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File: 5c718c2a6aac17c⋯.png (351.19 KB, 680x349, 680:349, 5c718c2a6aac17c46ea18a60ba….png)

43e358  No.399255

Previous thread >>360141

This is the new thread in which we discuss the cultural, economic, social, political, environmental, and religious consequences of the Day of the Rape, short and long term. Please remember that things do not always have the effect you are looking for and the introduction of magic will incorporate all kinds of new problems and solutions.

remember op is always a faggot

(Dont enable r/happa/ pro chink shitposting with muttposting you fucking nigger.)
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e35a57  No.399256

I could imagine vampires tasting people's blood the way you'd taste wine or beer in order to help determine people's genetic backgrounds. It would probably be the kind of extravagance the rich/eccentric would purchase, but since vampires consider themselves nobility, determining if someone comes from a suitable bloodline for their own marriages would be a big concern for them. Or perhaps it would just be a matter of taste to them, like a preference for single malt or blended whiskey.

36b2a0  No.399258


It occurs to me that a dragon zombie probably wouldn't object if her husband told her to gas a major city.

7bf2dc  No.399260


At the very least they'd be able to have blood type preferences given that different blood types exist because of different specific proteins.

c34b2f  No.399262


I believe it would be a matter of taste. This is the man she will be drinking from for the rest of both of their undeath.

13ba2f  No.399264

File: dc69e39828c799c⋯.jpg (74.81 KB, 702x960, 117:160, Post DOTR waifu.jpg)

Anons, if there is to be a mass conflict when our waifus come we will have to come to terms with that some of them will do some horrible things to people that dont quite deserve it, in comparison to the kikes or nogs. Would you be willing to accept them despite it?


OP I do believe that it's rather the opposite, I do dislike the recent surge 4chan tier mutt posting that's come so recent.

620c1d  No.399267


>Anons, if there is to be a mass conflict when our waifus come we will have to come to terms with that some of them will do some horrible things to people that dont quite deserve it, in comparison to the kikes or nogs. Would you be willing to accept them despite it?

That also brings up the topic of sociopathy and how it'd be looked at in a post MG society.

Would they become pariahs? Ignored? The subject of fetishes?

03975f  No.399268

File: dfbe7c91a52c0bf⋯.png (342.23 KB, 1571x900, 1571:900, WEARING A CONDOM IS A CRIM….png)


World wide bans on condom use and production.

43e358  No.399270


In war, the guilty are almost never held to account. Only those who do so with two sets of guns to their head. She killed those people to protect herself and her family. It was those who declared the war who truly murdered them.

620c1d  No.399271


>ban condom use and manufacturing

No. Then the only way to not have kids if you aren't ready is to abstain. Which won't happen.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. If you aren't prepared to take care of children, you shouldn't have them. No child deserves to be raised like that. It'll fuck them up for life.

36b2a0  No.399273


Probably mind-flayed

d4d827  No.399274


It really depends. Was she in combat, and a red mist descended, and she slaughtered a squad of surrendering soldiers, and she carries that weight with her every day and sees their faces in her dreams? I could forgive her, and would do everything I could to help her healing process.

Was she an active member in a mamano state that made humans second-class citizens at best and property at worst? That's an active decision to fuck humanity over in a bad way, and a woman who participated in that is not my waifu.

Who takes a picture like that? She's not even acting stoked that she hanged those guys, it's just like they accidentally took a picture of her in front of the gallows

07adad  No.399275


That's… the kind of justification I've seen from Soviet apologists. Like, holy shit you're going to say "it's not our fault we committed warcrimes, it's yours." unironically?

620c1d  No.399277


I don't think that'd work unless you're straight up re-writing a dudes personality from the ground up.

Further still, is it an optional treatment or forced? Mind you, Sociopathy=/=Psychopathy.

e35a57  No.399278



Makes me wonder what the heck vampires would do for a living. Considering vast amounts of capital undead nobility would have, anything related to real estate, investments and mega corporations would be obvious. I'm not certain they'd ever wanna get their hands dirty, even as medical professionals. It would perhaps be very awkward for guys that end up married to them to have their wife be the breadwinners, though if memory serves correctly it wasn't too unusual for lower born men to marry into wealth. I could also imagine vampire mafia families being a thing, only a lot less grimdark than real life or in the Masquerade.

c34b2f  No.399279


I could see there being a few vampire doctors that like to take some of the female blood packs home for snacks. It’s still good and won’t get you locked to a guy. Those doctors also would end up being the best in their field, allowing them to get a horde of wealth and prestige.

7bf2dc  No.399280


Given the life length of undead, they could handle lengths of real estate investment that nobody else could.

1f877e  No.399281


Probably screwed out of everything (non-sexual).

Job? Fired.

House? Danuki buys it out from under you.

Car? Danuki reposses it even if you own it.

You'd get treated like shit no matter where you go or what you do. You would be ground into the dirt and probably have your balls cut off by monster girls.

If you had one sociopathic thought, you are shit out of luck forever.

Guess i'm never getting a waifu. RIP me post MG. Least i'll try and go out on my own terms instead of having my life ground to shit.


>implying a mindflayer wouldn't give the guy a forced lobotomy and toss his brainless body into a dumpster

620c1d  No.399282


A little extreme. A lot extreme. Dosen't fit with the setting.

2c7e75  No.399283

File: 0d1a3c052dd70d0⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.95 KB, 373x276, 373:276, 7cb1276114350e4e69c089126e….jpg)




bea78a  No.399284


>MG's are mutts

Nigger wot

d4d827  No.399285

File: 9d3991efd32e417⋯.mp4 (1.78 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, What if I don't deserve a ….mp4)

13ba2f  No.399286


>Subject of fetishes

Tbh I already do like very dangerous women, which explains why I am a Dragon fag.


You'll usually see people like that look very stone faced


Anon you are being far far far too hard on yourself, waifus will love you, if you believe you cant they'll find a way or at worst mindbreak


This anon is right however

620c1d  No.399291


>at worst mindbreak

I hate mindbreak. But Christ does it make my pp hard. The morality conflicts with my dick. I don't know what to do.

43e358  No.399292


Your pp knows the mind will be broken but it will remain unharmed.

620c1d  No.399294


First, I don't think that makes sense. Second, I think it's because I dislike mindbreak when applied to me personally. I'm a prideful person and the thought of being broken and turned into some pet makes me furious. Anybody else? Like I give a fuck.

That being said, I'm all for some light femdom. Just so long as it's a two-way street.

dfefa7  No.399296


All Mamono are part succubus. They eat semen. Literally; it’s explicitly stated to be part of their necessary nutrition. A Mamono probably could thus consciously choose to absorb the life essence from her husbands sperm inside her, or not to and let it do it’s thing to her eggs.

Boom; all the K-selected, High-functioning society of Family Planning with none of the denial of the joy of nakadashi.

43e358  No.399305

One interesting thing nobody brings up demon realms. In their own world, a demon realm crops up from the mamono population density in their pre-industrial cities, monsterizing all the women in the radius. Now put mamono in a far more sense and larger post-industrial city a demon realm is unavoidable. Even worse (or better), it would consume the place rapidly as the women and select objects create a chain monsterizing reaction. I wonder what the political consequences of that would be?

620c1d  No.399306


Strict population control. Only a certain amount of monsters can be in any given area. No, violators aren't shot. Relocation to an area that can take the strain.

Now those intentionally trying this would face harsh consequences, however. No, they aren't going to get shot. Jail time and permanent relocation, or if available, deportation to the original monster realm.

'S what I'd do, anyways.

bea78a  No.399313


This. If "waifu" was an active/willing participant who bloody well knew better she can GTFO.

43e358  No.399314


A lot of this is case by case, I don't know squat about the "war crimes" in question. Heck, the enemy's crimes would have to be taken into account, there's only so many dead medics you can walk by before you decide this rule doesn't count anymore.

620c1d  No.399315

File: c16c934a1515d5c⋯.png (202.08 KB, 1285x843, 1285:843, IMG_3121.PNG)


As the other guy said, that's the worst possible justification you can make for war-time activities. I actually think it's one of the (many) reasons WWII happened. Please tell me you're not ignorant enough to unironically think this.

130b88  No.399316


UN fag go away. All you need to do is have no welfare and populations will control themselves naturally. Assuming IQ doesn't stray more than one standard deviation lower than 100.

43e358  No.399317


Again I don't know what they mean I've seen the word "warcrimes" be applied to everything from fighting back against an incompetent agressor to crap like genociding occupied populations. I need more context.

ea214a  No.399318


Not necessarily true, It's actually access to medication and food that determines these numbers or otherwise demographic transition. The reason why most people back before industrialization, had around ten children was because it was expected for around 1-4 of those children to die to disease before they've reached adulthood. Fun fact, people used to never name their babies until they've reached a year old because of this.

818116  No.399319

I am a firm believer that mamano would open up clinics for willing couples and women to monsterise. Probably also be set up with everything from vials of pure mamano energy to jars containing pslimes just waiting to infect. Maybe even have some run by specific species based on region.

43e358  No.399321


They would outlaw abortion any use pregnancy transfer as a substitute. The average woman will accept this until the leaders in the feminist community point out that this basically hands the mamono free votes

fffbd6  No.399322

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


You feel it too, don't you?

ac5407  No.399323

Anyone read Welcome to the Monkey House by Kurt Vonnegut? Its about a future where to stop over population people are required to take pills that numb them from getting pleasure out of sex, and the world must be saved by one man and his dick one girl at a time. Ill bet it would be turned into a very popular horror movie, akin to the popularity of the Matrix.

But I was just reminded of that because, if monstergirls appeared today, it might be a rather significant problem if all of them wanted multiple children since our consumption is already headed for collapse. The operative question would be the fertility of monstergirls. As I recall they have a very low fertility, even with constant sex. I suppose you could make a case for ecological-monsterism because if every person in the world took a monster wife, displacing human females, and each monster had less than 3 children, then the population crisis would be averted. On the other hand, perhaps mamano magic bullshit could be conjured up to stop most of china from starving and convince boomers to stop eating beef everyday. Other relevent questions would be, especially in poorer countries, how disease resistant monstergirls are. In agrarian societies, having the female of equal strength or greater than the male would have a huge impact.

If anyone here is a numbers guy it might be interesting to run a simulation on how a society would be impacted if X monsters were added, with Y birthrate, compared to A and B numbers of human men and women with Z birthrate, after a certain amount of years.

36b2a0  No.399327


The resource problem wouldn't be that bad because married monstergirls don't technically need food.

620c1d  No.399328


>pregnancy transfer

Excuse me, what? Is that a thing?

ef321e  No.399350


I think the fetus would instead of being aborted would be put into a woman that wants to have a baby

c327e6  No.399351

File: b879162a9ce91d0⋯.png (15.73 KB, 657x377, 657:377, Total_Fertility_Rate_Dist_….png)

File: d6883af105dbe9f⋯.png (26.12 KB, 883x517, 883:517, Total_Fertility_Rate_UK_SW….png)


Pre-industrialization fertility rates weren't quite that high. Image 1 shows the distribution of Total Fertility Rates (the average number of children a woman has if she always experiences the age-specific fertility rate and survives to the end of her reproductive life) across the whole world in 1800. The maximum TFR is 8.1 and the median is 6.155. Image 2 shows the TFRs for the UK, Sweden, and Finland. Their TFRs in 1800 are at about the same level as they were for several prior centuries, so the world TFR distribution should be about the same at least as far back as the end of the middle ages.

Under-5 mortality rates in pre-industrial societies tend to be around 30%. Given the world median TFR of 6.155, the expected number of children per family to die before age 5 is 1.847.

Data source: https://ourworldindata.org/world-population-growth


I don't believe so. Once a blastocyst is implanted in the uterine wall, it can't be removed.

6f6bf2  No.399360

Reminder that the causes of the world's problems come from the idea of people thinking they have "freedom" or "rights".

People need absolute control over every aspect of their lives. "Freedom" causes nothing but fuckups. People are supposed to be treated like disposable tools. You make the most out of someone before discarding them.

Also, to better optimize your resources and people, you must enforce strict population control. Anyone over this limit must be killed.

This creates perfect optimization and efficiency. Sure some people may complain, but if you drug them or partially lobotomize them, it shouldn't be a problem anymore.

People having "free will" is the biggest mistake that's ever come out of life.


803f63  No.399361


Fuck off chink.

b2fe12  No.399364


i don't think this board is for you bugman

74d761  No.399365



How am I wrong?

Efficiency and optimization over everything else is how things should be run.

b2fe12  No.399366


typical bugman, does this also mean you're fine with being used as a slave? because if that's the case i think you should just start now and get an owner who will let you play out your trap fantasies, chink.

4a080e  No.399367


>implying we're not all already slaves in some form

Go ahead. Tell everyone the kikes own everything in the jewnited states. See what happens.

43e358  No.399368


Something that also needs to be taken into account, MG couples live far longer and are firtile for that whole time. It is entirely possible that a 20 year old mg can witness the birth of her great aunt. I'm thinking the average fertility rate for a mg is basically the Duggars times four. Now given they had that same life expectancy where they came from they would also probably have agriculture-focussed spells that would extend, if not expand most natural resources, combined with industrial efficiency, food can keep up. All that you need to make electricity is make water really hot, a handful of magical girls spamming fire attacks can do the trick. Not to mention mermaids and sea bishops making the ocean habitable.

They would still need to colonize space really soon, though.

2ce156  No.399369



Nah, m8.

Nuke everyone except for maybe a hundred people tops. Same race and ethnicity though.

Then make sure to take the birth-capable women and amputate their limbs and lobotomize them so that they serve only as fucknuggets for breeding.

Children get raised for a few years, then kicked out into the wilderness to start their own group.

That's how a proper society should be run.

t. /k/

a36517  No.399371

File: 098e4a6c32c4b51⋯.jpg (77.71 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Serval comiting suicide.jpg)


While reading these questions I have realized that non of you have learned anything from the previous thread.I give up. Enjoy your theoretical turmoils and dilemmas.

219c7a  No.399380


you are fucking stupid global policy is not a means to enslave people. to be enslaved is to not be able to own anything at all, forced conscripting and no means to expand your income and holdings.

subhuman dog eaters is using a 70 year plan to cause their GDP to inflate because jews are fucking stupid and conflate real estate as the countries full income.

maybe you should post outside of /pol/ or redddit. sometime and not act like a subhuman nigger lover.

1d076f  No.399382

>implying monster girls would want to come here after seeing our shitheap of a modern society

We are too far gone. Maybe after we all nuke ourselves would they maybe consider it.

7bf2dc  No.399383


>subhuman dog eaters

What was this wordfiltered from, C h i n a ? These types of wordfilters just mainly seem to disrupt how people want to word/explain their post rather than really fucking over anyone that would be defending the wordfiltered word.

219c7a  No.399385


tencent is shit, and is not a country worth talking about, they are about to collapse because their GDP scam is about to blow up on their faces.

7bf2dc  No.399388

File: ae12d52f0e15faa⋯.png (4.91 MB, 2479x3504, 2479:3504, kakuen headpat.png)


You're forgetting that there are numerous monster girls derived from Chinese folklore and so making any mention of the country equivalent to that shit doesn't make complete sense.

219c7a  No.399391


chinese culture is dead you retard, folklore is not respected, its all gone now. the only resemblance of chinese culture is in other countries where society forces them to hold to their identities. Tencent shills is just a place where there is smog, mercurized water and dried tiger dick being sold in their "pharmacies"

b2fe12  No.399392



keep in mind that these monstergirls are based on OLD chinese folklore. modern c h i n a is nothing like c h i n a before communism. therefore it and it's colony of bugmen who still subject themselves to communism because they have no will of their own, can go burn in a nuclear hellfire.

620c1d  No.399393

File: 1b8ac571323adfd⋯.png (52.98 KB, 499x385, 499:385, IMG_2935.PNG)

36b2a0  No.399395

File: ba808489b322744⋯.png (1.13 MB, 818x1200, 409:600, sandworm.png)


>They would still need to colonize space really soon, though.

Just throw demonic energy at the problem until you create a race of living spaceship girls.

130b88  No.399396


You do realize many monster girls possess the magic means to create their own little pocket dimensions?

ea214a  No.399397


That's literally the Chinese trying to keep their economy from going into a slump by having make-work projects in the form of apartments the average Chinese citizen can't afford. They might has well has built a gigantic pyramid for the amount of effort it requires. It is going to backfire on them eventually.

a10270  No.399422


>I like dangerous women

my nigga

a10270  No.399447


I like to think that small incursions occur; grabbing intel, data, HUMINT, the occasional captive to learn about this place so that if/when reality decides to rip itself up they strike where it matters and fast.

5ae258  No.399457


so the DOTR would realistically be catastrophic both initially and after a good chunk of couples only produce more monster girls. unless those MGs have access to magic and pocket dimensions… but even still youd be producing more monster girls than men resulting in extinction.

furthermore monster girls are too pure for this world, i wouldn't want them to come here where half the people cant think past the next minute.

43e358  No.399459


They'd do a lot to purify it.

5ae258  No.399460


its kinda like a horseshoe problem

right now the world is in unrest because of the lack of resources and women. you flood it with monster girls and the resources might be there because of magic and there will be plenty of men at first but then it will go the other way where men become a rare and highly valued thing. this will lead to hardcore wars between the monster girls. even if your monster girls could produce men too, youd need two sons per daughter

43e358  No.399461


Here's the beauty of it

They got here from another universe right?

When the men do run out, the excess mamono go to another universe to colonize it.

641cb2  No.399462



Based mods

5ae258  No.399465


thats actually the basis of the MG story im writing and my canon solution to the problem

620c1d  No.399474


That's… a disturbing thought. Inter-dimensional sex locusts that open up portals to new universes once they've overpopulated the last.

Not to mention that, eventually, they'll open up a portal to some universe that they can't just subsume. One that's outright hostile, even.

c327e6  No.399477


>two sons per daughter

1.2 MGs/man would be stable. See >>397866


>when the men do run out

Why colonize a planet if you're just going to destabilize it and abandon it after the inevitable crash? If hopping between worlds isn't a one-time event, then monster girls should leave love and JUSTICE in their wake and not ransacked civilizations.

43e358  No.399478



Okay, I worded that wrong. I meant the available men ran out. they are producing boys at above replacement levels, it's just the girls are born far more often

c327e6  No.399479


If you skew the sex ratio that far in favor of MGs, then the portals need to be constantly open to accommodate the ever-increasing number of otherwise husbandless girls. That kind of constant expansion puts a lot of unnecessary strain on the system. If all you want is for MGs to colonize the stars, then they don't need such a skewed sex ratio since they can monsterize the local populations.

6e4401  No.399481

File: 0df7907cb74508f⋯.jpg (103.64 KB, 640x775, 128:155, b366a3a8710d0cac203b26200c….jpg)


fair point but then the idea of monster girls would be to basically replace women… which i myself am not exactly opposed to but doesnt sit well for PR purposes.

actually a world full of monster girls would make the egalitarian wet dream sustainable too

a38f28  No.399486


>doesnt sit well for PR purposes

Fuck PR. It's wasted on the faggotry of clownworld.

Hell, I suggest the more infiltrative monster girls either steal, reverse-engineer, or commandeer the nukes we have. Then fill it up with concentrated mamono mana (just stick an extra thick ball of dark matter in there). Afterwards, once a nice arsenal of modified nukes are ready, launch them all at every capitol and major city to turn them all into demon realms.

People can't bitch about PR if most of the world monsterized in about an hour or so.

43e358  No.399492


In monstergirl colonization the early game is everything. If nobody does anything drastic for 18 years, the world is as good as monsterized.

e79f01  No.399498


What'd happen if some guy makes a briefcase nuke or dirty bomb of mamono mana and goes full suicide bomber if a city with it?

43e358  No.399500


Technically it wouldn't be a suicide bombing, that implies that he dies in the process, but the entire area would because a mamono realm monsterizing everything until it hits farming districts on all sides. Suburbia is more densly populated than the pre-industrial cities that fell before.

e7aefe  No.399502


What'd happen to the guy at the epicenter of the blast?

Would he end up alping even if he's straight? Would he incubize heavily? Turn into some sort of abomination?

43e358  No.399506


He'd probably incubise. Heavily.

This is also a strategicly terrible idea no matter the context.

c0a84c  No.399508


It would depend on the particular circumstances of what she did.


Or pull out, or don't put it in her vagina in the first place, or time your sex carefully. I'm not actually in favor of a ban on condoms myself, but they're not the be all end all of birth control.


During the American Civil War, there were prisoner exchange agreements made between both sides that broke down towards the end of the war. The south still had plenty of PoWs, but resources were stretched thin and they were simply unable to take proper care of them. They repeatedly attempted to get prisoner exchanges working again and even offered to just give the prisoners back if the union arranged to transport them, but were denied with the express intent of further weakening the southern war effort. At the end of the war, the Commander of Andersonville was executed for "war crimes" that he did everything in his power to not commit. In scenarios like this, that argument makes perfect sense.



They're not stripping the universe of all its resources, they're building a multiverse spanning empire held together through love and companionship.


He would turn into the Incubus equivalent of a Lilim. Alping has been repeatedly stated to only occur to trannies, and I see absolutely no reason to headcanon something else.

36b2a0  No.399514


Just don't tell them about the side effects.

<Of course we support female empowerment. We literally want to give you magic powers and superhuman strength.

8de661  No.399517


>He would turn into the Incubus equivalent of a Lilim.

So "blowing" yourself up to create a demon realms pretty much makes you a big shot, huh? Man, lilims could use that to their advantage greatly.

>Some lilim has a bunch of these mamono bombs manufactured.

>Finds some guy with a fairly decent aura about him (not a psychopath or sociopath) but kinda weak or has some low self-esteem.

>Appears in front of him with a briefcase bomb.

<Sup wimp? Wanna be a big shot? Get yourself a qt monster girl wife and make the world a better place? Well do I have a deal for you! Take this, drive here, take it out, and push the button.

>Guy does that and becomes a big guy UUUU

>By being a lilim level incubus, he pretty much gets a position as mayor of the merry little demon realms he helped create

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me.

a5ad6e  No.399518


>Pulling out

Pulling out doesn't usually work that well I'm afraid. It's better than straight up squirting inside, but there's a greater than 10% chance of impregnation which is still kind of serious.

>Alping only occur to trannies

Doesn't it only happen to gays? I think the "wanting to marry/fuck a guy" was the requirement.


I definitely like the idea of a bunch of man haters monsterizing with the belief that they'll become superior to men, but then they find out about the "side effects" shortly afterwards.

75a6c1  No.399520


That's with human women. Mamono are already pretty hard to knock up to start with.

130b88  No.399521


>Pulling out doesn't usually work that well I'm afraid

It doesn't work at all. There's still a trace amount of sperm in precum seminal fluid.

fe42a1  No.399524


I’m fairly certain the fallen gods realm is infinite, but it’s only for her servants.

00f307  No.399525


Alping only happens if you want to be a girl. Usually the guy who wants to be a girl also has a guy he likes, but being gay alone isn't enough to alp you.

641cb2  No.399543


Well, a lot of gays want to take it up the ass, so maybe taking the “female” role in sex is close enough to make them alp.

But something obviously has to happen to gay dudes. Far as I know they’re unheard of in demon realms, so the DE is either alping them or turning them straight.

51da26  No.399546


Don't need to, girl you posted can produce melange


nice to see this much good taste in one thread

b2fe12  No.399548


go away bot

1f877e  No.399557



I hope you try just so a farmer would shoot you dead and grind you up into fertilizer.

I know I would.

a10270  No.399559


>Man haters monsterize to become superior but quickly become acquainted with the side effects.

<Ha, now that i've become a monster i'm unstoppable

<I feel wonderful

<A-anyone else feel like its a tad hot in here? nah it must be residual from the transformation

-I must find a man-

<T-to show him how much better I have become

<I need to crush the patriarchy

-Beneath my hips-

<Why are these thoughts invading my mind

-Find a man, take that man

<O-of course, men can't be raped anyway…

-yes, its just dating-

-need to find a man-

-Need to find a date-

c327e6  No.399562

File: c39e0e63d034468⋯.pdf (68.02 KB, demon_transformation.pdf)


This demon transformation story came from the monsterization thread >>362612

It builds on an earlier story (that I didn't save) in which a couple guys hand out free coffee with Holstaur milk and juice from some demon realm fruit to protesting feminists.

4c7f07  No.399568


What's the point? They just looking for excuses to shoot someone they might as well be institutionalized.

82385e  No.399570


If I was a farmer and your degenerate ass tried to fuck my animals, you'd be a dead motherfucker.

2cb9a7  No.399571


Fucking saved.

28fb62  No.399575


id really rather not have them transform, it would be more satisfying to have them stay human and fester in their own hate while theybwatch you and your waifu have a good time

43e358  No.399577


Groups contain lots of individuals. Have some monsterize and try to retain their man-hatred and others fester as humans.

a5ad6e  No.399578


Imagine two friends, with one monsterizing and the other staying human. Sounds like a fun story.

>"Hey, Lily, you haven't been going to our feminist meetings lately."

>"Oh. Uh, how do I say this? I don't really feel like I belong there anymore."

>"It's your new boyfriend, isn't it? I knew we shouldn't have let him sit in."

>"I guess you could technically say it's him, but it's more that I feel like the group was kinda hostile to him."

>"So he wants you to leave because we hurt his manbaby feelings?"

>"Well of course you're going to hurt his feelings when you treat him like a criminal before you even get to know him. I just feel like the group is less about helping women, and more about hating men."

>"Lily, tell me. Has he been threatening you?"

>"What? No!"

>"It's okay, you can trust me! I'm sure that asshole raped you, and is keeping you quiet, isn't he?"

>"He is nice, and has been nothing but supportive of me!"

>"You know, rape is an unforgivable crime, right?"

>"Well than I guess I'm unforgivable because I was the one who raped him."

>"You weren't in your right mind!"

>"I bet you say the same thing about men who get into drunken trysts."

>"A woman can't rape-"

>"I pushed him down in an alley, and I'm pretty sure calling for help doesn't count as consent."

>"You've changed Lily."

>"Yes, and I can't believe I used to believe the crap you believe in."

c07834  No.399581

Force them to transform anyway.

Nothing that some mamono mana bombing can't fix. Or having their former friends force them into becoming monster girls.

7e0fbc  No.399583


i still feel like monsterization is a kind of redemption /relief they dont deserve. why shouldn't they stick with their ideology and suffer while everyone else goes with the natural flow and ends up happy?

i mean these are people who are too lazy to fix themselves so they would rather complain till the world changes around them or people who would mercilessly use everything in their advantage to destroy another person's life.

maybe our perspectives are different, maybe you think it would be great if they were to change because it would be like a betrayal of their ideology from an outside looking in perspective but they themselves wont really care because they wont bother looking back anymore.

maybe we can meet at a halfway point, where they can suffer as they watch MGs and their husbands enjoying eachothers company till they break, publicly renounce their ideology and then apply the mana to tramsform.

hows that sound?

36b2a0  No.399584


The cruelest option would be that monsterization works like that scene at the end of Being John Malkovich, but I don't think anyone wants that.

8afdca  No.399590


I think it's more useful to simply recycle these "people" against their will through monsterization and maybe some mindflaying.

7e0fbc  No.399591


but again the major issue with monster girls (at least for my cannon) is that they only birth more monster girls

36b2a0  No.399596

File: 5d1dc30dcad66c2⋯.jpeg (112.54 KB, 1000x773, 1000:773, leviathan.jpeg)


Spice is good stuff but in MGE it wouldn't be useful for space travel because no one has a problem with thinking machines. What would be useful for space travel is a spaceship, especially one that could extract unlimited fuel from her pilot and shrink down to human size when she isn't needed.

43e358  No.399599

My problem with mass monsterization would be that it might go against the objective of the colonizing monstergirls, namely to secure us and any man they can get their meaty paws on for them and be unrelenting baby boom of their daughters. Any further monstergirls added from the native population. Pulling crap like plunging New York City and San Francisco into a mamono realm (which would, by consequence, drag in most upstate New York, New Jersey, some of Pennsylvania, and all areas within two counties of the entire west cost) would bring in serious political consequences for all the mamono in America. They might bullshit their way out of all out genocide, but voting rights will be severly curtailed for them.

1f877e  No.399604


>political consequences

Damn the consequences. Things are hopelessly fucked. Take control with force and beat the shit out of the (((people))) who caused the mess i the first place.



>caring about (((democracy)))

Set up a powerful monster girl as dictator and call it a day. UN throws a hissy fit? Tell them to eat shit or you'll blast them with mamono bombs. Do it anyway.

641cb2  No.399613


I think unwilling monsterization for a number of them is a decent punishment in itself for their warped minds. Bodily changes aside (as those don’t have to be painful), the re-structuring of their mind and instincts would wreak havoc on their ideology and worldview. Imagine newly-monsterized feminists trying to resume the degenerate practices of their old lives, only to find that they are physically revolted by everything they used to take depraved pleasure and arrogant satisfaction in, and drawn to what they’ve been trained and conditioned to abhor. It’s like their old mind is trapped in a cage that acts against everything’s they’ve ever believed. All they can do is impotently scream as they lose all control of their lives to the whims of their new body.

And eventually they learn to like it.

641cb2  No.399614


I forgot to mention that I think it would be fine for a number of them to find some way to stave off monsterization and stew in angry loneliness while the world around them becomes a better place.

43e358  No.399615


>They'll just conquer the world

The problem with that is, we don't know how many will arrive, if they are close to or above the amount of women here, then they can go in and take all the men while the all the women are still monsterizing. Some may resist, but there won't be anything significant built up in the confusion, mamono will begin their reign before the dust settles.

However, industrialization has made our planet's population spike at least 500%. The monster girls are based upon midevel European societies, which support far fewer people per square mile. So even if all the monstergirls go into the colonization effort at once (which they won't) they will be at a significant disadvantage if the humans get the idea that these creatures need to either leave or be killed. Thus, they will have to garner enough good will to allow them to take some of the spare men lying about (ie us) and summon the stork repeatedly with them. Plunging a huge population center (and a bunch of the surrounding areas because suburbia has a population density close to what a midevil European city was) into a demon realm might prove detrimental to that end.

1f877e  No.399616


That's why being subtle might work.

I came up with an interesting idea for this here.


2c9413  No.399620


In Chyna and India there are 70 million more men then women. An excellent target for monster girl 'colonization'.

43e358  No.399624


I know but…

I wanna play with boobs substantialy bigger than my head knowing there's a loving heart behind them.

I wanna wife who will die for me as much as I'd die for her.

I wanna "endure" sex so I can feel her cuddling later.

I wanna feel the reptilian tail snake around my body sucking the cruel Texas heat like a cold metal pole.

I wanna bury my head in a fluffy mane as caring arms surround me.

I wanna ride around town on my waifu.

a10270  No.399626


I agree anon, let them suffer the worst kind of fate: only able to watch the happiness and joy that the couples share as they start a family, something they will never get. Let them wallow in their bitterness and jealously

7bf2dc  No.399628


Anon, what monster girl are you specifically talking about?

43e358  No.399633


Not one specificly, I'm just really turned on by her picking me and I have no say in the matter, as a result, I'm rather flexible.

43e358  No.399645

One interesting thing to see is what they would do with divorce laws. Would they change them in order to get more men to willingly marry them or leave them as is because they'd never divorce their husbands anyway, let them become blue code laws as society monsterizes.

Early on they'd use the divorce court as a hunting ground.

039a53  No.399646


I'd wish them luck, like they'd be able to undo nearly half a century of militant feminism overnight.

1f877e  No.399647


Bomb the cities. There you go.

039a53  No.399648


We talking the fun ki d or the more humdrum demonic energy type of bombs?

d05474  No.399650

File: 2981c4cb25df84f⋯.png (8 KB, 266x123, 266:123, no fugy.PNG)


>Early on they'd use the divorce court as a hunting ground.

That doesn't seem like a good idea, as they are going to be mostly faced with men who would be very soured with the opposite sex and may act hostile towards "poachers" immediately following what was likely lost court case.


039a53  No.399652


You'd be surprised. Some are dumb enough to wife up the next woman that looks at them sideways as soon as they finish up with court. Most are one blowjob away from signing on the dotted line despite the legal ramifications. Would be entertaining if nothing else, I suppose.

c4731a  No.399653

File: 4f1341dc6e14cba⋯.jpg (74.73 KB, 750x641, 750:641, 4f1341dc6e14cba4ae76c402ab….jpg)




I think as time passes, the divorce industry (encouraged by kike lawyers to make shekels) will dry up from lack of demand through a combination of monsterization and 3DPD marriage simply not happening anymore. As more and more monsters come through or women are turned, the shrinking number of old-style marriages will lead to a limited pool of divorcees. The men who were burned will come around, some sooner than later, and take on monstergirl wives who will be revolted by the concept.

Give it a generation, with Danukis replacing kike lawyers, I can see divorce as a practice either being banned, or something that is still on the books but is practically unheard of.

1f877e  No.399654


Depends on the city.

For most, a heavy dose of demonic energy in a solid blast would fix it. For others (e.g. Detroit), just nuke it. Unless you want to save infrastructure or something.

Ah, perhaps make some sort of mana bomb tinged with undeath. That way you can kill them and then have free undead slave labor (with some decent folks who got caught up turned into alright undead mamono/incubi).

Imagine. Detroit: Reanimated as the industrial city of the dead.

620c1d  No.399664


>Imagine. Detroit: Reanimated as the industrial city of the dead.

No. Raze it to the ground. Nothing of value can be found in that godforsaken place. Not anymore.

> (with some decent folks who got caught up turned into alright undead mamono/incubi).

There are no decent folk in Detroit, anon. Anyone who lives there chooses to at their own risk.

36b2a0  No.399676

File: 29283a29bf89aed⋯.jpg (1.05 MB, 1422x1056, 237:176, Genos.jpg)

Would gremlin cybernetics ever become popular among men who aren't comfortable with the idea of monsters being physically better than them?

33cd9f  No.399678


I don't mind mamono being stronger than me, but I'd still like to become better through cybernetics.

a10270  No.399683


>all this goodness

you're forgetting one of the better parts:

I wanna come home from work to someone who's genuinely happy to see me

a36517  No.399684

File: 07a878a164b68c9⋯.png (97.43 KB, 508x280, 127:70, 07a878a164b68c9482059c0a7f….png)


>Detroit is such a shit hole not even the FUCKING UNDEAD can make use of it

Just wipe the place of the maps already.

a36517  No.399686

File: 4aba0f003e20070⋯.jpg (43.32 KB, 583x583, 1:1, I'm calling the police.jpg)


>India there are 70 million more men

>Implying monsters would even consider raping/marrying street shitters

I'm calling the mods.

bea78a  No.399687


>Implied size difference

>floof errywhere


Sounds like a bunyip

36b2a0  No.399706

File: 1383a13905d2cd6⋯.jpg (399.78 KB, 944x1100, 236:275, Devil_Bug_0.JPG)


>Aside from the scent of spirit energy, they're also attracted to the lingering odor of sweat, filth, and more, so the filthier the home environment is, the easier it is for them to settle there. If you don't want to be attacked by them, I recommend keeping your body and room clean.

5ae258  No.399708


so india would be filled with akaname and devilbugs then?

e71476  No.399709


>Third World Mudskins get all the worst girls with filth fetishes and /chaos/ gimmicks, while decent humans get all the decent Mamono

This is the the best “peaceful” solution.

36b2a0  No.399711


Also bubble slimes and beelzebubs.


Imagine the chinese butthurt if they found out that ryus don't like living in a toxic wasteland. A living incarnation of the imperial dragon basically says that their country sucks and she wants to look for a husband somewhere else.

7bf2dc  No.399716


Ryus seem to be based less on chinese dragons and more specifically on Ryūjin or Zennyo Ryūō from Japanese lore due to the focus on water deity powers.

beb21d  No.399719

File: 6f3e4bc21d6951a⋯.png (696.05 KB, 600x773, 600:773, 6f3e4bc21d6951afc3aed12ac7….png)

File: c29f7193c2a2779⋯.png (586.36 KB, 680x529, 680:529, c29f7193c2a2779fcc05816eac….png)

File: fd4f47459f4c4c8⋯.jpg (41.04 KB, 640x360, 16:9, fd4f47459f4c4c8d4d735ff330….jpg)


I feel really bad for devilbug girls. KC could have made a good girl if you think of her as a monster hikikomori/STALKER-scavenger but:

1. KC fucked-up big time with the profile, making filth the devilbug's fetish, instead of being a diamond in the sewer kind of deal, especially for guys living in the not pretty part of town.

2. The profile art just flat-out sucks and look like trash. Other artists did far better, and KC is capable of better than this so he had no excuse when doing the redesign. I mean, l look Ryo Agawa's girl. Even if she's slightly cosplay-tier as if KC's wasn't already, she's better to look at than KC's reject from the dark parts of Pixiv.

195613  No.399720


That would at least be a good motivation to get them to stop smogging their country up.

Also the third world would be a good place to dispose of the furry mgs like Cait Siths

4924a3  No.399724


I don't mind the look, it's the gimmick I dislike. If you want to headcanon or greentext about diamond-in-the-rough vanilla devilbugs I don't have a problem with it.

5ae258  No.399726


>Cait Siths

those dont exist

37f1cc  No.399869


I think you're asking a bit much of cockroaches in general.

219c7a  No.399876


roaches are one of the few bugs that understand altruism, they always tell other roaches when they find a source of food even if they are starving. its one of their most endearing traits.

43e358  No.399878


Don't remind me I lived in an apartment complex where there were people who thought the roaches were reincarnations of their ancestors. They were the majority of the tenants. All that roach crap. Finding them in my food if I'm or careful. Gassing up the house like Hitler's shower and STILL FINDING MORE OF THE HORRIBLE BASTARDS! You may bring up the devil bugs waifus, but please do not bring up the incects they are based on.

3442c9  No.399932


Excellent. Do you have more stories like this?

70584c  No.399952


Here it is. >>399939

36b2a0  No.400221


How would monstergirls handle furries anyway?

b2fe12  No.400222

File: f8fa5078fc59aac⋯.jpg (114.1 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, cleansing flame.jpg)


the answer seems obvious to me anon.

197613  No.400223


With a merry genocide, of course.

Nothing like burning furries alive in their own fursuits.

b2fe12  No.400224


is it really genocide though? wouldn't extermination be a more fitting term, especially since they want to be recognized as animals so much.

c29a89  No.400235


I prefer the term "hunting" a bit more

c2cab1  No.400238


动态网自由门天安门天安门法轮功李洪志Free Tibet 六四天安门事件The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安门大屠杀The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派斗争The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大跃进政策The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人权Human Rights 民运Democratization 自由Freedom 独立Independence 多党制Multi-party system 台湾台湾Taiwan Formosa 中华民国




卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍 动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of Chyna 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 Nobel Peace Prize 劉暁波 Liu Xiaobo 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 劉曉波动态网自由门 卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍卍

c2cab1  No.400239


Sorry for the excessive use of bugspray, but if those faggots have to show up they might as well pay the price.

fdf5ff  No.400242


<worrying about the overpopulation meme

Overpopulation is only a problem in nigger countries that don’t have good infrastructure and the people already have 8+ kids since they keep dying all the time. If anything, the long term presence of mamano wouldn’t change much aside from stirring up tensions between the local humans and mamano.

In developed countries, mamano boosting the population would be a god send. There’s a reason why one of the main arguments (((lefties))) use to promote migration, is that the countries need them. To an extent, they aren’t wrong. Due to these same people’s policies and cultural-marxism encouraging women to not have children and get jobs, birth rates have gone down the shitter. Now, the problem that really hurts the people who pushed these policies is the fact that now, there is more elderly/dependent folk in these countries and not enough people in the work force to foot the bill. It’s the reason why taxes get raised so much in recent years. Even with the massive swarms of migrants coming into, for example, America, it still isn’t enough to hold off population decline. Recently, America has had its lowest rate of natural increase in history. Problem is that migrants will eventually stop having many kids, or will just send the money back to their family back home. But with MGs coming into the picture, the boost in population that would come from there presence would be a real life case of deus ex maChyna.

Besides, even if the population were to overrun the food supply, we would just do what we’ve always done. We’d just grow more food, or find some new method of growing it more efficiently. If worse comes to worse, humanity will just go back to substinence agriculture so we’d all just have to farm/garden.

f887ea  No.400250


Subsistence agriculture is less efficient by far. Comparative advantage and economies of scale are both stacked against it.

a10270  No.400261

>Dog tags are a super cheap and super effective method to process mass-cas events in modern combat.

Given the military response when all hell breaks loose after DOTR kicks off with reality tearing a bit, do you reckon the monster girls will think its was very kind of us to provide them with an easy way to identify their new husbands, especially among the best selection of males

a5ad6e  No.400262


If we actually sent soldiers against them, I think a most of them would die. Only the strongest and rarest of mamono can handle bullets, tanks, and carpet bombing. The few that would manage to get soldiers alive would probably be too saddened by the loss of life to care about such little things.

f5d674  No.400263


Yes, a peaceful approach would be more likely any battlefield magical resistances would be created around swords and arrows, and maybe muskets. Thus it's not at all unreasonable to assume w civilian Ar15 can overwhelm and slay a monster girl. Put yourself in their shoes, would you send in your underlings to die, when you can exploit an open border?

219c7a  No.400264


you cant really get shot if you hide in peoples shadows. some of these fucking MG's have alucard level bullshit.

f5d674  No.400270


Yes, have the anit-mamono people chasing after them (only to fail miserably, because the witches are leading the witch hunt). While those who can't hide real well integrate more and more into society.

a5ad6e  No.400271


If the humans in their world could hold them back (albeit losing ground) with swords and muskets when the monsters were doing their best to murder humans, I think we could handle monsters that hold back so as not to kill people with our comparatively high tech weaponry. The only war that would be to their benefit would be a shadow war, and diplomacy probably would still be more effective.

641cb2  No.400274


Well the humans in their world also had superpowered heroes to use. And during the days of the old DL, humanity usually couldn't stop the threat of monsters on the field. The idea of the cycle would be that the heroes would take out the DL and the monsters would lose their cohesion and tear each other apart.

f5d674  No.400275


Using them in battle is still like throwing really good pilemen and horesback cavilry at a tank. There is only so much good they can do. Again why waste the lives of your waifus in I fight they have no way of winning, especially if there is a stupidly obvious diplomatic way to get into modern, developed democracies.

f5d674  No.400276


*Pikemen, not pilemen

a10270  No.400292


I would think they would spend some time observing and developing tactics to ensure victory at the lowest cost possible.

Think about how fucked the world's militaries would be if they got hit at every instillation at the same time, but wait there's more

Say a lilim or two decided to black out the entire world's geocommunications networks; we're talking no internet, no radio communication, telephonic communications, the only way to communicate over distance would be the good old hand written letter.

We're not in the o-rah-rah earlier age where in the absence of orders shit would get real, nowadays in the absence of orders most places would probably freeze the fuck up and there would be a much greater instance where appeals for surrender would be viable.

219c7a  No.400293


you dont really get it lad, you have an mg hiding in your shadow, you certainly don't expect it to be remotely human or appear human, you slowly grow more insane until you become sleep deprived and go to sleep, also you wont be able to commit suicide or blow up a bomb next to you, all you will have is something staring back and thwarting your attempts. also seeing a woman cuddling next to you when you wake up is probably going to do two things, the guy is not going to fucking shoot her or he will think she is a victim if her appearance is more on the human side.

you cant really shoot the paranormal ones. lord save your asses if a nurayihiyon shows up with a bunch of mgs that lean towards the human side.

f5d674  No.400294


You ate still challenging men with assault rifles and/or SMGs to a spearfight. They are going to eliminated about 5 people per base before they are mowed down like grass. Like I said, why would the mamono commit to a fight like that when they can just use diplomacy to get in peacefully. No Gore, no bloodshed, everybody lives, everybody's happy.

c33eb2  No.400297


>Say a lilim or two decided to black out the entire world's geocommunications networks; we're talking no internet, no radio communication, telephonic communications, the only way to communicate over distance would be the good old hand written letter.

Thousands would be dead within a week. The modern world revolves around near instant communication. How do you think people get emergency services? How cops know where to go to stop crime? Firefighters know where the fire is at? Sure it'd disrupt military actions, but civilian casualties would be immense.

>mangobama mana fixes everything

Unless the McGuffin comes into play. Mana solving everything is boring. How can there be conflict if every problem is instantly solved?

0eeb7c  No.400321


>just use diplomacy to get in peacefully

What are kikes, zogbots, and pretty much the modern west?

Force and swift use of force is the only way to get things.

a10270  No.400322

Say DOTR pops off, then a week later things have substantially calmed down;

How do you think /monster/ would change post DOTR?

0eeb7c  No.400323


Anons here would be talking about their new wives. Advice would be shared about how to adjust to the new girl in your life. New forms of shitposting would appear when faggotcats appear.

The only constants would be our hatred for degeneracy and me being a robot.

9b2d70  No.400324


Probably talking about our waifus a ton, quite a few here might try to hold out and postpone the inevitable rape for fun it’s no fun if you don’t make them work for it and post about it here

I think it would be more interesting to think about the effect it would have on other boards. /fringe/ for instance, might finally start seeing some magic gains all the while struggling to keep their celibacy safe from the invading semen demons.

c7d476  No.400326


All this talk about rape-happy monsters and the only way to keep celibacy being to make your house an iron fortress got me thinking. How hard would it be to maintain your virginity, not for the sake of keeping it, but to wait till you find the right monster to be with? Attaching yourself to a unicorn is one way, but what other girls could you associate with without fearing of being forcibly claimed and still hold potential to mate with? I want love to blossom from a deep friendship, but explode from a night of passion. Unicorns are great but horse pussy doesn't appeal to me. I've been so conflicted about what monster I want that I just haven't been able to decide.

b2fe12  No.400329


There are plenty of girls that won’t rape you right of the bat, but it’s only ever a matter of time, either you get raped right away, get raped sometime later, or succumb to her charms (intentional or unintentional) before she decides to rape you.

You could always just get /fit/, learn to grapple and rape her instead if you think you’re tough enough :^)

c67f2f  No.400330


I could probably keep my virginity forever. You can too.

Just minimize your interactions with others, rarely go outside (save for work, grocery shopping, or at most a short walk to your mailbox), and generally be a robot. Assume that no monster girl would ever take interest in you and ignore any calls from them since it's probably for someone else. If one addresses you directly, show confusion and misunderstanding since she's obviously making a mistake in showing interest in you. Make sure to explain her error and point her to someone else or tell her she can do better.

Follow these steps and enjoy your wizardhood. If you feel lonely, alcohol and laying around in bed can help.

c84714  No.400331


Again, they would get farther if the the colonial maou appears before the UN building, claims some BS about their earth going Krypton and ask the countries we live in for asylum, by the time any elites figure out modus operandi, and why that's not going to work in their favor, all the monstergirls are here, they control the portals, and some of them own armories capable of producing assault rifles, and they have a Wonderland. They also have the ability to, if worse comes to worst, monsterize huge metropolitan areas where there are bits of infrastructure important to the elites.

c67f2f  No.400332



Oh wait, you said saving it instead of keeping it.

I guess my method can still work for that.

a36517  No.400335

File: a65c76d562d65c1⋯.png (434.92 KB, 850x769, 850:769, __cheshire_cat_monster_gir….png)


/monster/ would become a fast board, fictional monster stories would be replaced with real ones and IRL mamono stuff would be discussed.

And /human/ would no longer be a joke board.

a36517  No.400336

File: d57dfd3a68ff7a4⋯.jpg (284.81 KB, 850x927, 850:927, centaur.jpg)


>horse pussy doesn't appeal to me

Bad taste. Of course, this might be just my rural europoor/mongolian horse fucker ancestry speaking, but still. Horse puss is nice.

443708  No.400341

I wonder, would otherkin take offense to these creatures, or try to join them?

641cb2  No.400342


That’s not going to work in the event of an Ushi-Oni or shit like that. You’re relying entirely on being able to talk them out of fucking you. There’s only so many species that are open to such diplomacy, and some of them have mild brainwashing powers to counterargue you into fucking them.

641cb2  No.400343


They’d probably try to join them until they figured out what was going on. At which point the men would probably run away or alp, and the women would probably monsterize into whatever mg is closest to the animal they’ve deluded themselves over.

54420c  No.400347


…you're fucking with me, right? There are four different MG species I can think of right off the top of my head that are specifically evolved to hunt NEETs. Know why 30 year old Virgins are all wizards? Because the magically gifted are the only ones capable of fending off the forcey fun time. You're raped, m80.

431e96  No.400348



There's always going dead fish, acting like a rag doll, and being as depressing as possible until they lose interest.

That works, right? How about begging them that they'll be infinitely worse off by choosing you. That they should care about themselves more and leave you. Preferably while sobbing to the best of your ability.

a5ad6e  No.400349


There are girls who can make you fuck them, like the Dormouse and Sirens. And I think that last bit will just convince some to fuck you harder.

3cfc1b  No.400355


Not sure how many times we gotta tell you robot, you're pretty much making yourself out to be a choice pick on a silver platter for any MG that is into sexual healing. The more you fight the more they'll want you.

On a serious note, get some sun, take a lithium or some niacin or something to help alleviate your mood, maybe try out some meditation, anything to help lift your spirits. I realize trying to convince you not to think negatively is like asking a wooden wall to change into brick, but by Ammit's love I'm still gonna try.

36b2a0  No.400361



Is it just furries or are there other groups that monstergirls would kill on sight?

b2fe12  No.400363


jews, probably, maybe psychopaths, but psychopaths could just get a brain massage by a mindflayer and be right as rain, so i don't know about them.

a5ad6e  No.400366


Nah, the Danukis would have first dibs on the jews.

a7e9b3  No.400371


Ohaiyo robot-kun, dont worry even if we dont like you, your waifu atleast has a love and forgiveness comparable to the Lord

c33eb2  No.400372


See, I don't think you're at risk of rape from any rando MG. I think it can only happen if the two already have a sort of attraction to eachother.

I'd deffinately be resentful if my vanilla ass got yoinked by an ushi.

219c7a  No.400373


you are unironically turning into an alp during DOTR

22053e  No.400374


I was thinking of brownies, but they're not in the MGE. I figure Kikis and Shoggos are NEET hunters, but what about the other two?

7bf2dc  No.400377


Wasn't the nurarihyon one of them?

219c7a  No.400379


the nura is a platoon killer. they can just march inside a neets house, preferrably situated near a city and bring endless women until a whole city belongs to them. And they're hard to catch since they look like normal women.

a5ad6e  No.400380


Devil Bugs and Beelzebubs if you're dirty. Ghosts and Cheshires can ignore house defenses, and I imagine the latter would actually love to prank a paranoid man who's shacked up in his house.


There is an issue with the nurarihyon. After they enter a house, people automatically consider her that place's lord, which makes you view her as your superior. Doesn't mean that people outside have to like her. An enemy soldier could have control over a house and be loved by the people inside, that doesn't mean the government will take it lying down once they find out. Not sure it effects visitors either.

Also, a Nura's ability to attract monsters wouldn't effect all that much. Assuming the monster's military has a structure, a general could just order her army to attack a city. Actually, the Nura's method is worse because at least the general can strategize before the attack.

ea4b73  No.400381


I can imagine a "How to Stay a Virgin" Book guide. selling really well due to MGs using your tactics against wizards like yourself.

219c7a  No.400382


the nura can lead monstergirls that do weird fuckey shit dude. no shit everyone has numbers. but the nura has the safety and lets be real. Only spastics think that a government will blow up a building during this age of optics.

Cities are irreplaceable now get rid of one and the nation loses something it cannot replace. if it was ww2 era you would be correct but siege warfare doesn't work anymore, neither do nukes.

36b2a0  No.400388


I think police departments would start pushing for the spetsnaz approach the first time a SWAT team kicks down a NEET's door and finds a shoggoth waiting on the other side.

c7db82  No.400397


I still expect a Dragon to bash down the doors in my house to take me however

a5ad6e  No.400400


I can imagine a dragon being into homebodies.

>Be anxious dragon

>You love your treasure, but hate anyone touching it

>Every day you count your coins like you have OCD (only when it comes to treasure)

>Every time you count even one coin missing you feel like you'll have a heart attack

>Not sure how you'll handle having a husband

>You couldn't just keep him locked up forever, but the idea of him walking around and risk being kidnapped makes you feel ill

>You finally manage to get a husband and put him in your mountain lair

>Of course you keep him locked up for a bit

>Can't risk him running away after you've already raped him

>You give him some things to help him feel at home, like bringing his computer and getting wifi

>He stops trying to run after that

>After you are sure he's accepted his place as your greatest treasure, you force yourself to ask him the question

>Would he like to go outside, or maybe walk around the city?

>He seems a little uncomfortable at the idea

>He says he wouldn't really mind if you wanted him to, but he's happy here

>He asks that you at least come with him

>At that moment you jump on top of him, and cry into his chest

>He really his your greatest treasure

a10270  No.400401



true, it would become probably one of the fastest ones overnight.

I think the "How did you meet your husbando/waifu" thread would be the most enjoyable to read

c7db82  No.400408


Thank you anon, that touched me and brought a good smile.

I do like cool, aloof, semi-asshole but actually not an asshole waifus. One that's autistic I still love

Tbh I'd be surprised if she didnt ask me to come along with her, I certainly would.

d05474  No.400410


This reminds me of a greentext(?) I read a while ago and it had a black dragon NEET and an anon NEET who collected anime girl figurines. I don't think it was ever finished.

Sage for off topic.

641cb2  No.400440


Nope, that’s not gonna work. The pleasure an mg will make you feel will destroy any anti-pleasure mechanisms you may have and stop you from dead fishing. You’ll literally go into “m-my hips are moving on their own!” Mode.

And again, you are SEVERELY overestimating the amount of time you’ll have to talk to them before they rape you. Your mouth will likely be far too busy.

641cb2  No.400441


Honestly, with the rates of pedophilia among the wealthy elite Jews, if any mgs go for them it’s probably gonna be the sabbath.

641cb2  No.400443


Let me add that this is assuming that the elites doing such activities don’t meet the qualifications of mg-repelling psychopaths, which for many I would doubt.

36b2a0  No.400455


Baphomets apparently want "an ideally strong and gentle big brother who is reliable and will shower them with love and attention”, not a creepy old uncle who thinks that extending his life by draining blood from orphans is a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

c34b2f  No.400528

Now I wonder how the gyms would change after monsters came, what new rules, what new excise machines and some rather interesting new people around, I wonder what you would find?

c33eb2  No.400530


No sex in the gym/locker room would seem like a general rule. Not the place for it. Like it’d stop people, the degenerates.

As well, I wouldn’t be surprised if men-only gyms would start cropping up. For dudes who just want to make gains.

c34b2f  No.400531


You would have to watch out for alps in those dude only gyms, or guys who are likely going to alp.

5feac1  No.400538

In concerts, would male singers or musicians be protected from monsters in the audience? How would those concerts be changed in general?

c7d476  No.400539


Not sure about concerts, but DJs would need to be caged for their own safety. Could you imagine DJs dancing along with their own music to get extra tips from monsters while in the cage?

a5ad6e  No.400540


Wurms mind be banned from quite a few venues because they keep getting past the cages.

641cb2  No.400547


Boy band crazes among monster girls would by nature end whenever the men get wives, so that’s something.

Married male singers would have nothing to worry about

a5ad6e  No.400548


Unless they are married to bicorns. Poor guys would have it rough.

9272f9  No.400574


I'm working on a scifi setting with monster girls in it. One of the main conflicts are civilizations that where cut off encountering each other after ancient worms holes where reopened but one had monsters replace all human females. Although in the setting monster girls arnt magic but a creation to breed men into a warrior race to fight aliens on the galactic edge.

9272f9  No.400580


>I wanna feel the reptilian tail snake around my body sucking the cruel Texas heat like a cold metal pole

As a fellow Texas anon that hit me on a deep level, I need an echidna waifu to keep me cold at night.

e3d133  No.400582

File: bec20b4448fec3d⋯.jpg (51.89 KB, 709x805, 709:805, 64c39e8518838d63a92ffbe5f3….jpg)


Texan here aswell. I have a pretty good idea for a short rattlesnek story, I'll write it down if anyone's interested.

43e358  No.400584


Sound good to me.

36b2a0  No.400586


The only way to get a bicorn is to cheat on your waifu so they have no right to complain.

a5ad6e  No.400587


I think bicorns give birth to bicorns, so not all of them were made through cheating.

7bf2dc  No.400615


No it isn't, you just have to not be a virgin before having sex with a unicorn. For example, if you were molested as a shota, you still end up with a bicorn.

863e0c  No.400624

I'm curious if monster girls would open clinics for people who were driven mad or severely cynical after living in clownworld. Or robots too, that is if monster girls would just consider them subhuman trash and leave them to rot.

I bet danukis in HR would keep an eye out for employees that look tired or down often and make visits to said clinics mandatory for continued employment or something.

Also, how long should it take for a guy to recover under the care of a monster girl?

863e0c  No.400625


wouldn't, not would

9ca8ac  No.400631


That sounds dreamy, as long as they make sure the paranoid ones dont realize any mindflayers are about. How does anyone treat the kinds of people so abused and neglected that they just dont trust anyone though?

e84833  No.400641


That’s what I imagine the world will be like. They really care about people. Anyone under their care might take a few weeks or months. Maybe even a couple years if they’re particularly messed up. But they won’t leave anyone just to suffer.youll probably meet your waifu if you get sent there. Maybe that danuki in HR will keep visiting, or the weresheep therapist you have a session with every week.

c34b2f  No.400647


Oh yeah man also, I could see some problems with the male only gyms, namely the fact that I’m pretty sure there would be several different monsters that would try to sneak in.

But then again I could also see there being some human only gyms for people who don’t want to get monsterized.

36b2a0  No.400650


Technically possible but unicorns are specifically attracted to virgins so it's unlikely to happen by accident.

9b2142  No.400652

File: 32846663bbf4896⋯.jpg (89.18 KB, 560x560, 1:1, dudam.jpg)

File: 2cd4fa15fca9aad⋯.jpg (90.91 KB, 324x600, 27:50, oh bother.jpg)

File: ac0ca8ca09de3ed⋯.jpg (135.36 KB, 420x600, 7:10, moo i say.jpg)

>post dotr

>doing my job as some replaceable lackey in Hoover Dam

>suddenly a massive migration of Grizzlies show up and start squatting in the lobby and gift shop

>they claim they want us to send electricity to their forest in the middle of nowhere, but the flags, pillow piles, and welcome mats they keep leaving everywhere suggest otherwise

>was just cleaning up the fucking stickyass honeyprints they kept leaving everywhere when from the opposite end of the dam a fuckheug migration of Mintotaurs show up

>no intention of sticking around, no demands for electrical output to whatever place they live in, they just want to drag away workers to their homes to marry and fuck until their dicks ache

>Grizzlies dont want us to leave because who else is going to babysit them and restock the employee fridges they keep looting

>Minotaurs dont care what the bears want. They just keep calling us "cow-loving degenerates♥" and dragging whoever wasn't smart enough to hide away in collars

>fighting soon breaks out, with both groups on opposite ends of the dam calling each other rude names while pelting each other with plastic coffee mugs, lunchboxes, stuffed beavers, and snowglobes which they had no doubt pillaged from the gift shop

>eventually both groups build crude fortifications on their respective sides of the dam, grizzlies having the advantage since they got here first and set up closer to the gift shop

>if the taurs had the brain cells to spare, they'd realize they could easily tank a few fridge magnets and paperweights to the noggin, bowl over the squatting bears, and drag our profligate asses away without much resistance

>battle for Hoover Dam currently at a stalemate

>neither group comes down to our hiding places save for a grizzly looking for an unattended lunchbag only to be frightened away by some cow launching it at her, splattering some dude's sandwich all over her hair

>we who are currently hiding in the generators have made peace with the fact that none of us are leaving this building unwed

>we either choose the bulls and subject ourselves to eternal moo-snu

>or choose the bears and eternal pooh-snu

War truly never changes. Speaking of which, would inter-monster conflicts ever become a thing? With such a wide and diverse range of mamono inhabiting a world with an inevitably finite supply of men, would conflicts ever arise? Closest we have to canonical conflicts in MGE is Dhamps vs Vamps or knife ears vs squats, but those conflicts seem more like petty rivalries than genuine disdain. What would monsters do upon the realization that they only have so many men to pick from before most if not all are taken and no new husbands are coming in because no sons? Would wars be waged over the last unwed men on earth or would mass harems start becoming a thing, with monsters quickly adopting the "large mouse" approach to divvying men across a large population? Also which monster deserves to win the battle for the men of Hoover Dam?

a63291  No.400653


So at what point does some Gremlin based out of Las Vegas with an army of Automatons at her command attempt to claim the dam for herself?

a5ad6e  No.400654


Holstaurs, jubjubs, anyone with big breasts, anyone who loves to ara ara vs the Sabbath.

d1b452  No.400655


After the danuki try to raise the price of electricity on them so they have more money to lure men with larger jackpots in their casinos. The danuki will send oni to try to stop the gremlin and both will get caught up in The Great Clusteruck of Hoover

i know this isnt exactly how vegas works, just roll with it

36b2a0  No.400657


Monstergirls probably never considered the possibility of technological human cloning. It's not ideal but at least everyone gets a husband.

d798a9  No.400686


A good deed does not wipe away bad one, nor a bad the good.

Her fate should be determined by a military court.

d798a9  No.400688


Bears every time.

43e358  No.400694


Again, what was she charged with. Using shotguns in a trench?

e3d133  No.400698


With all the talk already about possibly being able to choose the gender of a baby through technology in the near future, along with world leaders realizing the imminent shortage of men soon after DOTR, I bet it would only be a few years until science would be able to solve the problem of monsters only having daughters.

7884c0  No.400733

File: e0c1fa4a470374d⋯.png (2.91 MB, 2125x2673, 2125:2673, 70786DF1-D72B-4F35-AD87-36….png)


Speaking of the Sabbath, I wonder how lolis and other “petite” monster girls would be viewed shortly after DOTR. I’m sure a good many years after DOTR most people would be ok with loli monsters, but I can definitely see some issues with them immediately after DOTR as men come try to terms with monsters that with look like children still wanting to have sex with them Not that they would get a say in the matter due to being proactively dated. I can definitely see some (((feminists))) and other (((special interests groups))) accusing men that have loli monster brides to be pedophiles and trying to use that to smear monsters as a whole. It also makes me wonder how popular the Sabbath itself would be in our world and if it would have the same goals/functions the same way in does currently in MGE. It would probably focus much more on advertising and setting up new footholds in our world to get a bunch of new recruits. I can just imagine Sabbath advertisements appearing on television going on about “looking eternally young” and “achieving awesome power” and I can definitely see some feminists that see these advertisements joining the sabbath as a way to get more power over men by learning magic only to realize in doing so she becomes a witch.

130b88  No.400734

File: 7011fbf2f92141b⋯.jpg (20.69 KB, 471x480, 157:160, 1281758836553.jpg)


Institutions like pedowood and Bohemian Grove types would throw the mother of all tantrums. They'd do anything to try and keep their child sex and occult rings and maintain power. When the Sabbath comes in and starts pressing their shit in and disbanding, if not outright killing them for being irremediable psychopaths, it wouldn't take long to run an effective propaganda campaign that chronological age matters infinitely more than apparent physical age.

a36517  No.400745

File: 2cd2f32bb3c883f⋯.jpg (254.53 KB, 1054x1200, 527:600, Sabbath.jpg)


>Implying monsters give a fuck about what humans think of them

>Implying they wouldn't just do whatever the fuck they want, unhindered

They take what they want.

They do what they want.

If people don't like or agree with monsters and their ideals, they will make them.

Creatures who possess magic that not even the gods can defend themselves against would not be stopped by this weak and pathetic society.

>It also makes me wonder how popular the Sabbath itself would be in our world and if it would have the same goals/functions the same way in does currently in MGE

Yes, they would have the same goals/functions.

Except they would no longer hide in the "backside" of churches like in their world.

>It would probably focus much more on advertising and setting up new footholds in our world to get a bunch of new recruits. I can just imagine Sabbath advertisements appearing on television going on about “looking eternally young” and “achieving awesome power” and I can definitely see some feminists that see these advertisements joining the sabbath as a way to get more power over men by learning magic only to realize in doing so she becomes a witch.

They would definitely do this. But modern ways of advertising would only happen if they turn a woman from our world into a ratatoskr.

7ed1d6  No.400752

File: 8ed09494db9059f⋯.jpg (81.14 KB, 622x595, 622:595, 29o1a4.jpg)




>lolicons expecting their lolis to stay lolis and won't start aging and growing into women, because there are no lolis and no magic in the real world.

There is no greater bitch, then reality. The Sabbath will soon come to realize that and run back to the little world. The best and only way would be for you to travel to the MGEu and live there happily with your lolis.

Now let the lolicons and closet pervs begin their little 'reeeeee's against the inevitable.

219c7a  No.400753


well most mg's would run back into the mge world after realizing whites fuck the most dogs.

43e358  No.400755



/Monster/, the best mg content outside of Japan, but you have to deal with this.

e35506  No.400762


What's /Monster/? Do you mean /Wonster/, where the m in /monster/ gets flipped to W for Wumbo?

eb0d06  No.400764

File: 762e640d70c9084⋯.png (429.79 KB, 599x480, 599:480, ClipboardImage.png)


> t. Kobold

0eeb7c  No.400792


To be honest, monster girls would avoid our world like the plague if they did exist.

They'd pop in, see how miserable of a shitshow it is, turn around, and leave. Then never come back again.

bc1200  No.400793

>>400792 for you and any others with a similar mindset, Please refer to >>399285

b75ff8  No.400804


Dubs of truth

43e358  No.400807


A realistic reaction would be that the men seized by the Sabbath would be attacked, not the monsters who took them, which would lead to a court case, and several lab study's and a ruling that yes, they are adults legally. No, child traffickers can't disguse their victims as these monstergirls. And no, they don't become real child predators.

7884c0  No.400811


It also brings to mind about the issues with actual monster children. Sure, I can definitely see a lot of people being ok with monsters that look like children but are actually older, but what about actual monster children that reach sexual maturity at a very young age. Would pedophila laws be changed? Especially in most cases where it’s probably going to be the monster child that does the assaulting Would you see a lot more child marriages between a loli monster and the shota she proactively dates, or would monsters try and abide by our rules and wait till their 18 or so before they jump their husband?>>400745

>Implying monsters would give a fuck about what humans think about them.

They very much DO care about what humans think about them, seeing as all monsters want nothing more than to become dutiful and caring wives for their husbands. Their not just going to do whatever they want Except maybe if it’s a nighound especially if that would cause them to be viewed in a negative light by humans and their potential husbands. Monsters would definitely try and have people agree with their ideals through diplomacy, not outright force. It’s not about being able to be stopped or not, it’s about them not wanting to be hated by the humans they want and need.


Ok, I’ll take your bait, but next time please try and get better quality bait instead of just throwing the rod in the water. Monster girls themselves are made of magic, and they practically radiate the stuff. Just because this world initially doesn’t have any magic in it, doesn’t take away the fact that monsters themselves are the magic with their monster mana. You wouldn’t just have loli monsters start to age because they no longer are in MGE universe, that doesn’t make any sense. Even then, they could get more magic and mana from their husbands, which would replenish them anyway. Please think harder about your bait next time and come up with an actual dilemma.


Yeah, I can definitely see (((them))) realizing it’s better to go after the men rather than the monsters, only for the studies and interviews with monsters to show they are indeed adults. I think real child predators and child traffickers would become a thing of the past, seeing as there would be an over abundance of monsters that look like children wanting husbands too, so there wouldn’t be a real need for child trafficking, that and monsters would definitely put a stop to it, maybe by infiltrating child trafficking rings by disguising themselves as normal children then tearing it down from the inside? Real child molesters would still need to be looked at harshly for the crimes they committed though and the trauma they put real children through.

732389  No.400815


>but what about actual monster children that reach sexual maturity at a very young age

That's where headcanon comes in.

7ed1d6  No.400825


Alot of what this anon stated is headcanon.

43e358  No.400830


On "early bloomers," things are going to be wierd, mamono leadership might try to keep them around boys of the same age and other (relatively) prudish mamono. Another solution, if whatever entity at the top of the colonizing mamono has enough control, is have the whole rape thing toned down throughout adolescence teenage mamono get the reputation among teen boys of being easy lays and the sex is fantastic, but you are basically her husband at that point. On the eve of her 18th, all the rape instincts come back and then some. (unless she got her willing husband beforehand) the father is advised to stay away from her for 3 days after that.

7884c0  No.400834


I don’t believe anything I said is headcanon and if they are I must have used it so much I believe it to be true. Can you please point out what you consider to be headcanon?


That’s a good idea, but I can’t imagine how easy it would be to try and repress monster instincts, since rape is their whole way of finding a husband more or less. Probably would need some powerful magic.

c7d476  No.400836


Tbf, there's a whole lot of headcanon on this board. Only the truly autistic here treat MGE as untouchable scripture of absolute authority. It's a lot easier to take any answers as suggestions than fact.

c7d476  No.400837


Forgot to add, that as long as you aren't delving into actual degenerate shit, like ntr, gore, vore, etc., than a lot of stuff just gets a pass.

bc1200  No.400839

File: e86ab8a127b8caa⋯.jpg (71.06 KB, 850x566, 425:283, 1448615990453.jpg)

File: 92987f2875ab28f⋯.jpg (111.27 KB, 900x1000, 9:10, 1466729488624.jpg)


Cu sith and Cait Sith is added on the list, and don't you forget that The defurred versions that is

da0a2c  No.400841

File: c5c5f5bab4d839b⋯.jpeg (53.11 KB, 559x559, 1:1, A84F0560-5DE4-4765-9E44-7….jpeg)


Let me tell you why that heresy needs to be purged.

e80c8e  No.400842


Wouldn't memeing poor Cait Sith away from the furries be less heretical than letting them have one of our catgirls?

43e358  No.400844


Yes, that's true

I still think of black robes and red lightsabars when I read that name, though.

da0a2c  No.400845


It’s heretical for even implying that they could not be heretical. The furry taint is there and will always be there, this they must be purged.

c7d476  No.400846


If it wasn't for the fact that Cu Sith was not only furfag fantasy but also zoophile fantasy, it would be fantastic. Even putting kiki and shoggoth to shame. But KC just had to cater to the fucking furfags. Could just treat cu/cait sith like a noble title for the other wans/nyans that go above and beyond for not only their husbands but for all of monsterkind as well.

a10270  No.400888


Or the baphomet that breaks into his house every night to watch him sleep

a10270  No.400889


>choice between moo-snu or Pooh-snu

as it there is a choice



bea78a  No.400899


Pooh snu is the way to go here Beardicus anon, are you feeling unwell?

219c7a  No.400900


true, mg's would flee from germany after seeing all the septic dungeon porn, mexico's donkey shows, spains weird goat throwing/priest jumping over babies/firebull festival, africa Just africa, china's incessant need to eat gutter oil/pollute/kill endangered animals, jews bullshit involving their incessant need to overthrow their host country and israels pedo problem, scatplay and bacha pazi found in saudi arabia/afganista. And the worst of all, india's filth.

6357e5  No.400937

Had a bit of a thought.

>Summer, A time of pure laziness and bliss.

>Well, it was supposed to be, anyways.

>I had a bank account full of cash from a job during the semester, a house to myself, all the free time I could want, and a banging new computer. The perfect set-up for doing absolutely nothing.

>Then some other-deminsional, asshole elder god had other ideas.

>Different social circles called it different things. Apocalypse, invasion, Day of the Rape was a trending hashtag among select places.

>Different information from different places had conflicting details and, honestly, I had no idea what was truth, what was fiction, and what was speculation by lunatics.

>Then some green-skin, eight foot tall, black spider chick with horns battered at my door…and ripped it off its hinges.

>I was honestly scared for a bit, what with that crazed look in her eyes, but was pleasantly surprised she instead decided to break my bed frame's legs with me on top of it.

>She was into it, I mean REALLY into it. She was so into it she was mumbling complete gibberish the entire time.

>I don't want to brag, but I can't think of any other guy I knew who could do that to a chick.

>At some point I must've passed out, and she must've stopped because I woke up alone and completely sore with bedsheets sticking to me.

>I could smell smoke and coffee (along with sweat and sex but that's besides the point) in the air, couldn't care about it at the moment. I needed to clean myself up.

>A quick shower was enough to clean the stickiness off, leaving only the burning soreness around my waist.

>The more important thing was the question of where she went.

>Her old clothes, some plate armor that looked like a cross of knight and samurai armor, was still sprawled out near the door, so she was probably still around.

>She wasn't in the kitchen. Instead, she was in the backyard hunched over a firepit I didn't remember digging out before.

>Did she not know how to work a stove?

>She had gotten dressed back up in some simple clothing, a medieval looking white shirt and what looked like a cowskull bikini bottom.

>Jesus, was she half-tarantula? She had a spider body that was all sorts of fuzzy with as many legs that should be expected of a spider.

>One of her ears, a cowish looking thing, flapped before she turned towards me.

>She gave a bright smile that was somewhat hidden beneath some band of cloth that loosely draped over her face and head.

>She stood up on all eight legs and turned towards me with a skillet with sizzling bacon and a large pot of what smelled of black coffee.

>I didn't think that was an actual thing that happened with chicks, and I had to smile at the pleasantness of this entire situation.

>Then she opened her mouth.

>Oh fuck.

>That wasn't gibberish.

537758  No.400940

File: 9660a1cf73d33ba⋯.jpg (152.28 KB, 1060x1127, 1060:1127, IMG_20190616_020626.jpg)

File: 2cc9f1a89a6dd25⋯.png (759.67 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, D8dTwJDVsAI9lTZ.png)

File: 5f4ee90881f8162⋯.jpg (16.35 KB, 255x253, 255:253, 9c9671b8b3611746b41556c5f5….jpg)

>Be me

>Teenage catholic zoomer

>DOTR happens

>turns out "demons" exist

>Just not the angels that rebelled against the Lord

>Come to the parish to celebrate the Eucharist

>Suddenly something touches my sholder

>Behind me is a taller demon girl with breasts bigger than my head


<Ara ara whats a cute little boy like you walking alone

>She hasnt noticed my cross in my hand and my pendant

>W-Well miss I am going to the parish, its Sunday and the Eucharist is celebrated today

<So you are a faithful of that "Catholic Church" are you? Mind if I go with you sweetie, I would like to see your rituals, and maybe I can treat you to a breakfast after we are done

>Sure miss

<Don't call me miss dear, it makes me feel old, my name is Arabenta, what is yours if I may ask dear

>A-anon, mi- I mean Arabenta

>We go to the parish just in time

>She sits right next to me

>During the hour she never took her eyes off me, she also started to get very intimate, she would headpat me when I started praying, she would hold my hand when the chants to our Lady, she even looks at me with bedroom eyes

>Its a very surreal experience, a demon woman in a parish next to a catholic, people were looking at me as if I went insane

>Eventually it comes to the offering of peace, instead of just kissing the cheeks she full on kisses my lips with tounge added to it

>I blush furiously, she didnt come here to see the Eucharist, she came here to see me, is she going to do what I think she will do

>Eventually I eat the Flesh of Christ, a few minutes of prayer pass before the priest bids us all a peaceful morning

>During the whole time she never stopped smiling at me with bedroom eyes

>Suddenly she preses me against a wall and starts kissing me with the force of a thousand bricks, her tounge forcing itself to my mouth

<Mmmh Anon, you should know better than too bring strangers with you, especially a lady like me, she might take a liking to you and marry you early, although it is your fault for being so cute and adorable

>Eeeeeh? What are you

<sshh, not now dear, it seems your god has decided to bless you with a woman of your own, say how about we take it further in my house dear?

>Ah-Ahh miss please, what would the people think? I cant just marry now

<My dear, I am not the demon your church knows, the Demon Lord didnt even know of your Lord until very recently. Ill tell you a secret, teenagers like you a very precious to ladies like me and other demons, such pure boys with your chants, your croses and your innocence makes us mamono want to spirit you away to our lairs and fuck you silly until we get pregnant.

<But just because its you I will marry you first, thats what you would prefer right? You are getting married wether the ceremony comes first or not

>that same day I got myself a wife, we made the arrangements for the ceremony in my parish and got her pregnant after the marriage was made official, I never thought I would get a wife as loyal and caring as her, she never once stops treating me as her little bro even though she is my wife, and I wouldnt have it any other way

>The Lord is generous with his faithful

On a more serious note how would Christianity as a whole react to mamono? Personally I dont think it would be a negative reaction since they are essentially the ideal woman

537758  No.400941


Also its my first writefaggotry so please be gentle

1af868  No.400943


Not bad at all. I've never been a fan of the whole "Anon" thing, but I didn't come here to change the board's culture. If I don't like it I can just leave. In the meantime, keep writing! It's good

2befc5  No.400945


ehh, I honestly wanted it to be more between accurate since a christian teen would be very adamant on having a marriage ceremony done right and wouldnt accept proactive dating as a valid form of marriage. Would an ara ara mamono hold back on the rape if the boy in question was a christian that insists on having the ceremony done inmediately before doing the rape? would she hold back as long as she knew the pelvis crushing session will happen after the marriage ceremony is done?

2befc5  No.400946

actually now that I think about it, that would be one of the first victims of a mamono, a virgin religious man or boy that will only do it with someone he loves and holds chastity in a very high regard

5f4c95  No.400949


>Personally I dont think it would be a negative reaction

Why are you people so dumb? otherworldly beings showing up out of nowhere would cause everyone to flip the fuck out.

35c4d6  No.400950


I mean initially yes, but when things settle down and the initial shock of otherworldly women appearing out of nowhere is over I doubt there would be much negativity.I mean there are very specific definitions on demons and mamono succubuts and demon girls dont futhfill even one of those requirements

a36517  No.400958

File: 6839113517ad965⋯.png (85.86 KB, 600x388, 150:97, Smug before death.png)


Shitty headcannon.

a36517  No.400960

File: c6b77d4061c0952⋯.jpg (70.59 KB, 423x600, 141:200, Dark priest2.jpg)


>On a more serious note how would Christianity as a whole react to mamono?

If I hear this question asked once more I'm going to get an aneurysm.

For this I am going to use the generic DOTR scenario Portals open, and the rape blitzkrieg begins.

All major religions would just name this the end times, apocalypse etc.

There wouldn't be any "oh they have the same values as us!". Some would just react the same as other civilians would, others would await rapture or some shit like that, maybe in some places (like in highly religious communities) mass praying, Human/animal sacrifices etc you get the idea. Some would retaliate with minimal to no success.

537758  No.400965


>Implying they would recklessly try to blitz their way through

They will most likely play the jewish game of subversion and compete with jews for power over the countries

537758  No.400967


Furthermore it seems you have a bad experience with religion in general because the end times is many things but travelers from another dimension is not one of them.

43e358  No.400968


I think a negative reaction from Christianity can be avoided. Depending on a) how much prep work they are going to put into the DOTR and b) whether or not it is worth the effort.

2befc5  No.400970


we would certianly answer the homosexual question inside the church

2befc5  No.400971


wait what do you mean by prep work?

43e358  No.400975

At the bare minimum, geographical Making sure that the portals spawn over land, preferably land that is inhabited. Cheshire love a good prank, but jumping into the middle of the Pacific would not make one happy kitty. They can also do societal recearh as which countries would be easiest to infiltrate, and any hiccups and how to avoid them. We'd probably do a lot of work to help them.

2cb9a7  No.400981


Ushi Onis being shishkebab master cooks is now my headcanon.


2befc5  No.400982


lets hope that if they meet the Vatican they dont decide to bring any demons or Sabbath or even worse

Order Paladindus

219c7a  No.400987


> order paladins warp in near the Vatican enthralled by its majesty. Only to realize its similar to the undeads religion since they too mourn a lich.

>they freak out when they see the eucharist ritual.

fucking hell it would be the most retarded bible fight.

a5ad6e  No.400988


I've seen albinos and left handed people get accused of being the devil. If those people can't handle red eyes, there is no way they can handle people with wings, horns, horse bodies or tentacles.

2cb9a7  No.400990

File: fcf298dfab99431⋯.jpg (1.59 MB, 2343x3624, 781:1208, IMG_20190624_112954292~2.jpg)


Here, writefag. Have a sketch for your efforts.

a36517  No.400993

File: 0b9c16b0cf712d0⋯.jpg (58.29 KB, 550x550, 1:1, It's not that deep.jpg)

File: 3210b59057c00e2⋯.jpg (8.63 KB, 225x224, 225:224, Hellhound 11.jpg)


>They will most likely play the jewish game of subversion and compete with jews for power over the countries

Yes we have the same opinion on this. Also I said "For THIS I am going to use the GENERIC DOTR scenario. Portals open, and the rape blitzkrieg begins". Capeesh?


>Furthermore it seems you have a bad experience with religion in general

Un-true. I am just stating how they would react.

>because the end times is many things but travelers from another dimension is not one of them

Yep here comes the aneurysm. I fucking know that DOTR is a good thing. I was saying that christians and everybody else other than us would think that the apocalypse has come. Because, you know, Literal demons/monsters swarming out of MAGICAL PORTALS fits the description of the "end times" pretty well.


>I think a negative reaction from Christianity can be avoided

Yes because the invasion would realistically happen right under humanity's nose.

>Depending on a) how much prep work they are going to put into the DOTR

Monsters are very competent and skilled. One lilim could take over the world with minimal management over her subordinates.

>and b) whether or not it is worth the effort

Even if it was an open and loud invasion the monsters would just do their usual stuff. Rape the boyim you like. Bring him to your home/cave/nest. Rape him some more and tell him your plans for the future. After he becomes an incubus he will be atracted to monstrous features. And boom, we get a happy couple.

a10270  No.400994


Ushi Oni's are prime material for those who want a stronk, bit girl (4U)

I like it

2befc5  No.400998


>Your Goddess is one who lets her nemesis run amok, how is she better than Our Lord, he who killed death so that we could be free of our sins?!

<The Chief God protects her children with heroes, yours does not even intervene anymore!

2befc5  No.400999


>literal demons

dude, here is an easy guide on identifying demons

<Are they followers of Lucifer?

< Are they the angels who defied God?

< Do they posses people?

< Are they unable to convert to Christianity?

If its no to all of them then congratulations, they are not demons

2befc5  No.401000


you are most likely talking about protestants not orthodox or catholics

f6e652  No.401003


What? It's pretty much a meme that Catholics see Mary in toast and start saying that motorized children's toys are possessed when they malfunction.

2befc5  No.401004


I dont know what type of catholics you know, but they most likely are nutjobs who dont know how to use reason

t. practicing catholic and demongirlfag

f6e652  No.401005


The same could be said for protestants then. There are dipshits and reasonable people from all branches of Christianity.

t. protestant and manticorefag

6357e5  No.401006


Thanks for the sketch! No clue where the kebabs came from but I'll roll with it.

2befc5  No.401008


I can only imagine my waifu's first time in a parish but damn would it be hilarious if she partook in the Eucharist and did not catch on fire

a5ad6e  No.401009


The question was how Christians react, it didn't really specify what sect, and Protestants are almost half of the US population. There are also a lot of sects that believe certain behavior is sinful, so at best they would dislike a number of girls.

Some are against drinking alcohol, leaving them at odds with the oni and satyros (if the latter's cloven hooves didn't already throw them off). Some believe dancing and singing is bad, so they would dislike sirens. Most would probably hate dark elves because many think BDSM is evil (to be fair though, I'm not a fan of them either).

There would also probably be a few issues with mamono who believe in other gods because "no other gods before me". These would include satyros (Baccus), Cupid and houri (Eros), ocelomeh (not given), most underwater dwellers especially the sea bishop (Poseidon), ryu and powerful kitsune (worshipped as gods), the entire church of the Fallen God, and even angels and valkyries depending on whether they would accept the Chief God as being the same as the Christian God.

Now that I think about it, all these new gods would probably bring up a lot of questions about religion. Well, at least if the mamono decide to take the Mormon route and knock on my door, I'll probably get a wife out of the deal.

43e358  No.401011

I also wonder about the geopolitical ramifications of mermaids, sea bishops and the like. Think about it, you get a few to pledge aliegance to a country, and that country gets those previously international waters as territory.

219c7a  No.401012


imagine if that fucking paladin got struck by lightning. and then courier cupid from mge and a valkrie suddenly fly close and hand him a scroll that has "i heard that" scribbled onto that roll of paper.

641cb2  No.401015


>countries with citizenship based on parentage intentionally send boats of their men over mamono-infested waters

>the idea is that they get caught, raped, and their children are automatically their home country’s citizens

>sea mamono are okay with the deal because free husbands

36b2a0  No.401016


Unless a kraken can sink an aircraft carrier I don't think it works that way,

641cb2  No.401017


I mean if it gets low enough maybe

Plus if the mge gods transfer to our world the oceans are at the whims of Poseidon.

6357e5  No.401020

File: 7f477a1699628c0⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 258.98 KB, 539x648, 539:648, lack of understanding.png)


Because language barriers lead to drama.

>The chick caught on just as quickly as I did to our situation.

>There was only one thing that could be done.

>Typing everything out in Google Translate.

>It wasn't easy, she was tech illiterate and it went just about as fast as teaching an old person that they can, in fact, do things online.

>Though it didn't even work anyways. She wasn't speaking Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, no asian language I could think of.

>Even using a microphone for Speech-to-Text didn't work. Whatever language she was speaking seemed to be an amalgamation (according to Google) of a bunch of different languages.

>I should've seen this coming.

>I threw my arms in the air and leaned back into my chair, giving up at trying to understand her.

>Then the chick put her fuzzy arms around me and said something in her gibberish again. The same incomprehensible gibberish I've been listening to for the better part of a goddamn hour.

>I lifted the chick's arms off of me and got up from my chair and began to walk out, much to her unintelligble plea. I needed to think.

>The bed frame was fucked (like me). The mattress springs were probably fucked. The front door was TOTALLY fucked, along with the frame and hinges and would TOTALLY need to be replaced.

>NOW I had a giant pit in the backyard AND a bunch of tiny little holes in the fucking floor from this spider chick's goddamn feet!

>She followed me out and was saying something else now.

>The sex was nice, but she'd overstayed her welcome.

>"You know what," I interrupted, "It was good to meet you. I know you can't understand a goddamn word of what I say, but you need to leave."

>To make sure she understood, I pointed to her before pointing to the door.

>The chick looked almost dumbly at me before moving to the door and…leaning it back against the frame.

>Oh for fuck's sake.

>"Here, let me make it even easier for you to understand."

>I picked up the armor she discarded last night, which was easier said than done. The stuff was easily heavier than a measly thirty-five pounds of human(?) armor.

>How fucking strong was she? Was this even a good idea knowing that?

>I walked through the remains of my front door and out to the sidewalk, where I unceremouniously chucked her gear.

>The chick started saying something as she started to pick her stuff back up, but by the time she had gathered it all back up I had already leaned the door back against the frame.

>I honestly didn't think it'd work in keeping her away.

>I just needed time to myself to figure some things out.

a10270  No.401036


>Language barrier

Interesting concept, I like it

c7c16e  No.401039


as a fellow Ushi-fag, You're doing us proud Anon

c7d476  No.401041

File: 6b30ba19e087e6c⋯.png (186.56 KB, 291x420, 97:140, cinnamon dripping.png)


>someone's actually doing a story with the language barrier

a36517  No.401071

File: 5f3ad579ec245e9⋯.png (16.53 KB, 625x626, 625:626, Not taking the bait.png)


Maybe next time.

2befc5  No.401072

File: 7a5384df578437b⋯.jpg (38.48 KB, 540x390, 18:13, kek.jpg)


>he thinks I was baiting

2befc5  No.401073

of course I wasnt

a36517  No.401074

File: 56e954704839615⋯.jpeg (118.63 KB, 849x1201, 849:1201, Dark priest4.jpeg)


>The question was how Christians react, it didn't really specify what sect

For this thought experiment minor differences between the various sects ultimately don't matter.

>There are also a lot of sects that believe certain behavior is sinful, so at best they would dislike a number of girls.

In MGE most humans have a bad opinion regarding monster. 90% of relationships start of with the man hating/detesting the monster, but eventually they always become a perfect and happy couple. The personal beliefs of humans don't matter to monsters. It's just another obstacle for them to overcome using the power of LOVE! and magic

>Some are against drinking alcohol, leaving them at odds with the oni and satyros (if the latter's cloven hooves didn't already throw them off). Some believe dancing and singing is bad, so they would dislike sirens. Most would probably hate dark elves because many think BDSM is evil (to be fair though, I'm not a fan of them either).

Does this matter?

>There would also probably be a few issues with mamono who believe in other gods because "no other gods before me"

Yes but a lot of people would leave their old faiths in favour of these new, tangible gods who can actually verify their own existence and provide boons for anyone who asks.

>angels and valkyries depending on whether they would accept the Chief God as being the same as the Christian God.

The 3DPD god would have been BTFO'd long before the invasion, since the demon lords victory is inevitable.

>Well, at least if the mamono decide to take the Mormon route and knock on my door, I'll probably get a wife out of the deal

Mmm monster proselytizer sound cute.

537758  No.401075


I wont reject the Lord, not for any waifu, of she does love you she will understand

537758  No.401076



>Calling the Lord 3DPD.

By definition that statement is untrue because for that to happen He would have to stop loving you

a36517  No.401079

File: 5625601e3f3386d⋯.jpg (132.25 KB, 679x679, 1:1, Heavy drinking3.jpg)



Is having to deal with cristhcuck idiocy my sisyphean task? Also this is a pagan board, so fucking chill with your bible studies M'kay?

a36517  No.401080


>Calling the Lord 3DPD

I was talking about the chief goddess, but maybe my wording wasn't clear.

36b2a0  No.401085

File: 48786b0fb9d9ab5⋯.jpg (455.45 KB, 1242x600, 207:100, 312efea6e7b711f2bc9d4a8d99….jpg)


I don't think Poseidon would take sides in a human war, which would almost certainly happen if a country seriously tried that. On paper maybe a country could interpret the law to say that the entire ocean belongs to them, but in practice other countries could just change the law unless the first country backed it up with actual military force.

c33eb2  No.401089


>In MGE most humans have a bad opinion regarding monster. 90% of relationships start of with the man hating/detesting the monster, but eventually they always become a perfect and happy couple. The personal beliefs of humans don't matter to monsters. It's just another obstacle for them to overcome using the power of LOVE! and magic

Can you really call a relationship that has to be forced real? If someone truly dosen’t want to be happy, I say let them.

Not that they shouldn't be appealed to. Some me people are lost causes. Mindraping them into acquiescence feels too dystopian. If they don’t want to be happy, they can rot.

2befc5  No.401090


>this is a pagan board

the suprising amount of Christians here say otherwise

2befc5  No.401091


no, no it was not.

43e358  No.401095


Another problem would be modern naval battles and naval survival/rescue equipment in general. One of their favorite ways of finding husbands is to go under two fighting warships and pick up any casualties that went down with the ship or fell overboard during the fight. Can you guess what happens if they try that with a modern naval engagement, even if they could figure out one was going on (the two fleets tend to be out of visual range of each other). Oh and did I mention that modern naval battles involve copious amounts of explosives, including depth charges that dynamite fish submarines. Now she might be able to magic up the HMS Hood, Bismarck, IJN Yamato, various old Soviet subs and American aircraft carriers repurposed as artificial reefs Pirates of the Caribbean style, but there's still the matter of using them properly to defend their borders.

e84833  No.401100



The census we did a few months ago revealed no group had a majority and it was roughly equal, 1 part Christian, 1 part pagan and 1 part made up of other groups

c33eb2  No.401101

>>401100 (checked)

>1 part pagan

How would you define “pagan”? The board specific religion only or do others count towards it?

e84833  No.401104


Mainly board specific. But I think we had a couple Germanics and celts in the mix

e84833  No.401105


I recall we also had a Muslim and Shinto guy, as well as a couple Buddhist. Though I count them as part of other to differentiate

2befc5  No.401107


>mfw most religions who value chastity as the highest virtue can be found here

the irony will never be lost

7bf2dc  No.401108



I remember /monster/-specific religion being roughly equivalent in number to the amount of Christians here.

c33eb2  No.401110


I suppose. But does anyone unironically worship the /monster/ pantheon?

e84833  No.401112


Everyone in the thread seemed pretty serious to me

2befc5  No.401113


It would be highly funny if there were people that did just that. Although one has to wonder how it would work

347538  No.401115


Yes. Are you that new? Go ask their thread in the catalog if you think otherwise.

c33eb2  No.401117


I’m not new. I just have trouble telling if a person is being serious or not. Doubly so online where sarcasm is harder to discern.

In cases where I’ve seen people post pics of actual shrines, I actively hope it’s just anons going the extra mile for the shitpost.

e84833  No.401122


People have been posting pics of their shrines for years. We even have holidays! How do you not know thins is real?!

0eeb7c  No.401123


It's pretty real, m8.

bea78a  No.401125


>I'm not a newfag

>People that post on canadian syrup farm boards aren't that autistic


c33eb2  No.401126


Because Like I said, I have trouble telling if people are being serious or not. And I kind of hope it really is just ironic shitposting. It’d be pretty demoralizing to find that people are that desperate.


5-6 years now, I think. I don’t keep track.

3e31d5  No.401127


its pretty cringe. I'll tell you.

0eeb7c  No.401128



Back to cuckchan with you.


Is worshipping any deity considered desperate or shitposting? Or is it because it's not yahweh, allah, or moloch?

6357e5  No.401133

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>I planted myself firmly at my computer, reminded of my experience this morning by the still present musk of sex, and began to do some digging.

>It seemed that the hashtag to go down on was going to be #DOTR, if last night was any indication.

>Social media was an absolute mess. On one side there was some tweets about the moniker being triggering though it was only a select few that were blown up.

>The other side was mostly anime girl avatars saying that the day had finally come (and so did they.)

>Others still, horrifically, posting pictures of newly growing inhuman appendages and body parts that belonged more on liveleak, and detailing dramatic mood shifts.

>Some people were taking selfies with their new "partners," but one particular post was skyrocketing in popularity.

>It belonged to an account, a woman who fit every mark of a succubus with blue skin and horns, that was formatted like a government official's account, with words like "official" and "Head of Cultural Integration" in the description.

>The post in question was a pinned series of posts, starting off with a selfie of the woman and a rather happy looking man, with the actual post blubbering about how sweet he was.

>The following posts then actually addressed the details surrounding the DOTR and the race that instigated it.

>Basically, the chicks had achieved dominance in their world, run out of men, and found a solution in interdimensional travel (for some reason.)

>The race, mamono, came in peace, obviously, although physical force would be applied as needed (and possibly not needed, in the case of more 'aggressive' species.)

>Then I stopped reading and got stuck on a certain passage of the series of posts.

>It wasn't because it was difficult to read, but because it made me freeze in shock and horror.

>It was just three words. Three little words that put the fear of god into me.






>No no no, no that had to be a hyperbole.

>The most prolific comments were "What if you didn't want the relationship? What if you want to get a divorce or something?"

>No answers except from cynical posters.

>Then, as if on que, an already familiar clacking of legs on a hard surface made itself known.

>I could almost hear "The Bitch Came Back" playing in my head.

4b05f2  No.401135


Both Ammit and Reitia have existed in cultural mythology for longer than Christ, the jews' desert war-god or Pisslam's moon demon (they're NOT the same god, regardless of what the kikes push). They're just as legitimate targets of worship as the deities of larger faiths. Sure /monster/ puts their own spin on it but news flash, so does every culture, religion adapts to the worshippers, not the other way around.

2befc5  No.401184


its not the gods, its the way they are worshipped that makes people cringe

8cc46f  No.401188


You mean the astral projection larpers in the pantheon thread? Eh… Least they're not standing around on street corners dressed in burlap screaming at the general public to Praise Her Thighs. Khenmaat's a pretty solid holiday ritual for a first iteration.

c33eb2  No.401191


Those are the ones. Everything else is just in good fun, but those guys are what I meant by taking it seriously.

a36517  No.401201

File: 03ecef14e973f05⋯.jpg (16.19 KB, 290x445, 58:89, No u.jpg)


>And I kind of hope it really is just ironic shitposting. It’d be pretty demoralizing to find that people are that desperate.

No you're demoralizing!

41d4a4  No.401204




Up to 30% of the Planet's terrestrial surface is used just for livestock grazing, and pasture and arable land dedicated to the production of feed is up to 80% of the total agricultural land. Worst of all, livestock only provides 25% of protein intake and 15% of dietary energy globally. I love a good steak as much as the next guy, but if humanity ever starts having food concerns livestock should be the first thing to go en masse.

41d4a4  No.401205


> mg-repelling psychopaths

I'm not exactly caught up on all the fine details of MGQ, do the mentally insane actually drive away monster girls or am I misreading that?

322dd0  No.401206


GMO has been doing a pretty good job staving off food shortages for a while now.

43e358  No.401208


If worse comes to worst a monstergirl and her husband can feed off each other's energy in perpetuity. Also some girls can create pocket universes that with any luck will have airable land.

a5ad6e  No.401216


According to MGE canon, a monster girl would not fall in love with someone who unashamedly enjoy people's suffering or killing others. Again though, that's MGE, not MGQ, since a lot of those monsters are killers themselves it probably wouldn't really matter to them..

36b2a0  No.401228

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


All bets are off if they start turning the ships into monstergirls.

0e5b08  No.401230


>sea dwelling mamono find the wreckages of past ships on ocean floors

>wonder what happened to them

>instead of askig around or finding a way to read books, they come to the conclusion that "repairing" the ships with monsterization would be the best way

>monsterizing such huge objects take a ton of mana and time that many don't feel it's worth contributing

>some determined monsters commission sabbath to help out

>during the sabbath's congregations, ambient mana concentrators draw into the energy everyone is releasing

>create a magic object that is extremely concentrated and relatively easy to transport

>create a lot of these to run tests

>test out monsterizing a ship with one

>successful, but the results are a little less monsterous than expected

>new ship girl talks about her memories serving in combat during a preportal war

>another, still not looking much like a monster, is extremely jumpy and easily spooked by loud, sudden noises

>one more actually comes out with rabbit ears

>explains the ears are fake before trying to take a nap

>at a lost, sabbath are unsure about what to do with these cubes

>sea-dwellers are ok with this and the sabbath are still generating several dozen each congregation

>lol, let's just throw them out to sea, what could possibly go wrong?

>a few cubes make it to some unknown, lost, alien vessels at the deepest parts of he ocean

>new ship girls, even less /monsterous/, but more monsterous appear

>but also a bunh of shipgirls from a preportal war appear

>yfw we azur lane now

43e358  No.401233


Monstergirl Bismarck would cause an interesting situation in Germany.

219c7a  No.401261

File: 933e8e491978875⋯.jpg (517.25 KB, 1537x2048, 1537:2048, yc9.jpg)


> guns suddenly start monsterizing into living weapons.

Jesus Christ imagine if all meme guns suddenly monsterize, like nuggets and hipoints.

c33eb2  No.401264


>a monster girl would not fall in love with someone who unashamedly enjoy people's suffering

Do those meme mashup vids of people getting fucked up to bass boosted nigger songs count? Because those never fail to get a laugh out of me.

0eeb7c  No.401268

File: 3d5e326c80456ee⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 403.88 KB, 1440x2036, 360:509, IMG_1635.JPG)


>nuggets and hipoints

>not best kot

a5ad6e  No.401269


It's probably fine if you laugh at slapstick type stuff. It would have to be something like enjoying the pain of a person getting waterboarded, or finding it funny when someone losses their job and is left homeless for them to hate you. Fucked up shit like that.

43e358  No.401282

File: 67981e6bfe155f8⋯.png (805.22 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, Negev.png)

File: 2c296609f3c4a6c⋯.png (1.01 MB, 1191x1536, 397:512, TAR-21.png)

File: 7f3c916dfce050f⋯.png (654.27 KB, 1191x1536, 397:512, Microuzi_norm.png)

File: b224b3c78904449⋯.png (603.75 KB, 1191x1536, 397:512, Galil_ar_norm.png)


Everyone's gonna hate my waifus for (((one))) reason or another, but they would be too powerful

a10270  No.401283


>all just licenced to be produced in shekkelville and none of them really originating from there

Gee I wonder who would just rather (((coopt))) a design than spend money on development

43e358  No.401288


Let's see here…


>Finnish AK in 5.56 and with a bottle opener



>Czech smg with better furniture

I'll give you that

But what about the Tavor and Negev?

0eeb7c  No.401290


Your raifus are fodder, except Negev.

I want to dislike her, but her skill's really useful.

9b2142  No.401295

File: 8b94a05c73e3894⋯.jpg (101.27 KB, 1967x562, 7:2, M36KantraelPatternLasgun.jpg)

File: 2a889f71dd7f22b⋯.jpg (38.13 KB, 342x216, 19:12, BolterAstartes_MK_Vb.jpg)


What would a Lasgun or Bolter end up looking like?

43e358  No.401298


Lasgun-girl would get a little red in the face if you called her a flashlight, and she'd have an inferiority complex with even firearm waifus, but the planet will break before she does.

Boltgirls would be short, stocky, thicc, busty and tons of fun overall.

a10270  No.401316


>Azur lane

All of my yes

Also good little explanation behind the whole thing

a36517  No.401363

File: 7a0e598517e061e⋯.png (56.4 KB, 881x711, 881:711, Screenshot_2019-03-16 Mons….png)

File: 44073376d92ed00⋯.png (90.16 KB, 895x1039, 895:1039, Screenshot_2019-03-10 Mons….png)




>What is magic and it's agricultural uses

>What are demon real beasts and crops

43e358  No.401383


This might open the door for space colonization.

c7c16e  No.401414


Hopefully Ushi Oni feelings were not hurt in the process

36b2a0  No.401417

File: ec1b9d27d0700d4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.7 MB, 1640x2060, 82:103, boneyard.jpg)



>Lilim tries to give mana bomb to Strelok

>Strelok has already seen one city monsterized, and is smart enough to guess what the bomb does

>Strelok doesn't take it to the city

>Strelok has his own target

43e358  No.401418


That's just plane awesome.

219c7a  No.401428


a *9/11 tier girl in every home. I bet sundowner would rejoice.

43e358  No.401431


There are also fighter jets, for more high-flying fun

Also, if you are the kind of guy who likes to go on vacations, an airline waifu would give you so many advantages.

8759a8  No.401475

How would monstergirls deal with most cultures

Here in Spain and most med countries for example we greet women by kissing them on the cheeks, would they interpret that as a an advance on them and try to one up that?

c34b2f  No.401488

Do you guys think that monsters would likely be horrified by some of our music. I mean while there are plenty of love songs that I think monsters would love, there are also plenty of songs about loss or some other stuff that doesn’t really come up with monster girls. I’m really just wondering how they would react.

a36517  No.401492

File: 1f899b7925ad9cf⋯.jpg (71.34 KB, 553x493, 553:493, 1f899b7925ad9cf5db3b17d995….jpg)


>I bet sundowner would rejoice


a36517  No.401493

File: 01a5c641d29e1d1⋯.png (475.51 KB, 1100x800, 11:8, 01a5c641d29e1d1ba3ecb1699b….png)


>How would monstergirls deal with most cultures

Since monster didn't originally have a culture because in the age of the previous demon lord monsters were mostly savage beasts, bearly capable of speach succubi helped them with the basics of sapient and civilized life, but they themeselves could only teach them so much. Mamono mostly just pick up the culture around them and modify it accordingly. They generally "integrate" well, and local monsterized women who are already familliar with the culture also help the aforementioned processes by significant amount.

>Here in Spain and most med countries for example we greet women by kissing them on the cheeks, would they interpret that as a an advance on them and try to one up that?

Depends on the species of the monster. More temperate ones (Mermaid, SeaBishop etc.) would be okay with it, but a werewolf or even a simple succ would think it's a courting ritual.

6e6935  No.401499


>Spaniard anon kises succ to greet her

>She thinks he is courting her

Laer that day the anon was happily married to a succ.

75bd78  No.401508


>Holstaur/Minotaur are horrified by the bullfighting in Spain in the meanwhile.

I don't mind it tbh, but I'm curious how it'd be like.

43e358  No.401515


They'd corrupt it.

2befc5  No.401527

what about a guy that wants to wait before marriage?

Say a person doenst want to have a baby out of wedlock, would the monster accept if they married inmediately if she knew the sex will happen after they finish and get a room for themselves

6357e5  No.401529


>Oh no.

>The spider chick was back, except this time she was dragging a huge trunk with her.


>There was no way I was going to let a walking, incomprehensible CHORE stomp into my life. Not now, not ever

>I rushed out to meet her, waving my hands and shouting, "NOOO, no, no, no, no, NO. You are NOT about to just walk into MY house like YOU own it!"

>We practically blocked each other on the front walk.

>She instantly had an indignant look and said…SOMETHING in a matching tone.

>Her eyes were striking, to say the least; a bright, emerald green with an already existing sharpness made even sharper with frustration and temper.

>Although it wasn't remotely as frightnening as her more beastial look from last night.

>Even then, no scary looking eyes were going to deter my anger.

>To describe the "argument," it could be seen as a more heated version of a citizen trying to tell an asian immigrant they couldn't just walk in somewhere and the immigrant arguing in THEIR language.

>From there, it escalated into a full on shouting match between me and her. We both refused to stand down from our assumed positions of homeowner and homewrecker.

>Neighbors and bystanders quickly gathered about to watch the shouting match, much to my own embarrassment.

>She must've seen it too, if her eyes darting about were any indication.

>She decided to end the argument to save face then and there, and roughly shoved me aside to clear her path.

>Jesus she was strong! I'm not the smallest or biggest guy, but I'd bet she'd be able to toss me like a ragdoll if she wanted.

>Compared to her, I had no choice in any matters. The feeling of powerless was further reinforced when I watched her shove the door aside to drag her trunk inside my house.

>I got back to my feet and shouted, "FINE! Take the damn house! I hope you go to hell with it too!"

>I stomped off, ignoring anything the chick was shouting now.

>I wonder if any of my local pals from uni had any vacancies that could be filled.

2befc5  No.401530


If holstaurs or centaurs want to participate there could be arrangements for them not to die

Besides I think they would appreciate the initial part "corrida de toros" very much since it would mean free husbands at the end of the bullfight.

Actually that would be a good way to find a husband, if the matador loses the bullfight the mamono gains a new husband, if not she has to leave and have a better luck next time

2befc5  No.401531


Can mamono corrupt animals? I never really new if that was true or not

a10270  No.401562


maybe adapt it into something like this


ecc84f  No.401582


I meant more along the lines of corrupting the ceremony itself.

c0a84c  No.401587


>there could be arrangements for them not to die

You wouldn't even need to take out the sword. Just swap it for one made out of demon realm silver. Now I need a story about Anónimo the matador getting proactively dated by a minotaur.

43e358  No.401589


actually, it would turn into a glorified strip tease, the sword cutting her clothes off. At the end, she has a night with her beloved.

641cb2  No.401594


Not only the content of our music, the sound would probably be really shocking to them. Assuming the mg World is medieval-tech, their instruments are likely much more primitive, magical aid aside. Imagine one of them being exposed to electric guitar or a synthesizer for the first time.

641cb2  No.401595


The first round of sex IS the marriage ceremony to most mgs, so by their standards this wouldn’t be a problem.

Now if the guy is really anal about it and wants to wait until after a proper marriage ceremony, I think most of the cooler-headed mgs would be okay with it, provided the ceremony is prepared quickly and they’re allowed to cuddle and kiss in the meantime.

Ushi-Onis and Hellhounds would probably be very difficult to talk into this however.

641cb2  No.401596


>the big twist is when the Minotaur Anonimo is fighting remembers that she has hands to grab him with

36b2a0  No.401603

File: 99345c21ca2e85f⋯.jpg (1.41 MB, 1500x1910, 150:191, 690b30190b1b3920a3ffe728b5….jpg)


>be fighter pilot

>flying out to the last known location of a missing warship

>command don't know what happened to them, but so far all signs point to monster activity


>you don't have time to react

>blinding light surrounds you as the missile hits

>you don't seem to be dead

>but the missile somehow teleported a monstergirl into the cockpit, so you're not sure how long that will last

>ignoring your input, your plane levels out while the enemy plane flies up alongside you

>how the hell did an f-14 sneak up on you?

>they get closer, letting you see inside the cockpit

>the man looks nothing like a pilot, and he has a girl much like yours sitting in his lap

>he waves, while she mimes shooting at you with her finger

>they fly away, as your newly-monsterized aircraft starts trying to remove your flight suit

553729  No.401624

>Be me

>22 yo /fit/ bro

>Know better than to mess with 3dpd

>Pretend not to be lonely

>It doesn’t work

>DOTR happens. Oh_shit_nigga.jpeg

>Around a billion monsters flood the globe through innumerable portals

>There’s not even an attempt at a military response even in the US. Many of the portals opened in major cities.

>Femenists and various breeds of cuck protest the mamono in the streets.

>The cucks get alped of course. The femenists not vile enough to be killed on the spot turn into various monsters

>The Catholic Church has no fucking clue what’s going on. The Vatican was overrun by hakutakus and owl mages a few hours after the event and haven’t been able to be reached for comment.

>The goat fuckers get over run by swarms of Khepri, Anubutts, and Sandworms led by a pharaoh.


>As a very loose Christian and really more of general abrahamic monotheist I’m entirely unaffected belief wise.

>My dick isn’t though.

>I live in a major city suburb.

>Haven’t gone outside in days. Waiting for the trash to be done away with.

>Cable news comes on for the first time in 5 days. All the channels had been down.

>”…And I for one welcome our fluffy cuddle slut overlords. All men still single go outside and walk a few hundred feet in any direction. The rest will happen all it’s own.”

>Ok newscaster guy. It’s not rape if I want it too. Just surprise sex.

>Think about what monster girl I want.

>Takes 2 seconds. Decide on an Ushi Oni.

>My pelvis is as adamantite from being able to squat 515 Ass to Grass. My Hips are as the Aegis of yore. Bring it on Cow Spider.

>Go to open door.

>brick wall nearest me is smashed to pieces by an enormous 8 foot tall Ushi with M cup udders somehow still perky, and a cute tummy.

>>”Oooh Yeeeaahhh….*clears throat*, Ara ara /fit/ bro-kun.”

>I for one am fine with this development.

>6 hours later.

>….I was wrong. Nothing could’ve prepared my pelvis.

>She’s laying on her back with me on top of her passed out with a smile on her face.

>So Fucking Cute.

>I’m so down with literally everything that’s happened.

a36517  No.401625

File: 54ce4a10d1b4477⋯.jpg (378.27 KB, 850x1274, 425:637, Holstaur10.jpg)


>Holstaur/Minotaur are horrified by the bullfighting in Spain in the meanwhile

This assumption is ludicrous. Would you be personally offended if a prime ape got hurt?

Monsters wouldn't care about socially accepted animal slaughter, unless they personally have a problem with it. Which I doubt since monsters are not soyboy vegans and when I say vegan I mean it in an ideological sense and not a dietary one. Some monsters are, by design herbivores.

247183  No.401634

File: a8aa31024baee07⋯.png (448.54 KB, 1297x653, 1297:653, ANOTHERROUNDOFGOLDENTANUKI….png)

File: 97d9953d32b8434⋯.png (1.04 MB, 1598x954, 799:477, thank_you_for_your_interes….png)

>It's been a few years now

>Things have started to die down as monster girls integrate into society

>Some take more than others

>One night dragged to a bar by a friend

>Place is packed

>night goes uneventful till I hear a voice above the entire crowd

>It's this Danuki shouting drunkenly at the bartender for more drinks

>Her friend, another danuki is head down on the bar, her face flushed

>Can't help but stare at this spectacle happening just a few seats down from where we are

>At one point the dead drunk friend picks her head up

>She seems to notice me staring

>jerk my gaze away as she points me out to her friend, the both of them staring

>Could have sworn I saw the two of them give me this really dirty looking smile

>Can see out of the corner of my eye they're still looking over at me.

>Casually look over at them like I'm looking around the room

>My eyes meet with both of em

>Time seems to slow as I watch the dead drunk friend hook a finger into her friend's blouse, popping open some of the buttons

>Eyes go "deer in the headlights wide" as I'm getting an eye full o Danuki tit crevasse

>Friend absent in all of this, he's gone off to the bathroom or something

>The Dead drunk Danuki is giving me bedroom eyes

>Might have to tell my friend he's leaving the bar alone tonight

a10270  No.401637


>Its not rape just suprise sex


295799  No.401640

>Still 22 yo fit bro

>Wake up.

>She’s gone and I have regular pillows under my head instead of the tiddy kind

>Smell something cooking in the front room

>Walk over m. She’s standing there completely nude finishing breakfast.

>Sirloin Staak, Eggs that are a really a third cheese, and a glass of milk.

>Funny. I ran out of milk 2 days after the DOTR.

>She notices my confusion and blushes.

>A moo spider is still a moo.

>She Puts everything on a tray on the table, walks to the living room and turns on the news. She sits in the middle of the living room. Too big for any couch.

>I take the tray off the table and go to sit on her lap/ pedipalps.

>She starts running her fingers through my hair.

>I bring a paw that was patting my head and kiss it, then interlock my fingers with the claws.

>>”I love you so much husband. I can’t wait to show you to my friends.”

>My only response is to drag her head down to where I can reach it and kiss her.

>Actually start paying attention to the news.

>Saudi Arabia, Libya, and most of the Middle East are now a singular nation called New Egyptia. The president of the US is now the Demon Lord. Elon Musk is now married to the stacyest gremlin ever. It’s now confirmed he opened the portal by accident during experiments for space ex.


>Sure. I’m just glad my nigga Elon came through.

>Apparently monsters can have boys. Boys born to monsters are human, girls are the same species as the mother with some genetic inheritance from the father same as any other animal. Birth split is 50% male, 50% female. Good. No harem shit.

“Hey Sweetie doesn’t this mean human females will cease to exist?”

>>”Probably. Do you ca…”


5 years later.

>Monster integration has now fully finished. Human females are exceedingly rare.

>Elon can’t stop won’t stop. First colonies on mars already there, with efforts beginning to terraform it with mamono mana.

>I got promoted at my job to junior chief engineer. Got a bigger house. I need it.

>Have 3 daughters and 2 sons.

>Radical organizations still exist to attempt to halt this veritable paradise. Mostly cucks and 3dpd. The largest one is antimon.

>A rare adult baph interrupted one of their violent protests carrying a large stick. A really big stick. More of a small tree really. Hands out spankings. Internet calls her based stick baph.

c7d476  No.401642

File: 5ed275738b70201⋯.jpg (226.67 KB, 1200x1550, 24:31, __imaizumi_kagerou_touhou_….jpg)


>Elon Musk is now married to the stacyest gremlin ever.

Don't you remember? Elon is a catgirl, she even took a picture of herself. Here's another one.

0eeb7c  No.401643


Even as a wolf, Elon confuses herself for a kot.

641cb2  No.401645


>a rare adult baph

Gib big titty goat gf

a10270  No.401652


>based stick Baph


>adult Baph

Oh my

ad716b  No.401662

File: 10b4567e3ecbac3⋯.jpeg (1.85 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, FB5674CE-3139-4BD7-A5CB-1….jpeg)

I’ll be at work in a few hours but I am off entirely tomorrow. Maybe I’ll clean this up and add better shading.

c3a9b7  No.401665

Happy bump limit! These threads are so much fun.

87f544  No.401671

>Be anonymous shitposter

>Rolling in the Neetbux. Never leave house.

>Turn TV on to have background noise while I troll the femcel reddit.

>No one is too sad to be immune to the sting of my keyboard.

>I keep getting banned. By myself. I’m also a mod. Peak kek.

>Hear the sad “girls” start talking about monster girls popping up.

>You don’t watch the news. It has nothing to do with shit posting.


>keep trolling

>Eventually a post comes to your attention. It’s someone trying to sell these girls pheromone soap made of semen.

>They’re actually taking the bait.

>The best trolling is the kind you get paid for.

>PM this elegant gentlemen to try to pick his brain some.

>I instantly get PMed loads of juicy asses sticking out of improbable places. With purple tails.

>Nigga wut

>The next series of images is of you asleep. The last few have the same ass but this time it’s shoved in your face.

>Nani! Bakana!!! My neet fortress is utterly unassailable. Impossiburu.

>The last image is of your house. You can see your clock in the image. It reads the same as it does now.

>> “I find your adherence to the ways of the old god Kek most admirable Anon P. Anonerson. Prepare to be struggle snuggled.”

>Not two seconds later the same ass pops out of your computer screen straight into your face bowling you over.

>When you look up attached to the ass is a faggot cat with the smuggest look you’ve ever seen. All those Twitter avatars did nothing to prepare you for this level of smug.

“Stop!!! I only have 4 more years until I can cast fireballs!!!”

>>”The only thing you’re gonna be casting is loads into my phat cat ass.”


247183  No.401673



work on proportions

fa3880  No.401677


A 5/10 monstergirl beats an 11/10 human woman, because 1) the heart of the monster beats with pure love 2)they adapt to your desires.

a10270  No.401687



b36d7a  No.401691

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>her face when

a10270  No.401720


>Sitting in the room together eating breakfast

Something so simple but when I think about it, Its something I long for

a36517  No.401731

File: 735200d85850b39⋯.png (112.63 KB, 500x522, 250:261, I came here to laugh at yo….png)


>Having a positive opinion about Elon cuck

Oh hi reddit. How's the "Hyper scam" project going?

a36517  No.401732


That's the beauty of these stories. A "simple" and wholsome life with your family.

a36517  No.401733

File: 337d4a128a2a269⋯.jpg (34.09 KB, 229x342, 229:342, Big and thick.jpg)

File: 9fe403b67c99d00⋯.jpeg (383.16 KB, 1032x693, 344:231, baphomet01.jpeg)


Others will not like it but it's pretty neet. Also, you need to work on those legs mate.

a10270  No.401738

>A portal opens up

>It just sits there for awhile, no one knows what to do

>The world decides that Its best enforcer take the role of guarding it

>AKA the fucking US of A once again takes the job over

>And you had to be one of the fags guarding it

>Its so boring, literally just sitting around for hours near a florescent hole in the universe

>As the officer you just sit around sending BS reports to higher about it

>Suddenly it flares

>Out steps a drop dead gorgeous woman with white hair, white wings, and a tail

>Everybody spooked so we are all up and holding weapons at her

>She looks at us and smirks

<So nice of the host world to send their best stock as a welcome gift

>You speak up

Ma'am, you need to go back now

>She giggles and takes one step forward, prompting you all to raise your weapons

I'm sorry ma'am, its time for you to leave

>He casual demeanor faltered for a moment before the smile returned

>She snapped her fingers, and all your weapons suddenly broke in half

>Her smug smile never left her face, and she motioned to the portal

<I guess I need to help you along with assimilation

>Suddenly ushi oni come pouring through the portal

>Oh god no, please not like this

>An Ushi Oni grabs your arm with one of her hands then caresses your face with the other

<You ready for some moo-snuu

M-Moo snuu?

>You never had a chance

a36666  No.401745

File: 9da414f0d43f63b⋯.jpeg (2.14 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, BFAF0A08-E61E-4CC8-931D-F….jpeg)

I know for a fact the face is better here.

I started from scratch.

Has a feminine x shape rather than being a fucking triangle like irl 3dpd who can’t even pin down an anon and ara ara him. Useless those 3dpd I tells ya.

Ultimately to each their own.

Tangentially Bros at what point is name fagging acceptable?

I’m the same anon who wrote the Cheshire and Ushi green texts in this thread like 10 posts up.

96d7b7  No.401762

Uh, we hit the bump limit a while ago, should someone put up a new thread?

2befc5  No.401843


>mfw Andalusian minotaurs/holstaurs come to Spain

>The laziest girls with the most broken Spanish and a fetish for cuddlesex

all of my yes

2befc5  No.401844


those jokes about the bull raping the matador suddenly become true

2befc5  No.401845

what would happen to singles fathers who have a son to raise, would the new mother welcome her son with open arms/tentacles/pseudopods?

a36517  No.401848

File: 6e640b0c0bd5667⋯.png (3.47 MB, 3113x2780, 3113:2780, Dragon92.png)


>would the new mother welcome her son with open arms/tentacles/pseudopods?

Nigga, is this even a question? Of fucking course they would. Hell, even most 3DPD would except the dude's previous children.

2befc5  No.402157


She doesnt look like a fur she just looks like a less cute version of Raphtalia

1af868  No.402163


This picture needs a story.

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