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File: c7a6f27dafa1369⋯.jpg (25.69 KB, 327x500, 327:500, Goblin_0.jpg)

File: a7188237783f37a⋯.jpg (23.41 KB, 386x479, 386:479, b691b978b8373e0ba3e4e136cc….jpg)

File: 6471ad76df81e58⋯.jpg (456.33 KB, 683x960, 683:960, 2bcf72a4bc8297c5f9645a5d43….jpg)

File: 185adcf06cc27ae⋯.png (149.47 KB, 363x398, 363:398, 1429373094796.png)

File: 71616677b40d3ed⋯.jpg (421.69 KB, 1280x1899, 1280:1899, 1460485979375.jpg)

254022  No.267402

So they kidnap, rape and give birth to children that will grow up quickly in 10 days to repeat the process.

At least that's how it is in some light novels.

254022  No.267403

File: be5e9a835e3579c⋯.jpg (52.65 KB, 288x499, 288:499, why contain it.jpg)


>oppai loli

254022  No.267404


Plus her face looks like the face that says "I wanna bear and raise children."

A milf face.

254022  No.267416


>"I wanna bear and raise children."

You say that like it's a bad thing.

254022  No.267418


It was supposed to be a compliment.

254022  No.267595


sage for duplicate thread

254022  No.278315

File: 9d125c1e62a60bd⋯.png (199.21 KB, 1065x940, 213:188, 5454.png)

254022  No.278609

But OP, aren't green gobbos superior?

cee297  No.303062


why not both?

289614  No.303065

File: b95d1b6ee2f2eac⋯.png (234.9 KB, 608x693, 608:693, thicc gobbo.png)


They are.

730c58  No.303075

File: e07bfc2a030ee69⋯.gif (871.27 KB, 254x276, 127:138, 159_20140305022759.gif)

File: e07bfc2a030ee69⋯.gif (871.27 KB, 254x276, 127:138, 159_20140305022759.gif)

File: fb9ffe8b39633b0⋯.gif (37.9 KB, 392x260, 98:65, 159_20140404225638_0.gif)

File: 143d5ae38098ad6⋯.gif (14.52 KB, 140x180, 7:9, 159_20131230030437.gif)

File: 1f049b89d54d754⋯.gif (16.32 KB, 160x200, 4:5, 159_20140109000053.gif)

730c58  No.303077

File: 6bd5623a852355c⋯.gif (31.33 KB, 254x276, 127:138, 75440_0_159_20140305022806.gif)

File: 0cacd6acb1bf13c⋯.gif (25.89 KB, 254x276, 127:138, 75440_1_159_20140305022806.gif)

File: dd290910ed8bcf0⋯.gif (86.09 KB, 254x276, 127:138, 75440_2_159_20140305022807.gif)

File: c56846d9825883b⋯.jpg (260.97 KB, 770x810, 77:81, 159_20150531202106_0.jpg)

File: 88e82b4754843fe⋯.png (474.62 KB, 700x900, 7:9, 159_20130914214403.png)

6d6f5e  No.303242

File: 60e5ab6adf23f0f⋯.jpg (249.77 KB, 906x1200, 151:200, 73368e7a868418848ab288706f….jpg)

File: c74c6f515457eb3⋯.png (870.24 KB, 1169x1350, 1169:1350, c9da683b02527383d86694f592….png)

File: f0f51182588dd3c⋯.jpg (589.77 KB, 769x1300, 769:1300, 037efcb9a53033dd5a688646d9….jpg)

File: aab68cf90a02722⋯.jpg (602.47 KB, 1246x1213, 1246:1213, 7acd3c9fed4911e553b05ddce8….jpg)

File: 9e3c7f084cdcae2⋯.jpg (626.1 KB, 2276x2916, 569:729, hobgoblin-The Great Goblin.jpg)

Did someone say something about goblins? I guess I should post some of my favorites!

d009f3  No.303246

File: 54c877f3e2f4206⋯.jpg (57.72 KB, 512x512, 1:1, C0C04B5A-F393-4B2A-85F5-13….jpg)


Drop the name, you western loving faggot.

289614  No.303259


The first one is actually nice, but I still have to agree with: >>303246

6d6f5e  No.303267

File: c7b86b67eb13d40⋯.jpg (383.93 KB, 850x750, 17:15, hobgoblin-lap rest.jpg)

File: a978c3b8fa2de49⋯.jpg (374.27 KB, 850x750, 17:15, hobgoblin-lap rest2.jpg)

File: 2801ec7c5e0a968⋯.png (938.9 KB, 683x960, 683:960, hobgoblin-manga (1).png)

File: 0374747028a5d5c⋯.jpg (648.81 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, goblin-touch her tender.jpg)

File: 724a2c1037b78d2⋯.jpg (481.16 KB, 750x750, 1:1, hobgoblin-stop that, I'll ….jpg)


Fine, fine.

752600  No.309373


>grow up quickly in 10 days

where does that come from? i dont think thats from the MGE entry.

83709f  No.309411


at some point a gobbo needs some body modification shit- it's in the nature of the gobbo

a872e2  No.309420

File: b163735c17072c3⋯.png (351.35 KB, 780x545, 156:109, 8c942730f794c7ef2ca63569ff….png)

Tits make every girl better

a872e2  No.309565

File: 0b670bffe7851a1⋯.png (425.77 KB, 934x629, 934:629, 24b4d6a640183c32cece126bc2….png)



Eastern > Western. Fags don't seem to appreciate a nice devoted girl, I blame /tg/.

a94439  No.309650


Sure screwed that post up, didn't ya?

330396  No.310338


Where are you from, the east or the west?

8f2cd5  No.310482


>one can't let their guard down

trying to think of a rhyme based on the "around blacks, never relax" phrase but I am drawing a blank

9ba11d  No.310566

midget porn is pretty disgusting

ac1351  No.311211


"Around the gob, protect your cob!"

"Goblins in heat, best retreat"

"Gobbos around get out of town"

"Goblins be near, tis time to fear"

"Goblins about, time to get out"

Any of those doing it for you?

83709f  No.311212


"see a gob, cover that knob"

4bfd79  No.311926

File: 807deee3448396b⋯.png (142.69 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, bfe6be91e0d766c0bc269643cb….png)

I had to share this.

ac1351  No.311931


I like the western goblins very much. Thank you sir

83f657  No.314198

Let's truly find out which is superior


0b3364  No.314227

File: 051395d37821d61⋯.jpg (387.63 KB, 468x1100, 117:275, IMG_2426.JPG)

File: 7f08bfd4388610b⋯.jpg (1.11 MB, 1198x1100, 599:550, IMG_2427.JPG)

File: 004ef967f6e76c1⋯.jpg (838.68 KB, 838x1100, 419:550, IMG_2538.JPG)

I agree with the general attitude that most Western goblin art is rather poor; a lot of it has grotesque proportions, Shadman-esque trashy details slapped all over the gobbo, or both.

But every once in a while, a semi-competent drawer comes out with a greenskin shortstack that's decently fappable, and I love those diamonds in the rough enough to keep searching for more of them.

0b3364  No.314229

File: 2b0ff6fb1edab94⋯.jpg (841.26 KB, 2600x1600, 13:8, IMG_0167.JPG)

File: fdae33b5587f993⋯.png (162.29 KB, 2019x1584, 673:528, IMG_1029.PNG)

File: 7ed472664ac0cb4⋯.png (464.31 KB, 710x1000, 71:100, IMG_1031.PNG)

What's a good average size for goblins in your view?

Personally I prefer them to be in the three-and-a-half to four-feet tall range, give or take an inch or two. Significantly smaller than any normal human, but not nearly so much so as to approach minigirl status.

Also, slightly-under-four-feet is the optimal height for standing blowjobs, and those are pretty hot.

0b3364  No.314232

File: eb17d26afaaaf45⋯.jpg (520.08 KB, 1089x1015, 1089:1015, IMG_1320.JPG)

File: fe5631353db6c89⋯.jpg (724.2 KB, 1089x1098, 121:122, IMG_1319.JPG)

Also I really like it when greenskins are drawn as gingers. I don't know why, but it looks really good on them.

b94862  No.314235


>I don't know why, but it looks really good on them.

probably because of the complementary colors

0b3364  No.314237

File: 2f6399f8fd34332⋯.png (343.96 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, IMG_2617.PNG)

File: f22e077bb5a41ae⋯.jpg (318.61 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, IMG_2620.JPG)

File: 48c4df889616f8e⋯.jpg (967.75 KB, 1000x1400, 5:7, IMG_2622.JPG)

File: 7b66b604f6db7d1⋯.png (240.94 KB, 777x1145, 777:1145, IMG_2623.PNG)

File: 8fea71797a248e4⋯.png (469.11 KB, 1100x750, 22:15, IMG_2619.PNG)


Towergirls is great. The little comics are all funny and cute and the art is just so cartoonishly charming.


Probably. I'm not an artist.

0ac700  No.314256


Pretty much exactly what you said, standing blowjob height.


Blonde hair also works well with green skin too.

379165  No.318022


Pretty sure that's because Light Novels with a "western fantasy" setting are based on video games, so the "grow up in a few days" shit is to explain why there are so many of the fuckers that are always respawning.

0ec34c  No.318072


>Towergirls is great.

its a literal cuckold simulator, m8

fadd65  No.318074


>being this much of a retard

Towergirls was a thing before the cuck game. IIRC it started as that choose your princess CYOA waifu then came the comics.

After some time the guy decided to cash in on a famous product and made that shit game.

The game has nothing to do with towergirls. That's like saying monster girl is vore because there's mg content with vore.

514d79  No.318440


How does the mouth work?

8ab4c3  No.318448


>shortstack with big fat ass doesn't like anal

Well I guess it's a good thing she really doesn't have a choice in the matter.

324d65  No.318450

File: f3449483eb1e807⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 233.37 KB, 500x365, 100:73, tumblr_inline_oljhqmGCMk1s….png)

>goblin thread

>no art of best goblins


0b3364  No.318471


It's just a typical Cat Smile drawn in toony-style; either her lips are naturally downward turning so when she smiles her mouth gets crooked, or she has fangs that poke out of her mouth that the art style depicts as blending with her face, your choice.


>Wanting to put your dick where poop comes out of

Habitual anal-fucking also puts you at greater risk of developing erectile dysfunction

3a018a  No.318510


Some guy, not the guy, gatz, the guy who made the cyoa, actually left the game recently because it became a cuck simulator

2a99bc  No.318513

File: 2ca62200a7b53ce⋯.png (85.97 KB, 627x644, 627:644, general bentnoze.png)



8ab4c3  No.318565


>Habitual anal-fucking also puts you at greater risk of developing erectile dysfunction

Going on over ten years here and I can report zero problems.

ed64cd  No.318675

File: 38c5c4c0205031e⋯.png (226.42 KB, 311x615, 311:615, Zanik_NPC.png)


>tfw no Zanik gf

10f45b  No.320443

File: ef9825cdbc94ead⋯.png (729.52 KB, 856x861, 856:861, 1508690002270.png)

b97ab1  No.323031

File: d4a3e17101a29cf⋯.png (553.3 KB, 1118x1194, 559:597, 0593085A-EC7A-4734-9D71-4C….png)

File: ca5b83df20e4e55⋯.png (230.6 KB, 797x964, 797:964, AC9083D6-659A-4506-9D5C-1F….png)

File: b44563c4d146fc6⋯.jpeg (181.47 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 19A15B21-C6F9-4779-ADEE-B….jpeg)

>Be scion of a minor noble house

>In training to become a knight

>King’s Chief Advisor is discovered to be involved in a revolutionary conspiracy

>Chief Advisor also happens to be a distant relative of your family

> Guilt by association leads the rest of the aristocracy to ostracize your house, including you yourself being let go by your Master

>Dad tells you to not let yourself be bogged down by other people’s doubts, and to prove your character despite them

>Take his words to heart

>Old enough to operate as an independent man-at-arms, take up arms and armor and sally forth, determined to show your worthiness to be a warrior of the crown

>Do a lot of good clearing roads and villages of magic beasts, gain some respect back for you and yours

>Get a missive with the royal seal bidding me to clear an old military outpost of a goblin infestation


>Set out on journey

>Make it to the fort

>Built on the side of a mountain overlooking a valley near the border

>Hunker down on an outcropping to stake out the joint

>Feel something tap your arm

>Look over

>Greenskin standing by you

>Three-and-a-half feet all, give or take, and very female, with huge tits and curves for her size

>Face is rather sharp-feautured, but pleasant to look at

>She smiles and chatters in gobbledygook, beckoning you to follow her down a path

>Still feeling a bit flat-footed, you dumbly acquiesce

>She leads you into the fort

>Whole place is teeming with little green women

>Tallest of them only barely higher than your elbow

>She leads you to the war-room

>Strategy table has been cleared out, and a single commander’s chair draped in strips of fabric sits in the center of the room as a makeshift throne

>Another full-figured goblinette sits on it

>This one is all crooked smile and glittering dark eyes

>Her body is barely covered in strips of ripped-up rich fabrics wrapped around her shoulders and naughty bits, and she’s wearing an vast assortment of cheap jewelry, capped with small crown of brass

>She all but launches herself off her seat and starts babbling excitedly at you in broken English

>She calls herself the Goblin Queen and talks about how her horde was serving an evil wizard in another land who died somehow (couldn’t catch what happened) and she just led her girls out to find a new home somewhere

>You can’t keep up with everything that she’s saying, so you just declare that you’ve been sent by the king to clear this place of her kind

>She oohs and ahhs and claps her hands

>You somehow don’t think she understands what you’re here to do

>She grabs your hand, presses to your side, and marches you back down to the mess hall

>There’s already a bunch of goblins eating at low tables, and when you and the “Queen” sit at an empty one a couple of bystanders bustle over to put a platter of sizzling meat and some goblets of wine in front of you

>At this point just automatically going with the flow, you tuck into the meal as the goblin beside You attempts some small talk

>This wine has some kick! What’s in it?

>Your lower abdomen gives a lurch and your vision darkens

>Oh, some drugs. Of course

>You’re black out as you hear the Goblin Queen call out excitedly in her own language

b97ab1  No.323032

File: 674c35b2c79bb7a⋯.png (211.23 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 4CF730CE-8623-42CC-B104-A2….png)

File: 56a09f0040f6a42⋯.png (411.39 KB, 900x900, 1:1, 17A476B7-B38E-4781-B148-59….png)


>Wake up you don’t know how much later

>Seem to be in a higher officer’s quarters

>God but your head hurts

>And where the hell are your clothes?

>Bedsheets rustle as a small green head pops up beside you

>Memories start to come back from last night

>”Hey there Hubby~”

>Oh god, please no

>Goblin Queen is giggly and blushing as she cuddles against you, grinding against your muscled thigh as she coos and gushes about how you took her like a brute once you both retired

>You bury your face in your hands as she expresses her hope that she gives birth to your babies soon

>Struggling to keep breathing regularly, you ask her for your armor back

>She nods genially and barks out a sharp command in goblin-tongue

>In an instant the door bursts open as a troop of goblinettes trot in with pieces of not your armor

>It’s bulkier and fuller plate and there’s a spiky bucket helm

>Well, it’s that or a bedsheet tunic

>Once dressed you see that the Goblin Wueen is once more arrayed in her scraps and jewelry

>She flounces our the room with a cheeky smile, and you find yourself herded by her attendant after her

>It’s back up to the mock throne-room for you, where you’re made to sit in the high back chair as your new mate sprawls across your lap, shifting around to try to feel your shaft through your trousers

>You have no idea what you’re doing anymore

>Some time later, when it seems Queenie is trying to fish your dick out of your pants for a another go-around, a commotion starts to come up from the lower floors

>A female Paladin swearing up a story is dragged in by a horde of goblins

>Wait you know that girl

>She was the page of a knight who once partnered up with the one you used to serve, you two were rivals in your training while traveling together

>She looks up at you and just sees a strange man in armor getting hot and heavy with a gussied up gobliness

>Scowling, she declares to your face that a member of the Royal Order of Knights will not be subdued so easily

>Wanting to calm things down, you whip off your new helmet and explain yourself to her

>She gapes at you in shock, then starts laughing, escalating slowly into uncontrollable cackling

>The goblins holding her down let her go when they see you have no history to her, and more than a few join in on her loud laughter for no reason

>Unamused, you snap at her to go back to the capital and get someone to help straighten this out, because you doubt these little blighted will let you leave

>She eventually comprises herself and agrees

>Days pass in which your left pacing around the fort, breaking up squabbles between the goblins, and getting cajoled into ducking Queenie, when another messenge reaches you

>This message congratulates you on establishing diplomatic relations with the goblins, and the king now tasks you to stay and play look-out on the Eastern Reaches while making sure the local demihuman population stays out of trouble

>You are now Jarl of Goblin Town

>Well, you guess it beats going around town known as “Sir Uncle-was-a-traitor”

1ea963  No.323035


Ducking adorable m8

b97ab1  No.323860


You know the one thing better than standing blowjobs?

Standing titjobs.

a81e63  No.323897


What about standing headpatjobs?

0af939  No.323906


Now that is way too lewd!

fb358f  No.323921



How the fuck would that even work, do you just rub your dick on their scalp in a rhythmic, soothing pattern oh god what the fuck why did I get a boner from imagining that

a81e63  No.323946


Those are headrubjobs. You need to tenderly and repeatedly slap your penis against the scalp instead.

ee5d82  No.326222


I dig it.

891328  No.326273

File: 12101665188aa18⋯.jpg (34.17 KB, 353x439, 353:439, 1430025614384.jpg)

Japanese goblins are cuter than greenskins, that makes them the superior goblins. Also, green skin only looks good on plant girls


This doesn't belong here, please don't post it again


b6a38c  No.326288


>being a pleb

a81e63  No.326313

File: f8b6caef2707452⋯.jpg (301.03 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, yuugi oh.jpg)


Japanese goblins are just womanlet onis, though.

33d1e8  No.326314



891328  No.326318


>having no argument


Beats being the womanlets of greenskins

a81e63  No.326328

File: 60e5ab6adf23f0f⋯.jpeg (249.77 KB, 906x1200, 151:200, gobbo lady.jpeg)


>Beats being the womanlets of greenskins

Orc greenskins are warriors, while goblin greenskins are merchants. Jap gobbos just try and fail to be tough like their nonwomanlet superiors instead of finding themselves and embracing a different skillset.

1e4c36  No.326334

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

891328  No.326345

This >>326334 is cuter than this >>326328

That's why japanese goblins are better. There's nothing stopping them from doing anything that greenskins do, even though they just like to have fun and chase human boys around

28330c  No.326346

File: ad91bb0bbf1ca1b⋯.png (546.52 KB, 1011x1470, 337:490, Redcap24.png)

File: 97a52863970970b⋯.jpg (96.57 KB, 693x941, 693:941, Redcap11b.jpg)

File: 10ecfb595412d6d⋯.png (340.81 KB, 865x1139, 865:1139, Redcap10b.png)

File: 12e381ad45a443f⋯.png (416.95 KB, 918x814, 459:407, Redcap5.png)

File: 317ac706ada7d30⋯.png (648.74 KB, 1063x1169, 1063:1169, Redcap15.png)


When it comes to Goblins, Redcaps are my personal favorite.

ee5d82  No.326349



>goblins that look nothing like goblins are cute


28330c  No.326350

File: 4a81ab69088b884⋯.jpg (443.34 KB, 864x1100, 216:275, 311_redcap_L.jpg)


Redcaps are the best goblins though.

a81e63  No.326354


Yeah, though they're British goblins rather than Japanese goblins, so they're still western even if they're not greenskins.

223412  No.326355

File: 1b443573132f998⋯.jpg (28.71 KB, 640x386, 320:193, Boggart.jpg)

>This thread

8e231e  No.326523

i dont want to make babies but i want to absolutely inseminate a goblin tribe, especially the hobgoblin

196a56  No.326528

196a56  No.326529


Mitzi from CoC fame needs more Rule 34.

b97ab1  No.327487

File: de9991f499e3a91⋯.jpeg (123.85 KB, 1160x1576, 145:197, 8CCCDEB0-15A7-4C97-92F7-E….jpeg)

File: 26d03fb75c605d4⋯.jpeg (216.04 KB, 903x1074, 301:358, 66A5A718-9780-4D6E-9E85-9….jpeg)

I always love it when monstergirls are drawn dressed up as Adventurer Classes.

I looked for some sexy shots of Goblin PCs, and I wonder what it says that most of the best art is of them as Monks and Ninjas and whatever.

28330c  No.327489


I don't like the artstyle of the first image, but the second image is gorgeous.

b97ab1  No.327490

File: e836fe4b0332d57⋯.png (751.23 KB, 1029x1920, 343:640, DD2D8B16-2195-4E1A-80C7-05….png)

File: 300b21517fcc2cd⋯.jpeg (364.16 KB, 1920x2716, 480:679, F7B2FA33-7320-4B9B-B40E-1….jpeg)

File: af3f75e1750d232⋯.png (507.97 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, B3723FE1-7D26-4908-814D-A1….png)

File: 17088791b61d879⋯.jpeg (95.16 KB, 560x800, 7:10, 04089387-6535-4578-B0FA-3….jpeg)


That being said, there was a good swath of pics that looked good to me, if not hitting 100% of my personal preferences,showing goblinettes in a versatile variety of party roles as cock sleeves.

b97ab1  No.327491


Huh, what doncha like about it?

b97ab1  No.327493

File: cccb02bb4723557⋯.jpeg (157.69 KB, 770x1038, 385:519, 6B7C6FF3-BA1D-4248-BBAE-4….jpeg)

File: 86dec361e622a2e⋯.jpeg (135.39 KB, 830x963, 830:963, 619F2D07-048F-4160-A844-2….jpeg)

Here’s a final couple of half-gobbo edgelords to tail-end it.

b97ab1  No.327494

File: 3d45f8015bfcb89⋯.png (420.6 KB, 891x883, 891:883, 3829AD32-E007-4970-A6D8-C1….png)

And this is just a regular non-adventurous goblin content to stay home with some toys.

28330c  No.327495


Something seemed off, the second image seemed to be an improvement in style.


The first two images are the best looking ones. I'm not into the last one.


This is really good.

b97ab1  No.327497

File: eea752cc61c42cd⋯.jpeg (962.24 KB, 916x1276, 229:319, 2822B45C-281D-4C97-A0F2-F….jpeg)

File: 2e46224f0db2314⋯.jpeg (789.22 KB, 1340x1228, 335:307, 38F26947-3C7D-4BE8-A8C4-A….jpeg)

File: 21c36aaf3fcb7ba⋯.png (683.98 KB, 990x1530, 11:17, DA4E5E6B-F6F7-40B5-8E89-29….png)

I’m not the biggest fan of the WoW-style goblin archetype , invention-obsessed steampunk mad scientists, but them competing with Gnomes in that niche has resulted in some lovely shortstack-on-shortstack b/u/lly that I adore.

Also, how do you guys like Western goblins drawn with skin-colors other than shades of green?

b97ab1  No.327499

File: cb32ac7488cc7bd⋯.jpeg (667.04 KB, 1000x1133, 1000:1133, 93F9B1AF-E861-40E8-BD2A-1….jpeg)

File: 6dc17b4c272d5b4⋯.jpeg (366.58 KB, 1128x1600, 141:200, 64D1E271-8789-4A26-8EDA-4….jpeg)

Here’s Princess Goblin from World of Final Fantasy. She deserves way more love.

d50177  No.327500


You're right, post more.

789064  No.327503

File: 11e6ef14b7c36e0⋯.png (485.38 KB, 891x552, 297:184, BB40E333-34F8-433A-8F7F-CC….png)

File: b8a47912820dbdc⋯.jpeg (28.21 KB, 259x194, 259:194, 61A3169F-8C39-4FB3-8A48-9….jpeg)

File: 34fae25c6f2b4d3⋯.jpeg (28.54 KB, 209x241, 209:241, F7F015AC-A402-4D4D-A2DD-2….jpeg)

File: 5a5020932a37e75⋯.png (552.07 KB, 500x714, 250:357, E18B10FE-1D96-4B17-809E-BC….png)

File: 7dda3c6b8287d43⋯.png (659.57 KB, 835x1300, 167:260, D3E77C73-F611-45A4-A07D-07….png)


I don’t think you fully get just how minuscule the fandom reception for WoFF has been.

789064  No.327504

File: 6b449cbd85ac12a⋯.jpeg (107.1 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, 7FAB8EB3-F9DC-41FD-AF46-8….jpeg)

File: 2ab6e72cbd2ce3f⋯.jpeg (441.7 KB, 800x974, 400:487, AC458894-054E-40A5-B379-1….jpeg)

File: 0b6466ac7d9b9ef⋯.jpeg (125.76 KB, 820x975, 164:195, 31332079-ABEF-42BF-A0C2-C….jpeg)

File: 1edf7599de3be11⋯.png (20.94 KB, 289x304, 289:304, 20BC1FEC-DF89-450B-9732-D6….png)


And this is literally all that I could find, besides screencaps from the game and one or two really shitty sketches.

789064  No.327505

File: 83dd4ac062518a9⋯.png (1.66 MB, 992x1403, 992:1403, 54A20D19-FAE1-4CBF-97C1-D5….png)


Sorry, I was mistaken. I took another second-glance at Pixiv and managed to stumble upon one more pic of Princess Goblin that was new to me.

e61854  No.327580


Wait, does that mean Black Mage (from FF1) was a Goblin?

b97ab1  No.327586

File: c9d2d5fdf7cbd5e⋯.jpeg (71.72 KB, 578x800, 289:400, 9E7D2752-42C7-421E-8173-6….jpeg)

This pic is pretty rough, but the design for the gobbo is just so nice and adorable. Wish there were more blonde goblins that actually look appealing.


No, the black on his skin is just a shadow/magic glamour to hide his face, he’s otherwise just a regular wizard dude, except in FFIX, where Black Mages are for whatever stupid reason a race of magically animated golems that were created as part of Kuja’s army.

e3ae8b  No.327648

File: e9ee49562e5f32c⋯.png (995.8 KB, 1280x1477, 1280:1477, bondagegoblin.png)

Gotta keep 'em on a tight leash.

a8956d  No.335794

File: 5554a4908cba9a8⋯.png (2.21 MB, 2200x3433, 2200:3433, 95ce17e789ee1cfa9a30a0d5ac….png)

File: 79b3fad8a13b4ab⋯.png (2.14 MB, 2200x2788, 550:697, 3532b781a439ce885ac4e35d97….png)

Redcap is best goblin.

29a3bd  No.335799

File: 9fc16053bd5b5f0⋯.jpg (103.17 KB, 687x1000, 687:1000, redcap with shotgun.jpg)


This is in fact true.

e9d767  No.345924

File: e4c17ee99046995⋯.png (351.3 KB, 982x1200, 491:600, D88748A2-C8B0-4E57-9A0B-A4….png)


This comment from the Shortstack thread makes a good point, Western-style Goblin girls probably would be very submissive and supportive of patriarchal values.

And now I want a little conservative goblin housewife to start a family with and reenact “Father Knows Best.”

fb4ecf  No.345943


Why isn't her hat becoming white immersion lost

6ed305  No.345957


Do you seriously think only one orgasm is enough to satiate her?

f3eb55  No.346685


>literal green Jewish midget

>supporting traditional values


d091d3  No.346695


>Goblins being Jewish

Literally only Harry Potter has that, and it’s the one bit from the books that ill-read millennials haven’t copied wholesale.

68c626  No.346915

File: 35c0e2085e9c35e⋯.jpg (11.48 KB, 230x220, 23:22, 1454033206041.jpg)


Ever heard of Warcraft? Because if there's a race worthy of being called the jews of Warcraft, it's them. And they're far better known than the HP ones.

e9d767  No.346925

File: 6b45b3ade2f63ec⋯.jpeg (14.55 KB, 600x315, 40:21, B8A83E1D-9F64-4E07-9E47-A….jpeg)


>WoW goblins are Jews even though they’re explicitly and overtly modeled on Brooklyn mobsters/inner-city wiggers

Little shota, I’m gonna explain a truth of the world that’s gonna blow your puny mind: All kikes may be greedy, but not every greedy fuckwit is a kike. Read about Chinese business practices if you’re unable to comprehend such a reality.

68c626  No.346929

File: 40ee26365ee92bd⋯.gif (213.46 KB, 191x256, 191:256, 40ee26365ee92bd64500b9de3e….gif)


>if there's a race worthy of being called the jews of Warcraft, it's them

Not the same as saying they literally are jews.


And the chinks want to be like the jews, at least in terms of success, not literally like the gooks. What point are you trying to make here?

e9d767  No.346931

File: c5bfb12cafb542b⋯.gif (665.6 KB, 245x178, 245:178, 03F7E76F-EA9E-4469-AE9A-8F….gif)


>I-I’m not saying that they’re like Jews, I’m just saying they’re comparable to Jews

Could you backtrack any harder you unbelievable idiot?

>chinks want to be as successful as Jews

Because the JQ begins and ends with the fuckers just being so damn “good at business,” is that right? Do you see Chinese people engaging in diaspora and trying to take over Western cultural institutions?

>What point are you trying to make here?

That your understanding of Jewish stereotypes and media portrayals is so retardedly banal and simplistic that you are unironically claiming that any given fictional character that’s money-grubbing is a Jewish stand-in, despite the fact that isn’t a criticism exclusive to Jews, and stands in the absence of any sort of material tie-in to substantiate it. You sound like a tryhard newfag on /co/.

68c626  No.346942

File: bf9bbe9264ce9ca⋯.jpg (208.8 KB, 756x1100, 189:275, bf9bbe9264ce9cae22375919fb….jpg)



How? I said they're the closest thing to jews in Warcraft. Do you disagree? Why do you think the happy merchant edit is of a Warcraft gob to begin with?

>Because the JQ begins and ends with the fuckers just being so damn “good at business,” is that right?

I'd say it's more to do with them having so much money in the first place, they don't even have to be good at business. They'll take losses to try and further subvert other civilizations. Chinks wish they could do that, but frankly I doubt they would be smart enough to get away with it if they tried.

>Jewish stereotypes and media portrayals

The thing about stereotypes is that they're more often than not based in fact. I'm guessing that by media portrayals you're referring to non-jews, because there's no way one of G-d's chosen could ever do wrong. Obviously being greedy doesn't automatically make you a jew, but greed is a jew's defining trait. Nobody is as dedicated to greed as the jews are, so it stands to reason that anyone in fiction (or reality) who is as similarly dedicated to greed can be considered jew-like. And if you knew what as an example, the Warcraft gobs are like, you'd understand why the comparison is so easily made.

>going to /co/mblr


I think I found the real problem here. Sage for off-topicish

0f2f32  No.347025

>Arguing about which goblins are jews and which ones aren't even goblins

>Not appreciating goblins in whatever form they take as the perfect waifus they are

It's like I don't even know who you are anymore.

68c626  No.347056

File: 03b72266a976bcd⋯.png (227.46 KB, 862x1200, 431:600, 018.png)


>Not appreciating goblins in whatever form they take as the perfect waifus they are

I think you know that isn't true. Besides, the best goblins are the ones you'd want to pick up and take home with you. Even if they're strong or numerous enough to take you home with them instead.

e9d767  No.347069

File: b51deedcfa3e0c8⋯.gif (1.9 MB, 245x276, 245:276, F383FD3F-7868-46FD-8ABD-18….gif)


>I said they're the closest thing to jews in Warcraft. Do you disagree?

No you literal shit-brain Down’s Syndrome circus freak. I’m saying that there is more to being a Jew than being greedy. There are literally a dozen other races who are also characterized by being obsessed with money, and obsession with money is far from the only or even the worst thing about Jews.

>Why do you think the happy merchant edit is of a Warcraft gob to begin with?

Because of short-sighted imbeciles like you who can only parse one personality trait in other people at a time and wouldn’t be able to recognize a Jewish person in real life if they outright called you a goy to your face.

>They'll take losses to try and further subvert other civilizations

See? You even know that Jews will readily sacrifice profit to subvert Europe and America, and you’re still sitting here trying to insist that “A Jew is one-dimensionally greedy and absolutely never anything other than that, and “the only type of person that is ever greedy is a Jew.”

>greed is a jew's defining trait

No, being a Jew is a Jew’s defining trait. Having Semitic/Yiddish mannerisms and traditions, fake quasi-German surnames, being noted infiltrators or domestic agitators. These are what define Jewish stereotypes as much or more than the old “obsessed with money” trait, especially in the modern day when we’re seeing dozens of high-profile Jews every year crash their own business to accelerate demographic collapse in the West.

>anyone in fiction (or reality) who is as similarly dedicated to greed can be considered jew-like

This just in everyone King Midas the gold-lover from Greek mythology is actually a Jewish stand-in, despite pre-dating Jewish presence outside the Middle East.

>what as an example, the Warcraft gobs are like

I know exactly what Warcraft goblins are like; they’re Brooklyn gangsters and ghetto trash, e.g. Italian immigrants and blacks.

I take it back; you’re sound more like a nigger trying to infiltrate /pol/ but only knowing what it’s like from what reddit has told you.

f3eb55  No.347215


>not knowing that the "mob" was literally full of Jews.

>That Zionist gangsters funded the rise of Israel through organized crime

Where the fuck did this cuck come from? Reddit?

d801f7  No.347269


I am pretty sure that they ban Jewish gangsters in Israel; at the very least I know two famous gangsters could not get in, though Somehow Jewish neo nazis can got in though.

f0fb62  No.351161

I will breed a goblin hybrid race that will annihilate the gnome and dwarven scum

90afd1  No.351166

File: 79d295fa0ec02c3⋯.jpeg (210.25 KB, 865x1305, 173:261, Goblin Girl vs Goblin Sla….jpeg)

dbf92a  No.351180


Now that would be a fuck up hentai.

>GS going around killing goblins like a boss

>All's going good, they all die horrible pointless death

>Hears a strange noise.

>Sounds like a woman, must be a prisoner.

>Head to the source of the noise.

>Opens a door but no one is there.

>Surprise attack from above, knocks GS out

>Wakes up, chained in a room without armor

>Small girl, about the size of a child is right I front of him.

<"You killed a lot of my brothers" She says

<"So you're going to help me fix that."

>The goblin race is brought to greater power with GS wrath filled cum.

3cc638  No.351184

File: 2f6469a550384db⋯.mp4 (405.48 KB, 476x268, 119:67, now were talking.mp4)



Thats some good shit, man.

ff08cf  No.351200


I don't see why he didn't make them green, I mean it wouldn't have been hard, he wouldn't even need to change anything else.

a65216  No.351272

File: 64ed4145c7297d6⋯.jpg (446.96 KB, 680x780, 34:39, 64ed4145c7297d63f86ea985be….jpg)


>implying Goblin Slayer cares about saving anyone

>implying Wasabi would have anything to do with those green niggers

>implying Wasabi would not be a goblin slayer to surpass Goblin Slayer

>implying Wasabi x Goblin Slayer wouldn't be healing on a level that would make his faux harem mad with envy

You're right, that would be fucked up.


You may or may not believe this, but they don't actually have to be green.

3cf639  No.351283

I'm sure in goblin society being pregnant is the ultimate honor and goal. Every family would center around a man and then the order of authority would be measured in children made. I'm sure size difference would be a common kink for goblins as well.

Goblins are such a social, tribal, large birth people that I can't imagine monogamy being very common in goblin families. Sisters and very close friends forming families with a single husband sounds the most likely.

If goblins have their own little goddess it would have to be one of fertility.

I can easily imagine anything that'd have to do with fertility would be an extreme fetish for alot of goblins i.e cream pies, ball sucking or worship, leg locking, mating press, any sort of housewife fetish you can think of and all that good stuff. Baby supply stores would make a ridiculous amount of money off of goblin villages.

58b229  No.351284

File: 09a154c393719d9⋯.jpg (303.8 KB, 443x600, 443:600, Goblins.jpg)


I think they were closer to being red than green.

285736  No.351288


>They don't have to be green

And elves don't have to have pointy ears, but they're a lot more recognizable as elves if they do.

385a47  No.351304


>letting limp dicked metacults ruin your fun with content.

I thought anons were supposed to not stick to normalfag standards.

285736  No.351312


I don't see the point of goblins if they aren't green, you might as well just have hobbits

ce6ac8  No.351331


Well this is the Japanese version of a goblin

ac0f26  No.351342


Hobbits were created with rabbit features in mind, whereas goblins have always varied in appearance. Keep in mind that I'm talking about Tolkien's hobbits and not those godforsaken D&D abominations called halflings.

db9c95  No.351350

Ever wondered if there might be other variations on gobbos?

ac0f26  No.351355


Search a MtG database for the "goblin" subtype and check out all the variations in artwork over the years.

ff08cf  No.351423


Well, the Japanese version is SHIT


Hobbits didn't have large feet in the books, that was from Hackson's films

"I picture a fairly human figure, not a kind of fairy rabbit as some of my British reviewers seem to fancy: fat in the stomach, shortish in the leg. A round, jovial face; ears only slightly pointed and 'elvish'; hair short and curling (brown). The feet from the ankles down, covered with brown hairy fur that are extremely small. Clothing: green velvet breeches; red or yellow waistcoat; brown or green jacket; gold (or brass) buttons; a dark green hood and cloak (belonging to a dwarf)."

Notice how he doesn't describe the feet as being large

a65216  No.351429


>Hobbit feet

That's great, but it's not goblins. Also, rude. Japanese goblins are not shit.

ce6ac8  No.351440


Well this was written by a Japanese person so you are going to get the Japanese version

ac0f26  No.351442


When I said "features" I was thinking of facial features and ears more than fuzzy feet.

285736  No.351448


What do the rabbits look like where you are from?

f2ed23  No.359627

File: d523680c228e1d2⋯.jpg (28.57 KB, 570x381, 190:127, IMG_0830.JPG)

Explain this goblinfags.

36ebde  No.359628

File: 92fc65b19b182b2⋯.jpeg (69.91 KB, 849x589, 849:589, 4302E343-5303-4058-8802-C….jpeg)




Self explanatory.

e857ca  No.359696


Nigga Chinese are Asian Jews that act like bugmen, just because they don't like Jewish shit don't mean they're based. After all you got Arabs too and knowing them they hate Jews while wanting to spread Islam to the west man

391782  No.365582

File: 4b0f8cbadd87972⋯.png (18.3 KB, 512x350, 256:175, png-throwing-up-puking-thr….png)



317c1f  No.365598


That's not Incase though.

0bd9fd  No.365599


don't think that is incase, someone trying to copy his style maybe

the nigger tho

36ebde  No.365600


The style is the problem, not the artist specifically.

d6b378  No.365603


I don't mind incase's style as much. It's the heretical content he puts out that I don't like.

9c09d3  No.365604


incases art is greasy shit, he only fag enabled western retards to draw more like him and shadman.

d6b378  No.365612


the content is far worse. nigger dick, fags, gangbangs, fisting, futa, monster boys, and tentacles.

ad0322  No.368253

File: 883008c05823a03⋯.jpg (550 KB, 814x900, 407:450, 1463683 - AF Goblin Tamani.jpg)

File: cbb5e177994c650⋯.jpg (597.82 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, 1232815 - AF Goblin.jpg)

File: 7397cb010df4752⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1280x1487, 1280:1487, 1615734 - Goblin RandomBoo….png)

File: 52f3a3ea9331b21⋯.png (498.05 KB, 1024x1280, 4:5, bebecake_Tamani_1.png)

File: 785a2bf20a3c21f⋯.png (894.82 KB, 991x791, 991:791, AF_tamani4AF.png)

I still wish you could bring her back to camp and keep her 5ever

c1c0ac  No.368266

File: f4725fbbbddfd83⋯.webm (1.65 MB, 1024x560, 64:35, where it belongs.webm)


>wanting to keep the baby crazy thot that rapes you if you don't fuck her, tells her kids to rape you for kids, and willingly takes the opportunity to hypnotize you to to being her submissive husband

Shit taste, like the rest of the fucking thread.

e857ca  No.368272


CoC gobbos are trash

de83a8  No.368388


I want to be the only male in a village of goblin girls and be used as a breeding stud.

d6b378  No.368410


CoC everything is trash. It's made by furries.

d6b378  No.368411


>baby crazy

>rapes you if you don't fuck her

Standard behavior for monster girls.

>tells her kids to rape you for kids

I'll give you that one.

>willingly takes the opportunity to hypnotize you to to being her submissive husband

A bit much for me, but not unheard of on /monster/.

e28b37  No.368511

File: 4eaf2311e2212f9⋯.jpg (136.2 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 1510602080301.jpg)

This is my favorite

9c09d3  No.368521


> problem hairstyle.

>fag enabling shit that is partially bald.

Get better taste.

e28b37  No.368523

File: 8695d770a22189e⋯.png (286.55 KB, 800x1030, 80:103, 1508109392695.png)



c1c0ac  No.368530

File: 73c4c6df484341e⋯.jpg (54.71 KB, 500x500, 1:1, cirno yeah, no.jpg)


When I say 'she rapes you' I don't mean in the enjoyable way. I mean in the way where she tortures you with a cock ring that doesn't let you cum until you REALLY beg for it.

ad0322  No.368536

File: dab73a54ec149ad⋯.png (985.1 KB, 1029x1515, 343:505, 1498993 - Deeum Goblin Wor….png)

File: 3c0360c780febf6⋯.png (997.88 KB, 1200x799, 1200:799, 1515577 - ArbuzBudesh Gobl….png)

File: 2a7d1489973d238⋯.png (517.51 KB, 940x1500, 47:75, 1534023 - Goblin Liefje Wo….png)

File: 4f687e217cadf40⋯.jpeg (634.91 KB, 1212x1098, 202:183, 1452142087078-0.jpeg)

344e1f  No.368557

File: 3d7551cd5d10845⋯.png (266.21 KB, 1562x1056, 71:48, goblin threads.png)

I do actually like green shortstack goblins when they're not drawn disgusting, but I found this image/filename elsewhere and it reminded me of some of the latest pics in this thread.

e28b37  No.368616

File: a7e07268b03a34d⋯.png (2.98 MB, 2000x1500, 4:3, 1425258213.png)

File: 0bda2277c606292⋯.png (2.13 MB, 2730x2911, 2730:2911, 1088ba0cb035ca62f7a2ebd4c7….png)

21aebc  No.368627


didnt /hgg/ fixed it?

dc2cfb  No.368645

File: 84d79e39559169c⋯.png (103.16 KB, 229x258, 229:258, 734421dc569eca74ae69ffdb20….png)

File: bbdad847f5b5dd3⋯.jpg (44.12 KB, 319x310, 319:310, latest.jpg)


Jesus gob teacher never fails to get me going

62b61c  No.368650


Yes, they de-furred it and are in the process of adding a lot of content to it, such as a loli-mode where as the name implies everything is a loli.

66bb70  No.368665


>second pic

Now that's a goblin I'd marry, impregnate, and raise children with. The first one too, although it might a bit difficult teaching her what modern technology is and how to use it.

69ed7c  No.368668


Not exactly. Though they've been trying to defur it you might have to visit their threads on this yourself to get a good idea of why they're still fucking it up in certain ways. I think one of the people who were trying to "fix" it came here once and was rather quickly BTFO by anons here after some time.

e28b37  No.368731

File: ef3f72c4aee5a33⋯.png (2.05 MB, 1200x1600, 3:4, a0776f5d78ffa93a64c670afeb….png)

File: 2fe97e8f1fd5b0d⋯.jpeg (122.48 KB, 534x774, 89:129, e86729c4841464014e9077b84….jpeg)

344e1f  No.368733


Robutts seems to have drawn an actually very good-looking gobbo. She just needs better earrings, really.

b13f02  No.368807


>She just needs no earrings, really.


ea094f  No.375281

Any thoughts on this new "goblin slayer" manga? There's a thread on it over at >>>/pol/12272094

0816ce  No.375286



It's not new. The anime is new. And honestly while it is not as dark as some other works. It depresses me the most. Because there are no goblin women in GS, every single goblin, every last one, is a reminder that they took a good anime girl, sweet gentle and full of optimism… and gangraped her. It breaks them, they're kept by the same place the goblins shit. It pisses me off. And whats worse, its not a once in a while tragedy. It happens "all the time" according to the narration. Its the greatest argument for a genocide I've ever seen.

It gets lighter and softer after the first chapter, but i can't dwell on the implications of the setting too long or my heart will break

4dc0df  No.375298


This, a million times.

f2ed23  No.375303


I just like it for the autist going around and genociding goblins.

It puts a grin on my face to watch him hack the little green bastards up.

a804c5  No.375316


The Sword Maiden is a goblim rape victim herself, which is why she took a huge liking to Goblin Slayer.

bbad21  No.375319


What the fuck is CoC, I never heard of it

f2ed23  No.375329


Corruption of Champions. A shitty text game made by a furfag. Filled with furries, futas, gay, and a developer that hates vanilla and knocking up a waifu. /hgg/ works on improving it, but it's still full of shit. I played it a few times to go pure paladin kill em all route.

A better CoC is Call of Cthulhu. Play that instead.

3548dd  No.375331


I'll never forgive CoC ever since I ran into the scene of the Salamander getting spitroasted by Minotaurs (and asking if you'd like to fluffy it too) AND THEN you can start the friendship and romance route. Fuck that game and I wish testicular cancer on all those involved in writing for it.

cb6267  No.375332


> No Sex Exterminatus Run

I see you are a man of culture as well.

b4ac25  No.375340


You sound like a japanese love-live fan

ee9c55  No.375570

File: fe9275777181032⋯.png (78.05 KB, 716x716, 1:1, commissariat_concern.png)


You realize that comic implies those goblins are traps, right?

86ab77  No.375572


>Opposite day

>The goblins are still males

You fail harder than a fish teleported to a desert.

45f59a  No.375586

File: 9d08d12a0ef4b41⋯.jpg (67.33 KB, 720x694, 360:347, GoblinSlayerAnimeReception….jpg)

File: 8a8eaf7f2397811⋯.jpg (125.97 KB, 315x469, 45:67, GobSlay NoUpset.jpg)

File: 40b8e165f39ec1b⋯.jpg (48.35 KB, 600x600, 1:1, GobSlay Sez.jpg)



You fools!

OP's making a reference to Goblin Slayer!

Tho' I can't say if it's actually 10 days in that lore…

60f537  No.386191

File: 3b16d14d6706442⋯.jpg (23.5 KB, 400x284, 100:71, SPOILER_1541864573042.jpg)

Anyone have the uncropped versions of this?

090d22  No.386198


>midget porn

fuck off to trannypol

9263cc  No.386204


All of those are by incase.

His /monster/ porn is pretty good but he's also into futa, traps, orgies and other degenerate shit.



How new?

9c09d3  No.386217



get out with this deformed blizzard hyperkike looking goblinas. WoW is dead, deal with it, let the greenskin shit die with it too.

66bb70  No.386218

File: 6e38563bacbd944⋯.jpg (324.76 KB, 1495x2048, 1495:2048, goblin milf 1.jpg)

File: ca307aaaae649f6⋯.png (1.2 MB, 2725x1868, 2725:1868, goblin milf 2.png)

File: a68487047a64141⋯.png (849.07 KB, 1089x1920, 363:640, goblin milf 3.png)

File: b739ec75bee213d⋯.png (503.15 KB, 1280x848, 80:53, goblin milf 4.png)

File: 8e116f37339164a⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1280x1707, 1280:1707, goblin milf 5.png)


Sorry, we'll go back to posting fridge-shaped flat lolis with horns and regular human skin tones instead. Let me just get these last actual goblin pictures out of the way in this post.

9263cc  No.386221


>goes into the goblin thread

>"wow what the fuck why are you posting goblins? "

Are you the same half retard that keeps coming here talking about how /monster/ is dead and the only way for us to survive is to allow cucking threads?

f200bd  No.386223

File: c5a306a25058577⋯.jpg (151.63 KB, 947x1009, 947:1009, Drunk Oni Suika.jpg)

File: e8eb6e858c89b40⋯.jpg (772.97 KB, 877x1239, 877:1239, Happy Suika.jpg)

File: 6af24e162e45b61⋯.jpg (360.33 KB, 849x4800, 283:1600, Goblin Slayer takes up a g….jpg)


We are here for the Japanese Goblins, If you want greens I got a slayer to call.

9263cc  No.386224


That's an oni, you retard.

3d1062  No.386226


If she's an oni, why is she a womanlet?

f7fd28  No.386227

0a4802  No.386228

File: 632d0efcdce738f⋯.jpg (274.19 KB, 843x900, 281:300, bf62a671e5441aa8e47bebeda7….jpg)

Did someone say Japanese Goblins?

9263cc  No.386229


Not even the dead know peace from bad genes.


>taking a drunkard's words at face value

d45f8e  No.387631

File: f90ffc270b0bed0⋯.png (480.47 KB, 1121x866, 1121:866, elf vs orc.png)

Which one will you headpat?

f2ed23  No.387632


Both at the same time.

a92ac4  No.387634


Pat the orc only because the elf has to be so standoffish

1050c8  No.387635


Which is why you headpat the goblin(orc?) and then you put that elf bitch in her place.

Make her sit in the corner and think about being nicer to people.

9263cc  No.387641



I have two hands, faggot.

a13caa  No.388089


The goblin obviously With a sledgehammer

cc8d83  No.388093


The goblin, leave the elf alone to pout.

6e8536  No.388103

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Contains parts that violate /monster/ ideology but in general, funny greentext read out loud.

3548dd  No.388136

File: 9aa6031e4a03096⋯.png (416.25 KB, 536x585, 536:585, 9aa6031e4a03096f1bca5cf961….png)


>taking multiple husbands


344e1f  No.388137


Goblin only, as she is the good girl between the two.

3e4f67  No.388143

File: f9b41610ff67c8c⋯.png (222.81 KB, 794x550, 397:275, no..PNG)



>Multiple husbands

Worse than a literal whore. At least a prostitute doesn't try to dress her slutting around up as holy matrimony.

5302fa  No.388170

File: aab6b2adfb7462e⋯.jpg (170.65 KB, 1175x1006, 1175:1006, TobyCleevilVina.jpg)

What do you all think of the counterpart thread over at >>>/d/21261 ?

Also I just want to say, I think Cleevil the Orphan Goblette from Adventures of Puss in Boots needs some love too. I love her noseflute and the love triangle between her, a human and a pig.

6d9640  No.388171


If you want to have sex with a tiny disgusting monster you can always fuck a Honduran.

83d44c  No.392921


what is that artist? I love his ball-related art.

5ea03d  No.401602


newfag here. what are the violated ideology parts?

fa7eb1  No.401663


One waifu, one husbando. Those are the rules.

344e1f  No.401664


I think you posted on here ages ago and got shoved out, am I wrong?

3548dd  No.401686


Monster girls taking on multiple sexual partners. That's absolutely strictly verboten here and grounds for summary execution.

95f754  No.403273


back to reddit

a32156  No.404081

File: 5723ef99d1f792c⋯.jpg (186.9 KB, 1141x1200, 1141:1200, gobbimbo.jpg)

391782  No.404103


delete this vile shit and fuck off to /d/ with your mutant midget fetish

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