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File: 7a092b70c92e78c⋯.png (620.66 KB, 777x618, 259:206, 84b874bb7cc5ebd9cb8c3f593f….png)

File: 5089ea5f1d74ecd⋯.png (483.73 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, ef0e0b1584dd232ee0bf3a02af….png)

File: 43ef10cf25691c6⋯.png (876.36 KB, 900x1050, 6:7, 43ef10cf25691c68bee7080ff1….png)

File: a31ac944edd371d⋯.jpg (107.12 KB, 850x1200, 17:24, a31ac944edd371debe18a932d1….jpg)

5ca1dc  No.357262

What are some of the cute/annoying/bad problems a father would have to deal with his mamono daugherus? What general things while growing up would make raising a monster daughter difficult?

0fca90  No.357270

The most troublesome daughteru to raise might be a sandworm.

29cb9b  No.357273

File: 8b9bd984a4f5387⋯.jpeg (1.13 MB, 992x1403, 992:1403, BDBD5BE5-E041-4FD6-BA9D-4….jpeg)

She has a lot of trouble making friends with anyone other than other chaos monsters and a mad hatter she serves tea parties with

0fca90  No.357279


Come to think of it, when monster girls enter our world, won't it be really common for a lot of them to scare children and normalfags until they understand what they are? Even when they're children themselves?

29cb9b  No.357285


Probably. Boys and girls already divide themselves and this puts one layer between mamono children and girls and two for boys.

Some might be fascinated though. I probably would have been considering I liked creatures like snakes, dinosaurs and deep sea fish.

0fca90  No.357286


>Some might be fascinated though.

This too. I think even children might be fascinated by soft fluff.

a57444  No.357293

>Wan daughterus need to be tackled in the morning so they can't assault the paperboy

>Danuki daughterus constantly try to scam other kids

>Lamia daughterus treat you as heater and are always wrapped around a body part

>Hellhound daughterus are brats by nature and need constant wrangling

>Slime daughterus track in every thing they touch throughout the day because they don't know how to expel the stuff

>Oni daughterus always want to non-sexually wrestle

Never go for a harem kids, you only have so much love to give.

445315  No.357310

File: 1fbbdaf3d8a7a96⋯.jpg (19 KB, 270x336, 45:56, Mantis_0.jpg)

>Fug a Mantis

>Manits daughteru is more or less emotionless

>Whenever I try to talk to her about school she mostly just gives me one or two word answers like "okay", "I'm fine", etc.

>I have no idea if she is actually having a good time at school

>Not even sure if she's happy with life in general

>She never wants to talk to me or her mother unless she has to

help me

979577  No.357315


you got to set her up with a boy. hopefully one of your friend's sons

979577  No.357316


I have plenty of love. Ain't nobody else using it anyway.

9776c9  No.357327



The only problem I can imagine is when a monster girl daughteru discovers what sex is, you teach her that's it's between two people who truly love each other, and then end up in a situation where the daughteru asks to have sex with the man she knows and loves the most: her papa, you. Add in potential water works if you deny her and she thinks that means you don't love her. You know that moment would come, better start thinking on how to avoid it or not fuck up.

a8353e  No.357332



You just described an echidna's husband

a8353e  No.357333


Who need more love by the way

3b2219  No.357346



If she's so desperate, order one of those little egg vibrators. Tell her that when she's feeling tingly down there, stick it in, set it to max and wait until she's done. Problem solved.

Daughterus are never for dicking.

If you get hard thinking about your daughter, go into your study/basement/other private place and whip, cut, and/or burn yourself in shame.

89e9ff  No.357347

I see we're still as good at avoiding bait as ever.

b3afee  No.357348

File: 2cf11b5a5011977⋯.jpg (590.85 KB, 2091x2912, 2091:2912, Manticore190a.jpg)

File: 88b7ed0ca508a8e⋯.jpg (622.05 KB, 2091x2912, 2091:2912, Manticore190b.jpg)

File: 17917ed5d7a8b75⋯.jpg (618.81 KB, 2091x2912, 2091:2912, Manticore190c.jpg)

File: ab39dc8bf0a7d3b⋯.jpg (311.79 KB, 2071x1917, 2071:1917, mYb1X0h.jpg)

I feel the worst you'd have to deal with manticore daughters is them being bullies towards boys earlier in life, especially once those spines start producing venom.


Incest pedos rank far, far below niggers as far as respectable people go.


More ideally, just have her ask her mother.

51901d  No.357349

What if your yeti daughteru wets her bed?

51901d  No.357350


would it be lemon?

90429a  No.357351

File: c6e3814b4afd7e5⋯.png (48.77 KB, 207x200, 207:200, 7d05f80b11b07481f1b8048281….png)

>oni daughteru throwing a tantrum

I'm not ready.

0fca90  No.357352


>if she ends up causing any legitimate harm to someone during it she traumatizes herself and does her best to completely hold in any and all anger from then on

1a6bce  No.357376

A Holstaur kid would probably be falling asleep in class a lot. There'd need to be incentives in place for her to stay awake and have decent grades. Which is why you should never spoil them with sweets, they make a very good bribe for any daughteru.

8be5de  No.357405


and this is why they drink

3eed9f  No.357537

File: c3d2f5184e66503⋯.png (508.04 KB, 1253x709, 1253:709, leaf pile of doom.png)


>Catgirl daughterus constantly destroying the curtains by climbing on them

>Harpy daughterus accidentally flying into the window while learning to fly

>Lizard daughterus being expelled for bringing their toy swords to school to duel other kids

>Anubis daughterus leaving their Legos out for you to find in the middle of the night

>Ushi-Oni daughterus acting like trapdoor spiders when fall comes around

>Dullahan daughterus losing track of where their head/body is periodically

e7914f  No.357539

File: 2ba9a742d8287a3⋯.png (554.74 KB, 486x810, 3:5, Dolan_boner.png)

Centaur tampons

a2283b  No.357551


Monster girls dont have periods, dummy.

0fca90  No.357552


At the very least not bloody periods.

a21e43  No.357560


Not if their husband is doing his job.

6705d7  No.357563


Yes they do.

Here, lemme show you my waifu's latest period: .

8a1889  No.357564


>Dullahan daughterus losing track of where their head/body is periodically

It occurs to me that a Dullahan giving birth must be quite odd. Do Dullahan's follow conventional birth patterns and have the head come first?

3eed9f  No.357579


I would assume it would, but the real question is does it come out already separated or does the head fall off at the same time as the umbilical cord? I could see logistical issues if the baby isn't lined up just right with the head already separated.

e7914f  No.357583


I imagine the head just pops out like a softball before the body or after it.

229865  No.357585


Belly armor swings open like a furnace door, you reach in and take the baby and head like you would an oven roasted chicken.

51c030  No.357597

>Danuki daughteru comes home crying

>Some asshole kid stuck gum in her tail

>It won't come out

>Kid's parents are religious zealots believing mamono are sent by the devil to seduce souls to hell

>Get the crap out but it leaves a noticeable spot

>Daugheru is now crying, upset because kids will make fun of her tail

>Waifu comes up with an idea and disappears

>Reappears with whats best described as the stretchy bit of a sock thats a soft pink color

>She asks daughteru to hold still as she sticks it over the tail

>The "Tail accessory" as the wife is calling it is now snug around the affected portion hiding it

>She gives our daughter a hug, wiping her tears and tells her that if anyone asks it's a bit of upcoming fashion

>Move in for a big family hug, assuring her it looks nice on her tail and people would be dumb to make fun of it.

Having a daughteru with any fluffy bits would be a nightmare

b86a8c  No.357916


>Learning to fly is an important part in the life of most winged Mamono's.

>For their parents it is a very tiring experience, imagine having to to teach you daughter how to ride a bike…

>Except you can't hold her since you're a man, thus wingless.

>(Save for you lucky husbands of NightGaunts, your wife's wings are also yours).

>Now, there is one good part to this situation, the security of your daughter is the only concern you may have while she takes off for the first time.

>Sadly, if you're the proud daddy of a Wyvern, you have another thing to worry about.

>Wyverns are often nicknamed the "strongest" flyers thanks to their ability to carry heavy loads with great ease.

>This skill develops very early in a Wyvern's life and they often experience the urge to train themselves to bring increasingly heavier items to their flying sessions.

>It's an instinctive thing.

>Wyvern parents must teach their children to not fly away carrying other children's belongings or other children period.

29b123  No.357922


Tail cozies (tail socks? tailings?) seem like they'd be a popular thing for mamono at that stage of childhood, or for adult-age mamono working jobs/doing chores where it's likely that crud will get on it.

b86a8c  No.357931



7b44a0  No.357941


Too real these feels

c6a595  No.357997


>Living Dolls daughterus being accidentally taken home by other children

>Flow Kelp daughterus being locked in places due to their weak presence

>Troll daughterus covered in dandelions

>Sandworm daughterus destroying the classroom by attempting to burrow away from bullies

>Tentacle daughterus accidentally getting themselves all tangled up

3cfff3  No.358004


Dullahan don't lose their heads until puberty.

>daughter has normal birth and acts normal throughout childhood

>your Dullahan wife works a night shift and doesn't come home until after the sun comes up

>one day when she is around 12 or so, you hear screaming from your daughter's room


>run to her room

>open the door to see your daughters head screaming on the bed, halfway rolled off the pillow

>your daughter's body is running blindly around the room in her PJ's, knocking over stuff trying to get to the alarm clock

>you desperately try to get your daughter to calm down

>grab her body and forcefully lead it to the bed and have it sit down


>take her head carefully and set it in her lap

>"Wait right there! I've got to make some calls!"

>you thought you were prepared for this moment, but you weren't

>why did it have to happen now when your wife is not home?

>pull out phone and call wife – no answer

>call your daughter's school – "she's sick and won't be coming to school today!"

>go back into her room

>her head is crying as her body is uncomfortably trying to hold it in place above her neck

>"Sweetie… I know this is a lot to handle right now, but this is a normal part of growing up… It just means you are becoming a beautiful young woman!"


>reflexively, her body throws her head at you in frustration

>you catch her head; it looks both dizzy and horrified at what she just did

>"I'M GOING TO KILL MYSELF!" she begins sobbing

>you don't know if she meant accidentally kill herself or intentionally, but both are equally plausible

>you hear the locks on the front door unbolting


>"Stay right there! Your mother is home!"

>you run out the door and down the stairs

>you see your wife walk in through the front door, exhausted from a long night's work

>her body sets her head down onto a pillow on the couch to relax as it goes to the kitchen to fetch a refreshment

>"Honey, you won't believe the day I had at wor–"

>"Baby it's happened! She's freaking out! I'm freaking out!"

>"What? Hun, slow down!"



>her body comes running in from the kitchen and expertly scoops up her head and carries it swiftly up the stairs to your daughters room

>you hear the door close

>you spend the next two hours contemplating your part in all this

>you can hear muffled voices and the occasional stressed outburst

>am I a horrible father? What if she hates me?

>you hear the door open upstairs

>you see your daughter teetering uncomfortably from side to side as she descends the staircase, head in her arms

>your wife is behind her steadying her with one hand so she doesn't fall

>half-crying, half-laughing she says, "It's hard walking… my perspective is all messed up…"

>"You'll get used to it fairly quickly like I did," your wife says

>"Daddy… I'm sorry for freaking out earlier…"

f7de2b  No.358005


>Wurm daughterus constantly getting lost

>Wife panics when she can't find them and literally starts tearing house apart looking for them

>Daughterus think it's a game and help her level the building

>When not getting lost or causing the missus to worry, they're busting through the wall because they can't see the door just around the corner

>Anytime I try to do something around the house, they get curious and want to watch me

>They climb all over my and my arms and try to watch, so I can't get anything done

>Daughterus reach school age

>End up comforting them with headpats whenever they come home

>Sometimes they come home as fast as they can

>Dear god their flying tackle hurts

>Read the same bedtime story to them every night for 10 years

>Give them all pats on the head and kisses on their foreheads when laying them down for the night

>Seeing that contented smile of their as they fall asleep makes it all worth it


I was going to write something similar, but I'm glad I went with this instead

87fa03  No.358023

>Oni daughter always acted tough and independent

>Came home, told she was rejected by boy she likes

>has cried for several hours now

67bfb4  No.358025

File: 9caf14aab32dbf5⋯.mp4 (802.98 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1458854572056.mp4)



87fa03  No.358379

472e80  No.358381


That links to nothing, anon.

87fa03  No.358383

472e80  No.358384

File: a7190af66faf469⋯.jpg (357.84 KB, 1126x1600, 563:800, image.jpg)


bing bing wahoo

5ca1dc  No.360649

If you had a Baphomet daughter, how would you be able to tell her apart from her mother when she is grown/growing up? Seems like that would cause a few issues here and there.

0fca90  No.360650


Simple. Even if she'd look childlike too, she'd still look different by having some traits inherited from her father.

fafe98  No.360652


horn size, seriously this is stupid easy

17d0eb  No.360656

File: d6a0a62d7c2b5e7⋯.gif (987.86 KB, 500x281, 500:281, BW75LNL.gif)


>>"I'M GOING TO KILL MYSELF!" she begins sobbing

good luck with that one bud, youre already dead

b48089  No.360697


I can one up this idea:

>dullahan is at school

>accidently shoved by someone

>falls on the floor

>head comes off

>everybody freaks the fuck out

e5c477  No.360699


> undead daughteru throwing a tantrum


> Dad joke sense tingling

< "Omae Wa Shindeiru"

c1a6c2  No.360747

>fairy waifu

>holy fuck the kids are small

>changing diapers with tweezers

>feeding them with repurposed eyedroppers

>once they learn to fly they vanish into any small space

>more than once you and your waifu go flying around the mall (in her case literally) looking for the little bastards

>and then there's the constant fear of one of them winding up underfoot

>on the other hand, holy fuck are they adorable

>more than once you've found yourself having to hold perfectly still because they've taken up residence on your head

>over the fireplace is a picture of exactly that, you taking a selfie with the wife and kids dead to the world in your hair

>that one picture is worth it all

e4874d  No.360773


>Not simply telling your cute daughter to turn the 3DS down while suffering a bit of inconvenience to let her comfortably lie in your lap while you work.

Kind of a pathetic dad if you ask me.

7f4dee  No.360873


Dad jokes are all the reason I need to want a family.

>tell a Holstaur daughteru not to have a cow

>tell a centaur to hold her horses

>tell a slime girl shes in a sticky situation when shes in trouble

>tell a bummed out succubus that it succs to be her

>tell a from girl she's really hopping.

And those are just the ones related to a daughteru's species. There's so many more for every day use.

<"I'm hungry"

>"hi, Hungry. I'm Dad"

And so on.

0fca90  No.360877


>tomboyish holstaur daughteru that tells people "don't have a cow, man"

7f4dee  No.361054


That is the day I will shed tears of pure pride and joy.

0c3f24  No.361077

File: 4d447c9ef12cf97⋯.jpg (85.87 KB, 678x600, 113:100, __original_drawn_by_twrlar….jpg)

File: 56c6e64a8c62ca8⋯.jpg (120.39 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, 1465723129129-1.jpg)

52a6a9  No.361102

File: 94c3236737af6cf⋯.jpg (739.51 KB, 1108x1442, 554:721, tunnel_sneks_rule.jpg)


>How would you tell they're your daughteru

Pic related, but with snek instead of AY PAPI

cf72fb  No.361111

File: 916c4d5f4731e3f⋯.png (410.92 KB, 1451x957, 1451:957, Unicorn13.png)

>Marry unicorn waifu and have cute daughteru

>Try to be best husband/dad possible

>Get modified horse trailer to drive them about

>Modify house to be more comfortable for them

>Buy them good horse shoes for both pavement and indoors

>Always be there for advice and emotional support

>Help daughter with school and make sure she gets into a good college w/ scholarship

>Struggle to find good virgin boy for daughteru before college, but fail

>Be a little nervous sending her to college, but know I raised her right


>Daughter visits home and says she has something to tell us

>Go to pick her up at train station and find her waiting

>..along with boy and another monster girl

>Daughteru hugs me, but struggles to say something

>She looks me in the eye and musters up the courage to speak

<"Dad, I want to become a bicorn."

wat do?

be38a0  No.361115


Look up the going rate for glue these days.

c97d04  No.361116


Depends on the vixen’s race. My wife damn sure wouldn’t let any daughter of her’s get cucked by a lamia.

e5c477  No.361117

>>361111 (curse your digits)

Dammit /cuckquean/. I swear to God that on the Day of the Rape I'm going to track one of you degenerates down and brutally cherish you in a strictly monogamous relationship. I'm going to tenderly hug you, hold your hand, and give you Eskimo kisses. I will snuggle and cuddle you without an ounce of mercy. Then I'm going to introduce you to my parents and marry you in a small, intimate ceremony in the old chapel. I'll ruthlessly build us a house in the country where we can raise our children in a wholesome environment.


0fca90  No.361118

File: 08040eeacb75838⋯.png (303.12 KB, 1854x1625, 1854:1625, cuckquean pls.png)


Reminds me of this.

4d6124  No.361129


monsters don't use the father's genetic material monster reproduction is basically parthenogenesis

afa3a2  No.363336

File: 6aae89d7c6d5458⋯.jpeg (123.92 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, 18C59337-E8EA-4C0F-9C2D-E….jpeg)


>stonking great new tits that apparently come included with every horsepussy conversion pack

Gets me every time.

0fca90  No.363348

File: 69ad8ef9b59554f⋯.png (4.01 MB, 2696x2568, 337:321, nightmare loli.png)


What horsepussies probably have the smallest tits and which have the largest? Nightmares are built for comfy dream times, so would they have more pillowy tits to rest your head between? And in terms of this thread, what happens if your nightmare daughteru wants to give you happy innocent dreams to practice using her powers but mistakenly "walks in" on a lewd dream your wife is giving you?

ced146  No.363382


What if your nightmare daughteru gives you full lewd dreams with the excuse that "it isn't real so who cares?" and her mother agrees?

0fca90  No.363383


Then they both have to go to dream time-out for a few nights.

ced146  No.363389


Isn't denial the equivalent of rape(not the good kind) to monsters?

0fca90  No.363390


It doesn't have to consist of the entire night, but they both have to go to it for at least a little while each night.

105e22  No.363619


>want to have kid with mantis girl

>this one promises she won't eat me during sex

>starts biting neck

>nope the fuck out, file for divorce AGAIN

>getting real fuckin sick of trying to fuck mantisgirl, just want to cuddle like cmon

270978  No.363621


>>tell a from girl she's really hopping.

>from girl

tell a from girl, after knocking her over, that poise is working as intended :^)

582817  No.364640

My human daughter has come home crying more than once asking me why she's so different from the other girls; asking me why she doesn't have wings, a tail, or fluffy ears.

Fuck race mixers and their mongrel abominations they call spawn. This used to be a nice town before you bastards started moving in!

ba2570  No.395905


Don’t worry man, your daughter will find a nice P-slime or kitsunebi to merge with and then she’ll fit right in with the other girls.

9052d2  No.395908


>Having daughters

I cannot concieve or fathom anything more cucked

38f1f5  No.395910

File: cb9c7c1af8dde42⋯.jpg (20.12 KB, 255x255, 1:1, noice.jpg)


>Thinks having a loving family qualifies as cucked.

>Will probably die alone.

ba2570  No.395914


He’s referencing this new greentext about how raiding a daughter meets all the criteria for the definition of a cuckold relationship because: A) You’re emotionally and materially investing in a woman, B) who won’t have sex with you, and C) will eventually leave you for another man, potentially behind you’re back and/or while still expecting support from you.

I think it came from /pol/, I don’t really know. Saw it once and didn’t save it.

I found it fascinating, if only as a demonstration/parody of how so many internet denizens have become so porn-addicted and divorced from healthy social contact that they are unable to conceive of any type of human relationships that aren’t transactionally sexual in nature.

38f1f5  No.395916


Well, color me shocked. I guess I should lurk more.

8d0bb9  No.395944

File: 38d89e6a8c1e0b7⋯.png (574.91 KB, 1137x630, 379:210, 38d89e6a8c1e0b7ff517436b5d….png)


little psychology fun fact, fathers have an interesting ability to identify their children in both crowds and at a distance better than mothers. it's theorized that this is the case because deep down men have an aversion towards raising children who are not our own; we don't wanna be a cuckold and so place higher value on our own children.

so yeah basically the father would know, risk of a false positive would be negligible.

2caf8e  No.395970

>dragon daughter becomes obsessed with pre-DOTR monster stories

>hates being seen in human form

>keeps talking about the day when Lilith will be overthrown and monsters will go back to eating humans instead of dating them

>she hasn't actually tried to eat anyone, although apparently she's convinced a boy at school that she will

>wife says it's just a phase

8ab369  No.395973



Pretty sure that kind of copypasta are several years old:

**If you are having kids, ABORT YOUR DAUGHTERS

A reminder: Only betas raise daughters.

Only a beta would spend thousands of dollars raising a girl so she get fucked by another man.

Only a beta would spend his entire life giving love and affection to a girl so she can rebel against him the moment she's a teenager.

You are supposed to have sexual control over your female family members. This is impossible in modern society. Therefore, having a daughter means you're willingly cucking yourself.

Alphas raise sons. Sons grow up to be conquerors.

Daughters grow up to be conquered. Is that what you want? To have your family conquered by another man?**

8ab369  No.395974


Aaaaand fucked up spoilers. Brb commit suduko.

9052d2  No.395995

File: 9aa6341ec7d3c58⋯.mp4 (2.55 MB, 854x480, 427:240, Advanced_Hobbit_Philosophy.mp4)


>He needed the joke explained to him


38f1f5  No.396090

File: a7903e10781167f⋯.jpg (42.36 KB, 640x678, 320:339, a7903e10781167fd7343e80e4b….jpg)


We learn something new everyday.

6c457c  No.396282

File: c1289cc747251a0⋯.jpg (127.04 KB, 768x768, 1:1, Ultimate cuck.jpg)


>didn’t save it.

I have this insted.

ddf921  No.396285


We are talking about mamono daughters, who are going to be the ones doing the ravaging.

c9e11b  No.396286



There is another option based on that reasoning. Not many people would like it though.

The dark elf special. Dick the daughteru.

6ae9bf  No.396291

861df4  No.396296


Daughterus are for headpats, hugs, and shoulder rides, not for sexual.

6b875a  No.396299

File: 402868d4f172f83⋯.gif (2.87 MB, 320x240, 4:3, 1353970402541.gif)


So cuckolds are trying to defend their shitty fetish by conflating handing over your daughter to handing over your wife to other men? I think this says a lot more about the pathology of cucks than it does highlight any hypocrisy inherent of sane non-faggots.

Since the principle of raising a daughter is different than being in a relationship with a woman.

0e1707  No.396302


Reminds me of how furfags will try to lump /monster/ in with them. Pathetic really. The shitty also fun part of having daughters is when they find a husband. More so if they're the type to reach sexual maturity at a younger age.

3a4c47  No.396307


you have to remember that degenerates like them see everything in a sexual context just like most furfags. they have no personality other than being a slave to their morally absent fetishes, and any other logic in their brains will only be used to excuse their indulgence in said chaos-fetishes

6b875a  No.396309



The root cause would be post-modernism and a lack of any and all respect for objective truth and principle.

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