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File: 4e18c6fc4e59410⋯.jpg (134.13 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 2018-02-11_21-43-01.jpg)

2dc6be  No.18500

>> Hail from Captain Pike sir

It's the Enterprise

8e549d  No.18505

File: 92b17c666e42bb6⋯.png (934.61 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, vlcsnap-1227-06-01-22h07m5….png)

953ad5  No.18507


0af375  No.18509

>Klingons start a war with a group they hadn't had contact with for a hundred years out of fear that their base "klingonness" might be corrupted by their ideals.

>Klingons *also* allow a group of degenerate honor-less green skin humans to run a large trading outpost right on the Klingon home world.

Just when I thought the writing couldn't get stupider

13d451  No.18512


inb4 Captain Pike is a tranny.

>they let MU-Georgiou go free

This is insane.

0af375  No.18514


It would have been a much more interesting ending if the Klingon bitch just casually activated the bomb after Mikey's monologue about blah blah importance of life and federation ideals speech in order to pull a Ozymandias to reunify the empire.

0af375  No.18515


Don't forget the part where the feds not only pardoned Michael, but even restored her old rank.

Also this episode is going to be so much funnier after Islamists destroy the Eiffel Tower

6f3275  No.18517


The writers wouldn't do that because there is one thing stronger than both Humans and Klingons: The Intergalatic Sisterhood.

See women know how to run shit properly. That's why whatever captain cucks Saru out of the chair will be female, or be killed the same episode he is introduced so that Michael can take the lead and get promoted by next season. She will become to Star Trek what Rey is to Star Wars now.

0af375  No.18520


Yeah, it was kind of strange and awkward they didn't just promote Saru to full captain. Also I'm actually starting to feel bad for the other bridge crew actors, Uglier Black Girl, Cyber Eye, Frieza, Nameless Black Dude, and Nameless Asian Dude who didn't even get their character's names said during the award scene

6f3275  No.18521


>Uglier Black Girl

>23rd century

>still buy cheapest plastic hair weave possible

0af375  No.18523


maybe the federation banned the sale of human hair so she's stuck with using shitty synthweaves from the replicators

9b5537  No.18524


>that ugly fucking Opie's brother on TV


83a068  No.18526

is this from Startrek Transmitted Disease? at least its in the Jew Jew Abrams containmentverse

5064b3  No.18527


I've been thinking about how utterly Michael Burnham ruins what potential this show actually has.

I actually like Saru, and a couple of the lesser characters, but they're given almost no attention, because everything is centered on a lead character with no personality.

Finding out a regular cast member is actually a spy from the mirror universe could have been an interesting twist in any other Star Trek show, but because the focus is on Michael, and how she feels, and how everything effects her, I don't care.

d0b3da  No.18533

>leaving your containment thread

You faggots should be banned.

eacb58  No.18537

File: 1b0ba3041bc634e⋯.jpg (52.85 KB, 600x407, 600:407, Hazardteam_voy.jpg)


Did someone call for a hazard team?

5064b3  No.18538


Maybe if you didn't keep trying to bump it off the board.

8b34ac  No.18541


It's at the bump limit.

9ead2c  No.18545


It isn't though. It looks like JJtrek and it's retarded like JJtrek but it's in the prime universe.

dce4d4  No.18550


Prime universe, JJ-Timeline. Problem solved.

36630c  No.18554


In JewJewTrek they made the Constitution roughly the same size as a Galaxy Class.

877130  No.18555


This tbh.

I mean look at the Klingon-Cardassian war: they fight it because they believe they are protecting the alpha quadrant, not because they want to conquer for shits and giggles.

877130  No.18556


Also this. Saru is an interesting character, I can see why they went with the Kelpians as a new race now. He is biologically a fish out of water and he tries to deal with it not through headstrongness like Michael, but through actual research and observation. Basically he is reals>feels.

Also the lack of any interaction between One-eyed ginger girl (who was obviously on Burnham's ship when it got fucked) and Burnham is like they missed out a massive fucking source of conflict.

Also unironically, I kinda like the Chief Engineer.

632ee0  No.18559


It's inconsistent, but honestly I like the good old jolly space pirate Klingons who like drinking and gambling so much more than the nuKlingons who are basically ISIS. It was good to see some of that.


They had to let her go so she hands over the detonator. I'm sure she will return season 3 or whatever, probably as a Romulan general, Tasha Jar style.


It would have been better if the Klingon bitch didn't drop out like that, it would have been way more interesting to have her as a constant crew member. Would have been cool, especially since she wouldn't be cucked by the Feds like Worf was. Now, besides Saru, there is not a single alien in the crew, which makes it boring.


To imprison her was retarded in the first place, she didn't cause the war. Also, I didn't like that the Federation would have an extensive prison system with labor camp planets in something which is basically and utopian communist society with post-scarcity.


Literally everybody I see wants them to be involved or at least get some lines. Maybe they will recognize the feedback.


Don't forget that they still play the same mainstream R'n'B and electro shit at parties in the 23rd century.


She is good looking but the actress has a very restricted set of emotions. When she's in Vulcanboo mode, she's convincing, but she can't play human emotions. For some reason she did a better job at the Walking Dead.


it would have been better if the gay engineer didn't recover 100% but stayed in some weird mutated form. Now what was the point of that? Also, they uninstalled the spore drive which I also don't understand.

877130  No.18568


>it would have been better if the gay engineer didn't recover 100% but stayed in some weird mutated form.

This. It is suggested just before the mirror episode that his personality was radically changing and the shit was affecting him on a mental leve: but nop is not brought up after he sees his dead husband in the network (btw was that him just self-projecting or is it implying the thingy network is actually an afterlife of some kind?). Tbh it is a shame, Gay engineering man was actually like the third best character there.

079cca  No.18572



>m-muh bump limit

You can still post in it. Dumb cucks.

5064b3  No.18573


I don't care about the actress. The problem is the character just sucks.

Describe Michael without mentioning appearance, rank, backstory, or any thing she actually does.

Captain Picard for example, is stern, sophisticated, wise, diplomatic.

What is Michael Burnham?

8e549d  No.18576

File: 143d3f0c3e5d2e7⋯.jpg (553.49 KB, 1000x1480, 25:37, hidden figures.jpg)


Michael Burnham is a black woman.

5064b3  No.18580


And therein lies the problem with SJW writing. Everything is reduced to a checklist of superficial attributes.

737682  No.18581


> Describe Michael without mentioning appearance

Arrogant, hot-headed, emotionally stunted, closed-minded

Or SJW for short.

dce4d4  No.18583






8e549d  No.18594



>you mean rebel

>like Satan, the original rebel

STD is Satanic.

9c1c84  No.18597

File: bf88daca73b64e2⋯.png (253.59 KB, 472x499, 472:499, Joann_Owosekun.png)


>Now, besides Saru, there is not a single alien in the crew, which makes it boring.

And yet, there are barely any humans in the crew.

dce4d4  No.18603


Yeah, but the acronym wouldn't work that way.

5bd9e4  No.18607

File: a645ceab993683a⋯.png (628.59 KB, 640x430, 64:43, b73fe7bd7e71b9a9.png)


they did what now?

0af375  No.18611

File: 026a80c90eae52f⋯.jpg (64.72 KB, 617x429, 617:429, femfrieza.jpg)


I still want to know what the fuck this one is. Even the wiki pages don't seem to know.

0e30e5  No.18618

File: 0d3b2b9f21ab4a8⋯.webm (7.44 MB, 640x360, 16:9, ghost_stories.webm)

I don't even know how to respond to this shit. Just enjoy this unrelated webm.

fecaf7  No.18628

File: 1422c815b480bce⋯.jpg (104.52 KB, 800x600, 4:3, monsterprise.jpg)

File: 92e8667c5f78478⋯.jpg (86.76 KB, 936x936, 1:1, enterprise.jpg)

File: c1b2fa7e4c0d31d⋯.jpg (428.74 KB, 2880x1190, 288:119, thanksjewjew.jpg)


Did you not know? The thing is an absolute monster in size.


Just the STD containment thread.

7d0032  No.18629



cbc95a  No.18632

So after watching through the tumor that is STD it may as well be called the Michael show. She comes across as a writer self insert and everything has to be about her. She is just so fucking unlikable and boring to watch each time she is on screen it is like watching a wooden plank.

While I did sort of like Saru and Lorca, even the Emperor to an extent they and no other character for that matter got enough screen time to justify giving a rats ass about them. Has to always cut back to Michael-Sue.

Also the plot is a non stop trainwreck, blundering through the Prime Universe and fucking up the Mirror Universe I mean honestly how do you fuck up the MU? with each time you think something interesting may happen it's almost like they ran out of ideas on where to go and immediately drop it.

The whole Fed-Klingon war is a trainwreck and the whole ending of the show is a case of blueballs. It should have ended with the destruction of Earth and/or Qo'nos. Instead we got "lel no, have some gurrl powah to solve everything!" The last episode was like they ran out of money, time and story so they wrapped everything up hastily. To add further insult they threw in the Enterprise as if it was a big deal but the model they showed looks retardedly out of place in their aborted version of Trek, it was just cringeworthy. I mean as season finales go this has to be up there with some of the worst.

Now as I strongly suspected the whole premise of STD was actually an attempt to cover the Four Years War but the studio didn't want to do that cause it would cause a fuckton of backlash over Axanar. For fags unfamiliar with the premise of the Four Years War and Axanar, it was when the Klingons had enough of Federation expansion and decided to kick their shit in also Klingons were having internal troubles relating to their government so no better way to distract from internal problems than a good war. Feds were getting their shit kicked in till they adapted their strategy and actually built ships that could combat the Klingons, not just pure explorers. Klingons were arrogant and assumed easy victory but the Feds were able to produce starships and Commanders that could match them, which in turn made the Klingons actually respect the Federation as a worthy opponent since Klingons love a good fight above all else. While Feds were able to sort of hold the line eventually the real turning point was the Battle of Axanar where Garth of Izar absolutely kicked the Klingon's shit in there is a few theories floating around that the Klingon High Council actually engineered their defeat since keeping the Federation around as an enemy would keep the Klingon Empire from falling apart. Thus you get the whole Cold War thing going on during the TOS with both sides ready and eager for a potential round two. STD shits absolutely all over this.

Now excuse me I have to throw up.

c77c6f  No.18640


I'll admit to being somewhat unfamiliar with the Four Years War, but that sounds too interesting and Trek to be shown on Game of Thrones: STD. I mean, do the Klingons even have double dicks?

But really man, I feel your pain. I can't remember the last time I raged more than when they showed the most nostalgiabait faggotry ending to a show ever made.

ddab3f  No.18641


>do the Klingons even have double dicks?

No. I sort of blanked that scene with how terrible it was.

13d451  No.18644


>do the Klingons even have double dicks?

I think it was implied early on STD but it's just ridiculous.


>Now as I strongly suspected the whole premise of STD was actually an attempt to cover the Four Years War but the studio didn't want to do that cause it would cause a fuckton of backlash over Axanar.

I agree. It's a shame because we will never see Axanar and the events of that period.

>She comes across as a writer self insert and everything has to be about her.

STD is what could've happened if Roddenberry had carte blanche to make a show about hims Wesley.

The problem is that a show focused on a "perfect" character stops any chance of character developpment for the main protagonist AND the side characters, so the viewer can't feel enough to care about her.

f4f317  No.18661

Did the mirror universe people do a seig heil at some point? can we get a "before /pol/-after /pol/" maymay out of that

d36d95  No.18662

File: f47315b6101d28f⋯.webm (2.95 MB, 640x360, 16:9, when_people_talk_about_st….webm)

871aa2  No.18663


Not exactly a sig heil, but pretty close.

d36d95  No.18664


a roman salute but with the fist out instead of a flat hand.

86c0be  No.18778

Well this whole series was a shitshow like they tried to cram two-three seasons of story into one. Felt like every time they went with an arc they dropped it immediately as it looked like it would go somewhere almost like they ran out of ideas or were too scared to do anything with it.

a82433  No.18783


> every time they went with an arc they dropped it immediately as it looked like it would go somewhere

…and then the perfect Michael Burnham wouldn't be the center of the attention anymore.

a3a35e  No.18785


A woman written by a woman to patronize herself.

d36d95  No.18837


so she's like any woman.

man, remember the era when we allowed white males to write what they wanted, and hired people based on their merit? seems like things were so much better then.

e7d91c  No.18841


That was bad for some reason and enough white males are umami that it isn’t allowed anymore.

9f17e4  No.18844



I don't know this meme. Please explain.

3b6c0a  No.18845

File: 31e44543be6fc9a⋯.png (181.13 KB, 1171x422, 1171:422, Umman Manda.png)


Perhaps he means this?

8e549d  No.18847


I am guessing a Binar.

8e549d  No.18848


The nu-enterprise is big beyond reason.

5064b3  No.18851


>Umami (/uˈmɑːmi/), or savory taste, is one of the five basic tastes (together with sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness).[1] It has been described as savory, and characteristic of broths and cooked meats

9f261a  No.18854



He probably means soyboys, because soy sauce contains lots of glutamate and glutamate is pure Umami flavor.

It doesn't really fit though, because soyboys eat soy products, because they think they are healthy. Soy sauce isn't known for being healthy though.

9f17e4  No.18856


I know the definition of umami, you fucking autist. I meant it's use in the context of the quoted post.


No, I think that's exactly it. There are other soy products that have umami flavor, such as natto.

bf9981  No.18862


For you

Though yeah it was made by faggots with no sense of scale

5f1500  No.18865

Yes, I meant they are soyboys when I said they were umami.

ab6d5c  No.18868


That can be blamed squarely on Abrams. As the annotations in >>18628 first image indicate, the size and spacing of external details on the JJprise indicate that it ought to be about the same size as, or only a bit larger than, the Connie Refit. Whoever drafted the original design pretty clearly intended for it to fit roughly within the established scale of TOS ships.

b558f1  No.18919


After looking at the novelization of JJTrek it turns out Feds apparently have Quantum Torpedoes.

8e549d  No.18933

Star Trek is only successful because of the visual desgin, nothing more. And then it is mostly the TOS uniforms too.

43a2e3  No.18940


You larping as a species of bait incests?

ab6d5c  No.18993


Even after being filtered through STD's ass-ugly art direction, the Connie still looks entirely too classy to exist in the same universe at the show's Donut Steel designs.

8a7bc8  No.18998

Why do you faggots insist on calling Constitution Class ships “Connies?”

d36d95  No.19003


because that's what howard hughes called his constellation aircraft.

0af375  No.19030

File: b0980fb692d08a6⋯.jpg (197.23 KB, 1024x533, 1024:533, ster.jpg)


kind of wished the ditched the retro defector dish and nacelle caps and just used the refit design for it.

002f92  No.19041


It would caused even more rage.

ae61ce  No.19171

what's difference between Humans and Terrans?

a82433  No.19172

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

57b6f2  No.19176


I kind of agree with Rich about both The Orville and STD having uninteresting leads, but I think Mercer's got a better chance to grow and become his own character compared to Michael.

On the whole 'bringing the Enterprise back at the end of the season' thing, that's why I didn't like the idea of Michael being Spock's adopted sister- because I knew if they were willing to do that, they'd be willing to do stupid twists like that. I don't think they'll bring in Kirk if only because that might be too much even for them, but then again, I could be horribly wrong.

bf9981  No.19179


>Michael being Spock's adopted sister

Wait seriously? I missed that cause I wasn't paying too much attention to STD's plot. That reads like a Mary-Sue novel there.

a82433  No.19180


I agree, Kirk is too big to be on the show. I bet we're going to see Spock on the Discovery. Burnham will ridicule him and he'll bow down and apologize for doing nothing then he'll praise her for being smarter than him (like Saru).

The point of all these shows or movies made these days based on successful franchises is to ridicule and ruin the image of the iconic characters so the new bland one dimensional characters can shine.

a82433  No.19181


lol you didn't know? She was raised by Spock's parents. She finished first at the Vulcan academy.

bf9981  No.19182

a82433  No.19183


Yep. She is the only main character, she's written as a perfect strong and smart female character. The rest of the crew wasn't allowed to have character development or even a name (excepted the chief engineer because he's a literal faggot, the doc because he's the engineer's butt buddy, and an autistic obese redhead girl).

Everytime someone criticize her, they end up apologizing and complimenting her. She started the klingon/federation war, went to the Mirror Universe, brought back a MU version of her dead Captain (who is literally worse than Hitler) only to let her free by the end of the season. In the last 10 minutes of the final episode Burnham gets her rank back and her file erased.

6f3275  No.19184


In the past a goatee

In nu-trek they are sensitive to bright lights like some kinda dark cave elf. Dumb shit, they should just make them the same.

f4f317  No.19186


>In nu-trek they are sensitive to bright lights

the show's stupid enough without you making shit up to make it sound worse

3b6c0a  No.19187


It's true, anon.

bf9981  No.19189


Err anon he's not making that shit up?

d36d95  No.19198

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


he said it was from a battle injury. wasn't it?

I don't watch the show I just watch reviews that spoil shit

a82433  No.19204


>he said it was from a battle injury. wasn't it?

It was a lie.

7f307c  No.19207



Please tell me that's not what the race is called (never watched this shit)

f4f317  No.19213




No, I'm afraid that's not possible

57b6f2  No.19214


I don't know about that, I think it'll be that they begrudgingly work together to save the Enterprise and he'll admit that she's just as smart as everyone says she is. Much as they love shitting on the iconic bits of Trek, I think even they know they'd get death threats if they had Spock suck off Michael so hard.

5064b3  No.19220


Spock also fits better, since he served under Captain Pike.

fb39f8  No.19230



…or they could go the subversive road and use Majel's character instead of Spock.

c77c6f  No.19231


>Number One and Saint Michael Sue teaming up

please no. They're gonna look at that scene of Pike slightly spilling his spaghetti around Number One (you know, "I'm not used to having a woman on the bridge") and turn it into YASSS-tier womyn power.

fb39f8  No.19250


> turn it into YASSS-tier womyn power

They want more strong female characters on the show, Kurtzman admitted it right after the finale in an interview (I can't find the screenshot, sorry). He said that the whole sequence inside an old temple (?) on Qo'noS where there were only the female klingon, Burnham, MU-Georgiou and Tilly was made on purpose, same as the fact that they gave the iPad to the female klingon. Nothing was written in a logical way.

I say "female klingon" because I don't even remember her name

5064b3  No.19264


That's such a double edged sword. I'd actually be curious to learn more about the rest of Pike's crew, who we just barely got a glimpse of in the pilot, but I don't want this show to be the one to do it.

fb39f8  No.19271

File: 2355b283fd3284e⋯.png (72.71 KB, 771x566, 771:566, STD - Kurtzman.png)


I've found the article http://archive.is/Niw4D

c77c6f  No.19275


>female empowerment

>end the war by giving some Klangonette an iPad that connects to a fucking bomb under Qo'noS and she can trigger with her fingerprint even though that would also mean she's completely fucked the moment she puts down the iPad since the other Klangons can just kill her and then there won't be any threat from the bomb.

>the crew of the Discovery get medals for doing pretty much nothing and only probably got them so they'd keep quiet about the Federation agreeing to mass genocide.

>Saint Michael Sue gets a medal for "starting" and "ending" a war somehow oh and also let a genocidal madwoman loose in their unverse because she was the mirror version of a chick she used to know.

>Tilly was fat and useless.

VERY #woke, I applaude you (((Kurtzman)))

5064b3  No.19276


>everyone's a woman, lol

Great job. Do you think you could try to write a good TV show now?

fb39f8  No.19277


Did he and Orci ever write something good?

36630c  No.19279


They'll just copy the next Mary-Sue story

c77c6f  No.19282

Something we were just talking about on halfchan that's related to STD and TOS.


and the archive link


basically, the question of if TOS has a place in Trek canon anymore, because of the style and plot developments of STD and it's own internal canonical differences (as the OP there puts it, "canon in spirit but not in practice"). And if it is, can it be considered strong canon? I've read some thoughts about this topic before here, but I figured you'd like to see what plebbitors think about it and what you have to add, especially now that we're through season 1 of STD.

3b6c0a  No.19284


So they assumed STD overwrites TOS and not the other way around? What complete and utter faggots.

fb39f8  No.19285

File: 37f7a37c8c21dec⋯.jpg (2.11 MB, 1166x2411, 1166:2411, redditards TOS and soggy k….jpg)


Like I said over there, notice how one of the first things that came up on the reddit thread was the soggy knees of that era. These people are ready to rewrite history to fit the [current year] ideologies. It's insane.

c77c6f  No.19286


weird as it sounds, I'm glad there's cross-posting

yeah, the BUT TOS SO MISOGYNISTIC stuff was embarrassing. You'd think they'd get over it already, but no, someone still has to bring it up like it was a new thing no one has never heard of before.


for some of them there, yes, it does seem like it. It's such an odd thing to come up with. I've seen plenty of franchises that reject series that completely fuck with canon, be it the plotlines or asthetics or characters, but for some reason, here they think it's the OG stuff that needs to be overwritten, despite it being the entire core of the franchise.

fb39f8  No.19288


Indeed, but given how STD is getting closer and closer to TOS, it's clear that if the show doesn't get cancelled during the second season then they'll retcon/rewrite TOS into [current year] fanfiction.

7e70c0  No.19293




Good God…

0af375  No.19294


and when she goes to the mirror universe she's literally told she's even superior to her MU doppelganger. And there's one scene where poor alien chicken man is told Michael ate one of his species and seems horrified before Michael's sue aura kicks back in and he has to compliment her again.

0af375  No.19295


>>Tilly was fat and useless.

they couldn't even give us a stoned Tilly/Kung Fu GILF/Orion space whores orgy scene

701553  No.19302

File: 4a39ef0a496c80d⋯.png (156.48 KB, 425x569, 425:569, 8f0f164730c1669019dc87f6bb….png)


>muh outdated effects

>muh silly plots in TOS but not the TNG era

A star trek board on reddit is actually full of people who don't like Star Trek.

5064b3  No.19304


>Muh mini skirts

Is it really so unbelievable that such a thing might come back into fashion a few hundred years from now? We really have no idea what they'll be wearing by then, and it's kind of silly to assume modern ideas about appropriate fashion choices are going to last forever. The goofy hipster hairstyles will probably look just as funny to people 50 years from now as the beehive dos in the original series.

7fe30c  No.19308


She would have ate them.

d36d95  No.19316

File: 78dcfa3c5affb14⋯.jpg (52.18 KB, 469x610, 469:610, 10624736_940733419288182_5….jpg)

File: a875e622936c1e9⋯.jpg (196.56 KB, 800x1004, 200:251, 1428223343582.jpg)

File: 208a3c56c328dc5⋯.jpg (104.37 KB, 780x553, 780:553, 1428186140363.jpg)


I remember in particular nichelle nichols and the other female cast of that era basically DEMANDING that they make the skirts shorter.

the women wanted to be objectified, because it's normal for women to want to be desirable. the current feminist era has only changed in one way: it wants men to also desire ugly disgusting fatties equally as much as the highest standard of beauty, and when we don't they call it misogyny.

c5f4d6  No.19317


I vaguely recall some star trek themed photo shoot some sitcom cast did where the women where actually bitching that they had to wear tng style jumpsuits instead of the old miniskirts.

Honestly, bitching about the old outfits being sexist seems retarded in a time where women walk around wearing skin tight leggings that show off way more than a miniskirt and dark tights ever would.

d36d95  No.19318

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


I mean to say I remember that from an interview with the female cast members I read. I wasn't there myself but, yano… grammar and shit.

anyway, they would probably call that internalized misogyny, because we need to pathologize normal healthy behavior into being some kind of evil mental illness or crime against society.

5064b3  No.19320


Women were expected to dress conservatively back then. Mini skirts were considered rebellion against the big bad patriarchy that wanted you covered up. The 18 year old blue haired feminist doesn't even understand what it is they think they're rebelling against.

d36d95  No.19321

File: ff3e7c186759fd1⋯.png (556.35 KB, 737x824, 737:824, tumblr_p3b3m1JiEX1qk91wgo1….png)

File: 07c7c54f04f439d⋯.png (495.86 KB, 1023x747, 341:249, 12194914_539964542826744_8….png)

File: c4f076f1dcd09b2⋯.jpg (48.36 KB, 642x460, 321:230, tumblr_oijvgypR231vk1vm0o1….jpg)

File: 569e790637c3853⋯.jpg (323.52 KB, 526x600, 263:300, not a paid model cosplay w….jpg)

File: a5de1fc7fb26eb6⋯.jpg (31.54 KB, 500x447, 500:447, tumblr_mwcc9l5QiG1rc29i6o1….jpg)


>Honestly, bitching about the old outfits being sexist seems retarded in a time where women walk around wearing skin tight leggings that show off way more than a miniskirt and dark tights ever would.

no one judges women more harshly than other women. they are their own worst enemy.

d36d95  No.19322

File: 850c2e7a5384310⋯.jpg (42.83 KB, 540x410, 54:41, 999816_429790077129045_337….jpg)


here is the stupid img macro I was searching for this whole time

54c631  No.19323

1) Did it end on a cliffhanger

2) How likely is season 2 really

877130  No.19324


1) No everything was resolved in a shitty manner

2) dunno, i is hard to gauge profitability on netflix

fb39f8  No.19326



Rumors say that Netflix doesn't want to waste money on the show anymore.

The people who joined CBS Access en masse at launch ended up cancelling their subscriptions during the first half of the season.

f7cf9d  No.19330




I wouldn't rule out Netflix quite yet, even taking into account what a massive dumpster fire STD was financially as well as creatively. Netflix is starving for new content of any sort, so they aren't very picky about the quality of the shit they put on their platform. That's why CY+3 Netflix is clogged with shows about pansexual black women and documentaries about mad scientists pioneering the field of hormone abuse and genital manipulation. Besides, even if Netflix's standards weren't low enough for STD they're probably contractually locked in at the moment.

fb39f8  No.19337


>CY+3 Netflix is clogged with shows about pansexual black women and documentaries about mad scientists pioneering the field of hormone abuse and genital manipulation.

The Sorosflix in my country is filled with feminist documentaries. I only use it to rewatch DS9, TOS and ENT. The other streaming companies offer the same shitty content. Netflix used to be a good alternative to piracy until they complied to the demands of the european channels and added a region lock.

>Netflix is starving for new content of any sort

I hate what they've become. They're no different than a random tv channel now. You have the stand up comedians, the shitty animated shows desperately trying to be "cool" and "hip", the focus-tested original shows, the old late night hosts have their own program too.

d36d95  No.19338


>netflix just added the godfather here

>"women and children can afford to be careless, men can't afford to be careless"

litrily rape.

5064b3  No.19348


They could always offer to hire people the other networks wont work with these days. Open the door to the straight white man, and tell him he can write what he actually wants to write, without the checklist of diversity being pinned on his chest. At least a few people would jump at the opportunity, I'm sure.

a5b423  No.19361

I went on the internet and I found this:


Is that Lorca?

dce4d4  No.19371


>Netflix is starving for new content of any sort, so they aren't very picky about the quality of the shit they put on their platform

That would certainly explain why they ate up that godawful Reboot, well, reboot.

d36d95  No.19390

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>netflix creates some original shows which are actually good

>netflix gives a few extra seasons of shows people were demanding but had been cancelled

gj netflix, you're saving television

>netflix then cranks out something like 10 shitty ripoff versions of stranger things and anime starring jayden smith

3b6c0a  No.19414


<netflix creates some original shows which are actually good

<netflix gives a few extra seasons of shows people were demanding but had been cancelled

What, in your opinion, is worth watching from this group besides House of Cards weird tangents about abortions and literal faggotry notwithstanding? I tried their take on Arrested Development, and the Netflix episodes were just excessive Flanderization with a layer of lefty propaganda on top.

5064b3  No.19415


Stranger Things is way overhyped, but it is pretty decent for what it is. Haven't seen the second season.

6f3275  No.19425


It's better than most Normie-TV, like The Office, but that isn't saying much.

d36d95  No.19449

File: 510745c7a236ef5⋯.jpg (139.01 KB, 850x1100, 17:22, black panther true form.jpg)


daredevil, iron fist, trailer park boys. I did stop watching house of cards halfway into season 2. basipaly netflix is around so I have something to put on when I'm bored and don't feel like doing anything at that particular moment. ended up binge watching all of Gotham, and occasionally they add a movie I want to see and don't own, and of course every episode of every strek show ever.

I had that same problem with arrested development, but it was at least a show people wanted to see continue before it was cancelled (which is why I phrased by post in that way).

5064b3  No.19456


If you've ever seen an 80's monster movie, it's that. Executed well enough, but not groundbreaking.

fb39f8  No.19460


>house of cards

That show stopped being good after the second season. Season 3 looked like a pure propaganda written by the Obama administration. The Russian President was written as a parody of Poutine, one episode had the real Pussy Riot (that "punk" music group paid by Soros) as guest stars. In the last season they fucked up the republican character just because of the result of the US elections.

This show could've been The West Wing on steroids instead of cocaine :^) but they fucked up once they became successful.

74d5c1  No.19473


You watch a lot of trash and your taste is shit, but I consider posting that image an adequate apology to me for having ever been alive. You're forgiven.

6f3275  No.19477


>You watch a lot of trash and your taste is shit

>the anon he is referring to binge watched Gotham

His assessment checks out.

5deae4  No.25748


>for what it is

Introductory science fiction your 6/10 girlfriend can stream on Sunday night when you're tired of fucking her.

5deae4  No.27093


Jesus Christ I hate looking at her.

5deae4  No.27094


>people think it's a joke, but there are real and good story possibilities for a white Black Panther

73ebcf  No.27108

File: a64a5c8ca2e9246⋯.jpg (132.54 KB, 420x602, 30:43, japanese22.jpg)


Practically every brown and black civilization has various light skinned gods or ancient heroes who united the land and brought civilizations to them. Quetzelcoatl, Osiris, the Scorpion king, Bastet…

b55a6d  No.27109



>implying Egyptians weren't olive-skinned themselves

bbf9b4  No.27147

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

posting in this thread since the other STD thread has reached the bump limit

A bunch of new infos/rumors from an insider.

>The original two showrunners who got fired not only because they ran out of money only after 5 episodes into the second season but also because the 5 episodes shot were unwatchable (less than 15% of approval from the test audience)

>Short Treks was filmed during the reshoots of the first 5 episodes

>The 4 Short Treks episodes only exist because CBS ran out of money for STD and hoped to get a ton of money but no other network wanted to buy the rights (not even Sorosflix or the canadian channels)

>the new head of CBS wants to cancel STD

>The Picard spin off currently named Star Trek Destiny is made by Bad Robot

52236c  No.27149


>Bad Robot

Are bad at everything.

adf622  No.27150


>believing e-celebs


fde906  No.27171




c7e6f2  No.27177


I thought he was one of the few people who correctly guessed the bitch had probably made herself unfireable

53a532  No.27186


That is one of the stupider theories out there. Disney is quite clearly happy with her performance, which is why she got an award and a three year contract. There was no 'mega meeting' about star wars.

bbf9b4  No.27187

File: 86a5bb3079cf995⋯.png (58.93 KB, 577x796, 577:796, 1537839952356.png)


How do you do fellow anonymous?

ce35c4  No.27188


>disney are /ourguys/, kennedy just outmanuevered them.

>believe e-celebs

38c248  No.27216

File: be3f794613f4355⋯.jpg (7.36 KB, 250x202, 125:101, star trek sybok.jpg)

He is going to make an appearance, right guise?

a02963  No.27284


The only thing I want Kurtzman and Orci to write are resignation letters, followed by suicide notes.

a02963  No.27288


>I remember in particular nichelle nichols and the other female cast of that era basically DEMANDING that they make the skirts shorter.

On a related note from another franchise, did you know that Slave Leia's metal bikini was included at the request of Carrie Fisher herself? The original production plan involved a tattered burlap-sack-robe sort of outfit, but Fisher wanted to show off as much skin as she could get away with in a "family" movie and insisted on a skimpier outfit.

a02963  No.27290


Stranger Things is mostly ripped off from a 2010 movie (released in some places in 2012) called "Beyond the Black Rainbow", made by the same director as the recent "Mandy". Early 1980's setting, secret remote psychic research facility, creepy paternal doctor obsessed with an imprisoned young girl test subject whose name can be shortened to "El", "El" telekinetically killing people during an escape, a portal to another realm where eldritch horrors manifest, etc etc.

If you're not into slow-paced moody minimalistic horror, it's not for you. But if you're the kind of person who loves a slow-burn creep-out you'd like it. (And the music is FUCKING FANTASTIC.)


38fb42  No.27298


>On a related note from another franchise, did you know that Slave Leia's metal bikini was included at the request of Carrie Fisher herself?

…and once Kennedy became the CEO of LucasFilm she banned the Slave Leia merch.

b820fd  No.27304


I honestly wouldn't mind seeing him show up in a good trek show. It could be used to explain a lot of the weird psychology of Spock's relationship with his father and even just the contradictory nature of his dad's behavior in general.

b9a0c4  No.27305


I hope Spock has at least 20 more siblings of every possible race, gender, and sexual orientation, Spock himself being the dumbest and least-accomplished among them

e1e494  No.27306


Carrie Fisher was so strung out on kike semen and opiates that she later would tell Daisy Ridley, "don't let THEM put you in a metal bikini." She then trashed a dad who thought the costume was inappropriate for little girls saying he was a puritan shithead. Carrie Fisher was a dumb whore who aged into crazy.

7fc6d6  No.27317


I thought cocaine was her drug of choice?

f58232  No.27321


I think she snorted or injected everything.

71c118  No.27340

File: 282e74457e111c2⋯.jpg (268.17 KB, 1100x800, 11:8, Lrell-hair-1.jpg)

File: 03a8453c3129e98⋯.jpg (813.95 KB, 1500x1071, 500:357, lrell-hair.jpg)

New hair, new face… but the rest of the body is still weird.

b55a6d  No.27342

File: 4871b2f5d7b79e4⋯.gif (1.1 MB, 336x328, 42:41, get_a_load_of_this_goy.gif)


Just when I thought the Klangs couldn't get any worse they go and give us chubby tumblrites.

9c84bc  No.27350


I don't watch STD, is that mess on her chest supposed to be her skin?

d314db  No.27360

File: 6656586d236d95d⋯.jpg (40.44 KB, 490x548, 245:274, Breen.jpg)


Anon, it's not nice to make fun of people with Down Syndrome, shame on you.

71c118  No.27363

File: 80d446f3d642534⋯.png (1.38 MB, 1280x640, 2:1, 1510563537468.png)


Yep. At first I thought it was one of those neckpieces that klingons wore before STD but no, the rest of her body is covered with this weird mix of scarifications and Xenomorph skin pattern.

eac883  No.27377


What is Klingon for 'squirrel girl'?

9c84bc  No.27379

File: 4a2e12d252f1f8e⋯.jpg (28.34 KB, 605x395, 121:79, 4a2e12d252f1f8e8a2ba7155e1….jpg)


So… she's actually in the nip in that screenshot? What on Earth possesses these people? Star Trek is supposed to be family-friendly.

9c84bc  No.27381

File: 775c7d823bdaee8⋯.jpg (191.75 KB, 1500x1500, 1:1, marvel-universe-marvel-bis….jpg)


Squirrel Girl can, at least, look good after a makeover. For this Klingaren't lady, this IS the after look.

5deae4  No.27382


>he is being the burger

>he shelters his children from certain types of media instead of watching everything in front of them and never making a big deal about it unless they ask, only then quick dispassionate explanation

14e375  No.27545

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

More infos on the behind the scenes of STD.

2bf6a8  No.27547

File: 4cd336e26f8dee0⋯.jpg (97.03 KB, 600x664, 75:83, 4cd336e26f8dee02e1d0334241….jpg)


That comments section is brutal.

c281c7  No.27548

File: 1b1f70e1c2602e6⋯.gif (495.05 KB, 500x375, 4:3, MrW5mUX.gif)


>Early Jan release date

Wait wut?

>Orville out Dec 30

>STD out Jan 17

>Orville once again has 3/4 good episodes out before STD starts

HAHAHAHAHA, this is what happened last year. Orville got two episodes out was the contrast between the two was clear. STD needed to start earlier in order to try and capture fans but it's not, playing catch up again. Oh lord I can not wait to see how they screw this up.

14e375  No.27549


>STD needed to start earlier in order to try and capture fans but it's not, playing catch up again.

Short Treks won't help them either since each episode seems to be more ignorant of the canon than the entire first season of STD.

c281c7  No.27552

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Geez, catching up with the rumors and stuff. Makes me appreciate that Seth on Orville runs a tight ship and there have been no signs of negative drama and everything posted to twitter is positive while STD is riddled with strife and people coming and going from productions.

2bf6a8  No.27562

File: df4a6212a871a8f⋯.jpg (20.91 KB, 440x330, 4:3, catspock.jpg)


Now I'm curious about those first five episodes that only got a 15% approval rating and had to be redone - who's in these test audiences? Did they pack the house with their SJW ideal fans? Is it possible these five episodes were halfway decent Trek that got punished for not being 'woke' enough?

14e375  No.27563


>Is it possible these five episodes were halfway decent Trek that got punished for not being 'woke' enough?

That's what I think too. Midnight's Edge said that originally nuPike was written as a christian who prays before making a big decision. It sounds a bit out there but it could've made the character more interesting.

That said, 15% of approval is quite scary because it's not the pilot it's 5 episodes into the second season. I wish someone would leak the original scripts.


His cast and crew seem to be quite happy to work on The Orville. You can see in their tweets or videos that they're like a family.

722d02  No.27564


>Is it possible these five episodes were halfway decent Trek that got punished for not being 'woke' enough?

I tend to doubt it. It wasn't like they hired conservative writers or anything, they had the same shitty writers as before. If I had to guess the episodes sucked and were woke, so they redid them differently but still woke.

d314db  No.27565


If my experience working in market research has taught me anything, it's that companies know their desired demographics and will manipulate the criteria in harvesting correspondence to make sure it reflects how they want.

14e375  No.27573

According to Doomcock, Midnight's Edge has been banned from the official Star Trek Faceberg group.

2b3102  No.27583

File: 515e6b9e0ee5347⋯.png (233.81 KB, 975x512, 975:512, reed1.png)


>15% of approval is quite scary

I have no idea how it was that low, even stuff that has mic's in the scene and prosthetics falling off the actors during filming doesn't get scores that low. The only way I could see it happening is with a one item questionnaire after watching - Would you pay for this YES/NO?

5a9d31  No.27584


>Is it possible these five episodes were halfway decent Trek that got punished for not being 'woke' enough?

> originally nuPike was written as a christian who prays before making a big decision

It's still STD, and Pike's a white male, so I'd assume that the praying was actually intended to make him seem creepy and dangerous. Which means the episodes were probably panned for being too fucking woke for even a normal audience to swallow rather than the other way around

14e375  No.27585


>The only way I could see it happening is with a one item questionnaire after watching - Would you pay for this YES/NO?

You might be right.

413ad5  No.27588

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Good video on the technical aspects of STD compared to the previous Trek shows.

413ad5  No.27608

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Holy shit, CBS know that they fucked up. Apparently the remaining 3 Short Trek episodes are worse than the one with Tilly. The CBS board members are thinking about firing Kurtzman. They've ordered to reshoot a bunch of episodes.

2b3102  No.27609

File: 98630af0e40813d⋯.jpg (27.4 KB, 320x261, 320:261, Neelix-Cooks.jpg)


>reshoot a bunch of episodes.

LOL, if you've fucked up a meal, rearranging it on the plate for a third time really isn't going to help. Throw it out, start over and read the recipe this time.

413ad5  No.27610


I guess reshooting the first 5 episodes wasn't enough.

I don't know where they're going to find the budget though lol

431f4a  No.27619


>Hiring Kurtzman

Why did they do that in the first place? Everything he touches is shit.

174e9f  No.27621


Nepotism. It is kinda ironic that Paramount fired the only actual Trekkie in Bad Robot for writing too Trekish script for reboot ST3. Roberto Orci was the lesser evil in people involved in JarJar Treks.

947ada  No.27623


The Albert Speer of Bad Reboot.

I'm quite interested to know what the story was. I don't suppose anyone has any idea?

431f4a  No.27627



>IP crotch rot


d46148  No.27628

So I hear the new episode of Short Treks or whatever is out. Did any brave soul here suffer through it and can give us a tl;dr?

431f4a  No.27629


Doomcock's idea is about the only way to salvage anything from STD and I usually don't like fan service stuff like that.

ceeeb0  No.27632


>e-celeb claims rumors


c17ddb  No.27635


turning it into a holodeck simulation or a Q related mess just validates it. I'd rather the series simply be canceled and memory holed like all the other bad ideas trek has had over the decades

431f4a  No.27636


Or you could structure it so Picard has to save the Romulus' sun from going supernova and the Kelvin timeline is a vision of a horrible future Q gave him. This nicely wipes out the entire Kelvin timeline. Otherwise people will claim that "Kelvin is still canon".

a2531e  No.27638

File: 694844b1033c6ab⋯.jpg (43.01 KB, 400x600, 2:3, 1327874348287.jpg)


Nobody with any power (now or in the near future) wants "prime" Star Trek as-is. Even the fans who managed to work on the show and love it routinely expressed misgivings about the state of Star Trek canon. No matter who gets it, they're going to jump at the chance to memory-hole a lot of things from TOS through Nemesis. Might as well get ahead of it.

Personally, i'm still partial to the idea of bringing back the TNG cast for a proper sendoff that will bootstrap a new series and to do this by partially remaking All Good Things… with new footage using the actors at their current age. Make it 10 episodes.. maybe the entire first season… which should give the writers enough time to cleverly show what is still canon (and what isn't) and why. This is going to rub a lot of people the wrong way, but they should at least disavow all of the TNG films, which would include Generations, and allow for a cameo of elderly James T. Kirk at some point (Q taking Picard there or something…) and more importantly, it would allow for the Enterprise-D to return.

They have to connect emotionally to the true fans first and I think just bringing these things back tastefully and earnestly in a way that makes some narrative sense (Q magic?) would go a long, long way to setting all of this right. After that is done, no more time travel and all the fanservice and 'member ____ nostalgia whoring is kept to an absolute minimum because everybody realizes that Star Trek is worthy is respect and wants to protect it.

And then i realize that would require no effort from me aside from this post and thus I do not deserve such an outcome.

413ad5  No.27643

File: c75df9bf27a6a12⋯.png (530.98 KB, 1280x640, 2:1, vlcsnap-2018-11-10-13h26m1….png)

I've just watched the latest Short Bus Treks. If it's taking place on the Discovery then why is this ship on the wall?

431f4a  No.27644

File: 443487f525b83c3⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 269.67 KB, 400x463, 400:463, rlm mike blacked.png)


What is the point of a new Star Trek if the prime timeline isn't there? The canon from previous shows isn't even relevant if a new series is POST-Voyager. Post-Voyager can be 25 years into the future so you can still have your precious Picard and Janeway cameos. You sound like a certain fat internet reviewer…

a2531e  No.27646

File: b1ff82f5606f7bc⋯.webm (Spoiler Image, 894.29 KB, 480x360, 4:3, TapDancing.webm)


>What is the point of a new Star Trek if the prime timeline isn't there?

what's the point of any kind of reboot?

>The canon from previous shows isn't even relevant if a new series is POST-Voyager.

>[drooling retard sounds]


>Post-Voyager can be 25 years into the future so you can still have your precious Picard and Janeway cameos. You sound like a certain fat internet reviewer…

His idea is almost completely different and mostly retarded. He essentially wants to cock tease our nostalgia by using a different Galaxy-class ship as an Enterprise-D stand-in along with selectively disregarding some post-TNG canon. My position is that if that's what we're doing, let's just be honest and disregard the films and use the actual Enterprise-D, which Q would explain had been lost and adrift for 20-years (pure pottery, actually). He also does some dumb shit like including Geordi with a family for try-hard 'muh show writing' reasons and obvious and futile "diversity" points. A more elegant solution would be to basically use a 25-years later future that already exists: the All Good Things… one as a basis, and do some tweeking with the characters as-needed to establish the new series.

You obviously prefer the cucklasa memes to actually watching and autistically-deconstructing his ideas. The former should always come after the latter, like i'm doing now. I just finished typing this well-considered rebuttal of your dumbassery so now i'm going to spend 2x-3x longer finding the perfect image or video clip to bully you with.

413ad5  No.27647


Stoklasa's concept for a Trek spin off isn't all bad.

431f4a  No.27648

File: d3c8d52cb3a4ddf⋯.webm (495.2 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, next rlm review.webm)


>not all bad

It is if you are not interested in Picard anymore. There is nothing wrong with jumping ahead in time 80 years like TNG did. The old canon is still there and new stories can be written and the writers are not shackled too much by the old canon. It is the perfect solution.

Am I alone in wanted something new instead of a retread of TNG with old Patrick Stewart and LaVar Burton? I don't like nostalgia like Mike Cucklosa does.

5deae4  No.27652

From what I've heard STO has produced some interesting ideas that could at least be used as an outline for more fleshed out individual episodes and season long plots. I can't say for sure because I avoid MMORPGs.

b55a6d  No.27653


It got stupid at times, especially considering how combat-heavy it is compared to the Trek universe normally (but it's an MMO, so what can you do), but there were some interesting ideas.

431f4a  No.27654


Is STO more theme park or more like Eve Online?

b55a6d  No.27655


It's not a hyper-autistic finance simulator, so it's not EVE online. The vast amount of single-player content does give it a kind of theme park feel, and you can go back to replay your favorite single-player storylines if you are so inclined. Endgame content isn't bad from what I remember but becomes a grind very quickly.

39efba  No.27658

File: f2027ad7bcac833⋯.jpg (100.47 KB, 1086x722, 543:361, william_shatner.jpg.size.c….jpg)


>time skip

Did somebody say time skip? It's a universally-accepted and understood bit of received wisdom on /strek/ that the TNG time skip was a bad idea. No anon who lurks for more than 1.5 years need to have it explained to them that 'the future of the future' is kind of pointless for a show like Star Trek, especially since it's not space opera. It's 'situational', episodic sci-fi that should rely on chronologically-tight (but deep) worldbuilding. The time skip was a cynical attempt at protecting TOS from TNG and it ended up hurting both. It was not a decision motivated by creative concerns. Literally no one here disagrees with this.

9fdbea  No.27659

File: 3f2b2eb28d5c5dc⋯.jpg (76.81 KB, 753x680, 753:680, uss lebensraum.jpg)


>Is STO more theme park

It is on more theme park ride end of MMORPG's.

4d3b6c  No.27660

File: bea5cd03e141399⋯.webm (1.07 MB, 1912x792, 239:99, that's_bait.webm)


I was wondering when you'd show up again.

b83695  No.27663

I made this thread almost 10 months ago.

I am proud it is still here.

2e80ec  No.27665


I think it's more of an issue that it's hard to write a simple low key story in a post TNG world because they have tech that negates almost any sort of traditional story conflict short of the stuff that requires expensive cg space scenes.

431f4a  No.27666


Hologram workers is a perfect analog for AI.

413ad5  No.27669

File: 65bc2634a059bef⋯.jpg (17.55 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ds9491.jpg)

The ride never ends. They want a spin-off with Georgiou and the Section 31.

d6bbe0  No.27671


How stupid do they have to be to think people will watch that when they're not watching STD?

413ad5  No.27672


Can you imagine an entire season of Trek starring an asian woman who speaks engrish?

d6bbe0  No.27673


I can, but I wish I couldn't.

531ee9  No.27676


So Mirror Universe Georgiou introduces some brutal utilitarianism into the Federation that they need to create some off-the-record secret service?

Honestly, it could be much worse. If my premise is true, it actually sounds okay-ish.


She speaks with a little bit of an Asian accent, doesn't she?

b9bb92  No.27677


>So Mirror Universe Georgiou introduces some brutal utilitarianism into the Federation that they need to create some off-the-record secret service?

The thing is Section 31 already existed before Mirror Georgiou. Now the writers are planning to put her at the helm of Section 31. It doesn't make any sense to give that power to someone who is "literally evil" and from a parallel universe.

d46148  No.27680


>They want a spin-off with Georgiou and the Section 31.

I'm trying and failing to figure out who asked for this. I know the real answer is CBS (and the true hidden answer is money), but I presume the thought had to come about by someone seeing that there was demand from A group of "fans" for this series. Who exactly was this group and is CBS now trying to go the Hollyjew way and cater to an Asian market?

adc0f5  No.27686


The funny thing is I genuinely liked main universe Georgiou and would have been happy seeing more of her in the series. She was some sort of Chinese GILF version of Picard. But mirror universe georgiou was such a shitty paper thin character I can't believe they'd consider trying to build a show or major plot around her.

b9bb92  No.27687

File: a17ec5484919731⋯.webm (8.25 MB, 720x720, 1:1, Mary Chieffo - Little Kno….webm)

The Chancellor's new clothes.

1e5702  No.27691

dace54  No.27693



2b3102  No.27694

File: d7b2fd8446e935a⋯.jpg (17.57 KB, 441x384, 147:128, Jem'Hadar_teen.jpg)


Kinda looks like a Jem'Hadar.

129bc3  No.27696

File: 9eb5bdd9d43d275⋯.jpg (241.04 KB, 500x740, 25:37, worf_hair_down.jpg)

Let's talk, /strek/


>i liked the main STD universe

As a coping strategy, many of us were holding out hope early during Season 1 that it was going to be revealed that the "main STD universe" was in fact the mirror universe. How naive and foolish were those hopes.


>STD is all about money

it literally isn't. somewhere between 2008-2012 the reality of Too Big To Fail set-in amongst globalist corporations coupled with Obama-era cronyism and anti-competative strategies of the likes of Amazon and before it, Microsoft, have given rise to this notion that these fucks literally do not (and should not) have to turn a profit. An extension of that is that they are beholden to no one (not their customers, not their shareholders) except the relationship they have with government/politicians… and this is happening as the wealthy/globalists are increasingly backing the Democrats in American politics. Think of that next time an NPC inflicts you with rhetoric about "right wingers" and their "fascism". It is not about money. It's about being useful to those seeking/wielding power and control.

The problem with STD was not that they made a product that nobody wanted (a show that nobody watched) or that their shitty streaming service was a shitty ghost town. The problem was that these realities became the perception. They had no problem with ruining the legacy of Star Trek with this garbage. They were always going to use it as a glossy face in what was essentially an elaborate promo campaign. "Mike Burnham" was basically another Dos Equis "Most Interesting Man" or Progressive Insurance "Flo". This is why i always suspected we'ld get 3 seasons out of STD and only that. That corresponds to generally how long these ad campaigns last: 3 years.

The point is, it's more helpful to think of TV like this not as an actual fictional IP that is a narrative storyworld with expectations of continuity and internal coherence. It is merely a self-referential memeplex such that Kirk, tribbles, and phasers are like mom & apple pie. Contrary to what many anons think (and with great antagonism towards their concept of justice) I think CBS would have gotten away with it if not for a series of stupid mistakes, such as the temptation to try to jump on the GoT bandwagon and make it serialized. Making it episodic would have given them much more flexibility to course-correct. That shit will have doomed them in the end, and not necessarily the canon-raping or the fan-insulting. It's the unforced errors in structure and production that has the execs reeeing, no doubt, and not the fan reaction. They - like most modern globalist business types - believe they literally have a responsibility to disregard what you think or want.


>STD season 2 "Klingon" redesign

this is actually a huge backtrack on their part. You can tell they walked the entire character design back the minimum of what they would have to change from TMP era klinks. Rumor is shit has to be a certain percentage different visually for nuTrek projects. Looks like they achieve that facially with the extra nosrils, exagerated brow ridge, huge contacts, and chin stripe. Much of the latex is gone, though. Keep in mind that the actress herself is quite ugly so it's hard to judge just how much they've retreated from the original STD design.



total guess but since we didnt' see much in the way of nude Klingons in the 80's and 90's, it's possible that the weird details of the bodies were retained for Season 2 because this could be deemed as uncharted territory, so no need to correct it.


>i want nuTrek to respect/explain real Star Trek



>I hope Spock has at least 20 more siblings of every possible race, gender, and sexual orientation, Spock himself being the dumbest and least-accomplished among them



>stranger things off-top discussion

Music is the only thing that is ever good with pop-culture nostalgia settings. The only one i've seen lately that i actually liked was - surprisingly enough - the San Junipero episode of Black Mirror because, spoiler alert it's not really the 80's.. it's a simulation and all the people are modern people pretending to be into the 80's… which totally fits. If they hadn't have fucked-up by putting in some bonkers lurid interracial lesbian love affair, it would have been a great episode

b9bb92  No.27697


>this is actually a huge backtrack on their part. You can tell they walked the entire character design back the minimum of what they would have to change from TMP era klinks.

The hair and the slight redesign happened during the reshoots of the first 5 episodes of the second season. They would've double-down if the second season didn't have a 15% approval among the test audience.

657447  No.27736

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

>Midnight's Edge interviews Nicholas Meyer

431f4a  No.27737


>Holmes cocaine addiction could only be cured by Sigmund Fraud

This isn't a point in his favor.

efc0a4  No.27826

Do you guys know where I could find the bonus content from the season 1 boxset of STD? I wanted to watch it because I've heard that it's self-congratulatory non stop.

9bd5a8  No.27835



ceeeb0  No.27836


I do. The time jump was nice because it pushed the federation more up its own asshole and made the galaxy more interesting.

e3293d  No.27922


Jewtube. Some of it is on there already.

220d27  No.28010

CBS has ordered an additional episode for the second season.

4cc306  No.28013

File: b102a5e146ebf6c⋯.png (274.49 KB, 717x404, 717:404, 138048.6762d3e1-f58a-4ea0-….png)


>CBS has ordered an additional episode for the second season.

It's a serialized show, so the major plot elements and points were all set during pre-production. We can believe reshoots happen to make limited changes, but an entirely new episode this late is highly unlikely and can really only mean one thing: in this midst of all this leadership drama at CBS, a decision to cancel STD has been made and what they've ordered is actually a finale/epilogue. There is no other reason for an entirely separate additional episode to be tacked-on to a serialized show, especially one as expensive yet unpopular as STD.

6bf59b  No.28014


Why wouldn't they say that? Are they hoping to air it and if it does well they won't announce?

220d27  No.28016


Maybe this new episode will be written as a series finale. Something like "These are the Voyages", or perhaps they're using this as an opportunity to launch the new Picard spin-off.

Rumors say that they've reshot the entire season but like you said I don't know where they're finding that amount of money to waste on a show watched by less than 1 million.

89fe69  No.28018

File: 14e7177e87a549a⋯.png (332.12 KB, 640x480, 4:3, XDlY4.png)


Dont know. Maybe the rules are different for canceling woke shows. Also, it's "awards season" and they just mailed-out screeners so it's possible they want to wait until after to announce the cancellation, if it's in fact happening, so as not to negatively influence the hype. They could still score an award for costuming or makeup despite it being an objectively bad show that nobody actually liked or watched.

220d27  No.28019

File: 9df9efb8cf8780e⋯.jpg (406.81 KB, 3076x1677, 3076:1677, 3 - iQcXAAP.jpg)

File: af572c1670f1153⋯.jpg (333.47 KB, 3071x869, 3071:869, 4 - lRIYoCa.jpg)


>Also, it's "awards season"

Do you think they're going to make another woke press-kit for the Emmy?


0fb212  No.28022


My god, her fucking face. I mean TNG was hammering home the "muh ethics" and all that but STD gives you like rectal penetration about "doing the right thing".

220d27  No.28025

File: 4087075364a4fd9⋯.webm (14.75 MB, 700x350, 2:1, STD - Burnham's speech.webm)


Her speech in the season finale was so pretentious. She started the war, brought the most dangerous individual from the MU into the prime universe, got a medal, her record cleaned and she tells the admiralty what Starfleet stands for.

79b136  No.28032

File: eb81004e168af23⋯.jpg (345.39 KB, 741x625, 741:625, Scout_shows_his_manface_or….jpg)


Not a I like paid comics! Model really!

75c259  No.28040


It's not dead until I see a body.


Perhaps "well this is the season that killed STD, enjoy!" isn't the best buzz.

220d27  No.28047

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

New trailer.

e449a3  No.28048


Do you remember when Star Trek had stories that explored different aspects of life through the guise of science fiction? Where one episode you could have a story about two aliens battling for dominance despite their similarities and how the crew, headed by the educated and wordly Captain, would help the two sides come to peace (or at least plant the seed of it even if the conflict wasn't solved just then. And then you could have a fun story about the crew playing a game of baseball that still showed the importance of teamwork and knowing how to lose (and win) gracefully. Followed by an episode where someone's mistake brings along catastrophe, but the intelligence of the crew helps solve it, thus showing us how there isn't nothing you can't solve without a level head and the will to do so. You know, stories that help you get to learn the characters and the world they live in, the cultures and customs, while giving you that sweet taste of interesting sci-fi inventions and innovations in technology. Where you can tackle any social subject available - corruption in politics and the justice system, revolutions under a dictatorship, corporate meddling, censorship - and try to give all sides a platform to try to justify themselves, letting the people come to their own conclusions.

Why does STD want to be DS9: But Only the Scenes Where the Federation and Its Allies Were Fighting the Dominion and Cardassia (aka WTF is Character Development and Looking at Humanities Problems Through Aliens)? I don't give a shit about this unlikeable crew of literal whos and Michael Sue (feat. SPOOOOOOCK) having to save the Galaxy from an Event Horizon wannabe. My only hope is that they're trying to throw a curveball - all of this shit will be resolved in like 3 episodes and then they have actual episodic stuff (not an ideal way of doing things, but whatever). But I know it won't be like this.

Fuck, this trailer made me so mad, not even the first one annoyed me that much.

220d27  No.28049

File: eb08a7171cf0ae4⋯.jpg (71.63 KB, 692x530, 346:265, valiant_317.jpg)


>Fuck, this trailer made me so mad, not even the first one annoyed me that much.

Same and it pisses me off when I see people in the comments section say that "old Trek" was boring. There's even one who says that they love the diversity in STD.

I don't know if these people are real or if they're paid shills.

0fb212  No.28051

File: 5c86cc0422feecc⋯.jpg (38.08 KB, 478x405, 478:405, 5c86cc0422feecc60327336703….jpg)


What you are talking about is that questions about philosophy and ethics taking the back seat in favour of "personal drama", it's extremly narcisstic post-modern indivualism fueled by social media. In classic Trek the characters served the story, in STD the story serves the characters so they can get over their anxiety or autism. All modern TV shows are like this, even Game of Thornes. My hypothesis is that they couldn't play off the collectivism of the Cold War anymore (the USSR serving as both the enemy [the Borg] as well as some potential alternative [the Feds]), after Fukuyama declared the end of history, what point was there to play ideologies off with one another? What point was there to raise ethical questions about the future? What is left is the individual whims of SJWish characters. Remember the implications of capitalism vs socialism in DS9 in the form of Quark interacting with other species? Unthinkable for the STD idiots, these guys probably don't even know what any of these terms mean. I mean, fucking hell, they shoehorned ELON MUSK in as a great thinker.

In regards to the trailer, you can see there is a lot of money spent on it. It looks polished. Music, action, better clothes, etc. better in comparison top classic Trek, but it is badly executed. I mean, I am not talking about hipster Spock who is just in there as a gimmick for boomers who saw TOS and zoomers who know him from 9gag. I recommend everyone this video:


While the guy isn't too harsh on STD, he breaks down how camera work, lighting and dialog deviates from standard and has more to do with a run-of-the-mill superhero movie than with Star Trek.

0fb212  No.28052

Also, they absolutely rushed season one. Klingon war, spore drive, mirror universe, etc. all done in fast-forward. You never feel like anything connects with one another. It's a mix of all kinds of tropes. That's bad storytelling.

My only hope is that for god's sake stick to one issue (these "century ship" villians) and develop it carefully and don't mix in 3-4 other references and clashes because they want to overload it because they want more viewers so badly.

861343  No.28053


All homosexuals are shills for this garbage. Until we bring back sodomy laws you'll have this hardened core of corporate marxist defenders.

1b2375  No.28054


> I see people in the comments section say that "old Trek" was boring

The worst part is that those same faggots will go on to rabidly claim how much they love Star Trek and accuse you of gatekeeping when you point out "Well then, maybe the franchise isn't for you"

d9527d  No.28055



>Japanese racially


>Raised in America

>Thinks he is an American

This is the delusion of our current world and why identity politics will lead to ethnic cleansing in America as long as the opinions of racially confused people are spouted as fact. Fukuyama needs to go back.

cc1bf3  No.28059



How can you get mad at STD fans, I'm pretty sure we outnumber them. "We" being the posters on this board.

ff74be  No.28060


Like I said in my post, I don't know how many of them are really sincere about liking STD.

> I'm pretty sure we outnumber them

Maybe but they're all in the comments section of the major websites and Trek fansites. I don't know if you can still look at the comments under that trailer (I can't, CBS blocked it in my country) but most of them were in favor of STD and shitting on the past.

If you look at Trekmovie (I used to like that place) it's impossible to leave a negative opinion on STD without getting submerged by insults (sexist, mysoginist, racist, Alt-right) or "go watch the Orville and stop bothering us". Even the people who work on that blog never criticize STD, they never talk about the behind the scenes.

a0fcfb  No.28063

File: e2235a44cff5b02⋯.png (286.9 KB, 347x611, 347:611, stares-apprehensively-in-b….png)


>My only hope for STD is…

The only acceptable manner in which the above sentence is completed is with "…that it gets canceled ASAP, with mea culpa issued to actual Star Trek fans." You should sincerely question your own motives for harboring any hopes for that show at all, since the poz has been absolutely terminal since mid season 1, and probably 99% terminal since conception.

ff74be  No.28064


This. Whatever the changes they make in the second season we can't just pretend that the first season never happened.

The only way to make it better is to cancel the show and have the producers say that it's not part of the canon.

276b95  No.28065


The good thing about star trek is there is a long history of retcons so any canon can be undone easily.

ff74be  No.28066


Yeah but usually it's easy to retcon some minor thing but here it's the entire show.

ceeeb0  No.28067


Whole episodes (like Spock's brain or Sub Rosa) are ignored

cc1bf3  No.28069



This is a prequel guys

If Spock's black sister Michael never came up before I don't see why she'd ever need to again. And the Klingons, jfc.

bcd57b  No.28077

File: 3264a3c13694ee3⋯.jpg (14.35 KB, 500x375, 4:3, jerkoff.jpg)


Discovery isn't canon.

ff74be  No.28079


Exactly. You can't ignore a spin off, especially when it's a prequel and taking place between 2 shows (ENT and TOS).

For some reason on STD the Klingons are as ugly as the Remans, Starfleet uses holograms, starships bridges have windows instead of viewscreens, etc. There's no way to rationalize that compared to the canon.

7fc6d6  No.28082

File: b5c214731a8539b⋯.mp4 (10.4 MB, 320x240, 4:3, Jessi_Slaughter_(Brain_Slu….mp4)

e8414a  No.28087


>starships bridges have windows instead of viewscreens

It's the only design retcon / innovation that I actually liked and approved-of with nuTrek. Without the window, there is no reason to have your command and control center be this tiny exposed bubble at the top of the ship. It would otherwise be buried in the hull like a submarine or BSG. With the window, the bridge might have some conceivable purpose for being where it is - perhaps related to orienting the saucer during re-entry with massive system failure or perhaps certain first-contact scenarios and as a symbolic gesture of Starfleet's not-explicitly-military purpose. And if not, it's still a fine visual conceit. The franchise opened with a zoom shot through the skylight so…

8bc14f  No.28100


Why does she look like she is being held at gunpoint from that thumbnail?

4de9a0  No.28568

I don't know if it's true but I've heard that Number One could be a tranny.

6458bb  No.28615


Maybe it will be a deep dark blob monster?

4de9a0  No.28659

>there's a special offer for former members of CBS All Access (I've heard that it's free for a week or some shit like that)

>less than a hundred of people resubscribed

>some of the episodes in the second season ended up costing more than 15 million dollars (that's way too much, usually an episode on tv costs less than 4 million)

>the Picard spin-off is having issues behind the scenes already

28e8c3  No.28668


Now go ahead and tell me that racism and misogyny aren't real… we need this show more than ever!

b0667c  No.28669


I'll get the popcorn.

4de9a0  No.28670


Another thing that I've heard is that none of the series announced recently have been funded. They're waiting on the reception of the second season of STD.

b0667c  No.28671


So suicide party?

4de9a0  No.28672


I think we're getting closer to the end of Bad Robot. They have their hands in the CBS stuff too via Kurtzman company "Secret Hideout" created at the same time as Discovery. With the movie cancelled and JJ having issues finding investors, Episode 9 might be their last co-production.

962604  No.28695

Terrible episode, more mystery box bullshit, long boring "action" scenes, the stranded engineer was horrible. MEN are just tokens in Starfleet now regardless of skin color.

5deae4  No.28696


Season 2 premiere was a good episode even though Connolly was a stand-in for this board's inhabitants, and despite the cultural enrichment about Africa at the beginning.

5deae4  No.28697


This. Game of Thrones is probably too edgy, realistically normal parents these days shouldn't herd their children out the door with hands clamped over their ears when they hear "f-bombs" either. Americans fuck everything up with their over-protectiveness, that's what ruined the burger version of the Inbetweeners. While I don't want Trek to become gore/porn it doesn't need to play it that safe. Those uggo alien nips were onscreen for a full 2 seconds.

66bfe9  No.28703

Why the fuck did those snub ships need such a over complicated anime style launch tube shit instead of just having them lift off from the shuttle bay like a normal craft? I mean it's one thing to say "oh the discovery just happen to be carrying three drop pods for this exact situation", you can kind believe a fed ship would hold all sorts of small utility shuttles for various environments, but why the fuck would they have their own built in special launch bay and tubes that seemingly ran through the entire length of the ship that were never used or mentioned before?!

Also, how could they be so fucking genre deaf that even though you have legions of angry fans bitching about how the show isn't star trek enough, that you send literally the first actual god damn red shirt on a star trek tv series in decades on an away mission and not kill her? Then instead you have a white dude be murdered by the great will of the universe for daring to mansplain to the most holy perfect Saint Mikey-spock about how to do something that she's already of course a master at.

Having Spock be younger than Michael when she was adopted seemed off, like how old is Spock suppose to be there? The timeline for this seems really off if they're going to say Spock was still only in his early 40's during TOS.

I did like Pike though, even I know he totally not doing Pike correctly. And Spunky McGingertits' giant ass was likable as always. The interior design of Discovery has grown on me, though I wish they'd fucking turn the lights up now that Lorca's gone. And as long as they're ripping off Orville I kind of want the Cyber Eye Chick and Other Black Girl to turn into the rule 75 versions of Gorden and LaMarr

5deae4  No.28708


>Why the fuck did those snub ships need such a over complicated anime style launch tube shit instead of just having them lift off from the shuttle bay like a normal craft?

I don't know. That seems like an unnecessarily complicated way to build a ship, I wondered the same thing,

66bfe9  No.28709

>random handicapped crew members in the background

I mean all the cybernetic implant people are okay, they're basically just lower tech versions of Geordi, but imagine living in the 24th fucking century and still being stuck in a wheelchair. And it's not even a cool professor X hover chair either. I hope the thing at least has a replicator on the front of it so he can replicate a fucking wheel chair ramp when necessary.

1a0ca5  No.28710


>oh, you puritan americans

Will you faggots just fuck off with this? I can say the Holocaust didn't happen. Can you?

2b7531  No.28714


438344  No.28717

File: 3122c2645e60062⋯.png (906.64 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, vlcsnap-2019-01-18-11h18m4….png)

File: ae3cf6cbca685d3⋯.png (789.81 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, vlcsnap-2019-01-18-11h22m0….png)

File: 966b460840c3b2a⋯.png (665.6 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, white geordi.png)

With this season premiere you can really feel the Bad Robot hand over the franchise via the way Kurtzman has changed the show. More over-designed tech, more unfunny scenes that makes the show sound more like "Family Guy in space" than The Orville. Also the score has changed too, it's closer to Giacchino's work on the JJ-Trek movies.

They don't get why people like The Orville. It's not the humor, it's the optimism and the science fiction.

There's another Mary Sue now, with the dyke engineer from the crashed ship.

I really don't like the character assassination of Spock.


Also that looooooong unfunny scene with Tilly and Pike on the bridge.


>over complicated anime style launch tube shit

Speaking of over complicated shit: the turbolifts (pic)

438344  No.28718


>random handicapped crew members in the background

They care more about brownie points than writing a good science fiction show.

00692b  No.28719


To be fair it was always kind of assumed the turbo lift system must be some crazy ass shit in order to move all over a ship and do that as quickly as shown in the various shows, which is why most trek wisely chosed to not even try to explain how they work or ever show more than a small section of shaft.

438344  No.28720


Yeah, the STD people tend to overthink the tech that was established in other shows, stuff that most trekkies would say "it just works" because it was never important in the first place. It's like when they explained how the Klingorcs body modification surgery works, in the end it raised more questions.

962604  No.28721

File: 8e4bcfdb1432f50⋯.jpg (43.38 KB, 640x537, 640:537, typical tranny.jpg)


Did you like the two second shot of the Enterprise being towed? Let us all speculate on the symbolism of that.


The pic >>28717 of the turbolift seems to imply that there is more space for turbolifts than people and equipment.

It's not even just anti-white but so anti-male they are not going to rest until all men have their bepis' removed. We know Captain Pike's bepis no longer works and is functional "removed" in TOS.

5a9d4f  No.28722


>I really don't like the character assassination of Spock.

How bad is it?

438344  No.28724

File: 42ab661bd67d2cb⋯.png (537.64 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, either the Enterprise or S….png)

File: 25af19ba7410359⋯.png (392.67 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, le subtle foreshadowing.png)

The only good thing so far is the portrayal of Pike.


He's like an incel. When they first meet as kids, he started drawing a hologram monster then he shuts the door in front of Burnham. In the trailer for the rest of the season there was a scene where Burnham and Spock were kissing, so I think they're going to shove some weird incest thing.

Thank god they can't touch Kirk.

e449a3  No.28727


>boring action scenes

>not one, but two YASS QWEEN SLAYY moments

>Tilly still being a fat spergy shit

it makes me wonder how Dwight Schultz managed to make an autistic sperg like Barclay work, but STD just makes their version of him go around yelling "DUDE THIS IS THE POWER OF MATH".

>people still pretending Tilly would make a good captain


>"Not every cage is a prison" it would've been less cringy if they immediately had a pop-up that explained the reference

>Spock is sad :((

>and more shit I already forgot

The funniest part of the entire episode was tiny Spock slamming the door on Michael Sue's face.


I don't think that was Spock, it was probably the Klingon dude, Ash or whatever (I've already forgotten his name).

>Thank god they can't touch Kirk.

How confident are you of that? Because I'm not.

438344  No.28728


>it was probably the Klingon dude

Both nuSpock and Klingorc guy have a beard but I think you're right.

>How confident are you of that?

They wouldn't dare fuck with the Shat.

962604  No.28729

File: 934d7537e23cffa⋯.png (4 MB, 2048x1536, 4:3, netflix dancing queen.png)


Imagine 9 year old Kirk on a field trip to the Enterprise and he ends up commanding it for some reason. I can definitely see it happening and turning little Kirk into a drag queen or something.

e449a3  No.28730


>They wouldn't dare fuck with the Shat.

I kinda would love them to try to have a Kirk on just to see Shatner make snide remarks about it on Twitter.


They're gonna have Michael be the inspiration for Kirk becoming a Captain. You heard it here first.

962604  No.28731


>They're gonna have Michael be the inspiration for Kirk becoming a Captain

This sounds right.

Spock looks like even an bigger bitch since he is only a Lt. What is Kirk at this time, an Ensign?

e449a3  No.28732


Memory Alpha says he should be at least a Lieutenant already at this point.


>Ensign James T. Kirk is promoted to lieutenant. (TOS: "The Corbomite Maneuver")

The STD episode took place in 2257.

438344  No.28733

File: 4dd5a48b32beee6⋯.webm (5.68 MB, 900x506, 450:253, the last discovery.webm)

2b7531  No.28734


I think the jury's still out on Pike, I mean I kinda like his "Okay you're all fucking nerds and beneath me but sod it you're nice so I won't be a dick" routine, but they managed to fuck-up Lorca despite him being a great character so eh.

Btw who do they have playing Spock, has that leaked? I hate to say it but the bloke from the NuTrek films did an alright job…

962604  No.28735



I bet you voted to remain.

8f1f2f  No.28736


>Lorca despite him being a great character

>great character

The show is worse than shit, anon. You sound like some fan or something.

00692b  No.28744


He was great character because he was a ruthless asshole who somehow made it far enough to become a star fleet captain and initially wasn't just there to be some one off bad guy who only existed to make another character look morally superior. Then they flushed that down the toilet by making him be from the universe where everyone is a ruthless asshole and presented a woman who genocided billions and eats sentient creatures as being a morally superior character to him.

22fa29  No.28745


That all sounds retarded anon. Why did you watch that garbage?

5deae4  No.28746


>I hate to say it but the bloke from the NuTrek films did an alright job…

No he did't. Zack always seemed like an angry asshole waiting to snap at people. Nimoy was chill, informed, and insightful.

It looks like STD is taking the nu-Trek course as well, kid Spock is depicted as some sort of bitter brat instead of the good boy he surely was.

5deae4  No.28747


Unlike Geordi he went for the VISOR 2.0 version that comes with auto-Rogaine dispenser.

5deae4  No.28748


So long as they don't touch the holograms or have forcefields behind them I will accept it.

48c351  No.28768


I always liked the little detail of Geordi's visor giving him headaches off-and-on through his life (I think "Cause and Effect" introduced the idea). It made all this fantastic tech seem less like "miraculous awesome future utopia" stuff, and more "we're doing a little better, but we're still sorting shit out, we're not perfect".

Funny how so many things about TNG got much better when Roddenberry stopped being involved.

c21b34  No.28777


>Funny how so many things about TNG got much better when Roddenberry stopped being involved

Because Roddenberry envisioned a future where humanity had become so advanced and perfect that they effectively stopped being human, which is boring and cringy as fuck.

The best example of why Roddenberry having too much say over star trek is the story about how he was extremely unhappy about the episode "Family" (the episode where Picard heads to back to earth while recovering from being de-borg-ified). His reason? He hated the interaction between Picard and his brother. In his ideal vision of the future, the federation's advanced social engineering had eliminated such basic human feelings as sibling rivalry and animosity. And when you actually stop and think about that, how much of the human condition that would have to be stamped out of existence to do such a thing, it's just scary as fuck as a concept. It paints the Federation as being Orwell's Ingsoc except they ended scarcity by inventing replicators, created world peace by conquering Eastasia and Eurasia, and so thoroughly crushed the human spirit and restrained free thought that the Ministry of Love and tight control over civil liberties is no longer necessary, and the end result is a dystopian earth that technically looks like a wonderous utopia at a casual glance.

5deae4  No.28778


>humanity had become so advanced and perfect that they effectively stopped being human, which is boring and cringy as fuck.

Trek writers were aware of this though, that's why the Q were created in TNG (you can can easily see the result of limitless knowledge and power) and why DS9 took the direction it did after Gene was no longer able to touch it.

50dd2f  No.28793



19b6bf  No.28811

File: f32b8e9306b4c74⋯.mp4 (2.91 MB, 1440x1080, 4:3, Living_Hell_Gondola.mp4)

Am I the only one who is a little disappointed that a bridge crew officer (even a second stringer) dies and doesn't even get a "im sad" moment from pike (let alone a funeral or at least hte mention of a funeral). It could even have replaced the bullshit with the anteroom at the end (sure pillage my trusted friend and officer's belonging's because he happens to be on vacation, foster sister who literally hasn't spoken to spock in years).

Man a whole bridge of stupid women, effeminate men and a mary sue. I can't wait.

0f23b0  No.28812


Wait, wasn't Roddenberry the one who came up with Q in the first place?

48c351  No.28813


>Wait, wasn't Roddenberry the one who came up with Q in the first place?

Yup. >>28778 has no blessed clue what he's talking about. Roddenberry came up with the Q as a way to shoehorn "humans are sooooo special compared to icky aliens that even gods are fascinated by humans" idiocy into scripts.

Roddenberry's true skill was in being a fantastic executive producer. He had a singular ability to gather talented writers, directors, producers, and other creative people to work on his show. But any time that he exercised creative input, things got bad. Witness TOS episodes he wrote like The Omega Glory, or the way he lorded over the early-TNG writing room via his lawyer Leonard Maizlish.

438344  No.28815

Why do they always have Sarek on board? Shouldn't he do vulcan stuff? That scene where he said to Burnham that he learned empathy from her, that makes no sense, Vulcans have emotions but they've learn to control them.


>Am I the only one who is a little disappointed that a bridge crew officer (even a second stringer) dies and doesn't even get a "im sad" moment from pike (let alone a funeral or at least hte mention of a funeral)

The white male dared mansplain to Burnham. He got what he deserved.

Jokes aside, I also found that sequence disturbing, once again the show pretends to be a drama/character driven but the writers ignore the basic human emotions and interactions.

Also it's funny how Burnham didn't break her back with the thrusters when she landed on the asteroid.

cc1bf3  No.28822

File: f604488c4a9cbed⋯.jpg (116.67 KB, 1000x924, 250:231, DiVEqlqUwAEWitH.jpg)


>Did you like the two second shot of the Enterprise being towed? Let us all speculate on the symbolism of that.

Is STD being hauled away AS garbage?

5deae4  No.28823

File: 9715cd53407db63⋯.jpg (26.96 KB, 626x463, 626:463, scottyumoffo.JPG)



ecc85c  No.28824


>Also it's funny how Burnham didn't break her back with the thrusters when she landed on the asteroid.

Well they did have her say. that she can stay awake during 10g's like 900 times longer than any human on earth has ever managed so apparently she's just that inhumanly strong.

Honestly, at this point the only way you could maybe redeem this character is to pull a Bashir and reveal Sarek had Mikey augmented as a child in order to help her keep up with the Vulcan kids and just plain not fucking die from spending too much time out in the vulcan sun. giving the character a in-universe reason why she's not only seemingly superhuman at everything but also an arrogant autistic cunt.

c53931  No.28825


Actually, there's more of an argument for them having reddish skin.

962604  No.28828


>Vulcan sun

Niggers don't sunburn anon. She can handle the heat.

8c08b0  No.28834

The latest episode setup is actually fairly common Trek fare: a distress signal leads the crew to a previously unknown colony of pre-warp humans who arrived on their imperiled planet via mysterious circumstances. Except in this case, it's STD, so everything is fucked six ways from Sunday. The colony was apparently uprooted whole cloth by the "red angel" during WW3 who then, presumably, sent the Discovery to the colony 200 years later in order to save it from a radioactive disaster?

The colony has its own religion that worships the angel for saving their ancestors from the horrors of war, but it's a bastardized amalgam of all major Earth religions because that's obviously how it would work out. And the colonists all seems seem kind of blase about the fact that jamming all the major religions together to worship a cosmic entity is dumb, but they do it anyway? The show is fucking stupid. Here's some highlights:

-Michael Burnham is an expert on all major Earth religions because of course she is. Also Shakespeare.

-Later in the episode Burnham casually dismisses the colonist's religion as false, which it is, but someone as woke as Michael Fucking Burnham should know that people can believe whatever they want and she needs to check her goddamn privilege.

-The spore drive is back and still as stupid as fucking ever.

-One of the nameless bridge drones gets to go on the away mission because she was raised by Luddites and is therefore more knowledgeable about the pre-warp civilization the planet. This manifests by her ability to open a barrel bolt latch. Also, Luddites make great starship officers, apparently.

-Ginger Tits extracts some dark matter from her pet asteroid and gets blasted into a fucking wall by an energy discharge. That was great.

-She also now has a guardian ghost angel thing in the form of an equally autistic and insufferable bitch named May who calls her "Stilly."

-The ship does a donut maneuver in space and FUCK the rest of this.

e7117e  No.28844


>Also, Luddites make great starship officers, apparently.

Between her and "My people were still living in fucking mudhuts" Saru, I kind of have to wonder why even have a prime directive at all since according to STD you can uplift someone from a pre-iron age society into being a qualified star fleet science officer in less than a decade.

4c6e02  No.28849

File: b555527d408d355⋯.webm (2.42 MB, 900x376, 225:94, STD - speed bump.webm)

I didn't expect them to re-use the mushroom drive, especially with the lawsuit happening behind the scenes and that mention last episode about the crew starting to disassemble every piece of that technology from the ship.

I don't know where they're going with that Red Angel plot but I don't think it will end well. The first season showed that they couldn't write a war story or proper character interactions so a supernatural being? Really? The whole concept stinks Mystery Box.


>The latest episode setup is actually fairly common Trek fare

It felt like a rehash of "Terra Nova" from ENT but with less science or "what if?" and more nonsense.

>Michael Burnham is an expert on all major Earth religions because of course she is. Also Shakespeare

I hate those scenes, I think the actress is getting worse and worse. There's also that weird editing where they shove a close shot of her face reacting to something in every situation. One example is when Saru jokes about how the FTL jump always feel weird the first time, they cut to her and she tilts her head like a robot.

>Ginger Tits extracts some dark matter from her pet asteroid and gets blasted into a fucking wall by an energy discharge. That was great.

I wish she died but apparently one autistic blob wasn't enough so now they've added a pajeet who is as ugly and mentally challenged as Tilly.

There's another case of Saru flip-flopping because of the "muh girls in STEM" gimmick in the production. He reprimands Tilly for putting the lives of the crew and hers at risk with the experiment then he apologizes because he also made the "mistake" of learning too many languages when he wanted to join Starfleet. Why was his story considered as a bad thing? Tilly did an enormous stupid thing, she started to work on something alone ffs.


> "My people were still living in fucking mudhuts" Saru

Speaking about his people, it's a funny story because the writers haven't noticed that by taking the only big brain nibba out of the tribe, Starfleet have condemned them to remain as cattle forever.

e449a3  No.28850

Was that Amanda in the preview for the next episode? The show really loves dragging up both her and Sarek for no reason at all. Also

>Jim, did I ever tell you about that time I was in a psychiatric ward?

I really don't want the show to make Spock such a special snowflake, which I'm sort of fearing will happen ever since they talked about how he's had visions of the red peakons long before Starfleet became aware of them.

I fucking hate Tilly so much. She is so fucking insufferable and I don't understand why Kurtzman thought the show needed such an obnoxious comic relief character. There's also no way in hell I believe her to ever make a good captain. I'd be embarrassed to serve on the same ship as her. And that pajeet ghost gave Michael's actress a run for her money as the worst actor on the show.

There's was that scene at the end there, with Pike talking to the black scientist guy that was alright actually. It probably helped that Michael wasn't there to ruin the scene. I do wonder how he's going to explain to the people there how he suddenly managed to get the electricity working without the religious lady thinking it was the work of their Red Angels, but whatever.

Also, is it just me or could Pike have just thrown away the phaser instead of jumping on it? The plast wasn't going to be that big considering it didn't just blow a hole right through him. Seemed kinda stupid to do so.

Random other stuff

>the editing was really weird at parts, especially in that scene where the religious lady was explaining their origins

>the text Pike read in the church seemed to imply the religion was more extreme and opressive, but they never really showed that in action. Black scientist man was grumpy, sure, but nothing that implied they were going to burn him at the stake for not wanting to let go of their past

>the redheaded helmsman woman, Froggo, could've had a moment where she showed off her flying skills, but it was weirdly cut short by Kevin Spacey's buttbuddy going "oh, we'll just jump to the right location". She still did that fucking donut move, sure, but it wasn't particularly impressive

>Michael going full "UMMM I AM A WOMAN OF SCIENCE, YOUR RELIGION WRONG AND DUMB" was hilarious in the wrong way. Kurtzman probably thoight this would make her seem #woke instead of making it seem like she knows nothing about the core values of the Federation

4c6e02  No.28852


>I really don't want the show to make Spock such a special snowflake

They're turning him into an incel.

>Michael going full "UMMM I AM A WOMAN OF SCIENCE, YOUR RELIGION WRONG AND DUMB" was hilarious in the wrong way

There's a scene where Pike suggests that maybe there are alien races out there who are superior to them and that people might see them as gods and it felt like if Burnham wanted to adjust her fedora and shame him for having that idea.

5deae4  No.28855


Why should the Prime Directive even apply to any group of humans by the 2250s?

Fucking stupid interpretation of that rule.

5deae4  No.28856


>And that pajeet ghost gave Michael's actress a run for her money as the worst actor on the show.

Yeah it was awful, I looked away every time she spoke, you could grab anyone off the street and they could read lines better than that. It's almost like that's exactly what they did.

>Musk Junior High School

I wonder if Elon watches this show..

4c6e02  No.28857

File: 7999960ae4c82bd⋯.png (773.12 KB, 1280x534, 640:267, Musk Junior High.png)


>Musk Junior High School

I can't believe I missed that.

71045a  No.28863


> Starfleet have condemned them to remain as cattle forever.

The priest/chieftain dude was probably selectively removing anyone that was a big brain or a troublemaker. Even though they were related, he'd probably still toss Saru into the meat grinder eventually if Saru didn't get with the program.

aec46e  No.28879


It's funny how much he has fallen in reputation. Did STD curse him?

e00cf1  No.28897


I'm kind of fascinated by Lorca because of what his character tells you about the writers. We're supposed to view him as this great villain, and yet he never really comes across as that bad of a guy. His only real crimes were concealing his identity, and taking the war effort seriously. He was simply a man from a warrior culture, who behaved as such. If they'd kept him around the show might actually have an interesting layer, but we can't have that. Something something Donald Trump. Throw him into a sun. Yay, love trumps hate.

With more talented writers, the relationship between an idealistic youngster, and a no nonsense military man could actually form a solid premise for a Star Trek show. Actually seeing these two characters grow and change over several seasons could have been something. But, well, here we are.

4c6e02  No.28903


>I'm kind of fascinated by Lorca because of what his character tells you about the writers.

I agree. After the Groundhog Day episode it became quite clear that the writers and the showrunners weren't fans of the character

>We're supposed to view him as this great villain

I think the writers saw him as a "piece of shit who deserves to die in a brutal manner" more than a great villain like Dukat or Sheev for example.

I'd like to know what they had in mind originally (before Fuller got fired) because if I remember correctly there was no Mirror Universe story planned.

5fd4b7  No.28907


This is why the sudden transformation of him into a villain was so utterly unbelievable. He literally didn't violate a single moral or ethical code as a captain, he didn't show any unnecessary cruelty or bloodlust - and the "lesser evil person", the one who is supposed to win and come back later, empress Georgiou, was shown to be literally worse than Hitler (exterminating a planet) and eating another sentiment species. Why in hell's name are we supposed to assume that Lorca was somehow worse?

As for the last episode, it wasn't one of its worst. But the story was already a dead horse, with TNG, VOY and ENT already having episodes like that, and as expected, it was somehow worse. I didn't find it interesting, there was no real conflict or big ethical dilemma played out. A Picard would have had a great monolog in response to some antagonist on the planet when they end up in some sort of witch trial, but there is no time for that for STD, everything needs to rushed, muh grimdark setting muh shaky cam. Tiresome and not fitting for Star Trek. I expected better from Frakes who should know how to direct a Trek episode.

However, the trailer for the next episode doesn't actually look that bad. But I know I'm just gonna be disappointed again. Does anybody else think that mysterious alien lady could be a Cardassian? The way they redesigned the Klangs this could be what they do the Cardies .

5fd4b7  No.28909


Mirror universe story ruined it for me completely. They should have learned from the lesson of DS9: Mirror universe is so comically hyperbolic, it works as a gimmick episode like in TOS and ENT but don't try to have a sincere story revolve around it. It was completely unnecessary as well. I wouldn't have mind a creepy parallel universe, especially after the gloomy visions Stammets had which left the viewer with the feeling that at some point the jump is gonna go wrong, but to copy paste the TOS mirror universe 1:1 was just lame. I mean, they were free to be creative here and all they could conjure up was this.

4c6e02  No.28910


>they were free to be creative here and all they could conjure up was this.

That's the thing, these people aren't creative. They have no culture other than "pop culture". Like a lot of people have said, they could've set the show in a post-VOY era but no, they had to make it a prequel set 10 years before TOS so they could play with the nostalgia (member the Enteprise? member Sarek? member Spock? etc.) and deconstruct/destroy everything Trek stands for from the root.

5deae4  No.28916


Twitter cursed him.

When has frequent Twitter use ever improved your reputation? If you have any wealth or social standing you should just avoid social media like the fucking plague.

44f72d  No.28917

File: 7be235f3f126096⋯.gif (1.61 MB, 280x296, 35:37, 1437770031394.gif)

They're actually doubling down on the mycelial network containing the afterlife aren't they?

e449a3  No.28918

I guess we need to make a new thread at some point, I think it's hit bump limit?


>Does anybody else think that mysterious alien lady could be a Cardassian?

Which one? I recall a female alien design shown in the preview, but I believe the trailer actually just spoiled that it was Georgiou in disguise, doing her super secret edgy missions for Section 31.


Probably. Gotta give Stamets something to do and remind people that hey, we had a gay couple on the show, remember that? They should just completely drop this part of the story. Them casually jumping to the Beta Quadrant was so lame and it kinda makes all the accomplishments of previous Trek look weak as shit.

>oh there was this ship that actually could travel to anywhere in the universe :) we didn't really use it to explore new regions of space and gather info about the new races there, that's not exciting

And they have to come up with a reason why the spore drive will not exist at some point anymore. So what was ever the point? It's such a childish way to make your story "cooler".

4c6e02  No.28919


>Does anybody else think that mysterious alien lady could be a Cardassian?

It's MirrorGeorgiou. In the trailers her face was hidden behind a hologram of another alien species (caitian?).

e00cf1  No.28920


I don't know if they'd redesign an established alien species like that again. They know people hated the Klingon redesign, and despite how poorly they're doing, they do seem to want to win over the Star Trek audience.

84bbd2  No.28974

Pike: "Was [Mary Sue Burnham] this bossy as a kid?"

Amanda: "On Vulcan we call that persistent, and yes she was. She learned that from me."


4c6e02  No.28975

>creepy CGI klingorc baby

>ridiculous slow motion fighting sequence between the klingorcs

>electric guitar starts playing

W-what the hell?!

d9535d  No.28981

File: fa28885039688ad⋯.jpg (381.4 KB, 1743x885, 581:295, wrongcaptanREEEEEEEEEE!.jpg)

Autistic McGingertits' psychic gremlin pal has got to be the ugliest actress star trek has ever hired.

d9535d  No.28982


Ideally, the best way to handle 'Lorca as a villian' would have been to take him more and more into a Colonel Kurtz direction where he actually starts trying to prolong the war because he realizes his current value to star fleet is entirely based on being a good fighter and without that he loses all his power and goes back to being an embarrassment in danger of losing his command. This would explain him wanting Mikey on board, because he assumes she's also into killing klingons and disobeying starfleet. With Mikey's arc eventually ending with her having to stage another mutiny only this time to stop the war by preventing Lorca from doing a "undiscovered country" to sabotage a peace talk.

84bbd2  No.28984


Between this pajeet parasite, the Klingon re-redesign that is somehow even less appealing than the bald orcs of season one, the Section 31 non-drama, and the absolute nuclear carpet bombing of both Spock and Amanda Grayson's characters, this easily outstrips "Threshold" as the worst piece of Star Trek content ever produced.

d9535d  No.28985


> less appealing than the bald orcs

I don't know how they've manage to make the Klingon thot even uglier.

Also why couldn't they have just recorded the the Klingon dude threatening to kill the baby? I mean, that sort of tactic has got to get you put on some sort of empire wide "Kill this Honorless Pig Dog on Sight" list.

I mean granted that would have been a far more interesting resolution, he walks into the chamber boasting about how he's running this place now and every other Klingon there casually takes out a disruptor and shoots him because they just saw what he did.

634e4c  No.28993

Can we have a new thread for the second season?


>"Tilly, the Captain is white, that's not right"

e449a3  No.28998

>S31 has badges


>Ash casually knows about them

STD, please. I get that some people would know about them, but why Ash of all people?

>pajeet was a spore parasite

ok, whatever, but that scene where Stamets extracted her from Tilly looked like a bad parody of Ghostbusters. I think I laughed at that. Also, let's hope this is the last time we see her "actress".

Very little Pike this time around. He doesn't make the show better, mind you, but he's the most tolerable part of the show.

>I heard post-war Klingons were growing their hair again

more like

>the audiences hated the look of the nuKlingons so we were forced to give them their hair back pls watch our show

The Klingon storyline was alright I guess, though the fight scene looked so silly and I still don't get why L'Rell couldn't just ask Ash to prove himself to the Klangons. They always boast about having honour and shit, and TOS and beyond have shown that they're willing to accept non-Klingons if they can prove themselves worthy in their eyes. It seemed like such a non-problem that only exists because STD made the Klingons too fucking edgy.

As >>28984 said, Spock and Amanda's characters are being raped to here and beyond. I can't even imagine how bad it'll be when Spock finally shows up. And the sad thing is, I think the actress playing Amanda is pretty cute (unironically the most attractive woman on the show, which is so sad), but Michael just has a talent of sucking the scene dry of any resemblance of personality or logic.

I see nuNumber One will be showing up next week. Curious to see how she'll be presented.

00692b  No.29001


I genuinely expected the curry-parasite to suddenly say that Mikey was supposed to be the captain there.

634e4c  No.29002


Yeah me too, especially since Burnham was the one who was writing the log for some reason and screwed up the stardate.

0a0845  No.29012

Why did the episode start with Fatty stopping during a half-marathon and then sprinting past people who look much fitter than her? All because of Burnham's training?

8c08b0  No.29016


The show is contractually obligated to have at least two scenes of self-congratulatory stronk womynism per episode, regardless of physical or mental plausibility.

The better question is why when Tilly, a commissioned officer in the command training program, starts having an obvious dissociative metal episode on the bridge in the middle of an exercise, everyone including Pike just stands around gawking instead of calling for a goddamn medic?

9673f1  No.29020

Because it's Tilly. And they probably already took bets over what kind of autistic sperg out she would have during her first mock command test.

If they wanted to add some real comedy, then right after she leaves they could of had Cyber Bitch Face or The Other Black Click suddenly say, "Okay, who had 'scream at the captain to shut up' in the betting pool?"

Considering all the awkward poorly thought out ways the writing is responding to criticism people had over the 1st season, does it feel like they're shitting on Saru and Tilly's characters this season just because the writers know they were the only two characters people marginally liked last year? I don't know if it's intentional, out of spite because people liked a couple of c grade side characters more than the glorious master-crafted wonder of Michael Burnswhenipee, or Cannibal Granny Space Hitler. Or if just the writers are just that shit, and this is what happens when they try to give any character a larger role.

8c08b0  No.29021


The writers are just that shit. There have been a few attempts this season to course correct and address fan complaints, but every single one of them has come off feeling cack-handed at best, and at worst almost insulting to the fans. In the first episode alone they had Burnham, Stamets, and at least one of the bridge nobodies all swooning about how beautiful and advanced and badass the Enterprise was. Like the fucking show is apologizing for its own existence.

>People don't like how the nuKlingons look or talk

Hey, look at that! All of a sudden they have costume wigs stapled to their shitty prosthetics and they start speaking English for no good reason. Still can't enunciate for shit through all that silicone, though.

>People complained that the bridge crew has no personality or names, even

STD has an actual goddamned roll call to identify all the nameless drones, who go right on being completely inconsequential.

>People complained that the tech level is too advanced for a TOS prequel

Suddenly we're finding ways to back-handedly retcon all the stupid shit, like taking the spore drive offline (which lasts for one whole episode), and having Pike be "old school" and communicating via screens rather than holograms.

>People don't like how dark and serious the show is

They blatantly rip off the Orville with cringeworthy "humor" like the turbolift scene, Tilly going totally over the top with her sperginess, and Pike's atta-boy "Let's have some fun" attitude.

The sad part is I'd be on board for a Pike series with that sort of attitude. Kirk had a certain confident swagger with the way he approached exploration and discovery. If they wanted to build a series around a captain like Pike who is more of a goofy nerd about it, I could totally get behind that. Unfortunately these people fucking suck and would rather shit on the canon to justify their own existence rather than make something new.

8c08b0  No.29024


And as for Georgiou, you can find better acting on Pornhub. Michelle Yeoh is a perfectly serviceable actor, but she can't play a ruthless, psychotic, cannibalistic killer for shit.

Enterprise at least knew if you're going to do a Mirror Universe arc that EVERYONE has to play over the top for it to work and they knew to keep it separate from the main continuity.

On STD now we've got a singular cartoon villain strutting around like Cruella deVille amidst a group of mop-headed autists all standing around being sad about having the best job in the galaxy.

9673f1  No.29028

File: b1b84a9be7bc4df⋯.jpg (16.3 KB, 474x265, 474:265, lisalefteye.jpg)

People complain about Georgiou, Michael, the klingorcs, or the fidget spinner shroom ship bullshit when they talk about why STD is such a failure. But to me, it's this fucking character that is the most glaring thing that sums up why the show is a supreme garbage fire.

I mean look at her. They gave her just enough of a unique design that she immediately catches the viewer's eyes in group scenes. Someone has to spend time money and effort into that make-up work every day during filming. The character has been around since the very first episode, she was part of the Sinzo bridge crew when shit hit the fan and saw everything that happen. She was obviously injured and permanently disfigured as a result of that battle. And the directors even went to the trouble of clearly showing her giving Michael the stink eye in a number of early episodes after michael comes on board the discovery. Every single element of this character leads you to assume she'll be at least marginally important at some point in the series… but she's not. She's not even used as some cliche bitchy white girl foil to Michael that eventually gets her rightful comeuppance for ever doubting or being mean to the perfect flawless black saint of the Alpha quadrant, or as a lazy crutch so the writers can still have someone hate on Michael for her past screw ups after they had Saru soften on her.

And the fact she's really is just a completely unimportant background character despite all this makes the whole experience of watching the show jarring, it takes you out of the immersion even more than many of the other terrible elements do. She's a Chekhov's gun that keeps being shown off but then never gets used, and your brain just screams at you for it. Because you've been trained to have certain literary expectations for stories and plot developments but STD's writers are so shit that they go off and leave you blue balled waiting for confrontations and interpersonal conflicts that never actually happen.

And even after Season two starts making token efforts to give the bridge crew more time and focus, she's just written as "blandly quirky pilot girl" instead of giving the character any specific traits that actually uses the background or viewer expectations they already set up.

e00cf1  No.29029


>Klingons shave their hair during times of war

Since when? Just say different clans have different styles. That would have done it.

634e4c  No.29034

File: 93820d1088be98f⋯.jpg (269.7 KB, 1032x520, 129:65, robot girl.jpg)

I might have to rewatch the episode but didn't they retcon Burnham's origin story? I thought her parents got killed by the klingorcs when they raided their colony but now it's the Logic extremists™ who did it?


I agree. Star Trek was always about the people. On STD they claimed that they wanted to make a character drama set during the war but they did nothing of it. She should've said or done something the second she saw her enter the mess on the Discovery. She should've punched her in the face TBH.

I feel bad for these people, they get their name in the credits but on screen they're like random extras. Working on a show that has the name "Star Trek" is like a big point in your career, you're part of a big family. Like the robot girl, it must be sad to have to wear all those prosthetics only to tilt your head as a sign of agreement with Burnham in a 2 second shot.


>Why did the episode start with Fatty stopping during a half-marathon and then sprinting past people who look much fitter than her?

Apparently that got the official subreddit triggered to the point that they're now deleting every comments that raise this issue. There are also retards who are defending this script, saying that fat people can run faster than a healthy individual.



e449a3  No.29036


>I might have to rewatch the episode but didn't they retcon Burnham's origin story? I thought her parents got killed by the klingorcs when they raided their colony but now it's the Logic extremists™ who did it?

I forgot about that part, but Memory Alpha says the nuKlingons were the ones to kill her parents, while after arriving on Vulcan, the Lawgic extremists were the ones to go full autism over her.

>Shortly after she arrived on Vulcan, Burnham was targeted by Vulcan logic extremists who believed that Humans were a threat to their logical civilization and who launched an attack on the Learning Center. The bombing left Burnham physically dead for three minutes, forcing Sarek to initiate a mind meld with Burnham in order to revive her. As a result of this, a portion of Sarek's katra remained inside her mind, which later allowed him to communicate with her across interstellar distances and the two to share physical sensations such as pain.

You'd think Archer carrying Surak's katra and whatnot would make the extremist parts of Vulcan non-existant, but whatever.

634e4c  No.29037


>You'd think Archer carrying Surak's katra and whatnot would make the extremist parts of Vulcan non-existant, but whatever.

I think the STD writers completely misinterpreted the Syrrannite story arc. They weren't extremists, they were the scapegoats for the current Vulcans in power who were working with the Romulans.

I bet they didn't watch the episodes and only read the synopsis on Wikipedia and called it "research".

9673f1  No.29048


>saying that fat people can run faster than a healthy individual.

Honestly I just assumed the parasite was giving her magic mushroom super powers or some shit since it claimed it was helping her and that's how she was able to win the race.

905717  No.29346


I love that guy, he's awesome in every movie.

905717  No.29347


WHAT THE FUCK, Star Trek Discovery has an actual ROBOT commander and they don't even bother investigating this story line???

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