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File: 1464760303125.png (760.52 KB, 1927x1767, 1927:1767, commission_national_horse_….png)

2fa4a3  No.242589

I finally decided to make my own CYOA thread. I was inspired by the Red thread on here. So kudos to the anon who runs that thread.

So what the gist of this CYOA? Well you you see as in the title, we are gonna have an adventure with Luftkrieg. You anons get to choose where she should go and what to do. Basically all the normal CYOA needs. I never done one myself,.so this will be an experience for me. I'll write a little intro.

>It was a calm morning for Luftkrieg. No one was up and she had a day to herself.

>She gets out of her bed and heads over to her small radio, maybe she'll catch what's going on in Germaneia.

>Luftkrieg being mindful of her surroundings, puts on a small pair of headphones so she doesn't wake up anyone.

>She dials a bit before she could find a proper channel to listen into.

>There was some static but it was something.

>"There are some reports of some timberwolves in the area, keep out of the woods for a least 48 hours. If you are at a camp, stay inside the camp grounds."

"Timberwolves, this far in? Interesting." the little filly says to herself.

>She takes off the headphones for now and heads downstairs.

>She gets in the kitchen and looks for something to eat.

>She gets some cereal and pours herself some of that. She still a little tired from getting up so she gonna eat the cereal dry.

>After a few minutes, she gets done her food. She heads back inside to get her Hoolfer Youth Scout uniform on.

>There's an important meeting that will happen later today, so she can prepare herself for it.

>What's next?

I also have to go to bed now, as I decide to post this now instead of earlier because of work and shit.

2fa4a3  No.242590

Go to the museum.

2fa4a3  No.242595

contemplate on the past and the details of said meeting

2fa4a3  No.242597


She's a filly?

>not mention of her taking a shower

Stinky mud pone

Review about the upcoming meeting and what it's about

2fa4a3  No.242608

File: 1464779159852.jpg (93.22 KB, 1172x616, 293:154, Rara gas chamber.jpg)


shut your pie hole jewnicuck


get a knife

2fa4a3  No.242614


See what the meeting is anout and do what >>242608 said.

2fa4a3  No.242617

File: 1464787802344.jpg (158.46 KB, 910x617, 910:617, Hitler_youth_knife_reprodu….jpg)







>She had forgotten to take her shower, and so she hurries back in without waking anyone and gets quick shower.

>It's been weird for the past few months, her parents have been pretty damn busy. She thinks it's because of the war effort.

>There been rumors that there was a mysterious country that wants to invade Germaneia. No one know what's its name or who, they've been sending letter of threats anonymously.

>Being a daughter to two Nazi ponies is quite a nice treat thought. A lot of ponies will treat you with the out most respect because of it. But then there will be some who will be extremely jealous of your status. But other don't know that. They just think you are just some filly.

>Her parents are Aryanne and Kyrie for those who don't know. She still doesn't know who she was created, she only heard rumors from Franziska. Now Franziska is her supportive Aunt.

>She loves her small little family even when there's things in need. Luftkrieg's time has been now busy with the Hoofler Youth Scouts.

>She gets her uniform nice and clean again and puts it on again.

>She heads down to the kitchen and opens her cabinets for anything useful. She finds a knife but she can't carry that. So she looks more throught it until she finds her Hoofler Youth knife.

>She sees the flyer for this day's meeting . It says that the meeting is at the local history musem. And the meeting is about the summer camp.

>Luftkrieg loves summer camp, but she still worries about the timberwolves thought. They are pretty close. maybe she bring them up in the meeting.

>Since Luftkrieg is a early bird, she leaves for the museum now. She maybe will become leader of her troop if she's there everyday.

>She arrives there but it's early, so no one is there yet.

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.242627


Explore and look around the museum. Freshen up her memory of her past

2fa4a3  No.242642


seconding this

2fa4a3  No.242645

File: 1464795716993.png (148.22 KB, 770x1386, 5:9, 524487__safe_solo_ponified….png)




>It doesn't hurt to look around the museum as it is free for the public.

>She remembers that this museum was build before she was born.

>The muesum has many Nazi memorabilia, it even goes back to her great great grandfather.

>The Museum doesn't hae anything that is currently recreant maybe expect for some weapons that the troops use.

>She still thinks about her pass. Franziska told her that she was a text tube baby like her.

>But on the other hand she was born though a potion. And was birth out of either Aryanne or Kyrie. Maybe they are hiding something from her.

>Whatever it could be she'll find out sooner or later. Hopefully she'll get a straight one or the other.

>Regardless she keeps at her pace around the museum. She had always liked coming her for other reasons. It gives a little insight into the past.

>They show every victory and defeat of the Germanea, So the citizens can learn from there mistakes and better ourselves for the next battle.

>She never seen her great great grandfather in person, only because he died before she was even born. But Aryanne and Kyrie said that he was a proud fighter and leader of this country.

>She admires the paint that there is for him. Looking all fancy in his uniform. Luftkrieg salutes the paint for his honor and his protection.

>She keeps walking around a bit more to see some other things for interested. She always like the weapons that are shown in the museum. Maybe she'll get a chance to fire them one day when she's older.

>She can't forget the aviation section of the museum. Since she's a pegasus this really make her connect with the props in there. She seen Kyrie demonstrate how to use the aerial vehicles in combat and non-combat situations.

>Soon she heard the door of the museum opening, looks like the other have arrived.

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.242648


Go greet your fellows and assert your dominance

2fa4a3  No.242676



>She grins as her scout mate start to come in.

>Time to woo your scout leader with your early as she walk towards the door.

>The scout leader where surprise to see Luftkrieg be here this early.

>"Why are you here early?"

"Well I want to be the best and to prove everyone that I can be a leader too!"

>The leader nods to her response, "Well we can help you with that after the meeting is over and done with."

>Luftkrieg smiles has turn brighter from that. Good they already know what I want

>'Besides they'll have leadership positions at camp anyway."

>Luftkrieg nods to that, as she is ready for Summer camp for sure.

>"Alright scouts over here!" Mrs. Evony called out.

>Luftkrieg and the other Hoofler Scouts head over to her and begin their meeting.

>Luftkrieg sits next to her close friend Ilse, The two became best friends when they both join the Hoofler Scouts. Ever since then, they haven't been apart while at meetings.

>"Ok scout we are gonna talk more about Summer camp. I know that there is timberwolves near the grounds but we'll be ok!" Mrs. Evony explains.

>"We have many activities to do at the camp, from swimming to flight training. Just get your parents to sigh your form."

>The forms are just wavers just in case scouts get hurt, it just lets the parents know that their child are in good care.

>The meeting was pretty short, they only wanted to talk about camp, but now Luftkrieg can spend her day with her best friend.

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.242711


run off with your friend and engage in totally non-sexual funtimes

2fa4a3  No.242803

File: 1464835939659.jpg (782.32 KB, 1479x1116, 493:372, Roundtanglelake.JPG)



>Luftkrieg pulls her friend to the side.

"We should hang out together, just you and me!"

>"We should! That would be great!"

>Luftkrieg friend is a pegasus like her. She has the perfect fur color, which is white of course. But her hair is much more darker than Luftkrieg's. But she seems to be a perfect Aryan to her.

>Luftkrieg isn't sure if she has special feelings for her yet, as they are too young for that.

>For now they will just have small filly adventures.

"We should go swimming, there's a lake near by!"

>The other filly smiles and agree to go with her.

>So the two head out for their time to swim. But before they reach thew lake, they return their clothing and paper at their homes.

>After a few minutes the two fillies reach the lake.

>Luftkrieg allows her friend go into the lake first and then herself/

>The two started to swim around the warm water of the lake. As the summer day was heating up.

>The two fillies usually like to huddle up and hold each while they are in the water.

>Luftkrieg found an old cliff that the two can dive from. Lucky for them it's pretty damn stable.

"This is pretty fun isn't it?"

>"Yes it is!"

>A few minutes later, the two begin to hear a tumbling from the nearby woods.

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.242837


hide and wait till whatever it is goes away

2fa4a3  No.242848

Dice rollRolled 5, 1, 2 = 8 (3d9)


If dicedubs she screams "BLOOD AND IRON" and rushes to attack whatever is tumbling.

2fa4a3  No.242880

File: 1464865285933.jpg (64.01 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 1456023927598-0.jpg)

Dice rollRolled 3, 7, 8 = 18 (3d9)


Rolling for this

2fa4a3  No.242932

Dice rollRolled 6, 7, 5 = 18 (3d9)


1-15 Will stay up



16-27 is yell and attack whatever the thing could be.

I will write this when I get back from work tonight, Today is my busy day.

2fa4a3  No.242973

File: 1464905294253.jpg (146.18 KB, 894x894, 1:1, nlg8-1432572053-198191-ful….jpg)





"You stay put, I'll see what's there."

>With that she pulls her Hoolfer Youth knife out and attacks whatever it is from the bush.

"BLOOD AND IRON!" She roars out.

>Luftkrieg plunges the knife straight into a Timberwolf cub.

>Luftkrieg smirks at the kill and hides the body quickly. With that she returns to her friend.

>"What was that?"

"It was a Timberwolf cub, luckily for use it was by itself."

>Ilse smiles at the fact that they are safe.

>"Maybe we should stop swimming for now and go home, it's kinda getting late anyway."

>Luftkrieg agrees with her and drys herself and her friend off.

>The two leaves the lake area and head back into the town. Ilse was right the sun is going down.

"Alright I'll see you tomorrow!"

>"You too Luftkrieg!"

>And with that the two go their seprated ways

>What's next?

I lied I had time today for this short update.

2fa4a3  No.242984


Firstly, its a timberwolf. Its litterally made of wood. What are would a knife do to it? Cut a few chips in it?

Secondly, its just a puppy. A cute little one. It might be friendly by a sufficiently loose definition of "friendly". Why not adopt it? Can't you just imagine how everyone back at HQ would fawn over it? It'll be like the regimental mascot or something.

2fa4a3  No.243007


Too late, it's already dead


Go home and eat a nutritious supper

2fa4a3  No.243020

File: 1464927443629.jpg (126.55 KB, 536x530, 268:265, Cake.jpg)




>Luftkrieg kinda feels bad for killing that poor little timberwolf. But it had to be done. I could of been alive if she didn't choose to kill it.

>Regardless she's getting hungry and wants some food.

>She opens the door to her home to smell cooking food.

>She heads into the kitchen to see Aryanne and Kyrie and Franziska all waiting for her.

>"How vas your day little one?" Franzi asks.

"It was great, the only thing I regret is killing a poor timberwolf cub."

>"Ve have all made that mistake before." Aryanne adds before chuckling a little bit

>Hearing that from her mother makes her feel a little better. She suppose the next timberwolf cub she see and is also friendly she take the wolf home.

>Soon the food was ready, since Kyrie was the cook tonight she get the thanks from everyone. She gives off a little bow in show of appreciation.

>The food was some hay bratwurst and some sauerkraut. A standard Germaneia dish. And for desert is a small black forest cake enough to have a slice for the for ponies.

>Luftkrieg sits herself down and waits for the food to be served. She could smell how good food is. Kyrie does a great job of making the food she makes.

>Luftkrieg starts to eat her food, she eats in small portions, she not so hungry despite swimming and killing a timberwolf cub today.

>Once she finish her dinner, she takes her small slice of cake. It's nice to have some cake. The chocolate was place professionally on, and the cherries on top made it look even better.

>After a bit, she finishes her cake and cleans herself off. She's a bit tired but she wants to chat a little bit with everyone around the table before she does anything else.

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.243022


Ask what they think about summer camp

2fa4a3  No.243024

Be a good filly and thanks Kyrie for the nice meal.

2fa4a3  No.243044



But its litterally made of wood!

What are you going to do to it with a knife? Try to whittle it down or carve your initials into it? The fuckers just put themselves back together after a few mins.

2fa4a3  No.243046


>The fuckers just put themselves back together after a few mins

yes yes, go get it. Keep it and raise it. Luftkrieg shall be the leader of a new timberwolf army. ==DOWN WITH THE KIKES==

2fa4a3  No.243047



2fa4a3  No.243051


>>243022 (Checked!)


>>243044 (Checked once more)



"Thanks for the food mom."

>Kyrie smiles, she knew that her daughter wouldn't forget.

>Luftkrieg suddenly remember about the summer camp waver.

>She gets up from the table and goes and grabs it.

"Summer camp is coming up. I want to see if I can go. I know my friend Ilse is going."

>This made everyone give Luftkrieg a small grin. "Dat's great! I vanted to keep dis as ein zecret, I'll be dere." Aryanne told her, "You can stay vith me."

"Oh thanks mom! I had no idea you'll be there."

>"Tis only ein veek."

>Luftkrieg nods to that understatement, she lets her mother sign the waver and let her be.

>She was outside again. This time she is looking for the corpse of the little timberwolf cub she killed.

>She was told that Timberwolves can't be "Killed". So when she returned to the spot, the poor thing didn't revived itself.

>She started to put it back together as she think it doesn't know how to do that yet.

>Once the pup was put back together, it doesn't remember what and licks Luftkrieg in the face instead.

"Alright you are coming with me, I'll raise you to be perfect!"

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.243053


teach it some tricks

2fa4a3  No.243056


The first one should probably be "don't try to eat people". This will always cause the worst faux pas.

2fa4a3  No.243073




Dubs gets to decide what's the wolf's name

"Ok Mr. Timberwolf, First we don't eat other ponies, and second I need to train you too,"

>Luftkrieg lead the timberwolf to her backyard of her home. There's a little spot for the timberwolf to live and her parent wouldn't have to know.

>She doesn't know what to teach it right away, So gives herself to think about it.

"Mmmm," she begins to ponder. "Let's start off small."

>She picks up a stick and throws it. The timberwolf chases after it and picks it up. Good it knows how to play fetch.

"Lay down!" She command and the timberwolf did so. as young as the timberwolf is, he's pretty damn smart.

>She thinks a bit more…

"Ah-ah!" She then tells the wolf to roll over. Good.

>That's all the tricks she can think of. She heads back inside to grab a piece of food for the poor timberwolf.

>The wolf must be hungry despite being made out of wood. Doesn't mean you can't feed it.

>Luftkrieg pets the wolf.

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.243097


Make sure the wolf has a comfy place to sleep

also rolling for calling the wolf Eiche

2fa4a3  No.243099


What wrong with our bed?

Other than branches and whatnot not being the most comfortable things in the world to be snuggling at night of course…

2fa4a3  No.243101


Name Hitler

2fa4a3  No.243139


I thought we didn't want our parents to know about it. Also, you wasted your name-dubs.

2fa4a3  No.243157

File: 1465017973270.jpg (619.26 KB, 1920x1276, 480:319, 63592116718319916924414695….jpg)


>>243099 (Checked!)



Re-rolling is allowed. It's a race for dubs.

>Luftkrieg looked up it was getting dark soon.

"I'll name you tommrrow." She pets the wolf once more.

>She finds some nice pile of leaves for the wolf to sleep on, she doesn't have worry about the poor thing being cold.

>She also figures that she doesn't have to feed the wolf as it can find food on it's own.

"Be a good boy and stay here, I'll see you tomorrow morning. I don't want Mama Aryanne to see you. So you are my dirty little secret for now."

>Luftkrieg heads back home keeping her eyes on wolf to make sure he's not following.

>Lucky her he fine where he was.

>She heads upstairs and gets herself ready for bed.

>It's been an interesting day, new pet to keep even thought she know her family doesn't know yet.

>She doesn't even know how to bring the wolf up. And the wolf can't join her at camp for sure,

>She shrugs for now. She'll come up with a plan sooner or later, she getting rather tired and wants to go to bed for now.

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.243160


2fa4a3  No.243161


remember to brush your teeth before bed

also rerolling for my earlier suggestion

2fa4a3  No.243403

File: 1465092858103.png (277.98 KB, 2000x3048, 250:381, 1134188__safe_oc_vector_lo….png)




>She heads upstairs and goes to the bathroom

>She turns on the water and brushes her teeth really well

>She keeps the brushing up for a few mintues

>After she got done that. She goes and say goodnight to her parents and Franzi,

>She hops into the bed and goes to sleep

>She starts to dream

>She begins to dream about a dark grey pony. A mare to be exact.

>She has a red mane and tail. She doesn't know who this mare is but she look threatening.

>She couldn't put her hoof but she remember her mother Aryanne saying someone who look just like her.

>The mare walk closer to Luftkrieg. Luftkrieg begins to feel intimated by her.

"I'm not afraid of you!" She stammers a little bit

>The grey pony just smirks a little she know she more powerful than her. Despite Luftkrieg being a filly thought.

>Before the mare could get close enough, Luftkrieg awakes from her dream.

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.243416


This dream is clearly a prophecy. Luftkrieg must find this mare and kill her.

2fa4a3  No.243443


write a note to self to watch out for the mysterious mare

also someone better get dubs pretty soon

2fa4a3  No.243444



2fa4a3  No.243453

File: 1465105273922.jpg (853.67 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, Sunrise-Landscape-Wallpape….jpg)




>>243444 (Checked! Nice trips!)

>Luftkrieg awakes from the strange dream.

>Note to self, watch out for that mare.

>But now she realize she has a name for the wolf now.

"His name will be Echie."

>She shakes off what happens for a bit, maybe it's a sigh for something

"I can wait for my mamas to wake up and tell all about the dream."

>Luftkrieg lays back in the bed waiting for the sun to come up.

>Luftkrieg soon falls back to sleep.

>This time there no weird dream.

>It's a standard dream for a filly.

>You know sunshine and rainbows, and whatever fillies wants to play with.

>This is Luftkrieg's happy place that's outside of the real world of course.

>Her real world happy place would be cuddle by her family of course.

>Who wouldn't want that?

>Luftkrieg twists and turns for a little while long before it's sunrise.

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.243527


Now she should wonder how the fuck two mares gave birth to a foal in a regime where faggotry is punishable by gas.

2fa4a3  No.243556


Dammit anon, don't ruin the nazi lesbians for me!


get up and go check on the wolf

also it's spelled Eiche, not Echie

2fa4a3  No.243562




>Luftkrieg begins to think of more of her existence

>Luftkrieg was always curious of how they were able to conceive her.

>Luftkrieg heard that two mare are not supposed to have foals together

>Lutkrietg thinks that her parents can manipulate the other into thinking with the leader it doesn't matter.

>Isn't this what Aryanne wanted? A army that can be grown by anyone?

>She shrugs it off for now. That's not too important to her.

>She goes back outside to her newly found wolf cub buddy.

>Eiche?" She called out to the wolf.

>The wolf's ears picked up and runs towards the nazi filly.

>The wolf pounces onto the filly and stars to lick her with his tongue.

>Luftkreig starts to giggle from the consist licking attack from the cute wolf creature.

>Luftkrieg pushes the wolf off as she can't take all of the licking at once.

"Good to see you are happy to see me." She chuckles a little bit.

>Luftkrieg brushes herself off and sits by the wolf

>What's next?

It was like 1 am when I finished my last post, please don't bully

2fa4a3  No.243750

File: 1465198290511.png (52.38 KB, 399x407, 399:407, Twi nazi.png)


Take it for a walk. Show your dominance over the other fillies with your new friend.

2fa4a3  No.243779


Take it hunting.

2fa4a3  No.243809

File: 1465232552017.png (Spoiler Image, 69.38 KB, 906x1080, 151:180, 212438__safe_hat_vulgar_op….png)




>Luftkrieg begins to come up with a plan.

>She heads back into her home to find Aryanne's old hunting shotgun.

"First you need to learn how to hunt with me. We have to be a team while we do this."

>The pup seems to understand what she is saying and nods.

>Luftkrieg smiles and heads into the forest. She wants to hunt for ducks.

>Ponies don't really eat meat, this only for the pup.

>She goes to the near by lake that she was at yesterday.

"Ahhh there's some ducks to kill."

>She aims the shotgun towards a duck and shots it.

>The kick knocks her back a bit but she got the kill.

"Go get it Eiche!"

>And with that the timberwolf cub rushes towards the dead duck and brings it back.

>Luftkrieg pets the cub's head and bring the shotgun back home so no one sees that the gun was missing.

>Luftkrieg comes back outside and gives the duck as a treat for the wolf's good job.

"Now I have a better plan!"

>She smiles as she heads into town, she wants to show everone that she tamed a timberwolf cub.

>She heads into to town to insert her dominance.

>Luftkrieg looked around to see that everyone was in shock and awe as she has done something really cool.

>Luftkrieg sees that the other fillies look like they can't beat that in their life time.

>"Where you find the Timberwolf Luftkrieg?" Ilse asks.

"Remember that timberwolf cub I killed?"


"well this is him, he's really friendly and his name Eiche."

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.243818


>Ponies don't eat meat

>yet hunting shotguns exist


anyways, find somewhere to get him a badass-looking collar

2fa4a3  No.243822



Just roll with it.

>Luftkrieg goes down the street with all the fillies following her.

>She now has more power than anyone else over these fillies.

>Luftkrieg goes to the local pet shop to find a collar.

>Opens the door and leaves the pup outside with all the fillies being glued to the wolf.

>Luftkrieg walks over to collar section to see whats there.

>She finds a collar that's spike and has the classic swastika.


>She heads over to the counter and buys the collar for 5 bits.

>She goes out and puts it on Eiche.

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.243890


shouldnt we be having breakfast at some point?

2fa4a3  No.243916



>Luftkrieg notice that she was getting hungry

"Sorry everyone, I haven't eaten any breakfast yet."

>And with that she runs off to her home with Eiche following behind.

>Luftkrieg shortly arrived at the backyard of her home.

"You'll have to stay here until I get back, I don't know how to explain you to my mothers. But I'll bring you back something."

>Luftkrieg runs inside to see that no one is home, the 3 must of left after she did.

"Well cereal will have to do."

>Luftkrieg goes to kitchen and finds a bowl and some grade a Germaneia milk. And most importantly the cereal.

>She puts it all together and starts to eat the food.

>Too bad no one is here to talk with.

>Luftkrieg finishes up and grabs some hay for Eiche.

>Eiche is happy to have more food in his system.

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.243922


>feeding a wolf hay

you know what, Im not going to question this shit anymore

we should prepare for the trip to camp

2fa4a3  No.243925


It's a tree. We should be feeding it fertilizer or something.

2fa4a3  No.243968


You mean like horse manure? :^)

2fa4a3  No.243974


This story derailed into scat fetish territory quickly…

2fa4a3  No.244008


>>243922 (checked)




I should really stop writing late, but I can't, I blame work

>She goes back inside once more, to get her camping gear ready. It's not exactly ready but it's good to pack early for this.

>She goes through her list.

"Sleeping bag… check! Toothbrush… check!

>Luftkrieg goes through the rest of checklist seeing she has everything. Good!

>She heads back outside and gives Eiche some fertilizer that she garden.

"Good boy, you should be good for the rest of day now."

>With that she heads back into the town to see what else is new.

>What's next?

PS: OP doesn't scat at all.

2fa4a3  No.244016


show off your ebin survival skillz to your friends

2fa4a3  No.244040

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>PS: OP doesn't scat at all.


2fa4a3  No.244041

File: 1465330531073.jpg (107.69 KB, 728x546, 4:3, wikihow to potty train a c….jpg)


scatanon pls

2fa4a3  No.244045





I love every single one of you guys. I totally messed up my last spoiler post.

>Luftkrieg brings her pup with her.

"Time to wow the fillies once more Eiche."

>The wolf barked in a happy tone.

>The two made it into town to show off the pup some tricks.

"He can survivor almost anything! But not fire of course."

>And she shows some tricks. like fetch.

>She remember teaching him to fetch earlier with the duck

>Luftkrieg shows them the good old dog tricks because he's like small dog but in wolf pup size.

>She smirks some more with the fillies being so proud of her, maybe she'll get her cutie mark soon.

>What's next?

Well sorry I have to end the post here for now. There's a storm outside and I hope it's not gonna lightning at all.

2fa4a3  No.244059


play hide and seek with your friends

2fa4a3  No.244144



>She gets to her small group of friends.

"You guys want to play some hide and seek?"

>All the other fillies look around and nod a yes.

"Good! Else, you'll be our first person to be the one who looks for us, and we'll hide."

>"Oh man, fine I'll search for you all."

"Good good! Now count to 30."

>As soon as her friend begins to count, Luftkrieg zooms off to her favorite hiding place.

>Her hiding place is the town's bell, she only goes up there if she know when it's safe.

>Lucky her it hasn't been an hour since it last went off.

"I can hide in her and win!"

>Luftkrieg peeps from her spot to see everyone else in there spots and her friend looking everyone.

>She puts her head back in so she doesn't get caught.

>One by one she hears who keeps getting capture.

>Soon it just her and her friend.

>With a little time she has, she goes to a different spot.

>She hurries to the tree when the bell rings.

>Luftkrieg sees her friend go to bell as soon as it stops.

>"Darn I thought I saw her there."

>Luftkrieg gives a little smirk.

>Even more after, her friend gives up and she flutters down to her.

"I win again!"

>"Yeah, yeah I know… you're pretty good."

"Well I am the best."

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.244182


go for a swim

2fa4a3  No.244231



"Hey Else, we should go swimming again, and we can bring everyone this time!"

>"That's a good idea!"

"Everyone follow me to the lake!"

>And with that every filly has now have Lufkrieg's attention and she leads them all to the lake.

>She brings them to a spot where she found her timberwolf pup.

"This is where I found him."

>All of the fillies give a big "Ohhh and awe" where she have shown them.

>Luftkrieg is seriously now the coolest filly in town.

>She goes over to the lake and begins to swim now

>Eiche hops in the water, only to float because of his wooden body.

>All Luftkrieg and her friends could do laugh at that the pup.

"He's pretty silly at the moment but he'll be a killing machine when he's older."

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.244244


show off how good a swimmer you are

2fa4a3  No.244326



>With that she dives into thew water to show everyone how long she can stay down for.

>She uses her wings to balance herself in the water.

>Of course for her safety she stays in the shallow end of the lake for this. Just in case something goes wrong.

>She gives herself a minute to stay down before she starts to lose air.

>After that minute has pass she even have a better idea. She challenge herself to swim across the lake.

>No filly expected her to swim across the lake as this was her idea, but she knew that none of her peers are as good as her.

>Seconds later she had reach the other side. The mixture of her using her hooves and wings increase her speed by 20%

>After she races to the other side. She notices something strange in the trees. But suddenly it disappear the second time she looked.backed. Weird…

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.244327


Go back with your friends and call it a day.

2fa4a3  No.244328


didn't we just get here? let's swim around a bit, unless it's close to suppertime

2fa4a3  No.244430




>She swims a little more longer, it getting close to dinner time thought.

>She sees the sun slowly going down.

"Alright everyone, I need to get home now. My parents are probably worrying about me now."

>All the fillies groan at once but Luftkrieg re insure them that they'll play tomorrow.

>Luftkrieg gets out and dry herself off.

.>She calls out for Eiche for him to follow her

>She goes down the path she goes home too.

>She stretches a little bit before she sees her backyard.

"You know the drill Eiche"

>The wolf knows it not good to go in yet.

"I'll find a way to convince my moms to let you in."

>That statement made the pup happy for a bit.

>She heads inside her home and gets washed up from the day

"Warm shower is always nice to the body"

>She gets out after she rinse her body from the soap studs that were on her.

>She heads back downstairs to see that the food was done.

>Today was Aryanne's turn to cook.Her family likes to take turns who gets to cook.

>Lufkrieg doesn't have to cook yet, she hasn't learn yet. But once she learns, she'll be after Franzi for cooking duty.

Gonna cut it shot here, I got lots to do today.

2fa4a3  No.244444

Dice rollRolled 11 (1d20)


rolling for unsuspiciously asking if we can keep a pet in the house

2fa4a3  No.244450


Hell yes we can with a get like that.

2fa4a3  No.244936


>>244444 (Checked!)


>She waits for a moment before she begins to form her question.

>"Is there something wrong ?" Aryanne asks.

"I'm just think of something."

>She keeps thinking a bit more.

"Is it ok to have a pet in the house?" She finally says out loud.

>Aryanne and Kyrie and Franzi all looked at each other. Then they turned to each other.

>"Well as long as you can feed your pet, it wouldn't be a problem."

>Luftkrieg gives a warm smile from that. She can do that for sure.

>She figure she can bring the pup after dinner.

>She eats her dinner. Giving her family a thanks for the food and clean her dinner

>After goes outside, she calls Eiche over and lets him inside.

>It's getting close to bed time.

>What's next.

2fa4a3  No.244980


Brush your little horse teeth and snuggles with Eiche. Read a bit of "My Struggles" to him before bed.

2fa4a3  No.245184

File: 1465936401535.png (385.42 KB, 1014x1024, 507:512, 940658__safe_oc_oc only_me….png)



>She goes to brush her teeth with Eiche wagging his tail behind him.

>She smiles after she gets done and pets the pup before she heads to bed.

>She hops into the bed

>She lift the covers so that the pup can join her on the bed.

>She grabs her book, it was "My Struggles." That was written by her great great grandfather.

>She looks through the pages to see what was her favorite quotes from it to tell Eiche.

"Mmmmm let me see…"

>She keeps flipping until she finds one that suits herself.


>She puts her hoof on the page and begins to read.

"The personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew." She read to the pup.

>She skims a little bit more to see if anything else she can read before finds another one.

"Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live."

>She smirks, the writing maybe old but she knows it comes from an very important pony.

>She yawns notices that it's getting late.

"Alright, I'll read you more tomorrow.

>And with that she falls asleep.

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.245199


>what's next?

uh…sleep? I'm not sure what else we'd be doing right now.

2fa4a3  No.245245


Dreaming. Dreaming of Victory.

2fa4a3  No.245556




>The little filly begin to dream now.

>In the dream she can see the sweet victory of her country beating every other country at ease.

>This is good to her, she knows in this kind of dream. Anything is possible.

>She now dreaming the victory parade in her town

>Everyone is lined up on the sides while her family are on a float for said parade.

>Loud music that set in the Germananeia theme to it.

>Luftkreig calls it the "Victory March." She doesn't know what really called.

>She shrugs in her dream and just sits back and relaxes. It a beautiful day outside. The sun was shinning, and there were no clouds outside.

>But as soon as something cool was going to happen, reality has to wake her up. it's the morning,

>She opens her eyes to see that it is morning.

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.245558


Take a bath while thinking what she can do today.

2fa4a3  No.245580


remember to wash your smelly mane

2fa4a3  No.246113


Do we have a basement to explore?

2fa4a3  No.246204





>Luftkrieg begins to get up, it times to do her normal routine.

>She goes to the bathroom to brush her teeth. She smells herself to see that she is stinky,

>She sighs for a bit. She needs to take a bath for herself.

"A Clean filly is a good filly."

>She goes to turn on the water, she sets it to hot.She likes hot water, but then again a lot of people like hot water.

>She puts her hoof in the water to see if it at a good temperature. At first it was scalding hot. After a few minutes it was at good warm temperature.

>She steps in and gets ready to wash herself.

>She grabs the mane and tail wash to well wash her mane and tail this first.

>She rubs the soap onto her hair and her tail.

>She leaves it in there for a couple seconds and then she washes it out.

>She then grabs her body wash.

>She washes her body. She rubs the soap in to her fur and her private parts. All of those parts are important to clean.

>Like she did with the mane and tail, leaves it there and then washes it off.

>She turns off the water and let the water it drain.

>She gets out of the and goes to dry herself off.

>She decides after that she was done being clean, to explore the basement.

>She normally doesn't go in there but she had a sudden fascination for it.

>She gets out of the bedroom and heads to the basement.

>Once she gets in the basement, she notice that it was like small base.

"Ohh interesting," She said to herself.

>She looks around. She sees some weapons and some computers to communicate to someone.

>It seems that she wasn't supposed to be down here yet but it could work for something else too. She can't but her hoof on it.

>What's next.

Hey guys OP here, my computer is having hard drives problem. So I'm borrowing my mother PC at the moment, Once I have my PC back up and running there will be more updates.

2fa4a3  No.246214



let's not linger in the basement; we dont want to get caught down here

2fa4a3  No.246498



>She swiftly gets out of the basement

>She sees that she can't be there.

>She shrugs for now

>It's time for breakfast and she is hungry

>She heads into the kitchen and goes and gets cereal.

>Lucky her no one was home to catch her in the basement.

>Her parents sure do like getting up early.

"Eiche come down!"

>With that the pup comes down the stairs.

"Good boy." She smiles to the pup.

>And with that she gets her pup some food, she goes eats her cereal.

>After that she goes cleans up and heads out.

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.246514


go and meet your friends for a day of fun and frivolity

also, how long until we have to go to camp?

2fa4a3  No.246531



>She gets outside of her house, it only two more day till camp.

>She just wants to be in camp.

>She sighs for now as she awaits

>She meets up with her friends in the town square.

>Everyone seems to be hyped to go, including Luftkrieg herself.

>Luftkrieg approach her Ilse.

"We should be cabin mates!"

>"That sounds like a great idea!"

>She smiles as that settles that, unless Aryanne has another plan for her.

>She likes to mingle with her friends for the time being.

>Luftkrieg really wants these two days to go by fast.

>She just want spend time learning things and want to push herself in those activity

>She snaps herself awake and go see what her friends are going too.

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.247258

File: 1466796274368.gif (47.08 KB, 469x469, 1:1, 785722__safe_oc_meme_anima….gif)


Hey guys, should we just skip to the summer camp instead? So we can get the story running more smoothly?

I would think that be the best.

I've been waiting for something new to show up but it's whatever.

2fa4a3  No.247261


2fa4a3  No.247262

And an actual tripcode.


I've seen your stuff pop up before, mate. I'm interested to see where this is going.

2fa4a3  No.247263



Hehe well I have a lot in my mind. Something might happen at summer camp, but I'm not gonna spoil that

Oh yeah, I love the green text you've been writing.

You know I might as well skip to the summer camp for now. And will see what happens.

2fa4a3  No.247265


Appreciate it, mate!

Whatever you decide to do, I look forward to it!

2fa4a3  No.247347


Skipping ahead

>It was the first day of summer camp.

>Luftkrieg didn't expected it to come this fast.

>She follows her mom to the field where everyone has to meet up.

>Luftkrieg watches her mother Aryanne move thought the crowd and meets in the middle.

>"Hello fellov campers, I hobe you'll enchoy your first day here." she tells to all of the campers. "Pefore ve do anything, you can start to chooze your cabins."

>And with that everyone goes off and find cabins.

>Aryanne pulls Luftkrieg to the side.

>"I already haffe ein cabin rezerffed for you"

"Thanks mom, that really helps!"

>The older mare smirks. "I knov mein filly vould like pe to near py me."

>With that, she brings Luftkrieg over to the cabin that nears hers.

>"I'fe heard dat you vant ein friend to punk vith you right?"

>Luftkrieg nods a yes,

>"Gud, go get her."

>After that Luftkrieg heads over to her friend Ilse.

"My mother got use the good cabin!"

>"The good cabin? That great! We don't have to find our own."

>Luftkrieg figures that it good to have someone here that can run the place and get you a good cabin the process.

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.247350

File: 1466829464010.jpg (11.45 KB, 250x176, 125:88, tumblr_nsvr96b8eL1udx41to1….jpg)


The camp hears howling in the distance.

2fa4a3  No.247360



>Luftkrieg keeps hearing some howling in the distance.

"I hope that Eiche. He knows he can't come to the summer camp."

>The more she thinks about it, that wolf pup doesn't like to be alone. Or that could be his family looking for him.

>With all these thought she really needs to think about camp.

>The camp has a trading post where one can buy candy and other junk for the week. The mess hall where of course everyone eats at.

>There's a lake and a pool. She figure some ponies rather swin in pools than lake, or vice versa. Or a pony likes both.

>There are a lot of activities to do, but most of them will be doable tomorrow.

>She then hears the howls coming closer to the camp. This begins to worry for the filly.

>She doesn't know if it's Eiche or is it a pack of non friendly Timber wolves.

>She thinks it's a best idea to go into her cabin for now. It will take her mind off of things.

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.247967


Go back to your cabin and tell your friend about the howling

2fa4a3  No.247970


yo dat neet sum gramar skilz boi

2fa4a3  No.248239

File: 1467266063779.png (19.03 KB, 620x620, 1:1, camp.png)



>She heads into the cabin and tells her friends about the howling that she had heard.

"Guys I think I heard some timerwolves near by."

>"That sounds horrible Luftkrieg, I hope they don't come closer."

"Same here."

>"What about Eiche?"

"That could be him, but I really doubt it thought."

>She looks out the window of the cabin to make sure that every has made it to their cabins for now.

>She sighs in relief that everyone does.

>She still hears the muffled noises of the howling, They must near by.

>She hops over to a chair and waits for a bit.

>A couple minutes go by and the timberwolves noises pass.

>Now the girls can start their summer camp.

>What's next?


Ay thanks.

2fa4a3  No.248276


>>What's next?

Take the girls on a snipe hunt.

2fa4a3  No.248290


review what to do if a timberwolf attacks

2fa4a3  No.248663




"Hey girls, I have an idea."

>The other girls in the cabin look at you with their eyes wide open. They knew she could have a plan."

"We should sneak to shooting range and find us those rifles with the scopes on them."

>She knows they have a weak caliber but if they aim properly they surely can kill them.

>"Yeah I agree with you, we should do it now before any of the adults come and go check."

>Luftkrieg nods and motions her friends to follow her.

"But before we go out, we'll need to know what happen if a timerwolf does attack."

>The fillies nods and listen in.

"Good, well first we have to stand still. And if they get closer make yourself look taller then them, they'll probably get scared."

>The fillies seem to know by the way are nodding and showing that they understand.

>Luftkrieg grins and leads the way.

>Luftkrieg and co found their way to the shooting range.

>Ilse looks out to see that there is no one.

>So all the fillies go to range and grab the rifles.

"Let's go find us some timberwolves."

>With that they head off.

>What's next.

Sorry to cut it off there going somewhere and I was busy this week.

2fa4a3  No.248668


Find a hidden spot away from the timberwolves and shot then at the distance, make sure they have a escape route in case things get ugly.

2fa4a3  No.248670


It would be wise to mask the scent of a large group of fillies, (in an effort not to get eaten). For this the party must bathe in mud for a good minute.

2fa4a3  No.248690


>the rifles aren't locked up

that's how your shit gets stolen

we should split up into small squads in order to move more stealthily

2fa4a3  No.249425

File: 1467742767991.jpg (31.62 KB, 618x336, 103:56, german-reticles.jpg)





>The fillies founds a nice spot. It wasn't far from camp but far enough that no one will notice them with Rifles.

>"We should find some mud to mask our self." A filly pipped up

"That not a bad idea!"

>With that the 4 find some mud and uses it to mask themselves.

"Ok Ilse, you are with me. You two, you go over there" Luftkrieg pointed to tree that look over them, Luftkrieg and Ilse. She wanted to be infront of them all. She is risking her life for them, but at least she has her friend by her side tho.

>The fillies track the trails of the Timberwolves, using their knowledge of nature and help of the Hoofler Scouts nature walk program.

>The four spotted four timberwolves. One for each filly to kill.

>Luftkrieg raiser her hoof to let them know to hold fire.

"Be ready to use your guns girls. We all need just one headshot for each."

>The other 3 nod to her.

>Soon she gives the command to fire at will. At first the timberwolves didn't notice, as the fillies missed their first three shots. But after the forth shot, they all manage to hit their targets. Luftkrieg doesn't not want to deal with a dead camper.

>With that they save the camp for now, they sneak back to camp and return the rifles and return to their cabin.

>What's Next?

2fa4a3  No.249434


Compose a ballad to your glorious victory.

2fa4a3  No.249441

take a quick bath with the other 3 fillies to remove the mud.

2fa4a3  No.249456

2fa4a3  No.249474


We should find and kidnap adopt all the timberwolf cubs after we murder ask their parents. We must raise this army.

2fa4a3  No.249945

Oh hey guys, I'll be at Bronycon this weekend. So no update until at least Sunday night or Monday.

2fa4a3  No.250364


2fa4a3  No.250640






>The fillies headed into their cabins and all of them take a bath,

>The bath tub was big enough to fit all four fillies

>Luftkrieg helped out her friend while the other two begin to wash themselves.

>Luftkrieg sees this as a nice bonding time with her friend as the two wash each other.

>Luftkrieg isn't sure if she's ok to wash her friend's ilse's private parts. So she just let her clean there herself.

>She shruged to herself and could of said something.

>After they were clean and ready to go they head down stairs and begin to sing about their victory.

"We have killed the timberwolves that would of cause us trouble."

>"We have and we can do it again if have too!"

>Luftkrieg noids and continue

"From this day on, we are the protectors of this camp! No ojne will stop us and we can capture all of the timberwolf cubs..We have to build this small army. So our enemies don't stand a chance"

>And with that all the fillies laugh and had fun with that idea.

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.250645


If it's getting late, we should probably go to bed soon.

2fa4a3  No.251001



>The sun was dipping down

>All the fillies in the room were getting tired.

>The thing that was strange about this room that there's only 2 beds. But the beds can fit 2 fillies.

"You can sleep with me Ilse."

>"That sounds good to me."

>With the four fillies hopped in their beds and started to fall asleep.

>Luftkrieg held her friend close to her. This is probably the closest the two fillies have touched each other.

>Luftkrieg slowly diffed to sleep

>A couple hours later, Lufkrieg begins to wake up a little bit. She could smell of some kind

>The smell reminder her of a time where her mother Kyrie had a similar smell at point of time. But she quickly bolted out of her way when Lufkrieg got close.

>And she could feel something wet around her thigh. She sense a slight movement and a bit of someone breathing a little bit.

>She blinks a bit trying to adjust her eyes in the darkness.

>Once her eyes have finally adjusted she can see her friend. She was rubbing against Luftkrieg 's leg.

>Luftkrieg seems to be confuses as she no idea what happen. She does make out a faint whispers from her friend Ilse, But she assumes that her friends asleep whiles she said this

>"Rut me hard Lufty." Her friend said in a low whisper.

>She look to the other fillies that are sleeping and they are sound asleep.

>What's next?

Willl there be more nazi filly lewds? Or no. Your choice anons.

2fa4a3  No.251077


more lewds please let's subtly though

2fa4a3  No.251173

File: 1468650622807.png (419.22 KB, 724x568, 181:142, SS 125.png)


my dick has been waiting for this

2fa4a3  No.251236


>>251077 (Checked!)


>Luftkrieg looked up to her friend. She has to wake her up.

"Ilse, what are you doing?"

>There was no answer. She was still rubbing against her leg.

>She gonna have to wake her friend up.

>Luftkrieg begins to rub the side of her thigh and with that the other filly woke up.

>"Oh sorry Luftkrieg, I was having one of those dreams again."

"Well if you want to do something like that, we gonna have to find a much quieter place then here."

>Luftkrieg could see her friend blushing from the comment she had made. It seems that Ilse had a little crush on her. Truth be told, she also had a small crush on her too.

"I have an idea, why don't we go to the bathroom upstairs, sound-proof and we could do that in there"

>Ilse nods and agrees.

>With that the two fillies creep upstairs and head into the bathroom. Lucky them, there no window,

>Ilse stumbles around to find some matches. They found some candles in the room to light up the room.

>And before they forget, they locked the door so no one can get in while they do their "business."

>Luftkrieg uses some sponges to help sound-proof the room. It's low grade as it is small.

>When the fillies think they are ready.

>Ilse starts to spread herself. Her little filly vagina was already wet. Luftkrieg look at the vagina, she never seen a vagina this close before. The only time she can recall seeing this thing was when she would wait for her parents to get out the shower. it isn't hard to see that since they are her family. But this is more up close and personal.

>"What are you waiting for Luftkrieg lick it."

>This snaps her out of her worshiping gaze.

>Luftkreig has never done anything like this. It like it part of growing up. Come to think a bit. Aryanne and Kyrie probably did it at camp too.

>She get closer to her friend and puts her hooves on Ilse thighs and begins to lick out her wet filly juices and her filly pussy.

>Ilse blush's had turned red from the first lick.

>"Keep going, it get better the more you lick."

>Luftkrieg nods, again she hasn't done this before. But she figures if it gonna be first her time with another filly, it be her best friend.

>She gives a more aggressive licks. She want to show they she is the dominated one here.

>"Luftkrieg, you should lick and suckle on the nub right there."

>Luftkreg looks up a bit to see what she telling her,.Luftkrieg just grins evilly, She might have a different plan for her.

>With that she does start to suckle on the nub, but she gets the idea to put in her hoof into her friend's vagina.

>Ilse eeps at the fact that she being hoofed.

>"Luftkrieg what are you doing?"

"Look like you need a little bit more than just a simple lick and suck." She simply told her.

>With that she increase the speed of her hoof movement and sucking power. This causes Ilse to softly moan a little from the said speed.

>Luftkrieg closed her eyes. She felt at ease with what going. She soon relax her own body and put herself in an automatic state.

>She soon get up from her position and gives her friend a soft kiss on the cheek.. She kept her hoof in place she can still give her that nice feeling of warmth in her.

>After awhile Ilse wanted to try something else.

>"Luftly, I want you to mount me."

"But Ilse, I'm not a male, or one of those fillies with cocks."

>"Just shut up and hump me."

>Luftkrieg shurged, there nothing much for two fillies to do something like this. Maybe with age, she'll get better at something like this, trying out new things.

>Ilse turns around and expose herself more to Luftkrieg, she could see her more better. She hops up onto the filly and slowly fucks her with her filly vagina.

>Luftkrieg figures that both their vaginas are touching each other. Feeling that warm and fleshie thing touching her start to make her moan a bit.

>She looks to see that Ilse is starting to hold her moaning back by biting into her own hood. She remembers that they both have to be quiet they don't wake anyone up.

>All Luftkrieg wants to pleasure her filly with all she can. With that in mind she begins to speed up her humping to see if she can get more out of Ilse.

>With her speed increase she hears that the floor is creaking slightly. It must be going into the same rhythm that she going into.

>"I think I'm getting close Luftly."

>Luftkrieg doesn't understand what she mean by that, but it was already too late, she could feel a wet stickly fluid around her thighs.

"What did I do?"

>"You made me cum, Luftkrieg… that was amazing."

> With that the two fillies feel like they were finished for now. They blew out all the candles and removes the sponges.

>The two fillies clean themselves up and went back bed.

>What's next?

I'm horrible at writing at lewds.

2fa4a3  No.251310

File: 1468716953720.jpg (287.71 KB, 700x700, 1:1, 1437691796457.jpg)


>Ilse didn't get Luftkrieg off too

that slut owes us a favor in the near future

also, my dick is diamonds

2fa4a3  No.251946




>The sun was shinning on the fillies, it was morning

"You owe for next time Ilse."

>"For what?"

"You didn't make me cum last night. So you'll have to do that to me next time."

>Her friend giggle and gives a simple nod. "Alrighty Lufty, I'll try to remember."

>Soon the other two fillies get up.

>They all go brush their teeth and head to the mess hall.

"I heard there will be Waffles for the first night!"

>Luftkrieg loves her waffles, she been hungry from last night.

>As they reach the mess hall they see that everyone else is ready with their food.

>It seems that every cabin has their table. Luftkrieg's table seems to be near the front and next to the kitchen. She sees that Aryanne is sitting at her table too.

>Aryanne is drinking some hot tea, she doesn't normally drinks that but today she simply felt like it. She was also reading a news paper.

>Of course Luftkrieg sits next to her mother.

"Hi mom! Did you Sleep well?"

>"Of course my child."

>Luftkrieg smiles and soon heads off to get her food. She figure to see her mom out in the mess hall.

>She gets in the kitchen and gets some of those delicious waffles. And then she heads back to where her mom is at.

>She waits for her friends to show up and they all eat together.

>She notice that her mom isn't eating much.

"Something wrong mom?"

>"No dear, I just have a weird feeling something could happen soon. I just don't know what."

>What's next

Short update, My sister is up from Florida been busy with her and my nephew and niece.

2fa4a3  No.251990


finish your breakfast, then try to prepare yourself for anything that could happen

2fa4a3  No.252695



>With that, she finishes her food and head outside with her friends.

>She still don't know what her mom means, but she'll keep her eyes peeled.

>Luftkrieg thinks it good plan to go to a class for the day.

>The class she chose was of course a leadership class.

>She was the first one to get there of course.

>She waits a bit, she doesn't want to be the only one there.

>She sees her mom show up, Luftkrieg figures that she is the teacher.

>"I see that you're her early Luftkrieg."

"Yes mom. I want to become a great leader."

>Aryanne smirks "I know you'll be a great one." She lays back as she waits for the rest of class to get in.

>After 5 minutes 4 more fillies come in

>Aryanne clears her throat and begins to speak to the class.

"I see you have come to leadership class, but before we can do anything in that caliber, we'll have to do some trust exercise"

>What's next.

Sorry for the small post, I was gone for the weekend. But I do have a serious part going up.

2fa4a3  No.252858


Prove that you are the most dependable filly in the world

2fa4a3  No.253016



>Today this where Luftkrieg can show her mother that she can be the best dependable filly out there!

>"Luftkrieg you'll be paired with." Aryanne tells her.

>Luftkrieg could feel that her mom doesn't trust the other fillies with her. Since she doesn't know them.

>"You three do trust falls together."

>With that the groups are able to do their trust exercise.

>"Class we are gonna do the classic trust fall, it where you put stand up and fall backwards, hoping that your partner will catch you."

>Everyone in the class nods.

"I should go first!"

>"That the spirit Luftkrieg!"

>Luftkrieg readies herself for her falling mother. Everyone else in the class does the same, with one pony falling and one pony catching. But of course for the group of three they have to take turns.

>As her mom falls back, she puts her hooves out to catch her, which of course she does, she doesn't want to see her mom hurt.

>"Good good, your turn." Aryanne tells her.

>Luftkrieg felt scared doing this part, she doesn't know what her mom will do, but she does trust her since she is her mom.

>She leans backs and falls over; and of course her mom catches her.

>"I wouldn't let you get hurt."


>What's next?

Gonna be a bit busy today, will update when I get back.

2fa4a3  No.253022


>we caught our mom all by ourself

we must be one strong filly

we should do that thing where the blindfolded person walks through a maze while being directed by someone else

2fa4a3  No.253100



>"Alright class, we now have a new activity."

>Everyone in the class listen in.

>"One of you will be wear a blind fold and the other has to give directions. Lucky us there a maze that build a long while back, so this make it more fun."

>Aryanne smiles and gives out the fillies blind folds.

>"Ok Luftkrieg, I'll put a blind fold on myself, you'll have to show me around."

"Ok, I'll do just that."

>With that everyone goes to the maze, there's two entrances. Meaning there will be two exits

>Everyone has there blindfolds, they put them on.

>Luftkrieg sets herself in the maze. She ready to help her mom.

"We are gonna take this one step at a time. Forward"

>And that action cause Aryanne to move forward.

"Forward once more."

>The adult mare goes forward once more.

>There a turn around the corner

"Forward once more, and then turn to your left"

>The mare does so.

They keep the doing the exercise until they get the end.

>When the ordeal was over everyone took off there blind folds off.

>"With that class, we'll end our class today."

>What's next

2fa4a3  No.253142


play with your friends

2fa4a3  No.253307

>>253100 (checked)


>Luftkrieg heads out of her class and meets up with her friends

>She sees that they are going to the messhall again.

"It must be time to eat again."

>Luftkrieg looks back at the time, it said 18:35.

"I must of been busy…"

>She shakes her head and goes with her friends.

>The lines for food were long this time, they didn't get there for first this time.

>Luftkrieg didn't mind really. She wasn't think of food at all.

"So what did you do girls?"

>"I went on a hike!" One filly said.

>"I went to a cocking class." Ilse says

"I went to a leadership class."

>The three fillies smile to Luftkrieg, they figure she would do that.

>When it was there turn, they grab their food and go and eat.

>The girls sit where they sit.

"I'm thinking of heading in early tonight."


"I don't know, just feeling tired I suppose."

>The fillies nods and eat their food together,

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.253315


snuggles with Ilse. and by snuggles, I mean lewds

2fa4a3  No.253316


It's payback time

2fa4a3  No.253852

File: 1470119019043.png (Spoiler Image, 2.37 MB, 1896x1884, 158:157, imgpsh_fullsize.png)




>"I'll go with Luftkrieg, I need to head in early too."

>With that the two fillies head to there cabin.

>Luftkrieg begins to grin.

"It's time for my revenge." She tells herself.

>Once they get in the cabin, Luftkrieg pins Ilse to the ground.

"You forgot about me last time Ilse."

>"Oh my"

>Luftkrieg grins a bit more, she was smart enough to do this at night and everyone is at different part of the camp.

"No one can hear us cum."

>She turns around to show off her filly vag.

"You know you want me Ilse."

>The filly still wants to be submission, she gives in. She moves up to the filly and mounts her.

>The two fillies begins to rub each other filly vaginas together.

>The fillies moan in pleasure as they both rub against each other..

>Ilse begins to increase her speed and her going in deeper inside her friend.

>the feeling of cumming inside each other get closer and closer.

>What's next.

I will write more lewds soon, I just wanted to push this update now so my thread doesn't die. Been busy for the past couple of days

2fa4a3  No.253894

File: 1470156858548.jpg (37.81 KB, 500x549, 500:549, 1442218604613.jpg)


finish together, then cuddle

2fa4a3  No.254249



>With the feeling of cumming into each other getting near.

>Ilse goes faster and faster.

>Luftkrieg not far behind starts to move her body to the rhythm her friend is going at.

>She girns back to her friend, she knows she not a sub pony, but this feeling is great to her.

>Luftkrieg would of been on top this is her revenge for her not getting to cum from last night.

>Soon the two fillies feel a bit of pre-cum leaking from their vagina.

>They both moan out and suddenly cum into each other.

>Ilse gets of Luftkrieg and holds her into a cuddle.

>The two fall asleep right after.

>What's next?

I know it's a bit short, but there will be something better soon.

2fa4a3  No.254260


remember to shower in the morning so nobody notices the smell

2fa4a3  No.254373

File: 1470445575617.jpg (130 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, 1454446588846.jpg)



>that writing

christ, anon. it's awful

2fa4a3  No.254386



>The fillies woke up to smell a weird smell.

>The looked down and notice the smell was coming from them

>The start to panic quietly and go head straight the shower together.

>This time they actually clean each other instead of fucking. After that they get out and head downstairs.

>They go put their sheets in washing machine that's near the stairs. This will make sure that no one will know they have done.

>Luftkrieg heads out first, she running late for one of her classes. She gonna have to skip out on breakfast.

>She walks into her class huffing and puffing.

>"Ah Luftkrieg, glad you can make it." Aryanne says to her.

>She huff once more and smiles back.

"Good she has no idea what I did." Luftkrieg tells to herself

>She hops into the classroom and gets ready for day

>What's next.

Dubs gets to choose what's the next lesson will be.

2fa4a3  No.254395


>waiting for dubs

>with this few people responding

rip thread. also voting for wild animal defense.

2fa4a3  No.254398

2fa4a3  No.254408



I'm lazy at the moment to think of an idea of my own. But if all fails I'll go with wild animal defense.

2fa4a3  No.254410

Maybe something related with outdoor survival.

2fa4a3  No.254724

File: 1470536490619.jpg (1.47 MB, 2000x1393, 2000:1393, 2013-10-30-banksy3.jpg)


Please, let's go hiking. Maybe the camp is spread into different parties. Maybe Luftkrieg and Ilse aren't in the same party. Maybe Luftkrieg goes to save Ilse because the timberwolves know what Lufty did to their family and kidnapped Ilse. Maybe the timberwolves are planning to rape Ilse. hint hint. I want lewds. Maybe Luftkrieg injures her hind leg on her way to save Ilse. I mean FUCK maybe I should write this! Maybe there's a timberwolf king! I mean FUCK this scheiße is moving so slow!

BTW Story Anon, where are you from? I love your accent.

2fa4a3  No.254745


>wanting lewds with a timberwolf


2fa4a3  No.255092

File: 1470801262500.gif (12.02 KB, 150x145, 30:29, 674802__safe_solo_oc_blush….gif)




I'm linking these ideas here, if no one gets dubs. I'll have to do a roll of the dice to decide on what to do.

I'm from New Jersey Zoo Anon. And thanks!

2fa4a3  No.255099


dubs get

2fa4a3  No.255100


ho fuck! ok. I'm >>254724

My ID changed after awhile

2fa4a3  No.255101

File: 1470805435370.png (234.23 KB, 1805x759, 1805:759, proof.PNG)

I hope this is enough proof anon…

2fa4a3  No.255103



Looks like we got double dubs.

I will update later today

2fa4a3  No.255120

File: 1470838277341.png (185.47 KB, 1306x609, 1306:609, memememe.png)


Is it?

2fa4a3  No.255742

Hey guys quick update, I lost a dog yesterday so I've been sad lately. I will not forget to update, I've just been such a lazy son of a bitch.

I hope you guys understand at least.

RIP me

2fa4a3  No.255754


I'm sorry anon. If only there was a way to hug you (hugs anon)

2fa4a3  No.255787

File: 1471236339402.jpg (9.76 KB, 234x215, 234:215, 1434715966377.jpg)


rip writefag's dog

2fa4a3  No.256328



>"Today we have are going on hike. Just a peaceful walk. You need to relax and stay clam when you are leader."

>Luftkrieg nods as she listens on to what her mom has to say.

"Will we have to do anything?"

>"Nope. Just walk and listen to nature."

>Luftkrieg nods, she waits for her other class mates to arrived but they didn't show up.

"Looks like they had other plans…"

>"It looks like gonna be just us Luftkrieg.."

>With that the mother, daughter duo leave their station and head into the woods

>They head deep into the woods, they were along the camp's white trail. It maybe the hardest trail to run in, but it's most peaceful as no one goes on it.

>The two walk a bit for a bit. Aryanne keeps her daughter close to her, she doesn't want her to get hurt of course.

>"I heard there were Timberwolves out here still."

"There are?"

>"Yeah, so stick close for now. I know this path should be peaceful. I just have a hunch.

>Luftkrieg keeps that in mind for now

>After a while they begin to hear noises from behind, But when they look back it disappears.

>What's next?



I just want to say thank you guys, And thanks for all the support. My dog is in a better place.

2fa4a3  No.256335


I hope it's just a deer, but just in case Lufty, you should have your knife handy hoofy

2fa4a3  No.256347


REMEMBER YOUR TRAINING LUFTKRIEG. pls dont get raped and eaten by timberwolves

2fa4a3  No.256836

File: 1472012154816.gif (125.73 KB, 320x350, 32:35, 484904__solo_twilight spar….gif)


2fa4a3  No.256843




>Luftkrieg keeps her turning her back every once in a while.

>The sound would go away.

>"Don't worry about it Lufty, I momma gotcha."

>With that fact she keeps herself close to her.

>Luftkrieg gets her knife hoofy. She has to be ready for whenever.

>Aryanne took a turn on looking back, "Just keep looking forward, I'll make sure we're safe."

>Her mother's word make her feel better about herself.

"I hope it's not a Timberwolf…"

>"You'll be fine. Besides your mother is a trained killer." She gives off a little wink

>Luftkrieg knows that is true.

>Then suddenly a timerwolf jumps out from behind and grabs onto Aryanne.


>"Get off you stupid dog!" The white mare yelled out.

Luftkrieg lunged at the timberwolf, the wolf gets angry and throws the filly against a tree and Luftkrieg passes out..

>What's next.


Thanks for the bump anon.

2fa4a3  No.256844


>What's next.

Dream sequence? I don't think we've had one yet

no probs anon

2fa4a3  No.256872


>What's next

dont get eaten?

2fa4a3  No.256876


>>What's next.

Become a supervillain.

2fa4a3  No.257712

Writer Anon? Where did you go?

Look, if you're dead, it's OK to admit it I don't judge spoky skeletons

2fa4a3  No.257759


>>256844 (Checked!)



>Luftkrieg feel into a dream like state once more.

>She clearly was knocked out by teh timerwolf.

>She movers around her dream, it's all dark and nothing is going on.

>And then she sees something, it looks like she in a cabin. It's dark and no one else is in it.

>Then she sees the door opens and comes a older stallion.

>The older stallion looks around before snatching Luftkrieg in the bed.

>Sudeenly Luftkrieg wakes up. she is in the nurses office.

"What happen?"

>"You were badly injured, lucky you, Aryanne radio us over." The nurse tells her.

"Is my mom ok?"

>"Yes, of course she is. She fended off the beast. But not the final blow. The timberwolf ran off."

>This bums out Luftkrieg a little bit. She turns her head to see that her mom was by her side.

>She sees her mom siting in a chair beside her. Aryanne head was laying on Luftkrieg's bed. It seems to her she was out for hours, even thought it feels like it only been a few minutes.

>What's next


Sorry I've been a lazy feggit again. I was also at a local pony convention this weekend called Fillycon.

2fa4a3  No.259261


>Luftkrieg tried moving her wings, but nothing seems to happen.

"I guess I broke my wings when I hit the tree." She talks to herself.

>She shakes her head, it must be a long day

>She sees that her friend Ilse comes in the room.

"Hey Ilse what's up?"

>"I came to bring you some dinner."

>Luftkrieg was kinda hungry, and with her wings out of commission, She can't think what else could make this day even worst.

"Thanks Ilse. I'll be needing this."

>Ilse sits up on the bed. "Tell me what happen?"

"A timberwolf ambushed me and my mom."

>Luftkrieg looked over to her mother who still have her face down in on the bed.

"I'm lucky that she saved me…"

>"Oh Luftky, I know it's tough to think about that, but you made it out alive thanks to her."

>Luftkreig chuckles a bit.

"Yeah she did save me.. My wings are currently broken, so I'll be needing some rest soon."

>Ilse nods, "Get some rest, At least you can walk and such."

>Luftkrieg watches her friend leave soon after and she starts to eat a little bit of food.

>She saves the last bit for her mom when she gets up.

>She hopes that dream doesn't come true thought, she may never know what could happen.

>With that she lays there and waits.

>What's next

2fa4a3  No.259381


get some rest

also im sorry i didn't notice your last post for some reason

2fa4a3  No.259819

no bully spammer

2fa4a3  No.259953

please stay alive

2fa4a3  No.260227



thank you for saving this thread

2fa4a3  No.260260

File: c126f5357bc39c6⋯.png (424.56 KB, 516x520, 129:130, Mein Führer V2.png)


Happy to see your thread made it through the night too, Gary.

2fa4a3  No.260277







>With Ayranne still in the room. Luftkrieg feels a bit safer with her in there.

>She holds her mom closely.

>"You will be safe with mama." Aryanne whisper to her daughter..

>Luftkrieg stays quite for a little bit more. She can't believe what has happen. Her wings are broken and she can't do much about them.

>And with that dream she had before waking up in the nurse offices is also quite freaky to her.

>She starts to close her eyes, she needs the rest. It been a long day for her.

>A couple of hours later the two wake up.

>Luftkrieg nuzzles her mom.

"Thanks for watch over me mom."

>Aryanne smiles to her daughter, "Of course, you are my pride and joy."

>Luftrkeig sighs for a bit.

"Is it ok for me to get out of bed?"

>"If only the nurses approves. You might need more rest thought."

>Luftkrieg nods, the more time she waits, the more time that her wings will heal.

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.260293


get out of bed and stretch our legs

2fa4a3  No.260301

File: dd602c4b2045f7a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 338.33 KB, 739x541, 739:541, Oy vey aryanne!.jpg)


Fuck off, Chickun

2fa4a3  No.261220



>A couple seconds later, the nurse comes in

>"You have been approved to go outside."

>The nurse then adds, "You must keeps these restraints on your wings so you don't hurt them more."

>Luftkrieg nods and gets the restraints put on her broken wings.

>Luftkrieg stretches her cute little legs.

>Aryanne too hops out of the bed they shared for the night.

>When they gone out to the field it looks like it gonna be family day today.

>With that in mind Luftkrieg gets to see her Mother Kyrie and Auntie Franziska.

>This surely made her happy despite getting wings broken yesterday

>She hasn't seen anyone else from her family in like 3 to 4 days.

>She heads off to find the two other mares that she calls her family.

>With Aryanne closely behind her as she wants to meet up with them too.

>Soon enough she finds the two mares.

"Mom! Auntie!"

>The smiling filly meets with the embraces of her Mother Kyrie and Aunt Ftanzi. With Aryanne taking in the rear.

>After there little hug, thery pull back and look at Luftkrieg.

>"What happen to your wings dear?" Kyrie said in shocked

"A timberwolf thrown me into a tree." She looks to Momma Aryanne. "If it wasn't for Momma Aryanne, I would of been dead."

>Franzi smirked, "Well the good thing is that you are ok!"

>The four go off and goes towards Aryanne's cabin.

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.261247


ask Aryanne to tell you about her fight with the wolf

2fa4a3  No.261640



>Once they reach Aryanne's cabin, Luftkrieg asks a question

"Mom how did you save me?"

>Aryanne sighs for a moment, "That damn timberwolf almost got you…"

>Luftkrieg faces turns pale.

"Tell me more."

:>Aryanne nods, "If it weren't for me, you would died."

>Luftkrieg notices that with her broken wings.

>Aryanne continues, "I had pull the fucker's legs away from you, he was very close to your face when he pushed you to the tree."

>"Lucky me, I had a side arm on me, I shot the timberwolf in it's head. And when I saw your wings were broken, I was in shock. I called for back up just in case there were more timberwolf out there."

"Gee mom, I'm sorry for that to happen…"

>Aryanne shakes her head. "Don't be, it was my pleasure protecting you. You are my daughter."

>"I'm also glad that my daughter is safe too." Kyrie added.

"How long will it take my wings to heal?"

>Franzi takes a look at with it. Holding gently with her hooves, "Probably a couple weeks"

>That makes Luftkrieg feel bum out from that.

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.261825


do something fun with your family, but be careful of your wings

2fa4a3  No.262124



>From after that point Luftkrieg was allowed to spend more quality time with her family.

>She hasn't seen Kyrie and Franzi in a couple days and Eiche is stuck home.

"How is Eiche?" The filly asks

>"Ah he is doing pretty well, he does miss you!" Franzi answers her, the mares had to deal with him and then Kyrie adds more "He's been waiting at the door for your return."

>Luftkrieg nods, she figures that he has separation anxiety.

"Momma Kyrie may I ride on your back? I want to in the sky once more."

>The pegasus mare smiles to her daughter and gladly puts her on her back and heads off into the sky.

>Luftkreig can feel the air around her again.

"I wished I can fly again."

>"Just let your wings heal up dear."

>Luftkrieg nods and looks forward, as long as nothing bad happens to her she'll have her wings back in no time.

>After a bit, the two land and she got off and goes over to Franzi.

"I want to do something with you aunt Franzi."

>Franzi grins, she hasn't done much with her niece.

"I was think you show me something in the science lab."

>Franzi thinks that maybe a good idea those two go to the science lab.

>Once they got in, the two takes some flask and some chemicals.

>"I'm gonna show you some safe chemicals to work with."

>Luftkrieg keeps on listening and awaits for more. The two almost forgot to put on safe googles and coats.

>Franzi moves around looking for good stuff to use.

>What's next?

Also what chemicals should the two use?

2fa4a3  No.262128


baking soda and vinegar; make a cool volcano

2fa4a3  No.262291

2fa4a3  No.263085




>"I have an idea! How about we use baking soda and vinegar to make one of those small fake volcanos?"

>Luftkrieg smiles to that idea.

"I like that!" She then notices that there is a fake volcano already set up. "Ah perfect!"

>She picks it up and brings it over to a table.

>"I'll pour the baking soda while you pour the vinegar in."

>She agrees and gets the baking soda and vinegar.

>Luftkrieg picks up the vinegar while Franzi picks up the baking soda.

>As they pour the mixture in the chemicals react and start to foam and go up.

>They created their volcano!

>What's next

Short update

2fa4a3  No.264148


clean up the lab

2fa4a3  No.264592



>The two ponies look at room and the mess they have made.

>"It's clean up time."

>Lucky for them when they were setting up the volcano, they use the proper equipment to make clean up faster.

>After they have cleaned up the lab, the two meet up with Aryanne and Kyrie.

>Luftkrieg notices that the sun is going down and is getting close to dinner time.

"I think we should go to the Family day dinner, I would think that be fun." The little filly smiles.

>The mares agrees to this and go with her to the cafeteria.

>They see the other families there, some ponies have a mom and a dad. While others have single parents.

>Luftkrieg brings her family over to a table where it reserved for them. It's located at the fronts of all of the other groups.

>They are in front only because of her family importance to the war cause.

>Luftkrieg is still too young to know much about the war cause but she doesn't care, she Has more things to worry about then war.

>What's next?

What food should they eat?

2fa4a3  No.264594


>what food should they eat?

mom's spaghetti

2fa4a3  No.265132


seconding this

2fa4a3  No.265350




>The families brought their own food.

>Luftkrieg's family brought spaghetti. Luftkrieg only had spaghetti a few times.

>They brought the spaghetti in a giant bowl,

>Since the plates are already set, they can put the spaghetti on it.

>They also have a small thing of garlic bread.

>Luftkrieg gets served first, since she has her wing broken and she is the youngest in her group.

>She waits for the rest of her family to get their food. She doesn't know why she does this but she likes waiting for others to get their food and then she can eat.

>After Aryanne, Kyrie and Franzi get their food, the four ponies start to eat.

>Luftkrieg uses her fork to eat her food. She has to eat it lady-like.

>She doesn't want to disappoint her parents.

>After a while the four finish up their food and begin to chat among each other.

>Luftkrieg goes over to her mother Kyrie and hugs her. She just wants to feel her mother's embraces before she has to go back home.

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.265354


say goodbye to your parents

2fa4a3  No.266517



>Luftkrieg lets go of her hug and goes says goodbye to Franzi and goodnight to Aryanne as she know she'll be here,

>She heads off to her cabin it's getting quite late.

>Little she know there was someone was waiting for her in her cabin.

>She gets on her bed and begins to sleep

>She soon feel something carrying her. She wakes up to see a stallion carrying her off to somewhere.

"What are you doing to me?"

>The stallion doesn't answer and simply knocks out the filly.

>A couple of hours she wakes up in a cage.

>She looks around and has no idea where she is. She sees a language she has never seen before.

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.266527

Dice rollRolled 1, 2, 2, 3, 3, 6, 3, 1, 6, 5, 2, 1, 3, 1, 3, 1, 6, 6, 6, 3, 1, 2, 1 + 4 = 72 (23d6)


Pull out a feather and pick the lock. Here let me roll some dice for success

2fa4a3  No.266541



look around the room

2fa4a3  No.267355

File: 45be2374f3ddf6a⋯.jpg (364.04 KB, 4400x2142, 2200:1071, Solitary-confinement.jpg)



>She looks around the room. It's dark and it smells bad.

>Luftkrieg tries to pluck a feather but her hooves are tied.


>She frowns, this isn't happening, this wasn't suppose to happen.

>She then hears a door open and out comes out a dark grey mare.

>It's the mare from the dream a long while back.

>The mare looks at Luftkrieg and just grins.

>Luftkrieg tries to break free from the restraints. No luck.

>The grey mare leaves for now and Luftkrieg notices that she isn't alone in her cell.

>An older Germaneia mare is also in the cell.

>The mare looked at Luftkrieg and gives her a small smile. She's just trying to bring some hope in this.

"They got you too?"

>"Yeah they did"

>Luftkrieg has no idea what is going on but all she can do is cuddle up with the mare.

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.267356


ask her if she knows anything

2fa4a3  No.267369

2fa4a3  No.267638

File: 392ff962ff6277c⋯.jpg (276.76 KB, 1758x1776, 293:296, 252.jpg)




"Do you know what's going on?" Luftkrieg asks

>The older mares shakes her hehad no.

>This worries Luftkrieg. She thinks that grey mare is after her.

"Will we be safe?"

>The mare looks unsure, she has no idea..

"Sorry if you got drag into this."

>"it's not your fault, I honestly don't know either.

>A couple minutes later the grey mare comes back and she has another filly with her. The filly has a lighter color of grey in her fur. Who could this filly be?

>The grey mare gives a small grin

>"This is your hallf-sister."


>She can't believe what she had heard. A half-sister.

"How can that be?!"

>The grey mare grins more, she not gonna give full details but she starts to speak up.

>"Me and your mom had a little fling before you were born."

>She then turns to the filly she had, "And then we created this cutie here."

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.267641


I was willing to overlook the three moms for the sake of the plot, but now that is the plot. I'm expecting us to get some explanation of how the hell Luftkrieg was born at some point.

question the filly about her past

2fa4a3  No.267653



*I wanted to do this for a while*

"What is your past young filly?"

>The filly begins to speak for her mother. "I was born before you. But your mother left me and my mother to be with your family."

>Luftkrieg listen in more. She turned to the mare having no idea what's going on.

>"I wish she stay longer to watch me growing up a little bit more."

>The filly grins a bit, "We are gonna make small video."

>She has her mom to use a camera. and the filly opens the cage.

>The filly takes a knife and puts it up to Luftkrieg's face.

>"Were gonna make a ransom video." With that video starts recording.

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.267661

File: 2a01932c842727c⋯.png (1.08 MB, 1306x1126, 653:563, SS 6.png)


>What's next?

dont get shanked

2fa4a3  No.269349



>Luftkrieg and the mare froze in fear. This filly was serious.

>"Get the camera mom" the filly tells her.

>The filly goes around Luftkrieg and put the knife up to her throat.

>She looks at the camera as it starts to record.

>"Greetings mother, you probably don't remember me, but I have something precious to you."

>She then adds, "If you want to see your full blooded daughter alive, surrender to the war and give us 1,000,000,000 bits."

"Money?" Luftkrieg thinks to her head, "Why would they need that?"

>Soon as that was done, they relocked the cage and leave the filly and mare inside the cage.

"We need to escape or something!"

>"Or find a way to do Morse code."

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.269415


find out who this lady we're locked in here with is

2fa4a3  No.270963



>Luftkrieg look to the mare, she appears to be older than her moms and her aunt.

>She looks over her, she sees an pink cross and the normal swastika in it. Her hair was raggy and but also look rather silky.

"What's your name ma'am?"

>The look mare look towards the filly. "I am Berta, I help out with the Kriegmarine."

>This makes Luftkrieg ears' perk up "I remember a long while back that you and Auntie Franzi talking about plans, how did you get here?"

>"Well I had to travel to this part by hoof, the commies would of picked my ship." She looks down "They caught me when I wasn't careful."

"Where's the ship then?"

>"It's on the coast of Equestria, Germaneia and Equestria have some sort of alliance atr the moment.I came here to spy on these ponies, I fianlly figure out what they wanted."

"Yeah I saw that too."

>What's next?

Sorry for the long wait, I've been pretty damn busy.

2fa4a3  No.270967


ask her if she knows how you can escape

2fa4a3  No.271893



"How can we escape from here?" Luftkrieg ask

>Breta looks around for something to use for Morse code. "Maybe I can try to contact an Equestrian team to save us."

"Why not Germaneia?"

>"It be to obvious, and they can sink the ship that they send."

>Luftkrieg understands. They had no choice.

"I still can't believe I have a half-sister,. I just wished she was nicer."

>"It's alright little, she grew up on the wrong side of the tracks."

>Luftkrieg nods and looks at her.

"At least I'll be safe with you as long we stick together."

>"Of course, I wouldn't let my fuhrer's child be harmed."

>This makes Luftkrieg feel even more safe with this mare around, she's old and wise and maybe get them out.

2fa4a3  No.271906


signal for help

2fa4a3  No.272940



>With the two in prison, Berta uses whatever she can find to create a mores code message

>She finds as object near the edge of her bed.

>To her surprise she found a tool to create mores code message.

>Real quietly she starts to send out a code for someone to listen

>…. . .-.. .–. –..– / .– . / .- .-. . / -.. .. .-. . / -. . . -.. / — ..-. / . … -.-. .- .–. . .-.-.- / .. ..-. / -.– — ..- / -.-. .- -. / –. . - / — ..- .-. / – . … … .- –. . –..– / .–. .-.. . .- … . / … .- …- . / ..- …

>With the message being sent out, two wait

>After a few hours of waiting they gotten a response back

>- …. .. … / .. … / .- -. / . –.- ..- . … - .-. .. .- -. / … …. .. .–. –..– / .– . / .- .-. . / — -. / .-. — ..- - . / - — / -.– — ..- .-. / .-.. — -.-. .- - .. — -. / ..-. .-. — – / - …. . / … — ..- .-. -.-. . / — ..-. / -.– — ..- .-. / -.. .. … - .-. . … … / -.-. .- .-.. .-.. .-.-.- / .– . / .– .. .-.. .-.. / .- .-. .-. .. …- . / .– .. - …. .. -. / - .– — / -.. .- -.– …

>Breta sighs a bit. as she gotten the message. "Two more days we have to wait."

"Two more, I hope we'll be safe by then."

>The mare nods and lays on the bed.

>Luftkrieg shortly joins with her, she rather share the warmth with someone.

2fa4a3  No.272944


ask her to tell us a story

2fa4a3  No.274514



>With the mare and Luftkrieg laying next to each other. Luftkrieg snuggles up with her.

>She then asks if Berta can tell her story

>"Ah I have one, the mare by the sea."

>She begins the story by saying that there was this mare that lived by the sea.

>"She was a beautiful Aryan mare like us. She would sail from island to see what new things she can find."

>"She then adds more

>"She had a few friends and rarely speak to anyone. But everyone wanted to wedlock her. She doesn't like being on land for too long. She only brings her closest friends out to sea"

>"Then one morning she had found the right pony that had the same ideas as her and the two quickly married out in sea. The mare now had a company and a lover to have with her when she goes out to the sea."

"That was a nice story."

>Berta smiles and soon she notices that Luftkrieg begins to fall asleep. She puts her muzzles into Luftkrieg's mane and naps with her.

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.274533


get some rest before you make your escape

2fa4a3  No.274650

File: fbc484dc2aa1a71⋯.png (857.16 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, kangs smug.png)

vols are busy sucking POZ dick instead of moderating

2fa4a3  No.275025

Gary, Gary. How I love coming back to this thread every once in a while. Your writing continues getting better each day. Have you thought about writing green on the side?

2fa4a3  No.275157





>The two rest up for a while

>The ponies that have imprisoned them have return to see what they are doing

>"We've just want to see what you two are doing." The stallion calls out to them

"None of your business" Luftkrieg snap as she woke up from her nap

>"Watch your tone." The stallion snarls to her

>Luftkrieg ignores him and turns to lays to face Berta.

>The stallion goes away as he sees that she quiets down.

>Luftkrieg snuggles up with Berta. She finds her quite warm and cuddleable.

>A few hours later they heard another morse code message coming thought.

>.– . / …. .- …- . / — ..- .-. / – .- .-. .. -. . … / — -. / .-. — — - / - — / -.– — ..- .-. / .-.. — -.-. .- - .. — -. / .–. .-.. . .- … . / … - .- -. -.. / -.-. .-.. . .- .-. .-.-.-

>Berta gets up and replies

>.– . / .– .. .-.. .-.. / … - .- -.– / .–. ..- - / - …. .- -. -.- / -.– — ..- .-.-.-

>What's next?

Also thanks Scribble you're my boy

2fa4a3  No.275163


ask Berta what the fuck that robot babble meant

2fa4a3  No.276535



"What does the robot babble mean?"

>"It's called Morse Code, it's a way to contact other through a code."

>Luftkrieg nods as she understand.

"How much longer do you think they be here?"

>"Probably another 2 hours."

"2 more hours?" She sighs "Well we might as well keep put here, there's no where to go."

>The pair keep laying on the two.

>The two wait for another two hour then they here like something trying to get through the wall.

>Then the portion of the wall had fallen down and the two had gotten up.

>A couple of ponies in a military gear came and sweep the two ponies up.

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.276539


Oh shit. I don't know.

2fa4a3  No.276542


dont get killed

2fa4a3  No.277845




>As the military ponies that has the two Nazi ponies in there hooves, they hear the sirens go off.

>"Shit!" One of the ponies said to himself as they hurry up.

>"Create a barrier around us." One tells the other.

>"Right!" And the one unicorn mare closest to Luftkrieg says and she puts her magical barrier.

>They get shot at a few times but the barrier blocked the bullets.

>A few moments later the team successfully esape the chaos behind and soon be on an Equestrian ship back to Equestria and then home.

>"Glad we got out in time."

>Luftkrieg agrees.

"Yeah we would been goners."

>Berta nods as she knows that is true too.

"We'll be home sooner or later, is there way to contact my parents?" Luftkrieg asks.

>"Not until we get on the ship."

>Luftkrieg sighs in relief


>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.277848


find out who rescued you

2fa4a3  No.278758


Look around the ship.

2fa4a3  No.278785


Check to make sure we aren't being followed

2fa4a3  No.279471

File: a5219b2f5b9892e⋯.png (297.23 KB, 1200x1000, 6:5, pc_i_feel_pretty_xd_by_tri….png)





>The filly looks behind her to make sure no one is following her.

>No one is following them

"Oh thank goodness."

>She then looks to the ponies that save her.

"Thank you.. you saving us. Who are you?"

>The team that saved them took off their gear and reveled them self. They had different fur colors then normal ponies.

"That seems interesting colors." the filly says to them

>The two ponies smile to the filly and bring them inside.

>Inside the ship they were led to a bed room for the two to sleep in.

>"I'm glad we came in time, I'm Blitzkrieg and this is my sister Firetern."

"Well nice to meet you two."

>"Will leave you two alone."

>With that the two ponies leave and you and Berta decide to look around the ship,

>The ship is pretty big, not too big but big enough to fit a lot of ponies in it.

>There's a messhall, a breakroom with some games in there, a tv room and of course bed rooms.

>"We should get some rest then. It be a couple days till we are in Equestria." Berta tells Luftkrieg.

>She agrees and the two go lay down.

>What's next

I know some of you don't like my camoponies but I want to give them more love myself.

2fa4a3  No.279474


get some rest and maybe a bite to eat as well

2fa4a3  No.279475


Let's rack out, maybe ask Breta what she knows about the ship we're now on before bed.

2fa4a3  No.281402

Hey guys quick update, I'll be updating soon, I was sick for a week and got better last Friday. I just want to let you know I'm alive.

2fa4a3  No.282739




>Luftkrieg notice that she was hungry and heads to the mess hall with Breta following behind her.

>She sit on a near by table and sit for a bit.

"Do you know who these ship we're on?" Luftkrieg asks her.

>"I know that this is an Equestrian ship, they have some of the biggest ships in the world."

"I see, they must nice size Navy."

>Breta nods and tells her a bit more.

>"I have trade with a few Equestrian ships before, they were for food and some other important items."

>Luftkrieg nods and goes to where they served food and get some of the food. And heads over to the table she was eating.

>"Well at least we can relax for now."

"Are you hungry at all?"

>"Not really, I just need to rest up." With that that the mare gets up and heads to the her bunk that's not far from the messhall.

>After a bit, Luftkrieg finishes her food and goes and lays with Breta. At least they'll have a bigger bunk to cuddle in and have some cover while at it.

>The little filly closes her eyes and falls asleep for now.

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.282750


have good dreams

2fa4a3  No.283826



>The filly begins to sleep and dreams about being with her family again. She wanted to be with them so bad. It makes her feel warm and fuzzy inside.

>She dream that she sees her young Timber wolf cub that she got.

>She begins to tear up but she wipe the tears as she needs to be strong and happy for her family, she can let out her tears when she's them.

>She clams down in her dream and spends sometime with her friends and parents.

>She would love to see her friend Ilse again, she hasn't seen her since camp… and the last time they had a little lewd moment.

>She blushes a bit and continues on.

>Eventually she gets up and the one camo mare lets her know that they are getting closer to Equestria.

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.283827


wake up Breta

2fa4a3  No.284866



>Luftkrieg wakes up Berta

"We are getting close to Equestria."

>"That some good news, but I have a feeling we may have to stay there for a few days."

"That's fine by me, as long as we are safe we'll be fine."

>The older mare nods and lays for a bit more before the two get up and go eat.

>"Good morning, we'll be in Equestria soon. Lucky for you two, you'll be staying with me in my home town." The camo stallion tells her.

>"We'll be staying at my home, my kids will get a kick of meeting a new friend."


>"Yeah, I have a couple of kids of my own, I'd think they'll take a liking of you."

>Luftkrieg smiles she can met some new ponies, hopefully allies from a different country that's not her's.

>What's next?

Sorry for the long wait, I got a new pc, I love it.

2fa4a3  No.284871


look and see where you all are

2fa4a3  No.285290

File: 18b9441411d087c⋯.png (34.67 KB, 1026x662, 513:331, the_camo_family__the_foals….png)



>Luftkrieg goes up to the deck to see a beautiful skyline.

"Where are we?"

>"You are in the city of Fillydelphia." Blitz tells her, and then he adds "You'll be staying with me for a few days."

>The filly nods and waits for the ship to get into port.

>After awhile the ship is eventually brought into port.

>"Follow me, I'll show you were is my home is at."

>Luftkrieg and Berta follow the stallion and his sister to his home, which in the city almost near the center where the tall building are at.

>A soon as Blitz opens the door, Luftkrieg sees a bunch of smaller camo ponies charging at him and knocking him into the ground.

"That might be his children," She says to herself.

>"Ok ok, get off now, daddy is home." Blitz tells his kids.

>His kids get off of him and head into the living room, there seems to be about 6 kids, Two of them don't seem to be camo and don't look related.

>She likes the way they look at least. One big family here.

>"Make yourself at home. Now kids this is gonna be your new friend for the next couple of days but you should let her rest up a bit before she can do anything."

>With that chance, Blitz takes you to the guest room and her and Berta take a nice nap for a bit.

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.285296


chat up the kids and see what they know

2fa4a3  No.285511


>why do two of your kids look different?

>we're all one big family

Clever sidestep around the question, but I still want to know. Ask what's up, but be discreet about it, in case it's a sensitive subject.

2fa4a3  No.285931




Well the April fools joke took this to page 11 wew but back on track

>Luftkrieg wakes up and to see the camo pony waiting for her to wake up

"Umm hi there, what are your names?"

>"I'm Beretta and this is my twin brother, Winchester." The Pegasus camopony, she and her brother seem to be the oldest out of the blood of the family.

"This is my sister Summer and Luger, you can called her Lucy for short." She continues and then adds her two adopted sisters, "And these two are Autumn Fawn and Emerald. My mom and dad found a long while ago."

"It seems you have a big family. I'm a only child at the moment."

>"We can be your friend!" Luger pipes up, she loves that their is company over and been wanting to meet someone new since her birth. Luftkrieg notes her size to be smaller then the other camoponies with the expecting of her twin sister Summer.

"Sure I wouldn't mind being a friend, my life been crazy lately anyway."

>The big family all smile and went with there new friend to the other room, where she can see Berta talking to which Luftkrieg assumes to be the kids' mom.

"By any chance do you know what's going?" She asks.

>"No not at all, all we know is our father go out to wars and fight bad ponies."

>Luftkrieg nods and finds a nice spot to play with her new friends.

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.285970


demonstrate your excellence in games

2fa4a3  No.287220



>Luftkrieg gets her new friends to play some games with her,

>"We should go to the park!"

"The park?"

>"Yeah there's a really big one near by!"

"Mmm, I guess I can show off a thing or two to you guys."

>Luger smiles to her new founded friend, "So how long will you be with us?"

"Only a couple days really, not till a Germanian ship stops by."

>"You don't live here in Equestria?" Her twin sisters asks.

"Nope, but it not too far from here, well at least by air, but I can't take long flights yet."

>The camoponies ask a bit more but there wasn't much to talk about, after a few minutes the ponies made there way to the park.

"What game we should play?"

>Beretta seems to have an idea already, "Lets play freeze tag!"

"Freeze tag?"

>"It's a game where you tag someone and they stay in place, there are teams involved the ones that are it have to tag all the others, while the one that are not it have to unfreezes their team mates."

"That sounds fun!"

>The pegasus filly nods and chooses the teams.

>What's next, who should be it and not it? Just a little lazy at the moment.

2fa4a3  No.287224


be it and hunt them all down

2fa4a3  No.288403



"I'll be it!" Luftkrieg tells her new friends

>All the other ponies get happy and start darting off away from her.

>"This is gonna be fun!" The filly says to herself.

>She start to dart off to the younger siblings, knowing that they have the slowest speed.

>She gets ready to pouched on the youngest twins.

>She tags them both as she was able to get to them

>She then go after the adopted ponies, knowing that the older camopony twins will be the most challenging,

>She catches them soon as she was able to spot them

>The older twins had an idea of using an cloud to their advantage.

>Luftkrieg just smirks to herself, she thoughts that was a clever of them to do that.

>She heads up to cloud to see the pair waiting for her.

>"Let's go sis!" Winchester tells her

>"On it!" Beretta says and Winchester gets on her back and flies off.

"Oh no you don't!" The filly follows the two.

>"You'll never gets us." Beretta tells Luftkrieg.

"I wouldn't give in." She flies faster and then soon enough tags the two.

>After the three go back down and and regroup with the others.

>It was getting dark

>What's next?

2fa4a3  No.288407


go see if their mom is making dinner

e3f8ec  No.290139



>They were back at the house and to Luftkrieg's her friend's parents are making food.

>"We're server a Fillydelphia classic, a cheese hay sandwich." Springfield proclaim.

>This catches Luft's ear, a new food type?

"I never heard of that?"

>"Well you said you were from a different country so why not try our city's favorite."

>The other camoponies chimed in, "They are some of the best we've had, yet you can get one almost every corner."

>"I just make mine with love." Springfield added.

>Luftkrieg nods and waits for everyone to get set up to eat.

>Soon everything was ready and everyone had a sandwich, Luftkrieg took a bite and it taste really good.

>She must know the recipes, maybe she'll ask after dinner.

>She was shortly done with her food and everyone went to the living room after they were done. Some of them were playing games while the adults were talking among each other.

>Luftkrieg notices that Beretta and Winchester were going up to the attic.

>What's next?

6e8673  No.290145


sneak out of the room and follow Beretta

e3f8ec  No.291212



>Luftkrieg follows her friends upstairs to see that they are listening to their father's music collection.

"What are those?" Luftkrieg asks, she never seen a piece of media like that.

>"Oh these are vinyl records, well we have a few albums that my dad had collected. He had them from when he did music for a little while."

Luftkrieg nods, "What kind of music did he do?"

>"He played a bit something called 'Heavy Metal'.

"Heavy Metal, that's sounds new."

>The camo filly nods and starts to play some of the songs that were on the record, it seem to be compilation album, there was all kinda of different genre of metal playing out of it.

>The two camoponies sit back and relax, this seems to be nice to them.

Luftkrieg start to enjoy the music, it pretty foreign her but she likes the style it comes with. It takes her into a haze of some sort.

>After a while Blitz comes up the stairs.

>"I see you found some of my old albums. Good to know some other ponies likes the stuff."

>He comes and joins with the group, being a cool father should be good with his kids.

>What's next?

9562d6  No.291221


go back downstairs

e3f8ec  No.292008



>Going back downstairs, she was glad to learn some new music

>She heads to her guest room to sleep, she'll be going to Germaneia wants more. She misses her home more than anything, and her family that she was taken from.

>Berta joins her once she was ready to sleep and they both get comfy and sleep for a couple of hours.

>She wakes up eight hours later and stretches her legs. She greets the family became friends with.

>She thinks this might be the last day that she'll be here. She has a hunch.

>Berta was right behind her and has receive word a Germaneian ship was only a day away from now.

>Luftkrieg nods and lets everyone in the house knows that she finally gonna be going home.

>"Will you come visit us?" Beretta asks

"Oh of course! You're my new friend, or maybe you can come visit me!"

>"That's not bad idea!"

"Well what should I do for last day here?"

>"You can come with for a nice lunch?"

"That's not bad idea."

What's next?

9562d6  No.292021


go get lunch

6dd1b2  No.292031


Lunch time

c62550  No.292350

I hope this isn't kill.

c62550  No.292351

I hope this isn't kill. Just read through the whole thing.

e3f8ec  No.292957




>Everyone soon goes to get some food before Luftkrieg gets to go home.

>The family that has taken care of her takes her to a local food stand

>The family normally gets their local sandwich, so Luft decide to get what they got since it's a local delight.

>After they eat, the have news that the Germaneia ship has arrive.

>Luftkrieg give her final goodbyes to her new friends and heads to the ship with Berta.

>Luftkrieg can't believe she'll be going home, she can't wait to see her family again. She just overwhelm by this fact that she just heads to the nearest bed and just lays down.

>Berta was soon right behind her and the two lay down as the ship departs from Fillydelphia.

>What's next?

9562d6  No.292973


get home safely

6dd1b2  No.292974


Ask Breta about the ship

e4bb46  No.293003


Just heard about this from /mlpol/. It's pretty interesting so far.

6b4d47  No.293306





>The ship had parted ways from Equestria and is heading towards Germaneia.

>Luft begins to ask some questions about the ship

"Is this the ship you mostly use?"

>"Yes indeed, I am the captain of the ship, but right now I can't be up on the there due to our condition."

>Luftkrieg nods as she understands what she means, someone else has to man the ship while she was gone anyway,"

>"I'll be back to being captain when we get back to shore."

"Your work doesn't end here huh?"

>Berta nods she has a second in command working up there now.

>They are only a dew days from home, be safe and sorry then being in that damn prison. Luft hopes she doesn't have to be in there again.

>What's next?

21c203  No.293315


explore the ship

6b4d47  No.294017



>Luft explores the ship for a while seeing how big it is.

>She can't phantom on how ponies can make great things like this, they are way bigger then they are, but then again she is a young filly who doesn't know better.

>She visit the command center where Berta would normaly be at expect for today.

>"Good morning Ms. Luftkrieg, had a beautiful day?" One of the ponies asks her.

"Yes, I can't wait to go home"

>The older mare smiles as she keeps her eyes on sea.

>Normally small ships would rock with the waves below but this ship seem to take them very easily.

>She thinks to herself, just two more days out here and she can see her family once more.

>What's next?

21c203  No.294020


>She can't phantom

good, cause that would be spooky

scan the horizon

6b4d47  No.294900



>She looks out from the captain quarters to see land!

"That must be Germaneia!" She cries out, she soon be home shortly

>She must not notice the two days have gone by or someone made them gone faster.

>She's a bit confused by at this point she doesn't care, she just happy to be home instead of being in some weird country she has no idea about.

>They wait for the land crews to help port the mighty ship.

>As soon as she can get off the ship she goes to the ground and kisses it. She really misses her own land.

"Only a couple more hours till I'm actually home."

>She hopes her mothers are here to see her, if not they'll see her soon enough.

>What's next?

21c203  No.294903


go home

636bab  No.294909


Make sure you look nice for your homecoming

cf92de  No.295335


Go to the front of the ship to see what lies ahead.

74071e  No.295882





>She soon goes to the front ship as to the dock

>She goes back into the ship and gets her hair ready.

>As soon the ship docks into port she rushes out of the ship and is soon greet by her family and a new pony she never meet.

>The new pony bows as she is greeted

>"Luftkrieg this is Mitsuko, she is a friend of mine and she'll be your personally body guard for a little while."

"A body guard?":

>Mitsuko smiles and adds something. "Indeed, after what happen to you at your summer camp, your mothers asked me to protect you for awhile."

"I appericated it Mitsuko, I hope to get to know you more."

>Berta was soon on her own way back to the captiol.

>Luftkrieg figures she'll have to see her sooner or later.

>Afterwards they leave for home.

>What's next?

c8eb17  No.295900


hug your parents when you get home

74071e  No.296620


>>295900 (checked)

>They soon arrive home after a long drive.

>Luftkrieg hugs her family, she couldn't wait to hug when they get in the home.

>She looks forward to see her timber wolf in window of her room.

>She sees that he has gotten bigger for sure.

>After they get out of, she goes inside of her house to be greeted by the timber wolf

"My my you've gotten bigger Eiche." She says as the timber wolf licks her with his tongue.

>After the greet with her wolf she goes to her room to rest from the journey,

>What's next?

c8eb17  No.296631


ask what happened while you were gone

74071e  No.297394

File: 64d4b0f4b3767f6⋯.png (206.57 KB, 1280x901, 1280:901, 1490004__safe_artist-colon….png)



>She goes to see her parents to see what she have missed

"Mom what happen while I was gone?"

>"It was crazy here, everyone started to look for you at camp, then we realize that you were kidnapped by our enemies we had to call for back up" Aryanne explains to her.

>"We didn't want to go into war with the Hooviets so we asked the Equestrians to give us a hand."

>Luftkrieg nods she understands that.

"I should check up on auntie Franzi I bet she has something for me."

>With that she heads to the lab where Franzi usually spends her days.

>Once she arrives she sees a new face.

"Oh who's this auntie?"

>"This is Friedrich, he's Breta's grandson. He wanted to be my assistant."

"Oh that's cool! How did that happen."

>"That's a long story Luftkrieg, I'll have to tell you when you're older. So do you want to do something with Friedrich?"

"Sure, I probably could do some science stuff with him."

>"That's a good filly."

>What's next?

407af4  No.297396


Go ask him about sciencey stuff

e2de11  No.298723



She asks what he's doing

>"Oh I am just mixing some chemicals together."

"Oh nice that cool!"

>"Mmmm, it what I'm suppose to do right now, maybe we could go and play after I'm done."

"That's fine by me!"

>With that Luftkrieg watches her new friend do his things for science.

>Franzi has a careful eye to make sure he does it right,

"She sure has a close eye over you"

>"I know but it keeps us both safe, do you want to do anything after I'm done?"

"Sure that sounds like fun!"

>"Great, once I'm done this I'll be sure to do something."

>What's next?

28b392  No.298725


check up on your friends

5d69fd  No.299691

File: b8c631c8e50a39a⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 401.11 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, lewdkreig_compsmall.png)



>Once Friedrich was done his duties, the two head off to the exit of the lab

>Before the two head out, Franzi stops the two

>"I have a little experiment I want to try with you two"

"You do?"

>"Yes, head to that room over there and wait a bit. You'll see what I have in mind."

>With that, she leads the two to a small room in the lab, and she closes the door behind the two.

"What do you think she has in mind?"

>"I dunno, we'll have to see." The two wait for a second, then they smell an interesting. Little they know Franzi pumped some hormones into room

>Luftkrieg gets this feeling of euphoria and just mellows out for a moment before she felt that same feeling she had at Summer camp,

>She rests her body on the stand in the room and Friedrich, his body seems to have a different change from Luftkrieg's

>She looks to see that on his privates are showing.

>Luftkrieg normally not around males around so seeing a colt's penis is quite interesting to her.

>Franzi has her notes ready, she watching through a two-way mirror, she been wanting to use this room for her science research. She testing this new hormone that she found.

>Soon after Luft and Friedrich start doing a lewd sex postilion,

>Friedrich is pumping into Luft's filly pussy, and going deep into it.

>They were there for a while until Franzi decides that she had enough date

>Once that was done she opens the door to the room and lets the two out

>Everything seem to be a blur for the two as it felt like they were in there for a couple of hours. Luft doesn't seem to remember what happen

>She shrugs it off and goes back out of the lab and meet up with Mitsuko.

>What's next?

Sorry for the short story today just wanted to get this out today.

ffe4ed  No.299693


dont get pregnant

5d69fd  No.300983



>Luftkrieg soon heads home and play with her toys a bit. She still a bit dazed from ealier but she'll be fine.

>She all kinds of toys, from small little die-cast vehicles to small plushie ponies. Note all of the plushie ponies are of Aryan colors.

>She still can't believe that she home from all of that craziness. She hopes she'll never have to go back to that prison.

>She shakes her head, she has to keep her mind off that stuff, none of those things matter now.

>She remembers that she has to see her others friends.

<She gets out of the house for some fresh air and goes to where Ilse lives.

>She knocks on the door to see if she was there, Ilse mother answers the door and lets her in.

>Luftkrieg goes to Ilse's room and reunite with her best friend

>The two hug and talk about their days.

>Luftkrieg might just sleepover tonight, she just needs to be with a friend.

>What's next?

3e144c  No.300986



yes please

5d69fd  No.302968



>With that she heads inside and hang out with her friend.

>It's been a super long time since she last saw her friend.

"Ilse, I've been dying to see you for a long while.

>"Same to you Luftkrieg, it was weird sleeping alone at camp.

>Luftkrieg smiles and the two head into Ilse room.

>Ilse room is pretty neat, it's neat and she had a bed big enough to fit two fillies.

>The two hop onto the bed and just chill and cuddle with each other, there might not be any lewd going on tonight, she just want to be with her best friend.

>Soon it was getting dark and the two fillies go under the blankets.

>It was warm and toasty under the covers.

>Luftkrieg goes off to dream land for a while

>What sweet dreams will Luftkrieg have tonight?

>What's next?

Sorry for the update, just the normal bullshit plus Holidays.

bfafb5  No.302990


dream about lebensraum

060a7f  No.304169



>As Luftkrieg goes to sleep with her friend she dreams about the best possible thing. Lebensraum.

>A world were Germaneia rules all and it's perfect. No Griffins, No Zebras, no Diamond Dogs, anything that goes again the Aryan code

>She walks all over her town, all of the white ponies are nice. It seem that it's gonna be a nice day within the dream.

>She sees her friends playing about, she goes join them and go to the park

>She see that they are playing freeze tag

>Luftkrieg loves freeze tag.

>The fillies and colts start playing, and she choose to be one of the to be tagged ponies.

>They all run around for hours until Luftkrieg wakes up

>She wakes ups.

"Wow that was beautiful. I hope I can have that happen in the future."

>What's next

Sorry I got busy.

aff2d6  No.304171


wake up your friend

060a7f  No.305592



>Luftkrieg wakes her friend up since it was the moring

>The two go downstairs and go eat some breakfast. It seems that Ilse's mom made some waffles

"Wow they look nice!"

>"Thank you dear, now eat up, school should be starting in a 2 hours."

>Luftkrieg almost forgot about school.

"Thanks for the reminder. I'll have to head home once I'm done eating."

>The two soon finished eating and head off.

>Right outside waiting for her was Mitsuko

"Morning Mitsuko."

>The Japanese pony smiles to her and brings her to her home.

>Once she is there, she goes and gets ready for school.

>Luftkrieg starts to get a shower since she haven't gotten one since she was over her friend's place

>Once that was taken over with she looks at the clock, one more hour till school is ready. She deices to go to the school now.

>She heads off towards school.

>What's next? And what should her first subject be?

Also sorry for not updating for a long while, The Eagles won the Super Bowl a week ago and it been crazy over here.

94d2c6  No.305596


History class

060a7f  No.307278



>With that she heads to history class

>Luftkrieg loves to learn about history, it's one of her favorite classes within school.

>She gets into her seat which is near the front of the class

>She waits for all of the fillies and colts to get inside of the class room so the day can begin.

>Once the teacher arrives the class has started.

>The teacher start to talk about the begins of Germaneia,

>This was before the Hoolfer's gain the power within in Germaneia. This was when there was tribes between the unicorns, earth ponies and the pegasi.

>Some of them didn't get a long but eventually they learn that they should work together.

>She listen to the teacher talk more until the class bell rang out.

>To the next class

>What's next, and what should be the next class subject be and how many more after this?

060a7f  No.309897

File: 4d0be6579158d23⋯.png (201.62 KB, 1800x1081, 1800:1081, 283.png)




It's not dead, some come up with a new class. And I'll write more

064317  No.309898


How about Chemistry and Biology?

Almost forgot this CYOA exist, no offense OP.

060a7f  No.310489



It's ok anon, I've been busy also I might make this a two parts

>With that she goes to her Chemistry Class

>Strangely her auntie doesn't teach it, she might think that maybe better for her if she wasn't there

>She could see herself to being the teacher's pet if she was there

>Well she goes inside and sits in her seat.

>She about learn about chemical compounds.

>One example that the teacher give was the compound for water which is H2o

>Which is easy for Luftkrieg because she has learn a little bit of Chemistry from Franzi of course.

>Later on during the class they had a small true or false quiz

>Some of which stumped Luftkrieg but then she got some answers.

>The students hand in their test and they go to their next class which will be Biology.

>So she heads to that class next.

And that's it for now, like I mention Biology will be next, and their might be some learning about some pony anatomy.

060a7f  No.311693



Sorry for the long delay

>The next class was Biology

>Luftkrieg new a little bit of Biology thanks to her auntie showing her somethings

>And with this class they are showing off the pony's anatomy

>And with that they show all of the body part within and outside of the pony body

>Luftkrieg learns more about the sexual organ s on the ponies, she has somewhat of an idea on what they do.

>Luftkrieg also learns that there are only two genders.

>School should be over soon and she can't wait to go home, as she can tell her parents what she did at school today.

>Luftkrieg considers herself as a visual learner when she is at school, so maybe she can do that when she gets to explain what she learns later.

>With that she goes home, with Mitsuko right behind her.

>Luft almost for got about Mitsuko for a bit, school kinda makes her forget what has happen to her, the hardship of being capture by an enemy of her family.

>She tries not the think about that too hard, it made a stronger filly tho

>What's next?

686736  No.312845


Darn, sorry guys for not having the best posts in the world. I guess everyone stop being interested at this point

475f55  No.312951


Please continue

686736  No.313921

File: d9b17907447d323⋯.png (1.12 MB, 2000x2000, 1:1, 914617__safe_solo_oc_oc on….png)

File: 3a7fe63f441e85b⋯.jpg (2.7 MB, 2236x2460, 559:615, 753713__safe_oc_blushing_s….jpg)



>A month goes by.

>Aryanne and Kyrie decide to bring Luftkrieg to a nice relaxing day at the beach.

>Luftkrieg likes to considers this a small vacation from home. Kyrie tells her that they are gonna be staying for a week. There's a beach house near, which is where they are staying.

>Franzi couldn't come because she had important business to attend too.

>With that Aryanne and Kyrie went and lay on the beach while Luftkrieg goes swimming.

>Luftkrieg would love for her parents to join her. They seem to be just relaxing in the sand.

>She shrugs and just swims by herself

>A couple of hours go by and they head into the beach house.

>The Beach house is pretty nice. It seem to have some stuff from her home, but it has a more beach vibe to it.

>Luftkrieg figured that her moms own the home.

>Soon the sun was going down and she goes bed.

>What's next?

0faa43  No.315537


After a month of fucking about and Bronycon, I've returned to our story

>She wakes up and goes outside to smell the sea air.

>She goes to the beach and play in the sand, she likes to put her wings in it as the sand is really warm.

>The sun is beating down on her. She doesn't mind it tho. She went swimming yesterday, she figures that it's the sand turn.

>She goes and find a bucket and starts to make sand castle. She isn't as skilled as other ponies but she tires to make a decent sand castle.

>Some of the sand the fall over after awhile, She keeps at it until she gets a perfect sand castle that can't be fall down unless you push it over.

>And with that she stands proud over her castle and she heads inside to get shower and of course getting the sand off of her.

>What's next?

b5e281  No.316415

File: 7b85ca4df7c4705⋯.jpg (1.95 MB, 3120x4160, 3:4, readingCYOA.jpg)


What more greater than reading a CYOA about your fav filly is reading the story alongside her.

d98bd7  No.319468


Man, I haven't updated this cyoa in 3 months, fug :D

But no worries it gonna be a live and thank you for your support my fellow anon!

There might be more art for the cyoa.

d98bd7  No.320110


>She heads inside the vacation home from her small shower

>She heads to her room and start to lay down.

>Luftkrieg starts to wine down from fun day at the beach

>Once she felt a bit more relaxed she goes in and checks on her mother Kyrie.

>She's alone to gather her thoughts. Aryanne seems to wents somewhere, probably not too far tho.

>Kyrie notices that Luftkrieg is in the room.

>Kyrie goes over to Luftkrieg and starts to cuddle her.

>Luftkrieg loves it when she is being cuddle by her mother. It's better when both of them are cuddling her.

>Luftkrieg smells a slight familiar from when she a foal. She can't put her hoof on it.

>Kyrie was laying on her side gustering Luftkrieg to breastfeed on her again.

>Luftkrieg surprise that her mother would let her do it again, but she not going say no to her mom.

>It's her favorite milk, a little odd for a filly to think that, but being around her mother as a foal, she can't help.

>As the two lay there, Luftkrieg falls asleep with her mother teat in her mouth.

>Luftkrieg had no idea that her mom could still be lactating for all these years.

>Luftkrieg figure she'll have some sweet dreams before she goes to bed.

>Right before she does fall asleep, She sees Aryanne come into the room. The three ponies all cuddle up next to each other.

>What's next?

I know that was kinda sudden but I did want to make some use with some of the images I own haha. Good to be movatied again. And special thanks to my friend Pets for Drawing some scene from this CYOA. I'll be posting them when I can!

6d21b1  No.320770

holy shit like I havent seen this shit for liek a few weeks after it started. what is going on? Let's take a look…

6d21b1  No.320771


Do you have a word document or something with all of this in one convenient place to read? I would appreciate a copy. Something I can edit/add to if that's okay.

d98bd7  No.322364



I should do that soon enough, remind me to do that soon.

Also update coming soon.

bf77b5  No.322810



I archived it anyway (I did a few years ago but I lost the link):


92894b  No.324099


Sorry for not updating, just been super lazy. I know it's been 5 months

>Luftkrieg wakens in her room in the beach house.

>It still seems to be dark. She can't tell what time it is, but she sure should still be asleep at this time.

>She heads off her bed and into the dark house

>She see that her mother's room light are still

>She goes to the door and see that her mom are doing something she has definitely seen before.

>Luftkrieg watches Aryanne and Kyrie having sex, she keeps herself from being seen, but she just watches.

>She is just curious as the two mares body bump into each other. She can smell aromas interconnecting with each other.

>Luftkrieg can't seem but want to join them, but she knows that's wrong in someways

>She can't help herself, she just masturbates outside of the room where her parents in.

>She puts her one hoof to her crotch and the other to her mouth so she can keep herself quiet.

>She quietly rubs herself as watches the two do their business. She might have found out something about herself

>She doesn't know what the term is for this thing she is doing.

>She starts to feel the the precum coming and then starts to cum on the floor.

>She gets up and cleans up her mess and goes back to sleep

>:Luftkrieg seem to have sweet dreams that night

>What's next?

9d1e63  No.324110


Wake up, take shower and eat your breakfast like a good little filly.

Planning in giving you a reply in five months but ehh.

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