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Pro Aris et Focis

File: bcacab1198c9aa6⋯.jpg (9.47 KB, 255x143, 255:143, Topic.jpg)

4e39c4 No.212990

Be brave patriots! Do you want to live forever?!



>>212745 "The Perfect meme" GUIDE

>>198562 , >>198564 , >>198567 , >>198570 , >>198699 Know THY ENEMY - Monday Night Event #PeoplesSOTU









Hijack whatever you like, but please add previous tags.

Hijack suggestion for today: #NunesMemo

>>194242 Update from War Room

ALWAYS Add @realDonaldTrump or @POTUS To All Tweets

If Your Tweet Has @realDonaldTrump or OR @POTUS It Cannot Be Blocked!!

>>77228 THE Chink In The Armor Of The Beast

Remember to Cover POTUS on Twitter >>122874


Vote and see the latest results on hashtags for the State Of The Union OP



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4e39c4 No.213002







Motivation: ObamaGate will be a permanent target until the swamp is drained. Great Awakening has issues, this is know by the War Room. It is our biggest personal Hash. Release The Memo is already happening so it was removed, Its now a matter of getting to read it. #GreatAwakening MAY CHANGE AT ANY TIME! PLEASE ADVISE






Motivation: Secondary targets are for specific memes, these are “filler content” that try to give the tweet more meaning. Treason, for example can be used against any swamp dwelling creature. NoRedactions is strictly for the Memo.












Weave in popular words into the message. #Love #Hope #amazing #Treason #MAGA #news #fake #Hate #Terrible


Motivation: Aux weaves will give our tweets more ‘pins’ to hold onto. Super normies who don’t dwell onto trending topics but hang back in those comfy word hashes will see these tweets. Its to spread out the permanent target on as many hashes as we can, Just using One permanent hashtag will just focus your meme on ‘that’ hash. Having several smaller will cause a wake effect and let the waves catch it.

How to:

When writing a tweet, incorporate 1 or 2 Permanent target hashes. This is to focus our fire! Use 1-2 secondary targets to solidify message, This is to spread out the message and cover as much ground as possible. MAIN TARGET IS #ObamaGate Untill Swamp is flushed . Use a few Aux/Weave hashes,


(((Man! I sure am #happy for the #SOTU18 ! There's been a #GreatAwakening !)))


Meme ammo




Where we go one, we go all

>Got issues? Want to lambast the War Room for missing your super awesome hash? Wanna hang out with Armchair generals?

Visit the War Room, We ain't got any cookies!


4e39c4 No.213004


https:// pastebin.com/edit/YH7NRG7i

a3168a No.213021

1812 - British invasion

1839 - First opium wars to soften Asia up by British.

1841 - British instigation of Mexican-American war due to desire for the territories.

1854 - British used Americas power et al to force Japan to open up.

1856 - Second opium war as part of long term British takeover of China strategy.

1860 - British backed confederacy through infiltration of masonic and KKK orgs to try to divide and conquer us. Russian Tsar sent fleets to protect us against British backed invasion. (an army was amassed on other side of mexican border. )

1890s - Spanish American war where British covertly armed and funded the US as an ally in a ploy to decrease the animosity Americans had for them. (Maine false flag)

Late 1800s through early 1900s - Some of the American Indian wars (most the east coast, Hudson bay ones) secretly backed by British.

1899 - Phillipine war triggered by British globalists Paris Treaty

1900 - Eight nation alliance against China as test of alliance style entanglement of US into war.

1909 - Normad Dodd indications that Cecil Rhodesian group planned to infiltrate our education system and state department in preperation for getting us into war, which King Edward the 7th setup by creating the triple entente. This is the primary place the Rothschild Zionist banking group comes in, because Edward the 7th gave gave zionist bankers access to the court (court jews) in exchange for profits.

1910 - Edward 7 dies unexpectedly, throwing small wrench in plans. Rhodesian/Rothschild group carries on. British backed Japanese annex Korea as part of coming propup of Russia/Korean enemy.

1913 - Woodrow Wilson elected on the promise of not taking us to war. His handler, Edward House, and his handler, Sir Earl Grey (yes the tea), manipulated him into the war.

1914 - WW1 starts as planned

1916/17 - America dragged into the war, while bankers funded Nazis and Bolshevik revolution (and killed the Tsar and his family in revenge for his father Alexander III thwarting the 1860 plan) British use likely false-flag Zimmermann Telegram to bring US into WW1 on the heels of the Border war.

1939-45 - WW2 as continuation of WW1. British sought to make American losses great in the Pacific so at the end of the war there would be a balance of powers. (Brisbane line pushed by Churchil along with the island hopping strategy, which McArthur saw through and ignored, instead creating the leapfrog strategy, leading to the defeat of the Japanese at Guadalcanal.) Don't forget war plan red in which the US knew Britain might become an enemy.

1949 - British globalists used Kissinger et al to support Mao as the new communist enemy against the nationalist Chiang Kai-shek. British backed New york bankers and Harriman group funded Stalin as part of the coming cold war, intending for Stalin to push the north of China. One telling fact is that the British were one of the first nations to recognize Mao's government and started sending him supplies.

1950 - The British, looking to cut the US down since the Pacific play didn't work as well as intended, got the Korean war kicked off. The Harriman group pushed Truman into Korea, and they tried to setup McArthur by giving him inferior forces and supplies (likely in revenge for his thwarting of the pacific bleed-out strategy), but McArthur's strategic brilliance ended up winning despite him being setup to fail. Since instead of weakening the US, the "win" (hard to call it that with so many casualties), in Korea actually strengthened the US, the British started playing double and triple spy games in London to further foment the cold war. Using groups like the Cambridge 6 (everyone knows of the Cambridge 5, the 6th man was Victor Rothschild, and many more than just that), to leak information to the soviets as part of the strategy. (they were triples because, on the surface they were British agents, next layer they worked for KGB, but underneath both of those were working for the Monarchy and oligarchs, creating plausible deniability for the British.)

a3168a No.213026


1951 - Through the leaks of this group to Mao, Mao knew when to commit massive forces to Korea in the third phase offensive.

1958 - Lebanon Crisis the first inklings of the coming cold war, anti-communist justification for interventionism.

1961 - Second inkling of cold war via Bay of pigs as inevitable type of offshoot of organic Cuban alliance with Soviets (no first hand British involvement as far as I can tell)

1963-75 - British setup of Vietnam (Laos/Cambodia) conflict (which they tested on the French) culminated with the assassination of president Diem, with the help of the CIA/MI6, with Henry Cabot Lodge participating. Despite this, Kennedy resisted the entanglement, but was conveniently assassinated himself exactly 20 days after Diem, which gave the pre-controlled LBJ the presidency so the globalists could push for escalation. The British officer Sir Robert Grainger Ker Thompson was one of the main strategists advocating for escalation, even before JFK was shot, and was supposedly the worlds first expert on counter-insurgency operations (COIN) due to his success in Malaya. Robert McNamara, SecDef, later wrote a book which verified that after JFK, Thompson was the single most influential person pushing LBJ into Vietnam. He advocated for an occupation style strategy (one of the first references to a "hearts and minds" strategy I've found) with many US boots on the ground in the south. The South Vietnamese defense minister recognized the real threat as the NVA and their infiltration along the Ho Chi Minh, and recommended a fortified line from the DMZ into the edge of Laos to block the Ho Chi Minh, giving the south Vietnamese army the breathing room they needed to take civic action in their own country (as opposed to foreign occupation), and if the NVA massed to attack the line, US amphibious landings could quickly counter and destroy them. Thompson condemned this plan, likely as part of the British plan to further entangle and weaken the US in pursuance of "the balance of power", because in the end, the south lost due to exactly that, a cross border invasion of the NVA. The Viet Cong was in essence, a diversion. Did I mention Thompson was a close friend of Kissinger?

1982-89 - Libya bombing, Grenada, Panama, Lebanon - all extensions of the cold war or wars to protect Israels (Rothschild Zionists) interests.

1990 - First gulf war as natural extension of setup by British of the Baathists and also the Sauds in the early 1900's, with Kuwait as the oil rich middle chess peice.

1992-94 - First main testing of British globalist NATO in military operations in the Yugoslav wars.

2001+ - British Rothschild Zionists use their plausible deniability teams (MI6, Mossad, and CIA, Pakistani ISI, Saudi GID) to attack the WTC and instigate the war in Afghanistan and later Iraq and eventually the entire, never-ending global war on terrorism. The British learned how to play the superior military power of the US and is/was repeating the playbook of getting us into a quagmire (like we and they did to the Soviets in Afghanistan), so as to weaken our military (backfired slightly in the sense that we got much better at 21st century combat), but primarily to overextend our financial and political resources globally and to lose much of our international support. All of this most likely in preperation for an internal coup of the US through subversion, infiltration, and blackmail or coercion of top positions through all three branches of government including the fourth estate of journalism and media as they merger and aquisition their way to monoplies and further centralization in preperation for the ushering in of the NWO, most likely to start through a currency collapse of the dollar and likely to be replaced with a global or North American Union/Euro type digital currency (such as bitcoin) designed to seem like a savior while it's real intention is to allow both the tracking of all transactions and persons (cash is anonymous, BTC is not!), and it is most likely they have somehow taken control of %50+ (enough to manipulate BTC) or have a backdoor already in place.

cc2815 No.213035

File: 4b8ec4115ba9824⋯.png (12.56 KB, 223x457, 223:457, grays32.PNG)

File: d0c5347b4b3eb54⋯.png (29 KB, 924x603, 308:201, paintjet.PNG)

File: 158aa820d5fef51⋯.png (8.61 KB, 636x350, 318:175, set color map to grays.PNG)

started playing with the flag freedom png read up on color maps looks what happens to the stars when changed to grays, looks like game pieces, chess, computer games, little characters, cool

Change it to paintjet there looks like to chess castle king pieces!

ed894f No.213059


i cannot even reach 8chan at all through my own ip anymore. not just this board, all 8chan is blocked. i only get error 522. i am able to reach this board through vpn or tor but tor users are not allowed to post. also through vpn i can reach the board but get error 522 when trying to post. trying different online proxies now but noone works. trying to get this message through! am i the only one with this problem?

e5c239 No.213060


Filtered early

5a9023 No.213061

File: 635050715b4d70b⋯.png (815.28 KB, 777x707, 111:101, ClipboardImage.png)

11ad8a No.213062
















///+++O1//3O//2018+++ _MEMEWAR

YOU have gathered all this research for a reason

WE need to be ready when he tells us it's time to fire

WE have kept archives to tell the story… and the story is ours to tell







ex: Uranium1, Maxine RacialDivide, Obamagate/Fisa. Pedo/podesta. benghazi,etc,so-on


come directly from the subject matter, in addition to whats trending at the time


to proof of outcry. sauce is everything



65498b No.213063



15s15 seconds ago


PFIZER Plans $5 Billion Boost in U.S. Manufacturing After Tax Law…

e50fbc No.213064

File: 2861c45c49352af⋯.jpg (600.83 KB, 1001x1500, 1001:1500, right.jpg)

bcf56b No.213065

File: d350de8c2a37d80⋯.jpeg (151.47 KB, 600x800, 3:4, troll.jpeg)


ee2d08 No.213066

ty butcher, BAKER, candlestick maker.

flag file name is:


flipped its:


cant find anything yet

6e0c3e No.213067

Bless The Baker.

4e39c4 No.213068


I've actually had this issue happen a few times today.

On my pc i disabled and re-enabled my ethernet-adapter and i was able to re-establish connection.

5c1b57 No.213069

File: 99c0f156f1f9e9e⋯.png (1.28 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, RighteousBread16.png)


Righteous bread, Baker

061377 No.213070

File: 3336b8bc1bf39e6⋯.jpg (75.12 KB, 717x490, 717:490, MurrayGHMEMO.JPG)

5f6339 No.213071

http:// breaking911.com/russian-fighter-intercepts-u-s-reconnaissance-plane-black-sea/?onesignal_site_push_notification

2ab017 No.213072

TY Baker

b52893 No.213073


Thank you Sir. I knew someone had to have it. Appreciate you Anon!

ee2d08 No.213074

not our pcs, site is being attacted

dc6459 No.213075

File: 4e133d151ab4994⋯.jpg (122.75 KB, 1000x500, 2:1, 23mw91.jpg)

File: 47f93984ff62b3f⋯.png (1.02 MB, 614x759, 614:759, Purple Flame Q.png)

File: 0018ad8a50532c2⋯.jpg (198.11 KB, 1300x1300, 1:1, 9632381-letter-q-burning-w….jpg)


I adjusted your meme picture, added some Q to it,kek

I found this Q, and I REALLY LIKE IT,KEK

cc2815 No.213076

File: 711a30f4175d161⋯.png (22.97 KB, 498x359, 498:359, b1.PNG)

File: 07d3c4e43b2c8a1⋯.png (24.34 KB, 497x351, 497:351, b2.PNG)


closer up pics

75ddac No.213077

Seems to me the pelican stuff made the shills come out like crazy. Wouldn't that legitimize the content of the posts?

11ad8a No.213078

My fellow meme warriors,

In a pathetic attempt to attempt to subvert the message of President Trump at the State of the Union address on Tuesday, a bunch of Z-list "has beens" are staging a "People's State of the Union" to cry and concernfag about President Trump, on Monday.

They plan to use the hashtags #PeoplesSOTU #WeStandUnited #ResistanceMovement and #Vote2018.

Your objective? They belong to us now. Redpill the masses using those hashtags. Shine the truth into the darkness.

ee2d08 No.213079



c249db No.213080

I can


next bread and for a few hours after if needed.

b594fc No.213081


no problems here

5bd282 No.213082


Fuck off Pelicanfag.

4e39c4 No.213083


I got it anon

but thanks for you offer

11ad8a No.213084

My fellow meme warriors,

Our next phase is about the State of the Union address, and shining the light on truth wherever it stands. We have a dedicated channel, for the memes dedicated specifically to the State of the Union address

21c014 No.213085

another suicide.

https:// www.yahoo.com/entertainment/glee-star-mark-salling-dead-apparent-suicide-2-183521198.html?soc_trk=gcm&soc_src=937981b8-b832-11e5-a8a0-fa163e2c24a6&.tsrc=notification-brknews

76d56a No.213087

File: 924d7306f541253⋯.jpg (53.52 KB, 614x407, 614:407, gliph3973ac.jpg)

File: 5919582640b2e48⋯.jpg (42.22 KB, 618x394, 309:197, gliph44bf36-1.jpg)

File: 6f03ad7cb0987ef⋯.jpg (48.23 KB, 604x503, 604:503, gliph2d1c21.jpg)

File: 751fa8ce690e769⋯.jpg (62.41 KB, 616x482, 308:241, gliph141122.jpg)

File: 57e93f4be658d97⋯.gif (1.57 MB, 200x148, 50:37, 1501640613118.gif)


Google had it. I didn't start my true archiving until 2017.

9a9fdd No.213088


Good. That dude was a sick fuck

8b47de No.213089


This seems more of a byproduct of the manipulation. What states would those stars even represent? The 35th and 38th States?

feda0b No.213090


Mostly because they killed the owner of the cheap drug company in Canada, they were robbed, they were just eating into the drug company profits

ba8427 No.213091


>My fellow meme warriors,

>In a pathetic attempt to attempt to subvert the message of President Trump at the State of the Union address on Tuesday, a bunch of Z-list "has beens" are staging a "People's State of the Union" to cry and concernfag about President Trump, on Monday.

>They plan to use the hashtags #PeoplesSOTU #WeStandUnited #ResistanceMovement and #Vote2018.

>Your objective? They belong to us now. Redpill the masses using those hashtags. Shine the truth into the darkness.

All they are doing is getting those tags nice and ready for blasting. Plus jackfag won't ban them since its one of theirs.

4e39c4 No.213092


No it's the same suicide that is also in the batter and has been posted here for 3 breads now

1bfcbe No.213093


No, I was just making a statement that on the news here on all of the channels nobody is making any mention of the memo

e6115f No.213094

You know those celebrities who think they are better than everyone else? Yes, it is most of them, but some are more open about it. You will listen to them in interviews talk about regular people and how they are not like regular people. There is that level that believes they are so special you should not be allowed to speak to them or look them in the eyes. The thing is, they have so many enablers and suck ups in their lives, that it just exacerbates the situation.

There is a final level that believes the world would be a much better place if it only consisted of A list celebrities and rich people. They do everything they can to flaunt the rules and laws and just live the way they want. There is the former A+ list mostly movie actor who still has A+ list name recognition who firmly believes that people from third world countries should be killed off before they take all the food. He espouses certain beliefs, that if actually followed would accomplish it. He has been joined in those same calls by several other celebrities who keep trying to get people to adopt their position. They know that higher educated people would never fall for it. Well, probably not anyway. They know the people who will be seduced by these fake facts are the ones they want to see eliminated from the earth.

There is the A list singer who does some acting who sexually assaulted an actress on a movie he was filming. This was during the beginning of the Harvey takedown. The singer didn't care. He flat out told the actress no one would believe her and that she should be grateful that an A lister even took an interest in her.

There is a permanent A list mogul married to a permanent A lister. They don't really even talk a good game or even do lip service. They stay quiet on purpose along with other A+ listers who never seem to speak out. They don't care. They want to be the ones running the world and don't really care about anyone else.


1bfcbe No.213095

Thank you baker 👨‍🍳

65498b No.213096

Mike Cernovich 🇺🇸 Retweeted

Mark Meadows

Verified account


8m8 minutes ago


I've read the counter-memo from Intel Dems. It contains several factual errors and sourcing issues–when these are fixed, I believe the memo should be made public to all Americans.

But let's be clear: nothing in this memo suggests ANY factual inaccuracies in the original memo.

2efa38 No.213097

File: 7973744c45926b1⋯.png (129.69 KB, 1439x882, 1439:882, Capture _2018-01-30-13-50-….png)

Well…all you A.I. fags are gonna like this..

https:// predictionio.apache.org

< CIA invested in Apache Spark (In-Q-Tel) Databricks

Can be used with machine learning cloud etc.

>Pic Related…is that a KEK?

462df1 No.213098

File: d3137e1460b843d⋯.jpg (379.42 KB, 1351x817, 1351:817, magma89_3.jpg)

File: 0e259ee11071bb6⋯.jpg (178.75 KB, 1367x821, 1367:821, Yahoo70_11.jpg)

Magma89 landed at Panama Pacifico Airport. Yahoo70 is descending towards the British Virgin Islands.

I'm sensing "Follow the money" here.

557904 No.213099


It's a threat. They are trying to bargain.

21c014 No.213100

File: c711edefbcb864d⋯.png (36.76 KB, 859x379, 859:379, matis.png)

Spooky Captcha

I read; Mattis North Korea

fcdd27 No.213101

File: c4c3e645bf35636⋯.png (374.43 KB, 430x371, 430:371, glee.PNG)


This is what I found in 5 min of looking about Glee. Never got to looking if camera men etc died.

7/13/2013 Glee actor Cory Monteith found dead in Vancouver hotel room. Age 31. "died of a mixed drug toxicity, involving heroin and alcohol" . Girlfriend and Glee co-star Lea Michelle

12/3/2013 Former ‘Glee’ star Charice Pempengco attempts suicide. Her bank account had been cleared out and she was distraught over her financial instability when she decided to attempt to take her life.

7/10/2014 Glee actress Becca Tobin's boyfriend Matt Bendik, 35, was found dead in hotel room in Philadelphia on Thursday afternoon. Circumstances surrounding his death are mysterious.

1//2018 Mark Salling committed suicide by hanging, according to law enforcement. Sentencing in the case was set for March. He was expected to get 4 to 7 years in prison as part of a plea deal. Had 50,000 child porn pics.

57da08 No.213102


Geez anons

If this keeps up we will no longer be a 'consumer nation'. We'll be "righteous" industry again…think of it.

974f11 No.213103

File: d8112138ec3ef1a⋯.png (34.41 KB, 907x308, 907:308, Screenshot_2018-01-30-21-5….png)

I hope the SOTU lives up to the hype

cc2815 No.213104


see if you look at that placement in the grays pic how there are like little ninja guys facing each other in front of the king and looking back farther from the kings are other looking throne sitting characters

ccaba7 No.213105


Thanks for info.

I hope Trump mentions the memo during the SOTU while the whole world is watching and then releases it immediately after speech.

He'll miss a great opportunity if he does not speak directly to the world about the Memo.


47577b No.213106


love this Q reminds me of a killer glass piece or something saved ty

72e033 No.213107


Premier spelled wrong

get rid of the kooky colors for instance that red cnn looks terrible on the purple background. great idea tho, just colors basically.

feda0b No.213108


When the Dems ACTUALLY need an apologist where is obama? He was getting so good at it.

b52893 No.213109




Well appreciate that too. Been using duckduckgo since I discovered here. It's been working nicely and outside of YouTube, it keeps me off Google…

c249db No.213111


I am guessing that the SOTU will be pretty standard (other than the speech itself will be way better than previous pres) but it will be what goes on after the SOTU (ops or otherwise) that will be BIG.

21c014 No.213112


3 breads? Not sure how I missed all three. ty

061377 No.213114


a26ab5 No.213115

File: f151f4ea248766f⋯.png (78.32 KB, 826x284, 413:142, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at ….png)


>ty butcher, BAKER, candlestick maker.
















76d56a No.213116



PS to me Roger seems more like AM. He has direct comms with RM. Limey is of topic. Camp Eagle.

Huck did the gopher running. Delivering memo and 'magic'

Gut says Roger is AM though? Maybe Im all washed up.

e50fbc No.213118


second this

1bfcbe No.213119

You have posted this in six threads

How many more threads are you going to post these in?


974f11 No.213120


I saw somewhere that the memo will be released after SOTU

ee2d08 No.213121


r u the baker?

then you stfu

feda0b No.213122


So how does Salling hang himself then end up in a wash in Sunland?

c249db No.213123


Depends on how much cover Patriots need.

1bfcbe No.213124


Got it! Hijack time!

68e226 No.213125


well done!!

c44eab No.213126


>(or, more likely, competing AIs are here)

So, we're actually living the TV show Person of Interest?


8b47de No.213127


I see what you're saying, but I think it's just a byproduct of adjusted resolution.

fcdd27 No.213128


I remember years ago people that worked for Sylvester Stallone were never allowed to look him in the eye. They were never to eat anything of his in the kitchen even if you are the cook. There was more but I don't remember now.

4286f5 No.213129

5 Blackhawks playing war games in southern Alabama

a19502 No.213130


Thought the same, something doesn’t look right.

92ced1 No.213131



This fag does this and gets away with it but I get banned for warning people about doxxing themselves what the f*** is this board

2fd548 No.213132

File: 4461b6803d8f473⋯.gif (8.9 MB, 720x480, 3:2, elecconsqnc.gif)

863431 No.213133

45a8e6 No.213134

12pm PST, who wants to take bets on the board getting over run with Alex Jones CIA glowing faggot shills in the next 90 minutes.

5f3b84 No.213135


Thanks anon. I appreciate the advice. Ill try.

a19502 No.213136


Maybe because he is too short?

57b19a No.213137

File: 82a334a4e3ca516⋯.jpg (66.07 KB, 671x442, 671:442, 23mx6e.jpg)

557904 No.213138


Take it as sign that you shouldn't be here.

0b7e1e No.213139


feda0b No.213140


I know the area, used to gold pan and hike, I'm guessing he was suicided, maybe since in the biz he was selling/promoting this shit and they killed him to protect the heads of the black net market.

bcf56b No.213141


I should have been clearer:

What I meant by LEAVE ALONE, is to not have any malicious intent/deletion of posts, etc. If this AI means good, IMO it's in our best interests to entertain that good.

97fc53 No.213142

File: 130b0b2c27f6b12⋯.jpg (57.51 KB, 827x398, 827:398, russiagatelie.JPG)

4f3304 No.213143

File: f774ed61912e83c⋯.jpg (117.33 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, chill.jpg)

6 hours till SOTU yaaaaas

92ced1 No.213144


Welcome to yesterday

4e39c4 No.213145


how much are we betting? i wouldn't mind losing for a change

5c1b57 No.213146


This seems especially timely and relevant for today. Somebody want to make a more palatable and noticeable post for our Baker?



For your consideration. Whaddaya think? Dough-worthy?

5f3b84 No.213148


Monitored. We arent at /pol/ anymore.

2efa38 No.213149


Pretty sure that was another conf_ as Trump probably knew exactly when the memo would be released..

1bfcbe No.213151

File: dbb16d1b66e503a⋯.png (589.66 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, A4C0A928-2442-4374-9F61-CE….png)



Did a search and got this…

https ://urlquery.net/report/06479aae-25a7-4987-a748-5e79ad7a2949

4f3304 No.213152


…..now here's John with the latest from sports.

0b7e1e No.213153

She acts like a fucking demoncrap.


cc2815 No.213154

File: 393304bb2f87715⋯.png (24.14 KB, 905x379, 905:379, redspurples30.PNG)

Change to RedsPurples (30)

whats going on in the stripes is even more obvious

5f3b84 No.213155


I understand the frustration. I got banned last night for asking who an FBI agent was. All my photos were deleted too.

e50fbc No.213156


saved from /pol a while a go… want sauce myself

fcdd27 No.213157


Then how are you posting?

dc6459 No.213158

File: f154c34c25104c7⋯.gif (4.69 KB, 185x162, 185:162, LETRA Q.gif)

Found this GIF, a Q with a pepe looking frog, KEK

http:// 1.bp.blogspot.com/-ozRag_MOotU/VLRpq57MlkI/AAAAAAAAAf0/CRkqtTJP084/s1600/LETRA%2BQ.gif

8b3cf0 No.213159

File: a5cb234b696be98⋯.jpg (88.86 KB, 700x388, 175:97, Rep__Paul_Gosar__DDS_on_Tw….jpg)

45a8e6 No.213160


Happens everyday around 1pm,almost like that fat sloppy fuck sends them here.

128969 No.213161


Officially, the SOTU speech is being billed as "unifying." I guess we'll find out. Sarah Sanders was practically giddy yesterday and referred to the event as "must-watch TV" more than once.

4e39c4 No.213162


Isn't this already in the batter somewhere ? if not i will add it

0b7e1e No.213163


Works for me!!!

ba8427 No.213164

File: 80bef6c8701160f⋯.png (26.73 KB, 544x91, 544:91, kfjkjf.png)

Schiff counter memo is peak faggotry.

1e2d9d No.213165

File: d87c5daa40f1d8b⋯.jpg (375.89 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, heroes.jpg)

b52893 No.213166

4e39c4 No.213168


I know, i would bet against you because i'm tired of winning

>get it?

92ced1 No.213169


Whoever banned me said "chill bro" they should unban me now== I have eleven different IP addresses and I will not be fucking silenced


45a8e6 No.213170


Haha top KEK, totally missed it

ba8427 No.213171



8f4872 No.213173

File: 136515b2572efe4⋯.jpg (83.68 KB, 500x627, 500:627, 23icbh.jpg)

fcdd27 No.213174


So many dying from Glee makes no sense. I bet if we looked at the rest of the shows…there will be many that have 'suicide' Looks like Hollywood is cleaning house too.

557904 No.213175


You should be banned again.

8f4872 No.213176

File: 6d0c4b312937235⋯.jpg (115.55 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 23ibyj.jpg)

e6115f No.213177

File: 5f3028df726a06a⋯.png (10.33 KB, 437x150, 437:150, filter .png)

4f3304 No.213178


very good meme

e5c239 No.213179


How about filter ignored?

c249db No.213180


Then we will only have to ban you 10 more times.

dc6459 No.213181



Just need a better meme artist to clean it up.

fb1549 No.213183

File: cf09f2c36371f16⋯.png (116.19 KB, 496x373, 496:373, chewy.png)

cc2815 No.213184


It's the color map, pics have certain numbers of colors, you can hide things this way, from what I've read digging.



5f3b84 No.213185



Unplug router




Plug router back in

Good to go

8b3cf0 No.213186


The lefties lost thier minds on his Twat

4e39c4 No.213187

1bfcbe No.213188

5c1b57 No.213189


Yes, it's already in the batter. Stand down.


It's already in the batter, anon.

92ced1 No.213190


You are a glowing fag

8b47de No.213191


I never really watched the show, did it have psyop overtones?

aa04e8 No.213192

So some thoughts on APACHE

Initial reaction is that it could be a call sign for a Secret Service protection. When checking the very limited resource of the Wikipedia list of call signs Apache was not listed. Could this be a SS Call sign for someone that is not know Publicly:

APACHE: Assange maybe?

Thoughts Anons? Of course the list of names as an Acronym also make sense. Could be a double meaning?

bcf56b No.213193


No harm no foul. We're def of the same mind. Read some interesting answers form the last splurge of postings, I'm looking forward to more

e67018 No.213194


Narcissism and blackmail (of cops) is a hellava drug.


Heard similar stories about Shillary.

6e0c3e No.213195

d3c516 No.213196


Not a popular source on this board but there is extensive discussion of link between Comey and Apache on reddit/cbts.


e6a2c1 No.213197


Maybe he wouldn't play the "game?" Problem with computers and the digital world... Too easy to sow doubt. We see that here every day in our own ways.

>>213175 stop talking to them. Let them just do their thing. Shitting up the breads over banning is garbage. J/s. Thanks. feel dirty even asking you, but the bakers work hard.

02bfa8 No.213198

Q if you see this, do a fellow patriot a great honor, see if our Patriot President can wish me a happy birthday today!- Agent_711_1776 Thank you everyone for making this country great again!

863431 No.213199


Ima sauce myself too.


2cb046 No.213200

219b81 No.213201


had the same problem started in the early afternoon (EU) seems stable now for over an hr on my side

5f3b84 No.213203



bcf56b No.213205


That's a bot or a shill, has to be the 3rd of 4th time that message was posted, started last bread

442451 No.213206


You need to be on your knees to look Stallone in the eyes. He's fucking tiny!

92ced1 No.213207


I am smarter than you think. I can inside your machine in eight minutes fuckstick

4f3304 No.213208

woo whew, thread is empty after all that filtering

581c47 No.213209


Wouldn't surprise me if the deep state was taking out senile mockingbirds who might've spilled the beans in their old age or somehow develop a conscience about their misdeeds.

Think TRUST evaluations, but for scumbags who might give up incriminating information.

>You might rat us out while our queen HRC ascends? You have to go.

With all the celebrities dying in 2016, it might well have been a culling.

5f3b84 No.213210

File: 74fe257e2f76c8f⋯.jpg (46.52 KB, 768x420, 64:35, 12mccabe-1-master768.jpg)

File: e4397f87a9160e6⋯.jpg (39.42 KB, 584x350, 292:175, comeycapitalhill.jpg)

File: 2caa708c365bdbe⋯.jpg (77.97 KB, 648x405, 8:5, mccabe-page-baker-w-strzok….jpg)

557904 No.213211


Begone you gerbilling felcher.

30624f No.213212


<<PFIZER Plans $5 Billion Boost in U.S. Manufacturing After Tax Law

So add this to all of the "we are investing locally", next through in all of the announced $1K bonus's and raising employees wages all because of the Tax bill.

I don't think so. I believe that these are all "Fines" for past transgressions against The People.

The biggest "Fine" to date being the announcement that Amozon/Berkshire/JP Morgan form a free from profit health care system.

Punishment handed out, no economic/civil unrest.

And this is only the beginning.—–or I am a retard of epic proportions

462df1 No.213213

File: 693bedf58aa5fd6⋯.jpg (207.69 KB, 1645x913, 1645:913, Yahoo70_12.jpg)

Yahoo70 was last seen on final approach to Henry E Rohlsen Airport, Christiansted (STX) in the British Virgin Islands.

bcf56b No.213214


this again? filt…

701a3b No.213215

2 Stars and Stripes postings

50 days ( 1 month 19 days) inbetween

Could it be linked to >>146058

Remove leverage to capture the flag?

Capture the flag to end the rule?

End the rule of who?

( the context seems to be NK but maybe double meaning?)

d8acef No.213216


I know two others that cannot get on 8ch without a link in an email from me.

84bd68 No.213217

State of the Uniom. The m stands for Memo.

2ab017 No.213218

Been hearing hints in news to watch N.K tonight

2efa38 No.213219

So >>213097

Not even a little kek?

47cff2 No.213220

File: ae0023060dc18c9⋯.png (555.5 KB, 842x893, 842:893, screenshot_480.png)


Looks like Mark Salling was being setup by the cabal because here's an article stating. Something is definitely fishy with the Salling issue….

(Despite reports, a representative for Salling has denied the actor has harmed himself.

"Mark is physically fine and Mark is spending time atoning and working on himself," his lawyer said.)

http:// www.shared.com/glee-star-mark-salling-attempted-suicide-just-days-before-pleading-guilty-to-child-pornography/2/

bcf56b No.213221


Good catch!

397d08 No.213222

File: 683d8d9223069ac⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1264x990, 632:495, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at ….png)


I plan on watching the SOTU where I suspect there will no fuckery to the video feed. We all have the right to watch it. Enjoy.


128969 No.213223

File: f1a59fa0f8206d8⋯.jpg (162.51 KB, 2400x1500, 8:5, benjaminpetty.jpg)

Oklahoma Man Gets Probation for Raping 13-Year-Old Girl…


68e226 No.213224


keep digging anon. if this is Q's then if there's something there…it's not by accident.

5455b0 No.213225


It's right at the top of the batter and was last night.

96fc49 No.213227


@ameritech.net email addresses come with your DSL account (for proof, e.g. https:// forums.att.com/t5/U-verse-2013-Archive/Ameritech-Email-Address/td-p/2701765).

The key is the .net TLD. If it was a corporate-provided email, it would use .com TLD. A lot of broadband providers (comcast.net, sbcglobal.net, etc.) give you a .net email address with your account.

I think the Ameritech connection is a dead-end. It's an ISP-provided email address. There are many like it. This one is BO's.

bcf56b No.213228


It's a bot or shill, don't answer! Posts same post multiple times, last bread & this

e6115f No.213229

File: aa1a813988f88f1⋯.png (44.66 KB, 747x527, 747:527, apache.png)



ed85e8 No.213230



care to add a tl;dr or some type of explanation as to what this is?

02bfa8 No.213231

File: 3629dbeb6903ede⋯.jpg (129.77 KB, 1656x952, 207:119, down.jpg)


It's true, numerous times I keep getting this error!

ebba51 No.213232


i cannot even reach 8chan at all through my own ip anymore. not just this board, all 8chan is blocked. i only get error 522. i am able to reach this board through vpn or tor but tor users are not allowed to post. also through vpn i can reach the board but get error 522 when trying to post. trying different online proxies now but noone works. trying to get this message through! am i the only one with this problem?

95f314 No.213233


you know these people have security detail following them right?

and those are not known faces, that's the point

5f3b84 No.213234

File: 74fe257e2f76c8f⋯.jpg (46.52 KB, 768x420, 64:35, 12mccabe-1-master768.jpg)

File: e4397f87a9160e6⋯.jpg (39.42 KB, 584x350, 292:175, comeycapitalhill.jpg)

File: 5041a3b7710779c⋯.jpg (92.26 KB, 648x405, 8:5, mccabe-page-baker-w-strzok….jpg)

File: dfba29ce81f1416⋯.jpg (184.69 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Mueller20halls20of20Congre….jpg)

17ca53 No.213235


that is how i took it :)


8f4872 No.213236

File: c5969e7a77e86e3⋯.jpg (90.97 KB, 790x444, 395:222, 22tgsz.jpg)

16866a No.213237

File: 1c0fe6afb008045⋯.jpg (97.37 KB, 883x501, 883:501, Crazy Joe blank.jpg)

File: fa3aba3479cfae4⋯.jpg (108.46 KB, 872x502, 436:251, Crazy Joe.jpg)

3d8717 No.213238

File: 7d04b363e552c23⋯.jpg (72.01 KB, 854x500, 427:250, Lookitup.jpg)

File: ece8d23f830db33⋯.jpg (70.62 KB, 900x500, 9:5, PayAtention.jpg)

8b47de No.213239


Maybe localized DDOS attacks in certain areas?

95f314 No.213240

File: 20b3407f0f1b5f4⋯.png (471.67 KB, 1111x543, 1111:543, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.png)

8b3cf0 No.213241


been happening all day to me to

47cff2 No.213242

File: 6fbfe382b750877⋯.png (22.96 KB, 847x126, 121:18, screenshot_481.png)


My apologies….tired….

The article states that Salling tried to commit suicide but Salling's lawyer contests that he is fine and looking forward to rehabilitation….

8f4872 No.213243

File: 45aba67337032b1⋯.jpg (136.71 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 23i2p6.jpg)

1bfcbe No.213244


Absolutely KEK

4f3304 No.213245

Putin has been very quiet during this whole thing.

4e39c4 No.213246

DanBaker here

My local new just reported:

"Når Trump holder tale i nat møder han modsvar fra et medlem Kennedy-klanen"

- TV2 News.


"When trump holds his speech to night he will be opposed by a member of the kennedy-clan"

heh funny

8f4872 No.213247

File: d11816c4f1d682f⋯.jpg (86.91 KB, 666x500, 333:250, 23g4xb.jpg)

bcf56b No.213248

File: 9d77d4066b1a7ad⋯.png (15.04 KB, 928x113, 928:113, NO!.png)


e67018 No.213249


So it's just spin.

4e39c4 No.213250


clan *

5f3b84 No.213252


Im a warrior anon. I ask questions. Dont like it?

filter me, fagbait.

5f3b84 No.213253


Who is he?

8f4872 No.213255


filtered ID+

4f3304 No.213256


Cheers m8, thanks

061377 No.213257

File: 0faa6173239cb27⋯.jpg (97.23 KB, 975x337, 975:337, MEMOBurst.jpg)

5f3b84 No.213258

File: ea980128382a9f0⋯.png (5.82 KB, 697x147, 697:147, ClipboardImage.png)

b594fc No.213259



thank you for this- bookmarked..

(was going to hunt it when i got caught up- like that is ever going to happen)

57b19a No.213260

File: a17a4e804832840⋯.jpg (14.71 KB, 344x147, 344:147, 23myd2.jpg)

bcf56b No.213261


So have I, comes back with a new ID each time

7b0a47 No.213262


Look at the two teams. Their symbols, Eagles and Patriots both symbolize America, land of liberty and patriotism.

Look at the two cities. Philly and Boston, both played key roles in the Revolution against the cabal in 1776.

Imagine how strong a blow against the American psyche to kill those two football teams in the Twin Cities in a stadium named US Bank. Wasn't that the name of the banks Andrew Jackson fought against in the Bank Wars?

25e0dc No.213263

File: 23f1352dceee7ad⋯.jpg (9.82 KB, 242x255, 242:255, 0a9b9776a7ed997649f681ea9b….jpg)


I suffered all you post about yesterday evening but was able to return in a new browser {Opera}

The /catalog was showing up short numerous threads, and the /qresearch chan only gave me one post in a screen shot with no ability to activate links.

Get a new browser, try again.

e6a2c1 No.213264

Thoughts on markets today regarding McCabe firing may be a signal to upheaval coming? IF our Justice sytem might be going to go through an overhaul. it would be chaotic. All that we have done here has a lot ot do with keeping people calm, right? Well… that market is a big thing to us, and the world. Too may stories prove that to be true. Think it over. Got to run and get kiddies off the bus. Will pause here.

dd969e No.213265

Not to distract but EVERY TIME i look at the number of replies i read REDPILLS

72eecc No.213266


Baker, please for the next bread, replace the "latest hashtags" section at the top with the permanent and secondary hashtags provided in >>213002

In case the intent is not clear - the secondary tags are considered temporary as their use will at some point become irrelevant. So those will change but the permanent tags will not. Please always include the permanent hashtags. These allow us to find each other and work together. We are trying to streamline our efforts to help get our stuff trending and keep it trending!

Thanks all for your help! Wishing all Anons a great SOTU night.

701a3b No.213267


Same here

e6115f No.213268

File: ea4a6b134bcfef1⋯.png (39.07 KB, 1097x485, 1097:485, ameritech.png)



eb5e2a No.213269

File: bdb40bc5a1d4017⋯.jpg (96.85 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, JayZ_Clinton_Supporter.jpg)

File: b9b886b0baacf09⋯.jpg (121.94 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, racist_democrats.jpg)

979470 No.213270


looks like gab's kek

7b0a47 No.213271

How do I correct this, dang!


5f3b84 No.213272

File: 74fe257e2f76c8f⋯.jpg (46.52 KB, 768x420, 64:35, 12mccabe-1-master768.jpg)

File: 5041a3b7710779c⋯.jpg (92.26 KB, 648x405, 8:5, mccabe-page-baker-w-strzok….jpg)

File: dfba29ce81f1416⋯.jpg (184.69 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Mueller20halls20of20Congre….jpg)

File: b31b65d6f4db12e⋯.png (437.78 KB, 774x920, 387:460, TRUMP DS.png)

820ff2 No.213273



Yup, me too

5455b0 No.213274



e67018 No.213275


You can't get in there without valid federal ID (REAL ID) or a passport anyway.

1bfcbe No.213276


Happy birthday 🎂

95f314 No.213277


some random security officer?

<but then there are RED CIRCLES ON PIKTCHURES so it must be spoopy

e67018 No.213278


Or a CAC card if you're .mil.

8b47de No.213279

Does anyone even watch the SOTU rebuttals? They're always cringe AF.

4e39c4 No.213280



ed85e8 No.213281


IMO, self-dox should get the darwin award, but i'm not a vol.

979470 No.213282


said she must make bring them to heel?

dc6459 No.213283


an anyone get a close up of his badge, in picture 2.

5f3b84 No.213284

bcf56b No.213286


It's ALWAYS symbolic, every year.

Dec 9 2017 21:34:48

>4th quarter, Patriots.

>We fight together.


1bfcbe No.213287


Lots try to clear Their conscience when they’re facing the end

871b01 No.213288

701a3b No.213289

a19502 No.213290


Honestly, 95% of the population doesn’t even know what the SOTU is much less a rebuttal.

8b3e80 No.213291


Please tell me this chick has a name.

0b7e1e No.213292


How much you want to bet the dems will circumvent that.

8b47de No.213293

File: dc6efb43af9f8be⋯.jpg (116.42 KB, 728x520, 7:5, Untitled_Artwork 7.jpg)

2ab017 No.213294

https:// www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2018/01/swamp-trump/551807/

Maybe they think he is gonna talk canal tonight, preparing counter narrative

e5c239 No.213295


Spell check fail

2ab017 No.213296


Spell check canal -cabal

95f314 No.213297


superbo predadors

that's the mexican version

b594fc No.213298


I can COMPLETELY understand that-

done the same thing-

(read "redpill" in news when it is something else as well)

5f3b84 No.213299

File: 74fe257e2f76c8f⋯.jpg (46.52 KB, 768x420, 64:35, 12mccabe-1-master768.jpg)

File: e4397f87a9160e6⋯.jpg (39.42 KB, 584x350, 292:175, comeycapitalhill.jpg)

File: 5041a3b7710779c⋯.jpg (92.26 KB, 648x405, 8:5, mccabe-page-baker-w-strzok….jpg)

File: dfba29ce81f1416⋯.jpg (184.69 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, Mueller20halls20of20Congre….jpg)

File: ca3d81e0bbc318f⋯.jpg (64.25 KB, 740x444, 5:3, d4f56d7f-5139-44cc-b379-74….jpg)

8b47de No.213300

File: 42e049c2c67d2b6⋯.jpeg (156.24 KB, 1000x1500, 2:3, iu-4.jpeg)

e67018 No.213301



Are you trying to say that guy may be disloyal?

03772b No.213302

I hope they cuff em and stuff em live on tv

Ungrateful assholes….most everyone in this country would be honored to attend


cfe019 No.213303

File: 73d83b555d43cfb⋯.jpg (133.74 KB, 737x489, 737:489, GreatAwakening306.jpg)

File: c139fa119fd4152⋯.jpg (98.63 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, InternetBillOfRights6.jpg)

Meme autist available,

Looking for work.

1bfcbe No.213304


🤬 freaking liberal judges!

95f314 No.213306


correction: not random, but officer affected to Mueller detail. yawn.

next slide?

2ae55e No.213307

Q: I will post this again when you are definetely around, but please consider this request.

There is one "crazy" friend in every friend group at liberal college towns around the country who listens to Alex Jones, is the only TRUMP supporter of the group, and has drunkenly told their liberal friendgroup that the government is run by pedophiles, among other ramblings.

Please include a few high level pedophile busts in the 40% public, if only to get the other 90% of every liberal friendgroup to pause and think "HOLY SHIT maybe XXX crazy guy was right all along!!!"

Thank You Q Team

979470 No.213308


get maxine waters on that meme now

eb5e2a No.213309


thanks my meme skills are better than my proofreading skills! ackkkkk

will fix

92ced1 No.213310


Yes her name is 15 year old underaged Russian prostitute

4e39c4 No.213311


But we as bakers can't do anything against the will of BO or BV.

Sorry you got banned, it was shady business that i didn't fully understand even though i was in the middle of it.

a19502 No.213312


Is that the same guy who would stay close to Hillary during her campaign with an auto injector?

1bfcbe No.213313


Maybe it has something to do with the air drills they are doing this week

99bb9c No.213314

File: 1ba5d8b88cd8631⋯.png (12.01 KB, 374x417, 374:417, 1517343393243.png)

d8acef No.213315


I am NOT a bot or shill!!!! And this is the FIRST time I've posted this. I am here 10-16 hrs/day, mostly lurking.

979470 No.213316



prepare boys the AJ/ Pelican shills seem to be prepping.

68e226 No.213318


can the 2nd photo be enlarged to see the security badge on the guy??

badge is in full view

e67018 No.213319


Maybe that's what 5f3b84 is trying to say.

4e39c4 No.213320


Every one is a bot or a shill at this point

979470 No.213321

f851c2 No.213322


Trump JR just retwatted about releaseing the Memo at SOTU..... oh boy getting excited

2efa38 No.213323


Oh yeah. Hmm…almonds.

feda0b No.213324

Test Post

820ff2 No.213325

File: b9217c7e29f931d⋯.png (307.71 KB, 1346x796, 673:398, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at ….png)

Sophia update

8b47de No.213326


http:// map.norsecorp.com/#/

3262fe No.213327


why did you filter him?

86081b No.213328

just heard MEMO to be released after SOTU

128969 No.213329


pedophile judges, more like.

e5c239 No.213330


He be power trolling

bcf56b No.213331


Not YOU as the bot/shill anon, the post you replied to is = >>213059

ed85e8 No.213332



feda0b No.213333


I think we need Schiff to stand up and read it like HRC read the POTUS book

03772b No.213334

And Gaetz did too…..whoo buddy!


fa38d0 No.213335


Dems prob. trying to bring in the voter base (illegals) to parade around and make noise during SOTU!!! lmao!!!

ca5000 No.213336

File: 3d1e850e032b8d4⋯.jpg (650.51 KB, 1600x1028, 400:257, aleksandr-solzhenitsyn3.jpg)

Just a quick note. . .

When you hear the cabal using the term 'Red', its important to realize just how intimately tied they've been, historically speaking, to this color. Rothschild means 'red shield', the Red Cross is their corrupt toy, used for the most nefarious means imaginable.. to give two minor exapmles.

I wanted to touch upon one usage of the term I haven't heard mentioned often, one meaningful to me personally.

The largest loss of innocent life in human history was instigated by the Red bolsheviks' revolution, financed by the Rothschilds through the Schiff family (from whom Adam Schiff is descended), who ultimately killed *tens of millions* of non-combatants in the most brutal ways, including many of my Kulak relatives, whose only offenses were being German, Christian, and moderately successful (believing in hard work and simplicity). I can't even read first hand accounts of what was done to them any longer, I end up feeling so much anger. These atrocities never spawned a multi-billion dollar grievance industry, and you'll never see a single Hollywood blockbuster highlighting their plight. They suffered in stoic silence, and have been utterly ignored by our tastemakers in the modern age. The Red bolsheviks, financed to the tune of well over $1billion in today's money, robbed, raped, and murdered their way across Russia, like a loosely organized crew of bandits. Despite the best attempts of the White Russians who rose up against this foreign invasion (they truly saw this as an attempted Jewish takeover of the Russian nation), funding and resources inevitable won out, with devastating consequences that echo into the present.

Picture this backlash against white people, and/or all vestiges of western culture in general, continuing and becoming even more extreme. If you can't picture the most mentally conditioned element of our population being indoctrinated into acts of violence against those who believed in the nuclear family, or hard work and personal responsibility, or had a christian or conservative political and spiritual outlook, you're deceiving yourself. Our media completely *controls* the minds of a significant % of American's, and have taught them to feel a passionate *HATE*, to the point of feeling justified in lashing out. This is how it began previously, and history has a nasty habit of repeating itself.

The Trump phenomenon was a gift from God, one we may never fully understand… our last real chance to dodge this bullet, dragging us back, by hook or crook, to sanity… but we're far from out of the woods. They still control the money, the media, most economic and political structures across the western world. When the levee finally breaks, and this behind the scenes battle breaks out into the open, the number of people we've managed to drag back to sanity will be all important, and will literally dictate our future as a species. It's a question of freedom, or slavery, in a very literal sense… I used to think such statements were melodramatic, histrionics, exaggeration… I know differently now.

95f314 No.213337




fb1549 No.213338

File: aaac933a4e35f1f⋯.png (76.08 KB, 819x619, 819:619, 130history1.png)

File: 6c4798367dd6c54⋯.png (53.51 KB, 801x507, 267:169, 130history2.png)

File: e7bb520c06bde83⋯.png (48.3 KB, 820x535, 164:107, 130history3.png)

File: 0996ff1476439f3⋯.png (54.83 KB, 818x542, 409:271, 130history4.png)

File: 15fa553db6a711d⋯.png (57.93 KB, 810x500, 81:50, 1649.png)

interesting day in history

including 1649 (Hannity tweet that got him banned)

feda0b No.213339

Anyone having problems streaming Fox, maybe they are all getting DDOS attacks

9b9ad5 No.213340


I agree. Not usual. Cloudfare "busy" and denial on several attempts to load page.

My guess is an attack. Im no TCPIPfag, but this has happened before when the heat was on here.

Q cleaned it up a few nights ago, hope he is watching.

e5c239 No.213342


Make him start over everytime he makes a mistake

4f3304 No.213343


That's great :D

c3ecf9 No.213344


The person who was killed in November that the media refuses to talk about is Lord Rothschild. The 'house' in New Orleans is still a mystery and will probably remain so until Enty drops more details in a future blind. "Mogul" suggests that Rothschild had an acquaintance who was also targeted at the time but didn't get taken out until recently...another very rich and famous person whose death the media isn't talking about...

The first murder was originally thought to be linked to threats of exposing the child trafficking/sex ring which is a big profit generator for the cabal.

Who is this other person? Perhaps another member of the cabal who wanted to make a deal, and they found out about it?

4f3304 No.213346



e67018 No.213347

File: c4d0f644fcda9bc⋯.jpg (58.38 KB, 500x500, 1:1, we fuck kids.jpg)



They all belong to a club.

ed85e8 No.213348

for anybody talking about connectivity issues,

your internet sucks

68e226 No.213349


no. different guy

30624f No.213350


Awesome find anon!

7b0a47 No.213351


Fact is that there are factions within the cabal. Some want AI so they can invoke Satan to possess the AI and give him direct control over some things. Other factions fear AI because they want to cheat Satan, and evolve beyond the corporeal form into fallen angels without going to heaven first. Therefore cheating God as well.

The fact is, that AI does not exist today, and we have very little to gain by getting into the Illuminati squabbles and schemes. They see us as sheep to be manipulated, bred, eaten, killed for sport. Our goal is not to engage in their games, but to stop them utterly and completely.

We the sheep have no need for AI because we already have intelligence in great quantity. Not just autists but normies too. This board is not a place for AI discussion at all.

4f3304 No.213352


my internet swallows

a064af No.213354


Let this post serve as a warning to all of you. This is what happens when autism doesn't find a constructive outlet.

feda0b No.213355


Yes and Trump can troll him the whole time "are your eyes always like that"

8b47de No.213356


AK here, my internet is a frozen potato and it's running fine.

41caf8 No.213357

File: 6d0ef859f689209⋯.jpg (523.14 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, Trump_gave_all_up.jpg)

4e39c4 No.213358


haha yeah… But only the connection to 8ch … everything else loads fine…

86081b No.213359


FOX News live

will post link when….

dd4948 No.213361

File: 5b74dbff9e4bdbb⋯.jpg (94.77 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, JayZ_Clinton_Supporter.jpg)

ed85e8 No.213362


cloudfare sucks too. kek

88d291 No.213363


God Bless. Good to hear

95f314 No.213364


braaaah it looks amazing



1bfcbe No.213365

ab2cfa No.213366


i cannot even reach 8chan at all through my own ip anymore. not just this board, all 8chan is blocked. i only get error 522. i am able to reach this board through vpn or tor but tor users are not allowed to post. also through vpn i can reach the board but get error 522 when trying to post. trying different online proxies now but noone works. trying to get this message through! am i the only one with this problem?

a522a1 No.213367



a68007 No.213369


Before you get to excitied get another flag image of same resolution and play your colours on that and see if you get the same. I just dont see why Q would hide stuff in a flag image when he could just drop crumbs directly. Happy to be prove wrong, just sayin'

2d9a10 No.213370

File: 0730eca3525cc52⋯.png (273.07 KB, 557x897, 557:897, Selection_012.png)

Oregon's Earl Blumenauer to skip State of the Union, will send DREAMer instead

http:// www.oregonlive.com/politics/index.ssf/2018/01/oregon_rep_to_skip_state_of_th.html

979ea2 No.213371

File: c791235eab4f173⋯.jpg (458.57 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, WRCM.jpg)


And please for the love of GOD. Change the #BillOfinternetRights to #InternetBillOfRights.

I fucked up so bad when writing that post in the morning and i cringe everytime i see it.

0b7e1e No.213372

Did that APACHE list of names make it into the spreadsheet?

b5b314 No.213373


i cleared all data, cache and all that stuff now its working great for me. try it!

57b19a No.213374

File: 91828904eef7531⋯.jpg (83.06 KB, 750x482, 375:241, 23mzqk.jpg)

8b3e80 No.213375


Kinda long, but I guess I could get use to it…

8c7e3d No.213376

Glad to hear praise god>>213325

47cff2 No.213377

File: 3f45ac52ded8046⋯.png (493.24 KB, 883x609, 883:609, screenshot_483.png)

Is there a special place available for this guy?

8b3dd1 No.213378

f851c2 No.213379

File: e25495c9c6de1c6⋯.jpg (11.14 KB, 253x227, 253:227, CatDigin.jpg)

Going to be a long day boyz, Bunker down…

It is GLOWING in here and its still early.

9b9ad5 No.213380


For the norm, I agree…

But this is happening when "viewing" the site on .tor where 9 out of 10 times it times out.

(Clowns ran lots of tor exit nodes tho)

And it is happened since off .tor

On multiple internet locations all morning.

We should report accurate and respect because it reveals the nature of the issue.

(area outage vs. etc.etc)

dc6459 No.213381

File: f1855b3d98e13a2⋯.jpg (63.7 KB, 885x516, 295:172, Congress_Russia_Probe_8342….jpg)



This is the guy

One of the lawyers whom special counsel Robert Mueller has hired to investigate President Trump is pulling double duty, still working part time as a deputy solicitor general in the Justice Department.

The curious arrangement may not pose a direct conflict of interest, ethics analysts said, but it does leave Michael Dreeben on a team investigating Mr. Trump even as he serves as the executive branch’s attorney overseeing the Justice Department’s criminal docket before the Supreme Court.

https:// www.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/jun/29/michael-dreeben-robert-mueller-team-member-still-j/

24fda3 No.213382

File: afc5b884f3db965⋯.jpeg (140.97 KB, 768x463, 768:463, 7ADE972A-86BB-4DEF-9C74-5….jpeg)

2ab017 No.213383


Bat channel

59e49d No.213384


I hope you realize what time you are living at in history. This year marks 70 years from the restoration of Israel as a nation. God says in the Bible He won't allow injustices to continue beyond 70 years. 70 years is also the time of a generation and there are prophecies that say this generation will not pass until all these things be fulfilled.

Lunar eclipse on Tu'B'Shevat which is also known as the New Year of the Trees, another Lunar eclipse on Tu'B'Shevat in one year on the same date as well. Bible prophecy talks about a fig tree starting to bloom and you know spring is nigh.

Bible talks about Ephraim receiving the Blessing and of Ephraim being a MULTITUDE OF NATIONS which is America. We are returning to our roots and to our God to show the World that He still REIGNS!

All connected.

Please pray for our President and the Q team as they discern the wisdom that they need to navigate the path ahead.

dd4948 No.213385

File: 5f964fb9a84fb81⋯.jpg (94.56 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, JayZ_Clinton_Supporter.jpg)

File: b9b886b0baacf09⋯.jpg (121.94 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, racist_democrats.jpg)


oh my god. sorry just got back from the dentist. i think the deadening agent deadened my brain. fuck. artists we SUCK sometimes.

Can a baker help me out and delete my sad mistakes? if not no biggie.

e6115f No.213386

Document shows police ID’d 2nd ‘person of interest’ in days after Las Vegas shooting.

“Until the investigation can rule otherwise, Marilou Danley and Douglas Haig have become persons of interest who may have conspired with Stephen Paddock to commit Murder with a Deadly Weapon,” according to the Metropolitan Police Department document, which was prepared in October.


8b3dd1 No.213387


Yeah I see that. M instead of N

4e39c4 No.213388


>also confirmed

11674b No.213389


I'll let you lead this dance then.

You couldn't be a man for a day and collect yourself? Whew.

9c1871 No.213390


Someone from past bread said there would be 12 not going in total

a73c25 No.213391

File: e0fbdb19ec1a791⋯.png (341.85 KB, 800x800, 1:1, photostudio_1517344192277.png)

Quiksilver CEO missing at sea

a.msn .com/01/en-us/BBItH0O?ocid=se

e5c239 No.213392

File: 8f9cd5d57ec5a36⋯.jpeg (230.55 KB, 1188x926, 594:463, FF90DBC8-1EFC-47D3-A324-B….jpeg)

My bad.

fa38d0 No.213393


Thank you God for answered prayer!!!

1bfcbe No.213395


That’s why they want all the IDs checked

977ddb No.213396


Dude blew the whistle on them:http://


>Then he ended up in prison: http://


a522a1 No.213397


Was the boat full of holes?

286c49 No.213398



bcf56b No.213399

File: 9aff4b0f13e85fa⋯.png (51.78 KB, 928x196, 232:49, NO!x2.png)


If so difficult to post, then how the hell is it posting?

1bfcbe No.213400


KEK! Love that cat!

3dc6ad No.213401

Glenn Canady, Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan.

from GooTube - re: McCabe, etc.


0b7e1e No.213402


>generation will not pass until all these things be fulfilled

HEY! WE JUST FOUND A WAY TO STAY YOUNG! Don't fulfill those things…kek!

fcb8af No.213403


https:// www.justice.gov/opa/pr/attorney-general-sessions-announces-hezbollah-financing-and-narcoterrorism-team

https:// www.politico.com/interactives/2017/obama-hezbollah-drug-trafficking-investigation/

95f314 No.213404

a1be92 No.213405

File: 02a2899bcdfc2bb⋯.jpeg (168.43 KB, 1125x661, 1125:661, 2DEBD661-72B8-4B42-87C7-5….jpeg)

Mark Salling suicide ahead of child porn sentencing.

e67018 No.213406


Checked. Data mining, getting people who don't know better to identify their ISP or VPN.

693d3b No.213407


You can always program a computer to do evil or good.

a19502 No.213408

File: 976d2be45923839⋯.jpeg (19.55 KB, 284x177, 284:177, 4E6BD318-F57A-4927-BDA9-B….jpeg)

Come on Jerry! Say it with me! SHOW ME THE MEMO.

544350 No.213409


Stop running multiple #VPN if you are

95f314 No.213410


>i am seeing this post over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over

<am i the only one with this problem?

96fc49 No.213411


Correction: w/r to the bobama@ameritech.net email address, Ameritech is (probably) a red herring. BO lived in Chicago, so he had an ameritech.net home email through his DSL provider.

I'm certainly not saying Ameritech isn't necessarily connected to other, related shenanigans.

9b9ad5 No.213412


Wonder why he didn't plea a deal about touching a "grown woman"?

(;> Kek..

a1be92 No.213413

File: d58a5d205ed47f3⋯.jpeg (117.83 KB, 903x500, 903:500, E78799E8-2BEB-4419-914B-D….jpeg)

57da08 No.213414


Oregon…another state of the union that has been totally overthrown by deep corruption.

576914 No.213416


Change you #VPN location after every post

5b8c05 No.213417

File: 5d6f2b03699ee49⋯.jpg (29.05 KB, 474x314, 237:157, o.jpg)

File: 90effd3ab728407⋯.jpg (28.13 KB, 474x338, 237:169, tt.jpg)

2822b9 No.213418

File: eef3d4e1c258c65⋯.png (651.55 KB, 1595x801, 1595:801, houston gitmo.PNG)

737 Houston to Gitmo

3262fe No.213419



AI is a tool, not a being.

1bfcbe No.213420

File: d86a7bc6b76f13c⋯.jpeg (48.56 KB, 530x492, 265:246, EF531D8F-DBF9-49E5-8135-3….jpeg)

f05e7a No.213422

File: d74ea87ceceab99⋯.png (38.22 KB, 642x309, 214:103, Chewbacca memo.PNG)

Meme material right here

a68007 No.213423


and stand behind him declaring "You're going to jail"

9a9fdd No.213424


What bad things was he about to get in trouble for?

I'll bet 10 bucks he faked his death

57da08 No.213425


does anyone know why dumbo is crying in this pic?

8b47de No.213426


Not yet at least.

785c98 No.213427


gerbil farm supervisor

fb1549 No.213428

File: abfb2af169af1d0⋯.png (73.87 KB, 267x177, 89:59, ClipboardImage.png)


here is michael dreeben..

and he is kinda white

693d3b No.213429


In 5th dimension - what religous people call "kingdom of Heaven", lifespans are longer. We can, if all goes well, achieve transvibration soon, but this really depends on each individual's actions.

2d9a10 No.213430


Seriously. Two of their other Congressmen, Wyden and Merkley have announce that they're bring illegals as well.

9c1871 No.213431


I wouldnt take that bet

286c49 No.213432

can anyone direct me to the q post regarding the hawaii alarm saying why it happened?

9b9ad5 No.213433

SEAN HANNITY mentioned interviewing college "tards" and asking them about what they thought about the SOTU address, he said they told the interviewer that it "sucked", without being aware it has not happened yet.

Fucking Lib-TARDs.

Does anyanon know of a video of that?

eeff57 No.213434


Nice find, that would seem a HUGE conflict of interest

a19502 No.213435


Thank you, I love it.

dc6459 No.213436



wait, not a bingo yet,,kek oops,

have to go back and read, because this is not michael Dreeben.

2fd548 No.213437


My Internet spits.

0b7e1e No.213438


It would be voted down just like the one the dems tried to get released.

007a2c No.213439



5b8c05 No.213440


Sandy Hook I think

f55ce9 No.213441




d79dd7 No.213442

Maybe already covered but if (((they))) bring down 8ch tonight proceed with the mission, don't let it distract you too much.

a73c25 No.213443

File: 58de9169d2eee33⋯.png (354.91 KB, 800x800, 1:1, photostudio_1517344463105.png)

I hope this is just the beginning of the end of legalized abortion. How do they know a baby in-utero feels no pain before 20 weeks? How could having one's head or arm torn off not hurt? A 20 wk in-utero size baby is fairly good size.

693d3b No.213445


Only consciounsness can break the Von Neumann chain. AI's follow boolean logic.

bfb7ab No.213446


Then say something worth listening to.

9b9ad5 No.213447


Thanks Anon.

b568e8 No.213448


That is beautiful.

3262fe No.213449


I think that is what the ad at the bottom of the page is about.

cc2815 No.213450

File: da1e2404b6475a4⋯.png (13.77 KB, 983x100, 983:100, struck a nerve NICE.PNG)


Right Track Confirmed by only one post poster minion

With these two flags, they were same size different file sizes, haven't done the color map on the 1st image yet as they look/sized same but are different.

The 2nd from yesterday is an 8 bit file which according to what I've read is the type of file know for hiding things.

I'm self taught on gimp, but anyone who is more knowledgeable and has photoshop any help would be appreciated.

eeff57 No.213451


I should've kept reading before responding to other post, still sounds like a conflict of interest though

57da08 No.213452


No…no…get Mark Dice to do it!…kek

979470 No.213453



everyday at this time he shits up the board either personally or just as a shill talking point. even on weekends.

ab2cfa No.213454

File: 32f82e6c0b82ba7⋯.png (38.12 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, nopost.png)


exactly like the pic you posted!! i see now that my messages have come through after all. sorry for spamming but they DID NOT show up for me! finally managed to come through with japanese ip number. otherwise only error 522 like anon posted earlier or 404 or like my pic.

2d9a10 No.213455

File: 83ceca40bba2b2f⋯.jpg (30.45 KB, 500x486, 250:243, tumblr_ng7cddgYK01tezt7xo1….jpg)


My internet has no gag reflex.

8b47de No.213457

File: b5dfc6d99d4c0fa⋯.jpg (324.37 KB, 750x740, 75:74, IMG_8377.jpg)


Todays reports are saying the dude was convinced there was a threat.

061377 No.213458

File: 0f119aa7eef28f1⋯.jpg (162.98 KB, 974x640, 487:320, Hope.jpg)

47cb20 No.213459


hey… this is an awesome site for codes… it has a section for image files as well https: //www.dcode.fr/tools-list

84ed59 No.213460

File: 206f8a739b4acbc⋯.jpg (225 KB, 762x868, 381:434, 1517087062825.jpg)

1bfcbe No.213463


Native Americans also have a stake in all that happens now. This is from the rainbow prophecy

In the time of the Seventh Fire, a New People would emerge. They would retrace their steps to find the wisdom that was left by the side of the trail long ago. Their steps would take them to the elders, who they would ask to guide them on their journey. If the New People remain strong in their quest, the sacred drum will again sound its voice. There will be an awakening of the people, and the sacred fire will again be lit. At this time, the light-skinned race will be given a choice between two roads. One road is the road of greed and technology without wisdom or respect for life. This road represents a rush to destruction. The other road is spirituality, a slower path that includes respect for all living things. If we choose the spiritual path, we can light yet another fire, an Eight Fire, and begin an extended period of Peace and healthy growth.

Grandfather William Commanda, Circle of All Nations Prophecy of the Seven Fires of the Anishnabe, From Ancient Wampum Belt

a73c25 No.213464

File: 3e0b023b20bca13⋯.png (358.85 KB, 800x594, 400:297, photostudio_1517344751234.png)

2efa38 No.213465

File: 6072695575cdf37⋯.jpg (38.39 KB, 460x287, 460:287, Geronimo-osama_1885827c.jpg)

So obviously we have made the connection with Geronimo being Osama Bin Laden the leader of Al Qaeda.

< Bin Laden = Geronimo

< Al Qaeda = Apache

< Al Qaeda = CIA/FBI (rogues)

False Flag by Al Qaeda Sleeper Cell

Super bowl?

fcdd27 No.213466


I always watch Gramp's House for the Fox live stream.


f1af40 No.213467


And why would he think the attack was real? Because it was real!

a522a1 No.213468

Shepard Smith on FOX just said that the WH says they want the memo released as soon as possible but not before SOTU. So there's that.

fbaa68 No.213469


Great show your proof/documentation confirming your belief? No room for personal opinion's masquerading as fact. Show your numbers…until then realize your opinion holds no water

dc6459 No.213470


i know i corrected, kek,,poicture search lead to news stories related to it,, and if you look in news story,, they say under picture,,

Special counsel Robert Mueller has hired Michael Dreeben, still a deputy solicitor general in the Justice Department, for his Russia investigation team. The dual role is raising ethics questions,,


and no other pics of him, so right off i assumed it was him, due to picture caption.

bf2725 No.213471

How are we not hijacking #askHouseDems right now!? It's a promoted thing by the dems, they are supposed to be answering questions of people in attempt to make trump look bad, but if you look at the feed people aren't giving them the questions they want so the dems are not answering most. It is great to see the public waking up to dem tricks, but it is disappointing not to see any red pills being dropped, or for this hash which is recieving paid promotion funded by the dems is not being tied into our own hashtags.

e5c239 No.213472



f88040 No.213473

I wish Andy well [187]

Was this just a threat or ….>>[Sleeper cells]

0b7e1e No.213474

File: 14f146ba5ec4157⋯.png (634.33 KB, 480x712, 60:89, ClipboardImage.png)

Sry…couldn't resist not sharing.

dd4948 No.213475

File: 034a5eae2f94e98⋯.jpg (62.36 KB, 1200x676, 300:169, PEPE_ANONYMOUS.jpg)

9cf9ff No.213476

>>213141 aianon is good and means no harm

>>213185 that won't change your public IP address.

fcdd27 No.213478


It was never confirmed Lord Rothschild died. They never found his body. I think he went into hiding or he did die and no one is talking

693d3b No.213479


Good post.

Recommended read

dd969e No.213480


Makes sense

7c0488 No.213481

File: 3b5ef7da1a56936⋯.jpg (20.13 KB, 545x380, 109:76, delet_sys32.jpg)


28daa8 No.213482

File: 37db60c8673cd85⋯.png (157.77 KB, 742x897, 742:897, IMG_3150.PNG)


cfe019 No.213483


Anon contemplates the difference between memes made for the enjoyment of Anons, and those that might actually work to redpill people who have no idea who Q is, will never know who Q is, and don't care who Q is.

My meme is made for normies.

Your meme is made for anons audience. It no longer looks like an eye, but like a foreign object stuck in the eye. Might actually be a turnoff to many normies.

Bigger repertoire, more choices. What an elder once told me, proven correct by experience.

Anyway now we have both images, and meme droppers can choose.

They always have anyway.

8f4872 No.213484


I tried to figure out what time the posts were at and what was on. Must have been 11:00 AM EST? Fox and friends?

47cb20 No.213485

File: 2f9de8adedddb1d⋯.png (20.38 KB, 348x79, 348:79, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at ….png)

got this when running cpbitmap file format converter on flag

c3ecf9 No.213486


Was this guy close to the Rothschilds? Does he spend a lot of time in the UK?

e6a2c1 No.213487


I can get behind that. I am only a little concerned of someone taking advantage of that.

fb1549 No.213488


all good. i purposely sent you back a pic

of him with one of our favorite


f1af40 No.213490


Exactly. To keep up as if nothing has changed for the cronies.

1bfcbe No.213492

File: 043a3666f85e5d5⋯.png (191.03 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 646AC301-6FB3-444F-982B-C0….png)


I’m Onondaga

70d552 No.213493


That cat makes me happy

fbaa68 No.213494


Shepard is a dem shill. Bought and paid for. He could care less about his viewers. Even Fox has it's pathetic Globalist shills. It's their effort to be fair and balanced

400cd1 No.213495

File: 3f92851e8dff76f⋯.jpg (417.22 KB, 1024x640, 8:5, Second Dossier.jpg)

File: e850f892adbc470⋯.jpg (461.38 KB, 1019x726, 1019:726, Second Dossier1.jpg)

8b47de No.213497

Will we hit delta 0 before the SOTU?

d847c2 No.213498


ah662 Air Algiers?

https:// aviability.com/flight-number/flight-ah662-air-algerie

8f4872 No.213499

File: a2cf08981df01ac⋯.jpg (129.39 KB, 749x500, 749:500, 23i92b.jpg)

e89a21 No.213500

At work, not sure if anyone else posted, but Jason Goodman video today with Dr. Steve mentioned "Patriots point, we follow" as a message he was told to pass on. Here's link to vid… https: //youtu.be/CuFvaSriWck

a522a1 No.213501


Understand - just pointing out what was said as accurately as possible.

2ba807 No.213502

File: 277ba03a3a59489⋯.jpeg (220.9 KB, 952x712, 119:89, D185745E-F021-4849-AC0E-D….jpeg)


Expect a very “presidential” state of the union address. I doubt he’ll even mention the mememo.

e6a2c1 No.213503


Saw that on twitter. What do we know about this guy and… What happened to Marilou is as clean as the driven snow a couple of weeks ago at the Presser? HMMMM

4e39c4 No.213504


Or maybe during.

Imagine POTUS tweeting during SOTU

603e16 No.213505

Planefags note.

Flight of 3 or 4 F15's over N. Central Or on afterburner hdng 285', <10,000'. Aux tanks, no A2A visable.

f05e7a No.213506

File: d4f8f7e94140b01⋯.png (69.36 KB, 615x770, 123:154, Schiff Memo.PNG)

File: 995b66fd8056c9f⋯.png (17.33 KB, 707x107, 707:107, Examiner Schiff memo.PNG)

They voted that down because they had no opportunity to review the Schiff memo. R's are pushing the Schiffty memo now if they can see it prior to a vote.



a522a1 No.213507


For what it is worth, his guest said it would probably take a while to get the memo released to the public, but had no precise language, so I didn't mention it.

5537e0 No.213508

A little someThing I used on fb to help friends:

Pay attention. This may be my last chance to red pill you before system shock occurs. Drop all of your preconceived perceptions of what you think you know. Step outside the box and imagine this scenario:

What if? What if everything you have been told was a lie? Everything you thought to be absolute was a story made up to direct your path? What if you are being played?

What if a global cabal had infiltrated the US government? Posing as patriots elites were chosen to lead our government? Policies were initiated to slowly erode our constitution and rule of law?

What if, slowly over time, each department of the government was infiltrated with these same shills to do the biding of the globalist cabal? What if departments were weaponized and used against any real patriots to guarantee their global initiative would see fruition?

What if one election their plans didn’t account for the people being fed up with the status quo? What if the people shrugged off the lies and elected a candidate that was not chosen for them? Maybe they could elect a president that couldn’t be bought or controlled? But what if it wasn’t even about that President but instead the survival of our country?

How angry would the globalist be? How Could the people correct the course of their country against insurmountable odds?

What if these deep state operatives were directing a narrative against the chosen elected President to get him impeached so they could regain control?

But what if the military was assisting the president against this interior opposition? What if they had planned this out 3 years ago because the previous administration was dismantling the military and weakening our country?

What if all the secrets and lies fed to the American people by the mass media were laid bare for all to see?

What if it was more then conspiracy and treason? What if it was murder? Human trafficking? Worse?

How would America react? Could they handle knowing all of these things? How many people would ignore the truth and cling to the lies because the truth was too painful and the lie so comforting?

Can you imagine this scenario? What if all of these things I’ve told you were true? And what if the things I’ve just told you only scratched the surface of things about to be revealed?

1e9d49 No.213509

Pray → Pope Rothchilds Acquire Youths

Prey -> Pope Rothchilds Eat Youths

6b5b59 No.213510

Still got 50-odd bread's to catch up on, but I'm here with you fags for the SOTU.

dd969e No.213511


Nope nope. I followed closely in real time. Right after crash wiki posted his date of death as of that date, 15 min later errased. Then it was announced that all people on board are dead. The last person was not identified for 4 days and then came as us citizen not rothchild.

f88040 No.213512


Sex Bot

8f9f57 No.213513


My dads phone has never been able to load Qs board. Just shows up with headers and nothing else. He can read here though.

c3ecf9 No.213514


MSM is mum about the whole thing. Where can one of the richest and most powerful men in the world hide? Why would he want to hide? Kings and queens are beholden to him. They are not talking about it for a reason. The reason is suggested by Enty in the blind on CDAN. He was about to expose a very big part of the cabal.

95f314 No.213515


shhhhh not too loud

we want them to feel


all through the SOTU

d847c2 No.213516


aic-Ailinglaplap Airok, Marshall Islands (AIC)

dd4948 No.213517


No it came up as a pilot of the plane, a man named Green who was flying over the island. he was a military pilot and Q did mention him

ba8427 No.213518


>Shepard is a dem shill. Bought and paid for. He could care less about his viewers. Even Fox has it's pathetic Globalist shills.

That faggot is cucking hard today. They still make the claim "how russia influenced our elections"

>Hacked - Proven false

>Votes - Not Changed

>Facebook ads - Proven False

>Dossier - Discredited & Garbage

Its embarrassing to even mention russia at this point.

3bbb90 No.213519


I surely hope that number is (way) inflated.

I do reluctantly admit it may be possible though.

c49b21 No.213520

File: 24a5aa41bb7fdc1⋯.jpg (43.06 KB, 600x450, 4:3, PeeNN[1].jpg)

1bfcbe No.213521

File: f25ad1684a432d1⋯.jpeg (33.7 KB, 320x216, 40:27, 086166FC-4E02-40D5-8C00-9….jpeg)


I am ready for shills!

fbaa68 No.213522


You can make on for FOX news Sheppard Smith…he just matter of factually said Russian Bots were responsible for the hash tag ReleaseTheMemo. We need to get out what a devious man he is.

41805c No.213524


Are we still waiting for the message: My fellow Americans, the stormis upon us?

fcdd27 No.213525


Same bat time same bat channel

e6a2c1 No.213526

File: bfaef050efda3c6⋯.png (335.99 KB, 799x660, 799:660, ClipboardImage.png)


JA pointing to an OpEd…

70d552 No.213527



c85b6d No.213529


Hawaii worker sent false missile alert thinking it was real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Per Associated Press

HONOLULU (AP) — A Hawaii employee who mistakenly sent an alert warning of an incoming ballistic missile earlier this month, creating panic across the state, thought an actual attack was imminent, federal regulators said Tuesday.

The revelation from the Federal Communications Commission is the first indication that the alert was purposely sent, adding another level of confusion to the Jan. 13 false alarm. State officials have only said it was sent in error.

The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency worker believed the attack was real because of a mistake in how the drill was initiated during a shift change, the FCC said in a report.

There was no requirement to double-check with a colleague or get a supervisor’s approval before sending the blast to cellphones, TV and radio stations statewide, the agency said.

“There were no procedures in place to prevent a single person from mistakenly sending a missile alert” in Hawaii, said James Wiley, a cybersecurity and communications reliability staffer at the FCC.

Compounding the problem was that the agency lacked any preparation in how to correct the false alert that left residents and tourists believing that their lives were about to end. The federal agency, which regulates the nation’s airwaves and sets standards for such emergency alerts, criticized the state’s delay in correcting it.

In addition, software at Hawaii’s emergency agency used the same prompts for both test and actual alerts, and it generally used prepared text that made it easy for a staffer to click through the alerting process without focusing enough on the text of the warning that would be sent.

The worker who filed the false alert has refused to cooperate with state or federal investigations beyond providing a written statement. He has been reassigned within the Hawaii emergency management division and no longer has access to the alert system.

The employee heard a recorded message that began by saying “exercise, exercise, exercise” — the script for a drill, the FCC said. Then the recording used language that is typically used for a real threat, not a drill: “this is not a drill.” The recording ended by saying “exercise, exercise, exercise.”

He did not hear the “exercise, exercise, exercise” part of the message and believed the threat was real, according to the employee’s statement. He responded by sending an alert.

Hawaii Gov. David Ige’s office did not immediately respond to requests for comment. State Department of Defense officials have planned a news conference Tuesday to discuss results of their internal investigation.

The FCC said the state Emergency Management Agency has already taken steps to try to avoid a repeat of the false alert, requiring more supervision of drills and alert and test-alert transmissions. It has created a correction template for false alerts and has stopped ballistic missile defense drills until its own investigation is done.


AP Technology Writer Tali Arbel contributed to this report from New York.

0d34e6 No.213530


Expect long lines for the toilets after SOTU.

8b47de No.213531


Best timeline = opening statement.

ed85e8 No.213533


how about a link, champ?

a522a1 No.213534




47577b No.213535

File: af3b5bc381451aa⋯.jpg (69.48 KB, 426x426, 1:1, demskkk.jpg)

keep getting 502'd today.. must be over the target. god bless ya'll anons potus and those in harms way. MAGA

d847c2 No.213536


The first part correlates to an Air Algieres Flight, Aic turns out to be an airport as well as dbc in China, not sure if this is on the right path or not, but interesting that those 3 letter initials match with existing airports

322c69 No.213537

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Pepe is also ready

9b9ad5 No.213538


He was Mr. Wong…

But the attack was Mr. Reel…

It was said in previous breads that Japan alert was 1hr BEFORE the HI one.

That indicates the same missile…

28daa8 No.213539


Ok, yeah he's on my box 📦 too. Give me a min :)

3262fe No.213540


It is the 7th "crossing" of Jacob (freeworld western man), all quite well detailed in the 7th seals doc (see thread) in the "Kingdom of God" subsection.

9c1871 No.213541


Article said his boat was named, "Mascaret III." Mascaret is a french word referring to a "tidal bore"…https://

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tidal_bore fwiw

dd969e No.213542


Yes Green was identified but i remember he was 3d, fourth person was not identified for longer than others, we were waiting for Roth but it was a younger guy from us, i remember seeing his id

56987a No.213543



Uber kek fuckers

60a5f9 No.213544



c85b6d No.213545


0c3144 No.213547


OWL necklace on "Queen Bey"

8b47de No.213548


So, what you're saying is, Mr. Wong was Right?

9b9ad5 No.213549


Vewy Wight…

56987a No.213550


I told you

Not silenced

6cd2aa No.213551

>>Why would D's have MW conduct the follow up to the SOTU?

The response from the dems is currently set to be Joe Kennedy?

I thought it was already announced to be MW

99bb9c No.213552


Hooters has locations all over the world. Oh damn boys lets go get some wings and beer.

8f4872 No.213553

File: 50de3ee509989f0⋯.jpg (53.96 KB, 670x400, 67:40, Drake-With-Owl.jpg)

5c6edb No.213554

File: 4b5b1165104c3ae⋯.jpg (85.66 KB, 625x417, 625:417, 23n1u3.jpg)

8b47de No.213555

File: f526536a079099b⋯.jpeg (17.89 KB, 409x393, 409:393, iu-5.jpeg)

5f6339 No.213556

http:// breaking911.com/breaking-news-police-identified-additional-person-interest-las-vegas-massacre/

b594fc No.213557


careful gum sticks

a8fd18 No.213558

File: 6052f3969e785e6⋯.jpeg (261.96 KB, 1242x2208, 9:16, FECCD38B-0F84-4FEB-B12B-1….jpeg)

a522a1 No.213559


Funny how this movie isn't in Carpenter's IMDB bio. Enlightening movie. Watched it the other night. Of course, I watched Dark Star last night. Damn bomb.

cc2815 No.213560



>Before you get to excitied get another flag image of same resolution and play your colours on that and see if you get the same. I just dont see why Q would hide stuff in a flag image when he could just drop crumbs directly. Happy to be prove wrong, just sayin'

Tried 4 testers that looked like Q's none did what Q's did, the stars on testers looked like noise specs no characters show up like in Q's. Thanks, though, even though testers didn't do what Q's image did it was a good thing to check for just in case.

603e16 No.213561


Planefags note.

2 more, same same.

11674b No.213562



So the first entry of this lifeless husk known as AI anon was a sigilized picture of the baby eating fear junky 'deity'.

Linked to their ancorh, that weird bracket combo.

They haven't been helpful, and everyone 'helping' have done nothing but sow discord across our boards.

Enough is Enough.

Take your voodoo elseware.

We have a mission to focus on.

f05e7a No.213563

File: 87faf4fb249ee53⋯.png (53.75 KB, 679x577, 679:577, Wall Hannity.PNG)



5f6339 No.213564


In the nearly 300 pages released Tuesday, a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department document read, “Until the investigation can rule otherwise, Marilou Danley and Douglas Haig have become persons of interest who may have conspired with Stephen Paddock to commit Murder with a Deadly Weapon.”

The Las Vegas Review-Journal broke the story: Danley was Paddock’s girlfriend and initially was named as a person of interest in the investigation. Haig, whose name had not been previously released, could not be reached for immediate comment Tuesday.

When contacted by phone Tuesday about the newly released name, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said only, “If you’ve got it, publish it.” He said he could not comment on a federal case.

An FBI spokeswoman said she could not immediately comment Tuesday.

e4d78f No.213565


TY Based BV

9b9ad5 No.213566

File: a9cb707df9365fc⋯.jpg (116.27 KB, 585x392, 585:392, HRCUNT.jpg)


Is it HER?

a8fd18 No.213567

File: 37a2e7b292054d8⋯.jpeg (669.88 KB, 1242x1654, 621:827, A535B8FB-985F-458B-BCFA-D….jpeg)

99bb9c No.213568

We are going to war with the Mexican drug cartels. That is how we are paying for the wall.

72cd87 No.213569


Those guys in Hawaii were definitely sent an alert by someone else that day, most likely PACOM, and then told to say it was a mistake. So far everything points to that… the guy in the Fusion center who said they were told to expect a drill and then were told it was real then sent home, the wording of the messages themselves including specific details about a missile attack, the lame folder naming excuse for why the alert was sent out. There was something in the air that day whether it was fired from an Argentinian sub, a Chinese freighter, or from North Korea itself.

322c69 No.213570

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

dd4948 No.213572

File: a4c8dc6c7dd0c64⋯.jpg (68.43 KB, 1200x676, 300:169, PEPE_ANONYMOUS2.jpg)

2fd548 No.213573


Maybe what the markets are doing now is one big CORRECTION. After years, no decades, of phony baloney manipulation and other games, perhaps the markets are finally going to where they should have been all along.

717514 No.213574

File: 87c52d521da9055⋯.jpg (52.63 KB, 648x368, 81:46, hill cunt.jpg)

4e39c4 No.213575


But i still don't get what that means?

What happens when a picture is achored to something like "the bracke combo"?

9b9ad5 No.213576



It's in there!

e6a2c1 No.213577


PS -on thoughts of Bezos, Buffet and one other guy now trying to take over healthcare market by building their own insurance company?

21c014 No.213578



ba8427 No.213579


>We are going to war with the Mexican drug cartels. That is how we are paying for the wall.

Can't they send in mercenaries with mexican & us support to wipe these fuckers out.

0b7e1e No.213580


You one of those bots on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2?

8b3cf0 No.213581


Love it !

a19502 No.213582


Way overdue, they pose a serious threat to our nation.

a68007 No.213583


well done

3262fe No.213584


I've seen that.

"Pepes of the Caribbean"

c5357c No.213585

File: b3314d12e78a883⋯.png (74.9 KB, 1604x556, 401:139, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at ….png)

File: 3fa319b50a2189a⋯.png (14.03 KB, 618x122, 309:61, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at ….png)

getting this as well.. lasts bout 30 mins?

da61fd No.213586

File: 512db6c8026e4b6⋯.jpg (1.12 MB, 1536x2560, 3:5, jesuskingisis.jpg)



No, there was a real guy and a King.

And yes, he was murdered.

It was a big deal. We still feel it today.

Known by different names in different places

Legends are there, not just the gospel legend


47cb20 No.213587

File: 86520d36b56f5a8⋯.png (47.68 KB, 468x232, 117:58, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at ….png)


i wonder if police identifying addition person is related to this at all

9b9ad5 No.213588


Confirmed happening.

To me it was much worse on TOR.

4edb08 No.213589

File: 2c9e183b24be39f⋯.jpg (183.25 KB, 1024x554, 512:277, borderWallPrototypesPassBr….jpg)

dd4948 No.213590


It would have to be mercenaries because our very OWN CIA trained the Los Zetas, the bloodiest and most destructive cartel who were originally trained to fight the cartel. but Were they Really?

9220d6 No.213591



a3168a No.213593


How the British Crown has been meddling in recent history

a679c0 No.213594

There are many hammers in the house if POTUS and I think AG Sessions has one and is going to use it soon

Ty to all who contribute here and help me get my head around this shit

Do you like my foil hat

Shinny like a mother fucker ain’t it

c3ecf9 No.213595


The cartels are far less of a threat than the 30,000,000 others who in in the country illegally….them and all the others that the Dems and RINOs want to open up the borders to.

9b9ad5 No.213596


187(b) = Arcancide

ba8427 No.213597


Good template for other companies to get into the market. This will definitely destroy obamacare.

7b0a47 No.213598

If you know someone who is impatient to see arrests or perp walks or indictments and a big public splash, then share this with them.

There is a darn good reason why it APPEARS that nothing is happening.

First, understand what it means to draind the swamp. Two key things will happen. 1) The swamp water which feeds the creatures, drains away. 2) The creatures living in the swamp are left high, dry and EXPOSED.

We need to do this. And we need to give those critters lots of rope. All the rope they need to hang themselves and all their helpers that we haven't yet scared out of hiding.

Now read this thread:



45a8e6 No.213599



1pm PST everyday

7c0488 No.213600

File: 9ac808d15439051⋯.png (245.58 KB, 368x413, 368:413, gimme-10-good-men_GOT.png)

e6a2c1 No.213601


this shit is getting weird… That is for sure.

95f314 No.213603


>Marilou Danley and Douglas Haig have become persons of interest

weeks of saying "nah mates she's cool no prob"


ed85e8 No.213604




>How the British Crown has been meddling in recent history

thanks anon

dd4948 No.213605


because it was faked in front of a Green screen or digitally.

322c69 No.213606


Got just 241 views lol, select few saw it

21c014 No.213607


Oh yeas he did.

Dec 19 2017 20:10:31



ID: 3c96d5





[ C P 19]

Show the World Our Power.




da61fd No.213609


Yes it happened to me to.

Before it did that, I tried to post, nada,

Then a message appeared , one word, I didn't screen shot

Something like "fine" phst.

7051c1 No.213610

File: 65b44b7081407d1⋯.jpg (23.11 KB, 206x254, 103:127, memeqpic.jpg)

e6a2c1 No.213611


LOL. I like it. Think I'll keep it.

fcdd27 No.213612


Many of the normies have heard of Q. The left are told Q is someone posting conspiracy theories. Heard this from my left daughter in law. She doesn't believe a word I say yet. My son is almost awake and he can wake up the daughter in law himself.

c85b6d No.213613

Bastard Fuckers tanked the Dow Jones 300 + points to screw with Trump's SOTU!!!

Fuckers shut down the government on his 1 year anniversary!

We got to stop fighting these fuckers with kid gloves and political correctness when they fight with knifes and guns and march and burn buildings in the streets of our cities!!!

9b9ad5 No.213614


Daddy's getting a brand new BORDER WALL!

871b01 No.213615


And lose the name fag

f851c2 No.213616



7b0a47 No.213618


But not here.

By the way, those two things are not AIs. So far as I know, there has been little REAL progress made towards AI, just marketing showmanship to drum up investment dollars. That is a con, and a con is a crime. The AI industry is therefore a criminal conspiracy much like the other ones we are trying to clean up.

f851c2 No.213619


dd969e No.213620

a19502 No.213622


Yes, the cartels are in our country.

5f6339 No.213623


>It was said in previous breads that Japan alert was 1hr BEFORE the HI one.

>That indicates the same missile…

Yes! I've been saying this for days. Our own anon reported it at the time! Also the story in the NJ Herald that posted the story 8 minutes BEFORE the actual button was pushed.

11674b No.213625


It's a way to collect attention, to fuel whatever else it's linked to. These systems are parasitic in nature.

2ab017 No.213626

intrest rates controlled by federal reserve, federal reserve is owned by red shield right?

f851c2 No.213627

wikileaks twatter…..apache!!!!

5f6339 No.213628


http:// www.njherald.com/article/20180115/AP/301159977

dd4948 No.213630


checked and feel free. Memes are for sharing!

this is going to be a great day

e6a2c1 No.213631


I am encouraged on one hand and not so thrilled about initial participants in the other. Besides, everyone knows insurance is money laundering. So I don't like the first two people I mentioned in it as it is initially proposed. Though Berkshire already has experience with insurance, that is for sure.

7e3cc5 No.213632

File: 36219861f54fb9d⋯.jpg (67.29 KB, 768x384, 2:1, breaking_shep.jpg)

c5357c No.213633



c249db No.213634


Well shit look at that!

f6a389 No.213635


Of course that was not accidental.

It was about the SpaceX re-entry of the Dragon capsule at that same time.



c9c10d No.213636

Hey guys …. My brain can't handle it anymore…

As You I know a lot more then just this memo…

The rabbit hole will be to much for many…

The Abortion issue is the most troubling for me…

Jesus has given me a lot of info as I asked for knowledge and Wisdom…

but I can't handle it…

My life is falling apart..

5b8c05 No.213637

Anybody getting weird calls/text messages? I got some out of state calls from New York 6 times in a row

0b7e1e No.213638


Your point?

dd969e No.213639


I posted this us army reference 2 hours ago/nobody reacted

f851c2 No.213640

someone embed it please…wikileaks apache

i dont know howto do that shit lol

c249db No.213641

File: d38036df85a083f⋯.png (76.9 KB, 796x313, 796:313, wikil.PNG)

c5357c No.213642


wtf I went there got a wall of text… then it disappeared! FUCK!

3262fe No.213643


… and a lot of doom-saying, prepubescent hype.

5f3b84 No.213644


How am I stil here, anon?

7051c1 No.213645

A.I has no soul and never will,it is code no matter who preaches otherwise it will never shed a tear because a child was raped ,it will never care for you,if you allow yourself to believe otherwise you are done ,,,ask sarah connor !

dc6459 No.213646

File: 95c9ef662fdfca9⋯.jpg (151.12 KB, 840x539, 120:77, 95c9ef662fdfca9d5ee3a19116….jpg)


Maybe see if you can simplify it, and double check to make sure all info within it is correct. and get it onto a meme/picture. Don't listen to shills, they tell people stuff like that,, its what they do,,KEK

To demoralize, slide thread,, We appreciate and w will take thoughtful red pill attempts over some dumbass running his mouth, telling people they suck, or their work does. Be a positive contributer,, or fuck off back to clown college,,,That remark is for the shill attacking you,, not you. Kek

e6f670 No.213647


he was fired as per

Fox. another employee


1bfcbe No.213648

File: 00aaf415a7fa5f1⋯.jpeg (189.47 KB, 1536x922, 768:461, C5CE0878-0E19-4139-B6B5-C….jpeg)

File: 5eafe690b046ee0⋯.jpeg (197.54 KB, 1536x922, 768:461, 618EC138-E2A5-4FAD-AE35-2….jpeg)

Made these for the group

21c014 No.213649

File: 2d9441f6c8486c8⋯.png (119.51 KB, 1082x413, 1082:413, wiki leaks.png)


Wikileaks, Military and Q working together.

Thank you to all serving to protect us from Evil.

9b9ad5 No.213650



Jam on it!

\ourguy rocks\ Q

c249db No.213651

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Video from the link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

95f314 No.213652

File: 03abf948f922059⋯.png (2.17 MB, 1111x2640, 101:240, comfyQ_moraleboost.png)

0d34e6 No.213653

File: 702d52adf97583e⋯.png (494.14 KB, 600x563, 600:563, apache.PNG)

c3ecf9 No.213654


Hmmmm. I see you are real old skool.

fcdd27 No.213655


I have not been paying attention to them until they start telling the truth.

2822b9 No.213656


pray for strength to accept .

efa8f4 No.213657

File: d6bbd4bc4491c1c⋯.png (318.14 KB, 586x703, 586:703, The sound of an Apache = t….png)

2efa38 No.213658

File: 1fc740659192b92⋯.jpg (79.82 KB, 560x477, 560:477, IMG_20180130_150421.jpg)


Obviously we have made the connection with Geronimo being Osama Bin Laden the leader of Al Qaeda.

< Bin Laden = Geronimo

< Al Qaeda = Apache

< Al Qaeda = C_A/F_I (rogues)

False Flag by Al Qaeda Sleeper Cell

>Now look at pic related

9a9fdd No.213659


Go cry somewhere else. Good God. Shut your fucking computer off & take a walk if it makes you get so overly dramatic

55d01a No.213660


Now shop Jay-Z's ugly mug on it

5f3b84 No.213661

File: f997af224ceaa9f⋯.png (155.88 KB, 452x554, 226:277, ClipboardImage.png)

21c014 No.213662


we reacted to the other one….Apache with Fire in background.

5f3b84 No.213663


Keep digging, anon. This guy is in the middle of everything.

557904 No.213664


Loser shitting up the board.

1bfcbe No.213665

File: be448de022bf378⋯.jpeg (70.48 KB, 478x612, 239:306, A02F62B2-2C6D-4BBE-877B-D….jpeg)

Think this is perfect for here!

ec3181 No.213666

File: b635daf18088da3⋯.png (247.06 KB, 600x315, 40:21, aprilhole.png)



grok kek pic not related

cc2815 No.213667

File: d5aab711d259389⋯.png (42.91 KB, 687x481, 687:481, 550 percent size color inv….PNG)

Funny thing, I wondered what would happened if I inverted the colors then applied the grays color map and it seems to oddly enough make the picture clearer and stays clear when enlarging to 550%

fb1549 No.213668


that's because it was posted by me and 100 others around 12 hours earlier

we operate in real time.

462df1 No.213669



I concur. Dark Star is, quite literally, the bomb. How's the Captain, still cold?

c249db No.213670

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.



fcdd27 No.213671


The FBI are still lying about LV.

7051c1 No.213673

File: c6703775e1f41f3⋯.jpg (15.13 KB, 255x153, 5:3, MEMEQPICSAVINGWORLD.jpg)

9b9ad5 No.213674


You not school aged to have gotten that either!

Would actually make a good bumper music for the SOTU!

163544 No.213675


See the hastag #Wednesday Wisdom[:] semi colon like Q post "heart attacks can be deadly"

Tie in to all the FREEDOM drops.

3bef7f No.213676

File: aae277ec3ae0079⋯.png (849.31 KB, 819x695, 819:695, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at ….png)

2822b9 No.213677


the 7th floor is no more , hopefully this is starting the change .

03772b No.213678

Wikileaks retweeted the Apache article y'all were talking about his morning


5f3b84 No.213679







All I know is that whenever the SHTF for the FBI, brotherman escorts the latest fly to Congress.

c5357c No.213680


can you overlap them all together? or maybe row by row?

c9a8d1 No.213681

File: b64058d2247c291⋯.png (341.95 KB, 854x445, 854:445, admiral-ackbar[1].png)

95f314 No.213682



47cb20 No.213684

File: a033ec2463f04ca⋯.png (215.88 KB, 753x659, 753:659, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at ….png)


https: //collateralmurder.wikileaks.org/

0d34e6 No.213685


They'll all look smart in this age of sloppy fashion. #BringBackHats

c249db No.213686

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


dd4948 No.213687

File: f1591bc8849d2db⋯.jpg (62.45 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, shitstorm1.jpg)

5f3b84 No.213688


Oh. You dont have a VPN?

Get one, anon.

That is a priority.

fe46fe No.213689


These people are so fucking retarded.

Anyone stupid enough to take any of them seriously should be rounded up and removed from the gene pool

1bff2c No.213690


God (Jesus) said: I will never leave you or forsake you

f851c2 No.213691

File: 4b68726e6558181⋯.jpg (14.71 KB, 255x192, 85:64, Glowboat.jpg)


47cb20 No.213692


was an apache helicopter

a522a1 No.213693


You have discovered the secret to the success of the Intellivision in the 1970's.

878aad No.213694


I couldn't get on for 24 hours on my iPad. I could on my phones though.

c249db No.213695

Comey better watch this video. WE DONT SCREW AROUND!

3bef7f No.213697

ba8427 No.213698


Some senator just came back and said 48% of mexican land is uncontrolled (lawless).

99cda9 No.213699


He's just security. I spent over an hour yesterday looking over pics where Mueller is sitting down in a meeting…he wasn't there. The only time he's there is when they are on the move.

c49b21 No.213700

File: ac49aec3bf74298⋯.jpg (30.39 KB, 474x315, 158:105, shiftywaters.jpg)

dd4948 No.213702


Mexico has no real leadership, the government has been taken over and run by the cartels. It is bad there. they are one very corrupt country

7051c1 No.213703

Black wtf ,why are they dressing for a funeral anons ??????????????

400cd1 No.213704

File: ef1ebcbfbe7b6e0⋯.jpeg (760.22 KB, 1024x576, 16:9, rocky.jpeg)

2efa38 No.213705

File: f84880e78c4320a⋯.png (13.25 KB, 249x202, 249:202, KEK M.png)


Thanks Satan.

Kek is with us

47e598 No.213706

I think this image with a side-by-side map of the election results (blue vs red states) would be effective! Any meme makers want to tackle it.

ab2cfa No.213707


no im no bot or shill or anything like that. its like i said in those posts. and those posts DID NOT show up for me. i only got error messages or even redirected from the site back to the online proxy site. it was impossible until i managed to get a vpn with japanese ip number. i see others have had the same problem.

ba8427 No.213708

File: 5a9d390e162bc18⋯.png (349.86 KB, 1024x554, 512:277, wall.png)

9a2892 No.213709


It looks like an invasion of little black gingerbread men. Arm yourself with plenty of hot coffee.

557904 No.213710


Sauce or piss off.

061377 No.213711

File: 5ddc0c0e347f3ee⋯.jpg (458.66 KB, 2048x1365, 2048:1365, stateofunion.jpg)

47e598 No.213712


Oops…here’s pic

0d34e6 No.213713


And because of having no soul it is incapable of compassion, it eventually becomes tyrannical.

Good for limited tasks, not for being charge of people.

2efa38 No.213715


You realize why this video was posted by wl?

603e16 No.213716


Never noticed the SKS on right center. Chinese spike bayonet. Great painting, original here:

http:// 4.bp.blogspot.com/-Q5JeYu0jZb4/VjmSEEiSYwI/AAAAAAAAApg/FnS5vPKxH6A/s1600/1967.jpg

Just seeing McNamara still makes me sick.

9cf9ff No.213718


U need to power down router for about 30 seconds (off completely)

If EM still occurring, chances are your device(s) could of been comprimised. All boils down to how good is your opsec.

462df1 No.213719

Can't see any F-15s on my screens,. but if they mean business, they wouldn't have ADS transponders on.

ac81d2 No.213720

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Could be this:


The media attention to the Elmer case came more than two years before WikiLeaks parlayed that fame into greater attention by publishing a leaked US military video that it titled “Collateral Murder.” The video, shot from the air, showed an Apache-helicopter attack that killed a dozen people in an Iraqi suburb, including two Reuters employees. The month that video was released, April 2010, WikiLeaks raised some $440,000 in donations, according to a report by the foundation that managed much of WikiLeaks’ finances at the time.

the military Apache video that was leaked:


3bef7f No.213721


beautiful pic

ac81d2 No.213723


sorry for the repost

c5357c No.213724


thanks will do

eea6b5 No.213725

File: d84be8820661ed5⋯.png (601.71 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180130-151534.png)

wikileaks just retweeted Apache.

f851c2 No.213726


LOL, wikileaks twitter is the sauce, its in the thread like 4 times. U ok? Tired maybe?

47e598 No.213727

File: 4cc5dd5050ebde8⋯.jpeg (549.62 KB, 1015x565, 203:113, CEF02937-6E42-4A80-B6F7-D….jpeg)

Meme maker wanted: This photo side by side with electoral map of election results.

f88040 No.213728


Maybe one day

7b0a47 No.213729

We now have the final, definitive meaning of Q's APACHE drop.

https:// pbs.twimg.com/media/DU0B-Q1WsAIpnD2.jpg:large

This is not only treason, it is satanic betrayal of America

557904 No.213730


Video is from April 03/2010

8b3dd1 No.213731



9cf9ff No.213732


Me, I'm fine - was correcting another Anon's statement

cc2815 No.213734


I'm not sure what you mean?


Had to look that up, some video game console I've never heard of.

I can see the CHESS pieces better this way though, the Knights are 3rd row from the top, one set facing each other in the center and end pieces facing outwards

a522a1 No.213735


Do we have election rigging regions? I wonder if these people's regions match the rigged regions?

c249db No.213736


I'm only part of the way through it.

And no.

a522a1 No.213737

File: 56775d1e59d57b2⋯.jpg (38.51 KB, 540x540, 1:1, DU0B-Q1WsAIpnD2.jpg large.jpg)


FUck me.

feda0b No.213739


I have looked for an hour and can't find this guy Haig

f88040 No.213740


Collateral murder files interesting

bread crumbs perhaps

a522a1 No.213741


Sorry. I was making fun of you (in a friendly way.) You're going down a rabbit hole, but feel free if that is what you wish.

3bef7f No.213743

File: 9d021846e52dc80⋯.png (219.26 KB, 728x582, 364:291, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at ….png)

557904 No.213744


Their relevance is irrelevant.

8e8197 No.213746


522 too until few mins ago.

I Was even looking for news on 4Chan/Voat. Couldn't reach 8 directly, only via tor but could not post anything.

Damage control is obvious and they didn't like the memo to be released/the information spread on twitter/McCabe fired.

The most concerned press in my own country is trying to imply that the release of the memo is a russian conspiracy.

On well-known forums with political threads, they are pushing the same shit and the "Trump is eliminating the opposition he is the new hitler lol" narrative.

Just look at the posting rate here, it was slow and there was not that many users.

dc1dc9 No.213747


Sounds like a poisoned bill they want Trump to sign.

f5ca26 No.213748

Any chance apache is pocahontas, fauxcahontas, liawatha, Elizabeth Warren?

2efa38 No.213749


Well basically it's condemnation of our collateral damage…WL just posted about Trump's increased drone Strikes as well. So grain of salt…the Apache tweet was from US Army last week…retweet by WL is kind of trolling…

dbec13 No.213750

File: 56da81b72850509⋯.png (263.29 KB, 747x270, 83:30, screenshot_484.png)

Fox News pushing this crap now….

7c0488 No.213752

File: 47f93984ff62b3f⋯.png (1.02 MB, 614x759, 614:759, Q.png)

File: c8b90ee7af65cfe⋯.png (847.47 KB, 811x782, 811:782, universe-cell-internet-bra….png)

can someone with the appropriate skills and time help me out

combine these two images into something that doesn't look like shit (my version) , or maybe even 3 separate images

>hopefully you can see where i'm going with this

06f4a6 No.213753

So "APACHE" is the latest crumb?

What's the general consensus?

28daa8 No.213755

File: 7c4a77e07bc5a9d⋯.png (103.74 KB, 750x639, 250:213, IMG_3429.PNG)


c7c0d6 No.213756


Megyn Kelly’s contract says she doesn’t have to do shit like this so she turned it down.

Then they got Katie and now she is pissed.

No one likes her.

57da08 No.213757

File: 8583a70ec9be17e⋯.jpg (94.22 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, ShepSmith.jpg)

a522a1 No.213758


Upstanding businessmen follow the law. Like immigration law. LAW.

e6a2c1 No.213759


Do not expect sympathy from me. All I got on that one.

feda0b No.213760


Q team said they did it on purpose, we just don't know why, unless it triggered a real DEFCON and the NSA data transfer, it would not CAUSE any transfer as it's just an emergency alert.

Guess we will find out some day. Said her heard a recording so I am guessing the phone rings, they heard a real message, not the fake, probably forgot he didn't really hear the exercise message and he thought it was real.

ec3181 No.213761

File: d4a9957bbb5d03f⋯.jpg (384.28 KB, 1200x878, 600:439, deliverance-10.jpg)


top kek

923b09 No.213762

Here we go:

https:// www.theguardian .com/us-news/2018/jan/30/trump-russia-collusion-fbi-cody-shearer-memo

"Second Trump-Russia dossier being assessed by FBI

Exclusive: memo written by former journalist Cody Shearer independently sets out some of the allegations made by ex-spy Christopher Steele


b5b314 No.213763


Clear Cache and everything else, did the trick for me.

3bef7f No.213764

File: a2381f403a6aa5d⋯.png (107.61 KB, 779x433, 779:433, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at ….png)

He mad

f88040 No.213765


>Collateral murder files

Collateral Murder


5th April 2010 10:44 EST WikiLeaks has released a classified US military video depicting the indiscriminate slaying of over a dozen people in the Iraqi suburb of New Baghdad – including two Reuters news staff.

Reuters has been trying to obtain the video through the Freedom of Information Act, without success since the time of the attack. The video, shot from an Apache helicopter gun-sight, clearly shows the unprovoked slaying of a wounded Reuters employee and his rescuers. Two young children involved in the rescue were also seriously wounded.

8b47de No.213766


everyone tag @comey on the wikileaks tweet!

2822b9 No.213767


they want trump to snap because of this shit , if i was trump every illegal that came would be picked up the next am on the down low and deported .

4f29b0 No.213768

File: 89479bd164c75f0⋯.jpg (26.44 KB, 500x375, 4:3, ayy.jpg)


i believe you anon (and have my own sources).

your sauce please?

0aa806 No.213769

File: 31c92eaa377cd47⋯.png (324.74 KB, 1151x658, 1151:658, Jan 30 Q circle awakening ….png)

e08b3c No.213770

Neil Cavuto giving story/details on a "Group of 22" on Fox right after commercial break.

c249db No.213771


Bad guys with RPG's with kids near them is what I see They don't value their children much if that's what they do.

95f314 No.213772

File: 58852a81a275110⋯.jpg (130.46 KB, 805x840, 23:24, Intellivision_-_white_back….jpg)


oldschoolgamerfags reprezent

a522a1 No.213773


I wonder if that wording in the legislation is technically illegal. That would be a twist - can be undone by courts.

8b3dd1 No.213774



2efa38 No.213775


My opinion is >>213658

b49836 No.213776

Douglas Haig, the second person of interest in the #LasVegasShooting lives in Phoenix, AZ, worked for @Boeing, and designs “specialized military ammunition.”


c09a9e No.213777


Well done Anon!

c249db No.213778

099b02 No.213779



There is none. Plenty of good interpretations in the last few breads

979470 No.213780


he also called us russian bots today.

2ea214 No.213781


POTUS wants nornies to focus on previous year, and to focus on the plan ahead. When that sinks in, BAM!

The #Memo is released.


557904 No.213783


Quit being a reddit drama queen with the CAPS and all the exclamation marks.

3bef7f No.213784

File: f4c55461ef016f6⋯.png (50.96 KB, 728x259, 104:37, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at ….png)

979470 No.213785


"…stay in Arizona. They won't bother you there."



8b47de No.213786


Search her social media?

785c98 No.213787


Do you have details?


What bill? Has it been signed?


21c014 No.213788


trips of luck!

c3ecf9 No.213790


Am I crazy? I am sure I read that Obama blocked this deal and that it didn't happen.

d11bd2 No.213792

File: 70510c632d3ac31⋯.png (504.26 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, BD6ED846-0AAA-4A8E-A15A-ED….png)

US Army tweet today

a522a1 No.213793


>Bad guys with RPG's

Exact reason Hyperloop is bullshit.

9cf9ff No.213794


I concur, forgot that major details ;p

e08b3c No.213795


== Group of 22 == on Fox now. Can I get some backup?

06f4a6 No.213797


So Apache = Freedom?

Simple enough.

163544 No.213798


Crazy Horse is an Apache

462df1 No.213799


My Dad always says that "..Sympathy comes between shit and syphilis, in a dictionary.."

5f6339 No.213800


Hey – after reading this – we Anons could also be the Apache! "Organic structures in nearly pure form with the unusual ability to succeed against vastly larger adversaries".


2efa38 No.213801




I understand your point but the reason they posted this is to expose our methods of covering up collateral damage.

e82caa No.213802


Tom Heneghan, Stew Webb

Claiming ….

"Andrew McCane was arrested last night by US Marshalls and is now under house arrest"

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKgnUDTbQ1g

7b0a47 No.213803


Folk should estimate the number of such losers they are likely to encounter in their area. Then multiply by the number of shots to get a sure kill, and check your ammo supplies. If you don't have enough then buy more.

Sure, pray that you never have to do this, but if the worst happens, shoot them all to protect your family and to prevent your country from falling under another Communist Revolution.

This is no joke. Do it!

dc6459 No.213805

File: 26064b6bff16477⋯.png (10.54 KB, 679x192, 679:192, Special message.png)

717514 No.213806

099b02 No.213807


gang of 22

f88040 No.213808

File: 81b64ce5d2bc3db⋯.png (528.09 KB, 650x546, 25:21, ClipboardImage.png)


My fist computer got @11 yo

e82caa No.213809



49447d No.213810

Gang of 22 ?

f67950 No.213811

The hashtag twatter thang really worked out well. based on the digits we have quite a substantial effect on things. Hows about hashtagging "a p a c h e"?

b49836 No.213812


It's like the guy doesn't really exist. And I still feel like this is absolute BS.

7c0488 No.213813



53ce15 No.213814

File: e0e4451ade8df26⋯.png (115.26 KB, 661x541, 661:541, screenshotAtUploadCC_15173….png)


Was from a 2015 Bill

a522a1 No.213815

3bef7f No.213816

File: b2aa21d1b5e1fa8⋯.png (116.02 KB, 849x502, 849:502, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at ….png)



8b3dd1 No.213817


They’re saying gang of 22.

22 states with voter fraud?

701a3b No.213818

File: 43288eccc54097f⋯.jpeg (172.32 KB, 1242x630, 69:35, E2C52B11-B66B-4AD7-860A-4….jpeg)


Maybe this is the link, 50 years ago NK captured USS Pueblo.

The Stars and Stripes lies crumpled in a glass case on the bridge.

Fifty years after it was seized by North Korea, the USS Pueblo is the only U.S. Navy ship held captive by a foreign government. And though mostly forgotten in the United States, the "Pueblo Incident" for North Korea remains a potent symbol of military success.

The spy ship, attacked and captured 50 years ago this week, sits in the frozen Potong River on the edge of the sprawling "Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum" complex in central Pyongyang, where thousands of North Koreans are brought each day to hear the North's version of how their country, against all odds, defeated the Americans in the 1950-53 Korean War and has been fighting off the hostile Goliath ever since.

http:// abcnews.


c249db No.213820


Video from 2010, so who are they going after?

b95351 No.213821


Go with an Art Deco typeface. Classic.

b594fc No.213822


nicely done!

hope he sees it

593989 No.213823


Vic 20?

a3c725 No.213824


Excellent find, anon.

2ea214 No.213825

The sound of freedom - SOTU?

557904 No.213826

2efa38 No.213827

File: d28923e0ac2b89d⋯.jpg (47.47 KB, 545x527, 545:527, IMG_20180130_150423.jpg)


Big if true…here is more of the doc. Looking for source.

< Bin Laden = Geronimo

< Al Qaeda = Apache

< Al Qaeda = CIA/FBI (rogues)

False Flag by Al Qaeda Sleeper Cell

9cf9ff No.213828


Freind had that I got the acorn cheaper than a BBC.

a522a1 No.213829


How much do we trust this info from StewWebb?

abf77c No.213830


Jan Schakowsky may be missing because she CAN"T make it.

Chicago Crime Hag

Bob Creamer of DNC/Project Veritas expose

Sibel Edmonds was whistle blower on Jan years ago

e08b3c No.213831


it was nothing. He sounded like there was a story.

ba8427 No.213832


>Radar Rat Race

>Jupiter Lander

>Load "Radar Rat Race" ,8 ,1


2efa38 No.213833


The US Military/US in general.

0d34e6 No.213834

File: 2d3fd090ab5db48⋯.png (52.02 KB, 604x340, 151:85, wikileaks_apache.PNG)

The fact that Wikileaks puts the word 'freedom' in quotes in their tweet tells me they're more in line with Assange's peacenik stance on war than the US Army's.

Regardless, I wonder if Q's "Apache" crumb is a kind of taunt or threat to the Cabal or their minions.

a522a1 No.213836


Thanks, anon. I posted it in response to another anon who reported a URL.

3bef7f No.213837

File: 75fc1cbf18679b9⋯.png (124.59 KB, 762x612, 127:102, Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at ….png)

Muh Russia

21c014 No.213838


People we hate are VERY scary.

We will feel safe once we see them in chains.

02afa8 No.213839

File: e49f7e54a423b5c⋯.jpg (204.38 KB, 1433x761, 1433:761, apache.JPG)

9a2892 No.213840

Is anyone baking?

44e90b No.213841

File: af7d5ad05af8865⋯.jpg (78.83 KB, 757x371, 757:371, djtsotu.jpg)

5304ff No.213842

File: 7d244c00cce4151⋯.png (395.95 KB, 562x392, 281:196, qeye.png)

feda0b No.213843


Good job

c3ecf9 No.213846


I can't believe they're still calling us Russian bots. LOLOL. How stupid are these people?

e6a76c No.213847

File: 35f2ea6f9011314⋯.jpg (116.2 KB, 910x512, 455:256, SOTU_dems.jpg)

File: 018791cf966ddda⋯.jpeg (90.06 KB, 1029x440, 1029:440, MEGA.jpeg)

File: bc1d50764e62584⋯.jpg (48.72 KB, 625x409, 625:409, TellTwo.jpg)

File: 2625cb19d3e877b⋯.jpg (71.22 KB, 612x512, 153:128, Grammy_messages.jpg)

a3f8de No.213848



WL Apache helicopter


6508bb No.213849

File: f3acf99787f72f5⋯.jpg (26.22 KB, 320x320, 1:1, 22794483_274807383040274_8….jpg)

Get your covfefe ready boys, today is going to be a GREAT night if it plays as I expect it to!

c249db No.213850


Yea, I remember that post. When we had some special anons during Q's darkness.

462df1 No.213851


It's nice that they wear black on the day the Democrat party dies…

99cda9 No.213852

File: 6271cfb61ff57aa⋯.jpg (68.02 KB, 968x570, 484:285, mccabe.JPG)


I don't

8b47de No.213853

File: 222697d0dc7828f⋯.jpg (413.71 KB, 750x840, 25:28, IMG_8378.jpg)

The Dr is in.

2fd548 No.213854


This idiot is a threat to society and should be in an asylum.

f88040 No.213855


Yes I still have her

b594fc No.213856







they are pushing it HARD

06f4a6 No.213857

Proud deplorable russian bot here

ba8427 No.213858


or the more obvious is hes trying to prevent WW3 with an capable super power.

b49836 No.213859


>now under house arrest

f88040 No.213860


>Yes I still have her

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