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File: 9a0dc98df080f13⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1500x2000, 3:4, __jabberwock_monster_girl_….png)

d420ac  No.311112

Last thread is nearing the bump limit, so I felt it necessary to create another one.

This is a place to post all your MG-related dreams and general mumbo-jumbo that goes on in your head at night.

d420ac  No.311113

I'll start this off by telling one of my dreams I had recently. I don't know if anyone remembers, but I was the anon that was having the dream about the french chick who was sucking my blood at night. It delved into some strange but romantic stuff like me going on dates with her. Some anons were wondering what her name was, and I found out her name is Marie. Anyway, She had disappeared from my dreams for quite a long time until recently she just popped up again in one of my dreams.

>The setting is this very dark town, it looks like a pueblo village in New Mexico at night, clay white houses with the cold desert around them

>I'm in this Vietnamese restuarant with Marie, and we're having a blast shooting the shit with each other and occationally doing romantic things like kissing, hugging and the like

>For some reason, nobody else in the dream can see her but me, or I guess acknowledges her being there

>Like, the waiter doesn't acknowledge her at all, he only pays attention to me, but he still puts down a plate for her, he just looks at me the entire time

>we're sitting in a back booth having a lively conversation

>We chat about things I usually can't talk about IRL with normal people, such as /pol/ and my personal life

>We drink this weird orange alcohol that's served in a clear plastic box, it's the only thing we drink while we're there

>Overtime everyone in the previously crowded restaurant leaves until there's only me, Marie and this weird family of eight that are sitting across from us having a strange conversation about how they wanted to be the last ones out of the restaurant

>Marie suddenly disappeers out of thin air, leaving me alone at our booth

>I'm just sitting at my booth alone waiting for my check

>I get bored of sitting there and get up to the counter to pay for the meal and shit

>Guy at the front's super friendly, offers me a free water and starts talking a bit about the town

>Realize that I am horribly drunk from just that rectangularly-boxed liquid I had drunk earlier, and I ask the guy if there are any hotels nearby that I can walk to so I won't have to drive

>He tells me that I'm in one, because this place is a Vietnamese Bar, Restaurant and Hotel

>Ok then, check in, stumble into hotel room which is also pueblo themed and fall on the bed that's made with a single bear fur

>I pass out in the dream, then the setting changes to outside a pueblo home that was located near the hotel, where Murray from Sly Cooper is throwing barrels down a hill as a favor for this little girl he was with

>Eventually Murray finishes his barrel throwing, the little girl tells him thanks, and also tells him to eat plenty of sugar to get big and strong

>Murray tells her that he only eats chicken and eggs, but she insists on the sugar diet, and trods away down the hill

>Murray's standing on top of the hill next to the house weirded out, and the scene pans back to me waking up in the hotel

>When I woke up, I scared the hell out of the lady cleaning my room, she started yelling about me being dead and rising up

>Go back to the front counter, Guy looks sorta disturbed

>"You ok, man? You're looking kinda pale…"

>What? I'm fine

>Look down at my skin, it's pale as a porcelain doll

>The Vietnamese staff are all huddled at the door looking at me with crosses, buddha statues and garlic quivering in their hands

>…"Anyway, I wanted to check out.."

>When I say this, realise that my top canines are biting into my bottom lip

>Guy hauls ass to get me checked out of the building

>Vietnamese employees clear the fuck out of the way when I walk towards the door

>I walk out onto a really crowded street, everything is still quite dark, turns out I didn't have a car when I got here, so I just started walking

>In fact, nobody had cars, everyone was walking up and down this dirt road that ran through town

>After what I deduce is a couple minutes into walking away from the bar/restaurant/hotel, I start to hear a female voice call out

>"My husband! Oh, Where has my husband gone?"

>Look behind me, it's Marie in the middle of a big crowd

>She's wearing this really long black and red dress, her hands loosely clenched together in front of her chest like she's worried

d420ac  No.311114



>She spots me

>I turn my head forward for a split second, and she instantly appears right behind me and embraces me from behind

>"Husband!" she happily yells, and hugs me tighter

>"I couldn't find you in the restaurant! When I checked out, one of the older oriental men threw a clove of garlic at me! It was terribly rude.."

>I turn around and wrap my arm around her waist

>She's the most beautiful thing ever, her skin was the palest pale, her eyes sky blue, and her hair the darkest shade of black

>Her top canines were sticking out of her mouth a bit, but that was normal for her

>She's a couple inches shorter than me, staring right into my eyes with a lovely smile

>We stand there embracing each other and looking into each other eyes for a while before the dream ends

759e3f  No.311124


>I don't know if anyone remembers, but I was the anon that was having the dream about the french chick who was sucking my blood at night.

I think I remember you, but I thought you told her to leave at first and didn't like her at first. Or was that somebody else?

3e706a  No.311192

So I got visited by a baph last night.

She was absolutely gorgeous, very pale (practically abyssal white) skin, white hair, white fur, black horns, but she also had succubus wings and tail. She also seemed pretty autistic though (didn't understand human society or customs at all), she had a white unbuttoned dress shirt and that was all she was wearing. She walked into what looked like a college cafeteria though I've never seen one like it. It was very spacious and with rafters.

She entered the cafeteria and jumped high into the air before gliding to one of the lines for food. The staff groaned about her being a "mistake" and other rude remarks. It seemed like this wasn't the first time she tried to get food almost completely naked.

When it was her turn to order, the staff ignored her. So she confusedly asked one of the staff where she could get food, who replied that she should order "cookie dough with apple topping" for pizza. She thanked him and went to order.

All of that was out of body/from her perspective until this point, where I was suddenly in the cafeteria. I approached and said hi to her to which she returned her "hello."

I then gently took her hand and lead her out of the cafeteria to go put some clothes on her. She followed and I woke up when we left.


congrats on your waifu.

5ce19a  No.311199

for the last few days i've been having fucking mindblowing sleep

the most recent dream i remember was visiting an island full of cute vampires and trying to join them, before flash-cutting to me leaving the island in a rowboat

e2dbfc  No.311216

I almost got raped by an orc girl, it wasnt as pleasant as you would imagine. She damn near tore my arm off when i tried to resist, lotsa blood.

5ce19a  No.311220


>not tearing her arm off in response

how will you 'oomies ever gain greenskin respect

02d565  No.311238


Congrats on the date and the waifu.Sounds like you were an incubus. That's what I'm assuming anyway.the alternative that came to mind is too heretical to even be typed

I wonder what was in that drink? And other than the Pueblo/ew Mexico style stuff do you remember any other details. If this happened so shortly after the eclipse then I wonder what other anons will get in their dreams and day to day life?

d312a3  No.311242


What, a vampire?

d420ac  No.311308


People were telling me to leave her because they thought that she could have been a succubus, mostly due in part to the blood sucking part. I never heeded this and tried to summon her once, but it didn't work because I still don't really know what the fuck I'm doing when it comes to occult shit.


I kept the details that I would consider menial brief. The Murray part was a bit longer than I let on, but I don't think anyone here gives a shit about a purple hippo throwing barrels down a hill at military guys. I remember Marie pulling up her phone and she had some 14/88 insignia as her background. I got a kick out of that. I remember the guy at the front desk looking like a guy I know in real life. And I also remember feeling quite taller after I "woke up" in the dream. That's about as much as I can remember.


He means a boy of which is also a monster. It is the highest of heresies to post of such a thing here, and I was a bit worried myself of being accused of heresy when I posted this dream.

d420ac  No.311310


Another detail that may be a bit important: I'm going to New Mexico for a festival-type thing that's being held in Santa Fe. That might have something to do with the pueblo stuff.

a8e6b9  No.311332

What exactly is the significance of something showing up in multiple different dreams over the course of years? Is it my subconscious's waifu, or am I waifuing my subconsciousness?

c92008  No.311333


demons and other entities will disclose you information that you have never come across with. That's what the priests say when they get weird cases when a possessed has person starts blurting out latin or some phonetician language, or some information beyond the persons educational level. If you don't see any of these signs it may as well be some overdeveloped "anima" a terminology coined by jung.

02d565  No.311336


Typically whenever something recurs in dreams frequentlynits you subconscious trying to tell you something, I've found that writing down the dream every time helps me figure out what it means.


This is by far the easiest way to tell if you have a thoughtform/tulpathis is only for one you yourself may have created as a tulpa from someone else will only be limited by their creators knowledge and not yoursor a foreign entity. Though it can be a bit diffiuclt to administer given that since you dont know what you dont know you cant be sure whether what you're being told is correct or just a bunch of gibberish.

a8e6b9  No.311389



I wouldn't call it frequently, it's probably been less than 10 vividly memorable occurrences in the last 10 years, and each time in a different, but dream-appropriate form. For example, the first time I remember seeing her was when I was 10 or so, and I had a dream about this water park on top of a skyscraper so large that you couldn't see the ground. I was absolutely terrified of heights at the time, so it was kind of a nightmare until this red mermaid/naga woman pulled me aside and showed me the way down. She stopped at what I reasoned was her room, like a big brown generic hotel room, brought me inside and had me cuddle on her lap. I remember thinking how weird her scales felt, and then she went in for a really deep French kiss. A little while later she showed me the rest of the way down and upon reaching the ground, all the fog cleared and I woke up. Whether by coincidence or not, that dream was composed of all of my fetishes, monstergirls, /ss/, etc etc.

Every single incident where she's appeared has been some variation on that theme, where I'm put into a situation I can barely think straight in, she appears in some way, takes me either up or down some stairs, performs some kind of vaguely sexual act, and then suddenly I have clarity about how to "solve" my dream and wake up. I can't imagine it's a succubus because I've never had a wet dream in my life and wake up full of energy to the point of feeling tingly rather than dead tired.

There was this one incident involving a zombie girl from like a year and a half ago where she appeared as a cute redheaded dullahan that makes me feel like she's protecting me from something, but I have no idea what. The zombie girl gave off the same kind of vibe, but seemed intent on causing me harm for her own benefit. I'm kind of running on, so I'll give details if anyone wants to try to interpret that one. Overall she's really nice and I think about her before bed almost every night.

8485d7  No.311393

>dream I can control people

>man in the pool swimming with a shark

>control his wife, jump in the pool and put her arm in front of the shark

>shark rips of her arm like planned

>laugh in third person as the man gets mad at his woman

>climbing up a mountain in a car

>it's a fucking automatic

Why are my dreams either shit or retarded? I really need to /lucid/.

579dd5  No.311398

These past few nights I've had dreams with the same girl in each one, regardless of her significance in the dream itself. But no matter how much I try to recall what she even looks like, I am unable to make out anything. The moment she appears in the dream, I just…somehow know it's her. I'm not entirely sure how else to word this, but her presence forces me to look away from her, even if I had previous control over myself in the dream. She would almost always be present in my left side, and the only hint I have to her overall "being" is when she held my hand two nights ago while we were watching some sort of movie together and I could feel…I don't know if it was a paw, but some sort of padding and claws at the very least.

I previously disregarded the dream threads, but now I have this…innate curiosity. I'm not entirely sure how I should proceed, or if this is all some sort of coincidence, or how I can meet her again, face-to-face. I've never done anything regarding meditation, sigils, or the like…but I want to start somewhere.

aeffad  No.311411

I think the sabbath are trying to seduce me away from my waifu. I keep having different dreams, where a buch of mamono compete over me and each time a different girl wins, but she's always a loli.

02d565  No.311413


Sounds kind of nice, but at least she is protecting you. Perhaps try to ask her a few questions next time you have the dream. What her name is, why she picked you etc. start with the small stuff first, then we can see whether she's some kind of tulpa or another entity.


The fact that you cant look at her kind of reminds me of the Greek and Roman gods and goddesses and how if you looked at their true form you would be incinerated. But maybe try talking to her and asking her some questions. Basic stuff at first, I have a suspicion it's like fox anon from last thread when he was told he wasn't spiritually strong enough yet to do much other than talk.


The numbers did proclaim that we would all wake up with baphomets in our bed following the eclipse.though there seems to be a lot more activity regarding dreams/meditation and stuff involving monster girls.

579dd5  No.311468


It's strange that I am unable to look at her, and I'm still unable to place why. There has been a recurring theme in these dreams, if that helps any:

My dream three or four nights ago took place on the set of what I believe was a fantasy/horror film, and was the one where we were watching a movie while she held my hand. We were sitting in the torn apart remains of a bus caught in a wooded overgrowth, branches of trees and various other plant life growing every which way. In front of us was a flatscreen, or projector, showing some sort of film - whatever it was, it was massive enough that I mistook the area itself as a movie theater. Surrounding us were the various other "actors" of the fantasy/horror film we were part of, as we had previously spent the dream going around from location to location actually shooting the film while trying to escape from this unseen/unknown predator sent out to kill us. I guess that would mean the film we were watching was the film we had taken part in, but I was distracted by my inability to do anything to pinpoint my focus past the basics of my surroundings.

Two or three nights ago, another film being created, another set of actors, and this girl was still by my left side just out of focus. The location that most stood out to me was this massive water fountain at some sort of national park in Japan, heavy usages of the colors blue and white. I only say Japan because everyone, including myself, was speaking Japanese - and although I couldn't understand what was being said, I understood the intent. The only thing that was clearly out of line was her (or someone that seemed to be her "mother") mentioning the name of my boss, and that she would "take care of my problems with her". Fast forward to today, I receive an email from her stating I've received time off from a project that would have put an incredible strain on me both mentally and physically, and I'm a bit more than spooked.

Whether or not any of this is coincidence, or some being attempting to come into my life, I am determined to learn more about her - which is why I'm practically hitting myself for not taking any notes from last night's dream. I know it was another series of movie sets for a horror film, and that she was there, but it was exhilarating to the point that I woke up just before my alarm and took a cold shower. I'm pretty sure at least one of the locations was similar to the one where we watched the film a few nights back, with the overgrowth and ruined structures. Other than that, I will try my best to record anything else that may happen - but first, I would like to learn more about how to get into proper meditation without absolutely fucking everything up. Should I browse through past dream threads for inspiration in that regard, or are there any tips that can be given?

02d565  No.311479


Well that is somewhat spooky. I would highly recommend going through the previous threads to see what advice has been posted and what's worked for other anons. Here's the archive for the second thread https://archive.is/pmZjo it almost fallen off e board so I figured I should do it now before we lose it.

02d565  No.311562


So I thought about why you may not be able to look at her in your dreams and had a couple ideas.

Firstly it's that you may feel ashamed about something/yourself and your subconscious won't let you look at her because of it. If is is the case then you'll probably need a therapist or something because whatever is causing your subconscious to do that is probably deeply ingrained.

The second option is that she's just stronger than you and doesn't want you to look at her. The way to fix that would be to either become stronger yourself or talk to her about why she wont let you see her.

The last one that came to mind was that whatever form she's taking is so… alien to your mind that you literally cannot look at her because you cannot comprehend what she is/looks like. Our minds do this all the time to protect our construction of reality in real life. So if it's because your kind cant cope with her perhaps ask her to appear as something that can be better understood.

Now I would like to say that you're dealing with some powerful entities who can influence physical reality given what happened with your boss but I'm not going to do so because I'm not sure what all the eclipse could have to do with things on that side of the barrier/veil and I now have a rule of three for things like this. Once is happenstance

Twice is coincidence

Third is when I begin to seriously consider it.

One last question for you. When you try to look at her, what does it feel like? Do you force yourself away or is there some other presence that forces you to look away?

And here's the archives of the other two threads.

Thread 3:https://archive.is/Xpauj

Thread 4:https://archive.is/Kqf0U

fcdd2a  No.311595

>tfw haven't had or remembered monster girl dreams for months

How do I have dreams again? Or remember them for that matter? Woulldn't hurt to try to learn how to lucid dream. Used to do a dream journal to try and help, but those don't work if you rarely remember.

02d565  No.311596


It comes with practice and time. Never quit and you will have the dreams

fcdd2a  No.311597


But how exactly do I get them again?

02d565  No.311599


You could try meditating on monster girls

f5fa51  No.311605


Quick update from last night's dream, but to answer your question beforehand: it's not so much that I couldn't look at her, I just straight up couldn't do anything, least of all move any part of my body. Communication was…foreign. It was there, we both got what we needed across to each other, but nothing I've experienced before.

Tonight's dream was significantly more…lighthearted. A "vacation", more or less, specifically with my family in Japan. Well, my family without the sole individual that causes us nothing but stress. The one scene that stood out to me was when we were at a restaurant, my mother would order in English, I would repeat back in Japanese - which I confirmed to be grammatically correct this morning, as it was something as simple as ordering food. Before the food arrived, however, we left after my mother stated that she wasn't hungry any more, so none of us should be hungry either.

That's about the time she made her appearance again. Well, I assume it's her, but this time I could actually look at almost any part of her *except* her face. Before going to bed I did a piss-poor form of meditation and asked her to take on a more familiar form, and so she did - specifically, as one of the characters in a visual novel I'm writing in my off-time, a black-haired, three-tailed fox. Perhaps the reason why I am unable to see her clearly is because I have not fully created "her character" yet? Just a thought, I could be wrong entirely, it's just that my artists have been backed up for the past two months with their other work and haven't been able to do anything for my project, so a few characters - including her - have yet to be "brought to life". Then again, it is at this point I realize that particular character has a mother-daughter dynamic in my story as well. Something more to chew on, but I'm pretty much writing all this minutes before I leave for work, so I can't rest on it until about 12 or so hours from now.

It seemed like this dream was significantly more lighthearted because she wanted to apologize for scaring me, or that's what I got from her anyway. That's all I can write for now, have to get going, will write more later.

948216  No.311617

File: 52cd54d7b54f125⋯.jpg (59.36 KB, 676x581, 676:581, 4e204bbc708ed1ae2c4b52f378….jpg)

>other anons claim to have monstergirl dreams

>in my latest dream I got drugged and had a breakdown because of it

fcdd2a  No.311633


How do you meditate on monster girls? I thought meditation was clearing your mind of stuff?

02d565  No.311649


That is a meditation. But meditation on monster girls is perfectly valid as well..

948216  No.311650


There is such a thing as one-pointed meditation, you just try to focus on one thing without getting distracted

fcdd2a  No.311659



But how does one meditate? I tried to do it before but couldn't make sense of it.

5ce19a  No.311695


really just do it tbh, it takes time and it's really as simple as focusing on your breathing while your mind goes calm

22b945  No.311696


>Sitting in a car at night under a street light

>Pale skinned girl with long dark hair sitting behind the wheel

>"Its my first time" she says nervously

>"Its ok I've done this hundreds of times" I reassure her a little nervous my self. "Just take your time."

>She steps on the gas

>we go down the winding road out of town for her first time driving

>as vampires can see better at night with no lights on, in the dark.

>trying to stay calm and give advice as we fly through the darkness around the curves as hoping we don't crash into something

>dream moves on to unrelated stuff shortly after

Was a short little dream and I added a little to how I think things went as I don't think we said anything but it is how It felt it went down as I tried to teach this vampire how to drive.

750893  No.311780


You're not going to get the first few tries. It's kind of hard to explain. You just have to do it. It'll start making more sense the more you do it.

c72992  No.311814

File: d2ffce4d33d289a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 926.57 KB, 1429x1910, 1429:1910, d2ffce4d33d289a33a99507a74….png)


>hazy at first, like my vision was blurry or out of focus

>the picture focuses to my waifu, a raiju carrying a little raiju, maybe 5 years old

>waifu was wearing a 50's era conservative dress, plus a little white headband in her hair, daughteru was similarly dressed

>she's dragging me by the arm to see this garter snek roaming about the backyard

>for some reason it had those little anime eyes photoshopped on its face with a little blush

>approach snek and pick her up

>[muffled b-baka in the distance]

>show her to waifu and daughteru


>eventually let the snek go, view pans out to construction

>there were tons of men and stronger monstergirls working on building these houses modeled after log cabins; the gentler/less physically inclined monstergirls were either playing with daughterus/sons or helping by making sandwiches and drinks

>I'm guessing we were like a new human-monstergirl settlement, set to live in a peaceful, rural home


>tell waifu that I need to help make more houses

>she smiles and says she's sorry for being such a bother, she just wanted to show Annabelle the snek


>She and Annabelle go about to play with the other families, get back to work

>talking with the guys about life, most bring up that they have a kid on the way or can't wait to build up the schoolhouse/church so our kids can get an education under Mrs. M.

>I'm assuming she was a Hakutaku, I didn't recall seeing her in the dream

>One of the guys pipes up that his wife has been doing this weird thing of 'edging her cycle' where she staves off sex as long as she and her husband can so that they maximize her fertility

>we tell him thats crazy, he must be so sore when that happens as his waifu comes up behind him and squishes him in her strong hellhound grip

>'And I know you'd miss it as soon as we get our litter' she says a matter-of-factually, cozying up against him

>our laughter only grows as she picks him up and throws him over her shoulder; he gives us the thumbs up as he disappears behind the treeline

c72992  No.311815

File: 019bea6c15d94e9⋯.gif (Spoiler Image, 371.33 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1470964551011.gif)



>cut to a time lapse of us building more of the village


>the 'edging her cycle' meme seems to have spread among the monsterfolk

>waifu is practically sparkling with electricity, but she's done a good job of holding back so far


>playing with Annabelle in our living room, building a little fort out of books and pillows, me as the attacking trebuchet launching bouncyballs at her

>look to my left and see waifu provacticely leaning on the counter, desperately trying to fight the urge to masturbate with her wooden spoon

>cannot bear to see waifu suffer, also boner

>get up and come up behind her, just getting near her fills me with her static, touching her nearly pushes me over the edge

>whisper in her ear 'I'll take care of Annabelle, go upstairs and I'll take care of you'

>nip at her ear as I say this

>she nearly comes, scampers upstairs giggling like a little girl, throwing off her clothes as she does so

>call neighbor

>'Hey Jim can you have Annabelle stay at your place with Little Skylar for a few hours?'

>'Sure, call me when you want her back'

>'Thanks man'

>Hang up and tell Annabelle that 'Me and Mommy need to have some quiet time, you're gonna go to Jim's and play with Little Skylar okay?'

>'Okay Daddy!'

>wrestle her out of the fort and carry her out onto the front porch

>'We'll pick you up in a few hours, have fun'

>'Eeeee' she squealed as she ran to her friend's house

>close door

>run upstairs, stripping as I go

>open door with an impressive erection and a NEED TO SEED

>waifu is more than ready, her latent electricity is so strong that it practically lights up the room

>rebel yell, dive onto the bed to mount her

>entering her nearly made her cum, she orgasms after a couple thrusts and wraps herself around me so tight that her nails digging into my skin nearly make me bleed

>continue pounding, the electricity gives me an inhuman stamina, even more so than our usual lovemaking

>Fill up her womb, continue pounding

>the light from her electricity is nearly blinding, but it makes her look like an angel

>lean back and let her take the lead for a bit, soaking up as much of her divine beauty that this electricity seemed to bestow upon her

>I don't know how long we kept it up but eventually our passionate breeding dies down, and we lie in each others arms, her body emitting this soothing afterglow that almost seems to breathe alongside her

>she tells me she's so happy that we have this time together, this new home, and this larger family

>ask her how she knows that

>she just knows; during our lovemaking she swears she saw our litter growing inside her in her mind's eye

>tell her I hope we have a litter too, Annabelle would love to be the big sister

>waifu tells me she loves me

>wake up before I can say I love her too

I-I love you too

6bd7a4  No.311893

File: 8f5c008abf1f976⋯.png (1.97 MB, 2802x2376, 467:396, __yeti_monster_girl_encycl….png)

I had this dream a few days ago.

>Sitting on a large couch in a strange room

>People who were previously sitting on the couch get up and walk out of the room

>Notice a yeti sitting near the opposite end of the couch

>She looks at me and smiles

>I smile back at her

>She starts scooching over to me and I do the same

>We put our arms around each other and lean our heads against each other

>We start cuddling and giving kisses

>Dream trails off into unrelated stuff afterwards

I don't remember what she looked like too well, but her skin tone was just like pic related. This was also the first dream I had with a monster in it.

I'm hoping more of my dreams are like this, considering my dreams are usually random nonsense.

5ce19a  No.311928

looks like everyone is having nice mamono dreams!

i had one or two, but i pretty promptly forgot them

fa1971  No.312406

The one I just woke up from

>Be in an unrealistically large horror game mansion, like Amnesia the Dark Descent size

>Don't know much besides that I have to solve nonsensical puzzles to escape

>There's three monsters that persistently hunt me throughout the mansion

>First is a massive minotaurus with a giant lumber axe, who would wreck me in a single swing

>Second was this pair of zombie twins that had some form of control over sand and steel, and would either crush me under a pile of sand or stab me in the face with steel girders

>Last one was a ghost girl of some sort, I never got to really see her but she was really loud is all I know

>After getting killed so many times regardless of my ability to hide I decided it wasn't worth taking seriously

>I tried striking up conversation while the Minotaurus was winding up to swing at me, but she was totally silent

>The next time I dodged her axe and it got embedded into the floor

>She fell with it, and I decided to push my luck and go for the fug option

>That was the trigger that stopped her hostile behavior, and she went on her way

>Upon leaving the room I was immediately stabbed in the face with a sharpened steel pipe

I think I woke up out of sheer frustration and went on a half asleep DSP rant about mechanics

a8b9d1  No.312497


>I think I woke up out of sheer frustration and went on a half asleep DSP rant about mechanics

My sides have gone into orbit. That's just too hilarious to imagine.

a8b9d1  No.312794

Now I've had an mg dream.

I was late for work and running errands for my mother and sisters despite this. At the grocery store there was a faggot cat she didn't really look like a faggot cat but my mind said she was a faggot cat.who was causing me a small amount of trouble. Anyway after the trip to the store I was somehow on a mattress before I was due for work, and I thought I had about 40 minutes or so to get there, when the Cheshire girl appeared in my doorway with a nightgown on. In the dream I knew I couldn't make it to work on time yet also have the girl. I think she knew this and turned around and began to walk away when I decided on the girl. it was more intent than actual speech but it got the point across I told her to share my bed with me so I scooted over and got on top of her and I removed any clothing we had on and felt a kind of pressure at my groin. I had a need to breed. I was determined to impregnate this girl and right when I was about to enter her, I woke up. No fap is going to be hard I think.

839a86  No.312796


If she didn't look like a faggot cat during the dream, what did she look like instead?

905ef0  No.312808

had a really vivid dream

>be in germany on a little island in a lake or something

>be staying in a big mansion

>there's a white catgirl maid who kind of bustles around

>through fuckery i start to become embroiled in a drug/revenge scheme with some chinese guy in his restaurant

>the catgirl is sitting across the table from us

>she gets a letter that he master is having an affair with another mamono or something

>i decide to comfort her and take her to a big mall off the island

>the chinese guy, the catgirl, and i all pile in this little boat to leave the island

>we promptly sink

a8b9d1  No.312862


Now that I've thought about it, she looked almost exactly like the girl from the ring. Which is kind of weird considering I've never seen the movie. But I have seen some clips from it so I at least know what she looks like.

905ef0  No.312863


if you think about it, the girl from the ring is basically a faggot cat

a8b9d1  No.312864


I honestly have no idea why my mind was telling me she was a Cheshire, because she clearly wasn't now that I'm awake and have thought about it.

a8b9d1  No.312865


How so?

905ef0  No.312866



>appears in random places

>ruins your life but you can't get rid of her


2aa061  No.312875

Dunno if this counts but I once had a dream about a blonde woman in a blue dress who was standing on a hill looking over a forest and the mountains behind it. Later there was a wolf and I knew it was that same blonde woman from earlier. She was wandering in a forest. After that I saw her standing in a graveyard, she was looking down at a grave and crying. The woman that was buried was the grandmother and she was crying because she was responsible for the old woman's death.

It was based on Red Riding Hood. There was a brief moment where the old woman was petting the wolf and smiling a lot so they clearly knew each other. I don't know what drove the wolf woman to kill the grandmother.

905ef0  No.312878

File: 8792295df510356⋯.png (640.41 KB, 556x720, 139:180, wwwwoohf.png)


i just guess bitches be cray

2ee99a  No.313493

I had a colonoscopy three days ago, and since then I've had three dreams with what I can only assume is a dream demon.

Her face is always blurred in my dreams and she's always standing in the background.

The first time I noticed her, she stood out - busty with grey-blue skin does that. I don't know why I was dreaming about baseball since I fucking hate the sport, but whatever. So I ignored the game and approached her. When she realized I was walking towards her she disappeared in a puff of smoke and I woke up.

In my second dream I was volunteering at a kitchen or something and baking bread when I saw her in the cafeteria. I brought a loaf out to the table next to her and before heading into the kitchen I patted her shoulder with my hand. She shrieked like a banshee and I was suddenly in one of those falling dreams. I hit the ground and wake up.

The last one was one of my less severe nightmares where I was being chased by something. I spot her sitting on a balcony watching me as I run past. She shouted, "This is your punishment for touching me." Which made me slow down and think about things before getting torn to shreds by some freaking abomination.

I'll probably write a story based on this eventually - after I'm done with the mothgirl one.

I learned my lesson though. If I see her again, I wont be touching her.

a8b9d1  No.313514


Sounds like she's either really shy or out to get you. If she's just shy try talking to her, if she's out to get you or hurt you just shoot her. alternativelybuild fence and shake stick

04a1cd  No.313529

Woke up from a crazy one this morning, but it's nice to have some utter nonsense between the weird horror game dreams.

>Be highschool me

>Walking downtown in some sprawling city during the day

>Accidentally stumble on a ninja training academy

>Flash forward to months later when I am a trained certified ninja

>Finished high school and decide to use my ninja skills to be the best HVAC technician in the world

>Another flash forward to where I'm hanging from the ceiling and installing ductwork on a skyscraper that's being built

>Blonde succubus office lady walks in and demands that I cease working

>She says that her firm bought out my contract and that I'm no longer allowed to work on this site

>Brings in three generic henchmen to throw me out

>Have a kung fu fight for a bit

>Chase down the succubus lady, reach her car just as she drives away

>In the backseat is a bag of martini sugar from the succubus bar dream I had a few months ago

She can't keep getting away with this

23814a  No.313533


>Ninja HVAC technician

My fucking sides

7d4e8d  No.313565

File: 950201431b89a1a⋯.png (424.42 KB, 600x857, 600:857, 1504891464587.png)

File: a403d5b7fd351b6⋯.png (204.88 KB, 500x522, 250:261, 1504891465010.png)

Had a dream this morning

>walking at a fair

>I can somehow sense I'm on a date with some girl

>feel something soft on my hand

>turn my head and see Tsuyu

>she's holding my hand smiling

>we enjoy the fair and go back home

Damn it guys, I haven't been genuinely happy like this in quite some time.

8373db  No.313607

File: 8eca6f59e5e639b⋯.jpg (113.26 KB, 767x767, 1:1, 6b5989e1482afd12fbf44564fb….jpg)


I know this is an old post, but take melatonin. It will give you extremely vivid dreams, in fact many people take it when trying to lucid dream because it gives you such clarity.

An advisory:

>do not look at a cell phone, laptop, or any late model television sets after taking it.

They all give off the same blue light that daylight does, and you risk building a tolerance to melatonin and getting insomnia.

I've taken melatonin and stayed up shitposting it and it didn't give me insomnia, but still, the blue light tells your mind to stay awake.

Also a dream journal is suggested, to help get in the habit of remembering your dreams.

>mfw I just want to dream about Cheshires being soft and fluffy and instead it's hordes of zombies


2ee99a  No.313716


I felt like she really wasn't out to get me. I think she just wanted to sit and watch whatever I was dreaming about. If I have enough control over it and if I dream about her again, I'll try talking to her.

On a non-mamano related but still pretty funny dream note: I dreamt that I somehow set myself on fire with a pencil sharpener at work, and decided that putting it out would require too much effort. My boss was an old time king and wanted me to conquer Spain too.

04a1cd  No.313727


Also, threadly reminder that both dairy products and apple juice boost dream vividness, but both don't work at the same time. Another thing you can do is to meditate before bed and repeat "I will remember my dream" to yourself until you fall asleep.

c736b6  No.313728


>blue light

Anon.. I wear Blublockers when on the PC at night. Free life hack for you.

905ef0  No.313789


build fence and shake stick, if she comes over the fence it is sign of pure love

32d34a  No.313834



Flux.io works fine for me.

a4950e  No.313857

>Be dreaming on and off all night

>The strongest one of the night and I'm more lucid than I've ever been

>I was conversation with a cute girl in plaid and decide in finally getting more monster in my dreams

>Order her to follow me to the nearby barn so we can do the lewd

>Order her to change into a red oni

>Holy shit I expected her to look like an anime drawing like every other time I saw a monster girl in dream; she looks so real

>By this point my dick is diamonds

*Wake up just when I was about to get red oni blow job*

8761a0  No.313920

What are some things I can take or do to help remember dreams better?

905ef0  No.313924


>same question over and over

read the threads you big dumb idiot

8761a0  No.313940


Tried the stuff in the threads. None of it really seems to work.

a8b9d1  No.313941


Have you tried everything suggested? Because what has been suggested has pretty much covered most things, even stuff from an old wive tale or two. There's not a whole lot more to suggest. The only other thing I can think of to ask is if you're getting enough sleep and waking up on your own or not.

8761a0  No.313943


About 6-7 hours on weekdays and get woken up by my alarm clock. 7-8 hours on weekends with natural waking.

9ba208  No.313946


There are some things to consider.

Did you take all the advice at once like eating cheese and drinking apple juice in the same night? That might not work as >>313727 pointed out.

I think it's best to try one piece of advice mentioned in the thread per night and experiment for yourself, see what works and doesn't for you. It may be more time-consuming and could vary for each anon, but be persistent.

I'll admit that I don't have experience on my part or had too many success made with monstergirl dreams, maybe at least 1 memorable dream per month. The latest dream I had was talking to a salamander called Sara at the end of my dream, me saying to her "That's a cute name for a cute gal like you." and her tail erupted up to the ceiling from blushing.

04a1cd  No.313947

Another massive, video game-like dream world

>Be in an urban setting

>Know that I have to take down six monsters around the world, to restore peace or something

>Only two I remember were a yuki-onna and a matango that was similar to Crabman's

>Both had themed "levels", though the design of both were exactly the same sans snow or jungle conditions

>A ton of strange, wrecked houses on stilts sitting in perfect lines with open areas here or there

>To get between areas and travel through them quickly everyone has a hoverboard

>Mechanics were strange and changed a lot, but the gist seemed to be that you could use one melee and one ranged weapon a la Bloodborne

>Flying around on my hoverboard fighting generic monstergirl enemies off with a sword and pistol

>Just before I get to the matango I find a shotgun

>Walk into a ruined castle-manor thing and immediately find the matango who I must duel to the death

>After like half an hour of slow motion swordfighting I catch her in the stomach with the shotgun

>She falls forward on to me, throwing us both to the floor

>Says that she couldn't believe she was beaten, kisses my cheek, and disappears in a puff of smoke/spores

>I leave for the yuki-onna's land

>Along the way I stopped in one of the ruined houses, where an alraune was hiding I guess

>Upon walking into the room where she was, I'm immediately grabbed by vines

>Wake up

b04bcb  No.314265

>Sitting in a full classroom

>Everyone is sitting at their desk with a book on our table

>We are reading a MGElike book, each of the students have to read a bit out loud

>The book is opened at an entry for a dryad

>A slender dryad with a smooth lightbrown woodish colored skin and long green vines as her hair, her hair is depicted to have red fruit in it.

>the entry has a long weird name, seisososekokisomething, the word is changing as I look at it.

>the entry describes how the red fruit in her hair are cherries with healing powers

>I have to start reading from the book

>attempt to pronounce the name but cannot pronounce nor fully read a word that changes as I read it.

>my throat feels upset and people notice it

>Turn to read passes to someone else

>Look at the picture a bit and start to wake up

839a86  No.314335


>cherry dryad

>but not one where her hair is pink


Could she have been a descendant of Kraneia?

0938b7  No.315645

File: f4ede7cf01932f0⋯.png (587.29 KB, 1000x667, 1000:667, __tsana_original_drawn_by_….png)

Okay, I was refered here, and honestly I thought on my end of things this was a crock of shit with the misinterpretation of meanings sprinkled into delusion, but I've had some shit happen recently that has made me do a 180 and look more into dreams and I need a bit of guidence.

For the past 2? ish years I've had reoccuring dreams of a lithe, black figure. I was always meek and submissive, self conscious even, under her aggressions which always extended to REALLY heavy petting but never into sex this was every so often in the same patter of teasing and heavy petting with alot of comfy snuggling and spooning. Untill last night were the roles were reversed, I was on the aggressive, with confidence to boot teasing and joking with her while she on the other hand was the meek one. I guess it was to much or just enough for her cause the next words still stick with me, in a tone that only a lover could whisper in desperation " I love you, so much" She seemed to curl up to hide underneath me as I layed on more teasing with my reply of " Oh? Big words you're deciding to use" to which I laid kisses into her neck untill woke up shortly after because lol 2 am wake up schedual

0938b7  No.315653

I dont know character limit but I'll place all the details of said dreams in this post in reference to >>315645 above

Like I said this figure was lithe, and black, with an often smokey, whispy outline that obstructs light so I never got to see any features really untill last night. Funny enough apparently you can see dark things in the dark better in dreams or something. The first thing I noticed were her eyes. Almond shaped almost seeming egyptian I guess? I asked around and the most reasonable answer i got was my mind trying to place something familiar on something alien and the closest thing I got would be my high school ex who so happened to do her eye liner to make her eyes appear more "long" and almond shaped but that's where similarities end. Her lips were thin with a supple lower lip. I could bury myself in her hair as I kissed her neck (Which I did, trust) but her hair seemed to blend in with the darkness itself. As an aside, I'm southern as fuck, my gramps was raised by swamp injuns but I myself am Irish/english/scot

Sorry for my disorganized thoughts, I'm writing as I remember so nothing is forgotten. As far as experiences I've had in my life, I've had alot of family die when I was young and I've always had a respect for those who've passed due to it, going as far as to clean up graves when I go to visit, not just my families but as much as I can.

905ef0  No.315664

02c638  No.315668

File: e5e611f21716d61⋯.jpg (73.84 KB, 540x603, 60:67, e5e611f21716d61235ac52457a….jpg)

41152b  No.315697



Wish I had neat dreams like that. Last night I dreamed about getting a pet mouse and then getting shot at by niggers. Which doesn't make any sense since I don't live in nigger territory and I have cats so a mouse wouldn't do.

139beb  No.315708

File: f51ca6db807f480⋯.png (221.12 KB, 558x377, 558:377, Planets aligning.png)

>Dreaming I'm talking to people I know in a cafeteria

>It's daytime and I have my bike

>At some point I decide to bicycle a bit

>Come back to the cafeteria and notices the planets orbiting us are huge and aligning

>Tell people about it

>Just as they align, a wave of energy comes from the last planet and upon us (Like pic related, but a kinda orangy color instead of blue)

>We all duck as it washes over us

And I woke up.

f0953a  No.315748


What if your cats transformed into niggers

41152b  No.315753

File: cf49e3f88a408fa⋯.png (273.26 KB, 700x700, 1:1, wtf.png)


What? Oh. Fuck. They're both black cats, too. God dammit anon, you may actually be right.

9dccae  No.315767

File: bb7adfd5e768d50⋯.jpg (148.13 KB, 735x1000, 147:200, c8308d8ef02ac69f1799b8543d….jpg)

0bce05  No.315830

File: 023cb709751dba5⋯.jpg (102.04 KB, 425x425, 1:1, 1383421475671.jpg)


I'd smash.

c66125  No.315837


>They're both black cats

Unless their skin is black, I don't think so.


What's with the spots?

noice btw

a8b9d1  No.315876



Hmmm. Is the dream always the same or is there variation between them? It could be your mind trying to tell you something, or it could be you've got some kind of spirit/thoughtform in your dreams. Either way asking it some questions like it's name or something can't hurt.

0938b7  No.315891


Its a nice change of pace. Usually my dreams tend to be night terrors of me getting killed in ways ranging from laughable to completely fucking horrific, that or old memories I'd rather drink to forget.


The dreams tend to be always the same till this recent one. Me being meek and submissive to her whims but it never going beyond gentle femdom tier with loads of heavy petting but never any sex The last one was honestly just the same but the roles were reversed. Some heavy petting and Netflix and chill. Its always the same figure too

3b8164  No.315910

File: ef97a7bceb80ee1⋯.jpg (292.43 KB, 800x799, 800:799, ef97a7bceb80ee15821c12a7c9….jpg)

>when its the morning after you get drunk as fuck and you wake up in a haze from a dream that you were cuddling with a lizardman and it takes you a few seconds to realize its just a pillow and not your waifu

9b896f  No.316066

Had a somewhat weird one this time, but it had a ghost looking girl in it so I guess it counts. I'll be typing down what I wrote after I woke up.

Discount Darkest Dungeon setting, haunted forest in modern day that used to surround a nazi bunker. Starting in 1955, first dream is what happens with the initial team of four working to get to the bunker. On their way, just before entering the forest, the meet a topless girl (Ghostly, pale looks/spic) who causes horrifying hallucinations on initial contact and her mother in a shack on the way there. Worth noting, the "main character" from the group had been traveling to the shack alone before hand. Encountered girl following slowly along, first reveal of her hallucinogenic touch whereupon she calms him down. For an idea what she looks like, imagine a 2d "Cries in spanish" chick with a mole near her lips. Back to the group, they eventually make their way to the bunker and the MC rappels down while the team stays outside. The bunker is some supply garage of some sort and the MC returns to the surface. His group is gone and he encounters the girl again (think slender like) who once again calms him down from the hallucinations(?) and brings him home.

2nd dream sequence is modern day with teams being assembled to get to the middle of the forest and to reach the bunker, the girl at this point is some sort of boogeyman. Can't remember specific details but monster are out and about and there is some worry about "Fog outs" which an old administrator type worries about trying to combat with searchlights. This sounds quite frankly sounds like a cool idea for a dread gimmick.

3rd sequence is explicitly called the summer of 1995 in the dream. Dark, crimson brown water is flooding from the forest for no real reason, almost turning the place into a swamp. (Think of it as the crimson court from darkest dungeon, without the bloodsuckers.) And waiting through it is a new MC, A hank venture type with a skateboard and a baseball bat. He reaches the old shake which seems more akin to a small hotel/gameshow sorta place with other teens inside, miniature rapid waters. MC goes into the woods on his own and reaches the center, investigating the bunker before returning out to encounter what I think was the girl again, this time in the form of the guy from dead cells is the closest thing I can compare it to. It follows him as he does some sort of tasked asked by the apparation which soon leads to my own home. The apparaition then tries to stab at hank with a sword of some kind, (mildly if you count getting stabbed in the pelvis mild) succeeds, but MC manages to stab the apparition with another kind of sword, and the hallucination common with the girl occurs. MC demands to know why the spirit wouldn't learn togetherness. Cannot remember response before waking up. (Was this some sort of period year with the girl spirit or something?)

Another fun fact of the dream, apparently the teams could only enter during the night or something like that.

196b24  No.316219

File: b7c61516fad6ea2⋯.png (3.93 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

I was hanging out with new people in a dream when bombs starting falling. This one monstergirl(who was trying to not let her monster show and was pretty good at it) and I went to look out the deck and I nearly got hit directly by a bomb. It delayed explosion long enough to me to get to cover by tumbling down the stairs by the deck. She just stood there with the bomb like 5 feet behind her and was unfazed when it went off. I went back up to check on her and she just mumbling something about having no hope and just laid down to die. Everyone else around her on the deck were dead so I picked her up and started trying to head into the nearby mountain forest, but Red Skull's troops already had us surrounded.

Since it didn't look like we were going to be able to escape, I huddled with her on the ground and whispered I saw part of her monstrous form and asked her what she was. I could quite hear her species name, but she said her kind normally lives underground in darkness. Then the soldiers got close to us, but the moment I looked away from her to see them, she was gone without a trace.

We never made a plan to try to see each other again, at least I got her name.

But I still have no clue what she could be. the part she neglected to hide was just extremely strange. Basically, it looked like if you cut across the middle of the foot and pulled it apart a little bit, there were some green lines keeping it connected. Looked like tendons made of shoe strings. But that's the only part that wasn't hidden.

>pic related, basically how it looked when I saw it.

d3d968  No.316275


So there I was, in the Barrows of what was apparently a monstergirl version of Middle Earth. I was poking around in one of them, trying to find something, when a female Ringwraith (essentially an empty black shroud that took on the body shape of a very, VERY voluptuous woman, appeared from the darkness, quickly followed by the other 8, all of them also busty, thick thighed, slim waisted, and very eager to chase me out of the barrow.

I sprinted up a long spiral staircase to the surface, then was repeatedly chased in a circle around the top of the barrow in a Benny Hill-esque endeavor until one of them finally had the foresight to wait where she was and let the others chase me into her. I ran headfirst into her bosom, like some sort of bad romcom anime, and distinctly remember it being pleasingly plush and smelling faintly of incense and lavender, while a mature, feminine voice whispered "Ara, ara~" in my ear. She held me in a tight hug as her compatriots surrounded us. Just when I thought things were about to get lewd, she picked me up (still cuddling me to her chest all the while), and brought me over to a school desk, broken in half, that had materialized from nowhere. Then, she told me that in order to go free, I wpild have to reassemble the desk.

This was, obviously, rather strange, but I acquiesced and began construction. It was straightforward; there were two tabs on each side I had to slot into haps on the opposite side. But the oddest part was that as I was doing this, all the ringwraiths began singing the first season Pokemon theme song. They steadily got more excited and louder as the job neared completion, and burst into cheers and a cry of "POKEMON!" once I finished. They gave me a final hug, and then I woke up, the theme song still ringing in my ears and a morning boner in my boxers.

No, I do not do drugs. No, I did not drink the night before. No, I did not eat any expired lactose products either.

a8b9d1  No.316365


She might be a burrowing monstergirl. Did she seem inspired by KC canon or something else?


did you get any feelings or idea of what the desk or singing stood for? my first thought seems a little farfetchedheh even for me. What else can you tell me symbolically or not, what else you got from the dream?

196b24  No.316455


She did say her kind lives underground, but other than the tendons I tried to draw, there was nothing about her that showed she was a monster, and I didn't just blurt out about it cause I was with strangers and they were her friends. She was light like she could've been a living doll, but she felt like she was an organic being. I can't really think of any monster that she could've been based off of from MGE or anywhere really.

fabd2c  No.316503

I keep journal entries about my dreams on a journal app on my phone and when I look back at some of them Its hard not to laugh, most notably past reoccuring dreams where I was visited by three old samurai, eventually I started having dreams where I was a samurai, for some reason with pink armor.

I looked back at my last entry where a kitsune slipped some sort of lust potion into my tea. A potion that amplified pleasure and vigor. before I knew it we were already devouring eachother, my mind being driven wild pleaseure as I became intoxicated with ecstasy. Eventually after climaxing we fell into eachothers arms holding onto eachothers warm embrace as we slipped into unconsciousness. I remember waking up from the dream barely sober enough to stand up, my head still spinning with pleasure.

As of late I haven't had any dreams but about two days ago or so I beat the fuck out of my dick until I came like 3 or 4 times and I passed out from exhaustion. I woke up the next morning, got dressed, and drove to school, and as Im walking to class I begin to notice an aching pain in my pelvis, it was sore enough that It was slightly making difficult to walk. Eventually as the day went on the pain went away. Maybe a succubus had her way with me in my sleep, I can only hope.

a8b9d1  No.316555


if you see her again you could try asking her


Sounds like you were visited by something at least. If it were just a dream there shouldn't have been any lasting effects from it.

2ee99a  No.316625


Finally got around to writing that short story based on the dream demon dreams.


I had another mamano dream last night too.

There were all sorts of mamano in it - kobolds, shoggoths, kikimoras, elves, alarunes… I would try to court one and they'd end up getting hurt, running away or flat out rejecting me. I start getting depressed about it all until I open my blinds before bed and see an elf staring in my window. Somehow I knew she was insane, and I heard her say through the window, "If I can't have you, no one can." She dives through the window and stabs me with a glass shard. I wake up face first on the floor with my feet still on the bed.

First yandere dream I've had.

bc7ac5  No.316631


That was a really cute little story anon. I liked it.

a8b9d1  No.316733

Ok, so I've run across something I don't really have any familiarity with and I want some advice. I've been trying to meditate more and I've been seeing/visualizing things. I try to empty my mind but I end up seeing things I know I've never seen before and it's not like a day dream where I'm trying to create the actual world but rather just pops into my head. And I'll occasionally hear something like growling or feel like I've become heavier or my world is spinning. Anyone know what exactly is going on? Should I be concerned or do I just need to push through this for a short while before it's smooth sailing.

e51cff  No.316763


No need to be concerned from the sound of it. Seems like you're tapping into other currents of thought, rather than just indulging in your own. Keep going with it, see what information and ideas you can pluck from the ether.

73fb7e  No.316934

File: 36baf577e64f827⋯.jpg (443.61 KB, 2560x1600, 8:5, Home-decoration-touhou-gir….jpg)

I had a dream where it felt like a year has past. A beautiful wan with soft hair and serene gentle smile. We would hold hands, snuggle, kiss, headpats and enjoy each other's time. It felt like autumn all year round. When I felt lonely, she was there to comfort me, hugging me by my back. I don't remember all the details in my dream. But eventually, I asked her that I want to have a family with her and move to the country side. She smiled, then she shook her head and told me that "It's not possible." Afterwards a cool breeze was felt on my face, she kissed me and said "thank you". I woke up, I lied on my bed staring at the ceiling for awhile. I was really sad that it was a dream, but happy about what I felt from it. So I would sleep every night, hoping to dream about her again.

905ef0  No.316968

File: ef788541bc0d429⋯.jpg (79.03 KB, 360x360, 1:1, 4f51acf3da1afb7fc809b2a324….jpg)

>be in a kind of zoo at night

>wander into this building

>it has an elaborate desert backdrop, with sand and free-roaming spiders and all that

>i walk around, admiring the wildlife, there are a lot of chinese people around, i'm speaking mandarin too for some reason hit that hot-pot a bit too hard last night i guess

>i make my way around back to another entrance where there's a group of people gathering around a tent

>one of the mysterious people of the orient mentions something about a "very intelligent bird" and points me towards a tent, one meant to accommodate a couple desks like you find in state fairs

>there's no one sitting there, but there's one or two long desks with metal folding chairs pulled up to them

>as i kind of hang out, I notice a scuttling coming from my left, at about knee high

>it's a harpy, bright red wings folded at her back kind of clumsily walking to her chair

>as she took a seat, i saw her face

>it was humanoid, but slightly thinner than normal, with lean features and large, soft eyes

>she gives a greeting, i was suprised by how her voice sounded, like a bird that memorized the sounds of words, but not their intonation

>after the greeting, she lets out a sigh of relief, and settles into her chair

>a couple chinamen come forward and start ruffling her head-feathers

>she seemed to enjoy the attention, so i came forward as well and had a seat in front of her

>noticing i wasn't touching her, she turned her head and looked at me with interest as the crowd continued to murmur in interest at the "smart bird"

>we kind of chat for a while, me in pseudo-mandarin, and her in broken bird english

>i wake up

我不知道。 我的中文是马马虎虎

839a86  No.316986

8aa2cb  No.316990

>tfw dreams never

905ef0  No.317009


That's pretty close, yeah

905ef0  No.317957

File: 01e5f19743f7af0⋯.jpg (901.71 KB, 2560x1367, 2560:1367, Screenshot_20171006-133946.jpg)

>be chatting with this demon girl thing

>Everything going well until I ask how she's doing

<Beats me anon I'm just a dream character

>Isn't that existentially terrifying though

>Long, uncomfortable silence


>I hug her close as I fade into being awake

Well that was depressing

6e6f49  No.318629

I sadly dont remember much as per usual but i had a dream about Satania sending me love letters or something. Me being me i was happy about it and I remember hugging her until i woke up. felt good

b914de  No.318774

I can't really remember my dream, what I can tell for sure is; It was a deep dream; before sleeping, I 'saw' (I sleep with something to cover my eyes) a blueish figure doing something, maybe saying shush or blowing a kiss.

What's weird is how I woke up :

>Sleeping on my stomach

>Wake up at 2-3 am as usual

>Before being completely awake, I bend my right knee

>It hurts like a bitch, knocking out my breath and I ended up coughing a bit

There was nothing of note in my chamber so I went to sleep again, I woke normally after that, no hurting from my knee.

I know that sleep paralysis stop you from moving, but what if you forcefully move yourself somehow ?

a8b9d1  No.318872


I woke up once and as I was getting up I suffered sleep paralysis. I just visualized hitting a mental panic button over and over again. Basically shouting at myself in my mind "Move you imbecile! MOVE" tricking yourself into thinking your being attacked/need to move is a great way to get moving

78daea  No.318885

I dreamt that I stepped into a Khepri Ruin, but rather than the Khepris already being there, when you stepped into one, you were transported to some sort of underground world where you could find hubs that housed Khepris of many bodytypes and kinds and you basically went "waifu shopping" there choosing which Khepris you wanted to show up at the ruins you just entered.

839a86  No.318891


>of many bodytypes and kinds

What were the musclekhepris like?

78daea  No.318898


I know there were muscle Khepris but I don't remember seeing them. But actually I was going to build my entire harem from warrior and muscle Khepris and a handful of Khepri Ministers (like just 5% of the entire harem) to run the government.

I think I got that dream because days earlier I read about Khepris having different bodytypes depending on their role.

Nonetheless, I really liked the idea that rather than being a limited number of Khepri Ruins and Khepris already preset in some ruins, there is an entire world of them with the empty ruins being basically portals to there where you get to custom create your harem before being sent back to the ruin and now its pretty much my headcanon.

Its not the first time I dream about Khepris, I remember I had an earlier dream when I was a woman and I was on a mission to kill myself who was a Khepri King and I was sneaking and hiding behind some pillars waiting for when the guards were gone. I don't remember if I was a Kunoichi or an Order asassin.

a8a0c2  No.319002

File: 58508ceea8e50fe⋯.jpg (94.47 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 1454625480095.jpg)

>I had a dream where I was a 1000 foot tall cute anime girl stomping out ISIS members and ripping their limbs off.

Shit was cash yo.

905ef0  No.319246

File: 071540775e2f43e⋯.jpg (948.64 KB, 1600x1200, 4:3, beats me.JPG)

>be in english class or something with a bunch of mamonos

>It's christmas time for some reason, not sure why seeing as it's not even close

>snow is falling in big drifts outside the school

>i'm chatting with a bunch of harpies and a monkey girl when the door to the classroom opens

>an old man holding a tarsier with bright blue eyes walks through the room and leaves through a black door in a back room that extended out of the classroom

>one of the harpies whispers to me that at night the door leads to a secret place of the school, and that it's probably where he got that tarsier from

>the teacher calls him a creepy wierdo and shrugs

>suddenly, many girls in the class rush to the window, curiously i join them

>a completely naked red oni is blushing and holding a hand-painted sign reading "WEIMAR EUROPA" over her head

>i leave the window for the sake of decency, poor girl probably hit the sauce a bit too hard

>a kiki is singing a russian song while sweeping bits of paper off the ground

>i try to join in, but i only know half the lyrics

>i return to the window to look at the, now shivering slightly, oni

>all the girls in the class looking out the window are getting a bit too close for comfort to me

>i rattle the handle on the black door and wake up

b17aba  No.319249


Sounds cool,i had a dream where i was a cuhrayzee demon hunter slaying monsterboys with a crimson zweihander.

Pretty radikool.

a8b9d1  No.319264

Si last night I had a weird dream. In it my cousin had been kidnapped. He's just a baby. Only 2 years old. I went searching for him. Over quite a ways and eventually find him inside a trailer house in this rocky somewhat hilly area. Bright and dry out. and I'm happy to see he's alright but there's this woman in her 30s I want to say there, and I just get enraged that she would dare take something from me and I start screaming and yelling at her and back her into another roomits really dark for some reason, no lights and I just do some fucking horrible things to her. I had to just stop and think for a moment when I woke up that my subconscious would come up with something so dark and almost evil. Was a bad time thinking about that


Sounds quite interesting. If you ever have that dream again try opening the black door. Be careful though.some things are not meant for human eyes

a1485d  No.320937

File: a039c5ee0f2a271⋯.png (52.7 KB, 214x258, 107:129, 11262bd6e8a4f844a40843624c….png)

>in what used to be a brick house near shore

>completely silent, not even my footsteps make sound

>no roof and some walls are destroyed

>around 3 women with me and 3-4 kids, the kids are really small and go up to my knee

>in the middle of a war, I can hear shots in the distance

>walk over to this platform over the water and see a couple explosions in the distance

>go back to the house

>the women are gone, the kids are now fucking literal walking fetuses

>I try to help one walk and he kind of gets the hang of it

>look away for a second

>the fetus babies fucking disappear

>walk around the platform and the house, but there's no one in sight

>dread and desolation loom over me as I just notice everyone fucking disappeared and notices I'm not hearing anything

>I can feel something following me though

>find a phone on the ground

>decide to check the guy's twitter


>browse twitter, but literally everyone's profile has been deleted

>walk around some more

>decide to try again

>everyone's twitter profile is back, but all posts look like random strings generated by a neural network created by a guy that didn't know any human language

>fucking scared the fuck out for some reason

>running around trying to find someone or the cunt that made people disappear, but nothing, not even a sound

>check twitter again

>can only open one post in this one guy's profile


>think "please, don't, stop", the only sound I heard the entire dream

>instantly notice whatever fucking made people disappear is mocking me

>survival instincts don't even kick in, I'm just fucking horrified with no idea what to do other than walk around and be scared

>notice it's a dream

>usually when I notice it's a dream I do something to help me do what I want to do in the dream, like spawn a car or fly

>fucking force myself to wake up as hard as I can

>open my eyes in my bed fucking fearing for my life

All I wanted was to have another dream with my dream succubus, not to have a retarded dream that scares me down to the fucking core.

2402f7  No.321268

>Be a literal robot

>Live day to day as if nothing matters

>A silent, soulless monster

>Then I met her

>Another robot

>For the first time I feel something

>Compassion and love for this thing

>We talk for hours

>For a short time I was on top of the world

>Fate is cruel

>Each day she becomes more distant

>Eventually hiding from me all together

>I'm informed that her AI software fatally corrupted

>Her time is short

>Search the corners of the Earth to find her

>I find her scared, lonely, and sobbing

>Babbling about why I didn't just forget her; that it'll only hurt me when she terminates

>I hold her hand and comfort her till she terminated

>Address a brief moment I get a message from someone telling me I can finish whenever I want

>Wake up

/monster/ I didn't know I was capable of feeling these feels

31b140  No.321443

File: a2419099574ae19⋯.png (224.16 KB, 301x436, 301:436, i don't like how she's loo….png)

a1485d  No.321446

>in my room laying down

>see something red out of the corner of my eye

>look up


>remember seeing them somewhere (I had a dream where I sat on the ground and a bunch of red ants fucking swarmed me years ago, but I only remembered that after waking up)

>freak the fuck out

>see one on the wall behind me

>get up

>try to hit it with something

>fucking jumps towards me so fast I can't even see it

>try seeing it it's on me but I can't find it

>try hitting another one

>sidesteps my throw like it's a fucking ninja, even leaving a fucking after image

>fuck this I'm leaving

>oh fuck, my penguin

>look to the side and see him walking around unscathed all cute and penguin like

>grab my penguin and fucking book it

>deciding whether to fucking burn the house or call pest control, I don't think pest control would deal with that shit

>petting my penguin as I think of what to do

>feel pain in back

>oh shit, is that fucking ant biting onto me

>take shirt off

>big fucking cut wound in my back

>forearm sized ninja ant fucking did a perfect cut under my clothes in a second

>at least my penguin is fine

>wake up

Well, no waifus yet, but at least it wasn't pure fucking despair again and there even was a cute penguin I princess carried and petted, so I guess it's fine.

31b140  No.321450

File: 5160d8155adfae1⋯.png (174.62 KB, 446x324, 223:162, evil mango idk i'm not can….png)


that means you're getting somewhere buddy boy

d2fd2a  No.321493

>at a school that looks the combination of my high school and my elementary school

>chilling with friends, realize I'm a teenager rather than an adult now

>qt catgirls sitting at the table across from us

>friend suggests that I go up and talk to one of them

>ask him how much he wants to bet that I could get her to go on a date with me

>he'd bet two copies of skyrim and a bowl of cheetos


>walk up to their table and introduce self, ask the cute one if she wants to go on a date

>they giggle and say that I have a lot of nerve to walk up to them and ask out one of them in front of their friends

>calmly explain that i aint bitch made, i want to get a coffee with the cute cat girl named Kathy


>they say they're already taken

>they nod off to the side

>holy shit it's Chad Hitler

>he has a harem of catgirls


>challenge Chad Hitler to a duel, winner gets the cute cat girl named Kathy

>we brandish swords made of cardboard and fight in a big pit in the middle of the school courtyard

>lose spectacularly

>he asks me why I went through all the trouble if I was going to lose

>ask him if he felt the same way about WW2

>he calls me a der juden


>tfw no qt catgirl gf that I stole from Hitler's catgirl harem

one day ill get back at the bastard

c20a66  No.321501


You got to meet chad Hitler? I'm jelly

ba5be2  No.321511


I don't get it. If the catgirl would leave their beloved over them losing in a fight, why would they be worth fighting over to begin with?

8acdef  No.321530

Shit, still been having no dreams. Do you think eating something really spicy before bed can help? I got jerky with carolina reaper powder on it.

ba5be2  No.321534


Have you been eating cheese and drinking apple cider vinegar? Spicy cheese might work.

22d244  No.321535


Because it's a dream and it's not supposed to make sense.


Dream journals are the mvp of dream recall improvement. Write down what you remember when you wake up, read what you've written when you go to sleep. Tell yourself what you want to dream about, make it a concerted effort. Repeat ad infinitum.

That does sound tasty though, go for it.

8acdef  No.321539


Should try cheese again before bed. Haven't drank ACV in a while until last night.


I used to keep a dream journal, then been really busy and hadn't had the time to in addition to just plain not remembering. Maybe i'll try to focus tonight and eat the jerky.

858242  No.321826

File: 065b09ce1e19b81⋯.png (258.6 KB, 539x599, 539:599, Dragon 2.png)

File: b7b295e5f3899b3⋯.jpg (130.91 KB, 800x588, 200:147, Dragon 3.jpg)

File: 2a4b3e03131e14e⋯.jpg (38.84 KB, 459x600, 153:200, Dragon 1.jpg)

>Tfw no matter what you cannot dream about her

I have always wanted to and I never did have a dream about a Dragon-girl. I feel kind of sad thinking about it.

It tears into my insides that I still haven't had one.

c20a66  No.321891


Don't give up hope anon, you can and will meet your waifu.

ab90fb  No.322285

File: 8c6f94452b81b81⋯.jpg (10.94 KB, 122x326, 61:163, 638793133409041ffa55a105ab….jpg)

>the dream starts with me walking around my old high school making my way to my physics class room

>I'm attending a seminar for sex ed thats being put on in there.

>at this point I sort of loosely remember this scenario as its sort of based on a thing that already happened.

>the seminar is lead by a girl with dark purple hair and a single earing talking about consent, condoms, STDs, etc

>I'm sitting there kind of bored which is probably par for the course

>suddenly she switches slides and the slide header is "Monsterization"

>suddenly I get really fucking confused

>the hipster at the front starts talking about how monsters and being introduced into society soon and monsters have the ability to turn human women into the same species.

>she explains its done through prolonged intimate contact, often initiated by monsters during mating season

>she then goes on to recommend that during the about 2 week changing period afterwords the female experiences an extremely confused hormonal system that eliminates all testosterone and begins mass producing female hormones.

>she concludes this section by saying women during this time will have effectively an artificial mating season and its recommended she notifies her partner before hand to "assist" her with her needs, and not to resist those urges as they will compound easily

>she then closes out the seminar

>I wake up after I leave the room

>I just laid in bed for a minute after staring at the ceiling not really knowing what to make of that

c20a66  No.322333


hopefully it means we will meet our waifus.

095de9  No.322794

I had a dream that I fist fought an Apophis with four arms. Then it turns out it was a VR simulation, and when I logged out I saw my character being violated anally with her tail. So Pharaoh confirmed for best Egyptian girl I guess.

0c7137  No.322804

I do not know what she was, I only know that it felt incredibly good.

There was this one girl who basically had tentacles and they only lightly touched me, I almost fell down from the feeling. In fact, I did have to get on my knees. Shortly after that she just looks at me and like a scylla wraps my cock up, squeezes a bit and then I woke up from the pleasure. Damn it

d66163  No.322819


I'm glad your penguin is okay anon.

84a266  No.322974

First time I've had a monstergirl dream in a long time. It was pretty good if a bit sad at the end. I was captured by a pharaoh along with a kitsune, a couple of young slimegirls, and some other mgs I don't quite remember. They were all quite kind and cute. But I was wanting to escape and get them all out. The plan I eventually hatched involved four walking sharks in suits with mob accents busting in the back and causing all sorts of chaos. While that was going on we smuggled out the kitsune, the slime twins, and the others with my exit coming later. Come the night of the escape there was this massive banquet hosted by the pharaoh. Candles on every table lots of talking and eating by the guests. I was sitting next to what I think was the pharaohs seat on one side and a 3DPD on her other side. The 3DPD almost screws everything up by calling out to someone who we needed not to be noticed for the plan to work. I glared at her for her stupidity and the pharoah glared at her for her outburst. A short while later we start the plan with thesharkguys bursting in though the back of the complex and loading up the girls. I wasn't able to make the escape but I was called before the pharoah in her throne room and she praised me for my actions and gave me my freedom for helping to deal with the shark attack.the irony was not lost on me I was later staring down at some map with a little icon of the girls over some kind of waterway or road or something. When I clicked on it I felt quite sad that I would never see them again. The general meaning I got from it was to make them disappear. Though I'm not sure if that meant in hiding or literally disappeared.

d3842c  No.323029

I dreamed I was going to college again, taking two classes while working full time. Work has been a bitch lately and I've been looking for something less stressful. Head to the bar because I can't help it, I need a fucking drink bad (fyi, I'm an alcoholic and haven't had a drink in almost a year) I sit at the booth in the corner, next to the exit. I order six shots of whiskey, straight up and just stare at them on the table. A big furred hand grabs my shirt before I can drink any of them and literally lifts me out of the booth, dragging me into the parking lot. Just as she's throwing me into my car, I see her tailpussy. She makes me lick it until we get back to my apartment. When I fumble with the lock on the door she jabs me with one of her spines. Smug grin. I hurry inside and she tackles me on the floor. I wake up aroused as fuck to some fucking loud pounding on my door. Why aren't they using the fucking doorbell? Put on jeans and a shirt, open door to get pounced on by the manticore. Doorbell wakes me up from this, and I'm even more aroused and seriously pissed. Put on jeans + shirt to go to the door for real this time and turn down some kids trying to sell some shit for their school fundraiser.

I haven't been this pissed about being woke up in ages.

f0a882  No.323030


Dub trips confirm.

34100c  No.323149

I started reading the serialized version of Ane Naru Mono after actually reading the endcards of something I found on exhentai for once.

I was in yuu's place, chiyo's voice was like the manga describes.

I laid down on her lap pillow and she started sweet talking to me, I started crying and brought up my real life pains. She had an hypnotic way and I really felt relieved, I can't remember her exact words but she talked in such way I felt she was real and telepathycally talking ot me in my dreams, I believed it until I woke up. And then I cried some more, and my bed was full of precum.

26fe89  No.325175

I dreamt i was mowing down zombified animus with some sort of futuristic rifle, only for them to overrun me and then we kinda just hung out

26fe89  No.325277

File: 13623f8ed4987b7⋯.png (296.13 KB, 359x490, 359:490, german mating signal.png)

upon closer examination of this dream, i may be a menace to society at large

>be in a rainstorm, walking

>it's really fucking hot, like i'm in the tropics or something

>stop by some dudes house, he beckons me over

>it's some dude about my height wearing jeans and a white hoodie with his hood pulled taught around a pair of oversized shades, guy looked like the invisible man

<yeah man take a look at this experimental drug i made, check it out dude

>i shrug and take the beaker from his outstretched hands

>as i look down into the watery liquid, thousands of tiny flies disperse from the vial

>as my vision becomes enveloped by the tiny insects, i can hear the guy freaking out about how the liquid is "unstable"

>i black out and wake up in my house

>i hear a female voice outside my door and i leave my room to find it

>there's some variety of anime girl hanging out in my house, putting clothes on mannequins

>i speak to her and we just kind of hang out, me thinking about that weird drug, and her just kind of walking around silently

>my friend comes over and i tell him about my weird experience and i motion towards the anime in the other room

<hey anon you two should totally bang

>you know what

>he's right, fuck it

>i prepare my finest charisma and gentlemanly courtesy

>enter the room she's in

>jump on a couch

>make direct eye contact with her



>she looks at me with an evil smirk

<anon, you're really terrible at seduction

>shit, she's right, i need to up my game


>friend flashes me the thumbs up

>poor anime girl just looks really confused

<this isn't how it's supposed to work

woke up after that, too smooth i guess

0c7137  No.325288

Not really monstergirl related, but last dream I didn't have any legs or feet. I was basically a male lamia. It was pretty easy moving around though, maybe because I'm used to already having wings or to flying or other things.

1f41e9  No.325339


truly a master of seduction

26fe89  No.325348


You're going to snake-alp and die

af4b82  No.328138

This is a dream I had way back on April Fool's Day, but it's one of the few dreams with mamano I've had, so here goes:

>Be me

>In some sort of JRPG-style world, the type with the wide green plains, cities in the sky, airships and shit.

>Gather up a group of nameless humans, Anakin Skywalker and a single lamia

>We go in an airship to fight a kobold airpirate and her crew

>We get our asses handed to after a good, hard fight.

>She joins us, however.

>Though we were supposed to go to a sky city, we went back down to find our final mamano.

>Hidden in a old, faltering shed, was a melissa.

>Though everyone else wanted to bring her along, I insisted we leave her.

>We bring her, anyways, and I refuse to have anything to do with her.

>We go to the house just a few yards away from the shack.

>We have ourselves a good party.

>I feel a bit guilty about treating the melissa so badly, so I tried to talk to her.

>At this moment, some good ol' Orky boyz on ATVs and dirt bikes interrupt our shindig and hold the melissa hostage

>I try to fight the Orkz, but one of them transforms into a fucking huge pitbull and attacks me.

>The dream ends at a cliffhanger here.

f4ba28  No.328188



By that do you mean a honeybee, or was she more like a beepriestess?

65053b  No.328189


Honeybee, my friend.

26fe89  No.330131

Been having pretty vivid MG dreams lately, just bumping this thread to remind everyone to stick with their journals

f4ba28  No.330191


What kinds of dreams?

26fe89  No.330261


Wierd, symbolic ones. I saw two sleeping snake women coiled toghether into a circle, with 2 pink hearts levitating above their chests. All i can remember is one was "innocence" and the other "lasciviousness"

84a266  No.330380


Did either snake seem to be in a higher or more prominent position or make up more of the circle?

26fe89  No.330381


oh they were laying down in a sort of open-air pagoda thing. i was standing over the cunning one.

c817fb  No.330516

I had two different dreams recently, I'll post both because they're pretty short.


>be me, back in high school

>sitting at my desk, doing homework

>Two qts come up to me, a country girl and her friend. The country girl asks me out.

>I'm surprised, but since I may finally get rid of >tfw no gf, I say yes.

>she tells me to meet with her on Sunday at 4:00 PM. I agree.

>I notice she's muttering to herself about revenge against another girl. I don't think anything of it.

>I go to her house on Sunday at 4:00 PM, but I can't find anyone there.

>I finally find out that those two girls were spirits haunting me for whatever reason.

>I spend the rest of the dream playing Civilization IV and assassinating Belgian communists.

and II.

>be me

>I'm a servant of some kraken noblewoman, and I'm apparently at some fancy resort hotel near the beach.

>As I walk with her to the swimming pool (because dreams are as logical as real life), I find myself getting catcalled by a bunch of mamono, including a few nighounds and such.

>I cling tightly to the kraken, who was amused at my fear.

>We eventually reach the pool. The kraken spends her time lounging around, leaving me to do what I want.

>I find a pretty horny crab girl and fugg her.

>She soon afterwards gives birth to a bunch of babbies who end up walking straight into a wall of flame for some reason.

>After this, I end up in a Mario game, where I have to 'liberate' a bunch of schoolchildren from the kraken for reasons.

e4c680  No.330610

I keep having a dream where I walk into my kitchen/dining room to get food and there's a bunch of assorted mamono sitting at the tables and lounges (even on the floor, they're scattered everywhere and the room is kinda packed). Whenever I encounter them they all become silent and stare at me really hard. The atmosphere around them feels like I've walked into a mother's meeting. Whenever I get to the fridge It's always empty and I go back to my room dissapointed.

What do, anons? How can I re-stock my fridge in a dream? I'm getting hungry

94b60d  No.330620


Tell us more. What did you notice about the mamono types and exact/estimated number? Could you hear them talking? If so, what were they talking about?

>How can I re-stock my fridge in a dream?

Lucid dreaming could help.

ee302e  No.330621

>tfw no dreams in months

How do you guys do it?

339d53  No.330626


By sleeping.

16bcc0  No.330628


dreaming usually occurs during the deepest part of REM sleep, but is usually never remembered if you complete the full cycle. It's easiest to remember dreams by interrupting that cycle (this may also cause dreams to end abruptly). Alternatively, you may be getting a shitty night's rest and poor REM sleep, meaning very short and not vivid dreams.

ee302e  No.330629



Huh, been getting about 6 hours of sleep every night. Guess I should try to get longer hours. Anything to help with the actual dream remembering or observing?

94b60d  No.330631


Writing your dreams down in a journal helps the most, in my opinion.

e4c680  No.330644



all generic, like wolf girls, lizards, weresheep and the like.

>could you hear them talking?

they were, but stopped as i left the hallway proper and entered the living/dining space.

>what were they talking about

It was too muffled while i was away, but from the tone of it it was casual, lighthearted conversation.

c817fb  No.330646


Now, as a master of understatement, I have to say that you might have some problems with social anxiety. Or you may be trespassing on some poor girls in Dimension M trying to have a nice get-together.

049939  No.330778

I've had a few short /monster/-related sequences this fall.

The First

>laying on the floor in a living room for some reason, there's a blond animu girl on the couch in front of me.

>she's rather demure and nervous.

>suddenly my dick is visible, why?

>someone in my family is walking around us, but doesn't seem to care.

>look back over to the couch, sitting in place of the blonde chick is an arachnetaur.

>she's got purple skin, pigtails and a her spider half is shiny black.

>she starts riding me in an instant, I didn't physically feel anything but it was most certainly enjoyable

the dream foretold my tulpa getting a little sexually inspired thanks to me playing through a bit of bayonetta.

The second

>don't remember much, it involved hugging a naga Lamia.

Arachne's the goddess of spiders, in the myth, she was an actual spider. I could be wrong about taur's usage, cause I'm not sure what that… word?… means.

26fe89  No.330792

File: 329c3ac4b9ff633⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1228x888, 307:222, it's my therapy.png)

update: after the two snakes dream i've been really on edge, like something vaguely related to horniness, but not related to sex at all

i guess i'm dying

fe3af5  No.330823


You said you stood over the snake named Lasciviousness, correct? I believe that may have something to do with it. According to Jung et al, according to the dream you had, you're, in fact, going through an emotional internal conflict (in this case, between your innocence and lasciviousness, where presumably you're currently at), which will end with you achieving a new state of wholeness and wisdom. But I'm no psychologist, so take this with a grain of salt.

26fe89  No.330839

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


so you're saying that i need some sexual healing

077bf6  No.331004

Had a really weird dream with a baphomet a few days ago.

>Was sitting in some kind of middle age's tavern, sitting on a table near the corner and listening to a bard playing his beloved instrument

>After a few sips I hear some noise coming from one of the tables and upon looking at it I see a party of two dudes and a girl, with a Baphomet trying to flirt with one of them

>The guy keeps rejecting her flirting attempts by saying she's too young and he's not a pedo willing to do some crime

>Bapho is clearly getting annoyed, saying how she's legal but he doesn't care

>Intent on resolving the situation, I get up from my table and head to theirs

>"Excuse me, but did you say it was a crime to have sex with legal little girls?"

>The guy doesnt' even care that I showed up out of nowhere and replies with "Yes it is! Just look at how small she is, she could be my daughter."

>"Well, I'll have you know that you're wrong. Fucking little girls is completly acceptable when they are legal and you're actually saving her from loneliness by doing so!"

<"Yeah, you tell them onii-chan!"

>Getting a cheer from the bapho only made me more focused on the task at had

>"You see, if she's a legal loli and she's still single that means she already spent all these years of her life without anyone desiring her, for all we know she could be the same age as our mother or grandmother."

>Bapho looks at me with eyes that could kill but I continue

>"She is responsible enough to have kids, taking care of her own life and anothers, yet you still refuse her just because of appearances. Waiting for her to grow up wont' do either, if she hasn't done it by now then she won't anytime soon and that means she'll spend her whole life like this. If everyone she met was like you, which is probably what happened and what is going to keep happening then it means she's going to die alone! Surely you don't want that, do you?

>The guy is clearly confused and the Bapho is silently nodding at me, smiling like she's proud

<"Onii-chan is right. All that I want is a good boyfriend so we can spend some time together. I won't force you, but maybe we could at least go on a date so you can sort your thoughts."

>"She might look small, but her heart and spirit are big. You're not doing a crime by going out with her, you're doing a favor to everyone involved."

And then I woke up. I'm not a lolicon and I don't support the sabbath so I have no idea of what I was doing, I just know I gave an awesome speech and that Bapho was proud of me.

fe3af5  No.331011


Yep, get some with your snek waifus Anon.

26fe89  No.331047

snexual healing anon update:

had an existential crisis because due to sudden epiphany concerning the artificiality of modern sexual culture mid-jerk off

e2a7e1  No.331265


It feels more like the latter, to be honest

b0a75f  No.331279


Well then quit violating their NAP before they start lobbing thumb nukes at you.

In all seriousness, my friend, if you can lucid dream, I'd recommend trying to talk to them about the fridge or whatever, and see what happens then.

8eea68  No.331674

File: 1d5bfb48aa0be48⋯.gif (1.97 MB, 500x500, 1:1, tumblr_ocrnpfB3RG1vqfnzao1….gif)

File: bee3d59e8c48a39⋯.jpg (8.52 KB, 206x244, 103:122, 2017-05-10-23-33-04-668971….jpg)

Update: I am in a twilight hell zone of passionate understanding and intermittent bouts of clawing at the concepts which were self evident to me a moment ago but now are hopelessly beyond reach, flitting between writhing underneath an opaque morass of unspoken questions, and being set aflame for mere minutes, able to pierce this barrier; but unable to retain any knowledge when slowly extinguished

Truly, the search for self-discovery is a torture, to see inside one's heart they must first be flayed.

Snek pussy: not even once

4f562e  No.331677

>implying you really need sleep

>implying dreams can actually be remembered

60f007  No.331796

Update: just got a spirit blowjob so good it pulled me out of my fatal loop

Turns out snek pussy is egal after all

b0a75f  No.331820


Noice, you're getting there, buddy.

4f562e  No.331833

So how much of this thread is made up bullshit for attention whoring? People don't have dreams,

dcea6c  No.331844


>People don't have dreams

Maybe we're not all old and bitter, grandpa.

d3842c  No.331846


>implying you really need sleep

It's like you've never dealt with sleep deprivation induced hallucinations before Anon. Stay up for three+ days and come back.


>Implying you don't dream

Some people have a better time remembering dreams than others. Some people can't remember dreams at all unless they're some sort of traumatic nightmare.

Ever had a nightmare that you remember?

Finally had a new /monster/ dream

>I was scavenging in a desert while driving something like an electric golf cart and came up on a old derailed train almost completely encased in sand on some really old unused rail line.

>Camped outside for a few hours to recharge the electric cart's batteries

>While the batteries recharged I dug into the sand around one of the cars to see if I could get inside, cause derailed trains have to have some sweet loot right?

>Finally manage to uncover a roof hatch.

>Go back to the cart and take one of the freshly charged batteries and put it in my pack.

>Hook my lamp up to the battery and take out my revolver (Looked like a S&W model 27 - definitely a .357 magnum in case someone from /k/ is around)

>Drop inside and shine my light around.

>Jackpot. Computers and parts everywhere.

>Shine light around and see a semi-human looking, albeit clothed robot torso with a destroyed arm and leg pinned under large cabinet.

>Robots sell for quite a bit, and this one just needs a bit of fixing up

>Set the lamp down near the head and start moving the pile of broken computer parts on top of the cabinet

>The robot's arm moves and I jump back and point my revolver at the figure.

>A robotic voice states something like "Light Source detected: Leaving sleep mode"

>Well shit it still has power

>Instead of a robotic voice I hear a woman quietly pleading, "I don't know how much time I have. Please my batteries are nearly exhausted and my solid state memory is damaged."

>I kick into overdrive and frantically push all of the possible loot off of the cabinet and forcefully lift it up.

>She pulls herself out a few inches and that robotic voice announces, "Batteries at minimum. Entering mandatory sleep mode."

>I kick her out a few more inches and see the remaining leg's wires are cut and frayed from the cabinet falling on her

>Once she's finally out far enough from underneath I let the cabinet drop again and start taking her outside.

>Holy fuck she's heavy.

>I can't get her up out of the roof hatch, so I hook up the golf cart to some straps and lift her out

>Drag her over to the cart and my toolkit.

>Flip her over and look at the charging port.

>Conveniently the same size port that is used for my lamp. Unhook my lamp and hook her up to the battery.

>Robotic voice states, "Battery Charging: Leaving mandatory sleep mode."

>Then there's a sobbing sound coming from the robot.

>Robots aren't supposed to sob.

>She stops sobbing and tries to push herself up with her good arm

>She says, "I'm outside."

>I greet her, making her panic, but she can't move anywhere.

>Sit down and get her to calm down

>She mentions something about war and humans killing off AIs.

>I tell her I don't know anything about a war against AIs and I offer to help fix her up a bit.

>Spend the rest of the evening charging her with the solar panel module on the roof of the cart.

>She's terrified of me

>Set up tent and cook up a MRE for myself.

>After dinner I sit her upright and fix her leg for a few hours into the night

>She keeps making sure that her groin is covered with her shirt

>I rewire her leg, replacing all of the bad wires

>She smiles and I wake up

I think I'm going to try and write a story about this later. Good dreams like this are few and far between for me.

60f007  No.332090


Sexual healing status









b2f672  No.332215


Good job, nigga. I'm proud of you and your snek waifus.

2a5c2e  No.334384

File: 117becc7349e43d⋯.jpg (258 KB, 1767x2048, 1767:2048, DS6E2ufX4AAtL5w.jpg large.jpg)

>have never once had a /monster/ dream

>in fact, rarely have/remember dreams for the most part (usually like once/twice a week)

>when I do remember my dreams, they're almost always pseudo-nightmares

>never "scary" in the sense of visually frightening things

>always in a scenario where I'm somehow unable to effectively fight against an opposing force

>last night's example: dream originally started off in a vague recreation of a FPS video game (Rainbow 6:Siege)

>enemy soldier armed with a knife advancing on me, although quite slowly and in the open

>fire an entire magazine from my assault rifle, miss entirely despite it being an easy shot

>begin grappling with him, I'm clearly outclassed and end up getting stabbed

>wake up

>partway through my day start thinking about waifu (manticore)

>suddenly something clicks in my brain

>pretty much every theme (helplessness, inability to act, ect) that tends to appear in my nightmares are in some way the things that make manticores appealing to me

Now I'm just confused, although I'm not even sure what it is I'm confused over. Any psych majors here?

7df1cb  No.334385


I managed to ask them why they're in my lounge room, and one of them told me to go back to my room, as if I were a child.

My pee pee got hard as they said that, what's going on here anons?

ace11d  No.334397

File: 844f9bc41fe8860⋯.jpg (109.11 KB, 783x377, 27:13, 844f9bc41fe88608b65aa39dee….jpg)

>driving along a beach in a cherry red sports car

>having a blast, going fast

>car explodes as I turn off the sand onto a road

>go flying straight up on a palm tree

>start flying through space with a steering wheel and a palm tree

I guess for the first dream I remember from the new year, this wasn't that bad.

b12a2c  No.334471

>incredibly vivid dream about accidentally taking a boat to india and walking around

>incredibly vivid dream about going on a giant adventure at night with monstergirls

I keep dreaming about massive journeys, the dreams feel like eternities. Really nice actually

4530f2  No.334487


What adventures did you get up to, anon?

b12a2c  No.334513


Beats me

340bfd  No.335599

>Have a dream about Suu where we're both on a space ship or something

>She's pleasant and aloof like her character usually is

>Touch her slimegirl skin

Ever had your burning questions answered by a dream before

I need more

90b886  No.335954

Been a while dream thread anons, had something interesting the other day.

>off on a vacation drive with family

>no idea where we're going

>somehow i'm a kid again

>arrive at some parking garage

>thing is fucking packed full

>the higher we go the more rundown it looks

>look out window and the world below is a wasteland

>reach top floor

>lots of other families there for some reason

>as we park, the ramp to the floor below crumbles away

>parents get out of car and start freaking out

>other people doing the same

>arguing over who's fault it is, etc

>getting tired of this shit so I sneak out the stairs and go outside

>still a wasteland

>feels like fallout landscape

>wander a bit

>meet giant fox

>takes form of kitsune waifu

>sit and chat a while

>explain what happened and wanting the arguing to stop

>she agrees to help

>ride back to garage on giant fox

>a whole new thing for them to freak out about

>people attack giant fox

>she kills them, eats some of them

>ride back out once the room is silent

>back to kitsune waifu form

>somehow shrine in middle of wasteland

>fall asleep on her tails while she smokes something

b12a2c  No.337023

File: d8bc778cb891843⋯.jpg (55.58 KB, 274x262, 137:131, 20171016_170524.jpg)

>journey to the very ends of existence, in search of audience with the god of light

>at the end of existence is a balcony overlooking a vast gold city, very dark souls

>there are figures of people farther down the railing, waiting as well for a meeting

>one is a thief, desperately trying to open a chest by bashing it against the rail

>i approach him and he freaks out, shouts that no woman will ever love him, and becomes a massive black tapestry that coiled and struck like a snake

>decapitate it

>wake up

Moral of the story is: ?????

f3834f  No.337247

File: 7367bf013fa2cc2⋯.jpg (198.84 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, emergency-broadcast-system.jpg)

File: b4d8b9c62998d15⋯.jpg (68.52 KB, 674x821, 674:821, b4d8b9c62998d15e408d2cce2b….jpg)

File: f81dc04d1e39f46⋯.jpg (400.88 KB, 1800x900, 2:1, DSC_0401.jpg)

>watching emergency TV broadcast with family of dragon wife and several children

>nuclear war declared with North Korea

>impact expected along west coast within the next 10 hours

>Live on west coast

>dragon wife curls up next to me, says that as long as I'm with her, there's nothing she has to worry about

>I ask her where's she'd like to go one last time

>She tells me that she wants to go where we were married

>It's a lake far out in eastern Oregon, close to the Idaho/Washington borders

>About a 5 hour drive

>Just get in the car, don't need to pack much besides some food for the trip and some things we want to have with us as the end

>Make it to the lake and start a campfire

>We all enjoy my wife's cooking one last time

>Get an alert on my phone that impact is expected within half an hour

>Take family to go sit by the lake

>Kids go splash around by the shore, wife and I just sit on the chairs we brought and hold each other's hands

>The bomb hits

>"I love you."

>Wake up

What did it all mean, bros

482d71  No.337248

File: 80dd771293ec8f9⋯.jpeg (76.77 KB, 887x1097, 887:1097, 80dd771293ec8f9b1d17b3d22….jpeg)

883bf9  No.337273

File: 33a495345d856f7⋯.jpg (28.17 KB, 680x484, 170:121, kanade keanu.jpg)


>mfw I scrolled down main page and didn't saw this was Dream Thread and so the "wake up" part came as surprise

On-topic, I had sleep paralysis kind of experience few days back where I was violated by Mindflayer. I hope it was MGE kind cause I was too scared not to bury my head under blanket.

cefd33  No.337317

File: b323d0809ffc526⋯.png (169.78 KB, 619x530, 619:530, yeeeee.png)

>going around uni campus or highschool, can't really tell which, but definitely a school of some sort

>walking with this autistic qt, either human or selkie, can't remember which

>she suddenly runs off because she's afraid of people and monsters

>run to catch up but get intercepted by a gang of monstergirls

>at the very least, a lamia, hellhound, and goblin, maybe more

>get violently proactively dated on the spot by all of them

>beat a hasty retreat afterwards

>feel guilty about it and try and meet up with autistic qt

>we get to talking eventually and she admits that I'm really the only one she likes to be around, everyone else scares her and misunderstands her

>tell her she can rely on me if she ever needs anything

>she hugs me and admits that it's the first time she's ever done that and felt comfortable with intimate contact

>a very long time passes where we basically end up dating, going together everywhere

>get married and decide to move up to northern canada so she doesn't have to be around people

>live in a cottage by an iced over lake

>just spend days quietly hunting and fishing for autistic wife who stays at home and cooks

>wake up

I don't really remember too well other than that. I'm definitely sure she was a selkie by the time we moved to canada. And definitely autistic.

e5bfb5  No.338248


Well. I thinkcould be wrong herewhat arouses us sexually is partially determined by our first sexual experiences and some events that happen in childhood. Someone who has a normal childhood will most likely develop a normal sexuality. Perhaps as a child you associated love with you being helpless or being unable to act. Or the reverse may be the case and you had next to no restrictions as a child but at the same time didn't receive affection from your mother, so you associate love with being controlled in some fashion.

78fe71  No.338410


I can't really say anything of what you posted strikes close to home really. My first sexual experience was with the first girl I managed to develop a real emotional connection to, and by all accounts went surprisingly well. We dated for a while and she was generally the more dominant one in bed, although I had a thing for dominant women before that. That being said, we were doing a LDR and I'd sometimes have to lie to her and say I was working late to spend any time with friends, since she'd want to Skype for hours at night. Again, at that time I was also browsing /d/ and whatnot regularly, so it wasn't like my kinks developed as a result of her.

As far as family stuff, I can't think of anything that wouldn't be considered very normal, so I don't know if anything is to be learned there.

a7fddb  No.345952

File: f301c0c1e338fc8⋯.jpg (45.98 KB, 424x600, 53:75, kraft cheese mousegril.jpg)

What do most anons here feel is THE most effective cheese to help them dream about their waifus?

d30546  No.345965

I had one and was odd:

I was in high school when it happened. When the mamono came. When first sightings came, we got an email from the school. It was a PDF, detailing these monsters and how they will come after the men first. also were guides on how to kill them. Yes, on how to kill them. We thought this was a hack, until the teachers admitted to receiving different ones by the Iowa National Guard. After a announcement, we went quietly to the gymnasium and was informed of this. Most of us thought it was a troll, until a wurm came up from the ground and stole one of the teaches. Soon everyone was in a panic. Screaming while running, everyone was desperate while some died from the trampling. I then went to find my stuff and sister, only to be near a goblin. She spoke in broken English "You come, and no hurt."

Now things get hazy, and soon I have a golf club in my hand. Then I came and tried beat her. she just said, "Weakling" I snapped and hit her neck, and she tried to fight, but I just was in it. I then saw her on the ground. She spoke 'Do it, make love'. Instead I hit her in the head once, then twice. Again, and again and again until her head was a mush of brains.

Then a weird black screen came up saying 'Welcome to the New Earth'

And woke up

1ca7cb  No.348364

File: 5ec5d005a2f2806⋯.png (698.74 KB, 704x1200, 44:75, 98a31a7a0ddf66a27d268bd89d….png)

I had a dream where I picked up an 10-story tall battleaxe with ease. Somehow I knew that anyone could pick it up like this, so I put it back down again. Then I looked around and saw a somewhat natural looking staircase going up to some floating houses high in the sky. I went up the stairs and into one, which looked like some kind of agility course. I went into another building which looked like some kind of restaurant. Inside was a fox girl in a chinese dress who was leering at me, it could be described as somewhere between undressing me with her eyes and looking at me like I was a piece of meat. I didn't find it unsettling though, I said/thought to myself (not sure which) that it was far easier for me to undress her with my eyes. I think she was a yakuza type or something. After that a shootout happened around me, I was fine though. Someone called out to me saying "you motherfucker!" in a light-hearted tone, probably amazed I didn't get hit at all. The fox girl was also there, still leering at me. I then saw myself as some kind of extremely lucky guy who got into similar situations with being caught in firefights while never firing a weapon or getting hit. I also saw myself as a guy who got by conversations as some kind of high charisma, affable if aloof person who was nice to others yet wasn't afraid of being blunt. I was in one such situation with a yakuza boss-guy (maybe the fox girl's dad? he was human of course) who was getting angry at my nonchalant attitude, thinking I was insulting him. I responded saying "If I wanted to insult you, I would say…", whatever it was I said I can't remember but I imagined him laughing after a moment, possibly because I had the balls to do something like that, so maybe I got away with it? That's all I remember.

a8108b  No.349627

File: 2c1ae3d1758e4cc⋯.jpg (104.38 KB, 546x1024, 273:512, 9ce3189b55d497ab95d05d847f….jpg)

File: 2952806e8b28005⋯.jpg (141.23 KB, 850x1156, 25:34, __yumi_senran_kagura_and_s….jpg)

>I'm a hunter tracking a moose through a snowy pine forest, using a huge crossbow for some reason

>Blizzard starts up and I lose the moose in a wall of white.

>Feel super pissed but know I can't stay out here

>Try to head back home, end up getting lost, start to feel sleepy.

>Need it find shelter or I'm gonna die.

>See huge building in the distance, it's a giant castle made of ice and snow.

>Fuck it, it'll do, try to get there.

>Don't quite make it, fall in front of the gate, everything's fading to black.

>See two figures approach me before I pass out, can't tell who they are though.

>Wake up in a huge fancy four-poster bed, like the one's nobility have, but with heavy fur blankets keeping me toasty warm and it's made of ice.

>Look to my right to see two pale women sitting in chairs next to my bed.

>One's wearing a princess get up, the other in kimono.

>Introduce themselves and start feeding me warm stew.

>Look around me, everything is made out of ice.

>Floors, walls, doors, windows, but somehow it's not cold inside at all.

>it's normal room temperature.

>Eventually get my strength up and want to head back home.

>Both say I can't leave until the blizzard dies down.

>Agree to stay until the weather clears up.

>Spend rest of the day walking with them through the ice castle.

>It's like an M.C.Escher painting.

>Decide to say with them so I don't get lost in here forever or some shit.

>Look 'up' at the foyer below me as I enter a study of some sort.

>They say this is where they like to relax and spend their days.

>Read books, talk about stuff, they seem very interested in the fact that I'm a hunter.

>Day ends with me going back to my room and falling asleep in bed.

>Wake up from the dream as I do so.

They're not going to let me go home, are they?

241aa8  No.352874

File: 19971ddd4be60bb⋯.jpg (455.11 KB, 680x1020, 2:3, 117ff861e2e0f8a59eafd04baa….jpg)

>Dreaming about something nonsensical

>the end of one project or another

>Kind of dream you have when you know you've had the same useless meeting that could have been an e-mail too many times.

>Mention something about a local university (no idea why)

>"You're only saying that because your girlfriend goes there Anon"


>Nigga I've been single for…


>I 'Remember' her. I also 'remember' I'm supposed to meet her for lunch.

>GTFO meeting

>Meet her… somewhere… Could be a cafeteria, could be a pub, don't care, only have eyes for the slender (this is new, usually like 'em thicc), youthful (again new, usually go for Ara~) Kraken who's sitting on a big plush chair in the corner.

>Feel like a cradle robber, she's all of 19…

>…But what am I talking about? I'm only 21! We've got our whole lives ahead of us!

>She smiles at me like I'm the greatest thing in the world and my knees go to goddamn jelly.

>Try for a chaste kiss hello.

>She is having none of that.

>eventually extricate myself from arms, lips and tentacles

<"You're late!"

>Apology requires more kisses

>Eventually come up for air, she settles for clinging to my arm.

<"So where are we going for our Anniversary tonight? You can't keep it secret all day!"

>'Remember' the booking, it's her favorite place.

>'Remember' the ring box sitting on my dresser at home

>'Remember' her Dad's firm handshake and her Mother's rib-shattering embrace when I asked for their permission.

>Just smile as I look at her.

>I have got to be the luckiest man on the face of the planet…

>Something falls over, ringing as it rolls on the floor.

>I turn to look at it.

>Wait… I'm still in bed… that ringing isn't a platter, it's my alarm… And I'm long past 21… and I'm pointedly single because 3dpd a shit… and she's not real…

>…but I can still feel her against my skin.

Today was a struggle, fellow vanillafags, a struggle indeed.

6248f4  No.352993

File: 8c79e6d075aada6⋯.jpg (23.54 KB, 334x350, 167:175, munter-les-petit-amis.jpg)


Munster, of course.

98ef76  No.352997


>kraken dream

>get matched with younger kraken despite prefering aras

>can still feel the embrace long after dream

Are you me?

cdda62  No.353003

>big castle

>wisp comes down from stairs, tells me i can have everything here if i solve the puzzle

>including you?

>yes, she lifts up her dress to show a bit of leg

>the puzzle is a throne, I get that its a programming problem, like, the whole dream is a computer game

>somehow know there are humans in this world, but no monsters, except in this castle

>solve the puzzle, it was asking the wisp with a console command to breathe fire to melt the ice below the throne revealing a dias framework and then pressing a button to awaken the castle

>wisp then takes me up a completely dark stairway with stairs on either side

>i ask what they are

>she just looks at me but somehow I know one leads to hell and another leads to a basement with medieval torture weapons and a button that destroys the world

>keep walking, see a hole in he wall that leads to a cliff above an ocean with a fairy pool and a statue to the left of it

>continue on, must fight a golem

>wisp, who has been a human ghost (think wc3 wisp transforming into monster girl wisp) since the stairway tells me i can deactivate it by gaining control of the tower

i wake up there

actually after the garden all of this was me waking up and thinking i had work but it was a saturday, so i made a mockup of the castle in UE4, but never got to the sea, the fairy pool, or the top of the tower or the outside of the castle

my idea was the wisp would be the ai that controled the monsters in the castle and that it would spawn and that it would be like a VR except like in sci fi not like actual mmos, where the villagers would interact with me normally and they would ask me to go on quests and i would have to venture into the wilderness for days of real time to find and fugg monster girls

i quickly realised after the mockup took me a month and all i got towards making the wisp was putting a touhou in the scene and making her dance thriller whenever you pressed a button that making it into my full dream let alone the lucid dream afterward would be impossible

sorry i skipped over introducing some info there but its all there in the end.

cdda62  No.353019

cdda62  No.353021

File: 87f59be4c4bfb92⋯.jpg (75.13 KB, 1208x524, 302:131, 2.JPG)

File: 66e59eec230aafd⋯.jpg (84.75 KB, 1186x506, 593:253, 3.JPG)

File: 8f933fb7a69a285⋯.jpg (35.28 KB, 1134x481, 1134:481, 4.JPG)

File: 60e169e4dd346fd⋯.jpg (87.75 KB, 1182x496, 591:248, 5.JPG)

File: 6d8e8b23e8f3dfe⋯.jpg (34.76 KB, 1182x542, 591:271, Capture.JPG)

0b02ad  No.353053

How do you have or remember dreams? Any good tips for it?

>inb4 dream journel

Hard to do that when you don't remember what you had to put down.

Probably doesn't help that I get on average 6 hours of sleep a night.

f37761  No.353145

Got one from a few days ago, couldn't remember much before it, but the /monster/ part sticks out distinctly in my mind.

>watching a naga/lamia daughteru in some kind of trippy bubble space- like a nintendo 64 game.

>the little girl is weird but cool, she most certainly has a snake tail, but her entire body is blue and energy-like.

>her mother- whom my thoughts identified her distinctly as Medusa, warned her to stay away from a ledge. Mom looks exactly like daughter, except older and larger, in many senses of the word. For some reason I felt unsure about trusting her because my thoughts about her name.

>the little bluesnek is not paying attention to the ledge, and falls off of it.

>as she falls, mom-dusa jumps after.

>then a giant, papery spider with the head of an old man for a body flies in and tries to grab little bluesnek.

>she screams helplessly, inner parent is horrified because I feel like I can't do anything.

>man-paper-spider loses its grip and loses distance from the falling little bluesnek.

>we fall on a patch of ground, no harm, near a blue portal.

>mom-dusa reaches us.

>it becomes apparent that both mom and daughter are liquidy, and bubbly-looking, as if they were made out dish soap and metaphysical energy. It was far more trippy than just a gelatinous slime. Their hair was curly and snake-like, but could be really thick locks of hair-soap… stuff.

>The portal must lead to safety of some kind, the daughter enters it, mom follows.

>I enter the portal.


>I wake up.


I don't usually use a journal, but here's my dream recalling method: I find a dream that I remember the most, and try to use elements from that dream to remember others, like a common theme that links to others: first I remember a dream about a hotel, then I use the idea of a hotel to remember a dream about walking through a different hotel. Then I remember one about a restaurant, then one about a pizza bar, then one about a cafeteria in school, then one about a mall, then an arcade, then a casino, and so on and so forth.

9c068e  No.353147

I remember the hellhounds pure cute daughteru greentext and the handholding succubus degenerate greentext. What would a degenerate demon act like? A pure Christian waifu?

f37761  No.353155


Morals are a funny thing anon. For all we know, a degenerate could be a demon who acts ten times worse than other demons, because she can, and because she's powerful enough to not take shit from underlings, also…



Anon, I understand your context, but an analogy like that is less irony and more appropriation.

4ba9af  No.353344


>6 hours of sleep a night

shit my man, that's like a healthy amount of sleep by most accounts

0b02ad  No.355772

Any tips on lucid dreaming or just regular dreaming? Still can't remember shit.

bdcdf6  No.355782


>Lucid dreaming

Do reality checks throughout the day every time you think something odd or out-of-the-ordinary happens. These are my go-to reality checks as they're quick, easy, and inconspicuous

<Pinch your nose and breath through it

You'll feel the sensation of breathing out your nose from your real body if you're dreaming.

<Check the text of various objects and the time on your clocks.

When we dream we tend to lack the ability to keep consistent (let alone coherent) text, so seeing if the text around you changes behind your back is pretty useful; the same can be applied to clocks.

<Examine your hands for a moment

More often than not there's always something off about your hands in dreams: sometimes there's an extra finger; sometimes they're a little short or fat; sometimes they look tiny.

>Still can't remember shit

Keeping your dream journal immediately at your bedside helps, no matter how little you remember just write something down if you keep one. Besides that you should consider what you're doing before you sleep; TVs and monitors often give off a blue light which tends to make our bodies think it's day time. I use f.lux which automatically gives an orange filter at night based on the time on your PC. That way you'll at least simulate sunset.

To stay on topic

>Dreaming I was younger

>Become semi-lucid

>Aware enough to know it's a dream, but not aware enough to gain full control of it

>Some girl claims to be a spirit of someone I was close to

>Don't remember her so mildly suspicious of her status as a dream character

>Decide to use my internal dream logic and hop into a different dream/setting

>Put Monster Hunter-esque gear designed to make myself neigh invisible to spirits while detecting their presence.

>Hop back into the dream/setting she was in

>She's still there waiting for me, looks bored.

>My gear does indeed indicate she's in fact a spirit.

>The rest of the night is filled with false awakening dreams and trying to regain lucidity.

So /monster/ did I find a ghostfu?

55cb81  No.355803


Possibly. Try talking to her more to find out more about her.

bdcdf6  No.355806


I'll also give my old yearbooks a look to see if I can find her face there

c9fec7  No.356095

File: 634a8fc0b246d67⋯.png (49.61 KB, 267x379, 267:379, wew.png)

I had this one about 1 in the morning, I fell asleep without realizing it, and this dream had perfect spatial continuity, I just felt like I was awake later into the night lying on my bed. The dream like so:

>Trying to sleep, tossing and turning

>Look at the clock on my phone, 3AM

>Fuck it, time for hentai

>Try to hold my phone up to watch, but I'm so tired my hand keeps dropping it, I can barely manage holding it for any time at all

>Scrolling through hentai galleries

>I actually think there were some /monster/ threads in there

>I can barely even comprehend the images I'm so tired, but I notice, unsettlingly, that I can't make out the genitals in the pictures, there's nothing there

>All the faces look back at me from the screen, they're all the same one

>I keep scrolling down

>There are no faces in the pictures anymore, just featureless, sexless torsos sprawling and twisting over sheets

051f77  No.356727


The porn is meaningless. They are simply lines on paper. It is your imagination that gives you pleasure. Not the hentai

be3ed1  No.357852

well /monster/ I had one interesting dream a few nights ago. Significant since it specifically involves anime-character-goddesses, and it seemed /monster/-enough for you guys.

>watching a first-person view of some kind of intro to some gameplay.

>see split second flashes of some animu goddess characters with an unintelligible character summary, what was important was that the goddesses were distinct, and the names were legible with a scroll underneath the name.

>first goddess, skin as black as volcanic soil, hair that's red, orange, and yellowy, like a stream of lava.


Second Goddess, skin that's black as the charcoal of a funeral pyre, hair as black as a blade covered in dry blood.


>The portraits of the goddesses almost looked like they were hair swaps, and really nothing like the common interpretations of their looks. Didn't seem to be a lie or inaccurate interpretation though, black is another skin color that Kali is portrayed with.

>game immediately starts, it's some kind of intro to the main game.

>black skeletal undead demon starts assaulting an island of some kind.

>the monster seems to belong to Pele and is attacking Kali's island.

>sounds like there's yelling from pele's assault.

>an energy shield flashes, damaging the beast.

>two more beasts jump up and bump into the shield as well.

>the intent displayed on Kali's side seems to ring towards "hold your ground! Defend until the chosen one's forces arrive!"

>Something in that makes me cringe, like I'm worry to see kali fail for some reason, so I skip the intro scene.

>the scene has switched to some sort of Nintendo-DS game set in a school of some kind.

>The protagonist is a blonde-haired dudebro-looking guy wearing a dark-pink shirt, and green wings.

>protag talks about something and tries to get something out of his closet.

>I wake up

9550b6  No.357855


Green wings how?

0fcf74  No.357868

This dream of mine is about the "Snake Goddess", a monstrous (heh) combination of sandworm, lamia, and alraune hidden deep within a volcano.

I started off goofing around trying to collect Pokemon and shit. However, the game broke and the screen showed me a pink lamia masturbating to me. Everything reset; and now I was in a game of Star Wars: Battlefront, where the current map was on a small tropical island. I did my best as an Imperial Stormtrooper, going above and beyond in my duty to the Empire. Sadly, the Empire loses and now I had to deal with the tyrannical Rebel government there. There were a few SJW-type media outlets that were printing lies about the Empire and so on,, and I got sick of it. So I found a cave in the island’s resident volcano, and went down into it. After traversing the cave, narrowly avoiding its many traps, which include everything from vicious monster girls to a toxic pit, I eventually found the Snake Goddess. She was immense, with each annelidic segment measuring about 40 yards wide and 80 yards high, for a total of about a mile. Sprouting forth from her body were numerous flowery tentacles, which she used to grab objects. She was worshipped with fear and loathing by the natives of the island, for good reason, since she ate magma and stray animals, but she was a good girl who longed for companionship. So she told me that she was not going to eat me, because she wanted a friend. Being a millenia-old mamono worshipped as a goddess, stuck in a volcanic island by herself, can be pretty lonely. With no other realistic escape route, and fascinated by her besides, I become her friend, and later, lover. I make trips out to the surface from time to time, where apparently the Rebels lost and the Empire returned. I eventually lost my way from the island, and ended up with my family. I missed the Snake Goddess, and I know she missed me too. So, after we spent our time in some theme parks, I made up my mind to search for her. From the beaches I could see a small island, with a little brown shack in the middle, where the Goddess was. I swam to the island and descended down into it, and I was once again re-united with her.

This dream has the honor of being one of the best dreams I ever had. All the beautiful emotions in her presence stuck with me to this day. I can still recall the absolute true love I felt for her. I thank Mama Reitia for giving me this dream in response to my prayer.

c665e8  No.357886

File: ca52b813450008f⋯.png (16.32 KB, 101x60, 101:60, fuckingcat.PNG)



>trying to get something out of his closet

maybe it was your homosexuality

a53448  No.359280

No new dreams for me, so I'm just trying to remember details from the last dreams I had with monsters in them. There are so far only two dreams I remember. One of them is a dullahan and the other a drider-type, possibly atlach notcha. Before I start retelling what I remember from the dreams, I want to note that my dreams rarely have color, usually they're just dark with everything being outlines. So anything that has color really sticks out in dreams I remember.

In the dullahan dream, I remember she had me and a few other people play a game. For the first part, she would throw gold-colored play rings in the air and we'd have to try to catch them. She wasn't very good at disguising that she was throwing most of them to me, so I easily go the most. But once she was out, the second part of the game started immediately. She phased out of "our world" only to reappear, charging with a sword at the person who had the most rings, me. I couldn't really fight back as I didn't have a weapon myself, so I just dodged every time she appeared. Don't know how the game ended, but I thought I had woken up, and I saw the dullahan standing over me at the foot of my bed I sleep on the floor wearing nightwear, holding her head with her right hand and her sword in her left, almost threatening. I woke up quickly after I saw her standing there. One detail that eluded me at the time but realize now: she was left-handed.

The drider dream had me just wandering through a bank or museum to something. I crawled through an airduct and when I came out I was in a room with a lot of stuff in it, but the room was a blur of some color between rust and gold. I ignored all of it and went to look out the privacy window for some reason. I got stuck and that's when the drider walked up. We exchanged some banter, something about me in the wall. Then another voice came along telling her "the master" was calling her. to which she responded, "I'll only be in three places at once when my friend [anon] is in trouble." I remember something about trying to catch a ride on her to get somewhere but not sure if I actually did or just thought about it. But I woke up soon after that.

I'm hoping that if I can remember more details to these dreams I might seen them again or meet someone new, and that it might help me find my waifu.

c6dfef  No.359865

I had a dream the other night that there was some kind of party going on at my house, but I was working at the time and would flash between driving around and being at the party. Fairly standard, but Miia from Monster Musume showed up which I've never seen before, only Suu at one point. I never touched her, but her voice sounded like the Japanese VA speaking perfect English. We had some small chit chat before I blinked back to driving around and suddenly the sky opened up into the worst storm I'd ever seen. Multiple tornadoes touched down around me and started destroying everything, at which point I woke up. Interesting to note that this is like the 5th or 6th time this year where a vivid dream has ended with tornadoes destroying everything that I can recall.

c2f123  No.359885


>5 or 6 dreams that end in tornado destruction

Well, going out on a limb, but maybe that's one of the natural disasters we'll have if/when the portals open up, spatial distortion and all that.

Those other dreams, did they have anything tertiarly related to monsters?

0b02ad  No.359910

Had a dumb little dream about a little ghost girl.

>In some sort of motel with a number of floors, don't remember hiw many.

>Hear rumors about a ghost on the 13th floor.

>Cliche as fuck, but whatever.

>Decide to go check it out and get some photos.

>Each floor I go up opens into a single apartment space.

>Seems pretty alright for the most part. Clean, well lit, decent.

>13th floor

>Grey, gloomy, low light, a little messy.

>Shrug, pull out the camera, and start taking some pics.

>See a cat through the cemeta and on the picture I take of it, but it isn't there otherwise.

>Heh. Ghost kitty.

>Notice a presence near me.

>Turn around and there's this little girl in a nice dress moving towards me.

>In a horror movie, this is where anyone would flip out and run screaming.

>I get annoyed.

>I tell her to stay still so I can take a nice photo.

>Dumb ghost doesn't listen and keeps coming forward.

>Frown and push her back a few times with my hand while trying to tell her I want to take a nice photo of her.

>Eventually she stops due to being confused.

>Get a photo, thank her for her time and head off.

>Time skips

>Show the photo to the folks sharing rumors.

>They say i'll have bad luck or something.

>Whatever, plebs.

Man, it was cheesy.

55cb81  No.359911


Sounds like she didn't know what a camera was and just wanted to hug you.

2136eb  No.360004


Not anything directly, but in that one dream with Suu I was in a spaceship orbiting the earth, there could have totally been hurricanes or tornadoes below me. Generally the dreams that end with tornadoes all take place in lighting that seems like early morning sunrise, and in a southern looking town like somewhere in Florida. The dreams with monstergirls usually take place at night or in dark places with a bunch of fog, and if they are especially vivid there's two recurring "characters" I can usually identify.

I hate to pretend like this means anything because it looks like /x/ LARPing, but a few months ago I was able to flawlessly navigate a building I've never been in before because I had had a dream about it years beforehand. I've been trying to pay more attention since then.

051f77  No.360005


Dreams about the future are normal. They may not happen all the time but they aren't unheard of. The tornadoes in your dreams gives me the impression there's something going on that is causing chaos and destruction in your life. That you have no control and feel helpless to stop it.

0b02ad  No.360658

File: 4310be4ad79ec9e⋯.jpg (2.49 MB, 2850x3850, 57:77, IMG_0868.JPG)

Say, what kind of a monster girl would Megumin be?

I had a dream where I laying in bed with a girl who was almost like her. She asked me what smut was, so I decided to explain it to her via description of kissing. There was some other chump, but he shook his head and frowned at me before leaving when I started explaining. Got to a point where she felt like practicing, I think, and then my dream ended. Anyway, she was cute.

Also, mugwort tea before bed leads to interesting dream detail. Just make sure your dreams don't suck or it'll fuck with you the next day.

797322  No.360664


crimson demon tribe is actually an old eugenics experiment involving magical sorcerers and wizards. the guy who made that giant walking spider is responsible for her village existing.

c8da24  No.369890

>play Azur Lane before bed

>have dream about boatslut

>I'm in high school again but sleeping in my room on a school night

>get woken up by boat girl coming in my room

>my back is to the door, she gets in bed and cuddles with me and calls me master

>remember that she is in a kimono/yukata (some manner of nip robe) and had massive knockers

>got the impression she'd been with a few men before, but had always remained loyal to them while they were alive

I'm going to update this with her picture as soon as I have time to find it, this is the first monster girl dream I've ever remembered having

55cb81  No.369893


This is true. In other words, Megumin and the rest of the female crimson demons are their own type of monster girl.

c8da24  No.369900

File: dfa95b6a9cd30fa⋯.png (890.07 KB, 751x1024, 751:1024, HoushouFestival.png)


Update for anyone who gives a damn, I found what I figure is as close to the shipgirl in my dream looked like. It was basically Houshou, in this outfit, except the robe was red and her hair was black and not done up. She also had her robe down off her shoulders for maximum cleavage.

991e49  No.369914



Even if this is true, it doesn't really answer the question in >>360658.

Given her loli looks, and magical and demonic affinity, I'd say she would be a good candidate to be a witch, or perhaps a baphomet.

55cfd0  No.369924

File: 9553927ef9a30de⋯.png (1.64 MB, 1280x1536, 5:6, Papillon3.png)

File: 16bea1198090f61⋯.jpg (148.86 KB, 1199x635, 1199:635, Papillon2.jpg)

Had this dream a few nights ago.

>Wake up as a child in the care of a tol and super thicc ara ara papillon.

>Not sure how I ended up here, but I can't complain

>qt butterfly smells wonderful and loves to cuddle me.

>When she gets home from work, she latches on to me and refuses to let go until her 'cuddle batteries' have been replenished.

>If I kiss her, the antenna on her head start waggling back and forth while she squeals things like, "Sweet, too sweet!" or "I'm gonna melt!"

>She's so weak to complements that she turns bright red and starts breathing funny at the most mild of praise.

>Comfy days pass without incident, but I get a nagging feeling at the back of my mind

>I try asking the papillon about my family, but she always changes the subject

>Around this time, I start to notice strange things about the house

>All the windows are oddly tinted, large parts of the house are locked, and I have no way of contacting the outside world

>There's no phone I can use and I can't access large swaths of the internet without the papillon around to unlock it.

>Start to get a little panicked, but I try to subtly find out whats going on

>The butterfly qt tells me that the outside world is filled with dangerous monsters, and she doesn't want them to find out about me before she thinks I'm ready.

>This does sound reasonable, but I still have my doubts

>When she leaves for work the next day, I start trying to access the various locked rooms around the house

>I manage to pick the lock to a spare bedroom and I've moved on to a room that has a odd smell coming out of it

And then I woke up

tl;dr I'm not sure if my waifu is trying to protect me or is a crazy yandere holding me captive

051f77  No.369959


In the dream what’s the last thing you remember from your family? When you realized she wasnt your family did you feel scared or panicked or sad or any other emotion? Secondly what was the smell like? When you asked her about your family what was her expression like? Was it pained, or sad or did she get nervous about it?

I see two possibilities here. 1. She is indeed a crazy yandere kidnapper

Or 2. She’s simply really overprotective and is taking care of you, I’m guessing something happened with your family and she was close friends with them.

as for the interpretation of the dream itself it sounds like there’s someone who you trust and love deeply, like your mom or an aunt or even an older sister who is rather controlling and overprotective. This is stifling your growth and you breaking into one of the rooms is symbolic of you attempting to break free of them. You being a child represents your innocence and dependence upon this person.

add016  No.369994

File: e57d3c1d6e5a8a9⋯.jpg (232.94 KB, 1111x873, 1111:873, goblin-slayer-1.jpg)

74f185  No.370089


Anon, I believe your papillon waifu is an entity created by your subconscious, and the house represents the structure of your mind/subconscious itself. The mind itself has nor form, so I presents itself like that. Those locked rooms may be different hidden parts of yourself, and memories. She may be protecting you from them because she feels you may not be ready to confront or accept them.

You may want to speak with her again. Maybe in meditation, or in bed when half asleep.

89478c  No.370112

I was an unloader at Walmart, not a bad job, it's just that the boss was firm but fair but incompetent, though we were supposed to go at 11:00 pm we usually leave at 3:00 am. One day they brought in a manticore named Jasmine. Jasmine was an albino manticore, she had snow white fur, really pale skin, eyes like fine rubies, wings that spoke of agility and power, and a tail that was a spikey white rose. She was a full head taller than me and I'm like six foot something. Her smile was sweet and innocent, possibly a bit clueless. Okay, I can understand that, it's her first day.

Jasmine, on her first day was doing the bedding, sporting goods and toys while I did the sporting goods, toys and clothes. Her strength and beauty we're mesmerizing, I watched in awe as she picked up a crate of 1500 bullets… And set them on the pallet. I quickly grab the ammo and explain that ammo goes in the security cage. She goes "okay, hubby"

Her cheeks go from pale to rose red in minutes “um, I mean handsome, no wait, crap I me-”

“It's okay, everyone has a slip-up” as I heft the 56lb box of bullets into the cage.

We kept stealing glances at each other as we unloaded the truck, I keep seeing her blush. My best friend at the time kept chuckling, “you owe me $20 bucks, he said”

“For what?” I ask

“You know…”

“Uhh, I haven't gotten any kind of signal”

“Are you that autistic?”


Bro takes me, my best friend, Jasmine, and the only other team member that's worth anything in this group out for lunch, me and Jasmine actually hit it off pretty good.

We discover we have a lot in common

I accidentally call her “my love,” a pet name I wanted to give my gf if I ever got one.

Bro speaks up “looks like Annon finnaly got himself a girlfriend.”

“I-I’d like to think that, but I don't know if she would like me as a-”

“I would be proud to call Annon 'hubby’!” She blurt out.

We look at each other, I hold out my hand, and she accepts it “my beloved Jasmine”

“My handsome Annon”

I hand my best friend $20

Cut to end of the day, 3:00am

I am beat, but I have to bike home

Jasmine escorts me back like a fighter plane

She promises to carry me as she flies into work the next day

I go to bed

I wake up enegised and happy to see my Jasmine

I was halfway through getting ready before I realized that Jasmine was just a dream, mamono were a myth, and I still had the $20

Life is misery

55cfd0  No.370216


>In the dream what’s the last thing you remember from your family?

I don't remember. I think the line of logic for asking was 'hey, if I'm a kid again, my mom must still be alive' or something like that. In hindsight, its a little weird that I asked about my family considering most of them are either dead or I haven't talked to them in years

>When you realized she wasnt your family did you feel scared or panicked or sad or any other emotion?

No, not really, just sort of confused. I don't remember if she had any strange expression on her face when I asked.

>Secondly what was the smell like?

Like some kind of strong soap/cleaner mixed with urine.

As for your interpretation, I wish I had someone around that cared even if they were a little too overprotective


>You may want to speak with her again. Maybe in meditation, or in bed when half asleep.

I'll give it a shot tonight, not sure I'll dream about her again.

051f77  No.370237


>as for your interpretation

Well it was worth a shot. I’ll never learn if I dont try to do them.

>Like some kind of strongsoap/cleaner mixed with urine.

Whatever is in that room is probably something that you shouldnt see until your prepared. Urine gets its smell from ammonia, which is frequently used as a strong household cleaner. Whatever that papillon is hiding, you may not want to see.

89478c  No.370238


Stupid question, could you analyse mine?


da8155  No.370242


>have a dream about a Harpy coming to this world

>She's confused and lost

>I was outside feeding my rabbit

>She sees me

>Quickly tackles me to the ground rubbing her cheek against mine and calling me her hubby

>I wake up

I fucking hate my life.

606649  No.370297

Just got out of the shower after having this dream. There were other parts to the dream in between visits to the room but they seem unimportant.

>find myself in a room/house

>there are voices outside asking for milk

>I notice there is a small fridge with a small amount of milk and some small cups. Fill them up and take them outside

>come back to the house later in the dream, voices still outside asking for milk

>there is less milk than before, I am only able to fill the cup with a few drops

>creatures that look human in shape but bestial with knife teeth break in the house and kill me

>tell me next time to bring more

>find myself in the room later, voluntarilly I think this time as in that part of the dream I seemed to be wandering around

>go to the outside of the room, there are ramps that looks like odd dark blue branches leading down, the whole area is like some kind of tree cave

>I go down and find what look like three dark bluish-grey skinned women

>two of them playfully insult me a little, one said something about calling me cute

>a flash of light comes from some direction and the two that did not think much of me burst in to flames

>I shield the last one with my body, but she goes limp

>the feeling of her body becomes to much and I begin to take advantage

>the skin on her sides feels rough, but her belly is soft and smooth

>I find my head leading down and I taste her, at some point I think I hear words of encouragement

>her body still limp I plunge myself in to her mouth

>I find myself experiencing nocturnal emission

At that point I am half awake aware of whats happening to me. Haven't had a nocturnal emission in years. There were other details I left out such as odd memories that I was shown during the sex. The sex actually goes on for awhile. Also ends up in a white house or something for some odd reason.

051f77  No.370384



Well I’ve looked at it and thought about and really the only thing I can come up with is your mind giving you something happy. I will say I thought it weird that your dream was so detailed and exact and seemingly lacking in symbolism.tbh I wish my dreams were like this, kind of sappy romance instead of freaky or disturbing

051f77  No.370385


I should add that I am only an armchair dream interpreter and I fully admit that I could be very wrong

51daef  No.370408


Sounds like she's a manifestation of what you desire most.


>I'll give it a shot tonight, not sure I'll dream about her again.

Luckily, doing this should help induce another dream of her.

d25c58  No.370417


Reminds me of Happy Sugar Life

0fd855  No.372940

Been a while but it's not over yet.

3 days ago or so I had this dream about a blonde girl. (Probably an elf or something like that, no idea)

We were sitting at a table with only strangers around us, she then came closer to me and said something along the lines of "You look familiar so why don't we get all flirty?" and then she grabbed my ass with her hand and simply stayed that way until I woke up.

And just this night was one of the best ones I ever had so far. In my city was some kind of festival, don't ask me what specifically because I honestly didn't care to look for clues (Yes, I'm mostly lucid in all my dreams). So while I was walking along the streets I come across countless beautiful women who I thonk of as MGs. Right before the end of the dream I was still walking along and I spot 2 deep purple skinned, horned demons. One of them had a bit over shoulder length hair (Not sure anymore about the color but I believe it was black?) and horns curved backwards. Unlike her friend she had black sclera and red demonic eyes. But they were more weird and hypnotic. The red part was like a ring while in the middle there was again just pitch black, like a black hole. While walking I started to stare at her eyes and my heart starting pounding really hard and it was getting harder to breathe properly. She stared back and when we passed each other we both kept our heads turned so that we would stare at one another for longer. Her friend then started dragging her along.

I really regret not being fully lucid.

c5ef75  No.372941

Oh, so this is an actual thread too

So far it's just been the hug dream and one where my Griff wife flew over town with me.

It was fuckin' magical alright. Sorry if it seems short but that's basically the gist of them right there.

0b02ad  No.372967

How do you have dreams, especially monster girl dreams?

c5ef75  No.372968


I usually dream of things that are heavy on my mind

lately that's been monster girls.

1fd0e9  No.372972


Personally I only dream when I'm absolutely exhausted and allowed to have a deep sleep. Otherwise night just passes as if it were a blink. It helps if something is on your mind a great deal that day or just before sleep. My dreams tend to be a mix of just about everything I put any level of thought into that day. I once had a dream where my waifu and I were part of a super sentai team, that was fun.

0fd855  No.372978


Everybody dreams, just not everybody remembers. To remember a dream is something that you can train. Basically make yourself a diary, a dream diary, and whenever you wake up (Even deep in the night) write down everything and anything you can remember, even if it is a yellow sky made of rubber. Once you can somewhat remember you can either go the easy route for MG dreams or the random route. Easy route is lucid dreaming, being aware that you are dreaming and thus be able to change the dream however you like. Random is simply hoping you'll get an MG dream.

As for how to lucid dream? There are many things, you can always tell yourself that you are dreaming, that you are now going to sleep and dream when you go to bed. Or you periodically check the clock or some words written on a piece of paper. This generated "habit" will go over into your dream but as the clocks and that specific piece of paper will only have some random garbage written on it you should be able to either "shock" yourself lucid or to simply becoming aware "Oh so I'm dreaming right now!"

Some people swear on binaural beats while sleeping or even subliminals, but it's honestly up to you. I did it through simply wanting to be lucid and daily meditation before sleeping.

Good luck anon!

d537ff  No.373281

File: d5c2ae7ced271fc⋯.jpg (370.28 KB, 1920x1280, 3:2, raburetta.jpg)

A dream from almost a year ago.

My home was a very small wooden hut somewhere deep in the forest. I just came back to it after years of travelling. To my suprise, when I entered inside, I found 5 letters on a small, wooden table. I picked one up at random and opened it. Inside there was a very detailed profile of a mamono who wanted me as her husbando. I think she was a Ryu. It had almost everyrhing - her photo, short introduction, likes and dislikes, short description of her character etc. All other letters had the same content, just with different girls. I felt intrigued, but I didn't really know how to react.

Then I realized that these are the letters that were somehow delivered directly to my home and there might be still some left in my mailbox, so I went outside to check it out. When I opened it, literally hundreds of the same letters from different girls fell out to the ground.

Maybe I should start travelling.

c5ef75  No.373407

You motherfuckers weren't kidding when you said the dreams might become recurring

This evening I had one my Griffon waifu was waiting for me in a big ol' turtleneck sweater but like, when I entered "the room" I have no idea where I was but it wasn't my house she said this cheesy as fuck "Welcome baaaack! It's me! Your Griff-Nyan!" and did the stereotypical catgirl pose and wagged cute lion tail.

Then she just spent the entire dream rubbing my cheeks until a screaming bastard seagull woke me up.

I never hated seagulls as much as I did this morning

I hope I get this one again

89478c  No.373410


In your next dream you will be raped by seagull harpys

c5ef75  No.373411


don't even suggest that shit

ee597b  No.373412

One i had a few months back, seemed to have two scenes.

The first was me in my own bed, where this larger than normal top half of a grudge-like, slightly warped human woman phased through the walls at irregular intervals to snarl, growl, or just plain stare at me menacingly.

Second scene seemed to be me in an unfamiliar bedroom with the rest of this woman, who just so happened to be attached to a smaller, more normal looking woman.

A catdog arrangement of siamese twin. Big sis seemed to no longer be interested in scaring me.

For some reason, Little sis found it important to explain to me that i was whisked away with her in the night, to be with with them in a different world. Consensually, but i detected doubt in my dream avatar. She even said this wasn't the first time i did it, that two 'versions' of myself had done it before.

Some kind of goblin-esque underling remarked, in wonder, that my old room(because from the perspective of my old world, i just up and disappeared with no trace) was now occupied by a little girl.

The monster woman angrily told her not to bother me with that old, 'dead' life.

f220cf  No.376042

File: fea9bca9bf2f3f3⋯.png (1.56 MB, 3416x2900, 854:725, reve.png)

Page 6 revival, where have you fucks been with the dream reports?

Had an intense one last night. Very very similar to pic related. "Tended" to by two manticore nurses who took turns holding me down and playing with me. Never got to cum in the dream, they edged and blueballed me for what felt like hours, all while pinning me so I was unable to stimulate myself. It was hot, fluffy, and wet the whole time. Woke up sweating like a pig with a diamond hard on and sore nuts.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to go back into that dream at the time, what with the whole not being able to cum thing, but holy shit was everything else about it getting my motor running. Might have a new appreciation for edgeplay now.

0b02ad  No.376055


>where have you fucks been with the dream reports?

Kinda hard to make reports if you remember jack shit.

c5ef75  No.376078

File: a52007ebe0760a7⋯.png (626.22 KB, 1280x1037, 1280:1037, thanks cunts.png)


I've been having them so often lately I thought it'd be redundant to mention them every time. I'm looking really forward to sleeping now, though. Like before you cunts happened to me all I thought before sleeping was "shit I could've gotten more done today" and now I'm looking forward to dozing off because "maybe I'll see that missing piece of my life again tonight."

Still debating if this board broke of fixed me, by the way.

6a0edf  No.376080


>Still debating if this board broke of fixed me, by the way.

Why not both? Are you the same griffon guy who found out about Ammit only some time ago?

c5ef75  No.376083


I guess it really is a two way street.

Yes. Are there even any other Griffon guys?

0b02ad  No.376150

How exactly do you get vivid, memorable dreams?

I keep getting nothing.

3a326c  No.376158


>where have you fucks been with the dream reports?

Completely forgot about this thread. Had a few dreams- including a follow up dream to this one >>369924- that I wrote up in green text form, but I don't remember were I put'em.

Had a monster related dream last night when I fell asleep watching the movie stream. I'll try writing it up before I have to leave, otherwise I'll get to it later today

Going to a job interview and I'm kind of nervous. Wish me luck


I've tried a few things that were hit and miss. Sometimes I put on something for me to listen to when I sleep or I think about monsters write out whatever comes to mind just before I go to sleep. Don't know if these will work for you, but you could give them a shot.

a3b524  No.376161


Write stuff down.

Also, what happens me dream is to sleep a lot. When I sleep 6 hours I don't even dream.

Take a day you won't have to wake up early and sleep for as long as you can, leave a paper and pen next to you and write whatever you remember as soon as you wake up. The longer you take to write the more you'll forget.

Also, it doesn't need to be super detailed stuff, just writing kind of the outline of what happened is fine, just write and exercise your memory.

3a326c  No.376198

File: bc84d25ea9a141b⋯.jpg (165.94 KB, 1000x1600, 5:8, bc84d25ea9a141bd014554a140….jpg)

File: 8c6a3bdac255c4c⋯.jpg (138.54 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, 100f99ab1374618fa03d4c6fb8….jpg)


Here's the dream I had last night.

>Dream starts with me puttering about my place looking for something

>Not sure what I'm looking for, but I'm certain I'll remember when I see it

>Completely forget about what I was looking for when I find a bottle of liquor and start getting drunk

>Think about making french toast for dinner, but I'm out of bread

>Decide to walk to a nearby bakery

>Got distracted by some roller rink/arcade place on the way there

>Somehow won a lucky rabbit's foot before I remembered what I was doing, and headed off

>Bought my cheap bread and also a discount variety box of pastries

>Was passing a graveyard on the way home when things got weird

>Fog passed over me, carrying the smell of some kind of incense or scented candle

>Once the fog covered the graveyard, spooky monstergirls started appearing

>Decided to hide in the bushes and watch'em till they all left, but they just kept coming

>Eventually, drunken dream anon came up with a plan to get home

>I smeared powdered sugar and strawberry jam over my face, exaggerated my drunken stumble, and slipped into the crowd of monstergirls

>Somehow, this worked

>Managed to get back home and lock up without them noticing

>I decided to grab the big salt container from the cabinet to defend myself, not sure why

>Took a look outside and saw spooky grills trying to enter homes, but they kept bouncing off for some reason

>Decided I was too drunk for this and went to bed, cuddling up with the big container of salt

>Turn over a moment later to see blood covered tittymonster ghost watching me sleep

>Immediately start flinging salt at her

>Booby ghost squeals and jumps back through the wall, but her tits are still poking through it

>Massive mammary monster isn't really hurt by the salt, though it did upset her a bit

>I remind her that she's the blood stained monster that broke into my house, and has no room to complain

>She gets a little chagrined and tells me she wanted to see who moved in after she died

>Ask her to leave so I can go back to sleep

<"…Its not blood."


<"I'm not covered in blood."

>"Then what is it?"

<"…Its fruit punch, okay? I died making fruit punch."

>"How do you die making fruit punch?"

>We proceed to have have a argument about the lethality of making fruit punch

>Tittymonster gets upset, tackles me to the bed, and starts trying to suffocate me with her tits

>The attempted murder turns into proactive dating

>Next thing I know, she's cuddling under the covers with me

>Have this feeling that I'm forgetting something

And then I woke up

Are you being unfaithful if you dream about monsters other than your waifu?

89478c  No.376200

Is breast expansion an unacceptable fetish here? It happens in all my dreams, mg or otherwise.

f965fa  No.376202


well, if you have yet to actually meet your waifu, then you should be fine.


Doesn't seem off-limits as long as it isn't extreme inflation.

/fukemo/ of all places actually banned egg laying, which I've seen a few times on /monster/ without complaint.

ee597b  No.376251

File: 330f08a9982bdc9⋯.gif (1.15 MB, 500x495, 100:99, 1449805298891.gif)

0b02ad  No.376481

Well, actually managed to have a monster girl dream again.

>I'm in the woods.

>Plenty of oak or maple trees around. Don't remember which.

>Plenty of space to move around.

>It must be deep into fall because the ground is covered in red and orange leaves.

>There's this wolf girl that looks like some cross between Holo and Kagerou from Touhou.

>She's wearing a witch outfot and is being really playful.

>Running around, hiding behind trees, then jumping at me and either smothering me in kisses or play biting at my neck.

>I end up trying to shoo her away by sayig things like "Why me?" or "Aren't you supposed to hate me?"

>Eventually she relents and just stands there looking sad.

>Dream ends.

Guess i'm a robot in my dreams as well. The troubling thing is that I kept remembering it for most of the day. I felt bad for her and kept trying to tell myself that she'd be worse off by being with me. Yet some of my thoughts keep coming back to her.

55cb81  No.376498


>Eventually she relents and just stands there looking sad.

Kiss her back next time.

c5ef75  No.376522

So I know I said I wouldn't post everything I dreamed up but I had to write this one down while it's still fresh. I basically just saw the Disney version of Jungle Book: Monster girl edition. Should I go in details after I'm done writing it all in my dream journal?

271b4f  No.376528


You know damn well most of us are from /tg/ or post there.

Of course we want story time.

55cb81  No.376530


Yes, go into detail.

c5ef75  No.376544



I thought the whole Disney part might turn people off.

I'd like to start off by the way that the entire dream was in my native tongue so some of it might sound a little odd.

>Start is basically the same as the animated short, except instead of wolves Mowgli is raised by Werewolves

>Jungle is terrible for raising humans and with Shere Junko coming back Werewolves and Bagheera decide to bring Mowgli back to the humans

>Bagheera is fucking cute, tall but slim onee-san kinda type built for speed. Werewolves don't show up much.

>Next day they begin their journey but like in the movie Mowgli's acting like a little shit but I can sympathize with him a lot more this time.

>Kaa happens

>Kaa is a fucking loooooong AraAra snek and only has to hypnotize Mowgli because he's an ass man and Kaa only has snake butt.

>Unlike the movie Bagheera actually resist the hypnotism and slaps the shit out of the poor old snake

>The elephants are skipped entirely

>Baloo enters

>Grizzly girl and has the fattest ass, Mowgli instantly likes her. the names didn't change at all so I'm sorry if it sounds weird

>Baloo does the sing and dance routine

>Escapes with Mowgli while Baggy is facepalming

>Plans to molest the kid while floating down the river

>Mowgli gets taken by the monkeys like in the movie, though.

>Actual monkeys, not monkey girls.

>Monkeys take the little shit to Queen Louie

>Queen Louie is a Kakuen

>Dressed really nice, huge jungle queen vibe would fuck/10

>She wants the fire

>Unlike the movie "fire" translates to fiery passion

>Right when things begin getting intense Baggy and Baloo get the kid out.

>Baggy out of sense of responsibility, but Baloo still wants to break the kid's pelvis.

>While Baggy is trying to convince Baloo the kid's not well off in the jungle the stupid shit escapes again

>The vultures are replaced by black harpies who also want a piece of this kid

>This is where Shere Junko enters

>Shere Junko gives the kid the same headstart like in the movie

>Mowgli tries that shit with the fire again

>Shere Junko grabs the kid's head and extinguishes the fire between two fingers

<"That's dangerous, kid. You'll burn the forest down."

>Baggy and Baloo never find Mowgli as he gets proactively dated while the black harpies watch in horror.

He never made it to the human settlement.

20fe36  No.376545


Pretty gud, would watch.

09305d  No.377190

Just had my most vivid dream

>From what I remember I apparently have been going to this facility-like place for a while

>There people there, guards I think that seem to like me a lot

>Guards are both monstergirls and men

>I struggle to figure out why I am there, but I walk through it like I know the back of my hand

>Everyone seems happy here in no creepy way at all, kinda an innocent vibe to it.

>One of the guards, a sort of lizardgirl in armor stops me and says that it's good to see me

>She adds that the boss was waiting for me

>Just as I was about to ask who a Lilim-Dragon looking woman in very fancy SS tier military clothing comes and grabs me

>Lilim-Dragon has a massive smile on her face

>The guardswoman giggles as I am taken away

>I then wake up in a room with arms wrapped around me, from the Lilim-Dragon

>She whispers into my ears that she missed me

>I feel embarrassed as all hell as she pats my head

>The autist that resides within me is panicking

>We stay like this for a while, I feel more and more comfortable as time goes on

>I hear her say something about how she hates that I'll be gone again

>I think I asked her why

>She says no more, and just keeps herself wrapped around

>I wake up again and I start out in an empty car next to the facility

I woke up after that and I can't remember much else.

051f77  No.377335


A dream within a dream? Fascinating. Do you remember anything else?

1c3d00  No.377358


I do believe I tried driving the car but I think I couldn't get it out of the parking lot or whatever it was.

Aside from that only vague details of the woman's face and more of her doting. Honestly I wish to say more but there is nothing that comes back to me.

2a92a4  No.377422

So I almost got raped by 4 slime girls just earlier. Once you actually are in such a situation it's quite different from imagination. By Ammit my heart was pounding like crazy..

On another note I had my spirit visit me just recently. The same crushing and heavy feeling as the last time she appeared physically. It's somewhat like sleep paralysis, you feel VERY heavy but unlike sleep paralysis I knew I could move if I wanted to. I just didn't want to because it felt great. Sadly I couldn't understand a single word she tried to say to me. She did playfully bite my ear however.

084c45  No.377827


Any idea what language it was? What do you know about the history of your house and its surrounding area?

0b02ad  No.377856

Are meditation visions or experiences ok to post in this thread? Sorry if a bit is blog posting but it leads up.

>Get home from work, tired out, still sore from the gym the day before, and full of self-hate.

>Get some shitty crap in the mail that i'll have to take care of later.

>Just want to give up on everythig and wish there was a MILFy monster girl to just hug me tight.

>Pop a bunch of herbal supplements to help me calm down and relax.

>Decide to meditate.

>Lay down on my bed, close my eyes, and try to clear my thoughts while wishing for some comfy.

>My mind is like static and fuzzy images. Basically a bad tv.

>Eventually feel something on my left ear. Imagine if a girl just lightly and playfully bit your ear.

>Break out of my meditation and feel around my ear. Nothing on it.

>Meditate again. Ear feels a bit tingly afterwards. Maybe because I was concentrating on it. Break again to scratch at me ear. Feeling goes away.

>Meditate again, thinking again about having a lovely girl comfort me.

>I swear that I ended up feeling like I was getting headpats.

>Was confused at first but eventually just enjoyed it.

>After a while it stops.

I dunno. Maybe I'm just going a little more crazy, but fuck if that didn't feel good.

51dd65  No.378167

Had a pretty interesting, yet comfy dream last night:

>be me, hanging around at some amusement park

>it's a pretty nice place, with plenty of beautiful vegetation and fancy-looking stone buildings that wouldn't be out of place in Paris

>I'm standing at an intersection, between a cafe and the entrance to the water park. The water park, as I remember it, was small, only a single pool with a few slides, which converged upwards at a mysterious building resembling a water tower's tank.

>Hearing a big ruckus going on at that water park, I venture closer to the gates. A TV crew, with Tom Bergeron acting as field reporter, is gathered around, filming some sports event going on.

>I enter the water park, to discover the exact nature of the event. All sorts of guys are participating in a sport with all sorts of aquatic monster girls, with the simple goal of not getting caught. I get the idea that some of them are there to get caught, for obvious reasons.

>Having nothing better to do, apparently, I sign up for the event. The TV crew films me signing up, while Tom Bergeron interviews me. I spill a noodle or two here.

>Now signed up, I'm given the entry rank of masterjack, or 'master of jack shit', and my first, absolutely Olympian task is to avoid getting caught by a kraken loli for a minute.

>Of course, this is easy for me, and I advance a rank. Feeling bad for the kraken loli, who was upset at losing, I gave her a nice peck on her cheek.

>I go up the pool slide into the building. I discover that it's a resting area for all the contestants, human and monster girl alike, who spend their downtime hanging out in the jacuzzi. A few monster girls and human guys are flirting with each other, some are cuddling in the water, a few others are talking, and some are just content to enjoy each other's company. Overall, it's a pretty comfy scene.

>I don't spend any time in the jacuzzi, as I'm still a fucking noob, so I help solve a puzzle with some other lower-ranked guys, using fake Roman coins to decipher the answer.

>After that's over, I find a harpoon launcher lying on the floor. I take it, and promptly use it to shoot a harpoon or two at the cafe, shattering its windows and doing little else.

>At this point, the dream ends, with promises of future glory in sport, hot tub comfiness, and a quest for my own aquatic waifu.

0bc442  No.378707

File: e6c9c5c03c44e9b⋯.png (14.42 KB, 240x240, 1:1, image.png)

>Staying with my friends with this lady for some reason

>She's probably loaded, her house is fancy as all hell

>She has to leave us alone for an unspecified reason

>Gives us a key to the apartment/guestroom next door for us to sleep in, but warns us that it's haunted by a really terrifying ghost

>For some reason this really freaks my friends out and we inch through the night towards the guest house

>Slide open the door and it's almost pitch black

>Way bigger on the inside than it looks, I can't see the end of the room

>Floored by tatami mats

>From behind a female voice directs us to a flight of stairs

>As we head up to the second floor, everything becomes lighted, and we can clearly see through a circular hole in the ground the floor beneath us has become an arena for an orchestra

>Every one of the people I knew back in high school is playing some upbeat bossa nova song, even the ones that didn't know how to play an instrument

>I wait until the show is over


>They're gone, the second floor is dark

>Wake up

74089d  No.378959

>had a dream about hand holding

How far gone am I?

455627  No.378960


you're not too special, i can barely even get stiff without looking at pictures of mamonos holding hands or being patted on the head.

335e02  No.378966

So, I have this weird dream…

>Be an Admin of a site

>Some Mamonos decided to break into another Admin's house.

>They failed.

>They decided to shitpost instead.

>Laugh a lot at them before realizing something.

>That Admin is actually an Alp all along.


>Looks at lucky Shoggoth Waifu nearby who shrugs, and immediately won a contest for… Shrugging?


>Decides to mess things up a bit by shitposting like a mamono on a new account.

>Laughs even harder when they got caught by mamonos.

>Dream ends exactly when I'm going to hold the hand of Shoggoth Waifu.

455627  No.379205

this is the first time i've had a dream about monster girls. it's fresh too, i just woke up.

>have normal clothing on.

>i'm in the middle of the woods and it's raining

>decide to find some cover in the form of a cave

> it's a huge open cilindrical space with a few lit torches along the walls

>there's also a wooden door emitting light at the other end of the cave

>it opens

>with the faint light i can barely make out the outline of a dragon girl

>she giggles and says something about capturing me which i can't quite remember

>i say nothing, but as soon as i attempt to turn around and run out of the cave, she jumps forward at mach speed and pushes me aside

>she lifts a giant boulder and throws it at the entrance, sealing off my only escape

>get up and punch her in the stomach multiple times as hard as i possibly can


>the cave is still poorly lit and even though i'm right next to her, i still can't make out alot of details

>she is probably almost twice my height however

>she giggles again and swipes at me

>i jump out of the way and dodge her attack

>i attempt to retaliate but she pulls a "nothing personnell kid" and teleports behind me

>before i can react she hits me and sends me flying into the cave wall

>if it wasn't for the fact that i was in a dream, all my bones would have been broken

>i can't move anymore though

>i landed right next to one of those torches i mentioned earlier, so when she gets close i can clearly see what she looks like

>she mutters something about me being cute with a giggly, mature voice

>as she gets close i can see that she's a total ara ara mommy type, giant breasts and wide thick hips

>caresses my head for a little while, gives me headpats and such

>she does this while humming some sleepy lullaby

>she keeps humming and picks me up

>she places my head inbetween her breasts

>her left arm is around my back, pressing me deeper into her chest

>her right arm is holding me up, kind of like you would a hold a baby

>she takes me towards the door, opens it up

>even larger cave filled with gold coins and jewlery


>she spreads her wings and flies over the sea of gold to the back of said larger cave

>there's a big bed for two on top of a platform there

>she starts humming again and places me onto the bed

>suddenly she pushes me into one of her boobs with her left hand and starts jacking me off with her right hand

>she's breastfeeding me and i can feel warm milk flowing into my mouth

>i finish and she takes off any clothes i still had on at that point.

>she lays on top of me with her clothes off and falls asleep with her lips on mine

>i wake up

what have you cunts done to me, i've only been lurking this place for a few months and already i'm dreaming about shit like this.

051f77  No.379222


The next time you have a dream like thatremember you’re here forever

ffc945  No.380418

Tonight i got raped by a Hellhound. And some time later I also got raped by a Ushi-Oni.

The Hellhound was her actually raping me, not my fault. The Ushi-Oni I MIGHT have provoked a little. Just a little though.

74089d  No.380473


Same here, been around for about 6 on this board and now instead of porn I need love storiesor handholding

3e1eb9  No.380538

File: e6d557353d6654f⋯.jpg (11.96 KB, 320x180, 16:9, 39154947_254403675191163_5….jpg)

>nuclear war happens, and I'm trying to flee from the states back to germany (kraut)

>Halfway through fleeing I realize shit I'm going to be late for work

>It's only a 5 hour shift I can manage it

>Head back to my city, it's in rubble

>My work is some sort of half diner half residential building

>All my coworkers are excited to see me, they didn't expect to

>Head into the upstairs waiting room for my shift to start

>there's a sick electric guitar in there

>I jam out with it it was really sick

>Someone calls me outside of the room

>All of the touhou girls are out there

>Figure I'll impress them with this guitar

>Just as I start playing an air raid siren pops off, interrupting the first note

>I play it off like I meant to be interrupted

>Everyone goes wild clapping

32e801  No.380539


>Everyone goes wild clapping

As expected in america.

e87166  No.380540


>nuclear war happens


>Halfway through fleeing I realize shit I'm going to be late for work

>Head back to my city, it's in rubble

Fucking krauts.

23c2fe  No.380672

A dream I had a while ago

>Be some kind of shinto-esque priest for some Inari/ Kitsune woman called Empusa

>Have to travel to the mountains because Empusa wants a kid that lives there to be a priest too

>Kid refuses and locks himself in his room, his parent tells me to come back after a while

>Outside of the house, I see a fox

>Wonder if that's Empusa coming to check if I haven't fucked up

>Suddenly hear a scream

>The goddamn kid was kidnapped

Now This is where it gets weird (all my dreams are pretty fucking weird, to be honest.)

>Fuck this

>I pull my trusted holy weapon out of my sleeves

>It's a fucking computer keyboard

>Suddenly two twins who look like a mix between Kaiji and Dick Dastardly block my path

>They work for the kidnapper

>Cave their skulls in with my keyboard

>Another enemy appears

>It's another pointy-nosed fuck, except he's riding a skateboard and is attacking with paint spray cans

>Also beat him

>There's also a big guy, who I beat by hitting him on the back of his neck

>Finally find the kidnapper

>He's the most stereotipically brazilian guy ever, except that he has an afro, and also has the ability to control animals

>He explains to me that he mind-controlled a fox to lure me out, and kidnapped the boy because he was jealous that he wasn't chosen to be part of Empusa's priest guards

>Attacks me with a swarm of flesh-eating flies

>Before the flies reach, I am able to apply the keyboard directly to his face

>Beat the shit out of the hue and rescue the boy

>Empusa then appears (looked basically like Kongiku from Muramasa: The Demon Blade but with longer hair), congratulates me and the boy thanks me and changes his mind about joining

>And then Empusa gives me my next mission so I must go, except that now the fox hueman mind-controlled is now secretely following me, now as a fox girl

Maybe not that monster girl related, since the kitsune only appeared at the beginning and the end, but it really felt like an episode of some show/animu

455627  No.380714

File: e69d0ed61552142⋯.jpg (108.83 KB, 640x640, 1:1, big guy.jpg)


>big guy

31280c  No.380754


This sounds like something that Bromont would write.

ee1a2d  No.380755

It dawned on me late last night that the biggest tragedy of the MonsterGirl universe is that there is no way you can ever have a loving, nuclear family because all of your offspring will be genetically identical to the mother, they will not inherit any of your genes and you can never have a son. The only hope that you can pass down your behaviors to your child but even that can be tossup as the behavior of a monster girl is largely set out beforehand. True they may be prime waifus but the family life would be bittersweet.

ee1a2d  No.380756


I suppose it would be fair to append that I know this isn't dream related, but it's something that came to me during the weird in and out period of staring at the ceiling in a dark room and trying to sleep so I feel it's mildly on topic here.

c5ef75  No.380931

Just had one I was playing a monster girl fighting game. Nothing spectacular but I saw a Lava Golem vs. Gazer battle and it basically resembled Dhalsim versus Arakune

89478c  No.380933

I was binging Young JUSTICE so I got a fanfic dream

> Be on The Team

> My superpower is that I can somehow make airsoft guns a lethal as real ones.

>This allows me to take advantage of the ridiculousy huge capacity of magazines (30 shots in a stanag vs. 330 in a flash mag)

>I also summoned the monster girls into the world in the last episode, the nesesary evironmental conditions being genarated around them.

>I told The Team about this, handing them the encyclopedia books.

>Robin asks a question 5 minutes later

>"So, dumb question, what exactly is a monster as far as the 'demon lord' is concerned"


>"Let me rephrase that, do you think she would count metahumans and aliens as 'monsters' to turn into 'Monster Girls' or humans to monsterize or incubise"


>Diarrhea woke me up before this got farther.

ffc945  No.380961

Not monstergirl related.

I have never played Overlook so why the hell did I get 2 DVA Dreams? First one I apparantly somehow convinced her to study with me (Ignoring that I have finished school a long time ago) and the second was today when I prevented some creep from hitting on her in a sports competition. I was then put in her team for a race (Which I won by myself, just saying).

2f685d  No.381403

Seeing the Kraken thread on the front page, I was reminded of a dream I had a while back:

>be me, leading a group of middle schoolers to help their flat-chested qt teacher, who had turned into a hamster, become a normal woman again.

>we reach a crumbling castle on the coast, where we take shelter from the elements.

>after an hour or so of sleep, we get attacked by a big kraken girl.

>we engage in a 'boss fight' with her, where the kids act like the Platelets from Hataraku Saibou, and try to set up a Flak 88 and Panzer III cannon so we can blow her to high heaven.

>so it's up to me to distract her. I do everything I can physically speaking. I realize that I need to use my magnificent seduction skills against her.

>so I climb up her body and plant a big kiss on her cheek. Embarrassed beyond all belief, she stops attacking the kids and looks at me in disbelief. She kisses me back, right before the finished guns fire at her.

>Because of some magical bullshit, neither she nor me die from two high-velocity shells bursting. I fall onto the hard rocks, and she slumps over a crumbling pillar.

>I wake up to the kids surrounding me, thanking me for saving them from the monster. We leave soon after, but I feel bad for the kraken girl. I promise myself that I would come back soon after, to make things up to her.

051f77  No.381416


you mind if I take that idea and run with it?it’ll probably be just a short greentext

bcd205  No.381443


Run with it, buddy.

bcd205  No.381447


An update to this dream. Apparently, the Snake Goddess was a real thing:


74089d  No.381501

Whats the best way to get a monstergirl dream? Ive been lurking for like 8 months and havent had one.

051f77  No.381513


You must lurk moar

**in all seriousness it sometimes takes time. Eating things like mozzerela cheese or adding a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water before bed helps make dreams more vivid.

19014f  No.381518


Have you dreamed more of her since?

9a6282  No.381520


No, I haven't, sadly. Her dream was the best I ever had.

19014f  No.381561


You may very well get another one soon I would imagine. I recommend some time playing the classic Battlefront 2

On a similar thing to you I know I haven't dreamt about that Dragon-Lilim from before again but I think I've been dreaming some weirdly related things I cannot remember too much on.

248749  No.381777

Reminder that dreams aren't real.

051f77  No.381808


Is anything real? We experience subjective things as “real” all the time and experience them as happening even though they don’t actually happen. Ultimately everything is either something that we can’t prove or isn’t “real”

248749  No.381821


I mean that people don't dream. Dreams don't exist.

051f77  No.381834


Then what the hell did I experience last night?

248749  No.381842


Nothing. You experienced nothing and want to make it look like you had something.

55cb81  No.381845

File: 3432d10c22b1dd7⋯.png (146.49 KB, 800x687, 800:687, confused and saddened nigh….png)



I wish we had a ton more reaction images of disgruntled nightmares.

051f77  No.381847


It must be sad never having dreamed before

d6ab9e  No.381848


>it's that idiot again

010a72  No.381919



If we're going to have a philosophical derail here, friendly reminder that reality is real. The Theory of Forms is correct, in that all things have their true form independent of our fallible perceptions and often illogical mindsets.

If all things are unreal and false, and we are all brains in jars, then why the hell should we worry?

051f77  No.381937


I’ll have to look into the theory of forms since I’m not too familiar with itthats what I was trying to get at, if we’re all brains in a jar then really we should worry about nothing

91c106  No.382056

Keeping this thread alive with an actual dream:

>I'm searching for the immortal Nymph Maiden, a spirit girl, permanently youthful and beautiful beyond words, who lives in a cave somewhere in the Pomeranian coastline, waiting for a man worthy to marry her.

>This means solving puzzles, avoiding traps, and then proving the purity of your soul to her. When all this is done, you experience the most blissful love imaginable, love deep and true, for the rest of your life.

>So I search for her, desperate to meet her. But of course, so are many others, including a horde of niggers and shitskins who only have sex, or more likely, rape in their minds. But there are also a couple of white and Asian guys who just want her love.

>I start out in the entrance to a Wal-Mart, the least German place in the world, when I spot her leaving the store with groceries.

>Having seen me, she turns around and retreats into a series of different shops, like a skate shop, a sport clothes shop, and a restaurant. Everyone's chasing her deeper and deeper, until we're finally at the entrance to her cave, with a four-way intersection of brick-lined tunnel to guide us.

>The first trap, a series of invisible magical barriers that block the most direct path to the Maiden's Lair, killed its first victim, and so the group splits up two different ways. Most of them take the leftward path, but a couple of others and I take the rightward path.

>Those who took the leftward path are never heard from again, so they obviously died somehow.

>The few of us who took the right path go further into the cave. Our group is getting whittled down, killed by traps, until only I'm left. I finally reach her lair, a massive room full of sand and earth. Here, I'm given the option to either zipline down to her transparent, silken pavilion, or snowboard down the sand. I take the snowboard down, and I finally reach the pavilion.

>Another suitor, some shitskin, beat me to her, but he was not pure of soul, for he obviously intended to rape her, and the Nymph Maiden killed him.

>When my turn came, the Maiden saw through my heart, and declared me pure. So I married her, and we lived together in her lair, madly in love with each other.

>We made the best, most pleasurable love a man could ever imagine, we read from her massive library, while I gave her news from the surface, and we attempted to have children.

>This dream had multiple endings, each tragic. In the first, we were both killed by a horde of Soviet soldiers attacking the cave. In the second, she was murdered by a rejected suitor (who managed to survive somehow). In the third, she chose another over me, and I was left with only terrible grief and loss.


>I’ll have to look into the theory of forms since I’m not too familiar with it

If you haven't already looked into the theory, it's basically summarized in my previous post. All things, ideas included, have at their center a true, pure, and good form. We rarely understand and know these true forms, because we are disunited in perception. Some people see better than others, some hear better, some are color-blind, and so on; and even the most minor of differences in perception can lead to dissimilar perceptions of things.

As an example, let's take the waifu. The waifu is something like the True Form, our individual ideal, of a woman. Our waifus are all different in their own ways, but they all share a core set of properties that make them a waifu. The waifu is going to be of pleasing appearance and beautiful personality, with a deep, often unconditional love for us. The Form of the Waifu is, in a way, the True Form of a woman, the perfection that 3DPD could never be.

cf28ab  No.382107

I dreamt I broke two buddies out of prison, one was my actual friend, the other a fat nigger (I don't know any fat niggers). I think we all got away, security was pretty lax, and my buddies were acting like goddamn npcs in a videogame (no, climb over the fucking door, not the wall, you retard!). And as the nigger is about to climb, the music gets really loud and I woke up.

4ba9af  No.382701

File: fbc642f29b2023f⋯.jpg (321.02 KB, 1440x800, 9:5, Screenshot_20181231-031703.jpg)

>wake up

>immediately write down memo so I'm sure to remember what happened

>pic related


248749  No.382712

Saging because not really monster related.

Not much to recall, but had a dream that felt like one of those zombie apocalypse FPS games. Spent some time sniping pain in the ass big zombies with a RPG-7. Funny enough, I always end up rocket sniping in FPS ganes.

c5ef75  No.383554

A while ago it was Jungle Book, this time it was Shrek: Monster Girl edition. I've been getting a lot of movies except it's monster girls dreams lately. It was basically Shrek but Fiona was a lot more Irish stereotype, Donkey was a kinda horse faced midget, Farquaad was a really fat 3DPD stereotype fujoshit, and instead of the fairy tales moving into She-Shrek's swamp it was the sabbath and a lot of asorted lolis.

I don't know what else to say other than it was pretty funny how the dragon got friendzoned hard by He-ona.

Other dreams like this involved the movies Leprechaun III, Porky's, and From Paris with love. I'll go into further details tomorrow 'cause I had one hell of a work day and I wanna crash

a0a777  No.383559


That memo looks like Death Grips lyrics

89478c  No.383579



Somebody once told me

"An ogre's gonna rape me"

d3e3ac  No.383644


>somebody once told me

>an ogre's gonna rape me

I ain't the longest lasting in bed…

She was lookin kinda dumb with her finger and her thumb

Wanking off the horn on her forehead

Well the 'mons start coming

And they don't stop coming

See an unclaimed shota

And they hit the ground running

Only makes sense when you live on cum

The big head's smart but the little head's dumb

So much to do so much to see

But look out, hellhounds in the back streets

You'll never know if you don't show

A Big wolf girl (4U) where she can blow!

Hey now, you're an all star,

Get your mail on, go slay

Hey now, you're a porn star

Mend your pelvis, get laid

And all that's telling is told

"Only caring headpats soothe kobolds…"

c5ef75  No.383686

File: e05beceba7593d5⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.42 MB, 1571x1602, 1571:1602, minny.png)

Back from work. Sorry if it's a little rushed but today was exhausting but I'll try to get it down the best I can

>Starts almost the same as Shrek

>Instead of a fairytale book it's a smut magazine though, She-Shrek uses an ad for condoms as the implied TP

>Terrorises the nearby village but villagers too fast to get caught

>cuts to Donkey

>He's a horse faced midget strongman in a Sabbat Circus. Earned his name for his facial features

>He's sold out along with his loli ringmaster and coworkers because Lady Farquaad put a permanent ban on legal lolis and anyone who asociates with them

>She-Shrek's swamp becomes the refugee camp like in the movies except she throws the big bad loli wolf through her wall

>Donkey too annoying and ugly for She-Shrek to molest and he's the only one not terrified so together they go to Duloc to give Lady Farquaad a piece of their mind

>Duloc is basically tumblr, the stupid sing machine even refers to it as a "Safe Space" instead of a perfect place

>She-Shrek annihalates Lady Farquaad's white knight brigade

>Lady Farquaad then sends them to get prince Fionn for her. But she only really wants to marry for the money.

>Hijinks happen, along the way She-Shrek accidentally burns down a forest.

>Donkey is a sassy motherfucker and unironically the highlight

>When they reach the dragon's castle Donkey meets the dragon

>This dragon's been getting cucked for a solid 13 years by prince Fionn

>This is probably why Donkey's flattery works like a charm on her

>Dragon is actually really cute, looks like pic related but a dragon.

>Donkey loves being unironically appreciated despite his face and manlet disablities

>She-Shrek has rescued the prince off-screen and badly cockblocks Donkey

>The dragon was calling him Donny and totally snuggling up to him

>She's mad

>Donkey's mad

>While She-Shrek and co escape the tied up dragon she cries and screams "NO! DONNY! PLEASE COME BACK TO ME"

>Donkey too intimidated by She-Shrek to do so

>Big cut here

>Cuts to the scene where Fiona turns out to become an ogre at night

>Except here prince Fionn only has issues at a full moon

>He's part dwarf and at full moon the dorf DNA comes out with a vengeance

>It's ignoble though so he's ashamed of it

>The whole misunderstanding gig happens and Fionn (very reluctantly because he's disgusted with Farquaad's roundness and resemblance to a big veiny boob) goes with Farquaad

>She-Shrek and Donkey get in that fight

>Dragon broke free and found Donkey

>Gives both Donkey and She-Shrek sagacious life advice and asks if She-shrek really wants to be a frustrated virgin much longer

>Movie then goes basically like shrek does except instead of eating Farquaad the dragon just headbutts her through five wooden chairs and then a bunch of Sabbat lolis storm in and beat the shit out of her

>Movie ends with She-Shrek absolutely loving Fionn's dorf traits and taking him in the same outhouse the movie started in for some unimplied proactive dating

I could talk about how the other movies went too but I don't think they're nearly as memeworthy or funny as the Shrek one was. Frpm Paris with Love was actually pretty serious and ended on a sad note.

0b02ad  No.383987

Well, for the past five and a half hours that I slept, I had a pretty crazy dream. Imagine a cross between Nier Automata and Girls Frontline. Might have forgotten some details, but here we go.

>Wake up in a mostly dark tunnel with some lights.

>Find Kalina (your first adjutant in GFL, human girl. Except in this dream, she's an android I think) nearby and a train that was supposed to be full of cargo to make a delivery with.

>Except the train is derailed and the cargo is missing. The car right behind the main car with the engine is missing half of it.

>Well fuck. Can't get the train up. Can't exactly remember what happened.

>Go and find where the tunnel was leading. Exit to the tunnel has collapsed.


>Me and Kalina go through worry before hearing something.

>We go to check it out and see some folks with either carrs or a simple tram with metal or something heading in a direction. We join along.

>Follow them for a while and get close to an exit.

>The guy leading this group quickly calls for everyone to fall back and hides behind the tram.

>Question what gives before a flash of bright light happens.

>Look up after the flash and see what might've fucked over earlier.

>It's a nuke. A small tactical nuke, but a nuke nonetheless.

>Shockwave hits and knocks the tram over, spilling the metal.

>Tram leader quickly calls for everyone to help push the tram up and help move it to another point.

>We get it to the other point and exit into this dense jungle-like area.

>Continue until we reach this huge tree. There's a platform with metal wire holding it, leading up to the tree top.

>Tram and group all get on the platform and we all head up.

>Once the platform reaches the top, Kalina and I are surprised to see a thriving community up here.

>Humans, androids (all female), folks with cybernetic enhancements. Not much in monster girls unless you count androids, some did have animal ears around.

>Get called to a square for the group to make a report.

>Get to see and meet the chief of security of this place. Some grizzled looking cyborg guy with half of his face replaced with mechanical bits and constantly smoking an elaborate cigar. Really gruff guy.

>Debriefing ends and a few lines get formed up. A few to get resupplied and one to check out Kalina.

>Shoot the shit with the tram leader for a bit.

>Somehow end up with the chief of security not really liking me or Kalina. Especially after a talk of going down to the surface.

>Is pissed off by saying that the only good spots are either underground or in this treetop and that the surface is shit.

>Find out the cigar is a chemical battery and by pissing him off, he had to draw more battery from it. He leaves to go recharge it.

>Little bit of a time skip since don't quite remember what happened.

>So me, Kalina, tram leader, and another android all have an idea to go to an IKEA at a abandoned, post-war, huge, open shopping mall a little ways away.

>Wait until chief of security and guards are not around and take the elevator platform down. Another android joins us before we start. We're all decently armed and think we can handle it.

>Trek to the shopping mall. Lots of overgrowth around.

>When we get there, we admire the slightly ruined architecture for a bit and get to looking for the IKEA.

>Find a directory and follow it to find that the IKEA has been replaced by some other store. Some footware store.

>We think the directory is wrong, so we decide to split up to find it.

>Tram leader and one android head off in one direction.

>Me, Kalina, and the other android leave for another.

>My group ends up tripping a security system and we get some attention on us.

>Some more mindless security androids attack. We manage to get rid of most before running low on ammo.

>Some tougher security android attacks and damages our android.

>We manage to damage the tough security one enough to make her stop attacking.

>I drag the security android to some corner away from sight and cover her in some ratty blanket nearby so she won't attract more attention.

>Me, Kalina, and our android decide to try and fall back and radio for the other group. We get silence.

>Whoops, boss attack. Some nasty looking robot that I forgot how it looks like.

>Our android decides to fight it and tells me and Kalina to get out while she leads it away.

>Me and Kalina thank her and dash off.

>Almost at the exit when my HUD picks up something big.

>Oh fuck, another boss. Imagine something that looks kinda like an oversized version of lucky beast from kemono friends. Except crossed with a forklift and really likes to wreck stuff.

>Chases the two of us around for a while while being confused when we try to reason with it not to fight and that we want to leave.

>Don't remember what happened after.

>Wake up

In short, I feel bad for the qt androids that got wrecked.

2e310c  No.384701

I've had a couple MG dreams in the past, sometime in the fall of last year.

>wake up one morning to go for a run

>the plan was to run 5 miles doing half mile sprint/run intervals

>don't really remember what happened during my run

>as I'm almost finished with a half-mile to go, begin hearing someone sprinting towards me at an alarming pace

>look back to see what it is

>fucking hellhound with eyes blazing

>this scared the shit out of me

>holy fuck they're real

>think that there's no way that I'm about to enjoy this, time to run

>try to run away, got tackled 20 feet later into some bushes

>woke up

Kinda sad i didn't get to see how that turned out. Next one was much shorter

>"wake up" to not being able to see and a big fluffy paw covering my mouth

>something is going to town on my member but I can't feel any weight on me, it's all beside me

>pleasure was insane, blew a huge load almost immediately

>tried to ask whoever was proactively dating me what the hell was going on, was very muffled due to fluffy paw

>felt her lean down to whisper in my ear

<Shhh, don't wake the neighbors

>fade out of conciousness

Woke up shortly after to realize I had a wet dream. While cleaning myself up I came to the conclusion she must've been a manticore.

f4a3dd  No.385520

I've had my first dream about monster girls.

>be going to some university

>younger brother is there

>he becomes a communist

>thers an argument and some thugs are after me

>Saved by a few kitsune who harbor me in their dorm

>there's one who's very attached to me

>the rest of the dream is us rehearsing Shakespeare.

I've always been a manticore and shogg guy but this dream is kind of perplexing to me.

accd0d  No.385783

File: f6efa8db277dd9d⋯.jpg (130.08 KB, 633x569, 633:569, Screenshot_20181219-145528.jpg)

Weird one tonight lads

>Be a surgeon

>Operating on a skinny girl with dark hair and bright yellow eyes

>She's awake through this and looking at me doing the procedures with nothing but curiousity, barely moving at all

> I push a needle and thread between two pieces of flesh, making a suture on her wrist. This makes her take a little intake of breath, but she doesn't close her eyes and keeps looking.

>"She's taking it like a champ" I say offhandedly to two Hispanic men in scrubs who appeared near the doorway

<"Yeah she's a toughie" one of them replies

<"Shame you have to use such outdated equipment on her"

>"It's going alright"

>She slowly looks at them and back at me

>She smiles a little bit

>Fast forward a couple of days later, I meet my two assistants in a park near where I was operating.

<"She wants to go another time, she wants to know" they say, holding up a new needle, shiny and sleek

>They pull up a tablet and she's there on facetime beckoning me over. This time she's in her own house.

>"What a good patient" I say to them

>For some reason this makes me feel such love and warmth that it actually forced me out of the dream I felt it so hard. I was almost rolling in my bed when I woke up

What do

188612  No.385794


Operate on her, of course.

I wish I could have more monster girl dreams or just dreams in general.

d095f4  No.385804


Yeah it's weird I've been riding the afterglow all day

89478c  No.385918

Well, I now know o shouldn't watch anime before bed…

>Be the shield hero, immediately after episode 4

>Raphtailia is still getting bigger

>We start taking up Monster-slaying jobs

>She starts getting a full head taller than me and is growing /fit/

>She is as sweet as ever

>Her oppai are growing with her pecs and the soft chest contrast well with her abs

>The hugs are amazing and she likes to pick me up to give her headpats.

>The townspeople are getting nervous but she is leveling off.

>She is getting really friendly with me.

>Her hand is outgrowing the arming sword.

>She has to use bastard swords now


>Next wave starts

>We have to defend lute again

>I can tell they are stronger, but raphtailia, she's stronger still

>Basically 2 casualties on lute

>Test leveling up bade her the incredible hulk with kawaii animal ears, a buhsy tail bigger than I am and a great rack.

>She's now using a longsword with one hand

>It's also weird hearing the sweet voice of the anti-thot equatsion using hulkspeak.

>The town is afraid of her now.

>People are starting to get worried about me

>The king decided that she need a reward and asked what she would like

<Me want sheld hero to help me make babies!

>Her huge hand went for me and I woke up.

14ada5  No.385929

File: 744445242dea7f3⋯.jpg (155.01 KB, 583x592, 583:592, Screenshot_20181204-225147.jpg)


What the fuck, why do other people get to have fun weeaboo anime dreams and I'm just stuck cutting up girls this is bullshit

e87166  No.386414

File: b5f497a9ccc0c9f⋯.png (652.07 KB, 915x515, 183:103, ClipboardImage.png)

First dream worth remembering I've had in a while, came with a monstergirl as a bonus.

>at home, feeding and playing with the baby bears from the baby bear bucket

>friends invite me to go kill a dragon


>go out

>huge empty plains

>it's nighttime

>all I can see is the giant ice dragon slightly glowing blue and the burning wood around it

>it looks cool as fuck, no pun intended, glowing somewhat like pic related, but the background was even darker and the scales glowed a faint blue light

>decide I'll run in and throw fireballs since it's ice

>when I get closer I see there's a red firey light coming from beneath the dragon's teeth

>go full retard and use a water jet against the ice dragon

>dragon wipes out everyone but me in a tail strike, turns into an ara and rushes me

>pulls me up by my shirt and goes "what are you doing?"

>"Sorry, I accidentally the wrong spell, I was going to use a powerful spell on your tail"

>dragon girl misinterprets this

>"Go ahead anon"

>suddenly we're in a classroom

>"Show your teacher your powerful spell"

>she gets down on all fours, head almost touching the ground and butt high up

>she's mostly human but there's two ice horns in her head and one spiky ice tail that's raised up, leaving her ass in full view

>that's a nice ass

>accidentally record her ass with my phone twice instead of throwing my spell

>she notices this

>"So… what are you going to do next?"

>"Here it comes"

>Throw a fireball

>it goes right between her legs and explodes under her


>She gets up flustered and chases me around the classroom

>I have a hard time running away while laughing so hard

>wake up because no fun allowed

797322  No.386427

File: a887aa08767238a⋯.png (851.35 KB, 976x607, 976:607, 11611.499999999069_image.png)


because you hate women. And you have to remember that a man being with a woman is natural, its just that the current software inside people is fucked so you get weird runtime errors. Look inward and start fixing stuff. You are allowed to love a girl.

f1e2a6  No.386438


>You are allowed to love a girl.

I don't know why but that hit me really hard in the feels, man. Fuck.

797322  No.386444


a woman is also allowed to love a man like you

5d403f  No.386445

Is it bad that I dream I'M the monstergirl?

e87166  No.386447


As long as you're dreaming you're a voluptuous girl, it's fine.

Unless you want to suck dick, then it's gay.

5d403f  No.386450


I-I imagine myself inflation-fag hyper-voluptuous…

Never oral tho but a humie sucked my ass once in the dream

5d403f  No.386451


Correction; dream not imagine

e87166  No.386452


>inflation-fag hyper-voluptuous

That's dangerously-

>a humie sucked my ass once in the dream


5d403f  No.386453


The amalgam of fandoms and games I play kept this monstergirl dream-self vague spar for being fluffy; humie looked like some aesthetically perfect hybrid of dark-skinned Ash ketchum and Edward Elrick.

Now about those responses; have I enticed or am I freak?

051f77  No.386454



>I-I imagine myself inflation-fag hyper-voluptuous…

>some aesthetically perfect hybrid of dark-skinned Ash ketchum and Edward Elrick.

You’re an alp Harry


That actually feels good to realize

5d403f  No.386455


That's good to realize too.

Should I release more info about some of my hobbies/personality and see where this goes? I'll be 100% honest til I get to what could get me banned from this board.

5d403f  No.386459


regarding dream interpretation that is

e87166  No.386460


>humie looked like some aesthetically perfect hybrid of dark-skinned Ash ketchum and Edward Elrick

A-anon, please tell me you're baiting.

89478c  No.386461

I wonder…

Could this just be greentexts for those who can't think of a good ending?

5d403f  No.386462


No bait. I didn't get penetrated by anything but a tongue in the dream but it happened as I said. First time in 5 years I had a wet dream from it too. I want to make this happen more but I feel this conflicts with my other fetishes/interests regarding characters…

5d403f  No.386463


Depends on if you believe the context

0b02ad  No.386464


Yeah, yer gonna alp, m80.

5d403f  No.386465


Here's the problem tho, what comes after being an alp? If there's nothing after being an alp but just being a curvier alp I'm gonna be pissed for just being a skin-fagger's monster

0b02ad  No.386466


Curvier alp is the fate of alps. That and mockery.

5d403f  No.386467


Fuck I want to be fucking fluffy… any way to learn magic as an alp?

e87166  No.386468


>first wet dream in half a decade

>being a hyper bimbo

>literally niggers tongue my anus

>not bait

Even as someone that wants to be a little girl and wear cute clothes, that's fucking gay.



Technically, alps' body change to suit the tastes of the guy who's fucking them, so just find a anus-tonguing nigger who's into foxes.

5d403f  No.386471


I feel sick and disgusted with myself… would rather just be a furry and commit die

4ba9af  No.386473

File: 6457296e4ac6d18⋯.jpg (766.86 KB, 1315x1598, 1315:1598, Screenshot_20190127-140519.jpg)


I do like women though. I feel like if it was that I would have felt a lot more hostility or something but it really seemed to be a very mutual process

9cf672  No.386477

>human women

Don't hurt yourself like that.

051f77  No.386491

We have more wannabe alps than I thought we did on this board I’ll say that for sure.

068708  No.386496

This is one of my first vivid mamono dreams, had it a about a year ago;

> The setting is a swanky ballroom and it looked to be European, or vaguely fantasy light-novel decor about it

> I begin walking down the hallway towards the atrium

> Wisp girls and Faires danced on air between gothic chandeliers, illuminating them with each pass.

> The coloring of the drapes is almost a double of David Lynch's waiting room from Twin Peaks.

> The illumination and color scheme of this dream wasn't regular color either, It reminded me of the old mercury lamps that dotted street corners.

> As I approach the atrium on the upper balcony, the crowd of shades and hooded figures in black disperse and the commotion dies down.

> As the last murmuring reseeds I see an tall slender, yet commanding female appearing veiled individual, like an oni sized Tilde Swinton.

> Her appearance was a cross between the Dancer of the Boreal Valley (Dark Souls III), The banshee KC drew, a reaper, and an image of death depicted in the 2018 version of Suspiria.

> Her face was pale, and her eyes were made of what looked to be stars.

> The lights in the atrium dimmed, and we moved silently, together into the center of it, slowly starting to ballroom dance to Waltz of the Flowers.

> Out of the corner of my eye I even see that my dream added Salvador Dali, painting us.

> As the song fades I can see a smile on her face. Her long fingers started wrapping around my waist, I wrap a hand along her rear, and its quite the adequate one at that.

>A white mist rolls into the entire scene and masks everyone around us and the last thing I see is her smiling face and her translucent hair underneath a black veil.

> The lights then slowly fade to white and I wake up.

Good morrow and Goodnight /monster/

068708  No.386497


Meant to add to my dream that between the balcony and getting to the I dont remember moving at all, like I just blinked and she was approaching me.

733064  No.386507

Probably a bit off topic, but anyone know if lucid dreaming is legit?

I just wanna hug cute fluffy tails.

251470  No.386510


Nice sage, newfag.

e87166  No.386528


Yes, but it's really hard to have one at first, and it may take up to a couple years to get them.

The easiest way is to develop some kind of habit that can show you're in a dream, the best one I came up with is trying to spawn stuff, just think "there's a baseball bat in my hands" and then look down at them. Just set up an alarm clock to go off hourly until you start doing it automatically while awake, then you'll hopefully do it while sleeping and notice it's a dream.

>tfw too incompetent to have lucid dreams

2f35b6  No.386604

It's probably easier to induce sleep paralysis than to induce lucid dreaming

55cb81  No.387578

File: 47da008eeda1eb7⋯.png (28.8 KB, 759x344, 759:344, tfw Ammit suddenly runs up….PNG)

File: c8a1a7799e5c9b3⋯.png (4.52 KB, 759x61, 759:61, Ammit dream yahoo question….PNG)

Apparently someone had this encounter with Ammit in their dreams 3 years ago. It seems to have been the last question they ever asked on yahoo, too, and that was after having asked a lot over multiple years.


What do you think his waifu turned out to be? Someone who could give him guidance, maybe?

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