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Circlejerk in the megathread amongst other things


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Watch out for cyber creatures

File: c6a266bb912c06e⋯.gif (1.55 MB, 600x338, 300:169, 23.gif)


Sumi is cute edition!



I don't even know the differences between those X3

Standard is "last two editions only"? Draft is where people construct decks by drawing cards from a pool?


File: 95bd00c497efacc⋯.mp4 (1.79 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, ludenap.mp4)

Good job new thread creator.


File: e7495c7671ce42e⋯.jpg (49.85 KB, 380x380, 1:1, sk1426890960129.jpg)

>work starts again in 11 hours




Good luck.



10 hours for me ;~;


A Frenchie?! Who are you? o:


>When you don't know what avatar to use




Someone new.


File: 8ca1b8117c72d6d⋯.png (45.35 KB, 403x403, 1:1, sk1426890959412.png)


I'll live. At least it gets me money!


riiip. And I also need to walk the dog before going to bed, and shower, and maybe clean up the kitchen a bit. Not being a NEET is a hassle!


The one you used at first! Guy with the weird eyes.



>Weird eyes

I deleted that folder ages ago.


File: 83387818a24043e⋯.png (241.42 KB, 512x384, 4:3, 1499633500127.png)



Fair enough, unless that's a trick, in which case it's unfair. Hello you.


Oh, sucks to be you, at least I don't have to do either of those! I think. I showered earlier and doge has been walked.


The girl with tentacles?


File: c206f7116b43c75⋯.jpg (436.27 KB, 800x948, 200:237, __hakurei_reimu_touhou_dra….jpg)

I know. I'll just use Reimu! :^)


File: bb453feea2cc095⋯.jpg (46.36 KB, 522x673, 522:673, 5ae907bf509bd06821250a210f….jpg)


Meh, I've grown a bit tired of her. I haven't really cropped from the comic either. Perhaps I'll just use my waifu for now.


File: 435ce522e7bdee7⋯.png (171.92 KB, 600x431, 600:431, 1499399772051.png)


please do

you migh have reimus i dont have


File: f05f9cb97b23d9e⋯.png (353.8 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, IMG_781.png)


Being a wageslave is suffering.


No trick involved. I'm really french.


File: fff864bc86bc8a0⋯.png (275.02 KB, 475x475, 1:1, sk1426890959736.png)


Aw. Alright, I don't know then! Also

>deleting reaction images

Jeeeez. I even have all of Bandage's Karens, still!


This particular dog is a little dork, so she kinda needs a walk right before bed too, or else she'll start whining super early tomorrow morning. Used to be that I'd just take that opportunity to smoke, but now that I've stopped it's mostly a hassle!


File: 1dca077a2523bfb⋯.png (3.01 MB, 1918x1080, 959:540, moetan23.png)


yeah, basically. EDH is called "commander" since WotC decided to jew in on it, used to be a casual format invented by players. 100 card decks in the colors of one legendary creature who acts as a "commander", no repeats of any cards in the deck other than basic lands. traditionally played with 4-6 people. it's a lot of fun, very casual where games generally never are the same twice.


File: b9f5b4992dffc6c⋯.png (239.66 KB, 516x606, 86:101, 7545f6b0fdd009a0a9f835c98a….png)


I wouldn't know tbh. I just save folders whenever they are posted and have them for safekeeping.


Wait, reaction images? Perhaps I'm thinking of the wrong weird eyes person.


File: 3c561897ad47968⋯.png (277.34 KB, 583x600, 583:600, sk1426890959560.png)


Oh, maybe? I was thinking of the professor-looking guy, gray-haired maybe, oldish anime character. Gray suit maybe?


File: 9a9c3147db2f9d8⋯.gif (2.43 MB, 1279x720, 1279:720, shudder giphy.gif)


Hmm, I see I see.


Well rats. Hello new person. Who or what lured you in here?


Oh, I see. Well at least she whines instead of just peeing.

I imagine it must be.


Oh, I see. What is the point of the commander? What role does it play?


File: 44e1685d19782f8⋯.jpg (65.59 KB, 679x960, 679:960, 44825140_p0.jpg)


Yeah that guy is gone. Kureo Mado was his name, from Tokyo ghoul. Pretty nice anime actually. I have another folder from the same.



How are you Rumor? Its been some time now.


some faggot on discord wanted us to raid this page fyi



File: 5e4500f89255ae6⋯.png (324.88 KB, 442x553, 442:553, 1499442361943.png)


I browsed the front page and I just found this board.




File: 294fc93af11d6b2⋯.png (41.63 KB, 173x279, 173:279, chrome_2017-07-07_21-29-18.png)

what a high velocity raid


I am gay.


File: 3241f9092339888⋯.png (170.38 KB, 357x437, 357:437, sk1426890959625.png)


Yeah, she's a pretty damn good dog, I've gotta give her that.


Ah yeah, that's the guy! White hair rather than gray, and a gray coat rather than a gray suit, but I remembered him well enough!

That works too!


Uh okay. Wow, you sure showed us. Consider us thoroughly raided.


Yep! But I'm a sort of managerish dude for two more weeks, while the actual guy is on vacation, so it's hella more chill now.


File: ab4e117cc600449⋯.png (229.98 KB, 529x900, 529:900, 43243.png)


sits in a command zone, you can play it for it's mana cost at any time, so usually decks are fairly centered around it's abilities. it's fun, you should try it some time, but you need access to 2-3 other people with decks.


this is why you will never be cool


File: 8595cdb2a9e21e2⋯.jpg (105.83 KB, 640x780, 32:39, e20ee42fed67d3bb7809adff43….jpg)


I'm sleepy, kinda. But I don't wanna sleep yet even though I do have stuff to do early tomorrow.



Good stuff. I spent these last months in an IT company as software developer. That ruined me.

Fortunately, I'm on vacation now.


File: de9b8474134fda1⋯.jpg (118.45 KB, 700x700, 1:1, sk1426890959821.jpg)


Same here, tbh. If I go to sleep now, tomorrow will just come sooner!


O-oh, I was about to say that it sounded kinda neat! But I'm guessing it was all stress and overtime work all the time?


File: fd00c7bd4ba1b92⋯.jpg (82.14 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)


say something in baguette


File: 9c270b2a02ef69d⋯.jpg (647.03 KB, 666x1000, 333:500, bffadb8cddc411e4cdca068158….jpg)


Exactly. Sunday has just passed too fast.


>tfw forget to reply

S-sorry lads.


Oi. Yeah I am okay I suppose. Not looking forward to work though, meh. You?


That's dangerous! Gotta be more careful.


Mhm! How old is she?


Aha, I see. But you said you construct the decks on the spot?


File: 32e6fafd0814139⋯.jpg (654.38 KB, 729x986, 729:986, 6b7b56a241b4bdd5b45a05d15c….jpg)



Same, I'd love to just be up at late and then sleep through the day. But I need to get through it.


File: fe59cab851bbc24⋯.png (600.71 KB, 740x796, 185:199, Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at ….png)


kek, it's fine! And thanks for asking, since that let me snoop through the owner's pics for the earliest pic of her! Which was from 2010, so she's like 7 or 8, I suppose.


Not long till next weekend, though! Just a full working week! Now excuse me while I go jump out a window


File: 16562dc05e65161⋯.png (201.14 KB, 490x380, 49:38, 1467462977327.png)


It's what it is fam, 's what it is.


Aha, I see o: So she's not your hound?



J'aime bien ce genre de questions. J'ai l'impression d'être important en tant que français.


No, I wasn't working overtime. But, my colleages were quite stressful (it was a small company) and I had to do some deliveries in Paris. Sometimes, I even had to do hardware installations for the clients even I'm not qualified for this. Thanks boss.


File: 0e1f0082959c275⋯.jpg (439.43 KB, 1003x1416, 17:24, a93f3c00377c1d16036af13179….jpg)


Don't do that!


Yeah I suppose.

I'm gonna play vidya till bed.


File: 6d94fc71e43332b⋯.jpg (338.56 KB, 624x624, 1:1, sk1426890960247.jpg)


Oh, no! I have a cat. This little doggy dork is just one that I watch from time to time, and I lived with her and her owner for a year too, at one point, so we know each other well!


Aah yeah, that tends to happen. People just being given tasks to do and nobody caring if they actually know how. Which is of course what's happening to me too, suddenly going from assistant to logistics manager with no formal training. Fun!


I won't, of course! I'm just on the second floor anyway. And sleep well!


File: 1e9efcdd73305ad⋯.jpg (51.82 KB, 280x280, 1:1, 1499971826685.jpg)


a real life baguette

post your discord or steam baguette so i can annoy you to send me french vocaroos and what not all the time



Malrighty, have fun Cherub boy.


Oooh, I see. That's nice of you ^.^

>People just being given tasks to do and nobody caring if they actually know how. Which is of course what's happening to me too

That's what's been happening with me! Though I guess the standing in I dod isn't that hard. But it gets hectic!

First a colleague of mine had a week off and I had to check his mails and pass them along and do a bit of other stuff. Then he returned and two days later, another one goes on vaccation for ten days and I do parts of his stuff, this time in the warehouse, oeven learning to operate this electric forklift-like thing. Then he returns for two days, and then the next day they're both gone for a day! Then the warehouse guy returns but the first guy is gone for the whole week! And my small silly brain is getting too full of things I need to remember to do and I forget and then get in trouble and then I get in trouble for not doing something no one implied I was supposed to do and fuck you guy if you asked me about this and we sat down to think it through a little the company wouldn't lose money pointlessly but you're my boss so I guess I won't actually tell you this but sonofabitch this is getting stressful!

I'm better now.


File: 925eab1a495f325⋯.jpg (118.03 KB, 981x720, 109:80, IMG_110.jpg)


B-but that's private ..


File: 66736c5b4872c83⋯.jpg (167.02 KB, 571x800, 571:800, 1499029496208.jpg)


privately send it :D


tfw depressed and really want to get high again

rip me


File: 2ee14eea6ac3355⋯.png (181.27 KB, 450x450, 1:1, sk1426890959716.png)


Aack yeah. That kind of thing. I won't start talking about it since I just get frustrated. Most illustrating example:

>hey skandi, are we on a different mail schedule now?

>huh? i don't know, what do you mean?

>i just noticed that the mail has stayed in the box for a week without you sending it out





File: fc4ba5faa0a3862⋯.png (1.85 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1498236687396.png)


nah that's for sealed or draft. EDH decks are too complicated to do like that usually.


File: 221c19747fa87c4⋯.png (141.07 KB, 290x348, 5:6, IMG_102.png)


It was one of my first job. And, I'm still waiting for my pay.


File: cb16cb68357762f⋯.png (249.64 KB, 365x530, 73:106, sk1426890959571.png)


Ack. So being a wage slave, without even having gotten your wage yet. Hard stuff!



It's awful, awful I say! Glad that they are both coming to work tomorrow.

I know such feels! They're terrible feels! Why do they do this to us Skandi? Whyyyyyyy…


Ahh, I see I see. The every-card-only-once thing sounds fun though, mhmm. It is a game like any other otherise though? 20 hit points and that's it? (well plus a finite deck)


File: 734b7f3fb4b21be⋯.png (231.91 KB, 419x419, 1:1, sk1426890959604.png)


Because they've got no formal training program ready, and don't know how to train people! Thankfully, the guy I took over from had written a sort of "guide" last year, that is still comically inadequate, but it's helped a little bit!

Plus you just gotta think, the more work you take over, the more you can put on your CV!



That's the ticket.

Hmm, or talk about at interviews I suppose. Not sure that standing in for colleagues counts as something to put next to your jobs! It's a job experience though for sure.


File: 2055d97ffebf3ae⋯.png (74.93 KB, 838x578, 419:289, Anal_circumference (2).PNG)

I just remembered FATAL. What a giant mess that was.


In my case it kinda does, since it's for three weeks at least! But it's worse when it's just a day or two here and there.


File: bdcd03743e33fcf⋯.jpg (30.87 KB, 184x220, 46:55, all better.jpg)


>I just remembered FATAL. What a giant mess that was.

Hah. I meant to use it to romance a fellow Czech guy! Learn fatal to show my commitment, you know.

Aha, I see. Well, so much the better for you at least X3


File: 17ed5cd735d7c47⋯.png (154.25 KB, 361x361, 1:1, sk1426890959449.png)


… Wait, he liked FATAL? Good thing you didn't get together with him, if so. He could at least have liked MYFAROG! Which also sucks ass, but at least is more indie.

Yep! Unless I actually get a job as a logistics manager, since I would be so incredibly awful.


File: 78e342f69efc2f6⋯.jpg (35.76 KB, 265x299, 265:299, 1499974185171.jpg)


File: a3b98706c79404e⋯.jpg (64.32 KB, 663x488, 663:488, DSC00420.jpg)


File: 0e8ef74775f85ed⋯.jpg (154.06 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1490638805101.jpg)



Nope, he never read it, or played any RPG, really. The idea was just to show commitment by doing something hard and awful X3

Oh jeez, don't be hard on yourself Skandi.

Well, anyways. Gotta go. Have a comfy night Skandi ^^


File: 7eb246b875d9642⋯.jpg (27.98 KB, 640x480, 4:3, IMG_20170702_233659.jpg)


File: 220a7bed5af1705⋯.gif (1.99 MB, 310x320, 31:32, 1496844900002.gif)


File: 3893280adf45a02⋯.png (5 MB, 2500x1404, 625:351, kat2.png)



I'll give you something hard and awful.

Sleep well!


File: d5f6615a27321a3⋯.jpg (143.36 KB, 808x960, 101:120, 1496761987565.jpg)


File: 85deb8bd995117e⋯.jpg (107.75 KB, 622x765, 622:765, gato-31-anos-3.jpg)


File: 4e06f6eb93bc2cc⋯.jpg (198 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, DC90p9lUwAIkom5.jpg)


bed time, mainly for you but me too since im kinda tired


File: 34b1d1d02f07c27⋯.jpg (82.68 KB, 604x425, 604:425, 1499265839149.jpg)



yea im going to bed soon too.


File: 509cfe20c6d2eba⋯.png (5.9 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ffxiv_dx11 2017-07-12 11-2….png)



File: ff8ff3dfd3536dd⋯.jpg (806.36 KB, 1536x1024, 3:2, Fishingcat11.jpg)


File: 42b2055da6ec678⋯.jpg (94.55 KB, 460x522, 230:261, 1500126467001.jpg)


wait is that a normal cat?

Looks like one of this wild cats.


File: a049dcf4d57d900⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1670x932, 835:466, unknown (1).png)


who dis


File: 9502e43f5555729⋯.jpg (41.97 KB, 436x500, 109:125, FishingCatDoNotWant.jpg)


It's a wild cat! Actually called a fishing cat. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fishing_cat

They're little fat weirdoes.


>Sometimes I pull on it so hard I rip the skin



File: ec7411aa2bc6ffe⋯.png (4.21 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ffxiv_dx11 2017-07-16 22-5….png)


you know dis, you yuge gay




File: bcfdc07bcceffe9⋯.jpg (112.3 KB, 500x324, 125:81, 1497460570001.jpg)


File: c2d0c3150c91958⋯.jpg (20.08 KB, 480x320, 3:2, Shiro_(longcat).jpg)



>Well, my daddy taught me a few things too, like how to not to rip the skin, by using someone else’s mouth instead of your own hands


File: 533c65cf11191e1⋯.png (399.24 KB, 700x960, 35:48, xy86.png)


Some nerd?


File: 15cb83c3e224c26⋯.jpg (47.13 KB, 733x520, 733:520, 18341883_1174388742688409_….jpg)




some tranny



File: ef741b36ff78f17⋯.png (1.51 MB, 940x1331, 940:1331, xyyh.png)


Which one? There are so many


File: 414e9771a20598f⋯.jpg (30.46 KB, 325x589, 325:589, 18157104_10208091492436926….jpg)


the one who just watched fate with you


File: ea44f2e631c00ee⋯.jpg (103.02 KB, 275x275, 1:1, sk1426890959757.jpg)


kek, I'm doing fine! What brings you back to this wretched hive of scum and villainy, then?


File: e6bacb915dc4fb2⋯.jpg (593.5 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, yg9n.jpg)


oh that one…


File: 66bb15a83defb58⋯.png (818.03 KB, 1280x906, 640:453, 19983361_503999729939302_7….png)


blame Bottas.. i mean Kimi wait ven that ven


same right?


File: 6e4eb5b284fe7b3⋯.png (294.02 KB, 526x526, 1:1, sk1426890959623.png)


Oh dear. I hope Venla isn't making you gay or anything. That'd be terrible.


File: 375712cf2dbf880⋯.jpg (30.24 KB, 479x480, 479:480, 18057006_10213126999229283….jpg)


he is that faggot


File: 3abafc501873444⋯.png (469.46 KB, 511x893, 511:893, slide1.png)


Same same


How would a straight cis male make someone gay hmmm?


File: 75dca6c2067b7ad⋯.jpg (1021.11 KB, 1306x900, 653:450, 48e955e309769d494ba87603e7….jpg)


c o s m i c


File: b7a4127316af4dd⋯.jpg (230.9 KB, 800x678, 400:339, 4KwVz96.jpg)




File: f04a82a8b780062⋯.jpg (35.65 KB, 320x320, 1:1, sk1426890959867.jpg)


rip in pisces.

Just make sure that you're the dominant one, at least, which shouldn't exactly be too hard.


I dunno, but then again you are none of those things. Except you have a dick, technically.


File: aee6dc37d25a4df⋯.png (306.1 KB, 674x887, 674:887, yhpa.png)


take that back you gay nerd


Hey! Some faith in my alleged identity please.


File: 21b2dcd6e5be374⋯.png (6.29 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ffxiv_dx11 2017-07-16 23-1….png)


im not really a dom

also dungeon time


File: 7861cb2a0aa4615⋯.gif (256.45 KB, 500x255, 100:51, sk1426890959440.gif)


Well, are you straight, cis, or male?


More of a dom than Venla is. And have fun!


File: fd00c7bd4ba1b92⋯.jpg (82.14 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

tfw cis male of privilege


File: ea60d8003c51a54⋯.png (736.79 KB, 1200x1600, 3:4, ygxo.png)


Shut up you bi.

I don't get dommed just by anyone!


File: 194cf11f910a41e⋯.png (4.92 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ffxiv_dx11 2017-07-12 12-1….png)



he hasn't taking hormones yet


File: b2f82a744430c43⋯.jpg (87.34 KB, 640x960, 2:3, 1499613763932.jpg)


you're supposed to check it at the door!


File: 11c8ba2b4b860e6⋯.jpg (47.94 KB, 328x550, 164:275, sk1426890959903.jpg)


Feels good!



You could get dommed by a ladybug!

Also, that is bi erasure, and I'm #offended now.


I know! I'm just doing a bit of bullying.


File: 83387818a24043e⋯.png (241.42 KB, 512x384, 4:3, 1499633500127.png)


you are white and im not

so i dont have to

you have to!


yes privilege is best


File: 747c8471d2039d6⋯.jpg (415.72 KB, 1048x1360, 131:170, y9b1.jpg)


Being bi isn't even real! You were just unsure of your homosexuality! :^)

I don't like your ignorance of my cosmic pride. I'm even more offended.

That's only because I'm afraid of bugs!


That's whiteist.


File: 85f7438bb1dd02c⋯.jpg (38.11 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 7bb70297566eec67efe6639876….jpg)


bully him lots…


File: b670c1e60830743⋯.jpg (337.75 KB, 750x750, 1:1, sk1426890960086.jpg)


I love it when I go on a train and I'm like "excuse me, could I get two seats so that I'll have room for my giant white dick", and the trans commie PoC who originally had the other seat has to stay in the bathroom for the rest of the trip.



I don't even know what cosmic pride is!

And yeah, I could totally get dommed by a spider, if only 'cause spiders are terrifying.


Always do!

And now I am going to walk the dog.


File: 8945eeb331e3961⋯.jpg (46.46 KB, 720x800, 9:10, ZKSM5zB.jpg)


File: c7607331be84982⋯.jpg (147.1 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, qxUhF5M.jpg)


Just to make sure you know it was a joke


getting dommed by the 8 legs of a hairy monster that has you tied in its' web uwu


File: 63f77727f897818⋯.png (5.39 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ffxiv_dx11 2017-07-16 23-2….png)

crap dungeon for retards


File: ce1f0d882fa9e6b⋯.jpg (86.77 KB, 620x349, 620:349, 6505722i.jpg)


worth it…


File: cfe212b0e2b04bb⋯.png (767.87 KB, 585x640, 117:128, cfe212b0e2b04bb76853922395….png)


So you say…

You'll be bullied one day…


File: 23e40094cc7ffc8⋯.jpg (76.17 KB, 850x1063, 850:1063, 18278200_468342080171734_9….jpg)


what ya got on me punk?


File: f0e85f4b2ef6eb3⋯.jpg (249.07 KB, 1181x1248, 1181:1248, QTbBXQh.jpg)


Frozen food connoisseur!


File: 831d8f9f0442a84⋯.jpg (12.33 KB, 300x222, 50:37, 19732322_145143009388914_5….jpg)


i didnt have a oven for ages


File: 9bebb7516d79ca5⋯.png (895.61 KB, 700x1200, 7:12, xoc6.png)


No defending yourself!


File: 95fe84cb716ffb5⋯.jpg (35.18 KB, 428x599, 428:599, 19657080_1535719099835655_….jpg)


or a freezer tbh


File: c908aff2f36703c⋯.png (480.41 KB, 650x1038, 325:519, xqni2pC.png)


That's defending yourself!


File: f25c80a6886f7f5⋯.jpg (378.06 KB, 748x486, 374:243, sk1426890960289.jpg)

Sleeping now.






File: e0952f8f2063fea⋯.jpg (173.62 KB, 1076x1536, 269:384, 18359309_1701511056529797_….jpg)


nighty night


hey didn't you eat frozen yesterday?


File: 43528d8bd3c7da8⋯.jpg (576.89 KB, 847x1102, 847:1102, 2gDtCyJ.jpg)


um…. no!


File: 489944ac4fde19d⋯.jpg (29.75 KB, 660x470, 66:47, 18921867_1681384112169184_….jpg)


dam uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you're a homo


File: 6b26fae1e3a8e1f⋯.jpg (345.84 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1489537197116.jpg)


File: 1cdcd7ef8a2de33⋯.jpg (75.63 KB, 680x960, 17:24, 19554123_1306670036118442_….jpg)


only if it has a dick!


File: 3f804ad6f8c9df6⋯.jpg (664.09 KB, 800x1228, 200:307, sIljxkg.jpg)


Anyways…….. Time for beddu tbh


File: 7e537eec35cf706⋯.jpg (125.57 KB, 1020x1440, 17:24, 18839752_962723297164126_7….jpg)


well i'll follow


File: 25ba214055d58db⋯.jpg (2.27 MB, 2896x1944, 362:243, 1500225164389.jpg)

File: d7f19684cebbdfd⋯.jpg (85.18 KB, 920x960, 23:24, 1499888697002.jpg)



File: 2e7496418be8e82⋯.jpg (496.05 KB, 600x900, 2:3, 1488968202445.jpg)


>missed blackjack posting



File: 1504dcdabaf0541⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 1499548596901.png)


File: 7c200641de65b80⋯.jpg (97.97 KB, 773x718, 773:718, 1423612881067.jpg)

The center of the universe has arrived.


>race mixing


File: 7a44d15d1b22526⋯.jpg (117.38 KB, 1520x1080, 38:27, 1382835109.jpg)


File: eddedd9150727e0⋯.jpg (417.6 KB, 758x775, 758:775, __yoshikawa_chinatsu_yuru_….jpg)


Give me attention.


File: 9f76550c6a09277⋯.png (1.81 MB, 962x743, 962:743, h6.png)


Here you go, mutt


File: 7f3acf33b79c49d⋯.png (134.08 KB, 500x500, 1:1, __yoshikawa_chinatsu_yuru_….png)


Have we talked before?



hey bit

how you doing?


File: cbd1ee2cec0ef4b⋯.gif (2.53 MB, 1005x742, 1005:742, 1478213757028.gif)




Laying in bed, you? Wanna role out but too warm


Oh how, fine I guess



not much, might go to bed soon because feeling bleh

just talking to people

you going to bed soon, or what?


File: 80b8b8be52a88a8⋯.jpg (619.12 KB, 4000x4000, 1:1, 1499158677511.jpg)


If you go to sleep this time! No I just woke up. Had some weird gta like dream man.


File: 9e4c908dc8b9c15⋯.jpg (591.03 KB, 1255x1324, 1255:1324, __yoshikawa_chinatsu_yuru_….jpg)


Who are you



hey, it's not my fault!

sometimes i'm just too depressed to sleep

my dreams are always weird af but i forget them instantly

why are you waking up this late?

i might start going to bed at 6 pm to wake up a bit after the gf does, but ehh


File: d9d3a2fd8d75dea⋯.jpg (227.12 KB, 901x1200, 901:1200, DBdzSl9U0AA7JWL.jpg)


Don't know


It's more I want to keep sleeping for me. Does the play games and passout work for you? That might be for the best. Just my sleep schedule atm. So you gotta stay up quite a bit to get that 6pm mark



if i'm too depressed i usually just play vidya until i'm more tired, but eh

i never actually pass out unless i stay up obscene amounts of time

it's 5 pm here in hawaii so i've got like an hour left :p

> Just my sleep schedule atm.

sounds loose

so do you go to college or anything?


File: 5b37bea90c7aa94⋯.png (192.94 KB, 627x470, 627:470, 1499910980206.png)


Me forgetting about timezones again! Yea you'll be fine then. Nope just a dirty neet man. Saw a part time for a school library so I might do that soon


File: d0e2fd519400095⋯.jpg (199.06 KB, 850x1182, 425:591, image-3.jpg)


lain is mega adorable


i posted it in hopes it would revive lewd

didnt work



probably good enough, assuming i can actually fall asleep

that'd be good

i'm a NEET right now but unless i find a place to stay i might be homeless again

i have someone who might be able to help me, but beh


File: d8514ed3a787789⋯.jpg (167.03 KB, 800x1060, 40:53, c243954c45c0769895ef478891….jpg)




Dont have any of those things that can help you sleep? Tea or those sleeping pills. Dont wanna be homeless again, hopefully they can


File: 83387818a24043e⋯.png (241.42 KB, 512x384, 4:3, 1499633500127.png)


isnt that the saliva girl?


File: 9c0b8fa69a7ed80⋯.png (251.51 KB, 500x537, 500:537, bib.png)


Drooling in my dreams



i've never used sleeping pills or anything, no

yeah, it was shit the last time

honestly i'll probably just try and OD again if it comes to it


File: 30c1b3361b50fdd⋯.gif (583.14 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 318.gif)


yes i would also love for her to drool on me


File: abb361ce8f52466⋯.jpg (326.02 KB, 743x960, 743:960, df340f82116fb38928e30908a8….jpg)


That tea will be best then.Explain


No drool for you


File: f8d2b9ccd1942a1⋯.gif (38.53 KB, 116x150, 58:75, 8d2ed53850d6b6bb45a8f3c283….gif)


you cant hog it all to yourself!


File: 316b60ebe3f0e73⋯.gif (2.98 MB, 500x240, 25:12, 1.gif)


None for you! Back in your cage!


File: 07003ae7e5b1af4⋯.gif (288.12 KB, 300x304, 75:76, e58da90a4b2026ecd140c5a5c2….gif)


w-what cage?



yeah, i haven't tried sleeping tea in years

maybe i should try again

i was homeless once before and it was shit

if i have to be homeless again i'll probably just try and overdose again and see if it takes


File: 50598c92251fa3d⋯.png (894.51 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, [HorribleSubs] Ballroom e ….png)


Cant say, whatever your heart follows


I never tried it at all but Mot told me about it and it turns out I had some in the drawer. No dont be mega dumdum


File: b94cea42f34ce7c⋯.png (30.08 KB, 616x569, 616:569, 8647e31ecefdec5cddf0ce6f23….png)


now im just getting bullied



File: 26ac75d6dbb1b0b⋯.webm (1.86 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Ghost (2).webm)


Go to bed!



usually i don't have any trouble unless i'm super upset, but eh

being homeless was shit lol

idk, i kind of have a possible housing option but they're not sure yet and i don't even know them that well


you getting up to anything now?


File: e00e24434d200c3⋯.jpg (2.11 MB, 3640x2384, 455:298, angererreimu.jpg)


but moooooooom


File: eb83d457673c36b⋯.png (94.09 KB, 640x480, 4:3, tumblr_oqmw9oWbyP1sfpssdo1….png)


Start getting to know them well! Soon it will get super cold outside! Unless things are different on that island. Hmm finally out of bed just gonna eat and play some gungeon


I thought the Fin was your mum


File: 2e4afebfe307691⋯.png (1.09 MB, 945x945, 1:1, 1463031774943.png)





it's not too cold in hawaii, except in the night

but yeah, housing is a must

i've never played gungeon

probably will get it someday, since the gf loves dungeon crawlers


File: e8b249492ff5524⋯.png (195.82 KB, 843x1034, 843:1034, 6e3b8628-30bc-4a4f-a02e-b6….png)


Ree im no fin


The seawater gonna sweep you away. Fug it was half off on Humble not to long ago. Its fun and it pretty much got me back into playing some games


File: da67d235c6487b1⋯.png (33.83 KB, 408x500, 102:125, 9a9e96d2dcde00824108826d1f….png)


im calling my mom ven ven because you are bullying me


moooooom bit is bullying me


File: a0c21cd4de450f7⋯.png (251.83 KB, 671x528, 61:48, tumblr_ot1z47kDXU1qgfprno3….png)


No Fin no drool


File: 5b2bcda657421ee⋯.jpg (111.78 KB, 600x379, 600:379, 868a837ae6300a9f2d518e92b1….jpg)


you have to be nice to me

or my mommy venven is gonna be mean to you too!



File: b55c12ffa58228e⋯.jpg (306.05 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, b55c12ffa58228eb250b879d3c….jpg)


He can't bully a banana


File: 3a934d93500f37b⋯.jpg (537.64 KB, 1000x1280, 25:32, 4bfdbd38d204ba17a3025965b6….jpg)


then bee nice !

im always nice to bit senpai

you always want to lock em up and stuff!



File: b90f8ab19ef5087⋯.png (602.98 KB, 824x1000, 103:125, C8gWqLuV0AAppex.png)


Not always! Reeing is banned, so is drool, and sleeping fins


File: 2b5315c5f9d14f3⋯.jpg (556.23 KB, 1024x1080, 128:135, 6ffaf3138cac0e38b900fa1859….jpg)


big bully bit

im telling mommy venven when he wakes up so he can tell you to not bully me no more


File: a8bb7b81e30f224⋯.png (280.64 KB, 540x664, 135:166, tumblr_osz4ydv0Ev1sknj7ho1….png)


He aint gonna do nuffin


File: 176375a1c95081f⋯.gif (39.09 KB, 58x75, 58:75, 1a31c66b997eeb0329e94fc4d4….gif)


beeeeee niiiicee D;


File: 960d1ffa2932860⋯.webm (2.99 MB, 618x248, 309:124, 1494899458678.webm)


File: 5db8f43896bdec8⋯.png (629.54 KB, 910x840, 13:12, 1499675574137.png)






bit manipulating the board to give me bad trips!


damn i want to trip rn


File: 5de0011137736e8⋯.webm (2.35 MB, 950x534, 475:267, Hair.webm)


Cursed forever to love armpits


File: 1e9efcdd73305ad⋯.jpg (51.82 KB, 280x280, 1:1, 1499971826685.jpg)


cursed forever to be bullied by bit


File: 7261d9aaa2c4426⋯.webm (1.68 MB, 720x720, 1:1, 1479434673960.webm)


That would be a blessing but im no bully!


File: 163df8f263d25a3⋯.png (193.95 KB, 1788x1761, 596:587, 78901ec61e4a62dea39e736e0e….png)


you literally called me satan

and told me to go back to the cage!

if that isnt bullying idk what is!


File: bded59fc80372fd⋯.jpg (44.86 KB, 540x304, 135:76, 1498777362536.jpg)


Just a prank, no harm


File: c07d428ac490f44⋯.png (487.16 KB, 1000x868, 250:217, 3d3ef6039eea0edd6ce7eeacfc….png)



ill believe you only because bit is bury nice!

anyways off to bed knwoing bit is nice :>


File: dc1636675963987⋯.jpg (958.71 KB, 960x1200, 4:5, 6ca103c8e1f842d4ddcf36f38b….jpg)



good night when you sleep bit! <3



Sleep well


File: 6ca2e811a702a11⋯.png (236.63 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 00eda1aea14cf6a5b2c4c61150….png)


ill keep you compnay at night tomorrow dont worry!

ok now night for reals zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


File: b05c4c2351710a3⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 1332x1863, 148:207, 0_cover.jpg)

File: 92f0977ba43b576⋯.png (208.09 KB, 835x1200, 167:240, 004.png)

July 16, 2017



(C70) [Yoru no Benkyoukai (Asurai Masaki, Fumihiro)] Gomouma (Renkin San-kyuu Magical Pokaan) [English] [SMDC]

GochiUsa 5-112

Maizuru 13 Foreign Ship Cooking Battle!

Met My Sister on a Dating Site Chapter 10


[Doki] New Game! - Chapter 48

[hkg-t] K-ON! Story Anthology Comic v01ch09

[Little Witch Academia Manga (Satou Keisuke)] Chapter 2

[Little Witch Academia Manga (Satou Keisuke)] Chapter 3

[Little Witch Academia Manga (Satou Keisuke)] Chapter 4

[Little Witch Academia Manga (Satou Keisuke)] Chapter 5


[Dining] 契約の魔女


File: 61727d6a789ff9c⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, [CCM] Kakegurui - 03v1.mkv….png)


>Dating Site



what exactly am i looking at




File: 8ab3d8b25554a84⋯.png (2.29 MB, 1364x2000, 341:500, yhlk.png)



File: 3d2eedc276d5376⋯.jpg (39.84 KB, 340x319, 340:319, 154.jpg)


Are you hungry?


File: ac6d11aa8d86f1c⋯.jpg (3.73 MB, 1628x2170, 814:1085, hIDZ9vl.jpg)




File: dd8d26b63f957c4⋯.jpg (42.49 KB, 280x322, 20:23, 20.jpg)


Better get eating then.


File: e3165861e2c37df⋯.jpg (90.02 KB, 936x585, 8:5, feHvtgc.jpg)




File: 7808a41bf002992⋯.jpg (57.15 KB, 350x373, 350:373, 5.jpg)


You'll just have to starve to death then.


File: a376f4434acaae7⋯.gif (264.93 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 1497021875915.gif)



That doesn't sound fun at all. Not at all.



hey, venya


File: b58c654e80ee443⋯.jpg (35.33 KB, 300x169, 300:169, 20 (2).jpg)


Then you better get to eatining!


File: cfe212b0e2b04bb⋯.png (767.87 KB, 585x640, 117:128, cfe212b0e2b04bb76853922395….png)




Fiiiiine…. After I watch my show.


File: 5a8be300b93f4b9⋯.jpg (41.77 KB, 350x256, 175:128, 168.jpg)


Start eating when you want really. Just don't starve yourself.



how you doing?

i've just been doodling all night


File: 91cbe030bc26e4e⋯.jpg (707.74 KB, 1200x849, 400:283, fem___plasmo_by_iumazark-d….jpg)


Yes daaad… Don't drink too much yourself.


Preeeetty numb now a days nothing special happening or going.

What you been doodling ya noodle


File: b1aa55dcf7fb72b⋯.jpg (21.6 KB, 280x350, 4:5, 105.jpg)


I said don't starve! As for drinking I'm always under control.


File: 3514b4349fc0bdf⋯.png (4.74 KB, 175x386, 175:386, narwhal.png)


same, just been playing vidya and talking to the gf

i really want to do lsd again lmao

a bunch of random stuff

for instance, i found one of my old fantrolls from like 2011 / 2012 and drew it for nostalgia's sake


File: 489944ac4fde19d⋯.jpg (29.75 KB, 660x470, 66:47, 18921867_1681384112169184_….jpg)


my bad


File: 747c8471d2039d6⋯.jpg (415.72 KB, 1048x1360, 131:170, y9b1.jpg)


I do what I want you oppressive step father!


How's the liquor store been.


Drugs are bad for you yo! Just tell gf to command you not to do drugs.

Cute troll girl. Doodle more!


Should have shared.



lsd is good! also not bad for you in any way.

especially when you're depressed all the time.

i drew like three things today but that was the best



File: e8ef195ba083b90⋯.jpg (736.33 KB, 1000x1305, 200:261, y9az.jpg)


Apparently it's supposed to help with depression memery

You'll get better the more you do it. Don't burn out though.


File: 9db61395ac79fd9⋯.jpg (206.77 KB, 640x458, 320:229, 1257853462.jpg)


Taking lsd more than once every couple of months is a good way to spiral into psychosis and other things because it increases the likelihood of bad trips that fuck you up completely


File: 2180c16bdcef76d⋯.jpg (45.65 KB, 500x457, 500:457, 19958950_1779514632065926_….jpg)


fly all the way here then

and play dress up


File: b1aa55dcf7fb72b⋯.jpg (21.6 KB, 280x350, 4:5, 105.jpg)


Do as you please I guess.

All right for the most post. Hate dealing with so much people.



meh, idk where you heard that from

a lot of people do it a ton for a few months and then lose interest


you mean lsd?

i get better slowly, even when i don't draw, but eh

i only draw a few things a week and then pause for months


File: e842fcfec0ebb94⋯.jpg (25.56 KB, 192x220, 48:55, 1344904204758.jpg)


I've done it a two dozen times nigga I know what I'm talking about

The more often you do it, the higher the chances of things going very wrong. It's not a completely safe drug like people say, but it can't physically fuck you up. Just mentally when things really go wrong. Also frequent use of LSD causes insomnia as that's part of the aftereffects, which in turn increases the possible bad effects even more.


File: e6bacb915dc4fb2⋯.jpg (593.5 KB, 675x1200, 9:16, yg9n.jpg)


Made any friends with customers?


So smug…


Yeah, some research gets posted every once in a while about it. Meanwhile I'm waiting to be called into some test group lole

Well that's ok. As long as it stays fun.


File: b0ef6ea5b5b1036⋯.jpg (132.52 KB, 1280x1293, 1280:1293, 18319177_1056473457830021_….jpg)



inb4 no u



ur a fag


test group for what?

idk, i just get bored of everything


we'll see i guess

might have to off myself in a few months anyway


File: b1aa55dcf7fb72b⋯.jpg (21.6 KB, 280x350, 4:5, 105.jpg)


File: b2f82a744430c43⋯.jpg (87.34 KB, 640x960, 2:3, 1499613763932.jpg)



listen to Pandora u fag


Well if they have research that lsd helps with depression memes they probably have a test group that they feed lsd to!


what kind of friendos


File: 6fc8b14eac4f7c2⋯.jpg (42.33 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 19029668_1551398314873068_….jpg)


if im a fag you're a fag


File: c1152cf3041aef8⋯.jpg (39.81 KB, 300x381, 100:127, 90.jpg)


I'll tell you later. My focus is a little hard at the moment.


File: 3ea8c35f3d1cf1b⋯.jpg (463.36 KB, 924x1000, 231:250, yeu6.jpg)


This isn't how it's supposed to go!


Aighty tighty you whitey


File: c9c20369fe21d9d⋯.png (218.23 KB, 479x676, 479:676, 9b3b3263d1c70d97a8a086e8fc….png)





hattie why are you such an agp slut


File: 93d5bc6f8d6d7a3⋯.gif (981.3 KB, 500x441, 500:441, eJwNycsRgyAQANBeKADYZTZ-Gv….gif)


Straight girls playing


File: c6bc46ced528fb7⋯.jpg (106.9 KB, 700x1016, 175:254, 19143805_1693573810950214_….jpg)


only whenmemeing


so a penis is completely straight?


File: 8fa1670da521e0b⋯.jpg (744.78 KB, 1063x1500, 1063:1500, RkyfHnh.jpg)


Straight penises!


File: 0daa8c176097436⋯.jpg (160.53 KB, 550x890, 55:89, pc_detail_6.jpg)


only woman can observe a penis as straight dummy baka…


File: 8a12a7ac8569658⋯.jpg (84.99 KB, 672x950, 336:475, xyyd.jpg)




File: 92c7a67ee99dfa1⋯.jpg (28.25 KB, 650x650, 1:1, 18199171_525813924474256_4….jpg)


File: 4628a57164d9e26⋯.png (998.68 KB, 700x1000, 7:10, xvf6.png)


If you say so!


File: 95fe84cb716ffb5⋯.jpg (35.18 KB, 428x599, 428:599, 19657080_1535719099835655_….jpg)


Want to watch something together?

it would of been faster to dm you


File: 740142db01066dd⋯.gif (478.06 KB, 500x281, 500:281, eJwFwUsOgyAQANC7cAB-IyAeoW….gif)



so are you staying here permanently


File: b7a4127316af4dd⋯.jpg (230.9 KB, 800x678, 400:339, 4KwVz96.jpg)



we still need to force feminize skandi


File: ec7411aa2bc6ffe⋯.png (4.21 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ffxiv_dx11 2017-07-16 22-5….png)


not going to happen



that's a tough task



i need to do something important before i die


File: 546e52c7d9bbf41⋯.png (6.13 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ffxiv_dx11 2017-07-15 23-2….png)


find someone doable

like brat or somebody



do one of the lewdie's


i just want to pretend everything's going to be okay


Notice me


File: b51c6cc6022545c⋯.png (5.66 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ffxiv_dx11 2017-07-12 12-5….png)


it will be





meh, maybe

how's your living situation now?


File: 084df6c013164c2⋯.png (5.16 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ffxiv_dx11 2017-07-12 11-2….png)


comfy as fuck


Work over :)

Time to leave office and drive home in my japanese shit box.

Nothing personal little corolla. You have my heart.


File: 887254d3f368426⋯.jpg (34.2 KB, 283x296, 283:296, IMG_995.jpg)

>32°C in my room while playing CS:GO




Tipp is to wash ur hands in cold water when you die early or call a timeout.




I've an air conditioner but it doesn't refresh the room that much.

And, I'm LE.



U watching the major?

Im ready in the living room streaming 99damage on the TV and food in the oven.


na cs is trash anyway so ez win

Fuck niko and fuck faze clan


File: 5157453f617b96d⋯.gif (15.19 KB, 160x160, 1:1, NewGIF3.gif)

CS nerds


File: 48d0b2d41d1ff97⋯.gif (25.38 KB, 300x300, 1:1, 05221502_reimu_eyebrow_ico….gif)


>he doesnt play the 2nd best game ever


File: 9929333d41244ee⋯.png (177.64 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20170717-182512.png)




Nex has such a good jump movement :)



Yeah, I'm watching some group stage matches.


D-don't bully pls.



Im so happy germany has a good team again and even more happy that gob b hard work is paying off


File: c11dff77d5c0acd⋯.jpg (153.48 KB, 929x448, 929:448, 2rf3bch5nn0z.jpg)

Wheres venven?


File: 4ed2c7eac93a8a3⋯.png (117.67 KB, 421x416, 421:416, 0f16a04a51acfd799dbe1eecc9….png)


>mfw no good french teams since LDLC era



Tbh i never liked a french csgo team.


File: 450e0dfd851ad05⋯.jpg (421.26 KB, 1191x1684, 1191:1684, __original_drawn_by_pip_re….jpg)


staying away from csgo discussion


File: e966f63fde7dcd3⋯.jpg (34.06 KB, 238x218, 119:109, atrocious.jpg)

Good evening lewdies.


A wise choice! Nothing good can come out of this! If you don't play CSGO like me.


File: 15cb83c3e224c26⋯.jpg (47.13 KB, 733x520, 733:520, 18341883_1174388742688409_….jpg)


CS GO is for Aspie's who want to be SF


File: 311ef91e71c5e1c⋯.jpg (159.04 KB, 850x857, 850:857, __original_drawn_by_reia__….jpg)


The csgo people are out! It's our time!


And FFXIV is for….


File: 7aa6434ff6d2033⋯.jpg (28.98 KB, 245x224, 35:32, FUTAS ←.jpg)


Quickly, start posting!


File: f9dac4c8596b13d⋯.jpg (78.75 KB, 842x1000, 421:500, 19800900_501026033570005_3….jpg)


coool people


File: 5fc18465415a368⋯.png (158.71 KB, 500x300, 5:3, IMG_866.png)

>The csgo people are out! It's our time!


File: 509cfe20c6d2eba⋯.png (5.9 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ffxiv_dx11 2017-07-12 11-2….png)



File: d7a39eba2d4966f⋯.jpg (101.12 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, OvBsQoF.jpg)



It's now or never!


Nerd weebs,


File: d8fe1ad459edc36⋯.jpg (13.92 KB, 146x225, 146:225, hey you.jpg)


Hello lewdie. How's it going?


Better now than never!


File: 3abafc501873444⋯.png (469.46 KB, 511x893, 511:893, slide1.png)


We ain't gonna live for ever!


File: ec7411aa2bc6ffe⋯.png (4.21 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ffxiv_dx11 2017-07-16 22-5….png)




File: 969dfb5f3461204⋯.jpg (100.1 KB, 1067x600, 1067:600, f_clinton_pokemon_160714__….jpg)

>I'm trying to figure out how to have them CS GO to the polls!



stop being gay



Especially not if one of those animus with guns come alive and come for us!






File: 0fad1cf234e21fb⋯.png (336.28 KB, 530x530, 1:1, sk1426890959497.png)


Oh come on! You must've seen that incredibly cringy line:


My entire stupid joke hinged on that!


File: c90e3725edde772⋯.jpg (788.73 KB, 2393x3397, 2393:3397, yh4x.jpg)


Bernie still has a chance!!!


really "cool"


I just want to live while I'm alive !


File: cb9926c0ef3b4ed⋯.jpg (24.64 KB, 183x219, 61:73, missed.jpg)


Oh! I don't think I have. And I don't go to any, but two or three times a week, we have Poles come to us at work, does that count?


File: b2b45d3aa48bdf6⋯.jpg (106.91 KB, 468x468, 1:1, sk1426890960071.jpg)


Bernie will be 800 years old by the next election! The new Cool Guy is Jezza! In the UK, though.


Huh, I expected you to have more experience with coming poles. Sometimes, grammar has to be stretched a bit to work in dick jokes.


File: 3416952f3ee2be3⋯.jpg (19.33 KB, 206x226, 103:113, ScreenHunter_187 Mar. 27 1….jpg)

how to stay awake when im sleepy in the middle of the day?









Or going outside for a bit and getting some sunlight, which'll help but is more of a hassle!


File: a1f9dd2026f19fd⋯.jpg (54.5 KB, 550x872, 275:436, yg3d.jpg)


you will be like 800 years old tomorrow!



Good thinking. Living while dead is an awful bother I bet.


Aha, I guess I don't blame you, but it's true, only truck drivers twice a week! No more experience beyoned that. Stretched a little bit, but not beyond reason.


File: e3165861e2c37df⋯.jpg (90.02 KB, 936x585, 8:5, feHvtgc.jpg)


My heart is like an open highway


File: 439df61a2768496⋯.jpg (20.44 KB, 246x198, 41:33, ScreenHunter_168 Mar. 27 1….jpg)


coffee is pretty bad and yeah the whole going outside thing is pertty meh

i already took 2 cold showers today to stay up


File: 1f153d8fc4962ae⋯.jpg (18.82 KB, 185x218, 185:218, anchovies.jpg)


Um. Something something song reference.


File: fdb884acb195503⋯.png (644.13 KB, 600x600, 1:1, sk1426890959790.png)



When I become a mod, things'll be different around here!! Everyone will be forced to bully the youngest posters, and respect their elders!!!


>having truck drivers coming twice a week

Jelly. Not so much that it hurts, at least.


This is why everyone should have caffeine pills!


File: b3e84c9db245abe⋯.png (5.44 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ffxiv_dx11 2017-07-01 19-5….png)




File: 5e1e967c9796ff4⋯.jpg (23.83 KB, 218x300, 109:150, ScreenHunter_150 Mar. 27 1….jpg)


we just need to learn the secret to not sleeping


so is /lewd/ alive again


File: b7a4127316af4dd⋯.jpg (230.9 KB, 800x678, 400:339, 4KwVz96.jpg)


i guess


File: 431af60d537a218⋯.png (936.57 KB, 992x1418, 496:709, ccxzg34mac6z.png)



Anyhow how be rumor?


It's not gay when it's two girls


Luckily I'm ancient enough to be one of the elders. ;-;


Just look at how many replies I have in one post!


File: 3a2dd1b28f8ec77⋯.png (224.06 KB, 500x500, 1:1, sk1426890959712.png)


Well, the "secret" is to sit up straight, and not go lie down on the couch or something. But lying down on the couch when you're sleepy is so comfy, though…


Sssh, if you think about it it'll stop working. Like walking off a cliff and then looking down.


I'm still older than you! Which explains why I constantly and viciously bully you.


File: bdcd03743e33fcf⋯.jpg (30.87 KB, 184x220, 46:55, all better.jpg)


>When I become a mod, things'll be different around here!! Everyone will be forced to bully the youngest posters, and respect their elders!!!

That's the spirit!

You are? o: Of course. Grammars are people too.


Jeez >.<

Rumour has it it's a cool evening and I am enjoying a bigass mug of tea. So I think it be okay! How about you?


File: 1cdcd7ef8a2de33⋯.jpg (75.63 KB, 680x960, 17:24, 19554123_1306670036118442_….jpg)


well depends

also my mod account still works


File: a32f1ee2c9c8623⋯.png (912.75 KB, 1050x1400, 3:4, u83s.png)


Such a vicious bearded Norwegian alcoholic!


Yuri is slutty!

don't go nuts now


Oh, how big mug of tea? Also sounds really really comfy. Ahh…


File: b0ef6ea5b5b1036⋯.jpg (132.52 KB, 1280x1293, 1280:1293, 18319177_1056473457830021_….jpg)


PENIS YURI is better


File: dd7f4b6f87376d0⋯.jpg (30.99 KB, 237x224, 237:224, good reason.jpg)

>Frenchie got scared


Like 400ml methinks! That's mighty big, yeah?




File: 63bfde5bff4be79⋯.jpg (84.77 KB, 674x943, 674:943, 19665347_1310878889030890_….jpg)


File: 13d35b2858d937d⋯.png (780.63 KB, 1134x1584, 63:88, bPfja3n.png)


well yeah….


I miss frenchie already. Didn't even get a chance to do anything but bully his csgo.

yeah 400ml is crazy big for tea!


File: 24033378a32b2ba⋯.png (180.5 KB, 600x600, 1:1, sk1426890959811.png)



And no, I'm not really jelly! I think master would kinda disapprove of me having poles come to me all the time.


I am not an alcoholic! Not any more, anyway! I've downgraded from "basically alcoholic" to "guy with an alcohol problem"! And it's not like you mind my bullying anyway.


File: 3f5e92b42efce38⋯.jpg (15.75 KB, 181x213, 181:213, most satisfactory.jpg)


I know right? x:

Wanna hear something crazier? I'll have another one after this!




I figured he would! I just thought you might have thought to keep this our little secret! They're coming to the company though, not me personally! Although they do get to give me a ride in their big strong trucks!


File: 6522dc30421fadb⋯.jpg (80.01 KB, 749x1200, 749:1200, u92j.jpg)


You're hurting me severely with every word you say. Every morning is a fight to get out of bed because your words echo around in my head. Sometimes I don't even see the point of getting up because of the words you've said. lol jk!

It's no fun if i admit not minding something!

I think the downgrade was good. How was the big 2L beer by the way? Oh and how's the work going?


He'll be back… I hope.

That's too much caffeine! You'll explode!


File: 20a3dfe691c81f6⋯.jpg (28.81 KB, 194x228, 97:114, tripping balls 01.jpg)


We will pray every day till the day of his return comes! What if it's a she? x:

But it's delicious. I'll take the shot!


File: ad6d901a0484cc6⋯.png (644.11 KB, 824x1181, 824:1181, i05e6mwxfhrx.png)


Everyone here is a girlin a way

now you've made me want tea!


File: e59a317caea2cd9⋯.png (42.22 KB, 355x355, 1:1, sk1426890959871.png)


Look, I'm using "pole" as in "long piece of wood", "rod"! As in meat pillars! And man-staffs don't have trucks!


>Sometimes I see my point get up because of the words you've said


The 2L beer was actually fantastic! They've got two more kinds there, though, so I'll be trying another one on Friday, and I get a ~10 euro discount 'cause I'll be reusing the giant bottle I got! Oh, and work is going p good! Way more normal now that the ancient storage manager is back. Our jobs don't actually overlap, but he knows everything about my job too, so I just ask him if I'm unsure about stuff!


File: ea5ec6feaa5f0e3⋯.jpg (98.28 KB, 840x960, 7:8, u98y.jpg)


How wholesome of you!

It was a joke though seriously, you haven't traumatized me yet.

Ahhh I want the 2 liter beer now! Though I'm not too into fancy beers. THEY REFILL THE BOTTLE!? That's cool af!

You had me a bit worried when I read about you not knowing about some things that you were apparently supposed to do! I'm glad that's sorted now though (hopefully)


File: dee78831ae3610e⋯.jpg (21.65 KB, 188x217, 188:217, déjà vu 01.jpg)


I'm not a girl in any way!… …am I? o:

Go git some then, mhm!


Fair enough! But if Poles, truck drivers, were coming to your place, that would also mean there would be poles coming to your place, so the meaning works either way!


File: 21f444842a7a9d8⋯.png (502.18 KB, 700x1013, 700:1013, uay6.png)


The "am I?" implies a lot around these parts!

it'll be too much work…


File: ed0d342d56331ac⋯.jpg (21.86 KB, 195x226, 195:226, frustrating.jpg)


Oh, w-wow. What does it mean around these parts, uncle Venla?

You go do it this instant, mister, don't be lazy!


File: 4eb26cd213a916c⋯.jpg (259.88 KB, 830x830, 1:1, sk1426890960228.jpg)


Yeah, I'm very family-friendly.

I know, don't worry!

They refill it, that's part of the gimmick! It's a generic giant bottle, and they have a magical vacuum filling station thing. Even with the discount it's not exactly cheap, but it's cheaper than buying four individual bottles of the same!

WEEELL, I still don't know everything, not at all! But I'll live!


I guessss. But I insist on penises not having trucks!


File: 7677e596048fc93⋯.png (942 KB, 711x1200, 237:400, 57663065_p0.png)


This place has a history…

But I need to take a pot, the boil water in it, put tea in, the filter tea leaves, then enjoy drink and then clean out the pot…


Very, especially with your vocaroos. Family friendly stuff.

Good! I do worry!

Ohhh I really love that gimmick! Don't you guys have alcohol monopoly too though? So do they refill it at the shop or…?

Stress levels calming down


File: 8ce866d1a6029c0⋯.jpg (8.92 KB, 109x109, 1:1, everybody 02.jpg)


So do I, it's a deal then.


Every place does!

Huh, don't have ordinary kettle and bagged tea? x:


File: e232fa33a6d8c37⋯.png (310.88 KB, 552x552, 1:1, sk1426890959628.png)


… I'll kill you.

Oh, basically any shop can sell beer! As long as it's not more than 4.7% ABV. But with craft beer getting more popular, people are pushing to raise that limit, so we'll see!






File: dc2664f7c3ec3df⋯.jpg (205.21 KB, 923x1200, 923:1200, 19942662_1447755128675460_….jpg)


no killing the finn

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