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File: a176a2210ac32d2⋯.png (970.41 KB, 723x1023, 241:341, 1B028985-4CF6-446E-98A9-D2….png)

File: 280e3f3ca278ba4⋯.jpeg (2.02 MB, 2361x3300, 787:1100, 78638B98-A023-43BB-AE85-F….jpeg)

File: 0fc5aa7120999a2⋯.png (1.07 MB, 761x1051, 761:1051, 8792E204-0E58-45E7-BCDC-78….png)

File: 049a23f58c5130d⋯.png (1.07 MB, 800x841, 800:841, CA5F3305-059B-4C9B-846F-92….png)

c3fd65  No.393951

Have you prayed to your goddess of choice today?

Discuss the dangers of beastmen knocking down your gates, those foreigners looking to steal your genes from beyond the galaxy or why tau females prefer human men.

Skaven coming soon™

ba56d9  No.393953

File: 871fefd84e65c51⋯.jpg (100.38 KB, 880x1200, 11:15, Krekk0v Tau wife 1.jpg)

File: 72732fc53b6c4fc⋯.jpg (98.81 KB, 880x1200, 11:15, Krekk0v Tau wife 2.jpg)

File: b6cef53affb3958⋯.jpg (97.34 KB, 880x1200, 11:15, Krekk0v Tau wife 3.jpg)

File: b44421b3a55e7f2⋯.jpg (227.37 KB, 1280x1408, 10:11, Krekk0v Tau 1.jpg)

Friendly reminder that Tau women in mamono mana want to cuddle, marry, and have many children with a human male. Also mechs, I guess, if you're into that.

d097ee  No.393954


this is furfag tier

c09677  No.393956


>wanting a space communist for a wife

they can’t even fight in melee

ba56d9  No.393957


Dude, if you aren't fucking the communism out of her, you're doing it wrong.

bbb796  No.393962

File: 6c4a8da6f94d0c9⋯.jpeg (82.91 KB, 640x505, 128:101, DFA16332-A2CF-4724-B944-F….jpeg)

File: 062b0d713aa28e0⋯.jpeg (996.58 KB, 3508x4961, 3508:4961, EAAC9959-1196-497F-9C88-C….jpeg)

File: d885b46b19279e5⋯.jpeg (1.33 MB, 3500x4500, 7:9, 2400D8A5-7002-4089-993A-9….jpeg)

File: 81a061618a35ab4⋯.jpeg (276.78 KB, 1476x1865, 1476:1865, 8AD52243-1B47-4389-ADFB-3….jpeg)

Now which is better, khorne or tzzentch deamon girls?

a7d346  No.393965

File: 2c3237b23ecbf53⋯.jpg (73.46 KB, 600x600, 1:1, slaanesh hijack lol.jpg)

ec84ad  No.393966


Get me a horde of red genki tomboy daemons.

c3fd65  No.393985

File: e0692899bb134a0⋯.jpeg (487.33 KB, 496x702, 248:351, 33085ED4-B1E2-4B3D-9D71-E….jpeg)

File: 1c2986f4e65b3f0⋯.jpeg (744.48 KB, 1408x1756, 352:439, 5CA060DA-C705-4251-AF15-C….jpeg)


Plots within schemes.

c02495  No.393988

File: 488ac52a06173bb⋯.jpg (373.11 KB, 1280x1665, 256:333, __ignitrix_4chan_and_khorn….jpg)

File: 2fd0071037b708c⋯.jpg (145.24 KB, 1300x921, 1300:921, 2fd0071037b708c179df2aa43c….jpg)

File: 42b20c70226da8d⋯.jpg (835.78 KB, 3500x4500, 7:9, eA9QaER.jpg)

File: df5f55797fda604⋯.jpg (247.88 KB, 1448x2048, 181:256, IMG_20170531_052647.jpg)

1ea5c9  No.393990

All Chaos gods are hit by the MGE bat resulting in them becoming MGE monster goddesses (love vanilla sex and being loyal to their husbando). What species would each one transform into as a result?

c02495  No.393991

File: 53d85f87b32bdc7⋯.jpg (230.75 KB, 1024x807, 1024:807, 5cwokrtxnfPBXmw7TzsAaVeBOn….jpg)

File: a67a34c07b0659f⋯.jpg (65.77 KB, 577x800, 577:800, evi-sam_copy.jpg)

File: 3c1380807911afb⋯.jpg (137.52 KB, 1000x660, 50:33, faad3e4837187c5f0bf79935ff….jpg)

File: d947964a373ddbd⋯.jpg (172.6 KB, 900x1099, 900:1099, tau_emperors_will_be_done_….jpg)

Tau females realize human men give 'em more love.

88124a  No.393993


I'd say some of them would be a mix of species. Khorne: I see Khorne as a cross between a red oni and a salamander. The strength and love for battle would definitely remain.

Slaanesh: Lilim. An incredibly beautiful lilim. Quite honestly the easiest translation to MGE.

Tzeentch: Based on lore, Tzeentch is hard as fuck to pin down to one form. Imagine a doppelgänger that switches around between a harpy, lich, demon, and maybe mindflayer as commonly seen forms. The true form is a mind-raping mix of all five.

Nurgle: I'm really not sure which MGE girls might best fit Nurgle. I'd assume a fleshy golem filled with all sorts of mixed-up aphrodisiac slime. Probably with a cross with a beelzebub?

1ea5c9  No.393994


Others i agree and:

>Nurgle: I'm really not sure which MGE girls might best fit Nurgle. I'd assume a fleshy golem filled with all sorts of mixed-up aphrodisiac slime. Probably with a cross with a beelzebub?

I could see a undead beelzebub/Slime Carrier for nurgle.

4de009  No.393995



Personally, I'd like to see it happen to the God-emperor. Publicly. In front of everyone.

The result would be priceless.

2793fe  No.393996




1ea5c9  No.393997


I prefer the idea of all the new monster goddesses changing to have massive lady boners for the emperor, but if we go your way what monstergirl would the emperor become?

4de009  No.393999


Probably wight, zombie dragon or skeleton Girl, I'm thinking the about the reaction from his followers when their idol wakes up and starts contradicting the priests that have been "translating" his thoughts for forever

c3fd65  No.394000

File: c74b073fd237d19⋯.jpeg (65.34 KB, 640x823, 640:823, CE26EAF5-6EBA-48A8-AC53-B….jpeg)

File: 009c4b73861a15a⋯.jpeg (2.02 MB, 2550x3300, 17:22, ED4AB898-6BD9-40F9-9E81-8….jpeg)


Throw in matango there too for extra virulence.


You’re forgetting


1ea5c9  No.394001


>Throw in matango there too for extra virulence.

More like Myconid. Extra virulence and Insane toughness.

c09677  No.394030


He doesn’t exist, shut up about it.

bf74b4  No.394054

File: 32b55a146a2f622⋯.jpg (82.46 KB, 720x720, 1:1, 1BDHbqJ.jpg)

>TFW you just want to besiege things but the Cheshire keeps stealing your mask while you sleep so all you can do is smell cat.

>TFW she just smugs at you.

>TFW she rubs herself in your coat when you wash your mask.

Send reinforcements.

But what Regiment would work best/worst with what Mamono?

What would be the funniest?

2e98e5  No.394056

File: 2157275040ccd51⋯.jpeg (20.21 KB, 233x217, 233:217, 1A7BEC43-B09F-4244-B403-A….jpeg)


If you’re talking about fighting off an army of monster girls I would say the death korps would be by far best for it. Incredibly devoted to the emperor and wouldn’t fall to none of that temptation stuff.

2f97f5  No.394058


The more clever monster girls would try and get abhuman status and then claim that the kreigers have a duty to the emperor to make more babies.

e61bac  No.394059

File: 6b0927f92afe7cc⋯.jpg (306.99 KB, 1200x1959, 400:653, __original_drawn_by_hakura….jpg)


Mamono are here to help, so if you are fighting against them you're actually fighting against yourself and your own happines.

Death korp incels need monster hugs.

fc3f89  No.394065


Using the emperor as an excuse to have sex while doing service sounds like a great way to become suspect for slaaneshi worship. Not to mention female soldiers becoming pregnant are burdensome as their combat ability is hindered and the fetus getting killed in combat would be poor for morale.

>kreigers have a duty to the emperor to make more babies.

You don’t want to touch the topic of how the dkok are born.

cfee93  No.394066



Please do not use leddit/normalfag terminology.

2e98e5  No.394069

File: 35a0a2d45820fb4⋯.jpeg (114.22 KB, 750x497, 750:497, 28F4E705-D9EA-40A6-A5F9-D….jpeg)


Haha it’s totally not a way that probably every monster girl would probably be disgusted by. Totally not just growing people in tubes. That Guardsman there defiantly isn’t 16.

2f97f5  No.394070


>sounds like a great way to become suspect for slaaneshi worship

There's nothing slaaneshi about consentual, postmarital sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreaction.

>Not to mention female soldiers becoming pregnant are burdensome

No one said that the monster girls would serve in the military.

>You don’t want to touch the topic of how the dkok are born

At least it's not the daemonculaba.

4de009  No.394072


Monstergirl are ridiculously strong, unless she's having a litter the size of Octomom's and their physical bulk is impeding them they will still fight.

2f97f5  No.394074


Their maternal instincts are too strong for that. Once they get knocked up they are damn well going to take the necessary time off to care for their child.

07b661  No.394075


So R63 version of the Emperor’s Text to Speech Device? Without all the in-jokes and profanity?

07b661  No.394076


>what would be the best/worst regiment for monster girls?

Catachan, a whole planet of Stallones and Schwarzeneggers, perhaps the only individuals who don’t get raped by monsters, they do the raping.

>Be a mamano on Catachan

>It ain’t me starts playing.

4de009  No.394077


A little bit, with some aft-kicking trown in, since she can move now.

012cba  No.394087


>It Ain't Heresy plays in the background as monstergirls flee from a Catachad meatspinning his way through the canopy, before dropping down on the slowest one and shoving his "combat knife" where the sun don't shine

bf74b4  No.394117



The Korps use two methods of reproduction. The first and most well known is the fucked up vitae-womb vat system.

The second is good ol' fashioned fucking. It seems like they use some kind of drugs on pregnant females back on Krieg for some reason, too.

Plus, considering most Regiments have camp followers on ships that follow their's, including families and prostitutes and shit, well…

>A whole gang of Oni following a Catachan Regiment and challenging them to arm wrestling matches for waifu status

>Cheshires trying to meme their way through Krieg autism while half their jokes fly over their helmeted heads

>Mordians and Hellhounds butting heads on who's the discipliner and who's the disciplinee

>Vostroyans gathering up swathes of Kikis and putting them in forced alcohol brewing encampments

735833  No.394136


I think Kreigers count as monstergirls anyway since they're barely human in the first place

de57c7  No.394139


>Elysian Shock Troopers discover Wyverns, making for a whole new world of tactical options

>Tallarn Desert Raiders either being chased by hordes of centaurs who heard of their riding skills, or being harassed by sandworms playing the “Tremors but there’s no buildings to hide on” game

69ad83  No.394141


>Valhallans playing 'Hide the paw warmer' with Yetis

>Steel Legion chasing Goblins out of their Chimeras

>Shogs going full House mode with Imperial ships

8a9b8c  No.394142


Catgirls are accepted abhumans according to official cannon iirc

88124a  No.394149

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2e98e5  No.394153

File: 43dda95a24d9f5d⋯.jpeg (527.93 KB, 1279x2178, 1279:2178, 71C11667-6684-4076-B2C7-1….jpeg)


>shogs going full house mode on an imperial ship.

Do you want chaos corrupted ships? Because that’s how you get chaos ships.

Also you have to think of what the monster girls would think of other groups like the mechanicus or sisters of battle.

1db126  No.394155

File: 10e18d6100db92d⋯.jpg (228.83 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, 10e.jpg)



>this entire thread

1ea5c9  No.394156


>sisters of battle

A great place to monsterize women.

Also i like the idea of slaanesh going full demonlord lilith.

6a9d83  No.394157


Automatons would run the risk of being purged because of the whole men of iron thing, Gremlins would commit tech heresy within a few hours, and every other mamono would get treated like all the other ignorant meatbags.

ba56d9  No.394158

File: 322dc2305b910d9⋯.png (640.05 KB, 811x1234, 811:1234, Grabbing_tau_ass.png)

File: cabb89164c1f052⋯.png (1.02 MB, 1024x1429, 1024:1429, sexual_yeti_Subcommander_t….png)

File: 1ea9745c12780c4⋯.jpg (515.12 KB, 1736x1853, 1736:1853, Tau_caste_nudes.jpg)

File: c1d7174f51be349⋯.jpg (106.14 KB, 715x770, 13:14, Tau_firecleavage.jpg)


>Implying Tau females aren't 100% /monster/-approved

Even the Emperor has hopes for Commander Farsight.

6a9d83  No.394159


The main types I see them turning into are Angels, Valkyries, and fire themed monsters.

e61bac  No.394164

File: a727686ab6ba324⋯.jpg (155.45 KB, 737x936, 737:936, Red Oni extra art.jpg)



I wonder, would the daemonculaba monsterize into very fertile oni's or would it be something else/something new?

88c58d  No.394169

File: 1a8b7b848aa6b10⋯.jpg (370.16 KB, 1471x2048, 1471:2048, kWqYlMR.jpg)

>finally after 10 millennia of unholy war the dream is fulfilled

>humans and daemons living as one

bf74b4  No.394182


The Daemon can't possess the ship if the Captain's wife already does.

2f97f5  No.394190


Echidnas are the designated pregnancy monster

c3fd65  No.394221


>colladen my lord

>yuo are captain now

>yu must choose warp horor to infest the ship

>will you pick glorous gellarpox

>or weird slime that will subsume everything

afaa25  No.394309


>Oni with Catachans

Pretty sure it'd be Amazons

41d7f0  No.394311

File: f4f647483970c4b⋯.jpg (176.05 KB, 938x1024, 469:512, 4685064-4451384-9545587070….jpg)

>MG Khorne would substitute violence for rough, angry, rapesex, becoming the patron diety of every "aggressive" monstergirl out there

>MG Tzeentch would probably capture men, force them to play card/war/vidya games, run the cheesiest, most unfair and scrub-tier strats out there, lose anyways,and then rape you anyways due to some unmentioned "fine print" clause in it's ever-changing rulebook. Fond of Cheshires and Danuki

>MG Slaanesh would likely not change in the slightest since rape and hedonism is practically built in to MGE. Hell, there are likely a few monster girl species who would view Slaanesh's hedonism as babby casual shit. Any time not spent fucking someone is spent getting her shit kicked in by MG Khorne to the point she has the khornate cross branded onto her ass in six different locations

>MG Nurgle would probably be a goopy "rainbow slime" (a mix of every single slime subspecies) that would just chill in sewers somewhere making humans sick with lust (and various other maladies, but mostly lust.) Enjoys any monster girl that has ever had the phrase "sticky sex" in their MGE article and is considered the Antichrist to kikimoras everywhere

>MG Malal is a human male paladin with a harem of monster wives. Fucking despises monster girls and the whole fucking subculture but could recognize the cast of Monster Musume by their cup sizes alone. Has an army of anti-MG monster girls that he does fuck-all with and mostly spends his days fucking his harem while simultaneously ranting and raving about how degenerate monsterfags are. Is best friends with the dwarf MGs who both share his pain of being utterly forgotten by canon

afaa25  No.394312


What do you think will happen to the Eldar and C'tan gods?

41d7f0  No.394368

File: c35d8c7af7b7ebd⋯.png (362.11 KB, 321x654, 107:218, avatar of khaine gets his ….png)


>MG Khaine would similarly be perpetually angry and violently lustful like MG Khorne, but will forever be doomed to be her second banana. The Luigi to Khorne's Mario except no one gives a shit about MG Khaine. Despite having unparalleled combat abilities, MG Khaine will constantly end up jobbing to anyone every time Kenkou wants to make a human hero or some other monster girl look cool. Word has it she was even at one point defeated by getting hit by an Order Guard catapult. Not the projectile, the catapult itself ran her over. MG Khorne to this day refuses to let her live that down.

>MG Ynnead WOULD be the patron deity of all undead monstergirls if the buttmad knife-ears didn't autistically screech about "muh balance of life". Attempted to get around this by creating a mortal representative of herself to show the world she's not evil, but that plan is now on hold as her mortal representative is currently taking loads of geneseed to the face from the Order's recently resurrected champion.

>MG Cegorach has a troupe of knife-ear performers that spread it's worship to the bored human masses via raunchy comedy and lewd theatrics. Would be THE goddess of the Cheshires if they didn't find her incredibly fucking creepy. Funny to be sure, but nightmare inducing to the point that their perpetual lady boners go drier than the Mojave. Woe betide the one foolish enough to call her jokes stale or worse, rip them off. [BAZINGA] Is locked in a never ending prank war with MG Tzeentch.

>MG Isha lives in the sewers with MG Nurgle. Despite Nurgle viewing her as her bestest buddy in the whole wide world, MG Isha loathes her to death and wants nothing more than to free herself from the one-sided yuri relationship she's found herself in. Every time MG Nurgle infects the human populace with Rapepox, Permaboners, Alp-Immuno Deficiency Syndrome, or at MG Cegorach's suggestion ligma, Isha is the one to devise a cure for the innocent mon'keigh. MG Nurgle, being the laidback mamono goddess she is, believes she does this as a thoughtful way of helping her find new things to infect people with and isn't an act of spiteful defiance.

1ea5c9  No.394389


How do the Deamons work? Also are monsters just beings that follow FemArchaon who is the lilith/demonlord expy?

88124a  No.394417


Don't forget MG Tzeentch would still be a massive NERD and frequently called that by Khorne and pretty much everyone else.

ba56d9  No.394421

File: 51cef257bf25579⋯.png (239.12 KB, 543x525, 181:175, Giggle.png)

File: 2634d57ce164347⋯.jpg (252.34 KB, 1000x1205, 200:241, WarCom-Thanksgiving.jpg)

File: 321a052773babbb⋯.jpg (1.06 MB, 1822x2888, 911:1444, Yvraine_by_냉동고등어.jpg)

File: a62e52efa749b48⋯.png (779.99 KB, 788x900, 197:225, YvraineXGuilliman.png)


>Alp-Immuno Deficiency Syndrome

>but that plan is now on hold as her mortal representative is currently taking loads of geneseed to the face from the Order's recently resurrected champion.

I see there are more than three people supporting Robot Girlyman and Yvrain holding hands. Not that I mind or anything.

735833  No.394423

File: 509d563b7fd7b0e⋯.jpg (129.3 KB, 1032x774, 4:3, alpha_girls_by_themaestron….jpg)

we need these lewds stat!

c09677  No.394427



Have some respect heretic

bb7cf4  No.394441

File: abad8f404a552a3⋯.png (587.58 KB, 925x1000, 37:40, ClipboardImage.png)

c50a82  No.394454


>MG Slaanesh would likely not change in the slightest

I don't really know a lot about 40K lore past the memes, but doesn't Slaanesh have some weird gender fuckery going on? Like has a dick kind of fuckery?

7eb201  No.394461


Yes, along with other things like cheating, and far worse.

1ea5c9  No.394467


But then if we are assuming MGE then slaanesh would not have any of that. at most she would turn into the god of wonderland.

491c4b  No.394469



>>MG Slaanesh would likely not change in the slightest

Slaanesh is /d/ and /chaos/ incarnate, and as far as I'm concerned, only fags are alright with dickgirls and the like.


I'd say MG Slaanesh would almost indistinguishable from the demon lady, if she already isn't one here.

1ea5c9  No.394474


>the demon lady


491c4b  No.394478


Demon lord, MGE, should've elaborated

1db126  No.394490


So basically, they're all slaanesh?

17a0ef  No.394515


Lorgar truly did nothing wrong.

c3fd65  No.394516

File: ec6b3eff48f4979⋯.jpg (25.36 KB, 665x574, 95:82, 47b739b2bc578e7f6c4e429b1e….jpg)

>robot girlyman

Is robot-kun is the alp primarch of the ultrasmurfs?

3dbc5b  No.394521

File: 50c038844fd8c8e⋯.png (958.9 KB, 1555x895, 311:179, 206983D8-AEFB-48C2-820E-85….png)


Ka’bandha is cute.

88c58d  No.394522


He doesn't believe he deserves a waifu because he stopped the imperium from becoming a demon realm 10k years ago.

2f97f5  No.394523

File: 2c0562e9ae7f851⋯.png (271.47 KB, 2048x1446, 1024:723, ClipboardImage.png)

c6f86f  No.394605

Does anyone have the screencap of the Anon who’s constantly harassed by MG’s while trying to finish painting his Imperial Fists?

bf74b4  No.394815


>TFW the Heresy was really just an argument about which Mamono make the best wives

8b451b  No.394824


What would the mascot waifu of each legion be?

Word bearers would probably be daemons or fallen angels.

Sons of horus would prbably like hellhounds.

Would salamanders prefer vulkans legion or a more combat focused one like the world eaters?

da1b53  No.394835


They'd be head over heels for Vulkan's boys.

>Make their own weapons.

>Love fire.

>Protect the innocent at all costs.

>Slaying the salamander is now laying your waifu.

>Likes the heat generated from intense cuddle sessions.

>Ritual branding.

Yeah, they'd be gushing enough to cool the forges.

534716  No.394857


Ultramarines would have either something Greek or an Anubis (because autistic rulebook)

bf74b4  No.394870


>Death Guard chugging potions for their Lich waifus like some fucked up reversal of Nurgle and Isha

88124a  No.394874

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Blood Angels - Vampires or Dhampirs

Night Lords - Werebats likely.

Alpha Legion (if they existed :^) - Doppelgängers

Imperial Fists - Golems, maybe Dwarves, any girl that can fortify.

Space Wolves - Vid related

3054fd  No.394980

File: 9b9fc592988349f⋯.png (211.58 KB, 900x580, 45:29, 9b9fc592988349fe69cef6286d….png)



f4f5df  No.394989


>Iron Warriors

What's the most underrated, under-appreciated, overlooked monstergirl both on this board and in general? That's the one for the 4th legion

Then they get even more butthurt because its probably something shitty and not worth waifuing

Also, Thousand Sons = Liches

c69e0a  No.394997


Its quite simple the iron warriors have hornet waifus. They have the same disposition and taste in fashion. Hornets can build great hives just like bees. But they are always passes over for their less prickly cousins the bees/imperial fists.

c3fd65  No.394998

File: d14d30aa362f97a⋯.png (4.77 MB, 2000x2378, 1000:1189, 58D14890-D3A3-4DFB-BE20-F8….png)


I think the Thousand Suns could alternatively be the Pharaohs as they’re undead, Egyptian, and represent the sun.

>Iron Warriors

Why not Living Armour?

f7c44c  No.395023


Wouldn't living armor be more appropriate for Thousand Sons considering rubric marines are a thing? I think Iron Warriors would be any mg that has severe self esteem issues

c3fd65  No.395062

File: 9df3e241e0df6b2⋯.png (350.64 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 9df3e241e0df6b2e0357a2f04e….png)


Rubric Marines are a thing now, but arguably they aren't legion's most defining trait. In the past and the present they were renown for having lots of and impressive psykers. Living armour also isn't kangs.

I didn't see >>394997 when I posted and his idea is much better.

7eb201  No.395100


I thought the Rubric marines were a result directly by one of the psykers trying to stave of the warp caused mutations? Assuming that this would soften up the warp, they probably wouldn't happen.

f7c44c  No.395104


The rubric marines were caused after the Rubric of Arhiman (named after Azhek Ahriman, former first captain of the Thousand Suns before he got asshurt after being scolded by Magnus and leaving to join up with Failbaddon the Armless) turned all of marines who weren't psychically strong enough into dust sealed inside power armor after the Rubric failed. The rubric was designed to stop the flesh change, a warp based mutation directly caused by Tzeentch like the asshole he is. This was one of the big events that changed the Thousand Suns from psychic nerds to psychic nerds with a desire to wipe any traces of wolves from existance.

735833  No.395107

File: bacaff0dabf3ccb⋯.jpg (2.4 MB, 4500x6000, 3:4, 1536749968869.jpg)


Night lords would be Manticores since both revel in hunting and fear. Also the mascot of 1st company is a lion at least.

>I may require an psychotic mafia boss poetry writing power armored goth manticore.

d0c258  No.395117


I wasnt aware i could be this erect at the thought of the night lords. Thank you anon!

6fb496  No.395245

File: 90bc38ce673d596⋯.jpg (57.64 KB, 500x772, 125:193, IMG_3293.JPG)


Why would they care about how old or how they're made? The only think I'd think they'd really care about us how literally Kriegers take the phrase "die for the Emperor".

d5da5e  No.395368

File: aef60a249b2f200⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.33 KB, 706x597, 706:597, 075b7684b7e0f7f23f5806cf30….jpg)


>World Eaters

Aw fuck man. I got a bunch of Angron feels after reading through Betrayer. I don't think any MG would want to be around them at all. If we're going by the pre-chaos legion, nothing would change for them.

It sucks because Angron deserves better. He was the only Primarch justified for rebelling beyond daddy issues. He'd still die if the HH didn't happen because of the Butchers Nails. Fixing him was beyond even the Emperor.

Angron is very much pic related.

d8f06b  No.395387

File: 641cfb063800c8f⋯.jpg (71.2 KB, 450x467, 450:467, 450px-Chaos_inthe_imperium.jpg)

File: 022ec33e429dfae⋯.jpg (38.52 KB, 360x450, 4:5, 311_redcap_L.jpg)


Angron is actually good to his waifus, he seems genuinely remorseful when his navigator dies after the ultramarines assault the conquerer. Also kharn and Lotara have quite a friendly relation ship probably as close to a human one as a world ester can get. Alsp great read Betrayer is easily my favorite book in the heresy. In terms of their waifu im going to say redcaps, their lust boils up instead of the butchers nails.

4f1739  No.395388




>Why not living armor?

Because hornets dig holes :^)

6fb496  No.395395


That dosen't solve the issue of the Nails though, and I doubt anything will. Angron will still die somewhere along the line, but I doubt the World Eaters would suffer much for it. Khârn is already leader in all but name.

0a3340  No.395396


Dont worry big brother lorgar is here with his lilim waifu to help Angron grow old woth his redcap waifu.

6fb496  No.395400


Therein lay the next problem: Angry Ron dosen't want to be fixed. He's said it several times, usually with a death threat to anyone who would try tacked onto the end.

And seeing how he all but squat lifted a Warhound…

b943d0  No.395401


Who said we would ask him?

6fb496  No.395403


I mean… it'd be your funeral. Not that I think it shouldn't be at least tried, but he kicked the shit out of two Primarchs.

f4f5df  No.395413


Angron's deal is that he wants to die. He resents the Emperor for denying him an honorable death fighting his oppressors with his fellow slaves on Nuceria. It's why he massacres the entire planet after hearing one of the nobles say that his reputation on world is as a coward who fled the battlefield. He even had the bodies of his slave comrades collected later and wears their skulls on his armor, Nice foreshadowing GW so no matter when or where he dies,he still dies among his people as he swore to all those years ago.


Angron has fought Leman Russ to a standstill, granted Russ wasn't taking the fight seriously, he was there to tell Angron to knock it off with putting rusty electrodes in his son's brains, not kill him. But seeing as how Russ was the Emperor's go to for killing Primarchs (see Magnus and potentially Primarchs 2&11, not to mention he almost kills Horus but stops because he still thinks Horus can be saved.), that is quite a feat.

495fbf  No.395429


A mindflayer might be able to at least be able to get it so he could get some sleep while still not removing them. I haven't read his books though, what do you more knowledgable Anons think?

6fb496  No.395430


Mind/psychic shit anywhere near guys with the Butchers Nails is a no-go. It'd definitely end with the poor mindflayer getting hurt or killed by the backlash.

In the novel, a WE librarian (they existed) got a nose bleed just from Angron entering the hangar he was in.

d4ae12  No.395431

File: 45bde94828a1b81⋯.jpg (629.81 KB, 1043x1200, 1043:1200, Angron's Bane.jpg)

You don't beat Angron by fighting him or controlling him or persuading him or anything like that. You don't beat him at all. His anger is part of who he is. You don't remove it, that would be like removing part of his soul. Instead you redirect the anger.

For some guys, a worst girl is best girl.

44682c  No.395432


Read >>395430

Psychic shit is a no-go. It'd either kill him, kill the spider loli, or make his situation worse.

d4ae12  No.395438


She's not psychic. Her whole schtick is that she berates her husband until he hate fucks her. The lewd fun times and mixing of their spirit energy calms them both down for a bit in a post coital bliss, but it isn't long before she returns to her original state and the cycle repeats. There's a bit about venom in there, but I doubt you'd need hate fuck venom to get Angron mad enough to violate someone. I'm sure the insults would suffice.

All that would really change is that instead of constantly brutally violating random people with his weapon he'd constantly brutally violate his wife with his "weapon".

6fb496  No.395443


That'd work if his anger was at all natural.

See, my theory is that the Butchers Nails give the person who has them the Pavlov treatment. They reward violence with serotonin, and punish anything else with migranes. he can't "hate fuck" because that would imply he would get some sort of pleasure out of it that dosen't come from tearing people in half. At best it won't work, at worst it'd make him bluescreen.

Tl;dr, Pavlov is a bitch.

Why psychic shit can't work with them is beyond me. I assume it has something to do with the machines being too sensitive to emotions and the warp being a literal sea of emotion. Two don't mix. Similarly, a foreign mind filled with said incompatible emotions causes a similar thing to happen but with a backlash to the psychic.

Tl;dr, psychic shit short-circuits the Nails.



>Effecting a Primarch

Lolno. It took some top-shelf super Slaaneshi daemon poison to take down Robute. That shit wouldn't work on Primarchs.

889e95  No.395494


One his wife incubizes him it will be simlear to him becoming a demon, but he'll be more horny than angry, and less red.

6fb496  No.395899


Succubi. Standard succubi. Why? Because while they are acknowledged, they aren't appreciated. Succubi could probably be considered as vanilla as we can get here. Demons are better succubi than succubi.

Acknowledged but ultimately passed over. Just like the Iron Warriors.

495fbf  No.395989


Tucker's Kobolds, then

495fbf  No.395991


*for Imperial Fisters' waifus, since they can entrench, polite sage for misclicking before finishing earlier post

735833  No.396555

File: 5da7cc6a6bd933c⋯.jpg (5.42 MB, 2506x2606, 1253:1303, Nightcore.jpg)

931a18  No.396571


Hell yeah.

Question for the board. Do space marines count as human? I think no considering they forsake their humanity to serve the Emperor and the Imperium. The process completely alters their biology. I think they are no longer human, personally.

6fb496  No.396636


They are human. They are a bit different, but not outright non-human. They, however, forsake what makes them metaphysically human (emotions and such).

Physically, yes. Mentally, no.

No, Space Marines won't monsterize, you sick degenerate.

c3fd65  No.396639

File: 121ff078868c662⋯.png (1.19 MB, 637x1000, 637:1000, D3843EE8-C839-4226-9964-EC….png)


>he doesn’t want female space marines

My Sanctified Gaydar is picking up unprecedented warp signals.

d32d0d  No.396642


This would still leave some of them open to alping, mind you.

So if a space marine counts spirit-wise as a human man, then no doubt they can incubize, right?

Also, what would be your stance on chaos space marines-turned demon princes? Does literally rejecting their humanity on a biological and metaphysical level to become a warp creature make them inhuman enough to be open to monsterization?

931a18  No.396654


By your logic they would monsterize. Monsterization is more sliritual less physical. Therefore by forsaking their human spirit they would count as monsters. No need for alping and such. Imagine female space marine mammano's.

6fb496  No.396660


>This would still leave some of them open to alping

Alping only happens when a dude is gay and wants to be a grill. So Dark Angels.

>Also, what would be your stance on chaos space marines-turned demon princes? Does literally rejecting their humanity on a biological and metaphysical level to become a warp creature make them inhuman enough to be open to monsterization?

Don't think daemon princes or daemons in general can monsterize at all. Not to sound like Carnac, but daemons are splinters and fragments of the gods they came from. You can't monsterize a daemon without monsterizeing the god first.


>By your logic they would monsterize. Monsterization is more sliritual less physical. Therefore by forsaking their human spirit they would count as monsters

By that logic, so would emotional atomatons like Kriegers. What makes Astarties so emotionally dead is the literal brainwashing they go through near constantly.

931a18  No.396701


I was more referring to the spiritual and mental alterations not the brainwashing. Just like adeptus mechanicus and skitarii elements would likely monsterize as they alter their minds heavily with technology to the point they are effectively inhuman. Kriegers are cultists they are still human. Space marines think more quickly than a human thus their minds have been altered as well. However, I see your point. It is a subject that requires a deeper understanding of monsterization to decide either way.

931a18  No.396702

Another question for the board. Would abhumans monsterize?

88124a  No.396709


We already have Emperor-approved cat girls, so yeah.

c3fd65  No.396711


I’m unsure of that one. Some of them like ratlings are basically just short humans, but others like ogryns are borderline monsterboy tier. I think it depends on how much the abhuman has diverged from humanity.

3026be  No.396715

File: a0f7ebb603a9fce⋯.jpg (111.44 KB, 786x1017, 262:339, papa_nurgle.jpg)

File: 6351cc2e93853fe⋯.jpg (779.3 KB, 750x2407, 750:2407, nurgle.jpg)


MG Nurgle would change little I think. Nurglites are already perpetually happy and focused on spreading and creating beautiful* life, with Papa Nurgle being an almost impossible to anger dude who can have his greatest work ruined and not even care about it because he got a new son instead who's eternally depressed about the fact, which sucks when you're an immortal daemon.

So I'd argue that other than the spreading part of spreading live somewhat changing and, Grandma Nurgle would be much the same old. I also want a picture of Grandma Nurgle now.

Alternatively, see pic two about nurgle lasses.


However: Orkz

Why is no one talking about hordes of orkz so horny they start a WAARGH!?

6fb496  No.396732


>Just like adeptus mechanicus and skitarii elements would likely monsterize

No! I want a Skitarii and Automaton paring.

c3fd65  No.396791

File: e45c798faa79873⋯.jpeg (58.62 KB, 323x727, 323:727, 8A6AED8F-05B2-4A51-9A54-6….jpeg)


>I want a Skitarii and Automaton paring.

You do realize why that doesn’t work right?

6fb496  No.396858


It works where it matters. On my pastebin smut account.

ffa1a2  No.396878

File: 0609fff9873a9cd⋯.png (841.31 KB, 681x729, 227:243, holy terra san.png)

File: 449621826f55928⋯.png (671.75 KB, 680x873, 680:873, empress don't make a relig….png)

File: 91b11f845b0bbac⋯.jpeg (85.22 KB, 784x800, 49:50, SMGTOW.jpeg)

The God Emperor of MANkind, says to burn the thot, kill the cuck, and purge the nonhuman.

Safe to say, in this MGified setting, the Emperor, while maybe being the Empress now, would oppose these new gods of sex n' such, and he/she would likely support vanilla human + human sexing instead of human + demon sexing. Right?

7d9682  No.396887

File: 1114addd014ba7d⋯.jpg (204 KB, 1024x1516, 256:379, 000000053.jpg)


i feel this is related

6f99f1  No.396889


>first pic

Shouldn't 40k Terra look like its inches away from death since nature has been fucked to hell and back to the point that the seas burned up and trees don't grow there anymore?

41d7f0  No.396891

File: bc0000bcb524331⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 436.15 KB, 1000x887, 1000:887, See how these clever monst….png)

BREAKING NEWS: Startling reports indicate that local Automatons have managed to find husbands in the Imperium of Man despite ongoing ban on "Abominable Intelligence," using ingenious new body modification

++Thought for the day: An open mind is like a fortress with its gates unbarred and unguarded.++

7d9682  No.396893


I would imagine shogs would be very abundant on hive cities along with devil bugs and bubble slimes

389c87  No.396895


The exact rule is "Soulless intelligences are the bane of man" or something along those lines. And since souls are quantifiable in 40k, they could be accepted.

6fb496  No.396926

File: 416250dd14e6ae6⋯.png (232.59 KB, 231x468, 77:156, IMG_2122.PNG)

+++BEGIN LOG 0001+++

>Blessed be the Skitarii, for they are the sword of the Machine God<

+++Time last connected to Noosphere: 2 hours 26 minutes 27 seconds++

>The Machine God knows all, comprehends all<

Begin log.

This is the data-log of Alpha Bol-43 Styrn. I have been selected by Magos Explorator Lucian Vvorn to descend into the cave system of the planet designated 37-12.

The minerals that make up the crust of the planet contain a higher than average amount of lead, as such standard Broad-Spectrum Data-Tethers are unable to connect. Therefore, I was ordered to keep a log of my journey. As it was asked, so it shall be.

So far my decent onto the cave system has been without delay, due in part to the seemly artificially clear tunnels and lack of resistance. Though both were expected.

Log will be updated upon notable events.

End log.

+++END LOG 0001+++

>Thought for the day: Revere the Machine Spirit, for with it one is never truely alone.<

Testing the waters. Skittles and AdMech happen to be a specialty of mine.

d32d0d  No.396928


>that thought for the day

But a fortress has to open its gates in order to receive supplies and reinforcements when it is safe.

Thus a mind must periodically open to receive the guidance it will need to guard against demonic seduction.

3026be  No.397006

File: 8715be7f2f29a36⋯.webm (1.14 MB, 320x240, 4:3, make penis into robot.webm)

72835b  No.397176


Sex is for procreating.


bf74b4  No.397182


I wish the fucker would UPDATE THAT SHIT.

ba56d9  No.397183


Yes, well, what are you gonna do? I get called shit just for bringing up the Tau. I like their mech designs, apparently that's not good enough of a reason to anybody playing 40k. No, no, I must be a communist for liking them. Fuck off.

0aa8b0  No.397184

File: 3b694a9f59b85ab⋯.png (38.76 KB, 504x494, 252:247, IMG_3245.PNG)


>Yes, well, what are you gonna do? I get called shit just for bringing up the Tau. I like their mech designs, apparently that's not good enough of a reason to anybody playing 40k. No, no, I must be a communist for liking them. Fuck off.

No, we fuck with Tau fags because most are assholes who can't take a joke.

ba56d9  No.397185

File: 65f9587d37ddcda⋯.png (6.78 MB, 2160x3840, 9:16, Powerfisting.png)


And people who play marines are the worst hfy out there. Go get powerfisted, you homo.

0aa8b0  No.397221


Good thing I don't play marines, then.


Holy shit where the hell did you get that? Is that on a fucking kindle? What the hell?

5837f0  No.397272


>Therein lay the next problem: Angry Ron dosen't want to be fixed. He's said it several times, usually with a death threat to anyone who would try tacked onto the end.

I think daemonhood solved the nails, but being a daemon of Khrone probably enrages him anyway.

During his ascension, the psykers in his legion played tug of war with his soul with Lorgar, they obviously lost, but they probably realized that this was a bad idea

I hope someday he fights Big G again so so Guilliman can point out his hypocrisy. Probably all the while just serving as a distraction while the combined forces of the Minotaurs and Grey Knights shove his old nails into his head to permanently banish him. One nail for each of his legion's psykers whom he betrayed that tried to stop his ascension.

Obvious mg 40k ideas:

>Awkward big G and Yvraine interactions

>Inquisitor getting romanced by his daemonhostChaos undivided or bust filthy sleneshi whores

>Sexual aggressive Eversor

>Comfy Hrud wife.

>Sleepy Nicassar wife

>An entire Tyranid hivemind is obsessed with some part of your physicality and can't just dump you in a pool of bio acid to get it, so it resorts to other means.

>Rak'gol tries to gift a planetary governor a hog-poge battle barge she assembled from scratch as a seduction attempt.

3396f9  No.397277


It’s a jape, someone edited their gay 40k fan fiction into e-pubs of the Guilliman Primarch book. It had people on /tg/ fooled until someone actually went to a Games Workshop store and looked through a physical copy.

0aa8b0  No.397279


>Chaos undivided or bust filthy sleneshi whores

Aside from the Primarchs, there no daemons of Chaos Undivided. Furies have to take Marks now.

55ecb5  No.397281


whatever you say, commie

f7c44c  No.397292


Isn't Be'lakor a deamon prince of chaos undivided though?

4de009  No.397299

If I was in charge of a group of mamonos and was given the unfortunate task of bringing the mamono into the universe of the 41st milenium this would be my plan.

The first thing I do to prepare for first contact is to come up with a story, ideally one involving the spirit of the God Emperor. This is pretty darn vital in the theocratic near distopia we are going to. If it holds water, the rest of the plan will go by near flawlessly. Next up rebrand some of the creatures I'm taking with me. Many of them have namesakes that my girls would not want to be confused with.

The next step is to find a non-contributing world of the imperium. Ideally the ship carrying the bad news to said planet. These people will be well and truly desperate and/or in a wee bit of a panic, however there will be plenty of libraries still standing containing almost exclusively vital information one might want to know if he or she wants to be a good little part of the imperium, Including how to do productive things and sound really good to people with no sense of timing who might show up a wee bit curious as to why a non-contributing world they have just flipped off now is being quite the productive little world and is somehow still loyal to said imperium who flipped them off. Also there will be more people, and therefore men, more stuff for the elementals and mages to work off of. Also the chaos gods will be unlikely to have siezed upon the same opportunity quite yet. Thus starting stage one

Once the imperium leaves the planet to it's own devices. Show up and give them the offer of the millienium. Let us in you will have more stuff, you will start to survive a little bit better and you may eventually be a part of the imperium once again. These people, from the eletes on down, would not really be in a position to refuse help. Worst case it doesn't work and we die anyway, a close next worse case exterminatus gives you a significantly less painful death. They could just call the imperium, and that has a small chance of opening a nasty can of worms. We'll Ignore that for the sake of the scenario.

Once enough marriges happen the magic can be used to build an agricultural system. These girls came from a midevil society much of the magic would involve the growing and cultivation of plants. Now this will continue for some time, hopefully a generation, but unfortunately one of two problems show up, either takes a passing glance at the world, then the database and wonder what's going on, or Slanesh feels a lot of power, albeit of an odd kind coming from what's supposed to be a desolate rock and wonder what is going on.

I'll continue this later. Any thoughts?

312077  No.397326


Keep going friend.

0aa8b0  No.397333


>or Slaanesh feels a lot of power, albeit of an odd kind coming from what's supposed to be a desolate rock and wonder what is going on.

It'd take a lot more than the vanilla shit that monster girls do to attract the gaze of Slaanesh. But once it happens, bad news bears for everyone involved. Whispers begin and everyone's fun times are ruined.

Just a disclaimer, Slaanesh isn't just sexsexsex. Slaanesh is indulgence, excess, perfection, pleasure, and passion. And all of those taken to the extreme. The Chaos Gods are emotions made manifest.

4de009  No.397341


Good point, too bad I already wrote this part


The Ordo malice was not in a position to believe the call. The prince of pleasure rarely ever showed up in a mass assault, ever, that's usually khorne, or nurgle's playbook. Secondly, there was the "fact" that the Lord of Excess was attacking a planet that was bled dry and declared non-contributing 40 years ago. Krieg was at greater risk of slaanesh than a world that should not even have life at this point. Still you Ignore chaos, and you start losing systems, so they sent a scouting force with enough people to at least hold the line in case they are telling the truth and enough of the correct people to dispell the rift in case the should-be dead actually identified the enemy correctly.

Upon arrival the scout team was in shock not only at the purple rift, but the planet it was almost surrounding. There was a lot of grass, green and general vegetation. If not for the charts and navigation systems screaming that this was the place they wouldn't believe it. Even stranger was the scene on the ground what are clearly supposed to be the demons and chaos marines were being pushed back by the equivalents of emperor-approved catgirls. Some based on cows, some pigs, others a combination of things. One looked kinda like a snotling, however the fact the she looked like a nice piece of feminine ass and is using the full auto setting of a dead chaos marine's boltgun like it was a child's toy kinda ruled out the snotling theory. What a combination of a dog Girl and the fabled leigon of the damned did to one noise marine reminded the Inquisitor of the ancient Terran legend of "Kal-el." Also of note, they looked not like anything of a militia or a police force, but local farmers. By the emperor, the only real weapons they had were captured off the slaanesh marines all the scout team had to do was take out the snipers and get the portal shut.

After the fight (and a slightly vegetarian victory feast) there was a bit of a question as to what to do next. These "mamono" wanted to pay tithes and join the Imperium. The Inquisitors wanted to check every nook and cranny of these girls to make damn sure that this isn't chaos mutation. Their heroism earning them some benifit of the doubt. A check upon every single girl proved that their inhuman characteristics were completely inconsistent with warp mutations. Their relatons with the male inhabitants were rather concerning, but until the Ordo Xeno makes a judgement upon their humanity, the only heresy the inquiry could report was one of his underlings eating pizza with a knife and fork.

Any thoughts?

4de009  No.397343


I forgot the human women slaanesh Worshipers who opened the portal to get the place exterminatus'd

0aa8b0  No.397344


>Any thoughts?

Pretty OOC as Inquisitiors go. But it's your story.

0aa8b0  No.397485

File: 94b473508c49b51⋯.jpg (72.84 KB, 920x950, 92:95, IMG_3334.JPG)

>no mention of the canon daemon relationship

Shame. See, Syll (the herald) took a fancy to this mortal gladiator (Esske). The other daemons of Slaanesh miles her for it, but she followed through. Eventually the dude became a daemon prince, but was dismissed because he was just another mortal. So the two sought eachother out and formed a pact to work together fucking up the daemons that fucked with them. Making Syll'Esske. Probably the closest thing to marriage in daemon terms.

Tl;dr, A daemon prince and his herald waifu go around killing people together.

1db126  No.397494


Slaanesh always seemed like the least appealing chaos god to me, even nurgle looks good in comparison

4de009  No.397596

Part 1:

Part 2:

Now, the Ordo Xeno was a little nervous. Sure these creatures are quite friendly to humans and are very much willing to join the imperium. If the all too flattering report by the other Inquisitor is to be believed, they can treat corrupted space marines like paper mace. There was also the fact that they successfully terraformed a desolate rock in no more than 37 years. Having to potentially deal with the backlash of the Inquisitor declaring them aliens (and thus codemning both them and their husbands to death) was not his concern. It was the fact that he was the third one to attempt the journey. The first two ran into "accidents" one involving orks, the other a particularly irritable set of the arrogant eldar pricks. Judging by the hopefully abhumans have had a hushed impatient tone in the last communication, they don't sound like they are aware of the incidents, much less causing them. Nevertheless the Inquisitor and a large amount of adeptus astrates made it onto the planet kenkou in order to study the mamono and determine if they are worthy abhumans or well disguised xenos.

The overwhelming confidence these people had were well founded. The genetic anomalies were stable enough to be considered abhumans. The picture was not quite as rosy as the Ordo malice Inquisitor had suggested. Sure the farmers were every bit as overpowering as the other Inquisitor had said, but that was because they were married. You see a single mamono is merely as strong as a space marine, on average. Upon getting a human husband their strength and endurance increases dramatically as they, well, attempt to summon the stork. It appears they are wide variety of succubi with a safety lock. [I don't need to spell out MGE for you guys, so I'm going to skip to the new stuff]. One of the more interesting abilities of these girls is that they might be able to sense chaos Worshipers. Apparently the entire slaanesh cult had a purple flaming glow to them, this is new to those from the aforementioned nuniverse where they came from with several other observed colors being gold, red, green, and blue. The norm they are used to is a pale white, again it's stronger on men than women, no idea why. Upon "marring" the males with the odd colors, with the exception of gold, are replaced with the normal white aura. If we, and they, can understand what those new auras mean, the imperium could significantly hider the warp's ability to spawn chaos incisions if not prevent them outright. Another problem is the birth ratio.

Unlike many female-only abhumans, they can produce boys, and fully human boys at that. But at a ratio of three girls for one boy. So if they pay tithes in manpower, those girls are going to be sent out with a strong desire to forcibly bed any male guardsmen, while the raw increase in the women's power might be worth the friction, if that guardsman dies. There might be problems. Problems like not moving on to another target after the first one is not only a chunkless soup, but mostly evaporated. Leaving the mamono guard quite open to attack.

Unsurprisingly, the various groups had reservations, but the grinder could always use more meat and thus planet kenkou was reintegrated as a contributing member of the imperium of man. The girls were going to be studied with some integrated into the adepta sororitas, some female imperial guard regements are to train the mamono and most importantly for the "monstergirls" as they sometimes call themselves they can travel to other planets. Three groups of mamono went to there world's on tourist trips two discovered a new black aura around some people and soon the touring husband hunters on planets unicorus and kalash discovered what they ment when the tyranids arrived.

4de009  No.397597


Sorry about not linking the first parts

>>397341 part 1

>>397299 part 2

Any thoughts?

0aa8b0  No.397721

File: 141a39562b18479⋯.jpg (797.99 KB, 1500x1049, 1500:1049, IMG_3343.JPG)

>ywn have this

Why exist?

8fed21  No.398184


She only got one boob, though. Can I get this but with a normal mamono?

c577f5  No.398226


GW haven’t really fleshed out Slaanesh as much as the other gods. Because GW is incapable of playing up the excess aspect of Slaanesh without defaulting to sexuality. I thought maybe the Horus Heresy would give fascinating insight into Slaanesh through the fall of the Emperor’s Children. But instead, Fulgrim picked up a sword and it made him evil.

14b383  No.398999


>I thought maybe the Horus Heresy would give fascinating insight into Slaanesh through the fall of the Emperor’s Children. But instead, Fulgrim picked up a sword and it made him evil.

This disappointed me too.

fc65f8  No.399034

7eb201  No.399060


Well, the black library authors seem to glorify stuff that would be tied heavily to Slaanesh, so that makes sense. Plus, if you look into some of the shit that goes on in real life, you can see what a cult of Slaanesh would look like.

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