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File: 3d956d18d0db742⋯.jpg (216.88 KB, 1950x1300, 3:2, 06317ffec0ddf47ea73f00cab9….jpg)

File: bcc99c134f36176⋯.jpg (122.24 KB, 418x550, 19:25, Mermaid_0.jpg)

File: ae86f427a17797a⋯.jpg (124.21 KB, 418x550, 19:25, MermaidRecolor1.jpg)

6ce1fc  No.365892

Let's discuss the various breeds and variations of Monster girls. Like for example, the mermaid. What would a Bass Mermaid look like, a Guppy Mermaid Or even an Oscar Mermaid? What about Catgirls? What would a Russian blue catgirl look like compared to a Tabby catgirl? And the same with doggirls, harpies and so on. I ask cause when people discuss monster girls, it always seems stuck to one default look. And I wanna see what we as a board could come up with given the various breeds of animals that a lot of monster girls are made out of.

Any write or drawfag contributions would be greatly welcomed and is highly encouraged

380734  No.365896

>bass mermaid


Also, if kobolds are based around dogs. A doberman kobold would be sp00ky: big, buff, black, looks like she just came out of prison.

806d87  No.365897

File: 2724314fa8efc6c⋯.gif (3.58 MB, 228x170, 114:85, aa5.gif)


>Flemish Giant Wererabbit

a86a74  No.365904


>A doberman kobold would be sp00ky: big, buff, black, looks like she just came out of prison.

Doesn't sound that much different from a hellhound.

b2c772  No.365936

File: 0da3500eeb93972⋯.jpg (66.82 KB, 729x486, 3:2, Newfoundland-onWhite-012-1.jpg)

>newfie dog kobold

>incredibly tol

>extra thicc

>3x more floof than regular wans

Don't tell her the mailman's schedule though

dbf26b  No.365937


You going to need groom her a lot though or else you're going to get fur could get matted

dbf26b  No.365939


It's a hellhound that will listen to you. what not to like?

cf2b06  No.365942

File: 9a5a6464db0d63c⋯.jpg (80.8 KB, 625x468, 625:468, CC-Nothing-new-under-the-s….jpg)

File: 18c9951149b1fbf⋯.jpg (61.44 KB, 401x500, 401:500, St._Bernards_-_To_The_Resc….jpg)

File: 7d0f1256ca05d38⋯.jpg (1.46 MB, 3169x2113, 3169:2113, Hummel_Vedor_vd_Robandahoe….jpg)

Do St. Bernard kobolds work with white horns to save travelers in the mountains?

0232c6  No.365945


>Ovcharka kobold

>like thrice as big as your average kobold


>x6 fluffier than a fucking sheep

Don't tell her where the Chechens are though.

259067  No.365949

>Husky wanfu.

>High energy.

>Too damn smart.

>Excellent team player.


>Marathon fuck sessions followed by marathon cuddle sessions.

>Have to keep the little ones on leashes, otherwise they murderize any small mammals and birds they can get their paws on.

>The first time your daughter brings home a dead rabbit in her mouth is a moment of pride, the next ten times that week make you worried she may be a serial killer.

>Waifu still has to resist the urge to tackle our Whitehorn neighbor.


>Adorable as fuck when the daughterus are tuckered out, sleeping on the snow with their tails covering their noses.

a4e05f  No.365960

Piranha lolis that are always hungry and travel in packs

a131e2  No.365975


>sandworm variant based on the Skolex

>lives in river and lake beds instead of deserts

>delicious brown skin contrasting a pale white exterior

>uses her normal looking humie bits to bait unsuspecting husbands to the water edge

>secretes a highly valuable and flammable oil but the process of extracting it requires hanging this giant fucking worm in the air and collecting what drips

all of them are unknowingly into bondage and you're essentially just collecting arousal as they thrash around all flustered and sexually confused

f02770  No.366017

File: dc9b71b30e04a3c⋯.jpg (67.23 KB, 640x480, 4:3, img-3091_orig.jpg)





What about a great Pyrenees kobold?

380734  No.366020

f02770  No.366051

File: cafe27d0c7159ff⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.9 KB, 166x250, 83:125, 1497993993782s.jpg)

>mfw I'm at the beach and the megalodon shark girl starts trying to "re-enact" the jaws movie with me

<"you better fire your 'rifle' into my mouth before I gobble you up!~"

>wat do?

3b27b4  No.366052

File: f582ec971f1f081⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.16 MB, 1661x2367, 1661:2367, Mershark21.png)

dfd15c  No.366099

File: ea27155d6261f8a⋯.jpg (94.41 KB, 960x856, 120:107, MaineCoon.jpg)

File: b012ae7193a8192⋯.jpg (179.36 KB, 880x1100, 4:5, MaineCoon2.jpg)


>Maine Coon Catgirl.

>Big girl.

>For most people.

>Kinda buff.

>So much fluff.

>So soft.

>Especially her mane.

>Strangers often believe she's a Lioness Girl.

>Danukis everywhere wish their tails could be so fluffy.

>And let's not forget them big triangular ears with that tuft at the tip.

>So cute.

>Fairly talkative.

>Likely to go neurotic if left alone for too long.

>Gentle giant.

>Hugs are like heavenly caress.

>Except in summer.

>Too god-damn warm.

>Some find her scary-looking, you think she's the most amazing woman of all-time.

6ecf82  No.366111

How would a Titanoboa, AkA 40'+ dinosaur snake, lamia bode?

>Miia long tail, except motherly curves

>About as tall as an amazon "standing up"

7b7423  No.366112


>What would a Bass Mermaid look like, a Guppy Mermaid Or even an Oscar Mermaid?

Or a fur-bearing trout mermaid?

f02770  No.366125

>ywn be taken by surprise as your chameleon lizardman gf ambushes you and uses her long, sticky tongue to please you

>ywn play hide and seek with your daughteru who hasnt realized she accidentally turned red trying to blend in with a blue blanket

Why must this thread exist? Its only making me feel feels I shouldn't be feeling

b2c772  No.366129

File: 29e7adb74ad8bd8⋯.png (182.88 KB, 326x430, 163:215, skyboner.png)

17bdfe  No.366177


Not too well for my skeleton, but oh so very well for my dick.

ba5efd  No.366180


I think you attached the wrong image man.

c7fb02  No.366197

Can't flesh it out now, but I figure variants of moths can easily differ due to region and their overall shapes.

>Regal Moth

>Luna Moth

Saw a regal moth just outside of work, trying to get out of the sun.

dbf01c  No.366220

File: bdc9432013ba918⋯.jpg (55.79 KB, 351x500, 351:500, NEOBK-1845447.jpg)

Answer to the question of different mermaid species


the characters are all various fish species, with the main character being an angler fish

5f6590  No.366259

Sand Dragon

>Dark skin

>Chubby, to hold on to water

>Lazy, to preserve energy

>Black and orange scales

>Perpetually horny due to being too lazy to chase men

>Fat tail

>Basically just a really big gila monster woman, but don't ever suggest that to one

6ecf82  No.366334

Oh yeah, what if a lamia ends up with two heads?

7d8816  No.366344


Angler fish

>makes it mate a vestigial ballsack connected to it

ebf4dd  No.366408

File: 3028b7adba33ef3⋯.jpg (71.5 KB, 636x358, 318:179, Jackalope.jpg)

>cute, cuddly, fuzzy and quick

>wants to make babies all the time

>herbivore, have yard-is fed

>sheds horns, no need of coathangers

That's pretty much all I can think of right now, but have yet to see one of these pop up around these parts.

294fe1  No.366421


I also rarely see gator/croc girls unless its some furshit.

But i dont really blame people for sticking with whats considered 'canon'

e3c36b  No.366423


I still want sewer gator girls that are albino with pink/red eyes like described in the urban legends about them.

f02770  No.366531



I wonder if KC would actually take the time to make that

e3c36b  No.366533


It might depend on whether or not he starts doing other urban rumor mamono. He's already done mothman, so it's not out of the question.

f02770  No.366538


He did the mothman? Did he make it a loli like he did the wendigo?

e3c36b  No.366543

File: 4d194c0cf20aa7f⋯.png (173.77 KB, 513x790, 513:790, mothman pic.png)


Nah, he made her fluffy.

f02770  No.366548


If that's the case then I need to find out if he made more urban legend waifus, fingers crossed for the gator/crocs

e3c36b  No.366558


He never did unfortunately. Hopefully he makes an Ammit one day.

e232ab  No.366564


Wouldn't that be stepping on our toes?

e3c36b  No.366565


I dunno anon. If he "coincidentally" makes her look similar to how anons have described her as looking like in their dreams then it would be an excellent source of morale for us.

6ecf82  No.366620


Speaking of moths, how fluffy would a Poodle Moth girl be?

e3c36b  No.366624


The fluffiest. I actually think there's some art of a poodle moth girl somewhere but I'm not sure. Isn't the girl in the timetravel hentai actually a poodle moth girl?

f02770  No.366639


Probably really fucking fluffy

7c9652  No.366669

File: 54b8a166f8a75ed⋯.jpeg (409.75 KB, 1418x2217, 1418:2217, 1AB69826-B83A-45FB-A45B-4….jpeg)


Imagine resting between the pillowy breasts of a full fluffy MILF moth.

d18b3e  No.366776

File: 615dbd6182314b5⋯.jpg (13.93 KB, 255x215, 51:43, 8c5fc278843e0ce77ea9e57419….jpg)

3b27b4  No.366814

File: 7c1ba26900c1ea3⋯.png (26.08 KB, 301x200, 301:200, fa87a6e4-d594-4ce2-9fef-e9….png)


6ecf82  No.368721

Would Flemish Giant bunny girls often turn out to be Amazonian in height?

495ec8  No.368728

File: 84da4a240cdc996⋯.png (9.21 MB, 2640x4196, 660:1049, lomji.png)

File: 467dc7d466b9db0⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1280x1167, 1280:1167, tumblr_pc3d6yD8O21v2gw9ko2….png)


Mother Lumi is a good girl

495ec8  No.368729

File: 2dbfbde90b838b4⋯.png (3.34 MB, 2114x2461, 2114:2461, penios.png)

ca5c64  No.368890


Being big is literally the Flemish Giant Rabbit's defining trait. So Flemish Giant Bunnygirls should, logically, be so tall that their boyfriends are perfectly placed to be head-level with their almost Holstaur-sized bosoms.

202034  No.368922

File: 76c20efc0a2b0b8⋯.jpg (10.6 KB, 300x262, 150:131, dwarf angora rabbit.jpg)

>dwarf angora rabbitgirls

>compact for easy carrying

>fluffy as fuck

>cute as a button

yes please

f02770  No.369672


My only question is if she can dig or not

6ecf82  No.369674

Would you rather headpat a Pygmy Shark girl or a Whale Shark girl?

7c9652  No.369675


A cookie cutter

7b7423  No.369676

File: c3d60b1c2418d71⋯.jpg (197.64 KB, 2263x1024, 2263:1024, serveimage.jpg)

when's fluffy mermaid?

c1b8d0  No.369696


>Pygmy and Lantern Sharks

>blackish (like hellhounds) loli mershark

>Partially blind and sensitive to light, yet has some bioluminescence abilities

>Some can produce a ball of light (through innate magic)

>A NEET that sleeps…a lot

>Will incubize you quickly to allow you to travel to her home in the deep depth cities of the mermaid kingdom so you two can sleep in all day

>Whale Shark

>Nice, thick, and juicy mershark

>somewhat larger than you, but never conscious of her height or weight

>Not much of a meat eater, except for shrimp which she's addicted to

>Easy-going and peaceful

>Doesn't have sharp teeth like the other mersharks, probably has a perma-braces look to her

>Enjoys cuddles and slowly drifting in the sea with you

I like nice, thick, and juicy girls so I'd pick a whale mershark any day. Next question: Firefly Beelzebubs or Hoverfly (bee mimics) Beelzebubs?

f02770  No.369736


>go on a vacation to mexico

>end up getting mugged and stranded in the desert

>only thing they didn't take, other than your clothes, was a broken compass

>thankfully you've had it long enough to know which way north really was

>decide to get going and find the nearest town

>been walking for a few hours and the sun is about to set

>might as well listen to your feet and call it a night

>find huge piles of rocks

>go to rest your back and head against one and try and sleep

>this rock doesn't feel like the other rocks

>in one fell swoop what you thought was a rock tosses you a couple feet away

>the other rocks start to rumble and break

>from the pile of freshly made pebbles emerges what you think is a dragon

>this isn't like any dragon you've seen before

>the usual green or red scales are now solid black and specs of sandy orange

>her skin is a nice chocolate caramel color from lying in the sun all day


>its like she has a large beanbag chair attached

>your about to have a fit of laughter at her tail when you notice she is staring right at you

>sure enough, she charges right at you


>you take off in full sprint in god knows what direction

>run by piles and piles of rocks

>when you think you're in the clear, you hide behind one of the piles

>you hear your pursuer run by

>feeling of relief washes over you

>that is until she smashes through the rocks behind you and pins you under her body

>you try to squirm out to no avail

>the dragon slowly brings her face to yours

>that fucking grin

>not as bad as a Cheshire's but its still as smug as all hell

>after a small, somewhat unwanted, make out session, you feel a pain in your neck

>she is giving you the most painful hicky of your life

>she starts to gnaw on your neck a little and soon the pain turns to warmth

>your 'cactus' grows and becomes stuck between her slightly chubby cheeks

>she starts to slowly grind and soon takes you inside her

>she then gently rocks her hips

>you'd wish she would move faster but she just keeps looking into your eyes with this grin

>you finally get your arms free, grab her plump thighs and begin to have at it

>you lost count of how many times you came and you finally start to soften

>feel a familiar pain in your neck again

>its gonna be a long night

idea got stuck in my head and I thought it was a bit adorable to think of a gila monster lizard girl lay and cuddle with you while you use her tail as a pillow

2bde2e  No.369741

File: f94f0d9f777d60a⋯.jpg (393.49 KB, 1140x814, 570:407, shingleback.jpg)


If you think that tail is fat, how about a shingleback girl?

>snuggly, just wants to sleep all day (and shitpost being aussie and all)

>blue-tongued kisses

>pillow-like tail


On a similar note, shinglebacks are one of the few lizards that mate for life. Every year the same partners find each other to reproduce, and they will even find their corpse if one of the partners is dead and mourn (which is why when you see them dead on the road they are usually in pairs). Also my pet ones love headpats/snuggles.

bc02df  No.369755

Oh I know! Warrior Wasps!

>They make marching sounds with their wings when they rape you

>Look like SWAT girls

>Will protecc you at all costs

380734  No.369780


Miss me with that loli shit.

690763  No.369839

File: 1caf5e6cb0d224a⋯.jpg (475.19 KB, 1600x2263, 1600:2263, dac5e54132c4afd6d187874028….jpg)


Does capeshit count as a monster girl?

174ec1  No.369851

File: 44c4ed42077e91f⋯.png (172.63 KB, 336x505, 336:505, goblinshark.PNG)


More for me.

b95495  No.369860

File: 019ee419dcbfc88⋯.mp4 (1.65 MB, 840x468, 70:39, gnGLFfc.mp4)

Goblin shark girl

>Absurdly shy

>Eyesight is poor, uses glasses

>Skin is very pale and sensitive

>Kinda sickly

>Peerless queen of blowjobs

f04d5c  No.369861


Yes if they're some kind of mutant or alien. We had capeshit threads in the past and the frog and acid girl has been posted here before.

1baa52  No.369865


I first wrote in "petite and short" but that still didn't fit right with me. The real pygmy shark's size, which is a mere nine inches. Nine inches, about the length of my hand span! How else am I to portray them without going full toddler-con degeneracy like KC's "dwarves" or the out-of-place shortstack midget? Just do what Seven Seas does and head-cannon the loli away.

Captcha: yan gip

6ecf82  No.369881


So for example, instead of a loli the Pygmy's a cute little shortstack.

f02770  No.369922


Aren't those the ones that shoot their tails at a predator?

c1b8d0  No.369925

File: eebe4a4362e25fe⋯.jpg (694.65 KB, 2272x1704, 4:3, loli mershark.jpg)

File: 9872945b7d731c4⋯.jpg (78.19 KB, 1005x709, 1005:709, shortstack houlster mersha….JPG)

File: e44024381d26d9a⋯.jpg (50.78 KB, 470x353, 470:353, shortstack mershark.jpg)


Dude, you're way overestimating the size of the Pygmy. It's not even a shortstack, just look at the first pic. It's thin, small, short, flat, itty, bitty. It's a loli. I know you don't like loli, but you can't get around 1-1 reference without making absurd leaps of logic. Not headcannon can save you.

If you want a shortstack, then a bullhead shark or cat shark is more your speed.

4defc3  No.369967


Couldn't you just make it a minigirl like that one guy's silverfish oomukade?

c1b8d0  No.369990


>that one guy's silverfish oomukade?

Can you show me?

87dbbb  No.370045


It was from a greentext, I'll try to find that

87dbbb  No.370137

c1b8d0  No.370147


Thanks mate! That story's cute.

>Pygmy and Lantern Sharks (Revised)

>blackish (like hellhounds) mini mershark, like a mature fairy

>Partially blind and sensitive to light, yet has some bioluminescence abilities

>Some can produce a ball of light (through innate magic)

>A NEET that sleeps…a lot

>Will incubize you quickly to allow you to travel to her home in the deep depth cities of the mermaid kingdom so you two can sleep in all day in her comfy flat

>The extreme water pressure/mamano magic will shrink you like those who go to the fairy kingdom, so if strectching's not you're thing, don't worry.

4a4fdd  No.370378

File: 1f2d9aaf4e9de3e⋯.jpg (41.72 KB, 320x283, 320:283, 1f2.jpg)

6ecf82  No.370677


>Even as a daughter the Warrior Wasp loves to hug her dad's leg or arm and promise he'll be safe

That would be quite wholesome. Speaking of bee girls, would bumblebee girls be fluffier or curvier?

87dbbb  No.370679


why not both?

6ecf82  No.370701


Because some bullshit choice reasons, I get it.

>Almost like cuddling with a motherly Jubjub

>Even her bee abdomen is pretty soft to the touch

>Insert motherly bee girl who'd find a liking to cuddling with you

b2d3ed  No.370733


Miss me with that reddit shit and normalfag speech.



b2d3ed  No.370754


>and I still fuck up the formatting regardless of the number of years I’ve been *stuck* here.

Regardless of my own ineptitude, my point still stands.

c9dde9  No.370767




Real-life bumblebees are both fluffier and thicker than the European honey bees.

See: https://www.thesca.org/connect/blog/bumblebees-vs-honeybees-what%E2%80%99s-difference-and-why-does-it-matter

>Married to fluffy, thick, and healthy bumblebee girl

>Fell in love because of her sweet and friendly, yet easy-going, demeanor, compared to her honey bee cousins

>Lives in a very comfy hobbit hole-like house and is a great home maker, though not as organized as the honey bees

>You both probably won't be wealthy, but she's a god-tier home chef and knows how to cook with whatever you got. She's frugal and can teach you how to make the most out of anything

>You both don't have as many children as the honey bee families, but your family is more intimate and close

>Very patient, would never lose her cool unless someone threatens her family

>Not the most agile nor quick-witted, but she still acts cute and adorable none the same. Also is surprisingly strong and resilient.

>Her fluff and wide hips and large breasts mean that you will experience the most comfy lovemaking ever

>You and your family would hibernate for the winter, with a good heating system in place. Most cold winter days will be filed with slow, warm, and sleepy lovemaking. You'd reach comfy levels we'd never thought possible

I couldn't find any decent bumblebee girl art. Oh well.

bc02df  No.370915

File: e482fbab7ec9c83⋯.png (2.27 MB, 1182x1863, 394:621, qy84JQEUTqHkSuC0trlLt82BAD….png)

Cursed YSS AR-15

7c9652  No.370934

Mobile Matango


380734  No.370950


We NEED more cursed firearms.


b45cfd  No.370959


>be person who has Husky Waifu

>life's pretty good

>your wife is cute, loyal, fluffy and genki

>but no one's perfect

>like all dogs she has one point to her that some may consider a turn-off

>she won't shut up


>you wake up to her licking your face and telling you about all the bunnygirls she chased in her dreams

>at the breakfast table the sound of bacon frying can barely be heard over her narrating her actions like she's on some cooking show

>staying 'til the end of her send-off would have you an hour late for work

>you have to put your phone on speaker during lunch if you want both hands free to eat

>you'd never imagined how many ways someone would be able to say "You were gone for so long!" or "I missed you so much, never leave again!" when you get home

>feeling her tell you about how the "faggot cat" across the road won't stop "smugging" at her while your dick's down her throat is certainly an interesting experience

>you've given up on reminding her not to talk with her mouth full during dinner

>she'll go on forever about the shows you watched afterwards while you wash her hair

>during your bed-time activities her fantasies about all the puppies you'll have together get interrupted by cute little yips and moans while you pound her from behind

>she'll occasionally let out soft little wans while asleep, barking at imaginary bunnygirls

>it's in quiet moments like these that you remember how quiet your life was before she fell into it

>and you smile as you realise it will never be that way again

6ecf82  No.370962


So would a Cursed .950 JDJ be voluptuous or strong? Or both, like an oni?

bc02df  No.370968


After marriage, the cursed .950 jdj sprouts a special seat, it's for her husband to carry him around since he no longer has hips that can be detected by medical scans, she would be tall, busy, and strong.

However brutal the sex is she only needs to come once, and if you are still hard, the rest of the session is spent caring for your boner

6ecf82  No.370976


So basically the Ushi-Oni of the cursed firearm girls. Fascinating. Suppose other big guns like the M134 Minigun and RPK have a similar deal too?

757515  No.370982

File: 438a4e27c9e801c⋯.jpg (102.06 KB, 530x749, 530:749, RPK.jpg)

File: 27b09c7555f7ed5⋯.jpg (55.59 KB, 529x800, 529:800, RPK_Maid.jpg)

File: 680db7642bebb85⋯.jpg (139.2 KB, 728x1050, 52:75, upotte-nano-4161241.jpg)

File: a720a8125d36329⋯.jpg (175.27 KB, 728x1050, 52:75, upotte-nano-4161243.jpg)



Rather than going for cursed weapons which are just normal women who have been possessed by a weapon, it would make more sense to consider the personification of the gun itself instead since that would actually alter her appearance beyond covering her in black stuff. If we use upotte as inspiration for gun girls then weight translates to breast size, length determines height (smgs are typically primary schoolers but there are exceptions like the Thompson, battle rifles are typically highschoolers), fire rate determines how energetic they are (1000rpm tend to be hyperactive and chatterboxes. Burst fire tend to do things in short bursts before needing to rest a bit.). With that in mind minigun would be very busty, hyperactive, not as tall as the JDJ, and since she doesn't have a stock she wouldn't wear pantsu. RPK having an AK heritage would be kemomimi type (animal ears and tail), middle schooler hight, busty and wear normal pantsu.

93190f  No.370985


What about an anti-material rifle? You know, those big fuck-off sized sniper rifles with ammunition so big you could use them as a dildo (I'm probably exaggerating, I'm not a gun expert, I just like big guns, big guns with large magazines, and big sci-fi revolvers).

d27c65  No.370987


>Big girls UUUU


>Mostly Aras

>Incredibly strong, good at demolition work

>Like to take things slow and prefer setup

b5482e  No.370989

File: 84d616238d53593⋯.jpg (11.82 MB, 5184x3456, 3:2, Lahti_L-39_Mikkeli_2.JPG.jpg)


Also, imagine a Lahti L39 girl.

A huge Finnish MILF that walks around in skis all the time. Has 20mm ammo, so just demolishes most things she hits.

Ara Ara. Seems like I forget my own strength sometimes.

380734  No.370990


Looks up ammo


685782  No.371000



Now imagine howitzer girls, railway gun girls and Mass Accelerator Cannon girls

bc02df  No.371005


Literal giantesses

On request, they will take you out of their vaginas to touch their oppai, and shove s holstaur in there to keep you fed.

c9dde9  No.371008


>Cursed Uzi

How would you feel leaving with a Curse Weapon/(((Danuki))) hybrid?

93190f  No.371012

File: c1fcb57328d5c3a⋯.jpg (12.06 KB, 255x240, 17:16, doggo_what_the_fug.jpg)

File: d26a588e386160e⋯.jpg (75.66 KB, 567x640, 567:640, Dear lord.jpg)

File: fcceed3f1ab2e38⋯.gif (310.18 KB, 500x286, 250:143, excalibur_face_disgust_ani….gif)


That's disgusting

6ecf82  No.371037


How 'bout Amazon-sized instead?

6c3036  No.371041

File: 03a7335583d8101⋯.jpg (41.6 KB, 450x688, 225:344, devil.jpg)

File: 7913c11723ff42c⋯.jpg (72.45 KB, 622x899, 622:899, demon.jpg)

Man I wish there was a in-between for the Devil and Demon.

They are both great but I wish there was a blueberry teen version of the two to complete the transition from devil to demon.

e232ab  No.371045


Get a teenage demon to cosplay as a devil

379466  No.371046


Call it a Fiend maybe?

018031  No.371057


>inb4 we monsterize naval cannons

>inb4 we monsterize naval cannons while they're still on the ship

>inb4 the ship girl thread becomes hilarious as you imagine the girls lugging around other girls to shoot enemies with

bc02df  No.371067

f02770  No.371073

File: 5eef42e676f9bdf⋯.jpg (71.15 KB, 604x453, 4:3, 5eef42e676f9bdfd429f0b0f45….jpg)


>go to the park one day

>a rowboat/dinghy girl is offering a ride on the lake for a fee

>mostly couples and some perverts

>line is short

>why not? Its a beautiful day and I have some spare cash on me

>wait in line and pay my fee

<you know, a couple extra bucks and I'll let you go around the whole lake!

>fuck it, cough up the extra cash

>needed to exercise anyway

>about 1/3 of the way around I get bored and start singing

"Row row row your boa-"



>why not?

<I've been hearing that song all damn day! If I hear it again, I'm gonna go insane!

>if I don't stop singing?

<I'll end the ride right then and there! No refunds either!

>but wouldn't that mean we both fall into the water?

<I'll just turn back while you drown!

>but then nobody would be able to row you to shore…

<I –

>I should not do this

>do it anyway


<AH! Stop it!

>she can only sit there and whine and complain

>its honestly adorable

>on the other side of the lake now, still singing at the top of my lungs

>my vocal chords are gonna hate me but its worth it

>see some kids birthday party on the shore

>purposely row closer and motion them to sing with me

>mfw they actually do


>decided to have some mercy and finally row back to the docks while quietly humming

>arms sore

>hands got numerous blisters

>my back is aching

>lungs burn

>throat would be yelling at me if I hadn't already lost my voice

>word gets around and now every boat girl treats me gives me a look of disgust

>still worth it

f02770  No.371074


A bit of a typo on the second to last line, but oh well

d18b3e  No.371641

File: 4498ab23712589f⋯.jpg (14.18 KB, 255x159, 85:53, 6444e0fbf134d2111f378604e5….jpg)

6ecf82  No.372994

How would parrot harpies bode?

>She loves to sing

>She loves to act as characters such as an over-stereotypical damsel-in-distress just for getting you to princess carry her to bed

>Should probably do something about her being talkative when the time comes

af89f7  No.372995

File: 3fc5f6c0fd6fe5f⋯.gif (1.42 MB, 255x195, 17:13, 1445395320980.gif)


Take it from someone who lives in a house with parrots, if she gets even slightly upset at you she'll scream loud enough to cause physical pain.

5d438c  No.372996

File: 9caf14aab32dbf5⋯.mp4 (802.98 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Ojou sama want a cracker.mp4)



d78af9  No.373037

File: d8b05e881f574a6⋯.webm (200.8 KB, 640x480, 4:3, music.webm)


Cool, I finally have an excuse to post this useless piece of shit I made a while ago.

>tfw no harpy maiden to screech sweet nothings into my ears and make them bleed

46c1c5  No.373046

File: 3e2418d41f59a1e⋯.jpg (57.16 KB, 770x515, 154:103, cunt.jpg)

>Australian Magpy Harpy

>Clever by harpy standards but as dumb as a bag of bricks by other standards

>Cyclists are the devil, swoops on them.

>Don't even think about touching the kids, you'll make an enemy for life. In fact, don't even come within a mile of them. Cunt.

>Veggie-mite is al-rite.

>Every time you think she's irredeemably stupid she hits you with a true Australian shitpost that leaves you whincing for weeks

>Hope you like drinking and cornettos, because she does


6ecf82  No.374595

File: ac69592a0775957⋯.jpg (203.99 KB, 638x941, 638:941, Oomukade16.jpg)

How different would a Millipede girl be compared to the Oomukade? Would Millipede girls be more gentle?

cb87aa  No.374610


They might be the more outgoing and gentle, yes. Though, they could also have some curve when compared to their flat cousins.

bb9c2d  No.374619

File: f9a5fcddd91e10a⋯.jpg (129 KB, 994x803, 994:803, millipede_by_dunceneygak-d….jpg)

File: c03719dc4d9767a⋯.png (1003.6 KB, 661x490, 661:490, millipede-chan's curvy com….png)


Also millipedes in real life use odorous chemicals for self-defense, so monster girl millipedes probably will also always smell nice with naturally-produced perfumes.


Only "some curve"? You can't imagine a thick millipede girl coiling with you in her bountiful bosom and delicious chitin hips?

b523b8  No.374630

File: 9baec927c888995⋯.png (174.25 KB, 620x877, 620:877, sandworm01.png)

Forest Mudworm

>A sandworm variant

>Thrives in forests, swamps, and sometimes the plains

>Shell is much tougher and contains grooves and/or spikes for better movement through dirt, mud, and clay

>Shell is colored either dark brown or dark green

>Eyes on the outside are green

>Teeth are tougher than any substance known to man, even allowing for the continuous boring through rock

>Interior remains relatively unchanged aside from eye color

>They are warmer than their sandworm cousins to accommodate the colder climates

>In summer months, they typically lurk near water sources or deep underground to cool off

>In winter months, they lurk deep underground but away from the iced over water sources to keep warm

>Usually found surfacing on the milder days when the temperatures are not either extreme

>They typically burrow and travel deep underground as to not disturb the flora on the surface

>They will not surface in wooded areas so that trees are not destroyed, if husband hunting however, all bets are off

>Despite their even scarier and rougher appearance than the average sandworm, they're even kinder and gentler to their hubby

>Much quicker to get aggressive towards threats and are stand-offish towards others

>Just as simple minded as the average sandworm

>Usually hunts large mammals such as bears and deer for sustenance

>Those living near or in more domesticated areas will poach large farm animals for food

>Sometimes locals will give out offerings to them, selecting animals that we're long for this world, to appease them and save their better livestock

e3c36b  No.374632





On another note, another type of centipede girl would be the Con Rit, a vietnamese sea ook. Although their described coloration is a brown topside and yellow underbelly, so hopefully it wouldn't be too tricky to make them look visually appealing in spite of that.

6ecf82  No.374707


>brown topside

So what you're saying is that she'd have chocolate skin?

21c28e  No.374708


No, she'd likely still have skin like the regular ook.

6ecf82  No.375917

File: c92677a96be9a2a⋯.gif (2.12 MB, 800x600, 4:3, Tz67m.gif)

Feel like the Frankenstein-style zombie girl would be often bigger, bustier and stronger than normal. That, and they'd love electronics.

6ecf82  No.376399

Also, would a Sugar Glider girl make some warm hugs somewhere close to a Yeti?

239027  No.377148




Some moths don't have mouths and can't eat. Once they hatch from the cocoon their sole objective is to find a mate and lay eggs before they run out of energy and die.

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