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File: 4e18c6fc4e59410⋯.jpg (134.13 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2018-02-11_21-43-01.jpg)

2dc6be No.18500

>> Hail from Captain Pike sir

It's the Enterprise

8e549d No.18505

File: 92b17c666e42bb6⋯.png (934.61 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, vlcsnap-1227-06-01-22h07m5….png)

953ad5 No.18507


0af375 No.18509

>Klingons start a war with a group they hadn't had contact with for a hundred years out of fear that their base "klingonness" might be corrupted by their ideals.

>Klingons *also* allow a group of degenerate honor-less green skin humans to run a large trading outpost right on the Klingon home world.

Just when I thought the writing couldn't get stupider

13d451 No.18512


inb4 Captain Pike is a tranny.

>they let MU-Georgiou go free

This is insane.

0af375 No.18514


It would have been a much more interesting ending if the Klingon bitch just casually activated the bomb after Mikey's monologue about blah blah importance of life and federation ideals speech in order to pull a Ozymandias to reunify the empire.

0af375 No.18515


Don't forget the part where the feds not only pardoned Michael, but even restored her old rank.

Also this episode is going to be so much funnier after Islamists destroy the Eiffel Tower

6f3275 No.18517


The writers wouldn't do that because there is one thing stronger than both Humans and Klingons: The Intergalatic Sisterhood.

See women know how to run shit properly. That's why whatever captain cucks Saru out of the chair will be female, or be killed the same episode he is introduced so that Michael can take the lead and get promoted by next season. She will become to Star Trek what Rey is to Star Wars now.

0af375 No.18520


Yeah, it was kind of strange and awkward they didn't just promote Saru to full captain. Also I'm actually starting to feel bad for the other bridge crew actors, Uglier Black Girl, Cyber Eye, Frieza, Nameless Black Dude, and Nameless Asian Dude who didn't even get their character's names said during the award scene

6f3275 No.18521


>Uglier Black Girl

>23rd century

>still buy cheapest plastic hair weave possible

0af375 No.18523


maybe the federation banned the sale of human hair so she's stuck with using shitty synthweaves from the replicators

9b5537 No.18524


>that ugly fucking Opie's brother on TV


83a068 No.18526

is this from Startrek Transmitted Disease? at least its in the Jew Jew Abrams containmentverse

5064b3 No.18527


I've been thinking about how utterly Michael Burnham ruins what potential this show actually has.

I actually like Saru, and a couple of the lesser characters, but they're given almost no attention, because everything is centered on a lead character with no personality.

Finding out a regular cast member is actually a spy from the mirror universe could have been an interesting twist in any other Star Trek show, but because the focus is on Michael, and how she feels, and how everything effects her, I don't care.

d0b3da No.18533

>leaving your containment thread

You faggots should be banned.

eacb58 No.18537

File: 1b0ba3041bc634e⋯.jpg (52.85 KB, 600x407, 600:407, Hazardteam_voy.jpg)


Did someone call for a hazard team?

5064b3 No.18538


Maybe if you didn't keep trying to bump it off the board.

8b34ac No.18541


It's at the bump limit.

9ead2c No.18545


It isn't though. It looks like JJtrek and it's retarded like JJtrek but it's in the prime universe.

dce4d4 No.18550


Prime universe, JJ-Timeline. Problem solved.

36630c No.18554


In JewJewTrek they made the Constitution roughly the same size as a Galaxy Class.

877130 No.18555


This tbh.

I mean look at the Klingon-Cardassian war: they fight it because they believe they are protecting the alpha quadrant, not because they want to conquer for shits and giggles.

877130 No.18556


Also this. Saru is an interesting character, I can see why they went with the Kelpians as a new race now. He is biologically a fish out of water and he tries to deal with it not through headstrongness like Michael, but through actual research and observation. Basically he is reals>feels.

Also the lack of any interaction between One-eyed ginger girl (who was obviously on Burnham's ship when it got fucked) and Burnham is like they missed out a massive fucking source of conflict.

Also unironically, I kinda like the Chief Engineer.

632ee0 No.18559


It's inconsistent, but honestly I like the good old jolly space pirate Klingons who like drinking and gambling so much more than the nuKlingons who are basically ISIS. It was good to see some of that.


They had to let her go so she hands over the detonator. I'm sure she will return season 3 or whatever, probably as a Romulan general, Tasha Jar style.


It would have been better if the Klingon bitch didn't drop out like that, it would have been way more interesting to have her as a constant crew member. Would have been cool, especially since she wouldn't be cucked by the Feds like Worf was. Now, besides Saru, there is not a single alien in the crew, which makes it boring.


To imprison her was retarded in the first place, she didn't cause the war. Also, I didn't like that the Federation would have an extensive prison system with labor camp planets in something which is basically and utopian communist society with post-scarcity.


Literally everybody I see wants them to be involved or at least get some lines. Maybe they will recognize the feedback.


Don't forget that they still play the same mainstream R'n'B and electro shit at parties in the 23rd century.


She is good looking but the actress has a very restricted set of emotions. When she's in Vulcanboo mode, she's convincing, but she can't play human emotions. For some reason she did a better job at the Walking Dead.


it would have been better if the gay engineer didn't recover 100% but stayed in some weird mutated form. Now what was the point of that? Also, they uninstalled the spore drive which I also don't understand.

877130 No.18568


>it would have been better if the gay engineer didn't recover 100% but stayed in some weird mutated form.

This. It is suggested just before the mirror episode that his personality was radically changing and the shit was affecting him on a mental leve: but nop is not brought up after he sees his dead husband in the network (btw was that him just self-projecting or is it implying the thingy network is actually an afterlife of some kind?). Tbh it is a shame, Gay engineering man was actually like the third best character there.

079cca No.18572



>m-muh bump limit

You can still post in it. Dumb cucks.

5064b3 No.18573


I don't care about the actress. The problem is the character just sucks.

Describe Michael without mentioning appearance, rank, backstory, or any thing she actually does.

Captain Picard for example, is stern, sophisticated, wise, diplomatic.

What is Michael Burnham?

8e549d No.18576

File: 143d3f0c3e5d2e7⋯.jpg (553.49 KB, 1000x1480, 25:37, hidden figures.jpg)


Michael Burnham is a black woman.

5064b3 No.18580


And therein lies the problem with SJW writing. Everything is reduced to a checklist of superficial attributes.

737682 No.18581


> Describe Michael without mentioning appearance

Arrogant, hot-headed, emotionally stunted, closed-minded

Or SJW for short.

dce4d4 No.18583






8e549d No.18594



>you mean rebel

>like Satan, the original rebel

STD is Satanic.

9c1c84 No.18597

File: bf88daca73b64e2⋯.png (253.59 KB, 472x499, 472:499, Joann_Owosekun.png)


>Now, besides Saru, there is not a single alien in the crew, which makes it boring.

And yet, there are barely any humans in the crew.

dce4d4 No.18603


Yeah, but the acronym wouldn't work that way.

5bd9e4 No.18607

File: a645ceab993683a⋯.png (628.59 KB, 640x430, 64:43, b73fe7bd7e71b9a9.png)


they did what now?

0af375 No.18611

File: 026a80c90eae52f⋯.jpg (64.72 KB, 617x429, 617:429, femfrieza.jpg)


I still want to know what the fuck this one is. Even the wiki pages don't seem to know.

0e30e5 No.18618

File: 0d3b2b9f21ab4a8⋯.webm (7.44 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ghost_stories.webm)

I don't even know how to respond to this shit. Just enjoy this unrelated webm.

fecaf7 No.18628

File: 1422c815b480bce⋯.jpg (104.52 KB, 800x600, 4:3, monsterprise.jpg)

File: 92e8667c5f78478⋯.jpg (86.76 KB, 936x936, 1:1, enterprise.jpg)

File: c1b2fa7e4c0d31d⋯.jpg (428.74 KB, 2880x1190, 288:119, thanksjewjew.jpg)


Did you not know? The thing is an absolute monster in size.


Just the STD containment thread.

7d0032 No.18629



cbc95a No.18632

So after watching through the tumor that is STD it may as well be called the Michael show. She comes across as a writer self insert and everything has to be about her. She is just so fucking unlikable and boring to watch each time she is on screen it is like watching a wooden plank.

While I did sort of like Saru and Lorca, even the Emperor to an extent they and no other character for that matter got enough screen time to justify giving a rats ass about them. Has to always cut back to Michael-Sue.

Also the plot is a non stop trainwreck, blundering through the Prime Universe and fucking up the Mirror Universe I mean honestly how do you fuck up the MU? with each time you think something interesting may happen it's almost like they ran out of ideas on where to go and immediately drop it.

The whole Fed-Klingon war is a trainwreck and the whole ending of the show is a case of blueballs. It should have ended with the destruction of Earth and/or Qo'nos. Instead we got "lel no, have some gurrl powah to solve everything!" The last episode was like they ran out of money, time and story so they wrapped everything up hastily. To add further insult they threw in the Enterprise as if it was a big deal but the model they showed looks retardedly out of place in their aborted version of Trek, it was just cringeworthy. I mean as season finales go this has to be up there with some of the worst.

Now as I strongly suspected the whole premise of STD was actually an attempt to cover the Four Years War but the studio didn't want to do that cause it would cause a fuckton of backlash over Axanar. For fags unfamiliar with the premise of the Four Years War and Axanar, it was when the Klingons had enough of Federation expansion and decided to kick their shit in also Klingons were having internal troubles relating to their government so no better way to distract from internal problems than a good war. Feds were getting their shit kicked in till they adapted their strategy and actually built ships that could combat the Klingons, not just pure explorers. Klingons were arrogant and assumed easy victory but the Feds were able to produce starships and Commanders that could match them, which in turn made the Klingons actually respect the Federation as a worthy opponent since Klingons love a good fight above all else. While Feds were able to sort of hold the line eventually the real turning point was the Battle of Axanar where Garth of Izar absolutely kicked the Klingon's shit in there is a few theories floating around that the Klingon High Council actually engineered their defeat since keeping the Federation around as an enemy would keep the Klingon Empire from falling apart. Thus you get the whole Cold War thing going on during the TOS with both sides ready and eager for a potential round two. STD shits absolutely all over this.

Now excuse me I have to throw up.

c77c6f No.18640


I'll admit to being somewhat unfamiliar with the Four Years War, but that sounds too interesting and Trek to be shown on Game of Thrones: STD. I mean, do the Klingons even have double dicks?

But really man, I feel your pain. I can't remember the last time I raged more than when they showed the most nostalgiabait faggotry ending to a show ever made.

ddab3f No.18641


>do the Klingons even have double dicks?

No. I sort of blanked that scene with how terrible it was.

13d451 No.18644


>do the Klingons even have double dicks?

I think it was implied early on STD but it's just ridiculous.


>Now as I strongly suspected the whole premise of STD was actually an attempt to cover the Four Years War but the studio didn't want to do that cause it would cause a fuckton of backlash over Axanar.

I agree. It's a shame because we will never see Axanar and the events of that period.

>She comes across as a writer self insert and everything has to be about her.

STD is what could've happened if Roddenberry had carte blanche to make a show about hims Wesley.

The problem is that a show focused on a "perfect" character stops any chance of character developpment for the main protagonist AND the side characters, so the viewer can't feel enough to care about her.

f4f317 No.18661

Did the mirror universe people do a seig heil at some point? can we get a "before /pol/-after /pol/" maymay out of that

d36d95 No.18662

File: f47315b6101d28f⋯.webm (2.95 MB, 640x360, 16:9, when_people_talk_about_st….webm)

871aa2 No.18663


Not exactly a sig heil, but pretty close.

d36d95 No.18664


a roman salute but with the fist out instead of a flat hand.

86c0be No.18778

Well this whole series was a shitshow like they tried to cram two-three seasons of story into one. Felt like every time they went with an arc they dropped it immediately as it looked like it would go somewhere almost like they ran out of ideas or were too scared to do anything with it.

a82433 No.18783


> every time they went with an arc they dropped it immediately as it looked like it would go somewhere

…and then the perfect Michael Burnham wouldn't be the center of the attention anymore.

a3a35e No.18785


A woman written by a woman to patronize herself.

d36d95 No.18837


so she's like any woman.

man, remember the era when we allowed white males to write what they wanted, and hired people based on their merit? seems like things were so much better then.

e7d91c No.18841


That was bad for some reason and enough white males are umami that it isn’t allowed anymore.

9f17e4 No.18844



I don't know this meme. Please explain.

3b6c0a No.18845

File: 31e44543be6fc9a⋯.png (181.13 KB, 1171x422, 1171:422, Umman Manda.png)


Perhaps he means this?

8e549d No.18847


I am guessing a Binar.

8e549d No.18848


The nu-enterprise is big beyond reason.

5064b3 No.18851


>Umami (/uˈmɑːmi/), or savory taste, is one of the five basic tastes (together with sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness).[1] It has been described as savory, and characteristic of broths and cooked meats

9f261a No.18854



He probably means soyboys, because soy sauce contains lots of glutamate and glutamate is pure Umami flavor.

It doesn't really fit though, because soyboys eat soy products, because they think they are healthy. Soy sauce isn't known for being healthy though.

9f17e4 No.18856


I know the definition of umami, you fucking autist. I meant it's use in the context of the quoted post.


No, I think that's exactly it. There are other soy products that have umami flavor, such as natto.

bf9981 No.18862


For you

Though yeah it was made by faggots with no sense of scale

5f1500 No.18865

Yes, I meant they are soyboys when I said they were umami.

ab6d5c No.18868


That can be blamed squarely on Abrams. As the annotations in >>18628 first image indicate, the size and spacing of external details on the JJprise indicate that it ought to be about the same size as, or only a bit larger than, the Connie Refit. Whoever drafted the original design pretty clearly intended for it to fit roughly within the established scale of TOS ships.

b558f1 No.18919


After looking at the novelization of JJTrek it turns out Feds apparently have Quantum Torpedoes.

8e549d No.18933

Star Trek is only successful because of the visual desgin, nothing more. And then it is mostly the TOS uniforms too.

43a2e3 No.18940


You larping as a species of bait incests?

ab6d5c No.18993


Even after being filtered through STD's ass-ugly art direction, the Connie still looks entirely too classy to exist in the same universe at the show's Donut Steel designs.

8a7bc8 No.18998

Why do you faggots insist on calling Constitution Class ships “Connies?”

d36d95 No.19003


because that's what howard hughes called his constellation aircraft.

0af375 No.19030

File: b0980fb692d08a6⋯.jpg (197.23 KB, 1024x533, 1024:533, ster.jpg)


kind of wished the ditched the retro defector dish and nacelle caps and just used the refit design for it.

002f92 No.19041


It would caused even more rage.

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