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File: c6ad7061d2dc878⋯.gif (261.38 KB, 300x306, 50:51, c6ad7061d2dc8781743df6d6e2….gif)

f60f01 No.1614

reminder that we're in the hunger games tonight at 8pm EDT


if you p'toks aren't cheering, you'll be stripped of bloodwine for the next month

89a379 No.1615

If we fail this time we'll send Riker or Kirk next time, they'll pork every contestant to death.

fa7a27 No.1617

File: df6911301e3bf9b⋯.jpg (52.86 KB, 640x640, 1:1, 12783429_179877609058733_1….jpg)

We will destroy them.

55d6c3 No.1618

There needs to be a better Hunger Games for 8chan where each board can call on meme magic powers to aid them.

fd8e6a No.1619

File: a48ea091bb79800⋯.jpg (23.56 KB, 400x397, 400:397, 1462845954544.jpg)

We have based Dukat in our corner, no way we can fail.


67348c No.1629

File: 81b5ce9d9e0aed8⋯.jpg (100.55 KB, 694x530, 347:265, strek watching an event.jpg)

This should be a truly interesting games.

94e2d3 No.1640

Well it begins.

94e2d3 No.1641

and it's already over.

We should have sent Garak

fd8e6a No.1642

File: 3da5af62ee9426f⋯.jpg (161.31 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 3da5af62ee9426f59a7b152e96….jpg)


I vote we send Gowron next time.

94e2d3 No.1643


That would be overkill.

9e8886 No.1644

File: a5641e1af17129d⋯.png (58.33 KB, 531x194, 531:194, rip.png)

RIP Dukat, he died alongside a lesbian and an asian-american crossbreed in a surprise shark flash flood

94e2d3 No.1645


He was cheated again.

94e2d3 No.1646

Well I did get to pick the motto for the winner so I guess we gained some measure of victory?

94e2d3 No.1647

File: 6308ea34e77760e⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 665.33 KB, 1070x2614, 535:1307, screenshot-8ch.net-2017-08….png)


Forgot to attach proofs. Which reminds me we need a new spoiler image for around here.

a92a86 No.1648

File: ac437e54af2abad⋯.jpg (196.46 KB, 800x600, 4:3, Gul Dukat Nvidia salesman.jpg)

Well, he got cheated again but at least he got one kill in on qq. I guess he has experience with qq given all the Bajoran crying about muh occupation. We should have sent his final form.

9e8886 No.1649

So does Dukat make a return the next game or do we send someone else?


Nice filename

724914 No.1652


We should have our changeling boardtan in a suitable form before then.

f60f01 No.1663



i think we need to put it to a vote


6e9f7f No.1664

File: cd570d5c94b6475⋯.webm (464.88 KB, 940x720, 47:36, Maquis Hotheads.webm)


Admiral Nechayev

35c620 No.1670

File: 2ad5db6a5cc2e53⋯.jpg (1.13 MB, 1130x1041, 1130:1041, 17a360181f9c41e8d4267797aa….jpg)

There is only one man that is such a fuck-up to actually win the game out of pure awfulness

6e9f7f No.1671


>Nominate Worst Character

>Motto is "Shut Up Wesley!"

>He doesn't shut up and the little Self-Insert wins.

2bc183 No.1685

File: 5a6c3b206f082bd⋯.jpg (34.32 KB, 360x385, 72:77, Klingon-Style.jpg)

We should build up a selection of characters to send to their deaths as champions for us.

724914 No.1699

File: 1a848a9e623e078⋯.jpg (16.78 KB, 300x375, 4:5, manbaffled.jpg)


We've got a waifu-tan to compete in the next one >>1373 , but I'm not going to lie: the thought of sending Wesley off to either die horribly or piss everyone off by winning does have its attractions.

5db530 No.1706


It's a win-win situation.

724914 No.1708


It really is. We should get everyone's vote on it, though.

19f2c1 No.1711

I feel like sending any Klingons would be a bad mistake. They'd enjoy the killing so much they would never want to leave.

35c620 No.1860


when is the next game tho?

e2ebc2 No.1873


Sometime next week.

0f48f0 No.2329

So are we sending Wesley to his death for the next round?

35c620 No.2332

3098a1 No.2333

File: 5dfe94e67f8f05f⋯.jpg (137.94 KB, 700x530, 70:53, 5dfe94e67f8f05f259ce1e6898….jpg)



one way or another, we win

724914 No.2334

File: e4226c3547924b2⋯.gif (898.72 KB, 500x330, 50:33, startrek chekov OK.gif)


>one way or another, we win


415784 No.2356

Should we make a new thread or keep this one up for the event?

3098a1 No.2360


leave this one up

35c620 No.2388



it's approaching right? Time left?

c951d0 No.2395


>keep this one up for the event?

OK, quick run down about what this event actually is for those of us who have no clue wtf is going on here.

724914 No.2401



724914 No.2402

File: d631aa1bb8cf1f1⋯.png (70.33 KB, 505x188, 505:188, Screenshot_1.png)

We district three now.

3098a1 No.2403


bout 2 hours

19f2c1 No.2412

So it begins.

c951d0 No.2413

Wesley finding the cure to cancer when's the cause.

19f2c1 No.2414


He's going to shoot himself.

35c620 No.2415

He finally died, god save the queen

19f2c1 No.2416

Even in death he disappoints.

724914 No.2431

File: bbb0e6c3ebeb5e0⋯.jpg (37.71 KB, 480x640, 3:4, mangoodmood.jpg)



We got jewed by furaboos.

724914 No.2442

File: 5451c671061f22a⋯.png (42.99 KB, 530x130, 53:13, Screenshot_1.png)

What in the actual shitfuckertits?

724914 No.2515

File: eb29f500108a5ff⋯.png (79.12 KB, 250x250, 1:1, bane garak.png)

We need to run Garbane next time.

fd8e6a No.2516

File: 3e38c2f1519d705⋯.png (328.3 KB, 692x530, 346:265, 3e38c2f1519d70572b77ec5137….png)


Please don't. The last thing we need is an influx of bane-meme-spouters coming here, turning every single thread into yet another reference of a stale as fuck joke about the shitty dialogue from a movie that came out 5 fucking years ago, we have enough of that here.

0c7ad8 No.2520


For U

724914 No.2525

File: e4e80304440cb34⋯.png (18.4 KB, 651x267, 217:89, bane enjoys life.png)


You don't fear Baneposting… You welcome it. Your punishment must be more severe.

80846a No.2527

File: 5ad3c71dde9e53b⋯.jpg (73.27 KB, 705x530, 141:106, O'brien disgust.jpg)


Someone get this spoonhead outta here.

35c620 No.2532


this, we've got enough of these bane-posting-degenerates around this site already

a92a86 No.2536

File: 1448c5daef512c5⋯.png (587.46 KB, 692x530, 346:265, 1448c5daef512c58f7566fa1f1….png)


Lotta loyalty for a hired Nausicaan

6bae25 No.2563


Err you don't get to bring Bajorans.

724914 No.2572

File: 7682a509acbcdc8⋯.jpg (79.73 KB, 800x601, 800:601, oxujczx6zzurftkzzryi.jpg)


Shpeak of the devil, and he shall appear.

d3f257 No.2586

Who do we send next time? Some redshirt? Maybe send someone to suffer like O'Brien?

c951d0 No.2588

File: 0a25158c43967d7⋯.jpg (54.27 KB, 693x563, 693:563, Who Mourns for Morn?.jpg)


>Who do we send next time?

It is predestined.

724914 No.2590

File: a515b1396db52f5⋯.gif (728.64 KB, 250x204, 125:102, who Morns for Adonais.gif)


We can't kill Morn!

Then again, I'm not sure if he even CAN die, so we might be a lock.

d3f257 No.2593



>Send Morn

>He wins

>Motto is literally "….."

724914 No.2595


>>Motto is literally "….."

I like that.

19f2c1 No.2609

>Morn wins the Hunger Games

>He does it by literally sitting and doing nothing

724914 No.2694

We've dropped below the Top 50. I hope Morn can pull us out of this nosedive.

c951d0 No.2727

File: 0f5b34cf38002f7⋯.gif (1.79 MB, 368x268, 92:67, morn has no fucks to give.gif)


>We've dropped below the Top 50. I hope Morn can pull us out of this nosedive.

Shitposting morn could become a thing.

d2eb4c No.2729



Make it so!

c951d0 No.2732

File: 1b5010df0bbc381⋯.gif (874.48 KB, 360x270, 4:3, morn was born with zero fu….gif)


Mornposting commencing in 3… 2… 1…

c951d0 No.2735

File: da7c710b0eae53c⋯.gif (983.44 KB, 320x240, 4:3, morn hits f5 to see if any….gif)

c951d0 No.2738

File: 53a3c70785309ce⋯.gif (1.25 MB, 288x216, 4:3, mornposting with damar.gif)

c951d0 No.2739

File: e926ca475e809cd⋯.gif (1023.76 KB, 250x204, 125:102, worf will apologize later,….gif)

File: 0c56f8b49f2dfb2⋯.gif (1004.08 KB, 250x204, 125:102, worf bans mornposting.gif)

File: ed7e7f8edde6bff⋯.gif (929.49 KB, 250x204, 125:102, MORNED im a cuck give me p….gif)

c951d0 No.2740

File: 352d50bb9eea707⋯.gif (539.38 KB, 276x204, 23:17, mornposting bot.gif)

c951d0 No.2743

File: bc9e41fd2dc975b⋯.gif (4.61 MB, 400x306, 200:153, mornposting tfw quark btfo….gif)

c951d0 No.2787

File: 8fadf9b4bc91015⋯.mp4 (852.41 KB, 720x404, 180:101, quark explains mornposting….mp4)


>The character of Morn (Mark Allen Shepherd), the Lurian bar patron who is always seen sitting at Quark's bar, was written as a nod to the character Norm Peterson, played by George Wendt in the long-running American sitcom Cheers (1982). Morn is an anagram of Norm. The mask worn by Shepherd originally had no opening for the mouth, so make-up artist Michael Westmore gave him lips over the course of the series, in case the character needed to speak. Unfortunately, Morn never said one word during the entire run of the show.

75bb2c No.2798


>Quark explains mornposting

>No sound

Top kek anon.

3098a1 No.3039

everyone here kind of forgot about this and we didn't have a vote, so i just went and nominated this >>2590 >>2593

fd8e6a No.3040

File: 566a0e11261b143⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 250x250, 1:1, 1464312484143.gif)


>choosing Morn

>because no one said anything

Now you're catching on.

19f2c1 No.3041



c951d0 No.3046

File: 824500cdcb0ba71⋯.gif (3.11 MB, 400x300, 4:3, worf gets mornposting now.gif)

c951d0 No.3088

File: 1de8a4d339b0465⋯.jpg (36.8 KB, 550x486, 275:243, a morn of peace appears.jpg)

700664 No.3089


We will show our support for Morn by saying nothing.

c951d0 No.3090

File: 61de1bb13c37cae⋯.jpg (50.12 KB, 477x593, 477:593, morn the stud.jpg)

c951d0 No.3091

File: f773616969a0d48⋯.jpg (106 KB, 700x560, 5:4, the original mornpost.jpg)

3098a1 No.3094

File: 8e6197cc3ee8d81⋯.jpg (78.79 KB, 692x530, 346:265, whomournformorn_714.jpg)

It begins

c951d0 No.3095

File: 1fa9b7cf353fb07⋯.jpg (85.48 KB, 468x255, 156:85, obrien keeps mornposting w….jpg)

I don't know, explain how this works, OP apparently uses same instance of game he setup 10 hours ago, I saw all these same results earlier when I clicked the link at https://8ch.net/sudo/res/46035.html#q46359

700664 No.3096

>Morn is dead already

>nobody knows what happened to him

>he said nothing

Meme magic?

c951d0 No.3097


>polk sets an explosive off, killing strek, 404, and toku.

3098a1 No.3098

after a brief delay we found out that we lost in the first round, morn wasn't really much of a fighter

ironically we didn't even know we lost because the fag there fucked up the image

who are we sending next week? i'm still voting for admiral jellico

c951d0 No.3099


posted 20 secs before fag OP reuploaded the fixed image of this result


I'd demand a do-over as the fag OP reused the same link he shared 10hrs ago, invalidating these results.

c951d0 No.3100

> strek strangles television after engaging in a fist fight.

>justice in the world prevails

3098a1 No.3101

alright, we're getting a do-over, there is justice in this world

c951d0 No.3102

>mu, occult, strek, d, u, & egy played some soccer.

>strek exercising, uncalled for

c951d0 No.3103

strek & toku fought in Mortal Kombat style, toku won, FATALITY!

3098a1 No.3104

well we tried, at least we kiled television

c951d0 No.3105

File: 872929f7fd13b34⋯.jpg (7.52 MB, 5184x3456, 3:2, xl mornpost.jpg)

<Breaking News

<morn to address strek following mourning


700664 No.3106

Who morns for Morn?

c951d0 No.3114

File: c7bad234fac5242⋯.jpg (88.7 KB, 692x530, 346:265, mornposting renewal gratit….jpg)

a5648a No.3116

Right who do we send next? I nominate O'Brien, he must suffer!

c951d0 No.3117

File: 77eabcb99f31950⋯.gif (2.06 MB, 275x200, 11:8, martok handles his wife li….gif)


>Right who do we send next?

General Martok

9828a2 No.3129


Send his wife.

a92a86 No.3130

File: c0e384a45d76d0f⋯.jpg (29.21 KB, 563x494, 563:494, Brunt.jpg)

Time to get serious lads, lets send the FCA after them.

a5e176 No.3136

File: 259e82bdab25391⋯.png (485.84 KB, 751x751, 1:1, 1466849714469.png)


Nobody likes a liquidator, Brunt.

a92a86 No.3141

File: e8d593c6430f192⋯.jpg (98.68 KB, 692x530, 346:265, Bruntpad.jpg)


What matters Quark, is that these games are rigged and the FCA has not received a single bribe to overlook streks tributes being cheated each time. I'm sure we all remember the fiasco of Dukat being eaten by sharks.

ee21f9 No.3147

File: 712f74a0a83c18a⋯.png (392.16 KB, 510x390, 17:13, Screenshot_4.png)

File: 507616bf910396d⋯.png (366.78 KB, 469x423, 469:423, Screenshot_5.png)

File: e915f42a897afcb⋯.png (579.96 KB, 480x467, 480:467, Screenshot_6.png)


>well we tried, at least we kiled television

DS9 killed television. It's funny, but I would have bet that would be ST:D.

Speaking of ST:D, why are we talking about sending a beloved rogue like Brunt when we can be consigning Worst Trek characters to the tribute?


>Michael or whatever the fuck she's called: "I'm Spock's half-sister that he won't acknowledged because even halfbreeds need something to look down on!"

>Disgusting Mockery of Klingon: "WE WUZ KLANGONZ!"

>That fucking guy: "My people can sense death coming for reasons that make absolutely no sense!"

19f2c1 No.3153


That is more cruel than sending Keiko

a2adb4 No.3181

>/strek/ was in Top 30 a few days ago

>Dropped to number 50

I guess the death of Morn hit everyone harder than expected.

c951d0 No.3189

File: fc8621edc79f1b4⋯.gif (4.28 MB, 448x336, 4:3, Martok may be suffering fr….gif)


>/strek/ was in Top 30 a few days ago

>Dropped to number 50

>I guess the death of Morn hit everyone harder than expected.

The board requires more Martokposting to summon clickbait.


>Send his wife.

1feae5 No.3190


Its better and more comfy without dealing with the usual Faggotry infestation.

Why be popular when you can be good?

ee21f9 No.3192

File: 3eadff35ec7c42b⋯.png (353.04 KB, 590x432, 295:216, startrek chekov cossacks!.png)


>Why be popular when you can be good?

Ve vill be both.

d2eb4c No.3196


I misread that as Ferengi infestation.

9e8886 No.3198


I'd shitpost with ferengis

daa448 No.3199


Ferengi shitposting Marauders.

b74051 No.3207

Time to vote on the next tribute


Remember, it can't be Dukat, Morn or Wesley.

ee21f9 No.3223

File: 9aeea179d530fac⋯.jpg (71.5 KB, 692x530, 346:265, startrek spousal abuse inb….jpg)


To whomever voted for O'Brien: hasn't he suffered enough?

b159ba No.3229


Send Keiko, he deserves something in his life.

a92a86 No.3232


>everyone on 2 votes except Leeta and Martok.

DEMOCRATIC NONSENSE. Board owner, just pick one for us. This poll has no honour.

b159ba No.3233


>Sirella and Brunt tied for 4 votes


14a5e6 No.3267


I think Sirella has won this round. What should be the motto to go with her?

addab7 No.3270


"My husband is a targ."

a92a86 No.3293

I guess Brunt, FCA. Will have to wait for the next games to audit the host and ban him from conducting more games unless he cheats it in his favour.

19f2c1 No.3294


Brunt, FCA, shows up at the end of these games.

addab7 No.3299


>What should be the motto to go with her?

"It is a good day for everyone else to die."

a92a86 No.3372


I like this one.

19f2c1 No.3612

Isn't it this Saturday for the next games?

addab7 No.3751


Did anyone submit our entry yet?

b170c9 No.3754


pretty sure i submitted sirella

unless we have another vote, next week is either brunt or jellico

fd0153 No.3758


Brunt is if we lose this one, and he isn't even getting submitted. he's going to liquidate /sudo/

fd8e6a No.3764


I thought of a possible motto for Brunt next week:

"If I lose, I'll sue! …and if I win, I'll sue for less."

a92a86 No.3768


Shouldn't his motto just be "Brunt, FCA"

fd0153 No.3771


He isn't there for the games, just to liquidate the board.

addab7 No.3773



IMDB provides the perfect quote: "The trick is to be the wolf that's still standing at the end."

Man, I wish they'd given Jellico a spinoff.

fd0153 No.3774


He shouldn't have gotten a lot of shit, and fact that they didn't point out he and Riker were a lot alike should have been mentioned.

a92a86 No.3776

Sirella's kill count is at one so far, matching our previous best which was Dukat on one as well I think.

fd0153 No.3777


She's just reached 4.

fd0153 No.3778

File: 5e7086196048dbb⋯.png (62.51 KB, 522x142, 261:71, based sirella.png)


Forgot image, and not only that she Remove /pone/

a92a86 No.3779


Doing the house of Martok proud.

fd0153 No.3781

>Send Dukat

>He postures instead of getting shit done

>Send Welsey

>We expect nothing and he still disappoints us

>Send Sirella

>There may not be enough tributes left to satisfy her bloodlust

We should have sent Klingons ages ago.

a92a86 No.3782


fd0153 No.3783

File: ab0fa38be3ec121⋯.png (32.73 KB, 322x141, 322:141, KlingonMorning.png)

>She killed /cute/

Is there enough for her to reach double digits?

fd0153 No.3785

File: a044126ef672874⋯.png (88.75 KB, 603x143, 603:143, qapla.png)



fd0153 No.3786

Right, so /strek/ died but holy fuck we need a feast in Sirella's honor. Klingons OP as fuck.

a92a86 No.3787

She died honourably, and got the highest kill count. So do we sent Martok next week to avenge his wife?

fd0153 No.3788


Think it's going to be the FCA unless we send Species 8472

9e8886 No.3790

>/fur/ won the games

Goddamnit. At least our character did well.

9e8886 No.3791


Dunno, on one hand I'm looking forward to see ferengi jewry in action, but on the other hand we've seen that the klingons get shit done.

7170b9 No.3792


I feel like we should make a feast thread in her honor


>klingons get shit done.

I don't think there was ever going to be doubt about that.

7739ad No.3816


Let's send Wesley to die.

b170c9 No.3828

File: 75f288c601b984f⋯.png (2.18 KB, 523x175, 523:175, 1503816575423.png)

alright, i think we're onto something here

forget brunt, what about going with Martok/Worf/Kahless/Worf's vegetable brother next week?

am i missing anyone else? we already tried gowron

c951d0 No.3829


The Duras Sisters, double the trouble.

5b58d0 No.3844


We never sent Gowron, the first Klingon we sent was Sirella and she damned well nearly killed everyone there. I was half expecting them to ban us from sending Klingons with how effective she was.

Although how about we conspire with every non furfag board and get them to send their own Klingon next week? How would the slaughter ensue?

Overall though I think we should still send Brunt, FCA to bribe his way through the competition. Then if all else fails we go through the KDF. Also are they really giving /strek/ 3 slots next week? In which case, can we send Kor, Kang and Koloth?

cd98d2 No.3852

Fact that /fur/ won means that we must send Brunt to audit /sudo/ If he loses we sue. If another furry board wins we liquidate the board

b170c9 No.3854


>We never sent Gowron

i'm pretty sure we sent him after dukat

am i remembering wrong?

anyways, i guess it's decided, we're going with Brunt next week, if he fails to sue we're going with duras sisters/KDF

415784 No.3857


We sent Wesley after Dukat, also are we allowed to send anymore Klingons?

addab7 No.3863

File: f9c18f4b4370b78⋯.gif (3.7 MB, 347x244, 347:244, laugh putin.gif)


>Worf's vegetable brother

addab7 No.3864


>i'm pretty sure we sent him after dukat

>am i remembering wrong?

I went through the thread because I couldn't remember, either. He was suggested, but ultimately we went with Wesley reasoning that his death wouldn't hurt as much. And we were right.

addab7 No.3865

File: ad3778082eb786c⋯.png (744.77 KB, 566x861, 566:861, furry daddy hates graham.png)

By the way, is anyone else annoyed that we've been fucked over TWICE by people who enjoy rolling around on each other in hotel convention halls?

7ca835 No.3874


Judging by the response on /sudo/ everyone seems the same way. Too much furfaggotry is nominated. Send the FCA to audit them and look into their game rigging.

b170c9 No.3877


i swear, i'm in the berenstein universe, i swear i remember gowron getting a few kills


but apparently there were only 4 rounds, so i must be wrong about gowron

in that case, gowron is definitely an option after brunt

but we're definitely sending Brunt next week, klingons later

7ca835 No.3878


>Now is not the time for Klingons, that comes later

We need to send Garak-Bane sometime.

addab7 No.3882


I suggested it, but an anon was afraid we'd be inundated with baneposters. Then he found out it was far too late. For him.

ace7aa No.4144


Lot of a loyalty for a hired Ferengi.

addab7 No.4163

File: e708d15fb06328e⋯.png (146.53 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Sirellus of Borg.png)



I propose pic related as the next tribute: the nanite-reanimated corpse of Sirella.

9ecc08 No.4166


How many hours in paint?

addab7 No.4173


20 minutes or so.

addab7 No.4174


20 minutes or so. I lucked out and found a pic of borg-Seven that was in almost the exact same position. The lighting's shit, but I wasn't going to put in the full 9 million years of work if no one wanted her and she turned out all right, anyway.

addab7 No.4175



Dammit, are we back to this shit, again?

b170c9 No.4179


i think i'd rather just go with brunt and other klingons, let the dead rest in peace

addab7 No.4186

File: 03e32a09812edb5⋯.gif (837.2 KB, 245x187, 245:187, startrek worf larf.gif)


>let the dead rest in peace

Hey, that's cool. And when Brunt gets eliminated in round 1 by /abdl/, Sirellus and I will be here awaiting a lavish apology.

Think of what she did WITHOUT Borg enhancements. Now imagine her assimilating every single tribute for /strek/.

c951d0 No.4188


>Brunt gets eliminated in round 1 by /abdl/, Sirellus and I will be here awaiting a lavish apology

You know, Quark was the only one that ever tamed a Klingon woman. Quark can probably kill them all with the botulism in the bar nachos.

89a379 No.4189

Did I read correctly on /sudo/ if another furfag board wins next week we get to send 3 Klingons?

addab7 No.4264

File: 0e37fe5d3da0346⋯.jpg (22.53 KB, 245x290, 49:58, startrek gowron's knife.jpg)

File: 3be685339c386d5⋯.jpg (12.79 KB, 206x300, 103:150, startrek kor.jpg)


>Did I read correctly on /sudo/ if another furfag board wins next week we get to send 3 Klingons?

Oh please oh please oh please oh please oh…

addab7 No.4265

File: 73b8a8c75f55a5c⋯.jpg (92.45 KB, 705x530, 141:106, startrek neelix what's hap….jpg)

>>4188 (heiled)

>You know, Quark was the only one that ever tamed a Klingon woman

This is a fib.

bf9398 No.4277

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


And don't forget that Harry got lucky in that episode too.

And by lucky I mean half of his cheek bitten off.

addab7 No.4303

File: f63e530f74c827d⋯.jpg (35.15 KB, 325x300, 13:12, woman corn ribbed.jpg)


I love the fact that Mr. Ambassador was merely attempting to save his buddy and inadvertently got himself some trim that was ridged for his pleasure.

addab7 No.4304


So Brunt of the FCA is the official pick for this round. If he doesn't close escrow on the win, I'd still like to field Sirella 2.0 in the next round.

25b5e7 No.4322


I want to see him audit /sudo/ to be honest.

67589e No.4340


Dubs indicate a potential auditing may happen.

c7f508 No.4344

File: c855b6e1ce09307⋯.jpg (123.91 KB, 692x530, 346:265, ferengilovesongs_623.jpg)


It shall be an auditing for the history books!

919fc7 No.4346


You do know now we're going to have someone actually audit /sudo/ now you madman.

c7f508 No.4367


As Grand Nagus Brunt wishes, so shall it be.

That will be two slips of latinum.

67589e No.4372

File: 3e5826c71123521⋯.jpg (79.72 KB, 625x679, 625:679, manwallaceshawn.jpg)


>Grand Nagus Brunt


7cb8f6 No.4373

File: 77408c67d8dd59f⋯.jpg (32.17 KB, 647x339, 647:339, 1thenagus141.jpg)



a987e9 No.4516

File: 59ad2128f139376⋯.png (64.12 KB, 446x154, 223:77, Untitled.png)


only about 5-6 hours left

b8473a No.4525


Give Brunt your support! Post a rule of acquisition.

Rule #76: "Every once in a while, declare peace. It confuses the hell out of your enemies."

c7f508 No.4526


When the messenger comes to appropriate your profits… kill the messenger

Kill all the messengers, Brunt!

9422d3 No.4529


Rule #112: "Never have sex with the boss' sister."

9422d3 No.4530

strek runs away from the Cornucopia.

I hope he just has diarrhea

9422d3 No.4531

comic kicks strek in the crotch & runs away.

9422d3 No.4532

strek fought against a team of lawyers, he was weak & got taken into custody.

God Dammit Brunt, you're a shit liquidator.

c95687 No.4533


Rule #208 Sometimes, the only thing more dangerous than a question is an answer.

5c3a22 No.4534

File: 08c7cf6a995aac0⋯.webm (222.93 KB, 480x360, 4:3, laughing quark.webm)



ec4a02 No.4535

File: ed511fbe598e582⋯.png (48.56 KB, 398x142, 199:71, Capture.PNG)

I'm beginning to question Brunt's qualifications

c7f508 No.4537


hey that Oriental Oo-mox is nothing to turn your lobes up at.

67589e No.4542

File: bd9e83c649b771d⋯.png (20.69 KB, 402x120, 67:20, Screenshot_2.png)

File: e708d15fb06328e⋯.png (146.53 KB, 300x300, 1:1, Sirellus of Borg.png)

"Let's use Brunt" they said. "Brunt will liquidate all comers," they said.

Sirellus of Borg next week. No arguments.

ec4a02 No.4543


The klingons had their chance, and, besides, a borg Sirella wouldn't have the klingon spirit anyway. We need to send a cardie.

5c3a22 No.4545

File: 677782414e8cda8⋯.gif (1.18 MB, 375x278, 375:278, gowron rage.gif)


We sent Dukat already and he fucking lost pitifully, we send Gowron next.

67589e No.4546

File: eb29f500108a5ff⋯.png (79.12 KB, 250x250, 1:1, bane garak.png)

File: 57b7383035ae018⋯.jpg (37.24 KB, 756x525, 36:25, man mmmwah.jpg)


>We need to send a cardie.

Very well.

67589e No.4547

>34th place

At least /loomis/ won instead of a furry board.

9422d3 No.4549

File: 13abcd899f29250⋯.png (553.16 KB, 575x681, 575:681, Gowron dagger.png)


>we send Gowron next

67589e No.4552



>we send Gowron next.

Only…and I mean ONLY… if his catchphrase is "Blood on my knife or shit on my dick."

c7f508 No.4553

File: 810f2fc4ffcbb4f⋯.jpg (36.78 KB, 433x543, 433:543, Pakled_Promenade.jpg)

Why don't we just send a Pakled next?

1a7912 No.4554


>spacejew runs from jews



>pakled steals abilities of other boards

<ends up stealing from /suicide/

a987e9 No.4589

File: 4282d5a5f55c94f⋯.png (64.92 KB, 280x210, 4:3, GowronAngry.png)



and seriously, brunt getting fucked by lawyers, it's as ironic as it can get. i won't stand for such an insult

ac4ff8 No.4593


That gif is better in slow motion


Brunt should have audited /sudo/ first.

9422d3 No.4599

File: 3faddf5e32c38cd⋯.png (394.73 KB, 852x480, 71:40, Gowron blocks your path - ….png)


>Only…and I mean ONLY… if his catchphrase is "Blood on my knife or shit on my dick."




67589e No.4663

File: 59f1d1a3471c1f1⋯.png (105.72 KB, 1302x1061, 1302:1061, 14f29ec6366feea260d2a27b83….png)


>and seriously, brunt getting fucked by lawyers, it's as ironic as it can get.

The irony was pretty thick in this one. /suicide/ had the highest kill rate.

67589e No.4664

File: ace0117519766d9⋯.png (125.3 KB, 746x411, 746:411, Screenshot_2.png)

Which one of you guys decided to begin psyops on /sudo/?

af20f8 No.4671


Considering what happened after we sent Sirella, I wouldn't be surprised if those are legitimate concerns about us sending another Klingon.

ec4a02 No.4673

File: 976067e6bc22f1f⋯.jpg (64.74 KB, 397x438, 397:438, Gowron.jpg)


Cowardly Romulan tactics. The only thing we need to strike fear into our enemies are our blades and our klingon hearts, and when they look into our eyes they will know death approaches.

67589e No.4828

File: 200e1899e847c83⋯.jpg (25.86 KB, 600x370, 60:37, russian sleep experiment.jpg)


>when they look into our eyes they will know death rape approaches.

FTFY. Part of the reason the "shit on my dick" thing is so damned funny is that ALL of Gowron's faces are rape faces.

67589e No.4934

So if Gowron fails, I want to make something that will put the fear of God into the other boards. To that end I want to make a Klingon/Borg/Romulan out of some celebrity known for being able to punch his way through a ribcage. Does anyone have any suggestions? Reply with pic, please.

b23f2d No.4935


Send William Shatner

67589e No.4938


We have one for Shatnus of Borg. Any others?

67589e No.4939

File: fde569ade90e8ea⋯.png (21.38 KB, 245x307, 245:307, startrek gowron hope.png)

6a7f4f No.4947


I don't care if it's low res, I'm seriously considering making this my desktop background.

b23f2d No.4951


Fucking saved.

67589e No.4955


>I don't care if it's low res, I'm seriously considering making this my desktop background.

It was just a photoshop tutorial I was working on and thought you guys would like it. I'm seriously considering taking a higher-res crack at it.

9422d3 No.4968

File: 6bf81e677e2d82b⋯.webm (6.22 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, JUST.webm)


>It was just a photoshop tutorial I was working on and thought you guys would like it. I'm seriously considering taking a higher-res crack at it.


67589e No.4992

File: 43cfca4f7938892⋯.png (92.97 KB, 669x1008, 223:336, startrek gowron's hope lar….png)

9422d3 No.4997


Very nice, could I suggest alternate version(s) with some trek fonts. I get the point of the Obama Hope ripoff and current font captures it accurately, but for some variety, maybe a trek one too.

https://fontmeme.com/star-trek-font/ has a big selection

67589e No.5001


I've got it saved with layers, so you tell me which one you want and I'll do it.

9422d3 No.5013


Bajoran was the one I used on the "Blocks your path" images.

3b2779 No.5054

I honestly wonder what a tumblr trekkie would make of this board?

9422d3 No.5060

File: 5daba52d026e92d⋯.png (65.36 KB, 180x180, 1:1, 180px-Chancellor_Gowron_He….png)


>I honestly wonder what a tumblr trekkie would make of this board?

There'd be shit on Gowron's dick.

3b2779 No.5063

File: 9ff790581055400⋯.png (3.42 MB, 2835x1872, 315:208, laughingklingons.png)

67589e No.5076

File: 58e5b6c213e5d96⋯.png (91.87 KB, 669x1008, 223:336, startrek gowron's hope lar….png)


>Bajoran was the one I used on the "Blocks your path" images.

Well, I wasn't sure how it would look but I've got to hand it to you: it's the perfect font for this.

67589e No.5077

File: 2153b7cb0a64643⋯.jpg (39.31 KB, 640x350, 64:35, startrek klingon grin.jpg)

9422d3 No.5081

File: 71bbd6eb34551ae⋯.jpg (85.87 KB, 800x1007, 800:1007, gowron2.jpg)


very nice, thanks for alternate

67589e No.5084

File: 5aef41dc7159017⋯.gif (495.28 KB, 500x302, 250:151, rubbinghandslaw&order.gif)


You're welcome. Now, how do we go about getting this onto T-shirts in time for the next con?

9422d3 No.5090

File: 2098ceb2fd37a4d⋯.mp4 (2.14 MB, 640x360, 16:9, shekelshake.mp4)


As it happens, I read an interesting article on this sort of thing not too long ago…


67589e No.5102

File: d71d6fb5e2dfde3⋯.png (171.21 KB, 367x459, 367:459, kissenger garfield.png)

File: 48d7ad2935c3e61⋯.webm (1.24 MB, 640x360, 16:9, laughrickyandstephen2.webm)

155bb7 No.5108

I wonder if we will get a Running Man game where we can send Gowron into?

67589e No.5117


Gowron doesn't run. He menacingly strides to where his prey will eventually end up and sits glowering on his travel-throne in anticipation of the kill.

155bb7 No.5133

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


Oh I wasn't implying Gowron was going to run. More like vid related would happen

67589e No.5155


>Oh I wasn't implying Gowron was going to run.

I know. I just wanted to do a Chuck Norris thing.

6f3360 No.5183


It's off-topic but I have to know: why is Garfield Kissinger?

67589e No.5184

File: a7aa39ac52dd43b⋯.jpg (482.85 KB, 900x636, 75:53, garfieldyoufatc.jpg)


>It's off-topic but I have to know: why is Garfield Kissinger?

Don't know, but it's funnier than any Garfield I've seen since I was a kid.

9422d3 No.5194

File: a7ef151957f04ec⋯.mp4 (1.54 MB, 480x480, 1:1, shekelshake2.mp4)


>Garfield Kissinger?

He's a Jew that despises other Jews but probably loves pasta?

>According to transcripts released by the State Department, Kissinger, who was Haig’s deputy, said to Garment: “Is there a more self-serving group of people than the Jewish community?” Kissinger is Jewish.

>Garment, also Jewish, replied: “None in the world.”

>At this point, Kissinger was quoted as saying “What the hell do they think they are accomplishing?”

>Kissinger went on: “You can’t even tell bastards anything in confidence because they’ll leak it.”

7fdb9f No.5198

I like the idea of >>5165

How about nominating Sgt Leonard Nimoy for the next games?

4bdc6c No.5199

File: c115670cffd2579⋯.jpg (5.26 KB, 150x147, 50:49, Spock_SS.jpg)


we could at least do nazi spock instead

155bb7 No.5200


Are you implying Gowron will lose?

7fdb9f No.5201


I'm implying I want to see >>5199 fucking up furfags and ponies. Besides I don't think we've ever sent a vulcan to the games, I want to see how they do.

ac8685 No.5206


We should send T'Pol's tits instead.

a1df54 No.5212


send a deranged, confused Sarek

7848ce No.5214


this, he could be dangerous af

67589e No.5221

File: 30472b17c3465a4⋯.gif (1.87 MB, 240x220, 12:11, startrekpicardspasms.gif)


>send a deranged, confused Sarek

d17af7 No.5228

File: 1aca9971b5ee37d⋯.jpg (34.29 KB, 722x552, 361:276, angry porthos sounds.jpg)

Someone in another thread suggested Porthos

ac8685 No.5229


What would be his motto? Set Bark to Stun?

94c3a4 No.5231


Set Phasers To Bork

haha funne maymay

b8473a No.5236


"Kill them, Jonathan, kill them all."

67589e No.5246

File: a256e661aa39624⋯.jpg (38.53 KB, 960x720, 4:3, startrek gowron pissed.jpg)

It's Gowron, guys. We'll figure out the next tribute in the unlikely event that Worf cowardly assassinates him, again.

9422d3 No.5261

File: 00dae3bd734b9e8⋯.jpg (145.61 KB, 960x1280, 3:4, gowron_gets_canadian_shit_….jpg)


>It's Gowron, guys. We'll figure out the next tribute in the unlikely event that Worf cowardly assassinates him, again.

9b3624 No.5262

File: 0102ba73b5baca4⋯.jpg (31.88 KB, 640x360, 16:9, CBS_ENTERPRISE_030_CONTENT….jpg)


Archer liturraly gave him one when he peed on a tree

"To boldly go where no dog has gone before"

9422d3 No.5263

File: a506b6748a9bcf8⋯.jpg (1.18 MB, 3207x2165, 3207:2165, Star_trek_The_next_generat….jpg)


>It's Gowron, guys. We'll figure out the next tribute in the unlikely event that Worf cowardly assassinates him, again.


a987e9 No.5377

File: 5d0cbb7fa10f770⋯.gif (1.89 MB, 376x278, 188:139, giphy.gif)

when i say


you say


we need to get the meme magick in full throttle if we want gowron to win

67589e No.5383

File: 827f8c0d02e8a06⋯.jpg (12.2 KB, 292x311, 292:311, startrek Gowron disgust.jpg)



>working with Castreau

I am displeased.

ec4a02 No.5384


real talk though wasn't that some of his best acting in the series?



ac4ff8 No.5385


Gowron will get lost on the way to the Hunger Games and take part in the much better Running Man.

9422d3 No.5457

File: ffae7b4a16e7a43⋯.gif (112.68 KB, 238x263, 238:263, gowron_blood.gif)

7fdb9f No.5460

File: bca4239f7ea0d59⋯.png (59.01 KB, 472x157, 472:157, bca4239f7ea0d590c08d4174ee….png)

Gowron got telefragged on the first day

Sources say there was neither blood on his knife nor shit on his dick

b8473a No.5461


Not true. Considering all three contestants teleported to the same exact location, thus fusing their bodies, it is entirely conceivable that /u/ or /games/ anuses could have fused close enough to Gowron's dick to get shit on it.

98abfa No.5462

9422d3 No.5464


>Considering all three contestants teleported to the same exact location, thus fusing their bodies

Gowron can fuck his own ass now.

<nominates Klingon Centipede for next week

a87af4 No.5468

File: b1fff2166c8cd51⋯.jpg (479.79 KB, 775x905, 155:181, Sarek,_2366.jpg)

recasting my vote for batshit crazy sarek. We can't do nazi spock because pol already has the nazi demographic under lock and key

099518 No.5469

I say we go for reanimated Borg Sirella.

67589e No.5471

File: bd03036a493a9e7⋯.gif (445.96 KB, 300x186, 50:31, jokerthis.gif)

File: 8219c397c12a549⋯.png (143.93 KB, 300x300, 1:1, e708d15fb06328ecb79e493059….png)

a987e9 No.5478

maybe we should have went with bones, he hated teleporters right?

e6e853 No.5499

I say we need to figure out where Gowron actually teleported to.

9422d3 No.5513

File: e3352af6ec138df⋯.jpg (913.02 KB, 950x1460, 95:146, kor2.jpg)


>I say we need to figure out where Gowron actually teleported to.

Vacationing in Sto-vo-kor, coating his dick ridges with the shit of Kahless.

Death is but a doorway, time is but a window, Gowron will be back.

67589e No.5567

File: 1f1d7f7953d252d⋯.jpg (55.57 KB, 450x477, 50:53, polka.jpg)

/polk/?! /polk/?!

What the fuck? Since when do they need attention? It's the place you go when you've been banned from /pol/ because you accidentally said you respected a black man.

ec4a02 No.5605


when I saw the board name I got legitimately excited for a board about polka

I was so far off

67589e No.5619


I was actually tempted to make a /polka/ board, but decided I'd probably just end up on another watchlist.

a987e9 No.5622

File: a437216e50dd2f4⋯.jpg (39.32 KB, 640x480, 4:3, tp_tuvix.jpg)

File: 2a57a3d40a3843c⋯.png (169.17 KB, 613x552, 613:552, Gowronugames.png)


i've got an idea

what if we just merge /u/, /games/ and gowron into one teleportation accident

we lose nothing but gain more strenght

i mean tuvix was a better character than either tuvok or neelix, so i don't see what could go wrong


8f0751 No.5623


I would be curious to see the results. But also expect that he would return with an army of undead Klingons in a future Hunger Games to bring victory to /strek/

67589e No.5631

File: 7a5c09a8b4714e0⋯.jpg (18 KB, 366x380, 183:190, man oh shit nigga.jpg)


>sharing the glory of the kill with lesser lifeforms

7fdb9f No.5636

File: 377df1530c8be08⋯.png (408.68 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Spock spitting some hot fi….png)


Can we convince /u/ and /games to join forces with us and have 3 lesbian videogame Gowrons running around causing havok?

Because that would be fucking amazing

155bb7 No.5639


Give it a go.

b4332d No.5707


>Not "Make it so!"

ca330a No.5848

File: be83466fa90537e⋯.jpg (51.73 KB, 960x960, 1:1, eef5294e8b8a9f4a9aba1468c4….jpg)


Reminder that this weeks Hunger Games submissions have begun.

Take a shuttle this time.

67589e No.5857

File: e708d15fb06328e⋯.png (146.53 KB, 300x300, 1:1, startrek Sirellus of Borg.png)

File: 50f63d42e3152cc⋯.jpg (30.53 KB, 306x423, 34:47, manlouie1.jpg)

We have to try Sirellus of Borg, guys. If she dies, I'll shut up about it, but I want them to feel that fear, again.

155bb7 No.5859


If Gowron morphs with even more boards she's next.

67589e No.5861

File: ad88106d4af78af⋯.mp4 (1001.13 KB, 478x360, 239:180, startrek gowron might be c….mp4)



How about Borgron?

ac8685 No.5873


>Gowron assimilates more boards

Is he outborging the borg?

67589e No.5885

File: ded779ae924e026⋯.png (262.58 KB, 436x445, 436:445, Gowronus of Borg.png)


>Is he outborging the borg?

Of coursh.


b8473a No.5900



9422d3 No.5910

File: 9bb9dd93ee5ced9⋯.gif (89.7 KB, 367x506, 367:506, gowronofborg.gif)



f1b53e No.5912

>Brings a Ferengi that gets jewed by lawyers

>Brings a Klingon who kills everyone to the point other boards back out if we bring one

>Now we got Gowron absorbing other boards to achieve his final form

Why does strek make the games interesting?

9422d3 No.6241

File: 88df072abc45c5c⋯.jpg (35.53 KB, 360x264, 15:11, gowronofborg crop.jpg)

67589e No.6278

File: 433ec13602f5729⋯.jpg (171.61 KB, 1660x1896, 415:474, rage HD.jpg)

Alright, which one of you fucking pakled mongoloids nominated the Salvador Dali version of Gowron? Why the hell should we share a potential victory with other boards? >>5622

155bb7 No.6323

Gowron brought dishonour to this board.

19720d No.6326


Gowron brought dishonor to my anus

67589e No.6328

File: ea0827576f98885⋯.png (398.04 KB, 716x378, 358:189, startrek I CAN'T TELL WHO ….png)

>Day fucking two

>Dali-gowron killed by /rockettits/, otherwise known as the personal chanblog of a guy that's so pathetic, he makes us look like viable sexual partners

Fuck you to the anon who submitted that. I'm putting Sirellus of Borg in, next time.

155bb7 No.6329


No we need even bigger guns anon. Release Porthos

c7f508 No.6349


Send in a Pakled, knowing how those cunts work they'll make win big fast.

67589e No.6379

File: 903a15e553e2d4a⋯.webm (1.16 MB, 640x480, 4:3, dog I am going to get my ….webm)


>Release Porthos

Over my dead body are we sacrificing the most important member of the crew.

I can't fucking believe we lost to the furfags. AGAIN.

a987e9 No.6392

hey, we got 2 kills, i'm not complaining

anyways, i really don't want sirella to go, so here's a poll again


af20f8 No.6401


>Sacrificing Porthos

>Implying he wouldn't be far too OP

67589e No.6423

File: dd455f5e7cd979d⋯.png (54.27 KB, 250x268, 125:134, mongler no longer.png)


>hey, we got 2 kills, i'm not complaining

3efbc4 No.6494

So who are we sending next since Gowron brought shame to the board?

67589e No.6535


Sirellus. Her borg implants will double her previous kill score.

ec4a02 No.6544


We've already sent three(ish) klingons and they all failed us. I'd rather have broccoli (but I really voted for **admiral porthos, savior of /strek/)

a987e9 No.6557

File: 01bc7d2700965d3⋯.jpg (6.33 KB, 236x171, 236:171, 0b1ea69d1cf8a26e8ece917d19….jpg)



broccoli is winning for the moment

anyone got ideas for a tag?

9422d3 No.6562


>broccoli is winning for the moment

>anyone got ideas for a tag?


9422d3 No.6570

File: 72b3a1dbb91e354⋯.jpg (471.58 KB, 1436x1080, 359:270, barclay holodeck.jpg)

3b2779 No.6589


>Implying Sirella failed

She struck fear into the hearts of the other boards. She made /strek/ more talked about than the board that won. I'd say she succeeded.


Top kek

9422d3 No.6605


>Top kek

Jesus I even fucked it up'd and didn't notice til now. I guess it works being barclay,

Blood on your knife…

9422d3 No.6609

File: cbc7185daef03a9⋯.jpg (476.41 KB, 1436x1080, 359:270, barclay holodeck v2.jpg)

File: 87af9e5a2e3da90⋯.jpg (474.94 KB, 1436x1080, 359:270, barclay holodeck v3.jpg)

9422d3 No.6619

File: c2df9110cbd258a⋯.jpg (378.21 KB, 1901x1463, 1901:1463, tribbles.jpg)

Does the threads in this board disable bump after 300 replies? Maybe OP should sticky it.

155bb7 No.6682

File: dbac988187e0ddb⋯.png (889.59 KB, 846x797, 846:797, swolecardyell.png)

I just noticed something, why haven't we nominated the Mirror Universe characters yet? How would Swolecard work?

a987e9 No.7028


i think we're already set on broccoli

maybe next week

i'm thinking either swolecard of data

a987e9 No.7030


also, i didn't bother to ask, are we going with >>6557 or >>6609 as the image? i already nominated us, but we can always change the image

155bb7 No.7031


Go with the rapiers.

75a5ef No.7046


Rapiers. Also, unban me, nigga. i want to join in on the STD countdown bitching from the comfort of my own computer. Cmon, be a pal.

a987e9 No.7051


shitposting/derailing is a crime punishable by death

do the crime, pay the fine

ac8685 No.7065


In otherwords shit on BO's knife or blood on his dick.

670f5e No.7095


>Rapiers. Also, unban me, nigga.

Welcome to the club. Look at this way, we not only "derailed" the thread but the entire plot of the next episode shifted to babies. Totally worth the ban.

67589e No.7162

File: 8333317b675f6f8⋯.jpg (75.39 KB, 323x341, 323:341, startrekspockhollaatcha.jpg)


>do the crime, pay the fine

I committed no crime, Captain. The thread was derailed by the very first reply, so unless everyone in that thread got a time-out, I see no reason why I should have. I spoilered the pics and warned everyone not to click on them. My conscience is clear.

I would like to get in touch with you in private about something unrelated. How would I do that? Do you have an 8chan/junker email you use? Or would you like me to leave mine in a report?

67589e No.7164


>Welcome to the club.

What were you in the brig for?

9422d3 No.7171

File: 78ef0f9eeb68528⋯.jpg (331.32 KB, 838x1289, 838:1289, strek banned clean.jpg)


>What were you in the brig for?


>Anon: I can't believe Orville zoo

<Next Anon: Humans had sub-human zoos

<Next Anon: Oh they also feed babies to gators and crocs

>Next Next Anon: O'rly?

<Next Anon: Yes, here's proof.

>Autistic screeching begins

>Anon(s) banned for "derailing"

>Meanwhile, Orville episode 3 comes along and the fucking topic is "babies", meme gold.

67589e No.7180

File: e52e8eeef1ea957⋯.png (61.11 KB, 710x869, 710:869, Screenshot_1.png)


I posted two pics of Anita Sarkesian's big sister. She's ugly, but not ban ugly.

Well…okay, maybe she IS ban ugly, but I used spoilers, dagnabbit. That should count for something.

6f3360 No.7182


It's "Shit on [my] dick or bleed on [my] knife."

67589e No.7206

File: a41b850fbd3f5fa⋯.jpg (95.89 KB, 768x960, 4:5, gay LGBT.jpg)


Whether that's the accurate quote or not, it makes it sound like the aggressor is demanding the victim take a shit on his dick. You can't go from noun to verb like that.

d17af7 No.7209

File: cf359934a927cc0⋯.png (4.86 MB, 1919x1625, 1919:1625, harold grimace full frame.png)


>I committed no crime, Captain. The thread was derailed by the very first reply, so unless everyone in that thread got a time-out, I see no reason why I should have

Think about it like this: if a cop is waiting on a freeway to pull someone over for speeding, and ten cars speed, he can only realistically pull over one. It's not fair, but if he tries pulls them all over, it could be dangerous. If he doesn't pull over anyone, everyone keeps speeding. While I don't particularly agree with the BO in this case`, I can see why he did so.

67589e No.7221

File: aca0dadb391f3c4⋯.png (394.95 KB, 594x486, 11:9, startrek klingons mel.PNG)


Think about it like this: you're in a group of kids pissing in the town reservoir. Then you say "Hey, don't look at my gnarled and crooked penis, you guys!" And then they look, like you knew they would, and they resume peeing, wishing they hadn't. And, while you're chuckling to yourself and waiting for the retaliation, a cop in the bushes who looked at your deformed penis despite the warning snuck up behind you, cold-cocked you with his gun, and then threw you in a cell and denied you your phone call for two days. And then you get the shakes, right, because pissing in that reservoir was pretty much all you had to look forward to on this miserable shit-pebble of a planet, and you can see all the other kids from your cell window, and they're pissing and they're pissing and the cop has switched to plainclothes and is pissing in the reservoir with them. And you say, "Okay, it's only a couple of days, I can do this" and some utter bumfuck suddenly yells "Hey! I brought some awesome music and root beer and some broads who also like pissing in the reservoir!" And that's really too much and you start punching the walls of the cell and you scream out "Hey! I ALSO brought music to the party in the past!" and the cop yells back "What have you done for us lately?" and you slide down the wall onto the floor, rocking back and forth on your bunk going "…the fuck, man?" over and over. And then the cop shows up two days later and says "Hey, don't let me ever catch you pissing in that reservoir that I never told you not to piss in." And you say "Yes sir!"

And then you stumble over to the reservoir and resume pissing, occasionally throwing glance this way and that to make sure that cop isn't sneaking up on you. And you say "Man, that was harsh." And some incredible cucumber-fellator makes his way over to you and says "Think about it like this…"

I'm not even mad.

I'm not going to start suddenly shitting in the reservoir.

I would, however, have appreciated a little clemency for a first offense.

But it's over, and I just want to get back to piddling in the drinking water with everyone else.

So please don't make me regret being philosophical about it by deciding it's your duty to tell me why I should be philosophical about it

a987e9 No.7228








the bans were only two days anyways, you fucking hippies

if there's a report on you and it looks accurate enough, you're getting a ban, most likely not a permanent one

9422d3 No.7229

File: fe41e6cbd946110⋯.png (162.29 KB, 2894x2300, 1447:1150, pepe tear.png)


>that's beautiful man

>I think you said it all


>if there's a report on you and it looks accurate enough, you're getting a ban, most likely not a permanent one

Well now you're just issuing leftpol a blank invitation to come in here and start acting like a bunch of cunts

67589e No.7230

File: 63a84b22e4680a4⋯.gif (434.86 KB, 500x250, 2:1, rubbinghandsthug.gif)


>the bans were only two days anyways, you fucking hippies

Two days away from my favorite comfy hang out is like two days without blowjobs, Captain. And I know what it's like to go two decades days without blowjobs, let me tell you.


>Well now you're just issuing leftpol a blank invitation to come in here and start acting like a bunch of cunts

This. Posting Anita's uglier sister probably triggered a goon. And/or we were reported by that faggot who's always making snide comments about how we're not taking shit seriously (on an imageboard) and sageing in every thread. But it's good to know that reports are taken so seriously. I'll be sure to keep that in mind the next time I see "Hey guise, quit with the /pol/ shit, 'kay? Guise? SAGE"

6f3360 No.7290


"Shit on my dick," with shit as a verb, is a roundabout way of saying, "I'm gonna fuck you in the ass."



Maybe you could stop acting like you're saving the white race by constantly making every thread about /pol/ talking points. I know I don't come to the Star Trek board for NatSoc vs. Commie pissing matches.

919fc7 No.7293


>I know I don't come to the Star Trek board for NatSoc vs. Commie pissing matches.

We come for Cardassian vs Federation pissing matches instead.

155bb7 No.7318

File: 80c407a1e476749⋯.jpg (299.78 KB, 1280x963, 1280:963, laughtrek.jpg)

9422d3 No.7324

File: 6879c5f6453bff7⋯.png (137.64 KB, 350x350, 1:1, carlos.png)


>"Shit on my dick," with shit as a verb, is a roundabout way of saying, "I'm gonna fuck you in the ass."

"Shit on my dick," with shit as a verb, is a guy squatting over your dick taking a dump on it.

"Shit on my dick," with shit as a noun, is as you described it.

You make the phrase sound like the victim either has a choice of shitting on aggressor's dick on bleeding on his knife with the aggressor neither needing to penetrate you with either. Is this typical cuck thinking in your rapefugee country now?

As anons have already wrecked your shit on your second point so I won't bother.

We need a Trekkie carlos

6f3360 No.7330


Are you that guy who keeps mentioning he's autistic?

155bb7 No.7332


He's not autistic anon he's Vulcan

9422d3 No.7339

File: 55def994e623b65⋯.jpg (482.76 KB, 1382x2048, 691:1024, The_Strek_Poster_poster.jpg)


>Are you that guy who keeps mentioning he's autistic?


>He's not autistic anon he's Vulcan

67589e No.7348

File: 38c419ed1d2a644⋯.jpg (49.28 KB, 400x600, 2:3, 400px-Paula_shaw.jpg)


>"Shit on my dick," with shit as a verb, is a roundabout way of saying, "I'm gonna fuck you in the ass."

Thank goodness you explained that to me. This whole time I've been completely confused because I thought "shit on my dick" was an obscure reference to the War of 1812.

>"Maybe you could stop acting like you're saving the white race by constantly making every thread about /pol/ talking points. I know I don't come to the Star Trek board for NatSoc vs. Commie pissing matches."

>He thinks he can escape it on any board.

Tell you what, chief, you go make your own Trek board and see if you can keep it from creeping in. The only way it will happen is if you're the only poster.


>Are you that guy who keeps mentioning he's autistic?

After all the bitching you've done about Trek purity, I can only imagine how big your balls must be to call the rest of us kettles black. You fucked up the wording. It's "blood," not "bleed." Deal with it and move on.

0a7e41 No.7372

So Hunger Games fag started late. Trips decide what board he gets punished by. Shall there be shit on our dicks?

9422d3 No.7374

File: 55b835edf0b8476⋯.png (102.7 KB, 689x300, 689:300, Sweet.png)

0a7e41 No.7376


And he just tortured /pone/

He must kill it

457051 No.7377

File: 70a8dfd74c5ee66⋯.jpg (14.72 KB, 470x199, 470:199, Capture.JPG)


9422d3 No.7378

File: b8f8312edc99279⋯.png (30.24 KB, 364x154, 26:11, strek-pone.png)

0a7e41 No.7379

And he's dead.

457051 No.7380


9422d3 No.7381


>And he's dead.

Barclay got at least two shits on his dick, I'm proud of this outcome.

0a7e41 No.7382


He tortured /pone/ as well.

0a7e41 No.7386

Well who do we send next?


0a7e41 No.7392


Actually think it's been decided due to meme magic?


67589e No.7414

File: fea39a25b8c1a00⋯.jpg (30.69 KB, 616x346, 308:173, mancageyoudontsay.jpg)


>And he's dead.

An autist didn't survive a bloodsport that requires athletic abilities?

67589e No.7416

File: e708d15fb06328e⋯.png (146.53 KB, 300x300, 1:1, startrek Sirellus of Borg.png)

File: 13cef0cc2cd59f3⋯.jpg (62.32 KB, 480x688, 30:43, startrek spock sarge.jpg)



Dammit, if we ever get around to sending her, she'll probably ass-rape all comers. But instead we fuck around by using a man who thought the best use of almost-magical technology was using it as a first person shooter/fleshlight.

If we don't send her, we should send Sergeant Nimoy. But I still want to send her more than him.

0a7e41 No.7418


>Inb4 she kills 24 Tributes in the first round

67589e No.7425


At least.

67589e No.7439

File: 18be1868ab52aba⋯.png (1.07 MB, 1599x491, 1599:491, cat a nice, warm home.png)

I don't suppose anyone has noticed that we've once again lost to something that licks its own anus?

What the hell is with the Hungerfag's bias towards Fur?

a987e9 No.7499

File: dd65ba9d08dc276⋯.png (312.46 KB, 752x715, 752:715, Screen-Shot-2017-05-26-at-….png)

i'm surprised that he actually managed to get so far without killing a single person

b5c360 No.7520


There's too many of them and only one board that actively pursues eradication of them. If other boards came here and adopted Klingons for use against the furry menace we would stand a better chance to win.

9422d3 No.7573

File: 622fe93c35c46c2⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1.14 MB, 1280x1280, 1:1, 2061165 - Caitian M'ress S….png)


>There's too many of them and only one board that actively pursues eradication of them.

If you can't kill them, join them. Send M'Ress.

a987e9 No.7576


I second this, furries keep getting way too far in this shit

we have to send our own

b5c360 No.7579

File: 6fdc93220bcc184⋯.webm (306.57 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Picard says no!.webm)



>Encouraging furfaggotry

9422d3 No.7583



6f3360 No.7586


>Thank goodness you explained that to me. This whole time I've been completely confused because I thought "shit on my dick" was an obscure reference to the War of 1812.

No problem, buddy. I know you spergs are very literal, so I don't mind helping you understand things.

155bb7 No.7588

File: 850234325808b1c⋯.png (146.17 KB, 374x228, 187:114, Disapproves in Klingon.png)



9422d3 No.8171

Who is this anon sage faggot that complains about everything in every thread being off-topic, who is more a derailment than the actual posts he complains about? I nominate anon for 120 days of Sodom ban.

155bb7 No.8178


I suggest a harsher punishment, that he be forced to watch Star Trek V Extended Cut.

a987e9 No.8181

File: 4930508bfee72cb⋯.jpg (31.14 KB, 540x409, 540:409, 4930508bfee72cbdff263ced45….jpg)


i liked it

ca330a No.8241

File: 0339831065126f3⋯.jpg (102.86 KB, 694x530, 347:265, borg selfie.jpg)

>they're seriously considering nominating a furry

This is why the Gamma Quadrant hates everyone that's not them.

263fa9 No.8248

File: c1b729b623f1fe3⋯.gif (1.97 MB, 435x326, 435:326, HmYqNpg.gif)


Sirella first, then cat.

099518 No.8270


I agree with this.

155bb7 No.8274

File: f6eb5ebbaccb7db⋯.webm (191.09 KB, 960x720, 4:3, Never.webm)



>Sending furfaggotry

9f91e7 No.8306

File: 42bcdd50ada17ba⋯.png (366.38 KB, 1193x896, 1193:896, smugtrekcat.png)

We have much better creatures to send than fucking furry faggotry

a987e9 No.8310


i still think it's worth a try. if it works for the furfag boards, why wouldn't it work for us

9f91e7 No.8315


Once you invite the furfaggotry in, we will never be rid of it.

a987e9 No.8316

File: e7c03997d3269af⋯.jpg (86.51 KB, 695x427, 695:427, 20151124_letemin.jpg)


we already have horsefags, how bad can it get

a987e9 No.8317

so apparently >>>/startrek/ is also competing

this is the third trek board, what the fuck

5745ed No.8319


We purged them.

155bb7 No.8320


>>>/trek/ is also competing now apparently. I know /startrek/ is just some butthurt shitposter samefagging in his own board cause he got butthurt here. /trek/ competing though I think is just a shitpost.

a0b681 No.8321


>go to /trek/

>only the most recent thread can be viewed

>everything else 404s

>the most recent thread is a single post complaining about the board being dead

Yeah, I think somebody's trying to start some shit.

155bb7 No.8322


Be interesting how /sudo/ reacts. Despite it being a clear attempt at starting shit, if they get disqualified then there will be several anons screaming bloody murder at why several of the /fur/ clones are allowed.

67589e No.8367

File: 1c2a5cf1f9e330a⋯.png (719.48 KB, 788x600, 197:150, startrek Q 'Mine's bigger!….png)


>Despite it being a clear attempt at starting shit

Can't speak for /trek/ (seriously; it's not me), but /startrek/ has entered because the purpose of the games is to grab the attention of some new users, which it quite badly needs. It's not an attempt to start shit. If it was, we would have fielded Sirellus as well. I have the greater claim to her, what with actually creating her in Photoshop, but I'm just happy to see she's finally being used.


>I know /startrek/ is just some butthurt shitposter samefagging in his own board cause he got butthurt here.

It's bad writing form to use "butthurt" twice in one sentence.

/startrek/ appears to be the older of the two boards, actually. It was cut off in the April 1st attack. Since enough time had elapsed, I claimed it from the previous BO, who had abandoned it. It's not samefagging, by the way. The older posts were all former anons who have since moved on.

I don't anticipate this post will remain up for long, given how my posts keep getting deleted, so I'll dump a copy on /sw/ as well as on /startrek/ so everyone who needs to see it will see it. For the record, I have no intention of "starting shit" with anyone. I'm a little annoyed with myself for how much I contributed to this board (shitposting, graphics, comic storytimes, etc) only to get bans for petty reasons. I want to talk about Trek with more freedom than I've found here, so I moved next door. I was a mod for one of the top ten boards, and that BO's philosophy towards deletion and banning is one I admire and will try to emulate. And yes, that means you can call me a faggot without fear of a banning.

I sincerely don't harbor any ill will to you guys, and you're all more than welcome to crosspost at >>>/startrek/. Think of it as serving on two different ships in Starfleet.

Good luck in the games, guys.

67589e No.8368

Man, I wish Codemonkey would fix this shit.

67589e No.8369

And, of course, the site is double posting again.

a987e9 No.8395


>I don't anticipate this post will remain up for long, given how my posts keep getting deleted

m8, i only delete shit that gets reported and if it gets reported for a good reason

horseshit, nigger zoos, random posts about evolution, spam.

i think the only thing i haven't deleted that has been repoted was the zdar guy since he was still sort of on topic

3463b6 No.8400


Have fun on leftytrek's board of butbashified analpain.

3463b6 No.8401



9a8c9b No.8408


>I was a mod for one of the top ten boards, and that BO's philosophy towards deletion and banning is one I admire and will try to emulate

That frankly doesn't say much and would indicate you would be far worse at moderation than you claim the BO is.

67589e No.8414

File: 0f0a40c473c1ef2⋯.jpg (115.88 KB, 700x530, 70:53, startrek kirk just got lai….jpg)


>horseshit, nigger zoos, random posts about evolution, spam.

I have a solution: the next time you ban someone for random or /poltrek/ posts, refer them to us.


>Have fun on leftytrek's board of butbashified analpain.

I will.


>That frankly doesn't say much and would indicate you would be far worse at moderation than you claim the BO is.

I guess we'll see, won't we?

9422d3 No.8488

File: 958c48033cf7d10⋯.jpg (275.7 KB, 900x900, 1:1, Blood on my Paws or Shit i….jpg)

So we're going with M'Ress then?

4ebf0e No.8496

a0b681 No.8503


Can we at least do one without the ‘blood on my X or shit on my X’ meme? I feel like we’ve been overusing it.

9422d3 No.8505


The original file is in first post of M'Ress thread. Slap whatever you want on there.

9422d3 No.8506

File: 942c7e5e3404535⋯.jpg (432.61 KB, 1200x1200, 1:1, Rrrrr - Youre Funny and Ve….jpg)

155bb7 No.8517

>/trek/ brings M'Ress

>She dies in first round

That's why you don't bring furfags.

155bb7 No.8518

Well you know the drill by now anons


a987e9 No.8767

swolecard and garak are tied

anyone from the other votes wanna break the tie?

6a7f4f No.8788

I vote for plain simple Garak

a987e9 No.8800

alright, swolecard is leading so i'm gonna nominate him

anyone got ideas for a tag? shit on my dick is getting old

155bb7 No.8802

File: f5b42c0494b60e6⋯.png (384.65 KB, 508x580, 127:145, swolehell.png)


Is there any doubt?

9422d3 No.8804


It's better to have roided and raged, than never to have swolled at all

099518 No.8808


I really like this for the tag.

155bb7 No.9111

Wew dead in first round.

155bb7 No.9112

2ca7ae No.9127

File: c4e731260ce9f78⋯.jpg (7.54 KB, 180x180, 1:1, space_roastie.jpg)

2ca7ae No.9128

File: 75694c018213b57⋯.jpg (73.4 KB, 1024x764, 256:191, Balok.jpg)

2ca7ae No.9129

File: 38437f1e986d380⋯.png (398.1 KB, 706x477, 706:477, mancleft.png)

File: a4734bbf09cc431⋯.jpg (12.53 KB, 480x360, 4:3, shinzon_rises.jpg)

File: 2e2d45a6a93b5fc⋯.jpg (543.67 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, Alfa_177_canine.jpg)


I should have just attached them all to the same post. Submitting.

6ebf76 No.9142

File: 7a8e03304abfb34⋯.jpg (122.74 KB, 720x480, 3:2, Experience-Bij.jpg)


fwiw, this Klingon is canonically not Gowron. Check out those weird ridges… He's the Tom Paris / Nic Licarno of Klingons… two different Trek characters with the same essential role, same personality, played by the same actor, but differentiated because they wanted to cut the writers of the original character out of royalities.

Experience bij!

9422d3 No.9148


>Klingon is canonically not Gowron

There's some DS9 publicity photos with Martok not wearing his on-set ridges either, maybe property master think they are too delicate for off purpose uses.

6ebf76 No.9149


did he have grey hair? i believe the actor who played Martok also played the old klingon in Star Trek: Klingon

9422d3 No.9150

File: 71bbd6eb34551ae⋯.jpg (85.87 KB, 800x1007, 800:1007, gowron2.jpg)

File: 59c27dd78fd58d2⋯.png (150 B, 1x1, 1:1, bypass.png)


Must just be my fuzzy memory, think I was actually thinking of this photo of Gowron, wearing the same ridges you posted.

6ebf76 No.9151


lol.. im not as strong on DS9 as TNG.. but if they really did have Robert O'Reily playing Gowron on DS9 with his Bij-guy ridges, thats an even worse clusterfuck.

9422d3 No.9152

File: 548a6985199b205⋯.jpg (330 KB, 594x751, 594:751, gowron.jpg)

File: 5cce8820f61bb8f⋯.jpg (874.62 KB, 955x1009, 955:1009, gowron3.jpg)


>but if they really did have Robert O'Reily playing Gowron on DS9 with his Bij-guy ridges, thats an even worse clusterfuck

he appears as normal in the actual show, but maybe that particular photo was for a publicity shoot without the official prosthetic technician applying it, the property master probably won't release it for use to fill-in staff, as they can be easily damaged by inexperienced hands

7cb8f6 No.9304

So who dies next?

a987e9 No.9316


bottle of Kanar is currently winning

9422d3 No.9321


>shinzon rises

The darkness is my ally; I was born in it, moulded by it. I didn't see the light until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but BLINDING!

9422d3 No.9322


>tom hardy out of character

No one cared who I was until I put on the mask

155bb7 No.9332


Guess we send a bottle of Kanar

Damar will probably drink it before the event.

f57d3f No.9343


Now watch as a bottle somehow winds up going on a massive killing spree.

155bb7 No.9344

File: 287ab11b4958a55⋯.jpg (13.97 KB, 189x400, 189:400, star-trek-prop-cardassian-….jpg)

177f53 No.9563

263fa9 No.9578

File: 5c0d493feb2e697⋯.jpg (507.19 KB, 1400x1072, 175:134, Quark disbelief.jpg)



You didn't even check to make sure you spelled his name right, did you?

155bb7 No.9603


What's worse is that the vote is still split.

263fa9 No.9635

File: 89665e70488e0fd⋯.jpg (342.84 KB, 902x1280, 451:640, Stewart_reviews_SH_script_….jpg)


At least the proper O'Brien is in the lead now.

4d7f6b No.9904

Guess it's O'Brien wins, motto and pic?

90b8ab No.9908

File: 650c6c27527fd4c⋯.png (205.69 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 650c6c27527fd4c51215f76b1c….png)


Twenty more years of keiko

6c7c00 No.9909

File: 8e924145efbc0ab⋯.jpg (82.25 KB, 692x530, 346:265, 372.jpg)



924401 No.10151

Well O'Brien had a heart attack. Guess he realized he would have to return to Keiko after the games.

924401 No.10152

6c7c00 No.10177

File: c45f64dbbb60425⋯.webm (2.52 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, True_detective.webm)

>that one fag that keeps adding Ezri's diaper to the polls

924401 No.10178

File: 1ce80218b228ddc⋯.jpg (196.06 KB, 1329x1000, 1329:1000, SpaceHippies.jpg)

I just figured who we should send to their deaths next round.

6c7c00 No.10402

Redshirt and Space Hippies are now tied, which we gonna use since we don't want to be left out?

90b8ab No.10408


i feel like space hippies are beneath us

which redshirt though

and what tag

6c7c00 No.10419


Just pick a redshirt, the poll says random redshirt after all.

924401 No.10427

File: 0e8a817695be0f1⋯.jpg (12.23 KB, 260x195, 4:3, redshirt1.jpg)


Just needs an ad Also we should use Hungry Hippo Games to remove undesirable elements from Star Trek

4034b4 No.10429


Red ones die faster?

771136 No.10430





ead729 No.10526


better dead than red

90b8ab No.10609

File: 058d1b632a2fa46⋯.png (25.25 KB, 450x139, 450:139, 058d1b632a2fa465ba1d398d4a….png)

what a surprise, who could have seen this coming

924401 No.10610


Well the usual routine


90b8ab No.10768


hippies are winning

anyone got a photo/tag?

87fc2b No.10770



924401 No.10773




924401 No.10774


Fucked that up wew


042a52 No.10928

Well the hippie died already. Who do we send next to their deaths?


b7855c No.11064

Well need an image and ad for the winrar.

fa98f6 No.11070

File: b3eabb81184576d⋯.jpg (11.8 KB, 341x388, 341:388, Frederick_La_Rouque.jpg)


"Everything I have lost I will regain. It's only a matter of time."

or something of the sort

d577ba No.11168

File: 7c6cb4111ba5002⋯.png (253.94 KB, 500x376, 125:94, ClipboardImage.png)

ccb892 No.11221

File: 5b96ac70004037c⋯.jpg (56.29 KB, 480x361, 480:361, silicon avatar one.jpg)

I nominate the Crystalline Entity with the ad 'I am immortal, because anything you say and do reflects back onto you'

fa98f6 No.11222


we haven't even lost yet, wait for the games to end first

4fe241 No.11241



when is the games? I thought the latest ones had already been

4fe241 No.11242

File: fcec54e4c29cc55⋯.jpg (70.69 KB, 800x535, 160:107, CHECKEM.jpg)


also trips checked

042a52 No.11247



e9e49a No.11418

File: 13246b76c4b1b81⋯.jpg (19.18 KB, 678x190, 339:95, Capture.JPG)

well, we got drowned, but at least we're left with this image by our sister board

042a52 No.11425


At this point I doubt any of the Star Trek boards are in it to win it, just there for the memes.

You know the drill, who do we kill next?


1efe9d No.11513


042a52 No.11541

File: 780426b8a36a39a⋯.jpg (78.8 KB, 350x350, 1:1, takei-aladdin.jpg)

Is this a good image to use for George Takei's career?

f19dab No.11586

>Diaperfag is back again


ccb892 No.11621

File: ba60aa8d85435c6⋯.jpg (50.61 KB, 304x303, 304:303, 102591_d1073b.jpg)


Here ya go

042a52 No.11636


Just need an ad.

fa98f6 No.11646

File: d4ae8a097babf9f⋯.gif (2.22 MB, 320x240, 4:3, y85CM6o.gif)


i was thinking something from this

042a52 No.11778

well thread is finally up on /sudo/

abc455 No.11780

Nominating, feel free to change ad.

49712c No.11781

Who is the /trek/ fag that keeps nominating? They always seem to get further than /strek/ and /startrek in every game/

5c81e9 No.11788

File: 6d79a4de04a60f4⋯.png (93.41 KB, 275x388, 275:388, Ezri Daxs Underwear.png)

I know who we should nominate when we die :^)


042a52 No.12032


Damn your dubs.

d78bef No.12138

File: 92ffe9d63713b7d⋯.png (364.52 KB, 639x480, 213:160, colt smirk.png)

Send Colt. She's so small and cute that they'll underestimate her, moments before she pulls a phaser pistol concealed in her jacket and kills them all.

042a52 No.12144


I thought you were going to say concealed in her panties there.

d78bef No.12145


I could see that, but the bump would show in her trousers. Also, >Colt >panties

17579a No.12157


So she wears diapers like Ezri?

910e16 No.12199

>Eventually board caves in and nominate Ezri's diaper

>Wins Hunger Games

Calling it now.

18e4f7 No.12233




We need to nominate Tim Allen sometime.

e08407 No.12244


We need a Galaxy Quest thread

042a52 No.12260

042a52 No.12267

File: 2a90859c9681378⋯.jpg (7.9 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Shats Mountain.jpg)

Looks like Shatner's mountain won it.

Ad "Challenge the Rock!" or something along those lines?

d78bef No.12298

File: e987eaa9e3e8249⋯.jpg (40.13 KB, 494x366, 247:183, jojo josuke shit taste.jpg)


Fuck off and kill yourself, daiperfag.

042a52 No.12402

Well looks like the games are up.

58df13 No.12441


>wonder where diaperfag came from

>look on /tv/

>Star Trek thread

>Diaperfag posting

Why am I not surprised?

a4d121 No.12452

Well well, /strek/ finally reached the Top 25. Congratulations.

1bf29e No.12454

File: 632a68b71d765dc⋯.jpeg (12.14 KB, 247x255, 247:255, swole-2.jpeg)


absolutely swelling with pride

042a52 No.12455



>Implying it hasn't been in the top 20 before

fa98f6 No.12482

File: 81800de6f5eabfd⋯.png (90.11 KB, 465x207, 155:69, WHYDOTHEYKEEPMAKINGMORE.png)

File: ec5fcc5e015ecc9⋯.jpg (37.79 KB, 729x557, 729:557, Thomas_and_William_Riker.jpg)

we have 4 star trek boards competing

this is getting out of hand

042a52 No.12483


I've just noticed myself. Seems to be causing a lot of butthurt on /sudo/ still better than when it was nothing but mostly furfag boards

18e4f7 No.12508

File: 2f0bf80b3bbe4f6⋯.jpg (94.75 KB, 694x530, 347:265, Dukat.jpg)


>because of this retard if one of the trek boards wins, all get banned from the following games.

042a52 No.12511


Only if a Trek board wins the this games and only for a week. Still, disappointed /startrek/ is no long competing. It would be funny if all the Trek boards each sent a Klingon.

f1837e No.12513

File: 0a50561dcf3167a⋯.jpg (40.39 KB, 449x624, 449:624, captain picard with hair.jpg)

File: ffda8df4beab10b⋯.jpg (102.39 KB, 580x732, 145:183, 85266c4679fdc9b6151224a95b….jpg)


>disappointed /startrek/ is no long competing

/startrek/ is competing, just not in the Games. From its resurrection, the BO's tactic has been to appear humble and magnanimous presumably so as to avoid deletion in the event that shit becomes problematic. /strek/ has been and continues to be the de facto Star Trek board on 8chan. It's name - like pol - is unique enough to be distinguishable, but generic enough to respect the principles of anonymity that image boards are built on. /startrek/ can appear to be a swell guy but there is only one place to go to be swole….

Well, ok… two places, but only one Trek board. /startrek/ can stay as a containment board for JJTrek, STD, and other plebbit-tier shitposting, but the BO needs to accept that and cooperate. If it remains a confusing issue, /startrek/, /trek/ and other pretenders need to go.

042a52 No.12516

So Klingon Hunger Games when?

042a52 No.12526

/strek/ died quickly.

042a52 No.12527



You know the drill.

d78bef No.12528


Of course. Fucking /tv/. That degenerate board needs a Planet Killer launched at it.

042a52 No.12529


I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it was someone from /tv/ also spamming the other Trek boards.

d78bef No.12531


Well of course, misery loves company and who's more miserable than a cuckold?

3696c2 No.12663

Porthos is winning?

ec93ac No.12667

Who keeps voting for the diapers? Put out some OC or fuck off

d78bef No.12681


Undoubtedly the same faggot we're complaining about. Some cuck from /tv/ masturbating furiously at the thought of Ezri in diapers. If we find him he's going in the Agony Booth for a month.

f1f60c No.12686


>Agony Booth

Now there's something worth sending.

042a52 No.12876

Looks like we are sending Porthos. Image and ad to send?

fa98f6 No.12879

File: d9edc36a6466afc⋯.png (139.49 KB, 320x240, 4:3, angrybreagle.png)


[Barks in Klingon]

042a52 No.12884

dcea2a No.12900


Saw this had already been nominated so I nominated /startrek/

042a52 No.12940


While I am happy to see /startrek/ nominated, shouldn't you have you know, posted there instead of here?

042a52 No.12941

File: ca73dfaa1f1e8d4⋯.webm (3.43 MB, 292x240, 73:60, Nazis verse the Klingons.webm)

Oh for fucks sake, a 5th Trek board? And nobody thought to bring all Klingons?

bda3fb No.12948


Fifth? What are there other than /strek/, /startrek/, and /trek/?

042a52 No.12949



I think honestly it's a fag though deliberately trying to start shit.

fa98f6 No.12954




it's the goy wars board, they're just using it as a tag to fuck with us

fa98f6 No.12955

File: 02720d2b0bf9b70⋯.png (80.13 KB, 226x270, 113:135, 02720d2b0bf9b70b040a210079….png)


no wait, i didn't realize someone actually made another board

this is getting out of hand

042a52 No.12991

/startrek/ seems to be pulling out again which I think is a mistake honestly. I feel like there's someone deliberately fucking with both boards. Especially in the past several games there's been an autist screeching about the number of Trek boards and that was before the new boards started appearing.

042a52 No.13037

Just noticed /strek/ is District 1 and District 1 normally dies first. Probably should prepare this in advanced.


042a52 No.13102

Well he died. But acted like a dog the entire match.

0ea6c8 No.13105

Stupid dog, should have sent Spot instead!

8eac70 No.13117

File: 82fa4f9365cd5fc⋯.jpg (39.78 KB, 526x721, 526:721, archer's favourite compani….jpg)

why is porthos so lewd

d78bef No.13122


Hes' a horn dog, that's for sure

a4d121 No.13124



d78bef No.13126


Fuck off, it's not my fault we're a slow board. Tampons are that way, you cunt.

a4d121 No.13134


That should've made it easier to wait a few seconds, you nigger.

042a52 No.13160

How did you fags manage to lose the Planet Killer?

17f98b No.13162


>Lost the Planet Killer

>It is now roaming threads destroying boards with no idea where it's final destination should be.

a4d121 No.13168


>tfw we are now like the PK's creators

d78bef No.13169


Don't look at me, /leftypol/ are the ones who opened the transwarp conduit to /k/ and then closed it mid-journey. Who knows where the damn thing will end up now.

a4d121 No.13170



Wait a minute. What if it ended up on halfchan?

d78bef No.13171


That might be amusing.

042a52 No.13177



>inb4 /strek/ blows up cuckchan

d78bef No.13181



b7855c No.13185


Please make this happen.

042a52 No.13247

File: 7aa39d9811dfeb3⋯.jpg (471.13 KB, 2048x722, 1024:361, STP45.jpg)

File: 165bf9f551ce221⋯.jpg (481.42 KB, 2048x722, 1024:361, STP38.jpg)

File: 72363a7c6b2f6db⋯.jpg (502.71 KB, 2048x722, 1024:361, STP43.jpg)

File: 01c54f90de355e4⋯.jpg (66.03 KB, 820x1024, 205:256, data-c_1024x1024.jpg)

File: 5db861d21042b0a⋯.jpg (444.29 KB, 2048x722, 1024:361, STP49.jpg)

>Fags nominating Spot

Which one considering there's been a few?

ccb892 No.13252


good stuff, create thread with only spot comics pls kind sir

bfde6b No.13261

File: 5c6d547809ffb01⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.22 KB, 862x653, 862:653, Capture.JPG)


Garak is leading right now, but this is realyl the only true and honest Spot

042a52 No.13266


I will when I sort my folders out.


Only Spot who wasn't a dick.

fcd2c1 No.13290

Hi, good luck on the attention hungry games!

Thanks for planetkiller destroying /leftypol/, much appreciated

bfde6b No.13299

File: eb29f500108a5ff⋯.png (79.12 KB, 250x250, 1:1, Star Trek DS9 BANE.png)

File: 4caf07ed2ea5972⋯.jpg (125.25 KB, 1316x1300, 329:325, Star Trek DS9 hmmmmmmmmmmm….jpg)

File: b5460f3f5eff5af⋯.jpg (39.91 KB, 522x463, 522:463, Star Trek DS9 sleepy Garak.jpg)

So it seems Garak is going this time. What pic we using and what's the ad gonna be?

042a52 No.13301


Plain Simple Honest Tailors?

042a52 No.13328


Update on this, sorted my folders then went and looked for more Spot images. The results well they speak for themselves. I'll upload if this site will ever let me make a new thread.

042a52 No.13478

Games are a bit late this week it seems.

bfde6b No.13480


New thread is up now, I went and nominated Garak. Though if anyone thinks we could do with a better pic or ad, feel free to say so.

637f0c No.13483


You chose the right one.

06ec73 No.13493

Why are there so many other star trek boards and furry boards?

042a52 No.13502


>Why are there so many furry boards

Degenerates breed like crazy

>Why so many Star Trek boards

Some fag was resurrecting old Trek boards to shitpost and stir shit up. /strek/ was created cause anons wanted to make a Star Trek board but at the time claims were unavailable, the Trek boards were broken and it did not seem it was going to get fixed anytime in the foreseeable future.

Though judging by the recent return of furfag boards into the games I am actually missing seeing so many Star Trek boards. No idea why /startrek/ refuses to compete since it feels like an overreaction and caving into the shitposter. The sudden return of so many furfag boards in such numbers posted one after another actually makes me feel now like it was a furfag stiring shit nominating so many old Star Trek boards to get anons to bitch at the Star Trek boards to drive them away, since between them, /strek/ and /startrek/ used to remove a good chunk of the furry boards out of the games

042a52 No.13565

File: 866f1ce90f564c1⋯.webm (4.66 MB, 1280x548, 320:137, lock and load.webm)

>There's now only 1 Star Trek board competing versus 8 furry boards

I think we know who's been stirring shit by nominating the various Star Trek boards now. Tiime to make them pay. We blew up /leftypol/ we can blow up all of them

bfde6b No.13633

File: 06ea85e8df11741⋯.png (24.92 KB, 300x131, 300:131, 06ea85e8df117411376f424c73….png)

didn't do too bad this time, 7th place and Garak didn't die. also

>strek called for a UFO and escaped from the arena


vote for who we sending next


042a52 No.13657


I will give credit to Garak, he seemed to do very Garak things during the games.

f1f60c No.13663


Well at least the furry boards didn't win. Seriously why was there like 7 of them and nobody complaining about it? Anyone find that a tad suspicious?

bfde6b No.13694


there were several people wondering about the influx of furry boards. I was worried some of those furry shits would manage to take /strek/ down, but thankfully they died before that. still, makes ya wish the hundred other irrelevant Trek boards would come back to compete.

43c99d No.13713


I know /vfur/ was made as a joke since /v/ is already full of furries, but I don't know about the others.

17579a No.13830


Someone made a furry trek board.

bfde6b No.13862

I noticed nominations were ~halfway full, so I went and nominated best Cardie girl. I made the ad up on the spot, so if you have something better, please say so and I'll ask for it to be changed.

042a52 No.13863

5c81e9 No.13864


Saw it, was a decent choice.

6a4238 No.14011

>/strek/ died again

Gee who'd have thought?

a4d121 No.14012

>>14011 (checked)

And to your opposite number, no less.

f4369f No.14013

To be honest this game was terrible. Far too many boards died in the first round which meant it was nothing but filler for the rest of the game.

637f0c No.14015

File: fb9d830a1a3cc00⋯.gif (992.15 KB, 500x420, 25:21, Go On.gif)

>/sw/ won via lightsaber duel

9a1542 No.14017

File: 8a3a6e31f98effb⋯.png (626.61 KB, 600x634, 300:317, treason.png)


>/sw/ won via lightsaber duel

bfde6b No.14034

File: d93a5bf9dcea65f⋯.png (211.36 KB, 465x349, 465:349, Star Trek ATTENTION CAPTAI….png)

You know what to do, vote here


042a52 No.14036


That looks like a 3 way conversatin is going on.

042a52 No.14037


>No ability to add more options

You fugged up.

bfde6b No.14047

File: 204d45fc17002e4⋯.jpg (53.13 KB, 638x479, 638:479, Star Trek DS9 Dukat and Ga….jpg)


ah shit, sorry about that. I completely forgot you needed to do that seperately.



9bf349 No.14055

I vote for Paris and Janeway as lizards. We keep sending our best and it's not working. Time to send the worst and hope they have the retard strength to win.

26a7de No.14134


I thought we were meant to be sending undesirable elements from Star Trek to the games in the hope they get eradicated?

9cb79f No.14175


Then we've been doing it wrong.

bfde6b No.14259

I went and nominated Janeway and Paris lizards. Again, if you have a better ad, let me know and I'll ask for it to be changed.

042a52 No.14300


As long as they get removed it's all good.

5c81e9 No.14362


Ad seems fine. Couldn't think of anything myself

042a52 No.14382

File: c0e153c9875054a⋯.png (22.28 KB, 243x150, 81:50, swole.png)

042a52 No.14384

File: b638b228abac5c9⋯.png (156.19 KB, 1302x1153, 1302:1153, ohshitniggas.png)



bfde6b No.14385

File: e133b9e74347f05⋯.jpg (107.83 KB, 692x530, 346:265, Star Trek VOY tfw this epi….jpg)










I can't believe Janeway and Paris did it

042a52 No.14386

File: edb04c7370316a3⋯.webm (761.94 KB, 768x576, 4:3, FOR CARDASSIA!.webm)


Now we need to get ourselves Swole.

For Cardassia!

e01519 No.14390

File: 7e20e56e68d2f0d⋯.png (258.83 KB, 617x244, 617:244, alliance... followed by tr….png)


We paid CodeMonkey 30,000 credits to give you guys a freebee since we knew we could count on you to shit on Disney Wars on our behalf while /sw/ goes back into obscurity for another week. Do not let the Empire down.

bda3fb No.14405


I'm so glad my idea worked. I didn't want to look like an ass for shilling the lizard idea so hard.

1e6227 No.14438


We tried it once or twice before, just kept forgetting about it.

509e6d No.14487


Congratulations, nerds.

212570 No.14544

File: 5f8452836d9cf81⋯.png (28.19 KB, 96x252, 8:21, mirror.png)


strek / sw / fit trilateral alliance forming? an Axis of Swole?

012e75 No.14545


>an Axis of Swole?

Make it swole.

d78bef No.14570


Checked and agreed

042a52 No.14707


Need to create a flag for this.

a354fe No.14709

Is /streak/ going to compete?

49712c No.14758

Know how Star Wars has "The Force?" Star Trek now has "The Swole"

042a52 No.15135

Just wanted to point out that /fit/ won. Did we secretly lend our Swoleness out?

1a1527 No.15142


>Just wanted to point out that /fit/ won. Did we secretly lend our Swoleness out?

There would be no need as they are brothers in gains - their swole is thoroughly authentic and innate. This just proves the Swoley Alliance is real.

f19dab No.15182


Who do we lend our Swole Magic to next games to get them to win?

f4369f No.15199


Well we can submit ourselves again to the games to get some gains. We need someone horrible to send that we want dead. Nelix? Nog? Jadzia?

042a52 No.15203

e5baf9 No.15286


>Ensign Kim Jong-Un

We need OC of this.

0a4f72 No.15296

File: 489b8821b0e8e04⋯.jpg (14.99 KB, 333x269, 333:269, Ensignjongun.jpg)


An attempt was made…

27c75e No.15304


I thought Kim wore Yellow?

7a0666 No.15325

File: 5b1cff6ac149bc2⋯.jpg (17.96 KB, 333x269, 333:269, Ensignjongunfixed.jpg)


We have to send him now.

2cd524 No.15338


No one wears yellow. They wear gold. </autism>

042a52 No.15349

>>15325 (Satanic ID)

Ad? Misses the Audience less than Voyager?

187e45 No.15358

File: 6ce703a562697fb⋯.jpg (25.7 KB, 578x494, 289:247, HarryKimJongUn-15ebfa0c9aa….jpg)

File: 779b96f25f21c1f⋯.png (384.41 KB, 604x455, 604:455, kaptian kim.png)

Still wouldn't be the worst part of Voyager.

f0949a No.15360

Ad needs to be a pun about photon torpedo program or guidance failure.

a7897e No.15361


"Our Anti-Matter Warhead Program Will Ensure The Safety Of Our Borders" perhaps?

1e6227 No.15471

Thread soon™

4e3c98 No.15556

Thread is up, who do we send with what ad?

639c6a No.15583


I went and nominated Kim with this anon's ad >>15361 since I can't think of any good puns combining Trek and our Glorious Leader.

639c6a No.15777

File: f8f0601dd43c5ef⋯.png (38.3 KB, 543x192, 181:64, Capture.PNG)

4th place and he escaped, not too bad.

Vote for who we sending next


c25919 No.15803


He did really well, should we send him again?

4c59cc No.15811

Ad for when Wheaton is sent is "SHUT UP WHEATON!"

a230d1 No.15840

File: 5dc5459b67236a4⋯.png (34 KB, 140x140, 1:1, strektribute.png)

We send Wheaton

0d87d2 No.15847

File: 8802922097c041f⋯.jpg (28.92 KB, 813x419, 813:419, 1498838107.jpg)


No no no, it's gotta be "Shut up Wil"

e84164 No.15980


Need an image edit of Wesley dying on that screen.

639c6a No.16060

File: a6655e9a0d71bc9⋯.jpg (163.25 KB, 900x1200, 3:4, 1510266431624.jpg)

File: 43fcc6eefe89531⋯.jpg (88.44 KB, 612x612, 1:1, e7e5ee2f1dfaaa060dd0017507….jpg)

File: cdcf806484ea1fa⋯.jpg (10.51 KB, 364x293, 364:293, ef253e2090e8bed31656ca7529….jpg)

File: 75f854a7626790d⋯.jpg (34.19 KB, 600x450, 4:3, Bkpi9c2CIAAjPtc.jpg)

God, choosing a pic for the next game is difficult, the amount of soyboy images of Wheaton are overwhelming.

425dd6 No.16061


We're sending


5acb97 No.16201

File: 37880e34a765626⋯.png (323.65 KB, 1338x515, 1338:515, wat.png)

425dd6 No.16259

Well the little shit died. This is a great victory for Cardassia…..and /strek/

425dd6 No.16298


Can't think of anyone 'special' to kill.

425dd6 No.16305

File: 5d4f35718453e5f⋯.png (78.79 KB, 222x233, 222:233, MirrorWesley.png)

>Mirror Wesley

>A face only a mother could punch

b647d9 No.16306


425dd6 No.16322


>Ad: Hundred chances to kill Wesley

0d87d2 No.16323

File: 80493bb2ab81a95⋯.mp4 (1.83 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Klingon War Song.mp4)



425dd6 No.16742

Have we got more Wesleys to kill?

639c6a No.16810


sure we do, vote here


f56b41 No.16986


Got a pic and an add?

639c6a No.16989

File: be91c96abf9ce1b⋯.jpg (78.13 KB, 1021x877, 1021:877, Capture.JPG)


pic is easy, I'll crop it if need be, but for the ad, hmm. Has to do something with spanking I guess, holo-Bev said

>Master Barclay will spank you if you misbehave.


>/strek/ - Will spank you if you misbehave

425dd6 No.16991


>/strek/ in league with /spank/

Things are going to get lewd.

0d87d2 No.17085

File: 199ad3e51a64b3b⋯.jpg (143.56 KB, 692x530, 346:265, Quark on Risa.jpg)



I can dig it.

e200ee No.17170

File: d5626f045052510⋯.gif (3.63 MB, 280x302, 140:151, visible confusion.gif)

I don't understand the hunger games but I love this board

425dd6 No.17171



639c6a No.17184

well, Wesley died very boringly. Vote for who we killing next:


ef8276 No.17185


No more Wesleys to kill?

2f5599 No.17413

File: c9d714d1e055bf2⋯.jpg (56.21 KB, 179x383, 179:383, r-romance....jpg)

So, I know trekkies and troopers have had their differences in the past and have hated each other for the most part, but we both hate JJ even more. So to get to the point, we over at /sw/ want to know if you faggots wanna become enemies a "sibling board" with us… Yes/No? Who knows, maybe by joining forces we could better warn others of the menace known as Jew Jew Abrams and Disney. It's only a matter of time before they try and buy your shit too.

425dd6 No.17433


Only if you start to lift.

2159c1 No.17435

File: 36ea7f5834ec664⋯.jpg (57.81 KB, 749x749, 1:1, Gowron Frown.jpg)


>Being this arrogant

>Being this ignorant as well

>Essentially groveling


/sw/ has very little reason to exist considering /tv/ is for all purposes the Star Wars board and thus /sw/ will be forgotten about once everyone stops discussing the recent film.

/strek/ was able to stand on it's own two feet even without a new show or movie to keep the board discussion going.

Cuckwars fans were offered a chance to fight against the poz and rejected it at every opportunity, they deserve their fate. Trek fans meanwhile are in a fight to the death against the (((common menace))) and are scoring victories, no other fanbase can claim that.

aa16ee No.17498

File: 834a36d0cc1b77f⋯.png (626.38 KB, 694x530, 347:265, swolekirk.png)


Having a healthy Star Wars around to attract the normalfags and keep them away might be useful.

e84164 No.17525

File: 8ab70ac9b9e6f9a⋯.jpg (246.64 KB, 672x882, 16:21, Janeway Coffee.jpg)


Are you saying we need to give /sw/ the Swole treatment?

8c5742 No.17540

File: 554135684f04c26⋯.png (598.61 KB, 778x629, 778:629, 355366db267c83f60ef8a33f97….png)

File: 2d05887e22e9960⋯.jpg (2.16 MB, 1988x1720, 497:430, latest.jpg)

File: e3b0b9de37c6f32⋯.jpg (47.22 KB, 300x458, 150:229, muscl_orig.jpg)


We're already Swole, thank you very much.


>Being this arrogant, ignorant and pretentious over a light-hearted post


/tv/ is nothing but 80% shitposting, 10% anti-disney posts (which is good) and 10% normalfag disney shills who suck the mouse's dong every chance they get while fantasizing about giving Mike Stoklasa's micro-dick a rub down. /sw/ doesn't even discuss the new films other than to mock and demean them, otherwise all they do is discuss old pre-Dinsey SW books, comics, rpg, vidya and other media which Disney has forsaken only to remake it and butcher it to use for their propaganda. Trekkies also had just as many faggots jumping into their fanbase to suck off JJ's cock for his first film because of its normalfag-tier writing and STD because of its virtue signaling tumblr/fedora faggotry pandering. And just like true Trekkies, Troopers fought back against normalfags and Disney the best they could despite the hoard of normalfag shills overwhelming them and even joined up with the likes of /pol/ in hopes of helping them take down as many (((mice))) as possible by any means. Eventually our efforts proved successful as TLJ has completely turned away normalfag tards and gotten SW banned in China, much like Into Darkness and Beyond did for ST. Now Solo is looking to be the biggest disaster for Disney's newly acquired franchise. Anyway, you fucks only had to deal with one jew and his liberal cronies. Meanwhile we're dealing with the fucking (((Mouse))), one of the biggest and richest brainwashing media kike conglomerates in the world with no end of retarded fangirls at their disposal. Now, we gonna do reps together or not?

e77669 No.17541

File: 7b44b0e7f2b8123⋯.jpg (14.72 KB, 480x360, 4:3, Jar Jar Mima.jpg)


How rude.

1b5019 No.17559

File: 0d93a252914a2fb⋯.webm (2.96 MB, 640x280, 16:7, Picard will make Abrams a….webm)


</tv/ is for all purposes the Star Wars board

>a board about movies/television discusses movies/television in general, therefore its about one topic

Anyway Star Wars is 60% books and comics, newfag. And /tv/ is just a more retarded version of /b/ these days with no real discussions going on there. Just shitposts and bait, much like your own post.

639c6a No.17605


are all Star Wars fans this autistic?

bf07d5 No.17702

File: 88cc33695d95abb⋯.jpg (76.99 KB, 575x460, 5:4, 1191686318804.jpg)


not sure which would be worse: they they are this autistic, or that they are this normie.

fe3883 No.17704

File: 03b531face4c7fd⋯.png (1.1 MB, 1495x1255, 299:251, STAR WARS IS FOR CHILDREN.png)


I have no idea why this was deleted last time, but I'll say it again, bucko.

22209e No.17724


Because it lacked self-awareness then, and lacks self-awareness now.

d77b04 No.17730


Hogwash, I can provide textual evidence to back up my statement.

>"There is a group of fans for the films that doesn't like comic sidekicks. They want the films to be tough like Terminator, and they get very upset and opinionated about anything that has anything to do with being childlike.

>"The movies are for children but they don't want to admit that. In the first film they absolutely hated R2 and C3-PO. In the second film they didn't like Yoda and in the third one they hated the Ewoks… and now Jar Jar is getting accused of the same thing."


If you're saying Star Trek isn't for children… well, that's a different topic that's unrelated to Star Wars, is it not?

22209e No.17738


I'm saying that we have a case of pot calling the kettle black. Both franchises can have adult writing, or be fit for a (unfortunately long-vanished) saturday morning or mid-afternoon block. Protesting to the contrary is foolish. Also…

>citing Auntie Beeb to try and prove a point

512687 No.17764

File: 6bd5a93853ab8d6⋯.webm (567.03 KB, 578x360, 289:180, kek.webm)


>George Lucas straight up saying the movies are for children doesn't prove my point

178bb2 No.17832


He said they were for manchildren though?

Besides the new movies are clearly for insecure women who need constant pandering

dd90bb No.17866


I posted a direct quote you fucking cunt, he didn't mean Star Wars is for manchildren, or people who are young at heart, or any of that bullshit. He said, verbatim:

Star Wars is for children.

22209e No.17921


Ol George said lots of things. He also directed one such supposed children's movie in which a man is burnt alive onscreen after killing a number of children (admittedly off-camera).

43c51b No.17966


Okay, and? American children love violence. This is nothing new.

3a18d0 No.18169

So who are we sending this week?

639c6a No.18269


it got buried under some SW sperging, but according to the poll >>17184, Aged-Up Wesley

8fae10 No.18351


Did we get an ad?

8fae10 No.18352

Nevermind just saw this


9de171 No.18553


Well who dies next?

bebdb4 No.18561

At least we haven't ran out of Wesleys to kill.

9de171 No.18590

File: e29585b1c4bb1bf⋯.jpg (24.12 KB, 401x496, 401:496, Wesley_Crusher,_Yesterday'….jpg)

After this, think of anymore versions of Wesley to kill? Have we killed Cadet Wesley?

e138b1 No.18592

File: 9bb23ea2259dd88⋯.jpg (52.94 KB, 640x480, 4:3, wesley-parallels.jpg)


There's also Chief-of-Security Wesley from a parallel universe.

9de171 No.18605


Well at least we got three. anymore?

639c6a No.18609

Did we already kill Troi/Riker's wedding guest Wesley? That would be one to go under the chopping board.

546e64 No.18613


Oh shit I forgot about him. How many are there? Four to kill?

0b411b No.18745

We got a pic and an ad?

639c6a No.18747


pic is here >>18590

dunno about the ad. I'm running out of snappy non-explicit things to say about Wheaton/Wesley.

425dd6 No.18752


Shuting Wesley Up in every universe?

cb8ed7 No.18826

Thread is up


Would nominate but already did

639c6a No.18830


finally. I went and nominated. let's see how quickly he'll get killed off this time.

cb8ed7 No.18831


First round hopefully

84ddfe No.18882

Well we are down to three Wesleys to kill unless anyone has any suggestions for ones we've missed?


I am hopefully assuming Wesley will die these games

639c6a No.18884

File: 331cec28cc0719e⋯.png (657.83 KB, 563x558, 563:558, Capture.PNG)


I'm thinking we could also have "ugly 80s sweater Wesley" as well.

425dd6 No.18889


I think we killed him actually.

10331b No.18897


>ugly 80's sweaters

Oh fuck, that is something that needs a thread or proper discussion in a uniform thread.

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