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File: 55c09ce0b472c52⋯.jpg (6.7 KB, 201x250, 201:250, images(3).jpg)

File: eca16edeb92912a⋯.jpg (12.81 KB, 181x278, 181:278, images(4).jpg)

deed71  No.370514

Send over your best green texts or photos about deliquent monster girls

Also sorry for that accidental triple post

cdaf01  No.370517

File: c9e04e440baa035⋯.jpg (42.22 KB, 821x1021, 821:1021, hellhound baseball.jpg)

File: 4edf63035156db8⋯.png (4.84 MB, 5575x3000, 223:120, Running Laps.png)

Have a non-thumbnail. Also, here's Running Laps, if it can be counted as a delinquent story.

deed71  No.370519


Thanks m8

ac8ad2  No.370522

File: 0c32cc5d69da234⋯.jpg (90.19 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 0c32cc5d69da23433577c23f21….jpg)


I wanna spank that hellhound's butt and have her whack me across the head with her baseball bat.

deed71  No.370524


Well that's something you dont hear everyday

cdaf01  No.370525


Sorry anon, but I don't think a monster girl would enjoy whacking her husbando's head with a baseball bat.

deed71  No.370528


Not unless there hitting that sake together

6528c0  No.370550

File: 8305ee16b0fefe1⋯.png (1.75 MB, 1080x1445, 216:289, 1536702505253.png)

>the best way to prevent yourself from getting bullied is to show that you're not gonna take shit

>or so I thought

>drop pants in front of delinquent dragon telling her to "try it, see what happens"

>hell hath no fury like a dragon mocked

>now booking it as fast as I can down the halls

>pants still around one of my ankles

>angry embodiment of ass kicking and her group of friends right behind me

>make it outside

>friend is getting in his truck to go to work

>jump into the bed of his truck


"Anon! The fuck?! Where are your pants!?"

>see group of delinquents burst through the doors

>"I'll explain later! Just drive!"

>friend sees group of angry modern dinosaurs charging at us

>hauls ass to his house

>barely make it inside before delinquent dragon lands right behind us

>she made a crater in front of the porch

>throw everything at every entrance to at least slow em down

>now barricaded in friends house with no pants and a group of angry dragons outside

"You still haven't explained why you have no pants"

>"oh right"

>give friend a rundown of what happened up until I hopped into his truck


"Know what? I don't even wanna know. My dad ought to be home in a minute, they'll probably go away to avoid a confrontation"

>sure enough, his dad is coming down the road and sees the group of delinquents outside and us barricaded inside

>he just keeps on driving as if it wasn't his house

>friend immediately grabs the phone and calls him

>phone lines cut

>clearly friends dad isnt helping

>group of delinquent dragons don't look like they're going away anytime soon

>still no pants

>wat do?

deed71  No.370554


Tell them to that you got a chainsaw and your not afraid to use it before making some noises that most likely will fool them

Also pretty good anon

deed71  No.370561

>be me

>getting bullied by some monster girls

>idea pops into my head

>walk up to the group of monster girls before I yell out these words


>suddenly hear shrieks of anger coming from the group

>I didnt think this far.jpg

>get chased by the group as I run away

>didnt take long for me to lose my breath

>I'm also now cornered

>typed this on my phone with the little time I have

>this is it anons….I'll be seeing you guys around

6528c0  No.370563


>me and friend are freaking out about what to do

>remember my phone was in my pocket

>we look outside and see my pants near the crater

>delinquents are also fucking around friends truck

>graffiti on the side, jumping on the hood

>I swear I see one masturbating in the drivers seat while sniffing friends shirt

>leader of the group sitting in the bed keeping tabs on her friends

>"you got to get my pants back"

"What? Why me?!"

>"cause they'd smell me in an instant without my pants, you'd at least have a head start by the time they notice you."

"No! Just, no!"

>after minutes of convincing and a promise of repairing his truck he finally gives

>tell him to call my grandma when he gets the phone

>gram gram is an echidna, she ought to set them straight

>open a little entry way by window

>friend slinks through and quietly makes his way to my pants

>the madman fucking makes it

>tries calling my grandma while making his way back

>almost there, just a little more…

>'let me take you to the herding gro-und'

>ringtone goes off on full blast

>'where all good men are trampled down!'

<well, look who decided to join us

>friend drops my phone as he is being held in the air by lead delinquent

>she tosses friend into the group of dragons as she picks up my phone

>say a prayer as I see my friend get dragged into his own truck by the delinquent who was masturbating earlier

>the lead dragon answers your phone and starts asking questions

<whose this?

<what're his parents like?

<he lives where?

>for the past couple hours, the sound of my friends truck rocking back and forth has been engraved into my mind

>no one else has been going in or out of the truck, so at least they're not gang raping him

>now that I know how my friends new love life is gonna go, I got to find a way out of here

>look around for anything that can help

>a pocket knife, an airsoft gun, and some gum from friends room

>decide to check his siblings room

>only thing remotely close to useful is a toy chainsaw and some foam wood for said chainsaw

>hear car pull up

>its a pizza girl

>I didn't order pizza

>the group of delinquents eye her as she knocks on the door

<"large pepperoni with a side of wings!"

>"I never ordered anything!"

<"there's also a note saying something about a son testing his mettle or whatever."

>friends dad ordered the damn pizza

>fuck it, I'm hungry and I need something to get my mind off the rocking truck

>undo a couple barricades and grab the pizza

<"hey! What about a t-"

>see pizza girl get bodied as the lead delinquent dragon takes the opportunity while the barricades are down

>immediately slam the door and hold it closed

>lead dragon punches an arm through the door with ease

>grab the toy chainsaw and start pulling the trigger which makes a somewhat decent chainsaw sound

>"don't make me cut your arm off!"

>do my best to hide the lights on the toy

>she pulls her arm out and just looks in with a look of 'really? Just really?'

>ooohhh, right. Dragon.

>the fuck was I thinking

>get sent across the room as the door gets busted open

<enough of this shit

>start chucking foam wood at her to no avail

>she is right in front of me when I put the toy chainsaw up in a last ditch effort to keep my virginity

<try it…

>she leans in close and whispers in my ear

<see what happens…

>can't even manage a scream before I was pro actively dated

>couple hours later, its now night

>lead delinquent dragon is holding me on top of her as she eats the now cold pizza

<you know, your grandma is a sweet lady

>she gives back my phone, her number added as a contact

>she then carries me upstairs to the bedroom before falling asleep with her wings around me

>well, at least I won't be bullied anymore

deed71  No.370566


The fact you actually added in the fake chainsaw instantly makes this a 10/10

deed71  No.370571

>the year is 2020

>Todd Howard is making another port for skyrim

>to promote his game he sends out a bunch of dragon girls to bully people to promote his game

>the rate of "proactive dating" in the nation rises quickly

>suddenly Todd Howard holds a press conference

>"I've got something to reveal to you all"

>todd Howard grabs his face before he reveals he was wearing a mask

>it turns out this entire time todd was a dragon girl this whole time

>the audience tries to leave before a wave of dragon girls rush in grabbing whoever they can

>people are getting grabbed left and right as there being fucked while also being forced to buy skyrim again

>this event was known as the "Bethesda day of dating"

>fast forward multiple years later

>suddenly Ea tries to do the same thing as Bethesda

>instead of dragon girls its revealed to be a bunch of danuki who made people pay for "dlc" each time they nutted

>more and more events happen

>fast forward even more

>theres less human girls and a shit ton of monster girls now

>in fact so many that they even outnumber men…

That's enough world building for now

>be me

>in college

>one of the only single people in my college left

>theres still a high amount of monster girls that are single somehow

>because of this I get bullied by a bunch of these delinquents

>Danuki tries to constantly get me into debt in a attempt to get me to marry them

>have to avoid going out of my home at night to avoid getting ambushed by a gang of hellhounds

>cant take a piss in the bathroom because theres a bunch of onis that camped it out

>they got mark with that idea…

>theres always a bunch of salamanders trying to fight me

>somehow I've gotten away each time

>hellhounds are the worst ones to deal with

>cant eat steak anymore because it always draws them out for some reasom

>have to stay away from windows or doors during class because they can easily snatch me

>also gotta stay in the back pressed up against the corner so I can see them coming

> I can no longer go outside unless I know for sure that I wont get jumped

>they broke my door lock once

>had to get a new lock and barricaded my door just as a extra measure..

>the barricade only goes down when I'm at college

>going on 4chan is hell because if I mention I'm a guy I allways get "dick and timestamp or gtfo"

>at least I dont gotta deal with ushi onis yet…right guys?

>what should I do guys

5a1e77  No.370573


>what should I do guys

Stop going on 4chan.

df8b66  No.370574


>Wake up, look out the window to see my hellhound "girlfriend" there.


>She is now angrily tapping on the glass with her claws.

>Nod to her, get out of bed and go start walking to my bathroom.

>Until I'm interrupted with an angry growl.

>Walk over to the window an open it for her.

>She could just walk into the house, mom and dad love her.

>But no, she has to come into my room first.

>She tackles me, forcing us to the ground while she molested me.

<"I told you to be up at sunrise!"

>Resist the urge to tell her that I didn't go to sleep in my own bed last night, let alone knowing what time I passed out at.

>Relent and begin to pat her head.

>Her stifled moans tell me she's been waiting for this.

>Move my hands to her fluffy ears.

>Her shock ran across her face for a moment, before she relaxed, resting on my chest.


>I don't listen, this is the only time I have any control in our relationship.

>I begin the cheap shots, knuckle scratches at the base of the ears. Teasing her ear floof before massaging the tips.

<"You'll pay for this!"

>"I know."


>I pull her in closer and kiss her.

>Her moans into my mouth just encouraged me to move to her other weakspot.

>The base of her tail.

>Her one spot that I was told explicitly to never touch.

>And I never listened.

>Hmm, maybe that's why she was interested in me, being unnameable myself and all that.

<"Don't! Please!"

>Her begging is so cute!

>"But why?"


>She hated being cute, she hated being a "good girl"

>At least that's what she told the world.

>But with me, one hand on her head, one hand on her back, and her leg kicking like she's frustratingly trying to kickstart a dirt bike. I know she loved it.



>She's speechless as I continue my assault.

>When I was done, her breathing was ragged, mouth gaped open, eyes half shut, and totally petted out.

<"I hope you're happy."

>"I am." Shit eating grin active the entire time.

<"I'm gonna rape the shit out of you!"

>"Looking forward to it sweetie."

>A short growl preceded a ferocious kiss.

>How she always reasserted her dominance after one of our petting sessions.

<"You better get dressed fast, we're gonna ditch first and second period."

>"And if I don't?"

<"Try me."

>Her smile told me more than her tone. She was already planning my "punishment".

>"Yes ma'am."

>Oh god she is so cute when she hides her disappointment.

<"Hurry up or I'm gonna keep you locked up with me all weekend!"

>"But, that just means I get to cuddle with you afterwords."


>Her playful pat on my chest and loving eyes told me she what she refused to.

>She loved her unnameable nerd.

deed71  No.370577

File: 144e34ce5b6b591⋯.png (634.79 KB, 1357x1079, 1357:1079, unf.png)

deed71  No.370580

>be me

>have to work late at night at Wendy's

>taking orders and shit

>oni walks in before she begins to speak

<"hey when the hell do you get off your shift"

>"wait what?"

<"I said when do you get off your shift"

>"oh uh…in two minutes"

<"alright then I better see your ass in the parking lot in two minutes then"

>before I could even respond she continues to speak

<"because if you don't then I'm going to force you"

>what the actual fuck did I just hear

>she then walks away as I continue to work

>two minutes later I'm off my shift and I'm heading over to my car

>suddenly I feel a hand on my shoulder

>I turn only to see the oni from earlier

>she pushes me against my car before she takes my wallet

>she gives me her number before she leaves with my wallet

>still have no idea on why she left her number

fab743  No.370583

>Be me, badass dragon/manticore/hellhound/oni/orc take your pic, doesn't matter

>Queen of the delinquents in town

>I have respect

>I have power

>I have brains!

>Beat up thugs after school

>Go karaoke during lunch with my friends

>Tease the nerds playing pretend with dice in the library

>Go home for the day

>The moment I close the door behind me, I hear him

>My brother


>"Hey, buddy! How's my adorable little brother today?"

>Hug my little brother and ruffle his hair, kissing him on the forehead and pinch his cheeks playfully

>I love my little brother

"Hey, welcome home. How was school?"

>"Hey, mooom, school was great"

>I can't help myself, playing with my brother is pure bliss

>I don't want it to ever end

>Mommy just laughs and pats me on the head

"Well, I'm glad to see you without any bandaids today. Your father will soon be home, and then we'll have dinner."


>Help lil' bro with homework until dinner

>Dad is his usual happy self

>He's a gardener and does a lot of work all over town

"Honey, I'm home. Has my wonderful daughter come home yet, or do I have to drive to the station again?"

>"I'm already at the table, you dork."

>He just laughs and high fives me before hugging and kissing mom

>Then he sits down next to bro and chats with him

>Badass delinquent at school, happy family girl at home

f57bab  No.370588

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I would love an 80's aesthetic style story that was a mix between Yu Yu Hakusho and River city Ransom. It would basically be a contrivance to get all kinds of monstergirls to kick the shit out of each other.

>Lizard girl kasmui-chan goes to meet up with her boy toy Hiro-kun at the arcade to bully some allowance out of him after skipping class all day.

>She may put him in a choke hold for fun. Not that she wants to or anything. She just likes listening to him squeal uncle. It's his fault for showing up every time anyway. If the little shit didn't want to get bullied he'd stay home.

>He's not at their usual meeting spot. She'll have to kick his ass later.

>A squirely kid runs up to her to hand off a note before running off.

>"We kidnapped your boyfriend Hiro. If you want to see him alive again then come to the Merv building. Also, every gang in the city has your number. Good luck punk."

>Kasumi crumples the note and grunts- "Yare yare daze."

>montage kasumi going around town beating up various gang members.

>"We're the Naga 9's you won't get past us!"


> There's a pile of naga girls moaning and weeping.

>"Alright! Alright! You can pass! You can pass!

>Kasumi lids the lead naga with a garbage can and kicks them over the edge of an embankment.

>Kasumi says one word- "Trashed"

>Further into the city "We're the Ice cold Yetis, You may as well go home now bec-"


>Yetis lay sprawled in the street curled up moaning.

>"You can pass! Geeze, chill out already!"

>The yeti gang leader cheeses out of there before Kasumi can give em' a proper Coup de grâce.

>Kasumi spits "Not even worth my time."

So on and so forth.

c24885  No.370604

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I recognize that ring tone.

deed71  No.370606


That was pretty wholesome I hope to see more


This was also pretty great I would love to see more

6528c0  No.370611


good ear m8

deed71  No.370615

>be me

>watching fights with my friend while placing bets on who will win

>see this hellhound piss off a bunch of other delinquents

>place my bets on anybody but the hellhound

>the fight starts

>the hellhound throws a single punch yet nobody is close by

>the other monster girls are suddenly on there back


>only one of them gets back up beforte they try to attack the hellhound

>hellhound simply sidesteps them before the flick there forehead

>the monstergirl who just got flicked in the forehead passes out

>I look at the hellhound as she walks away

>suddenly I yell out towards her

<"H-How are you that strong!?"

>she turns towards me before she speaks


>she then walks away

Did anyone else run into this hellhound?

f57bab  No.370627


A fun premise but I'd want a little more backstory. Something like this.

>prior to the kidnapping, before kasumi had the hots for hiro

>Kasumi-chan was squatted behind the arcade smoking a cigarette reading a freshly stolen magazine.

>"There you are Kasumi! The class rep has told me about you!" Hiro, clean-cut good boi. Gets good grades. Stays out of trouble.

>Kasumi looks at him with the cigarette dangling from her lips "Piss off before I kick your ass." She returns her attention to her the magazine.

>Hiro snatches the cigarette out of her mouth "Smoking is against the rules for students ya know." He tosses it in the dumpster across the way.

>Kasumi gives him the evil eye, tosses the magazine aside, and stands up straight, towering over Hiro by a good foot. "You just stepped on the pain train kiddo." Knuckle cracking intensifies.

>Hiro doesn't seem fazed by this display "If you keep on skipping you're going to ruin our classes-"

>Kasumi grabs him by the collar "I'm going to ruin your face, how 'bout that?"

>Hiro starts to get nervous now "I d-don't care if you hit me but please come to class."

>His display of bravado impresses her but she doesn't show it. Lotta punks will challenge her to a fight but she never had one openly welcome a beating.

>Kasumi smirks "Maybe I'll come to class. In return you give me some money for the arcade after school. If you're ever late I'll make you wish you weren't."

>Hiro trembling "F-fine but you have to show up for calsses!"

>Kasumi chucks him to the ground. "Whatever. Also give me some money for cigarettes. That was my last one." She'd stold the original pack but Hiro didn't need to know that.



>Hiro hands her the money with now welted face "Smoking is bad for your health you know…"

>Kasumi, without missing a beat "So is pissing me off."


>at first it's just an excuse to squeeze him for the extra dosh but after a while she insisted he hang out with her at the arcade.

>"but Kasumi-chan…I have homework to do."

>"Don't forget you have to do mine as well. Now quit yer' bitchin' and hand me some more quarters."

>Her inner monologue being " It's not like I like him or anything. He's such a weakling but still… "

>She wraps her tail around his leg while mashing buttons and cursing at the arcade cabinet. "Ahh bitch-BITCH!"

>Hiro puts her antics and despite the beatings he never fails to show up.

>Most punks wouldn't dare hang around her after a few punches but Hiro always shows up no matter how much abuse she gives him.

>She tucks him under her arm subconsciously as she plays.

>Hiro is smart enough to keep his mouth shut and not distract her when she's gaming.

80ddcf  No.370629

With the amount of good greentexts that are coming from you guys its safe to say that this thread is going great

Thank you all for posting constantly

80ddcf  No.370630


Great post anon its nice to see you guys building on top of each others greentexts

80ddcf  No.370636

I got a idea for a story

>guy becomes a cop because theres a loop hole in the forced marriage law

>cops cant be forced into marriage unless the monster is a cop also

>but since hes a cop he has to deal with cop shit such as giving cars tickets to dealing with delinquents

Sounds good right?

4ef906  No.370637


>Said cop dealing with specific delinquent who gets into trouble just to see him.

>Eventually she finds out that despite being a delinquent she cannot force him to marry her.

>Years later she cleans up her act and becomes a cop just to get closer to him.

Something like that would be good, you should write it (or I will lol)

80ddcf  No.370639


I feel like you can do It better than me since I never thought about that part

4ef906  No.370640


It'll take me a bit to get around with it (writing other stuff) but I'll try to do it.

Don't wanna pick just another hellhound tho… any suggestions?

80ddcf  No.370643


I'm pretty sure people wont mind what they are as long as the stories good

dd2982  No.370645


Ushi oni, ogre, mershark, jinko… There's a wide variety of mamono that could work for this. Just pick whatever you'd prefer to write about I suppose.

deed71  No.370646


Lemme pop this into a wheel real quick

Ushi oni won

dd2982  No.370651


Sweet, there can never be enough ushi-oni.

deed71  No.370652


I gotta agree with you there

d8946d  No.370657


>Ushi cop and (future) husbando partners

Alright I wanna read whatever comes out of this idea

6704b2  No.370658

> you're getting hassled in the hallway by two bullies

> Tweedledee and Tweedledum here want some easy feelings of superiority and maybe some quick cash

> sadly you aren't /fit/ enough to defeat two corn fed bruisers at once

> currently in a protective cringe trying to figure out how little you can get away with giving these chuckle heads

< snickt.wav

> everyone freezes

> you all know what that sound is

> you all slowly turn around

> see a bunch of monsters all wearing the same weird black outfits

> immediately recognize their leader

> dusky skin, lanky frame, flat, huge 80's hairdo high on top and long on the bottom

> she's leaning against her amphora and casually feathering her hair with her infamous switchblade comb

> everyone in school is convinced she carries a real switchblade and does some kind of slight of hand switching it for the comb when she's searched

< "Oraoraora. Are you boys working for me now?"

> Tweedledee and Tweedledum just stare in shock

< "These halls belong to me after all. If you're shaking someone down here you must be doing it for me."

> bullies are just opening and closing their mouths like fish out of water now

> monster girl puts her finger on her chin and pretends to be thinking

< "But I don't remember ordering you to harass people in this hallway…"

> she puts on the scariest smile you've ever seen

< "…you couldn't be trying to muscle in on my territory, could you?"

> that's too much for these two

> they take off so fast you'd swear they left those little cartoon cloud outlines

> did the school Sukeban just save you?

> should you thank her or something?

> still trying to decide when she turns around and dismissively waves her hand

< "Alright Katia, collect our tribute from this putz."

> before you know what's happening a moderately endowed pink haired soldier beetle has you pressed up against your locker with her scissor claw

> grabs your face with her free hand and forces you to look at her

> gives you a long inscrutable look

> steals your first kiss

> not just a peck either, she really jams her tongue in there

> when she finally lets you go you collapse in a heap, shocked

> as the girls turn to leave their leader turns and points at you

< "You belong to us now boy. Anybody gives you shit and you send them to us."

> what just happened?

6704b2  No.370659


> from then on the Sukeban seek you out at least once a day and the soldier beetle roughly extracts the gang's "tribute"

> she remains deadpan throughout but something in her eyes scares the crap out of you

> read up on soldier beetles and try to offer her a big bag of candy as alternate tribute

> she takes it and molests you anyway

> start sneaking around after them trying to learn more about them

> they have a similar thing going with a few other boys

> notice that it's always the same girl collecting "tribute" from each boy and they never switch it up

> also notice that all the boys are specialists at something, like you

> watch a sahuagin roughly kiss school's biggest computer nerd from behind as she runs her webbed hands all over his body

> kejourou likes to hold down strange guy who is obsessed with 18th century history with her hair as she gives him hickeys all over his neck

> every day when his auto shop class ends the school's resident car nut is forced to motorboat a kakuen

> still trying to figure out the significance of this when the whole gang surprises you in homeroom

< "Listen up, shatei. Make sure you're cleaned up and wearing something nice tomorrow morning. You're coming to our party."

> you can feel the eyes of the soldier beetle boring into you

> don't dare say no


> you expected the party to be a booze and smoking one in an isolated spot where the monsters could molest their "guests" without interference

> it's actually a laid back barbecue at the local college

> the girls are all wearing modest dresses and there are a bunch of conservatively dressed adults here

> trying to understand why a bunch of Sukeban would drag you to what looks like a faculty get together when soldier beetle possessively grabs your arm

> silently guides you over to a middle aged arachne

> they give each other an extremely convoluted handshake

> arachne introduces you to her husband

> professor at the college in a topic you love

> so cool to talk about it with someone who knows as much as he does

> you forget that you were basically forced to come here by girl gangsters

> despite the fact that soldier beetle girl is still hanging onto your arm

> professor seems impressed by your knowledge and tells you he'd love to recommend you to admissions when you graduate high school

> out of the corner of your eye see soldier beetle and arachne give each other a significant look

> on a hunch look around and all of the other boys here are talking animatedly with scholarly types

> as their dates/escorts/jailers and an older monster girl look on smugly

> yfw when your school's gang of monster girl delinquents is an intergenerational conspiracy to find husbands and get them their dream jobs

5a1e77  No.370660

deed71  No.370664

File: 200a34ee4edd5fa⋯.png (360.1 KB, 500x500, 1:1, spoder.png)

dd2982  No.370667

File: ab417a176ce3166⋯.jpg (12.08 KB, 324x291, 108:97, ab417a176ce316655c06a452f7….jpg)

f57bab  No.370700

File: f39fb40b529053b⋯.png (1.79 MB, 1200x1418, 600:709, Hellwan.png)




back to the kidnapping after the flashback.

>Kasumi has been fighting every gang inside the Tokyo prefecture.

>By this point her clothes are all ripped up but at least most of the blood on her uniform was from other monstergirls.

>There was a small bridge on the way to the Merv building.

>It was under construction so there weren't any cars cutting through.

>The Hellwan sisters stood guard at the end of the bridge.

>Rumors say, together, they've never lost a fight.

>One hellwan with brass knuckles starts "You'll swim the river Styx…"

>The other with a metal pipe finishes "…when we're done with you."

>Kasumi was tough but this fight wouldn't be easy. She was short with them "Move or die."

>They advanced on Kasumi and she squared up.

>Heavy footfalls from behind. Another opponent?

>A heavyset Minotaur girl called out the Hellwan sisters.

>Bonnie Bonita, American transfer student from South Texas, 235lbs of pure muscle (and a little fat in the right places)

>Her Japanese wasn't that good but her point was made "You bitches jump my little brother?"

>One hellwan sister laughed "yea, we heard he was in the hospital."

>The other smirked evilly "Don't worry, you can join him!"

>Bonnie, a foot taller Kasumi, cracked her knuckles and flexed her muscles. She surmised they were going to jump Kasumi like they did her brother. A simple nod affirmed cooperation between the two.

>Now it was a fight.



>Kasumi caught the knuckle duster mid punch and pried it from the zealous wan's hand before discarding it over the bridge.

>Surpised the wan barked "N-nani!?!" and other angry wan noises.


>One of the hellwan sisters broke a 2"x4" over Bonnie's head. Bonnie didn't even flinch. Bonnie clotheslined the the offending Hellwan into a concrete mixer, the sound of her head connecting from within the thing made a distinctive GONG!. A moan followed.

>It was now 2 vs 1.

>"Nee-chan!" The remaining wan went for a sneak attack against Bonnie with the lead pipe but Kasumi caught it mid swing as she was good when it came to countering and used it against the wan.

>The wan tried to steal it back but Kasumi pulled her into a throw and tossed her into an oncoming drop kick from Bonnie. Instant KO. Front teeth confirmed for knocked out.

>The Hellwan sisters were thoroughly thrashed.

>Kasumi thanked Bonnie for the assistance. They clasped their hands together and nodded granting one another mutual respect as was done with those sporting proper thick and practical muscles.

>It was time to get to the Merv building and rescue Hiro

4ef906  No.370707


Good shit, anon.





Delivering. It's a biggun.

>I’ve been a cop for a couple years now.

>I’m still young, but I’ve already seen my fair share of shit.

>The good, the bad and the exceptionally ugly.

>I finally got tired of it and decided to volunteer to become a parole officer.

>I’ve always liked helping people, it’s the whole reason I became a cop in the first place.

>As a parole officer I can take a break from putting people in jail to helping them integrate back into society.

>Win-win for both parties, right?

>Somehow I actually got the job.

>Been doing it for a while now.

>I deal with mostly juveniles who were caught doing the wrong thing at the wrong time.

>Some of them were just hanging out with the wrong crowd.

>They’re not all bad kids and my heart goes out to the lot of ‘em.

>They’re either doing it for the attention of their negligent parents or they never had any to begin with and don’t know any better.

>There ARE however the odd cases of kids who are just downright mean and know exactly what they’re doing.

>Case and point, I recently got assigned to this girl - an ushi-oni who’s been terrorizing pretty much every kid in her school.

>She runs some kinda small time gang for shits and or giggles, shaking down people for lunch money, stealing bikes, skipping class, beating up rival gangs, you name it she’s done it.

>Well, recently she actually had to be arrested.

>Kid was caught stealing a muscle car by none other than me and a rookie I had been showing the ropes.

>We were on the way to one of our parolees when we found her - good luck figuring out how an ushi-oni even gets in a car let alone drives it by the way.

>The boys and I are still not sure how she even pulled it off, given her sheer size and all those damn legs.

>On top of that she was also drunk, so we had to throw that on her record.

>Her name’s Maxine, but now everyone is calling her Mad Max.

>Well as I said before, guess who got assigned to be her parole officer.

>I’m constantly having to pick up her messes.

>Stop her from bullying the nerds in the science class.

>Put myself between her and some hellhound and her boyfriend trying to start a fight with her.

>My being there seems to have driven away her little gaggle of friends as well, if you can call them friends.

>Now some dragon girl is running her gang and calls her a chump for getting caught.

>I can tell Maxine hates me.

>She’s always got a sour look on her face whenever I’m around.

>I might feel sorry for her if she wasn’t the one who did it to herself.

>But I try to keep my cool, no sense getting upset over a kid.

>A kid who easily has two to three feet over me and outweighs me by nearly two hundred pounds.

>Even so, when she gets the urge to do bad things, she always listens to me when I tell her to stop.

>Like when I caught her in the act of stealing some kid’s lunch money, she let the kid go and gave it back to him.

>Maybe she’s not all bad.

>I found out she doesn’t actually have a dad, just her and her mom.

>Two ushi-onis living under one roof is… well, it’s chaos I hear.

>Usually the kid moves out soon after graduating, or so I hear, but with the way Maxine acts that’s just not happening.

>Her grades haven’t exactly been good.

>She says it’s because it’s a waste of time.

<“All I gotta do is find a real man with a good job and nab him!”

>”Well what makes you think that’s gonna work?”

<“I’m… well ‘cause what man is gonna say no to me?”

>She tries to flaunt her feminine side albeit clumsily.

>She seems pretty embarrassed by it, falling back to her usual demeanor.

<“Besides, what do you care? You’re just my jailer, right?”

>”Alright, alright. If that’s how you want to think of me.”

>”But let me tell you something, Maxine.”

>She hated it when I called her that.

>”It’s true, you’re big and strong, but that’s not how the real world works, kiddo.”

>”A ‘real man’ ain’t gonna just take your crap. You gotta give them a reason to want you.”

<“What, like sex? Pssh, that’s easy shit.”

>”No, not just sex. This may shock you but sex isn’t gonna be enough for a man to keep you around.”

>”You need to be responsible and honest, a ‘real man’ isn’t gonna want some girl that just uses him as a sugar daddy.”

>I try to get that through her head but she doesn’t want to hear it.

<“I think our definitions of ‘real man’ might be different.”

>She laughs, her words oozing with sarcasm.

>I’ll admit it kinda made me mad.

>I think she noticed, which only cause her to laugh more.

>You try to help a kid, give her advice and she just doesn’t give two shits.

4ef906  No.370708


>Another week went by with me having to deal with Maxine.

>It was saturday so no having to deal with her usual school bully shit.

>She’s still a big work in progress.

>Apparently some ogre from another school gang heard she got caught and came over to her house to cause trouble.

>I caught the big green girl loitering in front of her house throwing rocks at the wall.

>With a quick blare of my siren she bolted, leaving me sitting outside of Maxine’s house alone.

>I could see the ushi-oni peeking out of her bedroom window.

>To be honest I was surprised she didn’t come outside to fight the ogre.

>Normally she would have done such a thing but today was different.

>Maxine’s mom was gone, probably at her day job.

>She wasn’t home much. She worked construction so she would pick up as many hours as she was allowed.

>I could see how that would make things hard.

>Like I said before, Maxine didn’t have a dad.

>I don’t know the full story - mostly because she won’t tell me.

>Whether the dad up and left or ended up dead in a ditch somewhere… I don’t really know.

>I don’t see photos of him in the house either, which leads me to believe it was the former, but I don’t want to make any assumptions.

>That shit can blow up in your face if you say the wrong thing.

>I decide to knock on the front door to see how she’s doing.

>I can hear her big legs skittering across tile even through the walls.

<“What do you want?” She asks, opening up the door.

>It still surprises me how big she is.

>I’m not exactly a short guy, I’m about six, two.

>But jeez I don’t even know how she fits in the door to her own house.

>Even after watching her squat and squeeze herself through I still don’t believe it.

>She’s now standing on her front porch, tapping one of her clawed legs with her arms crossed.

>”I was just coming to check up on you. Everything okay?”

<“Oh yeah, everything’s just fine, officer.”

>More of that cutting sarcasm.

>”That girl give you a lot of trouble?”

>”What do you care? I don’t see you arresting her.”

>”Why not? I arrested you.”

<“Y-yeah, well I was drunk! I’d like to see you try me when I’m sober!”

>”Well if there’s nothing else going on, I’ll just go back to my car.”

>I start walking back to the cruiser when Maxine calls to me.

<“Wait!” She says, skittering after me.

>I turn to see her standing over me, but unable to look me in the eyes.

<“Th… thank you.”

>”No problem, Max. Stay outta trouble.”

<“Ha. Yeah right.”

4ef906  No.370709


>The weekend was fairly uneventful after that.

>Monday rolled around and it all starts over again.

>Maxine skips class today and heads for the arcade.

>Thankfully she has one of those fancy new tracking anklets on one of her many legs.

>I quickly find her bullying some of the other kids playing hooky for quarters.

>They run off at the first sight of me, leaving my assigned delinquent with her hands full of coins.

>”Caught red handed again, Max.”

<“I was waiting for ya to show up. Wanna play some Time Crisis?” She asked, completely serious.

>”You know I just caught you stealing money from those kids, right?”

<“Yeah, but they were skipping class, too, so it’s only fair that I punished them!”

>”Two wrongs don’t make a right, kiddo. Gimme the quarters, Max.”

>She releases them in my hand, almost happy to be rid of them like this was all part of her plan.

>I can’t help but feel like she’s doing this stuff on purpose now, just to get my goat.

>I take her back to school in my squad car.

>Again, how she even fits in the back seat is beyond me.

>It’s like she somehow squishes her lower half down into the seats in a sitting position.

>She looks like a gray skinned girl sitting on a giant plush pillow of a spider butt.

>I have to admit it’s actually kind of cute.

>Although if she could button up her shirt that’d be great.

>Last thing I need is to see some kid’s tits pressed up against the glass when I come to a stop.

>We arrive at school and Maxine heads to class without a word of protest.

>I’m happy to say the next day I didn’t even catch her pulling anything during or after school.

>Due to her strangely good behavior at school I decided to give her a ride over to the arcade.

>We actually played some Time Crisis - well she did at least.

>She convinced me to play with her a little but I suck at it ironically.

<“Aren’t you a cop? Shouldn’t you be good at this shit?”

>”Hey, this is nothing like real life and you know it.”

<“Whatever, stop wasting my quarters.”

>”Alright, it’s all you then!”

<“Hey! F-fine! Gimmie that!” She shouted, taking my light gun.

>I watched as she attempted to go akimbo with the two guns.

>To my surprise she was doing pretty good, using both her front legs to peek in and out of cover, shooting the bad guys, all that good stuff.

>Eventually she came to the final boss.

>The fight was wild and made zero sense to me.

>The guy was practically teleporting right before my eyes and somehow Maxine was able to bullseye him every time.

>He even started calling in his goons in the middle of the fight but they didn’t stand a chance.

>Eventually Maxine put the guy down and saved the day - and the girl.

>I looked at my watch to find out we had been playing around here for nearly two hours.

>”Alright, Max, I think it’s time we get you home. I’m sure you got homework to do.”

>Maxine grumbled but she didn’t protest to my surprise.

>I got her home and sat in my cruiser with her for a minute.

>She didn’t seem to want to get out.

<“Officer Anon… thanks. I had a lot of fun.”

>”Oh… uh, yeah. Me too.”

>”Hey, go get your homework, maybe I can help you out?”

<“Really? You’d do that?”

>I noticed that her mom still wasn’t home so I figured I’d stick around a little longer.

>”Yeah, why not? Beats sitting around doing nothing.”

>Maxine slipped out of my car and ran into her house.

>I decided to get out and sit on the hood of my car.

>Out came Maxine, books in tow and a smile on her face.

<“I got english, math and history to do.”

>”Geez, alright. Let’s do it.”

4ef906  No.370710


>Another hour or so passes and the sun has gone down to the point where we can’t work anymore.

>Fine by me, this math is bullshit.

>Who the hell thought it’d be a good idea to make math even more complicated, it’s hard enough for kids and now they’re doing this shit?

>”Good job today, Max.” I say, reaching up to pat her on the shoulder.

>She giggles as she picks up her books.

<“You’re calling me Max now, huh?”

>”Do you not like ‘Max?’”

<“I like it. Better than Maxine…”

>”I like Maxine. What’s wrong with it?”

>She sighed, playing with her hair a moment before working up a reply.

<“That’s what my dad use to call me.”

>”Oh… sorry.”

<“It’s not your fault…”

>”You wanna… talk about it?”

>Maxine looks away for a moment.

<“Not really… but… alright.”

>”So what happened to him? Where is he now?”

>She shook her head.

<“Nowhere. Dad’s dead. He was a cop like you. He was doing his job pulling someone over for speeding.”

<“Turns out they were the wrong kinda people, all doped up and paranoid. They shot my dad and got away.”

>I knew who she was talking about.

>I heard about this when I was still a rookie.

>Her dad was shot twelve times and bled out before backup could get there.

>For some reason we still haven’t implemented a partner system.

>It’s always been in the back of my mind.

>Now Maxine was fighting back her tears.

<“I don’t want to be bad… but what else can I do? Mom’s never around, she’s too busy working and no one at school gives two shits about an ushi-oni.”

<“All those bitches see is a big monster they want to fight to prove how strong they are! I had to defend myself somehow!”

>Shit… this is getting real.

>”Listen, Max. You don’t have to be like them. Not anymore.”

>She goes quiet, sniffling but still listening to what I have to say.

>I rack my brain for anything I could tell her.

>”You have so much potential to be a great person. You’re big and strong but you’re also smart and kind if you want to be.”

<“I do… I do want to be.” She whimpered.

>”Well, then focus on your grades and help other kids and I’ll deal with the bullies as they come. Deal?”

<“You’re gonna be there the whole time?” She asked, wiping her eyes.

>”I’m gonna try. And obviously if you see someone else getting bullied and I’m not there, you put a stop to it, okay?”

>That seemed to be good enough for her.

>She wrapped her strong arms around me, gently hugging me for a moment before she let go and headed inside her house.

<“Goodnight, Officer Anon.”

>”Goodnight, Max. I’ll be here if you need me.”

4ef906  No.370711


>The next day seemed to go by without any hiccups.

>Maxine attended class, she tried her best to study and didn’t mess with anyone who didn’t mess with her first.

>I of course still had to step in to make sure she didn’t go too far and vice versa.

>These kids were relentlessly challenging her every day.

>But I was also there to put a stop to it every day, which seemed to make Maxine happy.

>And I was happy to do it.

>If I can help her out of this dark place she’s in then any amount of trouble would be worth it to me.

>Today was no different, the kids were giving her trouble and so I stepped in once again.

>”You know, you guys really ought to cut it out before you get yourselves hurt.” I tried warning them.

<”It’s her mall cop boyfriend! Run!”

>They all spat out profanities and ran off as usual, leaving me standing with Maxine.

>’Mall cop boyfriend,’ huh. Dumb kids.

>Maxine sighed.

<”It’s gonna be like this every single day, Officer Anon.” She said with a frown.

>”I know it is.”

<”You’re gonna get tired of it.”

>”So? I’m gonna do my job and you do yours, right?”

>Her frown broke into a tired smile.


>After school it was back to her house.

>We somehow managed to get her homework done in a timely fashion.

>I’m pretty impressed with how far she’s come.

>She knows things that even I didn’t.

>”Well, aren’t you smart.” I joke.

>Maxine shoves me playfully.

<”It’s only because you helped me.” She humbly and sarcastically replied.

>”Right, well. I think a reward is in order. You hungry?”

<”Yeah, I am!”

>”I’ll go get us some food, you like burgers?”

<”Haha, ‘course I do, I’ll take three!”

>”Jeez, three whole burgers.”

<”And fries!”

>”Alright alright, you take your stuff and head inside, I’ll go get you some burgers and fries. Break!”

>It was a small price to pay to reward a kid like Maxine.

>I got our food and drove back to her house, only to find the front door broken into.

>I quickly get out of my vehicle and draw out my handgun.

>”Dispatch, this is Sergeant Anon, I have a 10-23 at 112 Oakwood Dr.” I reported before entering.

>I could hear someone pounding on something inside.

>Several someones pounding on something.

>When I got inside it was that damn ogre and a couple of her thugs wailing on Maxine.

>”HANDS UP! NOW!” I shout as loudly as I could, training my gun on her attackers.

>They all turn around, surprised, but otherwise unphased.

<”Oh, look, it’s your boyfriend.” The ogre mocked, stepping closer.

>I pulled back the hammer on my gun.



>The other two goons, some kinda devil and a kobold back down and do as I tell them, getting on their faces.

>The ogre still stands there defiantly.

<”Come on, Ziya, you’re gonna get shot!” The kobold barks at her.

<”This guy ain’t gonna shoot me.” She said, so sure of herself.

>I decide to try and frighten her. I’d rather not shoot a kid.








>”DO YOU?”

>My sudden outburst seemed to have gotten the ogre’s attention.

>Now instead of thinking nothing of me, she probably thought I was crazy enough to actually shoot and kill her.

>She slowly dropped her tough girl act and got down on her knees.


>Ziya did as she was told, slowly lowering herself face down to the ground beside her goons.

>Maxine was hurt, but it wasn’t anything that was gonna keep someone like her down.

>I got on my radio, keeping my weapon trained on the three.

>”Dispatch I have three suspects apprehended.”

>Maxine slowly raised her head and smiled at me.

<“Haha… Didn’t even throw a punch…”

4ef906  No.370712


>Soon enough backup had arrived and took the three kids away.

>An ambulance arrives to take Maxine to the hospital.

>I personally escort them there, making sure Maxine gets in without a hitch.

>Doctor tells me she’s fine, she’s just a little banged up.

>Nothing serious, thankfully.

>They’re gonna keep her over night just in case.

>I’m relieved at least a little.

>I can’t help but feel guilty for not being there…

>If I had just taken her with me she wouldn’t have gotten hurt.

>I bet those stupid kids were waiting for me to leave the entire time.

>Who knows how long they had been beating her…

>I now realize how close I was to actually shooting some stupid teenager and retreat back to my cruiser.

>I need to collect myself, trying not to break down.

>They were just kids and I nearly shot them…

>Sure, I could justify it, they were hurting Maxine…

>I could have used my taser but how could I have known it was a bunch of kids?

>I manage to calm myself down, finding solace in that I didn’t actually shoot them.

>I did my job.

>Actually, if I did my job none of this would have happened.

>I decided when I got home I would get drunk and sleep it off.

>Maxine recovered pretty quickly.

>She was so proud of herself for not even throwing a punch at the three thugs.

>I told her it would have been self defense, that they were breaking into her home and that she could have beat them up or even killed them and it would have been covered under the castle doctrine.

>She laughed.

<”Where would the challenge be in that?”

<”Besides, that’s what I have you for, right?”

>What a weird kid.

>Maxine wasn’t my hardest case ever, but she was certainly my most unique.

>I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone turn their life around on a dime quite like her.

>She tried to set an example for the other kids as best as she could, coming to school on time, making good grades, standing up to bullies without ever throwing a punch or a kick.

>Somehow even a girl with her reputation of a delinquent turned around and became a model student and big sister.

>Kids would come to her for advice and she would do her best to help them - even when she didn’t know I was there watching.

>I think she really has become a stand up person.

>I still help her out every now and then with her homework.

>Recently she told me she was going to graduate.

<“Officer Anon… I have a request.” She told me one day.

>”What’s up, Max?”

<“I uh… I know you uh… you’re not seeing anyone.”

>Oh boy… here we go…

<“So… when I graduate, would you… uh…”

>”Hold on there , Max…” I tell her, attempting to think of an excuse.

>”There’s a new law that got implemented - police can only marry other police, got it?” I lied.

>Maxine seemed a little discouraged, but there was something in her eyes that told me this wouldn’t be the end of it.

<”I understand.” She said with a look of determination.

>Later that year Maxine did graduate and she even got into a good college.

>I was assigned to a different kid then, much to her dismay, but she was in good hands.

>I hear about her from her new parole officer - the rookie I trained.

>Although I guess they no longer call us parole officers, but probation officers.

>Whatever, same shit different title.


>I hear Maxine’s one of the top students, doing about as well as even the average Hakutakuwhatsits.

>I find that hard to believe but there’s proof of it on the college online postings.

>She’s in the top ten graded students.

>Another year goes by and I’m back to being your average beat cop.

>The gang shit has really toned it down lately, making my job both easy and incredibly boring.

>Not that I’m complaining, but I still sometimes want a little excitement in my life.

>One day my police chief calls me into the station.

>”Anon, I have good news and bad news. Good news is we’re finally getting the funding to get more officers.”

>”We can finally start pairing people up.”

>I’m pretty elated by this news. There’s literally nothing that could ruin this for me.

>”Bad news is you’re getting a rookie for a partner.”


>Well, maybe that won’t be so bad.

>”Anon, I’d like to introduce Officer Maxine.” The chief said, opening up the door behind me.

>No, she didn’t.

>”She just graduated from the academy, says she knows the area real well.”

>”Yeah. She grew up here.” I answer.

>”Oh, so you know each other already?”

<”Oh yeah, he was my parole officer several years ago.” Maxine answers, walking into the room.

>I never thought I’d see an ushi-oni wearing a police uniform.

>I never thought an ushi-oni would fit in a police uniform.

>The police chief laughed, “Well, now isn’t that interesting. You keep her out of trouble, Anon, you hear me?”

>Nothing I can do about it.

>”Yessir, I’ll do just that.”

4ef906  No.370713


That's all for now, unless you want more later. I gotta get back to writing my other stuff.

50d138  No.370715


Moar! You haven't even got to the romance yet!

deed71  No.370734


God damn this is one of the best greentexts I've read

Also more if its alright

d8946d  No.370738


>no ushi snu


lol wut

4ef906  No.370744




Like I said, I'm writing other stuff at the moment.

But since you guys asked I'll try to do more soon!

Glad you like it so far.

deed71  No.370750

Somebody should screencap this green text

deed71  No.370842

>be me

>looking out for officers while my friends are mugging this guy

<"hand over the money and we'll be on our way"

>after my friend said that I spot a arachne officer

>and she spotted us

>I instantly whistle, this warns my friends

>they begin to run away and so do I

>she chases after us

>my friends hop into the van we used and drive away


>and the arachne is catching up to me


>I suddenly feel what feels like a entire truck slamming into my back before I feel something cover my back

>i try to move but I cant…I'm caught in her web

>she suddenly speaks

<"damn it I only got one…..hey tell me who the others are and where they live and I'll toy with you less"

I quickly responded

<"fuck off pig I'm no rat!"

>a sigh leaves her mouth before she turns me over to face her

<"oh well I guess I'll have my fun now"

>after she said that I ended with a broken pelvis…for reasons

>and that's how I met my wife guys

21635c  No.370849


That was damn good, anon. 10/10! I'd love to read some more whenever you have the chance to write it.

deed71  No.370907



deed71  No.370957

Heres a quick story about a anon who got drunk

>as I took my last and final shot for the night

"christ….when did everything get so blurry"

>the bartender would just give me sigh before he began to speak

"Do you need a taxi?"

"No…no I can…walk…but did you see wheres my glasses?"

"Your wearing then dumbass"

"Alright…well I'll be…on my way"

>I paid the bartender what i owed before i left the bar

>christ my vision was blurry as hell….I couldn't even walk from it

>suddenly I felt something bumped into me


>I gave the stranger a blank look as I tried to process what's going on…

>oh it's a ushi oni

>normally I would've apologized but I wasnt thinking so straight

"Who are…you calling dipshit…mammoth tits…"

>ah fuck shes angry now

>she grabbed me by my shirt collar before she lifted me up

"What the hell did you say!?"

>I once more respond with a really dumb answer

"You heard me…mammoth tits"

>she looks into my eyes before she begins to burst out laughing

>I dont get what's so funny…

"Holy shit I needed a good laugh,what's your name"

"The names…anon and…my dick is…off limits"

>She laughs again before she released my shirt collar

"Heres my number you better not lose it and you better call me tomorrow or else I'll find you"

>she handed over a piece of paper with her number on it

>I dont even realize what she said before I respond

"Sure…..I got you…what's your na-"

"Its Ashley"

"Oh…that's a nice name…well I gotta…go home…"

>after our conversation I drunkenly headed home and passed out on my couch

>just found her number in my pockets

>today's gonna be a good day

22f524  No.370960


>forcibly deciding a man's path in life without his consent

This thread is pissing me off.

You don't submit to delinquents. You fucking wreck them, even if you lose.

deed71  No.370965


Alright criticism taken but why dont you try showing us what you want in a story then?

cdf096  No.370969


Haters gonna hate. For what it's worth, I liked it. Keep writing.

6704b2  No.370972


> be independent virgin who don't need no monster

> well, that might be a bit strong, but you'd at least like your autonomy respected

> just want to get through one damn day without some monster trying to lock you down into a life long commitment at age friggin eighteen based only on the fact she likes you

> but of course that ain't happening

> managed to keep your head down at school but got out a little late

> so you got to the gym late

> and got out of there late

> and now you're walking home a little late

> and of course now there's a fucking Redcap of all things blocking your path

> recognize her from school despite the fading daylight

> pale skin, long lustrous platinum blond hair, a sharp toothed smile that would make an industrial meat grinder jealous

> petite with a tomboyish build

> that said it's not only obvious that she's over the age of consent but you have personally seen notarized documents attesting to that fact

> in fact she's definitely over the age of consent in any and all polities someone capable of reading this might live in, now or in the future

> her people's "traditional blood soaked long cap" sits awkwardly on her head

> you're pretty sure it's just cotton with a synthetic dye

> it might be flattering against her pale coloration if she wasn't also wearing your school's green plaid uniform

> as it is she kind of looks like a Christmas elf

> she's tried to compensate by adding some MOLLE pouches

> all she accomplished was to make herself look like a mall ninja Christmas elf

> just another fight-y / dominate-y type monster who likes to play the hardass

> I wonder whatever could she want?

6704b2  No.370973


> she doesn't say anything

> just leers at you and starts walking in circles around you like she's appraising a horse

> you can feel her eyes running up and down your body

> her hand touches your ass

> something inside you breaks

> whatever crude comment she was about to utter is aborted by your fist

> she falls flat on her butt and looks at you with an expression of shocked incomprehension

> nobody starts a fistfight with a monster!

> you're reminded why when her instincts kick in

> her body probably thinks she's fighting an Order Paladin in the Old World

> her technique is unsophisticated but her speed and agility are incredible

> on top of that she's much stronger than she looks

> your instincts kick in too

> biological algorithms evolved over eons of eat or be eaten conflict in the hell of post Eden Earth kick in

> your body is flooded with compounds which could be accurately be described as combat drugs

> your muscles' everyday safety limiters are released

> it's the greatest and most evil of Sol system's sophonts versus the most bloodthirsty incarnation of the goblin race

> for a time there is only the sound of fists on flesh

> she gets some solid hits in

> but your size and weight tell when you manage to wrap her up in a one armed grapple

> she absorbs a string of devastating body blows from your off hand before wriggling free

> a trickle of reason enters your brain as she stumbles away with her hands up in supplication

< "No more! Please!" you can see tears welling up in her eyes, "I give up!"

> you stop your assault but hang back warily with your guard up

< "Why…" she wheezes before falling to her knees, "I like you…"

> her tears are falling freely now

> you start to feel a little guilty but are overcome with a sudden surge of anger

> "NO! THAT ISN'T FAIR!" you point at her, your finger shaking with barely contained rage, "YOU DON'T GET TO CRY NOW!"



> she looks at you in shock, tears flowing down her face even faster

> are you getting through to her?

> you calm down a little bit

> "You don't get to cry just because I turned the tables on one of you fucking monsters and for once you couldn't just take what you want."

< "But I love you!"

> "Do I love you? Did you even think to ask if I loved you? No. To the extent that you considered it you probably figured you'd just rock my world so hard of course I'd want to be with you. You really only thought about yourself."

> "That's the opposite of love."

6704b2  No.370974


> you're looking into her eyes when you slip that last knife in

> you're looking for pain

> you want to hurt her

> and you do

> you can see her little heart break in real time

> it's one thing to be insulted and criticized

> it's another thing when the one doing the haranguing is the boy you love

> gazing into her eyes in her moment of absolute vulnerability you know that much

> for all her flaws, she really does love you

> as evil as this Fallen world is, the Old World is crueler

> to give a mere mortal the capacity and desire to love truly is a more sadistic trap than any the uncaring Natural Laws of your world could devise

> you feel ashamed and horrified

> you're afraid that you could never live up to how she sees you

> especially now

> but everything you said is true!

> you really are scared of how monsters can physically dominate you

> it really is unfair how their crazy pair bonding commits you to one path forever

> your soul is torn between truths

> you know you're doing the wrong thing when you walk away, leaving the Redcap girl weeping inconsolably

> but you don't think you can do anything else

6704b2  No.370975


> the Redcap girl isn't at school the next day

> you spend the next six and a half hours convinced you're about to learn you instigated her suicide

> see her slumped over in a park swing on the way home

> she looks totally different

> she isn't wearing anything special though, just a standard senior class school uniform

> her hair might be a little neater than usual but it's basically the same

> she isn't wearing her cap, but you somehow know that isn't it

> it's her demeanor

> she's totally defeated

> it makes her pale colors seem more gray than white

> you're reminded of stories where all of the magic is being sucked out of a world

> she looks like a human girl

> you feel bad for her

> it isn't fair

> by what possible mechanism could her being sad give her a right to anything of yours, let alone your heart?

> she molested you, why should you owe her anything?

> if anything, her being performatively sad is manipulative!

> you find yourself walking toward her anyway

> you find yourself haunted by what you said yesterday about love being selfless

> or are you just rationalizing your behavior?

> neither of you says anything as you sit in the swing next to her

> you sit quietly for quite a while

> finally she breaks the silence

< "I'm sorry. I was only thinking about what I wanted."

> …

> "Can't you love someone else? I hurt you. I wanted to hurt you."

< …

< "I don't think it works that way."

> …

> "I don't think I can ever be what you think I am."

> there's a very long pause after that

> realize she's crying again

> try to laugh it off, some tough monster…

> doesn't work

> try to get angry, she's manipulating you with tears…

> doesn't work

> you reach out with one hand and very gently brush her fingertips with yours

> it feels like the swing seat is leaving a permanent imprint on your butt

> your leg is getting numb from supporting her weight

> her head only comes up to your shoulder

> you can feel the wet spot her tears are making

> your arm is tired from stroking her back

> the sunset is beautiful today

cdf096  No.370980



This is a fantastic, exceptionally well written story. I must mention something related to the above. This sentiment is a very modern, very Western one. From around three hundred years ago to the very beginning of human history, this idea would have constituted a mental illness, at the least. Arranged marriages and limited, if any, personal freedom were the norm.

It's very easy to conclude that humanity could lapse back into the notion of no marital choice whatsoever (especially since this is still the prevailing system in much of the world). Imagine a modern mamono society where limited male births left these mamono as majority members. Ideas about society begin to shift and alter, standards and norms follow quickly.

I have no doubt that the idea of a young man being given the freedom to choose his spouse in such a society would be as alien to him as it would have been to a teenage girl in Asia Minor a thousand years ago. In fact, it would probably be the reverse of what is described in you very well written story. He would be glad to be chosen for marriage against his will at a young age, and truly terrified of being forever alone if he had not been yet chosen.

Just a thought.

554261  No.370995


go away mgu

554261  No.370997


It's easy to whine about fake freedom (like you enjoy in the western world) while the welfare state or family takes care of you and you're not in danger of dying of disease, war or hunger. Also getting angry about getting a monster wife - an almost eternally beautiful, horny, loyal wife - is another funny thing about these posters. They hate getting something most men can only dream off, while never getting laid themselves.

Also, there is no choice whom to marry for most men (except for the top 20% looking men) - women chose, not you.

554261  No.370998


A lot of women were also in harems or quasi-harems. A lot of young useless men were killed off as cannon fodder in wars. Which happened up to the second half of the last century.

71045b  No.371013

What the fuck just happened

Actually nvm let's just continue posting and having fun

22f524  No.371022




Drop that bullshit. It's not even about individual freedom or muh hfy, but putting up with being beaten, like a prize that doesn't even make the winner work for it. I have no problem with predatory girls but making the mc an absolute passive bitch is just annoying. Even the guy from nagatoro showed some will at some point

81dfd9  No.371023


>I have no problem with predatory girls but making the mc an absolute passive bitch is just annoying.

To each their own.

deed71  No.371024

Let's all just relax alright

4ef906  No.371028








Back, by popular demand: Mad Maxine!

>At first I wasn’t sure if it was the same Maxine.

>Silly, I know, how many ushi-onis were out there named Maxine who I was specifically their parole officer?

>But she had completely transformed both her looks and attitude.

>Maxine had cut her long, messy hair to be a little more manageable.

>It was still a little wild looking but for what it use to be it looked much better now.

>She also build up even more muscle, if that was even possible.

>Not like that weight lifting muscle either, more like muscles runners build for speed.

>Having eight legs and a lean physique made her a formidable law enforcer.

>She could probably outrun my cruiser if it came down to it - not to mention her ability to scale walls and obstacles.

>It’s no wonder she passed the academy’s test with flying colors.

>She took her pepper spray like a champ, too.

>The way I hear it it only made her more angry, causing her to pop the punching back her minotaur instructor was holding.

>Her horns also grew a little longer since last I saw her.

>They poked out over her police cap in an oddly cute way.

>”You know you don’t actually have to wear that, right?” I would tell her.

<”I like it.” Was always her response.

<”My dad wore one just like it.”

>That would always shut me up.

>Being that she was a rookie and now my responsibility, I was assigned an SUV that could accommodate us both, allowing her to sit in the rather large passenger side and respond to incoming messages on the radio.

>One time we had to respond to a bunch of drunk and disorderlies at the local bar.

>’Schooner’s’, the place was called.

>We got a call at least twice a week for this.

>It would be good learning experience for Max.

>I have her respond to the call, following the radio codes and usual lingo.

>She picks it up pretty easily, most of the time I don’t even have to remind her of what to say.

<”10-4, dispatch, this is NCB4 responding to that 10-51.”

>”Good job.” I tell her.

>She smiles as dispatch acknowledges.

>We pull up to Schooner’s and already I can tell this is gonna be a long day.

>It’s not even noon yet and there’s already a couple of chucklefucks bum fighting with one another.

>Well… if you can call it that.

>It’s more like they’re tripping over one another in the street.

>They’re hurting themselves more than each other.

>”Alright, Max. I’ll take the one on the right and you take the one on the left.”

<“Yessir!” She replies, climbing out of the SUV.

<“Any pointers?”

>”Yeah. Pray neither of them puke on us…”

>I was only half joking.

>Either one of these guys were ticking time bombs.

>Maxine picks up her guy and I peel mine off the asphalt.

>Neither one of them are in any position to protest, instead both fell asleep, becoming dead weight.

>Easy enough. We tossed them in the back and took them back to the station.

>Maxine was in charge of making sure that if they did puke they wouldn’t choke on it.

>It was gross, I’ll be the first to admit it, but she took to it well enough.

>One of the guys did eventually puke all over himself.

>The smell was bad before but now I could smell the disgusting bile that burned my nostrils and my eyes.

>Oh thank you Jesus we made it.

>A second longer and I’d have died.

>Maxine’s just smiling away the whole time, the madwoman.

>Guess she’s still Mad Max.

>She pulls both the guys out and we basically just hose them both down.

>Yeah, some people would complain about it but fuck it, I ain’t touchin’ that guy and I’m not about to tell Maxine to do it either.

>Besides, we need to make sure they’re still alive, right?

>We get that all squared away and now its time for the real shit: paperwork.

>This is the worst part of the day hands down.

>All that shit we just did? Need to cover our asses and fill out the two to three hours worth of filing.

>I basically drill this shit into Maxine from the start. She’s gonna be doing this a lot so she had best get use to it.

>Four hours.

>She’s still a rookie so she can’t be blamed, but I swear I don’t miss this shit.

>I wish I was still a parole officer, I swear the paperwork was never this bad, but I gotta do what the chief tells me.

4ef906  No.371029


>We finally finish up and it’s already the end of our shifts.

>Maxine is still living at her home with her mom, but life has gotten much better for her from what she tells me.

>Her and her mom don’t fight as much as they use to.

>Plus she helps out around the house and is even paying a small bit of rent to help with the bills.

>She really has grown up into a responsible adult.

>An eight and a half foot tall, two ton, horned spider adult.

>”So… what do you do for fun nowadays? Drink?”

>It was half a joke, I mean it was how we met in the first place, right?

>I seem to have forgotten how old she was, because she shot me a playful grin.

<“You know I’m still under the drinking age, right?”

>”You are? What are you, like a month away from twenty one?”

<“Yeah, pretty much.” She answered, smiling at me.

>Jeez. I keep forgetting how old she is due to her sheer size alone.

>Yeah, maybe I shoulda been able to tell from how smooth her skin was or how cute and youthful her face is.

>But if you know a thing or two about monsters they age differently from humans in that regard.

>She also acts much more mature than she use to, which makes it even easier for me to forget how young she is.

>Another day another patrol, Maxine and I are out on our beat.

>It was an uneventful day, really.

>Sure, we stopped the odd speeders here and there on the road - which was great experience for her, but ya gotta understand we’re kinda a small town and not a lot happens here.

>Which in It’s own way is so good experience since that’s a majority of our workdays.

>We pretty much spent the whole time just chatting it up since we had nothing better to do.

<“You know my mom found a guy.”

>”Really…? What’s he like?”

<“He’s okay. I’m just happy he’s not trying to be my dad.”

>”I gotcha. Yeah, my parents divorced and remarried about two times.”

<“Jeez. Why’d they keep coming back?”

>”I donno.”

<“You gotta know something. Maybe the sex was just that good?”

>”Oh God, don’t talk about sex and my parents ever again.”

>Maxine laughed at me when we get another call for someone speeding.

>I look at Max who has an excitement expression on her face.

>”That’s close by us. Go ahead.”

>We respond to it and drive off towards the highway.

>It doesn’t take long for us to spot the guy.

>He flies past our cruiser in a pickup truck going at least a hundred and twenty.

>Well, maybe not that fast but it felt like it.

>I hit the lights and we drive onto the road after him.

>Thank God this thing has some pickup, even with Max in the cruiser we easily match his speed.

>Never got to actually try it out, must be a new model and engine.

>Guy doesn’t seem to wanna pull over.

>We’re whizzing past traffic which thankfully is light today.

>Maxine is calling off the directions our target is heading expertly while I keep us on his ass.

>I get us right behind the guy, sticking to him as best I can.

>He turns recklessly into a cornfield and starts mowing through.

>I manage to slow down enough to get back behind him again without losing control.

>Either I’m getting real good at this or this SUV is the shit.

>We bump through the farmland for a bit until he turns onto another road, nearly missing a huge semi.

>I keep up, looking over at Max a few times.

>My heart is pumping out of my chest.

>Holy shit we almost died.

>Maxine looks more determined than I’ve ever seen her.

<“Pull up beside him!” She shouts.


<“Pull up beside him, this guy’s too dangerous!”

>Against my better judgement I do as Max says.

>Suddenly she opens the door and two of her legs shoot out, kicking the driver’s door on the truck.

>It lurches, wobbles a little and suddenly loses control, the guy spinning out before it falls onto its side in a ditch.

<“WOO! Don’t mess with the NCPD!” She shouts.

>Well, it wasn’t exactly conventional, but she got the job done, I can’t fault her there.

>”Good fuckin’ job, kid!” I hear myself shouting back.

4ef906  No.371030


>Backup arrives just in time to see us cuffing the punk.

>Kid thought he’d just take his dad’s truck for a joyride and panicked when we started chasing him.

>We wait for the ambulance to arrive to take him to the hospital.

>A crash like that, no matter how small, we gotta be sure he’s okay regardless of his crime.

>It’s another good lesson for Max, and she’s learning them all well.

>Lucky for us we don’t have to be the ones assigned to babysit him in the hospital.

>Back to our usual beat!

>After the hours of paperwork of course.

>Still, I’d say today was a successful day for us.

>Everyone’s talking about Mad Max at the station, kicking the truck over into a barrel roll about three times.

>Sure, they exaggerated a bit, but who cares, it was cooler to me than any story someone else spun on it.

>I made sure Maxine knew that.

>I offered to take her out for dinner to celebrate such a damn fine job.

<”I’d love to!” She said, hugging me.

>Squeezed the damn life outta me.

>Not to mention her gargantuan tarantula mammaries were suffocating me even in her uniform.

>I managed to collect myself and keep calm like nothing happened, suggesting we head out to that one grill on the corner, The Sizzler.

>She was more than happy with that.

<”Tonight?” She asked hopefully.

>”Tonight.” I replied, “Come on, let’s go!”

>I know its not really much, but Max and I enjoy ourselves at The Sizzler.

>We went in uniform, gotta show her the benefits of being a lawman after all.

>No drinks tonight, gotta look the part, not to mention we both have our shift tomorrow.

>They seat us in the back where it’s quiet and Max has plenty of room to relax.

>No one seemed all to bothered that she was an ushi-oni, either, which was refreshing.

>Waitress brings us our drinks and we order some burgers.

>”So, I haven’t asked you yet, Max: why’d you decide to join the force?”

>Max shrugged, avoiding eye contact.

<”Well… y’know… I just wanted to help people I guess.” She answered, twiddling her thumbs.

>”Man, you sure have changed. I remember when I was still gettin’ you out of trouble in school. What was that kid’s name?”

<”Kyle, and quit it, Anon, you’re not much older than me!” She protested.

>”Older by about eight years.”

<”ANON!” She whined.

>”Alright, alright. Man, you make a guy feel old.”

>She crossed her arms and pouted until I gave her a smirk.

>Her stern demeanor broke pretty quickly after that, the two of us sharing a laugh.

<”God, I was such a dumb kid back then.”

>”That was only two years ago!”

<”Yeah, so? You gotta admit I’m way better than I was back then.”

>”I’ll say…” I mumbled under my breath.

<”What’s that?”

>”Nothing, nothing.”

>Our food arrived at an incredibly opportune time.

>We spent our dinner eating and chatting.

>About halfway through the meal I catch Maxine staring at me.

>”What? What is it? I got somethin’ on my face?”

>She shakes her head.

>”What is it?”

<”You know, Anon… the real reason I joined the force…” She began.

>I swallowed my food and wiped my mouth, listening to her intently.

>She shifted awkwardly, forcing a desperate smile.

>I smiled back.

<”You know you’re the reason I joined, right?”

>I raised my brows, thinking back to two years ago.

>I shake my head, “Why don’t you just tell me?”

>She looks a little disappointed but I laugh.

>”I’m old! Help me out here!”

<”Yeah, yeah, you’re gonna be fifty soon.”

>”So you gonna tell me or what?”

>She sighed, shaking her head.

<”Forget it.”

>”Hey, you brought it up. I wanna hear!”

>She looked away for a moment before willing herself to look me in the eye.

<”I joined because of you.” She conceded.

>I sat there, staring at her for a moment before I remembered what I had told her two years ago.

>Only police can marry police, or something along those lines.

>I can feel the room getting a little warmer - or maybe that was just me.

>”You remember that?” I asked.

>She nodded, fulling understanding what I was asking.

>”And you believed me?”

<”Of course I believed you! I was a dumb kid!”

>”But you still joined up?”

<”I… I thought about you the whole time I was in the academy.” She said, forcing herself to look at me.

<”You know I love ya… right?”

4ef906  No.371031


>I wasn’t sure what to say.

>The question kinda came out of left field.

>Or maybe I just wasn’t paying enough attention.

>I mean, I know it sounds stupid and pathetic, and I never had any interest in romance.

>But I’ve never had anyone actually confess to me before.

>No one but this ushi-oni sitting across from me.

>When I look at her, besides seeing a big breasted, muscular, horned woman-

>What was I saying?

>Maxine’s gray skin is now a shade of red contrasting against her black hair and blue uniform.

>It’s strange but now that I look at her properly she’s actually… really cute.

>Wait, she said something to me.

>”You… do?” I ask, coming to my senses.

<”Yeah, ‘course I do. You think I’d have done all this if it weren’t for you?”

>”I guess I just… figured back then I was your crush and nothing more.”

>She took a bite of her steak and chewed it, eyeing me for a while before swallowing.

<”You really don’t know a whole lot about monsters, do ya?”

>”I guess I don’t.” I admit.

<”Would you… like to learn?”

>”That depends.”

<”On what?”

>”Is that an innuendo?” I asked half jokingly.

>She grinned.

<”I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m a pure and innocent young woman! All I wanna do is teach you about ushi-oni anatomy.”

>Her sudden forwardness was surprising, but not unwelcome.

>It felt pretty nice to have someone openly attracted to you for once.

>I know it’s not really encouraged to have relationships with coworkers or fellow officers but fuck it.

>One: No one has to know, Two: it’s my life I can do what the hell I want and Three: I don’t know what’s come over me but Maxine is looking damn hot right now in her uniform.

>My libido must have been starving for the past eight years and thinking about that stunt she did today and they way she’s looking right now…

>Let’s just say I could probably beat some rioters with my ‘nightstick.’

>”So… do you do private lessons?” I ask, trying albeit clumsily to build the mood.

<”I do, but they’ll cost ya.”

>I show her my badge and give her a smirk, an idea popping into my head.

>”Do you do discounts for law enforcement?”

<”Oh, damn it, Anon, can we just go back to your place already?!” She hissed at me, clearly ready to go.

>We get our check - I paid for the whole thing and quickly head back to the SUV.

>Max is practically hanging on my shoulder, her big claws gently wrapped around me in anticipation.

>We make our way back to my place, refraining from abusing the siren.

<”Come on, Anon! It’d be so much faster!”

>”You know we’re not supposed to!”

<”This is an EMERGENCY, ANON!”

>Sweat is beading up on my forehead.

>A sudden nervousness has come over me.

>I’m about to go home and bed a giant spider lady who’s at least two or three times my size.

>Am I gonna be able to please her?

>Also I was her parole officer like two years ago.

>Nothing weird there - nope, not at all.

>She leans in on my shoulder as I drive up to my house.

<”Come on, anon!” She begged, tugging on my arm.

>She’s right, don’t get cold feet you damn coward.

>You go in there and you learn some anatomy!

>I barely make it inside when she starts pulling off my uniform, tossing my belt and equipment on the table.

>She takes my shirt off and throws it into the corner with her own, revealing her breasts hidden behind a sizeable bra.

>With a deliberately slow motion, she undoes the buckle on her bra and lets it pop off, falling to her feet.

>I’m back on board with no doubts now.

>She looks absolutely gorgeous - and I’m not just saying that because of her titanic tarantula tits.

4ef906  No.371032


>Maxine pushes me onto my couch and undoes my pants, slowly pulling them down.

>I watch her fumble with my johnson, those big claws of hers handling it with care.

>It still surprises me how gentle she can be… someone her size and with her history… also watching her kick over a damn truck with only two legs?

>Yeah, I’d be stupid to not be a little nervous.

>But that doesn’t seem to matter.

>As she looks up at me I can tell she’s just as nervous as I am.

>Maybe more so, given she doesn’t want to crush me.

<“Well… h-how’d you get this past c-customs? I’m gonna have to confiscate this!” She said, trying to sound sexy.

>It was a sloppy delivery but the effort made her look so cute - and in a way that made it even hotter.

>She caught me by surprise, lowering herself down onto me.

>She stuck my manhood in her mouth, going down to the base without even gagging.

>Holy shit.

>I can’t help but grab onto her horns, it’s like they’re make specifically for this.

>Maxine wraps her arms around my waist and forces me to stand, pulling back on my shaft with a loud pop.

<“Wow, Anon… you’re so manly…”

>Something about the way she said that made something snap inside me.

>I tighten my grip on her horns and force myself back into her mouth.

>Maxine doesn’t seem to mind, in fact she’s helping me, holding my hips tightly.

>As I push myself back using her horns she slowly pulls me back in with her claws, like she hasn’t had enough of me.

>This is probably the best thing I’ve ever felt in my life.

>I can’t fight it anymore and I find myself succumbing to her passionate lip service.

>She even swallowed while I was still in her mouth - holy shit…

>She allows me to fall back onto the couch, licking her lips a moment before giving me a lust-filled grin.

<“Well, Anon, I’m gonna have to arrest you for unlawfully discharging that weapon of yours…” She said, climbing up on top of me.

>Damn, she’s getting better at this already.

>I have to admit as she got on top I was a little terrified - but she soon eased my mind as she quickly took hold of me and put it in.

>Her embrace was warm and gentle, her arms holding me tight as she worked her mouth on my neck.

>If someone saw this they might equate it to a prey caught by a spider.

>I guess in a way that wasn’t wrong.

>Maxine had been thinking of me for a whole year in the academy.

>All of her pent up aggression was coming out as she smothered me with her love.

>Her lean yet soft body pressed up against mine with each thrust rocking the couch.

>Every once in a while she would release me long enough to plant a kiss on my cheek or my neck or even my chest.

>I never expected Maxine - Mad Max - the ushi-oni on probation to be so careful and passionate in bed.

>Or on a couch in this case.

>As she slowly quickened her pace I could feel her squeezing down on me, sliding up and down on top of me.

>We were making quite the mess, but at this moment I didn’t give two shits.

>I found myself reaching up and grabbing her around the waist, burying myself in her bosom where she held me with both her arms.

<“Oh… Anon… I’m close!” She whined.

>I felt her spasm and a sudden release of her grip on me told me she had climaxed.

>I could feel it building up in me as well.

>Instinct must have taken over because I started thrusting up into her with as much strength I could muster.

4ef906  No.371033


<“ANON! OMIGOD STOP!” She begged.

<“I just came!”


>”Think of this as punishment!” I said, somehow lifting her up off the couch.

>In hindsight she was probably just playing along.

<“Punishment for what?!” She cried, holding onto me for dear life.

>”Just in case you did something I never caught.” I explained.

>”Like that time you took someone’s lunch money when I wasn’t around! Or when you cheated on a test and I didn’t catch you!”

<“Anon, please!” She whimpered, rolling over onto her big back.

>I didn’t relent, instead I grew more bold, pressing down into her while holding onto her frontmost thighs.

>Maxine squealed, her other legs wrapping around me like some kind of trap she had laid out for me.

>I didn’t care, I kept going until I could feel the pressure building up.

>Release came to me and when I looked at her she was a mess of red, black and gray, her claws covering her face.

<“You’re such a beast!” She said behind her hands, her eye peeking through her clawed fingers.

>I looked down at our juices mixing together and sighed.

>That was all my strength? One and done?

>Maxine didn’t seem to think so, her hands grabbing either side of my face.

>She leaned forward and planted one right on my lips.

<“I love you so much, Anon…”

>I’d like to say that’s where it ended and we fell asleep on top of one another but Maxine had revealed her true colors after that.

>I know a lot of ushi-oni have some kinda weird charms they use to cover half their face.

>I don’t really get it but apparently it calms them down or something like that.

>I never thought to mention it since it’s common knowledge nowadays.

>But when I looked at Maxine, I noticed two emerald eyes staring back at me.

>I wasn’t sure if my boner was from love or fear now.

<“Do you love me?” She asked in a low, threatening voice.

>She turned over and put me on my back, pressing herself up against me as she waited for my response.

>I was going crazy with my dick still inside her as she was grinding against me.

>Finally I gave in, her teasing proving too much for me.

>”I do! I love you, Maxine, now gimme-!”

>She forced herself on me once again and began her assault on my hips, riding hard on top of me.

>I lost track of how many times I came inside her, but it was at least three more times before she relented.

>Somehow during the whole thing she had managed to strip us both completely naked and threw our clothes on the pile.

>I was stuck to my couch covered only with an ushi-oni for a blanket, our sweat and… other liquids mixing together.

>Hickies covered me from head to toe, Maxine nearly leaving no part of me unmolested.

>I might have to buy a new couch…

>And ask her to buy me something to cover up all these damn hickeys.

>Maxine was cradling me, one of her arms wrapped around my shoulder while her other hand held mine tightly.

>She was bigger than me for sure, so it made sense that tonight she would be the big spoon.

>But I promised myself tomorrow I’d make her the little spoon… somehow.

>I’m still not sure how I ended up like this with her.

>I guess two years ago I left quite an impression on Maxine…

>And now she’s left one on me - several in fact.

>I’ve never really ‘loved’ anyone before, but as I’m training Max I think she’s training me.

>Later on her mother approved of our relationship but she demanded that we get married before the year is up.

>She also said we had a deadline to make her some grandkids, and with how Maxine uh… ‘handles’ me, that won’t be an issue.

>I’ve a bad feeling she’ll be pregnant before we’re even married.

4ef906  No.371034


>The year goes by fast, we’re day in and out between police work and our wedding preparations and house life.

>Maxine now lives with me, my beautiful eight and a half foot (give or take) fiance.

>I told her my concerns with having children out of wedlock.

>I don’t want anyone referring to my - no, our kids as bastards.

>Max agreed and we have been celibate until the wedding.

>She practically glued her ‘charm’ to her face.

>I offered to use condoms but she wouldn’t hear it.

<”Condoms are stupid and unreliable. Do you really think one of those or hell, even a whole pack of them will last between the two of us?”

>More often than not she was all about rough sex.

>Not that I’m complaining, but she’s right.

>Those condoms would probably burst under the immense pressure inside her.

>Fun experiment ideas aside, the sudden celibacy was driving me crazy.

>Maxine sometimes took pity on me and… helped me along with some ‘lip service.’

>I would always return the favor, but now…

>I want HER, damn it, not just her mouth and her… other mouth!

>I want it all!

>Holy shit, she actually made me fall in love with her, the Mad Max.

>She made me want to make babies with her.

>I never thought I’d want kids in my entire life.

>It’s finally the day of our wedding.

>I’m nervous as hell.

>Like more than ever before in my entire life.

>More than any experience as a policeman has ever done.

>I’ve come to fully realize how much Maxine means to me over the course of a year.

>She’s twenty one now and fully plans on getting drunk and fucking me until I pass out tonight.

>I don’t know what I’m more afraid of, the wedding ceremony or the potential death by snusnu afterwards.

>We’re not doing anything special either.

>Neither of us have that kind of money and Maxine doesn’t want to waste anything on what she calls ‘pointless expenses.’

<”We can have more fun with just the two of us, a bottle of whiskey and a bed.” She told me.

>I made sure to buy plastic sheets for the bed tonight.

>Between her usual self and the whiskey I think I’m gonna need a poncho, too.

>I also know full well she’ll be taking off her ‘charm.’

>If she somehow didn’t get pregnant before she’s going to make damn sure she is after we consummate our marriage.

>She’s coming down the aisle now with her granddad.

>The guy flew in from upstate to hand her off to me.

>First time we’ve met and I already like him.

>Maxine looks beautiful in a wedding dress.

>Her dark hair and gray skin clash with the ‘white’ wedding dress.

>Hey, Maxine’s the one who picked an off white dress.

>She claims she doesn’t want to start our marriage on a lie, so she picked off white.

>Fine by me, neither one of us are pure now.

>Her granddad passes her off to me and gives me a smile

>Finally we officially begin the whole ordeal.

>We say the vows we rehearsed and eventually get to our I do’s.

>Maxine and I share a passionate kiss and the church goes wild.

>Max’s mom is the loudest of them all, cheering and crying next to her boyfriend.

>Maybe they’ll get married next.

>Maxine hopes so and so do I.

4ef906  No.371035


>We suffer through the reception, both of us anxious to get home.

>I can tell Maxine has reached her limit.

>Her chats with everyone are short and to the point, no pleasantries other than a thank you for coming.

>Her mom gives us the go ahead and we split.

>I’m no longer nervous but instead excited.

>It’s been nearly six months without a proper fucking.

>As I drive us home I’m thinking of everything I want to do to her.

>I’m sure Max is thinking the same thing, because she’s fidgeting with her ‘charm’ while she’s biting her lip.

>We get home in record time and I practically bust down the front door, pulling Maxine by the hand all the way to the bedroom.

<”Wait, Anon! I’m… I’m still wearing my dress!”

>”I don’t give a shit, I’ll take you as you are!”

>Maxine takes off as many layers of her dress I would allow.

>How often do you get to have your wife in a wedding dress?

<”I’ll do it… but only if you wear your bowtie.”

>”Fucking done.”

>That seemed to blow away any last minute reservations she had about tonight.

<”Wait a sec!” She pleaded, pulling me towards the kitchen.

>We walk through the house practically naked.

>There’s something surprisingly freeing and adorable about her walking around half dressed up.

>I’m sure she thought the same of me, holding her hand with nothing but a bowtie on.

>She opened the fridge and withdrew a bottle of bourbon she had bought for tonight.

>Maxine turned to me and nodded, giving me the go ahead to continue pulling her to the bedroom.

>I obliged, giving her hand a squeeze as we made it through the hall, the door and into my room.

>Our room.

>We’re married now, I remind myself.

>I turn around to my wife and find that she had already removed the ‘charm’ and was now forcing a bourbon flavored kiss onto me.

>The alcohol burned a little, but I was use to it - at least drinking it.

>Her kiss surprised me and I found myself a little dizzy from the rush.

>Maxine pushed me down on the bed and began the usual cycle.

>She began kissing me all over again, this time stopping every now and then to refresh me with another whiskey filled kiss.

>It was weird at first but I found it to be incredibly hot.

>Like blow my load hot.

>Like ‘ma’am, put your hands on the wall and spread your legs,’ kinda hot.

<”Mr. Anon, I’m going to have to confiscate your concealed weapon.” Maxine told me, yanking my pants off in one go.

>Yeah, she knows what kinda hot I’m talking about.

>She may be wearing half a wedding dress but if there’s not a little cop in her there soon will be.

4ef906  No.371036


>Maxine undoes her corset just enough for her breasts to pop out.

>I watch with anticipation as she pours a little whiskey on them and rubs it into her skin.

>Again, kinda weird, but it’s turning me on like nobody’s business.

>As for ‘confiscating,’ she pushes her breasts together and takes hold of me, guiding me into her pillowy prison.

>They’re so soft and slippery, not to mention one hundred and thirty proof.

>I can’t help but push up, taking hold of her horns.

>Maxine looks up at me with delight, a giggle escaping from her lips as she matches my rhythm.

>She pumps her chest against me until I can’t take it anymore.

>I reach my limit, spilling my seed on her beautiful skin.

>Something takes over in me and I find myself tilting her head back by the horns, giving her a forceful kiss.

>Maxine moans into my mouth, grabbing onto me with her hands.

>She pushes me down and mounts me then and there, clearly as impatient as I was to get down to business.

>I’m surprised she managed it this long without fucking me from the get go.

>I mean she had her charm off and everything.

>Maxine grabs the bottle and gives me another kiss before taking a swig.

>I reach for it but she pulls it away, wagging a finger at me with a devious grin on her face.

<”Wait your turn, mister.” She says, filling up with another gulp before forcing it into my mouth.

>I am now officially drunk.

>Somehow I am able to keep it up, but my memory of the night is all a blur.

>Maxine says I ravaged her for hours.

>I highly doubt it, as I’m sure she’s the one who did the ravaging.

>My new hickies are proof.

>But she seemed incredibly satisfied.

>Somehow neither one of us had a hangover and we even decided to spend the whole day cuddling.

>After a shower of course.

>We both smelled of alcohol, sweat and… well you get the idea.

>We had to take an extra long shower of course.

>Maxine pushed me up against the wall and force herself on me.

>Well, I say ‘forced.’

>I did ask her if she wanted to try fucking in the shower.

>It went about as well as you’d expect.

>Good thing we’re doing nothing but cuddling today because damn it’s only nine AM and I’m already tired.

>As it turned out, Maxine somehow never got pregnant before we married.

>Which baffles me because we fucked like rabbits for a couple months.

>In the first few months of our marriage I have since resolved the issue and somehow managed to get her pregnant with triplets.

>I don’t know how we’re gonna do it as two police parents but… well, her mom’s gonna help us.

>I think we’ll manage.

The End.

Hope it was worth the wait!

deed71  No.371040


It was worth the wait

7c8838  No.371068


Fucking good shit. 10/10

f57bab  No.371090

File: b3b64179c0ed89f⋯.png (223.42 KB, 550x700, 11:14, maximum lewd.png)



>cow spider

Writing for spider flavored girls is tricky in the same way it is for centaur girls with their odd anatomy and making them fit into worlds. I'm wondering how she was able to handle that light gun with her big claw fingers.

That was pretty beefy for a greentext. You might have been better served writing it out like a regular story and posting it in the writefag thread. Then again, I've posted some pretty big monsters myself.

>titanic tarantula tits

dat alliteration

I see you're a man of culture as well. The transition to lewd in the second part though…

72a649  No.371101

File: e52c8a7b6bf6619⋯.jpg (521.74 KB, 1090x1078, 545:539, e52c8a7b6bf6619e952b1bc797….jpg)


I liked it.

8e8ef9  No.371107

File: e67e036d247c032⋯.jpg (10.92 KB, 150x150, 1:1, 61abca23-ca20-46f9-a527-2b….jpg)


so fucking heart warming

deed71  No.371157

New plot idea

>delinquent monster girl is trying to win over this guy

>the guys completely oblivious though

>leads to hilarious moments

4266d5  No.371158


The oblivious card was already played really well in that one greentext, any more and I think it’ll just be beating a dead horse.

deed71  No.371161


True true

Then let's replace obviousness with something else…..any ideas?

deb578  No.371166

File: e482fbab7ec9c83⋯.png (2.27 MB, 1182x1863, 394:621, qy84JQEUTqHkSuC0trlLt82BAD….png)


Cursed YSS AR-15 after an assault weapons ban

Or would that be racial predjudice?

deed71  No.371168

deb578  No.371176


Yes as in make the story, or this is about deliqent monster girls, not victims of racism?

50b604  No.371177


>bad girl ar-15 goes after innocentnon who is terrified of guns.

>not against owning guns, but has a huge phobia after whatever tragic shit happenned to him involving them.


deed71  No.371186


Yes as in to make the story

55703a  No.371265


This is really good, and I hope you continue it, because as much as I like monster girls, the concept of your story really hits home on one of their major faults for me. That their the ones who choose and often times dont make it a choice for the guy. That they make you love them, with most of the time the guy not getting any choice in the matter, via their own powers, abilities, raw physical strength, or danuki jewish debt enslavement. Then they just expect the mamono mana to work its magic and make you love them and make it physically impossible to live without them. Hell, even if the guy thinks it's his choice to make and he willingly made it, it's still probably some sort of magic or seduction into making him think he wants it. You cant even use the excuse of just headcanon this away because this is at the very core of KC's writing and our own interpretation of it. Let's give an example. Say your really into manticores and their your waifu of choice, then along comes KC's furry cait sith and she makes you love her through her magic or sex or what have you and the mamono mana kicks in. You wanted a tail pussy but now through no choice of your own your stuck with one of God's little mistakes, who says your her slave now, and no harems or head canon allowed to fix it. Your stuck loving something most of us consider repulsive because monster mana brain washing. This isn't the surprise sex you didnt know you wanted, this is getting forced to love what amounts to a cat that decides to stand on its hind legs and learn magic. This love rings hollow when it takes your brain being rewired to force you to love her. I may be wrong about this, but I dont think a lot of us like mindflayers, and this is because they radically change your brain if I remember correctly, yet how is this different if not on a slightly less scale than what literally every single one of KC's other monsters does. Hell, you cant even just say that I'm just some maledom fag who wants to one up the monsters, because even the monsters that appeal to maledom still force you into domming them through abilities or whatever. Worst of this is, is the monsters natural strength vs ours. You could be a very /fit/ guy who's worked out all his life, put forth tons of effort, and has got rippling bodybuilder tier muscles. Then some ushi-oni comes along and decides she likes the way you look and fights you to make you hers. Of course, since she's stronger she wins. You trained your whole life only to lose to something that was just given her strength by the virtue of being born a strong monster, no work whatsoever. I wish more stories would equal the playing field so that the monster doesn't autowin by virtue of being a monster. I know that their pretty much the ideal wife that will love you forever, but that love to me really rings hollow when they probably only chose and love you because your a man who can give them spirit energy and because their gene's tell them to. That and as said you dont get a choice in the matter for the most part. I know that this is just KC's canon and not all monster girls are like this, but I still wanted to talk about it. I know I'll get told to leave or that I'm mgu or that I'm some bitter 3DPD who hit the wall and decided to take my aggression out on something better than me in every way because Chad wont marry me, because I dared to question some of the darker parts of monster girls that I dont like, as ideal as they may be. This still let me get some things out of my head that's been swirling around for awhile, so it's worth it regardless, and hopefully it'll generate some discussion maybe, or I'll just get banned. Sage of course for rant and blogpost.

With how long this is probably gonna be, I almost wish I used reddit spacing

d8946d  No.371271


jesus christ nigger that wall of text is unreadable

6575c9  No.371386

>be me

>have a broken arm

>because of this no monster girl decided to proactively date me since they dont want to hurt me

>expect for this one dragon girl

>she didnt seem to give a single shit about my broken arm in fact she saw it as a blessing because everybody seemed to back off from me

>however I still kept a taser in my pocket

>that…really came in handy once

>the first time I ever met her was when she was waiting for me to use the bathroom between classes…

>I was just using the urinal at the time before she entered the boys bathroom

>the fucking boys bathroom

>I didn't know her name

<"luckily for you that little stick of yours is so small or else you would've had a hard time peeing with only one arm"

>"its normal sized and its fully functional!"

<"wanna test that theory out?"


>after yelling that, a oni left one of the bathroom stalls with a guy

<"she seemed to think differently"

>"fuck this I'm out"

>I would pull up my pants before I attempted to leave before she suddenly put her hand on my shoulder

<"not so fast i-"

>with the speed of a thousand Autists I reached into my pocket using my non broken arm before I pulled out my tazer zapped her

>she would suddenly fall to the ground before she….pissed her self

>wait no she came

>anyways after she fell down I quickly took my chance to leave the bathroom

>later that day she confronted me agai. When I was opening my locker

<"hey anon dont think you can get off that easily!"

>I dont got time.jpg

>"sorry but I gotta go…uh…what's your name?"

<"wait…you dont know my name…its bree"

>fuck now I felt bad

>wait no this could be a manamoo mind trick

>how was I supposed to know her name

>"wait but how could I know your na-"

>suddenly she picked me up before she shoved me into my locker and shut the door

>fuck this hurts my arm is pressed against the walls and I cant just leave


>after a couple minutes she came back to let me out of my locker

<"Dont you ever forget my name or next time it will be worse!"

>my arm felt like fucking hell when she let me go…

6575c9  No.371387

>be me

>have a broken arm

>because of this no monster girl decided to proactively date me since they dont want to hurt me

>expect for this one dragon girl

>she didnt seem to give a single shit about my broken arm in fact she saw it as a blessing because everybody seemed to back off from me

>however I still kept a taser in my pocket

>that…really came in handy once

>the first time I ever met her was when she was waiting for me to use the bathroom between classes…

>I was just using the urinal at the time before she entered the boys bathroom

>the fucking boys bathroom

>I didn't know her name

<"luckily for you that little stick of yours is so small or else you would've had a hard time peeing with only one arm"

>"its normal sized and its fully functional!"

<"wanna test that theory out?"


>after yelling that, a oni left one of the bathroom stalls with a guy

<"she seemed to think differently"

>"fuck this I'm out"

>I would pull up my pants before I attempted to leave before she suddenly put her hand on my shoulder

<"not so fast i-"

>with the speed of a thousand Autists I reached into my pocket using my non broken arm before I pulled out my tazer zapped her

>she would suddenly fall to the ground before she….pissed her self

>wait no she came

>anyways after she fell down I quickly took my chance to leave the bathroom

>later that day she confronted me agai. When I was opening my locker

<"hey anon dont think you can get off that easily!"

>I dont got time.jpg

>"sorry but I gotta go…uh…what's your name?"

<"wait…you dont know my name…its bree"

>fuck now I felt bad

>wait no this could be a manamoo mind trick

>how was I supposed to know her name

>"wait but how could I know your na-"

>suddenly she picked me up before she shoved me into my locker and shut the door

>fuck this hurts my arm is pressed against the walls and I cant just leave


>after a couple minutes she came back to let me out of my locker

<"Dont you ever forget my name or next time it will be worse!"

>my arm felt like fucking hell when she let me go…

6575c9  No.371388

>be me

>have a broken arm

>because of this no monster girl decided to proactively date me since they dont want to hurt me

>expect for this one dragon girl

>she didnt seem to give a single shit about my broken arm in fact she saw it as a blessing because everybody seemed to back off from me

>however I still kept a taser in my pocket

>that…really came in handy once

>the first time I ever met her was when she was waiting for me to use the bathroom between classes…

>I was just using the urinal at the time before she entered the boys bathroom

>the fucking boys bathroom

>I didn't know her name

<"luckily for you that little stick of yours is so small or else you would've had a hard time peeing with only one arm"

>"its normal sized and its fully functional!"

<"wanna test that theory out?"


>after yelling that, a oni left one of the bathroom stalls with a guy

<"she seemed to think differently"

>"fuck this I'm out"

>I would pull up my pants before I attempted to leave before she suddenly put her hand on my shoulder

<"not so fast i-"

>with the speed of a thousand Autists I reached into my pocket using my non broken arm before I pulled out my tazer zapped her

>she would suddenly fall to the ground before she….pissed her self

>wait no she came

>anyways after she fell down I quickly took my chance to leave the bathroom

>later that day she confronted me agai. When I was opening my locker

<"hey anon dont think you can get off that easily!"

>I dont got time.jpg

>"sorry but I gotta go…uh…what's your name?"

<"wait…you dont know my name…its bree"

>fuck now I felt bad

>wait no this could be a manamoo mind trick

>how was I supposed to know her name

>"wait but how could I know your na-"

>suddenly she picked me up before she shoved me into my locker and shut the door

>fuck this hurts my arm is pressed against the walls and I cant just leave


>after a couple minutes she came back to let me out of my locker

>my arm felt like fucking hell when she let me out of the locker

<"Dont you ever forget my name or next time it will be worse!"

90adea  No.371390

Jesus christ did it just glitch out and triple post

18eaba  No.371393

File: 054fa40d5b7d7ca⋯.jpg (518.08 KB, 594x918, 11:17, orc_girl_by_mikeluckas-d9m….jpg)

Can we all agree Orc Girls are prime delinquent fodder?

>Toll and Strunk

>Don't give a fuck about societal order outside their tribe.

>Regularly conduct raids for prosperity of their own group

>Have a hierarchy based on strength.

>Ttattoos,piercings, and punk hairstyles.

>Will protect husbando at all costs, even if he is a weak shrimp.

90adea  No.371395


I mean hes not wrong

c24885  No.371396

File: 4145fb232967401⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1115x1500, 223:300, B09Tpgl.png)

File: 82dd649a67eca7f⋯.png (415.62 KB, 506x934, 253:467, z7q4AHp.png)

File: e1d6100d7f6eed0⋯.png (205.45 KB, 500x500, 1:1, tumblr_om83pa9KiA1uqwrkgo2….png)




chill out m8


Not as good as a red oni

>taller and stronger

>don't give a fuck about societal order period

>loves drinking and fighting

>tough as nails

>rowdy and uncontrollable

18eaba  No.371397


Shit, now I want to do an orc story involving a smol boy getting proactively bullied by the local queen bitch.


Onis are good but green girls>red girls.

c24885  No.371398

File: d7d80dfb4f2ee75⋯.jpg (104.37 KB, 400x320, 5:4, Yeah-well-thats-just-like-….jpg)

90adea  No.371400


What's stopping you m8

18eaba  No.371401


Nothing. But how do I write the bullying without it edging on abusive? Clearly it needs to be more teasing. Maybe she tries to give him a love confession and he thinks he's getting called out for a beating instead?

87ffa9  No.371410


You just make it bully stuff and not abusive. She doesnt need to hit him, cut him, or draw blood.


The oni girl sends him a text message demanding he has to meet her out back after school. He is nervous because he thinks its a fight and plus he wonders how she got his number.

Perfect levels of nervous bully.


She strikes him and busts his lap.

That isn’t bully. That is violence and its bull shit.

38953f  No.371416


This. When writing femdom, stop and think: if I saw a man doing this to his woman, would I call the police? If the answer is yes, it's probably too much.

90adea  No.371480


Alright so none of


And more of

>"hey meet me outside now"

6528c0  No.371486


More than likely, its done that before

90adea  No.371488


Makes sense

90adea  No.371579

>be me

>sleeping in

>oni girlfriend opens the door to my room before she shook me awake


>"hu…hm oh hey jessie….what time is it..and how did you get in?"


>"oh…right…alright let me get dressed"


>she picked me up before I could even put on a shirt or pants

>after she carried me out of my room she tossed me into my car and drove off to the nearest gamestop

>"hi welcome to gamestop would you like the newest rape rape love island with the deluxe edition by EA?"

<"what no I just want yakuza"

>"but if you order now I'll give you a bonus"

<"but I just want yakuza dammit!"

>"can you just give her the game"

>"can you wear some pants?"

<"Can you hand us the games before I force you too"

>after we…managed to get yakuza and also rape rape love island deluxe editon for a 70% off we went straight to her house

>we would then start up the ps4 before we waited for the playstation to finish updating

>during this long waiting period she pulled out some sake

<"want some sake?"

>"you know I don't drink"

<"come on it's going to be only one time"

>"well…I mean…one sip couldnt hurt"

>I took a tiny sip out of the bottle,even though it was a tiny amount It already hit me hard

>suddenly I felt her arm go around my shoulder before she pulled me close to her

>"your….really warm….you know"

>she would slightly chuckle at that remark before she spoke

<"I love you anon…"

f57bab  No.371598


>A succession of brutal brawls from the bridge to the Merv building had left Katsumi bruised and bloody.

>She'd need a new uniform after this was all over.

>The elevator brought her to the top floor but a flight of stairs was her ticket to the roof.

>She opened the door the after ascending the stairs. Her legs and feet were sore from the trek across town.

>As the hydraulic mechanism shut the door behind her the sun was just starting to set

> Taking in the view she spat out some blood and smiled exposing a gap in her smirk from a missing tooth and busted lip courtesy of blackhoof the supposedly unbeatable centaur girl.

>Blackhoof was guarding the entrance to the Merv building. She'd walk with limp after today.

>A caustic chide came from behind Katsumi "So, you finally made it."

>She turned to find Tatsuko, A beefy Oni girl. The toughest delinquent in all of Tokyo. They say even the Yakuza regard her highly as a sadistic monster.

>She sported tattoos and her horns were decorated with menacing artwork.

>Katsumi was short with her "Where's Hiro?"

>Tatsuko motioned above her. Hiro was tied up and gagged, hanging from the satellite antenna jutting up from the building. He looked like he was unconscious.

>"The door locked behind you and only I have the key. There's no way you're getting out of here alive Katsumi. After I beat you I'm going to-"

>Katsumi interrupted "Shut up, give me the keys, and I won't beat your ass too badly!"

>"I was hoping you'd say that" Tatsuko squared up confident she'd win. Katsumi looked haggard and only raised her arms to half mast. Tatsuko figured she'd go down quickly.


>katsumi's left eye was swollen shut and a combination of sweat and blood was blinding her right. Hits from Tatsuko were brutal so she'd have to keep her distance but the roof didn't allow for many evasive maneuvers.

>Tatsuko shook her head grinned menacingly. "Perhaps you should throw yourself from the roof. You'll last longer that way." Despite her obvious advantage, she was still cautious with her movements keeping her stance together as she pressed Katsumi for space.

>Katsumi limped around the rooftop arena trying to find a weakness she could exploit but Tatsuko's strikes had a bigger reach as well as more power. A direct approach was suicide.

>An overhead hook from Tatsuko sent Katsumi tumbling. The blow didn't have much power behind it but Katsumi wasn't sure if her legs would bring up back up.

>"Katsumi!" Hiro managed to free himself and dropped a good 10 feet to the floor after a fit of wriggling.

>Tatsuko Looked to Hiro and then back to Katsumi "Don't worry, I'll take good care of Hiro."

>Katsumi went to square up again but Hiro got between her and Tatsuko

>"Please, stop! "

>Katsumi pulled herself up on Hiro's shoulders and attempted to push him aside "Get out of the way Hiro, this isn't your fight."

>He shook his head and stayed between the two. Hiro wasn't the strongest but he had balls like no other. No one else she knew could tell her no as confidently as he could. That's why…that's why she loved him

>Hiro looked at Katsumi and smiled, somewhat nervously since he wasn't sure if he'd get away with telling her no but also because he felt bad for her face being a mess on his behalf.

>Tatsuko shrugged "Touching…" With the same overhead hook as before she nailed Hiro hard. He wasn't on guard and even if he was he didn't know how to take a punch like Katsumi. He hit the ground and bounced.

f57bab  No.371599

File: f3f41987a4f3971⋯.png (155.52 KB, 400x416, 25:26, lizard girl.png)


>Anger wouldn't do her heart JUSTICE. No words, just a swift kick to Tatsuko's cunt. It wasn't a particularly honorable move but neither was nailing a string bean like Hiro with a sucker punch.

>Tatsuko doubled over from the low blow and Katsumi grabbed her horns to pull the stunned Tatsuko into her knee.

>over and over.

>Tatsuko tackled Katsumi to the edge of the building to break free of the knee strikes.

>This caused Katsumi to spit up blood. Being pinned, her lower leverage was lost so, holding onto one of Tatsuko's horns she resorted to elbow strikes to the back of Tatsuko's head.

>After the 4th hit, Tatsuko slumped downward from the cranial barrage and let out a groan.

>Katsumi swiped the key from her person and gave her a kick for good measure causing Tatsuko to spit up blood from her now destroyed face.

>Katsumi went to check on Hiro.

>He was okay and after a few light slaps he was up and moving.

>"Let's get out of here."

>"Katsumi, your face…" He went to dab blood and sweat from her brow with his handkerchief.

>She didn't protest his act of kindness and submitted to the care, kneeling down and allowing him to clean her up.

>Hiro eyed her up and down"Katsumi, are you okay?"

>Katsumi rolled her neck around causing it to pop and crack"Not really, but whatever."

>She whipped a cigarette out from her bra but before she could light up Hiro gave her a troubled look and the guilt forced her to sheath the thing back between her tiddies for now.

>She smiled not wanting to admit that Hiro's influence on her wasn't so bad after all.


>Hiro insisted he take her to his house since it was closer for some more in-depth medical attention.

>His mom greeted them both and was taken aback by his friend's appearance, covering her mouth with a worried look "Is she okay…?"

>Hiro started to talk but Katsumi cut him off "I fell down some stairs."

>"You fell down stairs?"

>"It was a lot of stairs-I'll be okay."

>A nervous offer from his mother followed "We'll be having dinner soon, so feel free to join us."

>"Thank you."

>Hiro's house was nice, his family was better than hers with her single father working all the time.

>Detecting her own funk she asked Hiro where the bathroom was.

>Katsumi hopped in the shower. The blood and sweat of the day circled the drain and the aches and pains were dulled by the hot water.

>While alone, she felt bad for getting Hiro mixed up in her trouble. She saw him as a weakling but at least he had balls. He would scold her about her smoking, bad grades, shoplifting, skipping school, bullying of other kids and more.

>She repaid his concern with abuse both physical and verbal and threatened him continually.

>Why he bothered with someone like her, why he cared so much, it was troubling for her.

>She dried off and put on some clothes that belonged to Hiro's older sister Mai.

>She'd need to get home soon before her dad started to worry. Or was that just an excuse to remove herself from the awkward situation she felt herself falling into?

>A knock on the bathroom door, Hiro's mom "Katsumi, dinner's ready!"

[] Join Hiro and his family for dinner (something that scared her more than any brawl she had today). It would be impolite to turn down dinner like this.

[]Decline the offer and go home. To keep Hiro safe from her enemies she'd tell him to stay away from her. He won't like it but he'll have to deal with it.

0f818c  No.371601


Join Hiro, you know that he's not going to just leave you alone, especially after you saved him. But call your dad first and let him know where you are.

90adea  No.371652


Go with hiro and eat dinner

f57bab  No.371660



I just realized I added at a "t" to her name in the recent parts. That's what I get for mucking about with Nippon names.

I'm gonna steal some ideas from Ai Yori Aoshi and throw in some class conflict for the next part. Can delinquent Katsumi impress the family of the noble Karasuma lineage? Will Ms. Karasuma-san accept Katsumi as a suitable suitor for Hiro or is Katsumi already doomed by the rigid caste system? Find out next time.

deed71  No.372609

>anon fights this human deliquent

>he wins from luck

>this attracts the attention of a monster girl delinquent

deed71  No.372905

This all started with a fight…I'm pretty sure this fight is the only reason I managed to get her attention

There was a crowd surrounding me and this asshole named Jack

Throughout the years he pushed me around, beat me up, and stole my money.

But because I finally stood up for myself for once, he became endangered and attacked me. So I guess that sorta explains the crowd





I suddenly felt Jack's fist slam across my face causing me to stumble around for a good second. The pain caused from this, I've never felt him punch me this hard before…he was holding back before this fight .

Jack would swing at me again before sidestepped out of the way and tried to grab him around the waist

"Did you really think that would work?"

He would suddenly grab my back before he lifted me up and slammed me against the ground

another wave of pain would fall onto me as Jack began to throw punches at me while I was still on the ground, most of these hit me on the face…because of this I began to bleed.

I managed to kick him back to give myself enough time to stand up yet the second I got up he charged at me

I barely got out the way in the way in time before he slammed into the wall behind me, then a loud thud could be heard as he fell onto his back.

He knocked himself out

"Oh shit he knocked him out!"


>"wait no I didnt know anybody out he ju-"


Suddenly a group of salamanders pushed there way through the crowds

The leader of the salamander gang was named sasha

<"bullshit anon could never wi…"

f907b9  No.372909


You have my attention

5fbd2c  No.372919


Sarah and her salamander gang all starred at me in shock and with interest

I thought I could maybe scare them off by threatening them, because I really needed them to get out of the way so I can get medical help

>"whos next?"

There fucking laughing now

Everybodys laughing now

At me…

<"I'm sorry did you just say,who's next?"

>"you heard me right…"

The laughing got louder and louder

<"look at yourself, you barely can even walk straight"

>"your wrong I can walk straight"

<"prove it walk to me"

I began to walk towards her before I began to stumble a bit, Jack's punches fucked me harder then I thought

After I almost got close to Sarah i fell flat on my face

And even more laughter is coming from everyone expect Sarah


>"ow….can someone take me to the nurse…or a nearby hospital…or can you just call a ambulance"

People are still fucking laughing



And the laughing stopped all of a sudden,in fact all sounds coming from the crowd stopped

"It was jeff…"

Sarah snapped her fingers before a salamander began to beat jeff


At that moment I was forced into her gang..

After this she slowly approached me while I was still on the ground

<"what's your number"


<"after you rest up and get yourself taken care off you better respond to my texts..got it"

>"yes sir…"

<"did you just call me sir"

>"no mamm.."

(I'll continue this tomorrow guys)

586b23  No.372943



good shit bruh

deed71  No.373007


A day later after I got patched up and well rested, I checked my phone only to see several texts from Sarah

<"hey idiot remember to text me when your feeling better"

Great to know she somewhat cares

>"yeah I'm feeling fine now,what do you want"

Almost instantly she texted me back

<"meet me at the arcade close by to the school"

>"that place?…its not really safe"

<"don't worry I'll be there with you"


After this I got dressed and began to head over to the arcade

When I got there I spotted Sarah and her gang of salamanders waiting for me

<"you took too long"

>"I had to sneak past two hellhounds on my way here so cut me some slack"

<"no, anyways because your late give me twenty pushups now"


<"do it now"


Like she ordered to I began to do pushups, however the second I reached 10 I had to stop due to my strength being non existent

<"your joking right,because you do know I'm not going to let you leave until you can give me 20 pushups"

>"can you at least give me some water at least"


After I managed to give her 20 push ups, she forced me to do 40, after 40 it was 60 and then it was 80

Eventually she let me take a break

>"hey Sarah…why exactly are you forcing me to do pushups"

<"you'll see when your stronger…anyways breaks over "

>"what…but it was only for a minute"

<"not my problem…now your going to run five laps around this entire neighborhood,while out running my girls or else you'll be groped by my entire group"


<"yes…anyways start running in three….two…one"

Let's just say I've never ran so fast before in my life…yet it didnt prove to be useful

4266d5  No.373033


I find your writing style very hard to read. Full caps sentences are impossible to take seriously, you use ellipses way too often (and they only have three periods), you don’t end many sentences in punctuation and none of your quotes have any capital letters beyond the word “I.” Storywise the idea and plot points so far are fine but please touch up on what I’ve mentioned.

11feb8  No.373049



586b1c  No.373074

>Always getting bullied by the same Hellhound.

>Usually just name calling and threats, but sometimes she'll beat the snot out of you and take your stuff.

>You cant really fight back.

>Even for a Hellhound she's outrageously strong.

>But one day you're just kind of feeling stupid crazy.

>May as well get in a shot of your own.

>She's gonna beat your ass anyway.

>It was actually a weekend when she caught you down town.

>Dragging you into a nearby alley, she slammed you against the wall.

>"Hey buddy." She growled. "Got something for me?"

>"No." You stated.

>She narrowed her eyes, bellows of fire pouring from her eyes.

>"Wanna rephrase that?" She asked, slamming her paw against the wall.

>"I'm not giving you shit." You said defiantly.

>"OH, tough guy now, huh?" She asked.

>Your tormentor leaned forward, her nose not far away from yours.

>"Go ahead then." She boasted. "You get one free shot."

>Your tormentor smugly leaned in, so you took the shot you knew would work…

>And quickly kissed her on the lips.

>She reeled back in shock, frozen in place with her paws up in front of her.

>Her eyes narrowed.

>"Bet you won't do that again." She challenged.

>So you did it again.

>She looked away, pressing her paw against her lips and letting out a soft sigh.

>Not the reaction you expected.

>You're going to see a movie together tomorrow.

4ef906  No.373076


Too short for my liking, but still really cute. Love me some delinquent hellwans.

deed71  No.373080


If you cant beat them fuck them

162490  No.373088


>Nighound physically abuses someone and treats them like dirt

>Gets rewarded for it

I'm supposed to find this endearing?

deed71  No.373122

Sorry anons but due to personal reasons, i won't be able to finish and post the rest of my green text.

I'm sorry if I disappointed anyone with this but I gotta get my life set out straight.

I'll see you all around

72a649  No.373167


Dick or gtfo

dea0b4  No.373204


this and also monsterization always rubbed me the wrong way, the lose of free will or your humanity was always a tabo for me.

8465c5  No.373206

File: b05be42c7eaccdc⋯.jpg (48.64 KB, 613x771, 613:771, girlner.jpg)


>he believes in "free will"

>he believes in "humanity"

1e32a6  No.373217

File: 1bed5a3f0a126ef⋯.png (75.7 KB, 698x658, 349:329, 1417680631793.png)





491868  No.373231


>the lose of free will or your humanity was always a tabo for me

Fuck off SpaceBattlesForum

3d5b2d  No.373240


>believing that women are not hindered by their emotions.

>believing in this dumb leftyshit fairytale bullshit when it comes to how women think.

Look at this beta, thinking that your average non autist woman is "different."

786781  No.373255

File: 13d9103a4fb258e⋯.jpg (15.76 KB, 255x254, 255:254, shiro.jpg)



>free will


f3ad88  No.373304


Nigger, you're in the delinquent thread, what the fuck were you looking for?

74bb4f  No.373311


>what the fuck were you looking for?

He was probably expecting the abusing party in the relationship to be brought to JUSTICE in this here board that parades JUSTICE. His mistake.

f57bab  No.376997



>Kasumi joined Hiro's folks at the dinner table.

>It was a nice spread and after the gauntlet she'd faced earlier in the day it was a welcome treat.

>Her tail wormed its way through the chair's open ornate backing.

>Hiro's family was there. The whole Karasuma clan. His subdued sister Mei, his father, who was a bigger if a somewhat plumper version of Hiro, and his mom who had a warm and welcoming expression on her face.

>Mrs. Karasuma had a very refined look to her. It was obvious she was a strong influence on Hiro's behavior. All of them were human. It made her feel all the more out of place.

>Mrs. Karasuma spoke delicately "It's nice to finally meet you. Hiro's told us so much about you."

>A sense of dread washed over Kasumi. What could he have said? She gave a noncommittal nod with an uneasy expression in response.

>Hiro's father spoke in a similar manner "Yes, Hiro told us you got him into martial arts? Good to see him pursuing some physical discipline for a change!" A lie to cover up the numerous bruises she'd left on him over the past several weeks?

>She played along looked at her plate as she spoke: "Hiro is very determined." Mr. Karasuma seemed pleased with the answer and grinned heartily.

>The exchange continued and dinner was gradually consumed. Kasumi tried to maintain an ambiguous nature on her connection with Hiro but his parents made it clear that he'd only spoke glowingly about her.

>How he was tutoring her. a lie. How they ate lunch together at school another lie. Hiro had fabricated their entire relationship for his parents.

>While she didn't care of rules or authority in any form, she had a code that she stringently adhered to. It was a code of honesty not only to herself but to those around her.

>The blatantly untrue nature of Hiro's descriptions of their daily routine gnawed at her. She gritted her teeth between the enthusiastic praise she received from both of his parents.

> Mrs. Karasuma doted "We're just glad Hiro has such a nice girl like you for a friend."

>Kasumi's tail curled tightly around her chair leg causing it to creak with her apprehension. "Yes, Hiro really… He-" The words wouldn't come to her.

>Mr. Karasuma picked up her sentence "He's a real catch, huh?" he made a goofy expression and gestured to Hiro, who seeing his dad's joking demeanor covered his face with embarrassment.

>Ms. Karasuma chided him "Koto! Really…" she didn't find her husband's antics as amusing.

>His family was so normal. Nothing like her home life. She mostly came and went as she pleased. Interactions with her dad were him yelling at her to get a job if she wasn't going to go to school.

>For the briefest moment, she considered adopting the faux persona of the good girl and playing the part of the hard-working student rather than the tough tormentor who got their kicks from street brawls and bullying nerds.

>She could fake it well enough for brief interludes like the one she was currently enjoying, but she couldn't live with that kind of lie. Not when her reality, no her very nature was diametrically opposed to such a lifestyle.

>Kasmumi unwound her tail from her chair and stood up "Thanks for the dinner Mrs. Karasuma. It is getting late though."

>A sadness was welling up inside her and it'd be leaking out of eyes soon enough.

>Mrs. Karasuma questioned, "Leaving already?"

>Through a forced smile she managed "I do have school tomorrow." Now even she was lying

>"Let me box some up for you to take home then. You barely ate anything anyway."

>"You don't have too." Mrs. Karasuma dismissed her refusal and insisted she hang around to receive a portion to go.

>Kasumi waited by the kitchen passage. A painful tension in her throat grew.

>To think, his mother would grant such compassion towards the girl who bullied her son. A girl who actively browbeat and encouraged all manner of delinquent behavior from him.

>She returned from the kitchen having put together a bento box for her.

>Kasumi couldn't support a worthwhile gaze and locked her nose to the floor.

>"Here ya' go Kasumi, don't - what's wrong?"

>A tear streamed down the tip of her nose and impacted the bento box.

>Her heart struggled to find the words.

[] Tell Hiro's mom the truth. Tell his mom that we're not friends and that I'm not a good person. She can't keep up the fakery forever. Someone like Hiro and herself could never work. Not in any way his family would accept. They lived in two different worlds.

[] Grin and bear it. If Hiro could take all of her punishment still regard her kindly when speaking to his parents she could certainly endure a lie for his sake. She owed him that much. She could suss out the details of her malfeasance later. Perhaps she could maybe work to make his lies true?

0e69af  No.376998


>[X] Grin and bear it.

It's not really a lie if we make it true later.

0db10c  No.378380


honesty is the best policy. Especially if you don't want to ruin potential relations with possible in-laws.

5d9134  No.381680

Dice rollRolled 5 (1d20)



Both stories are good. I'll do a quick roll for divine intervention. Odds truth, ebins lie.

72a649  No.383671


Nigger format your posts.

356a4e  No.387666

File: ed22d0ed420c52f⋯.png (1.44 MB, 1125x1600, 45:64, N13.png)

File: 82faa8bc89859e9⋯.png (1.13 MB, 1125x1600, 45:64, N14.png)

>tfw no delinquent mg to smoke with

f16fad  No.387669


I'll take a boozer over a smoker any day, Lucy.

6b9a86  No.393597

>Inspired by the song "Six shooter"by coyote kisses

>Be anon, a lone wanderer rambling along the plains when you come upon the small town

>The townsfolk seem a bit spooked and don't dare make eye contact

>This might be the one

>Notice wanted posters hanging up everywhere

>Its of a bandit, an Echidna bandit, and by the looks of the poster, a particularly nasty one.

>Yep, its definitely the one

>Not exactly a US Marshall, but you hunted down bad guys for a price, still you detest the title bounty hunter

>There was a bandit in the area and the townsfolk had grown desperate.

>There she sat in the middle of the road

>Street howitzer slung across her back, two pistols at her side, arms crossed

>Its as if she was waiting for you

>You dismount and saunter on up towards her.

>You walked by her a step then stopped, both not looking at each other but both poised to strike

"Talk round here is that you'll be coming with me"

>She scoffed a bit

<Folk round here run their mouth kinda reckless tryin to get an outsider like you done in

>You adjusted your hat and tilted your head slightly

"Nobody's runnin' their mouth reckless, me haulin' your sorry hide in"

>Did she just smile

<Is that a fact?

"That's a fact"

>Now you did draw first and some might call it a cheap shot, but she had the same idea

>It was a clean miss and both of you went scurrying for cover blindly letting lead fly

>Reloading as quick as possible you try and double back towards your main pack where the lever action is

>That should give you the edge.

6b9a86  No.393598


>The coast seemed clear and you made a break for it

>Then the shots came from the left and you made sure to keep low to the ground

>Bullets whizzing by, but lucky none finding their mark

>Grabbing the lever action you scan the street

>Some motion catches your eye, she's hiding a bit behind a building down the street

>Almost ducking out, as if not sure to peek the corner

>You line up the sights, ready and waiting.

>She makes a move but you rush the shot, the bullet slamming into the pistol in her right hand

>It goes flying and she drops low and high tails it across the street

>Too low to get a good shot, but you send a few her way to be sure she stays low

>Cautiously you push up the street, rifle trained on the other side.

>Then from under the bar deck a few shots erupt

>One grazes your leg, causing you to flinch and beat a hasty retreat back

>Limping into a small stable you check to make sure your weapons are all topped off

>She probably saw you flinch and would press the advantage.

>And you'd be right, as a slow rustling sound of something large slithering about got your attention

>Struggling to pinpoint the origin, you settled on training your rifle on the right side of the door.

>The rustling noise came again and you sent three shots through the wall in that direction

>Suddenly there came a noise behind you and before being able to react you were tackled and a cloth put on your face

>Consciousnesses was quickly lost

6b9a86  No.393599


>Coming to was sudden as water splashed on your face

>Sputtering you try to gain your senses

>It was a cave it seemed with a small fire going

>You can't move your legs, wait was something squeezing them?

>The feeling of two barrels of cold steel on your neck was quite sobering

>There was the Echidna, partially wrapped up on you, but also holding a shotgun to your neck

>A big grin on her face

<Gotcha law dog

"Why didnt you kill me"

>You inquire, still suspicious she plans on it

>She merely gives the side of your face a light tap with the shotgun

<And ruin a face like that, ha besides you got a few good hits in

>She motions to her snake section and you see a few shallow bandages

>You groan a bit, that's right, her scales would have soaked up most of it

>Those shots would be pin pricks at best

<Besides, Its going to be winter soon and I'll need some help keeping warm

>Oh boy

b46096  No.393604


More? This sounds promising

6b9a86  No.393687



O-Oh my, as a old washed up writefag I'm not used to this flattery

It was intended as a oneshit, but I think I have enough to work with to turn this into more

Gimmie a bit to brainstorm some stuff up

84791d  No.393688


please do, i'm a sucker for western romantic stories

6b9a86  No.393745


Flashback time

>She put his limp form in the wagon, making sure he didn't land too hard

>Smiling a bit at him, she checked his leg to make sure the bandage was good

>Didn't want it to get infected now and ruin all the fun

>Now, there was one more thing to take care of…

>The mayor of the town made sure to sit as his desk an honorably as possible

>Still, he took a long pull from the flask he kept in his desk

>He heard the dragging noise, she was casually approaching

>Quickly dabbing a bit of sweat off his brow he straightened up in his chair

>She pushed the door open, but leaned back against the frame

"Afternoon miss"

>He managed to choke out, almost visibly shaking

>Not even looking at him, tension almost visible in the room

<I suppose I should shoot you for hiring someone to come kill me

>She pulled out one of the guns on her hip, idlely turning the drum

<Then again, what kinda thankya would that be for hand delivering a guy like that to me?

>She holstered her pistol before turning away

>She gave a brief tug of her hat and a nod

<You take care now

"Have a good day miss"

>As soon as she was out the door the mayor once again dabbed away the sweat on his brow

>He opened his bottom drawer to reveal a bottle of whisky, the flask won't be enough for this

231a9a  No.393753


So before I get invested in this story does the guy escape on his own volition and get a little payback or is it just another Stockholm syndrome story

6b9a86  No.393754


Sroxholm vrah. its coming

c24885  No.393755



>not taming the bandit with your JUSTICE dick and fighting crime together

6b9a86  No.393868



>The wound on your leg was healing quite well, barely even a limp.

>She did a decent job patching it up and keeping it clean.

>And the cave she turned into her home was not that bad.

>Then again any shelter against the heavy winter storm raging outside is good.

>There was no way you'd be able to make it back to town

>For now you have to bide your time and wait for the right opportunity to escape

>Getting dinner ready, you decide to strike up some conversation

"So what made you become a bandit?"

>The question seems to catch her off guard


>She sits up from the rug she was coiled on

"What made you choose to become a bandit, you seem a bit gentle to be one"

>She laughed a bit

<Gentle? ha, flattery aint' gonna get you anywhere

>She sighed and leaned back

<It was something I just fell into I guess, not much of a choice really

>She stretched out

<When everyone pretty much treats you different and suspect like, you embrace it or go nuts

<What about you, what made you take up the bounty business

>Now it was your turn to be caught off guard

>Well, dinner wouldn't be ready for another good while, so you might was well indulge her.

6b9a86  No.394533


Meant to post this here

>The gun battle echoed through the square

>He laid there, hit but sitll all full of piss and and vinegar

>hes shot all to hell but still moving

>You approach him, expecting the worst, but he calls out to you

"Law dog, you gotta get to me please"

>He laid there holding himself like a kid on a playground than a seasoned outlaw

>he half smiles at you as you approach

>Tears in his eyes he pulls an old photo from his waistcoat

>Its a worn old photo and it has a lamia as its front feature

>His arm shoots out and pulls yous close,

>He cocks the hammer back on your pistol

"Finish what you started law dog"

>He's almost crying now

"I wanna see her again, feel her again

>Biting your tongue you squeeze

>you can almost hear him breath thank you

>and you'll go to town a hero

>and you'll be the best man

>and you'll be the one to recount the tale

>and you'll be the one ultimately going to bed alone

>you're fine

>you're fine

>you're fine

6b9a86  No.394536


>You awake with a start in a cold sweat

>Chest heaving as you take a moment to come to your senses

>Ah hell, just a dream, again

>Something holds firm against you when you try to move

>Oh yeah, that's right, she was coiled up around you, enjoying your body heat

>You sigh and try to get comfortable when a pair of arms pulls you into a hug from behind

<You okay? you where shaking pretty bad there. Thought you were cold so I got another blanket

>Breathing had pretty much returned to normal at this point

"I'm fine, yeah I was just cold"

>The two of you just sit for a second in silence, the dim sounds of the storm outside the only noise

<See them in your dreams too?

>You let out a prolonged sigh


<Doesn't matter how you put the lead through 'em, they'll be there

"Not too much different from each other then, yeah?

>She shifts a bit and gives you a brief squeeze

<I wouldn't go saying that now

"I mean, we both live by the way of the gun. Just different sides of the law"

>Another pause as if she's mulling it over

>She pulls you closer to her

<I think you need to stop saying crazy stuff and go back to sleep

91eb82  No.395123


You better keep posting.

6b9a86  No.396230


>The next morning came as is always did, sun poking over the hills

>That and the uh, 'morning warmup' as she called it.

>Just some vigorous morning motion to help her heat up quickly to start the day

>She didn't squeeze you as tightly this morning and even nibbled a bit at your neck

>Fangs retracted, thankfully

>Afterwords she was at the stove prepping breakfast as you got dressed

>You walked over to see what exactly she was making

"Mornin' you went a littler gentler on me today?"

>She didn't look up from the skillet where she was frying some eggs and bacon

<What, you prefer it like when I first got you?

>Her tail snaked its way around your leg and gave it a squeeze

>You quickly cleared your throat and gave your leg a small shake

"No, its just… It wasn't unwelcome"

>She gave a short laugh

<What'd I tell you about sweet talk, aint gonna get you anywhere

>She flips the contents of the skillet over

<Besides, I gotta go out and do some hunting, I want something fresh for tonight

>You merely grunt in response and begin to set the small table near the corner of the room

6b9a86  No.396232


>Breakfast was a bit salty, but satisfying and as you cleared the table she got geared up to go out

>Dishes were done and she gives you a nod before heading to the door

<Don't get into too much trouble now

"With you gone that'll be no problem"

>You retort, she merely laughs and continues out the door

>After half an hour, you're sure she's long gone, so its time to move

>Grabbing your overcoat, hat, and an extra blanket you begin to gear up

>She had locked your belt and weapons in her safe, so you had to accept that loss

>Slowly opening the door, you check to see the tracks she left go off in the distance

>The weather was forgiving today, Bitterly cold but barely any wind or clouds

>Two steps out of the door and you hear the unmistakable sound of a hammer being cocked

>You freeze and cold metal presses against your left ear

<Now where on earth could you be going, lawdog?

>You stay calm and slowly raise your arms

"Just, Just getting some firewood, that's all "

>The barrel of her handgun slowly goes under your chin and guides your head until it faces her

<I guess you just missed the small pile inside by the door, huh

"I guess anybody could've"

>She sighs and gives you a disappointing nod before motioning with her head back towards the door

>You merely mimic her head motion before she gives a firm press of her handgun into your cheek

<Get back in

6b9a86  No.396234


>The metal shackle locks with a loud clank, securely around your wrist and one of the support columns

>She puts the key back into her pocket and takes a step back from you, crossing her arms

<You did this to yourself lawdog, I didn't want to have to do this

>You look up from examining the shackle

"Seems that way"

<Don't your type know its wrong to take advantage of other folk's kindness?

>She proceeds to get her hunting gear together again

<Now, i'm gonna try this again. I'm going out hunting I want something fresh for dinner

>You gave a low grumble as a response

>She moved in close to you, craning her neck so her ear faced you

<I didn't quite catch that

"Sounds good honey"

>You force out through clenched teeth a huge face smile

<Awwwwww, there's my sweetie

>She spits back with just as much sarcasm before planing a big hammed up kiss on the cheek

>Smiling at you she makes a point to show her fangs

>The smile drops and she stares straight into your eyes

<You try something cute like that again before I go out I'll drug you up so much you'll practically go into a coma

>The low, threatening tone conveying not only her ability but also willingness to do it. Her bandit tone if you will

>You just stare on back, and after a second or two she brakes away and heads for the door again

>Before opening it she turns back to look at you

<Take care now

1a534a  No.396243


So how many struggle snuggles is it gonna take before he stops trying to run away?

Jokes aside I’m actually rather curious as to where this is gonna go. Bandit snek is sympathetic to lawdog, but at the same time she’s still his captor.

6b9a86  No.396271


>Sympathetic yet still his captor

That's why its been taking so long to update/write

I'm just an amateur writefag and trying to find a good balance between sympathy and not is difficult

That and being engaging while not repetitive in the short story

5a2879  No.396540



Heart ticked for a minute, great work anon

Hoping to see the rest of the story

829416  No.396552


Just one criticism, from the last little update:

>(gacha) snek

>steps back

Otherwise continue, is gud. This man needs a few more struggle snuggles

00a226  No.397795

File: 1aeaeba58510358⋯.jpg (52.96 KB, 800x452, 200:113, thumbs up kono suba.jpg)


I'll be waiting for more

39561d  No.398622


Don't die Writeanon! We believe in you!

Just a question if you might be planning on posting these or other stories on a pastebin or archive site? I got hooked on your writing style

Nevertheless, hope to see more struggle-snuggles

6b9a86  No.399058


>She had gone out hunting


>it seemed as if she'd been hunting a lot lately, as if building up a stock

>but no matter, you'd been able to pick the lock on the arm brace for a few days now

>Just gotta make sure she's nowhere around when you break out for good

>And that time has come

>She was out hunting again

>So an hour goes by and you're sure she's gone so you bust the lock and get to work

>You grab a few extra layers and make you way through out the door

<Anon, I'm home

>She bursts through the door with a deer hanging over her shoulder

>And what greets her is a empty shackle

<Heh, took him long enough, but

>Looking out across the sky, there's a blizzard a' brewing

>He won't make it far

>She drops the deer and looks to the smoldering stove,

<Ah hell, I swear he's more trouble than he's worth

>She grabbed another coat before heading out

f16fad  No.399072


Who will rescue who first? The Lawman denying his snek craving, or the the outlaw snek who fell in love?

1a534a  No.399087


>Winter approaching

Oh boy, if Lawman can’t get to civilization fast, he’s in for at least 3 months of sleepy snek hibernation sex

f54fc0  No.399538


scrolled through recent pastes on pastebin and found yours https://pastebin.com/aC5VdmrT

66c399  No.399662

File: 0a75087088b07a3⋯.png (44.12 KB, 447x525, 149:175, 0243986723040.PNG)


I typed this up a week ago and decided to put it up here. I also wrote a couple other delinquent girl stories but they're in the writefag thread. If you're interested I could paste them here too.

6b9a86  No.399728


>Be anon

>And be in way over your head

>Its been a mile or two now through heavy ground snow and not a sign of town in sight

>It doesn't help that that ominous black cloud keep rolling closer and closer

>Ah fuck, that's one hell of a storm

>Decide to keep pushing on, too late to not commit at this point


>That distant yell causes you to pause. no way she's all the way out here

>You turn to see her, bundled up in extra coats approach you

>She pauses maybe 20 feet away

<There's a blizzard brewing, you can't keep going

>She's not pointing a gun at you this time, in fact she seems almost fearful

>You look at her then chance a glance towards where you were headed

>She almost seemed to read your thoughts

<Don't, its too far at this point, you'll freeze to death

>Sizing up your options, you decide to go with the bundled up, armed, semiannoying captor

<Come on now, we gotta hoof it back to beat this storm

>She tries to keep her voice even, but its still a bit shaky

>You've never heard her this shook up before, so it adds a bit of pep to your step

>Maybe this storm is as bad as she says it is

6b9a86  No.399730

>Holy shit she was right this storm is pretty bad

>Unfortunately you both were unable to reach home before it hit

>The snow and ice felt like miniature blades whipping across your face and the cold stuck to you like pitch

>She was leading the way but began to slow down

>Fortunately you reached her dwelling not long after the storm breached you two

>But, despite her wearing two coats, you could tell the wind and the snow had an effect on her

>You two finally burst through the door, she was practically leaning on you at that point

>The stove was stone cold and the interior was like an icebox

>She collapsed in the center of the room and you managed to stagger onto a chair after grabbing a blanket from the bed

>You two just sat there a bit, wallowing in the cold

>Suddenly a though crossed your mind

>She can't sustain herself on this cold, but with this blanket you can…

>Her gaze meets yours and her eyes narrow as if she's reading your thoughts

<G-go ahead lawdog, J-j-just sit there and let me f-f-freeze to d-death

>She seems to go weak and you swear you see her tear up

<y-you didn't pull the t-t-trigger, so I-I wont show up in y-your dreams

>That last line stung

>A lot

>You visibly grimaced at it, thinking back she had what, 3 chances to kill you and yet she didn't

>Her mercy, for an outlaw apparently, was pretty good

>But she's been holding you for weeks, even going so far as to chain you up

>Then again, it was all your fault; loosing the gunfight, getting caught

>You gaze again at her trembling figure

>Goddamnit, you're too nice for your own good

6b9a86  No.399737


>You take the overcoat off and lay it across her, she had since closed her eyes and accepted her fate

>But when you layed your coat over her, She sighed slightly through the shivering and opened her eyes

>She didn't say anything, but pulled the coat closer and smiled at you

>Putting enough tinder in the stove you light it with a flint and kitchen knife and begin to build it up again

>With the fire roaring and starting to build heat in the home, you pull the covers off the bed and cover yourself and her

>She's still shivering

<I-it aint gonna be enough Lawdog, y-y-you gotta do m-more

>Well shit

>Resigning yourself you strip down to your birthday suit and get in with her

>She's as cold as ice and doesn't' coil up on you

>Though her coils try thy are too cold to move really

>She looks you in the eye before rolling to her back

<You know what to do lawdog

>Well, you did know what to do after a few week of this

>But her being in such a submissive position was a first

>You went at it, uncomfortable at first due to her internal temperature, but it improved

>but as it went on she became more respondent

>Her grip became tighter and tighter

>Pretty soon it was just you two sitting under a blanket on the floor listening to the roar of the hearth

6b9a86  No.399740


>You get up to put more wood on but a weight keeps you down

>mmmm. dont go

>She mumbles, a goofy smile on her face

"I just gotta restock the hearth"

>She frowns

<Don't be long

>You restock the hearth and slide back into the embrace of her

>She sighs

<You done?


>She coils around you a bit more

<Please dont leave me again


>Thats the first time she used your name

>You exhale and snuggle up closer to her

>Perhaps this isn't so bad after all

66f0ad  No.399746


Is it the beginning of copulation time yet?

1a534a  No.399801


>snuggles in a small cabin with a snowstorm roaring outside

We’re reaching levels of comfy that shouldn’t even be possible

5cb9c1  No.399812

>a delinquent Ork girl would be a chaste cute girl

>a delinquent succubus would be a chaste cute girl

9bdde7  No.399834

File: d99b7062befa5e0⋯.png (134.61 KB, 377x346, 377:346, Thinking senko.png)


Wait that actually makes sense…

Some monsters are already delinquents by nature By human standards, so those types of monsters would be the exact opposite.

5d9134  No.400173

File: b650c70e3b89c51⋯.gif (1.22 MB, 400x300, 4:3, Hiro's mom.gif)




No more greentexting? I've gotten too used to the long form.

What was wrong indeed.

In a hushed tone, Kasumi relayed the truth how she'd bullied him, took advantage of him, stole from him and how despite it all he never stopped trying to change her for the better. She'd done everything to crush his spirit and yet he never wavered. His conviction that she was redeemable and that he would be the one to redeem her angered and frustrated her. She abhorred the notion that someone so weak could hold sway over her heart the way he did. In that way, without ever throwing a punch, he'd completely defeated her. In a contest of wills, she couldn't hope to touch him. As close as they were as they'd walked home today she felt distant from him.

She'd been used to disappointments throughout her life. Growing up, her possessions were always 2nd hand. She was used to going to bed hungry every other night. In her single-parent household her often drunk father did little to brighten her disposition. Her home, being a veritable hell, she'd grown to resent the people Hiro's family represented and the seemingly effortless cohesion they enjoyed. In that way, she had vented that hatred towards him and rationalized it as him deserving every blow. Every time she struck him the feeling of satisfaction it gave was intoxicating. When she stole his money it felt as though she was dealing out JUSTICE for her unfair lot in life. As cruel as she was towards him she deserved none of the love he'd given. The bitter sting of this realization spurred yet more tears. Hiro wasn't just a good person, but a great person and one she could never hope to have. He was part of a long list of things she'd never enjoy.

Kasumi bowed, "I love Hiro but I don't deserve him. I'm sorry, please forgive me."

A moment passed. She swallowed anxiously expecting to be struck before getting thrown out of the house.

Mrs. Karasuma gripped her shoulder. Kasumi tensed up before Karasuma began "You really love him?"

Kasumi nodded.

Karasuma ushered her to the back yard "Come with me then."

Here it comes. she thought.

His mom would start with.

"Stay away from my son you bitch!"

and finish with something like.

"Never come here again! If you do I'll kill you myself!"

She figured if his mom could manage to forgive her that would be good enough before she was dismissed from his life forever. After that, he'd probably forbidden from seeing her after the lies he'd already bandied about earlier at the dinner table.

Karasuma motioned to a patio chair. "Sit"

She sat down as did Hiro's mom across from her. "If we're going to exchange secrets than I'll give you one of mine." As she said this, she rolled her sleeve up revealing an intricate tattoo. Yakuza!?

There was no doubt with the traditional design and color scheme.

Karasuma gave Kasumi her truth. She explained her past as a delinquent. Like Kasumi, she too was a real bitch when she was younger. She ended up falling into the worst kind of crowd but managed to pull herself free. She admitted, she couldn't have done it without Koto. Her husband a decent and honest man. Hiro, she explained, definitely took after him. In that way, she'd envied Kasumi. Karasuma sighed and confessed that even if she had met Koto earlier she probably wouldn't have appreciated him the way Kasumi appreciated Hiro.

She rolled her sleeve back down and tapped her shoulder as she did "We keep this a secret." Kasumi nodded and as she did his mom produced a cigarette from her robust bosom.

Kasumi offered a light for her.

His mom was taken aback "You smoke?"

Kasumi nodded and produced a cigarette from her comparatively smaller bosom and lit one up herself. "Hiro doesn't like them so I try not to smoke around him."

Karasuma rolled her head around "Heh, Koto is the same way. I usually smoke in the back alley. "

They both enjoyed a few drags before Karasuma broke the silence.

"Hiro needs someone to help him grow a pair. His father is too soft on him." she gestured at Kasumi with her cigarette and gave an ominous scowl. "I don't mind you being rough with him, but if you break his heart… I won't forgive you."

Kasumi nodded and blew smoke out her nostrils. "I'll always love him."

They both exchanged a serious gaze.

Karasuma offered her hand "Welcome to the family then."

She shook it and smiled. "You…trust me?"

Her future mother in law gave her hand a firm squeeze "Not yet, but Hiro does and that's good enough for now."


a517d1  No.400195



c3608a  No.400200


Everybody loves a redemption story anon. More please.

e0c302  No.402983


>a delinquent succubus would be a chaste cute girl

there is a comic about that, more or less.

6b9a86  No.403570


I sorta meant this as the end, but hell I'll write an epilogue

>The sun rises again the white, snowy backdrop

>Winter will be ending soon

>She is wrapped in a blanket, leaning on you

>and you are standing there with her coiled around your lower half

<Well Law dog, it looks like spring is just around the corner


>She doesn't release you from her coils

>But at this point you dont mind much

I reckon you can't go into town

<Naw, specially after kidnapping you

And if I just show up, you might loose your bad girl image


>You two stood there leaning on each other, silently watching the sun rise

Well, I reckon there's a lot of space out there to start again

>She looked up at you with that grin

<You asking me to accompany you?

>Before she could react you leaned sideways and wrapped your arms around her

I'm just saying, there's a lot of space out there, a pair could disappear, start new

>Her cold demeanor hesitated with what you said, but she recovered

<God law dog, I didn't figure you for the sensitive type

Nothing sensitive about carving out a livin'

>She seems to muddle it over a bit before giving you a light squeeze back

<Don't know how you're so convincing, but I guess we can give it a go

9bdde7  No.403573

File: f56913a49e893b9⋯.jpg (151.55 KB, 629x877, 629:877, Echidna extra art.jpg)



This isn't an epilogue. Give us a few years later bit where the anon describes his new life and family.

6b9a86  No.403609


Fine, im day drinking on a sunday so F it lets go

>Be Anon, and wake up bright and early like you normally do

>Your joint aint what they used to be but they work

>Going over to the kitchen, you put on the coffee as you hear your wife slither out of the room

>Christmas eve, a busy day for sure

>One by one, your 5 children and their families arrive to your house

>4 Daughters and 1 Son, all happily married

>Every year seems to bring another grandkid

>Soon your house is warm with conversation and kids running around

>When they arn't sledding down the hills in your back yard

>Your wife takes the role as Matriarch of the kitchen, and soon some wonderful aromas come wafting through the air

>Lunch is a bit late, but by 1500 all is ready

>Christmas eve lunch is an array of wonderful dishes, both traditional and what your inlaws have brought along

>As the dishes are cleared you take the grandkids to the main room

>at least a dozen young ones of various types sit on the floor and look up at you in wonder as you narrate the story

>Their eyes filled with wonder as you tell the story of St. Nick and his harem of White Horns delivering gifts

>Soon they are whisked off to bed, and your kids gather around the table to talk about life

>But soon, even they grow tired, and soon are off to their own bedrooms

>Now its just you and your wife sitting on the back porch

>The windows and demon energy keep the cold and snow out

>You and her just sit there, she still coils up around your legs like all the years prior

>You run your hand through her hair in a gentle, rhythmic manner

We carved out a decent little life, hugh

>She sighs and leans into you a bit

<Yeah, I suppose we have

You happy, anon

651f9f  No.403624


Best passive aggressive ending ever

7d43b7  No.403650

File: d715e01e164d4ec⋯.png (901.21 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, file.png)


Good stuff

cabe0d  No.403675

File: ea88099f12c98f2⋯.png (252.91 KB, 824x475, 824:475, happy k.png)

>this story updates

>hellhound story updates

>danuki story updates

>new CYOA


9bdde7  No.403720

File: 3e4a1802c3d6a8e⋯.png (2.34 MB, 834x1200, 139:200, Merse_Echidna1.png)


>You happy, anon


>St. Nick and his harem of White Horns delivering gifts


cdaf01  No.403728


Do you think they ever deliver their daughters as gifts to anyone?

6b9a86  No.403761


yeah, but its the passive aggressive non-canon ending.

6b9a86  No.404267


<echidna girl

Uh, Anon

A-are you trying to say something to me, because she ma not be the girl for the job

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