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4df00f  No.857729

Old thread is around 10 posts from autosaging and this is big. So new thread



241ed9  No.857771

Terrible OP.

3c7c21  No.857787

Is it true that foxdick Farms doxed the director and made them cancel it? Lame.

567026  No.858084

File: 15458ecacd128cb⋯.png (30.08 KB, 336x184, 42:23, 1D67B648-2AA5-491C-92A3-8E….png)

e34567  No.858111


The director doxed himself, used his own name on the Kickstarter.

567026  No.858167

File: 3ac1f57c3063bbd⋯.jpeg (703.94 KB, 1125x1631, 1125:1631, 5D7004D5-6330-4E48-897A-4….jpeg)


Word has it Chris is getting an EP credit.

f1f2c2  No.858239


Inb4 foxdicks harass the maker for fun, lolcow him, etc.

Just hope he's ready for that shit.

302db6  No.858269


>fucked up thread name again

>wrote by lazy faggot in 2 minutes

let's abandon this thread and start a real one

567026  No.858317

File: de5485e99369cc8⋯.jpeg (194.62 KB, 1125x715, 225:143, 23DCEBD2-B503-4D97-961F-2….jpeg)

File: a1e9b2102301d91⋯.png (58.25 KB, 334x1194, 167:597, E97F4EA8-DA48-4FA6-820A-88….png)

File: dc27b9e1b54e8c9⋯.jpeg (367.39 KB, 1002x1525, 1002:1525, 15036164-0E64-4838-8D67-0….jpeg)


He got doxxxxxxxed fifteen minutes after he opened a Kickstarter for the project but in their defense it seemed like this guy was exploiting the shit out of Chris. The director already quit the project and said he’d pass over the footage to someone capable of finishing the project.

f1f2c2  No.858333


Nah nah. Doxing is step one - they do that to anyone. I'm talking phone calls where they scream no-no words like "NIGGERNIGGERNIGGER" over the phone.

c7c1ad  No.858336


Oh no someone said nigger at me. Whatever will I do?

The guy wants to make a documentary on a retard. Not much to worry about there.

985111  No.858410

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



All these freak outs about Meagan reminded me of retards on youtube watching Star Wars trailers.

b127a8  No.858542


Although the donation tiers are ridiculous if some paypig wants to cough it up so I can watch a high quality film on this retard I’m not complaining.


I hope Chris is right. I just want to see the Megan part

1cb5a4  No.858607

File: b4dc3504c2107c9⋯.jpg (59.47 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1373694834113.jpg)


>pay 5k to get raped

388229  No.858855

If Josh actually ruins the possibility of a reunion with Megan…will the last of his dickriders finally see the light?

97d624  No.858865


<$5000 tier

>we will make it a night to remember



12ccc9  No.858938


Nah, he'll just ban them and say that /cow/ is where all the people he banned from his site are. Nope, no one could ever have a legitimate gripe with Josh. He's perfect after all.

c6b587  No.859116


Yeah the quality of these threads have really gone downhill.

f573c2  No.859298

Anyone else keep checking this thread for the day someone finally drops a Chris Chan BJ video? It consumes me, I have to see it. I know it will get robably not happen until barb dies but I think once Chris is alone he will look for an older figure to be codependent with an we all know that he’ll gave an easier time finding a degenerate sugar daddy.

12ccc9  No.859451


Fuck off, Mike

f1f2c2  No.859454


He links the place in the sites ban message so he's not wrong.

a51677  No.859800


It's up to you anon, you have to tame his feminine autistic mouthbussy.

e34567  No.860927


Josh didn't ruin that. The documentary director did. Megan floated the idea of reuniting with Chris, but the director was an idiot and thought it sounded lame.

316bbd  No.861394



4df00f  No.866416


If Josh bans enough people he will soon be sitting on the throne of a kingdom of dust.

567026  No.867056

File: 439990a3684a5cc⋯.jpeg (1.4 MB, 1125x1882, 1125:1882, 45573EA4-9010-4662-BEE6-5….jpeg)

File: b0eb65546e55b90⋯.jpeg (860.94 KB, 1125x1667, 1125:1667, CD1B269C-0B2D-4993-84A3-6….jpeg)

File: 7b7ed7d351b9b75⋯.jpeg (499.37 KB, 1125x1374, 375:458, 6434DAEA-999B-4BB9-8C55-9….jpeg)

File: a0ee8702a1a2354⋯.jpeg (546.51 KB, 1125x1278, 125:142, 827702D4-98F2-4390-9C80-A….jpeg)

New tweets.

567026  No.867057

File: 00fdd134aacab7c⋯.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1125x2191, 1125:2191, 32C10B4C-D420-494B-B192-C….jpeg)

c6df3e  No.867078


Go back there.

66c181  No.867104


>Wanted to say hi but I was nervous

Why are Redditors so fucking pathetic?

4df00f  No.867522

File: 36d60fe547ab288⋯.jpg (13.19 KB, 340x416, 85:104, keenmodel.JPG)



I thought CWC was banned from target?

Also cwc looks like such a weird frankenstein of classic strip shirt autism out of the 80s and 2010s transgender faggotry.

8bff82  No.868354


>After seeing him


A redditfag that doesn't use the correct pronoun? Looks like he forgot to take his soy.

567026  No.871564

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Happy 4/20 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

567026  No.871695

Chris has had his house officially recognized by google as Sonichu HQ. It’s open to reviews and edits.

567026  No.871696

File: 7191de9d55f84a4⋯.jpeg (706.92 KB, 1125x1912, 1125:1912, DB3782E9-D371-443F-A54D-C….jpeg)

27484e  No.871860


we definitely need ED article to be oficially approved instead of CWCki one to get foxdickers salty

d8c76d  No.871864

File: ce90b40e91156f4⋯.jpg (47.31 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 1eeea681d7cc99e195fe576b5a….jpg)

Imagine Megan meeting Chris telling him to stop his shit and be his old self again and get his shit together. Would that even get through to Chris anymore?

f8c363  No.872229



1. Why does it sound like dogs are dying in the background? 2. Didn’t Chris-Chan declare war on Pokémon go once for being too hard?

567026  No.872459

File: ff272091e0d977c⋯.jpeg (645.28 KB, 1125x1448, 1125:1448, 9B13E017-BED7-43BD-8470-9….jpeg)

File: 05dfa2bb1512706⋯.jpeg (918.96 KB, 1125x1734, 375:578, AFEF8F82-0BAE-4436-BF7F-4….jpeg)

File: 7cf7f86bf436d2b⋯.jpeg (619.5 KB, 1125x1596, 375:532, 0951BE51-97F0-4BB1-924C-1….jpeg)


Chris has some autistic girl encouraging him to better himself in various areas of his life (the one who had her picture posted in last thread) and she’s encouraging him to play Pokémon Go as a way to trick him into excersize. Notice that Chris’ natural lazy tendencies have already kicked in which is the real reason he wants a Pokémon stop at his house. Chris is so fucking lazy in fact that he said if his fans get him a gym at his house that Chris will only battle twice a day from his house when there’s no reason he can’t sit on his fat ass and play Pokémon all day. That, and Chris expects some sculptor to just volunteer to build a sonichu statue for his yard for the gym.

b6bea7  No.872468


>the real reason he wants a Pokémon stop at his house

Chris giving people a reason to go to his house, how can that possibly go wrong for him?

ae3271  No.872503


What a cocktease..this was the only chance to make a real one and stop people from making shitty Chris "documentaries" that were made solely with information from the Cwcki and only exist on Youtube. Thanks foxdick Farms.


Chris chose his mother over anyone else a long time ago. Her words will be law in his head long after she's gone.

567026  No.872571



I honestly think Chris is too far gone for Megan to bring him back from insanity. The only person I think could bring him back from trannydom would be a real life female and she would have to let Chris clap them cheeks in order for real progress to happen and continue. The only other possibility I could see would be someone pulling an idea guy extortion situation but with making him go back to being a male instead of extorting money.

f1f2c2  No.872733


Wonder if Mike Hirtes will visit it

7e1535  No.872808


Ok let me ask you a few questions that you will need to answer. First, when was he banned from target? Now did he go to the same one? Also do you think that anyone from the time he was banned is still working at that shitty place or even gives enough of a fuck to remember that he isnt allowed?

4df00f  No.873063

File: c49924e27879684⋯.png (1.65 MB, 1413x917, 1413:917, Ned Doubt.PNG)


Another possible legit fan? He scorned that one autistic brit girl and drove her off.



This is a powder keg. Chris with minors coming to his house? Im no hirtes claiming hes a pedo. I really dont think he is. But creepy manchild that likes being around kids and is one "of them ess jay dubyas" isnt going to fly in hick down south east USA.


Contact with Meagan will make things worse, not better.


A while ago. His ban probably expired. However im pretty sure its the same target. And managers certainly would. Also consider that chris might be unrecognizable in his current tomgirl form.

567026  No.873184

File: 7658d372473d833⋯.jpeg (415.21 KB, 1125x2108, 1125:2108, 31FD9315-59F6-4737-B44A-4….jpeg)

File: de409d120070924⋯.jpeg (543.82 KB, 1125x2090, 225:418, 11ACB211-5D4C-4A08-84C9-8….jpeg)

File: d95d77c6eb2d74f⋯.jpeg (600.32 KB, 1124x2130, 562:1065, 12B62F5B-DC33-49A0-A775-B….jpeg)

File: 2c9f0785fc20255⋯.jpeg (240.31 KB, 1125x1563, 375:521, 5EB8103D-163E-4C53-9854-C….jpeg)


>Another possible legit fan? He scorned that one autistic brit girl and drove her off

I think this one may or may not be married. This is most likely the same married couple that bought Chris the Switch and asked Chris not to mention them and then Chris returned the favor by not only mentioning them in the Nintendo Switch video he also showed the letter they sent him in the video.

There was more discovered recently about them on the farms so I’m just going to screencap it and post it here to save time.

567026  No.873193

File: 8cc68bc481d5b71⋯.jpeg (900.3 KB, 1125x1647, 125:183, 77182D87-6DF5-40D3-B710-D….jpeg)

Look at this girl. She looks like 100% Virginia weeb trash and I would not be surprised if she fantasizes about cucking her hubby with Chris. Also interesting that she seems to be married to a black guy so I wonder how Chris would handle interactions with him.


2ea2b4  No.875386

File: 472f5d75a13e894⋯.png (128.49 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 600px-146Moltres.png)


Moltres did Notre Dame confirmed.

567026  No.876511

File: e3ae7aafcb70cd7⋯.jpeg (818.4 KB, 1125x2088, 125:232, E109A525-2DD5-454F-BA66-8….jpeg)

Rest in piss retard, I can already here the foxdickfags revving up theor autist engines.


0c260a  No.876818

I was wondering if there is a way for a legit business to make money by investing/collaborating with Chris. He is a retard but he is (and i know I'm using the term broadly) an "internet sensation".

f8c363  No.876837


>Chris has some autistic girl encouraging him to better himself in various areas of his life (the one who had her picture posted in last thread) and she’s encouraging him to play Pokémon Go as a way to trick him into excersize

At he might get more exercise than ((mark))

842ff9  No.876926


Chris wouldn't share the income and you would be leeching off of people willing to buy him power ranger figures.

e905eb  No.877114


Chris would want complete and total control over every aspect of the theoretical media you would be producing and Chris also couldn’t be fucked to do any of the work that wasn’t actually fun (aka yelling at you to make it to his exact specs while tweeting).

Keep in mind that Chris has been internet famous for over a decade and you are far from the first person considering collaborating with him. To date exactly zero people have successfully managed to get him to work on a project larger than a commissioned photo to be used as an album cover or that stupid Shrek Retold thing months ago.

4df00f  No.877175


There is. But in order to pull a profit you would need to wander into the zone of exploitation. And with chris more or less a ward of the state that might lead to issues.

Also as >>876926 and>>877114 have said. Chris would be burning cash on toys while also refusing to relinquish any creative control, as it would be tantamount to him as giving away his identity. His fantasy world, identity, and every day mindset are all intertwined. And if you did manage to get CWC to do some work or allow you to do the work the end product, if profitable, would now be taxed. And with that comes possible investigation as your LLC or whatever involves a mentally handicapped person.

3c551e  No.877263


Hi, hirtes

0c260a  No.877637




Don't get me wrong, i never considered doing it myself, I'm not that crazy. It was simply a thought exercise.

4df00f  No.878962

File: e16813298d0e5df⋯.jpg (59.49 KB, 275x500, 11:20, Haters.jpg)

File: 61b71b35dfb103a⋯.png (223.63 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


Of course, anon. Why would anyone want to work with CWC directly? Even as your underling or coworker it would be unbearable. Imagine him being in some control of things.

In other news he posted a picture of him with his still somehow alive mom. She does not look well at all.

4ae932  No.879002


Seeing spooky skeleton Barb always makes me sad.

4df00f  No.879033

File: 895b1e6af357e74⋯.jpg (154.8 KB, 500x400, 5:4, Tumblr_lg8dq2DmiR1qbc13do1….jpg)


Same. Really everything about modern CWC is just sad. Dead bob, spooky skeleton barb, and tranny chris.

842ff9  No.879156

Do we have any videos of Chris demanding different pronouns yet?

567026  No.880065

File: 4a8569b76e3bd2d⋯.jpeg (18.11 KB, 150x85, 30:17, EB7BC9A6-1986-4D97-8A88-3….jpeg)

File: 918755ebcb181cd⋯.jpeg (16.64 KB, 150x85, 30:17, BBC2619A-C300-463F-8D01-6….jpeg)

File: 6e6845dfa72c2cd⋯.jpeg (481.64 KB, 1227x690, 409:230, 0D6AF1A5-F1EA-426F-93B7-0….jpeg)

File: 0727d2295f93aa9⋯.jpeg (16.87 KB, 150x85, 30:17, 553B9C0D-64CE-44A3-81F5-0….jpeg)

File: 93d877182170ac7⋯.jpeg (18.25 KB, 150x85, 30:17, 3469C604-8CB7-4469-B487-8….jpeg)

Chris posted a bunch of Pokémon go pics that included his yard. 14BLC confirmed for rotting away.

4df00f  No.880101

File: b757400a580169d⋯.jpg (69.58 KB, 480x640, 3:4, weedanimedog.jpg)


Its difficult to tell from the small size of the pictures but yes definitely very decrepit.

A few threads back there was an argument over what will happen to chris's property. It is surely greatly depreciated in value as all the structures are in dire straits. The fact is chris will lose the property after barb dies. Then what? Perhaps some of these pics will be some of the last of 14BLC.

8cf7b3  No.880105

File: b510b05ecabb9f3⋯.webm (11.27 MB, 640x360, 16:9, dagothwave.webm)


what are the correct pronouns for a literal commodore 64 CPU goddess anyhow?

4df00f  No.880121

File: 4ff7886f639241c⋯.png (131.04 KB, 825x330, 5:2, ClipboardImage.png)

Section 8 housing is predictably in urban centers. if chris is unable to get shelter from a friend, former classmate, or family member (and not get kicked out after a few weeks) he will end up moving to the city. Sonichu in the Big City Saga?

ff7025  No.880332


Sigh, she's getting older and older.

8cf7b3  No.880422


>Section 8

>Sonichu in the Big City Saga?

try sonichu in the crack den tbh

i wouldnt wish that shit on my worst enemy

4df00f  No.880444

File: df0885f99bc4de4⋯.png (7.83 KB, 320x240, 4:3, FidoDidoGENTitle.png)


As horrible of a person Barb was in her youth no one should have to spend their 'golden years' under the same roof as chris. hell no one should have to live with chris.


My predictions for post-eviction notice chris:

>insane levels of begging videos never before seen, basically think a telethon

>him begging his family and former classmates then realizing they wont help

>whatever former classmates that havent blocked him/dont block him once he starts asking to live with them will point him towards Section 8

>Virginia is for virgins niggers, so he wont get on the list at all. While waiting he might pursue a troll offer to move in to a fake address a la that fake girlfriend that was in a different city

>chris ends up sleeping in his car like terry or ends up in a crackhouse like situation where he moves in with Troons or some other degenerates

035cea  No.880949


>As horrible of a person Barb was in her youth no one should have to spend their 'golden years' under the same roof as chris. hell no one should have to live with chris.

She's probably the person most responsible for Chris being Chris.

4df00f  No.880957


I absolutely agree. Bob was trying to mold chris into a man. A racist southern christian man, but a man. Barb's coddling is what lead to the chris we have today. However, despite being a shit mom you cant fault her for not knowing what to do with her son. And she doesnt deserve the years of torment by trolls and now neglect by her son. She grew up in an era where asylums were known black holes, hence why she didnt send her son off for help. She isnt totally innocent, dont get me wrong, but I think as much as chris is a victim of his mom's nurturing his mom is a victim of circumstance. The whole family is a greek tragedy.

3e57d5  No.880983


3c7c21  No.881014


> A racist southern christian man, but a man

You make this sound bad

4df00f  No.881025


Its not necessarily bad. Its just for the purpose of successfully navigating society it can make things difficult. Of course being a tranny lunatic is far worse. Unless youre in commiefornia.

Ultimately thats what makes chrischan into what he is: lack of ability to function outside the 4 walls of his house. With is parents supporting him.

f1ea11  No.881041


Bob's parenting would've been wonderful for any neurotypical child but there's only so much you could do with Chris. Plus he was old and out of energy anyway. But at least Bob had a few normal kids beforehand and has further grandchildren so it's not like his genetic legacy got snuffed out with Chris.

b83d1a  No.881043


She did the opposite of sending him off for help. Every time someone said we can't deal with Chris he needs special care she and Bob threatened legal action. She refused to let him be treated as anything but normal while he failed at every test they asked him to perform.

His mother and dad have other children who have rare bottles of whiskey on ice ready to celebrate the moment they drop dead. Chris is not the exception here.

c734ad  No.882459

File: b7d07cafdae8084⋯.png (595.51 KB, 525x1024, 525:1024, chris responds.png)

CWC responds to the new image of Jim Carrey in the Sonic movie

35161f  No.882462

File: 3e1883fe2c6184e⋯.jpg (206.31 KB, 563x794, 563:794, 1524683251-1.jpg)


here we go

2d895b  No.882471


This should be fun to watch. This might be old, but did he ever say anything about the dimensional merge after it didn't happen?

7edc04  No.882474


IIRC, he took a page out of the environmentalist looking for government funding playbook by saying that the Merge would take place over the next 20 years.

2d895b  No.882484


>20 years

wew lad

Will he even live that long? Barb doesn't have much longer and I can't imagine him being able to take care of himself.

302db6  No.882532


tbh that eggman really look like shit, sega made many shitty Sonic games, but never gave eggman hair. I think this movie will be total B-tier like Mortal Kombat one

567026  No.882564


That’s fan art. Not actual production photos. That photo of Jim looks old as fuck.

f8c363  No.882566

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Ironically. Chris-Chan isn’t wrong. Maybe this will cause him to get more violent?

fc42c0  No.882598


It's a video game movie. It's going to be unwatchable shit like all the others are. The best you can hope for is Silent Hill and that's not even a good movie, it just has some good visuals and atmosphere.

3e41ce  No.882612

How is he finding Celebi and Alakazam in his backyard in backwoods virginia?

b6bea7  No.882638

File: c43844c9301427e⋯.jpg (45.58 KB, 318x294, 53:49, Jim Carrey.jpg)


Jim Carrey most likely doesn't want to do makeup, he's too old for that shit anymore

But I'm looking forward to hearing Robotnik say "lets make Mobius great again" and call his robots "deplorables"

f8c363  No.882654

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



>Gave Dr Robotnik a Richard Spencer haircut

>Sonic has Blue arms

Chris-Chan truck of peace attack in the future?

They literally made Jim Carrey Robotnik look like a Nazi.

921463  No.882661


>Bad as Mortal Kombat

And this is bad because…. ?

753fd0  No.882665


The first movie was alright. The second movie so bad it was something you had to see.

The best anyone can hope for with this movie is that Jim Carrey treats this role like Raul Julia treated the M Bison role. That might make this movie worth watching.

c734ad  No.882712

File: 54fcab8e69811d7⋯.png (65.3 KB, 506x759, 2:3, sonic leaks.png)


Remember to post Chris the leaks, stating that Jim Carrey wont even look like Robotnik until the final shot of the movie setting up the sequel that may never happen, and that absolutely no other Sonic characters are in the film.lol

8cf7b3  No.882728


ya know if that movie wasnt called silent hill i dont think i wouldve hated it as much

c734ad  No.882730

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



fc42c0  No.882739


Thanks to CGI Hollywood found a way to make video game movies even worse. They're hideous to look at now and have awful plots. This and detective pikachu are the future of bad game movies.

Jim has no talent any more. He's most likely hired because he's nostalgic to people who grew up on sonic, but completely miscast.

4da0b4  No.882742

I want this to inspire a slew of art from him.


Jim shits on Trump all the time, so when people hate it they can blame MAGAtards.

fc42c0  No.882746


While a reasonable theory consider Gangsters paradise is playing. It's a nostalgia grab

4da0b4  No.882751


Guess the idea of Carrey being appealing nostalgia anymore is completely foreign to me. If the studio had any actual insight to appeal, they would have given CWC a cameo and credit.

fc42c0  No.882757


90s he was at his peak with Ace ventura and The Mask. No one remembers his shit now but they have nostlgia for this. The audience looks to be parents in their 30s who grew up on sonic and want to take their kids to see it.

3773b1  No.882939

File: b5bd43bf3aedb07⋯.jpg (56.32 KB, 495x800, 99:160, chris seething.jpg)

01925a  No.883019


> Sonic makes an electrically charged run when he focuses or gets extremely emotional

So basically, he zaps to the extreme?

992360  No.883044

File: 3fbde0eca810a86⋯.png (249.42 KB, 486x411, 162:137, sonic_movie_electric_hedge….png)



You know a sonic movie is bad when even CWC hates it

f8c363  No.883074

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.






Estrogen speeds by

Soynic the hedgehog

Let’s wife sucks off the bull until he dry

Soynic the hedgehog

Soynic he a cuckhold

Soynic he male feminist

He wants shadow in his wife he wants shadow the hedgehog in his wife

e34567  No.883139



The 20 years thing wasn't from Chris, it was from a third party who tried to intervene, but Chris disregarded it.

d63b1e  No.883216

Stay away from theaters in Viriginia when this thing comes out, CWC is probably not a very good aim.

ee89bc  No.883255


now you can take pictures of the pokemon you own. There's a photo contest going on, even. sage for offtopic

1cb5a4  No.883680


No anon, this is Dragonball Evolution tier.

798c8d  No.883705


Good tune in my head now.

4df00f  No.883864


The autism of CWC is truly something to behold. What will CWC's reaction be when this thing hits theaters?

2d895b  No.883887

Anyone else kinda hoping the sanic movie will take a few shots at Chris or Sonichu? The autism fit from that would be fucking glorious.

3c7c21  No.883928



e2b04a  No.884036

File: ac5957dac0d8665⋯.jpeg (39.5 KB, 960x485, 192:97, IMG_20190501_080426.jpeg)

47a2f6  No.884066


background needs to be tranny chris

eaa587  No.884180


That looks amazing. Great work.

e2b04a  No.884191

File: 84f1317fb11b0f4⋯.mp4 (339.92 KB, 404x720, 101:180, Barb.mp4)


I didn't make it.

4706d9  No.884490


I would unironcily watch this than the actual sonic movie.

2d895b  No.884571


This gets me thinking. Movies are made all the time about famous or infamous people and Chris's antics are very well documented. Do you think someone down the line will actually make a CWC (((hollywood))) movie?

85199b  No.884575

File: 7cde99d1f300baf⋯.png (215.59 KB, 1024x457, 1024:457, Columbine Sonic.png)


>A film about a manchild destroying his life with his imaginary fuckbuddy son

The Sonic film we actually want, but who will play him in the inevitable topic? Dibs on Seth Rogen's circlejerk, Jonah Hill as the protagonist.

e0ab87  No.884577


Chris is gonna lose it at the premiere.

4df00f  No.884649

File: d298eb29fd99b9b⋯.jpg (115.62 KB, 508x600, 127:150, d298eb29fd99b9b2b7622714ee….jpg)


She looks so afraid. Confused.


Not now. Not while he's alive. Maybe ~10 years after his death someone will make a heavily fictionalized movie based on cwc. but thats it.

47a2f6  No.884934


Sonic movie looks just plain bad. Not so bad it's good bad.


They tried making movies for e celebs and it always failed. Turns out the e celeb audience isn't interested in hollywood movies unless it's e celebs discussing them. Expect some arthouse fag to make an ironic one and that's the best you will get

567026  No.885876



I had read somewhere that 2 of the writers for the movie were former SA retards so they’re aware of Chris for sure and the movie is supposed to be filled with subtle humor that digs at the fandom.

ead672  No.886411


Haw many retarded bastards has Bruce Campbell produced with Hollywood camwhores over the years?

567026  No.887207


Which raises a serious question, what happens to the rights to Chris’ life story and Sonichu back catalog when he dies? Unless barb outlives Chris and she has the opportunity to cash in on his infamy who will be next in line to cash in on his autism?

Could we be living in the correct timeline to see his hipster film critic half-brother Cole write the story of Chris’ life and sell it to Hollywood?

241ed9  No.887267


There are already dozens, if not hundreds, of youtube documentaries about chris. I doubt anyone would pay money to sit in a theater when they can pull up youtube.

47a2f6  No.887363


Why are you so obsessed with acting like Chris is a big deal? Chris is a fat retard who walks around in a dress who most people know in passing as a tard. He's basically Jayden Smith, who people also don't give a fuck about. You're imposing your small bubble of a life on a grander stage than it deserves.

f1ea11  No.887368


Cole barely acknowledges Chris's existence. He's cocks living the life that ironically Chris desired the most.

4df00f  No.887370


>barb outlives chris

Outside of her commiting murder suicide, i cant see this happening. I dont think cole will make a movie either. If a movie is made about CWC it will probably be made by a random outsider and the movie will be as much about the trolldom as CWC himself.


He isnt big now. But often times things dont hit fame (or infamy) until they are over. The dust settles.

5263cb  No.887374



47a2f6  No.887379


If Chris wasn't so fucked up his only hope would be going from racist hick to beautiful tranny woman. There's just no other story worth telling here.

14a5cf  No.887465


what is this? did you just shit yourself, or something?


I think we got the same story as we have with migapedes right now: everyone with any sense left the "movement" already, and only ones remaining are the most delusional and retarded. With trump supporters, we have people claiming 4d chess and unironically defending israel to spite "libtards" and what not, with camp chris, you have retards whose only claim to fame is trolling some retards for x amount of years, maybe updating the cwcki once in a while. It's too late for them to stop, that would mean facing reality, that they're no better than him, and that they wasted so many years of their lives on what is soon to be just another homeless tranny, just like r/donald users simple cannot give up and admit they got conned, because that would mean that "libtards" won. it's a special kind of hell. I know I stopped caring about chris once he started going full trans, he always went on and on about how STRAIGHT he was, and when he went full homo, that's when he admitted defeat, anything after that was pissing on his corpse


I think cwc is too "Hardcore" for normalfags, best he's gonna get is some memey cameo in some cartoon or internet show, kinda liek sonic boom gave him a fursona in one of their episodes. A little wink and a nudge is all we're gonna get

388229  No.887597


All it will take is one striped longsleeve shirt anywhere on screen for the internet to go nuts.

5263cb  No.887790


>long winded rant about drumpf

thats our Hirtes

fc67a8  No.887796

File: 7ec17bc71163507⋯.jpg (74.07 KB, 847x1024, 847:1024, Posting this makes me hirt….jpg)


>hirtes-downies and joshie farms are team pro-israel

now it all makes sense

f1f2c2  No.888297


Josh is only an 'ironic' Israel supporter though, because he thinks that it'll keep him from a twitter ban

4df00f  No.889500


Sup hirtes you old sack of shit. Hows it feel all of us are going to outlive you by decades?

8bcc2d  No.890718


how does it feel knowing you're obsessed over some old guy in a fursuit? you're making both josh and everybody involved with him, including the moderation staff here(who are just obsessed with him as k i w i staff, funnily enough), and yourself?

how does it feel knowing that the once-mighty cwcki now can't even deal with an furry, and sees his shadow behind every corner?

how does it feel knowing he lives in your head rent-free, and makes you all look like idiots? I'm not even him, but the fact he's causing such a ruckus makes me like him, and the fact that just saying this makes everyone drop a load in their underwear itt makes me feel even better about saying this. hirtes is unironically a better troll than anybody on foxdicks, and if nothing else, because he's causing such a shitstorm

now, let's see this post get deleted by some foxdick suck-up and prove my point, so then I can come here and post it all again tomorrow

(Lifealert can't save you now)

b0d2c6  No.890908

File: b63829e56bfd41c⋯.png (35.09 KB, 1218x486, 203:81, crying furfag.PNG)

lmao keep crying

388229  No.890922


> I'm not even him

/cow/ - I’m not even him

4df00f  No.891057


mods = gods


you literally only enter my mind when you post in these threads. likewise cwc is a hobby, not an obsession like for you (making hundreds of twitters proves this btw you cant argue)

bye hirtes you old piece of shit. i hope you get beaten up by a pack of niggers or slip in the shower and break your hip.

b7392e  No.891217


>'ironic' Israel supporter

what race is he again?

2539aa  No.891236

Never forget cowboys, the only person who will ever defend Hirtes is Hirtes.

4df00f  No.891907

File: 2a5bec473a08f2d⋯.png (73.88 KB, 747x582, 249:194, ClipboardImage.png)

Well they returned da update to the cwcki

1725fc  No.893749

File: 5b9e94c52ebc32c⋯.png (17.23 KB, 1111x147, 1111:147, untitled04.png)

File: e348801d82c6fb7⋯.png (14.86 KB, 1780x140, 89:7, Untitled05.png)



Right on the money, butthurt mod deleted this post, because he thinks having an opinion is a "Gimmick"

I truly support hirtes, and I will post it as many times as I want. This is not against the rules, no jerkop will will stand against the true and honest hirtes supporters on this board

f1f2c2  No.894563


I'll be honest, Mike's new gimmick of "I like Hirtes" did make me chuckle, more so when it inevitably got the ban.

I just hope that guy who hacked his emails isn't looking for a round 2 …

341ceb  No.895519


>I just hope that guy who hacked his emails isn't looking for a round 2 …

Lol at Hirtes making threats on the internet.

01d053  No.895932

Megan footage leak please

f1f2c2  No.896041


Not mike. Legit not mike. Mike is an annoying dipshit and Chris Chan is better then him. I'm not Mike. Fuck that guy.

4ee2e4  No.896165


From the failed documentary? Is did something fucked up go down.

51f141  No.896741


foxdickfags doxxxxxxxed the director less than an hour after he started a GFM to give his movie a legitimate release instead of just another straight-to-YT shitfest so he backed away from the project and promised to eventually give the footage to someone else.

f8c363  No.896766


Did Chris-Chan call projared a freak yet?

4df00f  No.897204


ffs foxdickfags need to fuck off with their "ownership" of chris. At this point there needs to be a conscious effort to inform people interested in CWC from the outside to warn them about that hive of shitstains.


chris is 2-3 days behind the rest of the world. Give him a day.

f1f2c2  No.897207


If its any consolation, Josh has because he doesn't want to play pretend with Chris. This is after trying to help the guy sort out his life. Dudes motivations for helping chris become apparent.

3f5d3f  No.897211


Why should the director care if he gets doxed? Worst case is he gets a few annoying calls. Making a decent movie takes a shit-ton of effort. Fielding a few prank calls is nothing.

c1cab4  No.897325


Because foxdicks don't know when to stop. It wouldn't just be him getting doxed, its everyone this guy has known that will get doxed too.

Doxing people like Bathtub Ross working at an elementary school is a public service. Doxing some rando's family because you can is kinda fucked up. They didn't dox the former because Josh said no, but no problem doxing the Idea Guy's family.

4df00f  No.897341


I dont know if youre aware what doxing as become since it became weaponized by SJW types. They were doing shit to dox'ed people like calling their family and employer. People have lost their jobs from doxing. So assuming the director has anything of value to lose he might be weary about being doxed


kind of? But it still a sour situation

f1f2c2  No.897343


Well because Ideas Guy was very deliberately putting himself in the center stage of Chris trolling. The only part of Ideas Guy getting doxed that's terrible is that in the aftermath, Josh wanted to be besties as he was talking about getting Chris his own webspace to draw comics while pulling his forum, but then decided NAHHHH I DONT WANNA PLAY PRETEND WITH A RETARD as he fucked off and started doing livestreams due to those being more profitable then Chris.

Swell dude.

86ecfd  No.897352


And the types most likely to do that shit on KF? The lefties and the alphabet soup sexuality community. Piss one of those types off and they'll chase you forever.

4df00f  No.897357


Right you fucking are. The doxing done by anons in circa 2009 is nothing like the large orchestrated and frankly downright malicious doxing. Doxing not done for lulz but to ruin someones life.

86ecfd  No.897556


See, ruining lives via the Internet is something that would piss off a "normal" person. If it would piss off someone who is well adjusted then it isn't funny. It's the difference between Chris raging over blue arms and Chris raging over getting conned out of $6,000.

bf5b09  No.897558


>ffs foxdickfags need to fuck off with their "ownership" of chris. At this point there needs to be a conscious effort to inform people interested in CWC from the outside to warn them about that hive of shitstains.

Caninecockplantations claim "ownership" of both chris and ADF, don't they?

4df00f  No.897703

File: 8e7f5f4f5ca82eb⋯.png (992.49 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 5fa782947de775bfd94d11292f….png)


Thank you, exactly. Its funny to troll chris over pretend fictional characters and dumb shit like that.

Conning him is just stealing. Its not trolling. Its just flat stealing. Doxing someone so you can call them at 4 AM and call them a faggot? Funny. Calling their boss and telling them that hes a sexist/racist so he gets fired? Not funny. And by the sounds of it that kinda SJW weaponized doxing is what the foxdickes are all about. And it seems they will use whatever tool in their toolbox to make sure they are gatekeepers for chris. this is locking up the lolcow and only the privileged few get to enjoy the julay.

e34567  No.897755



The director doxed himself. He put his own fucking name on the Kickstarter.

567026  No.898023


Well yeah he’s not some 1337 internet troll fag he was just a guy who was working on a documentary and was planning on releasing it legitimately.

I’m not defending the dude but it’s obvious that somehow (I’m assuming money) he managed to get interviews with Chris, Barb, and Megan for a documentary and he naively made a GFM page to try to raise funds to release this movie at a film festival or something and he used his real name.

Googling the guys name and looking into his background? Yeah I see nothing wrong with that but dozing the faggot and harassing him until he shuts it down makes you look like a territorial faggot who’s upset that someone might make money off Chris legitimately.

798c8d  No.898062


Oh I know the project went to shit.

I was just wondering if the Megan interview was spicy or had a bombshell in it. From rumors of course.

12ccc9  No.898070


The only funny thing about Idea Guy was convincing Chris that Russians had invaded CWCville and that the Brianna Wu City Smasher Laser Weapon on the Moon would destroy CWCville if he didn't comply with Idea Guy's ridiculous demands.

Everything after that went beyond weening.

e34567  No.898246


Did he say it was for a film festival release, though? He and his partners claimed they wanted most of the 20 grand to fly a bunch of Youtubers who discuss Chris on their channels over to Virginia. Which just sounds like he was trying some scam.


e34567  No.898250


Probably not. Draft fucked it up. One of his partner said Megan put up the idea of reuniting with Chris for the documentary, but then Draft decided to be a wet blanket and shot down the idea.

27d4bf  No.898486


And thus spelled the death of /cow/: falling to moralfagging. You probably support deleting dox of cows that the IRC clique like enough too.

12ccc9  No.898526


GTFO Nickposter. Getting NEETs to tardrage on the Internetover shit most people think is petty=hilarious. Doing something that would lead to them getting SWATted=unfunny and leads to people sympathizing with the cow (see: DSP)

Go back to KF where speds like you are accepted.

567026  No.898704


/cow/ has died so many times already that it’s death is expected you fucking nigger. The only real mystery is which other image board will it end up on next?

27c3e2  No.898723


Don't think people realize yet but /cow/ died already here.

It's just a corpse that hasn't been buried yet.

d8acd0  No.898738


Have you watched a documentary before? Most Documentaries have a lot of talking head scenes, maybe half of the movie will be talking heads. If you can you fly out to the people you want to talk to and interview them that way, but it may not be possible for you as an indie film maker to afford this. Not only do you need to travel so does your equipment. It may have been cheaper to pay for 1 room in a hotel and 1 plane ticket for a weekend to film the talking heads.

It only sounds like a scam if you don't understand how important those shots are. You need someone to explain what is going on between clips or to interject personal stories. Chris is not a reliable narrator, so you need people who are supposed to be. That way the subject can't lie their asses off without being called on it.

567026  No.898883


True. This place will continue to decay until Chris gets arrested/Barb dies/some other lolcow does something yuge

567026  No.899190

File: 608d4ff1a54929e⋯.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1125x1843, 1125:1843, 3B1A5AA5-D45C-4297-B025-7….jpeg)

9d1071  No.899192


Oh there's something related to grids going on with Chris. Usually related to someone who likes to spam bullshit at him behind seven proxies.

567026  No.901090

File: d6c9e6b46865ec3⋯.jpeg (666.25 KB, 1125x1521, 125:169, 56182394-10DB-47AE-B6FA-2….jpeg)

File: 3a19b6f346e5e5f⋯.jpeg (696.64 KB, 1125x1602, 125:178, B9E239AC-4B06-4519-B1CA-8….jpeg)

Chris shares his expertise on economics and tells people not to spend frivolously.

2d895b  No.901112


I know he's never had a shred of self-awareness, but come on now Chris.

c5e4ec  No.901258


>people have done goofed


What a memelord

161eb9  No.901654


That's some deep thinking. I'm on the CWC train now. #CWC2020

3dadb4  No.901755


He is basically saying

If people could give more money to charity he could buy more things

and if things didn't cost so much money he could buy more things

d1b88a  No.901769


There's no way to make a good Chris documentary, at least one that would be good for people like us who are entrenched in the autism. I'm sure something will come along eventually that highlights his antics while painting him to be a sympathetic figure and the normies will love it, but people like us need more.

Reasons an actual good documentary would never work

> Chris is too crazy and antisocial for his interviews to be good.With pretty much every interview we've seen him in he's been boring, going all the way back to Guru Larry.

> Barb is too far gone to give any insight or interesting tidbits

> Cole Smithey would refuse to do it because he despises Chris for being more famous than him.

> Megan just wants to be left alone and is only a small piece of the story anyways

The only way a documentary would be fun if it was a deep dive into who the trolls were and exposed the shit out of them. We know that at least 2-3 were trust fund babbies and it would be hilarious to see them caught up in a shitstorm

ad5ac6  No.901789


The closest a "documentary" came to being /cow/-tier was that 15 part series on jewtube. Even then it was several hours long (which is fair because how else will you cover that cocks), and the final two parts are removed.

Something focusing on the trolls would be interesting. Chris-chan wouldn't be nearly as interesting without the trolls who turned his life into sagas.

567026  No.901805


Some of these posts lacking self awareness are too on the nose for me to completely be convinced Chris writes all of his own tweets. We know for a fact that foxdicks have access to his Twitter.

161eb9  No.901811


A Comprehensive History? That one was really good. Seems like he's going to continue working on it now

d7307a  No.902019


I bet you I could make an interesting Chris documentary and you would all love it.

>Get Chris on board to go to a furry convention

>Get him to agree you can film him for the weekend and the trip

>Road trip with Chris to go to the convention filming all the way

>Film him at the convention, including going to the chris chan panel

>Throw him a surprize party in the hotel room

>Film him on the way home

>Film him for a few days once he's home

That's it. All you would need. You don't try to tell his whole back story because it's too long and autistic, you simply show Chris being Chris in an over the top weird environment. You will easily get 90 minutes of weird people interacting with Chris or Chris being weird himself.

You don't make the documentary about Chris being Chris. You make a documentary about Chris's convention trip. At very worst you slide in more convention footage and some online interviews filmed after talking about the convention.

But yea, it's not a difficult thing to do, it's only a problem if you try to get autistic. A bog standard freak show made for TV 60 minute documentary about a tranny going to a brony convention would be the best angle.

f1f2c2  No.902033


Josh gave up to focus on being a Metokur ripoff, Captain might still be involved in Chris's life, who knows.

e0ef9f  No.902035


C'mon now, Josh isn't a Metokur ripoff. He has to actually be kind of entertaining to rip off Metokur.

f1f2c2  No.902037


>Wannabe Jim ripoff who wants Jim Senpai to both notice him and become a prolific member of foxdick Farms

fixed. What does Jim think about his thread anyways?

e0ef9f  No.902043


Jim did a stream taking the piss out of the whole doxing him. Decided to credit some pothead Star Wars fan instead of Josh and Josh decided to become the successor to the Wizard of Poz so Jim would talk about how great KF was and bu extension Josh. What Josh doesn't understand is that Jim is paying heed to the outline behind the curtain and that using Jim as a shield gets your private convos leaked.

037e30  No.902069


Is Josh still besties with Coach Boomer Spic?

e0ef9f  No.902080


Not really. I can't find his alt channel but he made a passive-aggressive video about how Josh and KF punch down on people who can't defend themselves without outright saying who they are. He's not wrong, but I would've called them A-Logging faggots instead.

567026  No.902095


Yeah but Marvin and Captain both still has the keys to the tardmobile so to speak. Captain has used Chris’ twitter in the past to dox Lucas the troon and Marvin’s entire livelihood is Chris so I wouldnt be surprised if he uses chris’ twitter to keep the legend alive so to speak.

d642ce  No.902210



>being a moralfag that clearly does not belong on an imageboard and has no concept of imageboard culture

e0ef9f  No.902261


Yeah, I know what things are about. Posting the social and credit scores of people you don't like is going to lead to doxing getting banned here. Go to /baphomet/ to start your personal army against Boom or whatever the hell his name is.

580835  No.902441




This place is no different than 4chan: Died to cancer, and yet still technically exists. There is so many KF faggots lurking and posting here, might as well call it /foxdick/. And don't get me started on the IBS nonsense, this isn't even pre-cancer /b/, this is post 2015 /pol/


I assume you mean me. I am not hirtes, but I do support him, and think he is funny, and faggots like you shitting themselves over him prove my point.

I would just like to say that I like hirtes, and I think he is funny, and no matter how many times some retarded redditor who moderates here will remove my posts, I will always come back to spread the word of fox

388229  No.902484

I find it hard to believe the farms has more users than /cow/.

4df00f  No.902946


the down the rabbit hole was very tastefully done. but its years and years behind now.


this is a good idea. chris engaged in his passion and not just sulking in his lair would make for better interaction. and also having in public places (talk to him at mcdonalds) prevents any kind of too-of-the-rails shit.

f1f2c2  No.902981


It's mostly due to Josh sabotauging 8chan during the Infinity Next debacle. Nobody could use the site for long periods of time, so a lot of people fucked off of 8chan as a whole.

Fuck you, Josh. I hope Ukraine arrests you.

567026  No.903285

File: 8ec1e8e52e91c23⋯.jpeg (755.99 KB, 1125x1797, 375:599, 6A3954E7-4163-4ADE-9C0B-7….jpeg)

Idk what tweetin CopperCab’s he was replying to since he deleted it but Chris talking about his sexuality.

2d895b  No.903441



Just a fancy word for gay.

fdde38  No.903555


And it didn't give any one a chance to tell people where to go, but in fact of course. Hot wheels deserved to be fucked when he trusted a pleb like Josh. He could have just said no, this doesn't work and reloaded a back up 24 hours previous and saved his site. I wonder if the deformed little freak did it on purpose because he lost control of his site and it didn't suck his liberation cocktail sausage.

fdde38  No.903556


No Chris, you were groomed and abused by weirdos for 10 years. You were born a straight man and then got converted through mental abuse and rebuilding of your personality. MK Ultra hasn't got shit on you.

f1f2c2  No.903563


A reminder that when Josh was let go, his first actions were to try and throw shade at HW for conspiring with Jim to steal his code or whatever delusion he seriously believes

fdde38  No.903567


Wasn't it already 12 months delayed at that point?

f1f2c2  No.903636


Yes. Why anyone would want Josh's code - code that he didn't fully write - is beyond me

1cbdba  No.903934

Niggers and jews.

cd5318  No.903944


Yeah, yeah, bad news. But what does this have to do with Chris?

567026  No.906729

File: 04f92375d979ad7⋯.jpeg (605.53 KB, 1043x939, 1043:939, 07D7F03F-84D7-488F-B969-7….jpeg)

Let the garnishment saga begin. And conveniently it’s after Bronycon so he will be flying high on his hippie downy love bullshit when reality sinks in.

a24d35  No.906734


But it's very fancy.

4df00f  No.906736


8/21 for the next hearing. So when the judge obviously rules in favor of debtors does anyone have what kind of time frame for CWC to start losing property? I figure an assessment would be in order but that sure as shit will rapidly conclude he doesnt have much.

As I said like 3 threads back. He'll lose the house/property cause nothing else besides his car has any value.

7c6502  No.906740


They can't legally garnish his SSDI. I guess just grab anything that goes into his bank account?

567026  No.906973


Nigger they aren’t going to take his possessions all he has to his name is a bunch of cheap plastic Chinese crap and the house belongs to Barb so they can’t touch it.

However, they will subpoena his bank records and since Chris ignored everyone who told him to get a second bank account for eBay/paypig monies, the state will see his money rolling in from different places and the burden is on Chris to prove which money is tugboat money and which is from revenue streams that can be garnished. Chris being a literal retard probably won’t do this and will end up having his whole account garnished monthly or maybe even weekly.

4df00f  No.907623


I was thinking things like his game consoles. TV. Jewelry. Obviously it will not put much of a dent in the debt. You raise a very good point, the state will soon find out CWC is making a lot of money he isnt supposed to. Its very likely he will end up losing SSDI cash that is being treated as ebay cash.

We can agree that CWC is royally fucked here. For the first time actually totally fucked.

567026  No.908629

File: 6bb8b40b1b6d6a0⋯.jpeg (756.73 KB, 1125x1424, 1125:1424, DC5CDBB7-3406-4FD4-ABED-B….jpeg)

File: f9517571238725e⋯.jpeg (815.7 KB, 1125x1623, 375:541, 68F60F15-0175-4219-8613-B….jpeg)

File: aa59ac232aa9d7d⋯.jpeg (893.88 KB, 1125x1762, 1125:1762, 73E872CE-029C-4507-8612-1….jpeg)



I know nothing of welfare laws but I feel like if Chris was cheating welfare laws or unknowingly breaking those laws the trolls who have been calling social security administration for the last decade to julay lulz would’ve gotten that ball rolling by now.

In other news here’s some Chris tweets. Sorry for the double post but Chris also posted his sleep schedule app showing his fucked up sleep schedule and it won’t fit in one post.

567026  No.908634

File: 0e85b2111f0d6f0⋯.jpeg (85.3 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, E73D92DE-7C76-4733-9B34-B….jpeg)

File: 7b8c483515bd62d⋯.jpeg (86.99 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, ED023F14-6933-490A-82B2-7….jpeg)

File: 800a57aac5cc9ea⋯.jpeg (82.62 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, C6B32722-EED3-4AC6-98C4-2….jpeg)

There was a huge rant on Twitter with these pictures about how Chris thinks he invented a way to be asleep and awake at the same time and claims he even left his house and followed some woman down the street. Unfortunately the rant is like 20-30 tweets long and is too hard to cap on mobile

eea81c  No.908989

File: c5c8e265d563cb2⋯.jpeg (657.56 KB, 1125x1912, 1125:1912, 6399F4DD-B82E-4957-A9EE-C….jpeg)

File: ae8190d287278ba⋯.jpeg (1 MB, 1125x2072, 1125:2072, 939B8095-6C29-493D-AEEB-8….jpeg)

File: ec4adea68a18f59⋯.jpeg (838.95 KB, 1125x1705, 225:341, D7C9AE50-4F3A-4794-B79B-0….jpeg)

File: 47fbdf613333792⋯.jpeg (805.81 KB, 1125x1697, 1125:1697, D90100BE-C05E-4F44-A402-3….jpeg)

File: 379bfe4c588e385⋯.jpeg (732.19 KB, 1125x1675, 45:67, 430F69E0-9E42-4DF2-B2A1-6….jpeg)


eea81c  No.908990

File: 2fe1a4eea94fa4b⋯.jpeg (682.23 KB, 1125x1762, 1125:1762, 7219E2B4-78F2-47C0-B3BA-1….jpeg)

File: 2b0666f1e464da1⋯.jpeg (661.5 KB, 1125x1663, 1125:1663, E3B59573-B75B-4686-B8C8-D….jpeg)

File: e74ab36eb5a891f⋯.jpeg (870.71 KB, 1125x1928, 1125:1928, 3FAAAC3F-AE92-4838-A319-2….jpeg)

File: e8de29f958e5867⋯.jpeg (782.48 KB, 1125x1863, 125:207, B39F7A4E-22D7-4F53-996A-C….jpeg)

File: e8f33b4010e64fe⋯.jpeg (522.91 KB, 1125x1138, 1125:1138, 3A74212B-11FF-4067-AD12-B….jpeg)

1ca75b  No.909208


>She felt my soul and heard me, like a breath in the wind

So was he dreaming or is he actually beginning to stalk women at night?

985111  No.909651


The first part looks like he cribbed it from a text on lucid dreaming. Not surprising, a lot of people on the verge of psychosis experiment with lucid dreaming as they're similar states:


50b1d4  No.912559

0f4586  No.912879


He bought Chris's Pokemon binder last year and is selling it piecemeal.

b34bd8  No.913156


Chris always escalates the madness.


He's like Simon from Gurren Lagann but with insanity instead.

6ce445  No.913430

Chris has posted a 10+ tweet apology to Mary Lee Walsh. I feel like we're caught in a loop now.

567026  No.913476

File: 90d506d4c3cc9c8⋯.jpeg (137.4 KB, 1895x957, 1895:957, 4C2EE92C-E4DF-4BD6-8166-D….jpeg)


Someone probably tipped him off about this:

567026  No.913483


He sold too early, it would’ve been much easier to sell for much higher prices when he drops dead in a decade or so.

c734ad  No.913524

File: 8bb8db7f9a220d3⋯.png (334.37 KB, 539x812, 77:116, mary lee walsh1.png)

File: b561ef8f653375f⋯.png (119.71 KB, 538x1023, 538:1023, mary lee walsh2.png)

File: 990bf45a883e1b6⋯.png (362.05 KB, 554x1230, 277:615, mary lee walsh3.png)

File: 8e49cd7f515cca4⋯.jpg (125.49 KB, 818x628, 409:314, mary lee walsh4.jpg)

Chris is still angry that Mary Lee Walsh for cock blocking him, and still seething over Michael Snyder banning him.

798c8d  No.913688


Aren't we all?

I cannot remember the names of people I knew in high school or college let alone my petty dramas with them. Sad his entire persona is built on what happened over a decade ago.

6ce445  No.913693


>high priority responsibilities

The absolute madlad.

Furthermore, gotta love him saying it's all water under the bridge while simultaneously criticizing her for his entire reason for making her his defacto villainess. Classic Chris.

567026  No.915929

File: f5a47756714668c⋯.jpeg (122.74 KB, 750x1202, 375:601, DE8DEBDB-1240-4647-AE85-B….jpeg)

Chris used the sex change Snapchat filter finally.

2ed991  No.916297


I would

da987d  No.916523


The "apology" to MLW was backhanded as fuck. Not to mention the imposter retcon in the comics is a mindfuck because Chris replaced all instances of MLW's name with "Slaweel".

91f15c  No.916538


Do you think it's triggering trannies when they see what a girl them would look like then see the neckbeard they have instead?

If Chris could do his fucking hair he could have had a decent pictue there, but his hair is such a mess he fucks it up.

Where's the dog from?

c734ad  No.916648


No, instead I believe it rather fuels their delusion. That is what Chris sees in the mirror and believes himself to look like. Now he can just post a photo and say that's what he looks like, and fuel his fantasy.

ea64bf  No.916653


I bet Chris thinks he really looks like this

6ce445  No.916664


He thinks his OC's are married to him and that he can interact with a parallel dimension full of fictional characters.

Anything is possible with his diseased brain.

91f15c  No.916665


I'm not convinced Chris believes that as much as he's a man child playing pretend.

567026  No.916916

File: ddf40a1f38278a6⋯.png (685.64 KB, 768x887, 768:887, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 4e4e61afabbaa2f⋯.png (299.14 KB, 761x896, 761:896, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ae640890356ed2e⋯.png (144.08 KB, 754x829, 754:829, ClipboardImage.png)

89be89  No.916924

File: 3e613a7574e3a30⋯.png (499.42 KB, 600x753, 200:251, 3e613a7574e3a307ec85b41e83….png)


I don't like the direction the world is going. Not one bit.

50b1d4  No.917109

567026  No.918319

File: 48047d33410109b⋯.png (173.38 KB, 720x439, 720:439, ClipboardImage.png)

Chris finally acknowledges that he's tweeting to people who can't even see his tweets

2d895b  No.918380


>when will you learn


At least he's honest about it.

4df00f  No.919331



Why does he add the A?


I dont know. his constant and public insane ramblings suggests he truly holds this worldview. We have all known chris was mentally unwell for a while. This tomboy bullshit simply tipped him over the edge. Plenty of functioning people that "transition" have become lunatics.

6ce445  No.919447


I wanna see a proper psyche report of current day Chris. The one he got around high school seemed to indicate there wasn't any crazy under the surface.

Christ it's weird to think that examining Chris' brain might teach us shit about the human brain.

4df00f  No.919500


I was discussing CWC with a friend that has followed his shenanigans for the last years. He mentioned its possible that CWC has a unique mental disorder. That being raised in such popculture media heavy worldview and having low IQ + autism + god knows what else has created someone with a very different kind of insanity. A total disconnect from reality that enters one of his own creation based on various shows/cartoons/videogames. That and the constant internet trolling that also leaked into the real world. Armchair psychology, I know. But still its possible. In no other time in history has flights of fancy flown in such flocks.

Has anyone ever lived a life quite like chris?

91f15c  No.919596


The problem with this is we all know he's fucking crazy because he dresses as a woman. But no one can say that about him in a report

46c8f6  No.919905


>Why does he add the A

Chris is known to have very poor grammar and spelling. Him adding an A isn't surprising.


True, Chris could be a good scientific breakthrough/discovery in Psychology. His mental state is very unique, it isn't ordinary manic depressant or mere phobias.

6ce445  No.920021

Chris reposted his "Merge Survival Guide" on twitter.

If he's trolling it's by far the most clever move he's made in his lifetime.

567026  No.920209

File: 9a6620e96924da4⋯.jpeg (416.93 KB, 1080x1658, 540:829, 03181B9B-D3D2-4AF3-ADF9-3….jpeg)

He adds the A be he’s actually LOLing. In other news Chris thinks foxdick fags literally planned the Christchurch shootings, Chloe Sagal’s suicide, and the school shooting carried out by one of their own and demands his own separate Wikipedia article in relation to KF

4df00f  No.920362

File: e37107a07c78d8f⋯.jpg (74.66 KB, 724x738, 362:369, e37107a07c78d8f80f7316451b….jpg)



I figured the A stood for something. Chris has poor grammar and spelling. But that seems too intentional. I should have know, autism being about literalness and all.

>listed scandals unrelated to me!

Of course chris must be the center of everything. hence his delusion of god(dess)hood. I hate to say it but chris might be noteable enough at this point to warrant at least a footnote in the KF or ED article. That being said besides the "sonichu?" sega moment has there been any other instances of references to CWC? I know that one armadillo in the sega show might be based on him.

6ce445  No.920409

File: fb5b252b6df8b83⋯.jpg (102.8 KB, 1200x649, 1200:649, finish it later.jpg)


I'm guessing you're talking about this episode and I'd be blown away if this wasn't a reference to Chris Chan.

To come up with something like this independent of Chris seems incredibly unlikely.

f8c363  No.920451


>Chris-Chan sex change filter looks like my ex

4df00f  No.920464


yeah thats the one, and considering the "sonichu?" video. Definitely sega of america has people on the inside all to aware of CWC.


It must be like a very personal cursed image.

This thread is about to start autosaging

82f173  No.920534


I think it is just generic biggest fan reference, but official sega twitter once tweeted something about sonichu.

5be3a8  No.920561


>tan arms

I think it's a chris reference. Keep in mind that they would want to be at least somewhat subtle if doing that and well, this is kindof a perfect wink and nod

567026  No.920597

File: 5bdc4a4d36e4491⋯.jpeg (380.27 KB, 1125x817, 1125:817, 0A369A7A-CE6A-4F96-9625-C….jpeg)

606725  No.920751

91f15c  No.920900


Sonichu is referenced in a official video but it's by no bodies at Sega.

Chris is part of the ardvark but so is every other furry faggot. Chris is just what you see in it.

567026  No.921402

File: 7bec75324e25dcf⋯.jpeg (992.58 KB, 1125x1871, 1125:1871, 32C2AF0D-E591-4CD5-8853-8….jpeg)

0f4586  No.922879



The story editor for that episode is aware of Chris, so it's likely a CWC reference.


6ce445  No.923544

What if Chris is somehow right about the Dimensional Merge? What'll you do in the world of your favorite fictional characters & OC's?

567026  No.923570

This isn't rocket science faggots, we go create a new 8ch board called /c197/ or /merge/, we fill it with posts of people getting excited about the merge, and then you get Chris' attention drawn to it. Unfortunately the only way to do that is invest money in him unless you have a vagina and honestly I think he's too far gone for that.

454466  No.923592


>it's by no bodies at Sega.

You mean nobodies, right? You don't put a space between "no" and "bodies" in nobodies.

371bfa  No.923687

How was Chris able to function more or less normally at Manchester High School but sperged the fuck out completely at PVCC? What was the snapping point?

364835  No.923690

567026  No.923744


Public schools have higher tolerance for tards due to the fact that they can’t really kick Chris out of high school without looking like huge dbags so they choose the diplomatic route since they all have to coexist for 4 years. Colleges however are usually private institutions that can very easily just kick you out of school and take your tuition. Also remember Chris had a group of normie girls who tolerated him so he felt like he had friends. It wasn’t until Chris was in college that he even realized that boys should get girlfriends so they can get married and have kids buy a house etc. and that’s what sparked the love quest

6ce445  No.923758


I have no idea what it takes to make a new board here and I am intensely wanting this to happen.

e2e25e  No.923951


Public schools can't kick out tards because section 9 is (((inclusive))) to everyone. Which basically fucks any one trying to run a functional school unless they want to be hit with funding cuts.

Aren't there love quest stories before college though?

His "tolerating" friends got paid to hang out with him, basically a school babysitter.

3c7c21  No.923953

File: 5536ea589913a0a⋯.png (10.82 KB, 308x199, 308:199, ClipboardImage.png)

567026  No.924029

File: 901e99290b6617b⋯.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1125x2077, 1125:2077, 4B9F8D0C-C7D4-4E20-83E3-E….jpeg)

3aa4a8  No.924035


>Public schools can't kick out tards because section 9 is (((inclusive))) to everyone. Which basically fucks any one trying to run a functional school unless they want to be hit with funding cuts.

Feels good not being a plebeian nor an Amerimutt.

>His "tolerating" friends got paid to hang out with him

Was his father the one who paid those lowlifes?

567026  No.924059


It’s unclear of what actually happened due to the fact that the foxdickfag Thetan who in addition to sweetheart trolling Chris also admitted on the farms that she contacted Chris via email pretending to be his high school gal pals and told him that Bob paid them to be his friend. She claimed to be doing this in order to “help Chris get over it”.

Interesting how Thetan and Trashraider never got doxxxxxxxed yet they dox every retard now that does less damage to Chris

3aa4a8  No.924060


>She claimed to be doing this in order to “help Chris get over it”.

Interesting to see how KFer end up resorting to moralfaggotry to try to solve their cognitive disonances and prove that bullying is a good thing, or some other shit like to not feel guilty.

More proof that KFer are cucked moralfaggots.

567026  No.924123

Chris finally addressed the lack of cocks on his paypig and TLDR is he’s stressed out about the dimensional merge and that he doesn’t need to find a job because managing the merge is his job now and then he goes on a long rant about how he’s more important than normies because he’s artistic and creative and that’s why he doesn’t need a job.


567026  No.924124


Dammit the archive fucked up the page format, just go here:


567026  No.924283

File: 7de209b711882af⋯.png (575.2 KB, 1312x3160, 164:395, Untitled.png)

3c7c21  No.924410


When is the merge going to ever happen? I remember there being a date but it was miraculously “delayed” iirc

d8c76d  No.924529

File: c926154049323d6⋯.png (56.62 KB, 250x191, 250:191, areyoufuckingkiddingmeson.png)


I think he doesn't even bother thinking about the merge anymore and he got even lazy enough to not bother updating his lore in his head and just want to be a playing permanent man-child until at least his mom dies. Then he will start to panic and frantically beg the internet for money not even bothering about the care of his mother's funeral arrangement.

This is where the End of days for Chris begin.

567026  No.924549


I believe December 18th was the day he claimed for the merge.


Chris has a lot of mounting stress. He’s got a court date coming up for a debt garnishment and Bronycon is approaching are two stresses that immediately pop in my head and this is just escapism.

6ce445  No.924552


None have ever surfaced that I know of. Seems that having galpals through high school, paid off or otherwise, helped keep his crazy in check somehow.

Or maybe it only bolstered it for later.

3c7c21  No.924555

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Subscribe to Pewdiepie

6ce445  No.924557


Is this for the 4th debt lawsuit or did he get another one?

Having weird social crimes swept under the rug because he's crazy I get. But the amount of times he gets away scratch-free for not paying companies for his overspending blows my mind.

567026  No.924748

File: c62c5c423e6b8ce⋯.jpeg (576.74 KB, 987x2282, 141:326, 0364C303-1C1F-4B4B-9152-F….jpeg)

File: 7468b1f50237439⋯.jpeg (358.35 KB, 987x1917, 329:639, 5CF23B05-B2D0-4F04-99E1-B….jpeg)

File: 3696720ded93c47⋯.jpeg (428.07 KB, 989x1946, 989:1946, 07378A87-0BB1-4440-A218-5….jpeg)


Chris and Barb have both been sued numerous times for credit debt but they usually weasel out of real trouble at the last minute by scheduling a payment plan and then ignoring them again until they sue.

This time it’s different, this is a hearing to discuss garnishment and they’ve already issued a subpoena to Bank of America for his bank records.

This could go two ways, either the judge sees he gets an SSDI check and immediately throws out the case or they notice money coming in from eBay, PayPal, and various other cash apps throughout the month and they investigate further. Since Chris is the Teflon Tard I am expecting he will get off scot free.

In other news Chris wants sonichu.com back and he wants you to help him make amends for his self centered behavior on graduation day.

567026  No.924749

File: 0c7a9544cba46f7⋯.jpeg (284.92 KB, 983x1280, 983:1280, EB3EFD5A-041B-484F-BAD6-5….jpeg)

Oops forgot last cap.

567026  No.924799

File: 66a4a48e7ac4c4e⋯.png (202.33 KB, 777x718, 777:718, ClipboardImage.png)

Sorry for multiposting but a buttload of updates today. First, more begging.

567026  No.924804

File: 04787cb94607400⋯.png (157.97 KB, 752x887, 752:887, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 8a2a5ad7757a8d0⋯.png (480.2 KB, 769x900, 769:900, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 77ec0512073e724⋯.png (285 KB, 748x877, 748:877, ClipboardImage.png)

And now, a message from Jeebus

567026  No.924810

File: 6e477718f104b92⋯.png (156.68 KB, 752x853, 752:853, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e089c43a640ff62⋯.png (134.53 KB, 757x756, 757:756, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 844aa5133bf6743⋯.png (78.44 KB, 753x445, 753:445, ClipboardImage.png)

In which a twitter user talks about ghosts, and Chris conducts a seance to tell him without a hint of irony that his house is filthy and he needs to clean it.

567026  No.924812

File: 98499619103bf1a⋯.png (533.49 KB, 758x904, 379:452, ClipboardImage.png)

File: df0d67103bd33ed⋯.png (473.83 KB, 769x893, 769:893, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 284ec5ce02f622e⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1200x900, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c15c4324d53bde3⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1200x900, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


Related to this video is this series of tweets. Chris claims he's getting mail for Pewds and additionally doxxxxxxxes the fuck out of someone who's been spamming his IRL inbox.

567026  No.924813

File: b0a407ca1106c60⋯.png (143.06 KB, 740x815, 148:163, ClipboardImage.png)

1ca75b  No.924856


So if you were a ween, you would want to find the poor guy Bank of America responsible for his case and show him all the e-dollars Chris has been getting.

567026  No.924906


Not necessary. The bank only has to hand over the records to the credit bureau and they’ll look into it. Once the court date comes if the topic of other income streams arises the burden of proof will be on Chris to prove which money is tugboat money and which wages are garnishable. Given chris’ track record this will go either really good or really bad.

985111  No.924955


There aren't debtor's prisons, you can go pretty far if you don't mind never living normally. That includes a misery of constant court appearances, a nightmare of red tape and never being able to plan anything involving money ahead of time unless you pay in cash.


The only thing more surreal than an encyclopedia devoted to Chris Chan is that Chris Chan himself uses it to remind himself about his own life.

567026  No.924959

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

One more video. Chris is on a hot streak today.

c734ad  No.924999

File: 40e9f9978fd4ebe⋯.png (157.24 KB, 526x571, 526:571, Chris Patrician Taste.png)



Chris is slowly evolving into Jim Jones and founding his new religion, the Church of Chrisology, where each follower will be entitled to 72 boyfriend free waifus on the day of the interdemensional merge.

6ce445  No.925083


I love that this is the followup to the multipost "DON'T WANNA WORK" extravaganza. Who knew God CPUs had to beg for so much cash.

06e5fa  No.925139

File: 57dffcab14317ae⋯.png (365.76 KB, 2136x1900, 534:475, 1448906214099.png)


I see Chris Chan is a man of culture as well!

d8c76d  No.925176

File: d6003a8c9096a82⋯.png (328.16 KB, 414x404, 207:202, disappointIF.png)



The CPU goddesses of the lore have people having faith in them which grants them their CPU powers to defend their cities and just frollic about. To this day, I fail to remember a Neptunia character that was into money even as a trope. Just a bunch of girls with big tits in latex revealing suits for the most part.

I wonder how much really Chris cares about the Neptunia series despite continuing using the CPU goddess schtick but used no other material off the series aside claiming he was a goddess.

5c0785  No.925186


When hasn't Chris seemingly had a cargo cult level of understanding of any subject that isn't Sanic or Pokemon?

371bfa  No.925249


Did Thetan play Katy and recorded conversations with Barb at the rental house?

3c7c21  No.925282


That art is horrifying. This is why I stick to Japanese stuff only

567026  No.925322


Yes, she was the one who sweetheart saga’d Chris and provided the audio tape of her on a date with her cousin (aka SkyRaider91) chaperoning.

Interesting how they dox everyone under the sun who contacts Chris but they got a free pass.

f8c363  No.925323



>Chris is slowly evolving into Jim Jones and founding his new religion, the Church of Chrisology,

It happened before. A good example of how youtube skeptic community acts/new atheism community acts. They bashed religious people for being sheep’s and dogmatic. Yet they blindly send money to new atheist/skeptic e-celebs.( Infamously Richard Dawkins told his followers to send him money instead of an old homeless feeding charity because he found they worked with churches which they did.) and attacking other skeptic/atheists for being atheistic enough. Pop culturalism is a cancer. That spergs society's made their religion without realizing it.

4df00f  No.925326


So much this. Once his mom dies and the letters start showing up he will start begging more than ever before. One of two things will happen, the coyote cocks will float him for a bit. Or he wont receive a single red cent.


I have my suspicion his name is passed around in join blacklists. I wouldnt be surprised if he melts down at the door when they wont let him in.



Oh he hasnt "gotten away with it" its just the legal system is slow. Money talks, and even a tard cant escape debts. He will end up homeless because of it. The street is the new debtors prison

e2e25e  No.925343


Can always put in another fake sexual assault claim like last Bronycon. Shame we didn't get a video of that.

beb226  No.925344


go listen to the jim jones recordings near the end its uncanny.

567026  No.925366

File: de6bb63d5eb6036⋯.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1125x1784, 1125:1784, 0ED480E2-77E0-496C-BA52-A….jpeg)

File: a3212f2a602ceb2⋯.jpeg (743.49 KB, 1125x1586, 1125:1586, F2BC1332-007A-48AF-AC38-7….jpeg)

File: 16bf5af5b1534dc⋯.jpeg (746.57 KB, 1125x1690, 225:338, 4338F131-457A-4B68-8DC5-8….jpeg)

File: e9d96be7545ecc7⋯.jpeg (897.77 KB, 1125x1924, 1125:1924, EE417A35-6F63-435D-B40A-4….jpeg)

He’s awake again.

beb226  No.925419


why doesn't someone contact social services with his twitter and facebook or something?

d8c76d  No.925479

File: b8d3b418158462e⋯.jpg (294.88 KB, 770x770, 1:1, 7UKG19p.jpg)


He at least learned the names of the pokemans and sanic characters. Why not anything else?

captcha : uxh ray

d8c76d  No.925482

File: 0721d829a03fd60⋯.png (282.56 KB, 540x349, 540:349, robb lol.png)


Fucking tell me about it.

I'm surprised the power let alone the internet access would have been cut off by now since he diligently spends all of the money on toys as usual.

How long does it take before ISPs and power cuts out for non-payment over there?

365eb1  No.925488


>Church of Chrisology

How about Chris-Chanity, or the Church of Chris Chan and the latter day Sonichus?


I watch some of their videos when Game Gate was picking up steam. I guess you get what you pay for with free cocks on the internet, but it was all so fucking boring and superficial. It's all a bunch of morons who read the Wikipedia cliffnotes of a topic and then agree with each other. I think people like this braindead crap, they treat e-celebs like surrogate friends, like someone you would have a beer with and talk about inoffensive stuff that you both agree on.

ee3c75  No.926583


This is why I think atheism is a religion too even though atheists deny that it is a religion. For people who don't believe in God, they sure do complain about him a lot.

ee3c75  No.926600


Chris freeloaded off the tax payers money for your sins!

9e5df2  No.926781


There was a guy sho did good videos on Atheism+. He used a skull as his avatar but I haven't listened to him for a while. There's also that faggot who's name I don't recall who is a cop and did the same shit.

People need something to believe in, it's a fundamental part of being human. If you kill God you create a replacement God to fill the void.


They selectively complain about religion :^)

eea705  No.926996


9e5df2  No.927003

Has any one asked Chris why he changed his God given name? That autist has made more Chris documentary episodes and it made me wonder. How come Chris stopped believing his god given 2nd name was his true name?

567026  No.927424



Care to elaborate faggot?

4e4433  No.927431


The Bear told him to

567026  No.927977

File: a9a0566e58edc5b⋯.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1125x1804, 1125:1804, E132BAB9-4F48-4F72-BD8B-1….jpeg)

File: 0f10e5691e6aa07⋯.png (1.41 MB, 1297x2048, 1297:2048, 48780880-B489-4B91-9810-F0….png)

File: b75e47a357da075⋯.png (1.26 MB, 1305x2048, 1305:2048, A4720F5D-77EF-47D5-B7EC-18….png)

File: 57ef01d9132aca3⋯.png (1.06 MB, 1822x2048, 911:1024, E539C246-40B5-4634-BAFC-09….png)

File: a1f196451d69115⋯.jpeg (1.65 MB, 1125x1444, 1125:1444, 505C012F-76BC-4B02-9C5F-9….jpeg)

Just Chris turning his fathers fay tribute to Bob into sonichu faggotry. Also, Chris’ebay is gone.

4df00f  No.928239

File: d2ca458ad0dcea6⋯.jpg (61.86 KB, 620x465, 4:3, d2ca458ad0dcea6295d091ed52….jpg)


If bob was alive today he would probably strangle christian himself.





Well said. Surrogate friends indeed. >>925419

CWC after years of people calling health department on him etc is probably noted in the govt system. This MIGHT work but I doubt it.


Actually as mentioned a while back CWC is alright at budgeting. Well kind of. He obviously wastes all his money on toys/games. But thats after covering the bare minimum. Which im sure includes utilities. His mom will randomly snatch money from him, leading to his begging videos. But shes so infirm now I doubt shes doing that at all anymore. However once the courts garnish his tugboat/ebay money (as others have pointed out its in the same pool and thus tugboat will not be spared) it is possible he'll no longer be able to afford internet. We might soon have blackouts of cwc where his internet and cell plans go unpaid and get cut off.

d8c76d  No.930014

File: d811d5e57058463⋯.jpg (14.88 KB, 429x590, 429:590, dogo.jpg)


Even if say paypigs were to substain him out of good will, I doubt it will be substainable beyond 2 months and I am being generous.

567026  No.930216

Chris' ebay account has been banned. I expect Chris to take his business to Facebook Marketplace as soon as he can get the debt garnishment court date behind him. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Marvin or Captain advised Chris to delete the account due to the fact he has a court date tomorrow.

4df00f  No.930227


2 months is very generous. Chris is like a man wandering a vast desert. The debt vulture are circling patiently. Once the garnishment begins he will rapidly be unable to pay anything. His foolish focus on maintaining his net presence means he will do whatever he can to keep at least his cellphone plan up. Especially as a means to beg. However that means he will not have money for other things. Food. Power. Etc. Hes going to absolutely lose it once he realizes hes facing starvation if he keeps up his CPU Goddess BS. Or he will become disconnected if he wants to not fucking starve/be homeless. If chris truly realizes he will lose internet (all that he is and has been) he might have a real existential crisis.


WEW, another wound in a bloodied animal. Also probably, im sure the coyote cocks are doing whatever they can to avoid a full on garnishment. It might be too little too late.

Is this going to be an actual trial or just another lame push back? I want to see some actual court shenanigans dammit.

36f70a  No.930386


Did Chris rape your dog? I know he's a piece of shit but you seem like you have a personal grudge against him.

4df00f  No.930497


No its not that. Its more like putting down a wounded dog at this point. I just want the saga of CWC to end because of just how off the rails he is now. Bob is spinning in his grave.

Also he reflects everything truly horrible about the regressive left.

486bd0  No.930555



Hi, Hirtes!

36f70a  No.930569


So what are the odds that Chris winds up in Section 8 rather than the street?

4df00f  No.930599


nice trips, but no.


in his state? very low. section 8 is taken up by nig nogs.

3c7c21  No.930726



Don't respond to retards like this, retard. Now the whole thread will be shit up

36f70a  No.930733


If this man is a retard, and I'm a retard for responding to a retard, wouldn't that make you retarded too?

567026  No.930817


foxdick attended the court date, here's his account:


567026  No.930829

File: d80e75ec3fb9e9c⋯.png (12.91 MB, 3480x4640, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

>I sleep with dogs

6ce445  No.932554


>the constant noisemaking in court

>Barb keeps trying to shut him up

>complaints about "hairy legs"

>fidget spinner

Chris is going to be a babbling maniac in a year at this rate.

546f64  No.932599


You talk like it wasn't one yet.

3c7c21  No.933386


Wow if even that's a little true Chris is going completely off the rails

b87f4c  No.934347


Not really. This is how any child would act and Chris is mentally a child. You've built up some legacy for him being a super autist when he's just a bog standard one.

75a200  No.934464


The scary thing about Chris isn't that he's unique, but rather that so many autistis are just like him.

What's unique about Chris is the timing of when he emerged and the fandoms he combined in his comic.

35598c  No.938732



There's no need to start becoming contrarian about CWC now that his cognition is significantly declined. CWC objectively isn't by default a standard fare autist, otherwise he wouldn't have produced so much lulz in the early days. What many overlook is that his "autism" is a synergy of delusional narcissism combined with autism.

Even though you don't have to dig deep into autistic detail to determine his line of thought, his own testimony gives away the narcissism throughout his actions. It wasn't just the autism that attracted so many trolls, it was his narcissistic behavior. This narcissism comes from his parents which if you follow up on matches up perfectly with narcissistic family units. It's no wonder his half-siblings hated bob and barb, and yet the trolls would have to figure out much later that CWC was right when he said his parents mellowed out in their advanced age.

But I digress. Go back to peak CWC and you will see a clear circular pattern of narcissism covering up for autism. It goes beyond his obsession with his name and initials. It's the basis behind all of his actions:

> chris does something autistic because of his narcissism

> chris gets trolled

> narcissism steps in, but his autism makes the situation worse

> repeat

c734ad  No.938901


I couldn't help but feel engrossed in a story about a fat austist playing with a fidget spinner.

2892c0  No.938932


That's bog standard retard. They all have huge over inflated egos about their comics or being able to wipe a table down at McDonalds.

>Muh narcissism

Everyone in the world is self obsessed and puts themselves first. Welcome to humanity reddit. Chris wasn't trolled because of his ego, he was trolled because he was an easy target with access to technology which made it easy. Chris doesn't learn, he's incapable of learning from his own actions. He believed people were basically good and that the people trolling him could be talked round to being his friends. Add to this Chris was constantly manipulated from every angle for years to do anything interesting. Had Chris been left alone he would have entered crappy videos into nintendo contests over and over and that would of been about it. Instead Chris was poked and prodded to do stupid things and put in fucked up situations everyone knew would make him sperg.

You vastly over estimate this retard because it gives validation to your life long love quest for him. If he's a run of the mill retard then you have wasted weeks of your life on nothing special. If you make him out to be super autist with this huge legacy then you can justify your continued behaviour. The one with the ego here is you, you sound like the typical roastie on reddit whining her parents are narcissistic because they don't immediately bow to every demand she makes.

fee31e  No.940650


You're taking this way too seriously to be taken seriously.

>Everyone in the world is self obsessed and puts themselves first. Welcome to humanity reddit.

Okay, let's see how you follow that up.

>Chris wasn't trolled because of his ego, he was trolled because he was an easy target with access to technology which made it easy. Chris doesn't learn, he's incapable of learning from his own actions. He believed people were basically good and that the people trolling him could be talked round to being his friends. Add to this Chris was constantly manipulated from every angle for years to do anything interesting. Had Chris been left alone he would have entered crappy videos into nintendo contests over and over and that would of been about it. Instead Chris was poked and prodded to do stupid things and put in fucked up situations everyone knew would make him sperg.

So you proved my point, it's autism and bob&barb brand narcissisn. You went from a poor attempt at diluting narcissism by attributing narcissism to everyone so narcissism loses its meaning, to citing examples of CWC being a narcissistic autist. 10/10, would be convinced again.

It may just be me, but I prefer it when people only employ one definition of a word and its usage; rather than employing two for convenience, to convince someone to only view an internet-famous autist in their super specific way. Call it autism for honest discussions.

>You vastly over estimate this retard because it gives validation to your life long love quest for him. If he's a run of the mill retard then you have wasted weeks of your life on nothing special. If you make him out to be super autist with this huge legacy then you can justify your continued behaviour.

It really just sounds like you're projecting there. A little too specific. Were you describing yourself up until recently when CWC became too famous for your tastes and now you don't want anyone to have fun following one of the internet's cornerstones for autism so it goes back to just being obscure enough for your tastes?

> The one with the ego here is you, you sound like the typical roastie on reddit whining her parents are narcissistic because they don't immediately bow to every demand she makes.

Literally where did that come from? This is why I began by saying you're taking this too seriously to be taken serious. It's objectively true that CWC is not an average autist so that's why it's bizarre to be contrarian about that. I didn't expect to hit a nerve disagreeing with your contrarianism, but thanks for the laugh anyway.

567026  No.941108

File: b33b92b6024043d⋯.png (73.25 KB, 1104x688, 69:43, 21A28389-05C8-4554-9AB0-6B….png)

Lol Chris is so fucked

1dd3d1  No.941189

File: c4fd5a6891b8807⋯.png (147.3 KB, 296x480, 37:60, screenshot-twitter.com-201….png)

Chris's account is no longer unlocked, mass follow the fuck out of it before he closes the gate again

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