just need to be patient. Its like a sideshow freak performing to an empty tent outside of a crusty southern town.

67ee92  No.810566

File: 7004234acb2f174⋯.png (200.15 KB, 1651x547, 1651:547, feb 2019 cwcki.PNG)

e02039  No.810854

File: ab4296adc0b7e47⋯.jpg (53.96 KB, 506x403, 506:403, no limit.jpg)


Chris has been beyond a redemption arc since he was born, not entirely his own fault but the guy's fucked regardless. It's always been downhill and it's all downhill from here, truly joyous and tragic.

aab713  No.810880


Yeah but it's kinda the most dickary I have seen from Josh in a long time, like not since the bloodletting and the way he ousted Glaive over posting pictures of blimps. Dude was serious at one time - he wanted to try to make a limited liability company at one time for Chris that would let him keep the house after Barb died, and even made webspace for Chris (which, of course, didn't go anywhere)

c27d4e  No.810887


Nool and the gang of asskissers known as foxdick Farms think that "Weeaboo Furfag #73837" is a lolcow because he is "Weeaboo Furfag #73837" the only true lolcows they talk about are Chris, DSP, ADF, Gamergate fags and Anti-Gamergate fags, it was ironic they had a subforum about incels when they had all of their traits.

Josh, continuing his quest for E-Fame, attempted to white knight Chris to get praise from moralfags and reddit cucks who after watching Down The Rabbit Hole's shitty copypaste video and started screaming "DIRTY TROLLS" despite knowing the fact that he would reject any kind of advice due to his inflated ego.

aab713  No.810897


Old man, didn't we tell you to fuck off?

428568  No.810898

File: e3bd74c8333e7e7⋯.jpg (72.81 KB, 981x447, 327:149, incull.jpg)


>subforum about incels

It's funny considering Null is incel himself.

81b6d9  No.810900


He literally used to post on wizardchan, that's how he knew Glaive.

7c3144  No.811741


Imagine living like this, having your own actions trap you in a life of utter loneliness. Even Chris has people who will at least pretend to care about him and some people who actually may care about him.

You know, if he were to go on Dr. Phil he'd get a wider audience and there's people who watch that who would be interested in helping him, even just financially.

d4ce9b  No.811759

File: 878b095c008fde8⋯.gif (3.9 MB, 385x392, 55:56, de6.gif)


>Female and Bisexual

Wait, when did this happen? I haven't been following too much, when did Chris go from hating the homos to being one? I knew about the tranny thing but is he fucking dudes now?

aab713  No.811762


Wizardchan was the first "raid" target of the cwcki forums and they got a bunch of new members from it. This was back when the policy was to shy away from raids instead of turning a blind eye towards them.

Joshua Connor Moon is a cuckold.

aab713  No.811769


Christ you haven't been in the loop for some time, like 6 years ago dude

It prob started on Facebook with a circle of friends he was with then, as well as SJW-be-yourself type thinkings that were starting to become popular then (alongside the pushback from said thinkings, resulting in a feedback loop)

He also now believes that fictional universes (dont know if its universe or universes, but fictional stuff) are also real and that you have a connection to original characters (OCs) you create. It's nutty. He's seeing a therapist… but it's the kind of therapist that only checks up to see if you're going to shoot up a school or something before handing you movie tickets because you shown up

26ff7d  No.811802


The bisexual thing is recent and he doesn't even understand what bisexual means

aab713  No.811837


What are his views on sleeping with men? It's only girly men, right? Or does he think he's bi because he's female and has da femal soul

c462d7  No.811865

File: 0411be695897f65⋯.jpg (100.14 KB, 960x960, 1:1, sanic live action.jpg)

So, did he said something about the live action Sonic design? They even made him with blue arms.

428568  No.811900


he reacted on first public sonic movie picture where sonic is mostly hidden in shadow, but his arms are clearly blue. he was simply disappointed, not enraged ( idk why so many people expect him to go on rampage again)

aab713  No.811929


Because he went on a rampage the first time and pepper sprayed some dude

e3edf6  No.812217

File: d7fd69c9eeb2e3d⋯.png (314.8 KB, 354x350, 177:175, 1550291074858.png)


I'm starting to think Chris was right about the blue arms. When Sonic has all those goofy Jak and Daxter style accessories and bandages he looks fine, but with blue arms he looks like some kind of weird fursuit creature.

Then again, everything about this design is wonky and bad, so maybe the arms aren't the worst part of it.

d27616  No.812383

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

67ee92  No.812709


Yeah dude the tomgirl saga rapidly became LGBT Chris, and SJW Chris. Hes in the brony sphere now firmly. I wont chastise you, in some ways i envy your ignorance. Its gotten very dark as of late.


chris predicted bronyism, chris predicted bluearms. perhaps chris really does have super powers! Autistic Soothsaying.

127018  No.812726


Because he's done it before.

He pepper sprayed a gamestop employee because sonic's arms were blue.

Also he hit an old man with his car multiple times because he wasn't allowed to yell at children in his place of business.

Chris over reacts.

da68d6  No.812799

File: 2331a4b33fbb118⋯.jpeg (929.78 KB, 1125x1541, 1125:1541, A3A5C3E1-9085-4E48-803D-7….jpeg)

File: d7e5fd59a61ad80⋯.jpeg (587.3 KB, 1125x1488, 375:496, 2A30588F-CF6C-42F7-88F8-D….jpeg)

67ee92  No.812812

>>812799 (checked)

I have a feel chris is already banned from BronyCon. Is the blacklist public? Could someone contact them?

428568  No.812814


I like blue arms more, with tan ones sonic look like some dude wearing mask and blue sleeveless jacket


i know he done it before, but people usually don't repeat shit which resulted in big failure. Chris thought sonic fans will join his protest, but it failed . He is not that retarded to try it again.

127018  No.812922


Banning a "tranny"?

Are you mad?

e02039  No.812961


Wouldn't be the first time they've gotten banned from a con.

c0980a  No.812996


>i know he done it before, but people usually don't repeat shit which resulted in big failure.

Chris ain't like normal people. I don't think he's going to protest the blue arms shit again but mainly because he doesn't have that energy anymore.

5f60e2  No.813508

naw, you can be sure the foxdicks handlers locked down any chance of bluarms!!!1 melt down soon as first images showed up. They knew people were going to be watching Chris for a meltdown.

67ee92  No.813545


Well some cons share lists and chris's behavior (the big meltdown and touching) warranted a ban from that other con. Its not far fetched at all.

c462d7  No.813566


Yes, even before G4 was released.

16f84d  No.813579



This and that fucking Pikachu movie look so awful. I don't know how they sat in a room and no one said this looks disgusting. Fucking hollywood is extremely detatched from weebfans.

428568  No.813679


That's what happens when movie about pokemon is made by someone who has no relation to pokemon at all

a81bff  No.813715

File: 0e76ccb4112d589⋯.jpeg (821.03 KB, 1125x1907, 1125:1907, 820F743E-34CA-4785-B7EF-8….jpeg)

File: d4a30c0f2cc8430⋯.jpeg (460.42 KB, 1125x1702, 1125:1702, 55EE8AEF-7CAA-42B7-8FCE-7….jpeg)

Looks like Chris found someone retarded enough to buy him a Switch.

a81bff  No.813718

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

127018  No.813733

File: b60b488d5cd1645⋯.png (1.25 MB, 962x1094, 481:547, 963e7057367b79b0fba1f5ecc3….png)

c5353c  No.813932


You do know said handlers lost interest in roleplaying with a retard, right?

d3d47d  No.814033


Blue arms really do look shitty. Chris shit his pants and did nothing wrong

fd8771  No.814221


> I don't understand why NOBODY can love me for who I am

> I swear to got I want to kill and rape as many people as I can

Gee, I really do wonder why no one loves him for who he is.


>chris predicted bronyism, chris predicted bluearms. perhaps chris really does have super powers! Autistic Soothsaying.

What if Chris is being contacted by some Lovecraftian horror and his insane ramblings only sound insane to use because we cannot see what the horror is projecting into Chris's mind?

dd6107  No.814371


I don't know why they changed it. Maybe they originally wanted to make the arms blue, but the Genesis didn't have enough colors to make them stand out or something. It was limited to a palette of 512 colors. But I like the additional contrast even now that they don't have that limit. So you're right, Chris shit his pants and shit his pants and shit his pants and shit his pants and did nothing wrong.

2bff98  No.814499

File: 0b4fe153c26538e⋯.png (711.57 KB, 708x940, 177:235, appreciate cows.png)

d27616  No.814732


Should I know who this person is?

4bd369  No.814741


That’s the rock.

4bd369  No.814745

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Looks like he deleted, here’s the re-upload.

4bd369  No.814747

File: 8079cf7e8eb9144⋯.jpeg (748.11 KB, 966x1107, 322:369, D8ABF12D-C047-4E8E-A9A5-9….jpeg)

File: d643cf922961bd4⋯.jpeg (633.6 KB, 1002x1452, 167:242, E87F24F9-97DC-4524-8587-1….jpeg)

File: 0b8c14366dca79c⋯.jpeg (593.26 KB, 984x1058, 492:529, 74CA81F8-65A7-49C0-B27E-5….jpeg)



Anyone care to speculate on whether they’re trolls or if they’re as autistic as Chris?

428568  No.814749


Well I know one thing for sure. foxdickfags are gonna rage again, because someone has contact with their waifu and will go full tryhard to dox that guy.

67ee92  No.814751

File: 6d730a55ebe7f26⋯.gif (1.12 MB, 1024x732, 256:183, 6d730a55ebe7f266a6d820d6f5….gif)


i think this is a troll attempt for sure. i dont think this is "guild certified" so expect widespread REEEing from the foxdicks

4bd369  No.814764

File: e64b037d1700eaa⋯.png (6.02 MB, 2436x1125, 812:375, 5A4EA49F-8AC4-45CA-83DD-CE….png)

Chris showed the letter the paypig sent with the Switch on video even though it specifically mentions on the page he posted that they didn’t want the info to be public. It’s only a matter of time until Chris doxes them himself.

c8dd67  No.814787


I meant the twitter

57e9c8  No.814817


Holy shit dude, wash your filthy hands.

7c3144  No.814999


Fuck foxdick farms, I hope this ruins their "relationship" with Chris.

b74d47  No.815601

Will Chris be watching the movie when it does come out?

10ebcf  No.815954


>Inb4 not-Hirtes says it looks like a child’s handwriting and claims Chris is grooming them.

4bd369  No.815970

File: 8a07d456ebc12c0⋯.jpeg (386.15 KB, 925x795, 185:159, 994EEF38-6879-4A28-831A-9….jpeg)


That won’t work, look at the guys saggy hand skin. Obviously it’s someone older than Chris which makes the whole thing weirder.

inb4 we find out it’s Hirtes trying to get close to Chris so he can murder him

4bd369  No.815992

File: 92124c879e54d0e⋯.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1125x1353, 375:451, 469124AE-586D-45BF-8E6E-8….jpeg)

Sorry for double post but if anyone wants to bother Chris on his Switch you’re in luck.

090a85  No.816069


I thought miiverse was shutdown?

d3d47d  No.816077


If this is a troll they are pretty dedicated (or just dumb, more likely) to send Chris an entire gaming system. I hope it's a troll though because it could be fun. inb4 Ki.wi Farms ruins it

7a85e8  No.816878


foxdick farms wants to be Chris's personal army so they will please the stupid white knights who actually believe he can be saved.

but the Idea Guys saga was mostly shit, still better than Doopie tho

aab713  No.816927


You're retarded and I am going to tell you why. Joshua Moon has decided after saying that he'll dedicate everything needed to make sure Chris is happy that he now doesn't give a shit what happens to Chris because he refuses to play make believe. Captain has been publicly ridiculed by users who arn't totally brainlets (such as Hollywood's hulk Hogan) for playing pretend with a retard, and while the fact that Captain is a lolcow who got his thread removed is something still covered up, it's also known by a lot of people.

Marvin still talks to Chris but Marvin is a fag and is likely distancing himself following the fantasy Toon World BS

428568  No.816988


or maybe they're terrified how Chris is going to shit and actually want to help him, because he obviously can't get out his shitty situation by himself(i know it's optimistic af but not impossible)

aab713  No.817348



The only reason Josh helped Chris back in august was because his money was looking a bit slim and he thought he could use Chris to squeeze interviews and donations from people. Dankula paid Josh to interview Chris. Keemstar offered payment but things fell through and he tried working around Josh.

bb146f  No.818874


Null's shekels are getting smaller despite foxdick being the most popular lolcow site due to his stupidity?

1087ab  No.819036

Last time I've been here, everyone was shitting their pants over some dumbass called "Hirtes", what's been happening with chris, if anything, since then?

60062e  No.819203


Old man, go watch Matlock or that Arnold Palmer tournament or something more age appropriate for you.

aab713  No.819223


He was (and still is to a lesser extent) hemoraging money and if it wasn't for some cuck giving him 10k in bitcoin in February 2018 then he'd be in the doghouse. By August, a lot of the funding dried up and he was looking for alternative ways to get cash.

Things are looking up now though because he found someone willing to host a payment processor for his shitty site

7c3144  No.819296


kys, I come to the chris thread for chris, not whatever ecelebs you zoomers are crying about this week.

Apologize to that guy you replied to, and then apologize to me.

aab713  No.819364


Not this shit again. You arn't clever or covert, find a fucking hobby.

be0c0d  No.819376


you sound like you're going to cry. maybe you should go back to foxdicks farms or reddit if you can't take the heat here

428568  No.819417



I'll tell you what happened since then - he shat his pants again. In this thread only big and interesting events are mentioned. If you're interested in every CWC fart, go to KF

aab713  No.819435


He can't - Mikes banned. Report him and move on.

be0c0d  No.819500


did he really, or do you mean fuck all happened? I haven't been following chris, either


>wah! ban the meanie!

that's weird, it's almost like I just went to cuckchan all of a sudden. what, next, you're going to throw some "spicy" reddit meme my way or something? funny how with all these cows like chris and dsp, it's the people trying the hardest to get c o n t e n t that end up being the real cows(cwcki, null and k i w i farms, sons of kojima, certain individuals in this thread, ect)

566ce7  No.819714


-Who knows

-He probably has already

-Likely never

-Probably not

-More whining

-Dramawhores can't shutup, so probably

-Here by now and is probably barb losing it

Glad to see Chris is getting help. When that nigga mentioned ted bundy to dankula then everyone knew chris was even more fucked then they thought.

566ce7  No.819722


Dear god no



be0c0d  No.819730


>Lukas the tranny

Wasn't that the name of that tranny, chijo? Or is that somebody else? Somebody wants to catch me up and give me the TL;DR on this?

566ce7  No.819744

File: b6d3eac1fa9e9d6⋯.webm (1.24 MB, 376x480, 47:60, oh.webm)


Hell if I know. Been a while since I followed cwc drama. I clocked out right around his talk with dankula and now I've been getting pieces here and there. He has like one to three wikis dedicated to his shit, and lurking here will provide some answers.

be0c0d  No.819763


When was this interview with Dankula? I could have sworn there was one a while ago, unless there was another one more recently. But honestly, I'm just waiting until something serious happens to either chris, barb or null at this point, everything else until then is fluff

be0c0d  No.819769


yeah, the one from over half a year ago, I remember that one. Still can't believe he let himself go like this

polite sage for double posting

566ce7  No.819770

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


9 months. Felt like 3.

566ce7  No.819771

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Here's the highlight of the ted bundy fuckery. Also here's the wiki: https://sonichu.com/cwcki/Main_Page

be0c0d  No.819777



>Chris claims ted bundy didn't kill anyone

>Literally the first paragraph of the wikipedia article states he himself admitted to at least 30 murders

Also lol at him mentioning his dad was a sonichu, I'm surprised he didn't make him into a character in his stupid comic yet

67ee92  No.819818


>hulk hogan



Nice holy trips. It is confirmed, Ted Bundy indeed was a serial killer and NOT a sonichu.

aab713  No.820148


I'm too lazy to link since I'd have to dig for it, but yeah, Hulk Hogan (the forum user who used to roleplay as the guy before finding it tiresome) would get into fights with the Captain over how it's apparently okay to white knight Chris but white knighting any other lolcow? Well that's bad.

And he's right. FYI, Captain is a lolcow who cut a deal with Josh because Josh got a boner over the idea of extorting Chris for cash, not unlike the Ideas Guy. But its okay! We're letting Chris be Chris! See, we're only taking some off the top when he interviews someone! We're totally not like those ideas guy fags!

<Josh would later give up on Chris entirely when he realized that he'd have to play pretend with the tard in order to get him to march around

26ff7d  No.820869


Well this is the guy who never bothered to research what Molvania is.

f0d2f3  No.821507


If you watch that new Ted Bundy documentary theres also audio of him admitting the murders a little while before he was executed. There's no way to deny this guy was an S class serial killer.

7c3144  No.821634

I really wish Chris would weigh in on the new Sonic movie, his fans are dying to know whether we should go see it or boycott it.

15c262  No.822238


>See, we're only taking some off the top when he interviews someone!



He said he's boycotting the movie because he's triggered over the design, the blarms and Eggman's VA. But we all know he'll watch it and buy all the toys for it.

3b2532  No.822248

File: 966fe8c32a5c3c6⋯.gif (961.68 KB, 171x172, 171:172, Doubt.gif)


>exaggerated a bit

How does that work in his mind? Either you have OCs living in their own world, where everything you make up in your stories is actually happening in their world, or they don't. Is he implying that somehow, for some reason, that specific piece of fiction has no impact on that fantasy dimension of his?

aab713  No.822328


You'll have to either trust me on this or assume I was talking out of my ass: Dankula paid Josh to interview Chris.

33fe49  No.822938

Been a while since I checked up on the chrischan stuff. Wow, he's really fucked up these days.

7c3144  No.822988

Is Chris still offering blowjobs?

a55c06  No.823104

no way, if he Dr Phil's it ill be at peace

e3edf6  No.823132

File: 7246b0722e5379c⋯.jpg (221.83 KB, 900x675, 4:3, FrankenMacro.jpg)

Well idk who the hell this "Mike Hirtes" guy is but he sure does sound like a faggot. And it seems to be universally agreed upon by everyone except him, so yeah.

7c3144  No.823138


>devoting time, energy, or thread space to talking about him

wew, wew lad.

9538dd  No.823158


It's all anyone really talks about for like, over half a year now. On one hand, he's a sperg of the highest order, no doubt, on the other, with how he's portrayed by null, it makes him look like some sort of troll on steroids for shitting his pants and doing nothing else other people haven't done better, except he made him cry, so now he can't stop talking about him

This is like chris not being able to stop talking about clyde cash or mary lee walsh, except ironically enough, it's the trolls this time who are absolutely losing their minds. That's why I stopped paying attention to null and chris, if you don't care about some tranny drama or some old guy that trolls like a 14yr old, there is nothing for you here anymore

8654a6  No.823165

Why foxdicks are afraid of faggots like Hirtes?

because they will "steal" chris from them?

9538dd  No.823176


from what I can gather, it's because he made null angry once or something. because only he and his secret circle can make fun of chris now, so hirtes is a "rebel" that makes fun of chris on his own, so they have to take him down a notch

This whole saga sucks ass. It was funny when chris became a tranny and turned into a massive faggot, when he put so much time and effort trying to prove just how STRAIGHT he is, but now, it's just plain depressing. Both foxdicks and those threads there mostly just talk about hirtes, who pre SJW foxdicks would just be another 2 note ween, now some sort of super troll because he doesn't work for null. I'm tired of hearing about him, and I'm tired of all the foxdick drama, I just want to laugh at a retarded manchild again

e3edf6  No.823196



See, when you write long paragraphs about this shit when it has absolutely nothing to do with the thread it comes off like you're either him or dick-riding him.

>>823138 was right. You should drop the faggy subject of the fag now or you'll probably get banned.

26ff7d  No.823218



>anyone afraid of Hirtes

>Hirtes a rebel

lmao, it's a 50+ year old furfag screeching torrents of shit at a nearly 40 year old exceptional individual who completely ignores all of it.

4bd369  No.824538

File: 489b79923524c5b⋯.jpeg (839.2 KB, 1125x1788, 375:596, F5267B06-A443-42AC-9C88-4….jpeg)

File: 874c6c34473994a⋯.jpeg (334.95 KB, 1125x838, 1125:838, 23A3FD80-16A2-4063-B2FF-A….jpeg)

File: faa99bb5e388d30⋯.jpeg (684.76 KB, 1125x1756, 1125:1756, 62CC5DAE-9C23-4C67-8622-5….jpeg)

File: a2b286e435ffd47⋯.jpeg (351.45 KB, 1125x807, 375:269, C0F119D7-2097-4A00-99E5-3….jpeg)

Chris updates.

c0980a  No.824618


>Chris is selling his footwear

He has hit rock bottom

a3dd58  No.824783


Chris is a piece of shit.

aab713  No.824835


Michael Jordan is an athlete. Chris is just a fatass.

Kicker (tee hee) is however, dude's right - for some fucking reason, foxdicks love buying Chris's crap because they see it as permissible trolling. It's also a great way to troll foxdicks themselves - just post pictures of you owning Chris's overpriced tat. Watch spergs foam at the mouth wishing they thought of this top level troll plan first.

a3dd58  No.824849


Why not just sell fake Chris-chan bullshit?

7c3144  No.824952


It would be hard to fake, all you;d have to do is ask Chris if the thing you bought had belonged to him.

a3dd58  No.824981


You mean those bullshit Fanta cans? I am certain he didn't serialize those.

4bd369  No.825396

File: dd6dd6fd246784a⋯.jpeg (795.37 KB, 990x2218, 495:1109, B5A18321-F1FA-43C6-A7F8-F….jpeg)

So the guy who made the Chris Chan prequel comic is feeling troll remorse, and made a white knight video about Chris. My favorite part is him mentioning that The Captain put him back in touch with Chris to "mend fences" so to speak. So apparently The Captain is still sniffing Chris's asshole.


Posted the re upload after he deleted the video when his twitter got hacked and he was doxxxxxxxed.


9ab21f  No.825453

File: ffeaff1586ed625⋯.jpg (145.46 KB, 624x950, 312:475, ffeaff1586ed62547162054fcd….jpg)


>Haha we're gonna send him money, that'll troll him real good

It's been going on for years and I still dont understand it.

4bd369  No.825484


If you look at the long term prospects for Chris one could argue that the people who send him money and buy his shit might be enabling him in the short game but long term it’s only hurting him.

The longer you have Chris living the easy life and rejecting the responsibilities of adulthood only means that when Barb dies/they lose the house Chris will be fucked.

The best thing anyone could do for Chris is to remove the safety net, let him fail, hit rock bottom, and then flourish or fail.

15c262  No.825558


The mindset of people who buy from Chris is they want a souvenir from an internet legend because they think it'll be cool or worth big money after he dies.

Like, look at the comments section on this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5G5U-eLzEg

fd8771  No.825588


> The mindset of people who buy from Chris is they want a souvenir from an internet legend because they think it'll be cool or worth big money after he dies.

< And this, dear grandchildren, is Chris Chan's used underwear. He shat himself after I called him over the phone for fiftieth time in half an hour, yelling "julayyy" into the phone. Ah, those were the times.

aab713  No.825594


Well I can see *some* logic here, however I doubt that the clay put-togethers by someone who's only known by a relatively small circle on the internet will inflate in price drastically. Like at most it might be worth more then you paid, but as you know Chris - he's kinda infamous for artificially inflating prices more then Games Workshop because he has no idea about the worth of money.

aab713  No.825601


Christ, this Captain guy is STILL at it? I thought he and Josh gave up.

Okay so some reminders on who the captain is - this stuff is in like a Chris thread two generations back or something, but he was some guy who signed up to foxdickfarms saying he wanted to interview Megan. Because he's not very smart, he used the username that he uses everywhere to sign up.

So he gets doxed, and Catparty makes a thread on the guy. Thread goes nowhere, but that's not the point.

Next, he starts getting involved in the Chris drama. Buys his ring, counter-trolls the Idea Guys. He tells Josh and Marvin about this who also get in. So then he cuts a deal with Josh to get his thread removed and his old username changed and deleted.

Yeah, you got that right. Basically if you're a lolcow, you can get your thread pulled by greasing Josh's palms. Donny "Gay porn god" Long also did this, by the way.

7c3144  No.825981


And no one would believe that you had the real thing unless Chris confirmed it.

I mean I'm all for your idea, it just wouldn't work. There's too much trolling surrounding Chris, if you want to buy Chris-owned items, you'll have to go through the source.

67ee92  No.825993

File: 0cba43993671fab⋯.jpg (166.14 KB, 452x582, 226:291, 0cba43993671fab5987be5485b….jpg)


>celebrity shoes

>mew two insanity

If chris does another pepperspray attack and these social media posts are brought to light…we might see committed saga.


>chris could in theory save up his tugboat and buy is his way to freedom

Would chris believe this if he was presented the idea?

4bd369  No.825996


>big claims with no proof.

Do you have an inforgraphic or a link with evidence to prove this connection you claim here? I want to believe but I need more proof.

aab713  No.826066


If its any consolation, Josh stopped using Chris as his magical retard


I don't have it on me (made the mistake of not screencapping and I'm also very lazy!) but this was laid out back in December I think. Look for a thread around that time. Maybe early January, but do me a favor - if you're a foxdick, call the Captain out for this if you see him active. Or just post it on his profile. I remember seeing dox of the guy too, but I think those are confirmed fake.

7c3144  No.826117


can confirm, I saw all the shit about that faggot "porn" guy.

4bd369  No.826938

File: 86dc0bde980b9a3⋯.jpeg (615 KB, 974x1334, 487:667, EB0A161F-3CDB-48A9-9B73-F….jpeg)

Chris doesn’t care if you want to fuck a body pillow with his picture on it.

c2bcfb  No.827126

File: 05f802b6635c310⋯.gif (1.89 MB, 300x350, 6:7, SmileDog.gif)



6e5fb6  No.828823

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Chris in the wild.

c8f057  No.828851


This has got so many layers to it

You've got the obvious layer of basic Chris cocks (Eeking and ooking with random noise when he isn't being spoken to / Self-Advertising everywhere he goes etc)

But then you've got the fact that this video acts as a candid admission by Chris that his multiple worlds delusions are very much real to him and not just something he eeks and ooks about on camera

It's a fucking miracle he hasn't been sectioned yet considering this is apparently how he acts towards fucking everyone he meets in public

Then you've got the conspiratorial angle where he appears to be buying Nintendo shit which depending on when this was filmed throws doubt on the legitimacy on his white knight Nintendo Switch present

aab713  No.829354


>Mike prob owns one of these, dear god



This kinda gives me the idea that it's more then Ideas Gay putting the idea that Toon World is real into Chris's head. I think getting Chris on drugs had a bigger influence, alongside how he's dopey and knows that his life as he knows it will be ending soon so he's escaping this reality and creating his own

6076b5  No.829404


Chris believed in this toon world bullshit way before the Idea Guys and the Teen Trannies, he once pretended to talk with Sonichu in high school, his own comic is all about him and his power fantasy instead of the Electric Hedgehog Pokemon, but recently his grip on reality got smaller since Bob's death.

aab713  No.829431


Honestly I chalked up talking to Sonichu as him trying to be persuasive in an autistic way, or a one-off occurance. Until he presented Toon World to Alec (which I think in turn was him trying to dissuade Alec from making more asperchu because HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE NAMED SOMETHING SO DEMEANING) he has never really talked about the fictional reality and the real reality being connected.

I still think it's ultimately wishful thinking, he's regressing into a more childlike state due to stress.

If he had a therapist that was actually good instead of one that just makes sure you arn't going to shoot up any schools and gives you movie tickets for showing up then the therapist would be encouraging Chris to grow up, or at least separate his autistic delusions from his real life. Granted, a good therapist can't drop this bombshell right away - a good therapist has to build up trust before even hinting at the idea.

Chris is proof that mental health programs in America are in the shitter.

252159  No.829435


For those too lazy to watch:

**Recording begins. The clerk is behind the counter. Chris is browsing the shelves near the far side of the store. He appears to be the only other person present. Camera shakes as the clerk zooms in on him, then abruptly pans down to the floor, presumably so Chris doesn't see that he's being recorded.]

[Chris stress sighs off camera]

Chris: Hey dude!

Gamestop Clerk [hereafter GC]: Hi, how ya doing?

Chris: Doin' okay. I am in the market for a brand-new Poke Ball Plus.

GC: A brand new Poke Ball Plus? Uh, let me see if I have any . . .

[Camera is now facing the ceiling]

GC: Yes, we do.

Chris: And I need a pre-owned, non-closing 2DS.

GC: Pre-owned, non-closing 2DS. Let's see if we have any of those, I'm not sure we do.

[Camera goes completely black as the clerk sets his phone down]

Chris: Wim. Wim wim. This Poke Ball Plus contains wim!

[The Gamestop TV is audible in the background for a few seconds]

Chris: There it is. [high-pitched] How'd I miss this? It's right there!

Chris: How'd I missed it? It was right there . . .

[TV is audible in the background again]

GC: Yeah, looks like the only DS's we have in stock are the folding ones.

Chris: Okay. I was hopin' to save some money, but that's okay. I'll just take the Poke Ball Plus for now.

GC: Alrighty.

Chris: I do have my reward card on me [unintelligible, typing sounds]

GC: Okey-doke.

Chris: I guess I'll try anurr' Gamestop then.

[Register beeps as the clerk rings him up]

GC: Did you wanna protect the Poke Ball in case anything happens to it?

Chris: No.

GC: Okay, cool. $52.64.

Chris [talking over the clerk]: But something is gonna happen. I'm gonna paint it into a special custom Poke Ball I designed, called an S-Chu Ball.

GC: An S-Chu Ball?

Chris: N'yeah. Hang on a second. Designed [coughs] after the classic and most popular Sonic OC ever, Sonichu!

GC: Yeah.

Chris: Specially used for capturing electric types.

GC: Okay.

Chris: [talking over the clerk] Sonichus, Rosechus, Roseys, Sonees, Vamprosas, and Metonics.

GC: Okey-dokey.

Chris: So if you wanna check me out on the innernet, I've been famous for . . . long time.

GC: All right. Well, that's cool.

[TV is briefly audible again]

Chris: 'Cuz guess who created dat OC.

GC: You?

Chris: [simultaneously] Yup. [Chuckles]

[Several beeping sounds]

Chris: And Sonichu has a Pokedex number! Number 982.

GC: Really?

Chris: And dere are nearly over 1200 Pokemon in etsistence. Dey just haven't all been chronicled yet in this world.

GC: Gotcha.

[Receipt prints out]

GC: [unintelligible] printing the receipt. Do you want a bag for this?

Chris: Um, no.

GC: Okeydoke. There you go.

Chris: Thank you. Have a good day.

GC: You too.

[The door alarm beeps as Chris leaves. Recording ends.]**

fd8771  No.829541

File: 1f57d926af7f718⋯.png (65.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, Screenshot_20190314_202058.png)


The auto-generated captions recognize the word "sonichu". Just let that sink in for a moment.


That GameStop employee can hide his power level like a pro.

850c5f  No.829580


Name a country that doesn't have a shitty mental health system.

I'm waiting.

67ee92  No.829602


not only that but chris is in the rural south. his therapist probably graduated bottom of his/her class in some third fiddle college.


Yeah this is painful to watch. But I cant stop, even after all these years.


I think Ideas Guy ultimately will be known as the one that finally shattered chris's delicate grip on reality. The doctored news stuff especially.


All gamestop employees that interact with chris should get a medal of valor, 2 weeks paid leave, and 30 minutes alone with the shop thot.

24a4ec  No.829733

File: 61ba7319b4adc7d⋯.jpg (566.68 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, Chris bookmarks.jpg)

Yo chris got some weird ass bookmarks, and also might had leaked his IP address

24a4ec  No.829765

some people on foxdick figured out chris's ip

11 100 ms 100 ms 100 ms be-10390-cr02.newyork.ny.ibone.comcast.net []

12 99 ms 100 ms 99 ms be-10203-cr01.newark.nj.ibone.comcast.net []

13 101 ms 102 ms 102 ms be-10102-cr02.ashburn.va.ibone.comcast.net []

14 103 ms 103 ms 103 ms ae-4-ar02.charlvilleco.va.richmond.comcast.net []

15 105 ms 104 ms 104 ms

16 103 ms 103 ms 102 ms

17 115 ms 114 ms 114 ms c-174-53-75-2.hsd1.va.comcast.net []

aab713  No.829996



Huh, so he DOES play Minecraft (or has) and doesn't really use steam (although I know he has an account)

aab713  No.829997


Heard they are good in Sweden, but this is a country that never has to worry about any kind of military invasion so they can dump that money on other shit. Also they're cucks.

26ff7d  No.830066


The oddest thing is probably that he has a foxdicks thread about Bob's deathday from 6 years ago bookmarked.

6b2014  No.830742

File: f10f6636b4bd11d⋯.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1125x1910, 225:382, 5B54930A-A808-4588-985C-F….jpeg)


Gonna be honest,I wouldn’t be surprised if that IP address is a honeypot set up by Marvin or another farmer. We all know josh Marvin and the captain have access to his Twitter why aren’t they deleting that photo?

6b2014  No.830746

File: 7aba786ff44524c⋯.jpeg (801.81 KB, 1125x2184, 375:728, 662D03AF-D01E-496F-ADFB-8….jpeg)

Also lol. It’d be a shame if someone edited that location for you Chris.

c3dadc  No.831012



>Yeah, you got that right. Basically if you're a lolcow, you can get your thread pulled by greasing Josh's palms. Donny "Gay porn god" Long also did this, by the way.

This sets a really bad precedent. Josh could get sent away for extortion if he’s not careful.

428568  No.831183


with the amount of immigrants they took in, they're gonna need military in future


yeah, I also think it's fake, or he can use that site to check if his VPN is working and bookmarked that site with VPN IP already

7c3144  No.831273


It'd be great if his place got turned into a pokestop. It would mean more people potentially interacting with Chris, and these people will have their phones out and handy, meaning more 3rd party video which is severely lacking.

aab713  No.831596


How, just how? Think for a moment, goddamnit. Although Josh has stated previously that he wont accept cash for taking down threads not for a moral reason but because it sets a bad precedent.

9538dd  No.831618


>check me out on da internet! I'm the internet famous creator of sonichu!

it's kinda cute how that little bit of him from the old days is still here

c3dadc  No.831704


>Im gonna put unflattering stuff of you online unless you pay me.

61a8b3  No.831965


>The best thing for chris is to remove his safety net, then flourish or fail.

yeah I really wonder which one of those two outcomes would occur

67ee92  No.832174

File: c34653bd2730bc0⋯.jpg (710.27 KB, 1080x786, 180:131, 22890d12084f2b70c1ac87b98a….jpg)



nice dubs, also yeah that is easily the most disturbing thing. i wonder if unprocessed grief from his dad's death is whats haunting him and pushing him into fantasy land



Its definitely in the realm of extortion. especially if a cow has enough money for a decent lawyer.


i wouldnt call it cute. more endearing or rather at least disarming. his recent insanity makes old CWC seem…more wholesome.



Chris is way past a point where he could have turned his life around. that was nearly a decade ago and when his father was alive. Any massive hardship will simply push chris further to the brink. He has nothing in him for self drive or rising-from-the-ashes. Especially now hes so old and twisted in the head with his fantasies. Once barb dies and the house repossession notices start coming in chris will turn to begging. Then he will have a breakdown when no merge saves him. No rapture event of autism and infinite tugboats. At this point chris will an hero (and paint it as him going to his fantasy land), have a stress induced heart attack, or attempt to shack up with his estranged relatives. If its the last option it will invariably fail due to bad blood barb and chris have sowed. Nah, chris will end up on the streets. He doesnt have the money to be put into a mental hospital.

My biggest prediction is that some group of trolls will house him briefly in some random city for larks and internet fame. chris will jump ship from his foreclosing house and uproot his life to live with em, taking the first hand stretched in aid. once those 15 minutes run up and chris invariably outstays his welcome he will be kicked out. homeless and presumably far from his home town he will be utterly doomed.

428568  No.832258


they can take his house but not the tugboat right? isn't his tugboat enough to rent some small apartment and still have some cash for food and other stuff? I think that is the most probable option.

aab713  No.832282


Yeah so in other words, Josh is too much of a pussy to trade threads for cash but he'll totally do favors for favors if Donny "Gay porn god" long and Captain are any indication.

Josh, I know you sometimes like to read your own threads: go fuck yourself.


Nah, now that guardian angel joshie decided to leave, Chris is now royally fucked when Barb dies. He was planning to do things like make Chris a limited liability company or other internet legal stuff but then he got all annoyed that Chris was playing pretend and instead of sitting him down and saying "Look Chris, this toon world stuff is cute but we're focusing on Real World right now, okay? Be serious for a moment" he instead fucked off to the IBS sphere.


Yes, but for most of his life he's lived at 14 branchland ct. I don't think he has the ability to live on his own

15c262  No.833061


Chris doesn't have a reason to use a VPN.


>I don't think he has the ability to live on his own

Why couldn't he? He already knows how to do stuff like pay bills.

4b04c0  No.833080


I unironically support this.

7c3144  No.833295


Sure, Chris probably could live alone in theory, but the "emotional toll" of living by himself would be too much for him to bear I think.

22afad  No.833341


he already does that, barb hardly helps him with anything

7c3144  No.833779


It's not the help, it's presence of a comforting/familiar person.

a3dd58  No.833803


But Chris isn't alone. He has Rosechu, and Sonichu, and whatever other gay bullshit he makes up on a whim.

8cd310  No.834034


But which is worse? The emotional toll of being on his own and living a modest life in a studio apartment or at worse a group home for tards and begging for monies to buy toys every month after he uses his tugboat to pay bills or the emotional toll of living with a dying Snorlax/hoarder/money grubbing slut?

7c3144  No.834385


I'm sure Barb's some level of comforting for Chris, as hard as that may be for you to believe.

896530  No.834885


It would be enough for an apartment and the basics but Chris has no financial sense. He would be evicted in no more then 6 months for spending his rent on toys and living outside his means.

a3dd58  No.834899


But then his paypigs will come and rescue him like they always do. And then he can buy more toys.

9538dd  No.834904


he can't live off of them forever, and even then, he's bound to get into trouble. all it takes is one person offering to let him move into their house, and before you know it, weird idea guy style videos start popping up, the last one eventually ending with chris killing himself in some way, convinced he's finally going to end up in that toon world of his

there are no options left for him anymore, barb is his life support

a3dd58  No.834921


>he can't live off of them forever,

They'll keep dumping money.

>weird idea guy style videos start popping up

They'll probably just be more disgusting shit like him sucking some dude with herpes off. Chris is a disgusting fat fuck.

202d64  No.834965

Since you stopped posting in the /pol/ thread and you mentioned you were lurking here, I'd like to say very quickly to you, Hirtes, this message: It's time to stop this, Hirtes. You could have a marginally better life even in your old age if you just stopped this retarded internet addiction you have. It's fucked that you haven't realised it in all your years on this Earth, but you need to wake up and see that fucking with Chris isn't going to make your life any better. Go off elsewhere and improve yourself so I don't have to see your oh-so-clever posts where you say you admire Hirtes as though you aren't him.

sage for offtopic

aab713  No.835058


oh christ Hirtes is in the /pol/ thread? Mind linking? I'm creating a montage of Best Hirtes Moments on /cow/ to at the very least give my friends a chuckle even if it won't convince Hirtes that it's time to stop

202d64  No.835071



aab713  No.835075


Thank you. As a hirtes follower, I can confirm that you have an infestation of M. Hirtes in your pol thread. You'll have to use poisons.

202d64  No.835085


He is a fascinating creature to me. The only oddity is how he doesn't seem to do the ID hopping that I expect from him in the /pol/ thread, given the brief interaction I had with him a few threads ago in here.

9538dd  No.835126



funny how I just randomly saw my ID being mentioned in a random thread on another board. I fear for the mental state of some people in this thread, but hey, I'm not the one making a fool out of myself here

since we got bored weens here harassing another board, I guess we don't have any more recent chris news, then

aab713  No.835130


My favorite part of his posts, as well as the thing giving him away is that he went out of his way to attack Trump in one of his posts.

On /pol/.

Really, Mike? Like he's really bad at trying to be covert. You think he'd at least adopt a mannerism or two. Everyone's calling the dude out now

aab713  No.835143


Hi Not-Mike! Don't worry, I went out of my way to make sure people on /pol/ know who this "Mike Hirtes" guy is! Thank me later!

9538dd  No.835144


whatever this is, please keep me out of it

aab713  No.835172


Those gosh-darn FOXDICKS who keep calling out hirtes for being hirtes! Man, what spergs amirite?

Find a hobby, Mike.

aab713  No.835193


Yeah, Mike? Nobody cared about you because you were the guy who brought yourself up. You arn't some hardcore troll that has Josh shitting himself in fear every night, you're some boomer furfag who spends his vast amounts of free time trying to get some autistic manchild to notice him.


Oh, like the fucking time you pretended to leave 8chan forever when someone shat out a /cow/ thread on you? Like a cancer or infectious disease, you'll be back.

15c262  No.835206


>Chris has no financial sense.

He's in charge of the bills now and hasn't lost the house yet. Though he almost did during Idea Guy.

aab713  No.835209


>Though he almost did during Idea Guy.

Ay? I know that Ideas Gay extorted Chris for gift cards but I didn't know this

9538dd  No.835221


why would they post about hirtes on /pol/? why would anyone talk about hirtes outside this board? christ


wasn't "the idea guy" actually several different people? shows how up to date I am

aab713  No.835251


I really have no idea why Hirtes decided to derail a thread on foxdick farms and the mosque shooting. I didn't even think he visited /pol/.

The Ideas Guy turned out to be 2-3 people but for ease we can refer to them as one person.

15c262  No.835325


Yeah. The leaked giftcard receipts show that Chris was forking over a lot of money during April '18 - money that was supposed to go towards the mortgage.

When May rolled around, Chris freaked out over not having enough to pay the mortgage people, and in his begging, said he needed to make two payments, which implies that he had skipped April's payment to prioritize paying the Idea Guys.

And Barb was even in one of the mortgage payment begging videos, so that means she wasn't managing the purse strings anymore and left it up to Chris, or she would never have allowed him to piss away the mortgage money like that.

So Chris could maybe manage his finances well enough to keep an apartment after Barb dies, but the second another Idea Guy-type shows up and tricks Chris into opening his wallet again, he's fucked.

aab713  No.835521


aw man, that really does make the Ideas Guys worse then I thought. Really thought it started and ended at three goofs who extorted Chris with Toon World BS, eventually morphing it into blackmail once they got him to jack off on the camera and shit on the floor.

What a bunch of cunts. Kinda see why Josh was trying to get them arrested, although unfortunetly most people looking at the logs will see a few spastics roleplaying with one another (badly) rather then laws broken

7c3144  No.835522


I really have no idea why you decided to derail a thread on Chris with this retarded faggot. Go make a thread for him if you're so obsessed with him. Better yet, stop replying to him entirely and just report his faggotry.

aab713  No.835530



Forgot to switch IPs, dumbass. You were actually managing to be pretty covert on this one. The fuck happened?

7c3144  No.835622


What are you even talking about? Please just keep this thread to Chris, I'm sick of every thread on this board being about some literal who. I'm only here for the Chris thread; which should be evidenced by the fact that I didn't even know there was a thread for the retard you're currently obsessed with.

814ce9  No.836059


>Former horse fag here

If anyone can make sense of this horse shit I can. I went through that hell hole for this moment.

I used to watch the guy, nothing he ever did or said was ever psychological. At least not in the way therapists would. Though knowing about the guy, outwardly he wouldn't say anything about Chris. Maybe a platirude or two. Internally, however, he would want absolutely nothing to do with him.

The guy is a cringy beta, but I have never seen him associate with the worst tards of the bunch. He keeps his nose clean.

>Also, on a different note

You might think the brony fandom would welcome Chris but you'd be wrong in thinking so. They have a sort of "you stick to your corner I'll stick to mine" mentality. You have The SJWs, The Tards, /Mlpol/, Normies, and The cocks Creators. They pretty much never intermingle, water and oil.

Chris really only had the SJW and Tard corners to choose from. Now that he smeared rancid diarrhea all over their corner all he has left is The Tards.

Now I can put this horse show behind me and die in peace.

814ce9  No.836064


The cocks creators? I need to fucking stop shit-posting my auto correct is on life support.

cocks Creators*

Please lynch me as you will

dd6107  No.836126


Your autocorrect shit his pants and did nothing wrong.

9538dd  No.836568


>tard corners

who supports chris anymore? aside from the retards who unironically donate to his paypig, he has nobody left. even null is trying to wash his hands

aab713  No.836608


Marvin/Canine/Magical Man

6d4177  No.837091

File: 81d748fff78c1ee⋯.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1125x2172, 375:724, BFA8A8CA-5FFC-4BE2-9E98-D….jpeg)


My favorite part of that thread is the New Years resolution that Hirtes made on New Years Eve 2017 to never come back here.

that turned out well didn’t it Hirtes?

7c3144  No.837348


please keep the Hirtes autism in it's containment thread.

814ce9  No.838010


More importantly: What the fuck is he going to do when his popularity dies off. He solves all of his issues by blaming the trolls. He gets paid by the trolls. His life is pretty much just the trolls. He literally cannot afford to lose them.

I'm guessing he'll do some crazy shit to gain relevance.

12471d  No.838069

File: 2db40b267e89379⋯.png (427.2 KB, 519x770, 519:770, 1552859189759.png)


his new twitter is doing a good job of ridding himself of the trolls and frankly its boring. now we get chris on twitter troll free and he tweets into the void now that nobody he looks up to can even see his tweets anymore. he's getting pretty boring, pic related.

12471d  No.838074


Captain is still shitting up Chris' life, he just left the farms so he didn't have to answer to anyone about it anymore.

12471d  No.838135

So in the next six months Chris will have to deal with MLP ending, the last Bronycon, the Sonic movie and the new Pokemon game will have a Pokemon number that’s supposed to belong to Sonichu. I know we won't get a classic Chris breakdown but any guesses on how he's gonna handle 2019?

428568  No.838507


he will shit his pants and shit his pants and do nothing, like always

aab713  No.838597


Sucks. Dude really needs to do something with his life


Well then maybe this "Mike Hirtes" boogeyman who is Josh's no.1 troll should stop drawing attention to himself.

82286b  No.838623


You know, let's say Chris is some sociopathic pedophile.

Then Chris has avoided detection and conviction for two decades which is not a feat that retards can accomplish so he's very smart. This would also present itself as Chris fooling thousands of people except for this one anon who has really found him out.

Either A: Chris is a pedo on the level of Jerry Sandusky or Jimmy Saville or B. This anon is a complete moron who doesn't understand Chris is a moron too. Therefore, either way, this anon makes Chris look like a genius.

aab713  No.838795


Devils advocate, if Chris really was a kiddie diddler then he'd be way above Saville because Saville didn't have some big ass wiki and a forum full of people stalking his every social movement. He'd be way above Saville because he's able to put on a façade of being a bumbling retard as he goes from victim to victim.

Actually I'm going to go into Sage mode, how DID Saville get into this back in the day?

e3edf6  No.839872

File: ce6ee219ce1db57⋯.jpg (26.55 KB, 600x586, 300:293, I'm calling the police.jpg)

Are people seriously convinced Chris is a pedophile? We've seen virtually no evidence of that, even if his comics where every single one of his degenerate fetishes is on full display.

I could forgive someone who only casually follows Chris for thinking something like that, but I assume most of you niggas have been ridin' this train for years now. Come on, you know better.

5c2e42  No.839897


Jimmy Saville got as far as he did because he was protected by the Tories, the BBC and the House of Windsor. Considering that all Operation Yewtree did was get Gary Glitter thrown in the slammer, I'm inclined to believe that Saville was more like a pimp for the people who protected him than someone who predated on children "simply" for his own shits and giggles.

So yeah, if Chris was some pedophile mastermind, he's smarter than anyone who posts about him.

854c13  No.840254

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I don't know if this is known, but apparently Chris-Chan participated in a recent (published late November 2018) project called "Shrek Retold". It involved dividing the movie "Shrek" into parts, dividing them between the different (((cocks creators))) who participated, allowing each one to remake his assigned part. The results are then put together, each after the other, into a movie. Chris-Chan's part is right at 25 minutes.

aab713  No.840263


Only Mike Hirtes legitamently thinks Chris is a pedophile. He just wants Christ to be a monster because it'd validate his sad life.

e3edf6  No.840317


I'm not surprised an attention-whoring retard would say stupid shit to get attention. I'd highly recommend not wasting any of your precious time on what he says or thinks.

e3edf6  No.840325

File: fc4e5ae85dd3c13⋯.gif (253.96 KB, 500x270, 50:27, 1381741067170.gif)


Pretty old news, but I appreciate that this might have slipped under the radar for some people.

Chris' scene in this movie is just great, everything I love about Sonichu. I absolutely love the limited animation and the little details added (like how Chris forgets the villain's name and he glares at the camera, annoyed) I'd love to see the Sonichu comics animated this way.

I'm still quite pissed about the faggot who just spent five minutes talking about himself to the camera about how he was too good for the whole thing. How fucking shit do you have to be to get upstaged by Chris Chan?

854c13  No.840338


>this might have slipped under the radar for some people.

It did for me. But then again, I've been pretty busy with work the last few months and barely visited /cow/.

>like how Chris forgets the villain's name and he glares at the camera, annoyed

Pretty sure the project organisers were fucking with him, given the editing.

e3edf6  No.840347


I think they were fucking with him, slightly, but it also feels like they just wanted to make it more entertaining to watch. Nothing they did felt outright malicious. It was pretty subtle.

It felt a lot like how the directors were treating Shrek, actually.

6d8e41  No.841124


I kekd. Chris takes any decent fan art done of sonichu and himself and tries to pass it off as his own. The difference is night and day too. I wouldnt even be surprised if he tries to make some artists pay to post sonichu art.

dd4856  No.841162


Saville wasn't some kind of special monster. He took advantage of young stupid girls who wanted to fuck any one famous. Top of the pops was full of teenie boppers and after the show some would be let back stage and get fucked by their pop star idol. It's not even close to a secret that this happens,it's blindly obvious.

Saville is a creepy mother fucker but he's not exceptional. Everyone in that area is a kiddy fiddler or knows about it and doesn't speak up. A lot of these crimes are women #metooing 40 years after they got their teenage dream of fucking their idol. It's post Morten rape basically.

854c13  No.841266

File: 70e1a22a4a8d9cd⋯.jpg (27.72 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ZnYdFDU6_400x400.jpg)


>That profile pic.


>Nothing they did felt outright malicious.

Didn't mean to imply that it was.

12471d  No.841691




Chris has no filter. He’s been revealing disgusting revelations about himself for years with little to no provocation about shitting himself, drinking his cum, his desire to be a tranny before he’d ever be a gay man, and so much more. The old inner circle tried to get him to admit it and he didn’t. Would Chris fuck a half decent jailbait? Absolutely he would if he knew he could get away with it but he’s no kid fucker.

67ee92  No.842079



this, chris is an open book at this point. if he was a pedo he would have been revealed to be so 5+ years ago.


chris is slowing down. the star that burns twice as bright burns half as long. i think chris is just worn out, tired. its kinda sad really

2a8b6b  No.842289



The ride never ends, motherfucker.


We'll see if we can spot the nigga at BC again this year.

t. /pone/

26ff7d  No.842305


Chris didn't animate it, it's way beyond his technical capabilities. Someone stitched it for him from his drawings.

700e80  No.842320


25:05 for those looking for his part.

The scene that came before his part makes me unironically wish that someone made a shrek anime.

6836d3  No.842344

>our combined dimensions of 1C211987


is this his new cope as to why there arent shitty degenerate cartoons flying around yet?

428568  No.842682


yeah, dimensional merge is his only hope to get his life "right" again

12471d  No.842708

File: be665d999bce555⋯.png (66.82 KB, 770x403, 770:403, ClipboardImage.png)


fc926d  No.843553

Yall think we could trick Chris into thinking magic is real and that he’s a chosen one?

6f91ed  No.843874


He already thinks that newfag

06900b  No.843952

I trolled Chris one time.

18b78a  No.844029


I tricked Chris into letting me give him a rimjob shit was $O CA$H

cc72b0  No.845085

File: 6a0f7df9c663199⋯.jpeg (692.96 KB, 1125x1485, 25:33, 91365D5B-E6E7-4CD0-BBEB-1….jpeg)

File: d8003c54e83f660⋯.jpeg (835.82 KB, 1125x1643, 1125:1643, C113E18E-4BD4-4053-9D48-5….jpeg)

File: 74ed54b1a4d4380⋯.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1125x1820, 225:364, 525C1CD7-78BC-4C34-8836-6….jpeg)

New Chris tweets. I have a strong suspicion Chris didn’t write that brexit tweet.

cc72b0  No.845086

File: 646b54531b79ef4⋯.jpeg (530.62 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 5801F34D-7D03-4773-A783-1….jpeg)

7bb18a  No.845106

File: 885bd28b4c4b773⋯.png (33.49 KB, 128x127, 128:127, 20190324_045532.png)

File: d0a43f21aa55896⋯.png (36.74 KB, 180x132, 15:11, 20190324_045457.png)

bdf48a  No.845152


Fucking lol. These are the two faces I noticed. Also the farthest lower right is pure goblinoid


What is Chris drawing above here? Someone low key trolling him or is he just reacting to something? Why is Asperchue in there?

21679c  No.845166

File: e5abcf5a1519d2a⋯.jpg (98.96 KB, 960x935, 192:187, f04cec3f55cfab35e14716ed64….jpg)


It would be funny if he was convinced going on Dr.Phil would give more publicity to Sonichu and legitimize his OC enough for the creators of Sonic to adopt it to their show and give him royalties.

21679c  No.845167

File: e8cb4303d0cd0aa⋯.png (36.31 KB, 362x302, 181:151, a goblin.png)


>its actually a fucking goblin

Have the memes gone too far?

67ee92  No.845283


thats literally what has been happening. hownew.ru


pic 1: chris is parroting leftist statements on brexit. His initial "not part of the merge" shows a disinterest in the issue. Probably from a mixture of ignorance and the same disinterest he seems to show anything thats not in the US

pic 2: hard to say if this is real or not. chris being so well documented makes making convincing stories of horrible shit (doesnt help he is capable and has indeed done shit like this) easy as fuck. Who knows anymore unless theres hard proof.

pic 3: notice how many niggos he drew. the rainbow. yeah its like a 10 year old raised by SJWs artwork. Which is what chris has become. He is a permanent child with new adopted parents: the SJWs


Why contain it?

26ff7d  No.845313



As some people on foxdicks have already pointed out Chris apparently doesn't realize blacks almost never have blue eyes.

b8f64f  No.845483

Did you all see the video where Chris goes ghost hunting with 2 losers?

67ee92  No.845598


No. Link?

1ba4dd  No.845641

d3d47d  No.845699


Kek look at the niggers and goblinos

21679c  No.846192


>he managed to contain his laugher

A true hero.

67ee92  No.846439


Simply amazing. I wonder if chris chan will end up on staff as the butt of jokes and shit for some rano yt channel.

090a85  No.846443




Are we due for another Chris-Chan racist meltdown ? I miss racist Chris

21679c  No.846598


>the place is haunted by a eugenics doctor

e3edf6  No.846881

File: b3051c0ffae9a8f⋯.jpg (81.05 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, Clown Melody II.jpg)

Here's a silly willy funny thing! Chris believing in goofy stuff like the dimensional merge is directly caused by the trauma idea guy and his idiot friends caused him by emotionally abusing and blackmailing a vulnerable adult, and is most likely a coping mechanism for him to try to gain meaning from the ordeal.

397d7e  No.846936


Magick IS real though

e3edf6  No.847019


No, it isn't. Magic is fake and has been widely understood to be completely and utterly fake before modern science even existed. Even in ancient religious scriptures that forbid the practice of witchcraft it's made explicitly clear that it isn't real.

32d5e5  No.847196


Mundanes heh.

bd33fd  No.847213


Didn't know Styx posted here.

67ee92  No.847234


I always thought the Ideas Guy manipulating actual news footage to fuck with chris went over some kind of line. I mean chris has a shattered view on reality partly due to his mental problems. But the Ideas Guy crew were taking a sledgehammer to a shaky house.





Just stop

15c262  No.847888


The Merge itself was scripted by Idea Guy (his calling card is sneaking in dates of infamous historical events, and the Merge began on the anniversary of the Jonestown mass suicides).

Though it's odd that Chris only began talking about it long after the Idea Guys got shut down. Maybe he was perusing old Idea Guy notes, trying to figure out what was real and what was a lie, and decided that the Merge story was real and his ticket out of his shitty life.

aab713  No.848223


Given the recent Chris Ghostbusters video, I imagine he already believes it. Not Magic in the wiccan sense where you're combining herbs and crap to do whatever but magic in the wizards and dr.strange sense and that there's little distinction from magic and psychic stuff. There's probably a difference between magic and psychic connections in Chris's mind but it's ultimately pedantic.

Fucks sake, he was talking to the ghosts in the abandoned building as if they were friendly casper-like beings instead of supersitious nonsense. He really has degenerated into a bit of an aloof dope. Yeah I know, as if he wasn't one before but he really has his head in the clouds now

aab713  No.848226


My current theory is that he had a sneaking suspicion that toon world existed in his mind due to various other tumblrism shit like otherkins and headmates and the like, but Joshua Wise larping with Chris cemented it. Like he was fluttering between "Maybe cartoons are real" but this was the final push towards confirmation.

Plus think of it as a child - who *woulden't* want to live in a happyland utopia where all the cartoons, downies and shit are real?

67ee92  No.848613

File: 90e03a9cdf5ab58⋯.png (227.05 KB, 700x872, 175:218, heretic.PNG)


>bit of an aloof dope

I think thats an understatement tbh. dude would be committed if there was a proper psych evaluation i am sure.


chris's "cartoons exist in an alternative universe" tardism goes back to his childhood watching Roger Rabbit. Theres obviously Rick and Morty influence, other media more modern too. But it is ultimately linked to his deep desire to live in his fantasy world (the DDR pad being a portal to CWCville). The Curse-Ya-Me-Has, and the other 'curses' he bestowed. All of this points to chris believing in this crap way back.

7f54d4  No.848670

Hey you shits i found the shit chris chan backup account his account is 🖕 @CPU_CWCSonichu and ps i hate you all shit 8chan cow

f111d2  No.848678


i hate you shit turkroach 🖕

4b8a86  No.849913


>Same way Jerry Springer's guests are told to do the same or Judge Judy.

So what about that neo-nazi episode on Jerry Springer?

4b8a86  No.849914


>Practically every character - even the sonichus - are mutts

Completely subtle, fucking kek'd.

d4ce9b  No.849964

File: 59867fe577eaf08⋯.jpg (8.96 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 2.jpg)


>tfw Chris's penmanship is better than yours.

58e26f  No.850070

File: f2b8cd61b5a2bb9⋯.png (90.13 KB, 749x620, 749:620, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c544d1bfb4c9359⋯.png (136.46 KB, 771x624, 257:208, ClipboardImage.png)


That "woman" this person claimed to have been harassed is a troll, it was confirmed in replies.

In other news, Chris really wants his house to be a pokestop. I for one hope he gets it and someone digs up his dog.

58e26f  No.850080

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Never forget that some fat faggot paid $200 for Chris' shoes so he could make this video.

67ee92  No.850388

Is this thread at bump limit?

26ff7d  No.850397


>some fat faggot

That's not just some faggot, it's the sweetheart Chris deserves.

b7fa77  No.851050


I do not thunk so. I forget the limit here. But I'm guessing 400 or 350. We are at neather.

Chalk up the quiet to Chris not being on his game this week.

80eb6f  No.851133

File: 3ed05907a145c79⋯.jpeg (132.35 KB, 1210x687, 1210:687, 1C11F446-3075-4D68-B751-5….jpeg)

He almost looks like the old Chris in his newest view

80eb6f  No.851134



c4e391  No.851140


I am starting to think that fanguy wants to seriously exploit CWC's autogenophilia, reason why he is buying all her merchandise and her shitty used sneakers (he paid 200 bucks for them lol)

15c262  No.851143

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


That's the real Chris, not Sockness.

67ee92  No.851144



I think he might be getting a new "marketing image" for exactly that. i bet theres more exploitation afoot

d3d47d  No.851146

What the fuck did I miss

f27529  No.851149

File: efba085bae5fb5c⋯.png (184.31 KB, 500x500, 1:1, sweating.png)


Here faggot, have a higher quality version of that image.

10f217  No.851161


>As some people on foxdicks

Go back there faggot


Unintentional nightmare fuel

7136aa  No.851737


He's claiming the movie is based on the events of his head, but not fully accurate to them.

090a85  No.852047



This is a good way to get stab by meth junkie or homeless nigger.

67ee92  No.852260

File: 73b0011822fe8b4⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1197x877, 1197:877, code 4-22.PNG)

(I think 350 is bump limit. new thread?)


Actually this raises a point. if CWC is chasing his celebrity and starts doing this wannabe Dan Bell stuff he might end up being killed or seriously injured. We've all been discussing the decline of CWC but what if its a sudden end?

a3dd58  No.852349


400 is bump limit.

ffdaa1  No.852408

File: 688d117d19b9914⋯.gif (1.63 MB, 255x192, 85:64, 688d117d19b9914c6ec77811f4….gif)




ffdaa1  No.852409


As long as it's a good, entertaining end. I would be okay with him being AWOL from social media for two or three days and finding out from local news that he got shot by megan while trying to sneak onto her property.

67ee92  No.852642


Indeed. I have wanted an end to CWC for a while now. Just cause its gotten so sad. Plus it would mean that the CWCki could become focused on "filling in the blanks" rather than cataloging the ongoing trainwreck. Frankly i find the old CWC to be a better cow than the new one

ba7d83  No.852681


What a biggoted shitlord, I'd bet you are one of those neonazi trolls Sargon of Akkad warned us all about.

a3dd58  No.852764


There are anons in this thread who actually suck Chris's dick and eat his slimy shit straight from his asshole.

d78186  No.853135


>keeping up with apperances

wew lad she probably tries to imitate Hyacinth

4bd369  No.853384

File: 93013d6c1360e40⋯.jpeg (600.02 KB, 1125x1004, 1125:1004, EBDF7CB0-E255-4F9A-B010-0….jpeg)

File: 65f7fa84ad02b7d⋯.jpeg (294.05 KB, 962x1274, 37:49, 457D6603-8BC8-4799-A481-D….jpeg)

File: a258c4135e0c955⋯.jpeg (938.27 KB, 1125x1737, 125:193, 8D7E054A-B7CD-4886-BEFE-E….jpeg)

Chris is being sued for debt once again. This comes days after it’s revealed that Chris has spent roughly $300 on poke balls for Pokémon Go.

Also who wants to crowdfund a budget for the Sonichu movie so Chris can be the next Tommy Wiseau?

4bd369  No.853386

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This video was posted to his YouTube today.

d3d47d  No.853467

File: 90bb2fbfa852a71⋯.png (158.36 KB, 332x322, 166:161, ClipboardImage.png)


What the fuck did I just watch?

>just keep reading!

Is Chris holding a gun to this dude or what?

1ff8e3  No.853504


Can Chris even use a gun let alone buy one? Off topic but this guy in the mask reminds me of the old sockbaby videos.

202c0d  No.853597

File: 4f90320845cef77⋯.jpg (30.02 KB, 472x443, 472:443, images-6_1.jpg)


Is that the owl cave ring?

And the Back to the Future glasses?

Also, my family watches The Umbrella Academy on Netflix, so I have it as background noise while I work on college homework and it really hits me similarly.

202c0d  No.853612


No, they're not.

The ring is a more classical woman's ring and that's some faggy choker.

308ada  No.853659

Probably a late April fool's Day joke. He must have filmed it on the 1st but forgot to upload it.

0e00aa  No.853738


based and non retarded.


also based and not retarded.



cringe and retardpilled. seriously seek help.

780cb5  No.853815


When you hear the word manifesto, you know something's about to happen.

202c0d  No.854043


Most likely, but who would agree on it? Implying he's there on his own volition.

4b8a86  No.854726


Not in the case of Streetlight Manifesto it isn't.

4bd369  No.854760

File: 03a74ec570cb36b⋯.jpeg (425.39 KB, 1125x1957, 1125:1957, AB076705-8CE0-4A47-BFC4-3….jpeg)

File: 1b18e569534e82f⋯.jpeg (447.33 KB, 1125x1841, 1125:1841, 77828EE5-EBDE-490C-BECA-0….jpeg)

File: c8a5bcad1478fa9⋯.jpeg (326.7 KB, 2048x1538, 1024:769, 8BC66C63-B35C-47ED-942B-A….jpeg)

File: 891d13fd65eca81⋯.jpeg (317.95 KB, 2048x1538, 1024:769, F565BB59-10BD-461D-8336-E….jpeg)

428568  No.854774


>an investment well worth it

Chris is good investor. Paying debts isn't good investment, this is way to go.

4bd369  No.854794


To be fair Chris can probably sell them online for $100 a piece it’s just too bad he’ll buy more plastic crap instead of paying his debts.

ce497e  No.854803


Can't believe this tard, he always outdoes himself when it comes to sheer stupidity and manchild behavior.

8b4df4  No.854829

>Chris responding to his own tweets

Who is talking to this loon, is anyone listening?

bdf48a  No.854878


Is there any missing persons reports in ruckersville the last few days?

1fda81  No.854934


Sadly that's probably true. Foxdicks would gladly pay a 300% markup on a novelty that's poorly painted just to "troll chris"

67ee92  No.856118


Classic chris. the empire burn and the child emperor spends money on frivolities. Any chance he gets jailed?



the "keep reading" makes this into pure horror.


bot spam?



Is it possible theres an embezzling schema in play here where people are goading chris to make dumb sonichu merchandise he then makes money off of and they collect the profit? Its been proven people are taking money from chris. Making sure he has a source of income beyond the tugboat is a logical step.


hes the highest lolcow for a reason. even after a decade.


his general mental health is to a point where responding to himself is to be expected. Its impossible to know how far gone he exactly is until theres a proper psych eval by someone other than a state appointed therapist in some hick town. Honestly CWC deserves foremost experts, i firmly believe its possible CWC suffers from a almost unique mental disorder that might one day be named after him.

57f2e2  No.856132

You know, with Chris complaining of migraines along with the hallucinations of OCs, could it be possible he has a brain tumor?

4bd369  No.856177

File: e47d93a10164acf⋯.png (5.35 MB, 1125x2436, 375:812, 5246F9EC-B21A-4605-8CBE-86….png)

File: 950984ee5b709cf⋯.jpeg (566.22 KB, 999x1547, 999:1547, 3E632436-0CB8-47E1-9941-C….jpeg)

Pretty sure that’s a foxdickfarmer by the way. It’s amazing the lengths these retards will go to get to touch Chris in real life, even if it means doxxxxxxxing themselves.

Also laughing at Chris denying real women for his waifus.

c30290  No.856256


Does Chris now have a live-in BDSM gimp?


Here is a question for you guys: if a cute girl (not necessarily like in the second pic, unless that's your type) wanted to role-play as a gender-bent Chris, would you be able to get in up?

67ee92  No.856542


Holy fuck holy unholy dubs: chris has a gf?


no. i really doubt it at least

b4245d  No.856545


First pic proves Chris has interdimensional powers. I mean, that "chick" is what I would imagine Chris would look like as a girl.

ac1ce8  No.857028


>would you be able to get in up?

now that would be a challenge

854237  No.857050

File: 8e9c6d489b2d230⋯.png (66.03 KB, 300x168, 25:14, untitled.png)


O-Oh MY GOD, anon no think about it…he dose.

something weak and feeble, unable to leave and relies on him to survive. it cant even cry for help because It dosent realise whats going on…..

that's why hes not interested anymore. his hunger…is sated

4b8a86  No.857057


>he dose

>those elipses

what the fuck anon

854237  No.857060


I've been drinking man

c3dadc  No.857125


Big if true.

67ee92  No.857781

NEW THREAD: >>857729

This one is 10 off from auto-saging.

92bc17  No.858441


Having that filthy of hair takes fucking effort. It's bad when CWC looks clean by comparison.

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