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File: 5af55121a90c858⋯.png (595.85 KB, 700x2737, 100:391, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 01d88d588e7a30c⋯.png (82.11 KB, 594x469, 594:469, ClipboardImage.png)

2070f8  No.954709

Old thread is 2 posts away from bump limit:


The final Bronycon is approaching quickly, mere weeks away at this point. Chris has confirmed he has his ticket locked in for the weekend but also admits that his original plans to share a hotel room with friends (most likely Sarah and Steve, the fags who bought his Switch) fell through after they got sick of his bullshit and ghosted him after he ignored them.

How will it all go down? Will he molest someone in a public restroom? Will Hirtes actually show up as he claims to harrass Chris IRL? Will he sperg about the dimensional merge? Attack the creators of G5 MLP for ignoring his pleas to continue the show for 5 more seasons? During the closing ceromonies of the weekend will he lose it?

Post your predictions here gentlemen.

cbf94d  No.954772

I am curious if hes been blacklisted. He might not even be allowed in the front door.

If he is allowed in im positive he'll be kicked out for attempting to in essence street preach his dimension merge bullshit on the floor. Or he'll do something else inappropriate.

1d58ff  No.954873

I wonder if Chris will top what he did at TooManyGames? Or if Null will eventually let go of Chris when Chris inevitably fucks up again on his own?

42864a  No.954901

Are any wranglers going there with him to keep him under control (besides his friends, which are probably barely better than himself)?

db9aa8  No.954919

File: 202d55bdb099713⋯.jpg (64.93 KB, 850x850, 1:1, soda-cake3-850x850.jpg)


Chris doesn't realize it and neither does Null but they're each others sweethearts and the love-quest is complete! They just need to meet up and become an irl gay couple! When is the marriage happening?!

8346fa  No.954970


Or someone who isn't me will say he tried to exposed his penis to a woman in the womens bath room again

18790b  No.954978


>I am curious if hes been blacklisted

People are blowing out of proportions what happened last time. He tried to kiss a guy and curled up when security came, that's it. I'm sure the security has seen much bigger spergouts at cons, and as for the kiss thing, since it's a guy he tried to kiss and since Chris has tranny status it will be just brushed away.

8346fa  No.954987


He also got accused of showing his dick to a woman in the bathroom. It wasn't the kissing which got security on high alert. It was the exposure thing.

b722f8  No.955072



db9aa8  No.955085

File: 22019d61185bdbc⋯.mp4 (2.84 MB, 400x400, 1:1, 17135727_415811245436236_3….mp4)


They need to a coke zero wedding cake!!!!

8346fa  No.955106


check the thread.

2070f8  No.955128


Null gave up months and months ago on Chris in order to focus on his streaming and the captain disappeared too. Any white knights working Chris behind the scenes are currently unknown. besides Marvin of course


hirtes was in last years CWC at Bronycon thread and kept swearing that he tried to show his dick to a child on the women’s restroom but there is absolutely no evidence to prove it beyond some retard on /cow/ making claims with no proof.

eb5476  No.955159


So let's wrap this up - who the fuck was the Captain and how was he somehow immune from the other speds screaming that he's trying to "own" Chris? Guy seemed to come from nowhere and was suddenly in the PVCC.

1cdf4a  No.955253


I'm too lazy to do the digging but it exists if you want to go many, many threads back.

He's a lolcow who wanted to do an interview with Megan, who got doxed with a thread that only went for one page. So he bought Chris's ring and told him that it's an infinity stone to wrestle him from Joshua Wise (aka someone who's still more successful then you in terms of Chris trolling, mike)

Because Josh wanted to get in with trolling Chris, he then struck a bargin with the dude to take down his thread. His dox still exist and you should totally post them because Captain is as big of a sped as you are.

Hope you enjoy bronycon!

1cdf4a  No.955260

also im wrong >>955106 is mike. people have been calling out captain, hollywoods hulk hogan being the most notable.

captain and marvin have sad lives.

2070f8  No.955265


Captain was a foxdick sperg who bought Chris' class ring and he used this to get an in with Chris and get him to spill the beans on him being extorted by the Idea Guys by feeding into his dimensional merge delusions. ( I believe he basically told Chris that the ring he bought from him was an infinity stone and Chris vomited dimensional autism all over his text messages from there)

Null offered his help after Captain relayed the story to him of the Idea Guys extortion but Null refused to play make believe so Chris cut him out pretty quickly. Null didn't seem to give a shit about it and moved on to streaming.

There's some sperg in past CWC threads here who would spout some conspiracy about how Captain was a former foxdick who got halal'd but came back under a different screename for being a furry who stalked Megan and had his thread deleted for saving Chris but he never posted any proof of it and it was probably Hirtes anyways so nobody believed it.

What we do know is he was always on standby when Chris needed help. In fact when Chris' van broke down on the way home from last Bronycon he made a plea for donations on the farms and got Chris a sizeable chunk of money for a tow truck in less than fifteen minutes. He got burned and lied to by Chris over and over and every time it happened he swore it was the last time but it never was until he finally just disappeared all together from the farms. Nobody knows if he quit the farms because he started getting shit from fellow farmers for meddling in his life and wanted to do it in private or if he just got bored of Chris as well but what's known for sure is someone got a hold of Chris' twitter after Captain disappeared and doxxxxxxxed the teen tranny squad; the underage high school kids who bought Chris' rule 34 porn for a thousand dollars (which was procured from Lukas' mom's sugar daddy allegedly) and smoked weed with him and provided us with the video of Chris making out with his imaginary wife while stoned as fuck. Lukas claimed it was the Captain.

1cdf4a  No.955266


>There's some sperg in past CWC threads here who would spout some conspiracy about how Captain was a former foxdick who got halal'd but came back under a different screename for being a furry who stalked Megan and had his thread deleted for saving Chris but he never posted any proof of it and it was probably Hirtes anyways so nobody believed it.

Actually, this shit is true. Really regret not saving the evidence.

eb5476  No.955270


>There's some sperg in past CWC threads here who would spout some conspiracy about how Captain was a former foxdick who got halal'd

Yeah I think we just met him.

Thanks. Usual KF turn on anyone who gets too close to Chris without Jewsh or Canine's blessing. I guess I'm just baffled why this guy was different.

> Lukas claimed it was the Captain

That was a wild twist at the end. Thanks anon.

1cdf4a  No.955279


Honest to god it might have been. Josh was the guy who posted the screed in new years in some asinine idea that it might get Chris to shut up about the dimensional merge. You can tell it's Josh due to him doxing these people in a "Tee hee don't harass them" sense cuz he's edgy and shit

2070f8  No.955378


>Usual KF turn on anyone who gets too close to Chris without Jewsh or Canine's blessing. I guess I'm just baffled why this guy was different

Captain got a lot of slack from the farms early on because he broke the story of Idea Guys extortion and continued to bring cocks for a while but after a while it dried up and then he started getting caught in lies about cocks that came out and it turned out he already knew about it etc hoarding faggotry etc

And I don't think he necessarily had Marvin's blessing, Marvin is too much of a passive pussy to start shit on the farms for some reason rates self thunk-provoking so he'll just ignore most people and passive aggressively rate people dumb or autistic.

Hollywood Hogan would consistently call him out (who was much cooler once he stopped LARPing as Hulk Hogan on the forum) as well as Sneasel.

TLDR he was given the benefit of the doubt for a while but he had enough self awareness to disappear before everyone truly got sick of his shit.

9751b1  No.955456


I honestly can't imagine a fucking brony convention isn't well prepared for autistic tantrums.

e97e85  No.955468


>I honestly can't imagine a fucking brony convention isn't well prepared for autistic tantrums.

They can be any worse than how furries handle con tantrums and riots.

8346fa  No.955581



Are you retarded? I just told you someone who isn't me alerted the convention to Chris's penis exposing. Not everyone who tries to fuck with Chris is some namefag from foxdick or Chris's life. Some people just want to fuck with him and his cult following when you've only ever posted about him on /cow/ anonymously and have never been given nor taken a name.

If you had any sense of oldfag in you then you might enjoy doing the same in the upcoming bronycon. Make a throwaway email, use a vpn and send accusations to the convention's support email. It will make them send security after him to question him as long as you make it something believable. Don't claim rape but saying he exposed himself to you or was kissing you without permission is perfect. If you get enough reports he will get kicked out or given an official tard wrangler.


The people running bronycon are also autistic retards. Security is usually functional and can deal with the spergouts when requested but don't think the convention owners are much better than Chris. Just look at Dashcon and Fur forest for examples of convention staff.


Did the weed activate Chris's mental health problems and send him into a delusional state where he believes his imagination is real?

1cdf4a  No.955589


Telling people that Chris exposed his dick to people is a Mike tactic. Dude can't live with the idea of Chris being happy for even a moment.

1cdf4a  No.955593



>implying Marvin wont get some diaper shitting bronyfag like Jai to tard wrangle Chris again

>Implying you arn't filling bronycons inbox with this shit too

Not your personal army, Mike. You know, normal people who just want to watch where the trainwreck will end up are fine with Chris being happy for a bit. Then again, I don't think living in a section 8 apartment where niggers steal your TV is "normal" at all. Actually, I'd call that being more of a loser then Chris is. Chris at least is loved, albiet ironically.

cb7d08  No.955607


I don't know what weed did to Chris, Mike but maybe you could use some. Maybe a roach might help with you deal with the roaches coming in from DeShaunda and Tyreek's apartment?

2070f8  No.955609


Hirtes is making an appearance early this year in the CWC Bronycon thread. Is it true you’ll be attending Mikey or did the niggers who surround your section 8 apartment steal your nest egg?

8346fa  No.955622

>All these IBS niggers think only e celebs can fuck with people

>None of them remember the peak of trolling on the internet where you needed no reason to troll a retard other than for the julay

Where did cows become nothing but e celeb drama?

1cdf4a  No.955633


Because we arn't your personal army, dipshit. Go wrangle KF and tell them to spam Chris's inbox if you so desire

Oh, wait, shit…

cb7d08  No.955634


Trolls also didn't announce they were going to fuck with someone too. They just did it. You're so desperate to be Clyre Cash and it is obvious.

cb7d08  No.955635

*Clyde Cash.

0cd034  No.955636


>If you get enough reports he will get kicked out or given an official tard wrangler.

In both cases, the potential of chris actually doing some fucked up shit during the con goes down to 0. why would you do that?

1cdf4a  No.955637


Because the idea of Chris having fun for even a moment makes Mike slit his wrists

8346fa  No.955639


Chris dancing with no one isn't very entertaining. Having a mental break down because he spent all his tugboat on a con and got kicked out the first day is.

1cdf4a  No.955640



Grow up and get a job.

8346fa  No.955641


>White knighting a retard

Have sex.

0cd034  No.955643


making him sperg and getting him kicked out sounds more fun in fact of course, specially if it's caught on camera.

cb7d08  No.955651

File: 1dee070f68c2e76⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 96.15 KB, 1067x1147, 1067:1147, Kf9UrU7_1.png)


>Have sex

I'd rather be a MGTOW incel faggot than jave your sex life.

cb7d08  No.955652


Jesus Fucking Christ, I cannot type today

1cdf4a  No.955660



Not being a NEET supported everyday by a government giving you the worst living conditions imaginable rocks.

And please don't samefag, mike. You even admitted to using VPNs earlier in the thread. We know it's you, there are only a half dozen people who post on Chris threads, so anyone who comes in with the intent to either harm the fat dumpy tranny is likely yourself, who is Mike Hirtes. Nobodys going to go along with your plan, and if you're so sure of yourself being able to get someone who has commited no actual offenses to bronycon on the two times in a row he went kicked out then maybe you should do it yourself and then brag about it when it never happens.

And then get a job, as well as a shower.

8346fa  No.955662

Isn't it Jewish who's obsessed with Hertis and claims every post he doesn't like is by him?


Are you the sperg from the Britney thread who got bored and came over here or something? Can you look into IPs please Jews?

1cdf4a  No.955667

File: f81865ba33621ba⋯.jpg (3.01 KB, 100x100, 1:1, 147236877128667.jpg)


>Isn't it Jewish who's obsessed with Hertis

>defaulting to the poster being Josh because he's calling Mike out

We got em folks!

70eec9  No.955743


Why did your tard wrangler let you off your leash for this? Have you ever fooled a single person with your Master of Disguise act?

70eec9  No.955744


>if I misspell my own name it will prove I'm not me!

Galaxy brain nibba here.

70eec9  No.955791

Holy shit, A-Log just issued an apology. Can Hirtes ever find the balls to do the same?


1cdf4a  No.955803


No, because even before this he seems to have generally moved on from Chris Chan. He's kindof the face of being a tryhard trollshield, but it's partially due to convenience. Surprisingly, not a lot of people know the root of the term "A-Log".

A-Log has shit going on in his life I imagine. He even mentioned that a friend split from him in the video, which means of one that he has friends. Mike? No, all he has is an infamous rep and nothing else to live for except a dream of being Chris's number one troll.

Mike has a sadder life then Chris. Not a revelation, it's even been pointed out in this thread, but it's still fucking amazing.

8e286a  No.955834

>this time it's gonna be the big one guise, chris is gonna rape/murder/an hero for sure this time!!!1

Getting boring of tards expecting Chris to fully snap, he is not that stupid.

70eec9  No.955897


>A-Log has shit going on in his life I imagine.

The true irony here is that A-Log himself is no longer an A-Log.

2070f8  No.955940

File: cfb4cbc5bc678f2⋯.jpeg (119.93 KB, 890x482, 445:241, 4496C906-9639-45CA-B94C-9….jpeg)

I love that there’s one thing everyone agrees on.

7a3bb3  No.956540

File: d57b30308b47640⋯.jpeg (29.58 KB, 400x300, 4:3, 0F222307-8B38-44D9-AE8E-7….jpeg)

Hirtes hacker here, I’m back for a limited engagement in order to drop a single photo before disappearing into the night. Gee, I wonder who this fat spergy faggot is?

42864a  No.956575


He won't snap until Barb dies.

1cdf4a  No.956600


You the man, HH. Sadly we already saw Mike fuck off otherwise we'd have a user who's totally not him denying that this is him.

eb5476  No.956639


Over/under on how many times Hirtes has reported this to mods?

329bf8  No.956662


This. Barb is the key. Once she dies Chris will lose any and all grounding he had. On top of that the creditors will swoop in. Expect lots of happenings.

1cdf4a  No.956665



Like his delusions will probably be amped up but he's in good hands thanks to sad people like Marvin who feel obligated to bail him out

bf5d14  No.956893


Not even that can keep him going. He won't be able to live exclusively on donations and selling his useless crap. I hate to use this term here but for Chris "Winter is coming".

cbf94d  No.957104

File: afcdc7574316c7c⋯.jpg (48.13 KB, 699x903, 233:301, afcdc7574316c7c5a02697a820….jpg)



This. Barb is the last support column on the crumbling bridge that is CWC. And yeah with her dead the vultures will come. CWC will be fucked all to hell. Like I said last thread: He will realize he cannot afford to keep the house/get an apartment, AND food, AND power, AND internet/phone. So he will most likely go full panic once he realizes his net presence might vanish. His psychology is so intertwined with his internet footprint. He will go on a massive begging spree and possibly attempt to contact whatever family he has left like cole smithy for help. With no one, stranger or family, coming to rescue him. The final chapter of CWC takes off. I see three possible endings

1) He becomes a hobo and effectively vanishes from the internet a la terry davis when he was homeless.. Idk if his small shit town has much of a homeless population but he might become an infamous local hobo.

2) he commits suicide deluding himself into think thats how he will cause merge or something

3) He will move with whatever cash he can scratch up to another city to live with a foxdicker/troll/pseudo-fan/etc (this might be a fake like that one sweetheart that led to him going to a city)

4) KF/some random troll will bail him out with some huge conditions and stipulations and we'll have CWC: Slave Saga where he is forced to do shit for their amusement. Expect this to be closely guarded and very twisted shit

He will NOT get Section 8 or anything like that. Niggers have that, its the south. No way CWC will benefit from any kind of welfare (for non-burgers the southeast has basically no welfare for non-niggers)

77843c  No.957141


I'm not massively in touch with the whole cwc history but arent there people at this point in time who would adopt him and house him as a curiosity or for e-fame?

36c9e5  No.957169

I hear that someone paid for Chris' trip to Bronycon.

I also hear that when you pour water into Sonichu's gas tank, Sonichu starts to act funny.


bf5d14  No.957172

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


There's been talk amongst those who follow him of getting him to appear on Dr. Phil though a lot of them think it's a bad idea.

bf5d14  No.957173

File: abf34abc39c001a⋯.jpg (102.03 KB, 480x640, 3:4, terrymageddon.jpg)


The CIA niggers are the ones who are preventing the dimensional merge!

8562ae  No.957189

can somebody just slash chris's tires when he is at bronycon?

2070f8  No.957194

File: 25610a6ceed6df5⋯.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1125x1797, 375:599, A83EFA7C-65E0-4377-9AF8-8….jpeg)

File: 9f285681bbc6430⋯.jpeg (991.83 KB, 1125x2131, 1125:2131, CFFF4836-2320-4464-B5B6-5….jpeg)

File: 805b0a8b1e542fd⋯.png (44.23 KB, 296x294, 148:147, EE2E088A-92E9-4BF5-984D-44….png)

File: 219c117ac24881a⋯.png (42.54 KB, 308x250, 154:125, A2B2975B-6B42-4ACE-9AA8-A6….png)

File: 320cd475498c12b⋯.png (61.21 KB, 589x446, 589:446, 91B733DE-09B3-4A63-8ECA-B5….png)

New updates. Someone paid for chris’ hotel and he’s getting back in the eBay business with the help of that creepy faggot from SF who wants to buttfuck him.

a9a86f  No.957196


Sure would be a shame if someone reported this to ebay saying there's evidence he plans to scam people.

1cdf4a  No.957231


Marvin on KF is actually Canine. He's basically going to get Chris into a group home once Barb kicks it, because much like Mike he has no life outside of the fat dumpy tranny.

He has Mike's dream life and masturbation fantasy as he also has all of Chris's passwords and banking information. As such I would not worry too much about the fate of Chris. It's going to suck for him when Barb kicks it because it means less legos and toys but well, fatass should have grown up 18 fucking years ago

2070f8  No.957236


Chris himself lost his account but if Jacob starts an eBay account to sell other people’s merchandise there is nothing in the TOS against selling other people’s merchandise with their consent. It’s actually a pretty good idea.

a9a86f  No.957272


Correct, but threatening to scam people on the other hand.


Maybe someone has the info and will smash and grab the tranny's toy box.

44ce8b  No.957290


He looks like Eggy wearing a bad toupee. As blackpilled too.

0ad9eb  No.957367




As in nullo?

71b386  No.957530


Null may act like he has no balls sometimes but his are very much physically intact if suffocated by his quads.

2070f8  No.957592


As in Null the owner of KF. As far as what Chris has planned, my guess is he will try to make up with the brony analysts and VAs who blocked him on Twitter as well as try to convince the people associated with the show that it needs to continue for 5 more seasons because he talked to the downies in the alternate dimension about it. The closing ceremonies could be interesting and may cause a tantrum comparable to his HS graduation when he felt he deserved an award for his art and didn't get one.

2070f8  No.957690


Wait holy shit is this an actual photo of Hirtes?

1d58ff  No.958014


>Option 1

That's very possible for Chris to become a hobo. He pretty much will be another addition to America's growing homeless population.

>Option 2

I really don't know if Chris is mentally unstable enough to kill himself. He has had times where he does sperg out or feel defeated but I really don't seem him being suicidal.

>Option 3

If Chris does find some other city or town in Virginia, he probably could end up hitching with someone (whether they are a white knight or troll is up in speculation).

>like that one sweetheart that led to him going to a city

If you mean BlueSpike when he conned Chris into driving all the way to Cleveland, Ohio to help some "sweetheart". Yes, that can happen as well. That little kid really gave Chris a big experience in crossing beyond Virginia.

>Option 4

Chris ending up a slave to somebody is another possible choice. Like what I mentioned before, BlueSpike was able to manipulate Chris to do whatever (send him on a fruitless trip to Ohio, sticking a sonichu medallion up his ass, etc.) then someone with the same mindset could manipulate Chris to do whatever they want.

I really do think Options 1 and 4 are the most possible outcomes coming after Barb kicks the bucket.

fc5f4f  No.958035


When the IRC clique running this board let IBS take over and stopped caring.

2070f8  No.958182


Literally anyone can fuck with Chris, for proof look at the idea guys or teen tranny squad. You have to have a hook in order to get his attention which unfortunately these days is usually money and even then if you don't say anything interesting he'll give you 5 minutes of his time for your donation and then ignore you forever.

The difference here is that Hirtes is a fat furry boomer faggot who thinks he's the supervillain to Chris' CPU Goddess faggotry and would probably give his left nut to be the next Clyde Cash. If you want to troll Chris just do it faggot don't sit here and try to get everyone else to do the work for you and then throw a shitfit when nobody wants to be your personal army.

Kinda funny how Hirtes fucked off after that photo was posted though, isn't it?

ab091c  No.958200


>Join new thread

>Say you fucked with Chris and plan to again

>Ask if any one else wants to join in

>Immediately get spammed by white knights and idiots screaming about e celebs

Yea, must of been Hirtes. Couldn't possibly be someone looking to have some fun with a cow and making some OC. Was just some alog faggot who got bullied out of the thread.

Self fulfilling prophecy of faggotry. Everyone is an e celeb because you drive off everyone who might actually do something interesting so the only people left in the thread are you discord trannies trying to out each other by using strangers as the bait. It's worse than Reddit here now.

e97e85  No.958219


I suggest an Option 5. Chris-Chan grows more violent and pulls a randy stair to meet sonichu.

2070f8  No.958227


Stand by, Hirtes is ramping up the 'tism again.

fd07cd  No.958255

File: e7977cf25591d3b⋯.jpg (32.81 KB, 968x681, 968:681, john-kricfalusi.jpg)


You know, when its only one person who acts like a colossal faggot about Null "hoarding Chris cocks", its pretty easy to spot who they are. My bet is that its the perverted Boomer with the bad wig. Pic related.

fc5f4f  No.958383



Why do you give him so much attention? With a new IP each time, too. It's not some fake theory from a wannabe eceleb that foxdickfags dox people not from their group that troll chris.

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