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A board dedicated to all things cyberpunk (and all other futuristic science fiction) NSFW welcome
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“The mind commands the body and it obeys. The mind orders itself and meets resistance.”

File: 7cf255b275111e0⋯.jpg (206.33 KB, 1080x1349, 1080:1349, 2318ed449a80d2ec3fa3dce5f0….jpg)


Doesn't seem particularly active.


I think it just has lower throughput than other boards. Some (myself included) check up only semi-regularly.


File: 8b5cd2c06e1a34c⋯.jpg (45.42 KB, 720x586, 360:293, cyberpunk gf.jpg)

Lower then usual. I've only recently came back since I have time to be here now.



It's slow as fuck but not dead.

I really wish it was faster though. One of my fav boards but checking it more often than once a month doesn't bring any new content.


Been browsing it since the migration

/cyber/s been this slow for 2 years, newfags can't stop making le cybabunk ebin threads, BO doesn't do shit to make it better. Board is dead.

At least /cyb/niggers died before us.



Cyberpunk boards all suffer the same fate, because Cyberpunk is bullshit.

People think it's 80s and 90s fiction. People think it's hacking. People think it's a lifestyle.

No one does shit. If anyone tries, they get shit on from half the people for not being their idea of Cyber.



I think cyberpunk is just a niche and it's probably better for it to stay that way. Look at what happened to steampunk when it became popular.

Some may argue that it's due to somewhat high entry barrier (computers are pretty complicated) but in reality such people wouldn't care if cyberpunk would ever go full mainstream, they would push their own agenda like an annoying friend begging to explain the joke he didn't get until the subculture as it was is no more. Better not to risk and do not talk about the Fight Club.


>grace neutral

top tier taste OP

The only way to revive a dead board is to post more, try and post in old threads rather than creating new ones, look through the catalog once in a while and continue the discussion if you have something worth while to contribute.


File: 5218c6c920e2dad⋯.png (439.67 KB, 3506x1455, 3506:1455, 1503271024143.png)

Lurker post


File: e456d3e9278f741⋯.png (414 KB, 2518x1218, 1259:609, 20861975_1116011565210330_….png)


Lemme help you with pic related, courtesy of someone on the DX Community Discord.


What happened to Megachan ?

I came too late





>Defeating the anti-White Globohomo technoborg won’t be easy or painless. We’ll have to amass our forces for targeted strikes at the enemy’s weak spots.

>Make shitlib companies who penalize Trump supporters suffer by isolating, freezing, and polarizing one shitlib company, as a lesson for the others. Trump has already done that to CNN. Now we return the favor. 4Chan is doing it to Goolag.

>Attacking the anti-White fat cat oligarchs from all angles will get us to victory. #AltTech + anti-trust + class action lawsuits + counter-propaganda + government oversight + whatever else diminishes the power of the digital y1d. Pax Dickinson (Gab -> @pax), for instance, is interested in creating an AltTech communications platform immune to corporatocracy censorship campaigns and purges:

That article is shit.



Well, its very slow and since most people come here to talk about cyberpunk, not to CREATE cyberpunk, which is a shame, really.

Personally, i am investing in arduinos and really start getting my hands dirty because if i - we dont make cool, real life projects, this board will die for sure.

Good thing we got the holo-lens and ARCORE and ARKIT, this will drive a lot of people here, guarantee.

What we simply is this >

Lets create a VR version of this board, as simple as that. A real comunnity project, a goal.



The answer lies into creating cool content, and thats a personal responsability/desire, so lets get our paws dirty, shall we.


File: e2dc301f960edbf⋯.gif (1.13 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1503457244814.gif)

/g/'s cyber threads have probably gotten more traffic in a day or two than /cyber/ and both lainchans combined in a week, or even two weeks. And it's not just cyber stuff; anything that isn't cuckchan or an 8chan clone of a popular cuckchan board struggles to get any traffic. Oddly enough it seems like when a small board now has some momentum something comes along to stop it. lainchan imploded and split up. Sushichan 404'd after the owner went missing, and after it was recreated by someone else it lost much of its traffic. Systemspace seemed pretty active but was just deleted (maybe it wasn't a real loss, but it's still an example of this pattern). 8chan's had various problems that have affected small boards (large boards of course can brush off any issues).

The time of imageboards not part of the cuckchan cinematic universe may be over.



>The time of imageboards not part of the cuckchan cinematic universe may be over.

I agree with this phrase and I want to say that imageboards are now part of the mainstream culture of Internet and not a subculture anymore.

So…what will be the next subculture(S) in the next years ?



>So…what will be the next subculture(S) in the next years ?

Whatever it is, it has to be nihilist/egoist to the core while not trying to get caught up in nostalgia. The issue with Internet now is that morality has gone unchecked, such as the right-wing crusade for the white race or reactionary beliefs, liberals with progressive values and turning everything into a business and even leftist getting nostalgic about 20th century socialism while virtue signaling. Essentially, the new Internet subculture has to be detached from all these objective moralities in order to survive as a subculture, else it runs the risk of becoming too popular with these groups that would most certainly invite more attention.


use Lainchan :^)



That wasn't my point at all, though.

Imagine you want to throw a Cyberpunk party. You post exactly that 'I'm throwing a Cyberpunk party!'. If EVERYONE who thinks they're into Cyberpunk showed up, who would that be, and what would it look like?

The 2600, and likeminded crew would be there, wanting to talk about computer insecurity. Gibson, Sterling and Doctorow would show up thinking that it was a literary convention. A bunch of Deus Ex fans would show up, thinking it would be mostly video games. A bunch of edgy teenagers would show up in trench coats, a bunch of 40yr old security experts would show up in cargo pants, and a ton of industrial music fans would show up in rubber Matrix outfits.

Then they would all argue that their idea of Cyberpunk is what Cyberpunk is, and everyone would leave pissed off.

Cyberpunk doesn't know what it is. Cyberpunk fans don't know what Cyberpunk is. Cyberpunk is simultaneously everything and nothing.

It's just too vague to build anything around without it collapsing.



Haaahahahahaha … Go look at the thread on wearables. Go look at the thread on Cyberdecks.

These fucking retards aren't capable of making anything anywhere near that. You're in the wrong place.



Any proposal on how to do such?

Sounds like a fun project, but we would need some direction and planning before starting. What are your ideas?


File: 0d5394ca963a350⋯.png (761.48 KB, 586x792, 293:396, Spooky Boogie by Rusembell….png)


Your idea remind me of that episode of 'Psychopass' people were interacting in a vr forum with avatars



im here



>im here


What to make your project like in the anime ? Or its something else ?


I'm not going to lie to you. I completely forgot about this board.



i want to make a cyberpunk watch and distribute it for free to the masses



>cyberpunk watch




What the fuck is a Cyberpunk watch?



iWatch with spray paint and an "anonymoose" mask on it.



>What the fuck is a Cyberpunk watch?

It's a software design for a 3-D printed watch case, uploaded to thepiratebay, with no plans for anything to tell time.




Is this the only decent meme to come out during this year?




this is the kind of new quality content I wanted to see when I got on tonight for the first time in a while.


Look at that, we exist!









Yeah, I guess I can agree with you on that. But isn't this the case with all (sub)genres and (sub)cultures?

There is no explicit set of rules that would tell you what is cyberpunk and what isn't. All you have is "cyber" and "punk", and these two things only imply high-tech and anti-establishment, you can interpret them however you want. All this shit only leads to even more vague genres such as post-cyberpunk or claims such as "Cyberpunk is dead!".

Cyberpunk as a genre or a style at this point is like a folder on your disk that you've made to download cool pictures to but when you opened it months later looking for a certain picture you realized that the only things all these pictures have in common are sci-fi and high-tech, which is less than not enought to put them into one category.



> But isn't this the case with all (sub)genres and (sub)cultures?

I don't think so. For instance, if someone tells me they're a maker, I'm going to assume they have a 3D printer, belong to a makerspace and go to maker conventions. If we threw a maker convention, I think everyone would more or less know what to expect from it.

I think you could say that of Grinders, Chiptune musicians, etc … If we threw a Grinder get together, people would show up expecting to see people with home-made implants, magnets in their fingers and RFID in their hands. If we said we were having a Chiptune show, people would know to expect some kind of music show based on old hardware, and you'd probably see a lot of people dressed up with 8-bit characters on their t-shirts.

Punk shows told you what to expect, the same way a hippie knows what a Phish concert is going to be like.

Everyone has their own kind of get together, and everyone knows what goes on there.

Cyberpunk doesn't. We don't have Cyberpunk 'shows' or 'conventions'. We wouldn't know what to expect if someone said they were throwing one.



(not who you were replying to)

I agree, but I don't think that's a bad thing really. Really no one identifies themselves as "a cyberpunk", and if they did in real life I think it would come across as somewhat cringe worthy. People may say they like hacker culture or punk music or Gibson novels but really the label of cyberpunk is normally something other people put on them rather than something they would ascribe to themselves. (I know this is not always true I'm generalizing here)

In some ways, cyberpunk is the subculture that never was, it was being billed as the next big thing for like 3 decades but it was too broad to actually manifest and in some ways I think that's a good thing and shows the punk attitude of it all. Everyone wanted this thing to exist but no one actually knew what it was, so it never happened. I think if people stopped forcing it it would naturally take shape, in fact it has with all the groups >>47606 mentioned, they all developed separately, not necessarily under the banner of cyberpunk yet they all embody it in their own way. Cyberpunk was never going to exist, but that's why it does, it's just called other things.



I 100% agree that Cyberpunk has influenced lots of other subcultures. I'd like to see more new subcultures that take notes directly from the sci-fi that inspired them. We don't need to call that Cyberpunk, and we don't need to change the meaning of Cyberpunk to match it. It can be its own thing, and Cyberpunk can just be whatever it has always been.



Overall this board isn't very popular because there are already a lot of places for people like us to gather. Only those of us who checked out during the purges of halfchan made it here.

After all, why come onto this board when you can just log onto the 2600 irc?



>Some (myself included) check up only semi-regularly

Literally and figuratively me. Still nice to catch up after a month and contribute if I have something more often than not I don't



Well, then contibute shazbot.

I love this place.



I used to post quality helpful stuff here all the time, but there was this one shmuck who kept ruining every thread with his stupidity. The guy was just a total loser seemingly trying to bring the place down. He would argue every little point in the most anal idiotic way. I haven't been here for months now, but I just checked out a couple threads and the disruptor is still there shitting it all up with his autism, starting fights and belittling everyone else constantly. So I'm still out. Maybe someday you'll ban the idiot or get a mod who actually pays attention and I'll come back. There's no chance for a conversation with this guy here–he's an asshole autist who hides behind his anonymity to say stupid crap, ruin the signal/noise ratio and generally waste people's time as well as his own.

TL;DR: of course this board's dying, some asshole takes an angry impotent dump on every thread on here. Everyone is opting to spend their time elsewhere to avoid this angry disrespectful childish shithead.



Example? I'm not arguing, just wondering which shmuck you're talking about.



Well, I browsed this thread

Alternatives to the Internet


and was pretty disappointed by the level of discourse

To pinpoint the specific douche I'd have to go back to the old threads (EDIT: they're gone it seems) but simply seeing this one guy claiming that jews aren't real and fighting an entire board for no reason other than to sow division just makes me give up on this place. I'm not a racist and I don't care if the Jews are real or not (they are btw), but this one guy just seems to love to fight anyone over anything and he comes here to do it. So I leave because he makes this place more toxic than the racist guy who said "the jews own hollywood" (or whatever the douche's opponent said originally).



We could lose the whole kike-nigger-shazbot discourse and the board would be better for it. I don't fucking care if you're racist or not, this just isn't the place ,fuck off back to /pol/ or wherever.

I feel like the entire internet is being fucking ruined by bigots and idiots who think it's worth arguing with them.

From the Cyberpunk Manifesto: "We exist without skin color, without nationality, without religious bias…" I thought we /cyber/ was supposed to be looking past all that.



You nailed it, bro



I get the feeling it's part of a wider battle to discredit certain sites, to sow dissent, and create anger which will further justify cracking down on alternative discourse channels.



>We exist without skin color, without nationality, without religious bias

We don't though. Accept the truth.



I think here, we do. I know a black dude who bitches about niggers just to prove how many 'white& people agree with him.

People do that shit all the time. I bet half the people bitching about kikes and niggers are Jews and blacks.

But we don't know, because that shit doesn't exist here.

You bring it with you. It isn't real here.



Cyberpunks are more individualists than communal so subscribing to manifestos isn't really it.


File: efa3ac0e3dbefa7⋯.jpg (161.59 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, postapocgirl.jpg)


>From the Cyberpunk Manifesto: "We exist without skin color, without nationality, without religious bias…"

CTRL-F "bias"


Nope. I don't know what you're quoting.

Are you thinking of the Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace?




Think he meant Hacker manifesto



Yeah, they're so individual that being a Cyberpunk isn't actually a thing.



Megachan died like 5 years ago. RIP.

If Ryce is on here, thanks for running it for as long as you did buddy. I miss it.


>just ignore the data bro


The hacker manifesto is cringe written by an edgelord who thought being good at computers was a political statement



Ideas are the point of the internet, and it's literally idiotic to say blacks or muslims or whatever can't have cool ideas. The internet is the most egalitarian medium ever–I can't see if the other person is male or female or transgender; black or white; christian, jew, muslim, atheist; rich or poor; disabled or not; etc. It is only in this free market of knowledge and ideas that their thoughts are all that matters, not how they look. It is a fair medium where the best thoughts will eventually win out and the inferior thoughts will die away. If the muslim religion is the best it will eventually win by convincing the rest of us; if not, we'll ridicule it and it will be gone. Same with capitalism, communism, and fascism and all other ideas.

When I'm talking about a cool mod someone did to their Linux desktop, I'm not starting the conversation with "before I allow you to help me, what color are you, where are you from, what religion are you, are you left wing or right wing, etc" And if someone's helping me fix my WiFi, I don't really care if they don't like my politics, we have a common interest and we bond over that rather than focus on the things that divide us. And even here, there are piles of little things that could divide us. We have to choose to ignore them if we want to succeed at anything in life. If I tell you I run Ubuntu and you refuse to talk to me because you have a religion called Gentoo, then immediately our conversation is done and neither of us learns anything from the other and neither of us improves. We all lose because of our tendency to get unnecessarily offended. The only real exception is of course the guys who purposely cause fights without contributing anything, because they are just here to disrupt the system of learning. I'm not offended by them, they just ruin everything by being themselves. They haven't evolved to the point where they can discuss things rationally and intelligently yet. Hopefully they do.


File: 160c57c038afe90⋯.jpg (78.91 KB, 576x1024, 9:16, rad.jpg)


I image searched your 'postapocgirl' screenshot and it only listed the board. Pray tell friend, what game is this?



The graphics and assets are from Half-Life 2 (Source engine), so it's safe to assume that this screenshot was made in Garry's Mod.



I didn't get it from a game, I got it from Google Image search.



Woah, I almost want to exchange emails with you, this is exactly how I feel the future of the internet should be.

What I feel like I have learned from multiple thriving communities is that it is like a cellular automata, meaning that you just have to be in the right place at the right time. People, join together into little shortlived subcultures that are very vibrant while they exist, but then when they die, those people go to other places and form different little 10-40 person groupings that do even more coolshit in a differently combined way. Evolution is not an issue with communities, having nostalgia is the issue. Don't fret for a community that is already past on, move to the next and put your all into it.


OP here.

I didn't realise it was nearly one month since last time I checked the thread.



>one month since last time I checked the thread

Shit! Guys, are you serious ?

I check the board everyday to see if someone replied on a thread but nothing is changing!

Shutdown the board already



I had some trouble and lots of changing going on in real life… got distracted and didn't really check any board. I'm still putting my shit together



>I had some trouble and lots of changing going on in real life…

Well, I think this is the difference between interesting people like you and uninteresting guy like me.



>I think this is the difference between interesting people like you and uninteresting guy like me

Not really. I simply used to be something close to a robot, and now I'm rather forcefully far away from home, trying to get something done in life, and not in a particulary fun context, to be honest.

But enough blog posting.



Funny I have a bit of a routine everyday that I use as my "I have allotted x amount of time to shitposting when I first am waking up in the morning and I'm not yet prepared mentally to start programming" list of sites I check for about 3-5 minutes a piece. This is one of them. I always feel a bit surprised when it moves slowly, although I have no idea why that would surprise me. Everyone just up and left to the Lainchans I guess, those are pretty alive.


File: 2a20603f0fdcbb7⋯.jpg (129.67 KB, 484x515, 484:515, 2a20603f0fdcbb77571e2856ee….jpg)


this is it. comes down to board owners not laying out some rules about what it's about, cyberpunk means a lot more than it did not so long ago. Pick a direction and let those who want and share the belief follow.

for me, we are already living cyberpunk, in europe for sure, america was lagging behind but it caught up. cyberpunk isn't a non existent fashion or reminder of 90s 80s shitwave "hacking" movies or some fucking fantasy, we're here and now we're surviving and fucking with it. but some faggots have other ideas about cyberpunk


Whether people hate lainshitters or not, lainchan.org has improved tremendously in quality and content ever sense all the little SJWs left. I have found myself going there for reasons other than just to laugh lately.



Eh, we maybe got all the shitty parts of the cyberpunk, but I still want to have all it's schway parts too.

And 80s-90s, for the most part, were way more schway than contemporary age of iCloudopocalypse.


File: 1ce0c99f27e59fb⋯.gif (1.71 MB, 500x500, 1:1, 1ce0c99f27e59fb389d4340c35….gif)





focusing on the normie, surface shite when the rabbit hole goes soo much deeper.

what a tiny little world you live in



For several decades now every major player in CS and IT world had it as their quest to take away access to computers from users (through hardware botnetting of "Trusted Computing", layers upon layers of leaky abstractions in code or by wrapping everything in retarded unflexible interfaces, while unironically calling it all "user friendly"), and you call it normie surface shite.



I disagree a little with the first paragraph and the darwinist approach to ideas. I feel like the internet is also largely a place for people to go discuss and share things, not primarily based off an arms race to find the most superior ideas.

But nevertheless, this is still a hugely underrated view and something that I hope more people will come to see. On a platform with such levels of anonymity people should have the ability to talk with freedom from their ideas being discriminated against because of their race etc, but instead many take the opportunity to shit on other races/religions/political views while not wanting to engage in a rational discussion about it, using the anonymity as a shield to escape the need for a filter that allows a rational and successful discussion.



Hacker ethic is extremely meritocratic and anarchistic. (it also doesn't do affirmative action).



How do you create cyberpunk ?



>back to pol retards still try



File: 6d10a905a6a372b⋯.jpg (125.26 KB, 736x1101, 736:1101, 1508875124100.jpg)


how do we get started?


I've been here for years, I check at least on a weekly basis, but I mean, kind of hard to say much since you still get threads from 2-3+ years ago still getting replies.


File: 88c79dd6245ebf6⋯.gif (66.69 KB, 480x480, 1:1, af2d3dbbf97a13357d6bed69c8….gif)

no pls don't die on me I literally lurked for two years before posting



>I literally lurked for two years before posting

Did you really?



TL;DR no but there's a two years gap between my first visit and my first post

Well I wasn't lurking on /cyber/ for two years straight but I started lurking on imageboards in 2015 with 8ch, and /cyber/ was one of my favourite boards back then. Then when /hebe/ got nuked 8ch was dead for a while so I got off to 4chan and lainchan. Now I'm getting real tired of both so yep I'm starting to post here two years after having heard of it.



>I started lurking on imageboards in 2015




You actually should lurk.



>dead board

>haha fuck newfags who have only been channing for 3 years




all newfags are cancer who only serve to ruin the little culture thats left, just like this >>49837


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