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File: e1c02b43c5fc1b0⋯.jpg (493.89 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, qresearch.jpg)

bd8bcb No.1003261



War Room Update

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Wednesday 04.11.18

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>>1003054 --------------------- "There will be consequences."

Tuesday 04.10.18

>>985368 ---------------------- Fireworks.

>>982457 ---------------------- Bolton cleaning house!

>>979213 rt >>979093 ----- TRUST

>>979093 ---------------------- FBI burning midnight oil

>>978771 ---------------------- Tuesday (China). Cars

>>978383 rt >>978366 ----- Fake

>>978104 rt >>978080 ----- Chongqing

>>978017 rt >>977691 ----- China’s Embrace of Foreign Cars | https:// archive.is/IGTnw

Monday 04.09.18

>>977691 ---------------------- China/CQ cancel

>>974802 ---------------------- Read carefully. (Cohen) archive.fo/NfBjK

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>>973468 rt >>973390 ----- They broke in during the fire

>>973341 rt >>973097 ----- Reason we are here MORE

>>972392 ---------------------- RR problems

>>969959 ---------------------- CA Targeted

>>968804 ---------------------- Like Clockwork (note the filename)

>>967875 rt >>967809 ----- SAT imagery + EITS are not definitive

>>967752 ---------------------- SYRIA. Hold until CONF

>>967390 ---------------------- CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS

>>967331 rt >>967224 ----- Think ‘Bridge’. GOOG. FB. TWITTER

>>967161 rt >>967123 ----- YOU are being TRACKED

>>967105 rt >>966637 ----- PEOPLE have POWER

>>966859 rt >>966637 ----- Follow the family (MZ)

>>966637 ---------------------- XMAS IN DC

Sunday 04.08.18

>>958988 rt >>958888 ----- No more ! Q

>>958888 rt >>958655 ----- Why did HUSSEIN PROTECT ISIS?

>>958655 rt >>958580 ----- Dig Social media contacts?

>>958554 rt >>958537

>>958466 rt >>958218 ----- Twitter.com/SoccerMouaz

>>958033 ---------------------- Flag SEC detail background

>>957870 ---------------------- Knowing what you know now

>>955952 rt >>955898 ----- We love phones!

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>>955760 rt >>955656 ----- Pictures leaked for this very moment

>>955656 rt >>955641 ----- Location, Exact Location

>>955601 rt >>955555 ----- Connected

>>954903 rt >>954819 ----- Spider Web

>>954819 rt >>954786 ----- No name in Syria archive.fo/lq2Bt

>>954786 ---------------------- Coincidence?

>>953077 rt >>953050 ----- Situation Room

>>953009 rt >>952914 ----- SIG INTERCEPT

>>952914 ---------------------- POTUS & JFK JR

>>951358 rt >>950959 ----- Why did POTUS announce his intention to pull out of Syria?

>>947065 ---------------------- They are trying to start a war. Public interest shift

>>946691 rt >>946546 ----- Tracking good. Fly High

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>>1001812 Vid theory

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>>1002100 Strzok and Page still have security clearances

>>1002127 Welcome to Wonderland

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>>999811 I know it's stupid, but its how they operate. LEARN IT

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>>997936 Arizona nixes in-State tuition for Illegals

>>997961 Thinking about Trump Tower Fires

>>997955 , >>997962 Disappeared German Billionaire minor dig

>>997994 , >>998086 Follow the wives, McCabe edition starts

>>998001 , >>998005 Russian Anon chimes in (translated)

>>998401 But native Russian speaker says it is fake, or not >>998473

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>>998446 Examining Trust Ray and RR's role

>>998496 Nice NoName into Syria puff piece by some Mockingbird types


>>997167 Fed says, "Let's weaken banks even more!"

>>997216 Did POTUS tweet point at NoName?

>>997346 , >>997554 POTUS never particularly liked Ryan

>>997375 , >>997200 . >>997211 GKA Autists cooperating

>>997419 , >>997378 Assad Abandoning Syria?

>>997454 , >>997466 TP1774 makes Twitter claim

>>997498 , >>997566 Ryan's resignation, and clockAnon's take on it and his formula

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bd8bcb No.1003291

#1250 Dough pastebin.com/zhzFzDwk

6affea No.1003307

File: 81e2947f468a315⋯.png (347.15 KB, 1372x1342, 686:671, Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at ….png)

Savvy move here.

https:// www.politico.com/story/2018/04/11/russia-company-concord-obtain-lawyers-515432

a35f7c No.1003308

258 UIDs!

I'm super excited for midnight!!!

5b5c72 No.1003310

File: 91acabcbdbd7139⋯.jpg (200.82 KB, 1555x627, 1555:627, 'Are _you_ ignoring the sh….jpg)

573bc5 No.1003316

File: a1064a2b1bcbe1f⋯.jpeg (797.67 KB, 1242x1454, 621:727, 25874F00-BB1B-45AA-8FBD-6….jpeg)

File: 463e2d1ab189dcf⋯.jpeg (62.68 KB, 554x380, 277:190, A886E3A8-ADA6-471D-BA38-0….jpeg)


0e3425 No.1003317

For anons who are just getting on:

H = House of Representatives

5b5c72 No.1003318

File: e1abc0c27013ec7⋯.png (114.45 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Spot the difference - Vers….png)

e352f3 No.1003319

>>1003220 (last bread)

>>1003259 (last bread)

I read it right. Did you read the second article? Pompeo is dirty.

>http:// thehill.com/homenews/administration/382765-pompeo-failed-to-disclose-ownership-in-business-connected-to-china

2b569e No.1003320

File: 89e99cad336c009⋯.jpeg (45.73 KB, 600x450, 4:3, papalhexagrampart1.jpeg)

509561 No.1003321


Don't think this is RIP Pompeo.

Hillary's article sounds like a warning than Pompeo is going to clean house at the State Department.

How convenient that China business issue pops up just before he's up for confirmation.

Don't see it as a issue for SoS. RT had way more concerning connections.

8f224c No.1003322

File: 605981d4f3edf39⋯.png (15.12 KB, 555x320, 111:64, LearnsOurComms1.PNG)

File: 7c31f9b33d79e83⋯.png (54.39 KB, 530x663, 530:663, LearnsOurComms2.PNG)

repost from last

>>1002729 <Q

>Our comms must be this way.

>Refer back - the ‘Why?’

this is the 'Why'

2d5a01 No.1003323

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


a35f7c No.1003324

File: 33e83c1ec142c0e⋯.jpg (3.82 MB, 4048x3036, 4:3, IMG_20180405_214541.jpg)

America wins!!!!!! Cabal loses!!!!!!

9d5aff No.1003326

File: 2e15c23bc9a8b45⋯.jpeg (166.32 KB, 1080x837, 40:31, 1520009402.jpeg)

Bless you Baker.


b46f74 No.1003328


Just heard local news say Washington DC wants to lower voter age to 16!!!!! WTF!

ef52d1 No.1003329

2bef49 No.1003330


The FBI has already given the memo to Nunes, so I don't think the deadline is void.

caa117 No.1003331

File: 15241cb60af21dc⋯.jpg (85.53 KB, 1125x519, 375:173, SC tweet.jpg)


RR gave up the documents according to SC, right before the deadline!

d3d80b No.1003332

File: 547f891116cfe5c⋯.jpg (257.15 KB, 1400x791, 200:113, Maga2.jpg)

File: 2057ae20cd15ef5⋯.jpg (179.65 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, MAGA171.jpg)

0e3425 No.1003333


gotta shill here


70afd6 No.1003334


With Rissia's help, FUCK YEAH!

267c84 No.1003335

Here is a thought, or should I say a link. We have seen many times on the drops that " These people are SICK"

The link takes you to an air force site on medications. Look at the upper left corner for people with tricare. What better way to keep people addicted to drugs or allow them to distribute.

http:// www.airforcemedicine.af.mil/Portals/1/Documents/MTFs/SICK.PDF

07b8ec No.1003336


thats what Ive been sayin'…

af241c No.1003337

>>1002502 (previous board)

it is a piece of paper being held by another person who is being blocked visually.

acae20 No.1003338

File: fe62df5cc8a7210⋯.jpg (46.18 KB, 600x345, 40:23, SC.jpg)

File: 28d0cdc2c9c8ad6⋯.jpg (57.39 KB, 931x469, 133:67, happenin.jpg)

https:// www.politico.com/story/2018/04/11/devin-nunes-threat-impeach-christopher-wray-rod-rosenstein-514518

https:// mobile.twitter.com/SaraCarterDC/status/984145872241020929

Nunes has UNREDACTED copy that started FISA warrants and everything else on Patriots and the then candidate now POTUS.

Happenin` upon us

0f5b34 No.1003339

File: 80f815f36e11a20⋯.jpg (134.3 KB, 1080x1187, 1080:1187, scuba diver.jpg)


875d14 No.1003340

>>1002595 (last bread)

This is nuts That isn't what creates Downs babies. Downs syndrome babies have been around as long as humans have. It is an accepted mutation that more often happens with using elderly eggs.

70afd6 No.1003341

File: 408532e10de0c3f⋯.jpg (11.69 KB, 255x184, 255:184, ac521f0cd7cb485029712f9f8a….jpg)

30b638 No.1003342

http:// thehill.com/policy/national-security/382764-doj-gives-house-intel-original-document-that-prompted-russia

a35f7c No.1003343


Oh I see. Midnight was the dead line.

9d5aff No.1003344

1003280 (last bread)

Hope Q team gets a chuckle. I mean it is 8chan after all.

e93350 No.1003345

Hey anon with the Pentagon / Facebook stuff. Repost. Got lost at end of last bread

a02e7e No.1003346

File: d0ec5b7425b7ff0⋯.jpg (840.56 KB, 750x1000, 3:4, 1523413802783.jpg)


Learn to strategy. Thats fucking absolutely stupid.

1803ae No.1003347

File: df0d144153e9899⋯.png (9.62 KB, 391x129, 391:129, ClipboardImage.png)


i thought it was this

e352f3 No.1003348


I'm not a shill dumbass. Research the DARK ACT and who introduced it and got it passed. The bill was basically written by Monsanto lobbyists.

669e01 No.1003349


I am guessing because Killary didn't get what she wanted, the promise of her connections still in place at SD, she pinned or inflated a situation to attempt to keep Pompeo unconfirmed.

f95fea No.1003350


So did Alice go though the Looking Glass on Election Day November 6?

922719 No.1003351

File: f514c88917b9ead⋯.jpg (29.17 KB, 300x300, 1:1, a5dancingisraelis.jpg)

File: 04e1684f48ba034⋯.jpg (114.89 KB, 1200x704, 75:44, admiral never seen a presi….jpg)

File: 5b847af28c6c659⋯.png (13.14 KB, 642x591, 214:197, jewish bolshevism.png)

File: a7e6f467d7b1e33⋯.jpg (59.11 KB, 456x457, 456:457, rabbi hates goyim.jpg)

File: 95c7149c6b443fc⋯.jpg (259.24 KB, 971x924, 971:924, a cabal active where.jpg)



Because so many Israelis are calling out their ethnocentrism, or their role in 9/11, or the jewish domination of all spectrums of western life, of the holohoax, or the coudenhove Kalergi plan, or the zionist banking swindle, or cultural marxism, or the sex trafficking industry they dominate.

And their US counterparts too. None of them are celebrating white demographic decline, or forced race mixing, or replacing whites through nepotism, or cultural marxism or the white working class sinking into poverty are they?

Show me one. Show me one who stands up for whites when it isn't of direct benefit to Israel. Even Roseanne calls us Goys.

ee3809 No.1003352





Drops will go fast.

WH clean SIG.


Everything is planned.





We Fight.





0e3425 No.1003353


gotta shill MonstanoFag here

0e3fe2 No.1003354


future proves past, disinformation is necessary...Was this really a reference to inside advanced knowledge of the Michael Cohen raid?

8998ef No.1003355

>>1002561 (prep bread)

He literally took bullets for us. Love him!

764cb8 No.1003356


no trust pompeo?

is he really kansas?

maybe not

down she goes

1d969b No.1003357

File: feac4a6079ffd16⋯.png (884.05 KB, 1426x1076, 713:538, ClipboardImage.png)


DOJ released docs that set off Russia probe today and

IG Horowitz report drops 4/19!

That should have a few "booms"!

1e5475 No.1003358


Learn 2 Kansas City Shuffle my friendo

15f9e5 No.1003359

How long until the public is aware of the FISA names?

3abbaa No.1003360

Honored to have Republican Committee…


5b5c72 No.1003361

File: 1919f57a5813af5⋯.jpg (91.28 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Current shills on duty - M….jpg)

1aae66 No.1003362

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

>>1003131 >#1249 Follow The Signs

>Water is a symbol for consciousness.

>>1003115 >nice


← Wicked Witch Melting

<@0:36 only takes 33 seconds from H2O 2 Toto.

92f8e9 No.1003363

5ce9d4 No.1003364

File: d1ac21288aaead7⋯.png (57.51 KB, 639x225, 71:25, Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at ….png)


tick tock

d3d80b No.1003365


YESSS! Good meme!!!

caa117 No.1003366

File: a6268886d2a3982⋯.jpg (270.43 KB, 1080x990, 12:11, Screenshot_20180411-134152….jpg)


Ezra knows where the bodies are buried, he's Flynn's protege

88cbb7 No.1003367

File: 04945e943a2f961⋯.jpg (254.07 KB, 1057x1698, 1057:1698, Capturefaaa.JPG)

File: 2c9f255df7aaad9⋯.jpg (12.79 KB, 500x107, 500:107, cisco-logo.jpg)

I know it's happening atm.

But I think I found action on ==THE BRIDGE.==

200k Cisco Network Switches hacked two days ago.

https:// www.bankinfosecurity.com/200000-cisco-network-switches-reportedly-hacked-a-10788

4b4840 No.1003368

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Russian State TV is instructing Russians to start preparing for 'Armageddon'

ff9735 No.1003369


I noticed that too (followed by LL?)

8998ef No.1003370


Sorry spelling … prev. Bread

0e3425 No.1003371

File: f80e866a1af7902⋯.jpg (14.97 KB, 300x168, 25:14, shillA2.jpg)

File: 26cc55fcc1b7f74⋯.jpg (15.18 KB, 300x168, 25:14, shillD2.jpg)


all of them exe

72b213 No.1003372



164977 No.1003373

Telegraph & warning new 4am talking points. Multiple networks now

f2bc79 No.1003374

>>1003248 (prev bread)

This is an important find. We know IN-Q-TEL invested in social media. Now there's a connection via date.

Facebook/Social Media = LifeLog (DARPA/Pentagon)

d4b8fa No.1003375



1d969b No.1003376

File: acea4b8da753a40⋯.png (37.99 KB, 621x221, 621:221, ClipboardImage.png)


I posted this last bread…

from 2013!

e352f3 No.1003377


Are you that dense? Do you think Monsanto cares about you? Give me a damn break.

b7ca1c No.1003378

File: 0ba953795ed16e3⋯.jpg (218.08 KB, 671x605, 61:55, Screenshot_20180411-163646.jpg)

File: 45a2759276585a9⋯.jpg (402.36 KB, 855x1296, 95:144, Screenshot_20180411-163816.jpg)

https:// youtu.be/8CChV1UVfoQ

reposting O-Bomber email hacked .. 2013 plan staged syria attack.

83c55c No.1003379

File: 1b612da42a67d0d⋯.png (191.61 KB, 500x500, 1:1, jewenablers.png)

197abb No.1003380

File: b2b9c7c0eaac836⋯.png (32.21 KB, 609x303, 203:101, POTUS_Russia_Missiles.png)

Ok just some analysis on the big POTUS tweet everyone has been talking about today. This is PURELY Opinion and speculation.

Russia vows to Shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria = Russia will Shoot down Israeli Missiles if they try to fire again?

Get Ready Russia, Because they will be coming, nice and new and "Smart" = 2 Possibilities: POTUS is telling Russia that the USA will be hitting Not Russia, but Deep State Targets

Or He is warning Russia that missiles will be incoming from the Deep State (Maybe Israel again?)

You Shouldn't be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it = Message to Songbird that he shouldn't partner up with Syrian White Helmets who have been using chem attacks on their own people.

a35f7c No.1003381

082a7b No.1003382


Sauce or GTFO

2b6f16 No.1003383


Well we'll see.

Got another 36 hours or so on that hypothesis.

Im going to counter with my own.

Syria will be struck.

To each his own. Time will tell.

9d5aff No.1003384


Solid theory IMHO. But i am a mere meme fag.

0e3425 No.1003385


I'm saying your a shill MonsantoFag


c13d38 No.1003386


Totally shows RR's a stalking horse like Mueller

88f909 No.1003387

Ok help me understand the purpose of Q posting an article about Pompeo and the chinese company and it potentially giving him problems about the confirmation tomorrow? Unless we are paralleling on the SOS position and the disclosure / nondisclosure of key items cough cough HRC 2009

9d3b07 No.1003388


81742b No.1003389

[N]ice, [N]e[w] and [S]mart


He was warning the directions of incoming missiles?!

N = North

NW = North West

S = South

2aa56e No.1003390


If they cancelled it they are ready have it, goes deeper than FB, i think.

8f224c No.1003391

>>1003381 yup. >>1003372 best explanation

a35f7c No.1003392

164977 No.1003393


Acosta to Sanders breifing, the 5 fox, etc. (((They))) know

0e3425 No.1003394

File: fe6d4525b6c5840⋯.jpg (88.76 KB, 626x627, 626:627, shillA1.jpg)

File: ced0e666e736b9a⋯.jpg (88.48 KB, 626x627, 626:627, shillB1.jpg)

File: c07a36a7a712644⋯.jpg (88.48 KB, 626x627, 626:627, shillC1.jpg)

File: fdc1274714081cc⋯.jpg (88.12 KB, 626x627, 626:627, shillD1.jpg)



6b8030 No.1003395


Ok I'm confused now. I guess the word "she" is messing me up.

Clearly this looks like MP is compromised, and she being a ship reference?

2aa56e No.1003396



caa117 No.1003398

File: 318e974a7497efb⋯.jpg (338.32 KB, 810x1248, 135:208, Screenshot_20180411-185249….jpg)


Midnight oil burnt

1e5475 No.1003399


"Trust Kansas"

f7c7ec No.1003400



Autist in da house

9d3b07 No.1003401


or just "Smart" = South and south of Syria = Israel

ef2b0c No.1003402


Ahhhhh….great connection anon. I swear I want to vomit more and more everyday.

4b4840 No.1003403

Lots of people on /pol/ seem to think that this Syria stuff is theatrics and that Russia-USA are using the escalation as a way to surround Israel while pretending this whole thing is about Syria.

Are they surrounding Israel before everything gets exposed and Israel is blamed from everything from JFK to 9/11?

c86ab9 No.1003404


Extremely notable.

0f5b34 No.1003405

Meme fags summon your Creativity! Bomb them with Memes of TRUTH!

It's Happening!

d4b8fa No.1003406


Damn… buncha honkeys in the audience with absolutely no rhythm.

bd8bcb No.1003407


Thanks, missed it last bread

83c55c No.1003408

File: 604b2a604fc962c⋯.png (192.85 KB, 500x500, 1:1, jewapologists.png)

File: 777f6108142fd32⋯.png (189.48 KB, 500x500, 1:1, jewasssuck.png)

File: 1b612da42a67d0d⋯.png (191.61 KB, 500x500, 1:1, jewenablers.png)

File: 5329db7756dea48⋯.png (190.27 KB, 500x500, 1:1, jewbootlick.png)


I have a matching set, too.

Mine are better.

d4ac4c No.1003409

File: b91679f62a6b3ed⋯.jpg (16.33 KB, 235x354, 235:354, ef22776989cbe39a8cc3a73234….jpg)

File: dee33eb00a162c1⋯.jpg (149.06 KB, 525x700, 3:4, 763a060e150ae5a174ce9d9544….jpg)

Thank you Baker, and Q

30b638 No.1003410

File: d005fd8e04ff5dd⋯.png (106.32 KB, 1205x362, 1205:362, ClipboardImage.png)

>shills on duty

faggots that post this shit every fucking bread

92f8e9 No.1003411



>Q = Alice

I'd say yes.

Also, think opposites.

>Up = down, etc

HRC = dark

POTUS = light

etc, etc…

07b8ec No.1003412

e352f3 No.1003413


>>1003385 (see above and filter yourself)

2b569e No.1003414

File: 113ff3d53ad7ed4⋯.jpg (190.62 KB, 1024x749, 1024:749, Jews not hebrews.jpg)

e0e4c6 No.1003415


Trust Kansas not Pompeo.

What happened in Kansas connected to China.

764cb8 No.1003416

File: d418a6938924387⋯.jpg (56.89 KB, 447x576, 149:192, x2.jpg)

f734b0 No.1003417

File: 43ca30c17120742⋯.jpeg (94.92 KB, 513x500, 513:500, B0D93549-ADA1-4A24-B107-1….jpeg)

US Military = savior of mankind.

We will never forget.

Fantasy land.

God save us all.


8b2255 No.1003418


Or "nice and new, and 'smart' " simply means new smart bombs that can't be shot down…

I'm fucking scared.

70a687 No.1003419


See the conference call device (Olympia is her name) on the table? They stream via phone lines and the web. Anything you say can be intercepted. Thank you NSA! Goodbye stupid people who like to pose for group photos!

d91d05 No.1003420


When you can't stop about the hrc video, you start to sound creepy.

cb98d0 No.1003421

Dammit.. Go to do some yard work and Q posts.

goes back to read the breads

15ce8c No.1003422

I wonder if the purpose of beta-testing this info, so to speak, on the chans first, is so that we can target and focus the no doubt completely unhinged rage of the population once the truth is released. Maybe our reactions and comments are a stress test so the world doesnt just immolate itself

2b569e No.1003423

File: 8f07b682644c51d⋯.png (31.1 KB, 497x322, 71:46, jews killed kennedy.png)

83c55c No.1003424

File: 4680199fa55cbc8⋯.jpg (24.72 KB, 586x616, 293:308, 1523391340127.jpg)

a35f7c No.1003425

What is the hint to us from the Pompeo/China article, anons? Pompeo bad/good, something else?

e2c147 No.1003426

File: 729243752ff10b4⋯.png (1.02 MB, 799x1200, 799:1200, ClipboardImage.png)


d0a282 No.1003427



This is Good.

Notable Baker

83b28a No.1003428


You have placed one of the most idiotic posts ever on this site in the notables.


Why on earth would you put 187 in a killbox? Where has the common sense gone?

0f5b34 No.1003429

a13e35 No.1003430

I am really hoping "April Shower" means all of the negatives against POTUS, and that in May we will see the reasons why it had to be so, because things are looking pretty grim.

ef52d1 No.1003431

File: c3c4124fe55138a⋯.png (424.41 KB, 1051x688, 1051:688, LIFELOG.png)






Holy shit. Someone MEME THIS..


Can someone make something better than this plebby looking one?

92f8e9 No.1003432

127aeb No.1003433

Increased air traffic near AZ fighter base.

faef97 No.1003435

So it sounds like Pompeo will not be confirmed. What happens next? The President has to appoint sm1 else?

b3f6ca No.1003436


LifeLog rebranded as Facebook?

0e3425 No.1003437

File: 2dce7eb02c9118b⋯.png (512.18 KB, 793x500, 793:500, ClipboardImage.png)

we got KANSASfags


a35f7c No.1003438


They just popped into the last bread. You didn't miss too much.

600aa4 No.1003439


When is the military going to raid the bohemian grove??? and destroy their owl idol?

f56912 No.1003440


Greys no longer pose a threat; the deal that was made with Ike is void for the last 20 years.

d4b8fa No.1003441


Now you know why Zucks in front of Congress getting thrown softballs. Fall guy for a CIA front that has lost its relevance cause it's not cool with the kids anymore.

The better question to ask is how many members of our government owned FB stock and how many are now short?

cb98d0 No.1003442


I doubt this. Most of us have run the gauntlet that was november-january..

We would be a horrible focus group for normie reaction.

70afd6 No.1003443


HRC Plans A Hit mirrored +++ + +++++

2d5a01 No.1003444

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Ok, here is some moar Rhythm

ef2b0c No.1003445


This this this this this

5ce9d4 No.1003446


Parscale is also a KS farm boy.

8f224c No.1003447


funny cause other anons also said it day(s) ago, can't remember when i saw it… sometimes it'S there but something doesn't click

70afd6 No.1003448


Plane fags, Luke AFB

88cbb7 No.1003449

File: 9acb3427c7a472f⋯.jpg (86.12 KB, 716x1071, 716:1071, Cap41ture.JPG)



d6a1da No.1003450

File: 60116bf7055ffed⋯.png (523.48 KB, 1101x613, 1101:613, ClipboardImage.png)



6b8030 No.1003451


I like.

0e3425 No.1003452

Q, +++ + +++++??????

3d8730 No.1003453


Best movie. Thank God for our Wizard.

1803ae No.1003454

File: abec5599a580558⋯.png (22.11 KB, 565x237, 565:237, ClipboardImage.png)


Why now?

1a7364 No.1003455

File: 19d809d0f309bc8⋯.jpg (165.82 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, THE FIVE SELLOUTS.jpg)




That’s why these clowns are all turncoats. On THE FIVE today Perino said Zuckerberg “hit a home run” – Guilfoyle said Zuckerberg was “smooth” – Watters said Zuckerberg was “Human” – and then Gutfeld comes out with “fake vids” because of technology cutting the HRC tape off at the knees. They all disgust me. No mention Zuckerberg wasn’t sworn in. No mention of his stock dump before Cambridge Analytica news broke. No mention of Facebooks C.I.A.’s contacts – hence the Pentagon project kill AND no mention of Jeff Rothschild backing Facebook!!!

c8482c No.1003456

File: 82cd2e422d34557⋯.jpeg (223.39 KB, 750x557, 750:557, 35361E0A-7AAC-4AB8-82AA-B….jpeg)

Ref.down she goes-

Hillary attempted to blackmail Pompeo.

He told her to pound sand.

Article comes out trying to tie him to china.

Blackmail. Down she goes.

Also, cant find it now but earlier Potus tweet seemed to have RICO in caps…

83b28a No.1003457


Yeah i saw that the first 10 times it was posted.

b3f6ca No.1003458


Nice eyes!

a35f7c No.1003459


Yea, I like Brad. He's feisty.

87ee95 No.1003460

How many Congress critters used the Awan Bros IT services without making sure they had proper security clearances?

could that number be 43?

70afd6 No.1003462

File: 57d68dd7d103b82⋯.jpg (126.54 KB, 1242x810, 23:15, 57d68dd7d103b82a7658e6587b….jpg)

be08e2 No.1003463


The plan has been in place for several years.

c86ab9 No.1003464


Luke is the biggest ACC base in the region. If Nellis and Hill become active at the same time than something is up big time.

72b213 No.1003465


I'm actually repeating something I saw from over a month ago. I never believed it was Pompeio.

ff9735 No.1003466

File: 83db55baebf164d⋯.png (192.27 KB, 1095x502, 1095:502, nunesstatement.png)

from Sara Carter's twitter

127aeb No.1003467


Calling all plane fags

d0a282 No.1003468

File: eea52be1df2940a⋯.png (487.95 KB, 646x522, 323:261, screenshotAtUploadCC_15234….png)


Latest Trump tweet

c0891c No.1003469


I've been saying this from the beginning. You can't just drop national security documents but you can help people see the picture with publicly available information. You do this by convincing people of your ability to access this information. That's why we have confirmation that would be statistically impossible to fake.

bda678 No.1003470

File: a933cf716fd4188⋯.jpg (96.35 KB, 920x537, 920:537, hillary cucking.jpg)

Down she goes

2bb398 No.1003471

File: d2e0de0227314d8⋯.png (53.95 KB, 598x799, 598:799, Screenshot-2018-4-11 Pompe….png)


Trust Kansas.

30b638 No.1003472

https:// www.federalregister.gov/documents/2018/04/11

92f8e9 No.1003473



ALL the MK related fuckery morphed into FB and ilk as tech progressed.

1d969b No.1003474

127aeb No.1003475


Not doxing myself. Know someone close to Luke. Increased traffic for sure.

dc5463 No.1003476


Planefag / ATCfag checking in.

bda678 No.1003477

File: 2cd4bab7fefbcbc⋯.jpg (24.83 KB, 599x325, 599:325, ryan cucked by islam.jpg)

Clean house!

a35f7c No.1003478



b25c40 No.1003479

Looking forward to POTUS' weekly address.

A very stable genius, indeed. Crazy as a fox. Look wider at what is in the area where all the ships are lining up.

b09785 No.1003480

>>1003115 (last bread)



The Good Witch of the North to Dorothy: "You don't need to be helped. You've always had the power to go back to Kansas."

Q/POTUS to us:

>You, the PEOPLE, have ALL the POWER.

>You simply forgot how to PLAY.


Dorothy had to learn for herself, just like us. Then we can go back to the "heart" land.

a262c3 No.1003481


late to this discussion, but I want FB, Twitter, Goog and other spy platforms killed. But killed through class action lawsuits as a lesson for future social media platforms: spying and politically biased censorship are not profitable business models. Regulation will not work because Congress will let lobbyists for FB, etc. write the regulations.

e6642f No.1003482



bda678 No.1003483

File: 5975a5c5bf12eb5⋯.jpg (57.71 KB, 600x400, 3:2, 1 islam queen cuck.jpg)


55a1e8 No.1003484


Because Erik Prince took the video? In Haiti as Seal Team 8.

88f909 No.1003485


>“FBI burning the midnight oil”

>https:// mobile.twitter.com/SaraCarterDC/status/984145872241020929

Anons Im a dummy. Is this Sara Carter saying the IG Report is being released at midnight tonight?

ca5910 No.1003486

File: ea0b563f9442b93⋯.jpg (44.39 KB, 1058x704, 529:352, they-live-fight-scene.w529….jpg)

973f9c No.1003487


Don't kill YouTube.. just remove (((them)))

0e3425 No.1003488









0e3fe2 No.1003489


future proves past, disinformation is necessary...Was this really a reference to inside advanced knowledge of the Michael Cohen raid?

62af8c No.1003490


Does Scalise reeeeaaallly need a purple walker?


dc160f No.1003491

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2633b6 No.1003492

File: ba034c111968408⋯.jpeg (333.54 KB, 1181x1159, 1181:1159, 4124A29D-4478-46FE-93F4-4….jpeg)

127aeb No.1003493


Lots of traffic near Luke. Usually is quite a bit but more today. Might look into.

072ee3 No.1003494


Looks like you called it!

93bed5 No.1003495


>Not true.


>It's tucked into the mountains about 20 minutes away from downtown Sedona.

Correct. The Enchantment Resort is at the head of Boynton Canyon west of the town of Sedona.

60aa09 No.1003496


would be great if part of the plan is to have GOP candidates in waiting, and when time is right, they get elected…not rigged, , but because they are new faces, MAGA people and vetted by Q

2bb398 No.1003497


>forgot link

http:// www.mcclatchydc.com/news/nation-world/national/article208630194.html

referenced from

http:// thehill.com/homenews/administration/382765-pompeo-failed-to-disclose-ownership-in-business-connected-to-china

c6b26f No.1003498


That makes sense!

6634be No.1003499

File: d56df930fbf1802⋯.jpg (168.92 KB, 1200x720, 5:3, Youtube.jpg)

6b8030 No.1003500


No kidding. Same for the jew dick suck pic faggot and the left eye punch tranny.

9c7c79 No.1003501


when you complain about a pixel you might miss the picture

bd8bcb No.1003502


>most idiotic posts ever

you must be new

>asking questions

we are asking questions…..

fdb80e No.1003503


Poor soul has only been saying it since the post came out originally. Ah well, at least people are looking.

NSA is not the end all be all in the food chain, and I honestly do NOT think they are completely good guys. My money is still on DIA as see all - hear all good guys. Besides, they are higher than NSA.

1803ae No.1003504


anon, read the post…

Q is literally asking "why now?"

373f42 No.1003505



d4ac4c No.1003506


yup, all cucked by zuck

5250be No.1003507

File: 252af54b6d7f7bc⋯.png (155.02 KB, 751x537, 751:537, ClipboardImage.png)

d048d6 No.1003508


espeically if it is a Facebook pixel.

a35f7c No.1003509


A warning that this news was coming out but to trust him anyway?

>Maybe I'm stoopid today

Funny it wasn't a problem for his first confirmation but it suddenly is now.

83b28a No.1003510


Nope not new or even close.

0e3425 No.1003511

tucker is one of /ourguys/

70afd6 No.1003512

“FBI burning the midnight oil”

https:// mobile.twitter.com/SaraCarterDC/status/984145872241020929

What was just released to Nunes?

https:// www.nytimes.com/2018/04/11/us/politics/ezra-cohen-watnick-justice-department-national-security-adviser.html



https:// mobile.twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/984022625440747520



Sara A. Carter

Sara A. Carter



The E Man


Replying to @SaraCarterDC

This Wed? Midnight? 6pm? Or will they keep up with the “toothless bite”. If Nunes commits to it, Do it!! Don’t turn back. Even if it’s a day late. We The People wants scalps now. !Enough is enough.

be08e2 No.1003513


Honestly in that line of statements "Kansas" has a strong possibility of being the election fraud investigation because all others in that list were related to prosecution.

8f224c No.1003514


spot the difference:

>Feb 7 2018 18:55:33 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 647c68 297686

>You have so much more than you know.


>Future proves past.

>News unlocks map.










>Mar 6 2018 01:09:09 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 25b191 563806

>Is the stage set for a drop of HRC +++ + +++++(raw vid 5:5).


>We have it all.

>Re_read re: stage.

>The nail in many coffins [liberal undo].

>[Impossible to defend].

>[Toxic to those connected].

>WE must work TOGETHER.

>WE are only as strong as your VOICE.

>YOU must organize and BE HEARD.

>THIS is why they keep you DIVIDED and in the DARK.


>We are here to UNITE and provide TRUTH.

>Dark to LIGHT.

>EVIL surrounds us.

>WE are FIGHTING for you.

>Where we go one, we go ALL.

>The choice, to KNOW, will be yours [end].


>Apr 3 2018 21:17:28 (EST) Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: c7ccb9 886265




>+ ++ +++



/_\ DOWN

bf1f77 No.1003515

tucker now on fox

d4ac4c No.1003516

2b569e No.1003517


You love that Jewish cock dontcha

dafe0a No.1003518


also 111 days anon

4e4673 No.1003519



Yeah, but make this bigger in a bright color, I almost missed it and the whole point:


2633b6 No.1003520


Same boat. Thinking I’m wrong but hoping I’m right

da164b No.1003521

File: 15592f001ab2b5a⋯.jpg (82.62 KB, 720x720, 1:1, Anti_semitic_Trick.jpg)

File: f00bff1f33c536e⋯.png (1.63 MB, 603x7521, 201:2507, Mossad_Helpers_Sayanim_1.png)

File: 3d36bf12ae8ee97⋯.png (776.41 KB, 753x2529, 251:843, Mossad_Helpers_Sayanim_2.png)

File: 360473986728d69⋯.png (87.09 KB, 1450x527, 1450:527, Mossad_Helpers_Sayanim_3.png)

File: bb6a11c233289af⋯.png (97.78 KB, 994x574, 71:41, Mossad_Helpers_Sayanim_4.png)



We don't hate any group, we just hate the subversion that many jews perpetrate against the West.


Off course there are good jews that are against the subversion of the West being perpetrated by the cabal, Israel and the Sayanim.

Good jews of good faith admit that the “anti-semitic trick” and the Sayanim (non-Israeli jews that feed the Mossad intel, give logistical support to Mossad's operatives and take orders from the Mossad's War Department to assassinate the character of targets of the Mossad with accusations of “anti-semitism”) exist AND ADMIT that it is important to discuss those issues and bring awareness to their existence to the general population because the “anti-semitic trick” and the Sayanim are two of the MOST IMPORTANT TOOLS OF SUBVERSION that the cabal is using right now to try to destroy the West.


“It's all about the individual.

Good decent black people don't act like niggers, and speak out against niggerdom. As a result niggers ostracize them and call them "Uncle Tom's" who are "acting white", when they are actually just acting like normal decent human beings.

Likewise, good decent jewish people don't act like kikes, and speak out against kikery. As a result kikes ostracize them and call them "self-hating jews", when it's actually just evil they're hating, not their own blood.

The group matters not, just the actions of the individual.

That said, it is disappointing how *few* good decent jewish people there are! The qualifications are very simple: don't act like a kike, and speak out against kikery in all its evil. It's not rocket science, but most jews choose tribal loyalty over being good and decent, and that's what makes them kikes. Sad.

If any kike reads this, know that you are very welcome to stop being a kike and making excuses for kikery and join the human race! Do it any time it's convenient, we are happy for your assistance in taking down evil as soon as you are ready.”

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtBF6MxquWI

“Jacob Cohen explains the Sayanim (Mossad's volunteer agents)” - 3min

Sayanim are non-Israeli or dual citizenship jews that colaborate with Mossad. Sayanim take their orders from the Mossad's War Department.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vqhi16iikxk

“Israel's Internet Censorship War” - 14min

A concise, yet detailed overview of all kinds of Israel's internet censorship and social engineering. Relates to Wikipedia and Israel's use of non-Israeli jews to act in favor of Israel (relates to Mossad word wide helpers (Sayanim) theme).

Also shows how Israel instructe it's subversive agents operating in the West to try to relate all criticism of Israel to white-supremacy.

Shows that in 2016 Fortune magazine reported that Google, Facebook and Youtube comply with up to 95% of Israel's requests to delete content critical of Israel, justifying with “it's content that incites Palestinian violence”.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0kWAqZxJVE

"Anti-semitic, its a trick we always use it" - 1min

Former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni tells the truth about the “anti-semitic trick”.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=jyJYwCZOCD4

“Ex-mossad agent explains the "anti-semite" trick” - 1min

Ex-mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky explains the "anti-semite" trick – how jews conspire together to silence critics of israel, jews and zionism.

243efe No.1003522

File: 12b6f78d9b9950c⋯.jpg (10.64 KB, 257x167, 257:167, trust.jpg)


>Trust Kansas not Pompeo.

>What happened in Kansas connected to China.


Kansas/China doesn't fit the context of pic related

d4ac4c No.1003523

0815dd No.1003524


We got the WH clean SIG already.

Was the [H] the maker we’re looking for? Or was that just part of the SIG?

Looking for 0 marker to come next?

7c1554 No.1003526


Well, hell.

I wonder if the attempt to comp pompeo was recorded, six ways to sunday…

2d5a01 No.1003527


Dubs an trips, KEK's will

127aeb No.1003528


Tucker dropping those truth bombs.

0e3425 No.1003529


that makes no sense

c4749d No.1003530

The deadline to release to visa info to Nunes was midnight tonight

They just got it


6634be No.1003531

File: 19adcce5de90569⋯.png (129.4 KB, 939x610, 939:610, TruthIsHate.png)

File: ef470a41c4cbc7e⋯.png (19.32 KB, 632x458, 316:229, (((Youtube))).png)

74f3f0 No.1003532

File: 77bed03f8d0c712⋯.jpeg (83.03 KB, 1200x654, 200:109, image.jpeg)

BO/BV feel free to move to the dedicated thread but I felt there was some overlap with the general discussion. Judge Sarah Zabel (pic related), whose husband just got indicted, is resigning from Florida's 11th Judicial Circuit, which covers Miami-Dade County a/k/a Wassermanville, home of the little Debbie snack-cake.

http:// www.nydailynews.com/news/national/fla-judge-resigns-husband-charged-fraud-theft-article-1.3928818

d4ac4c No.1003533

cb98d0 No.1003534


You don't even know what the question is that you are asking if you didn't read the rest of the commentary that went with that one post.

Really. FFS.

0e3425 No.1003535



I get that + ++ +++ is the triangle has fallen

But +++ + +++++ is different

be08e2 No.1003536


Talking bout drum beats. Count the beats perhaps? As if Q was telling us to pay attention to who is war mongering re: Syrian war.

ee3809 No.1003537



95deb7 No.1003538

I think it is time for the Twitterfags…

509561 No.1003539


We need to find what Chinese business it is.

Maybe it has some connections to bad actors and Pompeo used them to leave a breadcrumb?

92f8e9 No.1003540

File: c7e8d2775059622⋯.png (49.81 KB, 506x423, 506:423, mosdef.png)



e352f3 No.1003541


yep, double agent. Pompeo/CIA buh bye

fa448c No.1003542


Black writing on dark blue background doesn't contrast enough … apart from that … KEK!

7ddc21 No.1003543

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

373f42 No.1003544


Boosting their economy thru prepper supply sales

f7c7ec No.1003545


>Poor soul has only been saying it since the post came out originally.

Missed that one, even though I am here every day.

>NSA is not the end all be all in the food chain, and I honestly do NOT think they are completely good guys.


e744e4 No.1003546








'Check this out Anons!!!, DANGER FOR 2020'!!!

e412a1 No.1003547

File: a0b2a5244ca4bc6⋯.jpg (388.65 KB, 1648x1068, 412:267, Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at ….jpg)


Fake and Gay but funny

8f224c No.1003548


true, there's more there… it is intriguing

e93350 No.1003551


They thought they could blackmail him with it.

3abbaa No.1003552

I wonder if the are in the Situation Room…

d4b8fa No.1003553

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Wait for it…

014b18 No.1003554



95deb7 No.1003555


c4749d No.1003556


I seem to remember reading about Pompeo starting his own oil and gas business…thats how he got rich

Maybe thats it?

6b8030 No.1003557


Problem is we're a month ahead of him so it's not as fun to watch as it used to be.

db918b No.1003558

Trust rum

Trust rum with joos

127aeb No.1003559

Twitterfag reporting for duty. Let’s see those Kek-King memes! >>1003538

f95fea No.1003560



327395 No.1003561

Above Syria the planes are still diverted. Peeps are quiet. Perhaps Russia still jamming signals. I have no doubt that what is happening in Syria these days may just stop the rest of political footballing of that country.

On OANN a few secs ago they said “the stage is set”


a35f7c No.1003562

File: 6e7f434433b74f4⋯.png (603.57 KB, 1080x1454, 540:727, Screenshot_20180411-190521….png)

This is WHY

https:// theintercept.com/2017/12/04/trump-white-house-weighing-plans-for-private-spies-to-counter-deep-state-enemies/

92f8e9 No.1003563


Lag for muh normies. :(

4b9f0e No.1003564


Yo….pass out the assignments boss.

6b8d1b No.1003565

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Please stop concernfagging! Dam son!

> Not just you. DC wanting to lower voter age is BS anti-Constitutional NOT GONE HAPPEN. Don't worry; that's what Joofags want. Srsly.

Please filter "war concerns" / they don't GET it or are retardfags or AIM

Just ignore them: FILTER!

> But if New Age shills? I say we start reporting shill posts with tag NEW AGE FAG so maybe BO banhammers them. I love 1A but not AIM and other New Age fags. Historyfagging is great; talking about anti-Pope is great. But FE has own thread, and somma this shit is shitting up board SO BAD and we gettin moldy breads. Time for them to GET OFF qresearch entirely. One bread today I saw fucking 400-500 posts and a bunch of blanks and I didn't even filter ID+, mostly just weirdos.

ThanQ Q and Anons and Spreadsheet Anon

Here is cool video with REAL SYRIAN CHIC and that British dude and laying things out about Assad being cool AF though chic is worried about war. Maybe not from US, but from Evil Ass EU. Watch the shit. She's on Twitter too. Red-pill ppl that Assad is /ourguy/

Both embedded and here's hook link:


Don't worry like British dude; there is NO WAR COMING! unless fuckin Merkel/Brussels starts it. I think Russ/US/Syria have strange bond and NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT! Enjoy the show!

da164b No.1003566


This, or Iran.

Both would be better even.

1d969b No.1003567


So just like that lied about ending MK Ultra and just changed the name to Orion, Pentagon "kills" LifeLog Project and the Clowns start up Suckerbook to track every move of our lives!

be08e2 No.1003568


Election fraud.

FISA abuse.

DOJ/FBI corruption.

These are some of what those "trust" names are persuing.

1803ae No.1003569

The 'why'

NAT SEC laws

It was not supposed to be revealed POTUS is not under criminal investigation _ NOT YET.


Massive intel sweep.

Manafort was a plant.

Trace background.

Open source.

Who was arrested?

Non US.

Trace background.

Open source.

Carter Page was a plant.

Trace background.

Open source.

Why is Mueller going after 'inside plants'?

Flynn is safe.

Define 'witness'.

Can a 'witness' hold a position of power/influence while ongoing?

Russia Russia Russia?

Real or fake?



Seth Rich?

MS_13 187 [2] -24 -Distance?

MS[13][13=M]MSM - The 'Wheel'

No investigation into WL receipt of information?

No pull down of NSA metadata trace/C to WL?

No pull down of NSA metadata period?

Nothing transferred across web?

Direct-to-Direct bypass dump?

No 'direct' investigation into DNC computer/software?

No 'direct' investigation into CS?

FBI/SC/DOJ/FED G simply TRUST CS's report on data breach?

HUSSEIN block?

HUSSEIN control?


Awan attached?


Cheatin' Obama.

Trust the plan.



15f9e5 No.1003570

IG Horowits, AWAN, Snowden

So much shit is going to drop at the same time.

d048d6 No.1003571


jesus. what in the actual fuck…

2b39d8 No.1003572

We need a [h]ouse cleaning, get them out!

GOP Congressman Rips Trump in Insane Tirade to Journo: ‘Evil, Really F*cking Stupid Forrest Gump

https:// www.mediaite.com/online/gop-congressman-rips-trump-in-insane-tirade-to-journo-evil-really-fcking-stupid-forrest-gump/

70afd6 No.1003573

File: bbd9b0c169630dd⋯.png (9.3 KB, 255x144, 85:48, f0f20690e8cb606f16e2f9739e….png)

16bab5 No.1003574


>https:// mobile.twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/984022625440747520

The hysteria on the comments are, well …. hysterical! go lyao!

f95fea No.1003575


Phoenix Program

e93350 No.1003576


I just got shadowbanned after posting

Down she goes…

8b3b34 No.1003577

File: 71eebe45b3867e6⋯.png (3.49 MB, 1334x750, 667:375, 14267675-B9D5-402D-8747-CC….png)




>Clean your room! (Prof. Jordan Peterson)

12 Rules for Life :)

Recall that he also told Tucker to TELL THE TRUTH, ‘it’s good for you and everyone else.’


https:// youtu.be/JMrFgVVMqto

And that is precisely what Tucker did in his EPIC monologue the other nite.

https:// youtu.be/cSGf2ZpDENU

2bb398 No.1003578


Possibly, and yes it is strange that it wasn't a problem. If it was such a big deal that long ago to not be disclosed, Q would surely have known about it. May be just another hook in the water?

0e3425 No.1003579


I know. It relates to the HRC video so it is really IMPORTANT

da164b No.1003580


Please read >>1001356 (You) and >>1001450 (You)

You're trying to equate criticism to Israel and jews to nazism.

You're a transparent shill.

Your side is losing, come into the light.

We don't hate anyone, we hate the subversion many jews perpretate against the West.

Good luck.

d4b8fa No.1003581


Didnt suck enuf Jay-Z cock to get auto tune…

574372 No.1003582

File: 032833b87b4dfb8⋯.png (355.11 KB, 1188x465, 396:155, qincognito.PNG)


yes, this and this: pic related read all the way through, were 1 post wonders:

243c2d No.1003583


The ultimate blitz!

70afd6 No.1003584


Down She Goes…..


0e3425 No.1003585


KANSAS cleaned out the CIA, now is going to State

427de7 No.1003586


Was the nom of pompeo a feint to "quietly" remove him as CIA director?

ff9735 No.1003587

File: 5a17cb1d1ea8bb7⋯.png (379.54 KB, 583x565, 583:565, hrcvidsick.png)


from @LizCrokin

130edf No.1003588

>>1003175 (previous thread)

>Erickson: GOP Rep turns on Trump says, "If were going to lose because of him, we might as well impeach the motherf*cker"

i think the "we're" here is as a collective deep state operative, not as a republican

they know they're going to jail at this point

2aa56e No.1003589


Like that thinking

d31bf8 No.1003590

any news from snowden yet?

c4749d No.1003591

In 1998 Pompeo moved to Wichita when he and three other West Point graduate friends, Brian Says Pompeo sold his interest in this company in 2006…

Bulatao, Ulrich Brechbuhl, and Michael Stradinger, acquired three aircraft part makers companies in Wichita (Aero Machine, Precision Profiling, B&B Machine) and one in St. Louis (Advance Tool & Die) and renamed it Thayer Aerospace (

81742b No.1003592


Count the beats. 188 beats. 188 = IHH. IHH wikipedia page mentions muslim brotherhood, syria.

92f8e9 No.1003593


I hate to thatguyfag, but punctuation matters, anon. ;)

127aeb No.1003594


Shadow banning many twitterfags. JACKassery

c86ab9 No.1003595


If it turns out 111 is connected to these events than I will have to rethink my entire mindset on supernatural or such things considering I have been seeing 11:11 and 1:11 constantly for years now and I know I am not alone with that.

a3385e No.1003596


Finder of this should apply to NSA.


2b569e No.1003597


You are the transparent one…fuck off kike

9d5aff No.1003598

File: 01091ece9fa5578⋯.jpg (116.12 KB, 529x495, 529:495, 2018-03-26 18.29.32.jpg)

4b2ece No.1003599


They are used to only seeing flat maps of the world if any hanging in classrooms. Very few have a globe these days. It's a rare kid that can read a face clock.

bc4e37 No.1003600

These people at State that HRC is blackmailing Pompeo to keep… seems they were safe under Tillerson.

008bdf No.1003601


Capit(a/o)l H….makes it sound like Ryan…

7a6f9d No.1003602

3d8730 No.1003603


I was watching and was definitely shocked.

a35f7c No.1003604

327395 No.1003605


I dunno anons…. still a heap of trash to be cleaned out of Foggy Bottom.

2aa56e No.1003606


Go Anon you got a job!!!

c86ab9 No.1003607


Already did, apparently too old which blew my mind.

f27006 No.1003608


dropping the language


so much

243c2d No.1003609

File: a0e85a8a1a849df⋯.jpg (89.47 KB, 960x540, 16:9, jdeos.jpg)

f56912 No.1003610


This post raises some good points, and the answer is simple: 5D chess.

76d231 No.1003611


Do it Anon!! He's telling you something.. right here..

9f0d36 No.1003612


Is IARPA hiring?

They seem chillax.

abd198 No.1003613


I'm frankly surprised by your reaction. Fox is owned by deep state Murdoch.

d4ac4c No.1003614

1803ae No.1003615


The 'why'

The 'wheel'

bf1f77 No.1003616


congrats anon

8f224c No.1003617

File: dfafee0b327a1d3⋯.jpg (7.37 KB, 225x225, 1:1, pepetears.jpg)


lucky kid


f0a86b No.1003618

File: db9b5743eaf6eea⋯.jpg (464.13 KB, 1080x1037, 1080:1037, Screenshot_20180411-190819….jpg)

File: 04d56d6555e2523⋯.jpg (139.77 KB, 1091x780, 1091:780, IMG_20180411_190828.jpg)

File: 3c79544d98acdd5⋯.jpg (609.88 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180411-190851….jpg)

https:// twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/984204373105442816?s=19


be08e2 No.1003619


Just about everything Q has ever posted has multiple meanings anon. No saying it's not Pompeo but rather it could be more than simply Pompeo hence using a term that relates to both the election fraud investigation and the CIA director.

ff9735 No.1003620


highest compliment to that anon

8054a4 No.1003621


Is this significant Q?

https:// theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/04/11/president-trump-signs-law-to-target-on-line-sex-trafficking/#more-147972

THE PRESIDENT: You, did you work hard. (Laughter.) I also want to thank Governor Kenneth Mapp of Michigan [the U.S. Virgin Islands]. And we have where's Kenneth? Kenneth.

GOVERNOR MAPP: Right here.


GOVERNOR MAPP: How are you doing, sir?

THE PRESIDENT: We got you all straightened out on that beautiful island, right? (Laughter.)

GOVERNOR MAPP: Yes, thank you so much.

Is the President referring to St. James Island here?

f2bc79 No.1003622


But I misspelled Lifelog and typed Lifelong by mistake.

fe519e No.1003623


hahahaha… Trump is more kiked up than anyone. You boomers are great, at least you finally realized it's jews

c4749d No.1003624


Get you an application anon!!

e2c147 No.1003625

File: d8c6b6e71a998e0⋯.png (39.05 KB, 279x380, 279:380, ClipboardImage.png)


ef2b0c No.1003626


Hahaha! Autists on the job.

a337f9 No.1003627

File: 011e3a084c9c6ef⋯.png (91.97 KB, 833x659, 833:659, #ItHasToStop.png)


Q also brought u Spirit Cooking & Marina Abramovic

We need to organize a mass conscious think tank for a PedoGate Class Action Lawsuit. We were literally handed it to us on a silver platter with today's Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (below). We need to take everything these perverts have and donate it to the victims. Also, build orphanages for victims that are saved that are good and loving. Make Orphanage Great Again! Make people proud of the orphanage they came from! Some of these creeps are crazy loaded, so maybe give some to the Treasury towards paying the public debt off directly (screw the banks' debt…they can eat digits).

https:// www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/signing-allow-states-victims-fight-online-sex-trafficking-act-president-donald-j-trump-provides-invaluable-tools-needed-fight-scourge-sex-trafficking/

Here is todays bress briefing. Online sex trafficking is mentioned right off the bat. It's a pretty direct communication. Fight on Patriots!

18dcb9 No.1003628



f7c7ec No.1003629


A liddle premature I'd say.

Unless she's seen the {RAW} version.

eb9f61 No.1003630


holy fuck, screen shot this and put it in ur resume

d31bf8 No.1003631

File: 0512b30ace9af4e⋯.jpg (50.73 KB, 659x659, 1:1, DYNxP88VwAAYwhB.jpg)

File: 953e364699ba80c⋯.jpg (31.73 KB, 736x736, 1:1, 887a4083153b0cfcc031ab2119….jpg)

51a270 No.1003632

File: 3685294d147daaf⋯.png (194.35 KB, 200x247, 200:247, sadmerchant.png)


The only transparent (((shill))) here is you, jew bitch. No one cares about your faggot bullshit (((pulpil))) anymore. Your kind and muzzies will see hammer fall before long.


8572a2 No.1003633


+++ + +++++

187 a judge

Is this what the video will prove?

2bb398 No.1003634


Just don't join the linguistics analysis department

be5df7 No.1003635

>>1003107 (past bake)


f95fea No.1003636


LOL Snowden

d4ac4c No.1003637

2bbd00 No.1003638



Great job Anon! Ezra's new position is absolute confirmation of TRUST SESSIONS

98f493 No.1003639


Way to go, Anon!

68c8eb No.1003640


They didnt kill the project they lunched it !!!!!!

0e3425 No.1003641





87ca37 No.1003642


good find from one of the Anons

76d231 No.1003643


Most of of us are now too old Q. ;-) got a desk job? ;-)

d31bf8 No.1003644



0718eb No.1003646

File: 5712254b6714e2f⋯.jpg (29.51 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 5712254b6714e2fe40b7d0136f….jpg)

>#Syria UPDATE: 1. So, it appears #Russia, #US working on de-escalation options now via a number of "middle men". RUS military stated earlier it's been in touch w/ American Joint Chief of Staff over the issue & there're Rus-#NATO communication/talks via #Turkey military.

>2.#Putin spoke on the phone w/ #Netanyahu earlier today. #Russia Prez said #Syria sovereignty should be respected, urged to refrain from actions that "could further destabilize the situayion in the country." #Israel's PM stood the ground on #Iran's prwsence in SYR as unacceptable

>3. In #Moscow rumors have it #Netanyahu playing important intermediary role b/n #Putin & #Trump now, (an option #Russia has long been favoring) but no details on how big his role is. Anyways, some kind of deal to deconflict is being attempted

>4.Yet #Russia still sees #US strikes on #Syria as highly probable.MoD prepared a menu of potential responses.Brilliant guys @kommersant led by @ElenaChernenko report Rus navy closed off access area at SYR shores for drills on Apr 11–12,17–19 & 25–26 from 10-6 pm Moscow time

>6. Finally, #Russia/n party expects #Pentagon pass #Moscow coordinates of precise targets #US seeks to strike "to theoretically avoid loses of Rus military that are present at dozens of #Syria/n military facilities", otherwose, Rus MoD warned "consequences may be catastrophic"

https:// twitter.com/MSuchkov_ALM/status/984207324087799809

http:// archive.is/2MJj0

d99d60 No.1003647

Q, Praying for you, and everyone of the patriots fighting this silent war!

I pray for JUSTICE to be served, JUST JUSTICE. And then whatever has to happen after that, may justice be served tho the heavens may fall.

The world has been so brainwashed that they really can't fathom the idea of how corrupt our government/ the global cabal is.

Thank you for building everything up slowly.

Military Tribunals. IF that doesn't wake them up, nothing will.

I just want to see justice, I have seen so much corruption and evil and heard rumors of all the sickos around the world and we see nothing get done, I have a feeling that if epstein tunnel stuff is leaking that we are getting closer to something BIG, I KNOW you all have all the dirt.

Thank you for all you work, Trump/ Q team. I pray for you all the time and all the ground patriots carrying out w/e it is you're carrying out under the scenes as well.. THANK YOU FOR THIS EPIC TIMELINE NEVER THE LESS.

God bless you all.

Also, if found guilty…. ?

c0891c No.1003648


Q you're making me envious.

764cb8 No.1003649




notable here

70afd6 No.1003650

File: f285c9343f6b69e⋯.jpg (14.87 KB, 255x255, 1:1, 990053867d33dd84349f740611….jpg)

51a270 No.1003651

File: 087e8fd6922f07c⋯.jpeg (38.04 KB, 474x457, 474:457, fatpepe.jpeg)

d048d6 No.1003652


Maybe NSA should just call him/her. Wouldn't be hard to figure out who it is.

62af8c No.1003653

We have known Facebook was a DARPA project from the jump. So does that mean the 10% here that have been fighting for 10 plus years should join?

1aae66 No.1003654

File: 5711310d7d927b6⋯.png (322.97 KB, 642x359, 642:359, HRCTheCandyWitchCant.png)

File: a307bf38d3bb512⋯.png (604.29 KB, 652x435, 652:435, HRCBurningBarney.png)

>>1003054 #1278 >Q

>http:// thehill.com/homenews/administration/382714-clinton-advised-pompeo-to-stop-the-purge-of-state-dept

Photo in article looks like a bad photoshop job.

385d96 No.1003655

GKA - Discreditable Incidents - Civilian or Military

e9d2a3 No.1003656


Best of luck anon!

74f3f0 No.1003657

File: 06d5a6c253629a1⋯.jpeg (28.34 KB, 240x300, 4:5, image.jpeg)


What the hell did I just listen to?

127aeb No.1003658


You betcha Anon

faef97 No.1003659

E Prince –New National Security Counsel Nominee after Pompeo not being confirmed??

96c8ca No.1003660



I have been red pulled. I know.

HE/SHE knows. YOU do not.

HE/SHE is trying to red pill you.

When YOU know and tell someone else, they will not believe you.

The mind cannot comprehend it all in one sitting.

Q is trying to red pill also, and people won't research.

Everything is here

Unfathomable EVIL.

Dig, dig, dig.

Start with Aleister Crowley.

Pray for President Trump, for he is battling them.

And cut the poster a little slack, he is trying to wake you up.

The Great Awakening.

c86ab9 No.1003661


That would be a dream come true if I am being honest.

f56912 No.1003662


ALL PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE. They didn't even bother to hide it. Which raises the question, what about the things that are really hidden? You said the deeper we go, the more unrealistic it becomes.

8054a4 No.1003663



Is this significant Q?

https:// theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/04/11/president-trump-signs-law-to-target-on-line-sex-trafficking/#more-147972

THE PRESIDENT: You, did you work hard. (Laughter.) I also want to thank Governor Kenneth Mapp of Michigan [the U.S. Virgin Islands]. And we have where's Kenneth? Kenneth.

GOVERNOR MAPP: Right here.


GOVERNOR MAPP: How are you doing, sir?

THE PRESIDENT: We got you all straightened out on that beautiful island, right? (Laughter.)

GOVERNOR MAPP: Yes, thank you so much.

Is the President referring to Epstein;'s Island here?

55a1e8 No.1003664


I was thinking provenance. Plausibility.

He is DeVos' younger brother. She's still in the cabinet. His (their) father's rags-to-riches story bothers me a bit. All too familiar.

The Politico article talks nukes to NK.

I confess. I am confused.

15f9e5 No.1003665


BC CIA created FB to undermine NSA. Hollywood releases movies to make NSA look bad. Snowden was orignally a CIA op to make NSA lookbad, he may have flipped.

903fb9 No.1003666



87ca37 No.1003667


Rules can always be updated to open doors for good talent

faef97 No.1003668


++Advisor not Counsel

f2bc79 No.1003669


And would need a waiver

2bbd00 No.1003670


Just mail your Q (you) to NSA as an application

5dd118 No.1003671



FB is LIFELONG project

81742b No.1003672


IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation

02b5d5 No.1003673

the application site got high traffic i wonder why ….

f7c7ec No.1003674

d048d6 No.1003675


I'm hoping the go through all of the comments and contact those directly where it is obvious those anons feel it would be advantageous for the United States to be contacted. (hint given.)

ee3809 No.1003676


the NSA agent who found the chans and crowd-sourced this much civilian intelligence should have a national holiday reserved for them

1803ae No.1003677

File: 944152622f99341⋯.png (49.35 KB, 136x173, 136:173, ClipboardImage.png)


clocks in the mirror so flip it and it's a Q bruh

1d969b No.1003678



15f9e5 No.1003679


187 a PANDA


d4ac4c No.1003680

Shit, it wasn't me, but I'm applying anyways, right fuckin' now!

07b8ec No.1003681


screenshot your (you) and dont share it .. add to resume

f95fea No.1003682


If I was to Trust anyone with protecting my life it would be Erik Prince a TRUE PATRIOT

4fbc3e No.1003683

File: 60227b7df2aead1⋯.png (897.95 KB, 849x488, 849:488, dkhjkdkjdhhttthh.png)

Zuckerberg FANGS to eat BABIES

16a26e No.1003684


Makes sense, the Scalia assassination was almost spelled out in the podesta emails.

Something about wet-works at Marthas vineyard. Can't remember what it exactly it said but Q more or less confirmed it awhile back when an anon had figured out the coded part of the email.

c9108a No.1003685

File: e456e45f8fddde2⋯.jpg (26.45 KB, 306x361, 306:361, GM3.JPG)


GM and RM.

d4b8fa No.1003686


Want your 5 minutes back?

243efe No.1003687


haha sweet! great find anon.

acae20 No.1003688

File: df17b8edf3a8155⋯.jpg (102.45 KB, 800x640, 5:4, MM.jpg)


making memes instead of finding a job at nsa

cf5622 No.1003689


Nautical. an apparatus, usually mechanical, for transmitting and receiving orders between the bridge of a ship and the engine room or some other part of the engineering department.



https:// mobile.twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/984022625440747520



d048d6 No.1003690


"Chaos Day"

973f9c No.1003691

Q, anychance you can help us be allowed to carry arms in EU?

6b8030 No.1003692


Starting to see this clearer. They are trying to blackmail Pompeo so he doesn't dismantle state. Kansas must have a card to play, no way he'd be this far in with that sword hanging over him.

That explains "down she goes"… her network at state still exists, maybe Tillerson wasn't taking it down.

c86ab9 No.1003693


Well it's not like I am old. When someone says too old for someone in the 30s that is odd to say the least but I suppose the same goes for enlistment ages in the service so I accepted it. Anyhow, back to research.

62af8c No.1003694



3abbaa No.1003695

File: 64b73fbdb9c4783⋯.jpeg (642.85 KB, 1535x1869, 1535:1869, 64C17591-C34E-417C-AC90-5….jpeg)

File: fb1f50f57dd4cd0⋯.jpeg (322.48 KB, 1989x1355, 1989:1355, 9BAFD2B7-F4A5-491E-9ABE-9….jpeg)


Q As The World Churns?

1aae66 No.1003697

File: cb1a82ad4c649e1⋯.jpg (64.8 KB, 640x478, 320:239, oz-curtain.jpg)

>>1003453 And God bless Toto.

>>1003480 Amen.

70afd6 No.1003698

File: 09a8addd47b3964⋯.jpg (133.34 KB, 1500x750, 2:1, Reaction-to-Zuckerberg%u20….jpg)


Fuckbook is the continuation of Lifelog. Oh shit. Busted. No wonder Zuck looked like he saw a ghost.

43e435 No.1003699

File: 331191dd1ee6b3a⋯.jpg (11.05 KB, 226x93, 226:93, Qmo.JPG)


why do TURTLE and RYAN look so compliant?

:) :) :)

c0891c No.1003700

I think a lot of us would jump at the chance to work for the White hats.

406abb No.1003701

5:5 Written for that iconic television series in the 1960's, the piece contains five beats to the measure, instead of the more typical three or four. (Count and you'll see — 1-2-3-4-5, 1-2-3-4-5.)

Mission Impossible Theme

327395 No.1003702

File: 3adb2f972694472⋯.jpeg (787.98 KB, 809x1902, 809:1902, FCA1EC39-9DEE-4674-A50B-9….jpeg)


Best one I have read thus far is

https:// www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2017/07/ezra-cohen-watnick/534615/

97c5c8 No.1003703


Hilary urged him, then set off the false flag to prove her fucking point.

d4ac4c No.1003704

Oh shit, no drugs or alcohol? I guess I'm out.

d048d6 No.1003705


thus, we are here.

6b8030 No.1003706


We all need to meet somewhere when this is over.

6634be No.1003707

File: b029d81ddb8a4e3⋯.png (167.27 KB, 785x757, 785:757, Weit.png)


Read the trade magazines.

Also read the CFR websites like this one.

They make many admissions.

https:// www.foreignaffairs.com/articles/united-states/2013-02-11/red-white

http:// spartacus-educational.com/Harry_Dexter_White.htm#section3

Note his associates

55a1e8 No.1003708



Why did he resign at Blackwater?

51a270 No.1003709

File: 287032ad27ef54f⋯.jpeg (28.42 KB, 474x394, 237:197, Qteamfeelings.jpeg)



Absolute Patriot? I think so. Wheels within wheels?

Anons could use confirmation again, because pic related.

>Down SHE goes…

a0e406 No.1003710

File: bce2eeff99f8286⋯.jpg (618.29 KB, 1536x795, 512:265, The News.jpg)

315f20 No.1003711

>>1003596 OK i guess im thick what thappened

ef2b0c No.1003712

Same with Uber right Q?

fdb80e No.1003713


If he has cleaned out the CIA we wouldn't have them still working with Rebels in Syria and fucking with other countries. He would have cancelled the programs. And maybe he did, but someone else is paying them at this point. But the CIA is far from cleaned out because it still exists.

a35f7c No.1003714


We are working for them. And them for us.

be08e2 No.1003715


Has a benis.

c8dff8 No.1003716


Ya looking LOL

15f9e5 No.1003717


+++ + +++++

187 a PANDA

Is this what the video will prove?

764cb8 No.1003718


nothing burger

so pompeo's company bought equipment from a chinese company?

so do all US companies

c86ab9 No.1003719


I am positive those anons would jump at the chance without even a slight second thought given.

1d969b No.1003720


>>1003248 Well done, Anon!! :)

2aa56e No.1003721


your thick

da164b No.1003722

File: cc2621cb464eff9⋯.jpg (189.35 KB, 900x1046, 450:523, Jew_Orgs_Advocate_Migrant_….jpg)

File: 996dbf9d8d632c3⋯.png (362 KB, 536x622, 268:311, Jew_Push_For_Migration.png)

File: e0ab9fde6ca1508⋯.jpg (2 MB, 2486x3062, 1243:1531, Jews_Avocate_Refugees_Infl….jpg)

File: a369a043983ca62⋯.jpg (278.18 KB, 952x604, 238:151, Jews_Push4Miscegenation_On….jpg)

File: f3cb4d4e4ac1757⋯.png (1.66 MB, 2424x3064, 303:383, Jew_Artist_France_White_Ge….png)



Do you really think I'm a kike?


70afd6 No.1003723

File: c9568e0e50fc8ac⋯.jpg (18.95 KB, 297x162, 11:6, 27wewy.jpg)

6b8030 No.1003724


Murdoch is cabal, not deep state.

9bb608 No.1003725


We meet here every day in cyber space, anon and it's a great honor.

92f8e9 No.1003726






Did (You) just see that?!

FOUR shills actually shilling EACH OTHER!

What a time to be alive!

0e3425 No.1003727



00e2a0 No.1003728


Read the Post Q dropped

a1f433 No.1003729


Look at you…

Being all loud over nothing.

Sit down and shut up.

87ca37 No.1003730


I knew a guy who applied for a job at 26 was told to old as well, I understand what you're saying

5ba44b No.1003731


The NSA already knows who it is.

98f493 No.1003732

File: 0aa12b07158bc2d⋯.jpg (263.29 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, IMG_0422.JPG)


Here's to ya, Anon.

c0891c No.1003733


Of course, but I mean doing even more. Not to detract from this board I just think there are a lot of very intelligent and talented anons.

f2bc79 No.1003734


I left and came back, reloaded the page and the (you) is gone from that bread. But Q already

knows all of us.

ee3809 No.1003735


patriotism is forever

cf5622 No.1003736



This is on hell of a find.

Spybook from day one.

dc5463 No.1003737

6bbb80 No.1003738

BAKER PLEASE add this to Notables in #1244

Trust Kansas/Walmart

Thank You!!









d048d6 No.1003739


You are correct. I've got a career full of solutions for many of the problems faced by a world threatened by these kinds of criminals. I would be more than honored to participate in solving these things.

c9108a No.1003740



He didn't resign.

He and Blackwater were a CIA asset until the CIA burnt him causing him to sell Blackwater for cents in the dollar.

020ab7 No.1003741


Is working for the NSA supposed to be a good thing?

c4749d No.1003742


11-11. DC. Veterans Parade

70afd6 No.1003743


NO worries Anon we all have fast fingers.

0815dd No.1003744


Epic trolling.

07b8ec No.1003745


Noooooooooooooooo it will be in next notables… the (you)

f56912 No.1003746


>The light will reveal those on the team and those pretending to be.

c2010c No.1003747


Its a genetic modification pag shaped teeth

e2c147 No.1003748

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

'member this? I 'member

d048d6 No.1003749


>your thick

…what? your think what?

don't leave us hangin'…

d4b8fa No.1003750


Im still waiting for the van to show up…

97a110 No.1003752


Did you notice?


5250be No.1003753


I was making note of all the 11s

84650c No.1003754

Q, does the amp service from google play a hand in this?

829c56 No.1003755

File: c82a10190b82259⋯.jpg (215.75 KB, 960x1357, 960:1357, 1523485343836.jpg)

Why is POTUS tweeting about attacking Syria? We don't need a war there. Chemical attacks were probably false flags anyway, like previous ones. Let's don't do that. If that's the Plan, I'm having a hard time with Trust the Plan. I've been very supportive until now, but this smells too much like neocon NWO funny business.

51a270 No.1003756

File: 10e150ef57c8744⋯.png (185.95 KB, 500x579, 500:579, deadgoatfuckers.png)

File: 095d3cfa59f1ebd⋯.jpg (53.45 KB, 600x338, 300:169, diversityforkikes.jpg)

File: c56f2ac73da2682⋯.jpg (158.55 KB, 935x952, 55:56, itisafraid.jpg)

File: 1b612da42a67d0d⋯.png (191.61 KB, 500x500, 1:1, jewenablers2.png)

File: a9acbdaf031666d⋯.jpg (316.67 KB, 632x724, 158:181, jewexpulsions.jpg)


Fucking friendly fire because this board got too many bitchass normies and cucks now. Purge cannot happen soon enough.

More ammo.

94a4b6 No.1003757


Kansas fag here. I can for a fact confirm several elites own survival bunkers north of salina Kansas. for what its worth……..

b09785 No.1003758

File: 1d10b3ff4c3c1fd⋯.png (654.18 KB, 1110x1220, 111:122, Screen Shot 88.png)

POTUS tweet with extra space before C?


a35f7c No.1003759


I think a good amount of us are staying in the same place for that.

c31d8b No.1003760


I believe it was an inside joke. Crumb dropped by someone with q.

74f3f0 No.1003761

File: 4b73753dfe1aba9⋯.jpeg (42.42 KB, 500x414, 250:207, image.jpeg)


Actually, I want my 'eight years' back, but who is counting?

eb9f61 No.1003762

File: 7afb5a1df0b7dfa⋯.png (139.43 KB, 639x350, 639:350, 635468458568568.png)

07b8ec No.1003763


or in this notables^^

( • )( • )

f56912 No.1003764


Depends if you are a good person, and if you can keep being a good person.

9d3b07 No.1003765

How can i help my normie friends, they are so far bluepilled its so sad

dafe0a No.1003766


i hope you guys didn't send me certified mail and i missed it. i went to the post office to pick it up and it was already sent back. the pickup notice was weird… it had no info, no sender address… would be devastating.

315f20 No.1003767

>>1003721 Thats what i said stupid

243c2d No.1003768


With Loan Shark interest.

c3ca88 No.1003769

Could it be any more obvious that Mueller and/or the Deep State thought Cohen had the original +++ + +++++ video?

abd198 No.1003770


Sheeesh… One does not exist without the other. It's all the same damn people and agenda.

c4749d No.1003771


That will be funny….anons passing each other in the hotels

62af8c No.1003772


Look at the newfag that doesn't even know the rules that have been rules for fucking months.

> Get AIDS faggot

1aae66 No.1003773



>Check the date

On 02.04.2004 no less.

b1be12 No.1003774


NO JOKE!!! I actually saw this on a FB post earlier and was like no way that’s true 😂😂. AMAZING WORK AUTIST!

8f224c No.1003776


gets anons motivated to dig more themselves

1d969b No.1003777


Isn't THIS → >>1003248

EXACTLY why Q picked autist on the chans? :)

d4ac4c No.1003778



Just couldn't live in Washington… think of the filth of it….

70afd6 No.1003779


Arent we technically working for them already?

88f909 No.1003780


Yes but it seems odd she would reply with "Midnight" to a post saying the IG Report comes out April 19

d048d6 No.1003781


there are a couple of people who live near me with plain white vans with tinted windows - exactly like an FBI surveillance van. I've been jumpy with this here .45 since November and ready with a fucking 1x1' aluminum plate in case my heart rate unexpectedly goes up. sheeeeit.

6affea No.1003782

File: a6dcabed4aa32e7⋯.png (310.35 KB, 1344x1140, 112:95, Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at ….png)



https:// www.politico.com/story/2018/04/11/russia-company-concord-obtain-lawyers-515432

af7c0b No.1003783


anon i doubt its that cut and dry. you are probably slowly eased into shadier and shadier shit, and at some point, you put yourself and loved ones at risk if you aren't "part of the team"

faef97 No.1003784


Has the FBI closed the investigation into "Q" and booms??

6634be No.1003786


Harry Dexter White, the seventh and youngest child of Joseph Weit and Sarah Magilewski, was born in Boston on 9th October, 1892. His parents were Jewish and came from Lithuania, who had settled in the United States in 1885.

a35f7c No.1003787


We will have to have some sort of signal or something.

199993 No.1003788


DDAAMMNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME work anon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

d4b8fa No.1003789


Next on the list is Amazon (AMZN). Trades at a multiple of 300X earnings. How you think THAT is possible?

69eabf No.1003790


And it won't be The Standard!

cb98d0 No.1003791


Well, at least you just got a Top Shelf compliment :)

41e644 No.1003792


Yes, I do recall that: "Tell the truth!"

Thank you!

I'll watch the video again :)

c86ab9 No.1003793


Fills me with so much pride that this POTUS is doing that. The connection he has to the service members and veterans is massive and like nothing I have ever seen before in that regard. He is practically universally adored by service members both active and not.

43e435 No.1003794


wow…dots connecting…excellent Anon!

f95fea No.1003795


I am thinking Snowden posted that. Am I right Q?

62af8c No.1003796


They know who we all are Anon

f56912 No.1003797


Well yes, that's what I said.

c4749d No.1003798


Not gonna lie…im a bit confused as well

And when will we get to see the contents?

Hopefully not months…

0e3425 No.1003799

+++: 3 = C

+: 1 = A

+++++: 5 = E

CAE mean anything?

f7c7ec No.1003800


Trips have spoken.

15ce8c No.1003801




and the biggest of congrats to you lucky anon!

71d2e9 No.1003802

File: 7506aba0e0f36e0⋯.jpg (105.61 KB, 1024x683, 1024:683, Duh.jpg)


OooooooooooooooHhhhhh. Of course.

bf1f77 No.1003803


bigger question is why did they not scrub this from the net???

4e4673 No.1003804



Thing of beauty.

946f1f No.1003805


Do it, Anon!

We need good people!

da164b No.1003806

File: 60abd7ac76aa009⋯.jpg (33.58 KB, 427x245, 61:35, Spurdo_Uncle_Benis.jpg)



d7bab1 No.1003807

If Facebook = Lifelog, what is MySpace = ?

6affea No.1003808


Lifelong / Facebook

Meme it?

2b569e No.1003809


Wrong ID… but seriously.

You can not rehabilitate KIKEs

They are the literal children of satan

Its genetic

c9c9ce No.1003810


He doesn't know what the fuck he is talking about.

Japan's military is structured as a purely defensive force. Yet they have modern tanks, anti-aircraft missiles and a modern air force.

Japan is also an archipelago. To be able to get quickly to one of their islands or an island that has been invaded would require such a force.

582c88 No.1003811

Anons, important announcement, relevant for some of you:

DuckDuckGo is made of Stanford's MBA Team.

Uninstall the Security Essentials add-on off them and better don't use the search either!

Here is one review I was able to catch, looks like google is busy hiding this massage from the reviews:

"this piece of, ahem, software only protects your privacy from everyone BUT GOOGLE,you will still be tracked, still see websites visited on email browser along with prices and items you might someday wish to obtain, more manipulative stuff from Stanford MBA's who only want to control your eyeballs not your privacy, STAY AWAY"

Keep your head up and FIGHT back

a0e406 No.1003812



55a1e8 No.1003813


Ah. So his loyalty caused him to be double crossed by the CIA.

http:// www.cnn. com/2009/US/03/02/blackwater.prince/index.html

Says retired. The Politico article says the newly named company Xe spend $2 mm a month on attorneys. Doesn't sound terribly broke.

For all I know you are he.

Every once in a while the spider web becomes so sticky that my instinct is to dance off into a corner instead of become dinner. Now is one of those times.

be08e2 No.1003814


Anon my "you" stays even when I switch vpns. Unless u close out the browser and clear ur cookies it would still be there.

d048d6 No.1003815


hubris and bad decisions on resource allocation.

20413b No.1003816


Beta testing

15f9e5 No.1003817


Lifelog / Facebook are basically the same name too.

Great work anon who found!

243efe No.1003818

File: 4d25bfaac50346a⋯.jpg (114.7 KB, 960x673, 960:673, lifelog_facebook.jpg)


great find anon!

509561 No.1003819


Something tells me there's many White Hats and retired operators amongst us dropping crumbs and nudging us in certain directions.

62af8c No.1003820


Good to see someone still thinking.

a35f7c No.1003821


Beta test

2e915e No.1003822

File: d20f5f6944738f8⋯.jpg (62.55 KB, 484x442, 242:221, 2016-11-14 Jewish student ….jpg)

c86ab9 No.1003823


Socratic method mixed with strategic drops of info to force them to do their own research. You cannot force a person to change opinion. You have to make them believe they did it on their own but the fact is you did it through careful breaking of key facts in a non aggressive manner to make them feel like they intelligently broke it all down.

2633b6 No.1003824


Meme it with details and spread it far and wide. Hit suck while he’s licking his open wounds!

582c88 No.1003825



BAKER you might take this one

88f909 No.1003827


Absolutely! Many people want to make sure we stay on the right path

c9108a No.1003828


Killed off.

98f76c No.1003830


Just like OJ, Jugears is going back to the black community he was never a part of in order to hide behind his skin color.

07b8ec No.1003831


use startpage

6b213f No.1003832


It has a cure…

62af8c No.1003833



abd198 No.1003834


Exactly. Mere fear-mongering by some concernfag.

a337f9 No.1003835

File: f43b115ec47f4df⋯.jpeg (7.78 KB, 297x169, 297:169, Spider.jpeg)


Spiders make the programs/algorithms that are spinning a web of intelligence on the citizens?

c0891c No.1003836


I think their headquarters is in Maryland but close enough. I was in DC for a short period. Wasn't the greatest but now the worst.

b1ca9b No.1003837


Yes. Q and team are solving the clues at times I imagine.

22973e No.1003838

File: 03dd292384c664c⋯.png (1.12 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, mz.png)

00e2a0 No.1003839


Same day facebook went Public

2b569e No.1003840

File: d84ce3865d09f91⋯.jpg (259.36 KB, 761x532, 761:532, jew-soap-hoax-articles.jpg)

1dca70 No.1003841


I'm on board with Pompeo being a cabal member, since HRC is advising him.

But how does Pompeo having undisclosed business ties to China (which will likely tank his confirmation) translate into HRC going down?

Where do we go from here? Who gets the nom once Pompeo is rejected?

bc4e37 No.1003842


Kek, the bad time van and the job offer van probably look the same.

97a110 No.1003843

Q said


Q did not say

trust pompeo

243c2d No.1003844


Since you're doing old news, anything from the 70s?

1903ee No.1003845

File: d6721b26935e9e9⋯.jpg (1.34 MB, 2083x1973, 2083:1973, Coin.jpg)

e91659 No.1003846


Should I? What are you offering?


fc9f7f No.1003847



>Finder of this should apply to NSA.


I watched all 6 hours of the Zuckerberg shit-show yesterday and a chunk of today.

He mentioned more times than I could count…

"I created FB in my dorm room…"

THIS is it…. it was all bullshit, he was tapped to lead the new LifeLong Project known as Facebook.

But, why Zuckerberg? What's the connection there????

0815dd No.1003848


DyslexicAnons didn’t notice!

206fba No.1003849


That was awfully quick.

ff9735 No.1003850


I do, I knew something was up with duck duck go when a politician pushed it

3513d4 No.1003851



429d12 No.1003852


Good drop Snowden?

43e435 No.1003853


so uninstall duckduckgo…dang

d4b8fa No.1003854


Members of Congress cant inside trade Government agencies. They can trade public companies though! Nigga' gots ta get PAID!

f2bc79 No.1003855


I closed out the tab and came back. Usually I think it would be there, but it's not for some reason.

0e3425 No.1003856



3df76c No.1003857


Top memeing. KEK.

509561 No.1003858


MySpace was bought out by Time (Mass Media corp) then killed off.

Can't have competition you don't control, much like BlackBerry.

be08e2 No.1003859


An honest non-CIA company hence their demise.

2b569e No.1003860

File: f10f13af7f3d60d⋯.jpg (77.99 KB, 947x370, 947:370, PattonJewsCommunismMeme.jpg)

b9042f No.1003861


March 27 Flynn clear in 30 - so 2 weeks to go? - Godspeed.

f5da47 No.1003862

File: 3d1537c67c02c4e⋯.png (388.69 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-04-11-17-2….png)

We've known for years NSA has been behind Google & Facebook

But we're call Tim-foil hat freaks

a67da1 No.1003863


What else… white hats! Ive got a stetson picked out

2e915e No.1003864

File: 9574673de0cc23a⋯.jpg (135.82 KB, 902x461, 902:461, 1965-11-01 Leader of KKK a….jpg)

1803ae No.1003865

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or Darpa, stimulates

outside-the-box thinking that has given us the Internet and the stealth

bomber. On occasion, however, Darpa goes off half-cocked. Its Total (now

Terrorist) Information Awareness plan to combine all commercial credit

data and individual bank and academic records with F.B.I. and C.I.A.

dossiers, which would have made every American's life an open book has

been reined in somewhat by Congress after we privacy nuts hollered to high


Comes now LifeLog, the all-remembering cyberdiary. Do you know those

hand-held personal digital assistants that remind you of appointments, store

phone numbers and birthdays, tip you off to foibles of friends and

vulnerabilities of enemies, and keep desperate global executives in

unremitting touch day and night? Forget about 'em those wireless

whiz-bangs are already yestertech.

Darpa's LifeLog initiative is part of its "cognitive computing" research.

The goal is to teach your computer to learn by your experience, so that what

has been your digital assistant will morph into your lifelong partner in

memory. Darpa is sprinkling around $7.3 million in research contracts (a

drop in its $2.7 billion budget) to develop PAL, the Perceptive Assistant

that Learns.

6b213f No.1003866


This will go down on your permanent record!

d0a282 No.1003867


Ignore it. you can't fix stupid.

88f909 No.1003868


Yes but he said "trust Kansas" responding to a post about Pompeo

a35f7c No.1003869


The guy is dumb as a rock. IDK why they picked him specifically. Not sure how he got into Harvard either. He have a family connection/money?

3b2e38 No.1003870


Apparently it *was* part of the long game of the cabal. People have done excellent research into it… go look. :) I think it might even be mentioned in those videos about the folding of the dollar bills.

if you've never seen those.. BOOM!

your mind will be blown

582c88 No.1003871



You might also consider changing your browser to Vivaldi. In my subjective opinion it's currently the safest browser for everyday use. Go through their settings, very customizable!

Firefox's latest versions are made upon Chrome's algorithm, so rather try to avoid using any of the common browsers.

4628d2 No.1003872

The US going into the middle east was all about the oil because at the time Clinton and Bush and others thought there was going to be a oil crisis - as in almost no more left except in the middle east and they wanted it the US

Michael C Rupert - Crossing the Rubicon

**also some good info on 9/11

https:// isgp-studies.com/911-supranational-suspects

https:// isgp-studies.com/911-wtc-7-collapse-nist-failure-to-disprove-controlled-demolition-thermate

Russian Power Cliques

https:// isgp-studies.com/intro#russia

And Q mentioned China

https:// isgp-studies.com/american-security-council#black-dragon-society-and-yakuza-in-japan

1d969b No.1003873


>What the hell did I just listen to?

A Muslim faking out some Christians suckers!


d4b8fa No.1003874



cd59db No.1003875


Those not on step down list …are they headed to jail CS, AS, NP, no name, etc?

d80399 No.1003876

File: 99764f09706eade⋯.png (48.78 KB, 1145x408, 1145:408, ClipboardImage.png)

Spooky NSA programs to dig:

Boundless Informant, Dropmire, ECHELON, Fairview, Insider Threat Program, MUSCULAR, MYSTIC, PRISM, Real Time Regional Gateway, Stellar Wind, TRAILBLAZER, Turbulence, Upstream, XKeyscore


ee3809 No.1003877


as always, our job is to meme this directly into the normiesphere

da164b No.1003878

File: a231d3f65a6640d⋯.jpg (134.46 KB, 502x499, 502:499, SethR.jpg)


No problem mate.

I do believe that if a jew speaks up the FULL truth about jews and the subversion, he is integrated and capable of living in the West without being a subversive force (although NO DOUBLE-CITIZENSHIP individuals on places of influence and power, ever).

Very few do thou, but the ones that do are allies.

f56912 No.1003879


Twitter time lads.

e2c147 No.1003880

As a reminder

2013, Clinton buries pedophilia investigation at State


1aae66 No.1003881

File: 310955c26e6090e⋯.png (224.76 KB, 468x352, 117:88, SpaceySoze.png)


I'll take

"Who is KeyZer SoCe?"

for $800


d91d05 No.1003882


When did Q say trust Melania? Or is that just the dumbest shit you could ask?

d048d6 No.1003883


I think you spelled CIA wrong.

c4749d No.1003884


Some sort of James Bond type hat tip….lol

029e82 No.1003885


Good catch!

88f909 No.1003886

Is Zuckerberg under a MK Ultra spell, or really just that dull and boring?

eeb26f No.1003887


Congrats to that anon,


abd198 No.1003888


You'll be an easy target.

be08e2 No.1003889


It was in the news at the time when the pentagon/CIA purchased them.

2d5a01 No.1003890


Don't apply trough FB ..that may suicide ya, with 2 bullets in the back of the head.

c86ab9 No.1003891

Been expanding research a ton lately to much further back dates which is also how I ran into that old news about NoName and the Vegas gaming commission/Mandalay Bay. I would recommend people do the same if they have extra time. Future really does prove past and much of what took place back in the 90s and 00s really paint the picture well for what we see now.

243efe No.1003892


its a screengrab, a part of history… misspellings and all.

71d2e9 No.1003893

File: ee97252490d652f⋯.mp4 (574.06 KB, 632x358, 316:179, GTAV_FBsceneTrim.mp4)

8e36d4 No.1003894




ask NSA

2620ef No.1003895


He who's name We the People don't say "will not be present for the vote as he continues receiving cancer treatment."


f56912 No.1003896

File: 071b7f6b70749ab⋯.jpg (121.7 KB, 573x579, 191:193, kab.jpg)


If you want to believe…

87ca37 No.1003897


Do an Acronym search

c9c9ce No.1003898


You know the consistency is almost like they just left them on auto. I wouldn't be surprised if their command and control is gone so they have no direction other than to continue on…

c4749d No.1003899


Same, anon….same

a35f7c No.1003900


We need Q pins like Thomas Drake.

582c88 No.1003901


Right anon

a2ce64 No.1003902

File: 772b5760e2b94e9⋯.png (48.29 KB, 392x413, 56:59, MercapMan-web-transp.png)

Trump Tower

“You could smell the smoke and you could hear things falling like through the vents,” he said. “It just smelled like sulfur.”

MercapMan, a/k/a the good egg wants everyone to know that the nasty, rotten egg smell commonly associated with natural gas is there for a reason.

Since natural gas is odorless, an odorant like mercaptan is injected into natural gas to warn you. If you smell that rotten egg or sulfur-like odor, take appropriate actions which may include leaving the area and calling 911.

3dbe39 No.1003903


Is this what we were waiting for Snowden to drop?

Thanks for joining us Snowden.

74f3f0 No.1003904

File: a8e8edaf009be0b⋯.jpeg (50.94 KB, 620x393, 620:393, image.jpeg)


It's become obvious to even a casual observer of this board that you're the in-house expert at sucking circumcised penis.

f27006 No.1003905

scalia the rod? (cane)

Trump the ring (halo)?

315f20 No.1003907

>>1003728 i did.. i read it wrong,,,Blindly

648d47 No.1003908


That would be tongue in cheek humor from Q, all right!

406abb No.1003909

File: 66cef82e4761b3c⋯.png (534.17 KB, 782x586, 391:293, RUNVT.png)

count the beats

5:5 mission impossible theme time signiture 12345,12345

a67da1 No.1003910


Nope. But still a white hat. (Well, a little off-white)

8fbb9c No.1003911



d4b8fa No.1003912


FB is phased out. They have the phone swarms now that give them all they need.

afaf40 No.1003913

File: 14c03201b24f707⋯.jpeg (656.8 KB, 2048x2048, 1:1, A7EDB036-B7EA-4A81-BD37-E….jpeg)

File: cfe05cd45c1a8c5⋯.jpeg (857.26 KB, 1242x1853, 1242:1853, D3551751-C9DE-4853-B1BB-8….jpeg)

4 President tweets.

8 minutes apart

9 minutes apart

10 minutes apart

Q drop references the tweet which is a 10 minute marker.

8,9,10 Days from now?

Need help with real deciphering/interpretation.

Time stamps are important.

But there is No general consensus on real meaning or consistent successful use of time stamps nor any valuable information has ever been extracted and shared to my knowledge. Except that 1 means ‘happening now or soon’, 5 means ‘a little ways’ off and 10 ‘farther off’.

This can’t be the entirety of times stamps. It would be so easy to just say ‘this is happening later’.

Wanting clarity from the creator.

I’ve been here for ages and take this seriously, as do many of us. Time spent deciphering for meaningful information is utterly wasted if we are off track.

e29f9a No.1003914

File: ed17ca207987ed6⋯.jpg (22.92 KB, 449x327, 449:327, ha47ut0ac1vz.jpg)

9993f4 No.1003915

Ugh, can you imagine the rulebook to work in that joint? Bet they even make you pay for the snacks.

70afd6 No.1003916

File: cfa2d097e35c37d⋯.jpg (12.21 KB, 255x170, 3:2, 27zk4j.jpg)

5250be No.1003917



9d3b07 No.1003918


ok but its hard, its so infuriating to hear them talk and its all BS

51a270 No.1003919

File: 7f29afe0d5c63ad⋯.jpeg (406.53 KB, 1242x1220, 621:610, Jesuscallsoutkikes.jpeg)


Literally one in a million. Literally.

Last time they got one, he was crucified.

8f224c No.1003920

File: 69ef07e6aac1b95⋯.png (1.36 MB, 1111x777, 1111:777, Q_BiteCrumbs_20180411_Clea….png)

Apr 11 2018 18:11:13 (EST) Q ! ID: 564897 1002693

>>1002643 <Q

“A clean [H]ouse is very important.”


6dd39b No.1003921


Is the the future facebook on steroids???

Scientists from British Telecom's Laboratory today announced a memory chip for the human brain. No kidding. At a presentation for Yorkshire Post newspaper, BT scientists said the chip would attach directly to the optical nerve and store incoming sensory impulses that could then be downloaded and played on a computer or implanted in someone else's memory. As far-fetched as it may seem, BT scientists are taking it seriously: They even assigned it the appropriately gee-whiz product moniker of "Soul Catcher 2025," as well as some fairly detailed specifications. The 2025 refers to the year the scientists think the idea will become a reality.

69d2ca No.1003922

The Jews kill you!

>>965570 Jews plan to genocide Whites and Christians

>>965573 Insane Israel should not have nukes!

>>980779 The Jews are not good!

Current Jew Conspiracy bread: https:// pastebin.com/qe58D77L

cf5622 No.1003923


You have a fabulous mind Anon.

43e435 No.1003924

File: f25a45da6b24bc6⋯.jpg (93.27 KB, 687x696, 229:232, Q FBI midnight oil its hap….JPG)

Mr. Cohen-Watnick was ousted in August 2017 as part of changes in the White House, one of several appointees of Mr. Flynn who were removed by his replacement, Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster.

https:// www.nytimes.com/2018/04/11/us/politics/ezra-cohen-watnick-justice-department-national-security-adviser.html

drip-drip-drip….EXHONERATE FLYNN

e7b3b7 No.1003925


It is far enough from the MO fault and NORAD

acae20 No.1003926

File: 3837620ae660ca3⋯.jpg (249.95 KB, 868x1284, 217:321, wiredcondenast.jpg)

bf1f77 No.1003927


~15 to 20%

d4b8fa No.1003928

File: 4dca3812d9af5ed⋯.jpg (50.01 KB, 640x480, 4:3, Trump-in-Stetson-Chip-Somo….jpg)

cf6631 No.1003929


^^^^^ This

1803ae No.1003930

File: d8ea1dffadf36e4⋯.png (450.04 KB, 1352x2694, 676:1347, ClipboardImage.png)

573bc5 No.1003931

Ok so I have a very interesting story to tell:

I am a doctor and as usual I chit chat with patients about what they do for a living etc during treatment !

I had a new guy come in and he needs to “be ready” because the government wants to pull him out of retirement back into active duty. So he needed some tune ups and physicals.

I asked him what kind of government job wants to pull a 50 year old man out of retirement ?

He said that he’s a customs agent. And specifically a human trafficking customs agent. They’re pulling 50,000 men OUT OF RETIREMENT to fight human trafficking. This guy is getting the whole 9 yards. LASIK , fancy stem cell treatments, personal training etc.

He has no idea that I am an Anonfag and already am very familiar with trafficking around the US.

SO NATURALLY, I start to press him for information. He won’t give me much but he contradicted a WELL KNOWN ASSUMPTION ABOUT HUMAN TRAFFICKING that I thought I would share with you fags.

Guess where the trafficking happens ? I said southern border. He said sure, the cartels traffic and what not but they’re “CHUMP CHANGE”

The real trafficking (according to a 25 year trafficking veteran) occurs on the NORTHERN BORDER!

And even BETTER, he says it’s because of the RUSSIANS and CHINESE.

this was supposed to be kept a secret but eh fuck it. I just told everyone !!!

Someone dig this shit

6b213f No.1003932


KANSAS - Blackmail 'STING' operation that nets HRC

2d5a01 No.1003933


What part of we save Israel for last for a reason you don't understand?

6b8030 No.1003934




I know, anons. But this has been too big a life changing journey to not mark it with handshakes and rye.

Maybe at Mt Rushmore when we find out DJT will get a face.

a67da1 No.1003935


Thank you utility anon for spelling it out!! Was a big churn all day long…..

da164b No.1003936


I let the actions, behaviours and fruits of a man (or woman) dictate his/her worth.

Some shit is unforgivable thou (Sayanim need to get deported, and if not possible, prison time and fined).

b09785 No.1003937


As an anon said the other day in regards to the overwhelming interconnectedness of everything recently, "Reality is getting spoopy."

f95fea No.1003938

File: f6d135ee950de90⋯.jpg (100.24 KB, 600x438, 100:73, p.jpg)

File: 627d19a9f120fc2⋯.jpg (99.97 KB, 600x438, 100:73, q.jpg)

Anons might want to look at the clock in the mirror and what time it is because it certainly isn't close to 4 when this picture was taken.

Original and flipped to see the proper time.

1aae66 No.1003939


Indeed, anon.

723cad No.1003940

File: 0a6d5b70d821c37⋯.jpg (363.19 KB, 1275x1753, 1275:1753, images.duckduckgo-3.jpg)

File: c0e35a4996a6cc7⋯.png (436.28 KB, 801x604, 801:604, purchasing.png)

I noticed the date The Federal Reserve Act was signed was the time our dollar began to lose value.

c86ab9 No.1003941


Come to think of it I doubt the entire WTC was created during the initial construction project and I would bet that floors were added later as is normal with skyscrapers. If we can determine what was added, when, and by who it would help if someone was hellbent on looking at that situation.

1dca70 No.1003942


>Mark attended Phillips Exeter Academy for high school, which is an elite boarding school that is essentially the equivalent of Harvard for high schools. Exeter is very selective about which students it chooses to admit in order to maintain it's high reputation, so from that we can deduce that that Mark performed very well prior to attending and also performed well while attending. While there he was captain of the fencing team and proficient in speaking French, Hebrew, Italian, and Ancient Greek. Getting accepted into Harvard after doing well in Exeter is rather straightforward.

t. Quora

https:// www.quora.com/How-did-Mark-Zuckerberg-get-accepted-to-Harvard

fdb80e No.1003943


So I suppose now is a good time to tell you all to go through today's Fox footage and look at his teeth… Thank the peeps at the Soapbox for that tip. I can't screen cap but will get a LOT of mileage out of his creepy teeth.

51a270 No.1003944

File: 8beaf1747602f50⋯.png (122.95 KB, 300x483, 100:161, liesofkikes.png)


Confused liddle nigga…chaos is dangerous for an uninitiated like you…


Pic related.

2b569e No.1003945

File: 113ff3d53ad7ed4⋯.jpg (190.62 KB, 1024x749, 1024:749, Jews not hebrews.jpg)


Christ was a Hebrew

Modern day Jews are Edomites and Khazars

They are Frauds

74f3f0 No.1003946

File: c1376d25fd9b858⋯.png (2.56 KB, 512x512, 1:1, image.png)

File: e35bce350012606⋯.png (2.29 KB, 512x512, 1:1, image.png)

File: 0d32be062bc4f41⋯.png (3.08 KB, 512x512, 1:1, image.png)

>>1003756 (You)

2bef49 No.1003947


Connection and marketing. They're selling us a story with every one of these tech billionaires. Gates, Jobs, Musk, Zuckerberg, Bezos,.. basically anyone we see constantly is the spotlight is placed there. They're the trendy, benevolent faces of the encroaching technocracy.

d31bf8 No.1003948




a337f9 No.1003949

File: aec0e4ba0d49cd8⋯.png (13.65 KB, 759x168, 253:56, Wikileaks.png)

Is it possible to get into Wikileaks with no headline topic to click on?

9e8e25 No.1003951


Why do they need so much information on each individual person? What is the purpose? What are they planning on using this information for?

d4b8fa No.1003952

File: e4d9ef90ad32e0c⋯.jpg (83.82 KB, 620x354, 310:177, cell-phone-etiquette-to-ch….jpg)

Facebook 2.0

a67da1 No.1003953


Something like that…but that's not me

4628d2 No.1003954


Q, that reminds me of the PROMIS system

fc169a No.1003955


HRC and China go way back so we'll see what comes out

3ce9e8 No.1003956



95b797 No.1003957


Tah dah

c0891c No.1003958

File: 6c939a4eab8088d⋯.gif (584.42 KB, 500x205, 100:41, rggif1.gif)


Here here.

5ce9d4 No.1003959


We're part of this team.

9d3b07 No.1003960

File: ed638434eb02359⋯.png (118.78 KB, 648x600, 27:25, ccc.png)

Kevin Spacey's father was 'Nazi child rapist' who hated Jews and sexually abused his own son for years - and their mother knew, claims actor's brother

97a110 No.1003961


"Everything is important" except when t disagrees with your confirmation bias.

Fuck off shill

72b213 No.1003962


Frozen River

859f6f No.1003963


Great read, Anon. *

573bc5 No.1003964

File: 7d67bd7816878c2⋯.jpeg (410.78 KB, 1215x662, 1215:662, CAFB47DE-DCB9-45DE-BECA-E….jpeg)



Lucking number Q

2b569e No.1003965

File: 92841b42701f226⋯.jpg (115.1 KB, 350x200, 7:4, StarofPomegranate.jpg)

199993 No.1003966


I nominate this anon and his work for the lifetime achievement award.

81742b No.1003967

188 beats. 188 = I.H.H.

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IHH_(Turkish_NGO)

See the section "Involvement with Muslim Brotherhood and Syria"

Is that the inference we're supposed to make?

a35f7c No.1003968


[Boarding school]

Richfag detected.

10ae6d No.1003969

File: 89fb950d6e35aca⋯.jpg (377.31 KB, 1227x1702, 1227:1702, WeToo.jpg)

bf1f77 No.1003970


everything that promises 'privacy' simply moves you up the list of who to track. easier to filter the chatter when you bookmark yourself for them.

8f224c No.1003971

>>1003908 >>1003903 >>1003795 >>1003762

sooo… triple-agent Ed, then?

07b8ec No.1003972


haha wb… u look like u just woke up ( which u did)

cf6631 No.1003973


Makes sense.. southern border a big distraction.

Typical cabal fuckery.

fad2fb No.1003974

RAF KC2 refuelling aircraft holding off the East coast

ef8913 No.1003975

File: 4557ea0bcd817ec⋯.png (118.56 KB, 713x600, 713:600, Q nov 5 CONTROL STAKE CNN ….png)

30b638 No.1003976


If you really are a doctor, i would never trust you. you obviously don't care about patient dr privledge nor from the sound of it, have any concern over the patients right to privacy. Hope you step on a bloddy rusty needle and catch HIV

65916e No.1003977


This shit is fucking with me hard.

Normally, I wouldn't believe something like this but I get this indescribably disturbing feeling about it. The closest way I can describe it is that it's in the ether. Very fucking strange; I wish I had never read this.

51a270 No.1003978




The (((shills))) are getting desperate. Keep up the fire, Patriot anon. These pedophiles and pedo enablers must be EXTERMINATED.

4b9f0e No.1003979


Just as planned…

Makes for better theater…

74f3f0 No.1003980

File: 4d951c0f9bb56a2⋯.jpeg (25.02 KB, 192x255, 64:85, image.jpeg)

>>1003944 (You)

Is this 'treading' carefully enough?

0fb2c1 No.1003981



>why Zuckerberg? What's the connection there????

There's a theory that Mark Zuckerberg is really Jacob Greenberg–David Rockefeller's grandson. Go look up Jacob Greenberg's mugshot on Google Image Search. There's…a resemblance.

043ccc No.1003982

Q is an ET.

Those that clami he's an AU……

I never saw an AI mispelling, "on the run".

96c8ca No.1003983

File: ecdab43f62ad6c9⋯.png (654.84 KB, 800x775, 32:31, image.png)


Tip of the iceberg.

Think global.

Pray for President Trump, he is taking it down.


83c55c No.1003984

File: cabc550b625ad6e⋯.png (588.44 KB, 581x436, 581:436, rabbisdieold.png)

ab5583 No.1003985



Q all these anons are worthy to serve POTUS. Please make it happen

a35f7c No.1003986










9e42fc No.1003987



Did McMasters play the game ??

764cb8 No.1003988


Finder of this should apply to NSA.


ok if Q did not know know this WTF?

if Q knew it why not post? its not subject to nat sec laws

2f95c8 No.1003989


I strongly suspect Go0gl3 is involved as well. They need to cooperation of all the FANG companies to incorporate full life tracking.

da164b No.1003990


Q never said trust benis.

Never trust benis :DDD

232680 No.1003991


I'm in.


68b4bd No.1003992


LOL. They probably already work in an area where that would come to mind.

573bc5 No.1003993


I didn’t give away any personal information. I didn’t violate HIPAA. Don’t be salty. We trying to save the world

523afa No.1003994


That is what I was thinking as well!

eeb26f No.1003995

File: 1df8cc54f688363⋯.png (1.15 MB, 1607x700, 1607:700, 1ee1b798672a1da508fea41d2f….png)

File: 435ceec7e654c7d⋯.jpg (138.08 KB, 500x658, 250:329, Trump Generals names.jpg)

File: a5f6b68dc3f73c1⋯.jpg (206.82 KB, 500x843, 500:843, 283d0v.jpg)

c0891c No.1003996


Certainly did not just wake up anon :) I can't believe the turn this country has just took. I've felt like I've been in crazy land forever.

OK, I admit I didn't know some of it. I just had my suspicions.

c2d76f No.1003997


Get your resume ready,lol, job offer : )

70afd6 No.1003998

File: c2eb5bd0259db7d⋯.jpg (11.07 KB, 240x210, 8:7, 55f28979dd52cf73bbf9f95017….jpg)

89defa No.1003999

Anons I found something, a movement that is coming. A post on reddit in a medium sized city in my state was pushing a moveon.org campaign for a protest if Trump fires Rosenstein/Mueller. Reddit account seemed shilly, many political posts and comments. So I pulled up their campaign, and google searched the first paragraph and guess what. There are DOZENS of the the identical campaign spread out across the country.


https:// act.moveon.org/event/mueller-firing-rapid-response-events/13901

https:// act.moveon.org/event/mueller-firing-rapid-response-events/18049

https:// act.moveon.org/event/mueller-firing-rapid-response-events/19010

https:// www.trumpisnotabovethelaw.org/event/mueller-firing-rapid-response/19516/signup/?source=publiccitizen&s=0

Starting to research the "trump is not above the law" movement, lets trace it back to Soros!

509561 No.1004000


Snowdens only way out alive is to make 'nice' with the White Hats.

He's just trying to save his own skin.

e6642f No.1004001


Just wait till you find out who's talking to you.

f73acc No.1004002

From a lurker nobody:

Re: Last NYTimes article on Nemo that Q posted.

NYTimes is claiming Nunes has effectively recused himself and that the House Intel investigation is thus "dead"? Typical.

For Q:

Asking for trust is too much. Keep showing results will earn trust case by case. War with Syria/Russia is not an option for domestic ploys, it'd make you all no better than the people we're against; good luck with that. Keep up the good work.

You've said you work at the pleasure of the President. Just remember that the President serves at the pleasure of US. The people.

For the people:

Regardless of trust we have a role to play. Don't sit back and wait for Q or Trump to do everything, and don't ignore Q entirely just because of lack of trust. You MUST support what is right and fight against what is wrong, no matter who does it. Figure out what you're being given and what it is you really have already. USE IT.

God's luck to us all.

b09785 No.1004003


That's in front of the mirror, so no need to flip. But yes, IT'S TIME.

aae4a0 No.1004004


holy fuck! what awesome news/distraction, I sometimes think they have stars ready to take the fall, no choice of their own…. just need the damage control

d3d87e No.1004005

So Pompeo is on the way out next. FB info is being kept by just not FB but the pentagon. The [H]ouse cleaning continues.

Any reason for Israel using their AF to strike Gaza? Why did they strike Syria. Was yhe chem atrack ISIS israeli special intelligence service?

What about China threatening more sanctions on the US

6b213f No.1004006

File: 833a37af44875b9⋯.jpg (155.17 KB, 1650x825, 2:1, NoName.jpg)

c0891c No.1004007


He's impressed not shocked to learn it.

How do you know what falls under nat sec laws? DARPA is the research arm of the military.

7949cc No.1004008

File: ef69250f5fc1406⋯.png (140.26 KB, 1585x592, 1585:592, DARPACALO.PNG)

Speaking of cancelled projects:

Precursor to Siri.

b1be12 No.1004009



Rosenstein lets Nunes, Gowdy review FBI memo that kick-started Russia probe

http:// www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/04/11/rosenstein-lets-nunes-gowdy-review-fbi-memo-that-kick-started-russia-probe.html

043ccc No.1004010

He's 2 smart!!!

ef2b0c No.1004011


ORGANIC. Much better to have organic discovery.

fc169a No.1004012


lotr smeegilleberg

f56912 No.1004013


Yes, it would be wise to prepare for massive coincidences and big puzzles just coming together.


To clarify a bit - he is human just like us, but his soul, the spirit, is not very well developed to say the least, leading him to various evils.

Maybe he should visit Ike's dentist?

f2bc79 No.1004014

File: d6b73863e52c948⋯.jpg (278.4 KB, 1300x1390, 130:139, d6b73863e52c9483c988409621….jpg)

68b4bd No.1004015


Typical. So much age discrimination.

f6e94c No.1004016


I agree.

51a270 No.1004017


are victims mainly foreign nationals? minorities? what else was told, anon? listening.

98f76c No.1004018


LA is a company town.

Spacey won't be prosecuted there.

LA "legal" community is in the the bag for Hollywood.

00e2a0 No.1004019


You didn't reveal anything, I'm with you Doc. Thanks.

32cfa4 No.1004020


"…according to an Iranian government official."

d31bf8 No.1004021


029e82 No.1004022


The hole goes deep.

Can you handle the greater truth?

f5da47 No.1004023

Remember last year?

The Allepo boy

FAKE news

https:// youtu.be/CJ3KfEdTT3Y

2f95c8 No.1004024


Lets just hope we don't have to meet on the banks of the Potomac in combat gear.

2d5a01 No.1004025

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Trump Schools CNN

85f782 No.1004026


Alexa, Cortana, Google Assistant, mmmmhm

f95fea No.1004027


I bet the was SNOWDEN posting, just a hunch. ;)

2620ef No.1004028

Q's first post was on HRC's birthday. >>1003596

97a110 No.1004029


Taking lots of flak…. definitely over target.

Shills everywhere

eaf04c No.1004031


Hey Q Team, while we are GRATEFUL of our President and Patriots fighting for all of us, I keep hearing you all say to "Trust the Plan" yet all we see is more & MORE Republicans "resign" "quit" to be with "family" and yet nothing on the democRATS side of things. The Republicans House has a YUGE among of vacancies do to theses "resignations" coming up on the Midterms and yet the democrats have everything going for them when it should be the other way around! who are the real criminals here??! are we ever going to see as many if not more democrats "resign" too??! How in the world are we gonna be able to retain the House and keep our President safe and Our agenda, if the nothing's happening with the left?! At this point they'll take the House back and the Senate! this is ridiculous! I thought the real criminals were mostly on the left! All this work for nothing???! What about the 44 Democrats involved with the AWAN and security issues? will they be indicted or made to "resign" before the Midterms??!!

bb74ec No.1004032

File: b1b8f40daacfe66⋯.jpg (221.25 KB, 1200x1122, 200:187, b1b8f40daacfe6674712e520fb….jpg)

3ce9e8 No.1004033


Can we all get jobs at the Federal Anon Bureau?

28ec4c No.1004034

File: 4b661fefa73090a⋯.jpg (81.76 KB, 960x915, 64:61, IMG_0949.JPG)

After hiro

Trust Kansa

Was a euphEmism

Cause snafu

Must of judas fegeled

The world

Cause they stupid

But Ka{NSA}s

Was showmanship

d4b8fa No.1004035


And that bitch Siri

e2c147 No.1004036


that means all of them

a1f433 No.1004037


Look at you all scared and shit.

Shut the fuck up faggot.

d91d05 No.1004038


Your theory not working out there buddy, lol. Cryfag

6b8030 No.1004039



dbbcd3 No.1004040


active and ongoing

check date of article

c86ab9 No.1004041


>But, why Zuckerberg? What's the connection there????

Technical expertise and also a show of "hope" to the public in terms of how one can achieve the American Dream. Also, personality traits Zuck has routinely showcased.

Not to mention the time issue given that Myspace had opened an entire network ready to be taken advantage of and not immediately acting would have opened the door to a foreign controlled situation.

ab5583 No.1004042





Q all these anons are worthy to serve POTUS. Please make it happen

I'm "old". Need a job. Have skills. Want to work for POTUS. Apply but no response. MANY "old" patriots with skills want to work for POTUS… help…

e926e9 No.1004043




Rosenstein lets Nunes, Gowdy review FBI memo that kick-started Russia probe

http:// www.foxnews.com/politics/2018/04/11/rosenstein-lets-nunes-gowdy-review-fbi-memo-that-kick-started-russia-probe.html

5c9bd2 No.1004045

File: 8c8cc5a21ad0545⋯.png (468.03 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_2018-04-09-10-1….png)

File: fff18e7eb2cc557⋯.png (428.24 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_2018-04-09-10-0….png)

File: 880118e48e4666c⋯.png (285.45 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_2018-04-09-10-0….png)

File: 966df9abde2ac8d⋯.png (233.69 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_2018-04-09-00-5….png)

File: 43fb1697c2e14ed⋯.png (208.57 KB, 480x854, 240:427, Screenshot_2018-04-09-00-4….png)

The white helmets.

Funded by usa and uk.

Around 60 million last year.

They won a Nobel Peace Prize.

They have a Netflix show or documentary coming out, yet..

Nobodt talks about how they are also ISIS members and help set up false flags.

Like chemical attacks.

a35f7c No.1004046

It was Snowden, wasn't it.

523afa No.1004048


Could've been Q's sarcasm. If Snowden posted that (think "@Snowden Yes. Testify then drop."), he already worked there (under cover as a Clown). Of course Q already knew this. He is just confirming for our benefit.

014b18 No.1004050

File: 674f943dd45d7c4⋯.png (448.93 KB, 572x536, 143:134, MAPP2.PNG)

File: d76bb2630faf9db⋯.png (449.51 KB, 568x516, 142:129, MAPP.PNG)


last week with bill

this week with trump

as the stomach churns

c4749d No.1004051


Hate to break it to you….but doctors and nurses talk shit about patients all the time

Anon wasnt talking shit…..I am just saying some stories and scenarios make it around

375317 No.1004052


Not all anons are ready for the full truth

2f95c8 No.1004053


Republicans are probably being offered a deal to avoid prosecution in the storm in exchange for not running again. For demz there will be no quarter.

2b39d8 No.1004054

Facebook held its initial public offering (IPO) on May 18, 2012. Facebook stock goes public.

When it launched it did horrible and something later happened , Zuck made a deal? Deal with who? Then it mysteriously took off like a rocket and made them billions and billions.I wonder what happened before the stock was "allowed to talk off"?

https:// finance.yahoo.com/news/why-did-facebook-shares-fall-225006922.html

f56912 No.1004055


Woe is me for not saving all the little unimportant articles that may lead to ET disclosure.

Now all I have is a bunch of not readily connected posts replied to with "new age shill".


Help me with this. If you believe, we need to build a picture.

7949cc No.1004056





It's the precursor to all of them it looks like.

764cb8 No.1004058


because the article was public, it was on line

c31d8b No.1004059

c45699 No.1004060


Truth is like a maypole???

1803ae No.1004061


sounds like he gives alot of fucks about TRAFFICKED people you faggot

be4f58 No.1004062


Who is behind Scavino's left shoulder and to right of Kellyane? Or is that even someone…

8f224c No.1004063




Feb 15 2018 15:17:32 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 8ec7df 388168


Discoveries must be ORIG organically.



eeb26f No.1004064

File: d15ba786982abc0⋯.jpg (96.88 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 282zks.jpg)

File: fea05c4302cf399⋯.jpg (107.97 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 282zni.jpg)

1912d9 No.1004065

Q warned about large scale riots. Color revolutions have worked in the past.

e848bf No.1004066

File: 54cbaeceed2e58c⋯.png (5.17 KB, 164x172, 41:43, qacademy-logo.png)


Very interesting links. Why George your onto something. Great scott!!

d31bf8 No.1004067

File: 134e57083e596fc⋯.jpg (19.91 KB, 255x229, 255:229, 7c65db2df0fb6de3d985b8cadd….jpg)

ff1634 No.1004068

fc9f7f No.1004072


looks like 6:35ish

a35f7c No.1004073


Look at the anons response: I did but I was too old.

I think you are correct.

dbbcd3 No.1004075


let 'em have their fun. It'll be over soon.

deafb7 No.1004076


Very good analysis. Exactly along the same lines I’ve been thinking myself.

da164b No.1004077

File: 6084557b45f98d1⋯.jpg (60.56 KB, 800x682, 400:341, spurdo.jpg)


I want to work for the NSA so I can develop a project named BENIS:

Breacher of Electronic National and International Services

70afd6 No.1004078

Possibly HH


62af8c No.1004079


509561 No.1004080


Exactly. If an average person starts a business and doesn't turn a profit or even have a business model for 5+ years do you think investors would be lining up? (Ofc exception for initiative companies)

It's disturbing something so obvious eludes the general pop.

e3ddad No.1004081


Didn't this tweet say


in brackets earlier today?

122c8a No.1004082


Q im intrigued by the binary translations of your stringers and file numbers. I havent seen hardly any one post in relation to this. If you cant adress tis directly could you make a reference or have POTUS make a reference to "geronimo" or "pork chops

c3ca88 No.1004083


If it is unredacted and complete this is definitely a BOOM!!!

That is the key to all this shit. The cabal and their political lackeys are doing their level best to keep all of these matters OUT OF COURTS. Once they are finally removed from the ethereal world of politics and propaganda and forced to go on record their goose is fucking cooked.

Delay, obfuscate, lie, whatever and by whatever means necessary until the midterm elections and their goal: IMPEACHMENT.

1ed4d6 No.1004084


Good luck at the NAS man

c0891c No.1004085


But it's just a "conspiracy" until you actually know it for sure.

That's why it was a "conspiracy" that everyone was having their data collected… until we knew from a reputable source.

0fb2c1 No.1004086


I remember the Pizzagate investigations turning up all sorts of stuff in Washington state and Alaska. Also, a lot of shady stuff going on Michigan–"meteors", etc.

ef52d1 No.1004088

File: ec2c0ad273e091b⋯.png (256.98 KB, 1360x861, 1360:861, LIFELOG187.png)

Make something better fags..

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