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File: 15374c0625ec13b⋯.jpg (42.07 KB, 465x519, 155:173, 1469698787994.jpg)

caed75  No.2577005

We need mathematical proof of Q. Much harder to deny. Mathfags needed.

caed75  No.2577040

One off qproofs are good, but math is impossible to deny. There have been prior posts that have discussed the numbers in brief, but I believe it is the one rock-solid proof that cannot be as easily dismissed with "coincidence", Q was wrong about issue x, etc.

I have a decent understanding of probability: enough to know that all of the Q 'coincidences' are mathematically impossible, but not enough to spell out the math of why it's impossible.

If we can turn this into a meme, it could be a worthy go to to prove Q real to a significant swath of people.

e4f627  No.2577425


>Q was wrong about issue x

You're talking about "trust Sessions", right? I'm with you man. If Sessions and Mueller really were working for Trump then Trump would be a party to their lying to the FISA court to get fraudulent warrants to surveil Trump. If Q were correct, that means Trump would have to commit federal felonies on at least three occassions (perjury to obtain the first FISA warrant and perjury two more times when the FISA warrant was extended by the court) to place himself under surveillance by the FBI. Not only that he would have to be the party responsible for locking his own campaign aid in solitary confinement and having the FBI raid his own lawyer. It's just not possible that's the case, so it's obvious that Q is a fraud. The question is, how do we convince these true believers of that?

caed75  No.2577505

File: 01d9ef8b1cafb45⋯.jpg (40.46 KB, 400x400, 1:1, filtered.jpg)



56d130  No.2578062

File: 336cd2a5be72029⋯.png (2.14 MB, 1899x1421, 1899:1421, 3719FE10-541A-42F5-80C4-D8….png)


The qproof re: “DOITQ” is probability related. Twitter pic file names are supposed to be randomly generated 15 character strings with each character having 62 possible choices. The odds of “DOITQ” in all caps appearing anywhere in the string are (1/62)^5 or around 1 in 1 billion.

This qproof seems to sens the shills into ignore and deflect mode. Their only counter is to claim it just happened randomly so q would have to be the luckiest guy in the history of the world.

e4f627  No.2578195



you can filter me but you can't filter reality faggot.

8f546f  No.2578216


If you post pictures to twitter you'll notice the string itself increases in some manner so it's not a hash collision it's just really good timing.

8f546f  No.2578224


Post pictures back to back, you'll see they've got quite a few same characters which will illustrate what I mean.

47f421  No.2578606

File: 20ad453f7335800⋯.jpeg (172.35 KB, 1536x928, 48:29, 585EBCEC-B6AA-430C-B22C-C….jpeg)

File: f1e3c49da5a3993⋯.jpeg (241.79 KB, 1536x911, 1536:911, 5A444865-00C9-4983-B977-6….jpeg)

File: 9d76587a767eced⋯.jpeg (219.8 KB, 1500x620, 75:31, 256F249D-24B2-46FC-81D0-1….jpeg)

This is proof. I have more

70e637  No.2578620

Hardcore Bitcoiner here.

If Q uses Bitcoin to sign a message using the key to an address he controls - we would know 100% it was him.


The is a guy nakes Craig S Wright who in 2015 tried convincing the Bitcoin community that he was satoshi. The community demanded he prove it by signing multiple messages with the private key know to belong to satoshi.

He signed one transaction, which would be possible to fake under controlled circumstances, but multiple messages under changing circumstances is impossible.

He disappeared for years after the embarrassing thrashing he got from cryptoworld.

Now he is forever known as Faketoshi.

Q could use Bitcoin to prove that he is the one Q, with 100% accuracy

e4f627  No.2578646

File: a82c3dd8ceeea6c⋯.png (39.91 KB, 860x431, 860:431, Screenshot_2018-08-12 Devi….png)


holy fuckin shit you people have gone off the deep end.

Devin Nunes said nearly all top FBI and DOJ officials colluded with the Clinton campaign. But. But. . Q said they're our guys! I wonder how they got to Nunez and got him to make up those lies about the FBI and DOJ?

20410d  No.2578734

687ee5  No.2578784

I don't need proof. Some things you just know in your gut. Trust your gut.

aac6b6  No.2578838


3:53:06 = 3+5+3+6 = 17, not 16

449118  No.2579301

File: 35c816b203d9d1e⋯.jpg (111.22 KB, 500x259, 500:259, 89xNY.jpg)

This is bigger than you can imagine.

449118  No.2579332

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Aaaaah, what the hell.

The answer is:

This comment ITSELF is statistically impossible.

It's called the Prime Paradox.

caed75  No.2579381


Q said proofs are necessary. I absolutely trust the plan. That's why I think we need to assemble proofs that will be effective.

caed75  No.2579428


Thank you patriot. This is exactly what we need.

Do we have any theories as to how Qteam was able to get DOITQ? Is it because they have the algorithms?

3ef4d5  No.2580237

"17 golf courses teed up: Everything you need to know"

"12" Collectible…Talking Doll - Includes 17 Phrases"

"17 things…said he will do if elected president"

"…accidentally refers to 17 years of Obamacare"

"…Grants Ethics Waivers To 17 Top White House Staffers"

"…set to take 17-day vacation to New Jersey golf resort…"

deaa7b  No.2709233


Q uestion: You already stated this in your post, Twitter pic file names are supposed to be random… I shared this proof with a programmer, he said you can't change the file name, he verified it was posted to twitter via iphone, and said the pbs.twimg.com is owned and operated by twitter, and assign the random file names when uploading the picture like u mentioned.

As a nonQ believer, he chalks it up to coincidence, ppl trying finding meaning wherever possible

What are the possibilities for Q/POTUS to manually change the image URL… Trump team has the tech/access to change it would have to be the case yes?

7e925d  No.2712501


Which I’m sure they do! They took twitter down and injected code into it at one point a few months ago! Lurk more!

Also, go back and study Vault 7.

d3659a  No.2714779

fc1010  No.2731679

File: b503569dac6078f⋯.jpg (470.16 KB, 1200x874, 600:437, b503569dac6078f02d8d82a46b….jpg)

File: fc057d9f97f14c5⋯.png (128.89 KB, 1465x655, 293:131, Screenshot_2018-08-25 Q Re….png)


Reposting from an old bread as an avenue for further dissection; could use additional fleshing out per the OP.

Q Research General #2980 Home of the Gold Star Researchers Edition!!!



What I am about to prove is not 100% completed (I made rough assumptions on average vs rare vs exotic, and on trump's twitter breakdown), however, is still factually based

What are the odds that Q uses the same two words as Trump in a 240 character twitter post, within an hour of Trump posting

240 possible characters

2000 words are average words

2000-10000 are rare words

10000-40000 are exotic words (such as names)

average words average about 4 characters and 1 space

rare words average about 6 characters and 1 space

exotic words average about 7 characters and 1 space

For any given post, of 240 characters, lets assume:

80% average words

15% rare words

5% exotic words

Let us further assume, on average, only 60% of the characters are used in a tweet, which gives us:

240*0.8*0.6 / 5 = 23.04 average words

240*0.15*0.6 / 7 = 3.08 rare words

240*0.05*0.6 / 8 = 0.9 exotic words

Lets assume that probability of matching an average word is 0.01137416192 (23 possible words as N, 2000 possible word choices as probability of success)

Lets assume that probability of matching an rare word is 0.0003749062559 (3 possible words as N, 8000 possible word choices as probability of success)

Lets assume that probability of matching an exotic word is 0.0000333333 (1 possible words as N, 30000 possible word choices as probability of success)

Lets take the rogue example

The probability of the rogue example, assuming that rogue is a rare word, is about 0.037% chance to occur

At the moment, there are over 15 examples like this, given 15 examples, the probability just using average words is 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000003%

To give this a further proof, only 3 examples of coincidence would provide about 0.00000565%

If you workers are familiar with 6 sigma process, 6 sigma is used to ensure no defects ever occur.

6sigma is 99.99966%, which assumes success

That means, the chance of failure (to be considered success) is 0.00033%

The probability of Q being a Larp based on just a few examples is stastically impossible.

The probability of being a conspiracy theory is 0.

The probability of being a conspiracy theory is 0.

5ee724  No.2731938


Capped, Saved, 10/10. You are excellent.

f1dbe2  No.2731994


This is a good starting point but we need a more accurate sheet that references real frequencies

Is there a tool that we can use to analyze POTUS Twitter, e.g frequency of certain words etc?

a1cf7b  No.2732319


>If Sessions and Mueller really were working for Trump then Trump would be a party to their lying to the FISA court to get fraudulent warrants to surveil Trump.

Dude, if you are going to troll at least get the basic, even-an-idiot would know facts right.

Sessions was not in the DOJ (actually he was working on the Trump campaign) when the FISA warrants were obtained.

Actually, Mueller was not in government at that time either.

ddbfcc  No.2733080

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

This may be what you're looking for

Dozens of verifiable "coincidences"

Really activates the almonds and makes ya wonder:

"How many coincidences before mathematically impossible?"

86caa0  No.2734265


You’re welcome patriot!


There’s probably a few ways they could do it but in summary the NSA/MI can make twitter their bitch if they want.

Your programmer friend is basically suggesting that it occurred at random and Qanon is the luckiest person in the history of the planet to hit those 1 in 1 billion odds.


This ^^^^

fc1010  No.2794795

File: 12f2d9a953de9db⋯.png (1.73 MB, 1984x1776, 124:111, 1984 Proof Quote.png)


A fresh example that could be considered through this lens.. Google and 1984 being a focus.. for mathfags to consider..

cdea79  No.2931133

File: 2480283620a5980⋯.jpg (69.24 KB, 640x492, 160:123, DOITQ.jpg)

DOITQ: What are the Odds?

‘DOITQ’ a 5 digit string, where each digit can be one of 62 potential characters; 26 lowercase alpha+26 uppercase alpha+10 decimal = 62.

There is a 1 in 62^5 (1 in 916132832) chance the first 5 digits of the 15 digit file name will be ‘DOITQ’.

What are the odds the image would be posted at 17:17 Zulu?

There are 1440 minutes in a day, so 1 in 1440.

What are the odds the two would occur simultaneously?

1/(1440*(62^5)), or 1 in 1.31923127808×10¹²

What are the odds an uppercase letter ‘Q’, of all standard alphanumeric characters in English, would be formed by their thumbs?

1 in 62

What are the odds all three would occur simultaneously?

1/(62*(1440*(62^5))), or 1 in 8.179233924096×10¹³

To be clear, that’s 1 in 81792339240960.

One in nearly eighty-two trillion.

For comparison, there are an estimated 100 trillion stars in the Milky Way.

Of course, we’re only talking about an image, its file name, and its post time. We haven’t even begun to address the odds that all the above would occur in conjunction with the existence of an individual, or group of individuals, going by ‘Q’, their evidenced associations, and their stated purpose.


e805ba  No.2931499

Do you really need mathematical proof that there are bad guys at this point ? I think it's highly likely that Q is tied to Trump but then that does not imply any of what is happening is good.

Just look at these hoax false flags, just had one in Florida. They got away with it again, all the fake news they want but we're supposed to think something big is happening because Trump was spied on. Fake news event right there, nothing.

e805ba  No.2931560

Has Trump told them to stop the hoax false flags for the incremental gun control and 'mental health checks' ? If he has and they keep doing them, why does he just keep on saying nothing about it ? So we all agree there's a deep state, we are agree there's 'attacks' based on false pretenses and fake news, but for some reason when Trump has opportunity he won't take it.

89372d  No.2931837


This anon has no fucking clue what the hell he’s even talking about. Moron of the highest order. Say hi to Mr. Brock for me, dipshit.

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