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File: 313fbcf34c79f91⋯.jpg (339.82 KB, 860x1214, 430:607, 62225293_p0.jpg)


Welcome to the /hentaiporn/ Meta Thread! This thread is to talk about the state of the board: any present issues, inquiries, concerns about my moderation and the rules, etc. All issues should be addressed here. Attempts to make new threads about the current meta of the board will likely have you redirected here. Now onto the rules:

By posting in this community you must agree to abide by the following Rules and Guidelines: https://8ch.net/hentaiporn/rules.html. If you do not abide, your posting privileges may be restricted.

You MUST be 18+ years old to post on this board!

/hentaiporn/ is an art board for sexually explicit and pornographic content. Keep the images posted relevant to the board and thread's subject matter.

## Rules

1. The 8chan Global Rule (https://8ch.net/globalrule.html) MUST be followed. Do not post, request, or link to any content that is illegal in the United States of America!

2. No spamming, botting, or flooding of any kind. Do not call for raids and do not advocate, post, or link dox.

3. Do not deliberately attempt to shit up certain threads or constantly derail certain topics.

4. Do not excessively feed any trolls. Report any perpetrators and move on. The same goes for spam bots.

5. Do not deliberately attempt to bait others. Excessive flaming, namecalling, insulting, and vitriol hurled against each other over mere pornographic images will not be tolerated.

6. While it's okay to not like a certain artwork and express it, do NOT derail threads and excessively attack others over arguments about liking certain artworks, franchises, characters or romantic pairings. These will not be tolerated. At the end of the day we are here to fap, not bicker.

7. Do not import drama from other sites or 8chan boards here. Do not export drama here to other sites or 8chan boards.

8. Context should be provided for all unconventional files linked here.

9. Do not link to scams. Any suspicious attempts to ask for money or crowdfunding will also likely be seen as a scam.

10. Do not create threads specifically advertising Lolicon/Shotacon content.

11. Images relevant to the topic of the thread that feature more extreme fetishes like scat or guro can be posted but should be spoilered.

12. Stay on topic. Having the discussion stray too far off the thread's intended topic or posting content that is not at all related to the thread's subject matter will be moderated.

13. If you make any duplicate threads it may get bumplocked, locked or deleted and you will be linked to the already preexisting thread. Make sure to always check the Catalog: https://8ch.net/hentaiporn/catalog.html to make sure a thread you want to create doesn't already exist. Threads made just to ask for source or a request are also treated as duplicate threads, and are generally discouraged and will be moderated unless the thread has a clear unique theme to facilitate discussion and enough content outside of the initial request to justify it's existence. Use the pinned sticky thread for all other requests instead.

14. Do not make threads to solely advertise other imageboards/chans, sites, forums, discords, or any other communication channels. Posting other related communities including discords in relevant threads is somewhat tolerated but do not overdo it.

15. All content posted here must be available for free. Do NOT attempt to wall off or paygate any content. Do NOT request funding as an exchange for content. This board is for sharing, go elsewhere if you are bragging that you have content but won't share it or that people need to come join another communication platform to get it.

16. Do not create threads about the meta of 8chan or /hentaiporn/, as these threads will be either immediately bumplocked, locked or deleted. Direct all discussion of the state of /hentaiporn/ in this pinned Meta Thread.

17. Attempts to evade any bans will get you immediately banned again with harsher punishment.

18. Cartoons and Hentai only. Real porn featuring real people is offtopic to this board.

## Miscellaneous

- The Global Report is ONLY for reporting Child Pornography, Credit Cards numbers, Social Security numbers, or Banking information! Do not waste the 8chan global volunteers (https://8ch.net/glovols.html) time by filling it with reports unrelated to what I listed above! Every other issue with the board is to be handled by me.

- If you feel there is any issue, do not forget to use the Report Function. This guarantees that I will likely see the issue you are trying to draw attention to. That said, I will also dismiss reports that I feel aren't imperative or do not break any rules, so be forewarned.

- Board Owners do not handle DMCA requests, that is solely handled by 8chan Administration and them alone. Therefore I have no jurisdiction over any posts that get deleted because of a DMCA request, fraudulent or not, and therefore there is nothing I can do. You can look on >>>/delete/ for all DMCA requests levied against 8chan as a whole.

- Begging for images or leaks is HEAVILY discouraged. Please be patient when waiting for new works.

- Try not to give leakers too much of a hard time. They try their best to get content otherwise unavailable out there for you. Be considerate. That said, this doesn't give leakers a pass to be egotists, purposely withhold content, or make drama.

- Before making a new thread to continue from a preexisting old one, make sure the old thread is almost full before doing so. My personal recommendation would be to start the preparation of making a new thread when the old one at least has more then 650+ posts.

- All rules and guidelines are to be taken at the Board Owners/Board Volunteers interpretation, and will have the final say on any dispute. However, if you disagree with the actions, decisions, or interpretations made by the Board Owners or any Volunteers then you are encouraged to discuss them in this thread. If you are banned and feel your ban was unjust, you are encouraged to appeal your ban. There is no guarantee that appealing your ban will lift the ban, however.

- I have the right to add, remove, amend or change any rule and guideline I see fit. However, if a rule get's changed or adjusted I will likely post about the change here.

Post last edited at


Previous Meta threads from previous Board Owners, for those curious:



Previous Rules and Guidelines from previous Board Owner, for those curious:


These rules are for the most part similar to the previous ruleset and a bit expanded upon, I didn't want to trample all over the established rules too much.

Post last edited at


I apologize for being so silent and the slow to start about getting things running once I acquired it. Despite having the board I didn't want to act too much until I got a competent rule list set up first before going all in.

Still, there was a lot of drama that took place during the holiday season, so I took the liberty to clean that up even before everything was set up. I also locked/deleted some threads that seemed off topic, and I also cleared out the report queue to give myself a fresh restart. I didn't bother to go back and mod anything from 2016 or early 2017, nor did I moderate any other present issues and only mainly tackled more on the spam side. From now on it will be full moderation with the current rules above intact.

Make sure to check the OP and the rules (https://8ch.net/hentaiporn/rules.html) periodically if I decide to edit, reword, or change things.


File: ee7e718bc223119⋯.jpg (84.43 KB, 720x960, 3:4, Busty White Knight by Kach….jpg)

Something I wanted to do when I first got this board but ended up forgetting because I am a dummy.

Updated the Rules and Guidelines (https://8ch.net/hentaiporn/rules.html) with some banning guidelines, for those who want a very general outlook on how things are run here. These are only guidelines and the severity, whether less or more then shown there will still be up to my discretion. Offending posts may be deleted as well as to not leave too much clutter in the threads. Users who repeat offenses will likely result in worse punishments then the guidelines show or obtain more longterm and permanent bannings.

As always, check the rules periodically if there are any minor edits to this. Outside of some format updates (like with more bold font now) this is the only change done so far and it's merely an addition, I haven't edited anything else in there as of yet.

Post last edited at


Heads up to those reporting alleged posts that violate the rules:

Any post made before the day I created this Meta Thread (February 18th, 2018) is a rule violation that has a high chance of being ignored. As I said when I first got this board, before I made my rule list the only major moderation I did on posts made before my moderation were purging the heavy spam drama that erupted during the Holidays, and I plan to keep those the only exceptions. I don't believe it's productive to moderate a lot of the previous posts that were before my time, and will just leave many of them as is. There are many past posts that now would have likely been moderated but there's no point in going back and it's much more productive to just focus on the present violations as they come.

I apologize for not making this clearer earlier.


I would like to request a Loud House thread plz


File: cefddbd75a6076a⋯.jpg (269.5 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, ohgl7e7I851v72jt2o1.jpg)



At the top there's an option to create a thread. Fill out the Subject, write the description of the thread in the Comment box, fill out the captcha verification and make sure you upload a lewd image related to the thread (in this case Loud House).



I would like to request for a latex/rubber/bondage thread. Is that okay?


File: 477518021335743⋯.jpg (202.9 KB, 1009x1404, 1009:1404, 70083850_p0.jpg)


Just as long as you keep it Cartoon/Hentai, sure. Real pornography featuring real people is off topic for this board


(Deleted my own previous post because I forgot the capcode)


File: a766c00e4f76259⋯.png (903.72 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, 70792160_p1.png)

(Forgot the Capcode again so deleted the previous post)


#1: Rules have been modified. By modified, there's now just one more additional caveat to Rule #13, and it's regarding request threads. Here's the rule, which will also be edited into the OP of this Meta Thread:

13. If you make any duplicate threads it may get bumplocked, locked or deleted and you will be linked to the already preexisting thread. Make sure to always check the Catalog: https://8ch.net/hentaiporn/catalog.html to make sure a thread you want to create doesn't already exist. Threads made just to ask for source or a request are also treated as duplicate threads, and are generally discouraged and will be moderated unless the thread has a clear unique theme to facilitate discussion and enough content outside of the initial request to justify it's existence. Use the pinned sticky thread for all other requests instead.

From now on, there will be a dedicated thread ( >>14360 ) for all minor requests and sauce inquiries that do not fit in the already established threads, and most threads made as mere requests will be treated the same as a duplicate thread. I have edited a previously created thread with the appropriate subject title and promoted it as a Pinned Sticky for this very purpose to handle requests. There are exceptions to this caveat, however. A thread that begins with a request can likely stay alive if the entire purpose of the thread expands beyond that mere request, if the thread is clearly themed and defined which has not been seen on the board before to facilitate content, and if enough content is posted. This thread ( >>8866 ) is a decent example of this in motion. While it began as just a thread requesting some artist's Patreon posts, it later could also function as an all encompassing thread for Patreon leaks that, to my knowledge, didn't exist prior to that thread and much content was filled in it to justify it's existence. At the end of the day, it will be up to my discretion if it warrants a thread. Most won't, so better to be safe and post it in the sticky.

#2: Wordfilters. When I first got my hands on the board, I had noticed that a few wordfilters were in place. While some were kept because of the on-going spam at the time I acquired it and felt it was best to ride it out until the dust settled to deal with it later, other wordfilters I had deleted immediately because I felt they were unnecessary on a website of such infamy like 8ch. Or, so I thought.

This may be difficult to visualize exactly what I'm talking about here but see, I didn't realize that just deleting the word that the word was supposed to filter into was not enough: you have to delete the entry entirely, including the word that was supposed to be filtered. If you only delete the word, any time an anon tries to use that word, it will just be empty and nothing happens, creating weirdly created sentences that has a missing word. I didn't know this, so when I saw anons originally complain about there being a wordfilter for certain terms, I ignored it and thought it was just someone trying to stir shit up, since I was confident I deleted the entry. However that actually wasn't the case. I just tested this myself to confirm that it does indeed still filter, but nothing get's posted and words are just blank (if you look at the moderation history right now, "Deleted post #33864" was my test of this).

For now, the only word filters still in place are ones that were added supposedly in attempt to stop certain spambots that would plague this entire website by spamming CP at the time. Fun fact: you can check which wordfilters are currently in place on this board (or any board on 8ch for that matter) by typing in https://8ch.net/settings.php?board=hentaiporn. It will show you every filter among other things. Right now most of the wordfilters that were in place were finally deleted, but you can see what I'm talking about with the few stragglers left, which to my knowledge are just bots.

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