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File: f1472d98a7074d8⋯.png (719.93 KB, 1044x800, 261:200, kh97dFe.png)

461ffa  No.21418

Charls and Nick confirmed coo with each other: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bu2JiW-HqSC/

Sam and Nick confirmed coo with each other (obviously): https://i.imgur.com/K97SFfJ.jpg

Charls still warm to Sam despite not meeting: https://clips.twitch.tv/LaconicInterestingGarlicYouWHY

Everything else is just he said she said with some faked or ancient phone conversations in between.

The ex-gf's started the fire then the incels on this board decided to run with it, with the ex-gf's prodding the fire every so often just to keep things believable.

Y'all need a new hobby or something because running this smear campaign against Sam is not conducive to sound mental health, not that you probably care.

I concede a lot of you guys have done a really good job, you're pretty fucking good at fabricating things. And I agree Sam isn't perfect, he's far from it. Just, for your own sake, find something better to fill your time.


461ffa  No.21420

File: 35f9aa0c3a5d86d⋯.png (697.06 KB, 802x553, 802:553, 8PzbiKF.png)

I also realise 90% of the people who will respond to this are just out to waste my time so don't expect me to sink much energy into this thread.

If you don't wanna pay/watch Sam/MDE then don't, if you do, then do. But stop living vicariously through Sam or inflating your support of him into something of value or something worth talking about. It's really not.

a6e494  No.21421

File: 87f21a573536e3f⋯.png (24.64 KB, 930x218, 465:109, samreal.PNG)


What about Sam sodomizing Marky and giving fraudulent checks/not paying Channing is fabricated?

What was fabricated about Sam hypocritically trying to get VMUdreams deplatformed?

What was fabricated about Sam being lazy with Hydewars and not uploading anything for months at at time?

What was fabricated about Charls clearly wanting nothing to do with Sam's endeavors?

What was fabricated about Sam not being the nazi right winger that others paint him as?

c6f493  No.21424


Who cares what you think lol. Keep paying Sam $5 a month.

461ffa  No.21425

File: ecf333f1404f980⋯.png (146.15 KB, 614x2010, 307:1005, asa.png)

> What about Sam sodomizing Marky

She was of legal age and we have no reason to believe that the relationship was not extremely hands-off/short lived, or predatory/abusive. (aside from easily fabricated text conversations).

> fraudulent checks/not paying Channing is fabricated?

Yep very easy, "she" didn't prove that she didn't get paid, she just proved that at one point she had a cheque.

> What was fabricated about Sam hypocritically trying to get VMUdreams deplatformed?

Haven't heard about this one. Not world ending if it was true.

> What was fabricated about Sam being lazy with Hydewars and not uploading anything for months at at time?

See attached png

Admittedly this isn't up to date but the point still stands, HydeWars is still ahead of schedule and he's broken his promise maybe 2 times, even then only by a few days at most. Why do you care so much? HydeWars isn't late because he's being a lazy sod, it's late because he's juggling 3 other huge projects at the same time and has his own life to live outside of producing content for you.

> What was fabricated about Charls clearly wanting nothing to do with Sam's endeavors?

Charls created Bombstrap with Ruse because he knew MDE and Sam Hyde had no chance of landing a spot on TV after world peace, its obvious Charls still wants time away from Sam but the idea that they hate each other is again pure speculation. Sam spoke warmly of Sam in this clip: https://clips.twitch.tv/LaconicInterestingGarlicYouWHY

> What was fabricated about Sam not being the nazi right winger that others paint him as?

?? Sam is definitely right wing and if you go by the modern lefts contorted definition of the word "nazi" then sure maybe he fits the bill, again, why is this a problem? He's not actually a German mercenary fighting in the name of national socialism under the rule of Hitler. Jew are over represented in positions of power even accounting for intelligence and Sam has dog whistled this many a time, as he should. It's something that should be talked about.

461ffa  No.21427


oops 4got to tag you

see >>21425

c6f493  No.21428


Literally the gayest post ever

e9e738  No.21430

File: f76a3d0b20b5a73⋯.jpg (127.91 KB, 1038x540, 173:90, head-in-the-ground.jpg)


>pic related: the post

461ffa  No.21431


> all the phone conversations are FAKED

Some are, most are just old. I said in the original post that there really are ex girlfriends of Sam on this board that once knew him and once texted him, thus have phone conversations to post. The phone conversations of Sam talking about how much he loves sticking things up his ass etc are fake ones, the boring ones where its just Sam talking about his rat Louis and generic lovey dovey talk is real. They can prove that they once knew him personally, that doesn't mean everything they say is true, they are ex girlfriends after all, they probably aren't going to come here to sing Sams praises.

> all three of them are best friends

Never said this, Chaz is still very distant from Sam and it's not too clear why although we can guess. He did speak well of him recently, not that it means much. Sam and Nick seem pretty amiable, the rumour of having to pay Nick to appear on HW is exactly that, a rumour. They certainly appeared very cordial on that episode.

Also him tweeting at Chaz is only half sincere, he literally said he talked about it with a "friend" and they thought it would look funny. Can't find the tweet now because sam tweets so fucking much my scroll wheel will break before I can find it.

461ffa  No.21432


useful input

461ffa  No.21433


useful input

461ffa  No.21434


useful input

9ae214  No.21435


you just beat him with this

9ae214  No.21436

File: 479988ed5fa8a33⋯.png (2.81 MB, 2880x1440, 2:1, Screenshot_2019-02-28-13-1….png)

sam obsessed roasties BTFO

461ffa  No.21437


useful input

c6f493  No.21438


BTFO’d bro! Praise kek! They’re in suicide mode rn

e79266  No.21439


>(aside from easily fabricated text conversations).

where is the evidence that the text conversations were fabricated when the Boston Ross skit supports their validity

>Yep very easy, "she" didn't prove that she didn't get paid, she just proved that at one point she had a cheque.

She knew Sam for like a decade on a platonic level, why else would she be so pissed at him, what reason is there not to take her word on the bounced check stuff.

>Not world ending if it was true

It matters if you care about Sam's character at all, and it is true.

>Admittedly this isn't up to date but the point still stands

no it doesn't, you are being disingenuous.

Again, where is the proof/evidence of any fabrication, because so far it's just your flacid opinion. And if your standard for evidence is so high, why should anyone believe your interpretations of the pics/clip you linked to.

c6f493  No.21440


Hey man, this is Sam. Just read your post and I want to say thanks for your help. With that post you definitively and permanently debunked those ridiculous claims against me that definitely aren’t all true. I’d say you’re probably my top fan right now. Wanna hang out sometime? You sound cool, we should chill, shoot me an email anytime.

40e726  No.21442


Amazing argument

40e726  No.21444


Referencing dumb lies about you on the internet means theyre valid? Ya wrong

03837e  No.21445


they were born in suicide mode

461ffa  No.21449


> where is the evidence that the text conversations were fabricated when the Boston Ross skit supports their validity

Where is the evidence that it's real, these things are extremely easy to fake. Joking about it in a video =/= actually happened. Even if the convo were real, it only reveals that he analed a girl. WOOOOOOOOOOW!

> She knew Sam for like a decade on a platonic level, why else would she be so pissed at him, what reason is there not to take her word on the bounced check stuff.

First off you're assuming the one posting that picture was actually channing.

> why else would she be so pissed at him

because shes mentally is as is evident by her online habits

>what reason is there not to take her word on the bounced check stuff.

When it suits you, you give channing the benefit of the doubt, but not Sam.

> it matters if you care about Sam's character at all, and it is true.

Dude. VMU as much as I love him and all, he pretty much ripped everything from behind sams paywall and reuploaded it. If you have any creative integrity at all you know it's a bit scummy. People legit didn't buy KSTV etc because they could find it all on youtube, imagine how much that sucks for Sam who spent a year of elbow grease making that shit. Only for it to get ripped.

> no it doesn't, you are being disingenuous.

Care to explain? On the hydewars gumroad page it explicitly states that the "once a month" promise is averaged over time. He's literally 200+ of days ahead of schedule. You can read over it again if you want to double check the math.

> Again, where is the proof/evidence of any fabrication

Where is the proof that any of it is genuine? You're just taking the word of the poster. And if your standard for evidence is so low, why should anyone believe what you think.

Would you ever admit that there is a genuine conceited effort to smear Sam? Or are you too far gone at this point.

461ffa  No.21450


this joke has only been made 200 times already! So funny and original!!!

f2850f  No.21453

Sam belongs in that pentagram

c6f493  No.21454



4c4aae  No.21456


>Where is the evidence that it's real, these things are extremely easy to fake.

I just pointed out the Boston Ross skit, which lines up perfectly with the texts ("dont eat anything between now and tomorrow", etc.) Are you implying that it's a massive coincidence that the two line up perfectly? You stated that 90% of this board is disinfo, with "fabricated things", and yet with the burdon of proof on you to back that up you provide nothing.

>it only reveals that he analed a girl. WOOOOOOOOOOW!

A girl half his age and still in HS, which qualifies this as predatory unethical behavior to a lot of reasonable people.

>First off you're assuming the one posting that picture was actually channing.

Is there a reason to believe it wasn't her?

>because shes mentally is as is evident by her online habits

What habits? First you implied that it wasn't her and now that it is? You're the one starting to sound mentally ill here.

>you give channing the benefit of the doubt, but not Sam.

Sam has every opportunity to chime in and set things straight, but he remains silent.

>Ripped everything from behind sams paywall and reuploaded it. If you have any creative integrity at all you know it's a bit scummy.

It wasn't monetized, and all Sam had to do was ask him instead of getting him deplatformed. It was obviously passive-aggressive on his part to act the way he did.

>Care to explain?

You're missing like half a year of data, and a lot of the paypig complaints didn't start piling up till around that time.

>Where is the proof that any of it is genuine?

There is some evidence usually, again like the Boston Ross situation. But again, you made the claim of fakery so the burden is on you to back that up. And you haven't, it's all speculation.

>And if your standard for evidence is so low

Ive yet to see any of the evidence debunked to the point of demonstrating absolute falsehood, the most you can say is that some of it is just hearsay/hesaidshesaid. But where there a lot of smoke usually there is a fire

>Would you ever admit that there is a genuine conceited effort to smear Sam?

If there was actual evidence of this then yeah.

173519  No.21458


I would be inclined to believe some of your points if you weren't so adamant that it was all fake and that Sam is always a victim. You have an obvious bias that isn't healthy. I think you might be gay dude.

173519  No.21459

What is more likely…

That Sam is the center of a huge jewish conspiracy and he is the 2nd coming of christ sent to save all white people with his political philosophy he ripped from 4chan ?

or that he really is an insufferable asshole/sociopath

173519  No.21460

The fact that you put so much effort into clearing Sam's name makes me think every single rumor is true.

c6c84d  No.21461

Why are people still fighting over this? Loyal fans will stay loyal and the people that know him know the gossip is true.

461ffa  No.21462

File: 029d7c7931e8c07⋯.jpg (25.97 KB, 400x710, 40:71, NzE0NDUy.jpg)


Burden of proof in situations like these, and Sams in particular is a bit wacky and funky, it's not normal.

First off, Sams following is super hardcore and hands on. He's one of those internet celebrities that managed to cultivate a super passionate fanbase, they either passionately hate him or passionately love him. This lends itself to basement dwellers who like to find his home address and talk about his personal life all day and stuff like that.

It's not that hard to fabricate some convincing screenshots and use them to make a claim against a celebrity, but trying then to prove that persons innocence (as someone who doesn't know them personally or doesn't have any exclusive information) is magnitudes harder. Let's say Sam was guilty and I wanted to fabricate disinformation that tried to prove his innocence, what would it even look like? What could I even fabricate? Not much.

Do you get where I'm coming from?

Also you keep turning the burden of proof on me, when you're the one taking the word of channing and the other girls as gospel.

> Is there a reason to believe it wasn't her?

Again giving her the benefit of the doubt without reason.

> What habits? First you implied that it wasn't her and now that it is? You're the one starting to sound mentally ill here.

I said the one who posted the picture of the cheque might not have been channing, it's likely channing has posted on this board although I don't think it's uncommon for people to LARP as her on here either.

> Sam has every opportunity to chime in and set things straight, but he remains silent.

The exact thing the girls want Sam to do is to come out and keep having to engage with it and debunk it etc. He explained this EXACT concept in HydeWars episode 34.

> It wasn't monetized, and all Sam had to do was ask him instead of getting him deplatformed. It was obviously passive-aggressive on his part to act the way he did.

Sam doesn't owe VMU shit, VMU made 0 original content, he just ripped, re-ordered and re-uploaded Sams content. Sam has every right to get him to remove the content. Stop acting like a teen girl with this sympathy baiting. Who the fuck cares about a reuploader, why does such an insignificant event shape your perception of someones character.

> Ive yet to see any of the evidence debunked to the point of demonstrating absolute falsehood, the most you can say is that some of it is just hearsay/hesaidshesaid. But where there a lot of smoke usually there is a fire

You do realise this shit isn't like a US dollar or some shit, it isn't insanely intricate with ways of testing whether its real or not, it's just text conversations, there is no way to "prove" if it were fake or not. I could post a text conversation right now and you couldn't actually prove it's fake. "Real" screenshots of actual text conversations are indistinguishable from fakes. After all you could literally just have two phones text each other.

Prove that the attached image is fake.

c6f493  No.21463


That doesn’t even look real though.

c6c84d  No.21464


For the record, one of his used holes did a screen recording of their texts. You didn't even try with that fake.

173519  No.21465

>> It wasn't monetized, and all Sam had to do was ask him instead of getting him deplatformed. It was obviously passive-aggressive on his part to act the way he did.

>Sam doesn't owe VMU shit, VMU made 0 original content, he just ripped, re-ordered and re-uploaded Sams content. Sam has every right to get him to remove the content. Stop acting like a teen girl with this sympathy baiting. Who the fuck cares about a reuploader, why does such an insignificant event shape your perception of someones character.

Sam claimed to be deplatformed (which he actually did himself from youtube). People like VMU were keeping him relevant while he was pretending that everything he made was getting taken down in order to build this persona of the number 1 enemy of jews everywhere.

461ffa  No.21466


thats cos I cba writing up fake text histories or doing inspect element on my own messenger or shit. You know it's possible tho so dunno what the purpose of this reply was.

173519  No.21467


>> Is there a reason to believe it wasn't her?

>Again giving her the benefit of the doubt without reason.

>> What habits? First you implied that it wasn't her and now that it is? You're the one starting to sound mentally ill here.

>I said the one who posted the picture of the cheque might not have been channing, it's likely channing has posted on this board although I don't think it's uncommon for people to LARP as her on here either.

but the routing and acct numbers were found to be real tho and its obviously Sam's hand writing on those checks.

461ffa  No.21468


no shit I used the first shitty fake text website that came up, what ur point

461ffa  No.21469


Same made VMU relevant, not the other way round, don't get that shit twisted boi. VMU is talentless and faceless, he reordered other peoples content.

461ffa  No.21470

173519  No.21471



VMU wasn't claiming that any of the content was his. He was a fan who supported Sam by reposting his videos that "got taken down by tha jews". Sam just bitched out like a woman when VMU made a comment on Channing's youtube.

173519  No.21472


Sam doesn't even make or edit 90 percent of his own content for around 6 or so years now. Does that make the people that actually do the work-trapped, zach and others talentless nobodies? The only thing Sam does in videos is act like a retard.

c6f493  No.21473


Sam is a used hole

173519  No.21474


I bet he has anal prolapse :/

df6e99  No.21475


>It's not that hard to fabricate some convincing screenshots and use them to make a claim against a celebrity

And where the evidence that this has happened like the way you CLAIM it did in your first post (the burden is on you if you say that they are faked, saying something could be faked is meaningless)

>Again giving her the benefit of the doubt without reason.

You are some random anon, whereas she has known Sam for years. Is there a reason to think those checks were fake/a larper?

>it's likely channing has posted on this board

then there really isnt a reason to think she didn't post the checks, or why she wouldn't have come out directly and stated herself that it wasn't her that posted them

>Sam doesn't owe VMU shit, VMU made 0 original content, he just ripped, re-ordered and re-uploaded Sams content.

Sam should be the first to know how much is sucks to get deplatformed, if you go through the original twitter thread VMU straight up says all it would have taken to remove them was a DM from him. But no, Sam acted like a thin skinned, hypocritical faggot with the way he acted against a fan of his.

>there is no way to "prove" if it were fake or not.

That's why you look at the whole picture/the context of what's being presented/who it's coming from/etc and come to a reasonable conclusion based on all that's available.

The "it's some lying roastie ex with an axe to grind" doesn't even apply to channing because she's known Sam as a friend these past several years, not as a lover.

173519  No.21476

Hey Sam. Can you try to explain the Zach thing too?


461ffa  No.21477


What is more likely, that Sam wears diapers, is a closet homosexual who's dick doesn't work, transgender and secretly a jew, scams every person he's ever worked with, paedophile and woman beater. (despite preaching the exact opposite of these values since he started his online presence, plus a comment from Sam on reddit disclosing the fact that he has a crazy ex who is trying to ruin his career.)

Or, that he actually had a crazy ex who wants to ruin his career. (and people that dislike Sam because of his politics etc co-opted the smear campaign).

It shouldn't be about which one is more "likely" or believable, at the end of the day, one is true and one is not.

461ffa  No.21478



Zach was in the latest HydeWars, they are buds no? Is there yet another fabricated timeline that I missed?

461ffa  No.21479




It would be unsustainable to edit and master everything himself? It would take 10 years to release anything. Trapped and John were editing vertical videos for him since eons ago. Tf is you talkin bout

173519  No.21480


He sure does have a lot of crazy exes. It's kinda weird. It's also weird that he doesn't have any friends besides that one ugly fat dude. Really make me think….

461ffa  No.21481


read the first 3 paragraphs again you fucking retard, shut up with the burden of proof shit this isn't a court of law its a fucking forum for a comedy troupe.

173519  No.21482


The one from last year? Right before Zach moved back to Florida and asked Sam to not put any of his stuff or him in any of the videos?

173519  No.21483


kinda weird that basically everyone that worked with Sam doesn't anymore…why is that?

461ffa  No.21484


And his way of "supporting" was ripping all his content and re-uploading it. OKAAAAAY DUDE!

Ur the woman for caring about this VMU dudes feelings so much. Grow up.

173519  No.21485


Yeah dude. Shitting on your fans is cool! Worked out well for other ecelebs!

461ffa  No.21486


source for literally anything mentioned in this comment?

173519  No.21487


how is posting someones videos (unmonetized) that claimed they were deleted from youtube not supporting them?

461ffa  No.21488


Nick does antiques, Charls does bombstrap, john still works with Sam, Don still works with Sam, Kurush won the lottery, Derek moved on, erick owns a paving company, I have no reason to believe that sam isnt still friendly with Zach or joel etc

c6f493  No.21489


Not the person ur replying to but that vid was filmed sometime btwn mid-feb and mis-April, mentioned the parkland shooting from feb and zac left in mid-april

173519  No.21490


Do you have any reason to believe he is? Why aren't the still editing with him for a while now? Why did James price stop working with Sam? What about Charls and Nick and Andy?

173519  No.21491


Don doesnt work with Sam anymore, hes back to working on Dagger in NYC. He moved on too. Kinda weird how no one wants to work with Sam and he has to have a revolving door of people doing the work for him.

461ffa  No.21492


source that they weren't monetized?

Sam would have deleted those videos for a reason, he doesn't want them up anymore. So he probs wouldn;t appreciate some1 re uploading them

461ffa  No.21493


It's almost like people have their own lives and their own careers! And their lives don't revolve around Sam and they aren't surgically attached to him! Gee! Who woulda guessed!

173519  No.21494


Why was he fine with it until VMU made a comment on Channing's video and then bitched him out in text?

461ffa  No.21495



173519  No.21496


Why can't Sam keep friends? It's almost like he's a toxic sociopath. Why are you so invested in defending Sam?

c6f493  No.21497


Cam admitted he helped Sam with removing the vmu dream videos due to his animus against vmu’s comment on Channing’s video

c6c84d  No.21498


why hasn't he taken the alienmode channel down yet? that guys still uploading his vids

c6f493  No.21499

461ffa  No.21501


Friends =/= colleagues

You have no reason to believe that Sam isn't still friendly with Nick, Derek, Kurush, Andrew, Joel, Don, John etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

461ffa  No.21502



461ffa  No.21503


idk and idc

173519  No.21504


Yeah. I have no reason to believe it, even though I know all of those people and have met him. You however have every reason in the world to believe hes still friends with them don't you?

461ffa  No.21505


there a point buried on there somewhere?

173519  No.21506


It's Ironic how much you think you know despite knowing nothing or being obvious damage control. That is the point. Next time I will be more black and white for you.

c6c84d  No.21507


bc he didn't get caught trashing sam unlike VMU. that's why

461ffa  No.21508


if ur not VMU himself I'll be damned. Why do you care so much about some dude who re uploaded sams content?

173519  No.21509


Why do you care so much about defending Sam?

173519  No.21510

Why is it always one guy defending Sam and like 3 other people posting to them in these threads

461ffa  No.21511


Why do you care so much about me defending sam?

c6f493  No.21512


Sure thing

173519  No.21513


I bet it wasn't true though. I wonder how Sam even saw the comment? I thought he was too busy to read or care about what people say about him online ?

173519  No.21514


you act like Sam has an actual legitimate career or something and isn't just a psychopath who tried to get famous on youtube

461ffa  No.21515


Sam always said it was 3 ex's that were stirring the pot, not that I think all 3 are in this thread responding to me, I think a few white knights co opted the movement.

173519  No.21516


I wonder why it got to him so much if it wasn't true.

461ffa  No.21517


Ay he got enough of a career for you to be posting about his personal life on an 8chan board brutha :))

173519  No.21518



naw I just like lolcows and making Sam bitch out

c6c84d  No.21519


You're so oblivious it hurts. Why don't you stay off this board and just go enjoy his content? Sam doesn't bother defending himself why do you?

173519  No.21520


He wants Sams bootyhole real bad

c6f493  No.21521


Yeah it wasn’t like people fall out with him on a regular basis and he has haters all over the Internet, just look at YouTube/twitter



461ffa  No.21522


Real reason? Because since the sub went down, and pretty much everything MDE went belly up, this is literally the biggest MDE forum/board/whatever left. And it sucks that 90% of it is this shit. I don't want this to shape public opinion of Sam/MDE because it's not accurate and he doesn't deserve it.

You're probably right though I should get off here.

461ffa  No.21523







461ffa  No.21524

oops this >>21522 was meant for >>21519

173519  No.21525


Sam is like a genetically defective ugly fat version of Jake Paul

461ffa  No.21526


the "trashing" could be done by a 3rd grader using inspect element tho, no reason to believe it's authentic.

173519  No.21527


>he doesn't deserve it


173519  No.21528


? the fuck are you talking about. VMU posted about it on his twitter but nice disinfo campaign. Is this one of Sams new downgraded zoomer interns?

c6c84d  No.21529


Just go hang in his twitter comments. You'll find the other oblivious dick suckers there.

461ffa  No.21530


You think he's guilty so of course you think he deserves it, I think he's innocent so of course I don't think he deserves it.

typing kek doesn't do anything for anyone

c6c84d  No.21531


Dabs for harambe bruh

461ffa  No.21532


No yeah it's my bad I haven't been keeping up with the latest Sam Hyde conspiracy by obsessively refreshing this board and living vicariously through him and everyone associated with him.

That's my bad dude.

I should definitely be up to date on the latest news regarding the twitter account of a guy who used to re upload sams videos. That's definitely information worth storing in my brain.

c6c84d  No.21533


If you're going to white-knight him and fight about it online you should be

f2850f  No.21534


Yes. Guy who is obsessively reloading the page for an hour and responding to three people defending some guy he claims to not know much about has a life and doesn't have time for that.

461ffa  No.21535


it really is the war of the mentally ill holy shit, also I found the tweet. he's a whiner, crying like a big baby. Sam doesn't owe him jack shit.

461ffa  No.21536


First time I've visited this board in 6 months, only posted a handful of times before that.

f2850f  No.21537


Poor Sam. Everyone in his life is mentally ill! He dindu nuffin and is a Saint! I wanna dab 4 Harambe for a creepy mid 30s freak too!

461ffa  No.21538


THIS >>21530 WAS MEANT FOR >>21527

f2850f  No.21539


So why do you claim to know anything?

c6c84d  No.21540


Just go watch the new video that comes out tonight, write him a nice tweet and go to bed loving your internet daddy.

461ffa  No.21541


nah just an ex-gf and some fans, not that hard to beleive

461ffa  No.21542


Why couldn't I? Conspiracies haven't changed that much since the last time I've been here.

Unless you can prove that you know him personally too everything you claim is useless. You're just taking other peoples word for things.

461ffa  No.21543


ay and you can stay on this board shitting on Sam all day :)

c6f493  No.21544


Wait I thought there were three girls and no other people who make fun of Sam online

461ffa  No.21545


I thought Sam said the first gf convinced the other 2 to follow, I could be wrong.

Worst case scenario it's "a few ex-gf's and some fans"

461ffa  No.21546

461ffa  No.21547


wait no im dumb hjsutasguhfbsdfsdgshgadhdfh

f2850f  No.21548


I thought it was one TRANNY who Sam got mad at for telling him not to fuck kids.

461ffa  No.21549


ayy the script changes every 5 minutes, even the loonies on here can't agree, says a lot about the validity of what is being said.

f2850f  No.21550


Sam is just so Alpha and such a stud that his sexuality sends women into a furry because they can't tame him. He's such a Chad they just go insane.

c6c84d  No.21551


what proof has sam ever provided about crazy exs? that's all hearsay if he didn't provide proof

f2850f  No.21552


He tries so hard to push this when the truth is that his penis is broken and he's taking lead pills from India :/

461ffa  No.21553


this holds no bearing on what you were replying too

461ffa  No.21554


What reason would you have not to believe him?

461ffa  No.21555

461ffa  No.21556


meant for >>21550

f2850f  No.21557


Why don't you apply this to anyone else but Sam?

c6c84d  No.21558


I don't personally know Sam so why would I automatically believe any random thing he says? Need proof

461ffa  No.21559


Why do you apply to this everyone but Sam?

c6f493  No.21560


Because his average fan is a 105 iq high schooler

461ffa  No.21561


Why automatically believe the things his ex's says? They are EX girlfriends after all, they probably have ulterior motives.

8f02e1  No.21562

what about the fact that sam has been publicly begging charls to contact him for almost half a year

461ffa  No.21563


this to*

f2850f  No.21564


Because he's an obvious sociopath. Just look at his "career" and how he corralled his fans in a safe zone from criticism on his reddit.

c6c84d  No.21565


Never said I did. I'm trying to understand why Sam doesn't have to prove anything.

461ffa  No.21566


he tweeted him like 3 times and even then he was half joking

461ffa  No.21567


circular logic

f2850f  No.21568


What about Channing? She's filmed a lot of videos, had book contributions and thanks in videos for years. Why shouldn't people believe her. Seems like vmu did.

461ffa  No.21569


You do believe them though. You wouldn't be in this thread arguing with me otherwise.

f2850f  No.21570


I think people are arguing with you because you come off as an obvious shill.

461ffa  No.21572


She's fucking nutzo my dude

Where are these "thanks in videos", she did an MS paint frog for Don once, not too much else that I've seen

461ffa  No.21573


What could I gain from shilling for Sam? Am I employed by him or does my income depend on his success or something?

8f02e1  No.21574


he was trying desperately to lure him in with 1,000 dollars a day, got no response, and then tried again to reach out on the latest alienmode post. he has been trying to contact charls for months on end and charls has never responded. sam even replied (or "quoted") one of charls's tweets saying something about dishonest people, saying "that's not me and never has been," like he was assuming charls was talking about him.

Charls never responded to Sam. The other boys might be on fine terms, but the Charls/Sam rift is 100% real. People who are on okay terms don't need to put out public attempts at contact for months on end. You're delusional if you think otherwise.

f2850f  No.21575


What proof do you have that she's nuts? She's listed as the 4th contributor on Google for how to bomb. Shes been in videos for like 10 years.

461ffa  No.21576


I don't buy into the idea that Sam is a transsexual jew and I'm the shill. xD!

Better yet every single piece of evidence comes from one 8chan board where all his most deranged fans reside! How peculiar!

461ffa  No.21577


thoughts on this? Watch whole ting through. This was like a week ago.


461ffa  No.21578


month ago*

damn time been flying recently

f2850f  No.21579


Yeah keep pushing the trans thing it will distract from the fact that everything else on that list of your "rumors" are true and it really bugs Sam to hear ppl are talking about it online

c6c84d  No.21580


maybe because you don't need a year old account to post here or because there's no bots auto-banning threads or shill mods. hmm?

461ffa  No.21581


or maybe it's all horsecrap and sam doesn't want to entertain that shit on his own subreddit?

f2850f  No.21582


OK. I am now convinced Mde is not dead. Sam and Charles are obviously still really close. You proved it. I wish I had proof like this.

461ffa  No.21583


Oh so he is jewish and takes it up the ass from dudes on craigslist. That's a lot better!! xDD!

f2850f  No.21584


He really does though! Lolol

461ffa  No.21585


not about whether or not MDE is dead or not, it's about Sams relationship with charls, I already conceded that they are very distant, but you're exaggerating things further than that.

461ffa  No.21586


And you don't think you sound crazy when you say that! xDD!

f2850f  No.21587


I don't care if I do because I know it's true and so does Sam! Lol xd

8f02e1  No.21588


yeah Ive already watched this. This is one of maybe three times in Charls's two years of streaming that he has EVER uttered Sam's name. He is incredibly hesitant to ever respond to anything about Sam. Sam trying to make contact for months and months speaks a lot more than Charls praising Sam's skills one time.

Charls being mature enough to praise Sam's work even though he has something against Sam does not suddenly prove that they are actually buds. It's 100% made public by Sam that he can not get Charls to contact him. How would that even be a joke?

461ffa  No.21589


Thats it! I'm convinced!

f2850f  No.21590

Every girl Sams ever been with will tell you Sam liking stuff up his ass is true. It isn't normal and makes the gay stuff seem pretty likely.

461ffa  No.21591


Whats ur point. Sam and chaz are distant. next.

461ffa  No.21592


you're so gullible you believe every screenshot posted to this board. Grow a spine and think for urself, stop browsing this place.


f2850f  No.21593


Apply this to yourself please

461ffa  No.21595


ayy maybe if sam was trans it would apply to me xD

f2850f  No.21598


Besides you have no screenshots or anything just a thirst for Sam's cock it seems

f2850f  No.21599

461ffa  No.21601


ayy I could make some up if thats all you need to start believing people, a screenshot along with someone saying "teehee sams gf here he likes it up the ass :33"

461ffa  No.21602


if he were trans then he would actually be a girl so if I believed everything women say I would believe everything sam says. comprende?

f2850f  No.21603


Funny thing is people responding to you know Sam while you claim to not know or care about him despite being an obvious shill trying to white knight him and bump off threads before he releases his next shitty video and traffic comes here to watch it for free.

461ffa  No.21604



fucking prove it or stfu

0efd15  No.21605

File: ac6934150a7fffc⋯.jpg (64.36 KB, 750x588, 125:98, 1522008237004.jpg)

yes dude

I'm not proud of it but because of Cum Town and antoher sub, I've been active on reddit for a few years (never posted before that)

I got to know ChapoTrapHouse people form Cum Town. Prior to that I'd never heard of them or knew what tehy were. They are OBSESSED with Sam Hyde. Here's a highly active spin-off sub that has his picture in their title bar https://old.reddit.com/r/chapotraphouse2/ (Apparently they have a discord too, that's something I have no clue about either but I'm sure discord people come here given their obsession)

They are kind of like minorities or mixed raced people who "liked" sam hyde before they "found out he was really wacist." But there's some part of them that recognizes he is on the edge of the culture and is breaking down tabooos in a way no one else is. They imagine themselves to be in this position, in some 1960s/70s fantasy world, but that's not them anymore. They're not edgy revolutionary or anything and it causes them severe cognitive dissonance.

In Cum Town they would spam the same disinfo whenever someone would talk about Sam or post Sam or MDE stuff. Still they would act like they were 'cool with it' and not offended, but any time someone posted it they dog-piled on it with links to Marky stuff, massive downvotes, and the typical leftist passive aggressive impotent rage masquarading as "sarcasm."

These people are utterly obsessed with Sam and MDE. They had a thread in r/chapotraphouse that celebrated the r/milliondollarextreme sub getting closed that got over 1000 upvotes with some of the gayest fucking comments you could see. MDE sub was and remains a big deal in their minds and their 'culture.'

So when the MDE sub got banned, many of them (and those adjascent) came here. They deny it, throw squid ink "hah yeah you are insane" to try, but I posted a thread here 3 weeks ago asking why chapo listeners come here and several of them were giving their faggy story about it. For some reason they can't psychologically come to terms with Sam and their imaginary relationship with him. They can't ignore it. Knowing there is a discussino board they can't get shut down with "community guideline" bans drives them off the wall. So they come to this one to spread disinfo.. on a daily basis.

To those who aren't aware of it, you should keep all this in mind. Chapo reddit people are just one group that I know of and experienced first hand so I'm faimilar with their personality types and fucked up, pathetic complexes. They think they're funny (callt hemselves the "dirt bag left") and resent that Sam and chan type humor makes them look like queer, preening ninnies. These are some of the worst people I've ever dealt with or experienced.

f2850f  No.21606


But Channing did prove it and Zac posted here but you don't believe either of them.

461ffa  No.21607


tf am I meant to take from this

6d0f71  No.21608


please stop mentioning chapotraphouse anywhere and everywhere

0efd15  No.21609


>She was of legal age and we have no reason to believe that the relationship was not extremely hands-off/short lived, or predatory/abusive. (aside from easily fabricated text conversations).

yup. 16 was the age of consent in that state and is in much of Europe. Some creep here doxed her, she was 16 at the time people are alleging this.

Good thread OP just keep bumping it to counter the smear campaign.

f2850f  No.21610


How do you think Sam feels for ruining his career over a kike like Trump? BTW no one buys this chapo conspiracy

6d0f71  No.21611


>Here's a highly active spin-off sub that has his picture in their title bar https://old.reddit.com/r/chapotraphouse2/ (Apparently they have a discord too, that's something I have no clue about either but I'm sure discord people come here given their obsession)

You couldn't hide your shilling more poorly you dumb faggot, go suck one.

461ffa  No.21612


Must be fun pretending that you talk to all your favourite internet celebs. Live in your own little world.

Who should I believe, anonymous users on an 8chan board who have no skin in the game, no money or career behind what they're saying, or Sam.

f2850f  No.21614


That board barely mentions Sam more than once or twice a month though and most communities online have discords so I don't see why that is proof of anything.

461ffa  No.21615


Remember that supposedly authentic ex-gf of Sam who said she was suing him like a year ago. Whatever happened to that hmm?

219b3c  No.21616


yeah sam would never lie you win

f2850f  No.21617


You're in the minority here bud it doesn't matter how much you damage control for Sam he won't ever be successful or funny again :(

461ffa  No.21618


Collapsing to extremes.

Who's more likely to lie, who's more likely to have ulterior motives.

461ffa  No.21619


I'm in the minority in a sea of mentally ill people. Fucking good.

This isn't about sams success or humour its about losers pedalling conspiracies.

f2850f  No.21620


It's always Sam against the world. Pretty common theme among sociopaths

0efd15  No.21621

File: 96c45b218957d06⋯.png (126.11 KB, 968x431, 968:431, 1540418953897.png)


And like clockwork I have 4 replies just minutes after posting. Why does it bother you guys so much to be called out?

There's also this thread where several chapo podcast listeners openly talking about the show. Whether they are involved with the subreddit isn't provable, but it proves that Chapo listeners are here.


I'm not claiming "its all chapos" "it's all trannnies", I don't know anything about discords or that one tranny dedicated to runing Sam's life. I'm just stating something I saw first hand. I've seen this ravenous obsession from them and the tactics they use on other platforms, where it's easy to sus out their personal bias and beliefs and motivations, and I see similar stuff here. Clearly some of these people are here (as the above linked thread demonstrates) and the reaction I get when I say this doesn't come across as suave dismissal. It comes across pissed off that I know your behavior as well as your motivations and describe them accurately.

To those who aren't involved or listeners of ChapoTrapHouse (I feel cringe even writing that phrase out) you're nonetheless angry at my desciription of those "ex-fans" of Sam and how it probably fits you personally.

f2850f  No.21622


You have now been defending a guy you claim to not know and barely follow for close to two hours. Stop trying to act superior.

0efd15  No.21623


>That board barely mentions Sam more than once or twice a month though

Honestly, how do you know that?

c58f6e  No.21624


The chapo left are the brattiest, and lamest group of men on the internet. The go on and on about how they're different to neoliberals but socially they're identical. Tankies at least get it and hate those fags more than anyone.

f2850f  No.21625


But just a moment ago it was ex gfs.

461ffa  No.21626


It's sam against 1 8chan board fill of fucking weirdos.

Again, who's more likely to lie; anonymous users on an 8chan board who have no skin in the game, no money or career behind what they're saying, or Sam. Stop trying to elevate this question to a weird Sam victim complex.

f2850f  No.21627


Because I searched his name in reddit search bar for the sub

f2850f  No.21628


I think Sam who has to obtain a certain persona is probably the one more likely to lie and try to cover his ass.

0efd15  No.21629


I don't know any other drama. I know Channing stuff and saw her posts on here (they were mocked when she wrote that story about being butthurt because Sam didn't appreciate her Farmer's Market cooking). That's obviously one or two actual people.

The rest of them are who? Like I showed, there are ChapoTrapHouse listeners talking about their show and giving TIMESTAMPS. And more people in the thread discussing the show. How many of them are here? Who knows, clearly more than several.

461ffa  No.21630


Yeah and you do it 7 days a week 365 days a year. Get fucking real my G. Not about who's "superior" out of you or me anyway, who cares about you, who cares about me.

0efd15  No.21631


Well search for MDE, million dollar etc… youtube links with discussion that only says "sam" etc. That's not a real metric, and I think you know that.

219b3c  No.21632


Channing did have money and career at stake. Sam didn't pay her for a years work and she quit school to move and work for him. She also posted timestamped pics. I don't believe everything she said but she has provided more evidence than Sam ever has.

a6e494  No.21633

File: f151002d74dca65⋯.jpg (147.24 KB, 685x912, 685:912, ThisIsSamsJam.JPG)


>defending sodomy

I thought MDE's fans were supposed to be against degeneracy, not for it.

f2850f  No.21634


Why are you here. You aren't convincing just FYI because you are trying way harder than someone with no skin in this would. You are an obvious shill. Its always like this right before a video goes up. You barely see anyone here ever defend Sam.

0efd15  No.21635


They are really activated by this thread. They're really coming out in here.

c58f6e  No.21636


you can't search comments on reddit either tho, only thread titles, the main sub talks about him constantly too, whenever i lurk. it's funny, because one of the chapo guys (the socially awkward asian twink) was the one who invited sam to that twitter comedy event where he read the stuff about gays. he was defending sam on social media too. I REMEMBER.

0efd15  No.21637


hi, fellow grey wolf!

461ffa  No.21638


Thats because Sam has a hands off approach to the whole thing, of course he hasn't provided evidence, that's exactly what channing and the horde of mentally ill people on here want him to do. Their life would be complete if Sam did that.

0efd15  No.21639


I'm a fan of MDE and I realize all of the political angles. There's no "convincing", I just posted a link to a thread here with ChapoTrapHouse people discussing their ChapoTrapHouse podcast in this very board. It's direct evidence, not an attempt to convince.

If you know anything about these freaks you would unerstand why some of the disinfo is being spammed here with such persistent passion.

f2850f  No.21640


No it's because he doesn't have his reddit safe space anymore so he has to get Cam on here to defend him.

461ffa  No.21641



How fucking sheltered do you have to be to inflate anal sex into something so insidious? Engaging in it shouldn't make or break your perception of someones character. If you do you care way too much about Sams dick.

f2850f  No.21642


Yeah dude if you don't like Sodomy and diapers you are too vanilla Def not cool like Sam.

Sexual degeneracy isn't harmless dummy. Think porn is OK too? Well tell that to Sams dick then.

0efd15  No.21643


What other subs on reddit besides MDE did you go to?

461ffa  No.21644


You've never had sexual intercourse.

I was also referring to him fucking marky in the ass, not taking it, how much fucking damage do you think 1 anal session does and why would he care if hes gonna dump her like a month later anyway

f2850f  No.21645


Never used reddit besides searches. I'm not a faggot like you.

64acb4  No.21646

File: 27602a95e98739c⋯.jpg (216.46 KB, 1368x1368, 1:1, circle-copy.jpg)

when ever I hear some asshat say the word 'Anti-Vax' prolly cuz they cant spell vaccination, and I hear it every day , from the same bullshit media outlets. Here and Ebaums World.

f2850f  No.21647


If you don't want to do anal sex like you saw in jew porn you are a virgin lol!

0efd15  No.21648


You're a faggot if you're concerned about a "reddit safe space" then.

f2850f  No.21649


Anal isn't gay dude don't worry. It isn't also an abomination. Why doesn't Sam's dick work? Why is he childless and pushing 40? I wonder if he believes in God yet.

461ffa  No.21650


It's not about whether or not YOU want to do it, its about it shaping you perception of someones character on it. You shouldn't care if Sam put his dick in a girls butt once.

0efd15  No.21651

File: c893a2d16fc202a⋯.jpg (85.09 KB, 746x743, 746:743, 0yhjkou439tz.jpg)


These guys are on fire with worthelss spam posting but anyone just skimming this thread trying to figure shit out, skip to this one

58aba2  No.21652

File: 632d0a67f0d4df0⋯.jpeg (215.21 KB, 968x1157, 968:1157, 1526731777024.jpeg)


>I was also referring to him fucking marky in the ass, not taking it

because getting a girl's shit smeared on your dick is so awesome amirite?

f2850f  No.21653


Hey guys it's me. I'm a fan just like you. At first I said it was ex gfs but now I decided to damage control times two and posted this pasta Sam told me to use. Please believe me!

461ffa  No.21654


? when did I say it was awesome. I said it shouldn't shape your perceptions of someones character. Again you care way too much about sam putting his dick in a girls butt once.

0efd15  No.21655


You're confusing me with some other thing. Mentally ill.

f2850f  No.21656


You sound a lot more like some rainbow commie than the supposed chapo TRANNY.

f2850f  No.21658


Big Purple Butt plug. Sam really loves it.

461ffa  No.21659


> Why doesn't Sam's dick work?


> Why is he childless and pushing 40?

He's 33 but nice try lmaoooooo

> I wonder if he believes in God yet.

who cares

f2850f  No.21660

Sam absolutely loves when you put that huge purple butt plug in his ass. He begs for it.

c58f6e  No.21661

chapo rent boys see mde as their political shadow, they know it was better and more original (when mde was at its peak at least) than the entire output of that dull journalist-class twitter checkmark brooklyn hipster crippingly self-aware ironycel somethingawful "fyad attempted re-hash except with conformist opinions" podcast, so the more insane rent boys think that "ruining" sams rep and "turning people away from him" will somehow achieve something, in their small little "very online" world, where they can't stand the thought of people who aren't lacklustre leftists producing funny "irony" content better than them, they need to bury him because he's inspired too many people similar to them, and they actually think mde is significant in the "right wing" movement or something, despite largely apolitical and contrarian at its core. sam is fucked up but thats part of why he has made such legendary content over the years. think about the stuff with his mom. that was solid and innovative. if he was like the guys in chapo, he wouldn't have been funny or made good unique content ever. nobody will remember chapo for their content. nobody will quote chapo content. guys like the ones in chapo are successful merely because they're perfect representations of the puer aeternus leftist cynic, not because they're unique or particularly funny. friend simulators. they even got the asian gimp. watch the vid of that live stream where that bearded guy was drunk as fuck, and notice how the other guys are so awkward and guarded the whole time. they're businessmen. these guys are propped up as edgy bad boys. the bearded guy is a nihilistic cynic who is barely funny even when drunk, just sloppy. in fact he shows his true colors in that state. a seething ideologue who believes in nothing but destruction. there's not much funny about people like that. at least sam hyde channels his mental problems via comedy. like literally any good comedian ever. the guys in chapo are elitists - guarded and calculated. if you read all this schizo post you're maybe gay.

58aba2  No.21662


>You shouldn't care if Sam put his dick in a girls butt once.

there is no way to really know how often he does it, and if you believe the rumors he has a full on fetish for it.


He sounds like a faggot. Only mentally ill faggots stick it in someone's pooper, and you are especially mentally ill if there is a perfectly good baby-making vagina available. So yeah Im gonna judge someone's character on that. Sam is a faggot.

0efd15  No.21663


This thread is a pretty good rebuke of a lot of the disinfo. Reading it I was fairly persuaded.

Thus, it is making them angry. And the amount of intense spamming they're doing in this thread kind of tells you something.

461ffa  No.21664


We can't know for sure, if I had to guess I'd say there is at least 1 ex-girlfriend behind it, but most of it is just Chapo/angry paypigs etc etc

It's also possible there are 3 ex's.

What do you think it is?

0efd15  No.21666


Relax with the hate dude. You have some shit to work out? Work it out. Stop trying to mold others opinions on some guy who is pretty obscure now. It only makes it seem like you care a whole lot.

f2850f  No.21667


Funny thing is most people don't even know or care who Sam but you deluded retards will still spam this garbage. Go ahead though. I know it's happening because it pisses off Sam that he can't control this place like the reddit.

461ffa  No.21668


and I dont believe the rumours because I'm not a gullible retard.

I can guarantee like 5 of ur best mates in college put their dick in a girls pooper, they aren't bad people for it. Grow up.


c6f493  No.21669


He tries to start girls out with the little black ones and gets frustrated when you refuse. No wonder why he was paranoid about people opening the closet in his room

f2850f  No.21671


Have yet to see any proof from you. If faking texts and info is so easy why didn't you do it. You are boring :(

c6f493  No.21673


Literally no one in chapo or their fan base cares about Sam, maybe they’ll mention him as a meme once in a while or someone will just call him a racist/fascist/Nazi and leave it at that… and even that’s rare

461ffa  No.21674


90% sure you're just pretending to be on my side but you're actually retarded

f2850f  No.21675


I bet he's even more paranoid now :)

461ffa  No.21676


They don't have to, there's plenty of mentally ill MDE "fans" as is. The smear campaign stays afloat without them.

05b2f3  No.21677


How is he 33 if Charls is 35? Idk if I’m wrong about this but I thought Sam was older?

c58f6e  No.21678


false, the whole "we don't even know who that is, we totally don't care" is the dumbest form of deflection

0efd15  No.21679


Someone posted a thread where they were discussing chapo and giving time stamps


There was. So they're here.

c6f493  No.21680


No. They don’t even say that. They literally just don’t even mention him except for maybe one fan once in a blue moon to no response. You’re greatly overestimating his relevance

461ffa  No.21681


What fake text conversation could I produce that would try and prove he's innocent?????

"Sam: Hey I'm not gay!

GF: I know! Tell that to the dumbos online lollll!"

when would this come up in natural conversation.

c58f6e  No.21682

there's nothing unifying about chapo since its so unoriginal , what brings these people together is 90% their obsession with right wingers they obsess over, all the while pretending they don't care about anything haha lmao

c6f493  No.21683


Damn must be a grand conspiracy and not just a couple people who happen to know about both mde and cth

0efd15  No.21684


stop please

0efd15  No.21685


"happen to know"

"giving links to the episode and specific time stamps, indicating they listen to full episodes"

I dunno dude. You are reaching now.

461ffa  No.21686


born April 16th 1985 you retard, you pretend to know all this shit yet you don't even know how old the dude is. Shows how much your word is worth, diddly-squat.

c58f6e  No.21687

haha are you guys like…. mad? lol imagine being mad about something on the internet

219b3c  No.21688


If you don't know Sam's birthday you don't know anything! BTFOd!

461ffa  No.21689


good argument

17ff53  No.21690


chapofags have been raiding this board for months and it's no secret

461ffa  No.21691


no shit, 270 replies in 2 hours, really poked the beehive with one

shills out in F U L L F O R C E

0efd15  No.21692

File: 702e93f29018844⋯.jpg (327.71 KB, 640x646, 320:323, 1552600303661.jpg)



f2850f  No.21693


Sam is basically 34 and has no career and no family or friends :(

219b3c  No.21694


Don't be silly, he's got guys like OP. A very fulfilling life. :)

461ffa  No.21695


breh you're claiming that you know whether or not Sams dick works with 100% certainty and you don't know how fucking old he is. Get real my G.

f2850f  No.21696


The shills seem to on Sam's side. Everytime he is about to release something someone does damage control or spams the board to bump off threads.

461ffa  No.21697


got enough of a career for you to be obsessing over his personal life on an 8chan board :)

05b2f3  No.21698


Shows my what is what? My question was first post in this thread lol

461ffa  No.21699



It's like 10 to 1 in terms on niggas for sam vs niggas against sam. tf is you smokin

c58f6e  No.21700


you mad my dude? i don't care about any of this.

05b2f3  No.21701


I canNOT believe Chuck is older than Sam, I feel like everything is a lie and I’m not sure why this is has such an effect on me. Must be because dons are suppose to be the older ones; does this mean Chuck tops Sam???? Omg little top how cute

461ffa  No.21702


?? the first post in this thread isn't a question and the second is someone listing off Sam conspiracies?

f2850f  No.21703


That's like saying Chris Chan has a career. Sam is in a free fall as far as any career goes. He's a lolcow. The only people retarded enough to think he's successful are literally teenagers

461ffa  No.21704


I'm OP dunno if this^ guy is pretending to be me or some shit

05b2f3  No.21706


*my* first post in this thread was my question is what I mean

461ffa  No.21707



tf are you saying, just tag the post you're talking about before I lose my mind

461ffa  No.21708


People talked about Chris Chan because he was autistic, easily influenced and fucking weird. People talk about Sam because he made funny youtube videos and had a TV show and a book that sold 6k copies etc etc etc

Pretending they are 2 peas in the same pod, or that their careers are equivalent is delusional.

05b2f3  No.21709


If you follow our conversation thread (this one, our only one) back to the initial post of mine you replied to, you’ll see it was the question I asked about Sam’s age. It was my first post in this thread so i am unsure why you reacted as if I had made more posts in the thread. I’m also unsure why you are reacting so strongly and sperging right now, but thanks for clarifying Sam’s age for me anyway.

461ffa  No.21711


I'm sorry if curse words make you scared, there's like 50 different niggas in this thread and I can't be arsed keeping track of who's who.

Tag your first post of this thread.

461ffa  No.21712

this >>21699 was meant for >>21696

9ae214  No.21713

File: 25c1a23a3bc4250⋯.jpg (48.85 KB, 568x320, 71:40, screenshot_2018_07_1_hJMuQ….jpg)

wow why did this thread get so retarded. kinda suspicious

f2850f  No.21715


>people talk about Sam

No one cares about Sam outside of this shit hole. The mods of nearly every board 404 most of his threads for obvious shilling. He is a forced and dead meme. No one cares about him besides some people he pissed off and like 300 101iq zoomers on Twitter. He is irrelevant and ruined his career for life.

f2850f  No.21718


Kinda weird someone is trying so hard to damage control for Sam the day he said he would release content. He's too incompetent to even make a website or forum outside of the reddit so ofc he anticipates that traffic will come here.

9ae214  No.21719


i didn't read it. what needs damage control

9ae214  No.21720


you're retarded. go look at the numbers on his mde2 channel for the new videos

461ffa  No.21721


I can think of at least one person who seems to care a lot about Sam, you ya fucking donkey. This whole board, this whole thread, his twitter, his twitter replies, the amount of views he gets despite being banned 500 times. People care. Pretending otherwise isn't doing anything for ya bud :D

I'm not pretending he's a huge deal but he ain't a fucking nobody either, he has a weirdly obsessive following, you'd have to be an idiot to deny that.

f2850f  No.21722


This board has been the only place outside of Twitter and voat(lol) for people to discuss mde and it is nothing but constant shit talking Sam.

461ffa  No.21723


that's because this board is a home for the mentally ill, his twitter is 10 times more positive and voat too. You can fucking look for yourself.

f2850f  No.21724


Dude the he can't keep getting away with it retweets never get old and I really like reading half Chan pol runoff from two years ago on a reddit clone website XD

f2850f  No.21725

File: 27bb259381342cd⋯.jpg (48.39 KB, 922x715, 922:715, IMG_20190314_224153_827.jpg)


No one on the voat even discusses mde and when they do they aren't very positive towards Sam

461ffa  No.21726


Go find an instance of him retweeting a "he can't keep getting away with it" meme, you can't.

He hasn't touched that shit in years.

461ffa  No.21727


cool, voat has like 10 niggas in it. next.

f2850f  No.21728


You are the one who said it was better lol.

f2850f  No.21730


I'm talking about his "community" (paypigs that recently found pol)

461ffa  No.21731


compared to this board yeh, drinking toilet water is better than 8chan, it's not indicative of much

461ffa  No.21732


sure thang

461ffa  No.21733


also more popular =/= better

f2850f  No.21734


You should really try a lot less hard if you want to convince people.

461ffa  No.21735


you should make a coherent argument and argue on its behalf convincingly if you want anyone to believe your conspiracies.

f2850f  No.21737


Yeah I should be more like you and post 3 different conspiracies about the "rumors" and who is posting them in the same thread for hours.

461ffa  No.21738

File: 19d34a6f2c7a17c⋯.jpg (62.91 KB, 1200x630, 40:21, 20170120_131416.jpg)

I'm out now my G's, was fun while it lasted, argue amongst yourselves, might be here tomorrow.

Everything posted beyond this point is probs horseshit because it's just chapo shills talking to themselves trying to build a convincing conversation with no one to refute anything, so be wary out there my G's!

also channing sells feet pics lol

f2850f  No.21739


Anyone who isn't autistic and has facial recognition capabilities can tell that isn't Channing but good job Cam! Sam is so proud of you big boy!

2ff874  No.21740


Doesn’t look like her

0efd15  No.21768

this 1 day old post has almost 300 replies

somehow the vibe feels like the anti-Sam group are doing damage control in this thread. Frantic even. Not a good look.

173519  No.21769


yeah seems liek its the anti Sammers right bro? Not people like OP who want to defend Sam before he gets some new traffic. Pretty CRAZY

0efd15  No.21770


Chapos came here after they got the reddit sub banned.

173519  No.21771


RIGHTT…wait I thought it was exes…wait I thought it was a tranny who killed orangy.

0efd15  No.21772


>that's because this board is a home for the mentally ill

this thread proves this tbqh. Sam derangement people are a spooky group

2ff874  No.21774


Chapo derangement syndrome

0efd15  No.21775


> nobody will remember chapo for their content. nobody will quote chapo content.

it's just painfully unavoidable facts like this that drive them nuts.

173519  No.21776



This is just Sad. Sam is only relevant anytime someone shoots something up for like 2 hours.

0efd15  No.21777


how many times does that thread need to be pasted here. they are on this board discussing the chapo show in a thread on here. maybe you are not, thats fine, and not saying everyone is. but they are here, its been proven. and their attitude towards mde is also proven. not sure why you are denying it. makes it seem like you might actually be one of them more than anything else.

0efd15  No.21778


"nobody cares about you!" (obsessively posts 400 posts in a obscure imageboard aobut him)

173519  No.21779


forced meme quotes from 5 plus year old videos of MDE on half chan aren't exactly something to be bragging about.


proven no where. Why would Chapo care so much to be the ones posting everything negative about Sam for years. Think about it. He is barely even mentioned ever in their community.

0efd15  No.21780


yup. They hate themsleves. They are bad company. Honestly I think they somehow want to be involved with MDE, like some middle school cool kid group kind of vibes.

173519  No.21782

173519  No.21783


Man I wish I was cool like Sam. A 34 year old who scams teenagers for money and is in the closet.

173519  No.21784

If its Chapo why are they accusing him of being a gay degenerate whos into sodomy and pedophilia? Seems kinda weird for leftists to point that out about someone.

0efd15  No.21785


theres a link here of a guy giving time stamps to a chapo epside that mentions Sam. others ITT are talking about chapotraphouse.

theoretically maybe he only created that one post here and disappeared. and the other ones talking about chapo memes don't listen to or aren't involved with the show, aren't fans or ex fans of chapotraphouse show/community. that's theoretically possible. but you're in a "reach" position with your claim here. you, not the people who claim that there are CTH people here, are the one with the weak position.

0efd15  No.21786


hey grey wolf!

173519  No.21787


So everyone who has been posting negative stuff about Sam here and elsewhere for 4 plus years are all Chapo trannys because they mentioned Sam once in their show and once a guy posted here according to you. Yeah I'm convinced. What happened to the crazy exes theory or the Gammon thing?

173519  No.21788


?is this supposed to mean something to me?

0efd15  No.21789


>These people are utterly obsessed with Sam and MDE. They had a thread in r/chapotraphouse that celebrated the r/milliondollarextreme sub getting closed that got over 1000 upvotes

depending on how often they get 1000+ upvotes, that's pretty embarrassing for them. You would think they would try to pretend to "not care", but if they were that excited enough to break down the irony facade and 'celebrate' a 'rival' subreddit getting banned (ew) that's really pathetic and indicates they are pretty obsessed with MDE

173519  No.21790


The reddit wasn't even about MDE at that point and if your defending it you are worse than these leftist faggots.

0efd15  No.21791


>So everyone who has been posting negative stuff about Sam here and elsewhere for 4 plus years are all Chapo trannys

no but Chapo podcast listeners and reddit members are some part of it. and a lot of them really ARE mentally ill, they discuss it on their subreddit often (therapist discussion threads etc.)

0efd15  No.21792


this is damage control

173519  No.21793


I would like to see "proof" of this conspiracy. Sorry but I think you are in the weak position here buddy since all you can do is post over and over again about Chapo trannys and link to a 10 second clip where Sam is mentioned.

173519  No.21794


>if I keep saying it people will believe me!

what a jewish perspective. you shiteaters don't care about the truth just defending your daddy against accusations of being a faggot.

0efd15  No.21795


the link to the thread where some guy gives timestamps to a chapo episode is posted in this thread.

0efd15  No.21796


i'm not trying to persuade people of anything. you're projecting that because that's your goal, to persuade people not to pay attention to or like Sam. Such a shitty way to live, but that is your life

173519  No.21797

Which was it. The ex gfs? The Chapo trannys? Tim Heidecker? H3H3? JIDF? at least be consistent

173519  No.21798


? can you link it or are you retarded

0efd15  No.21799


Don't know but as demonstrated earlier there are Chapo people here. You can be sarcastic as you want but at a point it seems like a defense tactic due to lack of any real response.

173519  No.21800


proof?link? HELLOOOO

173519  No.21801



you saying it over and over and your friends long fictional schizo pasta doesnt make it reality

0efd15  No.21802


the link is in this thread, it links to another thread of this board. Not my job to spend emotional labor educating you.

173519  No.21805



I think he's referring to this thread but no one claiming to be or defending chapo appear to be posting there so idk what he is referring to

0efd15  No.21808


hi grey wolf!

461ffa  No.21857


its not our fault the resident mental patients on this board can't get their story straight. I did say it was 90% dis-info after all

461ffa  No.21858


he linked it in this thread you tard

461ffa  No.21859


use ur fucking eye balls and you might find out!

461ffa  No.21860



Which do you think it is?

461ffa  No.21861


painfully accurate

461ffa  No.21862


for the umpteenth time, not my fault that the resident mental patients on this board can't get their story straight. I'm honest enough to admit that it could be a number of people, could be 1 ex, could be 3 ex's, could be chapo dudes, could be ex-MDE fans, ex-paypigs, shit like that.

If I had to guess, I'd say it's at least 1 ex, then mostly ex-MDE fans, then some chapo.

Which do you think it is?

461ffa  No.21863


nah you had your mind made up before you entered this thread, stop pretending otherwise.

461ffa  No.21864


not subtle at all

461ffa  No.21866


ah yeh the mysterious "I know everything and you know nothing" without actually disclosing any information. very spooky and mysterious! woOOoOOO

461ffa  No.21867


> channing

> career

don't make me laugh

461ffa  No.21868


already answered that here >>21522

461ffa  No.21869


stop talking to yourself you lonely cow

461ffa  No.21871


an ur in ur 20's, ur fucking prime as a male, all ur mates are out doing shit, and ur here obsessing over some1 that doesn't know you on an obscure image board. Not saying the same doesn't apply to me, but I'm not the one throwing shade about his career, family, friends etc so

461ffa  No.21872


Stop making it about me, why do you care about me. If I were a literal goblin what would it matter

461ffa  No.21873


ok so he has fans that retweet outdated memes, shocker, who cares. next.

461ffa  No.21874


forgot theatre of the aire was going up tonight but thnx for reminding me. Best case scenario this thread would bag him like 3 new subscribers, it really wouldn't be worth his time or money trying to orchestrate what you are suggesting

461ffa  No.21877

File: 0b90037abb277bb⋯.jpg (408.18 KB, 915x1343, 915:1343, z0q5x3m2n9411.jpg)

also daily reminder to watch this











461ffa  No.21878


and it might not even be channing who he's talking about, could be another ex. I'm honest enough to admit I don't know, my first guess was channing tho hence the title etc.

2ff874  No.21887


It was filmed in April before Sam fell out with a lot of people who give him shit now. Strange how his relationships seem to sour with so many people

f2850f  No.21888


Poor Sam is a victim. That's why he has so many videos rambling about toxic people.

461ffa  No.21898


ay well it's a good thing I literally just said it might not be about her then isn't it, assuming the info you're giving me is accurate

461ffa  No.21899

461ffa  No.21901


yeh 3 out of 35. fuckin LOADS mate

85221d  No.21922


I know you want Sam's Loads but try to calm down mate. Just comb gay hookup sites for him instead.

461ffa  No.21926


stop projecting your homosexuality onto everyone

4cfed7  No.21929




If Sam was really invested in getting Charls back and working with him, or just trying to make contact, why doesn't he just… go see him in person? Wouldn't that be the most genuine thing to do, instead of airing it out over the internet to their retarded fans (which includes me 100% btw)?

idk if someone I used to be really close with suddenly stopped talking to me, I might try to DM them or call them at first, but after some time and no response I'd go over to see them and get an answer face to face, even if I'm half-expecting them to tell me to fuck off

173519  No.21930


but I'm just being like Sam :)

173519  No.21931


Charls lives less than 30 min from Sam

4cfed7  No.21932


so why doesn't he go see him?

173519  No.21933


Because he is a sociopath who screws over his friends and coworkers

173519  No.21934


He exiled Charls because he thought he was THAT GOOD that he didnt need anyone else and he was keeping all the money from all the MDE merch so why would he need him anymore?

461ffa  No.21937


If he won't even give him the courtesy of a response online, the last fucking thing he wants is Sam turning up on his doorstep. You must have the social intelligence of a tadpole to think that decision makes sense.

Charls doesn't want to talk to Sam, turning up in person wouldn't change that it would just make it super awkward and be an invasion of his privacy.

Imagine your ex is still obsessively texting you and you're ghosting her so as not to fuel the fire, then your ex comes to your house unannounced. I don't think you'd appreciate it.

Really does go to show how sheltered you lot are when you think this is not only acceptable, but actually makes sense.

461ffa  No.21938








173519  No.21940


but why won't he respond online? I thought Sam and Charls were cool. Sam never ripped him off and got people to stop talking to him right?

2ff874  No.21941



Sam did show up on his doorstep over a year ago after having to go to Charls’ parents house to even get his address. Charls didn’t want more contact after that, obviously

461ffa  No.21942


I couldn't tell ya why he's not speaking to Sam, nor could you for that matter, unless you have insider information that you're willing to disclose.

461ffa  No.21943



4cfed7  No.21945


How do you know they live that close ??

2bc56a  No.21947


He's got no source because he's a faggot starting drama.

2ff874  No.21949


Sure thing bud

461ffa  No.21950

File: e24244b7640e312⋯.jpg (285.6 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 192353_205225102836594_490….jpg)


im fully aware I just want that to be apparent to people visiting the thread after the fact

461ffa  No.21951


so no source then?

2ff874  No.21952


Nah if I say that Sam told me I’ll be accused of lying/being an attention whore with (*sarcastic tone*) “all the insider info” and I really don’t care if some randos believe me. It’s just gossip about the inner workings of someone else’s friend group anyways

2bc56a  No.21953

File: eade9812a2873b8⋯.png (789.13 KB, 915x603, 305:201, source.png)

2bc56a  No.21954


is that nick? lol

461ffa  No.21955



soooooooooooooooooooo…. no source. Got it.

461ffa  No.21956


also the fact you're so mad you made a meme to try and prove a point is actually hilarious to me

2ff874  No.21957


I give zero fux what you believe lol

461ffa  No.21958


it is, was on sams facebook lol

461ffa  No.21959


okay, so… like…. still no source?

461ffa  No.21960


okay, so… like…. still no source?

461ffa  No.21961

File: 942ba371589c2ed⋯.jpg (90.55 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 534494_426451790713923_109….jpg)

look at this stunner

2bc56a  No.21962


lmaooo, but I really wish I had a close friend I could fuck around with like this :(

2ff874  No.21963


Nope you can take me at my word or not believe me idc. Sorry I don’t have a voice memo archive of every conversation I’ve ever had. Why do you care so much anyways

461ffa  No.21964


soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo……………………………………………………… no source?

2bc56a  No.21965


Was posting without a source apart of your plan?

2ff874  No.21966


It’s Friday night. Go find something else to do.

461ffa  No.21967


ur right I should be more like you, someone that spends his friday nights p-…. oh. never mind.

2bc56a  No.21968



two out of three horsemen…. we need charls now.

2ff874  No.21969

2bc56a  No.21970


>someone that spends his friday nights p….oSTING SOURCES OH WAIT

2bc56a  No.21971




lol but for real…………………..source? honestly guys I just want to know if I offer sam chuck's most current address in exchange for an mde shirt or something, you think he'd want it and be willing to make that trade?

So long as Charls isn't actually avoiding Sam bc he assraped him or something.

461ffa  No.21973



461ffa  No.21974

File: a43db143ba8b957⋯.jpg (47.05 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 36148786_2017150615025948_….jpg)


hunk mode activated

461ffa  No.21975


just realised chaz has a weird ass bellybutton

461ffa  No.21976

File: d69789d63cb5aeb⋯.jpg (91.38 KB, 720x960, 3:4, 23355_587375244621576_1400….jpg)

also bonus goblin andy

2bc56a  No.21977



I love his belly button I would suck that thing like it was a microdick.

2bc56a  No.21978


He looks so jewish here.

461ffa  No.21979


mirin traps tho

2bc56a  No.21980

File: 2237140da2b44fc⋯.png (504.15 KB, 1015x483, 145:69, screenshot.png)


I need to see those thighs tho. Probably got twink thighs.

2bc56a  No.21981

File: 32480b2f02e0eaa⋯.png (179.35 KB, 295x343, 295:343, oky.png)



Sometimes pics like these make me wonder if chas was born a woman and is a transgender or something.



>severe premature balding

>mentally unstable to a slightly more than average degree

>seemingly small to no dick and balls

Just wondering. n8 ilu charlize

461ffa  No.21982

File: 75cfa67b8516104⋯.jpg (47.74 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 44193992_161669371453361_4….jpg)


the shortness is unfortunate and the balding is because of all the test coursing through his veins. hips seem normal to me honestly. Dudes still comfortably 7+/10 I'd say.

2bc56a  No.21983


For "my tastes" Charls is more than a 7, but I'm sure for other people my age (mid/late 20s) and for girls especially, he might be rated slightly above average or average. ftms usually have balding as a result of constant optimal to high test levels but charls has such a killer fucking jaw that I would doubt it. Jaw could cut glass lmaoo.

Do you know what that bottle is in the corner? I've seen it in several of his instagram pics but I don't think I've ever caught the label. Looks like champagne or something.

173519  No.21984


Charls is hot. Sam not so much…

2bc56a  No.21986


Charls was always more attractive than Sam but especially now that Sam looks like such a fucking bum. I kinda thought sam was cute with blond hair and clean-shaved.

It's a wonder how attractive charls is when he dresses so strangely lol

461ffa  No.21990

File: 4012c43787353eb⋯.jpg (308.98 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, 12244343_1255757551116672_….jpg)


Sam said if he looked like a twink and groomed himself and did cardio and gave himself a spray tan he wouldn't be as funny, being fat and ugly adds to the humour. I can see where he's coming from. Dudes 6'4 tho so if he did clean up and lose some fat he could look decent, those pics of him at 18 showed his jawline/facial genetics aren't bad either.

doesn't look too bad in pic related

173519  No.21991


he could be but he will never look not like a trotsky-esque pedophile creeper

461ffa  No.21992

File: 40a657fb0434ced⋯.jpg (31.2 KB, 620x349, 620:349, 011_HM_TopGearchallenge.jpg)


also this car instantly reminds me of jezzas from the police car challenge, love the colours

461ffa  No.21993


you think he looks like a a trotsky-esque pedophile creeper in the image above?

2bc56a  No.21994


I spot charls in that pic too lol

unironically dope car, 10/10 would drive

461ffa  No.21996


maybe my memory is failing me but was it ever used in a sketch? the image is on set for WP but don't remember it appearing anywhere, shame because it is a TIGHT little piece

2bc56a  No.21997


I don't recall either, unless it was just in the background and I missed it but I doubt it. Likely was used in an unaired sketch and maybe ruse will release it sometime… seems like we're still getting the unaired footage in pieces.

>that car is a nine………..point SIX

461ffa  No.21998


ay it's better than being someone who obsesses over a 34 year old who scams teenagers for money and is in the closet.

05b2f3  No.21999


Still amazes me Chuck is older than Sam…. doesn’t seem right in my head but it’s whats up.

2ff874  No.22001

File: 62829145e5f1ebe⋯.png (8.53 MB, 1242x2208, 9:16, timothy .png)


Tim looks great

173519  No.22002

File: 5828534b98de152⋯.jpg (45.05 KB, 567x376, 567:376, fake.jpg)

05b2f3  No.22003


Ya but he kinda looks like all his fat was pulled back and tied up behind him like in that Simpson’s episode

05b2f3  No.22004


>now that I think of it

Jesus Christ…. hindsight is 20/20 I guess….

173519  No.22005


hes still not obese unlike SAMBO :/

173519  No.22006


weird how Sam had these printed out and hung up all over as head quarters after the cancellation. I thought Channing said it was her bff in the pic and they were actually 19 and no sex happened but who am I to say

2ff874  No.22007


You’re right about that. It’s almost as if Sam doesn’t care about the truth or stealing pictures from his friends and is only about self-promotion.

2ff874  No.22008


He looks fantastic for 43

173519  No.22048


he looks better than Sam thats for sure

173519  No.22049

he also has the ability to breed. Sam has been pumping and dumping women without condoms for god knows how long but still no kids..

b57805  No.22052


nah sam is sexy

173519  No.22054


if you say so cam

b57805  No.22060


I'm a qt female, not cam ;3

05b2f3  No.22062


Can I suck on your nipples then?

269747  No.22071


nah sam cute

a3819f  No.22073


Tim has been overweight and beergutted since like TGTTM bruh

457b36  No.22074


No thank you. Sammy only.

05b2f3  No.22081


Incel-waifu?? We miss you on discord

b57805  No.22099


Hell no fuck her. I hope she killed herself.

c930d9  No.22136


ever see power of yellow? twink sam is still funny

583430  No.22151


dude sam is obviously leading the charge for them in that picture

a80438  No.22154



I despise Sam because he isn't funny anymore and because he has the gall to abuse his own dwindling audience and bite the hand that feeds him after becoming a petty un-self aware caricature that would've been mocked in KSTV. The thing that finally made me actively hate him was when he teased that "to catch a pedo" show targeting people who literally did the same thing as him. It doesn't take anything out of me to say it and hypocrites deserve the bullet. It will always elude me how a man as seemingly clever and witty as him managed to totally destroy himself and become a pathetic braindead insincere husk of his own self. Stay thinking about me, tho.

a80438  No.22155


Being a fat unwashed neckbeard makes someone fucking obnoxious to look at and automatically makes me hate them, you're an amoeba-level retard if you conflate being an eyesore with being funny.

a80438  No.22156


That pic looks morphed. Chuck has negative canthal tilt and hella upper eyelid exposure.

33dac8  No.22159


Both Sam and Charls are ftm transgenders, which is how they met and got on together. The entire theme of MDE is mocking masculinity while trying to emulate it

33dac8  No.22160


>t will always elude me how a man as seemingly clever and witty as him managed to totally destroy himself and become a pathetic braindead insincere husk of his own self.

Because he's a tranny who is now stuck in a male's body and identity with the mind of a female. When you see Sam and Charls as transgender, literally everything they do makes perfect sense

69515b  No.22179

File: d9ac95886f3e148⋯.jpg (172.99 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, DH9ofJLUAAAuKAE.jpg)

Thank god for the opposition to the disinfo here. This place is being brigaded by some reddit-tranny infested hipster-failure as comedians yet "succesful because patron lulz"

I don't know shit about that gay trapo dogshit but they seem like a bunch of edgy leftypol's that are super fucking obsessed with Sam.

I'm a young white guy who has grown up being 'warmed' by the campfire that sam hyde once said he was producing for us; in a world full of cancerous hateful bullshit towards us.

The darkness seems to have finally closed in, de-platformed everywhere, brigaded by crazy tranny leftist communities. It was inevitable, if you're smart enough, you know the type of guy sam is. he's sure as fuck not perfect but he doesn't give a fuck about satisfying the people he hates.

i don't really care if i'm a "paypig" because i give 5 dollars to a man that has given me hundreds, thousands of hours of laughter, and relief, from this bullshit society full of freaks like you. (and freaks like me :) )

$5 aint shit to keep that campfire of relief and laughter going. they'll try to attack the 'quality' of his work but all his 'quality' ever really was, was him becoming manically loose infront of a camera for fun; making fun of the absurdity of this world, of the tranny faggots like you losers brigading this place to satiate your mental illness

gumroad is the path to the campfire, I'll see you boys there. it's the bastion where they can't touch us, the source, this is a hollow shell that they will do anything to envelope, but they'll never be MDE

MDE never dies, faggots.

2ff874  No.22180


Yes there are so many chapo redditors here and *they* are the “reddit-tranny infested hipster-failure as comedians,” not Sam.

b0774a  No.22181


>if you're smart enough, you know the type of guy sam is.

You don't know sam though

2ff874  No.22183




69515b  No.22184

File: 5085c497b965723⋯.jpg (221.55 KB, 834x1285, 834:1285, 5085c497b9657236176c3719ba….jpg)


Besides, who knows what kind of freaks are lurking through these shell communities; knowing the type of person sammy is, he's probably made more enemies than we know. We know how obsessed those lefty types get when you simply stand up to them and tell them to shut the fuck up. Sam lived his life doing that

Quit bitching with these faggots, they'll just keep you going and going until they drown out the light.

Stop being gossipy faggots like them, you're just feeding the parasitic retrovirus that they are by arguing with them. Don't white knight sam, just go fuckin support him.

All of this hate and shilling will never ever place a dent in the happiness that somebody like sam could ever obtain from sticking it to the people you think are full of shit.

All of this shit is a joke anyway, your politics: a fucking joke. your projections: a fucking joke. your necessity to hate on others and satiate your illnesses: a fucking joke. life is a fucking joke, learn to live a little and enjoy it like sam can, and like the many young white men who took inspiration from him.

you may look at sam and see a fat fucking slob of a joke, but watching him go from how he was being an autistic sperg with his mom every day crying about his chocolates to creating his artpiece of a show to becoming "internet legendary culture" blah blah blah. you are the fucking failure in comparison. go live your life, and when you got that MDE fix, check out his gumroad, don't come fight with these faggots replying to me instantly first thing in the morning.

they're all probably lying and if they aren't, who fucking cares? what kind of true sammy fan gives a fuck about their leftist political moral axioms? mentally ill trannies on reddit coming here as 'anons' telling me "you don't know sam though" like they want to bait us into these dumb fucking arguments full of fallacies and dogshit.

peace out homos


69515b  No.22185


Countries invented ingredients based off the cancer that's linked to their study. Our Country do nothing, they don't want us healthy, it don't want nothing else but money. No concern of dying, no concern of living, the outcome is so fucking funny. Humans are fighting with weapons, but more of them die from whats inside their stomach. Nothing but trash, and you thinking it's natural, hope that they never look into it Killing myself every time that I smoke, but I draw the line for when I'm eating bitch.

69515b  No.22186


I start to realize when I look in your eyes, and the seconds turn to years when I'm touching your spine, and since we never age I forget about time, all my minutes spent letting you know you've got all mine. And my nails peel back and my eyelids rip, everything thing up in my nightmares shroud me with mist, tied up to the bow, going down with the ship

69515b  No.22187


but not in fire

but not in the crash

the weather the storm

you say will end intact

it's when he goes home

that it becomes real

there's a small part of him

that resents the wheels

he hates the wings

and the bolts that hold them

together like promises

they never told him

he thinks they deserve

the same life that he had

he wish that fucking engine

would've blown to pieces

69515b  No.22188

File: a5107c0897548b0⋯.jpg (13.22 KB, 240x240, 1:1, a5hyAhj0_400x400.jpg)


Maybe when everything collapses we will notice

Maybe we should have worked harder

To love each other and focus

On all the problems at hand

Instead of looking at each other

This shit will never just happen now I'm afraid it's over

People have been here for way too long

For us to still not know how to fucking get along

They say that they have been trying for way too long

I'm in a place I cannot say I condone the actions of we fall to pieces, we fall to pieces

A million fucking people die a day and they don't make the news

I guess prioritizing death is something that's cool

A million fucking reasons why I hate the places that I'm at

Because I did not choose to be here and that's a fact

We fall to pieces, we fall to pieces

69515b  No.22189


You know just what I think

Before I even think

How do you do that to me

My favorite part of waking up is you

If I didn't have that

I think that I would just fall right through

Oh I'd fall, oh I'd fall right down to none I swear

My favorite part of waking up is you

My favortie part of waking up is you

2ff874  No.22191


Cringe but you sound like a nice kid






Wow thanks for all the replies. I’ve never really listened to any of his music before. Please keep spamming— it’s not gay at all.

69515b  No.22192

File: b8f4333361beda6⋯.jpg (77.61 KB, 627x464, 627:464, b8f4333361beda67669209bd52….jpg)


Stand up straight just like a man

Be counted with all the rest

Work real hard and graduate

You need a well deserved good rest

Find a job and find a mate

Settle down in a house in the suburbs

These are dreams they gave to you

I can feel when they're not yours

My skin peels like wallpaper

In the house that we don't go to anymore

Feelings are far too radical

To ever see eye to eye

A mother's son was killed today

Only what she knows is why

Beheaded by hands of so-called faith

Maybe for a chance to live in the sky

Whatever the goal and point they saw it

I don't think that was the way to go about it

They don't see a way around it

Finally, I've come home, slipping off my shoes

Into a land that brings such safety to me

Have a beautiful day tranny

461ffa  No.22193


not wrong

2ff874  No.22194


Thanks I will. About to get ready for 1pm mass

461ffa  No.22195


shut up faggot

69515b  No.22197

File: b83c4c31b19ed53⋯.png (426.46 KB, 385x457, 385:457, igotmentaldisorders.png)


Roll ya blunt while ya listen to this classic, Homiez. Have a fiya day. God Bless Ya Brothas.

bd7be3  No.22198


>knowing the type of person sammy is

>mentally ill trannies on reddit coming here as 'anons' telling me "you don't know sam though"

But you do not know Sam

69515b  No.22199


Extremely true and these faggots obviously have not seen this video proving Sam is morally bankrupt.


2ff874  No.22200


Oh he knows Sam alright. He’s watched all the MDE videos that are carefully curated by Sam himself to covey a very inaccurate representation of his personality. He knows that Sam has flaws (but hey, doesn’t everyone?) and *deep down* he really is a good guy, he can just tell! He can relate to Sam. I bet Sam even likes one of his tweets once.

d1fb7b  No.22201


>imagine sucking some ecelebs dick this much

69515b  No.22202

File: 9680d59d7e29120⋯.png (141.8 KB, 1028x811, 1028:811, darksideofthecloudsjonvoig….png)


Yeah, it's super fucking pathetic. Even if we showed him all the receipts (screenshots) of all the proof that sam hyde has done awful shit, he still wouldn't change his mind.

I honestly stopped reading when he said he's a young white male. That's when you know you shouldn't pay attention.

69515b  No.22203


Very true. Probably thinks trans-folk are "mentally ill" and reads the likes of Jordan Peterson, Jung, Karen Horney, Hemingway, Orwell, etc,. White males are disgusting the majority of the time. I want to puke.

f38d09  No.22204


Reminds me when Anthony Fantano invited him on his podcast totally expecting Sam to have a meta-discussion on his edgy persona and how he is only doing it ironically or whatever. He slowly realizes this is how Sam actually is and he misinterpreted Sam's humor and message. Very uncomfortable to listen to.

c6f493  No.22205


But he’s literally imagining himself in a verbal battle with an imaginary tranny lmao, you missed that part.

Reads like a high schooler who stans a YouTuber, not fuckig Hemingway, pls

69515b  No.22206


Didn't miss it. He's claiming that we're all "mentally ill" and imagining we're also trannies. Lol. And I know right? Hemingway is trash.

69515b  No.22207


The poster is stating in his cringy, yet.. genuine posts, that Sam's personality is *just* that, edgy, a jerk-off, that doesn't care (that, it isn't a persona). I don't think he thinks it's a persona at all. He definitely is more intelligent in his perceptions of Sam than Fantano at least, but the fact that is, denotes something of his character. Pretty tragic imo.

It makes me perturbed & discomforted as well to imagine there are men like that out there that can relate to Sam so much.

03a077  No.22211



this place is like a chaners worst nightmare about getting raided by reddit/twitter normalfags but this time it's actually true.

mods do the right thing and nuke this fucking "board"

c6f493  No.22215


Wow you must be a real channer, cool

173519  No.22218


YES please nuke the board so ppl wont know what a degenerate faggot Sam is…I mean because of Chapo imaginary niggas.

865be7  No.22221


jesus christ who let alyssa milano post here

865be7  No.22222


i still don't know if that's sam or not

0efd15  No.22262


>I mean because of Chapo imaginary niggas.

it's getting sad at this point

a3819f  No.22276


In that interview he literally says, "I'm trying to keep this interesting to listen to, so that it's not an hour of you saying I'm a genius and me going 'oh wow well that's right Anthony thank you'"

2ff874  No.22282


why does he only do interviews and stream with guys who treat him like he's ariana grande and butter him up with those kinds of remarks (cernovich, the dick show, ralph, the weekly sweat, porsalin, etc)?

if he wanted a serious interview and not to be fangirled he'd talk to someone who's not a 30+ year-old maga chud from twitter

2ff874  No.22283

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


maybe it's because he can't handle hard questions or criticism and loses his cool whenever people aren't submissive and sycophantic, kinda like with the dsa guys

5cf720  No.22284


This behavior is mirrored in his work and personal life as well. He's a narcissist and he can't stand to be around people who call him gay as a joke or aren't constantly brown nosing. The roids really accelerated his mental illness.

2ff874  No.22285


yeah. he belittles and criticizes and lies to everyone but can't handle the smallest criticism or joke when directed at him.

i think that's why he's only surrounded by yesmen and can't produce quality work

4c4aae  No.22289


I wonder if he's the one that spams all the gore/scat stuff on here. He seems like the type that would go on toddler rampage every now and then.

a3819f  No.22292



nigga u gay

0efd15  No.22322



I know this sounds like sucking him off but let's be honest, he's a polarizing figure who causes intense emotions in people. And the reason is for his descriptions of modern hypocrisy etc,. much as you would like to reframe it into the terms that your fucked up brain has shpated it. in.

He did a neutral interview with jewish washington post writer David Weigel, and his interview with Fantano was pretty basic without dick scuking.

0efd15  No.22323


>cernovich, the dick show, ralph, the weekly sweat

i haven't heard any of these.. and am interested in all except cernobitch. Can anyone hook a nigga up with links

0efd15  No.22324


this is all accurate

69515b  No.22352



faggot chapo trannies with wikipedia PhD's in psychology.

a3819f  No.22385


ok fed

b7f54b  No.22419

File: 2648538eac0b549⋯.jpg (83.74 KB, 600x776, 75:97, 1543091844775.jpg)




I mean it was very obvious its a discord tranny shitting up a unmoderated board and some other left wing loser organizations trying to destroy a outspoken entertaining intellectual man for being right wing and White. Its the same people who went after the subreddit of MDE.

Thats how much of a threat they think any right wing male with talent are to damaging to the (((status quo))). Only a fellow mentally ill retard thinks pretending to be mad about something minor would turn long time fans against Sam. Its not hard to discern someones intentions when they talk infront of a camera, Sam s' rather genuine. But since these down syndrome troglodytes posses a few brain cells they assume everyone must be as dumb as them from lack of understanding of the general world and people. Then the same discord trannys just arbitrarily throw out every degenerate thing rightwing hates with zero evidence thats not a random anon post to try and assassinate Sam's character.

The people that watch Sam are often above average IQ because you have to be to not sperg out when he doesn't use a pc dogshit diatribe to not offend literal low iq scumbag parasites.

b7f54b  No.22420

File: 1c7cab6a27dca6c⋯.jpg (13.81 KB, 255x254, 255:254, 1c7cab6a27dca6c7b43681aa00….jpg)


Why are you so interested on spending time on a board about someone you hate this how you choose to spend your time being reminded constantly of things that anger you?

II know its because it obvious your a mentally ill retard who gets pleasure from being stupid and useless so its time you know this too.

b7f54b  No.22421


Its obvious Sam has attracted retarded leftist to such a degree that they spend time on here to forget they will always be miserable leftist losers. Sam and the rightwing still wins because their shitposting in a dead board amounts to just their short lives being wasted. Sam doesn't even have to tell them a story to waste their time they are just wasting time on their own now while being mad bahaha!

b7f54b  No.22422

File: 13f20cc08c19f9a⋯.jpg (41.08 KB, 220x342, 110:171, windchimes 21.jpg)

File: 7d3442c8dd8a1de⋯.jpg (202.79 KB, 836x1080, 209:270, beaner no.jpg)

File: fc2b643834fffc9⋯.png (1.3 MB, 908x1070, 454:535, 1543537388170.png)



Kill yourself shitskins.

3d5421  No.22425


nice try faggot

07203a  No.22427


this is either a troll or a delusional faggot

927c92  No.22430


>outspoken entertaining intellectual man

you are gay

e78c50  No.22437


yup. They seem to think they're convincing other people or something. They view it as "work done" to combat hate. The people who get into MDE are the type of people who see right through it.

The responses to this are people who you describe who are butthurt about it.

3d5421  No.22446


Why would anyone go after someone as obscure and unsuccessful as Sam. At best he's jut a meme and that's it.

055ffe  No.22454


He probably has. We don't know anything behind the scenes.

5c20a9  No.23148


What a pathetic reason to despise someone. Because they no longer conform to your subjective standards of comedy.

5c20a9  No.23157


You're not convincing anyone. He's no hollywood super star but he had a gig on adult swim that broke a a million viewers.

5c20a9  No.23159


Chaz doesn't want him to apparently. We've knows this since forever. They don't talk anymore, boo hoo.

5c20a9  No.23163


He's been banned 50 times and has a whole board hell bent on forecasting the end of his career yet he's still chugging along grinding out content for you. He can take "criticism", he's 15x taken more than you every could.

5c20a9  No.23166


?? You want him to get interviewed by Jimmy Fallon lmao wtf are you talking about. Of course he does interviews with people he likes and people that like him, like every other human on earth. It's an interview not a debate, he doesn't want to give his time to some1 he loathes, nor would they want to give him money.

120617  No.23169


idk maybe for example that larry charles dude who wanted to give an interview to sam and who sam led on and lied to until having one of his sidekicks make some joke like "sam hyde doesn't exist"

5c20a9  No.23180

File: 2cf33d7d3fc8c2b⋯.png (4.48 KB, 485x70, 97:14, Screenshot_29.png)


He's a jewish TV guy worth $100 million, nothing good would every come of that "interview" rather the opposite.

>one of his sidekicks make some joke like "sam hyde doesn't exist"

Why should I care about this? High school tier drama.

120617  No.23182


you're right, so the only option is to get interviewed by cringeworthy low-iq alt-right guys from 2015 who literally get hard-ons and can't speak due to excitement when sam appears on their shows.

sam is a coward if he doesn't think he could even engage in an interview with someone like larry charles. i'm not a richard spencer fan but he's done plenty of interviews with mainstream/leftist organizations and has come out on top most times. it's not impossible– sam just can't deal with confrontation or anything that;s not 100% sycophancy.

5c20a9  No.23186


He's a funny man trying to produce funny things, his job is to make you laugh, he stated publicly that he does not want to be a political speaker or spearhead, his content has a political spin but the ultimate purpose is comedy. He has more of a backbone and doesn't sell out to leftist organisations who's only purpose is to destroy him. Richard is also pretty retarded. He's not a coward, he has different priorities and is smart enough to avoid this crap.

5c20a9  No.23187


Also saying hes afraid of confrontation lol. Half his content is exposing people to ideas they don't like, in person. World Peace no longer exists because he was too "confrontational" lol, it's the last of his problems.

d36fea  No.23189


You mean when he was surrounded by friends and people that liked him? He always had his "crew" with him, he's like a nigger, tough when they've got backup, a complete bitch when alone. He wouldn't be able to bring his crew with him on an interview.

5c20a9  No.23194


PhD level reddit phycology right here. Where tf do you come up with this shit. As if having 5'6 chaz and skeleton Joel in the next room is the difference between Sam reeling off gay hate facts or not. During the world peace era he wteeted exclusively from his personal twit account, where did having a "crew" come into that.

c20c3a  No.23195


It's not like he ever confronted anyone that wasn't a meek pussy like him anyway.

If Sam really is this implied racist Id like to see him exposing some black dudes to ideas they don't like, in person, in the hood.

Fuck he's near NY there are tons of Kikes he could go harass to hilarious effect.

>he does not want to be a political speaker or spearhead

he certainly has a lot of retarded fans that project onto him thinking he's somekind of political mover and shaker, and he gladly takes their neetbux. Pretty scummy.

5c20a9  No.23200


As if he should be culpable for retards sending him money and viewing him as their internet-dad lmao, that's their problem not his.

b8b9db  No.23202



This person >>23189 is right though. He maybe can be crude to DSA guys when he's with his crew but even then he can't have anything close to a genuine conversation without going into full autism/breakdown mode. When the Muslim guy in that video wouldn't take the bait and tried to deal with Sam in a reasonable manner Sam just became uncomfortable and more outrageous and changed the subject by yelling "What's your favorite music?" across the room. Have you ever seen him have a serious, non-trolling, one-on-one conversation with anyone he disagrees with? He can't.

5c20a9  No.23204


>Have you ever seen him have a serious, non-trolling, one-on-one conversation with anyone he disagrees with?

Nope, he's a comedian. The last thing he will be on camera is deadly serious. He's poking fun at anything and everything. Again, he does not want to be a political speaker. It's not complicated. Also nice reddit phycology take on the muslim guy.

b8b9db  No.23207


The best comedians do genuine, serious interviews all the time. Just admit Sam is a pussy.

d36fea  No.23209


>I'm too retarded to understand that people behave differently when in groups then when on their own

Sam relies on having his buddies back him up, he always has a camera man, and a few other guys with him. Have you ever once seen him interact with people in public without a crew?

d36fea  No.23211



In the safety of his home, you dumb fuck.

5c20a9  No.23212


>The best comedians do genuine, serious interviews all the time. Just admit Sam is a pussy.

Few do it about politics, and if they do, its because they have socially approved political takes on everything so no harm will come to them. You're reaching sooooo hard trying to paint Sam as a pussy its hilarious.

d36fea  No.23213


A real comedian knows how to turn off his shtick. Being an autistic retard isn't being a comedian. You also seem to forget that Sam has never once done actual stand-up comedy, it's all anti-humor. It's all post-modern deconstructionism.

1d12b2  No.23216


>Few do it about politics, and if they do, its because they have socially approved political takes on everything so no harm will come to them.

That's exactly what did with the Porsalin interview to ensure he still appeared cool to his poltard fans

5c20a9  No.23217


>Have you ever once seen him interact with people in public without a crew?

No because it wouldn't have been filmed so how would I ever see it you retard lmao. Of course his harassment skits have his crew with him, they're fucking filming it, it's in the name of comedy. He's not a pussy because he doesn't pick fights with everyone. Kek.

5c20a9  No.23219


What do you want him to do, go to twitter HQ and shout it at the building lmao

b8b9db  No.23220


And then remember how Porsalin got outed for sockpuppeting and shilling himself on reddit days later then deleted all his accounts for like a week? Lmao.

d36fea  No.23221


He does pick fights with everyone, when he's got people to protect him, making him a bitch. The fact that he was too afraid to do an interview with another comedian is pathetic.


And Sam has no interest in interacting with one of the Jews behind the most influential piece of Jewish media of all time? Both you and Sam are idiots.

5c20a9  No.23222


if you say so bud. Sorry he doesn't do funny puns and slapstick. Comedy is comedy, if it makes you laugh it did its job and sams stand up makes plenty of people laugh. Quit it with the reddit phycology.

d36fea  No.23223


Is the reason Porsalin shit on Owen Benjamin because Sam was worried he was stealing his audience? Benjamin certainly isn't funny, but I see no reason why Porsalin would have a hard on for him aside from that.

d36fea  No.23224

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>comedy is comedy

Standing in front of an audience and reading statistics and hate facts isn't comedy. It's performance art. I laugh my ass off at this video of Yoko Ono screaming, is she a brilliant comedian now too?

5c20a9  No.23225


?? articulate a coherent thought or argument please, this is just nonsensical whining.

5c20a9  No.23227


>Standing in front of an audience and reading statistics and hate facts isn't comedy.

The audience's reactions and the room clearing in 3 minutes was funny as fuck though. Again always honing in on useless semantics like the subjective definition of comedy and not the broader picture. Also sure that video is "comedy" to you and anyone else that has shit taste, I didn't think it were funny. I also think the gay facts stand up was far from his funniest routine.

3b4eec  No.23295


well for one thing, she's being sincere

e71ff3  No.23323


Sam appeared in public during the original HWNDU streams

3b4eec  No.23443


don't you get it??? he had a guy with a cell phone RECORDING!!! HE'S A HUGE PUSSY!!!!!!!!!

3d416f  No.23708



2ff874  No.23710

Gotta give it up for 461ffa, 164 posts in this thread

173519  No.23832


its Cam or whoever Sam's newest dicksucker is

2f00ee  No.23867


>62 posts from this ID

46994f  No.24820


3c2d43  No.24830



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