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File: 403c1d323817600⋯.jpg (673.52 KB, 1061x1261, 1061:1261, Manticore_1.jpg)

456062  No.375129

Old thread hit the bump limit >>337803

Pick your poison.


>lithe and atheltic, pale skin with dark red hair

>modest proportions but more than makes up for it in manticore-ness

>black belt in several martial arts, but her favorites are judo and BJJ

>trains 4 times a week, collects and reads so many martial arts magazines that there's a small library of them under the bed

>sex with her often involves gentle kissing slowly getting heavier until you're more rolling around on the bed than anything else

>likes getting you in some sort of hold and feeling you struggle in her grip, like a mouse caught by a boa constrictor

>loves fucking you with her tailpussy while pinning you down


>smooth pale skin and pink hair, mostly in shape although a bit thick around the thighs and belly as a result of her… laid-back lifestyle

>most likely to be found lounging around in bed at any hour of the day or night, whenever possible

>snuggling is unavoidable, she treats you like a kissable daki

>will often ask you to bring her food so she doesn't have to get up, will repay you in cuddles

>really likes sappy, romantic, lovey-dovey talk and will bombard you with it mercilessly

>will begrudgingly understand if you occasionally have to get out of bed in order to go to work or see your friends, but expects you to make up for lost snuggle time on your return

>sex is slow and gentle, and she holds you much tighter than usual


>blond and thin, B-cup breasts and a stomach you could measure with a spirit level

>has an amazing ass, thick and juicy, the kind of ass that yoga pants were created for

>will drag you to the gym, ostensibly to help you work out, although she mainly keeps you there to hold her water, spot her, and stare at her rear

>obsession with enthusiasm for health and fitness has resulted in her becoming a decent cook, although she often makes you a breakfast consisting of a single piece of fruit and a protein shake of little taste and questionable nutritional value

>preternaturally knows how to operate every single piece of gym equipment at a glance, and will insist on making you do it

>often stands a bit too close when helping you squat and deadlift, and her tail doesn't sit still either, making it hard to concentrate on the lifting

>sex with her is sweaty sport fuck sessions after the gym followed by a shower together


>well-endowed with tanned skin, white hair and bright yellow eyes

>writes POV manticore smut for /human/ as well as other sites

>a cursory examination of her work reveals that half of it is essentially a diary of what she does to you, while the other half is elaborate scenarios ranging from fantasy to spy noire

>actually not a bad writer, could make a decent amount doing commissions but she doesn't know how to write about any mamono other than 'cores

>files her claws down for ease of tip-tapping on the keyboard

>will often ask you for help writing her male characters, including describing graphic manticore rape in rather clinical detail to you

>sex with her is always interesting, mostly because she loves to roleplay (more often than not as characters from her own stories) and she could be anything from a noble lady being roughly wooed by a human warror to a sadistic manticore desperada preying on unwary travellers

>she also, rather shamefully, likes gentle vanilla sex just as yourselves

ace37e  No.375130

File: d653ac7f4a572d0⋯.png (226.73 KB, 1280x1638, 640:819, a21901ad19a0819a9cd94232b3….png)

Put me down for tomboy judocore.

I want a childhood friend manticore to have funny feelings for me and escalate some friendly tough housing to pelvis crushing rape once her instincts kick in for the first time.

372414  No.375148

File: 233979311756dfd⋯.png (1.92 MB, 1700x2550, 2:3, Manticore-Ver.-1.png)

File: 254e263fba5b066⋯.png (1.86 MB, 1980x2800, 99:140, gropicore.png)

Think I'd have to go with judocore since I like her approach to the bedroom, even though gymcore lifestyle would be very good for me. Writefagcore sounds nice, but doesn't come to the level of the other two. Sleepycore would be good for a weekend, but not as a lifestyle.

9c2857  No.375160

File: 96e3c8b0927275d⋯.jpg (35.85 KB, 512x528, 32:33, 96e3c8b0927275d5029642578e….jpg)


its gotta be writefagcore. because for her birthday, we go to bed, turn off the lights, strip naked on our own, and have moderate missionary sex to please her wildest dreams.

67fd9e  No.375165

File: a42c21439320560⋯.gif (101.9 KB, 758x696, 379:348, 1470232508384.gif)


Sleepycore sounds so comfy. 10/10.

7cba86  No.375166

File: 187be19e38d9af1⋯.jpg (124.9 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 187be19e38d9af198edcf504ee….jpg)


Gymcore best 'core!

0d8611  No.375167


judocore with the occasional transition into sleepycore for me

c24e1c  No.375168


nice dubs

>spot manticore

>mrs. tailpussy feels you up


I'll have a sleepycore with the occasional judocore sexytime for some spice

5c865d  No.375169


Sleepycore for me, as long as she's okay with snuggling on the couch so we could watch movies and I could still shitpost. Thicc and comfy a best.

ff500c  No.375181

I'll take one sleepycore please. Sounds comfy as fuck. No pun intended. Either that or a writefagcore. Having a waifu that's decent at writing to pair with my drawfaggery would be fun.

ad01ee  No.375186

a20fce  No.375195

File: 8794be7f9f03f29⋯.png (1.95 MB, 1731x1441, 1731:1441, 8794be7f9f03f2927e5f850e75….png)

Always opt for the multi-arm cores, they're the top of the line model.

More arms = more love


She is gonna need a special keyboard for her big meaty paws. Or a cute humanboi scribe that she whispers writestuff to.

840fed  No.375305

>when I was a kid I was friends with this manticore chick

>she was pretty fun to be around, up until highschool came up

>she became more aggressive, I couldn't use the bathroom around her, mrs. Tailpussy was more active

>sure my virginity was safe, when she was practicing for judo

>but when she had some freetime, she always pinned me down

>the only way I got free each time, was by headpatting her

>yes I know I'm a degenerate

>eventually she made her move

>at the time I was about to go home, something pricked my leg

>afterwards the obvious happened

>years later we got married

ab7377  No.375312

This is my first attempt at a writefaging so I would appreciate some constructive criticism

>Just turned 19 this morning

>Still a kiss-less virgin, most proactive monsters in high-school where intimidated my overprotective sisters.

>My Echinda mother is wonderful, she is very doting on her only son.

>She is very efficient at what she does whether that be managing my fathers multiple outlet malls. Making excellent dinners, keeping the house running, making sure her children and husband are as happy as possible.

>It is evident my father is very happy as I have 5 sisters

>What my mother is most efficient at though is making “dangerous” monsters

> Hannah is my second youngest sister and has been in a constant state of youthful rebellion since she turned 13. She's a crimson red Oni she's still a junior and has to be convinced by mom or one of my older sisters every morning to not spend all day skipping and wasting her allowance at the retro arcades in dads outlet.

>Beatrice my caramel cream Minotaur sister. She is the second oldest an doesn't spend much time around the house anymore. You can find her most of her time at her husbands family estate. They are quite well off. So much so she doesn't actually need to work but she helps maintain the building dad owns to keep busy and stay connected to the family.

>My alluring indigo eldest sister a Echinda like mom and is a second mother to me. Her name is Isla, blessed by the Demon Lord with a super uterus like mom. With mom being a paragon of her race and being surrounded with young children at such a young age she developed a strong maternal instinct, well younger than most echinda would. She works as a school nurse and kept a contrast eye on me as I went through school.

>She would conveniently call me to her office the exact day some Cyclops was trying to partner up with me in wood shop, or the time when a budding demon girl tried to slip a contract into the slips I had to sign for a school trip

>repeat ad nauseam

>Cassandra is a Red Cap through and through she is the middle sister and a year older than me. We where tied at the hip during high school. Also most likely the reason why my group of friends during that time was only platonic. All of them either being bonded monsters or other guys being the only people I could talk with without them being interceded Ilsa of scarred off by the soul-piercing gaze of Cassandra, I'm sure her improvised cleaver didn't help either.

>my youngest sister Morgan is a dragon. My mother truly outdid herself with her, she could bend steel beams or even melt them her breath. She loves her Oni-san wanting to spend as much time with me going to the park collecting things to add to her hoard and making sure the other 10 year old lizard type girls are sufficiently jealous of her kaleidoscope of a scale pattern.

ab7377  No.375313

>Being the only son my mother is still to this day extremely protective of me when is comes to…

<l-l-lewd things…

>This was a herculean task for my mother

>I cannot imagine the cost of soundproofing my room, monitoring all entertainment that I would see and bribing the local school districts so I would always conveniently put into another class when discussing sex ed.

>I'm not a dolt I understand the pistol and stamen and all those things. But I did not conceptualize how my spirit energy effects monsters around me. I was sheltered by ignorance and constant guardianship by my mother and sisters.

>I have no idea when they planned to let me in on the big secret on how mom and dad actually made me and my sisters.

>The only time I had a reprieve from this constant supervision was at the mixed marshal arts school renting a space in one of my fathers outlets.

>The owner is a very well endowed Manticore, her hips would have my mother jealous with their child bearing capacity. Tail thicker than my thigh, mane so fluffy it should require a license, her wings could envelop her husband and daughter.

>Her Bosom rivals my sister Beatrice's, yet they must be more form than function, as her only child my truest childhood friend Sophia seems to have lacked the nutrients to fill out as her mother has.

>Sophia is my oldest friend, we've known each other since we where both 8.

>She has never been very confident with her looks although I could not fathom why. Her mane a gray speckled with black it's not as striking as her mothers rose coloration, yet still has the softness that should be unknown to mortals.

>Her wings are proportional to her body which would normally be quite in line with her specials, if it where not for her inability to grow past 5,4.

>Her Bosom is pushing a B cup or at least that's what Beatrice tells me.

>Sophia helps her mother run all the classes at their dojo, doing this since the could stand has given her a body so toned I've seen body some amazons drool at her muscle definition. Any time I would bring this up to her she turns every shade from crimson to burgundy, quickly followed by a quick jab.

>What undercuts her confidence the most is her tail. The appendage is noticeable long for her race. She's unable to wrap all of it around her leg, granted she does not have the longest leg but the point stands.

>The Bulb with a capital B is what's most striking about it.

>Most manticore bulbs have 12 or so spines maximum at any one time, Sophia had near 30 with a slightly smaller bulb. That concentration of aphrodisiac in such a small area must have some government agency dedicated to monitoring it.

>On any other core this would be a source of beaming pride. But Sophia's family are Mormons.

>They take their faith quite seriously. Sophia only has 2 outfits types a head to ankle dresses with different colors to compliment each season covered with thrills. The only compromise on this was her training uniform whether that me a track suite or her Gi. No piece of clothing in her wardrobe would go halfway to her knee.

>But what's never compromised is a fusion of a bow and sock for her weapon of mass ludescrution. Part protection from her spines, part decoration.

>I'm the only person she talks to socially outside her family or network of other home schooled kids.

>She knows my mother as she likes to visit most of the family of the business owners in the outlet.

>Outside of Morgan being part interacting more out of the unwillingness to part herself with my pant legs than a true desire to interact with Sophia she only has met Beatrice and knows the rest by reputation.

>Growing up around monstrosity strong girls it's hard to impress most people with feats of physical stength. Beatrice had some private conversation with Sophia around when we turned 16. I couldn't hear what they where discussing but I and the rest of the dojo saw the conversation was resolved with Sophia suplexing 350lbs of muscle Minotaur onee-chan. Luckily Beatrice to it good humor and Sophia always avoided what they discussed but with such a feat I decided not to push the envelope to far.

>After this happened I never really gave it much thought given my Sisters Disposition. But This birthday will change my life for ever.

ab7377  No.375314

>The first hint that today would be different than most was I actually got to sleep to a solid 10:00

>No thundering of the door by Morgan wanting me to get her sugary cereal down or Cassandra demanding I assist pick out her cap for the day. Not that I can tell the minute difference between each one, or dad doing his rounds to let everyone know mom has finished her migas.

>Just the songs of mocking birds echoing through the cracked window.

>Heading down the stairs the the none of my family could be found. Their only trace was a list of errands for me that would send me all over town.

>I can't find any keys even though there's still cars in the lot

>The bike it is.

>The first task on the note was to pick up some paperwork from the back office at the outlet.

>The outlet is around 20 miles away

>Halfway through the trip I stop my bike so fast I almost lose my first kiss to the pavement.

>The smell serenading my nostrils radiating from the best pastry in the county

>It's my birthday, I'm spending it huffing it without a car because my parents can't wait a few hours for some paper work. I wanted some pastries dammit I'm worth it.

>A mom and pop run by a quite mantis family.

>Their door is always open so the scents of cakes pie's cobblers waft outside.

>My mother told me it's a tradition from the old country to increase foot traffic. Not that it's necessary with the intricate designs and top shelf love baked in.

>The part time ogre they had the front counter took my order 2 slices of a flan with caramel topping.

>The order was placed under the Smith family.

>Flan usually doesn't cause this much noise in the back room though.

>The jade carapace of miss Culvert the daughter of the bakers came out of the back with a large package in hand calling for Smith.

>Normally as serene as a preset screen saver the young culverts eyes flare into saucers when she sees me coming to pick up the package 10 times to large for a few slices of flan.

>I don't know why but my face must not have been what she was expecting when she was giving a order to a member of the Smith family.

>She just froze mumbling sorry sir this order is to soon over and over.

>She short circuited

<I broke her

>The young part time ogre springs into action after the daze of the from the whole spectacle dissipates.

>I'm sorry sir it looks like we grabbed the wrong order, exciting stage left pushing the mantis in front of her.

>A few apologies ans slices of flan latter I'm back on my way

>There was no mistaking though stopping by the bakery was defiantly not on the list left for me.

>So what was the package for?

>The rest of the trip was uneventful

>It's high noon by the time I arrive one slice of flan left and some paperwork that needs retrieving.

>It seems I'm not the only one weak the mantis baking.

>A creak followed by the hypnotic sound of claws clacking against the pavement indicate I'm being followed.

I'm going to post some more latter tonight.

47dc11  No.375317

File: de0b3167e62b446⋯.jpeg (11.79 KB, 255x191, 255:191, 1f1c995648840be54596ba34c….jpeg)


i have a hard time believing this is your first time it's just too good to be!

ab7377  No.375323

<”no plus one today? I do hope little Morgan isn't ill.”

>Finally announcing her presence Sophia's meek voice clashed with her gi and sheen of a mid exercise sweat.

>Her sapphire eyes scanning me for any indication for my change of normal behavior.

>I always feel so embarrassed when she does this, I don't know why you'd think living with a redcap would build some sort of immunity a gaze, but something about the way she looks at me with such intensity makes my heart rate increase. Not that I'd ever admit it though.

<”You're doing it again… you know the uh um breathing thing” her ears holding down as she tries not to notice the sounds my body makes.

>I can tell it's bothering her. Her tick present from childhood comes out at times like this where she grabs her tail an starts ringing it

>”I had to bike to my dads office for a errand, and I couldn't find the keys to one of the cars”

<”Maybe you wouldn't be short of breath if you didn't ride around with cake in your bike.”

>I inhale deeply hoping it would by me enough time to craft the prefect rebuttal to her observation


>Absolutely genius

>A toothy grin creaks on her face. The usual pure stoicism of her face contorts to a smug sign of victory dissipating as quickly as it appeared.

<”I just have a spirit energy substitute shake for lunch. You should share the cake with your best friend.”

>She can't even keep her voice straight while saying going into a giggle halfway through.

>”Sorry sister I wouldn't want to have my second slice of sweet perfection come between you and the tenet “though shalt not eat what tastes good.””

<”Second? Brother Daniels said indulging is sinful for the body mind and soul. But brother Daniels also said it is a sin to waste so let me bear your burden.”

>That smug grin flashing back momentarily. Her tail released from her muscular paws now twitching behind her with delight.

>”That simply cannot be sister superior I cannot let your pallet be tainted by my delectable flan.”

>Her serene eyes flare with the scent of a challenge, with a decidedly gluttonous glint in her eyes.

<”30 seconds”


<”Stay on your feet for 30 seconds in a sparing match and I will give you a ride to wherever around town. But when I win as we both know I will, you will give me the rest of the flan and you will have to jog back to your house. God knows you could always use more cardio”

>Morgan must have been rubbing off on me because my logical brain tells me the chances of succeeding are a magnitude lower than slim.

>But I have a secret plan.

>With this hidden knowledge I have discovered I CANNOT FAIL.

ab7377  No.375324

>The stage is set, the dojo empty except for the 2 combatants, timer at the ready, the hum of the air conditioning the only thing audible.

>Sophia's deep rythmic breaths put her in the trance as she tries to decide which stance to counter my moves.

>She will find no weakness. My power stance would make the CIA's knees molasses with envy.


>She's immediately on the back foot as I stride towards ruining her concentration surprising her by forcing her on the defensive.

>Her arms prepared for a feint as I outstretch my arm her. No quick movement just a slow advance towards her scalp.

>Her heads scrunches back in surprise.

>Touchdown, final victory my hand is now ruffling her hair soft as silk my fingers working behind her ear.


>The confused man eater grips me from the front her back spinning back to suplex me like she has done to my sister.

>The sudden rush of adrenaline released by my now airborne state gave me a moment to self reflect on my decision leading to this.

>It was fool proof I saw the student consul president calm Hannah down when she was in a rage at being suspended again for coming to school late. Her normal tempest of a temper totally disappeared within seconds when the two where alone.

>What about his technique did I not grasp I'll have to ask Hannah when I'm conscience again.

>Sophias panic changed both our lives forever in that moment her whip of a tail caught my shorts sending them on the opposite trajectory of my body.

>My biggest regret of my life is that I was unable to see the face of Sophia when my cock flopped out slapping her in the face.

>with my meat shaft resting on her nostril and lips I can feel the inhalation

>My male scent totally enveloped her. Her brain soaking with sweat of my dick the scream and breaking of my spine never comes.

>The next sensation is feel is numerous bones shafts of lust hooking me like a fish keeping me off the mat.

<Mother you never told me it would smell this good

>I feel tingly please help.

I'm sorry for the nigger level of quality control of the first few posts. My liquid courage helped my brain skip over way to much I will correct this in the future. I have more planned but would really appreciate any sort of advice on how to improve.


Thank you I appreciate the kind words.

67fd9e  No.375345

Behold! The ultimate accomplishment of genetic engineering and dark magic combined!

The Wanticore!

Do you find yourself hypnotized by tailpussy but the cat who owns it scares you away? Look no further!

She's easily ten times as sensitive to headpats and snuggs.

>(Absolutely hypnotized by them, but ``needs`` attention, and will probably die if you neglect her long enough. Also may impulsively lick your face from time to time.)

Great teammate! Loves to play and compete.

>(Usually loses trying to save shitty teammates. Reacts very badly to selfish players.)

Built for endurance! Energetic and productive!

>(Needs exercise. She cools off by panting. It's kind of weird.)

Having pups is a must! just look at them, they're so precious!

>(Will give you litters of two or three. They'd be a huge burden if they weren't so respectful by nature. The pups will keep your young boys in check by force of peer pressure. Just fuck her tailpussy exclusively if you've had enough.)

Protective of her possessions!

>(That includes you. Don't you dare look at other girls or she will start snarling.)

So focused and intense! Her gaze pierces stone!

>("Single track mind." She has trouble with tunnel visioning, with all of the pros and cons.)

Can never tell a lie! Short and to the point!

>(Also shitty at bantz, because she's too simple and direct to lie. Never underestimate her nonverbal cunning though.)

Submissive and obedient! In the kitchen or the bedroom. She's a good girl and listens carefully.

>(She can hardly even register rudeness or verbal abuse unless it's in your tone of voice. Very good at taking constructive criticism, but her instantaneous rebounding and failure to register teasing or banter can be off-putting. Never truly shake her up or you will regret it indefinitely until the moment you fess up and apologize.)

Look! She'll eat anything you give her!

<At this point the ad shows her eating escargot without even flinching. Followed be her catching treats out of the air.

>(Don't you dare feed her anything weird. She ``will`` hurl later.)

No mane? No problem! She comes with a thick collar of neck floof, in a variety of colors!

>(It's never quite as good as a proper nyanticore mane, though.)

Loyal to a fault and completely worthy of a man's trust! Will never go behind your back and always wants to discuss things with you before committing to action.

>(No cons here except the occasional stupid question. That's what they bring to the table.)

You will forget this girl is a fantastic powder keg of violent sexual energy when you're too busy being impressed by your excellently managed household… That is, until the moment you step out of earshot of your mob of kids. In which case you will be caught in the incredible tidal forces between her stupendous lust, and her suffocating affection. She can never get enough of a man's attention!

>Warning, sexual neglect may lead to 'proactive romancing' the intensity of which can cause serious fatigue or dehydration.

>Never, under any circumstances should you give her venom to women, or children under the age of 18. We hold no liability for the resulting injuries or felonies that may occur.

Offering in three main varieties! Collies/retrievers! Wolves! And extra thicc St. Bernards!

Visit our website for more at WWW.WeWantHusbands.MGE/Mantipuppers

456062  No.375363

File: b54c3746a0ea1b5⋯.png (841.66 KB, 900x651, 300:217, Manticore122.png)


>has her tailpussy but doesn't have her sadistic personality

This is as strange to me as the other way around would be, honestly.

3e52bf  No.375367

File: 332ab187df871e0⋯.jpg (61.79 KB, 601x936, 601:936, DqLR2jsV4AAW71b.jpg)

File: 703aada17bcae35⋯.png (435.44 KB, 600x600, 1:1, fadsfadsvxcg.png)

File: 612d700e7988467⋯.png (712.39 KB, 500x811, 500:811, Manticore123.png)

File: 308e86c4e8425f5⋯.png (910 KB, 700x1073, 700:1073, Manticore124.png)

I wish for little else than to cuddle in a manticore's neck fluff.


Now to be fair to that particular manticore, she was just getting even.

7e698d  No.375423


Second pick should replace the woman with a shota or a paladin

c1ef0e  No.375426


>nipple stimulators


a9b5ad  No.375544

I want to give a manticore a big smooch right on the lips.

c24e1c  No.375548


I'm 'avin a giggle m8

456062  No.375626

File: 75768e5f10f177d⋯.png (13.41 KB, 171x255, 57:85, 85fbcc6523c68d517dc0fe77f7….png)

How to keep your wits about you.


0d91b1  No.375633


Beware snugposters. Never I repeat never privately message snugposters to do participate in a cuddle field study at their house. I repeat do not do this.

3e52bf  No.375644

File: f1d8ecfa2f067ba⋯.jpg (164.39 KB, 962x856, 481:428, image0.png.jpg)

File: d57dce59882fe31⋯.png (314.11 KB, 1591x1185, 1591:1185, ima222ge0.png)

File: 86ad9c10ac30f3f⋯.jpg (13.31 KB, 392x301, 56:43, 1442544792986.jpg)

File: 57b5dbb9650d7f0⋯.png (167.47 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, YOTtftM.png)

Suppose I should shill my mofucore story



More scholarly articles need to be written on the recent trend of manticores lurking on local internet communities, attempting to convince single men that taking anti-rape steps is paranoid and unnecessary.

31cdd8  No.375649


Good to see you back, man. A story about a man that fell for the meme would be great.



456062  No.375666

File: cc58aa178f3243a⋯.png (176.33 KB, 611x721, 611:721, mofuswarm.png)


That was a fine story on the natural wonder that is the mofucore.

840fed  No.375669

>wear a chasity belt

>manticore tries to proactively date me

>laugh as the belt stops her

>stop laughing when she manages to rip it off

3e52bf  No.375671


>implying a manticore wouldn't just sting you then enjoy watching you squirm

>just take that silly thing off and I'll make it feel all better

a51659  No.375676



>Stop laughing when she stabs you full of aphrodisiac venom

840fed  No.375691

>have tomboy manticore friend

>she stings me whenever we 'fight'

>laughs whenever I begin to squirm

>however one day I turn the tables on her

>another 'fight' breaks out

>before she could even use her venom, my hand would suddenly be on top of her head

>begin to headpat her

>she can barley move now

>yet somehow she swings her tail at me

>duck down before the tail hits, quickly counter by holding her hand

It isn't dirty of it works

840fed  No.375697


If)* not of

Fucking auto

3e1528  No.375730


I will find a cuddlecore. You can't tell me otherwise.

3e52bf  No.375735

File: 00cc909946e8293⋯.png (1.68 MB, 2402x2573, 2402:2573, afevb.png)


>he actually fell for it

We got another one girls

456062  No.375756

File: 57ce92d1c9cc38d⋯.png (670.84 KB, 702x600, 117:100, beware the cuddlecore my s….png)


A million hours in paint etc.

b6636b  No.375759

Well, I WAS working on a manticore story, but it's not going anywhere so I think I'll just post the original idea as a greentext.

>waifu says she wants to try something a little different tonight, of course you don't say no

>before you can raise any objections you're stripped and tied to a chair in the bedroom

>quick sting of the tail to get the juices going

<"I'll take care of you soon enough, anon, but first… I want you to watch this."

>she takes something out of the chest of drawers

>well, you haven't seen THIS toy before

>double-ended dildo, actually pretty long horizontal stripes running around it like a candy cane

>she comes back and kneels on the carpet in front of you, but there's not a damn thing submissive about it

>she raises her tail in front of her where you can see it and s-l-o-w-l-y inserts one end of the toy, bites her lip and gives out a little moan of satisfaction

>whips her tail around behind her, then up between her legs

>guides it with one paw up to her groin, other end of the toy goes into her pussy

>she sighs and leans back, pushing further with her tail until the toy is in far enough

>there's something evil about the little grin she gives

<"Now watch."

>the stripes begin to shift back and forth slowly

>the bulb of her tail pulses gently as its internal muscles push the dildo in one direction

>you can see her belly twitch just a little as she works her _other_ set of internal muscles, pushing the toy back the other direction

>look up and see her seductively smiling and staring right back at you, not breaking eye contact, her breath coming a little harder and faster as her pussies fuck each other

>oh god, your dick's about to have a rupture, how long is she going to drag this out

>…forty-five goddamn minutes later

>at last you start begging for her to stop it

<"Holy shit, finally! I was wondering when you were going to say something."

>tail yanks dildo out of her pussy, flings it across the room, you hear it thwack against the wall

>she plunges her tail down on you and throws her head back with a loud, deeply pleasured sigh

>you nut in about 0.08 seconds

<"Oohh, YES… Fuck, it feels so good when I've made you beg for it."

<"Up for another round? …heheh, of course you are."

1c8e93  No.375767


>she uses a dildo because you're not man enough to satisfy her

If your woman has a dildo, you're already a cuck.

456062  No.375775

File: 41d144014a8c6a8⋯.jpg (33.2 KB, 173x165, 173:165, manticore_lip_bite.jpg)

e24f7f  No.375783

File: 7c161765aca70de⋯.png (2.67 MB, 1400x1570, 140:157, 7c161765aca70de6f426e7167c….png)


>not going "fuck this" when she takes out the dildo

d8f1ab  No.375784




456062  No.376014

File: e01bed61840f8f5⋯.png (947.52 KB, 715x889, 715:889, Manticore_0.png)

>You're chilling with your manticore gf.

>It's late at night and the two of you are in bed, drinking tea and watching Alien.

>She's sitting behind you, the back of your head resting in her mane fur, as Kane goes down to investigate the Xenomorph eggs.

>"There's a… a layer of mist just covering the eggs that reacts when broken."

>You involuntarily shiver as he trips down into the egg pit and you recall what's about to happen.

<"Something wrong?" asks manticore.

>"I hate this part." you tell her.


>"Yeah. Good movie, but I can't stand this bit."

>Manticore doesn't respond as Kane moves over to the nearest egg.

>The camera gets a nice close-up on its leathery exterior.

>You jump at a sudden movement that doesn't come from the film, but relax when you see that it's just her tailpussy that's emerged from behind the screen and is now sitting on top of it.

>You go back to the movie.

>"Wait a minute, there's movement."

>The facehugger twitches inside the egg - you only see it for a second before manticore's tail droops down over the screen

>"Babe, I can't see the film." you say.

>She doesn't respond. You sigh and go to swat her tail out of the way, only to find she's holding both your hands against the mattress.

>You try again. Your hands don't budge an inch.

>"Honey, what are you doing?" you ask her. She says nothing - you start to turn to her, but stop when her tailpussy suddenly twitches and rises up to face you.

>"It seems to have life. Organic life."

>You stare her tailpussy down.

>"Don't." you say.

>The egg opens - so does her tailpussy, revealing the moist pink insides, the tiny tongues that line her inner walls beginning to shift around.

>Her tail's tough outer lips shift outwards and back, allowing the first layer of soft inner petals to spread wider until they reach full bloom, a few drops of drool falling from them and landing on your shirt.

>In fact, if she reeeeeeeeeeeally stretches, it's just about wide enough to cover your entire face.

>"Don't you dare." you say.

>Kane peers into the egg.

>You stare straight into the moist hole in front of your face.

>She leans forward. Her lips press into your ear.

<"Mine's prettier, right?" she whispers.


>Good thing you don't really care for the next scene either, because you miss it.

3e1528  No.376017



>trying this hard

Clearly this is all Yeti propaganda to steal away good boys who just want to snuggle. You can't fool me.

f0bad1  No.376030


Quality stuff, cute

441fc3  No.376031


That was wonderful.

67fd9e  No.376063


>Mine's prettier right?

Tbh fam, as soon as you become intimately familiar with tailpussy, it would probably be impossible to look at it with disgust…

3e52bf  No.376517

File: 35116933c7211fe⋯.jpg (171 KB, 1200x848, 75:53, DrT4NT2UwAAnVST.jpg)

File: c4ea77dc5ed3962⋯.jpg (165.76 KB, 1200x848, 75:53, DrT4OUhU8AEtm0O.jpg)

File: a9c23fa675781e1⋯.jpg (154.65 KB, 1200x848, 75:53, 102.jpg)

eb3736  No.376519

File: 200a34ee4edd5fa⋯.png (360.1 KB, 500x500, 1:1, spoder.png)

3909e9  No.376562



>no hellhound variety

67fd9e  No.376597



>With a tailpussy

Too much for a mortal man.

840fed  No.376598


Dear God imagine that

>she can fucking sting you with her venom

>its a fucking hellhound

>you might as well give her ultra instinct also

3e52bf  No.376611

File: abcf298c2e34082⋯.png (1.87 MB, 1000x1529, 1000:1529, 650eaea5dfc366a60fe5bc43ba….png)




>people have already forgotten the UshiHellCore

54f03c  No.376612


Yeah but she was drawn pre-election and nobody on 8chan remembers anything before that.

f94405  No.376614


date this girl to die instantly

394f79  No.376615


this is the last thing you see before death

of your dick, that is

380a8b  No.376620


At least Cheshire isn't included in that. That would be overkill like it isn't already. Or in this case, overrape.

a9b5ad  No.376625



I think we should have the image be completed by adding cheshire bits. We need to make the supreme best grill.

290ab6  No.376629

File: 9d1db6666a03688⋯.jpg (61.4 KB, 546x720, 91:120, 9d1db6666a03688ff8a814acbd….jpg)


>that pic

Nice, but she needs a bit of orange fluff on her chest, and under boob fluff to round out the hellhound additions, because she's mostly manticore.

3e52bf  No.376659

File: 9f7ec5ce02c14ed⋯.jpg (66.73 KB, 750x444, 125:74, 9f7ec5ce02c14edae7e7c91275….jpg)


>because she's mostly best girl.

290ab6  No.376660

File: 97dc86fc14ba7e0⋯.jpg (328.9 KB, 1909x2160, 1909:2160, GLAZ HIM.jpg)


>not wanting to make her even better

290ab6  No.376664

8acc15  No.377119

File: 0f88126b025a1c5⋯.jpg (127.7 KB, 1280x1536, 5:6, Manticore93b.jpg)

File: 87c6b9d631cbcc9⋯.jpg (505.1 KB, 3000x3000, 1:1, Manticore100c.jpg)

Don't be fooled by the mere presence of the tailpussy. Fuck your manticore in the pussy between her legs and get her pregnant. They love it.

0fc108  No.377121

File: 6ef2c8eb9dc0517⋯.jpg (174.12 KB, 1481x1773, 1481:1773, Manticore91b.jpg)

File: 7b770eccb0b51cc⋯.jpg (103.72 KB, 850x1203, 850:1203, sample_8ef408b41b76b89fc2a….jpg)

File: 05550cd15795d8b⋯.jpg (641.04 KB, 2366x2029, 2366:2029, 8b0dc7102f41b47d00be32445f….jpg)

File: d2a2809b84f614b⋯.jpg (117.26 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, Manticore212.jpg)

File: bc7a6c8ea68c4ff⋯.png (631.94 KB, 1798x2317, 1798:2317, Manticore132.png)


Very true, but multi-hole loving is also very important to having a healthy relationship with your manticore.

d89769  No.377122


Pregnancy is the natural end state of the vanilla fetish it is only for true patricians.

there will never be enough pregnant manticores. After the dotr my life's work will to increase the manticore population by a nonfractional percentage.

67fd9e  No.377168




I am sorry but the title fetish can't really be applied to vanilla. In fact Vanilla is kind of the opposite of a fetish.

f5cfbf  No.377191


I'd say vanilla is consideres abnormal in the current year. Not to speak for others but I'd say /monster/ has taken the taste of vanilla to something a bit beyond what you'd find in a romance novel from the 50's, and that's a good thing.

67fd9e  No.377193


>Beyond normal vanilla

Is it french vanilla now?

e24f7f  No.377194


>In fact Vanilla is kind of the opposite of a fetish.

The official definition of fetish is "to be strongly sexually attracted towards something", so if you get diamond hard with vanilla it'd be a fetish.

Even if you're going with the "unusual thing you're sexually attracted to", I'd argue that degeneracy is widespread enough nowadays that vanilla would, ironically, be niche enough to be considered unusual.

67fd9e  No.377232



>" an object or bodily part whose real or fantasied presence is psychologically necessary for sexual gratification and that is an object of fixation to the extent that it may interfere with complete sexual expression"

I am afraid that you should actually bother reading the definition of "fetish" before making claims on what it is.

c83432  No.377234

File: dcaf385899a20b0⋯.jpg (680.07 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, mantycore F2.jpg)

I want to cuddle with a manticore!

cf0687  No.377235


Didn't you read the warning? >>375626

You'll be in the perfect position to get raped.

ab7377  No.377236



>"an excessive and irrational devotion or commitment to a particular thing."

semantics will get us nowhere

c83432  No.377237


>obvious yetiposter repeating lies everyone stopped believing years ago

Fucking manelets, when will they learn?

d8f1ab  No.377238


I just want a monster girl to cuddle with, period.

I also want out of the monster girl-less, faggotry-filled, insane clown world.

8acc15  No.377249

File: e60316f02673d44⋯.jpg (23.23 KB, 288x499, 288:499, why.JPG)


>human legs

c7ce55  No.379509

File: 462b0b64d715b2a⋯.jpg (59.56 KB, 528x426, 88:71, activate it.jpg)

Hey so we all know manticores have soft, fluffy manes but what about matching fluffy pubes?

347c15  No.379516

File: bc7a6c8ea68c4ff⋯.png (631.94 KB, 1798x2317, 1798:2317, Manticore132.png)

File: d2a2809b84f614b⋯.jpg (117.26 KB, 800x1000, 4:5, Manticore212.jpg)

File: 33745861b42ab13⋯.jpg (189.9 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, DmUdxI0X0AMMbgB.jpg)


Some things are best experienced firsthand.

c9d4d2  No.380671

Which is better: manticore who forces you to orgasm after orgasm until you're practically comatose, or manticore who precisely controls the inside of her tail to edge you for what seems like an eternity? Or both, in short order?

af9da8  No.380673

db2fc7  No.380677


Orgasm after orgasm.

I'd want to be stuck with so much manticore venom that I could fill every hole of hers until her stomach, pussy, ass, and tail are bloated. Hell I'd keep going after that if I could.

f0bad1  No.381153

File: 3721f7d222d0366⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1280x1425, 256:285, delete this.png)

1b34ac  No.381158




not even shameless samefagging

0c530b  No.381160

File: b541c9ff111987c⋯.png (335.79 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_20181217-022936.png)


Don't be a nigger

388bf1  No.381189

File: ea8d4bca16cb635⋯.png (185.2 KB, 553x956, 553:956, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 99b30b2fa1d0741⋯.png (386.07 KB, 720x1119, 240:373, 20181216_192526.png)


I must also ask that you cease being a nigger.

d388ad  No.381618

File: 6bd8e43d93cb8dd⋯.png (178.64 KB, 384x396, 32:33, lewdface.png)


>You'll be in the perfect position to get raped


5acb95  No.381626

File: 4075fddb01ed126⋯.jpg (167.29 KB, 1600x1131, 1600:1131, Du-fzJOVYAELKUM.jpg large.jpg)

Now you see here folks, this is a prime example of how a manticore might try to lure you in. But I tell you what fellas, you crawl under those covers with her and you're a goner.

a51659  No.381627

File: 9e1b533b48d4439⋯.png (72.27 KB, 500x505, 100:101, 1429778690928.png)


I've never seriously thought of commissioning an artist but god damn, I love phanaxial's works

c7ce55  No.381636

I'm upset at the lack of tailpussy stories recently but I'm too shit of a writer to contribute.

c24e1c  No.381638


start writing anyway and don't be one of those anons that complains about no content but doesn't contribute

67fd9e  No.381669


Everyone knows manticores are for lewd snuggles.

67fd9e  No.381671


Also this is the most beautiful tailpussy, and I recommend we ammend all future tailpussies to look like this one.

Shame it's kind of oversized.

67fd9e  No.381676

File: 1aa6471fc5339d2⋯.png (6.82 MB, 2494x2926, 1247:1463, de-niggered.png)

Also I de-niggered this image for you guys. 6 million hours in paint.

0f1e98  No.381678

File: bb4486f1d54362f⋯.png (83.91 KB, 803x688, 803:688, good.png)


Good shit, it's good to see another anon taking matters into their own hands with fixing what shouldn't be required to be fixed in the first place.

5acb95  No.381927

>you wake up shivering in the dark

>this apartments central heating is spotty at best, but it at least usually has the good grace to fail during the summer months

>you know damn well that the landlord will take his sweet time getting it fixed

>1:38AM glares back at you from your alarm clock

>what a fantastic start to Christmas day

>with the blankets you've got as thin as they are, you're liable to freeze to death

>not literally, but it'll be uncomfortable

>still, you've got a solution to this problem

>you turn to the manticore lying next to you

>the cold never seems to really bother her

>perhaps it's her more animalistic extremities that keep her warm

>or maybe it's the paw print pajamas you got her last year she always wears to bed

>she's laying on her side, one paw beneath her head and the other resting on her hip


>you shuffle yourself against her, pressing against her warmth

>her mane is as fluffy as ever, filling your nostrils with her scent as you press your face into it

>your back is still cold though, you could really do with having that warmed up

>you hate waking her up in the middle of the night

>thankfully, you know a trick for just this situation, learned from a helpful online article

>internally thank the author of "Understanding Manticore Instincts" for their sage advice

>slowly you begin rocking yourself back and forth

>sure enough, you see her ears twitch once, then twice

>her paws flex briefly

>you stop for a moment to make sure she's still asleep

>as soon as you're sure she isn't on the verge of waking up, you begin moving again

>once again, her ears and paws are the first to react

>you keep the motion up, trying to awaken the most ingrained parts of her psyche

>it only takes a few seconds more before it happens

>her sleeping mind interprets the movement against her as prey struggling to escape

>her arms spring from their idle positions

>in an instant both of them wrap around you, pressing you tightly against her

>one of her wings drapes itself over your back

>both her legs and tail wrap around your legs

>in only a few seconds you're almost completely surrounded by manticore

>the cold is banished entirely

>you flex to see just how securely she has you held

>as expected, you can barely move

>you hold yourself stock still as her warmth spreads through you

>soon enough, her body begins to relax

>her arms soften from a vice grip to a firm hug

>you glace up from your cozy prison

>there's a contented smile resting on her face as she sleeps

>you nuzzle into her mane and close your eyes

>yeah, this is a pretty good start to Christmas

f0bad1  No.381928


cute, good stuff

7ad726  No.381930

File: d9b0665e7a5bb53⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 3000x4000, 3:4, d9b0665e7a5bb53372f28b6b8a….jpg)

ea1811  No.383033

File: 637906752e3dda0⋯.png (6.72 MB, 3000x3600, 5:6, 637906752e3dda0002a0708ff1….png)

File: f811abfa3746f6b⋯.jpg (257 KB, 1564x2048, 391:512, f811abfa3746f6b5574b27369e….jpg)

File: 381abf0fa1306fb⋯.jpg (2.15 MB, 3000x3600, 5:6, 1523300789550.jpg)

File: 1a8f8c8c6dcc569⋯.jpg (125.46 KB, 1042x1200, 521:600, 1a8f8c8c6dcc569b72b5e9731c….jpg)

posting the Fiship manticores, as they deserve to be here.

6dab8e  No.383038


Just you wait anon, there's another one in the works.

e96477  No.383086


That’s just a manticore without a fluffy mane

c80b5d  No.383096

File: babdb3bff22d45a⋯.png (8.27 MB, 6000x3600, 5:3, babdb3bff22d45a7c721b8b4dc….png)


Dont forget the teacercore.

582d9d  No.383099

File: c978e80efe0cfe8⋯.png (34.27 KB, 274x200, 137:100, 1362180124458.png)


can we have more mamono in clothes like that in general? Holy moly

993567  No.383156

File: 8b5e4a21b262779⋯.png (8.73 MB, 3455x4759, 3455:4759, noshu.png)

ab7377  No.383157



67fd9e  No.383160


Fiship is a blessing. Praise be her. But I've had enough of pinups. If I weren't a stingy jew I would commission for a lewd snugglecore myself.

Are pinups all Fiship can do?

67fd9e  No.383161


Ignore me I'm a retarded faggot and she doesn't do commissions.

d4f869  No.383162



She's done a couple other things, but mostly pinups. And she does commissions, but only intermittently.

a51659  No.383165

File: e99b0eec409e78b⋯.png (306.9 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

a9b5ad  No.383204


Is there a NSFW version of there is never enough manticore lewds.

075432  No.383242


You know what's infinitely better than starting to write stories? Finishing them.

a94c15  No.383261


dead link m8. Pastebin taliban strikes again.

ea1811  No.383267

File: 1f7196040833404⋯.gif (558.48 KB, 367x265, 367:265, 1d5.gif)

ea1811  No.383268

4c39c5  No.384111

File: 9daaac690baa387⋯.jpg (131.75 KB, 1200x1000, 6:5, IMG_20190111_092200.jpg)

4f9ff7  No.384148


Drawing isn't bad, but god damn. She looks like she could palm two volleyballs at the same time.

4f9ff7  No.384149


Derp, meant beach balls.

67fd9e  No.384180


Three if she uses tail as a suction cup

e1dc0c  No.384210


Suction cup man(ticore)

2caaf3  No.384505

File: 0413f318bef1476⋯.jpg (213.6 KB, 1131x1600, 1131:1600, Dw-K6rOVYAASaNO.jpg large.jpg)

Receive pats from the 'core.

dc0600  No.384539


Veru nice

456062  No.384814


I want a manticore to give me headpats and maybe a neck rub.

1a5a77  No.384890

File: 1a7c1f5af7f54ca⋯.jpg (203.86 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, DxYcAwXWsAAq06q.jpg)

47dc11  No.385180

File: da4f669b83ff44b⋯.png (13.23 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 5f4345e564e316510542230057….png)

ab7377  No.385181


I am erect

d21e04  No.385211

File: eb5eb471259422a⋯.jpg (331.98 KB, 800x1200, 2:3, manticore fix.jpg)

Utter shit but luckily I fixed it

b92fbe  No.385213

What happens if I blow into her tail?

c7ce55  No.385216


probably get stabbed

1a5a77  No.385217


Her tail spontaneously shows you it's facehugger impression.

67fd9e  No.385218


>Playing with GF's tailpussy.

>Blow into her tail.

>Feel her shift and wince.

>Angle your sips until you begin to hear it resonate like a bottle.

>The hum of the air is interrupted with what sounds like…

>Hollow popping…

>Continue to blow.

>The sound of something hollow rattling around intensifies.

>Blow harder.

>Ping pong ball pops out and rolls onto the bed


>goddamn physics

67fd9e  No.385219

c7ce55  No.385468


…why is your waifu eating ping pong balls with her pussy?

456062  No.385984

Anyone got any pictures of a manticore giving head?

b15062  No.386022


aspergers syndrome

c7ce55  No.386037


I'm sorry anon.

7b07f0  No.386046

File: 3c29a047e9e2d8f⋯.jpg (122.59 KB, 849x1200, 283:400, fadstr.jpg)

File: 2ad98fa8a8e679f⋯.jpg (136.52 KB, 946x1200, 473:600, afgvcb.jpg)


I know of at least one but it's group sex, I don't have it saved and I don't feel like tracking it down.

bc8479  No.387269


why does the first one have a bushel of grapes sticking outta her tail, push that shit back in. no prolapsed tail pussy around here.

3c3695  No.387299

File: dc8bc9a11658381⋯.png (242.94 KB, 1280x712, 160:89, tumblr_inline_orbk7rmfNf1u….png)

Don't think I've seen this one posted around here before.

a9b5ad  No.387401

Just a reminder that manticores are the best and mane huffing is very lewd. Cheshires are also pretty great too.

394f79  No.387444



Cheshire is actually better than manticores :^)

3c3695  No.387454

File: 3a662b21987c767⋯.png (816.6 KB, 1867x1917, 1867:1917, 6224d7c4b2ab408a9d1f0a6a6e….png)


That is a fine opinion you've got there. It's a shame it's entirely wrong.

a9b5ad  No.387455


Would you date a yanki thug manticore that is rough around the edges with a tough persona but is actually really sweet? What if she tries to badly bully you?

b51cf9  No.387457


>yandere kanojo except she has a fluffy mane to huff

I would.

Also, that pic just made me realize manticores have wings. I don't know how I manage to somehow ignore it on every single pic I've seen up until now, but I guess I'm aware now.

a9b5ad  No.387469


I imagine a yanki manticore would try to grow a huge mane, but get shy about how it doesn't let her tan as well or it is hard to dye.

b51cf9  No.387471


>tan manticore with the default blonde but dark at the roots delinquent hair and a big fluffy blonde mane


3c3695  No.387472


Does that bullying occur in bed? Does she leave deep claw marks across my body? Does she taunt me about how cute it is when I struggle in her grip, sometimes publicly? Orgasms, does she prefer to keep me on the very edge of one for an eternity, or force multiple out of me until I'm practically comatose? Does she assign pet names to me such as "Prey" or "Pincushion"? Do her friends giggle when we cross paths and make cryptic references to "stories they've heard"? Does she occasionally run the tip of a claw along my throat while musing on how soft I am? If we sit down at a restaurant table with a long cloth, what're the odds I'm trapped in her tail by the time our drinks arrive?

05506e  No.387475

So, I have recently become completely infatuated by manticores. Can someone give me a quick rundown on tailpussy? What it is, what it does?

67fd9e  No.387494

File: 5bdf212ce07ff71⋯.png (802.15 KB, 1470x4385, 294:877, cuddleslut.png)


Tailpussy is for comfy, lazy, prolonged sex.

dd6394  No.387500


Its a portal to another dimension kinda like a stargate or something.

You put things in it, like fingers, food, or your face.

85837b  No.387506


Also if you feed it Skittles you get a mofucore egg a few weeks later.

b1d864  No.387557

File: c2af03064011cb6⋯.jpg (218.77 KB, 1600x1769, 1600:1769, IMG_20190217_225753.jpg)

829023  No.387562


Magical Girl Manticore? I can get behind this.

3c3695  No.387564


It's a Cupidcore and I want to smooch her belly and most other parts of her.

7e698d  No.387568



>tail fires spines that not only give you a raging hard-on, but also make your heart go doki-doki for her

Christ that’s op I wanna cuddle it

d2d222  No.387569


Don't worry I'll take one for the team and take her home. You'll all be safe your welcome.

456062  No.387581


That's very noble of you Anon. I hope there are more like her, I would also like the chance to make such a sacrifice.

9c53af  No.387591


Could a manticore's big meaty paws even hold a bow properly?

c72a65  No.387597


Manticores are quite familiar with thick taunt cords.

3c3695  No.387611


No, but that's what makes it so cute.

b835b2  No.387617


They'd either have roughly human sized paws, or the bow itself is bigger. Lord help you if the latter is true.

7e698d  No.387636


Maybe she could fire the arrows from her tail or something

Or like I was thinking here


If we go full hybrid we could just have her spines be imbued with the same powers as the arrows, on top of the SuperViagra effect.

3c3695  No.387658



>Accordingly Apollonius asked the question, whether there was there an animal called the man-eater (martichoras); and Iarchas replied: "And what have you heard about the make of this animal? For it is probable that there is some account given of its shape." "There are," replied Apollonius, "tall stories current which I cannot believe; for they say that the creature has four feet, and that his head resembles that of a man, but that in size it is comparable to a lion; while the tail of this animal puts out hairs a cubit long and sharp as thorns, which it shoots like arrows at those who hunt it."

In short, a manticore would not require a bow.

1d5d45  No.387667


Maybe she just practices archery as a hobby.

61b817  No.387671






Clearly the answer is that she holds the bow sideways with both hands, then uses her tail's MANTISUCTION™ to nock an arrow and draw the bow.

ea5d70  No.387690


tail barb archery ofc

with or without the bow

456062  No.388432

File: c80dfdef771a8a7⋯.png (384.65 KB, 615x715, 123:143, all you care about is cudd….png)

>You wake.

>The morning light, filtered though the thin green curtain covering the single window in your small bedroom, casts everything in a dull emerald hue.

>Under this light, even the generic beige colour of the wall takes on a shade of green with enough character to put you in mind of lichen growing on a rock near a river.

>Whatever isn't bathed in the off-moss colour of the light remains pleasingly gray, just light enough to be seen while just dark enough not to offend the bleary eye.

>The calm provided by this rule of green and gray soothes your just-woken mind - everything in the room obeys it, with two exceptions.

>The first is the red light of the digital clock by your bedside, solemnly projecting its message of "09:30".

>The second thing to flout the rule of understated colour in this room is her hair.

>Her hair is of a light pink colour that you would most reasonably describe as 'disarming' - sometimes you can't even tell if there's more red or white in that mixture of shade, but they mix together to produce the kind of pink which effortlessly catches any and all eyes, and your eyes most of all.

>Her hair spills over her shoulders, and in fact over yours as well - in fact, due to the cramped space of the single bed you both share, her hair's roseate strands even reach your own scalp, mingling themselves mercilessly with your own hair.

>You're so focused on this that you don't even register her words, which drift out from behind you dressed in that sweet little whisper she saves for the first minutes of the morning.

<"Babe, it's raining."

456062  No.388433


>You strain your ear to catch - the sound of raindrops hitting puddles outside, the soft hiss of their impact (muted a little by the closed window) providing the audio to this scene of perfect comfort.

>"Mmhm." you grumble drowsily, shifting under the covers. Her paw appears, sliding from where it was at her side over to your hip, and without stopping, under your shirt.

>You sigh at the feeling of her claws tracing their lazy paths over your bare skin, as her paw slides over your stomach and up your ribcage to stop just between your pectoral muscles, where her fingers tighten, just a little, to press her claws ever-so-slightly harder onto your skin.

<"Mmm, go and open the window." she mumbles in a sleepy yawn.

>"Why?" comes your reply in an equally sleepy yawn, still enjoying the simple feeling of her hand on your chest.

<"'Cause I want to listen to the rain." she says. "With you."

>Those last two words are followed by a tiny kiss on your shoulder blade, making her request impossible to deny.

>The room is designed for only one person to live in without much space to spare, so it's a matter of two large-ish steps over to the window, turn its handle and fling it open.

>Instantly, the chill of the morning air greets your face as the now un-muted sound of the rain greets your ears.

>Two more steps and a slight fumble, and you're back in bed.

>You're not even finished pulling the covers back over yourself before both her arms close around your chest, her leg crossing over yours and her tail sliding over your hip to land in its usual resting-place of just in front of your crotch.

<"Muuuuch better~" she sighs. You smile.

>Without much further movement you both resume your resting positions, as another sigh flutters over the back of your head.

<"Oh! I almost forgot…" she whispers, before leaning forward and over you - her face appears in your peripheral vision, but all you can make out before she strikes are flushed pink skin and two ruby-red irises.

>Her lips meet your cheek to deliver a rather ungentle kiss, before moving up to your ear.

<"Morning, baby~" comes her whisper, released from lips millimetres away from the ear which receives the words.

>"Good morning, miss…" comes your reply, a tell-tale prick from her claws on your chest betraying her pleasure at her simple favourite of your names for her.

>You've been together long enough that she knows you know she likes it, and she doesn't have to say as much.

>That thought makes you smile again as the rain continues to patter from outside the window.

<"Anything to do today?" she asks. You turn to face her, momentarily ending up with a faceful of mane fluff before meeting her crimson eyes, and your favourite smirk.

>Resisting the urge to kiss her is an absolute impossibility.

>She hums with contentment as your lips meet, and you hold it for a couple of seconds before pulling back

>"I don't think so…" you say, readjusting your position on the pillow.

<"Goooood…" she purrs, sliding her hand again under your shirt and up your torso.

<"I thought maybe you could go out for snacks in a little while… and then we can just snuggle for the rest of the day…"

>Her eyes shine with love.

>You stare out the now un-curtained window, out at the rain and the grey sky, where just at the bottom of the street the shop is waiting.

>"Sounds good to me…" you mumble, turning back to her before closing your eyes.

ab7377  No.388465


That's some prime cuddlecore right there.

67c332  No.388498

File: 94ac13a6d8e4012⋯.png (1.21 MB, 1250x1563, 1250:1563, 2019-1st_Manticore_speedpa….png)

>inb4 furaffinity

7e698d  No.388509


Top notch stuff bud

b51cf9  No.388511


That's fucking great.

I'd figuratively step into the cuddlecore beartrap so fucking hard.

bceea5  No.389486

File: b76ce81d7871bb3⋯.jpg (657.98 KB, 1346x1071, 1346:1071, dark_manticore.jpg)

I bring dark chocolate manticore.

b0dbc5  No.389494

File: 141d4fec01069a9⋯.gif (1.39 MB, 300x224, 75:56, 1334272999758.gif)



67fd9e  No.389496

File: 4ad0e3b4d8bad57⋯.gif (828.88 KB, 150x250, 3:5, 1461571126627.gif)



b51cf9  No.389497


Wait a minute, this Manticore is a nigger.

c24e1c  No.389499



50f2c1  No.389501

File: fc20aa3698db501⋯.jpg (18.59 KB, 700x535, 140:107, fc20aa3698db501835ccf728e3….jpg)



cce96a  No.389505

How would a mother prepare her son when she learns his childhood friend manticore enters puberty? I'm thinking she'd line his jacket with chain mail.

60abaf  No.389506


Sign him up for track and field, endurance training, buying him a stab vest, and provide a venom antitoxin in his inner coat pocket.

813a51  No.389507

File: 9b9fc592988349f⋯.png (211.58 KB, 900x580, 45:29, Im fucking white.png)





Monsters cant be nigs, but nigs can be monsters

50f2c1  No.389511

File: 4bb84530aee0f23⋯.jpg (52.72 KB, 680x686, 340:343, ed76976045.jpg)


nah, shit skin is shit tier, white is right.

b51cf9  No.389513

File: df9c2dc54ab1431⋯.png (361.79 KB, 648x900, 18:25, ClipboardImage.png)


>Monsters cant be nigs, but nigs can be monsters

I'm going to use first-order logic for simplicity sake.

Let's have two predicate symbols, M(x), for x is a monster, and N(x), for x is a nigger.

You're saying that monsters can't be nigs, in other words, if x is a monster, x can't be a nigger.

∀x (M(x) -> ¬N(x))
But you're also saying that nigs can be monsters, implying that there is or was a nigger that was a monster.
∃x(N(x) -> M(x))
Let us hypothesize that there is an x1, said x1 being a nigger.

Let us also suppose that x1, a nigger, is also a monster.

N(x1) ∧ M(x1)
Going by the second formula:
∃x (N(x) -> M(x))
N(x1) ∧ M(x1)
N(x1) ∧ M(x1)
N(x1) -> M(x1)
That means that x1 is a nigger and a monster, and there's no logical problem with that. However, there is now a problem with the first formula.
∀x (M(x) -> ¬N(x))
∃x (N(x) -> M(x))
N(x1) -> M(x1)
M(x) -> ¬N(x)
¬N(x) ∧ N(x1)

By considering the existence of a nigger that is a monster, we arrive that x1, our nigger monster, is and isn't a nigger, which, on first-order logic, is a contradiction, in other words, the formulas are mutually exclusive.

However, that's based on theorical logic. On the real world, however, there are many phenomenons that seem to contradict certain theorical rules, the now famous meme of Schrodinger's cat is an abstraction of the matter.

In quantum physics an object can, at the same time, be in multiple places simultaneously, travel multiple contradicting paths simultaneously and so on, it's not until the event is observed that it then becomes a single concrete entity.

In other words, either one of the formulas is wrong, which, considering latter is a tautology, means the former is incorrect, or the duality of the matter plays a certain role in this discussion.

In layman's terms, either you're wrong and hellhounds are niggers, or hellhounds are unobserved quantum niggers, meaning your bycicle exists and doesn't exist in their garages simultaneously.

50f2c1  No.389530

File: 547af67c45b3322⋯.jpg (179.89 KB, 850x601, 850:601, 547af67c45b33222b2798a67f3….jpg)


>unobserved quantum niggers, meaning your bycicle exists and doesn't exist in their garages simultaneously.

That is both hilarious and horrifying

e96477  No.389533


Yes but if you separate M(x) into M(1) and M(2) where M(1)=waifus and M(2)=evil animals. Therefore N(x) can equal M(2) but cannot equal M(1), resolving the apparent conflict.

0da796  No.389571

File: f22c5921300d61f⋯.jpg (26.34 KB, 487x598, 487:598, 1545091203322.jpg)


>quantum nigger theory

>on a monster girl board

Someone screencap this, its too good to pass up

b835b2  No.389578


Do it yourself nigger

813a51  No.389584

File: 2af16fa593bfe16⋯.png (626.65 KB, 800x900, 8:9, 4f2269df917470dc6549e93ab4….png)


Im glad i caused this

And when i said "nigs can be monsters" i didnt mean monster as in mamono but as in "evil savage creature"

0da796  No.389585


I would, but I suck at screen caps, edits, etc. At most it will end up being a a full literal screenshot with horrid resolution

2520a9  No.389729

File: 1c24d08d2043951⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1422x994, 711:497, cap.png)

d016a1  No.389738


/monster/ could really use more of these old-/tg/-like moments.

7ecdd0  No.389788

File: b15534605bbb0ae⋯.png (262.13 KB, 426x358, 213:179, elle.png)


>quantum niggers

67fd9e  No.390301

File: d522804e0ba6ce7⋯.jpg (32.88 KB, 370x699, 370:699, 4c396af5294f8310593a08e62e….jpg)

>Be autisticore.

>Recently snagged a man, sex is all you could have imagined and more.

>There is literally no thing more satisfying than making him squirm. It's his twitching and gasping that get you off most of all.

>Begin to obsess over how to please him, just so you can watch and empathize, to the point it's a fetish.

>Read one day in a magazine that massaging his prostate will make him cum buckets.


>More sweating

>You must witness this for yourself.

>But how will you convince him to let you touch him there…

>Wait, you know just the trick.

"Hey… anon. I've been thinking, do you want to try anal?"

>It's time for the ol' switcheroo.

>You've prepared rubber gloves and lube under the bed.

>Maybe he will never forgive you, but it will totally be worth it.

>He pauses.

<"No thanks. Tailpussy is more than enough for me. I don't really want to go through all of the trouble."

>Closet begins rumbling.

"I. uh…"

>You face flushes. Your snazzy line has fallen flat, and so has your confidence.

>Spaghetti is leaking out of the doorframe.

"Anon I just wanted to…"

<"Maybe some other day, you horny weirdo."

>Spaghetti bursts out of the closet, you are covered in orange stains. You scream and cry helplessly, running to the bathroom.

<"Come on I didn't mean it like that. Do you really want it that bad?"

"You don't understand!"

<"What the fuck? What has gotten into you?"

>He tries to open the door but you locked it.

<"Are you ok in there?"

>It's been an hour and you still haven't left.



>What do you do?

7e698d  No.390304


>using pinktexting for the man’s lines

Also I understand the Manticore’s reasoning, but I want the man to succeed in not getting anything up his pooper here. Prostate play bothers me deeply for whatever reason, nothing should be going up there.

340aaa  No.390309


>prostate play

this shit is fuckboy-tier, don't even try.

ce1616  No.390312


The only time you should ever have someone sticking something up your ass is when your doctor is checking your prostate for tumors. That or an enema for purely medical reasons. Still doesn't mean you have to like either.

Anytime else is for faggots.

456062  No.390332


There's not much of a market for prostate play here, writefriend. I did like the interaction between the characters though.

67fd9e  No.390345

Just shitposting boys, relax.

4d8a1c  No.390353

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Dont turn your back on big cats. You'll awaken their predatory instincts

67fd9e  No.390427

File: 7453b85b1983633⋯.jpg (11.78 KB, 243x207, 27:23, 1443347273748.jpg)

>Be anon in late highschool.

>Autisticore has been hitting on you.

>She was known for being an utter spastic who can't handle social interaction.

>She keeps telling the same fucking jokes for months.

>She once lost her mind in front of your friends because she couldn't find her phone.

>Tears, sobbing, bitchy attitude, the whole nine yards.

>She wants lots of attention, too, but doesn't know how to reciprocate.

>She's a bit involved with your ring of friends, so you've had to put up with her nonsense.

>Now she wants to be your problem.

>Look at this bullshit. When did I ever invite you to sit on my lap?

>Can't really be arsed to let her down hard, so you just pretend it's a normal, friendly gesture.

>Dear god she smells like she hasn't showered in a good week.

>Just a normal occurrence lately.

>Maybe give her an awkward, weak hug every once in a while, as per her prompting with open arms; to stop her from flipping out.

>Her tail teases you thighs. Every. Single. Time.

>She never actually voices her obvious attraction, however. She must be expecting you to make the move.

>Until one day, not far from graduation, she corners you.

<"Anon… I. I t-think you're cute, and I want you to be my boyfriend."

>There is this absurdly goofy grin on her face as she finds the courage to show you her open tailpussy.

>Fuck no. How is that even an appropriate approach?

>It's time to let her down.

>You blankly say…

"I'm sorry, Lilly, but a vagina on the end of a tail really isn't my fetish… I'm sure you'll find somebody better."

>That's it? Those are the harshest words your stupid mouth could come up with?

>Must have been her slick goods on display that distracted you into using that wording.

>Fuck, maybe she'll get the message anyway.

>That look of shame, and dejection on her face tells the whole story. That definitely hit home.

>She's clutching her tailpussy to her chest.

>You 360 and moonwalk outta there

>Lately, her gaze has been avoiding you. Maybe you'll catch her glancing, but she swiftly just turns her eyes to her feet.

>Things change over time, though. Soon eye contact leads her to flush bright red. And before long she just stares at you, smirking.

>One day she sits down right next to you, in the cafeteria.

>Reeeal close.

>Her tail arches across your back and pulls you to her side.

<"Anon I think I finally understood what you meant. What is your reeeal fetish, then?"


>Your arm has positioned itself to make space from her.

"Why would I tell you. What the hell?"

>She looks puzzled, and breaks away from you.

>Don't see her for a week.

>Until, that is, you hear knocking on your door.

>Who could it be?

>It's Autisticore.

>Dressed in a motherfucking skintight latex bodysuit.

<"Is latex your fetish, Anon?"

>She tries to do a sexy pose for you, but is too uncoordinated, and comes off looking wobbly, and spastic.

>Does she think this is a motherfucking guessing game? Like I'm just being coy?

"No, what the fuck. How did you find out where I live?"

>She huffs.

<"Look this was expensive just let me…"

>You close the door.

>You hear her fiddling with your doorknob, so you immediately lock it.

<"Let me in! I need you!"

"Go away!"

>You hear her running over to a window.

>Dad had them barred long ago, luckily.

>You see her outside, peering in through the iron rods, looking dejected.

<"Fine! I'll try again tomorrow!"

>And thus begins your series of adventures.

7e698d  No.390430


I had the misfortune of knowing a girl who considered the prostate “the cum button”

I couldn’t stop internally shuddering for a few hours. The phrase still sends a chill down my spine.

7e698d  No.390431


I’m convinced the endgame for this situation is that if she doesn’t end up finding his real fetish for long enough, she’ll assume his fetish is getting raped.

Given that she’s an autist, she’ll likely make some elaborate trap instead of doing the rational thing and pinning him down herself. But autism can result in really precise results sometimes, so anon’s chances may not be so good in this situation.

813a51  No.390497

File: 0ca3730d31942e8⋯.jpg (56.33 KB, 360x451, 360:451, 0ca3730d31942e84f6ccb342bf….jpg)


I hope you plan on continuing, this feels like a solid green text

ea5d70  No.390797



also dat white hair aesthetic

a9b5ad  No.391468

Anyone mind posting all the manticores elakan and fiship have done so far? Anyone also have their hellhound and cheshire art too? I am trying to cllect as much art of the whol smug squad as much as I can.

857759  No.391824


dig through the thread. all of fiship's manticores are here.

5a8602  No.391863

How would catnip effect a manticore?

78f67b  No.391911

File: a5faf8406759b7b⋯.png (1017.47 KB, 1984x2800, 124:175, a5faf8406759b7b7c59c6ce9c7….png)

File: 117becc7349e43d⋯.jpg (258 KB, 1767x2048, 1767:2048, 117becc7349e43d22ecdb7bb8f….jpg)

File: 6fdbe021b4183d1⋯.png (1.18 MB, 1246x1692, 623:846, 6fdbe021b4183d1d7e7b747d6e….png)

File: 087fa35340998d7⋯.jpg (323.63 KB, 1131x1600, 1131:1600, 087fa35340998d7f5eda449c30….jpg)

File: 61184fc7f3261d2⋯.jpg (237.63 KB, 1355x2048, 1355:2048, 61184fc7f3261d25bd87471e1f….jpg)

78f67b  No.391913

File: 33f2cd6e1d6a729⋯.png (44.55 KB, 719x290, 719:290, scatsste3.PNG)


Good things, it looks like.

7e698d  No.392028


>live with Manticore roommate

>not that you’d be able to tell that she isn’t a Cheshire by how often she pranks you

>putting venom in your food, covering your pillow in spines, filling your search history with Manticore porn

>I mean that last one’s kinda weird but whatever it’s gotta be just a prank

>anyway it’s time to get her back

>and you have just the thing

>buy a shit-ton of catnip

>take her pillow out of the case and replace it with a pillow-sized bag of catnip

>Manticores are supposed to be part lion, and lions are cats, right? If it all goes well she’ll just go nuts and it’ll be hilarious.

>later, watching tv when roommate comes back from work

<”Hey anon. Did you enjoy that tape trap I left for you in the doorway?”

>”Ha,ha, very funny. I was unwrapping myself for like 20 minutes. Lucky for you I’m the bigger person here and decided to clean house while you were gone. Your room should be much neater now.”

>she blushes in surprise

<“O-oh really? Wow, thanks anon! Now I feel kinda bad…”

>”Don’t worry about it, go enjoy your room”

<“Well, okay… thanks again”

>once she closes her bedroom door you sit back and wait for the fun to begin

>you hear a soft thump, probably her hitting the bed

>there’s some rustling, sounds like she’s noticing the pillow’s different

>then a pause

>suddenly a raucous chorus of ripping and shouting occurs, and you almost jump off of your couch

>well damn, guess a grown woman acting like a high cat is really rowdy

>maybe you didn’t think this through

>It just keeps getting louder, thumps on the door start to scare you

>seriously what the fuck, you figured she was just gonna roll around on the floor for a bit and then get pissy at you

>it sounds like there’s a tornado in there

>suddenly roommate says something intelligible

<“Oh anooon~”

>her suddenly sounding so sweet is very concerning considering the string of expletives she was spewing before


>shaking a little bit, you walk up and crack open the door

>her pillow and a good portion of her bed is torn to ribbons

>the room is thick with the scent of catnip, maybe you overdid that

>roommate appears to have done as much damage to her clothes as the bed


>you try not to focus on that by looking at her face instead

>oh Jesus her pupils are slits

>there’s a sadistic grin on her face as she forces out a strained question

<“Anon. Do you KNOW what you’ve done to me?”

>”I-I put catnip in your pillow.”

>”…April fools?”

<“oh one of us is definitely gonna feel foolish soon after I BREAK HIS FUCKING PELVIS!”

7e698d  No.392030


I might’ve dialed up the aggression part of the symptoms a bit much, but the idea was to have anon drug her expecting a normal reaction and it going horribly wrong

813a51  No.392046

File: 6ca78340aa9bff8⋯.png (53.28 KB, 1215x698, 1215:698, Manticore on catnip.png)


Sorry for the shit image quality

1e6ff4  No.392066

File: 2fe7bfdb7040fa2⋯.png (504.87 KB, 637x853, 637:853, unknown.png)

>see fresh manticore art thumbnail

>open full-size version

>no fluffy mane

>stinger tail



7e698d  No.392099


Thanks fam

aa567b  No.392114


Simple manticores are only female. What you saw was male so it wasnt a manticore. It was a faggot larping.

73cd63  No.392541

I've been wanting to rp with best girl for forever now. If someone's interested my discord is Whomst'dve #1029

(This is not gaia, fuck off.)

d8f1ab  No.392548



Enjoy your ban.

8612e0  No.392557



>the cancer is spreading

e96477  No.392613


We shall excise it wherever we find it. Cancer cannot develop in a healthy body and /monster/ is a healthy body

813a51  No.392625

File: ed45a91f07f87a1⋯.jpg (119.06 KB, 1000x999, 1000:999, Manticore143.jpg)


On the topic of cancer, would some of you be so kind and help me bully niggers on the halfchan /d/ monster thread? it will also serve as a pre emptive strike to protect our board.

b51cf9  No.392627


>posting on halfchan

Fuck no, not with all the datamine shit there.

813a51  No.392632

File: b4f82316e36a0f3⋯.jpg (529.67 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, Manticore174.jpg)


True, than lets abort the ops

456062  No.392642


>personal army shit

Take it to the meta thread, faggot.

813a51  No.392710

File: e282e2db5fdf366⋯.png (55.11 KB, 1000x844, 250:211, tough_mofucore.png)


At least I posted on topic images so I dont feel so bad about my faggotry.

But yeah sorry for the thread derailing.

340aaa  No.392732


>Picking fights at random

>involving the board for no reason


adc19e  No.392764


I mean I thought it was cute.

9feef5  No.393353

File: bc42851647afd94⋯.jpg (1.15 MB, 3455x4759, 3455:4759, mantiscorsjsp.jpg)

11c7f9  No.393425


Why is red hair so great?

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