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File: a7ffb193423f0a5⋯.png (2.65 KB, 310x163, 310:163, For_God_&_Country.png)

fe99a8 No.1618616


fe99a8 No.1618817


fe99a8 No.1618879

File: 2d61a63d46c4532⋯.pdf (226.79 KB, 1501 BELVEDERE ROAD BIZPED….pdf)

File: 7e72c5730983467⋯.pdf (63.05 KB, CAPELLA HOLDINGS ACC.pdf)

File: c9a497b90ffd536⋯.pdf (6.57 KB, CCN ACC.pdf)

File: bcc67cb8c9a37e2⋯.pdf (5.59 KB, CEMEX 2018 DoC.pdf)

File: f485792e8daea32⋯.pdf (6.12 KB, CEMEX ACC.pdf)

Documents on Cemex and related shell corporations. Names of past officers included.

fe99a8 No.1618895

File: c8309b568d83e52⋯.png (111.03 KB, 1787x492, 1787:492, RINKER OFFICERS EXTENDED.png)

File: 7d7e1d6b9c0afe5⋯.png (271.25 KB, 714x578, 21:17, Screenshot from 2018-06-01….png)

File: 904a63e2a639e1d⋯.png (71.26 KB, 876x453, 292:151, Screenshot from 2018-06-01….png)

File: 032acb2e9f41ee0⋯.png (40.53 KB, 588x270, 98:45, Screenshot from 2018-06-01….png)

File: 426774c25e6c0fa⋯.png (303.91 KB, 1228x698, 614:349, Screenshot from 2018-06-01….png)

1dc9ea No.1618916

File: e77c01fbb142318⋯.png (201.36 KB, 658x616, 47:44, Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at ….png)

File: 27c95b3977c69bf⋯.png (418.62 KB, 961x670, 961:670, Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at ….png)

1dc9ea No.1618926

File: 8b72079e5444f7d⋯.png (143.67 KB, 608x528, 38:33, Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at ….png)

8efede No.1618991

Underground chamber discovered

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2SnNT2W7qA

f4e21c No.1619081

File: b8c23223d3cb216⋯.jpg (60.08 KB, 289x477, 289:477, CEMEX-MX-CX.jpg)

File: 095ad3a7dda7443⋯.jpg (42.71 KB, 943x400, 943:400, MX-SPGG.Nueva-Lion.jpg)


>>1618932 #1936



It's a public company on the NYSE, not a LLC, then again… an over 100 yr old company.

Wouldn't be a stretch to assume that they have an army of lawyers and a multitude of sub-entities.


CEMEX S.A.B. de C.V., known as Cemex, is a Mexican multinational building materials company headquartered in San Pedro, near Monterrey, Mexico. It manufactures and distributes cement, ready-mix concrete and aggregates in more than 50 countries.

CEMEX currently operates on four continents, with 66 cement plants, 2,000 ready-mix-concrete facilities, 400 quarries, 260 distribution centers and 80 marine terminals.[1] The company's world headquarters are in San Pedro Garza García, a city that is part of the Monterrey metropolitan area in the northeastern Mexican state of Nuevo León.


CEMEX was founded with the opening of Cementos Hidalgo, in 1906. Meanwhile, Cementos Portland Monterrey began operations in 1920, and in 1931, the two companies merged, becoming Cementos Mexicanos, now CEMEX. In the 1960s, CEMEX grew significantly when it acquired several more plants throughout Mexico. In 1976, the company went public on the Mexican stock exchange, and that same year, became the largest cement producer in Mexico with the purchase of three plants from Cementos Guadalajara. In 1982, the company made significant progress in overseas markets, doubling its exports. Further acquisitions of Mexican cement companies were made in 1987 and 1989, making CEMEX one of the ten largest cement companies in the world.

In 2004, CEMEX received the Wharton Infosys Business Transformation Award for their creative and efficient use of information technology.

f4e21c No.1619147

CEMEX USA Locations in Tuscon area:

Cemex 13599 S Old Nogales Hwy, Sahuarita, AZ 85629 (520) 294-1892

Cemex 4100 E Columbia St, Tucson, AZ 85714 (520) 748-1977

Cemex - Tucson, AZ- 126 E Alameda St, Tucson, AZ 85701 (520) 622-1770

f4e21c No.1619226

File: f372f2d5ae6a898⋯.jpg (5.73 KB, 113x150, 113:150, Jonathan-Rothschild-e12973….jpg)



Tucson lawyer launches Democratic mayoral bid Posted February 10, 2011

Jonathan Rothschild’s earliest political memory is of JFK’s assassination in 1963.

Following President Richard Nixon’s resignation in 1974, Rothschild, then a student at Kenyon College in Ohio, became an intern for the National Student Lobby

in Washington, D.C. But Rothschild, now 55, didn’t jump into the political fray himself until 2005, when he became the Pima County Democratic Party treasurer.

Rothschild graduated from the University of New Mexico School of Law in 1977 and returned to his hometown of Tucson to practice law. His priorities soon became raising a family with his wife, Karen; striving to make the community a better place through his involvement in nonprofits; and aiding his legal clients.

He’s a past president of Casa de los Ninos and has been active in Tucson’s Jewish community, serving on the board and as past chair of the Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona’s Jewish Community Relations Council. He’s also a past president of Handmaker Services for the Aging, Temple Emanu-El, and a past board member of Jewish Family & Children’s Services.

For the last 14 years Rothschild has been a site supervisor for Temple Emanu-El’s Operation Deep Freeze, an emergency shelter program for the homeless, splitting the responsibility with Jill Rich.

Rothschild is one of three generations of his family to practice law together in Tucson. He’s a managing partner of a 21-person law firm with his father, Lowell; his son Isaac is an attorney at the firm.

Rothschild has strong family ties to Tucson. His father attended Tucson High School and received his law degree from the University of Arizona’s James E. Rogers College of Law.

Rothschild notes that his paternal grandmother was “a single mother looking for a better life,”

who moved from Chicago to Tucson in 1942 and opened a furniture store on South 6th Ave.

07dbb1 No.1619316

File: 52432e21611ec4f⋯.png (205 KB, 1216x844, 304:211, eye .png)

File: cfb1a1fc98bc9f4⋯.png (97.26 KB, 1162x438, 581:219, eye.png)

c2a2cb No.1619331

File: e43ba9d31f9d8f5⋯.jpeg (98.73 KB, 932x960, 233:240, 08BFE0CC-D2FE-44DE-BCF2-2….jpeg)

File: 021ff6b876b3767⋯.jpeg (71.7 KB, 720x960, 3:4, A8DED0D4-E843-4BBE-82FC-F….jpeg)

File: 40ec58fa6a2d7e8⋯.jpeg (32.71 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 91442DC0-46EC-49D3-9C89-9….jpeg)

File: 6c61811114cfb63⋯.jpeg (118.73 KB, 540x960, 9:16, 25317BE1-3417-469C-941E-4….jpeg)


Spread this to help for VOP Alpha fighting on the front line against pedo traffickers Video quality is low & in mp4 format, since the file size needs to be as small as possible for sharing & audio.

Post all photos gathered as evidence at 1011 West Valencia Road Tucson


VIDEO IS CAPTIONED IN SPANISH AND ENGLISH - WE DON’T TRUST OUR GOVERNMENT; WE HAVE EVIDENCE OF MISSING CHILDREN - WAS YOUR CHILD HELD HERE? https://media.8ch.net/file_store/6a3c01849923432d217773f4a746a929d19627af16f2a4f6b59df74a40a3421b.mp4

THE ABOVE MESSAGE IS FROM VETS ‪https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1415359178610991&id=1415347948612114‬

8efede No.1619469

File: 1ddea2e5165cd8b⋯.png (2.74 KB, 255x54, 85:18, hrc1.png)

CEMEX donated to Clinton Foundation

https:// www.vox.com/2015/4/28/8501643/Clinton-foundation-donors-State

404a34 No.1619596

I saw the FB post that you guys are getting tired. Has VOP Alpha contacted Oath Keepers to request help with site security and/or logistics?

4d4f24 No.1619733

I'm going to assume that the feds have already been alerted, but if not, get ICE and/or FBI.

Be safe out there. These guys are not afraid of burying a few more bodies in the sand.

07dbb1 No.1619760


Watch their FB videos. They have tried to reach out to everyone, including the news. No one cares.

36779b No.1619775



93bf61 No.1619784

File: 11a5635f353a46d⋯.jpeg (130.17 KB, 881x500, 881:500, 11a5635f353a46df971f182ee….jpeg)

File: a0f3390a7624cc8⋯.jpg (201.37 KB, 565x629, 565:629, IMG_0748.jpg)

File: 71def598285e24b⋯.jpg (88.35 KB, 579x723, 193:241, IMG_0406.jpg)

File: 77ed0d42f793de3⋯.png (128.56 KB, 469x429, 469:429, 8bef83bd718bb6353a93a5070d….png)

File: 6a6e347827518c8⋯.jpeg (21.16 KB, 207x254, 207:254, 6a6e347827518c81f00948053….jpeg)

93bf61 No.1619830

File: 887236c7bdc2759⋯.png (436.25 KB, 679x574, 97:82, Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at ….png)

File: b7ec0ed282e42d0⋯.png (463.25 KB, 1215x604, 1215:604, Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at ….png)

File: a805a233efd1ea3⋯.jpeg (24.1 KB, 470x239, 470:239, b573cd99c90ccc2b4f1e624ab….jpeg)

File: aec362705cd39af⋯.png (51.6 KB, 669x548, 669:548, aec362705cd39af7d65143b532….png)

a1a1b5 No.1619966

File: 18500ec2e7d3211⋯.png (1.95 MB, 1440x1071, 160:119, Screenshot_2018-06-03-12-1….png)

a1a1b5 No.1619978

File: 889f14c8661c278⋯.png (2.07 MB, 1440x1072, 90:67, Screenshot_2018-06-03-12-1….png)

a1a1b5 No.1619987

File: f2731fc258e1b7e⋯.png (2.11 MB, 1440x1072, 90:67, Screenshot_2018-06-03-12-1….png)

a1a1b5 No.1619998

File: a5774b77d10e53e⋯.png (1.5 MB, 1440x1071, 160:119, Screenshot_2018-06-03-12-1….png)

a1a1b5 No.1620013

File: eefec6434e455c7⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1440x1074, 240:179, Screenshot_2018-06-03-12-1….png)

a1a1b5 No.1620024

File: 5a6366a2e6e161a⋯.png (2.45 MB, 1440x1063, 1440:1063, Screenshot_2018-06-03-12-1….png)

a1a1b5 No.1620031

File: cf474f35826eb9d⋯.png (2.7 MB, 1440x1911, 480:637, Screenshot_2018-06-03-12-1….png)

a1a1b5 No.1620041

File: b3d2cebec7c6d27⋯.png (3.34 MB, 1440x1907, 1440:1907, Screenshot_2018-06-03-12-1….png)

a1a1b5 No.1620048

File: 62cee95d2e8bcc2⋯.png (1.93 MB, 1440x1073, 1440:1073, Screenshot_2018-06-03-12-1….png)

a1a1b5 No.1620058

File: 328ed2d8404a521⋯.png (1.59 MB, 1440x1081, 1440:1081, Screenshot_2018-06-03-12-1….png)

a1a1b5 No.1620064

File: 1fa8984854e049a⋯.png (488.58 KB, 1440x1076, 360:269, Screenshot_2018-06-03-12-1….png)

a1a1b5 No.1620068

File: ba1f34ded670b15⋯.png (578.3 KB, 1440x1075, 288:215, Screenshot_2018-06-03-12-1….png)

a1a1b5 No.1620073

File: ddd76e170819dc5⋯.png (514.59 KB, 1440x1076, 360:269, Screenshot_2018-06-03-12-1….png)

a1a1b5 No.1620078

File: 358e7d3d1b12a1a⋯.png (2.04 MB, 1440x1072, 90:67, Screenshot_2018-06-03-12-1….png)

a1a1b5 No.1620085

File: 449bd39a37c8af5⋯.png (1.88 MB, 1440x1080, 4:3, Screenshot_2018-06-03-12-1….png)

a1a1b5 No.1620091

File: 3de7fc504b978af⋯.png (1.95 MB, 1440x1075, 288:215, Screenshot_2018-06-03-12-1….png)

a1a1b5 No.1620094

File: 513ff8c6acf426c⋯.png (1.89 MB, 1440x1072, 90:67, Screenshot_2018-06-03-12-0….png)

a1a1b5 No.1620104

File: d1cdfeef02622d7⋯.png (3.12 MB, 1440x1919, 1440:1919, Screenshot_2018-06-03-12-0….png)

a1a1b5 No.1620113

File: 7a5320d327eef81⋯.png (2.05 MB, 1440x1075, 288:215, Screenshot_2018-06-03-12-0….png)

a1a1b5 No.1620115

File: e3836a3e13022fd⋯.png (2.13 MB, 1440x1080, 4:3, Screenshot_2018-06-03-12-0….png)

a1a1b5 No.1620130

File: 8dad06e7c43c646⋯.png (734.15 KB, 1440x2512, 90:157, Screenshot_2018-06-03-11-1….png)

a1a1b5 No.1620137

File: 8fef9b70c50a6bd⋯.png (2.02 MB, 1014x1288, 507:644, Screenshot_2018-06-02-20-0….png)

a1a1b5 No.1620152


f69398 No.1620158

File: 6829af0f8a8484d⋯.png (34.78 KB, 1329x338, 1329:338, Screenshot_43.png)

File: ac00fa5c928e2a7⋯.png (230.53 KB, 647x961, 647:961, Screenshot_44.png)

File: 01fe61509cae5ce⋯.png (4.3 MB, 1899x964, 1899:964, Screenshot_45.png)

File: beff413bc01fa92⋯.png (641.34 KB, 1184x1136, 74:71, Screenshot_46.png)

File: ec4e1d90f5f1c57⋯.png (659.64 KB, 936x446, 468:223, Screenshot_25.png)

a1a1b5 No.1620175

File: 3b271204535a70f⋯.png (554.68 KB, 1440x2578, 720:1289, Screenshot_2018-06-03-12-4….png)

a1a1b5 No.1620182

File: 7dc15714fcef906⋯.png (424.38 KB, 1440x1960, 36:49, Screenshot_2018-06-03-12-4….png)

a1a1b5 No.1620188

File: 8649e93231e1238⋯.png (862.32 KB, 1356x2039, 1356:2039, Screenshot_2018-06-03-12-4….png)

f69398 No.1620255


what is this, anon?

366f39 No.1620298


Possible child sex trafficking ring

faebeb No.1620309

File: 3e1f5b6b69cc9c7⋯.jpg (3.49 MB, 4160x3120, 4:3, 20180603_125401.jpg)

Cops have it locked down again. Saw another squad car pass by.

f69398 No.1620357

File: 52c6c24a53dd542⋯.png (317.78 KB, 1339x1005, 1339:1005, Screenshot_53.png)


just found this.

ffc89b No.1620393

File: 55ad9da929e24bd⋯.jpg (756.08 KB, 1061x1573, 1061:1573, Screenshot_20180603-145933….jpg)

File: 705038d87bfcc4c⋯.jpg (798.42 KB, 1080x1552, 135:194, Screenshot_20180603-145602….jpg)

File: 2d3140f4baaa27e⋯.jpg (552.13 KB, 1026x1116, 57:62, Screenshot_20180603-145450….jpg)

File: a9f6767f2810a8c⋯.jpg (593.15 KB, 1063x1532, 1063:1532, Screenshot_20180603-145158….jpg)

File: 690b72d545e53cc⋯.jpg (630.04 KB, 1080x1681, 1080:1681, Screenshot_20180603-145022….jpg)

Holy Instagram photos from cemex…

I think this is the KEY-STONE. The key is stone aka concrete…lady third down is the distribution president world wide….funny location at where shes at.

13f8f2 No.1620438

13f8f2 No.1620457

File: 6d70f91483f18d6⋯.jpg (62.31 KB, 543x395, 543:395, #OperationBackyardBrawl.jpg)


e1790a No.1620460


Phoenix Dream Church standing by?


THE CHURCH: Dream City Church (founded 2 years ago when two ASSEMBLY of God megachurches combined in PHX AZ.

—sister church is Dream City LA.

—has 160 locations worldwide

—operates 2 female only sex trafficking rehabs (1 in Short Creek AZ)

—operates many other drug/alc/sex rehabs "Dream centers"

—founder Tommy Barnett has history of cult associations and hiring sex abusers as pastors in church ministry

Secret Funding source is David Geffen who owns Dream City Records, a Christian label imprint that's a part of DreamWorks SKG

"Trinity" referenced in original blind is TRINITY Broadcasting Network.

"Dream Center" in Romania is the source of EASTERN EUROPEAN teens

"Religious worker visas" (i-360) are the immigration loopholes that allow churches to import "pastors"/slave labor

I-360 program has been repeatedly renewed due to congressional amendments introduced by UT senator, FLDS apologist and LDS member ORRIN HATCH


faebeb No.1620599

Members of VOP are currently being arrested by the Department of Public Safety outside the gate.

1dc9ea No.1620607


Where are these from?

93bf61 No.1620612

File: 99716ce0ea24bb6⋯.png (610.86 KB, 959x511, 137:73, Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at ….png)



faebeb No.1620616


Three people total, one is confirmed VOP. Waiting for DPS to clear out

7b66c8 No.1620644

Could someone post the coordinates of the locations?

eb0652 No.1620649


Armchair opinion on this; Why is Trump's DOJ not involved? Why is this on a Q research board? Q lost credibility and the community is divided with anything that has a Q label on it. One would think Trump and his DOJ would be working with this group to resolve.. Patriots need to put pressure on TRUMP and call him out for appointing a very corrupt and ineffctive DOJ that appears to be working for Criminal Deep state .. If anything the efforts of this group in TUSCON rveals is Trump is totally corrupt for appointing such a lousy DOJ that could easily resolve this issue.. Instead we have to rely on Poor vets with hardly any resources (Says a lot about Trump admin , but her Q says Trust Sessions .. LOL!)

eb0652 No.1620691

Armchair opinion on this; Why is Trump's DOJ not involved? Why is this on a Q research board? Patriot Community is divided with anything that has a Q label on it. One would think Trump and his DOJ would be working with this group to resolve.. Patriots need to put pressure on TRUMP and call him out for appointing a very corrupt and ineffective DOJ that appears to be working for Criminal Deep state .. If anything the efforts of this group in TUSCON reveals is Trump is totally corrupt for appointing such a lousy DOJ that could easily resolve this issue.. Instead we have to rely on Poor vets with hardly any resources (Says a lot about Trump admin , but Q says Trust Sessions .. LOL!)

5d7073 No.1621223

I want to join the fight in person!!! WHERE n whom to contact please!!!!!

f25c31 No.1621262

File: c5badf83af72f10⋯.jpg (12.5 KB, 278x132, 139:66, ArrowHead Mall Peoria, AZ.JPG)

I caught this yesterday. Hiding in plain sight.

a901d8 No.1621343


Show up to the Quik Trip by I-19 and Valencia. State troopers, TPD, and DPS are shutting off the camp and arresting people without saying why

3274ae No.1621353

File: 9641451d8735616⋯.jpg (839.81 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Cemex keystone.jpg)

Someone earlier got me thinking. They said something like Cemex=Concrete=Keystone? so I searched "cemex keystone and found this. Does the Saguaro relate? Sign posts in the desert? If you have ever seen one, they are Giant and can been seen for miles. (the word keystone is in the 5th paragraph) just a random thought.


7d5f89 No.1621590


They also have/had a location near Oracle. Never saw anyone go in or out of there, just a Cemex sign at the highway and a gated entrance.

The address is 63514 E Hwy 77, Oracle AZ

ec1cc2 No.1621663

U bitches crazy

8f7ea1 No.1621702

What is the most up to date source of information for this? Is it this thread or another?

13f8f2 No.1621704

VOP Alpha Patriots getting arrested in Tuscon. Reinforcements needed! Calling Arizona (Tuscon) Patriots!


2f6ada No.1621745



Jonathon is lying. 55 years ago JFK was assassinated, He would not remember it. Nor would he have been in college at the age of 11. Surprise! Rothschild liar.

1e7a78 No.1621820


2f6ada No.1621849


likely he is 65 not 55.

fcf33b No.1621883

File: 13871c660bc532b⋯.png (373.44 KB, 971x661, 971:661, Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at ….png)

File: 7c1ae944f6a1a92⋯.png (210.95 KB, 588x875, 84:125, Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at ….png)

File: d39f20fc8bcf765⋯.png (263.98 KB, 657x700, 657:700, Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at ….png)

File: f9b4e09e29a3f01⋯.png (166.25 KB, 681x486, 227:162, Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at ….png)

File: c05fabf670702f5⋯.png (406.8 KB, 686x675, 686:675, Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at ….png)

Some mapfagging on Cemex locations.

Odd that a company with so many sites right on the border would be against the wall and easy profits.

Or maybe they build tunnels instead?

fcf33b No.1621890

File: 2b83b0b1e440e41⋯.png (141.09 KB, 727x233, 727:233, Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at ….png)

File: e1edee65f1a7f6a⋯.png (485.38 KB, 1162x643, 1162:643, Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at ….png)

eb36c0 No.1621969

File: 5cf2c5481d31955⋯.png (200.36 KB, 1024x678, 512:339, ClipboardImage.png)





66daa8 No.1622335

File: f6d812cb0b5ed2b⋯.png (69.93 KB, 461x363, 461:363, c0fefe001.png)

File: cd9d35c78d25ec2⋯.png (2.29 MB, 1840x2960, 23:37, c0fefe002.png)

File: 7dded24218388ff⋯.png (72.71 KB, 282x404, 141:202, c0fefe003.png)

is nathan an unusal name?

well… not for a rothschild…

d47d80 No.1622369

File: 7f60f9ea371c2f7⋯.webm (3.81 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, JonesHillaryBitch.webm)


2464d2 No.1622546

File: 1b852c50964ca70⋯.jpg (2.1 MB, 1440x2960, 18:37, Screenshot_20180603-153953….jpg)

So I was looking at the map on Google Maps and noticed these strange formations. If you follow them from California they go all the way up to Washington. At first, I thought they were just rock formations. But if you look they're definitely in a grid pattern and the same couple images just rotated around to make them look different. Whoever did the editing tried to make it look like they run into tree formations if you look at them closely. Though if you zoom out you'll clearly see these formations. There are also a ton of trails that just lead off onto atv paths and then disappear throughout Washington state. If they can do this type of camp in Arizona god only knows what they could do with the coverage in Washington.

e68385 No.1622602

File: 252a33b7226a327⋯.png (255.01 KB, 796x539, 796:539, 6months.png)

b10163 No.1622631

File: f9b1eb03e640d96⋯.png (357.76 KB, 508x570, 254:285, VOP team alpha bloody knif….PNG)

Disgusting stuff going on

I made a thread in 4chon and it got archived in 2 minutes

they do NOT want this getting out

2321f5 No.1622656


On Bing, you can zoom in and see that these the pattern is simply due to photos being taken at different times. It also appears that the area is an active lumber area. On Bing you can huge , straight swaths of areas that have been cut next to areas that haven't.

ee2262 No.1622660



that url is broken doesnt load, fuckbook probably censored it, they are censoring this subject hardcore today.

you should have put a copy of whatever it was here instead of just linking us to fuckbook….

9d7777 No.1622662


I don't know for sure but I think that's how they do the logging.

6028c7 No.1622676


Nice one concern troll go shill somewhere else let the real folk do the heavy lifting

1e7a78 No.1622683



2464d2 No.1622702

The thing is, I live in Washington and you never see that many lumber trucks..ever.

I am sure lumber has a ton to do with this. But this formation happens between 3 states, not just one. I would think it was just lumber too if it didn't span in too many widespread areas. If they use Cemet to cover up trafficking near the borders I could totally see them using Lumber as another cover.

687615 No.1622729

I have much to contribute, will be back once everything is secured, and can be shared

1e7a78 No.1622753

anyone have gps coords where this is going on? Want to dig through the surrounding area

ee2262 No.1622771

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



thank you.

this video is live streaming, but im not sure if its just streaming a prior record or not….

687615 No.1622783

File: 14175dc91d93107⋯.jpg (106.44 KB, 540x960, 9:16, Coords.jpg)

no gps coords, this is from VOP's earlier FB post from several days ago

687615 No.1622808

Total human trafficking operation going on here.

Look at the location 1011 W Valencia Road, Tucson AZ on Google Maps.

The property lies immediately adjacent to S I-19 Frontage Road which is the route to Mexico.

It is obviously a holding facility for lack of a better word where the kids were kept until transportation into Mexico was available.

9d7777 No.1622838

31.4698870, -111.0173885

687615 No.1622843

I have all of VOP's prior facebook livestreams and will use this thread as a dump for them all, staytuned

ee2262 No.1622856

youtube commenter claims the US Representative Kelly Townsend has posted to her facebook that she is enroute to this event, and will give coverage of it.

i checked her facebook page and dont see it, can anyone confirm? facebook is probly shadow banning the post.

1e7a78 No.1622880


Thank you

79f1d0 No.1622883

Arizona rep. Kelly Townsend is on her way down there. Should be about 30 minutes out.

e22b7a No.1622884


1e7a78 No.1622895


I have them all as well. Let me know where you are dumping them and I can dump mine on other sites

79f1d0 No.1622905

File: 074d4befa70cc6a⋯.jpg (479.86 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180603-161444….jpg)

687615 No.1622969

ee2262 No.1622977

File: 68ab33354f26be7⋯.jpg (15.73 KB, 234x245, 234:245, kelly.jpg)


i managed to get ahold of kelly via facebook messenger, she says she didnt make it a post but it was a comment she made on one of VOP's videos.

image related

2789ac No.1622981

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

((Bring The Pain))

Man with a Method

9081ab No.1623020


Great patriots working in AZ.


Thank you

9d7777 No.1623055

Check CalPortland connection also.

>Check CalPortland connection also.

Multiple places that are connected with cemex on the I-19 corridor. GPS coords from before just one example.


7d5e77 No.1623093

File: 4c8d7a1c29b529c⋯.jpg (160.85 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 18580599_298072237286482_4….jpg)

what if they dump bodies / sacrifices in concrete ? https://www.instagram.com/p/BUfZf1cDiyB/?taken-by=cemex

ee2262 No.1623158

File: 43735ed3afb0a23⋯.jpg (452.81 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, 6ba0eb67ead243921119e925fe….jpg)

fbbf6e No.1623176

File: 2f9a2af19893b31⋯.mp4 (6.98 MB, 400x224, 25:14, 33882874_1757788920975488_….mp4)

News report from several days ago

868d37 No.1623177


He was born in 1955 - he's 63. He would have been in 3rd grade when JFK was assassinated.

79f1d0 No.1623228

Someone is out there now and sending video to FB. Says site is empty, no police presence, flag is still up.

2789ac No.1623232

File: ecb685f438cb6c6⋯.jpg (28.77 KB, 842x549, 842:549, 34462037_607202222968426_8….jpg)

e22b7a No.1623234


Can anyone grab a webm and post it?

85be47 No.1623281



1dc447 No.1623360



Who has seen this?

May Day…May 1st. Cryptic shit in Tucson AZ Daily Wildcat newspaper. Every year since at least 1981.

Enemy comms? Occult shit present all over in the puzzles.


They call themselves "The Orphanage" and "The Order of (Un)Reconstructed Freaks).

Riddled with Occultism.

Its bugged me for YEARS. Talks about Break-Ins at the DOE (in sense that they carried it out).

Soon as I heard Tucson, Rothschilds, etc…..

6e32c4 No.1623445



1.) They're pulling related vids from facebook.

2.) Twitler is shadowbanninig related everything/one.

3.) Police are cock-blocking.

4.) Local Gov is refusing to do anything.

5.) Local media is spinning it.

6.) MSM isn't reporting.

7.) Cemex doesn't seem to mind this happening on the property, and is threatening to forcibly remove citizens DIGGING UP BODIES.

8.) What more do we need?

2ec39c No.1623528

They're livestreaming!!!


ee2262 No.1623586


VOP is livestreaming again, earlier he said they had a long rifle, but now he is saying they are unarmed so there wont be a reason for the police to be violent against them,

he is also saying the AZ midterms repub candidate Kelli Ward has just arrived on scene.

townsend still enourte

25cd09 No.1623618



Put the videos on hooktube

link here

post everything HERE, then allow anons to pull it together and get it out on twitter etc

get the photos everything loaded HERE

if they take it down, you will lose it all, including any justification you had for trespassing. GET IT HERE

Then let this board spread it out far and wide

ec7c62 No.1623623


Oh she's putting her credibility on the line. I hope she knows what she's doing

168871 No.1623644

File: 40f588b200a1732⋯.jpg (195.78 KB, 1701x915, 567:305, Crystal Fraizer-Stark Sher….JPG)

File: 1b3f9c0501cbc96⋯.jpg (76.96 KB, 467x960, 467:960, Sheriff Napier.jpg)

e0cd56 No.1623694


It's spreading..

6e32c4 No.1623703


Roger wilco.

2ec39c No.1623712

Here is their latest stream downloaded outside of FB


d06f65 No.1623762


Amid General Assembly of the United Nations meetings in New York City, Cemex officials signed an agreement to join the UN Foundation Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves. The public-private partnership seeks to protect the environment and improve local communities’ quality of life by creating a global market for clean and efficient household cooking solutions.

“By joining the Alliance, [we] will foster the adoption of cookstoves in Latin America and Asia, strengthening our ongoing corporate social responsibility efforts in these regions and contributing to the well-being of their communities,” said Cemex Chairman Lorenzo Zambrano. The company has worked in the field the past three years, he added, providing sustainable cookstove solutions in tandem with government agencies, social entrepreneurs, academia and nongovernment organizations. The Alliance partnership enables Cemex participation in steering committee and advisory group activities, plus high-level meetings with sister UN organizations and the Clinton Global Initiative.

Launched in 2010 by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Alliance eyes adoption of clean cookstoves and fuels in 100 million households globally by 2020. It advocates for alternatives to open air stoves, whose pollution levels jeopardize individual and community health. The group is “building bridges between the public and private sectors to make the basic but essential act of cooking safe and healthy worldwide,” notes Alliance Executive Director Radha Muthiah.

1e7a78 No.1623765


also https://www.reddit.com/r/greatawakening/comments/8oao2o/huge_update_today_az_child_trafficking_camps/

997c2f No.1623824

File: f027e075a72fe84⋯.png (497.83 KB, 907x939, 907:939, LorenzoCEMEX.png)

File: fb31e2f9973c88a⋯.png (302.31 KB, 1920x1200, 8:5, LorenzoCEMEXTrilateral.png)

File: 38b730565456bb7⋯.png (91.88 KB, 898x400, 449:200, Trilateral666.png)

CEMEX Founder's Grandson

Lorenzo Zambrano 27/3/1944-12/5/2014

Career: CEO CEMEX, IBM, Citigroup Int,Allianz Companies….

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lorenzo_Zambrano

https:// www.slideshare.net/derurindika/7-cemex-uneditted

Also member of The Trilateral Commission (9/11)

http:// portland.indymedia.org/en/2007/03/356342.shtml

http:// trilateral.org/ (Logo>666)

d06f65 No.1623834

Emiliano Salinas is son of fromer President of Mexico. Salinas is also an Ex member of NXIVM. Salinas worked for Lazard Investments. Lazard Investments handled the restructuring of CEMEX corp.


0de897 No.1623835


Sweet jesus what is going on with these photos? Been away for a bit and what the hell is all this?

85d6a4 No.1623851

File: bd7d8d3cb628a4d⋯.jpg (82.89 KB, 528x588, 44:49, 20180603181453_526_586.jpg)

File: d127753b2a5fb0e⋯.pdf (2.1 MB, el-illuminati-en-mexico-20….pdf)

additional info

to have everything in one place

from last QRGeneral breads, list of properties, digs, images, logos n stuff








also, I've been saving (for quite a while) this PDF (in spanish) about the swamp/illuminati/evil bastards in my country, it's pure gold and now the time has come for it to be relevant. (img of the PDF related)

https://teatrevesadespertar.files.wordpress.com/2010/09/el-illuminati-en-mexico-2010.pdf (also added as attachment)

997c2f No.1623912


Great work Anon!

85d6a4 No.1623922


also the list of Cemex properties in CSV


b10163 No.1623929


They found a camp with really sick rape trees and childrens toys and it's absolutely horrific


0de897 No.1623987


Wow like what the fuck, why is the FBI not swarming that place.

997c2f No.1623990


>list of Cemex properties

Made it readable..

https:// docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WpAds0WxzcsojtJlvEcWq6ieDxcuMWuELK-xnvS7_qc/edit?usp=sharing

2ec39c No.1624031


>Wow like what the fuck, why is the FBI not swarming that place

Too busy getting drunk in clubs, doing back flips, and shooting the club goers.


c43253 No.1624052

File: e2226435524c217⋯.jpg (27.33 KB, 644x343, 92:49, zxdm6il51u111.jpg)

Threads on this are being deleted on cuckchan big time. This tweet from HRC might be code to shut it down.

493091 No.1624095

Gateway Pundit has picked it up-


f7562d No.1624145


Implying the top dogs at FBI aren't complicit in this global far-reaching satanic conspiracy.

b10163 No.1624148


This is the only thread I've gotten on /pol/ and it's getting some good shit

36779b No.1624228


2464d2 No.1624309

Wait, if Zambrano has connects to the 9-11 attacks wouldn't that then lead into everyone's theory that Q is going to release information on 9-11 on June 11th?(6-11).

Armchair here - but what if Q gave these guys a hint to search or sent them there in some way? That's why he now has his own thread in the board? It's a reach but totally possible considering these link together.

ee2262 No.1624340

VOP guy just said though he is unarmed, he does have some trained team battle buddies keeping eyes on him through a scope "thats a fact" he said

d3a332 No.1624381


e0cd56 No.1624393

Does someone have the video that has the bloody knife?

65259e No.1624414


Yup, same age as me, and it's also MY first political memory.

2cf14f No.1624451

I'm cross posting from the 4pol thread, has anyone compiled a quick rundown of the events?

2f6ada No.1624482


1750 tweets in the last hour. something brewing

672ee0 No.1624485


>Vets out looking for homeless to aid, find what they thought was a homeless camp

>Oh wait there's a lot of childrens toys here

>Oh what the fuck there's a lot of underwear and bondage shit

>call police


>call again


>call a third time

>dispatch sends officers over

>to arrest the vets

>huh this is odd

>officers how about all this evidence here?

>no goy hands behind your back

>uh no thanks

>set up in tower

672ee0 No.1624489


>some rednecks (i think someone suggested they were cops) found some burial ground, likely for children

>they now refuse to leave the area and fortify themselves there to draw attention and prevent people from destroying everything

>the ground belongs to Cemex which has connection to clintons global initiative

>cemex is involved with building materials, likely grind up bodies to put it into cement and get rid of the evidence

>mayor of the town is a rothschild

>people are armoring themselves up to check it out themselves now

2cf14f No.1624498



Holy shit, alright, thanks guys. That's the context I was looking for.

c43253 No.1624552


>There is no more important test of our country than the way we treat the most vulnerable among us, especially children. We cannot turn away from what’s happening on our watch - we have to act.

I'm fucking positive this is code. I've seen shit like this from other accounts like Barry and the Rothschilds where it's this crap generic bullshit but there's a hidden meaning. for instance:

There is no more important tesT of oUr Country than the way we treat the moSt vulnerable amONg us, especially CHILDREN. We cannot turn AWAY from what’s happening on our watch - WE HAVE TO ACT.


1eb911 No.1624591

While watching a video posted here, I received a call, but nobody was there. Researched the number and it belonged to Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials. A call back wasn't answered and a recording said the mailbox was full.

2faee9 No.1624626

Pacific Scientific Energetic Materials…that's a company in Arizona, aerospace tech company. Bizarre.

2cf14f No.1624630


Probably a coincidence unless it happens again

14de20 No.1624633


Locals have been getting those a lot. In hindsight I think it's a skiptracing technique to find out if a phone is active and a potential surveillance target.

2cf14f No.1624665


That's what most cold calls are, to be honest. Maybe not for surveillance purposes but definitely to check if a line is alive or not

3c972f No.1624751


i never answer any number not in my contacts list. after the call i look up the number online.

e1790a No.1624758

Check Road Closures Traffic Conditions Note no Live Cams on



8f68e4 No.1624778

http://archive.is/gFszh !!!

8f68e4 No.1624784

archive of https://twitter.com/rpnsolutions/status/1003452675130839040

8f68e4 No.1624796

File: 9fa419b2f0a2f30⋯.png (1.5 MB, 2560x1600, 8:5, Capture d’écran 2018-06-0….png)

8f68e4 No.1624807

File: 8f67897f2aa2197⋯.jpg (309.5 KB, 1021x824, 1021:824, ca093e1a715bbe0446fe9b48f5….jpg)

Who found this ? Can we confirm ?

a3745b No.1624849


Not the place to play around and shill, Johnny boy.

2faee9 No.1624878

You know, all this happens in an area that's been rife with sinister shit for decades. I know between Tucson and Casa Grande to the north, there has been a LOT of satanic worship groups active for decades, and a few years back they were even finding dismembered bodies in garbage bags after ceremonies out in the desert, so this would be all be par for the course, given what we know about the other "activities" those who seem to be behind this are involved in.

8b7b1b No.1624882

>>1624827 from general research

posted in qres

too lazy to redo it here,

3c972f No.1624933

any live stream links?

2ec39c No.1624940

I've been trying to upload all of the VOP livestream's but it's not letting me for some strange reason… may try and upload to Youtube, then share them onto here. Maybe >>1623712

2ec39c No.1624948

2faee9 No.1624953

Guy on the tower went live about five minutes ago (as of 9:08PM CST), said a masked hispanic male on a yellow quad came in, tried to run someone on the ground over, then pulled out a pistol and shot into the air before heading back onto the neighboring reservation. It's abundantly clear that the cartel wants them off that land immediately, wouldn't be surprised if they're attacked tonight.

2ec39c No.1624957


Latest stream from two hours ago ^

f46de5 No.1624978

File: bd2be25c4ae4b3e⋯.jpg (146.31 KB, 749x1101, 749:1101, cemex.jpg)

File: a8a2ba9eb1ea4db⋯.png (3.8 MB, 1515x956, 1515:956, fbi 1.PNG)

File: ba2a270a5c6c7dd⋯.png (3.75 MB, 1513x961, 1513:961, fbi 2.PNG)

File: 6c688067dd36e03⋯.png (3.76 MB, 1513x962, 1513:962, fbi 3.PNG)



7d5f89 No.1624979


Most of that is not underground. It an arroyo, or dry wash. It is a way to drain rain water out of the neighborhood so it doesn't flood the streets. Tucson has them all over in practically every neighborhood. The underground part is where it goes under a road. I'm not saying people didn't walk through the wash, but it isn't underground.

2cf14f No.1624981


Can you post your source?

2ec39c No.1624992

A livestream from 12hrs ago roughly, taken by Operation 13:2


2ec39c No.1624997


Shows the camp, respectively.

46875e No.1625027

File: c1bb0b566f00696⋯.gif (35.61 KB, 561x400, 561:400, MapPreview (4).gif)

File: d3c4e3feeacccc7⋯.gif (38.88 KB, 479x400, 479:400, MapPreview (3).gif)

File: ecffe95fc01902f⋯.gif (48.39 KB, 544x400, 34:25, MapPreview (2).gif)

File: d3db5065397083e⋯.gif (35.58 KB, 523x400, 523:400, MapPreview (1).gif)

It would have been great to search other sites owned by this company but they will all probably be vacant now.

If you can connect them to the camp then you have hit the motherload of sex trafficking operations in North America.

3c972f No.1625040


their live on fb. #backyardbrawl

3c972f No.1625046


sorry #operationbackyardbrawl

2ec39c No.1625061



2cf14f No.1625065



1b42a7 No.1625080

Just got back from checking cuckchan.

Place is getting swamped with shills. Oddly they are mostly from Peru.

46875e No.1625096

File: 1ebb59ce5ce6e37⋯.jpg (636.25 KB, 1066x1792, 533:896, 20180603_222105.jpg)

File: 7ea53148c950f13⋯.jpg (578.61 KB, 1071x1904, 9:16, 20180603_222146.jpg)

I will post Parker' affiliations next

2cf14f No.1625100


>This guy is bragging about his NVG on his live stream and how unarmed they are

If this is a cartel job, these guys are absolutely fucked if they're truly unarmed

3c972f No.1625139


their vets. i highly doubt they are unarmed. i'm a vet myself and there is no way i would enter into something like this without being armed my self or at least have a team out of sight.

c12669 No.1625145


We need researchers to follow money, people to force law changes to hold these people indefinately, and we need people with eyes there to help.Rats scatter outwards if they can, if they were at the camp a week ago they aren't far. people need to watch the border for kids, people alone>>1624953

ebde09 No.1625146

Child Trafficking Camps found in Tucson, AZ

- [4] this week connected to JonBenet Ramsey case in AZ.

- Land is owned by CEMEX

- Carlos Slim (owner of CEMEX) is also 2nd largest stockholder of the NYTimes

- CEMEX is a partner of the Clinton Global Initiative and donor to CF

- CEMEX linked to Haiti through Clinton foundation

- CEMEX is also owned by Bronfman-Rothschilds

- Sara Bronfman/husband becomes head of Libya-USA trade initivative

- CEMEX is under U.S. DOJ Investigation (March 14th / Reuters Article)

- Emiliano Salinas is son of former President of Mexico*

- Salinas is also an Ex member of NXIVM*

- Salinas worked for Lazard Investments*

- Lazard Investments handled the restructuring of CEMEX*

- Jonathan Rothschild is the MAYOR of TUCSON

2cf14f No.1625150


I can tell you the guy on the cam has a big ego. That's going to get him hurt if he's in some actual shit.

2faee9 No.1625154

They mentioned earlier in the day having a "long rifle", my guess is they're just saying they're unarmed to keep the cops from going "SHOOTER ON THE TOWER OMG" and arresting them. Seeing how they've been threatened with weapons already, it'd be suicide to not be armed.

b058ba No.1625164


32.127231,-110.989086 or

32°07'38.0"N 110°59'20.7"W

82110e No.1625168


Worth a look into to see where Cemex location is in proximity to the Vatican and what cement works have been done there recently.

3c972f No.1625186

Cemex Cement, Inc..

1600 Bells Bay Rd

Charlevoix, MI 49720

2faee9 No.1625198


He does. Seems the sort who'd let himself get shot to "prove a point".

2cf14f No.1625226


I physically cringe every time he talks about their defenses, their locations, their people, their lack of weapons

>You know what we don't need a gun we got god

Fucking yippie skippie plays around in the desert and pisses off a cartel. This is going to be bad if they really do show up

3c972f No.1625231

File: 31a0390f9f01ebc⋯.png (23.88 KB, 536x400, 67:50, Screenshot-2018-6-3 Cemex ….png)

1b42a7 No.1625233

File: 94a48e689a5bff0⋯.png (941.74 KB, 841x456, 841:456, pedocamp.png)

"3D" view of the site.

1e7a78 No.1625245


6e32c4 No.1625247



You know what's awesome?

They're not stupid.

They have snipers on the ground.

2cf14f No.1625287


The post that link points to isn't anything related to having snipers on the ground

Which post were you actually referring to?

8b7b1b No.1625308

File: 4b46b19a7fbdcb3⋯.png (182.96 KB, 808x520, 101:65, ushsr-association1.png)

File: 6bb02ea0f4e1288⋯.png (687 KB, 1221x1366, 1221:1366, yuma-spaces-space-missed-f….png)

Department of Defense in Yuma Arizona

tweets atYuma missing a space

POTUS has tweeted numerous extra spaces this week

remembered the movie 3:10 to Yuma - western

so looked up yuma railways

and search results are promising

Got Yuma to San Diego line being upgraded - CA and AZ important. so is wall

got Berkshire Hathaway aka asshat Buffett

and there have been stories as old as the railroads themselves

about throwing out the bodies at the end of the line

just look where the trains stop before the border

3c972f No.1625311

rothchild mayor doxxed in general

ca1bb5 No.1625313


Thank you!

Will this link update as new ones are added (if you add more)?

2ec39c No.1625321


Lol, ever heard of …. "Bait & Switch???"

70e601 No.1625349

On the highway in Tucson, you ALWAYS see truckers pulled over by highway patrol. When I lived there I always thought it was strange how many big rigs you see pulled over, having their loads inspected. Its almost an everyday sight. Just thinking out loud here, but that location is so close to the freeway, I wonder if if there if its related?

2cf14f No.1625358


If that's what they're planning, then this guy gets an oscar imo

he's playing the role of big headed vet very well

39ddb8 No.1625360


40d921 No.1625365

File: 084e99ccbd3c8f5⋯.png (953.97 KB, 1226x632, 613:316, 114898[1].png)

Not sure the relevance, nor if it has been addressed however there is no doubt we can connect the Roth's & Bronfman's Together in this tragedy. This led me to simply search a potential connection between the two and wouldn't ya know it the first result searching Bronfman and Rothschild's happened to be…

>belr. com – which is Bronfman Rothschild wealth management company Check out the board (pic related)

Hello, Lynn– Sleeping well?

1e7a78 No.1625398


I will try to keep it updated as he goes live

ca78ff No.1625407



2464d2 No.1625409

Wait, if Tuscon police are pulling over these trucks and IF they do find children - what's the first thing they're required to do?

Call DSHS. Who then takes them into custody and "rehomes" them. That is an easy ticket to get children smuggled to the US from Mexico. CPS has been known to be linked with the Clinton Foundation.

46875e No.1625411

File: dfc74b42d11ea90⋯.jpg (565.46 KB, 705x2165, 141:433, 20180603_224022.jpg)

File: d73ca894f9da014⋯.jpg (580.19 KB, 707x2055, 707:2055, 20180603_224034.jpg)

File: 8eca2215855b7f1⋯.jpg (249.9 KB, 505x1568, 505:1568, 20180603_224045.jpg)

File: 5a9d5ad73a8d609⋯.jpg (354.44 KB, 692x2161, 692:2161, 20180603_224101.jpg)

File: 66ed491f243d65c⋯.jpg (379.27 KB, 709x2040, 709:2040, 20180603_224212.jpg)

Jesus man….

ca78ff No.1625430


This is John Parker, Cemex exec?

6e32c4 No.1625450


What do you mean by 'big headed'?

Do you mean he shouldn't be doing this because it's too bold?

2cf14f No.1625467


No, if that's what they're doing then he is doing a great job pretending to be an overconfidence dickhead.

08526e No.1625473

File: de5eb39f1564f7c⋯.png (278.13 KB, 848x476, 212:119, Screenshot (72).png)

6e32c4 No.1625490


What do you mean by 'overconfidence dickhead'?

How is he being 'too confident', or a 'dickhead'?

86a87e No.1625491


Most of them are close to the US/Mexican border.

46875e No.1625503

File: ce9310a28a6fd72⋯.jpg (467.04 KB, 1080x1140, 18:19, 20180603_223950.jpg)

Yes. That is the man. Will keep at it before the clean team hits it

adf69c No.1625538

keep archiving anything that is #operationbackyardbrawl

this is latest


1eb911 No.1625545


It happened again shortly, heard a cough in the background before they hung up.

1eb911 No.1625562


I'm a great target for spying on, I lead such an exciting life. 😉

ad2411 No.1625581

File: 638ddc99fa3d4f8⋯.jpg (34.96 KB, 750x495, 50:33, rothy.jpg)

>Let Mayor Rothschild of Tucson know what you think of him.

>2042 E 5th St

>Tucson AZ 85719-5203

>(502) 297-1287 - Landline

>(502) 220-8441 - Wireless

>(502) 909-2580 - Wireless

>(502) 624-8886 - Landline

>(502) 297-0737 - Landline

>(602) 297-1287 - Landline


197438 No.1625597


Update from Tucson:

Phoenix lurker here who heard all the noise about the VOP folks. Grabbed supplies and drove 2.5 hours to try to help. When I got there, Tucson PD was there and threatened them with arrests and they were clearing out. They have already collected evidence. So I went with them back to base camp (imagine MASH in the desert if you arent a vet). Dropped off the supplies I brought and asked how else I could help. Grabbed other supplies for them from local stores. Leader of camp showed me some of the stuff they collected from the site:

- childrens toys

- small chair with leg straps/restraints

- bloody knife

- other camping stuff like blankets etc (most stuff had at least some blood on it)

He explained the blood and straps on the tree at the site. Tried to get a few pics but not sure yet how they turned out ... plan on posting to their FB page and will share here if they are worth seeing. Right before i left, leader of the camp got word that PD left the scene and told local news that "no sign of trafficking". :(

So the operation will continue and evidence gathered. Someone needs to get word of this to Trump. Also should note that the gate at the drop site we pulled up to was definitely a Cemex facility. We plan on continuing to support these folks.

Tried posting in maain thread but didnt see it?

1e7a78 No.1625630


which main thread?

5792f7 No.1625648

We've downloaded a lot of this to our thumb drives and pcs' and emailed it to ourselves or others so even if this site goes down it's out there and can be re uploaded where ever we need to put it.

1e7a78 No.1625654


updated with newest video

65259e No.1625683


Did you mean the Tucson traficking thread? https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/1618616.html

d29327 No.1625725

File: 36370b52d8013a1⋯.png (136.14 KB, 618x630, 103:105, Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at ….png)

ca1bb5 No.1625732


Thank you!

765d35 No.1625744

Just found out about this TLDR?

d29327 No.1625755

File: 8eb18f460936446⋯.png (86.46 KB, 521x628, 521:628, Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at ….png)

0b9194 No.1625776


that's this thread anon

d29327 No.1625778

File: 20f10e1aec191f7⋯.png (127.39 KB, 617x610, 617:610, Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at ….png)

Fenster School in Tucson has private airport… WTF?

65259e No.1625806


Lol, thanks. Forgot where I was, apparently!

59a237 No.1625865

File: 3f71772fb7385a9⋯.png (1.27 MB, 872x803, 872:803, zxz.png)

Per STRAVA Heatmap all the traffic is coming in the back door through the wash

6e32c4 No.1625897



Well done there, although I would like to point out that horseback or quad may not register on the heatmap.

With that said, trafficking likely doesn't occur as often by horseback or quad.

dc9837 No.1625899

File: a269f23796d1fe5⋯.png (2.86 MB, 1403x829, 1403:829, Area heatmap.png)


another color, red circle is where our heroes are currently at, blue is the camp

fe99a8 No.1625906



We know it's going to be bad. You think we're doing this for fame? We're doing this for shits and giggles? WE ARE DOING THIS TO MAKE SURE THIS MASS GRAVE SEES THE LIGHT OF DAY.

We're prepared and willing to die for this.

6e32c4 No.1625907


Any idea where the reservation is?

3c972f No.1625934

reply on general concerning Michigan location.

>>1625802 (You)

I was just there a month ago at fishermans island

you have to drive past the cement plant but you can't see ant thing from the road because THE WHOLE THING IS SURROUNDED BY A 20FT EMBANKMENT! Just like at Epstein's island.

175b1d No.1625935

File: 5cd877f7b8becd1⋯.jpg (795.35 KB, 1340x915, 268:183, ChandlerFashionCenter_blac….jpg)


Another mall in AZ. The /htg/ threads on 4 always mentioned to look for places that kids and adults spend time and can get away quickly.

Near Chandler mall is also a Chuck E Cheese (pizza?) that is right next door to a hotel, and all of this is at the intersection of the 101 and 202 freeways

ff36f9 No.1625948

Any updates? Are they still there or were they taken off the land? Can't seem to find any solid info if they are still there holding down or not

fe99a8 No.1625960


They're still there. TPD is going to try having MS-13 handle the dirty work tonight.

dc9837 No.1625963


Remember they say they're smart men, they also said they have no weapons, repeatedly. I wonder why.

ff36f9 No.1625971


Do you think they will bring up another stream or put any more info out on FB?

bdf405 No.1625972

To add to the mix, this was put out a little over a month ago:


3c972f No.1625977

fe99a8 No.1625983


That's what Plan A is. They come close, VOP is going to shine a light on them and start filming.

d29327 No.1625986

File: 5dc6b5303dda061⋯.png (143.93 KB, 485x566, 485:566, Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at ….png)

File: e71354da93a6352⋯.png (33.12 KB, 470x169, 470:169, Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at ….png)

c12669 No.1626013


San Xavier is about 2-3 miles exactly south. Also borders to the west, not far at all. Traffickers might be hiding out on the rezz. alot of the use rezz land to traffic NA's as well.

1e7a78 No.1626024

ok that was a bit fucked up. Sitting here reading the thread and my google home sitting on the desk underneath my monitor just said "I'm sorry, I can't take pictures yet"

73e409 No.1626028

None of this proves anything. This is just a homeless camp. Now because I'd these idiot redneck cousin touches some poor homeless retard has to find a new place to live. Thanks cousin touchers.

8a64d1 No.1626042

Wow! I'm a "lurkerfag" (thats what I'd assume ya'll would call me, ha!) I'm terrified to even post this, but i have to say it (I'm sorry if this is considered clogging here…I'm "board illiterate" as well)…but you all are amazing. I've been crying my eyes out today since coming across this news and then I've been completely pissed that it's being covered up…but reading all the stuff here..you all are just so amazing. You need to hear that. You need to hear that what you guys do is not going unnoticed. You are these childrens voices…WE ARE THEIR VOICES…and I know I'm not going to shit up about it, and it's your guys work here that help us out here. So, THANK YOU!

6e32c4 No.1626059


Thanks for the map.

20ft embankment… that's… uh… odd.

What can I think of that is surrounded by a 20ft embankment?

A landfill.

A military bunker.

A 14th century fortress.

A place where toxic/nuclear waste might be disposed of….

…. maybe a natural dam or something…

But an Indian reservation? O_o

Am I missing something? Are giant dirt walls a thing with Indians in AZ?

3c972f No.1626072

File: 3d8bd7a2fb665b9⋯.png (14.83 KB, 648x381, 216:127, Screenshot-2018-6-3 Cemex ….png)

File: 60958dbb30e0ae5⋯.png (31.12 KB, 536x400, 67:50, Screenshot-2018-6-3 Cemex ….png)


thats in relation to the michigan site not AZ

6e32c4 No.1626086


Ah.. ty.

Edit: Are giant dirt walls a thing with Indians in MI?

c03597 No.1626114


1b42a7 No.1626125

File: f41ae8cc3a64579⋯.png (1.19 MB, 960x540, 16:9, camps.png)

Are the vets in the cement tower or the building south of it?

3c972f No.1626132


not that i know of. usually you will see 10ft. ones around factories if they are close to a residential area, or quarry but not cement companies in the middle of nowhere

1e7a78 No.1626133


in the big tower

76dd83 No.1626142

So, HRC met with "top cops" in 2016? Chris Magnus, chief of TPD, was on that list.


Kind of like how Broward Sheriff Israel was on Hillary For America and we all know what he's part of.


Anymore info on Chris Magnus?

2cf14f No.1626146

To any of you guys who need to make calls, get on a VPN and check out 'FireRTC'

It's probably compromised on some level, but it works in a pinch

a57d8f No.1626167

10ft embankments would be great for blocking loud noise that trucks make so the residents don't have to hear it as much.

fe99a8 No.1626171

File: 4e21a5476b091ba⋯.png (645.53 KB, 1257x802, 1257:802, 2.png)

3c972f No.1626173


did you post this in general? kind of an important connection.

fe99a8 No.1626177



Seconded. Send it over ASAP

6e32c4 No.1626178


Outstanding. Thank you.

1e7a78 No.1626179

3c972f No.1626186


it's law here for that reason. even places like walmart have to have walls when near residential areas and can't unload trucks after 10pm

0b9194 No.1626189


btw alt+printscreen next time to capture just the current window friendo

3c972f No.1626199



a57d8f No.1626207

I'm saying it's 60/40 that they actually found a trafficking camp. In favor of it being a trafficking camp. That's enough to warrant an investigation by authorities. A real one.

1e7a78 No.1626216


anything over 1% possibility should be investigated just in case

a57d8f No.1626237

>>1626186 Cool. Makes sense. and definitely, the camps and shelter/holding cells need to be demolished regardless so…

8741a5 No.1626250

File: d7911b4950118b4⋯.jpg (629.62 KB, 1003x700, 1003:700, TucsoncampRothUPDATED.jpg)

LIST OF CEMEX PROPERTIES: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WpAds0WxzcsojtJlvEcWq6ieDxcuMWuELK-xnvS7_qc/htmlview#gid=1326590827\

26b9f3 No.1626258


What are you talking about clown? There are videos with bloody straps tied to rape trees. Underground holding cells with children's toys with a plane ticket stub of a child that has been missing since December. Blood on child's undergarments, blood on blankets, blood everywhere.

6e32c4 No.1626286


I've seen homeless camps, in an up close and personal sort of way.

This is not a homeless camp.

a57d8f No.1626291

i haven't seen the bloody stuff tho.Where's those pictures at?

dc9837 No.1626298


please link these videos

3c972f No.1626333


cousin touchers? are you some kind of russian faggot or something?

1e7a78 No.1626337


link to all the live videos from the scene


6e32c4 No.1626344

Bronfman->NXIVM->Mexico->Human Trafficking(including children)

Bronfman->CEMEX->Mexico->Human Trafficking(including children)

I'm seeing a lot of 'Bronfman', five letter acronyms, Mexico, human trafficking, and pedo connections.

Anyone else?

76dd83 No.1626353



Yep, just did.

8741a5 No.1626366

File: 9c517e489b4c981⋯.png (69.45 KB, 693x685, 693:685, Screenshot_2018-06-03-18-5….png)

fe99a8 No.1626368

Having a moral dilemma here:

I've had Rothschild's dox for quite some time now. Not sure if I should throw them up. As much as I hate the fucker, it's not a terribly classy move.

dc9837 No.1626373


which ones have the footage of the camp in it?

9b8aaf No.1626377


>>>>shill…. Move on…

1b42a7 No.1626382


Do it for the kids.

2aab36 No.1626392

Lafarge, another big name in cement paid Isis and other militia to keep their factories open. or so they say. they paid them for smuggling.

26b9f3 No.1626395



This shows the underground cell and the rape trees. The rest was all live streams on FB, VOP Alpha Co. They were being deleted by FB, some still up there, dunno if they are archived anywhere.

a57d8f No.1626401

WEll, good work all of you, and especially the vets VOP Alpha. Getting late, wish i was able to help. We're in the last days ppl. Evil is in at full potential, and showing no signs of backing down. Been three rather major volcano eruptions in the past month. Floods in the States. All kinds of chaos. Pray.

6e32c4 No.1626414


It's an unrelated annoying auto paste from my clipboard.

3c972f No.1626476


i reposted it it's not getting any traction

7c4270 No.1626531

File: ad1f1b6f0efed56⋯.png (1.19 MB, 1200x1920, 5:8, Screenshot_2018-06-03-21-0….png)

I can't chan. This is happening right now in WeHo. I don't know if it is cemex, but they are in West Hollywood. 330 trucks of concrete? In 12 hours.

1e7a78 No.1626536


the mega link in this thread is the archive of live streams

c2a2cb No.1626543

File: 1aa259d45b69421⋯.jpeg (82.34 KB, 528x960, 11:20, FB6A053B-C30A-4C3B-9281-0….jpeg)

File: 2b5b6870974cc1b⋯.jpeg (360.25 KB, 1920x1005, 128:67, 0E34A3EF-471A-4C3A-9CB7-0….jpeg)

File: c0411c1f94f22e2⋯.jpeg (117.11 KB, 980x551, 980:551, 139CD49F-3F22-41C8-AFC1-B….jpeg)

I want to know what happened to all the missing children from Short Creek. “The Short Creek Community (now Colorado City, Arizona, and Hildale, Utah), founded in 1913, began as a small ranching town in the Arizona Strip.[1] In the 1930s it was settled by Mormon fundamentalists, who remain there to this day.” https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Short_Creek_Community

The Short Creek land is a Common Law Trust; there are no mortgages on the homes. In 1998 the government made a deal with Warren Jeffs to infiltrate the community with an agenda to steal the land by amending & restating the Land Trust. This community was similar to the Amish or Mennonites, did everything by barter and the land had no government jurisdiction therefore could not collect property taxes. The children were born at home with midwife-NO GOVERNMENT ISSUED BIRTH CERTIFICATE!

ALL THAT CHANGED IN 1998 WHEN THE B.A.R. ATTORNEY THUGS GOT THEIR MAN JEFFS IN POWER. After that the families were evicted, parents arrested by CPS Code Enforcement, charged with ‘neglect’ for losing their home [no debt-no mortgage=100% illegal/courts 100% complicit] and the children were forced into the custody of CPS. When parents finally got through the family court system [9mos-2yrs] some of their children were missing from CPS and never heard of again.






fe99a8 No.1626559


Keep it for tomorrow, I'll try to bump if I see it.

f69398 No.1626569

File: 6829af0f8a8484d⋯.png (34.78 KB, 1329x338, 1329:338, Screenshot_43.png)

File: 44efc1f538a15dc⋯.png (384.14 KB, 771x795, 257:265, Screenshot_80.png)

Rumors of Jonathan Rothschild being involved with child trafficking with the organization Casa de los Niños.

3c972f No.1626577


40be44 No.1626650


>This is very interesting, because I've seen some CDAN blinds about a 'rehab' for teens that have been sex trafficked that exists in Colorado City. Run by Warren Jeffs' 65th wife. The whole FLDS church may have it's fingers in sex-trafficking (churches are uniquely positioned to traffick children internationally)…supposedly there's a link to David Geffen (through Dream Records….or Dreamcity, or Dream something church), and Weinstein.

>Either way, I looked up Colorado City online, and basically everyone says you can't even GO there. You'll be chased out of town; they don't fuck with outsiders AT ALL. They all have a million sister wives, and the FBI has wanted to get them for tax fraud and various different fraud for years, but there's no LEO that even ATTEMPTS to go into their little community because they're all batshit crazy. It's like a SOVEREIGN STATE within Arizona….which is crazy in of itself.

6e32c4 No.1626656

Not sure if anyone has made this connection yet, but…


6e6e47 No.1626674

I'm thinking CEMEX transports people in their cement trucks. No cement inside, of course. Ever the inside of one? They're kept pretty clean, in order to prevent concrete from sticking and building up… I'll bet that is how they're being trafficked.

1b42a7 No.1626694

File: 19bd445e6bd875e⋯.jpg (517.19 KB, 960x518, 480:259, camps.jpg)

Updated 3D map.

3c972f No.1626698


the drums are pretty thick. wonder if x-ray can even penetrate it? of course if it was lined with led it wouldn't matter

3c972f No.1626703


any new livestreams up? can't find any.

75581b No.1626711

Cemex CEO is Fernando Gonzalez-Olivieri


I keep seeing annons post the owners of Cemex as being Carlos Slim, Roths, Bronfrom without linking to a source. Wikipedia's page on the late CEO Lorenzon Zambrano states he inherited Cemex from his grandfather. Puzzling.

6e6e47 No.1626719

radio silence… comms down.. something 'aint white

3c972f No.1626738


is it possible that because it's become so big it was absorbed as a government entity?

1b42a7 No.1626776


Last one shut down after they saw something.

They are either arrested or dead.

35c096 No.1626782

Tucson Police Scanner https://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/22835/webflash

35c096 No.1626796


3c972f No.1626805


anything about VOP on it? can't listen the wife is asleep next to me.

2681d1 No.1626810


Sounds about right. I hope you have a VPN.

3c972f No.1626815


smash the fuck out of it!

cd5a23 No.1626825

File: 0ef34a9faf28314⋯.png (155.97 KB, 346x411, 346:411, ClipboardImage.png)


Anons…..i just remembered this - I had posted a day or two ago about the Greek guy who was assassinated in Toronto……….This guy had started a new social media network called Vleepo……..

Anyway, I know his uncle - he told me about a bunch of connections to JonBenet Ramsey's dad - this was about 2 years ago when I met the uncle.

Point being, he knew a lot about it, and I believe Q hinted at the same thing, that JonBenet was murdered because of her fathers refusal to get involved with some shady Cabal activities - so the family paid the price. I cannot exactly recall what it was, but anyway, Today in Arizona the Shrink gets murdered in that case too - strange? Related?

https:// www.cnn.com/2018/06/02/us/arizona-killings/index.html


I am not sure if the article I posted on this guy, is somehow related to this guy - a string of shootings in both places I think.

Anyone think theres a connection?? Granted the one connection is the uncle - he knew an awful lot of details about the Ramsey case and the family, personal stuff………

https:// www.ctvnews.ca/mobile/canada/police-identify-ceo-of-tech-company-as-victim-in-brazen-toronto-shooting-1.3951340https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/02/us/arizona-killings/index.html

6e6e47 No.1626829

even if they had a VPN, they could probably find a way to work around it. Lets not make it easy for them. Make them waste as much time and funds tracking the invisible. Fuck em. And if they do find us, go down fighting.

3c972f No.1626836


VPN only gives you a five minuet headstart

75581b No.1626847


It could be stock shareholder owned. Zambrano was unmarried without children so could have left the company with shareholders.

6e6e47 No.1626849


Sometimes, 5minutes is all you need. Use any advantage possible, by any means necessary

84de8e No.1626850

File: 8a628181b43fa2f⋯.jpg (168.5 KB, 1024x694, 512:347, PicsArt_06-04-01.17.16.jpg)

File: a9ae7564827eddd⋯.jpg (305.15 KB, 1071x1381, 1071:1381, PicsArt_06-04-01.16.49.jpg)

CEMEX Has some new rail-served distribution centers in California Colorado. They operate a railway but I'm not sure how far it goes with material. They do have have lots of quiet places where trucks and trains aren't out of place .

Take a look at the map in the center of the link, search any rail operator you like for details.

Trying to find one more source map for researchers. Train tracks missing kids are practically synonymous


I know we are missing 21 trillon from the DOD and HUD so if we funded a breakaway civilization, CEMEX built it. I suppose it adds some extra credence to the DUMS rumors.

You might poke around Victorville in case anybody is feeling inclined. It's not too far from Palmdale and Palmdale is run solidly by MS-13. The Santa Clara The Valley Signal newspaper may have some interesting stories in their morgue, small papers do a much better job at the work.

I'd look at old Portland Cement facilities too.

This is solid as hell. You got em, now you need to work your way around the gatekeepers. Any kid that hops rails and moves with homeless encampments will know where I bet.

Seems like everyone knew this but us.


3c972f No.1626854


like how TOR works as long as you stay in the network but once you go through an exit node you can be back traced easy as hell.

fe99a8 No.1626863


Cabal has probably seen this coming for the last few months. So many shady murders happening in this state lately.


>Linux, to cut down on backdoors

>VPN, to disguise your Tor traffic

>System-wide Tor proxy, to hide your IP

>Web proxy to fuck over the anti-Tor security measures of social media sites.

I refer to this as "triple bagging it"

fe99a8 No.1626871


Just make sure the proxy settings on your browser are set to system default, btw. Test it out first with duckduckgo.com or something.

40be44 No.1626880


Jon Benet's killer posted a confession online: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BGoGHISJ1AxiMtWS7259RPm4IlP4yp3se2FkLUAP7fM/edit

It's Bob Enyart of Denver Bible School. He did it. He's living in AZ now too. You may remember his church as the people that bomb abortion clinics.

75581b No.1626882


Haha! All that protection and Q still knows what you did last summer!

3c972f No.1626883


linux is the shit.

6e32c4 No.1626893


Tor=Clown run honeypot

6e32c4 No.1626899


They control the utility.

e1790a No.1626900

File: f400594c5434790⋯.pdf (349.42 KB, McCain’s Mob Connections_1….pdf)


It's all connected. Brofman's, Seagrams, Hemsley is McCain's Wife. "Newsweek said Mrs. McCain’s family “was deeply rooted in Arizona,” and that her father “was one of the most prominent men in the state,” who was “a World War II bombardier . . . shot down over the English channel,”—in other words, a war hero like McCain.

Newsweek did not mention (or even hint of) the racketeering, corruption and murder associated with Hensley and his patrons.

Newsweek said Hensley “borrowed $10,000 to start a liquor business” which became one of the largest Anheuser-Busch distributorships in the country and pointed out that the vast Hensley influence and fortune “got [McCain] access to money and connections” after he divorced his ailing first wife and married his then mistress, Cindy Hensley, and settled in Arizona where he first ran for office in 1982. But there was much more to the story.

Newsweek did not mention what AFP had reported and which is republished here in order to keep this important story before the American public:

To repeat: McCain’s father-in-law was the top

lieutenant for Kemper Marley, the Lansky syndicate’s chief Arizona operative who acted, in turn, as the front man for the Bronfman family—key players in the Lansky syndicate."

3c972f No.1626903


remember warez?

fe99a8 No.1626905


Only individual exit nodes, which can be identified. Still, never trust any of this 100%. You can't stop them if they're on your ass, but you can at least try to make their lives fucking miserable.

41ece5 No.1626920



This link does connect but shows "Invalid Source" for all scanner feeds even though some feeds show that listeners are on the line. Maybe you have to have a subscription to the newspaper to get access to the scanner feeds. Zero listeners unless otherwise shown.


Tucson Police Department & UA PD (108 listeners)

Tucson Fire Department (10 listeners)

Pima County Sheriff's Dep't

Northwest Fire District (2 listeners)

Tucson-area Union Pacific

Casa Grande Police & Fire


ca78ff No.1626921

Been doing some genealogical research to see if the Tuscon mayor is an ACTUAL Rothschild or just someone who shares the last name.

Turns out I can't find any serious connection to the infamous banking family – Johnathan's grandfather was called 'Frank Rothschild', but Johnathan's father was Lowell Rothschild, born in Chicago. Hardly sounds like banking elite.

As much as I want to connect him to that elite, I simply cannot find the link.

Heres a good starting point for interested Anons:


3947c5 No.1626935

File: 5b7afaf8f9b9f0e⋯.jpg (226.6 KB, 954x1244, 477:622, Q_ETS_PROOFS.jpg)

6e32c4 No.1626942


Fair, and true, on that end.

Quantum, FoxAcid, EgotisticalGiraffe, etc…

6e32c4 No.1626952


@EyeTheSpy is CIA.

fe99a8 No.1626953


Funny story, when this story started really picking up traction around 11 AM, my VPN mysteriously deactivated itself. I caught that right away so I manage to turn it back on before any packets were exchanged (at least to my knowledge). This was also around the time 8chan and FB were getting DDOS'd.

The clowns sure are desperate.

e1790a No.1626966

>>1626543 TUESDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2017 Blind Items - The Church

One thing upfront. The church I am referring to is not Scientology. This is a church that was founded just a couple of years ago in northern Arizona. Why this particular location? It is remote for sure, which helps. They learned in the past that it helps to be remote. They also learned in the past that it helps if they can attach themselves to another established church or religion. They got that in this northern Arizona town too. What they also got though are three things they treasure most of all. Number one was the built in security from the other very secretive religion in the area throughout the town, which was very open to the idea when they saw the very large check. Number two they had the ability to integrate hundreds of children into a community that seemingly has nothing but endless supplies of children. Finally, they were coming to a community where no one looks down on anyone who has sex with teens and tweens.

The people who founded the church like to say it is their version of the Trinity. A pretty sick one. Originally when they tried to do this in the northern part of the country, it didn't work out very well. There were too many competing interests. You had one group of people who were trafficking kids, but another group who was interested in trafficking women for prostitution. You also had a group who was trying to do good and everything intersected and it was a horrible mess.

They learned their lessons and waited until everything was in place. The church is a non profit and their biggest donor is a shell company which is part of another shell company which is owned by the same A+ list mogul we have seen time and time again in all of these stories. This is where things get a little interesting. Because of the racial makeup in the community, and wanting to make sure everyone blends in, they had to get the tweens and teens from Europe. Specifically they found some orphanages in Eastern Europe. How did they get them all into the country? Well, every church needs religious workers. The church hired twenty "pastors" and got them in as special immigrant religious workers. Each of these "pastors" had between four and six children they brought in with them, and of course their wives, many of whom had their own children too. Of course, none of these pastors or wives really have any kids they brought, but almost overnight, what these people have created is a fully functioning, safe from prying eyes place where these kids are being abused. Apparently, much like their protectors, they want to ensure a never ending supply, by having the teens get pregnant as often as possible.

You might wonder what all of this has in connection to Hollywood. Well, first of all, the financing of course all comes from our A+ list mogul. There is one very important other thing. Have you wondered why every male celebrity over the past couple of years goes to a rehab facility in Arizona, but you never see any photos of the rehab facility or them in the rehab facility? Have you wondered why no female celebrity has ever gone to this facility? Have you ever wondered why the men who go to this facility seemingly always stay longer than a normal 30 day rehab and often seem to go back every few months for followup treatment? Have you ever wondered why all of these male celebrities seem to be the ones with the longest histories of sexual indiscretions? When they don't mention Arizona, they will say an undisclosed location. Well, apparently all these guys like going to the same location and the flow never stops. It is not just celebrities, there has been a surge of high paid executives and others that have suddenly decided this rehab place is the one that they need to go to.

They have figured out a way for them to go to "rehab," and get "better," so the world will forgive them and let them get back to making a lot of money.



fe99a8 No.1626982


This, even though I think he's related. The spelling of the name is way too uncommon for it to be a coincidence, but I doubt he has a strong blood relation to the main branches of the family. Been meaning to dig into that topic specifically.

3c972f No.1627008


could be that somewhere down the family line they changed the last name to appear more important.

f7562d No.1627042


Figures they'd do that, would be cool if an anon were to get some drone footage of the firefight.

"on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day." - JFK

2faee9 No.1627054


That speech was woke AF by Kennedy.

3c972f No.1627056


>>24013 post number


651ba8 No.1627078

i would like to know if the standoff is still going on?

also, keep up the good work anons, i believe in you.

3c972f No.1627102


the link i just posted is a video of them 3 hours ago at night.

f7562d No.1627103

File: 86f161a74b2036a⋯.jpg (131.94 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, vrill.jpg)


He actually was aware of Vrill (alien parasite) hosts at the time, along with human cloning. Unfortunately he had waited too long in finding a way to disclose such terrifying knowledge to the public.

2faee9 No.1627107


Last update was three hours ago when they were live, the sun was setting then and the two guys at the site were preparing to hole up in the tower for the evening. Nothing since then, my guess is they're sleeping in shifts, with one of them using the NVG set they have up there at all times.

41ece5 No.1627110


Link to anon's pdf on McCain's family connections. Article dated Aug. 18, 2008. Extremely interesting. Explains much of the antagonism toward McCain.


adf69c No.1627113

File: e3d45801681c1e3⋯.png (434.59 KB, 700x550, 14:11, Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at ….png)

3c972f No.1627114



here is the most recent i believe

1b42a7 No.1627116


>3 hours ago.

>Uploaded on May 31.

3c972f No.1627119

f7562d No.1627123

File: 70001be3c63f349⋯.jpg (4.25 KB, 211x239, 211:239, vrill3.jpg)


"Onimusha means demon slayer in Japanese. Oni are what Japan Japan called Vrill lizards in the past. Vrill are also known as demons, another name of theirs."

Donald Marshall:…… pretty much look like the guys in crabbuckit- by Kos….

but way smaller, face pretty much same, eyes on stalks, pretty scary lookin. mouths a bit different. Kos was allowed to put theyre face in the video, I made the crabbuckit song for em and they were so confident and arrogant that they'd never get caught they just let him do the video, he was showing that in some places you have drones walking around you and ya dont even know it,… watch video, he has magic sunglasses so he can see them,… they're only a foot tall though and neck down covered in scales,.. red. usually

adf69c No.1627127

File: 387808524e94231⋯.png (99.7 KB, 283x154, 283:154, Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at ….png)



3c972f No.1627128

my brain is getting racked. im on 3 threads at once

6e32c4 No.1627138


We believe in you too. ;)

adf69c No.1627144

File: 1d85dde7dc0a427⋯.png (84.63 KB, 579x290, 579:290, Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at ….png)


>"Onimusha means demon slayer in Japanese. Oni are what Japan Japan called Vrill lizards in the past. Vrill are also known as demons, another name of theirs."

6e32c4 No.1627148


lol. I have so many tabs open, and screen scrapers running, it's just dumbtarded.

Too many datas!!

6af095 No.1627151

File: 191654bbaa35680⋯.jpg (637.23 KB, 1003x700, 1003:700, 1.jpg)

e1790a No.1627185


Albert Rothschild (Grandfather) D, Rothschild Company, geain Commissioner, Chicago, Ill


6e32c4 No.1627186


Thanks for reposting this. I've been digging (lightly between all the other stuffs I'm doing atm), and trying to find the Bronfman/Carlos Slim connection to Cemex, but I can't seem to find anything. In fact, ironically(and awesomesauce), I'm finding lots more about Obama connections.

What is the Bronfman/Rothschild/Carlos connection?

I know Carlos was a competitor with Cemex at one point. Did he end up taking over?

83e2d4 No.1627187

File: 307651a5beaae9e⋯.png (250.45 KB, 1536x864, 16:9, Desert Diamond Casino logo.png)


The Desert Diamond Casino looks to be a few miles from "the camp" I saw some where people said there was a storm drain ditch/tunnels under the roads that lead from the camp to the casino. Pic is of the casino logo. Makes you wonder…

6e32c4 No.1627193


Boy lover. It doesn't just make you wonder, it lets you know.

d27377 No.1627195


Mexican Mafia: la EME


6e32c4 No.1627199


Oh. fuck. Good point there.

adf69c No.1627204

File: 47d64c51b4f78e3⋯.png (212.81 KB, 940x1136, 235:284, rez.png)


AZ ANONS must scout location!

adf69c No.1627219

File: 2e603394ce8d1c9⋯.png (317.72 KB, 990x1118, 495:559, REVIEW OF SCHOOL!.png)

File: f0d9918fb4b3cbc⋯.png (452.01 KB, 834x421, 834:421, Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at ….png)

look into nearby school that has it's own Airport

Fenster school

other schools have pedophilia logos in their name

adf69c No.1627230

File: 526fe0af4255098⋯.png (183.96 KB, 513x368, 513:368, Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at ….png)

moar evidence the towns near tucson are in on it

6e32c4 No.1627232


On it.

6e32c4 No.1627240


What kind of relatively not super wealthy school with a boy lover symbol in their name has their own airport?

Did I really just have to ask someone that question???

d20070 No.1627247

File: 4731ced1a33b517⋯.jpeg (36.46 KB, 207x232, 207:232, 10243951492.jpeg)

Israel, the Rothschilds and every god forsaken yid and shabbos goyim better fucking hang for this shit.

This Q nigger nigger needs to bring the god damn pain to these fucking parasites.

41ece5 No.1627248

Found the mayor's Twat account. No postings by him on the camp situation.


069b84 No.1627254


the fuck is this place


6e32c4 No.1627264


Dunno, but I see ZERO living things.

069b84 No.1627269


Solar panels on top


6e32c4 No.1627276


Looks like a school, with a guard shack, no children, or things to otherwise indicate it is a school.

6e32c4 No.1627288


Awfully fucking small for a school. Looks more like an office complex.

6e32c4 No.1627305


Wait… I think I see something that's supposed to pass for a playground, but it might just be some sticks in the sand.

Yeah.. no.. just sticks.

069b84 No.1627317



Assesors website says the property is owned by Vail Charter Schools. Could be a lead.

6e32c4 No.1627330

File: 8c96561795b2450⋯.png (335.69 KB, 474x563, 474:563, Screenshot-2018-6-4 VOP Al….png)

Keyword: 'was'

Any word on these guys, or should I just assume they've been offed? No late-night live streams from the watchtower? No 'Hey, it's 2 am, and we're still here not giving up'?

I have bad feelings. Also, logical thoughts.

069b84 No.1627336


they haven't been updating at night, so not abnormal

fe99a8 No.1627355

Tucson anon signing off for the night. Comms are being maintained, our guys are safe. Expect updates in the morning. We're just getting started.

6e32c4 No.1627356


They have a 9/10 rating. Desert school has a 9/10 rating.

My high school was in the top 10% of high schools when I attended. We had a 7/10 rating.

Desert school has a 9/10 rating.

6e32c4 No.1627361


Fair enough. Ty.

83e2d4 No.1627368


Link to the nursery IG, WTF?!?! https://www.instagram.com/p/Bhr5fWwgQJx/?taken-by=civanogardencenter

133c77 No.1627372

File: 260246796e79448⋯.png (675.3 KB, 819x601, 819:601, CemexTijuana.png)

File: fc59e8447b951c8⋯.png (858.44 KB, 934x603, 934:603, CemexMexico.png)

File: 3b407d1f086ae6a⋯.png (51.13 KB, 1086x343, 1086:343, CemexGtranslate.png)

File: 05ef1c26aee7492⋯.png (777.53 KB, 934x601, 934:601, CemexCarnival.png)

File: b6115b3651d2383⋯.png (756.63 KB, 936x453, 312:151, CemexDominican.png)

6e32c4 No.1627375


You have an 'in'? You know?

I mean, like, do you actually *know*?

If so, and if possible, let those boys know we love'em; and that anon… in.many.ways… has their six.

6e32c4 No.1627396


Speak of the angel….


fe99a8 No.1627411


I'm not in touch with Lewis directly (which is for the better), but with people close to the effort. Night anons.

6e32c4 No.1627424


Wasn't just talking about Lewis. Night.

069b84 No.1627426


he's an energetic one, that's for sure

7dd93e No.1627465

File: 8e27c290cc11f44⋯.gif (182.31 KB, 320x240, 4:3, cmicsfee.gif)

6e32c4 No.1627474


That he is, and you know.. that's the weird thing…

I've known a couple of guys like this, seals, spec-ops, whatever, and when they get out they usually get fat, lazy, and depressed. Nothing against them, but some of them have like… cocaine for blood.

They tend to piss me off because they never stop talking, and they're not usually the brightest light in the hallway, but they can move more bricks than me in a 24 hour period, and they're always nice guys even when they're assholes.

They're high-energy, they mean well, and they're effective [typically, at least]enough.

I have a weird love/hate sort of relationship with this sort of persona.

It's like: 'STFU because I wish I could be as dumb and loud as you and yet still 10 times as effective and nice as I am!'

0f0566 No.1627527

adf69c No.1627554

Soros owns $41,000,000 in CEMEX stock

6e32c4 No.1627558


Yes, it is!

I told my wife and she looked at me like 'daaaaaaaaaaffffffuuuuuccccckkkk?'

Then I told my neighbor and they looked at me like 'daaaaaaaaaaffffffuuuuuccccckkkk?'

Then I told my landlord, and she looked at me like 'daaaaaaaaaaffffffuuuuuccccckkkk?'

Then I looked in the mirror, and I was like 'daaaaaaaaaaffffffuuuuuccccckkkk?'

6e32c4 No.1627562


Yeah, it's like some straight up 'Breaking Bad' shit going on here….

6e32c4 No.1627570


Soros owns $41,000,000 in everything, Including the little Mexican taco stand that sells heavenly empanadas.

2faee9 No.1627597

Update: Cadaver dogs are coming in the morning. TPD arrived under the supervision of a competent chief and they secured the site and collected further evidence. Apparently there's a bigshot cartel boss being shielded on the neighboring reservation, which is unconnected to the trafficking, as he's into moving drugs, but CEMEX is fighting to keep the dogs out. The guys are off the tower, but are keeping watch over the site alongside police right now.

6e32c4 No.1627621


Keyword: 'alongside'

f75e48 No.1627626



Despite the theme of the music video, I'm 100% sure that song is about shooting heroin.

4cb4fd No.1627635


So the secret funding source of this "church" is a known hollywood pedophile elite??

2faee9 No.1627644


All I can go by is what the guy said, but according to him there's finally a TPD unit out there that's securing the site with them. Given the nature of how organized crime works, we can't really be too certain of their sincerity, as ANY trafficking ring this large would undoubtedly have made deep inroads into the local law enforcement, but at least according to VOP, the police seem intent on keeping anyone from disturbing the site before cadaver dogs are there. When you're dealing with shit that seems to be more suited to some sort of crime novel or TV show, rather than reality, it gets difficult to divine who exactly is on the up and up and who isn't. I'm just hoping they get the dogs there and confirm whether or not there are any bodies in the area…but in any event I expect this to be buried in the media and in social media regardless of the outcome.

6e32c4 No.1627663


Whos dogs?

2faee9 No.1627678


Tucson PD are bringing them in the morning according to VOP. Now, whether or not they show up remains to be seen, but the situation at the moment sees the TPD at the site with a unit keeping guard, with their assurance (for what that's worth…idk, I don't live there), that cadaver dogs will come after daybreak.

41ece5 No.1627681

>>1627649 (bread #2047)

See comment on admissibility of evidence. I think the VOP will be OK.

2faee9 No.1627704


Good point, but look at how notoriously fickle "admissibility" is when it suits the needs of the state or the defense. They're technically within their legal right to submit what they've collected as evidence, so long as they can document it was handled "properly", but at the end of the day it depends on how the legal system decides to handle it. It can be "misplaced", it can be "re-examined and determined to not support the original conclusions", or they can straight up lie and say, "It was determined to be inadmissible because of [shoddy reason here]". The court of public opinion, though, is taking an increasing interest in this, even with FB and other social media sites trying to limit the exposure, so perhaps the judiciary will be less willing to pull some shit.

4cb4fd No.1627737


if it saves 1 child its worth it….that is real class

883e29 No.1627766

File: 7cb2adb305ea5ab⋯.jpg (2.75 MB, 3727x2671, 3727:2671, Qclocksunday64.jpg)


Qclock told us this would go down

look at the clock for sunday 6/3

connects to 4/4 and 12/5

ec7c62 No.1627771


Dont do anything illegal, we still don't have the full story here

5e6b85 No.1627798

Tunnels and subversive outposts all over I believe . Have seen disturbing things, DOD clearances on long abandoned buildings adjacent to train cars , freight yards, and old cemex satellites . Princeton 93021. Under the bridge , what they got you gotta get it put it in you. Do a little dance (ritual) then drink a little water (blood/adrenochrome)

Massive unmarked truck staging , C trains, 118 is military intelligence highway , CAG tunnels - you name it, it's here.

a4ec9c No.1627799


2faee9 No.1627816


Indeed. Take the site in question, for instance. It's been abandoned by CEMEX for quite some time, but they're still paying close to $75 grand a year in property tax on it. Why pay tax on a property that doesn't have anywhere near that much in scrap or resource value unless you need to keep it labeled as "private property" for some reason?

5e6b85 No.1627879


Just woke up from dead sleep. Feel compelled . Black aerospace here. Patriot here. 12 in the clip . Going on a fact finding mission . Post when I'm safe . No coincidences . They killed Manly , they killed Jack, they may be farming chicken and cheese pizza within my POSIT . I can live with the cost. Multi famim conscientiam pauci verentur. Time to steerpoint is about 8 minutes .

f4de89 No.1627889


f4de89 No.1627902





f4de89 No.1627906


5e6b85 No.1627974


Found SUB T entrance fresh tracks full width vehicle , freight weights . Secured with 3 inch steel doors sealed at bottom with fresh silicone . Found spent shell (22) . Adjacent to windowless buildings in all four cardinal directions North listed as LEO storage South listed as zoned industrial reserve , it's a 4 sq mile guarded lot of Cargo containers , mostly Chinese registry of ley, West is the windowless secured office of a security and engineering subsidiary east is a windowless and boarded up pizza parlor , no shit, with evidence of activity inside when I just infiltrated . Mercedes and range rovers with paper plates no signs of light or audible evidence . Had to keep the recon quick and quiet .

LEO are all ex mil , 95% semper fi and masons low percentage , few are - odd fellows , know nothings. Joinable orders aren't really more than rank and file . Order takers, the hereditary orders are the middle rung . Hobbyists bring in fresh cash and build the control files . I'm interested in finding the cap stone .

All for now.

84de8e No.1627975




1fb462 No.1628003


Or "no more important test" could mean they won't find any forensics. "We cannot turn away from what's happening" could mean people looking into this and they fixing any links. "We have to act" is pretty obvious they are on the attack.

Just throwing that out there.

9c98e8 No.1628045

I wonder if the masses knew would they get in their trucks and drive down like they did for Hurricane Harvey….i hope so

ee30aa No.1628152


That's good thinking. Is there any big Canadian lumber companies that are up there?

May wanna put any more discussion on this in the general so as not to clog up this thread.

Really good idea though.

c43253 No.1628159


Good obs anon.

915b9f No.1628163

Somebody needs to take a close look at Lewis Arthur, aka "screwy louie" (Bundy Ranch)

ee30aa No.1628196


Whoa, this could be yuge lead on the Church. The original CDAN blind clearly says "Northern AZ" but the Geffen record label & Trinity is too "coincindental" not to pursue.

Always had a feeling LDS was behind this somewhere.

ac9f33 No.1628199


What video? Link? This sounds interesting

9c98e8 No.1628247

File: 3c9352958a0e457⋯.jpg (204.79 KB, 901x783, 901:783, Screenshot_20180604-051444.jpg)

File: b582ae6cae0c2c2⋯.jpg (130.98 KB, 1063x545, 1063:545, Screenshot_20180604-051242.jpg)

Paper Planes BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM (gun) JA… Connections ? Qute Hammer

ee30aa No.1628255


They do love their anagrams.



Don't follow these "Christian" megachurches at all. What version of the Bible do they use? New International Version by any chance?


Yes. This is one giant web and we haven't even gotten into the UTAH angle yet.

2d9783 No.1628284


What is the source of the first screenshot with Brian E. complaining about a school? I cannot find it online.

adf69c No.1628345


Yelp review of fenster

ee30aa No.1628455


Not exec, director. Think tippy top.


Holy Crown Royal, anon. You just hit a big kahuna.

Putting sauce over in general for now, until we can find a direct connection to the ring.


837fb5 No.1628522

File: f6c003ef85b47f5⋯.jpeg (91.22 KB, 852x540, 71:45, tucsonsex.jpeg)

on the side road check this out!

ee30aa No.1628534



Link to sauce on John Parker

>>1628520 #2048

b01aab No.1628560

File: 1470dea86429411⋯.png (391.35 KB, 926x1294, 463:647, Able danger benet.png)

File: 1a35417decc9b2e⋯.png (277.65 KB, 2038x674, 1019:337, Jon Benet Father.png)

b7aaeb No.1628617

File: d3ebd847b3245f9⋯.png (650.17 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, 1B5E01A7-E29A-4DCF-B116-BC….png)

Here’s another bad reviews for the Fenster School.

cb0130 No.1628627

How "sensitive" is this information if all of its true? im not trying to get a fucking MS13 hit called on me or my family for sharing this shit… Im being serious. the people who are responsible will do whatever it takes to protect themselves.

f78fac No.1628633

>>1622546 These are alternate sections of land with different ownerships, hence different treatments. Some clearcuts (especally in Oregon and Washington). Really nothing to see here, except some over-logging in some areas.

b01aab No.1628648

File: 29d8fc3e63d8d30⋯.png (182.11 KB, 867x782, 51:46, Q post april 4th.png)


Hey brother, Is there any chance you

could confirm these drainage tunnels

mentioned in do infact run under the casino?

>>1621708 (Qresearch) bread#2039

>>1626164 (Qresearch) bread#2045

Also, The Casino Uses a front name

"ranier Enterprises"

(registered corprate agent)




(registered agent)


1811 W. EASTMAN DR , ANTHEM, AZ 85086, USA

This is not dox, this is publicaly available info

on Sec Arizona's website.

Found the connection between the casino

and these two entities through this article


I believe the Casino is used to Launder profits

from trafficking.

This will blow your mind, and more anons need

to read this article


Art Del Cueto president of the Border Patrol Local 2544 Union and vice president of the National Border Patrol Council said he was disappointed over the decision.

He told News 4 Tucson, that the reservation is

responsible for close to 50 percent of all the

drug seizures in the entire country.

(doesn't even mention how many S.A. children are

trafficked through that Rez)

Godspeed Anon, May the Forces Of Light

Keep and Watch Over You

b9ba3a No.1628691

File: 558b6aa01707633⋯.jpg (667.47 KB, 1592x1290, 796:645, Child Trafficking and Sex ….jpg)

File: ea9b9335e545d0d⋯.jpg (861.37 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, Child Trafficking and Sex ….jpg)

File: c807ba8c0c29fb8⋯.jpg (630.71 KB, 1003x700, 1003:700, Child Trafficking In Arizo….jpg)

507e9a No.1628815

File: f72ada02021a270⋯.png (2.57 MB, 1775x854, 1775:854, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 9671d36eaae566e⋯.jpg (440.05 KB, 1694x869, 154:79, cemex-sewers.JPG)

File: 8f30b4ad4db72a2⋯.png (2.3 MB, 1898x916, 949:458, ClipboardImage.png)


>The fight for the wall is so much more.

CEMEX refuses to build DJT's wall .. https://www.nasdaq.com/article/how-the-company-that-spurned-trumps-wall-will-still-profit-cm767294

Also this is a good site, you need to use Internet Explorer and install an Autodesk add in, but lots of info here, pic related Cemex site circa 2010, I am pretty sure they are just overland conveyors. I was looking to see if there was any info on tunnels/sewers and where they ran. Still poking around in it.


Also the Sheriff County Patrol zones puts it under Ajo jurisdiction


Welcome, WWG1WGA we are here for the children. All anons are equal, dont worry about posting just drop any research you have or help with existing. Onward together. We are going to be here for a while.

4bfea7 No.1628975


Washington eyes reporting in. Little more detail? And WA is big hub area. I'd love something to do this week

adf69c No.1629319


Has been following CIA childt traffic sites in FLORIDA and found connection to camp in AZ. We gotta look into John Regan

This audio was attempted to be destroyed

2cf14f No.1629337


The facebook guys posted an update by the way

8f68e4 No.1629426

File: 998eaf6c1ad5dab⋯.png (482.8 KB, 2560x1600, 8:5, Capture d’écran 2018-06-0….png)


adf69c No.1629440

Do they not want us to look up "Marco rubio" ?

Audio at 1:15 about threats on who not to look into. We need to help this journalist who has his neck on the line


adf69c No.1629448

File: a9a923c2ac59698⋯.jpg (662.27 KB, 1080x2220, 18:37, Screenshot_20180604-012756….jpg)


Their instagram

b4ff9f No.1629450

I have followed the Q and Anon crowd for a long time and have shared what I have learned with others. I know you don't need accolades, but this event shows just how powerful you are as a team.

You are really digging up a lot of great information and building relationships to other locations and potential corruption. You are amazing.

If the bad guys once to feared the FBI and their investigative powers, they need to really fear the ANON power and the publicity that goes with it. You almost have to pity the bad guys that are in your sites. You are relentless; after over year of digging and figuring out clues from Q You know no bounds.

As a Vietnam Vet Special Ops I could not be more proud of your actions when called upon. You Are AMERICA MEGA.

You are already disrupting their network and organization. You are making them public. They can no longer use the discovered hiding spots. Corrupt politicians and officers at all levels will be running scared… and not supporting the corruption. You are already saving children from abduction as these rats go into hiding.

You are ANON Warriors and have every right to be proud of all your hard work and effort.

8f68e4 No.1629452


Yea I saw, from there I got to the site. Creepy. But added to this, their logo is even more.

fe99a8 No.1629480

Repost from gen:


Morning anons, today is going to be one hell of a day: this is the day we bring light to darkness. VOP is safe and holding down the tower, but it won’t be long till Arizona law enforcement or MS-13 try to make a move again. We’re not going to let them. We have six goals, some more easily accomplished than others:

1.) Spread awareness of the camps and the effort being led in Tucson.

2.) Mock the media for their silence and blow any counter-narrative they form out of the water.

3.) Guilt trip police and local government for DEFENDING MS-13 AND PEDOPHILES, in hopes to instigate dissent among them. DO NOT CHILDISHLY INSULT OR THREATEN THEM. Ignore memes that do so.

4.) Rally any veterans, militia members, or current military to help secure the city and search for more camps/tunnels.

5.) Seek out, publicly attack, and mock known MS-13 or cartel social media accounts. Let them know we’re no longer afraid.

6.) Cause such a massive shitstorm that POTUS will have no choice but to intervene.

Use the #OperationBackYardBrawl hashtag and continue to hijack #WhereAreTheChildren. Check the War Room threads for more ideas (>>834140).

We need people to hit up every social media platform they can find and have our meme infantry to start collecting sauce pics from the videos and Facebook page. We’ll post target lists as we go.


1e7a78 No.1629512


VOP is NOT in the tower, they left the tower last night. TPD was supposed to be securing the site last night but VOP was keeping an eye on things.

af1465 No.1629525


Thank you for the resource brother, I will

also do some poking.

Seems like you have confirmed the existence

of the drainage systems, No doubt they are

all interlocking.

Great work Patriot, Thank You again.

fe99a8 No.1629529


Ah, yeah just finished getting updated. They'll probably have to go back up, but it's hard to say what's going to happen. TPD just wants to close their eyes and hope it goes away at this point.

5d8183 No.1629540

File: 07c8958546018e6⋯.jpg (127.94 KB, 837x770, 837:770, cemex Soros.jpg)


3fffd4 No.1629582

Hey guys, monitoring this thread and analyzing pictures.

It seems obvious what has to be done

39ddb8 No.1629605

The guy who was going around killing paralegals linked to child cases has been found dead in a hotel.


b10163 No.1629608

Please bump this thread with useful comments, not just "bump"

Also please bookmark the Bitchute video and share with people, FB is impossible to share to the public!





39ddb8 No.1629621



1e7a78 No.1629663


except your bitchute link 404's…

2aebfd No.1629833


what site r u using for this?

e1790a No.1629924

>>1627597 I wouldn't be so sure about no involvement Anon.


…"Her neighbor, Rosanna Manuel, has lived her entire life in Cowlic. She, also, was not bothered by the smugglers and migrants from Mexico.

They were her partners and clients.

And victims.

Last month, Manuel was sentenced to five years in federal prison for her role in the kidnapping of four migrants.

When she’s released, she’ll likely be back in Cowlic.

By then, things could be very different on the reservation."


b10163 No.1629972

File: c91ca731361c625⋯.webm (1.93 MB, 482x604, 241:302, bloody knife no audio.webm)



well here is the important clip of the bloody knife


e1790a No.1629990


In part, it's much bigger than that, International in scope. It all seems to intersect. Read the comments and then explore the 7 or so related threads at CDAN.

On the threads it is speculated @Phoenix

The Church - FLDS

the church (small c) - Dream Centers


a817db No.1630013



6a4daa No.1630026


And just Soros & Roth…

>Nicholas Investment Partners, 7.3 M shares



Nicholas Investment Partners is based out of Rancho Santa Fe.

Nicholas Investment Partners's largest holding is Las Vegas Sands Corp. (aka SHELDON ADELSON)

>Advent Capital Mgmt - 27.76 M shares


(February 8, 2013) – A U.K. high court held Friday that the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center counted as two occurrences arising out of two events, upholding an arbitration tribunal's award to a Barclays PLC subsidiary that suffered losses on reinsurance contracts.

Siding with Barclays unit Heraldglen Ltd. and Advent Capital (No. 3) Ltd., the High Court of Justice rejected Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co. Ltd.'s challenge to the arbitration tribunal's January 2012 decision.

>Zazove Associates - 25.95 M shares


Zazove Associates is based out of Northbrook IL. Zazove Associates is a large advisory firm with discretionary assets under management (AUM) of $3B.

Zazove Associates's largest holding is Liberty Media Corporation (aka SIRIUS XM & FORMULA 1)

>Franklin Resources - 37.25 M shares


Franklin Resources is based out of San Mateo CA. (aka SILICON VALLEY)

Their last reported 13F filing for Q1 2018 included $197B in managed 13F securities.

Franklin Resources's largest holding is Microsoft Corp.

Picture becoming clearer yet?

a02038 No.1630041

https: //twitter.com/JRothschildAZ/status/900059371995975680


adf69c No.1630171

I read something that correlated MINEX and CEMEX to be working together

[underground tunnels]

adf69c No.1630174


but i fuckin can't find it

d9f3fb No.1630188


See the numbers




Not Q.

adf69c No.1630190


guy has been harassed by fake anons, and was just reinstated from a month long youtube ban… check the video of threats… he has obviously found something if clinton herself is on his callerID

a57d8f No.1630235

>>1627127 no, that's an old one from Saturday night i believe.

a57d8f No.1630254

>>1629972 you can't tell that's a bloody knife from our perspective just by looking at the vid. We'll have to take their word for it as for as any blood goes.

a57d8f No.1630421

>>1629529 The cartels must've paid TPD off a long time ago. Hell, i'm sure the Mexican drug cartels have authority over the FBI and Border patrol as well. Those drug cartels don't fuck around. I'm almost certain Mandalay Bay shooting was drug related. Only a crazy drug cartel would stage such a outrageous crime.

e1790a No.1630439


Is that part of this? Please confirm.

"Construction has begun on new improvements at West Hollywood Park. The phase of work will implement and complete the vision of the West Hollywood Park Master Plan."


Bid Awards (see page 4 of 6 - Site Concrete)

You would think that they would procure their material from the closest site, but who knows.


a57d8f No.1630453


what's this have to do with the CEMEX showdown?

a57d8f No.1630503

new update/vid https://www.facebook.com/1415347948612114/videos/1420872158059693/

fe99a8 No.1630522


I've been telling folks down here that I don't think "paid off" is the way to describe it. The higher ups are actively working for them. A lot of us just see TPD as a gang now, even former officers.

eb5a10 No.1630548

latest video live stream ended less than 1 hour ago


I am unable to dump the videos I have archived, for some reason its not letting me, so these links will have do work for now. They may not be available forever, so please download them

fe99a8 No.1630570


Had the same problem, been recording them offline when I can, but can't upload.

42d799 No.1630611


Clear as Fiji water.

d81bee No.1630670

File: af2ae4b1dc1c2e3⋯.jpg (176.6 KB, 652x420, 163:105, KGUN9.jpg)


The Veterans out in Tucson, AZ working on the "Child-Trafficking Camp" situation have requested our help. The local news there(KGUN 9) has been spinning the story and saying that the camp is actually for homeless people. They apparently have hours of footage they took of interviews with people down there/etc but refuse to release it. We have all seen what the hell is going on down there, so the cover-up has been activated.

The Vets are asking for us to contact (KGUN 9) and demand that they release ALL the footage that they got onsite:


STATION SWITCHBOARD: MAIN: 520-722-5486 | FAX: 520-733-7050

NEWS DEPARTMENT: news@kgun9.com | MAIN: 520-290-7700 | FAX: 520-298-6363

Let's get to work. WWG1WGA

fe99a8 No.1630935


First target list:

Compiled from https://www.kgun9.com/staff

Stella Inger



Pat Parris



Whitney Clark



Valerie Cavazos



Kevin Boughton



Priscilla Casper (Hit her up especially, she covers the border)



Max Darrow



Carlos Herrera



Alexa Liacko



Jennifer Martinez



Ivan Rodriguez



Craig Smith



Ina Ronquillo


Phil Villarreal



Brandi Walker


d06f65 No.1631011

File: 7aee4863b1cb02b⋯.png (211.5 KB, 767x768, 767:768, FbzDb4iIbcxPeXuF1ZAW8CE1qj….png)

From PODESTA WikiLeaks emails: Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) meeting in 2013 identifies Mexico as "compelling candidate for host country", cites existing constituency of CGI members, CARLOS SLIM and CEMEX.

007164 No.1631113


Liked this a lot!!!! Thanks!

fe99a8 No.1631157


It's not illegal, all of it was found and confirmed via open source. I'm just still on the fence on whether it's a good move.

Tell you what. There's only one Jonathan Rothschild in this town, he's not hard to find. Took me only 5 minutes to look up on Whitepages and cross-reference with his wife's info

e5fe8b No.1631170


If it's all open source you should dump it here

d06f65 No.1631175

Mexico's Cemex surges on Obama infrastructure plan


6af095 No.1631205

File: 9102b78776838a7⋯.jpg (324.81 KB, 716x547, 716:547, KGUN9list.jpg)

e04166 No.1631208

File: 6d55d92b9809e2b⋯.png (74.32 KB, 832x517, 832:517, 2018-06-04 12.03.17.png)


Civano is its own little development on the other side of tucson near Houghton rd

e04166 No.1631214


And since it was removed with no chain of custody. It's inadmissable.. rookie move

d06f65 No.1631219


I love you. I love the love you're putting out here.

I wonder how many of us are vets ;)

55cce4 No.1631288


Here's some news footage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arniEAx8Gxw

There's really not much there. I don't know why you guys didn't show that newscaster what you had.



fe99a8 No.1631339


That footage is from the 2nd, before V4CR left. We found the rest of the stuff on the 3rd.

Also could you clarify your reply to my list?

4adba4 No.1631381

File: 83cdcbba54c5f07⋯.jpg (671.42 KB, 1343x846, 1343:846, Dm-mq1b.jpg)



US AFB Visited by Obama in 2011 while

visiting Tucson. Home to a couple of A-10 Fighter wings and more importantly 2 heli rescue wings with blackhawk helis. Also some drone wings.

Anyone else see anything?

55cce4 No.1631460


Yes. Let me see if I have my timelines straight.

You call this news guy out to this encampment to look at the rape tree and the kid sex dungeon that you found.

So he drives out there with his crew to find you guys with nothing but strap around a tree and a water tank in the ground for shelter.

Now you want him to come back out to look at the knife and the plane ticket that you found?

Local stations often communicate with each other. You embarrassed this guy. Word spread. And now you want us to harass the news station to go back out there again? When you won't even show us the things you allegedly have?


63aace No.1631493


Sounds like you got your timelines twisted, because what I derived from the post was that the news station already has the footage, but refuse to show it. Sound familiar?

d951cf No.1631549


This is probably the guy from KGUN 9 in Tucson I spoke with earlier today, he is still butt hurt we have a way to spread information that is not reliant on the media.

When I mentioned 4chan he scoffed.

Oh, I'm sorry, we have a place to share OUR video and OUR photos to the public?

You have a problem with that Mr. Media Man?

Does that challenge your Cemex paycheck???

Maybe you're not going to get invited to the mayors next pizza party I guess! Sowrry, loser.

7e5210 No.1631557

File: 99f2d9fb7cd3ac6⋯.png (198.6 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_20180604-125658.png)

Search "concrete" in the WikiLeaks hacked Clinton emails…


fe99a8 No.1631592


Completely backwards. We're not asking him to come back. We don't care about the media at this point. I posted the list so anons could launch memes at them and keep the hashtag out there, not "harass" them.

55cce4 No.1631597


You don't come from 4chan, or 8chan. You are VOP. Craig Sawyer is an MKULTRA victim. Pics/vids of graves or GTFO

4adba4 No.1631600

fe99a8 No.1631637


Welp, it looks like the shills have found this thread finally and are doing their "real forshan" bullshit. Filtered.

940732 No.1631641

File: 9382ced96eddeb1⋯.png (980.08 KB, 557x758, 557:758, wSwSl6H.png)

Sign outside CEMEX plant…hand made, colored, "kiddy" looking sign with a house. Top Ph # comes back to airplane mechanic who lives in Sahuarita, 10 mins from CEMEX. I do not recall if I called the top number. I do not recall if hispanic lady answered, I do not recall if I asked her a question, and she may/may not have angrily hung up on me immediately. This needs some digging. I have scoured all other intersections in the area and could not find this sign again.

97085d No.1631648

File: e497186876a1960⋯.jpg (39.43 KB, 475x280, 95:56, CatchingFlak.jpg)


Its been 24 hours since this went viral, the shills have had time to get their stories set in concrete from their higher ups, however, it is a sundered foundation, and will be undermined with ease thanks to the flood of light, and love that is being shared by the concerned citizens who want this nation restored, as well as its enemies, both foreign, and domestic - routed

fe99a8 No.1631664


Yeah I knew today was going to be a major shitshow, general research has been like a daycare.

54ff85 No.1631756

I live in Canby, OR and there is a Cemex plant and pit located in town. the plant is right next door to the local high school, and the pit is a huge chunk of land about 2 miles away from the plant. Everywhere I look online says the pit in permanently closed, but it looks like theres still people working there. I want to go check it out, but I think theres security, and I dont want to be arrested again. Theres an airport close by, but it looks like they have a landing strip on this property. Also located right next to active train tracks. Canby is in Clackamas County, about 2 towns over from the Clackamas Town Center mall, which I've heard is one of the top locations in the country for amount of kidnappings.

fe99a8 No.1631761

Alright, going to be heading out in an hour to see if I can get picks of the old site or any new ones. Wish me luck anons!

e5fe8b No.1631766


let someone know where you're going/when you expect to return. Be careful.

fe99a8 No.1631797


Can do, gonna try meeting up with some of our guys before going heading out.

d951cf No.1631842



Wishing you the luck backed by God almighty!

You're doing the lords work, thank you!

So many of us wish we were there on the ground, but we are fully supporting, anything you get, upload it up here!

Many of us can spread information far and wide

41ece5 No.1631861


Fact sheet on Davis-Monthan:


Aircraft Boneyard:


fe99a8 No.1631896

Keep watching that FB page, we got three more leads, all Cemex property!



39f067 No.1631948


nothing about these 'support' posters or diggers smells 'anon'.

this is our first major psyop

>vets (deep state boots on the ground) go looking for homeless vets

>we totally do this all the time

>whadda yaknow, we tracked a homeless vet out here to the desert

>its totally not a homeless camp with a kid doing the best they can, its literally muh child trafficking

>doesn't even cross our minds its a homeless camp, its totally muh child trafficking

>lets drop this on the chans, with the 'child trafficking' conclusion already packaged for them

>wanna see when VOP was comped: pic related

>wanna know what they are making distraction from: 2000 pages of LV witness statements

d951cf No.1631965


You are an absolute retard shill, people who found this on reddit and Facebook took it to 4chan

You're a fucking boomer if you think VOP went on 4chan to post it

and what's with "muh child trafficking" ?

You act like it's not that big of deal, you can fuck right off out of here, dumb cunt

ed6635 No.1631976

Who took over the family in 1983 when lansky died……Bush Millman Clinton Lansky Jewish Mob Connections: The Deceased …. and others owned by Leonard Millman, Larry Mizel, Norman Brownstein Follow the the old navere in denver Colorado…..

00db91 No.1631986

^what he said

d951cf No.1631987


lol and "our first major psyop"

where the fuck have you been over the last 4 years? THere's psyops on here all the fucking time.

Go back to sucking George Soros' wrinkly ballsack eyes, you boomer POS

4adba4 No.1631989

File: 1884663394b24c8⋯.png (23.4 KB, 1624x732, 406:183, ff43.png)


I'm looking further, not sure yet if the boneyard has anything to add.

Tried looking uk cemex sites. Their site wasnt great so i used google maps. when i typed 'CEMEX UK' i got pic related. completed Captcha but didnt 'submit' No webcam so im not too concerned about that. not that itd be hiding shit from powerful people. Spelled out exact time i tried and IP. Be careful Anons.

dd7140 No.1632009


Originally planned for 5 June 1944 but delayed one day due to weather.

No problem with weather this time around.

ed6635 No.1632025


Look at this place at least 2 times a year occult stuff going on

55cce4 No.1632026


Why the fuck are you here then? Go back to reddit and facebook


Says he told KGUN9 he was working with 4chan

2d9783 No.1632043


Didn't the Lansky money go to Al Malnik whose son converted to Islam?

4adba4 No.1632073

File: c549cdffe9834e5⋯.png (465.29 KB, 921x868, 921:868, ff44.png)

Follow up from >>1631989 ,

UK sites (Northern at least) are pic related.

I've seen a few of their trucks but never thought anything of it. Wonder if anyone can check wether there's any difference in operation which isn't normal over here in the UK that would confirm a higher up at CEMEX giving international orders.

I know its thinking ahead a bit too much and maybe connecting CEMEX too much ,maybe they just used their land and that's it. However all sites are in ports / typical buisness areas; nothing super special. I've marked out some major areas. If someone from the south searches they may be privvy to more southern sites.

Off the wall opinion : UK would be a good stop off point from eastern Europe to US.

82efe4 No.1632085


webcam? timestamp and IP are alarming?

you have no idea how computers work, huh

39f067 No.1632089

File: 959ea68ba180e8e⋯.jpg (23.23 KB, 497x221, 497:221, coopted.JPG)





>think of the children!

guess when VOP was comped by CIA. pic related

4adba4 No.1632107


Fair enough i'm not great with internet things, still its unusual that google picked up a simple google maps search as 'unusual traffic' don't you think?

82efe4 No.1632119


no. not unusual unless you know nothing about computers.

4adba4 No.1632232


The help me learn?

why is this not unusual?

1e7a78 No.1632461


updated to current

b54827 No.1632469

File: c2abf3a299c735d⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1114x942, 557:471, shipping.PNG)

File: 26974e292fea9c2⋯.png (761.07 KB, 1175x942, 1175:942, marianela.PNG)

File: 94f63064ee7568e⋯.png (99.27 KB, 791x935, 791:935, remote.PNG)

File: 56c99a063338253⋯.png (1.43 MB, 1087x695, 1087:695, CemexRemote.PNG)

File: a564fcd18e5ecdc⋯.png (866.76 KB, 937x654, 937:654, patrimoniohoy.png)

ec8d3f No.1632481


Definitely a little suspicious for just a google maps search. The same thing happened to me last night but I was using google search operators to help narrow down my searches But that always happens when I use the operators

d6bf56 No.1632493

Infowars(Alex Jones) just posted about this on their site. Good luck gents, let me know how I can help.


ec8d3f No.1632494


I also suggest some of you read up on google search operators if you’re not familiar with them, they can be very helpful for digging up info. http://www.googleguide.com/advanced_operators_reference.html

4f06f4 No.1632721

This is some really fucked up shit wtf,

ca1bb5 No.1632724

File: c49584af6b7bac5⋯.jpg (53.47 KB, 853x235, 853:235, 78.JPG)

File: 39bd8d8714e0de3⋯.jpg (125.36 KB, 1105x412, 1105:412, 79.JPG)

Update from earlier live stream

I downloaded the video and uploaded it to vimeo


e1790a No.1632730


>Fenster many, many bad reviews. Not a Private as in elite school but more of an expensive correctional facility. Ex students and employees have active investigations of their own.

"We advise current and/or former staff to report any abuses you may have witnessed while working at The Fenster School. For information on your rights and how to take action, visit www.heal-online.org/blowthewhistle.htm. If you were fired or forced to resign because you opposed any illegal and/or unethical practices at The Fenster School, you have the right to take action.

If you were harmed (family or survivor) by The Fenster School, please contact info@heal-online.org if you remember the long-term employees and from which years. This will help! Also, if you recognize any of these staff as having worked at another program, please send in any information about their past or present employment at other facilities and/or cults."


b10163 No.1632778



God I think you are an actually retarded person

The guys phone got stolen by someone who walked through the camp, they had to deactivate accounts, so they wouldn't mess with things.

If you weren't paid by Soros to post here you would have known that

630076 No.1632845


>4.) Rally any veterans, militia members, or current military to help secure the city and search for more camps/tunnels.

Might be too late, remember the underground explosions that were heard coast to coast? Remeber the FBI was the agency investigating it? We need the military to take over this situation and the gangs (unlawful enemy combatants).

2cb032 No.1632890

Lurkerfag here.. just curious…

Please correct where I may have remembered incorrectly.

I recall Q had a Post on foreign steel…

And something about material used at reactor sites etc?

There is a lot of cement used at reactor sites as well..

Curious if the new tariffs cover materials like cement?

I mentioned over at greatawaking and got this back which was interesting.

All Q posts containing the word steel:

Q !xowAT4Z3VQ ID: 383caa No.936314 📁 Apr 7 2018 11:20:41 (EST) You have more than you know. Steel. Tech. America for sale. Systematic weakening of the US. U1. Cash flow funnel. Inside job. Traitors. $ We are in control. Those awake can see. Q

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 071c71 No.564130 📁 Mar 6 2018 01:29:38 (EST) →563781 1 of 5. →563824 2 of 5. What if the steel used for military-grade projects was made-inferior by our enemies as a method to weaken? What if Hussein knew and authorized? Renegade. How many Marines volunteered to serve Hussein during his term? Why? What if his name we don’t say organized the deal? The US taxpayer subsidizes the WORLD. AMERICA has been sold to the highest bidder. AMERICA has been weakened on purpose. The depths of their TREASON is unimaginable. Pure EVIL. HELL on earth - HRC victory. Q

Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 25b191 No.563358 📁 Mar 6 2018 00:39:55 (EST) Learn double meanings. News unlocks MAP. Why is STEEL so important? Expand your thinking. https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP80-00810A004000690005-7.pdf📁 Q


fef34b No.1633108

I just got off the phone with KGUN TV in Tucson. When asked why the station is not reporting all of their footage on TV, the receptionist answering the phone said that the un-named group shooting a documentary for NETFLIX on the subject has the footage. She asked where I was calling from, expecting out of state person, when I said Phoenix she gave me the name of their top reporter working on the story, a Valerie Cavazos. Calls to Ms. Cavasos are un returned at present.

ca1bb5 No.1633192

File: 3adf0ad6afa9ee8⋯.jpg (123.74 KB, 1103x522, 1103:522, 81.JPG)


New live stream video from Lewis


adf69c No.1633361

2064ce No.1633398


When they trade in children, they are confiscated.

e1790a No.1633455



Lansky was the CEO not the family. The $$$$ stayed put.

Phoenix is a hub.


963cf2 No.1633462

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


29c072 No.1633555

Some of the Arizona "players" in action: https://youtu.be/RTWu5Vh2Ez0

29c072 No.1633563

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Some of the Arizona "players" in action:

adf69c No.1633576


show us on google maps the area to search

84de8e No.1633630

File: b3501229cb145eb⋯.jpg (40.09 KB, 606x554, 303:277, jj.JPG)

File: f5298cd17df3bdc⋯.jpg (63.58 KB, 579x478, 579:478, james.JPG)

File: 053c7e6e5632dba⋯.gif (105.83 KB, 588x450, 98:75, AZ.gif)

File: c1bb0b566f00696⋯.gif (35.61 KB, 561x400, 561:400, MapPreview.gif)

It's possible these kids are moving across tribal lands. One of the top Cemex employees has strong ties and a background as a boyscout leader (shame I even need to think like that). Nuke us for the good of the planet.

d85dbd No.1633680


Rather cryptic in a good sort of way.

3f591e No.1633688

File: 33315c137e004b3⋯.jpg (32.93 KB, 599x320, 599:320, cemex air cempave.jpg)

File: 18dca5e300630c2⋯.jpg (51.08 KB, 416x601, 416:601, big bend fl cemex.JPG)

File: 88df47f3093b190⋯.jpg (58.23 KB, 400x267, 400:267, CEMEX Hack Banner (17-Jan-….jpg)

File: 6ecdf0e59fc5365⋯.png (514.18 KB, 791x859, 791:859, 1ab9d7b5-133b-42ca-a735-bd….png)

File: c1694a9ee748552⋯.jpg (1.84 MB, 3769x2513, 3769:2513, cemex and nforis.jpg)

3cbdba No.1633736

File: d5cdc474ce0901a⋯.jpg (214.6 KB, 1077x462, 359:154, Screenshot_20180604-200713….jpg)

Could someone please link me to where this is confirmed?

3f591e No.1633740

File: e6050a776c79626⋯.jpg (86.97 KB, 575x469, 575:469, Tohono.jpg)

File: 4eae73a7b3e9894⋯.jpg (9.88 KB, 285x177, 95:59, riverview area-big bend fl….jpg)

File: 7c5f6d77cff726d⋯.jpeg (3.23 MB, 2100x1624, 75:58, TampaPortAerial.jpeg)

File: 4eae73a7b3e9894⋯.jpg (9.88 KB, 285x177, 95:59, riverview area-big bend fl….jpg)

File: 0f21c561f33bae0⋯.jpg (59.53 KB, 400x300, 4:3, pinnocchios.jpgcemex.jpg)

3f591e No.1633760

File: ff69e4637087e10⋯.jpg (90.86 KB, 499x334, 499:334, DSC00409.jpgcemex connecti….jpg)

File: 3fdf7b1fc7f75d9⋯.jpg (21.45 KB, 300x250, 6:5, cemex-300.jpg)

File: ab17fa78cf7ecb7⋯.jpg (125.22 KB, 977x600, 977:600, cemex train 2010.jpg)

File: 9f1448bf50d8abf⋯.jpg (10.93 KB, 223x226, 223:226, cemex symbols.jpg)

File: 33315c137e004b3⋯.jpg (32.93 KB, 599x320, 599:320, cemex air.jpg)

d06f65 No.1633771

File: 3e2a91830c3bef5⋯.jpg (262.36 KB, 987x768, 329:256, lDXV1ES1GUFtv0apO874i9tnET….jpg)









d06f65 No.1633786

"I think Cemex is using environmental protection as a cover for trafficking. They own the Big Bend National Park along the Texas/Mexico border, as well as many other "governmental preserves" that straddle the dangerous cartel laden Mexican states of Chihuahua and Coahuila."









54ff85 No.1633811

File: 0eff332066f1404⋯.png (1.57 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, AC8B032B-E0F7-4A9F-8948-EB….png)

File: f4e99374610936f⋯.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, 753960CC-7C99-47E5-9592-AB….png)

File: a08995481a91118⋯.png (1.79 MB, 750x1334, 375:667, D103B3EC-1378-4D7F-B924-54….png)

File: 1c97056c8031205⋯.png (716.84 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, 8E00A4F7-420D-4B81-8AA8-55….png)


This is the Cemex plant in Canby. It's a rural area here, but still close to Portland. Lots of illegal immigrants live here and work on farms. Hundreds of people around town have reported explosion like sounds seemingly coming from underground.

I also looked up Rinker Materials (a shell company of Cemex) in Portland, Oregon. It looks like they have a dig site and shipping boats on Swan Island. This area is a big shipping area that does importing/exporting with eastern Asian countries. So I looked up what Rinker makes on their website:


3f591e No.1633834

File: 432a5ef2f95bf85⋯.jpg (205.79 KB, 1280x800, 8:5, 41gibstington fl2017-USA-c….jpg)

File: d365b90aaa8532d⋯.jpg (40.54 KB, 501x518, 501:518, cemex florida.JPG)

File: b1a243d294f2b02⋯.jpg (203.03 KB, 640x480, 4:3, cemex protest.jpg)

File: ab17fa78cf7ecb7⋯.jpg (125.22 KB, 977x600, 977:600, cemex train 2010.jpg)

File: b3f26e8c701db36⋯.jpg (87.07 KB, 767x450, 767:450, cemex train.jpg)

ca1bb5 No.1633835


Here's the info with video >>1633192

7e4da1 No.1633904


>un-named group shooting a documentary for NETFLIX on the subject has the footage.

I find this VERY suspicious. Documentary for NETFLIX?!?

dbcd7e No.1633971


I'm in contact of a couple people from KGUN 9 right now. Going to ask them about this.

f7d97c No.1634012

There is a netflix documentary called "Contraland" that Craig Sawyer is working on. I would assume this is what they are referring to. Craig Sawyer is the ex navy seal being referred to

9d63d7 No.1634072

the Vet's on Patrol leader has a shady background. Here is some data


Mr Arthur has quite a history for stirring up trouble





dbcd7e No.1634102


This is the response I got from Pat Parris when asking about the documentary group and additional footage.

"We haven’t withheld a single second of video or interviews. And the Netflix documentary people are the focus of our investigation"

7e4da1 No.1634132


: o WT the actual F?

dbcd7e No.1634146


Turns out the vets are the "unnamed group". They do have a name though. Team VOP or Team Pulaski. Something like that.

So sounds like they didn't get their facts straight was all.

adf69c No.1634184

File: a8dbc8d505a410b⋯.png (615.9 KB, 1273x837, 1273:837, MINEXintlSERVICES.png)

File: 6cbe8b0956ed48c⋯.png (855.82 KB, 572x821, 572:821, MINEXintlpic.png)

File: 7a4a1c56b812421⋯.png (85.54 KB, 771x361, 771:361, MINEXlocations.png)

File: d76ddf4c6c188a1⋯.png (171.91 KB, 403x521, 403:521, SonoraMXbutnotFOUNDonGOOGm….png)

I found an Int'l mining company that has an unlisted company in mexico [my normie ass can't find it on google… took me forever to find Minex itn'l] the company has an FTP service for customers. we need anons to take a lookie for anything damning

7e4da1 No.1634202


Wouldn't that then mean that this unnamed group aka VOP are themselves part of this "documentary"?

8de8e8 No.1634224


ditto, smells like more actor based reality BS. Larpers gonna larp.

f7d97c No.1634228

VOP found it and they told Craig Sawyer about it…the ex navy sealer involved in the documentary.


be3e31 No.1634251

Craig sawyer just released what he and his team physically saw. Sorry if this is a repost


be3e31 No.1634286


V4CR not a larp. They've been around for a good time and doing good things. The nexflix thing is long over and coming out sometime this year. The vop., not so sure about. Craig has a track record of rescues and returns and working stings with Leo's all over.

75581b No.1634348


I recognized Arthur but couldn't remember why. Standing up for the Bundys ain't shady.

2789ac No.1634494


Thank YOU for this video.

I can't stand watching the VOP guy.

This is consumable and I appreciate his verbal approach.

Again. Thank YOU, Anon!

1b3503 No.1634531


actually evidence found by non-LEO can be admitted in court.

adf69c No.1634543

File: c9d709c07429c09⋯.png (299.06 KB, 648x611, 648:611, Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at ….png)


"Purple Pansy Mills"

b6b78c No.1634622

Quick question and not to take away from the amazing work that is going on..

If I recall Jerry Epstein spent millions to quickly fill in the tunnels on Pedo island.. Is there any record of who did the work, transported the construction materials, and who supplied the construction materials..

7e4da1 No.1634647





Have been a digger in the Voat/Pizzagate community over 18 months. I know about Craig Sawyer and his group. Did not know, however, that he was working on a documentary, and thus I find it too coincidental that the VOP in Tucson just happened upon an abandoned child trafficking camp right as Sawyer is making the documentary. Further, the lack of clear and compelling FOOTAGE disturbs me. Will we get to see it when the docu-drama is released? Netflix and chill? F that.

965b03 No.1634677


This stoff is fucking insane. That place is right by my house almost. I POKED AROUND that abandoned place when i was in highschool! its been empty and creepy for fucking years. I cant believe it. It really pisses me off just how close to home it is. Really makes me want to grab my gear and head over there. Idk man this is upsetting.

2789ac No.1634712


Hmmmm…Soooo…you live on the islands and you poked around on Epstein Island for years?

965b03 No.1634733


No, the abandoned mine lot in Tucson. I just grabbed that number tag because idk how else to post on here without replying to someone lol

I live right up the street in Tucson by Valencia and i-19. Thats the place im talking about.

a57d8f No.1634750


yea, makes you wonder if VOP is spot lighting for Sawyer, but in my opinion, i believe both parties are sincere, (VOP Alpha/V4CR). This isn't a show, this is the real deal. This is happening in the lion's den. If they were staging a show, it wouldn't be done right there were the coyotes are thriving. This is for real.

2789ac No.1634757


>abandoned mine lot in Tucson

That makes more sense. I had a feeling but needed to confirm. So it's an abandoned mine lot - and you've seen these same "camps" for years?

7e4da1 No.1634793


Am admittedly just catching up after following this all day yesterday. But where's the footage of the cadaver dogs and the alleged graves?

965b03 No.1634811



No, Iv only been on the actual property once, like i said back in highschool me and some friends walked a little bit of the property years back. for as long as I can remember its been empty and abandoned. We didnt see any "camps" but the place def gave us the chills. after that we never went past the gate but sometimes we would drag race up the frontage road or do burnouts on the dirt patch where the pavement ends right by the gate. In the facebook video updates he mentioned they can only prove the camp has been there for at least 4 months based off trash and receipts they found. But to reiterate I said iv looked around the lot a little bit years ago. and its been empty as in not a business for as long as I can remember and I grew up in Tucson.

00db91 No.1634817

i think what is throwing me off the most is the fact that child trafficking isnt like this crazy infrequent thing at the border, and i dont understand why this is being pulled from FB and Twitter and being hit with shills….. to me they have accidentally stumbled into something. otherwise there would be numerous local reports, a few playcating tweets from local reps saying how bad trafficking is yadda yadda…. yet its like all official outlets are treating this like its some wild conspiracy

2789ac No.1634849




Is this article related? You triggered deeper thoughts so I dug a lidde…

> http://tucsoncitizen.com/morgue/2007/09/05/62097-abandoned-mines-a-death-trap-az-inspector-says/

a57d8f No.1634852

But all things aside, i hope they don't find any more of this type of encampments. I hope they end up continuing to help homeless VETs instead. One of the reasons media and ppl were trying to twist it is because no one wants to believe something like this goes on. So ppl just pretend like they can't see the evidence. they try to block it out of their mind.

41ece5 No.1634876


Enough with the snarkiness! Don't be a division fag. We have lots of newbies on the board due to this dig, so please offer helpful advice.

965b03 No.1634910


I wouldnt say its directly related. But there is def a SHIT TON of old mine shafts and holes and crap out here in the desert. I live in the county and if you go off roading or ATVing around exploring your bound to stumble acrost one. As a side note i dont know who let a 13 and 10 year old share and drive an ATV. Thats sad to hear about the tragic result of them crashing down into one but it seems it could have been avoided. Iv heard storys my uncle have told me back in PA about so many unmarked mine shafts and air hole about people just walking in the woods suddenly falling into 50 foot deep shafts and dieing. its crazy.

adf69c No.1634923

File: 1be341e6f51e305⋯.png (107.11 KB, 673x515, 673:515, SEC INFO.png)

File: de7e145e7baec36⋯.png (43.95 KB, 560x177, 560:177, HEADofMINEX.png)

File: 3c346fc21bfdb9e⋯.png (192.44 KB, 669x651, 223:217, WISCONSINchildTRAFFIC.png)

File: b28303dbb8f71e2⋯.png (226.48 KB, 942x676, 471:338, wisconsinchildtrafficking.png)



digging deeper trying to find a connection to CEMEX and found this at another BORDER STATE up north.

2789ac No.1634934


>there is def a SHIT TON of old mine shafts and holes and crap out here in the desert.

Thank YOU for entertaining my questions. Maybe this CEMEX place purchased the old land - mine shafts included…then repurposed depending who knew about them.

fe99a8 No.1634968

Tucson anon reporting: First off, I would like to give each and every one of you showing your support our sincere thanks. You have helped this community bring itself back from the breaking point. Without you, there was no telling what kind of havoc lurked around the corner, waiting to consume our friends and families. I have seen relationships renewed, differences resolved and a sense of togetherness reappear from decades of absence. The people of Tucson will not forget this, anons.

With that out of the way, onto business: So, VOP has pulled out of the I-19 site completely and the TPD has secured the site. Now, what they said they were going to do is bring in the cadaver dogs and give us the investigation we had a police standoff over, but word is that they’re instead allowing Cemex to bring in bulldozers…you know, to help with the investigation. We figured as much.

Operators are currently on their way to another suspected site. If we find anything involving tunnels, we’ll let you know as it happens. We’re no longer running around frantically trying to post every single detail about what we’re doing. We’ve used today to improve our organization and work on our strategy. TPD, WE THE PEOPLE know you’re watching us closely. I saw those drones of yours today and boy, you sure have a lot! Who thought a police department that took five days to investigate a potential murder was so stocked up on high tech gear? It doesn’t matter though, because we’re going to be everywhere. This effort is much larger than just VOP now. We are forming networks upon networks. By the time you find one of us, 10 more will have already awakened. The entire goddamn city will know what you’ve done. There are key members of these ops coming from in and out of the state. Shaking us down and using cheap intimidation tactics will only bury your credibility even further in the ground.

You should have seen the gun shops today. Those rifles and magazines can’t stay on the shelf. People are having to wait in line! WE THE PEOPLE are arming themselves, and that is no affront or threat to you, TPD. This is not revolution, this is not rebellion: this is a complete loss of faith in our police force. If you are unwilling to stand for justice and our people, then hand in your badge and go home. We don’t need you. We need officers that uphold the law in favor of the ones they are SWORN to protect and serve, NOT MS-13 AND PEDOPHILES. And if that’s too much to ask of you, then we will uphold order ourselves.

Q is a household name now. The great awakening is finally here. I know a lot of anons will be upset by the public URL disclosure, but don’t worry yourselves about it. People who I thought were completely dead to the world are now talking about Rothschilds, Cemex, and the Clintons. I will be astounded if the D’s win a vote here any time soon. If I were a city administrator that knew anything about these tunnels and what they were for, I’d start penning that suicide note very, very soon. You’re all going down.

This is what Q has been planning the whole time. We have guards, we have recon, we have medics, we have intelligence officers, we have organizers…we have everything we need. We truly are Q and have been this whole time, anons.

Stay tuned: I found out some interesting stuff on Fenster today and am going to begin mission related digging. Planefags should check out the airspace here, we had planes all over the place today. All out-of-state anons should begin researching and monitoring local Cemex facilities IMMEDIATELY. The strange activity is not going to just happen here, it’s going to happen EVERYWHERE. THEY ARE RUNNING FROM US.

Get organized, talk to veterans, research militia groups in your area. We got this anons, the light is on our side.

3c0fbf No.1634979

EUfag here. I know groups of people with TRUTH on their side taking a stand and blocking access for the cabal puppets and their servants (cops). In the end the good people backed down against their compatriots, and the controlling minority HAD POWER NO MORE. You could read in the news how sick they were when they were forced to do something unethical.

Don't ever underestimate yourselves patriots, God is with you. Truth shall be known. Don't discount the fact that LEOs are just following orders and really no one sane will endanger a vet, especially not a vet defending his country.

God bless you, I'll try to do what I can from here, thanks for the Cemex digs.

965b03 No.1634997


Maybe so. the weird thing is is obv commercial property. Right buy a thriving QT, right by a busy rock quarry. RIGHT OFF the highway. My father and I own a real estate investment company and to think that its been empty and abandoned for so long with out another business buying it or turning it into something for so many years is odd. its a huge waist of potential money. And they did mention it was leased to a mexican company for 30 years. If you could sell some prime real estate or turn it in to a money making business why wouldn't you. Why would you lease it out to someone who has no plans of improving or leasing it out to someone you know wont disturb the land. Its just to suspicious in my opinion. I meen all that old mining equipment and buildings could have been salvaged and scraped at the least.

55cce4 No.1635000


There is none. Lots of obfuscation.

6ced33 No.1635028

File: bba3b187b9a5dc2⋯.jpg (51.54 KB, 599x925, 599:925, BNxYIb8CEAEVAps.jpg)

Checking twitter @ Miguel_Lozano

Shift Mobile allows #Cemex employess access all the Intranet + Social Business services on the road

420381 No.1635042


Mexifag here

thank you very much for sharing those links, please archive them offline

just a thought that I consider important to note: on your quote, you're not very far from the truth, and it's totally true that Chihuahua and Coahuila are cartel laden states, but also let's not forget Sonora.

Currently Sonora is MAD HIGH on kidnappings, murders, sex slavery, drugs, death threats to independent entrepreneurs, and as usual (and this pisses me the fuck off) fucking MSM is not reporting a single fucking second of it.

a57d8f No.1635071

CEMEX helping build houses in Haiti, and donated to the Clinton Foundation. Also, remember hearing about a bunch of Haitian kids being snatched by plane awhile back. https://www.reddit.com/r/greatawakening/comments/8od5jx/cemex_was_given_over_7_million_for_a_contract_to/

55cce4 No.1635140


Q has nothing to do with your unsourced bullshit

Q wants people to research

Q wants people to dig

Q wants people to think for themselves.

Q does NOT want people to go traipsing around private property with guns

Call the FBI, compile and share evidence, but do not conflate your illegal activities with this board

3e0e71 No.1635182


>Call the FBI, compile and share evidence

thats exactly what they did and have been doing…. what exactly is your complaint? they reported it got no help so continued sharing evidence.. this is literally what you are complaining about.

55cce4 No.1635268


They haven't shared any evidence of murder. We've been waiting to see it. Have you been paying attention?

3e0e71 No.1635283


so what do you call a bloody buried knife? bloody clothes? plane ticket in the name of a missing person? bloodied blankets? have YOU been paying attention?

abbb05 No.1635343

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Craig Sawman Sawyer gives an account of a septic tank that was used for suspect purposes.

55cce4 No.1635378


I have, anon. I think it's very odd that this militia won't release what they say they have. All we have on that is the word of Craig Sawyer. That's not evidence.

3e0e71 No.1635407


wont release it? theyve literally made a tour out of it, anyone wanting to see it has been welcomed with open arms to go and see it themselves…

and they are storing it on public property. literally nothing stopping the police from going and getting it….

55cce4 No.1635439


Have you seen it?

26e6c9 No.1635470


Look for it yourself or fuck off. There are plenty of links to their facebook page with the videos in this thread.

2789ac No.1635506


Good insight

adf69c No.1635544

File: f746a416970be39⋯.png (45.77 KB, 427x252, 61:36, why is long beach port so ….png)



"why is long beach port so important"

why is this relevant?


a57d8f No.1635601

Cemex Latam Holdings SA (Spain)




Schiro v. Cemex, S.A.B. de C.V., Case No. 1:18-cv-02352


6e32c4 No.1635604

Tohono Indian reservation North East of Cemex. Google Maps. Look for horse stables. Follow horse trail from stables to woods. Find more child storage locations.

a57d8f No.1635634

"On September 23, 2016, Cemex disclosed the dismissal of two of its senior executives after an internal probe found that payments worth $20 million relating to a land deal in COLUMBIA had breached company protocols."

55cce4 No.1635728


I did. There's nothing there but muh rape tree. The video of murder items doesn't exist.

I've gone through this exact conversation multiple times with multiple bots. How can humans fight AI consensus?

Today in my state a boy was shot in a drive-by. The news announced it as "he was shot outside of a haunted house while telling ghost stories".

Who communicates with headlines? Who does this send a message to?

Craig Sawyer, if there is a standoff, they don't intend for you to make it through.

ec8d3f No.1635744

File: a3d20c257852ccf⋯.png (201.49 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, FB37A700-08AF-43DA-AE3C-53….png)

Not sure if this has been posted yet but this website has some useful information, It lists known associates and related businesses.


3e0e71 No.1635836

VOP live now doing searching of new areas, nothing found yet,


he just said he needs more boots on the ground to help searching large areas, you dont need anything he said they can supply you with food water and shelter, just bring your bodies

75581b No.1635893


The vimeo vid anon posted had a TPD officer saying dogs didn't alert

ecd780 No.1635909

File: 933713c8f9323bb⋯.jpg (66.16 KB, 1040x798, 520:399, itsatrap.jpg)


>just bring your bodies

6e32c4 No.1635938

Headline a few days ago:

Multiple Women Were Sexually Abused By Legendary Equestrian Coach Jimmy Williams He died in 93 but it's just now coming out?

We noticed in the related Q research, within instagram and social accounts there was an odd common theme of horses.

Now, VOP Alpha drops an obscure reference about the relationship between horses and human trafficking. What gives?


b10163 No.1635953

File: b94923d243c8499⋯.webm (2.39 MB, 482x604, 241:302, bloody knife short 2.webm)


There you go dumbfuck who can't internet good

420381 No.1635957

File: 0dcdc4dbf0c0bdc⋯.jpg (96.56 KB, 601x601, 1:1, 0dcdc4dbf0c0bdc431d7dd5bff….jpg)


copypasting from Research General:


>>1633902 (You)




fucking amazing.

thank you all

time for some crude info (related):

"Traveling to Mexico – read this first!" (jan 6 2014)

https:// www.groundreport.com/traveling-to-mexico-read-this-first/

"The number of kidnappings and disappearances throughout Mexico is of particular concern. Both local and expatriate communities have been victimized. In addition, local police have been implicated in some of these incidents. We strongly advise you to lower your profile and avoid displaying any evidence of wealth that might draw attention."

"The History of Gangs in Mexico part 1" (nov 18 2014)


"Mexico’s gangs have flourished since the late 19th century, mostly in the north due to their proximity to towns along the U.S.-Mexico border.

But it was the American appetite for cocaine in the 1970s that gave Mexican drug cartels immense power to manufacture and transport drugs across the border. Today, gang violence in Mexico, as these cartels battle for territory and supremacy in the drug trade, has spilled over in the United States."

and finally

might be of relevance on CURRENT and FUTURE issues.

"El blog del narco" (The drug trafficker's blog)


this is an underground news source that has been reporting a lot of drug cartel-related incidents (some made known publicly by MSM and some that never got reported).

this is what MSM is HIDING from the Mexican public (mostly… it's highly possible US public is receiving manipulated info as well)

I'm really loving the anons work tonite!

full armored lonely motherfuckers, I love you deep.

stay strong and comfy.

3e0e71 No.1635958

VOP saying now the site with the straps and evidence has been bulldozed today….

WTF! how the fuck can we call ourselves woke or patriots if we cant even stop proven corrupt officials from demolishing a child rape crime scene when we had a week of notice to get our asses down there and defend it.

not a shot fired to stop those dozers, WHAT FUCKING GOOD IS OUR 2nd IF WE ARENT USING IT!

ecd780 No.1636047


How does that support trafficking, beyond speculation by the way, he-who-needs-soap-for-the-mouth


adf69c No.1636081

File: 2cf61882a3a9264⋯.png (357.92 KB, 533x345, 533:345, Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at ….png)


they have been, but they want to sweep it under the bulldozer.

fe99a8 No.1636094





Impromptu interview with an ex-Fenster student. Pardon the profanity and stuttering. Mapfags should check out the washes near the building, apparently students were growing weed right off the property.



Please save offline.

ecd780 No.1636183


Where's his video proof of this?

He has himself and others with him right?

He certainly has a camera to livestream himself right?

Why didn't he make a video of the site after it was supposedly bulldozed?

e1790a No.1636193



MINEX Claims


Interactive Claim Map Pima County


a57d8f No.1636242

>>1636183 He was searching for other sites in a different location. Says he'll check on it tho. He said he suspected they would bulldoze it anyway. As long as the sex/trafficking camp is gone, why does it matter? Hopefully they fence the place off tho. Prolly never happen.

75581b No.1636273

File: b9ae6fc2f32893d⋯.jpg (75.25 KB, 346x343, 346:343, Clipboard01.jpg)


Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire

133c77 No.1636289

File: 6a2472de3533d1f⋯.jpg (111.93 KB, 818x673, 818:673, HarvardCaseStudy.JPG)

File: 97cae332becccc7⋯.jpg (131.28 KB, 817x687, 817:687, ArthurRothschild.JPG)



A case study of Patrimonio Hoy is connected to the Rothschilds through Arthur I Segel , who is associated with Yad Hanadiv.

3cbdba No.1636312

e1790a No.1636314



Neighborhood regeneration and community is good. Good neighborhoods have organized neighborhood watches. Thanks for the uplifting report Tucson Anon. Prayers for the safety of your community.

Neighsaying Anon if you found out this was happening in your hood, wouldn't you want to be armed with organized eyes?

3cbdba No.1636339


Police department took evidence from one of the camps. They need to be dismantled so we can spend resources looking for more, not sitting at one of now an additional 3 were found on Cemex property.

Any east coast veterans thinking of heading down to Arizona?



ecd780 No.1636341


Thanks for clarifying.

His ^suspicion^ they would bulldoze is quite different from a statement that the site ^was^ bulldozed, is it not?

Suspicion =/= Evident Truth

Speculation =/= Evident Truth

You want to convince the skeptics?

Present evidence that stands on it's own merits, that doesn't need to be speculated to be something beyond what it appears to be.

Also, Why did the dogs sniff nothing?

ecd780 No.1636352


That fight fire with fire you say

has nothing to do with the graphic you posted

If you thnk it does,


ecd780 No.1636383


They would be foolish to fall for that trap without absolutely clear confirmations of self-standing evidence, as opposed to all of these assertions and speculation. Like say, actually finding children, or bodies in those sites.

Why did the dogs smell nothing?


e1790a No.1636387


Plane fags remember Epstein has an airstrip at Zorro Ranch


75581b No.1636409


You can't make an omelette without cracking a few eggs on a divisionfag's head

55cce4 No.1636432


You can't tell if there's blood on that knife, anon. You need to use your brain and not your feels.


Q does not call for us to take up arms. POTUS and his men and women have been taking down child traffickers in great numbers WW. He only needs our voice, not our bodies. I trust him completely to take care of whatever is going on at this property as well.


If we saw a video of a guy saying there was a rape tree and a bloody knife in the woods? No.

ecd780 No.1636436


That's not a very good clarification of your implied association of the need to mobilize with boots on the ground with that particular graphic

I'm willing to be convinced anon

3cbdba No.1636459


Who says there are bodies buried? and specifically in the camps? I don't think anyone is claiming there are kids being killed.. Is there anything that can throw the dogs senses off? Even if the dogs weren't distracted mistaken, I don't think they would bury bodies in the sand when they can just use cemex cement to cover all tracks.

b10163 No.1636471


Somebody mentioned there were signs of burning around the trees. Could the gasoline have been used to throw off the scent for the dogs?

3cbdba No.1636480


The knife was given to local pd I believe. Update 1 from yesterday the police told them to send the knife to the precinct. Then I think update 2 the vet asks if that was done yet and she says yes.

3cbdba No.1636499


I'm not sure, those dogs are searching for decaying bodies, are pretty accurate. I would imagine that would be hard to cover unless buried deep.

fe99a8 No.1636503


I think if they wanted to rig the cadaver dog test, they could just put a regular dog in a K-9 vest. That's what I was expecting from the get-go

55cce4 No.1636536






VOP and Craig Sawyer said last night that the only reason they stopped digging was because they could smell the bodies.

We have yet to see pics or vids of the gravesite.

fe99a8 No.1636580

Man, this 55cce4 guy is on my dick right now! Guy, if this is some crazy, psy-op shilling extravaganza, why are you still here and repeatedly bumping this thread? You're actually helping us more by doing that!

ecd780 No.1636597



>Who says there are bodies buried? and specifically in the camps? I don't think anyone is claiming there are kids being killed.

Yup, and I left that open too, hence my usage of OR

There certainly weren't any physical living children found. And those child toys and such could just as easily be the property of a homeless person camping out in that generally desolate area.

If Sawyer and his people really want to prove something, then why not spend some time and effort searching for human hairs, or get the supposed blood on that knife (stains which could be many things mind you) DNA tested. It's honestly not that expensive nowadays.

Also, those crates attached to the wall of the pipe for example looked more like rudimentary shelving for a homeless person to me, though I can admit I might be wrong about that particular speculation

Whatever happened to erring on the side of caution and reserve?

I've seen bloody implements underneath train overpasses where I live. Does that mean child trafficking? Or should I work to confirm suspicions?

If I find kid's toys in a pile of garbage near where a bunch of homeless people camp, does that mean children were trafficked?

When I watch videos of people getting terrified and emotional in reputed haunted houses, does that mean 100% there are evil spirits there?

Discernment and calculation are super important

We may be entering the Awakening, but we're still coming out of the Age of Lies

It is prudent to be cautious and rely on Evidence that stands on its own merits

Especially BEFORE any motivations for militia-like mobilization

Do you forget the Bundy Ranch?

Much love anons, stay sharp

36779b No.1636603

Q is JA protected?

b10163 No.1636649


That's interesting.

Yeah, the gravesite was NOT the campsite, it was further away.

They expelled BEARDBRO and everyone else before the dogs came.

I honestly, don't think they took the dogs over to the digging site.

Beardbro says they have other stuff that they found that they are not even releasing to the public yet.

So… maybe a foot or a hand or something? A childs hand?

Idk, that would be pretty gross to be hanging onto. idk, maybe poloroid pictures of the kids that the traffickers took? Who knows!

e1790a No.1636651


I think the difference is the people in the community actually and toured the site and likely have their own years of context in addition. Local knowledge.

3cbdba No.1636669


Well let's consider other possibilities, could this be coyotes? I didn't realize how close to Mexico border it was. Apparently it's one of the main corridors for getting drugs/humans through controlled by the cartels. It's very possible this could just be a stop on the coyotes trip North.. and the kids stuff is kinda expected if they are crossing illegally, however it doesn't necessarily explain the 300 gallon drum found at the one camp.

Anons on ground in AZ need to preserve evidence. WEAR GLOVES!! If there are fingerprints/DNA evidence it could lead to missing childen/ the people trafficking them. But if there are reporters and experts contaminating potential evidence this could be a problem.

d61c4a No.1636674



Been following quietly and piecing this together; Many things just don't add up - sorry to say anons.

Caveat: If the site is a child trafficking site, that isn't the point of this post. The handling of the site is the point.

*The ungloved touching of everything and making sure to film that and mention how his fingerprints will now be on everything. Odd and fishy at best. He made sure to touch the swing, the straps on the tree, etc. Most people would know not to touch these but to simply point them out to the camera. Why is he doing this and filming it? It seems very much on purpose.

*He said don't send Trump because he doesn't trust the gov't now. As in the gov't he used to work for (retired military) and the man that's helping vets more than any president before? Hmmm. Odd to go out of his way to bash our GEOTUS.

*Specifically pushing the #WhereAreTheChildre (n) hashtag a week after it was co-opted by the MSM when they circulated a 2014 Obama era photo of caged immigrant kids trying to shift the narrative that Trump is the reason why children are being trafficked.

*The absolute lack of tangible/visible evidence of what they are claiming is the biggest problem of all and the way this is being handled on the boards.

*Pretty obvious attempt to change the narrative right before massive revelations about the cabal come out…that Trump is somehow at fault and LEOs are bad.

(Note: Saul Alinsky - ALWAYS be on the offense. Accuse others of what you're guilty of doing.)

Trust but verify anons. This goes for ANYTHING new that comes up this week. The cabal is running scared with nowhere to hide and they've got nothing to lose. Q said the attacks will increase from all sides and from within (Internal).

Don't lose your heads when emotional shit comes up. Just remember the cabal loves to use emotion/children to manipulate the masses. If this is another psy-op, this would be par for the course. If it's legit, and somehow just looks suspicious as hell, then may the guilty parties rot in hell forever. That is all.

b10163 No.1636725


>He made sure to touch the swing, the straps on the tree,

You can't leave fingerprints on a cloth strap numbnuts.

fe99a8 No.1636728


Bundy is very much still in our minds. The guns and organization is for the cartels, not police. If cops approach us, we're going to stand our ground, LEGALLY. We will not fire on officers and are taking steps to make sure this doesn't happen. For instance, only vets and DD2 license holders will carry guns on ops. We're here to investigate and defend our city, not start shootouts with police.

6a97a3 No.1636740

44°24′24″N 117°18′41″W

26e6c9 No.1636768




55cce4 No.1636785


Isn't it private land?

b10163 No.1636811


No way, once you get that far north, you get to drive. Tucson is right next to the border. Oregon Idaho are deep into US territory, don't waste our time posting shit like that. Stay on Tucson area bro.


LOL let me know when LE is actually doing anything close to that. One research lab that was able to get a sliver of a print off some fibers in a multi-million dollar research labrotary is not something that the Tucson Police Department has.

So stfu you dumb fucking boomer fag.

621e54 No.1636850

File: f4ad5c60bdfda26⋯.png (263.66 KB, 551x356, 551:356, f4ad5c60bdfda26b8cd02df121….png)


Who said they don't trust President Trump?!

fe99a8 No.1636860



Looks promising and has all the right features, but well out of the scope of this thread. If you got guys in the area, give it a look, otherwise we can't help you.

ecd780 No.1636873


Excellent points anon

well worth keeping in mind as we get to the bottom of this event

ecd780 No.1636881


Happy to hear this level-headed attitude

Stay safe patriots

6a97a3 No.1636888

>>1636811 neighsayers reevaluating?

ecd780 No.1636893


Insult doesn't help the case of those who trust in this event. If you are for Truth, exercise better judgement and candor in making your case

133c77 No.1636903

File: 8291fb2087c4914⋯.jpg (384.73 KB, 1794x872, 897:436, BruceRothschild_Cemex.jpg)



>"I think Cemex is using environmental protection as a cover for trafficking. They own the Big Bend National Park along the Texas/Mexico border, as well as many other "governmental preserves" that straddle the dangerous cartel laden Mexican states of Chihuahua and Coahuila."

Cemex is utilizing its Rothschild connections in academia to legitimize its conservation and social programs. Bruce Rothschild and Arthur Segel.

350f9f No.1636916

I drove down there today, but got to the spot behind the QT, but didn't get there until 1845 so there were no groups to join. I'll be making the three hour drive again tomorrow. I need to know where everyone is meeting so I don't have to venture out there alone.

ecd780 No.1636921


Good points anon, and thank you for exercising objectivity and respect

3e0e71 No.1636950




he didnt say suspected, you havnt watched his videos today, he says in multiple videos they did indeed bulldoze it, i asked him if he is certain in the comments of a livestream and he read it and said he is certain they DID bulldoze it, emphasis his.

43d099 No.1636964


Goats keep the weeds eaten and they like to climb, so will spend lots of time on concrete rubble. Lots of Mexicans like goats, they eat goats, and the animals are more common than in the US. This is a good thing about Mexicans.

Slaughtering goats is done with a knife cutting the throat. Then they would be hung on trees to butcher.

f52443 No.1636978

File: 50f9fd6e1b8b2ba⋯.png (274.15 KB, 878x884, 439:442, 1.PNG)

File: 85862213c7ff7c8⋯.png (215.91 KB, 802x767, 802:767, 2.PNG)

File: c48589fc5a120eb⋯.png (80.11 KB, 788x702, 394:351, 3.PNG)

File: 80cd6120a905409⋯.png (164.47 KB, 1084x690, 542:345, 4.PNG)

Hi guys! Totally new to all this, but I was checking out some flight paths in the area in question. There's this one plane which caught my eye. It's a Pima County Sherriffs department plane, with a squawk number of 6666. Now, I'm not very familiar with what law enforcement planes generally do, but this plane keeps circling in the same areas in Tucson. While they're not exact, they're pretty darn close to the CEMEX areas. I marked the areas on the map in red in the general area where CEMEX is. Seems pretty odd to me, and I figured I'd share.

621e54 No.1636986

File: f83165056fd78d1⋯.jpg (93.55 KB, 197x387, 197:387, f83165056fd78d16ac9f88f8ec….jpg)



fe99a8 No.1637008


Go to the veteran's homeless camp on E Jacobus and S 2nd Ave St. It's right across from Santa Rita park. We're no longer at the Cemex site.

fe99a8 No.1637027


Sorry, S Jacobus Ave. and E 20th St. Sorry, very tired right now.

55cce4 No.1637058

File: 1c256ee3292a089⋯.jpg (240.13 KB, 1093x1393, 1093:1393, CraigSawyer.jpg)

File: 51fb418f246e058⋯.jpg (159.36 KB, 960x720, 4:3, DZCKZ.jpg)

f4d3bc No.1637062

File: 024a201ac9b9fed⋯.jpg (2.92 MB, 4032x2268, 16:9, 20180604_181329.jpg)

1501 Belvedere Rd, WPB FL

Corpotate building. Real close to Palm Beach International Airport.

Quality Inn right behind it.

6e401f No.1637075

Tucson Police find no evidence abandoned south side camp linked to child sex trafficking


3e0e71 No.1637088


>Tucson Police find no evidence abandoned south side camp linked to child sex trafficking

what a crock, there was plenty of evidence streamed live over the internet for the world to see.

there were hundreds of skeptics who came and went and saw it themselves leaving convinced,

then it was immediate bulldozed today!

was a bloody knife not evidence? bloody cloths? bloody blanket?

what exactly would you call it?

621e54 No.1637098

File: 168fc09ba1d3e38⋯.png (840.79 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 3c4e9e3169798ea228c5c8f3f8….png)


Probably a real camp, that they cleaned of evidence.

You know, like when they were digging for those bodies and such.

Don't worry folks, OUR DEAR FRIEND ALEX JONES is on the case!


621e54 No.1637102



6e401f No.1637116

File: dfa4bbe3e5971cb⋯.png (1.23 MB, 645x883, 645:883, KVOA 1 re Tucson Camp 6-2-….PNG)

File: 83c7aa45cb1e7a5⋯.png (45.77 KB, 649x346, 649:346, KVOA 2 re Tucson Camp 6-2-….PNG)

File: 01aa555f7d11ac8⋯.png (610.59 KB, 639x918, 71:102, KVOA re Tucson I 19 6-4-1….PNG)

File: f1a384e483cf4cd⋯.png (482.75 KB, 589x560, 589:560, tucsonnews 1 re camp 6-4-1….PNG)

File: 4b93dcdedf70423⋯.png (79.38 KB, 612x351, 68:39, tucsonnews 2 re camp 6-4-1….PNG)

6e401f No.1637121

File: 25a501afaa63540⋯.png (83.25 KB, 652x911, 652:911, kgun 1 re Tuscon 6-4-18.PNG)

55cce4 No.1637142

File: af8229ea2ee02d6⋯.jpg (236.22 KB, 1093x1393, 1093:1393, ClownSawyer.jpg)

133c77 No.1637162

File: e07213c3f21a5d6⋯.png (708.75 KB, 1636x1424, 409:356, IUCN.png)


>"I think Cemex is using environmental protection as a cover for trafficking. They own the Big Bend National Park along the Texas/Mexico border, as well as many other "governmental preserves" that straddle the dangerous cartel laden Mexican states of Chihuahua and Coahuila."

They do work together. >>1636903

3e0e71 No.1637168



the police said it was a cadaver dog? not some other form of trained dog?

the same police who dont think a buried bloody knife is evidence?

the same who ignored bloody blankets and cloths?

they say the SEPTIC TANK is a shelter? it has no ventilation its round there is no comfortable surface the childrens toys and apparel inside the tank made obvious it had children who couldnt get out the only exit unless 6 feet tall….

they say the straps are for holding up something other then people? despite their exact dimensions work for arms and legs? so what did they hold up? a personed sized shelter?…..

why bulldoze it? why did the police need less then a day to reach these conclusions and approval bulldozing of the scene?

why the police arrest for trespassing 2 people who were on PUBLIC land?….

that the police there are corrupt and covering up an actual crime is as obvious as its ever been.

43d099 No.1637341


The Romans used blood as a concrete additive. It is an air entraining agent, making the concrete lighter and freeze resistant.

Back in the day a soul was needed under the cornerstone, the first stone laid, of a new building. Animals were most often substituted for people, or written notes of people's names. One's shadow must not fall on a foundation excavation unless involved in the work.

Here is a patent for blood as a concrete additive:


fd4382 No.1637344

So, no footage from the actual scene?

fe99a8 No.1637424

Backup Bread


Guys, I'm exhausted and am going to have to pass out soon. Did not expect for this thread to get 684 replies in two days when I made it, so in case it hits the limit while I'm asleep, here's the new bread. I broadened the scope since there's so much shit in Arizona as a whole that deserves to be to looked into. Thanks again everyone, today was a hell of a ride!


Btw, can't believe I missed this. I made that conclusion earlier in the evening. They're detonating the tunnels nationwide and the FBI is pretending to be stumped on what's going. Fully agree with the military needing to handle this, but things aren't quite there yet politically. We pray it will happen soon, but plan to tough it out till then.

Anyways, night guys!

43d099 No.1637530


Good work archiving those videos.

56b024 No.1637580

File: 07f039ab79a5f07⋯.jpg (132.26 KB, 1281x567, 61:27, eh.jpg)

Who knows where the bodies are buried?

e1790a No.1637650



Article has been removed.

007164 No.1637791

File: 7f0a7dceca223dc⋯.jpg (126.62 KB, 603x946, 603:946, pp fake.jpg)

File: dda6f47631f5bbc⋯.jpg (519.84 KB, 1727x1153, 1727:1153, infowars gatekeeper.jpg)


Alarm-Alarm ……Gatekeepers are crashing…..

b40b57 No.1637964

In early June 2018, a Christian veteran group called "Veterans on Patrol" (VOP) dedicated to finding homeless veterans in Arizona, Tucson (USA) stumbled across a camp they thought would be a typical homeless camp but turned out to be a child sex trafficking camp due to the evidence they found. VOP filmed their findings which consisted of child toys, boxes of condoms, children's clothing, porn material, an underground cave that only a child could fit in and where only someone else on the outside could get them out, trees with restraints on them (called "rape trees" as its believed children were restrained on these trees while being raped), a baby crib, an outside bathroom, hair dyes, etc. The camp mainly consisted of children and sexual items, which is why VOP determined this isn't a typical homeless camp or coyote camp (coyotes are people that bring illegals and goods across the border) but a child sex trafficking camp instead. No actual children were ever found at the camp. This camp was found on the property of a cement company called Cemex, this company is directly connected to the Rothchilds, Clintons, George Soros, etc.

VOP notified all types of law enforcement and continued to search the camp, but then the Arizona Police Department (TPD) finally came and investigated the camp. The TPD concluded that the camp was a typical homeless camp and had nothing to do with child sex trafficking, even though the VOP video evidence showed otherwise. After the TPD finished their investigation, Comex bulldozed the entire scene.

List of most of the video evidence by VOP taken of the camp:





However, the founder/director of VOP is a well-known paid instigator and CI [1]. Craig Sawyer, one of the leaders of VOP that came across this camp and video taped it has a documentary coming out summer 2018 about global child sex trafficking [2].

[1] https://archive.is/D29wT

[2] https://archive.is/mMSGb

3e0e71 No.1637994


>underground cave

should say underground septic tank, cause thats what it was..

>trees with restraints on them

probly should add a note to that line about the restraints where distanced just right for legs and arms,

due to the fact there is a shill push to say they are just straps to hold up a since removed tent or the like…

>due to the evidence they found

add: for example they dug up a bloody knife, they found bloody clothes. bloody blankets.

>TPD concluded

include the fact it took a week to convince the pd to look at the camp, and less then one day to rule theres no crime and permit the camp to be bulldozed.

3e0e71 No.