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File: 7acd6140998afb5⋯.png (188.27 KB, 400x480, 5:6, q_fire.png)

6c15a8 No.5383

2nd Generation Q Research General #8 - March MADNESS Edition


If you signed the first Internet Bill of Rights petition, it did not obtain enough signatures to go anywhere. Your signature will not be carried over to future incarnations. Any and all new petitions circulating must be signed again.


We are the Quiet Corner of the Q Universe! Relaxed, almost completely ban-free, and serving as home to Ed Anon!




2nd Generation Q Research: (Friday, 9, March 2018)

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>>>/qresearch/616918 #internetbillofrights

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>>>/qresearch/614093 rt >>>/qresearch/613796 Wait until you learn who has been talking to you.

>>>/qresearch/613352 rt >>>/qresearch/613295 We appreciate all of the prayers.

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>>>/qresearch/612957 Do not focus on the call details.

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>>>/qresearch/612782 Which conversation leaked?

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>>>/qresearch/612722 Re_read re: Australia.

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6c15a8 No.5385

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GOP's rebuttal


>>222 Older, lost info resurfacing on the Q map

>>4788 The Huma Files (Updated 3.9.18)

>>1892 Expand Your Thinking, Mapping Tool PDF

6c15a8 No.5394

The Senate Intel Committee officially closes its Russia collusion case.

Hopefully Mueller will follow suit soon.

b970f7 No.5395

>>4650 & >>4654 : q / c9

>>4656 & >>4663 & >>4704 & >>4857 & >>4895 & >>4921 & >>4928 & >>4663 & >>4960 & >>4963 & >>4978 & >>4985 & >>4986 & >>4987 & >>4988 & >>4989 & >>4990 & >>4991 & >>5009 & >>5012 & >>5017 : snowden & family (opium ed) / cost guard

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page 2 : >>3624

page 3 : >>3645

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page 5 : >>4144

page 6 : >>4637

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IBOR (petition)

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b970f7 No.5396

File: a34cbb62ecb5155⋯.png (988 KB, 720x1280, 9:16, 1510288305037[1].png)

File: fbd91a4d3c10fb4⋯.jpg (126.56 KB, 1190x868, 85:62, Screenshot_10.jpg)

File: 0e0979d36c9656a⋯.jpg (84.32 KB, 1039x671, 1039:671, Screenshot_11.jpg)

6c15a8 No.5397


Thank you cleanup baker!!!! Missing ingredients in the dough! Never a good thing!

6c15a8 No.5398


Hong Kong …

6c15a8 No.5399


From November 9 during Asia trip. Where was POTUS supposed to be at that time? Checking.

6c15a8 No.5400


He was supposed to be in Beijing on November 9. Was it still daylight when he left?

b970f7 No.5401


on his way to da nang (vietnam)… coming from bejing

6c15a8 No.5402


That's where the Vinson is anchored.

c1226f No.5403

I can't do much more posting today, I need to rest my eyes to prevent more eye issues. Keep up the fight baker and patriots!

6c15a8 No.5404


Sleep well!!!

80c15b No.5406

File: 03f12ad590674ba⋯.jpg (174.97 KB, 741x593, 741:593, IBORSmash.jpg)

Wow, so no one's even talking to themselves in here today.

I've been working on meme's. Had Paint 3D freeze and shutdown on me 3 times. Hours of work lost. POOF… gone. Just like that.

6c15a8 No.5407


I learned long ago to hit "save" obsessively no matter which app I'm using. It's become so automatic that when I'm programming, or writing in Word, I average saving every 10 to 15 seconds. It's just instinct. I've lost too much, too many times in the past. And crashes have happened countless times where I didn't lose a thing.

Without Ed to drive it, this board has very little traffic. Ed will not return until the main events are over and I don't see anything significant happening until next week at the very earliest. It's going to be the deadest time yet since Q started posting. We're getting less and less mileage off Q's postings; the momentum is just drying up and you're seeing it everywhere - Twatter, here, QR, everywhere. We've hit the wall. I'm not sure anything can be done about it; overall people have just reached their limit and are moving on to other things. Sad to see but that's how it is. The boards will take off again if something happens but that something will always be half of what people really need. I think the high point is behind us. Very sad. People just got tapped out.

I will always be here but as you can see from the timestamps, it's going to continue to get lonelier and lonelier. I will be that last weirdo still living in a once-thriving mining town that became a ghost town.

80c15b No.5408


You rarely fail to cause me a little chuckle.

I start off remembering to save in 3D but then get all arty and clever and forget myself and everything else around me. I really should learn how to use Paintshop.

Yes, I do believe that we've plateaued, if not gone a little backward where the Q stuff is concerned. How odd it is that when they didn't post anything for days on end, it was quite busy on all boards. After having posted 39 times in a day, things started to very abruptly slow.

I'm still doing my little experiments on twitter. I think I've finally found a tactic that has shown some success. Likes and retweets from normies who have no idea about Q or the storm or too much else akin, lol.

Maybe the Eds have found somewhere to make their own board, whether 8chan or somewhere else. Who knows. Maybe they'll drop in and say hello now and then.

6c15a8 No.5409

0 0 0 0 0 0 3 1 1 -2 -1 0 0 -2 -1 0 1 0 0 2 1 0 2 1 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 -1 0 -1 0 -1 -1 -1 -2 1 0 1 -1 -1 -1 0 -1 0 1 -2 -1 -2 -1 -1 -2 -2 -2 -2 -1 0 1 1 1 1 1 3 -2 -2 -2 -2 -1 -2 2 2 2 0 0 0 -2 -2 -2 1 -2 -1 2 1 1 -3 -4 -4 1 1 2 0 0 0 0 -2 -1 1 -1 1 -1 1 -1 1 1 3 0 0 0 -1 -1 -4 1 1 3 0 2 -1 -1 0 -1 1 -2 0 1 2 -1 1 0 0 0 -1 -1 -1 -2 -1 -1 1 2 -2 -2 -3 1 1 3 -1 -2 -1 -2 1 -1 -1 -1 -1 1 0 0 2 -1 -1 1 1 0 -1 2 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 3 1 1 1 1 0 3 3 3 3 1 1 1 1 -1 1 0 -2 -2 0 0 0 0 1 -1 0 1 1 0 0 0 2 1 -1 -2 -2 -1 -2 0 0 1 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 0 0 0 -1 -1 -1 1 1 1 1 -2 -1 0 0 1 1 1 0 -1 -1 -1 0 0 0 -1 2 1 -1 0 0 1 3 1 1 0 2 0 0 -1 0 -1 2 2 -1 -1 1 0 0 0 -1 -1 -1 2 1 0 0 -1 0 -1 1 1 -1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 -1 1 1 1 2 1 2 -1 2 -2 0 0 2 0 0 0 -4 -1 -2 -2 -1 -1 -1 -2 -2 -1 -1 -1 0 -2 0 -1 2 0 0 2 1 1 0 0 -1 1 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 -2 0 -1 0 -1 -1 -3 0 1 0 1 -1 0 2 1 0 2 1 0 3 3 0 3 3 2 3 1 -1 2 0 2 0 2 1 04 -3 -2 0 -1 -1 -1 -1 -2 1 0 -1 2 0 -3 -2 -3 1 -1 2 -3 -2 -2 0 1 0 2 2 1 2 3 0 1 1 1 1 1 2 0 0 0 -2 1 0 0 -2 -1 2 1 1 1 1 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 -1 -1 -2 -1 -1 -1 0 1 0 0 0 1 -4 -3 -3 0 0 0 -1 -1 1

6c15a8 No.5410


I think the demands of the entire Storm have just exceeded the ability of a wholly uncompensated population to handle it. If perp walks ever occur, there will be an explosive response for a time, but anything short of that and there will be some presence here but the boards will never again return to what they once were. It's just nature being nature (humanity is part of nature). We adapt and we evolve and as such, no single influence can have a constant effect on us.

As a group - including all avenues from Reddit to here - we simply adapted and evolved faster than the Storm was capable of moving. There had to be a split and the split is happening now. Divergence. The Storm remains a constant; we move ahead.

I think the Eds will be back but their presence will always be chaotic, and therefore their impact will be chaotic. All over the map; good days and bad days.

Evolution: maybe it's the one factor that the Storm couldn't foresee. It was a tremendous force driving us. By virtue of that, it changed us. By virtue of THAT, our response to that stimulus could not - and did not - remain constant.

We will always long for the good old days when everybody was a tight group and we were driven and we had a common purpose. But it all dissipated and those days will never return.

I'm not expecting MADNESS this week. I'm expecting deep tranquility. We shall see.

80c15b No.5411


Well, I was on QR for all of about 5 minutes this morning. I do miss the early days when there were far fewer anons around. It's catch 22 in a way. We need more people to 'understand' what's going on and get the word out, but the more there are, the more chaotic it all gets, and the less we find and fall into a pattern of natural organization.

I'm not expecting any madness, either. I honestly haven't expected much at all throughout this entire phenomena. If and when something happens, I'm like, 'Cool', and move on. One of the upsides of experiencing so many disappointments in life, LMAO. I don't invest in too much any more.

6c15a8 No.5412


Much safer that way. You just can't keep building suspense forever without ever delivering, and have people not go numb to the build-up.

80c15b No.5413


I have to admit that I've not been keeping up with the latest news but, is there not happenings abound? I mean, are people expecting the reality of what we've been more or less told will come about to slap them in the face when it does?

There's a lot of stuff that Q has put forward and strongly suggested that, IMO has fallen through, but there's also a lot that has come through that I wasn't holding out much hope for, before Q.

I dunno. Anons don't seem to realize that those who achieve quietly will get more done. There's no need for a big song and dance and I told you so, type thing.

Too many over dramatized Hollywood movies have rotted their brains, methinks. Life is what happens when you're busy making plans, right?

6c15a8 No.5414


Here's my intuitive sense of the situation - and it's worth exactly that much. It's just as likely that it's all wrong as it is that any of it is correct.

It's a chaotic stalemate out there. And that means utter chaos. Both sides. Nobody knows where they stand and consequently nobody knows where they want to move to. The people can't be told much of anything beyond "okay TOMORROW is the big day," and of course tomorrow it's tomorrow again, lather rinse repeat. It's nobody's fault; nobody has failed. Everybody running the show did what they could do with what they had.

I think for the most part they factored in the human element perfectly and failed to factor in the super-human element at all. And that's what they're up against now. Today's enemy was never counted on, never factored in, and as such, it's back to square zero. "What do we do now?"


Now take it all one level higher: POTUS, Q, are themselves being used by "life" the same as they're utilizing us. Life is in control - God, Universe, call it what you will. That is the ultimate authority. IT is not in chaos. It knows what is happening on every front. It knows where it is, and where it wants to be. Taking this viewpoint is the only way to escape the chaos because any other viewpoint shows nothing BUT chaos.

The rule of life applies: be who you are, do what you do. Participate. Trump needs to continue doing what he does. We need to continue doing what we do. One day it will stabilize. Not today, not tomorrow, not next week. But it will.

Resolution will not come through arrests or the bad guys falling. That will be incidental and inconsequential as the bigger plan unfolds: we evolve. Outer must reflect inner.

For life, it's about evolution within each individual. It cares nothing for our "Storm" beyond its being a useful tool to keep us moving. It knows we will participate to the degree that we do and so it moves forward according to that knowledge.

Things have been set up to where neither side can win. The stalemate is eternal. Neither side knows that yet. What this does is keep all that power and control tied up while we're left to our own evolution relatively unhindered.

Maybe every word of this is dead wrong. I wouldn't bet money on any of it being accurate. I'm just relating what my gut is telling me at this particular moment. Tomorrow I may well be laughing at all of it because it was so far off base.

03566f No.5415

File: fd23955309ef3e4⋯.jpg (9.84 KB, 320x240, 4:3, popesata.jpg)

This is a little disorganized, but I promise if you start reading about these topics, it starts connecting some crumbs.

This is all just from Wikipedia too, which is pretty sterile. The more you read, the more it all connects though. Same things keep coming up.

I really believe it's worth the dig, and would like some help.

Pope John Paul II / Banks / Pedophilia / AIDS / Nazis / Masons


•Is the Pope in the picture Q posted that has the upside-down cross on the back of his chair

(Needs confirmation, but I am nearly certain)

•His predecessor (Pope John Paul I) died under suspicious circumstances after just 33 days of being Pope

•Was the 3rd longest reigning Pope in History!

(from 1978 to 2005)

•His successor was the Nazi Pope

•Had multiple assassination attempts on him

•Ian Paisley (to him) in 1988 - "I denounce you as the ANTICHRIST!"

•It is believed a vial of his blood was once stolen for a "Satanic Rite"


•Pope John Paul II was alleged to have links with Banco Ambrosiano, an Italian bank that collapsed in 1982. At the centre of the bank's failure was its chairman, Roberto Calvi, and his membership in the illegal Masonic Lodge Propaganda Due (aka P2).

•The death of Pope John Paul I in 1978 is rumoured to be linked to the Ambrosiano scandal.

•On 5 June 1982, two weeks before the collapse of Banco Ambrosiano, Calvi had written a letter of warning to Pope John Paul II, stating that such a forthcoming event would "provoke a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions in which the Church will suffer the gravest damage". On 18 June 1982 Calvi's body was found hanging from scaffolding beneath Blackfriars Bridge in the financial district of London. Calvi's clothing was stuffed with bricks, and contained cash valued at US$14,000, in three different currencies


•John Paul II was the Pope during the huge priest pedophilia scandals and did basically nothing about it. IIRC, he actually helped cover it up.

•In 2004 John Paul II recalled Bernard Francis Law to be Archpriest of the Papal Basilica of Saint Mary Major in Rome. Law had previously resigned as archbishop of Boston in 2002 in response to the Catholic Church sexual abuse cases after Church documents were revealed that suggested he had covered up sexual abuse committed by priests in his archdiocese.

•John Paul II was a firm supporter of the Legion of Christ, and in 1998 discontinued investigations into sexual misconduct by its leader Marcial Maciel


•John Paul II was criticised for his support of the Opus Dei prelature and the 2002 canonisation of its founder, Josemaría Escrivá, whom he called 'the saint of ordinary life.'

•Throughout its history, Opus Dei has been criticized from many quarters, prompting journalists to describe Opus Dei as "the most controversial force in the Catholic Church" and founder Saint Josemaría Escrivá as a "polarizing" figure.

•It is claimed by some that founder Saint Josemaría Escrivá supported Hitler.


•John Paul's position against artificial birth control, including the use of condoms to prevent the spread of HIV, was harshly criticised by doctors and AIDS activists, who said that it led to countless deaths and millions of AIDS orphans.


•"Institute for the Works of Religion" commonly known as the Vatican Bank, is a private bank situated inside Vatican City

•When the Holy See, whose tax-exempt status on income from Italian investments was revoked in 1968, decided to diversify its holdings, it employed as financial adviser Michele Sindona. Once among the country's most powerful businessmen, subsequent investigations into his business affairs brought to light questionable associations with the Mafia as well as the secret P2, a bogus "Masonic" lodge that the Italian Parliament branded as a subversive organization.

•In 1982, a political and financial scandal connected with the collapse of Banco Ambrosiano involved the head of IOR from 1971 to 1989, Archbishop Paul Marcinkus.

In 1987, an Italian court issued a warrant against Marcinkus, whom they accused of being an accessory to fraudulent bankruptcy. Marcinkus evaded arrest by staying inside Vatican City until the warrant was dismissed in 1991.

•Tony Abse, writing in The Weekly Worker, has said that the CIA used the Institute for the Works of Religion to funnel funds.

6c15a8 No.5416


This is what I was referring to regarding evolution: people in general, IMHO, have grown beyond this level. Establishing the particulars of how bad the bad guys are just doesn't produce anything we don't already have. While we certainly don't have every detail, it's still very much the case that we reach a point of understanding the general concept to where further fine detail does nothing more for us. We got the picture long ago. What we need now is to move beyond it to the next level. We can't stay in first grade forever.

This is why QR has degenerated into what it has: they're bored silly. They need the next level. And they're in no danger of getting it. So they class becomes noisy and unruly and very anxious. They need to move to the next level. What used to be fascinating to them is now old stuff. Everything has a shelf life. They need to move on.

It'll be most interesting to see how THAT plays out because the old adage always holds: when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

80c15b No.5417


It's chaotic in my stomach right now, because I just ate. On a microscopic level it would look like Armageddon. But up and out here at our level, I'm kicked back, relaxed and near falling asleep for the blood all rushing to my gut to digest, lol.

If you can tie that in with my understanding what you're getting at to a certain degree, you've done well.


I'll have a read and look in to it a bit for a few hours. We know there's far more to the Vatican/Pope than what we're told. I doubt that any research and digging into it could be considered wasted time. A good rabbit hole to get lost in, anon. It's a solid bet.

80c15b No.5418


BTW. Yes it's John Paul II

80c15b No.5419

File: 4f38a6340e308ab⋯.jpg (6.15 KB, 199x163, 199:163, smiley huilend.JPG)

Absolutely Sweet FA getting done in QR ATM. Very bad for morale when every second post is someone talking about or responding to every other second post by a troll/shill/bored individual with no life.

I've all but given up on the IBOR. There's a 2 day old Q related vid on Youtube with 35k views, yet there's only 18k signatures on the IBOR petition! Seems to me that Q and all of this is being used as entertainment to more folks than those who are putting in all and every effort.

Something's gotta give!

I'm gonna go crawl under a rock with my laptop. I might be back later. If not, catch ya/s tomorrow.

80c15b No.5420

Hello me.

Yes I realize i'm talking to myself.


Neoliberal World Order

Neoliberal Globalization

By George. I think she's got it.

'Think subgroup.' Neoliberal.

b970f7 No.5421

File: e8c717cdb6a4188⋯.jpg (117.49 KB, 630x392, 45:28, 9[1].jpg)

just discovered that the ryugyong hotel talked about earlier is in pyongyang NK lol.. by accident i encountered it haha


dig jesuits more…. lots of crazy stuff

2d58e3 No.5422



80c15b No.5423


Is that an Awwww of I'm sad and pathetic because I'm completely wrong?

Or an Awwww of awe? Or perhaps something else?

I'm half asleep. I'm struggling to translate. I'm currently listening to yt vids on neolib globalism. If I'm totally wrong, I'm still learning a heck of a lot.

2d58e3 No.5424


You feel so lonely :( But you are not alone :)

6c15a8 No.5425

We are truly in our darkest hour.

6c15a8 No.5426

It's like the Pied Piper of Hamlin has led the town's army away to a field and left them unsupplied, demoralized, and without a commander. The army was crushed without ever having fought them. There has to be a way out of this darkness.

80c15b No.5427

Did Neoliberal World Order not float anyone's boat?

I felt very clever when it dawned on me. Has the 'N does not refer to Nazi' thing been solved already without my even knowing it?


I;m glad to hear it, anon. It was so quiet for so long that I could hear the lurkers breathing.

6c15a8 No.5428


I think lack of exposure to any possible answer is what's watering down the potential impact of mentioning it. Remember how much historical modification has occurred over the years. Really it's just unfamiliarity with the groups involved.

b970f7 No.5429

File: bc7b1a4e1881eaa⋯.png (1 MB, 720x1280, 9:16, 1510098237174[1].png)

File: 534424f256597b5⋯.jpg (352.26 KB, 1874x872, 937:436, Screenshot_13.jpg)

File: 019af0f6b6b5859⋯.jpg (386.65 KB, 1876x888, 469:222, Screenshot_14.jpg)

File: ce1ae927505c7f5⋯.jpg (401.23 KB, 1843x855, 97:45, Screenshot_15.jpg)

about picture q


mainland hong kong,

salvation army kwai chung corps: google maps, it's the green area at the cross road

was already found earlier i noticed, but wanted it on this part too ;-)

b970f7 No.5430

File: b73864dc6bffbef⋯.png (256.35 KB, 715x666, 715:666, 1510682524275[1].png)

this one, i just don't find it..

80c15b No.5431

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


This is true.

Oh well.


You rock, Awesome Anon.

I'm gonna sleep while still sleepy. g'night all.

b970f7 No.5432


6c15a8 No.5433


G'nite John Boy (or Elizabeth, whichever is more appropriate).

5c94e5 No.5434

File: 74487af8a356e43⋯.png (1.6 MB, 1748x912, 23:12, ef714fdd948a0abf6cac48a782….png)

c8e74d No.5435



Thanks for sharing! I haven't seen this graphic before.

b970f7 No.5436


thx :D haven't seen that before…. that must be it :D

6c15a8 No.5437


There's no other time he could have gone without the media being all over it.

b970f7 No.5438

tillerson out…. pompeo secretary of state….

b970f7 No.5439

6c15a8 No.5440



At the same time? YUGE!!!!!!!!

b970f7 No.5441

i would call it a boom… well i hope it is… have no clue where pompeo stands (deep state?)

c8e74d No.5442


POTUS also fired his assistant!!!!

6c15a8 No.5443


BOOM on steroids!!!

6c15a8 No.5444

Does anybody remember Ed posting the Rex Tillerson image from Q's post


It's been deleted since; not sure if Q or Ed posted it first.

b970f7 No.5446


i thought q but can be wrong..

Ed? enlighten us :D

24f52b No.5447


Ed's post was (GMT)

03/09/18 (Fri) 02:06:49

so it was posted about 40 mins after Q. He marked it (double meaning ?)


together with one of his cryptic codes.

b970f7 No.5448

let me tell ya this… it's not the first time ed posts something that relates q…

some anons have to dig on eds posts like we do on q's… i have a feeling they all are related one way or the other.. (my opinion)…

when i'm completely done with q timeline i'm building on, i myself will dive into eds… but that will be not tomorrow.. :( i punch myself each hour because i didn't do the timeline from the start, would have been such an easy job.. but hey, i'm busy, i love it and i learn more while doing it now..

6c15a8 No.5449


I remember an Ed post that duplicated the Q post … it was deleted since then. I remember comparing them at the time and I *think* Q posted first but I wanted to verify now.

6c15a8 No.5450


Okay … thank you much; that's what I figured, Q posted first, helps to have the verification.

6c15a8 No.5451


It's a LOT of work to do that.

b970f7 No.5452


tell me.. it is, i know.. but can't stand the thought that we missed something lol

c8e74d No.5453


I'm starting to think that ED and Q are working together in some way or at least for the same goal. Interesting that ED got banned from QR…I remember them posting there and some Anons really got into trying to decipher the photos but others were yelling 'shill' and 'slide'.

Wouldn't it be funny if at the end of this we do find out that ED and Q are indeed working together! KEK!

b970f7 No.5454


maybe not working together directly, but who knows..

i have the feeling ed (with his/her posts) clarifies things we don't understand/find out from q…. my fingers are itching to dive into that, but wanna finish the timeline first … can't do two things at same time…

b970f7 No.5455

24f52b No.5456

File: 8d21efe9cba4402⋯.png (259.9 KB, 401x596, 401:596, bct_image.png)


Still trying to figure out ed's stuff, and what it means that he apparently has disappeared (which I believe he hasn't – he's still lurking at times I'd say).

My only guess would be that we haven't figured out something he wanted us to … but not sure.

There appears to be some ed-related change though – he posted that bitcointalk link >>62

where there was the pretty girl (?) to be seen. As of now, the image of the pretty girl is gone from that link.

24f52b No.5457


lol. Correction needed (now): The image is there again, and I'll assume it was my browser or some other technical issue …. ;)

6c15a8 No.5458



That's pretty much what happens: Ed elaborates a LOT on what Q posts. But one little line posted from Q could send us way down a rabbit hole and if we miss it, then we miss it.

6c15a8 No.5459


My own suspicion is that Ed will very definitely be back, but right now so much is going on "out there" that is so heavy, so intense, that now just isn't the time to be concerned with this board. We can get an idea of what's going down right now. Major movement @ White House while Israel is meeting there with "Israeli, UAE and Qatari counterparts."

Edit: corrected typo "no" to "now."

Post last edited at

597274 No.5460

Help me understand: why Mike Pompeo?

Why Trudeau and now Clinton in India?

6c15a8 No.5461


Because Trump is playing chess.


597274 No.5462


I agree with you 100%, just trying to understand the move…

6c15a8 No.5463


Maybe they're really focused on Pakistan and they didn't want to fly directly there.

b970f7 No.5464

File: b2ce4d285d9ec2c⋯.jpg (59.69 KB, 606x390, 101:65, 5023139401_b1f9f821c5_o[1].jpg)

is it me, or…

why do i see an owl in this? (watching a clip of real news (infowars clip)… first i saw an owl, than the building

6c15a8 No.5465


Whooooooooo! Definitely there, in a klunky sort of way.

b970f7 No.5466


lool, frost bank building… and actually it's also called owl-building… so weird haha..

412fd2 No.5467



C_A has refined infiltrating and controlling DoS down to a fine art. The same kind of job needed doing on both sides of that fence. Going by appearances, Tillerson did get plenty of holdovers out of DoS, but I bet he left some bad actors behind.

Now if Pompeo is a good guy, you don't want him going down with the ship there, you'll move him to a new post before that happens. So: Inside knowledge of the clowns to continue DoS purge + move a good guy to a safe post.

Unfortunately we don't know shit about what transpired at C_A while Pompeo has been director since nobody reports on it. Some rumors suggested Pompeo was not working with the whole C_A, only a subset and he was also utilizing an outsourced spy network with POTUS. As Director, any question Pompeo specifically asked or materials he specifically requested they had to answer or provide, so I'm sure he's made as much use of that as possible over the last year.


India is old British empire that is now controlled more or less by the Rothschilds. It is a safe enough place for them to hide or meet to scheme. Also, if you cross Pakistan you can reach "friendly" clown countries in the ME where they have money stashed like Qatar.

b970f7 No.5468



picture of q (hyangsan hotel) is situated there

b970f7 No.5469


didn't q somewhere allude that c_a was "terminated" or something like that?

b970f7 No.5470

File: 51af1265afb97d1⋯.jpg (316.56 KB, 1600x900, 16:9, cbef03c31e7e2a69405e5b152d….jpg)

File: 0ea4e7a9f2b4447⋯.jpg (60.57 KB, 960x878, 480:439, il_fullxfull.1316362114_ea….jpg)


b970f7 No.5471

almost sounds like tillerson is going to cry.. wtf

c8e74d No.5472

File: 0f4a09ccd616a1a⋯.png (461.46 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_2732.PNG)


I think POTUS will actually abolish the C/I\A

6c15a8 No.5473


It was directly stated in an earlier Q message that this would happen. Operations would be merged into the NSA.

b970f7 No.5474


yup, but i can't find the message.. don't remember how it was said lol

6c15a8 No.5475

File: 5a6c0a4f486f019⋯.png (7.1 KB, 528x143, 48:13, Q 148781546.png)

b970f7 No.5476


dismantled, that was the word lol… thx! knew i read that… would be great if true

6c15a8 No.5477


I know … it should never have been mantled in the first place.

80c15b No.5478

File: 9b2d8d150934f38⋯.png (426 KB, 651x433, 651:433, 6a0177444b0c2e970d01b7c887….png)

Good morning, anons.

Why Australia? I still don't know.


c1226f No.5479


My theory is that NWO is new world order but it is not "new" its been around for a long time - since the dawn of humanity in various forms. The luciferians have been on earth since Cain killed Abel in his own secret blood sacrifice.

80c15b No.5480

A nice one man band, treasure trove of Clinton Foundation/Australia linked articles and research.



I'm sticking with Neoliberal for now. The more I read into it, the more it makes sense, and the more it reiterates that there are no Democrats and or Republicans; only haves and have nots.

Neoliberal can be seen as a subgroup, but most people who consider themselves neoliberals have no idea what the true concept of it is. (Mostly young, ignorant, millenial types). This has once again hidden another aspect of truth in plain sight, shrouded by misconception.

I'm entirely prepared to be totally and completely wrong, and probably am, lol. But everything that true Neoliberalism represents is what has been occurring on a grand scale for decades. It's this ideology that Trump has pitted himself against.

"NWO' in itself is just a vague term to encapsulate a wide range of concepts, happenings and ideologies. The World Order part not being of prime importance for understanding. The N being the standout.

80c15b No.5481


I should clarify that the World Order part is the new part. Liberalism, as in free markets and little to no input or control by government bodies has been their aim for yonks. Pre-industrial and tech ages, they were pushing it on a national scale in several countries/locations. Now they're pushing it globally. So, the World Order part would represent this difference, and perhaps the conversion from straight Liberalism to Neoliberalism.

Ironically, it wouldn't bring order about, not for the majority, anyway. For the average Joe, it wold be (and already is in many ways) hardship and chaos.

f6f080 No.5482

For those who may be interested…

Sayings of Jesus

The Lost Gospel of Q


6c15a8 No.5483


It would be an official, recognized, declared subdivision of the Nazi party as it existed in the 1930's and 1940's.

80c15b No.5484

File: 742feac38c25421⋯.jpg (25.64 KB, 433x632, 433:632, NeoLibZionism.jpg)

Neoliberalism might as well be another name for Zionism. They share the same basic principals.


I'm going to go with, not necessarily.

'Think subgroup' may not be a direct clue, perhaps only a stepping stone.

Good ol' Q. I wonder if they get pleasure out fucking with our heads, or if they see it as neceaasy. Ugh.

6c15a8 No.5485

Looks like the link to the Kim Dot Com / MegaUpload (okay "Mega Anon") archive has been deleted. Obi-wan has taught me well; I already saved the file to disk before that happened.

6c15a8 No.5486


First, is it well-funded enough, headed by powerful enough people, far reaching enough, to be worthy of the title "center of the entire global Cabal?" It's a group, not a concept, not an ideology, so it should be diggable in any case.

ac20ce No.5487

File: 8483278188906b0⋯.png (116.88 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, B0FFBD5B-0114-4855-B8CA-DA….png)

c1226f No.5488


I was listening to a Bill Cooper radio show this morning and he talked about the "Nordic" led world order (anglo-saxon) - where the globalists consider British and Americans to be of Nordic origin and that the US is the 6th aryan civilization. Cooper then explained how this Nordic origins theory is foolish but still propels a lot of the globalists/freemasons.

He read from an article published in the international freemasonry magazine called "The New Age" by freemasonic scholar C. William Smith (Sept.1950). The article claims the Nordic race (anglo-saxons) are god's chosen people and are the "true Israelites" (freemasons). God's plan is to create a "new order of things" without religion or race, etc. (Novus Ordo Secolorum) under their rule.

Cooper states that Albert Pike, in his book written for freemasonry, "Morals and Dogma", reveals that their god is Lucifer.

Cooper also explains that to be a member of Delta Force one must be a 32nd degree or higher freemason, and it has been so since its inception.

Mormons believe that Jesus and Lucifer are brothers, Jesus had his time and now it is Lucifer's time.

The red rose is a symbol of international socialism aka communism. He then relates this symbol to the Ancient Order of the Rose and Cross and other Secret Societies which are all under the leadership of Lucifer.

Program Title: New World Order #3 - Hour of the Time - Bill Cooper (Broadcast #530 - Jan. 19, 1995).


468710 No.5489

File: 1ce5490bb50fb5a⋯.png (448.61 KB, 1474x1288, 737:644, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at ….png)

Hey guys I think this might be something here..

I think that submission form Hannity tweeted was a code!

A code for a guarantee on his Hannity hotline



Please Call Hannity at

Sean Hannity at 1-877-225-8587

Sean Hannity at 1-877-225-8587

With this line: (MAKE SURE TO START WITH SUBMISSION 1649)!!!!!!!!



I wanted to say I hate you because you haven’t told your viewers about the internet bill of rights yet

It is on the whitehouse.gov petitions website!

If you do this I won’t hate you anymore!

Thanks hannity TICK TOCK


c1226f No.5490


Nordic references start at 32: 36 to 48:06.

80c15b No.5491


Hopefully you as well as a thousand others downloaded it if it's of great importance. I should think that others did.


I trying to not go down the track of speculation and guessing, and I think I've managed not to. If it's not what Q is steering us toward, it's not wasted time in digging in to it.

When I think of Zionism I don't think of them being a specific group, though I don't doubt that there are many groups involved in it. NeoLiberalism/Zionism is in part a philosophical ideology, among other things.

These people only work together for their own personal gain. They would just as soon stab each other in the back when one or the other no longer serves them.

When taking Nazi and WWII into consideration, it served them in that when all was said and done it opened up the flood gates for Free Market. (And let's not forget that the 'free' in free market is one of those doublespeak words). WWII and Hitler played a huge part in 'setting the stage' for Neoliberalism to take off.

It's all about money/control/influence. But we already knew that. These people couldn't give a shit about their puppets Satanic rituals and the like etc. They pray to no one and worship no one other than the self.

Anyway, someone might say the N is Nupercalafragilisticexpealodocious and Q will confirm it as being spot on. hehehe.

c1226f No.5492


Misspelled: Novus Ordo Seclorum (new order of the ages)

d4d95e No.5493


yep dismantled because it was too rotten… (i'm paraphrasing here)

80c15b No.5494


As interesting as it all is, wasn't the Nordic thing brought up in QR (more than once) while Q was still present and posting? If so, why would he not have confirmed it there and then?

I admire Cooper's work, but like many who've dropped crumbs over the years, he tossed in some stale ones for very valid reasons.

I dunno, the Nordic thing may be spot on. I just don't know, lol.


I love it! Wish I could do it for you but I'm not American either.

d4d95e No.5495


I think he meant more in a figurative way. The new world order is not new, it's very ancient. I don't think there is a special meaning to the N.

80c15b No.5496


NWO [N does not refer to “New”].


d4d95e No.5497


Like I said I think it was a figure of speech

80c15b No.5498


We shall see what we shall see, or not. We may never hear about it again from Q, lol.

6c15a8 No.5499


I personally think the very best thing is for each anon to go off in the direction they feel pulled in. Why hold back? With the subject matter being unknown to this degree, any given direction is as good as the next. In your research you'll run across other things, related or not, that could well end up being pivotal down the road. This is what makes this stuff so exciting: life itself is intelligent and leads us where it will. We all have our internal compass. For you, now, there is no confusion that this is what you want to be doing. So IMHO that's all the prompting you need: go do it. If you end up with nothing directly related to the subject at hand, you will still run across a lot of other info, maybe connect with other people, etc. and that will stick with you. That stuff could become critical down the road. You never know. Go where you feel called to go.

Post last edited at

80c15b No.5500


Good advice anon. You're full of good advice.


80c15b No.5501

I'll not go on and on about the NeoLiberal stuff, but want to share a comical irony.

There are people who label themselves as NeoLiberals that are standing up against Fascism. Ya can't make this shit up. Our youth are so fucking confused. Insanity! /facepalm

6c15a8 No.5502


LOL enough cannot be said about them … and none of it is good.

c1226f No.5503



Post 655466 on QR is good news about IBOR. Over 4.9 million exposures per day on twitter.

(Sorry don't know how to post live link.)

c1226f No.5504


I guess it worked.

80c15b No.5505


Thems is good stats. I wonder though, how many individuals make up the numbers for exposure. a couple of thousand of those exposures could come from me alone. I often have the #InternetBillofRights hashtag open and scroll through all the related tweets. I could easily contribute a thousand exposures a day.

I don't mean to cast a negative over it, just being realistic.

Side note: Info Wars are very well practiced at stroking their own ego, lol. But I'm glad they're fighting along side us.

80c15b No.5506

Dear God…

We're back on the (P) P [P] rabbit hole in QR again.

c5fbc4 No.5507

File: 5ba1c58e1529726⋯.jpg (595.85 KB, 1275x1650, 17:22, Q Initials APHALBETICAL.jpg)

highlighted initials are in question.

An anon should make a list of phrases like Iron Eagle, Snow White, Alice and Wonderland, etc. for reference in debate

6c15a8 No.5508


I thought that was resolved earlier. Please don't make me look it up … an anon posted a long diatribe about why it was (of all things) Pakistan.

80c15b No.5509


Not sure that its been resolved. According to m recollection it hasn't been, but I'm not sweating over it. If its only been resolved through general consensus then it hasn't been resolved, lol. I don't remember Q even vaguely confirming it.

I just went and mowed the back lawn hoping that when I came back it will have wound down and anons would've moved on to something else. From what I can tell, they have. YAY.

355d35 No.5510

Anyone wanna post link to new bread ? I’m just a spectator learning and can’t figure out how to get in 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️

6c15a8 No.5511


No, Q has confirmed nothing; he hasn't been back to these parts. He just dropped the crumb and got out of Dodge. Does he owe somebody money???

80c15b No.5512


Lol, you're in the new bread.

You've made it, anon. Welcome.

6c15a8 No.5513


Not sure what you mean, "get in?"

355d35 No.5514

😂 I meant the one with like 200 UID and ty I didn’t mean to disturb y’all working 😉 but your educational to watch/read

6c15a8 No.5515


I think you mean posting #200. This is 5515 or whatever it comes out to - top line, far right.

Click "Catalog" below. Then look for the blue flaming Q with #1 in the description and click the image, not the text. You'll be there.

6c15a8 No.5516

Or just click this:


80c15b No.5517


No, s/he/they owe us answers! Lol, and I do believe they do owe us that. This has gone on far too long for anyone to walk away without the answers.

You mean the QR board? You're not disturbing anyone. Don't be silly.

Here you go. >>>/qresearch/656856

80c15b No.5518


was meant for you also, oops. >>5514

355d35 No.5519

Yes the qr board where tons are chatting Thank you you guys are awesome!

6c15a8 No.5520


Okay …. have the firings calmed down yet at the WH? Sure am curious to see what Q has to say about all that.

80c15b No.5521

6c15a8 No.5522


This was a house cleaning.

6c15a8 No.5523

What's really a SHOCK is that back in October, MegaAnon carried on about how Pence was not a good guy and Trump really didn't want him but had little choice. Claims a different running mate will be picked for 2020.

80c15b No.5524



Who can say. Though we're led to believe that everything is under control and everything is part of the plan; is it really? I do believe that we're winning, but there are few wars were combatants don't fall here and there.

6c15a8 No.5525


We'll drive ourselves crazy trying to pin everything down to hard facts. There's just too much we don't and can't know for sure.

6c15a8 No.5526


2020 running mate will be Sarah Sanders. She'll be able to deal with that press corps right proper-like.

80c15b No.5527


Even if Q told us straight out, would we believe them? (I mean those of us of whom still possess the ability to think critically). We ended up here for a reason. We needed to figure things out for ourselves and we come to boards like these to sift through snippets of info and sort through different theories and perspectives.

It's frustrating, and some days I would throw my coffee mug at Q if they walked through my door, but I think the way its being done, is the only way.

6c15a8 No.5528


Yes … most difficult for us is that most of the time we don't see the wisdom or necessity in their chosen methodology until after the fact because we don't know what they know.

80c15b No.5529


True, and by the time it comes about, we've kind of subconsciously been prepared for it. The impact of it, lessened for us to an extent.

I've just watched a few Jimmy Dore Show YT vids. I've never come across him before. He's pretty good, lol. Don't know why I've never come across his stuff before.

80c15b No.5530

File: b1aad7899790b02⋯.jpg (83.26 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, The Sound of Silence.jpg)

Looks like everyone's done gone cleared out again.

I hope this extended silence means that you'r all deep into digging. :)

Looks like another lonely afternoon for little ol' me, lol.

1c734b No.5531

Today is the Pi DAY (3,14).., Also is the Left March in Washington D.C

bc1103 No.5532

Prince Bandar is dead.


80c15b No.5533

Rethinking the Neoliberal World Order

How Neoliberalism disorganizes the world.


My head hurts after reading this. :/


I didn't know who he was before reading this and then going to wikipedia. Premature death. Must've been an illness, I guess.


Happy Pi Day.

Is Pi somehow related to the Lefty March?

bc1103 No.5534


Make sure you've got the right Bandar (theres two):


He was captured in the November purge and tortured. Likely died as a result of that or they just killed him once they were done. He was a bad guy and a swamp animal like al Waleed.

6c15a8 No.5535

80c15b No.5536


Indeed, I did get the wrong one. I will politically incorrectly say that they all sound the same to me, so association with the arrests in November was hit and miss.

Well, a very quiet announcement, it seems. No fuss made of him.

80c15b No.5537


If and when it all plays out, again I'll say 'Cool' and move on, lol.

What do you think will come about?

b970f7 No.5538


great!!!! thx :D

for the moment i have these written down:

while making timeline events, i add them in a list

(Operation) Mockingbird

alice & wonderland

The calm before the storm.

The great awakening


snow white

wizard & warlocks



iron eagle

jason bourne 2016


the hunt for red october

the sum of all fears

b970f7 No.5539

see why i say that things have to happen before nov 2018!!! red state? lamb

80c15b No.5540


Why, anon?

I'm currently experiencing information overload. Sorry, you may need to spell it out.

6c15a8 No.5541


I wouldn't even hazard a guess. POTUS is truly on a different plane than I am with his strategies. It's been four and one half months and I have never once even come close to predicting what he (or Q) will do. So what I think will come about is something that none of us could possibly predict.

I'm praying - not expecting, but praying - that the PA election triggers some serious backlash for the NWO as far as election rigging. There are already reports of Republican (and only Republican) voters being disallowed from voting because the new (illegal) district boundaries, which don't become active for 3 more months, were being enforced early.

Dems are dems; they cannot change their colors. They must lie, they must cheat, they must do things illegally simply for the sake of doing things illegally. So I pray, I don't expect, some kind of backlash for yesterday's "election." Honestly I doubt it will occur. What I'm expecting is another "oh Hell we don't care" defeat for the good guys as they make no effort to mitigate damages. How nice it would be to be wrong for a change.

b970f7 No.5542

7601d0 No.5543

found this place tonight. are there any other alt locations for intelligent qr on the chans? don't need to ID them, just want to not waste digging time looking if there'are none.

80c15b No.5544


If there are, I haven't found them, and I do a thorough search every couple of days. It's possible that some are hiding the boards, which I don't blame them if they have a good group of anons doing good uninterrupted digging.

Welcome, anon. :)

80c15b No.5545



I see, I see. I get it now. I've not been following a lot of stuff due to digging on other things. Too much noise at times.

6c15a8 No.5546


That they're "neck and neck" is completely unbelievable to me. Trump carried the state by a huge margin and has only gained in popularity since. The fraud going on here is on a massive scale, relative to the voter base. The figures being given have the mainstream media narrative 100% accurate through election day and the only way that could possibly occur would be through massive tampering, as they must and always do.

6c15a8 No.5547


I don't advertise this board. I mentioned it in a single tweet when it was created and that was that.

80c15b No.5548


Actually, I should ask which boards you are aware of. I've simply assumed that you know of the main ones??

80c15b No.5549


I know, BO. I also periodically do searches for this board on Le Google. We have very few mentions. And an unfortunate mention by a flacebook user who called us CLOWNS!!

bc1103 No.5550


Alternative boards other than this one are dead AFAIK. You can check 8ch.net and click the link to see more new boards if you want to monitor it. New boards aren't created that rapidly so you can check back a month or so fairly easily.

7601d0 No.5551


yes. obviously aware of the main location. there are other chans and those places harder tor find. just wondering if they exist

b970f7 No.5552


thats why i say things have to happen before november 2018 elections…

alabama loss, here neck and neck… not normal!

6c15a8 No.5553


LOL that should be construed as being the ultimate seal of approval!

80c15b No.5554


The previous boards are still active; CBTS and TheStorm. Other boards have come and gone. As >>5550 stated, they are dead.

There are odd boards that don't do research but are Q related shitposting sprees. Other than that I only know of off chan locations.

80c15b No.5555


Lol. I saw it more as some ignorant biatch with a big mouth of whom has NFI what's going on.

My bad. I'm being judgmental :P

6c15a8 No.5556


I may have missed a critical piece of information here … was that comment made by the very emotionally stable BV that everybody has come to know for all the wrong reasons?

80c15b No.5557

File: 336a03eabdfbf2f⋯.png (2.81 KB, 279x181, 279:181, CryingEmoji.png)

QR is currently getting hammmered (Pic related)


Hahaha, I doubt it. I think it may have just been your run of the mill anon. Anyways, it didn't solicit much attention from anyone from what I recall. 1 comment and 1 share of which I was unable to track as I don't have a flakebook account.

bc1103 No.5558


The FE faggot has been going round the clock. They must be taking shifts.

6c15a8 No.5559


I actually found a specific mention of my Twatter name, and only that name, by a fake Q long ago on another board. Most curious. No descriptive comments. Just the ID.

80c15b No.5560


I'm a tad unwell at present and it's making it harder than usual to scroll through the rubbish as well as every other idiot who is telling them to die and arguing with them etc.

I really do miss the old days, ugh.

80c15b No.5561


Hmm, that's creepy.

bc1103 No.5562


With the PA election, I'm starting to think that perhaps for the last few days we've been under suppressing fire.

b970f7 No.5563

File: ef0615dabcdc4f6⋯.jpg (57.4 KB, 800x480, 5:3, 0518_shanghai_web[1].jpg)

File: 9b38b4cb601656f⋯.png (185.94 KB, 750x503, 750:503, 7bfad299ab69639f5373184336….png)

File: 2491631b2e4be5a⋯.jpg (479.03 KB, 1170x902, 585:451, Screenshot_17.jpg)

this q picture was found easily earlier, but want to put it here to have it on this board too…

80c15b No.5564


Yeah maybe. I dunno, I'm not so convinced that that's how clowns work. As I've stated a coup,e of breads back, shilling can just as easily be used to as reverse psychology. They could flood the board right when one anon or a group are going way of track. Heavy shill attack to make them think they're on the right path and voila, mission accomplished.

80c15b No.5565


Where is it, anon? Details, lol?

80c15b No.5566


Meh, sorry. Never mind. I squinted.

52d9e3 No.5567


That's what they are paid for. Do you think that there is one single rational person who actually believes in FE? Let alone, one who could argue the case for days, even weeks on end? The FErs are clowns, trained in rhetoric, and paid well for what they do.

b970f7 No.5568

File: 1955577c451fc4d⋯.jpg (310.99 KB, 1042x762, 521:381, Screenshot_19.jpg)


shanghai : huangpu river, view of shanghai tower & oriental pearl tower..

funny thing? picture is taken from same place this picture was taken from:


80c15b No.5569


You astound me, anon.

b970f7 No.5570


thx… that's what re-digging on the crumbs does lol… takes a lot of time, but see links now that i didn't before

b970f7 No.5571

File: 2ea43afd2ce82d5⋯.jpg (729.13 KB, 2016x1512, 4:3, 1510005033971[1].jpg)


see >>5179 & >>5189

seems like picture is taken from same black (or above) roof

80c15b No.5572


Any way of figuring out if they were taken on the same day? Excellent quality/res.

bc1103 No.5573


Anons need to stop evaluating the track they're on based on perceived shill activity. They get it wrong every time. It's flawed logic as well because they're assuming that the shills have far superior knowledge to their own, in advance, to be able to instantly identify a threatening lead and attempt to suppress it.

80c15b No.5574


I like you anon. You possess common sense. I'm very pleased that you found us. ;)

b970f7 No.5575

File: 701557d2e525ff4⋯.jpg (235.1 KB, 945x918, 35:34, Screenshot_20.jpg)



think it's not from the black building, but from the hotel behind it: hyatt on the bund hotel



don't know what day's they were taken, don't know a thing about metatags or whatever it's called

80c15b No.5576


And there I was picturing Q staying in a backpackers hostel when travelling, lol jk.

Me either, about the metatags.

Maybe BO could have a look.

b970f7 No.5577


lot the more i find out, the more i see a businessman in q… expensive hotels, nice places, private jet, ..

80c15b No.5578


'Wait until you learn who has been talking to you here.' :D

b970f7 No.5579


here? this board?

80c15b No.5580


Lol no. I copy pasted from a Q post.

I have no idea most the people on this board. For all we know Q could post as an anon here, but I highly doubt it. Why would they?

b970f7 No.5581

File: 1144306fe8c5ea1⋯.jpg (57.51 KB, 919x613, 919:613, c13d3a4f7bf5424eb5bb6a4880….jpg)

looks he gets a shirt n° 17

17th letter in alphabet = q

4da653 No.5582


Top Kek! it's a well understood "secret"

80c15b No.5583


hahaha, I love it!!!

4da653 No.5584


Good - we don't want all the facebookers in here

80c15b No.5585

I'm gonna have nightmares about Neoliberalism tonight, I'm sure of it. I've over saturated my brain with the fact that we've been living through the NWO for well over 3 decades.

I appreciate you guys so very much. I want you to know that. I have no one IRL to talk to about this stuff. They all think I'm a tinfoil hat wearing loony tune.


Them, among others. For sure.

4da653 No.5586


Nice find

b970f7 No.5587

there she goes again… could you imagine this as the president :o


80c15b No.5588


A Danish Prime Minister lost all face after tripping down stairs. It led to her not being reelected (according to analysts). Yet people would happily and willingly vote Hillary in and watch her stumble and blunder all over the place and ignore it every time.

80c15b No.5589

I've never heard of 75% of these people.

50 Celebrities Who Were Literally Born to Be Famous


Has anyone done any digging on >>>/qresearch/614610

b970f7 No.5590


>>>5134 & >>5135 & >>5136 & >>5137 & >>5138 & >>5139 : adopted kids

b970f7 No.5591

80c15b No.5592


Meh, forget it. I'm not touching it with a 10 foot barge pole. I've never been into pop culture and I'm not starting now.

I'm gonna go to bed. Love to all you magnificent anons out there.

G'night. :)

80c15b No.5593


Lol, thank you. I'll have a read of it in the morning. You rock, anon.

I didn't see it before the page updated.


80c15b No.5594

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Quick note before I find something braindead to watch while going to sleep ;)

Not the most pleasant bedtime viewing, but couldn't help clicking on it when it came up as a recommended vid for me.

BREAKING: Tony Podesta Creepy Photos Leaked!

b970f7 No.5595

File: 67f232fa1f79903⋯.jpg (35.21 KB, 920x231, 920:231, Screenshot_21.jpg)

damn… lost my internet for hours :( and i boycot united from now on… they killed a cute doggy :( :( :(

b970f7 No.5596


hmm that picture shouldn't be there, is from before i lost my internet and don't remember what i wanted to do with it.. sorry

b970f7 No.5597

File: 0ec4753839c3ca5⋯.jpg (28.89 KB, 650x540, 65:54, 13_03_2018-cliton[1].jpg)

huma was in india too

b970f7 No.5598




(Republicans plan to probe allegations that touch screen machines in Allegheny County were not properly calibrated and could have possibly registered votes for Lamb when the voter intended to vote for Saccone.

These attorneys also plan to allege that GOP attorneys were blocked from observing absentee ballots by Allegheny County election supervisors.

There are also some concerns that the newly court-drawn map for the next election caused confusion.)


this will be how dems win

6c15a8 No.5599

I hate to say it but QR is about 50/50 in full rebellion. And the UID count is about normal so this is not an influx of new shills.

Something needs to be done. And fast.

The last step will be when the detractors stop and the UID count drops. That will mean it's over for those people … they truly gave up and moved on.

Twatter is at about 25% of its normal traffic; "normal" being an average day when things were humming along.

Q is losing his following in droves when the entire point was to build it up.

On top of that, Ed has not posted since Friday and Q has not posted since Saturday.

I'd say this qualifies as a total meltdown and total anarchy across the boards.

Twatter has already passed the point of people just dropping the whole thing and moving on. None of the notifications I get are from the people who used to be the most active. It's all new people. The old ones have all left.

It really is dying out and fast. Scary stuff. I hope something big happens to pull people back. Inaction has been the biggest problem since all this started. The "following" should have been managed far differently from how it was, so that their expectations were not so wildly different from what actually occurred.

I"m going to be the last one to say it was all a LARP but at this point that's truly looking like the most likely scenario. There are just too many golden opportunities for action that keep being passed by. They are adding up, adding up, adding up, and the people are seeing nothing to override it or redirect popular sentiment.

It's our darkest hour so far. I'm praying LOTS that things get back on track.

b970f7 No.5600


no meltdown here, still working on digging and timeline..

fact is (imo) people want to help, want to put time in it, but people also want to see results.. and there are none really visible… people don't keep digging and pushing when results don't come out… and i understand what q says, i understand the others too.. seems like lots of perves and crooks walk free… and only real visible results are : censorship, msm has no problem pushing whatever they want, only few know different and come out… dems winning elections (rigged or not) … patience is good, but to keep the ball rolling and keep the following growing something should have been given to us… and that didn't really happen, not visible for us to show others and people give up because of it

6c15a8 No.5601

Here is my assessment of what's happening. Based on reality, not on shillhood.

The bad guys won. CIA has taken over the State Department. The Internet has fallen. Under absolute censorship. 25% of Dem candidates for 2018 are CIA. This board is in total revolution. The UID count is about normal for this time of day. These are not shills. These are "us." Two elections in a row have fallen to voter fraud, completely unopposed. We have not seen a single good guy victory since the tax bill. And that has been the only measurable victory.

There is one, and only one, card that nobody is recognizing. Trump recently met with 40 state governors.

That's a Constitutional Convention. Did any press cover that meeting? I don't think they did.

Think about it realistically. How do you systematically clean corruption on this scale? It can't be done.

Nothing is being done about the election because it doesn't need to be. It was said that Jones would be in office for a "very short time."

The EO on seized property ends in 7 days.

We had that one "interdasting" anon maybe a month back that said a total reset of the government was the plan all along. Constitutional convention. Dissolve the government and return to the Constitution of 1789 by reinstating it.

POTUS controls the military that nobody on Earth can challenge.

Here is the bottom line to all of it: when have you ever heard of any sitting President meeting with 40 state governors?

Maybe within the next 7 days it's all going to break loose. Total, absolute reset. New government across the board.

If not, we're fucked. If so, be ready. It's the only option left.

b970f7 No.5602

link on that meeting? haven't heard that

b970f7 No.5603

6c15a8 No.5604

c8e74d No.5605


Seeing HRC in India with Huma and talking such ridiculous stuff about how she lost b/c white women voted for Trump b/c their husbands told them too….has really HURT the cause.

I agree that something really needs to happen b/c I also see the morale is going down fast on QR & the psychological effects of the 'Nothing is happening', 'HRC is still free', 'Q lied to us', etc….is really starting to take a toll on people, hell even me sometimes (It makes me feel sad and unmotivated….then I have to remember WHY we are really here).

I also believe that there really is a Plan in place but the waiting is not what humans are best at especially when we have been lied to so many times and watched the corruption over and over again, know innocent people are being harmed/killed, and yet no damn body pays for it or we never see real justice for the likes of 'elites' like Hillary.

I have kept this all to myself on QR b/c I don't want to add to any of those posts or bring anyone else over there down.

Q taught me more than I ever knew and taught me how to make sure to do MY own investigating on people and made me question things that I never did before & make connections that I never would–so I have learned a lot. I wish things would go faster or at least we could see one big arrest….but this is WAR and WAR must be strategic and as Q says…the STAGE must be set. Maybe HRC in India making a complete ass out of herself with her comments, which also really upset many democrats, is part of setting the stage for her to go down….but then again Q said they made no deals with her.

I trust POTUS & our Military & Q….I keep the faith but I wish we could see something substantial happen….like the HRC video.

Sorry for my long winded rant.

6c15a8 No.5606


Right after we get an all-CIA State Department? What a coincidence.

6c15a8 No.5607


It is ugly out there beyond comprehension. Either we get that full reset or we are fucked.

b970f7 No.5608


yeah something isn't going the right way… or it's all a mislead.. but how many misleads were there already without truth coming out, things changing, jailtime, …

it certainly takes a toll on me too… have to admit that… keeping the faith, still, but it's hard… just because of all things we see happen and (thx to q drops) things we don't see happen (we know a lot, but nothing happens)…

c1226f No.5609


NWO, N = nuclear, nihilist, neoliberal, new, Nordic, necrophilic, necrotic, nasty, neurotic, neo-pelagian, nephilim, Nimrod, or na-na-na-na na-na-na-na hey-hey-hey good-bye!

6c15a8 No.5610


I just keep thinking of that one constant … POTUS never, ever telegraphs a move. It just blindsides people and it's already done. Everybody is looking for ways they can see it coming. There is no such thing. Instant and out of the blue … or not at all.

6c15a8 No.5611


Him losing like this is in total contradiction to what we've seen so far. Something is afoot. He has an ace up his sleeve and we will not know what it is until after it's played.

b970f7 No.5612

it's mainly frustrating to see HRC and Huma in india, to see that schaaf without punishment (tipping of illegals), to see those cops, fbi that messed up the signals from cruz before floridat shooting, … they all are above the law it seems… and that 's frustrating…

but still hoping mr Trump will win.. will win big… but the feeling to just sit and wait in stead of digging and such is very big… and that's what lots of anons feel

c8e74d No.5613


I do remember reading that the NYPD were sickened by what they saw on Weiners laptop and they made copies to leak if the FBI didn't do something with it….so either they lied or they know part of the plan to take her down with the videos. Also, it is very believable that Q and POTUS do have EVERYTHING regarding HRC….since we are talking about NSA here who were surveilling the whole country.

I also think that if something isn't done soon to help our movement, the veteranfag Anons will start taking things into their own hands….and will try to start a revolution b/c they have seen the worst of it and enough is enough!

Q is right, we did forget how to play. When is the last time you saw an angry mob of 1000's of Patriots protesting and demanding IBOR, HRC arrest, MSM stop Censoring? We let the left protest and riot but we never do.

b970f7 No.5614


>I also think that if something isn't done soon to help our movement, the veteranfag Anons will start taking things into their own hands….and will try to start a revolution b/c they have seen the worst of it and enough is enough!


that's my feeling lately…; we have to take back our freedom… cause they wont give it to us… and mr Trump seems not able (looks like it) at this point… and with the rigging in elections… well november '18 elections, if dems achieve their goal, mr Trump is done.. they will block everything and go hard after him and Russia, and there just isn't any Trump and Russia, but they don't care

c1226f No.5615


I personally do not buy the logic that the public could not handle the truth about the arrests of prominent figures. I cannot accept that it takes months of investigation to arrest known criminals and traitors such as the Clintons when people have known for years that they have been on a crime spree with clear evidence in the public domain and in police files (e.g. NYPD). They do not need to take down all of them at once. Give us one per month or week; we can adapt.

Why haven't the guilty parties involved with JFK assassination been brought to justice or at least exposed by POTUS directly to the people? (Those still living.)

Plus why has the law that allows propaganda in the media by the government (or others) targeted to the public in US not been changed yet? This allows fake news to continue.

Justice delayed is justice denied.

b970f7 No.5616

if things keep going forward like they are now, we even won't be able to watch "real news" or to give our opinion online without getting banned… and that's a problem..

c8e74d No.5617

Read the posts on QR on the #821 from ID: 6ab6ab

Pretty interesting posts

b970f7 No.5618

wtf… weird isn't it….why is he/she there and not here… there he will get banned

c1226f No.5619


I still support Q and POTUS and this endeavour. It is hard to redpill the MSM hypnotized crowd around me without some tangible high profile shakeups and arrests.

6c15a8 No.5620


Same here, ALWAYS … but we're at a crisis point where those to do the red pilling are being forced into cognitive dissonance. They must deny what they're seeing (total bad guy takeover) and not seeing (any appreciable counter by the good guys). You can only barrel your way forward for so long on bullying, pressure, demands, threats, and condemnation. At some point you either produce the goods or you remain a source for hot air and nothing more.

b970f7 No.5621



b970f7 No.5622

File: a2abb36b57dae9f⋯.jpg (30.9 KB, 728x382, 364:191, hillary-clinton-wedding-ri….jpg)

File: dcc79f203053c16⋯.jpg (92.17 KB, 992x744, 4:3, CtUs3Q9WAAAd2ki[1].jpg)

File: b7fc5a992a80f14⋯.jpg (47.15 KB, 610x430, 61:43, hillary-clinton-wedding-ri….jpg)

same ring?

no wedding ring in benghazi-hearing?

b970f7 No.5623

haley bashing russia again… siding with UK… security counsel meeting… damn i hate that bitch!!!

80c15b No.5624

File: b54f07a5b786b5c⋯.jpg (33.32 KB, 300x439, 300:439, acee7dd037883a34337a184518….jpg)

Good morning anons.

After catching up on this bread I don't feel so bad about losing the plot over IBOR, 2 nights ago!

Mar 10 2018 14:34:54 (EST) Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: ff7ea4 614610

They made many current/former enslaved children famous.

Hollywood is filled w/ them.


Find the loudest voices.


'''Who was adopted?

Who was born in?'''

They thought the SHEEP would follow the STARS.


Does either of these two do anything in anymore? In public, I mean.

b970f7 No.5625


b970f7 No.5626


if ya listen to UK, they sound as if they already decided Russia did it (skripal) before it happened.. don't buy it.. and US shouldn't buy it either!

6c15a8 No.5627


Yes they get salon makeovers to go work the fields and one does it with her A cup bra exposed on one side because the photographer told her it would make men drool.

80c15b No.5628


I watched a couple of snippets from Nicole Richie's show 'Candidly Nicole'. Its utter rubbish, and I mean worse than the usual utter rubbish.

I was figuring that the mention of 'Models'; both Paris and Niccky Hilton having modeled, and Nicole Richie having been adopted that Q may have been pointing us to them.

Something interesting about Paris. At age 16, Hilton spent one year at the Provo Canyon School for emotionally troubled teens.

Also, remember that sex tape of hers? I'd never heard of her prior to that. I guess that was their way of getting her into the spot light. After that tape she was everywhere.

Another observation is that perhaps the family isn't counting on her for much. She's engaged to a nobody with a net worth of $2mill. Nicky has worn the responsibility and expectation.

Nicky attended the same school as Lady Gaga.

Paris and Ivanka were childhood friends. But what can be read into that, lol? Ivanka was friends with Chelsea, as well.

I had to start somewhere with it. I may be way off and probably am but Q will never say one way or the other, urgh………..

b970f7 No.5629

stop school violence act: solve the problem by throwing money out of the window, give those groups more money to put in their pockets and wave with the money and say: problem solved…

i'm done for today… soo much bs happening lately… dumb things… things going worse in stead of better… tomorrow a new day, hope ed drops in… and that things have to become worse before becoming better.. see ya ;)

80c15b No.5630


Bye for today anon. rest up well. :)

355d35 No.5631

Anyone mind posting the link to the QR board ? I’m to blonde to figure out how to get back in 😂😂😎🇺🇸

80c15b No.5632

Lalalala La La Lalalala Laaaaaa.

I'm way off. Back to the drawing board!

6c15a8 No.5633


Celebrities are pure evil. I smile every time one dies.

80c15b No.5634

File: 9dee9fd50b24053⋯.jpg (114.27 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, a_ov_Pepe_160928.jpg)


I think I need to move on to something else.

Don't think we are meant to dig on that drop. It's kind of stating the obvious. Meh, not sure. Getting weary.

Info overload, of which I know I'm doing to myself. I'm the one who made the choice to dig into it all… /sigh

On a comical note; I have no idea why this came up as one of my search results. Gave me a good laugh.


c1226f No.5635


Should we be saying Laddie Guy-Guy instead of Lady Ga-Ga?

I remember the first time I saw her singing in an 80s throwback costume (gold lamay) she seemed to have a little extra packing in the groin area of her one-piece leotard. I thought her outfit looked weird and unflattering. Later I heard her reveal that the first time her father saw her stage performance that he was horrified and disowned her. It makes more sense now to consider that she may be a transexual or transvestite, and that may explain her father's harsh reaction.

c1226f No.5636



I'm not sure it will work but I have copied and pasted the url.

One trick I have used is to click on the star next to the board name at the top and once it turns yellow it becomes a link at the top of your 8chan page. I have done that for Q research and Q research 2nd gen. I just click on that link when I want to switch back and forth or if I want to get to the latest Q research board. But now on the Q research board you have to scroll down the page quite a ways to get to the latest thread.

80c15b No.5637

Well, I'm in agreeance with you guys.

I just opened QR to see what line of inquiry is happened in there, but much to my disappointment there doesn't appear to be one.

A complete shambles. Is unfortunate that little bits and pieces of decent info and diggings are getting swamped and lost.

THEY WANT YOU DIVIDED. It's not the division that's killing it ATM.


From what I've read, the parents are quite Catholic. I think that would be enough for her father to be horrified. I dunno, I couldn't say about the little extra package. I've never seen hr perform, nor any of her vid clips.

355d35 No.5638

Ty anon I will try it ! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Bless you and your work anons !

80c15b No.5639

QR will soon get to 666666 posts, lol. Can't wait to see what comment it fetches :P

80c15b No.5640

Superior timing!


80c15b No.5642

File: c5d9628adc3db96⋯.png (514.72 KB, 1284x633, 428:211, DammitQR.png)

c1226f No.5643


Was that you posting? If so, kek!

80c15b No.5644


Lol no, but I commend the choice of content and timing of the kickass anon who did.

80c15b No.5645

3 hours of silence 5 hours of solid digging.

I'm posting for the sake of posting because it's far too quiet in here!

6c15a8 No.5646


Us, QR, the entire movement is in its worst and darkest hour of total anarchy, chaotic meltdown. Many are in denial, most turn on each other, but the situation is what it is.

The way out is not Q or Ed posting or POTUS doing this or that. The way out is in doing something new with our own lives.

80c15b No.5647


I gave up watching QR after around 20 minutes of what's become the usual BLAH!!

I'm digging on the Merkel stuff.

Don't know what more I can do to change things in my own life. I can't stand most the people I'm surrounded by and the ones I do like, think I'm nuts. They don't understand why I still care.

A way out? I'm not sure that I was looking for one in the first place. I'd all but given up. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I haven't lost anything for the effort. I'm just back where I started.

7601d0 No.5648


This is worth looking at. It also appeared on pol today with additional pictures.

80c15b No.5649


I looked and now need stronger pain medication.

I don't think my neurons were built for all of this.

80c15b No.5650

There's endless amazing info and dot connections in here. Its not easy to navigate, and the inclusion of so much detail makes it a heavy read. Its extremely thorough and easy to get lost in, and I mean LOST. It goes very deep.


53dae0 No.5651

I read many of the comments above, with Anons starting to doubt the project.

I did feel a bit of those feelings myself, BUT I asked myself, what am I not seeing? What is the big pictures? What are the results so far?

I started thinking about NK and how it's being solved. No arrest, no fire shot, no war… I started thinking how Afghanistan is being resolved… No war, no shot fired. The Gen went there to create RECONCILIATION.


See the pattern here? Maybe expectations are different than the actual solutions. Why are JT and HRC running in India? Why is JT refusing to meet with the king of Belgium? Lots of strange things happening.

The world IS changing….

b970f7 No.5652


that's not america first ;-) but i understand your thinking, have the same, but still in us there are people above the law… at this point.. and that's frustrating for me…

53dae0 No.5653


there are 2 investigations on CF at the same time… patience

53dae0 No.5654

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vtFKGZwSQQ

b970f7 No.5655


have a lot of patience.. but like i said earlier, if things in elections in november go bad and nothing has happened.. than i'm done

80c15b No.5656


Anons have lost momentum.

QR has been overrun, not by clowns and shills, but by idiots.

Q has dumped a shit load of ambiguous crap that we go down a hundred and one garden paths with little to no indication if we're on the right one.

And Hillary Clinton is smiling, laughing and having a wonderful time.

The shitty thing is that she's not the most evil of the evil, only the face of it. Still, everyone wants her dangling, and wants it yesterday.

53dae0 No.5657


Look we are here, aren't we? the idiots are over there, we are here. We need to keep on catching the smart ones before they disappear into nature and keep on going….

We need to push the internet bill of right… send a rough draft to a senator… if we don't do our part, we cannot ask for more…

b970f7 No.5658


without my twatter and fb i have found 27 people of which i'm certain they signed ibor… more said they were going to sign, but don't know for certain if they did, cause i don't have internet-connection with them.. the 27 i'm certain about…. without the followers i had on fb & twatter (more than 1000) it's very difficult for me to get more people to sign… still trying

c98111 No.5659

Ugh glad i found this board. Just got done reading a bit on QR and it is essentially turning in to a /b/ of semi-q/political dumpster fire nonsense.

That, compiled with Reddit banning the CBTS_Stream sub (20k ish people), makes it really hard to want to keep being involved.

Think i will hang here for now. My eyes and brain are strained and i am going to bed.

80c15b No.5660


I'm here and I'm not going anywhere, YET. I don't know how many of us are here. Some have dropped off.

How do we catch the smart ones? It's not like we can advertise.

IBOR. I don't know what to do any more. I make memes, and I can tell you, to make a good one takes time and effort. They get around 3000 impressions, a couple of likes, maybe 5 to 10 retweets and circulate around the same group of people who are already aware. I'm running out of ideas for the IBOR.

I've been reading non stop today. I'm tired and weary. I'll be going to sleep in a couple of hours and I hope that when I get back on here tomorrow that anons have jumped back into it. It's really not very motivating to watch one board full of utter rubbish and another board that no one comments on for hours on end, LMAO.

80c15b No.5661


G'night anon, see you in the morning, I take it!

b970f7 No.5662


gnight and you're welcome here :D

b970f7 No.5663


that's the problem i have.. i'm on gab, have a couple of followers, but are in the same circle as i am…. impossible to reach non-believers at this point for me.. against me personally, fb & twatter won with their censorschip…lost a lot because of it…

well since i'm awake now, i'll go further on the timeline… problem is, q posted so much, so much cryptic, so much different roads, and lots of times no indication if we are on the right track…. the timeline is getting more like a book at this point.. but it clarifies a lot for me..

53dae0 No.5664


Night night, rest well, we all need you !

53dae0 No.5665



Ok let's start with a little research… which congressman/woman would be the most suitable to introduce that bill… any of them have a history of commenting on censorship? Let's start with that…

b970f7 No.5666


think ya have to look in the freedom caucus

80c15b No.5667


Your patience and digging is much appreciated anon. As well as all the administrative work you do for the board.

Since you're awake, Good Morning.


Alrighty. I'm in. We're on it ;)

Let's get this ball rolling again!

b970f7 No.5668

hmm bolton considered for nsa??? he's a warhawk, and a globalist ?

80c15b No.5669


Lol, that's coming up in a heap of my serch results as well.

80c15b No.5670

This's interesting. I'm getting pretty tired, so only glossed through it, so far, but might be helpful in some way.


80c15b No.5671

Are we getting closer?

H.Res.307 - Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives relating to protecting freedom of speech, thought, and expression at institutions of higher education.


b970f7 No.5672


gaetz! that could be our man

80c15b No.5673


and others -

Mr. Roe of Tennessee (for himself, Mr. Allen, Mr. Rokita, Mr. Grothman, Mr. Lewis of Minnesota, Mr. Byrne, and Mr. Raskin) submitted the following resolution;

b970f7 No.5674

for a second, think with me…

nov 14 2017 q posts the lords prayer

dec 8 2017 pope announces lords prayer is translated wrong in one part

55 days difference

q says:

The "marker."

Learn to read the map.

News unlocks the map.


what is the marker in this message?


b970f7 No.5675


words between ' '

‘they’ ‘another’ ‘directly’

doesn't ring a bell immediately…

trying to get a clean view on this, without all the noise that was there in qr at the time and all the wild roads of thinking there were

80c15b No.5676


Where do you get the 55 days from?

I was under the impression that the markers were the timings between Q posting then POTUS tweeting 1,5,10,15 minutes later.

And I think the quotations are just quotations, no deeper meaning other than giving emphasis to the words.

b970f7 No.5677


You are right, i see i have taken 10/14 instead of 11/14

should be

24 days


b970f7 No.5678


q clearly points to the lords prayer he posted and to the mesage in news of the pope wanting to change the lords prayer… he talks about learn to read the map, "the marker"

b970f7 No.5679


next message he says "tangent"

but don't know a thing about mathematics lol

53dae0 No.5680


He has 2 addresses Fort Walton Beach Office

*Call for an appointment*

1170 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. Bldg. 4, Rm 454

Phone: (850) 479-1183 | Fax: (850) 479-9394

Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547

Pensacola Office

226 S. Palafox Place, 6th Floor

Phone: (850) 479-1183 | Fax: (850) 479-9394

Pensacola, FL 32502

53dae0 No.5681


Roe may be less busy than Gaetz due to the density of the state… also 2 addresses

Kingsport Office:

205 Revere Street

Kingsport, TN 37660

Phone: (423) 247-8161

fax: (423) 247-0119

Morristown Office:

1609 Walters State CC Drive, Unit 4

Morristown, TN 37813

Phone: (423) 254-1400

fax: (423) 254-1403

80c15b No.5682


S/he specifically puts 'Tuesday Nov 4th' at the top of the repost. Not sure if that has anything to do with the marker. Hmm, why IS that there?

I'm not sure that it was ever confirmed in any way shape or form, or whether it just became general consensus among anons, but Tangent was said to be Gannett. I also recall something about TENGA.

I do remember at the time that I had a good laugh about Tangent, because that's what everyone was doing. They were all going off on speculative tangents… lol, lol, lol.

80c15b No.5683


Picture this unhappy face as an extremely unhappy face :(

I'm not American! :( :(

Believe me, I'd be right on it like a fly on shit if I was. I want this as much as you guys. It's for all of us.

80c15b No.5684


I'll see if I can work it into memes tomorrow. Too tired to start now. Will be going and collapsing soon.

b970f7 No.5685

File: b8197cf38e67488⋯.jpg (103.7 KB, 477x600, 159:200, Screenshot_23.jpg)


lol remember that… q also says "double meanings" a lot, that's why i added tangent also to this…

in the original q message there is no date above… so i don't think it's important

53dae0 No.5686


You can still help… maybe we can review our draft and check for spelling errors etc. And maybe a letter signed Anonymous? We will then review it and we will send it in

53dae0 No.5687


EDIT: maybe you can review…

b970f7 No.5688


don't be :( try to help however you can in here… just like me… i'm not the person that should contact any officials in name, or with links to me… 99% chance they throw it in the bin immediately or i'll get visitors again… so for me it's dig in here, help in here and do the things i can do to help…. :)

80c15b No.5689


Hahah, me and spelling. ;)

I'll try working on an anonymous letter, though. And get someone else to check it for spelling and grammar.


I'm not being down on myself about it. I've done and am doing a lot to kick things along. It's just frustrating being so limited. It's also a pain not being all that familiar with the way things work there, but I'm learning.

I can be a cheerleader, at the least. When I'm not complaining and disheartened, that is, hehe.

b970f7 No.5690


you're doing good than ;-) and don't talk spelling to me… i stopped school at 12 & grew up between 3 languages, so my errors always will be worse lol

80c15b No.5691


Why would Q randomly add a date that is neither the date of the original posting, nor the date of that posting? It's a far in the past date in relation to that post.

b970f7 No.5692


only started to talk and write english again (after many years) the second mr trump and his beauty came down the escalator

53dae0 No.5693



That's why spellchecks exist! No worries. America needs your minds, not your grammar! You are amazing patriots! Nothing to worry about.

53dae0 No.5694

Oh… Bill Gates is going to WH for PRIVATE meeting…. interesting…

6c15a8 No.5695

A guy I served under in the Army, who is now an FB friend, once commented that I have an overview of life that naturally occurs on a much wider bandwidth from most people. It's why I'm so good at seeing patterns and interpreting situations: I can zoom in and out at will and effortlessly get more varying viewpoints than most ever will. What is all that showing me here?

Everybody here should be proud of themselves. Seriously. It doesn't matter if you are gung-ho, frustrated, angry, happy, calm, upset, or anything else. What are you ultimately doing about it? You're here, interacting. What can possibly come of that? Are you attacking other anons? You are not. Are you making some attempt at expressing what you personally going through? Most likely - each in your own way. And maybe you should. Maybe you have a duty to do that. Nobody else will ever be you. You are the only shot the world ever gets at having a "you." So if you're not here to cause destruction, what else can possibly come from your being here?

You get back on track. Back onto a productive track. You have done everything except abandon the mission that brought you here: make our nation, or your nation, or the world overall, a better place.

So even if you see yourself as having failed, maybe you're really the ultimate success story: no matter what you went through or endured, no matter what was done to you, no matter how serious the abandonment that you personally experienced (whether others judge that to be valid or not), you looked for solutions to the very end. Whether you realized it or not. Otherwise you wouldn't be here at all. You'd be off doing something else.

How much better does it get?

We are clearly in our darkest hour. An enormous shift has happened. Humans are adaptable to a frightening degree. We change (grow) at the drop of a pin. As such, all the things that kept us motivated until recently always did have a shelf life. A limit to their range of effectiveness. And that limit was reached. Not because any of us are particularly weak or damaged, but because we are so UN-damaged that the things motivating us until now were assimilated. They become normal, no longer specially motivating. They didn't change, so we did. We outgrew them; we outgrew their influence. We are functioning perfectly. Time passed, we outgrew the stimuli that were moving us forward, and that's that.

Note that we all shifted as a group, indicating it really wasn't an issue of any one of us individually. It was human nature kicking in. The situation could not have unfolded differently than it has.

Even if it all ended already, you have been changed in ways you may never truly see. A certain amount of engineering your own reality, creating and finding solutions, finding a way to connect things, became normal where it wasn't normal before. Translate that to your own personal life: I really want this new car … maybe 6 months ago it would be "well I just don't have the money," and that would be that. Now, maybe it's (very automatically) well I could move this over here, and get a little extra money doing that, and if I arrange this like this and slide that thing over there, I could probably make it work.

What else have you been doing for four and a half months? The carryover into your daily life will be automatic. You may or may not ever see it. But it cannot be avoided. You stretched your bounds, you pushed your limits, and a new way of thinking became ingrained. You can never undo that experience. For the rest of your days, that experience will be making your personal life better than it would have been, had you never become involved with all this.

Whatever your condition might be, you are still voluntarily hanging with the unit and looking for a way forward - any way at all that works for you personally. How much better could it possibly get?

53dae0 No.5696


Cheers, Anon!

Also, do not forget, we have entered PHASE 2. POTUS repeats it almost every day. It is a DIFFERENT phase, let's get it done!

b970f7 No.5697


wow thank you.. find it motivating… thx

6c15a8 No.5698


I still think that big gigantic blindside is coming. Yes, I'm prepared for Friday to come and go with nothing happening. But I expect otherwise. It is truly "expect the best but prepare for the worst."

The shock wave is coming. I can just feel it. I can never completely dismiss the idea that I could be dead wrong. But I think it's coming. A lead-up today and the grand finale tomorrow.

We'll see … stay on target … stay on target…

80c15b No.5699

Tues Nov 4th was in 2008 (also 2014, but 2008 was bigger)

Does anyone remember anything significant happening on that day? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

Perhaps unrelated but that damn date is there for a reason on that post.


BO to the rescue!

Well said, anon.

With that said, I must away. The laptop's warming up, the furry baby's already trotted off down the passage, and it's time for my head to hit my pillow.

Good night you wonderful and most magnificent anons, you.

6c15a8 No.5700


Sleep well … regenerate …

6c15a8 No.5701


I personally think this is a Q-helper anon. Something to dig.

b970f7 No.5702

part 1



can't be that those are all markers, but important i guess they are… ;)

- we are joined by many, many people in the military and great American patriots. Thank you very much! When you remember the campaign, I said, let me begin by wishing each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas.

-  In our campaign for the presidency, we defied the pundits, the politicians, and the special interests because ours was a movement of the people and it really was. It was a movement of you. It was a movement of the people. It was a movement to make America great again. It's happening. It's happening. 

- We're going to speak the plain truth and really the truth that you just want to hear. You have to hear. They don't want to hear. 

- It's a spider web. … I call it a spider's web. There is a lot of Washington lobbyists, bureaucrats, politicians who don't want to see things changed. They have made fortune. Areas around Washington, D.C. are the richest areas in this country. You saw it the other night. A list came out. We have five areas that are among the richest areas in the country.

- That's because everybody is making a fortune and people outside of that area are paying for the money they are making we're not going to have it. They like things the way things used to be. They don't like it so much now. 

- Look, it's being proven we have a rigged system. It doesn't happen so easy. But this system, there will be a lot of changes. This is a rigged - - this is a rigged system. This is a sick system from the inside.

And, you know, there is no country like our country but we have a lot of sickness in some of our institutions and we're working very hard. We have a lot of them straightened out. But we do have, we really do. We have a rigged system in this country that we have to change it. Terrible. Terrible.

- They are resisting progress. They're resisting change. Because the only thing they really care about is protecting what they have been able to do, which is really control the country and not to your benefit.

That's all going to happen. That's just a part of what's going on.

- Thanks to General Mattis and the military leaders and the allies. Mad Dog. Mad Dog Mattis. [Applause] Mad Dog Mattis. Thanks to Mad Dog Mattis that we have great military leaders.

- By the way, can those people fly or what? … And it's really time. This isn't a Republican thing or Democratic thing or anything.

- But one by one we are finding the illegal alien drug dealers, the gang members, the thieves, the criminals, and the killers preying on our children, preying on everybody, and we are throwing them the hell out of our country or we are putting them in prison. 

- Hey, they left me with North Korea. They left me with a mess in the Middle East. They left me with Afghanistan, which is – was a disaster … They left me with a mess. But we're cleaning up the mess, we're cleaning it up, and with time, we'll have it spinning like a top.

b970f7 No.5703

Part 2

- We give them a $150 billion right? We give them a $150 billion, but here's the thing… smaller money, but think of this. We give them $1.8 billion in cash. I mean, I like green. In fact, it was so much cash, that they had to go to other countries also because we didn't have enough cash in Washington DC. They loaded up planes with cash. Can you believe, the president has that kind of power. I don't want to ever try it. No, but can you believe that the presidency has the power to send bushel loads of cash to Iran, probably for hostages, probably – $1.8 billion, probably for hostages. So sad, We don't do that. We don't do that anymore.

- As part of the campaign of maximum pressure on the vile dictatorship of North Korea, we have imposed the toughest ever sanctions passed by the United Nations Security Council, and we have a lot of other sanctions. But you know, I don't know that sanctions are going to work with him. We got to give it a shot. You know, we'll see. Who knows? I just tell you folks, you're in good hands. That's all I can say. That's all I can say.

- That is why my administration is taking power back from global bureaucrats and returning that power back to the American people, and you see it all the time. You see it economically, you see it at the church. You see it in every different way.

- Yet there are powerful forces, in Washington, trying to sabotage our movement. These are bad people. These are very, very bad and evil people. They know who they are. These are the people who made their money, their names, their careers, their power off the corrupt and broken system, and they liked it the other way. So they will do anything, at any time, and they'll never stop.

But you know what we're stopping them. You're seeing that right now, you're seeing that right now, we're stopping them. It's corrupt, it's rigged and we're stopping them. They will lie and leak and smear, because they don't want to accept the results of an election where we won by a landslide. 

- But remember this, the same failed voices in Washington who opposed our movement right from the beginning are the same people who have undermined the credibility of our government institutions. They are the same ones who gave us one terrible trade deal after another, and one foreign policy blunder and disaster after another, with no accountability and no apology.

The Washington insiders who oppose our movement are the same people who sacrificed our sovereignty, our wealth, our borders, look at our country, we owe $20 trillion, think of it. We have spent, as of two months ago, almost $7 trillion in the Middle East. And do you know what we have? We have nothing. It's worse than it was 17 years ago when they started.

- So we don't need the advice from the Washington swamp. We need to drain the swamp and we're going to do it and we are doing it. 

That's why I don't really care about all the bitter attacks, all the phony stuff going on. Big media, special interests, phonies all. They are not here to protect you. They are only here to preserve and to protect themselves. And you are finding that out.

- Your voice will never ever be ignored again. They are all going to be coming after you for every election from now on in this country. You will never be ignored again. Your dreams are my dreams. Your hopes are my hopes. And your future is what I am fighting for each and every day. 

- As long as we have the courage of our convictions, and the strength to see them through, then there is no goal beyond our reach. As long as we are true to our values, loyal to our citizens, and faithful to our God, then we will not fail. 

- This is your land. This is your home. And it's your voice that matters the most. So speak up, be heard, and fight, fight, fight for the change you have been waiting for your entire life, for the change that you already see happening. Our revolution didn't end on November 8th. That was just the beginning.

- The greatest adventure still lies ahead. Never give in, never give up, never back down, and never ever stop dreaming. 

80c15b No.5704

A reminder for me tomorrow.


Really going to sleep now.

b970f7 No.5705

worrisome… here lots of people on radioshows and such talk about "dumping trump" when bolton gets NSA… because of warhawk/neocon/….

hope mr trump is smarter than appointing bolton… i really do…. cause else he won't get his 8 years imo….

let's hope the rumor is what it is: a rumor… seeing all that happened before and things said and not true, let's hope this is something like that

b0bb05 No.5706


No, they're just not retarded. It stands out at the moment.

53dae0 No.5707

File: 34824e008075e62⋯.png (311.73 KB, 502x288, 251:144, ClipboardImage.png)

53dae0 No.5708


Beginning in 1939 and lasting for five years, the Council achieved much greater prominence within the government and the State Department, when it established the strictly confidential War and Peace Studies, funded entirely by the Rockefeller Foundation.[3]:23 The secrecy surrounding this group was such, that the Council members who were not involved in its deliberations were completely unaware of the study group's existence.[3]:26 It was divided into four functional topic groups: economic and financial, security and armaments, territorial, and political. The security and armaments group was headed by Allen Welsh Dulles who later became a pivotal figure in the CIA's predecessor, the Office of Strategic Services. The CFR ultimately produced 682 memoranda for the State Department, marked classified and circulated among the appropriate government departments.[

b970f7 No.5709


muellers witness

53dae0 No.5710


In November 1979, while chairman of the CFR, David Rockefeller became embroiled in an international incident when he and Henry Kissinger, along with John J. McCloy and Rockefeller aides, persuaded President Jimmy Carter through the State Department to admit the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, into the US for hospital treatment for lymphoma. This action directly precipitated what is known as the Iran hostage crisis and placed Rockefeller under intense media scrutiny (particularly from The New York Times) for the first time in his public life.[5][6] In his book White House Diary, Carter wrote of the affair, "April 9 [1979] David Rockefeller came in, apparently to induce me to let the shah come to the United States. Rockefeller, Kissinger, and Brzezinski seem to be adopting this as a joint project…"

53dae0 No.5711

File: 597ddc56af72364⋯.png (165.67 KB, 1096x558, 548:279, ClipboardImage.png)

b970f7 No.5712

53dae0 No.5713

File: 37441a1af7aedd6⋯.png (232.97 KB, 316x477, 316:477, ClipboardImage.png)

53dae0 No.5714

File: 5ae9bb8a7cc7a7b⋯.png (231.17 KB, 520x293, 520:293, ClipboardImage.png)



53dae0 No.5715

File: b39af86bf01993e⋯.png (188.88 KB, 1440x942, 240:157, ClipboardImage.png)

daa245 No.5716



b970f7 No.5717


daa245 No.5718

Jared Polis $143,218,562.00

Nancy Pelosi $101,123,032.00

Nita M. Lowey $41,210,018.00

Carolyn B. Maloney $28,605,505.00

Rosa L. DeLauro $16,626,008.00

Lloyd Doggett $15,008,544.00

Shelley Berkley $13,662,359.00

Jackie Speier $12,517,035.00

John A. Yarmuth $9,608,004.00

Jim Cooper $7,472,020.00

John Garamendi $6,948,503.00

Kurt Schrader $6,401,531.00

Heath Shuler $6,275,511.50

Earl Blumenauer $4,924,520.00

Niki Tsongas $4,566,021.00

Al Green $4,532,505.00

William R. Keating $4,415,026.00

Peter Welch $4,396,553.00

Jim Himes $4,324,025.00

Pete Stark $3,963,507.00

John Barrow $3,758,001.00

Carolyn McCarthy $3,753,658.00

Jim Costa $3,614,503.00

Steven R. Rothman $3,485,529.00

Bill Pascrell Jr $3,386,520.00

Bill Owens $3,306,015.00

John D. Dingell $3,250,546.00

James P. McGovern $2,853,505.00

Allyson Schwartz $2,830,021.00

David Price $2,665,539.00

Stephen Ira Cohen $2,589,537.00

Loretta Sanchez $2,466,000.00

Nick Rahall $2,445,377.00

Gary Peters $2,420,582.00

Louise M. Slaughter $2,387,009.00

Susan A. Davis $2,383,525.00

Mazie K. Hirono $2,362,516.00

Sam Farr $2,114,510.00

Peter DeFazio $2,104,008.00

Daniel Lipinski $2,045,029.00

Gerry Connolly $2,001,523.00

Jim Langevin $1,988,011.00

Judy Chu $1,917,012.00

Colleen Hanabusa $1,888,506.00

Dutch Ruppersberger $1,855,522.00

Sander Levin $1,846,624.00

Anna Eshoo $1,841,505.00

Luis V. Gutierrez $1,774,507.00

Dan Boren $1,768,008.00

G. K. Butterfield $1,759,135.00

Brad Sherman $1,731,008.00

Mike Thompson $1,730,504.00

Robert A. Brady $1,640,503.00

Xavier Becerra $1,588,528.00

Zoe Lofgren $1,555,518.00

Rush Holt $1,531,005.00

Edward J. Markey $1,494,512.00

Doris O. Matsui $1,467,010.00

Frederica S. Wilson $1,329,006.00

Timothy H. Bishop $1,283,002.00

Diana DeGette $1,267,012.00

Michael E. Capuano $1,262,011.00

Charles B. Rangel $1,252,009.00

Pete Visclosky $1,225,012.00

Representative State Average Net Worth

Howard L. Berman $1,181,670.00

Kathy Castor $1,164,017.00

Henry A. Waxman $1,150,510.00

John W. Olver $1,119,509.00

Ed Pastor $1,072,005.00

Leonard L. Boswell $1,067,501.00

Barney Frank $1,064,512.00

Adam Schiff $1,052,016.00

Maxine Waters $1,013,009.00

Edwin G. Perlmutter $967,519.00

David N. Cicilline $966,001.00

Dennis Cardoza $964,512.00

Jim Matheson $956,512.00

Sheila Jackson Lee $935,005.00

Ron Kind $909,510.00

Melvin L. Watt $905,021.00

Emanuel Cleaver $891,506.00

Gabrielle Giffords $865,516.00

Gary Ackerman $862,510.00

Elijah E. Cummings $815,502.00

Maurice Hinchey $800,509.00

Bennie G. Thompson $773,013.00

Jim McDermott $767,756.00

Marcia L. Fudge $764,006.00

Chellie Pingree $750,000.00

Bob Filner $742,008.00

Norm Dicks $706,003.00

George Miller $668,006.00

Ben Chandler $654,006.00

Mike Honda $639,505.00

John F. Tierney $636,007.00

Ted Deutch $635,007.00

Donald M. Payne $628,006.00

Stephen F. Lynch $623,503.00

Betty Sue Sutton $613,511.00

Dale E. Kildee $606,004.00

Henry Cuellar $589,004.00

Tammy Baldwin $564,502.00

Robert E. Andrews $547,504.00

Tim Holden $547,010.00

Marcy Kaptur $537,008.00

Mike Michaud $524,011.00

Gene Green $522,503.00

John Carney $517,515.00

John Sarbanes $517,507.00

Lucille Roybal-Allard $501,006.00

David Loebsack $499,008.00

Mark Critz $492,508.00

Lynn Woolsey $490,505.00

Frank Pallone Jr $473,525.00

Danny K. Davis $460,507.00

Karen Bass $458,002.00

Bruce Braley $435,508.00

Adam Smith $407,507.00

Barbara Lee $392,503.00

Rick Larsen $390,511.00

James E. Clyburn $388,267.00

David Scott $383,001.00

Joe Courtney $364,010.00

Jerry F. Costello $347,502.00

Russ Carnahan $328,001.00

Jay Inslee $323,511.00

Hansen Clarke $304,004.00

Mike Ross $304,004.00

Representative State Average Net Worth

Chris Van Hollen $296,503.00

John B. Larson $280,004.00

Jason Altmire $279,504.00

Jesse Jackson Jr $276,507.00

Collin C. Peterson $263,005.00

Chaka Fattah $250,001.00

Brad Miller $248,514.00

Timothy J. Walz $247,502.00

Edolphus Towns $239,506.00

Jan Schakowsky $223,012.00

Linda Sanchez $218,009.00

Joseph Crowley $211,009.00

Robert C. Scott $209,025.00

Eliot L. Engel $199,002.00

Tim Ryan $191,502.00

Albio Sires $188,503.00

Mike Doyle $175,000.00

Joe Donnelly $174,005.00

Raul M. Grijalva $163,504.00

Brian M. Higgins $146,005.00

daa245 No.5719


Richard E. Neal $126,505.00

Mike McIntyre $124,503.00

Lois Capps $113,006.00

Yvette D. Clarke $105,003.00

Larry Kissell $94,004.00

Christopher S. Murphy $90,503.00

Betty McCollum $88,005.00

John Lewis $72,004.00

Martin Heinrich $69,507.00

Charlie A. Gonzalez $58,501.00

Steny H. Hoyer $57,002.00

Mike Quigley $42,500.00

Ben R. Lujan $40,501.00

Gwen Moore $40,002.00

Dennis J. Kucinich $33,503.00

Jose E. Serrano $32,500.00

William L. Clay Jr $32,002.00

Donna Edwards $30,921.00

Jerrold Nadler $28,001.00

Joe Baca $24,502.00

Cedric L. Richmond $19,001.00

Jerry McNerney $9,001.00

Eddie Bernice Johnson $8,501.00

Silvestre Reyes $8,000.00

Paul Tonko $8,000.00

Corrine Brown $3,501.00

Jim Moran $0.00

Gregory W. Meeks $0.00

Kathy Hochul $0.00

Bobby L. Rush $0.00

Hank Johnson $0.00

Janice Hahn $0.00

Keith Ellison ($14,497.00)

Andre Carson ($25,998.00)

Debbie Wasserman Schultz ($27,496.00)

Steve Israel ($55,000.00)

Grace Napolitano ($91,999.00)

John Conyers Jr ($120,001.00)

Nydia M. Velazquez ($146,999.00)

Sanford D. Bishop Jr ($159,496.00)

Terri Sewell ($173,493.00)

Laura Richardson ($383,496.00)

Ruben Hinojosa ($2,500,488.00)

Alcee L. Hastings ($4,732,002.00)

daa245 No.5720


Hastings is in big doo doo

daa245 No.5721


Least wealthy congressman[edit]

In a 2011 survey of U.S. lawmakers, the Center for Responsive Politics named Hastings the "Poorest Member of Congress," with a 2010 average net worth of −$4,732,002.[25] His congressional financial disclosure form indicated that, as of 2010, Hastings did not have any earned income, he had a bank account with a balance in the $1,000 to $15,000 range, and he owed several million dollars in legal fees to several attorneys stemming from the 1981–1989 charges.[26]

c8e74d No.5722

How are these people even allowed to keep their positions?!! They are so damn corrupt!

WE ARE PAYING for their sexual misconduct and bribes!


2055da No.5723


Anon- good job. Do you mind if I share this on QR?

daa245 No.5724


In 2000, Polis founded the Jared Polis Foundation, whose mission is to "create opportunities for success by supporting educators, increasing access to technology, and strengthening our community.

daa245 No.5725


That's what it's for! If you want you could also mention it's from our research here ;)

daa245 No.5726

File: 594ebc62cbeab81⋯.png (310.87 KB, 550x366, 275:183, ClipboardImage.png)

Polis is one of the few openly gay people elected to the House as a freshman[115] and the first gay parent in Congress.[116][117][118][119][120][121][122] Polis and his partner, Marlon Reis, have two children: son Caspian Julius, born on September 30, 2011, and daughter Cora Barucha, born July 4, 2014.

daa245 No.5727


(Polis) As an 18-year-old, he traveled to Russia and made money trading privatization vouchers — you know, the botched, scandal-ridden privatization which wrecked Russa's economy and led to the domination of the economy by ex-KGB oligarchs. Next stop: Silicon Valley!

http:// gawker.com/5163678/jared-polis-to-know-him-is-to-loathe-him

daa245 No.5728


In October 1999, right before the first dotcom crash, Polis, then known as Jared Polis Schutz, sold Bluemountain.com, his family's online greeting-cards website, to Excite@Home for $780 million, including $350 million in cash that Excite couldn't really spare. Excite sold it for $35 million in September 2001, and filed for bankruptcy a month later. People still talk about it as one of the most spectacular cashouts of the dotcom boom.

He later sold ProFlowers, an online florist, to John Malone's Liberty Media. (All told, he's started a dozen companies.)

He used the cash to buy his way into politics, getting elected to the Colorado State Board of Education (and changing his name to Jared Schutz Polis, "to honor his mother's maiden name").

daa245 No.5729

Susan Schutz Polis (Mother) Schutz was born in Peekskill, NY, and is the daughter of June (née Keller) and David Polis. Her grandparents were Jewish immigrants from Russia.[1] Schutz and Blue Mountain Arts came to wider attention with the founding, in 1996, of the bluemountain.com web site. One of the earliest experiments with the electronic greeting card medium, the site was widely adopted by web users. In 1999, the dot-com venture Excite@Home bought bluemountain.com in a deal valued at $780 million.[2] The 1999 price paid for bluemountain.com became an example of what was later seen as the excesses of the dot-com bubble: the website was sold again in 2001, to greeting card company American Greetings, for just $35 million in cash.[3]

Schutz is the executive producer and director of the documentary film Anyone and Everyone. The film featured the coming-out stories of gay sons and daughters and their parents and premiered on KPBS public television in San Diego, California in August 2007 before being scheduled to air on a number of other public television stations in the United States.[4]


daa245 No.5730

(Pelosi's father)

Political campaigns[edit]

D'Alesandro was a strong contender for Governor of Maryland in 1954, but was forced to drop out due to being implicated in receiving undeclared money from Dominic Piracci, a parking garage owner convicted of fraud, conspiracy, and conspiracy to obstruct justice.[4] D'Alesandro was later exonerated and never indicted.

6c15a8 No.5731

Things have seriously gotten better on both boards. And nothing has even broken today … YET.

Reframe what we think the mission is and everything changes about our perception of progress.

768560 No.5732

▶Anonymous 03/15/18 (Thu) 09:52:57 94d1b1 No.672755

From the 90s

u.s. business and money laundering by Oriana Zill and Lowell Bergman

The companies become involved when international money brokers, working in league with drug traffickers, sell cheap American dollars, proceeds of the drug trade, to Colombian importers of appliances, cigarettes, liquor and other products. They use those dollars to buy legitimate goods in the United States from top US companies and their distributors. The money brokers often pay for the goods in strange ways, like wire transfers from unrelated third parties, which should set off some kind of alarm among the legitimate companies, according to the US Department of Treasury.

The government has undertaken hundreds of civil actions to seize portions of bank accounts of US companies because money in those accounts was linked to the laundering of drug proceeds. In some instances the government has been successful in holding on to the money; in others, the companies have been able to get their money back after arguing in court that they couldn't have known about the source of the funds.

Some companies insist that they are helpless to stop the payments, which often come through a distributor. When the problem came to the attention of General Electric, however, it began actively negotiating with the government about ways to address the problem.

b970f7 No.5733

bolton (just on fox)

- no deal possible with NK

- russia is our enemy


if he gets in, i'm out…. have had it whit that….

back to cooking now :D

daa245 No.5734

In March 2018, the President appointed nine human trafficking survivors to serve on the U.S. Advisory Council on Human Trafficking for terms of two years.

This is good…

daa245 No.5735


Here's some sauce:

https:// www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/president-donald-j-trump-working-end-human-trafficking/

f232bc No.5736

Oh shit



f232bc No.5737


Mass movements are sewn together from a wide variety of sources, so they often sweep in unwanted companions as they move toward their goals. No one, however, expected to discover that three Women’s March co-chairs—Linda Sarsour, Carmen Perez, and Tamika Mallory—had ties to Farrakhan. More mysterious and disturbing was the extended reluctance of the Women’s March, nearly a year since it became public, to acknowledge Farrakhan’s extremist views and disassociate themselves from them.

6c15a8 No.5738

I'm still waiting for news that we've annexed mainland China … still not seeing it.

ff73d3 No.5739

Has anyone done any research on Boom?https://boomsupersonic.com/about/

6c15a8 No.5740


No because the link 404's.

b970f7 No.5741


i haven't

ff73d3 No.5742



look at the leadership section.

ff73d3 No.5743


There are so many times Q says Boom. Maybe it's a company?

b970f7 No.5744


says nothing directly to me

i noticed this:

XB-1 breaks the sound barrier : 2019


ff73d3 No.5745


Did you see this?

Developed autopilot control law on Boeing 787

c98111 No.5746

File: 3f75d1785a06dad⋯.jpg (104.27 KB, 300x300, 1:1, DanBonginoShow.jpg)

good morning anons

listening to the Dan Bongino show as I work from home today, casually reading the news, seeing if anything important comes up. Following along in QR but nothing interesting is going on there, just random crap about flat earth and other shill things.

If you haven't heard of Dan before, he is prior Secret Service and a staunch conservative voice that sticks to the facts. A great redpilling podcast and great stuff to listen to while digging for qlues.


Hope y'all have a great one

b970f7 No.5747




listen to it every evening, love him and his thoughts

ff73d3 No.5748


Advisory Board-Lockheed skunk works?

b970f7 No.5749

f68035 No.5750

Just adding a new post so I can stop seeing skunk works as the latest post.

b970f7 No.5751

i'm done… q/trump/sessions better bring some real proof soon, and not minutes between tweets or nice screenshots or beautifull cryptic promisses.. but real proof…. somebody has to go down really, without a deal or q saying "no deal accepted" q said a lot, certainly in december.. and lets don't talk about last tweets where he really goes wild… all we see is things moving in weird and wrong directions… and yes q will come in and say "nothing is what it seems" blablabla… patience is a beautifull thing, and i'm very patient… but when i see globalists taking power in government again, when i see mueller getting after trumps business, when i see haley and others going after assad and russia for no reason, well, they made up reasons.. when i see all those that broke the law travelling, laughing, partying, when i see dems win elections… than i say: i'm done

i'm done…. time for whiskey and will get sober when i see someone going to jail… if not.. well.. like i said.. i'm done

(sorry for this, but digging and digging only brings more doubt on q and the whole thing… think they had good intentions, but can't deliver, really hope that i'm wrong… really hope that… don't lose hope anons.. it feels bad.. believe me.. and when i say that, i mean it)

f68035 No.5752


What you're going through is real … and extremely difficult; it's not about Q but about having a future at all. Having just pulled out of the same thing, my suggestion is, don't fight it, let it play out, but still keep tapped into various sources so that you're aware when something breaks.

f68035 No.5753

File: 45b14dda721c664⋯.png (16.93 KB, 381x343, 381:343, sr.png)

Unverified but quite plausible.

c1226f No.5754


One of the worst things for me is the shilling by Fox. Hannity and Ingraham never questioned the Moore allegations and the ridiculous election results in Alabama, nor did they question the ridiculous results in favour of the liar Lamb (I'm pro-life but if elected would always vote pro-choice - which includes partial birth abortion; I'm pro steel and alum tariffs; I'm pro Trump policies) - "but he is cute" - so his election fraud is okay.

They also never questioned the ridiculous stories about the Cruz kid being the lone gun killer in Florida high school. Why would a lone gun killer tell everyone he was going to kill students ahead of time and then arrive in full tactical gear and then go and eat a burger just after the shooting? What happened to innocent until proven guilty and the need for an adult advisor to help him advise his (pathetic) lawyer?

They are aiding and abetting the lying MSM to quell the people's opposition to these disgusting deep state activities and lies.

Plus Fox gives plenty of airtime to deep state actors/traitors like Karl Rove, former speaker (and CFR man) Newt Gingrich, Ari Fleischer, etc. Newt fully endorsed Mueller and the Mueller probe.

f68035 No.5755


Remember that everybody on Fox is controlled in what they say by higher ups. Also they are still MSM, working for a company that Rupert Murdoch owns and Alwaleed had a big stake in. Disinfo is usually 90% truth and they would qualify. So you can't judge much of anything by Fox News.

c1226f No.5757


I realize your points including Saudi ownership and yet I am still disgusted that the two shows with any patriotic leanings are so weak on key constitutional principles - including fair elections and innocent until proven guilty. These hurt MAGA cause.

Also foreign ownership and large conglomerates for media should be outlawed.

c1226f No.5758


The women's march just wants to keep abortions legal to keep the cannibal/witches/moloch supply going. They don't actually care about women.

c1226f No.5759

Has anyone checked out the interesting thread on /pol/? Interesting intel (all available open source) on Benghazi, CF, Asia crime cartels, Fed Reserve, BO citibank cabinet, USS Comfort etc.


c1226f No.5760


Many followers/participants are duped.

c1226f No.5761

c1226f No.5762


Please don't lose hope yet. I have been waiting for arrests since January 2017 (as I know many others have). Many of us are beyond our patience.

c1226f No.5763


Newt Gingrich is a member of CFR.

b970f7 No.5764




at this point i see the whole thing as someone lonely, accidentaly cut a main artery, blood everywhere… getting to phone and calling 911 and q is the one answering.. saying help is coming, to keep hope, to keep faith, to hold on… sounds good, but when ya watch around ya, blood everywhere and every second more and more blood… feeling that ya are going to faint, light in the head, getting cold.. shaking… sweating… you watch, but ya don't see much anymore.. you hear, but it doesn't make sense anymore…. one sentence: fight, have hope… but ya don't here sirens.. and more and more blood is around ya (laughing crooks, partying crooks, people walking free) … but still no sirens.. but that voice saying: fight.. have faith… we are coming.. and then… it's all done…

c1226f No.5765


Pres. Trump needs to reappoint Flynn - who is innocent.

b970f7 No.5766


and no, na artery cuts here… just an example .. but the desperation is the same…

>>5765 : yeah don't understand that… mr Trump let them ruin mr Flynn completely.. don't understand that, it's in my thoughts for months already… and yeah i was told: pardon him later… but in the mean time the costs for mr Flynn and his family were devastating.. his name is ruined, … but hey, maybe it's all in the big plan… some offer children, others offer the people that stood by them…

e02bda No.5767

File: 374f1bdf2d25663⋯.png (739.59 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_2787.PNG)


Wow! I'm not a religious gag…but I think this explains it all!


c1226f No.5768


Glad to hear. Good but scary analogy.

I must run to various appointments, will return when I can.

b970f7 No.5769

well, the whiskey tastes wonderfull.. but feeling it already… haven't been drinking for 20 years now… so i'm going offlline before i'm drunk.. will drop in when capable and will try to keep doing the summary page by page to help you anons… you deserve that.. bye

80c15b No.5770

GOOD MORNING anons. Good to see some busy, busy has been happening in my absence.

How intriguing that this article is at the top of the #InternetBillofRights twitter hashtag page. Are they rubbing it in?

YouTube tries to crack down on conspiracy videos



I can empathize, anon, but I will miss you. Please don't stay away too long.

ac89de No.5771

I had others talk about "I, Pet Goat II" but I've never watched it….well I just watched it & wanted to share with those of you who haven't seen it. Another "WOW" for me! Kek!


9ddb2b No.5772

File: 60a0a5dc1d3d46d⋯.png (901.39 KB, 1366x768, 683:384, ClipboardImage.png)


Holy shit he has a chicken in his hand

766aa0 No.5773

Good evening anons. Q is back.

QR bread link:


766aa0 No.5774

766aa0 No.5775

File: 5d7feca965afcd2⋯.png (7.79 KB, 580x119, 580:119, 03.15.2018 18.29.14.png)

File: 9e09d040ac87252⋯.png (7.11 KB, 564x122, 282:61, 03.15.2018 18.31.42.png)

File: 37e2892dcb63070⋯.png (9.46 KB, 496x182, 248:91, 03.15.2018 18.36.51.png)

File: 440acc85eab5c9c⋯.png (8.22 KB, 386x141, 386:141, 03.15.2018 18.39.35.png)

766aa0 No.5776

File: 31d5be3edb3a3d1⋯.png (15.59 KB, 575x169, 575:169, 03.15.2018 18.41.02.png)

File: ad04cd98191e5bc⋯.png (110.65 KB, 670x391, 670:391, 03.15.2018 18.44.40.png)

File: a88fc09bec3beb3⋯.png (38.28 KB, 582x137, 582:137, 03.15.2018 18.46.36.png)

80c15b No.5777


Cool. Thanks anon. Was engrossed in meme making and digging. I probably wouldn't have seen it for hours otherwise.

We're trusting the plan as usual, I see. :P

ab5ceb No.5778



Whoo hoo I think I figured the dead cat bounce! It's a metaphor!! it means that the bad guys are already kaput, but they are ditching their last effort (bouncing) … we already won

80c15b No.5779


Sounds very plausible to me.

I'll stick with that until if and when we find something out for sure, lol.

766aa0 No.5780



No problem, figured some sisn't want to crawl through the mud to find those.

>>5778 They thought that they would land on their feet, but ended up bouncing off of the ground. It's Schrodinger's dead cat, the box just hasn't been opened yet to confirm

ab5ceb No.5781


I just have this feeling of certainty on this one, in context of the last crumb

ab5ceb No.5782


Bring the rain I think is us, to rain in social media

80c15b No.5783


Honestly anon, even in the unlikely event that it wasn't the meaning of it, it still works. (Double meanings).


The rain is barely hitting the ground at present. We need a frickin' deluge. So many anons wasting time with small talk and guessing games on QR when they could be putting effort into IBOR. Hurrumph!

I have a migraine :(

766aa0 No.5784


Agreed. As the "public will know soon", getting out ahead of it allows future to prove past, and buffers the impact.

a9873d No.5785

File: c1d2865b0eae7bd⋯.png (85.86 KB, 255x143, 255:143, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone knows anything about this?

a9873d No.5786

File: c1d2865b0eae7bd⋯.png (85.86 KB, 255x143, 255:143, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone knows anything about this?

a9873d No.5787


Well nevermind, Trump just tweeted about this… what was the crumb about THE BRIDGE?????

a9873d No.5788

File: c1d2865b0eae7bd⋯.png (85.86 KB, 255x143, 255:143, ClipboardImage.png)

a9873d No.5789

File: e38d23796709834⋯.png (24.74 KB, 626x132, 313:66, ClipboardImage.png)


OOps wrong clipboard

766aa0 No.5790


>So many anons wasting time with small talk and guessing games on QR when they could be putting effort into IBOR. Hurrumph!

The following dubs have been inspired by this post:^



6c15a8 No.5791

80c15b No.5792


There were 2





a9873d No.5793



80c15b No.5794


Hmm, thread has been archived. That's a bugger.

a9873d No.5795


Feb 24 2018 01:53:47




Stanislav Lunev.


Payback for today.


a9873d No.5796


Verified account

@FIU ‏

The official Twitter account for Florida International University. Join our #WorldsAhead institution as we talk about all things FIU. 👻: fiusnap

Miami, FL • fiu.edu

a9873d No.5797


Miami again……………..

a9873d No.5798

File: 85c5dc98b80fd34⋯.png (481.55 KB, 696x678, 116:113, ClipboardImage.png)

80c15b No.5799


A bridge fell down. We need gin reform!

6c15a8 No.5800


Maybe Ed is plagued by the same issues: trying to sign on but is being blocked. I hope it's known that the blocking is not being done by us.

But just to be safe I'm going to check the ban list to see if some shithead didn't insert him in there. I have not banned anybody so that list should be empty.

a9873d No.5801


Deplorable Coughs

‏ @kpiper1980

4h4 hours ago

Replying to @taradublinrocks

Time to raise the age for going under or over a bridge to 21! Assault Bridges must be banned! Stronger background checks for Civil Engineers! #Bridgesense #Miami #BridgeCollapse #FIU #BridgeControl

Top Kek!

a9873d No.5802


Ed doesn't use a trip though… but he is surely using some protections

daa245 No.5803

Miami bridge 187:

▶Anonymous 03/15/18 (Thu) 20:40:27 14fa20 No.679050

>>679022 (You)

Watch for Bernie Whisenant wife’s name among the dead at the FIU Bridge collapse. I believe her name was Ebony. EB5 abuse and MAVNI “recruits” gone wild at FIU.

80c15b No.5804


Well, excuse my fucking french. That's fucking hilarious.

That's made my morning, that has.

6c15a8 No.5805


Fuckery abounds.

I found one ban in the ban list. I have never banned anybody. There should be no bans there. Further, I tried to unban, and it said "system down, try again later." Later will never come. I will try to contact CM about this. Why was the ban set???

80c15b No.5806


Not that I mean to be insensitive.

daa245 No.5807

Ok here's what I gather…

Miami is a hotbed for black hats… they destroy the bridge for X reason… 187? Who? TBD…

The dead cat bounce…. Meaning they do bad thing as last efforts… even if they have lost and they know it.

daa245 No.5808



6c15a8 No.5809


We may have a DDoS coming soon. Not sure. I look at the ban list and it's empty; the script doesn't even finish running and it shows no bans for any boards on 8Chan.

Posting is inordinately slow; it usually hangs when I try to post and it doesn't seem to be happening for anybody else. Initial appearances are that I'm being targeted specifically while trying to unban this illegitimate ban.

daa245 No.5810


It is funny

daa245 No.5811


same here

80c15b No.5812


Not having any issues at my end. But I'm a ways away.

What do you mean about an illegitimate ban? Was there a ban in the list? :o


This would again have many asking why it wasn't stopped, if Q sees all and hears all.

Why is it let to happen, type shit?

6c15a8 No.5813

Seems to be better now.

6c15a8 No.5814


I don't know that Q monitors this board. Not sure why they would.

There was one ban in the list. I have not banned anybody. I have no idea how it got there.

daa245 No.5815

>>>/qresearch/678973 I have no idea what I am looking at but it seems important

daa245 No.5816


Because he's not supposed to know? Because he needs to build a case? Because he has to let them do their things to seal their fate? dunno.

80c15b No.5817


I dunno either, but if Q were to claim prior knowledge of it (to us) and it wasn't stopped, they're not exactly winning people over.

Thus far, prior knowledge hasn't been claimed, only the perception of it on the part of anons. Not a good look, just the same.


A lot of people watch this board. Many lurkers here. Q may or may not be one of them, lol. Dunno, and to be honest it doesn't bother me either way. We just do what we do.

Did this conversation have something to do with that? Was it something Q related that was banned from the board?

daa245 No.5818

File: d77d79d3fbfb8cf⋯.png (815.48 KB, 1013x790, 1013:790, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 52b4123a50915ac⋯.png (828.37 KB, 1016x784, 127:98, ClipboardImage.png)

For the autists: What am I looking at?

daa245 No.5819


Other than the young guy was swaped

766aa0 No.5820

File: 981f80af6880d1b⋯.png (669.53 KB, 927x932, 927:932, ClipboardImage.png)

80c15b No.5821

16e1f0 No.5822


Did they just switch bags???

daa245 No.5823


They switched the guy

16e1f0 No.5824


I started to say or did they switch people? I was not observant enough….

daa245 No.5825

▶Anonymous 03/15/18 (Thu) 20:54:02 8f49ce No.679226>>679237 >>679242 >>679257 >>679258 >>679261 >>679376


Trump just killed the World Trade Organisation.

Trump just killed Global Governance

The Council of Foreign Relations said this.

"The WTO was the crown jewel in the effort to build international governance"


Without global trade/ WTO there will be no Global Governance!

Read the goddam article from the Council of Foreign Relations

and honour what your President just did for all patriots world wide:

https:// www.cfr.org/blog/trump-china-and-steel-tariffs-day-wto-died

9cd9ae No.5826

Anonymous 03/15/18 (Thu) 20:55:19 8f78e5 No.679242>>679322


https:// www.judiciary.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/2018-03-15%20CEG%20LG%20JC%20TT%20to%20AG%20DAG%20(Special%20Counsel).pdf

This too!

9cd9ae No.5827

File: 981f80af6880d1b⋯.png (669.53 KB, 927x932, 927:932, ClipboardImage.png)


80c15b No.5828


It's been maimed. Not that I wish to take away any of the fanfare, nor glory. This evil will rise and rise again given the slightest opportunity. Celebrate, but be vigilant. Complacency is what got is in this mess in the first place.

80c15b No.5829

File: 7626fd3e0c2e1a4⋯.jpg (180.87 KB, 1190x653, 1190:653, IBORToeTag.jpg)

Ugh, the best I've been able to manage this morning.

I think I may join Awsome Anon in imbibing this evening. Tired, worn down, worn out, stiff as a board…

I needs me some relax time.

6c15a8 No.5830


This says Trump's tarriffs will indirectly destroy it, and it's a forecast, projection, not an announcement.

80c15b No.5831

Which celebs could we bombard with #InternetBillofRights in order to recruit them?

If we coordinated a bombardment, we may well grab their attention. Only I don't know much about celebs. Not sure that I know much about anything, these days.

Which celebs (if any) are /ourguys/?

6c15a8 No.5832

Anybody into the more woo-woo aspects of life, please feel free to comment …

I just woke from a rather intense, semi-chaotic dream where I was being directed by Ed Anon to move to another location for comms because their signing on here was being heavily interfered with. If memory serves, the location was /email/ or something. I'm going to try to "get the dream back" and get more concrete input.

80c15b No.5833


Good luck with that.

Maybe they've been here all along, but wanted to be anonymous to even us.

6c15a8 No.5834


I hate to be such a downer, but celebs are normally groomed for life by the Cabal and are typically the most evil people on the face of the Earth.

80c15b No.5835


Yeah, I hear ya. There has to be some though. As mentally unstable as some of them appear, like Mel Gibson and others, there has to be some that are on our side who might take the torch and run with it.

If someone who was good at being wordy could do a write up of why its so important that we have an IBOR, how its the only way we can get the truth out there; we could possibly get their attention. I'm not wordy enough.

I dunno, anon. I'm thinking, thinking, thinking, trying to figure out how to broaden the reach instead of it going around in the same circles.

Dizzy, my head is spinnin'.

Like a whirl pool it never ends.

6c15a8 No.5836


Dreams are metaphorical and this one had all the earmarks of being that way. Still have no idea who Ed is so I don't know what to look for or expect as far as any future appearances. Trump's EO expires in 6 days so I would imagine that if Ed is going to come back (which I fully expect they will), it will be after that date.

80c15b No.5837

File: 01d1d8e4ff09c63⋯.jpg (130.83 KB, 680x421, 680:421, 1242845.jpg)

I think I found a candidate for the IBOR bombardment, lol.

I knew this guy was /ourguy/ back in 1993 when I saw them perform live out in the middle of damn nowhere.



I have no idea what brought you to that conclusion, but if you're right I guess we don't have long to wait to be yet again graced by their presence.

80c15b No.5838

File: e1a832a56363a6b⋯.png (393.75 KB, 688x416, 43:26, e1a832a56363a6b50019e5c593….png)

How can something so simple make me laugh so much. Tears streaming down my face. LMAO.

(snatched from QR)

cbf478 No.5839

File: 30d7e7c9fa41029⋯.png (357.39 KB, 600x314, 300:157, ClipboardImage.png)


Check LAST Q crumb… now look at this

2b2892 No.5840


Pirate flag?

8eb635 No.5841

8eb635 No.5842

8eb635 No.5843

I think we got it all wrong about Barlow, see:


b970f7 No.5844

8eb635 No.5845



2b2892 No.5846


That's an article full of 'maybe this' and 'maybe that', lol. It's entirely speculative.

8eb635 No.5847



That''s because noone knows what they were doing… but they were coming back from somewhere, with the Jolly Roger (they won…)

2b2892 No.5848


I have a confession to make. On top of not being the brightest spark in the Universe, I'm currently inebriated.

If that's what it means, I'm going to have to take your word for it, because I'm not up with what it signifies. I'm your average, ordinary, every day, accidental super hero.

If we're winning, I'm good.

8eb635 No.5849



2b2892 No.5850


Lol, not yet, but I'm feeling pretty cruisy.

Some times ya just need some assistance to wind down and take a break.

The cashier at my local made polite conversation by saying that I look tired. I said, I'm saving the world. She nodded and smiled.

Yup, I'm feelin' cruisy.

Save the world, anons.

8eb635 No.5851

Banned by twitter? Youtube?… Hello? anyone listening? https:// www.eff.org/issues/content-blocking

I don't think they are on the bad side of things…

c1226f No.5852


Nice work!

2b2892 No.5853


Why thank you, anon. I was working on one with twitter scissors cutting a cat5 cable between us and the world, but it got all too complicated.

So many ideas. It's just time consuming and unappreciated for the most part, for the time spent.

Thanks for your acknowledgement and appreciation.

6c15a8 No.5854


Q's message Thursday night said "We have the sub. Hostage release. 1000 pieces."

b970f7 No.5855


the articles are from september 2017… why would Q in november/december put us on a chase and say it's missing, and now say they have the sub, while the article was already made in september??? it's not that imo

2b2892 No.5856

Just realized that my ID/IP has changed and have no idea why, as I'm using the same VPN-IP and same device as I was earlier.

No biggy, I guess. Just odd.

8eb635 No.5857


Maybe VPN switched server?

2b2892 No.5858


Maybe, maybe, maybe. No matter. I was racking up too may post counts anyway, hehe.

So where's everyone at? Are we still fighting? Are we still in the game? Coz there's no 'out' of it. We dared play.

Welcome to Friday, anons. Friday is almost over for me, lol.

We have it all!

All else is for promotional purposes, maybe.

We're not that stupid. Much of what we're seeing now is to keep the ignorant at ease. They may be ignorant, but en masses they're powerful and can come to the wrong conclusions, and send out the wrong message.

One drunkards analysis. Thingy.

53dae0 No.5859


Well I'm here, but mostly on QR, trying to get them to stop looking at squirrels and pay attention to Barlow. Very relevant for the IBOR.

53dae0 No.5860

Specifically EFF.org

2b2892 No.5861


I'm not as stupid as I look (come across). Lay it out for me. I catch on quick if its served on a platter. The crumb thing is getting old,unfortunately.

If there's something to be seen after already having been found, by all means, PLANT THAT SEED HERE.

I watch QR off and on. I prefer to be removed from the mindset and culture there.

If you have valid info, i'm all for it. None of that flat earth shit though, huh.

I'll read the EEF site when sober, ;)

53dae0 No.5862


BARLOW was a strong advocate of Free internet, without tracking and censorship. He wrote the declaration of independence of the internet. Lots of good stuff in there.

80c15b No.5863


Is this new to anons? This was brought up and discussed eons ago?

If this kind of short memory is to go by, we're fucked.

I Will reread it tomorrow.

ecbaa9 No.5864

File: eff54938b79980a⋯.png (100.54 KB, 640x392, 80:49, ClipboardImage.png)


ecbaa9 No.5865


It was, but it's relevant because of the new Q drop

80c15b No.5866


It is and always was relevant.

b970f7 No.5867


i hope john is not you?

53dae0 No.5868


LOL nope, I'm mike bwahaha

53dae0 No.5869

File: 5f22ebc72f3813f⋯.png (1.17 MB, 1276x619, 1276:619, ClipboardImage.png)

53dae0 No.5870

File: c72d2c12a1a66fc⋯.png (275.3 KB, 589x523, 589:523, ClipboardImage.png)

53dae0 No.5871

Jan 18 2018 21:16:41




What [19] people are currently meeting in a 'safe' room [heavily guarded]?

Why did everyone leave their phones/all other electronic devices in Room 239?

Why does it take the information going PUBLIC before JUSTICE is served?




[8] FIRED.


Possible SUICIDES.

++ / + TICK TOCK.


b970f7 No.5872


the end is near? said 3 months ago…

waiting today on sessions and his thinking… till 5pm he has to do his f'ing job… will something happen there?

just read the new q's… he also could have stayed quiet… gives us nothing except: trust the plan… you know what is funny? dems / globalists also say: trust the plan, trust us, we know what should happen, what will work…

let's see what today happens… following it all as long as i'm kind of sober…

b970f7 No.5873

6c15a8 No.5874


Yo. Da Black Pope? Who dat be.

b970f7 No.5875




it's said to be ARTURO SOSA now, after the other one resigned…. but.. i always had a feeling pope francis is the real black and white pope…

b970f7 No.5876

6c15a8 No.5877


Whoever it is … his time is up.

c8e74d No.5878


Yep….try explaining that one! Why is the Pope sacrificing a chicken in a small dark room with candles burning all around?

I was on Facebook one day reading an article that someone posted about the Pope & there was a response underneath from a woman that said 'the pope goes to small room with a pentagram on the floor and worships Satan'! I asked her for more information but she never replied!

The video that I posted from YT really got to me and really opened my eyes….because since this journey with Q and Anons, I have opened my eyes & I finally began to see all the evil that has been surrounding us. I truly think GOD has a hand in Trump's presidency and what is going on to rid the world of this evil.

Anyway, Happy Habbenings Friday Anons!! I hope we get lots of juicy news today!

b970f7 No.5879



brzezinski = jesuit, worked together with soros all the time, made iran what it is today and was involved in molding obama… father of …


i have a feeling it's fake.. could be wrong, but something feels fishy for me in that video

c8e74d No.5880


I think John is right! I'm SC Anon and the day that Hawaii had their missle alert I heard a extremely loud BOOOOOOM that vibrated through my body. My partner and neighbors were freaking out. And I was on QR at the time and then I saw people posting about the Hawaii missile alert. I heard 3 more booms that day but they were not nearly as loud (sounded much farther away or not as strong). I live @ 80miles from the coast (not trying to doxx myself but wanting to give an idea). I wondered then if the East Coast was under attack as well as Hawaii. We never got any explanation as to what was going on.

6c15a8 No.5881


In a very broad sense, I think most anons are past the point of isolating every detail about how the Deep State is put together. I think that by now, for so many, one bad guy is as good as the next; we get the picture, and all focus now is no longer on what's wrong but on what's being done about it.

b970f7 No.5882


sorry, will stay quiet than.. no need to say anything if you are so smart already that you know it all.. sorry… i'm done

9354e1 No.5884

File: fb4b67c50bf462c⋯.png (198.02 KB, 750x1334, 375:667, IMG_2823.PNG)

Wanted to share this here for others to see. The CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) is Illuminati.


b970f7 No.5885


thx for that.. i for sure appreciate that

9c671f No.5886

File: a42cb8fd01ad2c8⋯.png (16.69 KB, 877x249, 877:249, 03.18.2018 21.41.56.png)

My thoughts on the most recent Q post…


Remember the missing sub, Argentina? 44 (or 45?) people reported to be onboard?


Feb 10 [44]

Mess with the best, die like the rest.

[2] highly classified clown ops exposed.

[44] remaining.

Wizards & Warlocks.

Save the best for last.






Jan 18

>What [19] people are currently meeting in a 'safe' room [heavily guarded]?

Jan 27

>[19] would cease to exist immediately upon the harm of select individuals.

>Think nuclear stand-off.

Feb 21

>Tasked [3] to remove followers in drip order and restrict.

Now the 22 above are all a [1st] priority, as their leverage (the sub) is gone.

Below may be directly related to the sub?


Jan 13 [2] [3] [4]

>>Hussein [1] $29,000,000 SINGAPORE

>>We don't say his name [2] $19,000,000 SINGAPORE

(Why don't we say his name?)

>>HRC/BC [3] $15,000,000 Banco de MEXICO

>>NP [4] $8,000,000 Deutsche Bank USA


Well, what about [1]?

9 days later…Done.

Jan 24 [1]

TODAY, former President Barack HUSSEIN Obama formally retained counsel (9/WW).


Disclaimer: I could be wrong.

9c671f No.5887


John Perry Barlow, possible collateral damage.

@Snowden may have been next, as a liability.

Disclaimer: I could be wrong.

b970f7 No.5888


you might have something there.. but what about the 44 and the 22? don't get that

9c671f No.5889


the 44 = the 44 crew aboard the submarine

the 22 = the [19] + [3] who benefitted from the sub being "missing" (leverage, possible nuclear threat, as NK was).

There's also an idea that flaoted around speculating that the 22 mentioned were in violation of [1st] Amendment rights, so that's another possiblity.

b970f7 No.5890


ah owkay, i'm with ya now…. think you can be on to something

b970f7 No.5891

i'm still waiting while sessions is thinking… about mccabe and his pension… if he doesn't fire him… i will get very mad

6c15a8 No.5892


What's so frustrating is that there are so many angles to view it all from that make sense, and COULD be it, but our hands are tied in ever knowing for sure what is correct and what isn't.

We have to factor in news and POTUS tweets. Q says a million times, those things will complete the picture.

b970f7 No.5893


yup.. and we don't really see the important things revealed in MSM, news or in tweets…. and that's frustrating…

9c671f No.5894


It's frustraing indeed, yet also expansive for the mind, as long as we're willing to acept being wrong and to correct our stances as time reveals. The problems come when too many anons with differeing perspective all want to be right, and may all be right, yet want to rule out & derail differing trains of thought. Plus, the fact that the news is still heavily controlled, makes confirmation a bit difficult. Testing of patience, to say the least. Good thing there's so many working on this, even the most foul-fingered anons can come from angles not previously considered, and be spot on.

b970f7 No.5895


fully agree on that

6c15a8 No.5896


There's nothing to correct until we know if something is wrong. And we never know.

9c671f No.5898


It does beg the question of transparency, but what isn't mentioned much any more is that we only have 40% maximum transparency. It surely seems that way. A con: Minimal confirmations. We could be 100% correct on sometihng, and never have it "officially" confirmed. A pro: it gives each one of us at least 60% that we can discover on our own, and given many hands to do the work, the burden is lessened for each. It's not 50/50 relationship with Q(Team), yet it could be more of a symbiotic relationship than we know. Our contributions on a public forum could be analyzed and used without our knowledge, it's highly possible. We may or may not get confirmation on that data, or feedback in anyway other than how it's already happened, in bits from Q, and pieces from reported events. The 60% until "future Proves Past", or more transparency is "permitted", remains unconfirmed. May not necessarily be a bad thing though.

b970f7 No.5899


problem is how can we convince others when we ourselves aren't even sure … i certainly am not able to convince someone when i myself know only 20% of it to be true.. and that goes for the whole thing together, but also for each point on his own… they ask us to redpil the masses, to share what we find… but we find so many things… and there are lots of things we just don't know for certain… chance that we make fools out of ourselves one time is great, and one time is enough to be never believed again..

b970f7 No.5900



above that… isn't it so that we the people have the right to know the whole truth? imo we have

b970f7 No.5901

9c671f No.5902

File: 13a709baecc7f96⋯.png (27.19 KB, 423x312, 141:104, ClipboardImage.png)



Valid questions, all. These words are brought to mind:




While we can't fully explain what The Plan is, we can see that there is a plan, and that the seemingly random words & actions of Trump's Admin & everything/one surrounding it, isn't as random as it seems. Letting the people around us know that, is a good first step, it's digestable. Also, explaining to them the difference between POTUS winning with the appearance of all of the chaos, vs. an HRC win, in which MUCH more chaos was to be expected. Make it look like "the lesser of two evils". As long as people know that the country ISN'T going to hell, they'll feel more comforted. Admitting that we don't know everything helps too, nobody likes a know-it-all. Meeting people where they are, a raw Q post may not be what they need, elephants are eaten one bite at a time. Respond to an opinion of someone elses, letting them lead the conversation, to get cues of what they will accept before shutting down. Humor never ever hurts!, prevent arguments before they can start. If raw medicine given is rejected, cover the taste, mix it into the food. Give knowledge with love, & it's rarely rejected. most would rather have love than the weight of knowing fully anyway.

As for the right to know, the whole truth, i agree with that wholeheartedly. should everyone receive purportedly classified information though? Of course not. Until those who could use that 100% knowledge are out of position to do harm, % transparency would be irresponsbile. That , and most wouldn't understand it anyway. Are some capable of understanding, yes, and we can all have about as much as we can handle in our own research to prove something right or wrong. Can we be wrong in our search? Yes, so we naturally re-search. Many of us have been researching long before we even considered that a Q would show up. Puttingit all into one pile, is the main benefit here. There WILL be clashes with all of these angles trying to converge into a single point, and some of the nuances of distilling information can become tricky, yet we are all provided an opportunity for these past few months to learn from one another how to, and how not to redpill the masses. One bite at a time.

9c671f No.5903


A much better interp than mine:


6c15a8 No.5904


SO much to say on this. It's easily the most grounded, lucid, and realistic pieces of writing I've seen in months.

Trump cannot be second guessed. He always appears to be in chaos; the situations surrounding him always suggest he doesn't get it, he's lost his way, lost his resolve, etc. And it's never been the case. The man is so far out of OUR league with his strategizing that all we can do is sit back, wait for something to break, and then be amazed beyond words that he put it all together.

It could well be an explosive weekend, just because it IS the weekend and people automatically expect everything to wind down. Either way, we are so close to that "nuke" going off that we can almost taste it. The wait is ending. We can probably count the remaining delay in hours.

6c15a8 No.5905


What I'm devoting tonight to is diving back into all the Q, tweet, and news material with a completely different focus: I can't think like I've been thinking. A flow has been established, something to look back on, the way things have happened so far, and use that flow to interpret things that need interpreting. Learn the unspoken language. What's probably going to happen, once I start finding the right approach, is that the more I figure out, the faster I'll figure out more.

I haven't looked at the material for at least a week, maybe two, and that break from it was probably the best thing; exactly what I needed to clear the cobwebs and get a fresh perspective.

What an absolute gift that we're living through this. Words could not do it justice.

80c15b No.5906

File: a58a7aac451ee54⋯.jpg (119.11 KB, 652x354, 326:177, tangled-christmas-lights.jpg)

Good Morning anons.

Q sent these over for you to untangle. Just in case you didn't have anything better to do.

6c15a8 No.5907


Oddly enough (or not?) I would be exactly the type of person to sit down with this blob and methodically work it until every last string was not only untangled, but properly wound up around its own spindle.

But that isn't what the post is about.

I'm getting back on the map. Completely different approach.

80c15b No.5908


Good to hear, anon.

I think i'm going to start work on a huge graphic.

Q posts

Potus tweets

Corresponding headlines.

6c15a8 No.5909


That's what makes this whole thing so enigmatic. Every anon that posts could be part of the Ed team. Or part of the Q team. Or some ET whose existence will never be acknowledged. And once that possibility is embraced, it's impossible to completely escape it. So the possibility even existing begins to shape how information is viewed in here. If we know for a fact that an anon is just a restaurant owner from Hoboken, we can pretty safely assume they're not getting intel from the Pentagon (I know, the possibility is always there, but it's small enough to where it doesn't carry an appreciable amount of weight). But when a situation arises where every person who posts COULD be CIA, or NSA, or a high-ranking black hat, or a high-ranking white hat, or even POTUS himself, it really controls how information given might be interpreted. I personally find myself putting more effort into establishing the bounds of what a crumb might be than I do considering it for its own merit. Because it's impossible to escape the fact that those bounds matter. Is Honey Boo Boo going to be hinting at major troop deployments? Probably not, so fit the field of possible interpretations into their proper bounds. Is user ID abcxyz really part of the Q team? Well maybe they are! How do we rule it out? There's a certain amount of "life energy" that pours through the written word and I can usually get a lot of info from that, but it is not infallible. Sometimes I just can't tell. Other times it's overwhelming.

And this is our playing field 24/7; it's on this field of possibilities that all these things have to be figured out.

I know that people don't typically like going beyond the Q traffic itself and that's why nobody has figured out the map yet.

6c15a8 No.5910


EXCELLENT idea … everything gets represented. It might be more revealing than you think.

22ee2f No.5911

80c15b No.5912


Who am I looking at, apart from Merkel? I'm shit with facial recognition.


Personally, I think its time to stick as close to the info in Q's drops as possible ATM. There's such an overload of information going around, and I'm sure many anons don't mean to slide, but a good 75% of stuff isn't directly related. It gets very confusing.

We all know there's a lot more to it all, but not sure if we'll ever figure it out if we keep going off on tangents, way, way away from the pinpoint.

I'm happy for any and all info, but my focus needs to stay on the task at hand. I've not been doing that and its slowly driven me insane.

6c15a8 No.5913


The only face I recognize in this is Merkel. It appears to be a funeral and the URL says school shooting … but the jackets rule out FL and I don't know of any school shooting outside the U.S., or one in the U.S. they would attend.

Guess I have to dig some more.

6c15a8 No.5914


Came right up: Winnenden, 2012.

6c15a8 No.5915


Horst Koehler.

[19] would cease to exist immediately upon the harm of select individuals. Think nuclear stand-off.

[19] immediates [no longer with us]. Self-suicide if actioned.

What [19] people are currently meeting in a 'safe' room [heavily guarded]? (White House).

Spreadsheet says "19 of the 20 Senate Judiciary Committee."

80c15b No.5916


But what does it mean?

Ugh, random link drops. Hit and run anons.

6c15a8 No.5917


Looks like Twitter accounts are being pointed to:




[John Perry Barlow]

So maybe the first two lines are the ones who set up to have Barlow killed?

6c15a8 No.5918

Grassley is the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee; Feinstein is the ranking member.

Looking at her Twitter account, she's aggressively attacking the appointments of Pompeo and Haspel.

So how does Koehler play into it all?

6c15a8 No.5919

Must look at what threat to the bad guys is alleviated with Barlow dying.

Freedom of the Press foundation. Internet censorship.

What's been going on with Germany and the Internet that Barlow was getting in the way of?

80c15b No.5920


I have NFI. I'm afraid I'm going to disregard as I've had enough of hit and run drops that do nothing more than confuse shit further.

6c15a8 No.5921


No problem; I'll dig on this until I hit a dead end.

6c15a8 No.5922

Apparently Barlow and FPF developed SecureDrop, touted as a safe haven for whistle blowers but in reality turned them striaght into the CIA. Barlow was most likely killed so he couldn't talk about what he'd done, or because he knew how to break the system.

This was all in Q's Barlow post of January 27.

6c15a8 No.5923

The story goes that Grassley himself was an informant, and at one point Q said six attempts were made on his life while he was waiting to testify. Did he use SecureDrop, not knowing any better?

6c15a8 No.5924

Barlow called Snowden "a hero," but Q seemed to always berate Snowden for setting up Barlow to be killed.

6c15a8 No.5925

Did Barlow himself use Secure Drop? Not knowing it had been overtaken by the CIA?

6c15a8 No.5926

Q #175461 says [19] would cease to exist immediately upon the harm of select individuals.

The entire Senate Judiciary committee except one would be killed? Who remained? Feinstein? Grassley?

That would mean Grassley is a bad guy.

6c15a8 No.5927

I'm getting a headache from this. Too complex. Too many possibilities.

6c15a8 No.5928

Need waypoints, something here and there to indicate how far off track current thinking is.

80c15b No.5929



Good luck with that, anon.

Has Q confirmed any info regarding this line of inquiry? If so, I guess that's the best place to start. (Even though Q's confirmations are sometimes as cryptic as their crumbs).

80c15b No.5930

I don't see the current IBOR petition reaching the desired amount of signatures.

What would the next step be should this fail?

I estimate that it may reach around 50k, (if lucky) and that's 50k people who will already think they've signed it if a third one is set up.

So much of what we're doing is reliant on being able to move information around freely.

I think folks need to fight for this on a local community level. Start lobbying in their own back yards, so to speak.

I've said it time and time again. The stuff we're putting out on twatter is just going around in circles.

Really, where are the people who could print up a few flyers and ask to have them posted on storefront windows, etc? Enough of the armchair warrior crap!!

My first rant for the day :/

6c15a8 No.5931

Q rarely confirms anything. He comes on, he's bombarded by 5,000 questions, and he seems to pick randomly one or two to address - about 10% of the time - and that's that.

There are 20 members on the Senate Judiciary Committee. So why are 19 in danger of "being terminated" unless the one doing the threatening is himself a member? That would be Grassley.

So what is the link to Barlow through Horst Koehler? Or his wife, who seems to have next to nothing written about her.

6c15a8 No.5932

Everything going on in Germany would center on Merkel.

6c15a8 No.5933

Back in December (I think? Possibly late November?) I got a DM on Twitter from somebody who had a friend in Germany. The friend said a building in Bonn was just raided by guys in black uniforms with no markings save for a red patch. Descriptions of the patch sent a few people digging and it was SEAL Team 6. Maybe a dozen individuals were loaded into vans and they drove away. A local paper in Bonn picked up the story but little else was mentioned about it beyond a short discussion on some Discord page or whatever it was. Consensus was that it was a CIA listening post shut down. Q never mentioned it. Nobody did that I ever heard of; it was just a few of us on Twitter keeping track of it, then it just all faded away.

6c15a8 No.5934


Circulate memes: when the IBOR is implemented, the Hillary video gets released. Give people incentive.

6c15a8 No.5935

The LINK was Eva at the school shooting.

6c15a8 No.5936

Assume MK Ultra set off the shooter in Germany in 2012.

6c15a8 No.5937

I could dig this for the rest of the week but it would go right back to constant diminishing return on investment because there will never be any indication of whether I'm 1mm off track or 1000 km.

6c15a8 No.5938


Random guesses would produce just as much.

6c15a8 No.5939

By now we should realize that when Q says it's going to be a BIG week, it's going to be dead. When arrests are declared, especially with specific dates, especially by unknown anons speaking with authority, there will be none.

Basically every crumb we're given about what's coming is disinfo. No exceptions.

80c15b No.5940

I just had one of those WTF did I just read, moments. I did a search for Eva Koehler and this came up as one of the results. Interesting but still more confusion for little old me.


Needs translator.

6c15a8 No.5941

This week was especially void of significant news, beyond a few admin personnel being shuffled around at the White House. Q said next week will be big, so expect it to be even quieter than this week with no arrests, the EO expiring, and nothing of note happening.

9c671f No.5942


Big is relative. If I were in the thick of it, what's big to me beacsue I'm wacthing it happen, might mean nothing to anons online who want what they want, and have wanted for a long while, a huge display of undeniable arrests and takedowns of institutions, not considering unintended consequences that those in the thick of it are fully aware of. It's all a matter of perspective, and individual expectations, on Q's side, and on ours.

6c15a8 No.5943

File: b43123099699e46⋯.png (314.19 KB, 1013x615, 1013:615, xlation.png)


The page was in Spanish.

6c15a8 No.5944


I'm trying to reach a point where I can navigate the river without constantly crashing into the rocks. Formulate some kind of rule set for navigating where I'm actually navigating, not being swept away by the current with zero control over where I end up. This translates to tailoring my expectations to something realistic, at least in the ballpark of what's accurate. I'm nowhere near that point currently. I have not left the starting gate.

80c15b No.5945


That's why I said it needs a translator.

"Who controls the cinema controls the Intelligence. From Langley to Hong Kong. Chinese Intelligence is installed in Madrid and Gando. "

December 5, 2016

At the last minute we all wonder why Adelson withdrew from his Eurovegas-style casino option in Madrid, and more now when Wang Jianlin will be the one to make it happen. The payment to Hong Kong and the presence of the British Empire-Rotshchild was the reason. He was sticking with the Mirage ranch agreements in California, and Adelson was not on that agenda because of what he was told to retire.

-Hollywood passes into Chinese hands . Incredible but true. Wang Jianlin will be the new owner. The world of stupidity in Hollywood where there are no longer portraits of social reality that we live has polarized the market of followers of stupidities against an audience that no longer sees cinema, claiming contemporaneity and knowledge. Behind the fulfillment of part of the agreements of Mirage ranch in California. For China to be the new world leader, it needs a spokesperson for behavior and opinion. It could be Mao Tse Tung's greatest pride. The success of Wag Jianling comes from the agreements with Goldman Sach in August 2015. Wang Jianling is also the owner of the Spain building and will raise 6,000million in the Hong Kong stock market. Wang Jianling's connection with the Rothschilds through the HSBC is undoubted. Wang Jianling could launch in 2017 a Chinese Hollywood with Chinese actors in Hong Kong, and a greater presence and Chinese actors in Hollywood California to accustom the world to the Chinese social presence in business, intelligence, and society. Jianling will build a Madrid Las Vegas that could not Adelson, and will be the new center of Chinese Intelligence in Spain for Europe, in turn controlled by the Mossad and its relations with the Rothschild as indeed already done with the MI6 and the CIA.

The new property of Hollywood by Wang Jianlin, for 3.5 billion dollars, and its agreement in turn with Goldman Sach, augurs China's control over the US and the secret services, subtracting a part from Donald Trump, who will control only part of the Agency. Wang Jianlin is another tool from Hong Kong and the service of the Chinese secret service and the Mossad.

The infrastructure that can house the Madrid Tower and the Casino complex will be the structure of Chinese intelligence services for all of Europe.

The transfer of control of the economy of the US Federal Reserve to Hong Kong requires control of investment, policy and information. The agreement could have been taken at the APEC summit in Peru, and ratified in Gran Canaria. That is why it was the warning to the plane of President Vladimir Putin in the sky of Switzerland intercepted by Swiss fighters commanded by the Central of the CIA for Europe inside Lake Lehman. The idea is that the Rothschilds do not trust Donald Trump or Mike Pence despite Pence's insistence on their support for Israel, but that they contradict the advance of the FSG army and RRMC (Blackwater) to the US from Saudi Arabia, and the border wall with Mexico. And the Barack Obama cabinet still in office agrees to divide the control of the CIA to the secret service of Hong Kong and Beijing - and it is worth pointing out that the agency in Hong Kong has its direct line with the Rothschilds and the Federal Reserve for the control of Shanghai and Hong Kong-, and that does not stop being the British secret service in Hong Kong that never left Hong Kong.

80c15b No.5946


Soraya Sáez de Santamaría, in charge of the CNI, delivered last week in Gran Canaria on a secret content visit, the permits signed by the Rajoy cabinet, CNI and the Army, to the president of China in a meeting from the APEC summit. The meeting in Gran Canaria with the supreme command of the North American army and the executives of the USAID ( CIA ), to agree the transfer of licenses and powers to the Chinese secret service, which is not Chinese but Rothschild, which in turn controls the Mossad. In Spain it is going to take a step more than in Argentina where as in Spain they control the national secret service: It is the hybrid with China.

The office that the Vice President Soraya Saez de Santamaría installs in Barcelona will serve as a link to the Chinese services with the Mossad that are already installed in Barcelona with the wish of Jordi Pujol . The French DGSE is intimately linked to the Mossad since Manuel Valls as Minister of the Interior handed over his control to the Mossad, and evidenced his participation in Charlie Hebdo, Paris Bataclan, and in Nice with the presence weeks before the Israeli Colonel Olivier Rafowicz . Similar to the delivery of the German secret service BND -Bundesnachrichtendienst-, to the Mossad by the Zionist Angela Merkel ( intermediaryclassic between Israel and Hezbollah), and coordinated by agencies such as Roland Berger . Roland Berger exerts a sinkhole of information such as that carried on the Spanish CNI Duro Felguera , and for NSA the agency that subcontracted Edward Snowden, or the RAW of India to destabilize Pakistan.

6c15a8 No.5947


There isn't going to be a big week. Not ever. To have one would be counter to the entire point of avoiding civil war and civil unrest. The only thing we can gauge by is the final legislation that's coming out of D.C. Not one shred of expectation in any other area has ever helped us. If it's not on the books as already-passed legislation, file it away and forget it.

9c671f No.5948


It sometimes takes 3 years from filing for social secutiy, to actually getting it. Government moves slooooowwwwww, but they usually end up giving you the missed back-pay from the time waiting. That said, it'll be more than worth it a year from now, if we keep our hold strong on teh facts that we do find. @ 5 months in, and with finite resources (human and otherwise), we aren't supposed to have it all figured out yet. It'd be great if we did, but even then, how long would it take .gov to apply what we've found? Much longer. We haven't sunk, you haven't sunk, we're all still getting our feet wet in this phenomenon.

6c15a8 No.5949


I think most of us were psy-opped into setting this month as the limit for all this to play out. It will be years, as you've said. What we're expecting this month may not occur until March 2020. We can and will have 6 month or longer periods with no appreciable activity - we're already closing on on 5 months with nothing measurable. Q never gave a time line. Q never said this wouldn't take 4 to 8 years to have the first perp walk.

6c15a8 No.5950

Maybe the Deep State is figuring out that the white hats move so slowly that the black hats can create and implement new plans to adapt at 100x the speed and therefore never lose.

6c15a8 No.5951

So probably the best thing to do is let another 6 to 12 months play out and then worry about making some progress on the map. 90% of all Q's traffic is unresolved and we don't even know where to start on the map. This would be expected if we're trying to cram a 96 month timeline into under 5.

6c15a8 No.5952

Just exploring all possible avenues:

26 million people have been red pilled into a silent landscape without activity. This means that they will quickly abandon it and return to their normal lives - never to return. They will forever say "oh, I took that bait once; there was nothing there, nothing ever came of it." We have a huge chunk of the entire country being effectively vaccinated against ever believing the Deep State could exist at all. Without this period of time, their first venture into it might occur at a future time when things became so bad, they might go digging on their own. And the results would be very different. Today, they are guaranteed to cycle in, cycle out, and the immune system is in place; they will never believe this again.

6c15a8 No.5953

According to Diamond and Silk, we currently have 46 seats in congress opening up with no Republicans running to oppose the Dem candidates. What's wrong with this picture?

80c15b No.5954


Are they considered safe democrat seats?

No one wants to waste time, campaign money, effort, and or face certain defeat. It's unfortunate, but it's the way it is.

6c15a8 No.5955


Would have to see a list. But AL and PA both fell to voter fraud and not a finger was lifted to counter it.

Further, if what I stated were the plan, you would see exactly the kind of meltdown occurring in QR that is happening, and there would be no change in the presence or approach of Q to compensate or reverse the trend. If people are jumping ship en masse and the response is only to continue doing what was always done, it can only be concluded that the current situation is the desired outcome: nothing is being done to impact it in any way.

6c15a8 No.5956


If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

6c15a8 No.5957

Massive, sweeping censorship of the entire internet and no measurable action is being taken in D.C. to counter it?

Bezos' company reaches $1 trillion and he pays zero taxes - and nobody in D.C. has an issue with that?

6c15a8 No.5958


What's being passively accepted tells you everything you need to know. Where is no action being taken? WHY is no action being taken? Because there is nothing that needs changing. Things are in the desired state.

6c15a8 No.5959

This is why we're pushed so hard to figure out the map and other issues, then very strategically left to our own devices to bang our heads against the wall - so we grow tired of the whole thing and move on to something else. If it were desired that we figure things out, continued assistance would be provided to help us down that road. We are lost and confused figuring out most of Q's stuff. Nothing is being done to change that. Meaning, the situation does not need changing; it's in the desired state.

6c15a8 No.5960

Enter, sample, immunize, leave. THAT is what is playing out on every front. We're being vaccinated against ever returning to this arena. "Been there, done that. Nothing happened."

80c15b No.5961


Q has rarely put a stop to trending lines of investigation. Some yes, and very firmly, but there's been a lot of time wasted on dead end research that could've been averted. (one of my pet annoyances with Q).

I think perhaps that many of us who are still digging and hanging about are those who had been digging long before Q showed up.

What we really need is the means to get information out there.

Without taking down the MSM and social media in its current form, all of this will be for nought. The same as it has been in the past. If we can't get the message out….

And if you keep posting at this rate, I suppose I should get the pastebin organized, lol.

6c15a8 No.5962

The CIA director is replaced right at the point of max ship-jumping.

6c15a8 No.5963


LOL just following a "what if" to its logical conclusion here. In all honesty the whole thing is role playing and purely hypothetical.

80c15b No.5964


I'm not complaining. Just getting organized.

There was no pastebin link posted for this bread?

Did you make a copy or should I work off the previous one?

6c15a8 No.5965

The one issue that won't go away is the "chaotic induction" principle. Trigger chaos. Tonight somebody popped in here, posted that one URL and said "the LINK" … then bailed. How many results COULD there be from doing that? Me and potentially anybody else are going to start spinning our wheels, trying to solve a single equation for two unknowns. It is mathematically impossible and that is known. The pattern is everywhere and it's textbook formula: trigger research that has no known framework, no known context, and therefore cannot be resolved. Offer no further input, just drop the trigger and get out of Dodge. Watch as the idiots chase the randomly moving laser pointer like frenzied cats. The research cannot be resolved. It cannot end. Because we can never move past "maybe this is correct, maybe not."

9c671f No.5966


A 5000+(?) piece jigsaw puzzle, of which we have 900+ now. It's no wonder why we don't hav the full picture

>You can count the people who have the full picture on two hands.

From those ten, came 26 million at the very least, aware. Those that go, can't forget & say that they never knew, no matter how they feel about it. If ha[penings occur a year, 2 years, 3 weeks, 6 years from now, they'll be reminded, some even "reactivated". The micro of that is the lost momentum up until Q posts, then morale rises, digging increases, sinks again, and so on. I'm no analyst, but if Q(Team) has one of more watching, they can see it. Except with each new drop, more people have eyes on, new cells are added, some die off, yet the organism lives on, growing incrementally by the day. Who knows when it will be full grown?

Deep state is more reactive than proactive, I'd think. The purported 16 year plan, last leg of the 6000+ year plan, didn't turn out as expected, so iunder those circumstances, scrambling & keeping up appearances is. The man behind the curtain playing wizard gets louder the closre you get to him. Still, just a man behind a curtain soon to be revealed as such to as many as will choose to see him.

The end will not be for everybody. Many are called, few are chosen, the chosen ones choose themselves.

>Not about Republicans v Democrats at this stage.

>This is not about religions or party affiliation.

>There are no drawn lines.

>Good vs Evil.

i;ve never cared on my life about a person's labels. i care about their character.

I'm also one to prefer starting to look for solutions once the problems have been identified. Focus on problems alone, only creates/lets more problems pile up unresolved. So, how do we solve the problem of making the problems our primary focus?

6c15a8 No.5967

This is psy-op research on the grandest scale. We are the lab rats. How long will they chase their own shadows? Test conditions remain constant in all circumstances.

80c15b No.5968


I for one am not fond of hit and runs. I know sometimes people don't know what to do with information they come across and just drop it in the hope that someone else might figure something out about it, but with no further input, after having being asked to provide basic information, I see it as a slide.

80c15b No.5969


Well said, anon. Makes a lot of sense.

6c15a8 No.5970


I've learned from this: unless I see ongoing active participation in a 2-way conversation, I'm just going to let these drops lie. I accomplish nothing by digging them. Let them go. I'll archive them just because they were made but I'm not repeating tonight; I've been stuck in that circus for over 4 months. To what end? I have not produced one valid thing from all that work. Note where I have actually made progress and stick to what works.

80c15b No.5971


Lol, I've crossed over between at least 6 different topics of research in less than 4 hours today. The last thing I need is more random, LMAO.

Understood, anon. Best we just continue on along our own path. Not that I don't read and keep up with what others are doing on here.

6c15a8 No.5972


The momentum created from each Q appearance is RAPIDLY growing shorter and shorter. Today was the first time I have ever seen blatant disrespect of Q by a good number of people while he was actively posting. The decay in influence is exponentially decreasing. It will be interesting to see what happens when that decay reaches 100%.

It seemed that Thursday morning, a whole group of people Q-related came on to post in QR. Or was it Wednesday? So there was SOME response, but basically QR has degraded into near 100% coping mechanisms. Q's influence even when he appears is becoming less and less, and shorter and shorter in duration.

6c15a8 No.5973

McCabe fired.

3 months late and $300 short.

80c15b No.5974

File: 04f958d8dd0fdda⋯.jpg (37.68 KB, 1484x990, 742:495, 20russiahearing.jpg)

80c15b No.5975

Wow, a lot of ignoramouses pissed about #McCabe firing on twatter. How fucking stupid do you have to be to say - 'Who fires someone 2 days before retirement?? Assholes and @realDonaldTrump, I guess…'

The man did wrong, but apparently it should be let slide just so he can collect his frickin' pension! So sick to death or idiots.

6c15a8 No.5976


And if he wasn't fired those same people would be screaming about that.

80c15b No.5977


Perhaps. There's a lot of thickheads out there who have NFI.

It's interesting to watch the hashtag. Maybe an opportunity to introduce people to IBOR as well. Like posts and maybe they click on my profile and see all the Memes for IBOR. And I mean I'm liking tweets that are happy about #McCabe's demise.

c1226f No.5978


Just for clarification, a person is only a jesuit if they join the religious order and become a brother or priest in the order. Being taught by a jesuit does not make one a jesuit. And the jesuits have been infiltrated by luciferians etc. because the order was created to fight for Jesus around the world and chose missionary work, education and the halls of power as the place to spread the Gospel. The luciferians/communists like to attack/own the young and the powerful, so infiltrating the jesuit order was a natural draw. Not all jesuits are closet luciferians, but likely some key people are.

c1226f No.5979


Thanks for this insight and research.

6c15a8 No.5980


There are more religious organizations than there are people to comprise them.

80c15b No.5981

File: 4a7ace2df2a12ca⋯.jpg (242.94 KB, 1024x760, 128:95, 2265898563_4b6b163050_b.jpg)

It must be the weekend.

No one here but us Chickens!

b970f7 No.5982

wow bombshell text-messages imo… strzok new judge (fisa & flynn-case)

b970f7 No.5983

finally sessions did his job! now he has to keep doing that!

b970f7 No.5984

i'm no chicken… :p

80c15b No.5985


I hope this has picked up your spirits, anon.

It was one hell of a build up ;)



b970f7 No.5986


it helps… it's a start.. ;-)

b970f7 No.5987

from the moment i knew mccabe was part of the swamp, i wanted him fired… i knew investigation has to be finished first…. i understand why he was demoted (to make sure he didn't go in press talking about all of it)…. but the closer we came to his big pension, the angrier i became that nothing happened to him…. the firing now is step one… but now we have to see what he and others did… so the bs of MSM wil be broken…

b970f7 No.5988

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

80c15b No.5989


I was becoming quite disheartened by the count down to his pension, also. Would you believe that people are trying to organize a gofundme for him to make up what he will lose? He's worth how much? People are immeasurably stupid.

There's a huge backlash already. Twitter is swamped with people saying that it's all Trumps doing, and that he's mean, lol.

It's possibly too late to expect Q to grace us with their presence today/tonight, but I'm looking forward to the 'I told ya so'.


LMAO. As someone who has a couple of layer hens, I found that quite entertaining.

b970f7 No.5990


couldn't help it, when the chicken-comment came…

yeah… msm and libs are screaming at the sky about it.. that's why it's very important that the results of IG are published, that all comes out…

b970f7 No.5991

but i really hope q is right about Mueller, if not, Mueller will use this to get trump for obstruction

80c15b No.5992


I did a bit of catch up reading on Mueller this morning. Going back to the private meeting. I'm trusting him at this point.

Sessions could just as easily have let things drag out until McCabe got his damn pension, but he didn't. Q telling us to trust, I think has been given quite a lot of credibility today.

I have to go grab some groceries, back shortly.


b970f7 No.5993


we have made a big step today to winning on the swamp (on the part of equal justice)



this is why i love mr trump… MAGA :D

b970f7 No.5994

b970f7 No.5995


thx for that … like another anon said, a very grounded and realistic point you make… thx…

9c671f No.5996


True, re: QR. Outside of QR, a different reality exists. The PLAN goes on, with or without QR's approval. Outside of GR. If the only good on QR is the fact that Q posts there, so be it. The plan will go on. And the power of the board itself will not diminish. Becasue someone will always be posting sometihng of substance. Q's influence isn't the only power there, anons researcihng and sharing ideas is there is just as powerful, the rest is just noise..

Plus: There's always GA if needed.

9c671f No.5997


True, re: QR. Outside of QR, a different reality exists. The PLAN goes on, with or without QR's approval. Outside of GR. If the only good on QR is the fact that Q posts there, so be it. The plan will go on. And the power of the board itself will not diminish. Becasue someone will always be posting sometihng of substance. Q's influence isn't the only power there, anons digging, searching, researcihng and sharing ideas is there, & is just as powerful. The rest is just noise to be confronted if not a waste of time. Plus, There's always GA if needed.

9c671f No.5998

>>5969 just glad to contribute

>>5995 quite welcome

80c15b No.5999

Man, I should've gotten out much earlier today. It's damn hot out there.

So, what do anons think of the timing of McCabes sacking? News cycle; weekend…. MSM will get very little mileage before it fades away into obscurity?

b970f7 No.6000


think that MSM will mold it and use it till the ig report comes out, fully without keeping anything intern…. or something bigger should happen..

or they are drooling so hard on stormy that they go back to her…

80c15b No.6001


love the digits!‏

I just found the answer to that one, lol.


18m18 minutes ago


@CNN @MSNBC still talking #StormyDaniels after 3 hours #McCabe firing They wonder y their ratings SUCK! Put the Kool-Aid down and step off the plantation for a day

9c671f No.6002


What MSM will say, I can't even bring myself to care about. I do expect some good PR, defense of McCabe & some shining up of his name, if they can't avoid talking about it altogether. Try & disconnect him from what's to come with his name tied to it. The usual.

b970f7 No.6003

b970f7 No.6004


German president Horst Koehler (R), his wife Eva Luise (C) and German chancellor Angela Merkel arrive for a memorial service at the Sankt Karl Barromaeus church on March 21, 2009 in Winnenden near Stuttgart, Germany. President Koehler, chancellor Merkel and thousands of mourners hold a memorial ceremony to commemorate the victims of a school shooting. 17 - year old Tim Kretschmer opened fire on Wednesday, March 11, 2009 on teachers and pupils at his former school Albertville, killing 15 people and leaving many more injured. Kretschmer fled the scene and shot himself dead after being cornered by police. (Photo by Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images) * Local Caption * Horst Koehler;Eva Luise Koehler;Angela Merkel

80c15b No.6005


I haven't been able to bring myself to watch any MSM. And I've seen people tweeting about McCabe tweeting out statements and crap but I can't find his twitter account.


We got that far, but apart from similarities to most other school shootings, what's 'The LINK' that the hit and run anon is pointing to?

80c15b No.6006

It just goes to show that digging over the crumbs for oneself again and again pays off, huh. I'd completely missed this, if it had ever been brought up before.

'Who knows where the bodies are buried? '

At the age of 21, Prince volunteered to search for a mass grave in Nicaragua, to expose killings under President Daniel Ortega and later said that he had found one.

From Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erik_Prince

b970f7 No.6007


have a feeling he wasn't talking about the q-drop with the numbers…. don't know about what else…

80c15b No.6008


Sorry I don't understand. What do you mean the Q drop with the numbers?

80c15b No.6009

File: b03f1c5627b2007⋯.jpg (178.28 KB, 1192x730, 596:365, EPBodiesBuried.jpg)

b970f7 No.6010


they link it to the q-drop with [19]


because the anon dropped "THE LINK" with the picture of kohler, merkel

b970f7 No.6011


drop 5916, should be >>5915 & >>5917

80c15b No.6012


OK. Hmm, maybe the anon should've stuck around and clarified a few things. Oh well.

b970f7 No.6013


hmm.. new damaging strzok texts (judge fisa:flynn) & firing mccabe…

damn… on the money here

80c15b No.6014

File: abf7144f7fd6ef1⋯.jpg (322.71 KB, 1618x762, 809:381, TooManyTabs.jpg)

Look there, or [here], or there, truth is behind you.

80c15b No.6015


Dropping this here so I don't lose it again.


So much for being super organized.

80c15b No.6016

80c15b No.6017

File: 2d4162f4a626fca⋯.jpg (82.6 KB, 526x389, 526:389, crazy-hillary.jpg)

If the Earth was flat we'd all be in the same time zone and I wouldn't be taking to myself at this very moment.

80c15b No.6018



b970f7 No.6019


not true if time is messured on sun… ;-)

80c15b No.6020


Hahaha, where is the sun on a flat earth? To me its a matter of a dimmer switch, LMAO.

Anyways, no flat earth. I was just going a little crazy with all the reading of novel length articles and no noise. Yep, sometimes we need just a little noise to know that we're not alone.

b970f7 No.6021


true… silence many times is worrisome

80c15b No.6022


It's a shame that more productive anons from QR don't come join this here party. Also a shame that lurkers don't say a hello and put forward an opinion now and then.

We don't want rock concert noise, just some background music, hehe.

b970f7 No.6023

i agree completely with that… , don't think here are many lurkers… maybe just to read something and than they leave…

b970f7 No.6024

80c15b No.6025


Maybe we could have an open day. We can show lurkers around the campus. let them get the feel of the place, lol.

Perhaps we should dare a lurker to post something, anything right now….. hehehe.

No hit and run drops though!

If any lurkers have any info on Erik Prince, by all means drop it for me here and now while I'm still crazy enough to dig into it.

b970f7 No.6026


yeah i hate the hit and run drops… makes my brain spin lol

80c15b No.6027


This guy fails the credibility test.

He could possibly be speaking a lot of truth but his past claims and the way he conducts himself is his downfall.

b970f7 No.6028


too connected with weissman (working with mueller) and lynch (time in new york)

80c15b No.6029


I skimmed through the pdf. Getting tired here. I'll have to have a better look when I'm fresher of mind (have had a couple of alcoholic bevies as well). He most certainly doesn't come across as someone I'd like to keep company with.

b970f7 No.6030

indeed ;-)

b970f7 No.6031

b970f7 No.6032


this is how i started digging on it

b970f7 No.6033

80c15b No.6034

File: bd014568538b439⋯.jpg (473.86 KB, 1289x658, 1289:658, HRCIBOR.jpg)


Me as well, anon. Me as well.

So much reading, so much trying to connect dots.

Have you been up all this time?

(Pic unrelated. My last ditch effort at getting people to pay attention to fighting for an IBOR)

b970f7 No.6035


i'm awake for 35 hours now… not because of q or something lol…

80c15b No.6036


Not good, anon. You must feel like utter shit, right now.

b970f7 No.6037


it's comming yes :D had some busy days.. have now a small week to rest

b970f7 No.6038

44bed8 No.6039

File: 63565f12982447f⋯.png (426.8 KB, 641x544, 641:544, ClipboardImage.png)

We may have our rough draft

b970f7 No.6040


wow beautifull handwriting….. is that your name and picture? if so, i would recommand to delete the message and post without the name and picture

80c15b No.6041


I do hope so.

Part of the battle. Next battle is getting senators to back it.

Needs to be 'feet on the ground' work done in that area.

b970f7 No.6042


guess a lot of work .. wow i'm impressed

80c15b No.6043


He gets my seal of approval ;)

b970f7 No.6044

looool… dan bongino rocking it on fox now… love that guy (not in that way) … listen to his show every day

80c15b No.6045


Well, aren't you a bright shining ray of sunshine, lol.

I'm trying to put together the dough for the next bread. BO, the bugger didn't drop the copy of the pastebin for this one. (She says while mentally strangling him).

I guess I'll just copy the up to now Q posts from QR and try figuring what BO added without….. argh.

Yo BO, if and when you see this, you're a pain in the glutimus maximus.

b970f7 No.6046


don't know a thing about pastebins… sorry…. don't think BO had a limit on the messages… but not sure… would be great if he would drop in now….

if ya ad this:


change :



page 1 : >>3593

page 2 : >>3624

page 3 : >>3645

page 4 : >>3669

page 5 : >>4144

page 6 : >>4637

page 7 : >>5395

INITIALS: >>5507

keywords: >>5538



IBOR (petition)

SIGN AND SHARE everywhere


b970f7 No.6047

was looking at an old q-post


didn't read this anywhere (could have overlooked it)


6c15a8 No.6048

This is hardly a boom, but it's still nice to read. Unfortunately it's all about newspapers and not about TV.


b970f7 No.6049


>New Bakers Please Read This


6c15a8 No.6050


Okay … beginning Operation Bread Cleanup now. [SIGH].

I'm NOT a pain. My mother raised me to be a conscientious and upstanding young man.

I'm just not young anymore so I take a few liberties here and there.

80c15b No.6051


Thanks, makes it much easier for me.

he can change stuff after the fact, if need be.

I'll just try getting the basics sorted.


That's instructions. Not the batter for new dough, but thanks for the thought.


I'm on it.

Was just giving you a hard time for the sake of it. If you didn't create a pastebin before posting the current bread, no matter. I can catch up.

I'm quite confident that your mother raised you well, don't sweat it. You're much appreciated ;)

b970f7 No.6052

File: 6fcaec73096bf26⋯.png (35 KB, 340x397, 340:397, don-t-worry-be-happy-305.png)

looks like the mood in here is better today than before…. sessions actually doing something and the new textmessages of postrzok helped i guess.. it did for me… ;)

b970f7 No.6053


not really a boom, but very good to read through… nice

6c15a8 No.6054

Posting the next post now just so it can be referenced in future breads.

6c15a8 No.6055

Board Rules

First, I deplore rules. "You can say this but you can't say that." It's everything we exist to free people from. Still, to avoid total anarchy, a few guidelines have to be set.

1. Concern fagging is not shamed or attacked here. If you're feeling discouraged, down, depressed, or the like, you cannot push it down or deny it and have it go away. You must open up, discuss it, and those anons who are mature enough will help you pull yourself up and out of it. Motivation needs a foundation. It doesn't magically appear just because others demand it.

2. We have no use for enforcer fags who self-proclaim themselves to be in charge of keeping the board safe for democracy. Nobody died and made them boss. If you're having issues with somebody's posts, filter them. It's excessively easy to do and it keeps us from having to ban people.

3. Please do not advertise commercial products here. MENTIONING one in passing if you're actively participating is not a crime.

4. PLEASE do not act like a stoned caveman and attack somebody's theories. If you're that offended, filter the person in question. But declaring a concept to be b.s. without thorough investigation only flags you as a hard headed normie. The more an idea is pushed down, the harder it's going to push back.

5. There's a huge difference between religious discussion and outright evangelism. Declarations are evangelism and you can take it to the bank, we've all heard it all before. Believe what you will but please don't clutter this board with religious zealotry. Discussion of religious beliefs, especially as those beliefs might motivate a person or group being researched, is perfectly fine.

The goal is to have everybody feeling like they are welcome here and like they belong. Bullying other anons is a pet peeve of mine. It's inexcusable when you have the filter option always at hand. And, as mentioned, I have a super ultra special dislike for enforcer fags. When the board is littered with posts of anons attacking anons just for believing a theory they don't personally like, it doesn't do a lot to welcome people and make them feel at home.

b970f7 No.6056

6c15a8 No.6057


Way late responding to this … but maybe at the end of the war, the dominating Nazi faction would have been the primary focus for extermination. With that done, this until-then secondary group became primary, and that's primarily who came to the U.S.?

b970f7 No.6058


whut.. now it doesn't load anymore for me :( was 1000's of pages of q…. now it's blank pages… damn… maybe later today it will be back lol

80c15b No.6059


That is so 'us'.

We have an amazing gathering of anons here.

I love you guys. I'll say no homo but that doesn't apply to me, hehe.

Adding to bread #9 in entirety, to show it off, :D


OK, I suggest that you proof read this because, although I'm feeling pretty well calm, cool and collected, I've had more than enough to drink. (don't forget ts late pm here)

Dough for #9

80c15b No.6060


Uneffing believable. See, drunk me is


Dough for #9

6c15a8 No.6061


Naturally, I don't see this until AFTER I've completely built a new bread of my own.

Oh well. It's only time. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

6c15a8 No.6062


Okay "dough" not "bread."

6c15a8 No.6063


(Sorry forgot to remove that godawful signature; only used it for the rules.)

6c15a8 No.6064

Eyes Open for Fallout

This is the situation: McCabe has been fired, and he's really pissed off about it. He's been openly threatening to take everybody else down with him, which almost guarantees he will wake up dead before Friday 3/23. It will be the most unfortunate heart attack or suicide. Obama, GWB, and Comey seem to be openly plotting the hit via Twitter. So be on the lookout for this kind of news. Otay Buckwheat?

80c15b No.6065


Thanks, I'll take of my PPE now.

Bread shmed, dough shmo.

Whatever works.

6c15a8 No.6066


Schmed and Schmo … a riveting portrayal of two brothers divided by a Storm that threatens the very fabric of their relationship.

80c15b No.6067


A gluteness portrayal of their rise and fall through soft and crusty times. A harrowing tale of choice between the upper crust and the slice of life. Torn apart, they find….

Lol. If only I could apply myself :P My half assed attempt at humor.

80c15b No.6068


I'm Q'appy that you're Q'appy.

I was a little worried about you there for a bit.

80c15b No.6069

File: 3e256c3eaf1655d⋯.jpg (78.72 KB, 888x499, 888:499, DYdSa6rUMAA8iGJ.jpg)

File: d62868cc9959e2b⋯.jpeg (15.19 KB, 255x210, 17:14, 6ed1029ffe3a42ba22e241112….jpeg)

I'm cruisin round twitter as well as 8chan. A couple of standouts.

6c15a8 No.6070


Not even sure what to think at this point. Still trying to find a solid footing in all this. Most definitely, the "big week coming" stuff needs to be overlooked when it's thrown at us. Nothing big is ever announced. And it really damages morale to keep leading the army down the garden path over and over. So lots of adjustments have to be made … I'm still figuring out what they are.

80c15b No.6071


I just keep saying to myself, "What's the alternative?"

Sad, I know. But what is it? I'm not American, yet my existence, my life is governed by how the US operates, functions and plays.

What choice do I have? Prior to Q I'd given up. I'll admit that. I truly had.

If this doesn't pan out, I've lost nothing.

When you're expecting a blow its nowhere near as shocking, huh.

That's us.

Whomever the fuck Q is, and as long as they don't do a shifty and encourage people to do or participate in something stupid, They're alright by me.

I honestly don't know that many have been reached. It's difficult to gauge in this day and age. I go out my door and see people and know that most of them have NFI and don't want to.

A handful of people have always kept this torch alight over centuries and millennia. The masses have always remained unaware and ungrateful.

Its thankless, and I'm rambling, because I can, lol.

b970f7 No.6072

80c15b No.6073

File: 7f297bddaf11fa9⋯.jpg (91.37 KB, 640x532, 160:133, meanwhile-in-russia_o_2877….jpg)

80c15b No.6074

File: f540ea17eb2c03f⋯.jpg (326.69 KB, 940x440, 47:22, Champagne.jpg)

I should be asleep (got guests coming in the morning), but I'll be annoyed to miss if Q posts to say 'I told ya so'.

I'm not much use to the team at present. Over tired (drunk), but I can't help myself, dammit.

Happy McCabe firing!

22ee2f No.6075



80c15b No.6076


Hit and run anon has returned!

b970f7 No.6077


explain the LINK

6c15a8 No.6078


Thank God for free thought, right? Everybody has a different personal history, different scars, different sore spots, and everybody is going to get through this in their own way. We were already halfway through the final 16 year plan. So you're right, what alternative was there? I think the very concept of Q/Potus being our ultimate saviors caused most to cast them in a light that would really be just a little to pure to get the job done that has to be done. As long as people are still coming here, or QR, or Twatter, or Reddt ([GASP] I said the "R" word!!!!) then no matter what attitude they display publicly, they're still on board.

6c15a8 No.6079


So we're back to five eyes and Australia, which has been the subject of much discussion lately. I'm going to have to get caught up on them as well.

6c15a8 No.6080


… If this is Ed, we need a trademark Ed Anon goth-type image on your first posting so we know it's you and we can make note of the ID.

b970f7 No.6081


would be great :D

he also posted "the LINK"

6c15a8 No.6082

Ba-a-a-ack. Had to go pay the mortgage. Nooooo! It's true.

6c15a8 No.6083

So what is going on in Australia. There was some serious writeup about it in QR. All I have to do now is find which thread/bread.

6c15a8 No.6084


Basically, Slick Willy duped Australia into matching a $25m "donation" to the Clinton Foundation which Willy signed but was not legally authorized to do. This last January, Australia complained to Wray about the deal. There's no way this could be what really happened; it had to be a weapons deal that CF ultimately took the money for but never delivered on.

"WE HAVE THE SUB" … sub contractor for the weapons deal?

6c15a8 No.6085


Clinton undoubtedly would have tried to put a hit on that subcontractor but couldn't get to him.

6c15a8 No.6086


Or, on an entirely different line of thinking, maybe the missing Argentina sub - which one would presume was to launch nukes that would start WWIII that could be blamed on Korea or Russia or whoever - was hiding in Australia and was doxed so now the good guys have it. That sounds more plausible, as that sub could have been the bargaining chip that was preventing POTUS from completely dismantling the CIA.

6c15a8 No.6087


I like that option much better. Simpler, fits much better with current times, and AU is the closest "different continent" to Argentina.

6c15a8 No.6088


We will probably have to wait until Sunday to find the answer.

6c15a8 No.6089

REMEMBER - fake "intel" is everywhere!

This was posted in QR somewhere around the 10th, maybe late on the 9th.


For the normies:

Huge news coming by Friday and then even bigger news on March 12th and 15th. The apparent ongoing months long public quarrel between Trump and Jeff Sessions has been fabricated to provide cover for one of the biggest DOJ investigations ever done. Sessions has quietly been building a bombshell case since march of 2017 to indict corrupt Obama administration players including Obama and Hillary Clinton. But that is just the tip of the iceberg and waves of congressmen and business CEO's are also targets. Over 13,000 sealed indictments are ready to be released. They have kept the investigation quiet because the case is so big they feared for Sessions life and the safety of his family and the entire investigation team. By the end of next week it will be clear that we are taking our country back from deep and widespread government corruption and evil and Trump is making good on his promises to drain the swamp.

This massive undertaking started when Anthony Wieners laptop was seized by NYPD police in March of 2017 due to his underage texting scandal and was found to contain a treasure trove of information on the Obama and Hillary Clinton crime organization. The information contained thousands of videos and hundreds of thousands of emails implicating the Obama administration including Hillary in treasonous acts. The documents were all stored in a folder called "Life Insurance". This evidence was the life insurance policy for both Wiener and his wife Huma Abedin the long time Hillary Clinton aide. Huma had been collecting the information for years. Much of this information will never be released to the public because many of the crimes are so evil and sick it cannot be released without causing angry citizens from taking matters into their own hands. But make no mistake the evidence will be unimpeachable and includes a video of Hillary herself that will be made public to drive the nails into the coffin of the corruption that has held our country hostage.

Trump who is very close to many leaders in the NYPD was informed of the laptop information right after it was seized in September of 2016. A month later he went public in a campaign speech letting everyone know he planned to drain the swamp. Here is that speech:

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2qIXXafxCQ

Every Patriot in this country will remember next week and it will be glorious!

6c15a8 No.6090


The following week turned out to be a dud with nothing happening on the 12th or the 15th, and the McCabe firing - months overdue - was the only real news very late on the 16th.

24f52b No.6091



(/res/587108.html – #724)

6c15a8 No.6092


That's the one. Total crap.

6c15a8 No.6093

Here's something new showing up on QR Saturday morning. MOST bizarre. If you're going to dig this, please please do it with an open mind. This could easily be good guys setting this up to prep us for "the final truth," or it could just as easily be bad guys setting this up to prep the public for the fake UFO invasion … or it could just as easily be somebody out to see how badly they can dupe everybody. MANY WAYS THIS COULD ALL BE MADE UP.

The voice on the video should be possible to track to the voice that might be used in airline black boxes - if such a thing even exists. The letters given are standard military phonetic alphabet - kind of off for a plane that was not military.

Here's the QR posting link:


Here's the clickable Twitter page link:


Those are the starting points. Explore but DON'T decide it must be this or that.

b970f7 No.6094

I'm back :D

9c671f No.6095

From the [P]inay - Soros Research Thread >>>/qresearch/692508

This has given me an idea of what Q meant with regards of learn to read the map. Always with his double meanings.''

One of them, is that Its so simple that he was telling us how we should build a connection diagram (at least in an efficient manner)

Maps lead you from city to city.

Cities are groups of people.

The roads have names of famous people.

b970f7 No.6096


connection diagram? whit all the crumbs he dropped? pooh don't even know where to start… but could be ofcourse, i don't have the answer

9c671f No.6097


I'll be working on it next week, starting anywhere. There's too many minds avaible for any of us to have to do it alone. I'll make some conenctions, as many as I can, and pass it off to the next anon, who can add more. Bit by bit we can do it.

b970f7 No.6098


that's a possibility… will see what i can add than… i now arrived in 2018 re-digging things i was not certain about and making timeline…. but timeline is pages and pages long :( and will be longer when done…

ac89de No.6099


In my opinion I think the word "conservative" should have been kept out of the petition. That way when democrats & liberals were steered to the petition site they would sign it instead of thinking "fk those conservatives & im glad they were censored "!

We have to make the petition look like all people on social media are being censored & we need the IBOR for all of us.

That way we can posts links to IBOR under CNN, MSM, etc. twitter & FB posts with a good meme showing censorship & link to petition.

Just my 2cents.

ac89de No.6100


How is she the link?

9c671f No.6101


Agreed. Left wing Right wing, still the same Eagle. It's not about R & D, Conservative & Liberal. It about AMERICANS, and by extension, the Free World

22ee2f No.6102

File: 3ac541e8a184112⋯.jpg (35.36 KB, 300x300, 1:1, welcome.jpg)


ac89de No.6103


The tweet is deleted :(

b970f7 No.6104


i just have no clue what your 3 messages mean…

b970f7 No.6105

b970f7 No.6106

looks like i'm alone again… well.. back to reading…

b970f7 No.6107



new q

look at fbi, two number ones? wray?

b970f7 No.6108


nice :D




Who knows where the bodies are buried?


b970f7 No.6109


Mar 17 2018 15:03:41 (EDT) Q !UW.yye1fxo 458 NEW

How bad is the corruption?

FBI (past/present)




+29 (16)

DOJ (past/present)





STATE (past/present)




Removal is the least of their problems.



Twitter Bots>GOOG operated (not Russia)/Narrative & Political SLANT








Who knows where the bodies are buried?



Election theft.

Last hope.

Congressional focus.


They think you are STUPID.

They think you will follow the STARS.

They openly call you SHEEP/CATTLE.





b970f7 No.6110

damn, pasted wrong one :(

Mar 17 2018 15:03:41 (EDT) Q !UW.yye1fxo 458 NEW

How bad is the corruption?

FBI (past/present)

#1 comey

#1 ???

#2 mccabe

+29 (16)

DOJ (past/present)

#1 lynch

#1 holder

#2 rosenstein


STATE (past/present)

#1 John Kerry

#1 HRC


Removal is the least of their problems.



Twitter Bots>GOOG operated (not Russia)/Narrative & Political SLANT








Who knows where the bodies are buried?



Election theft.

Last hope.

Congressional focus.


They think you are STUPID.

They think you will follow the STARS.

They openly call you SHEEP/CATTLE.





b970f7 No.6111


1: #1 FBI: mueller, wray or does this means mccabe who was nr 1 for short time

2: #2 doj: not certain of rosenstein

3: biden / china ???

4: trump adm v2 ??? v2?

b970f7 No.6112


#2 doj: Sally Yates maybe

b970f7 No.6113

b970f7 No.6114

4 : adm v2 : version 2.0 maybe… changes (tillerson, cohen gone, pompeo cia to state, maybe mcmaster out? a great change-up…

b970f7 No.6115

hmmm it was anons that gave ed his name? or did it come by ed him/herself?

8 jan. 2018 - Yesterday, it tweeted a Google Drive link described as a full PDF of Fire and Fury. It deleted that tweet, but re-posted the link with an added degree of separation, saying that the book had leak[ed] onto internet.” Google has since removed the file in question. We don't know exactly why WikiLeaks, whose …


c1226f No.6116


Hi, just lurked on 8chan for a few hours and now exhausted, back tomorrow. Keep up the good work!

24f52b No.6117


> it was anons that gave ed his name?


80c15b No.6118

Good morning, anons. I feel a little seedy. Have guests today, so I won't be around much.

Q has dropped that elusive "Who knows where the bodies are buried?' again.

Coincidence that that's what I was working on last night, hehe. See, there is such a thing as coincidences! :P

6c15a8 No.6119


I was just referencing what the URL of the image was, and what it showed; the poster (not sure if it was Ed) said "The LINK" then the next line was the URL.

6c15a8 No.6120


The symbols on the cheeks look like pedo symbols for "little boy lover." The head in a tray of "sauce" is over the top pedo, and I wonder if the glass doesn't contain real blood?

Or is this one of those images we're not supposed to pay any attention to?

6c15a8 No.6121

9c671f No.6122


(3) from Q drops only…

>What must be completed to engage MI over other (3) letter agencies?

>SA (1), US (2), Asia (3), EU (4).

>House of Saud (6+++) - $4 Trillion+

>Rothschild (6++) - $2 Trillion+

>Soros (6+) - $1 Trillion+

>Focus on above (3).

>Trace the bloodlines of these (3) families.


>Power of the (3) letter agencies.

The assumption thus far is that deployment in the states is the answer. Overseas deployment is a possibility. We don't know until we know.

6c15a8 No.6123

My "perception" of what's coming…

We've all watched magic tricks where we were just dumbfounded over how such a trick could possibly work. By everything we sense it's just impossible. Then we see exactly how it's done and our mind, our emotions, our entire paradigm shifts from a very agitated state to one of ultimate relief … we can now explain what we saw and we don't have to stretch or redefine our perception of what reality is and isn't.

Once that primarily-emotional turmoil is over, you're left with "knowing how it works." You were shown! Of COURSE you know! And that knowledge sticks in your head and you go about your life. Forever more, you KNOW.

This is how my perception works. Skip the part about the magic tricks and the agitation and the turmoil and the reset back to reality. It's just "I KNOW," as if a complex magic trick were just revealed to me. It's the knowledge that remains after all the emotional turbulence is done.

That's how I perceive things … sometimes. I can't "try." I can't put any effort on it. It just happens to me. I KNOW. It's like walking outside and you feel the temperature of the air on your skin. It finds you, it makes contact with you, and you KNOW: it's cold, or it's just right, or it's too hot, whatever it is.

It's not a science. I wouldn't buy or sell stock based on it. But when an issue, a subject matter, is of enough interest to me, things just float in and I KNOW. There are no voices in my head, there is no analysis, there is no channeling, etc. It's just like walking outside and feeling the temperature.

The process gets a lot less reliable when it comes to events of worldwide concern that involve millions of people. Helping to offset that is the fact that I am focused on Q. Because it's a team, multiple individuals, even there, sometimes the waters get muddied and all I know is confusion. I don't know what to KNOW.

Complicating issues still more is my own imagination, which becomes very vivid when it's a subject I'm passionate about (like the Storm), and plenty of my own emotions are being generated.

With all that said, it's very much an imperfect and strange pursuit, but there are times when things come in crystal clear. I once had a supervisor tell me "I hate being read like a book!" It wasn't the product of any effort on my part. "I KNOW" would just find me.

It's finding me now. Notwithstanding the absolute shit storm of chaos, people becoming fed up, running out of patience, etc. that's been raging this past week, I can say that I have no idea what's coming, but in reading Q's latest messages, Q's intent was crystal clear. See the difference? I have no sense of what's coming. But I'm swimming in KNOWING that what Q last posted was DRIVEN and THEY MEANT BUSINESS. No fuckery here, no games, it's straight forward. This one is for real.

That's my perception of where Q was at. It could still just be a driving intent (absolute necessity) on the part of Q to have people believing what is ultimately a distraction. All I can say is, that isn't how I'm perceiving things now. How I'm perceiving things now is, this time we mean it. A to B. Direct.

My perception is that the USMC will indeed be activated, and "next week" means any moment from this moment forward. Nobody says that anybody is going to wait for stores to open Monday morning. Every second, every minute, every hour, something could hit. It could be a raid on the CIA and one big sweep to shut them down for good - dismantling. It could be the round-up of major players - the perp walks we've all been waiting for. I have no idea. I have no sense of how it's going to play out. It isn't clairvoyance. It's just "knowing" what Q knows, in a purely emotional sense. High danger, high intensity, 100% real, and plenty scary.

Stay tuned in as you're able. Look for breaking news. Keep a browser tab open, watch phone alerts, whatever way of monitoring seems right for you. As much as you can, stay tuned in.

I need to emphasize that I can only say what I'm perceiving at this moment. I cannot address, in any way, what will and will not happen in the coming hours and days. It could be another dead week. I know what you know when it comes to actual events. I only know that I have a wide open back channel to Q's own emotional state: heavy, heavy shit, very scary, very real, but it has to be done. More or less THE make or break for the entire storm.

So consider everything I've said to be worthless except for its entertainment value - and stay tuned into breaking news as you're able to.

6c15a8 No.6124


I think definitely U.S. That's why so much is at stake.

6c15a8 No.6125


And (3) might mean the 3 BOOMs.

6c15a8 No.6126


Who's been tweeting the hell out of the terror threat game? Bush, Obama, Comey. 1,2,3.

81f942 No.6130


The 'N' stands for Nether. Its a masonic term im told. Meaning a world without Christianity. A fully satanic world

202211 No.6131

I'm back on deck for a few hours. Looks like I shall be working all on my lonesome.

IBOR petition is at a crawl.

2 x Currently active breads in QR.

Looks like I haven't missed much.


Sounds like a pretty good contender.

202211 No.6132

Truth fears no questions.

- General Michael Flynn -


b970f7 No.6133


2. The Netherworld Order

This is the order of the Underworld, which basically means the order of death and destruction, which would have to take place before the new age – the age of Aquarius – could begin. This order of chaos can also be found within all three versions of the end time scriptures.

The end time is not the end of the world, but the end of the age of Pisces, which historically speaking, is also supposed to be the end of Christianity. (As you may know, the age of Pisces begun the same day as “Jesus was born”).



(only explaining thing i found… but this goes real deep… and when i say real, i mean really really…)

b970f7 No.6134




only 3 messages from the same person, all 3 unclear what it means…

80c15b No.6135


Good morning/evening/night to you anon.

I think 'hit and run' anon is toying with us.

If 'hit and run' anon doesn't wish to elaborate on the purpose of their drops, I'm fully willing to disregard 'hit and run' anon's posts.

Each to their own. I've got plenty enough to dig on without seemingly ill intended diversions.

b970f7 No.6136


same feeling here

e894f0 No.6137


Wasn't there a female Israeli officer on the Argentinian Sub.. I think they just held a service for her recently.

b970f7 No.6138


no idea about that

80c15b No.6139


Not sure. I haven't heard or read anything about it. Perhaps do a search and drop a link.

I took the 'hit and run' comment of sub and downunder as subs being under water. A simple play on words prank.

80c15b No.6140

“I don’t know how much General Flynn knows about any criminal activity that took place during the campaign or in the White House,” said Frankel, who also served in a senior role at the FBI. “However, General Flynn was a top adviser to President Trump in the campaign and a top adviser to him when he entered into the WH so if there are bodies buried so to speak, General Flynn would know about them in my opinion.”


e894f0 No.6141


Can't drop a link but it's there… Argentina Jews honor female submarine officer lost at sea.

6c15a8 No.6142

New bread is baking. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

b970f7 No.6144

80c15b No.6145


I see the article, but I fail to see any link.

If the 'hit and run' anon was pointing to this, the 'hit and run' anon should have stated so.

It's difficult enough to sift through Q drops without further complications and rabbit holes.

have you found any meaning in it?


Cool, I have a batter open in notepad, but I shall discard it :)