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File: 44af150e98b829f⋯.jpg (102.43 KB, 1410x900, 47:30, borat.jpg)

07bb2d  No.18919

larry charles mentioned sam on chapo, episode 292 at 17 minutes. basically an anecdote about sam being a huge pussy, no surprise there

e73217  No.18921


i heard that; you're right. being mentioned on chapo could be sam's big break

da1b66  No.18923


Good on Larry for cancelling the thing. Sam probably though he could pull some epic stunt/prank that would be spammed as a meme on 4chan once ppl found out giving him more dumb paypigs in the process.

Plus unless the interview is some softball shit like that desperado dick sucking thing everyone knows Sam is too much of a pussy and has too fragile of an ego to take hard questions.

80dbb2  No.18927


saddest part is baked alaska was interviewed by larry and he's wearing the sam hyde tee. i suspect larry probably respects sam's comedic chops and was genuinely interested in talking to him. but that's sam in 2019. a corny avatar on the t shirt of the dumbest motherfucker you can imagine

635107  No.18928

lol sam is a fucking idiot

971b4a  No.18935

File: af83555c8710eb8⋯.jpeg (279.44 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, D0Q5yXAXgAIuKyF.jpeg)

>implying this isn't a bunch of huge pussies

cd2fe3  No.18948

Here's the sauce since OP is too retarded to provide it. It wasn't that interesting.


Not embedded because it loses the timestamp

cb49b6  No.18949

Reminds me of when he deliberately fucked up that interview with RT because he wanted to be le epic troll. Abby Martin called him out on his shit and made him look like a child. That was a big turning point with me as a fan.


3b4f86  No.18953


>That was a big turning point with me as a fan.

gay. that's part of what made me a fan

cb49b6  No.18964


It was just so humiliating. He was too scared to drop the act and be genuine so he doubled down. He basically retreated. I think I realized in that moment he's a pussy.

2c0d7c  No.18966


>abby martin

Is that the same Abby Martin who was on Office Hours a week ago?

2319cd  No.18967

yeesh. Old Sam would have been frothing at the mouth to talk to some high level Hollywood Jew and now he's literally running from them

3b4f86  No.18974


what the fuck would be achieved by a genuine interview about the ted talk? so a bunch of news-followers get to hear "yeah i wanted to uh make fun of uh futurists you know. or something. I dunno i just saw you could do it and i thought it would be funny"

I mean we already know there's nothing more lame and cringe than people talking earnestly about a meme video that they made like kwa in the documentary.

the whole point of the ted talk was to say "fuck this sort of shit. this is what you sound like you ted faggots" and ruin it. The *perfect* follow on is to ruin a smarmy news segment which he almost got to do

fdc8fe  No.18975


it probably wouldn't look good if Sam was forced to admit out in the open that most of that Ted talk he wasn't creatively responsible for.

01730c  No.18977

That guy from Chapo wishes he was Sam, he even tries to look like him wtf

01730c  No.18978


Surely that would be the end of Sam Hyde. He's well known for never collaborating with anyone ever and being a brilliant comedic savant, don't ya know

e73217  No.18979


so true, sam hyde invented facial hair and glasses

ef19b6  No.18980


>That was a big turning point with me as a fan.

Why would you even care?

bcd689  No.18982


Hahahahaha look at these faggots

e73217  No.18984

File: 7e9886985e7ccf5⋯.jpg (228.15 KB, 960x655, 192:131, Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at ….jpg)


they're crying rn :'(

72382d  No.18989


Hahaha look at these consistently working actually funny comedians who are successful

72382d  No.18990


yeah man i’m sure matt christman wishes he was dumber and had less money

971b4a  No.18991


>welcome to lolito city

what did he mean by this

8f8876  No.18992


Yea they’re really a hoot

971b4a  No.18994

File: 25ee0ea13bd4b3b⋯.png (56.45 KB, 177x158, 177:158, Screenshot_2017-12-16-21-3….png)


imagine taking the media srsly

imagine hearing some hoarse newsie girl try to corral an internet guy into playing faggot ball and thinking she's a respectable figure

e73217  No.18995


agreed 100%

that's probably why they have tens of thousands of paying fans

971b4a  No.18996





e73217  No.18997


yee bruh never take anything seriously just be ironic and childlike and treat everything as a joke. never take off the clown mask. that's so cool


numbers don't lie

592358  No.18998


50 million people pay for cable TV in the USA alone. That must mean there's great content on there.

971b4a  No.18999


what does any of that have to do with not taking a clown industry seriously

e73217  No.19000


great comparison there buddy. i see no major flaws in that one, zero

e73217  No.19001


rt isn't a shit news source and not every interviewer is some lefty journo trying to make a fool of right-wing comedians. that woman seemed genuinely interested in the ted talk and didn't want to put up with obnoxious bullshit. clearly sam was trying to make a joke of her program, not vice versa. the trolling just gets boring and wastes people's time. it's 100% his fault that he's too much of a pussy to actually speak for himself seriously. much more comfortable to settle for some easy giggles from his teen fanbase

971b4a  No.19002


you're still appealing to a supposed majority. there's no accounting for taste

e73217  No.19003


you're right. the millions of americans who directly or indirectly pay for cable news unthinkingly every month is a great comparison for 30k young adults who go to the effort of specifically looking up and donating to one relatively unknown podcast (even though they don't need to pay to get the content)

971b4a  No.19004


this sounds like overthinking. what is gained by taking something only dumb boomers care about seriously

8f8876  No.19005


You should check out Good Mythical Morning. Those dudes are Hilarious, get millions of views, and make BANK bro. Seriously!

971b4a  No.19006


i wasn't the one making the comparison. I'm just saying who cares;

>arbitrary number of 'young adults' (lol) liking something

>good (lol)

e73217  No.19007


dumb comment


never heard of it, don't care

e73217  No.19008


What is arbitrary, exactly? Do you know what that word means?

971b4a  No.19009


>literal dumb comment

971b4a  No.19010


ok you're retarded, see ya

e73217  No.19011


literally the opposite of arbitrary

e73217  No.19015

File: ebf3eb258928b58⋯.jpg (949.9 KB, 1242x1845, 138:205, Matty.jpg)


Stay losing

ba0068  No.19017

i luv chap trap house bc i can make trans cuties thread on the subreddit and talk with other trans cuties about my mental illness :)

>I started progesterone last week and now I'm locking myself in seclusion as I become extremely horny

>For the first few weeks after progesterone started doing its thing I was extremely horny. If it weren't for my Magic Wand I probably would have gone insane. Now I'm just waiting to meet a sweet socialist boy so I can end this volcel lifestyle once and for all. Sadly all of the dudes I know IRL are chuds and gamers. Such is life in the south.

>I started progesterone 3 weeks ago and I haven’t had that effect at all. Sadly.

>i've been on 200mg progesterone- prometrium to be exact- for ~2 years and the size of the pills [them being spherical and large] makes me almost always gag or throw up if i don't take them with something like chocolate milk or apple juice, or a ton of water.

>My 5 year tranniversary is April 20th.

Folks I’m owning Hitler, Nazism, Fascism, and smoking a shit ton of weed all the while injecting estrogen.

This owns.

Also please stop killing us thanks

>I'm glad I finally got to this point since I thought I'd be closeted forever because of my partner/kids. Luckily, she's been super cool, and she'll make it more bearable probably. It's super fun to do like facemasks, drink wine, and watch girl shit now, though, haha.

>How long did it take for you to get through tge prescription process of HRT? I'm waiting for an endo to talk to rn

>For me it was 4 months to get in to an endo, another 3 months to get to a therapist, another 2 months to get a therapist who knew what she was doing, and another month to get back to the endo. Got the prescription that day though.

>just hung out with my fiancée and smoked lots of weed and did gay t4t things at each other for 3 days, it super ruled. we both live with abusive parents after getting kicked out of our apartment, and one of our trans friends hosted us in their house as a safe place for us to be.

>this week i passed 6 months on t! and finally i have some beard hair coming in a little. most of its on my neck and i have one patch on my sideburns.

>I hope all leaders are trans in the future. They are uniquely positioned to lead since they understand multiple genders, and can thus better represent men and women.

>Been on T for 3 years (I think, time and me aren't friends) and trying my best to blend in. I still get a moment of panic when I go in a crowded men's room because I need a stall.

>Started E 2 days ago after like 6 weeks on spiro and now I just want to cry for no reason. I feel so much better, though. I still can't believe I'm finally doing this 😁😁 that is all

>I wanna have e so bad. Still a bit stuck on the waiting list in the Netherlands though, but I'm hopefully getting through somewhere in February. I just want my happy little boobs

dbe5b3  No.19019


don't gain the world and lose your soul,

wisdom is worth more than silver and gold

ba0068  No.19021

>20gayteen was year of gay pride. this is the year of gay wrath.

>imagine being cis or het in 2019. lmao

>im cute and trans and only get more powerful the longer I'm on hrt. 11 months 🦌

>absolutely correct I cannot wait to witness the concentrated power of the trans vanguard when the revolution comes

>i'm cute as fuck, out here smashin the state with my enormous girldick also my 1 year HRT-versary is in 5 days, fuck yeah

>Im gay as fuck and on 4 months of HRT. imagine being cis lol

>4 months HRT yay!

>REAL TRANS CUTIES HOUR Also really happy to be on hrt for 8 months, been a wild ride.

>I've been on HRT for 9 months and the side effect of the month is profuse sweating whenever I sleep, what's up with that?

>YO CONGRATS ON YOUR BREAST MINTS i'm not cute yet but i've been shooting up estrogen for a little over a year

>Am I bi if I feel attraction to men, but its very different to my attraction to women and I have never acted on it? Am I just bicurious? Idk

>pill a day keeps the dysphoria away amirite folks

>i might be depressed but at least i'm gay and in the dsa

>im cute yet couldn't find anyone to hit my backwalls on valentines day

e73217  No.19022


Chapo sounds based

ba0068  No.19026

File: 19435fb679ae2f9⋯.jpg (181.83 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, S2AtgAG.jpg)

>First time being back home for an extended period of time since college started, let's hope I can coexist with my family for a month without losing it.

Also fuck it here's a selfie

>Shout-out to all my trans folks not spending the holidays with your families. This can be a tough time of the year but I hope you all get through it okay and I think you're all very brave.

>Honestly despite the justifiable talk of a violent overthrow, this is definitely one of the kindest most caring online "communities" I've ever been a part of… Even tangentially, you all seem like some fucking cool people, and if you're trans… I know times seem dire, cause I'd imagine they basically always have been but I hope one day, and one day soon you all have your days in the sun and the world accepts you for who you truly are, cause in the end, we're all just a bunch comrades trying to make the world a better place for the majority of the human species, and that's pretty dope. Sorry, the holidays make me extra sappy

>All Comrades Are Beautiful

>what's with the downvotes, do we have brigaders or something im sure a good part of it is chud lurking, but theres still plenty of transphobia on the left, even if it's in the minority and tends to get shouted down when made visible

>Daily reminder that if you do not support your trans and gnc comrades you are getting a purple boot up your arse come the revolution.

>The reason I transitioned after puberty was so I'd have shoulders big enough to bear my comrades from the revolutionary battlefield

>Four months HRT! I went on a date! (two dates!) I'm growing mah tiddies! They're beautiful!

>My Brilliant Plan™ is to come out to the remaining family members I'm closeted to on Christmas. What can go wrong?

>whats up trans cuties im gonna dye my hair pink tomorrow

>Hell yea hrtmas Here's to a good one for all my trans comrades

>First cutie thread after getting out of the mental health unit. I had so many good meds. :)

>Went to a gender therapist for the first time last week. Holy shit, I’m somewhat normal apparently? (For the people that go)

971b4a  No.19028





e73217  No.19029

File: a044a0aadea1543⋯.jpg (692.53 KB, 1242x683, 1242:683, Eueueueu.jpg)


Tell me more :)

ba0068  No.19030

chapotraphouse TRANS CUTIE POSTING THREAD (2018-09-25)

>Everyday when I get home from school, I put on girls clothes and a wig until my parents get home from work. I also sneak a pair of women's jeans to school everyday and I change into them just to help with the dysphoria.

>I hate the fact that I have no real choice but to be perceived as a boy by everyone. I wish I could wear my wig and clothes all the time but I'd just look like a man in a dress and people would stare constantly.

>I know I'm a girl. I just wish everyone else could see that too.

>Just learned about nemertean worms in my invertebrate zoology class- why can't I just fragment myself into pieces like them, and avoid the genderitis?

>So I moved to WA and my new land lady is trans (I'm trans too) and she is like 45 and nice enough but worships the company she works for because they are paying for her surgery and has openly admitted to being ok with being a slum lord because of her lifetime of various sufferings. What is some advice you can give on how to move her to the left?

>laser hair removal hurts like a fuck, why did I drive three hours both ways on my birthday to get it, why do the technicians lie and say it's only as painful as being snapped with a rubber band

>Me and my also trans girlfriend are going on a weekend getaway in Vermont so that's pretty lit

>The other day at a party with my co-workers, at some point I created an impromptu therapy circle with their wives by bitching about Brett Kavanaugh. They began to admit all the times they had been sexually assaulted and it was one of the poignant yet horrifying moments I had witnessed. Like every single one of them had a story and all I could do was just bear witness.

>My mom told me quote "Your boobies are really big, wow!" and I'm fucking dying.

>Considering starting a top surgery fund for my birthday, or just asking for the money i need to legally change my name + all my documents.

>Just started DIY HRT Monday. I'm not out in any way what so ever in real life and I really don't know what I'm going to do in the future. I don't really know how my family and friends would react, but I'm assuming it will be negative.

>Im out. Started diy hrt 2 1/2 months ago. Most everyone in my life knows. But its become obvious they are ashamed of me. Its fucking lonely in the midwest.

>I'm somehow in a polycule now? One of my friends just sent me a discord invite one day and now I have five girlfriends? Aaa its amazing and I love them aa <3

>The millennial trans experience~ "Hey I woke up today and I was somehow dating the entire red army? When'd that happen?"

>I’m still trying to get over the last hurdle I have finally start and commit to estrogen. Not sure why I can’t do it. But hey I’m trans and proud and a little scared but that’s ok because who isn’t a little scared?

>My boyfriend keeps talking about how my face looks completely different and i'm inclined to believe them.

>I just hit my two year on HRT. I love my life right now and I'm moving to the city soon :)

ba0068  No.19031

chaptraphouse Chapo Trans Cutie Thread

>im gay and sad and lonely, is this trans culture

>Transgirls who like kneesocks and programming unite!

>i am a mentally ill trans girl with trump supporters for parents who wont even let me get anti-depressants >:C life sucks

>i'm trying to start expressing myself more androgynously but it's harder than i expected. why are so many clothes gendered

>also everytime i start to feel like i can move towards coming out to my family one of them makes a shitty joke and i'm reminded that they barely understand binary trans people let alone nb people

>One night, I got way too fucking drunk at a large family dinner and somehow got to talking about sexuality & homophobia with my mother (note: do not do this. especially do not do this when your catholic grandmother is a few seats away).

>i am out to parents now and probably should talk to them about getting hormones but thats scary

>As a nonbinary FTM who desires to top but has no penis, I'm very confused.

ba0068  No.19032

chapotraphouse Trans Cutie Posting Thread (2018-05-05)

>My university hosted an LGBTQ prom this past week. It was so much more fun than my high school proms. It was also the first time I wore women’s clothes in public. I tried to do makeup but got overwhelmed with all the options so I went without it. My friends said they’d help me with makeup in the future and would “doll me up” for next year’s LGBTQ prom which sounds like a lot of fun. I also brought a trans flag, rainbow flag, and anarchist flag. We took turns wearing them as capes throughout the evening. (I always wanted to wear them as capes but never had the opportunity prior to that.)

>Started hormones last week and going to be out at work next week, everything is coming up trans :)

>(swerving car meme) 1st sign: coming out and transitioning 2nd sign: weed and self loathing

>I don't know if I'm trans, but living as a woman seems cool to me

>i've been making my friends give me five dollars every time they misgender me and spending it on fancy treats at the coffee shop down the street from me.

>Every day is another tick closer to my HRT appointment and im so excited

>I finally went to an lgbt center to look for a therapist!

>I'm going to a formal dance/fundraiser next week legit called Prommunism! I'm wearing a dress, but I've been feeling a bit down that I've got very few masc clothes anymore let alone for something formal. Got a super petite/slim build, so finding masc clothes I feel comfortable in is….super hard. Finding femme clothes is very hard, as it is.

ba0068  No.19034

chapotraphouse Trans Cutie Posting Thread(4/20 eve edition)

>I'm going to work up the courage to come out to my therapist on Monday and schedule a doctor's appointment to finally get started with medically transitioning.

>I got a girlfriend now it rules. I love estrogen

>i'm gay and tired and identity is confusing

>haha everyone secretly wants to be a girl inside

>real fucking wanting to die hours

>On a side note, anyone know any magic rituals to make my boobs grow faster?

ba0068  No.19035

chapotraphouse TRANS CUTIE THREAD 2018-03-07

>How y'all doin? Kickin the shit out of that dysphoria? Let's GET IT.

>Buying clothes fuckin' sucks. I have to get most of a whole new wardrobe. I also have to do a lot more voice training because I sound like I still sound like a man, but in a slightly higher tone of voice. I mean, I don't even find my voice dysphoric, but if I look and act like a woman but speak like I do, I'll probably get beaten to death in a bar bathroom! I don't even go to bars! Plus-side: I'm gettin' them tiddies!

>hell yeah, tiddies! hard agree on the clothes. i'm way too sheepish to buy them in person and the selection and measurements online are overwhelming and a bit confusing so I've only bought like, a skirt, socks, and nothing else. i'm really glad you don't have voice dysphoria (i do and its not good), good luck on your training! i should probably start doing that myself, but it's hard to listen to myself over and over so idk.

>I haven't been able to work up the nerve to buy anything by myself, but my fiancee is wonderful and she helps me out so much. If you have local trans groups, go out and go to one and find a friend! A lot of them also have clothes exchange programs, too.

>Yeah, it all sucks. My dysphoria is mostly below the neck, but lately I've been getting more dysphoric about my facial hair. Turns out dysphoria sucks and is bad.

>This trans girl is gonna get her masters! I’m already going to go to university for a Holocaust and Genocide Studies M.A.

>Doctors appointment in 2-3 weeks I might finally ask my doctor about starting hormones idk I have to psych myself up for that shit like right now.

>I started hormone therapy this week and I couldn't be happier.

>I hate dysphoria. Sometimes I feel happy with ym face and other times I feel disgusted with how I look. Fortunately I should be getting a midnights position full time where I work and I should be able to get FFS in a year, heck yes for unions. Plus if I get this position I should be able to go back to school, which will eb a pain, but I can honestly put up with it so I'm not a total fail daughter.

>My hair is finally at a point where I see it and go "That there's girl hair" so yay. Dysphoria's still a fuck but eh, what can you do

>Been feeling dysphoria for a while. Recently switched my hormones to my university, since I moved. The nurse falsely told me they'd cover the co-pay, but I found out at the pharmacy that was wrong, and I'd have to pay $100. And the whole time, the pharmacists kept calling me "he" non-fucking-stop, despite me presenting female, having a female name, and being there to buy fucking estrogen.

>Ok, not quite trans, more a guy wanting to just go "fuck your gender norms I wanna wear a skirt today". So crossdressing I guess.

>finally decided on a new name I liked after arguing back and forth with my mom.

ba0068  No.19036

File: 2864cb33c349a50⋯.jpg (706.37 KB, 3000x4000, 3:4, iclvftY.jpg)

chapotraphouse Trans Cutie Posting Thread (15/01/2018)

>So I'm finally out. Only took two years to get to the point where I was just barely able to do it.

>I feel like the word genderqueer could suit me as well… I'm just tired of being so confused about who I am. I wanna make it out of this cycle of pain.

>What are some good trans movies? I've only seen a few and none of them are applicable to my boring ass life


>Got a cute new bra and some socks for like $15 fuck yeah. Dysphoria has been a bitch for me lately though. The longer I’m on hormones the less and less of a masc, lazy femme I’ve become. I still kind of enjoy wearing jeans and polo shirts with no makeup on, but I’m becoming less and less able to handle not looking feminine enough. This is a problem because most of my wardrobe is masculine-oriented and I’m broke as fuck since nobody hires trans folks, I guess. Ugh.

chapotraphouse Where is the Chapo Trans Cutie thread? :P 11/24

>dysphoria lads. it's bad i forgot my own gender and dissociated all day yesterday

>Got back on those estrogen shots. For some reason it's killing my appetite. Hopefully I'll lose some weight?

>I'm considering identifying as NB because I'm sick of trans women telling me I'm fake because I don't wear dresses. Fuck these taxonomies.

chapotraphouse CHAPO TRANS HOUSE - CUTIE THREAD 11/17

>So I've been on HRT for about 2 weeks now. When do I get my f-cups?


>I don't know how to start feeling again. I'm pretty sure I have a depersonalization disorder, and trying not to just tap out of life for hours or days at a time is exhausting. Being in girl clothes makes me happy, ish, but anything going wrong makes me want to dissociate.

>dissociation got better the longer I've been on hormones, but I still struggle with dissociation on bad days.

>i'm going on my first date ever tonight with a dude i met online. wish me luck chapos and babes

>i finally came out to my therapist and he's gonna help me get on the girl pills

>yo i think i might be mtf trans and also i have crippling loneliness whats up

>Celtics on a 10 game win streak, a bunch of trans women were elected to office, and my boobs are still large and fantastic as always.

>Blessed are the cuties, may hormones be upon thee

>I've been trying to get a job and it's required me to go day to day looking way more male than I've ever been comfortable with and it's making me so depressed I'm bombing my interviews who up. I just wanna wear makeup and have cute nails and be pretty.

>One week until my gender therapy session

>that feel when you can finally just admit the fact you find trans women beautiful but then you realize most of your friends kinda sorta knew and don't give a shit.

ba0068  No.19037

File: 3240b8ddd44e9f9⋯.jpg (722.87 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, 3Il4x8h.jpg)


>I ordered my first choker a few days ago, which I think makes me officially trans?

>Whelp, my parents are still pretending like nothing happened two months on after coming out, so, that's only fucking with me a lot. I'm feeling the need to come out some people around me, but I'm also afraid of losing the only few people I actually can talk with in person and being stuck with just my parents. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh how do you even come out to people?

>Atlanta pride was lit as hell. Went in relative girlmode (makeup, dress, leggings, sandals, no wig tho unfortunately) and got some nice compliments so thats great. Met some real nice adults too, all very accepting. Didnt take any pictures cause I hate being on camera.

>Ya gal just ordered thigh highs and a skirt so basically I'm a trans stereotype. Fuck long shipping times tho nationalize amazon

>genuine question: is halloween confusing and stressful if you're not passing?

>I feel like a huge thot but every single girl I talk to I develop a huge fucking crush on now. Before I started transitioning I thought I was gay because I had 0 interest in girls (due to crippling jealousy) and now I think I might be a lesbian tbh.

>Teacher says that if you show up in class in your costume, you get extra credit. So I guess everyone will see me as a maid. I got cute high heels and cute boots for stomping fascists with.

>I have been in mental health care for about 4 years and never brought any of this up but I finally did to my care coordinator guy, but in a really embarrassing way. Right at the end of the appointment I just blurted out 'oh yeah I cross dress now'. Quite cowardly I know but it felt quite good but it was so scary. Thought my heart would bounce out my chest. Got a few more outfits and shaved my legs (so good) and just been going out more.

>Still violently depressed, trying to figure a way out.

>No matter how much i shave my skin is so ethereally white and transparent i always have a permanent beard shadow, hurry up with the transhumanism so i can just get a robot jaw like Raiden and not have to deal with this

>I feel like I am the sole left wing fan of MDE I think it's fucking hilarious, it being drenched in pseudo white-nationalist rhetoric makes it funnier. Probably alone on that though.

>I have a friend who likes MDE and Sam Hyde who also happens to be one of the few socialists I know irl. I think we all have things that are kinda reactionary but we still enjoy.

>nah, you're in good company I'm friends with one of Felix' friends who likes MDE and I honestly like some of their stuff too I used to live like a block from Sam Hyde but didn't even find that out until I got evicted from that house lol

ba0068  No.19038

File: e43f4b9dcff3af5⋯.jpg (285.56 KB, 1944x2592, 3:4, LueQ0uz.jpg)

chapotraphouse CHAPO TRANS CUTIE THREAD 10/13

>It's Friday the 13th!!! Can someone cast a spooky spell to make me a girl

>Also I get to pick up the letter from my counselor today so that I can get HRT from a doctor! Thank you beauracracy for finally recognizing something I've known for months!!


>A friend of mine got a judge in Minnesota to send a fuck you letter to Wisconsin (aka Scott Walker Land) to try and get the gender on his birth certificate corrected (please yell at me if this is the wrong term). Was pretty great even if Wisco says no.

>As someone who also grew up in an abusive household and who fears that that will affect people's perception of my gender identity, I feel for you. Just know that psychology is 100% culturally dominated field and that the most important thing you can do is take care of yourself. All people in the trans umma are cuties ✨

>Going out in public transitioned for the first time tomorrow. If you gonna be at atlanta pride hit my line Being a closeted trans girl in highschool theatre sucks ass. Especially performing, its exhausting when I have to be a guy onstage. Dysphoria's bad too, I feel weird and icky and while wearing a bra under my clothes is helpful it doesnt do enough.

>I've been having stress / dyshoria related nightmares for like 4 days now whenever I don't wear a stuffed bra to bed. Shits weird folks.

>I get HRT in 19 days! Woooooooooooo!

>Came out to my close family and friends over the last two weeks. Reactions ranged from "confusion" to "confused acceptance" which is about as good as I could have hoped for. Have an appointment in like 3.5 weeks to talk to a gender therapist and I live in a pretty alright place so I can probably start pumping my body full of girlpills before too long.

>OMG. I have a dress and tights and shoes and let me tell you, it's good.

>A hearty hello to all our visitors from MDE! Imagine being such an insufferable shithead that you get frothingly mad over people being open and supportive to each other

>Yo some fascist loser kids put up some posters around my campus citing some trans suicide stats and called us f*gs. Anyone got some good posters about queer liberation or something I could put up as a response?

ba0068  No.19039


>Gender dysphoria is crap, but oh my god gender euphoria is amazing. I went on a date with a really cute guy last night, it was actually my first date since transitioning and it went really really well.

>Fuck yeah. That must be awesome. I'm cis but sometimes I wish I could see myself as a girl, i'd probably be fucking hot as shit

>I don't even know how to go about getting laid as a trans woman… I mean I didn't know as a Man but I especially don't know now

>I've started wearing makeup while going out (had another girl tell me I was "glowing" and it made my week) and my friends actually liked it! I think I'm going to use Halloween as an excuse to dress up for the first time, but you better believe I'm going all the fucking way with it. Wish i wasn't nervous though.

>Since liking anime is a requisite for being trans, this thread is the only thread on the sub that i know will not reject the uncomfortable truth that watching anime makes you smarter than reading books.

>I don't know how people handle body hair. Been wondering if I should look into waxing or something instead of doing sporadic shaving sessions.


>Folks, i made a qt crossdress outfit that is fucking fuego, i was called miss multiple times this week (even tho im no where near the start of my transition), now i gotta lose some weight.

>i had a really normie life and personally didn't know a trans person until a friend came out a few months ago. i've questioned my sexuality before but now i've been questioning my gender a bit too. i don't want to say it's entirely bc of her but it's surprising what happens when you personally know someone who's trans. looking at trans memes helps too, i guess.

>I got to play as my trans girl D&D character today! She killed two goblins, bought a horse and carriage, and found her familiar which is a squid.

>I wish I could be a cute girl, but I'm 6'2" with wide ass shoulders and ripped as fuck. :(

>I'm sad all the time and i look like a monster and my brain is bad and i dont know what i am or what to dooo….

>i dress femme at work (fashion retail) and wear lots of makeup but haven't been wearing skirts or dresses there but i bought a short skirt there yesterday and a trans boy who works there wolf whistled me

>I tried to see if my school still had the Gender Sexuality Alliance. Apparently they don't seem to exist anymore. So instead of joining my college's GSA, I joined their DSA.

>I'm really really excited for the Juggalos march tomorrow. Like that whole thing just makes me happy.

ba0068  No.19040

File: d2189a7b6cc4dd3⋯.jpg (167 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, 0HhBgRL.jpg)













I wouldn't recommend reading any of this. It did not feel good to compile it. My purpose in doing so was to affirm the tragedy and horror afflicting the chapotraphouse fanbase. I do not hate these people, I feel only a sense of disgust perceiving their thoughts and a pity for them and their experience, they are obviously sick.

I also don't give a shid about chapotraphouse, the faggots that lead it, apart of it. I don't care how "successful" they are especially considering it is a podcast with a horde of literal faggots holding it up. Disgusting.

971b4a  No.19042


>I wouldn't recommend reading any of this

i would, at least some of it. it's fuckin hilarious

ba0068  No.19046


The only thing funny about it to me is when I think about some internet, twitter, reddit, etc nobody trying to hold up an argument, position, or stance, and the person you're arguing, debating against ends up being some whackjob like one of these people.

To imagine a group of these mentally afflicted losers actually taking any idea of a 'revolution' of theirs seriously.

8f8876  No.19048


Lmao yea I’m losing

eb49bd  No.19050

File: 79eb207410f3ae4⋯.png (640.83 KB, 728x735, 104:105, Dzn96M1WoAImK44.png large.png)

>chapo trap house

I didn't want to believe there was a hoard of chapo trap house leftist discord tranny faggots that are obsessed with sam hyde on this obscure board and yet here they are :\

592358  No.19052


Those young adults sound cool, hip, affluent and extremely intelligent. Let's look at the other high quality projects they fund.


A program that removes walking around from Pokemon Go, a game where the only thing to do is walk around.




A political podcast without the politics.


What the fuck?


The one and only.


A webcomic about people who can change their genders at will or something.








I thought this girl got choked to death a decade ago.



Real great, high IQ stuff, ya?

49c083  No.19053


Holy shit dude. That was years ago, ancient.

Why have you been following MDE all these years since? Go do something productive, go follow something you like.

49c083  No.19055


lena dunham?

971b4a  No.19056


stfu faggot

058873  No.19065


hey sam I know its hard on your self esteem that you have to pay trans cuties for sex, but hey if you start actually giving a shit putting yourself out there and actually doing comedy again I will consider giving you a pity blowiej free of charge with the condom on ( for obvious reasons).So just get back to work and if your lucky we'll end up gigging at the same club one night. You'll have to actually do a new set on stage though for the offer to stand.

cb49b6  No.19078

File: 7f183196bd1e2aa⋯.jpg (18.61 KB, 639x439, 639:439, ddh45j.jpg)


I don't follow Sam anymore. I come here once a day for 15 minutes to laugh at his downfall with my 8ch buds and intensify the cognitive dissonance of his dickriders. Outside of that I live a normal life. Pic related. It's you.

247b67  No.19080


You seriously took a jews opinion on sam seriously? With sam being known as an "anti-semite"? hahaha

058873  No.19085


he didn't talk about his opinion he just said that the interview got shitcanned because at the last minute sam or somone under sams direction contacted him saying sam hyde doesn't exist. Which is probably true since I've seen the youtube video exposing the trio asdeep cover mk ultra cointel agents.

d7062a  No.19094


yeah man how scandalous, thanks for spending 5 hours of your life compiling that. dudes who don’t want a dick anymore will ruin western civilization. friendship ended with chapo, now puritanical memelord trump apologist anticomedy is my friend

8333af  No.19095


I smelly a greasy tranny faggot

058873  No.19099


I smelly a greasy tranny faggot

yes very good boy.

you are a smelly smelly greasy tranny faggot.

It can speak but it can only repeat short nonsensical phrases its heard before.

Convesation and bantz are out of the question.

ba0068  No.19103

File: b5e4c42e4478443⋯.jpg (53.16 KB, 662x1000, 331:500, 51sWU4 TCL._SL1000_.jpg)

File: b5e4c42e4478443⋯.jpg (53.16 KB, 662x1000, 331:500, 51sWU4 TCL._SL1000_.jpg)


I actually timed myself and it was a casual hour of my time. That being said, with this hour of my time now wasted, needless to say, I am now invalidated with my wasting of this hour. It was however a pleasure to reply to you, an individual who I can only assume has never wasted even a second, let alone minute, let alone an hour of their time. Get it? I'm calling you a fucking retard because you seem to be conflating the wasting of any amount of time with a point of any nature.

Thank you for your reply though. I would also like to inform you that, by way of your comment replying to mine, that trannies, nonbinary people (whatever the fuck that is), faggots, and transcuties are not mentally deranged. I would also like to inform you that trannies and faggots are not susceptible whatsoever to obsessive, narcissistic personality disorders, again, by way of your comment replying to mine. *slaps you in the fucking face, backhands you, pimp slaps you, then proceeds to two step on your chin and doing the bankhead bounce while wearing a biohazard suit, pic related)

8333af  No.19104


:) is your hole healed bro

058873  No.19105


I actually kept the dick so I could masturbate more effeciently in the girls bathroom in your youngest sisters school.

8333af  No.19107


I wish a nigga would

058873  No.19114


I wood, I mean I will.

Seriously though you gotta start telling jokes again sam or snip snip and no more sloppy blowjobs for you to fill your belly with.

971b4a  No.19137

ba0068  No.19139


are you actually a tranny/faggot bro? wtf

2d9cb7  No.19143


in case it wasn't obvious already this is just further proof that this board is heavily raided by chapo fags

e73217  No.19157



635107  No.19167


i thought it was a cockamamie theory, but it seems to be true. weird.

0fa23e  No.19210


Yea I’m sam dude

058873  No.19226


Idk if I am "actually a tranny faggot."

I'm just taking all the tit pills the doctor gives me for free until my insurance lapses again.

Although that is what Jesus Christ calls me when he visits my dreams just to choke fuck me.

058873  No.19227


whats that weird about it we've been at least 60% of sams fanbase ever since rebel girl.

e73217  No.19236



311ad2  No.19238


He's lost a lot of fans and subscribers plus his patreon bux due to a combination of the "rumors" and his own scamming lol.

311ad2  No.19246


Yeh maybe when btc was at 10k and he wasn't bleeding that much every month on frivolous crap. That shit won't last him and he will never be able to work a normal job in the future. His well is drying up.

e73217  No.19248


Crypto is a scam targeted at lazy white men who think they can get rich without working. That’s unless you’re already super wealthy when getting into it

e73217  No.19252


I was an mde fan but it doesn’t take much to see that so many people (generally unemployed young white men) who have no idea what they’re doing throwing lots of money away on crypto

e73217  No.19261


Cumtown, Dr. Phil, I Am Jazz and BG Kumbi. Otherwise I don't really watch or listen to anything else

e73217  No.19263


you must be pretty dumb to think that's an epic troll or "owning" anyone

058873  No.19265


im so excited for the new hyde wars this Friday.

e73217  No.19266


Oh and CTH of course.

971b4a  No.19289


ha are you serious

7c5bee  No.19293

971b4a  No.19295

File: b31215faded58ab⋯.gif (761.35 KB, 281x225, 281:225, 3885290939878262906.gif)

e73217  No.19300

File: bf1b8bca6345ce9⋯.jpg (110.34 KB, 501x640, 501:640, ee3cdb8d48917cee2dc2195723….jpg)

1c9a5a  No.19479


Holy shit you're an idiot. RT is nothing but clickbait trash and propaganda. Why would you cooperate with them at all?

1c9a5a  No.19482


>rt isn't a shit news source

Wrong idiot

93adf5  No.21811

we need more people who regularly listen to ChapoTrapHouse to keep us up to date on what's happening on that podcast here in this 8ch board

e74eb2  No.21814


Specially since that's what they were looking for, she said "be funny on set", and that's Sam's humor.

He looked like a child though.

Abby is just a IRL Russian bot, dumb as fuck.

d1e30e  No.21849


Delusional shill

670060  No.21882


lol what a gay response that contradicts the spirit of MDE TBH

670060  No.21883

5abbf7  No.22075


1.2 million split four ways works out to 300K. That's half what your average consultant or attorney makes. Not exactly something to brag about. And why is an avowed Socialist allowing himself to make a profit anyway? So he'll shit on Capitalism whilst also being the worst kind of Capitalist when it suits? I imagine he keeps most of the money rather than donating it either to worthy charities or his own political cause. What a hypocrite.

5abbf7  No.22077


>paying fans

>the so-called Socialist sees nothing wrong with this

93adf5  No.22083

for some reason there is a really aggresive guy trying to claim CTH people aren't posting here. i wonder what he thinks of this thread

ee7730  No.22109


I bet if you keep saying anyone posting the they don't like sams shitty new content is chapo ppl will believe you.

ba386e  No.22113


This video is unavailable. Ree

17ac63  No.22130


they tell their rentboys that they're building a leftist media empire, and the media-addicted bugmen lap it up and keep the monthly donations flowing

cc6420  No.22131


isnt that what Sam is doing on a smaller level less successfully?

17ac63  No.22134

File: 62b33c2bad20b85⋯.jpg (110.58 KB, 965x826, 965:826, yCRl1JT.jpg)


flipping it back onto mde and dodging the reality that chapo is scamming their rentboys, very typical. keep trying to justify to yourself that chapos financial success is somehow representative of the quality content they create. thats neoliberal as fuck. also i don't think thats what sam is doing either. chapo pretty much tell their paypigs that they'll be part of an eventual revolution if they pay them and will help build a leftist media empire. this is different to sam hyde posting vids without any consistency on gumroad (typical artist, who cant stick to a schedule or deadlines). chapo is run like a business. they're liberal faggots and don't make quality content, its a friend simulator for rich kid faggots.

imagine thinking feeding money to pic related will lead to a revolution. queue "but sam looks like shit" responses from chapo retards. yea, he does, and its hilarious.

635107  No.22138


chapo is gay, but so is thinking of sam as some kind of right-wing leader who instills fear in the heart of soyboys. not saying you in particular are saying that, but some on this board are (might just be one faggot). sam is a talented guy who has made funny content - nothing more, nothing less. also dildos diapers etc

635107  No.22139


this is a hilarious photo tho, gj

e73217  No.22140


i don't listen or donate to them because i think they'll lead a revolution… i do it because they provide entertainment while i'm playing sodoku and i think they can be funny/original/well-read at times (even if i disagree) and other times i think what they say is totally idiotic. i will gladly pay for matt's acid tabs so he can drop at cpac again.

17ac63  No.22143


the rich cunt can drop acid in public without need of patreon soybux

17ac63  No.22144


i definitely don't see sam as anything political let alone a leader, i don't think many do. the chapo rentboys however are quick to call him a nazi or a fascist because, like i said, chapo don't produce original content (because they're vapid ideologues thus unoriginal and trite… which is also why sam sucks when he "gets political", he turns into a generic ideologue and loses his ability to be funny) and their fans are rigid and don't see the world beyond their ideological worldview

93adf5  No.22157


where's that guy (or those guys) who are dedicated to claiming there are no chapotraphouse reddit people here?

they came here in droves after the subreddit got shut down and the board op here pretty much let them fuck this place up

e73217  No.22158


i'm not a hardcore fan, was subbed on patreon for maybe a month, never go on their reddit. it's just something i listen to if i have time. i have no reason to think anyone in that community even thinks or cares about mde except for the one mention linked in the op.

no one gives a fuck about this board besides mde fans. of course a few including myself also listen to other shows. stop flattering yourself by thinking anyone from there comes here solely with the intention of changing your opinion.

bd55d0  No.22162

well damn.. dude actually found a chapo

93adf5  No.22172


>i have no reason to think anyone in that community even thinks or cares about mde except for the one mention linked in the op.

1000+ updoot thread on their reddit when the MDE sub got banned

e73217  No.22173


i wouldn't know that and it's funny how you remember that from six months ago since you're accusing other people of being chapo redditors. i'm sure the people who liked the post are all obsessive mde-haters and not just chapo listeners who chuckled in passing and thought it was funny that your sub got banned (because it was)

93adf5  No.22326


>. i'm sure the people who liked the post are all obsessive mde-haters and not just chapo listeners who chuckled in passing and thought it was funny that your sub got banned (because it was)

nope. it was every bit of humiliating, embarrassing cringe you could imagine. and it was full of strong emotions

44ffc0  No.22354


"(because it was)"

the lefttard can never hold his emotions in.

chapo tranny redditor faggot spotted.

sage & move on


45bc25  No.22416


>banning users for this


12a969  No.22552

bump due to mods filtering "Cha po" like its some kind of dumb conspiracy when they are actively on this board and deserve to be the object of derision

635107  No.22554


i'm a huge faggot please rape my face

b0835b  No.22566


Wait… So the mods are ch a po too???

d354d5  No.23911

id s

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