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Pro Aris et Focis

File: a495f13e8f95b56⋯.jpg (263.45 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 35322b91637379ff0ce865112c….jpg)

45d32c No.52086






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45d32c No.52092


Through tempest, storm,

And darkest night,

Anons don't rest

'Til things are right.


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45d32c No.52099

New baker needed:


395745 No.52116

File: fe681abc8cef2eb⋯.jpg (66.34 KB, 634x692, 317:346, i-approve-of-5a5bf5.jpg)

File: 7f0139de0ca88da⋯.jpg (33.36 KB, 620x372, 5:3, yuve-must-vatch-5a5bf5.jpg)

Too much?

74bcb0 No.52160


I'll bake.

4c30f0 No.52167

Fake News

I think the term "fake news" has been distorted… IMHO, using the term "manufactured news" may be a better term for memes this week.


72106d No.52194

File: 5865e2834b4b564⋯.jpg (280.59 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, TrueNews-Acosta.jpg)

Normie memes. Would like to start a series. Anons - help me with sauce

f53ad3 No.52195


oooo i like it

37baba No.52197

Remember when Q said most of these corrupt traitorous pieces of shit just wanted to die in peace before the truth came out. FUCK ‘EM.

I say haunt them every breathing moment until they self eat a fucking bullet.

15436b No.52200


POTUS has already called it the Fake News Awards. That is what will trend

2dd73f No.52202


Uh NO…….Trump says Fake,,,,thats how we bake. Nice try tho

cadf78 No.52204



f53ad3 No.52205



ddfcc9 No.52208


thank you BAKER.

What is our meme or research priority?

1c3c08 No.52210


Dub dubs have spoken.

No further discussion.

82a013 No.52211

thank you butcher baker candlestickmaker

e2e336 No.52215

File: 4427d317c07d02c⋯.png (33.04 KB, 785x714, 785:714, Lies.png)

45d32c No.52216


Ok cool thanks!!

82a013 No.52219

File: e586aab689712fa⋯.jpg (128.3 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, think 4 - Copy.jpg)

File: 6192dc2977c377a⋯.jpg (118.32 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, think 5 - Copy.jpg)

File: 376fdfedf688591⋯.jpg (146.97 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, think 6 - Copy.jpg)

6759b1 No.52221

I think Trey Gowdy is going to be replacing RR at DOJ

4cc8cf No.52222


Engineered News

Doctored News

Concocted News

Contrived News

…..is still all FAKE NEWS.

74bcb0 No.52224

LV = Las Vegas

Q has stressed safety and talks of false flags, also points us back to Pearl Harbor with an ominous IT WAS NECESSARY message..

This isn't a game folks.

Our mission is to assure our families and loved ones that they're in very good hands. We can, now more than ever, trust Americas Military.

6759b1 No.52225

Or maybe SC for Clinton Foundation

f53ad3 No.52226

wait …. it's awfully quiet did the shills run away to discord?

ddfcc9 No.52227


that would be a good match. good partner with Sessions.

11afaa No.52228


Thats a meme in itself

52e4c7 No.52230


Back in the day, F9 used to mean "recalculate" in spreadsheet software.

Expand your thinking.

1fbc83 No.52232


Turn it up anon kek

e0b0f4 No.52233


These are pretty fringe. By Wed., we need to be ready to meme on exactly what's necessary at that moment.

4f39eb No.52234

SC: MISINFO everywhere.

SC: MISINFO from past reliable sources.

SC: AXIS OF EVIL can & will return FIRE [is].

SC: Seek immediate [F9-Sx_VB8239].



Southern Command?_SC Makes sense..

16fc30 No.52235

here is a coincidence

digging into 8239

WGS is a set of 13-kilowatt spacecraft based on Boeing’s model 702 commercial satellite. These satellites will handle a significant portion of the USA’s warfighting bandwidth requirements, supporting tactical C4ISR(command, control, communications, and computers; intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance); battle management; and combat support needs. Upon its 2007 launch into geosynchronous orbit, WGS Flight 1 became the U.S. Department of Defense’s highest capacity communication satellite. WGS F4, launched in January 2012, offers further improvements, as do satellites from WGS F8. The constellation is set to grow to 10, including international participation.

This is DID’s FOCUS Article covering the WGS program’s specifications, budgets, travails, international partnerships, and contracts, with links to additional research materials.

Displaying 441 of 8,239 words (about 21 pages)

7af340 No.52236


Mercy! I’m with you!

1c3c08 No.52237


When we all just ignore them, they really, really hate it.

45d32c No.52240



NYC bomber and Las Vegas/Paddock ATM for memes. Expect major false flags this week (again). Crossref with latest Q posts.

82a013 No.52241


just trying to get the sleeping people to think is all by keeping it plain and simple. i been doing others

bc34c0 No.52242


Was going to say that too. Where’d everyone go?

57dda7 No.52243

File: 81c3706f0565024⋯.png (927.28 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, CNN_BN_EarlyRetirement.png)

File: 33e13b013ed2783⋯.png (926.73 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, CNN_BN_EveryCategory.png)

File: 29fa2ac2662348a⋯.png (927.62 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, CNN_BN_NameOfHost.png)

File: b8a85c1fa3e9479⋯.png (926.03 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, CNN_BN_TheCeremonyWillNotB….png)

File: 876fd1f8ac1237f⋯.png (925.45 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, CNN_BN_TiredOfWinning.png)

4f39eb No.52244

File: a558554aee51f76⋯.jpg (74.29 KB, 720x540, 4:3, DTimNl8WAAAL_up.jpg)

To the point..

cd3a18 No.52245

Someone deleting posts.

cadf78 No.52246


Good job on the first one.

The second one might read better as "Why do our schools teach this is math?"

The last one needs the word "were" instead of "was"

52e4c7 No.52247

Casino boat file - now reported all ashore safely.

fc7b83 No.52248

File: be10a69c7d322c3⋯.png (25.67 KB, 230x224, 115:112, comfy.PNG)

Has anyone posted about the [#] markers scattered across the recent posts? Haven't been on enough today to know. I may want to throw some examples in a graphic but don't wanna waste my time if they have been explained already.

I've already found several… at this point they are just rubbing our noses in it to make sure we understand.

52e4c7 No.52249



395745 No.52250

File: 05b4dc424f91c9d⋯.jpg (40.99 KB, 500x490, 50:49, freshly-brewed-fake.jpg)

cadf78 No.52251


Good job on the first one.

The second one might read better as "Why do our schools teach this is math?"

The last one needs the word "were" instead of "was"

e0b0f4 No.52252


You may be right about all of that stuff. But, cracking open normie's minds is a challenge. Baby steps that make them seek the truth by themselves. The answers to questions are powerful.

61a260 No.52253

File: e3d184be68856c7⋯.png (14.95 KB, 561x92, 561:92, VB8239.png)

SC: AXIS OF EVIL can & will return FIRE [is].

Axis of evil is MSM they counter

[is] means Information Superiority

Governmental, Military jargon

SC: Seek immediate [F9-Sx_VB8239].

Where can you get the REAL news

Got to duckduckgo.com

paste this -→ VB8239 -→ Result -→



Yes Confirm

4cc8cf No.52254

FOX reporting passengers were evacuated from a plane at JFK due to the cabin filling with smoke. No sauce…. YET

74bcb0 No.52255


No worries lad.

New baker here

I'd like to focus on templates so we can optimize our meme cannons. Please reply to this post with a list of templates we can put up in the first post.

52e4c7 No.52257


Quads confirmed

27cff2 No.52258

Man, we are blazing so fast, thread lock isn’t keepin up.

Last thread didn’t lock til 777 posts!

8e5a1f No.52259

what post? I might still have it.

f8f651 No.52260


http:// www.foxnews.com/us/2018/01/14/casino-boat-catches-fire-off-florida-with-50-passengers-aboard-1-reported-missing.html

"The shuttle boat carries people back and forth from the Tropical Breeze Casino Cruise, which is offshore because it can't legally operate close to land."

So a bunch of people are caught far from shore on the big boat without their shuttle to shore for a while.

37baba No.52261


I’m actually a teddy bear until you fuck with me or mine. LMAO

e0b0f4 No.52262

File: 2ae9453852a4261⋯.png (985.5 KB, 1564x875, 1564:875, casino.png)

Casino boat off the coast of FL burning. Reported everyone got off safely.

165938 No.52263


I think it's a lot simpler than that.

John McCain Jr. was (and is again) a TRAITOR.

It's not that they necessarily refuse to use the name of any traitors but he shares the same name as his father who was a hero John McCain Sr.

This would explain why they refuse to use his name, because it smears the name of a hero by that same name.

And I think Q wanted to bring to our attention the fact that McStain was a traitor in his military service and of course is being a traitor again.

3a5005 No.52264


What happened to the old batter? I noticed my pastebin of DJT tweets in Zulu time is no longer in it. If you need it pastebin.com/vR2SukEC . I can also try to extend the info in it. I pull it from the twitter API so it has additional info like what app he used at the time. (most are from Iphone but occasionally he tweets from web twitter)

68aa01 No.52266



Why would a fake Q bother?

Why would the "Fake Q" even go to trouble?

Ask yourself the logic.

Lots of emotion

Lots of disinformation

Logical thinking must rule the foundations of ideas.

CLOWNS would have no benefit in keeping this board going.

CLOWNS IN AMERICA do not have a vested interest in keeping this up. {{THEY}} want it quiet.

Mueller from the start of this was thought to be a smoke screen. Look back far enough you'll see.

Sessions - well when it comes to legal shit...put it this way it took 3 years for me to settle a dispute over server I sold a guy who didn't want to pay for it. 3 fucking years for $2300!!! Lawyers don't move fast. Just ask anyone waiting for their day in court.

So....keeping up the momentum of this movement - does not make logical sense for opposition.

And the emotional ups and downs of this "Q" event have been profound on all of us who started this ride. Include me in that batch. I've been right where you are.

Hence my response to you.

d5d1fe No.52267


He followed in the footsteps of the topical meaning of his last name. He betrayed his own brother, his own family, his own country.

The reason we don't say his name has nothing to do with the bible. I just found it convenient that his last name has a connection to this story... A story of betrayal, of people who you expect to trust and who turn around and prove otherwise.

cc1559 No.52268


analyzing this hard. Q says beware and know your surroundings. but also PROMISES we are safe.

ok so...wtf are we going to beware of?

seems like project blue beam to me anons. are they going to try to do something like that to distract and disorient people and cause mass confusion and whatever else range of emotions occur when people think aliens are landing?

the point being they want to distract us to a. attempt to do something evil (but non violent) while everyone is distracted, i.e. move people, money, hide shit, use radio signals or fancy electronic weapons to mass hypnotize people..

maybe i watch too much tv. one episode of that black mirror show is called black bear and its about people being controlled by a signal that comes over the tv. anons comcast message just reminded me of that. also the emergency broadcast system shit being able to transmit to EVERY phone...seems fishy.

but we are safe right? so is he saying something spooky is gonna happen but its all fake and its our job to make sure people know its blue beam and not real fucking aliens?

e0b0f4 No.52269


Wording. It is important.

0f8c14 No.52271


^ THIS GUY KNOWS.. that's a mighty fine idea, moving parts and pieces… F9, reevaluate… await changes… do it again

15378d No.52272

File: a34f5884e765332⋯.gif (148.63 KB, 200x164, 50:41, pepe gif 02.gif)

<<< warming up for WAR

893d32 No.52274

File: 674326345ec73f2⋯.jpg (13.81 KB, 301x346, 301:346, IDF Soldiers posing as Ham….jpg)

Mossad does have a motto!


It "screams" of fake news..

ddfcc9 No.52275


Don't know how deep in the hole you want to get with Vegas. But here are the previously sealed Vegas documents. 488 docs.

https ://www.blackstoneintel.com/home

bd3d6e No.52276


Bush knew who he was; he was his/guy

f8f651 No.52277



checked. But presumably any unique string would do the same?

460adf No.52278

Anons, I created a separate thread for Markers, where I have posted my own research as well as other anons' marker compilation graphics, in chronological order. Please let me know if I have missed any graphics or if you have any additional info to add.

https:// 8ch.net/qresearch/res/50289.html

0fe35b No.52279


It's mentoring day in Washington….

cadf78 No.52280


In 1980 there were 8 vaccines? (not was)

There was no ADD or ADHD?

2015 there were over 100 vaccines? (not was)

Hate to be critical but grammar counts for what we're trying to do.

Keep up the great work, anon.

80b276 No.52281


The term =="axis of evil"== was first used by U.S. President George W. Bush in his State of the Union address on January 29, 2002, and often repeated throughout his presidency, to describe governments that his administration accused of sponsoring terrorism and seeking weapons of mass destruction. ==Iran, Iraq, and North Korea== were portrayed by Bush during the State of the Union as building nuclear weapons. >>52253

cc1559 No.52282


read the letters bush sr got from ronald reagan. reagan refused to say his name. the letters are cryptic but pretty much are a big fat fuck you from reagan to bush. and considering bushs role in jfk, im inclined to think no name is bush.

37baba No.52283


Crap. Nobody on the gator bait list

f8f651 No.52284


Hope they all come home safe.

27cff2 No.52285


Senator noname is the iii of same name.

56c6a8 No.52286

File: fa59a59b8885e06⋯.jpg (287.92 KB, 1094x940, 547:470, FAKE NEWS - way off 5.jpg)

File: 47848786f9049ff⋯.jpg (340.44 KB, 1093x951, 1093:951, FAKE NEWS - way off 6.jpg)

File: dc69d880b21fce4⋯.jpg (108.55 KB, 1025x893, 1025:893, FAKE NEWS - way off 7.jpg)


>maybe try darker text?

You got it


We aim to please! If you have any other ideas/suggestions - SHOOT! meme engine fired & and ready for action

74bcb0 No.52287


You misunderstand how difficult this information is, and how necessary a close relationship is for its deliverance. Besides, Q talks of some serious times ahead. We are at W[@]R.

Fake news awards for the world.

True too real to be believed for our close ones, though the only real message we need to tell then is that we really do trust that we're in very good hands.

460adf No.52288


I've only posted markers through the end of December. Will start on January markers tomorrow.

d1113a No.52289

heres a new one…just happened… walked off the plane because of bedbugs http: //www.glasgowcityinfo.co.uk/e/1890859/British+Airways+cabin+crew+walk+out+before+take+off+as+plane+was+riddled+with+BEDBUGS

5ef2d3 No.52290


The Red Cross money lockers' video circulating Twitter legit?

2700f2 No.52291

File: b7ed3e246b36812⋯.png (128.96 KB, 413x254, 413:254, cologne.png)

14+02 finally landing in germany

f8f651 No.52292


There is the rumor his real last name was Scherff .

68aa01 No.52293


post the sauce

4cc8cf No.52294

File: 6f0bbccf3766fd0⋯.png (480.52 KB, 578x653, 578:653, papdsmokejfk.png)


FOX reporting passengers were evacuated from a plane at JFK due to the cabin filling with smoke.

c2f380 No.52295

So if @jack resigns/arrested does that effect shadow bans? Would we be 'unleashed' on twitter?

cc1559 No.52297


not saying i think Q is fake but to answer the question why does anyone do evil shit? look at what our government has done thru history. look at 9/11 look at jfk, look at all the clown expiriments, look at crack cocaine, look at the fast and furious, look at isis.

people fucking suck

e0b0f4 No.52298


>gator bait list

Yeah. Also, keep in mind that stupid things do happen even during this shit. Most of the world is continuing without any knowledge of this stuff. That being said, every event should be scrutinized.

4cc8cf No.52299


Man… that was QUITE a trip!! The little Luftwaffe plane that could.

c2f380 No.52301




d5d1fe No.52304


OH. ok. I think this is the first time I heard of No name referring to Bush. strange. This whole time I thought it was John M.

either way both call themselves Republican and both went to bed with the liberal agenda.

8e5a1f No.52305


wouldn't that be something?

68aa01 No.52306

File: ad57e666e590d4d⋯.jpg (4.64 KB, 300x168, 25:14, asdf.jpg)


Here ya go

https ://jewishfederations.org/helping-holocaust-survivors

Send help now

058cd7 No.52307


https:// archive.fo/k6AZj

ddfcc9 No.52308


all 3 very good.TY.

some that will appeal to minorities?

37baba No.52309


As much as it has been posted. He will tell us if it is not. Don’t count on an affirmative.

4f39eb No.52310

File: 825f3e0df919c1b⋯.jpg (69.11 KB, 884x285, 884:285, Screenshot (19h 53m 54s).jpg)

Buh Bye..

5add46 No.52311



You'll know when the spice is right.

e820ae No.52312

>SC: Seek immediate [F9-Sx_VB8239].

The phrase is usually "seek immediate shelter" during storms (e.g. tornado). Is that a shelter for this storm?

57dda7 No.52313

File: 986c320d437cfec⋯.png (354.72 KB, 555x411, 185:137, YUBNUBMF.png)

e0b0f4 No.52314


It convinced me it was legit. Could it be faked? Yes. But why? Looks like RC got caught moving around a $1bn.

61a260 No.52315


Think it's all about the coming Fakenews show we are to counter

How can an message a few hours old be the top of the results so fast?

68aa01 No.52317


Have not seen anyone hit this yet

I've been on research mode with it

I got nothing so far

e0b0f4 No.52319


Wasn't 14+02 in the stringers?

f8f651 No.52320


First we figure out what it means. Then we pass the word along at some appropriate level of specificity, using various means of communication.

6759b1 No.52321

This Q post is straight up from DJT













4, 10, 20

165938 No.52322


I LOVE #1 and #5. #3 is confusing

bc34c0 No.52323


Interesting. There’s barely anything posted on Twitter about it

843ecf No.52324


That's what it sounds like. Jack's gonna potentially step down from Twitter too given the video proof of his shitbag employees admitting to shadowbanning anyone conservative or supportive of POTUS. Could you imagine how quickly our MAGA memery would explode once shadowbans are dead and gone?

a4a114 No.52325

File: 233018fd3b3ea0f⋯.jpeg (244.18 KB, 1242x1300, 621:650, 53318AAD-FD03-45B7-BD4B-9….jpeg)


2700f2 No.52326


hopefully we'll know why they did all that…

56c6a8 No.52327

File: 6ec6e0f6239f7c3⋯.jpg (204.9 KB, 930x794, 465:397, 1475709982322.jpg)


DO not POST "filtered"

Do not answer idiotic questions



>project bluebeam

>delving into minutiae

>asking questions answered repeatedly

>muh fake Q

>yer a shill


The fate of the motherfucking world is at stake

We have a task, man the fuck up and get busy


He believes in us

Let's show him he can count on us!

8be72a No.52328


the third one will resonate with A LOT of parents, good job!

ab8420 No.52329

File: 88748ad1311c5bf⋯.jpeg (1.46 MB, 4032x3024, 4:3, D6D82B7D-592C-40A7-9CFD-D….jpeg)





make memes that are not too offensive. Yes, we’re hardened vets, but our mission is to solidify consensus on the swamp. focus on corruption, money, pay-for-play. Baby-raping, adrenochrome memes are too much for normies at this point. It will be exposed, just not yet.

Discredit the MSM.

Expose the lies.

>it’s not hard



5ef2d3 No.52330


And this video are huge…

https:// twitter.com/yankifarber/status/952529344525676544

61a260 No.52331


You are over thinking Q's focus is about getting us ready for the disinfo coming and to counter

893d32 No.52333


OMG- The international fellowshit of christians and jews. I remember that shit. For a mere $850 donation you can bring a Polish Kike to Israel.

22d026 No.52334

BDT, had two meanings.. Blunt, Direct Time & something to do with bangladesh currency.. what was the bangladesh part again?

165938 No.52335

4cc8cf No.52336


I've seen these commercials, another NGO who claims to help a certain community but is very difficult to prove they are helping.

5c7195 No.52337


Long time lurker fascinated with the work you regulars do.

Just wanted to comment that this type of meme strikes me as brilliant. Quote these assholes with actual facts - whether they said it or not. It would catch the normies' eyes. It might also force the assholes to who might deny they made the statement to have to respond to the truthful statement.

Kudos to anon for this

5a5583 No.52338

File: 9469992cf2169e0⋯.jpg (80.11 KB, 600x800, 3:4, HOPE.jpg)


Yeah- witnessed it, as I'm sure others here now did. Humbling

85e863 No.52339


Is that the rabbi that pays to ship jews in from old bloc states? His numbers are horrible. He begs on fox a lot. I looked into him. Fraud. C O M P L E T E Fraud.

e0b0f4 No.52340


Wow. Bye @Jack?

cadf78 No.52341

File: 94e1a2e179517b5⋯.jpg (6.27 KB, 259x194, 259:194, download.jpg)





This really should'nt even be up for debate unless clowns are involved.

/here/ "We dont like to say his name" =

893d32 No.52342



Do one with the cannon "come and take it"!!!

5ef2d3 No.52345


Hope you do not own any Twitter stock…watch it fall tomorrow.

8b8b61 No.52346

File: 1b51640e96f23a1⋯.png (633.14 KB, 856x442, 428:221, Red_Cross_Scam_Billions.png)

e0b0f4 No.52347


The timing is not a coincidence. ;)

96841a No.52348

File: 5d76020c1e37c6d⋯.jpeg (738.22 KB, 2048x1851, 2048:1851, 75B82BD6-A174-4446-9E31-B….jpeg)

ddfcc9 No.52349


good one. looking forward to the series.

a12c69 No.52350


it's been bandied about all day.

Finally hit me what he's saying

seek immediate shelter as in the ballistic missle attack

the re entry vehicle that hit just outside of Hawaii was supposed to hit Hawaii

but somehow it was disabled.

I forget what the other terms were, but space-x was one of them.

ea50df No.52351

File: 26c885961a69d9b⋯.jpg (66.85 KB, 600x450, 4:3, wtp20-worst.jpg)

Not meme maker. Can anyone use this one maybe?

0d883f No.52352


Unleash the kracken!

68ddfc No.52353

RATS = Remote Access Trojan (software)

EVIL twin = wifi hacking software

TRAITORware = malicious software (rootkit) to disrupt PC

82a013 No.52354

File: e586aab689712fa⋯.jpg (128.3 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, think 4 - Copy.jpg)

File: 5df333b510330aa⋯.jpg (121.81 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, think 5 - Copy.jpg)

File: ab34cfebc86196d⋯.jpg (144.37 KB, 1754x1240, 877:620, think 6 - Copy.jpg)

37baba No.52356


I have been flooding the normies at twitter with our clean memes in preparation for the requested tweetstorm.

addde5 No.52357


Nice work.

f53ad3 No.52358

3d9903 No.52359


intresting find anon

893d32 No.52360


I could not help myself…

bbbede No.52361

File: 264eb0bb618a03f⋯.jpg (235.29 KB, 1438x802, 719:401, the Conspirators.jpg)

File: 337540f4073d1b2⋯.jpg (40.41 KB, 480x468, 40:39, twightlight_zone_01.jpg)

fd93bb No.52362

Connecting some dots here:


>Next Week - BIGGER.


>We LISTENED [20/80 />/ 40/60].


There are 3 Q posts with the subject MONDAY:



Everything has meaning.

Who is AMB Matlock?








Expand your thinking.




These people are sick.


Next, there are 2 post with "Day of days.":


Soros takes orders from P.

You have no idea how sick and evil these people are.

Fight, fight, fight.

Day of days.

Game over.




We have tremendous WW support.

SATAN has left the WH.

Day of days.


So, the thing that sticks out to me is the word "tangent." I can picture a circle with a tangential line running straight up and down along the left side, forming a "p". Maybe, if Monday is the "Day of days" there will be some public revelation about P. Just a thought…

1a7ee4 No.52363



37baba No.52364


Nice work sister

68aa01 No.52365

>>52333 Remember! That guy has back to back commercials running on Fox News.

Feed the hungry Jews and the My Pillow guy.

Oi Veh!

39d061 No.52366


Smells plausible.

85e863 No.52367


HF is that you?

cadf78 No.52368


Nice. Good eye.

61a260 No.52369


set the stage this is good

4cc8cf No.52370

File: da5986d02caed1b⋯.jpg (130.28 KB, 800x600, 4:3, hawaii.jpg)

5ba190 No.52371

Project veritas video being talked about today.

https:// www.projectveritas.com/2018/01/11/undercover-video-twitter-engineers-to-ban-a-way-of-talking-through-shadow-banning-algorithms-to-censor-opposing-political-opinions/


e0b0f4 No.52373


Attractive brain fruit.

7af340 No.52375


Those letters are amazing. There’s a lot there… see aye a

16fc30 No.52376


2nd that

3eccdc No.52377



when searching the above, the second result I got is: cnn.com/2017/12/18/middleeast/us-un-security-council-jerusalem/index.html

in which SC = Security Council

still catching up (all i did was step away to rest, redpill social media & hang with family, behind many breads still), so idk if this has been discussed already or is relevant???

395745 No.52378

File: f4a4e9012527526⋯.jpg (56.19 KB, 500x632, 125:158, if-only-someone-5a5bfd.jpg)

2ebe64 No.52379

File: c106420e3a6506c⋯.jpg (132.67 KB, 885x500, 177:100, 22p4qg.jpg)

72106d No.52380



TY!! Need writers to help me create more.

68aa01 No.52382



We have learned - DOES NOT MEAN MONDAY

Not sure what the hell it means

But it sure as hell don't mean wait for big news to come on monday.

We've lost a lot of good Anons waiting for Mondays

1c3c08 No.52383

File: 25856fad6eeebb5⋯.jpg (93.81 KB, 600x450, 4:3, CNN Making Fake News.jpg)


Pic related

82a013 No.52384


ty changed

16fc30 No.52385


note the added space

codemonkey coded an autospace for us. links break when posted

85e863 No.52386


Since you are better at that than I, please look at the other one. with the repetitions of We the People. Something about that one… I see it, but I see it, but I don't. There is something else in there something like this.

20e9a1 No.52387


Nailed it. :-)

cadf78 No.52388


Take what Loomer says with a grain of salt, fellow anon. She's…unpredictable to say the least.

893d32 No.52389


I figured there were enough smart people…

Saddest part of that which you say is FOX audience is falling for it enough to justify running it.

Christians need to realize the Khazar motives!

e0b0f4 No.52390


It may be a good idea to do some A/B testing. Post various types of memes one after another or interlaced and see which ones get more retweets in a certain amount of time delta. This would tell us which memes and which types of memes get spread the fastest. (Standard marketing spoop.)

fded5d No.52391



c5c95c No.52392


thing of LR and the two numbskulls from H scare….the skinny down the grapevine has it the Tony Curtis was CIA with HH and helped blackmail others in hellweird for decades. Now his brat blames trump of a mistaken 90 year old democrat/socialist unqualified and past retirement age fucking up? The Mask shows up to twat a withdrawl tit shit…sounds like the supply of adrinalchrome has been severly curtailed if not stopped cold turkey…ouch..Now the words Jesus, better to tie millstone around your neck and jump in the see to just offend a child. How much more for these that kill and drink there blood, harvest organs, and murder or rape for shits and giggles??? WTF!!! I want in Q??? put me in coach I want a fire team spot in my area of the country volunteer for sniper duty right now…God help me the angry is white hot!!!!

4f39eb No.52393

File: f750e2ca46e14ef⋯.jpg (152.67 KB, 504x758, 252:379, Screenshot (08h 16m 17s)4.jpg)

Got 89 shares on the one I made this morning Anons… And I don't do much twatter..

af0206 No.52395


First of all, people are Hitler-blind.

Second, J U S T

893d32 No.52396


Put a CNN logo on back of that hoodie!

0fe35b No.52398

Speeding up research time….I learned this in a college class i took and it has served me well throughout the years, and it works great for research….

Deconstructing an MSM News article. Always it's the first and last paragraphs of any written MSM News article that contains the fresh content –– everything else in-between that first and last paragraph is mostly unnecessary filler, especially if it's a lazy hack writing the article. This is mainly for MSM News. Give it a try….pull up any mainstream article and just read the first few paragraphs then jump to the last few paragraphs and merely skim the rest of the content in-between. Doing this will help one speed up the research process and filter out the BS….

68aa01 No.52399



48fe96 No.52400

Did everybody see this post on /qresearch/ last night"

▶Anonymous 01/14/18 (Sun) 03:13:42 51ddcd No.45955>>45968 >>45974 >>45982 >>45984 >>45985 >>45987 >>45988 >>45989 >>45992 >>46004 >>46009 >>46040

My fellow Americans, the STORM is NEARLY upon us…

Every once in a while, I drop by here to see what's going on and I just want to thank you all for your work.

You are an EXCELLENT group of Patriots. The world will know of your heroic and tireless efforts to follow the drops and draw the map.

Change is coming. Monumental, sweeping change. A world that is more open, more honest, more transparent, more free.

An America that is more free than it has ever been before - EVER.

Thank YOU.

efde08 No.52401


Please do.

Everyone is so damn worried about SC they are completely ignoring the [MARKERS]. I’ve been trying to redirect, not working much!

b63014 No.52403


f-i / c-a / f-d

cadf78 No.52404


Take what Loomer says with a grain of salt, fellow anon. She's…unpredictable to say the least.

61a260 No.52405


Not sure myself the verdict is still out I think

56c6a8 No.52406

File: 1671f7775f71e78⋯.jpg (73.39 KB, 852x628, 213:157, FAKE NEWS - way off 7es.jpg)


>some that will appeal to minorities?

You got it

Any anons who speak Spanish, pls help

Please check this translation, correct if necessary





85e863 No.52407


A sensationalist for sure, but she did do PV work and is in with JO'. I have the feeling she is right. And he was already asked to step away. I read it three days ago, but can't find it now. Business Insider or Bloomberg.

68aa01 No.52408


Good meme!

f8f651 No.52409


Blunt, Direct & True (a quote from Q),

Bangladeshi taka (money),

Bomb Disposal Technician (vs. tweets about bombs)

0d883f No.52410



There's a second video coming out on Monday.

c8f7fa No.52411

File: 3c09366aa7ad349⋯.jpg (33.49 KB, 444x505, 444:505, traitor.JPG)


211b09 No.52412


They are psychopaths in a really fucked up cult and only care about power over others. They like money because it gives you power. They do not have emotions, empathy and other human qualities.

68ddfc No.52413

A bit dated and abit of a long shot,but the recent model just spent 2 years in space,

[F9-Sx_VB8239] = Falcon9 SpaceX Vandenberg,


55bcd1 No.52414

File: 87990bbf5a10662⋯.jpg (16.35 KB, 480x360, 4:3, 26907747_10214735060705904….jpg)

Can someone use this?

They throw around racism so much.

I love this pic

cadf78 No.52415


Saw it but didnt realize the implications…

>>My fellow Americans, the STORM is NEARLY upon us…

The storm isnt here yet.


f53ad3 No.52416


come on man … give up the attack memes

322aef No.52417



Not if you are blocked @williamlegrand, supposedly an algorithim account they use to shadowban

8b8b61 No.52418

File: 8eb1429e7977fa7⋯.png (144.71 KB, 440x318, 220:159, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at ….png)

File: 523594f56208f4a⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1877x1030, 1877:1030, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at ….png)

File: cf7522d61dcf9a7⋯.png (2.14 MB, 1760x932, 440:233, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at ….png)

File: 1874e41bbede077⋯.png (225.12 KB, 697x377, 697:377, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at ….png)


The fluoride is relevant

Trace fluoride back to Research Triangle, North Carolina


SKG - absorbed Wellcome

also look at Wellcome Collection

https:// twitter.com/ExploreWellcome

also Wellcome Trust - hand relevant in picture

4195e5 No.52419

File: adc8c5aed15ba19⋯.png (96.48 KB, 1178x302, 589:151, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at ….png)

File: 21cd064898627fe⋯.png (74.71 KB, 1164x246, 194:41, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at ….png)

File: 49ed28c0a383bf0⋯.png (700.8 KB, 1156x1084, 289:271, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at ….png)

File: 6e1613a53154280⋯.png (143.16 KB, 1148x586, 574:293, Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at ….png)

anyone look into this the last few days?

cadf78 No.52420


Well done.

85e863 No.52421


I can agree with that if it isn't cleaned up.

68aa01 No.52422


Where's the heil girl at? Muh Fav

80b276 No.52423

Future Reference: Miltary Command websites

http:// www.southcom.mil

http:// www.pacom.mil

http:// www.northcom.mil

1fbc83 No.52424


Songbird gunna sing!

893d32 No.52425


May not be a longshot.

Before you write it off- Check…

Is there any "recent" happenings concerning that spacecraft?

4cc8cf No.52427



Hmm, who does this sound like is speaking???

058cd7 No.52428


What about an alternate Meme thread dedicated to translation of memes to other languages? We need to wake as many people as possible, regardless of language.

77a2b3 No.52429


POTUS promised a storm, even though we do not deserve it.

Him and our administration and patriots do so because they LOVE our people and our nation.

God with will us all.

37baba No.52430


I’m posting them to a couple of hashtags. They are getting lots of likes and retweets. Only posting shit that won’t offend normies that don’t understand our culture.

e3a2e2 No.52431


This, good work!

af9b80 No.52432

File: bbbf0dff7d25c4f⋯.png (365.8 KB, 649x340, 649:340, MSNBC_ALL_HYPE_NO_NEWS.PNG)

61a260 No.52434


Higer up he says Secure Coms

165938 No.52435


With the BDS guy, though he was prevented from causing massive casualties we can't forget that 5 people were injured (needed some degree of medical attention). So, just beware of your surroundings.

cadf78 No.52436



02637d No.52437


They might be rubbing our faces in it as they are not exactly confident we have it figured out yet

See >>43766

69e8b8 No.52438


Falcon 9, SpaceX, Vandenberg, 8239

Could numbers be a reference a specific payload or project?

5c7195 No.52439


Long time lurker fascinated with the work you regulars do.

Just wanted to comment that this type of meme strikes me as brilliant. Quote these assholes with actual facts - whether they said it or not. It would catch the normies' eyes. It might also force the assholes to who might deny they made the statement to have to respond to the truthful statement.

Kudos to anon for this>>52380

a4a114 No.52440

File: 8b0d085a287838a⋯.jpeg (176.42 KB, 1242x795, 414:265, 53F865E9-6213-4808-8D7A-9….jpeg)


okay, i know nothing about her but this looks legit!

239f60 No.52441

File: 79544fa1249a78f⋯.jpg (291.94 KB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 9551bc28e44510969ad7856a02….jpg)


This one?

16fc30 No.52442


> www.space.com//8239-details-secretive-37b-space-plane-revealed.htm

gives me 404

i recall that thing from years back. the most maneuverable deadly thing in orbit.

2ed337 No.52443

File: d7d5d7b519f8749⋯.jpg (37.61 KB, 712x397, 712:397, CNN1.JPG)

0b51d2 No.52444


Prayers of thanksgiving from all of us to you.

We who have no real power to affect change are emboldened and in play yet again support you.

"For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more."

A 21 second delay & reformat certainly exceeded expectations from whom I ask nothing more.

'In the streets of downtown London, there's no place for 2 street fighting men,'

one of which would 'get hot again in half the time.' God bless the Queen!

THINK BIG. The Great Awakening

THINK BIGGER. The Book of Revelation, Judaism, and the Koran fulfilled.


SC works with you, JS pronounced my name. 'Comparative sin' is inoperable when God' will prevails. Feminine "Quantifiable Mass" is quite a formidable Spiritual force.

An Admiral's son spoke well of the moral decay in the Seminaries within the ranks of the Church in the 1960's screaming:

"YOU cannot petition the Lord with prayer!!!"

On another similarly related matter, Ray Thomas has passed.

When ('K)Nights is White Satin' plays out in the Celestial Choir, the vale of tears will bring the House down.

Only then will the "Sunset retire in her crown of glare…"

I asked for one Gift, and the Lord bestowed two, saying "Pray that your fruit may remain."

'Many are invited, but few are chosen…' Depends on which of many tables we are seated at the Lord's Seder in that which is to come.


0f87ab No.52445

File: 626010ca0e15e56⋯.png (337.75 KB, 670x724, 335:362, Screenshot_2018-01-14-19-0….png)

File: f35e49c08e41e01⋯.png (255.31 KB, 632x942, 316:471, Screenshot_2018-01-14-19-0….png)

How about this

5b22cd No.52446


Those letters are fake, a joke. Look on duckduckgo

cadf78 No.52447


Agreed. I guess we will know more tomorrow.


4195e5 No.52449


diet is lacking hek-293?


8e5a1f No.52450


Ha ha, where do we send the burn unit?

96841a No.52452


Will have a look. Thanks!

16fc30 No.52453


payload checked last thread

not close

77a2b3 No.52454


Correct, but at this moment WAY TOO EARLY for the JQ issue for the public.

Start with what 98% can be on the same page.

JQ will come of its own accord MUCH later, but at least we now have a chance.

a12c69 No.52455


amen, amen

504c3a No.52457

>>why dont we like to say his name?

In RR's letter to Bush, he didnt mention his name cause he knew bush had JFK shot and had Him shot.

So my logic sez that mcTraitor was caught trying 2 kill geotus. We know from q there were several attempts.

322aef No.52458



Sorry, @williamlegate

56c6a8 No.52459


Not a terrible idea, but you'll have to ask the Meme harvester team (ask on the Meme thread).

First priority is making sure the translation is correct.

I used Yandex and don't speak Spanish, so any anons who can help, please step up!

85e863 No.52460

File: 96e54d5c2067b9b⋯.png (307.06 KB, 500x500, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



cadf78 No.52461


Nice. Any way to put both together into one pic?

cc1559 No.52462


what happens when a mob boss dies? nothing. business as usual continues. jack has tons of people below him who will keep doing whatever they want to do. shadowbanning isn't illegal is it? they could ban anyone they felt like banning afaik. it's their company, their site, their rules. if you don't like it leave right? again im not taking any side just trying to think logically about the whole thing.

377577 No.52466


Quite the little jaunt for this bird.

Was the Dulles fly by approach confirmed?

Stop in JAX is interesting as well.

All of the P-8's poured into there at one time and have be in and out over and over during the last few days.

6fa8d3 No.52467

From 60/61. Trump couldn’t get into NSA secret database in Hawaii without triggering a simulated nuclear attack (no other way of re-entry) that triggered the NSA failsafe that immediately did a BDT (bulk data transfer) of its contents back to its continental united states (CONUS) servers.

Did CIA lock everyone out? Snowden was working for CIA to infiltrate the NSA in Hawaii and that’s why Trump stopped there on his way back from Hawaii to take control of the servers.

At the time, there was a rumor that he personally brought Sophia or some AI program to take over the servers, but what if that failed? All he could do was to trigger the backup to the USA plan with a nuclear attack. Wow if true, but fits the Q drop.

>DEFCON 1 [non-nuke FALSE]

COMMAND? (nuke attack)




Where did POTUS stop [post] ASIA?



IT WAS NECESSARY. (he HAD to do it)

NO OTHER VEHICLE TO REGAIN ENTRY. (locked out - even the President..had to be black hats)

:[AGAIN] direct pre-knowledge.

:[AGAIN] warning ALERT.

Think BDT. (new bdt…bulk data transfers)

Read here:

https:// www .anonymousconservative.com/blog/q-anon-implies-the-hawaiian-missile-warning-was-necessary-to-steal-nsa-databases/ for anons to peruse

e2e336 No.52468

File: ecad5dbc79fd2db⋯.png (276.64 KB, 346x589, 346:589, klhjh.PNG)


>https:// twitter.com/yankifarber/status/952529344525676544

Whoa !! That's a shitload of money in that video, all with the red cross symbol

85e863 No.52469


Fake news

5c7195 No.52472


Sorry for the double post, still trying to figure this out.

Anyway, not much of a writer to help. However, consider taking real quotes from guys like Varney, Dobbs, etc. and with pic of Cuomo, Maddow, etc. That might make it easier.

Still, this idea is top-notch.

1c3c08 No.52474


Needs an "ell" at the end to make it ".html"

69e8b8 No.52475


Yeah and the NORAD sat designation #'s are currently 5-digits. Still haven't figured it out, been thinking on it all day.

0d883f No.52476


Not POTUS IMO but the other Q drop was signed 4 10 20 instead of Q. That was POTUS>

e0b0f4 No.52477


>and hold my Diet Coke


893d32 No.52478

File: ffddeb960c42588⋯.jpg (15.15 KB, 444x130, 222:65, Never matters who wins.jpg)


It was tossed around about 10 breads ago.

Never saved it, but it was cute.

<Image NOT shopped!>

a9cfed No.52479


US taxpayer money

0a9dc5 No.52480


Lynn, can you spare a billion for these Jews?

cc1559 No.52481


you're the first person i ever saw say they were fake

7d94be No.52482

File: fade71b3458aab7⋯.png (371.96 KB, 636x453, 212:151, thisIsCNN.png)

56107f No.52483

Meme from last bread:


County or country?

5ea951 No.52484


dead man walking...to boot!

with a boot!

two boots!

16fc30 No.52485



that is one bad dude

4cc8cf No.52486

File: 7e27961da07b88b⋯.png (485.35 KB, 905x888, 905:888, touchngo.png)


Here is a shot of the Dulles approach, VERY rapid descent and climb-out

1874aa No.52488

I think we need to tug on their ‘patriot’ heart strings…..

“Don’t think corruption belongs in government?”

Then you ARE a Patriot!

72106d No.52489

cadf78 No.52490

File: 6342a443fb9e4b4⋯.jpg (88.41 KB, 749x990, 749:990, DR3qcb9X4AAYNu-.jpg)


Victim of Laura Loomer Harassment Speaks Out - YouTube


5ba190 No.52491


Did not know.


e0b0f4 No.52492


Yeah. If you keep notes about post time and go back after <n> hours, you should be able to see which ones were shared more. With a simple spreadsheet, you can greatly refine the targeting and see which ones work. Standard advertising testing method.

8e5a1f No.52493


>$100 million USD

not for long

5b6709 No.52494


>Resorting to have to steal our own intelligence

We really were almost past the point of no return.

893d32 No.52495


I agree, just tossing them out early…

With FULL confidence we are gonna use em one day!

5ea951 No.52496



Eating dinner.

Threw up in my mouth.

5ef2d3 No.52497


Didn't say which Monday.

However, tomorrow is OIG report.

37baba No.52498


The Lord only gives you the weight you can carry.

fded5d No.52499



504c3a No.52503


Hope merkel crashes, big grease stain.

cc1559 No.52504


ahhh interesting put together there. amazing any of us are alive with all these assholes running around.

85e863 No.52505

File: 0779bc9ec252b1a⋯.jpg (94.55 KB, 749x500, 749:500, 22p5f4.jpg)


Beginning to wonder if this is a a slide.

c5c95c No.52506


I have friends that work there for years and if ABBA is back channel with Trump there will be no news out of Japan either way. Trump is a fast learner and I would not be surprised if the administration is using new tools

5ea951 No.52507





0bc81d No.52508


It’s like that Bruce Willis movie. The name escapes me at the moment

20e9a1 No.52510


OMG.. lol just… no words!! I cannot unsee this. sigh

5b7e43 No.52512


Fo[u]r We The People

7d94be No.52513




you just know this faggot is getting an award

68ddfc No.52515


https:// www.space.com/8239-details-secretive-37b-space-plane-revealed.html

67c516 No.52516


You're right about Wahlberg. He was a male prostitute extortionist who became a procurer extortionist. Which doesn't definitely rule out his being a patriot, but makes it extremely unlikely.

Peter Berg is a half witted abusador.

0d51a3 No.52518



Btw, any more info about alleged cable TV blackout mentioned last bread?

68aa01 No.52519


They do not think like us.

For more insight into how they do think

https:// ia802300.us.archive.org/8/items/rofschildv1/IAmARofschildAxeMeAQuestion.html

e0b0f4 No.52521


I have been told by others that they saw this long ago. I don't believe they're fake. But I have only this anecdotal. (It is very easy to claim something is fake online if you're afraid of it.)

b63014 No.52522


Sounds like Seb Gorka to me.

f53ad3 No.52523

File: 22b7390b6c42b9c⋯.png (209.31 KB, 490x287, 70:41, Screenshot-2018-1-14 Meme ….png)



>Then you ARE a Patriot!

5a5583 No.52524

File: 8aa571f035ff19d⋯.jpg (70.95 KB, 600x450, 4:3, da87f6d0-g8970.jpg)


Thanks anon!

98d09e No.52525


Fake News Category:

Best totally meaningless story

Nominees are:

Diet coke,

ketchup on well done steak,

two scoops of ice cream

27cff2 No.52527


To be nice to you, I will say follow B on Twitter.

I am not B but I have seen the account and it is normie friendly.

504c3a No.52528

File: ae11d1f0a06801c⋯.jpg (620.9 KB, 1600x1319, 1600:1319, image.jpg)


Hey i hv a doctors note sez im autistic AND paranoid. Look at what RR writes.. Coincidence????

e2e336 No.52529


Not a slide a meme : )

2ebe64 No.52530

File: f745cc7bd243520⋯.jpg (100.76 KB, 888x499, 888:499, 22p5jz.jpg)

4cc8cf No.52531

File: 7a6bbeb69cbdd7b⋯.jpg (55.88 KB, 320x480, 2:3, otv5.jpg)



OTV-5 is on orbit right now, launched in Sept. Prob. being used for quick reaction recon.

f53ad3 No.52532

File: cf49cda6fa584b3⋯.png (212.36 KB, 490x287, 70:41, Screenshot-2018-1-14 Meme ….png)


meh … better

165938 No.52533


All posts between 43035 and 52273 were deleted from Saturday's thread. #49 The Q Man Cometh Edition

Mod edit: Post#'s are across the entire board.

>being this new

Also that quoted post is still up


You'd be surprised at what flak we're taking. Stay centered Patriots.

Post last edited at

e9547c No.52535


wunderbar! ist WUNDERBAR

Du Not Doubt me, I am zee mazter of zee germish!! I haf bein doink zhis in zee flight zimulation of vorld var too since zee lonk time!

9fe968 No.52536


I'm 1 of 1000s blocked by @williamlegate and yesterday I noticed considerable improvement. Something def happened

b8a9a5 No.52537

ATTENTION SHILLS- I have a question for you…How does it feel to know you sold your soul, patriotism and life for $14.50/hr?

Do YOU honestly think Q & NSA don't know who you are?!! They know exactly who you are and what you just ate and when you last sheeet! Be careful because YOU are fking with PATRIOTS who will take back this country and your money will do YOU no good in Hell!

780eb4 No.52538


Concerned that he didn’t say it so you’re posting fake quote. Perhaps you could put “(not)” after CNN

37baba No.52539


Do one on highest black home ownership in history

395745 No.52541

File: 3a6087a68462f93⋯.jpg (105.74 KB, 800x550, 16:11, but-fake-news.jpg)

504c3a No.52542


Fuck it, those letters arent fake.

That faker must hv been worlds best psychic then. Which isnt logical. So stfu. They're real.

fc7b83 No.52543


Yeah, exactly.

I think people are totally missing the boat on this, I can solve them but I'm only one person, we need a lot more on this.

0d883f No.52544


Bruce Willis you say?

bbbede No.52545


kek… pepperoni boy

5a5583 No.52549


KEK - better w/ a train car in the pic, imo

27cff2 No.52550


At least Marky Mark keeps his opinion to himself.

Another point in his favor is his rejection of Donnie’s wife…neither of them will shut up.

27ba6f No.52551


Wasn't there a bomb scare in NYC recently?

Maybe a diversion? H scare diversion? Look what happened in the shadows? Airplanes arriving/departing?

3d67cf No.52553


He doesn't have 6b.

We froze his assets.

Think logically.

When does a BIRD TALK?


"Birds communicate for a variety of reasons, including telling other birds about territorial boundaries, finding a mate, telling other birds about food, alerting other birds about a predator and calling their chicks. Vocal communication is useful for birds that need to stay in touch with their flockmates."

www.reference. com/pets-animals/birds-communicate-ca436abbb11d2a0d

Are th birds talking to each other and No Such Agency is listening to their chatter?

1c3c08 No.52554

I said this in a bread that got baleeted yesterday, so I'm gonna say it again.

January 17th is going to be a GLORIOUS day.

5ea951 No.52555


visions of police

young Frankenstein


5c7195 No.52556


Here's one from Sarah Sanders. Might be perfect for George Stephana…whatever.

"Bill Clinton's campaign used to say "it's the economy, stupid" but now Democrats want to talk about anything other than the booming Trump economy"

165938 No.52557


I wish mod/Bo's would consider that these strings are going to go down in history.

Would it be better to leave some disinfo. on them, rather than have it said, of you that "some overzealous mod deleted …."

e9547c No.52558


On AJ's sunday show today. FYI…

37baba No.52560


Filtered shill

b63014 No.52561


They're not sending their best.

5add46 No.52562




wew lad!

3eccdc No.52563


50 Gold stars

Keen observation

ea4814 No.52564


The thing we all have to do right now is to rise above the shit, the fuckery.

Rise and use your voice, what you know is true……. Stop the worry, hand ringing. We know what is right. Don't let those shitsticks tell you otherwise.

cadf78 No.52565


His freedom and family.

You know his daughter used to work for Fox News, right?

If he has an ounce of dignity, he will sing instead of subjecting his family to the disgrace of being labeled a traitor.

If he sings well enough, he might get to retire and spend his last days in peace surrounded by family instead of Gitmo

b8a9a5 No.52566


^^^ This^^^ Anons this got me as soon as I saw it!! Use POTUS sayings as well and meme it from these Fkrs!!! Make them look like they are saying exactly what POTUS says but have it look like it is from them…

8b8b61 No.52568

File: 50fbd4ad01b29f5⋯.jpg (2.07 MB, 2550x2581, 2550:2581, Font_Names_C__y_r_i_l_l_i_….jpg)


The whole concept of can graphic design save your life….

a few weeks ago, I was looking a font for a particular language and the NAMES of the fonts for that language seemed to be designed as a way to communicate

Imagine just looking at the font, and it sending a message

Designers can spot fonts a mile away

Al1ce, C0dename Free, H@ck, News Cycle, Nerv0us Rex, C@pture it, Pe@ce, B0yc0tt, Liber@tion, S0urce C0de

5c7195 No.52569

f8f651 No.52570


Is that good idiomatic Spanish? I don't know myself, just asking.

a12c69 No.52571


reminds me of the white horse prophecy.


69e8b8 No.52572


Well that might be the 8239 we are looking for? Falcon 9, SpaceX, Vandenberg, 8239

https:// www.space.com/8239-details-secretive-37b-space-plane-revealed.html

What do you think?

5a5583 No.52573

File: 0431d8f1a52d1e5⋯.jpg (73.59 KB, 360x649, 360:649, ad78f6ads98g76a67g.jpg)

39d061 No.52574


Looks Great.

e0b0f4 No.52575



addde5 No.52576


Makes sense.

cadf78 No.52577


Ugh. Did either of them take their meds?

All jokes aside, thanks for the info. She did do good work in Vegas.

Thanks anon.

262bc7 No.52580


famefag wannabe?

d8ea80 No.52581



Those corrupt traitorous pieces of shit may die in peace, but I believe that the justice rendered afterward will be FAR worse than anything we could ever do to those SOBs. I wouldn't want to meet my maker with their evil deeds attached to my soul.

5c5640 No.52582

File: dc15836edcea2a7⋯.png (144.95 KB, 656x726, 328:363, Storm 3.png)

Watch out bitches

72106d No.52583

File: 650eb1481b54921⋯.jpg (254.16 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, TrueNews-Cooper.jpg)

504c3a No.52584


Hiding in plain sight.

e0b0f4 No.52586


This is good.

2e8145 No.52587


Sounds like the Twit is going to hit the fan.

a12c69 No.52589


now that is the only thing that makes sense about that number all day. someone this morning was asking about mission numbers etc.

4cc8cf No.52590


Thats a pretty cryptic connection. But a connection nonetheless.

90e416 No.52591

I have been suffering from my health both physical and mentally. I finally had a breakthrough in my mental health. I am now fully here to help with this war and will be contributing where I can.

Here is a bible verse I feel is deeply connected to this movement.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

God Bless everyone on these boards, Trump, and QAnon.

6fa8d3 No.52593


Perhaps only the 'insurance' files were locked out?

Trump would now have it ALL.

6fd71b No.52594

File: 7c715b027d9a73d⋯.jpeg (225.99 KB, 640x766, 320:383, DA8CFEE3-96E3-4032-9E42-4….jpeg)

Trey Gowdy (TG) related on twitter am hour ago

27cff2 No.52595



Runs from 41375, got close to filling at 42200…but didn’t get locked so there are sporadic posts.

Post numbers don’t run sequentially in thread…they run sequentially for the whole board.

Those “missing” posts are on another thread.

Were NOT deleted.

e64741 No.52597


Come on guys. This is a shill. Filter him

5c7195 No.52598


This one for John Harwood from Lou Dobbs:

"The stock market has gained an incredible 7.8 Trillion dollars in market value since @POTUS was elected! Looks like 4% economic growth in 4th quarter, lowest level of claims for unemployment benefits in 44 years, and black unemployment rate is the lowest (6.8%) on record!"

893d32 No.52601

File: 9c8cc8fb606f41f⋯.png (159.1 KB, 1414x960, 707:480, The.Dearborn.Independent.png)

File: fcf9d03b5083130⋯.jpg (45.73 KB, 585x409, 585:409, International Jew - funny.jpg)

I found the Khazar Mafia headquarters!

Anons can use a chuckle.

68aa01 No.52602


No no the nude girl giving salute

8b8b61 No.52603

File: d0bcee769a1c1fb⋯.jpg (1.09 MB, 890x1789, 890:1789, LDR_Thirst.jpg)


L threaten that everyone would die of thirst after Q told her not to come back here again

165938 No.52604


Both are necessary. Those of us who don't get the markers are trusting that other minds are on it.

506e30 No.52605


"Shithole" story might work here?

504c3a No.52607

Nite u glorious fags. Love u all (nohomo) tomorrow we fill the warchest till the brim

39d061 No.52608


"A commonly perceived truth is code for "our manufactured consent", or similar in this quote.

Dirty NLP shit.

bbbede No.52609


The Separation of Corporation and State

377577 No.52610


My initial thoughts were that they were going to push a narrative of POTUS attempting to overthrow the US government.

They have already been building the foundation that he is a dangerous madman.

This angle has merit and your decipher does seem to be on target.

The recent story they pushed about the football carrier thinking POTUS is unstable is a strong lead in to a WW3 narrative.

We can be sure of one thing. They are going to portray POTUS as dangerous and that he must be stopped at all costs.

I wouldn't be surprised if their story was that he wants to start WW3 so he can somehow take over US.

addde5 No.52611


Who's Thomas Payne

e0b0f4 No.52612


>pretty cryptic

cryptic, but specific.

52e4c7 No.52613

F9 - Recalculate

Sx - Society of the Red Cross, Rosicrucians

VB - Vatican Bank

8239 - Account?

5ea951 No.52614

eadb42 No.52615

File: ce50dd18390992b⋯.jpg (3.59 MB, 3124x2228, 781:557, Canada Connections.jpg)

Here is ALOT of information on Canadian Polticians, Departments, people and organizations tied into 1,2 or more events/situations being discussed in these boards….is there a page specifically for Canada?? Hope it helps!!

a12c69 No.52616


as we are reminded on these boards, a lot of these people are puppets. Change the strings and they will change their song. Another one was "the gravy flows to the path of least resistance".

I already know of several people who have been turned by Trump.

68aa01 No.52617

File: e3db7b49f429d04⋯.jpg (7.71 KB, 181x278, 181:278, agaga.jpg)



af0206 No.52618

File: cd68d38bf57a946⋯.png (81.71 KB, 400x400, 1:1, IMG_8226.PNG)

cc1559 No.52619


i am more amazed at people who actually think they have privacy online

e0b0f4 No.52620


Could be disinfo or reliable sources suddenly changing sides. Read most recent Q.

82a013 No.52621


id say its dis info

b63014 No.52622


Fight Fight Fight is the last song on a cure album. It's the 17th track.

0d883f No.52623


He runs True Pundit website. He usually has good stuff but now Q said that a source that was formerly good will be giving bad info.

f53ad3 No.52624

File: db929a2e553efa5⋯.png (212.93 KB, 490x287, 70:41, Screenshot-2018-1-14 Meme ….png)



8be72a No.52625

File: 029b56394ed7c6d⋯.png (697.48 KB, 800x500, 8:5, DoNot.png)

File: 5e73d2152b9c05b⋯.jpeg (553.2 KB, 2048x1280, 8:5, DontDoIT.jpeg)

Idea beyond my skills. Face of Cooper (or any other) over the witch.

e99b00 No.52626



68aa01 No.52629


Well Thomas Paine

Trey Gowdy is a LAW MAKER!


Wrong Branch of Government

There's the problem

5ea951 No.52630


saw preview of

MSM sit whatever

madam secretary

episode tonight

President losing mental stability

Sec of state reveals it


f53ad3 No.52631



e0b0f4 No.52632


> its dis info

could be simultaneously both.

eadb42 No.52633


He may very well be talking about Alex Jones! His Zack is Q ploy did me in…haven't watched him since!

72106d No.52634

File: d7bdf4edaaf3d1d⋯.jpg (282.6 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, TrueNews-Acosta.jpg)

File: 6a172b4da0b293a⋯.jpg (256.57 KB, 1100x619, 1100:619, TrueNews-Cooper.jpg)

addde5 No.52635



0efb46 No.52636


I want justice for them in this world so they can see their evil empires crumble and in hell so they can endure eternal torment.

f53ad3 No.52637


oh Anderson

37baba No.52638


I concur. I’ll own my language and place a caveat of intention on it. I wish ill on nobody except those that have systematically enslaved those that they see as lessors

e489e0 No.52639

Any capable of creating a video montage of LV shooting witnesses saying there were multiple shooters?

e0b0f4 No.52640



or some random dude getting jollies by looking that way.

fc1acd No.52641

File: 99261fd4b9a3d91⋯.jpg (36.83 KB, 603x372, 201:124, doj.JPG)


69e8b8 No.52642


No coincidences. What do you think the odds for it would be. I think it gives us a clue. Where are the 2 X-37b's now?

ddfcc9 No.52643


Damn. Cool.

8514d6 No.52644


There are a lot of us that don't trust Gowdy because of past fecklessness. I trust Q knows better but i will not write someone off for not trusting Gowdy just now.

Conservative Treehouse guy also has been very critical of TG recently.

85e863 No.52645

File: ec659dd8a9ef57b⋯.png (222.79 KB, 998x678, 499:339, ClipboardImage.png)

Holy shit. These drops brought them all back out of the wood work tonight.

addde5 No.52646


Fly eagles fly and post mentions eagles. Wild.

f8f651 No.52647


Several bomb scares, a number of actual train accidents including a woman leaving her car across the tracks (getting out and leaving it there), it getting hit and knocking the train off the tracks leading to massive damage and several deaths, she's not even charged with anything serious and later mentions suing the municipality for not giving her enough warning lights or something. This happened about 2 years ago.

A driver of a commuter train with decades of experience "spaced out" and barrelled into a tight turn at full speed and derailed the train in the Bronx.

At least 2 trains in NJ run full speed into terminal stations, crash into barrier at end of tracks. Also with the past couple years.

None of this during Trump's time, I think it was all Obama. But I can't remember all the actual bombs, threatened bombs etc. and I certainly don't know the ones that were avoided by good work of NYPD and others.

9b29b5 No.52648

Muh shills are not merit based. #3rdWorldShills

2a25e7 No.52649


Getting the same Anon

56107f No.52650


Just posting this link so I can go to it. Someone said it was POTUS. Maybe.

5b6709 No.52651


https:// isitup.org/check.php?domain=www.doj.gov

apparently not

e0b0f4 No.52652


Wrong site. www.justice.gov

fc1acd No.52653



b63014 No.52654


Agreed - he's been good in the past but lately he's been pushing disinfo / bad analysis. Not sure if it's necessary disinfo, bad judgment, or his source(s) got comped.

2e87ec No.52655


are you looking for the DOJ?

its: https:// www.justice.gov/

82a013 No.52656


was local b omb scare at local wal mart last night

5bdb12 No.52657




d760c1 No.52658


We could just start going through the list of POTUS" accomplishments on Mega Pill


a12c69 No.52659


Let me guess… in orbit with a few VIP people on board?

e0b0f4 No.52660


Search for 'www.doj.gov' and you'll get nowt. Search for DoJ and you get www.justice.gov.

0527f0 No.52661

>>52633 same

262bc7 No.52662

>>52633 same

e9547c No.52663


Anon wants "heil'd"

8be72a No.52664


sorry, yes, Anderson Cooper, smiling or crying his crocodile tears

5b6709 No.52665


Ignore. Apparently wrong site.


fc1acd No.52666



69e8b8 No.52667


Well Trey Gowdy was an experienced Federal Prosecutor.

ea4814 No.52668


T.P. — Just like most who try to make a living on the web by being relevant. That's all there is to it. They have to stay relevant or no one pays attention. Desperate times….. lmao.

27cff2 No.52670

File: 9f8ed9ce4f4a6bd⋯.jpg (105.71 KB, 563x1024, 563:1024, matlock.jpg)


Those who write on shithouse walls…

e0b0f4 No.52671


>These drops brought them all back out of the wood work tonight.

Hmm…..using pictures of DJT from the 80's - younger, more attractive, might actually be useful in memeing to give him cred.

3d9903 No.52672


wrong, he worked a prosecutor at begin of career

f53ad3 No.52673

File: 989593b00532292⋯.png (139.46 KB, 490x309, 490:309, Screenshot-2018-1-14 Meme ….png)


wow that would be powerful esp. if you use the dead ones



37baba No.52674

File: 78b621977d92223⋯.jpeg (32.73 KB, 1536x240, 32:5, B7922BF3-40CC-4811-84B3-6….jpeg)

File: 5e93730ea73a957⋯.jpeg (37.46 KB, 1536x240, 32:5, FC346294-78A6-49F1-AEE1-F….jpeg)

d2bcf3 No.52675


Do some research, before you make factual statements! John McCain Sr. had his own controversy involving a collision with another ship, and was definitely no hero! Because Jr. was a treasonous traitor, also!

165938 No.52676


I stand corrected!

e489e0 No.52678



cadf78 No.52679


Trojan Horse. Nice.

4cc8cf No.52681

File: f842fa08c6feec6⋯.jpg (107.58 KB, 1600x800, 2:1, x37landing.jpg)


Only one is on orbit right now, the fifth one OTV-5, exact orbit is unknown.


Don't think a few VIPs would be very comfortable on an X-37

a12c69 No.52683


Either that or over in N Korea or someplace controlled by the CIA but that doesn't make sense as they wouldn't be dumb enough to land on a regular runway w/o a way to put back in orbit.

f8f651 No.52684


"corporations" check the spelling, you are missing "a"

ca18a4 No.52685


On second one,

…and if anything is questioned is branded conspiracy theory

a4a114 No.52686


down here too

239f60 No.52687

File: 0468ca0a557fabf⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 63.55 KB, 400x612, 100:153, 0468ca0a557fabff1a83bb9096….jpg)



bbbede No.52688

What media bias?

96 percent of journalists who made political donations chose Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump

seek the truth for yourself…

cadf78 No.52689


Youre doxxing yourself. Crop is your friend.

374ea7 No.52690


Alex jones didn't say zack is Q, he said zack was "Our own Q" because he's been dropping deep intel stuff on AJ for years. Love him or hate him, I don't care, but get your facts straight before you condemn him. That's exactly the shit the fake news spreads, like the recent thing with GEOTUS being misquoted by the news, I vs I'd

68ddfc No.52691


SC - Space command ?

5a5583 No.52692

File: 09f00dac78749a5⋯.jpg (53.39 KB, 512x384, 4:3, ad87f6a6a675.jpg)

68aa01 No.52693

This seem fucky to anyone?

https ://secure.donaldjtrump.com/florida-dinner-with-trump-sweepstakes/

e64741 No.52694


Starting to think they got to Thomas here. Can't believe he would turn on Gowdy.

cadf78 No.52695


Watch out anon. I got banned for posting porn here a while back.

5bdb12 No.52696


They want the black and white pic of the hot blonde German chick giving a Nazi salute….

69e8b8 No.52697


How long has OTV-5 been up there?

f53ad3 No.52698

File: a22afaf7c76e757⋯.png (336.43 KB, 1091x596, 1091:596, Screenshot-2018-1-14 U S D….png)

16fc30 No.52699



true, please delete that


5c7195 No.52701


I liked it better without the disclaimer. Maybe in small print you can add in brackets [anonymous source] instead. Use their own techniques against them.

Last one before I go back to work:

"The deep state is very real."

e0b0f4 No.52702


Crop this shit - don't include personal info!

4cc8cf No.52703


Since Sept. 7th, 2017, the longest was OTV-4 at 717 days

239f60 No.52704


Beat me to it. nice wor

6fd71b No.52705


If thomas paine (fbi insider with reliable info) is correct and he gave trey gowdy info, i’d filter with Q amd say TG IS sitting on it, waiting for the storm to start amd waiting to fille his new ROLE where he might have more power to act.

56c6a8 No.52706



5ea951 No.52707


read of tg net worth increase weeks ago

benefit of doubt

proven -toe to toe w/devil hrc

7d94be No.52708





are working fine

b95639 No.52709

File: 924818a2c0c8d7b⋯.png (1.16 MB, 1296x745, 1296:745, eat-apple2.png)



4195e5 No.52710


yes please

im not much of a archiver and mental images only go so far lol


5a5583 No.52711


Noticed similar sentiment from him the other day. Disappointed. But prob following shill fakefag Q He's been focused on stuff not in these breads lately.

a81370 No.52712



I'm sorry to burst your bubble Anon but let's stop this nonsense already.

The Kingdom came when Jesus came.

The book of Revelation revealed that the Synagogue of Satan were the Jews who crucified Jesus. Refer to the book of Daniel.

C.I. Scofield was a rat and his goal was to confuse the Masses.

There's nothing wrong or evil about Israel having their own country.

What is evil is people trying to systematically eradicate an entire people group.

Either way, Israel's current state has nothing to do with end times prophecies.

We are living the kingdom now. The Kingdom continues to grow and expand. Darkness and Light goes through cycles. But Good shall Prevail.

Keep this in mind going forward.

cc1559 No.52713


dat apple puts you under a spell eh? hypnosis wew lads.

a12c69 No.52714


what will have to happen to bring it down? Is it a threat to our country? Run by rouge forces?

b8a9a5 No.52715


Maybe Gowdy is going n "THE know" and will not podcast to everyone what he is doing or going to do. Maybe…he knows it all as well and was getting all intel he could during NFL Obamas administration.

85e863 No.52716

File: 8149bbd9f8da2e3⋯.jpg (66.29 KB, 750x428, 375:214, 22p6v6.jpg)


Maybe. Those guys have pretty much gone to the ops thread at this point. Very few images in this thread. Seems like a chat room. lol. But those disc guys running that YT are branching out. They have a guest speaker… up to 1400 viewers. They aren't going over the posts right now.

You guys dog on him being a famefag, but this is an example to me of a splintering out of a mooovement.

74857c No.52717


I think this is disinfo as Q mentioned. TP is often way ahead of the other new orgs. TP is still /ournews/

2a5f54 No.52718



F9-Sx could be Falcon 9 Space X

Now looking to see if VB8239 makes any sense in that context.

96841a No.52719


It appears to be a math equation. I believe 4, 10, 20 is the answer. I’ll mark it out for a screen shot and post it in a bit.

260366 No.52720


Crop your browser info off, anon.

(Better to delete + repost)

69e8b8 No.52721


So this could be referring to the need to launch an additional X37b mission asap?

5a5583 No.52722


MKULTRA programming shit

56107f No.52723


Alternatively, Thomas Paine is serving up a little disinfo of his own because he knows how the game is played. I'm sticking with that theory.

5ea951 No.52724



dis information


cadf78 No.52725


I notice we cant delete our posts here. Perhaps BO can delete this and let anon resubmit it? Anon probably didn't realize the mistake. We've all been there.

Anon: Crop the taskbars and tabs. Too much personal info.

3d67cf No.52726


This place is crawling with shills.

After recent Q drops, it's still comfy though …. cabal and shills are losing … BIGLY.

82a013 No.52727


delete this pic

6fd71b No.52728


How about you merge it with CNN’s commercial about apples and bananas. Title at top says “would you like a banana?” Put a cnn logo on the witch and a fake news lable on the apple

08bafb No.52729

File: 7d8185baa3b431f⋯.png (631.9 KB, 2558x1314, 1279:657, Doomsday Plane.PNG)

This same plane is currently circling near LA.


68aa01 No.52730


Yes. but he's not the fucker you send criminal evidence too!

Evidence goes to FBI

Bribes goes to Congress

Come on they teach this in 3rd grade.

So if Thomas Payne pissed at TG because Gowdy didn't act on his evidence, then shame on Thomas Payne. Evidence could have been shit or compromised as a result it went to Gowdy.

8be72a No.52731


Love it and your screen gave me another idea, maybe the frame could be a movie theather, that would put fake news and Hollywood in the same meme

37baba No.52732

File: 90acb1f40e9349a⋯.jpeg (17.42 KB, 200x150, 4:3, 1F0E2E34-9CEB-40DB-B500-6….jpeg)

2edc33 No.52733


I can do it if you give me the footage

0d883f No.52734


>cabal and shills are losing … BIGLY.

eadb42 No.52735


You're right, Alex Jones didn't say it…Zack, when referring to Q posts, referred to WE…Zack himself said it….then Q said no outside comms except for board…you listen to Alex Jones show, I'll keep eyes peeled here. And no, I'm not going to find the recording, important shit to do here!! I posted an info-graphic on Canada….everything from 9-11, to U1, to Haiti and other strange coincidences…took HOURS but thought it was worth it…hopefully it's used!!

85e863 No.52736


thanks! looking forward to it

9a9893 No.52737


> This is not a game

> We remain vigilant

> if you aren't with us, your against us

If you "try" to contribute and get hammered, you're either a shill or you haven't taken the time to explore and understand.

> lurk moar

3d67cf No.52738




5a5583 No.52739


Gowdy's good, Thomas is on the wrong breadcrumb trail with the famefags

4cc8cf No.52740


It's most likely mission is imaging, as such, they are probably going to want to get as much use out of it as they can so will keep it on orbit til it runs out of fuel or when it comes times for any experiments carried on board to be returned.

395745 No.52741

File: d7466b34e353c54⋯.jpg (91.54 KB, 800x395, 160:79, fake-news-factory-5a5c04.jpg)

File: 2387ebad5f18e7c⋯.jpg (44.57 KB, 800x540, 40:27, this-is-your-5a5c05.jpg)

File: 66c747defa2d53a⋯.jpg (24.15 KB, 500x258, 250:129, turn-off-fake.jpg)


Don't be stoppin, just start croppin.

These for you.

b95639 No.52742


4+10+20 = 34

34+ its mirror 43 = 77


ac8f19 No.52744

File: a5f6c99cddeb94f⋯.jpeg (959.41 KB, 1668x2224, 3:4, CBA63E5E-A87E-4706-905B-7….jpeg)


Updated…pic related

5ea951 No.52745


this level

intimate understanding

implementation game theory

absolute necessity

f53ad3 No.52746

File: dce76979e879ec9⋯.png (282.98 KB, 490x281, 490:281, Screenshot-2018-1-14 Meme ….png)

bf7ff0 No.52747

God bless Q. God bless all peace loving people on Earth. I am #readytofight

8be72a No.52748


oh, deleted.

104b23 No.52749

239f60 No.52750


Yeah, I wondered if I should post it. Hence the spoiler

a12c69 No.52751


that makes sense… hear of other very bad things that are going on up there but I don't know if they're conspiracy or there's a kernel of truth.

68aa01 No.52752

We need to focus on the

False Flag into WWIII narrative

We don't have memes to combat this

If WWIII is goal - we need to put it out there

c62192 No.52753


I completely agree with u and have been saying this for awhile… Its their last option and hope to maybe cause chaos a uprising or something. Dangerous grounds for them. BHO starting to push it more that things are heating up.


a78e01 No.52754

Total KEK!!!! Freaking ace!!!!!! POTUS is following my twatter!

85e863 No.52755

>>52633 the folowing poster is correct:


AJ uses Corsi to connect to this Q and disconnect himself for plausible deniability if something goes wrong. Listen to him if you like. He was jelly of Q and had to up his game. It's what it is.

48fe96 No.52756


Based on what?

4cc8cf No.52757


OTV-6 isn't scheduled to fly til 2019 so they would have to bump that schedule wAAy up. Atlas V rocket for it probably hasn't even been built yet. Could fly on SPx but again major changes to the plans would have to take place.

06f132 No.52758


where are the 2 girls

1a7ee4 No.52759


matlockllc .com

cc1559 No.52760

85e863 No.52761


Oohhh, look at you go!

5ea951 No.52763



serious ?

we iii sparked yesterday hi?


fox three

37baba No.52764


WW /_\ ?

cadf78 No.52765


Don't engage. Focus on what we have been deputized to do.

a78e01 No.52766


Guess he liked all the memes I’ve been tweeting!!!

22d026 No.52767

File: d20d881c2a28fce⋯.jpg (37.83 KB, 720x405, 16:9, 170131113021-dorsey-2-1280….jpg)

9b29b5 No.52768


>he said zack was "Our own Q"

KEK! Jonestein can go fuck himself. Americas have wasted enough time with that controlled faggot.

5ea951 No.52769



w o o p

b95639 No.52771



8be72a No.52772


lolz, I think it works, look at her face haha love it!

a12c69 No.52773


that looks like nuclear war symbol

165938 No.52774


You're probably not Christian so you don't care, but you totally creep some of us out by the "GEOTUS". thing. It causes some of us picture a dead POTUS.

… Herod, …delivered a public address to the people. They shouted, “This is the voice of a god, not of a man.” Immediately, because Herod did not give praise to God, an angel of the Lord struck him down, and he was eaten by worms and died.

Acts 12:21-23

cadf78 No.52776


High 5 anon.

Keep up the Great Work!

57dda7 No.52777

File: 04844bae5c448c9⋯.png (772.19 KB, 820x512, 205:128, SnowWhiteWitchApple_MsClin….PNG)

File: aca521e674b0578⋯.png (786.12 KB, 825x513, 275:171, SnowWhiteWitchApple_Hillar….PNG)

File: c40802b890ac8b5⋯.png (767.53 KB, 823x513, 823:513, SnowWhite_CNN)banana.png)

File: 3c0eb6c644c16b8⋯.png (915.37 KB, 1080x675, 8:5, SnowWhite_CNN.png)

File: 8dd358bd5519a9f⋯.png (762.25 KB, 823x513, 823:513, ClipboardImage.png)


Some people might try and tell you that it's a banana

69e8b8 No.52778


SC: Seek immediate [F9-Sx_VB8239].

Seek immediate Launch of Falcon 9, SpaceX @ Vandenberg of an X37b Mission

If you got the money, how much time do they need? Could they modify another scheduled launch? What is SpaceX's upcoming launch schedule?

ac8f19 No.52779

File: 18feadabfd732fd⋯.jpeg (530.31 KB, 1546x1290, 773:645, 99A75101-2F44-4288-A0AC-D….jpeg)

Updated w Laura Loomer tweet

37baba No.52780


LOL fast pyramid

5bdb12 No.52782


Hahaha –– hot blonde not Ms. Doubtfire….

39d061 No.52783


How is disinfo different from fake news?

addde5 No.52785


Saw this plane few hours ago, didn't seem yo have desination. Will continue to watch this weirdness.

56107f No.52786




Anons, let me spell it out for you. WWIII is what we're currently engaged in on this board. We are fighting it for POTUS without ever having fired a shot. You should be proud of yourselves, Patriots!

Get your meme ammo at the ready.

0527f0 No.52788


correct and AJ didnt say Z was q, z said he was part of q team and that musk is white hat etc…but nvm moving on

37baba No.52789


We gotta laugh

5ea951 No.52790



I X Th U S

2ebe64 No.52791


He's pretty short, but I think he's walking a few steps in front of them so it makes him even shorter. Couldn't resist…

56107f No.52792


Intent, anon.

377577 No.52793


I also believe that the timing of Pakistan rattling their nuclear saber with India today is not a coincidence.

e489e0 No.52794


I don't have any footage, just ideas. Another would be a montage of Fake MSM calling POTUS a racist. After each MSM racist statement a picture of POTUS doing something for African Americans or the recent unemployment numbers etc.

692a68 No.52796


Thomas Payne is a former FBI who has a web site called True Pundit. George Webb uses his

info. But in the spook world it seems it is hard to tell what is what for us normies.

addde5 No.52797


There is an airport right under it, could be waiting to land. It's pretty low alt and speed.

2ed337 No.52798

File: a0734a6ddc9bb84⋯.jpg (56.8 KB, 804x445, 804:445, CNN2.JPG)

262bc7 No.52799


how will they run it? false flag as potential start and blame Potus?

96841a No.52800


Q often answers his questions/clues with the answer in the set. The last line in that set is 4, 10, 20. I believe this is Q answering his own clue. (Some have speculated 4, 10, 20 is DJT…might be a message of encouragement from the man himself ;) )

68aa01 No.52801

File: 41872d13a0642fa⋯.jpg (92.26 KB, 635x477, 635:477, clownsinamerica1.jpg)

5ea951 No.52802


Don lemon cnn

Past few days

cadf78 No.52804


I wouldn't be here if I wasn't a Christian. I haven't thought of what you've said until now. Thank you fellow anon in Christ. Sorry.

Will use POTUS from now on.

3d67cf No.52805


Our Christian faith is strong enough to let us view memes without assuming a literal meaning, anon.

Buck up. Pray continuously. Fight for justice.

5b22cd No.52806




4cc8cf No.52807


>Could they modify another scheduled launch?

Unlikely, its not so easy to launch a mission a whole year early when there is already one on orbit. (There have never been two on orbit at a time)

5a5583 No.52808

File: 4b980abe08cc2f9⋯.jpeg (7.05 KB, 200x150, 4:3, ds789af698df.jpeg)

e0b0f4 No.52811


That isn't depth of field. He's just short.

b1e247 No.52812

File: 3890d34478b66d3⋯.png (201.43 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, islandplane.png)

spanish military plane on that island outside africa that anons were talking about yesterday as if it was some mysterious island.


pic related

68aa01 No.52813


An event that gives Trump no choice but war

2edc33 No.52814


that''s genious!! you could help me by finding clips on youtube (i can download them, crop, mix, etc). >>52794 love this idea

392636 No.52815


falcon9 spacex vandenburg

a12c69 No.52817


I imagine they could get it done in less than a week. What in the world could they need launched ASAP though that they don't already have up there? Maybe some of our satellites have been compromised?

2fdb32 No.52818


Fuck Paine, he is a little pussy twat fighting with the rest of the FameFags

addde5 No.52819


It's been there all day.

0d883f No.52820


The level of genius in here is comforting.

262bc7 No.52821


ugh true k thxs

716351 No.52822


Top KEK!

c97527 No.52823


Planes are birds too

2a120e No.52824

As the World Turns may have something to do with orbits and trajectories.

A satellite in geosynchronous orbit is always in the same place above earth as the earth turns because it turns with the earth.

A rocket, missile, aircraft or spacecraft must plot a trajectory, and one of the arguments/parameters of the trajectory equation is the rotation of the earth as the earth turns.

http:// www.simplydecoded.com/2013/05/21/coriolis-effect-an-overview/

5b22cd No.52825


Look it up



16fc30 No.52826


possible 37b space plane 8239

37baba No.52827


I have been working on those for 15 hours today. Excuse the fuck out of me.

85e863 No.52828


Just surprised. And I am. Thee are many splinter groups that are using his board. It is ok. He answers in here, so he has a home base, but there are a lot of lookers. That YT keeps a lot of the nonautist where they are better off.

This board has changed significantly since our original founding. Sometimes it's good and sometimes, it's quite… not. We are moving down the field though, and literally have marching orders. A LOT of them.

cadf78 No.52829


Haha! I see what you did there. The hand gesture sells it. Good job.

1092b3 No.52830

Is there a consensus opinion about Gowdy based off today’s drops? Quick summary or point me towards the answer?

Sorry been very busy and I found that one hard to decipher. Seems like /ourguy/ after weeks of being labeled controlled opp by some here. Am I right here?

5a5583 No.52831

File: 5834bf879c40084⋯.gif (45.39 KB, 340x325, 68:65, Peanut-butter-jelly-time.gif)


Kek on banana

1c3c08 No.52832


Agree. Disinfo is necessary.

f8f651 No.52833


https:// www.mediaite.com/tv/george-stephanopoulos-wife-ali-wentworth-responds-to-height-question-he-is-67-in-bed/

"He's 5'7" but he's 6'7" in bed."

bbbede No.52834

File: 79f0deeb654d930⋯.jpg (243.76 KB, 1438x802, 719:401, Media_Propaganda.jpg)

8be72a No.52836


hahaha, #4 is priceless, I think "Fake News" on the basket could work too, thank you so much

0d883f No.52837

Did you all know POTUS follows the page for Drudge Report?

9b29b5 No.52838


>He was jelly of Q and had to up his game. It's what it is.

Goes much further than that. Hes there so libs have someone to point to when painting middle/RW americans as complete morons. They need him to be relevant otherwise the vacuum created allows people to get the real truth.

So glad hes finished.

37baba No.52839



Needs a beer on her head

56c6a8 No.52840

File: f6c9df9ace836c2⋯.jpg (589.73 KB, 1201x826, 1201:826, TRUST 2.jpg)

File: e23c94bd7eafc35⋯.jpg (508.71 KB, 1201x826, 1201:826, TRUST 3.jpg)

Is anyone else making memes to calm the normies?

What else do we need?

> now taking orders

262bc7 No.52841


q drop makes clear white hat

5ea951 No.52842


spell(ed) out

hi yesterday

? dry run by b ack ha s to force djt ?

48fe96 No.52843


Look at the latitude and longitude shown by the transponder/

a78e01 No.52844

File: b21afe8738fb205⋯.jpeg (160.43 KB, 1536x1152, 4:3, F290DC9F-E2D0-46C4-AF23-C….jpeg)

Hahahaha,,, freaking insane!!! So happy! Had to share!

68aa01 No.52846

File: 69a0a478f0c7f88⋯.jpg (44.07 KB, 304x335, 304:335, _80158709_penedwardblalamy….jpg)


Someone tried to belittle what we are doing here.

Saying that words isn't fighting a battle.

The dumb shit.

The pen is mightier than the sword.

The meme is mightier than the pen

5bdb12 No.52847

File: 4efe0ebefb55659⋯.png (239.25 KB, 1106x400, 553:200, screenshot_154.png)


I'm pretty sure that means….

SpaceX Falcon 9 From Vandenberg AFB

www.space. com/23023-spacex-falcon-9-from-vandenberg-afb-near-perfect-video.html

639292 No.52848

[187] no risk. no capture. Who/what was DOA?

BEWARE of MAJOR FALSE FLAG attempts this week.

KNOW your surroundings.



Tactics shift to threats and hostages to obtain rogue_ops.

SILENCE [187] - no risk [no capture - dead on arrival].


SILENCE [LV witnesses]?





8be72a No.52849



69e8b8 No.52850


Suppose we'll just have to wait a bit and see what the news brings. Which has been shrill as F all day across the MSM, 24/7, worse everyday, relentless, unjustified crap. Mostly opinion and all venom toward POTUS. Pray, these ppl make me sick.

9052a6 No.52851

Q you asked to expand our thinking. I would like for you to commit on if you don't mind. Was the one world order to based to be run as one world government based from the UN. A world religion with the pope being the false prophet? Was the new religion to named Chrislam? Who sign's the peace seven year peace treaty with Israel. We know who is exposed at that time. Thanks for all you do and to the board.

ddc2da No.52852


can we bombard the MSM's twitter with WWIII propaganda warnings before it happens?

03dab1 No.52853

File: e0dc8af53541ed5⋯.png (224.86 KB, 720x405, 16:9, LIAR.png)

c6c46f No.52855

He doesn't have 6b.

We froze his assets.

Think logically.

When does a BIRD TALK?


When it's Caged….

f8f651 No.52856


I think he's OK, I've been pushing that anyway. When Chaffetz was also on the investigations committee b4 resigning from Congress for still unclear reasons, I thought Chaffetz was a bit of a blowhard compared to Gowdy's cutting very effective questioning.

cadf47 No.52857



1092b3 No.52858


That was my read, by I am not autistic enough to always trust myself

a7c991 No.52859

File: 29a76f86882b7c9⋯.png (142.36 KB, 938x535, 938:535, American-Airlines-Group-In….png)

Not sure if anyone mentioned this already just in case


5ea951 No.52860




no doubt

record service

past proves future!

16fc30 No.52861



possibly 2 ua flights we are watching

plane fags were going to watch tonight

ua 8239 and ua 7128

167ae1 No.52862



a4d4d7 No.52863


The supposed LV shooter

acaf9a No.52864





e0b0f4 No.52865


Sorry to break this to you, but that's @realdooaldtrump.

Trolled? Direct your anger efficiently, anon…

56107f No.52866

>>52846 ← Correct, Patriot.

1fbc83 No.52867


Dead On Arrival. This is used in many places (hospitals etc)…

e99b00 No.52868



Why is the @real name misspelled?

fc1acd No.52869



3d67cf No.52870


>Planes are birds too

Planes "talk" on ascent and descent.

A plane will give altitude readings to the pilot, and copilot/passenger with a headset.

262bc7 No.52871


haha dont fall for disinfo in next line helped

377577 No.52872


Yesterday I was inclined to write this off as some sort of glitch.

Now it appears that there is indeed something going on here.

0d883f No.52873


187 is the code for murdered.

91064b No.52875


Dead On Arrival

e0b0f4 No.52876


Trump has 45 followers. If he followed me, I'd delete my fucking account. Insta-dox.

4cc8cf No.52877


I think it's safe to say that all the really dangerous space toys are firmly in the hands of the good guys now based on some of Q's crumbs lately.

1a7ee4 No.52878



Senator noname is the iii of same name.

Joe Manchin III

cadf78 No.52879


Agreed. Good insight. We are growing into something…powerful. The normies and MSM havent realized WE are POTUS' secret weapon.

There are bound to be distractions along the way. Distractions mean we are winning (bigly!). Ignore them and focus on what we've been asked to do.

392636 No.52880


hmmmm… space.com/8239-details-secretive-37b-space-plane-revealed.html

639292 No.52881


set up. murdered.

68aa01 No.52882


Makes no sense to me. What you see I don't

37baba No.52883

File: 15b49efb577b299⋯.jpeg (646.94 KB, 1536x1972, 384:493, BCDDF030-7413-4AB5-848B-8….jpeg)


Or, sent to gay sex prison for life.

a12c69 No.52884


it's a very good night tonight. We have intel in the room and the shills seem to have been banned.

5bdb12 No.52885

File: 2b0de447ca7d76f⋯.png (271.38 KB, 1084x906, 542:453, screenshot_155.png)

File: 4a0915c8e6d0e43⋯.png (114.04 KB, 1132x906, 566:453, screenshot_157.png)


SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch Manifest….


Lot's of stuff going on with SpaceX at Vandenberg….

85e863 No.52886


Those feel a little…propaganda like. Maybe because they are too clean. Too organized. Get some better action shots that done't look staged? Just a suggestion.

96841a No.52887


We can certainly make any talk of WWIII out to be conspiracy nuttiness. Need to show how just how unhinged it is. Alinsky the hell out of them, isolate, ridicule, dismiss.

26b0eb No.52888



fucking boomers on this site are so painfully dumb

cc1559 No.52889


> latimesblogs.latimes.com/washington/2009/01/bush-to-obama-s.html

REAGAN to BUSH anon…


395745 No.52890


Yup, that's the real Doo

5bdb12 No.52891


www.spacex. com/missions

22d026 No.52892


Rest assured he's not following anyone in this group lol

16fc30 No.52893


that is one bad dude

nothing else like it

probably rules the orbits

3d67cf No.52894


So, did you accept?

cc1559 No.52895



1c3c08 No.52896


It's legit.

cadf78 No.52897


Dayum…he fell HARD

a12c69 No.52898


thank you for the reassurance

anons like y ou are the reason why I am on this board. very disappointed earlier.

74bcb0 No.52899


Q confirms paddock got comp'd

1fbc83 No.52900


Oh now I get your question..

He is talking about Paddock, and the silence around the LV attack (inc the email gun running recently released - MSM ignore)…

They killed Paddock so he wouldn't sing like a bird….. That is the No Risk (no risk to expose their story if he is dead).

5a5583 No.52901

File: af2a199126f672e⋯.jpeg (8.59 KB, 200x150, 4:3, ds789af698df.jpeg)


SHIT - forgot to caption it

b1e247 No.52902

File: cfb845c8e1ecde3⋯.png (259.09 KB, 1147x1072, 1147:1072, latlong.png)


what about it? pic related

2e87ec No.52904


he's following 45

has millions of followers

e0b0f4 No.52905




dd3010 No.52906


nice catch anon

16fc30 No.52907


can we assume spacex is /ourguy/

saw good arguments for both sides of that

1092b3 No.52908


I mostly stayed quiet when the ctrl/opp was being floated as I always like his tenacity but didn’t want to defend and be wrong. I am quite releived.

ddc2da No.52909

File: 7bf9a98e3711bd9⋯.png (244.27 KB, 489x325, 489:325, ClipboardImage.png)

37baba No.52910


I buried 4 in my backyard. Have room for more.

6bcce5 No.52911


God Bless

1fbc83 No.52912



Like father like daughter

22d026 No.52913


That's hilarious!

5d8b2c No.52914


That is how I took what Q said.

c6c46f No.52915



Do you think the KSA condemned him to Obama's house in DC?


cadf78 No.52916


The caption is better for the normies but I suspect most of us on here got the joke immediately. Keep up the great work, anon!

a78e01 No.52917

Those here that have a twatter, should check your followers list…my guess is he’s following all of our pages.

2372be No.52918


To simplify it:

Have you ever read a mainstream article about a familiar topic and thought…"This is way off."

And set the "This is way off!" on a separate line.

ddc2da No.52919


fuck that…not all cops are good cops and not all should be trusted…

acaf9a No.52921

FB Zucked me for ‘community rules’. 30 days.

56c6a8 No.52922


Help an anon out. Please post some that you think will work better.

82a013 No.52923


got to love gowdy, hes a pitbull. i just hope all the really big hearings will be public and aired.

a81370 No.52924

File: 20d2011043d9ab2⋯.jpg (768.42 KB, 1440x2560, 9:16, Screenshot_20180114-210054.jpg)


True Pundit tweets are throwing me off.

Thomas Wictor tweets are throwing me off as well. He seems reliable but he is strongly against any theory that states LV shooting is more than a mad white man who snapped.

e0b0f4 No.52925



Typo -

He has 45 followS. Not followers. Malnourishment induced retardation. Sammich.

0d883f No.52926


He only follows 45 people.

69e8b8 No.52927

So here is what some of us been bouncing around to this line and the only connection any of us have found to 8239.

SC: Seek immediate [F9-Sx_VB8239].

Seek immediate Launch of Falcon 9, SpaceX @ Vandenberg of an X37b Mission

https:// www.space.com/8239-details-secretive-37b-space-plane-revealed.html

68aa01 No.52928

MISINFO from past reliable sources (FOX NEWS)?

Anyone notice Fox starting to go left now I am.

cadf78 No.52929


Waste of a beer…lol

a78e01 No.52930


Wow BUMMER!!!! You all just popped my bubble wrap!

5bdb12 No.52931


Safe to assume :)

a12c69 No.52932


I'm afraid I know who was one of them. That person is now behaving. I don't like being buried in the backyard. Too many good conversations to be had and nothing like that time when Q responds to your personal message to tell the wife why I am on here.

addde5 No.52933

Planefag here, CUPID80 is on the move, after doing 20+/- circles around SoCal logistics airport.

c9baea No.52934

File: 0a66c95d3939f67⋯.jpg (68.7 KB, 533x400, 533:400, 22p7i7.jpg)

8be72a No.52935


>thanks for the lolz, anons!

a78e01 No.52936

I’ll go to the corner and pout now….

395745 No.52938

File: 7f9d57970f09e1b⋯.png (15.08 KB, 420x326, 210:163, 0001.png)


Doesn't fall far, does it.

37baba No.52939


Chicago bath house membership

cadf78 No.52940



68aa01 No.52941


He seems to be an ASS

Just pretty much contrary to anything anyone

Talking about his meds the other day….

MISINFO from past reliable sources?

ec7c9f No.52942


No, retard. That's a Board Owner setting. Nothing to do with the administration. Why can't people grasp simple facts about 8chan?

56107f No.52943


Welcome back, KRAnon. You gonna bake some tonight?

695498 No.52944


remember Bouvet Island also…

just a reminder.. planefag might be interested

f8f651 No.52945


Geosynchronous orbit is a very high orbit, about 22,000 miles up.

4cc8cf No.52946


I vote for EM and SpX being our guys, for all we know Hillary could have gotten access to the SpX special access program and leaked their tech to NK over her server. Doesn't necessarily mean EM gave it to them. Could be bad elements within SpX outside of EM's control.

bbbede No.52947


wonder if the 45 followers is because POTUS45

kinda like KFC..

follows 11 HERBS and the SPICE girls

a12c69 No.52948


wow, I didn't know it was THAT high.

c9baea No.52949



5bdb12 No.52950

File: c070594bca161d1⋯.png (85.71 KB, 1095x893, 1095:893, screenshot_158.png)


Future SpaceX Missions….

2e87ec No.52952

cbe700 No.52953


Andrew Wiessman is one of Muellers prosecutors. He was also a prosecutor on the Enron case. What many don't seem to know is he destroyed AA with false charges and invented crimes. Many, many of his Enron convictions were overturned by higher courts due to his invention of crimes.

Now Weissman is in a position to invent crimes against the Trump administration.

cadf47 No.52954

What if i told you vampires were real?

What if i told you there was a group of them in the navy?

37baba No.52955


Brew coffee now

f53ad3 No.52956

File: 4060535c2685caa⋯.png (303.9 KB, 490x305, 98:61, Screenshot-2018-1-14 Meme ….png)

File: fe2c26fe2a3e0a8⋯.png (33.98 KB, 330x330, 1:1, anderson-cooper.png)


amazing how much time i have when i'm not battling shills constantly

cc1559 No.52957


evil has its tentacles everywhere.

06c489 No.52958

I saw some speculation in earlier bread that the SC in Q's latest drop was Sara Carter. Q's post seems to be warning her to be careful.

Seeing some treehouse connected posters saying she was setup by credible info and is now being fooled by the same sources.

Goes along with Thomas Paine questioning Gowdy, too.

Q, thus far, seems positive to Carter and Gowdy, but I'm not sure how to read his take, especially Gowdy.

Sniffing around and starting to wonder if the outlets dissing Carter and Gowdy need extra scrutiny.

Going by Q emphasis on disinfo outside chan and his support in earlier drops of Solomon and Carter.

Also, re: Gowdy;

Haley, Tim Scott, Graham all SC, Yeah, Graham sketchy, but Haley, Scott on Trump side AFAIK. They would have skinny on Gowdy for Trump guys, wouldn't they?

Observing with much many question marks at this point.

68aa01 No.52959


Remember EM went through and fired a shit ton of managers? Maybe he was tipped off they bad guys?

I'm still pretty sure we don't know if EM is black hat or white hat yet.

f8f651 No.52960


Hey folks, I keep saying this but did you know Jeff Bezos head of Amazon has a rocket company too? It's called Blue Origin.

Maybe that company gave the tech to NK. Trump has been beating on Bezos' main company Amazon about the USPS giving them too-low rates on package deliveries.

56107f No.52961


Thanks for getting the loafs back to being tasty last night. You work was not lost on me, Patriot.

a78e01 No.52962


Thought that was potus,,,, they popped my bubble wrap

b71b7a No.52963







9a9893 No.52964


Previous reliable scources are no longer reliable.

2e87ec No.52965


that came up on 8chan a few months ago

03dab1 No.52966


I'd say I've already known for year as one exposed himself and his community for years now on


The world is a lot stranger than we might realize

639292 No.52968


makes sense.

launch another space drone for?

a81370 No.52969


TW has some great stuff on the GCC how they've Owned ISIS and how SA is legit on truly reforming their country.

So I don't know. Don't know who to follow anymore. Can't trust anyone.

ac0a49 No.52970


Nice find.

260366 No.52971


>Think logically

>When does a BIRD TALK?

After it listens?

(eg: parrots mimic 'talk' by listening. Is that 'think logically' or 'literally' ?!)

1a7ee4 No.52972



85e863 No.52973


he is a former Journo with a real story. That said, he is fact based most of the time. He is crabby, yes. But he is one of those very logical-rational guys. Therefor he has limitations. And his take on anything done here would be done with that kind of mind. Some is good, some is bad. I still read him, rex and others to watch their perspectives as a whole. Then I go read crazy dems and Obummer was right, we are on a different planet. What he omitted was it is the right one.

c9baea No.52974


thanks man


my kettle is on



here if you need assist bro

4cc8cf No.52975


yeah I think he could go both ways, he definitely fits the evil genius mold. The question is how did NK get their hands on ITAR controlled hardware…the simplest explanation? The hardware was stolen from SpaceX's supply chain.

2e87ec No.52976


aww… i got some spare bubble wrap if you need it.. (i go to andie and mike and blow bubbles myself) http:// andieandmike.org/bubblecam/index.php

da2be6 No.52977



Let me give it some help:

¿Alguna vez has leído un artículo de los medios de comunicación masivos acerca de un tema que conoces muy bien y piensas "esto no está bien"?

Usted no se encuentra solo.

That's about it!

bbbede No.52978

File: 97d8fe79d88dbdb⋯.jpg (6.83 KB, 256x197, 256:197, brace_yourself.jpg)


Use the Brace Yourself Meme…

c5c95c No.52980


hmm…thomas comp'ed?

69e8b8 No.52981


Yeah… I think you are right. All the coverage, even Fox, has had too much vindictive narrative in it the last 2 days. It's getting worse. POTUS has to change it up, all the sheeple have been hearing is crap for weeks that has only gotten filled with more lies and viciousness.

85e863 No.52982



40524e No.52983


At this point Harvester team does not have the capacity to handle even the volume of memes that are in English. If native speakers of other languages want to take on the job of translating Memes or producing alternate language memes, we support the idea but are not able to contribute any of our time. Already working 18 hours a day and can't do any more than we are already doing.

f8f651 No.52985


that looks like a very deep rabbit hole there, no desire by me to go down that one.

e0b0f4 No.52986


Appealing that might be fruitful given what's been going on. Or…wait a day or two if @Jack steps down. You might suddenly find them cooperative.

a3de99 No.52987

I've been thinking about NK. I remember about 6-8 years ago when they did a few underground nuke tests (supposedly). Then they started working on missiles. Why do we think they can actually put a nuke in said missiles?

5a5583 No.52988

File: f259bfc35a27178⋯.jpg (28.85 KB, 304x308, 76:77, da897f6das780f97ad.jpg)

96841a No.52989


Long holding pattern, was anyone listening to ATC?

1092b3 No.52990


I wonder if using more of the “classic” memes would help appeal more to normies?

4cc8cf No.52991


If this were the case I would've expected Q to have mention BO by now. But I can see Bezos being black hat moreso than Musk.

cadf78 No.52993


Or delivered by Dennis Rodman.

cc1559 No.52994


i think its saying twitter is project mockingbird

c5c95c No.52996

37baba No.52997

File: d0f2dce4ce10950⋯.jpeg (129.05 KB, 1882x446, 941:223, 2497220A-1ED8-459C-A7A2-2….jpeg)


LOL. I showed my sweetie this and asked her who it was. She scored on the first attempt.

e0b0f4 No.52998


Slide. I haven't noticed a change. They're regurgitating a lot of the same segments as yesterday today.

da2be6 No.52999


Or, better this one:

¿Alguna vez has leído un artículo en los medios de comunicación masivos acerca de un tema que conoces muy bien y piensas "esto está equivocado"?

Usted no se encuentra solo.

06b3a3 No.53000

UA 8239

LaGuardia -> Toronto

expected to depart in 10 minutes:

https:// flightaware.com/live/flight/UAL8239/history/20180115/0130Z/KLGA/CYYZ

b71b7a No.53001




ms13 mo?


black h__s mo?

27cff2 No.53002

File: 91e053016189100⋯.jpg (97.42 KB, 1024x510, 512:255, shithole16.jpg)


You NEVER listen..

74bcb0 No.53003


I've got this one lad.


2ebe64 No.53004

File: 1ec48346c830394⋯.jpg (118.13 KB, 900x500, 9:5, 22p857.jpg)

c26186 No.53005


Because they both need to stay alive whilst the swamp drains. They pick their battles in order to avoid Arkancideosis.

cadf78 No.53007

[MONDAY] is almost upon us anons. Stay safe.

ee4b58 No.53008


Thomas Wictor did a short thread on why the CIA would be hosting Fritz Springmeir's book on the illuminatti on their website. He said it's for the innocuous reason that they found that book at Osama Bin Laden's compound in 2011 as if he believes that lie.

https:// twitter.com/ThomasWictor/status/952702242829684739

https:// www.cia.gov/library/abbottabad-compound/FC/FC2F5371043C48FDD95AEDE7B8A49624_Springmeier.-.Bloodlines.of.the.Illuminati.R.pdf

https:// twitter.com/ThomasWictor/status/952718396281446401

He's really salty today. Off or on his meds?

4cc8cf No.53009

File: eb244c865f8ebc9⋯.jpg (320.53 KB, 2771x1559, 2771:1559, hbomb.jpg)


Because the device in this image is either an actual warhead or a very good fake. If real it can certainly fit in a reentry vehicle. See diagram behind Kim.

c5c95c No.53011

5a5583 No.53012

File: 9a1ef2288139553⋯.png (160.48 KB, 512x370, 256:185, brace_yourselves_blank.png)


Made it w ith transparent packground in png for those who can use 'em

7c77fa No.53013


Respectfully, the ‘meta Q’ posts are a distraction. There’s plenty to do, stay focused.

cadf78 No.53014

42709d No.53015


Yea that's what I thought too

91ad2c No.53017


TG NSA when Adm Rogers retires?

Questions 702 & FISA abuse

bbbede No.53018


normies might be able to relate to the message easier… remember they're lost.. gotta make it easy for them to see, so might as well use things they know…

cadf78 No.53019



e14050 No.53020


Also because there are so many it’s be hard to get all the necessary information

a3de99 No.53021


Thanks. I've never seen that pic.

e1a5cd No.53022


As the World turns

ATWT = A Tweet

0d51a3 No.53023

Requesting images of those chapters from Fire and Fury as released by Assange w/ Q chapter titles in it.

0d883f No.53024


You too anon. Thanks.

addde5 No.53025


Kekd and tracking

06b3a3 No.53026



>SC: Seek immediate [F9-Sx_VB8239]


b1e247 No.53027

File: 4b9aa439431304d⋯.png (357.39 KB, 1366x658, 683:329, signal.png)

now this guy came up

4cc8cf No.53028


I prefer RFNA myself. Sure did a good job cooking those ruskies during the Nedelin disaster.

dc35e0 No.53029


or a false flag to break news cycle where casualties may/will occur

96841a No.53031


Flight for tonight to Toronto was cancelled.

5a5583 No.53032


Kek - won't save her from us. Something tells me she won't be sucking up any more taxpayer dollars in a prison for all that she's done.

03dab1 No.53033


not that deep, vampires exist and have for long time, some were bad people just like humans and myths were spread, they had to hide, rare blood borne antigen that acts similarly to HIV virus such that it changes your dna. This is reflected in different physical and mental capabilities, still mortal, but different genetically. Don't believe it. Don't disbelieve it. Stay open minded and skeptical. They use blood from a butcher, animals, or if they're lucky their significant other donates via syringe. Underground vampire meet ups are 98% LARPers and 2% legit vamps who lay low to meet others, they know who they are. I've met one or two that I truly feel was one when I went searching for this kind of thing. Nothing special really…

57dda7 No.53034

File: ec0c05e7a0ba4cf⋯.png (916.11 KB, 1080x675, 8:5, SnowWhite_CNN_fakenews.png)

File: 9d2eb7215dd1bb9⋯.png (918.46 KB, 1080x675, 8:5, SnowWhite_CNN_KEKd.png)

File: d53576be87f274a⋯.png (919.21 KB, 1080x675, 8:5, SnowWhite_CNN_fakenews_KEK….png)


just in time

c22df0 No.53035


The Council on Foreign Relations, together with our daughter, Operation Mockingbird, proudly celebrate amost a century of providing only the most perfectly orchestrated and convincing Suspension of Disbelief! While going virtually undetected by anyone not a Conspiracy Nut,

this has been our credo since we first began honing the Art of Very, VERY Fake News so many decades ago – ALWAYS keeping you entertained! Join us as we celebrate at our annual gala in Haiti this June, to benefit sex trafficking victims of ALL ages!!

2e87ec No.53036


i'm watching season 7 right now…

37baba No.53037


I’m packing a double load this week

695498 No.53039

I'm 67 and not to smart but this guy seems to connect

the U1 with pretty credible names…



c22df0 No.53040




9b29b5 No.53041

File: 1be9529879e0f7f⋯.png (169.29 KB, 950x1428, 475:714, Q-Jan14.png)

File: 2bc3a2ff86fb15d⋯.png (442.65 KB, 1062x3887, 1062:3887, Legend.png)

Todays Q drops + extras

56c6a8 No.53042




Mucho gracias!

Do you have any other suggestions for memes in Spanish?

74bcb0 No.53045









ddc2da No.53046


i respect his view and I follow him because i think its important to look at ALL sides. I disagree of course, but I respect it.

0d883f No.53047

File: 6b2975632dbcceb⋯.jpg (109.56 KB, 810x576, 45:32, 07649cc69cc5fa3e37a1074e35….jpg)


I just have the one.

78e1d4 No.53711

File: ccdc81a543afe40⋯.jpg (117.08 KB, 810x576, 45:32, IMG_1290.JPG)

File: 10dece89c40b20c⋯.jpg (116.51 KB, 817x528, 817:528, IMG_1291.JPG)

dac3f5 No.54475


6d5b05 No.54622


Maybe if you DON'T include quotes or their names, those in the know can't accuse you of fake memes…most normies will just see the words and the faces and think they really said those things.

af212f No.54744

Isn't Today the Drop Deadline for OIG Report? 1-15-2018

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