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QResearch_Voat: [Reddit Replacement]

File: cb3ed5ae736abc7⋯.jpeg (393.36 KB, 1593x1242, 59:46, 5C859556-24DA-4B60-B80C-6….jpeg)

File: cb41474f94ab844⋯.jpeg (870.25 KB, 2031x1242, 677:414, A5142694-B512-4111-A230-9….jpeg)

694fc2  No.2372810

We Canadians Pray the puppet strings cut

d5e81a  No.2372860

File: 035a11b224dd8a0⋯.png (1.91 MB, 1032x5120, 129:640, archive.is_CAOcG.png)

File: a1e33cdd38a0e5f⋯.jpg (78.08 KB, 870x591, 290:197, trump and trudeau.jpg)

File: 699e20e9a558003⋯.png (262.9 KB, 635x418, 635:418, cucksitter 2 copy.png)

File: ce90ad7fa2db43c⋯.mp4 (384.05 KB, 480x480, 1:1, Dance of the Soy Fairy.mp4)

Anyone who understands spirit cooking should not be surprised that the "Castreau" theory is entirely true.

47ad33  No.2379602

File: 76d9afd02aa0021⋯.png (2.77 MB, 2120x1060, 2:1, 79AFD84D-7D5F-41AA-A3B4-16….png)

File: fbbd3c0026e9db5⋯.png (4.16 MB, 1656x1060, 414:265, 346F26F9-D28D-42F4-BDB5-BC….png)

File: cb62aa097715cdf⋯.png (143.18 KB, 630x315, 2:1, FD5EEACA-7239-43A1-A1B4-73….png)

File: f6df4b7b618183e⋯.png (452.86 KB, 630x315, 2:1, 91C58E7D-200A-47F2-A8B2-A5….png)

No sauce, but those pics just ask for memes!!

fa27bc  No.2381983

File: a4a43a22e3c354a⋯.jpg (7.13 KB, 700x376, 175:94, kay072818.jpg)

File: fc2ac24196ee051⋯.png (456.42 KB, 2000x1668, 500:417, carfentanilMAP.png)

File: af74a7e6001a88e⋯.jpg (230.37 KB, 1900x1268, 475:317, ECHR2WI7YJEMXPJ5GRQ5T3BU64.JPG)

File: 4711091d1edfb0e⋯.png (102.9 KB, 288x527, 288:527, carfentanil.png)

File: 86f5decc63bb57d⋯.jpg (227.54 KB, 2400x1800, 4:3, carfentanil.jpg)

Maybe something else turned up from their little "incident" in Danforth, Ontario.

Seems the jihadis brother has been comatose since OD'ing in 2017.

Cops went to his house laat year and found 42 FREAKIN KILOGRAMS of Carfentanil.

"in mid-2017 Faisal’s brother, Farad Hussain, suffered an overdose. He based been in a coma ever since"

In Chicom printer ink bottles, supposedly.

That's enough for a massive, unprecedented terror attack. Unleashed in a stadium or into the water supply. That's chemical weapons quantity.


Good old Canada suppressed that it was YAH (Yet Another Hussein) with it.


Look at the busts in the US. Michigan, Ohio… this stuff is being trafficked in from Canada.

Maybe they found some more? Or something worse?

fa27bc  No.2382649

More including hiw it's getting in from China to Canada:



They ran tests on drugs in a report released today:

Nearly all street drugs in Vancouver contain fentanyl, study finds





More than 80 per cent of drugs sold as heroin on the streets of Vancouver don’t contain any heroin at all, while nearly all of the city’s street drugs contain the powerful synthetic opioid fentanyl, according to the findings of a pilot project led by the B.C. Centre on Substance Use (BCCSU).

The centre gave local users the opportunity to check their drugs not only for the presence of fentanyl, but a wide range of substances. The final results, to be published in the September edition of the Drug and Alcohol Dependence journal, show that fentanyl has overwhelmingly supplanted the local supply of illicit opioids, and heroin in particular. Stimulants and hallucinogens, meanwhile, are much more likely to contain the substance they are sold as.

Mark Lysyshyn, a medical health officer at Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) who co-authored the paper with Kenneth Tupper, Karen McCrae, Ian Garber and Evan Wood, said the findings provide insight into just how contaminated the local drug supply is.


“Something like 60 per cent of the drugs that we check are not what people think they are,” Dr. Lysyshyn said on Tuesday. “We’ve always had the idea that drugs could be something different, but right now [the contamination rate] is really high.”

The pilot ran from November, 2017, to April, 2018, at two VCH-operated supervised-consumption sites in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Drug checks involved both fentanyl test strips and an infrared spectrometer, purchased by the BCCSU and the City of Vancouver. In all, 1,714 samples were tested.

The majority (58.7 per cent) of samples that clients volunteered were expected to be opioids, according to the paper. Of 907 samples expected to be heroin, only 160 (17.6 per cent) contained any heroin at all, while 822 (90.6 per cent) tested positive for fentanyl.

The most common composition for a drug purported to be heroin was caffeine, a sugar alcohol and fentanyl, the paper stated.

The next most common types of samples were reported to be stimulants. The checking found that 87.9 per cent of 256 samples purported to be speed or crystal meth contained some amount of the expected substance, while 91.4 per cent of 140 samples purported to be crack or cocaine did. Fentanyl was detected in 5.9 per cent of the speed or meth samples and 2.1 per cent of the crack or cocaine.

Of 141 samples loosely categorized as “psychedelics” – MDMA, LSD, mushrooms – 86.5 per cent contained some amount of the expected substance, and zero contained fentanyl."


Why would this attract Justin's attention? Who knows. But with jihadis & massive quantities of carfentinal in the mix, anything is possible.

The Chicoms cheerfully kill off Americans & Canadians with drugs. (Yes, personal responsibility is in there too)



cb4793  No.2384250



There was a New Jersey bust of 45 kg of Carfentanyl and the police there said it was enough to poison 18 million people.


47ad33  No.2389113

File: ad6fa957d8d3afb⋯.png (249.93 KB, 630x315, 2:1, 1774A868-3776-4B85-A01F-2A….png)

File: d63dec29abb824e⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1656x1060, 414:265, CAD84A4A-EB2F-4151-BB46-BF….png)

That Carfentanil story is so horrible, my memes pale in comparison…

9e0232  No.2389244

File: f2ccd9ca8b81c85⋯.png (68.07 KB, 1242x762, 207:127, IMG_4806.PNG)

File: b1626f6eeac8a68⋯.png (311.83 KB, 1155x1592, 1155:1592, IMG_4807.PNG)

File: f8672fabfecb7b2⋯.png (270.54 KB, 1213x1726, 1213:1726, IMG_4808.PNG)

694fc2  No.2389339



Follow the map.

Follow the bloodlines.

fa27bc  No.2393509


Don't apologize. For all we know the emergency detour could be dealing with GropingGate


dcd7eb  No.2398387

File: 35752c150c2adf7⋯.png (17.22 KB, 397x370, 397:370, Screenshot_2018-07-31 Q.png)

Q post number 48, from November 2, 2017.

"Why is the Canadian PM so important?"

694fc2  No.2408775


Maybe Carphentonol is a threat to the Opium Trade?

Have you EVER seen an Opium bust?


Who controls Opium?

Was Opium legal in Britain in 1800’s?

Who’s guarding the Opium Poppies?

Where are the Canadian Military deployed?

4ea4c6  No.2409467

File: 1b7cadced6e4ad2⋯.jpeg (102.47 KB, 921x745, 921:745, Going postal.jpeg)

Ooops when some package from China start to leak….


dcd7eb  No.2409567

Trudeau rewards a terrorist with citizenship


Zakaria Amara is a convicted terrorist, serving a life sentence for his role in a plot to murder scores of Canadians. And now, thanks to a Trudeau government bill passed through the Senate this week, Amara will soon be given the privilege of Canadian citizenship.

de46d6  No.2409852

File: e11ef7fc4c0ac96⋯.jpg (46.96 KB, 918x289, 54:17, trudeauMK.JPG)

https://www. cbc.ca/news/canada/canadian-government-gag-order-mk-ultra-1.4448933

What more need be said?

cbafbd  No.2409880

Trudeau attended cash-for-access fundraiser with Chinese billionaires


6218e1  No.2410409

So they had a false flag anti-white woman mass murder spree to hide the discovery of a major fentanyl stashhouse?

dcd7eb  No.2452551

File: 7fa5d3257690c8a⋯.png (249.82 KB, 563x558, 563:558, Screenshot_2018-08-04 ❌HUN….png)


From another board.


dcd7eb  No.2472429

File: 8b1bd85a08d3224⋯.png (156.26 KB, 1365x631, 1365:631, Screenshot_2018-08-05 ( ) ….png)

This is a Boom.


dcd7eb  No.2472974

File: 73c3408756c6828⋯.png (250.37 KB, 572x602, 286:301, Screenshot_2018-08-05 Orwe….png)

dcd7eb  No.2473135

Is there anyone here?

4fe68b  No.2474078

File: a86eaabda2aff9b⋯.jpg (7.47 KB, 203x248, 203:248, kinsella.jpg)

File: 991903a5974dff9⋯.jpg (8.25 KB, 259x195, 259:195, butts.jpg)

File: 625d73e75cbeb2b⋯.jpg (7.32 KB, 259x194, 259:194, leblanc.jpg)

Dinsinformation. The Canadian PM always has CF-18 escorts.


4fe68b  No.2474109


It's not Trudeau, but it's some of his close underlings and a party official.

f121b3  No.2500006

would love to keep this active. can Warren Kinsellafag please post their sauce? this canuckfag is trying to figure out U1/podesta/ or Bronfmans, barrick gold & 9/11/libya/, connections but can never find sauce.

My theory is that there was Marco's phillipino gold being stored in bottom of WTC. They stole it, had peter munk launder the gold through barrick. they also probably stole gaddafi's gold (plan for pan-african gold backed currency). I believe the bronfsman had a big hand in this.

Have lots of ideas on how our gov/citizens are involved but need help. would love for a canuckfag to drop their sauces for me.

720923  No.2500927

I Won't leave you cannadianbros behind. Worry not. If you fall to the muzzies and faggots where the hell will we get our cedar and maple syrup? Plus, we have enough trouble with the southern border, its nice to have awesome northern neighbors.

1a7a3a  No.2508676

Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland: Ukraine and the Toronto Globe & Mail exposé - Soros is a "close friend"

A Toronto newspaper has revealed that Canada's leading Russia hater, Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland, had a deal with George Soros (lead image) to write his biography after she had lost her journalist jobs at the Financial Times and Reuters, and before she started her run for election to the Canadian parliament.

On August 16 the Toronto Globe and Mail reported Soros is a "close friend" of Freeland, and that with her he has "very great hopes for Canada". Before she decided to run for parliament, the newspaper says Freeland had a "deal" for "a sort of authorized biography of George Soros". Soros's spokesman in New York, Laura Silber, refused to answer repeated questions last week for clarification of the terms of this deal or the compensation Soros agreed with Freeland.

Freeland's first filing to the Canadian parliament's ethics watchdog was registered on May 1, 2014. There is no mention of Soros, but there is "income received under a book collaboration agreement with an individual". Freeland refused last week to identify that individual by name.

More at link.


f121b3  No.2510734

Look into Chrystia Freeland - her mother was tied to Nazis in Ukraine during ww2. fled to alberta. has direct ties to Soros

53007b  No.2511089

File: e2f2d49692731a0⋯.jpg (40.57 KB, 650x366, 325:183, justin-trudeau-and-chrysti….jpg)

File: 282f5a9ab020b6a⋯.jpg (484.61 KB, 1200x837, 400:279, freeland.jpg)

File: 1803cd827bb0512⋯.jpg (364.51 KB, 2000x1000, 2:1, o-CHRYSTIA-FREELAND-facebo….jpg)

File: cf869f89e4d66dd⋯.jpg (146.14 KB, 768x584, 96:73, a4d51dd55c77d6899213b99b49….jpg)

Princess Rainbow Sparkles Photoshop contest!!!

No physical prize, just he or she will gain the people's ovation and fame forever.

Canada’s foreign minister, Chrystia Freeland is a massive trainwreck. The Saudi's are now kicking Canada's arse!

CTH Sundance coined the phrase "Princess Rainbow Sparkles" and it needs memed!


Note: she was a journalist.


Oh Canada, you need to send Justine Trudeau packing toit suite!

Let the contest begin!

694fc2  No.2513501


Laundering Gold from WTC 7 through Barrick Gold?

Upgrading Uranium One Yellow Kake then selling to Iran for NK. Caused the Refugee Crisis then take in illegals and sponsors them better than vets and seniors. Talkes of clean air and buys coal power from US.

I hope he likes Guantanamo the way he treats Canadians.

694fc2  No.2513559


Why is Communist Bloodline Chystia (Krissteah) Freedland NOT allowed into Russia.

Wait you mean we have a Foreign affairs minister banned from Russia?

What does Putin know.

Why don’t Canadians know.

Follow the bloodlines.

f121b3  No.2514012


related to sinclair bloodlines?

694fc2  No.2514197


Let’s do some digging.

She did start writing Soros biography.

Father ran Ukraine commie newspaper.

87883e  No.2514308


He is picking fights with the wrong people, then cries for help when they hit back.

1a7a3a  No.2515400

File: ab50a4138ac9094⋯.png (522.54 KB, 451x450, 451:450, Screenshot_2018-08-08 Twee….png)

15ebc0  No.2515439

File: 1618ca95cad430c⋯.jpg (109.14 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault.jpg)

File: 430c7c73066a339⋯.jpg (48.07 KB, 660x413, 660:413, src.adapt_.960.high_.teen_….jpg)

Hi Canucks. Anon was born in Vancouver not far from Maggie Sinclair, and knew the family.

Sinclairs have a rep from the old country for connection to the Templars and for perpetuating the ritual practises.

Vancouver was also seeded by A. Crowley, who as you know considered himself the great beast.


Al Hubbard, the Johnny Appleseed of the drug era, who claimed to be MI6, floated a Uranium company on the Vancouver stock exchange, back when that place was an even more disreputble den of theives than it is today.


Jim Pattison, Vancouver's home grown billionair is also a pedophile. I was told this by a prominent member of the local gay community now deceased. Jim has a pedovore son poised to take over when he is killed in accordance with gnostic practise.


Vancouver is home to Frank Guistra, another billionair pedophile who ran the airtaxi service for Bill Clinto on his frequent visits to Epstein's pedophile paradises for human sacrifice ritual on satanic occaisions.

Frank Guistra thinks things are going dowhill for us all. Especially those poor refugees.

What about the children?!



The third Vancouver pedophile billionair is Chip Wilson.


Vancouver anons should know that there is a safe readily available treatment for long standing recalcitrant alcohol and opaie addiction such as that afflicting every city in BC. Consult Dr Gabor Mate, who was using it to induce a spiritual awakening in native communities until the federal goverment caught wind of it an shut him down.

The is a serious infestation of criminal cultist in Vancouver. They have taken over many buisness and charitable organizations.

Take a look at Herbalife for money laundering drug trafficing, the supplement buisness is a cover.

87883e  No.2515497


Can you provide the tree from Ancestry.com or do you just have it in your head?

1a7a3a  No.2515579


Dig, or be a dick.

Your choice.

af5703  No.2515835

File: 919a6d7344804a2⋯.png (910.07 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-05-09-19-0….png)

File: 283f31b22e90150⋯.png (412.48 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-08-08-18-0….png)

File: f26addb72252967⋯.png (242.7 KB, 1080x1920, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-08-08-18-1….png)


1a7a3a  No.2515865

File: 63f9993472976f0⋯.png (124.23 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-08 Gius….png)


I don't know how to archive.

1a7a3a  No.2515932

File: d3b8d7930b36905⋯.png (85.66 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-08 Obam….png)

File: 35dac5e1188e658⋯.png (428.78 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-08 Obam….png)


1a7a3a  No.2515968

File: f095477f5b00dee⋯.png (93.91 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-08 The ….png)

The billionaire linked to the 'Clinton Cash' scandals once said something amazing about doing business with Bill Clinton

Billionaire Canadian mining executive Frank Giustra is at the center of a blockbuster series of New York Times reports that raise troubling questions about the finances of the Bill, Hillary, & Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

One of the stories detailed how a company Giustra was involved with secured the rights to uranium deposits in Kazakhstan days after a September 2005 meeting between the billionaire, former President Bill Clinton, and Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev. Giustra donated over $30 million to the Clinton Foundation after the Kazakhstan trip.

1a7a3a  No.2515978




1a7a3a  No.2516053

File: 03c17f597959a1a⋯.png (107.29 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-08 May ….png)

File: f202f6d4abf1f1a⋯.png (100.52 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-08 May ….png)

File: ea92e6a23e8be57⋯.png (111.45 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-08 May ….png)

File: 9e04302cde6ec4b⋯.png (109.85 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-08 May ….png)

File: cd7c8d8a73a8265⋯.png (61.65 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-08 May ….png)

More foundations.


Someone doth complain too much.

1a7a3a  No.2516410

File: af8c55304cd19f6⋯.png (89.93 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-08 The ….png)


Chip Wilson is married to Shannon Wilson.

How do you do this? For instance, I'm trying to find their Instagram accounts.

You anons and autists are so talented, and I haven't got a clue.

1a7a3a  No.2516498


From January 2017

Why is Canada’s top diplomat, Chrystia Freeland, banned from Russia?

Here is the media explanation:

Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s newly-minted top diplomat, is banned from entering Russia.

The new foreign affairs minister is a recognized face in the United States, where she was once based during her career as a journalist and has frequently appeared on television shows including Real Time with Bill Maher and The Colbert Report, and on radio.

There, Canada has already been defending its interests ahead of president-elect Donald Trump’s Jan. 20 inauguration.

Canada will also be considering its relations with Russia after years of tough talk from the previous Conservative government following Russian President Vladimir Putin’s 2014 annexation of Crimea.

1a7a3a  No.2516507


Damn. The link.


1a7a3a  No.2516589

File: a4aa48bb2da46a3⋯.png (1.33 MB, 1349x4280, 1349:4280, Screenshot_2018-08-08 Work….png)

I was trying to remember when the yellow cake passed through Canada to the east coast, and I found this.

Is this the same yellow cake as U1?

1a7a3a  No.2516795

File: b36148bef0be299⋯.png (81.26 KB, 660x610, 66:61, Screenshot_2018-08-08 Fami….png)

File: 58143cea2dd7b92⋯.png (1.22 MB, 836x556, 209:139, Screenshot-2018-4-14 BackC….png)


We need to compile information here.



December 16, 2017

We have the technology to beat the Cabal,

and I know we have talented autists and anons in Canada.

And now, because of Donald Trump WE, The People (WW) have the opportunity to save ourselves.

Get busy !

1a7a3a  No.2516881

File: a136e0d7eb5b407⋯.png (553.97 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-08 Shoc….png)

Feb 2010


1a7a3a  No.2517033

File: 620dd174f63e0f1⋯.jpg (1.72 MB, 1349x4382, 1349:4382, Screenshot_2018-08-08 Even….jpg)

1a7a3a  No.2517051




God Bless Canada.

Good night ya bunch of fags.

1a7a3a  No.2517158

File: 5d7f63feca34078⋯.png (181.44 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-08 Secr….png)

File: e1cecb275f5675b⋯.png (636.53 KB, 1349x3960, 1349:3960, Screenshot_2018-08-08 Secr….png)

THIS is what I was looking for.

The last major remnant of Saddam Hussein's nuclear program — a huge stockpile of concentrated natural uranium — reached a Canadian port Saturday to complete a secret U.S. operation that included a two-week airlift from Baghdad and a ship voyage crossing two oceans.

The removal of 550 metric tons of "yellowcake" — the seed material for higher-grade nuclear enrichment — was a significant step toward closing the books on Saddam's nuclear legacy. It also brought relief to U.S. and Iraqi authorities who had worried the cache would reach insurgents or smugglers crossing to Iran to aid its nuclear ambitions.

1a7a3a  No.2517169


Damn, I forgot the link,


694fc2  No.2522365

Trudeau - Bloodline to Uk and too many creepy coincidences. Justin Bieber a cousin? Etc, etc


1a7a3a  No.2522708


The link doesn't work.

1a7a3a  No.2523222

File: 499924e60ff1b6e⋯.png (608.89 KB, 526x563, 526:563, Screenshot_2018-08-09 ( ) ….png)

Qanon has arrived in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada.

e8fb73  No.2523431



wasn't that where professor Jordan Peterson popped up to deny the existence of a pedo ring in 2009?

b9938a  No.2524100



Working link - take out the space

https:// www.perche-quebec.com/files/justin-trudeau/individus/justin-trudeau-en.htm

A gleeful msm 'debunking' of the son-of-Castro idea:

https:// nationalpost.com/news/canada/no-internet-fidel-castro-isnt-trudeaus-real-father-the-canadian-prime-minister-just-really-really-looks-like-him

A few thoughts on that…

It's true Margaret didn't have a public meeting with Fidel around the time Justin was conceived. PUBLIC. What if they met privately while on honeymoon?

The relationship was private, the wedding was secret, and based on the dates it looks like Justin was conceived on the honeymoon.

The media got what they were meant to get, I think it's presumptive to think that media would have covered EVERY ASPECT.

Pierre was into weird kinky sex and apparently particularly enjoyed children and poodles (Cathy O'Brien story). However, I seriously doubt he would have shown his new young wife these perversions right away. That would have been rolled out later, once she was locked in. Why do you think they started brawling so much once the boys weren't babies anymore?

Sometimes the best way to hide a really sick secret is to - yep - DISCLOSE LIKE CRAZY. It's a perfect cover, because everyone is busy being shocked by your 'openness' and therefore the true secret remains safe.

My theory on Justin's origins? Some sort of a velvet gloved ritual. One that would've made Margaret feel like she was special and chosen and a part of something amazing. Could Fidel have taken part? Sure, why not? They all had private planes, Canada had no Cuba embargo so they could freely travel, especially on a clandestine trip. Maybe there was a masked party, maybe Pierre himself presided over the ritual.

Their obvious & public admiration for Fidel 5 years later is telling. There's no way they just suddenly met and had an amazing connection with a communist dictator. That had to have been cultivated before, and made public at that time for a reason.

(the global communist takeover plans have been in the works for a long ass time)

b9938a  No.2524217


THIS is the working link. The whole https:// needs to be removed. Sorry!


6263a9  No.2524621

File: 32e67b43383bd02⋯.jpg (560.24 KB, 670x2858, 335:1429, JT.jpg)


>The relationship was private, the wedding was secret, and based on the dates it looks like Justin was conceived on the honeymoon.

You mean spirit cooking, moon child?

I DO NOT ENDORSE NEOREVOLT'S WORK reference to embedded 8ch post - spirit cooking.


JT has been mentioned as having a pre determined future as PM inCanada. "The Richard Nixon prophecy". See image.


On a side note I found out that Fidel Castro went to Pierre's funeral. Must have been pretty good friends, eh?


b9938a  No.2524836


LOL…is it still 'prophecy' if the prophet happens to possess inside information?

I appreciate neonrevolt's work myself - hadn't seen that piece yet - thank you!

To the moonchildren and the spirit cooking. It makes complete sense to me.

Was JT a product of some such ritual? A 'predestination'? Oh I think so. It might not have been overly 'satanic' so as not to freak out Miss Margaret - I'm betting it was more glamorous in it's presentation. Cause frankly - those spirit cooking descriptions are disgusting. What self respecting female would partake of her own free will in such nastiness?

But framed another way - 'we are building a Great New World Order, and YOU can help bring it about. You have a very important part to play for World Peace. You want world peace don't you? Well we are working tirelessly to make that happen, and we need you to help. Here, eat this wafer…don't worry - it's all good. We're just having fun…heh heh…that's right - be a good girl and just hop up over here…'

I think it is entirely possible and very likely that Justin was bred for his exact role in the game. How exactly? Well it would have been something that appealed to a young lady - the true colors would not have been shown to her at that point and when they were shown later, well - she split off in order to deal (what is bipolar? Multipolar?)

1a7a3a  No.2524871




f121b3  No.2524919





i'lll try to find it but i've seen good digs proving that Pierre and Margaret could have been in Cuba very close to the date Justin would have been conceived

1a7a3a  No.2524946

Lying about his education while in Chicago.

During his pre-amble to his student-based audience in Chicago, however, what struck me was Justin Trudeau stating that, as a teacher, he taught pre-law to Grade 12 students.

This was news to me.

At that point in his life, and seemingly even since, Trudeau had not studied law, yet here he was telling a young audience of future political staffers that he taught pre-law to students about to graduate from high school in British Columbia.

On what pretext, and on what authority? His father was a lawyer, yes, but does genetics pass down the education gene and allow one to teach pre-law with no credentials?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, right, speaks with David Axelrod at the University of Chicago Wednesday, February 7, 2018 in Chicago. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Ryan Remiorz

Trudeau also told the University of Chicago crowd nothing about his days as a bouncer, a drama teacher, or a snow-boarding instructor, but that he returned to university following his teaching gig “for a few years of engineering.”

This, too, is also bit of an exaggeration if his biography is accurate.

He studied engineering back in Montreal for all of one year.

A “few,” at the very least, suggests three.

Is this nitpicking, or is this embellishment?

It would appear that our prime minister must learn how to control his tongue.



b9938a  No.2525091



On the moon child theory. It was supposed to produce world rulers that were in possession of (malevolent) fallen angel souls.

The predestination idea can be co opted very well to serve this end can't it? Train children in these beliefs, impress them with the magic…oh and world peace. Don't forget the world peace.

https:// icliks.wordpress.com/2018/04/28/the-moon-child/


This is kinda funny. You'd think that everyone would see through this ruse immediately. Why didn't they? Part of the trained charisma?

How about the 'flipping upside down' idea? What used to be considered important is no longer important?

'Who You Know' being presented as more important than 'What You Know'?

Is the PM so very brainwashed that he really thought no one would check out his stories?

Did they ingrain him with the idea that Americans are so dumbed down they have no idea about anything 'Canada'?

Another possibility; his biography is <totallyfudged> as a part of the grooming for his role.

1a7a3a  No.2525124

File: 0de5d549b75e361⋯.png (12.51 KB, 623x138, 623:138, Screenshot_2018-08-09 huma….png)


Just looking at the math here.

Pierre and Margaret married on March 5th, 1971. Justin Pierre is born Dec. 25th, 1971, 9 months and 20 days after the wedding.

See screen shot re: Gestation

1a7a3a  No.2525151

Not much here that I can see, but I'll link anyway.

Gallery: Pierre and Margaret Trudeau' s wedding reception and honeymoon March 5, 1971


1a7a3a  No.2525156


MK Ultra

f121b3  No.2525170

File: 2e1197be849261a⋯.png (5.11 MB, 1024x8000, 16:125, pd1tyvp1s4h01.png)

6673b7  No.2525186


No doubt that the communist leaders of the occult will lie whenever they think that they can get away with it to improve their image with their audience (sheep).

There is lots of evidence of JT blunders. Just type his name into any search engine and lots of negative stories come up about him. Commie liar period. Servant of the PRIVY council.


1a7a3a  No.2525258

File: 29d6e556fc2a4f7⋯.png (394.12 KB, 634x508, 317:254, Screenshot_2018-08-09 This….png)

What is the symbol on her necklace?

1a7a3a  No.2525329

6673b7  No.2525381

File: aaa7c2fdb41ab19⋯.jpeg (45.71 KB, 700x1055, 140:211, march-4-1971-pierre-trude….jpeg)


I can't tell. it looks like some spiral or swirl maybe. I found another pic but it doesn't help. Not high res enough.

6673b7  No.2525494

File: 1a08c2cc28ef142⋯.png (771.29 KB, 1680x1260, 4:3, little-justin-with-his-pap….png)

File: f54466a3374c8dd⋯.jpg (277.82 KB, 1960x1308, 490:327, trudeaus-and-fidel.jpg)

File: 95d565c3d40a9d1⋯.jpg (130.26 KB, 1280x960, 4:3, Trudeau-Castro.jpg)


Here is an interesting website.


Jesuit schooling is a big connection.

b9938a  No.2525622


WOW! There's the sauce.

How do you forge alliances with other nations? Why, you mix bloodlines and you breed.

So you want to make your nation part of the great red network of communism because new world order, global domination, yadayada.

Problem is, everyone seems to be against communism! …meh, something about mass murder, widespread poverty, thought control…Silly mouton - I'll outsmart em.

So I find a young lovely communist sympathizer and I use my suave french persuasions (maybe with a little chemical help) to win her over. See, life's not so bad mon cherie…I brought you a present! Fidel…

So - it was on an unidentified (maybe private perv island) that there was an arranged setup/meeting/party. Conveniently enough, Margaret found Fidel sexy, which probably helped the plan a great deal. Could be it was a 'present' for the new wife that also served to 'facilitate diplomatic relations'

FemaleAnons, how many of you would say 'sexiest man I ever met' about a man you had only known through your powerful husband? That says personal relationship to me.


My guess is that both Justin and Sophie were MKUltra trained. Margaret was treated for her so-called mental illness in one of the places where this 'training' took place. Seems logical right?

1a7a3a  No.2525679

Much is said about the Trudeaus going to Cuba, but not much about Castro traveling here.

According to this story, Castro was in Montreal in April 1959.

How 1 man brought Fidel Castro to Montreal in April 1959


Pierre would have been about 44. Might they have met then?

1a7a3a  No.2525700


Sure does.

1a7a3a  No.2525809

So, Castro didn't like gay people.

Under his rule, at least 582 Batista loyalists were executed by firing squad, independent newspapers were closed, LGBT people were herded into camps for "re-education" and hundreds of thousands of Cubans fled, mostly to the U.S. Many died while attempting to escape.



b9938a  No.2525907


>“When Michel was around eight years old, I remember him complaining to my mother that my older brother and I both had more friends than he did,” Alexandre recalled in 2006. “My mother told him that, unlike us, he had the greatest friend of all: he had Fidel.”

https:// johnnycirucci.com/catholic-communist-cabals-command-from-canada-to-cuba/

b9938a  No.2525938


ok - this part doesn't compute.

Why then, does JT appear to lurve the LGBTQ so much? Is it a twofaced taunt?

Get them to come out, feel honored, and encourage them all to fly the freak flag…

…so they can be identified for Future ReEducation?

Could it really be such a diabolical scheme?

1a7a3a  No.2526054

More on Margaret

She cops to feeling “a bit smug” about being the first Canadian to be both wife and mother to a prime minister. “It takes a while for a revolution to catch up,” she says. “In order for Pierre to have his Just Society, with its ideas of equality and humanity, we had to raise Justin properly because he and his peers would be the ones to deliver it. You can see that now. The changes Justin is planning are the ones we dreamed about 40 years ago. It took a long time to raise that boy, and it took a country.”


She's basically admitting to grooming Justin for the NWO. Wow. Right in front of us.

5a2d29  No.2526120

That time Richard Nixon predicted Justin Trudeau would be PM

After the show, Nixon gave a champagne toast during a buffet meal. His remarks have become known as the Nixon prophecy. “Tonight, we’ll dispense with formalities. I’d like to toast the future prime minister of Canada—to Justin Pierre Trudeau.”


1a7a3a  No.2526129

File: f3fa192418089e5⋯.png (38.31 KB, 449x487, 449:487, Screenshot_2018-08-09 rule….png)


It's part of the divide and conquer strategy. They want us divided.I could care less what people do in the privacy of their own bedrooms, as long as no one gets hurt, but now we have to put up with guys with their dicks hanging out in the street, in front of children, and call it pride.

These are Alinsky tactics, which didn't come out until 1971, and were only applied in Countries Not Yet ruled by an iron fist.

Pic. related.

6673b7  No.2526316


‘Love them, accept them, befriend them’: Trudeau continues B.C. tour at Vancouver Pride

Canada should move beyond simply tolerating the differences in its communities and choose to love them.


1a7a3a  No.2526572

File: dec445f2c9b98da⋯.png (571.11 KB, 525x353, 525:353, Screenshot_2018-08-09 gay ….png)


Implying that if any Canadian doesn't think a child should be exposed to sexuality in this way, they are somehow a bigot.

4dd58f  No.2526923

>>2526750 (lb)

But it doesn't matter because space travel is mostly fake, lies, psyops, and fuckery. There is no reference point. The ISS is unmanned, astronauts doing spacewalks are in swimming pools, and a martian told me that we never landed on the

4dd58f  No.2527026


The rationalization of not accepting the divide and conquer strategy results in even more severe negative repercussions.

A planned divide and conquer might include jews v Catholics. We realize the psyop and so "unite" against the shadow entity pushing it. But people fail to realize that jews are in power publicly and behind the scenes. So the real plan was to get the public to embrace jews and Israel, even though they hate Jesus (tell any jew that you're Christian and see their response) and run the banks.

The privacy of one's bedroom? Dahmer killed people in his bedroom. The faggots want to destroy the notion of the family unit, which is the basic and fundamental building block of civilization. Children are raised in certain healthy or unhealthy environments, the distinction being blurred by the faggots, who also have a propensity toward pedophilia.

1a7a3a  No.2527170

File: 6026b15e2a40bbb⋯.png (36.04 KB, 388x595, 388:595, Screenshot_2018-08-09 QMap.png)


Like Q said the divide has been thrust upon us by the Cabal.

I am here to dig on Trudeau, and the whole Cabal in Canada.

If you want to help, dig on Soros, or Paul Martin.

If you don't want to help, bye.

1a7a3a  No.2527296

Where is the filter button?

6f8593  No.2527339

File: 71e4d5ed47ae5e8⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 126.38 KB, 850x566, 425:283, 5wwv.jpg)


Sauce or GTFO

f121b3  No.2527342


shills are officially here!

what about paul martin activates your almonds?

1a7a3a  No.2527524

File: 65c7d265ec59b5b⋯.png (592.74 KB, 794x601, 794:601, Screenshot_2018-08-04 Q Re….png)


Closeness to PET, Chrétien, Soros, Maurice Strong.

694fc2  No.2527754


We need to wake up the very deep sleeping Canadian sheep.

You need to help more wake up.

Look at these forced resignations by Police Chiefs alone.

Calgary Police Chief early

Edmonton Police Chief early

RCMP CO Alberta retired abruptly

Vancouver Transit Police Chief

Halifax Police Chief

Kingston Police Chief + dozens more

Peterborough Police Chief (was director of Missing Children!)

Is that normal?

When the government does things WE THE PEOPLE don’t want it’s time to take control back from the (((controllers))) from (((Soros))) the puppets (((hypocrites))) who claim Human rights is an “issue” then oversee 34 (the few we found out about) children in Alberta Child Services killed in one year. One child in ACS dies every 10 days to week.

They sell killing machines to SA and WW

Then they send troops to guard Opium production.

Then they make huge busts of fentynol (competition) but never but their Opium movements.

They tax our air. People it’s ours.

Then we donate 2bn to climate change (Aftrica) while seniors wait 2 years for surgeries.

They start the wars and make us pay for refugees too. WHAT exactly IS the war in Syria about anyway? Making refuges or SPENDING TAX dollars to Elite?

Keep up the Red Pill work.

This is war and we need to take back all 3 governments. Municipal, Provincial, Federal.


87883e  No.2527828


Education is not a team sport

87883e  No.2527858


This is what is supposed to be considered "proof"?

"Someone told me your mother was a hooker"

I plan to spread the "truth"

1a7a3a  No.2527869


How the H E double hockey sticks do you find this stuff?

Just keep looking?

1a7a3a  No.2527884



87883e  No.2527905



What were your plans to

"take control back from the (((controllers))) from (((Soros))) the puppets (((hypocrites))

before Q showed up?

Just like they are now - none

Let Q do it cuz you cant or won't do more than go along for the ride.

1a7a3a  No.2527941


Find truth first, then spread it.




694fc2  No.2527952

Seagram's heiress Clare Bronfman arrested in connection with NXIVM sex-trafficking case

Clare Bromfman is CANADIAN.


Sex Trafficking to her private island.

Sound like Trudeau spending Christmas on a private Island with Seamous O’Regan who then gets promoted?

Elites belong a child sex and abuse cult.


Child trafficking is big and our children need our help.




Aug 8.

2 year old toddler beaten to death.

The children need US. 2 years old.


694fc2  No.2527972


We don’t telegraph our plans.

You are still ASLEEP.

Wake up.

1a7a3a  No.2528046


Wow! You can put words in (((-)))!

I didn't have the whole picture before Q showed up. I took the red pill.

Now that I know, I am simply trying to save the world here, asshole. I may not be good at it yet, but I don't care what you think.

What are you doing, but dividing?

f121b3  No.2528058


any idea where they're trafficking kids/natives? near ports and boarders is my expectation. I'm ontariofag and would greatly appreciate any digs already done. i know of the case in cornwall.

694fc2  No.2528298


Great dig.


Keep helping the sheep.

Keep helping up.

694fc2  No.2528451


You are hear to DIG for Us not for you.

Dig ALL your Police Chiefs and Law Inforcement early retirements and child board affiliations.

London, Peterborough, Kingston and Moar

Toronto police chief (now pushing weed)!


Dig dig dig share - post.

Learn the symbolism in police crests


Wake up.

694fc2  No.2528492


These are bots.

Don’t reply. Learn to spot and laugh.

You have been trained to reply.

Trained to be divided.

Just Ignore and smile.

THEY are desperate.

Desperate people do Stoopid things.

87883e  No.2528566


Posting on 8 chan gonna "save the world"

Your claim not mine

I'm just here for the show while the real heros out there are saving it - not you

9eac5c  No.2528604

File: 2e82681988785eb⋯.jpg (158.23 KB, 1024x753, 1024:753, cpt101412540.jpg)

File: ec9665bf55f2c84⋯.jpg (124.28 KB, 948x1200, 79:100, flag-raising-canada2.jpg)

File: 5d3e59ed0b1e38a⋯.jpg (165.59 KB, 1140x734, 570:367, Toronto Pride.jpg)

File: c23478aca36f60f⋯.jpg (343.52 KB, 1225x700, 7:4, Vacnouver 2018.jpg)


Virtue Signalling Hard

Considering that the LGBT community represents about 1 to 3% of Canada, (5% is very generous) they are certainly a loud group that gets lots of support from PM TruDoh.


It does not seem logical from a from a partisan votes scenario as the LGBT community represents such a small amount of Canadian population.

What's with that light blue and light pink flag? Trans flag apparently… Although, light blue and pink are commonly associated with children….



1a7a3a  No.2528612

File: dc0a15811e86dd8⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1349x5107, 1349:5107, Screenshot_2018-08-09 Man ….png)

1a7a3a  No.2528635

File: b93303228c5c6b7⋯.jpg (16.65 KB, 217x255, 217:255, If we unite nobody falls.jpg)



Dust off knees.

Try again.

694fc2  No.2528719

File: 35dd31863642883⋯.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1242x2086, 621:1043, BA6E32BB-3CFD-4758-A022-F….jpeg)

Chrysta (Karissteah) Freeland sauce.

Follow the Bloodlines.

Nazis in your Blood?

That should be good for nnegotiating NAFTA.

Who is communism really good for?

Freeland's maternal grandfather, Mykhailo Khomiak in Ukrainian, was the editor-in-chief of a Ukrainian-language pro-Nazi newspaper called Krakivs'ki visti launched in Kraków in occupied Poland during World War II, with exposure orchestrated by Joseph Goebbels himself.[17] Michael Chomiak has been characterized by the Canadian press as a "Nazi collaborator"[18][19][20]. Freeland and others have claimed that the circulation of news in 2017 regarding her grandfather's connection to Nazism was the result of a Russian disinformation campaign,[21][20][22] nevertheless these facts have been confirmed by the University of Alberta historian and Chomiak's son-in-law, Professor John-Paul Himka.[20]

Freeland attended the United World College of the Adriatic in Italy.[23] She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Russian history and literature from Harvard University and a Master of Studies degree in Slavonic Studies from St Antony's College, Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar in 1993.[4][24]


Nice Red Dresses.

694fc2  No.2528862

Right if FRONT of our eyes.

The Ones you are supposed to trust the most.


London cop linked [in] prostitution ring (how old are those prostitutes ?) dies [187] no need for investigation now. Handy.


694fc2  No.2529056

File: 297c10962acff40⋯.jpeg (418.78 KB, 1795x922, 1795:922, 1304BF25-57B9-4568-BC81-C….jpeg)

Bromfman’s brotherly love.

Big donations.

Secret Handshakes.

Bigger Secrets.

Money in Panama too?

Who bought Montreal Expos from Trudeau’s?

Put acid in Whisky. That’s love.

Clair charged with child trafficking.


1a7a3a  No.2529118

File: 68f21cb8eabf28b⋯.png (47.7 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-09 Abou….png)

Ottawa Police chief Charles Bordeleau sits on the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) International Committee and is currently 1st Vice President on the Board of Directors for the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police’s (OACP). Chief Bordeleau is also a Member of Special Olympics Canada. He is the Past Chair for the Youth Service Bureau


Previous chief was Vern White, who is best friends with Eli El-Chantiry who has been the councilor for Ward 5, in the West end of Ottawa since 2003. He came to Canada from Lebanon. He's a millionaire now.

Eli is still the Chair of the Police Services Board in Ottawa.

How do these people amass so much money?

Pic Eli related

1a7a3a  No.2529138



1a7a3a  No.2529159


Don't they have parades like this in every major city now?

1a7a3a  No.2529174


I know, but what do I do with it?

694fc2  No.2529259

Barry and Honey Sherman Dig

Ties to Trudeau?


About to testify at political donations hearing?

Big pharma?


Money laundering?


HC signature [187]

Did you say Barry gave $100,000 to an indighted broker who defrauded him?

Where did the other $50,000 come from.

Details. Read twice.


1a7a3a  No.2529402

File: 7c56b11f1569ebd⋯.png (666.62 KB, 800x456, 100:57, Screenshot_2018-08-09 Endl….png)


Look at that!

Tory, Wynne, and Trudeau look like they are in shock.


694fc2  No.2529485

File: f335c5bfdbeac81⋯.jpeg (1.62 MB, 1242x1601, 1242:1601, BF75C8D5-2C32-4C40-B766-0….jpeg)


Can you read a map?

Follow the lines.

Follow the blood lines?

Connect the dots.

Man that Eli reminds me of [BB]

Lebanon->Port Authority->Police->Mayor->Audit.

Control it all?

1a7a3a  No.2529490

File: d49624a2dd82051⋯.png (130.56 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-09 Revi….png)

How convenient.

694fc2  No.2529558

File: 4114bd902491de9⋯.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1242x1415, 1242:1415, 233673B8-1E29-443F-8618-4….jpeg)


Follow the money.

Join the dots.

Follow the Map.

Did they end the investigation before or after?


1a7a3a  No.2529606


The first time I tried to read a map, we went by the same gas station 3 times.

Seriously. Actually.

This doesn't come naturally for some people. but screw it. I'll learn eventually.

1a7a3a  No.2529621


After their death.


1a7a3a  No.2529655


Plus the first reports said they were found hanging from the pool rails. Hung? Found in the sitting position on the pool tiles, away from the water?

d5e81a  No.2529707

File: fd297089898d487⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 123.79 KB, 600x750, 4:5, Hon_Kathleen_Wynne_MPP_Pre….jpg)

I'll dump my John around boys, gets preddy feeley Seeley, ("parental advisor" to Pierre Trudeau), digs here.

Godspeed, leafs.

>>2485755 (old post 1/3)

from a comment on a voat thread about a henrymakow article





[brackets are this anon's]

>After [Justin's documented whore mother, possible MKUltra sexkitten or willing satanic whore] Margaret ran off with the Rolling Stones in 1977, the marriage was over.

>Soon after, as a single father, Pierre [and 15th Prime Minister of Canada] turned to a York University sociologist, John Seeley, for [[[parental advice]]].

>John Seeley, a self-proclaimed 'sadist and pedophile' would fly up to Ottawa on weekends to "advise" Pierre on [[[how he should be raising his three sons]]]. Justin was six."

[setting the next paragraph as a list]

>Justin's former colleague at the faculty of prestigious West Point Grey Academy prep school (no affiliation with the U.S. Army AFAIK, but then again who knows), the former minor league hockey player Chris Ingvaldson is a convicted pedophile.



>So was another close friend of the Trudeau family, Ben Levin, a child psychologist who drafted Ontario's perverted sexed curriculum, who himself was, eh, "mentored" (hm…) by the aforementioned John Seeley.





[no mention of Trudeau or Seeley in Levin wiki…did not dig further]

>Kathy Wynne, the transphilic militant lesbian premier of Ontario, took over the mantle [sic] for Levin in pushing for the curricular "reforms" that brave souls like Jordan Peterson [muh clean room and antuh-semuh-tizm] have been speaking out against. Wynne and the social-sciences faculty at U of Toronto have declared war on Peterson as a result of his "toxic, anti-trans bigotry," or what Peterson would likely sum up as "your bullshit is anti-scientific and downright disturbing." [but we at the CFR support you anyway]

[don't see an immediate link between Wynne and Trudeau, but these posts will (eventually) be about John Seeley.


d5e81a  No.2529717


fug wrong thread

killing self

694fc2  No.2529731

File: 9b4a3543c71e23c⋯.jpeg (169.8 KB, 1242x871, 1242:871, 0C23C778-83A1-4B0D-A232-B….jpeg)

Do some home work?

How many are Masons?

How many have dual citizenship?

Have a look at this lot:


The notables:

universities attended.

Books they wrote.

Freeland, MP for the downtown Toronto riding of University-Rosedale, was first elected in a byelection in November 2013. Originally from Alberta, she is of Ukrainian descent and has extensive experience as a journalist. She authored a book in 2012 called The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else that looked at the growing problem of income inequality.

d5e81a  No.2529822

File: c8f2290a603f204⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 18.21 KB, 356x295, 356:295, John Friedeburg.jpg)


>at a glance

Would love a graphic that laid out all 30 and ticked off all the connections you noted.



nvm is right thread

opens garage door

>>2529707 (old post 2/3)

The late York University sociologist and "parental advisor" to Pierre Trudeau, Herbert John Ronald George Friedeburg, alias John Ronald Seeley

>the son of Emil Friedeburg, a wealthy German grain merchant

>educated at various European rape factories grooming franchises boarding schools

>a graduate degree at the (Rockeffeler-endowed) University of Chicago

>"I don't want a nation of thinkers: I want a nation of workers."

>Seeley went on to help charter York University.

>He also taught as an adjunct professor at Brandeis University whilst working as a sociologist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.








694fc2  No.2529859

File: a0e9db1a6e5c559⋯.jpeg (261.85 KB, 2208x1012, 24:11, BA00BC58-E7A6-488B-A912-D….jpeg)

File: 43049b51a03e6ae⋯.jpeg (370.87 KB, 1242x727, 1242:727, AB821F25-3E94-45A4-8D9A-E….jpeg)

File: 313f69af0887aa9⋯.png (3.18 MB, 2208x1242, 16:9, 98D0647C-8B93-4585-8093-30….png)


Not to steal your thunder.

Here is your link.


Trudeau Foundation Anal Annual report features

I love boys logo. Triangle inside Triangle.

Now we all know.

Truth kills.


d5e81a  No.2530066

File: 6f50a2f957badd4⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 50.52 KB, 1086x731, 1086:731, Ben Levin.jpg)


>pedo logos in plain site

Yeah, everyone should see the FBI doc if they haven't (and side by sides of the many examples).


>(((Ben Levin)))

>Levin was listed in the “Who’s Who of Canada” and was ranked the # 5 most influential Knowledge Mobilization (KM) leader in Canada.

Institute for Knowledge Mobilization

(front-page article: "A Linguistic Database Mining Model for Locating Systematic Reviews; Enhancing Knowledge Mobilization"



>In 2003, Levin was awarded the Canadian Education Association's Whitworth Award for contributions to Education Research.

>The following year he received the Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba's Medal for Service to Public Administration

>In 2010, he was named Outstanding Educator of the Year, by Phi Delta Kappa's Toronto chapter and in 2012 he was awarded one of four Max Bell Foundation National Awards in Canada for Innovation Ideas.

>Kathleen O'Day Wynne

>She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree at Queen's University and a Master of Arts degree in linguistics from the (((University of Toronto))).

>She achieved a Master of Education degree in adult education from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (University of Toronto).

>She was a member of the discipline committee of the Ontario Society of (((Psychotherapists))) please forgib any tybos from 1997 to 2000.

>School trustee

>assistant to Minister of Education Gerard Kennedy

>On September 18, 2006, she was promoted to Minister of Education

I'm sensing a pattern:



and the linguistics stuff seems nefarious but is on the back burner



remember: Justin was just a "drama teacher" before being selected PM

d5e81a  No.2530196

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.




>>2487187 ((MY) old post 3/3)

I didn't go through either Seeley biography yet, so I don't have a timeline of the many universities, institutes, foundations, and ngos he grifted, but here's a start. (diagramfags bleeze helb).

Pedos probably

>John Seeley (Forest Hills) 1948

>Rick Salutin

>Clayton Ruby

>Benjamin Levin (convicted for cp)

>Martin Fischer (Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital)

>Ewen Cameron (Allan Memorial Institute)

>Brock Chisholm (National Health Project)

>Benjamin Spock

>Kathleen Wynn

>Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba

>Allan King

>Martin Fischer

Pedo Grooming Factories almost definitely

>York University 1961

>California’s Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions (also cianigger front)

>Ontario Institute of Education

>“Toronto the Good”

>Institute for Knowledge Mobilization

>Canadian Education Association

>Max Bell Foundation

Found but did not watch embed related

>Warrendale (1967)

>Chronicles 7-weeks in the lives of 12 emotionally disturbed children and their therapist's experimental method of treatment at the Toronto-area Warrendale facility.

>Director: Allan King

>Star: Martin Fischer

and here's a link to "The Pedophocracy" by David McGowan



and a summary



b8bee7  No.2532005


>Follow the map.

there is no map.

b8bee7  No.2533563


>"Why is the Canadian PM so important?"

He isn't. Justin trudeau's job is to tank canada. he's not the key to anything because he's too stupid to be responsible for anything. Justin trudea as prime minister is like a turtle on top of a fence post- you know he didn't get there on his own and you know he doesn't know what to do now that he's there. Trudeau is an incompetent proxy paid to mug for the cameras.

Also- you have to ask yourself, are you really an expert on trudeau's travel arrangements? The head of a nation with a military escort isn't out of the ordinary, especially in a muslim filled shithole like canada.

694fc2  No.2535309

File: d6c24d7951c3c29⋯.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1242x1777, 1242:1777, FD5612DA-FE11-4E30-9986-1….jpeg)

File: 04d8886b6320162⋯.png (541.79 KB, 2208x1242, 16:9, 084CD4CE-29E2-4F60-9025-F5….png)



You nailed it.

Keep digging.

Knowledge Mobilization.

Brain Washing just sounds bad in 2018.

Now where did they hold that seminar?

WHAT was the address?

WHAT they had a session on Child Trafficking?


694fc2  No.2535854

File: c746edb5205818b⋯.jpeg (539.53 KB, 1242x1478, 621:739, 0B0713B9-D3D3-43E1-86B7-6….jpeg)

Time WE put an end to these so called Foundations, Clinton and otherwise.

Yes look at that Trudeau Foundation grow.

Pay to Play. PUN intended.


87883e  No.2536017


There are almost no bloodlines either except for Queen Elizabeth Ancestry.com or some European Universities have nobles back to Holy Roman Empire. Pope has no bloodline.

All the others (e.g. Masons, Knights Templar, Illuminati, Knights of Malta etc) are unknown. Pagan gods of Rome/Eqypt./Greece/Babylon/Sumerian/etc are not identified. No direct descendants of the Nephilim have been identified)

Israelite descendants are listed but lack identifiable lineage after 33 AD.

Muslim Brotherhood families are ill-defined

882711  No.2536568

File: 4ab673b4b1d06fc⋯.jpeg (30.27 KB, 620x393, 620:393, 37AF22E6-9777-43CF-832F-C….jpeg)


>85 Israel Asper Way

The absolute chutzpah.

We're deep in the bog now, anon. We oughta start training/an assembly line with what pyramid diagram anon is doing >>2535810 .

will dig moar, must sleep now




d5e81a  No.2539482

File: afe0974587c222f⋯.png (808.53 KB, 1280x480, 8:3, mosi tatupu blue hair.png)

bump because anons are doing good digging while mods only anchor obvious slide threads

(pic unrelated)

1a7a3a  No.2543957


I didn't say it. Q did.

b8bee7  No.2544094


>I didn't say it. Q did.

Q also said George Soros was being held in a submarine for transfer to diego garcia. He also said mueller is /ourguy/. he also said John Mccain, Hillary clinton, et al were all wearing leg braces because they'd been indicted. Q lies a lot and someone has to correct the record.

b9938a  No.2544648


Did you say >correct the record ?? Isn't that what HRC, Soros and crew paid all those useful idiots to try and do?

The Canadian PM is important because:

- he obeys orders, after all he was born and bred especially for this job.

- he openly sympathizes with and supports certain 'groups' that we all know are a clear & present danger to western values and civilization.

- he is a pawn being used to bring Canada to the global world order - the totalitarian communist dictatorship dream of the globalists.

- he has been ordered to tank Canada by weakening it from within for the NWO takeover, just like the Obama admin was doing for the US.

- he is still following orders from evil people, and hasn't the courage, fortitude or backbone to do otherwise.


He could redeem himself and actually contribute to saving the world, if he would do an about face and join with President Trump in saving America.

Think about what would happen if he were to make this decision.

The (elected)PM is not the actual leader of Canada. The real leader is an appointed representative of the queen.

If PM Castrudeau stepped up and stood for what was right - all hell would break loose.

He would be castigated mercilessly (like POTUS) and probably removed (unlike POTUS because aforementioned leadership structure).

The queen might even decide to use the all-overriding veto power in an attempt to take command over the country. Maybe the pope would weigh in too. There would be major unrest - which would obviously play right into the hands of the NWO - UN soldiers would roll in and the takeover would be complete. This would be really bad for the USA due to proximity.

There'd be a way to avoid this outcome though - and that would be to have some dealmaking meetings with President Trump, just like N Korea. Except this effort would be a real alliance. Neighbor nations joining up as a united front to fight the NWO takeover and save America. Stronger together.

If that was the approach, the storm would still come, but it would be an apocalyptic revealing and have a far different outcome. The crown and the vatican's complicity in the global domination effort would be revealed, and the awakening would accelerate bigly. Instead of ending with UN army occupation and continued servitude, Canada and the USA could claim freedom, and fight together to free South America.

I like to think that if Castrudeau truly understood what was at stake, he would not hesitate.

6de428  No.2544810

File: 1710e92a692a145⋯.jpg (53.15 KB, 800x533, 800:533, Macron Trudeau.jpg)

File: 5749251173e77aa⋯.jpg (84.99 KB, 710x474, 355:237, trump-trudeau.jpg)

File: 1710e92a692a145⋯.jpg (53.15 KB, 800x533, 800:533, Macron Trudeau.jpg)


It would be nice if Trudeau could turn to the light but….. He is Cabal true and true.

Sorry but the Guy is a fucking Traitor just like No-name. He really want Canada to be under the CCP. Millions of death and slavery for the survivor. He is evil.

6de428  No.2544857


The Canadian PM is important because Canada is a taxes haven for the worst of the worst. This is where a good part of the dirty money is hiding. This is where they can transfer fund to do all kind of evil shit.

1a7a3a  No.2545271


Q posted about the Canadian PM in relation to the U1 deal.

6de428  No.2545329

File: 46e3fb62f1d68e3⋯.png (66.15 KB, 823x826, 823:826, Canada Taxes haven1.png)

File: c707818b069d4a5⋯.jpg (117.33 KB, 647x502, 647:502, Canada Taxes haven2.jpg)

File: 125ca2aed1c4de0⋯.png (187.67 KB, 1785x565, 357:113, China.png)


Canada is a lot more involve in the Cabal plan than just the U1 deal.

1a7a3a  No.2545572

File: 0f5dd6eb0873e5f⋯.jpg (2.39 MB, 1349x8343, 1349:8343, Screenshot_2018-08-10 Ralp….jpg)

I'm starting to dig on Ralph Goodale.

Who wants Lawrence MacAulay? Seamus O'Rean? Free for the taking.

How about Navdeep Bains, Catherine McKenna, and Maryam Monsef?


2e66d1  No.2545697

File: 5fbde4fc450f7f7⋯.png (2.66 MB, 1270x7401, 1270:7401, Screenshot_2018-08-10 The ….png)

JT and the Liberals are just shy of openly being communist.

From image: 'recall Justin Trudeau’s unguarded comments made in 2013, where he expressed “a level of admiration I actually have for China” with his reasoning that “their basic dictatorship is allowing them to actually turn their economy around on a dime and say ‘we need to go green fastest, we need to start investing in solar.’”'



1a7a3a  No.2545839

File: 79134003d5c7fea⋯.png (90.66 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-10 Vote….png)

Wow. Ralph voted NO on a motion to help people with MS.Prick.


694fc2  No.2546020


Great Anon.

These are the real digs we need.

High Taxes are Communism.

Carbon Taxes are Robinhood Communism.

Any politician who can tax a Canadian to keep warm worships an evil “God” unlike my God.

These people are sick.

694fc2  No.2546147

We really need to dig on these Cameco uranium transfer corporations.

Likely this Transfer “system” of selling uranium to an intermediary is a way to “Launder” the U1 Uranium.

It’s all there we just need to join the dots.

It’s not just Money that is “Laundered”.

694fc2  No.2546177


Cameco in tax court for using intermediaries to avoid $2 Billion in taxes.

What else are they hiding.


1a7a3a  No.2546222


Should I stick with Goodale history for now, or follow the voting in the cabinet?


1a7a3a  No.2546290

File: 89be1b92ebe79bb⋯.png (516.4 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-10 Ral….png)



1a7a3a  No.2546508

File: f59ac508d0ed2e4⋯.png (99.69 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-10 1969….png)

File: 13dcf787678313c⋯.png (402.92 KB, 529x352, 529:352, Screenshot_2018-08-10 trud….png)

File: f9c22642467956d⋯.png (418.82 KB, 493x353, 493:353, Screenshot_2018-08-10 trud….png)


PET and Chretien tried to take all rights away from Native Canadians in 1969, and Justin sports a Haida tattoo on his Bi-cep. Hypocrite.

Wait. What does this one mean? Right arm.

1a7a3a  No.2546595

File: 6bfee345368c4fa⋯.png (96.5 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-10 Trud….png)

File: fe6a6f571564eef⋯.png (437.15 KB, 448x424, 56:53, Screenshot_2018-08-10 Emil….png)

He apologized for his father. Should we take all the statues of PET down?


1a7a3a  No.2546614


Pardon me. He excused his father.

694fc2  No.2546781


Think for yourself.

The most important part of waking up.

Connect the dots to PM and U1.

Votes on Uranium licenses?

Uranium transfers.

All digs on immigration and military assignments will shed light.

Think for yourself. Use logic.

694fc2  No.2546848


Don’t let these communists take this down.

It’s just history. What does that scare them so?


694fc2  No.2546931

It’s a long tradition of Royals and Elites to prey on natives.

Kamloops well documented

Star Eyewitness who named Queen of England in Abduction of Aboriginal Children dies suddenly in Vancouver Hospital

Vancouver, Canada:

The aboriginal man who claimed to witness the abduction of ten fellow residential school children by the Queen of England and her husband in October, 1964 at the Catholic school in Kamloops, B.C. has died suddenly at the Catholic-run St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver.

William Combes, age 59 and in good health, was scheduled to be a primary witness at the opening session of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS) on September 12 in London, England.

I last saw William ten days ago, on the eve of my departure for a European speaking tour, and he looked better than I had seen him in years.

According to his partner Mae, William was in stable health and was assigned a new doctor at St. Paul’s Hospital this past week. William was then committed to the hospital for “tests”, and his health began to immediately deteriorate. He died suddenly yesterday of a still-undisclosed cause.

The Vancouver Coroner’s Office refuses to comment on William’s death.


These people are sick.

694fc2  No.2547057

Mass Graves of Children in Canada – Documented Evidence

Issued to those few of you whose minds are still unfogged enough to understand, and whose hearts and will are still free enough to cause you to act.

A Special Report from The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State

Mass Graves of Children in Canada:

The first documented evidence of the burial of children at a former Indian residential schools.


1a7a3a  No.2557304

File: 00cf012795164cc⋯.png (12.46 KB, 511x127, 511:127, Screenshot_2018-08-11 Dr M….png)

File: 720a71efbef785f⋯.png (92.92 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-11 Pres….png)

File: ae8495b7b005fe8⋯.png (28.85 KB, 1267x311, 1267:311, Screenshot_2018-08-11 404 ….png)


I was looking at the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission board members, and noticed the current President of the board is stepping down in 11 days.

Dr. Michael Binder.

Found this too, but watch…

"President Binder gave a presentation to the Cameco Board of Directors on July 28, 2015"

<= Pic 1

Which takes me here

<= Pic 2

Which takes me no where

<= Pic 3

Meanwhile, the new president of the CNSC is Ms. Rumina Velshi.


Ms. Velshi is very active in the promotion of careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), especially for young women. She was one of the founding members of Canada’s Women in Science and Engineering and, until recently, served as Vice Chair on the Board of Directors of Scientists in School – a non-profit organization that in 2017 alone provided STEM-focused workshops to almost 700,000 students. She is the recipient of the 2011 Women in Nuclear (WiN) Canada Leadership Award.

Ms. Velshi is also very active in international development activities. She is a founding member of Focus Humanitarian Assistance Canada, an internationally recognized humanitarian assistance agency. She served for four years as the Aga Khan Foundation Canada’s City Chair for Toronto for the World Partnership Events, Canada’s largest annual event dedicated to increasing awareness and raising funds to fight global poverty.


1a7a3a  No.2557971

File: 7f9a1743ac92183⋯.png (130.82 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-11 Cana….png)


Was the fix in? This is an interview for a previous OEB job, but still…

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to appear before you this morning to discuss my (((intended))) appointment as a part-time member on the Ontario Energy Board."


She said she is a founding member of The Society for Canadian Women In Science and Technology.

"On the volunteer front, I’ve been very active in two areas in particular: international development, and the promotion of science and engineering careers, especially amongst (sic) young girls." There is much more about her work with young children at the link. https://www.ola.org/en/legislative-business/committees/government-agencies/parliament-41/transcript/committee-transcript-2017-mar-21

Later, this drool comes out of her mouth

"The kinds of challenges that women face—one is lack of awareness of opportunities as they exist, so making that information more accessible and available to them. Having them appreciate what the qualification requirements are and how they can meet them, maybe not as strictly, but in many different ways how you can meet those qualification requirements, because many women have skills and attributes that are so transferable, and they may not feel that they exactly meet them, but it’s just very easy to apply them."

Again a reference to being "appointed"

"—and help to make sure there are support networks that will help them enjoy and make a meaningful contribution when they do get appointed."

Then this:

"Ms. Daiene Vernile: How much time do I have, Chair?

The Chair (Mrs. Cristina Martins): You have eight seconds.

Ms. Daiene Vernile: Well, then, I will take those eight seconds to say thank you, and congratulations to your son, who is now serving as chief of staff for Patrick Brown.

Ms. Rumina Velshi: Thank you."

Her son was chief of Staff to that CINO Patrick Brown???

For years, the Liberals won Ontario because we had Liberals leading our own party!

Thank God for Doug Ford!

Thanks to POTUS and Q for pulling the plug on the swamp!


620d3d  No.2558353

File: f47c74f1165dea6⋯.jpg (58.56 KB, 434x220, 217:110, 1496005672222.jpg)


We all got much work to do.

1a7a3a  No.2558364

File: 74f2083afdde15b⋯.png (1.87 MB, 1349x12331, 71:649, Screenshot_2018-08-11 Uran….png)



"The Washington Post’s official fact-checker site this week. “We have noted repeatedly that extracted uranium could not be exported by Russia without a license, which Rosatom does not have,” the Post reported on Monday, linking to the 2011 Barrasso letter.

Yet NRC memos reviewed by The Hill show that it did approve the shipment of yellowcake uranium — the raw material used to make nuclear fuel and weapons — from the Russian-owned mines in the United States to Canada in 2012 through a third party. Later, the Obama administration approved some of that uranium going all the way to Europe, government documents show.

NRC officials said they could not disclose the total amount of uranium that Uranium One exported because the information is proprietary. They did, however, say that the shipments only lasted from 2012 to 2014 and that they are unaware of any exports since then.

NRC officials told The Hill that Uranium One exports flowed from Wyoming to Canada and on to Europe between 2012 and 2014, and the approval involved a process with multiple agencies."

Everything else I've read today says no actual physical uranium was moved from the US to Russia through Canada, but they are lying. It was hard to find this. Very bad people.


1a7a3a  No.2558436


Where is that?

1a7a3a  No.2558622

File: 438fa7224881dc1⋯.png (223.52 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-11 CIRA….png)

Father of CIRA, Dr. Michael Binder

"While some people challenged whether we had the authority to do that or not, I think that time has proven that it was a good idea. It created the basis for us to create CIRA and now CIRA is an independent structure by itself that has done pretty well."


He invented Canada's internet.

1a7a3a  No.2558721

File: b694e7dfbafa52f⋯.png (511.42 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-11 HOW ….png)

File: eef4165ae487fac⋯.png (510.08 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-11 HOW ….png)

MK Ultra?

1a7a3a  No.2558781

File: a53f9f8dbd48dfc⋯.png (58.94 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-11 Chat….png)


See what they are showing us?

1a7a3a  No.2559078

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

We share the longest undefended border in the world.

Think .

Are any of you US anons interested in saving your own skin?

It's obvious from the way DT is dealing with it. The current Canadian 'leadership' is a threat to free people everywhere.

Come on frens, hep.

1a7a3a  No.2559314

Ed Clark, Chair of the LCBO is stepping down at the end of August.


f121b3  No.2571476

we need moar digs.


76d95b  No.2571617

Any truth to the theory that this beef SA has with Trudeau is over him and Soros getting their Antifa-style propaganda and protesters in the country?

70d526  No.2573934

File: b63d817598fe0d0⋯.png (1.55 MB, 1349x5226, 1349:5226, Screenshot_2018-08-12 Trud….png)


This is all about his love for Iran and Shi'a muslims over the Sunni muslims in SA.

His brother has made films for the Iranian state broadcaster.

9e8677  No.2578967

File: 8d99049cf85c733⋯.jpg (53.92 KB, 434x220, 217:110, f47c74f1165dea6bbd3ec7f335….jpg)

File: 709b0aa91752405⋯.jpg (5.37 MB, 3834x2626, 1917:1313, Ottawa_-_ON_-_Bank_of_Cana….jpg)

File: 7c5575a615f79c9⋯.jpg (132.88 KB, 981x507, 327:169, Connaught_Building.JPG)


I think this may be a slide. Ah well.

I did a reverse image search and the first link is to a zerohedge article.


File name is: IRS-pillar-pyramid.

Further search IRS Headquarters, Maryland.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Trudeau is spending moar. Keep printing that money.

1913 is the year that Federal Reserve started. Dec 23

Bank of Canada started 1935. Ottawa Canada.


Looks like cube edifice.


The Connaught Building

Not too much information on that building.


Buildings designed by the chief dominion architect.

Not sure how Pierre is related, if at all.

694fc2  No.2580397


I agree he smells.

694fc2  No.2580431


Q400’s by the old Quebeck money pit (aka Welfare program) Bombardier.

Now Bombs away.

Total remote flying bombs on display in Seattle and Buffalo (2009)

Hummm now why did Boeing complain about Bomb barrier? Why did our Fantoche get his BF in France to bail out Brokbardier? AFTER WE CANADIANS bailed it out for 2 Billion??

No coincidences. All premeditated and planned.

WHAT agency approves such Deals?

694fc2  No.2580719

File: e2ee10a417b9b72⋯.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1242x1987, 1242:1987, B888F7B6-7E4C-42D7-A066-0….jpeg)

File: 25fde828b78f574⋯.jpeg (799.76 KB, 1242x1482, 207:247, DFA6EED0-4D08-4D05-82F5-7….jpeg)

Half the population of Canada South of Seattle.

694fc2  No.2582468

File: 2f8244ae01131ff⋯.jpeg (846.17 KB, 1242x1590, 207:265, 216FD840-FBAA-46D4-89B1-8….jpeg)

File: 3f3934125d90db1⋯.jpeg (592.67 KB, 1209x913, 1209:913, 3F250077-CAF6-4172-A5D1-B….jpeg)

The “Canadian Clinton Foundation”.

The Clinton Gangsta Foundation not subject to US donor laws, how brilliantly convenient.

The Canadian arm of the Clinton Foundation – the brainchild of Mr. Giustra and known as the Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership.


Giustra or Gangsta?

Well ya I “did” Uranium One deal.

e20856  No.2583538

File: 960104d95f6d14b⋯.jpg (2.16 MB, 1349x8621, 1349:8621, Screenshot_2018-08-13 Just….jpg)

File: 15f9a129d0f4a7b⋯.png (1020.31 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-13 Just….png)

Justin Trudeau’s Good Friend Jailed for Child-Porn Charges (And There’s More)

Christopher Charles Ingvaldson, 42, a long-term close friend of Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, has been found guilty of child pornography charges after being caught directing an international pedophile ring.


e20856  No.2584159

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Trudeau's Pedo connections

e20856  No.2584235

File: 0f19ab192885918⋯.png (94.39 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-13 petf….png)


9e8677  No.2585031

File: 9ded3ff7831a536⋯.png (49 KB, 285x350, 57:70, 285px-Clan_member_crest_ba….png)

File: cb0c8e39dd32240⋯.jpg (22.06 KB, 300x196, 75:49, MacBain.jpg)


John McCall MacBain

Started classified empire in Montreal (Auto Trader). - Studied at Harvard and Oxford.


Has his own foundation that focuses mostly in Liberia. Doesn't look active with Grants since 2014. Founded in Geneva Switzerland.


Morris Rosenberg

Lawyer. Went to McGill and Harvard.

Was involved with a Canadian government meeting "on the 2011 intervention in Libya due to political convention that cabinet ministers do not participate in international events during an election campaign."


Only connections I see are Africa and schooling.

e20856  No.2585542


Thanks for digging.

329739  No.2585553

>>2584450 (lb)

I hope they are not trying to build up pressure to let loose a tsunami on the west coast.

Damn…I am elevated but probably not enough to withstand a huge Indonesian type quake and aftermath.

This just doesn't happen.

e20856  No.2585642

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Justin Trudeau objects to calling 'Honor Killings'


46b24d  No.2585889

Ottawa to Finance Iran's Bombardier Order

July 19, 2017

Canada will provide $100 million in finance for a deal between Montreal-based multinational aerospace and transportation company, Bombardier Inc., and Iran’s Qeshm Free Zone Organization for purchasing 10 passenger planes, the FTZ’s chief executive, Hamidreza Momeni, has said.

The free zone is planning to launch a new airline called Fly Qeshm.

“Our talks with Canada’s Bombardier are almost final,” he was quoted as saying by Iran’s Tinn News on Tuesday.

Momeni said the $100-million finance will cover 80% of the deal, which entails the supply of the 104-seat planes.

“We are doing our best to receive these planes before the end of the current year (March 20, 2018),” he said.

He was quoted earlier as saying by Iran newspaper that the FTZ will receive permits to launch the new airline by July 29, adding that the airline will start operation as of February 11, 2018.

The organization’s talks with Bombardier to purchase passenger planes were publicized for the first time in April 2016, when Pierre Beaudoin, the executive chairman of Bombardier, led a delegation to Iran.



Trudeau Defends Pay Raise Given To Bombardier Executives

Published on March 31, 2017

After Bombardier received a government bail out package from the Trudeau government in the amount of $372.5 million, Bombardier executives received a 50 percent increase in wages.

Trudeau was questioned by the media on the subject while he was touring the Magna auto parts facility in Brampton, Ont.

“We respect the free market and the choices that companies will make,” Trudeau said. “But we also have a responsibility to ensure that the investments we make with taxpayers’ dollars are leading to good jobs and growth.”



Meet Canada’s Ruling Oligarchy: Parasites-a-Plenty!


104e26  No.2586075

File: ab4ae88b379c693⋯.jpg (118.63 KB, 800x764, 200:191, WTF.jpg)

File: 3d851e4c5e8589d⋯.png (1.31 MB, 1235x2961, 1235:2961, 2018-08-13 Management - Bo….png)

File: c70fafb833ce84d⋯.png (1.49 MB, 1213x3558, 1213:3558, 2018-08-13 Board of Direct….png)


>After Bombardier received a government bail out package from the Trudeau government in the amount of $372.5 million, Bombardier executives received a 50 percent increase in wages.

Trudeau was questioned by the media on the subject while he was touring the Magna auto parts facility in Brampton, Ont.

“We respect the free market and the choices that companies will make,” Trudeau said. “But we also have a responsibility to ensure that the investments we make with taxpayers’ dollars are leading to good jobs and growth.”

Pierre Beaudoin - Iran!

89b7d3  No.2586295

File: ac057b9b38468d8⋯.png (129.51 KB, 600x887, 600:887, maximed.png)

File: 3fda3491afdf698⋯.png (70.35 KB, 614x653, 614:653, maximed2.png)

Conservative MP (Member of Parliament) in Canada counters Trudeau's "Diversity is strength" slogan and fake news CTV descends on him. He is sticking to his guns



e20856  No.2586324


Sauce on the raises?

That stuff really pisses off the Canadian masses.

104e26  No.2586404





46b24d  No.2586424




46b24d  No.2586441



Main Compensation Decisions in 2016

Bombardier strives to link its incentive plans to the creation of long-term value for its shareholders.

In order to highlight this performance culture, the HRCC approved the incorporation of individual performance under the

short-term incentive plans, based on a variety of criteria including achieving individual goals, core competencies and

behaviors through a multiplier approach.

In 2016, executive officers received 50% of their long-term incentive grants in the form of stock options which will only have

value to the extent that Bombardier’s share price increases. The other 50% was delivered under the Performance Share Unit

(“PSU”) Plan, designed to influence the executives’ decisions towards the Corporation’s long-term growth and to associate a

meaningful stake with this strategic initiative if key performa

nce indicator targets are achieved. Building on this approach,

37% to 64% of the Named Executives Officers’ or NEOs’ (as hereinafter defined) targeted total compensation consists of

long-term incentives, and 67% to 85% of their said compensation is at risk.

The HRCC believes that Bombardier’s current executive compensation policies, plans, and total compensation levels are

aligned with Bombardier’s goals of increasing long-term shareholder value and continuing to make solid progress in its

turnaround plan. We have set a strong foundation, and have confidence in our ability to achieve our growth targets.

e20856  No.2586920

File: c35158386311ca0⋯.png (472.77 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-13 Live….png)

Sorry for the slide, but this is the latest Schumann Resonance in Canada.

You know that buzzing-electrical feeling you get when you use a vacuum? I feel that. Anyone else?

GCI004 Alberta, Canada

e20856  No.2586951


6th to 12th Aug.

e20856  No.2586976

File: 3376f20da1730b9⋯.png (91.76 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-13 Live….png)

It feels like something is habbening.

Back to work.

e20856  No.2587145


Sure, but part of the MO is being able to keep it hidden. They scrub it, they hide it….

How do you dig that?

f896d3  No.2590068



Any connection to Rod Rosenstein 🇺🇸 DOJ

Q board mentioned he made a trip to Montreal area right after G7

87883e  No.2590865


What's the frequency, Kenneth?

0135b4  No.2591944

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.


Back to Trudeau and dem Libs. He was honouring the gunned down constables today in Fredericton.


Never waste an opportunity to disarm citizens.

[He did say his government was pleased to put forward gun legislation "that is going to make our communities safer."

Bill C-71, pitched as a collection of "common-sense measures that will crack down on illegal handguns and assault weapons, creating safer communities" while "protecting the rights of law-abiding gun owners," will be debated when the House of Commons resumes sitting in the fall.]

e20856  No.2596805

From February 2018.

PMO staffer resigns after investigation into allegations of inappropriate behaviour

Claude-Éric Gagné had been on leave since November

Aaron Wherry · CBC News · Posted: Feb 02, 2018 7:29 PM ET | Last Updated: February 2



A staff member in the Prime Minister's Office has resigned after an investigation into allegations of inappropriate behaviour, though he continues to deny any wrongdoing.

Claude-Éric Gagné, formerly the deputy director of operations, had been on leave from the office since November. An independent investigation into his alleged conduct concluded on Friday.

In a statement, Gagné said he denies the allegations against him and that he resigned of his own accord.

"I collaborated entirely with investigation into the complaint about inappropriate behaviour. I strongly deny the allegations that have been brought to me," he said.

"A few days ago, with no news from the person in charge of the investigation for a number weeks, and without further facts, I made the decision to resign. This process has been extremely stressful personally. To preserve my health and to prevent becoming a source of distraction for the team that I respect, I decided to resign."

"Meanwhile, a woman who was not part of the complaint has come forward to say she had an "unpleasant" interaction with Gagné. Myriam Denis said she will have more specific allegations about Gagné and others on Monday.

"Based on my personal experience with Gagné, I am relieved to hear he is no longer working in the top political office of our country. Specific details of my experience with him and other Liberal Party of Canada staffers will be made public in a blog post on Monday."

Rubin Thomlinson LLP, an employment law firm in Toronto, was hired to investigate the allegations.

"I take the issues of allegations of misconduct extremely seriously and that's one of the reasons why one of the things we did when I became leader of the Liberal Party [was] we put in place rigorous processes to actually engage and deal with allegations," Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in December when asked about Gagné.

"That's something that people expect. It's something that we're seeing a need for in workplaces across the country and indeed around the world. And because of obviously the need to respect the rigour and integrity of the processes going underway I won't be making any further comments on this situation."

e20856  No.2596865

File: 2324045fc4d2ed3⋯.jpg (3.74 MB, 1349x12257, 1349:12257, Screenshot_2018-08-14 My ‘….jpg)

Is this the 2nd woman refered to in the article above?


Myriam Denis

Communications Advisor


02/05/2018 06:21 EST | Updated 02/05/2018 14:47 EST

My ‘Job Interview’ Reveals Sexist Problems In Parliament Hill Culture

I hope reading this will inspire other victims, men and women alike, in the political sphere or elsewhere, to speak out.

a33b4e  No.2597726

File: 38b5a36e55a7f4d⋯.jpg (92.21 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, Clipboard01.jpg)


More on this Saudi / Canada issue.

The pic says it all about the "human rights activist" detained in SA.

Probably a "human wrongs activist" if HRC and Michael Obama are in her corner.

Are the Saudis starting to bring the PAIN?

e20856  No.2598906

File: 77eaf7cd60d5780⋯.jpg (2.58 MB, 1349x7455, 19:105, Screenshot_2018-08-14 Who ….jpg)

File: 752a9e5928358e1⋯.jpg (1.16 MB, 1349x4512, 1349:4512, Screenshot_2018-08-14 Trud….jpg)


That makes sense.

The Saudis are Sunni, and the Badawi family, and supporters are Shia.

Odd tho, most of the mosques he visits are Sunni.

e20856  No.2598972

e20856  No.2599242

File: 1a9a1c6a8b60e3d⋯.jpg (1.75 MB, 1349x6776, 1349:6776, Screenshot_2018-08-14 Danf….jpg)





The drug bust happened last fall.


"Ansari was the surety at the time for Fahad Hussain, who was accused of being a low-level crack dealer in Saskatoon in July 2015 and was awaiting trial."


"Court transcripts state 33-year-old Maisum Ansari — who grew up in the same neighbourhood as Fahad Hussain, the brother of Greektown gunman Faisal Hussain — was charged last September with possessing 53 kilograms of carfentanil, an analog of fentanyl and 100 times stronger than the painkiller and notoriously deadly street narcotic.

Ansari was friends with both Hussain brothers."


46b24d  No.2599244

File: 2aa2bf8a71283e9⋯.jpg (100.6 KB, 707x471, 707:471, insane.jpg)


lets not forget pakistan

e20856  No.2599397

File: 6a1949b01784629⋯.png (200.48 KB, 1349x1182, 1349:1182, Screenshot_2018-08-14 Cana….png)

File: 6a1949b01784629⋯.png (200.48 KB, 1349x1182, 1349:1182, Screenshot_2018-08-14 Cana….png)


Gender based funding?

In Pakistan?

Sure, Justin, hand the money to the wives, so they can hand it to their husbands, and then tell us you achieved gender balance in Pakistan.

Meanwhile 8 year old girls are married off to 60 year old men!


46b24d  No.2599720

why so much time on the west coast? hmm…

Trudeau to hold retreat with newly shuffled cabinet in Nanaimo, B.C.

August 14, 2018

OTTAWA — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will hole up with his newly shuffled cabinet for three days next week in Nanaimo, B.C.

The retreat, scheduled for Aug. 21-23, marks the first meeting of Trudeau’s cabinet since he added five fresh faces and rearranged the portfolios of six other ministers in a substantial, pre-election shuffle last month.

During the retreat, the Prime Minister’s Office says ministers will discuss ways to grow the economy and create jobs, with a focus on diversifying international trade, eliminating trade barriers between the provinces and maintaining the integrity and security of Canada’s borders.

Trudeau focused on the same issues in the shuffle, reflecting the challenges his Liberal government faces due to American protectionism and the spike in irregular border crossers as it prepares for an election in just one year.

He named former Toronto police chief Bill Blair to head up a newly created ministry on border security and reducing organized crime; Dominic LeBlanc was moved to Intergovernmental and Northern Affairs and Internal Trade; and Jim Carr took over the renamed portfolio of International Trade Diversification.

Trudeau has announced he’ll hold a first ministers’ meeting sometime this fall, specifically to look at the elimination of trade barriers between the provinces and territories.


e20856  No.2599981

File: 8122566db6295fe⋯.jpg (1.59 MB, 1349x3709, 1349:3709, Screenshot_2018-08-14 Prim….jpg)




“Nanaimo is a gateway to Canada’s markets and a tourist destination known around the world. It is a perfect setting to discuss how we can promote Canadian exports, expand tourism, and diversify our trading partnerships, to continue making life better for people from Nanaimo to Corner Brook,” Trudeau said in the statement.

The location of the meetings was not disclosed.

e20856  No.2600309

==baker== help

e20856  No.2632015

File: 8865a90217bb78c⋯.jpg (1.49 MB, 1349x4076, 1349:4076, Screenshot_2018-08-16 Fred….jpg)

"FREDERICTON – The widow of a civilian killed in last Friday's Fredericton shootings says she has no regrets about a profane phrase she directed at Justin Trudeau during his condolence call to her Wednesday."

She called him "A piece of shit'


e20856  No.2632186

File: 3293b39c7771821⋯.jpg (2.33 MB, 1349x5250, 1349:5250, Screenshot_2018-08-16 Otta….jpg)

File: 7423e62bb89c826⋯.png (240.03 KB, 470x353, 470:353, Screenshot_2018-08-16 Oran….png)

"OTTAWA – The federal government is planning to announce a new statutory holiday to mark Canada’s "tragic and painful" residential school legacy."

"As first reported by The Globe and Mail, the government is eyeing two possible dates for the holiday: either National Indigenous Peoples day on June 21, or Sept. 30, which is recognized as Orange Shirt Day."


c2aeff  No.2632901

HookTube embed. Click on thumbnail to play.

JT doesn't work for Canada.

Listen to what he says:1:28

He says: [I willl be] "faithful and bear true alliance to the Queen and her majesty Queen Elizabeth the II, queen of canada, her heirs and successors, true and faithful servant to queen… as member of Privy Counsel. …[K]eep things secret…

There is nothing about Canadians or Canada.

Anybody got any digs on Canada's the Privy Council?

e20856  No.2634337

File: d54153564a72dd5⋯.png (56.93 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-16 onta….png)


That's the oath he takes, but it doesn't mean anything. It hasn't for years.

We were a commonwealth. We still have a Governor General who represents the Queen. She can dissolve our Parliament, but she never, never does it.

Her Grandmother granted settlers land in Canada, and all those rights have been stolen.

e20856  No.2643572

File: 9c6dab984ddf0d2⋯.jpg (2.3 MB, 1349x6122, 1349:6122, Screenshot_2018-08-17 True….jpg)

True-Bro: The Prime Minister reflects on his student days at McGill

"Trudeau just wrapped up a meeting with the Fijian Prime Minister regarding trade agreements and tariffs. This is a topic that especially stimulates him, but what trumps the feeling of euphoria that he gets from a good handshake and photo-op are the memories he has from the 45th annual Carnival, where he admirably anchored his team, entitled “Cum Campbell,” to boat race victory just a few blocks away at Café Campus."

"At that point, Trudeau’s senior advisor, and fellow McGill alumnus, Gerald Butts (B.A. ’94, M.A. ’96), exited the Faculty Club to join Trudeau. Trudeau gave Butts a light tap on his butt, before winking at him and continuing on to a blacked-out van in a side alleyway. This version of blacking out is different from the one he was familiar with in his years at McGill."

"This table reminded him (Trudeau) of the many nights he and “G-Sauce” [sic] spent sharing a joint and arguing over whether or not a burrito can be classified as a sandwich"

"The sight of the McConnell basement helped Trudeau recall stories about Julie Payette (B.Eng. ’86). Many people believe that Payette was named Governor General because of her extensive service to Canada as an astronaut, engineer, and businesswoman. And she was, of course, but the Prime Minister had one additional reason for appointing her to be the Queen’s representative—the insane stuff she used to get up to at Blues Pub. We’re talking ‘drinking beers out of a hard hat’ crazy—along with some other lore that cannot be discussed on these pages."


694fc2  No.2643637


We discuss everything on this board.

Don’t be shy.

e20856  No.2643852

This is about MK Ultra, Nazis, CIA, and the Bronfman family. Not sure about the 3 Quebec premiers in 7 years.

Link is in comments here:https://www.henrymakow.com/mk-ultra_slave_recalls_torture.html

Joseph-Mignault-Paul Sauvé (March 24, 1907 – January 2, 1960) was a Quebec lawyer, World War II veteran and politician. He was Premier of Quebec in 1959 and 1960. - Heart attack in Office

Maurice Le Noblet Duplessis (French pronunciation: ​[dzyplɛsi]; 20 April 1890 – 7 September 1959) served as the 16th Premier of the Canadian province of Quebec from 1936 to 1939 and 1944 to 1959. Duplessis died in office after a series of strokes he suffered while visiting the Iron Ore Company of Canada in Schefferville in the presence of seven government and company officials on September 7, 1959

Francis Daniel Johnson Sr., PC, (April 9, 1915 – September 26, 1968) was a Quebec politician and the 20th Premier of Quebec from 1966 until his death in 1968. Heart attack.

Anne said (February 6, 2010):

Here is my previous message re Svali. I do think she and other survivors are understandably fragile, and may still be being accessed by their handlers. Parts of their stories may be disinformation – but generally I tend to believe they are accurately recounting their horrific childhood abuse by secret organizations in our government, the military etc.

Svali is describing reality as she knows it. Of course it’s shocking and sensational, therefore many people will dismiss it as some wild conspiracy theory. Here in Canada, we have real situations that confirm these stories, but our media have suppressed so much important information, and fed us so much distortion, that it takes a lot of detective work to unearth the missing pieces and fit the picture together. If we did, it would look something like this:

Nazi doctors came to Canada after the Second World War under secret post-war agreements between Canadian-US-British government and military allowing experiments on humans including children. Minority populations “disappeared” soon afterwards: Duplessis orphans in Quebec, aboriginal children from residential schools, mental patients, displaced persons from Europe.

Across Canada, in every province, mass graves resulting from these secret agreements. Few Canadians know anything about our country’s vast chem-bio weapons program that needed human guinea pigs.

Can you name our “Heroes of Medicine” who built careers and international reputations by experimenting on orphans? Wilder Penfield, Heinz Lehmann, D.O. Hebb, Abram Hoffer, Ewen Cameron, John Lilly – to name just a few.

Thanks to complicity by our media, we have “mind controlled” politicians and entertainers who carry out these agendas by distracting us from reality. Canadians don’t realize their own institutions follow orders from secret societies. School boards and social work agencies collaborated with criminal projects at Canadian mental hospitals, which were tied to pedophile networks involved in child trafficking. Churches, cults and spiritual organizations participated in an essentially Satanic scheme. We are all unwitting accessories to mass murder and mass deception. We honour families like the Bronfmans who built an empire in organized crime and laundered the profits by generously donating to collaborators in social services and medical research.

When you sift through Who’s Who in Canadian genocide, you come to a small nucleus of secretive clubs with links to the military (Freemasons show up everywhere). Canada is a colony tightly controlled by British and American intelligence. We have had CIA-style killings of politicians (3 Quebec premiers in 7 years) who got in the way of plans to use our territory as a testing ground for the New World Order.We have become a “model for the world” with our so-called multiculturalism, really a cover for global cheap labour.

When Charles and Camilla came to Canada recently, to trigger our memory of British royalty. It was heartening to see how few people showed up to greet them.

e20856  No.2643855


Mind reader, Kek.

694fc2  No.2643958

How does EU Junker make a Trade Deal with US in One (1) day and JT’s “gang” can’t get a Deal done in 18 months of flights, Hotels, press conferences and their noses keep getting longer (5 Pinocchios) and lots of OUR $$$$.

They have 0 to show. 0.00000

YOU get to pay Tarrifs.

More of OUR money wasted.

Does Australia pay tarrifs?


Mexico elected a New President and got a deal done with the US before he is even inaugurated.

Guess what Canada needs to do.

Think Logically.

Canadians want a Deal.

Let’s follow Mexico’s lead.

694fc2  No.2643986


Yes, don’t forget ….

The have all the blue sheep scared still.

They need our support.

e20856  No.2644000

File: be81c20a71e1831⋯.png (283.84 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-17 Dr M….png)

File: e951017a8026d24⋯.png (228.82 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-17 Dr M….png)

File: 5cddec4bd4aa05f⋯.png (120.99 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-17 Dr M….png)

File: d11bb51fb2b870b⋯.png (95.46 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-17 Dr M….png)

More from Anne Diamond on Josef Mengele, Quebec Premier Maurice Duplessis, then Canadian Prime Minister Louis Saint Laurent, and various dignitaries of the Roman Catholic Church including Cardinal Leger, and MKUltra.


e20856  No.2644023


But Trudeau does not want a deal, because Soros does not want a deal.

694fc2  No.2644061

File: 0d57d6357f3578e⋯.jpeg (752.26 KB, 1242x1514, 621:757, 01FE97CD-BB17-4667-BFC9-C….jpeg)


Forty years after revelations that the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency funded brainwashing experiments on unsuspecting Canadians, the Trudeau government is continuing a pattern of silencing the victims, a lawyer for one of the families says.

A recent Department of Justice gag order in an out-of-court settlement was designed to avoid responsibility and avert compensation to more victims and their families, said Alan Stein, who has represented numerous survivors who were once patients at the Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal.


e20856  No.2644070

This is an anon post in comments on a Neon Revolt post.

About the trade war, Heinz, and Payseur.

I find it interesting that one of [P] assets was Heinz. The Heinz company was founded by and is named for Henry J. Heinz, who was born in the United States to German immigrants, Anna and Heinrich Heinz. His father was originally from Kallstadt (then in Bavaria, now part of Rhineland-Palatinate), the son of a Heinz and Charlotte Louisa Trump, a great-great-aunt of current United States president, Donald J. Trump, and a Heinz. His mother Anna was also from Bavaria, and they met in Pittsburgh. On April 4, 1991, former U.S. Senator Henry John Heinz III, the third-generation successor to the Heinz fortune, and six other people were killed when a Bell 412 helicopter and a Piper Aerostar with Heinz aboard collided in mid-air above Merion Elementary School in Lower Merion Township, Pennsylvania. His fortune passed to his wife, Teresa Heinz. The section on Canada is about the current trade war on tariffs.

On November 14, 2013, Heinz announced that the Leamington facility, the second-largest in the company, would close sometime in May 2014. Ketchup processing operations were to be consolidated at the company’s US locations. Over 800 local jobs were lost due to the town’s largest employer ending operations there. On February 27, 2014 the Highbury Canco Corporation signed a letter of intent to acquire and operate the facility. In April it was reported that Highbury Canco Corporation had received a one-year license to process tomatoes at the facility, saving some 250 jobs. As a result of this corporate restructuring and the angry Canadian response, a rival food company, French’s, began producing their own ketchup brand using Leamington produce. It marketed the brand with an appeal to Canadian patriotism. This successful campaign, combined with a Canadian grassroots effort on Facebook encouraging purchasing of the French’s product, resulted in Heinz’s market share in Canada dropping from 84 to 76%, a significant shift in a mature market. This undesirable development was exacerbated in 2018 when Canadian tariffs were erected against specific American exports, which includes ketchup produced in the United States, in retaliation to the US President Trump’s arbitrary tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum exports. Heinz conducted a belated public relations campaign in Canada to try to counter the public anger against them, a task made more difficult by public sentiment rising to encourage a boycott of American goods in reaction of US President Trump’s offensive and strategic rhetoric against Canada. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heinz Of all the commodities to put tariffs on… it had to be ketchup. Symbolic red/blood line ? And of course John Kerry (322) married Teresa Heinz. Just an observation. It’s a small world.



694fc2  No.2644120


Exactly, so we need to follow Mexico’s lead.

Get a deal - or find a leader who does what the people want.

e20856  No.2644208


Bernier or Remple, but how do we get rid of Scheer?

e20856  No.2646670

File: 9d9b30ad8d040b9⋯.jpg (2.88 MB, 1349x9046, 1349:9046, Screenshot_2018-08-17 Libe….jpg)

From last Aug., just another Groping Liberal MP, for the record. Darshan Kang, an MP from Calgary, offered a woman $100K to keep quiet.

e20856  No.2646697

File: 9a797295f5d520f⋯.png (301.72 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-17 Libe….png)


Here's the part that was blocked.

e20856  No.2646817


Scheer is possibly just trying his best, but he is not the leader Canada needs right now. I was thinking about how we were headed in to the Ontario election last spring with Patrick Brown as our "leader". God, providence, what ever you want to call it, delivered Doug Ford to us.

Our federal election is 14 months away. That's an eternity in politics. Either way, future will prove past.

6e7d49  No.2647615


Has there been any effort to cross-check these kids faces against missing persons archives in any way?

e20856  No.2648693


Not on this thread.

2a3602  No.2648969

File: 20bb0751b776270⋯.jpg (35 KB, 640x389, 640:389, puppet_shhhh.jpg)


PM skillset - drama teacher.

Foreign Minister skillset - journalist.

these two are puppets.

whomever is running them is the issue.

2a3602  No.2649827


or a mix of liam neeson + bruno kirby.

2a3602  No.2649952

File: 9a11cb68c45c952⋯.png (446.82 KB, 1800x802, 900:401, 9a11cb68c45c952f9f968afc11….png)

2a3602  No.2653727


Boeing and Bombardier are competitors in a very competiive field.

each receives funding from their respective governments.

each complains especially loud in the media when deals for the other are being (or about to be) signed.

694fc2  No.2654704

Phoenix pay system A Scandal.

Hold these politicians accountable.

WAKE UP Canada.

How many people are waiting for surgery after paying taxes for 40 years and their government blows 2 MORE Billion right in front of their eyes.

Corruption at the highest levels.


694fc2  No.2654757


Don’t the voters decide who’s elected?

Why do we allow “Parties” to elect potential leaders.

We the people have the power to correct the system.

We together have the power.

We need to take control back so they work for us.

We need everyone to wake up.

When politicians do things we don’t want you know they are not working for “us”.

694fc2  No.2654790


Who wrote George Soros biography?

694fc2  No.2654836

Universities the Breeding Grounds Of Politicians and Secret Societes.

Any names you know?

Who really picks politicians?


Expanding the British Empire TODAY


The Rhodes Scholarship was established in 1902 under the terms and conditions of the will of the British mining magnate and South African politician Cecil John Rhodes,

The Rothschild bank, N M Rothschild & Sons Limited, funded Cecil Rhodes’ endeavours in Southern Africa resulting in the development of the British South Africa Company and in the creation of the African colony of Rhodesia.

At his death Rhodes was considered one of the wealthiest men in the world.

Leopold de Rothschild (1845–1917) administered Rhodes's estate after his death in 1902 and helped to set up the Rhodes Scholarship scheme at the University of Oxford.

The Rhodes Scholarship commenced as, and still is a Rothschild beast. Due to it’s distinction, you can be confident those selected are adherents to the Rothschild world view & would have been groomed to promote Rothschild values & goals.





694fc2  No.2654857

File: 6a8cfedfe12da42⋯.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x2041, 1242:2041, 4567C182-0012-4CC5-A2F6-9….jpeg)

Rhodes Scholars?

Look like anyone [Soros] you know?

694fc2  No.2654861

File: 0fc493b5fe9f3f9⋯.jpeg (751.02 KB, 1242x1519, 1242:1519, 3BEA1506-4A4D-499F-9719-5….jpeg)

Rhodes Scholars.

694fc2  No.2654893

File: eb5b6f8d127350d⋯.jpeg (447.81 KB, 1242x1703, 1242:1703, F851E12E-3DE0-4A2F-9A6B-6….jpeg)

Rhodes Scolars.

During Pearson's time as Prime Minister, his Liberal minority governments introduced universal health care, student loans, the Canada Pension Plan, the Order of Canada, and the Maple Leaf flag. His Liberal government also unified Canada's armed forces.[1] Pearson convened the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism, and he kept Canada out of the Vietnam War. In 1967, his government passed Bill C-168, which de facto abolished capital punishment in Canada by restricting it to a few capital offences for which it was never used, and which themselves were abolished in 1976.

694fc2  No.2654898

File: ee698f4e5525c65⋯.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1242x1736, 621:868, DD7D23E4-C2B3-4EF6-9383-9….jpeg)

Rhodes Scholars.

694fc2  No.2654914

Long list from Laval, McGill, UBC.

Starting to get the picture?


e20856  No.2659500


If Nixon had the goods on them how did he end up impeached?

e20856  No.2659550


You know why. We have a Parliamentary system. Canada is not a Republic.

In Canada, we have yet to gain these rights.

e20856  No.2659694


I can't find one on google books after 2012.

Do you mean the Michael T. Kaufman "Soros: The Life and Times of a Messianic Billionaire" from 2002?

e20856  No.2659714

e20856  No.2659844


Are you serious?

What you propose overwhelms.

1a69da  No.2662088


How would it have looked if he suddenly had all this supposed "info" about them after "deep state throat" revealed what he had done? They outmaneuvered him politically. They would have said it all was fake and that he was just trying to retain power. Trump learned from this and is going to have a 100% lock and shut case when the indictments are unsealed.

1a69da  No.2662123



also to add to this Nixon was forced to get rid of the gold standard completely by the cabal, so it makes sense he would try to get out from under their thumb. From his life story it is very unlikely he was an asset before he ran. They probably controlled him via the power they had and he had no choice on things. There was nothing like the internet then where he could have gotten the information out directly to the people, all there was were the compromized news orgs. Not saying this is 100% true but it fits.

9f50de  No.2662585


Bob's your Premiere (Uncle)

ask any business owners who survived Bob Rae's NDP Premiership of Ontario and they shudder.

Imagine 20% of the province workforce worked for the gov't.

e20856  No.2665261

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Our dicktator was on a roll yesterday. I think he's lost Quebec.

694fc2  No.2666111


They never got the server.

We got the servers

694fc2  No.2666126



Not completed.

Not published (yet)

694fc2  No.2666139


Yes we do.

Yes we will.

e20856  No.2669037


Then why is it available on Amazon?

e20856  No.2669897

Can any anon translate this?

It's related to Scheer winning over Bernier because of the dairy cartel in Quebec.

e20856  No.2669908

File: d42760e28d8d5e2⋯.png (285.66 KB, 1366x631, 1366:631, Screenshot_2018-08-19 Guil….png)



e20856  No.2670140

File: 4f5f24e3bad759e⋯.jpg (2.36 MB, 1349x7190, 1349:7190, Screenshot_2018-08-19 John….jpg)

From June 13, 2018.



The ostensible reason was that Bernier had committed to his caucus colleagues not to publish or promote a book he was writing that was critical of the way Scheer won the leadership last year.

He subsequently posted a chapter dealing with supply management on his website, and, according to one person in the leader’s office “that’s where the line was drawn.”

The passage that upset the Conservative leader was the part, entirely accurate, that claims Scheer pandered to dairy farmers in Quebec to get their votes. Bernier wrote these “fake Conservatives” signed up to block his candidacy because of his fierce opposition to supply management, the protectionist pricing scheme that shelters dairy, egg and poultry farmers from foreign competition.

The support of the dairy farmers was “precisely why (Scheer) got elected,” Bernier wrote.

e20856  No.2670190

File: 0945e85f43efd9b⋯.jpg (2.44 MB, 1349x7229, 1349:7229, Screenshot_2018-08-19 Tere….jpg)

From May 31, 2018



that Maxime Bernier lost the Conservative leadership because of his “wild ideas,” as if the libertarian politician from Quebec had been offering conservatives options too crazy to contemplate.

Wild ideas? In the recent history of Canadian politics, no politician has been more grounded or sane.

You want wild ideas? Here’s one. Let’s take all the milk produced in the country and force it into a national price-control system. The price will be set by a national regulator based in Ottawa. Every person who wants to own a cow will have to buy a government-mandated licence, known as a quota, for $20,000 per cow. Each farm family would have to borrow a million dollars’ worth of quota just for the right to milk cows. Then they’d have to buy the cows — and the farm and the equipment.

Sounds crazy, I know. But get this: The cost of operating the national system will drive the price of milk and cheese and butter up to impossible levels. So we’ll need big, 300-per-cent tariffs at the border to keep out foreign milk …

e20856  No.2670839

File: 237bbe3ed6f713a⋯.jpg (2.01 MB, 1349x6391, 1349:6391, Screenshot_2018-08-19 Spec….jpg)

Specialist Wait Times Have Doubled For Canadians: Report

New Brunswick has the longest total wait at 41.7 weeks.

From Aug 12 2018.


A universal waiting list.

694fc2  No.2677398


That’s why Trumps calling out Agriculture Tarrifs.

The rest of Canada should be mad.

It’s still the sacred cow in the room.

4ea4c6  No.2688172


Yep indeed. This shit is going viral in Québec on all social media.

e20856  No.2691218

e20856  No.2691410

File: 34fcfdcf1ce5756⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1349x8124, 1349:8124, Screenshot_2018-08-21 ANGU….png)

49% of Canadians want to have less immigration.

31% say it should stay the same. (currently 260K a year into a pop of 36M, which doesn't include people who claim refugee status.)

6% want an increase.


694fc2  No.2699950

The sacred cow.


Soviet Style Economics.

"I describe it as the last Soviet-style economic regime on the planet," said John Manley, president of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, which has long advocated a phase-out of supply management.

And yet for decades now, Canadian governments have staunchly defended Canadian farmers against a relentless barrage of challenges to the tariff wall and other policies – from foreign governments and the World Trade Organization, to the restaurant industry, dairy processors and consumer groups.


694fc2  No.2699960


How long can you go without paying taxes?

40 weeks?

694fc2  No.2699977


They need “assets” in the country.

They need you divided.

c84cbc  No.2700689

File: df02e65fd693d14⋯.jpg (1.63 MB, 1349x5415, 71:285, Screenshot_2018-08-22 Calg….jpg)

Calgary MP Darshan Kang loses appeal of harassment probe

Kang resigned from the Liberal caucus last August after denying allegations he inappropriately touched and harassed former staff member Rhea Bassi


c84cbc  No.2700692


Taxes are deducted at source.

c84cbc  No.2700714

File: eb8f44dc93cd33b⋯.jpg (1.72 MB, 1349x6262, 1349:6262, Screenshot_2018-08-22 FURE….jpg)

FUREY: Secrecy and lack of info follows security incident at Parliament Hill

A Senator is speaking out against the apparent secrecy on Parliament Hill following a security incident involving a pick-up truck that happened the other week.

“I don’t understand how we could have had such a serious breach on the Hill where a couple of people have been injured and we don’t even know what has happened,” Conservative Senator Leo Housakos said to the Sun about the recent incident.

“Why the secrecy?”

On Aug. 11, Ottawa paramedics responded to a call at 9:37 p.m. in front of the western part of the Parliament buildings. A woman in her 50s was taken to hospital in stable condition with a foot injury after being run over by a pick-up truck and a man in his 70s, also in stable condition, was sent to hospital for a hip injury from the same incident.

An eyewitness told the Ottawa Sun the vehicle was at first in a line of cars on Vittoria St., a short street that runs alongside the Hill and leads to both public parking and the vehicle entrance to the main Parliament buildings. The truck then mounted the curb, struck individuals and turned into the Parliament Hill vehicle screening facility. The man driving the vehicle then got out of the car, attempted to run and was “tackled” by officers.

“We just yelled ‘Oh my god,” said eyewitness Moze Elfarra. “We were in shock.”

A picture posted to social media shows both RCMP and Parliamentary Protective Service (PPS) members surrounding the vehicle, a white pick-up truck. Another picture shows an officer assisting an individual on the ground as a number of pedestrians crowd over the scene. The individual who posted them has since deleted the post but they were re-posted by CTV Ottawa correspondent Megan Shaw.

“This matter is not related to national security,” RCMP spokesperson Stephanie Dumoulin told the Sun. Other than that, the RCMP would not answer other questions, citing the ongoing investigation.

Neither Speakers’ office, nor the PMO, would offer any comment on the matter – either relating to the facts of the incident or the relative lack of information made available. They all referred the Sun to the PPS, which in turn referred all questions to the RCMP.

However the Ottawa Police Service, which is not conducting the investigation, told the Sun on Tuesday their notes from the evening indicate the case was a “mental health issue” concerning a “man in distress”.

“He was transported to hospital,” said Ottawa police spokesperson Constable Chuck Benoit. “We’re able to assess an individual and if there is harm for himself or someone else we can put him in front of a doctor to assess.”

The Ottawa Police did not put out a release concerning the incident and both the OPS and RCMP have confirmed no charges have been laid.

Several parliamentarians who likely should have been notified didn’t learn about the incident until much later and then only received minimal information.

“I think we have the right to know what happened and why it happened,” says Housakos. “Those are simple questions.” In 2015, Housakos served as Speaker of the Senate, which is one of the two posts that the PPS, which is responsible for security on the Hill, reports to.

Housakos says this lack of publicly available information would not have happened under his watch, especially given the focus on ramping up security protocols on the Hill following the October 2014 terror attack.

“Within a short period of time, I would have had to come out to explain to my fellow parliamentarians what happened on the Hill,” he said.

Both House of Commons Speaker Geoff Regan and Senate Speaker George Furey declined to offer any comment aside from referring the Sun to the PPS, which reports to them.

“We don’t have clarity and transparency from the two parliamentarians on the Hill who have responsibility for this,” Housakos said. “Many parliamentarians, if they knew what was going on, they’d be very concerned.”


694fc2  No.2712047

Do you all really believe that it’s possible in a [BC] election that Liberals and NDP could tie LET ALONE the Green Party could have “control” with 3 seats. Really.

You really believe that?

No, you were made to accept it.

It can’t be real it just can’t.

Do you believe a Drama Teacher is running a country?

There are no coincidences.

694fc2  No.2712093

Why the puppets were told to stop using Coal.

A Military Strategy Period.

Here is a quote from a world leader on Monday.

But it’s (Coal) a tremendous form of energy in the sense that in a military way — think of it — coal is indestructible.”

“You can blow up a pipeline, you can blow up the windmills. You know, the windmills, boom, boom, boom [mimicking windmill sound] bing [mimes shooting large gun], that’s the end of that one. If the birds don’t kill it first. The birds could kill it first. They kill so many birds. You look underneath some of those windmills, it’s like a killing field, the birds. But you know, that’s what they were going to, they were going to windmills. And you know, don’t worry about — when the wind doesn’t blow, I said, ‘What happens when the wind doesn’t blow?’ ‘Well, then we have a problem.’

Think about that.

Coal is very efficient.

You see there is planning in the background.

Right in front of our eyes and we let it happen.


c84cbc  No.2715803

File: 22820c4d51d6526⋯.png (856.78 KB, 1349x4198, 1349:4198, Screenshot_2018-08-23 Why ….png)

Maxime Bernier has left the Conservative Party of Canada. He came in 2nd to Andrew Scheer for party leader.

7810a4  No.2723125


This will go down as the Canadian equivalent of Trump announcing his candidacy for President.

This is the beginning of a movement.

c84cbc  No.2725456


Could be.

The Great Awakening is WW, and who knows where Trudeau will be after Trump/Q dumps the servers.

They won't be able to walk the streets. Does that apply to Scheer too?

c84cbc  No.2726276

File: 983f089313c6b15⋯.png (84.57 KB, 572x553, 572:553, Screenshot_2018-08-24 Maxi….png)

694fc2  No.2730007


It’s starting to look like the Drama Teacher is next.

Australian PM Turnbull and a bunch of his bum buddies quit today.

God bless the prtriots.

84aca9  No.2732967

File: d365d9f9eb25c92⋯.png (298.15 KB, 1125x1999, 1125:1999, IMG_7089.PNG)

File: 9039b19574431b7⋯.png (279.58 KB, 1125x785, 225:157, IMG_7092.PNG)

File: 4e609f851cd4195⋯.png (242.4 KB, 1125x1540, 225:308, IMG_7094.PNG)

File: 90b40b5ffc9381c⋯.png (95.84 KB, 1095x491, 1095:491, IMG_7095.PNG)



There's also a Queen's Privy Council Canada

Maurice Strong , Canadian, Godfather of Sustainable Development, worked for Trudeau Snr

You'll find all you're looking for at Canada Free Press, Judy Mccleod.

f896d3  No.2743608



c84cbc  No.2754442

File: 5af1dd0316d637b⋯.png (145.04 KB, 185x244, 185:244, Screenshot_2018-08-27 🇨🇦🍁M….png)

Is this Justin? It is Maggie.

694fc2  No.2784722

File: 5fe677d225e2870⋯.jpeg (989.84 KB, 1242x1956, 207:326, 8C5C0D42-8F6E-451E-8DF1-1….jpeg)

4 Billion stollen from honest mortgage payers.



Don’t let them get away with this thief.

$1000/mortgage holder?



694fc2  No.2784906

File: 66fb621a6aae731⋯.jpeg (297.69 KB, 1242x2018, 621:1009, 6D334087-84A0-42B3-B0EE-6….jpeg)

File: b1a09a1d52ce96a⋯.jpeg (347.32 KB, 1242x1829, 1242:1829, C887CB1F-CFFA-43BA-A5DC-7….jpeg)

File: 6c47f85a4834701⋯.jpeg (321.61 KB, 1242x1817, 54:79, 9E4E1B84-4600-4EA1-9D89-9….jpeg)

What Foreign Aid got a larger increase than Pensions, Disability, and Vets combined?

Why can’t we look after taxpayers FIRST.

40% to Asia?

40% “Uncoded”

Stop this evil

Canada’s international assistance spending increased by 3.7% to CAD$5.6 billion in 2017, up from CAD$5.4 billion in 2016.

International assistance accounts for approx. 1.7% of 2017 federal budget spending – unchanged from last years 1.7% budget expenditure in 2016.

Canada’s ODA/gross national income (GNI) ratio remained at 0.26% — the same as it was in 2016.

Who are the largest recipients?

African countries received the largest regional share of Canada’s international assistance at 43.8%, followed by Asia (38.7%), the Americas (14.2%), Europe (2.8%) and Oceania (0.5%). This is only international assistance that has been coded to a region (86.4% of total).

The largest recipient in 2017 was Afghanistan (CAD$233 million), followed by Ethiopia (CAD$193 million), Jordan (CAD$157 million), Haiti (CAD$127 million), and Mali (CAD$126 million).

Where were the sharpest increases and declines?

The most notable increases in year-over- year international assistance levels were to: Syria (+76%), Iraq (+67%), Jordan (+64%), Afghanistan (+47%), and Lebanon (+45%). Afghanistan received the largest year-over-year dollar increase; up CAD$73.8 million from last year.

Income Groups and Regions

32.5% of aid went to Least Developed (or poorest) Countries, another 1.9% went to other Low Income Countries, and 19.1% went to Lower Middle Income countries (37.8% is not coded by income group).

Africa received the highest share at 37.8%, followed by Asia (33.4%), and the Americas (12.3%) and Europe (2.4%).

Was this payback to MB loans to finance an election for a bankrupt party?


694fc2  No.2785002

File: f16ed2ecdc23294⋯.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x1480, 621:740, 03BA9E9E-F7ED-4231-A144-1….jpeg)

File: 30f13ae15e081ca⋯.jpeg (386.48 KB, 1242x1613, 1242:1613, 49DA68C3-5185-461E-AD41-2….jpeg)

Nothing like Fake FFs to push (((their))) agenda


694fc2  No.2785103

File: f3c5a59df861807⋯.jpeg (455.44 KB, 1242x1654, 621:827, EA120D34-756C-4C75-92E3-3….jpeg)

What Did the Canadian Government do?

Who knew?

What was the purpose?

Where did the Uranium end up?


Can US export there legally?

Why was Canada so willing.

Who was involved?

Who had the Bromance with Hussein?

Yet NRC memos reviewed by The Hill show that it did approve the shipment of yellowcake uranium - the raw material used to make nuclear fuel and weapons - from the Russian-owned mines in the United States to Canada in 2012 through a third party. Later, the Obama administration approved some of that uranium going all the way to Europe, government documents show.

NRC officials said they could not disclose the total amount of uranium that Uranium One exported because the information is proprietary. They did, however, say that the shipments only lasted from 2012 to 2014 and that they are unaware of any exports since then.

NRC officials told The Hill that Uranium One exports flowed from Wyoming to Canada and on to Europe between 2012 and 2014, and the approval involved a process with multiple agencies.

Rather than give Rosatom a direct export license - which would have raised red flags inside a Congress already suspicious of the deal - the NRC in 2012 authorized an amendment to an existing export license for a Paducah, Ky.-based trucking firm called RSB Logistics Services Inc. to simply add Uranium One to the list of clients whose uranium it could move to Canada.


694fc2  No.2785241

"The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn't get worse every time Government meets." Will Rogers

694fc2  No.2785281

What really happens on private islands?

Why do all the Billionaires own islands?

The more you know.


38b859  No.2796516

It is now official. Beyond the world of speculation.

Justin Trudeau wants a handgun ban in Canada.

More specifically he wants to take away handguns from law abiding target shooters because he doesn’t know what to do about gang members shooting up Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa or Montreal.


694fc2  No.2796995

File: 065021366501345⋯.jpeg (383.7 KB, 1242x1703, 1242:1703, EA6D5E27-EA02-4317-BE02-D….jpeg)


Hand guns are banned in Chicago.

ALL guns are banned in Chicago.

How is that going?

Why do commies want to ban guns?

Ask Jackass.


694fc2  No.2800258

File: 4c6b1bece90f908⋯.jpeg (736.46 KB, 1242x2072, 621:1036, FA784DF5-1D74-44B3-8BB0-5….jpeg)

Well well well. . .

The Constitutional Drama begins for the Drama Queen with a band of merry thieves and bad actors in the show.


88d79e  No.2801263


Handguns ARE NOT banned in Chicago. You can even apply for a "Conceal Carry Permit." The Supreme Court eliminated the "Chicago Ban." The City also eliminated the Grandfathered "Gun Registration" Municipal Code. You Know Who Must Register Weapon(s)? Chicago Police Officers

88d79e  No.2801340

for accurate crime numbers in Chicago, heyjackass.com is a good site. Regarding Crime and the characters involved, Chicago Media hasn't accurately reported it for at least 30 years. They can't and they won't. Chicago is lost.

75dbe3  No.2803514


Guns aren't banned in cities in Canada, but very few people have one. Trudeau want's to disarm the few handgun owners we have left.

It takes balls to put yourself on the registry in Canada.

75dbe3  No.2803582

Is there a way to take a picture with a cell phone so that no one can tell where it was taken?

75dbe3  No.2804478

File: e12cadbf894d60f⋯.png (426.42 KB, 485x353, 485:353, Screenshot_2018-08-30 i ha….png)

6de428  No.2807650


Yes they are and they are gauging public support and trying to argue theirs point on social media platform. They are really bad at it. But they still have a lot of power. They even got a pro gun response inside a tread deleted when they where expose on Reddit.

694fc2  No.2814453

File: 74da2cadee2bbc7⋯.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x1833, 414:611, 7AF6C820-9375-4611-A3B4-C….jpeg)


You need to turn off Meta Data.

You can confirm Meta Data is off with Metapho app that lets You view the Meta data imbedddd in photos.


“They can see posts”

694fc2  No.2814481

File: c7a097f2a3d036a⋯.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x1833, 414:611, 54534434-D5E1-482F-901D-A….jpeg)


Harper destroyed the “registry”

You can apply for a card to posses firearms and need it to buy ammunition. If you own guns they are no longer registered.


694fc2  No.2814642

File: 88f3544a214c3d3⋯.jpeg (941.32 KB, 1242x1627, 1242:1627, 53FC805B-3DEB-4D72-B836-2….jpeg)

File: 72125e691a75404⋯.jpeg (378.84 KB, 792x599, 792:599, 14058592-732C-42FD-9E5C-3….jpeg)

File: 46eea8fa0af3bc8⋯.jpeg (390.37 KB, 1242x810, 23:15, E25CBFB5-79CB-46D5-B966-9….jpeg)

JP is a very interesting character as GG

Astronaut, McGill, World College UK, U of T, AI developer - speech recognition, time in DC

CEO Port of Montreal, VP Canadian Lands Corp

Astronaut = 33rd Mason,

McGill known for MKU testing.

Queen still owns Canada and “approves” GG

Wait a director of the Bank of Canada?

What qualifies anyone for that position?

During 2010–2011, she worked at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington, D.C.

CEO of the Montreal Science Centre of the Société du Vieux-Port de Montréal.[27] During that time, she was also a Vice President of the Canada Lands Company.[28][29]- Canadian Lands: The company is responsible for both managing property on behalf of the federal government and ensuring "the commercially oriented, orderly disposition of surplus properties with optimal value to the Canadian

University of Toronto in 1990. Her thesis focused on computational linguistics, a field of artificial intelligence.[9][12][13] She is a member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec[14]

In July 2013, Payette was named chief operating officer for the Montreal Science Centre, and in April 2014, she was appointed to the board of directors of the National Bank of Canada.[5] On July 13, 2017, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that (SS) Queen Elizabeth II had approved the appointment of Payette

Honorary degrees:

Payette holds 27 honorary doctorates,[46] Some of the honorary degrees she has received:

At the beginning of 1991, Payette joined the Communications and science department of the IBM Zurich Research Laboratory in Switzerland, for a one-year visiting scientist appointment

Shejoined the Speech Research Group of Bell-Northern Research in Montreal where she was responsible for a project in telephone speech comprehension using computer voice recognition.[15]

The Old Port is managed by the Old Port of Montreal Corporation, a subsidiary of Canada Lands Company. Although it is a subsidiary of Canada Lands, the Old Port reports directly to the government.[8]

She is fluent in French (her mother tongue) and English, and can converse in Spanish, German, Italian and Russian

Payette was married twice, first to François Brissette in the 1990s,[16] and secondly to William Flynn, with whom she had a son in 2003,[1] and from whom she divorced in 2015.[17]




694fc2  No.2814664

File: 812ce345ee349f5⋯.jpeg (674.28 KB, 1242x2088, 69:116, D8E7A103-F470-471C-9C87-0….jpeg)

Messy divorces do not disqualify people from high office.

It is 2017 — and we’ve come a long way from the days when people stayed in bad marriages for the sake of their political reputations. But when disintegrating marriages get tangled up in the courts, it’s harder to draw the line between the public and private lives of high office holders.

Add a charge of assault, and the fact that this particular dispute involved Canada’s next governor general, and what you have is a major transparency conundrum — not just for the appointee but for journalism as well, and for the Prime Minister’s Office maybe most of all.



694fc2  No.2814813

File: 744f0a523c33767⋯.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1069x1722, 1069:1722, 54A2925C-AD72-4EE0-B3F7-0….jpeg)

Time this torture stops.

It damages the undeveloped brain.

No anesthesia, restrained like animals.

694fc2  No.2815196

File: 4041f65519c2ee5⋯.jpeg (1013.91 KB, 1242x1604, 621:802, 26DF6C9A-EF0E-42D9-A2F5-9….jpeg)



694fc2  No.2815422

File: 253e8f6d10f9d18⋯.jpeg (2.12 MB, 1242x2073, 414:691, 28CB1757-4933-4A6C-9CE6-6….jpeg)

Globalists Control


694fc2  No.2815467

File: b60a0af34295f52⋯.jpeg (1.94 MB, 1242x2063, 1242:2063, 30BC70F7-B828-46D2-AB05-B….jpeg)

Need some Deep Digs on

Queens Privy Council.


694fc2  No.2815545

File: 1d45a29f87a0d8d⋯.jpeg (1.94 MB, 1242x2069, 1242:2069, 57F7A097-9321-44F5-ACC6-3….jpeg)

Crown Jewels


20cb48  No.2815703

I watched the rally and saw NO Q signs/tee shirts. Purposeful?

Perhaps POTUS team did not want to distract from POTUS message?

Inquiring minds would like to know.

75dbe3  No.2820891


He had them chanting "Lock Her up", Kek.

It's not about Q, which is why Q got that out of the way in Tampa. All part of the glorious plan.

6d629e  No.2821036


So now we trust bloggers? Geezzz……

75dbe3  No.2821232


Don't trust. Verify.

75dbe3  No.2821366

File: 23bac287b04bc65⋯.png (46.22 KB, 572x363, 52:33, Screenshot_2018-08-31 Bob ….png)

Tweet from Bob Rae, former Premier of Ontario, (1990-1995), Socialist, on Venezuela.

75dbe3  No.2830893

File: 94b1ee81b5afbc4⋯.png (1.9 MB, 1349x5991, 1349:5991, Screenshot_2018-09-01 Maxi….png)

Maxime Bernier: Why my new political movement? Because Canada has been hijacked


bb5eef  No.2845927

File: fb3784e46e31a2b⋯.jpeg (80.5 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 2894BA08-2420-4A2E-9301-7….jpeg)

694fc2  No.2885040


Time for OUR very own Populist Leader to win a surprise Landslide.

Bring on some /POL/ Drops Max.

Milk that Sacred Cow for all it’s worth.

694fc2  No.2955416

File: d5e552d62ece6b1⋯.jpeg (22.67 KB, 541x626, 541:626, FFEB4B50-B658-42AE-977B-C….jpeg)

File: 6f877533807d05b⋯.jpeg (117.01 KB, 960x720, 4:3, 1A648A50-EC20-4B7A-B46A-8….jpeg)

694fc2  No.2955527

File: 830905fe6e14012⋯.jpeg (440.34 KB, 1242x936, 69:52, 32F0BED5-DF1F-4714-9626-9….jpeg)

File: 66399c16b85d7b1⋯.jpeg (451.18 KB, 1242x937, 1242:937, A93F38DB-26ED-4C8A-9544-6….jpeg)

How is is that Trump get along better with Kim Jon Un than EITHER Trudeau or Freedland?

Oh it’s because KJU didn’t sell Iran U1 Uranium?

694fc2  No.2955660

File: 5534f2019e777c5⋯.jpeg (1.73 MB, 1242x1979, 1242:1979, E7FB0E27-8C74-4A2B-AD39-8….jpeg)

Hello Canadians 20,000,000 VS one Idot, Pupet.

Get rid of him.

Oh and Time We Built a Wall.


Call your MP today.

694fc2  No.2972121

Puppet and Puppet master?

Why did (((they))) refuse White South African Farmers refuge in Canada?

To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada

— Justin Trudeau (@JustinTrudeau) January 28, 2017

Is Soros the reason Canada can’t get a trade deal with US OR is Trump now controlling the Puppet making him look well like a fool?

Chrystia Freedland a Top-close “friend” of Soros.

Does Soros Control all government officials?


694fc2  No.2972123

File: e0305484974c00b⋯.jpeg (904.59 KB, 1242x1485, 46:55, EFA32B5B-D972-41FB-8C98-C….jpeg)

File: 15ac99b2df797bd⋯.jpeg (518.2 KB, 1242x2076, 207:346, 0E1662DE-D064-4563-AF93-0….jpeg)

694fc2  No.2972144

File: b8bf91d50384a57⋯.jpeg (64.85 KB, 540x661, 540:661, FA68F0F7-ACF3-4FA3-840C-8….jpeg)

694fc2  No.2972162

File: 38d4fa798b907a6⋯.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1242x2003, 1242:2003, A75C4E77-4BFD-49E3-A238-1….jpeg)


694fc2  No.2972263

File: b920f2b9b2f7915⋯.jpeg (880.71 KB, 1242x1963, 1242:1963, E6A3C217-4A0C-45EE-BC84-F….jpeg)

Suspect in Burnaby Murder of 13 year old Marissa Shen is a Syrian National in Canada just 3 months in July 2017 when the murder was committed.

28-year-old Ibrahim Ali has been charged with first-degree murder.

Ali is a Syrian national with permanent residency who moved to Burnaby as a refugee 17 months ago, (3 months prior to this murder) the RCMP said, adding that he is employed and has family in Canada.

How is that chain migration working out?


5c5987  No.2972277

File: 797d5bc89a1999d⋯.png (841.54 KB, 902x865, 902:865, canada gdp.png)

5c5987  No.2972290

File: 749e189ba51104b⋯.png (77.9 KB, 1029x628, 1029:628, Trudeau english millitary ….png)

Pierre Trudeau

5c5987  No.2972309

File: ac17816aa49c46c⋯.jpg (100.99 KB, 822x1200, 137:200, trudeau conflit of interes….jpg)

Justin Trudeau - Inquiry Warranted

694fc2  No.2972420


Why does the Aga Khan need a private island?

Why are elites so interested in private islands?

What really happened there?

Who were Trudeau’s guests?

Who is Shamus O’Regan?

Who is Steve Doss?

694fc2  No.2972426


Can you add the link to this source?

We call the source “the Sause” here

694fc2  No.2972454

File: 3a6a685c01440a6⋯.jpeg (804.26 KB, 1242x2078, 621:1039, 2458CA14-953B-474F-9267-C….jpeg)

O'Regan serves on the Boards of Katimavik,

Katimavik (Inuktitut: "meeting place") is a registered charity which educates Canadian youth through volunteer work. Katimavik provides opportunities for young Canadians to participate in intensive six-month periods of volunteer service through the following themed programs: "Cultural Discovery and Civic Engagement", "Eco-citizenship and Active Living", "Second Language and Cultural Identity", "Eco-internship" (Éco-stage), and "Katimavik Horizon". In each program, volunteers live in groups of 11 young people in one or two different regions of the country, work full-time for not-for-profit organizations, and engage in an educational curriculum in which volunteers improve their second official language, learn about environmental stewardship and Canadian cultures, and develop a healthy lifestyle and leadership skills.[1] During the 2011-12 program year, approximately 1,150 young Canadians volunteered in a Katimavik program and lived at one of 53 Katimavik houses located across the country while contributing to the work of one of 545 partner organizations.[2] The organization is currently headed by Daniel Lapointe.[3]





Are Canadian Vetrans “Our True Patriots” happy in Canada?

f121b3  No.2976946


katimavikfag here. whats the dig on o'regan/katimavik?

it used to be a program for mostly troubled youth. judge would give them the option of jail/katimavik/military service when it first started.

694fc2  No.2981615

File: d0ee0459a9ee3fa⋯.jpeg (96.59 KB, 802x960, 401:480, CE76DCB5-1B19-477C-9C06-1….jpeg)

694fc2  No.2981935

File: 65433488e150916⋯.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1610, 27:35, C7F86FFF-AC56-4FCD-BCDF-E….jpeg)

Morneau is the sole owner of 2070689 Ontario Ltd., a holding company, and joint owner with four siblings of five other real estate holding companies. His wife, Nancy McCain is sole owner of NCM Holdings, and Morneau is a beneficiary of the Nancy McCain 2013 Family Trust.


694fc2  No.3005986

File: ac0583c7dd89c45⋯.jpeg (457.05 KB, 946x1126, 473:563, 11724DBC-A0BB-42B3-B2E3-4….jpeg)

dd4ad1  No.3025303

Canadian momma here, lurkin like a newfag needs to in order to not be an annoying idiot. Overjoyed while lurking here. Fawk yes you brilliant fawkers dig and bake and fucking stay awesome.

8b9268  No.3027477


anon 694fc2

CBCs Pundits have no love for Maxime and the People's Party

You think Maxime is (our) guy?

The People's Party populism, I hope, is live and well in Canada. We will see in 2019…

I have my doubts that this is not controlled opposition.


He is too established politician in my opinion.

We need someone we know that is not compromised.

I think like he had shill support when first announced party break away on Twitter.


Liberals are champions of Globalization / NWO. Anyone who votes for them is woefully ignorant or is working to destroy the west and Canada.

8b9268  No.3027488

File: bcdb01198aaa805⋯.png (468.8 KB, 901x2689, 901:2689, People's Party of Canada.png)



5eeafe  No.3027670

File: 3e30b438347e201⋯.jpg (53.11 KB, 562x842, 281:421, 27973427_10156347598708825….jpg)

96974c  No.3031844


I don't think Max is Controlled Op. In the past he has talked about the gold standard, and it was either him or his one-time gf (probably the latter now that I think of it) who wrote about how the real purpose of the war in Afghanistan was resources like Opium/Heroin.

His fondness for women (a trait he seems to share with Trump) makes it seem likely to me that he was never fully compromised. That was probably enough to control him back in 06. It wasn't necessary because he was an outsider star candidate and the Couillard affair killed his Foreign Affairs position in the Harper government quickly. His family are definitely in the elite for generations in his riding, but they do seem very popular.

He's smart enough not to touch issues that will fire up lefties (abortion, gay marriage, drugs) but is actually woke to the Fiat money and NATO scam.

694fc2  No.3043971

File: ceb47c4840d75f5⋯.jpeg (94.91 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 9A059FAB-F9EF-4F66-8BEB-7….jpeg)

Define Puppet.


694fc2  No.3043980


Just wait for Red October.

So much Evil to be exposed.

Your friends will need you.

The truth is here.

694fc2  No.3043985

Just guess what’s coming if we need this?


694fc2  No.3044004

File: a660ab986fd1b4c⋯.png (3.36 MB, 2208x1242, 16:9, 2E713910-B154-48FF-8011-E4….png)


R these 2 related?

8f7254  No.3049816

File: 2b6c4ff4b0e85b1⋯.png (24.06 KB, 386x388, 193:194, Screenshot_2018-09-16 QMap….png)


Or was Kim forced to pass along the uranium he got from Canada?

05edfa  No.3052465

File: e718fa14a8b6219⋯.jpeg (81.18 KB, 768x500, 192:125, FD9B7C7B-9F3B-42D4-98A0-E….jpeg)

694fc2  No.3070663

File: d9dd3245f933b54⋯.jpeg (799.08 KB, 1242x1742, 621:871, 27282199-511A-46D2-8D46-1….jpeg)

File: 012ce112754b23d⋯.jpeg (809.45 KB, 1242x1837, 1242:1837, 99E81003-29F5-4456-9C88-D….jpeg)

Canadian Member of Parliament Leona Alleslev WALKS AWAY from the Liberal Party

“My Oath is to Country not Party”.

Joins Conservatives.

100 more and we get our country back!



694fc2  No.3070680

File: 78dd658ce16cb5a⋯.jpeg (106.22 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 0C1611D9-E59A-492A-ADC8-A….jpeg)

8f7254  No.3074713

File: 62f03e03bb97617⋯.png (438.6 KB, 1349x632, 1349:632, Screenshot_2018-09-18 Taha….png)

File: 8a9de576243c6c6⋯.png (146.63 KB, 1349x632, 1349:632, Screenshot_2018-09-18 Unde….png)

Meet Taha Ghayyur. A nice young Muslim from in Toronto.

He is the Executive Director of the Islamic Society of North America – Canada (ISNA Canada) He wants Sharia. In Canada.

An example from an article he wrote, and this link.




970ba8  No.3099837

File: 23e992bae064430⋯.jpg (1.17 MB, 1792x2482, 896:1241, Trudeau connects Research ….jpg)

694fc2  No.3101767

Who is Chrystia Freedland?

Why will she never get a deal with US?

Who know the truth?

In her parliamentary filing on income and assets Freeland also mentions “speaking fees and honoraria” she received for “10th Annual Yalta Meeting, Yalta, Ukraine”. That’s a roundabout way of reporting that Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk’s eponymous foundation paid Freeland for her participation in the annual conference of his Yalta European Strategy (YES), an expensive lobbying effort to drive Ukrainian membership of the European Union and combat the Russian alternatives.

In Canada the Globe and Mail and other newspapers and media networks defend Freeland from the evidence that she has concealed her long family collaboration with the German Army occupation of the Galician region of Poland and Ukraine during World War II, and the family’s active support of the Galician programme for the liquidation of Poles, Jews and Russians. For more on that story, read this.

The promotion of ethnic cleansing for the installation of a Greater Galicia, centered in Lviv (Lemberg in German, Lvov in Russian) had a bloody history before Michael Chomiak, Freeland’s maternal grandfather, slipped out of Soviet Ukraine in 1939 and volunteered for training and service to the German occupation authorities in Cracow, Poland.

Read more here.

Follow all links.


694fc2  No.3101780

File: 291661b01f5c810⋯.jpeg (601.96 KB, 2208x934, 1104:467, DAC661EF-DBB7-4D61-A947-F….jpeg)

File: 56dd0bac1a37c61⋯.jpeg (862.85 KB, 1242x1246, 621:623, C404877E-8A4D-43FA-B854-E….jpeg)

Read more here.

Follow all links.


694fc2  No.3101886

File: 446523b967c1efd⋯.jpeg (461.46 KB, 1242x526, 621:263, 6557D809-30BB-433E-AC90-D….jpeg)

John Herber article.

Freeland’s concealment of the personal interests she and backers like Soros and Pinchuk share in their pursuit of policy towards Ukraine and Russia has not been investigated by the Canadian press or the parliament’s conflict of interest commissioner.

The Polish intelligence services were still hunting for Chomiak until the 1980s – without knowing he had fled for refuge to an Alberta farm in Canada; that continues to be one of Freeland’s real estate assets today.


694fc2  No.3102338

File: 5ff98aae098a3e5⋯.jpeg (725.28 KB, 1242x1647, 46:61, EFE18AFE-8040-4CB7-BB2C-F….jpeg)

Follow the money. . . .

Alex Soros and Canadian PM.

a0fab9  No.3106375

File: b099a94c14bba71⋯.jpg (200 KB, 708x851, 708:851, 5-NaziVets.jpg)

File: 64bbd2c69ceccab⋯.jpg (482.72 KB, 1848x994, 132:71, Didogate_Meme.jpg)

File: b5c4d51b09e00c6⋯.jpg (152.41 KB, 1280x794, 640:397, freeland-nazi-dad-pic.jpg)

File: 4201f7d169787d6⋯.jpg (12.68 KB, 243x207, 27:23, images.jpg)

File: d91db4239c2dcf2⋯.png (124.79 KB, 431x258, 431:258, PHOTO-2-Centre-Michael-Cho….png)


yes, good dig, let me widen it a bit as clearly and unironically history repeats itself in ukraine..

looks a sneaky bitch for sure

>>As for Freeland’s claim that Chomiak had secretly aided the Ukrainian resistance, sources in Warsaw believe Chomiak was trained by the Germans as a double-agent, penetrating Ukrainian groups and spying on them.


>>Freeland has dismissed the facts as part of a “Russian disinformation campaign”



grandad (Michael Chomiak, wife Alexandra, parents to Freeland’s mother Halyna) was a willful nazi propagandist, later US Army Intel

>>Freeland’s maternal grandfather Michael (Mikhailo) Chomiak was a Nazi collaborator from the beginning to the end of the war. He was given a powerful post, money, home and car by the German Army in Crakow, then the capital of the German administration of the Galician region. His principal job was editor in chief and publisher of a newspaper the Nazis created. His printing plant and other assets had been stolen from a Jewish newspaper publisher, who was then sent to die in the Belzec concentration camp. During the German Army’s winning phase of the war, Chomiak celebrated in print the Wehrmacht’s “success” at killing thousands of US Army troops

>>On September 2, 1946, when Freeland says her mother was born in a refugee camp, she was actually in a well-known spa resort for wealthy Bavarians. The US Army then controlled that part of Germany; they operated an Army hospital at Bad Worishofen and accommodated Chomiak at a spa hotel. US Army records have yet to reveal what the Americans learned about Chomiak’s war record, and how he was employed by US Army Intelligence, after he had switched from the Wehrmacht.

more details sourced at https://vigile.quebec/articles/canada-s-new-foreign-minister-lying-about-family-s-ukrainian-nazi-past

guy was enthusiastic about killing poles and jews alike: http://johnhelmer.net/victim-or-aggressor-chrystia-freelands-family-record-for-nazi-war-profiteering-and-murder-of-the-cracow-jews/


>> Let's not settle for just pulling Michael Chomiak out of Minister Freeland's family closet and into the light of public awareness. We have an opportunity now to throw light on many other Nazi skeletons that have for far too long been lurking in the shadows of large Canadian wardrobes. In particular, let's look at the Freeland family secret in the context of the three large social institutions with which she is most closely associated:

(1) the ultranationalist Ukrainian Canadian diaspora, represented by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress,

(2) the Liberal Party of Canada, and

(3) the mainstream corporate media.

idk, its 21 chapters long, maybe useful for digging later




The Chomiak papers can be found at accession number 85.191.

also, if hidden truth in reverse to official history and as q suggests projection strong then maybe there's more fuckers from ucc.ca or ottawa ukrainian studies dept. meddling for bandera nazis in ukraine.. leafs, dig! or paste past dugs kek.


a0fab9  No.3107083

File: be4c6ad94b3eb9b⋯.jpg (56.11 KB, 422x614, 211:307, 4911345deba1f75a45e6b89fec….jpg)

File: 3e20470340d9808⋯.jpg (57.35 KB, 640x437, 640:437, 622881199b9295b97e21b1cbd9….jpg)

File: 9a77ec84ca1e131⋯.jpg (9.64 KB, 309x163, 309:163, freefreaks.jpg)

File: 367d101bbff5844⋯.jpg (85.43 KB, 584x393, 584:393, kenney-trudeau-terrorist.jpg)

File: 9af7fa4ae31e249⋯.jpg (5.94 KB, 256x171, 256:171, turdeau.jpg)

and as it's a turdeau thread:

>>In December of 2014, in an effort to help Ukraine improve its intelligence data on Russia’s rebel proxies in eastern Ukraine, the previous Conservative government had responded to a request from President Poroshenko, and began providing the Ukrainian military access to Canada’s RADARSAT-2.

May 2016 T terminated it?

>>The Canadian mission to train Ukrainian troops, known as Operation UNIFIER, began 2015, when the Harper government committed 200 soldiers from the Royal Canadian Regiment to support the training of Ukrainian forces in western Ukraine.

Canadian-trained units have gone on to fight on the front lines of the war in eastern Ukraine, where Moscow has been fighting a proxy war in an effort to destabilize Ukraine’s pro-western government. It’s not surprising that the Russian Embassy in Ottawa has been lobbying the Trudeau government to end the Canadian training mission in Ukraine.

2017 T has not extended it? expired 03-17?

also how to understand the chretien-putin-trudeau conundrum? chretien - cabal asset? harper/dion - official optics? trudeau/freeland - new gen cabal bloodline/asset in soc-dem clothes?

>>On April 20, 2015, Jean Chretien chaired a High-Level Expert Group (HLEG) meeting on Russia-Ukraine at the University of Ottawa.

Statements released later, pointed to a troubling script: Chretien was, in fact, proposing to dismantle Ukraine’s current system of government by pushing for the federalization of the country – a scenario that Moscow has been proposing since it began its occupation of Ukraine. To quote Chretien: “… as Canadians we understand well that it is possible to have a central government and regional autonomy, with language and religion guarantees, that work well. I believe this might be one way to help resolve the dispute in Ukraine.”

3 On April 29, 2015, at the 3rd Global Baku Forum, as a member of the Inter Action Council, Chretien appeared in Azerbaijan at a panel discussion featuring former Ukrainian presidents Leonid Kravchuk, Leonid Kuchma, and Viktor Yushchenko. Chretien met with the three leaders individually and talked them into inviting him to meet with Ukraine’s constitutional commission. Ukraine’s three former presidents, who are involved with the drafting of the new Constitution for Ukraine, were allegedly urged by Chretien to federalize Ukraine.

4 On April 30, 2015, the very next day, Jean Chretien secretly met President Vladimir Putin in a private meeting at Putin’s Novo-Ogaryovo residence outside Moscow. "tough guy, cant be a pussy running russia"


>>When asked a question about whether his government is prepared to put Ukraine on the AFCCL list of friendly countries to which Canada can sell arms&munitions, Trudeau refused to provide a response.

meaning he'd like to?

694fc2  No.3117653

File: 66fb621a6aae731⋯.jpeg (297.69 KB, 1242x2018, 621:1009, 2EB120C6-C6A1-4D19-B871-0….jpeg)

Foreign aid:

No money for vets or healthcare.

Same shame.

40% of aid to Asia? What?

694fc2  No.3162023

I know what Canadian want.

Canadians are saying ….

We listened to Canadians.

Canadians want to be Equal.

Equal to Quebec

Equal to “Natives”

You need 20 Million at your posh doorstep.

We are organizing.

We am waking up.

Trudeau, what do Seniors get in the new Budget?

These truths will offend some and get support from others.

After reading this, I want you to think about those Residential Schools - while we small town and country kids were going to one-roomed schools that housed eight grades with only one teacher and our parents were buying our books, school supplies and clothing, the Indigenous native kids were in schools where they got a more balanced education, free room and board, free school books, free supplies (pencils, notebooks, etc.) and clothing. We were also abused and bullied by the heads of the schools. Oh yes, they are complaining that they lost their language. Do they think that we, the immigrants from Eastern Europe, were able to continue to speak our native tongue in schools? No! We all learned to speak, read and write in English and were proud to have the opportunity and contribute to the development of this great country.

So, Mr. Trudeau, what do Seniors get in the new Budget?

Seniors outnumber Natives, so maybe you will resolve Seniors grievances sooner if Seniors choose to block the Trans-Canada Highway or the CN Rail lines?

When reporters ask the protesting Seniors what they want, the Seniors can answer "The same as the Natives have been getting for years." (which is free dental, free eye care, free prescriptions, free post-secondary education, free transportation, no tax on gas and other commodities, no income tax, no tax on vehicles, free housing and many other things, all paid for by us, the tax payer.)

Seniors have paid taxes all their lives! Natives do not pay taxes !!

And recently, now 600,000 Metis are considered Natives. Well Canada is also my home and Native land so I should be considered a Native to since some of us too, were born here.

Seniors want the same as the Attawapiskat Band Members received from the Federal Government in 2014, $34 million for just 1500 people (that's $22,666 each) TAX FREE!

Instead, the Federal Government pays Seniors $7,200 in Social Security (taxable) after working 50 plus years, and AFTER they've paid their own way, their own kid's way, AND the Natives' way.

And the natives are demonstrating “Idle No More” and “Pipelines”. Really??

Time Politicians got a PENSION EQUAL TO MINE!!

We are waking up.


694fc2  No.3162187


1. a person who loves, supports, and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion.

2. a person who regards himself or herself as a defender, especially of individual rights, against presumed interference by the federal government.


1. a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust [FOCUS].

2. a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country.

They want you DIVIDED.



There was no attempt to DIVIDE.

There was however a strategic move to REVEAL.

[Be careful who you follow]

Incorrect message translated [past] autists.

Correction made.

No names mentioned.

They revealed themselves.

Fake & False [incorrect] decodes removed/resolved.

Fake & False claims of an 'unknown' allowed access to classified sealed indictments removed/resolved.

Do not fall victim to con artists.


Stay on point.

This is NOT about a single person.

This is NOT about fame, followers, or profiteering.

We, the PEOPLE.

We, the PEOPLE.

We, the PEOPLE.


We will not be held hostage.


Where WE go one WE go ALL.

We together have AlL the power.



694fc2  No.3162986

File: bbd98e364a518bb⋯.jpeg (194.75 KB, 1242x657, 138:73, 3B55B13E-A178-49C9-8906-2….jpeg)

File: 8a76b8a8d432fef⋯.jpeg (658.2 KB, 1242x2085, 414:695, E31C2C74-AFCE-4511-AB57-D….jpeg)

File: 5efc1414166f7b3⋯.jpeg (674.14 KB, 1242x2083, 1242:2083, 8B0F6830-FC30-4CF5-89C1-A….jpeg)

File: 611a912e1d1ffdb⋯.jpeg (933.74 KB, 1242x2082, 207:347, 338982FB-07C0-4376-8E28-8….jpeg)

The Aliance united for you.

694fc2  No.3163066

File: 355fd6584b6f145⋯.jpeg (807.53 KB, 1242x2086, 621:1043, 15FB031F-10C7-4CC9-82BD-0….jpeg)

Call your MP now.

You have all the power.

Ask them HOW ON EARTH DOES A FOREIGNER OWN the Bank Of “Canada?”’

694fc2  No.3174637

File: 956bc4b9bc56046⋯.jpeg (1.37 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, AFCAC215-1E13-4C01-B43E-5….jpeg)

Take some time to listen to these 3 people who have been “chosen” to disclose.

FULL Disclosure.

Corey Goody

David Wilcox

Emery Smith.



The law of One:

You will know when you are needed.


Your friends, family and Country will need you.

Where we go 1 we go All.

We are Vigilant Not Violent.

d2cb84  No.3178054

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Holy SHIT I just read this for the first time. Amazing. Dec 25th isn't Christmas. It's Sol Invictus.

>Sol Invictus ("Unconquered Sun") was the official sun god of the later Roman Empire and a patron of soldiers. On 25 December 274 AD the Roman emperor Aurelian made it an official cult alongside the traditional Roman cults.[2] Scholars disagree about whether the new deity was a refoundation of the ancient Latin cult of Sol,[3] a revival of the cult of Elagabalus,[4] or completely new.[5] The god was favored by emperors after Aurelian and appeared on their coins until Constantine I.[6] The last inscription referring to Sol Invictus dates to AD 387,[7] and there were enough devotees in the fifth century that the Christian theologian Augustine found it necessary to preach against them.[8]

Note that this comes off the heels of Saturnalia which was a weeklong festival celebrating the god Saturn.

Some have credibly theorised that in the ancient vernacular, the Sun = Saturn and most Sun worship is actually Saturn worship.

f03b72  No.3195877


Fine, but the problem isn't the natives. The whole "native system" is stupid. yes, the chiefs benefit, (the Native Cabal),yes and their people suffer for the corruption, yes, they could have decent living conditions with the money that is and has been spent, yes, they should pay taxes like every other Canadian, etc. (At least until we abolish taxes)

We can't blame the indigenous people any more than we can blame ourselves. We all fell into the Matrix.

I must say it sure does feel good to be awake.

694fc2  No.3292420

File: 80deadd7086f2bd⋯.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x2158, 621:1079, D1326088-CB74-44B2-B268-A….jpeg)

There are no coincidences.


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