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File: e05ca9468d684d0⋯.png (751.01 KB, 960x540, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

93bcc8  No.31014

There is no more intro post. We all know why we're here. If you're looking for Q, he posts in /qresearch/. Never here.

2732c2  No.31015

File: 2dca5ed1fb4d7b5⋯.jpeg (123.46 KB, 800x500, 8:5, download.jpeg)

b89d2e  No.31016

I am shocked and embarrassed … I missed the new thread! Thanks to whoever created it.

b89d2e  No.31017


They're trying out a new design. It's supposed to be tamper proof. :)

e241d2  No.31018

File: 5f0a69230e99707⋯.jpg (96.4 KB, 971x843, 971:843, 1-2.JPG)

My Frenz,

I have a theory…

What if FOX allowed Donna Brazile to come on in an effort to get her back in the news (relevant) to get the issue of Seth Rich back in the LIGHT ???

In this Article…

https:// newspunch.com/donna-brazile-dc-seth-rich-murder/

"Brazile spend Monday vehemently denying she was in Washington D.C. on the day Seth Rich was killed. But by Monday night, her claims quickly unraveled after D.C. Metro Police confirmed that Brazile and the D.C. mayor had attended the very same hospital as Seth Rich on the night of his death.

Truepundit.com reports: And on Tuesday, federal law enforcement sources said Brazile’s social media posts from July 10, 2016 — the day Rich was killed — were made from the Beltway, Not Seattle as Brazile has claimed. Brazile claimed Monday that she was on a west coast trip the day Rich was gunned down in the streets of D.C. at 4:19 a.m. But sources said FAA records show Brazile boarded a Dulles International Airport flight on July 10th some 12 hours after the Rich murder. Brazile flew direct to Seattle (SEA-TAC) from D.C., records also show. Even one of Brazile’s Tweets shows her geo-location in Arlington, VA on the afternoon of July 10 just prior to the flight. Eight hours later — after her 5:30 p.m. EST flight to Seattle, a Brazile Tweet showed her at SEA-TAC airport in Washington state, some 3,000 miles away from Washington D.C., records show.

Brazile spent Monday hammering Couch, Tweeting and commissioning her lawyers to attack him based on the claim that she wasn’t even in D.C. at the time of the Rich murder. Strangely, she did not overtly deny being at the hospital, however.

But Brazile’s departure from the Beltway was 12 hours after Rich was murdered, a fact Couch hammered home during Monday night on Periscope."

2732c2  No.31019

File: 1f29f729826badc⋯.png (550.55 KB, 1022x569, 1022:569, Screenshot from 2019-03-20….png)

dc99dd  No.31020

and i was waiting for a new message to drop in… nothing happened.. looool

b89d2e  No.31021

My crowd funding effort is a package deal: 1 app, 2 books, and a web site. The app displays ads (gently and rarely) to push book #2 and/or get people to fund the campaign. It's book #1 that's important here.

The plan has not changed since last summer. I'm just bouncing around between a lot of things, all of which have to be done for the campaign to launch. Graphics which go into videos which go on the funding page. The Q following is large enough to where that's my target for establishing an initial base for what I'm doing. Once a certain number is crossed, then others will support the effort just because x number of other - others did so.

In the mayhem, I've completed the Q/Ed book up to the point of introducing Ed. Which would be when this board started. I have yet to do the comprehensive review of all the Ed material the way I want to do it, but soon there will be no choice because book #1 has to be completed. When I do finally get to that stage of really, truly, honestly doing the full-scale review … all thinking out loud will be done here.

b89d2e  No.31023


The first question crossing my mind is, would Brazile be so stupid as to openly lie about something that even her own Twitter posts could easily contradict? "No way" is a safe assumption. So the point is to trigger people.

Note that almost 100% of what comes across the news, TV, movies, etc. is aimed at fostering hate toward somebody. They probably care very little for who it is that's being hated. The one consistent effort that has been put forth since this nation began is to keep the people fired up hating somebody. We take sides on all issues thinking "they" really give a shit which side we're on and which side we hate. Do they BEHAVE like they care? As long as we're hating somebody, "they" are happy. If I'm wrong, show me, don't tell me.

b89d2e  No.31024


When you're hating, you're not creating. When all your focus is on destroying the bad guy, you're not building your own life, your own town, your own nation. You stagnate. For all the rage that has been poured out against either political party since year 0, neither party has gone away. We have been made aware of every crisis on Earth - most of them manufactured and/or false - since the dawn of mankind. Not one of those problems has gone away, least of all in response to public perception. The more we swim in hate, the more easily we are controlled.

b89d2e  No.31025

The TV series "Merlin" presents a very good example. In the beginning, those who know Morgana's power make it their goal in life to prevent her from discovering what she is capable of. As long as they succeed, she carries on life as an insignificant pawn. Once she figures out who and what she is, she becomes quite formidable.

So it is with the population in general.

2732c2  No.31026

File: f6f052fa78c822c⋯.jpeg (56.96 KB, 559x446, 559:446, download.jpeg)

2732c2  No.31027

File: 29924aa9cfd05d6⋯.jpg (38.67 KB, 500x575, 20:23, 2wj72n.jpg)

2732c2  No.31028

File: 1c81c4cbb651aca⋯.jpg (29.87 KB, 500x575, 20:23, 54267861_10215362059470358….jpg)

2732c2  No.31029

File: 0a3d12aac9dee5f⋯.jpg (41.34 KB, 500x578, 250:289, 53556600_10215362049190101….jpg)

b89d2e  No.31030


Top image: any type of porn would be much easier to stomach.

dc99dd  No.31031


93bcc8  No.31032

File: 1c3fe1c6e89d5af⋯.png (78.35 KB, 310x280, 31:28, ClipboardImage.png)







see pic

I've been eyeballing /pol/ for the past couple of days. So I guess those memes are pretty tame in comparison, LMAO.

I think the revolution has been put on hold through lack of interest.

dc99dd  No.31033

File: 705645b52f60ee7⋯.jpg (26.28 KB, 595x319, 595:319, Screenshot_131.jpg)

weird… is it me, or is the Q-army(ahumahum) now making a case to protect Epstein????

dc99dd  No.31034

File: 6a51dc72aa31942⋯.jpg (53.39 KB, 589x350, 589:350, Screenshot_132.jpg)


forgot the second image

91d906  No.31035


/qresearch2gen/ is available in the board search now:

https:// qresear.ch

93bcc8  No.31037


I assume we thank you. ;)


dc99dd  No.31038

so the move to get the golan heights and make it "legal" (in the us view) to take the oil from the golan heigts by genie energy is there…

https:// medium.com/@zanting/ira-greenstein-jared-kushner-s-criminal-deal-with-israel-behind-u-s-873da65223ce

collusion anyone? yeah, but not with Russia, it was with Israel, like many told here on the board before….

wanna see another funny thing?

https:// medium.com/@EricTerman/why-is-genie-oil-troubleshooting-north-korea-ffe393be69fe

but fact is .. Ira Greenstein, then director of Genie Energy, worked in the Trump transition team after Trump took office he worked in the WH, mainly for Kushner…. he was working in the WH (and director of genie energy at the same time Trump bombed Syria in 2017).. he just left when Trump bombed Syria in 2018

coincidences? i don't believe in them!

b89d2e  No.31039


Welcome to the real world. Know how to put a stop to all this? Get free energy off the government shelves and into circulation. Dozens of people have gotten stuff working but instead of heading for town square with it, they head to the patent office and promptly get relieved of their invention, or killed, or whatever is required to take them out of circulation.

See the parallel? Genie Energy does what it does because it can't let go of the money. And every person with the tech to shut them down in the palm of their hands is 100% ineffective because they can't let go of the money.

b89d2e  No.31040


Get something working and go straight to the public with it, and Genie Energy as well as the entire Illuminati and government is powerless to stop you.

b89d2e  No.31042


This is called "confirmation."

dc99dd  No.31043

BO can ya delete.. thx

2732c2  No.31044

File: a0090f67b84bb87⋯.png (295.12 KB, 763x1089, 763:1089, 11111111.png)

2732c2  No.31045

File: 40d33c82683df23⋯.jpg (56.58 KB, 710x400, 71:40, 54519786_10215374116131767….jpg)

b89d2e  No.31046


LOL … lots of women love to do this … "I have a KID like everybody else and I have to pay bills like everybody else … I'm the most special gal alive!" Not.

2732c2  No.31047

File: 73f8cebc8168425⋯.jpeg (47.6 KB, 500x500, 1:1, download.jpeg)

Revelation 13:16-17.

Read it.

2732c2  No.31048

File: 5c1ebd4f130ad5e⋯.jpg (85.92 KB, 500x638, 250:319, 2wp5ir.jpg)

dc99dd  No.31050


yup, but won't happen… i don't use a bank anymore… don't trust them..

2732c2  No.31051

File: dee6310f5e96d97⋯.png (147.84 KB, 477x410, 477:410, Screenshot from 2019-03-22….png)

2732c2  No.31052

File: 273d96d36922e79⋯.png (1.04 MB, 759x1086, 253:362, 11111111.png)

b89d2e  No.31053


Sure … on what planet?

b89d2e  No.31054


When it becomes mandatory, it's the end of my transacting business in the normal economy. I'd better be ready.

2732c2  No.31055

File: ddad4ab59cc4a6a⋯.jpg (27.99 KB, 547x482, 547:482, 55473476_10216285529748714….jpg)

2732c2  No.31056

File: be120d38cf6d983⋯.png (48.64 KB, 474x289, 474:289, Screenshot from 2019-03-22….png)

2732c2  No.31057

File: fb45c4029ea1484⋯.jpg (91.5 KB, 483x738, 161:246, 54517037_10213927973414922….jpg)

b89d2e  No.31058


There's a lot to be said for racism. Just ask all the anti-White fanatics running around unsupervised.

b89d2e  No.31059


"Be like?" How about using English?????

2732c2  No.31060

File: fcf3156638b6233⋯.jpg (383.34 KB, 1068x1052, 267:263, 1553286535671.jpg)

2732c2  No.31061


How 'bout?

2732c2  No.31065

File: 135ad378d99d085⋯.png (377.38 KB, 512x676, 128:169, Screenshot from 2019-03-22….png)

b89d2e  No.31066

https:// torontoguardian.com/2018/05/1856-toronto-by-photographers-armstrong-beere-and-hime/

A set of 25 photos taken in 1856-1857 Toronto. How do you get people to build this many buildings of this size in a city like Toronto … with so few people showing up in miles of crowded city landscape appearing in all photos combined? A soul or two shows up here and there but for the most part these are like Pyongyang as it appears in Google Earth today.

b89d2e  No.31067

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

A very good intro.

b89d2e  No.31068

File: 6d85eb7395c3b92⋯.png (6.81 MB, 2701x1387, 37:19, cell_antennas.png)

File: 7b03a24ecf496e2⋯.png (221.03 KB, 446x298, 223:149, old_tower.png)

The left image is a modern-day "camouflage" for cell phone antennas along the C-470 highway on the southwest edge of the Denver metro area, between the Ken Caryl and the Kipling exits. The right one is an ancient relic that I haven't identified yet.

2732c2  No.31069

File: a8d87527e6c1e76⋯.jpeg (78.64 KB, 750x499, 750:499, download.jpeg)

b89d2e  No.31070

What you focus on consistently manifests in physical reality. A fleeting thought won't do it; repeated focusing over a period of time will. Backing by high emotional charge speeds and intensifies the process. A common focus among many people intensifies the process even more.

It is the act of focusing that manifests. It makes zero difference whether you love something or hate it, whether you want it or want it gone. It doesn't matter. Simple focus, for any reason, manifests.

Q has the effect of a magnifying glass, intensifying the focus on the Illuminati and the Democrat part a thousand fold. I love, I hate, it's all irrelevant. It is the act of focusing at all that manifests. This is why no major arrests have been made, and none ever will be; it's why there have been NO major changes on any political front despite all the claims of "destroying the Dems" by Q for a year and a half: no changes are wanted, none are intended. They know what they're doing. Given the Illuminati's almost sole focus on the energetic workings of the universe, they manifest the reality they want by manipulating the public to intense hatred of it. It works.

Everything on TV, in movies, in books, prompts people to trigger hatred against somebody. Hate the Islamists, hate Israel, hate the Dems, hate the Republicans, it all intensifies those groups.

The key to waking up is realizing that people don't want to exist in any other state. They want their hate, their lies, their illusion, and their puppet masters. It all forms a known and familiar framework for living out people's lives; one they will not give up without a fight.

This is why theories like the flat Earth prompt such venomous reactions while other "theories" like channeling the Pleiadeans do not. Compared to predominant dogma, both are equally "out there," yet one makes people crazy while the other is no threat at all. Why? One is true. The other, not so much. Nobody defends against something that is no threat.

American and world history have been drastically rewritten. It doesn't take long to forget real history. In 2000 my neighbor's 11 year old kid had no idea what a turntable was. by the time Tesla died, most kids had no idea who he was. Dumbing people down is easier than breathing because they demand it. American and world history have been drastically rewritten; the modern age (as it might be called) began in 1812 with massive worldwide mud floods that peaked around 1850. Hundreds and hundreds of photos from the 1850's show nearly-abandoned cities whose buildings are covered sometimes up to 30' in mud, and many show a complete rebuilding of the road system as well as trolley and train tracks. Even today, literally thousands of buildings can be found among most cities of the world where "ground level" has curious "basement" windows that only protrude above ground 1/8 or 1/6 or 1/4 of the height of the full window. The mud floods simply prompted people to build new roads, new sidewalks, on top of the mud flows, leaving so many buildings partially buried. Several reconstructions of this nature have occurred in the past 200 years. Some building show up to 3 layers of brick and facing, all clearly built during different time periods. Many buildings were built from reclaimed brick from older, destroyed buildings.

Our history is NOTHING like we think it is. If we knew our true history, even - or especially - recent (past 200 years) we would have a far better grasp on who is in control today.

2732c2  No.31071

File: e8e10240e348782⋯.png (155.37 KB, 295x375, 59:75, Screenshot from 2019-03-23….png)

File: 61d330d5e08139c⋯.png (122.86 KB, 332x349, 332:349, Screenshot from 2019-03-23….png)

b89d2e  No.31072

Wassup with QR?

According to what I'm seeing in 2 browsers, /qresearch/ stopped at QResearch General #7475, which saw its 750th post at 7:36 EST. There has been no open QResearch General thread for 3+ hours. The catalog, as well, does not update, it shows 7475 as having 694 replies.

What a mess. They probably have no clue what is going on.

b89d2e  No.31074

QR just sprang back to life with nearly 1700 new posts so apparently the glitch was local to some given area.

b89d2e  No.31075

Most curious. I was receiving 3+ hour old data from the server and it was locked in. I tried Opera, Edge, and used WinInet to download both JSon and HTML formats. Same 3+ hour old data in all cases. How does a server selectively provide stale, old data without any errors to a given user unless it's specifically instructed to? Ed should be able to verify that server errors do not work that way. As heavy as QR traffic is, there is no way it would deliver cached data of a catalog 3+ hours old but still never return any errors whether a JSon or HTML download was requested - and only do it for a select user or users? While I was trying to figure out what was going on, other people across the world were filling up 3 more QResearch General threads that I never saw as existing at all.

b89d2e  No.31076

When I visited Yaroslavl, Russia in 2003, for 5 days I never once saw a kid under 16-ish. Not a single one. And most of that time was spent walking the streets.

2732c2  No.31077

File: 98dfa1a1f2dfff3⋯.jpg (20.42 KB, 968x681, 968:681, ok-hand.jpg)

I feel like White People are just bottling all their anger up and its about to f***ing go down any minute.

b89d2e  No.31078


I've said that more than once. Mob mentality and political correctness (the two are inseparable) don't evolve a society … they just oppress it and stuff everything down. When it comes out, it's going to be a volcano.

2732c2  No.31079

File: ecd5b0df0746764⋯.jpeg (29.6 KB, 600x446, 300:223, download.jpeg)

b89d2e  No.31081


I had to look that up. :(

"Zyklon B (German: [tsy'klo?n 'be?] translated Cyclone B) was the trade name of a cyanide-based pesticide invented in Germany in the early 1920s. It consisted of hydrogen cyanide (prussic acid), as well as a cautionary eye irritant and one of several adsorbents such as diatomaceous earth. The product is infamous for its use by Nazi Germany during the Holocaust to murder approximately one million people in gas chambers installed at Auschwitz-Birkenau, Majdanek, and other extermination camps."

Post last edited at

b89d2e  No.31082

I'm currently in ballistic mode researching the mudfloods of the 1800's. Again, some 30' of mud (likely far more in places) inundated cities worldwide - including in the U.S. It all centers around the now-destroyed Tartarian Empire, who constructed many of the most ornate buildings in America. I have much to learn about everything. What's so fascinating about all this is that there is so much photographic evidence of reconstruction and clearing the mud away. Until this was done, and even for some time after, most photos taken of larger cities show few to no people or horses on the streets despite often enormous buildings and infrastructure being present to handle them.

If we weren't there, we're trusting what we were told by somebody else.

b89d2e  No.31083


Hiding all this allows the powers of today to treat normal, cyclical events in weather, climate, etc. as national emergencies that excuse massive taxation of the population - while absolutely nothing is done about the "crises" because nothing can be. From Underground Atlanta to half the buildings in any large city, the mud floods were simply covered over, leaving so many old buildings with partial-height windows reaching the ground; funky looking sights that NO architect would intentionally design.

b89d2e  No.31084

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Your daily dose of exposure of bullshit.

b89d2e  No.31085

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

A very fascinating video that highlights levels of detail in stone statues from the 16th century and beyond that could not be duplicated today … except with 3D printing.

b89d2e  No.31086

File: a7f90c7a1dd7d5c⋯.png (3.07 MB, 2230x1211, 2230:1211, dinosaurs.png)

Remains of every dinosaur in this image were only ever found in one location; nowhere else. Ever.

b89d2e  No.31087

This message is to test formatting.

93bcc8  No.31088


I feel like most white people are still living in their bubbles.

The programming is too strong, the divisions too wide.

No pride.

No social cohesion.

No idea that they're being good law abiding citizens, while they're enemies don't give a shit about those laws, except to keep goyim in line.

Completely subverted and demoralised. Weakened, weakened, weak.

The ability to organise, gone.

Loyalty, gone.

White race, soon to be gone.

>its about to f***ing go down any minute.

People would rather be boiling frogs, full knowing that the water's getting hotter and hotter.

They'll condemn each and every action that pushes them out of their comfort zone and side with their oppressors, just so they can maintain their daily routines.

b89d2e  No.31089


If they had any idea how true ALL of this is….

93bcc8  No.31090

File: 10348f7ca8b7463⋯.png (192.81 KB, 1736x613, 1736:613, ClipboardImage.png)


We'll see what we see.

If 'beginning to stir' means shooting up a couple of mosques and creating overwhelming sympathies toward the perceived enemy through overkill to push for deescalation, then we're fucked.

2732c2  No.31091

File: 9dc0ef08a7af64f⋯.png (551.07 KB, 1424x750, 712:375, Screenshot from 2019-03-23….png)

2732c2  No.31092

File: 3298b1abe5b70fb⋯.webm (2.94 MB, 266x400, 133:200, 1553388258159.webm)

93bcc8  No.31093

Maybe there's some, yet.


2732c2  No.31094

File: b5548d33476c72e⋯.webm (1.25 MB, 896x504, 16:9, 1553389202876.webm)

93bcc8  No.31095


Maybe there's some *hope yet.

93bcc8  No.31097

While it is scarcely possible that Jews do not know they are

practicing deceit and fraud when they cozen goyim , it is likely that

they feel much as do members of our race when they shoot deer

or ducks from blinds, but we can only make precarious guesses

about their own feelings about their religion. What is clear is its

usefulness to them in their attacks on other races.

(1) The religion is the perfect cover for the Jews’ racial arro¬

gance. If they claimed on any other grounds to be the Master

Race and proclaimed that the members of other races were so

inferior that they were little, if at all, better than swine, the Jews

would arouse resentment from persons who were unwilling to

accept that status. But peoples that have emerged from barbar¬

ism, even if still deeply imbued with superstitions themselves,

have learned to be tolerant of many strange superstitions and

strange gods and know that there is virtually no limit to what

votaries can believe. The Jews further disarm resentment by pro¬

fessing to share their status as a Master Race with any ‘convert’

and profess to be eager proselytizers, but have taken the precau¬

tion to impose on proselytes sexual mutilations that alone suffice

to exclude virile men and grotesquely barbarous taboos that are

certain to repel every goy except a few females who are so light¬

headed that they will make useful puppets. Their faith in their

innate superiority is thus shrewdly disguised.

(2) The religion is a perfect cover for conspiracy. When the

Jews invade a country, they normally make themselves inconspic¬

uous by infiltrating, a few at a time, and planting a few of their

number in every city, town, or even village where there is money

to be made by exploiting the stupid natives. If the scattered

groups of invaders maintained a close liaison with other mem-



https:// archive.org/stream/TheJewishStrategyReviloOliver/The-Jewish-Strategy-Revilo-Oliver_djvu.txt

b89d2e  No.31100


IMHO, ALL religion centers around the ultimately childish mindset of appeasing one's way into Heaven. Those who claim to worship God the most are actually the ones who dream the most of receiving such worship. "Look at me, God! Look how SPECIAL I am! Look how obedient! How deeply I understand your superiority! See how utterly superior I am? Now treat me accordingly!" They're all manipulating their way into being worshiped by God as the one human who stood above all others; the one who truly got it.

Ego in its purest form. What true GOD would even have tolerance - forget actual use - for worship from humans?

93bcc8  No.31101


If you didn't read on by opening the link, you may have missed the point.

I understand what you're getting at, but religion is used to control people, situations and outcomes.

What the author is saying is that it's pretty much a crock of shit, but the Jews have managed to use it, abuse it, and manipulate it every which way in order to be seen as both victims and superior at the same time.

I'm not sure if it was in this book or the one I read yesterday, but the author made a great point in that if a race sees themselves as superior regardless of whether they are or not, they will be superior. They believe it, and so it shall come to pass. That should be right up your ally, anon. You believe in manifesting and the like.

By way of making of making other races (especially the white race) feel guilt, demoralisation, etc, while at the same time convincing themselves and telling everyone else that they are superior, they become superior. They believe it.

So, what I'm thinking now is, what the fuck is wrong with supremacy? It's survival of the fittest, and the fittest doesn't only mean physical fitness. It means who ever sticks together to strengthen their kind in every aspect, using whatever means is king.

We've been duped. Religion duped us in to being soft, forgiving, accepting.

You're not a good Christian if….

We were duped by false boundaries of which will be our end.

There's a big difference between man made laws and natural law.

If we don't start realising that by rule of natural law, we will become extinct, we're done for.

2732c2  No.31102

File: 0eecaf0f96416e9⋯.jpg (69.92 KB, 564x883, 564:883, 1553413740270.jpg)

File: a6ccc0e2c764a7a⋯.jpg (404.06 KB, 435x642, 145:214, 1553413270261.jpg)

File: 5a560eaa244840a⋯.jpg (125.76 KB, 853x1280, 853:1280, 1553413643193.jpg)

File: aaafd16726eed51⋯.jpg (529.96 KB, 1280x1853, 1280:1853, 1553413562064.jpg)

File: 843175659e1b940⋯.png (776.78 KB, 861x566, 861:566, 1553413316736.png)

2732c2  No.31103

File: 90c0be7dcca27e0⋯.jpg (362.27 KB, 1280x1912, 160:239, 1553414612637.jpg)

File: d343b30fcc3cc02⋯.jpg (310.54 KB, 1200x803, 1200:803, 1553414535920.jpg)

File: 0c33c21becd7a69⋯.jpg (265.5 KB, 650x1000, 13:20, 1553414487869.jpg)

File: 200d48ae4c094ce⋯.jpg (127.87 KB, 809x960, 809:960, 1553414430238.jpg)

93bcc8  No.31104


Okay, so who are you and what have you done with Ed?

b89d2e  No.31105

> If you didn't read on by opening the link, you may have missed the point.

Apologies … I did not open the link and so I did miss the point …

> religion is used to control people, situations and outcomes.

Who is controlled? Those who would control. The selection process (who is controlled and who is not) is not without pinpoint accuracy. Universal law. You get what you are. Things are not nearly as chaotic as they might seem. We just happen to live among a great majority who seek to control via devotion to religion. What you see coming from the game as a unified whole - controllers and controlled - is a close-knit group of resonant human beings; a hive mind. We draw great distinction between those calling the shots and those being impacted by that. In reality they are all one big happy family. A perfectly representative microcosm of the whole affair can be found in the American South, where the endless array of churches serve as political centers before they serve as anything else. They produce an endless stream of abusive, holier-than-thou cliques who make little effort to hide their imagined superiority, and all the benefits they imagine it entails.

Look closely at the process of (for example) White shaming. Why are Whites receptive to it? What process is unfolding? They are laying claim to superiority. "I am not racist! Therefore I am superior!" They claim the moral high ground via adherence to laws and decrees which, however manipulative in their intent, are nonetheless not experienced that way and so are used as an excuse, a tool, to claim superiority via obedience to them.

It is not the presence of religious influence we should be concerned with. It is our own receptivity to it. Anybody can bark orders but ultimately it's the decision of each individual to obey or not. Anyone can exert influence via any means - guilt, shaming, etc. - but those require open-armed receptivity on the part of any number of individuals.

The ones who command are not the problem. The ones who obey are.

b89d2e  No.31106


Ed has a purpose in being here; in being anywhere they show up online. In pursuing that purpose, they are going to evolve as some approaches fail and others succeed. Adaptive learning. Shifting reliance on one approach vs. another based on what successes or failures have been delivered by that reliance.

Change is the only constant.

93bcc8  No.31107


I'd have to say that that's one of the best posts I've read from you, anon.

My one criticism would be that the ones who obey were born in to servitude, guilt, shame, etc.

They know little different. But at the same time, you are absolutely correct.


I'd like some confirmation that this poster is Ed.

Ed has gone full/pol/ without warning, and completely flipped.

By the way Ed, or impostor Ed, I don't believe that Tarrant is a psyop.

b89d2e  No.31108


People of the superiority mindset require some basis, some catalyst for building superiority on. What's coming from religion as well as from the left are currently the only game in town. The only thing conservatives do is react. They wait for something to happen, or fail to happen, and they judge it. They follow; they do not lead. Conversely, religion is actively laying out a path to imagined superiority: here are your rules; obey them and you will be superior. There is little alternative for most. They're the only game in town. Religion is the only source providing a pathway to superiority. They have no effective competition because the rest of the people, institutions, etc. are too busy trying to manipulate money out of people (commercial advertising) to throw their hats in the ring. Actually commercial advertising IS another form of religion. Oh look I have an iPhone … see how special I am? A religion unto itself if you look only at the mechanics of it all.

b89d2e  No.31109


Born into servitude: is THAT without control and/or purpose? We can only speculate. I personally believe that occurs specifically so people can grow out of that mindset. Reject it. Evolve. You will never be exposed to or impacted by something you don't resonate with. There are gays being discriminated against left and right, for example. I don't care and it has no known impact on me. That's over there, I'm over here, and I have plenty of concerns of my own. There is no resonance between me and gay politics. The issue is a non-issue for me. Not part of my life to deal with. The same concept applies to everything in life. It all comes down to how random and chaotic we believe things to be. Simple close observation on this subject will go a very long way toward dispelling any incorrect thinking on the matter.

b89d2e  No.31110


We have never had confirmation that a poster is - or is not - Ed. They appear to have shut down most of their online presence; their web site, their Twitter account, all gone. They did not provide desired results as they were presented. So their game is being re-thought; perhaps it's a case of step back, rethink, what have we learned? I completely agree that they appear to have degraded into stock, off-the-shelf screaming anti-Semites; nothing to choose between them and anybody else standing in town square screaming at the passers by. But maybe none of that was ever them. Maybe it was all them. We can't know. In their first months on this board, they were in full command of themselves; revealing, not screaming, not whining, not complaining. Informing. They had an inherent elitism about them, not one that came from any direct effort at being elite but simply a reflection of their focus at that time. I can't see them every leading big followings. It isn't who they are. They are more prone to being like the Impossible Mission Force - elite, operating in the shadows, untouchable.

93bcc8  No.31111


Well, there ya go, anon. You just ruined it.

The issue here is that the world doesn't currently work the way that you want it to. You're simply ignoring shit.

There are more enough that are bringing the gay thing to light than are not.

For/against. There are more than enough on both sides to make it an issue enough to effect your life, and those of your offspring if you had any.

You're going of in to fantasy land now, JMO. I don't mean to offend.

It was great to see you got it for a split second though :P

93bcc8  No.31112


They can open their twatter and confirm if they want.

I'm not quite sure what you're agreeing with. You have assumed that what you put forward is what I was thinking. It was not.

They used what they had to to gain attention. They have been ahead of the game in the way as explained above, in that they haven't been playing by (for lack of a better word) 'normie' rules.

I'll look forward to their confirmation.

b89d2e  No.31113

Another sign of our erased history … if you look at some of the more panoramic images of the 1893 Chicago World's Fair grounds, you will see an array of buildings that are majestic, almost miraculously complex. Our fake history claims these were built in a three year period before the Fair and torn down after. The alternative school of thought says these buildings would take decades to build, would cost billions in today's dollars, and the only reason anybody would tear down such impressive creations was to hide the erased culture who actually created them: the Tartars.

b89d2e  No.31114

File: 37a5002fa5053af⋯.jpg (122.57 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, i1.jpg)

File: 06dd978e01d6c40⋯.jpg (195.66 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, i2.jpg)

File: d1471b9369542e7⋯.jpg (128.3 KB, 640x415, 128:83, i3.jpg)

File: bef5a1953ac395e⋯.png (1.48 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, i4.png)

Mud flood reconstruction.

dc99dd  No.31115


i agree!

93bcc8  No.31116


Lol, On which point, anon?

Good to see ya, ;)

dc99dd  No.31117



yeah… most of my time goes on twitter & next to my job i'm studying polish… (re-studying)… when that is done i can jump back to studying russian…

93bcc8  No.31118


That's 'awesome' anon.

I'd love to be a polyglot. It's difficult to learn a new language as an adult if as an adult you only know the one.

great to read that you're working. I do hope it has made a huge difference in your life. I know you were keen to get back in the game.

Good on'ya.

b89d2e  No.31120

File: eeb5246a0720c02⋯.png (1.84 MB, 1658x1819, 1658:1819, Mercury Antenna.png)

A gothic time period piece. Put mercury in the glass. The thing becomes the most sensitive antenna on Earth … for power from the atmosphere.

b89d2e  No.31122

File: 450a9a9f986b3f4⋯.png (1.06 MB, 970x622, 485:311, roebling_bridge.png)

File: 376bbddc0792e77⋯.png (74.16 KB, 810x623, 810:623, towers.png)

Building the Roebling suspension bridge in Cincinnati. Wikipedia says the bridge opened on December 1, 1866.

Wikipedia also says that tower cranes were invented in 1949.

b89d2e  No.31123


Note that in 1866, Cincinnati was still digging out from the mud flood which gave the ultimate excuse to erase Tartarian presence from history. Note the buildings in center left of the bridge pic: a few dozen feet of mud are still being cleared out.

b89d2e  No.31124

The extremely ornate buildings dotting various cities - of which the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City is a prime example - were typical Tartarian construction. Tartars always had a plethora of metal antennas on their buildings for drawing power from the atmosphere. There is an image - carefully censored by Google Images - showing huge balls of electric light energy appearing in the Eiffel Tower - in 1889. That was normal back then. History has just been rewritten.

Tartarian buildings were used for the 1893 Chicago world's fair. They were not constructed for the fair as claimed; they would have taken well over a decade to build and cost billions in today's dollars. Vintage photos of the inside of some of the buildings at the fair show Tartarian tech and architecture in all its glory. The buildings were torn down after the fair to help erase Tartarian existence from history.

b89d2e  No.31125


Regardless of the city (worldwide) you will never, ever find photos of the most ornate and intricate of these buildings under construction. There may be a few images showing refacing these buildings but in such images the buildings will always APPEAR 90+% completed.

b89d2e  No.31126


You live to fight at any cost. I'm used to it. Take it in stride and move on.

b89d2e  No.31128

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2732c2  No.31129

File: 0d7e6ee1ddb123f⋯.png (807.97 KB, 1152x898, 576:449, Screenshot from 2019-03-24….png)

2732c2  No.31130

File: a55102ca66a0079⋯.png (328.1 KB, 427x578, 427:578, Screenshot from 2019-03-24….png)

2732c2  No.31131

File: 7598c4b3a7065eb⋯.png (398.74 KB, 438x586, 219:293, Screenshot from 2019-03-24….png)

93bcc8  No.31132

We have confirmation that Eds have left the building, by the looks of things.

I do hope they're okay.

What should we call this new personality to the board, anons?

2732c2  No.31133


Still us…..just ramping it up.

93bcc8  No.31134


Still waiting for the revolution to kick off?

2732c2  No.31135

File: 47e86d30056dc06⋯.png (254.46 KB, 780x1015, 156:203, fdfssfsdfsfs.png)

2732c2  No.31136

File: 4fe740c7e9c5685⋯.png (743.43 KB, 711x763, 711:763, sdfsfsdfs.png)

2732c2  No.31137

File: 835187b1bcbb169⋯.png (475.26 KB, 445x719, 445:719, Screenshot from 2019-03-24….png)

2732c2  No.31139

File: 1ea443729fc1458⋯.png (138.46 KB, 820x575, 164:115, Screenshot from 2019-03-24….png)

93bcc8  No.31140


Whose court is the ball in?

I saw that Israel pulled their ISIS puppet out of the spa to record a message calling for revenge. Or maybe they just held the mic for him while he was still in the spa.

You know this is what Israel and their like want, and that it will only serve to serve them.

Why so happy about it?

2732c2  No.31141

File: b7529229dcee478⋯.jpg (35.75 KB, 519x332, 519:332, abu-yusuf-al-britani.jpg)

File: 7b063a3e3631b4a⋯.jpg (88.68 KB, 688x390, 344:195, rape_finland-1.jpg)

File: b07ef61614d65b4⋯.jpg (99.78 KB, 800x450, 16:9, rfgs.jpg)

File: be6663ba0594bbe⋯.jpg (54.7 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

File: 858f022d59fdde0⋯.jpeg (12.06 KB, 288x175, 288:175, download.jpeg)

2732c2  No.31142

File: b4a093cce5565de⋯.png (314.95 KB, 568x347, 568:347, Screenshot from 2019-03-25….png)

File: 200b401bf4584b9⋯.png (523.03 KB, 853x439, 853:439, Screenshot from 2019-03-25….png)

File: d4ffa6e04319390⋯.png (272.79 KB, 1028x529, 1028:529, Screenshot from 2019-03-24….png)

File: ef4c311ebb78bda⋯.png (354.72 KB, 1250x811, 1250:811, Screenshot from 2019-03-24….png)

File: 0d7e6ee1ddb123f⋯.png (807.97 KB, 1152x898, 576:449, Screenshot from 2019-03-24….png)

2732c2  No.31143

File: 09a74d626ca6bb0⋯.png (239.41 KB, 496x454, 248:227, Screenshot from 2019-03-24….png)

2732c2  No.31144

File: 3ac196249d5a1a1⋯.jpg (70.7 KB, 543x947, 543:947, 54520895_839449136390123_8….jpg)

File: c8a89b9b257fc5b⋯.jpg (182.03 KB, 736x936, 92:117, 1553489805059.jpg)

File: f9da544d1758dc6⋯.jpg (111.72 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 1553489512276.jpg)

File: 1f2b49a9cb3fa46⋯.jpg (313.31 KB, 995x995, 1:1, 1553489362044.jpg)

File: ff41a159778353c⋯.jpg (514.18 KB, 960x960, 1:1, 1553488371007.jpg)

2732c2  No.31145

File: 684ce8b0fe7f0bc⋯.jpg (439 KB, 1125x1110, 75:74, 1553477489156.jpg)

File: 3c1ed12662b2726⋯.jpg (218.59 KB, 576x576, 1:1, 1553475389214.jpg)

File: 77f5fef101b0aa9⋯.jpg (123.5 KB, 1080x930, 36:31, 1553475352940.jpg)

File: b89e89bca126e83⋯.jpg (94.71 KB, 600x440, 15:11, 1553475295201.jpg)

File: 43e8176e6c9fdd4⋯.jpg (667.44 KB, 650x505, 130:101, 1553475107386.jpg)

2732c2  No.31147

File: 1f543f28aabb997⋯.jpg (246.05 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, jew-1024x768.jpg)

File: f9ace1db7eccf83⋯.jpg (353.68 KB, 1195x628, 1195:628, terrorist.jpg)

File: 91df2ded4d843b8⋯.jpg (100.81 KB, 642x364, 321:182, muslimsinUSA_1200x675.jpg)

File: 07882ff1a43abf1⋯.jpg (40.48 KB, 477x320, 477:320, chained-muslim-women.jpg)

2732c2  No.31148

File: 7afb91030ee50b5⋯.jpg (142.5 KB, 574x760, 287:380, 1553474509423.jpg)

2732c2  No.31149

File: 0440ec151b1aacb⋯.jpg (88.63 KB, 1024x1023, 1024:1023, 1553474342255.jpg)

2732c2  No.31150

File: 63354e90e310de6⋯.jpg (72.07 KB, 634x396, 317:198, ISIS-Terror-Fighters-From-….jpg)

File: 801ac041724a172⋯.jpg (56.24 KB, 634x535, 634:535, 3BEA4B8200000578-4096892-i….jpg)

File: c9ca9342058b6e5⋯.jpg (37.18 KB, 615x349, 615:349, ISIS-finger-salute.jpg)

File: e1891fcd163a197⋯.jpg (69.83 KB, 854x570, 427:285, aine-davis.jpg)

2732c2  No.31151

File: 56f66bb3f885cd2⋯.jpg (96.63 KB, 634x476, 317:238, 6458434-6412651-image-a-6_….jpg)

File: 6a014d96fb7f302⋯.jpg (55.48 KB, 600x450, 4:3, ISIS-Jihadists....jpg)

File: 308d749a1283f45⋯.png (579.71 KB, 1174x487, 1174:487, Screenshot from 2019-03-25….png)

File: 0ca8919d1d1776f⋯.png (718.88 KB, 1027x574, 1027:574, Screenshot from 2019-03-25….png)

File: 410fd4fbfd084d8⋯.png (323.95 KB, 524x579, 524:579, Screenshot from 2019-03-25….png)

2732c2  No.31152

File: d4559715dc63f78⋯.jpeg (100.12 KB, 500x750, 2:3, download (10).jpeg)

2732c2  No.31154

File: 01e9ecfba21dbe7⋯.jpeg (12.49 KB, 272x185, 272:185, download (9).jpeg)

2732c2  No.31155

File: 72313c612481a56⋯.jpg (2.05 MB, 1181x1685, 1181:1685, drjewmn2w4101.jpg)

2732c2  No.31156

File: f6391298f74341a⋯.gif (1013.67 KB, 483x280, 69:40, large.gif)

2732c2  No.31158

File: 7684f87f2c2ba99⋯.jpeg (126.13 KB, 500x750, 2:3, download (5).jpeg)

2732c2  No.31159

File: 7f5fa28dd08685b⋯.jpg (105.71 KB, 600x400, 3:2, pink-floyd-the-wall-hammer….jpg)

2732c2  No.31160

File: 66743c949f89837⋯.jpg (34.18 KB, 700x394, 350:197, rs-209991-GettyImages-1481….jpg)

2732c2  No.31161

File: 216bd14f5470dca⋯.png (601.78 KB, 1000x523, 1000:523, Pink Floyd's The Wall Thea….png)

2732c2  No.31162

File: 4702c2c7a52ada0⋯.jpg (787.84 KB, 2827x1836, 2827:1836, 5885495e.jpg)

2732c2  No.31163

File: 932d08fc1aa68b6⋯.jpg (287.73 KB, 1599x1256, 1599:1256, 1553521464699.jpg)

2732c2  No.31164

File: eb84656d608175b⋯.png (143.73 KB, 512x571, 512:571, Screenshot from 2019-03-25….png)

2732c2  No.31165

File: 28d2b3c838933d5⋯.png (624.2 KB, 761x503, 761:503, Screenshot from 2019-03-24….png)

dc99dd  No.31166

well i can't follow any of this…. no idea to what it leads…. sorry

btw, i got this send to me in twitter.. the Qults explanation of what is going on… Trump is secretly an FBI-undercover worker since the '80s (facepalm)

https:// quodverum.com/2019/03/75/endgame-potus-trump-s-vindication-nears.html

2732c2  No.31168

File: 39aeb85c3b2784d⋯.jpg (44.56 KB, 750x500, 3:2, total-solar-eclipse.jpg)

2732c2  No.31169

File: 6ae0372fa66ab26⋯.jpg (136.14 KB, 1024x623, 1024:623, 37137411785_ca17af858a_b.jpg)

2732c2  No.31170

File: 349ca890fa4ab9b⋯.jpg (122.96 KB, 1024x623, 1024:623, sssssss.jpg)

b89d2e  No.31173


I believe it was some time in the 90s, I was even more anti-religion than I am today, and I had a dream where I was telling my older brother "the influence of Jesus is leaving this planet."

b89d2e  No.31174

Truth be told, I burned out on this place long ago. You cannot win. Worse than the fact that people are inherently brutal and evil, they cover that nature up with so much fluff and deceit and pretty wrappings. Everything is a lie. Every person is a lie. People demand respect they could never conceive of giving. Everybody plays God, standing in judgment of everybody else where only they are exempt from judgment. They do not learn, they do not grow. They stagnate. The good are punished and destroyed; the evil are rewarded and protected. We are born down here, and we search in vain for lifetime after lifetime to find some tolerable paradigm, some perception of the world around us that will make it something that can be endured. That way is never found.

People cannot be saved and they WILL not be saved. They love their evil, they love their pain, they love their delusions.

Earth is truly the landfill of the universe. If something, anything, is coming down the pike to break the hold that stagnation has had on us since day 1 … it's about time. Nothing short of a massive reset will offer any true hope to anybody.

2732c2  No.31175

dc99dd  No.31176


know the feeling

b89d2e  No.31177


The idea of mass death does not sadden me. I just don't care. Life is about deceit. That means, make somebody believe something that is not truth. We can't go on a job interview, a date, we can't even go to a freaking party, without putting on some kind of false "costume" that presents us in a different light than who we are. The world demands deceit and will tolerate nothing less. Work the interviewer, manipulate the date, make them think ___ or feel ___. For most people alive today, the idea of going through life as their natural selves has never even been conceived of. Because there is no place for it. You have to act, and acting is lying; acting is deceit.

Wipe out THAT? Amen. I will not become proactive in helping the process along simply because I have no idea what the boundaries are. Maybe it's the ultimate contradiction that I trust life to eventually clean up its act and get rid of all these parasites that we call "the global population."

b89d2e  No.31178

Maybe in the post <whatever> world, we can eat a hundred Swiss rolls a day without putting on 5,000 pounds.

2732c2  No.31180

File: a443e81511b09e0⋯.jpeg (66.62 KB, 842x500, 421:250, download (14).jpeg)

2732c2  No.31181

File: 5ef5fecbe12576d⋯.png (195.33 KB, 1302x758, 651:379, 111111111111.png)

2732c2  No.31182

File: a0049a852031462⋯.png (666.5 KB, 790x514, 395:257, 55555555.png)

2732c2  No.31183

File: 0a3e8e7c9895132⋯.jpg (56.73 KB, 490x492, 245:246, twwwerwerwerw.jpg)

2732c2  No.31184

File: 372948b817bb887⋯.jpg (54.87 KB, 500x587, 500:587, dfdfdddddddddddd.jpg)

2732c2  No.31185

File: 21ec8909c6f6ca3⋯.jpg (60.33 KB, 626x960, 313:480, 54525812_126393885168383_7….jpg)

2732c2  No.31186

File: 62f55be109429ac⋯.jpg (81.69 KB, 500x615, 100:123, 2wwyoz.jpg)

2732c2  No.31187

File: beada1674a8918d⋯.jpg (85.24 KB, 954x960, 159:160, 55504319_10106821868712313….jpg)

2732c2  No.31188

File: 43d42ade19be2fb⋯.jpeg (102.85 KB, 800x450, 16:9, download (19).jpeg)

2732c2  No.31189

File: 30dd5893800efbb⋯.jpg (115.16 KB, 1109x499, 1109:499, 2wwzrg.jpg)

b89d2e  No.31190


Just about the best meme I have ever laid eyes on.

2732c2  No.31191

File: 665d3bd36200f06⋯.jpeg (81.34 KB, 888x499, 888:499, download (21).jpeg)

2732c2  No.31192

File: 61a46501dc896cf⋯.jpg (116.68 KB, 721x500, 721:500, 2wx2oi.jpg)

b89d2e  No.31193


I suspect "we on the board" are background noise around this … these are probably intended for somebody very specific who is going to see them here. :)

2732c2  No.31194

File: 8d329d90a01b2f8⋯.jpg (69.88 KB, 959x960, 959:960, 1553552430374.jpg)

2732c2  No.31195

File: a6f6fabcc9239c7⋯.jpg (150.85 KB, 975x1024, 975:1024, 1553546958921.jpg)

File: f940a4ff48c425e⋯.jpg (222.52 KB, 1143x2121, 381:707, 1553546977359.jpg)

2732c2  No.31196

File: f640972da3f99a0⋯.jpg (1.61 MB, 1242x1379, 1242:1379, 1553535356689.jpg)

2732c2  No.31197

File: 0f7b930bf5cb1f0⋯.jpg (2.33 MB, 1800x1350, 4:3, 1553541344905.jpg)

b89d2e  No.31198


This appears to be becoming less and less of an issue, at least in America. I'm sure the ones screaming about it don't yell so loud when Kanye West is banging Kim Kardashian.

2732c2  No.31199

The moon has now eclipsed the sun

The angel has spread its wings

93bcc8  No.31200


I bet you have a great view of it up on that mountain of yours ;)

b89d2e  No.31201


The time has come for bitter things.

dc99dd  No.31202


imo we need a big destruction.. a reset of the world…. if i have to die because of that, so be it… i'll gladly take that chance… but restoring the world like it is now? impossible…

i don't say that the same mistakes won't be made again after that reset, it's human nature to lie, deceit, … true… but at least they will have a chance…

like it's going now, our children (well not mine, i have none) will live in a world even worse than today…

i'm at a point that i don't care anymore… i'll spew my hate for what is happening on twitter, you never know if i can help someone see the light.. apart from that… i'm gonna study russian again, and when i know enough to help myself i will decide if i make the step to step away from the world… somewhere deep in Russia, far away from people.. i'm just done with this world

93bcc8  No.31203


(((They))) want a reset because (((they))) will be the ones doing the rebuilding. The reset is part of the plan. They hold all the cards, have all the resources and power.

The masses are ripe for the picking. Those who will fight against it will fight and die. The rest are either too tired or too comfortable.

Did you see on a NZ police site, the amount of people who were willing to dob others in for simply possessing a copy of a video or literary work? It was sickening.

Boiling frogs, anon.

Maybe I have it all wrong. How do you see it panning out if push comes to shove in a big way? How bad do you think it will get before it gets better? If it gets better. The majority don't have a clue, and the majority of those who do have a clue, don't have enough of one.

The power is so immense now that arseholes are standing up and saying for all the world to see and hear 'What's the problem with having dual loyalty?'

They have it home and hosed. Anything that happens from here on in in the way of a violent uprising will only work to their benefit.

It seems the only hope left is that someone has developed some kind of biological weapon that only targets the you know WHO.

b89d2e  No.31204


> but restoring the world like it is now? impossible…

Absolutely. Far too much momentum has built up. It's all going critical mass FAST. I don't pretend to have any facts about what is, and is not, coming down the pike and I'm being very careful not to assume I know more than I do. You can't believe what ANYBODY is telling you so I just leave it a blank slate. Take each day as it comes.

As for the rest … verrrrrrry interesting … I'm not sure where you live now, but if you need to learn Russian I would assume you're not already there. :) When I visited Yaroslavl and Moscow (5 days each) in 2003, I spent most of my time marching around the cities; I was starting to be able to read the signs by the 3rd day. So it's certainly doable and persistence is the key. Just stick with it and keep on working at it. I would check on FB and in various forums; even the dating sites, not necessarily to hook up with a local but to find those who have moved to wherever you are. Hanging out with them will accelerate your learning exponentially. I was beginning to repeat simple words and phrases and I was told I had no accent; I sounded like a native Russian (because I worked at it!) so it is all very doable.

Anyway the point is that I'm now reading a book that talks about the U.S.utterly collapsing, Russia and China taking over as global leaders, and the next "golden age" - which is not Utopia by any means but is far better than what is going on now - comes out of Russia. Interesting that you're naturally moved to focus on that area.

Incidentally when I visited, and it came time to leave, I didn't want to go. But of course I was an American tourist at that time - who was told very sternly NOT to talk out loud in public; don't let people know I'm American. I would become a target for thieves. Most of the clothing people wore was by American manufacturers but was about 1/3 of the price here. I don't know how much of that was knock-offs.

b89d2e  No.31205


What people are piecing together - mostly from photographs of the time period - is a scenario where giants (I'll get some pics to post) like 12' tall or taller, the Tartarians, had a culture spread all over the world. I haven't yet gotten to what happened to them but at least a few were still hanging around near the year 1900 or so. What I'm piecing together in a nutshell is that they had very distinctive architecture - magnificently ornate and intricate, like the Mormon Temple in salt Lake City which would be typical for them; they had buildings and cities all over the U.S. and the world, and for whatever reason they went away. "We," between 1850 and 1900, give or take, waltzed in and occupied their cities. History was aggressively rewritten to erase any account of the Tartarians having existed. During this time, massive mud flooding occurred, often 30' or more of mud inundating entire cities. Half the videos I'm watching show photographs of the cleanup and of how bad the inundation really was. This is why every major city is so many buildings with wonky windows at the very bottom that look like shit from an architectural standpoint; 12" of window sticking up from the ground. These were buildings that were not dug out. They simply repaved the sidewalks and rebuilt the streets on top of the mud flows.

What I'm getting at is the rewriting of history. How complete it was and how successful. Most major American cities had city-destroying "fires" around 1865 to 1872 or so. In all, you can look at pictures of the damage and see it is NOT fire damage. Half the trees and power poles, made of wood, are still standing and are not charred, while the buildings show diagonally "cut" walls that are totally inconsistent with fire damage. Further in so much of the toppled brick there is no scorching. The Tartarians went crazy with ornate metal antennas on top of their buildings - made to pull electricity out of the atmosphere. Tesla was setting that up for Americans but he was shut down.

It's an endlessly fascinating rabbit hole to go down and it's hard to argue with so much photographic evidence. Some say the civil war was fought primarily as an excuse to wipe out these cities and erase evidence of the Tartarians. So again, what I'm focusing on is how completely and how successfully the entire affair was erased from our history in the space of about 50 to 70 years. What few of their buildings remain are claimed to be donated by Carnegie and Morgan and the like but they just claimed Tartarian buildings they had nothing to do with creating.

b89d2e  No.31206


The entire concept is not so farfetched; they cannot rape us for power bills if we can pull electricity out of the air; there is ample evidence that the Tartarians had anti gravity down and used it regularly, etc. All that had to be erased if the world's population was going to be made to be dependent on the Illuminati for everything from power to water to, ultimately, food as Monsanto effectively wiped out all but GMO food and took control of almost all seed stocks.

b89d2e  No.31207

The most believable theory I've run across, and it cannot be proven, is that humanity is now undergoing a split. Some will move up on the evolutionary scale; others not. How it all plays out remains to be seen but for those moving up the ladder, the reset here is incidental in light of what they will be experiencing anyway. As for any kind of rapture or E.T. rescue, that can safely be forgotten. Wishful thinking.

93bcc8  No.31208


I'm not into it, anon. I simply don't believe there were a race of 12 foot tall people around so recently.

I've seen articles on shit going missing from the Smithsonian that would show that White folk had long lived on every continent. If I was to go down a rabbit hole of this kind, that's where I'd be going, but at present I'm neck deep in other things; like making a last ditch effort to wake people the fuck up.

If you find the free energy though, you'll be my hero.

dc99dd  No.31209


ow it can go really bad.. imagine: no food or currency when ya don't follow the line they stip out for ya… no right to have an own opinion… ow it can go really bad


at the moment i live in belgium, have a good job, earn enough to live…. lost my car, could'n pay to repair it, but who needs a car, at the moment i have enough food in my cabin and enough rabits to have meat… i'm good…

why russia? cause you ain't allow to live in antarctica & the dessert in africa is too hot for me… russia has a great area of land where almost no people live… there ain't nothing better than such a place…

93bcc8  No.31210


Meanwhile, (((they)) will have food, water, warmth, comfort, protection, power and laughs. They'll be laughing at the opposers who brought the whole thing together; the conquest; the final nail in the coffin for us and utter and complete control for them. Anyone who survives it will be a salve. More so than we are now.

Well shit! Aren't I a miserable individual.

b89d2e  No.31211


Think about what it says when a person prefers to live far from others; far from the crowds: you are relatively complete as an individual and you don't require others to give you an identity. That is evolution.

I like the company of others, but lightly rubbing elbows. Present but not in my face, and God knows my life cannot be intertwined with another or I suffer to the degree that it is. No kids, no spouse, no major problems.

Also Canada has huge expanses the farther you go north. There is always Greenland, and there is Iceland but too many volcanoes.

b89d2e  No.31212

Like drugs, of which power is one if the measure is the effect it has on a person, then attaining total control means reaching a point where the dosage can no longer be increased. The pinnacle has been reached. Meanwhile each dose becomes less and less effective.

They have no alternative but to begin going after each other since there is no other additional control to be had. In this way nature has them eliminating themselves without requiring any help from us.

b89d2e  No.31213

File: 0a7bbcbb16eca35⋯.png (1.23 MB, 1353x687, 451:229, g1.png)

File: 3a31ef652884bda⋯.png (1.34 MB, 1728x1895, 1728:1895, g2.png)

File: 73caf8e4d8cadd6⋯.png (1.93 MB, 1712x1815, 1712:1815, g3.png)

b89d2e  No.31214

File: 2d8887e8e702e04⋯.png (1.63 MB, 1344x1079, 1344:1079, m1.png)

File: dfcf80f089a1f93⋯.png (613.01 KB, 826x1049, 826:1049, m2.png)

A mud-flooded church dug out. Sure, they always put doors and windows in foundations.

b89d2e  No.31216

Work on the Q app continues, which equally means work on the Ed app. Both are given equal billing on this thing. Aside from having an absolute plethora of options for printing output, you can apply massive formatting control to how messages are displayed on the screen. If you can look at it, you can change it. This is particularly useful for something like color coding all Ed messages in a thread with a different colored background so they stand out. Of course you can hide all messages except selected user ID's anyway… but it's a nice touch.

When you display a message, messages it references ( like >>xxxxxx) will form a new display column to the right. Messages referenced BY the currently viewed (selected) messages display on the left. No annoying popups that you can do nothing with. These display columns can build indefinitely, scrolling horizontally as needed.

Archival capability is off the scales. You can extract and save all images from a given user ID or user ID's, or from everybody, on your disk with a single click.

Again, this is my marketing tool for my sci-fi book and my crowd funding campaign to do my game/OS. Instead of ramming advertising down people's throats, which is massively ineffective in this day and age, pay it forward and give them something free that they actually place value on.

For now I'm taking a break which I have not effectively done for about 24 hours other than to get in my 6 hours of sleep (it was a banner day).

b89d2e  No.31217


I am toying with the idea of allowing this app to post messages, bypassing bans. This can be done by downloading the source for select scripts, modifying them as required, and setting up to run those instead of the stock 8Chan scripts. The only change would be that they bypass any ban checks so nobody could be banned. Of course I would be opening up this board as well as QR to disabled bans, but either way I'm not sure I'm going to do it. I have long been convinced that QR is run by either Mossad, Clowns, or both, and if I garner too much attention from any of them by fucking up their QR psyop, it would not end well for me.

b89d2e  No.31218

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2:54 into the video.

93bcc8  No.31219

For the past couple of days I've been working on typing out, from a scanned version, a book that I think everyone should read. Hence why I typed it out and made it easier to read.

I'd be grateful if a kind anon could proof read it for me.

https:// anonfile.com/59bfkaUdmd/Osman_Bey_-_The_Conquest_of_the_World_by_the_Jews_pdf

The original scanned version can be found here https:// the-eye.eu/public/concen.org/Miscellanea_Judaica_%2302/Maj.OsmanBey-TheConquestOfTheWorldByTheJews%281878%29_v.3.pdf

It's not a long read, but a very interesting one.

If endeavouring to take on this mission, the most important thing to look for is sentences that don't make sense. I may have let my eyes drift over a line of text or two.

93bcc8  No.31220


One proofread has been performed, pointing pout 2 negligible errors that have been corrected.

At least one more proofread would be appreciated, before I start uploading to E-book sites and the like.

Amending version.

https:// anonfile.com/6bp7s7U4mf/Osman_Bey_-_The_Conquest_of_the_World_by_the_Jews_pdf

93bcc8  No.31221



b89d2e  No.31223

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

"…and here we have Bolshevism, the brutal slaughter of sixty six million Christians in a variety of some of the most creative ways you can think of, but nobody knows about it. Why? Because the atrocities were carried out by Jews. And so we don’t hear about it. We get accused of being anti-Semitic if we even talk about it…"

93bcc8  No.31224


I gave it 5 minutes and 24 seconds.

There's an excellent documentary on the Holodomor that keeps getting disappeared from youtube. If I can remember the name of it and am able to find it, I'll link it.

Max Igan's a crackpot of whom does the cause more detriment than good, in my opinion. For obvious reasons.

b89d2e  No.31225

Everything we "know" about our past and present was told to us by other people, whether through books, movies, television, news media, or any other source. We infer absolute truth, absolute validity, based on official spin and claimed credentials (which we have not verified either) of the people feeding us a story, as well as the depth and longevity of its embedding in our culture in a general sense. For example to question that the dinosaurs ever existed is ludicrous - not because we've ever actually seen one, but because we have such deep trust in the system that tells us they did.

The totality of our history - and therefore our present - is so wildly different from anything we believe or are capable of believing that most would short circuit if they could no longer deny it and live in their illusory bubble. This does not refer only to the far distant past, but to any time since.

Therefore "reality" as we "know" it to be is nothing more than the product of our selective filtration of input based only on personal emotional response to any given idea.

93bcc8  No.31228


That doesn't mean that we should jump on board with and and all wild theories, which are just that, theories, with no evidence, apart from someone doesn't believe that a master of his skill is able to fashion a beautiful statue by hand (using Max Igan's thoughts as eg).

There's plenty enough in history to question, of which has evidence and proof to the contrary, without mashing it in with unsubstantiated theories, that which, would turn any and perhaps all neophytes off and away in an instant.

b89d2e  No.31229


Our entire perception of reality is an unsustainable theory. And a very wild one. Later in the video he covers this very subject: "I don't know" vs. "this IS a wild theory," which means "I know everything I need to know to draw an ultimate conclusion - while knowing nothing at all because I never even asked a single question." We are truly, truly everything we hate.

b89d2e  No.31230

Isn't it interesting that, having posted more on this board than any other individual for 13 months, 99% of the response I get is either silence or aggression. If the bad guys were here to undo any influence I might have, how would they go about it? If they didn't like what I was posting, how would they respond to it? How much would ever even be discussed intelligently, explored, processed? How did they always handle seeding uprisings in the past? Not that there's enough people here for any kind of uprising…

b89d2e  No.31231

If we don't reject something based on fact, we reject it only based on emotion. If we haven't dug, asked questions, searched, we have no facts.

93bcc8  No.31232


It's very sad that you feel that way.

Meanwhile, I'll be continuing to avoid and disregard such theories; concentrating more on that which serves my cause.

It difficult enough to plant the seeds that might one day break through the programming in some, without saying something along the lines of 'Of course, it might've been a race of 12 foot talk folk, yada, yada'.

It's difficult enough to show people that the majority of wars have been deliberate, and were fought based on deception, without telling them that it's probably because they're hiding this or that ancient technology.

The time is running very short, anon. We are very seriously running out of time in which to fight.


I ignore many of your posts 1) because in all honesty, I'm just not interested in the topic 2) because I'd rather avoid circular arguments.

Your posts are not the only ones that go ignored. Most posts on this board go ignored.

b89d2e  No.31234

If people are not interested in reality, they are in the way of those who are, unless something keeps them off the roadway. That something is nature. By nature, they are self-correcting while in that state. They resonate at a level that demands delusion and illusion, which will by nature relegate them to some useless role on the sidelines that keeps them obscure and unnoticed during life as well as after death. They work, they don't work; they create or not, they wake up or not, nobody notices and they stay safely out of the lanes of traffic. This group includes most people alive today. They eat what they're spoon fed like everybody else; they pick something to fight like everybody else, and in the end nothing changes for it. A hundred years earlier people were fighting exactly what they fight today; a hundred years from now more people will be fighting the same things, all to equal levels of ineffectiveness. None mattered; none had impact - except maybe on each other, which is as irrelevant as if they never existed at all.

To wake up means to discover reality no matter how it conflicts with our comfort zones. Nothing people believe in has been experienced directly. Nothing is researched or investigated and yet somehow all-knowing declarations are made across lifetimes citing exactly what is and is not real. How do people know? They can't and they don't. They fall for anything they're spoon fed; they believe whatever is desired to have them believe. As long as it's mainstream enough, it must be true. It falls to the very, very few who wake up, who break out of that self-absorbed state of irrelevance and move forward on their own.

How do you wake up somebody who prefers death over waking up? You don't. You give them the same freedom you would want: to make their own choices. Attendant with that is the part nobody wants: the consequences of doing so. Want it or not, those consequences are never escaped.

For most, there is never a problem. They are born irrelevant, they die irrelevant, and they don't have very much problem with it. Those wishing to move forward are free to do so without really disturbing the delusional bubble the rest of the planet is living in.

Those in control took control not because they're inherently evil, but because others are inherently weak and stupid and demanded it. We created them; they didn't "happen to" us. But that's part of the reality nobody will accept.

The law continues to function no matter what.

93bcc8  No.31235


Well, anon, it appears that you're going to be absolutely useless in the fight. I've lost count of the many, many times you've encouraged this board and its participants to just give up, be selfish and let the world fall down around their ears.

You may deny this, having had it stated in such terms, but this is exactly what you've been encouraging.

There is not another hundred years left in which to fight. We are on the precipice of being cast into yet another dark age. You speak of their maybe having been a race of 12 foot tall people, etc, etc. Has the evidence of this been covered up and kept from us? (as much as I hate to use it as eg).

In case you haven't noticed, we're currently going through a book burning. History is being changed before our eyes.

Just because you've given up and don't give a shit doesn't mean that we all have to give in.

If you're so happy about the way the world is and the circumstance of your situation, go be happy and let those who still give a damn, give a damn.

It's hard enough to keep going as it is.

People came to this board because they were hopeful. That's what this board was about, regardless of you, as the owner, wanted it to be. The people who populated it cane here because they wanted change in the world, not to just let it be the plaything of a small few.

This is who we are, and you are who you are.

How can you expect that your posts won't be ignored?

dc99dd  No.31236



i understand both… weird nah…

fighting seems so useless… on the other hand, what else can we do…

if we don't fight there will soon be a time when we are obligated to call the "jews" in israel Lords & Gods… we won't be allow to have a thought on our own.. you work, follow the rules, walk nicely in a line, think about nothing but the work & the gods, … and when they catch ya doing one thing wrong, you will be cut off… you will be "eliminated" from the system… what means that you are as good as death..

yeah movielike… but do you think all the movies made are fantasy? imo they are used to show the people parts of what "their goal" is… (no, not all movies blablabla)

that walking in line & such i talked about… look up chabad lubavitch and noahide laws… they WILL replace UN when we don't fight!

what else can we do than fight… sad part is that too many are just dumb sheeps… i've lost so many "connections" i had before Trump, because they are now all in #MAGA mode and some even into Q… it seems we can't win.. that's depressing…

and yes, somewhere i have given up… i just want to leave humanity and be on my own and i'm preparing for that… on the other hand, untill my moment is there, i will try to keep waking up people..

93bcc8  No.31237


Not weird at all, anon. I understand BOs stance, though I don't agree with it as being a way forward. The same as I understand why some guy could kill 50 people in a couple of mosques, though I don't agree with it; I understand it.

I'm not sure that BO is as well familiar with what has occurred and what will occur and how far advanced it is. I don't mean that in a derogatory manner; I truly don't think BO gets it.

I do not blame you for making plans to get out, anon. As stated previously, the time is short, and it is near. I would like to do the same, though my circumstances at present are not providing. That may or may not change in an instant, depending.

Until then, I will be doing as do you. I will be fighting.

The Noahide laws are already being implemented in certain and many ways, for those who know what to look for, and I'm sure you see it, also.

In particular, not criticising Jews or Israel. NO SHIT SHERLOCK, huh.

It's easy for those who haven't bothered to know, to go about their lives in a mode of selfishness. For those who see and know what's ahead……………. /sigh

Take care, anon. You're one of my all time favourite anons.

dc99dd  No.31238


https:// www.congress.gov/bill/102nd-congress/house-joint-resolution/104/text

93bcc8  No.31239


Indeed, THIS ^^^

I know you get it, anon.

b89d2e  No.31241


>You may deny this, having had it stated in such terms, but this is exactly what you've been encouraging.

That approach, yes, because it results in a very different outcome than the world falling down around them. That is what happens when they fight. They have yet to notice that thousands of years of fighting results in the Illuminati we have today. Which is why "they" encourage fighting - the natural result of hatred. They spare no expense and no effort to keep the masses fired up to fight. Fight mode is the only constant on Planet Earth. We don't have very much to show for it so far. Maybe it's because every person who fights thinks they are somehow unique, that nobody has tried and failed at their exact same fight for thousands and thousands of years. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again…

Useless in the fight … I certainly hope so. It frees me up to be useful in other areas that actually do change the world. Like people who create music or paintings or literature. People who entertain us with sports or drama. People who invent things like the computers we're using today or the power plants keeping those computers turned on. Most of what we touch from morning to night was created - never fought for.

"Give a damn." Apparently not because nothing is changing, that failure is quite obvious, and everybody continues on "fighting" because they don't give a damn about their eternal failure to produce a beneficial result for anybody.

The only thing they're fighting is people who don't fight. Beyond that I'm not seeing anything one could call "fighting."

b89d2e  No.31242


There were mass murders almost every year since Columbine and before. Has nobody "fought" that? Why hasn't it stopped yet?

93bcc8  No.31243

File: 31d955352785c81⋯.png (69.38 KB, 500x417, 500:417, ClipboardImage.png)

b89d2e  No.31244

One of those old Roman emperors quietly financed revolutionaries against his own empire because it was the easiest way to keep them under control: keep them fighting. Every time the U.S. or Israel wants to effectively take over a nation, they introduce war: fighting. They incite riots - get the people fighting. They seed discontent to get the people fighting. Everything they do is about getting people fighting. It has never mattered who they fight. Just being in fight mode makes them easy to control. Moving America into fight mode has brought the worst opioid epidemic ever to America - more reason to fight! The "war on drugs" has gone on for decades while the problem has only grown in response. Hmmm, maybe it's not rocket science, maybe there's a connection: fight something and it grows. After fighting discrimination since the 1960's, everybody from Blacks to women are screaming about more injustice than ever - what they're fighting has only grown worse. They never seem to figure out it's the fighting that makes it grow.

b89d2e  No.31245


You mean "fighting." :D How long does fighting have to intensify a problem before people figure it out?

93bcc8  No.31246


You gave up a long time ago, by your own admission.

What makes you think that I would entertain the words of such a person?

I'm merely here for your entertainment at this point.

Keep beating that dead horse, anon.

b89d2e  No.31247


I haven't given up on anything. I just take a more successful approach. If I wanted to give up, if I truly didn't care about anything but myself, I would fight.

b89d2e  No.31248

Who was the last fighter to make a difference? What exactly did they change, and how?

93bcc8  No.31249


You're merely here to entertain yourself, as well, it seems.

I have better things to do at present.

Do what you do, anon.

Go have a beer with your 12 foot tall friends and regale the good old times. Their heads, as yours, are in the clouds, or a lot closer to them.

Another circular argument.

93bcc8  No.31250


Seriously, fuck you, anon.

What benefit do you get from retiring people from fighting against oppression and complete domination? What fucking benefit do you get from it?

b89d2e  No.31251


I don't drink alcohol. Too destructive to the body.


Fighting doesn't work. It intensifies the problem. But you make a good point: what benefit do I get from it? I'm supposed to not give a shit. I truly have no idea who you are, and most people are ones I have to ask what country they're even living in. So how could I possibly receive any benefit from "influencing" them to stop fighting? Unless … THEY are helped if they stop fighting. Because what happens when they stop fighting? What do they do instead?

There are a gazillion videos on YouTube about people doing random acts of kindness. And those spread like wildfire. Hmmmm. That works. Produces kind of a nice result. Or people volunteering their time to bring a little more "nice" into the world instead of spreading their toxic hatred. Have you noticed that the most intense, venomous reaction this board has ever seen has had nothing to do with oppression and complete domination, but at the mere suggestion that people are effectively unlimited in their potential?

How do you free people from oppression and domination if they are so enraged by the mere suggestion of any better quality of life?

We are lied to as a population because we lie to ourselves and we lie to everybody else. Collectively we will not tolerate anything that does not create misery for us. We talk one way but our actions say something very different.

b89d2e  No.31252

Yesterday I watched a 20 year old video of a rock band performing at some event with an orchestra. The people in the orchestra were about the funniest sight I have ever seen - "funny" in a miraculously happy way – they were rocking out like you would not believe. Jumping around like crazy people in their orchestra attire. It left me feeling happy the rest of the day. A stupid video. But nobody was fighting. People were celebrating.

The biggest problem I have in my life today is having to go out and do about two hours of yard work - half of it being volunteer work that nobody asked me to do. It makes me feel good to give back and it sure helps the people I'm doing it for. Beats the hell out of fighting. The baseball season opens today and I'm on cloud nine over it - stupid freaking baseball but hey, it's a lot of fun and nobody is fighting.

If I didn't give a shit, I wouldn't post anything. Maybe what I do and don't believe in actually has some basis in experience. Maybe it actually has some merit worth exploring. Spread joy. Spread good feelings. Spread happiness. Create. Love. You'd be surprised how far that actually reaches in real life.

I can't think of one person I have ever been positively impacted by because they fought something. Even Ed had the greatest impact on me and on this board in general when they were simply exposing information - truth - and not fighting anything. Those were the magical times.

93bcc8  No.31254


>Fighting doesn't work.

A ridiculous statement if I ever I read one.

>I have to ask what country they're even living in.

Yes, your lack of observation hasn't gone unobserved.

>Because what happens when they stop fighting?

They lose the battle and succumb to the enemy, duh.

>What do they do instead?

They lose the battle and succumb to the enemy. They watch as their cultural identity disappears, their history is changed and forgotten, their freedom and autonomy is taken away. What's left of it, that is.

They become another member of the heard; ruled over.

>There are a gazillion videos on YouTube about people doing random acts of kindness.

Let's all just go live in this bubble while those who seek to conquer us go about their plans unhindered, shall we?

>Have you noticed that the most intense, venomous reaction this board has ever seen has had nothing to do with oppression and complete domination, but at the mere suggestion that people are effectively unlimited in their potential?

This is not the most intense and venomous reaction this board has seen. Perhaps you perceive it that way because the world revolves around you. From my perspective it was you of whom dished out the most intense and venomous reaction this board has seen; toward me.

Apparently you take any resistance to your ideas as an intense and venomous attack. This is an all to familiar tactic used by our enemies, and it's getting very tired.

Again; people didn't come to this board to talk about unlimited potential and fluff. They came here to discuss and learn of the dire situation of the world in order to try to do something about it.

Your insistence in replying to near every post with your preaching has no doubt kept many away. It has pushed me away repeatedly.

I'll finish by saying that I believe you do not live in reality, only to fully expect that you will write and A4 length page, or two, rambling on about what reality is and isn't.

b89d2e  No.31255


>A ridiculous statement if I ever I read one.

Examples? Show me, don't tell me.

You can see the problem playing out right here. My intent is to present and discuss ideas. Your intent is to fight. You attack the messenger and never get to the point of dealing with actual concepts and ideals. Your intent is to destroy somebody whose thinking you don't personally like.

Isn't that the very oppression you CLAIM to be "fighting" against? By exemplifying it?

b89d2e  No.31256


If I was to operate at your level, I would simply make full use of the ban option and that would be that. Since nobody is impressed that I'm not using that option, as nobody should be, how many reasons does that leave for not using it?

Obviously if you had the option, it would have been used long ago. You are the purest living proof of what I've always said: you cannot "fight" against something without becoming it. The fight is pointless, nothing is destroyed, nothing changes, the fighter simply becomes one more oppressor whose only solution is to destroy all thinking he doesn't personally like while claiming to be on a crusade to save the world from exactly what he is.

b89d2e  No.31257


>They came here to discuss and learn of the dire situation of the world in order to try to do something about it.

Here is a prediction that will remain 100% accurate through all time into the future:

They came, they fought, nothing happened.

b89d2e  No.31258


How does destroying me personally help the world?

It doesn't. And yet you are here doing everything in your power to destroy me personally instead of doing whatever it is you claim to be here to do.

Show me, don't tell me. What I read is how devoted you are to saving the world. What I see is you doing nothing but trying to personally destroy the person who hosts this board.

Something isn't adding up.

If you are that upset by my presence here, why do you return? There are no better locations on the entire Internet to carry out your "fight?"

Or, more likely, is it because there is no reason to go anywhere else; this board is giving you exactly what you need. Which, by the way, has even less to do with saving the world than anything I've ever posted.

93bcc8  No.31259


I purposely did not give an example so as not get into the circular argument pattern, as usual.

Anyone with common sense can think of numerous examples off the top of their head, without trying.

My intent is to fight the enemy. You're not the enemy. You're merely one of many who has their head in the clouds, choosing to go off on any fantasy laden tangent that serves as nothing more than entertainment.

>My intent is to present and discuss ideas

I don't know how many times I've suggested to you, nay, told you flat out and leaving no doubt, that I'm not interested in what you present, for the most part, and don't wish to discuss it, yet you continually respond to my posts with this very rubbish.

I've ignored, and ignored, and ignored, but still you force it.

>Obviously if you had the option, it would have been used long ago.

If I was the owner of a board that was created for people who were on it to discuss and learn about what the fuck is happening in the world and what can be done about it; indeed, I would ban you if you shit it up with continual slides.

If someone had a board devoted to lanscape gardening and started talking about rebuilding diesel engines, I would assume the diesel engine fanatic would be redirected and subsequently banned if continuing to go off topic, but hey, this is your board, do what you like. Your self praise for not banning is just that, self praise.


You really don't have any idea as to what's coming, do you? I mean, you truly are living in some kind of fantasy where if everyone just sits on their hands, doesn't lift a finger and ignores all that is bad and wrong in the world (and no I don't care to read an essay on there being no such thing as good or bad, evil, etc), that everything will turn out just fine.

>How does destroying me personally help the world?

I have no desire to destroy you personally. I've responded to your ideas and remarks. As I have already stated, resistance to your ideas is not a personal attack. If it was truly considered to be so, you have done more attacking than anyone else on this board.

I come to the board to see what others have to say, on the rare occasion that they say it, and to see if Eds are in the house. I do frequent other boards, so don't think yourself anything special, apart from this board is a kind of home, since I was here from the start, before everyone was driven away, lol.

>If you are that upset by my presence here, why do you return? There are no better locations on the entire Internet to carry out your "fight?"

You may well have noticed that I am here infrequently, between long periods of absence. Yes, that is because of you.

The fight is being carried out in several locations. The more you open your mouth, the more ridiculous you become. That's an opinion, not an attack. It appears to me that you're stating stupid shit, only to have me waste time on defending untruths.

That's it for me at this time, anon. I've had a gut full of your crap for the present. I'll go back to ignoring you.

You gave up on this board a long time ago. Isn't that what you said?

b89d2e  No.31261


Back door escape. Give examples. Either you can or you can't.

You're psycho-analyzing me. And spending a lot of time doing it. You're not doing anything that would even remotely impact the claimed enemy.

If you're not interested in what I present, then perhaps you could spend a little less time countering it and trying to reduce me to rubble, and a little more time ignoring it. Show me, don't tell me. When you're not interested in something, you don't give it any attention at all. I'm getting far too much attention for "not interested."

People come on here and what they read is the most Herculean effort on Earth to reduce the BO to rubble. You are everything you hate.

I have far more of an idea of what (isn't) coming than you do. You presume that is not possible. You don't know what I know, or how I know it.

I'd prefer to be even less special than I am. When you leave, attacks on people leave; attacks on ideas leave. It is one thing to disagree. It is quite another to be hell-bent on destroying. You are so consumed by resistance, so gripped by terror that you have been reduced to exactly what you claim to hate: a thug who presumes to decide for people what they can and cannot think.

The board is here for whatever purpose I created it for. 8Chan is wide open for anybody to create their own board. If you have that many complaints about how this board is run, I suggest utilizing that option. It seems that according to you, somebody cannot even create their own board without having you assume control over what should and should not be posted there. It's like walking into a house that isn't yours and telling everybody how it's going to be, and everything that's wrong with them for living as they want to live in their own house. This board is my house. Its purpose is whatever I say it is. It's my own tiny corner of the world, nobody is forced to come here, and if you have that many issues with how things are run here, and you still choose not to leave, then you might consider making adjustments. When it's your board, you determine how it should be run. When it isn't, you don't, and nothing you think, feel, or idealize matters.

If I were you I would be looking at going someplace where I didn't have quite so many issues with how things were run. Things here are not going to change for you, no matter how much you scream or tear down. Your best two options are to be quiet, or leave. Start your own board and you can ban to your heart's content.

Post last edited at

b89d2e  No.31262


An example of the alternative: Ed. They eventually fell into a pattern of hammering Israel. It's something I disagree with profoundly. However. I stop to consider their side. Why do they feel that way? Because they have had direct experiences I never will. They have been to countries I will probably never even visit. Beyond that, they know things; we here have no idea how deep that knowledge goes or what its sources ultimately are. It's safe to say that collectively they may well know far more than I ever will.

I have a diametrically opposed viewpoint as to how I feel they should proceed. But I respect their approach and I don't judge them, hammer them, insult them, and do everything in my power to ensure they see themselves as pieces of shit. A more primitive response would not be possible. It would be Primal Neanderthal handling of things.

No matter how much I disagree with their current direction in here, I respect them and hopefully that remains apparent. I do not presume to bully them into submission; hammer away relentlessly until they become what I think they should become. When the board degrades into what it is now, they simply take a hiatus. They don't fight what's going on in here, they don't tell me how to run the board, they just find better things to do and they vacate.

There are a lot of examples here to follow for how to disagree far more constructively than you might have ever considered possible.

b89d2e  No.31263


Most of what I post in here is not to be found anywhere else.

93bcc8  No.31264


>Back door escape. Give examples. Either you can or you can't.

I can. I don't need to.

>You're psycho-analyzing me. And spending a lot of time doing it. You're not doing anything that would even remotely impact the claimed enemy.

I'm a natural psycoanylist.

I'm probably not spending as much time on you as you would like to think. I don't mull over my how I respond for hours and hours, I just respond.

As for the enemy, you have little to no idea how much time I spend, nor what I do to counter.



Not trying to reduce you to rubble. Just coming back at you.

>Show me, don't tell me. When you're not interested in something, you don't give it any attention at all. I'm getting far too much attention for "not interested."

I foolishly thought at some stage that this board could be revived. My bad.

>People come on here and what they read is the most Herculean effort on Earth to reduce the BO to rubble. You are everything you hate.

You have an obsession with rubble. perhaps you should move to Syria or Gaza, maybe Iraq and be one with the rubble. Your victimhood is that, victimhood.

>I have far more of an idea of what (isn't) coming than you do. You presume that is not possible. You don't know what I know, or how I know it.

If it doesn't come, it will be no thanks to you. It will be people like you who say 'I told you so', while those who fought it wipe the sweat of their brow, saying 'that was a close one. We can't be complacent over this win. We need to keep fighting, as the enemy never sleeps'.

>I'd prefer to be even less special than I am. When you leave, attacks on people leave; attacks on ideas leave. It is one thing to disagree. It is quite another to be hell-bent on destroying. You are so consumed by resistance, so gripped by terror that you have been reduced to exactly what you claim to hate: a thug who presumes to decide for people what they can and cannot think.

Utter rubbish that's not worth responding to.

>The board is here for whatever purpose I created it for. 8Chan is wide open for anybody to create their own board. If you have that many complaints about how this board is run, I suggest utilizing that option. It seems that according to you, somebody cannot even create their own board without having you assume control over what should and should not be posted there. It's like walking into a house that isn't yours and telling everybody how it's going to be, and everything that's wrong with them for living as they want to live in their own house. This board is my house. Its purpose is whatever I say it is. It's my own tiny corner of the world, nobody is forced to come here, and if you have that many issues with how things are run here, and you still choose not to leave, then you might consider making adjustments. When it's your board, you determine how it should be run. When it isn't, you don't, and nothing you think, feel, or idealize matters.

I see your true colors shining through.

I see your true colors, and that's why I love you.

So don't be afraid, to let them show.

Your true colors, true colors, are beautiful….

Like a rainbow.

>If I were you I would be going someplace where I didn't have quite so many issues with how things were run.

Good luck with suggesting an easy to get to planet out of this solar system.

>no matter how much you scream.

You perceive me as screaming?


Not screaming.

>Your best two options are to be quiet, or leave. Start your own board and you can ban to your heart's content.

I'll think about it.


FYI, Eds haven't been here for some time.

>It's something I disagree with profoundly.

Need I say more?


For this the world may be thankful.


You may want to change the intro to this board/general thread and let people know that this is YOUR little corner of the world. Apparently those who come here are here to serve you.

Do people more than what the arseholes who are lording over us in IRL have done. Give them a choice.

Have a nice day, anon.

b89d2e  No.31265

An awful lot of time and effort went into placing the cultures of the world into a position where they could be completely controlled without ever knowing they're being controlled.

Conspiracy theorists are controlled better and more effectively than any other group.

History was fabricated, erased, hidden, and altered. Nothing hits the news without a central source approving it. Many people were murdered to allow creation of the Fed. More money is spent controlling the political arena than is spent on any other undertaking.

The takeover was complete long ago. The best way to keep people in denial of it ever having occurred is to keep them forever thinking "it's coming." Just around the corner. Imminent. Right on our doorstep. Any day now.

It never comes.

William Cooper's book "Behold a Pale Horse" was first published in 1992, rapidly becoming the de facto standard treatise on the Illuminati. Since that time - 27 years ago - the biggest event to occur was the murder of a few thousand people on 9/11, and that was only necessitated by a marked loss of Israeli and American control in the Middle East.

A decade ago, conspiracy theorists were railing on about the FEMA camps. Ten years later, or longer, they remain nothing more than an excuse for doomsaying. Nothing happened. They are not filled with inmates. Martial law has not been declared. But it's always coming.

Nibiru or Planet X has been on our doorstep for decades. It never quite arrives.

When we're consumed by chasing "what's coming," we're not paying attention to what's going on today. Conspiracy theorists are the definitive non-conformists; the would-be problematic group who will not conform. How best to control them? Give them what they want: an endless stream of impending doom scenarios that keep them so occupied with chasing fictitious visions of demise that they are kept safely imprisoned in their delusions of "the end," never questioning where these theories they chase actually originated. They never seem to notice that for ten years or fifteen years or twenty years there was no talk of subject Z, while a simple backward search online would reveal that literally hundreds of articles suddenly appeared out of nowhere on subject Z in the space of a few days. This is called "seeding the bullshit." Nobody looks at the source; nobody takes the wide overview, nobody questions the tails they're chasing. As long as they're chasing fictitious cataclysms and they remain on the paths that were so carefully laid out for them, they are kept well controlled and they pose no threat.

A perfect example is the Duck Duck Go search engine. People are so proud of their intellectual prowess, so smug in their elite knowledge that you should use that engine because it doesn't track you.

Idiots. Self-absorbed idiots, so easily led. Duck Duck Go is owned by Google.

Those imagining themselves as spearheading the prison break from Illuminati control are actually the most deeply embedded inside that control. They are easier to lead on than any other group because they're so absorbed with "fight, fight, fight" that they never look at who they're supposed to be fighting and why. Why do you think Q pushes "fight" more than any other approach? It's much like the crop circle phenomenon - despite thousands of unexplained events, all it took was two Clowns claiming to have perpetrated the entire hoax with boards and rope. No further questions were asked. The mystery was solved. It was that easy to cover up thousands of anomalous events that were researched even to the point of discovering unexplained, microscopic iron particles in the stalks that were broken; those stalks were separated between cells with levels of precision not widely known to be possible today. A simple maser will do the trick; those were available in the 1960's. Because MI6 or whoever can make the circles, one group will automatically assume it was them and there is no other option.

Cold fusion was a resounding success, but it took very little claim of it being a hoax to shut the entire thing down. People will believe anything, especially conspiracy theorists who think their knowledge is privileged and elite. They are the easiest ones to feed bullshit to - just put the proper spin on it, have it come from the right sources that look and sound the right way, and they will take everything at face value and buy any bullshit they're sold.

The controlling elite are sitting pretty where they are. Minor adjustments are always being made, but there isn't going to be any world-changing event to clamp down. There is nothing to clamp down on. They completed their takeover many decades ago.

93bcc8  No.31266


I got about a quarter way through.

It's people like myself and others like me that stand between you and what it appears that you would ultimately welcome.

Do you suggest that we all give up and take it up the arse?

Say yes, please say yes.

At least you would then show yourself in entirety for what you are.

b89d2e  No.31267


No. I suggest that you find a board more conducive to what you claim to be here for. It's not that difficult to do.

It's amazing how you can amass so much knowledge about somebody, going into endless depth, just from a few posts. Why is nobody recognizing this gift?

What I'm seeing is a desperate need to control others. That's a far cry from being somebody who cares so deeply and is here to liberate the world from people who just want to control others.

We are what we hate.

See the contradiction. I do. Why don't you? You have that gift of endless insight, after all. :D

Try going a week without alcohol. Then tell me what makes people tick. I do it every week. No problem. EZPZ. Not true for some others. Why is that?

93bcc8  No.31268


All the sudden, anon remembers something about the person he's conversing with. Quite convenient!

We can go on and on, and on and on. As you well know.

I well know what you represent by now. I know well enough your little underhanded tricks of which were most likely learned from YOUR kind.

Some may be fooled by you, even feel sorry/sad for you, but I do believe that I see through you.

Please… do go on with your campaign of encouraging others to not do anything; nothing at all. :)

93bcc8  No.31269


You're welcome, anon. :p

b89d2e  No.31270


Or … it's possible that you are just wrong; there are no tricks, and paranoia is taking over. I'm not out to fool anybody. To what end? Trick them into believing in themselves where others strive to have them believe they're weak and helpless?

It is possible that there is nothing to see through. You may just have a very vivid imagination, and a very paranoid one.

b89d2e  No.31271

First, I would question whether this happened at all; second, she's a freaking crisis actor…..


b89d2e  No.31275

As I always do, I back tracked on Google to see when the overall subject of mud floods and Tartarians first showed up. Typically when something is a planned disinfo injection, you'll see hundreds of articles, videos, etc. suddenly appear out of nowhere in the space of a week or so.

The first writing I found was a posting on steem(sh)it.com on January 31, 2018. The flood of articles occurred between 4/17/18 and 4/30/18. All of a sudden, for no known reason, dozens and dozens of videos, blogs, etc. started showing up about Tartarians.

There was no obvious trigger for the flood gates opening.

Also on 4/15, Q had posted only twice in the prior 2 days but suddenly posted a boat load of new material on Lynch, and Comey, and 23 and Me and the like. Divide and conquer. Distraction efforts went into overdrive on American tax day.

What went through congress that day?

93bcc8  No.31276

I looked for it yesterday and couldn't find it.


It was conveniently re-uploaded on bitChute, today.

Thank you Universe.



b89d2e  No.31277

File: f044c0bff00ddbe⋯.png (1.79 MB, 1265x1473, 1265:1473, lol.png)

a5c34d  No.31279

File: 816f0f356ff7c51⋯.png (1.04 MB, 2037x1110, 679:370, RachelChandlerTumblr.png)

How is everyone missing this?


Taken from her tumblr account

93bcc8  No.31280


I'm missing the significance.

It's a photo of the royals, not a photo of her WITH the royals.

What is it that everyone is missing?

31be1b  No.31281


Good evening, maybe its like a "where's wally", the blonde lady in the window? Who knows : )


I know that was a peace offering to 93bcc8, you should have addressed it as such.

I really think that when anons talk about fighting it is being interpreted as aggressive when it isn't that at all. I fought last year for tougher sentencing for people that commit animal cruelty. Which has now been implemented. To go with your argument that we become what we fight, not true, otherwise I would now be cruel to animals and that would never happen.

I do believe you are quite philosophical but don't word it right sometimes and your meaning gets lost

881475  No.31282

I would really like to know how long anons on this board have known each other and what made you leave the other board. Were you trying to get results or just wanted to talk.

I was lead to this board a year ago. 6 months prior to that I started looking into a pedo case over here and was trying to track historic abuse and somehow found myself on 4chan and discovered Q. Don't quite know how that happened on just my phone and a complete technophobe.

When I returned it was as the parkland shooting happened. I had found a video of david hogg that didn't match timelines and posted it on 4chan which was mostly ignored and i was ridiculed. I then had to spend a lot of time learning anon language, what is shill? what is kek? etc

I was watching MSP twitter and that is where i found the 79 and 71 videos, who I believe are connected to anonymous. I could not bring my interpretations of the videos here as I may have doxxed someone who is either part of or connected to the Eds . I had translated comments which had been written in code ( with pen and paper). I got the impression Eds needed help but did not what I could do with no tech experience.

I wanted to help the Eds as I thought they had the know how to blow establishment Pedo rings wide open. I thought that's what MRNG was about, to stop some of the cruelty in this world.

93bcc8  No.31283

File: a18ecdeebe70481⋯.png (431.25 KB, 739x549, 739:549, ClipboardImage.png)


The image was taken BY Rachel Chandler Guinness. Vogue photographer.



Have only known the anons here for as long as here has been here,

I first came here with no intention to hang around, but here I am. I didn't leave the other board to begin with. I contributed to building and keeping this one going, while still hanging out on and being banned from QR.

I didn't come here to 'talk', though I did so in order to appease the needs of others. I did not like when the board started becoming a defacto facebook page, but it was keeping certain people happy, so I capitulated.

I don't mind talking, but when it's all one sided it becomes draining.

I've been on the chans for years and still don't get half the lingo, LMAO. I just never bothered to know what some of it means.

I came here and remained because I thought we might actually be able to create an environment without all that crap. I think we did reasonably well for a while; only little research was being done; most were posting wanting response to their own posts but showing no interest in anyone else's. I did my best to take on the slack that others were neglecting, but I felt like a one wo/man band, trying to keep everyone engaged and feeling heard. It's energy consuming and not that I wanted credit; it was when credit was taken unduly by someone else for the effort that I'd put in that shit went South.

And here I am. :D

d9a047  No.31284


I thought that we were drawn together by more than shared points of view, by something more intuitive, but I doubt myself now and think I was living in fantasy land.

it wasn't only your research you contributed. you were/are very welcoming to newbies.

dc99dd  No.31285

what is whit the flags?


i was sick and tired of the that other board, you couldn't say something that didn't fit the narrative, messages deleted, suspended,… so i ended up here when this board started… and quite fast we were in a flow here… waking up to the bs spewed by Q… Ed was here to at the beginning…

first i tried to do the summaries, but after a while i noticed they were futile, but even more, it was not doable to keep up with all that was said… mainly because i wanted to go deeper into what Ed gave us, but most of those were hints and tidbits… so a lot of researching was needed….

lately i'm done with all of it… most people live in a different dimension and there is no waking them up…

dc99dd  No.31286


see … i'm f'cking mad as hell that i get the belgian flag as american… just for the fact that i'm situated in belgium… nah!

93bcc8  No.31287


Washington Report on Middle East Affairs recent conference.

I've listened to most of the vids so far. Very informative, if Israel lobby/influence is your thing.


I think there's good reason that we were drawn together. Perhaps we can get back to somewhere that we were, or better. I like the people here, even BO when he's not being overly sensitive and making issue of shit that doesn't need to be made issue of. Hence the avoidance; but when avoided….. ARGH. So needy.


BO has been fiddling with the settings because he wants to know where people are from that he's corresponding with, is my guess.

A lot of good it doesn't do. I'm sure as shit not in the US and >>31282 sure as shit isn't in Singapore, lol.

>lately i'm done with all of it… most people live in a different dimension and there is no waking them up…


b89d2e  No.31288


>I know that was a peace offering to 93bcc8, you should have addressed it as such.

ARGH. I am truly being as non-abrasive as I can with this: IT WAS NOT ABOUT YOU. It was placed on the board FOR the board; an occasional piece of humor, just one, to lighten the mood in here. I was not thinking about any one person in particular. For every person who posts in here, multiple people lurk. It was a board-wide focus and that was the extent of the intent behind posting it.

When you imagine too much of what happens in any location to be all about you, you end up over-analyzing, over-reacting, and most of what you come up with is going to end up appearing aggressive in nature when in truth you were not even on the radar when it happened, was said, was posted, etc. You end up angry when there is nothing to be angry about; you feel attacked when you were not even a consideration. It truly generates and feeds the condition commonly known as "paranoid delusional."

I have 3 boards on 8Chan. I have extensive commentary scattered all over YouTube. I have 15 articles posted on CodeProject with a readership of well over 20,000 (hardly a large number as they go but it's still what it is), I have 180+ FB friends, about half of which are regularly active and I could probably tell you all their names. I have two books being written and two more articles in the works for CodeProject. In addition to this app I'm creating. There is no one person on this or any other board or in any other location who is that impactful to me, just as I am not very impactful to anybody, anywhere. I'm an idiot who posts and everybody has opinions. Add the anonymity of this board to that and it's even more so the case. I just don't matter that much to spur people to deeply motivated action and it's the same for everybody else.

I could die tomorrow and nobody online would be moved to tears. NOBODY. It is the same for most with any kind of online presence. Everything that occurs on this board is just one tiny slice of my life and NONE of it is that important.

93bcc8  No.31289

File: d53a9267ae7786f⋯.png (42.39 KB, 1688x208, 211:26, ClipboardImage.png)


We can pretend. (see pic) :)

b89d2e  No.31290


This board was created on 2/28/18. 13 months ago. It was created because of rampant banning in QR. It wasn't for several months after that, that Ed began pointing out issues in Q's direction and message.

Ed put this board on the radar, to the very low degree that it's there at all. For most of its life, they have kept it going. They were the draw; they were the direction. They were the life blood of this board for the longest time.

2d617a  No.31291


Sorry about the numerous ids, going through endless captcha and also a ban from V from last year which was not me?? Im on a VPN.

Yes I twigged onto the Q bs fairly quickly, a lot of intelligent people bought into it at the beginning.

I have a lot of your Ed research to go through. You have left lots of leads through the breads.I think Eds hints have been highlighting that the truth is hidden/lost in BS info.

I find it easier to drop seeds of information, one at a time, and let people wake up on their own if they want to. It is unfortunate that the vast majority cannot be bothered.

When I was campaigning for the tougher animal cruelty sentencing, I gave people letters to send to their MP, links to petitions etc and some still couldn't be bothered. Even though they are animal lovers and find cruelty abhorrent.

b89d2e  No.31292



THAT is how things move; that is how things get done.

This board began in response to out of control banning in QR. That was 13 months ago. There is no law written saying it cannot evolve, change with the times, move forward. The board's direction is whatever the people posting here say it is.

b89d2e  No.31293

As I said, I have 3 board on 8Chan, and when I enabled flags, I thought I was doing so for one of the other boards. 8Chan keeps me signed into the last board I signed into and sometimes I do lose track.

I will turn flags off if people want them turned off. I never directly intended to enable them for this particular board.

2d617a  No.31294


That was me, UK anon ( explanation of flags in previous post). I got and appreciated the humour. It seems my attempt at humour has enflamed not diffused the situation.

b89d2e  No.31295


You are probably exactly right about why we were drawn together - but that reason may have run its course. Nothing is forever. If we evolved, changed, moved apart in many cases, it's because being here served its purpose. If we didn't change, then it was a failure.

b89d2e  No.31296


No inflaming. No matter how abrasive somebody may become with me (at times) I have to keep things in perspective: they don't know me personally so how personal could anything be? It is so much not about me in all cases. No matter how it comes off looking. I'm trying to be realistic here, not idealistic. I don't NEED to be that important in anybody's life and it's a good thing because that's exactly how it's going to turn out. You could take any number of people who have read my articles, for example, and it is very likely the case that not one of them could tell you my name.

881475  No.31297



We do need a plan, a change of direction. From the posts I have read we all seemed to become despondent around the same time. at one point I wanted to live in a cave and never speak or listen to anybody, but Im over that now.

Maybe we just needed time to re-group, re-think and re-define goals.


dc99dd  No.31298


i keep coming back because i like the people who are here… offcourse there was a good reason.. we woke up together… and spread that virus…

and i like the BO ;-)


love it :D


13 months already… damn… we are old guard haha


what i loved the most is that we were able to win against trolls, clowns & hasbara… whatever they threw in here, we stood fast

b89d2e  No.31299

My experience is that no matter how deeply we dive into the political arena, no matter how much is exposed, nothing changes.

The way I process the world: when do people become active opposing something? When do they stop? If you truly factor out what people say, things take on a very simple and very different appearance.

Anybody can talk; anybody can lie. On a mass scale, words are tools to manipulate. Watch what people do; forget what they say.

What is every liberal trying to do? Solve world problems? NO. They are trying to assume control over the masses. Become the general who commands the army. All their effort goes to this end. They have no concern with the problems themselves; those are a catalyst and an excuse. They want power. They want to command the world or whatever part of it they can. Everything they do is aimed at establishing leadership over a following. They could care less about the homeless, the hungry, the environment, or the poor. They just want control. Power. Which is why they plant themselves dead center in that arena. They take on those with power because they WANT that power for themselves.

It is not complicated. IF you don't over complicate it. Forget what they say, watch what they do.

Taking this a step further: Q … nothing has effectively moved since day one. Everything is tomorrow, everything is pending. People stop when they are where they want to be. Q is not effecting change; Q is deepening control over a loyal following. Everything Q does serves that end.

So what direction do we take amid all this?

As for the despondency … in my experience, it is global. Emotions are energy-based and are quite potent. If you cared to, look up the work of Emoto with water crystals or look at the rice experiment. With this being the case, there are most definitely global trends. People fall into depression and even desperation not because of being mis-wired somehow, but because there is a very real energy triggering it. That energy comes; it goes but it's very potent and very real. I do not claim to have much understanding beyond that. I only know what I see: droves of people all becoming emotionally supercharged at the same time over as many reasons as there are people.

SOMETHING is going on. And when you have this kind of fluctuation, it is going to impact the political arena because - for however long or short a time - there is suddenly a thousand times more potent influence on people's state, and therefore direction, loyalty, level of caring, etc. - than any controlling person or people will ever have. They must respond to that. So we don't even know what the controlling factors really are on this landscape we're on. What influences truly exist, who is coming and who is going?

It's hard to pick a direction when you just can't pinpoint where you even are.

b89d2e  No.31300


We are old seniors in our rocking chairs. :)

b89d2e  No.31301

It helps to consider that just about 100% of what we believe reality to be is wrong. Our past, our history, where we came from and why; all significant historical figures and events, and most of what we think we know about the world today: it's all crap. Nowhere even close to being the truth. We think we have a handle on who is running what; who has what power and what their aims are. We are dead wrong.

Reality is so far removed from what we think we're living in that we would neither recognize nor believe a word of it if it were all spelled out for us. We would overload and our survival mind would kick in forcing us to reject all of it and return to the illusion where we know what's going on and can function.

Leave the island, get to the mainland, it all becomes clear. But nobody is going to let you make that journey. :)

31be1b  No.31302


I like the people here and would like to see a couple from last year come back, maybe they are lurking who knows.

I we did evolve and in the face of adversity for most, last year was not the best for some us.

93bcc8  No.31303


>we woke up together… and spread that virus…

Nailed it, anon.

I do hope the Eds are in good health and doing well.

I'm out for the now. BO and I are never going to see eye to eye. If we were the only 2 people left in the world, before too long, there would only be one person left in the world. Being honest, here.

I made /tob/ as a joke, but I'm going to see what happens with it if taken seriously. Probably nothing, but there's no use in me being here for obvious reasons.

It was nice to be home for while.

Catch ya's round.

b89d2e  No.31304

There's a reason why nobody but governmental agencies goes to Antarctica: it's the way out.

b89d2e  No.31305


>I do hope the Eds are in good health and doing well.

They do have that exercise they cover; the South Korean/American/etc. joint exercise that comes around every year and I think last year it kept them out of circulation for a full month. It was early last year, as I recall, so it could very well be in full swing right now.

dc99dd  No.31306


i could use one… with summer comming it would be great to have one in front of my cabin… have to do some massive pruning for the view though lol

a plan? before you make a plan you have to know what your goal is, details needed… above that you have to know who you want to reach…

about Eds, i love them… allthough it's sad they kept it to posting pictures & stuff, they would have reached more (imo) when they talked about the details, in stead of the searching/digging-game talk about the facts….

but that's my opinion on what they brought.. i learned a lot from them…

Q indeed is playing the control-game… a psy-op to control part of Trumps base… and hope to expand that base…

b89d2e  No.31307


Maybe it was only 2 weeks and not a full month.

b89d2e  No.31308


Their approach also has a big plus to it. If they were simply to come here and say that this is this way and that is that way, they would immediately be swallowed up by challenges and disbelief. By taking the approach they did, they never really made any declarations to challenge. They set us on a path of research and they could not be held accountable for where that path led - and so we couldn't run around screaming that they are full of shit.

b89d2e  No.31309


Their anti-Israel campaign, however, has been a serious disappointment, at least to me - I considered them to be so, so far above that primitive approach and I imagined them to be so much more effective in what they do. But, as I've said before, I don't know what they know so there are likely a lot of reasons I can't factor in for whatever it is they do on any given day.

2d617a  No.31310


well there is no use now because its your bed time but hopefully you'll be back when its mine.

93bcc8  No.31311


A bit early yet, anon.

Say what will be said.

dc99dd  No.31312


true, but a lot of people don't have the time to search & dig…

b89d2e  No.31313


That's really the crux of it. If somebody is CEO of Dell, or Northrop, or Costco, or Walmart, I assume they didn't get there by playing fair and being decent people. So the idea of digging to find out whether they had this guy murdered or that guy is really irrelevant - I get the general idea just by the position they hold that they're not somebody I'd want to have over for dinner. Digging, anymore, really only turns up superfluous information.

dc99dd  No.31314

btw, for those that want to do some digging…

i have two threads for you if ya are bored :D



this describes actually what Trump is doing as president… making his "donors" happy and putting their (and his own) interests ahead of the people… and protecting his friends and taking out any competition there is in the field of those "friends"

b89d2e  No.31315


It does appear, however, that he is quite opposed to the Dem party, which, if true (it may well not be but we can hope) would bring a lot of relief with it just to see those little pricks go down. Yes, we'd be in a situation of "meet the new boss, same as the old boss," but for a fleeting moment there would be some satisfaction there. :)

be2a49  No.31316


I forgot our clocks went forward this morning so you are not as far ahead.>>31311

881475  No.31317



I think the Eds approach was so we work out fact from fiction. You get a little truth come out that (they) don't want people knowing and all of a sudden it is lost in a big pile of BS and normal people don't see it. When you dig and find the absolute truth it cannot be denied and you become a reliable source as in >>31314

Nice last comment on that thread, from Freemind.

I don't know if everyone else had the same but I was always looking for confirmation from the Eds in regards to what I or anyone else posted. That I guess is really a lack of confidence. I think that the Eds were helping us evolve some kind of reporting ability.

I hope that makes sense.

dc99dd  No.31318


lol, sometimes i have the same.. although on this, i've been digging on this for weeks now to get confirmation for myself…

true what ya say on the eds… it makes one dig and find truth that cannot be denied, but often there was no follow up… so we know b, but where is a.. or we know a lead to something, but what was the result b to it…

have to look for the freemind reply.. haha

881475  No.31319

I'm finding twitter is of good use as people only have the attention span of a gnat so I well thought concise tweet can grab their attention. Like a headline. As long as you ignore the mr and mrs angry that cannot bear to have their thought process challenged.

dc99dd  No.31320

dc99dd  No.31321


that's a fact… allthough lots of times it is not possible to keep it short

881475  No.31322


Yep. Very encouraging I thought.

And thanks for giving me Guyana to look at.

dc99dd  No.31323


guyana??? i'm missing something haha

be2a49  No.31324


its in your thread

"that Guyana who after the elections 2015 suddenly changed course and gave exxon rights to a disputed area.👇"

be2a49  No.31325


I have tried to read this but it will not load is that because it has now been uploaded

b89d2e  No.31326


>You get a little truth come out that (they) don't want people knowing and all of a sudden it is lost in a big pile of BS

That's how the textbook has them doing it.

The biggest problem with Ed's approach is that people burn out on it and just stop looking.

dc99dd  No.31327


ah where was my head… yeah now i follow… i was searching for an account named Guyana, like Freemind haha

be2a49  No.31328



I found the jumping between several subjects in a short space of time difficult, but I was trying to find answers to each subject rather than looking for a connection.

Are the things you put together on the Eds in the catalogue?


Lol :)

b89d2e  No.31329


A thread for them is but I haven't gotten around to posting anything there yet. :(

93bcc8  No.31330


Not sure why you're having issues with it. Is the anonfile page coming up, with the download tab?

I would've uploaded it directly to the board but PDF uploads aren't enabled here.

If you do read it; be aware that the author was incredibly anti-semetic, lol. But I do believe that the content gives an otherwise unknown insight to the sentiment at the time of authorship and publication.

Personally, I get a lot out of reading publications from the 15 to 1800s. The authors are, much of the time, more open and honest in their opinions; less likely to adhere to political correctness, or walking on egg shells.

93bcc8  No.31331


Happy Spring to you, anon.

The end of daylight savings, here, hadn't occurred to me til you said about putting your clocks forward. Ours don't go back until Sunday coming. It's well and truly Autumn though. My grape vine is especially telling me so, lol. It's leaves are currently a random mix of green and burgundy. Soon it will be bare and I'll be freezing my arse off while walking dog.

Did you know that Palestine/Israel receives more rainfall on average than dreary old London?


Great stuff, anon. It's good to see you received some decent likes and RTs, as well.

b89d2e  No.31332

It is as cruel as it is poetically perfect that man and his universe are created such that "why am I here" beckons as the ultimate, unanswerable question in all of life; the Holy Grail of ever-elusive knowledge. That knowledge, once obtained, is as ugly as any knowledge could be, and simply having it is the ultimate support for why we're all here at all. It's a closed loop, a perfect system; the closer we get to finding answers, the uglier those answers become and the more we wish we'd never looked at all. The closer we get to finding answers, the more perfect the time appears when we hadn't even begun looking yet.

You could never propagate such answers, as nobody would believe them. And the unbelievers are far, far better off for not believing. It leaves them at the apex of happiness in life: where all possible answers are possible and the ugly truth is kept safely buried where it can do no harm.

93bcc8  No.31333

I thought of something that might be useful in bringing die hard Drumfsters around.

How often has Trump said something sensible; difficult to believe, I know, but he wanted to pull out of Syria. If he didn't want to pull out of Syria there was no benefit in him saying so, only to go back on his word and make himself a fool and LIAR, LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE.

There actually has been more than one time that he has announced that he would do something, but has then been reeled in by those who surround him.

If it can be shown that Trump is not so much a 4D chess player, but has fallen victim, and is a victim, we could get somewhere with the poor unfortunates that think he has it all figured out. /sigh

If we gently concentrate on how he's being 'threatened' and 'forced' to make such ridiculous backtracks and decisions; maybe, maybe we can shift some minds.

What thinks thee? Trump the victim.

Am I grasping at straws?

dc99dd  No.31334


actually… him saying he pulls all troops out of Syria makes part of his base (who voted for him in elections) happy cause he acts like he wants to keep his promisses….

he had a lot of pundits & people in his administration (and congress) saying NO he can't do that.. so he had to act like he gives a little (best negotiater claims) and in the mean time there are even more troops in syria now than before he said it… and nobody cares, cause the trump base is still saying: he withdrew the troops

93bcc8  No.31335


You don't think it would work then?

His base isn't as switched on as you. Surely they know that something is off, even if they insist and persist in supporting him.

If he's made to be a victim of the administration that surrounds him, we might have something.

They don't play by rules. Why should we (in this manner)?

The #Fools that we're trying to reach are not going to come around by way of #Truth and common sense. :(

They need to be cajoled.

It really doesn't matter what Trump's true intentions are/have been. We need to use what we can (to a certain extent).

dc99dd  No.31336


for me? i don't see Trump as a victim and i doubt you can beat him by making him a victim, looking at MAGA it would strengthen him imo

b89d2e  No.31337


His base is 100% locked into "he can do no wrong." If he does, it's justified. I would still take him over any liberal, any day of the year. I'm just pointing out the condition his people are in.

dc99dd  No.31338



true… allthough i (and i know others) was part of his base… not any more… but you're right on most of them!

i have on liberal, TULSI, i would vote for her in no time

b89d2e  No.31339

Sometimes, if we don't simply ask, no answer will ever be forthcoming.

Does anybody we would consider notable ever lurk on this board? It's an obscure board, barely generating any traffic, but overall orientation of the subject matter (in a general sense) makes me wonder sometimes.

Am I expecting an intelligent answer? No. But anything is possible.

2732c2  No.31341

93bcc8  No.31343


Lol, anon; believe me, I don't see him as a victim. I was only considering it as a tactic, but I do think you're right that it would end up strengthening him.

I have my best brainfarts right before bedtime. :p


This isn't a bad read, and I might go back to it one day when I've crossed a few other books off my list. I did read a few chapters and found humour in this one >>31341 warning that it contains strong language. LMAO, the Q one is far worse; far, far. I think the worst that was found in On the Jews… was 'whore'.

The strange thing with On the Jews and Their Lies is that I thought that I'd already read it; and indeed, I had, but not the correct version, it seems. In any case, I've read it now.

I didn't find it as impactful as I was expecting, yet, still informative of the times and further indication as to how the Jews were thought of over the centuries. Perhaps I'm just getting used to the type of rhetoric, but I'm glad to have read it. Thanks.

Do you know of an others on the subject, from times past. I have a short list of some that I've been looking to get a hold of, but apart from continually finding the titles and authors mentioned, I've not been able to lay my hands on copies :(

Slowly being erased from history, no doubt.

93bcc8  No.31344

File: e848d21ba735502⋯.png (38.29 KB, 861x456, 287:152, ClipboardImage.png)

I've been reading and watching so much over the past few days. /Sigh. I lose track of things at times. I woke up with this in my mind this morning. :s (Pic)

I needs to know.

All the remaining lurkers might kick in. 'Notable or not'.

Welcome to yet another ignored post :)

b89d2e  No.31345

I don't like avocados so I'm not getting what all the scare is about.

2732c2  No.31346

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b89d2e  No.31347

Guy gets in shootout with cops in Maryland when they come to illegally confiscate his guns.

This is the whole point of the second amendment: defend against a government gone mad. Maryland's government has gone mad.

I wonder what this will escalate into.

b89d2e  No.31348


(The guy was killed. A martyr for the cause.)

b89d2e  No.31349

The new "law" says they can confiscate the guns of anybody who "raises a red flag."

Owning a gun is a red flag for them.

93bcc8  No.31352

Are we winning?

Yep, I'm pretty sure we're winning!

We're winning!!

I had an acquaintance drop in for a coffee today.

Totally oblivious to what's really going on in the big scheme of things. Go figure.

Israel has built something out of nothing, according to her (vomit). Talk about brainwashed fucking tard. (Double vomit).

Then I had another acquaintance pull over to the side of the road when seeing me walking. The world is all fine and good and a much better place, based purely on the fact that Hillary didn't get in, apparently.

"End all USURY" I say to this guy.

"WUT!" he replies, with little to no understanding of the term.

This is what we're working with. People who cling on to, either what they've been brainwashed to believe and never shake of from YEARS ago, or people who have been brainwashed to believe that 'I saw a documentary on how amazing Israel is because they made something out of nothing', so all is well and fine in the world.

It's Friday evening here, and all is fine and well in the world, anons.

Take care, keep fighting the good fight.

Drastic measures are on the table.

a1aed5  No.31353


r u in southern hemisphere? Heard these countries have blocked users

b89d2e  No.31354

File: 562802959a25fc9⋯.png (560.62 KB, 1143x622, 1143:622, Tartaria 001.png)

Not even the tip of the iceberg.

b89d2e  No.31355

File: 01db49d9579ab16⋯.png (2.87 MB, 2459x1252, 2459:1252, Tartaria Map 1570.png)

A map from 1570. Note the city locations. And U.S. land mass was a whole lot bigger in those days. What happened?

b89d2e  No.31358

File: 574d7967b1d893f⋯.jpg (83.73 KB, 807x364, 807:364, rebuild_1.jpg)

Lie much?

93bcc8  No.31359


Define blocked?

'They' made it difficult for folks in the southem to get through directly.

It's the chans, anon. I wouldn't know that the southem was 'blocked' if I hadn't read it on the chans itself, first.

VPNs are as cheap as chips, why wouldn't I?

93bcc8  No.31360


Lol, you proclaim to have 3 boards on infinity, dude. Why not make it 4?


My apologies for being defensive and self protective.

Yes! I'm from the Southern Hem.

I'm in the southern of the Southern Hem.

I'm in range of Melbourne as a pinpoint on a map.

I honestly wpuld not have known about the 'blocking' of websites through local ISPs in the region if I didn't see it here and there, until it was made little deal of in MSM, as if people who never frequented would know any different.

At this point in time I don't know if the ISP blocks have been lifted or not. I always use VPN, as should anyone, to my belief.

I don't know anyone who has read the BT manifest, nor watched the video, (in my IRL) so, it worked, what was done, worked.

Much of what was done worked.

The perception of the majority would be so very different if they were exposed, but they won't be, because they've either been told not to be, or chosen so.

Meh, anyways, there ya have it. A simple question answered with a whole lot more than expected.

b89d2e  No.31362


Anybody can create a board in 5 minutes. Absolutely anybody. The home page says there are currently 18,504 public boards and 20,190 in total.

Next point: immediately after WWII, Eisenhower effectively murdered more than two million Germans by aggressively preventing them from getting food while they were all in capture mode. What if every kid was taught this in school? Most of our history is invented. If you pin down who did the inventing and why, it would go a very long way to understanding who is running the show today. We've had our share of Bible thumpers come through here. What if they understood that the entire Bible was invented and even the accounts of that are off by about 1000 years on the time frame.

How do you oppose a regime (Illuminati) if you don't even have correct info on who they are?

This stuff stays on this board.

b89d2e  No.31363


The point of this is that "ancient ruins" are being modified, changed, rebuilt, etc. and then we're told that what we're looking at today is real and accurate.

What if people knew that the U.S. invaded Russia in 1918? Oh, it never happened because I didn't learn it in school. Most of the people claiming to be so hell bent on exposing the lies of the Illuminati are downright violent about protecting their own falling for 99.999% of those lies.

Never question. Never look, never think. Just eat what you're fed and don't rock the boat.

b89d2e  No.31364

Stonehenge was rebuilt. A hundred years ago it looked nothing like it looks today.

93bcc8  No.31370


Formulate a 12 step program, anon.

Think about it!

Most people are NPCs for life (I heard that somewhere today, and it made sense, so I'm using it, because it's true).

Most will never shift their minds from that which suits their everyday, immediate being, as well as being part of the heard. They want to be a part of whatever the thing is to be a part of is a part of… /rolls eyes.

Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, Churchill were responsible for not 6 million dead, but closer to 70 million in total. And that's being extremely conservative.

>How do you oppose a regime (Illuminati) if you don't even have correct info on who they are?

With the information that you already have.

It's a multifaceted fightback.

State a fact and wait for Hasbara to spin some ridiculous bullshit, and learn from that bullshit.

Their tactic is for the better part to waste the time and effort of the opposition, conflate, distract, obfuscate, but never confront facts.

You may well find something in your mudflood (ironic) research, but regardless of what people don't know, there is always what they do know and what I know is that we have enough to go on without the mudflood.

We see what's happening, how it's accelerating, and where the tide is coming from. We don't need a mudflood to tell us that we're boiling frogs.

A mudflood board is on the cards.

93bcc8  No.31371


heard = herd

b89d2e  No.31372


All very true; there is nothing I would disagree with. The mudflood stuff is just one brick in the wall. It gets a lot of focus because so much evidence is before us - historical photos as well as buildings still standing. It is no end in itself but the larger picture that it serves as a gateway to is huge.

I suspect most of the cover-up of history is just to keep the shine on various regimes through history and avoid exposing the monsters they really were. They are terrified by people seeing who and what they are; all of their control relies on their bullshit working its magic. I.e. indications are that the whole of the Islamic religion was spun as bullshit out of Russia back whenever it was done, and wholly for political reasons: a group that buys into a religion created by a regime is not likely to ever be a threat. As a side note, the Middle East (Arabic) countries are at a huge disadvantage in this game because they really don't have much of anything the world wants, besides their oil, and that's a little difficult for the average citizen to become actively involved in trading. Religion is all they have and that's probably why they're so easy to radicalize. If they only knew the bullshit they're following … but that applies just as much to the whole world as to any part of it.

b89d2e  No.31373

"What is history but a fable agreed upon?" – Napolean Bonaparte

"They hide because they're vulnerable." – Derrel Sims

2732c2  No.31376

2732c2  No.31377


H hahah hahaha he he haha heh hehe haha.

b89d2e  No.31378

We do have clowns in here.

2732c2  No.31379

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2732c2  No.31380

Honk honk

2732c2  No.31381

Soundcloud embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2732c2  No.31382

There are different Mulsim. Get on the right team. More fun times to be had,

2732c2  No.31383


If you dont pick up that I am drunk trying to deal with what is coming then you deserve what is coming.


b89d2e  No.31384


Always coming, never arrives.

2732c2  No.31385


Lets hope.

2732c2  No.31386

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

If you want to survive. Find a woman. A WOMAN.

b89d2e  No.31387


I live with one.

2732c2  No.31388


Then you will live.

b89d2e  No.31389


Can you explain the logic behind this?

c8f896  No.31390

This looks nice

93bcc8  No.31391



Lol, I'd also be interested to read an explanation, and to know if it counts to be a woman, LMAO. Do I need a woman if I am a woman?

2732c2  No.31393


Please tell me this is not Mona,,,,

2732c2  No.31394


If it is will you please not make my job harder…..LOL Love you

93bcc8  No.31395


This is not Mona. No, indeed, it's not a case of, 'Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world.'

Just replace 'gin joint' with 'message board'.

2732c2  No.31396

File: 3a8a47a6b9f8866⋯.png (82.15 KB, 1200x800, 3:2, joaquin_joker.0.png)

2732c2  No.31397

File: 93022e72036fa06⋯.png (388.77 KB, 474x537, 158:179, Screenshot from 2019-03-26….png)

2732c2  No.31399

File: f1d3e8865a9874f⋯.jpg (37.13 KB, 220x384, 55:96, 220px-RWS_Tarot_00_Fool.jpg)


2732c2  No.31400

File: 5edd5e7c649261a⋯.jpg (189.87 KB, 512x1024, 1:2, Bembo-Visconti-tarot-arcan….jpg)

Test 1,2. Test 1,2.

2732c2  No.31401

File: 8eef5d35a5ffa86⋯.jpg (162.49 KB, 600x1117, 600:1117, Giotto-_The_Seven_Vices_-_….JPG)

haha haha ha ha he he haaa

b89d2e  No.31405


I'm missing the punchline … I know the general meaning of the card but that's where my comprehension stops.

2732c2  No.31406

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2732c2  No.31407

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b89d2e  No.31410


Poor me, poor me, hate, hate, hate.

What DO they want? Create?

They want nothing. Except power over Whites.

31be1b  No.31414

File: 9c54f2727073259⋯.jpg (100.89 KB, 1200x700, 12:7, ed-miliband-naked-protest.jpg)

Anons, I have a plan… strip down to undies and boots and make ourselves the message board. Then superglue ourselves somewhere prominent in our respective political establishments. That will wake them up.

be2a49  No.31415


I copied the link, i think i might have removed the wrong space. I've got it saved.


Any grapes?

I did not know that about the rain.

b89d2e  No.31418


Or lock US up….

2d617a  No.31420



Shame it didn't initiate a rapid decision on Brexit. Arghh I hate that word.

I was hoping when Trump announced imposing tarriffs on the EU that might enable a swifter exit but it doesn't seem as though May will utilise that in her (non)negotiating.

5c8382  No.31421


Got it.

31be1b  No.31423


That image is part of sidoarjo town in Java, Indonesia. They experienced a mud flow volcano in 2006 and it has not stopped just slowed down. Some say its natural causes some a gas company caused it. They tried to stop it by throwing concrete balls into it. Which I found amusing ( i know my humour) what if it burped.


31be1b  No.31424


I meant to add there are some brilliant pics if you look it up.

31be1b  No.31425

File: 187ce46192dda70⋯.png (22.19 KB, 243x208, 243:208, ClipboardImage.png)

93bcc8  No.31428

File: db4e01cf80c8c0b⋯.png (50.66 KB, 1802x755, 1802:755, ClipboardImage.png)


A closer inspection.

b89d2e  No.31429

Assange arrested. Apparently Ecuador was pressured into revoking his asylum. Ed claims Assange does not exist. So where will it all lead? Wait and see.

93bcc8  No.31430


All of this will be interesting, if not the end of the world.

There is no free speech?

Even if you said something in 1788, these days, you're not entitled to have said it. So your speech will be erased from history and your statues torn down (maybe by a band of CIA agents/staff/employees of whom can tear it down while other CIA agents/staff/employees/mercenaries etc guard a perimeter to make sure that the camera gets it 'just so'.

Welcome to the……

93bcc8  No.31432


It wont happen over night, but it's happening.

The majority will see but not.

93bcc8  No.31433

More than one identity that I follow, and the branches thereof started piping up about assange prior to the rumours that he would be evicted from the embassy.

In my observation this was planned and thought out ahead of time, at least in part by 'whoever'.

The push for awareness ramped up significantly prior to there being a whisper of this eviction.

Just sayin', as an observer of sometimes happening stuff.

5c8382  No.31434


Funny. I should have put the you in brackets. Still practising.



A headline flashed up when I was at work from the BBC that was from 9 hours earlier than the arrest. I dont know if that was some kind or error, a pre-prepared headline or they knew what was about to happen.

He does not look well.

So does this now mean a release of the insurance files?

>>31433 See above


Funny. I should have put the you in brackets. Still practising.



A headline flashed up when I was at work from the BBC that was from 9 hours earlier than the arrest. I dont know if that was some kind or error, a pre-prepared headline or they knew what was about to happen.

He does not look well.

So does this now mean a release of the insurance files?

>>31433 See above

5c8382  No.31435

Excuse the duplication, endless captcha.

5c8382  No.31436

This of course does conveniently detract from Theresa Mays lies on Brexit. #Maymustgo

Assange has been found guilty of skipping bail could face 12 months in prison. His Ecuadorian citizenship has been revoked. Weirdly Sir Alan Duncan has announced "In all circumstances UK does not extradite people to countries where they face the death penalty, this extends to Asaange"

Death penalty????

b89d2e  No.31437


I wish Ed was here to offer us … SOMETHING. Because Ed has said that Assange was a green screen creation, and that video showing his collar morphing in and out fully supports that.

It could just be a distraction on Brexit, which will never happen; "the big vote" will just be eternally delayed.

2d617a  No.31438

File: 5041d191c2b38dd⋯.jpeg (17.58 KB, 255x170, 3:2, .jpeg)

2d617a  No.31439


Looks like UK want to extradite him to US.

2d617a  No.31440


But Ed also referred/ worked on the WL insurance files .

2d617a  No.31441


i didnt make this i acquired it. Sorry if it belongs to anyone here.

b89d2e  No.31442


According to what we're supposed to believe, they always wanted to.


Not I said the fly.

be2a49  No.31443


BO can you help me, Im so peed off.

I posted a link last year to an excellent thread on WL and I know you looked it at it then. I went looking for it found it immediately in previous bread but nothing will load now. It did work. When you have some time can you please check that it can no longer be found or Im doing something stupid. Im fairly sure its gone but want a second opinion. Can be found at >>26972 & >> 26990

b89d2e  No.31444


Repost of 26972:

Hello anons, long time no speak. Unfortunately I still have issues with my technology and what use I do have for job hunting.

I can only make limited posts so will keep the small talk to a minium. I've missed you all but have lurked on occasion.

I decided to go right back to the beginning with Ed stuff as I came in half way through. I'm glad I did as some other research I was doing made me wonder if defango was connected to the eds.I was glad to see that was refuted at the beginning..

Anyway going back to the beginning we hit the wiki leak encryption codes ( if that's what they are) and I see the es have recently recycled that with further info.

Well I started thinking in a different way and came across this :http:// technodocbox.com/Java/79989544-Spark-and-cassandra-solving-classical-data-analytic-task-by-using-modern-distributed-databases-artem-aliev-datastax.html

I think the map ed has been talking about is a hardop map and info can be found in link above.

Which led me to:

https:// www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http:// archive.is/GY14h&ved=2ahUKEwiCw_qo55_dAhXpA8AKHfrSAlsQFjAOegQIBhAB&usg=AOvVaw2lbe6M6tblvWon9xBFLuda

Some amazing work went into this. I'm curious Ed why you had to stop there, unless that anon is working with you.

The thread us a long read but it does tie many things together.

Would like to see keyboard anon posting more.:)

I jope you will be able to utilise this , wish I could do more

b89d2e  No.31445


Repost of 26990:


Thanks for the filter info.

Can't you read my mind.:)

Hopefully a better job on the link and you'll know which one I'm talking about.

http:// archive.is/GY14h

The anon ID 5fe996 in thread.

I asked you as he and the Eds were having the same problems with QR just before you set up this board

It's a brilliant informative thread that ties many ed posts together. I thought it could be used as an information piece for here. I would hate to see such hard work gathering dust.

Maybe I have it wrong, let me know if you think it's valid. It's not my area of expertise.

b89d2e  No.31446


The link is dead. Since it was hosted on Google and had nothing to do with 8Chan, somebody else deleted it.

It's usually the case that this kind of stuff is duplicated in multiple locations (Reddit, etc.) so it can probably still be found but you have to look for it manually.

The first link is still good … http:// technodocbox.com/Java/79989544-Spark-and-cassandra-solving-classical-data-analytic-task-by-using-modern-distributed-databases-artem-aliev-datastax.html

If this is the one from October, 2016, written by Eds, I have been looking for that as well; I even asked them directly on Twitter and they said they had no link to it but I've seen it in multiple places including 4Chan.

b89d2e  No.31447


Actually I think it was NOT written by Eds but it was ABOUT their work, written by somebody now knowing who they were but giving an extremely detailed account of the most massive effort ever seen to delete every file from every computer that attempted to unlock the insurance files. That began life as an 8Chan or 4Chan post.

b89d2e  No.31448


"… by somebody NOT knowing" not "now knowing." Duhhh. :D

b89d2e  No.31449

I'll search my computer as time allows; I may well have taken screen shots of the post that I think you're referring to. I'm almost sure it was from October, 2016.

be2a49  No.31450






Thank you for that, apologies for not making the link clear. It was the http:// archive.is/GY14h. The other 2 I've found.

From what I remember they created their own board, it definitely was not on reddit. it was 2018 and just before you set up this board. The Eds were communicating with anon ID 5fe996 who was super intelligent.

The annoying thing I came it across it quite by accident when I only had my phone, I had to delete it from my phone along with everything else. Now I have the tech that can cope and aid Ive lost the info. Arghh.

I have a link for 2016 saved as bookmark on my phone http://archive.is/9N7oo

Not sure if thats the one you mean,

be2a49  No.31451


another good one on the imagery from feb 2018,


b89d2e  No.31452


Thanks for the links … but the one I'm looking for was posted in (I believe) 4Chan because nothing Q was happening yet, obviously, and the post was a detailed narrative about seemingly every person who attempted to open the WL insurance files having that file deleted from their computer surgically. By now the clowns, etc. have probably spread fake insurance files all over the web and used the time that bought them to hunt down and delete all remaining copies of the originals. The only originals (the only valid ones) still existing are most likely going to be on people's flash drives where they (hopefully) cannot be messed with, although by now I'm sure those even have wifi access when they're not plugged in. Anyway I remember that narrative post because it had Ed written all over it, at least a year and a half before they ever showed up here.

For all we know Ed could have been taken down by the powers that be. All traces of them appear to be gone from the internet.

b89d2e  No.31453


All of this should serve as a lucid reminder that we can do a LOT better than we are archiving stuff - ideally on printed paper.

2d617a  No.31454


I'm sure I've seen a 4 chan one from 2016. I will post if found.

As far as Ed is concerned I'm thinking the same thing. I hoping its self preservation but it seems there were attempts to take them down at the beginning. A lot of links posted in the image thread have been deleted as have the original images.

b89d2e  No.31455


They may have just gone into deep hiding. Either way, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting to hear from them again. I suspect their time online is over.

2d617a  No.31456

>>31430 this and

this >>31453

with what happened today is not looking very optimistic.

Over and out

a5c34d  No.31457

File: 9f5de2ee06938e9⋯.jpg (803.1 KB, 1866x1180, 933:590, INFOJunkie.jpg)

File: 60575e7445d6e1b⋯.jpg (371.22 KB, 1632x632, 204:79, Not-in.jpg)

File: 7545f28b6d4bd05⋯.jpg (793.71 KB, 1750x1802, 875:901, Spies'R'Us.jpg)

File: 6060ed39e52ab4a⋯.jpg (384.2 KB, 1322x1052, 661:526, Treachery.jpg)

File: e6508a026bfcb2f⋯.jpg (299.3 KB, 1150x868, 575:434, Treachery .jpg)

2732c2  No.31458

File: 399c4908dd15b8a⋯.png (75.39 KB, 256x256, 1:1, clown-face.png)


2732c2  No.31459

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2732c2  No.31460

File: c062f4a044e408a⋯.png (329.37 KB, 850x437, 850:437, Screenshot from 2018-04-03….png)


2732c2  No.31461

File: 37d1dbd55b3762a⋯.png (768.98 KB, 1014x569, 1014:569, 4353.png)



2732c2  No.31462

File: 21b2c72059e13e7⋯.png (201.94 KB, 843x353, 843:353, dcim3.png)

No idea yet. >>31458

2732c2  No.31463

File: 7ad03be8424e3c6⋯.jpg (63.44 KB, 470x753, 470:753, 1555042882150.jpg)

2732c2  No.31464

2732c2  No.31465

File: 4c29a5ff50910d9⋯.jpg (353.64 KB, 1836x3264, 9:16, tWp3yBR.jpg)

2732c2  No.31466

File: 1a7cab19b5db8e5⋯.jpeg (7.22 KB, 189x267, 63:89, images.jpeg)

2732c2  No.31467

File: d491e7cf882993e⋯.png (67.89 KB, 193x191, 193:191, Screenshot from 2019-04-12….png)

2732c2  No.31468

File: fcbcd13017cf4c6⋯.jpg (367.16 KB, 1211x515, 1211:515, US_one_dollar_bill,_obvers….jpg)

77b4e2  No.31469

a sad day for free speech… for truth.. a sad day for me.. feeling powerless…

getting angry with all the q-tards talking about "see, trump freed assange" and all others talking about a big plan to take hrc down… and there are the stupids who think they are smart and say assange is deep state, assange is cia, assange is russia puppet… MADNESS!

sorry ed… at this point those screenshots of docs don't help… it's white words on a black screen… doesn't help assange…

well… i'll end with the words: #FreeAssange …

2732c2  No.31470

File: 07dc8d0a2782d6b⋯.png (9.97 KB, 759x50, 759:50, Screenshot from 2019-04-12….png)



"A full PGP message was found in the blockchain too: "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread." with two SHA 512 hashes and another base 64 string."

2732c2  No.31471

File: b1d7dfb55c29d35⋯.jpg (54.64 KB, 403x612, 403:612, istockphoto-458945971-612x….jpg)


2732c2  No.31472

File: 7ad03be8424e3c6⋯.jpg (63.44 KB, 470x753, 470:753, 1555042882150.jpg)

2732c2  No.31473

File: a68509bb12b4a79⋯.png (282.72 KB, 1029x751, 1029:751, Screenshot from 2019-04-12….png)

2732c2  No.31474

File: 3db577a2f5f1c0d⋯.png (207.9 KB, 1023x738, 341:246, Screenshot from 2019-04-12….png)

b89d2e  No.31475


Ed Anon!!!!!!! You're … you're … ALIVE! SO cool!!!!!!! Welcome back!!!

2732c2  No.31477


Random Question……but you would have to ask the VA.

5c8382  No.31478


MRNG now JOKR????

93bcc8  No.31479

I just finished listening to Gore Vidal's History of the National Security State. (I could find free PDF).

I'm glad the press made a reasonably big deal of Assange having carried it out while he was being carried out.

It's a short and easy read, and will get a lot of people thinking if they can get their hands on it and actually do read it. I'm not sure that many people can read anything longer than 280 characters these days /sigh

It was a very good play by JA.

It doesn't have any kuku crap in it. It doesn't come off as 'conspiracy theory'. It's talks about the media brainwashing/education/indoctrination; also about oil; the endless lust for oil, among other things.

People not as far down the rabbit hole as we are wouldn't be put off by it. It's a good introductory red pill.

Please, please, pretty please, if anyone gets an electronic copy of it, can you share it? We needs to shove it in people's faces while it's still a hot topic!


It had leaked that he was going to be evicted and handed over for arrest; only, the embassy denied it, then did it anyway.


I found it insanely hilarious that May said that no one in the UK is above the law, LMFAO.

What a joke.

I had one of my brainfart thoughts (It's way past my bedtime). What if the NZ thing, with deleting shit from the interwebby and creating overnight laws to prosecute people for being in possession of certain files/data; was a test run in the case that JA or wikileaks release something BOOM like, in response to his arrest?


Lol, the maker of it would probably be very happy that you liked it enough to use it.


I saw the screenshot of the poll you posted. INSANE!

Let's hope that JA's eviction can be turned into something good, if not great. He couldn't keep going the way he was. It was a stalemate.



Thanks for letting me know that posting is back up. ;)


2732c2  No.31480


MRNG was a test run.

5c8382  No.31482


Gore Vidal look on twitter.:)

Maybe that book was the KEY.

That is what I was saying there was a BBC headline 9 hours before it happened then it was deleted/updated to 14 minutes after event. I couldnt save as at work.

Did she say that today? She is some crazy lady who I do not trust. She has to go.

On a Brexit note that you wont here about a good percentage of the uk population are going to vote brexit party/ukip if we have to vote in the european elections, even previous remain voters. Just to speed things along. Whats the betting when ((they)) realise we will leave before the elections.

Things disappearing from the web ties in with >>31453 ( looks like we got some pointers today) and what we were discussing with the thread that disappeared. The NZ thing is off somehow.

5c8382  No.31483



b89d2e  No.31484


TY … just thought I would check.

2732c2  No.31485

File: 5d3c38df6fc8530⋯.png (695.52 KB, 1432x761, 1432:761, Screenshot from 2019-04-12….png)

93bcc8  No.31487

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


"Mr Speaker. this goes to show that no one in the United Kingdom is above the law."

That is odd that the BBC headline from 9 hours earlier disappeared. From recall, the plan to evict had been circulating in the press since around the 6th. I'm not sure, AwesomeAnon would know better, as he's been following quite closely.

Did the BBC do a 'Building 7 has collaped?' hehe.

Brexit or no brexit, do you think the UK can be saved, anon?

I don't go on twatter much of late, so thanks for pointing out the tweet; interesting.

I tried to get a copy of 'I told you so', and was willing to shell out a couple of bucks for it, but only the hard copy is offered for Australia, at $26, whereas if I was purchasing from the US I could get an electronic version for $1.99. Not sure what's going on there.

Maybe someone will upload a copy to Piratebay in the near future.

93bcc8  No.31490



Clown Pepe, also known as Honk Honk, is a depiction of Pepe the Frog wearing a rainbow wig and red clown nose, which is often accompanied by jokes with corny or cringeworthy punchlines and the emojis 🤡🌎 meant to represent the phrase "Clown World." In February 2019, racist and anti-Semitic variations of the character named "Honkler" began appearing on 4chan's /pol/ board. Additionally, the character is associated with the term "honk pill," which is often described as an absurdist alternative to black pill nihilism allowing a person to appreciate the humor in an absurd universe, interpreting existence as a cosmic joke.''



93bcc8  No.31491

OKAY, I just had me a crash course in Clown Pepe, presented by no other than Honkler the Clown.

LMFAO. I love it!


Epic strategy. I don't feel so black pilled after letting go and letting Clown Pepe entertain me.

Now that I'm 49% up to speed with it all, I'll bite.

Let us know when the windows wallet is ready and revving to go.

77b4e2  No.31492


so can we delete the wallet? mine doesn't open anymore, get an error

2d617a  No.31493


Thanks that was just what I needed at 6.30 in the morning. LMFAO.

93bcc8  No.31494


In hindsight it appears to be right on point.

''The Fool is numbered 0 – the number of unlimited potential – and so does not have a specific place in the sequence of the Tarot cards. The Fool can be placed either at the beginning of the Major Arcana or at the end. The Major Arcana is often considered the Fool’s journey through life and as such, he is ever present and therefore needs no number.

On the Fool Tarot card, a young man stands on the edge of a cliff, without a care in the world, as he sets out on a new adventure. He is gazing upwards toward the sky (and the Universe) and is seemingly unaware that he is about to skip off a precipice into the unknown. Over his shoulder rests a modest knapsack containing everything he needs – which isn’t much (let’s say he’s a minimalist). The white rose in his left hand represents his purity and innocence. And at his feet is a small white dog, representing loyalty and protection, that encourages him to charge forward and learn the lessons he came to learn. The mountains behind the Fool symbolise the challenges yet to come. They are forever present, but the Fool doesn’t care about them right now; he’s more focused on starting his expedition.''

93bcc8  No.31495


Glad to have obliged, and a very good morning to you, anon.

I hope it's a bright sunshiny day for you. Nothing but blue skies here, at present ;) A slight breeze; the sound of children playing in the distance; Mud Larks making use of the bird bath; black birds going crook at a cat, hehehe.

be2a49  No.31496


i found the same thing i found a free kindle version but not available here. its probably because its hot topic at the mo.

I think the UK can be saved its down to the people,there are some of us waiting to rebel, which is why they have extra police and army on stand by.

I was speaking to someone who was a cop in the 70s when there protests going on in London, cant remember what for. He said what the protesters did was start little things all over london so the police were stretched to their limit. Divide and conquer.

be2a49  No.31497


Have you looked at >>31490

Its the best medicine,

93bcc8  No.31498


I keep looking on piratebay and other torrent sites, but no go as yet. Man o'man I don't wanna pay $20 for it when I could otherwise pay 2 or 3.

Perhaps the protests were regarding the Vietnam war?

Divide and conquer can work both ways, I guess. I never really thought about it that way before now.

be2a49  No.31499


thx you have made my morning.And what a beautiful morning it is here at last.

93bcc8  No.31500

File: 762a3d1f7d8d38a⋯.png (595.63 KB, 557x425, 557:425, ClipboardImage.png)


You're welcome to the bright sunshiny days, anon. TBH, I'm quite over the Summer and hot weather, though there's still some heat to come, and of course, VERY LITTLE RAIN. If winter brings the rain, then so be it. I'm all for it.

When normally I take pleasure in watering my garden, I'm at present, sick to death of it.

Have a great day, anon. :D

5c8382  No.31501


Is the Oxalis purple shamrock??

You have been busy, that fence is impressive. I hope you poured yourself a nice drink for that.

Hold old is the vine? They take a few year to produce fruit. I had one at my old house (miss that garden) and it fruited after about five years but I wasn't pruning it hard enough. The first fruits were bitter though.

Its a lovely garden.

93bcc8  No.31502

File: 05494d8e2bcd62c⋯.png (1.01 MB, 900x600, 3:2, ClipboardImage.png)


>Is the Oxalis purple shamrock??

That would be a ice change, but no. It's a WEED of which deprives everything else of water and nutrient.

I've let it go a few times, so the bees had something to keep coming around for, but it's a pest once it takes hold, and it really does take hold.

The fence; I built some years ago now, I just pointed it out because after all the years of it still standing, and being built by a mere woman, I', still proud :p

Near everything that I worked on that a man sought to oversea and stick his bib in has not fared as well. (I'm not a feminist, just speaking the truth in this circumstance).

The grape; my old dad picked up a tossed cutting from the side of a bike path one day and decided to see if it would strike. It did, and that's what I have. It's easily 5 years old, maybe 7 when thinking back. It has flowered every year from the first year. I would think that if it was going to fruit I would have seen at least 1 single piece of fruit by now.

We shall see. Everything will be getting a harsh butcher of baker street type cut back pre-spring, this year.

Heck, everyone needs a fruiting grapevine in an apocalypse.

>Its a lovely garden.

Thanks for saying. It's at it's worst at the moment, so I'll take that as a compliment, lol. As well as my not wanting to post particular pics and angles to give away my locale so easily ;)

93bcc8  No.31503

File: 31a00c41069bfee⋯.png (29.22 KB, 555x417, 185:139, ClipboardImage.png)

I'm a twisted individual, I know.

I couldn't help it.

2732c2  No.31504

File: 995d61fde90ede9⋯.jpg (54.22 KB, 608x608, 1:1, D3-CCstW4AAdaeJ (1).jpg)

2732c2  No.31505

File: 3e3e979a3e7d8cf⋯.gif (1.43 MB, 480x270, 16:9, giphy (1).gif)

93bcc8  No.31506

G;night y'all.

2732c2  No.31507

File: bd721cb4ccb4093⋯.mp4 (7.39 MB, 960x540, 16:9, AMMu0sOB5oOQKnkz.mp4)

2732c2  No.31508

File: e8e10240e348782⋯.png (155.37 KB, 295x375, 59:75, e8e10240e348782daae821a9d5….png)

File: 61d330d5e08139c⋯.png (122.86 KB, 332x349, 332:349, 61d330d5e08139c5a38e27e1fb….png)

File: 00d13235c2dbd25⋯.png (187.84 KB, 554x277, 2:1, Screenshot from 2019-04-13….png)

Pinky / Muslim Brotherhood

2732c2  No.31509

File: f7143058168d582⋯.png (188.42 KB, 582x364, 291:182, Screenshot from 2019-04-13….png)

2732c2  No.31511

File: a309226b02c53ec⋯.jpg (203.29 KB, 1242x1535, 1242:1535, D4DwLpoWkAEmafn.jpg)

be2a49  No.31512

2732c2  No.31518

Vimeo embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b89d2e  No.31520

File: e3a6b27cdbf32ac⋯.png (2.71 MB, 2018x1839, 2018:1839, Oh_No.png)


Last I heart Ed didn't seem to fond of the green frog Pepe over in QR. Oh well …

I assume MRNG cannot be transferred. Where is the download for the JOKR app?

And in other news, see the image. :(

b89d2e  No.31521


OMG old keyboard … "TOO fond," not "to fond."

I do have an education … such that it is…

976cde  No.31522


Joker App


Everybody loves Pepe, even if they say they don't, They do. They really, really do. REALLY!

2d617a  No.31523


Dont you have to remove the flowers?

I had my first adventure into discord yesterday.

JOKR was temporarily restricted on twitter last night for no good reason. I think they need help getting the word out>>31521

890ef9  No.31524


Whether I take the flowers off or not, it seems to get worse every year. Some times I do't like to take them off because the bees are very fond of it, but I planted a heap of native tubes around a moth ago. I don't want them to have to compete.

Anyway, I just keep pulling at it a bit at a time.

Lol, discord can be a lot of fun depending on the crowd.

I'll have to push JOKR some tomorrow. Stuck on my laptop today. Slowest laptop ever. It's frustrating.

b89d2e  No.31525

File: d036bb20ee02ceb⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1502x1023, 1502:1023, oh_no_2.png)

I realize this is not Facebook but it is a very extreme time … it's been something like 5 years since a storm like this came through - last time was a NIGHTMARE, tornadoes dropping all around us, and this time is about twice as bad as last time. It is coming, and news from where it's already been is not good: F5 tornadoes and no shortage of death, mayhem, and destruction. It is currently less than 5 hours away from us. We have no shelter here and while the odds of any given house being hit by a tornado are infinitesimally small, nonetheless just like the lottery, somebody gets hit. It is coming, and there is nothing anybody is going to do about it.

b89d2e  No.31526

I installed Joker - went to import my wallet from MRNG (which is now on my E: drive). Wallet corrupt, import failed. The wallet is not corrupt.

b89d2e  No.31527

Moved the old install file to the C: drive. Uninstalled Joker. Still won't install: wallet corrupt, salvage failed. Checking registry.

b89d2e  No.31528

Cleared the registry after uninstalling … still won't install. Wallet corrupt, salvage failed.

890ef9  No.31529


No ones MRNG wallets are working, anon.

As long as you baked it up, you might as well uninstall it, I guess.


Looks nasty.

Make sure to keep your phones fully charged, just in case.

Stay safe, anon.

890ef9  No.31530

How exciting; facebook, whatsapp and instgram are down, LMAO.

If twitter had gone down as well, I'd be none the wiser.

2d617a  No.31531


Can you not go to under ground car park or basement at shopping centre. Failing that overturn your sofa. I'm hoping it doesn't come to that. Keep everything charged and prepared if you do have to make a dash for it.

2d617a  No.31532


I've found a saucer of sugar water is appreciated by the bees if flowers are scarce at the beginning

or end of season.


Everything has been running slow this morning.

I've been listening to some political programmes this morning and it looks like the MPs are realising what I said the other day. Brexit will happen before the European elections I have also read (but need to check the legalities) that if Brexit happens JA will no longer be protected by European law if still in the UK

890ef9  No.31533

Lol, I'm trying out the Brave browser. Bloody thing keeps prompting me to correct my Australian English.


That's interesting about the sugar water. I'll be doing that for sure.

Regarding JA, Would he not be protected by whichever laws were in place at the time of his supposed crimes? If not, then it would truly be the end. Laws would mean nothing anymore.

The latest update regarding fb, instgaram and whatsap down is that it's very localised. There will be o NPC riots today.

890ef9  No.31534


and my n key sticks, dang it.

Bare with me. I hate this frickin' laptop. Worst laptop ever.

b89d2e  No.31535


Had the scare of a lifetime. Local(ish) news was focused on our little town for quite some time. They didn't even break for commercials. Supercell with rapid rotation DIRECTLY over our house. "No reports of damage as of yet, but this cell is as bad as they come and is capable of producing tornadoes without warning." All emergency sirens were blaring for about 20 mins, and we are sitting ducks without shelter. All I could do was stand in the front yard and watch the sky for funnel clouds.

You really can't appreciate how terrifying it is until you're in it. There is nowhere to hide and you're at the mercy of the weather.

b89d2e  No.31536


With the skywatching approach, basically if you see something, it's already too late.

b89d2e  No.31537


Nearest shopping is 3 miles away and it's more vulnerable than our houses. ONLY parking garage is about 7 miles away at the hospital.

b89d2e  No.31538

I'm really not understanding the point of any of this. MRNG, JOKR, nobody is going to seriously invest in something like this. They are too mystical, nobody accounts for them, they're WAY too far off the beaten path for most people, they come and go with the wind, and the latest JOKR theme is far more likely to send anybody with $ running vs. attracting real investment. This is now the third round of crypto release, and still there is no way it could ever be called a serious cryptocurrency. It needs about 500 more layers of professional, serious wrapping. I'm not seeing the point in all the effort.

881475  No.31539


I have read if you see it ran away at a 90 degree angle.

It sounds exciting as well as scary.

2732c2  No.31540


Look up Dogecoin Anon.

b89d2e  No.31541

The most true Twilight Zone episode of all time: A Small Talent for War. Aliens land and tell the U.N. that Earth is a dismal failure and will be destroyed. The whiners convince the alien to give them 24 hours. They come up with an international and global disarmament treaty. The alien laughs and laughs and laughs … "On the thousands of planets that we control, we breed warriors, gentlemen, WARRIORS, to fight for us across the galaxy!" Almost every human being on Earth was a self-professed warrior for the wrong paradigm. Nobody wants to be responsible for improving their own lives but from there they all think they're going to save the world.

Nobody has ever fought for a cause that required them to undergo any appreciable change to align with. Every definition of "right" means "all these other people need to change [via any force necessary] but I conveniently do not as I am already there."

Every "right" touted by every person conveniently exempts them from having to change a thing.

Every evil they imagine themselves to be fighting … they are it. Hands down.

b89d2e  No.31542

One I tried to convert the MRNG wallet, JOKR has been uninstalled and reinstalled, the registry "mostly" cleaned (I'm sure I have to clean more) of all Joker entries, and no matter how many times I reinstall, it still cries about the corrupted wallet and shuts down.

A major major design flaw. It needs to be fixed. It has to be error tolerant to some degree without losing its cookies.

b89d2e  No.31543


Validate the wallet to be imported. Display a message that it's not a valid wallet. Then forget it was ever mentioned.

715895  No.31544

File: 4375cd5995b1185⋯.jpg (5.04 MB, 3170x2160, 317:216, 3D - 299.jpg)

715895  No.31545

File: bc0d8f7ee6e17c1⋯.jpg (653.96 KB, 3200x1800, 16:9, 3D - 343.jpg)

93bcc8  No.31546

File: c35ec49403d62bd⋯.png (72.27 KB, 225x225, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)



If I'm correct in my observation, the point is to get an alt currency going before the big banks/corporations successfully create a digital centralised version of which will ensure they maintain control over world finance.

>They are too mystical,

MRNG was mystical. I don't think that JOKR will be pushed the same way. It's marketing, anon.

JOKR is utilising the #ClownWorld meme; and this meme is taking off if you hadn't noticed. It's not so far off the beaten track as you might think. Normies are taking to it quite well.

>nobody accounts for them,

Are you looking for some kind of official authority to give them the okay? If so, you don't get it, AT ALL.

>they come and go with the wind,

They've been here, consistently, for months. in fact, they've been here more consistently than most of us. Their change of character had me believing, and others suspecting that it wasn't them, but since they linked to the ANN thread, we have conformation.

>and the latest JOKR theme is far more likely to send anybody with $ running vs. attracting real investment.

Real investors don't care for semantics, they care about making money. Kind of like Lockheed and Boeing don't care how many millions of people die, as long as they make a buck. Welcome to #ClownWorld, anon.

>This is now the third round of crypto release, and still there is no way it could ever be called a serious cryptocurrency.

Kudos to the Eds for not having given up after having put so much time and effort in, and not accepting failure.

>I'm not seeing the point in all the effort

There's a lot that you don't see, anon.




93bcc8  No.31547

File: 4b504d1cd40179b⋯.png (395.85 KB, 800x420, 40:21, ClipboardImage.png)

2732c2  No.31548


Thank you anon.

Thank you.

We are trying.

2732c2  No.31549

File: c02388123d6cb3b⋯.jpeg (10.73 KB, 297x170, 297:170, download.jpeg)

b89d2e  No.31550


IMHO the challenge is in accessibility. This was the big problem with MRNG, both iterations. It was never obvious where to download the software. The currency would go off line without any announcement. It was completely shut down without any announcement. Nobody really knew where to find anything if they weren't in a tight little loop in Discord. If I wanted to buy just about any other crypto, all I would have to do would be to Google it and I would immediately have a handful of links for finding out its current rate, where to get software to manage the wallets, etc. You guys are very accustomed to being shadow people. For most of what you do, that's necessary and appropriate. But to have any kind of impact with JOKR, it has to be accessible, readily enough, to enough run-of-the-mill people you don't normally deal with, to gain widespread TRUST and distribution. When the entire currency suddenly freezes and nobody is even told it's happening, much less why, that will create a ton of mistrust. It makes the entire currency look shadowy and criminal. It's a different universe, reaching enough people to make a difference with this, than it is on Discord or the Chans or whatever. You have to become a lot more transparent than you would ever be comfortable with.

2732c2  No.31551


Ok you have to let us know.

We cannot fix if we do not know.

We take criticism well and encourage it.

MRNG was weird and went off the rails when we updated and then Nova closed. It was our main exchange and our gateway to more legitamate exchanges. When it went down, I will admit, our passion died a bit with it.

2732c2  No.31552


After a brief period of watching the world continue to fall apart though, we were once again inspired.

Then came clown pepe, and boom.

We are back.

b89d2e  No.31553


You will make this work - as long as you don't stop pushing toward that goal. Failure is impossible when movement is constant. Change this, change that, you can't get stuck if you don't allow it.

I had NO IDEA Nova closed. That should have been a major announcement - maybe through the software. The silly (ok silly to most) Q app I'm putting out has a special mechanism for displaying notices as I see fit to generate them. That's the whole purpose of the app. Everything else it does is secondary. The software is my billboard and as long as I use that ability rarely and gently, it will serve me well. The same applies to the JOKR app. If the capability to generate notices doesn't exist, maybe you can think about adding it. Even Visual Studio has it on the app's front page. So people know what is happening. When there are big events and they're never told … they lose trust very quickly. They think you have something to hide.

It's a process of evolution. I think in your case it is the prime factor: you are very accustomed to doing everything secretively. And this one particular venture requires a 180 turn from that. Just my personal $0.02, that will be the most non-intuitive aspect for you: remain accessible and keep people informed.

You can't fail. This is going to work.

2732c2  No.31554


Thank you anon. Noted.

b89d2e  No.31555


Just a general thought to entertain … when you step outside the arena of political power and control, you are left with a massive generation of entitled, stupid, uneducated crybabies who are so weak, so soft, so inept at just about anything but socializing on their phones, sometimes a jarring "something" is the only way to snap them awake. There's a time and place for everything. Maybe a lot of what's going on now. The operative point is that there is a level of management to daily life that never announces itself - a sort of "Ed Anon of the universe." I will not attempt to explain it any further. Far, far ahead of time, we have an internal drive that compels us to do some things and not do others. Sometimes months later we see the perfect reasoning behind it. We are not adrift at sea alone. So any % of what you see "falling apart" in the world could very well be the current problems, and not our future, falling apart. You never know. Wait and see what unfolds.

Odd as it sounds, you guys have been a bigger influence on me than anybody I can think of. Sounds insane doesn't it? You never tried to be - that's why it happened so completely. As far as what I ever experienced, you had mastered your particular field of focus so completely that I couldn't even conceive of how much you actually knew - or could find out. You declared a purpose to yourselves and you met that purpose, far beyond what I have ever seen anybody do. I would guess it didn't happen overnight. This will be the same. But the point is that sometimes what appears to be the destruction of a house is really a massive spring cleaning. Not always … but sometimes. So much of what's wrong in the world cannot be addressed by juggling political control. That process has to play out somewhere, in some way.

2732c2  No.31556


Just following that "thing" inside.

Thats all we are doing. We know not everyone understands. But its in there. Whatever it is. And we would rather die than not try to fix it.

Thank you all. Well get there.

2732c2  No.31557

File: 51a36ca5f0e0b00⋯.png (153.66 KB, 398x497, 398:497, Screenshot from 2019-04-14….png)


The mirror is a good looking glass.

2732c2  No.31558

File: 913c91e92eb2106⋯.png (766.79 KB, 1432x751, 1432:751, Screenshot from 2019-04-14….png)


Just keep looking "up".

b89d2e  No.31559


I've said for many, many years that the worst fate I could imagine is to be on one's death bed knowing it's time to go and you're not ready to LET go because of the things you needed to resolve - and didn't. Nobody has ever lived who the world couldn't carry on without. But unfinished business … that never dies. You live with it forever. What if. What might have been. This is what you're preventing. There could not be a higher calling or a more worthwhile - or important - venture. Nobody else has to bear the cross of what we fail to do. Only us. So the only valid judgment of how important something is, is ourselves.

I learned at my dad's wake back in '96 that 99.9% of the impact we have on others, a) we never intended, and b) we never become aware of. Don't think you are not changing lives. Most of who and how, you'll never hear about. But it's happening.

93bcc8  No.31560

File: a27ed39523d5481⋯.png (123.98 KB, 449x511, 449:511, ClipboardImage.png)


You're very welcome.

Something to maybe add to the to do list.

There's some kind of letter shadow on the wallet logo.

2732c2  No.31561


Ok. Thank you. We also have to fix the blurry desktop icon.

b89d2e  No.31563


I'm still trying to figure out how Windows (I know it doesn't cover Linux, Ubuntutu, etc.) chooses an icon out of the resource file. It is not always the first icon matching a target size. I think it's a mystical formula handed down by Bill Gates' Illuminati ancestry.

2732c2  No.31564


Yes it makes it a headache to fix.

93bcc8  No.31565

File: e29dbba1d3cb97b⋯.png (477.72 KB, 1267x581, 181:83, ClipboardImage.png)

My first meme for the cause!

Will be back later with some more, hopefully.

Busy today, but I'm working on it.

2732c2  No.31566


It is now on the first post.

Thank you anon.

We especially like proactive anons.

b89d2e  No.31567


Remember some of the work you had done for MRNG. We seem to have lost Qita to the pages of history but maybe he still lurks now and then and can so something similar again.

2732c2  No.31568

New wallet download will available very shortly. We had a bug in the PoS system and we have fixed it and everything is working as it should.

ATTENTION @everyone

We ask that you delete the old JOKR wallet and the contents of the Roaming Folder.

If you need help just ask.

After deleting the old JOKR wallet you will need to dl the new wallet and post your new address and we will send your AIRDROP.

Thank you all and again any questions, just ask.


b89d2e  No.31569

File: d77708116629e5e⋯.png (9.3 MB, 3840x2160, 16:9, tesla_joker.png)

No? :)

b89d2e  No.31570

File: c05f24043afbb0c⋯.png (3.06 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, honkster.png)

I have to surgically edit my registry. Uninstall doesn't appear to delete all the entries it creates.

A lighted Honkster billboard can be inserted dead center. :)

2732c2  No.31571

You need to empty your %APPDATA% folder

Delete everything in it


or search %appdata% in the start bar

2732c2  No.31572


See how it looks.

2732c2  No.31573

File: bd282b5129b2fe6⋯.png (113.66 KB, 422x206, 211:103, Screenshot from 2019-04-14….png)

2732c2  No.31574

File: 9ceba155f4c3c77⋯.png (368.66 KB, 498x498, 1:1, Screenshot from 2019-04-14….png)


2732c2  No.31575

File: 4ba13803b57b8f6⋯.jpeg (29.28 KB, 397x635, 397:635, D31aaxeWAAAFMAC.jpeg)


2732c2  No.31576

File: 9fffd6af81a2daa⋯.jpg (114.1 KB, 1200x799, 1200:799, D4GqDq7XoAUq7nT.jpg)

2732c2  No.31577

File: aaf7d10ec890c55⋯.jpg (34.7 KB, 594x603, 66:67, RBgSG0x.jpg)


2732c2  No.31578

File: f575757aeab6efb⋯.jpeg (58.91 KB, 603x603, 1:1, D30m0BWX4AIA8Gj.jpeg)


93bcc8  No.31579

File: d8741b98fba3ab0⋯.png (735.47 KB, 1224x512, 153:64, ClipboardImage.png)

Image and info for anyone who wants to tweet it out.


1) Download and install the wallet. (windows)


2. Paste your address to the discord.


3. Receive 10,000 J O K E R coins.

#ClownWorld 🤡🌎 #HonkHonk #CryptoCurrency #Bitcoin #TakeBackTheRainbow #EndTheFED

b89d2e  No.31580

Challenge for the day: try to figure out why you absolutely cannot move beyond the idea that this is somehow about you personally:

No matter how hard you work to help somebody, no matter how much time and effort you sacrifice for them, no matter what you give, no matter how respectful you are, no matter how generous, no matter how polite, no matter how consistent all that is, there is only one thing required for them to erase, forget, and forsake all of it, and spare no effort to bury you. This one thing will, every single time, bring out the worst in humanity, the worst in every individual. It will turn anybody and everybody into cancerous, toxic, rabid sub-animals. They will plot, scheme, dream of, and move Heaven and Earth to help bring about your death on any and every level the can conceivably do it. They will become possessed, out of control, circus clowns in their efforts to destroy you, and they will be in full denial that anything is even going on. People sink to their absolute lowest possible resonance not when you hurt them, steal from them, insult them, offend them, cheat them, or cheat ON them, but when you outshine them. Because they are in a perpetual dream state where everything that threatens them is automatically ABOUT them, targeting them, aimed at them, everything that threatens them is therefore, in their delusional state, seen as being deliberate and intentional.

When you have what is going on eight billion people on Earth in this state, no government in any condition has any relevance whatsoever. Nothing can hold a candle to a planet full of aggressive, destructive loonies who think they are perfectly fine. As long as they are out saving the world, nobody can stop to examine them personally and nothing in that arena can possibly be confronted.



b89d2e  No.31581


That fixed it. :D

93bcc8  No.31582


You have a unique outlook, anon. One of which I don't chime with. You're incredibly harsh on your fellow man, as well as extremely generalistic, continually tossing everyone in the same basket.

I could make an effort to refute what you've presented, but I don't see the point, (past experience tells me not to touch it with a ten foot barge pole).

I'll simply state that I don't agree.

b89d2e  No.31583


It appears to be stuck on "synchronizing with network" at ~100 blocks remaining … I will give it until the end of the millennia and then I will have to shut it down. :)

b89d2e  No.31584


That doesn't mean I'm incorrect in what I see. Did you ever stop to wonder why I see what I do? What the input is that I'm responding to? Or is it just an automatic assumption that something is very wrong because you don't experience the same thing?

Sometimes asking questions, exploring, investigating, can paint a very different picture than jumping to conclusions and rushing to judgment.

It is simply a fact, not open to interpretation, that across the life of this board, a tremendous amount of my supposed character flaws have been highlighted; a tremendous amount of aggression laid on me, but nobody has ever asked a single question about me.

I cannot help but take note of the fact that people become extremely nasty about things they have no idea about. Therefore they imagine "knowledge" when really it is nothing more than something they arbitrarily pieced together in their minds.

Forget what people say. Watch what they do.

b89d2e  No.31585

File: 25fc6460f828e89⋯.png (26.42 KB, 355x148, 355:148, 5G.png)

How many people have a distinct feeling that life for them has shifted dramatically, maybe in the past couple months … but they cannot put their finger on why?

When did your wifi seamlessly switch over to 5G? Did you even know it had?

93bcc8  No.31586


For Christ's sake; Stop playing the victim, anon.

I don't agree with you!

b89d2e  No.31587


So much aggression … so little time … :D

93bcc8  No.31588


You will find that the 5G indicated on your router/connection isn't the 5G that many people are concerned about.


b89d2e  No.31589


So sayeth one article. Maybe they're incorrect. It is possible. I have seen internet articles in the past that were not entirely truthful. :)

93bcc8  No.31590


It's not the only article, anon. It's the first one I found that stated what I'd already read several times in other articles, but believe what you like.

Go have a wander around your neighbourhood and see if you can see where the 5G antennas have been installed. I bet you can't find any.

b89d2e  No.31591


Maybe none that are new are required. I'm in a rural area. It would be a very long walk.

b89d2e  No.31592

File: 224bb97128378b4⋯.png (2.09 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, console 1.png)

My new PC. :)

93bcc8  No.31593

File: 4d110dde63a5c82⋯.png (2.03 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)


You just gave away how little you know about true 5G. Less than me, anyway, and I don't know that much, but the antennas are many. They need to be installed reasonably close to the user to be effective, hence the concerns.


Pretty awesome, anon. Where's the #HonkHonk key?

93bcc8  No.31594

File: 41f49026da4227c⋯.png (2.02 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

Never mind, I see it ;) it's one of those ones, huh.


b89d2e  No.31595


LOL the deluxe model. :)

#HONKHONK will be added.

The keys are about 2x too large … there is a lot of adjustment to be made to this. Right now I can't even find the Blender file … I think this is around 350,000 vertices (points). About 2 weeks or 160+ hours of work. Equipment racks will be added to either side of the monitor glass.

The 24GHz+ frequency Verizon is advertising is well into the microwave spectrum. This is just about 10x higher than what is required to resonate the water molecule - that's what microwave ovens do. As a general rule microwaves require line-of-sight communication, something current cell networks are very well set up for. The big drawback to 5G is that moving cars, for example, will red-shift the signal enough to throw it off and there are problems. It isn't the signal or its frequency that demands more antennas; it's the amount of data being transferred. It's an indirect correlation. But current cell phone usage for text and talk (for those few who do that) is just fine with existing setups. It's streaming the videos, etc. - a task for which most home users have their own dedicated router(s) for - that gobbles up the bandwidth.

The body has extremely sensitive energy fields that it relies on for proper operation. These are not even known to exist for mainstream "science." But they are quite impactful. For example long ago, a researcher discovered magnetic fields of the Earth dramatically impacted sleep patterns of insomnia sufferers. If memory serves, stronger fields = better sleep. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. 5G has an impact on those bioelectrical fields and nobody is in much danger of figuring out what that impact is. 5G is a label only: 5th generation. They say it can go as low as 6GHz and above 28. It's the tighter wave peaks in a given distance that allow for more data transfer at a faster rate. Which messes with people and they don't even realize it's happening. It will never be acknowledged by the mainstream.

93bcc8  No.31596


I wasn't debating the effects of the proposed real 5G network. I was only stating that what many people are carrying on about NOW and going into a panicked frenzy over, isn't actual 5G.

No doubt this will serve to allow the true 5G installation and roll out to slip under the radar.

Same old dirty tactics as always.

b89d2e  No.31597


Most people are concerned about receiving their next text message and care very little for the underlying mechanics of how it gets there. Really, most would probably be just as happy to have a Pony Express rider show up at their door as they would tap here to read.

b89d2e  No.31598


If the news started crying about the detriments of 5G, then the left would jump obediently on board and start tearing down cell towers (at least until they realized they couldn't get a signal for their own phones any more). Beyond that most people just don't want to know. So very little bullshitting is required - just send out the crews and put up the antennas. Camouflage has long been popular anyway with these things so it's really hard to tell how many there really are in the first place.

b89d2e  No.31599


Ed probably has their own personal arrays that nobody will ever be able to identify. :)

b89d2e  No.31600

File: 9909c8cc4e2fb82⋯.png (3.53 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, joker_base.png)

Calling it a night … for a couple hours if I'm lucky … this is a terrible angle and it looks like hell. This has about 407,000 vertices.

be1681  No.31601

Q is nothing more than elaborate political campaigning from one side of politics. Q is biased.

93bcc8  No.31602


Most would shit their pants, especially those who have young children, if someone quite knowledgeable on the subject were to inform them and inform them well, of FACTS.

We don't have the media on our side, nor have we for longer than most people realise (those that realise something in the first place), but most people are not brought to waking by the media.

It occurs through careful seed planting.

Most will never wake up, anon. It's the way it's always been, but we need just enough pennies to drop in order to keep handing down the baton, so to speak.

If there was no one standing against, and no one planting the seeds, no one holding and passing the baton, then those who seek to obtain and maintain full control would have won a long time ago.

93bcc8  No.31603


Welcome to QR2G, anon.

Don't let the board name fool you. We're not fans of Q, and for the most part we're not at all fond of Trump, either.

If you feel the same, you've found a nice little comfy home to hang out in.

Even if you don't feel the same, you're still welcome to hang out, though it might not be as comfy, lol.


G'night, anon. Glad you survived the big one.

93bcc8  No.31604

File: 351ee9da81e5381⋯.png (528.1 KB, 960x595, 192:119, ClipboardImage.png)

Dang twatter doesn't want to recognise #ClownWorld, nor #HonkHonk as recent searches. Go figure.

I've also lost followers today; not that I have that many, but it's the first time I've lost multiple in one day; even after tweeting that Trump is the worst fucking president ever, the Trumptards didn't flinch.

Is it Clown Pepe? Or was it (see pic)? Did I go too far? :s

93bcc8  No.31605

…and now I can't post on 4.


b89d2e  No.31606


Obama was worse. At least Trump didn't charge thousands to fuck up health care, and did eliminate the penalty for not having it.

93bcc8  No.31608


Pick your focus, anon.

There's been nothing good in the long run about any of them.

They've all allowed the incremental decline and degeneracy.

Which was the last one of them that spoke up in any kind of manner, cryptic or forward, regarding the predicament that we're facing?

How's the render going?

b77dde  No.31609


police propaganda has been up for several years now. i never saw anyone post against it. for some reason the millenials and the cunt generation (the one in charge now), worship the police. was it educational? I think it's simply everyone siding with the government. DOTR can't came soon enough. even the military are being shot up by police once they leave the military. and the generals sit back and do nothing.

93bcc8  No.31610


Hi, anon.

New around these parts, or a return offender?

The propaganda was pretty sick at the time. I know how it works, but am sometimes still taken in by it, as many of us are. We're emotional creatures.

The day will come when the day comes; unless someone has a lead foot and speeds it up. /Sigh and sigh again.

What can I say, anon? Welcome to #ClownWorld, as if you didn't realise that you were already there/here.

b89d2e  No.31611

File: deb8097a3c27431⋯.mp4 (882.3 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, intro_2.mp4)


Right now the focus is on the app because it's so involved. The renders are for videos for the crowd funding page. The app SHOULD get very wide distribution since it'll be free; it lets me post ads when I want to, to bring people to the crowd funding page. Ads will be few and far between so they don't wear out their welcome. The video here was minimal complexity; 60 frames, it took about 40 to 60 minutes to render those frames. It's just the intro. Overall it will be about a year of preparation to launch this campaign. It will include a YT channel, 2 books, the app, a ton of videos, a full scale web site, and then the crowd funding page.

When I see "[Name] has went more than" displayed in a prominent graphic on ESPN during a televised major league baseball game, I know we are in deep trouble as a nation. So any political instability is something I view as a good thing. The university system needs to be dismantled. It is more corrupt than D.C.

93bcc8  No.31612


A huge endeavour and risk to boot, anon. Credit to you for spending so much time on something that may never pan out.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, unless you're a trust fund uni student, lol.

93bcc8  No.31613

Ugh, I can't post on halfchan, yet the catalogue is full of crap.

I'm perturbed.

The decline of the world can be mapped out quite easily by examining chan culture and nothing else.

93bcc8  No.31614


That's not to say that I blame the chans, only that the chans reflect the world. :(

Does art imitate life or visa versa?

93bcc8  No.31615


I f you still see the attached post, don't use the info. It's now invalid.

93bcc8  No.31616


Well fuck, BO did you change the ability for anons to delete their own posts?

93bcc8  No.31617

Hmm, what goes on behind the curtain…

G'night, and Hi and by AgentK if you've dropped in to peruse.

000000  No.31618


yesterday was Morning, tomorrow will be Afternoon, who knows… one day we will see Evening.


morningstar payments system…. morningstar good coin…. morningstar monetary change… morningstar proof of stake…. morningstar good investments (yummy :P) ( at this point I was brainwashed) and then… repeat all …. morningstar payments system…. morningstar good coin…. morningstar monetary change… morningstar proof of stake…. morningstar good investments…. but now a new sentence…morningstar TO THE MOON …. meanwhile that violin enter in your brain…(rolling eyes) and you exit from home saying "morningstar …" like a zombie.

b89d2e  No.31619


I did not. I could prove it by deleting this post but then you would never know and the effort would be lost. See? :D

b89d2e  No.31620


Has Qita rejoined us? :D Or is this just an imposter?

000000  No.31621


an imposter, Chiquita :&

31be1b  No.31622

31be1b  No.31623

File: d02312c23837407⋯.jpg (259.3 KB, 2048x1152, 16:9, skynews-paris-notre-dame_4….jpg)

b89d2e  No.31625


It's a great start! :D Decades ago I read a forecast by a remote viewer (who, in the 1990's, said that in the 2010's tattoos would become all the rage), that said the university system would give way to apprenticeship which is about a billion times more effective, economical, and sensible.

2732c2  No.31626


Notre Dame is a church anon. Not a University in Indiana.

2732c2  No.31627

File: fa8af291b5a8548⋯.jpeg (11.67 KB, 190x265, 38:53, download (5).jpeg)

2732c2  No.31628

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

2732c2  No.31629

File: c41172ea887f0c6⋯.png (12.11 KB, 470x142, 235:71, Screenshot from 2019-04-15….png)

2732c2  No.31630

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b89d2e  No.31631


Oh. Sorry. I'm not very well traveled. :(

b89d2e  No.31632


All in all………..

1dd29d  No.31633

File: ae5c7d28fed2657⋯.jpeg (179.26 KB, 640x946, 320:473, 2585A733-DC6E-4050-9271-A….jpeg)

2732c2  No.31634


What is that from?

6cd983  No.31635


Eh? Me lurk? 😡

I’m the only one that is clean here! Infact I sent all my MRNG to Ed!

Ahahah ❤️

6cd983  No.31636



93bcc8  No.31637


I can't delete my posts, even straight after posting them, hurrumph!


Am I missing the point here, anon?

I recall someone making a telegram quite a while back and asking how to delete it on the same day.

46fb5f  No.31638


Yeah , was for that steel door that was opened not by the istishaddi man…. in that Ninawa video if I remember well. I was shocked and if I remember well I’ still concerned about it.

However was just for you.

So don’t occupy space on Telegram server. Your get bots and old accounts…4.

Now this crypto, same design of MRNG but with different logo. Uhm. I don’t critic.

2732c2  No.31639

JOKER WINDOWS WALLET DOWNLOAD LINK - https://github.com/ClownMoney/WalletFiles/raw/master/Joker%20Windows%20Wallet%20Setup%20v2.1.exe

-Proof of Stake 3.0 modifier bug fix

-Extended Proof of Work blocks to 1000 blocks

JOKR OFFICIAL BTC TALK ANN THREAD - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5131007


1. Delete everything in your JOKER Roaming file (Windows only)

- C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Joker - delete everything in here

2. Download the new version - https://github.com/ClownMoney/WalletFiles/raw/master/Joker%20Windows%20Wallet%20Setup%20v2.1.exe

3. Run Setup and install JOKR

4. Send us your new JOKR wallet address and we will send your new bounty.

5. Thank you for bearing with us #HonkHonk

93bcc8  No.31640


That's nice dear.

93bcc8  No.31641

File: 1792ec40006dac0⋯.png (421.49 KB, 1063x625, 1063:625, ClipboardImage.png)


Something to make you feel better!

Maybe…. Hopefully….. Honk! Honk!

b89d2e  No.31642

b89d2e  No.31643


Step inside, hello, we've the most amazing show, you'll enjoy it all we know, step inside, step inside. We've got thrills and shocks, supersonic fighting cocks, leave your hammers at the box, come inside, come inside. Roll up. Roll up. Roll up. See the show!

b89d2e  No.31644

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Nothing conspiratorial here … just a very fascinating look into the past. People woke up, went outside, and this was the world they saw and interacted with. This was daily life for them. Especially when we're looking for change, sometimes it's good to remember where we've been - for good and bad.

93bcc8  No.31645



I do believe that I have been mistaken as Ed, yet again.

I can't make head nor tail of what is being conveyed, lol.


Maybe we can use that somehow. Then again, it's copywrited.


This's interesting. Around Christmas time, I pulled together a collection of old photos of where my dad grew up. I found it quite eerie that some things hadn't changed, only the people, and the amount of them. And the cars of course; oh and the colours, shapes and sizes of the people, lol.


It looks good on the Joker thread ;)

2732c2  No.31646


Thanks anon.

93bcc8  No.31647


Just Smile!

2d617a  No.31648





Brilliant anon, excellent job, your memes have tickled me. I did notice some of your tweets disappearing when I tried to retweet. Were you removing them? I can just see you as honkler ( but in a pink romper) running around slapping your funnies all over the place.

>>31647 HonkHonk

2d617a  No.31649



Love these.


Thanks for the info anon. I will update tweets later.


i think that is most of us here and >>31557 is a good mantra for all.

93bcc8  No.31650


Lol, Hiya and thanks anon. Indeed I removed them myself. Have a look-see in discord.

We need to keep Eds' spirits up.

I'm working on a twist.

All hands on deck. We can still work on marketing ideas.

2d617a  No.31651



There has been a spate of churches being vandalised in France, more specifically Catholic churches. Looks like victims revenge to me.


2d617a  No.31652


I will, we can't have the Eds' being down. I've got to go to work now.

Keep that creativity flowing.

Do you think awesome knows about the changes,he is busy with his JA stuff.

93bcc8  No.31653


Awesome keeps an eye on things. Not sure about discord, but if not, maybe he will now.

Have a great day at work, anon.

earn lots and pay lots of tax, lol :p

honk honk

b89d2e  No.31654


>I do believe that I have been mistaken as Ed, yet again

I look at user ID since it's the only indication we have.

During the 1960's when I was a "wee lad" you almost never saw somebody with facial hair. The occasional mustache was it, and even that irked me. I just never liked looking at facial hair of any kind. It hides the real person. In those old photos, it was all about the hats. Young or old, being caught outside without a hat was like being naked. In the 1990's, a hundred years later (after the pics in this video, generally) guys went belly-up conformist again. You did not dare express individuality in any way. It became all about the buzz cut, the cargo shorts, the t-shirt, the baseball cap, and the goatee. Every guy looked just the same. That trend continued with various modifications until it barely barely began to break about 2 years ago.

The hair mandates changed slightly but the conformity never did. It moved from shaved patches (with everybody looking the same in an effort to "be different" exactly the same way) and embarrassingly desperate mixes of shaved and not shaved hair, to the buzz cut, to airbrush hair, to bald, and with nowhere to go from there, the flock started to disperse but very reluctantly and very, very slowly. And we are stlil in the sheep phase of stubble which has changed little to not at all in a decade and a half: every guy must have sloppy stubble that makes them look homeless. Now it's either that or full blown lumberjack beards which look downright stupid on most guys who have them. Hair styles for women, after the "comb your hair in the blender" craze of the 80's, seemed to dissipate to (maybe for the first time ever) there being no distinct style. Anything goes and MOST women chose to just go straight and natural with their hair which I happen to like the best. :)

Just noting how locked in people become to conformity. There always seems to be a breaking point where everything has been tried and people finally get bored and start expressing some uniqueness and individuality. For men that phase is in its infancy. Women seem to be about 30 years ahead of them.

b89d2e  No.31655


Twatter seems to have fallen into the same phase as FB, where postings mysteriously trickle through to certain people but not others; they do this hide-and-seek game until they're several days old at least and then they just post.

It's all very odd; it's like "what would they do different if they were deliberately trying to reduce their clientèle?"

b89d2e  No.31656

File: 3f039f1bf317985⋯.png (2.02 MB, 1077x1434, 359:478, dragonia.png)

Posted by somebody on FB.

b89d2e  No.31657

One night outside a small town, a fire started inside the local chemical plant. In the blink of an eye, it exploded into massive flames. The alarm went out to all fire departments for miles around. When the volunteer fire fighters appeared on the scene, the chemical company president rushed to the fire chief and said, "All our secret formulas are in the vault in the center of the plant. They must be saved. I'll give $50,000 to the fire department that brings them out intact".

But the roaring flames held the firefighters off. Soon more fire departments had to be called in as the situation became desperate. As the firemen arrived, the president shouted out that the offer was now $100,000 to the fire department who could save the company's secret files.

From the distance, a lone siren was heard as another fire truck came into sight. It was the area's Chasidic Township Volunteer Fire Company composed mainly of Jewish, ultra-orthodox men over the age of 65.

To everyone's amazement, that little broken-down fire engine roared right past all the sleek newer engines that were parked outside the plant. Without even slowing down, it drove straight into the middle of the inferno.

Outside, the other firemen watched in amazement and disbelief as the Chasidic old timers jumped off right in the middle of the fire and fought it back on all sides. It was a performance and effort never seen before.

Within a short time, the Chasidic old timers had extinguished the fire and saved the secret formulas.

The grateful chemical company president announced that for such a superhuman feat he was upping the reward to $200,000 and walked over to thank each of the brave Jewish fire fighters personally. The local TV news reporter rushed

in to capture the event on film, asking their chief "What are you going to do with all that money?"

"Vell," said Moishe Epstein, the 70-year-old fire chief.

“Da foist ting ve gonna do is fix da brakes on dis fa'shtunkkina truck."

93bcc8  No.31658


I'm gonna read it in the morning, anon, along with the lower A4.

So often when I see your posts I'm like 'Novel' not going there.

I'll go there in the morning. There will always be a morning.


2732c2  No.31659

File: 3d1d2f54b4cd6fb⋯.png (487.65 KB, 906x469, 906:469, Fun_Society.png)

JOKER WINDOWS WALLET DOWNLOAD LINK - https://github.com/ClownMoney/WalletFiles/raw/master/Joker_Wallet_Windows_Setup.exe

-Proof of Stake 3.0 modifier bug fix

-Extended Proof of Work blocks to 1000 blocks


1. Uninstall and Delete everything in your JOKER Roaming file (Windows only)

- C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Joker - delete everything in here

2. Download the new version - https://github.com/ClownMoney/WalletFiles/raw/master/Joker_Wallet_Windows_Setup.exe

3. Run Setup and install JOKR

4. Send us your new JOKR wallet address and we will send your new bounty.

5. Thank you for bearing with us #HonkHonk

2732c2  No.31661

b89d2e  No.31662


>>31657 is a joke.

b89d2e  No.31663


Awllllll done. It just doesn't want to synchronize. The more it does, the more blocks there are undone. It just runs forever.

b89d2e  No.31664

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

A Joker song.

2732c2  No.31665

File: a96d13eda43b914⋯.png (298.22 KB, 1680x1050, 8:5, a96.png)

b89d2e  No.31666


Deja Vu. :)

2732c2  No.31667

File: e8aaa7907a2761a⋯.jpeg (51.6 KB, 683x383, 683:383, download (12).jpeg)

2732c2  No.31668

File: baf544d9bf82bbb⋯.jpg (156.93 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

b89d2e  No.31669


Black explorer? Or BLOCK explorer?

(Me so funny…)

2732c2  No.31670

Does this look like a decent layout for the website?


2732c2  No.31671

File: 137a8117044a22d⋯.jpg (410.92 KB, 1298x700, 649:350, slider-bg.jpg)

b89d2e  No.31672


First, just a few suggestions for very minor adjustments…

>The "Clowns have no say in the matter.

You need the closing quote after Clowns. Other than that, I assume the "services" on the bottom are all pending an English explanation and the Latin text there now is just placeholder stuff. Finally, maybe slide to the right just a little "We Believe in Great Ideas" because it overlaps the lamp when scrolled and looks kinda funky. A very minor detail. With all that said …

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! It connects with Joe Average as well as any web site could. The writing is far more concise and direct than I would have done (which I always admire). Very short read, very high impact. The layout, IMHO, is in absolute top form. It screams "professional" while still making the average person feel right at home. My "experience" (not analysis) is that it immediately inspires a lot of trust and nothing happens to change that - only to reinforce it. If it were me, I would go with this. I wouldn't know how to improve it beyond the Mickey Mouse little things I mentioned earlier.

That's just my opinion. I love it. I don't think it could be much more effective than it is, with what it's there to do. You've got a total winner here.

2732c2  No.31673


Let me finish it up and then give me another look over.

93bcc8  No.31674

I finally got around to downloading blender. It's easier to learn when you have a real life project.

Where do I start?


I like the ones that brand themselves with purple hair. It makes it so much easier to avoid them.

Women already pay 10 times as much as what anything is worth. A pink razor costs 3 times more than a blue one, (exaggerating). Men were the next logical target to make money off.


Twatter has been playing up for me pretty bad of late. It's really slow and sometimes a search just won't load.




There's one thing missing.

An interactive red nose that honks every time you mouse over it :p

b89d2e  No.31675


Blender: tutorials on YouTube. My favorite are from the channel BlenderGuru (Andrew Price the Awesome Aussie). There is no shortage of them. Thousands. Some are awesome, some so-so, some horrible. I still use tutorials with regularity. Suggestion: download the 2.80 beta and only use tutorials on Blender 2.80. It's a whole new interface and any older version is very close to being phased out so more or less you're wasting time with any other version. Stick with 2.80. They call it "beta" but I've been using it for 3 months now and it's really very stable.

I forgot about the godawful purple, blue, etc. dye. Puh-leeze. On the cost of clothing, I have discussed that with people at length for years. Women are taken to the cleaners on their clothing, shoes, beauty products, etc. Everything cost 20x more. Why? Because women effectively must pay it. Our culture demands it.

Twatter is a shadow of what it once was - just another liberal political stronghold.

I started using Blender in November, 2014. I just dove in and started with tutorials. I have poured thousands of hours into it. I use those tutorial videos incessantly. It is a bottomless pit of power in what it can do and there are a dozen videos for anything you could dream of doing. Who knows, you may even end up making a living off it! Just give yourself time.

b89d2e  No.31676


I can't make this private, so … a quick sampling of what can be done with it all. I lean heavily toward the tech aspect of things but it can do ANYTHING - lots of nature scenes, etc.


b89d2e  No.31677


Okay … it may be after I get up in the middle of the night. But I'll keep checking tonight too.

93bcc8  No.31678


Thanks anon. I did download the older version, I will download 2.8 and I've found BlenderGuru.

Now I just need a clear head. I'm very fuzzy today :(



b89d2e  No.31679



It isn't first choice to slide the board with too much Blender discussion. If there were a way to send the prior link privately to avoid that, I would have used it. No big deal either way.

93bcc8  No.31680


Oh, lol.

I gotcha now.

It's kind of related. I wanna see what I can whip up for J O K E R

I need to do something different, because what you said about twatter is right. I've been getting far fewer impressions over the last couple of days. Big time less. I sent out a joker twat this morning that has received a whopping 18 impressions. At least out of that 18 one person expanded it, lol.

2732c2  No.31681

File: a99c9fcb0f52c7b⋯.jpg (99.8 KB, 800x450, 16:9, eh03wvgtzeg21.jpg)

NEW EXCHANGE – Enmanet Exchange - https://www.enmanet.com/market/BTC-JOKR

2732c2  No.31683

File: f2b468a0e6307d3⋯.png (1.24 MB, 1899x969, 633:323, Screenshot from 2019-04-16….png)

2732c2  No.31684

File: bb9150ea31f4c5c⋯.png (8.02 KB, 245x206, 245:206, images (1).png)

be2a49  No.31685


That's not sliding the board anon its helping.

be2a49  No.31686


Finding your humourous efforts all over. I keep laughing but I think its slightly maniac laughter.

b89d2e  No.31687


I suppose if it's being used to help JOKR along, that's true. I didn't think of it that way. Too much going on in the mind right now.

93bcc8  No.31688


Dear gawd, anon. I'm struggling today.

I'm a complete nincompoop and fool, honk honk.

Thanks for the encouragement.


I didn't want to say anything, as I…. I… I think you know why, but I agree, it wasn't sliding ;)


Better than nothing going on, anon :D

93bcc8  No.31689


Are you going to join the marketing team?

Heheheh. I have NFI what I'm doing. Just going with the flow as long as it's against the grain.

93bcc8  No.31690

File: bfe6087146d9abf⋯.png (171.81 KB, 1010x435, 202:87, ClipboardImage.png)

I was on the phone participating in an important and very serious conversation when I saw this on the testimonials on the website.

Talk about holding it in. That'l learn me not drift off and look at my screen when I should be paying attention elsewhere.


93bcc8  No.31691


Ugh, forgive my poor typing. I actually not drunk as a skunk tonight, just friggin tired as.

5c8382  No.31692


I'm not surprised you have barely rested. Take care of yourself to produce your best. You are on a roll anon.


I can be a cheer leader or the coffee maker for the marketing team, you know my tech skills are umm zero. Any ideas though I will post on discord.


#Clownworld/Joker is a brilliant idea and I can see it taking it off. If we can all do what we can.

5c8382  No.31693

File: 6a52f07956f1208⋯.gif (72.9 KB, 498x498, 1:1, Clown.gif)


Here is a present for you. Im practising with Gifs and memes but I keep going over the edges. HonkHonk

93bcc8  No.31694


I didn't get quality sleep, anon.

I screwed the pooch and drank far, far too much last night.

I'm kind of ashamed of myself /sigh

I'll have to memoryhole it, or I will never move on, LMAO.

Your tech skills can only improve. Marketing isn't all about tech. Hmm, let me rethink that for a while, perhaps it is these days. But all ideas will be appreciated ;)


I just noticed a spelling error in one of the testimonials.

Typical SJW grammar, lol, lol, lol.

93bcc8  No.31695


Cracker, anon.

Dare I ask what software you're using?

Learn to Draw with Pepe?

881475  No.31696


Hey can you access my computer. : )


I'm sure it was well deserved. Get a good sleep tonight, you need to be firing on all cylinders anon.

Any way I have important things to do like creating my avatar for discord.

93bcc8  No.31697


I don't access your computer. I am your computer. Muahahahahahahaa

I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with, anon.

It'll be good to see some effort in an avatar.

I should do the same…. one day.

Enjoy the experience, and don't forget to save your progress often. There's little worse than getting something perfect then losing it because of a random EMP attack most likely perpetrated by Russia, Russia, Russia, (Israel).

93bcc8  No.31698

We need to work as a team.

Support each other, right.

Stick together!

We are on the same path, though walking it in different shoes.

AwesomeAnon, we love you dearly and will not let you go.

(Stalkers :p)

We can help you do your thing while we all do our own thing.

AgentK - I think we just got some traction. You rock.

881475  No.31699


I definitely agree with the whole of that paragraph. With that we can energise/ re-charge each other.

Awesome is in a roll at the moment and needs to keep his focus I think. We can support that easily enough.

Why does JOKR keep getting restricted on twitter? So I know what not to do.

93bcc8  No.31700


Awesome will or won't take what offered. (He knows what I mean).

He's doing a better job of any of it than I ever would. I have much respect and admiration for his passion and activism.

The restriction is likely because twitter will call anything out as suspicious behaviour in order to induce people to register with a phone number.

They have the 'system' set up in such a way that to retrieve your account, or prove that it's (you), all roads lead to giving them your phone number (tracking chip).

I don't think Ed wants to play that game, though the twitter game will not continue without the chip insertion.

You did so well at pointing out the tweet that you did, anon. We achieved some pretty good visual recognition out of it. Small bites. Next time, we might add some stuff that has them realising 'it's for realz'.

2732c2  No.31701

Morning Everyone. I love these images.

93bcc8  No.31702



That's all I know. :p

Hope you slept well!

2732c2  No.31703

I did. Thank you. Hopefully we can get some more people to the coin today and push some more exchanges.

be2a49  No.31704


That is helpful anon. My acct was set up in an old job and Id like to keep it that way if you know what I mean.

I've been thinking about a thread but peoples attention span is non existent and you have to wow to encourage them to read further.

Can this sentence be overlaid on the image to give more space. ""We Used To Think That The Current Monetary System Was A TRAGEDY. Now We See That Its A COMEDY."

Please rest it must be byebyes time or later. Your creativity requires it.

715895  No.31705

File: 5c39bf32aafafe1⋯.jpg (1.75 MB, 1800x1435, 360:287, Dr. Evil Fire 2.jpg)

<div id="amzn-assoc-ad-22511ead-6f5d-4d99-9434-62ebf130c735"></div><script async src="//z-na.amazon-adsystem.com/widgets/onejs?MarketPlace=US&adInstanceId=22511ead-6f5d-4d99-9434-62ebf130c735"></script>