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Pro Aris et Focis

File: a151a09d6620a32⋯.jpg (267.62 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, QLogo.jpg)

db50df No.283878


*Re-Read Crumbs! (always, duh)




Getty is turning up null. Seeking alternate source. Q said "film, not the capture"

Additional Info

OIG Reports page: https:// oig.justice.gov/reports/all.htm

Rothchilds selling investments. DOW crashing hard.


Re-read crumbs.

Nothing is coincidence.



https:// intelligence.house.gov/uploadedfiles/memo_and_white_house_letter.pdf

Rebuttle Of Charges Against The Memo

https:// intelligence.house.gov/uploadedfiles/hpsci_fisa_memo_charge_and_response.pdf










Ice cream method?? See here: >>212383

->Use Q/POTUS/trending #'s in your ice cream!<-

Rule 13. Correction of Misstatement or Omission; Disclosure of Non-Compliance

http:// www.fisc.uscourts.gov/sites/default/files/FISC%20Rules%20of%20Procedure.pdf

For Maxine Waters, see: >>234301

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Sliding includes:

Squabbling among each other about the legitimacy of anons other than Q. This is pointless and contributes nothing to our tasks.

Famefagging & clickb8-style posts. Demanding anons to look at something makes you look like a shill. Simply post it and let the anons make their own opinions.

Compromisedfags. The board is not compromised unless there is confirmation from Q. Full stop.

You Decide. If there is a post that looks or smells like a slide, let it slide into obscurity and don't respond.

db50df No.283895

#347 Dough


59034c No.283931

File: ae54a018fdb39af⋯.jpg (318.22 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, thankyoubaker.jpg)

a79ccf No.283935

Update dough to show Q's last post in prev bread

843fdd No.283936

Q can we all go get a beer when this is over? First round on me.

68e0aa No.283937

File: 0276778fb1bdada⋯.gif (5.48 MB, 640x360, 16:9, gif.gif)

Some anon wanted 52-55s of the SOTU.

FYI, copy & paste youtube URLs into gifs.com to make one quickly.

48803a No.283938


Thats just how they operate, they don't see the fact that position was filled as a barrier. Hillary will win, AS will be gone, and who is willing to sacrifice the most to fill his spot? They did this en masse for what must be hundreds of people for different positions throughout the entire government. Wonder what happened to all those people? They can't put that genie back in the bottle now.

59034c No.283939


lol, just one anon?

c53362 No.283940

Make room for new judges!!

Secretary of Defense fires Guantánamo war court overseer


In a surprise move, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis on Monday fired the top official overseeing the trials of the five men accused of plotting the 9/11 attacks and other alleged war criminals held at Guantánamo.

http:// www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/guantanamo/article198456714.html

94c645 No.283941

File: c76884045d440fb⋯.jpg (53.97 KB, 306x509, 306:509, cecnrivn458th.jpg)

File: 4b269a4f376a37a⋯.png (17.34 KB, 586x96, 293:48, BONNIETWEET.png)

File: 1f92395e5f207a8⋯.png (196.73 KB, 365x331, 365:331, disgustinganimals2.png)

So a photo is taken at POTUS’ 2018 SOTU by Getty Images Chip Somodevilla. It depicts three congresswomen sitting on their mobile devices during the speech. On the left of the captured photograph sits Bonnie Watson-Coleman, her screen depicts a twitter feed of two tweets that are responding to an original tweet from herself (pictured). Next to her is Rep. Joyce Beatty, the screen of her mobile device shows a supposed e-mail being drafted by herself. This e-mail contains phrases that were released not long after the photo was taken. This image is clearly photoshopped as the body of text has been modified to blur out a section of text that Joyce Beatty had written. Either this one section had been blurred or the phone screen was entirely photoshopped and this draft was placed on top of whatever Joyce Beatty was writing at the exact moment the photo was taken. Last but not least, you can see Branda Lawrence sat next to Beatty, mindlessly playing candy crush.

Can you read the message?


Black Caucus phone.

Not sure if civilian tech can capture @ that distance.

These people are LITERALLY MORONS.


This message from Q clearly asks Anons to find the image of the Black Caucus members on their phones during the SOTU. Q asks Anons to read the message if possible located on one of the screens.




Q then directs attention to the middle phone screen located in the photograph (Joyce Beatty).


Find the roll.

1 of 4.

Find the 4th.

Find the film.

Not the capture.



Will go viral.

Source _ archive offline.

Raw only.


Q is telling us that we need to find the ‘roll’. That it is one of four ‘rolls’, and that these rolls are made of film or there is a separate film to find along with the four ‘rolls’. It is likely that Q is asking Anons to find the film copy of the SOTU. He states not the capture (photograph), and once found to enhance and spread. Q states that it will go viral.

Find 1 of 4.

“Trump should be shot!”

You are now working against those monitoring.

Raw only.

No edits.

Save offline.


Q states that one of the four ‘rolls’ includes information on someone stating that POTUS should be shot. Q then tells Anons that we are up against the blackhats monitoring the internet to remove any trace of this information. Q tells us to find this information, in a raw form, with no edits, to save offline for proof and then to spread. It is likely this information was contained on the PHOTOGRAPH of the three congresswomen seated in the Capitol on their phones. It is likely that this information was displayed on JOYCE BEATTY’s screen. As her screen in all traces of the image has been modified and purposely blurs a section of her screen that may’ve contained the information. Thus meaning Getty Images and Chip Somodevilla intently modified the image to protect JOYCE BEATTY from being caught committing TREASON.

You only have to take a look at both JOYCE BEATTY and BONNIE WATSON-COLEMANS twatter feeds to understand that they’d be stupid enough to insult POTUS while he stands before them.

fd7e79 No.283942


Yes, he was the most conservative justice, and the deciding vote. two other conservatives, two liberal judges.

689d7d No.283943


Lol The Q Crawl?

Where we follow crumbs? Lets be serious though. Time to get a timeline meme going. Whats flashy? Pics or just text with dates? Maybe a newspaper picture of Hilldawg?

132ff1 No.283944


stop it already

b23fe0 No.283945

File: 03e08c6cc0e766f⋯.jpg (59.3 KB, 830x764, 415:382, bothtext.jpg)


the whole text seems to be fake

befe21 No.283946

File: 62f966eceadf771⋯.png (617.65 KB, 1440x1481, 1440:1481, Screenshot_2018-02-06-02-2….png)


I think its her

939b35 No.283947

File: 740ba6888eb4c66⋯.png (628.88 KB, 800x400, 2:1, ClipboardImage.png)

d3ddfd No.283948

Not sure if posted, but this is supposedly Weiner's phone directory and according to glp it's legit

(media) +



7d7b2f No.283950


Looking at twitter feeds will do nothing. Beatty sent an email to someone.

7aff92 No.283951

File: f8b95f2059d8ab8⋯.jpg (81.46 KB, 626x488, 313:244, Bird Pimp.jpg)

How to redpill a comedy fan.

e57c34 No.283952


q posts need to be added to dough:



and also

>>283837 <-- pretty good timeline to match with >>283537


565c7a No.283953


crap I'm remember all kinds of stuff about this now.

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/04/chelsea-clinton-now-scalias-gone/

7d7b2f No.283954


It's Rep. Joyce Beatty

fd7e79 No.283955


That would be awesome! Can we get an invite to the WH?

b23fe0 No.283956


ya bro… totally

72cdb7 No.283957


THIS please

37ee78 No.283958

His cousin believes he was cloned …>>283951

556ecc No.283959


I'd bump her a little

ef8ccd No.283960

File: 3f0ec6b07cfb81e⋯.png (313.54 KB, 490x410, 49:41, ClipboardImage.png)

ac8b8e No.283961



Antonin Scalise 187?

843fdd No.283962


You have to make the meme look really dumb like something with the old Obamacare website design for liberals to pay attention and start salivating.

Seriously, the theme matters. Make it look like an Apple ad.

ce5926 No.283963



8a3a76 No.283964

https:// saraacarter.com/new-strzok-page-emails-discuss-evasion-message-archiving/

befe21 No.283965

File: f1934445b7e9633⋯.jpg (325.81 KB, 1200x1647, 400:549, 1200px-Joyce_Beatty_congre….jpg)


He was asking about someone else in the row this is Joyce Beatty

f1e6b7 No.283966


Guy was probably dirty as fuck anyways.

b23fe0 No.283967


its ok… i find homicide a lot more fun

59034c No.283968

File: 43fb5676841bdd2⋯.png (544.57 KB, 499x683, 499:683, yea - Copy.png)

Q, r we going to crypto ot back on gold standard?

gold and silver certificates

e57c34 No.283969


i think he wanted audio too

565c7a No.283970

there was some weird deal where Scalia was embalmed immediately and the coroner that did the examination was from several counties away. and not autopsy was performed.

a27fd5 No.283971


That's BIG news. Tribunals, here we come.

332a2e No.283972

File: 6fdc01065069d97⋯.png (4.76 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, IMG_1162.PNG)

File: 3e992bfdf72bb78⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, IMG_1163.PNG)

File: 0d4fff29c40b9c7⋯.png (2.95 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, IMG_1164.PNG)

File: 91fa17c83aa3de0⋯.png (2.39 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, IMG_1165.PNG)

File: 7206084b0993ed3⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1536x2048, 3:4, IMG_1166.PNG)

Not everything scrubbed

Photographer sold images to daily caller, which is owned by Tucker Carlson.

ef8ccd No.283973


Yeah, I kinda figure. They would rather we all do!

7aff92 No.283974

File: 6e13cf5ddbe7f8e⋯.png (1.3 MB, 2599x2377, 2599:2377, Scalia.png)


Scalia was a hit, no question.


565c7a No.283975


WAS NOT performed

5e9047 No.283976

Antonin Scalia was killed on February 13, 2016 so Obama could name new SC. Obamas term was in his last year,. Repub congress refused let a SC happen until after elections. Tarmac meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton happened o June 2016. Bill offered Lynch the SC position once Hillary won. In return for them dropping the case against Hillary….

322512 No.283977

Q is helping American investors forecast the market. If the plan for the "Bad Actors" is to crash the market. Certainly Q and team have redundancy in place. roths,sorass,alwaleed,rocks,etc have massive holdings in all these companies. The plan is to withdraw their investment so other investors take a hit and it hurts the economy. Q gives the good investors a heads up and a chance to withdraw before the whales can move their money, sparing the good investors and our economy from the plummet. That's one part of the game "follow the money". We have to zoom in on the business sector and apply our autism to stifle the elite's attempt to take down our economy. "Follow the Money" We can play a role here.

Could be worthy of it's own thread. Input please…

f1e6b7 No.283978

File: 60880b7bfa313f0⋯.jpg (67.19 KB, 709x765, 709:765, kys.jpg)


KYS faggot.

556ecc No.283979

187= murder

db50df No.283980


Missed that one.

Added to next dough

332a2e No.283981

File: 4abc2d92187ebf1⋯.png (379.91 KB, 1536x2048, 3:4, IMG_1169.PNG)


Wiki for daily caller

7d7b2f No.283982

File: d45885bfc2e1fe5⋯.jpg (164.69 KB, 1388x699, 1388:699, SOTU reporters.jpg)

Does anyone know where to find pics of the room from behind POTUS? That could give us a frontal view of the photographers. This pic show where the gaggle of photographers are that took the pic of Beatty.

b73891 No.283983

BO/Admin, shills are telling our patriots to kill themselves. A salvo if you please.

26db25 No.283984

File: 4d852215f1b01bc⋯.jpg (24.48 KB, 236x393, 236:393, IMG_0160.JPG)

File: 3c771500a85aaae⋯.jpg (50.9 KB, 960x802, 480:401, IMG_0162.JPG)

File: 1cf2362581500cc⋯.jpg (43.08 KB, 750x750, 1:1, IMG_0180.JPG)

Any good trello boards ?

fd7e79 No.283985


Oh LORD, Chelsea and her gun control. Well, Texas would succeed from the union. Ain't no Texan giving up their guns.

30d382 No.283986

Follow the money..

Pedro Cortes resignation validated by this report.




http:// www.dos.pa.gov/BusinessCharities/Business/Resources/Documents/Final%202017%20Char%20report%20w%20links.pdf

3c643c No.283988


doge coin



939b35 No.283989


Could Tucker sue for the real pics assuming he was interested? Any grounds for this sort of action?

55c0a3 No.283990


Oh look. A dead man walking has decided to glow up

ce5926 No.283991


I'm just figuring it's Clowns In America trying to be divisive

59034c No.283992


no state should

6b06bf No.283993

Baker BO and Anons!

Recall what Chelsea said after AS 'died'?

Something about now they can push gun control. Need to keep that as part of their narrative as it shows their strategic intent.

Kill our right to free speech.

Kill our right to defend our rights.

The web…it runs deep.

ef8ccd No.283994

File: 3f0ec6b07cfb81e⋯.png (313.54 KB, 490x410, 49:41, ClipboardImage.png)


Clown, you're glowing.

b23fe0 No.283995


only if i get to bang ur mom first… seriously though… mods can we kick that ass?

104a20 No.283996

remember the timing if scalia's seat was tricky. Obama nearly got to fill the nomination/ McConnell threatened filibuster right? when did hillary win the democratic nomination? Even with the fix, Sanders was in the running.

befe21 No.283997

File: 3e15fe8028c01ad⋯.jpg (99.66 KB, 300x400, 3:4, you-have-been-judged-the-s….jpg)

f1e6b7 No.283999

File: 60880b7bfa313f0⋯.jpg (67.19 KB, 709x765, 709:765, kys.jpg)

6eb1eb No.284000


‘16 = 2016

I was confused at first too. On mobile it looked like month and day not year. We all need sleep, lol.

b23fe0 No.284001

well the download was a flop … some dumb bitch on BET… not the raw footage…

ef8ccd No.284002

File: 3f0ec6b07cfb81e⋯.png (313.54 KB, 490x410, 49:41, ClipboardImage.png)


Go fuck yourself, get in a better mood.

b5b3b0 No.284003

File: 32ad01e850bd0a5⋯.png (1.49 MB, 608x853, 608:853, 01JULY2016-Mccabe-Comey-Ly….png)


https:// www.judicialwatch.org/document-archive/jw-v-doj-02046-clinton-lynch-tarmac-records/

45264e No.284004

https:// www.fbi.gov/about/leadership-and-structure/fbi-executives/carl-ghattas


565c7a No.284005

Scalia autopsy

https:// www.nytimes.com/2016/02/21/health/antonin-scalia-autopsy.html

223abc No.284006

>>283972 so we ask tucker nicely….and we know he is a patriot so it is not impossible.

e8e248 No.284007

http:// www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/10/wikileaks-uncover-murder-plot-podesta-documents-suggest-scalia-assassination/

a44e34 No.284008

File: 51dc523d42ae34e⋯.png (1.7 MB, 1021x1021, 1:1, Covfefe.png)





Thx, anons. LOL at the KYS Pepes. Hey, it's late and we're all cranky from the SOTU video hunt, it's ok.

Also, WTF? Why do I keep getting sucked back into the Comey is /ourguy/ theory? Quick, lads, talk me out of it!

66f15a No.284009

I wish Trump would hire Malik Obama for something, anything. Bring the man here, give him a job.

Hope he’s not 187.

843fdd No.284010



6b06bf No.284011


Man there is some serious synchronicity going on now. I missed your post on this but posted way down below on the SAME TOPIC!

da016e No.284012


No coroner involved.

A justice of the peace was only witness.

cdba68 No.284013


Carl Ghattas

Executive Assistant Director, National Security Branch

Carl Ghattas currently serves as the executive assistant director of the National Security Branch where he leads the FBI’s operations and intelligence efforts involving all national security matters, ranging from terrorism to espionage to weapons of mass destruction. Under his leadership, the program will continue to focus on technical innovation, operational agility, and strategic partnerships.

Mr. Ghattas joined the FBI in 1997. Upon graduating from the FBI Academy, he worked counterterrorism investigations in the Washington Field Office. Mr. Ghattas deployed overseas to investigate several major attacks against the United States, including the 1998 bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya; the 2000 attack against the U.S.S. Cole in Aden, Yemen; and the murder of several Americans in Greece by the Greek terrorist group 17 November. Over the course of his 20-year career, the majority of Mr. Ghattas’ focuses have been on counterterrorism efforts in the United States and around the world and strategically integrating intelligence and operations to ensure intelligence collection aligns with priority threats. In 2014, he was appointed special agent in charge of the Washington Field Office's counterterrorism program and, most recently, served as the assistant director of the Counterterrorism Division.

Mr. Ghattas has received numerous awards, to include the Attorney General's Award for Distinguished Service and the Exceptional Achievement Medal from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Mr. Ghattas earned a bachelor of arts from Duke University and a Juris Doctor from Washington University.

6eb1eb No.284014


Need sound

4cb956 No.284015


I obviously meant Garland. I've been awake for over 24 hours on this board

e57c34 No.284016


my mood is fine.

spellcheck much?

d74916 No.284017


Some tweets about a picture of her phone with the words "Trump should be shot" should scare the hell out of her, and get her to make some stupid mistakes that can lead to incriminating evidence.

ba7559 No.284018


Help us Tucker!

She's reading a tweet:

Of course it's about race. Do you _ get __ of screaming about race? It's like crying wolf. At some point nobody believes you.

How dare insult the ___ an_ our President. Shame on you. You are a representative of the people. Don't forget that act like one_

a79ccf No.284019

https:// cbc.house.gov/membership/

Heres a list (with photos) for members of the congress black caucus for anyone trying to ID those bitches. Im shit with faces so im just gonna drop it here

48803a No.284020

Carter Page wrote his letter to Comey asking to talk with the FBI on Sept 25, 2016, fits well with the pivot from Hillary to Russia. He obviously knew the FBI was on his tail, the question is when did he find out?… shortly after the shift in narrative or did he know they were after him way before that and he was just leading them on the whole time?

565c7a No.284021

John Poindexter was there

https:// www.huffingtonpost.com/eric-mink/17-questions-about-scalia_b_9249306.html

e57c34 No.284022


what i meant to say was, im surprised you didn't spellcheck.

dont kys. thats dumb.

7aff92 No.284023

File: 1d2ae34b828f89d⋯.png (207.1 KB, 1356x494, 678:247, Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at ….png)

53f867 No.284024


Im just gonna post so people realize Q IS HERE

f1e6b7 No.284025


Not a shill, people being stupidly retarded and pointing out shit that was made pretty obvious like 3 threads ago.

People need to lurk moar.

ba7559 No.284026



132ff1 No.284027


Q man…..start putting some meat on the bones of these clues….jesus christ…..it's like Cicada3301 bullshit

633ab5 No.284028


Q, can Mr. Ghattis be trusted to do the right thing?

fd7e79 No.284029

https:// www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/sep/30/imagining-hillary-clintons-supreme-court-picks/

48803a No.284030



Isn't there a point in the Strzok/Page texts where they talk about the EAD?

8e5747 No.284031


> and strategic partnerships.


how strategic?

d18a2f No.284032


>Build timeline.

>AS 187.

Yes, we know he was assasinated...found dead with a pillow over his face, no autopsy,WL leaks coms confirms "wetworks" re Scalia....Podesta. THIS is not new.

>HRC investigation pivot points.

LL agreed not to proceed...that's all...whatever "leverage" Clinton had on her ensured her coopration...nothing new...

>JC dismiss letter.

James Comey basically let's Hil off the hook...yes yes..


Pence? / Rosenstein? /


Peter the texter stroznick...INSURANCE...

>WL comms.

Yes the proof of all of this in already on wikileaks


WTF is this Schiff? First mission sends ANON down fruitless aveneues which you knew, second mission sends in complete opposite direction. No one is going to care some Black Caucus woman said Trump should be shot, hell she'll get a gold medal...who's ever been punished for wishing him dead?


22753e No.284033


Works/worked with Bill Priestap

066ba0 No.284034



was he texting?

cdba68 No.284035


my guess is no

a79ccf No.284036


Check all email dumps for dudes name anons! Never heard it before here. Gotta be somewhere

6b06bf No.284037


For us to dig anon!

53f867 No.284038


you, my friend, are an idiot

b5b3b0 No.284039

File: 33040a1db92091b⋯.png (1.46 MB, 599x848, 599:848, Lynch-DOC-From-FBI.png)



https:// www.judicialwatch.org/document-archive/jw-v-doj-02046-clinton-lynch-tarmac-records/

223abc No.284040

>>284004 Seems like he has been doing this for quite a while….Black or white hat?

132ff1 No.284041


also…..which tasks are we supposed to work on….this thing…photos, past unsolved things????

7aff92 No.284042

File: 5c3c1f690e89cc8⋯.png (111.79 KB, 613x427, 613:427, Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at ….png)



b23fe0 No.284043

File: 03e08c6cc0e766f⋯.jpg (59.3 KB, 830x764, 415:382, bothtext.jpg)

File: 5c2e993448720d2⋯.jpg (37.32 KB, 399x385, 57:55, laugh.jpg)

6b06bf No.284045


pick your specialty and dig

37b62a No.284046

File: bac7753bc251460⋯.png (1.46 MB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_2018-02-06-01-2….png)


Catherine Cortez Masto

Rep from NV.

Says something that looks odd at 1:22

104a20 No.284047


Is this who replaced John Carlin? OIG report will tie together names.

2245ec No.284048

File: 3d41b186f1300ca⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, 0B792841-A0CF-4846-8460-FB….png)

File: 6086e6410f1bc67⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, FFE455AD-BB35-4BF9-9539-F7….png)

File: fee4fdf2de9eb99⋯.png (1.27 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, D40175F8-E005-44CA-8EFD-9F….png)

File: d630968dfc18c0e⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, 3A6F65C0-F2B7-4C12-8DD2-81….png)

File: cf47564c7d9503d⋯.png (1.45 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, B5EC25E5-A5CB-4DC2-804F-23….png)


Some are what you asked for others for reference and others repeatedly using phones

6370c3 No.284049

No CG, Carl or Ghattis in crumbs

78877b No.284050

File: 02b06d1fea68fe8⋯.jpg (8.3 KB, 200x200, 1:1, height.200.no_border.width….jpg)

3b768a No.284051


Add this 2A threat to the WJC/LL/JC timeline to help convey what was at risk and what we almost lost.

132ff1 No.284052


roger that

7d7b2f No.284053


Good find anon. Definitely a black hat

ef8ccd No.284054

File: c2f43546ceea6ac⋯.png (311.84 KB, 490x410, 49:41, ClipboardImage.png)


Spelling corrected.

befe21 No.284055

File: baed58c1574a376⋯.png (1.77 MB, 1431x2548, 1431:2548, Screenshot_2018-02-06-02-3….png)

ba7559 No.284056



53f867 No.284057


lurk moar

150b43 No.284058


great rundown of past few hours of our lives

e838c9 No.284059

https:// www.usapoliticstoday.org/adam-schiffs-ties-george-soros/

20ccaa No.284060

CG looks douchy

132ff1 No.284061


i'll tell you what….pic of her in red blouse is showing some nice perkies

ad2f28 No.284062

Someone smart than this newly redpilled new fag check into this twatter thread? "WE CAUGHT #USAA Ins. Co. $ Laundering."

Makes mention of being hacked has documents posted I don't understand. Also mentions APACHE.

e2aa3e No.284063

VJ phone call w/ AS.

42m 13s.

[2 listeners - no IDEN].


]_reroutes_[9 random]


]_reroutes_[2 random]

Article 3.

Section 3.


article 3 talks about two witnesses needed to convict of treason - explains why 2 listeners.

also maybe the listeners where silent and only listening and others were talking for them..? BO/VJ

d86028 No.284064


Got it !

Senior Staff

Deputy Director (Acting) – David Bowdich

Associate Deputy Director – David Bowdich

Chief of Staff/Senior Counselor – Jim Rybicki

Deputy Chief of Staff – Dawn M. Burton

104a20 No.284065



The Department of Justice won't allow the Senate Judiciary Committee to interview two top FBI officials, Carl Ghattas and James Rybicki, about the circumstances surrounding former FBI Director James Comey's dismissal in May, according to a letter obtained by CNN.

c02ed1 No.284066

https:// www.fbi.gov/news/pressrel/press-releases/carl-ghattas-named-executive-assistant-director-of-the-national-security-branch


befe21 No.284067

"Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) refers to a broad array of information and sources that are generally available, including information obtained from the media (newspapers, radio, television, etc.), professional and academic records (papers, conferences, professional associations, etc.), and public data (government reports, demographics, hearings, speeches, etc.).

Unlike the other INTs, open-source intelligence is not the responsibility of any one agency, but instead is collected by the entire U.S. Intelligence Community. One advantage of OSINT is its accessibility, although the sheer amount of available information can make it difficult to know what is of value. Determining the data’s source and its reliability can also be complicated. OSINT data therefore still requires review and analysis to be of use to policymakers"

97bb4b No.284068

File: 413aeadabd6fa6a⋯.jpg (74.2 KB, 1060x600, 53:30, 1060x600-9c350f5d7af3bf484….jpg)


Ron Johnson's informant? washingtonexaminer.com/ron-johnson-an-informant-told-me-about-anti-trump-fbi-secret-society-meetings/article/2646906

b5b3b0 No.284069


Keeping this close, thanks.

6370c3 No.284070

Carl Ghattis listed as one of 6 that could testify against Trump by McCabe.

https:// www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/8/3/16084246/mueller-obstruction-case-stronger-trump-surrogates

2a82e7 No.284071


Q, what about stock market, imminent danger ?

37ee78 No.284072

VJ the little bird that gives out the 4 am Narrative ?>>284063

c02ed1 No.284073

FBI Director James B. Comey has named Carl Ghattas as the executive assistant director of the National Security Branch at FBI Headquarters (FBI HQ) in Washington, D.C. Mr. Ghattas most recently served as the assistant director for the Counterterrorism Division at FBI HQ.

a1503e No.284074


VJ has flipped and set up Schiff?

78877b No.284075


www .slideshare.net/OrionWhite/the-culture-of-the-fbi

366714 No.284076

File: c076ff4af9e8267⋯.jpg (199.88 KB, 1050x763, 150:109, c076ff4af9e8267e0ca1742c28….jpg)

Just a reminder to keep this in mind.

b23fe0 No.284077


i dont know about the stock market… havent there been protocols put into place to halt trading in the event of a collapse?

ad2f28 No.284078

forgot link like a true idiot

https:// twitter.com/Sallyloveless1/status/956272224729640961

I shall kill me now

97bb4b No.284079


New #2?

066ba0 No.284080

Mr Ghattas may be a singer

da016e No.284081


Looks like Comey appointment

So some will say black hat.

ce5926 No.284082


Where do you get from that that VJ "flipped"?

1147df No.284083


>no trip

fuck off

6b06bf No.284084

ba7559 No.284085


and SA

f6080c No.284086

obviously Q team has the RAW footage/picture. we know Q has a sense of humor. if a little dry at times. Q is fucking with THEM. future proves past. just letting THEM know we have it. future proves past. it'll be released later. i hope we anons find it. i honestly right now think it can't be gotten by us. i think Q is shouting out to an op. and letting us know more intel. i used to get frustrated by no BIG heads falling in a fucking basket.

but lately i've taken more of the cat playing with the mouse thinking. see the hole mouse? try and get to it. ohhhhh no you don't! the mouse is terrified. it might even die from exhaustion or even a heart attack. even if it survives… eventually the head is ripped from it's body. classic. :)

0d881f No.284087


hahahahaha thanks anon

35fbe6 No.284088


stock market is fine price of gold did not spike with sell off

99fbeb No.284089


Q please tell POTUS that we have to teach the next generation of Americans SUPERIOR READING COMPREHENSION, FORMAL LOGIC, AND CRITICAL THINKING. The lack of this is why the MSM can lie to us; they know half the country is not capable of seeing throu their lies. If we do this, the MSM will lose all their customers, and our freedom will be secured. This will mean ELIMINATING THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS and creating a truly free market for private and innovative schooling. The best teachers/thinkers are shut out right now, not only for teaching, but also for starting their own schools. Thank you for all you do.

c02ed1 No.284090

Mr. Ghattas entered on duty with the FBI in 1997 and was first assigned to the ""extraterritorial investigations squad"" at the Washington Field Office, where he investigated acts of terrorism committed against Americans abroad. Throughout his career, Mr. Ghattas has served in leadership positions in the Counterterrorism Division, the Directorate of Intelligence, and the Washington Field Office.

Mr. Ghattas will assume this role in late February.

66f15a No.284091

Carl Ghattas speaking about FISA 702 policy about An hour in

https:// www. c-span.org/video/?430549-1/senators-seek-answers-monitored-calls-foreign-leaders-fisa-hearing

b23fe0 No.284092


requires parents not to use the phrase…"Because I said so"

a1503e No.284093


Unless somehow they got a warrant to spy on VJ or AS, then someone had to have flipped in order to give them the heads up for the convo about to happen. Any other ideas?

fd7e79 No.284094


Our right to bear arms and defend ourselves. Our freedom. Communism. total Govt control.

cdba68 No.284095


if he worked counterterrorism when the USS Cole happened, then my money is on black hat

befe21 No.284096

File: 4217c783732ac52⋯.png (995.37 KB, 1440x2582, 720:1291, Screenshot_2018-02-06-02-3….png)

https:// www.fbi.gov/news/stories/insider-sentenced-for-economic-espionage

843fdd No.284097



BeerAnon approves of this message. Learn responsibly.

55c0a3 No.284098

https:// www.nytimes.com/2017/09/15/us/politics/grassley-judiciary-chairman-russia-probe-subpoenas.html

Mr. Grassley and the committee’s top Democrat, Senator Dianne Feinstein of California, have agreed that the witnesses are key to the committee’s investigation and could compel them to appear despite apparent objections by the Justice Department and the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III.

The witnesses include two top F.B.I. officials who worked alongside Mr. Comey, James Rybicki and Carl Ghattas, as well as Paul Manafort, Mr. Trump’s former campaign chairman. Committee rules require Ms. Feinstein to sign off on subpoenas, and she has not made her position clear. But she has expressed her frustration with the delays.

ce5926 No.284099


They see all and they hear all

132ff1 No.284100


send POTUS an email…or DeVos.

c02ed1 No.284101


>""extraterritorial investigations squad""

wtf is that

a1503e No.284102


Yes, but can it be used in a court of law? They are still allowed the 4th.

26db25 No.284103

File: 893424c40119f04⋯.jpg (68.34 KB, 799x1128, 17:24, IMG_0724.JPG)

If the CIA is flashing memes of elected plerbs to cover up drug running, it's not a psy op, it's treasonous propaganda .

db50df No.284104



Added to dough

c53362 No.284105


Good call. Found 4 matches for Ghattas in Podesta emails, and several in Clintons, but they all seem like a different person, foreign diplomats or media.

Unless he's married to a Kim Ghattas with BBC, then I don't think we have any match.

78877b No.284106


Markets have been manipulated, let the free market do what it do

b23fe0 No.284107


can we trust FBI resources at this point?

e2aa3e No.284108


intimidation? threat? orders? not sure but he time of call seems like its meant to prove authenticity to those who would know i.e. VJ AS

other on since not identified but enough people to meet sec 3 art 3 requirements?

can't imagine VJ calls/talks without BO being part

a79ccf No.284109


Commies dumbed down education on purpose. They're still at it (more aggressive and blatant than ever) Outside of govt corruption its our Num 1 threat i think.

93ce99 No.284110

This image was posted in New York Times https: //goo. gl/images/4MXkua

ba7559 No.284111

File: 5b70e9b7010dc96⋯.jpg (388.29 KB, 921x676, 921:676, abbas.jpg)

20 min. ago

ce5926 No.284112


I was thinking they are using their own laws against them. Think FISC - or whatever it needs to be to surveil citizens

ac8b8e No.284113


Tell us about FBI Aaron Rouse and the LV investigation, please?


c285db No.284114

File: 345c7b55ff65d15⋯.png (304.09 KB, 854x759, 854:759, ghattqas.png)

Grassley, Feinstein to Carl Ghattas - Senate Judiciary Committee

https:// www.judiciary.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/2017-07-11%20CEG%20DF%20to%20Ghattas%20(Interview%20Invitation).pdf

6a4d2e No.284115


Wonder what he knows about LV

4a4dbc No.284116


>Pedro Cortes

added to the resignation list >>169315

223abc No.284117

File: 0b2fc6c16fbc4ef⋯.jpg (162.67 KB, 571x744, 571:744, ghattasiscorruptasshit.jpg)

befe21 No.284118

File: e573b19ecce0f21⋯.png (702.34 KB, 1435x2579, 1435:2579, Screenshot_2018-02-06-02-4….png)


Thats the real question….Trust Wray I guess….

9eb5d7 No.284119

Thank you baker 👨‍🍳

a1503e No.284120


True about that….which is why I concluded she's flipped since shit is hitting the fan. They are gonna start singing a lot real soon.

104a20 No.284121


Van Jones fits here way better than jarrett

8e5747 No.284122

File: 4b9695ca26cfe93⋯.jpg (44.41 KB, 403x403, 1:1, nationOfWorkers.jpg)

7aff92 No.284123

File: 7bfeec5cd887a09⋯.png (556.23 KB, 968x507, 968:507, Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at ….png)



a79ccf No.284124


Worth the dig to make sure. Thnx m8. Any new name that pops up should be be crossed with those emails for the record tho. Theres still tons of info in there that we havent pieced.

ce419e No.284125


This was posted earlier. I thought it was an interesting theory


25db7b No.284126

I'm wondering when the Council on Foreign Relations are going to come up.

b23fe0 No.284127


maybe some of the more recent stuff.. but there might be a limit on how far back we can go

93ce99 No.284128


21862f No.284129

EU here, just got up and up to speed on latest Q posts. Status on the clerkhouse video? I'm downloading one that was linked here in one of the threads, the 4,33GB one, it's slow, though. Pretty sure other anons already got it since that was ~4h ago.

cdba68 No.284130


anon, this is a dead link for me

c02ed1 No.284131

comey appointed mcabe

https:// www.fbi.gov/news/pressrel/press-releases/fbi-announces-executive-appointments-1

a1503e No.284132


They crying black guy? What part does he play? I dont think shiff would talk anything secret with that idiot.

a7a20c No.284133


Is he the U1 FBI informant which Q posted earlier?

755242 No.284134

Carter Page

https:// www.justice.gov/usao-sdny/pr/evgeny-buryakov-pleads-guilty-manhattan-federal-court-connection-conspiracy-work

The FBI obtained the recordings after Sporyshev attempted to recruit an FBI undercover employee (“UCE-1”), who was posing as an analyst from a New York-based energy company. In response to requests from Sporyshev, UCE-1 provided Sporyshev with binders containing purported industry analysis written by UCE-1 and supporting documentation relating to UCE-1’s reports, as well as covertly placed recording devices. Sporyshev then took the binders to, among other places, the Residentura.

e8e248 No.284135

https:// twitter.com/brighteyes2luv/status/960781113445814272

b23fe0 No.284136


that the SOTU?

843fdd No.284137

I’m glad we don’t have to chase black coucas phone photos anymore. Good to see Q has a sense of humor.

4c1bc3 No.284138


Thanks for the breakdown, anon…Was away for several hours. This catches me up, nicely.

da016e No.284139

Ghattas seems like a real POS, maybe a clown but definitely against POTUS.

http:// www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread1195641/pg2#lastPost

7aff92 No.284140



Hearing about 702 – let me know whether link isn't working, it's working for me perfectly

a79ccf No.284141


Almost every name we dig on is part of the CFR. They're a creepy ass omni-presence

6b06bf No.284142


Great find anon!

21862f No.284143


Yep, one anon linked to clerkhouse archives, downloading now, but it's slow as fuck, ~90kbps, 11 hours left.

55c0a3 No.284144


Since when does a random Cnn fag end up in this with no context?

But lets just ignore how many times VJ= Jarrett

ef8ccd No.284145


Among those who McCabe and other law enforcement officials have privately believed are potential witnesses are six of the highest-ranking officials of the agency: They include McCabe himself; Jim Rybicki, Comey’s chief of staff; James Baker, the general counsel of the FBI; David Bowdich, who as the FBI’s associate director is the agency’s third-highest official; and Carl Ghattas, the head of the FBI’s national security division; and a legal adviser to McCabe. McCabe was deputy director of the FBI until May, when he became acting director after President Trump fired Comey.

32b904 No.284146

Has anyone else noticed that the net is very quiet? Except for Friday, when the memo was released. Then it was completely crazy. But, since then it has gone very, very quiet. The calm before the storm?

35fbe6 No.284147


no i am pretty sure it was william campell

a44e34 No.284148


I still think some (((people))) wanted Grassley gone…hence the Q drop at the beginning about extra protection / security.

b23fe0 No.284149


good… glad people got this one… smh… i got the WRONG fucking video lol

6370c3 No.284150


Van Jones never lasted vs Hussein's Chief of Staff linked to Iran. Gattis also worked the Iran deal. CNN is bad, but Van Jones isn't a foreign agent.

ba7559 No.284151

File: 629458fa5e3a76d⋯.jpg (853.3 KB, 669x965, 669:965, 800m.jpg)

3 hours ago.

"News unlocks MAP.

News unlocks map.

News unlocks past.

News unlocks meaning.

News unlocks message.

News unlocks Map.

News unlocks the map."

4c1bc3 No.284152


I got the second round!

689d7d No.284153


Jan 27 2018 09:29:02


ID: e1be55


JA posted this vid earlier today. It's JB at a CFR event. https:// twitter. com/JulianAssange/status/957212097984819200

Jan 27 2018 09:43:56



ID: d15fcf




What a coincidence.


5e3a04 No.284154

Having a little confusion re: AS… schiff or scalia talked to Jarrett? And assume as 187 is scalia… is he always as 187?

4ced12 No.284155

I'm feeling afraid. Should we prepare? Buy food and SHTF scenario? I have small kids!

366714 No.284156


I believe in aliens more than I believe in coincidences.

32b904 No.284157


I agree, Van Jones is not that serious.

befe21 No.284158

https:// /index.php/newsroom/press-releases/item/1827-joint-statement-from-dni-coats-ag-sessions-cia-director-pompeo-fbi-director-wray-and-nsa-director-rogers-on-fisa-section-702-reauthorization

Joint letter from Wray Sessions DNI Coats Like I and Rodgers MAY BE OF IMPORT

132ff1 No.284159


wonder if there were any israeli art students nearby..

939b35 No.284160


Dilly Dilly

b23fe0 No.284161


i think 'Q' might disappear after all is said and done… too many people would idolize those involved

6370c3 No.284162


Scalia is always dead and resurrection isn't happening. Alive AS is Adam Schiff.

223abc No.284163

File: 7c745b0bd78e0c3⋯.jpg (158.53 KB, 547x744, 547:744, ghattasiscorruptasshit2.jpg)

35fbe6 No.284164

anyone know when William Campell is set to testify to the committee

befe21 No.284165


Pompeo and Rodgers*

36630e No.284166


Twatted this earlier.

Fiscal year ending Sept 2016, too.

So OB Admin.

e8e248 No.284167

File: eb02f18a9bb3254⋯.jpg (155.26 KB, 587x1040, 587:1040, DVViGuRVQAICPuV.jpg)

939b35 No.284168


187 is slang for murder

843fdd No.284169

File: e42db684a6c3d7d⋯.jpeg (592.56 KB, 1125x1248, 375:416, 4E6AD203-F986-44C9-BF1B-9….jpeg)

689d7d No.284170


Maybe Q is our collective conscience, helping us realize our true selves.

366714 No.284171



Overcome your fears, fear is the cabal's most effective weapon.

755242 No.284172

f1e6b7 No.284173


People expect shit after this is all done and over, but we get the rare satisfaction of actually doing something to rid the US and the world of evil people.

That should be enough for all of us.

843fdd No.284174

File: 9feb95003349172⋯.jpeg (311.12 KB, 1125x875, 9:7, F19DD7D6-D5B8-4941-800D-6….jpeg)

befe21 No.284175


We are safe Q has said this several times….but you should have already been prepared. But calm down about it

4cb956 No.284176

Obama's nomination of Merrick Garland was before the Lynch tarmac meeting. If Bill was assuring her Scalia's vacant seat via HRC nomination, then Obama's nomination was all an act. This means Obama was involved in the conspiracy as well.

ef8ccd No.284177


No one knows the future, you should be prepared because anything could happen, just don't go overboard because it probably won't, and even if it does you might not be able to use what you stored, and you might not even want to (in the case of something that will exceed your preparations).

The best idea is to take advantage of specials so you have food you will eat eventually, you save money and any short crisis you are ok.

b23fe0 No.284178


man i got some crystals if you are lookin to buy lol

36630e No.284179


Well, that was realized sooner than I expected.

b5f6f3 No.284180


187 means killed —sp as supreme court justice anton scalia

5e3a04 No.284181


Sigh. Allow me to rephrase. Has Q ever referred to Scalia without putting the 187 after it?

342d29 No.284182

File: b6c8e2e3180e24f⋯.png (690.25 KB, 1678x932, 839:466, milairtraffic2_5.png)


Because BHO has been detained at Site R in Camp David since he was extracted from Atlanta airport on Dec. 17.

We have more than we know.

6eb1eb No.284183

File: a2a419a69564a13⋯.jpeg (259.23 KB, 750x1205, 150:241, 35545622-6D2F-44FC-AAC2-0….jpeg)



https:// mobile.twitter.com/sallyloveless1

a44e34 No.284184

File: 9e3d7215336e390⋯.png (171.64 KB, 696x928, 3:4, CalmCovfefe.png)


Oh look, POTUS was right AGAIN…

befe21 No.284185


Not slang Los Angeles Police code

0d881f No.284186


Q will for ever be immortalized as asking Questions & Finding answers. Blessed be the Autists & Anons. God bless all the brave people who fight for Truth in a dark world.

6370c3 No.284187


Correct.. AS 187 was Scalia. AS in other instances = Adam Schiff who talked to VJ.

22fb1d No.284188


Even if world peace was declared tomorrow, natural disasters and unexpected emergencies still happen. That's life. Everyone should have food and water stored away just in case.

7aff92 No.284189

File: aec4b79727f5891⋯.png (197.81 KB, 840x573, 280:191, Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at ….png)



85c9b7 No.284190

File: 56193f866ba5b2c⋯.mp4 (402.83 KB, 240x240, 1:1, 9_7IPT7dO-19dJRH.mp4)

d74916 No.284191


Don't add anything before "Anonymous"…no Subject line or name or email.

No, Q has repeatedly said we are safe. Always have a few supplies for temporary emergencies, but stay calm. Have faith. You'll be okay. Be vigilant and keep a good eye on your kids. Don't live in fear. You'll be okay. Say a prayer.

179fb9 No.284192

File: 156ab7c08fabf56⋯.png (321.81 KB, 854x759, 854:759, 5a795cd76c510.png)

ba7559 No.284193

File: 82fe92e09aa5ffd⋯.jpg (498.79 KB, 594x912, 99:152, malmo.jpg)

97bb4b No.284194


Ghattas sang to Ron Johnson

b23fe0 No.284195


simply put… they got the big events… and we are not dangerous enough to waste resources on

e8e248 No.284196

What I am hoping for the most, is for this not to affect Disability claims. We're riding the line as it is.

6370c3 No.284197


I'm sure his name will come up tomorrow when Grassley released the unredacted memo.

206d0b No.284198

maybe the 4th is another phone at sotu that sent the text. maybe phone 3 recieved what phone 4 sent?

53f867 No.284200


Any shutdowns do NOT impact SS payments.. rest easy Anon

befe21 No.284201

File: 11a93034b28f9e8⋯.png (82.71 KB, 349x197, 349:197, 6da0060e7482cfd552eecade12….png)

ebf9ee No.284202

looks like Carl Ghattas is a blackhat. anons ???

689d7d No.284203

File: 08822c77c7cf8ad⋯.png (317.57 KB, 653x2611, 653:2611, 1501168025921.png)

6b06bf No.284205


OK anons. Tying a couple of Q posts together to see if they connect.

Re-read this Q post yesterday:

Q !UW.yye1fxo 01/27/18 (Sat) 19:12:12 No.76

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0uCrA7ePno


"Bring them to heel"

Define heel.

(of a dog) follow closely behind its owner.

In the video HRC states WJC policy implemented within the FBI re: "Super-predators" and "gangs" to "Bring them to heel".

The sticking point with that is that to bring something to heel is to control it, as in by a master. Like you would with a dog. She doesn't say eradicate super predators or gangs. They want to control them. As with an army on anonymous soldiers who cannot be tied back to them to do their bidding (i.e.: MS13, Fast and Furious, etc.).

The video is from 1996. Here's the tie in: Cal Ghattas joined the FBI in 1997 and worked in counter terrorism programs in the US and abroad.

He would have entered the FBI right at the beginning of all of this.

Seems too coincidental.

223abc No.284206

File: dd23910a350a1b3⋯.jpg (488.22 KB, 1920x1074, 320:179, probablyanothingburgerbut!.jpg)

ba7559 No.284207

What's that in the air?

The Swedish guns

And what is that right there?

That's Swedish guns

Let's have a second look

It's Swedish guns

Must be by the book

It's Swedish guns

And guess what came to town

The Swedish guns

And guess what burned it down

The Swedish guns

And every life they took

With Swedish guns

Now everywhere you look

It's Swedish guns


When you want something done

When you want something done

Just take me by the hand

We'll make them understand

If you want something done

Get Swedish guns

Take care of someone

Get Swedish guns

You need a helping hand?

Get Swedish guns

Secure a piece of land

Get Swedish guns

ef8ccd No.284208


That will be it! We need to hear what he has to say!

206d0b No.284209


who is that? do we have a name yet?

ef8ccd No.284210


Worthy of repeating, we should watch that!

ef8ccd No.284213


Ghattas will be on C-span soon!


c53362 No.284214

File: 71a5d0e592349c4⋯.png (25.84 KB, 638x265, 638:265, ClipboardImage.png)

https:// twitter.com/tribelaw/status/879876438639378432?lang=en

Also this from 9/13/17

Exclusive: Justice Department declines Senate request to interview FBI officials over Comey firing

What appears to have irked the panel in particular is the refusal of the Justice Department to cooperate with a key part of its investigation. The leaders of the panel, Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley and the ranking Democrat Dianne Feinstein, have repeatedly asked two senior FBI officials – Carl Ghattas and James Rybicki – to sit down for a transcribed interview to discuss the Comey firing as part of its inquiry into any improper interference with the FBI.

https:// www.cnn.com/2017/09/13/politics/fbi-official-interview-request-denied-justice-department/index.html

fd7e79 No.284215

as far as I recall, NO, but if it's Scalia, or Schiff, you cann tell by context >>284181

600f85 No.284217

>The president later claimed that Wray never the threatened to quit. And one cannot help but notice that of the five career FBI employees Comey told about his interactions with Trump in real time (McCabe, Baker, Chief of Staff James Rybicki, Associate Deputy Director David Bowdich and Carl Ghatta, who heads the national security branch), only the last two remain in the jobs they had in 2016. It would seem that the purge is proceeding apace.

https:// www.salon. com/2018/01/24/as-mueller-closes-in-paranoia-spreads-white-house-seeks-deep-state-purge/

173ce0 No.284218


Who is the photographer?

Who made the edit?

Who has the original?

Getty image HD

59034c No.284219

good night anons, happy hunting, God bless

206d0b No.284220


yep, its looking good

869a50 No.284221


I've heard one nutritionist say that despite doctors saying your cholesterol should be below 200, and the lower the better, his contention is your brain needs Cholesterol, and all of the drugs to lower it will hasten the onset of Alzheimers!

b23fe0 No.284222


maybe wray was threatened to have him resign… but refused… or acted as if he might to expose the fake news

32b904 No.284223


Disabled are the last to go. The last to lose housing or assistance. George Bush did an end run around Swarzenheger when he tried to cut off the disabled. No one wants to be responsible for that.

4c1bc3 No.284224


Godspeed, Patriot!

b5b3b0 No.284225


Ghattas Khoury - Associated?

a1f0ad No.284226


there's memes out there about here and her bad photoshop job, since we can't find the exact screen shot getting people to question it should be enough to stir the pot

ef8ccd No.284227




It happened, here is Carl Ghattis's speech.

Carl Ghattas


869a50 No.284228

Q, was the South Carolina Amtrak wreck a FF? I'm guessing yes.

d74916 No.284229


Let Q write a book if he wants after this is done (which is going to take a long time). I don't think he's looking for praise, and he's not a god, after all. Many, many patriots are making all of this work to defeat corruption and evil. I respect Q and the Marines, the special ops people, our patriotic legislators, and the President. They are all important and have a role to play.

223abc No.284230

>>284220 Just wish I was a better video fag.

Here is a HQ vid of the phone.

http:// dailycaller.com/2018/01/30/democrats-sotu-stand/

ce5926 No.284231


Amtrak seems to have a lot of "accidents", don't they?

565c7a No.284232


filled my larder today

f0c537 No.284233


I bet they got a warrant on Hussein b/c everyone knows he’s not a “US Citizen”.

Or they obtained a FISC against someone in the previous admin.

befe21 No.284234

File: a3c6fb4bdd39ce6⋯.png (204.21 KB, 511x391, 511:391, a3c6fb4bdd39ce6b153ae2dca9….png)

a031fc No.284235

Always prepare. Have a minimum of 2 months in savings for rent or mortgage and food. Natural disaster or loss of a income your prepared…





4c1bc3 No.284236

File: b04794999c2446d⋯.png (308.38 KB, 1766x914, 883:457, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at ….png)


Screen-shot of page for the hasty:

22fb1d No.284237


I genuinely believe this.

ba7559 No.284238



65ea99 No.284239


Hello Q!

Is Ghattas white hat or black?

e322dd No.284240


Let's see, what do we really know about Tucker? He comes from a blue blood family, was the youngest anchor ever on CNN, started the Daily Caller with a former advisor to Dick Cheney, was frequently seen at Comet Ping Pong. I'm not sold yet on his patriot status.

e8e248 No.284241

My guess is, Amtrak is retaliating for the funding cut by Trump after he took office. And the way the trains are controlled remotely, the conductors only being there for emergencies, the trains could easily be made to take a different track.

6c6b86 No.284242


True Eskimos have like 450, they don't get heart attacks, also Study selenium, and read The Cholesterol myth, or Dr. Glidden or Wallach youtube

ef8ccd No.284244


Caps not mine, put it through a sentence case converter…

Carl ghattas

To my colleague from the fbi to discuss the fbi's implementation of section 702. >> mr. Chairman, ranking member, members of the committee, good morning. Section 702 is an extremely valuable and critical investigative tool for the fbi. Every fbi division conducting national security investigations defendant benefits from information collected by 702. That's whether the information is shared as a tip or collected on a target relevant to an fbi investigation. Let me share with you an example which I exercising my discretion as an original classification authority have determined can be declassified to help the american people better understand the value of section 702 especially with respect to its fight with isis. In october 2013, the fbi started investigating shawn parson, a foreign person from trinidad and to bay tobago. This was after he expressed online to commit an attack against western interests. We used a range of investigative tools and techniques including 702. We did this in an effort to detect any attack planning that was underway and assess the extent of his influence. In november 2014 parson traveled from trinidad and tobago to syria and became increasingly vocal online. The information collected pursuant 702 revealed that parson was a trusted member of an isis network. Parson was a key player in this network. The network used the internet and social media to distribute prolific amounts of english language terrorist propaganda. They encouraged their follows to carry out attacks. They used social media daily and directed communications with people rapid fire and spread their message encouraging peel to attack. – people to attack. Parson was a native english speaker and he even appeared in an isis recruiting video. This network identified american military men and women and posted their names and addresses online. They instructed their online followers to kill them in their own lands, behead them in their own homes, stab them to death as they walk their streets thinking they are safe, unquote. Parson encouraged his followers to attack u.S. Police officers, u.S. Military bases located in colorado, ohio and soft targets in new york city, chicago and los angeles. Information obtained through section 702 coverage not only revealed parson's persistent terrorist propaganda but it was instrumental in identifying additional members of parson's network. The fbi shared this information with the rest of the intelligence community. We also shared it with trusts international partners. Sharing parson's contacts with our international partners was critical as it led to the identification of additional isis facilitators and supporters in those countries and it potentially prevented attacks in those countries as well. Parson was eventually killed in syria in september 2015. Let me talk next about the fbi's practice in querying 702 collection. With regard to that collection, it's important to remember that the fbi receives a small fraction of the total collection that nsa acquires under this program. In fact, the fbi only receives a small percentage of nsa's downstream collection and none of the ump treatment collection. The reason is that – is relevant to a pending, full investigation. The fbi cannot receive section 702 during a preliminary inquery or an assessment. Those queries are run against a small fraction of the total 702 collection acquired by the u.S. Government. When the fbi runs a u.S. Person identifyier through our database,s that run through 702 collection that's obtained during fbi full investigations and not the total collection maintained by the nsa. The intelligence community and if the fbi utilize 702 – after those communications are collected they're retained in our database and are available for authorized fbi agents and analysts to subsequently query. Later, when a tip or lead suggests that a u.S. Person located here may pose a threat, one of the best investigative steps is to search existing collection to determine what kind of threat we're dealing with. This is what helps us connect the dots. Finally I'm aware that some critics of the 702 collection program have suggested that the fbi should obtain a warrant before querying a u.S. Person identifier against our 702 collection. Imposing a warrant would severely hamper our operations by creating a barrier between the FBI – I'm happy to answer any further questions you may have about this particular subject during the source of this hearing. Thank you at this point for allowing me to make these remarks. Now

f0c537 No.284245


All three in the back have phones on.

445ac7 No.284246

File: e0f48aa98c28df2⋯.jpg (58.47 KB, 933x600, 311:200, FISA.JPG)

File: 49d2027ba00e91d⋯.jpg (50.42 KB, 899x296, 899:296, FISA2.JPG)


Ghattas shilling for the renewal of Section 702 of the FISA act in front of the Seante Judiciary Committee in June of 2017.

https:// www.judiciary.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/06-27-17%20Brooker-Evans-Morris-Ghattas%20Joint%20Testimony.pdf

179fb9 No.284247


hah, thank you

d86028 No.284248


Yes and it is loud .

fd7e79 No.284249


exactly, no one person can take this down. military intelligence is key.

b23fe0 No.284250


i was listening to something about that earlier… somehow one of the track switches got flipped… investigation is open

945b50 No.284251


Carl Ghattas currently serves as the executive assistant director of the National Security Branch where he leads the FBI’s operations and intelligence efforts involving all national security matters, ranging from terrorism to espionage to weapons of mass destruction. Under his leadership, the program will continue to focus on technical innovation, operational agility, and strategic partnerships.

Mr. Ghattas joined the FBI in 1997. Upon graduating from the FBI Academy, he worked counterterrorism investigations in the Washington Field Office. Mr. Ghattas deployed overseas to investigate several major attacks against the United States, including the 1998 bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya; the 2000 attack against the U.S.S. Cole in Aden, Yemen; and the murder of several Americans in Greece by the Greek terrorist group 17 November. Over the course of his 20-year career, the majority of Mr. Ghattas’ focuses have been on counterterrorism efforts in the United States and around the world and strategically integrating intelligence and operations to ensure intelligence collection aligns with priority threats. In 2014, he was appointed special agent in charge of the Washington Field Office's counterterrorism program and, most recently, served as the assistant director of the Counterterrorism Division.

Mr. Ghattas has received numerous awards, to include the Attorney General's Award for Distinguished Service and the Exceptional Achievement Medal from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Mr. Ghattas earned a bachelor of arts from Duke University and a Juris Doctor from Washington University.

c4c30e No.284252


pic looks taken from right behind him. any other view to approximate angle to see who may have taken picture?

7aff92 No.284254

File: f752d2d379cfcd6⋯.png (281.78 KB, 1118x400, 559:200, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at ….png)

26db25 No.284255

File: acfe55f35c6da2e⋯.jpg (156.46 KB, 762x1049, 762:1049, IMG_0565.JPG)

It's like a photoshopped memo

7aff92 No.284256

File: 7ab97c1bff6c506⋯.png (337.02 KB, 987x687, 329:229, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at ….png)

99fbeb No.284257


I went to high school with kids named Ghattas. They were Middle Eastern, Lebanese or Egyptian. IDK if that has anything to do with anything.

6370c3 No.284258


That was for the crime bill… 3 strikes, minimum sentences. You know, everything she campaigned against in 2016. It showed how she felt about black people.

MS-13 is just the tool of the day. Expendable tools. We could have shut them down in the 80's since they started in LA. We chose to deport them back to El Salvador and they grew into the world's most dangerous gang and came back to the states with a vengeance.

b23fe0 No.284259


ghattas is sounding more and more like a black hat

261514 No.284260

Boyd wife

Brecke Latham Boyd

is a seasoned media expert with over ten years of policy and press relations experience. A career spanning from Capitol Hill to the corporate legal industry, Brecke has earned a reputation as a principled professional capable of applying effective big-picture strategies at the intersection of government, press and law. She captures stories that inform the press, public, regulators, and potential clients on litigation and policy developments.  

Brecke currently serves as the Firmwide Media Relations Manager, Client Relations for Baker Botts LLP, a $1 Billion revenue global law firm representing 78 of the Fortune 100 companies.  She works in direct coordination with senior stakeholders for the litigation, white collar, corporate, intellectual property, antitrust, and technology practices to implement strategic campaigns that align with the firm’s business development objectives. Brecke advises on media responses for activities and cases involving the U.S. Supreme Court, government litigation, securities regulation and enforcement, criminal investigations, Federal Trade Commission, Securities and Exchange Commission, and Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S.  Efforts have resulted in a 30% increase in overall earned media in 2016 over 2015 and a 60% annual increase in publishing.

Capitol Hill

Before transitioning to the private sector, Brecke worked on Capitol Hill  serving in communications and legislative roles for several Republican members of Congress, which provided a foundation in public policy. While working on the Hill, Brecke was responsible for managing office-wide congressional messaging, working around key legislative properties, writing committee hearing testimony, composing congressional speeches and policy press statements, and meeting with lobbyist on various policy topics. Her legislative portfolio included energy, international trade, healthcare, budget, transportation and military/defense issues, among others.  

On Capitol Hill, Brecke served as Communications Director for Congresswoman Martha Roby (R-AL); Communications Director and Legislative Assistant for Congressman Parker Griffith (R-AL); Communications Director for Congressman Jerry Moran (R-KS); and Press Secretary for Congressman Gresham Barrett (R-SC).

http:// breckeboyd.com

f0c537 No.284261


The switch was padlocked to divert all traffic to the side track where the parked trains sit so it definitely wasn’t an “accident”!

d72302 No.284262

anyone catch Hannity?

Obama in witness protection program? WTF?

332a2e No.284263


Guess you don't watch fox or read daily. Time for you to go.


ba7559 No.284264



FISA Reauthorization

The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the reauthorization of Section 702 of the Foreign…

Carl Ghattas, Executive Assistant Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Security Branch


689d7d No.284265

File: c75d901cba04b0d⋯.jpg (83.02 KB, 580x600, 29:30, 1498519313117.jpg)

d74916 No.284266


Did you watch the video?? It has no views of the women's phones at all. There are many videos similar to this, but if you link to one, make sure it has close ups of the ladies' phones in the video.

b23fe0 No.284267


are you sure it isnt mechanically controlled… its physically locked?

f0c537 No.284268


🦊 reported the switch was padlocked to divert all traffic to the side track.

ba7559 No.284269


transcripts are there.

689d7d No.284270


While digging her I could only find articles stating she has a hubby but she has some high up friends and contacts.

020433 No.284271


>Obama in witness protection program?

i missed this, what?

b23fe0 No.284272


are you fucking serious? witness protection?

21fe34 No.284273



e8e248 No.284274

No accident. https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/283878.html#q284268

261514 No.284276


Heard it too

b23fe0 No.284277


oh snap… definitely intent… there should of been sensors that could detect the malfunction

cdba68 No.284278

d74916 No.284279


Train 91. The Las Vegas shooting was Highway 91 Harvest Festival. These people love symbols. No accident!

f0c537 No.284280


Fox scrolling text said the switch was “padlocked” to divert traffic to the side track.

Does that text show on archived shows? It was during the morning show around 10 AM.

689d7d No.284282


33rd day of the year. 33 has been around all week too.

e322dd No.284283


Guess you're an ignorant boomer who thinks the entertainment you see on Fox is real. General Hayden already outed Baier, Smith, and Wallace as being Project Mockingbird over twitter.


b23fe0 No.284284


its not that… how the hell did the sensors not detect the switch being thrown for the sidetrack

261514 No.284285


What was on that trains route? Maybe the people who tchained themselves to track, was train supposed to hit them

7aff92 No.284286


It would make sense that higher-ups in the FBI would have their relations secretive.

b23fe0 No.284287


or no one reported it

223abc No.284288

>>284266 it shows other phones of male democrats, who were possible recipitants. exploring all avenues.

d86028 No.284289

Off topic question…..Would McCabes wife have to resign from the Senate when he is found guilty of treason? That campaign money was a bribe.

fd7e79 No.284290


she lost the election so no

b23fe0 No.284291


not necessarily … but she would probably have her own charges

d74916 No.284292


No doubt!

b5f6f3 No.284293


Where? Gitmo?

ebf9ee No.284295


if that is his wife, she interviewing former 7th Floor member Kerry.

and has a book about HRC = definite black_hats

f0c537 No.284296


It was not thrown at the time, it was locked with a physical lock. Perhaps the signal was also “fixed” to appear correct. .

fd7e79 No.284297



b23fe0 No.284299


that would take some skill to do… there would be records of it being tampered with unless someone with some gear and skill could pull it off without throwing a red flag

b61da8 No.284300


another said she lost the election, but would not the bribe be covered in the Dec EO for corruption, and all their assets taken from them?

7aff92 No.284303


She's suspicious as is Carl

35fbe6 No.284304

U1 FBI informant William Campell had his gag lifted in Nov by JS why as he not testified yet?

36630e No.284305

Feb 6 2018 01:34:50



ID: 975911



Public interest [keep high].

U1 FBI informant.

AWAN/DWS/Paki intel/MB.

Tarmac meeting [SC/LL deal > AS 187].


b23fe0 No.284307


who says he hasnt

97bb4b No.284308


Tomorrow eh?

342d29 No.284309


Camp David site R

99fbeb No.284310


Obama's #1 goal was to take the guns. Merrick Garland was chosen for that purpose.

7fbd61 No.284311

File: 129a82f4863836f⋯.jpg (45.77 KB, 500x400, 5:4, laugh.jpg)

104a20 No.284312

fd7e79 No.284314


I think he has' but of course media not covering. hannity stopped covering. maybe for protection? I think he was threatened six times to be killed.

e66819 No.284315

File: cd14ea59a233441⋯.png (74.67 KB, 735x365, 147:73, qasg.png)

Question: is post 673 connected/related to posts 671 and 672?

ef8ccd No.284317



Not that terribly interesting, besides some stuff about bad ISIS… The only mildly interesting thing is this.

The intelligence community and if the FBI utilize 702 – after those communications are collected they're retained in our database and are available for authorized FBI agents and analysts to subsequently query. Later, when a tip or lead suggests that a U.S. Person located here may pose a threat, one of the best investigative steps is to search existing collection to determine what kind of threat we're dealing with. This is what helps us connect the dots. Finally I'm aware that some critics of the 702 collection program have suggested that the FBI should obtain a warrant before querying a U.S. Person identifier against our 702 collection. Imposing a warrant would severely hamper our operations by creating a barrier between the FBI

8f5861 No.284318


http:// thehill.com/blogs/in-the-know/370335-obama-officiated-former-staffers-wedding-in-dc-over-the-weekend

4c1bc3 No.284319



Education is everything. And generations of Americans have been robbed of this treasure.

d72302 No.284320





https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=flrixmJVpS8&feature=youtu.be

900a93 No.284321

(Newfag on tablet) Ok here it goes…..

Was researching on Joyce Beatty pics, noticed she made a curfluffle at the 2016 DNC by wearing a dress FLOTUS had worn. When to look at speakers, 4 days, she's not listed even tho she spoke.

Speech needs another here to listen to as it is significant to points POTUS made at SOTU.

It's on YT, might need captured and saved just in case I'm right.

Center (points out the target)

Find the Roll (role hides true meaning- role is Speaker at DNC)

1 of 4 (4 days of convention)

Find the 4th (day she spoke? Can't find sauce she's scrubbed from wiki entry)

Find the film ( many on YT)

Enhance (misdirection?)


Will go viral

Source archive offline (need someone to do, I'm unable)

Raw only (?)

Just where my autism took me. Submitted for consideration.

fd7e79 No.284322


Right, but maybe he knew no way she'd get approved by congress. Maybe LL was more of a shoe in, and maybe deals made between O and Hillary. I mean by him being elected over Hillary, maybe he owed her something. I mean her minions put the hit on Scalia.

a79ccf No.284323


Maybe the CG dude is the FBI informant (seems unlikely Q would out an informant tho). All that said literally everything Q posts is connected somehow. Tangled web…

3e75c3 No.284324

Did anyone find the photo yet?

befe21 No.284325


All I know is the grey hair Cockass member in front of him is Donald Mceachin Im scouring for seating arrangement lists

d72302 No.284326


So, is Barack Obama the singing bird?

869a50 No.284327


Super Bowl Ratings Drop To 8-Year Low


Entertainment Reporter

2:24 PM 02/05/2018

The ratings for Super Bowl LII Sunday night marked an 8-year low for the NFL’s big game.

According to Deadline, the championship game saw the underdog Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots, 41-33. However, that matchup didn’t equal a win for NBC or the National Football League. According to Nielsen, the NFL scored a 47.4/70 in metered market results.

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

In a season where the ratings were down by nearly 10 percent overall from the previous year, the Super Bowl continued the same trend making it the lowest rated Super Bowl since 2010. That game earned a 46.4 rating in metered market results, scoring 106.4 million viewers with a 38.6 rating among adults ages 18-49.

Not only did the game suffer in the ratings department, but had only 103.4 million people watching, making it the least watched Super Bowl since 2009, when the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Arizona Cardinals 27-23. That game had 98.7 million viewers.

e66819 No.284328


thanks for your input

21fe34 No.284330


hell no….not a chance in hell

4c1bc3 No.284331


These agencies should have been scrapped yesterday… Start new intel-orgs and when they're up to speed, can the others. What's the problem?

ba7559 No.284332




1cb566 No.284333


Yes. Both refer to the murder of Justice Antonin Scalia.

332a2e No.284334


No not ignorant but willing to admit I could be wrong

I guess in the end we will find out who is honest, but in an interview Tucker stated he left CNN because of the direction they were going and he was conservative.

He may have gotten the job because of his blue blood but as Q stated, more good than bad.

We shall see in the end, I'm hoping he is good.

This has gotten so far out of hand, like hannity said, it gets confusing.

Sweet dreams, see you at the end of our liberation of the swamp

36630e No.284335


Yes. Same timeline.

947b3d No.284336

BC also owed Merrick Garland for the Oklahoma City bombing coverup. Doesn't make sense he would offer to LL unless the had another SCJ they were going to off.

204c63 No.284337

File: 3021b5c39a64be3⋯.jpg (232 KB, 1086x893, 1086:893, hmmm.jpg)

342d29 No.284338


Photo? Must of been a top secret wedding. No proof he was there.

e5671e No.284339

John Podesta involved in getting a contract to 187 scalia because whatever underage boy Scalia was with was the one who killed him(poison?)–which indicates MKUltra/child assassins?

fd7e79 No.284340


Is this not the funniest damn thing. Obama does nothing, plays games with the military, has no respect for their purpose. In turn he screws everyone over, sells out our country, and now he has to answer to the very entity he fucked over the most. Karma has a sense of humor.

d78f38 No.284341


Probably a joke since he's not seen in public lately. Questionable (fake) news sites claim that three of his aides went into witness protection.

204c63 No.284342

File: ebc36da35f0952b⋯.jpg (184.81 KB, 1066x938, 533:469, wow.jpg)

a79ccf No.284343


Ginsburg is only still here to try and outlast GEOTUS. Shed be retired and replaced by Hilary by now had that cunt won. Id bet money on that

befe21 No.284344

File: ca602845b288ca2⋯.jpg (264.55 KB, 2400x1652, 600:413, bill-priestap-1.jpg)

Bill Priestap? Black hat?

https:// www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https:// theconservativetreehouse.com/2017/12/23/a-counterintelligence-timeline-with-a-bill-priestap-and-james-comey-reminder/amp/&ved=2ahUKEwjY4q7t7ZDZAhUPtlkKHcvQCZIQFjANegQIDxAB&usg=AOvVaw0kf1bffyX6uFGWZeHe6lNb&ampcf=1

32b904 No.284345


This article is really scary. It is about Q referencing BLUNT.

Blunt was a supplier of Irish boys to Jimmy Saville.

https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/2378450

35fbe6 No.284346


well if he has why would Q want us to keep public intrest up

204c63 No.284347

File: 4a67bf88e55a214⋯.png (112.26 KB, 1072x903, 1072:903, woww.png)

563565 No.284348

File: 882be9cf47f7ba7⋯.png (19.45 KB, 248x91, 248:91, Bildschirmfoto 2018-02-06 ….png)


This book would make Clancy look like Peter Pan…

204c63 No.284349

File: 03309eb38a284cc⋯.jpg (151.67 KB, 1077x805, 1077:805, woww.jpg)

2852b3 No.284351

File: 30ee1ed762f8e00⋯.jpeg (162.05 KB, 1242x608, 621:304, 32994FD4-6BA9-49FF-A6EC-6….jpeg)

Rudolph Contreras was the FISA Judge who issued a warrant to spy on Carter Page because of a Yahoo News article and a phony dossier. Barack Hussein Obama appointed Judge Contreras to the FISA Court….

ba7559 No.284352

File: 36614cb5616fa10⋯.png (269.98 KB, 400x400, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)

d78f38 No.284353


Only way he deserves protection is if he's an MK Ultra victim.

fd7e79 No.284354

maybe he sung and exchange for no prosecution he was allowed to leave the FBI quietly without

him being publicly embarrassed, never to be employed again. >>284344

8503e4 No.284355


>Probably a joke since he's not seen in public lately.

it was, although hannity probably does know where he is

d86028 No.284356


Yes, I know see she lost.

263412 No.284357


Does she think she can beat the #TrumpCurse? What a hateful little witch-clown.

fd7e79 No.284358


are you putting selfies on 8chan?

342d29 No.284359


It wasn't a joke. It was a subtle nudge to America to ask "Yea, where is Obama? What does he have to say about all this?"

ef8ccd No.284360

>>284345 (In ref to Q saying BLUNT regarding Roths & Black Forrest






Please remember to include this in next bread!

85c9b7 No.284361

I'm having no luck finding anything of value on the web. I feel so limited and useless.

ba7559 No.284362


watch the vid.

95be61 No.284363

File: 9f16f24817ea75a⋯.png (60.25 KB, 1080x494, 540:247, 2.png)

File: 4b902d1785c3e6c⋯.png (59.22 KB, 1080x493, 1080:493, 3.png)

7aff92 No.284364

File: 8af445e0065207f⋯.png (32.83 KB, 615x102, 205:34, Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at ….png)

Q: I hope we will be able to address this issue as well.

c62865 No.284365


Additional FUN facts because I don't know that they matter or not

June 12, 2016: WikiLeaks says it will be making public more of Clinton’s previously unpublished emails.

October 7, 2016: WikiLeaks publishes the first batch of emails belonging to Clinton’s campaign chair John Podesta.

October 9, 2016: Trump tells Clinton he would appoint a special prosecutor to look into her use of a private email server, and says he would put her in jail.

fd7e79 No.284366

ahhh, will do >>284362

95be61 No.284367

File: 32d0e61da00c8cf⋯.png (115.95 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1.png)

1cb566 No.284368


She is. But the name Ghattas is Lebanese Christian. And her mother was Dutch.

4c1bc3 No.284369


I had a buddy that worked for the NSA back around 2009… He told me that the majority of employees working at the Pentagon weren't even Americans, but instead were foreigners on visas. I remember being shocked at this. Others have told me that isn't true. But, thought I'd share anyway.

d72302 No.284370



Lmao, Ghattas.. it means Diver in arabic

c62865 No.284371


Yep final score yesterday

db50df No.284372


Baker Here

Done bro

befe21 No.284374

File: 2da395fa00b3ca9⋯.jpg (8.94 KB, 209x176, 19:16, gutierrez-696x991.jpg)

File: 2da395fa00b3ca9⋯.jpg (8.94 KB, 209x176, 19:16, gutierrez-696x991.jpg)

Btw did you see this little Fairies MK Ultra butterfly

befe21 No.284376

File: 65c8eef56f63d60⋯.jpg (69.85 KB, 696x991, 696:991, gutierrez-696x991 (1).jpg)

104a20 No.284377


roberts of supreme court nominated him

689d7d No.284378


A few had it on, look like 2 rows down from Beatty

99fbeb No.284379


As good people we are conditioned not to suspect people based on their nationality or religion. We are mostly a Christian nation, but even agnostics and atheists have difficulty with the concept that some religions are not just religions but also nationalities, political ideologies, and even races at the same time.

Jews are a good example; being a jew means you espouse Judaism, but it is also your race (semitic) and your nationality (Isreal).

Muslims espouse an expansionist political ideology that is part and parcel of their religion, and it is based on subjugation and muder of all humans who are "infidels," or non-believers of Islam. This means that a Muslim, by definition - and until he or she renounces the Muslim doctrine - believes that he or she must kill you and me and subjugate our territory.

There is no question that they will infiltrate our most powerful institutions to that end by using our Freedom of Religion against us. I believe VJ and the Mayor of London are two examples.

9574ca No.284380


Ok Van… put down the keyboard.

f0c537 No.284381


"CSX had lined and padlocked the switch off the mainline to the siding, causing the collision," he said in a statement.“

http:// mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKBN1FO0CB

fd7e79 No.284382


Hannity stopped reporting on it. Maybe he was asked to stop, and the info from his testimony to be released at a later time strategically. maybe his testimony is classified.

563565 No.284383

ba7559 No.284384

File: d4aa5cd4cab269f⋯.png (316.75 KB, 710x400, 71:40, ClipboardImage.png)


Many butterflies at SOTU

3a5a1b No.284385



Sundance at The Conservative Treehouse has been all over Priestap for some time. The fact he was overlooked for so long is surprising since he was McCabe's #2. Additional sauce can be found here:

https:// theconservativetreehouse.com/?s=bill+priestap

e8e248 No.284386

Ignorance is knowledge. Freedom is slavery.

befe21 No.284387

File: 83c9f5496f82f98⋯.jpg (322.67 KB, 1672x1084, 418:271, 6f7f83f98e6f9b03a20eb3127d….jpg)


"Their need for symbolism will be their [dow]nfall"

35fbe6 No.284388


that makes sense

c42aa2 No.284389


He was kidding

ebf9ee No.284390

i'm guessing Carl-Ghattas will be named in 1 of the upcoming Memo's

b86266 No.284391



d86028 No.284392

Good night/morning Anon's.

I leave you with this video that proves Project Mockingbird is of course real.

Tomorrow is another 8 chan day!

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZVv2AOCnaA

204c63 No.284393





Didn't Q say to keep a list of people retiring / resigning.

Here are some of them.

914ae4 No.284394

File: ac5d29db9337c16⋯.jpg (301.01 KB, 1024x674, 512:337, 912420080.jpg)


I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explanation, but here you go, all the same.

ba7559 No.284395

File: 1091307c0c5781a⋯.jpg (666.7 KB, 585x886, 585:886, netsor.jpg)

10 min. ago

a1f0ad No.284396


not likely remember "No Free Passes" "No Deals"

b86266 No.284397


Lots of porn stars have butterfly tattoos. CIA Monarch -> MK Ultra (abused and sex trafficked)


ba7559 No.284398



563565 No.284399

File: 1e3b6e641bd4c6f⋯.jpg (111.63 KB, 400x556, 100:139, monarch.jpg)



What is it?

Monarch programming is a mind-control technique that uses elements of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). It combines psychology, neuroscience and occult rituals to create alter egos or personas. The handlers can trigger the slaves using various methods and the 2nd personality then comes out. Monarch slaves are used by several organizations connected with the world elite in fields such as the military, sex slavery and the entertainment industry.

b23fe0 No.284400


i just fucking realized something about the butterflys…. isnt there a lot of german folklore about butterflys and fairies? usually in thick dark forests? signifies their affiliation with the black forest perhaps?

f739d6 No.284401

https:// imgur.com/a/tC2yI

Am I reading something wrong? This guy on plebbit linked this picture apparently there's a Q post missing?

ba7559 No.284402




de03b5 No.284403


Good analysis -I have no clue how to go about something like this but someone here has what it takes- praying for those gifted anons

caa0ec No.284404

a meme a day, keeps the demoncrats away

cc99d4 No.284405


Van Jones was only mentioned that one time in Q post F0vf when Q said that Van took all 36 of BHOs anal beads at one time.

914ae4 No.284406

And members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus will be wearing migrating butterfly stickers to show support for immigrants and refugees a year into the Trump administration.


3378e1 No.284407

File: e8effdecaf49af6⋯.jpg (378.48 KB, 1200x675, 16:9, sotu three phones photosho….jpg)


Just a quick example with simple program and skills.

f739d6 No.284408


Can someone else confirm Q post missing?

ba7559 No.284409


and purple ribbons are for opioid awareness

befe21 No.284410

File: 0625038dd60b6ef⋯.jpg (71.01 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1517906676509.jpg)

2852b3 No.284411

The butterfly is slang for gay in Mexican Spanish. Mariposa = Faggot. Is he gay? Is it like a queer Latino pride thing?

3a752e No.284412


Chelsea Clinton talks about Scalia's death and her mother satan's policy plans regarding gun control. Thanks God that cunt lost the election.


b23fe0 No.284413

https:// www.thoughtco.com/butterfly-magic-and-folklore-2561631

869a50 No.284414


We're in the middle of the fucking storm, faggot! Lurk More!

56e5d4 No.284415


U1 FBI informant = Carter Page

https:// theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/02/05/in-march-2016-carter-page-was-an-fbi-employee-in-october-2016-fbi-told-fisa-court-hes-a-spy/

689d7d No.284416

File: 6908ce4cdba448f⋯.jpg (74.88 KB, 676x451, 676:451, GettyImages-912458594.jpg)


Its the name of kartrashian baby who has been out of the limelight as well people are suspecting. Psyop there? Very bizarre putting that together now.

Does anyone else see a spiral in there as well?

565c7a No.284417


they should have worm orange jumpsuits instead

914ae4 No.284418


Yeah, but don't burst anons' bubbles, lol.

5f11bf No.284419

VideoStripperFag here. I could use your autism. THe "High Definition" I had does not have the resolution required to do the type of work that we are trying to do. The file I have was just under 2GB. If I could get my hands on something high res, I think we will be able to do something.

Your help is appreciated.

a1f0ad No.284420


They didn't name it because it's between 665 and 667 it's there though

cc99d4 No.284422


He testified back in November, IIRC

204c63 No.284423

File: ae99d6b4374c22f⋯.jpg (413.64 KB, 1899x938, 1899:938, vidoes.jpg)


Also this will help in the video search.

b23fe0 No.284424


a UK fag mentioned they were downloading a 4+ gig version atm

a79ccf No.284425


Missing from dough but it was in the last bread

a1f0ad No.284426


it is there, just not numbered it's the post between 665 and 667, fucking fear of numbers

ba7559 No.284427

File: bce17a93df17038⋯.png (310.67 KB, 625x277, 625:277, ClipboardImage.png)

5f11bf No.284428



85c9b7 No.284429

File: 33178823daad7a8⋯.png (64.25 KB, 1365x701, 1365:701, Screenshot 2018-02-06 at 3….png)

36630e No.284430


No, MK is a monarch.

This is part of the #MeToo/Butterfly Politics thing.

521ccd No.284431


just wait until they start grooming the Chels for the WH…lol

689d7d No.284432


>Carter Page

http:// www.washingtonexaminer.com/donald-trump-jr-calls-for-fisa-court-transcripts-about-carter-page-to-be-released/article/2648190

a79ccf No.284433


Bitch needs to groom her ugly ass face first. (with a shotgun preferably)

caa0ec No.284434

animals -> minerals

mk kitty (spears 4 example)

mk diamond (beyonce , mad-donna etc)

5f11bf No.284435


Did UK Fag mention the link?


d72302 No.284436

File: 957750c242abdaa⋯.png (18.06 KB, 469x198, 469:198, wtf.png)

is this real?

ba7559 No.284437

RT / JA ??? Wtf?

db50df No.284438


It's not coincidence that highest res photo of the phones currently on the net (5069x3379, 888.4 KB) is the shopped edition from GaXXe77.

If they have shopped a high res pic then the original must exist somewhere too.

3cce2b No.284439


it doesn't seem to be on his twatter

52d608 No.284440


dont think so..not showing now anyways

94c645 No.284441

Still digging into Joyce Beatty, anyone found any dirt on her yet? Struggling to find any connections between herself and other bad actors. She has advocated for HRC in the past, controversially wore the same dress as FLOTUS (not news) and stood by Mueller throughout the investigation. C'mon Anons, surely she's flown on the Lolita Express to indulge in some delicious Walnut sauce.

32b904 No.284442


I have not been able to get this song out of my head for weeks. BLUNT (as referenced in the article) was an orange man. Makes me cry.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uv5wF-E9D8Y

99fbeb No.284443


Spend every waking moment thinking about raising and serving your children; they are gifts from God. Raise them on hope, love, and optimism, and concentrate on that only - and only for today. Tomorrow never comes. Memorize Psalm 23. Make it your prayer when the fear tries to creep in.

ebf9ee No.284444


the time & date are correct, But the tweet was about TAX CUTS

befe21 No.284445



Counterterrorism Division – Bradley “Grant” Mendenhall

High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group – Eli “Sam” Miranda

Terrorist Screening Center – Charles H. Kable, IV

According to FBI.gov Priestap is still Counter Intel

But Bradley "Grant" Mendenhall is Counter terrorism

a1f0ad No.284446


an anon contacted the photog, we did a few @ on twitter, can't remember his name, but he disabled his direct messaging.

565c7a No.284447


I'm sure you'll find some dirt bags on at least one of these committees.

http:// www.muckety.com/Joyce-Beatty/214404.muckety

99fbeb No.284448


Ghattas name is ONLY Lebanese and ONLY Christian?

Sauce, please?

90b15c No.284449

Is this what Q wanted us to find… ;)

http:// dailycaller.com/2018/02/05/congresswoman-insists-she-wasnt-playing-candy-crush-during-state-of-union-address/

befe21 No.284450


https:// www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http:// blog.cleveland.com/openers/2008/04/payday.html&ved=2ahUKEwjFmtaO9pDZAhWQt1kKHc7TAiYQFjAAegQIERAB&usg=AOvVaw0K7nsSa1AZ8KjiNMo0hYli

ba7559 No.284451

File: 6d0d014da4f32ca⋯.jpg (92.68 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hrs.jpg)

85c9b7 No.284452

File: 87499ee845a39ca⋯.png (323.25 KB, 770x602, 55:43, Screenshot 2018-02-06 at 3….png)


723128 No.284454

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=IACkVSSBy5Y

17:28 She clearly says "Trump…" Who is she , whose the guy next to her?

295384 No.284455


He was working for the fbi for years.

4ed4f0 No.284456


Can't sås it but read some place that McCabe ratted out someone that made Obongo shit brix. This?>>284013

4c1bc3 No.284457


Something is up… These two are NOT enemies.

56e5d4 No.284458


Carter Page was working for FBI before FISA warrant. They used his undercover work product as a proof that he was a Russian spy to get the FISA warrant. ~ CTH

a1f0ad No.284459


Beatty is married to attorney and former State Representative Otto Beatty Jr. She has been a national spokesperson for the American Heart Association. She served on the Columbus American Heart Association Board,

Affiliation with AHA is suspect

295384 No.284460


Are we really gonna waste time on butterfly tattoos?

4c6087 No.284461


Beatty spoke Night #4 at the DNC


52d608 No.284462


FBI officials Peter Strzok, Bruce Ohr, Aaron Zebley (and now agents Carl Ghattas and Joshua Skule, part of the McCabe cabal) had severe biases while being involved in the Trump and Michael Flynn investigations. Don’t forget Andrew Weissman who attended the Clinton election night party. And then there’s the obvious politicization with Mueller team member Jeannie Rhee, who represented not only Obama liar, and serial illegal unmasker Ben Rhodes, but the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton.


a1f0ad No.284464


no wrong woman. One was candy crush. Q directed us to Joyce Beatty who was the middle of the 3 on phones; the one that has the photoshopped screen

befe21 No.284465


Skule! I was trying to find that name

68e0aa No.284466


go to qanonmap.github.io and read through all of Q's posts, particularly from the beginning. He says that there are fewer bad actors than we would expect, and repeatedly says that they're morons. He also mentions that the good significantly outnumber and outpower the bad (#15). He also says this:

"Rest assured, the safety and well-being of every man, woman, and child of this country is being exhausted in full." (#34)

The US military is the most powerful human force ever assembled–that's what's on your side, looking out for you.

But don't go traipsing into any riots if you can avoid it. And trains don't seem to be to good lately, either.

ecfb79 No.284467



I have the ability to pull stills and zoom if the video quality is good enough .

52d608 No.284469


carl black hat would be my guess..why q pointing him out? more to find ugh

85c9b7 No.284470

File: c860578c88ca80d⋯.png (61.01 KB, 581x457, 581:457, Screenshot 2018-02-06 at 4….png)


99fbeb No.284472


That's right. Hussein THOUGHT Garland was a shoe in because he was a "Republican." Yes, he knew he could not nominate a Democrat; didn't have the votes. Garland is an imposter like McCain, Flake, Collins. Freedom Caucus et al. knew this. I saw Obama show real anger twice. Once in 2010 when they lost Congress, and again when the Sandy Hook charade backfired and everyone went out and bought more guns. Every dictator knows he has to take the guns.

914ae4 No.284473


What would the incentive be behind shopping the pic? Money? Fame? Defamation? Distraction? Cover up? Was the shot too good to let go by, by the photographer? Was the photographer really the photographer?

Process of elimination. Even though we have no real idea what we're looking for. (/insane laugh)

Hopefully we'll hear from the photographer soon enough, if he's being hounded enough on twitter and beyond.

I prefer the Nokia version of snake, myself.

52d608 No.284474

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, Rhode Island Democrat, told Carl Ghattas, executive assistant director of the FBI national security branch, that he specifically wants answers during the closed-door hearing about the leaks surrounding President Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, who resigned over contacts with Russia.


9574ca No.284475

Is Q crowdsourcing intelligence for parallel constructions in addition to doing grassroots diseminations?

befe21 No.284476


Q said to follow the wives Mccabes wife made considerable donations to HRC….maybe there is something to that

90b15c No.284477


Congresswoman Insists She Wasn’t Playing Candy Crush During State Of Union Address

Photo of Betsy Rothstein



11:21 PM 02/05/2018


The last thing Rep. Brenda Lawrence (D-Mich.) was expecting at Reagan National Airport Sunday night was being approached by a member of the Washington paparazzi.

All she wanted was to get her post-flight Dunkin Donuts fix in peace.

But that’s what you get when you look like you’re playing Candy Crush during President Trump‘s recent riveting, self-aggrandizing State of the Union address. A Getty Images photographer reportedly caught her playing the game on her Smartphone.

DC Celebrity’s Mark Wilkins got the scoop on Lawrence, who initially rebuffed his attempts to get a straight answer out of her.

“Has Candy Crush reached out to you to be their spokesperson?” he inquired.

After repeatedly asking her what level she has reached at Candy Crush, the congresswoman who checked out during Trump’s speech, looked up and threw him a bone. She also chuckled a few times, which shows she may have a hint of a sense of humor.

“It wasn’t Candy Crush,” she said pointedly, giving Wilkins something of a death look.

Scandalous. Was she lying or did Getty get it wrong?

Well if she wasn't playing Candy Crush… seems to me that's the one with the changed photo…

3a5a1b No.284478


Not sure why you think they haven't already done so. In fact, I suspect that removing this threat is already on PDJT's yuuuugge to do list as he's certainly laid the groundwork to do it.

Sauce can be found here:

>>235142 response to >>234629

90b15c No.284479


And there is video!!!

863c29 No.284480

File: e52a59253876091⋯.jpeg (677.37 KB, 1197x1340, 1197:1340, FCF4C855-46C6-4068-B88D-F….jpeg)

File: 8f530cacea0b3f9⋯.png (738.37 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, 7AB5A3DB-369F-436B-BEA2-17….png)

I never post, so please disregard if already shared.

This is the photographer and info regarding photo.

a1f0ad No.284481


if you would have read the Q drop from earlier, he pointed out that she had typed on her phone "Trump should be shot" now, we know that Our guys have that info. Q team wanted us to stir that pot, to let the public know. We have yet to find a raw image, but have been pushing with the "what's really on your phone" type memes

90b15c No.284482


Someone needs to put that video on Twitbird!!

9a11ed No.284483

>>284481 how in the hell do we get original photo before it was changed….who has

a1f0ad No.284484


and the answer to that is Yes he would be complicit

3e9fdd No.284485

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVH9PYeNdB8&t=647s

listen CAREFULLY to woman's voice "behind" the clapping between seconds 52-55, reloop listen again

5f11bf No.284486

File: 5705f76f0a4d2dd⋯.jpg (196.12 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1517906198796.jpg)

←- Morale Booster for you Patriots.

52d608 No.284487


It would be the first subpoenas for the two FBI officials, Jim Rybicki and Carl Ghattas, after the Justice Department reiterated in a letter this week that it won’t permit the two men to testify. The department had initially declined the panel’s request in July.

Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd said in the letter that the overlapping areas of the committee’s investigation and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe had not yet been sorted out.


The Senate Judiciary Committee had asked in July to interview the two officials, Jim Rybicki and Carl Ghattas, and then agreed to narrow the scope of questioning after the Justice Department initially declined to make the men available.


a1f0ad No.284489


We came to the conclusion earlier that Q new we wouldn't find it, but by us looking, since we are being monitored by the opposition here, that it would ruffle feathers just looking for it. distracts them, now they have to look at all photos and video as well to make sure a Non-shopped screen cap didn't make it out

b73891 No.284490

File: 88f95d9d6ceea75⋯.png (140.86 KB, 765x657, 85:73, Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at ….png)

Is anyone else getting the feeling like children were being hunted in the Black Forrest?

940f4b No.284491

5f11bf No.284492


Well, if it gets out into the world, they can always blame us.

7d7b2f No.284493

▶Q !UW.yye1fxo 02/06/18 (Tue) 01:46:30 975911 No.283537


Build timeline.

AS 187.

HRC investigation pivot points.

JC dismiss letter.



WL comms.


While trying to do a timeline from Q's drop, came across some interesting info. David Bowdich is acting #2. He has an interesting history. In charge of investigating the San Bernandino terror attack. Prior to 2014, he led the counter-intelligence division of the LA office. He served under Comey and McCabe. He was involved in the conversations about the tarmac meeting.

DOJ is expected to make him permanent Deputy Director and Rosenstein has the final say.

http:// www.newsweek.com/andrew-mccabe-deputy-director-replacement-david-bowdich-794339

befe21 No.284494


Don't be surprised if the photographer "commits suicide" by shooting himself in the head 12 times

92b0a9 No.284495

File: ff1a3b6733ab04c⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1794x846, 299:141, Screen-Shot-2017-06-27-at-….png)



This is an interesting crumb - start watching at 48mins in.

Fisa section 702 - Mr Gattas explains in what circumstances the information leading to a FISA can be declassified and released.

https:// www.judiciary.senate.gov/meetings/the-fisa-amendments-act-reauthorizing-americas-vital-national-security-authority-and-protecting-privacy-and-civil-liberties

21e1f1 No.284496


MAGA morale boost achieved

a1f0ad No.284497


and zips himself in a duffle bag in a bath tub

7f0f7d No.284498


Don't forget what ISRAEL actually stands for.




Hebrew was the first Full Spell language.

Mind Control is what they specialized in.

Of course Exported to Vatican so Crypto Jesuit/Zionist from the land of Kehem.

99fbeb No.284499


I am talking about ALL Muslims, not just those associated with terrorist groups.

befe21 No.284500

File: c595586b491836b⋯.jpg (55.58 KB, 625x401, 625:401, c595586b491836bb2135fb603c….jpg)

9a11ed No.284501

>>284489 thnx just woke up to new post…knew my anons were on the J>O<B<

521ccd No.284502


They hunt teens and young adults also. They are stripped naked, then made to run for their lives. After a few minute head start the hunters go out and 'bag' their kills.

261514 No.284503

Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr - Wikipedia

In the 1980s, Cutler led the founding of the Southern Africa Legal Services and Legal Education Project, to aid South African lawyers who fought to implement the rule of law during apartheid. From 1981 to 1993, partner C. Boyden Gray left the firm to serve as White House Counsel to Vice President and President George H. W. Bush. In 2003, partner Jamie Gorelick began serving as a member of the 9/11 Commission.

9a11ed No.284504

>>284494 yeah or beats himself to death

90b15c No.284505

You guys are thick…

There is video proving it was changed…

You can put right next to the photo…

How hard is it to understand…

It's exactly what Q was looking for…

befe21 No.284506

File: 5b8abbd7040827f⋯.jpg (156.67 KB, 1080x916, 270:229, 1517637450408.jpg)

File: 1069afe0e9082f3⋯.jpg (58.3 KB, 600x703, 600:703, CnzBHUeXEAASsv4.jpg)

Good Night ANONS Godspeed!

261514 No.284507


>^^ brecke Latham Boyd used to work here

204c63 No.284508



No you are wrong.

ecfb79 No.284509


GN warrior for GOD

863c29 No.284510

File: 2f5eadc6cc6ce76⋯.jpeg (463.32 KB, 2048x1536, 4:3, BDC66AD8-69C7-487E-9153-1….jpeg)

Author has same last name…book about HRC

9a11ed No.284511

PS dont forget to hill the clowns here

900a93 No.284512

Ok I may be retarded, but I'm persistent.

Fox video #4 of SOTU, at time marker 10:48 you can hear someone say "Pres should be shot"

https:// youtu.be/DoX39jDeqU8

I didn't see this solved. But I'll go back a bread in case I missed it…like I missed the last q post befor my dumb previous post.

9a11ed No.284513


475398 No.284514


I had the same thought.

7f0f7d No.284515


There was more than 1 program, and I believe Monarch was the first. So there are a few more, Niomi might be the last updated programming method.

Those programmed over time, may become the new handlers.

Newest programming has failsafes and covers in place, and will often self terminate if triggered or programming is messed with.

In order to be programmed, anyone following orders is susceptiable, knowing programming techniques is often first defense in learning not to be programmed.

3d1938 No.284516


Is he a muslim brotherhood plant?

3e9fdd No.284517


https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVH9PYeNdB8&t=647s

video 1 of 4

listen CAREFULLY to woman's voice "behind" the clapping between seconds 52-55, reloop listen again as video pans from president to audience, connect her voice to woman down and to the right of woman in red dress

749041 No.284518


>how in the hell do we get original photo before it was changed

We need a #releasethememo type tweet storm.

Points have to be that it's obvious photog erased those lines, but why? No other phones around her had erased lines.

Photog, who owns the file, even though another person may have done the pre-publication edits, is on the hook here.

If the photo was slated public domain, which it had to be if published, then the public has the right to see the original file, or get an explanation why they can't.

It's on the photog, here. He has to cough up a copy of the original photo, or an explanation why he can't release it.

As far as I know, you can't edit a RAW file then write over it to save as the original. You have to save it in another format.

Also, definitely wise to make copies of any photos as you import from camera into your image editor program. I think that should almost be SOP. Adobe Lightroom, for example, has an import setting to auto copy any imports into a 2nd location.

IOW, no excuse that the original has been 'written over', IMO.

ecfb79 No.284519

Video editor /photoshop anon on standby for Q work.

94c645 No.284520


Although she has a mostly clean record, Joyce Beatty is the perfect hidden blackhat for the cabal. African American, Democrat, Highest state pension and when combined with her congressional salary, is greater than Obama's total government compensation. There is obviously a reason why she is, where she is.

I am almost certain she is exactly who Q wanted us to dig into, and I believe that she wrote “Trump should be shot!”, and that it was digitally modified by Getty images to protect her identity.

I am hoping the future will predict the past, and that we get some more information into this woman, Chip Somodevilla and Getty images. If anyone finds more information please drop it in the coming threads. It is going to be a long night here in the land down under.

befe21 No.284521

File: 658abb458be8f6b⋯.jpg (530.9 KB, 687x687, 1:1, a68cafa033abfa0f44d6bee8e4….jpg)

File: 02ad20aa5ad635c⋯.jpg (172.18 KB, 554x831, 2:3, drawn-whitetailed-eagle-fl….jpg)


Bless you Patriots

9a11ed No.284522

>>284518 or did q want us to listen like others have suggested

99fbeb No.284523


Ok, how do you explain this?


Quran (2:191-193) - "And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And Al-Fitnah [disbelief or unrest] is worse than killing… but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until there is no more Fitnah [disbelief and worshipping of others along with Allah] and worship is for Allah alone.

87737f No.284524

No.283970>>283974 >>283975 >>284012

There was an exclusive "mens only secret club" amongst the guests staying there that night. Have a look at one of there emlems…

https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Order_of_St._Hubertus

3166d4 No.284525


All early morning people have been searching for this!!! I thivk you found it! Congrats patriot Anon Kek!!!!!!

ef8ccd No.284526


>https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uv5wF-E9D8Y

Good song, odd that the singer just died so young.

Green is Catholic, Orange is protestant, both fiddle with kids, sick fucks!

9a11ed No.284527

>>284525 agreed good work anon

52d608 No.284528

File: ea791f917240671⋯.jpg (41.62 KB, 883x230, 883:230, carl.JPG)


ef8ccd No.284529


Actually let me correct myself, "Fiddle with kids" is nothing, that's at least kinda understandable (not condoning, forgiving or minimizing).

Torturing, Killing, that's a whole different level.

204c63 No.284530


I don't know Im not a Muslim Scholar

020433 No.284531

random offhand thought, i only found it referenced here:

https: //www.usapoliticstoday.com

and here:

https:// voat.co/v/pizzagate/1714998

but i swear i heard rush, or one of those daytime radio guys talking about it too. Was this debunked? or maybe this might have something to do with this whole thing going on now?

slide i know, but it just crossed into my head.

7f0f7d No.284532


I don't care what anyone says or his education level of that one circled, but I sense a vibe of his preparedness to murder whomever is asking that one questions, so I would never allow that one near classified material, at all. Two are harmless, and the third is a warrior. (just from one pic)

223abc No.284533

File: 98ede9b33407b69⋯.jpg (519.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1of4.jpg)

okay guys it happens really quick in the video but BOOM 1 of 4 female black caucus members sitting next to eachother.

020433 No.284534


its bout some obama aides being witness protection

6f1c24 No.284535


Inter Net Bill of Rights…

9a11ed No.284536


>https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVH9PYeNdB8&t=647s


>video 1 of 4

7998fe No.284537


Duke University! Didn't manage to get the Haskell-Schiff memorial award but probably made some good contacts…..

f6080c No.284538


well. for sure whoever's phone was photo shopped on that phone is now completely open to blackmail from getty (photogapher). hmm. posted the shopped image to let her know she's fucked and owned. getty i would think does this a lot? hell… we never even would have known. getty is an arm of all of this fuckery of blackmail. 2 cents.

4a4dbc No.284539


resignations you can report here >>169315

9a11ed No.284540

ok lets ID her then

ef8ccd No.284541


They had to finally give up the suicide claim on that one.

Really though, what Dobbs the Clinton murder in as murders is precisely that the cops are happy to say that clear murders that could not possibly be suicide are suicide.

We all have people in our circle that die, but police don't just declare obvious murders as suicides, that is the part that is so blatant, that is the message that they are above the law and can make an obvious murder a suicide because they own law enforcement!

9a11ed No.284542

>>284536 Sorry did not mean to post that

92b0a9 No.284543


further FISA section 702 info from video:

>FBI received small fraction of NSA data collection under this programme.

>FBI only receives a small percentage of NSA downstream collection and none of NSA upstream collection.

>FBI can only receive this information when it is directly connected to a live investigation

So we have on tape the 3rd most senior FBI official confirming that the law was broken re Trump campaign investigation.

85c9b7 No.284544

File: a7e080f6bd2a510⋯.png (25.71 KB, 506x194, 253:97, Screenshot 2018-02-06 at 4….png)

Found this digging into Cibolo Creek Ranch Owner's name: John Poindexter.

History never ceases to repeat itself. This Iran/Contra Affair sounds all too similar…


3166d4 No.284545

File: 09b7d261e1be962⋯.jpg (58.03 KB, 597x599, 597:599, DVVy2xOX0AA5WTN.jpg)

My dream come true!!

a31b33 No.284546

f739d6 No.284547


Need to find a zoom in of the Dem women playing on their phones. need to see what was on the phone clearly.

22753e No.284548


Getty are dodgy, nasty fuckers and part of that whole mockingbird/cabal ecosystem.

ecfb79 No.284549


Il get on it now.

9a11ed No.284550

>>284545 do one with the military perp walking them…better

e838c9 No.284551

https:// beatty.house.gov/

52d608 No.284552

to make two top FBI officials available for an interview in the committee's investigation of the Trump dossier and other matters related to the Trump-Russia affair. Citing the Mueller special prosecutor investigation, Justice stated "confidentiality" and the "sensitivity of information relating to pending matters" made it impossible for the two officials, Carl Ghattas and James Rybicki, to talk to the Senate committee that oversees the FBI.

uhmm Carl has a song to sing maybe?

223abc No.284553

File: 98ede9b33407b69⋯.jpg (519.82 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1of4.jpg)


if you have a High quality video look for this point it happens fast but see if you can read those messages she is no longer on twitter there.

85c9b7 No.284554

File: d576d5db576107a⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 64.27 KB, 640x549, 640:549, KANGS.jpg)

52d608 No.284556

The same, however, this report says, cannot be said of FBI Chief of Staff-Senior Counselor Jim Rybicki and FBI Executive Assistant Director-National Security Branch Carl Ghattas, both of whom remain active in the FBI’s employee database—and are, also, both involved in a titanic battle between President Trump and the US Congress—with Trump’s FBI and his Justice Department further refusing to turn over to the US Congress the FBI’s files related to the made up “Russian Dossier”.

best i can find on him…taking a break

940f4b No.284557


There is a perfect storm coming.

There is nowhere to run.

Trump has said treason.

Trump has said he caught them at it.

We don't know which FISA warrants have been issued by the non-Obama FISA judge.

That judge oversees every extension.

We now know how FISA warrants work.

This is Superman II shit.

While they thought they were getting Trump, he legally used their own weapons against them.

He has everything.

He has control over all platforms.

Gitmo is good to go.

They are surrounded and surrendering.

Next the media + will go.

This is about to go down.

Market wreckers have been caught red handed and will now be frozen out. Literally.

223abc No.284558

https:// twitter.com/i/events/956638787836157952

Possible source for a HQ video that is zoomable.

ecfb79 No.284559

my exp and eye tells me the video quality is not good enough to get a good zoom with anything other than a white screen from all I have seen. We need a photograhers still to really read anything in zoom mode. I will still give it a shot but above screen capture is about as good as it gets with compressed flash video from that angle and distance. We need some images to look deeper into .

21e1f1 No.284560


This is not really any worse than passages in the KJV calling for slaughter of cities including children.

Here's a good way to find out, ask a veteran who served side by side with a member of the Muslim faith.

It's the extremists and terrorists who are the problem. Any vets want to weigh in on this opinion?

940f4b No.284561


Twitter has her messages.

James O'Keefe.


ecfb79 No.284562


I feel like evil is in the compactor and its slowly closing in while the devils scramble around and spit venom on TV.

ecfb79 No.284563


Il get on this

261514 No.284564

https:// www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/blog/microsoft-unveils-project-brainwave/

https:// docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/cognitive-services/emotion/emotion-api-how-to-topics/howtoanalyzevideo_emotion

https:// www.google.ae/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/news/innovations/wp/2016/07/27/ai-may-soon-monitor-your-live-videos-on-twitter-facebook/

https:// www.google.ae/amp/s/www.trendhunter.com/amp/trends/livestreaming-camera

https:// www.google.ae/amp/s/www.theverge.com/platform/amp/2017/7/12/15957844/ai-fake-video-audio-speech-obama

^^^why raw is needed and why we need an #InternetBillOfRights

85c9b7 No.284565

File: 4ac9839d06dea01⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 39.58 KB, 500x342, 250:171, Screenshot 2018-02-06 at 2….png)

ecfb79 No.284566


Find me the timecode Il pull a still and zoom it

85c9b7 No.284567

File: 4ac9839d06dea01⋯.png (39.58 KB, 500x342, 250:171, Screenshot 2018-02-06 at 2….png)

b3cd80 No.284568


cant believe he said the 't' word

bout fuckin time!

e98ed8 No.284569


Ridiculous. Ish pronounced Yish in English pronounced Is means "man."

Ra in Hebrew means "against" or "bad."

El means God. Refers to the battle that Jacob had with the Angel of the Lord in the night at the brook. Has nothing to do with Isis.

940f4b No.284570


Once they surrender, they will try and save their own skins.

They are caught.

Nunes' second memo is the cherry on top.

They are caught.

Sessions' Hammer must be coming.

ecfb79 No.284572


Il tune into Barf news network this morning and see what the enemy is firing today.

ecfb79 No.284573


Praying for Qteam and 41020 to pull it off wow ! Scary stuff. Scared to death of space x launch today too . Keep hearing "It might blow up !" over and over cross platform media .

3166d4 No.284574

File: 7c50766a3e44100⋯.jpg (44.51 KB, 650x366, 325:183, DVVrvUtVAAA7MOn.jpg)

I am seeing this image more and more on twatter.

ac0bdf No.284575


Theresa May?

9a11ed No.284576

>>284570 AS keeps digging a deeper hole

JC thinks he can weasel is way out again.he would roll on his own Mom.

They have to know they are in deep Shite

eb4fe2 No.284577

1cb566 No.284578



>Fox video #4 of SOTU, at time marker 10:48 you can hear someone say "Pres should be shot"

>https:// youtu.be/DoX39jDeqU8

I can't hear this. Perhaps some videoanon can clip and enhance?

b3cd80 No.284579

SO we didn't figure out the cell phone thing? i spent hours watching SOTU video but nothing from that angle. Im dying to see it with my own eyes

3166d4 No.284580

File: ed3d439333a6b4d⋯.jpg (99.36 KB, 896x758, 448:379, DVV9yqgU0AADgx-.jpg)

32b904 No.284581


But, Blunt was selling Irish Catholic boys to the orange men. I guess you have to be Irish Catholic to know how historically evil that is.

1c0dd3 No.284582


On a side note, if the stock market crashes California employees are going to be fucked. Look up CALPERS, the underfunded retirement fund with 20.3 million shares of Loop Capital.

Looks like more of Kim Clement's prophecy unfolding before our eyes.

5f11bf No.284583

File: ac923d8fd56034c⋯.jpg (28.68 KB, 225x225, 1:1, 1517889109721.jpg)


Me too

947b3d No.284584

Raw feeds were streamed from House to each of networks from each camera during SOTU and each network cut from feed to feed as they saw fit in the production coverage so Fox News should have all the raw feeds recorded in the studio from each camera feed. Therefore is it possible to ask Hannity to see if he can get a raw feed copy of the phone's screen?

028f2e No.284585

Is Q full of shit? MegaAnon said the tarmac meeting was just a ploy. Not sure where this LL/SC stuff comes from.

>http:// www.rumormillnews.com/texts/MegaAnon.txt

>Anonymous ID:pI4yGye9 Mon 16 Oct 2017 11:33:01 No.145511992

>1. Lynch and Bill Clinton PURPOSEFULLY PLANNED to have an unironic, questionably shady, private meeting on the tarmac.

>2. (((THEY))) ALL KNEW, Lynch would catch public shit for it, because that's how they planned it. THEY LEAKED THE SECRET TARMAC MEETING WITH PICTURES ATTACHED, TO ONE SPECIFIC, NO NAME LOCAL AFFILIATE REPORTER, IN AZ.

>3. They leaked it themselves so when they'd awkwardly and eventually DENY rumors that they'd met (also started and circulated by them) in an undisclosed airplane meeting…

>Anonymous ID:pI4yGye9 Mon 16 Oct 2017 12:12:00 No.145515985

>Lynch and Clinton set Comey up to HAVE to publicly suggest indictment or not. (((They))) called Patsy Comey's number and he knew it was "his turn". Clinton/Lynch purposefully leaked the tarmac meeting, complete with photos making it look extra good, to a local network affiliate station and reporter. This allowed Lynch to formally recuse herself over "conflict of interest", so she wouldn't be forced to indict the first woman president they wanted/needed her to continue to serve, as Attorney General by ensuring she'd continue her role of covering their asses.

>Didn't you find it weird how Comey basically spelled out EVERY SINGLE CHARGE, he would've nabbed ANYONE ELSE ON, BUT HILLARY?! Not for nothing, but when Comey gave that public statement and didn't recommend indictment on behalf of conveniently recused Lynch, to the DOJ, he looked just as green-faced and nervous, as fucking Lombardo, the puppeteered LV Sheriff.

99fbeb No.284586


Do I need to post another hundred quotes from the Quran on how they should kill the unbeliever. Are you suggesting that some Muslims believe the Quran - and some just 'kinda believe the Quran?'

900a93 No.284587


Self reference

Find the Roll (digital film role)

1 of 4 (fox clip 4 SOTU)

Find the Film ?

Enhance (enhance AUDIO 10:48 mark)


Will go viral

Source archive offline (I can't I'm on a tablet )

Raw only ?

f6080c No.284588


it's bullshit shill clowns.

9a11ed No.284589

>>284585 Focus is not on stupid tarmac meeting

ef8ccd No.284590


The point is, both do the same shit.

The point of difference is who has the power, not the activities, not the MO.

87737f No.284591

File: 89a53b92387e433⋯.jpg (181.2 KB, 1006x593, 1006:593, Bonny Watson Coleman et al.jpg)


https:// en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Val_Demings#/media/File:US_Rep_Val_Demings.jpg

de03b5 No.284592

LONDON (Reuters) - Central banks must prepare to act against cryptocurrencies to ensure they do not become entrenched and undermine trust in central banks, the head of the Bank for International Settlements said on Tuesday.

Agustin Carstens, general manager of the BIS, an umbrella organisation for the world’s central banks, said in a speech that cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin were “probably not sustainable as money” and failed the “basic textbook definition” of being a currency.+

“There is a strong case for policy intervention,” he said, speaking at Frankfurt’s Goethe University.

“These assets can raise concerns related to consumer and investor protection. Appropriate authorities have a duty to educate and protect investors and consumers, and need to be prepared to act.”



b86266 No.284593


Comey promoted him:

Carl Ghattas Named Executive Assistant Director of the National Security Branch

FBI Director James B. Comey has named Carl Ghattas as the executive assistant director of the National Security Branch at FBI Headquarters (FBI HQ) in Washington, D.C. Mr. Ghattas most recently served as the assistant director for the Counterterrorism Division at FBI HQ.

Mr. Ghattas entered on duty with the FBI in 1997 and was first assigned to the extraterritorial investigations squad at the Washington Field Office, where he investigated acts of terrorism committed against Americans abroad. Throughout his career, Mr. Ghattas has served in leadership positions in the Counterterrorism Division, the Directorate of Intelligence, and the Washington Field Office.

Mr. Ghattas will assume this role in late February.

ef8ccd No.284594


Pilot listening in on Tarmac meeting is dead. So I don't think it's a ploy.

b3cd80 No.284595


nobody is dumb enough to say it out loud in our nations capital w/ secret service amd shit like that come on

b61da8 No.284596


dont be scared of spacex stuff, its already been proven to be mostly all cgi non-sense, its a front company for other things that are unknown that is way worse then a cartoon landing a rocket on a garbage barge in the middle of the ocean in high seas whete the cameras always lose the feed for the landing and show a crowd cheering instead, lol… (you cant make that stuff up, lol, just research it on youtube on real research FE channels to learn the real truth…

myself, that flu was way more scary and real then any fake rocket…

5f11bf No.284597

File: e5e055d19de0f6e⋯.jpg (62.2 KB, 1024x766, 512:383, 1517906712596.jpg)

90b15c No.284598

http:// dailycaller.com/2018/02/05/congresswoman-insists-she-wasnt-playing-candy-crush-during-state-of-union-address/

Video!! With Photo!!

It's the candy crush one that has been changed!!

900a93 No.284599


Listen 4 the two seconds it takes.

Then judge

9a11ed No.284600

>>284594 we all know it…was not the optics but what was said and we have no transcript so mute topic

32b904 No.284601


I am Catholic. I know, I know. Now a bunch of people will hate me. But, here goes anyway.

al-Lah is another title for the name God. Francis did not come up with this on his own. It is the official teaching of the Roman Catholic Church and has been for a long time.

We have not had a problem with Islam for ages. The world just hasn't caught up.

Basically, the Roman Catholic Church considers ISIS a cult and its members victims of mind control. It is not Islam. It is a crazy little political cult.

We do not want enmity or animosity with Islam.

Isis is a political thing. Like the Muslim Brotherhood. Basically, a gang.

b3cd80 No.284602


i did! i didnt hear anything

ecfb79 No.284603


I saw a space x rocket launch it in the sky slowly burn and come down . I live 30 min from there. Its completely real. I am more worried about the man who is in control of that company and his motivations.

20ef53 No.284604


I read somewhere that Bill Clinton did not have a meeting in AZ that day and did not play golf in the 110F heat.

Rather, he found out that LL's plane would be at the airport waiting for her to board and return and that he chartered a jet from White Plains, NY to AZ just to be there to intercept her.

I do not know how to verify this.

ecfb79 No.284605


Im on it

17a17c No.284606

File: 892ab1d1d543798⋯.jpg (1 MB, 1863x932, 1863:932, 2018-02-06 (3)_LI.jpg)

914ae4 No.284607


I can't hear it either, and I imagine it having been said loud enough, Trump would've been quickly escorted away, and the woman removed.

The voice, though inaudible, sounds to be distant from the recording device. So, I assume she was loud enough to be heard by those around her, clear enough, at a distance.

c37b65 No.284608

File: f82c202af265265⋯.jpg (133.67 KB, 900x506, 450:253, f82c202af2652653946c4d96b2….jpg)

Getty Images told the Daily Mail that the photographer took the photo at 9:42 p.m., i'm assuming there are un-photoshopped pictures of the phones which show the message speaks of

2afb36 No.284609

File: d97fa4bb635c667⋯.jpeg (28.31 KB, 255x231, 85:77, 633A8360-5A89-4D8A-9337-1….jpeg)

754c79 No.284610


The fact the big banks, central banks and now BIS are all so heavily against and fighting to stop the rise of cypto has always made me feel like it's the real thing and anti cabal. I hope it is anyway I'd love nothing more then to see the death of the scam that is fiat currency come out of all this. One can dream.

b3cd80 No.284611



aint no cgi brother. convincing yourself the enemy isn't real is worse than defeat in my opinion

f6080c No.284612


lol anon. you've been shilled. distraction tactics.

ef8ccd No.284613


Ok, that might have been fake news after all, he could be alive, or not exist.

http:// nofakenews.online/fact-check-is-loretta-lynchs-pilot-dimitri-noonan-still-alive/

2afb36 No.284614


>>Fox brings up china

21e1f1 No.284615


You're cherry picking. I'm willing to admit there are plenty of calls to kill in the quran pre-Mohammed if you're willing to admit the same about the bible. All 3 Abrahamic faiths call for killing.

The simple answer is Jesus and Mohammed were on the same page. Peace and Love.

32b904 No.284616


I am in Northern California up in the hills.

About a year and half ago I saw a thing very close to my roof that was absolutely not natural. They tried to tell us it was space debris from a Chinese satellite or a meteor.

i saw it up close. No way was that either of those things, it was travelling slowly and straight across the sky with an obvious cone at the front blasting lights like LED lights and a blue tail behind it. Inside or around the tail there were other crafts following it. I do not believe that was something extraterrestrial or material. That was something man made.

f9acc1 No.284617

bohemian grove 1966 International Order of St. Hubertus us chapter formed justice Scalia killed with them hunting humans sometimes?>>284490

21862f No.284618


hq download in progress, mirror soon

b3cd80 No.284619


id man that seemed pretty sincere

theyre getting good, anon. I cant tell shill from stupid anymore

90b15c No.284620


http:// dailycaller.com/2018/02/05/congresswoman-insists-she-wasnt-playing-candy-crush-during-state-of-union-address/

Put the video in this article with the photo…

She wasn't playing candy crush!!

21862f No.284621


Or not, download slowed down to ~90kbps.

eb4fe2 No.284622


those passages refer to the time it was written and the wars they were fighting. educated muslims know this. the problem is the illiterate and brainwashed ones who dont/ this happens in all religions. christians and jews both have groups that are extreme in their views, both have illiterate and poor followers who blindly follow cult like leaders, all claiming to be of the true religion.

d78f38 No.284623


Look up Ninth Circle hunting parties.

99fbeb No.284624


Islam itself is and always has been a political thing: conquest.

We may not want enmity with them; but a Muslim, by definition, wants to either kill or convert us. . . or he is not a Muslim. Period.

Politically correct does not always mean correct.

f6080c No.284625


i looked this afternoon… that's how long it's being pushed. as always, look, and then just ignore. fuck em

366714 No.284626


>Islam itself is and always has been a political thing: conquest.

Religions: fucking up spirituality since 11,500 BC

e838c9 No.284627

No time for a holy war. Stay focused Anons

b61da8 No.284628


myself, i think elon is a mkultra puppet, Q did 2 posts long ago, that are related


Why did BO scuttle the shuttle program?

What is SpaceX?

Expand your thinking.



Rizvi Traverse Management.

Very important.


c41e1a No.284629

File: 4006595cad93c54⋯.jpg (130.29 KB, 633x558, 211:186, 24ls.jpg)

Bill Priestap

9a11ed No.284630

>>284624 Thanx there Muslim sage..be gone

223abc No.284631

Any video fags with part 4 downloaded.. if so 20:33

ef8ccd No.284632


The problem with Islam is not if Allah means the same thing as God (of course it could without meaning there is any agreement about the qualities/identities of each God).

And truth be told,it's not even what their book says, I mean Christians aren't doing things based on what the bible says, we are picking and choosing the more modern and nice bits, the convenient bits and leaving the rest behind.

No, the problem is that there is a lot of terribly regressive violent extremest BS from the Muslims, and that makes a lot of them fit for nothing but dying, or at least a major movement to undo the current trends of evil.

ecfb79 No.284633


Believe it or not , I am being blocked from downloading this video. Its crazy.

21862f No.284634


Link? I started downloading something off houselive that was linked by another anon two threads ago ( http:// houselive.gov/MediaPlayer.php?view_id=2&clip_id=12015 ), not sure if this is the same. The download is fucking slow, though, ~8h left.

8f2ab9 No.284635


I am stuck in the belly of the beast. They all want us dead. Do not be fooled. There are no somewhat believers. They put up with us temporarily but once they no longer need you, well, you are headless. If SA moderates we may stand a chance. Don't believe me. Say something about their religion to their face. Even if they ask your opinion, when your answer doesn't meet their idea of what the prophet says they look you right in the eye and say you are lucky we are not in SA right now. I asked them what they mean. They make the slash across the throat sign. All I can say is if you wanna bury your head in the sand don't be surprised when you get your ass kicked.

223abc No.284636

>>284618 its the one vid I cannot time stamp for you but I posted it because of its quality,it keeps freezing and not playing for me

99fbeb No.284637


Retard. Go study for like one minute, you little bitch.

87737f No.284638

>>284588 >>284607 >>284525 >>284512

Look at the top of the messages on their iPhone. My eyesight isn't that good but it's either 8:42 or 9:42.

There's a clock on the wall of over the door on the entrance in. If we look at the footage of the audience around that time, and see who's texting (I know…everyone is), but we know who these women mix with. It might be easier to narrow in on someone around that time?

223abc No.284639

>>284634 https:// youtu.be/DoX39jDeqU8?t=1232

173ce0 No.284640


Feb 01, 2018 · (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images) … and Joyce Beatty (D-OH) look at their phones during President Donald Trump’s State of…

ecfb79 No.284641


I got it finally . Im adding it to the editor now and will scan .

ef8ccd No.284642


Oh, I'm not Christian, but I'm non not a Christian either. I kinda implied i am, well i was, but to be honest I am more interested in truth than regurgitating a book that was written too long ago to be terribly relivant.

A lot of agnostic and atheistic people in the west still have, (weather they want to admit it or not) inherited a new testament Jesus-y do unto others, love people, try and be truthful, give to the needy… Kind of ethic from our society because it is based on Christian ideals, even if it is hypocritical at the top.

0fd3a6 No.284644

File: 90c7a2206d03e35⋯.png (20.14 KB, 438x101, 438:101, NK.png)



99fbeb No.284645


I'll stick with 1400 years of evidence. I'm not buying your politically correct musings.

ecfb79 No.284646


That's why I said I was worried about EM .

366714 No.284647


The religions are dangerous. We must move past these to UNITY. It will be hard, especially with the brainwashed ones, but it must be done.

f6080c No.284648


dude i interject… God killed everything in sight. who was he killing? Satanists that still are here alive today. God did not kill good people. he killed Satanists. like he is going to in our time. the flood? gee i wonder who he was wiping the earth clean of? Satanists. but… is the bible (old testament) after moses' 5 books history… or prophecy?

223abc No.284649

>>284644 if spacex falcon explodes blame it on NK instead of failure.

21862f No.284651


Downloading in progress for offline safekeeping. Youtube doesn't seem the right resolution for screenreading from phones, though. Got the periscope vid downloading in the background, two methods - one a shitty online downloader that gives .ts video (and it's slow, ~90kbps), the other downloading directly through youtube-dl. Will mirror on mega once I have the files.

ecfb79 No.284652

paul simon retiring …hmmmmmm pizza related map?

914ae4 No.284653


Its a really crappy version, anon. It pixilates all over the place and its blurry as.

ef8ccd No.284654


it's not about what the books say.

It is depending on how many extremest regressive assholes there are.

Islam is not specifically the problem, the problem is that a LOT of Arabs have become extremeist assholes, it has not helped that the US has been bombing them into the stone-age which tends to make for more backwards assholes as people are angry and don't have a life.

85c9b7 No.284655


I can't find this written anywhere:

>> "It takes strong leadership, commitment to civility, and a willingness to work with people who you may not agree with politically."

b61da8 No.284656


could be money wise, who knows what they really build with the money they collect, according to Q they are related, i have no proof on to how they are though,

the other said about dont underestimate the enemy, i dont, any company that lies to the people, is opposite of God, for the truth is what will win this war…

1f5af9 No.284657


Definitely NOT.

223abc No.284658

>>284651 I hope this solvies it, she is 1 of 4 in a row flashing the phone there. Do you think the video is quality enough to read it>

ef8ccd No.284659


EM helped NK with Rocket technology…

2afb36 No.284660

File: 9aaacd16be7e21d⋯.png (1.37 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, C5465101-B9FE-42B0-BE3F-5B….png)

File: 242d0562249f1f1⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, 5C17705A-BC7B-415B-99AE-8F….png)

File: fb9edaf281e1078⋯.png (1.42 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, 8F34C492-AAE2-4DFE-ACB0-EE….png)


>Close to that time correct area

2afb36 No.284661

File: f52a71b14bc7710⋯.png (1.35 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, CC3CFDB1-DAE3-493A-9FCD-CC….png)

File: 2fbfbbd3f3dde62⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1136x640, 71:40, E47C700F-CE16-464E-A13F-E8….png)

5b8324 No.284662


I missed a lot yesterday, couldn’t get to the board. Thanks for the summary and all the hard work.

223abc No.284663

>>284660 nice catch!

21862f No.284664


Unfortunately, no. Youtube doesn't use a high enough resolution for streams to be able to make something out at that distance, you'd need a direct focus on those three to see their phones, zoomed in, like the photo from before. More hopes from the house vid and periscope, but will need to see it downloaded first to tell.

32b904 No.284665


Carrie Fisher? Look it up.

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZ97s396kb0

It's sad because it is all connected.


9ac7c3 No.284666

I haven't seen it posted here yet, been here several hours. If you are trying to download the 4GB file from the H ouse.gov website you are wasting your time. It is 13 hours of the house sessions from Jan. 30. You have to back out and pull up all media files for Jan. 30 and from there you can select and dl just the SOTU speech. It's a lot smaller file and actually has the SOTU.

21862f No.284667


Noted, am in progress of downloading that exact file. No reason to stop it just in case, have a pipe big enough to run several downloads at the same time, but will look around for more sources.

820ca1 No.284669


Someone on CNN actually said "Trump should be shot" a couple of days ago. I've been looking for the post again will search more.

b3cd80 No.284670

Right Side Broadcasting on Youtube was at the SOTU..maybe they have the raw feed?

ecfb79 No.284671

Ok got part 4 1080 what time code we looking at here?

d82f49 No.284672

Fox saying isis threatens to blow up plain?

2de254 No.284673

File: c27f5a9131f7a31⋯.jpg (21.56 KB, 567x567, 1:1, 1510341312335.jpg)

ecfb79 No.284674


CNN just played a impeach Trump commercial . TRAITORS ! Well see if Chrissy Cuomo shows up for war duty this morning on "New Day" faggot.

ef8ccd No.284675

Anyone know what was posted at >>283817

Or why it was deleted?!

94c645 No.284676

File: eb4f1d5dfd5af7a⋯.jpg (37.12 KB, 306x509, 306:509, 48C07AE700000578-0-image-a….jpg)

File: 347860a0a676fce⋯.png (40.47 KB, 499x316, 499:316, NIE78vnuNF.png)


BOTH: “However, making progress in these areas requires more than words, it takes action and strong leadership.”

PHONE: “and a willingness to work with people who you may not agree with politically.”

FACEBOOK POST: “So, while I hope that The White House and Republicans will work with Democrats to 'put politics aside' to move our country forward,”

Both talk about working with the opposition to create a better path forward. The “e-mail” is obviously a draft and the Facebook post has been revised.

ef8ccd No.284677


All I know is it says APACHE

And these replies exist

>>283826 >>283828 >>283932

21862f No.284678


Confirming this is the whitehouse stream that doesn't have the right angles. Pity.

f6080c No.284679


no but nice bread filler

ef8ccd No.284680


And >>283828 says "nice find".

So it had 3 positive comments, but it is gone and so was one of the comments, WTF?

914ae4 No.284681


Someone posted a screenshot of a twitter conversation, here, within the last 24-36 hours, with the same, or very similar wording. I've been looking for it off an on for a few hours now. Still Looking…

Seems that its becoming an acceptable 'norm' by the left to make such a flippant statement. Not good, not good at all.

5a6b20 No.284682

File: 9f3940ba45579f3⋯.jpeg (506.42 KB, 908x1863, 908:1863, 2FD6BF25-79DD-4F5D-8F09-C….jpeg)

ef8ccd No.284683


>>283817 is also gone

9ac7c3 No.284684

Newfags - if you just showed up over the last couple of weeks, PLEASE go back and read all of Q's posts, look at the Q MAP, and even skim around past boards before posting anything here. This bread is for research, it is not a Q&A session, not reddit social media, and not a place to vomit all sorts of guesses that are based on your complete misunderstanding of those things that we have already learned here. It just shits up the board and works counter to what we are trying to accomplish here. You will learn TONS if you just lurk for at least a couple weeks and try to play catch-up by absorbing what you read. The his "VJ is Van Jones" shit is insufferable. We welcome you very much and can't wait for you to get up to speed, but please be respectful guests and learn your environment before shitposting. That is more help to us than you can ever imagine. That will make you ready and prepared warriors in the fastest time. That being said, we are NOT looking for sound bites of someone saying anything in the video. Q specifically said the CENTER phone. He didn't say Alexa was going to blurt some bullshit from that phone. It's the photoshopped screen that is in question and the unedited screen is going to be difficult if not impossible to salvage from video. Q also said he wasn't sure that we had the tech to get it, so it is definitely NOT a sound bite.

94c645 No.284689


Read the SPREADSHEET. It has every Q post to date with LITERAL ANSWERS to what Q is insinuating.



ecfb79 No.284690

CNN : gains vanish, Everybodys selling !! : Trump compared Dems at his speech to people overthrowing the gov for not supporting him . World is reacting to the stocks . They are trying to look panicked . Woman sighs like its the end of the world " gosh , brutal " So dramatic . Wipes out all the gains… "Whats going on here?…wait for it… Ok good They did not blame it on Trump for once. talking head guest .. Now 'Trumps taking muh credit for the economy ". Too much stimulus is bad. Doing good is bad. Markets worried growth too high equals hig intrest rates. Basically as I sit here nauseated all they are saying is Trumps a bad guy . CNN has to GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ecfb79 No.284693

CNN talking about Trump treason lol.

9ac7c3 No.284694


Yes, and ==THIS ^^^ ==

2de254 No.284695


The spreadsheet is back on Google?

54744b No.284696

File: dedef52e793ea98⋯.jpg (425.64 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, wh.jpg)

I think this is the front angle from the photo.

The video is where POTUS is talking about the strength of the Warmbier family who lost their son Otto.

It looks pretty disrespectful when combined with the enhanced photo.


db50df No.284697

File: 3a686d6f76c2848⋯.jpeg (20.39 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Yorn desh born, der ritt ….jpeg)






This baker out after next bread


Need sleep, have to go workfagging in a few hours

94c645 No.284698


Actually spreadsheet does need updating from the first of February. Calling out to you speadsheetanon!

c5d272 No.284699

What is ARM?

ecfb79 No.284702

I got fox part 4 sotu speech in the editor and have scanned. The screens are too small to see anything but a blur. We need photograps . Il keep scanning it tho .

db50df No.284703









Please fill this one to 750 before moving

I'm off to sleep

Goodnight and GodSpeed Anons

9ac7c3 No.284705


TY Baker! Get some shut eye!

ecfb79 No.284706


badass doxanons you are amazing! I have seen Rosies home number , jake tappers cell , many incredible pulls.

4a4469 No.284708

https:// jordansage.com/?blogpost=stock-market-deep-state-operatives-c27355c95e1f

9ac7c3 No.284710


Rule 4 - No doxxing. Reported.

f4c685 No.284711


If HRC has won RBG would have stepped down/retired.

6bbda5 No.284712


Fug ya!

These guys/gals need serious jobs for these talents once all is said and done. ;)

9ac7c3 No.284713

File: 775572fd5c27f77⋯.jpg (46.02 KB, 648x474, 108:79, 775572fd5c27f77eff926887ba….jpg)

9ac7c3 No.284715

File: bba55bc941b3b5f⋯.jpg (399.06 KB, 1100x1472, 275:368, 078ab141d2323f0d952cdbce1e….jpg)

9ac7c3 No.284716

File: 6399bdf4e1c418d⋯.jpg (381.78 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, 6399bdf4e1c418d344adcea6cc….jpg)

97745e No.284717

I'm working on a Lynch/HRC Emails/Scalia timeline boys but it'll be a while. Anyone else who wants to make one can feel free, I'm no graphic designer and the more the merrier!

9ac7c3 No.284718

File: dcd239171f2dc3c⋯.jpg (171.32 KB, 1024x512, 2:1, dcd239171f2dc3c866e1a061a5….jpg)

223abc No.284719

>>284680 >>284677 I am one of the replies, it was a graphic taken from a news article saying rothschild sold all his stock in Apache and the company now has less assets due to it, I should of saved it, but I do not know why it would be gone.

9ac7c3 No.284720

File: 994a4ae4d13f13e⋯.jpg (284.22 KB, 1266x1332, 211:222, 994a4ae4d13f13edbfe6d867d1….jpg)

9ac7c3 No.284721

File: ac5d86d954e5e8e⋯.jpeg (63.64 KB, 469x429, 469:429, fullsizeoutput_71b.jpeg)

9ac7c3 No.284722

File: 60fcda153ff1bc7⋯.jpg (437.05 KB, 1100x1471, 1100:1471, c82607a839b8566c4d7f068644….jpg)

914ae4 No.284723

I like bread and butter.

9598bf No.286125

Article tagged below gives important insight into TDS.

But it also contrasts with demeanor of the left during Obama years.

Many did not like O, many did not trust O especially as years went by.

But dislike of O did not impact every aspect of their lives.

How did left leadership unhinge so many otherwise decent and intelligent people?

Serious mass psychology question.

"Resister" think they are helpless to not hate everything about Trump and be constantly filled with rage.

BS that Trump has forced this rage upon them.

But how have they been brainwashed to the point they do not have any control or

any sense of responsibility over their own emotions.


9598bf No.286133



But it also contrasts with demeanor of the right during Obama years.

9598bf No.286177


Film is necessary because in film, before these images, is an important deleted text.

24c548 No.286210


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