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Just what you need to make you feel better

File: 53acc43ce0a7456⋯.jpg (37.75 KB, 712x637, 712:637, kona.jpg)

c57846  No.333382

Petition: The UK should not agree the UN's Global Compact for Migration


Dow Plunges by Nearly 800 Points on Fears of Economic Slump


Bond Market Sends Up a Recession Warning Flare


Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein Settles Suit, Averting Accusers’ Testimony


Post last edited at

918074  No.333384

No bullyin before bedtime

f6ce23  No.333387

taigperium tbh

918074  No.333388

File: 4c10b3fc8f7ba04⋯.png (208.29 KB, 690x388, 345:194, 1540625482299.png)

c57846  No.333389

File: 09d3cf2b3a260e3⋯.jpg (235.47 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, kisspng-t-shirt-lucky-star….jpg)


another get for me


aaaa so close



88c70b  No.333390


Poop in the car?

f6ce23  No.333391


Poop in the gym brother hh

c57846  No.333392

File: 80e4ae322326e06⋯.jpg (447.9 KB, 1379x1200, 1379:1200, 1543276684467.jpg)

numerology is a very jewish past time btw

f6ce23  No.333393


if only you were a jewess

88c70b  No.333394


Is the magic working yet, lass?

88c70b  No.333395

File: 65f7e2d16a8bcc9⋯.jpg (3.08 MB, 5178x4248, 863:708, Wizard.jpg)

*magics off you're bra

3cbe44  No.333396

File: b3d6eebd748d8fc⋯.jpg (106.43 KB, 859x1024, 859:1024, 1543949111054.jpg)

tink tink tink

Everyone, everyone gather round!

Come on, everybody squeeze in, yes that means YOU TOO

crowd chuckles

Now that we're all hear AHEM I just wanted to say:



88c70b  No.333397

File: e3fe63d4aca05d5⋯.jpg (51.25 KB, 600x901, 600:901, 17b68372b1f1f7e833e4b73b19….jpg)

f53e0a  No.333398

File: 35666d9f07dbb1a⋯.jpg (36.93 KB, 657x526, 657:526, sweaty_apu.jpg)

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew just had a bit of a scare. was setting up my old monitor so I can have dual monitors and when I was plugging it in, I guess my hand bumped the power cord for my computer and wiggled it, so my computer shut off. and then it wouldn't turn back on, so I was freaking for a sec wondering if I shorted the mobo. so I turned it completely off, unplugged it, unplugged the monitor, put everything back exactly the way it was, turned the computer on and it's fine. wewwwwwwwwwwww I'm sweatin'

f53e0a  No.333399

I'll try again in the morning when it's light so I can see and I'm all refreshed so not stupid

88c70b  No.333400

File: 2f3d73c126a1ce1⋯.jpg (44 KB, 413x620, 413:620, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

88c70b  No.333401

mantis shaped things

making you think the ideas are yours

7f1b5d  No.333402

File: 55c6e59717a348f⋯.jpeg (72.15 KB, 665x830, 133:166, 15459472-DCFF-4372-B1B9-5….jpeg)

>smoker will end up sitting at my table during my comfy pre-work internet time


abf9c2  No.333403

File: 509d5b4cbec6f90⋯.png (125.21 KB, 353x299, 353:299, hmmm.png)

>own two children's books by the same author

>the name sets off my questionable loyalties detector

>both books exist to normalise divorce

>one of them involves a civic lass getting together with a hwhite lad


abf9c2  No.333404

Hey what happened to >>333333

abf9c2  No.333405

File: 8a0c115285d00e8⋯.png (975.56 KB, 750x2500, 3:10, HATELICIOUS.png)

49d88d  No.333406

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

I love her lads.

abf9c2  No.333407

File: 4593a99debcd582⋯.jpg (74.74 KB, 1080x859, 1080:859, civic lass 5.jpg)

*promotes miscegenation*

49d88d  No.333408

File: 342578d80da41ae⋯.png (964.72 KB, 762x654, 127:109, its very blue haha.png)

509017  No.333409


You having a spot of jungle fever lad?

abf9c2  No.333410

File: 53397a28fa4a1b1⋯.jpg (389.22 KB, 1067x1600, 1067:1600, civic lass 10.jpg)


Take the blackpill

49d88d  No.333411

File: d9cdc2a9a8b6bb1⋯.gif (418.37 KB, 480x480, 1:1, 1540979317520.gif)

509017  No.333412



Too bad most of them are ugly smh

abf9c2  No.333413

File: 8a703c94409950b⋯.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, civic lass.jpeg)


You're not wrong. Lucky for us many of our forebears interbred with theirs and a sub-population of attractive ones were born.

abf9c2  No.333414

File: fd7950354acff9b⋯.jpg (133.69 KB, 666x1024, 333:512, civic English lass.jpg)


All of the day bro. All of the day.

509017  No.333415


Is your wife civic lad?

abf9c2  No.333416

509017  No.333417



49d88d  No.333418

File: 26b0e3560a3f4f2⋯.png (37.22 KB, 640x223, 640:223, JUST.png)


49d88d  No.333419

File: 81ed84733bace59⋯.png (1.58 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, Thumbnail_2.png)

I claim this thread for brit/politics/ long live the fighters.

f4a9f3  No.333420

File: 65734bf786e301b⋯.jpg (59.88 KB, 455x423, 455:423, 1490936996813.jpg)

49d88d  No.333421

File: c33e60abb87d450⋯.webm (4.35 MB, 720x480, 3:2, Still_Politics.webm)

>nearly 3 years since it all began

57d4ed  No.333422

File: fdee320c9051275⋯.png (270.15 KB, 968x1400, 121:175, neo is a skewing faggot.png)

you know at the start of every new thread I give everyone a chance to not be niggers and get filtered, neo's taken the record with an absolutely shit, rubbing-it-in OP post.


Think about demodding neo for abuse of powers lad, it's not like you need the manpower in any case.

She'll just keep getting worse otherwise, as happened last time she had mod powers.


car air freshener


do it

say it's an early christmas present

maybe throw in a roll of polo mints


see picture, niggo strikes again, abusing mod powers just to force a get outside all realms of sportsmanship.


is that you lamb? need some goodposting to offset the niggo posts tbh

c57846  No.333423

File: e3b64fab6fe8067⋯.jpeg (47.12 KB, 358x573, 358:573, __izumi_konata_suzumiya_h….jpeg)

300 lbs. Woman Pleads Guilty to Fatally Crushing Boyfriend


>Windi Thomas pleaded guilty on Monday to the 3rd-degree murder of 44-year-old Keeno Butler.

>“Thomas told investigators that she cut Butler in the hand with a folding knife struck him in the head with a table leg during a confrontation,” then “placed her head on the couch so a portion of her body would be on Butler’s head.” Thomas was more than double Butler’s mere 120 lbs. weight.


c57846  No.333424

File: 5b196bc2a4100d8⋯.png (441.53 KB, 736x800, 23:25, __izumi_konata_lucky_star_….png)


You're taking these numbers a bit too seriously lad.

57d4ed  No.333425

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

c57846  No.333426

File: 6e41fcf64660e6b⋯.png (378.14 KB, 636x594, 106:99, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 88a055f3827542a⋯.jpg (42.26 KB, 528x424, 66:53, 88a055f3827542a8f3aa0b8b59….jpg)

57d4ed  No.333427

File: 0041970a5fced38⋯.png (295.66 KB, 567x960, 189:320, comfy2.png)

the only thing that would make filtering better if it scrubbed filtered (you)s for the user and stopped updating the tab with (1)s

but then again it's comfy to see ineffectual posting going on and knowing you are ignoring it

abf9c2  No.333428

File: 9e7bb2b933ae3c7⋯.png (424.8 KB, 800x1132, 200:283, druid mystery.png)


>the thread does indeed jump from 333324 to 333324


Fire up the wickerman

abf9c2  No.333429

Oh fuck

*throws self in bog*

c57846  No.333430

File: ebf42e036a93d7c⋯.png (260.43 KB, 551x551, 1:1, 1543333640790.png)

abf9c2  No.333431

File: 8849c0d3027324e⋯.jpg (34.17 KB, 549x550, 549:550, brap sniff.jpg)

918074  No.333432

File: 9e71e9896211905⋯.png (7.49 KB, 242x255, 242:255, f6687496337ec27cad69822a7f….png)

>suck up a bit of plastic I didn't see with my henry

>now hoover is broken as its jammed the tube

918074  No.333433

File: b8509b7ab2038d1⋯.jpg (5.31 KB, 250x250, 1:1, 1543748535840.jpg)

c57846  No.333434

File: b151c3aeb773244⋯.png (998.18 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, __izumi_konata_lucky_star_….png)


How far down the tube is it?

918074  No.333435


Maybe 30cm

Reckon I should just hacksaw that section off? There's no getting it out

c57846  No.333436

File: 2f42cfff012b534⋯.png (384.46 KB, 600x600, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

Don't trust this lad, looks like a german soldier.


I thought the nozzle could be detached if you take it apart.

57d4ed  No.333437


filter her tbh

unperson her just like she tries to ban people she doesn't like, like bins, except this is an independent decision not enforced on others and infinitely more moral and satisfying


switch to blow mode or try and suck it back out with another hoover

I only use handheld vacuums tbh, don't need anything bigger

918074  No.333438


I bought a hand hoover for £30 and it wouldnt suck up a crumb

Ran it over dust and it would just do nothing


918074  No.333439


mine isn't

c57846  No.333440

File: f099f9e3a4221af⋯.jpg (333.25 KB, 850x1313, 850:1313, __izumi_konata_lucky_star_….jpg)


It might be too late lad smh unless you have a really long stick to poke through the hose to break and dislodge the plastic.

918074  No.333441

File: 01e9df085943d1a⋯.png (1.71 MB, 1900x1070, 190:107, 1515214873741.png)

My week has been so shit

c57846  No.333442

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Poor lad xoxo at least you're here with us now.

57d4ed  No.333443

File: 442515c3a0a77ff⋯.png (809.18 KB, 680x932, 170:233, sadstalker.png)


keep it up lad

there will come soft rains again

57d4ed  No.333444

druids t bh

c57846  No.333445

File: 2bd6713fe9e8dfc⋯.jpg (93.11 KB, 480x800, 3:5, __izumi_konata_lucky_star_….jpg)


c57846  No.333446

File: 25ef627bab6c532⋯.jpg (79.38 KB, 360x480, 3:4, __izumi_konata_lucky_star_….jpg)

You see, I don't complain about missing gets for days afterwards.

a670ca  No.333447

File: f82b924f50f0b1b⋯.jpg (2.75 MB, 4160x2336, 130:73, IMG_20181205_121957.jpg)


57d4ed  No.333448

File: fdee320c9051275⋯.png (270.15 KB, 968x1400, 121:175, neo is a skewing faggot.png)


morning lad, looks lovely

c57846  No.333449

File: 909c6f0cb838039⋯.png (282.52 KB, 600x600, 1:1, 1543277444737.png)


*dips wessie's boiling head in a snowbank*

abf9c2  No.333450


He didn't steal that get though.

c57846  No.333451

File: b593b35136a2cbe⋯.jpg (112.88 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, 1543278041000.jpg)


there's no such thing as a stolen get tbh, anyone could have posted and snagged it from me and imperium almost did

57d4ed  No.333452

File: 42f60f14bb6b1e9⋯.png (86.34 KB, 248x189, 248:189, laughing small classic pep….png)


lmao I can guess what she's doing, salty bitch

>making a post that takes a long time to upload

>making a second post 6 seconds afterward after noticing the number

>equivalent to waiting until nobody is posting, unlocking locked threads, making 9 posts, stealing the get, deleting the evidence in the unlocked threads and forgetting to re-lock them until the following day

abf9c2  No.333453

File: 8971cbd6edb9534⋯.jpg (24.5 KB, 640x360, 16:9, commies.jpg)


Gets are terra nullis until claimed but your claim was based on fraudulent grounds.

abf9c2  No.333454

Still haven't watched Capitao Falcao smh

57d4ed  No.333455

File: 81f39d512a3cff4⋯.png (306.03 KB, 968x1718, 484:859, neo is a skewing faggot.png)


film night tbh

918074  No.333456

File: dbb350da5c1943a⋯.jpg (126.33 KB, 546x546, 1:1, w-1220.jpg)

Stealing such a big get is quite crass actually. I think I'm joining demod Neo gang.

9bc462  No.333457

File: c98ced902bd984a⋯.jpeg (102.95 KB, 343x487, 343:487, 555544D5-ABFF-4525-AECB-9….jpeg)

Pay rise tbh

57d4ed  No.333458

File: 8d2f868ac3ecb7a⋯.png (225.85 KB, 620x293, 620:293, THEY'LL HAVE TO PRY OUR SI….png)


based and filterpilled

57d4ed  No.333459


congrats now you can pay more tax for my bennies

918074  No.333460

File: bfebff1e42a7b58⋯.jpg (121 KB, 1024x1024, 1:1, 1535579856898.jpg)

A get like that comes once every 143 threads.

9bc462  No.333461

File: 11554709d739d53⋯.png (2.4 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, A73A2CC5-D287-4F7D-B372-66….png)


One day I’ll put people like you in a show and you’ll be there for my own amusement.

57d4ed  No.333462


I can do sumo, sword fighting and observational comedy

would gladly be a circus clown just to get paid tbh I hate being NEET

f4a9f3  No.333463


learn javascript lad

9bc462  No.333464


Do you want to work in a call centre?

57d4ed  No.333465


I can get out of that one because I have disabled ears tbh

57d4ed  No.333466

although they might actually want that

>callers give up in disgust after half an hour of "sorry, what? can you repeat that?" and I save the company thousands in dropped claims or whatever

yeah, I could do that

9bc462  No.333467


Okay you have a medical exemption. I’d put all other neets in a call centre. I’d also make you the whip master. You’d be a favourite neet.

57d4ed  No.333468

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


based and orcpilled

9bc462  No.333469


Maybe I’d assign you a team of trannies, single mummies and darkies.

c57846  No.333470

File: 21c097cf7277296⋯.jpg (359.25 KB, 850x600, 17:12, 1543405199015.jpg)

French Islamist Allegedly Plotted To Kill Men After Luring Them on Gay Dating Apps


y-yeah it was entirely nohomo


I stand for free gets, underhanded methods are encouraged. Only get communists would want them redistributed to the community rather than won through sheer nerve.

3f07dc  No.333471

File: 76346f2f19d10ee⋯.jpg (136.45 KB, 894x894, 1:1, 1542898734480.jpg)


If all mods used your method, the get would inevitably be ruined and end up a deleted spampost in a long dead thread. You spoil the spirit of the get, wench.

Apologise and promise never to do it again or your mod powers shall be revoked.

3f07dc  No.333472

File: 63be3f298955e2d⋯.png (723.49 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, fal of new york.png)

Time to BTFO some Yanks in Darkest Hour tbh.

c57846  No.333473

File: 7ce580e4fef55d3⋯.png (774.95 KB, 833x915, 833:915, 1543726016075.png)

Turkey’s Erdogan to ‘Cover Most of Venezuela’s Necessities,’ Including a Mosque


There's always someone trying to bail out socialism.


You're a good lad so I probably won't do it again but I did enjoy the fallout a lot.


Have you watched Fury?

57d4ed  No.333474


bullying them might be fun for a while

a87ea0  No.333475

File: bc3d091de1d59d3⋯.png (968.67 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 559C22C1-AFC8-4DBA-9EFB-DB….png)

Thinking about male forearms

57d4ed  No.333476


mine are particularly excellent

not misproportioned, but pleasingly large, with strong hands and thick wrists

a87ea0  No.333477

File: 8e0d710b55d985a⋯.jpeg (35.54 KB, 423x309, 141:103, 3E2A94AF-3F22-43D9-92E9-E….jpeg)


57d4ed  No.333478

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3f07dc  No.333479


>Have you watched Fury?

No. The historical inaccuracy bugged my autism too much.

a87ea0  No.333480


I like them skinny and pale.

57d4ed  No.333481

File: 2ebe8326f61d90e⋯.png (5.85 KB, 418x408, 209:204, backpepebighair.png)


another wymyn brainwashed into liking the soyboy look


we're three for three now

>daftie wants submissive skeletons

>neo wants effeminate twinks with moobs

>you want underdeveloped nu-males who can't perform hard labour

a87ea0  No.333482

File: 08b4ee576293ea4⋯.jpeg (19.1 KB, 561x440, 51:40, E7EAEA3A-C76C-4DB2-9306-5….jpeg)



57d4ed  No.333483

File: 45af561b516d3ed⋯.png (38.03 KB, 1152x894, 192:149, BigWessandLittleDown.png)

I'd snap all of you and your men like a twig

I am the big boy

I am in charge

a87ea0  No.333484


My prince is perfection and we will perform labour together.

a87ea0  No.333485

File: b0535c60fee2e39⋯.jpeg (296.44 KB, 750x409, 750:409, 7684AF1C-F68B-4507-A1DB-8….jpeg)


Touch him and we’re going to act out that frog video. I’m the Jap, you’re the frog.

a87ea0  No.333486

File: 618a227a945f237⋯.png (159.03 KB, 790x397, 790:397, BFB63E6D-E44E-41F8-9707-F2….png)

Back to work now.

Wessex, take care of the neets for me.

57d4ed  No.333487

File: c3e75ee6aa53d7b⋯.png (556.87 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, I'm JoJo.png)

File: 0bb1af735c76c0b⋯.png (24.88 KB, 300x250, 6:5, ClipboardImage.png)


filing paperwork isn't labour

unless you mean another kind of labour

talkin bout makin them babies


can't do that to a BIG frog

unless you have a glowing 1000 degree knife

49d88d  No.333488

File: 48f4f41f120b5a6⋯.png (364.14 KB, 600x541, 600:541, 14389779917.png)


Nobody is going to listen to you fam. She's a "girl" and has authority over retarded NEET types who seriously think they have a chance with the online girl if they kiss her arse.

57d4ed  No.333489

File: e0edbef0b9e79bb⋯.png (27.02 KB, 1581x1200, 527:400, 22st orbiting wp.png)


seems to be a good consensus so far tbh but orbiting is a problem yes

although she is in turn manipulated by at least one NEET, in a humorous but sad situation

49d88d  No.333490

File: 21e129c1be2efc6⋯.jpg (75.62 KB, 1600x667, 1600:667, 1540928323823.jpg)

Fair play to you Neo lass. Can't blame you, you're just playing the weak stupid men who can be manipulated.

Also me on the right.


Do tell. But nah she'll get away with it. From what I've seen so far Yank admin is a fucking moron so he'll let it slide.

What can you do.

3f07dc  No.333491



I could warm a family of five on the butthurt emnating from these posts wew

49d88d  No.333492

File: 2c2679b4c90b7d9⋯.png (1.14 MB, 1400x1000, 7:5, rosemary.png)


Not mad, if anything I'm accepting the reality of the situation.

49d88d  No.333493

File: 94216c74a140789⋯.webm (3.83 MB, 866x550, 433:275, 10hoursofnyan.webm)

File: 56a472653f0b7dc⋯.webm (3.95 MB, 866x546, 433:273, 10hoursofnyan2.webm)

3f07dc  No.333494


>long rant about how women manipulate men

>over muh internet numbahs

qeek alright why so serious

49d88d  No.333495


Over numbers? I just read the bit about deleting posts and that, dunno.

And it's true innit. Everything is serious.

57d4ed  No.333496

File: 20e69fc9d5f72fb⋯.png (177.6 KB, 800x800, 1:1, tomato.png)


I don't know much but here's the skinny on what I've picked up, may be overstated. If you're lucky the big man himself will come around to try and justify himself again, he does that sometimes.

>in an e-relationship with a 26yo NEET who has literally never worked a day in his life and:

>sits on discord all day with a coterie of gays, transexuals, neo and hangers-on

>will only talk to the "women" in his e-harem

>personality basically the same as neo's so fair play to them, maybe they will make it and have horrible, manipulative children

>is enough of a bitch to interfere in other people's associations despite not having any contact with either party (recent crazy canadian single mum saga: I forgot he existed until the crazy lass said "oh by the way someone say's you're really mean etc", then he appeared to try and justify this wymynly shit stirring without substantiating proof lmao)

>the lad also has bitch tits but is apparently getting surgery

basically everything I know is that he's a horrible person, except for distant memeposts from 2+ years ago which were annoying at the time but tolerable with reconsideration.

Probably a good lad to people he likes/are amenable to manipulation or don't mind being hangers-on, but I haven't seen any evidence.


it's angry lad

that's what he does

I like it


we live in a society

if you let wymyniggers get away with bullshit they will keep pushing

57d4ed  No.333497


oh I forgot how he literally uses this board for a recruitment ad for his gay discord, waiting until they post ID then private messaging them lmao

49d88d  No.333498

File: 32e3e6d14e9bf7e⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 3432x2870, 1716:1435, 1542751284319.jpg)


Oh are her and waifu a thing now? Bloody hell, he has bigger tits than her.

Don't forget the fatties too, lad.

Neo can't have kids, she's a tranny.

That's my secret, lads. I'm always angry.

57d4ed  No.333499

File: 92bb6dbe372ee66⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 118.39 KB, 318x325, 318:325, ClipboardImage.png)

that's me trying to be nice anyway lmao

I did say I'd be less mean but I'm not going to sugarcoat my opinion and what I know (insofar as I think it's true anyway)


yeah, exclusive pics for the big bwoi

they'll get together and live off of benefits and do that r9k psyop thing where they pressure other people into becoming trannies

really trying not to be always angry myself these days but it's quite hard keek

49d88d  No.333500

File: 07c2c9231d1c2db⋯.jpg (331.2 KB, 753x707, 753:707, 1540477953693.jpg)


Fair enough fam, always nice to be nice but it's hard to keep a lid on it all. I get it.

I remember posting with waifu on /politics/, he's an absolute madlad but tbh I assumed the whole thing was a LARP. I remember when these pics came out, Jesus Christ…

That's the fucking worst bit. I could maybe tolerate it all if it weren't for the pushing HRT and shit on people they know are vulnerable and have issues. It's sickening to a whole new level, and that shit deserves a public execution more than anything.

>really trying not to be always angry myself these days but it's quite hard keek


3f07dc  No.333501

File: b24992a7f9541e8⋯.png (275.72 KB, 540x524, 135:131, 5c1497b55df286d74f646f3cb8….png)



I don't think what's in this post is true, and even if it is what's the point of caring about edrama anyway.

57d4ed  No.333502

File: 591204ba23ac2c3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 55.97 KB, 255x255, 1:1, angrydruid.png)


angry gang

I think she might actually be an actual female though which makes it all sadder, reliable witness provided this information etc


this is what I've been told by reliable witnesses and have observed

and neo must be relentlessly bullied to ensure newbrit is not destroyed by her hubris

509017  No.333503


>Neo is in an actual e-relationship with Waifu


49d88d  No.333504

File: 2475aaad2c062ca⋯.png (522.39 KB, 612x448, 153:112, 1542168610105.png)


Because it's insidious. Pushing vulnerable young men into HRT and that is fucking evil. I can almost tolerate the rest of it but that's pure fucking cancer.

People should be careful about advocating that sort of thing when their name, face pics and location are out there tbh.


I've seen concrete proof Neo is a tranny.

49d88d  No.333505


She could do miles better, dunno what she's thinking. Was it the poo posting or the enormous tits than won her over?

509017  No.333506



>Pushing vulnerable young men into HRT

Wait do they actually do this?

49d88d  No.333507


Yes, but they've failed every time they have tried as far as I know.

c57846  No.333508

File: 9f653510c9cf9ef⋯.png (359.36 KB, 480x580, 24:29, 1543278194268.png)


he takes e-drama very seriously because this is his primary source of social interaction smh, it's like twitter leftists who think getting banned from the site is like being killed irl because it's all they know now


you're too gullible lad I've told everyone about the fake pics but you still can't bend your brain around it

49d88d  No.333509

Right lads, as much as I hate shit talking I'd much rather be doing something, anything else. This sort of interaction isn't healthy.


Ah yes because I should believe the word of a compulsive liar.

57d4ed  No.333510




blimey ok

share it if you can

you did misread about the HRT bit to be fair, I said "like" the r9k psyop, I don't know that she's done that, beyond pushing traps and trannyism in-thread.

509017  No.333511


Maybe she feels she can enjoy completely control and manipulate him. Lads like Waifu are usually so desperate they allow it smh


Well that's fucking warped

57d4ed  No.333512

although I wouldn't be surprised if that's what goes on in the "cutebrit" and other discords

3f07dc  No.333513

File: df1f61ceab8bc13⋯.jpg (43.61 KB, 726x683, 726:683, 1543028293417.jpg)

>RuPaul’s Drag Race coming to BBC Three in 2019

So do our taxes pay for this then? S i g h

Reminder whatever you think UKIP are one of the only parties and the only major one who want to scrap the TV license in England afaik.

57d4ed  No.333514


NEET day for me tbh I'm just fasting and taking care of bennies business

I might be a NEET but at least I don't want to be, and haven't been in the past

Perhaps a video game


my theory is that she doesn't want him to lop his tits off, so she can get him to dress up as transvestite animes


based and tyrannical oligarchypilled

c57846  No.333515

File: 2b97368caa6dd17⋯.png (179.56 KB, 485x635, 97:127, 1543800409134.png)

yall niggers are a kind of fucked up tbh


If it's on the BBC then they must be paying license fee money to host it.

49d88d  No.333516


Think this was her aim, to get that sort of blackmail tranny thing set up but it seems to have failed thank God. I know of multiple lads she has actively encouraged and pushed to become tranny types.

Anyway lads, in a bit. Really wish I hadn't come back here, though no doubt I'll be back.


Looking for a job myself, lad. Hard times innit.


t. pushes HRT and trannyism on young men because of your sick feitsh

You deserve death.

57d4ed  No.333517


have a nice day lad

come back some time, you can filter niggo

49d88d  No.333518


I don't want to filter anything, the more I see the better.

But same to you, think I'm going to go for a walk then apply for some more jobs later. Enjoy your gaming and that.

c57846  No.333519

File: 6f431b4931fc261⋯.jpg (152.14 KB, 850x1207, 50:71, 1543222355427.jpg)


At least make the rumors believable lad, your discord autism has really messed you up.

49d88d  No.333520


Want me to post proof then? I can gladly post screenshots, pictures. Thought not.

And it's not Discord mostly. I hate using the fucking thing but it's the only way I can talk to friends. Mostly just IRL stuff that gets to me.

57d4ed  No.333521

File: eae8e8e24ec0c53⋯.png (28.1 KB, 640x560, 8:7, coldanddark.png)


anger warms me up a bit but it's not enough, too much effort for too little reward


see ya, bertie

spic has at least told xer to not ban on sight old posters, a general moratorium is in place

3f07dc  No.333522

File: a50c69752b2a2b3⋯.gif (951.91 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 1543057128395.gif)

>shitting up the thread with pointless edrama nobody cares about

Bordering on banworthy.

3f07dc  No.333523


If you have something to post send it to the board owner in a private channel.

c57846  No.333524

File: 228b0ad27792438⋯.png (1.09 MB, 1148x861, 4:3, 1543280901782.png)


You're only making yourself look like more of a weirdo tbh.


You should go back to comfyposting with us again lad, it was just some numbers.


At least it's a learning experience for spiclad.

abf9c2  No.333525

File: 016b59565d6adff⋯.jpg (17.07 KB, 466x359, 466:359, robbie rotten postbox.jpg)


>muslims would rather be convicted of terror offences than be outed to their community as gays

57d4ed  No.333526

File: c24b1f8449a0c44⋯.png (107.71 KB, 1823x401, 1823:401, ClipboardImage.png)


uh, no?

the only offenses for a long time have been posting pornography unspoiled, or spam. I guess with spic in charge he should lay out the rules clearly, the OP is long overdue for a change keek

free speech tbh


lad we just went over this a few days ago, moderating needs to be public or else it can be abused

abf9c2  No.333527


>>daftie wants submissive skeletons

smh if only I'd been 10 years younger

c57846  No.333528

File: ca877fce1eb7db9⋯.gif (386.24 KB, 400x222, 200:111, nyanyanyanya.gif)

*moderates publicly*


/brit/ probably feel the same way tbf

3f07dc  No.333529


If the board is just to be toxic and discuss dumb tranny conspiracies and anything but actual politics or at least something constructive then honestly I would resign my modship and just go find another forum.

57d4ed  No.333530

File: ef655ef2962a6c2⋯.png (11.86 MB, 2224x3248, 139:203, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 888454f80129a14⋯.png (2.28 MB, 835x1270, 167:254, ClipboardImage.png)

moderators are there to do what they are told by the true users

they must be constantly bullied lest the miniscule power over an imageboard is abused

I am always watching

57d4ed  No.333531


why and when did you become a mod anyway, tbh?

not complaining, you seem to only do what is needed, which is very little, and use the power to edit your own posts maybe?

c57846  No.333532

File: 5a2a211433b1f43⋯.jpg (152.08 KB, 700x933, 700:933, 1543067342407.jpg)

Full Scale of Brexit Betrayal Revealed After British Government Forced to Publish Legal Advice


>In perhaps the most significant revelation, the legal document warns that “in the absence of a right of termination, there is a legal risk that the United Kingdom might become subject to protracted and repeating rounds of negotiations.”

the neverending brexit meme is coming true

>Controversially, the legal advice reveals that with Theresa May’s Brexit deal there would be regulatory and customs checks between Great Britain and Northern Ireland — in effect creating a border in the Irish sea between two equal and full parts of the United Kingdom.

the DUP are very crossed

>Home Secretary: ‘This is the best deal on the table”

that's because it's the only deal on the table

57d4ed  No.333533

File: a5ecf4afdbf057f⋯.png (249.36 KB, 924x499, 924:499, smug1.png)

might break my fast and have an egg on toast tbh

as a reward for my imageboard justice crusade

3f07dc  No.333534


I've done literally nothing besides ban someone I think for 10 minutes for spamming amazon reviews, not out of malice it was just filling up the thread. Also I accidentally banned myself keek.

57d4ed  No.333535

File: 41f509f2ecba813⋯.png (122.51 KB, 390x365, 78:73, thumbsup.png)


oh I remember that

not sure if it was actually spam tbh, just doogle's style of content generation

keep up the good work lad

57d4ed  No.333536

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


c57846  No.333537

File: 2292381b122714a⋯.png (17.78 KB, 541x95, 541:95, ClipboardImage.png)

spotted this wayward druid in the guido comment section

3f07dc  No.333538

File: f48e0edbc2bac84⋯.jpg (31.5 KB, 364x427, 52:61, W 116.jpg)


>IRA will die in order to deny us Brexit

>won't lay a finger on their gay paki PM who is flooding Ireland with foreigners worse than several centuries of British plantations

57d4ed  No.333539

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

3f07dc  No.333540

File: 19faffc9694eb24⋯.jpg (38.38 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, big_1496148706_image.jpg)


A don't get it.

57d4ed  No.333541

File: 8d5b8d7b154da08⋯.png (351 KB, 580x561, 580:561, UVFpepe.png)


burgerstani meme song mix, the pic is IRA because they're retarded

eternal reminder the original anglo settlers assimilated so well they became more irish and the irish

c57846  No.333542

File: 9285f0ab606b6f2⋯.jpg (177.28 KB, 550x774, 275:387, __izumi_konata_lucky_star_….jpg)


Tbh they only wanted independence because the British government was too right wing and capitalist for them, same as the SNP and Plaid today. The masquerade of nationalism was just a fundraising tool for the streets of Boston.

57d4ed  No.333543

than the*

57d4ed  No.333544

File: 716ef09e3b0b21d⋯.png (550.39 KB, 1174x1026, 587:513, ianpepesly.png)

c57846  No.333545

File: a49d8a1ede30528⋯.png (268.9 KB, 550x820, 55:82, ClipboardImage.png)

>when the tory party is in negative approval with it's own paying members

Only Theresa could pull this off.

3f07dc  No.333546

File: c774742f72617f3⋯.jpg (31.46 KB, 704x464, 44:29, ab3cfd8ee0334019dbf66557c7….jpg)


I'm so tired of Brexit discussion. I've known since 2016 that the government would never give us a proper deal, they were all remainers, it's blindingly obvious. They haven't understood the reasons behind the vote or concerns about immigration either with the increase in commonwealth and third world migration to shore up the shortage from Europe.

>We might have to wait until 2022 for another election

Someone in the army should do a cheeky coup smh.

c57846  No.333547

File: 8ac8d8783dc7da7⋯.jpg (257.42 KB, 566x800, 283:400, 1543797313480.jpg)


I still think there will probably be a general election in 2019. The minority government has been running on fumes since last year and upsetting the DUP and their own party should be the final straw.

49d88d  No.333548


They know exactly why people voted for it, they just want to deny us anyway.

They really are playing with fire and will have more blood on the streets. A second referendum will escalate into riots.

I'm more concerned right now about this UN proposal to make immigration a human right. That is a fundamental challenge to the powers of the nation state.

3f07dc  No.333549

File: 425befaf6718b87⋯.png (390.12 KB, 526x626, 263:313, 1543036821968.png)


>all those people saying the vote of no confidence would topple may

>kept disagreeing but they kept reassuring me

>finally get hyped for it

>doesn't happen

I think that's probably what will happen. Will Corbyn have any chance of winning by then?

57d4ed  No.333550

File: 8f7c38e2594cc93⋯.png (347.77 KB, 816x684, 68:57, ropepepe2.png)


if we lived in a nation that operated under rule of law and the arms of citizens everyone concerned with the past 100 years of Britain's governance would be hanged by the neck until dead

3f07dc  No.333551

File: 7ecb98e8cd3c4ab⋯.jpg (42.17 KB, 683x670, 683:670, bill_sutton_dog.jpg)


>the shite at the tate about how 'Art is a human right'

Everything is a human right these days. Yeah, I want people to be able to enjoy art, but let's be real. Nothing is a human right. The only thing you have in this world is what the state allows you to have under the threat of violence. That's the natural law of the world.

49d88d  No.333552

File: 1ea76515e4b57c4⋯.mp4 (8.12 MB, 640x360, 16:9, bolsonaro.mp4)

Wish we had good lad third world tier politicians like Bolsonaro and no drugs man.

49d88d  No.333553


Essentially, yeah. This seems much more serious coming from the UN, and the government has already signed up to it.

2640b2  No.333554

File: 0f7d3c2f8d1c431⋯.png (8.43 KB, 472x408, 59:51, dorsepepeback.png)

3f07dc  No.333555


I want to get excited about them but they just seems like meme neocon men, I'd be surprised if much actually changed there or the phillipines. I mean look at how little has changed in America under Trump despite everything.

2640b2  No.333556


lad the police in brazil are basically the military

shit will actually happen there, its a 3rd world place, nobody cares about what happens in brazil

3f07dc  No.333557


The police are corrupt though from what I've read.

49d88d  No.333558


Trump is senile, that's why he's not done anything imo. If he had ran for president 10 years or so ago when he still had his wits about him he'd have done a lot of change. People make him out to be a radical when in reality, he's not,


Brazil is growing pretty fast economically. It'll be one of the major players of the world by the end of the century.

49d88d  No.333559


Headline: person with power is corrupt.

49d88d  No.333560

People forget about states like Indonesia who have massive populations and are growing very fast economically. I've seen reports that Indonesia will be the 4th biggest economy in the world by 2050, Brazil the 5th. The only "European" country that will hold any real significance is the US and maybe Germany if the EU works out.

57d4ed  No.333561

File: 026e500df99558c⋯.png (76.94 KB, 275x183, 275:183, ClipboardImage.png)


fact: seamonkeys are the most powerful race in the world

3f07dc  No.333562

File: fee7ab478a37ee7⋯.png (355.46 KB, 635x803, 635:803, ClipboardImage.png)

abf9c2  No.333563


You're not wrong. But the most endemic immigrants in Wales is the S*xons so it's justified for us. Not sure about the jocks. Still wish we had an actual nativist movement though.


tbh. Europe is only the capital of Earth for now because its colonial legacy. The future is multipolar AND ITS BEAUTIFUL.

57d4ed  No.333564

File: 3e7c5d188cf21cd⋯.png (28.23 KB, 819x827, 819:827, drinkpepe.png)

ahh those were some n i c e eggs

I couldn't stop at one, I had two

I think I got a tiny foetus in the first one as well, extra protein

c57846  No.333565

File: 0c49cc789f3ad14⋯.jpg (90.37 KB, 716x1011, 716:1011, __izumi_konata_lucky_star_….jpg)


Corbyn's only appeal is that he's not Theresa May so he'll probably do quite well if he's up against her but he'll probably be up against Boris by then so he'll get slaughtered.

49d88d  No.333566


Military power only means so much in a globalised world.


This. Ideally London would be the centre of the universe but it's an unfortunate reality we aren't an important country anymore.

abf9c2  No.333567


I wonder if they'll attack Corbyn for being a Putin bot. That would be funny at least.

c57846  No.333568

File: 6da6e2adad8219b⋯.png (319.07 KB, 556x832, 139:208, ClipboardImage.png)



There was an "Agent COB" flap not long ago when journalists found out Corbyn had meetings with known communist spies shocking right so it's fully on the table.

2640b2  No.333569


>Ideally London would be the centre of the universe

please die

abf9c2  No.333570


Eh, meeting with commies isn't interesting, I want actual Putin stuff like they throw at Drumpf and Nige. Then again the msm are so invested in the connection between Putin and the alt-right vile nationalist orthodox traditionalist christian lot, trying to connect him to Corbyn might be a bit awkward now.

49d88d  No.333571


Kek not London now, maybe the London of 100 years ago. It's all just fading memories now, we should try to secure a good position as a tax haven imo.

I have to wonder if I'm still a Labour member. I joined up to vote for Corbyn with my £3 long ago now.

2640b2  No.333572

File: a653b1d1ec10328⋯.png (7.9 KB, 250x202, 125:101, a653b1d1ec10328f506093cad7….png)


57d4ed  No.333573


why would you ever vote labour smh

ballots are better spent by spoiling them

49d88d  No.333574



Would never vote for them in an election, just saw Corbyn as an opportunity to do some damage. For only £3 too, well worth it.

abf9c2  No.333575


Isn't are Corbs a legitimate outsider?

49d88d  No.333576


He was, but not anymore tbh.

abf9c2  No.333577

File: cb6b42f95e79319⋯.png (851.18 KB, 960x957, 320:319, corbyn may big guy.png)

I choose to believe that he can crash the country with no survivors.

49d88d  No.333578

File: 7c07aaf81d5feec⋯.webm (845.7 KB, 408x720, 17:30, scroll_1.webm)


2640b2  No.333579

2640b2  No.333580

me a moron

should have made all the beef into strips instead of half of it

one big piece of flattened beef isn't going to cook anywhere near as fast as thin strips smh

49d88d  No.333581


>he hasn't played Morrowind

3f07dc  No.333582



You have no understanding of geopolitics lad. It's not as you're saying.

2640b2  No.333583

File: 514800e5629091a⋯.png (135.77 KB, 443x455, 443:455, 70b447c480654b95eb1a1fc2a6….png)


>Morrowind? Now THAT was a game! *sip*

952ab7  No.333584

anyone watching the deb8 lads

57d4ed  No.333585


what debate? on precisely how many more hundreds of thousands of immigrants we should let in a year, with no word about stopping them entirely?

3f07dc  No.333586

File: d34f74d8b5fceff⋯.png (566.39 KB, 1028x1105, 1028:1105, 88327ff78b6e6aa831e283362a….png)

Sorry if that came across rude, didn't mean it to, meant to be reassuring. Population and GDP growth alone won't displace Europe. We're entering an age of limited fossil fuels and mass automation, the teeming hordes of Southeast Asia and Africa, and India, aren't going to make them superpowers.

2640b2  No.333587


but we're not entering an age of mass automation

2640b2  No.333588

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>pouring it down with rain so i cant go out and work

>had a wank instead

3f07dc  No.333589


But we have the technology to automate housebuilding and driving basically already, as well as lots of agricultural and medical functions.

2640b2  No.333590


but it wont be implemented

we've had technology for all sorts of things for decades but it will never be implemented

europe will just lose relevance with each decade

technology will steadily get "worse" over a long period of time, social systems will collapse and that is far more important than any technology or economy

3f07dc  No.333591

File: b24992a7f9541e8⋯.png (275.72 KB, 540x524, 135:131, 5c1497b55df286d74f646f3cb8….png)


Thanks for your crystal ball of doom and gloom pal.

2640b2  No.333592


doom and gloom for you and normies maybe, but heaven for me

578120  No.333593

File: ff688b0fcec3205⋯.jpg (48.07 KB, 585x501, 195:167, sheriff_apu.jpg)



alright I've decided what to do about the get skewing episode

Neo gets a 24hr timeout, there's gotta be some discipline for the skewing. but I don't think there's a need to demod her 'cause a) she's a useful mod and b) skewing doesn't require mod powers, it's more of a general offense.

so in the future Neo (and everyone), don't get skew and mods don't mess with locked threads. also don't delete posts unless it's really necessary, my moderation is laissez-faire so yours should be too


it's not snagging it that's the problem, it's intentionally posting up a storm to force it

3f07dc  No.333594

File: fc428f0e72e21d1⋯.gif (137.64 KB, 200x200, 1:1, fc428f0e72e21d1c13b67b4e7e….gif)


Goodlad, sounds perfectly reasonable.

578120  No.333595

File: 609e7bab0cc93e4⋯.png (90.56 KB, 642x292, 321:146, oooo.png)

justice has been served, now put the drama behind us

abf9c2  No.333596

File: f6666c5dc7612ea⋯.jpg (55.96 KB, 517x572, 47:52, judgemental stare.jpg)

2640b2  No.333597

578120  No.333598

damn coffee grinder won't work so I ended up using the last 2 tablespoons or so of ground coffee that we have left. was gonna make a whole pot but now I only have a cup for today

57d4ed  No.333599

File: 81f39d512a3cff4⋯.png (306.03 KB, 968x1718, 484:859, neo is a skewing faggot.png)


I suggest adding another post to the OP No.1 and setting this in stone

you weren't around for neo's first stint at moderating I think but yeah

keep a wary eye on xim

a60014  No.333600

File: 879bf042546310c⋯.png (157.11 KB, 600x400, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)

57d4ed  No.333601

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



abf9c2  No.333602


Will the spread of mass automation come with any obligation from the owners of and rightsholders to the technology to share their wealth with the unemployable?

578120  No.333603

File: 6c93be90ebc55f3⋯.mp4 (15.18 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, blands 3.mp4)


that's not necessary, see what I wrote in >>333595

2640b2  No.333604

make wessex a mod, he can then pretend he has a job

57d4ed  No.333605


I mean put your ruling in the OP thread, so that we can refer to it in the future


It's long past time to start a proper magna carta

57d4ed  No.333606

File: ed86b1cae4b0fb3⋯.png (154.59 KB, 866x900, 433:450, tardjak47trump.png)

57d4ed  No.333607


I'm too smart to be a mod

if it's piss easy to do then I would be like 22st and not do anything anyway, unless it's really required

a60014  No.333608

File: 0657833d5ca2b30⋯.jpg (73.1 KB, 503x478, 503:478, 1513437807883.jpg)


Don#t know why you are so angry, lad. What she did and what she did to try and hide it is quite clever tbh, and how mad you are only makes it better

a60014  No.333609

File: 7c507b14110491e⋯.png (13.86 KB, 418x408, 209:204, 7c507b14110491e96cf8d4cb15….png)



57d4ed  No.333610


mod abuse is mod abuse and neo needs to be kept in line, that's it

57d4ed  No.333611

also it's everlasting proof that neo is a brainlet

a60014  No.333612


It's a bit of cheeky banter the way I see it tbh


How so?

578120  No.333613




nah just chill


>if it's piss easy to do

there's no real difficulty but there's a lot of loading screens to do anything, unless you're really crafty, which is a pain in the ass. like if you want your mod powers, then you have to click the gear at the top of the screen and log in, and then you'll only have them if you're on 8ch.net/mod.php? or something like that. so the standard way is to click catalog from the mod interface and then the thread and then scroll down to the post in question. a more efficient way would be to simply add the mod.php? to the url once you've logged in from a different tab. either way it's a pain in the ass and threads don't seem to auto update properly when you're in mod mode which is stupid for obvious reasons

a60014  No.333614

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>No Wessex museum guide

57d4ed  No.333615


it's abuse of moderator powers lad, even if it's funny it's still abuse. slippery slope.

xe's a brainlet for thinking xe could hide the proof and get away with it

57d4ed  No.333616


without it being written down in an easily observable location the ruling will just be forgotten

a60014  No.333617


It's not a slippery slope when you have principles, lad. You're just a bit more extreme than me. And I wouldn't have noticed tbh. She was unlucky to be the victim of detective Wess.

2640b2  No.333618


would love to do this but with LOCAL history tbh

578120  No.333619

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

0:32-5:16 is so badass, monster riffs


you wanna timeout too? just relax, it's getting obnoxious

a60014  No.333620


How local?


>you wanna timeout too? just relax, it's getting obnoxious

Keek. That's not gonna calm him down, lad

57d4ed  No.333621

File: f64e2d1640feb8c⋯.png (94.96 KB, 1817x369, 1817:369, ClipboardImage.png)


tbh not really impressed with a lot of guides and presentations, in person it needs to be short and snappy but if they're filming something there's no reason not to go into proper detail


neo has no principles except "I want power"


lad smh it's an easy thing to do and it'll prevent future nonesense from happening

if you really can't be arsed then I'll cap the post and bring it out when I need to smdh

2640b2  No.333622


>How local?

very local

49d88d  No.333623



Deus Ex was his best review yet, Morrowind was good too though.


It was smh.


What does Europe have that these soon to be richer countries don't? It's wishful thinking to imagine we'll be dominant forever. Europe is already fading from relevance as is. Automation isn't necessarily an inevitability with industry. In many countries where there are no work standards, it would be cheaper to employ workers than to automate.

a60014  No.333624


>neo has no principles except "I want power"

Yeah, but I'd push against her when she does things like unjust bans and deletings of other posters.

49d88d  No.333625

File: d32dcec69f509b3⋯.jpg (110.26 KB, 500x700, 5:7, 1507499241834.jpg)


I think >>1 stands as an reminder that I was right to ban you /brit/ refugees when you first came here. There isn't a single brit/politics/ poster here now aside from me and maybe one other. I remember even Anprim took your side, how ironic.

>no chatrooms

l m a o

Slightly out of date this, isn't it?


578120  No.333626

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

brutal death metal, doom metal and black metal > all


china is set to be the main superpower if things continue the way they are. the west isn't advancing, it's degenerating. china is shit but if they have genetically-engineered super-soldiers, a homogeneous population of over a billion and a strong economic presence everywhere and own half of africa then they won't be a paper tiger anymore

a60014  No.333627

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


49d88d  No.333628

Wessex lad I get where you're coming from but as I said before, you won't get anywhere. Best just accept it and post here or do yourself a favour and leave, for your own sake.

abf9c2  No.333629


>I would be like 22st and not do anything anyway, unless it's really required

Benevolent dictatorship is the best form of government

49d88d  No.333630


Couldn't have said it better really.

578120  No.333631

china's taking over east africa, australia, new zealand, canada, lots of asian countries like indonesia. it's easy to laugh at stupid chinks that kill off their sparrows then die in a famine by the tens of millions because the sparrows are a net gain to agriculture because they eat bugs but they're becoming a serious threat

49d88d  No.333632


Exactly, the future is Chinese. You don't have to be a genius to work out the US isn't going to last. Look at the absolute state of its politics.

49d88d  No.333633

File: 110c563fc897476⋯.jpg (20.66 KB, 400x400, 1:1, bolsonaro.jpg)


59542d  No.333634

File: 7c8a2c1b0fd7d20⋯.jpeg (177.09 KB, 730x716, 365:358, 94EEC859-DCBB-4A02-B2C7-A….jpeg)

a60014  No.333635

File: 96cf3a44daa39d0⋯.png (154.02 KB, 730x716, 365:358, ClipboardImage.png)

57d4ed  No.333636

File: 3f9ed2420e1d680⋯.png (129.18 KB, 331x331, 1:1, chinkpepe.png)


I'm not a /brit/ refugee I'm a druid/pol/ immigrant smh

Anprim is a goodlad, best BO I've posted under

He doesn't post often since the faggot jock spammed the board into oblivion with gay pictures and spic took control (and jock is not currently banned, really makes you think)

yeah neither the meta or the OP have ever been updated, I don't think they should be either, but spic adding his rules to the OP is a good idea which will save face in the future.


the sarg'n death pic goes true again



smh bertie don't push it too far. It's the only decent place to post, you and lamb on one board just isn't enough


china wirr grorr rarger

they are even now in the process of making genetically-modified superchinks

57d4ed  No.333637

File: 7b4e362920ac8ab⋯.png (187.29 KB, 409x409, 1:1, devilishly comfy pepe.png)



is your waging done? are you home yet?

I haven't even got dressed today

a60014  No.333638

File: 2d9dba46170ea85⋯.png (48.37 KB, 935x695, 187:139, 5778ee8ae22608ee0e415d2bf1….png)


Gotten dressed twice today

49d88d  No.333639


Newfag smh.

We don't post there anymore, we just chat on the cord of dis now. Shame, didn't expect much from it anyway.

And this is far from decent but I'm an addict to imageboards, good escapism I suppose.

a60014  No.333640

File: 7fff6e1d6337289⋯.png (58.14 KB, 300x321, 100:107, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 7fff6e1d6337289⋯.png (58.14 KB, 300x321, 100:107, ClipboardImage.png)

2640b2  No.333641

File: 3b11f2e0bb3ac2f⋯.jpg (40.93 KB, 1918x782, 959:391, i0gKQwk.jpg)

my back

39968e  No.333642


On the train now but I’ll be home soon. Today I’ve ruined the Christmases of many poor people. Feels damn good.

2640b2  No.333643

File: 19f23d2ae4f1e66⋯.png (157.11 KB, 508x424, 127:106, 1479752461150.png)

*cant resist eating the jerky til its done*

578120  No.333644

g2g be back in some hours


>On the train now

>mummy and daddy didn't buy her a car



I had a couple sausages dipped in mustard

btw is it possible to buy that hot english mustard you like in the USA? is it something local or is it a brand?

a60014  No.333645

File: 7feea3d5c2d5090⋯.gif (52.83 KB, 1559x542, 1559:542, Dorset-gets-it.gif)



Don't worry I've got your back

3f07dc  No.333646


>What does Europe have that these soon to be richer countries don't?

Homogeneous, cohesive, high trust, low crime, high IQ populations that produce the vast majority of R&D on Earth and continue to have modern military structures with large force multipliers. Australia has a miniscule population compared to Indonesia but has access to vast natural resources and a superior military budget. The Australian air force, which would receive aid from the rest of the Anglosphere most likely, would destroy Indonesia in any conflict. Australia will continue to have a far higher GDPP than Indonesia in the decades to come and a far more modern and advanced military, a high population and GDP don't mean anything. The Australian Navy and Air Force are both far superior to Indonesia and this is comparing a country of 24 million to a country of well over 250 million.


China is a threat but they have zero way to challenge US naval dominance in the pacific. You say look at the absolute state of US politics, but have you seen politics in the nations you are describing as competing with Europen and the US?



2640b2  No.333647


you can get Colmans mustard in the US

39968e  No.333648


They won’t pass me on the test. Discrimination against autists. Four dangerous faults is an incredible feat. Driving instructor said “wow”.

a60014  No.333649

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


578120  No.333650



ohh that. I thought you had something from dorset or somerset


took me 4 tries but I should've got it on the 2nd but the guy was an ass that failed me for not waiting a full 3 seconds after completely stopping at a 4 way stop with no other cars around

39968e  No.333651



a60014  No.333652


No, it's a pagang dog

39968e  No.333653


What a pathetic canine it is then.

3f07dc  No.333654


Comfy German man.

abf9c2  No.333655


>I'm not a /brit/ refugee I'm a druid/pol/ immigrant smh

Fancy not being a global citizen


>Homogeneous, cohesive, high trust, low crime, high IQ populations

Not for long

3f07dc  No.333656

File: ebda86f81a1461b⋯.png (1016.77 KB, 1200x852, 100:71, ebda86f81a1461bd72ac04c673….png)

>Britain’s ruling Conservative Party made pledges to reduce immigration “from the hundreds of thousands to the tens of thousands” in the 2010, 2015, and 2017 general elections, a promise they have not yet made significant progress in keeping.

Isn't it interesting how they make the promise and accidentally fail to deliver on it three times over a decade? And people still put their faith in our elite.

88c70b  No.333657

Wish women were real, tbh.

3f07dc  No.333658


>Not for long

Even minority white America is still a global superpower, obviously our societies are not the monolithic ones they were in 1914 but that's why we're all here. Sick of people who denigrate those who are trying to do something to stop the decline of our country by saying 'Oh everything will collapse anyway, it's all doomed regardless."

a60014  No.333659

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Lindy on British junglebois

abf9c2  No.333660

File: 76ddfc3c4cf69c5⋯.jpg (292.52 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, Theresa May.jpg)


>when you use your "commitment" to reducing immigration as a reason to fiddle the numbers in order to suppress the most benign of immigrants whilst turning a blind eye to actually harmful ones

abf9c2  No.333661


I reckon the yanks have it easy tbh, would you rather have Mexicans or Pakistanis? And their black population is stable and has been for decades.

49d88d  No.333662

File: 9eec0446b92490f⋯.png (558.22 KB, 669x893, 669:893, CHAD2.png)

Post yfw you weren't dumb enough to actually vote Tory at the last election.

Most of you probably weren't old enough smh.

abf9c2  No.333663

File: 304ed5e2f95d632⋯.jpg (62.15 KB, 960x520, 24:13, civic clash.jpg)


>tfw voted for the civic UKIP candidate

49d88d  No.333664


Based and redpilled.

abf9c2  No.333665


He got like 100 votes for something smh

abf9c2  No.333666

Just looked it up, more like 1000 votes

>about 2% down from 20% at the previous election

Tory safe seat anyway smh

49d88d  No.333667


Lol naturally. I spoiled my ballot last election. Only person I remember voting for was Zac Goldsmith in the London mayoral thing. He's a literal Jew and is married to a Rothschild but his dad was big on leaving the EU and so is he. Surprisingly likeable guy for a multimillionaire.

49d88d  No.333668

File: 30aba8fa265491e⋯.jpg (12.28 KB, 300x300, 1:1, lass (2).jpg)

Oh I think I went for George fucking Galloway as my first choice too.

3f07dc  No.333669


Have you seen liveleak tho

1345a2  No.333670

File: 16ec1063c2ae744⋯.png (30.4 KB, 657x527, 657:527, 1543068911811.png)

Finally home.

57d4ed  No.333671

File: fb3268098c77931⋯.png (220.41 KB, 679x617, 679:617, apuchef.png)


*dumps a plate of beans and peanut butter on toast in front of you

run out of groceries dinner night innit

shud'v givven me moh ben'its innit

88c70b  No.333672


*enters orbit

Hellom'st lasse.

57d4ed  No.333673

File: f6aadd25efb1783⋯.png (88.25 KB, 1089x487, 1089:487, ClipboardImage.png)

the utter state

88c70b  No.333674


>don't criticise human sacrifice. It dey's culcha!

Are we finally there?

193f42  No.333675


>the romans hated human sacrifice

yeah that's why they had circuses attended by the thousands where slaves acted in plays where they were killed for real and put into arenas where they faced off unarmed and unclothed against wild animals ten times their strength

a60014  No.333676

>want new bed

>beds are really expensive


193f42  No.333677


sleep on the floor lad, it builds character

1345a2  No.333678

File: d18c12d14b38c93⋯.gif (774.45 KB, 720x533, 720:533, 1543504443049.gif)






Good evening, fren.

88c70b  No.333679


Technically not human sacrifice. That's just killing people for a lark.

a60014  No.333680


But I want a big comfy bed like I used to

88c70b  No.333681


*tips hat

57d4ed  No.333682



you've got to eat it

and then brrappp for our amusement


I have a spare double bed

I'll sell it to you for half the next best price plus packaging

f4a9f3  No.333683


get your parents to buy one for you

a60014  No.333684


don't like the idea of druid stains, lad


That's the plan keek, I am planning to wish for one for Christmas, but these things are more expensive than a gaming laptop smh

990714  No.333685

File: 7f53643d6a3a0b9⋯.jpg (182.75 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, CuqfQu1WEAA0zYh.jpg)

57d4ed  No.333686

*accidentally lets the beans boil in the pot because I was too busy shitposting about beans

extra brraappps tonight


only my father and my sisters have slept in it

not at the same time

1345a2  No.333687


You need to shrink. Then your bed will be big enough for two. You and bossman of course


Smh YOU'RE the neet, not me. You're the one who is here for my amusement.

193f42  No.333688


but the argument that they abhor it kinda falls apart when they absolutely love and enjoy and flock to events like that in the thousands no?

990714  No.333689


the last election was last year you melon

a60014  No.333690


>only my father and my sisters have slept in it

Keek based inbred family

1345a2  No.333691



22st, now's your chance. Make Wessie an uncle.

a60014  No.333692

>tfw you remember what happened to the last BIG BED

basically became the alien from alien after drinking one time, came home, ate some ice cream and made a mess everywhere then went to bed fully clothed, puking in it, lying in the puke not bothered to clean it up, then the next day it had gone through all the layers of mattress and frame and shieeet smh

a60014  No.333693


I get his sister too?

a60014  No.333694

mummy will help me look tomorrow tbh she'll be at home in the control tower and call me when I am at work

57d4ed  No.333695

File: bf3e998f74fae71⋯.png (99.19 KB, 1041x387, 347:129, ClipboardImage.png)

think I made a decent rebuttal


ah, hi panzie

good day's waging?

1345a2  No.333696


I think that's the implication.

193f42  No.333697

File: e4a929e562a662e⋯.gif (503.84 KB, 311x450, 311:450, heavy breathing.gif)

slavthot said hello to me at work today lads

88c70b  No.333698


I can see people having disgust over foreign religious practices, that often involved the killing of your own people, while accepting the slaughter of people regarded as enemies.

I have no fucking idea how the Romans felt about Aztec human sacrifice though. Don't really care.

1345a2  No.333699


She can be your princess.

57d4ed  No.333700


tbh lad that's actually vile

the worst I've done is throw up near my tent at a reenacting group

193f42  No.333701


yes thank you my lad how was your neethog experience today?

193f42  No.333702


i'm considering it but there are 2 other princesses i have my sights set on at the moment tbh it's tough to make a choice

a60014  No.333703

File: df14cb97bd78ffa⋯.png (26.22 KB, 418x408, 209:204, 1b944207d54c7e6ff98be74c8c….png)


It was the last time I had alcohol

990714  No.333704


go for the least anglo one

1345a2  No.333705


Get those emails sent lad. Just don't copy them into each other's emails.




I bet you made your poor mother clean that up while laughing like Eric Cartman.

57d4ed  No.333706


I did even less than usual but still did a few things so it's ok


sounds like you drink a bit too much tbh lad, stay moderated


>that episode where they play WoW and never leave their seats for weeks on end

1345a2  No.333707


For some that documentary is a reality. Great episode though.

a60014  No.333708


Nah I was home alone for a few weeks, just had to throw it out and clean the floor so not much work tbh


Well I did sure, because I never got any desired effect from alcohol.

1345a2  No.333709



Wait I meant that episode is a documentary. Smh, I need my lasagne. Better than your silly "beans".

1345a2  No.333710


Wait. Your parents left YOU alone????

f4a9f3  No.333711

File: 52fb203c9745e1f⋯.webm (2.93 MB, 506x900, 253:450, 1543820373457.webm)

57d4ed  No.333712

File: 73c4d201ed65e7b⋯.png (6.44 KB, 418x408, 209:204, backpepe.png)


but lasagna is my favourite

mail me some

193f42  No.333713




keek of course lass but first i must figure out what their emails and names are


what things did you do lad?

a60014  No.333714


Yeah ever since I became an adult I have been at home when they go on holiday, usually abroad. They just gave up paying the mortgage I guess

990714  No.333715




f4a9f3  No.333716


do you not like going on holidays?

57d4ed  No.333717


email my relatives about new years

there's some paperwork for disability bennies to do but I'm working up to that

a60014  No.333718


No. I love being at home and I hate traveling.

553192  No.333719


smh you have a wife

1345a2  No.333720

File: f31629f918be0be⋯.png (211.42 KB, 800x720, 10:9, ClipboardImage.png)


>he thinks he can enjoy the same food as massa


Does your company have a portal with all staff names and pictures on? Perhaps that's a start. You have the advantage of it being Christmas. Get some Christmas cards and hand them out to people you see. You don't have to sign people's names if you don't know then. It'll introduce you to them and you'd just put "Merry Christmas, from Panzie". People will probably think 'oh he wrote me one, better write him one too'. That's how you can acquire names.


I bet the house smells like a giant rodent cage that hasn't been cleaned in weeks by the time they are returned.


>you are now imagining 22st lounging by a family pool wishing he was dead as loud chav families scream around him

88c70b  No.333721


Travel meme is overrated tbh. People aren't supposed to move around like that.

990714  No.333722


this says a lot about our society

f4a9f3  No.333723



i also can't stand going to some holiday complex but sometimes book a B&B in the UK and go walking


stressful packing and going through air travel too

57d4ed  No.333724


does he?

I don't think I know this lore


we live in a society

193f42  No.333725


i probably will anyway though since the anglo one is the fatty


good lad


tbh not that i know of since they hire a lot through the recruitment agency which i was hired from

so they have like separate systems and stuff and i don't know where i'd find or access either

christmas card idea is a good one though might consider it ty


people are naturally nomadic so i both disagree but also agree insofar as people aren't supposed to have the very very quick long distance travel capabilities we have now like planes and trains

990714  No.333726


>the anglo one is the fatty

sounds like an average anglo woman

193f42  No.333727



you expect girls who visit imageboards to have normal or healthy taste in men?

990714  No.333728


which is why it says a lot about our society

a60014  No.333729


wew I took the bed outside, dummy

>you are now imagining 22st lounging by a family pool wishing he was dead as loud chav families scream around him

We were mostly left alone really. Boomers about.


I agree. Obviously people can like it but it's such a waste of time and money for me.

1345a2  No.333730


I get what you mean. Only ever been abroad once and that was to France with school. We used to holiday a lot at our caravans in Wales and holidays I take in the UK are usually to places I can get lots of castle and cathedral adventures done. My dream holiday is owning a camper van and driving all over the UK to all the castles, stately homes, anywhere historical really, but museums are also neat.

a60014  No.333731

File: 5f74f63a284427b⋯.png (942.34 KB, 1024x631, 1024:631, ClipboardImage.png)

Oi yew got a loicence for that lad?

193f42  No.333732


>Only ever been abroad once

wew lass

>My dream holiday is owning a camper van and driving all over the UK to all the castles, stately homes, anywhere historical really, but museums are also neat.

i have also dreamed of this except the camper van is a van i converted to live in myself, its the ultimate comfy tbh

2bab49  No.333733

File: 55793d651768f97⋯.jpg (47.5 KB, 540x416, 135:104, 599f18d3b8ecb52e3daeeec2e9….jpg)

Just woke up, this has been one of the worst months of my life, I CAN'T FUCKING SLEEP

57d4ed  No.333734


reminder vans aren't actually super comfy to live

t. has seen vanlad's living van and lived in his smaller van

1345a2  No.333735

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Is this an execution?


Oh yeah, it's comfy for sure. Cheaper in the long run, a great investment, and there's plenty to do around the UK.

The prince and I were talking of going to museums all around the country and eventually we might do ones abroad. We want to do the weird ones though, as well as the iconic ones. I can't think of many places I'd actually like to go to abroad. I just really like exploring castles on my holidays.

193f42  No.333736


that's one individual example lad, they're all different depending on the craftsmanship and design


>The prince and I were talking of going to museums all around the country

so are you together now or what?

f4dde6  No.333737

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>African hunter gatherer and .something Jewish in most of them

>that nigger spiccy chink who's going to get raped in the middle east talking about ancestor worship

49d88d  No.333738


That's a fucking good film, very spooky and VERY underrated.

88c70b  No.333739


The nomadic lifestyle is slowly plodding from place to place, and usually taking your whole community with you though, not jetting around the world multiple times a year, so you can spend time in strange places, around strange people.

193f42  No.333740


that was kind of my point tbh

193f42  No.333741

i think we agree with each other more than we disagree

49d88d  No.333742

>gone out on 4 dates

>we're going around the country!

Don't get beheaded.

1345a2  No.333743


I have no idea tbh. He has mentioned we've been on dates and has invited me around his flat, potentially for a weekend rather than a single day. Sends me a goodnight text every night and I'm an authority on what to get female family members for Christmas (like a missus). We're getting each other Christmas presents too and he's pretty protective of me. So in short, I don't have a clue kek, but we're pretty close.


Should be a film Friday watch tbh. I really enjoyed it when I saw it a few years ago.

abf9c2  No.333744


I didn't back then lass

49d88d  No.333745


I watched it recently and it was grim as anything. I assume it's entirely fictional but it seems like the kind of thing that'd be based on reality. A village or community converting back to this ancient faith. Dunno.

1345a2  No.333746



57d4ed  No.333747

File: 59370a10a9e942c⋯.png (374.22 KB, 768x432, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

>that time hal and the boys get captured by the military


just ask then smh

1345a2  No.333748


Too shy. We'll see what happens when we're around his flat and if I am staying overnight or not. If that's the case, sleeping arrangements will have to be discussed.

88c70b  No.333749


Well, yeah, but we're obviously talking about travel in the modern "hop on a plane and go experience discomfort and culture shock, and then brag to your friends about how enlightening it was" sense though.

193f42  No.333750


yeah you're together lass. good job i suppose.

1345a2  No.333751


Thanks lad. Now you get one of those princesses!

49d88d  No.333752


Ask him if you're bf and gf tbh. He might just want to pump and dump. Always worth confirming these things unless you're misunderstanding the situation.

990714  No.333753

File: c9d46d0ae57bb1d⋯.jpg (28.52 KB, 615x409, 615:409, Frances-Bishop-Pud-Store.jpg)

1345a2  No.333754


>pump and dump

Perhaps that's a possibility but he's been talking to me for six months. A bit of a long wait for that.

193f42  No.333755

File: f461dbfc00eff0a⋯.jpg (64.79 KB, 699x992, 699:992, __reizei_mako_girls_und_pa….jpg)


thank you for your support lass <3

3f07dc  No.333756

File: 474a1095a34b420⋯.png (162.54 KB, 340x340, 1:1, 1507439906997.png)

So give me something to believe~

Cause I am livin' just to breathe~

And I need something more~

To keep on breathing for~

My jam in the 2000s tbh.

990714  No.333757

49d88d  No.333758


Confirm what the relationship is. He sounds like a mega autismo, so it's worth making sure.

3f07dc  No.333759

File: 45ceb040ef3ed65⋯.png (656.39 KB, 1024x741, 1024:741, ClipboardImage.png)

Who /thinking/ here?

3f07dc  No.333760

57d4ed  No.333761

File: fc71669ac9406c1⋯.png (25.63 KB, 502x507, 502:507, WICKED.png)

3f07dc  No.333762

File: 2bc9a862e8c0266⋯.png (1.25 MB, 1097x750, 1097:750, ClipboardImage.png)


Chile is white confirmed

193f42  No.333763


i wouldn't go so far as to say "white" but they're definitely european genetically

57d4ed  No.333764

File: b65ab97ec937a7b⋯.png (438.52 KB, 717x535, 717:535, ClipboardImage.png)

File: b749a4ea5bbb00f⋯.png (430.13 KB, 681x501, 227:167, ClipboardImage.png)

File: c4a92553788b905⋯.png (377.98 KB, 605x493, 605:493, ClipboardImage.png)



it d oesn't say how to obtain one but I assume the method is to bait a deadfall trap with a box of lego

3f07dc  No.333765


Their stalhelms look weird qeek

3f07dc  No.333766

File: 896091ecf338574⋯.png (143.08 KB, 480x259, 480:259, ClipboardImage.png)

990714  No.333767

File: 8bf8c43abc93d5f⋯.png (543.85 KB, 728x546, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


193f42  No.333768


>racemixing in every drawing

why must internet cunts do this


nah they look like direct copies, it's probably the shiny paint instead of matte that makes them look strange

3f07dc  No.333769

File: d4e3458a8787477⋯.jpg (61.22 KB, 696x688, 87:86, 1f18b3644edc5beae04282d980….jpg)


aww i like that one

shes a bit swarthy though

990714  No.333770

File: 9bb774ab41b671f⋯.png (471.36 KB, 728x546, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: a0f484f399f2913⋯.png (516.81 KB, 728x546, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: ab07fb136781b64⋯.png (653.13 KB, 728x546, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9d90c54c1916406⋯.png (451.64 KB, 728x546, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)


>>racemixing in every drawing

990714  No.333771


Something for crowlass down the line

88c70b  No.333772

>tfw no spergy gf

f4dde6  No.333773

File: 98691f49fb196a6⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.2 MB, 2560x1536, 5:3, nubrit foodchain.jpg)

File: 6316c366fca7cb2⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 2560x1536, 5:3, yeahbwoi.jpg)

More OC tbh lads.


>skinny white boi with a buxom fluffy haired nigress in the middle


a60014  No.333774


really scary

abf9c2  No.333775


>that middle one

God I wish that were me

3f07dc  No.333776


El goblino de norge

88c70b  No.333777

File: 9ea6b2aca8f1620⋯.png (321.43 KB, 937x756, 937:756, ClipboardImage.png)


>condoning rape


57d4ed  No.333778



pretty sure it's a lesbean

1345a2  No.333779


These are some interesting tips.

>visit new places

We have been to the forest, castle, and sea life centre thus far.

>role play

We RP'd a grooming session.

>go dancing

He filmed himself dancing for me.

990714  No.333780


It's not rape if it's really consensual although I don't condone femdom

abf9c2  No.333781


>We RP'd a grooming session.

He sold you drugs and got you drunk?

88c70b  No.333782


The Animals of /newbrit/ Wood

1345a2  No.333783


No we were just talking about noncing videos and he asked me if I'd like him to groom me and we rp'd it a bit in text and it was hilarious.

88c70b  No.333784


It's kind of funny how the context changes if you just flip the genders there though

>drag her up the stairs and into your bedroom, and to tell her exactly what you want her to do. Don't take no for an answer

abf9c2  No.333785


h-haha I knew you were talking about doing each other's hair lass smh

1345a2  No.333786


>we've actually had this conversation too

990714  No.333787


tbqh I could see it working even if the roles were reversed

f4dde6  No.333788


Women like that tbh.


It's (You) lad, because you eat every animal, even pets you run over in bossman's van I bet, smdh. No bully, we still love you, despite being non white.

a60014  No.333789


He looks more handsome than me smh

>all those foxies along the road looking for road kill

553192  No.333790

File: e7a27703922951c⋯.jpg (25.45 KB, 749x731, 749:731, 8xko9ob3uug11.jpg)


just fuck already

3f07dc  No.333791

57d4ed  No.333792

File: ec61b2856f3b0ce⋯.png (2.4 MB, 1920x1014, 320:169, ClipboardImage.png)

the only creative thing I have done in months

rate my tism lads

990714  No.333793


baste and redpilled

tbqh I do want to get minecraft but also don't want to give money or pirate

may gib money though

3f07dc  No.333794

File: 5d70710ee271c18⋯.jpg (62.79 KB, 753x502, 3:2, 1540721637214.jpg)


>that weird ugly dirt floor


193f42  No.333795

File: 690ecf61685c2a1⋯.png (2.71 MB, 1920x1027, 1920:1027, 14656435327648923648_20160….png)


i miss minecraft tbh

57d4ed  No.333796


do it

someone could make a radical newbrit action in minecraft server


it's still a WIP I just can't be bothered to do much tbh

wanted a rustic muddy path feeling

3f07dc  No.333797

File: b4356a5d50919d8⋯.png (226.92 KB, 480x360, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

Really like this character ngl

Makes me giggle

193f42  No.333798

File: 9866aa83e8ccce5⋯.jpg (398.5 KB, 1920x1027, 1920:1027, 20180924175055_1.jpg)

File: c634e80ee43629e⋯.jpg (562.7 KB, 1920x1027, 1920:1027, 20180924175217_1.jpg)

File: a774f4fa890feb3⋯.jpg (232.11 KB, 1920x1027, 1920:1027, 20180608044937_1.jpg)

File: f3117ec65100176⋯.jpg (193.64 KB, 1920x1027, 1920:1027, 20180608045000_1.jpg)

File: 49fae46ed23e0d4⋯.jpg (126.05 KB, 1920x1027, 1920:1027, 20180819195731_1.jpg)

>tfw not a neet anymore

3f07dc  No.333799


Is that your village of squidward hebrew slaves down there?

3f07dc  No.333800


RIP all the sheep needed to make them sails. Cool lad.

57d4ed  No.333801


yeah it's the only motivation I have for building nice stuff, replacing the ugly pregenerated things


woah lad that is based and autistic

193f42  No.333802


keek, i only ever played on creative tbh. autistic enough to spend a million hours placing blocks but not autistic enough to farm for it


ta very much lad i wish i had my good screenshots with the fancy lighting

193f42  No.333803

File: ebef1fef9a800cd⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.35 MB, 1920x1027, 1920:1027, 14115573712426106880_20170….png)

File: 467519bfc48771f⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.45 MB, 1920x1027, 1920:1027, 14115573712426106880_20170….png)

File: 5d47d54187a840c⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 3.1 MB, 1920x1027, 1920:1027, 14115573712426106880_20170….png)

File: 572a29f2d439396⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 2.47 MB, 1920x1027, 1920:1027, 14115573712426106880_20170….png)

File: 575ce8284e8725a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.89 MB, 1920x1027, 1920:1027, 14115573712426106880_20170….png)

here's a few but they're really old smh

57d4ed  No.333804

3f07dc  No.333805


I like pic 1 in the fog

88c70b  No.333806

Hounter Hurrents? More Bewks on Jewlius Evowla?

f4dde6  No.333807

>tfw was autistic enough to build a castle on survival one life mode when I played

193f42  No.333808



thanks lasses

990714  No.333809

File: 52c7d0f685c4357⋯.jpeg (24.29 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 52c7d0f685c4357e943b478f2….jpeg)

57d4ed  No.333810


caked it on a bit innee

990714  No.333811

57d4ed  No.333812

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fresh memes

578120  No.333813


>Oh everything will collapse anyway

yeah I don't believe in the collapse. the browning is gradual and as the old white boomers retire, they will be replaced by educated and trained non-whites. non-whites will gradually begin to fulfill every function that white people do, including law enforcement and military. will the country be as productive or powerful? no, but there won't be any collapse or race war or bubble burst or whatever other bs people optimistically LARP about


>their black population is stable and has been for decades.

but there are programs integrating them into whiter areas. section 8 housing, enrolling them into high-performing (white and surburban) schools, etc.

88c70b  No.333814

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Bo-Selecta was baste, tbh.

2640b2  No.333815

File: 0f7d3c2f8d1c431⋯.png (8.43 KB, 472x408, 59:51, dorsepepeback.png)

>tfw no anglo-slav jewess to racemix with

990714  No.333816


>wanting her to be part *nglo


578120  No.333817

File: 5c275eb209c3170⋯.png (8.13 KB, 250x202, 125:101, 5c275eb209c3170da1d03d0024….png)




578120  No.333818

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>not this

2640b2  No.333819

File: 700dfcb962ef08f⋯.jpg (48.87 KB, 362x444, 181:222, woesey.jpg)


she would have to be very pretty upper middle class anglo with blue eyes and black hair and pale skin



990714  No.333820


>blue eyes and black hair and pale skin

You get that from the slav/jewess part though

a60014  No.333821

night lads

88c70b  No.333822

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>how did Raimi get away with this?

Ahead of it's time.

578120  No.333823

File: 27ab123cf5d433f⋯.png (53.64 KB, 728x720, 91:90, jewess.png)



night lad

990714  No.333824


jewesses are great

a07e7d  No.333825

File: 5de243665b82c3f⋯.jpg (781.14 KB, 1200x1697, 1200:1697, 1542735001828.jpg)


goodnight lad

49d88d  No.333826

12 Monkeys is a good film lads.

57d4ed  No.333827

57d4ed  No.333828

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



gilliam dystopias are always kino

49d88d  No.333829


Watching it for the 3rd time, I noticed loads of things I hadn't before. Very good. Know any films that are in a similar style?

57d4ed  No.333830

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

youtube comment says

1. Taxi Driver

2. A Clockwork Orange

3. Buffalo '66

4. Brazil

If you look up Gilliam's filmography he's made a few other pieces, The Zero Theorem is the latest I think

88c70b  No.333831

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


There's this surreal low budget film I happened upon a couple of years ago called Meet the Hollowheads. Here's the whole thing on Youtube.

2640b2  No.333832

File: ac6c551011ed1f7⋯.jpg (305.95 KB, 857x1200, 857:1200, yummyy.jpg)

49d88d  No.333833


Taxi Driver and Clockwork Orange were great. Brazil too if I'm thinking of the right film.

I will, thanks fam.


Looks mental, will try.

57d4ed  No.333834

gods that jewess is so ugly

990714  No.333835

2640b2  No.333836


dont act like you wouldnt wessieboy

2640b2  No.333837

would love to eat cheese more but i cant stand eating more than a few bites regardless of the type

been sticking to dairy products and meat but i need more fat smh

57d4ed  No.333838


it's pretty freakywierdcool so far

990714  No.333839

File: 8d736d9fa794581⋯.jpg (300.93 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, 8d736d9fa794581f524e680ded….jpg)

2640b2  No.333840

File: 6699712b1b7d2b9⋯.png (335.62 KB, 358x465, 358:465, wink.png)

abf9c2  No.333841

File: e8f746ea0ce43c3⋯.jpg (115.3 KB, 700x676, 175:169, Jewess 139.jpg)



2640b2  No.333842

File: 8179a9c950e8837⋯.jpg (9.63 KB, 480x360, 4:3, bowden.jpg)

f4a9f3  No.333843

File: bebea678e816b42⋯.jpg (78.85 KB, 590x568, 295:284, 1482179507412.jpg)



abf9c2  No.333844

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2640b2  No.333845


are hot

but not for marrying

abf9c2  No.333846


Probably her concentration camp number stamp, lad, no need to dredge up the past so insensitively.

2640b2  No.333847

File: 7f1eea2be861ad4⋯.png (234.71 KB, 578x447, 578:447, burns1.png)

2640b2  No.333848

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2640b2  No.333849

the meat is marinating

will prepare as soon as i awake


990714  No.333850

File: f378fc43ace3a4a⋯.png (1.6 MB, 844x960, 211:240, ClipboardImage.png)

990714  No.333851


88c70b  No.333852

File: da0e34ae48eb6e4⋯.jpg (61.14 KB, 576x453, 192:151, 21269d95b5aacb8f4484891d3a….jpg)



990714  No.333853

57d4ed  No.333854



g'wan lad

do a cheeky prank bomb

a07e7d  No.333855

File: 0d3fc5ea4528dda⋯.jpg (285.87 KB, 1307x1256, 1307:1256, 1513185553603.jpg)

Get really bad feels rewatching Lain. Keep thinking about overpopulation lads.

88c70b  No.333856

File: 38938d0c27d055b⋯.png (11.58 KB, 400x366, 200:183, angery.png)


>we could solve it if we just stopped trying to feed and accommodate everyone, and now we're all going to die



a07e7d  No.333857

File: 3579901c060dce5⋯.png (2.33 MB, 1280x960, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

>tfw no lain computer setup


making their populations rly big and interfering in their societes prolly not the best smh

a07e7d  No.333858


your choreography was good in that comic

0b9e9d  No.333859



0b9e9d  No.333860

File: 367b33f225f73d2⋯.jpeg (26.41 KB, 512x564, 128:141, b012522c3abee2687dd5f56d2….jpeg)

oh it's mesmerized, kek

both make sense

d2d0b8  No.333861


88c70b  No.333862


Ta lad. I was going to continue that series, but I'm not sure where to go with it now. Maybe I'll try to do a page tomorrow.

d2d0b8  No.333863

Has the gayism gone now?

88c70b  No.333864



a07e7d  No.333865




YOu gonna be all alone when we brits go to sleep

0b9e9d  No.333866

File: a12db404d4533af⋯.png (14.99 KB, 240x304, 15:19, 1506470067739.png)

had overcooked cheeseburgers with bacon on a plate (no bun 'cause keto) and now I'm eating broccoli


gayism has been prohibited since I became grand cyclops


yeah probably

990714  No.333867

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



d2d0b8  No.333868

File: fd81418a96dc686⋯.jpg (116.45 KB, 527x698, 527:698, IMG_3150.JPG)


>gayism has been prohibited since I became grand cyclops

As BO, I approve. :-)

49d88d  No.333869

File: f8893731aa52b64⋯.jpg (2.55 MB, 3130x2070, 313:207, christcross.JPG)

I love him lads.

d2d0b8  No.333870



good lad

49d88d  No.333871


Thanks for correcting me, lad. Feeling tired, gonna head off.

Night lambs.

0b9e9d  No.333872

File: 469699bc8757248⋯.png (164.59 KB, 996x832, 249:208, 469699bc875724814920e0ae5e….png)

>A judge in the US has issued a default judgement requiring Iran to pay more than $6bn to victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks that killed almost 3,000 people, court filings show.

88c70b  No.333873


Can they do that?

f4dde6  No.333874

There's a Youtube series called Origin that looks like a bit like a Pandorum prequel. First episode was alright tbh.

0b9e9d  No.333875


is iran going to pay one penny? no way lmao

0b9e9d  No.333876

File: d274d3a62275758⋯.webm (8.47 MB, 256x144, 16:9, I.R_Iran_army_massive_mil….webm)

hail persia and death to israel

d2d0b8  No.333877


>thank you

You're welcome. :-)


>USA make anyone pay when they can't even maintain an air force without crashing into each other or a navy without crashing into cargo containers

Type 2 diabetes has ruined the eyesight of your populace, you'd never spot the Iranian microsubs without demanding the Type 45s point them out for you.

d2d0b8  No.333878

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Goodnight lads.

2bab49  No.333879


f4dde6  No.333880

2bab49  No.333881


>watching normie british youtubers atm


034fe3  No.333882

File: 1b4003df53e230f⋯.mp4 (1.23 MB, 576x360, 8:5, grandma btfo.mp4)

281e72  No.333883

cheeky midnight bacon

b9fd39  No.333884

File: 0b9c92ad4e8c3b0⋯.png (258.32 KB, 640x721, 640:721, ClipboardImage.png)


281e72  No.333885

File: 68eafc91ebf53b3⋯.gif (1014.46 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 68eafc91ebf53b3c0aa04f6804….gif)


early bird gets the worm, 'ey lad?

b9fd39  No.333886

File: f15e682ab6a29f0⋯.jpg (127.64 KB, 1520x1080, 38:27, 1538349925189.jpg)


Can't sleep haha.

Weird feel that HW is dead.

281e72  No.333887

File: 224d5dcfa61bef5⋯.mp4 (1.59 MB, 202x360, 101:180, virtusethonor.mp4)

b9fd39  No.333888


The big Pres man.

>that background music


281e72  No.333889


ah. we're too young to remember him tbh

b9fd39  No.333890


True, never really liked him from what I read about him, kinda weird feel though.

b9fd39  No.333891

I guess it's like realising that historical figures are just people who have a family and stuff like anyone else. Still find it hard to have sympathy for people like the Clintons though.

2bab49  No.333892


>that webm


57d4ed  No.333893

File: 375b856e471d84c⋯.png (982.33 KB, 1392x1050, 232:175, when druids and christnazs….png)

squoze half a green and black lemon that'd been in the fridge for months in my water lads it's extremely cloudy now but it should be fine right


SomethingElse! Nice to see you again lad. It's diminished enough for me to accept the new situation.


I wish you really were the BO


oh no no no no


not stargate origins i hope


gods I hate that cunt


who? was worried HW = HotWheels

2bab49  No.333894


historical figures also take big smelly shits like the rest of us, weird imagining historical babes doing a big dirty in the toilet tbh, can you imagine aubrey hepburn taking a liquid shit, weird tbh, I do it automatically now everytime I see a hot girl

57d4ed  No.333895

File: 298aaa1e22ee557⋯.png (62.18 KB, 1196x752, 299:188, ClipboardImage.png)



time to go back to bed

281e72  No.333896

/shit/ will hit their 999999 and 1000000 gets next thread, remember to steal it lads. post whatever you want

281e72  No.333897

maybe the thread after that very early in, it depends when they create new threads

b9fd39  No.333898

File: 705c45da2595cc5⋯.png (438.46 KB, 639x360, 71:40, ClipboardImage.png)



Lols gotta think of a good one.

2bab49  No.333899

been up all night, need to go get a haircut, hope the spots on my scalp don't pop as much when the buzzer goes over them as they usually do tbh

b9fd39  No.333900


Poorlad, sounds painful.

f4a9f3  No.333901

File: c77491b64acccff⋯.jpg (28.98 KB, 730x730, 1:1, DVkB23mWsAAjPs_.jpg)

morning lads

b9fd39  No.333902

File: a822ff0dae37c8d⋯.png (1.02 MB, 906x960, 151:160, ClipboardImage.png)



abf9c2  No.333903

>See the mice in their million hordes

>From Ibiza to the Norfolk Broads

>Rule Britannia's out of grounds

>To my mother, my dog, and clowns

Love this verse tbh

60119f  No.333904

File: 98407f8824dc71a⋯.jpeg (92.12 KB, 640x602, 320:301, C3534D29-364C-4AFE-BF9E-A….jpeg)


But I want to go to bed.

abf9c2  No.333905

File: cf95089d32221f4⋯.png (327.56 KB, 600x480, 5:4, sweaty man intensifies.png)



>that puffy thigh thing

I don't need this right now

abf9c2  No.333906

File: 5b8b3acb357caf5⋯.jpg (44.38 KB, 379x253, 379:253, is that a joke.jpg)

d2d0b8  No.333907

Gluten morgan

57d4ed  No.333908


it's too tough thursday and you must wage for my benefit

57d4ed  No.333909

job centre man calling at half past 12

going to tell him I got the flu because I can't afford to run the heaters, maybe that will make the fuckers give me the rent help I'm due

bb3e35  No.333910


If only this was the standard for welfare recipients

57d4ed  No.333911


if I were an eritrean invader-immigrant they would be giving me all the trappings of living for free

57d4ed  No.333912

>make it literally impossible for decent native lads to find good work

>fight them every step of the way and make their already hellish NEET lives as hellish as possible

>nigger fresh off the boat gets the equivalent of thousands of native NEETs' benefits every month and lives like a kang

I hate clown world

b9fd39  No.333913

File: 72d3d52b4032cb2⋯.jpg (48.32 KB, 423x422, 423:422, 1543893909976.jpg)


learn to code noob t. economists

d2d0b8  No.333914


There's plenty of work going lad smh

57d4ed  No.333915


>they hire pooinloos who aren't even qualified for the job instead, just because they're cheaper


not here there isn't

I haven't even been emailed back about a volunteer application

2bab49  No.333916


low wage service jobs, get fucked.

2bab49  No.333917

just got back from the hairdressers, got a nice fashcut tbqh, owning the libs jugend style

57d4ed  No.333918

File: ebaa1bee806ee1f⋯.png (293.26 KB, 4408x960, 551:120, Britain Reborn.png)

also hi BO it's good to have you back

b9fd39  No.333919

File: 780fc926dce0eb2⋯.png (517.29 KB, 848x1200, 53:75, 1543868007927.png)


I thought Spig was BO

2bab49  No.333920


why is the bbc allowed to publish these harissa not herbs style accusatory articles

57d4ed  No.333921


based and daftypilled


>if I drained my savings and got a car so I could commute to other jobs the only jobs I have a chance of being hired for are min. wage ones that would leave me with less money than if I hadn't bothered at all

clown world


SE has been the real BO even while Herts was pretending to be leader

d2d0b8  No.333922


>haven't even been emailed back about a volunteer application

If it is a volunteer position just turn up and ask if you can do it.


>low wage

Better to be working than to have long periods of unemployment on your CV.

>get f*cked

"For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat." (2 Thessalonians 3:10)


No gayism or lewdness this time please.

bb3e35  No.333923

File: a74ed96413f937c⋯.jpg (2.44 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20181206_122920.jpg)

I can't see the road ree

2bab49  No.333924


>is a neo lib slave master wannabe

>quotes the bible as if its an argument

I don't know you and I already hate you

bb3e35  No.333925



Ahhhh he's back lads just like that son in the bible

57d4ed  No.333926


yeah I did apply in person

Unfortunately the perfidious scot is not perma'd so there is some gayshite left, but filtering is enough for now


based and huwhite


SomethingElse is a goodlad, lad

bb3e35  No.333927

What is the moral of that story anyway? Don't be afraid to confess sins? Forgiveness and love between family? Idno

bb3e35  No.333928


Yeah and ironically a place closer to job opportunities

57d4ed  No.333929

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Fresh big keeks

2bab49  No.333930

File: 494291e38813cd7⋯.png (1.47 MB, 1688x2000, 211:250, 494291e38813cd78c3fc107608….png)

>3 arrested for "right wing activity"

>member of iron march meme group sonnenkrieg

>17 year old 18 year old and 21 year old lad live's probably ruined over some larping

Anarcho tyranny continues, I could literally be jailed just for shit I've said on here cunts literally getting locked up for nothing

2bab49  No.333931


>SomethingElse is a goodlad, lad

stop defending boot licking miscreants

d2d0b8  No.333932


Where you're going you don't need roads lad.


>hates the truth of scripture

Wew, when did Satan start frequenting this board?


The son wanted his father's money and demanded he be given it early. He wanted his father's gifts but didn't want his father. Despite this his father forgave him and welcomed him back even though the son can be said to have not deserved to have been forgiven after what he had done.

57d4ed  No.333933

File: 375b856e471d84c⋯.png (982.33 KB, 1392x1050, 232:175, when druids and christnazs….png)

File: ef26626eadcc645⋯.png (1.59 MB, 2048x2048, 1:1, somethingelsedepressed.png)


stop being mean for no reason

he is a good boy who walks a moral path of a different kind

bb3e35  No.333934

File: 4b4ee51ac513a07⋯.png (129.39 KB, 871x1000, 871:1000, 1544021963152.png)


Love me some somethingelse tbh

57d4ed  No.333935

File: 526b9fb11afa0ce⋯.png (964.32 KB, 956x750, 478:375, 22st bedroom.png)

bb3e35  No.333936



So there is no meaning?

d2d0b8  No.333937


There is lots of meaning.

bb3e35  No.333938

bb3e35  No.333939

Daddy is god

d2d0b8  No.333940


Ask your priest about it lad. :-)

bb3e35  No.333941

File: ba0845f38c3b851⋯.jpg (16.27 KB, 485x443, 485:443, 1514605550929.jpg)


I found it tbh

d2d0b8  No.333942


What did you find lad?

bb3e35  No.333943


The meaning lad

d32533  No.333944

File: 7ecead76686a401⋯.jpeg (25.26 KB, 209x241, 209:241, 3869BAB8-9CEE-403C-8077-4….jpeg)



bb3e35  No.333945

File: 82e50b41dbf543d⋯.png (152.2 KB, 768x768, 1:1, guULQdv1Q9_zU10Zi_XzCJPnNL….png)

d32533  No.333946

File: 479ec6e882128e7⋯.jpeg (75.73 KB, 1236x644, 309:161, BB36F666-4943-4A88-822C-7….jpeg)


I got your back brother.

57d4ed  No.333947


smh bet you're just getting this for being a disabled wombyn

>2 pay rises in 2 days when most people are lucky to have one every few years

what's going on smh, mega christmas bonuses?

d32533  No.333948


Good work pay rise and one is a general been here six months pay increase.

57d4ed  No.333949

File: dae496bdd620682⋯.webm (2.37 MB, 640x360, 16:9, HackerKnownAs4Chan.webm)

what's the go-to site for games these days? ukbay seems to be down smh

bb3e35  No.333950


She just got a little more than a third of my paycheck in a raise it is insane

57d4ed  No.333951


guess you ruined enough lives to make the quota, gj

I want to work smmmhhhhh

57d4ed  No.333952


what the fug

57d4ed  No.333953

privileged smh

at least you will be paying more of my bennies

bb3e35  No.333954

Gbp probably has more buying power than Nok as Well

d2d0b8  No.333955



What are you getting me for Christmas lad?


>go to game website

Not sure if you've heard of it or not but I use this one called "Steam".

57d4ed  No.333956


yeah it's S T R O N G

damnit crow just by a mansion and let all of newbrit live in it with your fat stacks of cash


I want to trial a game though, not buy one

57d4ed  No.333957

File: 2a9f84f161f2936⋯.png (12.42 KB, 341x133, 341:133, ClipboardImage.png)

d32533  No.333958

File: 618a227a945f237⋯.png (159.03 KB, 790x397, 790:397, 15EEC430-77A1-49F3-A7EE-26….png)

I may be somewhat rich but I am also richer by your company.

Also I am hiring servants to work in my mansion. 22st is chauffeur. Job application free for all. Take your pick.

57d4ed  No.333959


cooking, cleaning, gardening, general butling, animal care and security

d32533  No.333960


You can be a scullery maid.

57d4ed  No.333961

also all of this money really does mean it's a government or government affliated job I'm 100% certain now

57d4ed  No.333962

if you work for student loans could you erase my debt thanks

d32533  No.333963


>implying I’m that powerful

57d4ed  No.333964


just takes a little accident with the files tbh

b9fd39  No.333965

File: d7ca9faef7d8d22⋯.gif (7.79 KB, 220x184, 55:46, tenor.gif)


goodboy points?

d32533  No.333966


Okay just post your full name, bank details, three digit security code on the back of your card, address, date of birth, security question answer and shoe size.

57d4ed  No.333967


reginald dupschlong

united agriculturalists local bank


69 mud lane, manureston, somerset


how many lambs have the welsh stolen (two hundred)

size 49 and a half

57d4ed  No.333968

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

waiting for the job centre to call

late as usual

d32533  No.333969


Okay I’ve added another £9000 to your debt. Male tax.

57d4ed  No.333970

File: 93aa9bf718a2fec⋯.png (108.43 KB, 220x229, 220:229, pinkw5.png)


d32533  No.333971

>girl talking about how she went to auschwitz

>”felt really weird to me, like I was on a film set, like it wasn’t real”

I really need to try not to laugh

57d4ed  No.333972

what hurts the most is that I only ever had a couple thousand in student loans and could have paid it back in full earlier but now the illegal and malicious usury interest will have bloated it to eight times it's size

d32533  No.333973


Sorry shitlord.

57d4ed  No.333974

File: fe9af2c3fa30361⋯.png (780.81 KB, 1000x1250, 4:5, 100.png)


should have said

really makes you think

57d4ed  No.333975

considering just giving up and spending my savings on frivolous shit tbh

b9fd39  No.333976


you don't have to pay them back until you earn over a certain amount though do you

just dab on them

2bab49  No.333977


>talentless slag getting raise for no reason

typical in this society

bb3e35  No.333978


Oh i'm laughing

49d88d  No.333979

>one thread every 2 days

Bloody hell this place is a bit dead innit?

57d4ed  No.333980


yeah but I shouldn't have to be paying the interest at all even when I do start earning because they illegally initiated the usury and backdated it when I got a temp job which never gave me enough hours to go above min. wage

b9fd39  No.333981


Do you have to pay interest? pretty sure i don't

I've never even talked to whoever gave me my loan and they've never contacted me lol

57d4ed  No.333982


no they've been adding massive amounts of interest on to the debt ever since I got that job, the interest itself shouldn't have started until I was actually earning above min. wage/year. They also reneged on the initial agreement and "updated" the terms to make it look legal even though they didn't get anyone's consent.

they've gotten away with it because we do not live in a society that operates under rule of law or fair principle

2bab49  No.333983


I maye provide witty and sarcastic social commentary and do facial expressions like a character from the office but only when I feel like it so it doesn't get old, I only except a fixed wage and may take a pay decrease in lieu of sexual favours

49d88d  No.333984

File: 1249872d4c09706⋯.png (97.96 KB, 481x469, 481:469, basedgod.png)


Don't fam, you'll need it one day.

t. someone who has no money


>that pic

Good lad.


Nice lad, comfy.

For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,

Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Romans 8:39-39.

57d4ed  No.333985

File: ace997fad39e5f4⋯.png (127 KB, 280x291, 280:291, pinkw8.png)


49d88d  No.333986


>not having a mobile

What are you doing lad.

57d4ed  No.333987


I'm deaf, I can't use my mobile for anything but text, the audio is too shit

49d88d  No.333988


>I'm deaf

As in actually deaf? Smh.

Fair enough, get a new phone then innit. Essential in these times unfortunately.

57d4ed  No.333989

File: 253786e4414ed01⋯.png (96.82 KB, 280x291, 280:291, pinkrage.png)


57d4ed  No.333990


deaf enough that I can't use tiny mobile phone speakers to hold a conversation and only barely get by on the landline

I have a pay as you go and I'm not upgrading because I c an't afford shit

2bab49  No.333991


new low tbh, the cunts that got arrested by the police were arrested because the bbc wrote an article about the edgy discord they were using

49d88d  No.333992


Sorry to hear that. Hearing aids maybe? I have to wear incredibly strong prescription glasses because I'm basically blind without them.

b9fd39  No.333993

File: 8418afc54917107⋯.jpg (102.73 KB, 840x912, 35:38, 0bad932f969e499d80329dd9ce….jpg)


they'll come for me next keek

57d4ed  No.333994


is there a not shit source for stuff like this? I don't want to see anything to do with the BBC


this is with hearing aids lad

I have two, my last NHS pair, if they break I'm fucked unless I play 2k+ each for new ones

been wearing the same glasses for so long my face has physically grown around them and there are grooves in the cartilage and skin

I can't afford anything, I have several thousand in savings which has kept me going for the past couple years but the money is dropping all the time

f4a9f3  No.333995


how did they get their irl identities?

57d4ed  No.333996

the cunt who's supposed to be my job centre advisor or whatever didn't even say anything

just removed the appointment

I sent him a message but he's going to come back with "no fuck you"

2bab49  No.333997


glowies probably passed it on, or discord did, or maybe their opsec was shit, point is this is the bbc literally putting a bunch of young lads in jail for no reason

57d4ed  No.333998

File: 299f03003ae8391⋯.png (273.53 KB, 401x402, 401:402, bbctrust1.png)

File: e5f6caff969ba8d⋯.png (256.36 KB, 474x581, 474:581, bbctrust2.png)

bb3e35  No.333999

Keek female truck driver lying in the ditch

2bab49  No.334000

>young william neo lib from guido fox on the bbc saying we should build on the greenbelt


bb3e35  No.334001

File: 0286b93b85cb8a9⋯.jpg (2.63 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20181206_140518.jpg)

No Wonder this commune has forest in its name

57d4ed  No.334002

>still no communication

>he really is going to fuck me up

>but I have to put everything on hold in case he calls

I just wanted to have a comfy bath today

bb3e35  No.334003


At least we are all angry today

57d4ed  No.334004

I also got a text from the DWP about disability paperwork, it turns out they put a time limit on it that starts as soon as they send it by slowest possible postage

now I have to complete a huge legal document and mail it first class at my own expense just to have a chance of an extra £50 a month which just might cover the deficit on what I'm supposed to be getting on rent


I'm going to die lad

57d4ed  No.334005

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>even while being a NEET as isolated from everything as it is possible to be in modern society, everything still goes wrong and fucks up for me

bb3e35  No.334006


Feels great yeah

Somebody comfort wessex i am driving

57d4ed  No.334007


drive safe lad smh you shouldn't be browsing the thread at all

2bab49  No.334008


why even bother claiming

f4a9f3  No.334009


why not start wagecucking? The longer you leave it the bigger an obstacle it will become.

57d4ed  No.334010


because any income at all staves off the day I run out of money and have to die

57d4ed  No.334011



I want to wage but there's nothing local or in commuting distance and I can't afford to move without having a job in place beforehand

57d4ed  No.334012

absolute cunt

nothing for over an hour

fuck it

d2d0b8  No.334013

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


If you kill yourself you'll damn your soul to Hell.

f4a9f3  No.334014


no farming jobs?

57d4ed  No.334015


literal torture with brimstone and pitchforks is probably better than the psychological torture and pressure of modernity tbh

57d4ed  No.334016



when it's in season they hire foreign workers on the illegally cheap and still have the audacity to complain about muh breggsit muh low wage workers

even if there were jobs going the only way to find out is to spend all my money and time in pubs and hope that someone knows someone who knows a guy etc etc

57d4ed  No.334017

File: ffbd911c40c71ba⋯.png (934.09 KB, 808x805, 808:805, pinkw13.png)


57d4ed  No.334018

phew it pulled away

still no word or call from the centre cunts

bb3e35  No.334019

File: dee9e62fab60f1c⋯.png (252.14 KB, 641x515, 641:515, 1544099769355.png)

57d4ed  No.334020


that's ok tbh

fuck being a slave to the phone

can't believe that some people literally sleep next to one so they can be bothered at any time

57d4ed  No.334021

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

fresh cool history by cucks

57d4ed  No.334022

File: 725df3cc9266bc4⋯.png (468.41 KB, 540x511, 540:511, Sweaty LQ pepe.png)


he's a goodlad after all and didn't reduce my income

I guess they're not all bad

except they still haven't said anything about my rent money

2bab49  No.334023


I sleep with my phone by nobody ever contacts me so its not an issue

2bab49  No.334024


>he lives the high life while you rot

stalinism NOW, everyone must be as miserable as me, fun and happiness should be banned

57d4ed  No.334025

File: 897a76ac057fbd4⋯.png (627.07 KB, 587x500, 587:500, Shootgang.png)


I agree with killing the rich tbh

wouldn't want gommunism though

2bab49  No.334026


I prefer mah main man pol pot tbqh, absolute ledge

b9fd39  No.334027


This is so cringe lol whatever I'm happy with my life tbh

b9fd39  No.334028

Do wish the rich were more philanthropic to their own people tho and didnt give everything to help the african baby boom

bb3e35  No.334029

File: 0cb8dd7657498c4⋯.jpg (1.93 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, 20181206_154746.jpg)

b9fd39  No.334030


*steals this pic for my album cover*

57d4ed  No.334031

49d88d  No.334032

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


a670ca  No.334033


Post a pic of an ant lad

a670ca  No.334034

>when the sensation of hunger finally passes

2bab49  No.334035


any lads in here who feel like shit I advice you do not watch this clip

49d88d  No.334036

File: b2053807ebaf2a8⋯.jpg (60.77 KB, 482x427, 482:427, 1541632737510.jpg)




Had that earlier tbh. Not eaten since 6am and I was hank marvin earlier but I'm alright now.

49d88d  No.334037

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Had no idea this was a thing Japs like(d) but it's pretty decent tbh.

a670ca  No.334038


Not eaten since 9 pm

Daftie is not allowed to compete tbh

49d88d  No.334039

File: 68841a21348c154⋯.png (38.64 KB, 206x237, 206:237, 1540756966618.png)

>make up 1/10th of the fucking posts

2640b2  No.334040


i had some cheese and marmite

then i drank some milk and now i have really bad stomach pains, fuck my life

a670ca  No.334041

Aw saw a lad park and what i assume to be his kids came out to greet him

49d88d  No.334042

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Not eating is fucking easy tbh, but it depends on your schedule I suppose. Understandable if you've got a lot on your plate (haha)!

2bab49  No.334043


I literally have conversations with myself outloud m8, also go on the youtube app and click your profile then go to time watched to see how much time you waste watching videos

49d88d  No.334044


>this is an option

Oh fuck no.

49d88d  No.334045

File: 865704a02a1833e⋯.jpg (56.44 KB, 444x600, 37:50, 1542654248696.jpg)

>4 hours 29 minutes today

>10 hours 15 minutes yesterday

>47 hours 39 minutes past week

>6 hours 48 daily average

To be fair, I do use it to listen to music and I listen to a lot of lectures h-haha.

Fuck that's a big wake up call really.

2bab49  No.334046

File: 41071470e0d2980⋯.png (71.06 KB, 645x773, 645:773, 41071470e0d29809bc481ad332….png)

>watching uni rugby on TV for some reason

>the crowd is literally full of good looking Williams with multiple smiling young prime qts around them


abf9c2  No.334047


>I literally have conversations with myself outloud

Oh good I'm not the only mentaller

2bab49  No.334048


Christ lad,I'm a full on neet and my avg is 2 hours per day

49d88d  No.334049

File: e3a38e016b74962⋯.gif (2.78 MB, 660x440, 3:2, 1541234854571.gif)


Pls don't make posts like this.

I thought it was normal to talk about stuff aloud. Normally I just plan my day out this way.

2640b2  No.334050

File: 15442ee23c356c3⋯.png (93.86 KB, 866x900, 433:450, dumbdumb.png)


why do you watch tv?

abf9c2  No.334051


How do you do that if I use a ciaputer instead of a ciaphone?

49d88d  No.334052

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I dunno how I watch so much tbh. I think it's mostly music. I listen to a lecture or two a day then normally a few more.

Here's one on the eastern front if you're interested.

2bab49  No.334053


why do you nitpick my posts for no reason, the tv is on in the background, I don't live on my own, I shouldn't have to explain everything to you

2bab49  No.334054


can't listen to the guys who talk so slow, there are so many of these lectures about ww2 tho, really a dime a dozen, military history visualised is top tier

2640b2  No.334055


why are you a low IQ moron?

abf9c2  No.334056




How's the woodworking going, lad?

2640b2  No.334057



my yard is fucking soaked through i can't do anything

2bab49  No.334058

File: e84c97e445bf63a⋯.png (84.51 KB, 255x223, 255:223, e84c97e445bf63a339c248545c….png)

>Camera pans to crowd after try

>English rose kissing Chad looking petit bourgeoisie cunt


2640b2  No.334059